E-MEXP-3826 - Transcription profiling by array of human epithelooid sarcoma cells enriched for cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) or cancer-initiating cells (CICs) in epithelioid sarcoma against those without such enrichment

Last updated on 6 January 2014, released on 7 January 2014
Homo sapiens
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Several human cancers contain a small subpopulation of cells called cancer stem-like cells (CSCs)/cancer initiating cells (CICs), which are defined by the ability of self- renewal, multi-differentiation potential, and tumorigenesis. In current study, we focused on epithelioid sarcoma, which is very rare caner, and isolated CSCs/CICs from epitheloid sarcoma cell line ESX based on ALDH activity using ALDEFLUOR assay towards identification of a new CIC/CSC marker. We performed gene profiling between ALDHhigh and ALDH low cells using cDNA microarray for the identification of good markers of CSCs/CICs of epithelioid sarcoma.
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transcription profiling by array, cell type comparison, co-expression, in vitro
High expression of CD109 antigen regulates the phenotype of cancer stem-like cells/cancer-initiating cells in the novel epithelioid sarcoma cell line ESX and is related to poor prognosis of soft tissue sarcoma. Makoto Emori, Tomohide Tsukahara, Masaki Murase, Masanobu Kano, Kenji Murata, Akari Takahashi, Terufumi Kubo, Hiroko Asanuma, Kazuyo Yasuda, Vitaly Kochin, Mitsunori Kaya, Satoshi Nagoya, Jun Nishio, Hiroshi Iwasaki, Tomoko Sonoda, Tadashi Hasegawa, Toshihiko Torigoe, Takuro Wada, Toshihiko Yamashita, Noriyuki Sato. PLoS One 8(12):e84187 (2013), Europe PMC 24376795
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