EBI Dbfetch

ID   CT990635; SV 10; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 191695 BP.
AC   CT990635;
DT   08-JUN-2006 (Rel. 88, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone bMQ-322M12 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-191695
RA   Barker N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   ( and BACPAC Resources
RL   (
DR   MD5; 862d4ab7c743ebbafe780748db104f4b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456076.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000066154; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000078672; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000074018; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000084531; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107472; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107488; mus_musculus.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   RFAM; RF01942; mir-1937.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone bMQ-322M12. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone bMQ-322M12 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone bMQ-322M12 is at 191695 in this sequence.
CC   bMQ-322M12 is from a ES Cell BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..191695
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="B94_mq1"
FT                   /clone="bMQ-322M12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    1..191695
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: bMQ-322M12"
FT   mRNA            join(89112..89210,89536..89669,90437..90510,91193..91303,
FT                   91644..91745,91910..91935)
FT                   /locus_tag="CT990635.1-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel major urinary protein (Mup)"
FT   CDS             join(89112..89210,89536..89669,90437..90510,91193..91303,
FT                   91644..91745,91910..91935)
FT                   /locus_tag="CT990635.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000022935"
FT                   /product="putative novel major urinary protein (Mup)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A9R9V7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000566"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002345"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002971"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011038"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012674"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022272"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3650630"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A9R9V7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAP58481.1"
FT                   RENIIDLTNVNRCLEARE"
FT   mRNA            join(149478..149643,149834..149967,150735..150808,
FT                   151425..151535,151879..151980,152146..152222,
FT                   153012..153263)
FT                   /gene="Mup3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CT990635.2-002"
FT                   /product="major urinary protein 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC059102.1"
FT   mRNA            join(149489..149643,149834..149967,150735..150808,
FT                   151425..151535,151879..151980,152146..152191,
FT                   153012..153263)
FT                   /gene="Mup3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CT990635.2-001"
FT                   /product="major urinary protein 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC019965.1 Em:BC106100.1"
FT   CDS             join(149536..149643,149834..149967,150735..150808,
FT                   151425..151535,151879..151980,152146..152171)
FT                   /gene="Mup3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CT990635.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000022936"
FT                   /product="major urinary protein 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q5D068.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q3KQQ2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000566"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002345"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002971"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011038"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012674"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022272"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:97235"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q3KQQ2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAP58482.1"
FT   polyA_signal    153238..153243
FT   polyA_site      153263
FT   mRNA            join(182774..182966,183304..183437,184208..184281,
FT                   184906..185016,185359..185460,185625..185670,
FT                   186456..186708)
FT                   /locus_tag="CT990635.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel member of the major urinary protein (Mup)
FT                   gene family"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC089613.1 Em:BC092096.1"
FT   CDS             join(182868..182966,183304..183437,184208..184281,
FT                   184906..185016,185359..185460,185625..185650)
FT                   /locus_tag="CT990635.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000022938"
FT                   /product="novel member of the major urinary protein (Mup)
FT                   gene family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q5FW60.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5FW60"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000566"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002345"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002971"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011038"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012674"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022272"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3651981"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2L9C"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q5FW60"
FT                   /protein_id="CAP58483.1"
FT                   RENIIDLTNANRCLEARE"
FT   polyA_signal    186683..186688
FT   polyA_site      186708
FT   misc_feature    191695
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: bMQ-322M12"
SQ   Sequence 191695 BP; 56024 A; 39680 C; 40204 G; 55787 T; 0 other;
     gatctgagat ctggtcctgt ggagaatgga aaaagttaat ctccaagcca tgtctctagc        60
     actttctctt ttctatggtg agcagtaggc ctctatggtc tgacatggga cagaagttgg       120
     taacttccag ttggccaagc aggttgacaa caagaaccag acaccaaggg aagccaaggc       180
     aaaactcaac ggagaaggga cacagtcttt cctcttcttt cctccacaga ctgtctgaag       240
     gaatgttgga actcagagaa accaagaaaa tgtcctcaga gaaagagata gggtgaagta       300
     gacaaagaca gaggcaagct gggcaccaca gagaccaggc tcacatgtgc acaggcctcg       360
     ggaggcaatg ctggtggtga aagctacgct cctgactcag ccctgaggaa tggcctgacc       420
     tccagtgaag agctacctgg agaggcccca ggaggcacat tgcaaacatt gcctaaagag       480
     ttgccaatgt cactgtcccc tccctgtctg cccctaagca cctccagctc ctgaagaagc       540
     ctggcaaagg caagaaccgg taggaaggac aaggacagcc acctgggagg gtgaagggaa       600
     catcaggacc tctgggcctg tgccccatgg accaggaagg taggagagtg actctgataa       660
     gctcctatct agagggagct gcagaacttc tttggaaagt gaatggagga acagttacag       720
     acagagctaa gatctgagag gctgacagag ctgaagctgt gtcctgctga ggcagaaagg       780
     gagtctgctc taccccaccc tgcactatca tccactaaga caggggaaat ggctttcagt       840
     gctgtcaggc ctgctccaca gcaccctgtc cagtgcccga ggtcctggtc acccattcca       900
     cataagccag gatcccacta atcagggacc atcccccttc ccacccctgg cctttgcccc       960
     tctgttcaga ggccacagac acaacctgga accctttcat tttgagtttc agttggtgtc      1020
     cctcaaaatt catatgttac aacctaattt ccactgtgag aaaaggaaca aggttgtgta      1080
     gatgagccaa aagatactca ctcatgcacg cacgcccttg cgagtgcgcg cgcgtgaaca      1140
     cacacgcacg cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      1200
     cactcacaga aaccccttca tgaatgtgac tagtgtcctg aagaacgtgg tcaggggtgg      1260
     ctctgttaac ctctgcctat ggaactcagc tctaaggtgc tgttcaggag ctctgggctc      1320
     gcaccaggtg atccatctgt caggactttg gccttggact tcccaagtcc agagctattt      1380
     tcaatcaatg actgcttatt tatcagggac tcatcttttc tgttgaagca gttatcagga      1440
     cgcacatcct cacctggcaa acacccactt tcaggatcca gcagggcagg aatgcttgcc      1500
     tatcccaggg aacaaggagg ccaggggaca actggctatg tgaggggctg ctggctccat      1560
     ggtgctcaga gattctccaa gtccctccac atgggagaag agtgaaaaaa agagaagaat      1620
     caatcagcaa ccccagagag gaccacagga gacttcatag agaccaagag ggaaggaggc      1680
     tgccagccaa gggagggcag aggatcctgg gagtgaaccc attgtgatct gtacttcatc      1740
     agcttcactc ctgacagtga ggaagggcaa ggaggtctag gccacagtgc acggtgaccc      1800
     tggaacagag ctctgtctat ggaggaccaa tgtgactcaa gagtgccagc cagtcacatc      1860
     acacagcaca tcacagtttc tgacaaccaa gacagggctt tgctgcggcc aatgcaagga      1920
     acacagctgc acaaggatag atgcaaggcc caggcaggga ccacaaagcc aagttcccct      1980
     gagcacacag gaaggggtag gtatgtctgc tgccccatct ccagcccacc cctgtaccac      2040
     gcccaccaca gatcctgtca ggaaggggaa gaagtcacaa tctgaaagtc aaggagtcta      2100
     caaggaccag tgctgttacc agcaagatga aggtcataac aaggtcataa atgccaagat      2160
     gccaagacaa tcgggacaaa ggcaatatgt gaaggcacca ccatccttgc caccaggtcc      2220
     tcctgtctga gtttaagaat ctccttgcct aagtgagcac tcagcaactg ggtatacagc      2280
     ccaggtttac ctatgcctcc atcaaaggaa accaggaagg gcagtggatt agaaactaga      2340
     gagacagaag tgtgtcaggc tcttcacact gatgtgggga gtggatgtgt gtgtgtggga      2400
     ggggggctaa gcagaggcaa aatgagccca gccagatatt ccaggggctg tccaaagtgt      2460
     gggcactcag acatagccct ggcagcaagg tgaagggagt cagaggctgg ggtcagcagt      2520
     ggagtccctg tttgcctgca gagatgctct cctttaccat cccagcatca tcctgctccc      2580
     tggtacctct gaagccaggt tgtgcggcag cagcatgaca catcacaggg cgaggcattg      2640
     gaaaacctac aaaggatgtg aggcagtcca gttcccccgc ccatctaaca tccatgagct      2700
     ggctgcagtc ctcagtcagc aggaggacct gctgcaggtc ccagcctgca aggcctgcac      2760
     cacagctttc caggggcctg gcccgaccac tgccccctga cctggatggg gagggaggct      2820
     tcctggcatt ccacacatac ccatttctgg gctccttcac tgcacctgct cagaggcccg      2880
     gttattaaca ctgctccccg tttcttgcta tctcccagaa gaacaaaaga attactaaac      2940
     agcccttaga aattgtatca caggacaatg aaccaaagac cagagactac gacctagaca      3000
     gagcagaata cacctatttc ctcagaacgt taggtcccag gtgagccagg cacaggagcc      3060
     acgggtgagg gctgctctct taggaacttc ccaatacctt ccaggtgggg aaagagacac      3120
     agctccttac ctcctgggat gggaggagca tttgagcatg aggtgacatt tacaacctaa      3180
     gcttcagtag cactcactat ggcaaagggg ccattggtgg caggcaggcc ctgatcccca      3240
     gggtctactg ggctttgggc atcctgccta gggcacaacc agctccacac atcctccagg      3300
     cctcgcctct ccctgtgcct ggtgtccacc aggacaggag agaggaggat tctggctctg      3360
     tggtgtttgg tggaaaggcc tggctctgac tcctcagcag gctccatggc cacagagtgg      3420
     gctccatggt cgttcaacag gaagcacacc ctctccagac ccaagagaat acagggccac      3480
     tcctcaggag ggtgagagaa ccagagcagt ggctttcagg tgaagtcagc caatcaggtg      3540
     ctgccgagaa cgagagagag gaccttcagg gagcctttgc ttttcttgcc tttccaacag      3600
     gagggctaag tagtcttggg aagacagcaa ggatgttaac tccaaaccag gaggacgacg      3660
     aggaagagga agaggagagg gagggagagg aggaagagga gagggaggag gaggaggagg      3720
     aggaggagga gggggagggg gagggggatg aagagaagga gaagggggag gaagagaagg      3780
     agaaggggga ggaggaggag taatgacatc atagccatga gcaaggaacc tcaacacagt      3840
     cacacgtggt atgcaggtac cctaccagac actgctgtgg actctccctt cccgggtagg      3900
     aacacattac cagaccatga gtgggaccca tgtccccacc atctcacacc aacagagagg      3960
     gcatctacaa agggcacagg tttccagtgt catgtgaaca agtagccagt gagcacaggg      4020
     tcctgggctg aagggcacag gtccagaaac acactgggtg ccaaggatcc ggcatgcctt      4080
     cagtatggca ctttctgtgg tggtgaggcc ttcccactga ggccacgctc agaccgaggg      4140
     aagcaccttc ggtaggagat ccacggtagc tggagtgtcc cattcctgcc gacccaaagc      4200
     atcagcctgc cttcactggg cacacttcag taagataaag aaagcagcac gagtcaagga      4260
     ggcacagagt gggtgtggtt ttagggagca gtcatctggc tgtcccttca aggacagagt      4320
     gtagtggctc tgtcttggct ctggtgggtg tgtctcttct cttctggcac aaagatggtg      4380
     cctggcccag ggcaccttcc ttgtggtgtg tggctcacat cttcctcacc tccagtactc      4440
     atgactcaca gaaaatgctc atcttctgtg caaacggctt tccttaaggg tttccgtgac      4500
     ccctggaccc ttctcctgct tggcagaact ctgtggacag agctcacaaa acacaggcag      4560
     gccctgggta gacagaccat aaacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac      4620
     aggttactgt atgcattctt gcatggctct cttactgggt tatttaatct ctctgcctca      4680
     ttgccttctc tgagggtcag gtctctctgg gagtctctct gggagactca ctgagggtct      4740
     gagtccccag cacacatgtg tatgccctgt ctctgcactg cctccccact tccctctccc      4800
     actccctgcc agagcccatc ctctgccatt gctttaggga acctggctcc ccaccaattg      4860
     ctccatgcaa cctggctccc cagcagggtg tcttgtattg aagatcagaa tttccacagc      4920
     agtcacagtt gtttccctgg gaaaggggtc tcttttgaga aagaaaaaaa aaaaaaagcc      4980
     ttcctcatgc ttgtctgctt tggttttatt tttgtcttta ggcagggtct cattcagccc      5040
     aggctggcct tgtaagcccc agatcagcaa ggatgacatg cctgaacctc ctcccccaga      5100
     tcctcacacc tccatctcct cctgatgcta agattacagt tgtggccttc cacatctgct      5160
     ttaaagtggc tctgggcatc caagccggga cttctttatg tgccccagac aggcaagcaa      5220
     gcaccctggc cgccaggctc cggcccatcc cctttgtctc cttaggacct gaggcacttt      5280
     atcagacagg gtgctgctct ccagcattgg cttggtggag tcacagcaat gccctatgcg      5340
     tggggctcct gaatggagag ccaacagtct gagccactgg acaggactta gcttcagagc      5400
     cttgctaact cagacctgtt ctcagctaag ctacgattct cagttactcc tgcctcagcc      5460
     tttgaccaac tagaagcaca gcccgtggcc ctgtgtccag ccttggctat taaggcagtg      5520
     gtgagctagt gagctattca aaaaatttaa agaaaaacaa attggtggtg accgttttca      5580
     gacctggtct cctcagccag ctggctgcct gctaagttct caaacctgtt tccggggcag      5640
     ggttcaaact caaggggtgt tagggaacgt ctgaaaaaac acttgacatt gctctttacc      5700
     aaaaacgtgc cagtggattg ctttgaaaat atagccaacg ctacctattt ttgtgagcaa      5760
     aatttgaaca ttcctaggga agtcaaggcc ttactgagtc atcactatac cctgagaggt      5820
     gcaggggtca gcaggttgtt gggaggcaga tttggggagg ttcccttccc tctgtaaatt      5880
     caccatgaag caaaacctag ggtttcctgc taagccccag acacctcttg tcccttgctt      5940
     acaaagactg gggctttctt ttccctgccc tctgctgctg agttctggcc ctctgctgct      6000
     gccttgactc tcaaagctga tcaggacaga ggggagcttt tgctaattgg ccgagtcagg      6060
     gaagatggcc gctttacccg agccccaggc tgttggtatt gctgccacca cagaagagac      6120
     tctgcaggca gcctccctcc atcccacctc caaaggtgtg accagagcct gccctcagct      6180
     ccactaaagt tagtttggcg ctggacaaca gagatgatct aaatacccag ttatgagacg      6240
     attcctccag acgaccgacc tgaccgatcg accaacagac accgaaggac cgttgaaggc      6300
     ccacaggagc ctggaaaagg aaggtgttgc tgaggtgggg ccgtctgcat catctgggca      6360
     tcggagagaa gccagttggc agcaaaccga acgttgcttt ggaaatgagt cttcacgcac      6420
     ttttgaatct ttgtctcttt ggctgacagt caggaaaagt cgcttgattt ccctgcttct      6480
     tgcctagaat cagagtagga tggcctaccc tatccatggg cattttgagt tcaatttgaa      6540
     actcatgcgc atgccctctg ctggccgttg gcgcgcaatg acattagcgt tgtactcgtg      6600
     caggattggt tgtcagcccc cttggtaggt ggtttgctat tgctcttatg aacctccatg      6660
     atcaaagcaa cttggggagg aacggtttat agttgactta agcttccacg tcaaaggaag      6720
     taagtttagg atctcaaaca gagcaggaac ctggaaccgg gagctgattg gtttctactt      6780
     atggcccagt tgtacttgct atgctctgtg tatgcctggg actaagccaa aggtggagaa      6840
     gacagtctct ttgcttttaa ctcgttcaaa agtacctttt ctccatcatg tgtgttggac      6900
     aagacctgtt ccagtttctc ataggacaca aggcatcaaa atgcattcca tcaggattct      6960
     gccttctact gggagagatt caatcagttg gatatgaagt acttgtgacc ttctgcatat      7020
     ataatctttt attctttaac acaaacagga tgattaagat agaacatttg gtttgcttct      7080
     ttttaggaat cattgctcag agatttaaag aaatcactta tccctgtctg aaggcaaagg      7140
     aagaaaggca ccatctgcca gagaggacca gacatgagtc tgaagtgtgc tttcttctca      7200
     tttgacacga tcttcagaaa aatcacagag gacattctaa acatctgcta tcctgattgc      7260
     agcttgtctg gcttgaaaag tcatcttgag gtactgtaag acagcccagg ggacaggcac      7320
     ctactgttct tgctgagaac caaaattatg tccccagcat acatagcaag ttccatgctt      7380
     aactgcagtt ccacaggatg tagtgttctc ttctggcctc cacgagtgcc tgcagccaga      7440
     tagtgcacag taacacatgc aggcacacat ctatattgat ttgaaaaagc caccttgact      7500
     actgtgggcc agaaaggaaa tatgggtaca aaatccctgg ttctggtttt gttttggttt      7560
     ggtttggttt ttttgagact gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcaatt      7620
     tgtagatcag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa ttcgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagttctggg      7680
     attaaaggtg tgtgccacca cgcccagccc tggttctgtt ttaacactat ctcttttaaa      7740
     agttacttgt ttgtatttta ttttatgtct attgagtgtt cagtatgtat gtatgtatgt      7800
     atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtacgtac gtacgtacgt atgtatgaag tatgcatggg      7860
     caccaggtac atgcagtacc tgaggagtcc tgaagagggc atcagttccc ctgacttgga      7920
     gttaacagtt gggagcacag gtgtgggtat tagaaagcca cccgggagca gtaagcaatc      7980
     ttaactgctt agtcatctct ggaaccctca acacgatctc ttatacatta tgagaacata      8040
     tgcatatcta tttatttaaa tatataatgt aaatcaaaac taatagttac tttcttgatc      8100
     ttatttgaat ttggcattta cataaaatct ttttgttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtattttg      8160
     ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttgag acagagtttc tctgtatagc cctgactgtc      8220
     ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc ttgaactcag aaattcgcct gcctctgcct      8280
     cccaagttct gggattaaag gcctgtgcca ccacacctag ctatgtaaaa tcttttcaag      8340
     tggtatttgt ttagacaggt tgctgttgaa aacataaata gcaaccagta gcttcattat      8400
     aacacaattc tatttttttc atgctttgct aggttagtac aggcattctc accagatctc      8460
     ttgcctgtgt ggctgtcctt tggatagctt cagggcaatg gacccctgat attttgagac      8520
     tatgccatca ttaacatata tttgatatgt gacatcaggg acaattctga tgcttttgaa      8580
     gggatgagac tataagagaa cagatgggga cacatgtagg ggacagtcat gttcaaataa      8640
     cccgttattt ccagacacat cgactgggtc ggcatgcacc acttagatac catcaacgca      8700
     aaagccccca ggagagtgag gcattggaag accagataac ttagacataa ttatatagta      8760
     aaacataata aagggggagg ggactcagcc atttggttac atatattttg tgcatgttct      8820
     ctttccttga cttctgatca ctcctcccca aaatactatg aactgagagg tcgaagcctg      8880
     ggaaacctaa gtgactccaa cagaccaatc aggaggaagc cctcatatta atactccacc      8940
     tgccgaccct gggctcaaac ggccagcaga gggagcgcgt ggcctccaga ttaacggttc      9000
     cttcctatcc agtttcataa accaaatgat ccaggagggt cttttaccta gaagcccaat      9060
     gtctagcgat agtggcaaaa cccaaatttg atctgctgag ggtgtgagat tcggtggcca      9120
     tccctcaacg tcgggagtga gtgaaaagtt atgggatgct ctattcaaaa ccaacgttcg      9180
     gtttgctgcc aactgacttc tctccgatgc ccagatgatg cagacggccc cacctcagca      9240
     acaccttcct tttccaggct cctgtgggcc ttcaacggtc cttcggtgtc tgttggtcga      9300
     tcggtcgggt cggttgtctg gaggaatcgt ctcataactg ggtatttatg gaaaacttta      9360
     gtggagctga gggcaggctc tggtcacacc tttggaggtg ggatggaggg aggctgcctg      9420
     cagagtctct tctgtggtgg cagcaatacc aacagcctgg ggctcgggta aagcggccat      9480
     cttccctgac tcggccaatt agcaaaagct cccctctgtc ctgatcagct ttgagagtca      9540
     aggcagcagc agagggccgg aagacagcag cagagggcag ggaaaagaaa gccccagtct      9600
     ttgtaagcaa gggacaagag gtgtctgggg cttagcagga aaccctaggt tttgcttcat      9660
     ggtgaattta cagagggaag ggaacctccc caaatctgcc tcccaacaac ctgctgaccc      9720
     ctgcacctct cagggtatag tgatgactca gtaaggcctt gacttcccta ggaatgttca      9780
     aattttgctc acaaaaatag gtagcgttgg ctatattttc aaagcaatcc actggcacgt      9840
     ttttggtaaa gagcaatgtc aagagttttt tcagacgttc cctaacaccc cttgagtttg      9900
     aaccctgccc cggaaacagg tttgagaact tagcaggcag ccagctggct gaggagacca      9960
     ggtctgaaaa cggtcaccac caatttgttt ttctttaaat tttttgaata gctcactagc     10020
     tcaccactgc cttaatagcc aaggctggac acagggccac gggctgtgct tctagttggt     10080
     caaaggctga ggcaggagta actgagaatc gtagcttagc tgagaacagg tctgagttag     10140
     caaggctctg aagctaagtc ctgtccagtg gctcagactg ttggctctcc attcaggagc     10200
     cccacgcata gggcattgct gtgactccac caagccaatg ctggagagca gcaccctgtc     10260
     tgataaagtg cctcaggtcc taaggagaca aaggggatgg gccggagcct ggcggccagg     10320
     gtgcttgctt gcctgtctgg ggcacataaa gaagtcccgg cttggatgcc cagagccact     10380
     ttaaagcaga tgtggaaggc cacaactgta atcttagcat caggaggaga tggaggtgtg     10440
     aggatctggg ggaggaggtt caggcatgtc atccttgctg atctggggct tacaaggcca     10500
     gcctgggctg aatgagaccc tgcctaaaga caaaaataaa accaaagcag acaagcatga     10560
     ggaaggcttt tttttttttt tctttctcaa aagagacccc tttcccaggg aaacaactgt     10620
     gactgctgtg gaaattctga tcttcaatac aagacaccct gctggggagc caggttgcat     10680
     ggagcaattg gtggggagcc aggttcccta aagcaatggc agaggatggg ctctggcagg     10740
     gagtgggaga gggaagtggg gaggcagtgc agagacaggg catacacatg tgtgctgggg     10800
     actcagaccc tcagtgagtc tcccagagag actcccagag agacctgacc ctcagagaag     10860
     gcaatgaggc agagagatta aataacccag taagagagcc atgcaagaat gcatacagta     10920
     acctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtttatggtc tgtctaccca     10980
     gggcctgcct gtgttttgtg agctctgtcc acagagttct gccaagcagg agaagggtcc     11040
     aggggtcacg gaaaccctta aggaaagccg tttgcacaga agatgagcat tttctgtgag     11100
     tcatgagtac tggaggtgag gaagatgtga gccacacacc acaaggaagg tgccctgggc     11160
     caggcaccat ctttgtgcca gaagagaaga gacacaccca ccagagccaa gacagagcca     11220
     ctacactctg tccttgaagg gacagccaga tgactgctcc ctaaaaccac acccactctg     11280
     tgcctccttg actcgtgctg ctttctttat cttactgaag tgtgcccagt gaaggcaggc     11340
     tgatgctttg ggtcggcagg aatgggacac tccagctacc gtggatctcc taccgaaggt     11400
     gcttccctcg gtctgagcgt ggcctcagtg ggaaggcctc accaccacag aaagtgccat     11460
     actgaaggca tgccggatcc ttggcaccca gtgtgtttct ggacctgtgc ccttcagccc     11520
     aggaccctgt gctcactggc tacttgttca catgacactg gaaacctgtg ccctttgtag     11580
     atgccctctc tgttggtgtg agatggtggg gacatgggtc ccactcatgg tctggtaatg     11640
     tgttcctacc cgggaaggga gagtccacag cagtgtctgg tagggtacct gcataccacg     11700
     tgtgactgtg ttgaggttcc ttgctcatgg ctatgatgtc attactcctc ctcctccccc     11760
     ttctccttct cttcctcccc cttctccttc tcttcatccc cctccccctc cccctcctcc     11820
     tcctcctcct cctcctcctc cctctcctct tcctcctctc cctccctctc ctcttcctct     11880
     tcctcgtcgt cctcctggtt tggagttaac atccttgctg tcttcccaag actacttagc     11940
     cctcctgttg gaaaggcaag aaaagcaaag gctccctgaa ggtcctctct ctcgttctcg     12000
     gcagcacctg attggctgac ttcacctgaa agccactgct ctggttctct caccctcctg     12060
     aggagtggcc ctgtattctc ttgggtctgg agagggtgtg cttcctgttg aacgaccatg     12120
     gagcccactc tgtggccatg gagcctgctg aggagtcaga gccaggcctt tccaccaaac     12180
     accacagagc cagaatcctc ctctctcctg tcctggtgga caccaggcac agggagaggc     12240
     gaggcctgga ggatgtgtgg agctggttgt gccctaggca ggatgcccaa agcccagtag     12300
     accctgggga tcagggcctg cctgccacca atggcccctt tgccatagtg agtgctactg     12360
     aagcttaggt tgtaaatgtc acctcatgct caaatgctcc tcccatccca ggaggtaagg     12420
     agctgtgtct ctttccccac ctggaaggta ttgggaagtt cctaagagag cagccctcac     12480
     ccgtggctcc tgtgcctggc tcacctggga cctaacgttc tgaggaaata ggtgtattct     12540
     gctctgtcta ggtcgtagtc tctggtcttt ggttcattgt cctgtgatac aatttctaag     12600
     ggctgtttag taattctttt gttcttctgg gagatagcaa gaaacgggga gcagtgttaa     12660
     taaccgggcc tctgagcagg tgcagtgaag gagcccagaa atgggtatgt gtggaatgcc     12720
     aggaagcctc cctccccatc caggtcaggg ggcagtggtc gggccaggcc cctggaaagc     12780
     tgtggtgcag gccttgcagg ctgggacctg cagcaggtcc tcctgctgac tgaggactgc     12840
     agccagctca tggatgttag atgggcgggg gaactggact gcctcacatc ctttgtaggt     12900
     tttccaatgc ctcgccctgt gatgtgtcat gctgctgccg cacaacctgg cttcagaggt     12960
     accagggagc aggatgatgc tgggatggta aaggagagca tctctgcagg caaacaggga     13020
     ctccactgct gaccccagcc tctgactccc ttcaccttgc tgccagggct atgtctgagt     13080
     gcccacactt tggacagccc ctggaatatc tggctgggct cattttgcct ctgcttagcc     13140
     cccctcccac acacacacat ccactcccca catcagtgtg aagagcctga cacacttctg     13200
     tctctctagt ttctaatcca ctgcccttcc tggtttcctt tgatggaggc ataggtaaac     13260
     ctgggctgta tacccagttg ctgagtgctc acttaggcaa ggagattctt aaactcagac     13320
     aggaggacct ggtggcaagg atggtggtgc cttcacatat tgcctttgtc ccgattgtct     13380
     tggcatcttg gcatttatga ccttgttatg accttcatct tgctggtaac agcactggtc     13440
     cttgtagact ccttgacttt cagattgtga cttcttcccc ttcctgacag gatctgtggt     13500
     gggcgtggta caggggtggg ctggagatgg ggcagcagac atacctaccc cttcctgtgt     13560
     gctcagggga acttggcttt gtggtccctg cctgggcctt gcatctatcc ttgtgcagct     13620
     gtgttccttg cattggccgc agcaaagccc tgtcttggtt gtcagaaact gtgatgtgct     13680
     gtgtgatgtg actggctggc actcttgagt cacattggtc ctccatagac agagctctgt     13740
     tccagggtca ccgtgcactg tggcctagac ctccttgccc ttcctcactg tcaggagtga     13800
     agctgatgaa gtacagatca caatgggttc actcccagga tcctctgccc tcccttggct     13860
     ggcagcctcc ttccctcttg gtctctatga agtctcctgt ggtcctctct ggggttgctg     13920
     attgattctt ctcttttttt cactcttctc ccatgtggag ggacttggag aatctctgag     13980
     caccatggag ccagcagccc ctcacatagc cagttgtccc ctggcctcct tgttccctgg     14040
     gataggcagg cattcctgcc ctgctggatc ctgaaagtgg gtgtttgcca ggtgaggatg     14100
     tgcgtcctga taactgcttc aacagaaaag atgagtccct gataaataag cagtcattga     14160
     ttgaaaatag ctctggactt gggaagtcca aggccaaagt cctgacagat ggatcacctg     14220
     gtgcgagccc agagctcctg aacagcacct tagagctgag ttccataggc agaggttaac     14280
     agagccaccc ctgaccacgt tcttcaggac actagtcaca ttcatgaagg ggtttctgtg     14340
     agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgcgtgcgtg     14400
     tgtgttcacg ctcgcgcact cgcaagggcg tgcgtgcatg agtgagtatc ttttggctca     14460
     tctacacaac cttgttcctt ttctcacagt ggaaattagg ttgtaacata tgaattttga     14520
     gggacaccaa ctgaaactca aaatgaaagg gttccaggtt gtgtctgtgg cctctgaaca     14580
     gaggggcaaa ggccaggggt gggaaggggg atggtccctg attagtggga tcctggctta     14640
     tgtggaatgg gtgaccagga cctcgggcac tggacagggt gctgtggagc aggcctgaca     14700
     gcactgaaag ccatttcccc tgtcttagtg gatgatagtg cagggtgggg tagggcagac     14760
     tccctttctg cctcagcagg acacagcttc agctctgtca gcctctcaga tcttagctct     14820
     gtctgtaact gttcctccat tcactttcca aagaagttct gcagctccct ctagatagga     14880
     gcttatcaga gtcactctcc taccttcctg gtccatgggg cacaggccca gaggtcctga     14940
     tgttcccttc accctcccag gtggctgtcc ttgtccttcc taccggttct tgcctttgcc     15000
     aggcttcttc aggagctgga ggtgcttagg ggcagacagg gaggggacag tgacattggc     15060
     aactctttag gcaatgtttg caatgtgcct cctggggcct ctccaggtag ctcttcactg     15120
     gaggtcaggc cattcctcag ggctgagtca ggagcgtagc tttcaccacc agcattgcct     15180
     cccgaggcct gtgcacatgt gagcctggtc tctgtggtgc ccagtttgct tctgtctttg     15240
     tctacttcac cctatctctt tctctgagga cattttcttg gtttctctga gttccaacat     15300
     tccttcagac agtctgtgga ggaaagaaga ggaaagactg tgtcccttct ccgttgagtt     15360
     ttgccttggc ttcccttggt gtctggttct tgtcaacctg cttggccaac tggaagttac     15420
     caacttctgt cccatgtcag accatagagg cctactgctc accatagaaa agagaaagtg     15480
     ctagagacat ggcttggaga ttaacttttt ccattctcca caggaccaga tctcagatcc     15540
     tcacacccct gtcacatgcc cagctttcct gccaactcct gcaaacccat ctgtggaggg     15600
     atggagacag gaggttatct gggacttgcc tgctgttagc tttgtggaat tgtgaaacca     15660
     gagctcagga agaaaccctg ccctaaggga ctctgcagaa ggacagagga gggtattttt     15720
     ttaccttcct taggatctgc gagcgaccag gtcagcccag ggtatacaca agaagtctag     15780
     taaaggaagt gagaaaagcc aatggctcag taaccccacg ggagcaatcc ttcccctcca     15840
     ccctcatatg tctctttttg ttcttgagtg agcaagaaaa gcatcaagtt cttctccctg     15900
     gagcttcagt catttgtgag aactcctaag tccacaaatc tgggcctgtg atctgaaagt     15960
     caccctgtgc ccatttgccc aactggacct ccacctcctt atatcagtgt tgagatggga     16020
     agtttcccgc acacagacct gtactctcca ggatcctcac agctaaatat ttctgtgctc     16080
     cctccctgta agctaaatat tcactgatcc tcctttttcc taggatagtc ctccctggag     16140
     ttcacctgat ctcacaggtg ccttagtatt tatccagagt ttcttttgtg ttcctaaagt     16200
     gctagtttaa aatacatgtt tgcaaaactg aacacactat catacattca caatatgtta     16260
     gaactggcag aaagtagtct caaaccttag gcaatggggt tgtcatgttc atgtcatgac     16320
     ctggtcctac agaaatttag aagcctctag agcctcctgt agtcattggg actgctttct     16380
     gtggtatacc tgtgtcctga ggctcccacc aagcctgtgg gcgtgttatc ttttcagtct     16440
     gattgtctgc tcctgtggtg tgtttgagtg tggaggtgct gagcatacct tccaatctct     16500
     acacagcatc atgtgcagcc tcttcctgtg ctgttttcac tctgccttct aactcttggc     16560
     tccgcatgtt ttcctgatag ggctcactgg acttttgaca gagtgcctag catccaaagg     16620
     tagagtcagg ggtcttgtct tgttatcctt ttgacagagg agaggaagaa gggccagcct     16680
     atctgggttc atgcagtgta gtctctttcc ttcattgggc tcaggggacc ttttgactgt     16740
     gtgcaagggc tgggctaaac agtagaagct tgtgggtccc aactctcagt tgcatattga     16800
     aatgttctgg aacctcggtc ttttaaattt taaatttcag attcatgtgt ccacatatct     16860
     gcaatgtgtt ttctaatttg tcatacatgt atgtctccca gttgcaaaat taatgtgtat     16920
     taaaaattat aatcctagct gacttttggg aagtacactt ttgttcctgg tagggagcag     16980
     gctgtgtagc aggaaaagtg ctgtgagatt ggtacagtgt aggcttatgt gtgagtctct     17040
     ttaaagtgtg agtttttttt ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct     17100
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc     17160
     tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagccacca ctgcccggcc tttttttttt     17220
     tttttttttt tttttaaaac caaagctaaa aggtacatat tgtatgttcc atgagaatga     17280
     ttattctaga aggaattctc acaggtatct tttcaaatgt ttaaaatatt tgtaatcttt     17340
     taaatattta aaattatatc tgtcatcaag gaaaattaac gattttcact gtccaacatg     17400
     atgattaaaa gtatgagatg aagatagata tgatgttatc aacaggaaat gctgaatgtt     17460
     ttgtaagtgt ttgctaagtc tcatttttgc tcccagtgct ggccaagaag agtaaataat     17520
     gtgattagag gctggagaga tggcatgaat catagcttaa gaacaggttg tcttggggag     17580
     gtgctacgtt ctgtttctag tgcccgcatt gtgcttgaca atcattgaag tctagttcta     17640
     agggaactga ccatttttac ctatatacat gtaggtaaaa cactcataca caaaaatatg     17700
     tatttttaaa acagttttaa aatattttat gaatatgagt attccatttg cataccagaa     17760
     gggagcatca gatcacatta tagatgattg tgagccatca tgtgattgct gggaattgaa     17820
     ttcgggacct ctggaagaac agccagtgct cttaatcact gatctatctc tctggcccct     17880
     aatatgcaca tttaaagaaa tacaattatt tatgcaagaa agaaccttag tgttatataa     17940
     aaagacagtc tcagagattc attttaaata aggaaacttt aatatcaaat tttttttttt     18000
     ggtttttcga tacagggttt ttctgtatag ccctagctat ctgggagctc actctgtaga     18060
     ccaggctggc ctagaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa     18120
     ggcatgcacc accactgcct ggccaatttc ttttttaagt ctttttaatg tgtatgtgca     18180
     ttgggtgtgt gtgctggtat ctgtcacaga atggggtgtc agataaagat ttaaaggtgg     18240
     gtgtaagtca cctaatgcag gtgttgggaa ccaaactgaa gtcttctaca ggagtagtaa     18300
     gtgttcataa ctgcagagcc ctgtctccag ctcactcctc catgcccaaa ctttcttagt     18360
     gtctctggca gtagagcact caaccacaca ctcaggcaaa accaagattc aggactgtga     18420
     tggagaaatg tatttcataa agagtcaaag gtgaaacaag gctgcattta tttcaaatgc     18480
     aaaaagtgct tcagtaaata gagtaaagcc aaccacttag ggcagaacca caggtgtctt     18540
     ttaacaaagg gtaactaaga gattttgatg gctcttgtta cattgttcga gttgcaaaac     18600
     aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aacaaaaccc acttcttctt tccaactgtt taaagtatat     18660
     acaatatgta acaaaacttt cagaactttt cttagttaat aaaacgatga aggtcattat     18720
     caaggtctag gagcagagtg ctggggatat aagtttgtac atcattttaa ccttaagtaa     18780
     gcacagggta gtgttgcaga tagtcctggg gctaattata tttgatgtta aatctgttct     18840
     cctatgaggg gttgcgaaca aggaatgagt cagcattcag gtgatttcct gtaaacatcc     18900
     ttcccacctt aatttgtaaa ataaaggaga gctgatgatt gggcagataa aaaggaaggt     18960
     ggaacagaag gggtgagggg ggggagagag agacagagag agagagacag agagagagaa     19020
     gaaggaggag gagaagaaga agaaggagga ggaggaggag gagaaaatgg aagagggaga     19080
     ggatgaagat gaggaggaaa agaaaagtag agcagaagca catggcctgg agaaactgca     19140
     agttctaagg ggtctcataa gctgtggaag atggtagtag agtgatagat ctgcatacaa     19200
     catgtaatca taagcactgt gtcatggttt cattgccgag gcatatttgg gtggagattt     19260
     actgcaaggt attttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttggtgtgaa gaaacaccct     19320
     gaccaaggca actcttaaaa aggacaacat ttaattgggt ctgactttta gtttcagagg     19380
     ttcagtccat tatcgtcatt gtgggaagca ctgcagcgac caggcataca tagttctaga     19440
     ggaggagatg agagttctac ttcttgatct gcaggcaagg agaggactgt ctcaatacta     19500
     ggtgtggctt gagcatatat gagatgtcaa agcccacctc taccttcaca gtaacatact     19560
     tcctccaaca aggctaagcc acacctccta acagtgccac tccctatggg ccaagcattt     19620
     aaacttcagt ctatggggac cattcctatt caaaccactg tactatcctt gatatcagtg     19680
     attgaggtat tgctgggaat ttcatctgac accaagtgag taatttatta tagtcttcag     19740
     tgagataccc ctcagataat acgtttccat gaatcatttg gtccttaaca aatatatctg     19800
     gtgtctgaag tctcctgcct actgagcagt aaaaacagat caggttgaaa gggcagagtt     19860
