P-GSE40242-6 - P-GSE40242-6

hybridization protocol
Incubate the probe array filled with Pre-Hybridization Mix at 45 °C for 10 minutes with rotation. Transfer the hybridization cocktail that has been heated at 99 °C to a 45 °C heat block for 5 minutes. Spin the hybridization cocktail at maximum speed in a microcentrifuge for 5 minutes to collect any insoluble material from the hybridization mixture. Remove the array from the hybridization oven. Vent the array with a clean pipette tip and extract the Pre-Hybridization Mix from the array with a micropipettor. Refill the array with the appropriate volume of the clarified hybridization cocktail, avoiding any insoluble matter at the bottom of the tube. Place the probe array into the hybridization oven, set to 45 °C. Rotate at 60 rpm. Hybridize for 16 hours. Using the GeneChip Fluidics Station 450: Loaded 600μL stain1, 600μL stain2, 800μL Array Holding Buffer, and washed and scanned.
Experiment E-GEOD-40242