ID   CT954269; SV 12; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 217626 BP.
AC   CT954269;
DT   17-APR-2006 (Rel. 87, Created)
DT   21-OCT-2008 (Rel. 97, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Pig DNA sequence from clone CH242-404E7 on chromosome 7
OS   Sus scrofa (pig)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Cetartiodactyla; Suina; Suidae; Sus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-217626
RA   Whitehead S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-OCT-2008) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   clonerequest@sanger.ac.uk
DR   MD5; 8a9864d1708db975d62acb63f222eb29.
DR   ENA-CON; GL042145.
DR   ENA-CON; JH116037.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   CH242-404E7 is from a CHORI-242 Porcine BAC Library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..217626
FT                   /organism="Sus scrofa"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-242"
FT                   /clone="CH242-404E7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9823"
SQ   Sequence 217626 BP; 50684 A; 56295 C; 58552 G; 52095 T; 0 other;
     gatccagcat tgccacgagc tgtggtgtag gctggtagct gcagctctga tttgacccct        60
     agcctgggaa cttccatgtg ccatggatgc ggccttaaaa agacaaaaaa taaaataaaa       120
     taaagaggag ccgaggaaga aagcaagtgt ccctggggac gcaggagagg tgagaaggac       180
     gggaatgaga ggcacggagg gttctcagga cctggatgta actagatgta accccagagc       240
     ccagtaaatc aacgggtctg gggtgtggag cacagagacg tgaaattcca ccggggagtg       300
     gagggtgctc aggaggttcc aggggcaaag gcggcctcca gccctcactc acgggtcttg       360
     gcatctgcag acactgggcc gtgccgcttc tcatcctgga gtccaaagag gaggaacttg       420
     tacttgcggg ccggggccag acctgaaacc gtgacctctc ggaggtcccc ggccacgggc       480
     actgcttggg gctgcccctg ggcatccctg tactggacca ggaaggagtc gaaacggccc       540
     tgggccacgg tccatgagag gcccactgtg tccgaggtca cagctgccgt ggccagctcc       600
     cccaggcggg gggccacggg gggctctgtg gtcatggagg ctggaacaga gcagaggagg       660
     ttgaggtcaa tggcaggacc ctgggcatga gagggagtgc tgtccccagg tggtgaaatg       720
     aatgtttgta gcaaactttt cgaactgctt cttgagtccc aggcaccgct gtaagcagtt       780
     tgcaaacagt gtgcttaatg ctcacacgac agatgaggca gatgccacag tcattatccc       840
     ctccttgggc gggatctgca gcacagaggt taaaatcccc tgcaaaccac acagtcagta       900
     ccttcagggc aagactcaaa ctcggagaag ctggttctgc agccatgttc cgagccacta       960
     aaatgctcgg tcagcaaggc taaggaagcc acacatgaac aaccgagcaa atctgcggtt      1020
     ccagataaag atgggaggaa gaaagctaga ctgtatgagg tgcaggccac acgcccaaat      1080
     gcccctgaac agtgtccacc agtcctcact caacccaagg cgaggcgggg acatcggacc      1140
     acgtgagaaa agagatggac caagagtccc attgtgaggg gtgctgagac ccaaagggga      1200
     aaccagagag cggcataggg accctgggtc agggctgccc cccactcacc ggtcatgccc      1260
     acagtggaca cggggcccac gcgctggccg tcgtggaagc cgtacaggtg catcttgtac      1320
     ttgtggtcgg gctccaggcc ctcaactgtc acctcgctct cctcgccccc gacacgcacc      1380
     acctggggcc cggccctgcc cttgtactgc acggtgaagg agtcaaagtg gccctggggg      1440
     accgtccacg agaggctcag agagtccggg gaggatcctg tcaccgtcag ctcccccagg      1500
     atgggctcct cggggcgttc cgtggggctg ggggtctcct ccatctccgt ggggctgggg      1560
     gtctcctcca tctccgtggg gctgggggtc tcctcctcgg cagctgagaa gagagacaca      1620
     gacagggtga gccagggtcc ccaggagatg tcctggggtc tcctcccaca ctgtgacccc      1680
     cactcaggcc ccaaggtcag ttcagaggag cccgtccttg ggcccgggtg gtcctggtca      1740
     gctggcagct cacagacaca cccagagcct ccgggctcag ctggggggac cagggcagcc      1800
     accagcatgg ctcccagagg ccgttctcta cccgggagga cccgccggtc tcaggcagcc      1860
     caggaactgg ggcagggggg cacaaagggc agcatggctc agcctccagc agaggggcct      1920
     cctgcacccc agtcacccac cacctgagag aggctgaccc tcccatgagg ccccactctg      1980
     gggcttccag gctccactca ctggtcaccc cgacgacaga gacggggccc acacgctggc      2040
     cgtcgtggaa gccgtacaga ttcatcttat acttgtggtc gggctccagg cccgagatgg      2100
     tgacctggtc ctcgtgcccc gggacccgca ccgccttggg ctgcccatcc ccgttcttgt      2160
     actggaccag gaagtggtca aactggccct cggggacggt ccaggagagc tgcagggact      2220
     cgggggtggc gtccgtcacg gtcagctcct ccaggcgtgg cttggtgggg ggctcggggg      2280
     ccatggtgag agggacttcg gtggtcatag cttcatagtc tggagctgga cagagacaca      2340
     ggggacagat gaggtctcct cggtcctcag tgcagcatac tatgggctgt attacaaaaa      2400
     tacagtaata aggaacaaga tgtgtctgcc cacgatagct ctaagtcttg tggttttttt      2460
     cctttttagg gctgcacctg tggcatgtga aagtttcggg ctagggctca gattagatct      2520
     gtagctgctg gcctacacaa cagccacagc aatgtgggat cagagcctca tccgtgacct      2580
     acctgcagct cccagcaact ccagatcctt aacccattga gcgaggccag ggacagaacc      2640
     acattcttat ggatgctatg ggttcttaac ctgttgagcc acaatgggaa ccctctaact      2700
     cctcttctct ctgttccctt taatgtcaga cttcctgtca ccttgtcctc agctgctctg      2760
     ccctcaccca ctacctaccc aaaccctgtg tcctctccct ctccccctag tgcccaccgc      2820
     ttctcagaca cagtaccctg ggcctccctc tactgggtct cgttggcatc tcgctccctt      2880
     tggctcttgt cttggctccc agacaggtca gaaccatgca tgcacaccac caccacccca      2940
     ccaggaacct ggaatcttcc tggaccggtt cctgtctgca gctgccgtca gactcagagt      3000
     atcttctcac tccccacacc tgcagcccca ctgcccctct ctgggccacc ctcactcctc      3060
     acctggttac caccccccat gggcctctct ggctcccgct cccatctatc catacaggga      3120
     gccagaagga gcctttaaat gcacatctga tggtgtcagt attagcttaa aactgtgcaa      3180
     tagttcttgt ggctcagtgg taacgaacct gactagtatc cacgaggatg tgggttcaat      3240
     ccctggcctc gctccgtgtg ttaaggatcc agtgttgctg tgggtgtggt gtagcctggc      3300
     agttgcagct ctgattagac cccgagcctg ggaacttcta catgccacaa gtgtggccct      3360
     aaaaagcaac aaaccagcaa ataggagttc ctgtcgtggc gcagtagaag cgaatcgact      3420
     aggagctatg aggttgcggg tttaatccct ggcctctctc aggagggtaa ggatctgaca      3480
     ttgctctgag ctgtggcata ggttgcagat gcggctctga tctggtgctg tggctctggt      3540
     gtaggtcggg agcaacatct ctgattcgac ccctagcctg ggaacttcca tatgctactc      3600
     ctgaggccct aaaaagacaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aacaaataaa caaaaactgt      3660
     gcaacaaccc tctttatcct tgggagaaac ccctggcttc ctgagccgct cctacctctc      3720
     caccctcatc tcaaaggatt tcatctcccc tacccaaaag atttcataca aaatcctctc      3780
     aggtgccacg atgttctgag tttccaagct ttgtaccagc tgtgacattg atctgacata      3840
     cccttcaccc tatctctagc tgtcaccaag ctaatactgg cctgatgcca ggtctcagcc      3900
     atcctgtggg aacccgtggg caggctggta tagacatggc tgccagtctt gggcaggccg      3960
     tgaggcttcc tgccataggt ccatccccct ttgcctggtg gcgtcacaac ctatctcctc      4020
     acaaccgtga gccccacagg gtaagaactg gtctctccac catgttcaag gtttatccca      4080
     gggagcttcc acagtgcaac ttggctcagg tcgtccacat ctttgttgac ctgctggtgt      4140
     cacaagtctg ttaatacctg aaccatgagg ttagggggcg ccacagtcaa gacgctgcat      4200
     cttctttcac cacctccgtc aacatagagg ctgagtctct gtggggactc agggatgcaa      4260
     gtatgattct ctccaacaga ttctaagaaa gtgtctcatt gcttggtggt tttttctctt      4320
     ttttcttttt tttttttttt tttggccaca cccatggcat gtggaagttc ctgggccatg      4380
     gactgaatct gagccacagc agtgactgga actgctgccg tgacaacatc agatccttaa      4440
     cctgctgcac cacaagggga ctccccaatt cttttgttgt gaggagattt gctactcaaa      4500
     ttgtgatcct tgaaccagta gcatcagcat cactgaggat cttagaaatg cagaatctct      4560
     ggcagcagcc tagatctgct gaatccgaat ctgcccttta acacgattct taggccacct      4620
     gacattctac agaggaggtg ccgtcaggag tatttacgtt tccacaaaga tggtaatagg      4680
     cattcctctc gtggctcagc ggtaacgaac tggactagta aacatgagga tgcaggtttg      4740
     attcctggcc tcactcagtg gttaaggatc cagcagtgct gcgagctgtg gtgtagctca      4800
     aagacgcggc ttggatctgg tgttgctgtg gctctggtgt aggccggcag ctacagctct      4860
     gatttgaccc ctggcctggg aacctccata taccacaggt gcagccctaa aaagacaatt      4920
     aaaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaacaaaga tggcaataaa gggaaagtct      4980
     tccagggccc gtcttcccca ccttgcacac tcaccaccct caccctcact caccggtcac      5040
     gcccacggtg gacacggggc ccacgcgctg gccgtcgtgg aagccgtaca ggttcatctt      5100
     gtacttgcgt ccagcctcca ggccctcaac tgtcacctcg ctctcctcgc ccccgacacg      5160
     caccacctgg ggcccggccc tgcccttgta ctgcacggtg aaggagtcaa agtggccctg      5220
     ggggaccgtc cacgagaggc tcagagagtc cggggaggat cctgtcaccg tcagctcccc      5280
     caggatgggc tcctcggggc gttccgtggg gctgggggtc tcctccatct ctgtggggct      5340
     gggggtctcc tccatctccg tggggctggg ggtctcctcc tcggcagctg agaagagaga      5400
     cacagacagg gtgagccagg gtccccagga gatgtcctgg ggtctcttcc cacactgtga      5460
     cccccactca ggccccaagg tcagttcaga ggagcccgtc cttgggcccg ggtggtcctg      5520
     gtcagctggc agctcacaga cacacccaga gcctccgggc tcagctgcgg ggaccagggc      5580
     agccaccagc atggctccca gaggccgttc tctacccagg aggacccgcc ggtctcaggc      5640
     agcccaggaa ctgggggtgg ggcgggcaca aagggcagca tggctcagcc tccagcagag      5700
     gggcctcctg caccccagtc acccaccacc tgagagaggc tgaccctccc atgaggcccc      5760
     accctggggc ttccaggctc cactcactgg tcaccccgat gacagagacg gggcccacgc      5820
     gctggccgtc gtggaagccg tacaggtgca tcttgtactt gcgtccagcc tccaggccct      5880
     caactgtcac ctcactctcc tcgcccccga cacgcaccac ctggggcccg gccctgccct      5940
     tgtactgcac ggtgaaggag tcaaagtggc cctgggggac cgtccacgag aggctcagag      6000
     agtccgggga ggatcctgtc accgtcagct cccccaggat gggctcctcg gggcgttccg      6060
     tggggctggg ggtctcctcc atctctgtgg ggctgggggt ctcctccatc tccgtggggc      6120
     tgggggtctc ctcctcggca gctgagaaga gagacacaga cagggtgagc cagggtcccc      6180
     gggagatgtc ctggggtctc ttcccacact gtgaccccca ctcaggcccc aaggtcagtt      6240
     cagaggagcc cgtccttggg cccgggtggt cctggtcagc tggcagctca cagacacacc      6300
     cagagcctcc gggctcagct ggggggacca gggcagccac cagcatggct cccagaggcc      6360
     gttctctacc caggaggacc cgccggtctc aggcagccca ggaactgggg gtggggcggg      6420
     cacaaagggc agcatggctc agcctccagc agaggggcct cctgcacccc agtcacccac      6480
     cacctgagag aggctgaccc tcccatgagg ccccaccctg gggcttccag gctccactca      6540
     ctggtcaccc cgatgacaga gacggggccc acgcgctggc cgtcgtggaa gccgtacagg      6600
     tgcatcttgt acttgtggtc gggctccagg ccctcaactg tcacctcact ctcctcgccc      6660
     ccgacacgca ccacctgggg cccggccctg cccttgtact gcacggtgaa ggagtcaaag      6720
     tggccctggg ggaccgtcca cgagaggctc agagagtccg gggaggatcc tgtcactgtc      6780
     agctccccca ggatgggctc ctcgggaggc tccgtggggc tgggggtctc ctccatctcc      6840
     gtggggctgg gggtctcctc tacaacctcc tggggggctg agaaaagaga ttgggggcag      6900
     aggcttagag ggtgacttgc tttgctggta acgtcaatag ggacaagcag gtgcatccag      6960
     cagatactcc tcaagctgca ggactggaag cttacacaac ctttggatgc agcactcagt      7020
     gactcttgct ggagagactg agacaggcct gaccccgtca cctacaggct ggctggcgcc      7080
     ataaaccttc agaaggcaat ttggacattc gtgtcaggag ccaaaacagt gctcattttc      7140
     tttgacccaa taacctcatt tctgggcagc tatcctaaga aaattattaa aaagcaggaa      7200
     aagttgtatc atgggagttc attttgggat tattcatgac agcaaaatga gttggggctc      7260
     aaatgacctg tggaaagaag attaattttg ttatggcact ttcaccatga agcatcaaat      7320
     aaccattaaa atgatgattg atgcaggttg cggagcgcag gataaatgct ctcagtataa      7380
     ctttgggtac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagaagagc cgagaaagaa      7440
     ctgcatgaat actttgcaac cttaaaatac acactgcatg gaaaatgcag gcagagaggt      7500
     tgcatgacac acactgttat gaatggtggt tgtggggtca gaagctggtc caatgagcaa      7560
     tttttttcca cctttccaaa cttcccatca tgtcatattc atttcagaga aaaatagaaa      7620
     cttaaaaaga aagtctggat tataaagatt agtaatgggg gggtagggag tggcatgggg      7680
     atgggagacc ctctgtactt tgcacatgct tgtgatttgc cacaatagaa gcttcctctg      7740
     tgcggattat ctgcagaaga gagtgaactc acagaggcag caactcactc cctaacaggt      7800
     cgagtcttag agggctgggg tcctccagct gaggaacact tgtgaaatac tgtcaccagg      7860
     cataagaatc tggctgattg tgacagaaag ctggcctgac tgtaattttg gtattaaatc      7920
     catcttgtgg gttttttccc tcctaatttc ttaaggaata gaaattgcaa ctttttcata      7980
     gttagaaatg aaataagctg caggagtgat gagagggaaa gatggaaagg acacagcaaa      8040
     ggagaagaca ttatattgaa aaacattttt tcctgattat aaaagtaatg cttgtctttt      8100
     aagaaaatgt aaatgggagt tcccgttgtg gcgcagtggt taacgaaccc aactaggaac      8160
     catgaggttg cgggttcgat ccctggcctc gctcagtagg ttaaggatcc ggcggtgccg      8220
     tgagctgcag tgtaggtcga agatgcggct tggatcccac gttgctgtgg ctctggtgta      8280
     ggccggcggc cacagctccg attagacccc tagcctggga acctccatat gccgcgggag      8340
     cagccccaga aaaggcaaaa agacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaga aaatgtaaat      8400
     gaaacagaat agaatgaaac aggaaaaaaa atactggaac attccatttt gtccttcgaa      8460
     ccatgcatcc ccttccagtt gtcttaccaa gcatgttatt ttcaagtggt ggtgattaac      8520
     atcggaaaaa aagatggaaa ctcttttttt cattgtaata atacaaagta actgtcttat      8580
     gttgaaacat ttcaaagatg gcatctagct cattttgtag acattgtcta attaatcatc      8640
     tcagtgtagt taggtattgg gttattttct tttttttctc tttttttggt tataaaaaag      8700
     aatgctgtga tttgtgattt agatgtaaag aaaagaaaat tctagtaaag tcgggcttgg      8760
     tctgtgcctg acacatctca cccctggagg gagccagtgg ctgaccatca ggaggctgtg      8820
     ctagtgggac catgaagctg caggtctggc aaaggccaga ccactacaca tggatcacag      8880
     cccagggcca aggaagaaaa gcataaaagg gaccggggcg gagaaagagg agaacagtca      8940
     gccaggtaca catggggaaa aggaaactct cccctgggac cactgagacc caatctcact      9000
     caccggtcac tcccacggtg gacacggggc ccacacgctg gccgtcgtag aagccgtaca      9060
     ggtgcatctt gtacttgtgg ttgggctcca ggccctcaac tgtcacctca ctctcctcgc      9120
     ccccgacacg caccacctgg ggcccggccc tgcccttgta ctgcacagtg aaggagtcaa      9180
     agtggccctg ggggaccgtc cacgagaggc tcagagagtc cggggaggat cctgtcaccg      9240
     tcagctcccc caggatgggc tcctcggggg gttccgtggg gctgggggtc tcctccatct      9300
     ccgtggggct gggggtctcc tcctcggcag ctgagaagag agacacagac agggtgagcc      9360
     agggtcccca ggagatgtcc tggggtctcc tcccacactg tgacccccac tcaggcccca      9420
     aggtcagttc agaggagccc gtccttgggc ccgggtggtc ctggtcagct ggcagctcac      9480
     agacacaccc agagcctccg ggctcagctg cggggaccag ggcagccacc agcatggctc      9540
     ccagaggccg ttctctaccc gggaggaccc gccggtctca ggcagcccag gaactgggcg      9600
     gggggggggg gcgggcacaa agggcagcat ggctcagcct ccagcagagg ggcctcctgc      9660
     accccagtca cccaccacct gagagaggct gaccctccca tgaggctcca ccctggggct      9720
     tccaggctcc actcactggt caccccgatg acagagacgg ggcccacgcg ctggccgtcg      9780
     tggaagccgt acaggtgcat cttgtacttg tggtcgggct ccaggccctc aactgtcacc      9840
     tcgctctcct cgcccccgac acgcaccact tggggcccgg ccctgccctt gtactgcaca      9900
     gtgaaggagt caaagtggcc ctgggggacc gtccacgaga ggctcagaga gtccggggag      9960
     gatcctgtca ccgtcagctc ccccaggatg ggctcctcgg ggggttctgt ggggctgggg     10020
     gtctcctcca tctccgtggg gctgggggtc tcctcctcgg cagctgagaa gagagacaca     10080
     gacagggtga gccagggtcc ccgggagatg tcctggggtc tcctcccaca ctgtgacccc     10140
     cactcaggcc ccaaggtcag ttcagaggag cctgtccttg ggcccgggtg gtcctggtca     10200
     gctggcagct cacagacaca cccagagcct ccgggctcag ctgcggggac cagggcagcc     10260
     accagcatgg ctcccagagg ccgttctcta cccgggagga cccgccggtc tcaggcagcc     10320
     caggaactgg gcgggggggg cacaaagggc agcatggctc agcctccagc agaggggcct     10380
     cctgcacccc agtcacccac cacctgagag aggctgaccc tcccatgagg ccccaccctg     10440
     gggcttccag gctccactca ctggtcaccc cgatgacaga gacggggccc acgcgctggc     10500
     cgtcgtggaa gccgtacagg ttcatcttgt acttgtggtc aggctccagg cccgagatgg     10560
     tgaccttgtc ctcgtgcccc gggacccgca ccgccttggg ctgtccgtcc ccgttcttgt     10620
     actggaccag gaagtggtca aactggccct cggggacggt ccaggagagc tgcagggact     10680
     cgggggtggc gtccgtcacg gtcagttcct ccaggcgcgg cttggtgggg ggctcggggg     10740
     ccatggtgat agggacttcg gtggtcatag cttcatagtc tggagctgga cagagacaca     10800
     ggggacagat gaggtctcct cggtcctcag tgcagcatac tatgggctgt attacaaaaa     10860
     tacagtaata aggaccaaga tgtgtctgcc cacgatagct ctaactccta ttctttttgt     10920
     ttttttcttt ctagggctgc acctgcgaca tatggaagtt cccaggctaa gggttgaatt     10980
     ggaactacac ctcgggggct gtggcgggca ggtctgctgg ggctggggcc atttcttggt     11040
     cctttcctgg ggctggatca ggagacaaag agaacaggtg gacatgctgt gtgggttccc     11100
     tcctaacagg ggacaaattc tgggatttct cccagacaca cctgagcccc aaaacctgga     11160
     tgccaacgct ccaggttaag ataacatttc tctggttgga atgttgtttc cagggaacag     11220
     ggtacacact tgtgacgatg ccatgatggc agggtgggac cccgatgacg ctcaacctgt     11280
     gcagcacgga agccgctgag cgaattcatt tagcagcaca gggccagggc ttgatgacag     11340
     catcattcct aagagacccg tcacatcagg aggtgcaggt gctcaggttc gggaattcca     11400
     cttcatgagt attttccttt aatatctcct ctggtttaga agggatttct gagcatttga     11460
     gacactaatt tagatttcac agttgagggc aaagagatga gaccacagga gatcatcttt     11520
     gcagttgggt tgttttggga ccttgtatta attccctcgc cagctgatgg cagggatgac     11580
     ccagcaagtc cccagatccc tccgtctttt ctgttctgca tagggtttta ctctgctgta     11640
     atagttgact tacaaaatca ccgtgttgca gagttcccgt tgtgtgtaga ggaaacgaat     11700
     cccaccagta accatgaggt catgggttta atccctggcc tagttcagtg ggttaaggat     11760
     ccggtactgc catgaactgt ggtgtaggtc acagacatgg ctcggatcct gcgttgctgt     11820
     ggctgtggta taggccggca gctgtagctc caattcgacc actagcctgg gaacctccat     11880
     atgccatggg tgcgggccta aaaagaaaaa aacaaaacaa aagaaaacaa aaaataccaa     11940
     aaaccaaatc gctgtgtttc atagctctgt tatgtttggg attttaagca tctagggggt     12000
     aacggctaca aaagagctta acaaaagcaa ccaacagtcg tggtagggag taattaatgg     12060
     agagaaaatg ccttgtcaag ttgcacaaat gactaacact aactactgaa gcagtattcc     12120
     tgtgagcagg attcagtgtt gatatagcac tcaggggtaa tcagttcggg agttgggaac     12180
     aaatacaatt ttaatcactg aaatcaatga taattatgag actgcacccc aagggttttc     12240
     gggagctaat tttcttcctc agaagggaaa gcctgtagtt accgaacatc gagtgtgagc     12300
     tgagccgcgt tcatgcccat cctgcaagac aggtgtggtt attccttctg tgcggatggg     12360
     gaacgggagg cacaggagag gctgagtggc tctcctgagg ttacacagct ctaatgggct     12420
     gaggcgaggg ccagcccctg gtctgcctga gtttagatta tttccctggt gccctgcctc     12480
     ttcgaggacc ccaaaagccc atgtgcaaag ggtgagacag ttgggagcac actaaagact     12540
     cagagtgagg acaggagcag aactcccagg agctcaggaa gttcagtctc aagaatagca     12600
     ggacaggagt tcctgttgag gcacagtgga aatgaatccg actaggaagc atgaagttgt     12660
     gggtttgatc cctggccttg ctcagtgggt taaggatctg gcattgccgt gagctgtggt     12720
     gtaggtcgca gacgcggctc ggatctggcg ttgctgtggc tctggcgtag gctggcagct     12780
     gtagctctga ttcaacccct agcctgggaa cctccatatg ccttgagtgc agccttaaaa     12840
     agacaaaaag gcaaaaaggc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     12900
     aaaaagacta gcaggacaaa aaccccttca aactgaccca aaaaaagggg aaattgagtt     12960
     ggagttccta ttgtggctca gcaggttaag aatctgacta gtatccatga ggatgcaagt     13020
     ctgatccctg gcctcactca gtgggttaaa ggatccagcg ttgctgtgag ctgtggtata     13080
     gatcagacac agctcagatc ccaagttgct gtggctgtgg cataggctgg cagctgcagc     13140
     ttcgattcca ccccccaccc aggaacatcc atatgctgtg ggtttggcct taaaaagacc     13200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaacacaaa gaaatagaaa acttagtcca gctcagggca gggccagagt     13260
     cctactggac actcaccagt taaaccgatg acagagacgg ggcccatgcg ctggccgtag     13320
     tggaagccat acaggttcat cttgtacttg tggtcgggct ccaggcccga gatggtgacc     13380
     tggtcctcat gccctgggac ccgcaccgcc ttgggctgcc catccccgtt cttgtactgg     13440
     accaggaagt ggtcaaactg gccctcgggg acggcccagg agagctgcag ggactcgggg     13500
     gtggcatccg tcacggtcag ctcccccagg cgcggcttca aagggggact ggcagggggc     13560
     tcctcttgag ggtctgggaa gagatgcaaa cagaattgtt cctgttgctg gaaggaacgg     13620
     ctgaggccct gctctcctgg cttcagacca gaaggtgggc cagctccgtg ggcctaactt     13680
     aagacccatt tttgcttatg accatcaaaa tctcttcgtg gcttccttat ggtccgtcaa     13740
     acacaccagg cagtctctta cctcaaggcc tttgcattga ctattccctc tgcctgaatg     13800
     ttctttccca gacatctgcg tggctctcgt tcacacctcc tttaagtctt cgttcaaatg     13860
     tcaccttctc gttagggcct tccctgacca cactatttaa aatcccattc ttggagttcc     13920
     tattgtggct cagcggaagt gaatctgact aggaaccatg aggttgtggg tttgatcgct     13980
     ggccttgctc agtgggttaa ggatccggca ttgccatgag ctgtggtgta ggtcacagac     14040
     gcagctcgga tctggcattg ctgtggctgt ggcgtaggct ggcagctata gctccgatta     14100
     gacaccttgc ctggaaacct ccacatgctg caggtgtggc cctaaaaaaa tcaaaagaca     14160
     aaaataaaat aaaaaataat aagaataaat aaaatcccat tctcccaatt gcagcctatc     14220
     tttcttatct ggaccagatt ccagcaacaa attgcaaaac aattaatatg aagcaatcag     14280
     gaaactgtag cactgcttgg atatctggtc atattaagga atgacttcct tttttaatga     14340
     cttttttttt tgcctttttt tttttagggc cacacctgca gcatatggaa gtttccaagc     14400
     taggcgtcaa atcagagcta gagctgccag cctataccac agccacagca acaccagata     14460
     cgagctgtgt gacctacacc agagctcaca gcaacgctgg atccttaacc cgttgagcga     14520
     gttctcatgg atactggttg gattcgtttc cactgagcca caatgggaac tctttaatcc     14580
     tgttcatttt caaaggtaca attattgcat tgtggttatt tttaaatagt ttttttgaaa     14640
     agacttaaat atgtaatgtt aaagtacaga gtgaatagaa tacgttttaa aatatcacag     14700
     caggatatcc atgcaacgaa tattatttgg ctatagagga atgaagtcct gctacatgct     14760
     gcaacatggc tcaacctcca aaacatgctt ggtaaagaag ccagacacag aagaacacgt     14820
     atggtttgat tccacttata tgatgggtcc agaaaaggca catctacaga gacagaaggt     14880
     gcataagcag tgaccagaac tgggcgtggg aatgggacac caggtttctt cttgagggga     14940
     cggaaaactc gtaaaattag gtagtgatta tggttgtaca actctgcaaa tacgccacag     15000
     ttggtcagct gcatgctcaa aacaggtgaa ttttatggtc tgtaaattat acttcgacaa     15060
     agctgttaat aaagaaaaca ctagtcgggg aagacaggaa gtgagtgggg tctggctgag     15120
     ccagactggt cagagctggt atttggttac agtaggtggt gaacacctgc gagttcctta     15180
     tactagtctt cctctttggc tataatttta ccattttgta taataactag tggtgagaat     15240
     taatattgca tggcatttgt cccaaactca aaaaaaaaag ttcttgggga gttcccgtca     15300
     tcgtggctca gtggaaatga atctgactag tatccacgag gatgcaggtt tgatccctga     15360
     cctcgctcag tgggttaagg atccggtgtt gccatgagct gtggtgcagg ctggcagctg     15420
     cagctccgat tcgacccata gcctgggaac ttccatatgc tgcaggtgtg gccctaaaaa     15480
     gacaaaaaaa aagggggggt tcttttcagg gctcccaggc gaagcagaga accacaaaca     15540
     ggtcagtgca ccactgccat ggaggcttca acccccagtg gcctctctaa tgggcaaagc     15600
     acgcccctgg gaccacgcat cctgccccca gatgacaact gtcttgaggt gctgagtgga     15660
     cagggacagg tagaggtctg gaggtttcag ggtcctggga gctcagtgga ggacactctg     15720
     aggctctgct ctgagacctt ttctgaaacc taacagagag gaccctcact caccggtcac     15780
     gcccacagtg gacagggggc ccacgcgctg gccgtcgtag aagccgtaca ggttcatctt     15840
     gtacttgcgt ccagcctcca ggccctcaac tgtcacctcg ctctcctcgc ccccgacacg     15900
     caccacctgg ggcccggccc tgcccttgta ctgcacggtg aaggagtcaa agtggccctg     15960
     ggggaccgtc cacgagaggc tcagagagtc cggggaggat cctgtcaccg tcagctcccc     16020
     caggatgggc tcctcggggc gttccgtggg gctgggggtc tcctccatct ccgtggagct     16080
     gggggtctcc tcctcggcag ctgagaagag agacacagac agggtgagcc agggtccccg     16140
     ggagatgtcc tggggtctcc tcccacactg tgacccccac tcaggcccca aggtcagttc     16200
     agaggagccc gtccttgggc ccgggtggtc ctggtcagct ggcagctcac agacacaccc     16260
     agagcctccg ggctcagctg cggggaccag ggcagccacc agcatggctc ccagaggccg     16320
     ttctctaccc gggaggaccc gccggtctca ggcagcccag gaactgggcg gggggggggg     16380
     gcgggcacaa agggcagcat ggctcagcct ccagcagagg ggcctcctgc accccagtca     16440
     cccaccacct gagagaggct gaccctccca tgaggctcca ccctggggct tccaggctcc     16500
     actcactggt caccccgatg acagagacgg ggcccacgcg ctggccgtcg tggaagccgt     16560
     acaggtgcat cttgtacttg tggtcgggct ccaggccctc aactgtcacc tcgctctcct     16620
     cgcccccgac acgcaccact tggggcccgg ccctgccctt gtactgcacg gtgaaggagt     16680
     caaagtggcc ctgggggacc gtccacgaga ggctcagaga gtccggggag gatcctgtca     16740
     ccgtcagctc ccccaggatg ggctcctcgg ggggttctgt ggggctgggg gtctcctcca     16800
     tctccgtggg gctgggggtc tcctcctcgg cagctgagaa gagagacaca gacagggtga     16860
     gccagggtcc ccgggagatg tcctggggtc tcctcccaca ctgtgacccc cactcaggcc     16920
     ccaaggtcag ttcagaggag cctgtccttg ggcccgggtg gtcctggtca gctggcagct     16980
     cacagacaca cccagagcct ccgggctcag ctgcggggac cagggcagcc accagcatgg     17040
     ctcccagagg ccgttctcta cccgggagga cccgccggtc tcaggcagcc caggaactgg     17100
     gcgggggggg cacaaagggc agcatggctc agcctccagc agaggggcct cctgcacccc     17160
     agtcacccac cacctgagag aggctgaccc tcccatgagg ccccaccctg gggcttccag     17220
     gctccactca ctggtcaccc cgatgacaga gacggggccc acgcgctggc cgtcgtggaa     17280
     gccgtacagg ttcatcttgt acttgtggtc aggctccagg cccgagatgg tgaccttgtc     17340
     ctcgtgcccc gggacccgca ccgccttggg ctgtccgtcc ccgttcttgt actggaccag     17400
     gaagtggtca aactggccct cggggacggt ccaggagagc tgcagggact cgggggtggc     17460
     gtccgtcacg gtcagttcct ccaggcgcgg cttggtgggg ggctcggggg ccatggtgat     17520
     agggacttcg gtggtcatag cttcatagtc tggagctgga cagagacaca ggggacagat     17580
     gaggtctcct cggtcctcag tgcagcatac tatgggctgt attacaaaaa tacagtaata     17640
     aggaccaaga tgtgtctgcc cacgatagct ctaactccta ttctttttgt ttttttcttt     17700
     ctagggctgc acctgcgaca tatggaagtt cccaggctaa gggttgaatt ggaactacac     17760
     ctcgggggct gtggcgggca ggtctgctgg ggctggggcc atttcttggt cctttcctgg     17820
     ggctggatca ggagacaaag agaacaggtg gacatgctgt gtgggttccc tcctaacagg     17880
     ggacaaattc tgggatttct cccagacaca cctgagcccc aaaacctgga tgccaacgct     17940
     ccaggttaag ataacatttc tctggttgga atgttgtttc cagggaacag ggtacacact     18000
     tgtgacgatg ccatgatggc agggtgggac cccgatgacg ctcaacctgt gcagcacgga     18060
     agccgctgag cgaattcatt tagcagcaca gggccagggc ttgatgacag catcattcct     18120
     aagagacccg tcacatcagg aggtgcaggt gctcaggttc gggaattcca cttcatgagt     18180
     attttccttt aatatctcct ctggtttaga agggatttct gagcatttga gacactaatt     18240
     tagatttcac agttgagggc aaagagatga gaccacagga gatcatcttt gcagttgggt     18300
     tgttttggga ccttgtatta attccctcgc cagctgatgg cagggatgac ccagcaagtc     18360
     cccagatccc tccgtctttt ctgttctgca tagggtttta ctctgctgta atagttgact     18420
     tacaaaatca ccgtgttgca gagttcccgt tgtgtgtaga ggaaacgaat cccaccagta     18480
     accatgaggt catgggttta atccctggcc tagttcagtg ggttaaggat ccggtactgc     18540
     catgaactgt ggtgtaggtc acagacatgg ctcggatcct gcgttgctgt ggctgtggta     18600
     taggccggca gctgtagctc caattcgacc actagcctgg gaacctccat atgccatggg     18660
     tgcgggccta aaaagaaaaa aacaaaacaa aagaaaacaa aaaataccaa aaaccaaatc     18720
     gctgtgtttc atagctctgt tatgtttggg attttaagca tctagggggt aacggctaca     18780
     aaagagctta acaaaagcaa ccaacagtcg tggtagggag taattaatgg agagaaaatg     18840
     ccttgtcaag ttgcacaaat gactaacact aactactgaa gcagtattcc tgtgagcagg     18900
     attcagtgtt gatatagcac tcaggggtaa tcagttcggg agttgggaac aaatacaatt     18960
     ttaatcactg aaatcaatga taattatgag actgcacccc aagggttttc gggagctaat     19020
     tttcttcctc agaagggaaa gcctgtagtt accgaacatc gagtgtgagc tgagccgcgt     19080
     tcatgcccat cctgcaagac aggtgtggtt attccttctg tgcggatggg gaacgggagg     19140
     cacaggagag gctgagtggc tctcctgagg ttacacagct ctaatgggct gaggcgaggg     19200
     ccgcccctgg tctgcctgag tttagattat ttccctggtg ccctgcctct tcgaggaccc     19260
     caaaagccca tgtgcaaagg gtgagacagt tgggagcaca ctaaagactc agagtgagga     19320
     caggagcaga actcccagga gctcaggaag ttcagtctca agaatagcag gacaggagtt     19380
     cctgttgagg cacagtggaa atgaatccga ctaggaagca tgaagttgtg ggtttgatcc     19440
     ctggccttgc tcagtgggtt aaggatctgg cattgccgtg agctgtggtg taggtcgcag     19500
     acgcggctcg gatctggcgt tgctgtggct ctggcgtagg ctggcagctg tagctctgat     19560
     tcaaccccta gcctgggaac ctccatatgc cttgagtgca gccttaaaaa gacaaaaagg     19620
