UniProt release 2014_03

UniProt 2014_03 is out. Get your 54,790,250 protein records today! In this release, read headline article 'Minority report' and the latest UniProtKB news.


Cross references for isoforms:

Some of the resources to which we link contain information that is specific to an isoform sequence and where this is known we now indicate the corresponding UniProtKB isoform sequence identifier in our cross-references as described below. The first resources for which we provide such isoform-specific cross-references are Ensembl and UCSC.


Changes to controlled vocabulary of human diseases:

New diseases and modified diseases


Changes to controlled vocabulary of PTMs:

New terms for the feature key ‘Cross-link’ (‘CROSSLNK’ in the flat file):

  • Isoaspartyl lysine isopeptide (Lys-Asp)