Life at EMBL-EBI

Life at EMBL-EBI

With outstanding technical infrastructure and a flexible working style, EMBL-EBI is a medium-sized organisation with a small-company feel. Located on the beautifully landscaped Wellcome Genome Campus, our staff enjoy a vibrant, interdisciplinary working environment just 12km from central Cambridge. The campus offers a free commuter bus service, a library, on-site nursery and subsidised gym and restaurants.

As part of EMBL, we recruit internationally and offer competitive salary and benefits, including help for those moving far from home. Our staff benefit from a supportive environment, with scientific training, world-class seminars and many opportunities to move between projects and learn on the job. We also offer general training to help our staff build skills for personal development.

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We've interviewed members of our staff to give you an idea of what it's like to work in different parts of our organisation. You can find our more at our October Open Days, and hear from our experts on Twitter and Facebook.

"To work here, with people who are immediately using [our services] to positive ends, and to learn about the impact of their work, gives our own a clear, immediate value."Dan Sheppard, Developer for the Ensembl Genome Browser
"I've always been a programmer at heart, and loved biology. Bioinformatics gave me a way to bring those two things together."Andy Yates, Team Leader, Genomics Technology Infrastructure
My official title is Bioinformatics Trainer, but training is only a part of my responsibilities. I also help develop and test new bioinformatics tools, which gives me a chance to collaborate with bioinformatics leaders like William Pearson (FASTA) and Des Higgins (Clustal).” Andrew Cowley, Bioinformatics Trainer at EMBL-EBI
When you work in a group it’s very important to be sociable, as you'll be interacting with people from different countries and cultures. It’s good to be open minded and able to listen and learn, and not just work on your own." Mateus Patricio, Bioinformatician for Ensembl at EMBL-EBI
EMBL-EBI’s data centres host one of the biggest collections of molecular data in the world, and when anything goes wrong in the campus data centre I am the first point of call." Dawn Johnson, Data Centre Engineer at EMBL-EBI
"You need to have an interest in working in an international environment, even if you’ve never done it before. There are a lot of different cultures and languages, so you need to be able to communicate well and to be patient. You have to have good people skills, and brushing up on language skills could be really useful." Deirdre Daly, Human Resources Officer at EMBL-EBI