     caaaaaggca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagactag     19680
     caggacaaaa accccttcaa actgacccaa aaaaagggga aattgagttg gagttcctat     19740
     tgtggctcag caggttaaga atctgactag tatccatgag gatgcaagtc tgatccctgg     19800
     cctcactcag tgggttaaag gatccagcgt tgctgtgagc tgtggtatag atcagacaca     19860
     gctcagatcc caagttgctg tggctgtggc ataggctggc agctgcagct tcgattccac     19920
     cccccaccca ggaacatcca tatgctgtgg gtttggcctt aaaaagacca aaaaaaaaaa     19980
     aaacacaaag aaatagaaaa cttagtccag ctcagggcag ggccagagtc ctactggaca     20040
     ctcaccagtt aaaccgatga cagagacggg gcccatgcgc tggccgtagt ggaagccata     20100
     caggttcatc ttgtacttgt ggtcgggctc caggcccgag atggtgacct ggtcctcatg     20160
     ccctgggacc cgcaccgcct tgggctgccc atccccgttc ttgtactgga ccaggaagtg     20220
     gtcaaactgg ccctcgggga cggcccagga gagctgcagg gactcggggg tggcatccgt     20280
     cacggtcagc tcccccaggc gcggcttcaa agggggactg gcagggggct cctcttgagg     20340
     gtctgggaag agatgcaaac agaattgttc ctgttgctgg aaggaacggc tgaggccctg     20400
     ctctcctggc ttcagaccag aaggtgggcc agctccgtgg gcctaactta agacccattt     20460
     ttgcttatga ccatcaaaat ctcttcgtgg cttccttatg gtccgtcaaa cacaccaggc     20520
     agtctcttac ctcaaggcct ttgcattgac tattccctct gcctgaatgt tctttcccag     20580
     acatctgcgt ggctctcgtt cacacctcct ttaagtcttc gttcaaatgt caccttctcg     20640
     ttagggcctt ccctgaccac actatttaaa atcccattct tggagttcct attgtggctc     20700
     agcggaagtg aatctgacta ggaaccatga ggttgtgggt ttgatcgctg gccttgctca     20760
     gtgggttaag gatccggcat tgccatgagc tgtggtgtag gtcacagacg cagctcggat     20820
     ctggcattgc tgtggctgtg gcgtaggctg gcagctatag ctccgattag acaccttgcc     20880
     tggaaacctc cacatgctgc aggtgtggcc ctaaaaaaat caaaagacaa aaataaaata     20940
     aaaaataata agaataaata aaatcccatt ctcccaattg cagcctatct ttcttatctg     21000
     gaccagattc cagcaacaaa ttgcaaaaca attaatatga agcaatcagg aaactgtagc     21060
     actgcttgga tatctggtca tattaaggaa tgacttcctt ttttaatgac tttttttttt     21120
     gccttttttt ttttagggcc acacctgcag catatggaag tttccaagct aggcgtcaaa     21180
     tcagagctag agctgccagc ctataccaca gccacagcaa caccagatac gagctgtgtg     21240
     acctacacca gagctcacag caacgctgga tccttaaccc gttgagcgag ttctcatgga     21300
     tactggttgg attcgtttcc actgagccac aatgggaact ctttaatcct gttcattttc     21360
     aaaggtacaa ttattgcatt gtggttattt ttaaatagtt tttttgaaaa gacttaaata     21420
     tgtaatgtta aagtacagag tgaatagaat acgttttaaa atatcacagc aggatatcca     21480
     tgcaacgaat attatttggc tatagaggaa tgaagtcctg ctacatgctg caacatggct     21540
     caacctccaa aacatgcttg gtaaagaagc cagacacaga agaacacgta tggtttgatt     21600
     ccacttatat gatgggtcca gaaaaggcac atctacagag acagaaggtg cataagcagt     21660
     gaccagaact gggcgtggga atgggacacc aggtttcttc ttgaggggac ggaaaactcg     21720
     taaaattagg tagtgattat ggttgtacaa ctctgcaaat acgccacagt tggtcagctg     21780
     catgctcaaa acaggtgaat tttatggtct gtaaattata cttcgacaaa gctgttaata     21840
     aagaaaacac tagtcgggga agacaggaag tgagtggggt ctggctgagc cagactggtc     21900
     agagctggta tttggttaca gtaggtggtg aacacctgcg agttccttat actagtcttc     21960
     ctctttggct ataattttac cattttgtat aataactagt ggtgagaatt aatattgcat     22020
     ggcatttgtc ccaaactcaa aaaaaaaagt tcttggggag ttcccgtcat cgtggctcag     22080
     tggaaatgaa tctgactagt atccacgagg atgcaggttt gatccctgac ctcgctcagt     22140
     gggttaagga tccggtgttg ccatgagctg tggtgcaggc tggcagctgc agctccgatt     22200
     cgacccatag cctgggaact tccatatgct gcaggtgtgg ccctaaaaag acaaaaaaaa     22260
     agggggggtt cttttcaggg ctcccaggcg aagcagagaa ccacaaacag gtcagtgcac     22320
     cactgccatg gaggcttcaa cccccagtgg cctctctaat gggcaaagca cgcccctggg     22380
     accacgcatc ctgcccccag atgacaactg tcttgaggtg ctgagtggac agggacaggt     22440
     agaggtctgg aggtttcagg gtcctgggag ctcagtggag gacactctga ggctctgctc     22500
     tgagaccttt tctgaaacct aacagagagg accctcactc accggtcacg cccacagtgg     22560
     acagggggcc cacgcgctgg ccgtcgtaga agccgtacag gttcatcttg tacttgcgtc     22620
     cagcctccag gccctcaact gtcacctcgc tctcctcgcc cccgacacgc accacctggg     22680
     gcccggccct gcccttgtac tgcacggtga aggagtcaaa gtggccctgg gggaccgtcc     22740
     acgagaggct cagagagtcc ggggaggatc ctgtcaccgt cagctccccc aggatgggct     22800
     cctcggggcg ttccgtgggg ctgggggtct cctccatctc cgtggagctg ggggtctcct     22860
     cctcggcagc tgagaagaga gacacagaca gggtgagcca gggtccccgg gagatgtcct     22920
     ggggtctcct cccacactgt gacccccact caggccccaa ggtcagttca gaggagcccg     22980
     tccttgggcc cgggtggtcc tggtcagctg gcagctcaca gacacaccca gagcctccgg     23040
     gctcagctgc ggggaccagg gcagccacca gcatggctcc cagaggccgt tctctacccg     23100
     ggaggacccg ccggtctcag gcagcccagg aactgggcgg ggggggcaca aagggcagca     23160
     tggctcagcc tccagcagag gggcctcctg caccccagtc acccaccacc tgagagaggc     23220
     tgaccctccc atgaggcccc accctggggc ttccaggctc cactcactgg tcaccccgat     23280
     gacagagacg gggcccacgc gctggccgtc gtggaagccg tacaggtgca tcttgtactt     23340
     gcgtccagcc tccaggccct caactgtcac ctcgctctcc tcgcccccga cacgcaccac     23400
     ctggggcccg gccctgccct tgtactgcac agtgaaggag tcaaagtggc cctgggggac     23460
     cgtccacgag aggctcagag agtccgggga ggatcctgtc accgtcagct cccccaggat     23520
     gggctcctcg gggggttctg tggggctggg ggtctcctcc atctccgtgg ggctgggggt     23580
     ctcctcctcg gcagctgaga agagagacac agacagggtg agccagggtc cccaggagat     23640
     gtcctggggt ctcctcccac actgtgaccc ccactcaggc cccaaggtca gttcagagga     23700
     gcccgtcctt gggcccgggt ggtcctggtc agctggcagc tcacagacac acccagagcc     23760
     tccgggctca gctgcgggga ccagggcagc caccagcatg gctcccagag gccgttctct     23820
     actcgggagg acccgccggt ctcaggcagc ccaggaactg ggcggggggg ggggggcaca     23880
     aagggcagca tggctcagcc tccagcagag gggcctcctg caccccagtc acccaccacc     23940
     tgagagaggc tgaccctccc atgaggcccc accctggggc ttccaggctc cactcactgg     24000
     tcaccccgat gacagagacg gggcccacgc gctggccgtc gtggaagcca tacagattca     24060
     tcttatactt gtggtcaggc tccaggcctg agatggtgac ctggtcctcg tgccctggga     24120
     cccgcaccgc cttgggctgc ccgtccccgt tcttgtactg gaccaggaag tggtcaaact     24180
     ggccctcagg gacggtccag gagagctgca gggactcggg ggtggcgtcc gtcacggtca     24240
     gctcctccag gcgcggcttg gtcaggggct ccggggtggt agagggaggt tctgaaggtt     24300
     catcctcttc ctctcttggg gctgaacaag acatggagaa agcaggacct gagagagggg     24360
     ttccgggtcc tcggggactc tgccctcttg gggccttcac ggccacctgg aaggaagcca     24420
     agtgggcaga gctctttgct cacctgtcag agcttccacc tgggcaggac ccactcgctg     24480
     gccgtcatgg aaaccgtaca ggctcaccag gtatctgtgg tctgattcca ggccagaaag     24540
     ggtgacgtcg ttctggtcgc cccctaaact gactacttgg agctgcccat tcttatctgt     24600
     gtactggacc tcgaaggagt tgaattctcc ttccctcagg gtccaggaga gatgcagggt     24660
     gtgcggcgtg gcctcctcca tggtcacctc gcccaggcgg ggctcagacg ctggcaggct     24720
     gggggcctca gcctccattt cttccctggg ggctggttct gagagacaag tggagatggg     24780
     tgactggtct gtcactgcac caagactctt caagaggagg gagggaggga gggaaagaga     24840
     cgaaggcaag aggccagcaa tccagaggac caacgactga tacccaggga tgaatttcaa     24900
     aagcactgtg ctaagtgcca gaagccaaac acaaaagtct agtattgtct gattctgtta     24960
     aatgattctg ttagatgaaa tgcttaaaaa ggtaaaactg taatggagag aaagcaatga     25020
     gtaactgcca gaagctgggt tgggagaaac tgactgcaaa agagaggagg gaaacttctg     25080
     gaatgtttta tatctttgtt acagtagtgg tctcatgact tatacatttc accagactca     25140
     ctgaattatg cacataaatc agtaaatgtt attgtatata aattctgcct ctaggaattc     25200
     catcgaggct cagcagaaat gaattggact agcatccgtg aggacacagg tttgatccct     25260
     ggcctcacgc agtgggttaa ggatctggtg ttgctgtgag ctgtggtgag ggtcgaagac     25320
     acggcttgta ccccgagttg ctggggctgt ggtgtgagct ggtagctaca gctctgattt     25380
     gacccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatgaca cggatgcagc cctaaaaagc aaaaagcaaa     25440
     ataaataaat acatacataa ataaaataaa ttctgcctct ataaagcctt tccctccaag     25500
     aagaggaaca ggaagctcag aagttgtggg ctccatcaga ccaggagggg ccgggaagga     25560
     ggggcagcgc acatggccag ctgcactcac cggtcacggc gatggcggag aggggaccca     25620
     cacgcttgcc ctcatacagc ccgtagagca gcagcttgta cctgcgggca gggtccaggt     25680
     ccgagacagt cacctccctg aggctgccct ccacgggcac cacctggggc tgcccgtccc     25740
     tgtccttgta ctgaaccacg aaggagtcaa agtggccttc agggaccgcc cacgagagaa     25800
     ccacagagtc ggacgttacg ctggtcacct ccagctcctc ccccagacgg ggttttgagg     25860
     gacgctttgt tccagcctca tccacagccc gccgagtctc tgagatgggg acacagagaa     25920
     gaaatggtga attgtttctg gaagcctggg caaccctgaa gggaaggccc aagaggttaa     25980
     agtcagggct gtgccagggc gacgtcccgc agggctggtt ctctgggctc gtgtaaggag     26040
     atggggctgg atcccagcca gatcggccgg agccaaacaa caacctcgag ggcagccacc     26100
     acaaaggacc acacgcgacc cgtctagggg gtggggggtc ccagcagaga tgcctctgga     26160
     ggggcgggct tcacctgtgg tgccctcgcc cgtgaggggg ccatggcgcc tcttgcccag     26220
     gagcccgtag aggaggaatc tgtacttgcg gccggcatcc agtggggcca cggtgactga     26280
     gcgctcgtgg ccctccacgg gcacgacctg gggcccgtcc ctgtccttga actggaccac     26340
     aaaggagtcg aagtggccct cggggaccgt ccaggagagg tgcagcgagt ctggggtggg     26400
     gtctgtcacc cacagctccc caaggcgggg cggggctcct gcgctggcat cacttcgggg     26460
     cactgacaga gaagaaaggg tcttgtgttt ggtttttttt ccaaaatgac tgcttgactg     26520
     cctccccctg aagttggaaa aacccagaac tgcccaaatg atctgtgctt cccccaaata     26580
     tttccatcac cctcctgtgc ccaccaccat ccccaacagc agcgcctctg tcctcttaac     26640
     cggtgcaggg aggggtcttc tgtcccaaca catccctgcc agaggagact ccctactttc     26700
     tgcccatctt gttcctcctg ccgtccagac tctaaccact gaccagagac aatttcttcg     26760
     gcaggtgtag cttattatga taaccagact cagtctggtt ttcttgtttg tttgttttgg     26820
     gtttggggtt tttttttttt ttggcttttt agggctgcac ctgtggcata tgtaaattcc     26880
     caggctagga gtcaaatcag agctgcagct gccagccttc accacagcca cagcaacgcc     26940
     agatccaagt cttgtctgcg acctacacca cagctcacag caacgtcaga tcccagaccc     27000
     attgagcaag gccagggatc aaacctgcat cctcatggat actagtcggg tccgttaact     27060
     gctgagccat aaagggaact cctcttttgt tgcatttgaa aagcctgcct cgtcccaagc     27120
     agatgggaac cagggaaatg gggccagttc ctggatcagt tccccctact gacgtttccc     27180
     caattctcat aattcctact tctgttgaac aggagaagct ccttcggagc ccttcctgga     27240
     agttgaacta tgagaaacag gggggctggg aggcagggga gggagcctgg agccattccc     27300
     acctccctcg gccttgcggg tcctcggccc tgtgtggcca tcgcgtcctg aaagttcttt     27360
     cctctgacac tgacccagtt tcctactggc ccaggcacac tgggtcccct atctgcctcc     27420
     ccagagggac ccctttcctc ctcgccctct ttgtggagcc tcagaaactg gggaccagag     27480
     gagcccaaga ccgactgccc agccaggccc agtcaggcca acccagccat gccctttcct     27540
     ggcttttggt ccagaccctc ccctgcccct gggggctccc tgttgccaga aaactctcac     27600
     aacaacaatg ccgtcagcgt ccttgctgtc caggaaggca aaaggccagc tccttctcag     27660
     gcctcggatg gcttcttggg gagaaaccag atccttcccc tgtctgagct ccccatcttc     27720
     tcctcgcact gcccccccaa cataggcagc ctccgctcct ccaccaggtc ctgtgagggt     27780
     cacctccatc gtaatgtcct acgtccccac cagctgtctt cccctgggga cctgtgatgt     27840
     ccccaggacc cttggatttc cctagggtcc catcagagca caaactgtgc attccttggt     27900
     caaagaaagc aaacagacca agtctaggag ttcccattgt ggctcaatgg taacgaaccc     27960
     agctagtatc catgaggaca tgagtttgat ccctggcctc actcagtgga ttaaggatct     28020
     ggtgttgctg tgagctgtgg taaaggctgg cagctgcagc tcagatttgg tccctagcct     28080
     gggaacttcc atataccacg ggtgtggccc taagaagcaa aaaacaaaaa aagaaacaga     28140
     agaggttgct gaaggggaga cctggcagaa gggtgaggag acagggcggt gtgaggacgg     28200
     gcagcaaggc tgggatctca ggctcgcctc cccgggcccc tctcacctgt ctttgcctcc     28260
     acagacactg ggctgcgccg tttcccatcc tggatcccaa agagcaggaa cttgtacttc     28320
     ctgttcggct ccaggtcagg gacggtgacc tcatgctggt ctgcggccac aggcaccacc     28380
     tgaggctgcc cgtccctgtc cttgtactgg accacgaagg agtcgaattc gccctcgggg     28440
     accgtccagg agaggcccac ggagtccgga gtcacgtctg tcactgtcag ctcccccagg     28500
     cgtggctccg ggggcggctc tgtggctggg gctggaggga cgggggctag gatccaggaa     28560
     gacaaagaac agagctgaga ttccagtggg agaattaacc cctcatgggc ctcaaggggc     28620
     cttaaactga gatgagaaac agtcgcatct ctatcatcaa tgacctctaa gtgaaatgta     28680
     gcatctcctt tgaggaagaa cataggaaaa accagccaca gtggtactaa catggcttgt     28740
     gactccatca ccagcaggga tcacagaggc tgtggcatca cctgaggact agtgcagaaa     28800
     cttcaaaata ctgtttactc tcagcactgc ttctaaatgt gggtagggtt atcacacatg     28860
     ccacgaaatt ttgctattta atgaactaac aatcaagttc ctatattact aaatcatctt     28920
     tttttttttt gcttttgctt tttagggatc catctgtggc gtatggaagt tcccaggcta     28980
     ggggtcaaat ccgagctgca gctgccagcc tatcccacag ccacagcaat gccagatctg     29040
     agccccttct atgacctaca ccacagcttg cagcaatgtt ggatccttaa cccactgaat     29100
     gaggccaggg atggaaccca catcctcatg gatactagtt acgttcttaa cctgctgagc     29160
     cacaacggag actcgtaaat caccaatttg aattttaaga tattttgata actgggtatc     29220
     cacataactg gtttcctttg taatcccatg ccttttattt tgtagatttt aaaacattgc     29280
     tctgaggagt tcgcatcatg gctcagcaga aacaaatctg actagtatcc atgagatgag     29340
     gatgcaggtt ctatccctgg ccttgttcag tgggttaagg atccagcgtt gctgtgagct     29400
     ttggtccata ggctgcagac gcagctcaga tcctgcactg ctgtggctgt ggggtaggcc     29460
     agcggctaca gctccgattt gacccctagc ctgagatcct ccatatgccg agggtgcggc     29520
     cctgaaaaga ccaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaaa aaatcaacct ttgctctgaa agggctcatc     29580
     agattcacta gacaccggct acagctccga tttgacccct agcctgagat cctccatatg     29640
     ccgagggtgc ggccctgaaa agccaaaaaa aaaaaccaaa aaaacaaaca aaaaaaaacc     29700
     attgctctga aagggctcat cagtttcact agacactgaa gtacaaaagt ggtggcagct     29760
     tgtgcctagg tagcatgagg ggtggggaga agctgggagc caagagccag agccactgcc     29820
     ctgagggagg aagactctgg ttgggccaga agggaacaca gctcaggccc gggggccaag     29880
     ggcctctgag aagagattca ggggatgtgt gttgtttaac cccaatgaca aagcagggga     29940
     ggtggtagct gggtccaagt cacagcaggg ttgtaaagcg aggggaggaa acagctgtgg     30000
     ggaatcagag agagagtctg gctggattta ggtcagatga gaggaagaca gccctgctgg     30060
     gagaggaggc ggagtggaga cggagactgg tcggcaggga aggttccagc tcaggagagg     30120
     agccaagggg tcagggaaag gactcgggtg cccgtgaccc gggaaggact tatgggggtc     30180
     actgaggcag gacccacggg cgaggctggg ggcaggggcg actctgggtc actgggcatg     30240
     ggaactgcct tgacgggccc tcactcaccc gtcacggcta ccacagagag ggggcccaca     30300
     cgctgcccat catgtagccc atacaagttc atcttgtatt tgcgtgcagg ctccaggccg     30360
     gggacagtga cctcacgctg gtctgcagcc acaggcactg tctggggctg cccgtccctg     30420
     tccttgtact ggaccacgaa ggagtcaaac tggccctcag ggacggtcca cacgaggccc     30480
     acagagttgg gggtcacatc tgtcactgtc agctccccca ggcgtggctc ctgcgggggc     30540
     tcggtggctg gaggaacctc ttccggttct ggagctgcga cagaaaaggt gggaggctat     30600
     taggaaaagc cccttggccc cttggtagta acttttccca ttgtttttgt ggtacccacg     30660
     gggtggttct gatgtaagac tacactgatt ggcaacatct gtctggccac caacccttct     30720
     ctgagtccct gccagaatct ggggctgtgc ttgggtggag ggctgtcagc caccactgag     30780
     accctgggaa cgtgtctgaa gttccatctg gctctgaagg gcatcgctgg ctccaagccc     30840
     tcccatccag accttgcccg tccctccaga ccggtgctag ctcagcatct gatgtctcaa     30900
     actcaacaag tttgaaacca ggctcaggag ctgtccctac acctgctccc tccaccccct     30960
     cccacctcac cgcaaccaca acttcattct cagggtcgtg cctgggtcct ctcgtccacc     31020
     ccacatccag ccgcaagtaa gttctgttgg cactaccttc agaagctgca cccgaccccc     31080
     agctcccctg ccaccacctc cacgggcttg tactggattg gagcacagtc tccgaaatca     31140
     cctccctccc tgcctcaccc cttccctctg ttccccactg ttaacacatt agtcagagcc     31200
     tgtttactgc aatggctttc ttctcgctca gagcaagagc caagtttttc tttctttctt     31260
     ttttcttttc tttttccctt tttacggcca cacctgcagc ataagaagtt cccgggctag     31320
     gggtcgaatc caagctgtag ctgccagcct ccaccacagc cacagcaacg ctggatccaa     31380
     gctgtgtcta tgatctacac tgcagtttgg ggcaacgttg gatccttaac ccactgattg     31440
     aggccaagga tcaaacccac attctcacgg acactatgtc gggttcttaa ctcgctgagc     31500
     cacaacagca aactcccaaa agccaagtct ttacagtgac ctgaggcccg acctgtttat     31560
     ccctcacatc gcaaaacatt ccaaaacatt cctcaatgat ccacagatgt ccaggcacct     31620
     tccctcttcc cccgaagcct actggctcgt cctctccctc ctgcaggtcc tctttgaggt     31680
     cctttcccgt gccctccctg cctgctcacc atctcaccga ccaggccttg ctcttctcac     31740
     cagtgcttgt cactgtcaca gacactccat gcactttggt gctcatctct ctctgatcga     31800
     aagtgagctt ccagcaggag ctttgcctta ttcactgctg tgttcacggc catgccggat     31860
     tcttaaccca ctgagcaaag ccagggattg aacctgcaac cttatggttc ctagttggat     31920
     tcgtttccac tgtgccacga tgggaacgcc taaatctgca ttttaatctc tacagcccag     31980
     gtttaatccc tgatctggga actgagattc cacatcaagc caatgtacac tgtggccaca     32040
     cacaaaaaag actaggctcc atacaaataa aacctgcttt caaaatgggc tggtgggagt     32100
     tcccttgtgg cacagtgcat taaggatcca gtgatgttac tgcagtggct caggtcactg     32160
     ccttggcatg ggttcaatcc ctggcccagg aacttccaca ttctataggt gtggcaaaac     32220
     aaaacaaaac aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaccag ggaggatgag cgggagtgac cagcatgtac     32280
     tgagcttctt ctgggtacag gtgccaggcc aggcagtata tatctttttt tttttttctt     32340
     tttatggcca aacctgctgc atatggaggt tcccagccta ggagtcgaac gggagccaca     32400
     gctgccagac taatccacag ccacagcaac accggatcag agccacatcc atgacctatg     32460
     ccacagctgg cagcaacatc agatacttaa cccactgatg gaggcgaggg atcgaacctg     32520
     tgtcctcatg gatgctagtc ggattcgttt ccgctgagcc acaacgggaa ctcccctttc     32580
     ccagtttaga aatgtttcta aagccacatg ctagttcttc tagcaacaat tcagcacatt     32640
     ctgtgttcca ggtgcagccc atgggtcagc tcagtggctc caccaccctt ctgaactgat     32700
     aatgagcacc ctcatgtagc taagaactgg ggaagccagg aatggaactg tttctccaat     32760
     tccaagactc ggttgtcctt gactgcacca ccgtgggcgg tgcctgacac agtccatcct     32820
     ccccccgcag acagacagac tgagggtgac cctaagagaa atctgggcct ggcacgagcc     32880
     tcttccctgc tcctgcgggc ctgcaggaga gcgactcagg agggctttcc cctctcccta     32940
     ctctctgtgc tgactgataa aagaaaagaa attgggagag gaaggttcta gaaactaaat     33000
     gaatcaagtc cctgtgagaa gtacagaaac cttgctctgg gaacttgttt ttctgctttt     33060
     taaaatcttt cctggagttc ctgtcatggc ccagagggtt aagaatccga gtagtattca     33120
     tgaggacgca ggtttgatcc ctggtctcaa tgagtgggtt aaggatccgg cattgccatg     33180
     agctgtggtg taggtcacag atgtggcctg gatcccgact tgctgtggct gtggtgtagg     33240
     ccagcggctg tggctttgat tcgaccctta gcctgggaat ttccatatac tgtaggtaca     33300
     gccctggaaa aaacaaaaca aaaaaacctt tcccattata ttaaaagctg ctttgaaaaa     33360
     gaaaaagctg tatctttgtt tcagtaacta agagaaaaag agatgccctt tgctgggacc     33420
     aagctgggca ggtgagcagg agggccccag aggcctgcgg gggatttggc cctctgcact     33480
     ggggctctgg agagcaggtg cccagactgg tccctgtgct gactgagtgg ccctgtacct     33540
     gggtggaagg gacattctcc ctggctccag gcactcactg gatgagtaat aaagttttgg     33600
     gatttcccgt catggctcag tggaaatgaa tctgactagg atccatgagg atgcaggttt     33660
     gatccctggc cttgctcagt gggttaagga tccggcgtgg ctgtgaactt tggtgtaggt     33720
     cacagatgtg actcggatct ggcatcactg tggctgtgac acaggccagc gtccacccct     33780
     agactgggaa cctccatatg ccactggtgc agcacttaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaaaagaaa     33840
     gaaagaaagt ttccaggtgc acaggtgcac tggggaagag gcccatggct caagcacatt     33900
     ctgaccatct aagaaacgga accagccaaa ggggacagag cagacccaga gtaaggacaa     33960
     atataacagt catggcagca aatgctgaga gcacatgtct tctgtgtcag gaccattctt     34020
     agtctgttaa ctcatttaat ctcacaacag ttttgtgagg taggcagtat tatccccatt     34080
     ttacagatga ggaaacaggc acagaaagtt taaaacttgc tcaaggtcgt gtagctggtc     34140
     gtagtccagt ctccagtgaa ctattctttc tagttcttcc ccaagctcct gttccattac     34200
     agcaagggag gccactgcca cagggaggcc ggttgccacg ggtgggagga aaacaaacaa     34260
     gggccccgcc ctcactcacc agtcacaccc acggtggaca cagggcccac gcgctgcccc     34320
     ctatgtaggc cgtacaggtg catcttgtac ttgcgtccag cctccaggcc ctcaactgtc     34380
     acctcgctct cctcgccccc gacacgcacc acctggggcc cggccctgcc cttgtactgc     34440
     acggtgaagg agtcaaagtg gccctggggg accgtccacg agaggctcag agagtccggg     34500
     gaggatcctg tcaccgtcag ctcccccagg atgggctcct cggggcgttc cgtggggctg     34560
     ggggtctcct ccatctccgt ggggctgggg gtctcctcct cggcagctga gaagagagac     34620
     acagacaggg tgagccaggg tccccaggag atgtcctggg gtctcctccc acactgtgac     34680
     ccccactcag gccccaaggt cagttcagag gagcctgtcc ttgggcccgg gtggtcctgg     34740
     tcagctggca gctcacagac acacccagag cctccgggct cagctgcggg gaccagggca     34800
     gccaccagca tggctcccag aggccgttct ctacccggga ggacccgccg gtctcaggca     34860
     gcccaggaac tgggctgggg gggggcgggc acaaagggca gcatggctca gcctccagca     34920
     gaggggcctc ctgaacccca gtcacccacc acctgagaga ggctgaccct cccatgaggc     34980
     cccaccctgg ggcttccagg ctccactcac tggtcacccc gatgacagag acggggccca     35040
     cgcgctggcc gtcgtggaag ccgtacaggt gcatcttgta cttgtggtcg ggctccaggc     35100
     ccgagatggt gacctggtcc tcgtgccctg ggacccgcac cgccttgggc tgcccatccc     35160
     cgttcttgta ctgcacggtg aaggagtcaa agtggccctg ggggaccgtc cacgagaggc     35220
     tcagagagtc cggggaggat cctgtcaccg tcagctcccc caggatgggc tcctcggggg     35280
     gttccatggg gctgggggtc tcctccatct ctgtggggct gggggtctcc tcctcctctg     35340
     aggagctggg ggtctcgtcc acaacctcct ggggggctga gagaacagat caggtgatac     35400
     aggctttaag ggtgacatgc tttgctggcg atgctcactg tgacaataaa gcacagccag     35460
     cagacgctct tcaagctgtt ggcctagggg tttctgcagc ctttatatta gccattcagt     35520
     aactcatcag aggagacagg gctcagacag gcccccaaac cccattgtgt actgctggcc     35580
     cactcacact gggggttctg tgggagtggg gggtttcatg tctgagaaag gaggtgagat     35640
     gggaagagag gaaactgagg aatcctacac tgtgttcatg gacagcactg acctcaggga     35700
     agtgagtggg cagtgaggcc tcttcccacc tgcgtttctc ccttttggct cctgctcctc     35760
     cccagggctt tccaactgcc tgcctgccgc tcatctgggc agggatggca tgtgctctgg     35820
     ctgaggcctc cccggacagt cgtgcccctc cctccacttc agataagagc aggagaaaga     35880
     ttcggagatg ggggtggagg ctggggaggg tcctgctggt ccctggctgg ggttagaatc     35940
     acggctccaa gggcatccgt ccctgtctgt ggcagccagg tctttgctga ggctccgtgg     36000
     ggtggagaca ctggtgcaag ggaagccagc ctttctgtga cccagccccc cagtccatgg     36060
     gggactgctc aggggacagg aaactgagga ggcagcaggc aagaatgaca acccaggcaa     36120
     ggatggggaa ggtgggaggt gaggagaaaa aaaagatatt gtgaagtaag agagctgggg     36180
     agaaatagca gctcatgctt catagcaggg atttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt     36240
     gtctttttag agccacactc gtggtgcatg gaagtttcca ggctcggggt cgaatcggag     36300
     ctgcagctgc cagcctacac cacagctcac agcaacacca gatctttaac ccactgagtg     36360
     atgccaggga tggaacccag atcctcatgg atactggtcg gtttcttaac ccactgagcc     36420
     gctacaagaa ctcccttcag tagcaccttt gatgtgccag gctattccaa gtgtcatatg     36480
     tacattaact cattaattct aacagctcta tgaagcagtt accattatta tccccatttg     36540
     acagatgaga aagctgaggc ccagacaggt tcagtaactt gtacaagatc ccagagctag     36600
     gattaaagtc caggcagttg gctctggagc ccatgcccca gctccccaat ccagtgccat     36660
     ttcctggctg tgtagcctcg tggttgggag catgggccca aggaggaatg caggaggggg     36720
     tgggggggca ctggaagtga gccatctgcc ccactccaaa ctggctggga atcagggcgc     36780
     cgggagctgt gggaggctgc gggaacgtgg ccctcatgtc ccttgggttt gccagctctg     36840
     agcagagcag ccatggcgga gggtgtgggc agcaggcaac ggaagctcag gaaagaccac     36900
     agcctgagcc agaggaagaa ggccggcaac gcccgtggcg gaagaacaca gtggctgagg     36960
     atgtctaggg ggaggacagc ctggggtgga gggatgagtc ccagtgctca gaatggggga     37020
     aatggggcct gttcaagatg gagaagctgg gccaagaaag aagttagggg ttcgcaggtg     37080
     gccacgaagc tctgggacat ggggaagagg agggtggagg ctttggctga actggagaca     37140
     agaaagagaa ggcggaggcg ggtgcgaagg atcctggacc aggtcccatt cagtgggctg     37200
     ggggttggca ggggagggag gcccaggcca ccccgactca cctgtggcgg ccaccacgga     37260
     cacaggtccc acgcgctgcc tgccgtgaag cccatagagg ttcatcctat acttccggtc     37320
     ggactccagg ccggggatgg tgacctcgtt ctcatccccc ttgacgggca cgacctgggg     37380
     ccgcccctgc gcatccttat actggaccgt gaaggagtcg aaagagccct gggccaccgt     37440
     ccaggataga cgcagggagt ctggggtagt gccagtcacc gtcagctccc ccagcaaggg     37500
     ctgctcaggg gattcctggt ggtggggctc ctctctcttc tctggggctg tgaataggaa     37560
     gaccagggca gggctgaact ggcagaaccc tgggatgggg gcctggggtc cagaggggtt     37620
     gtcacaccct ggcgcgcacg cgggggtggg cgggggggct ctacctgatt agcatgagca     37680
     ctgaacccct gagatgggga gcacagccag ggtatgacac acctgggcct tggggagcag     37740
     ccgaacggaa tgaaaggggc ccagcagagt gggggaggct ggctggccct gagccccaaa     37800
     gcagggtgag gacgtggagt ctgccatctc gctgggcggc cctagctggc tcctggctga     37860
     gggccagcgt gtgaaagact gggaggggtc acatggggac gtaggtggct gccactcacc     37920
     agtggtgcca tcggccgtga gggggccgtg ccgcttcctg ttggcaatcc cgaacagagt     37980
     gaacctgtac ttgtgctcag ggtccagggg ggagacagtg accgagcgct cgggaccttc     38040
     cacaggcaac acctggggtc gtccatccct gtccctgtac tggaccacga aggagtcaaa     38100
     ctggccctca gggacagtcc aggagaggtg cagcgagttg ggggtgggat ctgtcaccca     38160
     cagcttcccc aggcggggtg gagtcgctgg gccgggatca gtctgaggca ctaggaagag     38220
     ggagtagaga gaaagaaggg gcatgagtca aaggggaagg gagaaatcca tcttctatag     38280
     agggatgctg tgtgaggttg cgtgggctgt tcattgcacg aaggcgcatg actgagggag     38340
     caccgaggga ctgaaatccc gccagcactt tgctcaccaa gctgtgtact aagtcttctt     38400
     tggtgtagca caaaaatact gtatggggaa gttccgggtg tggctcagtg gtaatgaacc     38460
     tgactagtat ccgtgcggat gcaggttcca tcccaggcct tgcccagtgg gttaaggatc     38520
     tgacgttgcc gtgagctgcg gtgtagattg cagatgtggc tcggatcctg agttgctgtg     38580
     gctgtggtgt aggccagcag ctgtagctct gattcaacct ctagcctgag aacttgcata     38640
     tgctgcgggg gtggccctat aaaactaaaa taaaatttta aaaaagcacc gtatggacta     38700
     gtgtggccct gactcgttca gcagcctggg gaggggcttc agagagaagg aggcccagcc     38760
     agcccctttc aggtctccat ggccgggaaa gtcttccagc acagcttcta ctgcttccag     38820
     gcctaatgac tagctggttt cttccccaag acagggaagc tcaatccttg gagcattttc     38880
     ctgtgggaga gcctcccaca cctgtgctct gggccccctc cctccctccc acccttcact     38940
     ccctgggctg cgccatccgc atttacacaa ggtcctccaa tcggccgcag ccgcaccggg     39000
     ccctccagcc tccaccctcc ctctttgctc ttgacagcca gcccagattc cagaaagaga     39060
     tgtctacact gcttgtagtc atgtcctcac ctccatcacc ctcccgatcc agctccaccc     39120
     tccaccagca gctccaccag cagggtcagt ggtgacctcg ctaagtcctg tgcacgctct     39180
     ataggactga atcactccta cggaatctga cacgtctgac cacacccttt gttttggcat     39240
     cccttccccc agttcacccc tcaggctgcc cagcaggctc ctgtcctctg ctcatggcca     39300
     cctccagggt tccagtggcc ctgtcgtccc ccgacccagg cttctgtcca ctgggacacc     39360
     cacagcccct catcaggcct tttctctgtt ctccaggccc atgaaggcag caggataatc     39420
     cccacggccg caccatgttc tgcttaagtg accctgccct ccctgcgcct ggattctcct     39480
     catctataaa atggacatga ctcacggggc tgcttagagg gattaaacat tgaggataca     39540
     catcttgaac acgtgacacg taacaaacgc tagatgttta agtaagagtc ccgcactgca     39600
     ctgtccctca cacccgccgt tccttgcctt ggggaacagg actgcccgac ccagaaacag     39660
     ggacctcctc actctccctc acttcctccg gccagcctca tggccaccac gccagccagg     39720
     ccaccatcag ccattgccac ttcctaactc acttctccag ctatcctctg cggcagcctc     39780
     ggtgttattt ctaagacaga tgttgaatca tgtcactctc tcacttaaag cccatcagag     39840
     gccccctagg gtcctcaaac gaggtctaag ccacctggac acatgagatc agtggcctca     39900
     gttcccaggt gacctctccc ccctccagag gaaagagatt tcactttgat tctcttaccc     39960
     tcactcctgc ctcgttctca cagctctgtc tgcctgaccc acgacaaatt tcccttcagg     40020
