EBI Dbfetch

ID   X14061; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 55856 BP.
AC   X14061;
DT   06-APR-1990 (Rel. 23, Created)
DT   14-NOV-2006 (Rel. 89, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   M.musculus beta-globin complex DNA for y, bh0, bh1, b1 and b2 genes, bh2
DE   and bh3 pseudogenes
KW   B1 repetitive element; beta-globin; beta-globin complex; globin;
KW   L1 repetitive sequence; L1Md repetitive sequence; long interspersed repeat;
KW   repetitive sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-55856
RA   Shehee R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-1989) to the INSDC.
RL   Shehee R., Dept of Microbiology and Immunology, University of North
RL   Carolina, 804 FLOB CB 7290, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.
RN   [2]
RX   DOI; 10.1016/0022-2836(89)90363-X.
RX   PUBMED; 2926808.
RA   Shehee W.R., Loeb D.D., Adey N.B., Burton F.H., Casavant N.C., Cole P.,
RA   Davies C.J., McGraw R.A., Schichman S.A., Severynse D.M., Voliva C.F.,
RA   Weyter F.W., Wisely G.B., Edgell M.H., Hutchison C.A.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of the BALB/c mouse beta-globin complex";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 205(1):41-62(1989).
RN   [3]
RP   574-2409,3925-5610,31561-33673
RX   DOI; 10.1016/0022-2836(84)90312-7.
RX   PUBMED; 6492166.
RA   Voliva C.F., Martin S.L., Hutchison C.A., Edgell M.H.;
RT   "Dispersal process associated with the L1 family of interspersed repetitive
RT   DNA sequences";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 178(4):795-813(1984).
RN   [4]
RP   9475-10862
RX   PUBMED; 6274852.
RA   Hansen J.N., Konkel D.A., Leder P.;
RT   "The sequence of a mouse embryonic beta-globin gene";
RL   J Biol Chem 257(2):1048-1052(1982).
RN   [5]
RP   13005-14639,22249-22379
RX   PUBMED; 6323438.
RA   Hill A., Hardies S.C., Phillips S.J., Davis M.G., Hutchison C.A.III.,
RA   Edgell M.H.;
RT   "Two mouse early embryonic beta-globin gene sequences. Evolution of the
RT   nonadult beta-globins";
RL   J Biol Chem 259(6):3739-3747(1984).
RN   [6]
RP   30385-31560
RX   PUBMED; 6092350.
RA   Hutchison C.A., Hardies S.C., Padgett R.W., Weaver S., Edgell M.H.;
RT   "The mouse globin pseudogene beta h3 is descended from a premammalian
RT   delta-globin gene";
RL   J Biol Chem 259(20):12881-12889(1984).
RN   [7]
RP   53522-55103
RX   DOI; 10.1016/0092-8674(79)90138-7.
RX   PUBMED; 519759.
RA   Konkel D.A., Maizel J.V.Jr., Leder P.;
RT   "The evolution and sequence comparison of two recently diverged mouse
RT   chromosomal beta--globin genes";
RL   Cell 18(3):865-873(1979).
DR   MD5; 8a3881e3beba5999250715b3a9a71bb0.
DR   ENA-CON; GL455989.
DR   EPD; EP11100; MM_HBB2.
DR   EPD; EP23010; MM_HBB1.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000052217; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000063957; mus_musculus.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC122800; 11960008.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC129342; 12193659.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC17207; 11027337.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC18947; 11121052.
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DR   EuropePMC; PMC2808414; 14645237.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC3468502; 23071749.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC55387; 11481480.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC85044; 10594008.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..55856
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /strain="domesticus, BALB/c"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   574..588
FT                   /note="L1Md-1 5' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   589..2395
FT                   /note="L1Md-1"
FT   repeat_region   2396..2409
FT                   /note="L1Md-1 3' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   3925..3938
FT                   /note="L1Md-2 5' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   3939..4165
FT                   /note="L1Md-2"
FT   repeat_region   4159..4165
FT                   /note="L1Md-8 5' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   4166..4345
FT                   /note="L1Md-8"
FT   repeat_region   4346..5596
FT                   /note="L1Md-2"
FT   repeat_region   4346..4352
FT                   /note="L1Md-8 3' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   5597..5610
FT                   /note="L1Md-2 3' SDR"
FT   CDS             join(9341..9432,9523..9745,10446..10574)
FT                   /gene="y"
FT                   /product="haemoglobin epsilon chain"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P02104"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000971"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002337"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012292"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:96027"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P02104"
FT                   /protein_id="CAA32219.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<9341..9432,9523..9745,10446..>10574)
FT                   /gene="y"
FT   exon            <9341..9432
FT                   /gene="y"
FT                   /number=1
FT   intron          9433..9522
FT                   /gene="y"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            9523..9745
FT                   /gene="y"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          9746..10445
FT                   /gene="y"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            10446..>10574
FT                   /gene="y"
FT                   /number=3
FT   CDS             join(12781..12872,13200..13422,14274..14402)
FT                   /gene="bh0"
FT                   /product="haemoglobin beta-h0 chain"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P04443"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000971"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002337"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012292"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:96023"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P04443"
FT                   /protein_id="CAA32220.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<12781..12872,13200..13422,14274..>14402)
FT                   /gene="bh0"
FT   exon            <12781..12872
FT                   /gene="bh0"
FT                   /number=1
FT   intron          12873..13199
FT                   /gene="bh0"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            13200..13422
FT                   /gene="bh0"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          13423..14273
FT                   /gene="bh0"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            14274..>14402
FT                   /gene="bh0"
FT                   /number=3
FT   repeat_region   14910..15352
FT                   /note="L1Md-12"
FT   misc_feature    17780..17909
FT                   /note="B1-A element"
FT   repeat_region   18455..18640
FT                   /note="L1Md-13"
FT   repeat_region   19020..19771
FT                   /note="L1Md-14"
FT   CDS             join(21102..21194,21301..21522,22331..22459)
FT                   /gene="bh1"
FT                   /product="haemoglobin beta-h1 chain"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P04444"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000971"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002337"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012292"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:96024"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P04444"
FT                   /protein_id="CAA32221.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<21102..21194,21301..21522,22331..>22459)
FT                   /gene="bh1"
FT   exon            <21102..21194
FT                   /gene="bh1"
FT                   /number=1
FT   intron          21195..21300
FT                   /gene="bh1"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            21301..21522
FT                   /gene="bh1"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          21523..22330
FT                   /gene="bh1"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            22331..>22459
FT                   /gene="bh1"
FT                   /number=3
FT   CDS             join(23786..23882,23963..24182,24905..25030)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="bh2"
FT                   /product="haemoglobin beta-h2 chain"
FT   mRNA            join(<23786..23882,23963..24182,24905..>25030)
FT                   /gene="bh2"
FT   exon            <23786..23882
FT                   /gene="bh2"
FT                   /number=1
FT   intron          23883..23962
FT                   /gene="bh2"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            23963..24182
FT                   /gene="bh2"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          24183..24904
FT                   /gene="bh2"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            24905..>25030
FT                   /gene="bh2"
FT                   /number=3
FT   repeat_region   25284..25294
FT                   /note="L1Md-3 5' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   25295..25928
FT                   /note="L1Md-3"
FT   repeat_region   25929..25939
FT                   /note="L1Md-3 3' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   28004..28847
FT                   /note="L1Md-15"
FT   CDS             join(30435..30525,30617..30707,31409..31534)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="bh3"
FT                   /product="haemoglobin beta-h3 chain"
FT   mRNA            join(30435..30525,30617..30707,31409..>31534)
FT                   /gene="bh3"
FT   exon            30435..30525
FT                   /gene="bh3"
FT                   /number=1
FT   intron          30526..30616
FT                   /gene="bh3"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            30617..30707
FT                   /gene="bh3"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          30708..31408
FT                   /gene="bh3"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            31409..>31534
FT                   /gene="bh3"
FT                   /number=3
FT   repeat_region   31561..31570
FT                   /note="L1Md-4 5' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   31571..33663
FT                   /note="L1Md-4"
FT   repeat_region   33664..33673
FT                   /note="L1Md-4 3' SDR"
FT   CDS             join(38339..38430,38547..38769,39424..39552)
FT                   /gene="b1"
FT                   /product="heamoglobin beta-1 chain"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P02088"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000971"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002337"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012292"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:96021"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1JEB"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3HRW"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P02088"
FT                   /protein_id="CAA32224.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<38339..38430,38547..38769,39424..>39552)
