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BIOMD0000000337 - Pfeiffer2001_ATP-ProducingPathways_CooperationCompetition


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Reference Publication
Publication ID: 11283355
Pfeiffer T, Schuster S, Bonhoeffer S.
Cooperation and competition in the evolution of ATP-producing pathways.
Science 2001 Apr; 292(5516): 504-507
Friedrich Miescher Institute, Post Office Box 2543, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland., Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, D-13092 Berlin, Germany.  [more]
Original Model: BIOMD0000000337.origin
Submitter: Kieran Smallbone
Submission ID: MODEL1105120000
Submission Date: 12 May 2011 17:26:27 UTC
Last Modification Date: 20 Apr 2012 21:52:36 UTC
Creation Date: 12 May 2011 00:00:00 UTC
Encoders:  Vijayalakshmi Chelliah
   Kieran Smallbone
set #1
bqbiol:hasTaxon Taxonomy cellular organisms
set #2
bqbiol:isVersionOf Gene Ontology cellular response to ATP
Gene Ontology ATP biosynthetic process

This model is from the article:
Cooperation and Competition in the Evolution of ATP-Producing Pathways
Thomas Pfeiffer, Stefan Schuster, Sebastian Bonhoeffer Science 2001 Apr; Volume:292 (Issue:5516); Page info:504-7 11283355 ,
Heterotrophic organisms generally face a trade-off between rate and yield of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. This trade-off may result in an evolutionary dilemma, because cells with a higher rate but lower yield of ATP production may gain a selective advantage when competing for shared energy resources. Using an analysis of model simulations and biochemical observations, we show that ATP production with a low rate and high yield can be viewed as a form of cooperative resource use and may evolve in spatially structured environments. Furthermore, we argue that the high ATP yield of respiration may have facilitated the evolutionary transition from unicellular to undifferentiated multicellular organisms.


This model reproduces the competition and invasion described in Supplemental Figure 2.

Publication ID: 11283355 Submission Date: 12 May 2011 17:26:27 UTC Last Modification Date: 20 Apr 2012 21:52:36 UTC Creation Date: 12 May 2011 00:00:00 UTC
Mathematical expressions
resource production resource consumption and cell growth 1 resource consumption and cell growth 2 cell death 1
cell death 2      
Physical entities
Compartments Species
compartment S N1 N2
Global parameters
v d    
Reactions (5)
 resource production  ↔ [S];  
 resource consumption and cell growth 1 [S] ↔ 10.0 × [N1];  
 resource consumption and cell growth 2 [S] ↔ [N2];  
 cell death 1 [N1] ↔ ;  
 cell death 2 [N2] ↔ ;  
Events (1)
N2 = 0.01
   Spatial dimensions: 3.0  Compartment size: 1.0
Compartment: compartment
Initial concentration: 0.111111111111111
Compartment: compartment
Initial concentration: 100.0
Compartment: compartment
Initial concentration: 0.0
Global Parameters (2)
Value: 10.0   (Units: dimensionless)
Value: 1.0   (Units: dimensionless)
Representative curation result(s)
Representative curation result(s) of BIOMD0000000337

Curator's comment: (updated: 10 Jun 2011 12:38:02 BST)

The model reproduces figure 2 of the supplementary materials of the reference publication. The model was integrated and simulated using Copasi v4.6 (Build 32).