EBI Dbfetch

ID   CU467499; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 133907 BP.
AC   CU467499;
DT   10-AUG-2007 (Rel. 92, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone DN-152A21 on chromosome 4 Contains the
DE   A3galt2 gene for alpha 1,3-galactosyltransferase 2 (
DE   isoglobotriaosylceramide synthase), the Zfp362 gene for zinc finger protein
DE   362, the 3' end of the Phc2 gene for polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila) and
DE   two CpG islands
KW   A3galt2; CpG island; HTG; Phc2; Zfp362.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-133907
RA   Kerry G.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL Clone requests: Geneservice ( and
RL   BACPAC Resources (
DR   MD5; 0a38a39e41addf2a4cc7cc00b256f249.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584324.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028794; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028796; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028799; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030585; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030588; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000071108; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106072; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106077; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106079; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106080; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000120946; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133439; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000134421; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000136377; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000147572; mus_musculus.
CC   Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30
CC   DN-152A21 is from a DIL (Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory) NOD Mouse
CC   BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..133907
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="NOD mouse library"
FT                   /clone="DN-152A21"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    2001..133907
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(CU210837.8:125823..125937,CU210837.8:175999..176235,
FT                   CU210837.8:178943..179101,CU210837.8:179983..180060,
FT                   CU210837.8:180505..180669,CU210837.8:182077..182163,
FT                   2258..>2393)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-002"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ242730.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY241954.1 Em:BY727076.1"
FT   mRNA            join(CU210837.8:159842..159949,CU210837.8:175999..176235,
FT                   CU210837.8:178943..179101,CU210837.8:179983..180060,
FT                   CU210837.8:180505..180669,CU210837.8:182077..182163,
FT                   2258..2558,13305..13696,13944..14109,33738..33940,
FT                   35385..35514,36173..36287,37484..37625,38391..38667,
FT                   41880..43261)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-001"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF060076.1 Em:BC057571.1
FT                   Em:U81491.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI265005.1 Em:BF015838.1
FT                   Em:BI688830.1 Em:BQ573032.1 Em:BU058244.1 Em:CA568985.1
FT                   Em:CA749101.1 Em:CA751622.1 Em:CB182679.1"
FT   CDS             join(CU210837.8:176053..176235,CU210837.8:178943..179101,
FT                   CU210837.8:179983..180060,CU210837.8:180505..180669,
FT                   CU210837.8:182077..182163,2258..>2393)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000042865"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B1AS97"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1860454"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B1AS97"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52298.1"
FT   CDS             join(CU210837.8:176053..176235,CU210837.8:178943..179101,
FT                   CU210837.8:179983..180060,CU210837.8:180505..180669,
FT                   CU210837.8:182077..182163,2258..2558,13305..13696,
FT                   13944..14109,33738..33940,35385..35514,36173..36287,
FT                   37484..37625,38391..38667,41880..42034)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000042864"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9QWH1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B2KFW6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001660"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012313"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013761"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021129"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B2KFW6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52299.1"
FT   mRNA            join(CU210837.8:181183..182163,2258..2558,13305..14820)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-006"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK083804.1"
FT   mRNA            join(17971..18260,33738..33845,35385..35514,36173..36287,
FT                   37484..37625,38416..38667,41880..43261)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-005"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC051657.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI691644.1"
FT   mRNA            join(17975..18260,33738..33940,35385..35514,36173..36287,
FT                   37484..37625,38391..38667,41880..43261)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-004"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB062362.1 Em:BC071246.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BB618608.1 Em:BE554611.1
FT                   Em:BQ886543.1 Em:BU059236.1 Em:BY743699.1 Em:CK625922.1"
FT   mRNA            join(18072..18260,33738..33845,35385..35514,36173..36287,
FT                   37484..37625,38391..38600)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-010"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ886544.1"
FT   mRNA            join(18100..18260,18477..18589,33738..>33940)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-007"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ958081.1"
FT   mRNA            join(18323..18589,33738..33940,35385..35514,36173..36287,
FT                   37484..37625,38391..>38457)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-008"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG973955.1 Em:BY092306.1
FT                   Em:BY142711.1"
FT   mRNA            join(18361..18511,32307..32475,33738..>33855)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-011"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT   mRNA            join(18372..18511,33738..33940,35385..35514,36173..36287,
FT                   37484..>37515)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-009"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG243891.1"
FT   CDS             33788..>33855
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-011"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000043102"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B1ASA0"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1860454"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B1ASA0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52290.1"
FT                   /translation="MTSGNGNSASSIAGTAPQNGEN"
FT   CDS             33788..>33940
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-007"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000043098"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B2KGX1"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B2KGX1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52291.1"
FT                   GAEPFP"
FT   CDS             join(33788..33940,35385..35514,36173..36287,37484..>37515)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-009"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000043100"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B1ASA2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012313"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1860454"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B1ASA2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52292.1"
FT   CDS             join(33788..33940,35385..35514,36173..36287,37484..37625,
FT                   38391..>38457)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-008"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000043099"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B1ASA3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012313"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1860454"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B1ASA3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52293.1"
FT   CDS             join(35428..35514,36173..36287,37484..37625,38391..38574)
FT                   /gene="Phc2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.1-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000043096"
FT                   /product="polyhomeotic-like 2 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9QWH1"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B2KGX4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52294.1"
FT                   KARGTWISLTCT"
FT   mRNA            join(45732..45929,51787..51870,52019..52108,52403..52540,
FT                   57359..58962)
FT                   /gene="A3galt2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.2-001"
FT                   /product="alpha 1,3-galactosyltransferase 2
FT                   (isoglobotriaosylceramide synthase)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF248543.1 Em:BC061714.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW921899.1 Em:BU671075.1
FT                   Em:CB586087.1"
FT   CDS             join(45910..45929,51787..51870,52019..52108,52403..52540,
FT                   57359..58046)
FT                   /gene="A3galt2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000043107"
FT                   /product="alpha 1,3-galactosyltransferase 2
FT                   (isoglobotriaosylceramide synthase)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q3V1N9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005076"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029044"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:2685279"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52295.1"
FT   mRNA            join(49626..50389,51787..51870,52019..52108,52403..52540,
FT                   57359..59672)
FT                   /gene="A3galt2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.2-002"
FT                   /product="alpha 1,3-galactosyltransferase 2
FT                   (isoglobotriaosylceramide synthase)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK132334.1"
FT   CDS             join(50277..50389,51787..51870,52019..52108,52403..52540,
FT                   57359..58046)
FT                   /gene="A3galt2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000043108"
FT                   /product="alpha 1,3-galactosyltransferase 2
FT                   (isoglobotriaosylceramide synthase)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q3V1N9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005076"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029044"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:2685279"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52296.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(63456..65005,67452..67610,67736..67814,
FT                   76346..76570,77269..77596,80234..80480,80620..80683,
FT                   85226..85353,96388..96421))
FT                   /gene="Zfp362"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.3-001"
FT                   /product="zinc finger protein 362"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318356.1 Em:BC039093.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI430508.1 Em:AW495708.1
FT                   Em:AW825843.1 Em:BB656590.1 Em:BE948833.1 Em:BF471050.1
FT                   Em:BI557757.1 Em:BQ126222.1 Em:BQ176200.1 Em:CF736472.1
FT                   Em:CF738994.1 Em:CF749904.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(64889..65005,67452..67610,67736..67814,
FT                   76346..76570,77269..77596,80234..80480,80620..80683,
FT                   85226..85263))
FT                   /gene="Zfp362"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000043109"
FT                   /product="zinc finger protein 362"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8WYU4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B1ASA5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015880"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:2652839"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B1ASA5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ52297.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(79691..79930,80234..80462))
FT                   /gene="Zfp362"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-467J23.3-002"
FT                   /product="zinc finger protein 362"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG148508.1"
SQ   Sequence 133907 BP; 34701 A; 33620 C; 32835 G; 32751 T; 0 other;
     tcagggaggg tcaggtccaa gatggagcca gggaaagtca ccccacagtg cctcccttcc        60
     ctgcccatct cagaactaag ttagggagac ggggcaggat gcatgcccag gtggtgccta       120
     gaactcacag gtgagcagac agattctagc tgctccacag agacaagctg gctcccagga       180
     cagtcctctc agcttgcccc gttctatttc atgtagaaca tacctgacct ggcactgtct       240
     gcccctaagg ggtccttagg tctgggaaca gcagactagg aagcaaccac gtaaccgtgg       300
     tgggctccaa ccgacaagtc cccgcccgtg tcgcccgtcc gtgccgcccg tgccgcccag       360
     gctgaagaga agctggtttt ctcttttacc cgtgacgaca ccatcctgaa gacagcgtag       420
     tccctccctg ccttgctgtt aaggccagag catcacaccg ggggctgctc tgatcttgtt       480
     ccctagtttt tcttcctgac tccgagcttg tcgctgcggg tactcttccc cttcccaggc       540
     aatgcctcag acagcatatg actggacttc catgtcccca gccaactggc agccacactc       600
     cactttactc tatgtcccca ctggggtcct gatgcccatc tgctgccctc tgagagcaga       660
     atgtacacag agggagtgat ccaggaggcc ccagcactga gatgaaggag gccccctgcc       720
     ccgacaccag cttatccaca tgcacgcaga gacagagcca cacagaggtc aaggtgccag       780
     ccagtgctgc ctctttacct gcacccctcc agatgagacg cagtcaccgt agctccaggc       840
     catctccttc ctctgctgtt gctgcttcca gactcccctc cccacccccg ctgaatcaga       900
     gcttgactag aaagtgacca ctgtgcaaac cgatttaatc ctttttgaaa gataatctta       960
     ttccgatcta gccctgggga acagagctat cttagacctg gaagatcagc ctatgacagc      1020
     tgcccaaggt tcctcctcac aggactgagg agacagtgcc agattctgag gcaacagagt      1080
     ccctcaggac aagggtcccg cttgcttagc catcccctgg ctaaactgct ctcccctgtg      1140
     gctcagccta cactgggcag gtaaaaggtg cctcgttccc tgtgattcca gacccagcta      1200
     ggtaacttgg tacaggtagc taggagccta ggccctctgt tcctttgtcc cctcagctca      1260
     tcttcacgcc cacggccacc gtcgctactg ttcagcctga gctctgcact ggttcccctg      1320
     ctcggccccc tacccctgcc caggtgagga ccccgggctc gtgggtgggc aggggggtgg      1380
     gcagctcata gaggggcagg ggtgctggca gtggtaggac tcgtctatga agcaataaga      1440
     aaatggactc gctcgttacc atccagctgg cctcagcacc tcttggctcc tctgaatata      1500
     ggtaggcagc agagagcacc gtgagccagc actgagggga ggggatcaga ggcaggggca      1560
     tacggagaga gggaacggca tgggtgctgg cctccggcct tctgctacag cacagaggag      1620
     ctattctgtg tgagaagtct gtgggaacct gagaacggac ctcttactca gtctgtcttc      1680
     ctacgccatc tccagaaggg ggacccaagc tcgaggatgg agaagctagg ttatgagtcc      1740
     ggcactgccc cccattgtcc agcagagggc agcagggacc aggctgagta agcatgcggc      1800
     tgtcttggaa acgacctggc gttaacctga ttgtgaggac aagctgagcc tctgctttgc      1860
     ctgtcagtct tgtcctgttt ttttccatac catgctttgc cgcagtagga tgcaacgaat      1920
     cccgatagtg tcaggggtgg ggaacgaaag gcgctggctt ccctgcccct gtctgcccca      1980
     gccgggcagc cccagaattc agttctgatc actaaccata cttcctgtgt tctttacaaa      2040
     ctccacccac tccgggcttc tctttcagcc cctaactacc caccccgtgc gtctctcttt      2100
     ctggtgtctc ttctctatct ctctttctct cactcgctcc gtctagaagt cattttcatg      2160
     tctgtagtcc tggatctgcc ctaactccct ctcaggtgtg tgttgctgtt gccccggcct      2220
     gcattctctg gactctcacg gggcccctct ttttcaggta cagaacctga cgcttcgcac      2280
     ccagcagaca ccagcagcag cagcctcggg ccctcccccc acccagcctg tcctgcccag      2340
     cttggccctg aaacccacac ccagcagtag ccagcctctg cctgccccac cacagggcag      2400
     gaccatggct cagggttccc ctgcgggtgc caagcctagt gggactgaca atgcaccgga      2460
     gccactcaag gcaggagatg gtaactgcaa catggagggc cggccagggt ctggccgggc      2520
     agttcctgct gtggctactc acccgctcat tgcaccaggt aaggtcccag cacgatgaag      2580
     tctgggttat ggatcaagag agccctccaa agcttccaaa cgttccttcc catatgtgcg      2640
     ttaggacacc agactccctg tcccctccca gtcctggggt gtttgccagc cccaggctcc      2700
     ggttcatgct tagtctgact ttagaaacca catccctagg gttaagcctt tgcaccgaca      2760
     cagccccggc tccgggaacc ggtcacagcc ttagccctga atgggtgggg actggtagat      2820
     ggactatttt gggatcccca aagttagtga aagggatgtg gccagccaga gcttgggaga      2880
     gccacaggca gaggagaggc aggaagctga ctctaatcct tcaggaggcc ttggctaact      2940
     tatgtgggca agctttctga ctcctctgag ttcccagagg ctggggaggt aaaggagggt      3000
     gacactgtgg cctgttctgt gtccaagctc cgagccccgc aggagagtgg aaggaccccc      3060
     taacctcgtg gacaggagcc tgggatctcc acacttgaga gtaaatctag aagattggaa      3120
     aaaaaaaaaa aagctgattg tttgctgggc ccattcattc tgcaaatggg ggtgaatcag      3180
     tggcctctga ctagcccccg gccctgccca ctgaacctcc cagcactggc tgtgaatgag      3240
     aaaatctgcc aagagctctg gaagcctgga aacaaacttt ctagtcgaag gaaaaagtgt      3300
     gagcaattca acaacagaag taaatatagc agggaccata ttgcttagat taaaaacagt      3360
     ccctgtggcc agccaccaac cctcatcctc acccacgcac gccactgaga atccagtaga      3420
     cgccacacgg tctctgaagt tttcttgaga atctatgact agattaaaac caaggtgatc      3480
     aggctggggt gtaacttggt gatacaacaa tacttaccta gaatatgtga agccctggct      3540
     ttgatgccca ctgtcaccaa aaaaggttaa aaaaaaaaaa agtcaactta tgctttctta      3600
     cctaagagaa tatacagtta aaagcaaatc cattcaggct tttaatccat tgtaggtgtg      3660
     gcaggcacag atagtcaact cagtaccagg cagctgactc tggggtgctg tctctcagag      3720
     gatgcacctg agttttttta tgtagcccag gccagcctgg aactccccat cttcctgtct      3780
     cagcctcatg aatactgggg tacaggtatg tgccaacaca gccagctggc acccgaatct      3840
     tgaagaatga gcagcagtag cccggcacac aagtagggat aggcgcccta ggcagactga      3900
     aggaagcaca ggccaagcgc atgaatacga gtcatttctt caccgttcgg agacttcaga      3960
     agtcacccag gacaaaggac aggttaactg acttgcatag gtcctacctg agctgagaag      4020
     ggctccccct gcagaggcct aaggttccca gttgtccccc tgcctggcat tgctatttcc      4080
     agagactgct ccagctgtgt tctttggtgg aaaaagaaac tgaggctgga cagccagact      4140
     tggggggggg gggcacatgt gattagaaca ttagcctgga gctagagcaa caaggctcct      4200
     cctctttctt cctcctcctc ctcctcttcc tcctcctcct cttctcctcc tcttcctcct      4260
     cttcttcctc ctcctcctcc tcttcttctt cctcctcctc ctctaattca ataacattta      4320
     atttttttac tgaaaaaaaa tcatacagta tattgacctc ccccccctcc attcctacca      4380
     ggttctcccc atcaccaacc acccaccttc tctctccctc ttaaaaacac aaacaagcaa      4440
     acaaaaacaa acatcaaaaa tggaaatcat agaagccaaa gaccagtaag acaaacatgc      4500
     ccagacaaaa cgagataaaa tttctccaaa actagcattg actttgtttc gtgttggcca      4560
     attactcttg agtgtaggac ctatcctcaa gtgtggttaa tataccagtg agacgccatt      4620
     ggagaaaacg agtggttcct ttgccagtgg gtatcagttg tagatgcatc ttggttaggg      4680
     ctgggagccc gtgtccactt gcccctctcg tcagtgacag gccctatatg tgctgccacg      4740
     gtctctgtga gttcatccat gcgttggccc tgttgtgtct ggaaaactgt ttccttggcg      4800
     ttcgttctcc atcacctctg gctccagcac tctttccaac ccctttccac aagggtcccc      4860
     aggccttgaa gggagggcca aagctccact tctaagttct atcactggag caatctcagg      4920
     gcccagtacc ttgggaatct caatcctgcc cagaccaaag tgtagcttct ctctagatcg      4980
     aaaccagccc caaattctaa ggattttgaa acagagcaaa gcaggtcttg agtggcttcc      5040
     aaggctgctg gcatctctat gatctccaag aagatggaca gagagaagaa agatacccac      5100
     aggcagtcta tccttcgttg gagagcctgt atcctgtgca tgccatgttt ttctgtctct      5160
     gagagagccc tttctgtttg gcagttggga aatctgaggc ccagggagat cgccccaaga      5220
     acttgcatca tacagtcctc aaaatcacgg gtagtcagtg aggggctggg cccaactcca      5280
     caccccatat cctcagctct gcaccctcaa ccaggccaag ggacactccc aattcttaca      5340
     gtgacttggg gcctccttgc ctctcctctt cccagcccaa tgctcagaga acctgggggt      5400
     tctaactaag gctgtatgtt gatttgcaga tccaaatggc tacctctcta agctcttgag      5460
     ccccggaaag gtccacagca ggcttgagag cctggggctg agcctgacag tgtgggtgtg      5520
     atgcagatga gactggtggc cccacagaac tttccgtgga gcagctgtgt gctaaggaat      5580
     acaaagaccc tctccccaga gacgcagatc agtgggcttg gcattgttcc tgcctcccac      5640
     tgtctggccc attcttcctt tctctccaac ccccacccct ccataagcct ctccactcct      5700
     cgactctcac ctcccaaaag gaaggcagct gggggaggct taggagccac tgggcctctc      5760
     tgggcctgtg gaacaaaaaa aagaccgaaa taattctttc aacctgatgg gggttggggg      5820
     gaacagagca aagcagcacc tgtcagactg cacagttcct cgggcgcaga ggtgatggct      5880
     ggccttctgc ccagccagcc cactgtgtgt caatgaggaa ggggcgaagg cgggagagcc      5940
     gagcaggcat gcttgtgctt gtgagagagc gctgtatact ggaggagagt ctgttttgtt      6000
     acgggagcat ttttgtttaa agctggctgg ctgccccagg aggaaggtgg gcagttgaga      6060
     cttgcggggg ggggagggca ggggcagcaa agaggaatgt gtcttccctg ggggtgtttc      6120
     ctccagagag gcaagccctc ctgccccagc tgggactgct cccactgaca gctgtttggg      6180
     ggcaaagccc ctcccccatg gcaagctccc tgctgttcct gctcctgtca ccttggcaac      6240
     cagcttcttt aggctgtgca aatagaaaag gtcccttatg ccctgaaaga gtgtggatgg      6300
     gggaggggag gcagggcagg agagcggagc ctaggatgtt gagccttgga agggaaggca      6360
     aggggtctgg ccttgccctt cttagggcta gggagactgg atcatagaag gcagaagagg      6420
     gcaggcagaa gggtcctgtg ggcccggcct ctgggacagc caagacctaa ggcaacctga      6480
     ccatagctcc aactaagagg cttggtcctt tgactcacca ttctgggtga taaactctgg      6540
     gctctgggta acactcaggc ccaacccgat ggtgaggaga cagttgctga ccaggaggag      6600
     tgtgttgttg taaaaggggg ttggagagtc tctgaagctc ctgggcccct ttcactcaga      6660
     tggacctcca gatgccaggc ctttgttcag tctcctcaac cgcctcagat tttgactccg      6720
     aggggaaatc ttctgaaggg caggcctgcc acgtagctgt tttatcacag agtggatttg      6780
     tgtcaggggg cagagatttc catctgtgat aggctgggca gagtgatgct ttctggttca      6840
     aggattcttg agtactgtgt atattcctcc caaagcagct gctaaattaa tgggtcacac      6900
     tttcactagg gaaaaaaaaa tgcagtaaac agctaagcat gcaggtgagc ctgctatcca      6960
     gctgcaggtg gaaattgcca gcgattttcc tgttaaaacc atagaaccag ccttgaaagt      7020
     tattccagca gtgtagggcc agatttagat tacgaaactc ttaggcttag ggaaaactca      7080
     gaactcatta attatcagcg ggaggtgggg tggggggtta cccaggatcc ttcacggcga      7140
     aggtgggtgt gaatgcgtgc atacacgtgt gcctgcatta tgtgcggaca tgcctgtgtt      7200
     tgtgccaaga aagagaaaac cagttgtgtg aatttctcct ttcaccctgt cttagtcagg      7260
     gtttctagtc ctgcacagac atcatgacca agaagcagtt ggggaggaaa gggtttattc      7320
     ggcttacact tccacactgc tgttcatcac cagggaagtc aggactggaa ctcaagcagg      7380
     tcaggaagca ggagctgatg cagaggccat ggagggatgt tctttactgg cttgcttccc      7440
     ctggcttgct cagcctgctc tcttatagaa ctgagactac cagcccagag atggtcccac      7500
     ccacaagggg cctttccccc ttgatcacta attgagaaaa taccttacag ttggatctca      7560
     cggaggcatt tcctcccacc tcacaaagga agatgcatcc ggtgaaccgg cattccaaat      7620
     caaccgccat tcccaatcat tttctccacg tcttcaactg ttccgttcag ttcaagaaat      7680
     actcatttga cacatatttt gtgcctgcta ctacgccaca ccatgggagt acagagctgg      7740
     gcaagagctg aaattctatg aaaggttgtg gaaatccaag ctgtactttg aagatgggac      7800
     tttgtagcat ggagcaaaca ggagggctgc ctcagacagc accggggaca ccccagtcct      7860
     gagtgactca cgcatctttc cctctgcaac taccaggcct ggcaccctcc tcctctggac      7920
     tggctttccg tcttgcccag aggcagctga gagaatgccg gtctgcgggg cgccacagcc      7980
     ttagctcagt gctgttgtag atatcctgtt ggctcctttt ttgatctcca gatgccttca      8040
     ctttgtcttc tctttcctgc ctgaccacgt gaggacctac tatgtgacat gctgatgatg      8100
     gctgtggcct aactctgact ataaggacct ttgaggccct gccacactgg ccacatatca      8160
     actgccatgc ttacaattga tctttcctta cactgactga ctgccacagc cgagcaaaca      8220
     cactcagctc tcttctcata cccaaacccc tctgtgcctg gcttgacctg agactcagtc      8280
