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MODEL3897771820 - Csikasz-Nagy2006_Cell_Cycle


The following model is part of the non-curated branch of BioModels Database. While the syntax of the model has been verified, its semantics remains unchecked. Any annotation present in the models is not a product of BioModels' annotators. We are doing our best to incorporate this model into the curated branch as soon as possible. In the meantime, we display only limited metadata here. For further information about the model, please download the SBML file.

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Reference Publication
Publication ID: 16581849
Csikász-Nagy A, Battogtokh D, Chen KC, Novák B, Tyson JJ.
Analysis of a generic model of eukaryotic cell-cycle regulation.
Biophys. J. 2006 Jun; 90(12): 4361-4379
Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061-0406, USA.  [more]
Original Model:
Submitter: Nicolas Le Novère
Submission Date: 28 Nov 2008 15:34:39 UTC
Last Modification Date: 20 Jul 2012 11:39:44 UTC
Creation Date: 28 Nov 2008 15:31:42 UTC
Encoders:  Lukas Endler
   Vijayalakshmi Chelliah
   Attila Csikasz-Nagy
bqmodel:isDerivedFrom PubMed 15169868
bqbiol:isVersionOf Gene Ontology cell cycle
bqbiol:hasTaxon Taxonomy Eukaryota
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