     attcatctca gataccaccg cctctaggaa gccttcctgg agttcccaaa gcactgggga     40080
     gaccctcttc aggaccccac agagggcagg ggcaggggca ggggtggggt gtgaccgcgc     40140
     tcactcactg atcttggctt cagccaccag ggggccgtgc ctcttcttgc ccacgagccc     40200
     atacaggacg aatttgtact tgcggccgac ttccaggttg gagatgaggg ctgagcgctg     40260
     gggcccctct acaggcacca cctggggctg gtccctgtcc ttgtactgga tcacgaagga     40320
     gtcgaactcg ccctcgggga ccgtccagcg cagaagcagg gagctggagg ttatgtcggt     40380
     cgctgtcagc tggcccaagc gtggcggggc catgggcttc tcaggcttct ccccatccct     40440
     gtctggggtg tgggggacaa aagcaaagca ggtgggctca gccactgcct ggccccagtc     40500
     tccttccctc tcctccgccc acgggctcac ccaatcgtgg acagctccct ccctccaagc     40560
     ctccatttcc tctgggacca gcttttctgt gaagcaaagt ggggtatttc tccccagtct     40620
     ctgctctgga gtgacagctt tggctcttcc cttgtgacag cttccccacc cctcacaggg     40680
     gccccccttc ctcctcacac caggatcttt ggggagtttc aggtccccag ggttcttcct     40740
     gagagttcag cacttcccca ccgctgttcg gcctaacttc tcttccccgc caccctcttc     40800
     ccagtggtga cctccgtctg gagtcgctgg gagagctggc taccccatcc cataaagagg     40860
     gatcagggga aaagtgagag ccaggaactc aggctcctgc actggctcca cacacctcac     40920
     ccatcatctc aagtcctgat ggccgtgggg tgcccgacac ccaggaacct ccgcccgtag     40980
     gggaactgac tgaggggacc ctgcagtgct gtcctctgca ggctgggctc ccagggcagg     41040
     ggtagtacca ccatcctaac tggcaggggc ttgagggaag gcaacgggag gagggggctg     41100
     agggggagta ccctcaggac cagaggcctt cccacacccg ccctgggaga tgtaaggggc     41160
     cgatcggaga tcaggaagtg gaggcaggtc acagggcaaa gaaagctgca agtggagagc     41220
     caggagccca cagcctctct cctggaatcg ttgtcccaac ctccagcttt tctgctcccc     41280
     tccccaaccc accctatcat tgttctaaga ccccctccag ccctcttgcc tctgaactct     41340
     caattccttt tctctccttg tttctcctac catcctgacc ggaacagccc tgcccttcaa     41400
     tctccagccc atctctgaag ccctaatggc ccagcccctc ccccaacctc aggacacagg     41460
     ccttgagcag aatcaaggat gtacccataa tgccttggta gatgagaggg gcagagggct     41520
     cgcccccagg agggacccca cgaagtgaca gctcataggg ggatccagga gggggtgagg     41580
     gcatcagagc ctgacggaca tcccctggca gtagttcctc gtgtggccct ggcccttcgg     41640
     gcacccggag acgcagctgg aagtggtcaa aggtgtcagg ctgggcggtc caggccacgc     41700
     ggagacgccc tgtcttgtct ttgcccagca ccctcaactc tcccagctcc tgggggcgct     41760
     gctgcaggac gggagcctgg gcgccttgag ttgttgaagg gccagaggga ggaggctcat     41820
     cagtggctcc caagaggcca gagggagagg accctgggaa aaggcagggc gagaaaaaca     41880
     gaagagtcta gaatgacagc cagaaaggaa agcccagctc tcagattctg ccctctaacc     41940
     gctaagagcc tacagaccct cccttttctg ctcctgagtc acttcatcct ccaaaggtcc     42000
     accagagtcc tgcacagaca ggcctgcagg ggacaaatta aagaaaggaa gtctgggagt     42060
     tcccactgtg gtgcagcagg attgtcagtg ccttgggtgc actgggacac aggttcgatc     42120
     cccagcctca cacagtggat taaggatcta gcgttgccac agctgtggct caggtcatga     42180
     ctgtggctca gatctgatac ctggccccgg aactccatac gccatggggc agccaaaaaa     42240
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggag aagaagaaaa gaaacaaagc ctgccatccc tccctccacg     42300
     aggctcctat gacctccagc ccccacagac accaggtccc tcccacagca ccccctcccc     42360
     attgggtggt ggtctcagct tccattagtg ctgcagtgag aagcctggaa gagaggagga     42420
     acggtggtgt tagggaagga agatgcaaga gagggtgggg agtagagaag aggggggaga     42480
     gggggcgggg tggacatcca gctcagatgg catctgggcc ctatggggga agaagaggtc     42540
     cccaaccctc cccatggcag tcacagggcg ccccttccct gagccccgac atcattcctg     42600
     tgggagagac aagcgtgaag ggagccagaa ggtctggaag agcagctcaa gaaacagtgg     42660
     tttcgcctct cacatataca tgctgcctga tggcttcaag gccaccccct agaagttctg     42720
     atgtgtcccc tttgaggtca gggccaaatt gtggaaaata gtaaccactg accacagtcc     42780
     tcagccaccc tcaccacagt gagtcatcgt ggggaaccac aattttcatt ccctacccca     42840
     cccaaactgc tccagcggga gtctttgcag acactgcccc tcccaccaaa tgccccttcc     42900
     gttgcctaga acggctttct ggcagaagcg ccccaggaac ccacgtgaaa atcagggagc     42960
     cccaaacacc agggctctta ggccttgggc atccaccggg accctagggg tggaggggac     43020
     ttctggagac acaggaagtc ctgctctgtt gtgggggtcc ctgggagcct ggaccagtta     43080
     gggcttgagg gcagaagggc gtggctgggt ggcagtctca gcagcgaggc agtgggggga     43140
     actcgtggat gcagactgca accgcaggca gatggggggc aggggatggg tggttccgag     43200
     gccccaccca cgctacctgt ggtggtgatg aaggcgtagg acttggaggt ctgccctgcc     43260
     cgcaccccgt ggacctccac gtggtaggtg gtgccgggcc tgagatcggg taggctgacg     43320
     gtgcgcgtgg tgcccggcac ggtcagctcc ccgccaggac cctctgcggg cggctggggc     43380
     cgccagcgca gcaccacgcg ctcaaagtgg ccgcggagcc cgtcgaggga cacgagcagc     43440
     gcgccgtcgg cggaactgcc cagcacctcg ggcttggggt ggcggggcgc agccccccgg     43500
     tcgacgcctt cgggcgagag gccgtgggtg ccctggttgg agtcccgctt ccaggtgccg     43560
     gagtcggggc tggcggtggg gcgggggcga cggggcgggg acgcggggga gccggcgggg     43620
     gcggcagccg ccaggcgacg ccgctgcaag tattcgtgga tgtagcgcgc caccgacgtg     43680
     taggtctggt tggcccgcag tgggtagccg tgagcccgca ggtgttgctc caggtcccgc     43740
     acggtgccgc ggaagcggct cagctcggcc gtcaggttgc cccacggccg ccgagggggc     43800
     tgaggcgggc tctgcccagg ccgagactcc tccggcccct cctccgcggg ccgcgggggc     43860
     cgagggggcc gagggggccg agtggggcgc ggggtgcgcg aggccggggc cggccggggc     43920
     cggggctggg gggacggggc tggggggtgc gcctccgcat aaccgtagtg gcctggtgct     43980
     gccagggcgg aaaaaggggg agggggagag cgggtcagag gcagcccccc caccaatccc     44040
     tgcactcctc cccactgcag tcctgccctc cgtccctccc ccgcgagcca gaggcctctt     44100
     ccctgggccc cagccccacc tggaaagaga gaaaggagtt agtgtccccg gaagccctca     44160
     cccctcgccc tccaagcctg ccactcttgg tgccctagaa agaaaaaacc agcgggtggg     44220
     gccctgtgtc tgagggagag aacagggcgt gggagggagg ctgtgagcta cagcgaggtg     44280
     ggctccctct gtcacaggaa aagaaaagaa agatccgggc agctgttaag agaccttgag     44340
     ggttagtgga aaattactac tgagcgctac ccacccccca ccccaatcct caagtcaaca     44400
     ggagtgctga tctctaatct gcctaattcc aatccttaca agatccgacc actgactgag     44460
     cccaagggct gtccctgtgc ccaagtttgg accagaacct cccccatttg ggtgggtcag     44520
     acagcttctc ctattcgcag cgtctctcca ggaggcagct cctcccaacc cccaacccgc     44580
     agccttccta caggactcca agcacccaag gactgtctcc cctgagccct tgggccagag     44640
     ccaggccccc cgcgggcgct ttgagaccac cacacacccc ctcaacttca tcccgaggag     44700
     cctctgacct ctacccgagg gctcccaagg aaggggctcc taggctggga aacttccctg     44760
     accctcggcc aggcatacct gtgttggccc tgacagaagc cgggtagctt actgcctggc     44820
     cccgctcggc agtgacggtc accacgtatt ctacacctgg catcaggccg gtcagcagcg     44880
     tcccgtccgc ctcggatggc acttccagcc gcaccctctg gttgccagcg ctgacgtagg     44940
     acaccacgaa gcggtccacc tcggcctgag gccgaagcca gttgagctcc agcgtggtgg     45000
     gtgtcacagc caccacgcgg aggtcctggg ggccgtcaat cactagccag gttagagaga     45060
     ggtgggatca gttgggagtt cggttctgca gtcacccatt ttccttctac gactgctgcc     45120
     ccaagccaat ccctcctcct gccttcttag agggcatagt cccagctgcc cctctcaaat     45180
     ccggatcacc ccccaggacc cggcccccaa gctccagttc tcactggtgg tgatggtctt     45240
     ggaggcagga gggccccagt tagtccctcg aagggcacgg acagtgacct ggtactcctg     45300
     accaggggcc agtcctctct ggtcataggc tgaggcagag ctgggcaccc gtgctgtgaa     45360
     cggggggctc accccctctg tctgcaagag agagcaccag gcggatcagg gctggcaatc     45420
     ttgcccctgc cacttttgtc cctgcctctt tatcctttat tttatttgtt ttgccttttg     45480
     tctttttagg gccgcactca tggcacatgg agtttcccag actaggggtc taatcggagc     45540
     cgtagccgcc agcctacatc agagccacaa caacgtggga tccaagccgc gtctgcgacc     45600
     tacactacag ctcactgcaa cgcaggatcc ttaacccact gagcgacgcc agggatggaa     45660
     cccgaaacct catggttcct agtcagattc gtttctgctg caccacaaca ggaactccct     45720
     atcctttatt tttttttttt ttggctgtca tgcaaaattt cctgggctag ggtctgaact     45780
     tgcgtcacag ctgtaaccag agccacagca gtgacagtgc cagatcctta acccactgag     45840
     cccccaggga actcctccca cctttttttt tttgcttttt agggccacac ctgtggcata     45900
     tggaaggtcc taggcgaggg gttgaatcgg agctgcatct gcaacctaca acacagttca     45960
     cagcaatgcc agatccctaa cccactgagc aaggccaggg atccaacctg catcctcagg     46020
     gatactagtt ggatttgttt ccactgcacc accacgggag ctcgggacac tcctctttat     46080
     tgtttctttc tccacttcca ggcaaagtca acatgggacg gtgaagaact tggccccatg     46140
     cagctgctga gcgtgggtgg tatcagcaaa cacatctaaa atacttactg catgccaggt     46200
     actcttcaag gctttttcca tgtatggact cacttaattc tttaaagaat ctcatgaagt     46260
     aggtcctatt attcccattg gatagatgag gaaagtgagg gacaaaagga ttcagtgcct     46320
     tgtccgaggt caccaacccc aagaaagtgg caggtattta aacccaagga atgtgacctg     46380
     agagccccct gttacggaca ctacctttgt ggctgttcat cagctgtctg ctgattgtca     46440
     gaactcaacc tgacacacgc caggcctctc cttctggctc ccccaccccc accccacaac     46500
     cctgaccatc tgggcacgag ggggcttctc ctaagcccac tgctgtcgta agatgacagg     46560
     actgagggct gctacctcaa gtctcacctc ctcctaaagc cccagcctga gcctccccac     46620
     agacacctgc tcttggccat gtgatctggg tgtgtgtccc atttcgtgac acttcctttt     46680
     gggtatgtgt ctcctcagca gggttatagg ccccctcgaa cacaaggccc gcctgctcaa     46740
     aattccacaa aaaaacgttt actgattttg gacctggcct cattctgggc actggagacg     46800
     cagaaataaa agatacggtt gttgtcctcg ggcagctcag gctctcacag cctaaggtat     46860
     ggccgcatct taagtggaat tagatctcca cccaaagctc catgtacagt tcacccctgc     46920
     aaggaaacta ctctctttca agtatccatt ttgggtatta tgactctttg cggtgacccc     46980
     accgaaaatc tgccagcccc tgctccaggc agggtctcct ggggtgccag ccacgggaaa     47040
     acaggaggaa cggacatctg tgagcagtct agcggtccag ccttttgctg ggctggctag     47100
     ctaggacagc taataaggac gctttgttcc tcttagctct gttggctgtt atggggacac     47160
     ctccattcag ccaagtagga ttggaaattt caaaaggtac tctcctaaac caagagaact     47220
     gtggggaaag caacacagta aataccaaag tataaaacca gatgagaggc cacgtagaga     47280
     tttctgggtt ggggatgaaa taaagctttg ttagagtttt cttggctgga aaggtttccc     47340
     gggctcaccg gagccccatc cttctcctac tcactctgcc ctaggctccc ccagtctagg     47400
     aggccttggg ttggcctcac ctcaagactt gtggggtcct catcctttct agaacttcct     47460
     ctctctcctc ttattccccc gacccacccc ccgcccccca ccagccccct tgactccccc     47520
     ctaatgatgt ctggtccttt cagtgaggcg agtccatccc gagttctcct tctcccttca     47580
     gaccactcac gtgaacgttt gagacactcc atagaccatc ctgaagtcca tttgggaaca     47640
     gtcccctgga agtcctacta tcagtctcac ccccatctct caggaccatc tgtctggtct     47700
     gaggctggcg gctttctagc cagatgctgg cagctggcta tgccccttgg tgaaagcttg     47760
     gctgcttcac tgattgtcct tggcaagttt ctaactctgt tctcactccc aacctcacgg     47820
     ccccagacgg gggactgcac ctcggctggt ccctggactt tacctcactc tgaccagacc     47880
     caagtataca cttttttctg aggctgcaag gtcctgtgtc ccagtgaaaa catggcaaag     47940
     cccgagtgtc caggctgtgg aatattcccc agactgttca gggtttcacc tccctcagct     48000
     tcctcaggct tttgctctca tgttcggaga gaaggctgtg tttggcaaaa tagcaacagt     48060
     ggtcctccgg cctgaggtgc atccgaatca cctggagggc ttctacaaca cagcttaggg     48120
     gctccacccc tagagtttct gattccatag acctgggggc ggggaccgac aatctgtagg     48180
     tcgaatcccc caggtgatgc tggcgcggca ggtccaggga acacactttg agaagcactg     48240
     agtcagagta agaaatgcca cgtatgcagg gaagggagaa atgttccact tctgggttct     48300
     gaagctcatt ccaataacta agtgtggccc ttggccagga atagaagagt ttgggctttg     48360
     agagaaaagt gtttctggaa aaggggaggg gataaggtag agaggcttct aggaagatgg     48420
     cagtggccag aggacagcca gctactgaat atactccatg ccaacaaatg gatagagcac     48480
     tggccaaggc gagaggcaat atcccagggg ccagccagga gttccctttg cagctcagca     48540
     gaaatgaacc caactagtat ccgtgaggat gcaggttcga tccctggcct tgctcagtgg     48600
     gttagggatc cggcgttgcc gtgagctggg gtgtaggtca cagatttggc ttggatctgg     48660
     tctggcgctg ctgtggctgt ggtccaggct ggcagctgca gtcccaattc aacccctagc     48720
     cggagaactt ccatatgcca cagatgtagc cctgaaaaga aaaaaagggg gggggggagg     48780
     aaaaaactgc cagtagccag ccacagagag tgcagaaagc atagcccaag ggccagtaag     48840
     tagcacaggc tgatgtggag tccagagagg tgtctgggga ccaattttac gggagcattt     48900
     tccacaccca ggctcagcga gaatccagaa tgtgacagaa gcccataccc agtgcagagc     48960
     agatgagcta agagcatggc caagctgggc ccaggccagc tcaacaccac cccggcccca     49020
     cagagacggg gaaagcctgg ggcttcgttt ggagcctgca tctcttgaca acacgaagga     49080
     taagtccatg tttactaaaa gcaggaaacg atgcagccct gcaagctcct tctagctctc     49140
     cctctctctt ctgtttattt taattcttct ttcactgaag tttcttagga aagttccttt     49200
     taaaagccct gccctgtgtg cgtcggtggt atagtggtga gcatagctgc cttccattat     49260
     taaagcccct acgctctcaa gatgagaact atgtaaataa tatacacaca gaagaagcga     49320
     gtgggagaaa cacttttgaa atgttaacag tgcttgtttt agtgtgaaac agccaagaat     49380
     tatttgtttt ttcctctagc tgccaaattc ttgtcttgtg attaaattat ttttataaaa     49440
     aaaattttaa ataatagaaa aaaaaatcta agctatcttg gttgtgcagc aaagtaggga     49500
     tgtcttcctc tgcatctacc aggaggtaag gagagagcac atggtaaaga cctgggcttg     49560
     aggggataat gacaagactt ggaataacta ggctgattgg ggtggggatg ctggccagca     49620
     cctctgagca gtcccttctg tcctagaggc cacctaggta tatgccctgg gacttagtta     49680
     tttttccaga atcctgactg ggtagagatg agagtgacat ggcctacatc tcacgcgaca     49740
     tcctgtggca tttgtgggat gatgcaggaa gatataagtt ggacggcaga aacgtcagac     49800
     gatttggaac aaggagacca aacacctcat aaaagcctga gctgcataaa gggagatctc     49860
     tgatgaaagg ccataggctt tgtcctcagg atgcccccca aatagctgaa gagtgagttg     49920
     aaaggagaga aaggaggttt gcaatgcact gatgacatga aggcggagaa ccagctcaca     49980
     gacttgaatt attgcaacag cctagacagc ctagcccata ccaaaaaaga taacactgaa     50040
     cagacccaaa tacaaaggct tatatttagg cttaaaaaaa aaaagtttat gtagttgaag     50100
     gtcttctttt tcccttcctt ccttcttttc tttcttcctc ttttttttcc ttgtttatct     50160
     ggattttcta aagcttctac actgagccta tatgactttt ctaataaaaa gttccttaag     50220
     aaatcaaata ggataaaaac aactgaaagt ttgtgtgacc acaagttcat atatgtcaac     50280
     tctgagaaaa gtgccagttg tatccagagt taaccaggtg aacgactggg ttcctctctg     50340
     cccctatatt ttttgagggg agtggagcag gatgctcatg gaaaaggcag aatgcattag     50400
     aggaggaaaa ccaagaactg aaggattcag agaacaattc cttaaagaaa aggagtgaag     50460
     aaaccagtgg gtttaacctg gaaggaatga agggtaacat gatggctgat gcctccaaat     50520
     acctgaaagg ctgtggtata gatgcaggga aagaaaaatc acgttgatgg ctagtgaagg     50580
     gccagctagg gccgatggat ggatgcagaa tggttcagaa agaacaaaaa gaactgactg     50640
     cagtgatgag caaaaacgga ctggacaggc ccaagaagta ctgaggtcat ggtcaccaga     50700
     ggtgttccca tgctgcaaag gccttctgta ccctgtgtgg gcaggacaag aaggcctttc     50760
     ctgcaggttt aggaatcagc catctggact caaccactga ttacctggaa cttgaggtaa     50820
     gcacccccct cccgcccccc atcccaccca ctcggcccct cctggagctt ggctctcacc     50880
     gtagggatga actgaatttc ataggcatcc acgttgccag gagcccgggt ccactctgtc     50940
     cgaaccgtcg tctcctccag gagatgcatc ctcatgccct caatggctgg cacctctgcc     51000
     caggagaaca ggatatgaga agctgcttag cccaaggcag ccccccgccc ctattctcac     51060
     caccaccacc aggcttctcc tgctcacggc caatctaaga atctatccag acttccactt     51120
     ctctctggga aaggggcaaa gctggcagag acctgaactg gccttgggtc tcctgtactg     51180
     gcccccatct ccaggaacac caaatctccc taaaggcaac taaaggggcc cccagtctgc     51240
     tcattagaga tctgaacatc ctgcctcagg ctcggcccca tgattctgca gaccctggca     51300
     gacaatgact ccttgtctct gctgactgcc ccaccatcat cccaatatag gacccccccc     51360
     ccacacccca cacccatcac tcttcctcca ggtccctggg cttctaggcc tcagactcag     51420
     gcgttcccac tagctccagt tttcccctcc ctgaccaagc atactgggga aggctgcctg     51480
     ctcaccttcc ccgcagtcct cccctgcata gccatcttgg cagacgcatc tgccctcatg     51540
     acactctccc cggccgcggc aatcctcggg gcacgtctgg atggcacagt ctgggcctcg     51600
     gaagccctct acgcacacac actggccagc gcggcacagt tcgcggggcc cacagccccc     51660
     aggacaggcg ctagccggag gctcctcctg cccgcagtcc tcgccgctat agcccgcatg     51720
     gcacaagcac accccctgca cacaacgccc acggccccgg cagtcggctg ggcaggtgcg     51780
     ggtggcgcag gaggggccgg tgtagccgga ttcgcacacg cagcgcccgt cctcacagag     51840
     gccgcgccgg tgacagttgg aggggcaggt gcggaggctg cagtcctcgc ccgcgtagcc     51900
     ctcccaacag gtgcacacac cgtcccggca cacgccccgc tggctgcagt cgcgcgggca     51960
     ccgtctgatg gcgcagtcct cgccctcgta gccgtcttcg cacacgcagc gcccctccac     52020
     gcactggcca cgacctcggc aacccccggg gcagcttcgc acgccgcagt ctttgccctc     52080
     gtagcctacg tcgcacaagc acacgccatc ctcgcagcgg ccgcgcccac ggcagtcccc     52140
     agggcaccga tggctcccgc agtcctcgcc tgtgaagccc gggttgcaca cacagcggcc     52200
     gtccacacag cgcccgcggc cgcgacagtc gcccgggcag gcgcgcgtgc cgcagtcccg     52260
     gcctgtgtac ccgggccaac acacgcagcg gccattctcg cagcggcccc ggccgagaca     52320
     gtccccaggg cagcttcgta cgccgcagtc ctcaccactg tagcccgcgt tgcacacgca     52380
     cacgccgttc tcgcagcgcc cgcggccgcg acaatctcgc gggcaggcgc gcgcgccgca     52440
     gtcgggcccg gagtacccgg gccagcacac gcagcggccg tcctcgcagc ggcccctctg     52500
     attgcagtcg cctgggcagc tgcgcacgcc gcagtcgtcc ccgctgtagc cggcgttgca     52560
     gatgcactcg ccgtcttcgc agcgccctcg gccccgacag tcgcgggggc aggtccgcgt     52620
     gctgcagtcc tcgcccgcgt acccgggcca gcacacgcag cggccgtcca cacagcgccc     52680
     gccctcgcca cagtcccacg ggcagctccg cgagccgcag tcttcaccgg tgtagcctgg     52740
     atcgcagacg cagcgcccgt cctcgcagcg ccccttttgg ctgcaacctc gggggcagct     52800
     cctcacccca cagtcctcgc cagtgtagcc ggggttgcac acgcagcgcc cgtcctggca     52860
     gcgccccctc tggctgcaat ctcgggggca gctcctcacc gcacagtcct cgccagtgta     52920
     gccggagtcg cacacgcagc gcccgtcctc acagcgtccc ctctggctgc agccccgagg     52980
     gcaagatcgc agactgcagt cgtcgccaga gaagcccgcc cggcacacgc acacgccctt     53040
     cacgcagcga ccgcggccat ggcagtcccc gggacaggag ggccagctac agctggggcc     53100
     ggtgtagccg gggaagcaca cgcagcgccc gcggatgcag cgaccctgat cgttgcagtc     53160
     atctgggcag gacctggcgt ctgacggtgg agaggaggcc ggcgcctcag cctctgtggg     53220
     gtcggagcag gtgggcccac cccagcctgg ctcacaggag caggcacagc ggctcaggtc     53280
     aaacgcacca tggagactgc agaggctccg aacatctgtc tggcctggag caagagggag     53340
     aggggagagg gtgagcccac ctagtgctcc tctaatcctc tgagtcggcc cctccagcag     53400
     agccaggctc agttcctatc caccatctta gtttccggct gccacttgtc aatatatgtg     53460
     gcctcccagt gccctaacag gctggggagg agagggctgg catctggtca ggtggctcct     53520
     ttcagagtcg tgccctgggt ggcactcacc accctcaagg gcaaggcaag gctgcctttt     53580
     tctttttttt tttttttttt gtctttttgt cttttgttgt tgttgttgct atttcttggg     53640
     ccgctcccac ggcatatgga ggttcccagg ctatgggttg actcggagct gtagccacca     53700
     gcctacgcca gagccacagc aacgcgggat ctgagccgcg tctgcaacct acaccacagc     53760
     tcacggcaac gccggatcgt taacccactg agcaagggca gggaccgaac ctgcaacctc     53820
     atggttccta gtcggattcg ttaaccactg cgccaggacg ggaactccaa ggctgccttt     53880
     ttctaattca ctccaaggcc ttttgtagac tggcgatgcc ccccaatcct aagccacttc     53940
     cccaccttcc tccccttctg tgccccttcc tgtgctcttt tgctcacctg tgccggcctg     54000
     cgcagccgca gtgcaacagc ccccagtgca ctgttccttg agccccttca ccagctcctc     54060
     caggatctcc agccggactc tcagggcctg tacttctgaa gcagggacag ggggctcagt     54120
     gcctggcgga cagccacagc cagctgaagg gggcaggtta atgcggtggg tgaataccac     54180
     ctgcttctcc cctcctgcca ccgtgtgctc ataaagctga gaagaagggc ttccccctcc     54240
     tggctgggga gggggccgtg gggctgggag cgtcacattg gaccgtggag agaaagggcc     54300
     tgctttgacc gtgcccagca gtaccaggag ggccaggttg gaggtgaggg aagattgggc     54360
     tgacatcatt caggaggctg cagagagaga ggactcgtgt tagagcagct tcacagagaa     54420
     ggagacaaga tgcccctccc ccttttccca acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     54480
     acacacacac acgccagtag tcccaccact cacaactaat ctacctgact cacatgtatg     54540
     aaaaatccac attcagccca agcttaatgg atgccctcct tgggcagatt tggtctcagc     54600
     atatggaagt tcccgagccg ggggtcgaac tggagctgca gctgcaggcg tacgccacag     54660
     ccacggcatc tgcaggttgt ggcaatgccc aatacttaac ccactgagtg aggccaggaa     54720
     ttgagctcat gtccttacag agacgatgtc aggtccttaa cccaatgagc cataatggga     54780
     actcccccat ccactgttac atgagccccc aaacctcctg ttttcattgt aactgtgcaa     54840
     ggatagacag aagagaatag ggtccaggtg actgcaatgc acagtcagct gacatttact     54900
     gctgcgggta tccatctagg tacctccatc cagatccatg actttaattt ccaaactgca     54960
     tcccaatgta caaactcttt cctctttttt tgttttttgt tttttgtctt tttgcaattt     55020
     ctggggccgt tcccgtggca tatggaggtt cccaggctag gggtcgaatc ggagctgtag     55080
     acgctggcct acaccagagc cacagcagct cgggatccaa gctgtgtctg caacctacac     55140
     cacagttcat ggcaacgcca gatccttcac ccactgagct aggccaggga tggaacccgc     55200
     aacctcatgg ttcctagtcg gattcgttca ccactgagcc acgacgggaa ctccacaaac     55260
     tcttttctct gaactccaag caatatatcc agcctcccat ttgacatccc ctcctaggca     55320
     cctcaaattc aactaagact gaactcacca tcaaccttcc tgtaccccat cccctgagtg     55380
     ttctctgctg catctcatag ccttgtcagt catccagccc tacaagtcag cagcccaaca     55440
     gcccatccga caccaccata gttcatcaca ttgacccata ttgtcataaa cgtctctaat     55500
     ttgcttacat ctctccctct gagcagcctt atagttcaag ctaccatctg ccttttgcta     55560
     gacaactgca attgcctcct agctggtccc tctgcttcca ttcttgcccc ttataatctt     55620
     gcaaatgcaa ctgggatgtc cctctccccc taaaaactct ttagtgtccc ccaagttctc     55680
     ttcaacactg acagccctgc atcatctggc tcctgctgac ctctcagcac ttttctcctg     55740
     taacacttct ctccctctct ccacggcgtc ccactggcct gagatccctc acacgcttcc     55800
     cagccccaga ccttcctatc tgtcattccc cctatgtgga atgttctgcc tttttctctt     55860
     gacttcctca tccttcaggt ctcagcccca tatcacttcc ttgggaaacc tttcctgccc     55920
     aggtcaggtt ctccctagcg tatgatatca cagtatcatg caactctcat ttgtagtatt     55980
     tataaccatt tataatcata tatttagtcg tgggattatt ttactacttt cttgcccacc     56040
     cacactcaac cttgcctgct agactggggg caggcatagc acctgtttgt ttcttggctg     56100
     ctgtatcctt gcatctggca cactggtgct caatagatat ttagggacta tatagatatt     56160
     tagccaattt acatagttca acttaagcct gggagtaata tcaaggctgg aaccaaggac     56220
     aggaccaagg tcagggctag gaccacggac agtgtctggg actgaaagtt ggttagaaac     56280
     agcagctggg gcagctgccg agcagggagc aggccaggtg tggatcctgg cagggctgca     56340
     tggtacaagc acgttggaaa accatttggc acaatctatt aaacctacta gagccataat     56400
     gcaaacccta tgacttggca attccactct gagaaatata cctcccacag cactactgct     56460
     cataacagcc tcaaactggg acccagccaa atgtctcaca ccggtagaat agattacatg     56520
     aagtgtgatt tgttcactca gtggaataaa aaataaaaca atgagaacaa gctacagcag     56580
     ggtctcacta atatggggtg aagcaaaaga agtcagacac aaaaaagaac atactgtaac     56640
     attctatatt atataaagtt tgagtctagt ggttaatcga tggataacca caatattagt     56700
     ggttaatcgg tagtgctgca agtcagaaga atcactactt tggtcactac tcttggggga     56760
     gtagtgacca gaaggggcat ggtgggggac ttctggggtg ctaagaacac cctgcttctt     56820
     aagctgggtg ctggttactc agttgcattt gttggtggaa ttcactgagg caagaagtgg     56880
     gaggcaaagg ttggtgagga aaggtagtgg ggcgcttggg gtgaagtggg aggggcatgg     56940
     taacagagga gtgtggaggg gggaggggga gtgatggaaa cgcggcagtg ccaatgctag     57000
     atccttaaca tactctaaaa ttctcctctg ggtctgagaa aaatgagttt tcgtgcccca     57060
     cccccgccac gatcccacga gagatgaaag gggagctggc caacggggac agagccttgc     57120
     catgccgagt cgcgaagcca gaccgagagg cctggcaggc agagagctgc ccttcccggg     57180
     gcccctcagc ccttctctca gttgggagtg aggtgggctc acacccacct tcagatcctg     57240
     ctgacccgtg tctaaggcca tgcacaccac cccgtgctgg cacacacaga tatacgtacc     57300
     catacagata cactcgtgtg tgctcatcca caaacgcaca tgtgaacaca cttctcgtat     57360
     atgtgtgccc ttgtttattc aaagaagcct gcatctttgc aggctcacat atttgagttt     57420
     gggcatgggc gcgcatgtgc acccgcacac acacacatac acaatcttct cttcatggtt     57480
     cttccacacc cagttggtgg gtgatgccta aaaaagctgt gtgagtcaaa gaccttagct     57540
     ggggaaccac acaggaggcc cttctccagt ggggaacaga ggatacaggg tgccccacac     57600
     ccctggaggc ctttgggagc tgtccagtac ccccctctcc acaacaggat cctgcatctt     57660
     tccccacatg ctggggggta atgggggttg tctctgtggc aagaagaaaa gcaggaaagt     57720
     ggtaaactgg tctgaaagga gaggcatggc ccccataggc cacacacccc cgagcctcct     57780
     tccccagtcc cctctcctgc ccagtctcta ctatccccac aatcccaact ctcaattctt     57840
     ggaagaattc cacacttctg tcagcaccag gaaagcggaa aacggaggtg tcccctgtgt     57900
     tttcggctca tcatcccccc tactgccgca tctggggtgc tttctgcagt ggggggaagg     57960
     aggggagatg tggcctcatg cactgggcat cctccccaca gttggagggc tggcagggat     58020
     aggggcacct tcccaagctg tgactcagac tgccgggtat tcatgcagtg gccaattttg     58080
     acactttgct catcagggac tctaggtccc aagaggtggg ggaaggggct ggcttccacg     58140
     agggatgtcc caaaggtggg agggttgggg gcccaccccc atgctcccct ctgcccctta     58200
     tgctacagga gaagtgaagg taaaagagtt ccaggaccgt gagatgaagg acggaggtga     58260
     caatgggttc cagatattgg ggtgtaacca ggtgacaagg aggcaccggg agcgagggag     58320
     ttggagaatt gagatgccct gtattctggg aagctaatgg acccgagaga gataaggaaa     58380
     ttaaaaggaa gaatttccag acccccgggg aaggagtccg gaggcagggg cagtgaggga     58440
     caggaaggca ggttctggtc ctgcacggag tgaccaggac tgagggggaa aggaattttg     58500
     aggaaccgag gtgcggggtc cctggggatt tggacgccgg gtcagggaaa gaagggaggg     58560
     ggctgaggct ctgggaagtg ggtggggatt ggaagcggac ggccagcagc tgtgatgttt     58620
     ccgtgtttcc gagttgcttc ccagtagttc ctctcagttc cacttccagt tgtttccaag     58680
     ccattaaatt ctttccaggc gagataaggg tcccgcccgt cccacccagg gtgtgtcacg     58740
     tggagggggg gaggtttaga cggacaggag cagggagagc ctggaagggg gacgagcaaa     58800
     gacggagccc ctgtgcccct ggaggcacct ctcagtcatc tcggcctcgc tgaaccgtga     58860
     gtcatgggtg cgaagctttc cgccaagaac aagttttagg attctctcta caggctctgt     58920
     gcccttccca gacctgggag tcctgatcct gctctgcttc agcatttcct aagggctcaa     58980
     gacccccaga ccctcctcca gcctagaagc gcatgtgctg ccaccagaga gtccccatct     59040
     ggacgcgcaa agaagctgga gttctggctc agccgctcca gccggagaac ttggggttcc     59100
     accagcattt tcctcctgag gttcagctgg cccctggttt ctcccaaccc tggcacctcc     59160
     agagcccaga gtcccacctt accttaccga ccaccacctc caccttggtg ccagcacagg     59220
     gtcctgtcca aaccccagca tccactcctc cactccaagc acccatcctc ccagacgcac     59280
     cgtccacagg gactccagtc cccagtgcgt ggtcctattc cctctgcccc aacgcaaaag     59340
     tccttgctct gggaggctct cctgccaacc ttcacctggg atgtggggct agaagtcccc     59400
     acatctccct gcctttccct ccatctcccg agagcagttc cttacctggg taaccagcgg     59460
     ccacaatgcc tctgcacctg ctctgccccc gaccttggga agggggcgct cagggcaggg     59520
     tgggtgggct tcccttggca gccctggatg tccccttgct tgttccctgc agcaggggct     59580
     cactaagctg cgacctgacc gtcgatctgg gcagcgacag agaggaggag ggagcctgta     59640
     gcgagcaggg ggaggagaag gggaggacca gcatgaggtc agggagggga gcggagatag     59700
     ggcaggccct cccagccgtc atcacatgcc accccttctc tcctccctgt ctgggatcac     59760
     cgagtcccac gacaccctca tctcgccccc tccagcccta gtctgacctc ccacgacctc     59820
     tccttatacc attttattct tcctcctcac cctatttttt tgctcaactt gatacccccc     59880
     catccctcat gccatttctt tctcaccccc accatttccc tacctgttac gcctgctctc     59940
     cgacccgttt tctcctctcc accaacaccc ttccccacgg ccagcccccc tcccgcatcc     60000
     ccctcccagt tgccacattg ctccagcttg gatctttgct gtctgtctgc tgcccagcac     60060
     ccactccttc atctccacac cttgtctccg ggcagggcag gggtaagggg tggcaggagg     60120
     aaagccccct cccaagccta aatccctctc caacatgggc ccctttccag gactccttgt     60180
     cccctcacct gtgcccctgc cggccccact gcttccacct gccctgtctc ttctatcctc     60240
     tcggcccgcc ccgttcccgt gccgtctctc gctggctgta ctgttcagtc cacctttggt     60300
     tctcagctca ggatcaatgc ccccttttca ttctcccacc tcagcaaatt cctagagaaa     60360
     tggcagctga ggtttgtgca ctgctggaca aaggcttggc tgaacacttg ggaaagaatt     60420
     tggggttcag gggaggtgga agagaagcct caaagttagg aggaaggtta gggatggagg     60480
     caggggcagc tacggggtgg gggcacgcag gggggtgacc ttgtggaccg tggaagggtg     60540