     agtctgtcta tctgtctgtc tgtctgtcag tcatgcatct ttggctacct acccttttca      8340
     ttgtccctcc agggtcactt tcacagttct cagcagccat ggtgacactc aggggcctgc      8400
     tgtgttcatg catgcttgct gatgtgttgt ttgctcagcc ttacctttat gtgcaagact      8460
     ccatatgtca tctgtcagcc tcaaaactcc cagccttctg gatgggagat gtcactggga      8520
     acccctctca gttcttgctt gtaagatgag cacactgccg gcaggcttac tgttaggaaa      8580
     aggtgaaagt cgagttgtaa aagtcacgtg agacattcaa agcaatagag tatataagaa      8640
     cagctactgt tagccagaca tgataatgca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga      8700
     ggcaggcgga tctctgtgag ttcaagacca gcctgttcta cagagtaagt tctgggaaag      8760
     ccagggctac acagagaaac tttgtctaga aagacaaaag aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa      8820
     caaatacaaa aagaacagct actatttact tgtaccttct gtgtaccaag cattgagcaa      8880
     aaatggtggt ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtggttt aaatataata ctctatttga tattaatacc      8940
     taccctatat gatatatgtc aacattaaca gaacaggaaa tgaagattca ggaaggttag      9000
     gtgatttatc taaggttgca tagctatttt tttagcagag ccaaacttct atcctggatc      9060
     tgactctaaa actcgtgctg gagccgccct gcagtgcagc ttctgccaag ggcagggtaa      9120
     aacaaaaata ccaggtttcc ctctaaggct ccaagctgtt tagcaaggtg acttgtacac      9180
     ggggcatttg ggggggtctt acctgatgtc tgccaaagag ctccagccaa agggggtggg      9240
     gggatgtata gaaaagcatt ccccaaaagt caattttacc aaagacccct gtggttgaaa      9300
     tctgcacctt cattgacttt tagaaaggaa caggctgtca gttgaatgac attgcttcac      9360
     cgtgcatcct aattagaaga tgctaatgtg gaagaaggtg atcaatgtct aaagatcaat      9420
     ggcatgcata gttaagcaag gctaagttac ctcacaatgg atatagcaga ggacgcatct      9480
     aagaaaacat cagtaacttg agttctggca aatggagaaa ataggaacaa agcctgatcc      9540
     aaaaaccctg aaaccagagg tcacaggacc cgaaggagca cattgcagcc agtggaagca      9600
     ttgaggctgg ggccccaaag gcacacagca gcgtgccatg ccatggcaca cggaagtcag      9660
     ttaaggtcac tgaaggctcc tccaagaagg tgaagggcaa ggatgggaca ggggttccag      9720
     ggtgggccca gagagaagca gctttgtggg agcaacagat cccacaaatg gagccctacc      9780
     tcgttatcgt ccagtcaatg agcattactg actgagcggc tactacattc aagtagcttc      9840
     agaggaaacg agcgggttgc ataaactctg cccagcaagg agagtagtgc tttactgaaa      9900
     taactacgac gtggcaacat gttcaacccc attttaaaga tggtggcaca gagatccagc      9960
     gttaaccagt gccacacagc tgctatgtgg cagagctggc tggcactcag atccaagtat     10020
     atcggttccg gaccccctgc cccaccacgc cccactgaca ctcggcatac cacttctcgg     10080
     agactgcaga gcagagcatg ctcagtagca gctcaaagaa aggagggatc ctggtgatgg     10140
     tgcaacccag agggccagca ttcgggctgt ggtctggacc agagggccag cattcgggct     10200
     gtggcctgga ccagagggcc agcattcggg ctgtggcctg gaacaaatgg cagcggtgct     10260
     gtaaaggaaa cagcaaagct tgcttggtca gataaatcat taaaaataaa acattacttt     10320
     atgctacaaa gagatactga gtcccagggc tgtggacaac cggacaaaag ggagcccttg     10380
     ctgcctcttg gtcaggggtt gtatctgtgc actggggcaa ttcattagaa ctctgtccgt     10440
     aagatggatt acagcaggaa gaaaccagaa tcaggaagac taagtagaaa gctactgcaa     10500
     tatgctgaac aaaaggattt ctgacccagg ataatgctgc agttaaaccg aggtctttgc     10560
     tttttattaa cctccaaaga ttaatgacac acacttcccc aaaacgcctt tcctgctttg     10620
     atctatgggc tcactcaccc tcaggagctc cccctggctt gggcaagata tggtatcatt     10680
     tggctgtaac aattgtagct gcacagaagt gccacagttt ggagcaagag taggaggaga     10740
     ctcacaggct gggcaggagg ccagcagtcc ccgtcccaga tctcttggtg tgttagctct     10800
     gtaacacatt gctgtcgtca tcagctgact gagagagact gcgtctcagc tcacagtttt     10860
     gtggcttctc ctccattgtt gcttggcctt gctgcttcag gcctgtggca aggccacatg     10920
     tcctggtggg agcccatggc aagatgaaaa ccacacccct cgtggccagg agctaagtgt     10980
     gttctttgcc tcctaactgt accctttata tcttttagca ttagaattag catttttttc     11040
     ctcttcaacc ttgtttttcc acctcataaa tcctgaaata ctttgtgcat gtgaatgttc     11100
     atgggtgtgc acgtgcgtgc atgcatgaat atgtgtgtgc atgtgtgcag gccagaggtt     11160
     gctatcaggt gtctctctca atcactcttc actttatata ttgaaacaaa aatctctctt     11220
     gtgaacccca agttcacaag tttgactaat tctctagcca gcctgctcca ggaaccccct     11280
     gtttccacct cccaagtgct gggattatag gtgggctgct acacccaccc cgcccctggc     11340
     attatgtaag caccagggat ccaaactctg attctcatat ttacacagta aacaaccctc     11400
     cccccaatct ccttgctggg cttcccaact acaagacatc ctgagtttta aaacaatttt     11460
     tccaatgatt tccactaaga tttagagctg gaagacatat atgacctcct agaccagatc     11520
     tctgctgcac tgaagccctg aaaggaagca gcggttgtct ccggtctcat agcagcaggt     11580
     ggtggagcag tcatccactg atgctcttag ctctccagac ctggctggtc tccagctctc     11640
     cctcagaggg cagcctctag aaggtctctg gccagcatct catctactgg ttattctagt     11700
     ggctggagcc tggtggcccc cacagggccc ctcagtacct cccaggtgtc ttaccaagag     11760
     ttacctttgt gcccgatgaa cagttttgtt tttggtttgc tttatttggt tgttaaactc     11820
     tgagctgtcc aatgagggat taggagacag ggcttaggct gcagccactg tacagtttgt     11880
     aatccccaaa tgcctgctgg cggtgtctgt gggggctcct ccctcccctc aagactagca     11940
     cactcccccc ttaaattcac actgatcccc aagtttctca attcatcact cattgtcctc     12000
     acaagaccgc gtcttgcggg ccttctgcac tccatctcca tgggggccgg ccccgggcga     12060
     gcttcattct cctcacgctt cctgctagct cttctttctg ctccttctct attcctgttg     12120
     gcaacctgca ttccatgtgg ggctatgatg acagctagaa acctgcaatg tgaagaggtg     12180
     aaactgaagg aaggccacgc ctcccctgac tcagtttgaa gcctttgtgg ttgcagacag     12240
     actcagtcag gtgcttggta aatgttagct tgcccccata gtctgtctgt ccttatgtgg     12300
     ctgtacagat ctggtgtgag tgcgccactg tggccctcta tggcgtacct attcactcag     12360
     ctcggtagct gtgagagtca ctgtggaagg atcatctctc acaggaggac atactcagct     12420
     gacctgctgg cagtctgagc tggcctgacc tggatgctct ccaggtacag catctgcact     12480
     cagaactgga tttcctagct cattattacg tatcaggcaa aagctaaaaa cataccaggg     12540
     actactaaaa gctgtaagaa agaatccgag gggtggggtg gggggtagat ggcccagtcg     12600
     gcgaagtgcc agctatgcaa acatcagggc ctgattttgg attcccagca tccattaaac     12660
     acaaacgaac aaacaaaaac aaaccagaac agaagatatg aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa     12720
     aaaaccaagc aaacaaacaa aaaacaaaca aaccaaacag gtgctagagt ttggatctat     12780
     aacccctgcc ctgagggacc agaaatgggc agattcctga atctcaaaga cctggcagcc     12840
     cagccagact gacgacgtcc agtgtcagtg agacaccctg tctcaaatca atagagagtg     12900
     atagacacct agctaggacc tctgcctcat cacacatgca gacacacaag cacatgtgca     12960
     cacacgcaca cacacacccc agatcattac ctcagagagc cagccttgtt aaaatggaaa     13020
     gaaaacaggc aacttagagg aactaacgtg tcctcttagg tactaggttg agttctgggt     13080
     aaaggagaca tggtagttgc taaggtaagg ttccccatct ggaaaggaag atctaacaca     13140
     agagaagctt ccgagctctg gcactggaca gaccaatctc catgtgaaag ataacaggga     13200
     ggaaaacagg agaccctggg aaactgcctt tgtgtgtgaa agggacccgg ccggccgagg     13260
     aggttgacca cgctgtctaa tctggctttt ctctctccct gcagcttatg ctcacctgca     13320
     gtcacaccag ctcctcccac agccgccagc gaagcaccca cagccccagt ttgtggccca     13380
     acagcaacca cagccaccac gacctgcacc ccaagtccag tcccaacccc agcttgcctc     13440
     agtctcccca agcctggccc tacagtccag tccagaagac catgccctgc ctctaggctc     13500
     agtgacacag gccctgcctc tccagtgctc taccacgcat gtccacaagc cagggaacag     13560
     ccagcagtgt caccttccca cactagacac cgggtctcag aatggacatc ctgagggtgg     13620
     gtcccatccc ccccagcgaa ggttccagca cacctcagct gtgatcttac aggtgcagcc     13680
     cgcttctcca gttacggtaa ggaggctggt atcaaggcac tggggacagt agggagggcc     13740
     atggctcagg tggtgtctgc actcctgact ccaggtacat cagtgtaggc taaaagttga     13800
     ctatccccag gaagaagaag ggtgctccca gacttagaga tgactgaatc tttgcatctt     13860
     tgcccgagct ccatggaaac cagggtagtg tccgagaacg cagaggtggc tcaccagacg     13920
     tctctgtcct gcccccttga cagccccagc agtgtgctcc cgatgactgg aaggaagtgg     13980
     tgccagcgga gaagagtgtg cctgtggctc ggccaggccc gtccccacac cagcaagcca     14040
     tcatccctgc catacccggt ggcttgcctg gacccaagag tcccaacatc cagcagtgcc     14100
     cagctcacgg tatggagtgt tggggaaggg aggaagttgg ctttgcctgc cgcttcctgg     14160
     catctttttc tcggtgtcca ggaggggagg taaactgcct taaacctaac gaagcaacat     14220
     ggcagctgcg tagttggaaa cagagagggg aagtgagggc acgggccagg gacagaggtg     14280
     gcccgggacc tggaaaagca ggaggagcag agcggaccct gcagctcttt ggccgttggt     14340
     tgtgaatgct gcgcatatgt gggccaggct gatagcagag gtgtcagagg gactgagatt     14400
     taattatggc cagaggactg aagagtctcc aagagagaag gaaatgcctg agaggaaagc     14460
     aggcaggggc ctcagcgtga gctctgcttg ccagaagcat ctctgagggc actgtgttca     14520
     tctctggggt ctccatctgt ctctctgagt gaccagtgac ttcccacggc ctgggcttca     14580
     gggcactctg caagagcact ccaccctggc gggagagtca cagtggtacc tccgccctcc     14640
     accatcacga gccacttgct ggccttcctc tcagctggtc tgcgtagtgt tcttggccta     14700
     gatttcagag tgactggagc caagggctgc tgacagctcc aggcacactg tgaagtgcat     14760
     gctgagagtg gggcagggag aggcaagagg aaggaagcga atcagagtgg gggtgggatc     14820
     aaggaaaaag aaaggaagag atactggaga aaggactctg actaggaaaa gagaagcggg     14880
     catccactcc ctgtgcaggc tcacaaggag gaagagtact gaaaagtagg cctgaggttg     14940
     ggccaaatgg tttggtccag ccaacatgac atggccagaa catttgctgg gcatgtgcga     15000
     gaccctgggt tctatcccca accctgagga aagggaagtg ggggtgggga acaacccatt     15060
     tccttataga atgcactcta attatcagaa aagccctctt ctaattacac cagaacctgc     15120
     tgttctggaa tttggccatc attggttacc agtccatctc agtgcttcta gagatctgcc     15180
     ctgacttggg cagagatggg tctaaggacc tgagagtcct ttgatttcct tttctttcct     15240
     tcggtgacac gccaggtcct catgcccaca tttctagcca tgcttctctg tgtgctaact     15300
     ccgcattgat tctcttaaaa tggaactccc ccacttaagc tcactaattg caaatatcaa     15360
     aagctagcgt ctccataagg caggacttag gaagaggcag gactgtcccc taggtacatt     15420
     ggggatgatc agacactgtg tgctgagaac cgttcctaac tccttctcac ccatgctgcc     15480
     ctcccccgag gggagcatca ccatcctctt cagtctacag tggggacaaa aaccaagatg     15540
     gagcagcttg gggctacaga gctgtgggag ggcagctccc tggctccagc cccaaccccc     15600
     cccgcccccc ccgtgtggca gctccttcac gcacctttat tgggcctttt caatccagca     15660
     gtgcctagct cttggggtag tggattgtgc caaccggaag ctgggttgtt atgctgctgg     15720
     gctgtttctc tgataggagg tgccggctct ctaggtctcc ttggtctcca acctgtgcta     15780
     ttaatatttc gaagcaaagt acaattactt acttctgtcc ggtgatcgtg ggaatttagc     15840
     ccacagttcc agagaataat aatcgttcat aaagctatcc ttgaactttc tctgccaggc     15900
     tttatataga tctcttcccc gaatcccagt aatagccctc gggagtcggg gattttatta     15960
     tcctcctttt aaagatgaga aaactaagtt gcagagtcag tggtggacca ggaatctctt     16020
     atgtctgaat tctgccattc attatgtaaa ctccactgca cagtgtggct gtgggtgcat     16080
     tacaggaata agcattgccc tgctctctat tctaaaactt aggaaagagc agcatcccag     16140
     ttccttctgg aatatgtttt cttttaccaa cttgctggtg gagaggagct gcctaggatc     16200
     cacgcggtgt tgctaggatg ctggtgatca atatgctttc ttcaagcata gttatccaaa     16260
     accccctaaa tcagctggga tgtgccttcc tttttctagt tggtccataa gcagtaagaa     16320
     tagcatgagc atcctgctct ggagggcccc gtcttccaag agaactcagc tttgtacagt     16380
     ggaggcgatt agcggccacc ggagccttag acacctgcac ggatcatgca tttgtgaatg     16440
     cccactccgg ggcaaagcac tgtaggatgg atggtaaggc cctgaggaat aaggactggt     16500
     ccctatcatc acagcttaga gtctgctgga aaagatgagc acatgggaaa ttacaatgaa     16560
     atcaataatc tgatgagtgc cacaggaggc tcctgggcaa gtgctttcca ggttacagag     16620
     gggaatgtaa ctgccaagtg gagattagca ggctacatct cagagcggaa gtggcattgc     16680
     tacaaagcag gggttggcaa gccatagccc tcaggctatg cctattaact cgccaatgtt     16740
     tgtacattac aaatgcaatg atcaaaatag tatttcatga tgtgtgaaaa atacatggga     16800
     ttcagatgtc tgcgttcaca gtgaaggtct gtgggaacac agccacgctc acatatccat     16860
     tatggcagct ctcagattca gcaacagtgt gcactggaag agctgggaca cccagcttag     16920
     gctagttcct tcctatatgg ctcctttctg aagaagtttg ccaactgctg gtctctcgac     16980
     cttgaaggat gggtaagact tgggcttgta aagccaggga cagagctttc ctggcaggac     17040
     agtggaagtt aattaaggtg gagggcagaa gagtgggcaa gggcgtgaca gaaggtgagt     17100
     atttggttgc ttatcatctt cctattgaaa acgaaatgtc agtgtgtgag aatgagcaat     17160
     gtgaatttta ctgcaaagaa ggtttgaaag tttggaaagt aaaggggaaa ggagaaatgg     17220
     ggaacgagga agagagagaa gtaagcctgc aggaagtaga aaaatgtgga caaagtgaag     17280
     ttgggggtgg gcagcctggt agaggcctgt atgaatgaag ataatgaaca gatgggaaaa     17340
     tactgatact agagagcagt caggaattga gtgatgggag tcactgtgtc catccaacag     17400
     ctgtttgagg atggtactac tctcgtgtcc ccagcgctcc tagcctgctt acttcgggaa     17460
     ggtacttcgc caggacagtt caagctacaa cagtgtgttt gggaaagaaa actaacattt     17520
     attgggctcc cactgtgcac caggcactgc aagcaatttg taaatcagtt aaccctcaca     17580
     ttaaacctgg cggtagggat tacgcctttt atggaggtag gactgggtcc ctttggtcat     17640
     tacttcacct ctgatcctcg ctcccagtgg ggaggataat gatcacttgg agggttattg     17700
     tggacaataa gggagagggt gcgtgcactt cgccctgaca cgcactaacc ctcaatcatt     17760
     aagactcgcc tccgagaccc cacagtgagc caccggggcg ggggtcacag gccacgggtc     17820
     cccgggggcg ccccccgagc cggacgcctt cgagccttcc ggaggacgcg gggcggggct     17880
     cgggcgcaca aaggaagcgc gcgggccgcg tcgtccgccc ctccgccccg cgccgcctag     17940
     ccccgccctc gccccgcccc ggcggaggcg gcccgggagc cggtccggac gcgccgcatt     18000
     gtctccgcgg cgccgcagcc cttgagctct cgccgcaacc cggccgtcgc ctgccgccct     18060
     cccggccccg cgccccgcgc cttgcgccct ttgtccaggc cgccgggccc tgcggtcgga     18120
     tgcgccgcgg cagccccggg ccccggctcg gaggctcccg gcgcggagga cgcggcccgc     18180
     ccgggccccc gctccaggcg gcgccgggcc caggggctgc gtaggccccg cccggtcagg     18240
     cccggccggg cccgggacag gtcagtgctg ccgcggggag ggatcttgcc gtgccaggaa     18300
     cgggcgccgc cctgggcctc gcggaggcct gtgggccgcg ccgcagagct cggcctccgg     18360
     ggagggcccg agccgcctcc gctcccgctc ggggcctctg gatcccaggg ccccgcgggg     18420
     acttgtattg atgggaaagg acaagttgtt ttgtgcctgt cctcttccat ttttaggaga     18480
     gcgttttctc gccctcccgt gccaagcgaa ggtatgctgc gtctgagggc tctttacgtt     18540
     aaatccggaa tctttgagcg tctgtttaag ttgacgtcca gagaggcagg taatgtgcac     18600
     ggccagaatg cgaactggtg aagttgtcgc cagagcgcct gagccccgat tcccgcgtcg     18660
     gttgccagtt tgtaccagta gtgagaccct cctgcacctt aactgccgaa ggtttatcta     18720
     gcttaatact aacagttccc atcaactttc cttccctggc cagacccagt ctaccttttg     18780
     gcgctgtccg ctgagctcac tcttattcct gctttacaaa tcaatgacag ctttaccctc     18840
     cgacttttcc catccttgat ccttaatccc tccattagca tattaggccc agaggatctc     18900
     ttgggaagtg aacttccgac ctaatcctcc cggctgtctg caattttcct aggatggcct     18960
     cactttaaac tattccatct ccattgcctg tctgtctcag ctttcagttt cgggtttaga     19020
     aagtaatgtc actttcacta taccagtgta atgttcaccg cactgtcctg gcctttctca     19080
     gccatttggc cctggggcat tactggataa tccaattatc attcacctgg ggtttctcta     19140
     acccctcctg actcaaccca aatgttagaa ctgctaggat ttctaggtca gtgtgaacat     19200
     tacaggctaa tgaagcaagg gaattgttcc ttgttcttgt atgtctacac acacacacac     19260
     tgcagacctg tggcactgcc tgttggctag catttagatt tgggtcacca gggatacagg     19320
     atgtcccatc attttgcctg tgaaatagaa tgtagtttat taacgtagtc atcagggcaa     19380
     gagagttttc tcttgaatct tcccacagca cattttatgg ggctcctgct ttatgtaaaa     19440
     cattgttggg ccccacagac tgtttaataa taggtagccc ccaacatccg gattgtttgg     19500
     aaaccttcaa acttttgtcc acaaactctt ccccaccgtt cagttctgtc agtgagtgcc     19560
     agcccgggta aggtggggat ttggcttctt cactagggtg gcaggctcca ccgagggtct     19620
     ggcagatggg gagtggtgct ctcttggcac cagcactctc ctggcactgg catatgagtt     19680
     ctgcttccct gctcaccccg agatgttccc aggcttgtct ttatgcacca cagagagcag     19740
     atgtctttcc cccccccact ttaaacttga gaaagcgggt agtttcttag ttcactgtgc     19800
     tgtggacgca gaggctgggg agtacccctt gtctcactcc ctccgcccct cctgtaattg     19860
     ttctctgctc atgtggcttg ggcattattg aatgttggca tttcatcctg cggccaccgc     19920
     ctagcccttt gctcttttcg gggtgtttgt ttatggcccg gggagtggaa ccccaggcct     19980
     caggccctcc ccactttctc ctgggcttcg tgtgtccctt tagctctgcc aagtgggctt     20040
     catacacggt ttccttccct gacagagaag aggaaaactc cagccccttc cttctgtgac     20100
     agaaacagtt ttctggccac aggtcttcag gcggtctctg tgtgctccac acccttcgtt     20160
     ggaggacacc ggtttaggaa ggtgttttgt tccaagtctg ccactgactt taagcccatt     20220
     gaccctgagg ttgcctttct tgccaagaga ccccttcccc cggctctgac ctgtgcggcc     20280
     tgtttgctct ggctcggccc cagaatccac tctctttcag accacatcct ctttcctgcc     20340
     ttactcattt cctgtctcac atgccttgga tcttttagtt ctgatttttt ggaggcagag     20400
     ggaataaatt ggagaggggt agaggggaga gatgctcctt gtgggtggct tacaccttcc     20460
     ttctcgctcc tctgttcctg aggttgtctc ttctggggga cacacaggtg aaacagttac     20520
     tggctagtaa ttgggagttt ttacctctgt gttagaggat gctacagggg agtacctttt     20580
     ctagctctct cttctttcct atcgttaata tgtagagagg ggacttgact gcattctaga     20640
     tctgtgttct tgccctacaa ggcccaccta tctcctctca gtccttccag caaactaaaa     20700
     tgaaagctga aaactaggga agaggctggt gagtctggac ctattccacg ctagtataag     20760
     agcagcgtag acgcgactcc tgagtgagtc cagtttgtat tggagttctt ccagtagtta     20820
     atctccaggc atttggtccc acacacagaa gggagtcttt catgaatgac agtaaggcgc     20880
     catcttaagt tcttccttag tcttgtgcct cttggcaatg ggatgatgga ggggatggtt     20940
     tataggagtt gggaaaaaat ctcaaaaagc tgtgctcttt ggagtggggt agcaaggtgc     21000
     tttgagcagt gtggttgggc ctttgtgtta gtgacggaaa cctctcacca gtgatttagt     21060
     gactcagctg gcctcccttc acgatagagg cctgacagtg cacagactta ttctttagct     21120
     gttggtgtgg catggcacaa acttcagtag gagtcaccat ttgaaagtct tggagcatgc     21180
     tttttgttgt taaaacacat gccacttaga ataactataa tctacatatt aaatatagat     21240
     gtgggtttta ttttaaaaat tgacatttaa attttttatt ttgagttcct agctacatca     21300
     gaatcctggt tacaaatacg gtatttgtaa agatattcag aggcaaactg tccatagaca     21360
     cttggggaat tgttatgaaa atagccaatt gcctaagata atattcttaa taattttaga     21420
     ttttctctac tattagtaac aaaatggaat ctaaccagca tgaccaaaaa gtgagctatc     21480
     tttgaagagt ttttagattt atttaatttt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtcttgcc tgcatgtgca     21540
     ctgcctgtat gcccggtgcc catgggaagc cagaggaggg catcagatcc ctggaaccgg     21600
     agttacaccc tagaccactt aagttgccat gtaggtactg ggagccaaat ctgggttctc     21660
     tgcaggagca acaagtgttc ttaaccagtg acccgtcact ccagccccaa aatgtttttt     21720
     acagttaacc aagagttaca gaatataaaa ttagtacgaa ggtatgtgta cgtgtttgtg     21780
     tgtgtgtgta cgtacatgtt catgtgtgtg catgtatgtg gatgtctgcc tttattacgc     21840
     tcttcatttt ttgacacagt ctctcactga acctgaagat cactgattgg tggaattagt     21900
     tggctaggaa gccctgatgg tcctcttcct gccccttccc cctaacactg ggatgacacg     21960
     catgtaccaa catgcctgtg tttttcacgt gctgggaacc tgaactcctg aaacaagcac     22020
     tttacagact gagccatctc cccagaatta ttagcttttg aaaataggag tgtagtcaga     22080
     aacaacgtaa tttaaatagt aaattctcac tctgggagtc attgtaacac taacaggccc     22140
     cttcataaac ttgaccccca catcccatta tgtttagcga aagggcacat gcttgccctg     22200
     tctttcagat tccaatcatt tcagttcagg tgagtccaaa gacaacactg tacacttgct     22260
     caaaagtagc tgcagtttga tgtaactggc cagtgctgtg agaggagtcc aggtgccaca     22320
     gaggcttttc tgtttccacg ttctgtaaag catacttaac agtaaatgtc ttctcacctc     22380
     tctataaaga caagatgact gaccaatgtc atgttgtaac caagtcctcg ccagtgatga     22440
     ggggaccagg cctgatgccg tgttggaacc cgtggcgaga aaacagtttc taactagcaa     22500
     gagttatttt caaaaccctt gctgcgctgc ccttgagcct cacacactgc atagtattcc     22560
     tagttactga catcctcaga atattttaac ccatgctcat gtcaccagag ctccacagct     22620
     gtattgacat acggaacaag caaagcaaat gacatctaaa attactgtga aacactcacg     22680
     tgtttttaaa aagggggttt gttccattta ccagacatcc agttatcagt gctcagcaaa     22740
     taagatgact gaaagcttaa atggaagcaa aagtaaataa atcatatata tatatatata     22800
     tatatatata tattaatgta agtggctctg ccaagcctga tgtctgttcc atacagaaag     22860
     aaggagagac ccaggctgga gagatggctc agcagttaag atcaccaact gcagccgggt     22920
     gtggtggcgc acacctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga     22980
     tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatat     23040
     agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaag aaaaaaaaat aaaaataaaa aaaaatcgcc     23100
     aactgatctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaag cacatggtgg ctcacaacca     23160
     tctgtaatgg gagccagtgc tctctcctgg tgtgtctgaa gagagcaatg gtgtactcag     23220
     atacataaaa taaatctttt ttaaaaaaaa aaagaaagag aaagagaaag atctgactct     23280
     catactgact ctcatatcca tgtggtatcc ctctgtcaca cgattaaata aacactgaag     23340
     agagtagtgt tttctgagag aagccatcag aattgacttg taaaagtcgt ctggaccacg     23400
     atgttggcag gatgaacggc tgaggccggg tgccaccttc tgcagtctga ccttgcctgc     23460
     tgcttgttac ccttgatgat cctacagtta gtagccaaaa aataagaaag ttggcatttt     23520
     agggggcttg attgcctttc cttattacca gcctggaaga taattagaac acttactaaa     23580
     gatttctttt gtaaatggaa ttttgaaaat ctttcttcca tgatttattt ttagcatttt     23640
     aaactgattt tttttcctac aggcaaaacc acttcctggc taagttgttt caccccaacc     23700
     cttatattcc taggtagggg tccttccttt gacttgactt acaaagcctt cctttggttt     23760
     ctgggtttct tctgcattgt ttggtgacga tccctcggct ctctctgaaa gatgacgtag     23820
     gaaggaaacc tggggcttgt cgtcttggct ttggttgaat agtcttgtgc attggcttgg     23880
     ctttccctga aaggagagca cttctgttat gttacaatcc tgtcaacgca gaggtaaata     23940
     atgacacttc ccgagactga ctttgagtgt gcaaagacaa ggcacagggt aagcccttgg     24000
     tggacagaca aagcattggg gaacgggaac agggcctctg gcctctggcc tgggtgatgt     24060
     cagccttagt gagagtgagg tcagggccac ttctgagtgt tgtgcttcat gcttgtactt     24120
     aacttcctct ctgcaggcac gacaggcgtg ggcatacatg tcatagttgg ggacactgct     24180
     tacaggagct gacagcacca caggctaaga tttaaaccca gtgtctttct gtttcgctct     24240
     ttactcagaa ccaggatttc ccatacactt aaatgactag acacagtaga gactgtgtgc     24300
     ctaaagctat cacaggtgga gccagaatga gcccagacct gacccagagc cagagttccc     24360
     actggcctgc cacccttgat ctctagcctc gcccttggtc ccagatgctg tataaaatct     24420
     tagtgtctgc agaccactgt gatggagaca agctgcgaga cccagagctg ggctttcgct     24480
     gtcaagcaga acagacaagg ctttgccttg cctctgcaac caggactagc cagcattcct     24540
     ggtgctagaa gccaggacag cctgttggaa gtcactttgt ggtcctacag gagctaattc     24600
     cactcccact gcaacctctt catctgagct cagcccattg tggcactcag cctgagagct     24660
     agggagcagg tcagggctct gggtggaacg cgcccactgc tcccttgtcc ttagctgcat     24720
     gggggagggt ggctgctgcc tgatttgatt gcttccctcc tagctctggg tgacagcttg     24780
     gaagacatcc agctgtttac aattgagctt ctgcacactc tagcctgtga tttggggtga     24840
     gtctgcctct gtcctgagag acggcatgag agtcagctgt acagtagtgg ctgccaggag     24900
     ggaggggttg gtcctccagc caagttgtag atagagacat tcagctctta cccaaaatac     24960
     tgagacgctc gtctgccctc ctggcctgct aacctagcct ccatgaggtc agcctgaagt     25020
     gacactcagg ctggcttgag gtcccctggc tcccctactt tcccattctg ctggccagct     25080
     ccctcccccg aggtctggat ccagagtctt gcttctgtgc ctgtgaatct ccttgctgtg     25140
     ctggcacagt ggccaacagg accctctgtc accgcgtttg ttccttctcc agagaggttc     25200
     ttcagaactg caacagccat ggcttgtggc ctccaggtga caggccttct gtctaacagc     25260
     tctgtcctta gaagaactga aaagtttaca ggcattggct ccctaggact cagagggccc     25320
     agtgtgggag gagcctgaaa ttttctcacc actaagagct cctttggtat atgccctaga     25380
     agataccatc ttccaaatga cattcacttt tgcttgaatt ctaaaaagca cacctgtaac     25440
     ttgtgccatc tgcatgggag atgcatgtgt ggtcattgtc taaatttagt gtaaaacttg     25500
     gtgggagaaa tgactcatcc taaattgtag gtgtgggaga tgtggcatta actaatggtg     25560
     tgttaggcct gttgaaagat catgtgctac ttcccttctg actgggatgc ggagcgcagc     25620
     ctggatcctg cctgccctgc tccttttcct attagtccac ggctccctcc catcccggag     25680
     tcgctctcct agattgctca cctagatcgt tgccagttcc ctaccctgag gtcccagacc     25740
     acaggtgacg cctcagcctc cttgtcattt cctgccacct gcctcaagtg ccctcacact     25800
     ggtcccagct agtcacgcac agccctcccc tccctacctg cttcaccctc gtagcccact     25860
     gcagggaaat gaaaccgcct ctgctcaggt ctttcatgac cttcagtgtt cttcatgttg     25920
     ctgatgcgaa acaggcaaca agagcagcct aagggaagag ggcgtgtttc agtcacgtga     25980
     cagagcaggc atggcgccgg gggctgggag ccactggtca cactggaatg gtgccaaccc     26040
     gatttcaagg tggggcttcc catctccatt aaacctctct ggaaacatgc tcacaaacaa     26100
     gcccaaagtt taactcatac ttgactctaa atcccctcag tcctgaggcc tagttgcctt     26160
     atctgaagaa ataaggccct ttcagctgga cttgatctgc ctacctgagc aaagcagcta     26220
