Group Accession SAMEG115877

Submission Title:Genome wide DNA methylation analysis of leukemia and reprogrammed leukemia cells (sequencing)
Submission Identifier:GEN-SRP010945
Submission Description:We analyzed the methylation pattern of a well characterized leukemia cell line, named K562. Furthermore, we decided to investigate how the malignant epiegenome change during the reprogramming process Overall design: We used RRBS analysis to investigate the methylation pattern in leukemia and reprogrammed leukemia (LiPS).We show that the erasure of the epigenetic aberrancies have functional consequences on leukemia phenotype
Submission Release Date:2014-12-08
Submission Update Date:2015-04-02
Submission Reference Layer:false
Databases:ENA Sample Group Service Link  SRP010945

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