FT   exon            <38339..38430
FT                   /number=1
FT   intron          38431..38546
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            38547..38769
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          38770..39423
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            39424..>39552
FT                   /number=3
FT   repeat_region   42367..42381
FT                   /note="B1-B element 5' SDR"
FT   misc_feature    42382..42545
FT                   /note="B1-B element"
FT   repeat_region   42546..42560
FT                   /note="B1-B element 3' SDR"
FT   misc_feature    44563..44636
FT                   /note="B1-C element"
FT   repeat_region   44622..44837
FT                   /note="L1Md-5"
FT   repeat_region   45113..45439
FT                   /note="L1Md-10"
FT   repeat_region   45440..46219
FT                   /note="L1Md-16"
FT   repeat_region   46205..46219
FT                   /note="L1Md-17 5' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   46220..48211
FT                   /note="L1Md-17"
FT   repeat_region   48212..48479
FT                   /note="L1Md-16"
FT   repeat_region   48212..48226
FT                   /note="L1Md-17 3' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   49464..49474
FT                   /note="L1Md-6 5' SDR"
FT   repeat_region   49475..50328
FT                   /note="L1Md-6"
FT   repeat_region   50329..50339
FT                   /note="L1Md-6 3' SDR"
FT   CDS             join(53548..53652,53757..53978,54607..54735)
FT                   /gene="b2"
FT                   /product="haemoglobin beta-2 chain"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P02089"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000971"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002337"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012292"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:96022"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1FNE"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1FNG"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1I3R"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P02089"
FT                   /protein_id="CAA32225.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<53548..53652,53757..53978,54607..>54735)
FT                   /gene="b2"
FT   exon            <53548..53652
FT                   /gene="b2"
FT                   /number=1
FT   intron          53653..53756
FT                   /gene="b2"
FT                   /number=1
FT   exon            53757..53978
FT                   /gene="b2"
FT                   /number=2
FT   intron          53979..54606
FT                   /gene="b2"
FT                   /number=2
FT   exon            54607..>54735
FT                   /gene="b2"
FT                   /number=3
FT   repeat_region   55381..55560
FT                   /note="L1Md-18"
SQ   Sequence 55856 BP; 17154 A; 10864 C; 11381 G; 16457 T; 0 other;
     gaattcattg cagacattca ctggtaccct gtttccttat ctgacctgct ttaactgggt        60
     aagcttatga aaagtctggt gtagaagaga aaggggaata acctgtgttg ttagagttag       120
     ggtcattaga tctgtactag gtaattccct gacaagttca catttaccct gtaatctagc       180
     acagaacctt agtttaggtt agaatcagta ttgtaaattc tggttaagtg aattctacca       240
     ttctcacatc attgtgaaca tgagaggtac tcatcaggga tgtaggaata cctccagaaa       300
     gacaggtgaa taaaaggggt acaaatgcac atttggagaa agaaaaggaa gcacccagtc       360
     ctccttagtt actctacagc cactgcttct gaaccaaagg ccttctctgc acagatgtgt       420
     ttcctctgat tgttctgtca tctgtgtttc ctctcttcaa agaaagaata aacttcttcc       480
     agctaaaaag catggcttct aagcactagt taccatccat gaaagatatt gcctgatatt       540
     gttttgacta aagttctaat atgtagaaat gttccaaaga tgattttttt ttgtgactgt       600
     gaatcttttt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttg tttttttcca tttttattag gtatttagct       660
     catttacatt tccaatgcta taccaaaagt cccccgtacc cacccacccc cactccccta       720
     cccacccact cccccttttt gggcctggca ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgc       780
     aagtccaatg ggcctctctt tgcagtgatg ccgactaggc catcttttga tacatatcca       840
     gctagagaca agagctctgg ggtactgctt agttcatatt gttgttccac ctatagggtt       900
     gcagttccct ttagttcctt gggtgctttc tctagttcct ccattggggg ccctgtggtc       960
     aattcaatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggccctgg aatagtctca      1020
     caagagacag caatatctgg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg ctagtgtttg caatggtgtc      1080
     agcgtttgga agctgatcat gggatggatc tctggatatg gcaatcacta gatggttcat      1140
     cctttcgtca cacttccaaa ttttgtctct gtaactcctt ccatgggtgt tttgtttcct      1200
     attctaagaa ggggcaaagt gtccacactt tggtctttgt tctcttgagt ttaaagtttt      1260
     tagcaaattg tatcttatat cttgggtatc ctaagtttct gggctaatat ccacttatca      1320
     gtgagtacat attgtgagag ttcctttgtg attgggttac ctcactcagg atgatgccct      1380
     ccaggtccat ccatttggct aggaatttca taaattcatt ctttttaata gctgagtagt      1440
     actctattgt gtagatgtac cacattttct gtatccattc ctctgttgag gggcatctgg      1500
     gttctttcca gcttctggct attataaata aggctgctat gaacatagtg gagcatgtgt      1560
     ccttcttact ggttggggca tcttctggat atatgcccag aagaggtatt gctggatctt      1620
     ccggtagtac tatgtccaat tttctgaata accaccagac tgatttccag agtggttgta      1680
     caagcttgca atcccaccaa caatggagga gtgttcctct ttctccacat cctcgccagc      1740
     atctgctgtc acctgaattt ttgatcttag ccattctgac tggtgtgagg tggaatctca      1800
     gggttgtttt gatttgcatt tccctgatga ttaaggatgt tgaacaattt tttcaggtgt      1860
     ttctctgcta ttcggtattc ctagggtgag aattctttgt tcagttctga gccccatttt      1920
     ttaatggggt tatttgattt tatggagtct accttcttga attctttata tatgttggat      1980
     attagtcccc tgtctgattt gggataggta aagatccttt cccaatctgt tggtggtctt      2040
     tttgtcttat tgacggtgtc ttttgccttg cagaagcttt gcaattttat gaggtcccat      2100
     ttattgattc tcgatcttac agcacaagcc attgctgttc tattcaggaa tttttcccct      2160
     gtacccatat ctttgaggct tttccctact ttctcctcta taagtttcag tgtctctggt      2220
     tttatgtgga gatccttaat ccacttagat ttgaccttag tacaaggaga tagtactgga      2280
     tcaattcgaa atcttctaca tgataacagc cagttgtgcc agcaccattt gttgaaaatg      2340
     ctgtcttttt tccactggat ggttttagct cccttgtcaa agatcaagtg accatccaaa      2400
     gatgattttt aatttccaat ctagtagaac ttccaaggta tttcttaggt catgattata      2460
     ataaccacag gtatagatag aggttagcac aaatttactg cttattgagc ctcaaaattc      2520
     ttataataat acatgctcca gtttagaaat tagcaagcat tagtgggagc atgagtgtgc      2580
     gcaatcatgg caggcatcct gcaaaggtat agattatgag actagcattg tgccaacagc      2640
     tcagttatta cttttattca tttcctttag ggaaaggaga gtcatggtct ggagaaagca      2700
     tgttaggttc aaaatgtctc tagggtagac aatagggaac tgttcttttc tacagttttc      2760
     tattaggcca gttccttaat tactaacttt ttaattacat atcagactca acagttaaaa      2820
     ccccttgctc tgaagccttt tagctgcttt ataatatttt gagcccctcc tttgatcttt      2880
     tgggttgttt gttttccttt ttgaaaaatt gcatctcagt tgtattttga gaatgtgatt      2940
     tatttattta cttggctctg tagacttcat agattatatt gccatggtac acttgaaaat      3000
     tttggtaata gcctcacatt tattacaata tctgtacact tttatatgta ttacatgaaa      3060
     cgtatttatc aggctttcct aagccagatc ctcaaacact ctcccataac ccatacctct      3120
     tatctactca tgaaggagca atgatgggac aaagaaggca ggaccccaaa cacgctggct      3180
     tccctcaatc tcacggaggc cccaaccttg actcagctct gtgcagctct ggctcttatc      3240
     tgtcaccaca gtctgtgact ccacccagct gacaccaccc caagtcccag aagaagaaaa      3300
     acaccagttc tttctacttc tacttattta aataaaataa aataaaagaa agccttacat      3360
     ccctggacag ataaacaaga ataaaaagaa agaagaaaga aaagaaaaaa gaagaacatg      3420
     gagggagaaa attggtccag tcagaaattg taacacaggc ttgagtgagg caggattatt      3480
     gagaattggt ctcttggcac cttggtctag gatcctgaaa aaggaaagct tcttctgttt      3540
     atagatgcct tagactcact gaactagagg ctcagatgac ttactttcag aatggctttt      3600
     ccgtgttatg aattttgggg caagaacaat cactaaatat taccaacttc agggacaatg      3660
     agcacagggt ctcagtttct cacaatgtca ctgggaatga ccttgctaaa ggattgagtc      3720
     tggccattgt cagggtggtt attatttaat ctcttcttac ttggccaatc ctcacatctt      3780
     ttcccacaga gatgtgagtt tacagttcag gaaattccct aagttatacc ttccacctag      3840
     gacactaaat gctgaagagg tatgcctagc taaaatatag catttttact tttttttata      3900
     aatttcaaaa attaccaaat caaaaattgc caaattcagg caaaagatac cgtcaataag      3960
     acaaaaagaa caccaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct atcctaaatc agatagggga      4020
     ctaatatcca atatatataa agaacacaag aaggtggact ccataaaatc aaataacccc      4080
     attaaaaatg gggctcagaa ctgaacaaag aattctcacc tgaggaatgg cagagaaaca      4140
     cttgaaaaaa tgttcaacat ccttattttt tttattacgt attttcctca attacatttc      4200
     caatactatc ccaaaagtcc cccaaaccct ccccccccac tcccctaccc acccattcca      4260
     attttttggc cctggcgttc ccctgtactg gggcatatag tttgcctgtc caatgggcat      4320
     ctctgtccag tgatggacga ctaatatcct taatcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa      4380
     ccctgagatt ccacctcaca ccagtcagaa tggctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagca      4440
     gatgctggcg aggatgtgga gaaagaggaa cactcctcca ttgttggtgg cattgcaagc      4500
     ttgtacaacc actctgtaaa tcagtctggc gtttctttag aaaattgaac atagtattac      4560
     cggaggatcc agcaatacct ctcctgggca tatatccaga agatgttcca accggtaaga      4620
     aggacacatg ctccactatg ttcatagaag ccttatttat aatagccaga agctggaaag      4680
     aacccagatg cccctcaaca gaggaatgga tacagaaaat gtggtacatt tacacaatag      4740
     agtactactc aactattaaa aagagtgaat ttatgaaatt cctagggaaa tggatggacc      4800
     tggaaggcat cattcggagt gaagtaacac aatcacaaag gaactcacac aatatgtact      4860
     cactgataag tggatattag cccaaaactt aggataccta agatataaga tacaatttgc      4920
     taaatgcatg aaactcaaca agaatgaaga ccaaagtgtg gacactgtgc accttcttag      4980
     aattgggaac aaaacaccct tggaaggagt tacagagaca aagtttggag ctctgacgaa      5040
     aggatgtacc atctagagac tgccatatcc agggatccac cccataatta gcttccaaac      5100
     gctgacacca ttgcatacac tagcaagatt ttgctgaaag gacccagata ttgctgtctc      5160
     atgtgagact atgccaggcc tagcaaacac agaagtggat gctcacagtc agctattgga      5220
     tggatcacag ggctcccgat ggaggagcta gagaaagtac ccaaggagct aaagggatct      5280
     gcaaccctat aggtggaaca acaatatgaa ctaaccatta ccccggagct ctggactcta      5340
     gctgcatatg tatcaaaaga tggcctagtc ggcatcactg gaaagagagg tcccttggaa      5400
     cacaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggaa acgccagggc caaaaaaatg ggaatgggtg      5460
     ggtagggaag tggggggtag ggtatggggg acatttggga tagcattgga aatgtaattg      5520
     aggaaaatac gtaataaaaa aatttaaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa      5580
     atcaaaatga aaaaataatt gccaaattca ctttgaaagc tagaagtatg gatggatcct      5640
     aatctcacaa taaaatcctt ttgaaaatca tattcagcca tagaattctc atatctgcac      5700
     atcagtatgg cttttgaggc aacacttttt tagacattat tcaaatattt aattagtgca      5760
     tacttaagaa gggctacatt ttaataaagt ttaccagtta ctaattgatg taattagcta      5820
     gctaaaacaa acaattttgg ctactcctta aggtataaat tgaagcagta taaaatgaag      5880
     gggaatattg aaaatataaa gtacctacct aataaaaagg cctatgtgtt ttattatgtt      5940
     agagtgtttt ggtgagttga tcttgattta taaaatacac aggtgagctt atttaacata      6000