     ccctccctct cacagccctt tccaagcctt gtcgttacaa ttcctcatct ttcttgaacc     19920
     actccctatc ctggtagaac tgaaaagcta attctttgga ctcaccatgg atttccgtct     19980
     tttgtgttcc agtgggacct ggaaagaagg gaatattttt gacaggtgat gcttgccaag     20040
     ggttattatt ttgttctccc tcttcatagt tgcaccgatg agttattttt ccactggaag     20100
     ccattgtatg tagtttattt aagacaaaag gcaaagtgat gctttcatac cacttttaag     20160
     ataagatatg aaagacaata aagaaaaata gtccatttat tttctggtgg agcatcacac     20220
     cttttctggt gggtgcttca cacacactgc tgagtggagt cagtactgct accatggcaa     20280
     ctggtagagc acaccattgc ttagacctgt ggtgtcagag tgaatgatgt cagattgatc     20340
     atcatggtga atacttgggt aacagagaaa gtcaagtttg gggccatgga gggtgcactg     20400
     ggcagtggtt gtttgtgatc cagactgcca ttgaaagacc cacaacgtga agactccccc     20460
     atgttctgac tcaggagagg caacacccca aatcactcag gagaaacaat cttgatgcaa     20520
     attgcaagag gacttttatc ccaaaagcgc tctcaggccc acagtcttac accacgcagg     20580
     ggtagaggat tgtggtgccc tgagtagctg ggagatgggg tatttaaagg aaaaaaccac     20640
     aactcaaggg ggtgggaagg gtgttgttgg aaaataccaa aaataccagt taagagtcag     20700
     gagaaagtgg aaatataata cctggtaaca gtgtgggtta tttctcaaga cagtttctat     20760
     gagcccctat caatagcaca tttgcatagc gagttccagc aacggtcagg gtgggtcagg     20820
     gtgactttct ttgaaggaac actccctcaa cccaggaagc aaggggctgg aggaatgttg     20880
     ctatctatga ttagcatgcc ttggagcatt gagtcacaaa ggtcacattc tcaagcttgg     20940
     gcccaaaggc gtagaatttt tgtttttatg ctatactttt tcaccatcct atcctgtcat     21000
     ccctgagaca tacagggttc ctccaaatgc agaggctgca tttgcaggtg gccatggtac     21060
     aatttcacaa gggtagaaca agcccaggcc ctcatcattc actcaaagtt ttcatgcgtg     21120
     atatcttgag ccttcagtgg tgcatccttg aagggcaagc ttgaggtgat ttgcgatatg     21180
     tgtgtggttc aggaatcacc acacaaacca tacgaacatc gatctcagtt aagcaaggca     21240
     gttactgggt gcacacccca agcctgacat tcagcaccac aaaaaaggac tcgggatcct     21300
     aattgtacat gtctgtccag aaagcaggct ttttatagga aaagaacaga ttcaaaagtt     21360
     taaaagacaa ggaaaggatt agggtaacat tttggctgaa taggcaatgt attatcatct     21420
     aaccctttag ctgattggtc ctgaatgagg taagagggga ggtgtccagg tgaaaagtgt     21480
     aatataaaaa cataaaaact aggcctttag gcccaggctt gagaatgtga cctttgtgac     21540
     tcaatgctcc aaggcatgct aatcataaaa cagcgacatt cctccaccca cctgtttcct     21600
     gggttcaagg agtgttcgtt caaagaaagt caccctgacc caccctgacc gtctctatgc     21660
     aaatgggctg ttattagagg ctcctagaaa actgtcttga ctttccactt ccactcttaa     21720
     ctggtatttt tggtattttc caacaacacc ctccccaccc ccttgagttg tggtttcttc     21780
     ctttaaatac ccccttaccc agctactcgg cgttccatgg tcctctaccc ctgcgtggtg     21840
     tatgactgtg ggcccgagag cactcttgaa ataaaagtcc taggtaaagg tgaatattct     21900
     gagataagaa tacagatcct gtttgatgat gccaccttag agcaattcca ttaaatagct     21960
     ttaagtggtt gggacaaagt tggtctgaat catttgccaa gatatcccag gtctgaaatt     22020
     gatttgtttt gtcctttttt ttttttctta caaaaagtaa ctccagttct aaacagagca     22080
     ataacagatc cagatgcaag agtgatatta agtatgtcta ggttttgaga gtactaatgc     22140
     tgaattcaac aagactattg aacctttaaa ggccagatcc acacctattt attaactgat     22200
     taaatctata gctgttattg gatcctatgc ttttactagt gctataattt gacaggtaat     22260
     tgcgataagt atgatagttc caattatctg gtggtttttg ttgtagaaga ccatgtaatt     22320
     ttctaaagaa ttgtagaaaa acagttccta agaatatttt ttttccacta atgataatcc     22380
     agggaaaaat cttcctggga tttgtaaaag atgtagaaag tgcagccaca gggcttatgt     22440
     atgatcttta tctagaaata tatgagggac cttgcttggg ctccatggac cagaggtccc     22500
     tgtctgccca ggaaagacta ttctagagaa cagttagaaa acttagtgtc tggtataaca     22560
     tatagtattg ttgtaagctt aactaccctg atggagaaaa ccaggaaaca agttgtctta     22620
     gggttttact gctgtgaaga gactccatga ccaaggcaag tcttatagag gtcaaaactt     22680
     aattggggat ggcttacggg ttcagaggtt cagtcaatta tcttcaagat gggagcatgg     22740
     catcatctag gccaggcatg gtgcgggcag agcttagagt tctacatctt catctgaaag     22800
     ctgctagtgg aagactgcct tccaggcagc tagaatgagg gtcttaaagc ccacacccac     22860
     agtaacacat gtactccaat agggccacac cttctaatag tgccgctcca tgggccaagt     22920
     atatataaac tatcacataa gcattttggc aaactgctat gaatgatcag agactaaagt     22980
     tgaaattaca gttagatgga attaagatct aaggcctagt ggatcctggg gcagatgtaa     23040
     ataattacac aaaattcttg caatccaact tggacacttc aaagggtatc tacccaactc     23100
     ctatggattg agacattgtc tcaggtaaaa caaagtttaa aatggattaa atatatagga     23160
     ccagaaggtc agatagaaag attaaggcca tatgtgacag acatagccat gaatttatgg     23220
     ggaagagatc tattacaaca gcagaaaaca caaattaaca tttctgcaac ttcagacaca     23280
     agccataaaa tagatgctcc tgattatgat attgaaaaat gttatcaaaa acagttacag     23340
     actgtcaagg ctgttcatag acgtacagga catagcagat gcttgctctc caaatttata     23400
     tggatgggga agggacactg ctaataaagt gtcaactgcc ctaccattaa agtggttaac     23460
     taacaagcct gctcaggaag aggaatggcc ctgaagtaaa gagaagttac aggccctaga     23520
     acagctggtc caagaacatc tggaggctca acataaagat tttgccagtc cttggaactc     23580
     tttatttgtt gttaagaaga aatctggaaa atggaggaca ctaactgatc taagagctac     23640
     cagtaaagta attcagccta tggattcctt agaacctgga atccctttaa cttctctgtt     23700
     acctaagaca tggcctagta tagtaattga tttaaaagac tatttctttt caatacccct     23760
     gtgggagaag gataaaggaa aatatgcttt cactatgccc acatttaacc gtagacagcc     23820
     cacacaaagg tatcagtgga aggttttgcc acaagcaatg ataaacagcc ccacctcgtg     23880
     tcaatattct gtacaactgc cattaggaat aattgataaa gtttcctcaa tctataattt     23940
     attgctttat agatgatatc ttgctggctg attctgatat agataccttg ggggaaatgt     24000
     ttgtagaaat aaaaagaatt tttgccttgt tgagtattac aaattgctct tgaaaaatac     24060
     aaagaggaga ttctatcaat tatctaggat ataaggtaga gctacagaaa attaaaccac     24120
     agaaagtaca gatcagaagg gatcagttat aaactcttaa tgactttcac caattactgg     24180
     gacattaact gactatttcc caaaattgta ttaactaaga attaaataat ttatttcaaa     24240
     ccaaattttg attcagacta aaatactcag ctgagactga gagagaattg gttctggtag     24300
     agaagggatt acaagatgca catacaaatt gcttggaccc catgctcaat agtagttatt     24360
     ttgtcttctg ctcattctct catgggaatt cttatgcaaa gaacatacct tggaatgtat     24420
     acttttcccc ataacagaat aaaaaattta aaaatacatt aaattttttt ctgatttgat     24480
     tatgatagca ggaataagac tttgtcagtt agcaggaaca gacccaacag agattataat     24540
     gccttatacg aatgctgaaa ttatgggtaa tcagtgagga ctggcaaaga gcttgaaata     24600
     atttggggga gaaattaaca acaaatattc ccaaagcaag agacttcagt ttataaaacg     24660
     acctgattgg attcttcctc atatagtaag aggaacacta atttctaaat ctcctacctt     24720
     tcataaagat gtcaataaac tagtaatgac atctcataag tcagaatata taaataaagc     24780
     aattcaaagc ctctatgctc cagttcaaaa atcataatta tatgctattc tcatggttct     24840
     tgtgggtttc cctgatgctg tttgtatttt gatgttaatt cagcttcctc aagaggggct     24900
     actctgacaa ggggtagatc acatactcgg gtgatctcac tgaaccctct ctccattctg     24960
     actggccaaa taaaggctag agctgatgat tgggcaggga gaaagaaaag gtaggatggg     25020
     aggtctaggg ggtaagggga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     25080
     gagagagaga gaatgagtga gagagagagg tggaaggaag atgaagcagg atcacatggc     25140
     ccagggaagc tgcaagtatg gggtctcata actggggaat aaattagtat agtgatagat     25200
     ctgccaaatc taggcatata gcttataaat ataataactg aattgtgtgg tttttatatg     25260
     ggcttattgg ggtaagaaat taccacaaca gttttactag attttccaga atctcataat     25320
     ataagagtga gtgactctta ataatgtttt acatatagga ttgctttaca tgtagaaact     25380
     gctgaactta ttccagatga ttcagaatta actttgttgt ttatacaact acaacaggta     25440
     atttgaaact gattatccac tatataacct atatttagtc tcatatgggt ttgccaggaa     25500
     agaccattga tactaggaaa taaagaggta gatcaattat taataggaaa tatattaaaa     25560
     gcttcacatt ttcataaaag atattataaa aataatagat gcttaaagaa acaaatttta     25620
     taatgtggtg acaagccaaa gaaattatta aaaattatcc taactcttcc ttgtaaaatc     25680
     aagctctgtt acctgctaga agtaaaacta aaggtatcca aagaaatgaa atttagtagg     25740
     cagatgtgtt tcaatttgca gagtttggaa aattaacata tgtacagaat ataattgatt     25800
     ttggatccta ttcgggattt caatgggctt ctgccttgag ttccgaaaag gctgattttg     25860
     taatcacata tttataaaaa taatggctat cctgggaata tctttataaa ttaaaattga     25920
     taacactcca tcataggtat ccattaaaat gaaacaattt tttttaaaca tgttaacagg     25980
     aaatacatta caggtgtgcc ttacaatcct acgggtaaag caactgtgga aaggtctaat     26040
     tgcactttaa aggagatgct cataagacca aaggggatac gagatcttcc agagaaagat     26100
     tacataattc tttaccatta aatttttaaa attgttttta aggttctctc attgttgtct     26160
     cagctgttga aaaatactgg attttataaa ggattgctga tttaaatcat ctgatattaa     26220
     ggatagttaa gggtgtgtta acctcacaat gaagtcagga aatgtgctgc attagggaag     26280
     aagctatgcc tttatttcca cgggagacaa aaagctgtgg attccttcca agttaataag     26340
     gattctattt gacctgggag acctgtatac aggtacaagt ctcaaaacat cgatccctga     26400
     ccctctgact ctcagagggg taagtcaagg aaccatgatg tttctgcagt agcctatgaa     26460
     ccttttgtga ccacttggtc cttgtgacct actactacct gccatccttt cagatggcat     26520
     ggatggggtt tatagcactc cattacagtt tagtgatgcg gttcaacctg acttacagag     26580
     atgcctttca cctggtcagg catagaacag agaattatca ttaactgatt tgtacacacc     26640
     acacatttca tacatgtgct aatacaaaca tgtccctaca atgttacttt taatagtttg     26700
     tgtgttttca gacaccaatg taaaaatatg aattttctat gccagccctt gctctgaata     26760
     atgactttgt atttataaaa gcttcaggca tgatagctgg acagattctg aactattcta     26820
     acctgacaat gctggcctgg cctattcctt catttgtgtg ctgactcatt ctctctctct     26880
     ctctcccccc ctctctcctt ccctccctct ctccctcccc cccccccccc ccagctctga     26940
     agtcccactt tttgctctct tgcctggcta taggctcatc agctctttat ttaaccaatc     27000
     aggaggtaat ggaaaactgt tttacaaaat actgagtcct aagtccagac tgcaactaga     27060
     tctctgggca cagaaatcag cacttgaaca aaccaatgaa gtcaaagcag ctggctgcag     27120
     gtggtctagc ctctcagact gcctcagtaa ggcatgctct ttcctggaca gcaaacgaaa     27180
     caaccaactc tcccaggact tggccaacat cccaattttc atccaaagat gccattgcca     27240
     tcagacagca agaaacacaa tgccctcatt cccaagaggt ggggtaggta gttattggta     27300
     tttcggtgga tttagggtgc tgcctacagg ttgctattgg tagtggtcag ggaagaaaca     27360
     aagcaaagtt tagatttgag gatctctctt cccctcaccc ctcgctcctc atttatcatt     27420
     tctctcctgg aggggagggg ggaaggcagg gtgggggggt tgcgggggga ggaaggtgag     27480
     aaaggttaaa gaaagtgttg gaggttggtc tggtgctatg tatacaaact ctaagttcct     27540
     tgcttttttg cttctgcagt tctgtttctg gctaactgtt cttgttagct gaaatatgtc     27600
     aacccagaac atgttttttt gtacttaaaa gcacatcccg aggaaggctc agtgttacac     27660
     tgggatccca aacacccagg gaagtcactg gctagctttt ctgttggctt gaacccatgt     27720
     ctgagcagtc ttctctggtg gataccccat taccagaggc tcaagaactg gaggtgaaac     27780
     taagggagac aagcagacgg ggtgggggtg ggggcggggg cgggggcggc atgcaaaaca     27840
     ggtttgtttg tttttaattt gggctttggg ctttagctca gtacagagta gttagttgcc     27900
     tagtaagcac aaggccctag gttctgtttt cagaagggga cttcaggaaa aacagcaaca     27960
     gcttaaaatg ttagtgcctg tgagaaggct cggagtgtaa atagcaacca ttgtggtagg     28020
     taagtctgga gaacggagtg aagtccctgg atccccataa agagagaact aactcttata     28080
     tttatactct ggcccccaca aatcagttct gttctttctc ccgctgtaca ttgaataaag     28140
     ctataaaaac ccttatttta ttttgccctt ttgagacaag tgctttggat agctcacgct     28200
     aacctcaagt tcactctata taacaaggct agtcttgaaa acactgcccc tgcttcctgc     28260
     gtaatgggat tgcaggcagt ctcctcactg gatccatttt ccaatagggg tgttgagtca     28320
     atcaatgaga aaccacgcat ttgcagtaat ctcaccatct ctgccctact gcgaatccaa     28380
     actgaggagg gggatgaagg ttgtgtagtc ctgttcttca tcctgcacat ggattgtaca     28440
     tatttacata tcaaaaattc tacataaaaa ctgttgagta aacgcaatga gcttgttaag     28500
     tagtgcactg agaagtcatt ttaacagctg tgcagttctg aggaaatgtc ttcaccagtg     28560
     ctgggctctc accaggagtg ccgtgttcgc tgtcggcctc ttccctcccc tctccattat     28620
     aacagtaatc caaagaattt ttgctatgtc ttagcgataa atgtcttctc tctgtaagtc     28680
     aacgttacta gtctagacca gcttttctgg tttctttctc tttctggatt cctcatcctg     28740
     cttcccgggt ttccccggca accgcaactg gaaaaccctt tggaaaagta attccgaatt     28800
     ctgtaacaga acccccgagg cgaggcctcc ccgcgcctcc cgaatttagg tctggggtgc     28860
     gtgtcccgcg cagcagctcc tctgagcact tcctgcctgg gacacgtcgc agctccggga     28920
     accaggactc acgaatcgcc agccctgccg gcacagtgat cccagaggcg cccgcgcctc     28980
     cgttgtacgg cggggtccat gccaagatgg ccgcgcccac aagcaatctc cgcaggtctc     29040
     cgccatcgaa gcccccggac cctctgaagc ggtgcccggg gtggccgcca tatcggcctc     29100
     tgactccatc gaggacctga caaagccaga ggcgctggat cggaggagtg cggacaaagc     29160
     caggcgtccg gaggagatgg ctacatccga gcctgcggaa agcgatgcgg tgagggcggt     29220
     aagggcttgg ggttggtttg gttgtcggtg attggagggt gactggagtc ctagtggacg     29280
     agatttgaga atctgtggcg ttgttgttga atagtctttt gggaaggccg gtgttctaag     29340
     ggaccaaggt attggggtat tatgggcata tggagtatta agtgcccgtg atattggggg     29400
     catatggagt tggggattgc tgtaactttc ggaaatcagt attttgacgg atctgtctag     29460
     gtaagtgatg cttgggagcg gggaggcatc tgtaatagtc acagtgactg agtctgggtc     29520
     tggaaagcta gcaagatctg aaatgagggc tttgtgatgt attacagacg ggaagcccta     29580
     caaggattag aatttgaact gcttgggagc tggtgtttta ggtaactggg gattacaggc     29640
     tgcactgtgg gaggggcagt attgagattt ggagaactgg ttcatttgga atatgtgggg     29700
     attagaattt gagcccttgg ggtcagtaat ggtggcattt ctggaagtct aataagcaat     29760
     gtctttaaga gtcctcgttt tgtgtgctat gactggcagt gaggggggaa cctggaggct     29820
     aatgagcaga tgacagttgg tggaatacaa gaagtcttat attgaagtgc ctatttggat     29880
     ggcagattgt catctaggga gaaagggtat cagtagtcct aactgtccct ttagtgatgg     29940
     ggttcttggt aggaattaat aataattatt atgattctgt gactaggact ctgaggccaa     30000
     ggctttgtga gttttcaggg ttttatgata gaaggttctg taaggtcact ggagttgagt     30060
     ggaggttagt gactgttctg tgaagaatgg taattgggaa cttctatgta gaggaggttt     30120
     aggaaggtta gtgactgagg gatatttgag tgtcaatggt tagaaaattg taaaacagag     30180
     tataagatga acacctattt tatgccagag aattttaagt agcaacatat agggccagtc     30240
     tctttttaaa aataatttat ttaattttat cgtatgtgca ttggtgtgat ggtgtcggat     30300
     cccttgaaac tggggttaca gactgccatg tgggtgggaa ttgaacccag gtcctctgga     30360
     agagcagcca gtgctcttaa caactgagac atctcttcac ccaacttcgc tctctctctc     30420
     tcctctctct ctctcctctc tttctctctc tctcccctcc cccttcccca cctccgagtc     30480
     tgccttttaa atttgagaaa cagaaaagag acaataaaat gtaaatatcc gtgtaagtaa     30540
     gataattcca ggcaaaggta actgctatga agaaagtaac agaggatgat gtggtagaga     30600
     gtaaagcttg gaagtgtttg tttctcaagt taatctttaa agcaggggct ggttaagagc     30660
     actgactgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc aattcccagc aaccacatgg tagctcacaa     30720
     ctatctgtaa tgggatctga tgccgtcttc tggtgtgtct gaagagagca acagtgtact     30780
     catatacata aaataaatca atctttaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacagaaa tgtaaataaa     30840
     atttaaaaat aatctttaaa gaaatggcag ttgatttgaa cacaatgata ggctgtggtt     30900
     aatgcagaga tccaaaaata ttcaaagaag aatgtcaatt gctaaagcct taagatagac     30960
     attagcttcc tgttatagta aaagaaaaaa aattgtggct ggaacacgca cagaggaagt     31020
     agaaaaatag gatatcagtg gtagaagctt ctagatcatg taagatcata ttggctatgt     31080
     tagatgtata aaccactggg gttaagcaag gaagtgattt gatctgattg atacatcaaa     31140
     aagatcatca ctggttactc tatggaagat gaactacagg tcaagtaggt gccagaggtc     31200
     agaagtttac tgtaatggtc aaagacaaga gattatagtg acaatttgga gttatactgg     31260
     aaaaattaaa tcacattgag agtacatctg aatgtgaaca tggtgaatta atatagataa     31320
     tgagattgag attagctttt gggcttcagg aaatggagtg taggattttt gtatatgcaa     31380
     gtagctggtt ctgatagaac ccagcccccc cccccccccc agtaaaaatc tctttggacc     31440
     tttgctggag ctttccaacc catttcacat gtgtgcccca aacttgtttc tgaaggaatt     31500
     agtgtgttct gtgtgactct actgggaaag gatttttgga tgcctgggtt tgctttcaca     31560
     cagacttcat tcaatcctga ttaattgatt tgctatgagt ccttagctgt aatgaaatat     31620
     acctgtgatt acagttacaa cacagagcct tgtcactctt cctattgaat cactaaaggt     31680
     tactgtatta aaagctggtg agtctgtaaa cagacttgag acagtgaacg tagttaagaa     31740
     ttggtggaaa caattgtttc tgtctatcat tagatcctaa ggtacatgag ccatggagaa     31800
     aaattaaaca cagcctctac ttgatatcac tgtaaggtgc aggatccctg ggagatgggt     31860
     gggttttatt taaagtaaat agagaggcta gagatggagt ttgctgacag agagtagggt     31920
     ttctggaatg ttaaagagtt ctattggtat cagtgagttg ggattagtca gattagatat     31980
     ttggggactt ctgggagtta gagatcaatg tgccttgtgg gactctgtga ttgaggaacc     32040
     tgtgggtaag tgctgtgttg ggagttgttg ttgttaaaat tactcacatg attaaagaaa     32100
     attgtactga cctggctatt tcgagcgctg tggcagtgag tgttgggggt tattaagagt     32160
     tagactggaa gtctgtgagg tggagattag tgacagatcc aagtcacaca ttgctggtct     32220
     gtgagggttg cttttacatg ttgagagggc atgtttaaat gtgtattgtg ggcaatagtg     32280
     aatagttgag gtgagaagaa actcaggaat gtggagattt gagaagtgcc agactgagaa     32340
     tatgatagga atatgtaggc atataatagg aatctagaat atgataggaa tcagtaacat     32400
     tcatagattt atctgtggct tttacttaga aggaatggga gcagctggaa cctgtgcaga     32460
     gagatgtgta caaggatacg aagctagaga actgcagcaa tccagcctcc atgggtaagg     32520
     atagttcccc accacccaga acatgttcac tgcaatccct tctttctcaa gtccttgatg     32580
     ttttcttgtt ttgtttaatt ttattttatt ttggtagtag tggtggtggt ggtggtggtg     32640
     attgtagtga tagtgatggt ggttggtcag ggagttttaa tcccttttca gtaccaggaa     32700
     tgatgcttgt gccattgcat ccaaaaggga aggtttactc agttgaggta catgggcatc     32760
     cttattgtga aatattagaa accatatatg tttattagcc ttgaaagacc ctgaagtaca     32820
     gacatcatca gggcttgatt tctgagatgt ttggtccaac actcagtgtc tcatttctta     32880
     tgagtaggaa atcaagatcc caaacaagac atagtctccg tgttggaaga agaagagcca     32940
     tcatcgggaa aggggaaaaa agccagccca agtagtctga aaaaaatagc aaggcccaag     33000
     acagcaggaa caagtgcaag taagtttttc gtttcttggc ggtaagtttg gaattcttca     33060
     aagagtaatt tgtaaacttt tattagagct gggaatacag ctcagaatag agtgatttct     33120
     cacaaggacc tagatttaat tcccaatatg gaaaaaaaat tttttttctt aaaagtccta     33180
     ggttttcttt ttttaaccag gaactagtag aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aaaaaaacaa     33240
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaacca gaatctctca ggagaaaagg aattcaaagt acagatgttt     33300
     tctttggaga ttctaatatc tcctttttct ataaacctgt ccacatgaga ggctcatgac     33360
     aagctcttat ggagaagaaa aaaaaaaggg taaatgaaac cacttaatta atccttgtat     33420
     gaatcactgc ttggatgtgg tagctccact gtagctacat ttaagcatct ggctcagagg     33480
     gtaggcatgc ataatctctt cataggagag gtgctgcaat tccaaatgcc atgcttctga     33540
     ggagctagtg atgcatgtac tttcataaag agcaaaagta caatcagcca ccactctgtg     33600
     atagggggaa agctgaagtc cagggctcag cagcccgacg tgcccagctc cttccccaac     33660
     ccctttccat cctgtatgcc catcgctgag ctcttaactc tcaatctcgt ttctgtttac     33720
     caaatctaaa aaagaatcct caattgtccc tgtcttctac ctgcacacca gttccctaat     33780
     gtgtcatatt ttctcttaat gaattcagac attcttagat cagtcttttt tctgcatctc     33840
     tgggaatgat gaatacccct gctcctaata attttgtttc cttccttcaa ctacaaaact     33900
     ccttgtaccc ttgttctgta agacagcatc atatccatct gcccttaatc cctgggatta     33960
     tttgactgag atgtaccccc atagtctcag gcatttgcga catcacccag ttggtggtac     34020
     tgtttgggga ggtttaggag gtgtggcctg ttgcctactt tcagctttct gctctgtgac     34080
     agtcccttgc tgccatgtct ccctgccatg actatagaga gagacttaat ctctctgaaa     34140
     ccataaaccc cttcccacct gttgacttgg tcacagtgtt ttatcaaagc aatagagaag     34200
     tgactagtac tatctctatt caaccctctt gccctctagt gcccatgtta atagctgtca     34260
     accttaagtt cttgccatgt ctttaaacag gtgagttact caccaactcc ccttactttg     34320
     ctgatggtcc cttaaggtgt tctagtcctc tattgtacct ctttcaaaaa gatctcccat     34380
     tacgcaaata caaggtaatt tttctacact ggcagcttct agatgggcat cttcgatgtc     34440
     tttgttgtac cttcttattg gagctgcttg taggagactc tttaagagtc ggctatgaaa     34500
     aagtctcatg tttatcagtc agaggctccc ttcatcctcc ctgcttttgt cctctgattt     34560
     tagccctggt ttctgtgatc ctcttgtcaa gtcccacttg tttgtttgtt tttcttagtt     34620
     gtcactgaca ctacattaat caggtttatc tgatctctaa gtctagttct taggaggatc     34680
     taatgagtct actttttctt aattcttctt atatgttact ggtaagcatt acctgtactt     34740
     gcatggccca gtgagcccat gcttatgttt ctgaagttac atttggtttc tattaaaatt     34800
     caggttctag ttgctgtctc aaattaagaa aattattttc ctgggaaagg ggatacacac     34860
     ttctaatctc aacactcagg aggcataggc agagagatct atgtaagttt gaggccagtc     34920
     tggtatacag agaaaattca aggaaagcca ggactataca aagaaaccct gccttgaaaa     34980
     acaaacaaaa aaaaaaaaat caaaaacaag aaaggaaaag aagagaaaat gattccagcc     35040
     ttaatcaatt attattctat cacacccaga tctgctctgg tatgatcttg ttacatacta     35100
     ggactgtgat tcacaatccc ttcatagtca tgttttcttt tcatgctttc tgtcttttgg     35160
     gggagtggat atcagttgca acagcaactg ttcagttcta agaagttggt tatgagacta     35220
     gggagatggc tcagtttgta aagtactggc cacataagca taaatctgag gtcagctctt     35280
     caacctccat gtaacaagca gtgcctgagg gtacatacct gtaatctagg atcaaggagg     35340
     tggagaacag agcctgggat ttgttggcca gcatgtctag ccaactggaa gctctgtgct     35400
     tggtgagaaa ccttgttgta aacataagat gaagaaaaca atctaggaat gccttaatgt     35460
     caaactggct tccacatgca tgggcacatg gatatatgtt gtgggaaata ttaaaatgaa     35520
     atggcaagtt cctgcactat gttgggcact ggtgggctac atggcaccag cggggtgttc     35580
     tcatctcagc agattctctg gcttggagct tcaaaatctt tccacccagc tcgctaattt     35640
     ctcactggtg ggtcattgcc acatcagtcc catgcaatga tcacccacct ctcggttagt     35700
     tgtcacaatg cagccaccag tggtcacggg ttactgggtt cctgaaagga aagtggggat     35760
     gggtaggaag gacagtgaga gaaatagtgg gccaagacat agttctctga tcaaggctca     35820
     actttaattg agtctgaaat tttaaagggg gaaacccatc ccccactttg ccaggatctt     35880
     gtgaggaaga caagcttggc tgctcagcag gtagtggctt cttgcaggag actgcagatg     35940
     tggcaggact atagacttca cctaggttgg aagactccac cctaggtggg ctagccgact     36000
     gtggcaggtc tgattcagcc tgctcaaggc tgggtagggg gcacaattcc tcccttttta     36060
     tttattaaaa gttagctgga ctggggcata agatatactt atgctccatg gtctggccca     36120
     ggaattaagt tggctggcag ctgctcttgg cttaggattg ggcctagact ctctcttacc     36180
     catcctggag gccatgcaca gcttactttg cacaaatatg gccttttagt gtttatttga     36240
     ataaataggg cctcttggca catgcctctg tcttaggttg gtaagagtca tagactcatc     36300
     agtggcccgt ttttggctgc tggccctcat agcacacctt tttcccattc agaccaaagc     36360
     caacaatatg ctctcaatgc atctcttcat agcgatgaat aactgccata tgtgagcttt     36420
     gctgaaggtg agcctgtctg aaggtaactg atctgcttaa aatacaaagt caaaggttaa     36480
     aagctacaga ttaaagttgt ctgtggggat gtcccaggta ttcagttcag ttgcaaatta     36540
     gtaatagtga tgcccaaggt ctggttgggg aggtggcttt gagaatcagc agaaaaaact     36600
     gttacttctc aggaaatagt ggaggttacg ctccaaatta actcagctgg ctgataaaga     36660
     tttttagctg gctttataat tggaatcata cttactagtg aaagaaccta gtggggaaac     36720
     ccccactcaa ctcccgattt ggcgtgcacc caagaatcac gaacagaaca caacactttg     36780
     atgtaacaac acgaggtagt ttaatggcag agctctgggt cgaacctttt ctcacacagg     36840
     agacagtgga ttcgaccatg aggcttggaa gctaggggtt tttatagaaa aggagtgggg     36900
     ctgggggagg aattggcgcg gtttcacatg attggtccat tcaaacatca gcaacatgat     36960
     tatgagtcag cagagaagta tgtgcaggcc agggcatata agaattctaa agccgggggg     37020
     cttctctgag ttgacaatgc atctggttaa tgtttcagct tttaactatg ctctctatag     37080
     aaaggtgggt gagcaggagg tgctgggctg ccagatggtc aatgagtcag ccaagatagt     37140
     cagaaccagt tcctgcattc cttcccttat ctttacgacc gggtgacctc acttcaagac     37200
     ggacttgggc gtgcccgggc ttgtttgaca tacattacat gaatcacagg tctcaagttt     37260
     tatttccttt cactagaaga ctcagaatct gtgtctactt ggtgaatcaa tttttcagat     37320
     agccatcagg ctttgtcttc ttcttgtgaa aaaacacaaa cagaacctcc cccatattaa     37380
     aacagggtca ggataattcc atgtattagt tagcccctcc accccccatc taaccatggc     37440
     atatgagctg gaagtgacaa aatgccaatg gcgatctgct gtagactgac ctttagcatc     37500
     agtttgcaaa aaattaaaaa aagaaaaaat aaggcaaagg caagatgtgc tttggtgacc     37560
     ttggagggta taattccctg cttttttgtt ttttgttttt gttttaaaga cttatttatt     37620
     ttctgtatat gagtacactg tggctgtctt cagaagaacg catcaggtcc cgttacagat     37680
     ggttctgagc caacatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag gatctctgga agagcagcaa     37740
     tcagtgttct taaccactga gccatctctc tagccctgtt tttaaaagct aaattttcag     37800
     agtgtgatgc gcattttcaa caatttcttg tccctgagaa ttataaggaa tcccagtaat     37860
     atgggtaaca ttaaattgtt gacaaaacat ctcaaatgct tgactgtaat agccagttcc     37920
     attatctgtt ttaatctgat ttgaaacatc aagcataaaa aaaataatgc aggcagtggc     37980
     cacttacatt tttagttggt tctcctgtta aagcagttgc aactagaaag cctaaaaaag     38040
     tatcagtagt cacatgacat attttgtttt tattttgttt ttctaaaatt agaaatatga     38100
     gtatccattt gcaataatta agtataagtc cttgagaatt aacatcatta tgagcaataa     38160
     actgaggata ctgagaacaa gtctttacaa cttgacacgc acattttctt ttttcttttt     38220
     ttcttttttt tttttaaaga tttatttatt tattatatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt     38280
     cagacacacc agaagagggc gtcagatctc attacggatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt     38340
     tgctgggatt tgaactcagg acctttggag gagcagtcag tgctcttacc cactgagcca     38400
     tctcgccagc ccgacacgca cattttctaa aaataccaaa ttatcatctc aagccattac     38460
     agttttgatg atgtaaagaa tgagattata tggccaattg ttcttgtgta aggcctataa     38520
     tctgcctggg atacaaatat tctgtggcat tgccttaagg ggtcttgtcc aggcagtcca     38580
     ggatgagttc ttaaatggcc aaagacagta ctttaaagga acagtacttt cccttaaatt     38640
     aagttgtata tgcataaaca attgcaaaat ctgagaatta gcagtattta aaaaggaaca     38700
     atttcaagca attgtaagcc ctgagctata tatagttttc agagtgtgat gcacatgttc     38760
     aacaattcct tgtccctgag aattataagg aatcccagta atatgggtaa cattaaactg     38820
     ttgacattaa attgttggct atcagaatac aaattaaaag cttgatttta gcactttaaa     38880
     aatgactaca gcacatagtt caattatttg tgctgaagca ggaacaaact cacgagaata     38940
     aacatgtgat ccaatcacat atacttctct cccatagaag ggctgtttat aaatatagta     39000
     gatgtagttt ttatgggatg catacataaa tttacaggaa atacaaaagc atgcatatga     39060
     gcaaatttta acaacttatc tttggataat gattatcaat tttgcctgaa aagtttgcta     39120
     tgcaatatgc caaatatcag tattgttaat aaccaattta attgctgttt gaaacaagga     39180
     atagatgtcc tgtcaggttt taagacattc tttccaaaat actttcatga ttctatccta     39240
     caatttttat taacaccaca acagcttcat aacaggatgt taaaacttta cttggagatg     39300
     aagaaagatg aatccacatt aatgctctct tttgccaaag aatgccaaag aatgtgtggg     39360
     cacattgagt aagaataact aacatttgat tacagttgat aacaattgat tacagaagct     39420
     tcctctactt tctgcaaagc cttttgactc tcatcagtta atttgcatcc cccttgaaaa     39480
     catccaaaga aggcttaggt cctcctgtgg tgagcttaag gtgaggtctt agccaattaa     39540
     tatctcccgg aagcttttga aaataatttg aagtaaacaa atcatctttt ctttcttgaa     39600
     ttttctgtac tacaattttt ctaggattat aactgaggcc ccaaatattg aaaaagatat     39660
     tgcctctgaa tcttttctga agcagcaact actccccaaa atgttaaagc tcgttttata     39720
     agagcaaagg tttgctgtaa aattccatca gtgggatcag ctaataaaat atgctccata     39780
     taacaaacaa tatacactga aagtttcaaa gtcctagctt cttatattga agcagagaca     39840
     attttttttt tttttttttt tttacataat gtaaggccat tagccattcc tagaggcaaa     39900
     atcattccaa tgattacaag ctcactagaa gcaaaccctt tacaatgatc aggatgcaaa     39960
     ggaagaataa cacctttcaa attcataata attctatatg gagtaggcag gacagattat     40020
     gtctctacaa gttccacagc ctcattgatc tttcataaat cttaaattta aactttattt     40080
     acaacaacac ctagataggt ctgtaataat gctgttttgg cttaaaaata atttcccaga     40140
     ggcaaggaga ggcaaggccc ccaaaacttt gctaggtagg gtttgcaaaa caaaagtaat     40200
     ggtacacaag cctccctgag gatgctctga gctttgcatt aactcaaatg taaatatttc     40260
     ttaatttgag catactgcct gagtcctgaa tcctggccca atgcctaccc ctcctgcagc     40320
     aaggacagat ttcaggggag caattctact gtctgtctat gcctctaatt tatggacaat     40380
     ctttcctaaa atgatttatg cttaaaacat tccttataaa cttggtgctg tgaaagcatt     40440
     gcttgtacgt actgtagtcc cctgcaagac agcaaccata gccaaaccct gattgtatga     40500
     ggtcccaatt tctgcacaaa gacgaatata tccagataag tcggtcttta ctttgtatga     40560
     ccagatggct gcagggagct gctttagtgt tctcataaga caattgtgta acaaaaggaa     40620
     cccctgcttg agagtctcca aaaattctgc tagctgtttg tagtagccta tccacaaact     40680
     ccttgaaaca gttcatctgg agcctgtttg ataccaaata aattctcact gagatctcct     40740
     ttccaatctt gggggttaaa tttttgcttc taccaccata tccaataaag cttgtgtaaa     40800
     agaggcagca ggtccatact ggccacagct gtttttaact tttattactc ttgcaatcat     40860
     cctaattaca aaatatgggt gagttaagaa tcctgagctt gcaatcaaac tgaaatctgc     40920
     agccaatgta acactggcaa ttttaaccat aattattcag tttcttttac agtattagag     40980
     cataatccta actttggaaa aaacgaccca attttaaaca atccattctc tttaaaatca     41040
     ataccaaaag cattactttc atattgtaac gtttggctgc caatttttat atatgaatgc     41100
     ttgacagttt cctgggggtt catgccatgt gttattgttt aaaatgactc caaccctgag     41160
     ttaccagttt caagctaact ttcttgttaa taatgtaaca cttttaaaat catacccaat     41220
     aacttataag ccaatattct atgaccaaga catgcagagt atatttatac ctttaagacc     41280
     agtcaaaaac caaatgatgc agctacatga atcttataaa tttagaccta acaaagaatt     41340
     tttacttttt tctagctata atttcaagag aaaaagtaca ttgtcatttg ctgaacccaa     41400
     taaccacaac tgcagagatt tttttctagg aaaaaaaaat agctatcagc ttatttgcct     41460
     tagaacataa gaagctgctg acccctttaa aagcagcttt tcagcatggc ctcttctgct     41520
     gtgcttgact cctggctaag gatggggggc aacttaaacc agcctcctct atgcaaacag     41580
     actgaatcaa ggatggagag ccagcagata aagatttaac cacttttttc ttttcaacat     41640
     gaaacagaac aacagtcatt cagacaatgc aacaaaaaca gacacaaact gacacgtgga     41700
     cagattggtg cactaaggac agacaataca gagagggtag agaacttgat gtagccagaa     41760
     ctaaggatgt ctcctgtatg ggccagatag aaagcaggac gtctcttgat ttccttctgt     41820
     ctctgggaga gctctgggag agaagaaatc catttttctt ctctcttgat ctctctctta     41880
     tgtcatttgt atatctagca tcttcctttt gttgttgttt gtttttttac tattttattt     41940
     tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt tattctaagc cctactactc ttgccggatg     42000
     cagttcttga ctgtggacaa atgcctgttt agaatcttcc agtcccattt tccactgtca     42060
     acccttagct gatattagca ttgggctgac gctgactcag tctagcctgt atcctttttg     42120
     tacctttgca atcaacagcc ttccaaagat caaatttgta tcgctaacat taatcctgta     42180
     tgttgtttac catgcaggat accattttct tctgttttct gtggagctcc accaagacag     42240
     tgtccctcag ttattttttc tgtattcagg tcccttgttc aggtgcactt gtatccacta     42300
     gtgaccacag gttactgggt tcctgaaagg aaagaaataa tgagcaaaga caaagttttc     42360
     tgatcaaggc tcaactttaa ttcttgagtc tgaattttta aagggtggaa acccattccc     42420
     caccttgtca ggagctggtc aggaagacaa gctcagctgc tcagcaggta gtggcttctt     42480
     gcaggaagct gcagatgtgg caggacagta gattttacct aaggtcagaa gactccaccc     42540
     taggttggct atcctgtggt agacaaggtc tgattcagcc cgctcaaagc ttggggaagg     42600
     gcatatcaca atacccatta acccagtaaa acaaaactct agaagcatat aattaaccag     42660
     tcagatttat atgtcaatac attatcaatt cacaagatgg ccacacaata gttgataatg     42720
     agccaattga taatgaacaa gctgcccacc tagattagac aagttatccc aattattcta     42780
     tcatcttatt atattcatag cttcctgtag ctatttaaag ccatacagaa tctagattgt     42840
     cttcttcctg ctccatcttt cttcctctcc ctacctatct cctctggctc catctctgca     42900
     actcttcact ccacctccct tttccatgtt caatcacagg ctttttgttg tattaataat     42960
     taaagtgatt ggacacggaa aattctgcta caaatatgtg cacacatata caagtgaaca     43020
     tgtatacaca caggcaaaga ttgttttaat cttacatgtc aagagaataa gtgtaagcct     43080
     tgaccacttt gagaaggaaa tttgtccctg tcttccccat catcactgcg tatcagaaga     43140
     ctttgtgtgc tgtgctacct ggagggccct gtttatctct ttatcacagg gtgctgaatc     43200
     tcttgagtcc ttggatgaaa tagcagctaa cagttcagct tttctggact cccccttacc     43260
     ctactatatc taatttccac ccctcgtctg cctctgagtg tttctctctg tctgtatatg     43320
     tgtctcctgt ttctgtcctt tctgtgtctg tttctgtctg tctgcatctc tgtcactctg     43380
     tctctctctt atttttctaa catgaatttc tattatgtag ctccgactgg tctggaactc     43440
     atagagatct gcctgcctct gccttgtgag tgctgggatt aaagatgtgt gccacaatag     43500
     cctaccccaa atcacggtct cttaaatgtc ctccataaag gagagaattt cattcattca     43560
     ttcagatacc cttattttct ccatataaaa ttattttatc actgaggtgg ctattcactc     43620
     tttcatctgt ttctctcttt aaatgtttaa aattcttaag tcagatgatt tccctatttt     43680
     atttctatgc agagagctat tactgagtag tcttagagaa gatcaatgtt ttaagatgta     43740
     tagttgtgca atgtgtaggg aaaagaacat aagcaagtac ttagagccat aaataaactt     43800
     ggacttggcc atcaagtatt ggaatggtga caggatcaaa ggcatgtact ccacaggtca     43860
     ctggaaaaac aggtaaatgc tcactgtaaa tgcagatggt gtaaagcatt tcccaagcta     43920
     attgctagga gtttcatgac tttgtaaaat agttagggaa cttagaggaa ctacagagtc     43980
     atctattgtt tagtaagaat gtccttgtta tgttgcttgt ggaagagagg gaggaacagc     44040
     ctcccctgct tagagccaca gtcacccact agttcctcag ttctccttgg tagatgtatt     44100
     ctctgtttta gtttatttta gcgagcctta gtaaaaagag aggggtttat cgaagagctc     44160
     atgagtaccc ttcttataag ccaagggaag agactttagc caaactccac caggaacaaa     44220
     aactggcaac ctggaagtca caagggcatt ggagttatgc acactatgct cttgagaaca     44280
     aatagtccta catttctgct tctttctgtg tgtgggtgtt ttattctttg tattgaagag     44340
     gttttcacta cgtaggataa gtatggcttt tgtagtactt acatcatatc atcttaatca     44400
     caatgggaag actagtaatg ccttgttatg tagcccagac tgatctcaaa catatgaaag     44460
     agtatcttgt ttcagcctcc tgagtactgg gattaatagg catgtgccac cgcacctggc     44520
