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07 Aug 2014

Ensembl version 76 release

Ensembl version 76 has been released, offering updated data and new features.
The Human Proteostasis network, by Taipale et al

05 Aug 2014

IntAct dataset of the month: the Human Proteostasis network

IntAct Dataset of the Month: 'The Human Proteostasis network,' by Taipale et al.
ChEMBL - the database of bioiactive entities

25 Jul 2014

ChEMBL_19 Released - Now with Crop Protection Data!

ChEMBL_19 Released - Now with Crop Protection Data!
Reactome database of biological pathways

23 Jul 2014

Reactome: new publications available

New publications about the Reactome resource for molecular pathways now available.
Pathway analysis portal

23 Jul 2014

New Reactome Pathway Analysis Portal

New Reactome Pathway Browser integrates a suite of tools for pathway analysis.
Reactome: new pathways in release 49

23 Jul 2014

A baker's dozen: new pathways in Reactome release 49

Reactome release 49 features 12 new pathways in disease, metabolism, immune system, development and signal transduction.
UniProt news

11 Jul 2014

UniProt release 2014_07

We are pleased to announce that UniProt release 2014_07 is now out!
wwPDB accepts large protein structures

10 Jul 2014

World-wide Protein Data Bank improves representation of large structures

Representing large, macromolecular structures has been made easier by the wwPDB.
InterPro: protein sequence analysis & classification

09 Jul 2014

New releases: InterProScan 5.5-48.0 and InterPro 48.0

We are pleased to announce the release of InterProScan 5.5-48.0 and InterPro 48.0!
Results of an expression analysis in the Reactome Pathway Browser

18 Jun 2014

New Analysis Tools for Reactome

Reactome - new and improved analysis tools via website and RESTful API.
Search one billion biological entries

17 Jun 2014

Over 1 billion biological data records publicly searchable

You can now use our quick and easy EBI search to explore over 1 billion biological data entries: www.ebi.ac.uk/ebisearch/

13 Jun 2014

UniProt release 2014_06

We are pleased to announce that UniProt release 2014_05 is now out!
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