     attcccagca agatctgaat ggttgtagcc acacttgctt ttttaaaaga gcgttagccc     26280
     tgtaaatctc tttgtggagt gcctagattg aactccagcc caccactccg actctgccat     26340
     gcctggcttc tctctcttgg gaagggacac ctccctcact gtcacagtgc cagaaatttc     26400
     tctagggatt tggaatataa gtaaagagat tatgaaggtt ggccccagac tttttcactg     26460
     gcctaaccac tctactttcc tctctgggac cagctgtggc ctcctgtctc ctggatacag     26520
     gctcagcttg catcgttttg caggtgcttc acatattctc aacaggctgg gcaaaggaaa     26580
     gcagggagct tggtggcagc gctgaccctg gagcaagtct gccagagtgg cttgcttgtt     26640
     gagccaggtt accagttact atctccttaa attctttgtt aatttcatta gcttgttctc     26700
     atgctgtagc cagccaagac atctgttgtc aaccttagac ttctaccctt acatacacac     26760
     gtggggaaaa cccctcagca ttctggtata acatagttta tgtgtctgta tgtgtcgtct     26820
     gtagataggg agaacctggt tctgaacccg tcagactctt gaaggcttgg accagcctga     26880
     actctctcca gctggctggt gagtccttgt aggtgccttc ctgcctctgc atctagaggt     26940
     caccctgcct tgacaagggt ctggatctga gttggtgctc tcactctcct gtgctgagga     27000
     aatcctctac agtgagatgg cgagtggact aaagaatagt agctgtcata agcaggtctg     27060
     cagaaatgcc acttctataa tagacattaa ctaagccact cactgtcaca gcttcagaga     27120
     gtagtttttg aatatcacct atgacagatc tctttgtagt accaaagaga cctatattct     27180
     ttatggcgat gagcactgac tttattcgta tttattattt tatattagaa ttcattgcag     27240
     tttaacaggc cttgagcatg tatcatatat tggacattgg gttagtctcc tggggggggg     27300
     gggaggtaac tgggtcacac agcccctgtc tttgttagca gaagtgacca gtctcaagag     27360
     aatgggttca gaacagtagc atagaagact ttcctgtttg tttcttgtga aagctgtttc     27420
     tgctggagcc tgtgaatgag atcagcctag ttgctgatca tatgctaaga ctggcacata     27480
     ctagtagtcc agtgtggtca acttaatagc agttccaacc tgcctcttcc cggtgcggct     27540
     tggcctacca tttccccctc cagcccctgg agctagagga gtgcccacca ttctgttgag     27600
     gtgctcactg taggaaggca tctgagacct gtgggaatcc ccctggcaga gccttcagcc     27660
     cagggcattg gtagagccac tgaagaactg aattccaaag acagggttcc tttgtctctt     27720
     ttctttgcct caggccagca gggcgggttt ctgcaagttt cccggtcaaa gcggctcccc     27780
     ccacccccac ccctcccaac aggctgcaaa gcagtctggg aaagtgggaa gcagattaaa     27840
     tgaatctcag tgtgctgagc atggcagggg gtgagactgt tgggtcattc cagaaatagc     27900
     ccaaactctt tgttactaga gcaggtgatg cgccataggc cttcctgacg gcaaagccac     27960
     acagctgtga accttactgt tcacagaacg cacacccttc tctgcccccg gggttctgcc     28020
     tcctgtaatc tgtcccagga ttatgatgga cactagaact tctggtgtca gcatgaagga     28080
     gtttatcttc ttgctatgag acctaaagaa atgaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     28140
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gggaaagaaa gaaagagcga gcctggagat ttgagagccc     28200
     ctgcttccca tctgtgagca ctgaagtgta acttcagcag atgactgcct gcaagcctgg     28260
     cctcctctgt ttcacggggt ctagcaacag gtacgactct aagacagtaa gaaagggctt     28320
     ggaacagggc tagaaagagc ccacagaaga gtagccggag cagcttgggc cgagtgtcag     28380
     tgactcagtg acggtgggtg ggcagggtgg caaggagagc acattccttc cagtttcatc     28440
     ccataatgaa caccagcact tggaaagcac tctcttcctc agcctgtgct cgcaggcccc     28500
     aaagtggctg ttcagaagca aacagtaacc aggtgcagcg gggcgcactg tgatccaagc     28560
     actgggaggc tggcaggagg ccagcagggc aaaacaggag gggctcaagt ttaaggctgg     28620
     cctgagcaac taggtgagac cttcttctct agatagggag acaaatgatg aaccaaaaat     28680
     agcttatgag tgagccctct gagatacaca attgattgtc gtgttaaggt aacccatgga     28740
     acaggctgag agggccaggg cggggcataa ttcaccactg atggaaacag tccccagacc     28800
     ctgactaagc ctgtgtttgc tcagtataga cagcgttagt agattctgtc tctggtctta     28860
     aggaacgtag ccagggttac tgcgcagaaa ttaacaaagg cagatttgtg ctcattatga     28920
     agaacttgta ctcccgaagg tagcagtaga ctgctcagag ttagttcttc tgttgctaga     28980
     agcgtcaggc agacaaatgg ctaaaagtca ctggacaggg agcactgtag agcgtgttgt     29040
     ctgagtgttg gtagagactg gagctggtct tgtgcttttt gtggtccata gggtgttcaa     29100
     atccacacag gctgtcccac tgagctgtaa tttggaggaa acagccatca ttaaatgtat     29160
     cgttcagctc ttatatttga acaacatttg tccatcattt taaataaaat ctatatttct     29220
     ttgtatattt aaaatattag aacataaaag caagtaaaaa cataaagtct gtgaataaac     29280
     acagacttta aaatttaaaa gagaaattta gtttgattgc ttgtgttatt agctccatcc     29340
     tagctatttc tacattgtaa attcttacat tggtagaaat ctttataact gatgcaaagt     29400
     taaagttata atttcttaca ttgatacagg atttattttg atacagattt aaggttttca     29460
     ttagtatgaa tttctttttt tttttttttt ttttctcgag gcagggtttc tctgtgtagt     29520
     cctggctgtc ctgaaactca ctctgtagac caggcaggcc tcaaactcag aaatccgcct     29580
     gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccattgcccg gtttaatctt     29640
     tgtattctta aatgtgttgc ataggcacaa tgcctgtcta agagtaacaa tattagtttc     29700
     aatttttgta tcaatataag aaattcatac caagctgggc agtggtggca cacccctttg     29760
     accccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag tttgagacca gcctggacta     29820
     caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaacaaac     29880
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaataagcca aaacaaaaca aacagaagaa tacaaagatt     29940
     agacccagtc cttcaataac tgctcttaca cactgtcttt agatgattaa acaatacgag     30000
     ttaagggcca gatagcaaat tcatggttct cttttcaaga tatttcaatt agaaatggct     30060
     gagagtagtc aaggtttaac agttcagaaa agctttgcat agatagtctt caaaggtagc     30120
     agaagtccac agaagatgac atttaggtca ttttattctt tctttttttt ttaagattta     30180
     tttgttatta tatctaagta cactgtagct gtcttcaaac acaccagaag agggcatcag     30240
     atctcattac agatggttgt gagccaccag gtggttgctg ggaactgaac tcaggacctt     30300
     cagaagagca gttggtgctc ttaaccactg agccatctct ccagccctca ttatttcttt     30360
     ttaaagattt atttatttat ttattttatg tatgtgagta tactgtagct gtacagatgg     30420
     ttgtgagcct tcatgtggtt gttaggaatt gaatttttag gcccgctgct cactcctgtc     30480
     agccctgctc cctcagtctt tgctagctcc tgcccaaaga tttatttatt attatacata     30540
     agtacattgt agttgacttc agacacacct ggagagggtg tcagatctca ttatgggtgg     30600
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaaatcagga cctttggaag aacagttagt     30660
     gttcttaccc gctgagccac ctcaccagcc tcaggtcatt tcattattaa agatcacttg     30720
     actagagaca ctgtctgctc cagacagcac ccctttcttg agcatcagtg gagttgctcc     30780
     agttgtagca agacagccat taggcaagaa ttgcctcagt tcatctacag acaaaagtac     30840
     tctccaagaa aaggacacac tatgcagaat agctctgact acggctctgc caagacaggg     30900
     taagcagtcc ttcagaattc tgtcagatga tcctggtcca gaaggctgaa gactgatgct     30960
     ccagcatttt gaggattgag gtagtcagat gtctctacaa atcagttatg ttttgaaagc     31020
     tatgtttttg tgcttcctat attttcaggt aatatttaag tcattctcag atttctgaca     31080
     aggttgaaaa ctggttgtag tctcatagcc aactcaagct gtttagcatt aaaagagatg     31140
     ataaagactt gagaggatgg tttccaggtg gtatacaagg taaaaccaat acataagtca     31200
     ggtgagaatt gtaagccttt taagttagga tagatggtag agtgctttat ctaatagaca     31260
     aaattgatgg actgggtgtt aggtgtatca tactttataa attacataat tgtaagtaag     31320
     agatgtgttc aatttatatc tgagagaaaa gagcctttta attgggcaat aagggggaaa     31380
     tgttgtaggt tgccatgatg ctgtttgtat ttgatgctaa ttctacttcc tcaagagggg     31440
     ctgccccaac gaggagtaga tcacatactc aggtggtttt ctgtgaacct tctccccttt     31500
     ttaacagggc aaataaaggc aagagcctgt gtttgggcag gggaagggaa aggtggggct     31560
     ggaggtttta gagaggagag agaggaagga gggggggaga caaggagaca gaagaagaca     31620
     caggaagagg agatgggagg aagatggagc agaaccacat ggcctggagg agctacaagt     31680
     agcagggatc ccatagctgg gcaaaagagt agagcagtgg tcgatctgcc cagtccaggc     31740
     gtgcagatga taaatattat agctgagctg tgtgttcttt acacgggctt attggggttg     31800
     gagatttatt acatcataaa attttgtggg gtttttcccc atttctaaac actttaactg     31860
     attaaaaaga ataattctag acaagagaat ttccaactgg gtgttgtggc ccacaccttt     31920
     aatcccagca ctcaggaggt agaggcagga gaatctctgt gagtttgagg ccagcctggt     31980
     ctgtacagtg agttcaagga cagccagggc tggatatgaa aactttatct caaaaatcca     32040
     aagcaaaaaa agaaagaaaa aagaaaaatg gaactgtctc tggttttcta cagcaaagct     32100
     aagcctgata aaatttattt cacattaaca caaacactga aaggatattt ttaaacttgc     32160
     tgatgtggct ttgagtcaaa cacaatttaa gattttaaaa aattatttgt gtgcgcgcgc     32220
     acgcacgcac aagtacaaac acattaaagt tctggtgtgg aggtcagagg acaactttga     32280
     gggtttgtgt tctctctcca caataggatc taagcgtcag actcaggtca gaaggctgga     32340
     agacactgac acccattgag cccctcacca gccacctctc ctgggcgcct tctgctcagc     32400
     tgttcctcac tggcatctgt aggaacaggc accaaaggca gtgtttgcat agcctgtact     32460
     tggtcagatg gaaaggttgg tcccggtgtt ctcaatcagg agcgctgtaa gaaagggagg     32520
     cagaggtcag aggtctgctg gagcccagct agaaatcgtt actaaagtgc ttatgttttt     32580
     atttccttgt gtgcatgatt ttccatttcc tgggaatatt ttgggttctt ataatgaaat     32640
     aacatcttct tagaaagtgt tgtacaaaaa ttaccaaagt aacaacagtt actgcaatta     32700
     cttttattat tttaatattg ttttactttg tcatatacca ctggtttatg cttaatatta     32760
     ataggcttat tgcagtaaag aaacagcttt tccacctctc tcttttagga agttccaggt     32820
     taaaggttcc tcagctcact gaacacttgg tggtgacaga aaacagcctt gggaaaggga     32880
     ctggggagag ggtgtgacac atcactggga gatgctggca gaaggggagg aggctagtct     32940
     tgatgggcat gggaaaggtc ccatcccact ctccagagca ttgtgttgag ttttctgaag     33000
     gagaggttag gaaggctgtc caccgagaga tggagggagt atagtttgcg gagggctggg     33060
     tggagtgtac actgcgttct gagcaagagg tctgagtaaa agcaggagtc agcagagcaa     33120
     agtggcggca gtgccaacag cttcagcatg ggagaaacaa aacaaccctg taagtcagtg     33180
     tggtggcgcc tgaggaggcg cctgctgggg tctccacctc ccgcttccct gggcgtccat     33240
     ttcacagcgc tgttaaagtc tgaccctcca aggaatctca gagaagcttc ctttaacctc     33300
     tctccgccaa gctgctctct gataccatga gcctagggtt agtggagctt cttggtttgg     33360
     ctttaaatat cttggtcact atttggaatt ctctgtaaac taacccagta ctgactgaaa     33420
     ttttacctcc tcaggggcag aattctggcc tcttccacct ggttagatct gtcttgaaaa     33480
     gaatatttaa gaaatgctac tgggtgcaaa gccaaattat tgtaaaactg atagtattca     33540
     tactgggcag tgcaaccgtt agcactgtaa cacttgcaag taggctgtgg ggggtgggga     33600
     ctgcctggtt ggcaccgtgg cttgggtgtg cactgtgagt gctggttgtc catcttcaag     33660
     ttggcctctg ttctgattaa ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcactct ctctctctct     33720
     ctctctctgt ctcacagtga cagggcaggg cattgttcat gcactgaccg acctcagcag     33780
     ccccggcatg acctcaggga acggaaactc tgcctccagc atcgccggca ctgcccccca     33840
     gaatggtgag aataaaccac cacaggccat tgtgaaaccc caaatcctga cgcatgttat     33900
     cgaagggttt gtgatccagg agggggcgga gcctttcccg gtacggacta cttcttttcc     33960
     cctctttttt tttaaagtat attttggatg tgtactagaa tatttttaca attccatgta     34020
     aaatttctga aaatgtgaac agtttgttct tcccttgcta attcccctat ctccagatgt     34080
     tagaataatt tctctctagg tctgaaatga cttggtgatc aaggctaatt gataagacaa     34140
     gaccccttgg ttacaagttt atgcacacag gttcagctgt actcctgact ggtgacctga     34200
     gaccccttaa attagaggga cttagttccc ctggggatat ttgaagaaaa acagtgggct     34260
     ttggaaaatt agactttata gagttttcaa tgccaaaaca tgaacagcaa aactttggcc     34320
     agttagcaaa aggaacttgt tagtacagag ttctgacatg ttagaaatca aaatggtggc     34380
     atgggagtac gatctgagat gtgctttctg ggagcagacc ttgaaaaggc agtgagtgag     34440
     ctgaaggggc cttcatacag ggccctttca ggagggttgt gtggattgga acccccaccc     34500
     tcctggggac catctgcctg ttgctcatgc tttggatcca tgggaggttt tataagtcgc     34560
     cacaagactg agtgggattc ctgcctgcag tggacgagtc tcggtgaacc accaacagac     34620
     acatttgtgg cctctctttc tgaaagttga tccaatggca gatctcctgg gagcagctta     34680
     ctgtataagg agctagctct ggtccctgcc ccctctctac tccattcggt tctcctcctt     34740
     cctgtggaga aacactggaa acccctgaga ctgcagcgtg aaggcaggta gaactgcagc     34800
     tcacaccata ctggagccat actgctactc tgtgagctgg ccaccagtta cccaaacaaa     34860
     gcaagggcca aagagaggca aagctgccct tgggggttgc tggccacagg gcatgtcctc     34920
     tgtggctggg gtcagtgtgt cctgctctcc catgtggctg cctgagcctc tggcttgact     34980
     gtggtcaggt atataaaaca gtgtgaaatc aaaacagggt gctgagtctc ttatgattac     35040
     tctcacacat agccctgccc tcctggtatc ctctaagtat aggacctggc acctagtcgg     35100
     ggagtggtga gggaaatgtg atatctcccc ttgcgcacac cagggcagag actacctctg     35160
     acctcttgag ctgtcgctgt actctgtgcc cactgtttct tgctttggga accaaacagt     35220
     agaacagagc cttgagtgga gcatccttgg atggtggcat gcaggtggct tggaggggtg     35280
     gggctgatat ctgcctggtt actttgtacc tgtaatataa tgaggctgca ttacagggag     35340
     tctagattct aaccattggg gccttcttgt cacctgtcct ctaggtggga cgctcgtccc     35400
     tgctggtagg gaatctcaaa aagaagtatg cacaggggtt cttgcctgag aagcctccac     35460
     agcaggacca caccaccacc accgactcag agatggaaga gccctacctg caaggtacga     35520
     gctacagtca cgttcagggg cacaggtctc ctgatatagg cggaaggaca ggccttacac     35580
     tactcctttc tcagtatctg gaagaaccct gaccaggact aagtaacagc ttttcccact     35640
     gagcatttca ccagcaccct tcaacctctg tccctgtaga acagggacag gaaaaataag     35700
     agccttcgtt ctctgcctct ccggcaaccg catggcttcc gattcatttc ctgtagtggc     35760
     cgttgccaag ttctagaatg agagtaaggt agcaccagtc aggggtgccc caaccccatt     35820
     gctggctcaa gagcctgact ctgaggtggg atgactcgaa ggtcatgggc aggcaagaac     35880
     tacattaggt cgtgtgagcc ttctgcttct ttcatggtca tggagaggga tgctgaccct     35940
     gcccatgtct gctgtgccct ggctcagtgt gcaggatcca tcatgaaaca cgctgtgcag     36000
     ctccagtggg agacctagcc ttgcaaaggc agaggcaaag cctgtcatct tttgagtgga     36060
     tgcctctggg tgccacaccc cagagacatg aaggggcagg atagggagca cctgtgctgg     36120
     tctagagcct gtcacaattt cacccacact cagtcatttc catactttac agaatccaaa     36180
     gaggagggca ctcccctcaa actcaagtgt gagctctgtg gacgggtgga ctttgcctac     36240
     aagttcaagc gttccaagcg cttctgttcc atggcttgtg caaagaggtg agtgtctgag     36300
     ccctgctgcc gtgccctgcc cctgtcctgt ccctggggtt gtaccttgtg tccttcttcc     36360
     atagtcatca aaccttggat gctgtaggta cagctcatcc atcctccgtt ccctggcctg     36420
     cctggttaag gcactgtatt cagtgcaccg ggcgagtgca cgaggcccag gaaaccagga     36480
     gaagggagtg agtgctgtga gagaaagcac tgctgtccaa gcacagaaag ccgcccacta     36540
     gctgtgcccc aagggctgcc acgcccttag cgaagccatc cacagagata gcatagccca     36600
     gagccgtggc aagcttttat ccagcctgga aaattgatga tgataaaaac cctctgtgtc     36660
     tattgagaag ctactccaag ggtgggcatg gtgctgcaga gctgtaatcc cagaacttga     36720
     aatcctgatg caggactgat tcaagaatga agttagaatc cactgtacag taggggctac     36780
     ctgaggagac tttgtctcaa cccaaaacaa ggaacaggct ggcagacagc tagacggaga     36840
     gacttggtac tggtcagagg agtgtctcag cgtctctgtt agcagccatg actgctgtca     36900
     gcattgtctg taattgtgcc ctctatctgg gctggaaaac taaggcatga aggagcgctt     36960
     gtgcacaacg caggcgagcc agctgatgag ggcttcaggc tcacgcgtgc cctgtgctct     37020
     ttgtaggagc agctctacct tgaaagccca gagcccgaaa agaacccttg aggtttcatg     37080
     caggggtgtt gtgtgtgatg cgccggagtc cgtcttcagc cacgttgccc aggctgtgct     37140
     gatggagcca gagccccttg gtcaagcttt atcaggccaa actccagcag gacagtaaag     37200
     aggagtttcc tagcatcgta atgtgtggta gccacaagca cccatgctct gaggagttaa     37260
     gcatgtcaca ggcagtcctt catgtcttca tgagaccagt tttagaaggc aactgttacc     37320
     acaccctgcc tcccaagaag ggctcagagc tcaagtgcct gcccagagtc tcagtgtcct     37380
     ggagtcagga tttgcacctg tagacagact gggattttcc cagacagtgg ctgtttgtgc     37440
     cacccacggc ccctgctctg actcgattgc tcctgtctga caggtataat gtgggatgca     37500
     ccaaacgagt gggacttttt cactcagacc gaagcaagct gcagaaggca gggaccacaa     37560
     cccacaaccg ccgacgggcc agcaaggcca gtctgcccac actcaccaag gacaccaaga     37620
     agcaggtaag gagccacaca gcctatttcc acaggtgctc ctgggttcag cggctgctcc     37680
     tctcagcact ctgctctccc ctctgacagg tctcataccc agcctcctgg ggcctgagga     37740
     catagacctt accctttccg gtagtctttt cctagaacta ccccctcttg gggttgctag     37800
     ccattcttac ttcttgggtc tcaccctgct ggccctgtca gacaggctgt cccctccctg     37860
     tcgggctgga gacatggcag cagccccttt gttccccact acctctctgc ccctgtgaag     37920
     actgcaggtc tctgtcagag ccatgggtat tcagctatta aatattttcc cagtgtccat     37980
     gccaggaact ctgttaggca ttaatgatcc aaagacatgg tcctaaagag actcacaccc     38040
     tagcatggcg gccttcatcc tctgtctgtc ttgctgtcag tgggtggtaa taactttgtc     38100
     ttgcaccttg ttaagaatct gctaaaagct gcagttcaga atatacacac gccaaggagt     38160
     ccctcttgct agtccaagtc acgtgggaca ccacatggag aacagacctc tgtggcacgc     38220
     atggaacaga gtatgtggca gtgctgaggg actgagggtt ctgagcaaga aacgcagaag     38280
     ctgcccctcc agaaagagtg aagaagaggg agctgggcct gtctctgccc ctcttgacgc     38340
     cggagcggtc tgtgctgccg tcctgaagcc gtgtctctct ctgctcgcag ccctcaggca     38400
     ctgtacccct ttcagttact gccgccttgc agctggcgca cagccaggag gactccagcc     38460
     ggtgctcaga taactccagc tatgaggagc ccttgtcacc catctcagcc agctcgtcca     38520
     cctcgcgacg ccgccaaggc cagagggacc tggatctccc tgacatgcac atgagggacc     38580
     ttgtgggcgt gggacaccac ttcctgccga gtgagcccac aaaatggaat gtagaggatg     38640
     tctatgagtt catccgctct ctgccaggta agctccttgg aaagtctttc cctgatgggc     38700
     taacggagag ggagtggggc acctcgcctc cctccaggag gagcaggacc cagggtgcaa     38760
     cagtgagggc cagaaggctc ctgcatgtga aagcatctgt tctagcacag cacaccctga     38820
     ggacagaact gaagcgggct ttggcaggtc gggagactgc ctgagggagc agttgagcaa     38880
     gggcaaggac aagcatgctt ggctcagggc gcgctgtgca tagcccttgg gatggggggc     38940
     agatagtgcc gaggctgctg tcacaactca catgtggaaa ggcaaatgat ctagtatttc     39000
     agattcttcc aggggaaccc tgaaacttct cagctttttg ccagcctcca ctgccaggtc     39060
     agcagcactg gtggccacga gcctgtgcca gggtagagtg tggtatagag gttaggagca     39120
     cagacttgga ggtcagacag gactgggtct agttgtagca ctctcacgta gcccagtgtg     39180
     tctgttgtcc atcactggac cccacacttg tcacaggcca ggtacttctg gtgaagacta     39240
     ggaagcccct gcaaccctgc ctcagggtcc cttataacag ggcaactttg tgtcagccaa     39300
     ggctgagaca acctggaggc ttctggggtc atagggtcct ctcatacatg gtttgcagga     39360
     agggcctgac tgttggcagg aggcctctgt atgagccttg tgtagcaagc atgacagcag     39420
     ggtttcccca taactagaga gcagccagaa aaggccatca tgccctcttg ggcctagcct     39480
     cagaaatcac attctgctgt ttctacagtg tctcattggt cacacaaata agctctgtcc     39540
     tttgggggag cccccaggct gtcttagtta gggtttctat tgctgtgctg aaacaccacg     39600
     accaaaagca agatgggagg aaaggttcat tagactcaca gtccacatat aatccgtcac     39660
     tgcagagtca gcccaggatc tccagcaggg caggaacctg aacacaggag ctgatgcaga     39720
     gccatgaagg ggtgctgttc actggcttgc tcctcgtggc tcgctctgct agatttctta     39780
     cagaacccag gatcactagc ccaggagtaa ccccacccac catcagtcac tgattaagaa     39840
     aatacccttc aggaggcatt tccttgagtc aggtctaggc aggaagatct ctggccctgt     39900
     tgcacaggtg tggttcccca ctctagagat ctgagaacta acgcaggttg tctcctgccc     39960
     accacacccc cgtatctaat aggtaactaa ggggagaaag ggaacatgga agcagctccg     40020
     acccacacca gccctgggca gccctttttg ccatttcctt ctgaggagtc aaagcctgga     40080
     gctgttctta ccacctgtgc ttggtccccc ctcagagtaa cctgccattt ctgtgaaggg     40140
     cagcctgagt gtcctcagag taacctgcca tttctgtgaa aggcagcctg agtgttcagt     40200
     gctacttaaa ttacagtgct tattataatt cctgctttta ttttgtgtta cctctgagct     40260
     tttcagtccc acctggaaat atttcttaat tttcctaaga tcgttatagt ctctgagtct     40320
     tgttgggggt tcactccctc aaacaaaaaa tacaccccaa attctctttc agataagtct     40380
     ttctataatg ttgggcttgt tctgcagctc ttaggatgct tgggcgtctt caactgctca     40440
     gaatctacga ggccggccta ggaacaccat ggagagctct ctcctccagg gtcttcagaa     40500
     ggctggagtt ttgtttaaga caagatttct tatgtagctc aggctaggct tgaattgctc     40560
     acagcctcct ccctgtctcc cagtgtttgc attacaggcg agagccacca cagcagaggc     40620
     ttaaaggaaa catgtaactt acaccagtca gcttcacagg cggcctcatc ctagcctaga     40680
     aacagcttgc tttagggttt ttctttttgt tgttggctgg ttggttggtt ggttggttgg     40740
     ttggttggtt ggttggtttt ttgaggcagg gtctcactat gtaaacgcct gactgttgtg     40800
     gaactctctc tgtagaccaa gctggcctca gactcacaga gatccgcctg cctctgcccc     40860
     tctgcccccc aagagctgag tttaaaggcg tgcaccacca cactggaaac tgttttctaa     40920
     tccccagacc tattggccat ctgaagggcc cagggcttcc tgagccagca aatactggtc     40980
     atggagtaca gaagcgctca ctctctttcc ttttcccttc ctcctttctc caacaagaag     41040
     ccagacagca ccctcagcct tctgcctgaa aatgtctttg ccactcagct cactgggaac     41100
     tttacacttt ggttcccagc cccatgctgc cacacctgcg gcttcctggc aggatgcagt     41160
     ggaatcccag cccttccacc caccagcaac tcttctctct ccaacagtgt cctcctgcac     41220
     tacaagactc aggaccctaa atgaccttag gcaattattg ttgctctgcc tatcctagct     41280
     gctgctggcc agtacaacgc tatccttaca aattcaaatt tttttaatgt tctacctctc     41340
     tgtaaggtac aaaatctgta ttattgatat atttctatga catagatcat ttcaaaactt     41400
     agctttaagt agtaatgacc cattcatttt ctcagagctg tgtgggtcag cgtttgctgt     41460
     ggctcctgtt aaggtcccat agaagtctca ctgagactga aatgccagcc aggacgacag     41520
     cactgtggct aaggctagca tccatgaggc ctctcctgct gtctaccaac atctgcctac     41580
     agggggcgga tggagcattc tgatgtggtg gtcagtttgc tcctaagtta cctgaaaggg     41640
     taggcaaagc cgctgctctc cctgcgaagt ttcagcagcc acatgcttgc cctctgcagc     41700
     aactctagga cagttagtgg agggagaggt ctgaacaagg gtgtgtccaa gactccctgg     41760
     ctcagtggtg agcctctcag gctgagacaa gaaaagcagg actgccctga ggtagcatcc     41820
     tgaggccttc ctgagccagg gcttgtctct aactgctact attcgtccat ggtccttagg     41880
     ctgccaggag atcgcggagg agttccgtgc gcaggagatt gatgggcaag ccttgctgct     41940
     gctcaaggag gaccacctaa tgagcgccat gaacatcaag ctagggcccg ccctgaagat     42000
     ctacgcacgc atcagcatgc tcaaggactc ctagagtctc tgctgcctgc ccactgcacc     42060
     accaggcagc caggattcta accccatgca ggcaaccgcc tccggatgga gcagagcctc     42120
     acggacattc ctgaggagcc caggaaaggg ccagcttggc gggaaggggc tctccctagg     42180
     ggtgcagctg ggaggaggtc cgagtacctc ttcagtggct ctcaggggcc atttctgtgg     42240
     aaggggtaga ggtaggtggc acagaagatg gggctttgcg cttgtaaata ctgatagcac     42300
     tggcttcctc caaagtccca acgttctagc acccccctct tctcctttct ctgtccccca     42360
     ttttccaggg ggtttatggt cagggctccc caacctgagt tgggctactt ccaagggcag     42420
     ccagcaggcc tggacagagg tcttgaaagc ccttgccttc tcttcccccc caccccacta     42480
     ggcctggtta accttccgtt tccagcttct cccacttcag cctgttccca cggcaccggg     42540
     gtttctactc ctgtaccctc tgcaggtgga gagagagaag ctgggcccag tttggccatg     42600
     cctgctggca cagacgcctt aactgtgtgg atgactgtgt gactgggagc ctggaccggc     42660
     tgacaggcca tgagctaccc actggcatct ccaggttttt tgtagcaaac agccacttag     42720
     tgctttgtcc tggactccgc tcagcctgag gctggggaat agaaagggca gaccccaaga     42780
     gttggagatt agaggtcccc tccagatagc aagaggtttc tagggaagtc acctcacagc     42840
     aggcttgcag tatgtccagc tggttggcga acacgaggaa gctgcagggc tggaccatgt     42900
     ggccaagcct gcgcctcctg tggcttacct gtctgcccac ccttcgcaca tacacccgtg     42960
     gcagggagtg tggaactgaa gactggctgg aggcactgca gaagcagccc ttggctttct     43020
     actcccacac ttgcttgtga aacgtgtacc agctacctaa ggagggccaa ggcaggaagg     43080
     gccagggcct cctctgtcct taccaactct gggaagtcag ctctgccggc ccgagagggg     43140
     cgggcacttt ttcagcttgc tataacccct tccccatacc tccaggcagg gttggaaatg     43200
     aaggactttt ttaacctttt cttttgtttt taaaaaataa atctgtaaaa tttgcctctt     43260
     ctgtggcttt ctcccagtga tgacgtacct aaggtgagga aaaggatgag ccctgggctg     43320
     gggaaggatg ctgtgttagc tgaccagcgt ttttattaca cctgcctagg gctggatcat     43380
     tgagttgtcc ataccccaga tcaacatccc tcaaaggaaa aacccagctc tgagcctcct     43440
     cacctgccat tcccaccaag gccacctgga gaggccgcat ctcagactcc tgcctccagg     43500
     aggtgtgtct ggacagagct actccatctc agactcctgc ctccaggagg tgtgtctgga     43560
     cggagctgct ccatctcaga ctcctgcctc caggaggtgt gtctggacgg agctgctcca     43620
     tctcagactc ctgcctccag gaggtgtgtc tggacggagc tactccatct cagactcctg     43680
     cctccaggag gtgtgtctgg acagagctac tccatctcag actcctgcct ccaggaggtg     43740
     tctggctgga gctgctcctt gttcacctga gcattctcag tcggctccac cagcactgac     43800
     caagcattgt atgctaatca tgcagtagag atgtacatgg aagaagaggc tctttagcct     43860
     ttcagagagg aaagatagca gatgtggtga tgctgtaaag gcacagtgag ggcagatgag     43920
     accaaagctg gccggactga gctgaacaca gccaggtgct aactgggatt ggctggctgt     43980
     gtcttgtgtg aaggtgacaa cccagggcgt gtgtaggcta aggagctggc tgccgctgag     44040
     ctgcagtcag cgggggcctt aaggtgcctt tgaacccatc ggaacctcag cggggaggtt     44100
     ggacatgggc atttgagaat cgacactcct aacactgagg acctaataaa atgggattac     44160
     cgcacactgt gggagatact gagtaacccc ctgtgagaac aggacctgga ccagctgctg     44220