     aaaagataag agttctctag aattttaatc ctgaaaatag acaatttatt tactctagga      6060
     cccaagttaa aaagaatgcc atggagatga taaataaatc atagggtaag ctattatagg      6120
     atattgtaaa aatgcagaaa cttgttttac ctagaatgta tgagagcttt ctgccaatga      6180
     aaaagtaaaa atagggttaa gaaacagtct ggcttgtttt gtttgaattt agataatgac      6240
     aacaaattat agcttaacaa aaatgaagta gtcttagacc agtgactcat cttctgtttc      6300
     cttttgatca agtacccaag tagcctgcct tagatgggaa tatatatata tatatttgct      6360
     gctttggaga acctgtttaa atgttttaca cttctacata tcaatgtagc aataatgtta      6420
     acattttaaa agcattttaa aacatgccaa agaaaccaag aaagagaagt gatgttatgg      6480
     gagaaaatag ggcacttatg actttgttcc aggttaccag tttcaagaga atacctggct      6540
     gactatggtt ttctattttc tcttcctagt aaaaactctc gtgataatta agtgccagac      6600
     acttctctgg tttttcagta tagccccaga ggtcagtcaa acaggtgtct gctctgaact      6660
     gaaaagggag ggatttctag ctaagaaaga catggctctc tctttaactc atcttcaaat      6720
     catgaggctg aggcattcag tgtctttgac attttccatt gcatgttcct tgaaggttta      6780
     gggcttcctg cagggatgcc accttgctgt tattagtatg tagtcattcc tagttaatgc      6840
     aacacctaag agacttactc tatctaattt attgctgttc tgggaatatg aatggagaca      6900
     tacaatggaa gcagagtaag tgaccatttc ttttaataaa attgcaaaac atgtttttcc      6960
     tgttcagaaa cttcactcac aatttttcta atttaaaact atttatgatg aagaacaact      7020
     gtagagacta tttttttttc ttgtttaaca ctgaaaaact tgtgtttaag ggcccaattt      7080
     actacaaaca gtacacttca aaaatgtcta tactaataac atctaaaatt agcacagcat      7140
     tgaattcttt cttttaaaaa gattgtagca gccataggaa ttgaatccat tcccagagct      7200
     ttgtacatgc taggcaaaca ctcagacttg gggttttgaa acaagggtct tgttatgcac      7260
     tcaagctgac agccagctgt ttttgtctat tcagtcttaa acaatcaaaa catctttctc      7320
     accctagagt tacattttcc taggctgtct attctaggcg agaaaacttt aaactgaacc      7380
     cacagaacat ttttttaata ttatgctcta gttgtaacag atatgcttac tttcagtctg      7440
     tatgacatgg acaccatggt catactgtta gcttaatgtg ttcataagaa ggtgcatcac      7500
     accaaacata gctattttaa catgtataaa gcatccatat tctagtcaat cctatgtata      7560
     tacattattt agtaggtaat agtctgccaa attagtctat gccatgagaa gataagttca      7620
     catctatact ggccatgggt tagaatctgt actcaaaaga taatgtagag aaaaagctga      7680
     cagagggcca gagattcaat tacttgtaat aatgccaatt tggggagact ttaaacaaga      7740
     taatgcttct gtaagcatag aagaaagtaa agcaaaggtg ttctcatatg tcagaaatgg      7800
     ctgttagaca cataacaaat catcataaaa gccagggcaa gccaaaggtt atagagaaga      7860
     tcctctgggt aaatttggaa cacaaagatt tgagacactg aagccacatt gctaaatgaa      7920
     aaataggcac tatcacttgg gccccagaag aaaaacaaac aaatgtaaaa aataaaacag      7980
     aactaaacta aataaaatga aagtcttgga agagaaactc ttaggggggt taggagcaca      8040
     ggaagccata gaggaggtaa aaggaagaaa tgcaggcaga actgaccaga ggcaggttgg      8100
     aggacaactt tcctataaat aggaaagcca aactgtgacc aaatctggag ccttcctccc      8160
     ttggtcaaca gttctctcac cttacagtta tatctctttt gtgattctgt ttatttgaat      8220
     aaaaggtgga taatgataac tgtcttgcca gatgcagatt aaataggatg gtgtaaaact      8280
     atccttcatg cacatggatg cagttaaaca catacaaatg taggctttta atttcaggtc      8340
     caatacatag gagatagcta ataattccaa gaagagagta gaaatcaagc acactagcca      8400
     tcctttagtt ataataaaca ctatccacaa atgtttctca aggatattga tgaatcaact      8460
     cactcattcc tcagttgaat cacaagccta gtttaaagtt atttcagttc cacctcacat      8520
     atgagaaata tctatatggg attaagcaag gaaagagatc aaagcaatat tactaatgga      8580
     gtaaggttca caaaggtttg gtcagagaac tctctagaat gacaaaacaa gaacttgtta      8640
     tatccatctt ctctacactg tcactccctg ttgttgtatt ttggaattga gtcttcggac      8700
     ccattgtcaa tcctttgcta ctgtattcat cctccagatg caactatgta tgagtcttgt      8760
     ctacttgggg caatatatat ctaggaaata gagttataaa gcacatatcc caagaaaagg      8820
     agaaacagat gtaatattgg catttctgtg tccacagcac aaattccttt tttcatgagt      8880
     ttgttcttat tattatagcc attctttccc taaacggtaa agttatttta gactggattt      8940
     tttttcctat agcgggctaa actcctcttt ctgtgccttt gttggaaaaa gtgatgagag      9000
     aaatgggcgt tatactggga gtttacatgt ggagagtaga aaatgaaaag agaataagca      9060
     aaacaaagag agtttttgtt gaaggaggag ccaaaaaaag aatgcctcca tatctaatgt      9120
     gcattatcat aaacacagtg tacagttttt gctgaccctc ccatgacctg gctccaccca      9180
     tgaggaccac gggtcaggct gaccaatggc ttcaaagaat aatgcagaac aaagggtcag      9240
     aacattgtct gcgaagaata aaaggccacc acttctagca gcagtacgta cttgcttctg      9300
     acactcctgt gatcaccagc aacctcccag acttgccatc atggtgaact ttactgctga      9360
     ggaaaaaacc ctcatcaatg gcctgtggag taaggtcaat gttgaagagg ttggtggtga      9420
     agccttggga aggtaagaat tgttttttag tgtacaaaga gctagggaaa tcaagaattc      9480
     tgaggctccc ttatattcta cttgtctttc tccacttacc aggcttcttg ttgtgtaccc      9540
     atggacccag agattctttg acagctttgg gaacttgtcc tctgcctctg ccataatggg      9600
     caacccaagg gtcaaagccc atggcaagaa ggtgctgact gcttttggag agtccattaa      9660
     gaacctagac aacctcaagt ctgccttggc caagctcagt gaactgcact gtgacaagct      9720
     acatgtggat cctgagaact tcaaagtgag tctagggcaa tgccacaaat ttattttgga      9780
     tttgtcttag gaacaaaatg agaagccaag aatatgaatg tggggtgctt attagctgtc      9840
     aaagttaatt aattggtccc agtaagggtg acagtgaatg gctgtaagaa gcctaaatta      9900
     gtttacccga catttagaaa attttagatc gtgataaaat ttatcatgga tttatatgga      9960
     gagtaatatg aagagaagta ccatggcggg atctatgcaa gaagaaatgg aatagggagt     10020
     ggaaaatctt aactttttgc gcggtcctat ttattgatgt tgaagaaaag tcttgcaaga     10080
     caaccttatg gtgaattttc tcaataaaca taaaattgta ttaaattcct aggtgaatat     10140
     cttgacaaat ggaggcttgt tcttacattg gggatagttt taaaactcca ccaatagcag     10200
     taggaaaaca gaaattctga atttacagat actagacaac tatagaatga gaaaaacaag     10260
     acaggcaaat aaatatgatg agaatagaaa gtatgagact ccctgtgctc atcagagata     10320
     gctgaggaca cttgtgctga atgtgtaaag actatgggtc aaaatatttc tttgttttta     10380
     atgcatattc gtttcaaatc ttcatttaac acaccgattt gtttcttttg tctttccatc     10440
     aacagctctt gggtaatgtg ctggtgattg ttttggctag tcacttcggc aatgaattca     10500
     cagctgagat gcaggctgcc tggcagaagc tggtggctgg ggtggccact gcgctgtccc     10560
     acaagtacca ctgagccctc tctctagctg tccagcaatc ctgtgtgtcc gctatgcctc     10620
     ctctctgcac atgaatactg ctgttcctga agcacatcat gttaataaag cacctccgaa     10680
     tcaaaatcgt ttgcttgtct gctttctact ttatgctaaa gacacatatt tgtgtatttg     10740
     tggaaaaagg gggaatgcac aggaaatgac tcaggcattt atctgaaacc tgcagggact     10800
     caagagagaa acgtagacgc catggaaggc ttctacaccc agagagagtc taaagctgaa     10860
     aagaattctc agagagaaga aagaaattta gtggagaagg cattgtgtat ggaacatatg     10920
     aacatttact gtagagggtg aagaaaaggg tgacaagtga taccttgcag caggttgtga     10980
     catcccatta ccattaagaa aaagctctta cgagatccaa gagctaagat agaattaact     11040
     ttcttttaaa aagcatttat tgggtaacca attggtgtga tctgccccgg ggaagactct     11100
     tgatccagct ctcagcaacc cttagttgac tataattctt tgtgtatggt tgaggtctca     11160
     tcggctttat ttaccccacc catattagca aatgtgtatc acagcaagct tcatggtctt     11220
     ttggctctta caatcctttt cccttcttct gaagtgttcc ctgatcctta ggtgtgtaga     11280
     tgtatccact gaggttaggc tccacaactc tgaagtttga atggttgtgg atttctgtac     11340
     tggtctttgt ctattacaaa gagtgttcta catgagagga gaagactaca acttatacat     11400
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatac atacaattac aatggcaaaa tgacacgatt     11460
     ttgaaaggga gcaaggaggg tatacagagg gtttggaggg agaaaagaaa agggtgatgt     11520
     gttttaacca tattataatt tcaaaaacag ttttaaaaat ttattgtttt aagttttatg     11580
     tgcctgtgtc tatgtatgta tttatgcttg tgtctgtgac aggagatgat cctggggacc     11640
     agagctattc ttttgcccta gacatggagt tcaggtcgta atgttggtag atctgtatac     11700
     attgctacta tctcacatat gtcttatgtt aaatatatag tttgttttct ctcagattgt     11760
     attttctgta gtgacatatc attatatagg aagatcaaag aaatagaact ataattagga     11820
     aatcaaaact agggatattt ttcctaatgt ataattctgt cccagctgag acagagtatg     11880
     tggactgaat gaaaatatcc cggccacttc tgagttattc taaaaaacac aaaccatcaa     11940
     agacagatcc tggttgaagc aaactgaatg atcagtcatt cagcattttt ggtacataac     12000
     ttaatatagg cacagagaag actaaaccca cacccttcta cacttatcca gtgggtatca     12060
     tagtgcttag tgacagacta tacattgcat tcacatggtg gaaaatgcca tggttacata     12120
     cagtagattc ctctatataa tgtatattcc atagtggaga caaacacaga gacatgttct     12180
     agtataccac agtaatctat tcctactcag atactgcaat gcaatgggat ctgctttcct     12240
     gggactgttg ggaactagga agatcatggt ctaaacctac agaaaatgca tggcttgtga     12300
     gtacaaggca tatttccata acttaggtcc tgaaacccat agctaaaatg agcctcaggc     12360
     tcactgaggt tttccccatg tttgcctgtg cttcagctta aatgtattcc tctatgtctt     12420
     aaatgaaaag gaaaaattgt gaaagatacc cttgcaaatc tcctgttgag ggaagggtct     12480
     aaacagaagg gaggaaggaa taaaagagga tgaacactgg gaaagctgga gcaggaggct     12540
     ctgcctccac gaggcagggg gcctactgga cactatctta gtgcaatgct atctagacct     12600
     taccccactg gaccccaccc ctgtcttgcc cagactctct tgaccaatag cctcagagtc     12660
     ctggggaagg gtaaggggag caaggtccag ggtgaagaat aaaagaacag gtcttcagcc     12720
     tcttgaacat tctggcttct gcacacctga gatcatctcc aagcttccag acctcacacc     12780
     atggttcatt tcacagctga ggagaaggca gctatcacaa gcatctggga taaagtggac     12840
     ttggaaaaag ttggaggaga aactctggga aggtaaggtc tgagaaggaa tggagagaaa     12900
     ttatgcttgt gcatggcaga aatttcctct aggacagtgg tcttcaacct ttctaatcat     12960
     gctacccttt aatactggtt ccaatgttat gaccccttac ccataaacaa ttattttagt     13020
     tgctattttg taattgtaat tttgatactg ttatgtagat atttttttga tggtcttaag     13080
     tgccccttgt gatgaaaggg tcattctacc ctcaaagggg ccatgacccc catacagctt     13140
     gagaaacact gttctagagg tttgtgacat actctgactt tttaactgct atgttttagg     13200
     ctcctgattg tttacccatg gactcagagg ttctttgaca aatttggaaa cctctcttct     13260
     gcccaagcca tcatgggtaa tcccagaatc aaagcccatg gcaagaaagt gctgacatcc     13320
     ctgggcttgg cagttaagaa catggacaac ctcaaggaga cctttgctca tctcagtgaa     13380
     ctgcactgtg acaagcttca tgtggatcct gagaacttca aggtcagttc tgagcatgct     13440
     catgtgttca atttaaattt gacatgggga aaataataaa agttaatacc ttgatttgtt     13500
     attctgggcc agatttcaaa gtatgtgggt atagaactca tgtcaattaa cttctagaaa     13560
     tgtctccagt aaatttgcaa ctgttcagac aagtttttca gacaggcatt tggtgtctcg     13620
     gtatgtaaat cagttgatgg aatgcatctt ctggggcata tgaatcctct gagactggag     13680
     cactaccaaa aagacacaaa gtagcagact tatagagttg gttatagaat cctcctcact     13740
     tttgtgtttt attttagaaa gtagcagata catgtaagta gactagccct tgaaattgac     13800
     attttgttct agggaaggag aaatacccta tttatgtaga ttctaatgac taacacttca     13860
     gcaaaaatac gagagaaaat ttgacagatg tttctcattg gtttgatgaa cttccaaaaa     13920
     atattccaat cctaatgagt aatatcatag gtagtgtctg cttccttcat tataggaaac     13980
     tctagtaaat atatggtaat cccgtatttg tagaagccag gccattgttg aatcagaaaa     14040
     ggggcaagag acaaaagtgg cagactgagg aaaagtaaga acaagtagag aaggactgaa     14100
     tggggtcaag gagggccctt gagcaatgaa attgaaccag catcctcatt agagtggaca     14160
     gactgctggg gagtcctcaa ggagaataac ttacaaatgc tgtttgtcct gtaaattctt     14220
     ttctttattt cctttcctca tttttgtata tctttttgtg tttccttcca tagctcctgg     14280
     gtaacatgct ggtgattgtt ctttcttctt actttggcaa ggaattcaca gctgaggcgc     14340
