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BioModels Database is a repository of computational models of biological processes. Models described from literature are manually curated and enriched with cross-references. All models are provided in the Public Domain. More information about BioModels Database can be found in the FAQ.

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April, 2016 preview image of the April 2016 Model of the Month

The JAK/STAT signalling pathway is hyper-activated in several lymphomas. Here, the conditions prevailing the two types of lyphomas (PMBL and cHL) has been described using a mathematical model, and signalling components in the JAK/STAT pathway that can be a potential drug target has been identified and validated experimentally.

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18 Feb 2016 New Models in BioModels

BioModels now provides 1457 literature-based models, with the new addition of 78 models.

16 July 2015 Diseases related models

New page listing all models (from the curated and non-curated branches) which are related to diseases.

16 April 2015 29th BioModels release

More models, new and updated features. For more information, please refer to the release notes.