Is the sex of research animals misdirecting medical research? Image: Spencer Phillips
26 Jun 2017

The sexual dimorphism dilemma

Is the sex of research animals misdirecting medical research? Read more

Mouse genes could help decipher human disease. Image: Spencer Phillips
26 Jun 2017

Mouse genes could help decipher human disease

Characterising more than 3000 mouse genes reveals new gene functions and associations with human disease Read more

Revathi Nathaniel, UX expert at EMBL-EBI
15 Jun 2017

UX toolkit aids industry R&D

User Experience designers rarely specialise in the life sciences – EMBL-EBI and the Pistoia Alliance look to fill the gap Read more

Image Data Resource samples
13 Jun 2017

Open imaging data for biology

The Image Data Resource: prototype of the first open, online repository linking imaging and molecular data  Read more

Human Cell Atlas logo
01 Jun 2017

Human Cell Atlas data platform kicks off with support from CZI

EMBL-EBI, the Broad Institute and UCSC Genomics Institute will partner in developing a data coordination platform for the Human Cell Atlas, supported by CZI Read more

Omics DI search motif
15 May 2017

Omics Discovery Index boosts FAIR data sharing

A global index led by EMBL-EBI emerges as the ‘PubMed Central of life-science datasets’ Read more

Service news from EMBL-EBI

  • 12 Jul 2017

    Submission service maintenance - 14/7/17 to 17/7/17

    Webin submission services will not be available between Friday 14/7/17 10:00 and Monday 17/7/17.   During this time the capacity of the Webin upload area will be increased to support larger submission volumes.  

    Read more
  • 07 Jul 2017

    Update to Aspera server

    EBI has built a new Aspera server on up-dated hardware with the latest Aspera version and configuration. This should improve your experience in downloading data via Aspera, and also address some of the recent problems that have been linked to the use of an old Aspera server version.

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  • 06 Jul 2017

    UniProt Release 2017_07

    With release 2017_07, UniProt offers data on over 88.5 million proteins! Browse the updated data on the UniProt website, or access it programmatically using our Java API, Proteins REST API or SPARQL endpoint.

    Read more
  • 06 Jul 2017

    ENA Release 132

    Release 132 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences now available

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