Careers at EMBL-EBI

EMBL-EBI offers an engaged and vibrant working environment in an attractive location, convenient to many other leading research centres. Situated on the beautiful, 55-acre Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, we are 12 miles (19 km) from Cambridge and about an hour north of London. EMBL offers competitive salaries and benefits, including help for those moving to a new country. Our employees benefit from scientific training and regular seminars delivered by leaders in the field. We also offer general training to help our staff build skills to support their personal development.

These career profiles give you an idea of what it's like to work in different parts of our organisation. To learn more, we welcome you at our Open Days. You can also learn about research throughout the Laboratory in our Research at a Glance brochure.

Life as a Data Centre Engineer

EMBL-EBI Data Centre Engineer, Dawn Johnson"I actually worked around or with the EBI for around 12 years before I took a post here. I used to work for HP, taking fault calls from customers; then I changed to become a field service engineer. I then worked for a reseller here on the campus alongside the technical sales people, focusing on installing the kit, building it, and handing it over to the customer once it was ready. I did that for many years for the EBI and the Sanger Institute before someone informed me of the job opportunity here and I applied for it." -- Dawn Johnson, Data Centre Engineer at EMBL-EBI

Life as a Scientific Programmer

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"My role as scientific programmer involves developing and maintaining software systems to enable the integration of many different types of biological data so that it can be displayed on the Ensembl website. This includes writing code, communicating with collaborators, presenting work at conferences and conducting training workshops."

Life as a PhD student

Rita Santos, EMBL-EBI"When I was searching for PhD positions, I was looking for something applied. I was always interested in drug discovery and my Masters was a bit like that: understanding the techniques that went into it and the computational aspect rather than the experimental, which I’d already covered in the biochemistry course. I also like to work in a team, and this is definitely an area where there is room for it." --Rita Santos, student in the EMBL International PhD Programme

Life as a Bioinformatics Trainer

Andrew Cowley“My official title is Bioinformatics Trainer, but training is only a part of my responsibilities. I also help develop and test new bioinformatics tools, which gives me a chance to collaborate with bioinformatics leaders like William Pearson (FASTA) and Des Higgins (Clustal). In addition, I help run the EMBL-EBI helpdesk and am called upon to contribute content to our many websites.”

Life as a Scientific Outreach Officer

Bert Overduin"My job as Ensembl Helpdesk & Outreach Officer involves answering questions from Ensembl users, liaising with other Ensembl teams to resolve technical issues and to work towards improving the Ensembl resource. I also prepare teaching materials, organise and teach at workshops worldwide and occasionally represent the EBI as part of the team manning the exhibition stand at conferences."