     ataatcacaa tttttttttt taatttaatg cattgcctgt tcagtattcc ttgtgtctat     44580
     ttaccttcta tccaaggtta caaaatctta tttctaagca accaactcat ttcctaatga     44640
     ctacttcagt ggtctttccc ctggttttac tatcgctttc ttcccatcag gtccaagtgg     44700
     atagtgacat ttgttcttgt tgcttatttt acattgctag ttagggttga gtaagttttc     44760
     aaccccagac aaggagggca tctctttaag aaacgtataa agtacttgag tgggagtgca     44820
     gaaactcaca agaatgtctc taattctgtt ttagaactcc aacaagatga tgagcatagg     44880
     gaggaaaagc agaagtccca aagcaaactt actaaggaag tgacactcag gaagaaaagt     44940
     tccaacagca agaaaagcag tgagtatggt ttgttggaga acaaaagtct ccactcaaaa     45000
     cacactcctt ccgagaaaaa actgcttaag tccagttccc gtgggaagaa ctcgaatcag     45060
     aattcagact ctctgaaaaa gaaacctgac acagctaatg aacacaggaa atcactcagc     45120
     cattctgcat ctgatgtgaa caaagatgaa attccaacta gaaagaaatg cgacaagtta     45180
     cccaacaata agttgtctga taaaggtgac aaaaaccaaa ccagcaaaaa atgtgagaaa     45240
     gtatgccgtc atagtgcatc ccataccaag gaagacaaaa ttcagaccgg ggagaaacgg     45300
     aaatcacact gccgtactcc atctaaacct gaaaaagccc caggttctgg gaaaccttat     45360
     gaatgtaacc actgtgggaa ggtcctcagc cataaacagg gactccttga ccatcaaaga     45420
     actcacactg gggagaaacc atatgaatgt aatgaatgtg ggatagcttt cagccagaag     45480
     tcccaccttg ttgtacatca gagaactcac actggggaaa aaccatacga gtgtgaacag     45540
     tgtggcaaag cacacggaca taaacatgcc ctcactgacc atctaagaat ccatactgga     45600
     gaaaagccct acaaatgtaa tgaatgtggc aaaacgttta gacacagctc aaaccttatg     45660
     caacacctaa gatctcacac gggtgagaag ccgtatgaat gtaaggaatg tggcaaatcc     45720
     tttagatata attcatctct tactgaacat gtgagaacac acacaggtga aataccatac     45780
     gaatgtaacg aatgtggcaa agctttcaag tatggctcat ccctgactaa acatatgcgg     45840
     attcatacag gggagaaacc atttgaatgt aatgaatgtg ggaaaacttt tagcaaaaag     45900
     tcacacctag ttatacatca aagaactcat acaaaggaga aaccttataa atgtgatgag     45960
     tgtgggaaag cctttggaca tagctcatct cttacctacc atatgagaac tcatacaggt     46020
     gactgcccct ttgaatgtaa tcaatgtggt aaggccttta aacagattga aggccttacc     46080
     caacaccaga gagttcacac aggggagaaa ccctatgagt gtgttgaatg tgggaaagcc     46140
     tttagtcaga agtcacacct catcgtacac cagagaactc atacagggga gaaacccttt     46200
     gaatgttatg agtgtggaaa agccttcaat gcaaaatcac aacttgttat tcatcagaga     46260
     tcccacactg gagagaaacc ctatgaatgt attgaatgtg gtaaagcctt caagcaaaat     46320
     gcctctctta ccaaacatat gaaaattcac tcagaagaac aatctgagga agaagattaa     46380
     tgtaggaaac ctgacaactg actggtttgg tattatttaa ccttaaagat gttctcaatt     46440
     tgatgatgtt agaatatctt tttttaggaa atcattcctg gtgatacatg agagaatttg     46500
     aatatggatc tttacataag atggtaataa aatttaacct tgatcccaaa cctaaacaga     46560
     aaatactgta tttttacact tattataaat tgtctccata tttagattaa aatacgaatc     46620
     ttttaaaaga gtgaataagg agatatcata atcagtaaag tgcttgttaa gcaagtacag     46680
     agatctgaat tccatcccta aggattgata aaaagctaga tgtgggggca tgctcttgca     46740
     atctcacaat tgggaaagtt gagacaggag agtcctgaga actcctgacc aaccagactc     46800
     atttaatttg caagccatag gtcacaagaa aaaagaactg ttttaaaaat agggtagagg     46860
     gttcctgaga aacagtactc aaggttgaca catgtacaca cacagacaca cacagacaca     46920
     cagacacaca cacagacaca cacagataca cacacacaca cagacacaca cacacagaca     46980
     cacacacagt tgtgaaaatg ttaacgaatt agagcaacaa acagtaaaat atgacacttc     47040
     atgaactttc taggtgtgtg cttaagctcc acagttagta tttaatttgt atttattctt     47100
     attgcatact taccgccttg tgtaaaatac aagtgagggt gagggtatcc tctggtattg     47160
     tctagctttc tttgttaatg tctctgttag cttctgaatt agtagaaaac tttcgggagt     47220
     tgttttgttt tgtttgagac aatatctcac catatagtcc tggctagcct ggaacttgtt     47280
     acgtgtacca ggctggcctt gaacttgtta tgtagaccag gctgaccttg aactcacaga     47340
     gatatgtctg tctctgcctc ccaagtgcta gatttaaaga cttcagtaga aaactttaag     47400
     gggttttgtc tagattttgt taagaggttc ataaaaaagt ggaaaacagc tgaaaatgtg     47460
     ttgatagtga gtgatacttg ttatattgtt aagtatagaa aatggattgt taaaccatct     47520
     atatagtatg ttctcattgt ggacagagtg tgtatgtgtg tccctgtact ctgtgtacat     47580
     atatatgtgt ttatccccat atatttgtat atgaatagac tttttttaac ctataagaaa     47640
     attaatggtg gcttccactg aacacaagag tgcagcattg aggtctgaca tgtttatcat     47700
     gtacatgtgt ctaattcaaa tatgtattat ataaaaatac attcatatgt gcaaattaac     47760
     acaatttaga acaatagctg agtctatttc acagtgttat ttgaaaaagt gacataagat     47820
     ttctatgctc ctttatgaac aatgaattta aggcatatgg cattgaacct tgatattgaa     47880
     ttcacaaaga atttcctata gagcacagat ttttgttaac atgagtcata actgttaaca     47940
     atattttatt tctcttattt gctattaaaa actaaagatg aatgaaagtg aaagtggtat     48000
     tttattttat attcagaatg ctaattcaca aatgtcttag tcaagaattt cggctgtatt     48060
     tcaacaaatg cctccacacc ccattcttgc ccagtagcag atattgttgc tggatccctt     48120
     gctcagcttc tcacagagtc tgcttcagaa tgcttgttgg gaaagcattc cagaaggtag     48180
     tgtacatcag tttgactttt tccaagagac ctgtctgcca ttgcaaactg tgttagctag     48240
     gttctattgc tgataagaca ccatgactaa aatcaacttg gagatgagga agggtttatt     48300
     tcatcttgta gcttagagtt catcctccgg ggagggcagg gcaggaactg aaggcaggaa     48360
     cttagaggta agaggttgta aaggagtact gcttactgga ttgcttctca gagcatgttc     48420
     agcctccttt atcattagga ctatcagccc agggtggcaa ctccaatggt gagtggggta     48480
     gcacttttaa gttgttctaa ttgttttaca ttgttttctt ttatgtcagt gatctgtgtc     48540
     ttagttgggg tttcattgtt ttgaagacat accatgatca agctagctct tataaaggaa     48600
     agcagttcat tggggcttgt tgtgaatggg cctggtcctg tttgtatgtt aattctgctt     48660
     tcctgggagg ggttgtggac aagaagtgag tcattctcaa atgacttctt gtggaccaat     48720
     ctcctaatga ataaaggagc caatcactgg gcaggtaggc aggacttcta ggttggaaga     48780
     ggggaagcag gagagagtta cagccctttt ggaatgggaa tagcatatgg gtatgatgta     48840
     gctgctagag ttttcttgta ccatggcaga tctgcaaggt ttggacacta ggggaatcag     48900
     attttacaag attaggtttt agttgttgca tccagagatt gagttaccat tgtttatgaa     48960
     cttactttgt gttttccttc acatggcggc ttgtctggat tcaagagaga aaaaggtaca     49020
     gtggcaaagg atgggtttgc cagatgtgca ctataaacgc catgggagat ttgaagcaag     49080
     gggttgaggt ggtaatgatg tatgtcagca ggtacctagc aagctgtctc ttctgtctcc     49140
     gaccagcaga aaagagcgat gacacagcgt tcttctcaaa atagtttatt caggaacctt     49200
     tcaacatgca agcaggaatc tctcactagc ccccaatcgc aatcccctat ataacctctc     49260
     aaccacgccc catcagccca gcccgagtaa tctcagttca ttggcctttg ttaaatggcc     49320
     tgatcttgca tcatagtgtg cctgcacagc tctcaagatg gatgtggctt attttcgggt     49380
     gtatgaggaa gtcaggtgca agtcataaga cttggatgca gtcctgggtg ccatcttggg     49440
     actaccatca cacccactcc tcacagcaag ctgggtggaa agactgtgga gttctgagtc     49500
     agaatcttca tgagataaaa acaggtcagc cattgcctgc cagtgcatgt ccagccagac     49560
     ctctggtaca gaaacacaag tgtgggaatg tacgggatct attttttttt tcttttttaa     49620
     tattttccac aacaggagct ggcttacagt tttagaggtt tagtccatta tcatcatggt     49680
     aggaaacaag gcagtgtgca ggcagacatg gtactggaaa tgttgagagt tctatctctt     49740
     gatccaaagg cagccaggaa gagactgtct tcttcaggca tccaggaggg gactcccatc     49800
     cacactgggg tggaacttga gcataggacc tcaaaaccca ctcctacggt gatgattttt     49860
     cccaacatgg tcaaacatcc taatagtgtc acttcccatg ggcaaatcat attcaaacca     49920
     tcacaatcta caatccactc ttctctgaaa aaaagttcaa aacaaaaaaa ccacacctgg     49980
     gctgggtgtg gggaacgatg ccagacaatg ccagcctgga caaaatggct ggccaaggag     50040
     acctaaagca attttcacta agttcagctg cttaaagggt tttctttgtc acctactcat     50100
     atttaaccaa aatctgagca cagcttagtg gtcataatgt tttattgata ctaataaagt     50160
     cattgcaggc agtgcttttc ttctgatgaa ctgtgaatgg tttaggactc ataggggtgt     50220
     ctgtgtgaca aattctgatg ttcggggtca ttaacaatat tgcttaaaaa caaagaggcc     50280
     ttgaaaaagt catgatgaag gattaagaac ctggggttta tttgagttta tttgagcaat     50340
     tcctgggaat taaataagac aaatgtagac aactgtcaat tcaatggatc aaaaatagat     50400
     aaaaaataaa aaccatcttg aattcttcca taaattagaa gagagaatac ttccaaagtc     50460
     attgcctaag gaagcatcac tgataccaag tggagacaaa gattcagtgc cataaaaaca     50520
     aaaacaaaca aagcctctgg gctgacaagg tggctcagca ggtgatgtgc ttccacaggt     50580
     ggaggagggc atcacctccc tggagctgtt tcctgacctg cataggcttt ggcatatcca     50640
     cccctcacac accatgcaca tgtgcatatt acattttaag gaacgggatt atgatgatcc     50700
     taggaagaat ttggtatgca aacaaatcca cataaaagag aaaaaatact acacagatga     50760
     ttgggggttt gtaataaaga cacagtggtt tctggctatg aagatgggaa gtatattgtt     50820
     agtgagctaa gaatgttgac agaaatgaag gtaacctggg agacacaagc aattttactt     50880
     ttctccataa tgaatttaaa gcaatttaag ttgaaatgga atagtctact ggagaaagaa     50940
     tttagagaga agtattgtga taagataaaa aggagatctg tgggctggaa aactggaaat     51000
     taatgatgtg gggaaaatta taaaaaatat atattacagt acctggattc tttaagagag     51060
     agcaaacaga tagaaaatac acctgtgatg gctattcttg cttgttaact tgactacatc     51120
     tggtatcaaa taaaacccaa acagatcggt acacctgcgg aggaattttt tctcaattaa     51180
     atcttttgaa gtggtaagat tcacttttaa tcctgatctt ttaaggagga aagatatacc     51240
     tttagtccag gccatacatt ctggtgctag cctatataaa ggatatggaa taaggaagct     51300
     tgctctctct ttgctgcttg ttcttgcaga caagtctatt ccttcagtgg cattatagcc     51360
     tacttcttca ggattcccgt gtatactaaa gaccagctga gatgtcccag tctcatgaac     51420
     tgaacaacta cttgattctg ggagcttcca ctcatggaca gccattgttg gattagctgg     51480
     accacagcct gtaaaccgtt ctaataactc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     51540
     tctctctctc tctctctccc ttcctccttc cctttctttc cccccttttt cattctataa     51600
     attctgtcct caaaacccag ccagtactca tcctctgctg gcacagtatt aacagttgaa     51660
     taatataagg caaccttcac acagtgcatt ccaacagaaa tcaatccttt atagtctact     51720
     aaagcagcag taactccctg aaggagacaa tggtaagaca atactgatgt tccccagggc     51780
     acaccaatgg gcttccagac atataaaggc taagtagact tttagtgggg aggtagaaag     51840
     tatagtccat gaggaagggg tgctaatgag tttgttaatt cattgaagta gaactctggg     51900
     ggtatatgtg tgtgaatgga ttttaatggt gggatacttg tagaaggaac ataaaactgg     51960
     atcaggctga gtttattgat ccagtggaga ctcttggttt aacatggaat tgcaaacagt     52020
     taaaaaataa gatgtcaggg ggagggtgtg ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta     52080
     attgaggaaa atacataata aaaaaaataa gatgtcaaat gtttgtttga acattggctg     52140
     aaggccagaa gatcatcatt tgtcagaaga tggcctactg aaaaggtgct ggtgatgcct     52200
     gatatccctt ggcttagtgt tgatgaaggg attttaaggc tcaggcaaat tgcagtgcta     52260
     gagtgggtgc aatgtgtaaa acttaatact caacaatggg aaggaccaga agacatgccc     52320
     ttcataagtc ctataagatg caaaatgatg aaagggcacc agcaaatttg aagagctttg     52380
     ttgttgcctt ttccttgtgc tagactttaa gggtggagct gctgcggctc agttggatga     52440
     ggaacacact caattgggcc ccaaggtagc ataggacagg tgtcaacact gaattgacaa     52500
     gggcaaggtt atcctaatgg ttgacataga gaaagcaatg tccatactag tgtgatctgg     52560
     aatggtcagc acaaagtgat ttttatggta ttttattttt atgattgaac tttgaatttt     52620
     tatttcatat gaactttgat actagctaaa caatcatggt gctttcaggc ataaactaga     52680
     taggcacttc agaggatgag aaataaatcc aaccaaaatt caagggtctt gtacctcaat     52740
     gaaattccta ggaatccaga ggtgtgtggt attactttaa gacattcatt ctaaggtaaa     52800
     ttataagcta tggcatctgg ccccttcaaa ggtcaagaaa gaagcacagt atttagtggc     52860
     ttacttggat tctggagata gcacattccc cacttgtatg ctctactcta gctcatatac     52920
     caagtgactt gaaaagttgc taactttggg cccagaaggg aacaaaagaa ggctcttgag     52980
     taggtccagg ttgctctacc acttggacca tacaatgcaa tagacccaat gttacttgag     53040
     gtgtcagtgg cagataggga tgatttttgg agccattagg aggcccctgt aggtgaatca     53100
     cagatgagac tttagagcaa ggtcctaaca tcatctgctg aaaattattc tccctttaag     53160
     agagagctct tggcttgctg ttggacctta gtggaaactg aacatttgac aatgggccag     53220
     aaagttaccc tgtggattgg gctgtccatc acgagatgga tattatctga cccaccagtc     53280
     ataaagtagg agatgtacaa cagaaatcta ttatcaattg gaagtagtgt atacaagatc     53340
     aggcctgagc aggtcctgaa gacacaagca agtcgcatga agaagttgcg caaatgtctg     53400
     gtttctactc ccattacaat gtgatttgct cccaagcatg cacccatagc ttcatggtat     53460
     gtgtcctatg atcatcgact gaagatgaga agactaaggg ctggttcact gatggagtat     53520
     catgttatgc aggcaccact cagaagggga cagctacata attataaccc aattttggga     53580
     cagccctcaa agacactggt gaagggaaat cttctcagag ggtaggaatt tgggcaatga     53640
     atatacatag tgagtctttc ctactttgtg ggttctttcc ccacatttta tcccttcagt     53700
     ttcatcccct atcattagat tggagtaaaa gaaagatata aataaagaga tatagatact     53760
     tgaatctaat atctttcttt ttgtttcttc tttgagcaca actacaaact gtagccaacc     53820
     ccctaagtga ccaacaacct tcaaccctgc ctctgagagt ccaagcattt atataccctc     53880
     tgaaaagttc ccagaattcc aaatgccaca cgatcacaga tagattctat cttcagctgg     53940
     ttaaaacatg cctctgccag agcacggggc aaaccagtca gctgctgtga agtctcccca     54000
     tatactcata tctgggatta acacaaagac atagacgtat aatatttctc tctttttttt     54060
     aagaaacaaa aatccagaat tctcattaca tttccccctt tcatcaacta tgctggatgt     54120
     agcaggaaaa tataatcaga gacactgtaa atgaactaag cacttatcac atcagtggcc     54180
     aaggttttca ggggacctct cctgctgaat tgtaatctac ataagtttcg atggtataca     54240
     caacttttga tttcctgtgg aaatataatc aagtctgcaa ccccaatgca aaatgttttc     54300
     tggcttccat tctgtttcaa cacatcctta caatatatgg gttgtgtctt agtcagggtt     54360
     tctattcctg cacaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagttgg ggaggaaagg gtttatttgg     54420
     cttacacttc catgctgctg ttcatcacca aaggaagtca ggactggaac tcaagcaggg     54480
     tagggagcag gagctgatgc agaggccacg gagggatgtt ctttactagc ctgcctcccc     54540
     tggcttgctc agcctgctct cttatagaac ccaagactac cagcccagag atggtcccac     54600
     ccacaagggg cctttccccc ttgatcacta attgagaaaa tgccttagag ttggatctca     54660
     tggaggcatt tcctcaactg aagctccttt ctctgtgata accccagctg tgtcaagttg     54720
     acacaaaact agccagtaca ggttgattta atttcacaat tttttctata atcaagtgtc     54780
     tcttggctgc tatagttcct ttttcattaa gaaaatttaa agttaacaaa gtactatgta     54840
     gtttgtccct gggagacttt attcttcctt tttgttatat aagcatttcc tttaaggtgt     54900
     gatcagatct ttgtaccaat gcttgtcctg tgggattctg aggtatatct gtaatatgct     54960
     ttataatata aagaattgct tcaccttaat ggagacatat gttgggggca ttgtcagtct     55020
     taatttgtac aggtataacc atagaagcca tgacttccag taaatgtgtg cttacagaat     55080
     cagccttctc agaactcaaa gcagttgccc attgaaaccc tgaatatgga tcaatggatg     55140
     gtgtataaag tttagtttac caacttctac aaaatgaaac acattcatct gccaaattta     55200
     atttctttta gtactcctac ggttacttct ggtgtgaaat ggagtttggt tatagaaaga     55260
     acaaggaggt cattttctta taaactcctt ggcttgttgc taggagatag aaagtttttt     55320
     ttctttaaac ctttagtgaa gcaacctgac aagtctctgt gagattgaat atggatgata     55380
     tgtaattgct gatttctatc tctggttgcc tgttacagct gtataaataa aaaagttgat     55440
     tttgagttat ccagaataaa ttcagcagtt tctatgtgca gaacaactct ttctgcatat     55500
     tgaaagccag tacttacatt aagagattca ggagaatcta gaaataccat aagaattgca     55560
     tacagctctg attttcaaac tgaagtatat gggtttcaaa ttactttgct catttttgtc     55620
     tgacttatgc ctgccattcc caacttattt gcatcagtat agaatgtagg tgctagggct     55680
     ggatagatgg ctcagcagtt aagagcactt actgcttttc tgaaaggtcc tgagttcaat     55740
     ttccagcaac cacattgtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaaagg tatctgatac actattctgg     55800
     tgtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtttagtc atctaaataa taaataaata aataaataaa     55860
     taaataaata aataaataaa taatatttta aaaaatgtaa gtgcttcagg aattggagtt     55920
     ctatttaaaa tctaactagt tcttataaac tgaagacact tgctttttaa gatatttgct     55980
     gttaatttct cccaaaaagc tgctacaagg tctttgctaa tcttcactga tgacccataa     56040
     taacataatc tcaacaatag taaaaggtac tacaatttct gctaggccca ctcctgacaa     56100
     ctgatatagt cttattttta ccttctatga ttaaatcggg aactttttca atgtaagtct     56160
     ttaattgtta ctttgtttct aaaaagaaat ccattctata gtacaatctt ccctttgcat     56220
     aatgagtcca gtagcagact gagttgaagg caaaataacc caaagacaat caagtttgtg     56280
     ctttctatga tccacatatg taccttccag tctctgttct gccagagtta atgctctctc     56340
     tgatgtagct attaaccatc ttgcaatgtt taagtgcaaa ttactttgta atgtttgaaa     56400
     caaattactt aaacctttag tagttaattc aattgtacgc tatagctaat taatatctcc     56460
     cattaatttt tgaaaatcat taaggcttgt caactgatct cttctcattg ctgccttttg     56520
     ttgttgattt tttaaagttt ttttttttaa ctttttattg gttctttgtg agttttacgt     56580
     catgtgcccc aattccactc atcttgccat ctccacatac ccacgctcca cccttgcaat     56640
     cttcccccaa acagagaaaa aaaaaatgtt gtagaagctg tagtgtgtcc catagtattg     56700
     acttttgtcc atacttcttt gcttacaaat gttttttgca gtgacttctt agtctctggc     56760
     ttctactcta tcaatactga aacctcactg ggactcttct aggatattct ggttttgccc     56820
     catgtcatga agattctgta gttttgggtc tatagagcca gccccttcat ggatgtcagc     56880
     aattcatcag tggggtaaag gttggactga gccaattaaa agccatggcc ctgagtctaa     56940
     gagatatcag agatggtcag cctaccagct ctcacactct catgcactca gggacaactc     57000
     actcacaacc ccgaaaccag ggccagctct accctgctgc ccagctgagg tgcagggcct     57060
     gctctcagca gtgctgaagc cagtgaggga tatggccagt tctcccactc tcagaatccc     57120
     agggccagct ctcctgtctg ccatagatgg tgagagacaa gggaagcaag aagagttgct     57180
     tttccttgtc cacaccaccc agaagacaag aggcaggaat ggctctccta cactcacact     57240
     cttggggcca gctcatctgt aacccctaca tccagggcca gctccattgt gctgcccagc     57300
     caaggtacag ggcctgttct gaatactgca gcaggtgagt gactctgtag gtcttcaagt     57360
     ggtgttcttg acccctccag cttgctcaac cctatcccca ttcttccaca aaactccctg     57420
     agctccgcct gatgcttgcc tgtgggtctc tgcacctgtt ccattcagtg tgtctgcagg     57480
     catagcagag tatctatcat taatggtatg agtggttgta tgtctcaaat agaatgggtc     57540
     tcacgttggg tcagtcattg gttggttgtt ccctcaatct ctgttccatc tttatccctt     57600
     cacatcatgt aggcaggaca aatttggggt ggatggttta gtgggtgggt taatgtcccc     57660
     ttccctccac tggaagtcct gcctggctgc aggaggtggt cacttcaggc tccatatccc     57720
     ccgctggtag gagtctcagg tagtaggatc attcccaaag acttccagga gcctccccaa     57780
     tcccaggtct cttgctaggg ccagagtttc ccttcaccaa tttctgttct cacacccagc     57840
     cctctctagg ccccctctcc ccaacctgat tcctatcaca attctcctca ccccttctcc     57900
     catccatcca ctttcgatga gtattttgtt tcccctgagt gagattcatg aatcctctct     57960
     tgggtgccgg gagccatggc ctcagccatg gccttgtgga tattttctag cttacataaa     58020
     cagtcctgcg agaacattcg tggtcataac agtaagaatg tttgttggta aaaaggaaac     58080
     tgtgaccgtt ggttccagga gctgaagatt gccacctgac cttcagagac ccctccagac     58140
     tctcctccac tcttttggag cctcctcttg cttatgctta tattgccact cctgaataaa     58200
     tttttcagag cttgatcagt atcattgact tgctctcatt cttcctgtct ctttccttcc     58260
     cactctctca gtcccttgcc ctgggtcccc actgattatc cctgcaggtc ggggcacttg     58320
     ggccctcatt acttggtttc tttgggtatg tggattgtag catggatatc ctgtacttta     58380
     tggtgaatgt ctacttataa gtgactagat agcatgctta tctttttgga tctgggtcac     58440
     ttcactcagg atgatatttt ctagttccat ccatttgctg caattttcat gatgcctttg     58500
     tttttaataa ctgaatagta tttcattgtg tagatgtacc acattttctt ttttccattc     58560
     atcagttgag gaacatctgc attgtttcag ttcctggcta ctatgaataa cgctgctatg     58620
     aacatagttg aggaagtgtt tttgtggtgg agtgggtcat attttgggta tatgcccagg     58680
     ggtggtatag ctgggtcttc aggtagaact attcccaatt ttctgataaa ctgccaaatt     58740
     aattgccaaa gtggttgtac atgttttgca cttgcaccag caatataatg tgccctttct     58800
     ccacatcctt gtgtcctaga tttcctggat gttttgggtt aagagctttt tgcattttgc     58860
     attttgactg ttgtgtcaat gttttctatg gtatcttctg cacctgagat tctctcagca     58920
     ctcaaagaac aaaagaatgt aactcagaga ttaaaagact agtaaccaag gtttttcgtt     58980
     gaaaggttag cttgaaacat ttgtcatgaa agatgagatt aatcttttaa agtagattaa     59040
     caatgtatcc tttggagctg gagttacaga tggttgtgag tcaccatgtg ggtgccataa     59100
     accaaaccta agtcctccaa agaacagcct gcgcttttat ttttttatta gatattttct     59160
     ttatttacaa ttatttacat cccctttcct agtttcccct ctgaaaatcc cctatccccg     59220
     cccctgttcc ccaacccacc cactcccatt cttggccctg gcattctcct atactagggc     59280
     atagagcctt cacaggacca aggacgtctc ctcccattga tgacctacta ggccatcctc     59340
     tgctacatat acagctagag ccacaagttc cactatgtgt tttctttgat tggtggtatg     59400
     gttccaagta gctctgggga tactggttag ttcatattga tgttcctcct gtggggcttt     59460
     agtctctttc aactccctgg gtatttctct ggctccttca ttggggacct tgtgatccat     59520
     ccaatggatg actgtgagca tccgcttctg tatttggctg gcactggcag agccttgcag     59580
     gagacagcta tatcagattc ctgtcagcac agcttgtgct tttaactgat gacgcatctc     59640
     tccagtcccc tgatttttct aagtttttta gatttatctt atgtgtttga gtgttctggc     59700
     tgcatgtatg cctgttcatc acatatatga atcatgcctg aggagtcaga aaaaggtacc     59760
     agatcttctg gaactggagg tgtagatggt tgtgagctat cacgtgtatg ctggaaactg     59820
     aattcaggtc gtctgtgagg gcatcaagtg ctcttagcac tgagctatct ctccagactc     59880
     aatttttcta attttaaaaa ggaccgtagt gagtacaagt tttgtgttca aactctccag     59940
     ctactggctt caaaatatac gtataaatgt aatatgtata cacagagcac aaacctaaca     60000
     ggcacaaaag aaaggaagtc ccagcagtgt ggctgtagga gacagtacaa cactcagctt     60060
     ggccagtagg gggcaaccct gccccttgct gcacttgcac tgtcagtgct caaccaattt     60120
     cttgagcttc atcagagtcc aggtgtttac tgtggtgaag ttcttcctct ttcagacaaa     60180
     gatgagctta acagagctac gtatgcgtat ttacagaggc cataacgtgg ttgctgtgtc     60240
     tgtcctatta tctccagagc ttcagtcctt gtcagtagta tttgacaggc acccttcata     60300
     tttttatata cctaattaaa atttactgcc tggtggatgg attaaactgc atgaaactaa     60360
     gctgagcacc acaaccaagt agcatggaat gtcagacaca ttggtaattc tctgcactat     60420
     agagcttatt tagttatttt gttatttata aacaaatgtc tgacagtaga tttatagtgt     60480
     atttgaatat tggatttgtt tgattctttt aaaatatcca tttcaagcag gtccattccc     60540
     tagagtcatt caagaactat ttaaattttc tttgcatctg aataaaatca aagtgatcat     60600
     gtcttcagaa aaccaattgt caaacttaca atgaaattaa ttctgaattg ctgcttatca     60660
     aattaataca agggataaag ccagtgatcc aaatagaaac atataataaa cccattttaa     60720
     tcatttcttt tgctattttt taaaagatta atttgagtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgcaggtgc     60780
     atgtggaggc ctgacagggg cacttggctg acaggaggtt gtgagctgct tgacatggct     60840
     gctggaaact tctgttcatc tggtcctctg gaagcattgt ctggagatag tattaatggc     60900
     tgaggcgcct ctctagtcta agcactactt taggcattca gttttaaggt tttcacatcc     60960
     atggctaaag tattttttca ttctgaaatt taaaaccact tatcgtgctt cagataaaaa     61020
     agaatttgca tccacagaag gatcaccacc gttgaggtga actgtatcaa ctgccagcac     61080
     agtcatttta cacctataaa atgcagttat atatggttcc attcaatgca tgtcaagggg     61140
     gaagtcctta tataaagcta tttgcaacat gacacacggg aaattatgag taatgaagga     61200
     agaagaaaag aaagacagaa gccagaagtg cctacatcac aaaagttcaa acagcatctt     61260
     tatgtgtgta tcatagggca actctcatgc atccagcatc tgcatctatc agtcaacagt     61320
     acatcagatg ccttcatacc cacttgtatc tatggatata gagatcagat ttccaaacag     61380
     tgggcagagg cataattttt tactgtttat catgtagaat tggtttttgt ttggttaagg     61440
     ttttttggtt tttttttgtc tttttttttt tttttttacc agtattagta actttcctgg     61500
     gtatttattt ttatttttgt ttttgtttca acttgacaca ggctagagtt ctatggaaag     61560
     aggcaccctt aagtgagaaa atgcctgtat aaaactgaat caggagggcc caactccata     61620
     tggaaatacc accctgggca gggggtaata agttatatat gaagatagga tcacaatcca     61680
     cagggaatga gtcaggaagc aacgttcccc taaggcctct gctttagttc ccccctctga     61740
     gttctcaccc cccttcctcc ctgcactccc agcttccttc ataatagatt gtaagctaaa     61800
     ataaaccctt tcagcctcaa gttgcttttg gtcatgatat taatcataat gtctctaaca     61860
     tttatctata taaagataca ggaaatacca ctttggtttt ggaagttcac attttcaaaa     61920
     caccatgtag tttctctatc catgtctctc tcattccaga tatcttgaga gaagcttaca     61980
     cgatctcatg ccagcacgtt ccagtcactt ccatcatgat caactagcct agaggttctc     62040
     atccttcccc atgctatgat cctctaatac agcttcttta tgatgtggtg aactccaacc     62100
     aaaaaataat ttcctcacta tttcataaag gtcattttga agttgttatg aatttcagtg     62160
     taaatatctg atatggagaa tataggacat gtgacctcca gagggtcaag acccaagaat     62220
     tgataatgcc ctgtggggtc acaacctaca tgttgagaac tgctgatagc accttctttc     62280
     tttccttgcc ttccgatcgt catttgttct ctaaatgcag ccagatgaac tttgaatgca     62340
     cacctctgcc catgttccta ctgtagttcc aaaatgtttc agttccttcc cattttcatg     62400
     taaactgacc actaccgaag ctcctattgg acccacatga gctgacacgg ggtgagctgt     62460
     gcccactaaa aatatataca ttggaagctt tagaaccaca gtgcctgatg gtgtgattcg     62520
     gtgtaattat ggtaagatgt ggtcattagg gtgaacccta agatgatatg accagtgtcc     62580
     ttaaaaggaa agactaggat acaggctgga tcagagggga tacttcctga agaccccaga     62640
     aggcagctgc ctatgattca accaatgaga aagatctcag aagaagcaag ccccattgaa     62700
     caccttgctc tcagagttct agctgccgga aatgagaacg ttcaattttt gctgttgaaa     62760
     tcacccatac tgcctgattt cataagggca accctgggaa actgacacaa ccccctttct     62820
     agcctcgact cactttgtaa ctcctgtggt cactgtattt ggtcaaggtt tcctttggct     62880
     ctctgaacta tttgtgctcc tatttgccat ggactttgct tatgtggaca ctctcaacac     62940
     cctagacagc cctttgccca cttcctattg gactggttaa ttctttccta ttttaataga     63000
     ttatttaatg tgtgtgagtg tttttcttat gcatatgtct gtttaccaca tgcatgcact     63060
     gcacacatag ggtatcagac cctctggaac tagagttatg gattcctgtg agccaccatg     63120
     tcagttttgg gaatttaacc caggtcctct gaaagaacag gcaagtgctc gtaaccagga     63180
     gtcatctctc cagcctctcc ctctcccatg tcatcctgct ttccctcgtt caagtattag     63240
     tgactgaatg ctaactctgt gctcccaggg tgatgacttt ctgagcaatt gtagtgagta     63300
     cacattgttc ttggcctcag attacagatt cccctgaatt aaatatcatt gtattgcaat     63360
     gttcctatga gagataccta ttggggagag gactcaagac ctcttaggaa aagactatct     63420
     gtgttcaata gcagatcgga atgccacaca tcaagagtta gtatagcttg gagtcttccc     63480
     cttgaagaaa aactgcttgg ttgtgaggag tgtgaaaagc ttgcagtccc agttgttaac     63540
     tactttggca gactccctgg tttttgagat gagatgctgt tctctttggg gtgcatcccc     63600
     cccatgaatg aacaaaactg tggcatagca tttctgccta acacaggata actttccttt     63660
     cttgattctg ctgcttactg ctctagcttc tccattgagg gccctgtctt ctatcttata     63720
     gaagactgtg agtgtccaca tctgtatttg ccagcattgg catagcctca tatgagacag     63780
     ctataccagg gtccgttcag caaaatcttg ctggcatatg caatagtgta tgggtttggt     63840
     ggctgattat gggatggatc cccgggtggg gtagtctctg gatagtccat cctatcgtct     63900
     tagctccaaa ctttctctgt aactcctttc atgagtattt tgttccctat tctaaggaag     63960
     aatgaagtat ccacccattg gtcttccctc ttcttttttt ttatttatta catattttcc     64020
     tcaattacat ttccaatgct atcccaaagt cccccatacc ctccccccca attccctacc     64080
     cacccattct catttttttg gccctggcat tcccctgtag tggggcatat aaagtttatg     64140
     tgtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg ctgactaggc catcttttga tacatatgta     64200
     gctagggtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt agttcataat gttattccat ctatagggtt     64260
     gcaggtccct ttacctcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct ccattgggag ccctgtgatt     64320
     catccaatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggccttgg catagtcttt     64380
     caagagacag ctatatctgg gtccttccat gggtgttttt tcccaatttt aagaaggggc     64440
     acagtgtcca cactttggtc ttcattcttc tagagtttca tgcatttggc aaattgtatc     64500
     ttatatcttg ggtatcctaa gttttgggct aatgtccact tatcagtgag tacatattgt     64560
     gtgagttcct ttgtgattgg gttacctcac tcaggatgat gccctccagg tccatccatt     64620
     tgcctaggaa tttcataaat tcattctttt taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtgtaaa     64680
     tgtaccacat tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgaggggca tctggcttct ttccagcttc     64740
     tggctattat aaataaggct gctatgaact tagtggagca tgtgtccttc ataccggttg     64800
     ggacatgttt tggatatatg cccagaagag gtattgctgg atcacccggt agtactatgt     64860
     ccaattttct aagggaaccg ccagactgat ttccagagtg gttgtacaaa cttgcaatcc     64920
     caccaacaat aaaggagtgt tcctctttct ccacatcctc gccagcatct gctgtcacct     64980
     gaaattttga tcttagccat tctgactggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt     65040
     tgcttttccc tgatgattaa ggatgttgaa catttttttc aggtgcttct ctgccattcg     65100
     gtattcctca ggtgagaatt ctttgttcaa ttctgagccc cattttgtaa tggggttatt     65160
     tgattttctg gagtccaccc tcttcagttc tttatatata ttggatatta gtcccctatc     65220
     tgatttagga taggtaaaga tcctttccca atctcttggt ggtctttttg tcttaatgac     65280
     agtatctttt gccttgcaga agctttgcag tttcatgagg tcccatttgt caattctcga     65340
     tcttacagag caagccattg ctgttctatt caggaatttt ccccctatgt ccatatcttc     65400
     gaggctttcc cccactttct cctctataag tttcagtaac tctggtttta tgtgaagttc     65460
     cctgatccac ttagatttga ccttagtaca aggagatagg aatagatcaa ttggcattat     65520
     tctacatgat aacaaccagt tgtgccagca ccatttgttg aaaatgctgt ctttcttcca     65580
     ctggatggtt ttagctccct tgttgaagac cataggtgtg tgggttcatt tctgggtctt     65640
     caattctatt ccattggtct acttgtctgt cactatacca gtaccatgcc gtttttatca     65700
     caattgctct gtagtacagc tttaggtcag ggatggtgat tccaccagag attcttttat     65760
     ccttgagaag agtttttgct atcctaggtt ttttgttatt ccagatgaat ttgcaaattg     65820
     ctctttctaa ttcgttgaag aattgagttg gaattttgat ggggattgca ttgaatctgt     65880
     agattgcttt tggcaagata gccattttta caacgttgat cctgccaatc catgagcatg     65940
     ggagatcttt ccatcttctg agatcttctt taatttcttt cttcagagac ttgaagttct     66000
     tatcatacag atcttttact tccttagtta gagtcatccc aaggtattct atattatttg     66060
     tgactattga gaagggtgtt gttttcctaa tttctttctc agcctgttta ttctttgtat     66120
     agagaaaggc cattgacttg tttgagttaa ttttatatcc agctacttca ccgaagctgt     66180
     ttatcagttt taggagttct ttggaatttt tagggtcact tatatatact atcatatcat     66240
     ctgcaaaaag tgatattttg acttcctctt ttccaatttg tatccccttg atctcctttt     66300
     gttgtcgaat tgctctggct aggacttcaa gtactatgtt gaaaaggtag ggagaaagtg     66360
     ggcagccttg tctagtccct gatttttgtg ggattgcttc aagcttctca ccatttagtt     66420
     tgatgttggc tactgatttg ctgtagattg cttttattat ggttaggtat gggccttgaa     66480
     ttcctgatct ttccaagatc tttatcatgc atgggtgttg gatctttttg aatgcttttt     66540
     ccgcatctaa cgagatgatc atgtggattt tgtctttgag tttgtttata taatggatta     66600
     ccttgatgga tttccgtata ttaaaccatc cctgcatccc tggaataaaa cctacttggt     66660
     caggatggat gattgcttta atgtgttctt ggattctgtt agcgagaatt ttattgagga     66720
     tttttgcatc tatattcata agggaaattt gtctgaagtt ctcttttttg gatctttctg     66780
     tggtttaggt atcagagtaa ttgtggcttc atagaatgag ttgggtagag tatcttctac     66840
     ttctattttg tggaatagtt tgtacagaac tggaattaga tcttctttga aggtctggta     66900
     gaactctgca ctaaacccat ctggtcctgg gcttattttg gctgggagac tattaatgac     66960
     tgcttctatt tctttagggg atatgggatt gtttagatcg ttaatttgat ggtgatttaa     67020
     ctttggtacc tggtatctgt ctagaaattt gtccatttca tccaggtttt ccagttttgt     67080
     tgagtatagc tttttgtaga aggatctgat ggtgttttgt atttcttcag gatctgttgt     67140
     tatgtctccc ttttcatttc tgatattgtt aattaggctg ttgtccctgt gccctctagt     67200
     gagtctagct aagggtttat ctatcttgtt gattttgtca aagaaccaag tcctcatttg     67260
     gttaattctt tgaatagttc ttcttgtttt cacctggttg atttcacccc ggagtttgat     67320
     tatttcctgt catctactcc tctggggtga attttcttcc ttttttttct agagctttta     67380
     gatgtgttgt caagctgcta gtgtgtgctc tttccagtct ttttggaggc actcagagct     67440
     atgagtttcc ctcttagaaa tgctttcatt gtgtcccata ggtttgggta tgttgtggct     67500
     tcattttcat taaactctaa aaagtcttta atttctttct ttattccttc cttgaccaag     67560
     ttatcattga gaagagtgtt gttctttttc cacgtgaatg ttggctttct attatttatg     67620
     ttattattga aaatcagcct tagtccatgg tgatctgata ggatgcatgg gacaatttca     67680
     atattttgta tctgttgagg cctgtttttt gatcaattat atggtcaatt ttggagaaga     67740
     tcccatgaag tgctgagaag aaggtaaatc cttttgtttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga     67800
     tatctgttaa gtccatttgt ttcataactt ctgttaggtt cactgtgtcc ttgtttagtt     67860
     tctgtttcca cgatctgtcc attgatgaaa gtggtgtgtt gaagtctccc actattattg     67920
     tgtgaggtgc aatgtgtact ttgagcttta ctaatgtgtc tttaatgaat gtggctgccc     67980
     ttgcatttgg agcatagata ttcaggattg agagttcctc ttgaaggatt ttacctttga     68040
     tgagtatgaa gtgtccctcc ttgtcttttt tgataacttt gggttggaag tcgattttat     68100
     ccgatattag aatggctact cctacttgtt tcttcagacc atttgcttgg aaaattgttt     68160
     tccagccttt cactctgagg tagtgtctgt ctttttccct gagatgggtt tcctgtaagc     68220
     agcagaatgt tgggtcctgt ttgtgtagcc attctgttag tctatgtctt tttattgtgg     68280
     aattgaatcc attgatatta agagatatta aggaagagta attgttgctt ccttttattt     68340
     ttgttgttag agttggcatt ctgttcttgt ggctgtcttc tttttggttt gttgagggat     68400
     tactttcttg ctttttctag ggcatgattt ccgtccttgt attgtttttt ttttttccct     68460
     gttattatcc tttgaagggc tggattagtg gaaagataat gtgtaaattt ggttttgtcg     68520
     tggaatactt tggtttctcc atctatggta attgagagtg tggccgggta tagtagcctg     68580
     ggctggcatt tgtgttctct tagtgtctgt attacatctg tccaggctct tctagctttc     68640
     atagtctctg gtgaaaagtc tggtgtaatt ctgataggcc tgcctttata tgttacttga     68700
     cctttctccc ttactgcttt taatattcta tctttattta gtgcatttgt tgttttgatt     68760
     attatgtgtc gggaggaatt tcttttctgg tccagtctat ttggagttct gtaggcttct     68820
     tgtaggttca tgggcatgcc attctttagg tttgggaagt tttcttctat aattttgttt     68880
     aatatatttg ctggcccttt aagttgaaaa tcttcattct catcaactcc tattatctgt     68940
     aggtttggtc ttctcattgt gtcctggatt tcctggatgt ttcgagttag gatttttctg     69000
     cattttgtat tttctttgat tgttgtaccg atgttctcta tggaatcttg tgcacccgag     69060
