Press releases from EMBL-EBI

Mouse genes could help decipher human disease. Image: Spencer Phillips

26 Jun 2017

Mouse genes could help decipher human disease

Characterising more than 3000 mouse genes reveals new gene functions and associations with human disease

Revathi Nathaniel, UX expert at EMBL-EBI

15 Jun 2017

UX toolkit aids industry R&D

User Experience designers rarely specialise in the life sciences – EMBL-EBI and the Pistoia Alliance look to fill the gap

Image Data Resource samples

13 Jun 2017

Open imaging data for biology

The Image Data Resource: prototype of the first open, online repository linking imaging and molecular data 

Human Cell Atlas logo

01 Jun 2017

Human Cell Atlas data platform kicks off with support from CZI

EMBL-EBI, the Broad Institute and UCSC Genomics Institute will partner in developing a data coordination platform for the Human Cell Atlas, supported by CZI

Omics DI search motif

15 May 2017

Omics Discovery Index boosts FAIR data sharing

A global index led by EMBL-EBI emerges as the ‘PubMed Central of life-science datasets’

HipSci stem cell bank

09 May 2017

HipSci: The human stem cell bank of tomorrow

UK’s largest resource of human stem cells from healthy donors unveiled

The European Variation Archive logo

09 May 2017

EVA issues long-term IDs for non-human variants

dbSNP and EVA to share responsibility for maintaining reliable, long-term accession numbers for genetic variation data

13 Apr 2017

A race against the ageing clock

Research identifies mouse epigenetic clock that accurately predicts age and could help scientists understand the ageing process 

Deep learning for epigenetics

11 Apr 2017

Genomics reboots deep learning

Deep learning is increasingly used to understand how genomes work: a new method from EMBL-EBI provides a perfect example

Double helix stock image

31 Mar 2017

A better way to find drug targets

The ChEMBL team at EMBL-EBI collaborated on a new way to identify drug targets from Genome Wide Association Studies

Executive Master's in research infrastructure management

30 Mar 2017

When science meets management Master’s of Management of Research Infrastructures offers new opportunities for leadership

Artist's interpretation of the study findings: older cells losing their ability to coordinate an attack

29 Mar 2017

Ageing: cell coordination breakdown

EMBL-EBI researchers use single-cell sequencing to understand how cells age

Abstract graphic for Global Life Science Data Resources Working Group.

28 Mar 2017

Life-science data: a global responsibility

A new coalition emerges to secure global data resources for the future of open science

The UX team at EMBL-EBI

09 Mar 2017

UX design for the life sciences: myths and realities

Laying the groundwork for EMBL-EBI’s User Experience Design community

Helen Parkinson and Ele Zeggini, Best Practice Award 2017

07 Mar 2017

Driving gender equality in science

Wellcome Genome Campus announces 2017 gender equality champions

Artist interpretation of T-cell differentiation

03 Mar 2017

Watching immune cells fight malaria

Latest genomic technology uncovers secrets of immune cells’ response to malaria

Artist's interpretation of social genetic effects: mice with different sleeping preferences

24 Jan 2017

Genetic makeup of ‘room-mate’ influences health

EMBL-EBI research shows that healing and anxiety are influenced by the genetics of one’s social partners

Animated gif of online AML calculator (tool for research)

16 Jan 2017

Cancer genetics refine treatment decisions

How a knowledge bank could be used to find the best treatment option for people with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)

Drosophila embryo over sea of noncoding RNA

12 Jan 2017

Buffering mechanism protects embryonic development

EMBL scientists uncover buffering mechanisms that protect an embryo’s development from detrimental effects of genetic variation

Amelie Baud, EMBL-EBI researcher, marks her journey on a map.

09 Jan 2017

Science Is Global

In the relatively new field of bioinformatics, internationality is mission-critical