ArrayExpress – functional genomics data

ArrayExpress Archive of Functional Genomics Data stores data from high-throughput functional genomics experiments, and provides these data for reuse to the research community.

Latest News

23 September 2016 - Need to change release date for your sequencing experiment? You can now use a new self-service tool!

We are pleased to announce that submitters of sequencing experiments can now change release date (lift embargo on the data set or defer release) using a new self-service tool. Gone are the days that you need to email a curator and wait for a response. Not sure about the login details? Check the email we sent you when the experiment is loaded into ArrayExpress. The details are the same as those for logging in to the ArrayExpress website to view your private experiment(s). Lost that email? Don't panic, the ArrayExpress login system has a password retrieval link to help you. Of course, curators are always at hand too: Enjoy the new freedom!


Information about how to search ArrayExpress, understand search results, how to submit data and FAQ can be found in our Help section.

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Tools and Access

ArrayExpress Bioconductor package: an R package to access ArrayExpress and build data structures.

Programmatic access: query and download data using web services or JSON.

FTP access: data can be downloaded directly from our FTP site.

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