E-MTAB-1654 - RNA-seq of coding RNA from mouse cells to illuminate the molecular mechanisms of cellular reprogramming

Released on 3 June 2013, last updated on 28 June 2013
Mus musculus
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The aim of the experiment is to illuminate the molecular mechanisms of cellular reprogramming. We have isolated cells at intermediate stages of reprogramming and analysed their gene expression profiles. D6s4B5 1N- are CD44+ ICAM1-, Nanog-GFP-, D6s4B5 1N+ are CD44+ ICAM1-, Nanog-GFP+, D6s4B5 2N- are CD44- ICAM1-, Nanog-GFP-, D6s4B5 2N+ are CD44- ICAM1-, Nanog-GFP+, D6s4B5 3N- are CD44- ICAM1+, Nanog-GFP-, D6s4B5 3N+ are CD44- ICAM1+, Nanog-GFP+, all from day 10 of reprogramming. Day15 D6s4B5 3N+ are CD44- ICAM1+, Nanog-GFP+ from day 15, iPSC are an established iPSC clone, E14 a reference Embryonic Stem Cell line and MEF are Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts generated with an iPSC clone D6s4B5.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA, cell type comparison design, co-expression, in vitro
High-resolution analysis with novel cell-surface markers identifies routes to iPS cells. O'Malley J, Skylaki S, Iwabuchi KA, Chantzoura E, Ruetz T, Johnsson A, Tomlinson SR, Linnarsson S and Kaji K. Nature 499:88-91 (2013)
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