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Activating CD8 T cell clones via the T cell receptor complex in the absence and presence of cyclosporine A16ArrayExpress Link
Dynamic Gene Expression Response to TGF-?? Stimulation in Multipotent Progenitors and Common Dendritic Cell Progenitors36ArrayExpress Link
Polycomb proteins link Proliferation with DNA Replication6ArrayExpress Link
Whole-transcriptome microarray to identify sexually dimorphic RNA transcripts that are differentially expressed in disease-susceptible versus nonsusceptible CNS regions of male and female SJL mice24ArrayExpress Link
CTCF binding in B cells and Plasmablasts4ArrayExpress Link
Transcription profiling of liver-specific Hnf4alpha knockout and wild type mouse liver6ArrayExpress Link
Effect of lymphotoxin beta receptor blockade on microRNA expression in the spleen24ArrayExpress Link
Colon tissue of Il10-/- mice monoassociated with Escherichia coli NC101 or Escherichia faecalis OG1RF (PAMM-073 array)12ArrayExpress Link
qRT-PCR of ex vivo Salmonella enterica in NRAMP-1 minus/plus macrophage background4ArrayExpress Link
Differential microRNA Expression during Muscle Regeneration5ArrayExpress Link
TLR3, TLR7, and TLR9 stimulation in murine dorsal root ganglion neurons4ArrayExpress Link
Real-time quantitative PCR analysis of mouse RAW264.7 macrophages8ArrayExpress Link
miRNAs expression in joint of Collagen-induced arthritis (CIA)4ArrayExpress Link
Effects of miR-126/126* of cytokine/chemokine expression in tumor-derived 4T1 cells6ArrayExpress Link
Loss of Tet enzymes compromises proper differentiation of embryonic stem cells6ArrayExpress Link
Transcriptional analysis of kidney infiltrating T cells after ischemia reperfusion injury reveals a pathophysiologic role for the chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 58ArrayExpress Link
AMPK stimulation and PGC-1 alpha suppression in peroxisome deficient hepatocytes favor catabolic over anabolic carbohydrate metabolism6ArrayExpress Link
Selective transcriptional regulation by Myc in cellular growth control and lymphomagenesis [DNAse-Seq]5ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
Genome-wide analysis of gene expression in the paraventricular nucleus of Sim1-Cre specific DNMT3a deletion mice.6ArrayExpress Link
Hybrid mice reveal parent-of-origin and cis- and trans-regulatory effects in the retina12ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
RNA-RNA interactions enable specific targeting of noncoding RNAs to nascent pre-mRNAs and chromatin sites45ArrayExpress LinkENA SRA Link
Transcriptional gene silencing by Arabidopsis Microrchidia homologues involves the formation of heteromers24ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
Human hepatocyte metaplasia in injured humanized mouse livers13ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
Access to follicular dendritic cells is a pivotal step in murine chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cell activation and proliferation18ArrayExpress Link
RNAseq data from in vitro-stimulated (24 hours) murine relfl/flCD19-Cre and CD19-Cre splenic B cells purified by magnetic cell separation.6ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
Identification of a Facial Enhancer2ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
TRIM28 regulates RNA polymerase II promoter proximal pausing and entry into processive elongation12ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
Transcription Factor Network Specifying Inhibitory versus Excitatory Neurons in the Dorsal Spinal Cord [ChIP-Seq]6ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
Molecular signatures of the evolving immune response in mice following a Bordetella pertussis infection.114ArrayExpress Link
Perturbed adult sperm methylome after in utero undernutrition is associated with transmission of metabolic disease4ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
E14.5 mouse cortical neurospheres in response to Fezf2 over-expression4ENA SRA LinkArrayExpress Link
Effect of Spot14 Loss on Gene Expression Profile of MMTV-PyMT Mouse Tumors8ArrayExpress Link
UV-C dose and time range finding study on Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEFs)48ArrayExpress Link
Transcription profiling of mouse hearts from wild type and miRNA-1-2 knockout mutants at postnatal day 10 to provide insight into the role of miRNA-1-2 in cardiac development6ArrayExpress Link
Gene expression in Rad51c mutant mouse preputial glands35ArrayExpress Link
Eum23ArrayExpress Link
The nucleosomal barrier to promoter escape by RNA Polymerase II is overcome by the chromatin remodeler Chd1 [NimbleGen]8ArrayExpress Link
Transcription profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells, inner cell mass, epiblast and pluripotent cells derived from mouse epiblast under defined culture conditions13ArrayExpress Link
Huntington disease protein accelerates tumour development and metastasis8ArrayExpress Link
A genetically engineered ovarian cancer mouse model based on fallopian tube transformation mimics human high-grade serous carcinoma development12ArrayExpress Link
Gene expression analysis of GzmB-/- hematopoietic stem cells (HSC).6ArrayExpress Link
Comparative Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Cellular Dosimetry and Response in Mice by the Inhalation and Liquid Cell Culture Exposure Routes60ArrayExpress Link
Comparative analysis of mouse oral cancer cell lines24ArrayExpress Link
MetaMeta4ArrayExpress Link
Gene expression from bone-marrow derived macrophages.16ArrayExpress Link
Transcription profiling of whole mouse lungs of wild-type and recombinase activating gene (RAG) deficient animals sensitized and then challenged with the allergen ovalbumin16ArrayExpress Link
The expression profiling comparison of mice with Scap and Insig deletion from perinatal lung (E17.5-PN1)24ArrayExpress Link
RNA Seq analysis of Mefs Isolated from STC1+/+ and STC1-/- mice6ArrayExpress LinkENA SRA Link
Glucocorticoid induced gene-regulation in murine bone marrow derived monocytes.6ArrayExpress Link
Expression profile of bcl11b-deficient cd8 T cells during immune response4ArrayExpress Link