Cell Report for PGF

Primary Name: PGF
Aliases: IHW9318, IHW09318
ID: HC11248
Submitted: 1992-10-23 Last updated: 2003-01-13
Type of Sample: Cell Line - Unknown
Ethnic Origin: Caucasoid - England, Europe
Sex: Male
Consanguineous: Yes
Homozygous: Yes

IMGT/HLA and IPD-KIR alleles sequenced from cell
A*03:01:01:01, B*07:02:01, C*07:02:01:03, DOA*01:01:02:02, DPA1*01:03:01:02, DPB1*04:01:01:01, DQA1*01:02:01:01, DQB1*06:02:01, DRA*01:02:03, DRB1*15:01:01:01, DRB5*01:01:01, DRB6*02:01, E*01:03:02:01, F*01:03:01:01, G*01:01:01:05, H*02:04, J*01:01:01:04, K*01:01:01:01, L*01:01:01:03, MICA*008:04, MICB*004:01:01, P*02:01:01:02, V*01:01:01:01, KIR2DL1*0030202, KIR2DL2*0030102, KIR2DL3*0010101, KIR2DL4*0010201, KIR2DP1*0020102, KIR2DS2*0010103, KIR2DS4*0010101, KIR3DL1*002, KIR3DL2*0020101, KIR3DL3*0090101, KIR3DP1*0030201,

DNA Typing Profile
A*03:01:01:01 DRB2*  DQA1*01:02:01
B*07:02:01 DRB3*  DQB1*06:02
C*07:02:01:03 DRB4*  DPA1*01
E*01:03:02 DRB5*01:01:01 DPB1*04:01
F*01:03:01:01 DRB6*02:01 DMA* 
G*01:01:01:05 DRB7*  DMB* 
DRA*  DRB8*  DOA*01:01:02:02
DRB1*15:01:01 DRB9*  DOB* 
H* 02:04 P* 02:01:01:02 W*  
J* 01:01:01:04 S*   X*  
K* 01:01:01:01 T*   Y*  
L* 01:01:01:03 U*   Z*  
N*   V* 01:01:01:01    
MICA* 008:04 TAP1*      
MICB* 004:01:01 TAP2*      
KIR2DL1* 0030202 KIR2DS1* - KIR3DL1* 002
KIR2DL2* - KIR2DS2* 0010103 KIR3DS1* -
KIR2DL3* 001 KIR2DS3* - KIR3DL2* 002
KIR2DL4* 00102 KIR2DS4* 0010101 KIR3DL3* 00901
KIR2DL5A* - KIR2DS5* - KIR2DP1* 0020102
KIR2DL5B* -     KIR3DP1* 00302
Serological Profile IEF Subtyping Profile
A 3 DR 15 A-IEF  
B 7 DR51 51 B-IEF  
Bw4/w6 6 DR52   Cw-IEF  
Cw   DR53      
    DP 4    
    DQ 6    

Cell Availablility
Submittor: Dr. Paul Sinnott
Lab of Origin: Department of Immunology, The London Hospital Medical College, United Kingdom
Material: B Lymphoblastoid Cell Line
Cell Bank: HPA Cultures (ECACC)

Workshop References
IHW Cell Number: IHW9318



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