Python Module Installation

Python Installation

For details of how to install/update Python on your platform see the Python documentation.

Package Managers

On package managed operating systems (e.g. Debian Linux, RedHat Linux, OpenSolaris, etc.) or package based environments (e.g. Cygwin, Fink, MacPorts, etc.) many Python modules are available as packages. See the documentation associated with the package environment for details.

Manual Install

Downloaded Python modules generally follow a standard procedure for installation:

  1. Unpack the module:
    • Tarball:
      tar xf module.tar.gz
    • ZIP:
  2. Change to directory created:
    cd module/
  3. Build module and install:
    python install

Check the module's documentation (usually README.txt) for details of any pre-requisites and deviations from the normal procedure.

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