New Analysis Tools for Reactome

Results of an expression analysis in the Reactome Pathway Browser

Pathway databases such as Reactome are uniquely suited for analysing and interpreting the results of high-throughput functional genomics data sets, for example microarray-based expression profiles, protein interaction sets, and results of chromatin IP. In response to user feedback and new feature requests, we are pleased to announce a new version of the Reactome Pathway Browser that integrates a suite of tools for pathway analysis. Using these improved features, you can map protein lists to Reactome pathways, perform pathway overrepresentation and topology analysis for sets of proteins, small molecules and genes, overlay pathway diagrams with colour representing expression data, and compare human pathways with those from model organisms. To support third-party tool integration, the Reactome Pathway Analysis Portal is also available as a RESTful web service. Further details of these new analysis tool can be found in our User Guide.