The ENA Sequence Version Archive is a repository of all entries which have ever appeared in EMBL-Bank Sequence Database.
You can use this page to retrieve a batch of entries or use the browse form. F.A.Q.

 Identifier version: Sequence Entry
 Format: compressed EMBL (concatenated gzip) EMBL Fasta  
Do not retrieve expanded CON entries:  

With this facility you can retrieve a number of entries by supplying a file containing a list of either <accession number>.<entry version> or <accession number>.<sequence version> on each line.
It is possible to retrieve the most recent entry for an accession number by omitting the '.<version>' part in the list file.
You must check the appropriate 'Identifier version' button to indicate what your file contains.

The file must be in ASCII text format, word-processor formats will not be accepted.

You can retrieve the entries either as EMBL flatfile or in Fasta format (by checking the relevant button).

Opting for the compressed EMBL file is more efficient but some browsers will mishandle the downloaded concatenated gzip file and decompress only the first entry.

By default, when an identifier of a CON entry is met, the expanded version of that entry is returned. You may choose to have the schematic version instead by checking the relevant box.

At most 10000 entries can be retrieved at a time, if you need to have a greater number of entries please contact