     attctccttc tatctcttgt attctgtttc tgatgctcgc atctatggtt ccagatttct     69120
     ttcctagggt ttctatctcc agcgttgcct cactttgggt tttctttatt gtgtctactt     69180
     ccctttttat gtctagtatg gttttgtcca tttccatcac ctgtttggat gtgttttcct     69240
     gtttttcttt aaggactttt acctgtttgg ttgtgttttc cagtttttct ttaaggtctt     69300
     ctacctgttt agctgtgttc tcctgtattt ctttaagtga gttattaaag tccttcttgt     69360
     tgtcctctac catcattatg agatatgctt ttacatccgg gtctagcttt ttgcttgtgt     69420
     tggggtgccc aggactaggt ggggtgggag tgctgcgttc tgatgatggt gagtggtctt     69480
     gattttttta gtaggattct tacatttgcc ttttgccatc tggtattctc tggagctgtg     69540
     caggatacac tcggtggggt cctggaacca agatgtctgt gcagggtaca ctcagcaggg     69600
     tcctggaacc aagatttctg ctgtggatgc tcaggcaaag cgctcccgcg ctgggcagat     69660
     ccctatcctc tggctggaaa aatggccagc tgtctgtgca ggatatacta ggcggggtcc     69720
     tggaaccgag atgtctcctg ctgatgctca ggcaaagcgc tcccatgcca gggagatccc     69780
     tatcctcaga agtcttaaga tcctgtggtg ggtgttgtgg gtagctggcg cgtgttagcc     69840
     gactctgcgc cctagctatc ctggtgctgc tgtaaatatt tctttatctg agcatttttc     69900
     ctaggtcctg gcgcaatgcc tacccctcct gcagcaaaaa gattccaggg gagcaattct     69960
     actgtctgtc tatgcctcta atgtgtggac agtctttcct aagatgattt ataattaaaa     70020
     cattccttat aaccttagtg ttgtgaaaac attgcttgta agtactgtaa tattgttgca     70080
     aggcagcaac aataggcaaa cactgattgt attagggtcc aatttctgta caaggataaa     70140
     tatatcctga caagtctgtc tttgtttcat atgcctgaat ggccacagag aactgcatta     70200
     gtgttctcat aagacaattg tgtgtggggg gggaacccac cctgcttgag aatctccaga     70260
     aactctgcta gctgttttta gtaacatatc cacaaaatcc tgaaaatgtt aatcaggagt     70320
     ctgtttgctg tgaaataaat tctcattgat atctcctttc caatcttggt ggcaggggtt     70380
     aaattttgct tctaccactg tatccaataa agcttgtgca aaaggggcag cagatccata     70440
     ctggccacag ctggttttaa tttttattac tcttgtaact attgtaatta aaaaatatgg     70500
     gtgagctaaa aatcatgact ttgcaatcaa actgcaaaat gcagcaaatg gaacactggg     70560
     aattttaacc ataattttta agtttctttt caatattaga gtataaccat aaattttgga     70620
     aagcaaaacc caattttaaa caatccattc tcttcaaaat caatatcaaa aggattactt     70680
     tcatgttatg aagtttggct aacaattctt atatatgaat gcatgacagt tcacctctta     70740
     attcttcact gaagaaacat tgttttaaat cttatctctt acaagcctag tttcttggat     70800
     aagaattaca taaaatatta acccaattta gaagtatctt tagaggcctg atttcctggg     70860
     ctggttcata ccacatgttg tttaaaaatg agtacaacac tgagttacta gttttaagct     70920
     aacattcttg ttaccagtgt cacacttttt aaatcatact caataactta taagccaaga     70980
     gttatgacca agacatgaag agcatgtttc tacctttaag accagtcaga aaccaaatga     71040
     agcagctaca cgaatctttt aagttaatac cagagaattt ttacttttct aggtataatt     71100
     tcaagagaaa aggcactttg tcatttgttg aacccaataa tcacaattgc agagattttt     71160
     ctagggaaaa aaacaactat cagcttattt gccttagaac taagaagctg ctggcccctc     71220
     taaaaaacag cttttcagca gggactctcc tgctgcactt gactccgggc taaggatgca     71280
     ggttaacttt gttcagcctc ctctgtgaaa actaagactg aatcaagaaa tgtatagcca     71340
     caggttagag ggtgcgccag agaaccggac agcttctggg acgagcagaa gcacagagcc     71400
     gctgaggcag cagcctgggc gggccgcaga caaccggcca ccatccggac cagaggacag     71460
     gtgtccgcct ggcttgggag gcggcctcag cctcagcagc agtggtcgcc atctgggttc     71520
     cgggactccg cgggacctag gaaattagtc tgaacaggtt agagggtgcg ccagagaacc     71580
     ggacagcttc tgggacgggc ggaagcacag agccgctgag gcagcagcct gggcgggccg     71640
     cagacaaccg gccaccatcc ggaccagagg acaggtgtcc gcctggctcg ggagacggcc     71700
     tcagcctcag gagcagcggt caccatcttg gttccaggac tccctggaac ttaggatttt     71760
     agtctgcaca ggtgagagtc tgcaccacag aagctgacag cttctgggaa ctgccaaagc     71820
     aacacagctt ctgagagagg ccctgttttg ggccttcttc ttcgaccagg aggaggtcca     71880
     aaaacaagat atctgcgcac cttccctgta agagagcttg ccagcagaga gtgctctgag     71940
     cactgaaact cagaggagag aatctgtctc ccaggtctgc tgagagacag taacagaatc     72000
     accagaagaa caatctctaa acagagtcaa ctataactac taactccaga gattaccaga     72060
     tggcgaaagg taaatgtagg aatcctacta acaggaacca agaccactca ccatcatcag     72120
     aacccagcac tcccacttcg cccagtccag ggcaccccaa cacacccgaa aacctagacc     72180
     tagatttaaa agcatatctc atgatgatgg tagaggacat caagaaggac tttaataaat     72240
     cacttaaaga aatacaggag aacactgcta aagagttaca agtccttaaa gaaaaacagg     72300
     aaaacacaat caaacaggta gaagtcctta cagaaaaaga ggaaaaaaca tacaaacagg     72360
     tgatggaaat caacaaaacc atactagacc taaaaaggga agtagaaaca ataaagaaaa     72420
     ctcaaagtga ggcaacactg gagatagaaa ccctaggaaa caaatctgga accatagatt     72480
     tgagcatcag caacagaata caagagatgg aagagagaat ctcaggtgca gaagatttca     72540
     tagagaacat cggcacaaca atcaaagaaa atggaaaatg caaaaagatc ctaactcaaa     72600
     atatccagga aatccaggac acaatgagaa gaccaaacct acggataata ggagtggatg     72660
     agaatgaaga ttttcaactc aaaggaccag caaacatctt caacaaaatt attgaagaaa     72720
     acttcccaaa tataaagaaa gagataccta tgaacataca agaagcctac agaactccaa     72780
     atagactgga ccagaaaaga aattcctccc gacacataat aatcagaaca acaaatgcac     72840
     taaataaaga tagaatacta aaagcggtaa gggaaaaagg tcaagtaaca tacaaaggca     72900
     agcctatcag aattacacca gacttttcac cagagactat gaaagccaga agagcctgga     72960
     cagatgttat acagacacta agagaacaca aattccagcc caggctacta tacccagcca     73020
     aactctcaat taccatagat ggagaaacca aagtattcca tgacaaaacc aaattctcac     73080
     attatctctc cacgaatcca gcccttcaaa ggttaataac agaaaaaaaa caatacaaga     73140
     acgggaacaa tgccctagaa aaaacaagaa ggtaatccct caacaaacct aaaagaagac     73200
     agccacaaga acagaatgcc aactttaaca acaaaaataa caggaagcaa caattacttt     73260
     tccttaatat ctcttaacat caatggtctc aactccccaa taaaaagaca tagactaaca     73320
     aactggctac acaaacaaga cccaacattt tgctgtttac aggagacaca tctcagagaa     73380
     aaagatagac actacctcag aataaaaggc tggaaaacaa ttttccaagc aaatggtatg     73440
     aagaaacaag ctggagtagc catcctaata tctgataaga ttgacttcca acccaaagtc     73500
     atcaaaaaag acaaggaggg gcactttgtt ctcatcaaag gtaaaatcct ccaagaggaa     73560
     ctctcaattc tgaatatcta tgcgccaaat acaagggcag ccacattcat taaagaaact     73620
     ttagtaaagc tcaaagcaca cattgcacct cacacattaa tagtgggaga tttcaacaca     73680
     ccactttcac caatggacag atcatggaaa cagaaactaa acagggacac actgaaagta     73740
     acagaagtga tgaaacaaat ggatctgaca gatatctaca gaacatttta tcctaaaaca     73800
     aaaggatata ccttcttctc agcacctcat ggtaccttct ccaaaactga ccacataata     73860
     ggtcacaaaa caggcctcaa cagattcaaa aatattgaaa ttgtcccatg tatcctatca     73920
     gatcaccatg cactaaggct gatcttcaat aacaaaaaaa ataacagaaa gccaacactc     73980
     acgtggaaac tgaacaacac tcttctcaat gataccttgg tcaaggaagg aataaagaaa     74040
     gaaattaaag actttttaga gtttaatgaa aatgaagcca caacgtaccc aaacctttgg     74100
     gacacaatga aagcatttct aagagggaaa ctcatagctc tgagtgcctc catgaagaaa     74160
     cgggagagag cacatactag cagcttgaca acacatctaa aagctctaga aaaaaaggaa     74220
     gcaaattcac ccaagaggag tagacggcag gaaataatca aactcagggg tgaaatcaac     74280
     caagtggaaa caagaagaac tattcaaaga attaaccaaa cgaggagttg gttctttgag     74340
     aaaatcaaca agatagataa acccttagct agactcacta gagggcacag agacaaaatc     74400
     ctaattaaca aaatcagaac tgaaaaggga gacataacaa cagatcctga agaaatccaa     74460
     aacaccatca gatccttcta caaaaggcta tactcaacaa aactggaaaa cctggacgaa     74520
     atggacaaat ttctggacag ataccaggta ccaaagttga atcaggatca agttgacctt     74580
     ctaaacagtc ccatatcccc taaagaaata gaagcagtta taaatagtct cccagccaaa     74640
     aaaagcccag gaccagacgg gtttagtgca gagttctatc agaccttcaa agaagatcta     74700
     attccagttc tgcacaaact ttttcacaag atagaagtag aaagtactct acccaactca     74760
     ttttatgaag ccactattac tctgatacct aaaccacaga aagatccaac aaagatagag     74820
     aacttcagac caatttctct tatgaatatc gatgcaaaaa tcctcaataa aattctcgct     74880
     aaccgaatcc aagaacacat taaagcaatc atccatcctg accaagtagg ttttattcca     74940
     ggaatgcagg gatggtttaa tatacgaaaa tccatcaatg taatccacta tataaacaaa     75000
     ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctcg ttggatgcag aaaaagcatt tgacaagatc     75060
     caacacccat tcatgataaa agttctggaa agatcaggaa ttcaaggccc atacctaaac     75120
     atgataaaag caatctacag caaaccagta gccaacatca aagtaaatgg agagaagctg     75180
     gaagcaatcc cacaaaaatc agggactaga caaggctgcc cactttctcc ctaccttttc     75240
     aacatagtac ttgaagtatt agccagagca attcgacaac aaaaggagat caaggggata     75300
     caaattggaa aggaggaagt caaaatatca ctttttgcag atgatatgat acaacaccct     75360
     tctcaatagt cacaaataat ataaaatatc ttggcgtgac tctaactaag gaagtgaaag     75420
     atctgtatga taaaaacttc aagtctctga agaaagaaat taaagaagat ctcagaagat     75480
     ggaaagatct cccatgctca tggattggca ggatcaatat tgtaaaaatg gctatcttgc     75540
     caaaagcaat ctacagattc aatgcaatcc ccatcaaaat tccaactcaa ttcttcaacg     75600
     aattagaagg agcaatttgc aaattcatct ggaataacaa aaaacctagg atagcaaaaa     75660
     ctcttctcaa ggataaaaga acctctggtg gaatcaccat gcctgaccta aagctttact     75720
     acagagcaat tgtggtaaaa actgcatggt actggtatag agacagacaa gtagaccaat     75780
     ggaatagaat tgaagaccca gaaatgaacc cacacaccta tggtcacttg atcttcgaca     75840
     agggagctaa aaccatccag tggaagaaag acagcatttt caacaaatgg tgctggcaca     75900
     actggtggtt atcatgtaga agaatgcgaa tcgatccata cttatctcct tgtactaagg     75960
     tcaaatctaa atggatcaaa gaacttcaca taaaaccaga gacactgaaa cttatagagg     76020
     agaaagtggg gaaaagcctt gaagatatgg gcacagggga aaaattcctg aacagaacag     76080
     caatggcttg tgctgtaaga tcgagaattg acaaatggga cctaatgaaa ctccaaagtt     76140
     tctgcaaggc aaaagacacc gtcaataaga caaagagacc accaacagat tgggaaagga     76200
     tctttaccta tcctaaatca gataggggac taatatccaa catatataaa gaactcaaga     76260
     aggtggactt cagaaaatca aacaacccca ttaaaaaatg gggctcagaa ctgaacaaag     76320
     aattctcacc tgaggaatac cgaatggcag agaagcacct gaaaaaatgt tcaacatcct     76380
     taatcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt ccacctcaca ccagtcagaa     76440
     tgtctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagca gatgctggcg aggatgtgga gaaagaggaa     76500
     cactcctcca ttgttggtgg gattgcaggc ttgtacaacc actctggaaa tccgtctggc     76560
     ggttcctcag aaaattggac atagtactac cggaggatcc agcaatacct ctcctgggca     76620
     tatatccaga agatgcccca actggtaaga aggacacatg ctccactatg ttcatagcag     76680
     ccttatttat aatagccaga agctggaaag aacccagatg cccctcaaca gaggaatgga     76740
     tacagaaaat gtggtacatc tacacaatgg agtactactc agcaattaaa aagaatgaat     76800
     ttatgaaatt cctagccaaa tggatggacc tggagggcat catcctgagt gaggtaacac     76860
     attcacaaag gaactcacac aatatgtact cactgataag tggatattag cccaaaacct     76920
     aggataccca agatataaga tacaatttgc taaacacatg aaactcaaga agaatgaaga     76980
     ctgaagtgtg gacactatgc ccctccttag aagtgggaac aaaacaccct tggaaggagt     77040
     tacagagaca aagtttggag ctgagatgaa aggatggacc atgtagagac tgccttatcc     77100
     agggatccac cccataatca gcatccaaac gctgacacca ttgcatacac tagcaagatt     77160
     ttatcgaaag gacccagatg tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgccggggc ctagcaaaca     77220
     cagaagtgga tgcccacagt cagctaatgg atggattaca gggctcccaa tggaggagct     77280
     agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta taggtggatc aacattatga     77340
     actaaccagt accccggagc tcttgacttt agctgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt     77400
     cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acacacaaac tttatatgcc ccagaacagg     77460
     ggaatgcccg ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg cgggtagggg agtgggggtg ggtgggtatg     77520
     ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa atacctaata aaaaatggaa     77580
     agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaaagctg aaaggttggg cagtggtggc gctcgccttt     77640
     aatcccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaagc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct     77700
     gcaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctca aaaaaccaaa     77760
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagctgaaa gagggatgct     77820
     gttttagttt aaggtttcta ttgctgtgat gaaacaccat gaccaaagca acctgggaag     77880
     cagagagttt attttagctt actcttccat attactgttc atcatcaatg gaagtcagga     77940
     cagggtggga aactggaagc aaaagctaat atagaggctg ttggcatcag ggcccctgaa     78000
     acctgtgaca tcacataggc aggacctaca gacctgttgc caagacaaca gccaccatac     78060
     tctcagaatc cacttagctc acctcccacc tttacctgcg ttatgccatt attcatatat     78120
     atggaacacc cctccctccc tctctctctt ccccccttct ctttctgcca ccaccttcct     78180
     tgcccctctc tctcccaata aaccttttac acatggaaaa aaaaaaaaga aatgtatagc     78240
     cagaagataa agttttaacc attttttttc tttccaacat gaaacataga acaacagtaa     78300
     ttccgacaac aaaacaaaag agacatgagt tgacacgtgg acatattggt gcaccaaaca     78360
     cagacaatgc agagagggta gaaaatttga tgtgaccaga actaaggata tctcctgatg     78420
     tccttctgtc tctgggagag ctctaaaata tattttcctc ctctatctct ctctctctcc     78480
     catgtcattt gtatatatag cacctacctc ccttttttgt gagtatattt tacttatttt     78540
     attttattat tttgagccct actacttttc cctgatgcaa tccttttctt ttcttttctt     78600
     ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttccttttcc ttttcctttt     78660
     ccttttcctt ttccttttcc ttttcctttt ccttttcctt ttccttttcc ttttcctttt     78720
     cctttccttt cctttccttt ccttttcttt cctttccttt ggtttggttt ggtttggttt     78780
     ggtttggttt ggtttttcca cacagggttt ccctgtatag ccctggctgt ccaggaactc     78840
     attttgtagg caaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc tgctgctgcc tcccaagtgc     78900
     tgggattaaa ggcatgtgcc aacactgccc ggccctgatg cagtacttga ctgtgtacaa     78960
     atgccttttt agaatttcct agtcacattt tccactgtca acccctaact gatatcagtg     79020
     ttgggacaac tcttactcag tctagcctgt atcctttttt cacaattgca atcaacagcc     79080
     ttcaaaagat aaaacttaca gcactaacat gcttaatgct atatattgct taccatgcat     79140
     gataccacct tccgttttct gtggagcccc accaaatcag tgtccctcgg tcattctttc     79200
     catattcagg actcttgttc cagtgacaac tatacctgat agcagcgact ggttattggg     79260
     ttcctgaaaa gagaactggg gatgaatggg aaggacagca agtgaaataa caagccaaga     79320
     caaagttctc tgatcaaggc tcaatcttta atgtatggaa ctgaatatat atgggaaaac     79380
     ccaagggccc atccctttgt ttcacctggg ttctgttgct tggttcaatt agattgagtt     79440
     gcaaagtagg ctctttagga gctcagtggg tgggcagttc tcagttctct ggcaggtaga     79500
     tataattgta gaagactaag acatgtagct ccagtgttgc agacttgatc atccagctca     79560
     aggttgggtg ggggttgtgg ggggtcacac tctgacactg tcacagcagg tgtttcagaa     79620
     ctgatgttga gccagggtcc acagtatgta ctataactct gactgcttga gaggcaacag     79680
     aatatttcct ctctgggaca ttaataaaat aagcctgttt tcattgatgt tcttcttgta     79740
     cccaaataca ccctggcatc atataagtgt cttgaatgtg tccacaggct ttctgaatgc     79800
     gttatttgtt taatttgttg agtgtgagac acaggtcaag ggcattaaat cattttccta     79860
     ttagtttcaa aaatgctact tagttacaaa ccggctgttt gttggttaca ggtaaacttc     79920
     ttaaaaccct aacccgcaca ctttgtctag tcatttcttg actccttcag cttttcagtc     79980
     acatgaacag tctacacatg ctaaggagtg ttaacatgct tagtgacaag gaaggtgcct     80040
     gagctgaagt cgggagtgga aggaactcat tgttgctttc tgttgtagaa gcaacttcta     80100
     gttcattact agaaaagcaa tagtccatag cagatgaggt gctacaaccc ataatcccag     80160
     cgttcaggaa gctggagcag gaggattgcc acagatctaa gaccattcag aagctcagtg     80220
     taagctcaag tccagtgcag atctcacatt aaatagctgg tcagggctgc ttttaacccc     80280
     accactgggt agatggtgga gaatggagga ttgctgggac tggtggacat ccagcctatc     80340
     tgaaacacac taattcccag attcagaggg agacccttac tcgaggggat gatgtaaaaa     80400
     tagatagagg gagacaattg atgtcctgtg ctgatttctg catatatttt caaaagcatt     80460
     agtgtgttca caggtgtgca cataccatta tcaatgaaaa atggaagagg gtggaaagaa     80520
     gaggaagagg aggaggagga agggaaggag gaggaggaag agaaggagga agaggagggg     80580
     gaagaggagg aggagggaga ggaggaggag aagggaggga agaatgtgat aatcccctag     80640
     tagagcatcc accaaacact tgtagaccaa gagacagcct gttgtcatgc ctcattcaat     80700
     cttggaccac accaactact cttattttaa agagacccat gtgaagtttc tttgctagta     80760
     cctgccagtc tgacatgtct ggaactctat agcactatta ctcctctttc cctatttaac     80820
     catcccccct aaattgtaaa aacatcctga cctctgtagt ggagtcaaga acaaaggctc     80880
     ctgagttaga gagtcttggg tttaaatcta agttctcatg tttactgatt atatgtcctt     80940
     atacagttac ttaatatttc tgagtcttac taatactgtg ataagaagaa ttaaatagta     81000
     cataccatat aaaactgatt caaagttgaa gtgaagcata tcgagtactt gcctcattct     81060
     tgaattcttt atttcctcac atcaaacagt agtttatgtt tctagttcaa gggtaaatga     81120
     aatgtcaact gatacaaaat atgtttccaa tgtagctgta tgattttgga agaatgattt     81180
     ttggcaagat ttgtacttgg acctccatca gcaaatatga ctttgcacaa tagttatgtt     81240
     tttcattaat gatgaaatta tgtccagtct gttgaattcc aatgttttca aagttaaaca     81300
     gttgatgcaa cctggctact gacaacagtt aggattctga ggtcagtgct atctgtttaa     81360
     aggttgaaga cttttgggag gctacagcta ttagcttagc cttggcagat ttttcttgat     81420
     aatctttttt ctttttaatt ttcttttttt ttattatgta ttttcctcaa ttacatttcc     81480
     aacgctatcc caaaagttcc ccataccctc cccccaattc ccctacccac ccattcccac     81540
     ttttcggccc tggcgtttcc ctgtattggg gcatataaag tttgcctgtc caatgggcct     81600
     ctctttccag tgatggctta ccaggccatc ttttgttaca tatgcagcta gagtcaagag     81660
     ctccggggta ttggttagtt cataatgtgg ttgcacctac agggttgcag atatctttag     81720
     ctccttggtt actttctcta gctcctccat tggtgctctg tgatccatcg aatagctgac     81780
     tgtgagcatc cacttctgtg tttgctaggc cttgacctag tctcacaaga gacagttata     81840
     tcagggtcct ttcagcaaac gtttgctagt gtatgcaatg gtgccatcgt ttggaggcta     81900
     attatgggat ggatccctgg atatggcagt ctctagatgt ttcatccttt tgtctcagct     81960
     ccaaactttg actctgtaac tccttccatg ggtgattgtt tccaattcta agaaggggca     82020
     aactgtccac actttggtct tcgttctcct tcagtttcat gtgttttaca aattgtctct     82080
     tatatctcgg gtatactaag tttctgggct aatatccact tatcagtgag tacatatcat     82140
     ttgagttctt ttgtgattgt gttacctcac tcaggatgat gccctccatg cccaaccatt     82200
     tgcctaggaa tttcataaat tcattctttt taattgctga gtagtactcc attgtgtaaa     82260
     tgtaccacat tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgaagggca tctggcttct ttccagcttc     82320
     tggctattat aaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtatccttc ttaccggttg     82380
     ggacatattc tggatatatg cccaggagag gtattgcggg atcctctggt agtactatgt     82440
     ccaattttct gaggaaccgc cagactgatt ttaagagtgg ttgtacaaac ttgcaatccc     82500
     accaacaata aaggagtgtt cctctttctc cacgtcctcg ccagaatctg ctgtcacctg     82560
     aattttttga tcttagccat tctgaatggt gtgaagtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt     82620
     tgcatttctc tgatgattaa ggatgctgtg cattttttca ggtgtttctc agccattcgg     82680
     tattcctcag gtgagaattc tttgtttagc tctgagcccc attttttaaa tggggttatt     82740
     tgattttctg gagtccacct tcttgagttc tttatatata ttggatatta gtcccctatt     82800
     tgatttagga tgggtaaaga tcctttccca atctgttggt ggcctttttg tcttattgat     82860
     ggtgtctttt gccttgtaga agctttgcag tttcatgagg ccccatttgt caattctcga     82920
     tcttacagca ctagctattg ctgttctatt caggaatttt tcccctgtcc catatcttcg     82980
     agactttctc ccactttctc ctctataagt ttcagtgttt ctggctttat gtggagttcc     83040
     ctgatccact tagatttgac cttagtacaa ggagatagga atagatcaat tggcattatt     83100
     ctacatgata acaaccagtt gtgccagcac catttgttga aaatgctgtc tttcttccac     83160
     tggacggttt tagctccctt gtcaaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtatgg gttcatttct     83220
     gggtcttcaa ttctattcca ttgttctact tgtctgtcac tataccagta ccatgtagtt     83280
     tttatcacaa ttgctctgta gtaaagcttt aggtcaggga tggtgattcc accagagatt     83340
     cttttatcct tgagaagagt ttttgctatc ctaggttttt tgttattcca gatgaatttg     83400
     cagattgctc tttctaattc gttgaagaat tgagttggaa ttttgatggg gattgcattg     83460
     aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg caagatagcc atttttacaa cgttgatcct gccaatccat     83520
     gagcatggga gatctttcca tcttctgaga tcttctttaa tttctttctt cagagacttg     83580
     aagttcttat catacagatc ttttacttcc ttagttagag tcatcccaag gtattctata     83640
     ttatttgtga ctattgagaa gggtgttgtt tccctaattt ctttctcagc ctgtttattc     83700
     tttgtataga gaaaggccat tgacttgttt gagttaatct tataaccagc tacttcactg     83760
     aagctgttta tcaggtttag gagttctttg gtggaatttt tagggtcact tatatatact     83820
     atcatatcat ctgcaaaaag tgatattttg acttcctctt ttccaatttg tatccccttc     83880
     atctcctttt gttgtcgaat tgctctggct aggacttcaa gtactatatt gaagaggtag     83940
     ggagaaagtg ggcagcttta tctagtccct gatttttgtg ggattggttc cagcttctca     84000
     ccatttactt tgatgttggc tacttgtttg ctgtagattg cttttatcat gtttagatac     84060
     agtccttgaa ttccttatct ttccaagact tttatcatga atgggtgtgg gatcttttca     84120
     aatgctttct ctgcatctaa cgagatgatc atgtgggttt tgtctttgag tttgtttata     84180
     taatggatta ccttgatgga tttccgtata ttaaaccatc cctgcatccc tggaataaaa     84240
     cctacttggt caggatggat gattgcttta atgtgttctt agattcggtt agcgagaaat     84300
     tttattgagt atttttgcat cgatattcat aagggaaatt tatctgaagt tctctttgtt     84360
     ggatctttct gtggtttagg tatcagagta attgtggctt catagaatga gttgggtaga     84420
     gtaccttcta cttctatttt gtgcaatagt ttgtgcagaa ctggaattag atcttctttg     84480
     aaggtctgat agaactctgc actaaaccca tctggtcctg ggcttttttt ggctgggaga     84540
     ctattaatga ctgcttctat ttctttaggg gatatgggat tgtttagatc ggtaacttga     84600
     tcctggttta actttggtac ctggtatctg tctagaagtt tgtccatttt gtccagggtt     84660
     tccagttttg ttgagtatag acttttgtag aagcatctga tggtgttttg gatttcttca     84720
     ggatctgttg ttatgtctcc cttttcattt ctgattttgt taattaggat gctgtccctg     84780
     ttccctctag tgagtctagc taagggttta tctatcttct tgattttctc aaagaaccaa     84840
     ctcctcattt ggttaattct ttgaatagtt cttcttgttt ccacctggtt gatttcaccc     84900
     ctgagtttga ttatttcctg ctttctattc ctcttgggtg aatttgcttc ctttttttct     84960
     agagcattta gatttgttgt caagctgcta gtgtgtgctc tctctatttt ctttttggag     85020
     gcacccagag ctttcattgt gtcccatagg tttgggtatg ttgtggcttc attttcatca     85080
     aactctaaaa agtctttaat ttcttttttt attccttcct tgaccaaggt atcattgaga     85140
     aagagtgttg ttcagtttcc acatgaatgt tggctttcta ttatttatgt tgctattgaa     85200
     gatcagcctt agttcatggt gatctgatag gatgcatggg acgatttcaa tatttttgta     85260
     tctgttgagg cccattttgt gaccaattat atggtcaatt ttggagaagg taccgtgagg     85320
     tgctgagaag aaggtatatc cttttgtttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga tatctgttaa     85380
     gtccatttgt ttcataactt ctgttagttt cactgtgtcc ctgtttagtt tctgtttcca     85440
     cgatctgtcc attgatgaaa gtggtgtgtt gaagtctccc actataattg tgtgaggtgc     85500
     aatgtgtact ttgagcttca ctaaagtgtc tttaatgaat gtggctgccc ttgcatttgg     85560
     agcatagata ttcagatttg agagttcctc ttggaggatt ttacctttga tgagtatgaa     85620
     gtgtccctcc ttgtcttctt tgataacttc gggtggaagt cgattttagt cgatattaga     85680
     atggctactc ccaacggagg agctagagaa agtagccaag gagctaaagg gatctgcaac     85740
     cctataggtg gaacaacatt atgaactaac cagtaccccg gagctcttga ctctagctgc     85800
     atatatatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca tcactggaaa gagaggccca ttggacttgc     85860
     aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaaca ccagggccta aaagggggag tgggtgggca     85920
     ggggagtggg ggtgggtgga tatgggggac ttttggtata gcattggaaa tgtaaatgag     85980
     ctaaatacct aataaaaaat ggaaaaaaaa aaaaagaatg gctactccag gttgtttctt     86040
     cagagcattt gcttggaaaa ttgttttcca gtctttcact ctgatctagt gtctctttcc     86100
     ctgagatggg ttttctgtaa acagcagaat gttgggtcct gtttgtgtag ccagtctgtt     86160
     aatctatgtc tttttattgg ggaattgagt ccattgatat taagagataa taaggaaaag     86220
     taattgttgc ttccttttat ttttgttgtt agagttggca ttctgttctc gtgggtgtct     86280
     tctttttggt ttgttgaggg attacttttt tgctttttct agggcatgat ttccgtcctt     86340
     gttttttttt tttctcctgt tattatcctt tgaagggctg gattcataga aagataatgt     86400
     gtgaatttgg ttttgtcgtg gaatactttg gtttctccat ctatggttat ttagagtttg     86460
     actgggtata ttagcctgga ctggcatttg tgttctctta gtgtctgtat aacatctgtc     86520
     caggctcttc tggctttcat agtctctggt gaaaagtctg gtgtaattct gataggcctg     86580
     cctttatatg ttacttgacc tttctccctt actgctttta atattctatc tttatttagt     86640
     gcatttgttg ttttgattat tatgtgtcgg gaggaatttc ttttctggtc cagtctattt     86700
     ggagttctgt aggcttcttg taggttcatg ggcatgccat tctttaggtt tggggagttt     86760
     tcttctataa ttttgtttaa tatatttgct ggccctttaa gttgaaaatc ttcattctca     86820
     tcaactccta ttatccgtag gtttggtctt ctcattgtgt cctggatttc ctggatgttt     86880
     tgagttagga tctttttgca ttttgtattt tctttgattg ttgtgccgat gttctctatg     86940
     aaatcttctg cacctgagat tctctcttcc atctcttgta ttctgttgct gatgattgca     87000
     tctatggttt cagatttctt tcctagagtt tctatatcca gcgttgcctc gctttgggtt     87060
     ttctgtgttg tgtctacttc cctttttatg tcttggatgg ttttattcaa ttccatcacc     87120
     tgtttggttg tgttttcctg caattcttta aggaattctt gtgtttcctc tttaaggtct     87180
     tctacctgtt tagctgtgtt ctcctgtatt tctttaagtg agttattaaa gtcctttttg     87240
     atgtcctcta ccatcatcat gagatattct tttaaatccg ggtcttgctt tttgggtgtg     87300
     ttggtgtgcc caagactagg tggggtggga gtgctgcgtt ctgatgatgg tgagtggttt     87360
     tgatttctgt tagtaggatt cttacatttg cctttcacca tctggtaatc tctgaagcta     87420
     tttgttatag ttgtctctgg ttagggcttg ttcctcaggt gactctgtta gcctctatca     87480
     gcagacctgg gagactagct ctctctttag cttcagtggt cagagtattc tctgcaggca     87540
     agctctcttc ttgcacggaa ggtgcccaga tatttggtgt tctaacctgc ctcctggcag     87600
     aggttgtgtt ccactcacca gaggtcttaa gctcccgtgg agggtcctgt gaggactttg     87660
     ggggtgtccg gaaactccgt gagcaaggaa ctgctggagt ggactggaag gaacttgaga     87720
     ccctgatcag gcctggtttt ctgcttccct agttaatgca gtctcaggtc cagtgcgatt     87780
     ggattggagc acatgcggtg ttccactcac cagaggtctt aggatcccga gggggatcct     87840
     gtatgggtcc ttgcgggtgt ccggagactc agcgggcaag gcaccctggt gctggagtgg     87900
     accagaaggg acttgtgcaa agatcaggcc gggttatctg cttccctagt taatgtagtc     87960
     tcatgtcccg tgcgattgga ttggagcaga tgctgtgctc cactctccag aggtcttagg     88020
     atcccgaggg ggatactgtg tgggtccttg cgggtgtctg gagactccgc gggcaaggca     88080
     ccccagtgtt tattttggag agtttggaaa atttaagtat ttgtactata ccatagatac     88140
     atagtcaaga tttcaatggt caactgcttg aagttctgaa aaggatgaat agcttcagag     88200
     tttcattcca tcatcaaagt gggagcatgg caggatccag acaggcatat tgccggagga     88260
     gctgagagtt atacaacttc atttgaaggc tgctacgaga agactcaaca tttaacaggt     88320
     tttttgtttg tttgtttttg ataatctttt ttctttttaa tttaagattc attattttta     88380
     tgtgtatgtt cctgaaagtg tttatatgca ccacatgtgc acaggaggag gccacagggg     88440
     tcaaaagaaa gtatgtgatt tcatgttact gaatttagag tcagttgtgg gatgccacat     88500
     gggtgctgat aattgaacct gggtcctcag caagaacaag tttcaaagaa tatgaatcct     88560
     ttttctgact tccactgcac caggcctgtg catggtactc aggtacacat gcaaaaccaa     88620
     tgctcattaa catgaaaaaa ataaatgaat cttttgcaaa aattgagtaa ctcaacttct     88680
     tccacactca agtcataaaa caaagattct ttacatcttt gactttctag tgtcagtccc     88740
     caccccctcc aaactgactt tctgattaca agcaagatcc aaagttgcat ctagttccag     88800
     atggcagctc tgtaaaacat tcactgttct cgtgggaata tgtattgtga aatgtaagat     88860
     tacgaaatca atctttaggt gatgagattg ccaagtttga aaagggcagg aacagtcctt     88920
     ggcctatcat caataagtga gaaaacattc cacaaagcct gactgagcta aaggagaccc     88980
     atatggggaa aaaaagccca ctgaaaccag agagtatata aggacaagca aaggagctga     89040
     ggagtggagt gtaggcacca taacctgaaa gacgtggtcc tgaaaggaag acaattctat     89100
     tccctaccaa aatgaagctg ttgctgctgc tgctgtgttt gggactgact atagtctgta     89160
     tccaggcaga agaatatagt tctatgggaa ggaactttaa tgtagaacag gtaggatcag     89220
     tgaaaagtaa ttcagaatgg gctttggatt agccttgaag ccaagtgggt cctttgaggg     89280
     gatgggcata gtgccccaat ctattagaaa aatgaatgat ttcagacctt gaagtaagac     89340
     taggtattca tatgtaacaa agtttgggga cctctggttt cactgagagg cagggacagt     89400
     atgctaagta ttttgacaac tggaatgaga tctacacttg tgtatggtca ggccctaacc     89460
     catagtgagg agttcaagta gaaactggag gtttccctgc cccttctctc ttaaacattt     89520
     gcttatctct tacagattag cgggtattgg ttttctattg ctgaagcctc tgatgaaaga     89580
     gaaaagatag aagaacatgg cagcatgaga gcttttgtgg aaaacatcac tgtcttggag     89640
     aattccttag tctttaaatt ccattttatg taagtgagat gctcttggct gagaaagagg     89700
     aaatgaaaac cttgtatggt atcatgccta caaacacaca tgggattgca gagagataac     89760
     tctcagtatg cacatgtgca cacacatact gagcctgtat ccaaaactag aatgcaccat     89820
     gtgacactga accaagatct cataaccagg ggttttataa aagtcagaaa caagggttgg     89880
     tgacaagaat taattcacta ggagttcgat aaggaacgat cagagacact gctgaaacca     89940
     cattaatgag acagtatatc acaatttaag attatgtgaa catgaattaa aattttctta     90000
     ctagttgtta gtcaaagaca tccaccccat tctacttgca ttttcctgca gtaaaggagg     90060
     taataataat tctcctctga ggataaggga gccacatcag gcaacattac agtgtgctga     90120
     ttcaaagcag atggtggata tctggctgat aatcgacacc actggctgaa tcacagcact     90180
     ggtgaatctt ggaagtagtt gcagttgtaa tagggatgag aggtgattgt cgttttcttt     90240
     tttaaaataa taggcaaatt tgagattgct aaaatatctg atataaatga aataacgtaa     90300
     acaaaagcct tttgctaatt ttacaaatat agtcaaaagt aaaatggaat cagaaactgg     90360
     agatatatat agtgtagatg gtcaagaagc cagccagatc aaaatccctt acacaaaaga     90420
     tcactctgtt ttacagtgta aatgaagagt gcaccgaaat gactttgatt ggtgaagaaa     90480
     cagaaaaggc tggcatatat tatttgaact gtaagtatat aaaaagtata tatatctatt     90540
     cataaggagt taagtaaacc ttaataactt tatcctctct gtctctctgt ctctctctgt     90600
     ctctctctgt ctctctgtct ctctgtctct ctgtctctgt ctctctgtct ctctctgtct     90660
     ctctgtctct ctgtctctct ctctctctct ctgtgttttt tttttgctgg ggtttgaatt     90720
     caggaactta cacttactag tcaaatgggg gccatctaat atctaatacc ctgtcacaag     90780
     caagtggaat aaataggggg gggggagatg gaatctatat gatactgccc agttgctggc     90840
     acaggtgcat atcactcagg gtatagcagt agacatttga tacagcaagc ttataaaaga     90900
     tagaaacatg ttgcatgaag ctgctgaggg aggtagataa tcctaggaga tgatgagaga     90960
     gtggtgctcc tgtacctgac agttcactag tggtctgaaa cactcagagt cgctattctt     91020
     agaagttcct tcttgaagtt cataaagtta cagacagtaa acatcagaca attcacccat     91080
     ctcttccagg atctgtattt taatgatttt atgtttgggg tagaacaaga aaaggttttc     91140
     catcatttcc tgcacaacaa aaaatttctg agaatttcca tttcctccac agatgatgga     91200
     ttcaatacat ttactatact taagacagac tatgataatt atattatgat ttatctcatt     91260
     aacgaaaaag atggggaaac cttccagctg atggagctct atggtaaagt attatcacac     91320
     agacaaagtt cttgtggtag gaaaagaaga aagaacttct agctttaata tggtcttccc     91380
     agcttgttcc tgcctctttc tcacctcctg aagattggtg ctcaccatca tccctcgagc     91440
     atagtgatgg aaacactctg aaatctctca gtgtgacaga aggatattct atggatacca     91500
     aatccagaat agatcatatc catgcctgtc aatcatgtgg ccaaccattt tcccatcctt     91560
     atgtggaagc ccctgtcccc tcactcaggc tgtggtcaat gcacagtata cagctgctac     91620
     actcactgtt actcttctca caggccgaga accagatttg agtttagaca tcaaggaaaa     91680
     gtttgcaaaa ctatgcgagg agcatggaat cattagagaa aatatcattg acctaaccaa     91740
     cgtcagtaag tcatgactca ttttttttct tatcctgaat attttatcat acaagaaaca     91800
     aaaccaattg gctatcagtc gtttgttgaa cgctggagag tcctacactt tctcttgggg     91860
     aaataaagtg gacctggtac ctgaacatgt tcttgttctc acactacaga tcgctgcctc     91920
     gaggcccgag aatgaagaat ggcctaagcc tccaggtggg caatatccaa tgagagcaag     91980
     gagcaggttg gtggtcatgg agaggccctt ccaaatgcat tattgtgccc ccaaattaca     92040
     ataaaaatgt ttgataagga atctttgagg acagcttgta aattgccttt aaattatctg     92100
     gatttgtgat ctagtcctac tttgagcttg gaagtaaagt gacacaagca cgtaggcaag     92160
     aaaagaagga tttgagtttt acatagttgc tgtatggttg tgtaaaaaag gctcaggaat     92220
     gggttcaata ttattaacag acagagtagc aggatgtgtt atcggtgctc ttcagtgtct     92280
     gtggtccccc ttcatcccac tcagaatcag ataaattatc taaacagtcc cacaatcccc     92340
     aaagaagcag tcattaatag tctcccaacc aaaacagccc aggacctgag gggtttagtg     92400
     caaagttcta tcaaaacttc aaagaagacc taaaaccaat actccttaaa atagtccaaa     92460
     agatagaaac agaaggaaca ctacccaatt tgctccacag agccacagtt atgttgatat     92520
     ttgaaacaca aagaaccaac aaagaaagag aaattcaggc caatattcct tatgattatt     92580
     gatgcaaaaa tactcaataa aattcttgaa aacctaatcc aagaacacat caaaatcatc     92640
     aacattcacg atcaagtagg cttcatccca ggaatgcagg gatggttcat tatatggaat     92700
     tccatcaatg taatacacta cataaacaaa ctgaaatgaa aaaatacaca tgatcatttc     92760
     attagatgct gagaaagcac ttgacaaagt ccaatacccc ctttattata aagtcttaga     92820
     aagatcagga attaaaggcc catacctaaa catagtaaaa gcaatatact gcaagccagt     92880
     agccaacgtt aaacaaatgg agagagacct gaagcaatcc cactgaaatc agatgagaca     92940
     aggctcccct ttctctctac ctacctattc aatatagtac tccaagtcat agccagggca     93000
     attagacaac aaaaggatat caaagggatg caaattggaa agaaacaagt gaaaatacca     93060
     cttttcacag atgatatggg agtatacttc attgaaccca aatattcaac cagaaaattc     93120
     ctaccctgat aaacaagttc agcaaagtgg ctggatataa aattaactaa aacaaatcag     93180
     tggcctttct ctactcaaag gaaaaacagg ctgagaaaga aaggagggaa acaacaccct     93240
     tcacaatggt cacaaaatat aaaatatctt ggagtgactc taactaagca agtgaaagat     93300
     ctgtatgaca agaacttcaa ttatctgaag aaagaaatca aagatctcag aagatggaaa     93360
     gatcctccat gctcatgaat tggcaggatt aatatagtaa aaatggacat cttgccaaaa     93420
