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Mathematical analysis of a cholera model with public health interventions
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  • Mathematical analysis of a cholera model with public health interventions.
  • Mwasa A, Tchuenche JM
  • Bio Systems , 9/ 2011 , Volume 105 , Issue 3 , pages: 190-200 Preprint
  • Department of Mathematics, Islamic University in Uganda, Mbale, Uganda.
  • Cholera, an acute gastro-intestinal infection and a waterborne disease continues to emerge in developing countries and remains an important global health challenge. We formulate a mathematical model that captures some essential dynamics of cholera transmission to study the impact of public health educational campaigns, vaccination and treatment as control strategies in curtailing the disease. The education-induced, vaccination-induced and treatment-induced reproductive numbers R(E), R(V), R(T) respectively and the combined reproductive number R(C) are compared with the basic reproduction number R(0) to assess the possible community benefits of these control measures. A Lyapunov functional approach is also used to analyse the stability of the equilibrium points. We perform sensitivity analysis on the key parameters that drive the disease dynamics in order to determine their relative importance to disease transmission and prevalence. Graphical representations are provided to qualitatively support the analytical results.
Sarubini Kananathan, Krishna Kumar Tiwari

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Mathematical Modelling Ontology Ordinary differential equation model

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  • Model originally submitted by : Sarubini Kananathan
  • Submitted: 04-Dec-2018 16:34:19
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    • Submitted on: 04-Dec-2018 16:34:19
    • Submitted by: Sarubini Kananathan
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