Service Retirement

We remind you that it is not long until the EBI's Wise2DBA and Promoterwise services are retired on 15th April 2018. Alternatives can be found at Exonerate, BWA or BLAT. If you have any concerns, please contact us via support.

Protein Similarity Search

PSI-Search combines the Smith-Waterman search algorithm with the PSI-BLAST profile construction strategy to find distantly related protein sequences.

N.B. PSI-SEARCH does not accept sequences containing bases containing translation STOP residues represented with the '*' (asterisk) character in the sequence.

STEP 1 - Select your database
STEP 2 - Enter your input sequence

a PROTEIN sequence in any supported format:

a file:

STEP 3 - Set your parameters
STEP 4 - Submit your job
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If available, the title will be included in the subject of the notification email and can be used as a way to identify your analysis

Please Note: PSI-SEARCH does not accept sequences containing bases represented as *'s.

If you plan to use these services during a course please contact us.