Apoptosis and Surface Marker Data

Surface expression was analyzed by flow cytometry using monoclonal antibodies specific for the antigen as primary and FITC-conjugated goat-anti-mouse (Fab2) as secondary antibody. Mean geometric fluorescence intensity of the sample was divided by the mean geometric fluorescence intensity of negative isotype control and used to assess the expression. Antibodies used: B7-H1: MIH1 (e-bioscience); CD40: 5C3 (BD Pharmingen); CD44: G44-26 (BD Pharmingen); CD54: 84H10 (Immunotech); CD58: 1C3 (BD Pharmingen); CD80: B7/242 (Innogenetics); CD86: IT2.2 (BD Pharmingen); CD95: DX-2 (BD Pharmingen); CD95L: 5G51 (Alexis Biochemicals); HLA-A,B,C: W6/32; HLA-DR: L243; MICA/B: BAMO-1 (A. Steinle, Tubingen); MICA: AMO-1 (A. Steinle, Tubingen); MICB:BMO-1 (A. Steinle, Tubingen); PD1: J116 (e-bioscience); TRAIL-R: anti-TRAIL receptor-1 to -4 (Alexis Biochemicals); ULBP1: AUMO-1 (A. Steinle, Tubingen); ULBP2: BUMO-1 (A. Steinle, Tubingen); ULBP3: CUMO-1 (A. Steinle, Tubingen).

Key to results

NDNot Determined
-< 1.5
+/-1.5 < 2
+2 < 10
++10 < 100
+++> 100