Reactome releases knowledgebase version 48

Updates to Reactome

This quarterly release of Reactome includes a new topic: Organelle biogenesis, which includes the pathway Mitochondrial biogenesis.

Topics with new or updated pathways include:

The Gallus gallus pathway Innate immune system has been updated to include Complement cascade


We thank Luciano Di Croce, Matyas Gorjanacz, Ingrid Grummt, Angela M Lezza, Juan F Medrano, Mridul Mukherji, Bibhusita Pani, Bartholomew Pederson, Gerd Pfeifer, Nishani Rajakulendran, Yih-Horng Shiao, Renee van Amerongen, Renate Voit, Jianlong Wang, and Saumya Wickramasinghe for their contributions as external reviewers.