     aggctgcctg gcagaagttg gtggttgggg tggccactgc tctgtcccac aagtaccact     14400
     gagccctttc cctgatgtcc agcattctgt acacccctca gctctgccct acccatggcc     14460
     actgtgctgg tctctgaaag cagggcttct gcttaataaa gtccattctt ttcagtaaac     14520
     catgagtcat attttgttgt gtctgtttct tacttttgtg tttaaagaaa gaaggccgat     14580
     gggcagatgg taagggagcg agacagaagg acacttgagt ttcttttaga actttgctgg     14640
     aattcaggag aggaagtaga tgttacagaa tttttctaga gccccaggaa agatgaaaag     14700
     ttggggataa ttctcatgta ggaaagcaaa gggttaatgc cgtggagaaa aaagttctgt     14760
     ggtagtcact aaaacttagt gtagagggtg aagaaatgca cgacaaatga tcacctacag     14820
     tctgtgttat gtgccattta attaagttaa actgtagaca gatctaatgc tcaacctgag     14880
     ataatcagtt aaattctttt aaaaaataat ttgcttttat tatgattttt tttttttact     14940
     tttttgtttt cttttttccc cactaattaa ttcactttac atctccaatg ttgccccctc     15000
     cccatccccc ctcacacaat ttcttctcac atcctgcctc ttctcctctg aaagggttga     15060
     tcccctccta gggtaccccc cccccccaac cctggcatat caactctctt cctgactagg     15120
     cacatctttt cccactgatg tcagacaagg ccatccactt aggggaattg attctgacag     15180
     acagtgaaca gctttagaga cagacaggct tatattctcc agttgttggg ggaaccacga     15240
     gaagattgag ctacatatct actccatatg tgctgggacc taggttcagc gtgcataagc     15300
     tctttgattg gtggtacagt ctctgagaac ccccaacagt ccaggttagt tactctgttg     15360
     gtctatctgt ggagttccta tccccttagg gtccctctat ccttccccca actcttacat     15420
     aagagtccta agctgcattc aatgttggca ttcgtttcca ggaggggttc aggtttaagt     15480
     gtgggaagag acaggagagg gggccaaatg gccaggagaa tgaatggaaa tctgcggttg     15540
     gcaacattgt gggtatgggg gaacattact aggatgtgcc agaaacctga gatgggggag     15600
     gatcctgagg gtccatgggg gaggtaacct aatctgagac tcatagcagt gggggtatgg     15660
     aatctgaaca gtccacctcc agtagccaca ctggaagtcc agtggaggga taaggacact     15720
     aacccattca caaaacatct gaccccaatt tgttctgtct acaagaaatg tagaaacaga     15780
     gagggaacag gaattgaggg aatggccaac caataacagg cccaactgta gaaccatccc     15840
     atggacaagc actactcctt gaccctatac tcacttatgc ttgcagacag gagcctagca     15900
     tcaccgtctt cctagaggtt ccacacagca gctgacttaa aaaaaaagat ttatttctct     15960
     taatcaagta tctctgcatt tatctgtgtt tgggtttgtg cacgtgagta taggagacta     16020
     taggcatcaa gttccactag agctggagtt acagatggtt gtgagctgta tatgctgaga     16080
     actcaggtgc tctgagggaa gtatttgctc tcaaacatgg agtcatcatc tctcccatgc     16140
     taaatgaaca ttctccaaca gatactatat cagatgtcct ctggaactga tataagaaaa     16200
     gggacaagtt gatagaaagc agtaaaatat aagaaaaggt ttcaatgaaa ccaccacttc     16260
     agacttattt tttgaaggca ttccttgtct caaggaggaa tgaaagctaa gagatgcgac     16320
     cactgtgctt ttctgtgcta ctgtaataag caatatgatt atgataggga aagaatttaa     16380
     gtggaatctt ctccagtcaa gtgggcatga taatttcata cacaggacat ctacacaaat     16440
     gccaaaaagt tctgtcattt aaggtcactg aactagatct tgtagatttg tataaaacta     16500
     gaagatgctg aagagataaa atactggcaa aagtagacaa tagggatctt aattataaaa     16560
     attctcaata ttaatacttt attaagcatt aaacaataac acttacctgg tgaaatatgc     16620
     ttatcactcc actacttgaa aggctaagca aagtgtcaca gtttcaagag ttacctgagc     16680
     aacagattga gttcaaggac aaccaaagaa ctcaatgagt tgctacctca gaatgaataa     16740
     taaaaacctg gtctgagggt gctgctcaga gcagagcact gtcctaacat gtggactgct     16800
     agggaatcaa gatccactag cactaaacta aagacaccaa ctgaattgat tggtaaagaa     16860
     tcagcagtct caggatttct gactcaagaa atggtattac taagaaaaat attcttaagg     16920
     atccaattta acttaaatgc ttaggaatca ttacagagat ataaaagttt aaaatgaaga     16980
     ggtgaagcaa ggcatgcaac ccgaggtaat gttcaaaggt ggggtggggg agacagcgtc     17040
     agattaactc taatatatga gaagaaaaca agacagtaga agatgaaatc acaaatactg     17100
     agtggacata actacataaa gtgtacattg acttggaaaa ctcatgtggg taaaacacac     17160
     ttgagagaat ttaaaggtgc tcaaagaaat tcaagcccta gtcaatctct tgtcaaggct     17220
     ggtgatcttt aagtggtaga ggtaagagaa ccacatttta actaataaac tatattccct     17280
     catcctgatt ccatagattg gttagagtat gactggtgga ttgtatttta agttgtcttt     17340
     gtccacttta aatatgaaag aacaatgatt cttgtagttt caggctatca acaacattgg     17400
     cctttttggt ctacagcatt tcaatatggc aataaacagg aaaacaaacc aaaccaaaca     17460
     aacaataaca acaaaaatgc aggtgttgta tatgacactc aaattagttt tctctggacc     17520
     tgtcaagaga tgagacaatg cccatttttt ataaattttc ttttcccctt atgccatcat     17580
     gaatattttg gctctagaga tcagtggata aaggatggca attatgcagt ggtgggagga     17640
     aagtatattt gccaaatgtt tcagagctat atatacctat aaccactcca atggaaaaaa     17700
     agataactga aaaatagttc ttcatatgtg cacacacaca ttcacatata caggtaggat     17760
     gataaaagac ttttgcttgt tttatttctc aagacaaggt cctcttctgt agcttcgatg     17820
     gcttagaact tactatgtag actgtgtgct agcctcaagc tcacagagat gtgtctgcct     17880
     ccttcttctg agtgctggga ttaaaggcac gtgctattct gtgcagccta tgatagtcaa     17940
     tatacatttg caataaaaat tatttgagag aagtactatg accctagaat agtagtgcac     18000
     aagaaatgag tagtatttaa aggttatgtc attatagttt ctcatttcta ttaaggaaaa     18060
     tggattcctc tgttagatta tgagcactgc agcaacacac ccaccatgtt ccactttatt     18120
     atttttatat ttagtgtaca tggacattat cagcttcact gtcacagaaa tatttttttc     18180
     tcttccttca gaacacttaa tttgctatta caacattttc cagtatcttt ctgtgacatg     18240
     ttacttctag acattctgaa cacaacaaac ttaactcttc attatgtaga gaaactgaat     18300
     tccataccac catgtcctgt ccttgttaat cccaattgtt aattttcttc ctagtaataa     18360
     catattaaaa tcttttttgt ttgatatact tactcatttc tgtatcttct gtctcctagt     18420
     gaatgaggct agagaaaagt tctgtcttgt ctctcataca ttataaatcc taggacttgt     18480
     gaaggataat tctacagaga ggcagcagga atgggtgggt gggtgaatga acaccctcat     18540
     agcaggggga ggggagatag gataggaggg cttgggggga tgggaaaggg gataacaatt     18600
     gaaatataaa ttaaagaaaa tcaataaaag agatacaaaa gatcccagga ctaataataa     18660
     taattatcac atagttatga gacaaataat gattgagtga acttttgaca ttacatgaat     18720
     tagctgtcat aaagaaacgg tttcaaaatc ttggactaac atgacatggg gattatggag     18780
     ggtttattaa tagacatgaa ctaattaata caactttgta ggaaattgcc ccaagactct     18840
     gctgaagagc aacttagggt tactggttaa gatatttgga agcttaaact caggactacc     18900
     aactatcctc caagattaaa tcatggagat agaagctaaa ggaatatgta tgtacatatt     18960
     tgccatctca cgatgacaaa tgacttcctt ttaaaagatc atagctctag aaggtaccag     19020
     agatcgggaa gctgagatac tttcaggatt caaagggagg gacctaagat gaaatgccct     19080
     acagtgagaa gagggaactt gtagagtcca cctccaatgg aaagacaggg catcaagtgt     19140
     agggatgatg ttgccatccc acagtcataa actctgatcc aatactgttc ctgcagggac     19200
     gaatggagaa gagcctgagg aaaaaaaggt tcagtgactg gcctcattta gaatccagct     19260
     catggggagg ctccaaggca tgacactatt actgatatta tagcgtgctt acagacaaag     19320
     cctagcatgg ctgtccaaca tgaaactgag tcagatgcag atacatacac ctaaccaatg     19380
     gacagaagtc atggacccct gtggatgaac tagagaaaag ctggaagaag ctgatgagga     19440
     ggggcaaccc tatatgaagt ttcaactgac ctagactcct gagagctctc acacactgag     19500
     ccaccaacca ggcagcatac accagctgat atgaggtcac tgacacagat acagcagagg     19560
     actgcctggt ctggcctcag tgagagaaga tgcacctaac ctttgagaga cttgaggtcc     19620
     cagggagtgg ggaggtctgg tgtagtggga gtgaggaggc atcttcttgg agatagggga     19680
     ggaggtatgg gatgaagaac aatcagaagg cagacgggtt gggagataac aattagactg     19740
     taaaaaaaaa agatttatca gtgaaaagaa agaaacagac agggggggag agagaaggag     19800
     agggagaggg agggggaggg ggagggggag ggggaggggg aggaggagga ggaggaggag     19860
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggagaga acataacata gctggttctt gttcacattg     19920
     catgttcttt acagccacgc aaataaaaat ctctattcac cactatgtta aaatagctac     19980
     aaaaccttaa aagctgtcag tagaaactca ctgctaggga tgaacttcat aatgtataat     20040
     ccagtcctag cgtcctagct gtgatagtgc atgtgggtgt tactgcatgg aaataccctg     20100
     tctcttcaca gttaggttac aaacacacaa aaagtgaaaa cagagctgag ttgaagaaac     20160
     ctgaaagctt ggtcattcag tgttctcagt atttaaccag taatgatcat agagaaggct     20220
     aaactctcac ccttttcacc aggcagctac acttatcctg ggggaggggg ggggaatgcc     20280
     aattgtatgg tgtcaacact gtgcattcaa tgggtggaaa atgttgtcat gtaaacagac     20340
     ttctctactt tagtgtatga tggaatgtgg agacatgttg tacttctaca cagtaataca     20400
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatata tatatatgta tatatataca     20460
     tatacataca tatatatata tatatatttt tttttaactt agaaactgaa atgtattagg     20520
     aatagctttc ctggggctgt gggaaataag aagatcatgt cctaatccta ctgaaaatgc     20580
     attcaatggt tttgcacacc acgtctttgt tatacgtggc ttgtgagtaa gattcatatt     20640
     tctgtcactt aggttcataa ccccattcct aaaaatagcc tctggctcac tgaggcgttc     20700
     ccatgtttgc ctatgcttca gcttaaatgt attaatccct ctaagtctga agtgaaaaag     20760
     ggaagaatgt gaaagacacc cttgcaaatc tcctgttggg ggaaggagct aaccagaagg     20820
     aaagaaggaa ggaaagacgg tgaactctgg gaaagctgca gtagacagct cgaggcaggg     20880
     ggcctactgg acactatctt agtgcaatgc tatctagacc ttaccccact ggaccccacc     20940
     cctgtcttgc ccagactctc ttgaccaata gcctcagagt cctggggagg ggtaagggga     21000
     gcaaggtcca gggtgaagaa taaaaggaca ggtcttcagc ctcttgaaca ttctggcttt     21060
     tgcacacttg agatcatctc caagcttcta gacctcacac catggttcac ttcacagctg     21120
     aggagaaggc agctatcaca agcatctggg ataaagtgga cttggaaaaa gttggaggag     21180
     aaactctggg aaggtaagga atggagggaa attatcctta tgcatggcag aaatttccag     21240
     ggtttctata gggttttgtg gcacactgat tttttaactg ctaatgcact atgtcttagg     21300
     ctcctgattg tttacccatg gactcagaga ttctttgaca agtttggaaa cctctcttct     21360
     gccctggcca tcatgggaaa cccccggatt agagcccatg gcaagaaagt gctgacatcc     21420
     ttgggcttgg gggttaagaa catggacaac ctcaaggaga cctttgctca tctcagtgag     21480
     ctgcactgtg acaagcttca tgtggatcct gagaacttca aggtcagttc tgagcatgct     21540
     catgtgttca ttatggattt tactagggac aattctggga gttgagactg tgattggcaa     21600
     tgccttgaca gatgttagag tccatgggtc cagaattctt gtcagtaacc attgtagaaa     21660
     tcttaatatt tagctgtgca tatgttgtgg gcaacaatga tttgggtgca gatttgagtg     21720
     agcgcccagc atttctgggg ccttgggttt gattctgagc attggaaact aagcattcaa     21780
     atattggatc ttttttaaaa aggagtatgt ttttataaat taatacatct atgcaagaag     21840
     aaactgaatt taagttaata tcttatcatt tgaaaggaaa aataccttaa ttaattgtgt     21900
     caatcttaat gttcaatcct ttatggaaga cccaaggagg aaatcaaaat ataggttttt     21960
     ttccttatta ttttgacaac tttctaaatg ttttactttc ccactgagca ttggcacagt     22020
     ttgaggcttc tctttggttg gacactcaaa tctactaaga atcttgtatc gcaatcatgt     22080
     gttgatttag atttggccat tgatgaatga gacaaggagc aaaaaatggg aggagataaa     22140
     aagggcagaa tgaggaaagg tacagatata gccagttgag tggtgtacaa gaggagtcat     22200
     gtaattcagt tgtcaaatgt ataacaggag aagtggtagg tagtgaggga ctggaatcct     22260
     caaagaacat aacttttata cgtcacagtt ttgaaactac tgatcattcc tatgtgcctt     22320
     tttgttacag ctcctgggca acatgttggt gattgtcctt tctactcatt ttgccaagga     22380
     attcacccca gaggtgcagg ctgcctggca gaagctggtg attggagtgg ccaatgctct     22440
     gtcccacaag taccattaaa ctccattcca gtacactggc aatcccatgt gtctatgatg     22500
     ccctctttga gtccatgggg actggattag gcattgagag cacaaatttt gtttaataaa     22560
     attgattctt aataacattg actttttggg gttttttgtt cgtttttact tttatgttga     22620
     agaacgatct caatgggctt gttggtggga aaagacagaa gaagaaacca gatagagtga     22680
     agtattaggg aaagggctaa gttaaagatg agaaagtttt ctccaggaag agatgaaagg     22740