     ctaatctaca gagtcaatgc aatctccatc aaaattccaa ctcaattctt catagagtta     93480
     gaaagagcaa tttgcaaatt catctgtaat aacaaaaacc taggatagca aaaactattc     93540
     tcaacaataa gagaatttct gtgggaatca acatctctga cctcaagctg gactagagag     93600
     caattgtgat taaaaactgt atggtagtgg tacagtgaca ggcaggtaga tcaatggaat     93660
     ataattgaag acccagaaat gaacccacac acctatggtc acttgatcta tgacaaaaga     93720
     gctagaccat ccagtgtaaa agacagcatt ttcaacaaat ggtgctggtt caatatgcag     93780
     ttagcatgtc gaagaatgca aacaaatcca ttcttatcta cttcaaagct caagtccaag     93840
     tggatcaagg acctccacat aaaactagat acactgaaac taatagaaaa gaagtaggga     93900
     agagcctcaa gcacatgagc acactggaaa atttcctgaa tagaataccc atagcttatg     93960
     ctttaagatc aaaaattgac aaatgggacc tcatgcaatt gcaaatcttt tgtaagaaaa     94020
     atgacactgt caataggaca aaacagcaac caatacattg ggaaaagatc tttaccaaca     94080
     ctttaactta tagagtgcta atattcaata tatacacaga aatcaaggag ttagtcttca     94140
     gagaagcaaa taaccctatt caaaatgggg tacagaggta aaaaagaatt ctcaagtgag     94200
     gaataccaaa tggctgagaa gcacttaaag aaatgttcaa cacccttagt catcagtgaa     94260
     atgcaaatca aaacaaccct gaaattctca caacattcag aatggctaat atataaaatt     94320
     caggtgacag cagatgtaga gaaagaggaa cactcctcaa ttgcttgtgg gatttcaaac     94380
     tggtacaacc actctgaaac tcactctgga agtttctcag aaaactggac atagtattat     94440
     ctgaggactc agctataata ctattcggca tatacccaaa agaggctcca acatataact     94500
     aggacacatg ttccactatg ttcataacag ccttatttat aatagaagct gaaaagaacc     94560
     cataagtccc tcaacagagc aatggatgca gaaaatgtgg tacatttata cattggagta     94620
     ctactcagct atttaaaaaa tgaatttatg aaatttttag ggaaatggtt ggaactagaa     94680
     aatatcctaa gtgaggtaat tcagtcacag aagaacatac atagtatgtg cactcactga     94740
     taagtggata ttagcccaga agctcaaagt acccaagata caattcacag accacatgaa     94800
     gctcaagaag aaataagaag aaagtgtgga ttctttggtc cttcatagga gggggaacaa     94860
     aatacccata ggaggagtta cagagacaag gtgtagaaca gagattgaag gaaaggccat     94920
     tcagagactg cccctcctgg catccatcca aaatatagtc accaaatcca gacactactg     94980
     tggatgccaa taagtgtttg ctgacagagg cgctaacagt gcttgacaaa tacaaatgta     95040
     ggtactctca gtcaaccttt ggactgagca cagggtcccc aatggaggag ttagagaaag     95100
     aactaaagga gctggagggg tttgcaacct cacaggagaa acaacaatat gaaccaacct     95160
     gtacccctac aggtcccagg gactaaacca ccaaccaatg agtacacatg gaagacacat     95220
     ggctccagcc ccatatgtag cagagtatgg tcttgtcagt caccaatggg aggagaggcc     95280
     cttgttcctg tgaaggctct gtgccccagt gtaggggaat gccaagaaca agaaacagga     95340
     gtgtgtgttg gtgagcagag gagacgggag gggatagggg gttttcggag gggaaaccag     95400
     gaaatgggat accatttgaa atgtaaataa agaaaatatc taataaaaaa gaaaatacat     95460
     ataaaacaaa gtacaaaaaa ggattgtttt gtgtttgtct gtgcatgcat gtgtaccagt     95520
     acatgtgtat atgtagaagc cagatgttga tgtcaagtgt ctttctctct cattctccac     95580
     ctagttttca gagacagagt ctttctcttc accaagagct tttgaatgtg gctagaccta     95640
     ctggcaagca aaccccagga tatccctgcc tctgcttccc cagtgctgag attgcaggac     95700
     ttgcatcact aggcttcttc tgtggatgct ggggatccaa gagaggtcct caggctttca     95760
     tggaaaatgc cttagtaact cagctaccgc cccagctcag gttctttctg agatgcccca     95820
     tgctgccctc aggtgtttct tcccaacatc catagtacta gtaagcacaa ccttatttta     95880
     cttacaaata tgctcctaat ggcctttcat ggggtcatac cagaaacaga gaatactcca     95940
     tgacctggga gcaacaacct aagccacaaa tgcaatgctt gttttggagc tgtggatttg     96000
     atagggaata gaaccaagaa agtgtttaca ttttaatctg agctatgaga gacgataaaa     96060
     gggttgttat ttctctaagt ctcttgggag tatagattta gggaggaagg aaaagtccca     96120
     gtttcaaaca ttaaagtatt caggtagact gagggctgta tcaaaaaggg tccagggctg     96180
     gaacaacaac tcaactggtc aagagcttgc agagcagtgt gaggtcctga gtttgatcct     96240
     tagaatccac ataaaagagg ttaacctcgt gaagtacagt agagcacagt ctaaattcta     96300
     tacaaattct aatcttgctt ttctggtgtg ttgggatatc taggaattgc tttggtagga     96360
     gaactaggtt ctaatgatgt caagtagttt tggtttctgt tttaagattc ttgtacttgc     96420
     ctttagtcat ctggttatct ctggtgttag ctggtcttgc tgtctttgac tattgctttt     96480
     ccctcctgca agtctgtgta tcagtactac tgttctctcc gggaggaatt tgggtatgga     96540
     gaactgtggc acagggtcag cttggggatg cagacggaaa ccagaagaat cctgttcttt     96600
     actgttcctt ggttcctttt gtttttgttg gagaccatac cgtgagaaaa agctcccacc     96660
     ctgagaagca aaatggcctt gttctaggag ctggtcatca ctcccttctc tctgttccct     96720
     tcctggcacc tgaggctgta aaagctgaat tatagtcccc ttttccgtat ctcctcctga     96780
     ctcccatgac atccaaggac atgagttaca tgctgagccc ggcctgacac ccaaggctat     96840
     taaggaggat ctatgttcca gagataagat gtagagtgcc cgacagctgg agcctgactt     96900
     tggccctcat gtcagcagtt gcctacttct ttgttctttg ttaattcccc ctcaacctct     96960
     ccctattccc cttgatgtat gctttaaaac ctggtgtttt agcctaataa actgagacat     97020
     tgataggacc ctctacttgg tctctggctc ctttttctct cccatcccat tttctcccag     97080
     gtttgcagtc ccacttgtac ccatgaataa ttgagtcctg tgggacagga ttacaagaag     97140
     ttttggagct ccagcagcag tatgcctgcc tttccacaga gctcgcttca ctccaaaatt     97200
     ctttaaaaga gactatcctt gtctccccag cagcagcctc agcagcgtaa aaaagaaagc     97260
     tcattgagcc gtaaaaactc aaacattggc tttccccata atcacccact ccacgagagc     97320
     tacttgctat gacctgccca cttctacagg gaggagcagc ccccagtcac tcctgctgaa     97380
     tctgcttctg cagatctcag gcctttagaa acaccccagg ccaatctctc catggacact     97440
     aacagcgagg gcagagatga tcttgagagt gataactggc ccgagctaat gtctcgccag     97500
     caagaacaca ctcagaccac cggattcttc tacagcaaag ctttattgct tcatcaggag     97560
     gaagacccca aaccctggaa aatggtgctg cttatataca catcagcgtg gcgtgtcagc     97620
     acctgatttg ttgtttgccc atcgcctcat tgctacaccc caggatgggc agtgacttgg     97680
     catgaattca ctcttacacc tgtgcacatt acttgtttac cagttaggca cagtggaagc     97740
     cggcgccatc ttgtaatggc gattgctcat ggctctctac atctccccct ttttgtttta     97800
     ttaaagcaaa agtttgtttt actaaagcaa ggctagtcta ggcctgagtt gttgatctgc     97860
     atatcggctg tggcccctgt tttaggtcat tcctctaatg ctacggcctt acctgtcata     97920
     gggaaacctt atcgctacca ggccccatgt cttaggttgg tccacacatg aggaatgtta     97980
     cccgtctctg gataccacag tacttatgct atagttagaa ttggcctagg gcgaactcta     98040
     tatcagaggc tagtcgaagc aaaatgtgat gtggaagaag gatccaagac catcctactg     98100
     cgtgcaatga ggagacctca gtggtgtgca agggctgatc atgatgttcc taaacttatc     98160
     accacaacat taattattac aacatagata accagatttt gggggaggcc ccttgttcaa     98220
     tggccgcaag tgcttgagca atgacgacct tgtcacgttt ttgttgggct ctgagcttac     98280
     agaccaacca gagcatgaac acaagcccac agcagatggc agcaccaaat aaaactaccc     98340
     ccacccattc cttaaaataa gaaaatgcag atgaaatcca ggaggagagg ccctctgtca     98400
     atgacaggtc cactcgcatc gagttgatcc ctagaacaac tgccctcagg acctcaagag     98460
     tctcatcgaa tcctttggac caatttcctg caaaatacaa ggaaagctgt ctagacagat     98520
     tagctgcacg agtaaaattt ttatattgaa cactggtaat acacagagcg cccaattttt     98580
     tttctcaact caactgggcc aactggtata gaacacctat ctgttcctca accagatcaa     98640
     ggtgctgatt caaaatcatc agccctccct tcaactgggc actagcagaa gtttggacat     98700
     tgatggcatc agtcacttcg actgaaagct gatttagttt tgtgcctgtt tggaccgtac     98760
     cagccatagc gaaccctgca gctgtagcag caactgcact ggctgaaatt gctatgatca     98820
     tggcagcagt aatgccaaaa tctctttttt tgtcgaaaca ggtataaggt ggagggtgtt     98880
     tccaccggag cagtgatcca acgtgggatc cgggccacca tggcgcaggt gtcctttgtt     98940
     gcatcccaac attgagaaat ccaacaggaa tcatttacac agttttcaaa tgaatcatta     99000
     gataaaataa acaaaaaggg aggatagaca catactgaag ttgatatata gctggtttga     99060
     ttaatctgtg tcttatttaa actagagatc tcttcagtat gaattacata tcttgttggt     99120
     tgtccatcta ccccaatcct ggtataattg gagacaccag tgtaaatggc ctttcctaca     99180
     gcacctcctt tttaaaaaaa agggggatta agatctgtac agcttccatt aatcccacaa     99240
     agtagccatt tgtggtaagg gttcattctg cggtcctgca agaagaggcc cattctcatt     99300
     acaaactctt cttcagtcct aaacaacata ttgggggaga aggtaaaata tttgtgctca     99360
     tccatccatc tggctacaga cgactgacag tctgatcatg gcggcaactc cccttcatcc     99420
     tctccaccac aatggggtgc aattctggtt tgatgaggac gctccatctc attccaactg     99480
     ggagacggga atgtaccgtt tagccagact gtcgattacc accaaaacca tgtaacatga     99540
     ataatactat tatttccttt ttctcgggtt tgggtgagat ttacagtccc actatcctta     99600
     aatgatccta acatacagat actgagctga atacagtccc ccttttgtga taattgaaaa     99660
     catagggaac cctgttcttg gagggagcga ttttctccta acaggacccg taaagggtca     99720
     aatggcaaat atggtaaatc cagtttttta ttagtagtaa agaattttgg aaaaactata     99780
     gcatcatggc gaactggcat tggtttagag aaagctgaaa gaatggccca tctctgttcg     99840
     cccatcatac taggaacctg agacaagttc agcattgtca gaatcagagg caatcctcgg     99900
     gaggtcagca tcttccacac catccttgat taatatcttg tgggtgagtc tttccggcag     99960
     ccaaaatggg ttgtcttcac tctgtggaaa aacacagaca gctcccctgg atcttattaa    100020
     aataggatct gggcctttcc acagaccaga taagacatct ttccatttca ccatttcttt    100080
     tggtctatca gagtctgagc tatgtcgatc agctgcaaag cgaccttgct cgtcaagatt    100140
     aaaaaaatta agtgtgaaga gtgccatgga gacagctact cttggcactg agggcagagt    100200
     ctcatcaact cccccttttt gttttataaa ataagacttg agtgtacagt gggcactttc    100260
     cacaatgcct tgtccttgag gattataagg aaggccagtc aggtgagtga catccatttg    100320
     atgacaaaac tgctgaaatt tagtagaggt atatgctggc tcattatcag ttttaaggat    100380
     tgtgggcctg ccccaagcac tccaagcttc taaacagtgc tgtataacat gagatgtttt    100440
     ctcacctgtt aaaggtgtag caaacataac accagagcag gtgtcaatgg aaacatgtaa    100500
     atattgattt cttccaaagg aggagccatg agtgacatcc cttttccaga cctgtaatgg    100560
     cctgatgact cgggggttta cccctacatg aggagtaggc aaaaattgac aacaattttg    100620
     acattgggtg acaatgtcac gagcttcttt ccgggttaaa gtgaaacggc ggcacaaagt    100680
     ttcagccgtc atgtggaagc gtttatgaaa ctcccttgca gcctctgcct gcgaggacag    100740
     agcagcagcc atgattctag tggctttgtc tgccaagtca tttccatgag acatggggcc    100800
     aggaaggcca gaatgagccc tgacatgagt aatataaaca agatgtcttc tatgtaacag    100860
     ggcagactga atttgctgaa aaatgtgagc aagcttgcta gagggtctaa ttaaaccagc    100920
     aacttcaagc atattaactg cattaaccac atataaggaa tcagatacaa tattgagcgg    100980
     tcctgggaaa gttttaagga cctccagtac catcaaacac tctataacct ggggtgatgt    101040
     ctcattatat tgtttggatg ttacttggcc atttactaca tatgcaccta tgccagattt    101100
     ggatccatct gtatacacca ccaccccatc cgcaagcggg tgtttggctg tcattactgg    101160
     aaacactatg gcttggctta aggcaaactg taagattgga tgttttggat aatgattatc    101220
     aatttgtcct gaataggagg caaccaagac tgcccaatca ttagttgttg ctgccagggt    101280
     ttgaacttga gcagaggtgt aaggcacaat tagcatatga ggttctttcc caaaatgagt    101340
     aatggctgct tttatccccc gaagtgcaag ttgagcaact gcattaggat accattcaat    101400
     gatttttgca ggggaagcat tagggtggac ccacagcaag ggtccatttt gccacaacac    101460
     tgctgttggt tactgtgcag tttttaatac acataattca aatgacttcg actcgtcaat    101520
     gcgttgtaat tgagcatctt gtaaggcctt ttctacagtt tgtaaagctt gacatgcagc    101580
     tggggtaagt gctctgcggg aggagatgtg ggtatctccc tctaatatat caaataaggg    101640
     ctttaattct gctgatgaaa ttttcaaaaa tggcctcagc caattaatat ctcccagcaa    101700
     tttttggaaa tcattcaagg tatgtagttg atctttgcga atctctaact tttgaggaac    101760
     aatttgtcag gataaatgag tgaccctagg aaggttccca ttcgagcaac ttgcaccttt    101820
     tcggtggcca cctgcaatcc ccattgccct aacgttttga ttaatatagg gtatgcatct    101880
     tgcaataact gtgaattttt atggcaaatc aaaatatcat ccatgtaaag tatcaaaagt    101940
     aatgatggaa aatgatttct aactgactta agtgccaatt gcacatacag ttgacacatg    102000
     gtggggctat tcgccatccc ctgaggtagg actttccatt ggtatctttg atcaggctct    102060
     aaatgattaa tggctgggat ggtaaatgaa aatctttgcc tatcttgagg gcataaaggt    102120
     atagagaaaa aaacaatctt taatatttat aattataatt tcccaatttt tgggtagggc    102180
     ggaaagcaat ggtagccctc gctgaactga cccaaacagg tgcatttgtg cattaattgc    102240
     tctaagatca tgtaataagc gccatttgcc agattttttc ttaattacaa aaataggtgt    102300
     attccagggt gaggtagagg gctctaaatg acccaagcgt agctgttcag agattagttt    102360
     tgtgactgct tctaattttt cagaggagag aggccattga ggaacccata cagcttcctc    102420
     tgtaagccat ggtatgggca tggagccctc aacggcccct aggaaaaacc caaaccttgt    102480
     ctcccattat taccttcttg agggataggt tcaagtctac ccttctctcc tttccctaat    102540
     ccccttcctt ctttgtagcc cattttcttc atcatttgaa cagcttgtcg cgagtattca    102600
     ttagtcaagg tcattcccat tgcctgtaaa atgtctctcc cccagagatt aactgggagt    102660
     ggtaagacat aaggagtgaa tcgttccatt tgaccttcag gtgcttgcca gggagataat    102720
     agtggggcag gactgatagc ctaacccttg taaagaatgt gatgactgag tgacgggcca    102780
     ggcttttggc caccagtggg aagagatgac acttttatct gctcctgtat ctaaaatccc    102840
     tttaaattgt ttcccttcta taactaattt taaggacggc ctggagtcaa gaggcattat    102900
     taagtaagca gaatcatttt cagtagagcc aatccctctg gcagcccaag ggacagcaga    102960
     ggagggaaaa gagccatgta ggcttggaaa aattattagc tgagctattc tatccccttg    103020
     tgaaatagaa aagacaccct gagggcagga acagggaact tgaagttccc cttcataatc    103080
     ttgatttacg actccagggt gaacaataag gccttggaag gtaagggagg cccagcccag    103140
     tattaggcca acacttgcgg gtggcagagg ccctttgtag tcagtaggaa caggctgcac    103200
     ccccatttgg gacatcagca tgaatcgggt ggtggcacgg aggtccaatc cagctgagcc    103260
     ttctgttgcc ctgcggactg tggggtccac ctgttgcctg ccggggtccc atatgttttg    103320
     gggccctgag acctggggcc ctgataccag ttctttggaa tgcccttatt ctctactgct    103380
     tgaggaagtc ctggctgcag gggcctgctt tgaatgtcct taactgagcg acaatctctg    103440
     gcccaatgat atcctttcct acactgagta cacaaccgtg gcgctctcct tttgacaagg    103500
     gctctgcagt ccttttttaa gtgtcctggt ttgccacaat tatagcagag tttgagctca    103560
     gctgtgtcag ggcgcttctg cccttgtaga atggtggctg ccaaaccggc attagtgagc    103620
     ggccctccaa gctcatggca aacctttaac cagtcctgca atcctttgct ttttctgggt    103680
     gtaatagctg ccctgcattc ctgtgtagcc tgttcataga ccaactgttc aattaaaggc    103740
     atagctacct ctgggtctcc aaagattctc cctgccactt ctgaaattct agccacaaag    103800
     tctgagaatg acttctgggc accctgaata atctttgtca aatgtccgct tgtctctccc    103860
     ttcctagaga gtgccttcca tgccttaatg gtggcagctg agatctgggc gtatgctccc    103920
     caatggtaat ttgtctggtt agcagcgtgt tatccctgac ctgtaagcaa ctcaaaagta    103980
     catgttcttt gttccccttc aacagcggca ttggcccttg cctgtgcttg gcaggaatct    104040
     tgccacaaag ctttccattc tagatacatt cccatattag gggctgcagc tttcacaaca    104100
     gtcatccaat ccccgagagt catagccaga gcagcaagcc tttcgacttg cactatagta    104160
     aaattggtgt tgactccata gttacggact gactcagcaa gctctttaat ctgtatatac    104220
     tccaccagag catgaacgca tccaccatcg gctccttcaa agactggaaa tgcttgctgc    104280
     ccttttctct gttcctcttt tggaataaat gagtctgaaa ggtacctctc cacatagggc    104340
     ggaggtgcac caagacccag aggttgaggg ccgggacacc gtgcagcgag ctgactttta    104400
     tctctagctg cttttgtctt attctgtgac tgactagctc atctttcatc tggatggtat    104460
     ctttcttcct catatcgagc cgcctcttcc tctgagtcta tttcctcaga ggggccaagc    104520
     tcctcatcca attctgagct atcaaaacct agagccttaa actcatctaa cagcagatag    104580
     aggctccctc ccctaggggc ctccccagat cgatctgtct ccatctctcc cttttcatcc    104640
     ctttttctaa tctctcccag ggcatacttt ccctcgtttc tctcttcctc gggctcaagg    104700
     tctgaggaga ggcttttctt cttaggtgca cctcgttttc tctgaactcc taacctctct    104760
     ccctgctctg tctctgatag actatcctga acctcctcca gtactctctg ccccgcctta    104820
     accatttgct gacattcctc gtcttttaag cacgatctta ccagcttcca caacggcatg    104880
     gtccctgctt taagtttgcc attttgctgt tccctaacta gatctccttt cagtttctcc    104940
     caggaggcga tagttaagga ccctgagcac gcataccatg gtgctatgcg atctatctct    105000
     ttaaaaaagc cctctagagt cttagtggcg atcttcaggc catgctgcct caggaccgac    105060
     tgtaaggcgg tcaccaccga gtaggaagtt cccatattgc tcttttatct aactgtgcct    105120
     gaccgagact gagaatcagt cagcagttcc accggtggaa gcagaatgca accaaaagaa    105180
     aaagaacgag ccccgtgaaa acaaacaaaa aggcctctaa cggtggagaa agttcaagac    105240
     cgaacctacc ttacagagct taccttgtcc tgtagttctg aatccgcccc gcaatcggag    105300
     ggtcccctcg gcaccggcga tggtatggcg ttcctggttt ctctgggcca attgtcccga    105360
     gctaatgtct tgccagcaag aacacactcg aacaaccgga ttcttctaca gcaaagcttt    105420
     attgcttcat caggaggaag atcccgaacc ccggaaaatg gtgctgctta tatacacatc    105480
     agcgtggcgt gtcagcacct gatttattgt tcgtccatcg tctcattgct atgccctggg    105540
     atgggcagtg acttggcatg aattcactct tacacctgtg cacattactt gtttaccagt    105600
     taggcacagt ggaagccggc gccatcttgt aatggcgatt gctcacagct ctccacagat    105660
     aatgaagtag aacgcgagcc agaagaacaa ttatctgtcc ttattcaaca gacagagttc    105720
     cacagactac attttaagga cttaaaagtg cttaactctg tggttagaac ttatggccca    105780
     tctgcccctt atactctttt gctcctagaa ctctcctggg aggcagatat atgctcccta    105840
     gtgagtggat caaagtaatc caaaatgtgt tggatttcac gtgggcaatt tctctcatgg    105900
     aaagctgatt tcctcgattg gtgccagact attgcagtgg ctaatcagaa aaaaccccga    105960
     gcgccatcta ctggctggaa ctttgaaaag ctttctggtc aaggtcaata ctcggcgaaa    106020
     gccaggcaga aacatttccc tgtaggtctt ttggctcaaa ctgctaatgc agccctagga    106080
     gcttggtgtg ctattcctat gaaaggatcc gttattatgc ctttaaaaaa attattcaag    106140
     gagcccagga ggactatagt gatttgtgag tcatttattt gaggctgcag agaggaccct    106200
     aggtcatgaa gatgcagaca ataaacttgt aaaacaattg gcttatgaga atgctaattc    106260
     ggcatgtaaa gcaatcttgc gcagtaagat tagagacaag gatcttaatg agatgattca    106320
     tctttgccgt gatgttgata tgtttactca caagatgtcc cagactatta atcttacaat    106380
     gggtgcagct cttcagcctg ttatggcaat aggcacagct cttcagcaag ccggccccca    106440
     gaaaagttgt tttaagtgtg gtcagcctgg aaacttcacc cgacggtgtc ccactgcacc    106500
     ttcccttaaa ggtgctccag tgtaacctac tgaccattct tttcagccta cgcagcccaa    106560
     ttttctttgt ccacactgca aaaagggaaa acattggata aacgcctgct gagcccaaac    106620
     agatgcttct gggaatcccc tgcctccagt tcagggaaac ggatatgggg gacagcccca    106680
     agtctcaaaa accatcccat ttctcctggc cacggggtac agccatcaga aaaaccagcc    106740
     actggtctct ccagagccac tacaggtagc gcaggattgg acttgtgttc tgcctccgac    106800
     acagttttaa cacccgagga tggcgttcaa atccttccca cgagggtcta tgtgcctcct    106860
     ccacccaata tttattttct aatattaggg catgcttctg ccactttaaa agaacttact    106920
     gtccatccct cattagtaga taatgactat actggagaaa ttaaaatttt agttagtacc    106980
     tctcaaggtc caatatttat attcaaaggg caacgtttag cacaagctct gcctctacct    107040
     ttagacactt ccaatctagc aatgggcaca cgtcgtggct cctcgcagcc agggtcatca    107100
     gacctttact gggtccaagc aattaccaaa gaccgcccta cactctgcct taagataaac    107160
     agcaagagct ttgagggtct cttagactca ggtgctgatt ccactgtgat ttcacaaagt    107220
     gcctggcctg ctgcctggcc gctaaaggcc tctttaactc atttacaggg aattggacaa    107280
     tctaaaaata ctctccagag ttcacagcta ttgacttggg aagatggtga gggaaactct    107340
     ggctttattc agccttatgc tgtccctggt ctgcccatta atttatgggg gagggacatt    107400
     ctttctcaaa tgagagtcat tatgtgcagt cccaataaag tcattactca agaaatgctc    107460
     acccatggtt atctccctgg acagggacgg ggtaaaaata gccaagggag gcctacacca    107520
     atagaggcaa cccctaagat agatcgtgca ggcttaggtt acaactccca tttttcataa    107580
     ggaccattgc tctccctgca catcaggcag ataagattac atggaaagat gatacccctg    107640
     tctggcttga ccagtagtcc catcctgtcg aaaaattgtc agcagccata gagttagtgc    107700
     aggaacaatt ggcagctgga cacattgaat cttccacttc gacttggaac acccctatct    107760
     ttgttataag aaagcaaaat ggtaaatgga ggttgttata agatcttaga gcatataata    107820
     aaaccatggt cccaatgggg gccgtaaaac ctgggatccc ctctttggtg gctattccca    107880
     gaggatatgc aaagttagtg attgatttaa aagattgttt cttttccatt cctctccatc    107940
     ctgaagattg taaacgcttt gcatttaccc ttccagtggt caattgtata gggccttctc    108000
     ctcgcttcca atggagggtc cttcctcaag gcatggccaa cagtcctacc ctttgtcaga    108060
     aatatgtggc acaaattatt gatccattca gaatgtctta ccctaatcta tacgttgtcc    108120
     attacacgga tgacattttg actgctggac ctgatcaaga acaattatat atttgctagt    108180
     caaaaacttg ttaatgccct tcagagtcaa ggactctggg tttatccaga gaaaattcag    108240
     atccatcctc ctcacttgtt tttgggtttt gaattatttc ctaaccaaat tctctctcaa    108300
     aagtttcagg taagacaaga ttcctttaca gactcttaat gattttcaac gtctgttggg    108360
     agatattaat tggctccgtc cttatctaaa acttatgaca ggagagttaa aacctttgtt    108420
     tgacattctg cggggagacc cagatccatc ctctccatgc atgttaactc aagaggcacg    108480
     agtgtcacta gctaaagtag aacaggccat tagtgaggaa aatgttgggt atttctccct    108540
     agaacttccc ctccagttcc ttgtcttccc tactcccttt tcactcacaa gtctgctgtg    108600
     gcagcttaaa tctctttttt gggtccacat gccagcctct ccctctaaag tgctgcccac    108660
     atatcctcag ttggttgcta agagaaactg cccttaaact ttttggcaga gaccctgatg    108720
     ttattgttct cccctattat gcctctcagg tacagtggtt actcaaaaat aatgacgatt    108780
     gggcagttaa gtgtgtctcc tttcaaggtg tgattgataa tcattaccct gctgataaat    108840
     tggttcagtt tctatatagg acacctgtag ttttccctaa gagaacaagg caaaacccgg    108900
     ttcccaggac tatgttagtt tttactgatg ggtcctcctc aggtatggct gcttttaata    108960
     ttggtgggga ggtctcatgt tttatgacag acttctcagc gcagcttgtt gaattggcag    109020
     ctattgttaa agtatttgaa ctattgtctg aaacttcttt tatttgtatt cagaccgcgc    109080
     ctatgtggct gcctctgtcc ctcttttaga aaccattcct tatattcgcc cttctaacaa    109140
     tgcatctcca atgtttgcta aacttcagaa ccttattctt gctcataatt tccccttttt    109200
     tattggtcat attcatgctc attctggctt gcctggacct ttgtctgaag gcaacaatat    109260
     agttgatcag gccactcaag taatagcttc tgctttgtct attactcctc ttgctgctgc    109320
     tcaacaggtc catgatttac atcatcttaa tgctcatacc ttgaggctta aattttccat    109380
     cacccatgaa caggctagac aaattgtcca gcagtgtaaa ggctgcctga cccttttacc    109440
     tgagccacat gtgggagtta acacccgagg actaatttct ggtgaattgt ggcaaatgga    109500
     tgtcaccaac tacagcccct ttggaaagtt aaaatatatt catgtctctg ttgatacctt    109560
     tagtggtttt atctgtgcat ctttacaaat gggagaggcc accaaacatg ttatcagcca    109620
     tgttctcttc tgcttggcat ctgtgccaca gcctaagata ctcaagacag acaatggccc    109680
     aggatatgct agtgccagct ttaaacagtt ttgtgctcaa atgggcatta agcatagtac    109740
     tggcattccc tataattccc aaggtcaagg tattgtagaa agaactcatc atacccttaa    109800
     gaacatgctt ttcaaattac agtctgaggg ggggggattc tatatcctca gtctggtaac    109860
     tccaagacac ttttaaatca tgcattattt gttttaaact ttctttcata cgacaatgca    109920
     ggcaagtctg ctgcagatcg cctctggcat ccttctactg ctaataacta tgcacaggct    109980
     atgtggagag atcctttgtc caataaatgg caaggtccag acccagtcct tatggggcaa    110040
     aggatatgct tgcatctatg attcaagtgc acaaaatgct agatgactcc ctgaacgcct    110100
     aataaaatca tataactgtc cagggaagaa aaaccctgag gaaatttcta aatgtgcttc    110160
     ttttcagaaa aatgaaagca cctcgaaaga ggtcactcct gatcatcgag atttggctgt    110220
     gtctttgcct gataagaagc atatcgccag tggtaggcca agttaagaaa aatccttatc    110280
     gaccgtataa ttacacctgg atgatcatta atgaggccgg tgaaatagtt aatgccacct    110340
     ccaaaatcaa aggttctatc ccatggccca tcctgagggt tgatctttgt aaattagtcc    110400
     taggaggtca taatgactgg ggaaacccac tcagttttca tgccccagaa caagctgttg    110460
     acgatccaag ataagttgtc tataccaccc ccggatgtgc tagcttaagt cataggagaa    110520
     cactcgccaa tgttttaaaa agatggggca tgtatatttg tcctggcccc agtcacggga    110580
     gccacactct taatcataag tgtggtttcg ccccactgat tatttctgtg catcctgggg    110640
     ctgtgagacc acaggagaca cctattggaa acccacctct aattgggact taataaaggt    110700
     ccagagcagg ctcgattatg ctgcctgtgc tagctccaac caaacttccc aaggatggtg    110760
     caacaccttg gagatctcct ttactgactc agggaaaaaa tttaattggg aaaatacatg    110820
     aggggctgag tggagatgaa agagatttcg gagtgacttt caaaatccag ttacttaaga    110880
     acaccccatc cttagagtcg gctgctataa gccccaacct tattctgcat tcctcatatc    110940
     caaaaacgcc gagtctccca caggctgcta ccctgggtcc acctacttta cctgttggat    111000
     ctccctcctc ctcagaattg attatatcct tggtaaacac atcaattgct actatacatg    111060
     cagctaatgc tactcaatat gaagaatgtt gggtgtgttt ttctcctcaa cctccctttt    111120
     acgaaggggt ggcaacattt ggatcagtta ttgaaattaa tgattccaga agacttggat    111180
     ggcacccgag aaacatgatg gtctcactct gagttaggtg tctggcatag gcttatgcct    111240
     tttggggact tccatggttc cccctcaggt cttattagag gtttttaatc agactattat    111300
     ggtaaatgcc acctctcgat accttggagc acctaacggt acttatttag catgttctac    111360
     tggacttact acctatgtag ttactcaggc ctttttagat gacagagatt attgtgttgt    111420
     agttcagctt ctccagaagc tgacagtgca ccatgcagag gacctcctct gattctggga    111480
     gagtgacaca gacctacccc gtgataagag agagcctatt tctgcagtaa ccttagcggt    111540
     gatcctgggc ttaggagccg caggcgcagg aactagcatt gcctctttgg tcacttctca    111600
     atagcaatac actcagcttc accttgctgt ggacagagat atacaagagc tacagagggg    111660
     cttgaaaaat ttaaaagact ccttggtctc tgtcagaagt agtattacag aacaaggaga    111720
     ggccttcatt tagtgttcct taaagaagga ggattatgtg cagccctcaa agaagaatgt    111780
     ttttattctg ataagactgg cttagttcaa gatatcatag acaaagttag aactagtcta    111840
     gaagagagaa aacgcaatag agagaaacaa gaatattggt ataaaaattg gttttctact    111900
     tctccttggc tcaccacctt acttcccagc cttttgggac cttttgtggg tattttgctg    111960
     cttttgtctt ttggcccatg ggcctttaaa agattaacca ggtttgttaa gtcacagatt    112020
     gaagctgctt taagcaagtc agttgcagtt cactaccatc aactggatat ccgagactca    112080
     gacgaagaag atcttcctcc cactgaggca gaaagagcaa ctggtctcca gttttctacc    112140
     ctttctgcaa gtgccaggtc cccttggttc ctcaggcttt ggagacaata gggatgagga    112200
     agggtgaccc ccagcaccta atatagccta agagccacaa attgtggtgt tacaattggc    112260
     ataattcttg tacaggtttt gctgaatatg aggttgacaa ttctcttttg ggagctgcac    112320
     aggactcaga actatgcatg ctggttcgtg ataatacgaa ttcactatgg gcaccagtgt    112380
     gggtgcgggg ctaagagttg caggggaagg tccaactaaa ccatttctga gtttcctaag    112440
     agacacaccc ggtttgcatg gaggttgcta tctagtttca gctacaacca aagaattttt    112500
     cgaaggctct gcctcccctc ctcaaaagat accaagagcc ataagtatgg gtcgtgacag    112560
     cacccatggg aggaatctgg tcaatgctcc cccagccatg gttaatgccc actcatccaa    112620
     ggatgagaag atcatttgat cacctcagtt atgtgtggcc ttattaaatt taattcagaa    112680
     gggggagatg ttggagacca taccatgaga ataagctttt cactgtctcc caccctgaca    112740
     agccaaatgg ccttgtacta ggatccggtt gtcactccct tctccctgtt cccttcctgg    112800
     cacctgaggc tgtaaaagct gaattatagt cccctgttcc ttatctcttc ctgactccca    112860
     tgacatccaa ggacatgagt tatgtgctga gcccggcctg acacacaagc ctgttaagga    112920
     tgatctatat tctggaaata agatgcagag tgcctaccac ctgaagcctg acttcggccc    112980
     tcatgtcagc agatgcccac ttcttagttc tttgttaatt ccctccaacc cctccttatt    113040
     tccctcaatg tatgctttaa aacccggggt ttcagcctaa taaactgaga ccttgatagg    113100
     accctctact tggtctccgg ctccttaatc cctcccatgt cattatcaac cagggttgcg    113160
     gtccccctcg cacccacgtg agacagtgtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctagaact    113220
     cactttgtag acgaggctgg ccgcaaactc agaaatccac ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg    113280
     ctgggattaa aggcgtgtgc caccactgcc ctgctgttcc ttggttccta tgcctggatg    113340
     gctctgggtg ggtctttctt ggcccaggaa tttgagcaat gctggtggtc ttacctgtgt    113400
     tcacaggtgt gtcagcactc ctgggagacc agctctctcc tggcaggatt tgggtatgga    113460
     gagcagtggc acagggtgtg ccctggggac ttgttttgtt ttggatggga gacttttaat    113520
     gactgcttct atttccttag gccatatagg gttattaaaa tactttacct gattttgatt    113580
     taaatttgat aagtggtatt tatctagaag atcattcatt tcatttagat ttttcaattt    113640
     tacagagaac aggctttgaa agtagggcgg aatgattttt taaatttcca cagtgtatgt    113700
     tgttatatct cccttttcat tacttttttt cgtttatgtg gatactgtct ctttgcctct    113760
     tatgtggtta ggcaaaggat ttatttattt tgttgaattt ttcaaagaac caggtcttgg    113820
     tttccttgat tctttgtatt ctttgcttct aacattgatt tcggccctgt ttgataatct    113880
     cctaccaact actccccttg ggtatgcttc cttctcattt ttccctggag ctttcaggtg    113940
     tacttttaaa ttgctagtat gagaattaat ttctttattt cttccttgac tcaaggatca    114000
     ttgagtagag aactgttttg tttccatgac tttgtgggct ttctgttgtt tctgttgttg    114060
     aactctagat ttaatgcatg atagatagga tactaggggt tatttcaatg ttcttatatc    114120
     tgttgacata caagaccaac tgctttgtga tcacctgtgt ggtcagtttt ggaaaagatt    114180
     ccatgagatg ctaagaagaa ggtatatttt tttgtgtttg ggttagatgt tttctagata    114240
     tgtgttaggt ccatttgatt catagcttct gtttagtttc attatttctc tgcttacttt    114300
     ctatctcaat gacctgtcca ttggtgagag tggggtgatg aagacctcta catgtttgat    114360
     tgtattttcc tgtatttctt taagggattt attaattttt taaaggcctc tatcatcttt    114420
     ataagattga atgaatgcca ttttcttgtg ctttagttgt gttaggatat ccagggttgc    114480
     tgtagtagaa tagctatgct ttgaagatgg catatttcag tggttcttgt tggttatgtt    114540
     cttatgctgg actttagtca tctggttgtc cctggatttt ataggtgtta caggtatcag    114600
     gaaattgggc ctaacctgga tacttctagt gcagcaggcc tctggtgggc agccttgggc    114660
     tggtcaatgg ggcagtctca gagcagctgg ttgtgcccca ggtgatatat aggcaggaga    114720
     ttgggggcag gaggtagggt ctattccagg tatattccag gtacagcagg tctggtggag    114780
     gccagtggag cagggactgg acaatggagc tgcggtgggg aacgggcagc acacagctca    114840
     aggaaactaa atatgtacca ggggactcca cctggtatat tgatgagaat gtgtttgtat    114900
     agattttcat gttttctttc tttgtcatgt aatttcagaa caattaaaag aataccagtg    114960
     gttgtcatat ttaaattttg agatatcaaa gaaagtccca tgtgtggaca ttattaaatt    115020
     gataatgcat ttatggttat atgagggata attatatcat gttgcacaga attatgactc    115080
     tgttaaatat acaatgcttt tgagattgtc catgggatag ttatacaggt ataattatga    115140
     cctggctatt acttctattt ggaagataag catgtcaaag ggatatatga ttgtgtgtca    115200
     agatgacaag gggttggcct tataatgact attcttgttt ttaacaacat ctggaattaa    115260
     ttaaaacctt agcaggtcag tacattcaag agatattaaa tctatctctt tgagaaataa    115320
     aagtcaattg aagatggaat gactcactgt taattcagat tttttttgag gatcgattaa    115380
     ataccttaaa actgagtcac accttctgtt ggcagcctat atcaaagaca tggaagaagg    115440
     aagctccctg tagagtaagc ttccccttac tcttgctagc aagtctattc cctcatgaac    115500
     attagggctt acttcttttt tatattaaat gttttcttca tttacatttc aaatgctttc    115560
     ccaaaagtcc acaataacct cccccttccc tgctccccaa cccacccact tgtgcatgct    115620
     ggtcatggca ttcccctgta caggggcata tgatcttcac aagaccaagg gcctctccta    115680
     ccattgatgg ctgcttaggc catcctctgc taaatatgca aatagagaca cagttatgga    115740
     gggtaccggt aagttcatat tttgatcctc ctataggatt gcagacccct ttagctcctt    115800
     ggttactttc tctagctcct tcattaggga ctctgtgttc cattcaatag gccctacttc    115860
     tttggaatta tgacatatac tgaaatacag ctaagacatc cagccttgag gaatgatcaa    115920
     taatgaattc ttgttatttc tgttagcaga ttaggtgaac tacacagtct gtaagcaatt    115980
     ctaataaaca aatcacatgc acgctgtaag ttttattctt ctagagaacc atacctaata    116040
     caataccata gagacattta catttgattt ggattgggta agaagtaatg aaggtattta    116100
     gaaaggaact gaaataggat aaatatgtga tgccacataa ggtgagacaa actatctaac    116160
     acaaaatgac caagaacagt ttcctatgga gaaagagctc atactattta aaataagtag    116220
     aagaatctaa attcgaagat aggggtttag cctgctggcg tgactggtga cttggtaact    116280
     gtgacactat aggttcaatc ctcagcactc aaagacaaaa gaatataact cagagagtaa    116340
     aagactaata aactgtagcc tcccccagcc ttgaagcagg ctgtttcaga ctttgctgcc    116400
     actgaatatg agatcacctg gctacagcca tctaatttag atggctatat tatgtcaact    116460
     accgccactc ttattcaaga atctgctacc tgctaagaga cccttgagac attctggaga    116520
     cacattctat cctgcacgac atctacaggc tggctccagg caccaagaat ggactggcag    116580
     gggtggggga gatggacctt ccctcttata agtacagtct cttggtaaac tcccgggcct    116640
     taatcagaga aaaatctgta ttggcttcat tcttttctcg tcgtctagtc tctctctctt    116700
     tcagctccag cctgccttcc agaaatacct actacagatt ggcaccaaaa ccaggggtct    116760
     ggaatgatgg gaaaacactg agggaccact gtcttttgtg gagctccacg agaagggaag    116820
     aatcagaaga tcgtattggg cacagtgaga aagaggtatt tatgtcagca ctggttttaa    116880
     acttcatttt ttaaagtgtg actggaggtg cgttaggaca tgggctaagt tggagcagtg    116940
     ctgacctggc gctgattcca cttagggttt gacagcaaaa tatgggacta gaaactccca    117000
     aacaagcggt tgtccacagc tttcaagagc tgcttcaggc gagagtagtg tttgaagaac    117060
     aattgttaga aaatttttta gataagatag attcttgttg cctgtggttc agggggaaaa    117120
     aaactttaaa caacagaacc tgggagagag ttggagaagc tttgaaaaac acccaggcag    117180
     ataatttcac cctttgcctc tggaatacca ctcagctatt aaaaaatgaa tttatgaaat    117240
     tcctaggcaa atggatggac ctggagggca tcatcctgag tgaggtaacc caatcacaaa    117300
     ggaactcgca caatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta gctcagaaac ttaggatacc    117360
     caagatataa gatacaactt gctaaatgca tgaaattcaa gaagaaggaa gaccaaagtg    117420
     tggacacttt acctcttcct agaaatggga acaaaacacc catggaagga gttacagaga    117480
     caaaatttgg agctgtgaca aaaagatgga ccatctagtg attgccatat gcagggatcc    117540
     atcccataat cagcttccaa acactgacac cattgcacac actagcaaaa ttttgctgaa    117600
     aggacccaga tatagctgtc tcttgtgaga ctatgccggg gcctagcaaa tacagaagtg    117660
     gatgatcaca gtcagctatt ggatgggtca cacggccccc aatgcaggag ctagagatat    117720
     tacccaagga gctaaaggga actgcaaccc tataggtgga acaacaatat gaactaacca    117780
     ataacccgga gctcttgtct ctagctgcat atgcatcaaa agatggccta gttggccatc    117840
     actgcaaaga gaggcccatt ggacttgcca actttagatg ccccagtaca ggggaacgcc    117900
     agggccaaaa agggggagtg ggtgggtagg ggattggggg ggtgggtatg ggggaccttt    117960
     gggatagcat tgaaaatgta aacgaggatg atacctaatt aaaaaaaaag acagctgttg    118020
     cacaatatga ccctacagct ccctttacac aagcattatt tgatactgtc agggagttgc    118080
     actaacccct cccccaacgc cgcccccccc cccccaagat tggaagactc tatgtaaggc    118140
     cgctctacca ggaggatatt tcttactctg ggattctgaa tggagagaaa ccagtaagaa    118200
