New to Reactome: Binding and uptake of ligands by scavenger receptors

The latest news from Reactome: Plant Reactome launches and the Reactome service offers new topics and illustrations.

Just released: Plant Reactome, an integrated analysis and visualization platform for plant metabolic and regulatory pathways and networks. Reactome is actively seeking feedback from the community and invites users to complete a survey.

New or revised topics in Reactome:

  • Immune system (Fcgamma receptor (FCGR) dependent phagocytosis
  • Cell cycle (resolution of sister chromatid cohesion, regulation of PLK1 activity at G2/M transition, nuclear envelope breakdown, and initiation of nuclear envelope reformation)
  • Disease (diseases associated with visual transduction and signaling by NOTCH1 in cancer)
  • Extracellular matrix organization (fibronectin matrix formation and elastic fibre formation)
  • Metabolism (ubiquinol biosynthesis and cytosolic-nuclear iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis)
  • Signal transduction (signaling by TGF-beta receptor complex, signaling by NOTCH2 and visual phototransduction)
  • Transmembrane transport of small molecules (stimuli-sensing channels) 

New pathway illustrations:

  • Apoptosis extrinsic pathway and trafficking
  • Processing of endosomal TLRs


With thanks to our External Author, Roland Lill, and to our External Reviewers: