New in InterPro: release 43.0

InterPro: protein sequence analysis & classification

We are pleased to announce the release of InterPro 43.0. InterPro now contains 24,737 entries and includes an update to Pfam (27.0).

InterPro 43.0 integrates 185 new methods from the GENE3D, PANTHER and Pfam databases, and covers 80.8% of UniProt Knowledgebase release 2013_06. It predicts Gene Ontology (GO) terms for over 22 million UniProt proteins via the InterPro2GO pipeline.

The new release features updates to UniParc (uniparc_match.tar.gz) and UniMES (unimes_match.tar.gz) matches to InterPro methods. These can be found on our ftp site:

For full details, please see the InterPro Release Notes: