Blast from the past

Thanks to everyone who has donated their photos of the EBI over the past 20 years! Special thanks go to Graham Cameron, who gave us so many of his photos in 2012.

Do you have photos of EMBL or EMBL-EBI that you'd be willing to share with us? We'd love to see them! Send them by email to

Princess Anne at the opening ceremony of EMBL-EBI in 1994. Pictured: Graham Cameron, Fotis Kafatos, Paolo Zanella, Princess Anne and Michael Ashburner
The original portakabin layout
Graham Cameron at EMBL, 1982
Mary Ann Tuli, Rolf Apweiler, Claire O'Donovan
Fire alarm. With Mary Ann Tuli, Michele Magrane, Claire O'Donovan and Nicoletta Mittaritonna, 199?
International Cuisine party: Karen Duggan, Sheila Rose
Sally Stewart and Mary Ann Tuli at the University of Cambridge
Genome Campus landscape before the David Saunders bench
Ewan Birney, data centre 200?
Paul Kersey, skiing (ostensibly backwards)
Admin 2002: Lynn Tabrar, Kerstin Dose, Mark Green, Gillian Adams, Janet Roser-Copeland, Margaret Shore-Nye, Yvonne Handy, Martina Munzittu, Elizabeth Ford, Anne Everitt.
GTL Retreat, Southwold 2010
Hinxton Hall: The village flower show in 1909. Photo: Cambridge Collections
Peter Stoehr on the construction site of the new EMBL-EBI building
All @ EBI, 2007.
Valerie Laportre (Purchasing), Fiona Lang (Swissprot), 1994
Mary Ann Tuli and Claire O'Donovan at an early-days meeting of the ECCB
Gillian Adams and partner at the International Cuisine party
All @ EBI, 2011
Dedication of a bench in memory of David Sanders, 1999
Patricia Rodriguez-Tome. In the back: Peter Sterk and Gunter Stoesser
Lucia Rodriguez, Agnes Leyen, Carsten Helgesen and Maria Martin
Maria Martin and Claire O'Donovan, skiing
At the Crown and Thistle: Phillip MacNeil, Martin Senger, Rolf Apweiler, Patricia Rodriguez-Tome
Aerial photograph of rural Hinxton in 1947. Source:
East Wing under construction, 2007
Katarzyna Kruszewska, Jean Jack Riethoven, David Sanders, Princess Anne, Lorenz Wernisch (back), Paolo Zanella and many others.
Phillip Lijnzaad and Peter Sterk at the ECCB conference
Ewan Birney at the Open Source conference in Santa Fe, 2000
The Ensembl team goes punting on the river Cam, 2005
GTL Retreat Southwold 2007 Kim Henrick, Paul Bertone, Kerstin Knyberg, Alvis Brazma, Weimin Zu
Official Dedication of David Sanders memorial bench circa 1999-2000
Sue Smith (Nucleotide library) , Katri Iivonen (Admin), Kerstin Dose (Admin)
Maria Pilar Garcia-Pastor and Claire O'Donovan at the HUPO meeting in Vancouver, Canada
Kerstin Dose and Anne Everitt
Nicole Redaschi, Kim Jungfer and Beate Marx
ECCB conference dinner: Inge Johanssen, ?, Wolfgang Fleischmann
Thure Etzold at an informal reunion in 1998
Rodrigo Lopez and Rob Harper, reunion 1998

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