CiteXplore v1.0


The CiteXplore v1.0 web service will be discontinued on 31st October 2012 and is replaced by the CiteXplore v3.0.1 web service.

The CiteXplore v1.0 web service clients below are historical and provided solely for reference purposes.


The CiteXplore literature database provides an integated databases of literature information from a selection of sources and includes references to biological databases, text mining results and links to sources of the abstract or full text version of the citation.

For more information on this database see:

Web Service

For details of the service used by these clients see CiteXplore Web Service.

C# .NET Client

.NET runtime

The Microsoft .NET runtime is already installed on most MS Windows systems. The Microsoft .NET runtime is available via Microsoft Update or as a download (see

For MacOS X, Linux and other non-Windows systems see Mono or DotGNU.

Get the client

Download the C# client:

Run without arguments to get a usage summary:


Java Client

Sample Java client code can be found in the CiteXplore JAX-WS tutorial.


In addition to these sample clients users have submitted workflows using these services to the myExperiment workflow repository. See workflows using the CiteXplore Web Service for a list.

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