Group Accession SAMEG51362

Submission Title:Mll1 regulates the downstream gene transcription activated by TNFa
Submission Identifier:GEN-SRP011556
Submission Description:Genes of mixed lineage leukemia family regulate transcription via methylating histone H3K4. we studied the role of MLL1 in innate immunity and found it selectively regulates the activation of NF-kB downstream genes mediated by TNFa. Overall design: Mll1+/+ and Mll1-/- MEF cells were treated for 4 hr with 10ng/ml TNFa or control solution respectively. The same treatment were performed three times independently and the harvested cells of same treatment were mixed together and submitted for high throughput sequencing.
Submission Release Date:2013-10-07
Submission Update Date:2014-03-02
Submission Reference Layer:false
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