     acctgccact ttaaatgctc agacaggtaa tcctaactgg gatgctaaca tgcttttgga    118260
     agaaggtcga tatgaaggca atgctaatca gattggtttt cctgttggag tgtacatgta    118320
     ggatgccatg gctgccagcc acacttggaa acagatgcca gctaaaggga atctttgtgg    118380
     aagtttaccc agcattcggc aaggtactga tgagctttac cagaaatttg tggataggct    118440
     attaatagca gctagtagga ttcttggaga ttctgaaacg ggaagtcttt tcattatgca    118500
     attggcttat gagaatgcta acacaatgta tcacgccttt atctgaccgc acaaaggaca    118560
     gaaggatcta gtgggatatg tccatctttg tgcagagatt gggccgtcat ctaatcaggg    118620
     tttggctttt gccgccagtt tgcaaggaac caccgtacaa gcaatgcttt cacagaaaca    118680
     agggaataat gaatgtttta agtgtggaag tttgggttac tttaaaagtg attgtcctaa    118740
     gaataaaggt gccaagagtg ggcaagccgg tcgtgttcca ggagtttgtc ctttgttgca    118800
     ggaagggcaa ccattgggct agagtgtgta aatcgatgtc agacattaca gggtgtccag    118860
     tgccgagaaa caagaggagg ggccagcccc aggccctgaa atacccaagg caagcagctc    118920
     ttgggacata aagctgttgc ccagccaaga aatccgtttt tgaacttgtc aggggaaccc    118980
     caggaagtgc aggattggac ctctgttcca acacccatac agtattaacc ccagaaatgg    119040
     gaattcaaac tgcctacagg agtttttgga cctctacctc cagaaacttg tggatttctt    119100
     ttaggatgaa gtgattctat tgtaaaaggt ctgcagattt atccaggtgt tatagataat    119160
     gactatgagg gagaaattaa aatcatggct gctccccctc atggtgttat aactgtacct    119220
     acctaccagg gaattcctta acttgtctga gctcatttac atctgctacc atccagatat    119280
     gttaagaata agagaggaca aggtggcttt gactcctctg gtgtgcattg ggttcaatct    119340
     attactaatt agagacctaa ttttaaattg acatttgaag gaaaaaactt tggaggatta    119400
     atagatactg gaactgatat aacaattact agaggacaag attggccttc agcttggcct    119460
     ttatctgatg cacttgctca ccttcaagga attggttatg ccaataaccc aaaacgaagc    119520
     tccaaattgc taccctggag agatgaggaa ggcaaatcag gacaaattca gccatatgtt    119580
     atgccatatt tgcctgttac cctatgggga agagatctct tgtcacagat gggtgttata    119640
     atgtgcagtc ctaatgaggc agtgaccaag cagatagatg ctcaaacaag aatttttgcc    119700
     tggtcatggg ctaggaaaga aaggatgagg tattaagact tttaaaggtc ctaaacatca    119760
     ctctaacaca agaggtttag agtattttca gtaatggcca ctatcttgcc tgcatcccat    119820
     tcagataaaa ttcaatggct caatgatatt ctggtgtggg ttgatcagtg gtctttactt    119880
     aaagagaaaa tagaagccgc ctcttcgcta gtgcaggagc aattagaggc aggacattta    119940
     gtacaatctc agtctccttg gcatactcca atttttgttt tcaagaaaaa atctggtaaa    120000
     tggatattgt tacaagatct aagaaaggtt aatgcgacca tgcaatctat gggaacttta    120060
     caacctgggc tttggtctac ggtagccatc cctaaaggat attataaaat tgtggtagat    120120
     ctgaaggatt gtttctttac tattctttta catcctgagg attgtgaaag atatgctttt    120180
     agtattcctt ctataaattt taaagaattt atgaagagat atcaatggac agttctccca    120240
     cagggcatgg ctaatagtcc taccttatgt caaaagtttg tggcaaaagc tagtcatcct    120300
     gtgagacaac aatggcctat aatttacatt atctattaca cagatgatgt cttgtttttt    120360
     tggtttgttt gtttttgttt ttgttttttc cagacagaga ttctctgtat agccctgact    120420
     gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgagct cagaaatctc cctgtctctg    120480
     cctcccaaat gctgggatta aaggtgtggg caaccaccgc ccggccagat aatgtcctga    120540
     tggcgagaaa aggcccccag gatttgcttt tgtgttatag agatttacaa aagaccttag    120600
     ctgataaagg actacaaata gctcccgaga agatacaaac tcaggatact tataattatt    120660
     tgggttttag acttacaaat caagctgttt tccctcagaa gatagttatt cgcagggaca    120720
     acttaaaaaa tttaaatgat tttcaaaaat tgttaggtga tattaattgg ctttgcccct    120780
     atttaaagct tactacaggg gaattgaaac ctttatttga tattcttaaa gggagttctg    120840
     atcctacctc ccctagatct ttaacctcag aaggattgct ggccttacaa gtggaaggag    120900
     ctattgaaga acaatttgtc acttatatag attattcttt gcctctacat ctgttcattt    120960
     ttaatacaat tcctatgcct acaggattgt tgtggcaaaa ggatcctcta atgtagatac    121020
     atttgaggat ttcacctaaa cgtaatatcc tgccatatta tgaagcagta cctcagatga    121080
     caatactttg aaggaaacag gcactaactt attttcgcaa agagccagct atcattgttc    121140
     agccttatag catagaccaa gatactttgc cgaagcatca cagtatggaa tggttgcttg    121200
     ctcaaatagg atttatagga actatagata agcattatca tcaagatagg ttggtaaaat    121260
     ttttaattgt acatgaggtg atatttccta aaatgacttc cttataggct ttatatactg    121320
     ctctattgat ttttagtgac ggcttctcta aagagcaagt tggatatctt atgaataatc    121380
     aataagtagt catagagact cctggcctct cagctcagca gaattgacag cagtactgaa    121440
     tgtctttcag tctgtaaatg gtgcttttaa tacttttact gatagtttat atgttacaca    121500
     atggattccc ttattggaga cttgtgttac gtttaacttt aatatgccag caggatctct    121560
     gttttcacaa ttgcaaaaca tcattcttgc tcgaaaacat ccgttttata ttggtcatat    121620
     atgagctcat tctggtcatc cttgaccttt agctctaggc aatgattaca ttgacagggc    121680
     tctgatagga gaggccttaa tttcagaacc cgttgctttg gctagacgca atcatgataa    121740
     atttcatctc tctagccata ccttaaggct ccgacacaag atcactaaaa aacaggcaag    121800
     aatgattgta aaacaacgtt ctaaatgtat tacattacct ccagtgccac atttaggagt    121860
     taatccacga ggtcttatgc ctaatcatat ttggtaaatg aatgtaactc attatgcgaa    121920
     atttggaaaa ttaagatata tacatgtttg tattgacact tgttcaggat ttcttttttc    121980
     ttttctacat acgagagagg cctctagaaa tgtaattgat cattgtttac aagcctttaa    122040
     tggtatggga ttgcctaaac tcattaagac agataatggg ccatcctatg ctggcaacaa    122100
     ttttacttca ttttgtaagt aatttggtat caaacataaa actggaattc cttataaccc    122160
     atgggacatg gaatcgttga acgtgcttat tgcactctga aaaattggct tttaaaaaca    122220
     aaacaggggc agttataccc tccaaattct ccaaaagcac atcttgattt tgtcttgttc    122280
     gttttaaatt ttttgcaaac tgatgttaaa ggtcagtctg caacagaccg ccactggcat    122340
     ccagttactt tcagttctta tgccatggtt aaatagcagg acccattaac gaatatgtgg    122400
     catggtccag accccgtttt aatctgggga agaggttctg tctgtgtttt ttcacaaaaa    122460
     gaagatggag cacgatggct gcctgaaaga ctggttcatc aagtggacac agatcctgaa    122520
     tcatctggta agtatgattc taacctcatt gatggctaaa aatacttttt ggacgaaaaa    122580
     tttaattagg agcacagcct ccactttcag agcattttca gcttttctgc taattctcaa    122640
     agtcacctcc cccacaaggg gaggtcagag tctgagattg atcattgcta atttgcaact    122700
     gaataaagta cttggacttc cccaaagctt ttatcttgtt gcttttcaac tatctcaagt    122760
     ttatttttca agcaggacag cctctcctta cagcctgatt ccagcaagaa tgcagtctcg    122820
     cctccagcaa gcacaggtgg cagaaattca tcaatatgaa gaagcatatt aagtatatat    122880
     tgtgactttg tctgatttgg gaataaggtg tgctatgagg gccggtcagt caatgacagg    122940
     caaccagatt tcagagccat atcaatctaa gacaaaggta catgccaaga ggacgtggtt    123000
     tgttaataat ataccacaga acaatgtttg agtaaaataa acacaaacaa gctgtatgta    123060
     tgctccttga cagataagaa tgtctcggga aaatctgagt caccaagcca agtgctgctg    123120
     ccagccacca taactcccag gcaggactat ggagcataaa tatattttat gtctcggtcc    123180
     agctattttt attatataat tcgggggggg gggacattgt agtctccccc atccttgaac    123240
     caggctgatt caggttttgc tgccactgaa tatgagatca cctggggtgt agccttgcga    123300
     cttagatagc tatattgtta ccgatgctct tctctgaaac tctgctacct gctgagagaa    123360
     ccttgagaca ttccagagac acatactatc ctgcacgtca cctacagcct ggctctaggc    123420
     accaagaatg gactggtgga gcagatgggc tttcaccctt ataagcacag tctcttagta    123480
     aactaacagg ctttgatcag agaaaaattt gtcttggctt cattctttgc tcaccatata    123540
     gtctctctct ctctctttca gtcccagcct gccttccaga aatacctggt tcatgtaggc    123600
     catgggccgg cctcctacta cagtaaccaa gggttttcat tgaaaggtta gcttgaaaca    123660
     tttgtcatga aaatgagatt aatcttttaa agtagattaa aaatggatcc tttggagatg    123720
     gagttactca tggttgtgag tcaccatgtg ggtgccataa aacaaaccta agtcctcaga    123780
     aggaacagcc tgtgctttta actgatgatg catctctcca atcctctgtt tgttatttat    123840
     atttatatgc tatttatacg tttttagatt tattttattt gtgtaaatgt tttggctgca    123900
     tgtatgttca tcacatatat gactcatgcc tgaggaggtc agaataaggt gtcagatctt    123960
     ctggaactgg aggtatagat ggttgtgagc tatcctgtgt atgttggaaa ctgaattccg    124020
     gtcgtctgtg agggcatcaa gtgctcttac tactgagtta tctctccaga ctcaattttt    124080
     ctatttttca aaaggaccat aatgagtgca tgttttgtgc tctaactttc cagctactgc    124140
     cttcaatttt tacgtacaaa tgtaatatac atacaaatgt aatatgtata catagagcaa    124200
     aaatctaaca gacacaaagg aatggaaccc ccagctttgt ggttgtagga tacagcgcac    124260
     cacacagctt ggccagtagg ggacaactgt gcccttgctg cccttgcact gtaagtgttc    124320
     aacaccaata tcttggggtt catctgagtc caggtgtcta ctgtggttaa attcttaccc    124380
     tttcaggtat agatgaactt aacagaccta cgcatgtgta gttacagagg ccatggcatg    124440
     gttgctgaat ctgtcctatt atctccagaa tttcagtcct tatcttgtca ctagtatttg    124500
     acaggcatgc ttcatgtttt tatgtatgta attaaatttt tactgcctag tggatggatt    124560
     aagctgcaca caattaagct gagcaacaag ccaagtaata tggaatttca cacaaattgg    124620
     taattctctg cactacaaag attatttagt tattttgtta tttataaaca aatgtctgac    124680
     actggattta tagtgtatat gaatattgga gtttttttga tccttttaaa atattcattt    124740
     cacgcaggtc catttcctac agacattcaa acactaaatt ttgtttgcat ctaaataaaa    124800
     tcaaagtggc catctcttca gaaaaccaat tgtcaaactt acaatgaaat taatcctgaa    124860
     ttgctgttta tcaaattatt tacaagggat aaagccagtg attgccatat catcctcaca    124920
     gaaaaatata agtctatttt tagcatttct tttgctgttt tttttttaaa gattaatttt    124980
     agtgtctgtg tgcatgtctc tgtgtatcat tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg    125040
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agtatgtgtg agtgtgtgtg tatgtgcctg tgtgtctgac    125100
     tctgtgtgtg tgagtgtgta tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtctg tgtatgtgtg tgtttatgtg    125160
     taggtgaatt cagaggcctg acaggggcac tgggctaaga ggtttgagct gcttgtgtgt    125220
     gtgtccgtgt atctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct atgtgtctgt    125280
     tttagtgtgt ttgagtgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgagctg    125340
     ctttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag gtgcatgtgg aggcctgaca ggggcagttg    125400
     gctaagagga ggctgtgatc tgcttgaaat ggctgctgga aaattctgtt catctggtcc    125460
     tctggaagca ttgtctggag atagtattaa tgactgaggc acttctccag ccctaagcac    125520
     ttctttgggc attcagtcat tcagttttaa agttttcaca tctatggcta aagtgctttt    125580
     acattctgaa atttaaaacc acttatcgtg cttcagataa aaatgaattt acatccacag    125640
     aaggatcacc accattgagg tgaactgtat caactgccag cacagtcatt ttacacctat    125700
     aaaatggagt tatatgtggt tccattcaat gcgtgtcaag gggaaagtcc tgagcttaat    125760
     atataaagct ttttgcaaca tgacacacag aaaattatga gtaatgaagg aagaagaagt    125820
     agaagaaaag aaagacagta gtcagaggtg cctatatctc aaaggttcaa aacagcatct    125880
     ttatgtgtgt atcatagggc aactctcatg catccagcat ctgtatatat cagtcaacag    125940
     tacatcaaat gccttcatac ccaattgtac atagggatac agacattagg tttcaaagca    126000
     ttggccagag gcattatttt tattgtttct catgtagagg tggtttttgt ttggttaagt    126060
     tttttgtttt gttttatctt tttttaaaaa atttcattag taactttcct atgtcattat    126120
     ttttattttt gttcttgttt cttgacacag gctagagtta tatggaaaga ggcaccttta    126180
     agtgagaaaa tgcctctata aaactgattc aggagggccc aattccctat aaaaatacca    126240
     acctgggcag ggggtaatat gttatgtaag aaaataggct cacaatgcac agacaggaag    126300
     caacattccc ctaaggtatc tgctttagtt cctgcctctg agttctccca aatatttact    126360
     cccctccctg ccctacacac ccagctcccc tcatactgca ttataagcta aaataaaccc    126420
     tttcctcctc aggtttctat tggtcatgat attaatcact ataactctaa caaaattaaa    126480
     atgaacagga ttaaagttgt ctttggggat gtctcaggca ctcaactcag ttgctaatta    126540
     acaaagatca gtcccagggt ctggcctcct agtgtggaag acattgcttt gacaatcaac    126600
     agaaaaaact ggtacttctc agaccaataa tggtaagagt caggtaaact ggctgataaa    126660
     gattttgtta gctatcgtcg taattggaat atccacctga aaaaatataa aagcaaaatt    126720
     ctaggccttt aggcccaggc ttgggaatgt gacctctgtg actcaatgat ccaaggtatg    126780
     ctaatcataa aacagatagc aacattcccc cacacacccg cttcctgagt tcaaagagtg    126840
     ttcattcaaa gaatgtgcta ttgttagggg ctcatagaaa atgtcttgag agataacctg    126900
     aaaaattacc aggtattcct tatgactctt gtgactttgc agttccttgt gactcttaac    126960
     tggtatcttt ggtattttcc aacaacgccc tccccacttc cttgagttgt ggtttcttcc    127020
     tttaaatacc cccttaccca gctactcggg gcaccatggt cctctacccc tgcgtggtgt    127080
     atgaccatgg gccctagagt gctcttgaat taaaagtcct cttgcagttt gcagcaagac    127140
     catttctcct gagtgatttg gggtgttgcc tctcctgagt cagaacgtcg gggagtcctc    127200
     acgttgtagg tctttcattt ggtgcattgg ctgggaatca cgaccacccc ttacacccga    127260
     gaacagactt ggagatatgg ggatcccctc ttgtgtgcgt gccagcaggt gtctctgttt    127320
     tgagtgtctg ttctgaactg aacatgggaa catgtgtttg ttgtgttggg ttgtttgtgt    127380
     cttgtcttat gtttctgtag cacggtgcag tctgagtttt ggattctgat ccatctgagt    127440
     ttatactgat cagcctgagt ttggatccgc cagagtttgg tttctctggt tctggtcatc    127500
     taggtgaaag cggtgtttgt acacaatggg gttttctgaa acatgcgcgg tttttatttt    127560
     cagctgtctt ttccggccat taggactgga ggactgtggt cggcagacat gctagaaggc    127620
     ccacaggctg caaccctgga agacattcca cgggtagaag ggggtcgacg tagaatctga    127680
     cccttgtcag aaagggggtg gacgtggaac ctcatcccct cggaggtcgc gtttggctgg    127740
     cttgataagt ccagatgcgg acatgtgtgt tcagacatac tagtgtcttg tgtctttgtt    127800
     ttgtttctgt tttttttttc tgatttttgt tatgggatag acagtatcaa ttggcctttg    127860
     gagccctgca cctgtagtta ggagtctagt gtggctggag aagccctgct tggagctgat    127920
     tgtaaacact gcttttaaag ggaccagcag cttctcaagt tctatggtaa ggtaactgat    127980
     ggctgtcttt cctacaaaaa tctctgtgct tgtgattatt agattcatca ggtgacaagg    128040
     tgctcctctc tggaaattac agctagaaaa attaagaatt ttgcttggtt taaataagca    128100
     aatgtatgca gtcatttcat ttttgtttct gaatagtttt aaaggcataa atatgtttta    128160
     catgtcttgg ttatagatta ttggctcata agttattggt catgattaaa aatttgtacc    128220
     attggtaaca aaaagttgac ttaaaactgg taactctggg ttagagtaat ttagaactac    128280
     aacatgcagc atgagacaac tcatggcaac aggtctctaa aaataggtct gaattgggta    128340
     atattcgatg taattcttat cctagaaacc caatttataa aagataggat ttagggtagt    128400
     gtctttttga ggtattggcg gctacacctt cttgtgtttg tgtgcaggaa caggcagcca    128460
     aactttgtag caagtaatgt ttttggagtt cattttaaaa gagaatggac tgtttgcact    128520
     gttaaaattg ggttttgctt ctcaaaattg tggttgtact ctcatgttac aagagaaatt    128580
     gaaggcttct cccaaatcgg agccaccagc taaatccatt ggctcctcca aaatctctga    128640
     agcctcctga gtggcctagt cctgagtagc ttagtccaca accttcccct tattcacagc    128700
     ctcaaccccc cccccccgat ggggaaccct gaacccctca gggcggtggg aggaggactg    128760
     ctgtgggtac atggagctac agagtgcaga gtctgggcag actctggacc cacccaaact    128820
     tcaaaccctt cagtactggt cattttcctc tgctggtatt tataactgga aaactaacca    128880
     ccccatttct cagaggatcc ccaacgcctc acagggttgg tggagttcct tatgttctct    128940
     tcagcctact tagaatgatt gtcaacagct gttgcagatg ctcttcacaa cggaatagca    129000
     agagagaatt ctgttaaagg ctagaaaaat agcctgggag ccaatgggcg gtctacacag    129060
     ctacaaaatg agattgacat aggattcctt ttgactcgcc ccagttgcaa ctgcaacatg    129120
     gccgaaggta ggaagagctt aaaaaatcta tggccaggct ctggtctcca aggtgcctca    129180
     agacgagccc actaatttag ctaaggtaag aggtaatgca ggggccgatc aaacctccct    129240
     cagtggtcgt tgaaaggctt atggaagcct tcaggcgatt cactcccttt gatcttacct    129300
     cggaagccca gaaggcctca gtggccctgg ccttcataag tcagttggcc ccccgatatc    129360
     agaaagaaac ttcagagatt agaaggtata ttacaagagg gagacagtta tgtgatctag    129420
     tgaaagaggc agagaaagta tgtgtgtgtg tgagagaggc gggaggcaga agaaaaagca    129480
     aacaggaggc atcgtagata agaaagaaat ttgactagaa tcttggccac agtggtagga    129540
     gagaaagaaa agacaggatc tagacaggaa acctgggcaa cagaagactg agcctcagct    129600
     aaaaaggctc agttgtgtca gactgaagtt acttatttgg gatacatcct tcgagatggg    129660
     aagcagtggc taaccccaac tacaccaagg caagtaagag aattcttggg tactgctggc    129720
     ttctacagac tctagatacc agggttggca accttagctg ccctgttgta ccccataacc    129780
     aagaaagggg aggtgtttgt gtggacccca gatcaccaga aagcctttga agagattaaa    129840
     aaggccctac tgatggccag ccttggcctt tgcctgaccc aaccaagccc ttcactcttt    129900
     atgtggaaga gacagcaggg gtcgccagag taatccttgc tcagactttg ggaccttaaa    129960
     aaaggccagt ggcttaccta tccaagaagt tacatcctgt tgccagcagg tggttttctt    130020
     acctgaaagc tattgctgcc ataactctgc ttgtcaagga tgctgataag ctcactctgg    130080
     gacagcaagt aactgtagtg gcaccccaca ctcttaaaag cattatccgg cagccccctg    130140
     accgatggat gactgaacaa gtaaccttca ctcctcctgc tgtcctcact cctactaccc    130200
     tactgcctga gacttcacct actcatcatt gtgctgacat ctggcagaag aaactggtac    130260
     tcgaaatgat ctgaaggatc atatcagcct tggtctggga gttcaagctg atacacggat    130320
     ggcagtagct tcctggttaa aggtaagcga aaggtggggg cagcagtgca gtggtggaca    130380
     gaaagcaagt gatctaggcc agcagcctcc ctgaagggac ttcagcccag aaagccgaac    130440
     ttgtggcttt ggtacaatat ctatgaatgg caaaagggaa gtctacactg acagcaggta    130500
     tgcttttgcc actgtacgga gcaatataca gacaaagagg gctgttgaca tctgcagaga    130560
     aagacctaag atgctgtggc taaaggaaat cagatggcag atctaaccgc caaacaggtg    130620
     gcccaaagag caataatcct gtcagtcaag gagcctaaag attattatga tgtcagagag    130680
     accagcttta gatacacccc tgagcactat caagttatgg acaaattagg actggtaaag    130740
     gaaaccctgt atgaaatagt agaaacaaaa aaaggaaaac tagtcctccc acaggaaaaa    130800
     gaacgcaagt atgttaccac cttactttac ttgacccact tgggggcaaa ataattaaaa    130860
     agtgtggtta ggtcctttga ctactatgtt acaggactct ctgacttggc agaagaaata    130920
     gtcaaaagct ccaaggcctg tgctatgact aatgcaggat actccatgta tatactcctg    130980
     agaagaggtt caggggcgat tggcctagag cctacaggga ggtaaaattt acagaaatta    131040
     agccagctag atatggcaac aagtacttag ggttagaaat agacaccttt tcaaggtggg    131100
     taaaagtttt tccaactagg actgagacag ccaatgtgat ggccaagaag atcctagaag    131160
     aaatcttccc gagatttggg atacccaaga taattgggtc caataatgga cctgcctttg    131220
     ttgcccaggt aaatcaggga ctgaccaaga tattggggat tgattagaag ttatattgtg    131280
     catacaggcc ccaaagctca ggagaggtag agagaatgaa tagaaacatt aagagaccct    131340
     taccaaattg acagcggaga ctggcgctaa tgattggata tctctcctac cctttgtgtt    131400
     cttcagagtt aggaacaccc ctggacagtt tggactgacc ccctataaat cactctatgg    131460
     gggggggggc tccactggta aaaatagcct ctgtacatag tgctgacatg ctgcattccc    131520
     agcctttgtt ctctaggctc aaggcactcc agtgggtgag acagcaagca aagaagcagc    131580
     tccagaaggc ctactcaaga gaagaagacc tgcaagcccc gcatcacttc caagttagag    131640
     attcgttcta cattagatgc ctccatgcag aaaaccttga gactcggtgg aaaggccctt    131700
     atcttgtatt cttgaccacc ctactttcta cctttatggt accccttttg attttgattc    131760
     tgcttttaat tatagatcca tgtgtgttaa ataggcaagt cgcctttatt aggacaagaa    131820
     ttgatgcagt gcggctttta gttttgagac aacagtacca tgccctaaag gatcaagtgt    131880
     gtcagggaaa agaaagtgtc tagttctaag attagaacta ctaacaagta gaagtgggga    131940
     atgaaaaaat ataaaagcaa aattctaggc ctttaggccc aggcttggga atgtgacctc    132000
     tgtgactcaa tgatccaagg tatgctaatc ataaaacaga tagcaacatt cccccacaca    132060
     cccgcttcct gagttcaaag agtgttcact caaagaatgt gctattgtta ggggctcata    132120
     gaaaatgtct tgagagataa cccgaaaaat taccaggtat tccttgtgac tcttgtgact    132180
     ttgcagttct ttgtgactct taactggtat ctttggtatt ttccaacaac gccctcccca    132240
     cttccttgag ttgtggtttc ttcctttaaa taccccctta cccagctact cggggcacca    132300
     tggtcctcta cccctgcatg gtgtatgtac atgggcccta gagtgctctt gaattaaaag    132360
     tcctcttgca gtttgcagca agaccgtttc tcctgagtga tttggggtat cgcctctcct    132420
     gattcagaat gtggtggagt cctcacgttg tggatctttc acaacattgg atttatttct    132480
     agaccagtca atccatcatt gagttagaat aactgctcac attaaaggaa agagagtaac    132540
     caaggctttt cattgaaagg ttggcttgaa acatttgtca tgaaagatga gattaatctt    132600
     ttaaagtaga ttaacaatgg atcctttggt gctggaatta taaatggttg tgagccacca    132660
     tgtgggtccc ataaaccaaa cctacgtcct cagaaggaac agcctttgcc tttaactgat    132720
     gatgcatctc tccagtcccc tgatttgtta tttatattta tttgctagtt atatattttt    132780
     agatttattt tatgtgtata agtgttttgg ctgcatgtat gtctgttcat cacatatatg    132840
     actcatgtct gaggaggtca gaataaggtg tcagatcttc tggaactgga ggtgtagatg    132900
     gttgtgagct atcatgtgta tgctggaaac tgaattcagg tcgtctgtga gggcatcaag    132960
     tgctcttaac actgagctat ctctccagac taattttttc tttttttaaa aaggaccatg    133020
     atgagcactt gttttgtgct ctaactctcc agctagtggc ttcaaattat acatataaat    133080
     gttatatgta tacacagagc acaaacctaa caggcacaaa aaaaggaagc ctctgcattg    133140
     tgtctgtagg agacagcaca gtactcagct tggccagtag agggcaacat tgcatttgca    133200
     ctgtgagtgc tcaaccaatt tctttctttt ttttcttttc cattttttat taggtattta    133260
     gctcatttac atttccaatg ctataccaaa agtcccccgt agctacccac ccccactccc    133320
     ctacccaccc actccccctt tttggccctg gcgttcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt    133380
     tgcaagtcca atgggcctct ctttccagcg atggccgact aggccatctt ttgatgcata    133440
     tgcagctctt gtcaagagct ccggggtact ggttagttca taatgttgtt ctacctatag    133500
     ggttgcagat ccctttagct ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccattg ggagccctgt    133560
     gatccatcca ttagctgact gtgagcatct acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc ccggcatagt    133620
     ctcacaagag acagctacat atgggtcctt tcaataaaat cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg    133680
     tgtcagcgtt tggatgctga ttatggggtg gatccctgga tatggcagtc caagatataa    133740
     gatacaattt cctaaacaca tgaaactcaa gaaaaatgaa gactgaagtg tggacactat    133800
     gcccctcctt agaagtggga acaaaacacc cttggaagga gttacagaga caacgtttgg    133860
     agctgagatg aaaggatgga ccatgtagag actgccatat ccagggatcc accccataat    133920
     cagcattctc aaccaatttc ttaagcttca tcaaagtcca ggtgtctact gtgattaagt    133980
     tctttctctt tcagacatag atgagcttga cagagctacg tatgtgtagt tacaaaggcc    134040
     atggtgtggt tgctgggtct gtccaattat ctccagagtt tcagtcctta tcttgtcagt    134100
     agtatttgaa agactccctt catgtcttta tatatctaat tactgcctag tggaaggatt    134160
     aaactgcatg acactaagat gagcaccaca accaagtagc ataaaatgtc agacacactg    134220
     gaacctttct gcactacaga gtttatttag ttattttatt atttataaac aaatgtctga    134280
     tactagattt atagtatatt ttaatattgg atttgtttga ttctttttaa atatccattt    134340
     ccagcaggtc cattccctag attcattcaa aaactactta aattttcttt gcacctaaat    134400
     aaaatcaaag tggtcatctc ttcagaaaat catttgacaa acttacaatg aagttaattc    134460
     tgaatagctg tttataaaat taattttgag ggataaagcc agtgattgct gtattatcct    134520
     catagaaaca tataataagt ccatttttag caattctttt gttgtttttt aaaagattaa    134580
     ttttagtgtc tgtgtgtggg gggactgtgt gtgtgtctct ttgtatctgt gtgtgtgtga    134640
     gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtatgtatgt    134700
     atgtgtgcag gtgcatgcag aggactgaca ggggcacttg actgacagca gcttgtgagc    134760
     tgcttggcat ggctgctgga aacttccatt catcctgtcc tctggaagca ttgtctatag    134820
     ttagaattaa tgactgaggc gcttctccag ccctaagcac tattttaggc attcagtttt    134880
     aaggttttca catccatggc taaatatttt tacattctga aatttaaaac ctcttatcgt    134940
     gcttcagatg aaaatgaatt tacatccaca gaaggatcac caccgttgag gtgaactgta    135000
     tcaactgcca gcacagtcat tttacaccta taaaatggta ggtgtgagga gccgccctca    135060
     cattcgccat tacaagatgg tgccgacatc ctgtgttcta attaggaaac aaataatctg    135120
     cgcatgtgcc gggtagtttt ccactccatg tgctctgcct tccctgtgac gacaactcgg    135180
     tcgatgggct gcagccaatc agggagcgac acgtctgagg cggaggacaa tcctccataa    135240
     aagggacagg gttttgccat tcatctctct tctcctcttg ctcctgaaga agtaagcaat    135300
     aaagcttttg ccgcagaaga ttccggttgt cctgagagtg ttcttgccgg tggggacaaa    135360
     agctcgggat aggtaggtat atatggttcc attcaatgca tttcaagggg aaagtcctga    135420
     gcctaatata taaagctatt tgaaaaatga cacacagaaa attatgaata gtgaaaaaag    135480
     gggaaaaaaa gaaagacaga agccaggcat gcctacatca caaaggttta aaacagcatc    135540
     tttatgtgtg tatcattgtg gcaactctca tgcatccagc atctgcagat gtcttcatac    135600
     ccacttgtac atacggatac agacatcagg cttcaaaaga gtgggcagag gctttatttt    135660
     tattgttttt catgtacagt tggtttttgt ttggttaaga ttttttggct tgttttgtct    135720
     ttttttgttt ttttatctca ttagaaactt tcctgggtca ttgtttatat tttgtttttg    135780
     tttcaacttg acataggcta gagttatatc gaaagaggga ccttcaaatg agaaaatgcc    135840
     tctactaaac tgattcagga gagcccaact ccgtatggaa atatcacgct gggcaggggg    135900
     taatgagtta tataagaaga taggctcaca atccacaggg aatgagtcag gaagcaacat    135960
     tcccctaagg cctctgcttt agttcccccc tctgagttct cacatagagt tagccccctt    136020
     ccttcctgca ctcccagctt ccttcataat agactataag ctaaaataaa ccctttcctc    136080
     ctcatgttgc ttttggttat gatattaatc atagtaactc taacatttat ctatataaag    136140
     atacagaaaa taccaatttg tttttggaag ttcgcctttt caaaacacca tgtagtttct    136200
     ctataaatgt ctctctcatt ccagctatct tgagagaagc ttacatgatc tcatgccagc    136260
     acgttccagt cacttccatc atgatctact agcctagagg ttctcatcct tccccatgct    136320
     atgatcctct aatacagctt ctttatgatg tggtgacctc caaccaaaaa ataatttcct    136380
     cactatttca taaaggtcat tttgaagtcg ttatgaattt aagtgtaaat atctgatatg    136440
     cagataatag gacatgtgac ctccagaggg tcaagaccca agaattgata acgccctgtg    136500
     gggtcacgac ctacatgttg agaactgctg atagcacctt ctttctttct tccctcacct    136560
     tcctttcatc atttgttctc taaatgcagc cagatgtact tcgaaagcac acctctgccc    136620
     atgttcctac tgtagttcta aaatgtttca gttccttccc atttacatgt aaactgaccc    136680
     ctaccaaagc acctcttgga cccacataaa ctgacaaggg gtgagctgtg accactaaaa    136740
     atatatacac tggaagcttt agaaccacag tgcctgaggg tgtgattcgg tgtaaatatg    136800
     gtaagatgtg gtcattaggg tgaaccctaa gatgatatga ccagtgtcct taaaagaaaa    136860
     ggctaggata caggctggat cagaggggat acttcctgaa gaccccagaa ggcagctgcc    136920
     tatgattcaa ccaatgagaa agatctcaga agaagcaagc cccattgaac accttgctct    136980
     cagagttcta gctgccaaaa atgagaaagt tcaattcttg ctgttgaagt cacccatact    137040
     gcatgacttc acaagggcag ccccagcaaa ctgacacaac cccctttcta gccttgactc    137100
     actttgtaac tcctatgctc cctgtgtttg ggtaagggtc ctttggctct ctgaactacc    137160
     tgtgctccta tttgccatgg actttgctta tgtgtacact ctcaacaccc tagacagccc    137220
     tctgcccact tcctgttggt ctggttaatt ctttcctatt ttaatagatt atttaatgtg    137280
     tgtgagtgtt ttgcttatgc ctatgtctgt tcaccacatg catgcactgc acacatagag    137340
     tatcataccc tctggaacta tagttatgaa ttcctgtaag ccaccatgtc agttttggga    137400
     atttagccca ggtcctctga aagagcaggc aagtgctcat aaccaggagt catctctcca    137460
     gcctctccca agtcatcctg ctttcccttg ttcaagtatt agtgactgaa tgctaactct    137520
     gtgcctgcca aggtgctgac ctgtctaagc aattgtagtg agtacacatt gttcttggcc    137580
     tcagattaca tgttcccctg agttaaatat cattgtattg caatattcct atgatagata    137640
     cctattaggg agaggactca agacctctta ggaaaagact atctgtgttc agtagcagat    137700
     tggaatgaca gacatcaaga gtcaatataa attggagtct tccccttgaa gaaaagactg    137760
     cttggttgtg aggagtgtga aaagctagta gtcccagctg ttaattgctt tgtggtgcaa    137820
     cccctcatga atgaacaaaa ctatgccata gcatttctga ctaacacagg atcacttccc    137880
     tttcttgatt ctgctgtctc ctggctccct tcatccttca tgagttactg gctaataatc    137940
     tctttgccct ctaattctgt ctttacctct ggtttccagg gaaccatgct agatttgggg    138000
     tgtgtcttag ttagcgtttt actgctgtga acagatacca tgaccaaggc aagtcttata    138060
     aaaaacattt cattggggct ggcttacagt tccagatgtt tagtctatta acatcaaggt    138120
     gggagcatgg cagcatccag gcaggcatgg cacaggcaga gctgagagtt cagccaaagg    138180
     ctgctactgg aagactgact tccaggcaac tagggtgagg atcttatgcc cacacccaca    138240
     gtgacaaccc attccaacca ggtcacacct attccaacaa agccacacct ccagatggtg    138300
     ccactccctg gtccaaggat atacaaactg ccacacggtg ctaagcaagt tgatttcagt    138360
     aagtccaaca ataatctgat ttagcagcaa gtggccaaat tttactaggt tcctaaaagg    138420
     aaagctatgg atggacggaa aggatggcaa gagaaataat gagccaagac aaagttctct    138480
     aatcaaggct caatctttaa tgtatgtcac tgaataaata tgggaaaacc caaagaccca    138540
     tccctttgtt ttgggtgaat ttctgttgtt tgtttcagct ggattgagtt gcaaagtagg    138600
     ctcttcagca gctcagtggg caggcagttg tcagtcagtc ctctgacagg aagatgtaca    138660
     tgtagcagag ccagatgcct ggctccagtg tcatagactt gttcagccag cttaagactg    138720
     gggagagggg gtgttacagt tcctcccttt ttatttatta aaaattagct gggctgatgc    138780
     ataaaattta cttatcctcc atggccctgt ttgggaatta tggtggctgg tggctctgcc    138840
     tgccttgggt ctgaatgtct agactccttc tgacccatcc aggagaacac atgcagctta    138900
     tttgtgttta tttgcacaag catagccttt tagtgtttat aatgaacaaa catatccttt    138960
     tggcacatgc ctctgtctaa gtttgataag agtcaataga atcatcattg gtccatcttt    139020
     ggctgctgta cctcatagca catctttttt tcattcagac caaagccaca ataagcactc    139080
     aatgcatctc tacagagtga tgaataactg ccatatctga gctttgctga aggtgagact    139140
     gtatggaagt aaccaacctg tttaaaaaac aaagtgaaaa gttaaaagga gcagagttaa    139200
     agttatctgt ggggatgtcc caggcactca attcagttgc aaattagcaa agatcagtgc    139260
     cagggcctgg cctcttagtg tgggggatgt ggtttgggaa tcaacagaaa aaaactgtta    139320
     cttctcaggt caatagtggt aagagtcagg taagctggct gataaagata ttttagctat    139380
     cttcgtaatt agaatatcca acattggact tatttctaga ccagtcagtc catcactgag    139440
     ttaaaataac tgggcacttt aaaggaaaga gaaaagtcat tataaatatt cattttgatt    139500
     aatttttcta atcagtttcc acagtctcta tgttctctgt ctcacaaagt gtaaaacctt    139560
     gaagcaagcc agcttgtata atctgggata taggaaagca aaggtgggtc aagaacatat    139620
     acccaataca gctttcctgt caccattgtc agggcactca acaagctcac atgtcagaat    139680
     tatccctttg tgacagcatg tcacaccagt cactcttggc agcaagcatg atcctgaagc    139740
     attctgcaga aaaaacacaa acatgccctc tttccatatt aaatatatga tcaagatcat    139800
     accatatacc aataagtaga tatttccatt tatctaggca tgagtgtgtg tagctgtagg    139860
     atgctataca cactcagcaa agagttcctt agcatagaaa tattaaaatt ttaaaaataa    139920
     aatgcatgat ttaaatgaca tgcatgggga tataatttcc cccttttttg ttttttttta    139980
     agaagatatt gtttcaaagt tcaacaatgt cttgtccttg agaattactt aaaatcccag    140040
     taacaaggat aagattaaat tgttaacaaa acacctcaaa tgcttgacag taatagccag    140100
     ttccattttc tgttttaatc tgatttggaa caccaagcat aaaaatatta atgtaggcaa    140160
     tgacaaatta catctttagt tacttctctt gttaaagcaa ttgcaaccag aaagcttgaa    140220
     aatttggcaa aagtgccatg tacatatttt atctttctaa gatcagaaat atgagtatca    140280
     gtttgcaata actgattaat tataagtcct ctagagttta acaccattcg gtggaacaga    140340
     tagaaatcga ggtcgctgag aacaagtctt taaaatttga catgcacatt ctctaaaaat    140400
     accaaattat tatctcaaga cattactatt ttggtgatgt aaaaaatgag attatatggc    140460
     caattgttct tgtttaaggc ttataatctt cctgggatag aaatctgctg tgtcatttcc    140520
     ttaaggggtc ttgtccaggc agtccaggat gagttcttaa aggttcaagg agagtccttt    140580
     aaagaacatt attttctttt aacttgagtt gtatgtgcat aaacagttgc aaaattagaa    140640
     aattagcagt atctaaaaag aaacaattca acctactgta agcctatata tacatatgtg    140700
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata catatatata tatatatata    140760
     tatatatata tgctatcagt ataaaaatta aaggttgatt tgttttcaac atttcaaaac    140820
     attgataaca tcacacaatt caattatctg tgctgaagca ggagaaactc aaaagaataa    140880
     acatgtgatc caatcacata tacttctctc ccatagaagg gatgtttata aatacagtag    140940
     atttttaatg gaatgcatac ataaagtaca ggaaatacaa aagtttgcgt agaagcaaat    141000
     tttaacttgt ctttgaaaaa tgattatcaa ttacctaaaa tttactatgc aataggccaa    141060
     atatcgatat tctgcaaata acaatttaaa tgctgtttgg aacaaggaat agatgtcttg    141120
     ttaggttttt aagacatttt tttctaagct cacttcataa ttctatccta caatattttt    141180
     attaacacca tgaaagcttc ataacaagat gttaaaactt tacttggaga tgaagaaaga    141240
     tgatttcaca ttaatacttt ctttaccaaa gaattgatgt gggctcattg agtaacaata    141300
     attaaaataa gtagttaaaa tttgattacc attgtttaca attgataaca gttgattaca    141360
     gaagcttcct ctactttgca aagctttttg tttctcacca ctaaatttac atctcccttg    141420
     ataatatcca acaaagactt aagtccttct gtggtaagct taaggtgagg tcttaaccaa    141480
     ttaacatctc ctggaagctt ttgaaaataa tttgaagtaa gcaaatcctc ttttctttct    141540
     tgaatttttc tctaccaaat ttttctaaga tataactgag ggccaaatat tgaaaaagat    141600
     attgcctttt gaatcttttc tggagcaaca actactccaa aaattttcaa gctcgttatg    141660
     taagagcaaa ggtttatagt atattttcct taagagggaa tagttaataa aaatgctctc    141720
     catataataa acaatataaa ctgaaagatt taaagtccta gcttcttgta ttaaagcaga    141780
     gacaaaaaat tattattatt tttagtttac ataatgtaag gctattagac atacctagag    141840
     gcaaaacttt ccaatgatca caagctcact agaagcaaat actttacaat tatcaggata    141900
     taaagtaaaa cacaaccttc caattccata ataattcttt atggagtagg caatttatat    141960
     tgtaatgatc ttagaagttc catagcctca ctgacctttc ataaatctta agtttaaact    142020
     tcatttttaa caacacctgg ataggcctgt aataatgctg ttttggcttt taaattattt    142080
     tgcaattgaa aggagaggtg aggccccaac aacttcccta agcagggttt gcaaaactaa    142140
     agaaatgcca cacaatcctc actaaggctg ctctgaactt ttcattaact caagtgtaaa    142200
     tattacttca tctgagcctt tttcctgagg tctggcccaa tgactacccc tcctgcagca    142260
     aaaagattac aggggagcaa ttcttctgtc tgtctatgcc tctaactttt ggacagtctt    142320
     tcctaagatt atttatactt caaacattcc ttataacctc agtgttgtga aaacattgct    142380
     tgtaagtact gtaatattgt tgcaaggcag caacaatagg caaacactga ttgtattagg    142440
     gtccaatttc tgcacaagga caaatatatc ctgataagac tgtctttgtt tcatatgcct    142500
     gaatggccac agagaactgc attagcattc tcataagaca attgtgagag ggaaaaaaca    142560
     aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaaa caaacaaaca actaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa    142620
     aaccctgctt gagaatctcc agaaactctg ctagctgttt ttagtaacat atccacaaaa    142680
     tccagaaaat gttaatcagg agcctgtttg ataccaaata aattctcact gagatctcct    142740