     gtgcaggggg gtgggagcag agagttagag aaggtcgctc tgatctcagg agagacagga     60600
     agactgacac ctgaggacag ggtggcagac acactgccat caggctgctg ggctctatct     60660
     ctggcctcat tgccccgtgt gctctgctac cctgatgagg ggctgaaaag gagacttttg     60720
     ccagacgaga aaaaccttac ccctgggcag gggcagcaag acaccccccg acacacaccc     60780
     acaagtttca cgccaaggat aaagttcttg ccacccaggc acaatcctca ccactgaggt     60840
     gtagactggc caggtcacag gtcatgagtg aatgggacgt tcaggagcca gcatgtgcct     60900
     gattctgtcg cttgggttgg ggcacaggtg tctgcaccag ggtcagatcc cagtcatggg     60960
     tgtggggtgt ccctgggcca gggcaggtca gtaccgcatg tggctgcgcc atacgcccca     61020
     tgacctcccg gtggccgagg acaaaggctc gcatgggctc tcgcgtgggt gtccccgtgt     61080
     gtgtccgtgt gtctgtgagt atggctgttt ttttcctggc tttaatgtgg aggatgaagt     61140
     cagcatcttg gatggagctg ggctcgactt ccttcctctg ctttggcgcg aagcccccag     61200
     agcctggaat aggtaacagc ttccctcaga tctccaggca ggggttgggg gaaggtcgat     61260
     gaaagggcgg agggtccgaa acagcattac acggagagag cagactgcat ggagaacgga     61320
     ttttctctga taggccctgg agggaaagaa gcaagagctg gaaggatggc cctgggtgtt     61380
     gtgaaggcca cttctgggga gagccgggat gcccgagcca gaggagggaa tgctggattc     61440
     cagatattta caagcttaca aggcgtttga agaagccact ggaggcttga cagacataat     61500
     tccaagttct gagataattc ttatctaaaa tttgattttc accctggctt tcgggctctt     61560
     ggaggagctc atgtcctgca tatgtctgca ttttatcaga aaagcaccaa gccttgcatt     61620
     gagcagatgc cttgtaaatg cctgtcaata caaggattgg gagagaagga tgaggccagg     61680
     gtgtctggca gggagcccca gcgtgaaggc agggaaggcc catgctcgaa gctgggttgc     61740
     cttccccgga gtgtcctggg tgatgggcag aaaggctggg gtcccgtgct ctggtggttt     61800
     tctgaatcct cagccctggt gtctgcggtt ctgcaccccc accctccaga ataagcctcc     61860
     aagttcctgt cctaacctta ggaggataag gcataaaagg tacagcaaag aaggaaaggg     61920
     gaagccgggg aagctgagga agccggagaa gagtaagggc aattaagggc aagggcctga     61980
     aggatagaga gagggagcga agtgaggcca ggggcttcga tccaaagaag cagtcccaga     62040
     gagaagatag aaaacagttg tactgggctt ccgtttacaa agcgctttcc tacactgcag     62100
     tgtcttgtta atcccacttt gtgccaagga aacgaaggct cgttgatgtg aagggccttg     62160
     tcccagagac tttgctagcg ggggtgaagg tgggtctcgg ccccggtttt ctgactccaa     62220
     agcctgtatt ccttcccctc ccccaagaac agccctggaa agattggaga cagggcagaa     62280
     acacaggaag gggctcctgg aagggcctgt ttgagaagga tggatgggtg agctggactt     62340
     ctgaaacatc ttcccgcatc cagttattat gtagacagaa ctggaagaaa ttgtcaagta     62400
     taaggggagt caacacgcca tcactgcgac tggggggcag gagctgggga ggatggggaa     62460
     cacgggggag agagaagcct gggcctgagg cgaaagatgg gggagagctg agaggctggg     62520
     gctgaagcgg gggcaagaga gccacagatg gatgggtgct gacccttaaa acttcctttg     62580
     cctggagaca tgggtgtggg gaaaagggag gagggaggac atttctatct cgtgacaaaa     62640
     gaaagtcaca caattatttt gttctctgct ctggggcggg tgggcgcccg tatttaccag     62700
     agggaccgag gtcgctgtgg caaccacaca tctgggcccc ggaatccaga tgtgctgcat     62760
     ccagaagcca tagcagaacg atgaggcaaa cgtgttgggc tctccagtcc tggccccgca     62820
     gctggggaga gcacagagga gcggggaggt gagggcagaa ggggggccgg gggggaggag     62880
     gagggggccg aggtgggggg ggagaggaag tcatggaagg gaacgaggaa tgtggacaga     62940
     agagcggcca gggcaatgga gagggggagg catgacaggg acgaggcgaa ggctcggagg     63000
     ctggtggagg tgagagaaga cccagaaaaa aaaagggagc agagagcgag gcagcggggg     63060
     aggaagggaa agtcagaaac agcgggaaac aaaggagaac agagaatcaa gggtccacaa     63120
     gagatggtga caacccgagg tgggtggagt gcaaggagag gcaaaaaaga agttcaaagg     63180
     caagaagaag agagagtcag ggacgataag gggaacaaaa ggccgatgct aaggaaagaa     63240
     agcagcagaa cagaaagata aagagggcct gaaccaggaa ggggccacca ggcggtgcag     63300
     gagggccaga gaccagtgtg cctaccacag ggctgtggct agagagccac atggtcctgg     63360
     agggcagcag tccagaccga ccagcctttg ccttctgtgg acacgccctt ccccacacct     63420
     gccctgaccc ttcccaccgc ccgctccctc ggccaagagg ctgggcccca gatcacacca     63480
     cagtgccagc tgcccctggc acactccacc ccagaggccc ccagtctgag acacgagcac     63540
     ttcactttcc ggaaaagaag caatgggaca atgaaagagt gatgggctca ggtgggataa     63600
     aagcggagta gaggacagga cgacgtaaac gcagagaaag gagcagggga tgagcacgtg     63660
     tctccacggt ggaccccccc cccgcccccg ccctgtgaac accacctttc acctcccatc     63720
     aggagagagg gagcggtacc cccactttac agatgaggaa tctaaggctc actgtgtgta     63780
     agttacccac caaggacacc cactaacaga aggcggagca gggatgccaa cccacgtgcc     63840
     ctgcctccaa aatccttgtt ctcctgcact ggctgcctgg ataaggttgg atgaggctcg     63900
     agggaccctg ggacaggaag tgctggcggg ggagccaggg ctgccctctg gagggaggag     63960
     aggcctagtt cctgggggcc ctagttccag gttgccatag ttacttggtc tgttttcatc     64020
     ccaaacacag taacagggag gggggggagc ctggctggac acgtgaggtt cttcccccct     64080
     ccttcaggcc tgggctcatg gcccaggcgg cccctgtcca gtcatctggg cgtggagccc     64140
     aggcctggcc cgcaccctcc cgctgaccca ggacacccct gcagggccag gccaaggtga     64200
     tgctggacag gagccgctga cggggatccc cacaggttga gtaagacctg gcccctcacc     64260
     ctctgtcctg ttcctctccc tcctcattta gaaagcacag ccttttctga cagtcccacg     64320
     cttgtccttt ttttttcagc tggactctcg agcctccatc ccctccagtt tagggctaag     64380
     aggttcccca gtgtcccatt cccctccaca cactgccccc ttctccactg tggtgcctcc     64440
     tttctgggct cacagcccct gggcccagct ctgttgtttg ttcaagctgc tcggtcctgg     64500
     aaagcaaagg gggaaaacct gctagaacgc aagggaccca gggaggctgc tcaccctgca     64560
     ggggtggggc cccctgtcct tcctgtttac ccagacacat tccaggatcc tcgtcctcta     64620
     ggctgccacg ccgtgggaca ctcctccccg ctcccccgct ggacgccaga cacccctgtg     64680
     tggcccgggt ggggataaga gatgacacga ggcctgcgat cgtgtgccca ccctgcccca     64740
     gagccagcca tgtctccagc gcttggttct ctgaggcact ggccctacgg aagccccttt     64800
     gccccacact ccccgtcatg agccaggaag gcagccacca ttcattcctt cgactccctc     64860
     caagctgttt atttaaaaat aaaaaaagaa ggtacgcccg tacatacacc tgacccctcc     64920
     accactgcgc cattactccc gggaactagc tcctaagtgt aaaaaactgc ccttgtcccg     64980
     cctggggact aaatccccgc ctccaccccc cgaacagaaa caagagtaaa gagtgtacgg     65040
     gagcccgccc tcacccccca gacctaactg cactcagcac cctccgagag gcagggactg     65100
     gggttcacag caatgagagg aggcctatat tgcacacagg ggtgaggaga gaggcaacct     65160
     tctcctccct ccaaacaagt gctcagcccc cacaccctgt ctctgcttca ccacctgctc     65220
     caagcccggg gatcaggaag attcgaaacg gttccgcttg gtccccccac cccgcccccg     65280
     ggtctaagtc agtgtgcgtc agaggtcagg ggtgattgag gtagaggggc tgacgggcgg     65340
     cctggctggc ctggctggct gcagaggctg gcaaggggcc acctgtggca ttgcccgggg     65400
     ttgaggctgg ctgttttcgg agcgaggggg gcactgtgga ggtcttgatg tggatcaccc     65460
     tggtgtccat gacctcacac tcgatctgca tcatctcctc atagtccccc gggggccccc     65520
     ggcctgacag ggtctctgtg agaggggagg gttacggaag aggagaagcg ggaggcacgg     65580
     ggtggggggt gggaggttgg aaaaggagca gaggaagggg agcaaagggc gatggcagga     65640
     ggcagggccc agcgggaggt aagtgagagg ggagggatgg agtggttgcg gggagaagga     65700
     aaagaagcgg gaaaagaaga tggcagtgat gggtgtgagg tcacagggga gaggacatta     65760
     agagaacaaa aggaagtaag actccagacg gttcccagcc cagccctctg cgcccagcac     65820
     cccacgcacc ttcgcctagg gaggacccgc accctcagct ccctccctcc cgcctctcct     65880
     gggctttctt tttctctcca cccatttccg gctccttctt gctcaagcat ctggcctctc     65940
     tctggaaccc cgctcctctc cccatttcca cgctgacgct gactcagcag gctctcccca     66000
     ctggaactct cccctcctca atgtcagggc cccaccccat ggccgggaaa gaattaccat     66060
     tgggggccat ggcaggcatc accagggaca tcttgggccg agaggtcttg ttgtggctga     66120
     tggctgggag caacaggtgg tcctgagaaa cagaggggcc aggaccagag ggtggaggag     66180
     aggaaaggac aggctccccg gccctactct acagccccaa cctgcaggca gactgccagg     66240
     gaacccgggg cggtgggagg gggccaggag gagaaactca cccttcggaa ggagacaacg     66300
     taaagcgtgt cttcccgtcg gtcgattgca tccaggaact ctggctgtga acggtctggg     66360
     tggcgataca gctgcagttg gcgcgcagtg tccctgggcg ggtgaggggg caggattcgt     66420
     aaggagctaa gcccagggcc cagttctcac tgggggaggg gacaaggatg ggagagaaag     66480
     agacaggagg tccccagggg aggagggagg catgatgcca ttggtggcag tgatgacaag     66540
     cacagagcag ttcctcgggg gtagagctct ttagcactta atcaataagc accccccccc     66600
     caagactcac ctttctgggg gcccagggga ttgggtgggg actgctgcct taattggagg     66660
     tgacttcttc cgtagctgag acttctggaa ggagaagtat ctaaggattt gaagagggtg     66720
     aagggaaaag ggaaagagac agacggcccc tagaagctga cgccacctca tacccaccct     66780
     tccaccaccc caaaccccca cagtgagagg cccacaaaat cccctggaca ttcagccctt     66840
     gtctgcaggg ggctcccctg aaccagcgcc accacctcct acctgcctct cctgggccct     66900
     ctgggggatc ttccgccggc ccctctggtg ccgctggacc cagccactca gctcgtcagc     66960
     aagcctggga aagcagaggg ggggggcacc tccgtgccag gccaagactc ccactctcct     67020
     cgcccacgca cagaggagac agggcccaga gagccagtgc ctcagccagc gaggacagcc     67080
     aggccattgg cggaggggcc tcgggacaac agggaagaca ccccagttgt gactccccca     67140
     cacctcaagg actcagttcg gttgaagtgc cggcaatcag aggagaggaa gagctggtcc     67200
     aggtctctca gcagcagctc cttggcggcc ccagggaagg ctgtcaggtt cctggtgtga     67260
     aggagggagg aggtgatgac caaggctgcc cggcactgcc cccatcttca gtggcagaac     67320
     aatgccggct ccccacaaaa tggagagtta accttgaggg ttggggagac ccactcagca     67380
     cccccaaaag aggggcctct ggagttcccg tcgtggcgca gtggttaacg aatccgacta     67440
     ggaaccatga ggttgagggt tcgatccctg cccttgctca gtgggttaac gatctggcat     67500
     tgccgtgagc tgtggtgtag gttgcagatg cggctcggat cctgcgttgc tgtgcctctg     67560
     gcgtaggccg gtggctacag ctccgattcg acccctagcc tgggaacctc catatgccga     67620
     gggagcggcc caagaaatag caacaacaac aacaacaaca acaaaaaaga caaaaaaaaa     67680
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagactaa cacatgaaaa gaggggcctc tgctcacctg aaacttggcc     67740
     ggcctgcagg gctgggctgg ggctcctcca ggccctggga gggccgccgg gggggctcgg     67800
     ctggctcctg tgctgagaac tccagcaagt gtctgcgtgg tcgaggctct tctctgctcg     67860
     tccgaggaga gatgggtgcc ggcggaggct cactgatgct gcgggccggg gaggacggag     67920
     cacaaagaag aatcccagct ttactgaggg gctggttcag agtcaaggct ctgcagacat     67980
     ccacctactc ccaacctgtt ctataagact acacctcttc atctgcagga tgggaggaga     68040
     gggtccctac ccacagcgcc agaaaacatg aggagagcaa tgtatttgcc tagggtgcag     68100
     aattcagtag gtgcttcaaa gtcaccattt ttagccatct tctcactacc atctactcga     68160
     ggacataagc atgtatgaaa gaagtgatag aacaagggcc aggctggacg caccatcagt     68220
     gataaggaca ccagggctgt ctgtgtgcaa gtggaatcaa agggactgtg ccaaagcagg     68280
     caatcaggct ccatccagaa ggttctgggg gggcagggag gctctcacct gacgggcccg     68340
     aagttgaagg cgatgaagag aaggaagacc atgacgcaga ccaccttcct gtttccagac     68400
     cccaacctga gctcgctgtt ctgcggagaa gagaaacagg gaagccagtg agggtgagtc     68460
     agccccaggc ttgggctcct gctgggctcc caaggacagc aggtcccacc tcggccagca     68520
     gagcctccag ccgccggcgg agggcagcat tctcccgccg gagctgctgg ttgtcggcca     68580
     gcacggcctg cagccgtgcc tccagcccct gcagatactc cttcttcttc ctccgggact     68640
     ggcaggctga ctcccggttc ttgatcattc gctgctgccg cttcagcagc ttggcctggg     68700
     acgagagagg gttggaaagg gaaagaagcc ccaggactca tgaccccagg aggccacccg     68760
     cccgcctttc caacccccac ccacgaggcc agaaagggcg tctccccctg cactagacca     68820
     ctgcagggaa gggcccgtct ctcaaccacc cctaatcctg tggcttagag ccgagcaaag     68880
     ttagactgta ggaggaactt cctccatccc cgttctcggt ggaaccgcag ctcctttcct     68940
     tgatgagtga ccttccttct tctcaattct ccattttagg accccaagtt taagcctgct     69000
     atcattaagg aacagctgac ctggtctacc cctaggaagc agctcccctc ttccgtacca     69060
     cagtaggact cccctgcttt tgctgtgcta agaccaccac cattggcagt gatggcaaac     69120
     ctaaggatcc taaaaccaca gagagtcgat attcacattt aaaaggggtc cactctgacc     69180
     ttcggaatcg tctcatgggc ctgcttcctc gctttgtgct cctttttcag tccacagttc     69240
     tctccgatga cagttctctt cccttccctt cactggccct gcttctccct taccaacact     69300
     tacatccacc tcgggtgggc aggagttccc aggcatagga gccggaacaa tgctcttcct     69360
     ctcgggccgt ggagcagcgg gggtcggtcc ctcaggctgg actcgaatag caccttggat     69420
     gaggacaact ggggacactg gggcaagggg acagaaggat ttcagagagc tgacagtcca     69480
     ctggctgcct gtgtccacac tcacagctga gcacccaagg atcgggagtc tcaccagctg     69540
     tgagcacccc gagaaggtca acccagtctg cctccttctc tccttcagta cctgggggtg     69600
     gctggacaag gggctgcaaa aggacagtgg tgctgggagg cacagctctg ggtggcattg     69660
     ggacagtggt tatcaccaca ggtttgggtt gcagcggtgg cttccgagtg ggcagagctt     69720
     tgcctaaagg aaggtaaagg aagggaggaa ggtcaggact ctaggcctct taccagggac     69780
     cccaggagtc aggaggcccc ctcacctgag gagccatcgg aggacgggcc catggtgatc     69840
     tggacagctc caagtgcggg gcctgggaca tcccgcagga gacacccttg aggggacggg     69900
     gactctgtct tcacttctaa tacttcctcc cctataaagg tctgcgtggg gtattccaga     69960
     agacatgcag tcaggaggag tgctgaggag gagctgaaga agattctcac acctctcaga     70020
     gtccggagga agaagggagg ggttgctcac ctggttgggg gactctgctg agagcacaga     70080
     cgcctccgag ttgatggagg aagatggaga gacaggctct atcttaattt ggacatctgc     70140
     aggacggcag catgacacaa aagctgggta ccagggatac atgaaggaga accgggccac     70200
     gagggggaaa tgagagacac ttctctttgt acccaaaagg aaaactatcc tgcctcagaa     70260
     gggcagtgca gaggaggtga gcccagggag ctgctaatat ctgactctcc tcaatgacct     70320
     ctttttttcc ttcttctttt tagggccata cccacggcat atggaagttc ccaggttacg     70380
     ggttgaatca gagctgtagc tgccgggcta caccacagcc acagcaacag aggatccgag     70440
     ccatgtctgc cacttacacc acagctcatg gcaataccag atccttgacc cactgagtga     70500
     ggccagggat cgaacctgtg tcctcatgga tgctagtcgg atttgtttcc actgagccct     70560
     gacaggaact cctctccttg ggctctttac ccaggtctcc ctttctcctc ccgtggtttt     70620
     tcatcactgc tcaggttccc tcagggctgt ccttgcactt cggccctccc ccctctgcct     70680
     ccacaccttg tccattcaca cagaggaggc ccaagcaggg ggacccggca gcattcatac     70740
     ccagccagac tcctgtctgc ctggatttcc acctcagcct ggctcagtgc aatcacacat     70800
     ctccatgccg acaaatgctg agtctgcatc tctccccttg acggctcccc tgtgctctga     70860
     tcctgacttc caagctgcct gctggtcact tccattctca cgcctcaccg ttcacccaaa     70920
     ttcaactggc cttaaacacg gctcactgct tgtcccttca tacagattcc cttcctactc     70980
     cgtcagcctt ctaggcacca aatctgagcc ttcacggcct ctctgaaatc tcttgaggcc     71040
     tgttgattgt tctgtgtagg tgaagccatc tgagggccag gttcatccct cagatcaact     71100
     gtccactcct acctttggtc cacagcatgc attttggcac ctaatcatat gactgcaatc     71160
     ctgctatttc aaaatttcaa atcaacttat atatgtagga gtaggtaata cagtcataca     71220
     acacaaaacc ccaaagaaac aaaggagaat tcaataaaaa aaaaaggtga atctccgtcc     71280
     cttccttgtc caccagccac ccagatcccc ttcagaggcg accgttggca ctattagcca     71340
     ttcattataa ccctcatgag actctcctaa agcaaggact atgtcttagg cttcacgtct     71400
     attaaagtga tgggtaaagt atgagccctc aatccatacc taaataatag gggagaatct     71460
     gactccaaaa acattatgct tggcaaaatc atcaacaacc ttttcactct tatagacttt     71520
     tctatcttta gtttgtctgt cctctttgta acgtttcact cttatagact tttcactctt     71580
     atagactttt cactcttata gacttttcta tctttagttt gtctgtcctc tttgtaacgt     71640
     ttaatcatgt gctggatatg agctgttcat ctctccaaac tcactctcca tccttccctg     71700
     ccctgcggcc caggagggaa catgaatggg ttgcatcatg gggctctctt gccttccaat     71760
     tctggttgac gttcaactaa aaccctcaag aagtcacttt gaagtcagta gtcaagggag     71820
     cgcccgtcat gctcggcagt aacgaaccca actagtatcc atgaggatgc aggttggatc     71880
     cctggcctca cccagtgagt taaggattca gtgttgctgt gagctggagt gtaggccaaa     71940
     gatgcaattc agttccctag ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag gccggcagct acacctccga     72000
     ttggacccct agcctaggag cctccatgtg ccgcgcatgc agccctaaaa agacaaaaaa     72060
     agaaatcaac agtcgacaca ctgaattcat caagctccct gagaccaggg ggctgctgct     72120
     tctgcagtct ctatccagcc gtagggagca tcacccgccg ggggctgccc cagccagaag     72180
     cctagcacac cctttgaccc ctacctttct tcaacaccca gaggttcact gcagctcctc     72240
     cactctcatt cattctttct cacatctgcc ttcatctcag catctgagat gtcttatttc     72300
     attaacctgt aatcatctac cctagaatta ccacacctta cttggctttc tccccaccca     72360
     cacactacag gattctttaa gtcagtgcgg tgcttctgtg ttcttcatct ctgcattgcc     72420
     agcaccctgt ccagaagctg gcatggagca ggtgctcagt aaatgtaggt gatgaataaa     72480
     cgtatgagta gataaactca gtaacacttt taaaaatagc acaaatgatg ttacttgcac     72540
     agtctagaaa ttgggtatgt gtgttccaac ttttccgtat gtttgaaatt tatcataaaa     72600
     aaataaaacc ccaggggaaa aagcaacata gatataaata tgccctaaca tgtccacaac     72660
     cttttgaaaa atgcaaaacc aacaggaagt gaaatctcac aacagattac caggaacaag     72720
     aaaagaaaca agggagttcc cctgtggctc aatggtaaca aattttctag aatccatgag     72780
     gacacaggtt ccatccctgg cctttcgaaa tgggttaagg ttgaggcgtg agctgtggta     72840
     taggtcacag acatggatcg aatctggcgt ggctgtggct gtggcatagg cgggtagagc     72900
     tgcagctctg attcaaagcc ctggcctggg aagttccata tgctataggt gtggccctaa     72960
     aaagcaaagc aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa agaatcaaaa atcatccctc tctttcaaca     73020
     ctggttttgc aattttctaa aattctccat cctgctcctg gcctctctcc tggttatgtg     73080
     ccatctgtcc tccctattct ttcctccttt tcctgctgac caccctccac ctccccataa     73140
     acacacacac acacgctacc ttgctaaagc ctggggatga caggctgtca ttacctgagg     73200
     gatcatcaga ggtggggccc acattgatct ggacggtttc aaaaggggat gttggatcat     73260
     ctcccagaag gcagagtggg ggcgccaagg actctgtctt cacaaccagc acctccccta     73320
     caccagaagc ctgggtaaga gtgagggtga agcagggggg acagaaacaa ggaaagaaaa     73380
     caaaggacac gttgagggta agagcaagaa caagagcttt agcgctaaga agccacccat     73440
     tacttgacat tctggtttga atggtattca ccattctccc taagctgccc ccggcccctt     73500
     gttctccctt tctactttat tcttggggga ggtgacaaag tctcatattt caaatactgc     73560
     cttagagtgg acaattgcgt caagaacagt tccagaggag ttcctattgt ggctcagttg     73620
     taatgaaccc aactagtatc catgaggatg cgggttcaat ccctggcctt gcccagtggg     73680
     ttaaggatct gatgtggcca taagctgccg tgtaggtcac agatgcagct cagattccga     73740
     gctgctgtgg ctgtggtgta ggccggcagg tgcagctctg attcaacctc tagcctggga     73800
     acttccatat gccccacatg cagccctaaa agcaaaagca aaacagttcc agaatactca     73860
     ggagttaaca atccttttct tctcagcccc accatgtctg ccacctattt ctgtgtatca     73920
     gaaactccag agttcccatt gtggcgcagt ggaaacgaat ctgattagga gccatgaggt     73980
     agcaggttcg atccccggcc tcgctcagtg gattgaggat ctggtgttgc catgagctgt     74040
     ggtgtagatc acagacacgc tcagatctgg cattgctgtg gctctcacgt aggccggcgg     74100
     ctacagttcc aattagaccc ttagcctggg aacctccata tgctgcaggt gcggccctaa     74160
     aaaggacaaa agacagaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaactccatc ttcagttcta gacaaccaga     74220
     gtggtgatgt gaaaatgagg atatgaaaga aattgcaaat gcacaaaaga agcccccccc     74280
     ccccaaccgg gactcataac acacaaatca ttccaccagc atctataggt gaagggatgg     74340
     gaggagagtc cctgccacag aaagtaggag ggacaagact ctctcacctg gctggagggc     74400
     tctgtggaaa gatgtgatgc ttcagagctg agggaggagg aagagcaggg ggaggatggc     74460
     tcagacttca cctgaagatc tggggggaaa agagtaagaa aataaccggg aagcagagcc     74520
     tgacaaaagt ttgaaaagta cccaaggaca tggggtaaga gcccctcact ggggtgagga     74580
     ggaaggagca cacataagag atcaaaaggg gggagtacac gggcactcgt gtgagaaaac     74640
     gaggaactgc atagttgctg ggaaacaatg ggaagataac ggtttctgaa aggatgaggg     74700
     aatcacaaag ggtatcttac ctgggaagat aggcagaggg tcccaggggg gttcgggagg     74760
     gctgacatcc atccccaagt ccagggagct gctgccaaac tgaacaggag agggtattag     74820
     atggcaggag tgtgaggctg aagggatggc tccggatgag ctctggcctg gggataagcc     74880
     ccagttctga gaccacttcc acccaccaag ggtaagagtc aaggccaagg cccggggagc     74940
     gataccggga catcttcctc cgggcaacgg aaaagctgcg tcggctcctc ggccacttca     75000
     tccaggccgg cgtacaaggt gctgtctgca agaggggcgg agggtcagcg gagtcgtccg     75060
     ctagcgcagc cttcggaacc ccacaacagc cctcgccccg tcgctcactg cctctgcgcg     75120
     gccagatcca ccgcccgccc acttgaaaag tgatccagcc agagaactcc agcccctcct     75180
     tccccgaccc cggaacaact ccatatttcc gcagggaggg gaggtctgcc ccaactcccg     75240
     catctccccg aaagcaccac cagcccccct gttccgcctt cctcagaatg atggattccg     75300
     tatctgtcca gccttcctct ttgggcctcc gcttcctcct gcgtgcctca ggggcacaat     75360
     atgccacagc cccctcccct ccccgaggcc tcactccgca caccccagtc ctccgggctc     75420
     agcaagttgt cggtgaaaaa acgcgtcggg tccgcaatct cgctgaggag catcagctcc     75480
     gccatctttc ccccccaccc cccaaccacg agacagttcc caaggcccgc ctctcccatc     75540
     atcaactaat cggctggctc ctcaaaagtg ggggaacgcc ccggaagctc tcccaaccag     75600
     taagagacct gggtattgag cacgtgagac aatagaggcg gtggctgtac aggaccggcc     75660
     aatacgagcg ccccggaggc tagcacctcc gcaataccag gcagtgaagt ttgcgcgtgc     75720
     gccaagccgg acccagcctg aaagcgccta ggaaacgtag gtaccgggtt ttgaaggttc     75780
     gccgtctccc ccaaacagta ctgaatttag aagtttagat agcttgtgtt catctttgga     75840
     gatagataag ccccgcaaaa tataccacac gtgaccataa ggctttttca tggtaaaacg     75900
     gtaaagaggt acatacacta agaccactgc taccttccct aggaaggcaa aagctggtaa     75960
     aagtatgtgg gtgaaatcct cccactggcc cctcccccca aaactcacaa catagaccac     76020
     aattcacagg ttcctgtctc ttttaaggtt taacttttaa ttagccaaac atcttgcgca     76080
     gtccctgagc cagtcctgca tcttgtttct tcccttgaat gatcaccttt cccagctcct     76140
     cctgggctgc ccgatttttg gggtctactg ccagcacttt cttgaggtca gcagttgctt     76200
     tgtccaggtt cccaagagca gcctgggcaa ccccccttcg gtacaaggcc tttaaatggc     76260
     caggctcccg ctccagcacc cggtcacagc tctgggctgc caaatggggc tgccctagca     76320
     gcaactgaca ggcagccaga ttggcatgaa ggacagttcg ttctggagag ccaggtggag     76380
     gtaaagtcag cagcagccga agagcccgtc catagcatcg ggcagcccct tcagggttcc     76440
     cagctctaaa taattctgtg ccccgtgcac gttcttccct ggccagggcc tccttttcgg     76500
     tgggctctag ctcccaggag tcccggcctt gagtgaagga ggccagtttg agcctgacag     76560
     gaggtccaga gcgcccaggg agctgaagtt ctgcctcctc accttgacac atggactcca     76620
     agcacttctc tacaagctct ccccaagttt cctccctcca tgggcctaac cccatagtta     76680
     gctctgtcca gccctctggc agccctgacc ccaaaggaaa tcccaaaacc tgtacccggc     76740
     agcgggagcc cagcttgggt ttgtccaagc cgtggccatg gattaggatc tttttgacaa     76800
     agctcccatc ggggcagtac cagagttcag aagcttgaag gggctctggc atctcactgg     76860
     ctggtccatg agatttatca gaatctcctt cacgtccaac ggccagcttt tcaatttctt     76920
     gaagattttc tagaatttgg ccggctggat ctgggctcac tctcccctca agaagttcag     76980
     tagaagggtc ttggggctgc tgcctaatct gagtagttga atcaaggatc ttctgggagt     77040
     tctttttcca tcgttgttgc ggttgagaaa tgttcttctc tcccagtgga ctgactggtg     77100
     gcgtctccat ttgggtaccc agtcccttcc accgtgggta aacagttttg gtcagaaagg     77160
     tatggatcag attcagatca gcacctgatt aaaaaagaaa aaaaaatcaa aacaatgcta     77220
     ttggcaggaa tcttatttag acttcttttc tgtccttctg ggatccaggc ctccggtcct     77280
     taaagttctc tctttttttt tcccccctcc tcaaaatctc tgtcggattc gagcctacct     77340
     cccaaccccg aactaattcg aactataagt tccacaattc cctgcggctt gagccactgt     77400
     cccaactacg gatacccgag cgagtcaaaa agtacctggg cggccgaagt gcctctcctg     77460
     gtggcggtag cccgaccatt cgaatcacct ctccttccga agctaagctc tactgagcac     77520
     tgtcattaga gttttgcttc gggcggagag gacggtcagg gggagcaggg gacagctgag     77580
     gagagacact aacggctaac cctggagccc gcgtgaaagc gaatctactc aagttcccgg     77640
     caaccaatcg ggaggaggga gaggtctggt tagcccgcct tctggacgtg acatcatttc     77700
     cctcccctcc cccagcaacc gggaagctcc aggccttagc aaccgaacta ggccaaatcg     77760
     aactgaacta ggcgaggtcg agctagcctg gctattgaga gttaaagtct ggagaaggcc     77820
     tggagtggga gattggggcg aatgaggata gggtggggaa tggtggagct ggtggtgaat     77880
     gatagcggta gcgacgaggg cccgcatggc gacttcaggc ccacctgtgc tattcatatt     77940
     gctggtctca aggctcccag ccaatcaacc tgtctgctcc ttcgcgcatt caatccaggg     78000
     tgctaacaaa taaactctat ttctccccag cctgtcctat tcccttgggg aactacctga     78060
     ggcttgcctt acctttcccc tcttgttcat caatgccttt agaagtcttc ttcctcaaga     78120
     aatcttagtg gttttcaaac ttcgatgtgc atacacatcc tctgaggaac ttgttaaatg     78180
     gcgccttctg aattaggaag tctaagatgg ggcctgcaat tctgcatttc taacaggctc     78240
     tttgttgctg ctgctcttgg tcccacccca ctttgaataa catgattctg gaataacttc     78300
     atcccattct cttcaccctt tggtctgtgc ccctttagtt tgtcttatat tttacatata     78360
     taactggtat aacctgctcc actggaagtg tcagtggaaa accggtcctc ctcttcctag     78420
     tgaaaggtgc tggtccctct gtggttcagc cttgcttgcc cagctccctg cacaggctgg     78480
     gccaccacag ttctggaaag gagaacccca ctctcagttc ctcattttgg ctccctctcc     78540
     agtctgctct gtaacacccc accattgtgc cccagactat aagaaccatg ccaggacagc     78600
     caggagggga ggtaatttca tcattagcta cagatttgtg ccaaaacagt ccttttcgtt     78660
     ttgtgttgag cctcagctca ctaacctaga ctttttttcc tcaagtttta tttctgggtt     78720
     ctgtgccaga gtaaccttag tccactgtga ctaaggctga atactccgat tcgtggaatc     78780
     cttatgttct tattgaaaat taatctacct tttctccctc cctcttcccc tttctatttc     78840
     agagatttct ggcaaaggca gaaagtctag aataagtcac aaaagatgtg attacatcct     78900
     atccctggac aagggtcgct aatttgtatt atgtgtgcct taactgagag gtcaactcca     78960
     atgacccttc aaagaatagc ttccctcaat taaaagaaac tgtactctgc tacgtgtatt     79020
     gcttgctgtt ctgtattctt aattactgta ctgtattctt actatttagt gtgtatatat     79080
     ttcagttcca atacattcca cagtttgtgg accttgcctc tatttctttt gtgtttcatt     79140
     gccttctatt cattcattca acaaatattt tgttgaggag ttcccaacct agttcagtga     79200
     gttaaggacc caatattgtc tcactgagaa tgcaagttgg atctctggcc tcactgagtt     79260
     aaagatctgg catcaccact agctgcagct gtaggtcaca gctgtagctc agatctggtg     79320
     ttgctgtggc tgtggcattg gcctgcaact gcagctctga ttcaactcct agcctaggaa     79380
     cttccatatg tcacaggtgc agccttaaaa aaaaaaatca ttgagcacct gctttgtttc     79440
     agaggcagga tgctgggaac tgaggataca cagatgtttg agacagaacc agtctagcca     79500
     gggagaagta attacagtgg tatggataag tgtgagatgc tatgagaggg aatgagggat     79560
     cagggaatat cccttgaggg tgagacattt tgctgccatc taaaatatga gttttgggat     79620
     tcccgttgtg gctcactggg ttacaagcct gactagtatc catgaggatg taggttcgat     79680
     ccctggcctc gctcagttgg ttaaggatcc agagttgctg tggctgtggt gtaggtcgca     79740
     gacatggctt ggatctgagt tgctgtgact gtgactgcag ctctgattcg acccctagcc     79800
     caggaaattc catatgctgc aggttcagcc ctgaaaagca aaataaaata aaataaaaat     79860
     aaagaatgag ttagaaccga attctgagag cacaccaata gacccccaga ctgagaaaca     79920
     ctaaattaaa tggtcaaatt tgtctcttta agtgaccctt tgttactatt gtaactatat     79980
     ataaaataaa cataggtaga cattcccact gtggcacagt gcgttaagga tccaactgca     80040
     gaggatctgg tagccaagga ggcaccagtt tgatccctgg cctgggaacg tacacatgct     80100
     gtggaagtgc aaaatttcca ttaaaatgaa agcacaggag ttcctgtcct ggtgcagtgg     80160
     ttaacaaatg aggttgtggt ttgatccctg gccttgctca gtgggttaag gatctggcgt     80220
     tgctgtgagc tgtggtgtgg gtcacagaca cggctcggat ctcgtgttgc tgtggctctg     80280
     gcgtaggctg gtggctacag ctccaattag acccctagcc tgggaacctc cacatgccgt     80340
     gggagtggct caagaaaagg caaaaaggca taattaatta attaattaat ttaaaaaaaa     80400
     tgaaagcata ggaggagttc ctaccatggc tcagcggtta ccaagcccaa ctggaatcca     80460
     agaggacagg gattcaatcc ctgccctcgc tcagtgggtt aaggatccag agtcgctgtg     80520
     gcagctgtag ccccaattag acccctagcc tgggagcctc catatgcgtc gggtacggcc     80580
     ctaagaagac tttaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa aaagaaaaca aattttaagt attataagag     80640
     gactgagaaa tccccagaga agacattcat ggatctgtag attcccccag gtctcagctt     80700
     gagaaacaca ggactaggaa ggagccaaga tgtgaaaact cagaaatggg agattccatt     80760
     ggctgtcccc ccaaagtatt accacctgaa tattgactga ctcacactgc tgctctctcc     80820
     cagttcctta ccccttgagt cctaacatga tagggtcctg ttctctggag aacatcacca     80880
     aggaatcaaa aagaagggga acaagcccag aggattacat cccctggcct ggctggagaa     80940
     cgtggaatct cagaggatct ggccctattc agctactctc cttgccctac cctgtaaggg     81000