     tctcagagct ggaaagccag gggagcttgg gggaactagc ctgagtgggg tgaatcccag     44280
     ggagcccccc cccccagtca agagagccat ccacttgtcc ttctgctcac tgtgggctgt     44340
     gtgcttaggc agcctagatg gccttggcca gtgttgccac tgggacctct gttttccttt     44400
     gttaggaaaa acaacaacaa aaccaggtcc cactcaagtt cacttttaag tgtgtgatgg     44460
     agaggaagcc aaggctactc agaaatcagt gaatttaagt tggccgaatt gtctgtcact     44520
     tcagatgaaa gggcccagcc agcatggttg gttttgtgta gtcacagctg atcgagtgct     44580
     aaggattaca agagtgagcc tgctcctggc tgctaccatg aatttgaagg ctgtactctg     44640
     gaatatacat ttgttcctgg tatttaaact ttacttagac tttcacaaat gtttggccgt     44700
     gacccacagt ttactttttt ttttttctgc tgggtatggc ggcacacacc ttcaatccca     44760
     acatgcagag acagaggcta gcagatctct gagattgaga ccagcctagc ctacaaatga     44820
     gagttccagg acagccaggg tggttataca gagaaaccct gtctcataaa aattttaatt     44880
     aaaaaaaatt tttttaatta aaaatttcca actttggaaa tataaatata cacactttaa     44940
     acatgcacat gtttaaacat acacatgaga gatggttcag agattaaaag cactgtctga     45000
     ccttccagag gtcctgaatt caatttccag caatcacatg ttggctcaca accatcaata     45060
     ctgggatctg atgcctcttc tggcatacag gtatacatac agacagaaca cttcatacgt     45120
     aaatcatata tacatacata catatgtatg catatataca tatatatatc tgtgtgtgta     45180
     tatatatatg tatatataca cacatatata tatatataca cacacaaaaa aaatatgaat     45240
     agttcccctt aagtacaaca ttctgatact ctgtcaatca tttctctatc taacataaaa     45300
     atacctatca tactactaag ctggcttctg ggctatccaa aaagattcca cttttaagcg     45360
     tactaccagt gtgagcttca gagtcgtgat cttccgtgac tgagacctgg tgacagctat     45420
     gtgcacccca cattactggg gagccaaaga acttggggaa gagtgaagtt agccaagtca     45480
     cagtgcacag agggttttgg ctccagctgg tgtgagtgcc ccgtggggga ggatgcgatt     45540
     ctctgaccaa gcccctccca gaaacaagcc ctgatgaaga gctctagagc aggccaaatg     45600
     gctactcagg ccttccctgg gtcagtctag gctcacttgc ccactcctgt agatgattgt     45660
     ggccccaagg gacttcccag ctctagccat caattctttc ctgtaagcct cacttctagt     45720
     ttctggtggt ccatcccaga ctgcctcggg gtgtggttcc tgagcccagg aggcagaaag     45780
     gaactggttc ccctccccac ccccaccccc aacatacctt gtcattttca ttgtgagtag     45840
     gtcatttctt ccacctctct gggctgaaaa aaccctgcat ggcaggttaa tcacaaatgg     45900
     cttctcccaa tggctctcat tgaattcagg tgagtgggct cagtgctggc caggtgggag     45960
     ctacaatttt gagttccaga ctgacttgac acaagagggg ttcagtcaga aggaagagta     46020
     cctgagggaa cagtgtagct ccaggaacaa gaggggagga aggcagaggc aagctaagat     46080
     cgcttccttt gtcctctcag tgaggcagga agccagggtt cagggctgct ctgccccctg     46140
     tatctgagag tagggaaagg gatcaattaa acagggatta ataagctctg agctgtcctc     46200
     tacaatgagc tggagcccac aggtcctttg gcgaaatctg accaagaaat gtgaagagta     46260
     ggccacacag gtccttctgg agtaaagctc caaactggtg ccctggagga gcagagtggc     46320
     agggcagtac agtcatccca gagccatctg ggtcccagct gtcggcatgt atccctttgg     46380
     agctcgggcc actccaagcc gcctctgcct gaatgcccac actaagaccc agtgtccaag     46440
     ataagcattg gtttccctac tctggtgtgt gagaggacaa gggagaaggc tggctaagtg     46500
     cgacagtcac cagtgacaaa gagaagtccg tgccagcctt tccctgtccc tgctgcgggg     46560
     ccactctagc ctgctatcgg ggttcagact gggcttcagg cagaatggga agggtcaggc     46620
     ttctcacagg aactacacta gccaggcatg agacctcggg atccagggac ctttgtgaga     46680
     ggaaccgaga atcacactgg gtaggtcaag gctccgcccc agcacgtacc agccactttc     46740
     ctgagcacat gagacccagt ctcctcacta atagcatggt agcaatccag gttcctcttc     46800
     aggcatccag gagtggagca aatggaattt taatcaaaga agctgcagtg gggtggggaa     46860
     agtgtgaagt taaatctaca ttacacttca tgacttcatt caattctagc aaatcccacc     46920
     aacaggttct gggacttggt accaagacta cagagtctac taggataacg agttcgttcc     46980
     tagggcagac acgggttagg caaaggccaa aggggaggtt tggtgaaggt agcgatgtgg     47040
     gaagggggac catgtgtcaa ggatcctgga gatgagtgac agaagctggg ggaagcgctt     47100
     gggcaaagac aggggtgaca atcccaggaa gctaatggca aacccaggaa acggaatggt     47160
     tggggctgaa gggtggaagc cagcagcctg actgggaggt tgctacacaa atccacatgt     47220
     aaaccagcaa ggcagagcga gtggaggtgg caggtgaacc tgagaggagc ttccgtgtat     47280
     aaacagcaga acctggagac agcagttgtc atgggagaac gcgcttttgg gggtcccagg     47340
     aacacaagga gagaaaggat gggtcaggca ggaacgcaca aactggtggt ttagatgttg     47400
     taagtttaag gcgtgtgggc aacacctgga cagacacagc aatctagagg atacaagata     47460
     cctggggttg gggctggtga gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgactg ctcttccaaa     47520
     ggtcctaagt tcaaatccca gtaaccacat ggtgtctcac aaccatctgt aatgagatct     47580
     gacaccctcc tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag ctgcagtgta cttatctata ataataaatc     47640
     tttgggccag tgcaagcggg gccgactgga gtgagcagag gtcctaaaat tcagttccca     47700
     ataaccacac gaaggctcac aacctctgta cacctacaat gtactcatat acatatacat     47760
     aaaataaaca aatctaaaag aaagaaagat acctgtggcc gttgcctcag ccaggaaact     47820
     gggaatatgg gatggtaggt acattacact agttaatggg gaggagcctt actgtgcatc     47880
     gttgaagaca atcagagggc actgagtcaa aagcagtttt aacaggccct gcctctgtct     47940
     ctggagcttt tcaacaacca ccaccaccag tctggtgggt cccccataat ctgtatataa     48000
     cagcaagcag caacatgtgg cagctgagct gccgaaacac gctgtgttaa gtcgaaagca     48060
     gaaatcagac ttaggactta gacttggaaa aaataggcaa ggaaatatat caattttcac     48120
     actgattgca tattcaaagg acattttgga tggatatgtt agcataaatg aaagtccgta     48180
     aaaattttca cctgcgtctc ttttgtaacg tggctgctgt aaagtggatg tctcagtgtg     48240
     cgaatcacgt ttggtcccgg ggactttgct gtcctagcat ccttcagtag atgataatac     48300
     agctctcagg gatgctgtgc ctatcagccg tggccacact agaagagccc tgccccctgg     48360
     aagtgagacc tgcctctcca tggagttctg gtccagtttc tgctccgcgg ttcgcacacc     48420
     tcagccacgc ctctcactgg ccacacagac ctccaccctc agatgcacat caagcattta     48480
     cccagaggtc aaccccaggt atccttctaa acacctgtct tcctcccctc ccttttttca     48540
     gtgctgggaa ttgaacttag ggtttcattc gaatgacctc tggttcatac tacatacaca     48600
     cttccacact tccacatgca tgaatctgta tacacatgaa cacatacatg taacacagac     48660
     acacagccac tgaggagatg cagaaaaccc ctcctataat gattgtaaca tgtccttaag     48720
     gggttccttt tgctccactt tatgggacgt acttctattc ttgctcagtg actgtcaatg     48780
     atgcgtgttg tttttagttc ccaccattgt catttccggt gcccgtgaaa gcagctttcc     48840
     ccatcttcat gacaggtgca tttagccact ccttttggct agacacggga gcccttttca     48900
     gatgtctaca agcagctcaa acaaggcctg tcccagactt gagacccact ctgtaaatac     48960
     cttccaggca gctgccaaca gaagctgtgt ctccatcaac tacaaacctt tggcttcttc     49020
     agcttccacc cgtctttact ctttactgtc cagctaagga tcatggccct cgacactctt     49080
     ttataccact tcccacctac attggcttct atgccctcag ctaacacgca caaacctagc     49140
     actcaatgcc tgggctggcc tcctgcacct ctgtctgcct cctgtgctcc tgatgaattc     49200
     caggactctg ttgatctcca ggctttgccc taatcagaaa gatcccattt ggccctcgga     49260
     tccagatact cttggatcca gatacctctg ccatcaatgg ccacaccctg ccaattaacc     49320
     ctccatagat ttctctagac ccagccacca atgctctgcc tcacagccca acatccctgg     49380
     cccctaactg ggtttctcat ctctagtgtt gccctcccac ccagccacta tgtccacgta     49440
     cagagtacaa tctgaatact tctacgtatt ttttttccaa ataaaattac cccaacacca     49500
     ccccatcacc acccaacatt aaaaaccttc ccttaatggg aggaggtccc agggtacact     49560
     ggtatttcct tgttagaagc tgccctcccc ccacatcgct ttctaaatag cttttagttc     49620
     tcagaggcct ggcttacagg tcagcaactc caggaagtct ctgaaagcct cctgcccact     49680
     cccattccct cccaggctca ttaaccatat tccttgtgtg tcgcctcctc ttctgggttc     49740
     actgtgcaga gccctgctct tactccacct gcctcaatct tcactccgca tcctgaagac     49800
     aggttttgtc tttccatctc acttaccttg atgtcttgga cccagcacaa ggcttggtgc     49860
     cacaatgtga ccaagagcag ggccgaacag accttggcaa gcatcttgat gtatggccat     49920
     cttctataca aaaaggcatc ttcttccaac ggatggacag aggctggggc tgttggacat     49980
     cagaggacaa gtaccgaaag ctaagcagct ccctaaaagg ccaagatagt tcccaggaga     50040
     cggcttctca cactgtatgc tggcaacctg tctatttttg ccatagctct tttttttttt     50100
     taaggcgatc tttttataaa caaaacctgc cggtgggttc taatttgtat gtctttgcct     50160
     actagtgagg tgaacatttt tccatttatt tgcctactaa atacatcccc ccctcttcta     50220
     gaattaagct tctggtttgc cataggcact gttaaaggag gttggtctct taggagatgg     50280
     ctctggggac agagttggga gtgagctggc cagggtcaca tggaagttgc cgagaacaag     50340
     aaggacagag acaaagaggc ccagggaagc caacctgggg actttcacgg taagtgagtg     50400
     tggcagaggg agggacaggg ctgcctgcag gtttctggct tagtcaccct tctgaggcac     50460
     cctgtgcaga gtgcttccca caggagcata agcgcaaggt gggctcattg agtaaatcct     50520
     aggcacatac gttgtggagc tactccacga gataagggaa tctgatgtaa gtggccttct     50580
     tgaaagagat catagaaact attgcaggga gtgggcaggt ggagaatgga gatatgagtt     50640
     atcagaagga agagaccatg tgagcggggt gcatcggccg gtgcctttag cagctgaagt     50700
     cagtggagca acaaaggctt gctccagtca cttggctggt attaattcca agttcaggct     50760
     cagcctctga ggatgctatt ctcattactc catctcatac atgaggactg atgcccagac     50820
     agccagtgtt gctaacaaat gtgacaccag gtacctgggc cccgtatctg ttcttacaga     50880
     tgagatgctt atagacaaag ctaacaaaca aaagacctaa ccatgggcaa attccagtgc     50940
     ccactccctc caagccaggt cttgggcctt tgagctatgt gggaggaata ccagacctgg     51000
     tggaactggc tgacaccgac ctgtgtctgt ccagttcttt gctctcagct accaagccac     51060
     agattccttt ctcctcttgg acctcaccgg ccccatccaa gatcagcctc accacatgtc     51120
     aagcgcacca aacccaaatg ccactgtcct acctgcccgc aggctcacag ccctgccaca     51180
     gtgctgtcca aagccaagga caagactcag agctccttag acagatcctg ccaggaagaa     51240
     gagctcctcc aacccaaggc atgaagggca gctgggaaga ggatgggagg ttcttcaagt     51300
     attgagatgg agctgggcac agctcagtgg tgttaacttt gcctaatgtg tgaggcccta     51360
     gctttgatcc cctagcactg taaagacaat gctatcttta agtgctgagg tataaataag     51420
     atgccttgtt tattagcaga aacatacaag agtcagcaaa acctacaaga tgtaggacag     51480
     atgtccactg tgatgccatc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgg ggggactcag agaaataaga     51540
     atgctataac atctgtatgt gccttctctg gaagggtgcg tgacacaccg ataccattga     51600
     tcacctctat gcagaactgc aaaggctttg tgccgtgcaa attcttgaat ccttttgaat     51660
     gtttgtcctg tgtgaataga agagtaggtt cttactcaga aatcaaacaa agcagggaaa     51720
     tcaggcaatc atttttcctt gtgttaagtc agtctctgat gcccttcccc attcccactt     51780
     ccccagggcc aagaagagac tcctgtggcg gttcttcctg tctgcatttg gtttcttagg     51840
     cctgtaccat tacaggttca ttattatcag gtacaattcc ttccctgggg cgagggctaa     51900
     agtggatctt tccaaggacc tcctggagga agggaagggt ggtagctggc tcagcttggg     51960
     ctctcctcac ccatcaaaga gcatgcttaa tgtctcttcc tgcttccatc atacccaggc     52020
     tcatagaagg ctccatcccc atgggcacct gccctacagc cataatgcct ctgccgaggg     52080
     acaatttcac aggagtactg caccactggt aagtagccag tgttctcaca tgcaggatgt     52140
     ccacaaacta taaaggtctg ccccagtccc tggctttctg ctcacccaca caaaggcatt     52200
     ctggtttggg gaatccagag ggggcccatt agatcacatg ccacccaagt tatcacgttg     52260
     gttctaagtc aggggtgctt agggaacagg tctgatatgg ctgtgggtgc ctagggccca     52320
     gcaatggggc agtggcaata attagccgcc aagcagctga gtggatacaa ctatttttct     52380
     tactcctcct gctcatgtcc agggcccggc ctgaagtcct gacctgtacc tcttggggag     52440
     caccaattat ttgggatggc actttcgacc ctcatgtagc ccagcaagag gcgagacggc     52500
     ggaacctcac catcgggctg actgtgtttg ctgtaggcag gtaaggccca gggaagagat     52560
     catgcttgta ggtaaggaac agaagggtgt gcccatggac agggattcat gaagctttgt     52620
     tccatgccat gggagctcac agtgcagcta taggctgtac ccagtgtttc agactctcag     52680
     gcaagcacag aagcactctc agctgtcccc tactccctgg acatcaatgc cagagtccac     52740
     ctagcccagc agccagggcc cctaaaaagg aatgtgcctg gagttaggtt tggcatacat     52800
     ggaaacactg gggggttgtc gtgagggcat aaactagctt ttcagatcaa tgatgagaaa     52860
     agagggtcta gcaactggtt aaactatggt agcacacgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga     52920
     ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg     52980
     acagccagga ctatacagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaatttaaaa     53040
     aaccaccacc aacaacaaaa tcaaaaatca aaacaaaaaa acaaaaaaga aagaaagagg     53100
     ctctcacata gtgacatagt cactgttaga agggcaacat taataatgac catgtcaagg     53160
     gggtagtcac agaagcaggc gactgaggag gacaaaatca ttgcaagtaa ggcatacaaa     53220
     ggtataaatg taactcttat aagtctgaaa tgtaatcgtt gtttcagaag ttcgccacct     53280
     ctgtctgcta acctaggcct agtcctggaa gcttccagcc actgtacaat ctaatttaag     53340
     cctagaatgt tctcagcctc tgagactgac tgctgaatca gctcgccttt tctagctctc     53400
     tctgcgttct ggctggctgg ttcaactcaa ctgctctggc tccaactcct ctccaagctg     53460
     actggttcaa actggcttct cttgctgctg attgaattgc tccacttggc ctcaaactaa     53520
     ctctagcaat ctgaactaat cttctgactc cttctcattc tctggctcat tctgtcttca     53580
     cctgtgtcta gcttgttctc tcttcaacct gtctctgtaa aactctccca ggaaaaccgt     53640
     ctctgtttct ctctgtactt ctttatctta aggagcccct cttttctctc ctcacgagag     53700
     ttgggtggga acagcctact tgccacggac ggggctcaat caaccccctc aatccatggg     53760
     aaattagggc ttctggcagg tgggcatgga gttagcgaga attgacaaac agacgcagac     53820
     acaagggagt gctaaattcc aagcaaacac cagactttta atacaggaga aaaacaagaa     53880
     agtcaggcga acacatctgc caagttacat tgacacaaaa caaaaaagaa tgcatacatt     53940
     aaaagatgac aggagccagg ccatgtttac aactgagaat aggaacaacc ctaattaaga     54000
     tcagctaaac acaggagcaa ggtgaatgct ctgatgcaat actagtctat ttttaaaccc     54060
     tctgccaggg gttctttagt aaatacctaa ttatgctatt cctctgggcc tagtgaaaaa     54120
     acctgcacca ggggaattcc cttctactaa ccctttcatg aataatacta aaacccacct     54180
     atttcctagg ccattgtgta ttcctgtgtt tgggagtaac ttggctattg ttctaagtaa     54240
     ttagtatgta gattagctct gagcttttct agctctgttc aagtaaattg taatgcctta     54300
     tcattttcac tgtctctact agaattgaat ttgaacgcta ctgaatagat aacattctta     54360
     ctgaattcaa agctcagggt tggcttcaag gactttcttt cttttttttt tttttttttt     54420
     tttttttggt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct gacactcact     54480
     ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg     54540
     gattaaaggt gtgtgccacc accacccggc caaggacttt ctaggaacca ttggaacacc     54600
     ggtggaagct tagctatatg tcaaaatcaa tccttaaagg cacttataat aaaacaatac     54660
     tgaaagagag cacatagatc catacaccag aataacacag gaacagggtt tgagtataca     54720
     tgctatagga atgccaaggt tccaggaggc taagttttca tgaaactctt tgcctcagga     54780
     ctgcttccag gtttctaaac ctgtaatgcg agtcactact ggagtggatg tagccaaaag     54840
     ccctttcttt tataattttt cagtcaaagt tccaggatgt cccactacag atctcagaag     54900
     aactctaaag atgagtggag acacaatgat tactaataaa ataatgacaa taataatagc     54960
     aagtaggatt atatattgaa cccaatccaa gggattcaat gcacttaggt tattttttaa     55020
     atctctggct aatgcatcaa tgttccaagt atccaaatga cttctgctaa tatctgaaat     55080
     ttctgccttt ctagccttaa tatttgctat atcctgtcct attgctaaaa ctacttcttc     55140
     taaagcatta acccttgcct tcaattttta tctataatgt gcagctgtat taatatacaa     55200
     attaaagctt gattattcaa tattttaaaa caccatctac agcacccaat ttaattatct     55260
     gtgcagaagc aggaggaaac tcaaaagaat aaacatgtga tccaattcac atatacttat     55320
     ctcccataga agggatgttt ttaaatacag taaatgggat gcatgcatgc atgcatgaat     55380
     ttatagaaga tacaaaatca tgcataaaag caatttttaa cttaccttta ggattatgat     55440
     gatcaatttt atctaaaatg atggtatgca ataggccaaa tatcaatatt ctgcaataac     55500
     caatttggtt gctgtttgga acaagaaaca gacacttcat caggttttat ttatttattt     55560
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cctcagacac     55620
     tccagaagag ggagtcagat ctcgttacgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg     55680
     atttgaactt ctgaccttca gaagagcagt cgggtgctct tacccactga gccatctcac     55740
     cagcccttca tcaggttttt aagacacaaa tttttgttat agtttttcta aaatacatta     55800
     atttacctta caattcttaa ttagcaccac agcagcctta taataggatg ttaaaacttt     55860
     acttggagat gaagaaagat gattttccat taatgttctc tttgccaaag aactgctgtg     55920
     tgcaaattga gtaacaataa ctagaataca cacctaatat tgattagcac tgattgataa     55980
     caattgatca cagaatcttt ctctgttttc tgcaaagcct ttttgtttct caccagttaa     56040
     tttgaatctc acttgataga acctaacaaa ggcttaagtt ctcctgtggt gagtttaagg     56100
     tgaggtctta gccaattaac atctcctgga agcttttgaa aataatttga agtaagcaaa     56160
     tcatcttttc tatcttaaat tttctgtacc acaatttttc taggataact aagaccctaa     56220
     atattaaaaa gatattgcct ctgagccttt tctggagcaa aagctactcc ccagaacttc     56280
     aaagttcttt atgtgaaagc aaagatttga aataaacttc ccttcagagg catttgttaa     56340
     taaaatactt tccacttaag aaacaatata caagccgggt ggtggtggca catgcctttt     56400
     gtcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcagatg gatttctgag tttgaggcca gcctggtcta     56460
     cagagcgagt tccaggatag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaagaaaaaa     56520
     aaaaaagaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaagc aatatacacg gaaagattca aagtcttaac     56580
     ttcttgtatt gaagaagaga caataaaaat ttttcttaca taatgtaaag ctatatcagc     56640
     catacctaga ggcaaaattt tccagtgatc acaaactcac tagaagcaaa ccctttacaa     56700
     tttcagttgg ttagcccatc aagaaaagaa gtcagggcag gaacctggag gcaggaactg     56760
     aagctgaggc catggaggag tgctgcttac tggcttgttc cacaagggct tgcctagcct     56820
     gccttcttat acaccccagg acccaagggt ggacagaccc ttgtaggcta gtccctccca     56880
     cattattgcc cacaggccac tctgatggtg gcatttttct caactgaagt tttctcttcc     56940
     cagataaccc tgacttggaa aaaaaaatcc ctaccaacca ccaaccacaa caaaactact     57000
     accatcacaa ctaacaacaa caacaacaaa aatctaaaca gcacaggctt gcttacatca     57060
     tagcagcctc tggtcctggg acccccttcc acaaggctca gagtacttca gacacctcct     57120
     gaaccccaag ggttgtccag ctcagtactg cctgggtcag aggaatcagg agtccatatt     57180
     caagggaaac agggcagagc aatgcatcca ggcagctgac agacagcatc caggcaccca     57240
     acagacagct ttcaatcttt taatgcacca ccttaaagca gaagatctgg gattgcatgg     57300
     catggtgtgg gcaggggtgg aggatgtcag aactgactct ggcctgactg cctggcaggt     57360
     acctggagaa gtacctggaa cacttcctgg tatcggcaga gcagcacttc atggtcggcc     57420
     agaacgtggt gtactatgtg tttacggatc gcccggaagc agtgccctat gtggctctag     57480
     gccagggtcg cctgctgcgg gcaaaacccg tgcagcgaga gaggcgctgg caggacgtgt     57540
     ccatggcacg catgcccacg ctacacgagg ctctgggagg gcagctgggc caagaagctg     57600
     actttgtgtt ctgcctggac gtggaccagt acttcaccgg taacttcggg cctgaggtgc     57660
     tggcagattt ggtggcacag ctgcacgcct ggcactaccg ctggccgcgg tggctgctgc     57720
     cctacgagag ggacaagcga tcggctgctg cgctgtcgtt aagcgaaggc gatttctact     57780
     accacgctgc ggtgtttggc ggcaatgtgg ctgcactgct caagctgacg gcccactgtg     57840
     cgactggcca acagctggac cataagcgcg gcattgaggc actctggcac gacgaaagcc     57900
     accttaacaa gttcttctgg ctgaacaagc ccaccaagct gctgtcgcct gagttctgct     57960
     gggcagagga aattatctgg aggagagaga tccatcaccc acgcctgctc tgggcaccca     58020
     aggaatatac gctggtgcga aactagcagc ccttccctgg ccaagcaggc gccaacatct     58080
     ttggcactac cttaagtcag agccacttat agcgcctctg ggaaggggga ctttggaact     58140
     cagagatatt gaaaagagat cctgtacctg gggcctgtag accctttgtc agctgacagg     58200
     agagcctttt tgctccaacc agaagcaaat tatggaaagg caagaattct ggcagctttt     58260
     gtatcccagg tgcttgtcag caggggggcg tgcagcaagt accacctacc aggattaaag     58320
     cttttgcaga ggccttgggg acaaggcctt ccttagccct tggcagtggc tagtgtctca     58380
     gcttctgagt ggacctaggt attggggttc ccacaccttg acaatgacca gtgttgctcc     58440
     tattggagcc tttagtatct gaggcttgac aactgtctga agccattcct gtgaccagga     58500
     tctgcagttt ctcatctctt ggtcctcacc gacttcagcc tcagctctcc gtcctgtctg     58560
     cctctgctgg ccctcttgtt cgtatgcagg tccctgcctg cgtttatttg tttgactgcc     58620
     tcttcttcca ccgtcaagca ggcttctcct gtctggagca tggctggctc cctgccccat     58680
     gggcacttcc ccttcaattc ccttgccgtt gttgtgtggc cggcaggtca cgcggttgtc     58740
     attgcctctg ccaccaccac tgctatgctg gctcttcctt catgttaccg gacagccctc     58800
     actgttggcc attcaaggga agcctctcat gggacctaac agcgcggtgt caggagagca     58860
     gcaggagagt gtcagccctt ctcccctccg aaacccctgc atgctggctc ataagggcag     58920
     ctgagcatcc agtgtagtag ccataagtga gatgtttgaa ccgaccgagc ctcatctctc     58980
     tgggatgctc ccaggtagcc cttctgctag acctcttctc tgtatggtga tgggtatgga     59040
     gtcttctgga gttctcaaag gctttggcag cagaaggtct gtttcaaata accatggttt     59100
     tatggctgtg ccttaaggag ctctgattgt tgtgtgggac tctcaaggtg tccatgggct     59160
     gtgcaagaca aggggtgcca gcatgggggt agtccaacac ctgctggcat gggagtcaag     59220
     ttgacagtgc ttacttccag gacagtgcgc tccaggggga atgttaacag tagggggttg     59280
     aaggacttat tgttaacacg tgttctaatt gtgagagatt ttcaacactg cttaacacca     59340
     cccagggccc caggaaggga tgagaccctt cccctagccc ctttcacctc tgaccttact     59400
     gagtgcttct tttgacgtga tatttttaac atgaggagac tggggcacaa agagcgacca     59460
     aactgcccag acacaggacc atttcgagcc cttgtgatca tcagcagcgg aagaatgaga     59520
     gttagatctt ccttccagcc caactccctt taggagggag ccactgagaa aggcaagcag     59580
     acgttccagt catatattat ctctgctcta ttatctcccg tggccgcagc agcttgtgca     59640
     tatttgagga atgctataac aagcaagtaa tttcaaaatg ttccgtatgg ttttttcttc     59700
     tattgagtgg atgataaaaa aaaagaaggg aaaagaagga aagagagagg aggaagagga     59760
     agaagaggag gaagtgactg aggttcctca tctatgtatt cagtaccatt ctgtaagaaa     59820
     gacacaaaca cgggacgctg gggatagctc agtcaaataa gcgtctattt gttccctccc     59880
     cttctctgca tgtccccatt gcaagcaagg tcagagagag agagactaat tctcctgaga     59940
     acagaggatc ccaggtttac agaggagtaa ggtttataga atgagcaaga ttttctaaga     60000
     cccagactct gagggagacc ctctgaggac tggggagagg gtgcaggaaa gggaaagggc     60060
     agggtggagt aagatggtac ctccttggga acagttagtt ccctgcccct cttagaggca     60120
     gaagttacag aggcttggca gccaaacagg aaggaaggaa aaccccacct ctacagacat     60180
     ttccatgatg gccaccgctg tccttgagtc tacaggactt gcccgtagac tcctaacagt     60240
     ggggatgaaa atcagagtct tgttcattga ctacatcagc actacagcca aaatctagat     60300
     gtggctaggt gcccccactc tgctgtgcca gtacaggtcc taccctgaaa ctcctgagaa     60360
     actccagttg tctatggacg gagggggtgg tggtgtgagg taggggtggg ggtggggtga     60420
     tgatgctaca cgcctggaac atgttcacgt gtttcacacc tgcaggttgg cgctacctta     60480
     catccagcct cctaatggtt gctattatta atctcatttg acaaaaggtg caatcaggca     60540
     ttgagaggcc aaataaatga ctcatggtca caccactcac agcttacatt cctgaacgcc     60600
     aaggacaaac aggaaatgaa atatggccgg agactgaaga ctggggggtc ctcggaactg     60660
     aggcgaccac cattctcagt ctcctttggt catttcgacg tgctctgcca ctttcgtctt     60720
     ctgcttgagt ctggctgaac atagccatcc cggcacctgg tctccagggt ctcccagttc     60780
     agctacccac catctcctaa ctaacaggga gtggagcagc gggctagaga ggcactgtca     60840
     tacaatgact tgctggtaaa tacttatcaa ctgacgcttc aggaaaatag gagatgggct     60900
     gtgctggcca agtgtttcct gcgcaagcct gaggatccaa aggctggagc tggggaggca     60960
     aagacaagca gattcttatg gcccgggcca gtcagcccat tcagtgagca tcggcgaagt     61020
     gagatagcct aagactaaga cagtgcacag agcagagcct gaagaaggtc attcgaggta     61080
     aacctctggc ctccacgctt gtggacacgg caaacacatc atggttaatg gcaagtcacc     61140
     aacactcctg aatgtatagc tggggggagg gggggagggg ctgcgcacca actgttctaa     61200
     tgagccaggg cagccactgc acttctggtt gcctctgtgt ggggacttat tgagtcaggt     61260
     ggtcatctct ggccaatcag ctgtgaatag tgttggtaat gtgacacaga tacagctgcc     61320
     agagtccagc tctttctggc atagaagaac acaggagatc aaccttagag gaagaccaga     61380
     ggcctgtgag gttaccaaga catggtgggt ctatgctact tccattctta gtcctcaagg     61440
     gtggaggcaa ctcttgaagg ctgcgatgca atcaatggat ttacctattc aggaacttgt     61500
     aatatgatga catttgggga catagagcct ggctggtaga agcaggtcac caaccacaca     61560
     catgtcaacc acaaggtcac aatctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     61620
     tgaggtgagc agctgtacct tccacatgga tgttctgcct cccacagccc cagccagcca     61680
     gctaggggct gtacctatta acgatctggt atttgttaca agatgagaag gataaaaagt     61740
     ctgtaacatg aaaaatttat accagggggg ccagagagat ggctcagggg ttaagagcac     61800
     tgactgctct tcggaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacacggtg gctcaccaac     61860
     catccataat gagatctgat gccctcttct ggggtatctg aaaacagcta cagtgtacac     61920
     acatataata aataaatctt tggggctgga gagagaagaa aaaagcgtct gaagacagtt     61980
     acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaatct ttaaaaagaa aaagaagcgg gacgtggtgg     62040
     cgcacgtctt taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc     62100
