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You can submit here models to be included in BioModels.

The following formats are currently accepted:

If you wish to submit a model under a different format, please contact us.

If you wish to provide additional files with your submission, please contact us.

The submitted model will not be publicly available from BioModels straightaway. If you wish to know more about the submission, curation and annotation processes, please refer to the relevant sections of the Frequently Asked Questions.

To ensure a prompt processing of your model, please follow those simple guidelines:

  • Check that your model is valid according to the format you chose. If your model is encoded in SBML, you can use the official online validator.
  • Enter all relevant information which could help the work of our curators (relation between the model and publication, modifications or clarifications of the model, etc.) either directly into the model file (for example using the notes elements if your model is encoded in SBML), or in the Comment field provided in step 2 of this form.
  • If you created the model (or collaborated to its creation) but are not an author of the associated publication, please add your personnal information (first and last name, organisation and email address) in the model, so that your contribution can be acknowledged. If you used SBML, this can be done by adding to the model element a dc:creator annotation, as in this example which you can re-use (skip the blue part if already present).
  • Choose a meaningful name for your model. You can follow the pattern AuthorNameYear - Topic, Method, for example: Levchenko2000 - MAPK, noScaffold or Edelstein1996 - EPSP AChEvent.

All models in BioModels are available under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 (Public Domain Dedication). Therefore you need to agree to release the encoded model in the Public Domain before submitting it to BioModels.

Thank you for contributing to BioModels!

Please enter the identifier of the scientific publication associated with the model, and then click Continue. If the model has not been published, please select the 'Unpublished' option.

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