     cattattttg ccttcattaa agatctcatc tggtggtgga acccaaggag aggttcgaga     81060
     gctggtgcag gtaatttgtg ggctggcggt tgttccgtgt tgtctcaaca cacagagagt     81120
     gtgtgaaaag gggtgaagta agattctgta aacagataga atagaaggga tgcccagaag     81180
     aaaagaacca gacaatagct ttttaacatg agaagccatt ttaggtctaa gccattttgt     81240
     gatctaagcc tggccacaat tcttgccctt gaagagatct cagtaaataa tggtcttaca     81300
     ggaacaatga ctgttgccaa gcaagagaaa tagcaatagc acagataata aatctgttgt     81360
     aaatactccc agttttgttt caatggtaag aatcagccag aagcactttc ttgagttgtt     81420
     ctgcagaatt taactgtccc ccgccaaaca ctcaactgct gaatcaactt gaacctaagt     81480
     gatgctgatg ttgatgtttt ctgaccctca tgacttcaat caactaaagc ttggagtcta     81540
     tcgacctttg ctccaattct gtgccgaatt cttttccgat ccagcccctt catgagtatg     81600
     catgcaccct ggcttaaaac ttccccagtt ttactgtttg agaagacaac gctttggcga     81660
     agatccctga tgttttcctt acttgctgca agtaataaat gcctccttct cccgttcttt     81720
     ggcttaggtg tatcttttgg ctcaaaacca ccaagaggta aacccggttt tcaggttaac     81780
     aattcttttc ttatccattc agtgatcctt actgagtact cagaattagt cagtgagaca     81840
     tggagataaa tacagaatga cccatcaatt gtccaacaaa agtaaagagt catagtttaa     81900
     aaaataaagt ccagatacaa gggcaaaagt gatatgtggc cgggatttat ttccaactgc     81960
     gagtgacctt aaaaggactc caaatggttg atttgtgcct tggaggatga ccataatttt     82020
     ttttttctct tttttggcca ccccgaggca tatggagttc ctgggccagg gatcagatcc     82080
     aagccacagt tgtgacccac gccgcagctg catttccttt aacccactgt gctgggctgg     82140
     ggatcgaacc cgtgatgctg ccaatgccat tgcaccacag caggaactcc cccgattttg     82200
     acatgtagag attgaacgaa tttgttgcag ttggaggaag cagcagaagt caggagatgt     82260
     aaggaaagga aagccccttt gcgccggcct ggttcatctc cggctcgtca gactcagctt     82320
     tcccagacta ttcctgttcg tgctgccctg tcaccaggca tcaagccggt tggaagtttt     82380
     tacaccctca cattcccctg cgttccatac tcaccacatg gaaccatatg ctgcgcttac     82440
     tcttgccatt tatcatcagc ataagagaca aaaattctag cttttcaaag gctaaataaa     82500
     ttttcccttc tgcttagctt tggtggtttc tggcttttag ttctgctggg atttatgtca     82560
     aaatagttct tctctcctct ctgctcccaa accatttgct tgtgtttcca ctatgggcag     82620
     ggtttccagg caggatgagg aagtgaaagg cagcctttcc cacagtgaag tgtttaatta     82680
     taagagctct ttcccgaccc ctgaccatgc attatgaccg caatcccaga cgttgctcta     82740
     agtatcaggt ataacctcat tttccctcac acagaactcc ataagctatt tattcagtca     82800
     ttcagcaaat ctttactgag tgcctcctct atgccaagca ctgtgctaga ttctgggaat     82860
     aaagcagtgg aaaaaagccc atagcttata ttctagtgaa gctaataggc aataaaaatc     82920
     aaccaatagg agttcctgtt gtggggtaat gaacacaact aggattcata aggacgcagg     82980
     tccaatcctt ggccttgctc agtgggttaa ggatccgggg ttcccatgag ctgtggtgta     83040
     ggtcacagac acaactcaga tcccgagttg ctgtgactgt ggtgtagacc agcggctaca     83100
     gctctgatta gatccctagc ctgggaacct ccttatgcca cgggagtggc cctagaaaag     83160
     gcaaaaagac aaaaagaaaa aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaaaggagct ggtgtaggtt     83220
     gaaactgtgg cttggatatc atccaagata ggagttcctg tcgtggcaca gcggaaatga     83280
     atccaactat ccatgagaat tcgtgttcaa tccctggcct cactcagtgg gttggggatc     83340
     cggccttgcc atgagctgtg gtataggtct cagacaaggc tcggatcctg cgttgctgtg     83400
     gctgtggtgt aggctggcaa ctctagcttc tattccatcc ctagcctgga gacatccata     83460
     tgccacaggt gcagccctaa aaagcaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaaaaaa aaacaaacag     83520
     caacaaaaga gttgctctgg ttaaagcctc accacatact tttggcctct ccttttcatg     83580
     gtggtcccta aagtgcttct aagcctgtga ttcctaacct tagctgcctt ttggaatcac     83640
     ctgggaatgt cttaaaaaat attgatgcct gagtcccaag aggttgtgat ttaattggtc     83700
     taggatgcaa cctgggcttt gggattttta aatgctcccc aggtgactat aacatacagc     83760
     caggggtgag aatcattgct ccaaggaatg tctggagcta tgtttagaaa accaccgctt     83820
     taggctttag tccaacccaa tctcttagta aaaagatatt cctcctcctc ctcccccttc     83880
     ttcctctttt tttttttttt cctgcctttt agggctgtac ctacagcata tggaagttcc     83940
     caggctaggg gtcgaactgg agctgcagct gccagcttac accacagcca gagcaatgca     84000
     ggatccctga cccatagatc gaggccaggg atcaaatccg aatcctcatg gatgctaggc     84060
     aggttcattt ctgctgtgcc acaatgggaa ctcccagaaa ttccttcttg cttgagtgga     84120
     gggacgaatt gatctgggcc ttgaaggaga ggatattttg gccaagtgga gaagcagata     84180
     tgaagggagg gagagcatca tgagaaaaag cttaaatgtg gtctgaaaca catgacaagc     84240
     agcaaaccat ttggtttgta acaggcagag attggcaaaa gacgtgcaag atttgagaac     84300
     agctgggtaa ggacctgggg agggggaatg atgaataaca tagttcggtt ccaaagaaag     84360
     ctggatgatt ttaaattaat gaaggagtgg aaggccagat taaaattttg taaatagttg     84420
     agtgagcaat ggatatcttc tgtttgccat gtttaaaggt tttattgaag tagagttgat     84480
     ttacaagttg tgatcatttc tgctgtacaa caaagtgatt cagttacaca aatacacaca     84540
     tccattctct ttcaaattct ttttccatat ggattatcac agaacactgg gtagagttcc     84600
     ctgtgctata cagcaggtcc atcagtgggg gaaatcttga agggctttgg agcactgaag     84660
     ttttatgaga agtgtgttta aggaggataa cctcacagca atgtcaaggg agacttggga     84720
     gaggggagag ttaggaaaga gggagacctg ttaggggagc tgtggcaata ctcctagatg     84780
     aggtcatttt tccagcaaga gttgggggaa agttacagat tcagaagatg ttgtcatggt     84840
     agtatttttt ttctttttct tttttagggt cacactcttg gcatatggaa gttcccaggc     84900
     taggggtcaa attggagcta cagctgctgg cctacaccac agccaaagca atgccagatt     84960
     ccagccacgt cttcaaccta caccacaact cacggcaatg ccagatcttt aacccactga     85020
     gcgaggccag ggatcgaacc tgcaacctca tggttcctgg tcggattcat ttcagctgtg     85080
     ccaccatggg aactccgcga tggtagtatt gactgggctt gatagctcac caaaaataaa     85140
     ggtggggagg agatggagga ggcatcaagt ttttggataa gggcattggg gaaatggcgc     85200
     cacccacaga ggtagggaag catgttttca gtgtcatttc atcagtctgc tttggaacat     85260
     gctacgttta gaggaccagc agtattgccc atgtggccat tttccacaga aaccagaaaa     85320
     atgtctccct gtaaatacat aggttgaaga atgtcttagt caactcagtc ttctgtaaca     85380
     gaatacggta aactggctgt cttataaaca acacacattg atttctcaca gtcctggagg     85440
     ccaagtccaa gatcaaggtg ctggcagatt cagtgtctgc ggagagttcc ttctggtcca     85500
     aagccagcct tcttctagct atgtcctcac atggtggaag gggtaaggga gcatctctgg     85560
     ggatggtgct gatcccattc acggggaact accctcaaga cctagtcacc tcccaaaggc     85620
     cccaccatca cattggggat taggcttcaa cgtataaatt ttaggggaac acaaacattc     85680
     ggtctatagc agagaagcat ttggttacaa ataatgtctg aatttggagt ggatgaggtt     85740
     ttcaagggag attctcagag aaggaaacaa aactcagata tagacactta aggcaaggga     85800
     gaaaaaaaac aagacactta aggtagggag aaaaaaaaca agggagaaga aaaaaacaag     85860
     agaggagact tgaggtgcat gtgtagcaga gggggaggag agagtaagtg cctcaccctg     85920
     gaatccagga ccaaggacaa acagggaaag tttcaaagag gcagagtact gtgaaaatgc     85980
     cattgatttt attcccggta acttttggtc attgtgtact tattgaaaga atcgttgcag     86040
     tagagtaggg aaagggagca tttccaaagg tgaagaagca gtgggtatgg aagaaagaca     86100
     tttctgacaa caatagaccc tatttaaagg gggaaaagtg agtaggtggt gaggaagcgc     86160
     aagctgcaaa tgtaagtttt tttcgagaag tttggtaagg aaggtacatt caacctgaaa     86220
     cgtccaaagg agaacccatg atttccatat tccaacccat cctcattcca cgtctccttc     86280
     cgatctcagt gcatggtttt ctttctaggt tataaacttc atgatttcac tgttcacacc     86340
     tgccattggg aagatgtctc accagcatcc tgcatggaat tcaggatagg actctatcct     86400
     gcaggtgtac aactgaagat accaagtcct ctgcttgtgc cacctccctc tccccaagag     86460
     gtctcccggt tgacctcagg ttaggagagg gccactagcc ccagatagat ttattggcct     86520
     ccttcctggt gctctgctgt ggtcagacca tttttgtttc cctcccatcc caattcatat     86580
     gttgaaatcc tgatgtgcga cacaatggtg ttaggagact gggcctttgg gaggtacttc     86640
     tgtcttgaga gtagagccct cttgaagggg attagtactc ttatgagaga gaccccacag     86700
     agctccctag ccccttctgc caaatgagga aatctagaat ccagaagagg gttcgcactt     86760
     gacagaatgg gcaccctgat ctcagaattt gagtcaattt ctgttgttta taagccactc     86820
     agtggtggta tttttgttag agcagcccga atggactgaa acagactccc agtggctctt     86880
     tgtccccttt gcctgcctgg tacaacacac caagcagggc tctaatccaa gctgtctgtc     86940
     accctccagc ctgcaagcag gaacagctgt ggccagttgg catcttctgc ctggccctgc     87000
     caccctattc ctgccaactt tttcaatata gtctaccttc ttcttcccga cttcctcgag     87060
     tttgggggtt aaagccccag gtctgtttgt aaatgcttcc tctgcaaagc cctaagccca     87120
     gtctggtagg gagtggaaaa ggtgtgctcg gttagatgga tggatcccca gtaggatccc     87180
     cagagagccc cctcccatat ttgtgcgggt ctctctggta tcctgggaat ctctctcttc     87240
     tcacttttgt ttctgtcagt tttctttgcc tccctgcccc ccggacgagt aaatgagggg     87300
     aggtgaaaag ggaaaccaaa agagcagggc ctttgtaagg ctgcagtttc tggaattgcg     87360
     gatgacatcc acgtagtcta tttaatattg tctttcagaa attcacacac acacacactc     87420
     acacacaggt cagaacaagg agggaactat cgaggggagt tgggagcggc cggcttcctc     87480
     ccgaccttgg gaggtttgta ccctgggttc cctcctgccc ggctgcccag gagttgggat     87540
     cggagaaagg gagtatttac agagaagggg atgtcctctt catctcaggg tgaaggttca     87600
     taaactgcga acctcccaaa tctcattccc ccaaaaatca aatgtaggta gaagctctga     87660
     gattagcaag aaaataggca gggatggggt ggaagagaga tggaactgta ctcaaaaaaa     87720
     cccggagtga gcgtgggggc atggctacgc tgagactcgg ctcttgagcc agaagaaggg     87780
     gaggagtcta tcggtatgga ggtgagacct ggcgccacaa acccaatcac cggactgaat     87840
     caccccgcag ggaagaaaag aaggcggagc ctgccgacct ggaggcgggg ttttgtcaga     87900
     gccggggcgg agcctataga ggaggcgggg ctttagggac ccatctccag gctgggggag     87960
     cagtggccga gggagcgcgg ctgggggcgc tgcatttaga gggggtgtgg gcctggagcg     88020
     actgagggcc cggcttttgg cggggattcc caggaagcgg aggccctatt agtgtgggtt     88080
     ttggcagggt tcctgaggaa ctggattcgg agcgtgctcg caaggcgaga gtttccgtgg     88140
     aggcctagtt taggatgtaa cgaagtccgg tggccccaga agcagatgtg tcgggcgccc     88200
     cattggatcc cgggcttgac ggcaaaacgc gcttgggcgg tcgaggggcg cagggtgggg     88260
     ctgggccagg ggtgtcctta cggatcccag tagttctcgt ggtgctgcgc agcaatgatg     88320
     atgactaccg tgaggatggt acagagcacc atggctgcta tgcccaccgc cagggagatg     88380
     aaggagaagt tccgggcctc tcgggaagcg atctcggctg acaccatgtc tccgcgggcc     88440
     aaggccgtgc gcacctgcag gggagggtag gggagagcga atcagagagc tgctaccttg     88500
     gctgcaagcc ctaccctccc tctaagatgc ttcccataac gtccagcact ctctgggaat     88560
     aagaaatatc tagtgaaccc ccctctgcat actctgcctc ccccccacac acacacctgc     88620
     actgccttga agatggcaat gatgcccgtg ggccagaagc agcagatggt ggtcagcact     88680
     gcgatgggca tgtagtcgtg aggcgggcgc ctgggctcca gcagggccag ccctgggccc     88740
     tggggcggcg gggggagcgt ggaggttact cccgttcccc ccggggtccc gccagcatag     88800
     ggctgtggaa agaaggttgt aggaagagga ggtcactcat aaccctctcc gagcccacca     88860
     acttttcaca tctggcagag aaagaaggtt gtttcctcct ttcaaatctc ctctgcactt     88920
     tgagcctatt tcccctccca gaccctggtc tttgacgcca accgaccacc agtcactccc     88980
     aggcctttcc ctagtcccac ctctcccttg gtcccagaat accgtctggt ccccagcccc     89040
     tagtgtgtcc ccaattccag gtccttgttc catcgtttcc ccaccccccc tccctccccc     89100
     cggccctgtc tgccccatac tcaccgtgcc caccgggtag actggcacgt aggcagtgca     89160
     aggctgcagc tgcaaggggt agccgggagc tacgtagccc cccagcggca gcgtgcccac     89220
     cgctcccgtg tgcgtgggca ccacgaagcc cggggcctgg gcagtatgag agggcgccgg     89280
     cgggggcggg gcggcggcgg cgggcggtgg cgggggcagt gggccctcaa agcgagtctc     89340
     ctgcaggtaa gggtcgggtg gcatgcgggg caaggtggcg cagccgggtg ggggcgcccc     89400
     ggcggcgggg ccgggcggag catggtgtgg gggccttggc aaggtggcag aggacgaggg     89460
     accacgctga gcggtggccc cggaagccag gccccctgcc cctaagcgcg ggagcgtggc     89520
     ggtgccggac tggtggtagt ggtgatgatg gtgatggtgc gaggaagggg ctgcctgtgg     89580
     gggcggggcg ggaggttcag ccggaggctg gggggcattg tagggtggtg gggaggtgtg     89640
     agggactgag tcggggaggc ctgggggcag tgagcagagg cgaggggaag gggtcagtta     89700
     agacagacag atgaaatagg aggggtaggg ggagacacag agggtcagag atggagaaag     89760
     ataatgggag agacagagag gagatgggtg agaagccgtc tctcattctt ggggcaggag     89820
     aagtgttgta tctaggccat caccccctca cccccccctc ttcttttcaa tctagttttg     89880
     aggtcataac tctcctgctt ctctcccttc ttcagcagtg ggcaccagct ttaacctgca     89940
     gacccaatct cctagcctcc ttggcttatg actgcctttg ggcttgccta tctgagctgg     90000
     tcctgtgcgt gcacatgtgt agacatgcaa cactgtgtta acatgggctc agttcaacag     90060
     ttgtataaac acatgtaggg taacatgttc cattctacca ttccttcagt ggggaggggt     90120
     gccctagtct ctgggaatct cagtacctct tttagggcag attaaagaag agtcctctgg     90180
     atttaattcc cctgacaacc cccatctgat catctctcct tatttctctt ctggatgtct     90240
     ccatgtgagc cagtgtcatc tgtccatctg tcacttgcaa tgatgctatc catgcagtac     90300
     ctggctgatg ctaagccact cttatacttc cctcaccctc tcaacctgcc tccctaccca     90360
     tgttgttggc aagggacaga ggctgagact ggcaggagga agggaagagg acggagggtt     90420
     agagaaagaa gaggggggtt gggagtgagt ggagagctgg atagaagggg aatgaaacag     90480
     aaccatccgc tagggagggt taaagggggg ggagtcagga gacagtggag agggcaggag     90540
     ggtttgttgt tgttttctac ctgacttttc agatgacatg cctgcgatct cgctgggaca     90600
     ggatccgtgc agctggagtc tggagtcggg gtccctggct agcaccggag ctgggtgcgc     90660
     agattgcgca gccggcagca gcgcagagat ggagagatgg agacagtggc ggcggggggc     90720
     ggaggaaaag cagggagggg gggagcttaa agggaccgag acgggagggg gagcctctca     90780
     gatgtacccc cactcggtct ctctccgctt ttggattatg tctctcctcc tctcaccccg     90840
     gcattcaagc ccccagtttg ggctcctttg gagttgtcat ggaaacaggg aggcaagcaa     90900
     gaccaggcaa ggcgggtggt actaagagaa ggaaggaagg agaaagaact ctctagagtc     90960
     ctcccctcca agactggctg tagtgattat actgtgggag gaagcgagta ggtgctcagt     91020
     ggattcaata cctcagttcc ctctggatct ggttcatcgg tcaggcctcc ccctcctgag     91080
     cttccctata agacctcagg atctcttccc aagtccttag ccctggtttt cccctccgta     91140
     ggagagagaa ccatatgcga gagaatcgcg tgcagaattg agaccagcaa tggcctgaaa     91200
     gttcccaggg ttgtgacctc aaccagccac cctggcctgg gatgaattgg gaggtaaatt     91260
     gagagactct ggtccagggc acctctgagg tagtagagcc ggttgtacgg tgggggtggg     91320
     gggagggagg acggagagga agcttgggga gatacgtggc taccgtcttg ctccagggtg     91380
     aaagagctga agagttttgg gaggagtggg agaatcaacc actcgtttta ggaagcttgg     91440
     tttgggaata tatgcttgat ttccttttcc cctttgctta tcgtgtttct tagggtttcc     91500
     agggccctcc gtgttcagat ccattcctta aatcctgtcc acccaccacc cccgccaagt     91560
     cgcagcgcca ccgtctgagt cgacctgggg gcaccgcagt aattgcagtc ttttcatttt     91620
     gcttattgca actcgggagc gtgtacgtgg ggaggggagg tgaagatcag cagtctacga     91680
     gctttaccag agttgggctc tttgcaaaaa cagagccagg aatcattgtt acccacccca     91740
     ccttccccct ttagacattc cagcccccgc cagaggcagt cgctctctca agctgagtcc     91800
     aggcgaagac tacagagctg tgacggaggc gcttagcctg ggccagcccc aggcgccaga     91860
     gatttagatc gcggctgcat gccgatcgtt ttggtttcta acgcccctaa ccccctacgg     91920
     ctgccctaac ctcagtctac acaactgagg atgcagtttg gtttggcatc tgaggagaga     91980
     cttcagacgc aaagtgaaca gaggcaagaa ttcagaggag ctgcgaaatt ctttttatca     92040
     aggaaaaagt ctttaaatgc taagtaaaag ccctaacccg gcacctgggt atcgggcggg     92100
     gctacagggg caaaggtgca ggacgcctgg agttcagaag tcccgaccga gtgggagggt     92160
     ctgagtaagg agccgcccac aaagagctcc aagtccggga cgaggtttgg gggtcgctca     92220
     agttgaaaga ctggtccgaa aaccacgcga gcttgagtca gagctgcccc aggggccctc     92280
     cgccccttgg ggggtgggtc gtagaggggc agcggagtgg agtagggtag gagaacttga     92340
     gccaagccac actttacccc gagaggcctc gaggactctc ctcgtctctg gagacaaggg     92400
     cgctacaagc acttcaggat gaagagttgt aagacgcaga cctggggcgg gtgggaaggg     92460
     gctgggggct gggtctgcct gggctaacca gccctcaact ggcggacggc gaaatgcgga     92520
     ctgctcctcc agactgtttc cccagcgcct ccctggggaa agagaacttc gtgttctgat     92580
     gcgcagccgg acgcctgaat ttgggaacta gggctaatca aggccgggaa atgggatcct     92640
     taggtcgctg ctgccgcagg gcccgaagag gccttctctc aattcccagc ttgttcgccg     92700
     cttttttctc tccccaccag tctaaatggt tcgctccgcc tattcccccc ccccgctctt     92760
     agggcgcaat ggattgtccc attgcccctc ctgtctcggg cctgcgttgc gggggacgct     92820
     ggtacggttg ctagggaaag ccccggacgt gacggctaag cgcgaccccg agcagccacc     92880
     catctcccat ccgtcattcc cctgcgcgcg gtctccttac acccttcccc tcccccacgt     92940
     gcgttccaag ctagggggag gtaaacagcg ggcggagaga ggctcacgga cccaggccag     93000
     gtgggagttt gcaccctcct ggggtcccgc gctgctgctc tggggtctct tttgcaaaac     93060
     ctcggtcttg tacggctggg acgatgcttt aggaagaccc tgggcctagg gaccgagtcc     93120
     ccgctgagtt gggggcgggg cttgggtgcg cattggtgcg tctactacgt tgtagggggg     93180
     tgtgtttgtg gggagaggac tggagtgaaa gatattttgc gactaggacc tagcatggga     93240
     acgggcgacg gatgctggat tgccggcgtc tgttccgtag ggaagggggt gttgtcatct     93300
     ctctcacagg ccctcatcgc cctcttttca ggcggcagca tgctggggct ccaagggctg     93360
     cggctcccac cggcgggatt cctgcttctg ttgccattcc tgctgttgct gctactgccg     93420
     gcagcccctg cgccccaccg ggtttcctac aagccggtca tcgtggtgca tgggctcttt     93480
     gacagctcgt acagcttccg ccacctgctg gaatacatca acgaggtctg gcaggggaca     93540
     ccgggttgtg ggcgttggag gcgtccacag tgactgggaa aggagaatga ggaactgaaa     93600
     gctgggcttc ctcggggagc tggtggtggc gtggagaaag ttgggggacg agggccctgg     93660
     ttctagcagg gcacgatagg catgcgggcg ctggccaggg gacggtgtgg acgtccgggc     93720
     tttgcagtcc gtccccgctt gcagcagtgc ccccttccca cagacacatc ccggaactgt     93780
     ggtgacagtg cttgatctct tcgatgggag agagagtttg cggcccctgt gggaacaggt     93840
     gcaagggttc cgagaggctg tggcccccat catggcaaag gcccctcaag gggtgcatct     93900
     catctgctac tcgcagggta ggcacccccc caccccaact cctaagccct gtctgaggct     93960
     tgatccttat cagagcgacc ctgcctggtg ttcccttttc tgaactacac tgcttcagcc     94020
     aggggcccag tacttgagcc ctccctttct gacttccctt agcacctggg tcttacctct     94080
     gtgtgtgtcc tgagtgggag ggaggcttcc tgcactgctg tccctttctt tccccatgac     94140
     ataagggata tggggacagt aaaaagcagc ctagagttag tccaaagacc cagaatcaaa     94200
     ttctggctct gtcactcaca ccatgtggga gcttttgacc caaggtgtgt ggtctgctct     94260
     gggccttggt ttcctttatg tccataatgt gtgtggggga gggtgcggag tggggggact     94320
     cttggcctgg ctgtccccaa gtccctgccc aatgtcgtgt tctgcctgca gggggcctgg     94380
     tgtgccgggc actgctctct gtgatggatg aacacaatgt ggactctttc atctctctct     94440
     cctctccaca gatgggacag tatggaggta agtgggcact gtgggctcca taggggggcc     94500
     ctgagttttg agggcacaaa gtttggggcc acttggcact gctgttctct tgccagacac     94560
     ggactatttg aagtggctat tccctacctc catgaggtct aacctctacc ggatctgcta     94620
     tagcccctgg ggccaggaat tctccatctg caattactgg cacggtgagt agggcatgcc     94680
     gaactggggc cttcatggaa caatggaaag ggcatcctgg agggtgggcc tgctgctcct     94740
     acctctgcca tgaccagcag caatagtaat gataacttgc atttattgag cacttactat     94800
     gtgaacaggc actgttcaaa ataggagttc cgttatggtt cagtggtaac gaactcaact     94860
     agtatccatg aggccgtggg tgtgatctct ggcctcgctc agtgggttaa ggaactggca     94920
     tggctgtggt ataggccatt ggctacacct ccgatttgac ccctagcctg ggagcttcct     94980
     atgccacggg tgcagcccta aaaagcaaaa aaaacccaaa aaaacaaacc aacagaaaaa     95040
     cccaaaatac tttatgtgtg gagttctctt gtggcacagt aggttaagga cctggcattg     95100
     tcactgcagc agcttggggc accactgtgt ggcaggtctg atccctggtc tagaacttcc     95160
     tcatgccacg ggtgcagcct atttatttat ttatttattt tgtcttttgt ctttttaggg     95220
     ccgcacccgt ggcctatgga ggttcccagg ctaggggtcc aatcaggctg tagccaccgg     95280
     cctacaccac agccacagcc aaagccacag ccacagccac agccacagcc acagccacac     95340
     atgatccgag ccacatctgc aagacagcaa ggccagggac tgaatacgca acctcatgtt     95400
     tcctagtcgg attcatttcc actgtgccac aacaggaact cccaggtgca gccaatttaa     95460
     aaaagaaaaa agaaaaggaa aagaaagaac agaaaccaaa tgtttcatgt gtatcatttt     95520
     agagagcaga gactatgatc tgttgcaggg gttggcagac tttaccctta aagggccaga     95580
     taggaaacat ttttggtttt gcaggccata tagtttctgt cacaacccat gtattgccac     95640
     agtgtggtac cacagtactg agagagcagc catagaccat atgtaagtga attagtgtgt     95700
     ctgtgttcca gtaaaaattt acttacagga gttcccgttg tggtgcagca gaaacaaatc     95760
     tgatgagcat ccatgtggat gagggttcaa gtccctggcc ttgctccgtg ggtcagtgat     95820
     ctggtgttgc tgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtt gcagatgcag agtggatcca gcgttgtcgt     95880
     ggctgtggtg taggctggca actgtagctc tgatatgacc cctagcctgg gaacttccat     95940
     atgctgcagg tgtggcccta aaaagcaaaa aagaaaaatt tatttacaga aagaagcagt     96000
     gaagtggctt tagctaatga gtcatagctt gcaaacgcct ggtatagttt taaagaccgt     96060
     ggatgctggg tccagactac ttgagtttga aggcttgccc tgctggatga ctttgggcaa     96120
     gttactcaac ctttctgtga ctcggttttc cctatctgta aaataataat atagtacata     96180
     gagtggttat gagggttaaa ttaaaaaatc ttgttttggc cgcatcacac gacatttgga     96240
     agttcctggg ccagggaatc aaacctgcac cacagcagca acctgggctg ctgcagtgac     96300
     catgctgtat ccttaacctg ctgcaccaca agagaattcc caaagataaa taaacataat     96360
     gtgctttgaa aagcatctgg ctcttaatag gtgtaggaaa agatgtttgc tatcatgttt     96420
     aaaattatta ttattactac cattatatta ctagtcactc cgtctattac tctagcctcc     96480
     tgatgggtct cccatcctct gtctggtctt gcctcctcgc cctgcttctc tgacaatctt     96540
     tccacctgct ctttgtcccc agacccccat catgatgact tgtacctcaa tgccagcagt     96600
     tttctggccc tgatcaatgg ggaaagagac catcccaatg ctactggtaa gagcccaggc     96660
     tcctacagag atctcctttt ctgcttctct gacccctgcc ccccaccccc catgttcccc     96720
     tctccagcgt ggcctgaccc tggtgactga ctcaggctct cttcttccca tcctgcagct     96780
     tggcggaaga actttcttcg tgtgggccgc ctggtgctga ttgggggccc tgatgatggt     96840
     gtcattaccc cctggcagtc caggtaataa gggactgtat gaagattggc taaggacacc     96900
     cccagccccc accaatcttt atctcatttc taaaactagc ctgttcctcc tgttgttcag     96960
     ggaacaccct caccatccct cttgccaccc aagaccaaga cctgggagtc atctcccaac     97020
     ctcttgtatc tagccagtcg ataagccctg ctgactctgc ttcctctcca tccctaccat     97080
     gccccctttg gaaaaacctt ttctttcttt ctttaagggg cccaggtaca gcatcttgaa     97140
     gctcctaagc tagggttcga atccgagctg cagctgctgg cgtacaccac agccacagca     97200
     acacagatcc cagtcttgtc tgcgacctac tccacagctc acggcaaagc tggatcctta     97260
     acctacagag cgaggccagg gatagaatcc acatcctcat ggatactagt caggttcatt     97320
     tttgctgagc cacaacagga actcctggaa aaacttttaa ctttgaaata tttacaaatt     97380
     cacaggaagt tgcaaagata gtttagaaag gtcctgtgtc tcctttgtcc agttcccccc     97440
     aatggttgca tcctatgtaa ctactatagc acagtatcaa aaccaggaaa ttgacatggg     97500
     tacaaaatgt gtgtccatgc cattgaatca catttcccac cacctctttt acttaaccgg     97560
     actcctgaaa tagcctccag ccttgtcccc tctctcctac tcctggaaaa tccctggctc     97620
     catggcactg tgtgcctgcc tctgatctga aatgtcacca gatctgcttt aatcactcaa     97680
     taaatactca ctgagcactg tgtgcccagg ccctgttctg ggccctgggg gtaagcagta     97740
     aatgaaagag aaatccatgt tattacttat cttacattcc agtgggggaa acagataata     97800
     aatgtaaata ggggagttcc cagagtggct cagcagtaac taacctgact gggatccatg     97860
     agcactttgc agatgctact ctttttccct ggctttgccg agtgggttaa ggatctggcg     97920
     ttgccgtgag ctatggtgta ggtcgcaaat gaggcttgga tcctgtgttg ctgtggctgc     97980
     ggtgtaggcc agcagctaca gctccaattc aaccccttgc ctgggaactt gcatatgccg     98040
     agggtgaggc cctaaaaaaa aaagagagag agacagatag taaatgtaaa tgtgggagtt     98100
     cctgttgtgg ctcagtgggt caaggacctg atgtagtagc catgaggatg caggttcaat     98160
     ccctggcctc acgctgtaag ctaagaatcc ggcattgcca caagcagatg caattgcaga     98220
     tgtggctcgg atttggcatt gctgtggctg tggtataggc tggcggctgc agttctgatt     98280
     caacccttag cctgggaact tccatgtgcc acaagtgtgg ccataaaaaa aagaaaagta     98340
     tcaatatgta tgtcaggtgg tgataaaata aagcagggta agggcttaga ggatgactgg     98400
     cacctatttt aggtagtggc cagagagtcc tggaagagtt gcaaagactg aaggaagtga     98460
     gcaaaggagc catgcaacaa tctgggggac acagcccagg aaaaagagta gtacctgcaa     98520
     aggccctggg gcagatgtga agaataagga ggcccatgtg gctagagtgc agggagctgg     98580
     ggagagggtg ggagaggagg tgaaagagat agcaaggagc caattacaga tggcctgttt     98640
     ttcttttttt cttttttttt tttagggcca ttccctcagc atgcgaaagt tcccaggcta     98700
     ggggtcaaat tggagctgta gctactggcc tatgccacag ccacaacaac gccagatctg     98760
     agccatgtct gcgacctata ccgcatcact ggatccttta acccactgga tggggccagg     98820
     gatcgaacct gcatcctcat ggatactagt cagattctta accctctgag ctgtaacggg     98880
     aactcacaga gagcctctat gtgacacagt aaggcctttg tttgtttttt tctgaaatgt     98940
     acataaaatt tggaattccc tttgtggctc agctgttaac gcatgactag tatccatgag     99000
     gattcgggtt caatccctgg ccttgctcag tgggttaagg atcggcgttg ccatgagctg     99060
     tggtgtaggt ctcaggtatg gttcagatct ggcgttgctg tcgctgtggt gtagatcagc     99120
     agctacagct ccagtttgac cccttagcgt gggaacttcc atgtgccacg ggtgcagccc     99180
     taaaaaagac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacccaa accataaaat acacataaaa     99240
     tttaccattt ttcagtgtag agttaggtgg cttcaggtcc attcacattc tggtgtaacc     99300
     ttctccacca tctccagaac ttttttcttc ttcccaaact gaaacccctc actgtttaag     99360
     gaatggtaat aactccctca ttcctgcctc tccctggccc gatttctttt attctgagtg     99420
     agagaggaac acattggagg gttgtttttt gttttttttg tttttttttt ttgcttttta     99480
     gggccgcacc tgtggcatat ggaggttccc aggctagggg tctaattgga gctacagctg     99540
     ccggcctaca ccacagccag agcaatgcag gatccaagcc tcttctgcaa cctacaccac     99600
     agttcatggc aacgctggat ccttaaccca ctgagcgagg ccagggatcg aacccacaat     99660
     cccacggttt ctagtcagtt catttctgtt gcaccacaaa actcctagag ggttttgagt     99720
     gaaggagtaa catgccttat aattgtttgt gatgggcttt atttttatct catttcacat     99780
     ctactacaat cctctgaaga taatagtatc tcaaagttat atagcacctt ttatgtccca     99840
     agccattatt ctaagtactt ttcaaataag ctcatttaat cctcacaaca agcctacaga     99900
     gtaatactat tatcctcttt tgacatataa agaaacttaa gtacaaagag attaaataac     99960
     ttgcctacat tcatagagtt agagagtagt ggagtcaggc agacgactta accacagttt    100020
     tccttccttt ctacaaagga gctattctta cacaggacaa agaagaaaag caacatgatc    100080
     caccacacac aggggggagt gtgtggcagg gctggagttc aaatccatgt ctttgtgccc    100140
     ctcttgctct cctgtgcctt gtgaaatcta acccttcaac aatggcctcc aggagttcct    100200
     gtcggggcgc agcagaaacg aatccaacta ggaaccatga ggttgcaggt tcgatccctg    100260
     gcctcgctca gtgggttaag gatccagcgt tgtcgtgagc tatggtgtaa gtcacagaca    100320
     gggctcggat ctgatgttgc tgtggctgtg gcgtaggccg gcagctacag ttccgatttg    100380
     acccctagcc tgggagcctc catatgccgt cgctacggcc ctaaaaacca aaaacaaaaa    100440
     gaaccaatgg cctccaggcc tccaacccaa cacccccatg tcctgcccag gctttacctc    100500
     tgtgttgctc ttgctgtacc atttactggg ggcagcctta cctagtccac ggaaatcacc    100560
     ccaaagcctt tgttgttgct ctaaaactag gggagtggcc tctccttttt tcccaaggcc    100620
     cattggactt aacactcttg ttaataacaa atgttatttg ttcagctatt catggccagg    100680
     gtccactcag tgcccaatgc cagttaaata ttattaactt taaaaatgtt aaggccataa    100740
     gttcctgttg tggagggggt taggaccctg actagtatcc atgaagatgt gggcttgatc    100800
     cctggcctca ctcagtggat taaggatctg gtgtggctgt ggctcaaaac aaaacaaaac    100860
     aaacagaaaa cattaagacc tttttatttt taaatttttt tttttggagt tcccgtcgtg    100920
     gcgcagtggt taacaaatct gactaggaac catgaggttg caggttcgat ccctgccctt    100980
     gcccagtggg ttaacgatcc ggcgttgccg tgagctgggg tgtaggtcgc agacgcggct    101040
     cggatcctgc gttgctgtgg ctctggcgta ggctggctgc tacagctccg attcgacccc    101100
     tagcctggga acctccatat gccgtgggag cggcccaaga aatggcaaaa agacccaaat    101160
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatttt ttttttcttt tatggctgct ccttcggcat aaggaagttc    101220
     caggctaggg gtcaaattgg agctgccgct gccagcctat gccacagcaa tgccgatctg    101280
     agccgtacct gtgacctatg ccacagcttg ctgaacactg gatctttaac acactgaatg    101340
     agatcaggga ttgcacccgc atcctcatgg atactagtca ggttcttaac cctatgagcc    101400