     cagcctggtc tacaaactga gttccaggac agaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa     62160
     aaaaaagaaa agaaaaaaga aaaagaaaaa tatataccag aggattgggt catcattgtg     62220
     actatctgaa gcctttggga ttggtttgtg agaagatttt gggaaaagtc ttgaccaagc     62280
     ctagaatgtt gtagacagag ctcttgggaa agtcttctgg aagcttggaa ggctggagtg     62340
     tggatggaac tgtgaaaaca ggaccctgtg ctctctgggt tttaggtggg aacgggcacg     62400
     ctgctgtgag aacctgaagc cccctcattt tacagtcagg cagagaattt atccattccc     62460
     ctgcatcctt caacactgat gctggcccta tacagaccca gaaacaatag agggcatacc     62520
     tcatccccgt tcattcctct gtctctttgc atcctgactg ccacaggggt gagcatctcc     62580
     cactacatac ccctctcccc tccatgttca agccttaggc ctaaactgat ggccaagaac     62640
     cactggattg agaccagaag ccagaaacaa tcggtcctcc tgtgaactgt cccaccccat     62700
     cccaggtatt tgtcacaatg acagagtcta acacatgttc tgattccttc ctggggagat     62760
     gaacttcaga tactggctct gtgatgacca ggagccgaga cagtaggata cctccacagg     62820
     gccaaccttg gtcaactcgg tgggaataat tcttgtttcc tgctcctcct cctcttagac     62880
     atcaaaacac tgactccgcc atggaggaaa acctatgtgg atgtaacttc aggagcccat     62940
     cctaccccaa cactagagca gcttccacaa accagacctt ggggcggacg atcagaaggt     63000
     gggcagacag gaggcagcgt acccatctca aaatgagaaa aactggcttt gtgcaactct     63060
     cctgccactc aactgggcaa aatgtagtcc cttccggggt ttgggggtgg gagcgttaca     63120
     tagcattcca gcacaaagca tggaagctca cagtgagcgg ccatcacctt cctttcctag     63180
     cctggagcag agtagtgcca aggcagtcct gccggctctc ctacaccgca ccaggcagtc     63240
     tgtacgccgc caccacctgg agagtatgca cagatcattc ttcacgtcag acaaatacaa     63300
     ggagcagagt ggctgcatgc cgtcctctct gcccccctta agtcctctcc cacacccaac     63360
     ttctttgaat agagtagaag cttctgtccc ggtgctccga gggccacgtg tcctcgcctc     63420
     cctgccaccg agatgcagac tgaaaagccg acagactctt ttctcttttt taataaggta     63480
     actatttcta aatatggtgg cctggaggtc ccatagaaaa aaagcaaagg ctgttaacag     63540
     tattggaaca gcatatttac agggtagtaa catgcggaca aaagctacaa tacggagtat     63600
     cagacgacgc aagtcaaaca aaggggtggg ggtggggggc tgagaccccc cctcccagtg     63660
     gaaaagaaac cccaggaaac gttaaactgg taaatcaatg gcgagttaag gcttaaaaag     63720
     tgtataaaaa taacacagtt aatattcaaa cggactccag gtacagaata tatagatgag     63780
     ttttgtctag ttttcttctc tgggggtgat gtggaagggg gcttctctgg gttctgtaca     63840
     tagttcctat atacacggac acgcatggct ttcggattgg gatatgtctt ggggggctgg     63900
     gggcagggtc tgctcctggg tcctcctttg gaggctccta tccctgccgc agggcctggg     63960
     gtctgggttg gggagtcctc atctgtgtcg agaaggacaa cccctccctg ggcactgtac     64020
     ccttctggaa gaaattctgg aaagggcact tagtcccagg ccccctccct ctccatcccc     64080
     ctgcccacag tctggagtgg tgggagaggt agccgatagg tttcctggcc agcaccgagg     64140
     tagactgggg tggtcttcag ggcagcaggg gaggagccag gtctcacctg gcacgccccc     64200
     aacccattcc ctgggcttgc cacccagccg tcactgcacc ctttggtccc gcgggtctcc     64260
     agacctctct catttccgtg ccctaaagcc aggcaggcct ggcagctgct gtgccctctg     64320
     ctcacgaagg ctagggcaaa gctcaggcag tttgactggg tgacgggtga agggctcact     64380
     ccagctgtct cctgtctcct cccacctgag ggagggtgtc ccctttgacg tccagaaccc     64440
     caggcctccc ctcaagacct gaggttttgg ccagagaagt tcccacgctg ccctctggtt     64500
     ctctgtatcc gtctgtccag tccttttaat ttcccgttct tagcagcacc aacattctgg     64560
     ccaataaata tcctttttgt tatttccaaa acaaacttaa aaacaagaaa cagtgaagca     64620
     agtgagggag ggggaacaaa aagaaaaccc aacagacagg ttcaaagtgc tctgagatcg     64680
     tctttggatg ccaccagaac agtccagaat cttgcagttg gcctggctgc caggagccag     64740
     ccagggaggg cttctgtgga ccaagctttc tggcaggttt ggaaggttgt gagagagctt     64800
     ggtggttcct ggaggcccca gcgggaatta ggctgggtgc tgcctgggtc tgtgtctgcc     64860
     aagtgggcgg ggcgtcgccg caggtggctc agatcagaga gattcgcacc gggatgccgg     64920
     gggactcggt cctctggggt gagtgatggc tcaccaggtg ttccaccact gtgtgtttgg     64980
     acatgtgctt catcaggtag gtctcctgtg ggcagaagga atatgcagaa gccatcacaa     65040
     cagaggctgt agttccaaaa tcagccacta gagagcagct cactgaagcc acagccttgg     65100
     agctcaggtg gaccttggaa tgggttctaa gggttctatt gatttagggt gatctttgct     65160
     ttgctggagt tcagtcctac acagtgcttg ctggaggggt ggacaaggct gactggcaac     65220
     ttcgctcacc ctcaacagat tccacccaag ccctgcaatc tccagctctg ctcgccattc     65280
     caacctataa ctgtgtgttc cctgtggggt tgaggcagag gcctggcagg agttgagttc     65340
     tgccatttct tagcatcagg gcaagtcatg tcccccaacc tgctcccaag ccttcatttc     65400
     ctcctctgta agtaggagct gtctctagag ccctacgggg acactccttc ccagtcttaa     65460
     cattttattc cagttggaag caggagtcca ggtccctgta aacctccagg tgaccctctc     65520
     ttgggggtaa agccacaccc gagtcatcct attccccact tgccctgccc tgaggcatca     65580
     tcactggatc ggtgaggtga cctgggctgt ctgtctgcat gcccacatct tccattggct     65640
     ctggccaaga gcaaggtaac ataccctgtc cctggctgcc actcaagaga ggtcgccagg     65700
     cagagactga gagagtctag gaatgtggca aggtgctaca caacccagag gaagcagtca     65760
     gcaacagcca caacagaaac cagtttccag tgagtacaag gtaaggagag aggtgaggca     65820
     agctgggccc taaaagacac tgacacaggc tgcagtggtt tggtcaggaa tggcccccac     65880
     agactcatgt gtgttaatgc ttggcctatg gggagtggca ctattgggat acgtggcctt     65940
     gttggaggaa gtgtgtcact atgggggtgg gctttgaagt ctcctatgct taagctacac     66000
     ccagtgtggc acacagtatc cttctgccgc ctgtggatca agacgtagaa ctgtcagctc     66060
     cttctccagc accatgcctg cctgtgtgcc gccatgtttt ccgccatgac aataatgcac     66120
     caaacttctc aactgtaagc tagccccagt taaatgtttt cctttataat tgttgctgtg     66180
     gtcatggtgt ctcttaacag caacaaaacc ctaattaaga cataggataa tataggaata     66240
     ttatttgggt cttgctcttt aaaaataaat tctataaata aaaatatggc atttaggaga     66300
     caaataaata tgtctatgct gtctgggtac tggacaatgg gcctctgaat aagggttata     66360
     gagatattat gggtatgttt ttaaaaggag ccatggccct ttgagacata aagcttttac     66420
     aaacaaaata atagcgtgtc tggattttgc ttcagagagc aggggctgaa gacagtcagc     66480
     gacgtgtacg acgagaaaac acaaggactt gaccatggac tgaaacctcc atatcccaga     66540
     gccaaaacaa accgttcatc ttctaaatcc accgtctgcg gtattctgtt accatgacag     66600
     aaagctatta tgtacccctt cctcaaaaga ccttattatt tggactgtcc ccaactttgt     66660
     ctcctcagac tctttaccgt ctctcaaaat actcgctctc aacaagaaaa gagggctgcc     66720
     cctccggggt cacatgcagt gtctggatgc ttctggtgac ctcatcttgg agaggagagg     66780
     ttgctactgg cacccagtgg gtagatacag aagttcttta gcatcttacc agacacaagg     66840
     aagtgtcccg ccccagagga gcctcctgct cagggtccct ggggctagat ctgagcagac     66900
     agctctgctt tgaaacatta agcactacct gtccgtaaaa gcttacctgt gataatgtat     66960
     ttaatccctg ccaccatcag tagtccctaa agtccctatc tgatctgcgt tttctgtctc     67020
     cttagtgtct ggctcagtgg tcagtgaaca ctaacgaatg agtcactggc tagctgatat     67080
     gcctgttagc cagtagccct gagaataacc actcgatagc gggaggagac agtattactc     67140
     gtgaacactc ttggctatgg tggtgttccc agaacagtca aagggctaga agcgtgcgca     67200
     taactgagtt acttgagtat ccaaggctct ccactggagg attttcccac ccaggaacca     67260
     tctctggtcc cctttctctg aaggatagtc ggctctggct atgggactgt gccccctgct     67320
     ggacttggcg ggtattgcag ctgtcccaag taggaagcgt gggctgagac gctcctaggc     67380
     taagaagaga atcccaggcc cacagtcctg cccctaggct ttggaacttg gtgccaggca     67440
     gcaagactca ccgaggtgta ggcccgcccg cacatgctgc agcagtaggc cttggcgtgc     67500
     ttgatggcat gggcagagag gtggatctgg agggaggcgg agtctgagta ggcccggtag     67560
     cagttgggac atttgtaggg cttgtcctta ttgtgctggc gctggtgaga ctgtaaagag     67620
     cacggtaagg ggctgtgagg cgctgactct accccacatc ccaccccctt tcttgggccc     67680
     ctgaaagggg gtgtgcgcgg gtggtagtgg ggggtgggtg gggtggggca ctcacctgga     67740
     ggttggagag ctgagtgaaa gccttttcgc agccaggatg cgggcacttg tatggtctgt     67800
     cgcctgtgtg gattctgcaa gagcatgccc agtgagggag ttacccctgc cacaccccac     67860
     agcagttcca gcccccagcc tggccgcaac tacacctctg ctgctggagt actctctctc     67920
     cagccttcaa cttgctttct ctggtggtca agagtaggcc ccaaacaaga gctagggcct     67980
     gcaaaggccg ccagcatctt ctctggactc tgcggctggt ctgaacacag tttcccactc     68040
     cctcggatcc ctgtgacagc ctacagtctc ggttctctcg gctccctccg tgagagggag     68100
     acctctctgg gttttattct ctgccatctc cccagggtct gacataagcg caatagacag     68160
     ctgggaacta cagacggtga aggctcctca tctctaaagt tagccactga cagcagaaat     68220
     aagattcata taagattcag gctcttgccc gagggtgttg cttgactgtt ggttggctgc     68280
     ctaccgtgtg gtcttccagg gacttgggct cttccatagg agtgcatcaa acctcttcac     68340
     cagcaaacta cccgctctgg cctctgagca cccaactgtt ccaactgctc agcttcctcc     68400
     gtaggtcttc agtctcagta gcctcctgac ttcagctata tgatatcatc cctggggcct     68460
     gcccttgtag tgtcctggct cagaaacccc cactatgtcc ctgtttgtct ggaacagggt     68520
     ccccagccct tatcctagca ttcagggcca gcccacattc tgccttagtt tctgagacct     68580
     cctctctgtc cctgatttct gtattacatt cccttccctg gcacacatat agccttgagc     68640
     ctcaggaagg cctctgccat gtccacacac actggccttg tggctctgga atcatggaag     68700
     ggatcccctt ggtccaaggc ctggcccctt ctactgactt atccctgtat gaggctgcca     68760
     gctcagggac acctcagaaa gatatttaag gagggtagct attggacaaa ggactggact     68820
     gctgcctgtt cccactaccc acaaagctct cagtttccag ccctgaatgt caggccatgc     68880
     ctatcaccag gatcctgttc ctagcatctt cctgctagca gagcttacag ccttggctcc     68940
     cccatctgta agataggatg ttcagtttga cctcgggcca gtccctcttc aaacacaaga     69000
     aaatccagca gaaacaggta tgctgcctgc cccccaaccc ccgaaatccc atgatcccag     69060
     ctccatgtgg ggacctcaaa accagacctg ctgtcttacc taatgcttgc cctccataca     69120
     gccctagcag tgcagatcca gacacacacc cccttcctcc tgaagcccag gccatgtagt     69180
     gaatcacact tccactactt cttgtctccc tgagttccaa gtcttcatgt ataaaatagg     69240
     gataatgatg aagttcgtgg gtacaaaaga ttccatctaa ggctgtttaa aaaccaccat     69300
     cgcagggtta ggggagacga ctctccatca tgtgagctgc agacatcaaa cctacatcac     69360
     tgccaggcag tggtggtgca cacctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga     69420
     tttctgagtt cgaggctagc ctggtctaca cagtgagttc cagaacagcc agggtgacac     69480
     agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aacaaaacaa aacagacaaa caaaaaaccc aaaccccaaa     69540
     ccaaaactct atgccattat gcctggcaga gtgtcttcat tagccgagcc atctcaccaa     69600
     cctccttttt aagatttatt aattttatgt atgtgagtac actgttgctc ccttcagaca     69660
     cacaagagga gggcattaca tcccattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tgggtgctgg     69720
     gaattgaact caggcctctg gaagagcagt cagtgcactt aacagctgag ccatctctcc     69780
     aacccttgtt ttgtttttaa ggagggtctc actctagccc aggctggcct gcacttcaca     69840
     gcattcttcc tgcctcactc agcctccttc ttgctgggat ttcagacatg agcccccaca     69900
     ctccggcatt ccctactact gggtgccttt aactatcttg tatttcacaa ttaaaatgag     69960
     ggtagaggga gtattcagta ttcagggttc tctctccttt cacacccttt cctaggaaga     70020
     aatacactca ccacacacaa agacttcagg gactccgcct gtgttaaagc actgtgtatt     70080
     gggtgcccag gggccccttg gtgctgaaca gctgttttta atattgtaac tattgtcaac     70140
     agacttaaga aagcaaaatg acacagttcc tagctgtagt tatcaatatg tgtgtgtgtc     70200
     tgtgtgtagg attaaggtta cacttacaca cagacacaca cagacacaca cacacacaca     70260
     cacacacaca tacacacaca cacacacacc acatcacaca gccagggaaa gaaaagcaaa     70320
     agcaagcatg gtttgcaccc cgcatatgca aacaaacaca ggtagtgtca ccatgtctgg     70380
     cagtggcctc cacaaactct gaacgctctc ctgtacttca ccacatccct cctgaggcag     70440
     cttcacccct gagtctcaca ccctcgtacc tgtaggcgtg tggtgccttt cacctgtgta     70500
     tctcttagtc acaactgcat cagacacagg ctgtgggcct actgtgacag gccgcagtgg     70560
     agctgataca tgcttgtgga gggcaccatt aggtaagatg atctacccaa agtctggact     70620
     tctggttaca gtttagggtt cacctctctt cacttgtgcg ttcctttcaa atacaagttc     70680
     ttctgggagc cactaaatag gatcacccca acagtagtct tgggggatag ctccttcagc     70740
     tcccggagcc agcctagcac acctcctgct ttggattcac ccttgtatac ccttcatgac     70800
     agtaacatgg ggaagatgtg tatggtttct caaagggcag gaagacagga tagagtctct     70860
     gtaaaatgga acaggttgat tccttgattc agaggatgct ggggtcctgg ggcttgggag     70920
     tatcgtaaac tcccctttgc tactgggtga ggacatggta gcttaatcat agtagccagt     70980
     gccctccctg tgacttacaa ttatcttcta aatgttgaca gactccatta tgttgttttg     71040
     cttcctgcct attacaatgt tgaatcccac aaatgaggaa aggaaaaaga gacaaaacca     71100
     aaagaaaaca aacaaataaa caaacaaaca aacagaaacc acagaaacag aagcaatccc     71160
     ccaggtctga gaatattatt ttggcaaaac agttcccttc aaggggactg aatagctcct     71220
     cctgcccagc ctaggagctg ggaaaacagg tgtgaatctc ccataaccat tctgacatat     71280
     gcttagacaa agtctaccca tgaccaacaa cagaattctt agacatcatt actgcttgct     71340
     actgtgtcta ttttctctta attaaaaaaa aatgatttat tttatcaagt gtacgtacgt     71400
     acatacgtac gtacgtacgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatctgt     71460
     gtctgtgtgg gaatatgtac atgagagtgc agatgcccac agaggccaga ggaatcgcat     71520
     cctcccagag ctggagttac ggtcggctgt gggcctgggg actgtggtga ggatcacact     71580
     gaggtctcac agaagagcta tgtgagctcg taacctccga gccccaactg tgtctattgt     71640
     tatctaaggc cgactttgcg ctcaatggcc gttctcaggt ccagaccttt ggttcagaat     71700
     aataaacctt tccagctcct tctacataaa aacactccta gagtttctag aaggtcactg     71760
     gatagtacta accactggaa aggaggatgc accaagggag ggggctgtct ggtccccttc     71820
     ctgtttccag ttagttggac ataagactac aactgcccta tgaagtccac agcctcagaa     71880
     cagagcaaat ccccaaacaa gaagctaagt gcccatgggt tcacttcata catatacaca     71940
     tatctaatgt aaataaatct tttgttccca ttcagcttgt tgtttggagt cagagtctta     72000
     tataacccag acctccgatt tactatgtag ctgggggtgg ctttgaactc ctgacacttg     72060
     ggcctccagc tcccaagtgc tggagttata acccagcaca tatggcttgt tcttccgaaa     72120
     acagtttact gccttgatgt attttgtgga tgtatgtgta caggcacgca tgctcacaca     72180
     ccctaatgtc acagtgcacg tgcagagatc agaagacaaa ctgcaggagt cagttctctc     72240
     cttccaccat gggaattcca gatctatata actagaatat ataacgggtc atcaggtttg     72300
     gctgcaagtg cccttcctca ctgagccatc tcgccagccc acagcatata ctttttaaga     72360
     tggaccaaag atgctaatgt acagatattg tcccagaaca tgtcaacaaa acataactta     72420
     gctgggcaca ggggcacaat cctttcatcc tggcacctag aggacagaaa caagggcatc     72480
     tctggaagtc tgggagcagc ctgttctaca gaaccagttc ctgactagcc aaaggcgcat     72540
     agtgacatac tcacaatccc agtgtggaag gtgagggcag agacaggaag aaggccgggc     72600
     ctggctggat gccagcgtga ccccaggctc agccagagac cttgtctcaa ggagtaaggc     72660
     tgccaatgac aggagagacc cagatctctt cccctggcct ctgcacacgt gctcatggat     72720
     gtatccacgt atgtgtatac acagatacat acatcaccca cccacccacg catgtgcgca     72780
     catgtggctt agtggtagat gcttgcccaa ggccttgggt ttgatcctct gaaccacaga     72840
     cacaagaatt cttcctagat ataaaatacc tttctcaatt agctatacag gataaactga     72900
     aggcctctga aggtgagcca accttactgg gtgcatcgtg ttcttagtac aaggaacagc     72960
     acaggagagg ccttaacggt gggctccacg ctcccttcag atcttgctga tggggcagag     73020
     ccatgcagtc ctatccaaag ctctctggac ccctcacatc tgccttaagg cttcttccct     73080
     gagcagcagg tcagaaactt ccagagtctt cccaatgaaa atcaagagac tggagcctga     73140
     gaaaggcctg gaccagacct cagttctggg gccttgaatg tgctatcagc ctgagaactg     73200
     acgctgcctg cctgagtctt tgctcttgat aaggacagca tagcccagtg gactgacaga     73260
     catggggtca gaagacaggg aattatctcc aaggagaacg aagccagttt catcgtggtt     73320
     aatatttcat tgtttaaaga acccaagaga accaccctct acttggtcta cttggtctgc     73380
     ctccgactct tcatttagga agctatattt aacaagatgg gatgaaacag tctccagaca     73440
     gcctgtttca tttaaccctt cagattcacg gaggaggggg gctgctacag aaacttcaca     73500
     tccttagata tgagtaaact accaaggaga atttaaaatc acatctttct gaaaaaaacg     73560
     atcgatgcac gtgactggcc tcatctacaa aaccacacag aatggcactt cagtgagacc     73620
     ctctctctgc ctggggagac cccccccaca cacacacact ttaccatcat tagctctgat     73680
     agcaggctcc aaaggagtct cctcctttct aacagtccgc tctccttcct aacaggatac     73740
     aactgtctaa atcaaatttg taaccgtgac catgccagaa atgtcacatt taaagacaaa     73800
     tctcatttaa ttaggcatga caagtctgat aggacagagc ctcctgtgag agtgaggcca     73860
     ccatggtaaa tggctggaca tgctccacag cctggggagg caaagcctta tgttatttaa     73920
     aaaaaaattg ttgtcagggg ctggagagat ggctcaacgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct     73980
     ttcagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg     74040
     gaatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagcgac aatgtactca catacatgaa     74100
     gtaaacaaat aaatcttttt ttaaaaattg ttgattggtt ttgttctgtt cttcaaacag     74160
     gatctcatgt agcccaggct agccttgaac ttgctatgtg actgaagcta gccttgaaat     74220
     cccgatcctc ctatctctgc tacttgtgcc ttattgcccc tttctaaaga caaaccaaac     74280
     agaacaagaa acagcctgag agccttgaca cgagagcctt ggtctcccaa aggttggggg     74340
     gtgggtatcc ctgctatcct acaatctggc agaggtgaaa tcagttagtt cgttgttcac     74400
     tgatccctaa taatattttt tttaaatcac atatacacaa tgatgaaaat tctggcccag     74460
     ggacttggca gagtctcctg acagtatttt gtaccaaatg ctgtaattct ccaaaccatg     74520
     ctatcagcag ctctttgttt attcctcgat accatgtctc acatacctat gtacattaga     74580
     ccagccaatc taaaaaaaaa aaaaatcaag gcatgacacc atcagaaaat tgctggaaca     74640
     tattcacagt caaatctgtg actggggagg cccagagatg ggaattaggc tgacggcttt     74700
     ctctgggccg tgctgtcgat gcattcttac cactgaacct acacacaaag cagaacaacg     74760
     aacaaggcaa accatctgca ccctgatata aactctgcaa agaccacagt gacagatgac     74820
     caacgagcaa cactgtgacc aggccgactg tgaccaagca cactctatta agctagctac     74880
     tacggagaca gagggacgat ggcaggtttg tcaggagcag catagaacaa gtccttgttt     74940
     caaaaggata aaaaagaaaa aatttaaaag tctggggtac agccgggcgt ggtggcacac     75000
     gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc aaggccagcc     75060
     tggtctacaa agtgagttcc agggcagcca ggactataca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa     75120
     acaaaaaaca aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaaaaagt ctggggtaca gttctgtggt     75180
     agccaacttg cttagcaagc acaaggtttt aggttttaat ccatggtacc aaaaaaaaaa     75240
     aaaaaaatca ccacaatgaa aatttaccag ggctgggggt agaactcttg cctagcacac     75300
     acgaggccaa aggtttgatt cctaacacca cagaccaaac aaattttaaa ggaacactca     75360
     caataaaaca tggtttcata tatagcttta gtccattaca ggaggggaaa actttagctg     75420
     tcagtagtta tagactctgc aatcaaaccg tcctttccca ttagcactgg taacattcga     75480
     cctactttca catgagcaag tcacatgagc aagtcacatg agcaagctgt acttcccctc     75540
     cgaacgcatg gaacacacca actagacctt ctaagccttt ctctttttta aactctgctc     75600
     gttgtatgga gggagccagt ctttccggcg tccctctgct ctcccttgag cacactgcca     75660
     tctccctaaa cctcctttca cgcactcagc taggctatgc acaaccaccg ggcagagatt     75720
     tgtctggttt gttcctagaa gtctgtctgg cacagcatag ggactgagta aatgtctgct     75780
     acatggatga atcacgtttg atgtccaaac tgggtctatc tattccacaa atacttaaca     75840
     gacgcctaaa cactcatgcg tgttgccgcc cacgggggac agacacagaa atacaggaca     75900
     ccaaggcctg gcttgccacg gctcccaaaa tattgaggga ggtagaaaaa tgcacaggca     75960
     agcaggaggc agcctacccc tgattcaaag gggacaagtg gtccttggat gctcaggacc     76020
     tgtgggcaca cagaagccac actccagcta tgacggagga aatgcgacca agcggaagag     76080
     gtgcagaaga ggcggccagg gtatgtcaag cgaagcacac ttaagtgcaa agacctggag     76140
     gtgagagagg ctagagggtt ccatccagca tggcgccctc agtgaagggt ttcatccagt     76200
     gtggcctaaa aggcccatca gaggactctg gtcttggccc tgggagtgac agacatccga     76260
     gagtcccttc ccctctctgc agttgttcta gcactagtgc tgagctccgg gggcccacag     76320
     cagaggaagg gagggaggca cccacctggt atgctgctgg aggtgggaga gctgccggaa     76380
     ggacttgtca cagtaggagc agtggtaggg cttgacaccc aggtggatgc gcaggtgctg     76440
     ggccaggtag gaggcgttgg caaaggactt ggagcagtgt gggcacttgt ggggcttggc     76500
     ctcggtgtgc gacttggagt ggatctgcat ctcagacttg gtgaaaaagg tgagcgggca     76560
     gaccttacac ctataaggca agaggcggct tcaagactgg gaagatcccc acccacatca     76620
     ggatgtctcc agggagacct cctctctcaa agggcaggtc tccagggaga ccttctctgc     76680
     agggggcaga ttctacttat ggagtccaga ggacacaggc ctgcttgaga gagacagggg     76740
     caagttccag cgcaggcacc ttcttctagt ctggagggag ctctgacatc tgggaacagc     76800
     tgtctggggg acgtagatac agccacaggg aaacatgcaa ggtcttgcct acggccacac     76860
     ctgtggccct ggggaaggag gttctgacag gctaagtcat tgtgacctgg ctgtgtgtta     76920
     gaattttctg ggaccttttg acaagtacag gtaccctacc tccccacctc cacccagctc     76980
     actcagacct tggagaggtc cagccctggt ggtagctttt tgtgaaagtg cacaaggtgt     77040
     tttaacacgg ctcaggagga cagcgctctc agcaccccag agtcctgcct gccatgggcc     77100
     acctctgatg gggctaaatt cttttcctct cccatcttct ccctggtgtg ggtctactct     77160
     gctctttgaa tctaagctcc ccactcttac tcctgggtcc acactttctg ggtccaggca     77220
     cacaccctcc cacaacctca gccagacccc atatgaagag acacccacct gtatgtcttg     77280
     ccctcctttg cggtctcacc ggaggccagg atggggtacg ggacaacaag gacaggggga     77340
     ccccctgggt tctctgcctt gatctttttc cggccgcgtt cagacttggg ggggccaagc     77400
     agaccgtggc cctggattgt cttgatggag tccaggagtg gggggctggt gatccctgag     77460
     atgagggtgg gggatgaggc gatgaggcgg ctctggctgg tggtggtggg tgtggacggg     77520
     gtactggtgc ctgtgccagt ccctggggtt gactcagatg tactcacagc aggggttcga     77580
     gaggaaagcc ccagacctag gaagacacac atggggactg ggttaaggac aactgagcca     77640
     caggtcaccc agctctgtga cagaccggtc ctcttgcctc cctgagctgt tcccaatcct     77700
     aagtgattac tcgggggtaa ttaaaggaca gcttgcacac atgtcaaatg ccctagataa     77760
     gtgacagcct gggctaagtt gtatcaaaaa gtcagcgtag gggctgaagg tatcgctcac     77820
     tcgtagagtg cagacgagca cgaggcctcg ggtttgtacc aggcactacc gaaaccgaga     77880
     agcactttgg aaataagtcc accacccaca gaaaaagtcc caggcacgca gacgctcacc     77940
     actgtgttat ttataatagc aagatctcag agaaaactga attatgcaaa ttggggaagg     78000
     gttgagcaaa cgggtcagtc ttttctcccc aacttcccat tgtctttgtt tcaaaagact     78060
     gtggatgtaa gcccaggaaa aattaatggg cggcgtgcat acgtgtggtg gtgctggggc     78120
     aaatgatagg tgacatgtat acgtgtgtgt gcgttttaaa atagtttaac tgttttctgg     78180
     ttttatacaa tgaagtgtaa aagagaagaa agaaaaccct ccctaattct gtaatgtctg     78240
     cttttattta tttacctctc ttatcgaagt tttgcttttt gacatggggt cctgtgtagc     78300
     ccaggctggc ctgctctgtg agtcctaaac ctcttccctt caccttccac atgagtcgct     78360
     gtgctcagct gaaagttaat tcttttagaa ataaaggcag gagtggagga atagctgctg     78420
     cctgtaatgc acacttggga gtgcacactg agatggaaga aggtcagttc tagaccggcc     78480
     tagactacaa cactgaggcc catcagggag ggagggaggg cctacaaaca tttataatag     78540
     catttataga taaatgctct tatagtagat aaaaatatga tcctagtatt tatcatctgg     78600
     ctcaatttat ttatatccct ctatattttt aacagaatct gtgtgttaag caaataagat     78660
     gcgatccagc gtgggtgtga gcctggtttg tgctcacacc ggcagcagaa atgcacactt     78720
     cttgattcca ctgaggacag tttgacaata actaactatt aaaagcttaa atgctcataa     78780
     cttttagcca ggcaactgat tcttcttcta gaaatcacca caaagaaatg atcacccttg     78840
     agcacaaaga tctccacgca ggggctttcc acacaaaacc acgattcccc acaaagatat     78900
     aaagtgcttg tcttcagcgt gggttgtgga catggatacg gggcctgtac agccgccaag     78960
     ataggtgagc tggaacgcaa ggaacacaga ggaacgccag gctctgcaag cccacgaggg     79020
     cccacctacc ccagaaagca cactctaacc acatgtatgg atgtgagcaa gccagtatgg     79080
     acttagacct ggacgctcca gccggctaac acagccctct tcaccgagga aggggaaagg     79140
     tttggtaatg ggggattttc cgtagtttgt ttgtctactt caaaattagt tgaatctttt     79200
     acttggtgaa ttcacttatc tttcttaaca tctgtgatca gaagataaga taaattataa     79260
     acacataaga atgctaacaa aagtggccaa ggctcctggg ttgtttttcc tcttttaggt     79320
     tctctgaagt ttctaaattt tcaataatga ctacgttgtt acttttacaa taaatgtgca     79380
     ataaagatgt ctgggaggtt gcagagggga tgaagacaaa aagcaaaagc aagcaagcaa     79440
     acaaaaaacc caaaacaagt catggacacc ccacaaacac agcaaacgca cgcatattaa     79500
     agaataaaca aaagatatgg aaaagaaaaa aatgcaccaa gagagtctct aagattctgg     79560
     gttaagggga aaaaaaagat tctgggttag acactcggga ttatgaataa tttttttctc     79620
     agttcctcct tttcccaaat ttcctttaat atgcgtatat tgctttttta atattacttt     79680
     tacaatgaaa aaataaattt aataaaatca caataacgga aaatgtgcgg agtacagctg     79740
     gggcctgggg aggctcacag agcccacaat ttttgggcat ctctaagaag ggggagaaag     79800
     gcacttggct gggcactgag ggagcacagc cagtgtgggg tagagcacac tgtcttctgc     79860
     cttgcttttc tcctctgcct tgaacctttc ctttgtcttc tccgcggaag cagtctcttg     79920
     tctcctgcat ctgttcaaat ttttggaggt tctgagtcct ctagatagta ctttcctagt     79980
     gagcgtccat ctgacagagg agagtctcat agttcaaggt cagaggaaga agcctggggg     80040
