ArrayExpress – functional genomics data

ArrayExpress Archive of Functional Genomics Data stores data from high-throughput functional genomics experiments, and provides these data for reuse to the research community.

Latest News

23 October 2016 - Data mining made easy with specific search - say goodbye to by-catch results!

Have you ever tried mining for data sets in ArrayExpress but did not get exactly what you're looking for, e.g. finding data sets about obesity (a risk factor for diabetes) when you searched for 'diabetes'? You can cut out a lot of 'noise' in the search results by restricting the search space to particular fields (e.g. sample attribute, experiment variable, experiment type) so the ArrayExpress search engine can perform context-specific search for you, giving you results for e.g. experiments where samples are explicitly annotated with 'disease' term 'type II diabetes mellitus. To get you started, we have prepared some free online training materials with plenty more examples. You can practise searching here too. Give it a try!


Information about how to search ArrayExpress, understand search results, how to submit data and FAQ can be found in our Help section.

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Tools and Access

Annotare: web-based submission tool for ArrayExpress.

ArrayExpress Bioconductor package: an R package to access ArrayExpress and build data structures.

Programmatic access: query and download data using web services or JSON.

FTP access: data can be downloaded directly from our FTP site.

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