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New BioModels Database Release

Hinxton, Wednesday 1st June 2005

We are pleased to announce the second release of the BioModels Database.

It sees the addition of 10 models, and the upgrading of most of the model annotations.

[Download All Models Under SBML L2 V1 Format]

New Models

BioModels ID Name PubMed Id
BIOMD0000000022 Ueda2001_CircClock 11403560
BIOMD0000000023 Rohwer2001_Sucrose 11513743
BIOMD0000000024 Scheper1999_CircClock 9870936
BIOMD0000000025 Smolen2002_CircClock 12414672
BIOMD0000000026 Markevich2004_MAPK_orderedElementary 14744999
BIOMD0000000027 Markevich2004_MAPK_orderedMM 14744999
BIOMD0000000028 Markevich2005_MAPK_phosphoRandomElementary 14744999
BIOMD0000000029 Markevich2005_MAPK_phosphoRandomMM 14744999
BIOMD0000000030 Markevich2005_MAPK_AllRandomElementary 14744999
BIOMD0000000031 Markevich2004_MAPK_orderedMM2kinases 14744999

Replaced Models

BioModels ID Name PubMed Id
BIOMD0000000007 Novak1997_CellCycle 9256450


The BioModels Database is part of the initiative, a collaboration developed by the teams of Michael Hucka (Caltech, USA), Nicolas Le Novère (EMBL-EBI, UK), Herbert Sauro (Keck Graduate Institute, USA), Jacky Snoep (Stellenbosch University, ZA) and Hiroaki Kitano (Systems Biology Institute, JP).

Developers: Marco Donizelli, with the help of Melanie Courtot and Lu Li.

Model curators and annotators: Harish Dharuri, Nicolas Le Novère, Bruce Shapiro.

External contributors: Adam Halasz, Rainer Machné, Marc Poolman, Tomas Radivoyevitch, Oleg Sokolsy (models), Ben Bornstein, Sarah Keating, Joanne Matthews, Maria Schilstra (software), Les Grivell, Yukiko Matsuoka (comments).


Release 1 (11/April/2005)Release 2 (01/June/2005)

Models 20 30
Species 322 425
Reactions 631 736
Annotations 1084 1609