     ctatggctag ctccactagc ctctgccaag tttcccctac aaccccaagt cctgcccacc     80100
     ctgttctcaa acagtcaagt tctacctgga ctagattccg ccccaacatt cttaacagac     80160
     cttgccagcc ccgcccactc cctaggcccc acccacttcc cctaccacct ccagccctgc     80220
     ccactcaggt tacctgtgac agtactggtg gccggcctcg cgtgcagtgc cacgtcgggc     80280
     tgcggcacgg actgcgggtg cagcccgggc acctgctgca gcttgggcag cgacatgacc     80340
     gcctggctgc tctcggcggg cgcgggaggg actagcagtg gctgctgcga tgaggctgag     80400
     gtgggtggca ggtgaggtgg ccggatcttt tcagccatca gctgctcttt gatcttgtta     80460
     atcaggacca ggttgtccag ctgcagaagg gagaggagcc aaattggaat gggtgggccg     80520
     caccccaggg ctctctccct tgcaagctac tgcccaagcc ccaggcaaag catagtagct     80580
     cccatggaag gcagcaggga ctggcgatgt cagtcttacc tggctcggca tggtgggagg     80640
     agggggccag aagtacgggt tgttaaatcg aggttcggcc atcctgcagg aagggagagc     80700
     acctgtcact atcagctatg agacctcttt accccgtgag acccaaattc ctcagccaaa     80760
     tgggccttcc acggagtcca gagacccata ttcccaggct gaaaagtcag gaattcagtg     80820
     tctccctggg tggacctcaa ggggcaaagg ttacatccag accagagtgc tcccagtcgg     80880
     gggtgggggg tggggggtgg ttgggggagg ggacatgctg ccaggccagt ttccatcccc     80940
     taggtttcag agccaacata gcagcattct tctacacagg accctccccc accccagaca     81000
     acctggagag tccagggaac acctttgtta atagccacag agcggaggca actgactacc     81060
     tatcctgcat ccttgccctt ctgcccttct cccttaggga agacatcccc gtcagaatac     81120
     atgagatggg gggtagacac agcctctctg aagggaggcg gtagaagaat ttacacagcc     81180
     ccaaataagt gcttctcttg tctcaacaat tacactctgg aaagtctagg cactgactga     81240
     caggtgtgta acatctgacc tgcaaagatg gggtgtcagg atgctgtgct taagggggga     81300
     ggctggggag accaggggtc gacatgatgt gacaagggta cccggcagtc cccactgctg     81360
     gcaagtttgg cagcctatgg gctggagggc cttttaaacc agggcaatac aaaggccagg     81420
     ctctcaagac tagctttgtc cttcctcagg ggcagggggt tgggagttgg gggtggggtg     81480
     gagaagttga gttttctgtg gttcctgtca gtcaagtgat gatgtgcaga gagtgggtac     81540
     acacaggtgt tccctcgctc attgcttcct atccaggtag atggagtaat cattcagaaa     81600
     tcacttctga ttgcaaaccc tacctggtat tgcagcttta gaccacaaag aaataactgc     81660
     aacctggctt gctccaatga gcctggaagt ccctcctgga accgtggcag agtctgagga     81720
     cagccgccac tcggacacag tctaatctga gtgttttcag aaagagcttt tatatggatc     81780
     ccttttgtga tctttgcttg ataagggggc ataaaaggca cccctctcta cctcttctta     81840
     taggtgaaga ggctggggct tgaagggagg aaggaggccg cccagcacct ctagggtgct     81900
     acgttagcgt ggaagtcgag attgctccag ctgcggttcc tggtcgtttg ctttaggaat     81960
     tccagtcctc agtagaaagg aggccagcag ctctaaggta aaagtcctac ccctcactcc     82020
     taacctcggc agcccctggg ctggagcaga actctgggga caaggggtaa ccaggacatt     82080
     tcccatcctg tcagccttct ggccccacag gcatcggagg cccctctgcc catcaaaccc     82140
     atgctggcct cttattctgt ctgctcctct ccctgactgc ccaggccttt ggggtttctc     82200
     tcccagaaaa caaatctcca agcaggacta tgtgaggagg ctgtgaatta caagtgccca     82260
     ccttgtccca agcacacaga cacctagaac aggaactctc accatgccca cttttagaag     82320
     tgaggaaaca aagatcagag aggcagagtg actggctcaa gatcacacag caagtgagtc     82380
     tactactgag actccactac ccttagcctg actccacatc cagtgcattc ggccctgaac     82440
     tgttcaggga gaggccagag tcctctggct gtaggcttgt aggtgtgtcc tagggtggca     82500
     tggttgtacc cccacgagtg gacgtgaggt ggagatgtgg ggaggggaga ctgaggagcg     82560
     agctaaccta cagtagcttg ggaataggtc cacctgtctg ttcctactga tagccccggc     82620
     ctccaggacc agagtccatc agtgtgaatt tcaggaagga atgaacagag actaggactc     82680
     caaattctct gactggcaag tcctcctgct ttctagctgc tcaaagtgcc ctctgtgaac     82740
     tcttcagaag cccacgagga tgacaagcag ggacaacttt ctgtcaccat ttcatggagg     82800
     aacccaccag tcgttagaaa ggacacctgt tccaggctgc gaggactggt accagcagcc     82860
     ttggatacaa tacagtccct gagctgtttt ctgcatcagt aagatgggtg agacaggctg     82920
     ccctgctcca gggctctctg cccactgcgc taggctgctt ccagactgtt ctagggaagt     82980
     tactctccac tcctccactc ctctagggag ccgagggctt gcccagggtc ccactgctag     83040
     aataaaatat acactaccat ttatcattta ccactgagga gccagggata acctgagcta     83100
     cacagccaag cacataagaa gaggctctgg cagggaacta cacatcctct tcctggtctt     83160
     tctctgccct tctgcagcta ggtgtctgtc aatgactttt gccctggtat ccacctactg     83220
     tgtgccagat acagggggca ggacggggcc attgcctggt attcacaggc aatctggcat     83280
     gtgggtaaga cctgccctaa gggaggatgt tattcaggag agaggcaagg acaggtactc     83340
     actctggaca gacagaggag gaggaaggtg cagtgatgtg gaagatgagc aagatgagca     83400
     ccttcccagt actacggtgg catgggacac tgaggtcagc cttagggcct tgaatgccaa     83460
     gatgagacag gggatggaac gaaggcaaca aagagcatgc aggaccaagg gagcaacagc     83520
     aagggtgggg gggacaccaa gtgtgtgtgt ggggggcagt gggaatatac tggggtagaa     83580
     gtaggagcca agcctgccag ggctgagtgt ccacactgga tgggcagagg aaacacacta     83640
     gcagtcagct ggggccttca gcaatggaca gagagtgggg gcagggagcc acacaccttg     83700
     accctgaccc ttgcagtcca cctatagctg ccgtttgtct ttcttgctct aaaaggtaga     83760
     gaaagtttaa ccgtggatga ctaacatctc ctggagttgt ttcacaaact gggccagacc     83820
     agggaccagc tacggggcta gtcggatgtg ccagcctccg ggagcagcga acagggactc     83880
     aggaaagagc tgctacctat gaggccttct acacaccacc aggccattcc cttcagagcc     83940
     acctgggccc atgaagggtc cctatgcgtc ccctcatgat ctctccatct ctctcacgat     84000
     ttcccaccca gcctctcaca ctgggctcct cagcactggg cacgaccctc attccgtagc     84060
     agctcagcaa cagtggccca tctacccagg aggtataagt accaaccaac ctgaccctcc     84120
     accttgagtc taggcccagc tccctggtgc ccctgccctt tcccagactg tatcttagaa     84180
     gcttctctgt atcagtctgc ctgccttggt cttggctttc tcccgggaca agcccctccc     84240
     ccagtgactc acctctgagc aagtcacaga cacacagtga ccttcccacc tcagaccagt     84300
     cccagctgag atgggttgag aggctatttt cagacactct ccagtccact ctagcctctc     84360
     cagcagtctg gccttgagca cttccctccc accaggaaac aacaggctct tgttctaatc     84420
     ctgattccac ctcactgaat gtgtgacctt gggcaagtct tttgctcaac ttccaagtaa     84480
     gggaatgagc tgcggagatg ctggcctagc ctggaaagct gaaccaagga ggcctgcctg     84540
     gtgtctcaga gagtgagtgg gactcaacca gaaggctggg gcaggcattc gggtagcggg     84600
     aaccgtgtct gcaaagggct gtgggcaagc aatgcacagg tgtggtgcct gggaggtgca     84660
     gcctctcaga gagcctggca aagagatgat cctgggcagt ccgccagggc ctggctgacc     84720
     cctagttctt aggcccagag tccaggtctg cagcagtagg taaaggggag aaattgtgcc     84780
     gggtaagacc tgtcagttgc agcagattct agagaggcca gagtgggtgg caggggaatt     84840
     cccaactaga ggtctgagtc taggactgag cctgggcccc gaggggcctg gaggctctgg     84900
     agagccatgt ggccagggaa gtatacagct gccctcacag tgtggcccag atctctggac     84960
     atcgacagag acaaatacag ttaacacaac atgcagacag caccaaaccc agacgggaca     85020
     gacagacctg tggccacaag catgaaccca tgggaacggg aagccaaagc caccaacact     85080
     aacagggcaa gcatacctcc cccatagacc ccttcagagg acagcagtga ggggcacgcg     85140
     ggactcttat ggacacagtg tcttgatccc caaagaacaa ccccctcatt aacagacccg     85200
     cagcctggag tcacaggctc cttacctaga gggtcctttc ccacttggtg agcttctact     85260
     catccttcaa gacccagctc aagggttccc tcttctacgg agcttgccct gaacccccag     85320
     tcagtcactt cctctgtgtt cccaacggca ccttgtatat gggaataaca ataacaataa     85380
     caataaaatg gcagctactg ttgatttaaa caccaatgtg ctgagcatct tatgaatcaa     85440
     gttattgact cttcccggtg actttgtgga atgagcactt gacagaagta cagctcacag     85500
     acaccagtca acttgctcgg tcacacagca agtgagtgag ggagtgaggg tgccacccaa     85560
     ccctggccca gccctaaagg gacacatgca ctctggtgtg gttcttaacg cagccgctag     85620
     gagaatctaa aagctcttcc caggttggta tctggcatct cacctgggcc agcgtcttac     85680
     ccaaggtggc tacctacaat aggctgagga ctgtggcagg atatttacag caacaataga     85740
     cccatggtac agatgaagaa actgaggtcc agacaagtta ggcaaccgga ctgaggctac     85800
     aaagcctcag tacagatttc aaagcaggtc cctctgtcac cttttcccag aaaacctcgg     85860
     cggccactct agcaaactcc agaggggagg gcacactagg gaccaggctc tgcctcctgg     85920
     ggacacagag gacacacagc ccatagtggg ttgtaggggg gagcactgct gctagggtgg     85980
     aggaacagag ggttgtcagt tcaacaaatt taggccccac cccaccccca aagccacacc     86040
     acagacatta aaactgagat ctgcccagtc ccacacggga acaggctttt gaaaaggcca     86100
     atgggggtga gggtgggtgg gcagggacgg ggaagtggga ggagccggac ctagacagca     86160
     ggacccctga ttataaggag gcttcaggga accacgccca caggggcacg gagcccaggg     86220
     ggcggtgcta gcctcagcgg caggaggggg cggtgctagc ctcagttgct tggggttttg     86280
     tctttgtttc cctcatttcc aaattctcag tcaaggcatt ccgtttcttt taaaatgaaa     86340
     acaatacatt tagtatttaa aaaaagaaaa agagagagag agaggagagg gagaggggga     86400
     aggaagaaag aaagtaagtg cgtgactggg agcctaaggg gctaagctag aggctcggct     86460
     cagctgatgg gggcacttca gacccaccat gcatcaggcc tctcacaacc taaccctaaa     86520
     actaagctgg gggaatgtag gagggcttcc tgaaagaggc aacgcaatct gctctttgac     86580
     catgattaga atttcacagg ctggggcgca atgtaggtct ctggcccagt ccttcagctc     86640
     tggcctcagc tattgcaaga gcctcacccc tgcaggctct ccatgtccac cctaccctaa     86700
     gtctactaca gtcactgcac cgtgccctac ctcgacgatt gcagggctcc ctactgcagg     86760
     catggtaagg atgacatggg ttgtgtgacc agctcttggt ggtcattggt tgtcttctgt     86820
     ccccactgct tgacccagtg cacaatggcc actcaggctg acagttcctc tccctatagc     86880
     atctgcttcc cttcttgctt tctatccttc aaggacccca gggccactca ctggccaagt     86940
     ccaactcctc ccccctcccc cttcccatgt ttcctgatgc acagtttctt cttcctgcat     87000
     atggagtctg ctaaccctac gtgggttctg tgccctgggc cctgcatgcc tatcatcagg     87060
     gcacttccca tatctgtctc ttcttagcca ccctagtcac gggactccat cagaaagaat     87120
     tagagacctt ttggcagcac ctggtgttcg aatgagtgag tgaatgagtg aatgaatgaa     87180
     tgacagtgtg catgcatggg aattaaaaat gttacagtct ggacagaagt aaatgccctc     87240
     cctcctctga aagccccttg cagtacactc agatctgctg cctctatctg cctaacccca     87300
     ttcctgctgg catgagcagg gggcgacgtg tgtgctgatc cttaaagatg tgagtggcta     87360
     gtgaacacag cctgcggttc tgcctcacca gccatgaaaa gccaacgggc ttcccctgcc     87420
     aacagagcaa agggaactat gaaaaacgag aacacccgat actggtgggg gcgcagggag     87480
     gacagtgaca cttctgtggg tgatcggtgg gagtgtgaac tggaacaagc acttccagaa     87540
     agggtcgacc catgatatgt gaggagctca aaaggtattc agaccccatg gcctagcgag     87600
     cccagtcttg gtcagctgtc cctagaaaac aacctgaagt tctatgcatg acaccgctta     87660
     tggtcgtggg ttcttaagag cgagaacctg gaacggccaa acttgcaagc gatagagatg     87720
     gctctgaaat gactctcctc tgtgactgtc cacagtgaca ctgctgtgac ttgttcaatg     87780
     tgcacatgag cctatgaggg actgggggca cagagggact gggcagctgc ccaaaggcaa     87840
     gcagggaatg tggggctctg atccagacta tgggggatct ggagttcaga ctaccaccgc     87900
     acccattaaa gggtatagtt aataaccctc catgggcagt taggagatac ttgtgggaca     87960
     gtagtcagga ggccaaaaga taaaaatcac tctcaacatg ggatgccact aagtgacttg     88020
     aatgctgaca gtgggcgagg agcgagggtt ggaacagggc agagacaggg ccgggggctg     88080
     atgtacttca tagctgtctt ttatgacttt tctaccgtgt gcctatgtgg ctgcctcgaa     88140
     gattactttt aaaataaaat tgaagctttt gcaagctttg tttggaaagc aagacaccct     88200
     tgcctcctat ccaaactatg aagatctcca aatttttcca aaagagaaga taagggtcct     88260
     actgtaagcc ctagcactac ccatgccccc agtgggaggg cagtgaggaa gtctcattgc     88320
     atccaggggc tccagccagg aagacaggcc aagggatagc ccagcctgcc tgtctgtcac     88380
     tcactctccc acagaaagtc ctttataggt ccactgcttg gggaagtcct aaccctgcaa     88440
     ctggtcagcc aaggtctcca gaggtcctgt cggccacatt cttcccgcca tccaaccact     88500
     gcacctaccc ttctgcccct atcagcactt ataccaccca ccctaaacaa gctgcttttt     88560
     acatgccagc ctgtgccaac catctgaagg ttctagagcc agaatcctga catcaaatct     88620
     cactgccagg ggtgagtggc ctggtcattt gtctatccag ttccccacac gagccgtggg     88680
     ctgggtgagg atggcttatt tgagggttca tggttatatt ccctggtccc cagcagggcc     88740
     tcatggctca attgacgggt cttagattca aggcaaattt tctctgatct ttcccttaac     88800
     aggaatcagt ttacccagtt ccaaactcct atcctccctt tatcatacct ctaaatacac     88860
     tggtcacccc aacagccaag agtgacactc gacgttagga tcacggcaaa gccatgcacc     88920
     ctccgaattg gagatgggca gggctcagtt cacactggtg ctacataagg cctggagggg     88980
     ctcaaagggg gcggggtctc ttcatgccag aagagcagag gggtacagac agaagcattc     89040
     ccagcacaga gagggaacac tgctccccca ccccaccccc aaagagcaga actgcacagg     89100
     caggaatcag gagccgccca tggcggcatg gtgagtgtag ggcaggtaca ggcgatggcc     89160
     tgagcagttc atgtactgag ggagggccct gagcagtcca gagtggccag ggggatgccg     89220
     gagaaaggac aagcaaaggc tttgcaggag agaggcttcg gtgagactgc cttctgcctg     89280
     gctctgtgag acccacccag ccatccattc tgaacacctg cctcccaccg cccctctgcc     89340
     ctccatgtcc cccattccat gaagtcctcc tgttgctgcc ctgtccactc tacccctaaa     89400
     attgcagcca ggtcaagctg ccgcctcaga aactggcttc tgtggacttc ccgtgaggaa     89460
     caagactgag gaccctggat ctgattaggg cagggtttgt agccccacag gcctgggagg     89520
     gcagagaggg gtgatccatg tgcgcacacg gtgacctcct gtccttccac tcccccatcc     89580
     ctgtatcctc ggcagctcca cacccagctc gagacaaccc agggcaatga accttccgca     89640
     gcagcccgag atgccatcac cttattgact ttctgctggc agctccctcg gggatgccag     89700
     gttggtcagg gtgtcagtcc ccaacccttc ctcctcccag atacctttag atgctttcca     89760
     agtctttctc acttccctcc caacctctca agaaagatgc tgtggacatt tctgaagtgt     89820
     ggcacactcc caggaagatg tctagaacac acctgagcta atgtatcaaa aggcatcctg     89880
     cggggggggg cggggggggc ggggcggggg ttaccctgtc cttcctacag atctgcccag     89940
     ctccataaac ctctgcccct gccctcctgg ttctcagagt gtttcctgat ttagggtcgg     90000
     gcatggtgct ctgtggtgag agctgagggt acagaaacct ctggcaaacc tttctgggtc     90060
     tctgggtcct tctctaggaa gtgaaggggc tcaaccaatc acagctggga aggggtgggc     90120
     ctaggttgga agggtggaat ttacagtcaa gagagcccag ctaggcctgg gcctctggat     90180
     cacaacaaag tctcgagttc aaagttgcca tttgtaactg gtgagggtgt caccgtacag     90240
     gccacaggga tgcagcaagg ccagtacagg tgaataggca tacgattcca gaatggtgcc     90300
     tagctctgtg atatgcagcc actacacctg ccggtgatgg gctcctaagg tccgaggaac     90360
     ctcacactca tgtgccagta tctgaggtgc gggagcttcc ctcagctttt ctgactactc     90420
     cccacatcag ggctgctctg ctgacatgga cgcatctgtc tttcaagata ggtcccaaac     90480
     taagaacccc agcatgtgct cttaactcct ccatgaagta gccccttccc ctcctgtgta     90540
     ggccgtctgt gatcaggcca ggaaaggctc aggcctgagt aaaggctagc aaatgatatg     90600
     gaccccacgc agaaggactg ggtggccacg tgggtgggcg gacctgggaa gacttactac     90660
     gaaggggact gaactatccc caaccctacc tggtagctca cacacacaca cacacacaca     90720
     cacacacaca caccccaggt tctcagtcct actgccttct cttgttcatg ggcgactcca     90780
     cttctccaag cagatccagg caaggggtgg acactggccc gagggagtgc caggggatgc     90840
     atgaagactc agggatggcg gcagaacaga tgactatacg tgtatgactg tgtatgtctg     90900
     agtggaatga ggagtctacc caccacagcc aggtgtcccc cgacagaacc ccagaacctg     90960
     gctaactaga ctatcctctg aggcagaggt tctcggcctt cctaatgctg tgacccttga     91020
     atacagtccc tcatgttgtg gtgaccccca accatgaaat tattttcgtt gctactttgt     91080
     gactgaaatg ttgctcctgt tgtgaatggt aatgcaaaga tttgatacac aggataactg     91140
     atctgtgacc ctgtgaaagg gttgttcaca cacccactaa gagtcacaac ctacaggttg     91200
     agaacggctg ctctgacaag cctgaagcct ttgcctaaag ctcaaatgga tacctttgct     91260
     ggtcacaatg gtgaggcaag aaccaacaga ctaaagactc cttaggcctc agagccaaga     91320
     ctctcagcct gtctgtcaca gctgatctac tagtgacacc acctcgctac ttgtcaagtc     91380
     tctgaagccc acctctgctc tggggttcca gaaagctctc ctaacaccac agctgttccc     91440
     aacacacatc tacaacactt ggcttcctca gtgtcaggga aattttctgt gcttcatgac     91500
     cattgctcca tgagggggag gggatggtac tgaatggggc acagctactc ccgccagggc     91560
     ttcttgcttc ccctgaaccc ccaggcaaag gctgggcagc ctgttcaaac ctgatgatca     91620
     gagaggtaaa gaaagcctca ggagacacat acagtcgtag gcacagagca cccctcttcc     91680
     ctaaccctgt agtttcccca atgagtaaga agacattggc tgcataagca tcatcagatg     91740
     cccactacag gagcagaaag cgggtctcat ttccctgagg acatcaagcc tctctaggga     91800
     ccccaagcaa gtgtcagcat ggtgctacag agacgggagt gggatggggt ggtgggtggg     91860
     gtgcttaggt aatacttagc agtctctgtg tacccattga ttcgttcttt cacatgttca     91920
     atattgtgca ccaagaccac cagactgacc cagtcaacac ccccggaagc cggcactcta     91980
     gcttggcttc ccacggtcat tcactggaag gtgcaggaac tctaagtgtg taaagaagaa     92040
     acagtgtccc agcagtgaca gccacctgac tgcatgagtg acaagggctc tagggaggga     92100
     gggagttcta ggagagagag agcagaagct cttcagttag gatgtgggca ggggtcaggt     92160
     aaggctgggc ttccccacaa ctgtgggatc ctaaccagac ccagcagtgc tcccacctgg     92220
     caccagacgc ccctcaactc cacagagata agctctctga ctcctccata cccatacttc     92280
     ctcagctgca aaagaggata acagtgacaa ctatatctcc atatgcacaa agcctcagag     92340
     aacatggtct ggcacaaagt gaccaccctc tgttgctccc taaacacatg gtgacagttc     92400
     atgacagggt catggtcaaa gtgtcaaagg ttctgggtgg gggaagctgt ttgggttcta     92460
     ccgttctgag tctgggcctg tgatctaatc aatcccacca ctgcctaaca acaaccccaa     92520
     gattcccagg ggaggatgac agacctcgat gtgacatcac ctcccaggca ctgccaggac     92580
     accgcggctg ccaccacacc tggctccaca gtccctcctc acctctgccg aagtcccgac     92640
     cacacctcac tggaagcctg agtggccctt aagctgctct agaacttaaa catgtgcccg     92700
     gggcagacat gtgtttgctt aaacaaacaa gcaaatgaga aggtctcaga tgcccagagc     92760
     cacaaaagaa aatacgcagg ggctcatgta acagtgggaa gctatttaca gcagacggtc     92820
     agcaaaggcc cctttgagga ggtgatgttc gatggtgcca cgggatcggg gaaaaaaaaa     92880
     acattccagg tcagggaagg tgcgcaaaga agctagcgtg gccagaggtg gtaagatata     92940
     ggggtaggca gggcagggct ggcgcgtgaa agcagaggtt gaaaggtggg caaggctgaa     93000
     actacagaag cccccctccc cctccccatc cccgtaggcc agaattatta cttattttct     93060
     actaaatttc tactacttat ttttcttcta aatgttcagg aagcagtgga actttcagca     93120
     gggggagaag gggattgtca gggtccacag atcacttggc attctgaaaa cccccccgcc     93180
     atggttcaca gagacaaggc ctggactaga aaagtaaatg acggtcctta tggggcagtg     93240
     gccatgtcct gagcacatgc ccagcacatg cctggccggg cgggagacct cagagccact     93300
     gttattatct ccccccatca tggtaagata aggacagcgc ccactgtaca ggtggaagct     93360
     cacagaggta cagggcatgc tcagagatct gagacacaaa tgctaaagag cctctgatac     93420
     tctcaatccc taggaacgta cccgaagcct tggcttttct cctctgttgg tattcaaaag     93480
     tgccagggtt acatttgcat ctcatatctg tccaacctgg gctgggggga gctggactga     93540
     ttggatggat ggaaggatgg atggacggac ggacggacgg acggatggtt gatgggacag     93600
     acaggactac tgaactgacc catagactaa gaagtggaca gtggaagaac aaatgaatgg     93660
     cctagtcaca aatgagagac tatacaaaca gtaagaatac agagcaacaa gagaagaggc     93720
     aaggaatggc tgcctaggga agggcagggc taagcttgct ttagacagag gccacagctt     93780
     gctcacacag cagtttcttc ccacctaaga ccaagctggc ctctgtttcc caaggtcacc     93840
     gcagactatc ccttagcccc tagggccaac ttatctagtg tagccattac ccgccagccc     93900
     ctgcaccagc tagctcccct acacccagcc cagtgtttca ctctctctct ctgagcattt     93960
     cacagaaaaa aggagacagg agatcggggc tccagaacaa gctagggcca gacttggagc     94020
     cagtgctttc ctctccgagt ccagatgacc tccggggcct tttcatctct gacattcttt     94080
     ggggtgggag taagcctctg gatttttaca cagccactgg ggtcagcaga agaatttcag     94140
     accaaaaact agaagttggg aaaggtcctg cccacagcac cacccactta ggaaaggccc     94200
     acacagggag tctgcaggcc atccctcctc cgtcactgcc cagcctctct aagcctcagt     94260
     ttcttaattt taaaatgatt tcaactgccc ccacctgaac atctgacctc aactcagttt     94320
     tggggagcgc ctgacatggc tgtagccaca taggacatgg tacacactgt gacatttgat     94380
     ttcctgaaat gtgatgataa tggggtccag ggggaaagga agggggccac actgtctatt     94440
     cctgttcagt tttgtctgaa gcaaaccatg ctgggggtga gagcgctcca aaacagagaa     94500
     cccaaacgtg ggttccagtc tcagctctcc tctactgggc agagtagtga ctcttgggcc     94560
     tcagtttctc catctaaaac cttgttggtt cagaaccggg tgacccaggc atgcctagct     94620
     ctgcagctca acgctctcag gccttgttcc cactggctgc ccttggggag ctcacattgg     94680
     cctggtgaag ccaggacacc gctctgaaag gagacttttc cctccaggaa atggggggag     94740
     ggccctagat aagcacaaag gctcagagca tcctcctagg acagagtctc ccccaaaagg     94800
     ggaaaagacc acattcagat tttatgggcc tggcctcata ccactctgct gcctgtacag     94860
     tcaccagcca gtccagtcag ccacttcaga aactcaactg atgtccaatc aggagacttc     94920
     aaagtggcag gccgggtggc agaaaggagt taacacaagc agaggacagg cccagaacac     94980
     aagggccagg cagtcagcta ctcctatgta tatcgggacc cacaggagct gcaggcctgt     95040
     acccagctaa aaacccacca ctaaggacat tcatcaacag aggccatctc tggaggctaa     95100
     gaagaccacc catacctgaa gggggttctt ccactgcaat caaccagact tgccccaaga     95160
     gggggctacc aaaacttcct gtccaccaag ggggctctgg ccacccatga aggggcaagc     95220
     ctccctccat ctccaacaca cacacagctc ctaaaggatc cacactgctg gaggacaggg     95280
     tggcaagaag ggtcatgtcc tcatgacagg gatcttagct ccaaaccctg ggcccacttt     95340
     atgcccctag agccagccaa ctcccccaaa tctggggcta caatatagtt ccttacaata     95400
     ccactttgat acagagcctc gtccaaacga ctcctcccaa aacctctcac ctcagcccta     95460
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgacatcc ccacccacgc     95520
     agttctgggg aaaccggcag ttaacttttc ccaaaaaccc tgcaaaggcg actagctagg     95580
     tgggaagaaa cagagaaatg ggcccccata tcctttcgcg gcatctcagg gccctcaggg     95640
     gaagaaaaaa aaatcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcaagaaa gaaaagaaaa ctttcagagt     95700
     taactttaaa ttcccagccc cctcccccca aatcacccgg cagcttctct cccccttatt     95760
     ttttccttta aagtgtaatt gtattgtgtc tcacctcccc gaaaggctcc cggctctctc     95820
     caaagaaaag gaaaaaagcc aacccttcgg gtgccccctc tgcttccagc cgcctctccc     95880
     acattctcag acagttttat taaaatcttc agacaaaaga aaaacaaaaa tggcagcctg     95940
     gcttattttt aaaacaggac agggacgcca tattctgcag atctgcaaaa aaacggagaa     96000
     atccggcact ggccgctcca ccgggccggc tgcaaagtgc gcgaaccgcg ccgtttgcaa     96060
     tccgtttatt tgcattaagc cccatgaatc attgtttacc ggagaattgc agcaggtttg     96120
     aatagcccgg cttaggaaaa cacacacgca cacactcgga gacgaacccc agacacgccg     96180
     cgggagacgc tgcctacccc gcgcgcgcag ccgccgcggc cacggccgcc ccggggcccg     96240
     gcccgaggca ccggcgaccc ccgggcccac gcagcgcggc cgccccgcgc tgacagcgct     96300
     cgcgcccgcc cggcccccgc cccgcaactc ggcgcaactt tcccgcgggc gggcccgctc     96360
     ccccgcgcgc cccgggcccg cacggacctg gcagtgctgg cggcgctccg ggacgcggcc     96420
     gcagccccga gcccggcggc ccgagtaggg ccgggctggg ggctcccggc ttcggcggtg     96480
     gcggcggtgg cggcggcgcg cggctggggc tcggtgcgga gcggcgcgca aaccttccgg     96540
     gtcgcctgct gttcacttct gggttctgca ggcgccgcgg cggcggaggc cggctgtgca     96600
     gccgcgcggc cccggcgcgc tgggccccgc gagcgagccg cgtccggccc cccgcctctc     96660
     ggctgcgcag cccgcccggc cccggggctc cggcgagtgg gcagcgcccg gcgctggcga     96720
     cggcgagggg agggggccgg cggggcgggg acgggccgcg cgctgggggc ccccgctcgg     96780
     ccccggggcc tcgtctcgcg ctcgccgccg ccgccgccaa ggaaagttgc gcggcgcccc     96840
     ctgcccgcgc cgcgccgcgc cggaggctga gccacaaagg aactccgcgc ccccctccgc     96900
     ccgcccgagc cgcgcgggga gggcaccggc gcccggccct aggacagccc cttccccagc     96960
     acgggggctc ccggggcccg ggcggccgcg gccattgtcc cgcccagact ccgctcccgg     97020
     gtggcggtgg cctggggacc cgggactggc tggtcacgct gctctcggga ggggtggggg     97080
     tgtccctcct tgggaaatcg caagctggtg cagaccccca cggtgctccc cccccccccc     97140
     acacacacac acccggtgac aaacggccag gctcaagatc cctgctaaga ttttggttat     97200
     ttatttctga agaaaggacg tgggggcggg gtggggtgca gaagtttgca caagccagga     97260
     caccgcttcc caaccctagg cctgagtctc agcggtgggg cgaccaggag ctgacagcac     97320
     ttctagaaag tctatcagag gtggcaccgc ctgtcccccc agctccagac ctcagagcca     97380
     tctgcgcgac tcctcctccc gcctcaccct ccccagccaa tcagtcacca agtcctcttg     97440
     attcggcctc gcgggctgtg tcaacttcta aacttcactt ctacctgagg aggcaggcat     97500
     tcccgattcc gaacccgctt agatttctgt ggcacactct gctgtccacc tgcaggccta     97560
     gaggatcagg gctgcctctg ccgtcctaag catcccagag aaggaaggac acaaaaaacc     97620
     atcctgcttt ctgggaagta taagttcata ggcacgtgcg ctagttggct gggaacacag     97680
     ttctaaaaag tgtggacaaa gtcgctgtcc tcgtgaggat tccagtttag cacaggatgt     97740
     cacacattgg ggaagctgga gggtgggacc cacggaggtc gttggttcct tctcaaagca     97800
     tcaagcacac aattccgggc atagggcaga ggcacaataa gcaagcggca aaaattaact     97860
     ggaatgatat ggtattgaca acacagagaa ggctactctc ctagagagat aggggctgtt     97920
     ttcagaacat ggctctggga tgagcctgga gaagagagga acacctttgt tctgaaaaca     97980
     aaaagactag cccagagttg agaaggttct gtgaggaaaa acactggcca gcaatgggaa     98040
     tgaagcgaga aatcacccgt gtagaagaat caagaatcga ggtgtgggat gtggggcgtg     98100
