ArrayExpress – functional genomics data

ArrayExpress Archive of Functional Genomics Data stores data from high-throughput functional genomics experiments, and provides these data for reuse to the research community.

Latest News

14 December 2015 - Try our new ArrayExpress Quick Tour online training course, it's free!

Want to look things up in ArrayExpress or submit data but don't know where to start? We have put together an online course to give you some pointers. The course lasts for under 30 minutes and you can jump between sections. Also, feel free to use the course as many times as you'd like, any time of the day. It's completely free. Please let us know what you think about the course so we can tailor it to your needs. Enjoy!


Information about how to search ArrayExpress, understand search results, how to submit data and FAQ can be found in our Help section.

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Tools and Access

ArrayExpress Bioconductor package: an R package to access ArrayExpress and build data structures.

Programmatic access: query and download data using web services or JSON.

FTP access: data can be downloaded directly from our FTP site.

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