Soaplab Web Services for EMBOSS programs


The EMBL-EBI SoapLab server was closed down on Friday 1st February 2013

We suggest that Soaplab users replace their use of the EMBL-EBI Soaplab services with equivalents from:

Or consider installing EMBOSS locally and either using the programs directly or via a local Soaplab server (see for details of how to download and install a Soaplab server).

Taverna users may wish to discuss possible alternative Web Services with the Taverna community, see for details.

The following information describing the EMBL-EBI Soaplab server is provided solely for reference by users migrating to other services.


EMBL-EBI Soaplab Web Services include most EMBOSS programs that are suitable for launching through Web Services. In order to see the list of the EMBOSS programs included you can visit its Spinet web interface here. Soaplab Clients Guide page lists different ways of using Soaplab Web Services.

What's New

1st Feburary 2013

The EMBL-EBI Soaplab server has been shutdown, see above for details of alternative services.

21st March 2012

EMBL-EBI SoapLab server will be closed down by 1st of February 2013.

18th July 2011

Soaplab Web Services has been upgraded to EMBOSS-6.3.1 and Soaplab-2.3.1


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