     ggttttagag tgacttcctt ccaaatgcac agtcagaaaa ggaagaagaa aacaaatgaa     98160
     gggcacatca gcagccatga atcatgctga cggtgtgcac atttgacgag atgaaaagca     98220
     aaccttccgg ggctggaggc atgactctgc agttagaatg cactgggcct gaggacctga     98280
     gtttggtttc taccacccaa gtcctgtggc tcacaacagc ctgtaacttt agctccgggg     98340
     gatccgatgc cctcttctgg actcctgcag aaccttctct ctcatatatg cacagacccc     98400
     ctcccctagc ataattaaaa acaataaaca ttcttaacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacctttag     98460
     gggctggaga gctggagggc ttggtcagca ttcatggttc tacagtttag attccagcat     98520
     ccatgttaaa gagcccatca ttgcctgtaa ctccacctcc aggagatcag acactccctt     98580
     cttgccagtc agggtctcat ccaaaagcct ccatggtgca atgaaggtga aggcccccca     98640
     gcgaggtggg atcccgaggc ccctccagtc cagtgagggg tcaccactgg ccagtctcgc     98700
     ccaacatgct ggggggggtg ggggtggagc atgaacgcac atgttaggac tcaaaagatg     98760
     cctgggcagg gcagaagcca gagaaactct ggtgaaggtg caacctcagt tgcaattgat     98820
     ggcccaggac tgaagggctc aggtaaagga tttgagactt ggcaccatga agaaagccta     98880
     tgagagggta ttgatgaagc ctagctgcag cagaagaccc cagtgtattg gagatgccag     98940
     taccgtggta tgatcaccaa gaacagcaaa ggcagtggaa tggatcaacc tgagcttaga     99000
     gtgctacaga gtgcagagct ggaaaaatga ccctagctct ttggtggagc ccagaagatc     99060
     atgtgtggat cccagacatt gaaacaagaa gttgtgaagc tgaagttgcc ttggagaacc     99120
     caagctatct gagatgccag agtcatagga tatctgatga ggaatgctgc taacagagag     99180
     tgtagccagc ccaggaaaag aagtttgttg cagtcaacaa agatgaaaaa ggagttggag     99240
     agctgaagac cattttgacc tcagccatgg gcgtgcagaa tttggagttt gcccagctgg     99300
     tttcctgtct tgctttgggg attacagtta agtgattgga tggatctcag aagagacttt     99360
     gaactttgga cttttaacat tgttgagact gctatagact atggggactt tggaaagtgg     99420
     actaaatgta ttttgcatta tgcaatgttt aggtatggcc cccatagact catgtgtttg     99480
     aacaagccta tggggccagg gagtggaatg tgatggtttg tacatgcttg ggtcagggag     99540
     tggcactatt aggaagtgtg gccttgttag agtaggtgtg tcactgtggg tgtgggctta     99600
     agaccctcat cctagctgcc tggaagtcag tcttccacta gcagccttca ggtgaagatg     99660
     tagagccctc agctctgcct gcaccatgtc tgcctggatg ctgccatgct tccaccttga     99720
     tgatcatgga ctgagcttct aaatctatac gccagcccca attaaatgtc ctttataaga     99780
     cttgctttgg tcatggtgtc tgttcacagc agtaaaaccc tgcaaatgtg catagtctct     99840
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cggtattttt     99900
     ctttattttt attgtttttt atttgctgtg cattggtgct ttgtctggtt tagtatttgt     99960
     gtgagtgcat cagatcccct ggaactggag ttacagacag ttctgagctg ctatggaggt    100020
     tctgggagtt gatcctttga aagaacagtc agtgctctta accgctgaac catcgctcca    100080
     gtcccacatg attttatttt aatggcacat ttcctcggtg gtactctttc tcacaaggaa    100140
     aaagatatca ggcacactcc actagtgttg aaacaaaata cctaatttct cagaactgtc    100200
     aagatcatta aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa cccaaaacag ggaagtctga aagtcacagg    100260
     ctggcagagc ctgaggagac aggatgacta agtgtaatgt gattgcccta ggtgaggtat    100320
     tggagcagaa aaataggtgt taaagcaaaa ccaagaatct ctaatcaaac tatagagtca    100380
     aattagttat gtcagtaaaa ctatctgcca ataattgtgg aaaactgtat cacttagtca    100440
     taatatattg ataatgaggg aagaatggtg ggagtatata aggggaaccc tctactatat    100500
     actccaagtt ttggtaaata ttaaaatagc ccttaaaaat aaattctaac tgggtgttgt    100560
     gttgcatatc tcagggaaag aaataggagg atctctgtga atttggagct aacctgatct    100620
     acaggccaac cagagctaca cagtgagacc ctgaatacat acatacacat acatccatat    100680
     tcacacacac acaatataca cacacataat acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac    100740
     acacacacac acacacacac acagtaagcc taaaaagaaa acaccctgag tgtgctaatt    100800
     atggcattat tgaaaggttc agctatcact gccctgaata tcctatggtc cccaaatgta    100860
     actgtgaggt catcactggc actcagaaga gccctagaaa aggctttagg gccaaagtcc    100920
     aaggacactg aaggcactga gtgcggagct ggggcctttt gaggggattt gtgtgcgccc    100980
     ggctcctccc taccttgcgg gactcctctc tgaccaccca caaggcggtt tcagccagca    101040
     tgagtggcca tcccaccctc gccatatccc ttttcgtatg tggttccctt cacccaggct    101100
     caacttccat ggccagcttc aactcaccct tcagatttta gcctagccat ttaaaagcta    101160
     tgaggagagg tgaaggcgct ggacagagag ctcaatggtt aagaggaccc accatgggag    101220
     gctcacaact gcctgcaact tacagacgat gcacatcctc tccgattccg caacttttac    101280
     cctcccttag gaagctctct gtggctgagg ctgatcctct ccccctcccg tgtctctaat    101340
     gtggacagtg cagctcctga ctaaatccta cctgctctgt agatgtattt gttccataaa    101400
     tatgtgttta agaaaaaaaa attatcagga tcgcactgtg taacctggct aacctggaac    101460
     tctctatgta gatcagactg ctctcaaact tgcagaaacc tgcctgcctc tgtctcctga    101520
     gtcctgggat taaacgcaca taccctcatg ccaggctagg gtaatttaat tgaggatgga    101580
     accatgactt acatttttaa taattcagca cacattcccc aagtgccaac tcaggggcct    101640
     cattcagggc ccgaggttct ggagaggcag cagaggacaa accctggtcc ccagtcagac    101700
     ggagcacagt actacccaaa ctgtactatg ggaacaaaga gctccaaacc tcaggtatag    101760
     aacacagaag gagaatgctg ccggcttgta ccacctgccc acatgggtcc cctgctctag    101820
     tcatcgagga ccttagactg gctagtcaca gacatctttg aacagtacct actggaactt    101880
     aagattgtct gaatggccag agcatgggtt ttctactgct cttgcctgga agtgactcat    101940
     atcattcctc accatccatt ggccaagact agtcacatgg cctgtccaac cgcaatagaa    102000
     gctgggagat ggagttcccg gtgaggaagc gcggtggcta ttcgtgatgt gagtgaactc    102060
     tccaaaagtc tgctctcaga gacagggctc agcaaagaat tcctttactg attatttatt    102120
     tagggctcat gagcactaca gaggagagat ctgaagtgcc gggagacaga agagatcgtg    102180
     gtgaactctc cagaggaaaa gggatttaag ctgaaaccag gaagagggcg attctaggag    102240
     agagactggc atgtagaggc ccagagcaaa gaagagcttg ccacacggaa gggataacag    102300
     acctgcaacc aaacgaggca accgtgacat gattcagagg gatggatgct tcgtgtgggc    102360
     ccagggagga gaggatttag ggtttcggtt ttatagaaat aaggcaacgt agcagttcta    102420
     ttatggcctt ctgtcttctg agtatggcat ggtgttgctg gcttgaaacc acagaagctg    102480
     tgatcacaca catgcgaccc aaagactttt caaatagaag tgggtaggga agttcactgg    102540
     agcctcagct gagattgaga cccacctgct cctgacccct ccaagaggca tgtaatcctg    102600
     ccttagctgc atttggcctt gggaggtgct gtttagagtt gctaaagggt ggtggttaat    102660
     tgggatgggc agtccaataa agcccccccc ctttttaatt tatttattaa gagcatcacc    102720
     catggtggag aagggctttt cagtgatgtg actgtttggg gctcacctat gagcccttca    102780
     cccacattcc tgtaagttag ccccatcagt tctttgtttg ccagactcga gtcacttcag    102840
     taggatggat tctttggccg gttattggtg cccgatctgg atgaatggag gtttcgtcgt    102900
     tcacctctcc ctaggaaaga tcacaggcat gacttctggt ccaagttcta tcagaagtgg    102960
     tcatatagtc acgggaacaa acagaccgga atgggacaaa gcggggaagt aggggtacca    103020
     aatggggaga ctttcaaagt cttcttcaca aaggatgaat ccagcttgga ccacgtggta    103080
     ttggcggaag tggagacact ctaattcagt gcaggacagg cgtgggggaa gcaagaggct    103140
     tccctggtag cccacattct cgagggagcc tgagtagtta gttcactatt ttaaaaaaaa    103200
     tgtctcgtgt ggggtgtgtg tgggagtggg tatgggtgcc gcagcacacg tggaggtcag    103260
     aggttaatct cagatgtagg tcctcacctt ctacctctct atgccagact tgccatcctg    103320
     catgcttaca ggaactctcc tgcctcccac ctcctgtctt atagaaacat tggattacag    103380
     acgctgtctg tgtagctttc tgtgggctct aaggatttca cttcaagtcc ttccacttgc    103440
     atggtacatt agttggagtt ctctagagga acagaaccta cagggtaaat attgggagag    103500
     aatttattag attggctcac ataatatagt taggtagtcc aacaatatag ctgtctcaca    103560
     ctggaaaggc agacagctca gtagttgctc ggactacaag actggctgct tcaacagttc    103620
     cagtctggca ccggcagcct agaagattcc tggagagctg ctggtcctcc gttcaccttt    103680
     ggaagcctga agaagcctgt tctcatatca gcgaaggaac caactttggc agagacagtt    103740
     agatgaaact accacccaca tttggagcag ctctttcctc atcgattatg acaatcaaga    103800
     gaaccccaca gacatgccca tgggccatct caatgtggcc caccactccc tgagaacctc    103860
     ttcccaggga ttctagcttg tgttgagttg gcaattaaag atacccatca cacgtggcaa    103920
     gcactttccc cactgagcca tcacccaccc ctccaccccc tcagatcatt attaagcaga    103980
     catatcttca gagtttggga taatccacag ttgtatgtga actgaagaag aaaagctctg    104040
     cgctgattta catggcgaat ttgggccccc aatctaacgt tggcccttac tgatctctgt    104100
     ccttaactac caccattccc accttggcgt ctgtctccag ccactcatta tttcattttc    104160
     ccgcaaggct ttgcacacac agtcctcctc tgctcagaat agatgctcca cctaaccaca    104220
     cccacagtct gttcacctag ggaaaccctt cttcaccctg ttgtcagggc ccgtagctta    104280
     attctaagga cagccttata caaccttgag gttgctctcg tagcttcatg agactctctt    104340
     ctttttacac aacgattcca gctatgattc tgtcttcaga ttcctaatag ttgactctga    104400
     tatcagattg caaactcaat acttctatgc tcgttcattt cataagaatg taatgggtat    104460
     caaaattttg aaggtgaaag gtgctctgaa tggatgagct gaaatctgta atccaatatt    104520
     tacttgatgg gtgcaatgac tggggagagg ggagaccctg acgagagagg tagctcactg    104580
     ccctgtatga gacaggagat ctcttgctct gcttgctgcc cttgccttga agtgatgtaa    104640
     acatcttctg tctccttaag tacttagcaa aatggacccc acacacactg tggtcagtca    104700
     ggtggcacca aatatcctgg cttggcgctt gggagtgggg tgggaagact gagtggggag    104760
     taaagacaag tagagatgtg ctgagatcag aaagcaggat ggagaagtga tcgggatttt    104820
     gtaaatcact gggaactgaa aatctcttga gcacattatt ggatttctac caaggtatgg    104880
     aggaaattct ggttaaatat tatccaaatc cggaaggctg aggaaccggg gtttgaacag    104940
     gaggaaggaa tgtcctgatt gggcttatat gacagtccag aggccaccag aagtctgtaa    105000
     ctccagctct gtaattcagc ttggttctca cttgcccagc ggtaaaggcc tccttttagc    105060
     tatcctcctg tctctgacat caggaagact gggatcaggg attaagatga gtggcggggg    105120
     ggggtggggg gcagaccaac agagcagggc cagcaacagg ccagagcctc atccagacag    105180
     ggcaggacac tggacactag ctcctgatac tgttaaatcc ctgagcttgt cggggcatgt    105240
     tatttggtgc atctgggctt caagttcttc atgtgagaat tggccaatag aataaggacc    105300
     aagctccatc tctggtgaga ataccagggc tctgagattc agccctgaga ttctagtatg    105360
     taaatgggta tggtaatctc tcttcaacag ggcagggtgt caggattaga acacaccacc    105420
     aaacgccaag cattagctgt aaacaaggca tctattgggc ttttggtgga agaatttgtc    105480
     cagagaagag tgggtaccta gacctatgcc aagtacatgc ccaggaatcc ttattcctaa    105540
     gagagttgga ggagctccag gcggaggagc tccgggctgt aagaaggtgg agtgacccat    105600
     aaaccacctt tggaaggtga tgcgcctggc agtaaccttc atggcccttc tccagggctg    105660
     ggcgggaccc tccctgcaga gctccaccag ttcccttttc ttcctggcct gaggctatga    105720
     gagataggtg caagtgccgc taatgaaaag gcaagcaatt actttctcgt ctaattacca    105780
     ctcacagtaa ttaaacaatc atggcctttg tcccctggag acctcaaaac agcctgcatg    105840
     gtaacatctg gctcccttct gccaggaaca gagagcccat aggggcagga tagggaaact    105900
     gaggcagata aaaataaaac cagctaccct acattgcaca caaacccctg agttagagaa    105960
     ggtccttaga gagaggcaca gaatggcaga caactgagga ggtgtgtttg aagtcccctg    106020
     ggcaaacgct tgtggcctca gtggttcact cgcttctcca ggcctcagtt tccccatgtg    106080
     catcatgagc tgaacccaac actgtggctg taatgctgtg ttcactcacc acaagtggat    106140
     gttccaagtt ttactccgcc catacatgat ctctttgcat gctccatgtt gcgaaagaca    106200
     gaactcttat cttaggctca caaataagcc acatccaaaa gggaggaggg ggtgagcagc    106260
     agaaaccgtg agcaaatcca ggaccttagt gtttcagttc agatgtggaa tggcctccac    106320
     ggggccatgg ctgaaggcta ggttctccat cctgcagtcc tagggaggac agggacttga    106380
     aggggtgagg catagggtgg ggggtcttct gctggttgtg ggtgtgcact tgaggggcat    106440
     atttagacct tagtccccaa atccctcttt gcacatcctg cccatgaggt gagaagtatc    106500
     gccccaccat gcgttccggc aaggatgtgg tccaaaatgc aatgagtcca tccaactgga    106560
     ttctccagga ccatgactca aaaatctttt ctccctctca ctatctgagt ccacagttca    106620
     gagccacagc cacccaaagg cattggcctt tactggcctt gcctgagtca ggggaccacc    106680
     tacggattaa tcatctgcag ccagtaaggc agcccgtagg gcaacattct tcacacccta    106740
     tggtcacttc agaggtgagg gaagagaagg ggccaggccc agaagaaggc aggtagcgtc    106800
     acagcgggaa cagatgttct gtcttgggcc tgcccaatag ggtaggtaag atgtcattaa    106860
     accaaagtga caacagaaac gtccaggaat gcagaaatac tagcggttta cccaggagga    106920
     ggagagagct ggaacttcag aggtaggctt aacttcagaa gccactcctc tggctggaca    106980
     cccactgtgg aaagaaacac ttcgcactgt tttgttttgt tgtgtgtttc atggcccaca    107040
     ggcccctttc ttgtgggtga ggctcaacta ggcacccttc atctctagtg gggattaatg    107100
     ggccccctga cacaaacctg cccgcccaat caccccttgt tttgagtttt cctttggagc    107160
     tgctgggagg aaaccatctg aaacaacaga ggggagaggc agtcgccccc ctgcctggcc    107220
     acagctgccc cagagtgcag ccaccccaca ggccttcagc tacagtcaaa tttccctttg    107280
     ggcagctgta ttaatgtccg gggctgttac attcagttac cataatggta gcttgaaaca    107340
     atggggattt attctcttcc ttctggaggc tgggagtcca aaagcagatg cccataagct    107400
     ggagttccaa cctcaggctc ctccttcaac cctgatgtgt ggccagctcc aatcttcacc    107460
     gtcaccaacc ctccgccctt ctccatcttt tcactccgaa ggactttagt cagtaggtga    107520
     ggatccgaat gggaaatcca gaatgatttt ttgtttttct ttctcatgct tctgaagcac    107580
     tgagctgcat cctagctcaa aggacttggt ctctgtaact cctgtcagca agataaccca    107640
     gcgggtaaaa gctcttactg atagccttgt gacctgagtt tcagacccgg gacagaagag    107700
     gagaatcacc tcttgagagt tggcctttga cctccccatg gtctgtcata tacttacctg    107760
     cactctcacg tgcctgaact catacattct cacatcaata aatacagcac gttttttttt    107820
     tttttaaatc acttcattgg gactggagag atggtggatg agagcactgg ctgctcttcc    107880
     ggaggtcttg agttcaaatc ccagcaaccg catggtggct cacagccatc tgtaatggga    107940
     tctgatccgt ttcttgtgtg tctgaagaca gtgacagtgt actcatataa ataaaataaa    108000
     taaatctttt ttttaaaaaa aatcacttca ttccatttgc aaagatcctt ttaccaaata    108060
     agttcacttt atctttttca gttctgggag gcaggatgtg aacctatctt tgggaagtaa    108120
     ccacagaacc cactgtagcc tgccccccac ctccttgtcc ctcaccccca accaaaacaa    108180
     tccccagtgt cgcataccgc tgagcacagt ctgtttatgg tttgggctgt tttgttttct    108240
     tttgttttcg ggaagagtta agcgttcctg ttaaggtaat ttcgacttta tagaaaagtt    108300
     gcaagctagc ataagaaccc ccccgggtgt cttttctgct ggtttgcacg cgctcactgc    108360
     agctttctgt aaacacatat ttttcacata aaaatatgca gaggaaagaa tcatgcttcc    108420
     taaacatttc agagtgtgcg cccgacgaac aaagttccca gaagaagcaa aactgcaatc    108480
     acagaaaatg ggaatcagaa cggggtaaca gctgtattta agccacggtc cgcagctaaa    108540
     tgttaccggt ctcgccaata aagcctttga gaaccatttg ttttccggtt gagttatata    108600
     acccaagatg gtgtgtttgt gtgtaccgcc cccactccct tctcctttaa tctgaaacag    108660
     ttaggacctt ttccatcttc cttgaacttg acatttttct atcttcaact tgacatttgg    108720
     aaggttctct agaccagtta ctttgtaaat gtctttcagt ttctttggtc tgatgtctcc    108780
     ttgccttcag aagtgtactg tacacttctt ataggaatca aatgaaagtt acatctttgg    108840
     tgattgtcct ccggcattca atacccaggc cagataattt attaatattc tctctactat    108900
     gacacaaata ttttcagaaa taatcataat gatatataaa tgataatggc tataaaagaa    108960
     acagagatgc cagtgacaat atcagaaagt aagatatttt aacacacaaa attgatagat    109020
     ttgtgatttt ttttttttac aatttgtgta tgtgtgtgca tgtatgtcat gtgtgtatgc    109080
     ttgggtatgt gcgtgtgggc acacttgctc ccttagcatg gaagtcagtg gatgaccttc    109140
     ggtgtccact ttgtgagaga cagtgttttt tgctattcat tcatgaatct tcccaaaaga    109200
     acaggcctat acatccctgg aaattatctg gtctcccacc cccctcccag agcagcgttc    109260
     tgtgtctatt gacgtgtggt actacataca actttacctg atctctgggg atttgaactc    109320
     aggtcctgat acttacacag ccgatggctt acccattgag ccatttcctc aggtcagatt    109380
     tatgattctt aattattggt atagttttta aaagaaggga ggaaacgtgg acctatatac    109440
     cggtctgaga gacgcagaat aaatccatac ttactgtttc tgtaccttca cctctataaa    109500
     tttctcatca aaattgatat ttacacttag taaaagtctg gccacactta taaatttgta    109560
     ttcataattg atgaaagtat tttttattaa ttttaatttt catgagtcat ttcacaagaa    109620
     cctagttgtt tgctctatag tcaagaagta ccttaaacat tgtggtgtca aaagcactcc    109680
     taaaaatttc ctatcaaggc acacatggtg gctcatgcct acagttctaa gacttggctg    109740
     aggcagcagg attgcaacta gttgaaggac aatctgggtt acatagtgag ttacagtcca    109800
     acctagacat tgtgtgacac tttgtcttaa aacaaaacaa aggcgccttt caaaatattt    109860
     attgttgttg ttcttattaa ttgttactat tattgctact actagggaca gacccagatt    109920
     attactatta ttattattat tatctattat aacggtgata aggatggact caggccttta    109980
     catgtgctct gcctacactg agcagtacct ctagtcctgt ggctgtttct ttggaactga    110040
     tactgattcg aacattcctc cactaagcag ttcccgctaa agatatattc accagtcagg    110100
     tctcggaggt gggaagaccc tgctttggag ggcaacctgg gctacatagt gaaactttgt    110160
     ctcaaacata aataaacagg gaggcagtgg ctaaagtgct tgccatttca agcatgagaa    110220
     ccagggttta gatcctcatc cacggaaaaa gtcagatggg catgatggca cacgtgcaga    110280
     gccaggaatc aggaggtgga ggggggaccc caggggtgga ggcgcccctg ggacaagggg    110340
     gctactagac tcacagagtc agcgatttcc aggttctgaa ggagatcttg tctcggtaaa    110400
     taaaatacaa ataaaaaaaa aaacaatgtc aacctctggc ctccgaaagc acacacacac    110460
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa gcgtttgtgt acctacacac atgcaggcac    110520
     acatacacag atgcacagat accacataca tacatacaca caaataagta aacataatgt    110580
     atttaccatg gattcatcag ctatttctgt tatgtttggt tttagaaaaa aatcacaacc    110640
     aaaaaaatga caaaaagcaa aatcaataac aacaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaaacca    110700
     atcagatggc ccagtgggca aaagtacttg ccaccacgcc tgaaatcttg agctccatct    110760
     aaagaatcca catggtggga gggaagacac tcctcctcta agttgtctct gacctcaaaa    110820
     ctcatggtat gtacatacac acacacactc aaatgtaaac aatgtttaag agaaaaacaa    110880
     aatgttttgt ttcttttaca agaacagaaa aaaatggctg cacactagta ttaaccgctc    110940
     catcgtctct gaagaggacc cagttcttga tgaaggtggc catgcctttc aggatttccc    111000
     ctgtatttct tctaacaacc caagacgagc acttctcttt ttctgcagtt ttctttgcct    111060
     gctgattgtc cctactgtgt aaacgctcaa ttccttcaca ttgccaccgc gtgcacagcc    111120
     cgcggacctc tggaatgaac atacgaggag caatttcgtc aaagcttgca gttttactga    111180
     aagtggctga ttgtagctga aaccgaatat ttttgtgtct gattgacctt ccctgaaact    111240
     tctcacttaa aaaaaaaaag acaactcagt gggtggaaaa agtcttccgt tttggctctg    111300
     ccttcagaca acttcgcact tcaaacataa gattaacttt ccacacactg tctctgctac    111360
     agactcagtt ccgtgtagag acacatggtt ctgtccagcg aaggcttttc actctcccaa    111420
     ctgtatcctg cagcgtttcc cgtcagtgaa tggagactga aaagaatgat ggagcttccc    111480
     ctaattgtcc cacctctggg agggggaaaa aaaaacaacc ccaagtcaca cagatactag    111540
     attcttcagt tcttgctcat cgttcttcta gcctcccctg gtcccagtgt cctcttcata    111600
     cacagggaca catgacacaa caggctggga acagacccca cccatgttgg tttacctggg    111660
     gggagaagcc aactgaactt tattagaaaa tagatgatag gcacacaagc ccatttacat    111720
     agttcactaa aatttaggac ttctcataac cttacactcg cttgcttgct ttatttgttt    111780
     gtttgtgtgt tcttatgtct gtctgtctat ctgtctgtct gtttgtttta aagctaaagt    111840
     ctcactatga aaagtacaca gtgacctcaa ccttgtatta cacttgcctc accttcagct    111900
     gctgggacta caggggtaca caaagatacc aagctaaact cacacacaga gtttactaaa    111960
     taagtaatta aatgttgcca gtggtgcggg agatgtaact cagtaacata gcccttgcct    112020
     tgcactttcg aagctctggg ctcagtttcc acaaccagag ctgaaaaaga aaaataacaa    112080
     gaaaacactt gctaaattgt acggtctgga agtgtgccca cacaagtccg tgtgtatgcc    112140
     catttatagc aattggtgtc aaatgttttc aaggaagtct gtttgtttta tcaccaaatt    112200
     attggcacat gccagtaata gaagcaaatg aattttagtc tgtttggtta ttctttaaat    112260
     ctgaggccta aagagatggc tcaggggacg agggttctgc tgcataagca tgaagactaa    112320
     ctttgaattc tccacggcca cataaaaacc ggagtctgga ggatggagac cgtagggtta    112380
     ctaaaaacca aactcaagtt cagtgagaga ccatgtcctg aatatggtgg aaagagggag    112440
     aagaggacac ctgatgtctt ctggcaatca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    112500
     cacacacaca ctactacatt ttctgaaatc caatatggct gcacggacat cagaggaccc    112560
     ccaagtacag actccccttg gcacaaccgt gatgctgcgc tcctatcagg aagcacacgg    112620
     tgtcagaccc aatataggtc agattgactg accttggtct cttggtgaga gcagacccct    112680
     ctctaaagct accatgcacc cctctgtagc tagcaacatg gggtgatcct ctgaggccac    112740
     tctgataccg tgttccatgc taggctgtca cctacacgtt ctaccgtcct ttggagctat    112800
     tctgactcag tcttcactgc aaaggaaaaa gatttcctgc tcatggacta attaattttt    112860
     gagctagggt cttgccgaag agcctaggct agcctcactc ttgtcatctg tccctcagcc    112920
     ttgtgagccc tctgtaccac acagtacgtc ttcttctcca tttatttatt tatttctatc    112980
     agtgtgaacc tagagctctt ctgccctccc ctccttcccc cccccccagt agcttccaat    113040
     gcattagtac cattgtgtct ttgtgtgagt gtgtgaatgt gtacctgcag gttcacttgt    113100
     gtatccatgt gccaatgtgc aggcagccag aggacaacca cagtgtcctt cctcagacgc    113160
     tgtccatttt ttaaatttaa atttacttgt ttggggtgtg tgtgttgtgc atgccacaac    113220
     atgcatgcgg aggtcagagg gccacgtgca ggaagcggtt ctctccttcc accatgtggg    113280
     ttctggagat gggatttagg atgccagaca tggcagccgg tacctttgcc tgcctgcagc    113340
     agccctgccc cacttgttct ttttcctctt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    113400
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gcttgagaag ggtctttcac tgacctagag    113460
     ttctacaaat aggctcggct gactgaccat caagtcctga ggatcagcca ggctgtgcct    113520
     ccccagcgct agaatcacaa gtgtatgcca ccacacccac tttttcaaag catgtcaagt    113580
     ttatggggag ttctgggggc caaacttagg ccctggtact tgcaaggaaa gccctttact    113640
     gacggagcca ccacccctgc cctgtcgttg ttaattttca tttcaagttg tccttgatcc    113700
     agccaatggg aaacccttcg agtgagcttg tcggctcttt ttgacacatt cccagcagtg    113760
     ttttgagcat gtctcttacc ttccagtgtg aacccaaatt ctgtctgcat aggtgtgtgt    113820
     ggatactcac cagtgagtga ctaaataatc taaaggaccc cagaggaagt gtgtgaagtc    113880
     aatatgggag cccatatgta agagtaccag ggtgggagaa agccagagag agccaccgtg    113940
     tctacaaacc cccatcccaa gggatactgc ctgaccccac tcacattcct gttgacagca    114000
     ttcagaaaga gtgggacaca aactgggagt ggagcgagca cgccctggct cagtgtctct    114060
     cccagcatgt cttagtcagg gtttctattc ctgcacaaac atcatgacca agaagcaagc    114120
     tggggaggaa gggatttatt cagcttacac ttccacactg ctgttcatca ccaaaggaag    114180
     gcaggactgg aactcaagca ggtcaggaag caggagctga tgcagaggcc atggagggat    114240
     gttacttatg gcttgttcag cttgctttct tatagaacct aagactacca gcccagagat    114300
     ggtaccacct acagtgggcc ctcccaccct tgatcactaa ttgagaagat gccttacagc    114360
     ggaatctcat ggaggcattt cttaaaggga ggctcctttc tcagtgataa ctccagcttg    114420
     tgtcaagttg acacacaaaa ccagccagta cacagcacta agacaccttg cctgtaccac    114480
     cccaccccac ccaaaccccg tcccccaata acttctgcac tttgggaaac cacttctcta    114540
     tccatctgtt caggctgtca tatcgaaata ctacagacta agaagatgaa atggcagatg    114600
     ggccactcca taggtctaga ggctggaaat ccattatcca ggtgcctcca ggttggactc    114660
     tgaggcggcc tctcagcagc ctgtgagggg actcgtcctg ttatttcctg ttaacctttc    114720
     ctcttagtgc tcagggagca gagagggtaa aatggggtgg ataacacaca cttccttcct    114780
     ctttataaag acagcagtcc tggggtttac agcttcaata catgaatgaa ggaatgaaag    114840
     tccacaacat tgccctttgt tctggctgca tgatccagtc ttcctgagcc aaggttggcc    114900
     aagggcaatt cttttcttct tttcagctag tgtgatgggt caggctacat gactcaagtt    114960
     tgctttccct ggatgtgaga ctgcaagccc agtgtcaagg tgaattctgt tttgttttat    115020
     tttgtcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgcgc gcgcgcgcgc gcgcatgtgt    115080
     gtgtgtgtat acatttggtt ttttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtgtaac agagccctgg    115140
     ctgtgctgga actcattcta tagaccagat ctcaaactca gaggtctccc agcctctgtc    115200
     tcccaagtgc tgagattaaa ggcacatgct accactgccc cgctctttta aaattttaat    115260
     taaaggatgt tatttctttt tcctagttgt tataattatt catccctagt attatttatt    115320
     tctttattaa aaccaggaat cacagtaaat gactggcatg ggctggggtc tgtgatttaa    115380
     atgtcctctc taacattcag gttggactgt aattgccgtt ttgacctgta tgaagaggtg    115440
     agacctttga gaggagatga gactatcagg gctcccatag tcatgagtgg tggtgagagt    115500
     gtgggtgggg ctgttagaaa agaggcagtt cttccccccc ccagcacttt tgcctcccat    115560
     catgttagca tgcttcaaga aggccctgac ggatgccaaa atgctaatat cagacttcct    115620
     atgctcgaga gctgtgagcc aataatttta tgctctttat aaattattca gtcaactccc    115680
     tggaactcac tggctgtgct ggccagggaa gcagagcatg caagggagca ggtaggagag    115740
     agagcttccg atctcggctt tccctctttt cctccaaacc caatccccca gtcccaaccc    115800
     cagctctgtg gcagactgtc tgtgcctcta tctgcaccca tttccaggaa acaagcagat    115860
     gctcaaggca caccttgctt tcctgtctcc tgtgcatctt cttggtacat acaccccacc    115920
     acttccagac catctccatc cctaagtgcc agcttccaat actaagaaac acaatctagg    115980
     ggctggagag atggctcggc agtgaagacc actgactgct cttccagagg gcctgagttc    116040