     acaatgggaa ctcttaagac attttacttt gaaatttcat ttttttaaat accaatattt    101460
     tattatttta ttttgtcttt ttagggccat acgcatggca tatggaggtt cccaggctat    101520
     agctgccggc cgacgccaca gcaactcggg atccgaggtg catccacgac ctacactaca    101580
     gctcacagca acactggatc cgtaacccac cgagcaaggc cagggataga acccatgtct    101640
     tcctggatgc tagttgggtt cgttaaccgc ttagccaaca cgggaactcc tgaaataatt    101700
     ttattcttaa gaaattaccg gagttctcat cgtggctcag tggttaacaa atctgactag    101760
     gaaccatgag gttgcaggtt caatccctgg ccttgctcaa tgggttaagg atccagcatt    101820
     gccatgagct gtggtgtagg ccggcagcta tagctctgat tagaccccta gcctgggaac    101880
     ctccatatgc cacaggttca gccctaggaa aagataaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa    101940
     ttaccaaggt agtacaaaga attttatatg ctcttcacct agatttccaa atgtgaacat    102000
     ttctaccaag tttacattag cttcctttcc tttctcttcc tttctgtatg tatttctctg    102060
     aacatgtgtg tgagccattt gagagtaggt tgcagacatg atgtctcttt acccttaaag    102120
     cttcagtatg tcagcatcta tttcctctgt ataggacatt cttttacata tccacaattc    102180
     tcaaaattgg gaaattaaca tcgatacagt acttggtaga ccttattcaa atgttcccaa    102240
     ctgcccgatt ctattatttt tgtaaaaagt aatgtcagga gttcccatcg tggcacagtg    102300
     gttaacgaat ccgactagga accatgaggt tgcgggttcg gtccctgccc ttgctcagtg    102360
     ggttaacgat ccggcgttgc cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtt gcagacgcgg ctcggatccc    102420
     acgttgctgt ggctgtggcg tgggccagtg gctacagctc cgattcaacc cctagcctgg    102480
     gaacctccat atgccatagg agcagcccaa gaaatagcaa aaagaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa    102540
     aaaaaaaaag taacatcaat aactataata actataaacg catattaagt ttggttataa    102600
     tgccacttca gcttactgga attctgcatt gcaagcaggc ttccaaaata gactcacaca    102660
     tttgcaggga gaaacgatag gggctttctg gtcatgattt gactaataat tatttactat    102720
     actgtgtgtc ctttctgatg ttttctaaaa tttcgtgttt tagttgtttc ctaatattat    102780
     aaagtcaaaa taaacagaat ttctgtagac tgaggtcaaa ttaatttaaa aagctccccc    102840
     ccccgcattg tcctcataca aaaaaaatcc tgtgcaacat ccaatccagg atcatgtgtt    102900
     gcatttggtt gtcatgtttc tttagtctct atcttttttt ttttttcttt tgtcttttgt    102960
     ctttttaggg ccacagccac agcatacgga ggttcccagg ctaggggtct aatcagagct    103020
     atagctgccg gggctacgcc acagccacag caatgccaga tctgagctgc atctgcgacc    103080
     tacaccacag ctcacggcaa tgccagattc ttaacccact gagcaaggcc agggatggaa    103140
     cccgcaacct catggttact agtcggattt gtttctgctg agccacgacc ggaactccga    103200
     cattgatatt tttgaagcat atgagccatc cattttatca aatgttccta ggtttgggtc    103260
     tgttggctat ttcctcgtga ttggattcag gttatgctta tttgatgggg ataggcagaa    103320
     gcaatgctgt gtcctcagtg catcccctca cgaggtgcat gatacccagt taaacatttt    103380
     gagagccctt gttgcctcct tgtgacccca gtaggccatc aggttctgat ggccccagcc    103440
     tgcctcatga tcttctcccc ctcactcccc atctctttgt agcttctttg gtttctatga    103500
     tgcaaatgag acggtcttgg agatggaaga gcaactggtg agtcccctgg aattacttcc    103560
     cctttctgca tgtgctgtcc cacctgcctg tagcccgatc tgcctcagct gaagggttca    103620
     ccctgtgggg agggggactg ggacgcctgc aggaactcac tttgtctctc cctgtgtctt    103680
     tcttccatgc cccttcgccc cctttcaagg tttatcttcg tgattctttt gggttgaaga    103740
     ctctcttggc ccggggggcc atagtgaggt gtccaatggc tgggatctcc cacacagcct    103800
     ggcactccaa ccgtaccctt tatgagacct gcatggaacc ttggctctcc tgacggattc    103860
     cctccaggac ttcccagccc agagaccagg tgggagctcg gacgtcaggc cctggtgtgc    103920
     ctgtgaccaa cctcattgct cccacactgc ccccaccaac ccgggctccc agaatccctt    103980
     cctctgctct tctgtgaatg acaaggcctg gcctcctcca tctcatgtcc tctcagttgg    104040
     ggggttgcac tgtgctctcc caccctccca aggccaaggt tgggaagtga gaaatcaggt    104100
     ttttaacttg gggctgctcc tcctgctgct gctccttcgt ctctggctgt gtaggaggca    104160
     aacccagccc ctgcccacca caggggtctc cttccaggcc actcaggaca tttttagctt    104220
     ctgtttcccc atgtcccctt tctgtctgaa ctcccctgtt gtgagctccc gacccccagg    104280
     aaggaccacc catgacagtg gggttctgag gctcccctat ggggacagtt ccattcttga    104340
     agtgtcagtg ttggggaata tctgtggcct gcgaggccca tctcaggttt ggggattccc    104400
     ccagtcccta tgctcagtat tggggcgccc tctggaagcc tcgtttcttt aaggctccag    104460
     cccctctttt agctaccctt gaatgggtgt cactcctgta tttatggaaa taaagtatca    104520
     tttactcagt gtggcttgac tcatttccag gtgaagggga cctggctccc caaggagggt    104580
     ggggagggag ggcctgaggc ctgggtgccc ggataactgc tctggggtgg gacccccttg    104640
     gtgtttccgc tctctcaatg cccattctct gtgggttcct gattctctgc gggttctttc    104700
     ctgctgtgga caattctctt cctgtcctag cctatgatag ggggctgagc ccagggcacc    104760
     agtggtttga gccccagcct catgggtgga atgtgccagc cacccccagg ctagacgagg    104820
     gggctaaggg tcagggtggg catttgctgc gccccttttc gacctttgta ggccagagct    104880
     gggtgagggg ctgcacaatg agcctcctct tccttgagag aaggaatctt ggtggagaca    104940
     ataaggccct gtctgctctg gcatgggggg cggcagctga ctcaactctg cccccctccc    105000
     cccaaggccc tcacaaatgt catcaagaaa tggggcaatt ttgccctcag tgccctgggc    105060
     agcccccctc cctcgcccct ttgtgatgtc cccttctctc tttcctcggc gagcttgctt    105120
     tctctcccat gacctgaccc actttgttct ctgcctctgc ctgcccccca gttccccggt    105180
     ctgtgttggg ttgaagggca ggggacaagc gccagaggta ctgctggcgg tataaagcca    105240
     gcagcctctg ctgatctggg agaggtccag aaataagggg ccgcagaggg ttgagacgag    105300
     acttctaggg cgccctttgc tcggctggag gtgaaggtag cgggatttgg cctccactga    105360
     atggaccaag ctcaaactgt gtaggaggct tgcgggaggg gacaggaatg ggagggctct    105420
     gtctgcccgc ccctcctctc ccttgcagcc ctcgtagccc gcccaccagt ctgagctgct    105480
     actgctgagg ctggtcggcc tgaagtctcc cggacagagg cacagacagg tggggagaga    105540
     aagtcagtgg ggaaagagta ggatcactca gagtcttaga gtgcgtgtgc atttgggggt    105600
     ggtgttggag gggaggggag tgggtccagg gtgagtggtg ctgtggggtg tgagggtaga    105660
     agaaacatgt ttaaggtggg gtttctggga gttcctgtcg cggagcagcg gaagagaatc    105720
     cgactaggaa ccatgaggtt gcgggttcga tccctgacct cgctcagtag gttaaggatc    105780
     tggcgttgcc gtgagctgtg gtgtaggtca cagatgcagc tcagatctgg cgttgctgtg    105840
     cctgtggcat aggctggcag ctgtagctcc aaatagaccc ctagcctggg aacctccata    105900
     tgccgcgggt gcagccctaa agagcaaaaa aataaaatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggtag    105960
     ggtttccggg tgtgtgggtt tgtgcacaag tgtggcatga tgagaactga gattttgaag    106020
     gtgagaagat gaggatagag gagaggaggt tcgagatagg agggtcatga agggagatgg    106080
     agggagcgtt gtcggggtgt gtgcttgtcg gatgatgcag gcaccgtgat gtgctaaacg    106140
     aaggtggtgt gagttaaatg tacgtgcagg tgtagacaat cctggccaat gcaagtgtgc    106200
     aaatgaatgt cctggccccc ttaaagggca cccgcagatt gttcttagaa gagctggagc    106260
     tggagaagtt atctggggaa gggaagggcc ttcattaacc tcttcttgcc tgcagctgaa    106320
     gagtctggaa ttaaggagaa tcatggggtc cagggctgag ctgcacaccc tcttaggtgg    106380
     actctcattc ctcctgctac tgatgtcagg ccagggggcc aagggtggct ccttcaaaga    106440
     gaggtgacaa cagagggggc agggccaggg gtgaggtctt catgaaacct gctggaggtg    106500
     gggcttcacg gggcaaaaca aagttcggaa tgggggtgag actgtcattt ctagggaggg    106560
     tgggcctcgg tggagcctga agggaagtgg ggggctcctg gctctccagg gcctggccca    106620
     ctcagtgtct ctcaccttct ccggcacggg cgcagtcagg gggtctgctc caggcagacg    106680
     ctggtggttc cactccgtta caacgagtcc tacagccaac cggtatataa gccctacttg    106740
     accctgtgcc ctggaaggcg tgtctgcagc acctacaggt gagggatggg gagcctggac    106800
     tccggggtct ctcaagagga accccaagaa ccgggaccgg gacccatgtg ccaatgtcca    106860
     gagcccggcg ctgtgttcca ggaccaccta ccgcgtggcc tggcgggagg tgcggagaga    106920
     agtgcagcag acccacgccg tgtgctgcca gggctggaaa aagcggcatc ccggggcgct    106980
     cacctgtgat gaaggtgagg ttggatcttc ctaggcctcg tgggaggttc gccccgccgg    107040
     gctggggagc caggcagtct gcccggttct gaatcccacg tcctgcgccc gcagccatct    107100
     gcgccaagcc ctgccaaaac ggaggcgtct gcgtgcggcc ggaccagtgc gagtgcgccc    107160
     cgggctgggg ggggaggcac tgtcacgtgg gtgagtcggc ccgccctccc tcaggggtgg    107220
     ggccgggacc tcccgccccg ccctctcagc ccccctcctc tttccggtaa ctagacgtgg    107280
     atgaatgtag aactggcgtc actctctgct ctcaccggtg ccacaatacg gcaggcagct    107340
     tcacctgtgg ctgcccccac ggcctggtgc tgggccccga tgggcgcact tgcgcagaag    107400
     gggcctcaga gcccccaacc agtgccagca tcctcagtgt ggctggtgag tgggtgggag    107460
     cagggggcgt gccgagtgcg ttggggtcag ggccagggcg gtggtcatgc tcgctctcct    107520
     ttgtcccagt tcgggaagct ggacgtgaag atcgtgctct gaggcgggag atccgcgagc    107580
     tgcgagggcg cctggagcgg ctggagcagg tgtgcggaga tgtctggggt taaggctgca    107640
     gagcggggcg gacctcatcc ccaacaccct gaggtgcctc ttcctttgta gtgggcaggt    107700
     caggctgggg cctgggtccg agccgtgctg cccatgccgc ctgaagagct gcagcccgaa    107760
     caggtggcag agctgtgggg ccggggcgac cggatcgagt ctctcagtga ccaggtgctg    107820
     ctgctggagg agaagctagg cgcctgtgag tcctcttgcc tctctctgct gggaccctca    107880
     tctcccaaca acagcctcta gctcctccat atcagacacc tttcccccac tgggttttct    107940
     attttccaaa acccattccc agaggtccta tcgtggctca gtggttacca aatctgatta    108000
     ggaaccatga ggttgcaggt tcaatccctg gcctcgctca gtgggttaag gatctggcat    108060
     tgccgtgaat tgtggtgtag gtggaagacg cagctcggat cccgtgttgc tgtggctctg    108120
     acttaggcgg gcagctacag ttccgattag acccctagcc tgggaacctc catgtgccgt    108180
     gggtgcggtg ctaaaaagac aaaaaaacaa aaacaaacaa aacccttccc ctgcactcac    108240
     tcagcccaca ccttccccag atttccacgc tttacccacc ccttcttctg gtaccctgtc    108300
     tccaactcag tggttccatt tattgttaag tgacactgtc aatctcttca gtgtccaggg    108360
     cccactccag gcatccaaga atccatagtc aatgtgtctg cctgtcccct tgtcattaac    108420
     caggctcctg tgaggacaac agcctgggcc caggcctcag tcggcggaga taaggtgctt    108480
     ctgcagggcc cctgcccccc taatttatac agaaactgga tccactaatc ctctgggatt    108540
     ggccagctgg ggagctgcag ataagggtat ctgcccctaa ggagcaatga acagtggaca    108600
     ctttggaaaa ctgaagacag gaggagggca ggttgtcttg gcccacctcc aagtctgccc    108660
     gctggggcag acgcctgggt gaggactgct tttttaactc cttaacaaac acagccagaa    108720
     agtgcccaga tctctctcaa tctttattct tggtttcttg ctgttatcca gataattaat    108780
     aaaaatcaac cgcacaaaac tgggtcccac cctctccttt tgctcccagc ccacctccct    108840
     ggttgtgggc acaggtctgg ggtgggaggc agggagtggc taatgccacc gggaggaaat    108900
     gaaaactggc tcagagaggg gaagcctcaa aagaaaagag aaataaatta aaagccctcc    108960
     catcccctcc cgccagggtc cagtcccttt ccccagggag aagtgggtgc agcacctggg    109020
     gtctgcatct tcccctcgcg tctggttaga gtggtacagc ggggctgcgg gggcgctggc    109080
     tggggccagg accactgaac agctgtacca aggggatgag gggatgcaga aacgtggaga    109140
     ccaaactggc ctccaggtgc tccaccctgg gcacctggat gcgggcaggg atgagacctc    109200
     tgagaagagt ccagcctccg ctgacaggag gctccacggg agggaggggg agggtggagg    109260
     aatgtttctg ggatgagccc gggaggagcg gtccaggcat cagcctccag ccgcagtgtg    109320
     aggagtcctc ctcataaacg gatgtgtcca ctggacttgg gagtgcggaa ctgttccaca    109380
     gaatgaatga cttcactggc aaatgtgggg cggagcgcga gagaccacga aggaggaggg    109440
     cccgctgggg gcgggatgga gtgttcctac ctttgtgtag gctgagccac tggagatgag    109500
     ggggaggcaa ctgtcccaca gacaagatgg cacagaaggt gggggtcagg agagattgca    109560
     cctgggcaag agtccgtggg gcgggggcgc tggggagggg ggcagggagc ggtgctgtaa    109620
     ccacattcac ttcaggagct gaagattcca aggaggagaa cgagtgggga gaggggagat    109680
     gaggaagagg gcttggccca gcttcaggcc cactgggcta gtgggtgtgg agaaggtggg    109740
     gggcagatgg gaagggagct cagagccggg cctcgcccac ccctccgggc ttcttcaggt    109800
     agtcgccgcc acccctgcca tcggtggaga tttcccggaa gacggtgagc atcgagtgcc    109860
     ggactctgtc ggccagagct gggacatcgt ctggggtcag cccttctgtg ggcactgggg    109920
     gcagcacccg cacctgacat cggcctgtgg gggagcggga gggggagcac atcatggcct    109980
     gtctgccagg ctgctgccca cgggtggggc ctggtgtatg agcgctcctg ctacatactc    110040
     ccctccccaa cttttcagtt ctcttgcccc tgccctggac aactgcccct cagcttgcca    110100
     actgccgccc ggtcctgcac agagcctgtc ccggggccag gtccagacgc cccctcagca    110160
     ccctgccagc ccaaccatct cggtttagca attactgccg aaagttacag ctttgcacac    110220
     tcggacttgt ccttcctgcc aggcagtaac agcccctctt ggaggcagca aacattagcc    110280
     atctagctgg gtctgggggg cgcttcctga ggacttatgg ctggatgtgg gggtcacatt    110340
     ggatgatcct gtggacacct cacagttctg acactgacca gcccctgcct ctcagggatg    110400
     tcctcccggc ctctcgcctg gcctttctgg ccacccccaa ccccagacct gcttggggcc    110460
     ctcacccgaa gtgaagcggc gctccttctt gcagtagaag tcttgatagg atgacatgac    110520
     tatggggacg atgggaacct gagggaaggg caaaaccatc agtccccagc gctcttctga    110580
     ggctcccatg acaagcctcc accagcagag gaagggctgg tgggggctgg ggacccagca    110640
     gaggaagggg catagcatca cctgggcctg cactgcgagg tggaaggcgc cacgtttgaa    110700
     gggcagcatg gagccattgt ggtttctcgt gccctcagga aaaacccaga cccgcacctg    110760
     ggcaagaaag aaggtcaagg aagacacatg gaggggtcag aaaatggttg tcaggagttc    110820
     ctgtcgtggc atggcggaaa tgaatcccag taggaaccat gaggttgcag gttcgatccc    110880
     tggcctcgct cagtgggtta aggatccgtc atgttgccgt gaactgtggt gtaggttgca    110940
     aacgcggctt ggatcccccg ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag gccggccgct gtagttccca    111000
     ttcgacccct agtctgggaa cctccatatg ccgcaggtgc ggccctaaca gaaaaaaaaa    111060
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aaatggttgt gaggctataa tgggacttct    111120
     gaggcctgcg ggtcctgcac atcagtttat ttacaatcat tctactccat aacccccctt    111180
     tccccagggt gactcacgtc ctgtgtgagc agggtctgag caacctcgga catgacactg    111240
     atggcatccc cagtgcgctt ccggtcaatg aagatgactc ctgccagcca gcaagccagc    111300
     ccggcagagc cggcccacag gagctcacgc ttagcaatgg gcacacagcg gcctggcagg    111360
     acctccatca tccctagggc gggggtaggg gggtggggtg agggtcagaa tgttccagga    111420
     agcagcccac ctctcccagg gcatcaccgc actaccaggg actggagatc cgggaagagg    111480
     ccggctgggg ggagggggag ggaggcccca ggaaggaagg gtgactgcag gcatttgtcc    111540
     tgcttatgag ggtggctgta ccccagggaa agaggcccgg ggagggagca agttgggcaa    111600
     cgtcccagac gagcgagggt tgagggcctc tagggcagga gatcccgggg acggtccagg    111660
     aggccgggca tggggagggg agggtgctta ccaagcaggt cgagggagct ctggtggttg    111720
     gagacgacga catagggctg tgagggaggg aagtggtgag cccctcgcac ctccactcgg    111780
     atcccgtaca ggtatttgat gtggagcagc atcagacgca agatcctgtg ggggttccac    111840
     gtggcaaggg gttcgggcgg ggtccctcga cgcccacctg caggccgcgg tggcctcccc    111900
     tcctatggtt ctgggcatct ctgcagtcgt ctcctcttcc ttgtccctga gctctcaggg    111960
     tccctacact cccactgccc tccccacctg catctcgctg ctgcccctta ggttcccgca    112020
     caccccaaac cccttggccc tcacttcatg ttctcgacgt tgcgtcctcg cacggcgcac    112080
     acggggatgg cgagcacagc caggaagagg atccagccgt tgtagaaggc catcttgaag    112140
     aagtacttgg cactggggct gcagaaccac agggtgggca gcaggaagag cagcagcacg    112200
     aagagcagca gtagcagcgt ccaggcccct ggccacagct ccattctggt cacctgcagg    112260
     ggatggagca agggacagtg ggcatgcttc ctggaggggg gcggggtgga ctaggtgcaa    112320
     aaggcagggt ccgggggcta cagggacgag gctggagaca cagaatgggg ccagggctcc    112380
     aggaaaacct gtccaggaag cctctctagg atgcggatgg tggggaggga gctcaggact    112440
     gctctccctg agggctccag atgtattcag acaagggaca caagacaggg acatccatgg    112500
     ctcacaccac acacatgaca ataaaaggac attaatagta aaaacagcta atgcctgtag    112560
     ctggtaagga tcttatagct gtccacccct ctgctctcca atatggtagc tgccagccac    112620
     atatggctac cgagtcctgg aaatgtggcc tagtctgaat tgagaggagc tagaggtata    112680
     aaatacacac caggtttcaa aaatggatga aaaacagaat atcaaacatc ccataataat    112740
     gtaataatct ttggtattga ttatattctt ttcttttggc tgtgcccaca gcatgtgaaa    112800
     gttcctgggc cagggatcga atctgcacca cagctacggc agtgctggat ccttaacctg    112860
     ctgcaccaca cgggaaggcc ctgactacat tcttaacgtg taacttcctg gatatactgg    112920
     gtttgatata ctaaggttaa tttcaccctg ttaattttta tcttttgcgt gtagctccta    112980
     gaaaattaaa attacatatg tggcttgcat tatatttctg ttgaacagag ctggtctgta    113040
     cactatgtta agcccttaaa tacgaaccac acaatttgcg ttttaaagga aataggtcca    113100
     gagagttgat aagactccta agaaacactt cctatctaaa gcttgtgctc ctacccactt    113160
     ggttaaactg ccgcccatgt gtaaatacac aaaagtacag agagcacgca gcagataaag    113220
     cagaactgac agaacacccc gatgttctca ggactgactg gcaagaataa aggatctatc    113280
     actaatgcaa cacggacaca cacagtcaaa caaagactga cctattcaca cgcataggca    113340
     aatttataat cacacccctt acagataaag gatcgtaaat gtttacccag aaaaacccca    113400
     ctccacctgt tcccagataa acccgcggac ataccaggag tgcctacatc cattaatcct    113460
     gcctccacag acagacagac agatcccacc accttcttcc ctcctgtcca gcgtcgctgg    113520
     aggcaatatg gtcaggcggg cagggtggaa gaccttgcca agtgaacaaa ggaaggcaga    113580
     gtcaaaggga catcacacta cttgccctgg gagcgggaag agctcacgac gaagggcaca    113640
     ggcgagcaga accagcttgg taggctcttc ctccttcctc cactctgccc cactgttgga    113700
     agcaggatta caatccccca aagagtgtcc agggcaaatg tctgtgtttc ataccaaggc    113760
     caaaggcact cccttccagt gacgaaaggg ctgtggccca tggtaagccc actgccaagg    113820
     gtggacatag gcaacagaag agggactctg ccagctttgg gttaggccat cctacctccc    113880
     ccacaagcgt ctccctggag tatctgcaac aggttcctct cttccccttc cgccaccttc    113940
     cacgtggcaa ccacgggtgt ttccgtgaca cagatcagag cctatctctt gcccaaaggc    114000
     ccttcccaac aagtcaactt tggcttacat ttttgtcccc atccccacaa attccttttt    114060
     ctctccagtc actgactgac ttcggttcct ccgacacacc gtgatctttc atgcccctgt    114120
     gccatgaaca cactgttccc tttgggtgga ctgttcttct gcctcttctc ttgcctcaca    114180
     cagttcagtg gcactttttg gaagtcttcc tgaagacccc tccagacctc tgttttcgtt    114240
     acaattttat cttatcactg gttcttaagg tgtagaaata caattttttt ttttcttttt    114300
     aagtccgcac ccatggcgtg tggaagttcc caggctagcg gctgaaccag agctgcagct    114360
     gccggcctac accacagcca cagccacaca cgcctccgag ccgcgtcttc gacctacacc    114420
     acagctcatg gcaatgccgg atccttaaca cactgagtga ggccagggat cgaacctgcg    114480
     tcctcgtgga tactagtcag atctgtttct gctgtgccac aacgggaact cttagaaata    114540
     caaattcttg aacttcactc tacagctacc gaatcagaat ttttgaggtt gggctcatca    114600
     atctgtatgt tattttaaca agccttccat gtgagtctga tgtacacaca agttagaaaa    114660
     ccactgatct tgacactaga cagcgtgtaa ccattcaaga gccatttctg tttccctccc    114720
     taacccgtaa gcagcttgag gacagggact gttttatccc caatgcccag aacagaagga    114780
     agcagagaag atgctcaata aacatttgct gaatagatta taagactgta tacattccca    114840
     tacagacgga actcacgaca gagaacacag acagaattga tgacagagac aaagttctga    114900
     acatgaatca gacagctact tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgtcttttt gccttttcta    114960
     gggccactcc ttcggcatat ggaggttccc aggctagggg tctaatcagc tgtagccatc    115020
     ggcctacacc acagccacag caacgtggga tctgagccgc gtctgcgacc tacaccacag    115080
     ctcacggcaa cgccggatcg ttaacccact gagcaaggcc agggatcaaa cctgcatcct    115140
     catggttcct agtcggattc gttaaccact gagccacgat gggaactcca gacagctacc    115200
     ttcttgagga ctatgaaagg aaaaggcaat gaacacacca ggcctgacag taaccaactc    115260
     tgaagagaca caaacgatat agggtcacag tgaaggcaga gggacgagaa gcaaaatggc    115320
     acataccatc tcacacacaa gagcaacata cagaacaggg attaacatgc cacaagcaaa    115380
     agatgctgct gtcatcaaat gcgtgcctac agtgcaaaga gtgagggcag atgatgtgca    115440
     gggcagagct gaccctgtgc tatgcactga gctccgtgga cacaagactg tacccaggca    115500
     ctggaggtga tgcgtgtgaa gggacacagg ccggggggtc agcaaggcat ggtgcgtggg    115560
     gagggttctt taggaacgtg gaggcccagt taccttccta acatgtgaca ttaagtgacc    115620
     ctcttcagag caggaatgtc taaggattta cgtccaagga tttataagca caatggaatg    115680
     ccaactgagg taacaaacag atggctcaca aaacatactg ccaataaaat tatgaaataa    115740
     atagtttgtg taactggggg catacaagtt ctggacgtgt cacatcagca catcacgtgc    115800
     aggggcacgc atggtgtggt gtgaccaggg actgggaaca cacatgcagc aaagaggcca    115860
     accgtgactg tgtgctggtc agctaagccc cgggatccca cacacgaaga ggattgcaca    115920
     tggtgggact gtggacataa cctgtgagcc caaacaaaat caaggagaat ttctacatgc    115980
     tcaaataaac gtgcaaaaac attcaatgtg caagaaacat gaaaccacat aatagacaca    116040
     aaagataaca cacacacaca catgggaaca tgatgagacg acgtgaggca gggacataag    116100
     atgtgagagg aggcaattct gatggaaaat aacccatcgt ttctccacgg cctgtggaca    116160
     gcataggaca acccagctgc acacagcaca caagccatta aacatgtcaa aggcacaccc    116220
     actcagtgtg gaaaacatgg cccccacaag gcatctgtgt gtcagtaagg gtcgggcaca    116280
     gcacggaggc cactgagaaa caagaggttc tgtgcctaga cagaaacaga ggtgtctgag    116340
     ggcattccta ggaagcaaat tctgcggggg gggggggggg gggggaagaa gggcaataaa    116400
     ctgccttctg cctgccccaa gcccccaaga gtcaggtggg gccaaagggc aagaaaagga    116460
     attggggaag gtgttgggca ctccctctgc aagattccct gtccacaccc catcccaaat    116520
     gcacagggtc tccgcctctc ctccttctca ggcctcctct cctttcccca gcaaccctct    116580
     ccccagtcgg cccttctttt cccaccagcc gtctcctcgg cccgccctcc cagacccaat    116640
     ctttccccca tcccctcctc cacgtccctt tcagcaccct cctccctcct cctcccatcc    116700
     ctttcctgcc cccacctcag tggggtgggg ggcctggggg gctggccccc tccccagcca    116760
     ggctgcggca gcggtggtgg cgggtggctg tgtctctgcc tcagtcgggg tgtcggtgcc    116820
     aaggggggcg acaggatttg ggggtgtcct agccccggcc gatggagggg aggtgagagt    116880
     gggaggctgg gcccatagcg gtaggaatgg tggggggttg tccccccagc tccctccctc    116940
     cctcccttcc tgccgtctcg gagggctggg gctgctgctg ccgctatccc ccgccacccc    117000
     tccccacgcc cgctcgtttc cggggctggc caggaagtag ggggcggtga tgggcgccct    117060
     gttttgccaa tcgccgcccg gggaccttgg catctcttcc ccacatcttt ctgtctcctc    117120
     cggctagctc caccccacga gagctctgct gggctctgcc tccgtgtctc tggccttctg    117180
     tggcttcagc ggcacctttt tgtctccagt ttcctttcag cacacatggc ttgggtccct    117240
     tggtgctgta ttccttcctt ggccagttcc ttcccagcct gcaaaaagct ctcctcctac    117300
     agctgattgg tttcttcctt tctcctgaac tcccacatct gctgcttatt ccctctgact    117360
     ccatcccttc tccaactctc ttttcctgtt ccctgttcaa gtccaaatat ttatcaagca    117420
     cttactaaac gccaagcact gagttcttca cctctcttgt tctctccagg gctccatctc    117480
     actccacctc accctgcagc cctcttgtct gatctctttg ccctttgtcc ccaccacccc    117540
     ccaccactat ctcccagcag cccagctccc tccaccacca ccttccccct tcctggcctt    117600
     tggagagaag ggatactctc aggccctctc cctgcccctg ttcttccgtg ttctttaaac    117660
     ctcagtactt tttctagttc tctccttcct atcagtctcc ttactcctct aagctgaaac    117720
     tactcctccg caacatagaa aagatgtact cttttcttcc aatggaaact gggcataggg    117780
     ttgctttgtg gaaaagactt gtgaggaaga atgctgattc ctttgggccc agcatgcctc    117840
     cttaattctg tagtcacata cctagctctc tctcctgcct gttgccctct ttcccatatt    117900
     cccatcggcc ccttatcggg atcactccat cactcttccc ttcttggtct ctgcttctcc    117960
     gctcataaac gtttccccta aacctctaag cgcctcctaa acccttacct cccctgcctt    118020
     aggcgtcaac taacatctca ccttgcctca cttgagtcac ctgaggcctt ttaccgggat    118080
     gttgttgagc agcccttagc ctgtgtcggg cctcaaccct ctcagacacc tttgccctgc    118140
     aagcgtttta caagccctga ggaagaggat gtaaagaata ctggtgatgg gaagactgtt    118200
     acctagttct gcttcttggg ccacagtgag gaccactgac tgtagaaaag gaccaaactc    118260
     gtacgaaagg cccaagctct atagcaggtt gcccaagtcc ctgggggtac agctcagagg    118320
     aagaccccag gtcagctagg ccaagtacgt gaaggaaggg gcgggcctaa ccccatcccg    118380
     ccgcgggtcg cctaaaaagg ggcgggcctt gcctcttctg cacccattca caaagccgag    118440
     gagatttttg ctcttaaggc ttaaaacgga gaggaggtca accctgttct actctgtgtc    118500
     acactgaaag ggggatgggc cttcagttct gctgtgtaaa tcacctaagg aggggcgggc    118560
     tgagtcgtcc agccgaggga gatggattaa caccagcgca gcagatcgat gctcgcacca    118620
     tccaaacgtc gggctaatcc caattctgct cccttcttca ctaagagtga ggggcggacc    118680
     caagttctgc tctttacgtc accgaaggag gccggagcca ttttgaaccc tgcgacccca    118740
     gtaatggtcc tcttttccga gctcttcgct gtcttttccg atctcggcca atcaggggcg    118800
     aaaggaacaa cccaatcagc agagagacag agagagagag agagaaaaaa aaaaaaacca    118860
     cgatcggagg acccggatga ggccgagccg aggcctttga actccaaacc tcgccaattg    118920
     tagagcagtc accatggcga caagagagcg aggtgaaggg gtgggatcag agaaggctca    118980
     accctcacag gattggccct ccccgcccct ccgccggctg cgcacgcgca ttttgcctag    119040
     ccaccatttt ccgtctagtt ctagccaatc aattgctttg gagccttacg ctccaaagtc    119100
     caataggaat cccgacattc tgtgaagaag gaagtaaagg aaagaaaggg ccttctagtg    119160
     ggcgaggtct acgtagtctg gagccaattg cttctggcct ttggttatga ctggcagcta    119220
     ctcaaacgaa taaagccctc cctggccggc gacaggacgt gtggagttaa taccaatccg    119280
     gtggccgtgc ttactgtctg tgactgtgtc agccaataga cattgtgcaa gggcagcacc    119340
     gcgcaaacct ctttgctccc ctgccctttg gaccaatcct ttcttttgac cctgtgggat    119400
     tgacaggcat tcagacctat agtaattaga aaaccctgag gcctgcccaa agatcgtggg    119460
     caggaggcgg tttctcgttt gttggggcgc ttgtacgtgt gtttcggggg attaaggggt    119520
     acacgggggc gaagcagaac cggccatggc agcagcggag gaggaggacg ggggccccga    119580
     agggccaaac cgcgagcggg gcggggcggg cgcgaccttc gaatgtaata tatgtctgga    119640
     gactgctcgg gaagctgtgg tcagcgtgtg tggccacctg tactggtgag aatctgggaa    119700
     gggggcgaaa aagagtgggt ctcacctcta tagtatggag gctgggggtg agagggggca    119760
     tataggctta tagatgatca gagggcacat tctcctaggt gaggcctcag gagggttctt    119820
     aggtcttttt aggtatgtgt gggcgagagg gtcacatctg tgcagaggag acctgtggaa    119880
     aggagtcata gaaactagga gctggggcgt acggtgtgtt aagaggaaag ggggcacagg    119940
     gggtgggcgc tgcacagcgg tgcagatgag acccgagcca ccttacccca gggaggttgg    120000
     gaacagatta gactcaaagg tcaggggaga taggcatcag gtgagtaaag ggagatctgg    120060
     ggaacgtggg atcacattcc ggtgagatat gggaaggggc aggatgacaa acctggggac    120120
     aggggtgctg tagaggagca gtccccagag gttaaggaat tatggaaaga gggcccttta    120180
     ttggacatgg gagagaagaa aaggagtagc aaaagaagat actggtaaag ggggtttggt    120240
     ttgggattaa tgggggcata gatggggctg gggctgaaag gagatctgga aaaggatggt    120300
     caagagaact ggaaattaag ttgaaaggtt gagaagagag ggggagagga gcgggttgag    120360
     catgttgagg gtggacgtag ctctaggtat tggaaagtca gagaagcagg gaggccagtt    120420
     tggctggcat agtagaggtt gtggaaaata tggcaggaaa cagcaggtaa cacctgggaa    120480
     cgggtggcga gttaggaccc tgagtttgag tctgtgtctt ttgtgtagct ggtctgacct    120540
     ttttctttcc ccctttccag ttggccctgt cttcatcagg tgcgtactca gaggagatga    120600
     agagggagat ggggaggtct gaggagctgg aagacgcttc tgtgtactgg aaaccactac    120660
     atttttttcc cccagtggct ggagacacgg ccagagcggc aagagtgccc agtgtgtaaa    120720
     gctgggatca gcagagaaaa ggttgtcccc ctctatgggc gagggagcca gaagccccag    120780
     gatcccaggt gagagagggg aggtagtgct gagggaaggg aagaggaggg agtattattc    120840
     cctgttgatc atccctctcc tcttcctcag attgaaaact ccaccccgcc cgcagggcca    120900
     gcgaccggcg cctgagagca gaggggtgag tcttgtgtga ttgccttcct tccttgccaa    120960
     agacttgccc agctccccac tgacgttctt cacctcccta gggattccag ccatttggcg    121020
     acactggggg ctttcacttc tcgtttggtg ttggtgcttt tccctttggc tttttcacca    121080
     ccgtcttcaa tacccacgag ccatttcgtc gggggacagg taagagcctt ccctcagctg    121140
     ctcctggcga gccctccgac ccccgcagcc ctgcctccct cctggcctcc cagtggccgc    121200
     tgcgtccaca gctttcttct ctcccacagg tgtggatctg ggacagggtc acccggcctc    121260
     cagctggcag gactccctct tcttgtttct cgccatcttc ttctttttct ggctgctcag    121320
     tatttgagct gtgtctccct cctgcccacc tccagccaga ggagaatcag tattgggggt    121380
     ccctgctgac ccttccttac tcccggatcc tcgctgcccc cccacacacc ctccatttct    121440
     gtcgcctaag gccaaccctg gccactctct gggagggtgt ggggaggagg ggcaacatct    121500
     gcaggatggg agaacctttg ctctggacgg acggctccct cgagagcaac gtaactccca    121560
     gctcagggag ggggaggacc gaagaggagg cccggccctc ctccctccca atgctttgct    121620
     tcccccacac ttcttgattt gatgctgaca ggtgggcaag gctccctctg atgctccccc    121680
     cacgttcccc ttgttgattt aatttaattt ttccctcccc agtgtctaat gtgggctccg    121740
     agtcttcagt gcttccttcc ccttactacc tcctttctta caaattcaat aaataaggtg    121800