     gtctgttcag tataagatag ggtacaacat atttactgtg caaggtaaaa agtagggttg     22800
     caggtgccag gaggtaaaga agactggtga gatgtgctat ttctttttta agtttcactt     22860
     tatgcatatg agtgagtgtt tttcctgcat aaacatgtgt gtgtcctacc tgtgtgtggt     22920
     gctcatgcaa gccacaatat agaattacat cccctgaaac ttgagttaca gccaattgtg     22980
     aactgtcaag taggtactgg gagctgaagt ctggtctttt gaaagagcta tttaccactg     23040
     agctccctct ctagcccaag atctgctaga gatttttaag agaatacttt aaaatatgaa     23100
     cgaaaagtat tgtttttgat tggttatatt tctgaaagag ctatcttaca tcttgtgaga     23160
     ctgagacatt aaagaaaagg ggggaattga gtgaaagttg ggaacattcc tgaaaaaaaa     23220
     ttacaggagc tactgtacct atactttctt taggtatttg gaaaggttat tccactggca     23280
     cagtgagaaa taaagactat agcatccagt ggtccagatc ttgtaatggg gtgtaacatg     23340
     ggcttacatg aaattagctt acatctagct acttcagaag atacacattt ctagagacaa     23400
     agaggaacta gagtcaactt gataagaatt tcattccaca ttccactcca tcaaactgaa     23460
     tcatagaaaa ggatgagacc gtgtgtagct ggtggctgta tgaacaagga ataggtgaac     23520
     cgatgggaga taaacagaag gaatgtttct gcatcaaaac acagaattta ggagagccaa     23580
     cactacagcc agctagtgta aactggagag ggtggatata tctttcattc acaagccaaa     23640
     taatttcttc atatcttaag gtaacttgct catagggtag ggagggcagg aatctgggct     23700
     gggcataaag ggcagagcag ggcccgctgt gcctgcactt acttctggca cagctgtgtt     23760
     tactagcaac ctcagctgaa acactatggt ggagctcact gcagaggaga aggcagccat     23820
     cactgccacg tggactaaag tgaaggcaga agaacttggt gttgagtccc tggaaaggtc     23880
     agtatccgac agcctaaggg atcgagtgga aggaggtatg tggaggcact gaatttttct     23940
     gtcctcatgc ttcacttgct agaatactga cggtttatcc acacaccaag agatactttg     24000
     accactttgg agacttcttc tgtgctgcca ctgaaggtaa ccccaagatg aaggctcttg     24060
     gtaagaagat gatagaatcc tttagtgagg gcctgcaacc cctggacaac ctgaattaca     24120
     ccttttccag cctgagtgag ctgcaccatg acaagcttca tatggatcct gagaacttca     24180
     aggtgagttg gctagatgca atgccttctc ctcatgctct tgatttctac ttactgctgc     24240
     atcccccacc ttctctttca tttccctaca cttcattgtc taagattttc aacttttgtt     24300
     aaatatcctt cttaatttac ccttttcaca atcttcaatt aaagaaatgt atttatttta     24360
     tatcctgtct tttgtgcccc acccacagct ctacctacat ttatcctcaa gtcccttgct     24420
     tagaccacaa gtcaaatgat acattctgtt tttcattttc taattctaga tttggggaaa     24480
     cattcttcca tctcccccta atataggagg ctttatgagt cttctcaagg aagagaaaca     24540
     gaacatctgg ttttaaagga catgagaaaa aaaaacaatc agaattccat gaaattagta     24600
     aaggttaaga tgaggaaaaa atatgtggat ggaagtaagg tctgaacatc ttgttagaga     24660
     tggaacaata gtggtaaaga gagagcctat catcagatta atcaactgat tattaagcat     24720
     acacttagga tataaatata tgcatagata aaatatatgt acatatatac acaaacacac     24780
     atgtacatct aggaatcaaa ctgggataga atgttggcag aaactcatgg tgtttggtat     24840
     agatcttcag aagccaagat taatttccct atcatatgca tgtctgtctt cctctttccc     24900
     acagctcctg ggcagcatga tagtgattgt gctgtctcca cactttggca acaactttac     24960
     tccagcactg caagctgctt ttgagaaggt ggtggctgct gttgcagatg ctatggctta     25020
     caagtattac tgagacccct tctttcgcat ggtcattgga agacccttcc ctagaatcct     25080
     gtgttttgaa gtttgtattt tggggggagg tgtccatcct catggcataa aatctgctta     25140
     ataaataatt tcatgactta tttcattcat ttttctcact tagggatgtg caacacaata     25200
     gaagatctac aaggaaaaag ctgctctgta tttatgcaaa tagttggaag aaaactctat     25260
     agtgatacta aaggaaggca aaacatagga tttgcaaatt gaaactgaag aagaaggaag     25320
     accaaagtgt ggacactttg ccccttctta gaattggaaa caatcaccca tggaaggaat     25380
     tacagagaca aagtttgaag ctgagacaaa aggatggacc atctagagac tgtcatatcc     25440
     agggatccat cccataatta gcctccaaac gatgacacca ttgcatacac tagcaagcgt     25500
     ttgaagcaag gaccatgata tagctgtctc ttgtgagact aggccggggc ctagcaaaca     25560
     cagaagtgga tgctcacagt caactattag atggatcaca gggcctccaa tggaggagct     25620
     agagaaagta tccaaggagc taaagagatc tgcaactctg taggtgcaac attatgaact     25680
     aaccagtacc ccagagctct tgtctctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg     25740
     ccatcattgg aaagagaggc ccattggaca ggcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga     25800
     acgccagggc caaaaaatgg gaatgggtgg gtaggggagt gtggtggggg gagagtgtgg     25860
     gagacttttg ggatagcatt ggaaatgtaa ttgaggaaaa tacgtgataa aaaatattaa     25920
     aaaataacca taggatttgt cataagtgtt tcatatagag agggtcttac ccttttagaa     25980
     gatttatgag aaacttccaa ctggggaaaa ggctcaaggc tggctactgt tatgatccaa     26040
     caattaccat gcaaagatag caccaatcta atacataatg actatagaaa gcattgccat     26100
     gattcttcct ttatctgtag actttagctt atactacaac atatcaagcc atatatatat     26160
     atatatatat atatatatat accttccttg tcttactagc tcccaaatac caatttaaaa     26220
     tttagctctt gaattatgtt ggcccctcat tcagtgaact aatacttcct aaagaaatca     26280
     ttgtgaactt tctcactcta ccaacttttc aaattgctct tttaatcaca catacactcc     26340
     cacacatgca ctcttctata catgaacaca tggtcatgct ttacaaattt ctgctttgtg     26400
     agagagattt atattgcaat ctttcttgct attaaattgt attttgcaat ttaattacta     26460
     tataggtagt aagctgacat taattcaatg aaataatcat ggacaatata tctgaaacac     26520
     ctatggctgg agctaatcag aataattata ggatattata aagctctact cataaatgct     26580
     acaaactaca ggaaggaaaa aggaagaaac cacagaattc tgatcatgtg tagaaaaatt     26640
     tctttctttg aatgctcttt ctgctatatg tgaaattaga aagattttta aaatttctga     26700
     ctcacatgtg ttccttaaaa ttatgttctg attggctgct tttagatgta cttgttattc     26760
     agaacctgga tcctctttct ttgtgaagtc acccagtttc ctaaagaaaa cacacacaca     26820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaccctca tatatagatt catagatatg     26880
     gtatatatat gtgaaaatac tgttgtagta aatctgccta tactgcagga tatactgacc     26940
     acattatact gcattgttgg tagcaagcct gagtccagag gctgtttcgt gttcaatctg     27000
     tccttctcag tgtatagctt ataacagaca atgagaatgc tttgtagata gaaagtatct     27060
     tctagatatc ccagatgcag ggcaactgca gagccatttc acatagccca tgtttctgaa     27120
     cagataaaaa tcacaagagt cagatgttaa agaaggatgg aatttagggg gatgtttttc     27180
     atttaggaat atatagtgtt tagaggtcat gtcatcacag ctccttattc ctaccctgga     27240
     agagaagttt taccatgttt atgggcaaca acataacctg ctaggttcca ctttattatt     27300
     tccatatttc cctcatagga ccattattta ttagtttcta tagtatataa atttgttgtt     27360
     tttttcctcc tgtttcagaa tactgacttg gttattttaa catataaaat actttttcca     27420
     caatattttt tctgtgacag gtcacttgga tatagaatag taacttcatc cttagagaga     27480
     atgatcatga tatagccatg tcctactctt atgaatccct actgttaatt ttcttcttag     27540
     aaaataatat taaaatattt gattgattta ctttttttca ttttccatat ttgttatctc     27600
     ctggtttatg agcctagaag aaaaatttaa ttttgttttt catttcataa atccttaggg     27660
     ctaaaccatt atgatacagt tactcaacaa atagttgttc aatgaatgtt tgttacaata     27720
     tgaaactgta atctttatta cagtaattta ttactgtaat ttatacaatt ttgttacaat     27780
     atgaaactgt agtctttaat ggctgagcca ggggggaaga aactgggtga gagagggagt     27840
     aaggaaggaa taggaatggg gatcaggtct ggggaataag ggtgaggtgg agtgaggtgg     27900
     ggagggctgg gagagggaac agaaatcagt gggggcatct ttggaacaag ccagagacct     27960
     gggaaagggg agggttccag aagtctaggg ggttggttac cctagctgag actcctagca     28020
     actgaggata tggagactga agtgactgcc tcctgtaacc aggtatgact tccagtggag     28080
     gaggcaggca tcaacctttc cacaaaacct ttaccccaaa tttgtccttt ctacaagatg     28140
     tgcaaggata aatatggagc aaagactgag agaatggcca accaatgact ggcccaattt     28200
     cagacccatc ctgtaggaga gagtcaaccc ctgacactat tgatgatagt ctactatgct     28260
     tacagacagg aacctagtat aactgtcttc agagagcctt catccaacag ttgatggaaa     28320
     tagatacaga gatccgcagc caaatatcag gcagagctca ggaagtggtg cagaagagtg     28380
     ggggagagga ttgagagagc cagaggggtg aggacaccac aagaagaccc actgagtcaa     28440
     caaaactggg gctatgaggg ttcacagaga ctgacccacc aactaaaaaa catgcatgga     28500
     ttggacctag gctccctaca catttgtagc agatgtgcag tttggtctcc atgtgggtcc     28560
     cctaacactt gtaaaagaag ctgtttctga ctctgttgcc tgcctttgaa tccctttcct     28620
     ctagctggac tacctggaat gggccccagt gggaaagcat ggatttagta ctggtgcaat     28680
     ctgctgtccc agggtgtgtg gcacctaagt gggagttttc ccttctctga ggagaatgga     28740
     agggggtaat gggaagaagg atttgagagg gtaggactgg gaggagagga gggagcaggg     28800
     accatgatct ggatgcaaag tgaataaata aattttaaaa agagagaaaa ccccagaaac     28860
     tgcttgtagg tgagcattca ggtatgagca atggcatgtg gaaaatggat ggtacattta     28920
     tagacatgta gcaattaatt tatctttgga agaaatagcc ccaaaagcct aaggggagag     28980
     aaattattaa aaataactcc taggttgcta gtaaggtgat gactttaatt ttcctgcacc     29040
     taagaccata cacatcctag atgtccaacg agacagaaaa ggcttactat ttaagatttt     29100
     tggaagttta gatactggac atcaaggtat cctcccaggt cagatttcca actttgaaac     29160
     caattggata tttggctatg ctgaaagagt tgtatgcagt actattggct cacaaatatt     29220
     ctttattgaa ggagaatcta gatggcattt tctcaatctc tacattctgt tcctctacac     29280
     caattaaaaa aatcctctct atatccattt ctatataaaa gatataaaaa tcgttgcagc     29340
     tataaataaa atattactaa atagatataa aaagctctcc tatttggcca tatggctatt     29400
     cccatttgtg tgcagatatg agctttgcta gagatgaagg caatcgaaat gattcatctt     29460
     catttttttt atttcatgcc atccctagtt tgtacactaa gatagttata ttaatttact     29520
     tgagtataca tatttagaaa cagctacatt ccctttatta cttgagagag tcatacatac     29580
     atagaaatgt tttgatcaaa tccacccttt agtccttccc attcaagtct tcccttattc     29640
     acctgccccc tttccttccc aacttcatat ggcctatatt taagcccagt catttgcctt     29700
     gtcattcatg gcaaatacca ttttgctgta gatgtccact acttctggct cttaaaatat     29760
     ttcacacttt tctcttccaa aattatcctt gagccttgga agaaggaggt gtgatatagg     29820
     tattccatta agagctgcca caatctttct ctgcggattg accagttttg tttctcaatt     29880
     tattggtatc tgtacaaagg aaggagcttc tctaatgaga gttgaaagat gttctattct     29940
     atgtatatag gggtaagtac ttaggcagaa atttactttt atgcttattt aagagaataa     30000
     ttatattagt gtttccttta tgacttaggc agcaatgttt tgggtccaga taactgtacc     30060
     aggcatgagt tctatcttgt gaagcagacc ttaaattcca tcagaaactg gttagttgct     30120
     ctcataacat tcacaccaca attacctatg tgggtacaca aagacaatga caatatatgc     30180
     taacatagat agggaaaagc ccattgggcc tcagcccctc caacaaagaa caacaggcaa     30240
     ctaaagagtg tgagagctag agaaatagtc ttccccaggg aagagcacac caagccttca     30300
     gacttgaaaa catacatgca agtaacatta catggaagtc aggtagtccg ggatgggcat     30360
     taaaggtaga gcagtgcctg ctgtgcctgc atctgcttct gacacaggtt gttcactagc     30420
     agcagtccta caccagggtg tactgactga caaagagaag ttggccatca gtggcctatg     30480
     ggacacagta gacatgggaa acattgatgg cgagtcactg gagaagttgt aatagactgc     30540
     ataagcagga cacatggaag cttggtaggt gaagagagag cagaatgtct ggcaggaact     30600
     gattttctct acccacctga aacacctggc catcctcaag ggcacttttt ctggcatgaa     30660
     tgaagctgca ctgtgacaag ctgcatgtag atcctgagaa cttcagggtg agtgggccag     30720
     atgctctggc ttctgcttct gctcctgctc gttttatcac ttctttttcc atttgccttt     30780
     tttccccaca gtttcctcta ctgttctgta tttcttcact taacactctt cttttgttaa     30840
     ctttccttca caagtcaact ttcccccttt tccccccata atcttcttta acaaatcttt     30900
     tcctccttct tcctctctct cccccaattc ccttccttca ttcatcttca aatccccttg     30960
     gtaggatcac ctcctgagtt atacatacta tctctcatct actatatcta catctggaaa     31020
     acatccttct tattgctacc attgcttgag cttttgagag tctccttaat gaagaggcac     31080