     aattcccagc aaccacatgg tgactcacaa ctatctctaa tagggtctga tgacctcttc    116100
     tggtgtgtct gaagacaggg acagtgtact tatttacata aaatcactaa ataaatcttt    116160
     ttttaaaatc caggatatat ggaacactct aaaatgacca aatctacaaa taacaaggag    116220
     agaggaagaa aggaaaccca gatcaaaggc acagaaaata ttttctgttg aactcataga    116280
     aaaaaaattc caacctaaag aaggagatgc ctgccaggcg atggtggcac atgcctttaa    116340
     tcccagcact taggaggtag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaagccag cctggtctac    116400
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa aacaaacaga    116460
     agaagaagaa gaagaaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg    116520
     aggaggagga ggaggaagag gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagaaggaga    116580
     aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagatgcctg taatggtaca agaagcatac agaacaccag    116640
     atagactgga ccagaaaaga aattccctgt gtcacttaat agcccaaaca caaaagctgc    116700
     aacagaaaaa gaccaaataa caaagacaga tctattagaa tcacacctga cttctcaatg    116760
     gagaccctaa aaggcagaag gacagatatc ccaaaatctc taagagacca cagatgccag    116820
     cccagactac tataaccagc agaaatttca attacaaaag aaggaaaaag aaagacattc    116880
     cacgataaaa ccaaatttaa gcagtatcta tctacagaag gtgctagaag aaaaacttca    116940
     acctgaagag actacccaca ctcatggaag cgcaagaaat aaataatatc aggccatcaa    117000
     atcaaaagaa ttcgggtgga gggatccaca ccagagcacc acaataacag ggattaacaa    117060
     gcactgttca tcaataactt atgataatgc tcaatatcaa tggtcttggt cccccagtaa    117120
     aaagccacag actgacagac tggattaaaa aacaggatcc atccaagaaa cataccttaa    117180
     tgtcaaggag agctatcacc tcagggtaaa aggatgaaaa aaagaagata ttctaagtaa    117240
     atagatattc caagtaagtc agtatagccg ttttaacatc ggagaaaaga ggcttcaacc    117300
     caaaactaat ctgaagagct agagaaggac actacaaagt catcagagga aaaatccacc    117360
     aagaggacat tgcaattcat agcatctctg caccaaatgc aagggcaccc aagctcataa    117420
     aagaaacact gctacagctt aaaccgggta tcagtcttca cacagtgata aaggttgctt    117480
     acagtactcc actcttgcca atagacaggt cattccgaca aaaacaaaca aacaaataaa    117540
     caaacaaaca aaaaacagac atcatgaacc aaatggatct aacatattta cagaacacgc    117600
     acctcaacac aaaagggtat aacatctcag cacctcgtgg aactttttca caaattgaca    117660
     acatacttga acacaaatga agtatcaaca gatttaaaaa aaaaatcaaa tcatacccca    117720
     tatcctatct gaccactgtg gattcttctt gggttgatac aacagaaaca acagaaagct    117780
     tagaaactca cagaaactga acaagtagct actgaatgaa aagacctagg gtcaaaacag    117840
     aaactaggaa agaaatttaa agctttacag aactgaatga aaattagatc acaatgtacc    117900
     caaatttatg agatacaatg aaggcaattc taagaggtaa cttcataacg ctaagtgcct    117960
     acataaaaaa cattaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aattgaagag tcactagtaa cgtagcagtg    118020
     cacccaaaag ctctaaaaca taatactaac aatcttgatt caagacagca gaggctggag    118080
     gtactgctgg gacacaaggc cagttggagg ggcctgagag acccacggag gtttcaaggg    118140
     gacatgaggt gacagaggat gagcaaacag tatcttcgaa acaacaacaa acaacaaagc    118200
     aagtcttatg ggaagatgct ttttaaaacg ttcgtggaat ttttttttgt tttaaaaaga    118260
     tgacacaaac ggagttgagt atgtggcaga gaagtagaat aaagatgcag ctgtagcaac    118320
     aggtatggga gtgcagccat agcagataaa gaacccaaca gggctggcat ttggcacacc    118380
     aggaggcaca ggccacccac taagtcaggg ctgttgcttg tcctgaaggc cttgcctgcc    118440
     tgtctgcttg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct tgctattgga gagaagaagg catgggagca    118500
     gcaatggcgg agagccgcag caaacctgac agtagcgcca gggttacatg cggagcagcc    118560
     agtgccaagg gcaggtgttg tccagcagtc tggagctata aatgtgctgt ccagtcacac    118620
     aatcacccta gctcagagca acaacaaggc atctaaaatg gatggttcat tttctggatt    118680
     aagtctcttc aaaagacctc catggtccgt ggtggcctct ggaggccata ttggtttcca    118740
     tggtctgtga tgctgccggg gaccatgttg atgtacatga tcagggctgc cataggagat    118800
     catgttgatg ttcagaccct gtgctgccac tagggccatt ttgatgtcca tgatctaagc    118860
     tgctgacaga gaccaagtta atacccatat atccacagtc cattcttcca ctggaaacta    118920
     tgtggcagtc catgacctat gctgctgcca gcttctatga gccagaaaat gtctgttgca    118980
     gaggtatcaa tgactgcaaa ctcagaatgg aagacatgga aggcttttgt ggcaacctcc    119040
     ttgaaccccc tcccctaccc caaaggaaac agtccagatc tacgaatctg ttgaaagtgg    119100
     tccttaaaaa attgtgataa cgatgctgaa gtggaactct tcacagttga cagcttctgg    119160
     tgagggtgtg aaaagactca gttttcttta aggggctggc cactgggatt ttgaccttgc    119220
     ttcaatgaat ttatgggcga tacaaattgg agtctctttt tttctttctt tctttttttg    119280
     gtggggagag cacaagagtg gaaggataga cttgggagga atgggaagtg agtatgatcc    119340
     acgtgcattg tataaaattc ccaaataatt aatagaatgt ggtgaacagt gaatgtggtg    119400
     gtttgaatat gcttggccca ggggaagtgg cactattagg aggtgtggcc ttattggagg    119460
     aggtgtggcc ttattagagg aagtgtgtca ctgtggggct ttaaggtctc tatgttcaag    119520
     ctccacccag tgtgtcatcc tggcttcctg tggatgacag tactctcctg gctgccttca    119580
     gatcaagata tagaacactc aaatgatgga ggcctggctt gcgaaatttc aaaggaaaga    119640
     ttaaagactc ttatcagggc cattactatt ttgattgtga acattctgtg ttttggttag    119700
     ctggggctga agggtcagct gtgattaaca aaataccaga actactaaag tgaaaccttt    119760
     gcattgctgg aactattgat tctggttagc tagagctaag aaattagtgg tgattaagaa    119820
     gagaccagca tcatggaggt gaaatcttct gggaggtgtt ttctgagagc acaaagagac    119880
     tgtgttccag agatagccaa ggttgtacct ggtgttgcat ctggacttgg taatgtgcaa    119940
     gagtcactca ggtggtactg gttttgaagg catgaaggag tcatgaagag cagatgatac    120000
     ttggcactgt gagaggtcat ggaaggccat tggtgaaggt gcagcctcag ttgcagttga    120060
     tggtccagga ctgaaggggt catacaaagg agttgaggct tggcaccatg aagagagcct    120120
     atgagagtct attggtgaag cctagtagca gtggaagaca gcagtgtttt ggagatgcca    120180
     gtaccatgag atggccacca agaagagcag cagcaatgga gtagaccaac ctgagctggc    120240
     tacagaggaa agagctggag aagtgatggc agccctttgg aggagcccag aagatcatga    120300
     gtggatccca gacattggat ggttagagtt tgattttgat tttaattgtg actgtgccct    120360
     gatatttttc cctctagaaa gaagaaagta ttttagtgga gcctacagtt aagagaattt    120420
     gaattataaa aagactttga atttcaaaag agattggata ttttaaaagg attgaaattt    120480
     taatatgtaa gaatttgtaa agactatggg acttttaaag ttatttagat cttgaggatg    120540
     aataagaaag taagggttga ggtttaatag tgatgtgttg tgtttcaagt tagcaagggg    120600
     tcaagtgtac tggctggttt tgtatgtcaa cttgacacaa gctggagtta tcacagagaa    120660
     agaagtctcc cttgaggaaa tgcctccaag agatccagct gttaggtatt ttctcaatta    120720
     gtgatcaagg gtggagggtc ccttgtaggt ggtgccatct ctgggctggt agtcttgggt    120780
     tctataagag agcaacctga gcaagccaaa ggaagcaagc cagtaatgaa cccttcatgg    120840
     cctctgcatc agctcctgct tcctgacctg cttgaattcc agtcctgact tcctttagtg    120900
     atgaacagca atgtggaagt gtaagctgaa taaacccttt cttccccaac ttgcgtcttg    120960
     atgtttgtgc aggaatagaa accctgacta agacacaaag ttaaatcaag atcagataaa    121020
     caatttaaaa gtaccaataa cccctactga aataaaagca gtaactaaaa gtctctcaac    121080
     caaaagaagc ccagggacag atgaccttag cacagaattc taccagactt tcaaataaga    121140
     gttaacttca atattcctca aatcattcca caaaacagaa acagaaggaa tgttgcccaa    121200
     tattttaatg aggccacagt tattctgata cctaaaccac ataaagaccc aaaaagaaag    121260
     agaattacag acaaattttc tttataaaca tagatccaaa cttgcaaact gattccaagg    121320
     acatattcac tacgatcaag cttcatccca gaaatgcagg gatggattaa cattcataaa    121380
     tcaatagatt taatctacta tataaacaaa gtgaaagaaa aaacacacaa tcatctcatt    121440
     atatacagaa aggttttata taaaaatcca gcaccctttc atgataaaag tcctggaggg    121500
     attagggatg cacaggacac acatcaagac ctttcatgat aaaagtcctg gagggattag    121560
     ggatgctcag gacacacatc aagatataaa ggcaattcac agacagtccg tacccaacat    121620
     caacttaaac tggagagaac ctcaaagcaa tttcattaaa atcgggaaca agacaaggtt    121680
     gtccactctc tccacaccta ttcgtatagt atttgaagtc ttaactagag taataaaaca    121740
     actagaggag atcaaaggga cacaaatagg aaaggaagaa gtcaaattat ctttatttgc    121800
     agatgatcaa atcctataca taagtggtcc taaaatttcc accaggaaac tcctgcagct    121860
     aataaacact ttcagcaaag acgcaggata caaggtcaac acacagaagt cagtggccct    121920
     cctatagaca aagaacaagt ggaccagtag agaaatcaga gaaaccgcat ctttcacaat    121980
     agcctcaaat aatataaagt actttggggt aactctcacc aagcaagtga acgacttaca    122040
     taataacaag tcttggaaga aagaaactga agaagatatc agaagagggg aaatttttct    122100
     atgctcatgg atcagtagct tttaacatag caagagtggc catcctactg aaacaatctc    122160
     cagatccagg gaaatccctg tcaaagttcc cacccgactc tttatagaac ttgaaagagc    122220
     aattttctgc ttcatttgga aacacaaaaa tccaagggta gctaaaacac tcctgaatga    122280
     taaaagaagt gctggtggta ttaccaaccc caatctcaaa ctgtgctgca gagctaccat    122340
     agtaagaaca gcatggcact gtacaaaact agagacagcc gggcgtggtg gcacatgcct    122400
     ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagtttgagg ccagcctggt    122460
     ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacca    122520
     aaaaaaataa ataaaaataa aaataaaata gagacattga ccaatggagc aggattgaag    122580
     acccagaaat aagtccacat acttacggac acccgctggg ttttgtttgt ttgttttgtc    122640
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttataaaga agccagaaat acacactggg aaaaaaaaaa    122700
     catcttcaac aaatggtgct gctcaaatta ggtaaaagaa tgcctataga agactgcaaa    122760
     tagagccatg cttatcaccc ctgcacaaaa ctccactcca aatggtcaaa gaccccagta    122820
     gagagatgca cagagtatga cagaagagaa cgtggggaac aggcttttac tcatggcaca    122880
     ggaaaagact ttctgaattg aacagcatta gcatggacag tatgatcaac aactgaaaat    122940
     cttctgtagg gcaaagtaca tcatcactgg ggcaaagtga cagcctacag aatgggaaaa    123000
     gtttttgttt ttttccaact acacatctgt taggataata tccaaaatat atatttaaaa    123060
     cttaaaaaaa taaagatcgg acattgggaa aaacaactca attttaaaat ggggtacaga    123120
     tctaagagaa ttctcaagga agagaactta agtggctgag aagcactaaa agaaatgttc    123180
     gacaccctta gtcatcagga aaacgcaaac caaaactacc tttaagattt catcttacat    123240
     ccatcggaat ggccaagatc agtaacacag atggcagctt atgctgggga ggatacggag    123300
     ccaggtgagc agtcatccat tcctgaagga agtgcaaact tgtacagcca ctatggaaag    123360
     cagtgtgtta gttcatcaga aagatggaga cccatctaca cccaagatcc agcaatacac    123420
     ccaaaggaca cttcatccta ctacatagac gcttgctcag ccgtatccac tgctgctcga    123480
     ttcataatca tttgaaattg gaaaccacct ggaggtcggc caacagatga ttagataaag    123540
     agagtgtggt atatttccac aatggaagac tactcagcca ttaaaaagaa gtgaacccgt    123600
     gaaattcaca ggtaaatgga tggaactaga aaaaaaagtc atcctcagag agcttactca    123660
     gacccagaaa aacaaatatc ctcttatatg tggttgagtg ctggttcatc ttgtgtgtca    123720
     acttgacaca agctggagtt atcacagaga aaggagcctc ccttgaggaa atgcctccat    123780
     gagacccagc tataaggcat tttctcaatt agtgattcaa gggggaggag agtccagcct    123840
     gttgcgggtg gtgccatccc tgggctggtg gccctgcgtt ctataggaaa gcaacctgag    123900
     caagccaggg gaagcaagcc agtaagcagc actctccatg gcctctgcat cagctcctgc    123960
     ctcaagttcc tgccctgtgt aagttcctgt tctgacactg tggaaatgta agctgaataa    124020
     atccttttct ccccaacttg cttcttgatc atgatgcttt gtacaggaaa acatactccc    124080
     cagcataagc tgccatctgt gttactgatc ttggccattc cgatggctgt aagatgaaat    124140
     cttaaaggta gttttggttt gcgttttcct gatgactaag ggtgtcgaac atttctttta    124200
     gtgcttctca gccacttaag ttctcctcct tgagaattct cttagatctg taccccattt    124260
     taaaattgag ttgttttccc aatgactaag acaggttgtg agctgttaag tcatagatga    124320
     gcaagctaca gtccatataa ccagtttagg tagagagtaa gggactagaa gggaggagtg    124380
     atggacctct ctaggaaggg gaaatagaat aagtactttt gggtggatgg gcagggtcag    124440
     ggactggaat gggaggagca aacagggagg gggaggcagg aaaagttggt ggacggaata    124500
     tgggagggac ggctaaaatt aagggttact tgaagggtca catgaaaacc taatacagca    124560
     gaaactccct aaaatacata catctacaaa tgcaatctaa atggaatcac ctaattacag    124620
     gggagagagc cccagctgaa caaatggagt ttcctgtagt gggaatatgc tacatctaat    124680
     ccagtttttg gccaaatgag tcccatagga atcccccaaa caaaccagtc cattgccaag    124740
     gttactggtt gctctccaca gccagatgat acacagagac gaaaagacct tgggacaatc    124800
     agccttataa aggatgtctc catcaaatcc atccctcagg gcccaggagc cctgcagaag    124860
     agggggtgaa agggtataag ggcctgagga gacggaggac acgaatggat ctggattaag    124920
     gctttctaga cataacggga ctgacacaca tataagctcc agagactgag acagcatgca    124980
     cagggactgc ccgggtctgc actagatggg atcccagagc tgaaaggaaa agtggacact    125040
     gaagcgaaag ggacaccccc cctccccccc gtccctaacc aggaaggaag ctagttccaa    125100
     ttgataagcc tcttgccatg aaaaaattgg ttttcttcaa gggagtctca ctggggggaa    125160
     caagccattc ttaagggcag gctccatgcc cagaagtaga tacacaaccc aaaacaaacc    125220
     caactgcatc tctggaggtt ctttgtctaa cagagttagg tcagggcttt tttgttatca    125280
     ttgttctccc ttacaggatc tttgcgtata cgttatgtct tctggtttgg ggtttctatg    125340
     ggattcctgt gtgtgtgaac gtgtgtgtct ctgtctacac gtgtttctca tacttcccct    125400
     ttgcctgtct gactcctttg attgtttttc atgtcatttc attccgtttt attattaatc    125460
     cttagatgcc tatctgtttt ctaatgagat acagagagaa gatggatcca ggtgggagga    125520
     gagacgggag gaatttggag aagtaggtgg agggaatcct gtaattagaa tatattgtat    125580
     ggaaaaatct atgttcatac aatatatgaa aattcatgaa aaaaattaag tctcaggtat    125640
     tctgtggcgg tggcctgaaa ctgaccaaga ttcaggaaaa ggggcgtgtt ctctaccaca    125700
     aaccatcagt tctgttcttg aaaggaacta tcaagtcttc tgtaagcacc gtagactcgt    125760
     tctgtcacct actgtctgta atacatggct tcaaggctga tgtgttctta acctggctgg    125820
     caggttaaag aaaggaagag gggatggaag gctttcactc caaactggtt caaagcaggg    125880
     gtgactactg ctcacgcccc tttggtaaga actagtcaca tggctccatg gatgaaagga    125940
     gcaacagatt cccctcagag ccgtaagatc gaatgtgcag gctgagcacc gagtctctca    126000
     gccacggcct ctgccttggg ttatgatgag gcctgagtaa gaaagaggac acagtaaggc    126060
     tttgaacatg taacccacaa taaatgttag ccatgggtaa gcatctcgaa gcctgagtca    126120
     gaagggaaga actcttttct tttgcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    126180
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttttctccct tcatctccct    126240
     tctcctccct tctcccttct cctcccttct cctcccttct cctctctctc ctcccttctc    126300
     ccttcttttc cctttctccc tctccctctc cccctcctcc tccccctccc cctcctcccc    126360
     ctccccctcc ccctccccct ccccctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc    126420
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    126480
     cttcttcttc ttcttctcac ttcaggctgc agctgtggct cctactcaaa ggcaaaatcc    126540
     agcataggag gagagacagc tcagtggctg agagctgctc ttataggctg ttcttccaga    126600
     ggaccatgat tccattccct gcaccaatac agcagcttat agtaattcca gtttcagggt    126660
     atcccatgcc ctcttctggg ccctatggat acttcctgca tgtggtacac aggcatacat    126720
     gcaggcaaaa acacctatac acatgaaaaa taagtttaaa caaatttcaa ccaaaggaaa    126780
     gaacataggc atgctcagat agaagcccca gaggctagag aaagaattct ggaattattg    126840
     aggggcctgt gaggcaaagc ctgtccttag tgtttagtct gccgctgtca cagccacaga    126900
     agacagtaag tcttacgatg ggccatgtgc tggggtgggg gtgggaggga gggagagtag    126960
     cccaggctag ccttaaatta acgattctct tgcctcttga tattggatct caggtttgag    127020
     caaccacatt catctatatt gttaagcttt catagatatt agtaaagtat gtgagtgtat    127080
     gagtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgttgca tacatatgaa tgtgtacatg tgatttattg    127140
     ttctccatct tttccccttg agacggggtc tcttattgaa ctagaagcta tcaagctttc    127200
     aggacggcct tttccacggc tcacaggtgt acacagcaag gcccaatttt tttccttaaa    127260
     gctttattta tgtcttgtgt atgagtgtct gcatgtattt aagtgcacca cggacctaga    127320
     gtgcgcggta catagagagg caaggagggg gcactagatc ccctggagtg ggagttacag    127380
     atgggtgctg gggtccttgg tcctctgcaa gagtggtgag tgctcttaca ctgagcccct    127440
     acacctaaca ttttatgtag gtgctgagat ttgaactctg gcccttgtac ttccagaaca    127500
     gacactcttt atttgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    127560
     gtgctcacga ctgtgcatgc acatgcttgt gggtgtacct cctctgtgtg cacaggatca    127620
     gggagggatt cggatgtcct tcctctatct ctgccttact cctttgagtc agagtctctc    127680
     cttgaaccca gagtgtgctt tttttccccc cgctttggtt tttcgtgaca ggatttctct    127740
     gtgtagctct ggctgtccta gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa    127800
     ttcgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctgga attaaaggca ttcgccacca cgcccggctt    127860
     agagtgtgct ttttgtttgt ttgttttttg tttagttcgt ctggaagcca gcaagcccca    127920
     gcaattggcc aggcctcagc acccatatcc ttggagctct gtgcatgcat gggcttgctc    127980
     catgatgtgg gatcccaaat caagagccca gcaagcactc ctccccaccg agctatttct    128040
     ccaggccaac ataactaagc tttaaacctc caactcatag cagggaaagg agtattaaat    128100
     tatttttaaa gccagcactt tgtttttgtt tttgttttga taagaacttg ctgtatagcc    128160
     caggctagtc ttgaactcat gatccccctg ccacaactcc ttgaatgcta ggattataga    128220
     catgtgaccc caggctgaag taatttacct ctctctgtct ctctgtctct ctgtctctct    128280
     ctgtctctct gtctctctgt ctctctctgt ctctgtctct ctctctgtct ctctctctct    128340
     ctctctctct ctctctctct gtctcatatc tatatattgg gccaaggatg ctagacaaat    128400
     gatctatcac tgagctatgc ctccagcctt cttcaacgtt tttttaaata acagattatt    128460
     ctagaaaagt ctgaactggg accaaaacca tcacagcatt tcacgtttca taaaaaacaa    128520
     acgctgtttt atggactcac actgtacatc tatctctgtg tgtgtcttat gtcttgactc    128580
     atgctgtgca ctgtttttct tcctgagggc ggaagtctct gcctaattca ctgatgccaa    128640
     tgatgctagg aaggaggggt tattcttaac cctgtcctat agatcaggaa gcagcagcag    128700
     caacaagagg tgacctcact tgctgggtta aagcagaaag ggtcccagtc agagtgtgca    128760
     gccccagtct gcctgctgac cctccctgtg gtatctggca gaaggtttca ctcatacatc    128820
     aatggctctc cggctttaag cttcttcgag tcagatctct gtgttgtcac accctagcat    128880
     cctgaattat tgagtgagaa aggagagtct ggacagagct gatgaagatt cttggcttac    128940
     ccaaactcca gttcggctcc tgatgcccct cctgggcctg tctgtacatt tccttgtaga    129000
     tccagtttca caagtaccca agcttagtct ggttggcgag agcttccatc ctggagatct    129060
     gatcaccctt gatagcctcc taccagtcgc ccatcctgcc ttccctctca gctgatgtct    129120
     gaccatcctg gcctgcctcc agcaagaagc cagttagttc ggtttaagct ccagcttccc    129180
     ctgatgtttc tttcctctta atcatgttct ctccactgat cctgcccgct ccttatctat    129240
     aaatcccctc ttgttcccac tgtatttgca tgagtctacc ctcttcccca ttgcaatccc    129300
     accataatgg ttcttatccc ctgtgatggc cctgaaggaa gtctgtttcc tgtgttttag    129360
     tgagtagagt accattgatt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagca aagtacagga ggcaggctag    129420
     tagagcttgg tggagacctt ccaaaggata cctgggtctc tgttacctca gaaaatgcca    129480
     gggtaaagag ccagccctgt ctttagccca gcaggtataa agacttcgga gtgttgggca    129540
     gagtcaggag aggatggcca gctgaggtgc aggatggggg atgatcattg ttgtggttta    129600
     tagaaaggga aggagagagg gaatgtgttt ggtggaggta cagtaaggtg tgggggaagg    129660
     gtgtgcctct gtgggcatgc taaggcatcc ctgcccctga gggaccagcc acgggacagt    129720
     atagaatagt gtttattcag ggcatggggg gggggagttg agagaaaggc ggagagagag    129780
     ggggcagaga gagaagagaa gtagaggctg gccatgagca tgtggagaga gagggggaag    129840
     gaaattgggg gggagagggt aagagagcaa gaaagagagg agggggcaag cagccgtttt    129900
     tatagtgagt caggcacacc tacagccagg taactgtggg gcggaaccta gactaacaat    129960
     tgtcaccttg actgaatcta gaatcagcta aaagacatgc ctctgggccg tgtgagaggt    130020
     cagttgcagg aaggcttgac tagggggaag aggatcctct ctcaaagagg attttccctt    130080
     caagggtggc tcagtgtgaa gaagtctgag gggtgaaggg accactttct gccttctgct    130140
     ccttgttggc gtgagcagct gctctgtttg cgggcttttc cggttttccc aggtagcctg    130200
     aagaccaggg cttctctgga atcttccagg ctttcagcac tacctcaaga ctgctaaagc    130260
     atccagcttc ctggaccaag ggagccatgg tgtcctcgac ctctccagaa cgcccatatc    130320
     tgtattgttt gactgcttag cctgtgccat gtaaccaacc tatcaaaccc ttccagagaa    130380
     ctctcctact gacaagaagt caggcgtgaa gacaccattt ggtctcaatg gccagtcaga    130440
     gtataaatga gtattagcca caaagaaata atgaatggtt ttagaagtgt aaagaagaca    130500
     gtccccagtg tcctaaggtc cacacagatg tttctagaac tcaacagcac aggagggaaa    130560
     accatgatta agaatctcaa ccctgtgact caggactggg gcaaaaagat tgaggaaaca    130620
     caacatttga cgtcagcaga ggcctctgct gttcccaggg ctgcacagca ggccctgtgc    130680
     agagcaggaa gccaagagct actcagaggg caagcagctg taaggcctcc tctgggaaga    130740
     caccctttga tctccccaac agccaggggg tctggcttcc tgcatcccag aatgccttct    130800
     ccaggagaga ttgctgaggt cacggagtct gaccccactg aacagacagg gctccaggaa    130860
     tcatgagaga tccagtcaag gtcacgcagg gagccagcac ggacaagtta ggaccaggat    130920
     ccaaccccca acaccaccac cgttccttct gtttttgccc tttcagcagg aagcctgcag    130980
     ggaaggctag ttctctgctg tggagggggt ccacttcctg ccaaagccaa gtgagttcaa    131040
     aggcccctgg atggtctggg atctggaccg tccaagcagg agacagggat cctttaagtc    131100
     acaaagactt ctttattctt tgagatttta agtggactga agccaattcc ctaacattct    131160
     tccttctgat gtggcccttg gcaaaaaaat tacgctgcgc atataccggg cttggtgcca    131220
     ggcgcatcct tcacagacac aatctttcgg gggtgggggg tgggggtggg gtattgtttc    131280
     atggtttccc agatgaggaa gtggaagttc aggagggtga agacagttgc tccaggtcac    131340
     acagctagaa gctgagccta agcgtgtcag gttgcagagc cttaacagag ctggcctttg    131400
     ggtcacttca gggccatagg gagctgagtt ccagcaacct gtcttctgag gcaacagtca    131460
     gacagtagat gcctgccaaa agccaacagc tttgagtgta gagatagaga tgacaagggg    131520
     tagaactgac agagtcccga ctgtgtgtct gtcagccatt ctgctaagca tgctgatgtg    131580
     tatgaacact tatatagccg tcacaattgc acatgtcggg gtgttcaata tctctttgta    131640
     tataggcagt aagagcagag atgcaggcag tctagtggtt ggtcagacgt caaacatgga    131700
     ggctctccat cgcctgtagc gggagcttca cctccacctc acaccaccct tgaaatgaga    131760
     aaccagaact cagagacaca ggtaagtaga taaacaccat ggaacctgta ggctccctcc    131820
     cacctctcgg gagactgtga gcagcaagga accgaagagc cccaccccca ccccacccac    131880
     cccagccacc ttggtttgag ctgtaaggaa ttcgtgaaat tgcagggaga aatttggtga    131940
     cttgatcttc tcagaagcca gcctccctca cgcactgata acatttcctt atgatcagag    132000
     catgaatgga gcagtgtctg cctttgtctg cagatgtgac cactgttcaa tgaagaagga    132060
     gttttctttt gttgtgtctt ggcaggagga catccttgac tgaaagtctc cccttgcatc    132120
     tcattggcca tgacgaggtc acatgcttct cacgacagga ggaatagaaa caccggccaa    132180
     tcatgactgt cagatcgtag cctgccctcg gagtgtttag ctttctggga acaggaccaa    132240
     aatcccatgc cttcgctaag gagctatcct acactgtgca gataataaac aacatgctca    132300
     gagaactaga aaaataatca agatgtccag ccagcctaca atgtcaaagg aattaaatct    132360
     gcgtattaca cagacttctg cactaatgtg tttattacaa cactatttac aacagccaag    132420
     atggtaaatt agccaaggta tccgtggatg gataactggg tgtactggct agttttatgt    132480
     caacttgacc caagctagaa tcatctgaaa agaagaaacg tcaggtggaa aaaaaaaaaa    132540
     aaaaagcttc caaaagatca aactgtaaac aagccagtag taaggcattt ccttaattag    132600
     tgattgatag gggaggacgc tcagagtcat gggtggtggt cctgagtcct ataagaaagc    132660
     aggctgagag agccatgtgg agcaagccag tgagcagcag ccctcccctg gcctttgcat    132720
     cagctcctgt ctccaggtgc ttgcccagtt tgaattctgg tcctgatttc ctccaatgat    132780
     gaacagtgat atggaagtct aagctaaata aacttttgtt atcaacttgc ttttggtcat    132840
     agggtttcaa aacagcaata gaaaccctaa ctaaaacagt aaggaaagaa aatagaatat    132900
     gtatcatgga atattactca gccataaaaa gaaggaaatt ctgtcttctg cagaccatgg    132960
     atggaactga aagatgctgt gtgaagtgaa gtaagtcaga ctcagaaagg caaacaccat    133020
     gtgtctccat cgatgtgtga gaagtaaaag agttgatttc ccaggagtgg agactagaat    133080
     atgatgatca ggactcacaa gagtggtgga gagggtccag gcaagcaagc actgtgacct    133140
     ggacacaggt tctcacttgc ccacgggctc cttatgtgcc cttgaccgag gcctggctct    133200
     ctcaggattc cactggcctc atttgtccaa tggggccaag ctccatagcc tgacaatagg    133260
     tacaatacag cagtgggcac agcatggtgg tggggacagt atggcagtgg cagcgtgtcc    133320
     ccagtgcatc ctggattcag ctcagggact gtcactcact cactcagttg acatgtattg    133380
     gcaggacagc catttgtggt ggatactcag agaagatgga aacccagcat gcagctggcc    133440
     acgatgagcc cgccctccag ctagggagac ttggaaacag ccacacgggt gatgatgacc    133500
     acggtgaact gggactgtgg tgctctggag ctatgagagg aagtttcaga gggggctaca    133560
     gagatgcctc tgtcagtgaa ggggttgcat tgacaggatg agaacctgag taaagagctc    133620
     cagtgtcggc ttaaaaggcc gtgtgcagag gcaagtacct cgcatcccac cactgaggaa    133680
     acggggatgg gaagatgcct ggagcctgct gcccctcagt catggcaagg aatggaagca    133740
     ctccagagtc agtgaaagac ctcgtctcaa aactagagag gaactgggga tctgatggca    133800
     accgttggcc tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga    133860
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga ggctgtgtga cttttca                  133907