     agatgtattc atgggatctc cgcccacctc tgtccgtccc tgtccctcct tctttccaca    121860
     acagggagca tcttctccct ggtgtgagtg ggtgttggtg tggtgggggg gagggtgtct    121920
     cacacacaca cacacaaaca caagcaaatg gggcaagatg tgtcaggtgt ttactcatga    121980
     tggcttgtgg ggggctctgg ttgtggagga gagcttgggg aggcggggtg gagattatac    122040
     aggggtgaac tggtctgggg ccagaaccga gtgtgggaaa aagaaaaggc agagggtggg    122100
     tggccgtctg gctggggctg ctcaaggcgc tcctgcactg ctctcagccg cctcgggatc    122160
     ctccggctgg ttcagctccg cacgctcctc ctcgtcttcc tcctggtttt cgggggcctt    122220
     cctgggaggg ggcgttgggg agaattcgcc gtatttccag cactctgtca tcctcccccc    122280
     gcacccctcc ctgctgcctg gaggccctct ggcctcctct gctcacctct cctgtcctct    122340
     gcgttgccgc ctgtgccaca tgatgacccc gacgagcagg gcggcggtcc ccaggcctcc    122400
     caggatcccc agggctaggg ctagcgttcc cagccccggc ccttcgacag aacctgtggg    122460
     gagttgggga gaactgaggg cacagccccg ccgcgcacag ttcctttctt gcccagtatc    122520
     cccgccgtcg tgctgagggc ggtcagcttc cctctgacct tacccagccc ctcacctgcc    122580
     gccggcccct cctcgcctgt ttctggaaga caaagttgga gcaggtcaga aggaacggct    122640
     tcagtttggg agagggctgt tgagcggcag cccccacaga ctttccctct cctcccgcgg    122700
     ttcagcgggg agaggggcca ggccgcccgt tctctcggtg gggtttggat ggggcagagg    122760
     gggcctagat gtggctgcac tgagggaggg gtggggtggc tcttggggac agtgccagaa    122820
     cgaggtgggg aactggagcc tgcggtgtcc ctccgcctgc cccaggggcc ctttggagag    122880
     aagtctcacc aatgatgctg atgctgatgg ctcggctctt ctggggcccg tggctgggat    122940
     gggtggccac acagctgtag gttccctggt cctcaggccc tacctcaggg agcagcagca    123000
     cggggctggg ggaaaggggc aggggtgtgc cctggggggc gggggggggg gcgggcagga    123060
     gaccattaac cacatcctca ggtacccttg tcttcctcag cttctctcct gccccctatc    123120
     tccatgggcc ccttgccctc ctagctgcca gtgacgtaac tcaccacctc ccagcccctg    123180
     ttccaggtca ctcacatcct tggtccagtg gatttggggc gggggctgga cagaggtttc    123240
     acaggtcaag gtcacagtcc caccaggagg tacagctcca cctgctggct ctaccaccaa    123300
     ctggacttcc tccaggggca caggctctgg aggtgggccg ggcatgagtt gaagagttaa    123360
     acctgtgtgt ggttccagtg gccacagact taaccctctg atccccaagg gtcctccttc    123420
     ctgacatgtg ctcacccaag ctttgggcag ctccccacct ctgtgctcac cccagacact    123480
     gggccggatg ggagctgtgt gcagggctcg gcgccgggga aagctcgggc tgaagctaca    123540
     ggagaaggtg ggttggggag ctcctcccca ggccggggtc accatcaact cggagtggag    123600
     tgtgaaaagc cctgtctcgg ggtgtctcct ggtctcttcc ttcacagaca ctcctgtggt    123660
     ggagggaaga caaggcgagg catccagggt gggtgcaaga gaggggccac aaggaaggca    123720
     gccgggaggg ggcgccttgg ggctcacctt tgccgtcagg tatcagagtt tttccatcca    123780
     agtgccagct aagagtccct gcagggtagc ccccctcaga cacacaagtc cccacctggg    123840
     gaaaaagtga cgtcgtcatc tttgacgata agagactcca cacaggtgca ctcctctccc    123900
     cactctcagg acccctttcg acgtctcccc ttttcatctg ctaccttgtt ggggacacca    123960
     gccatgagtt cagaggcagg atcaacaatg tccggcttcc caggaatctc tgaaggaggg    124020
     aaacttccta tcagaggctg cagccttgaa ggttctcaca gcccgggtgt gggaatgggg    124080
     gcagctgaag caggttctca aatgccaggg ccagggagcc aagggctggg gtggaaggct    124140
     tttcctgaga tgggacgtgg gcctcgaagg aggccccgga acccttacgg tagacttgga    124200
     ctcggtagtt ggacttggtc tcctttccgt tccggctcgt tgcccgacac cggaaagtcc    124260
     cctcgtcctg gatcccaaca gccggcagga ggagggagcc attggggagg acccgtgcca    124320
     cactgtccca ggggcctccc tggggagtca ggaccttcca agcttctgtc cggcctgtgt    124380
     tctggggtca gaggggagag gtcgaagtgg cgcaagccct tggggagagg gctgatgcgg    124440
     taggcaggac ggatgcaaat cctcactggt ctccccagga gtgggaaggc tgtgacgaga    124500
     gccccactta ccagtttcca ttccagctgc tggggtggtt tcttgggggc ccccttacag    124560
     ttcagcacca gtggcttccc gatccgggct gtgatgtttt gatcacttac tgctacccct    124620
     gggagacagc accatgacgg caggacagtg ggggcggggg gaggggaggc acaacatcac    124680
     agtggcgggg cggtgggggg gcagcaccac gatggagggg caggaaggag ggtctgataa    124740
     aactagaacc cagtggatgt gggagattga aaagcagtac ccaggttccc agaaagttgt    124800
     gggaagattt ggggaggggg cagagtgctt tctgggggga ggattggtgt cagggaggag    124860
     tggctcaccc cacagactga ggaccagcac ccagactccg gccgttgtcc ctgctgccat    124920
     cctgcttcct ccccaggctc ctggctctgt ctgcccctcg ttgctgtggc caccacccta    124980
     ggtggggctt gtaccctctc ctccatcctg tcccgtcaca gggaatgcta ggaattcatg    125040
     cctcttggac aagagtcctt caggtactaa gagaaacaat tgtcacccca cccctgggca    125100
     cagccaccat ctatgggggt ggggagttta tttcctaggg tctttcagcc cctcaggacc    125160
     ccaatctact ccatcagtcc acgattggag gaccagagcc ccatcttgac ttggcagtgt    125220
     tgccaggcaa cagggttcag gcctggctct ttccctggag aggaggcagg ggtgagacct    125280
     ggggcttggg tggtgggggc aaggctgggg gactcaggag aaaaacctat ctggggctcg    125340
     atgagagcaa aatatttttt tctggggttt ctcatgtttt ttgaaaagaa ttctcaacta    125400
     agcccaggga aaaaagaaat ttctttattt aaaactgcat tttttttgtt ttttgttttt    125460
     ttgtttttct gtgaaactac aagtttacaa gtgaggcgag aactgcccct ggcccatgcc    125520
     tccccccgcc agccatcaca ctcccaacct gccccccaat cctgccggga tctttgacag    125580
     gagagattcc ccactgtgac agccttataa aatcctgagg atgtttgagg ggttcagatg    125640
     gtagggttca gggccaaggg caggacagtg gtgttttacc ttcccccaaa cctggcagcc    125700
     tctctcctct ctctccccac cctcttgatt ttggactgag aaaaaacaaa aagatgcctc    125760
     acttctgggg aaatcgaggg agataacata cacaaacacc ccaaccccca aggaacatat    125820
     ttggcaataa ccccctcccc attcttcccc ttccaacctg cagatagtag ctttaaaaaa    125880
     agatttaaag atgtgtcact cacaggggaa ggtggcattt gctcaagatt agagtctggc    125940
     ccggcccaag gattgtggga agaggggccg ataggttggc agaacaagcc ccgactgcct    126000
     tcacaccaaa cgcagcagaa agctgcctgc acaagcaaac acctaagtgg ctttacaagc    126060
     aaaggagaac gcctaagtgg ctttaggggg gcaggcttgg tgccctacta aatgtacttc    126120
     ctgacaggac tggagccagg caggcctctt caccagttct atctgttccc cgtcctctta    126180
     tcatgacccc tttggctatc acccctaata tgggaaagca agaaacaaac gaaatcaaca    126240
     tatttataaa aacatctact tcccccaaac taaaaattaa gaaccaccat caccaacaaa    126300
     aaaaccctga aattaaaaaa aaaaaaaata cagatggatc cagggttaat ttttctttcc    126360
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gttcaacccc aaagcccagt caacaattcc ctaaagtagc    126420
     agaaactccc tccgaggtag atatctgagt cagacactct cgtccaccga gcgattctat    126480
     tggtttaaga tgagctgcgt atgaggtaat aaagccgtct ggaggggcag gggtggggag    126540
     gcacaggggc gtggcccatg tcctctgtcc agaagtcatg tccccatttt tggcatctct    126600
     ggtcgggcag ggctggctgg cggctccata gatcccagaa cagataaggg gggtggggga    126660
     gggagagtgg gggcgcctag aagaagaggg gggcggggta ggagagagaa acagaatgca    126720
     tgagagagag aggggagaaa gttctgaaaa ctaggattct aggtgtgtgt atttgtgtgt    126780
     gagcaagaaa ggtggagaaa aaatgaagga aaaaggggga aatagacccc actctcctct    126840
     caggggaccc cgtcttcctt gccacagagt cagcacccca gcactgagag agtctggcca    126900
     gggaagggat gctcctgttg gcccgtctct agcttgtgct tctcctgtgt ctgggtttgt    126960
     cctctggatg cctgcgtcct cttcaagagt tgccttggga gcccccaccc ctgtggccct    127020
     caggggcgag atcagttgga agtgtcagaa tgaacgctcc ctggtccctc tgtcggagac    127080
     gtcactgagg acggagtcac agcctcctgc cagccaccgt ttgcctggga aaagagacaa    127140
     gacagttggg gtagggcttt ggggaaccca gtgtggggac cggcaccgcc ccggcaaagg    127200
     ccatcccgtc ctggtggtat tcactcattc actcaccctc atttcccgag ggctatacat    127260
     ctggcctccc ccgaggttat ccccatagcc ccctggcccc atcgagtgtc ggagtgattc    127320
     cacctgcagg caacggagga ggacatgaca cagtgagaag aagcctcaga agaaaaaaag    127380
     tcgcacatcc taaagcaggg agtcggagtt tgggaaagcc ctactcaagg cgggatggac    127440
     cacctgacct gggaggcaga gtaggaatct ccgttgagcc cgggcattcc cagaaacatg    127500
     tcaccggatc ctgagagatt gaaagagccg ccagagcctt gggggagcag agggggaatt    127560
     agggaagggt gtaacggagc ctgtggtggc agacaggaga ctcaccacag ctctcagttt    127620
     tcaaaaagcc cctgacctag ctctgcgggg ctgtgccacc atacacaaat gacccacaaa    127680
     acaacactgc aacactcagg gaacgggcta ttcctgagcc ctccttggcc agtggccgga    127740
     agaaaggcag aagtaaattc actggagtgg cctctgtccc ctggggtccc catcccatct    127800
     cagcttggtc ccgctcaccc caaaagggcc ccctctctgc tatgatcctg cctagacagg    127860
     aagtgggaac aaaagcagga agcgtgcaaa acagccagcc aggggtggca gccgcgggat    127920
     ccacctgcgg aggaaggggg tgtcggggag ctggtgcggc tgtggcctcc ctgggtgacc    127980
     gacacggcgg tcttgacagc gtagatgttt gcctcctctt ggaactttcc aatatttttc    128040
     ttgtaacgaa tccgcttgtt gccaaaccag ttggagacct gcggggtgtt gggcagaaag    128100
     gaggctcagg tgggaacctg tccctctgta aacacctgag tcatcaggac tggagagcgt    128160
     tttgccccca aactccttgt ccccaagccc ccccagtacc tgagagacag tgatcccgca    128220
     cttcttggcg agctcctcct tagcctcctc actaggatat gggttactca ggtgggagta    128280
     gaaatactca ttcaggacct cagtggcctg tttgctgaag ttacgacgtt ttcgtctacg    128340
     gaggagagag gggccggtga ggagggtgtt ggtgtcccca cagggccacc atgttgctgc    128400
     accccagagg gcaccgctgt cacggagaat tgtgtattct gcaacatggc agccccgagg    128460
     ctgagagacg agtggaagga gcccggagct gggggccggc ctggggccct gggccccacc    128520
     tggcatccag gaagcgggaa cgcaggatca tgacggcctc gcaggtgctc tgcttgagtt    128580
     gcatctggat ggcgctgaac tttcgatgga tgatgctcac catgcgctcc atctccttgg    128640
     gtgccacggg ccgcgtgcgg ctctgctccc tcagcaggtt catgacgtgg gttgtgaact    128700
     cgttacatgc ctgcagtggg ggccagtggc ctggtgagga ggggcccatg ggcctcgaga    128760
     ttcccccaag ggcgtctccc tccacccgct ccagcgtcct ctcctcacct gctcgtactt    128820
     ctccagctcc gagtggtaaa tgtggcggat ctgggcaagt ttgctgcgat agtccgagtg    128880
     ttcgatggag ttgtcagggg acacaccgcc ccccgaggct gcggcggctg cagctgctgc    128940
     cgctgagcca ccccctttct cgggcccagc cacaccctcc gccagaagca tgttgtccaa    129000
     gcgcatcagc tgtgggtcca cgggctcctc ctcttgggag cttcggatgc tgaggcctag    129060
     cgtgcaggcg ggtggactta gggaccgggg accccacacc agctctcagc cctcctggag    129120
     acccaggtct ccaggtgtgg gtcctcttcc caggcctcct cagcaaatct tcctgacccc    129180
     cactctcctc tgggccccaa gttgtcaaac tctcagcctg agtcctacag tgaacagggt    129240
     tctgtcccca gagttgagaa gtcagacggg gatcccacat accggttttc tccttgattt    129300
     cacacaggac gctaaagaga gcaggcttca ttcggtggca gtttagggcg tgtttccttg    129360
     ggaggaacgg gagagaaaag ttgagaggct acaggaacgg gggagtggga aagacccaac    129420
     cacaaagcga cacacccagg agggtgagag agagcctggg aacaagggag gagatgggta    129480
     aatctgtggt gggagaaagt ggggttcggg gcagaatgga gttggggggt tcataggaag    129540
     agatcggctc ccagtgtgtg gacactcggg gaagcggctt ggctttggat gggtggaggg    129600
     aaggtgcagc cggcgaaagg caccatggcc gggcggagga ccgtgggaga ggatccagaa    129660
     gggttgagag ggcgacctgg ggtgactgca gaaatgaggg tgactaggta catttcagag    129720
     gaagagagga ggctggggag gagaagagtt ggagtttgag gggtcagagg tgctaagcta    129780
     gagtggggag ttcggtatag aggtgtgtga agaagggtcc tgggactgag cagggcggga    129840
     ggctctgatg cttccagtgt cagctgagct ggggcagagg gtgagctcgg ccccttggag    129900
     gctgggccag ggctggagag gaatggtagg agctctgggc aggggtgtgg aggcccgcag    129960
     gccgacggtg ggctggagag tttaggggag aagatcttag tctgggagcc agaagggagc    130020
     tctggagatg gcagggtgtt ccaggggaga gtgggggggt cagtgagagt tgggggggtg    130080
     agaccaccta gggttccccc ttttgaaggt ttcgggtact ggggctgaaa ggaggcttga    130140
     gagggatcag ttatctctgg gctcccgcga gaaaggaaag gaagggagag ctgaaggatc    130200
     ctggggaggg tcctggagtt ggggggctcc cagcaggctc ggagcttgtg aacgggcatt    130260
     ctgctgggtc tgtgtggggt cccgggttgg gggcactcac ttggcctggg cctcgtccag    130320
     gctctggtcg gtgatggtca ttatctgctg cagaatgtcc ccgatgtctt gcttccctcg    130380
     gcctcccggg acccccccgc tacccccacc ggggtctccg ccaccgggag gttcgccagg    130440
     gcccccaggc tccccaccca ccaatcccag gcccccccgg cccccgcctg gagggggcgg    130500
     ccccagcagc cgctcgtcca tagttggggg ggggccctga ggccccctcc ctgctccgcc    130560
     cctccccccc gcctggttcc ttccccccca aactcgccgg ggccgctgct ccctccaccc    130620
     caacccccgc ccgtctcccc ctctcccggc tctcccgggg gtccgccccg gccctggagg    130680
     gagacctggg gtaccgtctg ggccccccac aggagacccc ggcccccgcg gcggagaaaa    130740
     tggagccgga gagagagagg aggcccaagc gggggtgtgt gagtgagaga gagagagaga    130800
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    130860
     gagagagaga gagagaggga ggggagagag agagcgagag agcgagaggg agagagggag    130920
     ggaggaggga ggagggagga ggctggggga ggggagctgg ggaggaagag gaggggagaa    130980
     gagaggagga acagggagga gctgggggcg gagagagaca cagaaacaga ggaactgaga    131040
     ccaagtggag gaggggacga ggggaggaga ctggcccttg gggaaaagaa gggaaggccc    131100
     cagggatgga cctctgtggc ttgggagggc gccgtgttgg gggctggggg cacctgccgc    131160
     cggggttctg aatccgggtt ctagctgatg tggactccgg ccgcgggaat gcctgggttc    131220
     acagacagct tagttcatat ttcttctcct aatgactccc ctccctgttc tacttaatta    131280
     aaaccaggag aggggggctg ggggggataa ttaggaaggt ctctagccgc tgcttaatga    131340
     gccagtaatt aaccagccag ggaggggagc tggcctctgg ccagactggg gagagtggcg    131400
     gcctctggcc tcaccttcct accctccacc ccgccaccca gacaccagtc ttcagtccag    131460
     aggggaatta tatttattca cataaccaaa catcagacag ttcagaacag cagtggggag    131520
     ggagggtggg cagggctcaa tgtccatcca caggctgtag gcccctcagt tctggggctg    131580
     ggggggcgat gtgccagggt gggggggtgg gggggtggga gaagagtcaa tgtctctgct    131640
     gtgccctctc ctcccttctt gttgggaaga agggtggaac tgtctctcag gtcagaacct    131700
     ccggagattt gcctccttgg gaggtggagg cctgagccct cagctcccac ctggtggcca    131760
     gactatgggg ggagggtgtc cccacagctc aggaccaaga ctccaggccc tccctgagat    131820
     cagaggaaag ggtgaggtgt ccctctgtac ctaggatcct ctcccggcct caagctccca    131880
     cctacttggt cacaggggga gttaaatatc catcctacct tgacaattcc cagggtttga    131940
     ggactttcac cccctctagt tcccaggaaa ggtggatgag ggcagtgaat attgagaatt    132000
     ctgctggttc ttccagtctc tggtgcccct gcggggcagg gctcaaggcc tgcagtgggc    132060
     cgcccagctt tgaaccccgg gagtgcagaa gggctggtgg gagctcaagt cttagcaggt    132120
     gtgtgtgggg ggctgggacc tttgctcctc cattcgacct ccaccctgaa ctctcagcag    132180
     caactccagg agctcctgcc cccctggggg taggggaggc tctgaccgct gggcttccat    132240
     ccgctggcac tggaggagga gaggcaggga aggttgttgg taaggttcta agaggagcag    132300
     gccttgaaag gagccaggct ggtgtgaggg gcatatagga catgtgtgat ggggatgggg    132360
     gactagggca ggtgcctggg gagaaggagg ggtggggccc caaagagaac agggaccaag    132420
     agaccaagaa gcctgggcct tgtctcctgg gggggcaggc agtggggtga ctcacctggt    132480
     gactgaggat agtgctgtag agctgttctc tgtcctcaag aggccggggt gggactcggc    132540
     ctaggcttgg gagcttctgg ggggcatgga aggtggccct ctgttcttct aggcggcggg    132600
     actgggcttc agccaccagg tccaggagca gctcagtctg cagggagaga agggaggccg    132660
     aacggggccc cacggctggg agaggagggg gagggctcag agacccagag aagctggcag    132720
     tcaggagtgg ggtgtgtgtg tgtggggggg tgcagggtaa ggtgttgagg gacttgggat    132780
     cagggctcag gggtgtgatg gggagtctgg aggaggtggg gaaggagccc gtgatggagt    132840
     ggggcttggt aacgggatca gggaggatgt gggcaccagg gtcagggagt tccctgggtg    132900
     ggtgggggta cctgtgtggc gggtccctga aggaggaggg gacggaggag cagatcgcca    132960
     aggccgagtg ctggtgttca cagggggcca gccatgctca tcctgatcgg ggtcctgatg    133020
     ctgagagaca gcggttccag ccagtcaggc aggggtgggg tgggcagagg gctaggcgag    133080
     tagcccattt cctctctctg tgtctgtttc tgcctcagtg tgcccaagcc cctctgcgtc    133140
     cccggagtcc accatgactc agtctctttc tcaggtcttc tcacctccct ctcgcagtgt    133200
     cagcctcccc gacccagtac tcagctcacc tgctcaccat tctcttcttc ctggggtctc    133260
     tcagcctcca tcccctggag gggagaagcc gatggggggg gtgggatttg ggaggagggc    133320
     cggaaccctg aggtcctgag gggagtaggg gctgaaaggg gtgggggtga gccgggggct    133380
     ggatgcctgg gtactgagca ggaagctggg ttcctggtca gcccccccac cggccccgcc    133440
     catccctgtc aacttcctcc agttctcttt tcccacccga gctgcttgct agacctcgct    133500
     tgcctcaggg gagcacagag actgggaaaa gctcctccag ctgctgcagt ggtggaggtt    133560
     cagggtgggg aaggactttt ggcattctca tctccagagc ctcagtagcc ccctaacccc    133620
     cccaactctg ttccctccac cccccctcct cccctgcagt tctgtcaaca caggaactag    133680
     ctacaaagga agtggtttca ctcctcagaa cccccccaac cccccccccc ccattcattg    133740
     ccccaggtat cttccccaag aaggaccctc ttcctcagcc tctgtcagac ttactgggac    133800
     tgggaggagc atggttccag ggggaagcag aagactcaga tccagggatg tcaggctctc    133860
     aaacatatac atatcctcct agcactgtgt ctaataaatg tgtagaatag ttatcattgc    133920
     cctatgggta cttgcggtct attcagggga caaaatatgc agcacacgta agagacaagg    133980
     gggcagggga agcttccctc tagtcatgaa ataggaaagg gagaggatta aacctggctt    134040
     ggtctctctt tattcgatgc tggtcagatt ggctgatgcc gaggtgggaa caggacagca    134100
     gagacatttg ggacctccaa atagcaacct gtcctatgaa ctgagtgact ttaagcatga    134160
     aatatgatga caagatcaag ttttgccact taatgccttc caatcttggg caaataaaat    134220
     ctgtgcctca gtttctgaaa gattaaaatg gaggttttcg tttttgtttt tcctttttgg    134280
     cctcacgtgc gcatgtggaa gttgccaggc caaggatgga atccaggcaa cgctgggtcc    134340
     tttgcctgct gtgctgggct ggggattgaa cctacactgc cacggaggca acgctggatc    134400
     cttaacctgc tgcaccacag tgggaactct ggagtttttt aaaaatagag ttgatatgag    134460
     gattcaatgt gataaagcat ttggcacatt gtgaatgctt aataaatggt agttattatt    134520
     agccttaaaa atgcttcatg cctctgtgtc tcaggtccat tgccttgaaa gaggtataac    134580
     taggagttcc tgtcatggct cagcgggtaa tgaatctgac tagtatccat gaggatgcac    134640
     gtttgatcct tggcctcgct cagtgggtta agggtctggt gttgctatga gctgtcatgt    134700
     aggttgcaga tgcggctcgg atcccgcgtt gctgtggctc tggcgtaggc cagtggctac    134760
     agctctgatt cgacgcctag ccaggaacct ccatatgcca tggggaaggc cctaaaaaaa    134820
     aagaaaaaaa gagatataat taactgtatt gctgattggt ggttaaagtt tgagatgctc    134880
     tctccatctc cctctacttg aggcctcagg aatctcctaa atgcctgtaa caaaaagccc    134940
     ttggaagagg gacaaagggt aggcgtgatt tagtgtgtgt gtggtttctc cctgggttcc    135000
     tagagactct tccctttaga caatacctta aattaaagta agacccccca atctattgat    135060
     tcttgctctt aaaactggac tcaaagcatc catccaaatg ttgaacccag gacacaaaat    135120
     tctgacaagt ttatgcagtc aatccatatt ttttccactc cacaacccct ccaaaaaagg    135180
     taagacttca aatcagcttt attatggggt gacacatttg gggttcttaa atagagatag    135240
     tggtggctag aagagtggca cttcatccct atggtggttt gtttgggggt acggtaaggt    135300
     ggggaaaacg aaaggagtca tcagctggag tgaccctggg cctttccttc agcacccaca    135360
     cagtgcctgg cacacactag atgctcaata aatatttgtc agccatttgg gggtagtggg    135420
     ggctacaggc aacagaggct tcctttggga accgtatata tacagcaaag aacatcttac    135480
     attctgtctg cagttcttgg ttccagttca ggggttctcc tcccattcca ccccatcctc    135540
     ctgtaacact tcacccttgt tttctgagag agactgggcc tgcttcatcc cagcacccta    135600
     aaccctcttt ccagggctgc agtttctcca cgtgggagac agtgtagcaa acacttattt    135660
     taggagggac gctacactca taagccctca cttctgaggc ttaaaatctg gaggtcttcc    135720
     agactgcctg tatgagtatt cacttttgga atccttccct gccacgtagc ctttcatttt    135780
     tgaccctcgc ctcccgcatt taagggtatt acttggtggg ctgggggacc ccaggcaact    135840
     tgaggggatg cccgctccgg ggacggagtg aggcaaggag gcgggattgg agtgctggag    135900
     gcggggccgc aggagtctaa ggccacccaa tcgcagggcc agtgatcgcc tgaggccaca    135960
     cccccgctcc cggccgtgac cccggatctt cctcgcacta ttgctgggtg gggtcggggc    136020
     ccgcgcatgc ctgcagaaaa cctacggccg cggaggggcg ggcctcctcc tgctcctcct    136080
     ttcgataggc ttcggccgtg cgaataggcc ccgcccccat gcgcggccaa gtctacggac    136140
     aaagtccggg cttgcggaca ggctccggct gacagcgtcc ggcagcgcgg cagagccccg    136200
     cccccacgcg ggagcacact tcccgacgcc gtccgcgcgc gctggaaggt tccgaccccg    136260
     cggcccggcg tggctttgtg acgcgcctcc ggtggccccg ccccttccag cagagtcagc    136320
     agatcccagt ggtttcgctg gcgggcgatg tctcccggtg ttagcccggc ctggtcccgc    136380
     agccctcggg cggctccctg ccccagcaat agctgggcca cctccaccgc cccttctcgg    136440
     gcagccagga acagcggcgt ctgctcctgc gcgggaggaa acagccgggg gtgggggtgg    136500
     ggggttcgag gtcagcgaag gccacgccca caggccgggc cctcttactt gaccgctgga    136560
     cctctccccc cctccccttc aggttttgct gagttcgcgc gcttggcacc tctcctgcgc    136620
     gcgcgtttta ttgcgggggt gcccgctacc cggtctaacc ctgccgtcct gtgcgtcttt    136680
     atcggctccg gcctggagaa gggaacgggc ggcccgggag ttgttcacgg cggcggccca    136740
     gtgcaacgcg gtttttccta gggggacgac gtaggaggtt gttaccccga agctgggagc    136800
     cagacgcctg ggttcctgtt tcccacggat tctagtcttg ggggaagggc tactcggccc    136860
     gccgggtccc tcaaaggcgg aagcgttgcc cgggtgaccg ccggcctgca ggaagcgttg    136920
     cctcagtgac gtcaccggcg cgcgggaggg acaatggggc attgttctgg ggtcggtggg    136980
     accggcagac cacctccctc ccacgatacc cctcccccta ctcacagaca ctcttccccc    137040
     aagctagttc cccgtgtgtt agggcagtct gcgtttttga gacgaactgg ggagactcag    137100
     gtgctacgtg gtactgctac ctcaccgtag atttactacc ctgagagcag ggtgggaggg    137160
     aaggccccaa cctctagttg gtccctatgc tgcgcctcct tttttgcatt ttttctcaca    137220
     tctcattttc tcaacttctt tatagaacta catctatcca gatccatacc ccatttatcc    137280
     ctggctccca catctgctcg ggctgcaatc agttcttcaa ccaggtcttc aacagccagc    137340
     ctggcggcca acatcagggc tgtggtccca tcctctgtcc gtgcatccac ggcagtctgt    137400
     ctgcttcgga gtaagagctg gggggcgcca gagagggcca gtgacccctg gtttatctgg    137460
     actcacactg ctgaccgcct cccaatccat attcggccac ctgttcttgt ttctctctca    137520
     gtccccaatc ccatattacc ttcctctttg ccaaagccta taggatgctt ttgcccaggt    137580
     tttcttgcaa gttagccccg tttcctttag taaccccagt gcacactgac ctggcaaacc    137640
     tcgcgagcat cagcagccac agcagtgtga aggggggtgc gccctgcccg atctggctgg    137700
     ttggggttgg ctcccgcttc aagaaggcgg cgggcagcgg ttggccggga gaatcgggca    137760
     gccaggtgca ggggggtctc cccagtgccc acggtgtgaa cctggggaca agccccgcca    137820
     cccagcagag gttcccaggg ctcagggctt cccaaccatg tctcctgata ggtcctggac    137880
     tccactcccc cacagcagac tgctgacatc aggggtgtca ctccatctgt gagtgagaga    137940
     catgaggaat gagagacaag tcaatcaaaa ggacataact gggggagttt ccgctgtagt    138000
     gtagtgggtt aagaatcaga ctttaagcag ctcgggtcac tggggaggta tgggttcaat    138060
     cagtgggttt taacctatgc tgcagttgca gcataggtcc ctgtggcaca gccatccatt    138120
     aataaaaaat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtataaca gcctggggga tatatataat atatatatat    138180
     atatatgaaa agggggagaa catggaggct tagggagagt tacagcccga gctgtcagga    138240
     agcccagctt gggctcttga ttttgtgtgg ctttcgttaa gtgtcttttc tacttttctc    138300
     tgggcttcaa ctttcctcat ttgtaaaagg aaacagcaga ccttaatatg ctgacattct    138360
     agggcggtgg ttctcatatt tgagtcctgg atcagagtca cctgcagggc ttgttaaaac    138420
     atagagtccc taatattttg aatttctgaa tcagttgctc tggagtggaa cctgagaatt    138480
     tacattttta tcactttccc tggtgatgct gatccttctg cctgaggacc acactttgaa    138540
     aatgagggtt ctgaagcact cactagtttc ttcaattctg atgtcaaagg aacttctgat    138600
     tctaaatggg tcaaagggag ttttcttttt ctcggtctgg gttggctcac gtaccaggtc    138660
     cacgggtgtc cacatcaggg atatccacct ccgaatcctg gggaggagtc agcatggctg    138720
     cctgggggag ctcctgacag tcggcactca gaggccagag ctggcacttg gagggtgagg    138780
     ccatttcttc agcctggggg atcagagcaa gggtgagtga aggagcactg acaccttcct    138840
     tcaacccgtc catcactttg ggaccatttc tgctccagtg ctttcacctg gcccacctcc    138900
     tctccttcct cggggcccga gcacatcaca actccgtcct catcaacttc tgcctctggt    138960
     ttcagtgccc tggaaggggg tgggtgggga gaggaccttc agggtcccta agagtcccag    139020
     cagtcttcct acccctcgcc ccttcctctg tcttcagctt atgcaacagc atctcttctt    139080
     actgcttctt attacatgta tctccacagg aaagagtccc ctccctgagc cccaattctt    139140
     tctcactctc acttgaggcc gatgctgtcc tctcccaggg ggggccggcg acggcgggga    139200
     actgcctgag accgaggctt tcgggtgaag ccggggggca gccagagggc cccatgctct    139260
     cggcgccgtc ggcggatgag ctggaggacg agaagagctc cgagggccag gagaagcacc    139320
     ccggccaccg gcgagcacag tacaggccag gggagctggt tggcaggggg cgctggagga    139380
     agagacacag aagaagaggt tgttcctggt gaggctgggc gggtcctcct gtgagacctt    139440
     tgggcaagtg cagtaacctc ttttggcctc agcttcctca actgtaaaat gggaataata    139500
     gcacttgcct catggggttg gtgggaggac taaagaatac tgcaaaacac ttaggcctgg    139560
     cacatagtaa gggctgtata agagttattt ttctctcatg tgctgcgaac tatttgatat    139620
     ggggatgatt ggatactctt ggtctggaga gaataggcca gaacctaagg tttgtgggag    139680
     gtctatttat ttttcttttt aggactgcag gtgcagcata tggaagttac agggtagggg    139740
     tcaaatctga gcagcagctg ctggcctatg ccacagccac agcaacgcca gatccgagct    139800
     gcatctgcca cctacaccac agctcacggc aacactggat ccttaaccca ctgagcgagg    139860
     ccaggatcga acccgcatcc tctcggatag tcggttcgtt tccagtgagc ctatgacaga    139920
     atttagaata acgtacttag ggaaacaaag aaggagactg aagagcaaat gggccatgag    139980
     ggggatctag caagagaaga ttaacaatgg taagtctcca taaggaacat ttgggggtcc    140040
     cagtggttct gtttcatttg acctccattg cgggttgctg gcatgaaagc tggcctggga    140100
     gcaacgctgg ggaaatgaca aggtcaccta ccggtacctg cacgagggtg ggcagccagc    140160
     aggggtcctg gcaggagggg ctccagggcc cccactgccg ccatggcagc caggaagcgg    140220
     agcaggagcc cagggtccca gggacagcgg gatgcagggt ggtcagggcc acagcgggac    140280
     aaatccacac ccatcaccac gacaaacctg tgggggaggc ggctcagaga cccctgtgtt    140340
     ggtccctggc tcccttccct ctgccagttg aaacactagt gtctgccccc cggccccagg    140400
     tcccccagcc ttcttacccg gtgctgaggg agtctgtctc cttgcccaca ggctgtgtct    140460
     gtggggctgc tctctcctga tgagaggggt ctggggtccc tcctagctcc tcttcagcct    140520
     gggctccagg ataggggtac accatgtccc tgccatcact gtccttcctc acccagagcc    140580
     ctaccctcag agtcagggac agcgcccggg ccagggcaag cagctgctgg tccagggttg    140640
     cggggctcaa caccaccagc agggccaggg acggccccca ttctgaaccc ccatcttcgg    140700
     gcctgcagtc acccccatcc cagccacatt ctgcggtgtt gcagcccttc tcgcagtgtc    140760
     cattgtggaa gtgatctcgg cagtactggt cataggctgg actgtggggt gaggagatgg    140820
     gagctcagga gcccaaaagg aacctgatcc cctcctcctg gagaggattc ctggtatgcc    140880
     tcagcttcta ggactctggt tgctaagttg ggatggctct gaagcagtgg gcttagtccc    140940
     tggatggtag gtagtccaga cacccgacgt ctgctgacac ccatgtttcc taagatcgtc    141000
     cctcttctta ccctccaagc tctctgtcta cctgtgagcc ctttttctca gggatgctgg    141060
     ttgctagggg aggtactcca tggcaacagg gcttagggaa gcttgaggcc agagctccca    141120
     cggctgaagg ggagcccggg cagaggcagt gccctctttc ttggacccta cattaaatat    141180
     tcatgttgcc ccattccttt ggttggattc tagcatctta ttcccctacc tagcagtggt    141240
     gattatggtg gaaactccct ggagcttgag gctgtggtca cactggaact cagagacacc    141300
     catgtccttt ctcctgcctc accctgcccg ccccccaccc tcgcccccgc aaaccaggtc    141360
     agggtttcag gctcacgtgc aggttggagg agtctcgcag tcatagccat caaacagaca    141420
     ctcttcagag tcacactgag ggtgacactg cccatcccgg aagagaagcc agcaccggga    141480
     gtgggaggga cagcccttcc aggggtccgg gacccccagg gagcagtccc ctccatccca    141540
     atttcctcct gggccgctgc agccagcatc acaggcccca tctccacctc tgccctcaca    141600
     tccctttgct ccgggcctct gacaccgggg ccctggggag ctgggcgggc aggagcatcg    141660
     aaagccagga ccccccagcc caggggtctc tgagcagctg ccattgtgta ggcatggaga    141720
     aggagggccg cagccaggag gggtgggtgg ggtcaggcag tcagggcccc catagccatt    141780
     gaggcaggca cagcgtggtg ggaatccagg cttgggggag ggcagacaaa ggcctccgtg    141840
     gtggcagtgg tggaggccgc aggagggggc tctgtggctg caggtggggc cttcaaaacc    141900
     ctgcaagagg aggagagaga ttggggaagg acctgatgtt agtcttccca cttcccctca    141960
     agcaaactcc tgggttaaga taacgcagaa ggtcctagat tcgcatatca ggagggggcc    142020
     tcagagaaca tcaagttcat tttacagacg ttgaaacccc attccatggt ttttccccac    142080
     gcaatgatat agtatacagc ggtgaaaaag gatgaaccgc agctctacac aacaatatgg    142140
     gtgaatcgta gcatcatgat acaagtccag gaaggctaaa ctgtactaga gtaacagtaa    142200
     ttgaactaat actatattat cttaatcctg gagataggat tatatacttt ctctggaagg    142260
     ggcacaggat agagtgcccc ttataatttc ataagtatat gaaagttatt gttaatattg    142320
