Release Notes#

  • Graphics are printed to console instead of graphic device.
  • Graphic devices are generally hidden and appear when called from "Devices" menu.
  • Added zoom functionality to Graphic Devices. Zooming is performed by re-rendering the image using R as opposed to stretching a rendered image, which makes the output image smoother and more detailed.
  • Added "Find in path" functionality to the "Developer" menu is the file browser. This should enable user to search text in project files.
  • Re-written package installation functionality invoked from the file browser, which should make it more robust.
  • Added experimental support for networks operating behind corporate firewall/proxy. This became an apparent necessity recently. The workbench will automatically detect proxy settings and allow users to manually configure proxy details in the "Proxy" tab of the Login Dialog if necessary. The functionality may still require tuning for different authentication protocols, but for the bulk amount of users behind firewall/proxy this should solve all issues.
  • Improved the workbench operation manager that locked on a completed operation and was not updating progress in some cases.
  • Upgraded R on the R-Cloud to the latest version and re-installed most of the packages.

Download R-Cloud Workbench binaries or launch it using java web start from the R-Cloud Project home page.

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