Getting Started with the R Cloud Workbench

Registration and Login

When the application starts up you can either enter your username and password and press login, or register as a new user.

Login Screen

Registration Screen

Your user account allows you to have multiple concurrent projects and to store/retrieve data from the system. Each project consists of an allocated R instance within a dedicated process and a directory where you can place your data and R sources. There is no limit at the moment on either the number of projects each user can have or on the size of the data you can keep on our servers.

User Interface Overview


The user interface consists of the following components:

  • Console - the R command line with a display of all output and graphics
  • Graphics - view of graphics plotting output that includes zooming
  • File browser - display of all files in your project, all necessary file operations
  • Editor windows - your R source files editor
  • Help window - R/Bioconductor help display

Working with the Editor


Under the "Editor" menu item you can access a simple R code editor, from which you can source the selected sections of the code or the entire file being edited into your R session. R help is also accessible from the editor. You can have multiple editor windows open at the same time, and the editor is also useful for editing functions in your current R session, by issuing the edit command. For example:

                            > f <- function(a) a^2
                            > edit(f)

Working with Packages

You can install packages from our local repository via the "Package Installer" (under the Project menu). Some packages are already pre-installed, you can see their versions in the package installer window.

Package Installer

About the Project

The R Cloud Workbench is an outgrowth of the BBSRC (UK) funded (grant number BB/E001653/1) project called BioC-WebGUIs, with internal project name BIOCEP, whose main achievement has been the construction of an R virtualization framework, and the development of a scalable, distributed framework for exposure of R/Bioconductor packages to Java applications; also, a general resource pooling framework suitable for dispatching compute-intensive tasks to the server farm infrastructure at the EBI.

Project Authors

  • Misha Kapushesky
  • Andrew Tikhonov

This project uses the Biocep-R open-source platform developed by Karim Chine.