Soaplab FAQ

EMBL-EBI Soaplab server timeout settings

EMBL-EBI Soaplab server has 2 timeout settings.

  • maximum reply time timeout, which is 5 minutes
  • job timeout, which is 5 hours

The first timeout means if you use waitFor or runAndWaitFor methods but your job cannot be completed within 5 minutes you will get an error. The second timeout means jobs are terminated if they cannot be completed within 5 hours after they have been started.

If you want to make sure that you don't hit the first timeout limit, one solution would be to use createAndRungetStatusgetResults series of calls, rather than the createAndRunwaitFor calls or the runAndWaitFor call.

Taverna users can use polling support to avoid timeout errors. Right clicking a Soaplab processor in Taverna brings a menu, here select 'Configure Polling Properties' option which should open a menu window. In the menu window one should select the 'Polling' check box and press 'Apply' button to activate polling support for the processor.

Soaplab job results are deleted 10 hours after their submission.

Possible job status values

Soaplab getStatus operation returns one of the following values:

  1. CREATED: job has been created but not yet executed
  2. RUNNING: job is currently being processed
  3. COMPLETED: job has finished, its results can be retrieved
  4. TERMINATED_BY_ERROR: job was terminated due to an error
  5. TERMINATED_BY_REQUEST: job was terminated either by user request or by Soaplab job manager
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