Brochures about EMBL-EBI

EMBL-EBI overview

EMBL-EBI overview

An overview of who we are and what we do, including a summary of our services, research, industry programme, funding and leadership.

Versions are available for viewing on screen and for printing.

EMBL-EBI services brochure 

EMBL-EBI services

This overview of our core databases and tools features use cases.

Versions are available for viewing on screen and for printing.

Visit Train online to find out more about how our freely available bioinformatics services can help with your research.

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Annual Scientific Report

Our Annual Scientific Reports present an in-depth account of our work at EMBL-EBI. We provide facts and figures on how our resources are used, where our funding comes from, who is on staff, and what has been happening in all of our teams. 

Versions are available for viewing on screen and for printing.

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Research at a Glance 2014

Research at a Glance

Detailed information on current and future research projects of all group leaders at EMBL.

ELIXIR overview brochure

ELIXIR: Data for Life

ELIXIR is a major undertaking to upgrade Europe's bioinformatics infrastructure.

You can sign up for the quarterly ELIXIR Newsletter to read about the latest developments in this extraordinary initiative.

EMBL-EBI Industry brochure

EMBL-EBI Industry Programme

Since 1996 the EMBL-EBI Industry Programme has been helping companies make the most of advances in bioinformatics and cheminformatics. Our Industry Programme members represent many of the world’s leading healthcare, agri-food and diagnostics companies. This brochure gives an overview of the programme's activities.

Versions are available for viewing on screen and for printing.