     ttccaatctt gggtggcagg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    142800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgttaaatt ttgcttctac cactgtatcc aataaagctt ggataaaagg    142860
     ggcagaaggt ccgtactggc cacagatggt tttaattttt attactcttg taattattgt    142920
     aattacaaaa tatgggtgag ctaaaaatca tgaccttgca atcaaactgc aaagtgcagc    142980
     aaacggaaca ctgggaattt taaccagaat ttcaaagttt cttttcaata ttagagtata    143040
     accataaatt ttggaaagca aaacccaatt ttaaacagtc cattctcttt aaaatcaata    143100
     ccaaaaggac tactttcata ttacgaagtt tggctaacaa ttcttatata tgaatgcatg    143160
     acagttcaac ttttaatgct tcattgaaga aacattgttt taaatcttat ctcttacaag    143220
     tctagtttct tggataagaa ttacataaaa tactatccca atttagaagt atctttagag    143280
     gcttggtttc ctgggctggt tcatgccaca tggtgtttaa aaatgagtac aacactgagt    143340
     taccagtttt aaattaacat tcttgtcacc agtgtcacac tttttaaatc atactcaata    143400
     acttataagc caataatcta tgaccaagac atgaagagca tgtttctacc tttaagacca    143460
     gtcagaaacc aaatgaagca gctacacaaa tcttttaaat ttataccaga gaatttttac    143520
     ttttctaggt ataatttcaa gagaaaaagc actttgtcat ttgttgaacc caataatcac    143580
     aattgcagag atttttctag gaaaaaaaaa accccaacta tcagcttatt tgccttagaa    143640
     ctaagaagct gctggcccct ctaaaaaaca acttttcagt agggactctc ctgctgtact    143700
     tgactctggg ctaaggatgc aggtcagctt tgttcagcca cctgtgtgaa aactaagact    143760
     gaatcaagaa atggatagcc agcagataaa gttttaacca tttttttttt caacatgaaa    143820
     catagaacaa cagtcattca gacaacaaaa cataaacaga catgttttga cacgtggaca    143880
     gattggtgca ccaaacatag acaatgcaga gagggtataa aacttgatgt gaccagaact    143940
     aaggatgtct cctgtaggga ccagaaagca ggacaggaca tctcctgatg tccttttgtc    144000
     tctgggagag ctctaaaata tattttcctt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    144060
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctttctctct ctctcccatg tcatttggat atatagcacc    144120
     tccctttttg tgtgtatatt ttacttactt atttaattta atttatttta ttattttatt    144180
     attttgagcc ctactagtct ttcctgatgt aagtgttttc ttttctttct ttttttcttt    144240
     tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt ttttttccca tttttttatt    144300
     aggtatttaa ctcatttaca tttccaatgc tataccaaaa gtcccccata tccacccacc    144360
     cccactcccc tgcccaccca ctcccccttt ttggccctgg tgttcccctg tactggggca    144420
     tataaagttt gcaagtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagcga tggccgacta ggccatcttt    144480
     tgatatatat gcagctagag acaagagctc cggggtactg gttagttcat aatgttgttc    144540
     cacctatagg gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttggctact ttctctagct cctccattgg    144600
     gagccctatg atccatccat tagctgactg taagcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc    144660
     cggcatagtc tcacaagaga cagctacatc tgggtccttt caataaaatc ttgctagtgt    144720
     atgcaatggt gtcagcgttt ggatgctgat tatggggtgg atccctggat atggcagtct    144780
     ctacatggtc catcctttca tctcagctcc aaactttgtc tctgtaactc cttccatggg    144840
     tgttttgttc ccaaatctaa ggaggggcat agtgtccaca cttcagtctt cattcttctt    144900
     gagtttcatg tgtttagcaa attatatctt atatcttggg tatcctaggt ttggggctaa    144960
     tatccactta tcagtgaata catattgtgt gagtttcttt gtgaatgtgt tacctcactc    145020
     aggatgatgc cctcatcatc ctgagtgaag gtgaagtaac atataaaggc aggcctatca    145080
     gaattacacc agacttttca ccagagacta tgaaagccag aagagcctgg acagatgtta    145140
     tacagacact aagagaacac aaatgccagc ccaggctact atacccggcc aaactctcaa    145200
     ttaccataga tggagaaacc aaagtattcc acgacaaata caaattcaca caatatcttt    145260
     ccacgaatcc agcccttcaa aggataataa cagaaaagaa gcagtacaag gacggaaatc    145320
     acgccctaga acaaccaaga aagtaatcat tcaacaaacc aaaaagaaga cagccacaag    145380
     aacagaatgc caactctaac aacaaaaata aaagggagca acaattactt ttccttaata    145440
     tctcttaata tcaatggact caattcccca ataaaaagac atagactaac agactggcta    145500
     cacaaacagg acccaacatt ctgctgctta caggaaaccc atctcaggga aaaagacaga    145560
     cactacctca gagtgaaagg ctggaaaaca attttccaag caaatggact gaagaaacaa    145620
     gctggagtag ccattttaat atcggataaa atcgacttcc aacccaaagt tatcaaaaaa    145680
     gacaaggagg gacacttcat actcatcaaa ggtaaaatcc tccaagagga actctcaatt    145740
     ctgaatatct acgcaccaaa tgcaagggca gccacattca ttagagacac tttagtaaag    145800
     ctcaaagcat acattgcacc tcacacaata atagtgggag acttcaacac accactttct    145860
     tcaaaggaca gatcgtggaa acagaaacta aacagggaca cagtgaaact aacagaagtc    145920
     atgaaacaaa tggacctgac agatatctac agaacatttt atcctaaaac aaaaggatat    145980
     accttcttct cagcacctca cgggaccttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc tttctttctt    146040
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc ttttcttttc    146100
     cttttttttt tgtttttttt ttttttgttt tttttttttt tgtttgtttg tttggttggt    146160
     tggtttggtt tggtttttcc acacagggtt tccctcttta gccctggctg tcccggaact    146220
     cactttgtag gcaaggctgg cctcgaagtc agaatctgcc tgccgctgcc tcccaagtgc    146280
     tgggattaaa gatgtgtgcc aacactgccc ggccctgatg cagttcttga ctgtggacaa    146340
     atgccttttt agaatttgca agtcacattt tccactgtca acccctaact gatatcagtg    146400
     ttgggacaac tcttactcat tctagcctgt atcctttttt cacaattgca atcaacagcc    146460
     ttcaaaagat aaaacttata gcgctaatat gcttgatgct gtatgttgct taccatgccg    146520
     aatactatct tacgttttct gtggagtccc accaagacag tgcccctcgg tcattctttc    146580
     catattcagg actcttgttc cagtgacaac tatacctgat agcagcgact ggttactgag    146640
     ttcctgaaaa gagaactggg gatgaatggg aaggacagca agtgaaataa caagccaaga    146700
     caaagttctc tgatcaaggc tcaatcttta atgtatggaa ctgaatatat atgggaaaac    146760
     ccaagggccc atccatttgt tttacctggg ttctgttgct tggttcagtt agattgagtt    146820
     gcaaagtagg ctctttagga gctcagcggg tgggcacttc tcagttctct ggcaggaaga    146880
     tataattgta gaagagcaag aaatgtagct ccagtgttgg agacttgatc atccagctca    146940
     aggttgggtg ggggttgtgg ggggtcacag tctgacactg acacatcagg tgtttcagaa    147000
     ctgatgttga gccagggtcc acagtatgta ctatcactct ggctactaga gagacaacag    147060
     aatatttcct ctctgggaca ttaataaaat aagcctgttt tcattgatgt tcttcttgta    147120
     cccaaataca ccctggcatc atataagtgt cttgaatgtg tccacaggct ttctgaatgc    147180
     gttatttgtt taatttgttg agtgtgagac acaggtcaag ggcattaaat cattttccta    147240
     ttagtttcaa aaatgctact tagttacaaa ctggctgttt gttggttaca ggtaaacttc    147300
     ttaaaaccct aacccacaca ctttgtctag tcatttcttg actccttcag cttttcagtc    147360
     acatgaacag tctacacatg ctaaggagtg ttaacatgct tagtgacaag gaaggtgcct    147420
     gagctgaagt cgggagtgga aggaactcat tgttgctttc tgctgtagaa gtaacttcta    147480
     gttcattact agaaaagcaa tagtccatag ccagatgagg tgctaccacc cataatccca    147540
     gcattcagga ggctggagca ggaggattgc cacagatcta agaccattca gaagctcagt    147600
     gtaagctcaa gtccagtgca aatctcacat taaatagctg gtcagggctg cttttaaccc    147660
     caccactggg tagatggtgg agactggagg attgctggga ctggtggaca tccagcctat    147720
     ctgaaacaca ctaattccca gattcagagg gagaccctta ctcgagggga tgatgtaaaa    147780
     atagatagag ggagacaatt gatgtcctgt gctgatttct gcatatatta tcaaaagcat    147840
     tagtgtgttc acaggtgtgc acatatcaat gaaaaatgga agagggtgga aagaagagga    147900
     agaggaggag gaggagggga aggaggagga agaagaggag gagagggagg aggaggagaa    147960
     ggggggaaga atgtgataat cccctagtag agcatctacc aaacccttgt agaccaaaga    148020
     gagccagttg tcattgccac attcaatctt gggcctcacc aactcctctt attttaaaga    148080
     aaccatgtgc agtttctttg ctagtatctg ccagtctgac atgtctggaa ctctatagca    148140
     ctatctattc ctctttccct atttaaccat tcccccctac attgtaaaaa catcctgacc    148200
     tctgtagtgg agtcaataag aacaaaggct cctgagttag agagtcttgg gtttaaatct    148260
     aagttctcac attgactgac tatatgacct tatgcagtta cttaatcttt ctgagtctta    148320
     ctaatactat ggtaagaaga ataaaatagt acataccata taaaactgat tcaaagttga    148380
     agtgaagcat atcaagtatt tgcctcattc ttgaattctt tatttcctca catcaaacag    148440
     tagtttatgt ttctagttca agggtaaatg aaatgtctac tgatacaaaa tatgttccaa    148500
     ttgtaactgt atgtctttgg gagcatgatt tttggcatga tttgtacttg gacctcaatc    148560
     agcaaataca actttgcaca atacttacgt ttttcattaa tgagattatg tccagtcagt    148620
     tgaattccag tgttctcaaa ggtaaacagt tgttgcaacc tggctactga caacagttag    148680
     gattctgagg tcagtgctat ctgtttaaat tttgaagcct tttgggaggc tacggctatt    148740
     agcttagcca tggaagactt ttcttgataa tctttttttt ttttaattta agatttatta    148800
     tttttatgta tatgtgccta aaagtgttta tatgtactat atgtgcacag gaggccacag    148860
     gggtcaaaag aaagtaggtg atttcctgta actgaagtta gagtcggtta tgggatgcca    148920
     catgagtgct ggtaattgaa cctgggttct cagcaagaac acgtttcaaa gaatcggact    148980
     ccttcttctg acttccactg caccaggcct gtgcatggta ctcaggtaca catgcaaaac    149040
     caatgctcat accatgaaaa ataaatgaat cttttgcaaa aattgagtga ctcaactcct    149100
     tccacagtca agtcttaaag caaagaatct ctacatcttt gactttctag tgtcagtccc    149160
     caccccctcc aaaactgact ttctgattac aagcaagatc caaagttgca tctagttcca    149220
     gatggcagct ctctaaaaca ttcactgttc tcatgggaat atgttttgtg aaatgtaaga    149280
     ctactaaatc aatccatagg tgatgagatt gccaagtttg aaaagggcag gaataatcct    149340
     tggcctatca tcaataagtg aaaaaacatt ccacaaagcc tgactgaggt aatgcagacc    149400
     catacgggaa gaaaaaaaag tccactgaaa ccagagagta tataaggaca agcaaaggag    149460
     ctggggagtg gagtgtaggc actataacct gaaagacgtg gtcctgacag gaggacaatt    149520
     ctattcccta ccaaaatgaa gctgctgctg ccgctgcttc tgctcctgtg tttggaactg    149580
     actttagtct gtatccatgc agaagaatct agttctatgg aaaggaactt taatgtagaa    149640
     caggtaggat cagtgaatag taattcagaa tgggctttgg ggcagagaca gtatactaag    149700
     tattttgaca actggcatga gatctacccc tgtgtatgct caggccttaa cccatagtgc    149760
     ggagttcaaa tagaaacatg tctgtgaggt ttccctgccc cttctcccct aaaccttttc    149820
     ttatctctta cagattagtg ggtattggtt ttctattgct gaagcctctg atgaaagaga    149880
     aaagatagaa gaacatggca gcatgagagc ttttgtggaa aacatcactg tcttggagaa    149940
     ttccttagtc tttaaattcc atttaatgta agtgagatgc tcttggctga gaaagaggaa    150000
     atgaaaacct ggtatggtct catgcctaca aacacacttg gggttgcaga gagataactc    150060
     tcagtatgca catgtgcaca cacgtactga gcctgtatcc aaaactagaa tgctccatgt    150120
     gacactgaac caagatctca taaccagggg ttttacaaaa gtcagagaca agggttggtg    150180
     acaggaatta attcactagg aattcgataa ggaaagatca gagacactgc tgataccaca    150240
     ttaatgagac agtatatcac aagttaagat tatgtgatca tgaattaaaa ttttcttact    150300
     agttgttagc caaataaatc caccctattc tacttgtgtt ttcctgcagt aaaggagaaa    150360
     ataataattc tcctctgagg atctgggagc cacatcaggc aacattacag agtgctgatt    150420
     taaggcagat ggtggctatc tggctgataa tctacaccac tggctgaagc acagcaatgg    150480
     tgaaacttgg aagtagttgc agttgtaata gggatgagaa gtgattgtcg ttttcttttt    150540
     taaaataata ggcaaatttg tgattgctaa aacatctgat ataaataaaa taacataaac    150600
     aaaagctttt tgctaatttt acaaataaag tcaaaagtaa aatggaataa aaaactggag    150660
     atatatatag tgtagatggt caagaagcca gacagatcaa aatcccttat ataaaagatc    150720
     actctatttt acagtgtaaa tgaagagtgc accgaaatga ctgcgattgg tgaacaaaca    150780
     gaaaaggctg gcatatatta tatgaactgt aagtatataa aaagtctata tatctattca    150840
     taaggagtta agtaaacctt aataccttta tcctctctct ctctctctct ctttctctct    150900
     ctctttctct ctctctctct ctctctgtgt gtgtttattt tgctggagtt tgaattcagg    150960
     aacttgcacc tactagtcaa atgggggcca tctaacagct aacaccctgt cacaggcaag    151020
     tgggataagt aggggggaga tggaatctat atgatactgc ccagttgctg gcacaggtgc    151080
     acatcactca gggtacagca gcagacattt gatacagcaa gcttataaaa gatagaaaca    151140
     tgttgcttga agttgctgag ggaggtagat aatcctagga gatgatgaga gagtggtgct    151200
     cctgtacctg acagttcact agtggtctga aacactcaga gtcgctattc ttagaagttc    151260
     cttcttgaag ttcataaagc tacagacagt aaacatcaga caattcaccc atctcttcca    151320
     ggatctgtat tttaatgatt ttatgtttgg ggtagaacaa gaaaaggttt tccatcattt    151380
     cctgcacaac aaaaaatttc tgagaatttc catttcctcc acagatgatg gattcaatac    151440
     atttagtata cttaagacag actatgataa ttatattatg attcatctca ttaacaaaaa    151500
     ggatgggaaa accttccagc tgatggagct ctatggtaaa gtattatcac acagacactg    151560
     ttcttggggt gggaaaagaa gaaagaacct ctagctttag tatggtcttc ccagcttggt    151620
     catgccactt tctcacctcc tgaagattgg tgctcacctt catcatctct tgagcatagt    151680
     gatggaaaca ctctgaaatc tctcagtgtg gtagaaggat attctatgga tgccaaatcc    151740
     aggatagatc atacctatgc ctgtcaatca tgtggccaac cattttccca tccttatggg    151800
     gaagcccctg tcccctcact caggctgtgg tcaatgcaca gtatacagct gctacactcc    151860
     cttttgctct tcccacaggc cgagaaccag atttgagttt agacatcaag gaaaagtttg    151920
     caaaactatg cgaggagcat ggaatcatta gagaaaatat cattgaccta accaatgtca    151980
     gtaagtcatg actcatttat ttttcttatc ctgaatattt tatcaaacaa gaaacaaaac    152040
     caattggtta ccagtcattt gttgaatgct ggagagtcct attctttctc ttggggaaat    152100
     aaagtggacc tggaacctga agatgttctt gttctcacac tacagatcgc tgcctcgagg    152160
     cccgagaatg aagaatggcc tgagcctcca ggtgggcaat atacaatgag agcaaggagg    152220
     aggttggtgt tcatgaacaa ggcccttcca aatgcattag tattgtgccc ccaaattaca    152280
     ataaaaaatg tttgataagg aatcttggat gacagcttga aaattggctt taaattatct    152340
     ggatttgtga cctagttcta ctttgagctt ggaagtaaag tgacccaagc acttaggcca    152400
     gaaaagaagg atttgagttt tacatagttg ctgtatggtt gtgtaaaaat ggctcaggaa    152460
     tgtgttcaat atcattaaca gacagagtcg caggatgtgt tatagctgct cttcagtgtc    152520
     tgtggtcccc ctccatccca cttgagataa taacatctta atctgagctc tgtacaaacg    152580
     tggcttctta cctagtagtg gatgtacctg atcaccactt cttgtccagt ctggagagca    152640
     gactcctctg cccccccttt cccatttaac ccaagatttc actcacataa tgtgtgaagt    152700
     ctttaaatgt atccaaggct tttatcatta tttcacaatt tgcttaacat tctttagagc    152760
     ttcttatgac aaaggttgtg aaaacaagcc ttagatcttc cattacttca ttttttatat    152820
     gccatccatg aggaaatggt catttattct atgattttca tccctccatt ctggcaatta    152880
     attccagtta aattatgagc aaagatctat gttttatcat ttcttctata taatagaatg    152940
     actctctgta ctgaagtaaa ttcaagaaat gcttaatgag tctctgtatt ctttcttcct    153000
     ggattactca gtgttgagtg gagacttttc accaggactc cagcatcatc ccttcctatc    153060
     catacagact cccatgccaa ggtctgtgat ctgctctcca cctgtctcac agagaagtgc    153120
     aatcccgttc tctccagcat gttacctagg ataactcatc aagaatcaaa gactttcttt    153180
     aaatttctct ttgccaacac atggaaattc tccattgatt tctttcctgt cctgttcaat    153240
     aaatgattac acttgcactt aaatataagt ctctgtgtcc agaaaaatgt tgggctgaca    153300
     gtgagtgaat gaggggacct cctgattcct gtaactatga tccttccttc tggcccagaa    153360
     cataacctga atttccagat tttgccttgc ctgcagcaac cccaagcatt gaggagtact    153420
     gtctgctctt tagctcacct gctatagtgt tttataagga ccacaggatc atgacacttc    153480
     ctgcccaatt tctccatcca tagtttcttt tccaacagag cataggagag acacatattt    153540
     ctaaggctat gcctgctcaa catgtttcag gacatgctga gagggtggag taggataggg    153600
     aagatttggt atttagagtc ccaaaggata cagagaaaaa ggtgtctagt tccccatagc    153660
     atactctggc ccctagatca aaagattaaa ttgggggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta    153720
     agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtccg gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc    153780
     tcacaaccat ccgtaacgag atctgacgcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacag    153840
     tgtacttaca tataataaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga ttaaattggt    153900
     tcaactaagg acacatgaaa caagttcttg ttgtagtttg ctaaattatg acaaaatact    153960
     attgagaaac ccaagcaatt atgatgaaat acctccttcc acccaactgc cctgattggg    154020
     ggaagggagt ccaagtcatt ctctgaccaa agccttctaa ttggcttcaa ctacatccat    154080
     ggactaccat gctcagattt catttttagt cttggcaaaa atttaagaga caaaaaaaca    154140
     aaacaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaacagt tcacaaacaa agctatcaat    154200
     gggaatactt acatagttaa gtaacagttc caatacagga ctctgttgaa gacacaaaag    154260
     gcttgacaat gctaccatac ctcaaaagac cacaatacag agaaaagtac agaaaatatt    154320
     tggttattcc cacgtcaaca tggcagcttg agttcaccct aaatcctctc cctttcaaca    154380
     caaaacactt gtcagaaatg aaatgtgaaa gagtgaaaac attcaatgcc aagggagaaa    154440
     tttgaaacct cagagaaatc catttgtaaa ggaataagac agaaaagagg ttagggttga    154500
     tatagtataa ctgtacaatt ctttgtgatc tgggagtaga ttacagctaa gctctaagca    154560
     tacattgcaa cttacacaaa aagagtagga gactttaaca gcccactctc atcaatggac    154620
     aaatcctgga aacagaatct aaacagagac acagtgaaac taacagaaga tataaactaa    154680
     attgatttaa tatatctgtt gaacatttta tactaaagca aaaaaaatat accttcttct    154740
     cagcacctca cagtaccttg tcccaaattt accaaataat tgatcaatta acaggcctca    154800
     agagctacaa gaagattgaa ataatcccat acatcctata agatcaccat gggttaaagc    154860
     tggtcttaaa taccaacaaa aacattggaa attacacata cacatggaat ctctactcaa    154920
     agataacttc accaaggaag aaataaagaa agaaattaga gagtttttac agttgaataa    154980
     aagtgaagca acaacataac caaacttatg ggacacaatg aaagcactgc taagaggaaa    155040
     actcataact ctgagtgcct aaaagagaat ctggagagag gatacactag caatttgaca    155100
     gtacatctga agggtataga acaaaagaag caaatatacg caagagagta gacaacagga    155160
     aataatcaaa ctcagggcta aaatcaacca agaagaaata aaaagaacta ttcaaagagt    155220
     caatcaaacc taaagaatgc aaaccagtcc aatcttatct acttcaaagc tcaagtccaa    155280
     gtggatcaag gacctccaca taaaactaga tatactgaaa ctaatagaaa agaggtaggg    155340
     aagggactca agcacatggg cacactggaa attttcctga acagaatacc catagcttat    155400
     gctttaagat caaaaattga caaatgggac ctcatacaat tgcaaaactt ttgtaaggca    155460
     actggcactg tcaataggac aaaacagcaa ccaatacttt gggaaaagat ctttaccaac    155520
     tctataattg atagagtgct aatattcaat atatacacag aactcaaggt gttagttttc    155580
     acagaaccaa ataaccctat tcaaaatggg gtacagaggt aaaaaagaat tctcaagtga    155640
     ggaatatgga atggctgaga agcacctaaa gaaatgttca acatccttag tcatcagtga    155700
     aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc tgagattctc acaccattca gaatggctaa tatcaaaaat    155760
     ccaggtgaca gcagatgtag gtgaggatgt agagaaagag aaacactcct caattgcttg    155820
     tgggatttca aactggtaca accactctga aactcactct ggaatttgct cagaaaactg    155880
     gacatagtat tatctgagga ctcagctata ccactactgg gcatataccc aaaagaggct    155940
     ccaacatata actaggacac atgttccact attgtcataa cagccttatt tataataccc    156000
     agaagctgga aagaaccaag aagtccctca acagagcaat ggatacagaa aatgtggtac    156060
     attttacaca gtggagcact actcagctag taaaatcaat ggatttatga aattcttagg    156120
     gaaatggttg gaaccagaaa atatcatcct aggtgaggta attcaatcac agaagaacat    156180
     acatagtatg tgcactcatt gataagtggt tattagccca gaagctcaaa atacccaaga    156240
     tacaattcac agaccacatg aagatcaaga ggaagtaaga agaatgtgtg gacactggtc    156300
     cttcatagaa gggggaacaa attatccata ggaggagtta cagagacaag gtgtagaaca    156360
     gagatagaag gaaaggccat taagagactg cacctcctgg gatctatcca aaatacagtc    156420
     cccaaaacca gacactactg tggatgacaa caagtgcttg ctgacagagg ctctaacagg    156480
     gcctgacaaa tacaagagta ggtattctca gtcaaccttt ggactaagca cagggtcccc    156540
     aatggaggag ttaagagaaa ggactgaagg agctgaaggg gtttgcaacc tcacaggagg    156600
     aacaacagta tgaaccaacc tgtaccccca cagctcccag ggactaaacc agcaaccaaa    156660
     gagtacacat ggaagacaca tggctccagc cccatatgta gcagaggatg gtcttgtcag    156720
     ttaccaatgg gaggagaggc ccttgttcct gtgaaggctc tgtgtcccag tgtaggggaa    156780
     tgccaggaaa aggaagtagg agtgtgtggg ttagtgatca ggggagaggt gagggaatag    156840
     gtgattttca gaggagaaat caggaaatgg gatatcattt gaaatgtaaa taaataaata    156900
     tctaataaaa aagaaaatac atataaaata aggtacaaaa aagattggca tatacttgtg    156960
     tgtgtgcacg cctgtgtatg caggttcata tgcacctgtg catgtgtata tgtagaagcc    157020
     agatgttgat gtcaagtgtc ttcctctctc attctccacc tagttttcag agacagagtc    157080
     tttctcttca ccaagagctt ttgaatgtgg ctagacctac tggcaagcaa accccaggat    157140
     ctccctgcca ctgcttcccc agtgctgaga ttataggact tgcatcacta ggcttcttct    157200
     gtggatgctg gggatccaag agaggtcgtc aggctttcat ggaaaatgcc ttagtaactc    157260
     agctaccgcc ccagctcagg ttctttctga gatgccccac gctgccctca ggtgtttctt    157320
     cccaacatcc atagtactag taagcacaac cttattttac ttacaaatat gctcctagtg    157380
     gcctttcatg gggtcatacc agaaacagag aatactccat gacctgggag caacaaccta    157440
     agccacaaat gcagtgcttg ttttggggct gtggatttga tagggaatag aaccaaggaa    157500
     gtgtttacat tttaatctga gctatgagaa acgataaaag ggttgttatt tctctaagtc    157560
     tcttgggagt atagatttag ggaggaagga aaagtcccag tttcaaacat taaagtattc    157620
     aggtagactg agtgctatat caaaaagggt ccagggctgg aacaacaact caactggtca    157680
     agagctcgaa gagcagtgtg aggtcctgag tttgatcccc agaatcaaca taaaagaatt    157740
     tagcttggtg aagtacaaga gcacagtcta aatcctatat aaattctaat cttgcttttc    157800
     tggtgttttg gggtatctag gacttactgt ggtgggagaa ctgggttcta atgatgttaa    157860
     gtagttttgg tttctgtttt aaggtaagaa ccttaaagca ctggggaagc agtggcaggg    157920
     agatcctggg gtttgcttgc cagtaggtct agccacattc aaaagctctt ggtgaagaga    157980
     aagactctgt ctctgaaaac taggtggaga atgagagagg aagacacttg acatcaacat    158040
     ctggcttcta catatacaca tgcacttgac ttcagccatt tggttatctc tggtgttagc    158100
     tggtcttgct gtctttgact gttgcttgtc cctcctgcaa gtctgtgtgt caatactcct    158160
     gggagaccag ttctctccgg gaggaatttg ggtatggaga actgtggcaa agggtcagcg    158220
     tggggatgca gacataaacc agaagaatcc tgtcctccac tgttccttgg ttccttttgt    158280
     tttgttttgt ttttcaagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcat agaactcatt    158340
     ttgtagacga ctctggcctc aaacttagaa attcacctgc ctctgcctct caagggctgg    158400
     gattaaaggc gtgtgccacc actggccagc tgttccttgg ttcctatgcc tgggtggctc    158460
     tgggtgggtc tttcttggcc tataaattta agcaaaactg gtggtcttac ctgtgttcac    158520
     aggtgtgtca gcactcctgg gagaccagct ctctcctggc aggatttggg tatggagagc    158580
     agtggcacag ggtgtgacct agggccttgt tttgttttgg atgggagact tttaatgact    158640
     gtttctattt ccttaggcca tatagggtta ttaaaatact ttacctgacc ttgatttaac    158700
     ttgataagtg gtgtcaatct agaaaatcat ccatttcatt tagatttttc aattttatgg    158760
     agaacaggct ttgaaagtag ggtggaatga ttttttaaat ttccacagtg tatgttatta    158820
     tgtctccctt ttcatttctt ttttttttgt ttatgtgaat actctctctt tgcctcttag    158880
     gtggttaggc aaaagatata tttattttgt tgaatttttc aaagaaccca gctcttgttt    158940
     tccttgattc tttgtattct tttctttgtt tctaactaat agatttcagc cctgtttgat    159000
     aatctcctac caactactac tcttgggtat gcttgctttt cctttttccc tggagctttc    159060
     aggtgtactt ttaaattgct aatatgagaa ttcatttatt tatttcttcc ttgaatcaag    159120
     gatcattaag aacagaattg tttagtttcc atgattttgt ggactttctg ttatttctgt    159180
     tgttgaagtc taaatttaat gcatgatact ctgataggat actaggaatt atttcaatgc    159240
     tcctgtatct gttgagatac aatcctaact gctctgtaac caactatgtg gtcagttttg    159300
     gaaaagattc catgagatgc taaaaagaag gtatattctt ttgcgtttgg gtaagatgtt    159360
     ctcaagatat gtgttaggtc catttcattc ataacttctg ttagtttcat tatttctttt    159420
     ttactttcta tctcaatgac ctgtccattg gtgagagtgg ggtgatgaag acctctacct    159480
     gtttgattgt attttcctgc atttctttaa ggaatttatt catttcttct ttagaggcct    159540
     ataccatctt tataagattg aatttaatgt cattttcttg tgctttagtt gtgttaggat    159600
     atccagggtt gctatagtag gatagctatg ctctgaagat ggcatatttc agtggttctt    159660
     gttggttatg ttcttatgct ggcctttagt cacctggttg tccctggatt ttagaggtgt    159720
     aacgggtatc aggaagttgg gcctaacctg gatattcctg gtgcagcagg cctctggtgg    159780
     gcagccttgg gctggacaat ggggcagtct tagagcagct ggttgtgccc ctggtgatat    159840
     agaggcagga gattgggggc aggaggtagg gtctattaca ggtatattcc aggtaaagca    159900
     ggtctggtgg aggccagtgg agcagaggct ggacaatgga gctgcggtgg gggatgggca    159960
     gcacataact caaggcaact aagtatgcac caggggactc cacctagtat attgttaaga    160020
     atgtgtttgt acagattttc atgttttctt tctttgtcat gtaatatcag aacaattaaa    160080
     agaatatcag tggttgtcat atttaagttt tgagatatca aagaaagttc cttgagtgga    160140
     cattattaaa atgataatgc atttatggtt atatgaggga taattatatc atgttgcaca    160200
     caattatgac tttgttaaat atacaacgct tttgaaattg tccatggcat agttatacag    160260
     gtgtaattat gacctggcta ttacttctac ttggaagaca agcatgacaa gatgacaagg    160320
     ggttggaaga ataatgacta ttcttctttt taacaacatc tggaatcaat taaaacctta    160380
     gcaggtcagt acacatttga gagatattaa atctatctct gtgagaaata aaagtcaatt    160440
     gaagatggaa agacccactt ctaattcaga tttttttgag gatagattaa acacctttaa    160500
     actgagtcac accttctgtt ggcagcctat atcaaagaca tggaagaagg aagctccctc    160560
     tagaataagc ttacccttac tcttgctagc aagtctattc cttcatgaac attagggcat    160620
     acttcttttt ttatatatta aatattttct tcatttacat ttcaaatgct ttcccaaaag    160680
     tcccctataa cctccccctt tcctgctccc caacccaccc acttctgcat gctggtcatg    160740
     gcattcccct gtacaggggc atatgatttt cacaagacca aaggcctctc ctaccataga    160800
     tggccaatta ggccatcctc tgctaaatat gcaactagag tcacagttat ggagggtact    160860
     ggtaagttca tattgttgat cctcctatag aattgcagac ccctttagct ccttgattag    160920
     tttctctagc tccttcatta ggggccctgt gttccattca ataggcccta cttctttgga    160980
     attatgacat atactgaaat acagctaaga tatccagcct taaggaatga acaataatga    161040
     attcttggaa tttctgttag cagattagct gaactacaca gtctgtaagc cattctaata    161100
     aacaaatcac atacacgctg taagttttat tcttctagag aatcatacct aatacaatac    161160
     cacagaggca tttacatttg atttggattg gataaaaagt aatgaaggca tttataaagg    161220
     aactgaaata ggaaaaatat atgatgccac ataaagtgag acaaactgtc taacaaaaaa    161280
     tgactaagaa cagtttccta ttgagaaaga gctcagagta tttaaaataa cttcagtaga    161340
     agaatctaag ttcatagata ggggtttagc ttgctgttgg tgactggcga cttggcaacc    161400
     gtgacaccat aggttcaatc ctcagcactc aaagaacaaa agaatataac tcagagatta    161460
     aaagactagt aaactgtagc ctcccacagc cttgaagtag gctgattcag actttgctgc    161520
     cactgaatat gagatcacct ggggtgtagc catctgactt agatggctat attgttatgg    161580
     caagtaccac tgctcttctc tgagactctg ctacctgctg agagactctt gagacattcc    161640
     agagacacat cctatcctgc acatcgcctg cagggtggct ccaggcacca agaatggagt    161700
     ggcagggggg atggaccttc ccccttataa gcacagactc ttggtaaact cccagtgtct    161760
     tgatcagaga aaaatttgtc ttggcttcat tcttttctcg ccgtctagtc tctctctctc    161820
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctg    161880
     ccccagcctg ccttacagaa atacccagtt catgtaggcc gcaggctagt cttctactac    161940
     agattggcgc ctaaaccagg agcctggaac gatgggaaaa cactgaggga ccactgtctt    162000
     gtgtggagct ccacaagatg gaaagaatca gaagatcata tcgggcacag taagcaaagg    162060
     tatttatgcc agcactggtt ttaaacttca ttttctaaag tgttgctgga ggtgcaatag    162120
     gatatgggct aaggctgacc cggtgctaat tccacttagg gtttgacagc aaaatatggg    162180
     actagaaact cccaaacagg cagttgttca cagctttcaa gagctgcttc aggcgagagg    162240
     agtaggtttg aagaacaatt gttagaaaat cttttagata agatagattc ttgttgccca    162300
     tgggttcagg ggaaaaaaaa actttaaaca acagaacctg ggagagagtt ggagaagctt    162360
     tgaaaaacac ccaggcagat aatttcaccc tttgcctctg ggtgcttgta aaagttgcta    162420
     ttgaaaagga gatctcacag gggtcagata gtacccaggc agagcttgaa gaatctcagg    162480
     aagaacacct gtcagagagg actttctcag aaaggggccc tctcaaccct aaattagaaa    162540
     gaaatagaga ctgatgatga gctagcttta gacaaggacg atcattcaga aataggagcc    162600
     accaaatatt ttgatgaggc ttagcctcct ctcaagtcta ctgctctact tatggcctcc    162660
     actataggag atgctactca aatggacatg caaccaagta aattagagtt tgaaattaag    162720
     ttgcagaaat tgactaatga gcttcaggag ctaaaaaagg tgtcagatac agggaagagc    162780
     aactcttctg aaatgtacca agcattgcta gaaagagctg tgtgtcagac tcatgggagg    162840
     ggacaagata catctgatat gttagccttt cctgtagttg agataattga ccagcaaaat    162900
     aatagaatca gacaatacca gactttggat ttcaaggtga taaaggagtt aaaaacagct    162960
     gttgcacaat atgaccctac agctcccttt acacaagcat tattggatac tgtcatggag    163020
     ttgcagtaac ccccccaaga ttggaagact ctatgtaagg ccgctctatc aggaggatat    163080
     ttcttactct gagattctga atggtgagaa accagtaaga aaactgccac tttaaatgct    163140
     cagacaggta atcctgactg ggatgctaac atgcttttgg gaaaaggcaa tatgaaggca    163200
     atgctaatca gattggtttt ccccttggag tgtacatgca ggttgccatg gctgcccacc    163260
     atgcttggaa acagttgcca gctaaagggg atattggtgg aagtttagcc agcattcggc    163320
     aaggtcctga tgagctttac cagaaatttg tggataggct attaatagca gctagtagga    163380
     ttcttggaga ctctgacaag ggaagtcctt tcattatgca attggcttat gagaatgcta    163440
     atgcaatgtt tcacaccttt atctgaccgc acacaggata gacagatcta gtgggatgtg    163500
     ttcatctttg tgcagagatc gggccgtcat ctaatcaggg tttggctttt gccgccactt    163560
     tgcaaggaac caccagtaca agcaatgctt tcacagaaac aagggaataa tgaatgtttt    163620
     aagtgtggaa gtttgggtta ttttaaaagt gattgtccta agaataaagg tgccaagagt    163680
     gggcaagcca atcgtgttcc aggagtttgt ccttggtgca ggaagtagga ttgtttgttt    163740
     ttgtttttgt tttttcaaga cagggattct ctgtataacc ttgactgtcc tagaactcac    163800
     tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg tctctgtctc ccaagtgctg    163860
     ggattaaagg catgcgcatc caccgcccag ccagatgatg tactgatggc gggaaaagac    163920
     ccccaggatt tgcttttgtg ttatagagat ttacaaaagg ccttagctga taaatgacta    163980
     caaatagctc ctgagaagat acaaactcag gatacttata attatttggg ttttagactt    164040
     acaaatcaag ctgtttttcc ccagaagata gttattcgca gggacaactt aaaaaattta    164100
     aatgattttc aaaaattgtt aggtgatatt aattggcttt gcccctattt aaagcttagt    164160
     acaggggaat tgaaacattt atttgatatt cttaaaggga gttctgatcc tacctcccct    164220
     agatctttaa cctcagaagg attgctggcc ttaaaacaag tggaaagagc tattgaagaa    164280
     caatttgtca cttatataga ttactctttg cctttacatc tgttaattta taatacaatt    164340
     cctatgccta caggattgtt gtggcaaaag gctcctctat tgtggataca tttgaggatt    164400
     tcacttaaca taatatcctg ccatattatg aagcagtagc tcagacgata atacttggaa    164460
     ggaaacaggc actaacttat tttggcaaag agccagatat cattgctcag ccttatagca    164520
     tagaccaaga tacttggctg aagcagcaca gtacacaagt acacagtaca caagattgtt    164580
     tgcttgctca aataggattt ataggaacta cagataatca ttatcctcaa gataggttga    164640
     taaaattttt aaatgtacat gaggtgatat ttcctaaaat gacttcctta tagcctttat    164700
     atagtgctct tttgattttt ttctgatggt tcctctaaag ggcaagctgg atatcttatg    164760
     aataatcaac aagtagtcat agaaactcct tgcctctcag ctcagttagc agaactgaca    164820
     gcagtattga atgtctttga gtctgcaagt gatgctttaa tatatttact gatcgtttat    164880
     atgttgcaca atcaaatccc ttattggaga cttgtggtac acttaacttt aatacaccag    164940
     caggatctct gttttcacaa ttgcaaagca tcattcttgc ccaaaaacat ccgtttttta    165000
     ttggtcatat tcgagctcat tctgatcttt ctggaccttt agctgcaggg ctctgactgg    165060
     agaggtctta atttcagatc ctgttgcttt ggctagacat gatcatgata attttcatct    165120
     ctctagccat accttaaggc tccaacacaa gattactaaa gatcaggcaa gaatgattgc    165180
     aaaacaacgt tctaaatgta ttacattgtc tccagtgcca catttaggag ttaatccatg    165240
     aggtcttatg cctaatcata tctggtaagt ggatgtaact cattatgtgg aatttggaga    165300
     attaagatat atacatgttt gtattgacac tttttcagga tttctttttg cttctctaca    165360
     taccatgaga ggcctctaga aatgtaattg atcattgttt acaagccttt aatgctatgg    165420
     gattgcctaa actcagtagg acagataatg ggccatccta tactggcaac aattttactt    165480
     cattttgtaa ggaatttggt atcaaacata aaactggaat tccttataac accatgagac    165540
     aaggaattgt tgaacatgct catcacgctc tgaaaatttg gcttttaaaa acaaaacagg    165600
     ggcagttata ccctccaaat tctccaaaag cacatcttga ttttgtcttg tttgttttaa    165660
     attttttgca aactgatgtt aaaggtcagt ctgcaacaga ccgtcactgg catccagtta    165720
     cttccagttc ttatgccatg gtcaaatagt gggacctatt aacaaatatg gggaatggtc    165780
     cagacctgtt ttaatctggg gaagaggttc tgtctgtgtt tttttcacaa aaagaagatg    165840
     gagcacgatg gctgcctgaa agactgcttc agacatcttg gatccaggac tctgccaaaa    165900
     gtagtctgga caggtgagag tgtggactac agaagctaac agcttctggg acaggcagga    165960
     gccacagagt ttctgaggca gccccctttt cgggctccag acatccaggc acctacctgg    166020
     ccagaggata ggtgtccacc cagcccggca gggctttgcc tcagcgatgg caggagacat    166080
     cttggatcca ggactccgct gaaagtagtc tgcacaagtg agagtatgga ctacagaagc    166140
     taacagcttc tgggacaggc gggagtcaca gagcttctga gacagccccc ttttcgggct    166200
     ccagacctca gggcaccctc ctggccagag gataggtgtc tgccgggccc aggggggatt    166260
     tgaaggagca cctgggggag ccatcttggt tcccagatcc ctctgagact agtctgtgca    166320
     ggtgaaagtg tggactatag aagctaacag cttctgtgag aggccgaagc aacacagctt    166380
     ctgagacagg tcttgttttg ggccttcatc tttggcaagg agggaggtct gaatgccaga    166440
     tatctctgta ccttccctgt aagaggacag cttgcctgaa gagagtgctc tgaccattaa    166500
     aactcagagg agagagctac tctcccaggt ctgctgatag agtctaacag aaaaaaacga    166560
     gaggaaaaat ctaaccagag acaactacaa taattaactc cagagattac cagatggtga    166620
     aaggtaaatg taagaatctt actaacagaa accaagacca ctcaccatca tcagaaccca    166680
     gcactcccac ttcgcccagt ccagggcacc ccaacacacc cgaaaagcta aacccggatt    166740
     taaaagcata tctcatgatg atggtagagg acatcaagaa ggactttaat aactcactta    166800
     aagaaataca ggagaacact gctaaacagg tagaagacct taaagaggaa gcacaaaaat    166860
     cctttaaaca attgcaggaa aacatggcca aacaggtgat ggaattgaat aaaaccatcc    166920
     aagacctaaa aagggaagta gacacaataa agaaaaccca aagtgaggca acactggaga    166980
     tagaaaccct aggaaagaaa tctggaacca tagatgtgag gatcagcaac agaatacaag    167040
     agatggaaga gagaatctca ggtgcagaag attccataga gaacatcagc acaaaaatca    167100
     aagaaaatgg aaaatgcaaa agatcctaac taacaacatc caggaaatcc tggacacaat    167160
     gagaagacca aacctacgga taataggagt agatgagaat gaagatttgc atgtcaaagg    167220