     gtgtggttct agagtctttg aatcattctt taaataataa gaatttcatg aatttaggca     31140
     gagtaagtgc aaagataagg aaagaagagt taatgtctaa ggatggaaga cctgaaattc     31200
     atattagaga tagcataaca gtagatggta aaaaggagcc caccattgaa ctaatcaatt     31260
     aagtagtaaa tataaatatt atataaaaaa tacaaagaca cacattttag aagaaatatc     31320
     ctggaaattc atagtgttgg tgcaattcct taaaagacta gcttgatttc tgatacccag     31380
     gggtaaatgt gtgtgctctt ctccacagtt cttgggaaac ataatagtgt ttgtgctgtt     31440
     cctccacttt ggcaaggaat tcaccccagc agtgcaggtt gcttttcagg tgttggtggc     31500
     ttctgtaacc atggctctag ctcacaagta ccacagaggc cttggactat ttcctcaaga     31560
     ttactggagc aaatggctat cttgccaaaa gcaatctaca gattcaatgc aatccccatt     31620
     aaaattccaa ctcaattctt caacgaatta gaaggagcaa tttgcaaatt catctggaat     31680
     aacaaaaaac cgaggatagc aaaaactctt ctcaaggata aaagaacctc tggtggaatc     31740
     accatgcctg acctaaagct ttactacaga gcaattgtga taaaaactgc atggtactgg     31800
     tatagagaca gacaagtgga ccaatggaat agaattgaag acccagaaat gaacccacac     31860
     acctatggtc acttgatctt cgacaaggga gccaaaacca tccagtggaa gaaagacagc     31920
     attttcaaca attggtgctg gcacaactgg ttgttatcat gtagaagaat gtgaatcgat     31980
     ccatacttat ctccttgtac taaggtcaaa tctaagtgga tcaaggaact tcacataaaa     32040
     ccagagacac tgaaacttat agaggagaaa gtggggaaaa gccttgaaga tatgggcaca     32100
     ggggaaaaat tcctgaacag aacagcaatg gcttgtgctg taagatcgag aattgacaaa     32160
     tgggacctaa tgaaactcca aagtttctgc aaggcaaaag acactgtcta taagacaaaa     32220
     agaccaccaa cagactggga aaggatcttt acctatccta aatcagatag gggactaata     32280
     tccaacatat ataaagaact caagaaggtg gacctcagaa aatcaaataa cccccttaaa     32340
     aaatggggct cagaactgaa caaagaattc tcacctgagg aataccgaat ggcagagaag     32400
     cacctgaaaa aatgttcaac atccttaatc atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaaccctg     32460
     agattccacc tcacaccagt cagaatggct aagatcaaaa attcaggtga cagcagatgc     32520
     tggcgaggat gtggagaaag aggaacactc ctccattgtt ggtgggattg caggcttgta     32580
     caaccactct ggaaatcagt ctggcggttc ctcagaaaat tggacatagt actaccggag     32640
     gatccagcaa tacctctcct gggcatatat ccagaagaag ccccaactgg taagaaggac     32700
     acatgctcca ctatgttcat agcagcctta tttataatag ccagaaactg gaaagaaccc     32760
     agatgcccct caacagagga atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatctacac aatggagtac     32820
     tactcagcta ttaaaaagaa tgaatttatg aaattcctag ccaaatggat ggacctggag     32880
     agcatcatcc tgagtgaggt aacacaatca caaaggaact cacacaatat gtactcactg     32940
     ataagtggat actagcccaa aacctaggat acccacgata taagatacaa tttcctaaac     33000
     acatgaaact caagaaaaat gaagactgaa gtgtggacac tatgcccctc cttagaagtg     33060
     ggaacaaaac acccatggaa ggagttacag aaacaaagtt tggagctgag atgaaaggat     33120
     ggaccatgta gagactgcca tatccaggga tccaccccat aatcagcatc caaacgctga     33180
     caccattgca tatactagca agattttatc gaaaggaccc agatgtagct gtctcttgtg     33240
     agactatgcc ggggcctagc aaacacagaa gtggatgctc acagtcagct aatggatgga     33300
     tcacagggct cccaatggag gagctagaga aagtacccaa ggagctaaag ggatcttcaa     33360
     ccctataggt ggaacaacat tatgaactaa ccagtacccc ggagctcttg actctagctg     33420
     catatgtatc aaaagatggc ctagtcggcc atcactggaa agagaggccc attggacacg     33480
     cagactttgt gtgccccggt acaggggaac gccagggcca aaggggggga gtgggtgggt     33540
     aggggagtgg gggtgggtgg gtaaggggga cttttggtat agcattggaa atgtaaatga     33600
     gctaaatacc taataaaaaa tggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     33660
     agattactgg agcataatct tctatattca gggagatatg tccacctttg caacttctcc     33720
     ccaagaaaaa gttagctaaa tttcatttcc tttatgttgt tattttgttt tgttttgttt     33780
     tgttttcccc tagggatgag aaaagtctca gagagcctct aagtaggagt atttatataa     33840
     tatacaaatt ttaaaggaaa taattaaacc tcatcactac tagggtttta gtgaaggctg     33900
     ggtattaaaa ttacaccagt aaatgtaata cataaaatta tatattatgt gtaacaataa     33960
     atatgcatat gtaattctta cctgcactgg agaaagccgt aaaagagctt agtattctct     34020
     acatgaccaa gaaaaatcta ggttttgatt gtgtggatcc acggaggagt tgggacaggt     34080
     aaaatgagaa gagaaatctt ctctcaatgg aggaggggct acttggagaa gaggcattaa     34140
     aaattgtgta aatctcctaa tttgcttggt aactgaatga gagaaaggca ctttttattt     34200
     atatatttat ttttgtttca ttttaattca gattgtggct cctagaggtt tgcctgtgct     34260
     ccagtggttg atcttatatc tatgcttata tgagcagtac tagctgaact ttatgggtca     34320
     aaaaaagagg ctataaagta aggatcaggt aggagtttct gggaaaactt gggaagtggg     34380
     ttgagagagt gaatatgatc aaaatacatt gtatacaggc gtgtgattat aaagaatgaa     34440
     aaaatatatt ttaaaatttg aaaaacatgg ctggattata atgtttgagt attcggaagg     34500
     gacatcatgt gctaatacta ttgaatattt gttgcttgtg atgaccaagg ggaagaaaga     34560
     tgtttctgaa tagtgggaca catagataaa gtagaaaaac actataatag agaagtatca     34620
     cactgttctc agtttaggca ggggatgaag atcccaaagc cttgatgata aaaaaaaagc     34680
     gagtgaagac ttagcaggga gcttgagagt attgggatgc cacactgcat cagaaatatc     34740
     tcttctcttt acattcaagt cttcaacatc aagaaaccaa gttacagaag ttcttaacct     34800
     gagaactgaa aagtatatta cttgggggaa aaagccagaa agcaaaaagg ttttggaaga     34860
     gttacagaga tgtaaaagta aaattttata aagaagacag attgaatgaa gaagcatgca     34920
     gggaacttga gagtggggta tcttagcatt tctatcatgt ggtaaaacat cagggtcaaa     34980
     accattaggg aggaaaacat ttactcatca cagtcctctc aagtcttact ccatggagtg     35040
     tgtggggggg ggggggggga agagggatgt caggacaaga cttcaggtca tgaacctgga     35100
     ggcaggaact aaagcagagg cacagaggaa cactgctcac tggattgttc ctcatggctt     35160
     tctcggtctg ctttcttatc gcatcatgaa gcacctgatg aggggtggca ccatcctcta     35220
     tgggctgctc accagcatca gctattaatc aagaaaatac cctacaggtt tgcctacaag     35280
     taatctgatg gaggtttctt ttccttcctt tcctttcctt tcctttcctt tcctttcctt     35340
     tcctttcctt tcctttcctt tcctttcctt tcctttcctt cccttccctt cccttccctt     35400
     cccttccctt cccttccctt cccttccctt cccttccctt cccttccctt cctttccttt     35460
     cctttcctcc tctttacttt tttgttttat taactctttc tcaacagatt ttattggtct     35520
     aagagcagag tacacagaaa ttcccattct tatcacacat acccataaag agccatatat     35580
     tgtgttcatg tacccaaact ctgaagagtc acactgtgtt cacatacaca aatgaagatc     35640
     taaatattgt tcttctttga atttattcca gtgatgttcc agcctcaaat ttggcaagtg     35700
     tccctaagac ctctcataac aaccgaatgt tcataatacc cccttccacc aactcacaat     35760
     tttatgccac acacaggaca tactgaaaat ttccatcttt cacatcacat tatcacaact     35820
     gttaggaaag tggaatgcca tgaccagaca tcacagttct gacaggcaag gaccaaagac     35880
     tgactctctt agaaaatggt tctactagaa acacagggcc agatataact gaaaatattc     35940
     cagtcacaaa tgcacaactg agactccaga ttgccattta gtatgctttg tattgtagaa     36000
     tataaaacta gcccctctac ggaatgttat ggtgaccccc gaggcagtca cagcctctcc     36060
     tgactcggta tcctgctatt ttctggttgt accaaaaaat aaacaaccaa taaatgattt     36120
     aacctcttaa aaaaacattt atacttaaat aatgagatga gtttggattt cctcaccttt     36180
     taaaaatgtt gctagagcta ctaaaaagct tgcatttaca agtagttgat aaaaatattc     36240
     ctctggattg tgcaagaagg gaggcgggac cactaacaga catgatggat gcttagttgg     36300
     acttggcttc tttctctttt tcagaggctg gactctggtt ttctgtctct ccgttttctg     36360
     caggcagttc tctagtttgc tggtcagcca cttcagcctg tttgctcttc tctcccctct     36420
     tccttttatc tgcacttttt tgtctgatgc tttattcttt cccgaggccc ctttgggctt     36480
     cctgtcattg atagggcagg cttggctaat cgccttgcag aatggtgctt gggatatgcc     36540
     tttgctgctc catctcacct tcctcttggg aatcatagct gtgccgggtg agagatacat     36600
     ccatcgctgg acctgtcaag gagctgcact gcctagcctc caccacacga aatgccagta     36660
     atttttttca actgtgcttt ctattcacaa ataactctag cttgtgtcaa gttgacaaaa     36720
     caaaatccaa ccagagcttg gggtaaaaag tttcagtgaa gaaaatgatt tactatactt     36780
     acacttagta cacttagtgt caagcagaca cagaaactga ctgactgact gaatgaacaa     36840
     atgaagaaat gaatgaatga gtcagtcagt tagttactga tagaattcct ttctaccttc     36900
     ttcctacttg gctccaggca catttccaca tcaagataaa gagaaacagg tatagctaca     36960
     tagtctctac ttttagacaa tcgagtctac taatgtttca aaacattgag ttctaaataa     37020
     ttttatactg atttctatgt ctttagaatt gagatttctc catttgcatc tgcagatccc     37080
     aaaaattgaa tagaatcact actgcacagg gtatgctcaa ttcaaatgta ccttatttta     37140
     aaacattatt tagctatgtg taaaagtgaa ataaagaggt aagttcacat acaaatagag     37200
     aggcatacaa acatacatgc atacatacac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacac     37260
     acagactcac agacacacag atatacagag atacagacac acagagacac acacacaggc     37320
     acatatacaa atatacacac atacacatat tcacagatat acagagatac agacacacac     37380
     tcagagacat acacatggac atgcatacac acacacagat atacacagat acacacacac     37440
     acatgggcag catgtgctga ggacttggtt cagtaaataa aggtcaaggc tgcctgcctt     37500
     taattcaaaa gcgtggaaga caggacaatc cctgaaaaag caggttatcc aagctaacca     37560
     gatttgtgag ctcagggttt acttgagaga tcctgactca acaataaggt atagagcaat     37620
     caagggcgat tctctgaagg cagttattga actccttgta cactcttccc acacacacgt     37680
     gttcagagaa cttgataaaa cacatatata caagtaagcc acacaaacat tcacatgaga     37740
     gaagaaaaac aagagcaaac taagtaagat gcattttctt atcaggaagt ttagttgaca     37800
     ccagaaagaa gtcatatttg gaatcaaaat ggaatcatca tcatgtatgc taaagatgtt     37860
     tttttcacat tcttgagcaa tgtggacaga gaaggagatt catccatgca ctcaaactgg     37920
     gaaacaaaga aaagaaatcc tcttctaagc tttgcttctc aatttcttat ttgcataatg     37980
     agaaaaaaag gaaaattaat tttaacacca attcagtagt tgattgagca aatgcgttgc     38040
     caaaaaggat gctttagaga cagtgttctc tgcacagata aggacaaaca ttattcagag     38100
     ggagtaccca gagctgagac tcctaagcca gtgagtggca cagcatccag ggagaaatat     38160
     gcttgtcatc accgaagcct gattccgtag agccacaccc tggtaagggc caatctgctc     38220
     acacaggata gagagggcag gagccagggc agagcatata aggtgaggta ggatcagttg     38280
     ctcctcacat ttgcttctga catagttgtg ttgactcaca accccagaaa cagacatcat     38340
     ggtgcacctg actgatgctg agaaggctgc tgtctcttgc ctgtggggaa aggtgaactc     38400
     cgatgaagtt ggtggtgagg ccctgggcag gttggtatcc aggttacaag gcagctcaca     38460
     agaagaagtt gggtgcttgg agacagaggt ctgctttcca gcagacacta actttcagtg     38520
     tcccctgtct atgtttccct ttttaggctg ctggttgtct acccttggac ccagcggtac     38580
     tttgatagct ttggagacct atcctctgcc tctgctatca tgggtaatgc caaagtgaag     38640
     gcccatggca agaaggtgat aactgccttt aacgatggcc tgaatcactt ggacagcctc     38700
     aagggcacct ttgccagcct cagtgagctc cactgtgaca agctgcatgt ggatcctgag     38760
     aacttcaggg tgagtctgat gggcacctcc tgggtttcct tcccctggct attctgctca     38820
     accttcctat cagaaaaaaa ggggaagcga ttctagggag cagtctccat gactgtgtgt     38880
     ggagtgttga caagagttcg gatattttat tctctactca gaattgctgc tccccctcac     38940
     tctgttctgt gttgtcattt cctctttctt tggtaagctt ttaatttcca gttgcatttt     39000
     actaaattaa ttaagctggt tatttacttc ccatcctgat atcagcttcc cctcctcctt     39060
     tcctcccagt ccttctctct ctcctctctc tttctctaat cctttccttt ccctcagttc     39120
     atttcttctt ctttgatcta cgtttgtttg tctttttaaa tattgccttg taacttgctc     39180
     agaggacaag gaagatatgt ccctgtttct tctcatagct ctcaagaata gtagcataat     39240
     tggcttttat gccagggtga caggggaaga atatatttta catataaatt ctgtttgaca     39300
     taggattctt ataataattt gtcagtagtt taaggttgca aacaaatgtc tttgtaaata     39360
     agcctgcagt atctggtatt tttgctctac agttatgttg atggttcttc catattccca     39420
