E-GEOD-56480 - Developmental stage specificity of transcriptional, biochemical and CO2 efflux responses of leaf dark respiration to growth of Arabidopsis thaliana at elevated [CO2]

Released on 4 April 2014, last updated on 3 June 2014
Arabidopsis thaliana
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Plant respiration responses to elevated growth [CO2] are key uncertainties in predicting future crop and ecosystem function. In particular, the effects of elevated growth [CO2] on respiration over leaf development are poorly understood. This study tested the prediction that, due to greater whole-plant photoassimilate availability and growth, elevated [CO2] induces transcriptional reprogramming and a stimulation of nighttime respiration in leaf primordia, expanding leaves, and mature leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana. In primordia, elevated [CO2] altered transcript abundance, but not for genes encoding respiratory proteins. In expanding leaves, elevated [CO2] induced greater glucose content and transcript abundance for some respiratory genes, but did not alter respiratory CO2 efflux. In mature leaves, elevated [CO2] led to greater glucose, sucrose and starch content, plus greater transcript abundance for many components of the respiratory pathway, and greater respiratory CO2 efflux. Therefore, growth at elevated [CO2] stimulated dark respiration only after leaves transitioned from carbon sinks into carbon sources. This coincided with greater photoassimilate production by mature leaves under elevated [CO2] and peak respiratory transcriptional responses. It remains to be determined if biochemical and transcriptional responses to elevated [CO2] in primordial and expanding leaves are essential prerequisites for subsequent alterations of respiratory metabolism in mature leaves. Arabidopsis plants were grown in either ambient (370 ppm) or elevated (750 ppm) CO2. Leaf number 10 was harvested when it was a primordia, expanding, or mature in each of the CO2 treatments.
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