     gccagcaaat atcttcaaca aaattataga agaaaacttc ccaaacctaa agaaagagat    167280
     acccatgaac atacaagaag cctacagaac tccaaataga ctggaccaga aaagaaattc    167340
     ctccggacac ataataatca gaacaaaaaa tgcactaaat aaatatagaa tattaaaatc    167400
     agtaagggaa aaaggtcaag taacatataa aggcaggcct atcagaatta caccagactt    167460
     ttcaccagag actatgagag ccagaagtgc ctgtatagat gttatacaga cactaagaga    167520
     acacaaatgc cagcccaggt tactataccc agccaaactt tcaattacct tagatggaga    167580
     aacaaaagta ttccacgaca gaaccaaatt gaaacattat ctttccacga atctagccct    167640
     tcaaaggata ataacagaaa aaaaccaata caaggacgga aaccatgtcc tagaaaaaac    167700
     aagaaggtaa tcactcaaca aacctaaaag aagacagcca caagaacaga atgtcaactt    167760
     taaccacaaa aataaatgga agcaacaatt acttttcctt aatatctctc aatatcaatg    167820
     gactcaactc cccaataaca agatatagac gaacagactg gctacacaaa caggacccaa    167880
     cattttgctg cttataggaa actcatctca gggaaaaaga tagacagtac ctcagaatga    167940
     aaggctggaa aacaattttc caagcaaatg gtctgaagaa acaagcttga gtggccattc    168000
     taatatctaa taaaatcgac ttccaaccca aagtcatcaa aaaggacaag gaggggcact    168060
     tcatactcat caaaggtaaa accttccaag aggaactctc aattctgtat atccatgctc    168120
     caaatataag ggcagccaca ttcattaaag aaactttagt aaagctcaaa gcacacattg    168180
     catctcacac agtaatagtg ggagacttca acacaccact ttcaccaatg ggcagattat    168240
     ggaaacagaa actaaacagg gacacagaga aactaacaga agttatgaaa caagtggatc    168300
     taacagatat ctacagaaca ttttatccta aaacaaaagg atataccttc ttctcagcac    168360
     ctcatggtac attctccaaa attgaccaca aaacaagcct caacatatac aaaaatattg    168420
     aaattgtccc atgcatccta tcagatcacc atagactaag gctgatcttc aataacaaca    168480
     taaataatag aaagccaaca ttcacgtgga aactgaacaa cactcttctc aatgatacct    168540
     tggtcaagga aaaaataaag aaagaaatta agggcttttt ggagtttaat caaaatgaag    168600
     ccacaacata cccaaactta tgggacacaa tcaaagcatt tctaagagga aaactcatag    168660
     ctctgagtgc ctccaataga aactagagag agcatatgtt agcagcttga caacacacct    168720
     aaaagctcta gaacaaaagg aagcaaattc acccaagagg agaagacgac aggaaataat    168780
     caaactcagg ggcggaatca accaagtaga aacaagaaga actattcaaa gaatcaacca    168840
     aacaaggagc tggttctttg gaaaatcaac aagatagata aactcttaga cagactcact    168900
     agagggcaca ggaaaagcat cctaattaac aaaatcagaa atgaaaatgg agacataaca    168960
     acagatcctg aagaaatcca aaacaccatc agatccttct acaaaaggct atattcaaca    169020
     aaactggaga acctggacga aatggacaca tttctagact gataccagat accaaagtta    169080
     agtcaagatc aggttaatga tctaaacagt ccaatatccc ctaaagaaat agaagcactc    169140
     attaaaagtc tcccaaccaa aaaagcccag gaccagatct gtttagtgca gagttctatc    169200
     agaccctcaa agaagatcta atcccagttc ttcacaaact attccacaaa agagaaacag    169260
     aaggtaccct acccaactca ttttatgaag ccacaattac tctgatacct aaaccacaaa    169320
     aagacccaac aaagatagaa aacttcagac caatttccct tacgaatatc gatgcaaaaa    169380
     tccttaataa agttctccct atccgaatcc aagaacccat caaaacaatc atccatcctg    169440
     accaagaagg tttcatccca gggatgcagg gatggttcaa tatgaggaaa tccatcaatg    169500
     taatccagta cataaacaaa ctcaaagaca aaaactacat gatcatcttg ttagatgagg    169560
     agaaagcatt tgataaaatc caacatccat tcatgataaa attcttggaa atatcaggaa    169620
     ttcaaggacc atacctaaac atgataaaag caatctacag caaaccagta gccaacatca    169680
     aagtaaatgg tgagaagctg gaagcaatct cactaaaatc agggactaga caaggctgcc    169740
     cactttctcc gtacctattc aacattgtac ttgaagtcct agccagagca attcgacaac    169800
     aaaaagagat cagggggata caaattggaa aggaagaagt caaaatatca ctttttgtac    169860
     atgatatgat agtatatata agtgacccta aaaattccac cagagaactc ctaagcctga    169920
     taaacagctt caatgaagta gctggatata aaattaactc aaacaagtca atggcttttc    169980
     tgtacacaaa gaataaacag gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacaccc ttctcaatag    170040
     tcacaaataa tataaaatat cttggtatga ctctaactaa ggaagtgaaa gatctgcatg    170100
     agaagaactt caagtctctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagatct cagaagatga aagatctccc    170160
     atgctcatgg attggcagga tcaatatagt aaaagtggct gtcttgccaa aagcaatcta    170220
     cagattcaat gcaatcccca tcaaaattcc aactcaattt ttcaacgaat tagaaagggc    170280
     aatcggcaga ttcatctgga ataacaaaaa aacctaggat agcaaaaact cttctcaagg    170340
     ataaaagaac ctctggtgga atcaccatgc ctgacctaaa gctgtactac agagcaattg    170400
     tgataaaaac tgcatggtac tggtatagtg acagacaagt agaccaatgg aatagaattg    170460
     aagacccaga aatgaaccca cacacctatg gtcacttgat ctttgactat ggagttaaag    170520
     ccatccagtg gaaaaaagac agcattttca acaaatggtg ctggcacaac tggcggttat    170580
     catgtagaag aatgtgaatt gctccattcc tatctccttg tactaaggtc aaatctaagt    170640
     ggattaagga actccacata aaaccagagg cactgaaact tatagaggag aaagtaggga    170700
     aaagccttga agatatgggt acaggggaaa aatttctgaa tagaacagca ttgacttgtg    170760
     ctgtaagatc gagagtcaac aaatgggacc tcataaaatt gcaaagcttc tgcaaggcaa    170820
     aagccacttg ttcacttgat ctttgactat ggagctaaag ccatccagtg gaaaaaagac    170880
     agcatttgtg tggacacttt gccccttctt agaattggga acaaaacacc catggaagga    170940
     gttacaaaga caatgtttgg agccgatatg aaaggatgga ccatttagag actgccatat    171000
     ctggggctct atcccataat cagcatttgt caataagaca aaaagaccac caacagattg    171060
     ggaaaggatc tttacgtatc ctaaatcaga tatgggacta atatccaata tatataaaga    171120
     actcaagatg gtggactcca gaaaattaaa taaccccatt taaaaatgtg gctcagagct    171180
     aaacaaagaa ttctcacctg agaaataccg aatggctgag aagcacctga aaaaatgttc    171240
     aacaccctta atcatcagga aaatgcaaat caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcacacc    171300
     agtcagaatg gctaaggtca aaaattcagg tgacagcaga tgctggcgtg gatgtggaga    171360
     aagaggaaca ctcctccatt gttcgtggga ttgcaagctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc    171420
     agtctggcag ttcctcagac aattggacat attactactg gaggatccca ccatacctct    171480
     cctgggtata tatccagaag atgttccaac aggtaagaag gacacatggt ccactatttt    171540
     tatagcagcc ttatttataa tagccaggag ctggaaagaa cctagatgcc cctcaacaga    171600
     ggaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa    171660
     gaatgaattt atgaaatacc taggcaagtt gatggacctg gagggcctca tcctgagtga    171720
     ggtaacccaa tcacaaagaa gtcacttgat ttgcactcat tgataagtgg atattagccc    171780
     agggacatag aatacccaag tataagatac aatttgctaa acgcatgaaa ctcatgaaga    171840
     acgaagacca atgtgtggac actttgcccc ttcttagaat tgggaacaaa acactcatgg    171900
     aaggagttac aaagacaatg tttggagccg atatgaaagg atggaccatc tagagactgc    171960
     cataactggg gctctatccc ataatcagct tccaaatgct gtcaccattg catacactag    172020
     caagattttg ctgaaaggac ccagatatag ctgtctcttg aaagactatg ccaaggccta    172080
     gcaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg gatcacaggg cccccaatgg    172140
     aggagctcga gaaagtaccc aaggacctaa agggatccac aatcctatag gtggaacaac    172200
     aatatgtact aaccagtatc ccccctgccc ccctgagctc atgtctctag ctgcatatga    172260
     atcagaagat ggcctagggc ctggtgagat ggttcagtgg gtaagagcac ccgactgctc    172320
     ttccgaaagt ccgaagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggcttacaac catccgtaat    172380
     gagatctgac tccctcttct ggagtatctg aggatagcta cagtgtactt acatgtaata    172440
     ataataaaaa aaaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaga tggcctagtc gtccatcagt    172500
     tgaaagagag gccaattggt cgtgcgaact ttatatgcct cagtacaggg gtatgacagg    172560
     gccaagaagt gggaatgggt ggttgcggga gtgggtgggt gatcgtgtgg gggacatttg    172620
     ggatagaatt ggaaatttaa atgaaataaa tacccaatta aaaaaatgta ctatattact    172680
     ttcaatgaag tttcattgta aacaaacaaa caacaacaaa aaaaacaaca aaaaaacccc    172740
     aaaaaacaaa aaaacaaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaagactgc ttcatcaatt agacacagat    172800
     ccactagtaa gtatgattct aacctcgttg atggctaaaa atccttttta ctcgaaaaag    172860
     ttattttgga gcacagcctc cactttcaga gaattttcag cttttctact aattctcaaa    172920
     gtcacctccc ggacaccagg aggtcagaat ctgagattga tctttgctaa tttgcaactg    172980
     aataaagtaa ggacttcccc aaagaagctt ttatcctgtt gcttttaaac tatctcaact    173040
     ttgtttttca agcaggacag tctctcttta cagctagaat agcaagtgta cagtctcacc    173100
     tccagcaagc acaggtggta aaaatccacc aatatgaaga agcatattaa gtatatataa    173160
     tggctttggt ctgatttggg aataaggtgt gctatgaggg ccggtcagtc aatgacaggc    173220
     aaccagattt cagagccata tcaatctaag acagaggtac atgccaagag gccatggttt    173280
     gttaataata taccacagag caatgtttgt gtaaaagaaa caaaaacaag ctgcatgtat    173340
     gctccttgac agataagaat ttctcgggga aaatcagagt ccccaagcca accatggctt    173400
     ccagccacca taactcccag gcaggactgt ggagcataaa taaattttgt ctcggtccag    173460
     gtatttttaa tatataatta gggggaaatt gtagcccctc ccccccagcc ttgaagcagg    173520
     ctgattcaca ctttgctgcc actgaatatg agatcacctg gggtgtagcc aacttactta    173580
     gatggctata ttgttactgc tgctcttctc tgagactctg ttaccagctg agagatcctt    173640
     gagacattct ggagacacat cctatcctgt aggtcaccta caggctggct ccaggcacca    173700
     agaatggact ggcagagggg atgggccttc ccccttataa gcacagtctc ttagtcaact    173760
     ctcgggcctt gatcagagaa aaatttgtct tggttttatt cttttcttgc catttagtct    173820
     ttgtctctct tttagcccca gcctgcctta cagaaatacc cggttcacgt aggctgcagg    173880
     ccgtgctcct actacagtaa ccaagggttt tcattgaaag gttagcttga aacatttgta    173940
     atgaaagatg agaataatct tttaaagtag attaaaaaat ggatcctttg gagatggact    174000
     tacagatggt tgtgagtcac catgtgggtg ccataaacca aacttaagtg cttggaagga    174060
     acagtctgtg cttttaactg atgatgcatc tctctaatca cctgatttgt tgtttatatt    174120
     tatatgctat ttatacattt ttagatttat tttatttctg taaatacttt ggctgcatgt    174180
     atgtctgttc atcccatata taacgcatac ctgaggaggt cagaataagg tgtcagatct    174240
     tctggaactg gaggtataga tggttgtgag ctatcctgtg tatgctggaa actgaattca    174300
     ggtcgtctgt gagggcatca agtgctctta ttactgagct atctctccag actcaatttt    174360
     tctatttttc aaaaggacca taatgagtgc atgttttgtg ctctaactct ccagcgactg    174420
     gcttcaaatt ttacatacaa atgtaatata catacaaatg taatatgtat atatagagca    174480
     caagcctaac agacacaaaa gaatggaacc cccagcagtg tggttgtagg atacagtgga    174540
     agacagggaa ttcagtcttt gagggatgct gtcaatgaag acctagcggc aatagagaag    174600
     tccattgacg ctttagaaaa atctttgacc tccctgtctg aggtagtttt acagaacagg    174660
     agaggtcttg atttgttgtt cctaaaggaa ggaggactgt gtgctgccct taaagaagag    174720
     tgctgcttct atgcagatca tacaggaata gttagagact ctatgcagaa actgagagaa    174780
     agattagagc gaaggaaacg ggaacgggat gctcaacggg ggtggtttga gtcgtggttt    174840
     gaatcacgac catcttggat aacttcttta atttccgctg tagccggacc aatccttatg    174900
     atatgcttag ctttagtttt cggcccttgt ataataaata gaggaatggc tttcatccag    174960
     agtaaaattg atacagtaaa actcatggtt cttcaaaggc aatatcaacc tatagttcag    175020
     gtagatgaag agttagggga caccaatctc taaaattcta tgattagaat tagtctaaac    175080
     agaagaagag gggaatgaaa ggaaataaaa ctgtaattca tgtaatgtat gttaaatagc    175140
     ccaaagagtt gtttctgagc tttgaaacct ggggctgaga acatagcaga acagaccagg    175200
     acatgcccgg gcaagcccat cgcctcccta gctcccaccc ctctgaccta acttaaatgt    175260
     tacaggctgc tgatgtttaa atggaccaat catgtgaaac cgcgccaatt cctcccccag    175320
     ccccactcct tttctataaa aacccctagc ttccaagcct cgtggtcgaa tccactgtct    175380
     cctgttatgt gagatacgtt tcgacccgga gctccgccat taaaaaacct cttgttgtta    175440
     catcaaggtg ttgtgttcta ttcgtgattc ttgggtgcac gccgaatcgg gagctgagtg    175500
     ggggtttccc cactgagttc tttcacagtc agtccatcat tgagtcagaa taactgttca    175560
     cattaaagga aagaaaaaag tcattataac tctacatttt gattaatttt tctaagtcag    175620
     tttctaccat ctctatgttc tctgtcccac aatgtttaaa agcttgaagg aaggaaacct    175680
     ttgtaatctg gaaaatactt aagcagaggt tggtcaagaa catataccta atacagcttt    175740
     cttgtcacca tcatcagggt actcagcatg cacacaggtc agcattaacc tttggtcagc    175800
     atgtcactcc aatcactctg gcagcaagta tgatcctgaa gcacctgcag aaaaacacaa    175860
     gcatgccctc ttcccatatt aaatacctga tcaggatcac gccatatacc aataagtaga    175920
     tctttctgtc tcacctaggt ataagtatac ctagctgtag gataccatag acactaagca    175980
     aatagttcct tggcatccaa atttaaaaat ttttaaaata aaatgcatga tttaaataat    176040
     gtacacaggg ataaaatccc cccttttttg tttttttgtt ttaaaaagat atttttttaa    176100
     agttcaataa tgccttttcc ttgataatta tataaggtcc cagtagcaag ggtaacatta    176160
     aattgtcaac aaaacatctc aaatgcttga ctgtaatagc cagttccatt ttctgtttca    176220
     atctgatttg gaacacgaaa cataaaaaaa ttaatgtagg caataactaa ttacattttt    176280
     agttgcttct cttgttaaag caattgtaaa cagaaagcct gaaaaggtgt caatagtcac    176340
     atgtacatat tttatctttc tgagatcaga aatatgagta ttagtttgca ataattgatt    176400
     aagtataagt cctcgagatt tttaacacca ttcgggggaa cagatagaaa ttgagttcgc    176460
     taagaacaat ttgacacgaa cattctctaa aaatagcaaa ctattatctc aagccattat    176520
     tattttgacg atgtaaaaaa tgagattata tggccaattg tacatggtta ggcctataat    176580
     cttcgtggga tacagatctg ctgtgccatg gccttaaagg gtcctgtctg ggcagttcag    176640
     gatgagttct taaaggtcca aggacaatcc tttaaaggaa gagtatattc tcttatcttg    176700
     tgttgtatgt gcataaacag tttgaaaatt tgagatttag cagtatctaa aacaaaccaa    176760
     aaacaatttc aagcaactgt aagccaatat atatattgat tatcagcata caaattaaaa    176820
     cttgacactt tcttcaacat ttcaaaaccc tggctacagc atacaattca gtcatctgtg    176880
     ctgaagcaga aggaaaccca aaagaataaa catgtgatcc aatcacatat acttctctcc    176940
     cagagagggg ctgtttatta atacagtaaa tgtattcttt ataggatgca tagataattt    177000
     tacaggaaat acaaaagcat gcatagaagc aaattttaac ttgtctttgg ataatgatta    177060
     tcaatttacc caaaagttta ctatgcaata ggccaaatat caatattctg caaaaaacaa    177120
     tttcattgct gtttgaaaca tggaataacg tcttgtcagg gttttaatac atttttttct    177180
     aagctctctt tatgattcta tcctacaatt tttttattaa cacaatgaca gcttcataac    177240
     aggatgataa aactttactt ggagatgatg aaagattatt tcacattaat actaccttta    177300
     ccaaagaact gctgtgagct cattcggtaa caataactaa aataagcagt taacatttga    177360
     ctaccattga ttacaattga taacaattga ttatagaagc ttcctctatt ttctgaaaag    177420
     ctttttgttt ctcaccagtt aatttgcatc tcccttgata acatccaaaa aaggcttaag    177480
     tcctcctgtg gagagcgtaa ggtgaggtct cagccaatta acatctcctg gtagcttgaa    177540
     aataatttga agcaaatcat gttttctttc ttgaattttt ctctaccaca gtttttctag    177600
     gatataactg aggccccaaa tattgaaaaa gatattgcct tttgaatctt ttttttttca    177660
     gcaacaacta ctctgaaatt tttcagactc attgtgtaag agtaaaggtt tatagtaaat    177720
     ttcccttaga gagaatagtt aataaaatac tctccatata ataaacaata tgaactaaag    177780
     atttaaaatc cttgcttctt gtactgaagc agagacaaaa aaaaattttt tttattttac    177840
     ataatgtaag gctattaggc atacctagag gcaaaacttt ccaattatca caagctcact    177900
     agaagcaaac cctttacaat tatcaggaag caatggaaaa cacaaccttc caaagccata    177960
     ataattctat atggaatagg caattcagat tgtaatgcac ttagaagttc cacaacctca    178020
     ttgacctctc ataaatttta agtttaaact atattttaaa caacacttgg ataggcttgc    178080
     aataatggtg ttttgcttta aaaattattc cctaaaggca aggagaggtg aggcagcaac    178140
     aacttcccta ggcagggttt gcaaaactaa agaaatgcca cacaatcctc actaaggctg    178200
     ctctgagctt tgcattaact caagtgtaaa tatttcttaa tctgagcctt tttcttgtgg    178260
     tctggcccaa tgcctacccc tcctgcagca aaaagattcc agaggggcaa ttctactgtc    178320
     tgcatatgac tctaatattt ggacagtctt tcctaagatg gtttatactt aaaacattct    178380
     ttatatcctt agtgttatga aaacattgct tataagtact gtaatattgt tgcgaggcag    178440
     caacaataag caaacactga ttgtatgaag gtccaatttc tgcacaagga tcattgtatc    178500
     cagataagtc tatcttcgtt tcatatggcc gaatatccac aaagagtttc actagcatta    178560
     tcataaaaca attgtgagaa aaatgaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaacccctgc ttcagaatct    178620
     ccagaaattc tgctagctgt ttttagtaat gtatccacaa aatcttgaaa atgttaatca    178680
     ggagcctgtt tgataccaaa taaattctca caaagatctc ttttccaatt gtggggggtt    178740
     aaattttgct tctaccactg tattcaataa agcttgtgta aaaggggcag caaatccata    178800
     ctggccacag ctgtttttaa gttttattgc tcttgcaatc atcctaatta caaaatatgg    178860
     gtgagttaag aatcatgacc ttgcaatcaa agtgcaaagt gcagccaatg gatcactggc    178920
     aattttaact ataattttaa agtttatttt caatattaga gcataaccaa aatttttgga    178980
     aagcaaaacc caattttaaa gaatccattc ccttcaaaat caataccaaa aggattactt    179040
     tcatgctatg aagtttggct aacaattctt atatatgaat gcatgacagt tcaactttta    179100
     atacatcttt gaagagacat tgttttaaat cttatctctt ataagtctag attcttggat    179160
     aagaattaca taaaatatta tcccaattta gaagtatctt tagaggcctg atttcctggg    179220
     ctggttcatg ccacatgact cctggctaag ggtacagggc aacttaaatc agccaccact    179280
     gtgcaaactg agactgattc aagagatcga tagccagaag ataaagtttt aaccattttt    179340
     tttttcaaca tagaacaaca gtcatttaga caacaaaaca aaaccagtct accataagtt    179400
     gacacatgga tagactggtg caccaaacag agacaataca gagagggtag aagactttat    179460
     gtaaccagaa ctaaggatat ctcctgtagg gaccagaaag caggacatct tctgatgtcc    179520
     ttctatccct gggggagctc taaaatccat tttccttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    179580
     tctctctctc atcacttgta tatctagcat atacatattt ttgtgtgtat attttaatca    179640
     ttttatttta ttctatttta ttttattatt ttaagcccta ctcctcttcc ctgatgcagt    179700
     tcttaactgt ggaaaaatgc ttttttagaa ttttccagtc ccattttcca ctctcaatcc    179760
     ctaactgata tcagtgttga gcccactctt actcagtcta gcctatatat tcttttttca    179820
     cccttgcaaa catcagcctt caaaagataa aacttatact gctaacatta atgctgtatg    179880
     ttgcttacta tgcaggatac catcttctgt tttctgtggc gccccaccaa gacagtgtcc    179940
     ctcagcaagt ctttctgtat tcaggtttcc tgttccggtg ccaactatac ccaacagcag    180000
     ccaggggttt ctgggttcct gaaaggaaaa caggggatgg atgggaagga cagcaagaga    180060
     aataatgagc caagacaaag ttctctgatc aaggcttatt ctttaatgta gggcactgaa    180120
     gatatatggg aaaacccaag gacccatccc tttgtttcag cttggttctg ttgcttgttt    180180
     tagttagatt gggttgcaaa gtaggctctt cagcagctca gagagtgggc agttctcagt    180240
     tctctagcag gaagatataa ttgtagcaaa ggaaggcaca tgactccaat gtcagagact    180300
     tgttcagcca gatcaaggct gggggggggg gggtggtggt catggggtca ctctctgaca    180360
     ctgacacagc aggtgtttca aaactgatgt tgagccaggg tgagctgcta gagagactac    180420
     agaatatttc caatctggga catgaatcaa ataaatctgt ttttattgat gttcttctgg    180480
     gccccaaatg cacactggaa tcatataagt ggcttgaatg tgtccaaaga ctttgtgaat    180540
     gaattatttg ttaaattagt tgagggtaag acacaggtca tggtgattaa atcattttcc    180600
     taatagtttc agaaaagcta gctacttata aatgggctgt tagttggtta catgtaaact    180660
     cctttgttaa ttattgactg cttttcagtc acatagatag tctacacatt ctgagtagtg    180720
     ttaacatgct tagtgacagg gaaggtgcct gagctaaact caggagttga aggaactcat    180780
     tgttgctttc tgctgtagaa gcaacttctg tttcactact agaaaaaaca ataatccata    180840
     gccagatgag gtgctacaac ccataatccc agcattcagg aagctggagc aggaggattg    180900
     ccacagatct aagaccattc agaacctcag tgtaagctca agtccagcgc agagctcaca    180960
     ttaaatagct ggtcatggct gcttttaacc ccagaactgg gtagatgatg aagaatggaa    181020
     tattgttgga atttagtggc cagccagcct atctgaaaca cactaattcc cagattcaga    181080
     gggaaaccct gtctcaaggg gatgaagtaa aaaagagata gagggagaca actggtgtac    181140
     tgttctgaat tctgaatata ctagcaaagg cacaagaatt tgcacatgtg tgcagacacc    181200
     ataatcaacc aaaaatataa gagggtggga agaagagaaa gaggagtagg aggcaaaaga    181260
     ggaggaggaa aagtaaaagg agggaagaat atgataatcc cctagaagag catcctccaa    181320
     atgcttttaa accaattgag tgtcagttgt cacgcctcat tccgtatcag accacacaaa    181380
     ctcctccata ttttaaacaa acccatgtgc aatttttttg ctagtaccta ccagtgcaac    181440
     atgtctggag ttctacagca ctgtttattc ctctttttcc tatttaacca ttcctccttc    181500
     atggtaaaaa catcctgacc agtgtagtgg agtcaataag aacaaaggct cctgagttag    181560
     agagccttgg gtttaattct aagttctcac tttgattgac tatatgacct tacagctact    181620
     tattatttct gagtcttaac taatactatg gtaagaagaa taaaatagga cataccatat    181680
     aaagctgatg caaagttgaa ataaagcata tcaagtattt gcctccttct tgaattcttt    181740
     atttcccaac atcaaacact agtttatgtt tctagttcaa gggtaaatga aatgtctact    181800
     tatacaaaat atgttcccat tgtaactatg tgtttggaag catgattttt gacatgattt    181860
     ctacttagac ctccatcagc aaatatgaat ttcaacaata cttgtatttt tcattaatga    181920
     ttagattatg tccagtcagt tgaagtacaa agttctcgaa ggtaaacagt acatgcaacc    181980
     tggctactaa taatagtttg gattctgagg tcagtgctat ctgtacaaag gttgaagcca    182040
     tgtgggcgac tatcatctta gccttggaag acttttcttg ataacttttt ttaaattata    182100
     atttactatt tttatgtgta tgtgcctgaa tgagtttaaa tgtaccacat gtgtacagga    182160
     ggtcacaaag ttctaaagaa agtatgtggt ttcctgttac tgaagataga tttagttttt    182220
     gggatgccac atgtgtgctg gtaattgaag cttggtcctc agcaaataca attttaaaga    182280
     atctgactgc atcttctgac ctccactgta ccaggcctgt gcatggtact caggtacaca    182340
     tgtaaaacca atactcatac acatataata taaatgaatc ttttgcaaaa attgagtaac    182400
     tcatgttctt ccatactcat attaaagcaa agattctatg catacttgac cttccagttc    182460
     agtccccacc cccctccaaa actggctttc tgattccaag ccagatccaa agttgcatct    182520
     agttccagat tgcagctctc ttgaacaccc actgttttct tgggattatg ttttaagaaa    182580
     tgtaagacta taaaatcaat caataggtga tgaaattgcc aagtttgaaa agagcaggaa    182640
     caatccttgg cctctaatca ataaatgaaa gaacattcca caaagcctga tggaagtaga    182700
     ccgataccag aagtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaac aaaaaacaaa aaaacaccga    182760
     acccagagag tatataagta caagcaaagg agctggggtg tggagtgtag gcaccatcac    182820
     cagaaagacg tggttctgac aggcagaaaa ttttactatc taccaaaatg aagctgctgg    182880
     tgctgctgct gtgtttggga ctgaccctag tctgtgtcca tgcagaagaa gctagttcta    182940
     tggaaaggaa ctttaatgta gaaaaggtat gatcagtgaa ttgtaacttc actcagaatg    183000
     tgctttgggg aaatgtttta gccaagtagg ccctttgagt ggatgagtat agtgccccaa    183060
     tttattagat gaatgaatgg ctccagacct tgaagtaaga ccagaagata ttcagatata    183120
     acaacatttg gggacctctg ttctcactga gaggcaggga gagtatggta agtattgtga    183180
     caactggcat gagatctacc cgtgtgtatg ctcaggccct aacccatagg ctggagttca    183240
     agtggaaata tgcatgtggt atccctgctc cttctccctt aaccatttgc ttatctatta    183300
     cagattaatg gggaatggta tactattatg ctggccactg acaaaagaga aaagatagaa    183360
     gaacatggca gcatgagagt ttttgtcgag tacatccatg tcttggagaa ttccttagct    183420
     cttaaattcc atattatgta agtgagatgc tcctagctgt gaaagaagaa atgaaaactt    183480
     ggtatggtct catgcctaca aacactcagg attgggggaa gagatgcctc tcagtatgca    183540
     catgtgtaaa cacatactga gtctgtatcc aaaactagaa tgctccatgt gacactaaat    183600
     ctagatctca taaccagggt ttttttcaaa agtcagagac aagagttggt gacagaaatt    183660
     aattcactag gagttctata aggaaagatc agagacactt ctgaaaccac attaatgaga    183720
     cagtatatca caagttaaga ttatgtgatc atgaattcaa tttttcttac tagttgttag    183780
     ccaaagaaat tcaccccttt ctacttgcgt tttcctgcag taaagacaat aataataatt    183840
     ctcctctgtg gatctgggat caacatcagg caacttttac agagtgataa tttgaggcag    183900
     agggtggaaa tctggctgat aatttacacc actggctgaa gcacagcact tgtgaaacta    183960
     ggaagtattt gcagttgttg taaggatgag aaatgattgt cattttcatt ttttaaaata    184020
     ataggcaaat ttgtgattgc taaggcatct gttataaatg aaataacgta aataaaagcc    184080
     ttttgctaat tttacaaaaa tattcaaaag gtaaatggaa tcagaaactg gagataaata    184140
     tagtttagtg ggtgaagaag ccagccatat caaaatccct tacacaacag ctcactctgt    184200
     tttacagtat aaatgaggag tgctctgaaa tatttttggt tgctgacaaa acagaaaagg    184260
     ctggtgaata ttctgtaacg tgtgagtaca taaaatatct atatatgtat acactagatg    184320
     attagtaaac cttaatactt tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgcatgtg tgtgtcagtg    184380
     tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgtgag tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtt ttgctggaat ttgaactcag    184440
     aaacttgcac ttacttgtca aatgggtacc atctaatagc taacaccctg tagcagacaa    184500
     atgggatgag tagggggtga gtgaatctat ttgaaactgc ccgtagctag cactggtgca    184560
     cattgctcag ggtgtagcag cagatagttg atacagcaag cttataaaag atagaaacat    184620
     gttgcttgaa gttgttgtgg gaggtaaata agcctaggag acaatgagag agtggtgctc    184680
     ctgtggctga ctgttcacta gtggtctgga cctcttaaag tcactttaca tagaagttcc    184740
     ttcttgtagt tcagaaagct aaagacagaa agcatcagac acttcaacca tctcttccag    184800
     tatatgtatt ttaatgattt tatgtatggg gtagtacaag aaatgggtat ccatcattat    184860
     cagcagaaca aagaattact gagctgtgtt ccaattcctc cacagatgat ggatcgaata    184920
     catttactat acttaagaca gactatgata attatattat gattcatctc attaacaaaa    184980
     aggatggaga aaccttccag ctgatggagc tctatggtaa agtattttca cacagacggt    185040
     gatcttagcg tgggaaaaga agaaagaacc tctagcttta atatggtctt cccagcttgg    185100
     ttctgcctct ttttcacctc ctgaagatag atgctcacct ccatcatcca tagaccatag    185160
     tgatcaaagc actctgaaat ctctcagtgt ggcagaagga tattctatgg atgccaaatc    185220
     caggatagat cataccaatg cctgtcaatc atgttgccaa acatttacca tctttatggg    185280
     gaagcctctg tccgctcaca caggttgtgg tcaatgcaca caatacatct gctatactca    185340
     ctcttgctat tctcataggc cgagaaccag atttgagttc agacatcaag gaaaagtttg    185400
     cacaactaag cgaggagcat ggaatcgtta gagaaaatat cattgaccta accaatgcca    185460
     gtaagtcagg attcatttat ttttctcatc ctgaatatct tatcatagag gaaacaaacc    185520
     cagttggcta ctagttattt ttgaaagctg gagagtccta tcttttctct tggggaaata    185580
     aagtggacct ggtacctgaa catgttcttg ttttcacact acagatcgct gccttgaggc    185640
     ccgagaatga agaatggcct gagcctccag gtgggcaata tccaatgaaa acaaggaggg    185700
     ggttggtggt catggagagg cccttccaaa agtattagca ctgtacgccc aaattacaat    185760
     aaaaataatt ttataaggaa tatttgacga aagcttgaaa ataggttttg aataatctgg    185820
     atttgtgatc tagtcctact ttgagctttg aagtaaagtg acccaagcac ttaggcaaga    185880
     atacaaggat ttgagtttta tatagttgat gtatgcttgt gtgaaaaggg ctcagcaatg    185940
     ttttaatatc attaacagac agagtagcag gatgtggtat aactgctctt cagtgtctgt    186000
     ggtccccctc catcccactc aagataataa cttcttaatc tgaactctgt acaaccttgg    186060
     cttcttacct gggagtggat gtacctgatc accacttctc aaccagtctg gagagcagac    186120
     tcctctggcc ctcccttctc atccagtcta agacttcact catataatgt gtgaagtctt    186180
     taatgtagcc aaggctttta ttattattcc acaatttgcc taaccttctt cagagcttct    186240
     tatgacaaag gttgtggaaa taagcctctg attccattat ggtcatttat tctgactttt    186300
     atccctgtct tttggcaaat aattccagtt agattctgag ggaagatcca tttcttcatc    186360
     ccctttgttc tatgtaatag aatgtctctc tgtcctaaag tcaattgaag tagtacgtaa    186420
     ggagttcctg tgttctctct tcctggctta cacagtgttg agtggagact tctcaccagg    186480
     actccaggat cagtccttcc tatccataca gcatccagta agaagttctg tgatctgctt    186540
     tccatcgtgt cttacagaga agtgcaatcc ctgtctctcc agcatgttac taggataact    186600
     catcaagaat caaagtcttt ctttaaattt ctctttgaca tacccatgac aattctccat    186660
     gaatttcttc ctcttcctgt tcaataaatg attacacttg cacttaaata tatgcgtctg    186720
     tgtccaaaaa taaatgtggg gctgagagtg agtgaatgag gactgcctga gttttataac    186780
     caagatcgta tcttatggca ccatatgtaa cctgagtatc aggattttgc ctctcctgca    186840
     gaaatcccaa gccctgatga gtactgcctg ctgtttagct ctcctgtgtt agtaatgtat    186900
     gaggaccaca ggagcatggc acttgctgta tgattcctcc atccatagtc tcttttccaa    186960
     caaagcatag gagagacaca tatttcaaag gctatgcctg ctcaacatgt ttcacgaaat    187020
     gctgaggaag tgggattggg tgggggaggc ttggtgactt gagtcccatt caataaagag    187080
     aaacactgtg taggtcccca tagcatactc tgccccctag atcaagagat taaattggct    187140
     caactcggat catgaaaaac aagttcatgc tgtagtttgc taaaagatgg caaaacactg    187200
     ttgaaaaacc caaaaaataa tgatgaaata tctccctctc cacaactacc ctgatgggtg    187260
     gctctaaata attctctaac caaggcctcc taattggctt caactacatc catggactac    187320
     aatgcccagg ttttaatttt tagtcttggc aaaaatttaa cagacttata tagttaagta    187380
     acagtcccaa tacaggactc tgttgaagac aaaaagcttg acagtgctgt tatacctcaa    187440
     aaggccacaa cccagggaaa ggtaaagaaa atatttggtt atttctaggt cgacatggca    187500
     gcttgaggtc accctaaatc ctctcccttt caacactaaa cacttggtag aaatgagatg    187560
     tgaagtagtg aaaacattca aagccgagga agaaattcaa aacctcagac agaaaacccc    187620
     tttgtaaagg taaaaaagac agagagaggt gagggttgat acaggagatc tgtacaattc    187680
     tttgtgatct ggcgtagatt acagttaagg gagcatagag ggttggggaa aactgtcaca    187740
     aaggaccaag gatgccacag gaacatgcac cctcagagga acaagggctg aagcagtgtg    187800
     attttgagga aagatcccca cccttacatg acaaccacca agaagagaac tacctgtagc    187860
     tgcagaagtg acaggaccag tcattctaaa gatcaaagca gctgctgaca cctaaggact    187920
     gacccgactg ctagatttag gtgtttccac ttgaaaaagc tggcttgatg ctcatggttg    187980
     gcctgaatat cttatcagga ataaatatcc taacaaaata tcaacattag ccaccatcat    188040
     cctgagatgg ctaacacaag atcattttgc catctaaaat gatgtctatc ctcaggctaa    188100
     aatcagtgac agctacttct ttaccaattg cagagttagc tttatgtttg tgtccactta    188160
     ttataaatag aatataatgg gctatttaat cactgaggtg taattcctta attgcaacca    188220
     acatagagtt tcctgaaaca tctctgaacc ctagaggagt tccttgcttc attcctttta    188280
     taaagattgt cagctctgca caggcccaga caggaaagag ctgttttccc aggagtactt    188340
     tcactcccag ggtgggaagt gagatagcca ctttctctcc attaactctc cagggaagaa    188400
     ccagcaaaga gtgcttggga cacagaaaca ggggagcaga tgggacagga tcctttcagt    188460
     caccatctac acctggaggt tgtgctgttc cacagccctc tgtacactag ttcagccagg    188520
     agagaactgt actcccacga gtactggcgc atgcttacag atgcacagaa ggtacaagct    188580
     ccagccagag acagcaaggc catttaacac cagaggtaac cagattgcaa aaagcaaggg    188640
     taagaacctt acaaacagaa accgaggcta cttggcaaca tcagaaccca gttatccaaa    188700
     cacagcatgt tctggatact tacaacaact agaaaaggaa ggtttggagt taaaatcaca    188760
     tctcattatg ctaatagagg attttaagaa ggatataaat aactttcttg aagaaataca    188820
     ggagaacaga tttaaaaggg agaaggcttt aatgaggaaa cacaaaaatc cctttaagaa    188880
     ttacaggaaa gcaaaaccaa acaggtaaag gaattgaaca aaaccaccca ggatctaaaa    188940
     atggaagcgg aaacaaagaa atcacaaagg gagaaaactt gagagataga aatcctagta    189000
     aagagatcag gagtcataga tgcaagcacc accaacagaa tacaagaaat agaagagaga    189060
     atctcaggta gagaagatac catagaaaac attgacacaa cagtcaaaga aaatgcaaaa    189120
     tgcaaaaaga tcctaactca aaacatccag gcaatccagg acaaaatgag aagaccaaac    189180
     ccaagggtaa taggtataaa gaagagcaaa aattcccaac ttaaagggcc attaaatatt    189240
     ttcaaataaa ttataaaaga aaacttttct acctaaagaa aaagatgccc atcaacacac    189300
     aggaagcaga caggacacca aatatgttag accagaaaag aagttcttcc tgtcacataa    189360
     taatcaaaac accaaatgca caaaacaaag aaagaatatt aaaagccaca aggggaaaag    189420
     gtcaagtacc acataaaggc agacctatca gaattacacc agactcttag aattacatca    189480
     gacttctccc cagagactat gaaagccaga agatcctggg aagagatcac acagacccta    189540
     agagaaaaca aatgacagcc caggctacta tgcccaacaa aaatcttaat taccatagat    189600
     aaagagacga acatattcca tgataaaaat agatttacac aatatctttc aacaaatcca    189660
     gctcttcaaa ggataataaa tggaaaattc caacacaagg agtgaaacta cgccctagaa    189720
     aagtctagaa agtagtcttt taacaaacca aaaagaagat aaccatctta acataattcc    189780
     acctctaata acaaaaataa caagaagcaa taatcactat tccttaatac ctcttaatat    189840
     caatggactc aatttcccca acaaaattac atagactaac agactggata cttaaaaaga    189900
     acccaacttt ttgctacata cagaaaatcc aggggctggt gagatggctc ggcaggtaag    189960
     ggcactgact gctcttccga aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca    190020
     caaccaccca taatgagatc tgacactctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagtca gctacagcga    190080
     acttatgtat aataataaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaaatc cacatcagtg    190140
     acaaacacag aaactacctc agagtaatta ggctggaaaa caatcctcca agcaaatggt    190200
     gccaaaaaaa ataagttgga gtagccattc taatatcaaa taaaattgac tttcacttaa    190260
     agtaatcaaa aaagataggg aagaacactt cctatttatc aaaggaacag tctaccaaga    190320
     aaagtctcaa ttctgaacat ctatgttcct aatgcaaggc cacccacatt cataaaagaa    190380
     actttactaa agcttaaagc acacattgtc actcacacaa taatagtggg agacattaac    190440
     cccacactct catcaatgga cagatcctgg aaacataaac taaacagaga tacagtgaat    190500
     ctaacagaag ttataaacca aattgattta atatatatct gttaaacatt ttatcctaaa    190560
     actaaagaat ataccttctt ctcagcacct cacagtaccg tctccaaaac taaccatata    190620
     accagtcaaa taacaggccc caacagctac aagaagactg aaataatccc atccatccta    190680
     tcagattacc atggactaag gctggtctta aataccaaaa acaacaatgg aaagcataca    190740
     cacacatgga agctgaacaa cactctactc aatgataact tggtcattga agaaataaag    190800
     aaagaaatta aagagttttt agagtttaat gaaaatgaag ccacaacata tacaaactta    190860
     tgggacacaa tgaatgcagt cctaagagga aaacacatag ctctgagtgc ctccaaaaag    190920
     aaactggaga gaccatacac taccagctta acattacatc tgaaagatgt agaacaaaaa    190980
     gagcaaatac acccaagaga gtagacaggc agaaataatc aaactcaggg ctaaaatcaa    191040
     ccaattagaa acaaaaagaa ctattcaaag agtcaactaa acctagagtt ggttccttaa    191100
     gaaaatcaac ataatagata aacccttagc cagcctaact aaagggcaca gaagcagtat    191160
     cctaattaac aaaatcagaa atgaaaaggg agacataaca actgcaactg aagaaatcca    191220
     aaataacatc aggtcctcct taggaaaaaa accaaaaaaa cctatactca actaaactgg    191280
     caaatctgga tgaaatagac aattttctag acagatacca agtaccaaag ttaaatgcag    191340
     atgagataaa tgatctaaac catcccatat gccctaaaga gatagatgca gttattaata    191400
     gcctcccaac caaaaaaaag tgcaagacca gatgagtttg gtgaagagta taattagtac    191460
     ttcaaagaag acctagtact ccttaaggaa gtccaaaaaa tagaaacaga aggacactat    191520
     acaatttgtt caatggagcc acaattattt tcatatttaa accacaaaca caaagaccaa    191580
     caaagaaaga gaaattcagg ccaatgttcc ttatgaatat cgatgcaaaa aatgctccat    191640
     aaaactctcg aaaacctaat ccaagaacac tacaaaatca tcaaaaatca tgatc         191695