     cagctcctgg gcaatatgat cgtgattgtg ctgggccacc acctgggcaa ggatttcacc     39480
     cccgctgcac aggctgcctt ccagaaggtg gtggctggag tggccactgc cctggctcac     39540
     aagtaccact aaaccccctt tcctgctctt gcctgtgaac aatggttaat tgttcccaag     39600
     agagcatctg tcagttgttg gcaaaatgat agacatttga aaatctgtct tctgacaaat     39660
     aaaaagcatt tatgttcact gcaatgatgt tttaaattat ttgtctgtgt catagaaggg     39720
     tttatgctaa gttttcaaga tacaaagaag tgagggttca ggtctgacct tggggaaata     39780
     aatgaattac acttcaaatg tgtgggacag caagcagtaa gccacagatc ctattgccat     39840
     gccctaaaca ctcagagaaa aattcaacaa atggtttcat ttacacacta cattatgatt     39900
     acattttatg taaattattt gtttttttct actcttccac ataaatgtct ttttttcctc     39960
     ttacctaccc agcacttcac agttctcaag ccaataattt ttcttttgta aaactaccat     40020
     tattctctaa acttttccct ctgtgtttac caagcaacat tatttatctt ttcataaatc     40080
     ctgttgcctt agacagcttc agtagcaata gaggtaggat taaggagaga atagaagtgc     40140
     cctgtttgtc ataccatgcc tgcacagtca atagtcacta tgggatttca aatggcactt     40200
     tgcctgggac ctttacactt cacaccatac tctggcttga gttaggagtt aagaatgaga     40260
     gaaatataag tctagagaga ataagaatat ctagttttta aggctcatta ctggggtctt     40320
     atgaaatttc cataataccc tgtaaatgga agcatttatt ttttcaataa atctatcttg     40380
     aatatccagt gtgggttagg attaaatctc tccttcatac agttggactg cttttattta     40440
     tatggagtta ctagagttaa cacaataagt aatataccct tgatttgttt ttctttccat     40500
     aaccaccagg ttatgcgcaa ttccggaaat aaaatgtgtg ttccaagagt tctttacgct     40560
     actctctggt acagttttag tgagattttg aaatgactac atataataag tggcctttaa     40620
     ttacagaatg gtttgtgtag gtacagaata aaatacacca aatattatga gtttgagtca     40680
     ttgtcatgag tcataaaaat gcagctccaa acgaagtaaa gagttagagt atggtgagaa     40740
     attataaacc atcaagaaaa aaatacagga cccataaagg tagttgtgcg gccaggtatt     40800
     tcgtgcatat ttataatcct tatttattat tactaagaag ccaagcagta tttataaaat     40860
     atggtcctct ctgaatgcaa tgtccaatgg tctaaaaccc atatcttagt gttctcagag     40920
     cagtatcttc tgtttgcaaa tagaactgaa ttttttataa ctgtctcata atttatgtaa     40980
     gacttttgcc tagccataaa gataggatga gcaattcttt ttgcagtagg tagaaccctt     41040
     gcctgttttt tcttgactta atgaagatca gtaatagatc ttggtttata gagagttagt     41100
     tggtagtaga catcatttca cagttgcatt cctcgactga atcctaatta aaatgtatta     41160
     gttttgtttt ctctgaggca gacagtgctg gtggcttttc ccattgtgct tccaggtact     41220
     ggtaccatag gttctagtcg aaagttgctc tctggatctg gaagaagagg cagaggcctg     41280
     gttgaatgtt accctctgga tgaactgtag ctggaggcat gtatgcaaag ttcttcccca     41340
     ctactttcct aagaaacaaa tacactttgc atatgtgttt taaaagttat atggtaagta     41400
     cacacccaat agttagctgt atctgtcagc agccagatca tgcaatgtgc tgatgtgttg     41460
     atacaaaaac attactgctg actgtctcat cgtgatagaa atatttgttg agttacttaa     41520
     ctagagtacc aaaaatgaaa ataagctagc attcaattat attcatctca atactctatt     41580
     gataagtgta ccacatatct tgctagctac acaaacagga agggacttaa cagtgtagtt     41640
     tagctttttt tttttttttt acaagccctc tcaatggaca ctgatcagag aatgaataat     41700
     attaaatatc atggaaatgg aaacaaatgc agaaagtttc atcagtccag acaaaatgag     41760
     ggttaggaca caagaaagtg aaagatagag gtatgtaagg tgacttgaga agaggaacat     41820
     gcagctcaac acacacatac acatacagtt ccacacagag gaagggtaag ggagagagaa     41880
     atgctgctaa cccaggaaag tcaaagtagg ggcttataat gggaaagatt ctaatgattt     41940
     aaaaggagca tgactttatt gttatccact tagcaagcta atctgttcat gcattatttt     42000
     gggcaaaagt ctttaagcca acaatgagtt tatcgtagta acatagtaca aggtccataa     42060
     cattacttgt tcttcttatc atcaggctgt ttctactgtt acctgtattc ttcaaattct     42120
     cctaatattt ttaaaataaa gaaatattta gtaaagctct atgatcacta aattaataga     42180
     catccatgaa tagctatcca gaggggaagt tttaaatgcc cagacttggc aaattagata     42240
     gaatctcttt atggttttcc tttgctgact caataaggaa aaagataagg gaacttgaat     42300
     taagcatgga tgaatggtat agtgttgctt tggtctgaaa tatgaggtat aatttatcat     42360
     ttatatgaaa aggagtctca tgccaggcgt tggtggcaca ctcctttaat cccagcactc     42420
     gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgtgttc     42480
     caggacagct agggctacac agagaaaacc tgtctcaaac ctcccgcccc ccccccaaaa     42540
     aaaaagaaaa ggagtctcat atcttgacag ccatcaatca tcacagtgta tgcaattgtc     42600
     actttactca gcaatgtaca catcaaagac tcacaataat aaatggttaa taataaatag     42660
     ttcagactca ttccaagatc acatttcttt ctgaaatttg ttttataaag gtagtaatct     42720
     ttcttctgat acttactagt actttgaaag attgctgata tcaaatgaat atagtgacta     42780
     gttcttatga ttgaatgaga cagcagattc ccatattgaa agactgagtt agcactgact     42840
     ctgccttaac tcaagtagct gggaggagtt gactgagagc acacaggatt tctctctatt     42900
     tttgaagaaa acctctagtg ctacgagtga ccaggttcat cataggaaag aaaatgcaca     42960
     catagattct gaaagtataa atgaggcgtg ggacgtggga ggtggagatc agtaaacaat     43020
     agtgctagaa caagagaaca agacaatcag cacttcagga agaccagaac atgagaaaca     43080
     gaagtgttga catctttttg ttattcccag tgaaaggcat ggacatttca gactagagaa     43140
     ccagacatga gagtagtatg aagcatatat ttgaatccat gatgaaaata catttaataa     43200
     ggtagatgaa taagatcatt agaaggtggt ttgtgagttt gtcaaagcaa gatagttgag     43260
     tttactcatg cagattacag gaataacaat attatctttt ctcctgaaga ggaaaagaaa     43320
     acacaggtta aagagtataa gtgaatgata gacagtgtat tttcactaca tatcagtacc     43380
     agaggatgga gagccctgaa gagtacttaa gatggacata cagtaatagt ctacaactca     43440
     aactatggtt aacccatgaa agcattttat acaggccaga gttacaaaaa aaaaagacca     43500
     ttaaaagttt atagagttta tttctgtact tgcagcactt tgtgaatggc tggcatacag     43560
     agacccatgt catccttgtt tgctgagaca gaaagtactt aagctgatgt ggtgatgagt     43620
     cagttttgac agcatagata acagggtgtt ttctaggact cccagtgtga gcatacatag     43680
     tatggagagc ctgcagtgtc aaaataactt agaagagtca aactggcaca tgaaaatccc     43740
     tatatgatgt tagaggccat caactatgtc tttctgctcc tcttccatct gtctccccac     43800
     cttccctcct ctctaaccta tcccttttgg tgctgaagat ctgatcagga aatcacggta     43860
     gttactccaa caataaagtg tgtttccaac taaatttatc tgttttaatt tgtaatatag     43920
     atcagtgcca cataaaaaat ttataaatgg tgtttgaatc attcaacaga atattctaag     43980
     tatgagactt agactctttc agactagttt tacaacaatg acctggaaat tgggtggaca     44040
     gtgatgtaat ggatgagaga tttaaaagag atgttggtga taggtggtag ttgttgttac     44100
     actagaacca tgaggtgcag tgacttattc cactgactga tcgctgtcgt taatgttgtt     44160
     acattacata ttttaaattt ggtaaagaat tcatttgtca ttgttttcct ctttaatatt     44220
     tgttagtgta tattacttga caaaaatgga tgcacttcat taggccattt tcctccatgt     44280
     ataagttatg ttgatcatat tatcctcgta tcctcttccc atttcttctc ccttccacca     44340
     atccaatgtt gtagttctta ccagaccctt ttcttctttc aaattgttta ttcttctgtt     44400
     ttcatgttag aacaaaatat gtgaacctag tctttccaaa tctgacccaa ttcttttacc     44460
     aagacagcct ccagtttctc ctgtatacaa tagtttactt ctctctttct ctctctctct     44520
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cctctttttg tttttttgag     44580
     acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtt ctggaactca tttcttagcc ctggctatcc     44640
     cctgtactga ggcatataaa gtttgcaata gccagaagct ggaaagaacc cagattcccc     44700
     ccaacagagg aatggataca gaaaatgtgg tacatttaca caatggagta ttactcagct     44760
     attaaaaaga atgaaattat gaaattccta ggcaaatgga tggacctgga gggcattatc     44820
     ctgagtgagg taacccagtt gcttacccag ttgtccttac cttttgttgg catgacattt     44880
     tttttcaaaa atatcagaat aagaagctat aatattgcat tatgcatctt tttcactaac     44940
     acaaacccat tcattgtttg atctttttaa aggtaagatt ttttttatac ctttattggc     45000
     tttatttagt atgtgaagga gggagaaata aatggtgcat gtacagagag cagaggcaca     45060
     tcttcaggag ttgtttctct ccaccatgta gatctcagga atcaatctgg gatttttagt     45120
     ctttttgttg tttgtttgct tgtttttgtt ttttgttttg ttttccattt tgtactgatt     45180
     attttattta tttacatgtc aatgttatcc ttcttcccac tctcccctcc acaagccacc     45240
     tatcccctcc tccctccaac ctgcctatat gtgggtgctc ccctaactgc ccattcactc     45300
     ctccttcagc tccctagcat cccctcttct gggttatcaa gcctctgcag gaccaaggtg     45360
     ttcccctccc agtaataccc aataaatgcc atcctctacc acatatccag cttgaagcat     45420
     gggtcctcca tgtgtcctct tttttttctt ttgtttttaa ttgggtattt atttcattta     45480
     cacttccaat gctatcccaa aagtccccca caagctcctc cacccactcc cacttcttgg     45540
     ccctgtcatt cccctctact gaggcagata acgtttgcac gaccaatggg catctctttc     45600
     cactgattgg ctacctaggc catcttctga ttcatatgca gcatagagac acgagctcca     45660
     gtggctactg gttagttcac ctataggatt gcagatccct ttagctcctt gggtactttc     45720
     tctagctcct ccattggggg ccctgtgatc catccaatag ctaactgtga gcatccactt     45780
     ctgtgtttgc caggcactgc gatagcctca caggagacag cctatatcag ggtcttgtca     45840
     gcacaatctt gctagtgtat gcaatagggt ctgcgtttgg tggatgatta tgtgatggat     45900
     ccccgggtat ggcagtctct agatggtcca tcattttgtc tcagctccaa agtttgtctc     45960
     tgtaactcct tccatgagtg ttttgttccc aattctaaga aggggcaaag tgtcccacac     46020
     tttggtcttc gttcttcttg agtttcatgt gttttgcaaa ttgtatctta tatcttgggt     46080
     attctaagtt tctgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgagtg catatcaagt gacttctttt     46140
     gtgaatgggt tacctcattc aggatgatat cctccagata catccatttg cctaagaatt     46200
     tcataagttc attgtttttt gttttttttt cattttttat taggtattta gcttcattta     46260
     catttacaaa tgctatacca aaagtccccc atacccaccc accctcactc ccctacccac     46320
     ccactccccc tttttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcatgtc     46380
     caatgggcct ctctttccag tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttttgataca tatgcagcta     46440
     gagtcaagag ctccggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag     46500
     atccctttag ctccttgggt actttctcta gctcctccat tgggagccct gtgatccatc     46560
     cattagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccccggcata gtctcacaag     46620
     agacagctac atctgggtcc tttcgataaa atcttgctag tatatgcaat ggtgtcagcg     46680
     tttggatgct gattatgggg tggatccctg gatatggcag tctctacatg gtccatcctt     46740
     tcatctcagc tccaaacttt gtctttgtaa ctccttccat gggtgttttg ttcccaattc     46800
     taaggaggag catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattctt cttgagtttc atgtgtttag     46860
     caaattgtat cttatatctt gggtatccta ggtttggggc taatatccac ttatcagtga     46920
     gtacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgaatg tgttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag     46980
     gtccatccat ttgcctagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc     47040
     cattgtgtag atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctgggttc     47100
     tttccagctt ctggctatta taaataaggc tgctatgaac atagtggagc atgtgtcctt     47160
     cttaccagtt ggggcatcaa cgaattggaa ggagcaattt gcaaattcgt ctggaataac     47220
     aaaaaaccta ggatagcaaa aagctcttct caaggataaa agaacttctg gtggaatcac     47280
     catgccagac ctaaagcttt actacagagc aattgtgata aaacctgcat ggtactggta     47340
     tagagacaga caagtagacc aatggaataa aattgaagac ccagaaatga acccacacac     47400
     ctatggtcac ttgatcttcg acaagggagc taaaaccgtc cagtggaaga aagacagcat     47460
     tttcaacaat tggtgctggc acagctggtt gttatcgtgt agaagaatgc gaatcgatcc     47520
     atacttatct ccttgtacta aggtcaaatc taagtggatc aaggaacttc acataaaacc     47580
     agagacactg aaacttatag aggagaaagt ggggaaaagc cttgaagata tgggtacagg     47640
