Visitors and scholars

Scientists at all career stages are welcome to conduct collaborative projects with EMBL-EBI staff or carry out their own research in Hinxton, where they may enjoy the benefits of a large, interdisciplinary community and a critical mass of bioinformaticians and computational biologists. Many of our teams work with Masters students, or offer short-term placements such as internships. 

EMBL Visitor Programme

The EMBL Visitor Programme enables scientists and students from all over the world to benefit from new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment at the five EMBL sites. Given a mutual interest, visitors can join one of the over 80 EMBL research groups at different stages of their scientific career for an active collaboration pursuing their own research and taking advantage of the EMBL environment.

Visiting groups

We welcome research collaborations of between two and five people who would like to conduct a project at EMBL-EBI. To apply, contact the group leader with whom you you would like to work. You will need to send them:

  • a letter stating why you would like to visit, what you hope to achieve, what special facilities you might require and how the visit would benefit your research;
  • for each member of the group, a CV and contact information for two references;
  • dates of your intended visit, if known;
  • how you intend to fund the visit.

Internships and projects at EMBL-EBI

If you are interested in gaining work experience or pursuing a research project in one of our groups, please contact the group leader directly.


In exceptional circumstances, EMBL-EBI may be able to provide a small stipend, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis. In most cases we are not able to offer financial support for short-term visitors, but we encourage applicants to apply to the European Molecular Biology Organization’s (EMBO) Short Term Fellowships for help covering a stay at EMBL-EBI under the standard EMBO conditions.

Applications for EMBO Short Term Fellowships need to be supported by an EMBL-EBI staff member and should be completed using the online application form. For more details about EMBO, visit the EMBO home page.