World-wide Protein Data Bank improves representation of large structures

wwPDB accepts large protein structures

The wwPDB is pleased to announce that structures that were historically split across multiple entries have now been combined into single PDBx/mmCIF files. Each combined file has been issued a new PDB identifier. This constitutes a significant improvement in the representation of large entries in the PDB archive. 

To meet the challenges of greater numbers of PDB depositions, involving ever larger and more complex structures, often determined using multiple methods, wwPDB has developed a new software system for structure deposition and annotation. This new system, currently in production for X-ray crystallographic entries, is based on PDBx/mmCIF. This format does not suffer the restrictions of the PDB format and is capable of representing large structures in a single file. Large structures can now be processed and released intact, meaning that "split entries" will become a thing of the past.

Large intact structures are available from