     ggaaaaattc ctgaacagaa cagcaatggc ttgtgctgta agatcgagaa ttgacaaatg     47700
     ggacctaatg aaactccaaa gtttctgcaa ggcaaaagac accatcaata agacaaaaag     47760
     accaccaaca gattgggaaa gggtctttac ctatcctaaa tcagataggg gactaatatc     47820
     caacatatat aaagaactca agaaggtgga cttcagaaaa tcaaataacc ccattaaaaa     47880
     atggggctca gaactgaaca aagaattctc acctgaggaa tactgaatgg cagagaagca     47940
     tctgaaaaaa tgtttaacat ccttaatcat cagggaaatg caaatcaaaa caaccctgag     48000
     attccacctc acaccagtca gaatggctaa gttcaaaaat tcaggtgaca gcagatgctg     48060
     gcgtggatgt ggagaaagag gaacactcct ccattgttgg tgggattgca ggcttgtaca     48120
     accactctgg aaatcagtct ggcggttcct cagaaaattg gacatagtac taccggagat     48180
     ccagcaatac ctctcctggg catatatcca gaagttcatt gtttttaata gctgagcttg     48240
     tacaaccact ctgggaacca gtcaggtgtt tcctcaaaaa cttggacata ttattaccag     48300
     aagatccagc aatacagctc ctgggcatat atccagaaga tgttccaact ggtaataagg     48360
     acacatgctc cactatgttc atagcagcct tatttataat agccagaaac tggaaagaac     48420
     ccagatgtcc ctcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacacaatg gagtactact     48480
     ctgactgcct tttaccctct actttatcta tccttcctgt cccttctttt ttcaccacgt     48540
     agttctatga ttttgacata tgggttctgt gacttcctcc agttcccatc tcataaatct     48600
     ctcttctctc tcatagactc tttctatgtt ttagacctat accccctcac acacacacac     48660
     acacatcccc ccctacacac acacacacac acacacacaa tgcacacctc tactccacat     48720
     atcataaaaa ttatgcaata tttttccctt tgaagtttgg tctgttttgc ctcaaataga     48780
     tatctctact tccaccattt ctctatgaat gcaataattt ttttttcatc tgaatatatt     48840
     ccattgtgca tatgtgagac aatacatatc tacacatttt tgatagacat ttaggtttgt     48900
     tcttgattga ataaataatt ctgacatgaa agaatctgtg tattatgctg acttatattc     48960
     ctttaggtat aatgtaaaaa atgcactgag ataaaaataa tgtgattcag gtcaacctca     49020
     acctaagtat gtagctgggg atgacacaga cacttcccct cctgtttctg tcgccagagt     49080
     tcagggatta taggaatatg ccagcacagc tgactttgta catatgtgtt tatattcttg     49140
     gtggatttca taactgtttc catagtgcct acatcagttg actttcccat ccttagtatg     49200
     caaatgttcc tccattatct gctgtcattg cttgtcttga tggcagccat tctgactgtc     49260
     atgatatgga attctaatga gtttcagttt gcaattcctt gatggctgaa gctatcaaac     49320
     tgctctctca taggcaacaa ataaatataa atgtcatata tttttgaaga tataatcctt     49380
     gaaaaatatg atggtctaat ttgtgtgata atttttgttc ttgcttttta taaacaatag     49440
     tatgtagaca tcttgattaa aaaccacagc tttctcatcc tgagtgaggt aacacattca     49500
     caaaggaact cacacaatat gtactcactg ataagtggat attggcccaa aatctaggat     49560
     acccaagata taagatacaa tttgctaaac acatgaaact caagaagaat gaagactgaa     49620
     gtgtggacac tatgccactc tttagaattg ggaacaaaac atccatggaa ggagttacag     49680
     agacaaagtt tggagctgag acgaaaggat ggacccaccc cataatcagc ttccaaacgc     49740
     tgacaccatt gcatacacta gcaagatttt attgaaagga cccagatgta gctgtctctt     49800
     gtgagactat gctggggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca gctattggat     49860
     ggatcacagg gctcccaatg gaggagctag agaaagtacc caaggagcta aagggatctg     49920
     caaccctata ggtggaacaa cattatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc ttgtctctag     49980
     ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtcg gccatcacta gaaagagagg cccattggac     50040
     aagcaaactg tatatgcccc agtacagggg aatgccaggg ccaaaaaaaa atgggaatgg     50100
     gtgggtaggg aagtgggggg ggagggtatg ggagactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta     50160
     attgaggaaa atatgtaata aaaatattaa aaaaaaagaa atccacctcc actaatccag     50220
     gttaacatgt cttttgatgc cattgttcat acagttattt ttaaaatagc aattctgtga     50280
     atgaagaata aaacctttct tcactgtcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaccc acagctttca     50340
     gacagctttc cttgactgtt gaatctatgg tgatatgtga tgagaacctg gaagtctatg     50400
     tgattttctc cttaggaaca atagtggcag tgttataagc tagtttatag ttctgtctaa     50460
     aaccttatta tacactttat aagtttatat atataatgta aaaaatatat tttaatcaat     50520
     tataaactga taattacatt ttcaagatga aagagttaat tctttgatgg aggtacatgt     50580
     ttaggctagt taacaatttt gattgtcatt tcacacagat aaaaatatta aaaagaaatc     50640
     atgatcagga ctgagacttt caaaaaccca agaatcatct atctcatagt ctcccttata     50700
     catacaaggc taaattaggc tgatatggcc acttcttttt ataatcacag aagtacttag     50760
     gtggtcttaa aacttttgtg gcctcagttt aatctgagga ataataccat caaccatatt     50820
     gcagctctaa cataaatact acagatgcca gtgaagtagt acacaggaaa gtacacagaa     50880
     gccttcccag taagcagaac tgctcatttc tccacattct tgtcatatat gaagttatga     50940
     gggctttaag agattctaat ttgtatagat ttatttatat ttatactgtg ttcctattgt     51000
     ttttttattt acctggtaaa cagaacataa caatgctctg tgccagtgta cattcatagt     51060
     aactctgctg ttatacactg acatgtataa ataacaaact acactgaata tgttgtttat     51120
     tttatagctt ttgtttcttt ggttttgaga ttataattta attataatgt ttcttcctcc     51180
     tctctatccc caaacaacct caaataactc tctcaactct ccttcaaatt ctctttccat     51240
     caatgctatt gcacacatat atggatgtgt atagatggtt tgttgtgtca ggctgagtgc     51300
     aaatgctctc ttatatccat ctattttttc ctgtacatgg agctgtgcat aggtactgag     51360
     acctcttcac ttctggggaa gtcccaatac atcacaggct tgtaggacag aaacagaact     51420
     actccagatt cacttcaaga atcttaatct tacattcctg agcatactaa aatcttcata     51480
     aaaatcaggc aggaagtaag aaccagaggt attcagccta gagacccatg attgaacaaa     51540
     acaagacagg caaaaacttt tttaaaaaag tcaatgaaat gatgcctgat gatcttctca     51600
     tatactcata gattgattgg tgcccagttc agttatcgtt ggagagtcat catccagcaa     51660
     cggataggag cagacacaga gacccacagc caaacactag gcagagcaac aggatcccaa     51720
     ggaagaggaa aaggaagaat tgtaggagtc aggtattaag gactctgtga gaacagacta     51780
     aacaagtaag caggactcat aggggctcac agagagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag     51840
     ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggagag agggagagag agagagagag agagagagag     51900
     agagagagag agagagagag agagaaagga gagagagagg agagagagag gagagaggag     51960
     agagaggaga gagagaggag agagagagaa aggagagaga gatagagaaa ggagagagag     52020
     aaacggagag ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     52080
     agagagagag agagagctga ggtaattcac tactcagcag tgcatgttgc ttcttccctt     52140
     cacaggggaa gttcccttct tattttcaca tatctctttc atgccctgag tcattctcat     52200
     ccctaagtgc ctccctcatc atctcacaca gaaacttctc ttcccaggtc cttctcctcc     52260
     cacttttgta ccttctcctt gtgtgaacct cagagcttat ttaaggcttc ccatggtttt     52320
     taataccaag aaggaaaagc acaccagaag ttcttagcat gaaaagttta ggacatttta     52380
     tgtgagagtt tagaggacac aatgagattg aaaaggaatg aagatgaaat taaataattt     52440
     aagagtaatg aaaaatatag agtacaaatg ggaataggtg gggactatca agtaaaaaaa     52500
     tgattctaaa acatacacag tatacacagt gcccaggaag cagcagaatg agcgactgaa     52560
     ttagtgagag aagtaatgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     52620
     gaagaaaact tcaacacagg gagaatatct ttcaagctcc cttcactggg tttacctgtc     52680
     actaggaaaa cctttctcac ttctttccct ccctctttct ttatctctga atattgccac     52740
     taatcttagg gttataagta gctttgtatt tcttttttat tttttccaag ttgagagttc     52800
     tatgtttcct tgtctggatc ccaaaaacta aaagagagag aaatgtccaa gacatgacca     52860
     atttacttgt atgctacttc ccataaatca tgtgactaaa ttaacaaatt aaagaatgaa     52920
     ggaaacatac caaacaagta tgaaagaaat gaatatatat ttattttcct acctgaaggt     52980
     ttcttcaaaa catgaagaaa aatagttaga aaaacaatag aagaatgatt attttgtctt     53040
     cttttcttat gttccataat tggggtgatc ctcttgtgca ctcaaactaa aagaaaacga     53100
     accaacatac ccagatcaaa acaaaacaaa acaggcaaat tttcttatat ataatgtgtt     53160
     ttaatttttt atttgtgtag taaacaatat tgaagagata atattgaaca gacaagctat     53220
     gttattggtg caagaattga aaaatacagt atttaaagaa gatgttttag aaacagaatt     53280
     agctgcgagg ataagaacag acactactca gagtgagacc cagaactcaa atgtcttaag     53340
     cctgtgccat agccaccctg tgtagatatg gttgtcatct ctgaagcctc accctgcaag     53400
     gtaacaccct ggcattggcc aatctgctca gagaggacag agtgggcagg agccagcatt     53460
     gggtatataa agctgagcag ggtcagttgc ttcttacgtt tgcttctgag tctgttgtgt     53520
     tgacttgcaa cttcagaaac agacatcatg gtgcacctga ctgatgctga gaagtctgct     53580
     gtctcttgcc tgtgggcaaa ggtgaacccc gatgaagttg gtggtgaggc cctgggcagg     53640
     ttggtatcca ggttacaagg cagctcacaa gtagaagctg ggtgcttgga gacagaggtc     53700
     tgctttccag caggcactaa ctttcagtgt cccctgtcta tgtttccctt tttaggctgc     53760
     tggttgtcta cccttggacc cagcggtact ttgatagctt tggagaccta tcctctgcct     53820
     ctgctatcat gggtaatccc aaggtgaagg cccatggcaa aaaggtgata actgccttta     53880
     acgagggcct gaaaaacctg gacaacctca agggcacctt tgccagcctc agtgagctcc     53940
     actgtgacaa gctgcatgtg gatcctgaga acttcagggt gagtctgatg ggcacctcct     54000
     gggtttcctt cccctggcta ttctgctcaa ccttcctatc agaaggaaag gggaagcgat     54060
     tctagggagc agtttcgatg atggtgtgtg gatgtgaatt gtgagtgttg actagagttt     54120
     ggatatttta ttctctactc agaattgctg ctccctctca ctctgttctg ttcttctgtg     54180
     ttgtcatttc ctctttcttg gttaagtttt aattttcagt tgcagtttta aagtgcatct     54240
     tttatctact ttctgttttc ttttcaaata tatcctggta tcttactctg aggacaaaaa     54300
     gataaatgat tctctgatcc tttccacagt tctaatgaat tatagggcga taattggctt     54360
     ttaggatagg acaataagga agagtatatt ttgtggctaa attttgtgtg tcatagaata     54420
     attctttttt attttttatt tattattttt ttcatagaat aattcttatc aaaattgacc     54480
     agtagaaccc agctgccatt ttacctatct ttgaagatta taactgtaaa ttccatttga     54540
     aatcggcctt cagcatcttg tattgttgct ctacttcata ttgatgcgtc ttctgtcttc     54600
     ccacagctcc taggcaatgc gatcgtgatt gtgctgggcc accacctggg caaggatttc     54660
     acccctgctg cacaggctgc cttccagaag gtggtggctg gagtggccac tgccctggct     54720
     cacaagtacc actaagcccc ttttctgcta ttgtctatgc acaaaggtta tatgtcccct     54780
     agagaaaaac tgtcaagtgt ggggaaatga tgaagacctt tgggcatcta gcttttatct     54840
     aataaatgat atttactgtc atctcaattc tgtgttttga ttacttgtgt ttcttgcaag     54900
     gattaatgtg aaatatttat tatataaagc agttggggca tgctggaggg atggaagtga     54960
     gggtaaaagt catgtcattc tatttcagtt aaaaccattc aagaataaaa taccaaagaa     55020
     gaagtgagag ttcagaaaca aggtattcac tttgacttcc tggtaattga cttctgcagc     55080
     tttgtgataa gtggtgagat agtaagtggc tattctgtca gcaaccttcc ctgacatcca     55140
     tttctcagaa aaagaagtca aataggggtt taatttacag catagacata tactatgctt     55200
     tatagttttt tgtatttttc taatttttcc tcacaaatgc cccttgattt tctgcttgtt     55260
     gtctagtatc tcagagactt cagtctaatt tctcttgcct caagtatcca tcactctttt     55320
     cttttatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc taaaatatat atcaaatata     55380
     tttttctttt ttattatttt ctttatttac atttcaaatg ttatcccctt tcctagtttc     55440
     ccctccaaaa atcccctatc ccctctcccc tccccctgct ccccaaccca cccactccca     55500
     ttcctggtcc tggcatttcc ctatattggg gcgtagagcc ttcacaggac caagggccct     55560
     gattactatt caagggtgtc ttccttgctt gcttttctat gaacattatc cattttctcc     55620
     tgacctctgt tatcttagaa aaccccactg tgttacagag atatgcttga agaggaaacc     55680
     caggagttct tgagccctgg tccccagcct ctcccattaa caatgataat gaaacttcac     55740
     atactcacaa cttgaactag agaacaggag gcattagtaa ggggtaaata aggactatgg     55800
     aaaatatgag cagaaatgtt ttgttctttg atagcctttg cagacatagg aagctt         55856