     taattcttgg attaggttca tgggtgtttt attttgtaag gataataaaa taaatgaagg    142380
     ttgtgcataa accagtttgt tagtgtgtca tgaaccaagg cttaagagta gctcagtttc    142440
     gtgcatctga ggtccataaa caaatacaca gaattaaaat aacttatcca tggtcaccca    142500
     gcttgacctt agggactttc ctttaggcaa tgcccatgat ttctgaaaat tccactcatg    142560
     ccaccacctg atcccgcctt tcccacgact gctcctgaga gccagggact tgtgatggct    142620
     tctccagtga ttctcacacc cacgctcctc caggttcctg gctcaggcat cctcagctta    142680
     catcagcatt gggggcaaca gagagagcag ctttgcagtc gcttacctgg gggcagtggc    142740
     aggtgtatcc tgggggtggt cccgctgtgg tctcacaaga ccctccgtgg gagcagggct    142800
     ggctctggca ggggtctatc tccacttcac accactggcc tgcggtgggg gtgggattaa    142860
     acatggcact ctgctttagt cgctgcctcc ttcccagctc attcctggga ctcaccccag    142920
     cactagctgc ccaggcaaag ggacagtggg gcatattctc tggggtgggg cgtggaggca    142980
     gcaggatgga ccagatggtg aggctgtcct gtgggtgggg actgtctggg tttccatggt    143040
     caatttagct gtgcacagag atgctggcgc cccttctccc aggcctcacc tgtgtgtcca    143100
     ggcagacact ggcagtagaa ggcattggcc agagagtggc aggctgcagt gcctgtgggg    143160
     tgacagggcc ggtccagaca ctcatccacg tccccctcac agcgcagccc cacaaagccc    143220
     ggaggacagg cacagtggaa gcctccaggt ttgggggtgc aggttccatg gttgtgacag    143280
     ggctgggact gacaagcatc aggttcctct gagcagttct gtccactgta gcctggtgca    143340
     cacttgcagg caaagagggt taagacaggg aaccagtaaa tgagcctatg ctgggactca    143400
     aggggaccca gctcaggacc cagctcaaga cccagctcaa ggtctgccta gcaccccacc    143460
     ttccagctca aagcatcact caactcccca tccatcacaa ccacgtgtag ctgaaccctt    143520
     taatctcaac tccccaggat acacagttgt tcaataacac acagcttaat cccttcccat    143580
     cccaaactgt ctctatgata cgttgcctct aaatacagca cggtttttga taaaaacctt    143640
     cctcccccaa ccacacaccc cctggtctct gccatgcttt attagcttat aggtatttat    143700
     tgaatgcctg ctttgtgcag gcaccttctt aggctctagg aatacagaga aaatgagaac    143760
     tcattctgct tccacaaagt tctcagtcaa ccagaggaga gacagcgttt attgcgtgat    143820
     atatacacat aatctcacaa aaccctccta acaaccctct atatggatcg tctcatttga    143880
     ttctcacttt acagaaaagg aaactgattc ctttaaagat aaagtgactt gcataagcca    143940
     cactgctggt gggtggcagg gctgggagtc agtgcaaacc tatgactcca taactgatgc    144000
     ccttaaccat tttctgatat ttttttctct ttacagctgc acctgcggca tatagaagtt    144060
     ttaggggtgg ggggacgggc tgggggtcta gggatggaaa tgctataaaa ttggcttgtg    144120
     atgattgttg tacaactata aatgtaataa aattctttga gctaaaaaaa aaagttttag    144180
     gggttgaatt ggagctgcaa ctgccaggct gcaccatagc cacagcaaga tcagagccac    144240
     atctgtgacc catgctgctg cttgtagcaa cactggatcc ttaacccact gagtgagacc    144300
     agggatcaaa cttgcatact agagacactg tcaggttttt agcctgctga gccacaacca    144360
     gagcttcttt ttttctgatt tttttcttat tctgctagtg agggaagggt cattggtgag    144420
     gtctgtacca cacgctgttt ttgcaggagg aaggagagca tgcaagaatg ggtaccagga    144480
     aggcttcaga aagttggaga aaaagggatt cacaaagatt ctgaggagta gagttcccct    144540
     gtggtgaagt aggtgaagga cctggcagtt gtcactgcca tggctcgggt cactgctgtg    144600
     gcacaggttt gatccttggc ctaggaactt ccatatgctt tgggtgtggg gcaggggtgg    144660
     ggggaagagt ctgaggggtg gccagagggc tgggagaggc agatgacagg agtgttttgg    144720
     aaacttctga ggaaggagtt tcatgaaaga gaaagcaggg ctgagaaatg ggtgcatggg    144780
     gttcactagt aatcagtata ctactttggt gtgtgtttga aaatgctcgt aataaaaagt    144840
     taaaagataa aaatctaccc ccccgttttt gccaaacctg tggcatctgg aagtacccag    144900
     gccagggatc aaacttgtgc catagcattg acccatgaaa ctgtagtgat aatgccagac    144960
     ccttaatcca atgagccacc agggaactcc acaaaataaa atttaaaagt taaagaaaga    145020
     ggggagtgag gggatctgcc tcatgccttc tctccaaagt catggttgtg agtaagggat    145080
     cgtgttgctt ggacacgaat cccagctgcc tccctgtcct gctcagtgac ctgaaccacc    145140
     aaggagaact tttcaccact aacccagtgt ggagaaaagt tagagacatt ttactgagac    145200
     aggtgcttcc tgggtaccat ccagcagaag aggggtgggc aaagccacca aagagcctgg    145260
     atggggtata gcgaagccag cagcagtttt gtattgtggg agaagggtgg gaggtgggta    145320
     ggggagagat gaggcctgag aggcaggcgg gggcttgggg tcatgcagga ctttggactt    145380
     gattgtgaag gaggtgggca gccactgaag ggttttcagc aggggagtga cataagtcag    145440
     cttaatattt tcttttattt ttttcttctt tttttttaga gctgcaccta tggcacatgg    145500
     aagttcccaa gctagggatt gaactggagc tgcagcttct ggtctatggg cagccacagc    145560
     aatctgggat ccaagccacg tctgtgacct acaccacagc tcgcggcaat gctggatcct    145620
     taacccatct agagaggcca gggattgaac acgcatcctc atggatacta gccgggttct    145680
     taaccagctg agccacgacg ggaactccag cttaatattt tcaacagagc accctggagg    145740
     tggagtagag gctgaagctt taggaggaca agtgtggagg ctgggactac aggaggtgga    145800
     agcaggggtc caggcggaat acaaagacct ggactaaggc agtgggatga gggtgaaggt    145860
     gcagggacag agttgagaaa tatttaggag gtgaaatagc atggcctggt ggttggttgg    145920
     gtgtgtgggt aaatgaaagg aaaatgcccc ttcccccgct ttctgcccca tgactactgt    145980
     ttcccacgtc cagcccaact tcatcttccc tcgcctcctc tggaccctct cacctggcag    146040
     aggtaaccgt tgggttgggc cacgcaggtg gctccatgct ggcagggcct ggactcacac    146100
     gggtgcaccc tgtcctggca catgctgcct tggaacccag gggaacagtg gcagaaatag    146160
     gaggggccgt tgtcaacgca gatgcctccg ttctggcaca gggaagagac ttctgcgcct    146220
     gggaagagaa acaaacaggg attgataaat ctaagtgggt agggagatcc cttgtggctc    146280
     agtgggttaa ggatgcagcg tggtcctgct gtggcttggg ttcaatctct ggcccagaaa    146340
     cttctgcatg ctgtgggtgt ggccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa actaagtgag    146400
     gtggaaggac agtcaggagc cccagacact gagcagagag gtctgtgggg gcccctaaca    146460
     ttcctgggga atgtggaggc cactcgggcc ctgaggagtc agtaactgct ggtgccgagg    146520
     aggttaaatc atcaagctcc tccctccttc ctgttttgtc agaatggaga gaaatacctt    146580
     tatttggctt atcagggcat tataagcaac tgtattctta gctttatttt ttaaatttaa    146640
     ttttttttgg ccatgtcctg gcagaagtac cccggccagg attcgaacct gagccacaag    146700
     atccagacca tgctggatct ttaacccacc aagccaccag agaactcctg tattcttagc    146760
     tttaaagaag tctcaaacaa aaatgaaaac caagacaagt cttgagcaag aaagaactca    146820
     aagagaaact tcaggtgtgg aaatgaggct caaccaatgg ccggtctgtc ccctgagttt    146880
     tgcatcctct gatgttctct cactgtgact cctgatccca taattgtctc tttcctgctt    146940
     cttcttgtat tgaaacttat ttgcacaagg agcgtgttcg tttacaaggg ggctggcata    147000
     acatccaagt gagcgtggca tagaacagtg tgtcaagtgc agttgggtga atggggtcca    147060
     ccctatttga gttatgatga taatgacagt gctgagctgt ttcacaccgg atcactggat    147120
     tatatccctg gtggttgtat taaactggag tctcgtgaac tgagctgggt agtgttgctt    147180
     gagttgagtt gaatgtggtg ctgggagttg agttgtgtta ggctgtcctg ggtgttgagt    147240
     tgcagcatca ataactggtt ggtctgtgtt gctttgactc ttacttggtt gtttggccaa    147300
     atgttgtgtg tggatgtcct taggggtggg gtagaggagg ccacccgctc atttttttag    147360
     gctacacttg cggcatatgg aagttcccag gctaggggtt gaatcagagc tgcagctgcc    147420
     agtttgtagc acagccacag caacatggga tccgagccac gtctgtgacc tataccacgg    147480
     ctctcggcaa tgccagatcc ttaacacact gagcagggtc aaggaccaaa cccttgtcct    147540
     catggatgct agttggtgcg ttacactgag ccacaatggg agctctgagg aggacaccct    147600
     tttgctcttc atcagctccc aggtgggtac cttggctcag agccgccttc tggcaggagg    147660
     acagcggaag gttgcagaga ggcccagtcc atccctggag gcacaggcat tggtaggagg    147720
     gccctgtctg gaggcagcgg gaattgcgtg gacagggctt ctgggcacag aagtccatca    147780
     gcgtctgagg gtcaggaggg agcaggaagc agaagagagc atcagggtcc ccagcccaga    147840
     catggtcctc tgccagctcc tcaaaacccc ttgcctctca aactctctcc tccagggtct    147900
     gggactgggt tacccttcct ggtttccttt gagcccacat cccagaacag ttgctgggat    147960
     cagaaatcct ttcagtcctt caactccata ggagcctgaa gttagacctc agctcctaga    148020
     cttccgaacc tctcctgagc gtctctgctg ccaccttcta atccctgagg ccatctcact    148080
     caagctctcc agccacctcc ctcctcagca cacctggctc agtgcctctc acctggcagc    148140
     tgcctcctgt gtagccgggt gggcagaggc agcggggacc ctgagggccg tcttggcagg    148200
     tggccctgtt cctgcagggg ctggatgaga gacagggcac tgaaggagag ggtccgagag    148260
     atgaggagag ggagtgtgtg tgggggaggt ggggggaaca gagtgaaagg gtatgggggt    148320
     gagaggcagc gtggagcccc agaagaggtg ggcaagaagt gcgggaaggg ctccctccct    148380
     tcctccaggg gtctttgcgc cctactcacc tgtctgcgca gctgggacgg acccttccct    148440
     cacagcgtgg gccctggaag cctggggcgc agaggcagga gggggcgccg ggcctgttca    148500
     cacaggtgcc cccattgagg cacggtgctg gagagaggag gctgtgaggg gttccttgcc    148560
     tgtaacctgg cctgggacct ccaacacacc acacacacgg cctccctgcc cacttcccca    148620
     ccgaaacaac tctccgtgtc cagtcaattt tttttagcca cgcccatggc attcgggagt    148680
     tcccagacca gggcttgaac ctgtgccgcg gcaatgacct gagccactgc agtgacaatg    148740
     ccagatcctt aacctgctga gctaccaggg agaccccagc caattaaaaa aaaatatgcc    148800
     acaaagatac cctgaccagt ttctccagct tcctgtggcc cagacccagg acatggcggg    148860
     tgctcaccag aggcacagtg gtcaatgctg gtctggcagt ggagcccggt gtggctcgga    148920
     gggcaggtgc aggagtagcc cccagggctg gggctacagg agccaccatt gagacagggt    148980
     gctgagtgac aagctgttac ctcctccctg caagtgggcc ctgggggaag ggggttgggt    149040
     ctgagaaagt gaatcgtctt ttcttttctt tttttttttt tttgtctttt tgctatctct    149100
     tgggtcgctc ccgcggcata tggaggttcc caggctaggg gtcgaatcag agctgtagcc    149160
     accagcctat gccagagcca gagcaacgca ggatccgagc cgcgtctgca acctacacca    149220
     cagctcacgg caacgccgga tcgttaaccc actgagcaag ggcagggacc gaacccgcaa    149280
     cctcatggtt cccagttgga tacgttaacc actgcgccac gacgggaact cctgaatcgt    149340
     cttttctctc cccttcccca tccctttcct tcccttcctc attccatccc cactgttctc    149400
     ccccttccaa catcttttct tttcccacca cctcccgcac atcacccccg tcccctggag    149460
     cccaagccca gttcttcttg gtgactgaga cccagagttc tggacacttg tctccactct    149520
     ccttgtcctt agtttagcac atatggctta gggacggcct cacctgtgta gcctgtgggg    149580
     caggtgcaat tgtagccaaa gggctggggg tggcaggtcc ccccatgggc acagggtgtg    149640
     gagatgcagc cgcccagctc tgcgtcacac tctggtcctg tccaacccac atcacacaca    149700
     catgaggatc tggtcagaaa gagaaagggg agggttttct cttatatttt tctctcccct    149760
     cactggataa cactcattag tcaagctctc ctattggtcg tgacctcagg acttggccat    149820
     cttcttccta gttccgattg gtaatttcct gcagactctc cccttattgg ctgtcttctc    149880
     ctgccctagc tgaggaggac ccagaggaga ctattaatag ggagggcctg gaagatgtta    149940
     cctctgacag tgtccatgat ggcaggtgca gttgtcttca gcaggggcac agccagggct    150000
     tccatcgggg cagaggcagt gggccttgtc ctcctgatcc tggcattttt gcttggactg    150060
     gcacaggttg ggagcacaca ggggagattc acagagatga cctacagtgg ggagatgggt    150120
     cagagagaaa ccagtgtcct tctcttcctt tatggggcca aaggccactt atgcataact    150180
     tgctcactcc ccatgaacct gtcctgtggc tccctgttgc cgcaggatac taacttcctc    150240
     agaatgaccc gcgtggtccc gcatgacacg accttcctac aagggtgcat ttctcacctt    150300
     tgcctcattg caccctaagt ggggtgtcct actgtccctt aagtggagtg tgcttttctt    150360
     ccctccatgc ttttgcaaat gctgatatct gcagctaaaa gatgctctct agcattttat    150420
     cttgacaaac tcttagtcaa gattgagttt agctatcacc tcctctgtga aaccttctca    150480
     tctctatctg ggttggtcgg ttcttcgtgt tcctgtggga tcctgtgcat tcctctctca    150540
     gagcgtgtct ctgggccatc atcaatgata gaattgttgg tctctgcact agatttaaag    150600
     cctcttgagg ataacaactc ttactcaatt ttgtgtctgt cataataggc acttaacaaa    150660
     tgtttactaa ataagcaaat gaatggcttg atttgaaccc catgctctgt ttgtgatccc    150720
     caatcacacc attcactttg ggtccagtgt cggccctaca ataacacttg ccctcagctc    150780
     ctgtacagtt gttcaggttt tgcactgcat aagtttaaag gattccattc tcattctcat    150840
     ctcacattcc aatcctcaaa cacccatcaa agatctctat tctactccaa atggattcaa    150900
     acatcccccc gattctttta atgtcctccc tctctcctgc taacctgtga agccagaggg    150960
     gcagaggcaa aggaaagctc ctgggagatc aaggcagctg gctccagagg ggcacgggct    151020
     actcagacac tcgtccacct cagtctgaca gcgtgggcct tcaaagccta tggcacaacc    151080
     aaagggtcag ggacctgcat ggacgtctgc ccccgtcctc actctcacct ccagtgtttg    151140
     agccccggtt tacctgggag acactcgcag tggaaggatc caggctggtc ctggcactgc    151200
     ccaccgttgg cacagggaga gcttctgcac tcattgatgt cctcctcaca tcgggggccg    151260
     gtgaatcctg gtcgggcagg aagtgagtgg ggagggatga caaaggtctt cttttttttt    151320
     tttttttttt ttttaaggcc acacctgcag catatggagg ttcccaggct aggggtcgaa    151380
     tgggagctac aactgccagc ctacaccaca gccacagcaa cgccagatcc ttaacccgct    151440
     gagcgaggcc aggaattgaa cctgcctcct catggatgct agtggggttt gtgacccact    151500
     gacaacaacg ggaatcctga ctttctctag attttaggga gtttgttaca agtgtttgag    151560
     ctttacagac atgacttcat ggattcgaac cagaaattac gagttaacac tggtactcag    151620
     ctttcttttt acaaatacag aaataaagtt gctacaaatt gcaagggaga gaatcttgtt    151680
     tccaatggtt tggtttgggg gtttgcccaa aggaatcatt atataatgaa agcaccaatt    151740
     tgggggcttc tcaaataggg gtttggattt cgggatgtaa tggagcataa cttgatggct    151800
     ttaatcttca cataaataag gcatccctgg gtttgtgtac taaggctgaa aataaatttt    151860
     taaattttta tttatttttg attttttttt tttttttttg ctttttaggg ccccacccac    151920
     agcatgtgga cgttcccagg ctaggggttt aactggagct acaactgctg gtctacacca    151980
     cagccacagc aaagcaggat ccgagccatg tctgagacct acaccacagc tcacggcaat    152040
     gctggatcct taacccactg agcgaggcga gggatcaaac ccacaacctc atggttacta    152100
     gtcggattcg tttccgctgt gccacgatgg aaactcctga aaaatacatt ttatcaaaag    152160
     aataaataca agtcctggcc cttcccctca ccaggaaagg tgagcctgga tgagagaagg    152220
     tgagaagaca cttggagcag gtggagatga caggagggtg atgcagaaaa gatgaagctt    152280
     ggccacctgc cagctgtgtg gctgtgggca agccactcac cttctctagc ccccacttgc    152340
     ttcctctgga aaaggggaat gataatggga cctgcctcat ggtaccatgg agaggattaa    152400
     aagagccaat gcctgaaaag ttcatggcca agtgcctggt ctggagtaaa tatccaatag    152460
     acaccagcta ttatcctagc agggaacaga gggatgtccc atgaactgga caaggaagat    152520
     ctggggcaac tttccctgca tccgtggcaa gccgtgccaa gaccagcttg ggacccagca    152580
     ggcagggaga gctgcagagg actgatggag ggctggaggg gaggggacat ttgggtggtt    152640
     tggctggaca cagaggaggg tgggtgagga agaaaaggaa gattcggggg atggaacaga    152700
     agagtttgga gagcagagaa ggagctggag aaacatgaga ctcggccagg ctagagggac    152760
     cttcaaaagg ccatgggtga ttgccaggca tgagttgcaa gggcccagag gcctgggggc    152820
     tggggggctg gagtgggatc ggcactcacc aggctggcag acacaccgaa agccgttggg    152880
     caggtcgtgg cagtcagcct ggttcaggca aggggcggag gcacactcat cggtctccac    152940
     ctcacagagc cgcccctcta agcctgagga tgtggggctg cagtcagggg caagctcagc    153000
     caggtcagcc ttgccttggc tgctcacccc ttctgcccag gagaccaggg ttctagaacc    153060
     agccctgtcc ctgtcctgcc ctgtcgccca tcaggcagcc cctccaaggg tgccatctct    153120
     gtgtggtcct gaggctgtgc tgtgcctgcc cttcagatgg gagagctcag ggagcagggt    153180
     gcctgctggg acctggggga gggctcctgg caggtgcctg tagaggccat tcctctgtgc    153240
     actgaaggcg gggctcatgc aggagggctg gtcagcctgg aggtgcccca ggtaacaatg    153300
     tgacaaatgc gtatctgcct gaaaatgatt cactcctctt gtcctacctg ggtaggcctc    153360
     tgtgccaggg acaccagggg tccccagggt ggggagttga agggtatttg agaagttgtg    153420
     ttgccccata ttcgtcctgt ttctttgggc tcatcttggt ctccactgtc tcactctgaa    153480
     ctgaagctgg atcagcctct ggaccttggc tgcctccctc ttgcctctga agcaccttga    153540
     tgtctacaac cctgtctctt agattccgga taattttctc agcacttttc cttggatgct    153600
     gctcagctta ggaagactgt atggggtagt ggttaaaact accaaagccc tgagtttgaa    153660
     gcctggctct gccacctatt agctgggcaa ccttggacaa gtcacttaac ctctctgagc    153720
     ctcagtttat tcatttataa aatgggcata gtaacaatgc tgaccttata gggttgttgt    153780
     aaagataaga taatgcatgt gagatgctca ggcagtgccc aacacaaagc aagctattat    153840
     ttttcaggtt tcattcagtt ccctgatatt ggctccatca ctgtcgctgt ggggagatgt    153900
     ttcctctctt aacactaact tgtaggtaag tgcagccttg cttttcctgt tgtaccaaat    153960
     tcaagcacat ggacacttgg gatatatata catttttttc tttttagggc tgcacccgca    154020
     gcgtatggac gttcccaggc taggggtcgt attggagctg cagctgccaa cctaccccac    154080
     agcttatggc aacaccagat ccttaaccca ctgagcaagg ccagggattg tacctgcatc    154140
     ctcatggata ctagtcgggt tcttaaccca ctgagccaca aagggagctc tcaccttttg    154200
     ggattttaaa gggttactct tgatctctat agaggagttt ctgtgtttag gggagacatt    154260
     ctgagttggc acatgcagag gctgcaactg gtaaagttta ttaactgctg ctctgcgttc    154320
     ccttgatggg cctctgtaca gtggaccagg ttgtgcactc tctgatactg tgaaatgaat    154380
     gcttccttct ccccccagag ttgagcagtg cacaacctca ctacttgtct atggcagccc    154440
     ttctcttagg gaccattggt ttcccagggt ttacatctcc gggtggggag aggagaagtc    154500
     ttctttggtg acggactcca actggcctga ggctatctat gctctggagg ggtcatgcct    154560
     ggtggggtca ggattagtcg tcccccccgc cccctgtctc ctctactcga ggccccattc    154620
     agctggtacc tggtgggcag aggcagtgga aggtggcgag caagtccagg caggtgctgc    154680
     cggggtggca gggctgggac aggcactcat tgtggtcggc ctcgcagcgg gatcccgtgt    154740
     agccaggggg acagaggcac tcaaaggagc caggcgtgtt gaggcaggag ccgccatgtt    154800
     cacagggact ggggccttgc tgggctggga ggagaggaga gcaagaagtc cacaggggcc    154860
     ggggggcaga gctaggaggc cagactggca ggggaagtgt gatgggtttg tggccgatgg    154920
     gcccataagt ggggacaggg tttgtgtctt caagaaggag aaagatgaaa tggggcctgg    154980
     aggcctgagc attggcatgt gtagaagaga tgccacactt ggacaaattc aggaaaaaga    155040
     gacgtttctt tttcttttct tttttttttt aggaccgcac ctgcggcata tagaagttcc    155100
     caggctaggg gtcgaatcag agctacagct gccggcctac gccacagcca cagcaatgcg    155160
     ggatctgagc caggtctgcg acctacactg cagcatggca acgctggatc cttaacccac    155220
     tgagcggggc cagggatcga accctcattg acctacatcc tcatggatac tagacaggtt    155280
     cttaacccgc tgaaccacaa tgggaactct gagacatttc tgtttttaat ctgagaacca    155340
     gtttgcagag ctgactgggg gctcagagag ggtctaacgg cgggggcggg ggggtgcctc    155400
     acccatctga cactcgtcca ggtcctggtg gcaggtgggc cccgtgtagc caggctgaca    155460
     caggcagagg gtggagcccg tcagggggtt ggtgctgcac tgggcttccc catggcacgg    155520
     ctggctcaga cacatgtcct ccatgtggca caggaggcct ggagggcagg gtgggtgggg    155580
     aaggggaggc tctcaggtac ttggctcatg tgccatctcc gcctcccgcc tccctgtgcc    155640
     ctgcgcgtca cacctgtgcg gccagggggg cagaggcaag agaaggagcc cacgcggtca    155700
     atgcaggtgg atcctggcgc acaggtggca gcagcgcagt cgtccaggtt ctcctcgcag    155760
     tcggtgcctc cccaaccgct cacacacacg cagtggaagc tgcccgctga gttctggcag    155820
     gtccccccgt ttctgcagcg agggacaccc tgagcctcac attcatccac atcttcagag    155880
     caatcccagc ctgcgggggt ggaaggggac aggtgctaga gctggggcct cagaggagcg    155940
     gaggccaggg gctgaccacc tgggccactg gtgccgtggg cctggcttaa atgtctcacc    156000
     tgtccaggcc tctgggcaga ggcaggtgtg ggtgcccagc ccatcctggc agatgccccc    156060
     gttctgacac tggtgcccga cacagtcgtc tgggttcacc tcacagcttg cgcctgtgaa    156120
     acctgacaag ttcatgtgat cagctgaggg agggcaaccc ctgggggaca agctccatgc    156180
     ccagagagag aggggctgca ggaagacccc cgtgaggacg tacctggggg acacaggcag    156240
     aggtggaagg tggaatctct ccctggaacc agctggcagg tgcctccatt gagacagccc    156300
     ctgggggggc agggtcctgg ctggagctca cagcggggac cgtcccgccc cacggggcag    156360
     agacactgga aggaccccag agtgttatag caggaggtgc ccttggggca gggtcccggg    156420
     ttcaggaaac attcgttgac atcatgttcg caggtgtggc cctcgaagcc gggtgggcag    156480
     tggcactgga tctgagggta tgtggccaga cacacccctc cattgacgca ggggttggct    156540
     gagcagaagt cccgatgctg gcactgctca cctgaggcag aggagagagg gggccgtttc    156600
     tagcgctgtg caaattccag ctcctctgag acggcccagc tctcattctg ggttatcact    156660
     gtctttattt ttttgttttt gttttttttt ctttttaagg ccgcacctgc agcatatgca    156720
     cgttcccagg ctaggggaca gagctgcagc tgtgggccta cagcacagcc acagtaacgc    156780
     gggaccaaag cagtgtctgc aacctacacc acagctcacg gcgatgccag atccttaacc    156840
     cactgagcaa ggccagggat ggaacccaag atctaatgga tacgggcttc tcatgtgatt    156900
     cttaacccac tgaaccacaa caggagacct ccgtctcatt tccatatttc ctttctttcc    156960
     ctctgtactc cctctgctct gttcctgtga cccttacttt tagcctttct tgggaaagtg    157020
     actgcatttt tcaaacagaa aacgggatat gtagctttga tgacagtctt gcaaataggc    157080
     cctgcctggg aaaatctggg acacagggtc ccttcagtgg tgaccttggt tgggaggtga    157140
     gaaacgtgca gcttctgccg gcgggagact tagccccttg ctgtgcgtgg ctgtgcgccc    157200
     tcggccagtc atcttgcctc tctcgtccac atgtcctgat ctttaggtgg gtgcaaagat    157260
     caggacatgt gacgggatat tggtagggag actcgcttca cggtcaaatg caccaatgag    157320
     catggcagcc gtgaggcggg gcagccggta ctgagctaag tgagcacttc ccgagcatcg    157380
     acccccatcc tccatgcaac acccttatga agtgtggacg tcagctgaca acaggcgacc    157440
     cagacagctt aaacgccttt gcatggtcac atgtctggtc agtggcagag ctggtgagca    157500
     agctgaggag ggtgctgtcc agagcctctt ccctgaagca caacccaagt tgccacgaac    157560
     catccttcta gtcaaccctg gtctctcaca tccagtctcg ggctcagttt ccacagaacc    157620
     acctggtcag ttaaaatctc catgccctgg gcctacccca gagcctctaa atcaggctct    157680
     ctgggacggg agcaccaggc tttttaaggc tttccagatg actgctgtgc ctgcccaagg    157740
     gtgagaagcc agggctctag tccacgcctc ctggaggcac cacgcctttt cttcccacgt    157800
     ggccttgctc cccatccagc cctttccatc ccagttggaa gctgcgggac gtttctctcc    157860
     agggcctccg agctctgtcc acgcaccctg ccacgtcctc tggggagcac accctgccca    157920
     tcatgtgccc tgctctcttg ccctgctctc ttgccccagg gtcctgggat gagcatccct    157980
     ccctccatcc gggtcaggtg ctcccacccc caccacacct ctccctccgc agtcttccca    158040
     ggtgacacaa tgggctccta gcactcagaa tagaggtggt tcagaagctc agagtgctca    158100
     gtcctggagg tcccctgctg tgctaggcat taaccctcta gttactgggt caaggggagc    158160
     ttgaggaagc tgggagaggg gtcagggtgg tgtgctaagg gggctgtggc agtagctatt    158220
     taccagctag catttggaaa tacagtgttt tgttttattt tttttctttt tagggccaca    158280
     tctgtggcat atggaagttc cctggctagg ggttgaatca aagctgcagc tgccagccta    158340
     agtcacagcc atggtaatgc agatccttta cccactgaga gagtccaggg gttgaaccca    158400
     catcctcatg gatactagtc aggttcttaa cctgctgagc caccttggga actcccagaa    158460
     atacaacatt ttaacaatca gcgccaccct accagtgaat gtcaatctca ggtagatgaa    158520
     tcgccaagac ctggcttgtt ggttctcatg ccctctgccc tgtgaggact ccaactctct    158580
     caggctccag ttccgtcatt cctaccccat agcccagcct gttgcccttg cctgtccctt    158640
     cctccccact cccatcagca ctcacctgtc caccccggca tgcaggtgca ccgggggcgg    158700
     cccgaggcct ctatgtggca gcggcccatt ttggaacaga aggaagagca ggggtccttg    158760
     acctgggcct ggcacctctc gccagtgaag ccaaaggggc aggtgcagaa gaagctgggg    158820
     gtcaagggag agggagggct ggtggagcca ggaagggtgg gaagcagggc ttggcagctg    158880
     cccccgttct ggcagagctg ggcatcctgg caggggtcag gaaactggca cgtctctccc    158940
     aggaagccag gggcacacct ggacagggga ggagagagga gaactcaagt tccggcccct    159000
     ctgcctcctc tctccctcct ttgccttctt ttgtttccca ccatccgctt cacctcctcc    159060
     cattctcctt tcttctcacc tccccctgcc cccaactccc tttctcccac tcccacgagg    159120
     tacactcact ggcaggtccc ttgcccctga ggtgggctca ggcaggtgcc tccgttggca    159180
     cagggtcctg ggaaactccc acactgcagc cctaggggtg gagatgagga tgagatgggg    159240
     gggtaccaca ctccactttt cctcctctgg aggctccggg gggacctgct ggtgtggcct    159300
     catgcatgtg ctctgaatcc cattgccatt ataccccgct cctagtcccc acgtggagct    159360
     ggctccccag cccctagatc ccaggctctg agttactaat tcccacccct cctttcctgt    159420
     ttattctctg gcctcccaag tccagcttca ggctctatcc ctcggaagca agacaacagg    159480
     gatcaggagg ggggctgagg ggactccagg gaggtgaatg gctgcaacat tgaagggatt    159540
     tcctcccgga agggcccagt actgagctgt ggtgggtggg ggtagggaca gctggactgg    159600
     gaaagggact tgctgggccc ttgaccttcc cttcccatgt ctccatctcc tgatgccctc    159660
     ttatctcttc ccctagcagg tgctcactct ttttcttgtc ttcctaaaca tgattgcaag    159720
     agtacgctgt cccccagctc cagggccaac cgggttctcc gtgggggtgg gcactctccc    159780
     acccatcccc ccctacggtc accacgcctg acgcaaggcc ggtagccttg gtctgtgtcg    159840
     ctgcaggggc agagccatct ctccctgccg gctgccccat gtgggggctg agaagctccc    159900
     cctccagtgt ggcctcaaag cctgggtctc ggccctctgt cctcaaccca ccggacatcc    159960
     tcctgaggaa gataggtccc ctcacctctc cctccccacg cctcacctct agactggacg    160020
     acaggccgac acagcaggag cagcagcgga ggcagcagca gtgaaggggg ccgcattcca    160080
     gagctcctgc ccccagcccg gacgccctct gcctcctcca gccgggaccc ccagagccct    160140
     ccccgaggca acaaccacct cctctgctcc aaggcccttt cttcctcttc ctcggcaagc    160200
     agcgaacctc acgtctgagc tgtttcctga gtcacacaat gtcctggaca ccctagtgct    160260
     ggggggtggg gagtggagga acattgaggg ggatgaggga ggggccttct gtccttgaca    160320
     acccctgggg agctggcgag gaagaaggac agcctggttg gagcaggtgg tagaagggga    160380
     gagctgggca ggtgggggct ctgggagcgg tccagcccct tctccggttg gcgaggtctc    160440
     tcctttctcc tcctgccctg gaggggtggg gcaggacctg ggaacagagg cctagggtga    160500
     tgagagagct cgtcctcttg caaggagagg gtgcatgttt tgtaaggtca gtgcagatgc    160560
     ttttcagaga atctgctcct ttctatacat tgaaaccact aatcttggca gaaagaagcc    160620
     aggggatttc tgggtctctg tcttgaccct tgctggggac ttaattttct cctttgggag    160680
     gaatgggcaa gatgctgggc tgatttaggg ggatcttggc tttcttttga aggggaccgt    160740
     gtaagatcat caccgatgat aagtctgaat tatccttagc agacactgca tttggatagg    160800
     ttcctctcct gccacgtctc cctctctcca ccccaggggt ccctgggaca caaggaatgt    160860
     cagtcattgt attaaaaatc agagtaaata aaatcacaaa agacaattca caacctgact    160920
     catccaaccc aacccaggac agctttgggg ttgccacaca cccagttctt ctctgagagt    160980
     ctgggatggc tggaggtgtc atccaccgct gtgcccacag ccccagccat tgaggcactc    161040
     acagctcagc cttctccacc agtgaatgta ctttgctagc actattcttt tttccttttt    161100
     tttccccctt ttctttttct ttttgctttt tagggccata cctgtggcat atggaagttc    161160
     ccaggctaag gatctaatca gagctgtagc tgccagccta tgccacagcc atagcaaccc    161220
     tggatccggg ccatgtctgt gacctacaac acagctcaca gcaatgccgg atccttaacc    161280
     cactgagcga ggccaggaat cgaacccgcg tcctcatgga tactagtcgg gtttgttaat    161340
     ccctgagcca agatgggaac tccagttttt ttttttccaa attaactttt tatttcgaaa    161400
     taatttaaaa ctcacagaaa agagacaaga gtaccaaaaa taattccagg atactctctg    161460
     ttcagattca ccaattacta tcatttgacc atatttgctt tatcattatt tctctaaata    161520
     cacgttagta ttttttctaa accatttgag agtaaacagc acacatacat cctgttcttt    161580
     ctaagtgtca gcgtgaattt cctaagaaca agaaccttca tttacataac caaacacgac    161640
     catagaaatc aggaaactta gatggataca ataccattgt ctaatctaca gtccacattc    161700
     aaaatttgcc aattgcccca taatatcctt tgtaatgatt attttcttgg tccaggatct    161760
     acctaatcca ggatcctgca ttgcgtttat ttgtgttgtc ttttcagtct cctttatttt    161820
     aacaagaaaa aaagacacag ttccttagac tcatttcgcc tttcattaca ttgacacatt    161880
     tgaagagtac aggttttgca gactcatcct aaatttaggc agatctgatg atgcttcttc    161940
     agtttatgca tttttcacca ggaataccac agaagtggtg ttttgttctc aacccatcac    162000
     atcaggagcc aacagcattt tttttttctt tttctttctt ttttttcagt ccctctgtgg    162060
     catatggagc tcccgggtga gggatcagat ctgagcctca gttgtgactt acactgcagc    162120
     tgtggcaata tcagatcttt aaccctctct gccggcctgg ggatcaaacc tgtgttctgg    162180
     tcctgcagag ataccactga tcccattgca tcacaacggg aactcccaac atcatctttt    162240
     tttttttttg gcgttttagg gccacactca tgaatgacac atggaggttc ctaggctagg    162300
     ggtcaaatcg gaactatagc tgctggccta caccacagcc acagcgcgag gcccacacca    162360
     caaccacagc tgtgtggaat ctgagcctca tctgcaactg gcaccacagc tcacagcaac    162420
     actggatccc taacccgctg agcaagccca gagattgaac ctgcatcctc atggatacta    162480
     gtcggatttg tttcagctga accacaagag gaactcacta acctcattct taatggttga    162540
     atagtattcc actgtttggt gagccctagt tcactgaaac caatttcaac tgtaggacac    162600
     ttaggtggag ctcggtcttt aaaaatatca tcaactatgc tgcaataaat atttttgaac    162660
     atacgtattt gagtcactgt ctatttcctt aggctaaatt ctttgaatgg aggctgctaa    162720
     gtcaaagggt caaaggatag acttcaaaaa aaattttggc tttgaggaat tcgaactgtg    162780
     gcacacacag tgagttaaga atctgaactg ccttggcttg gggcactgtg aaggtgtgag    162840
     ttcgatcccc agcccagtgc agtgtattaa aggatctggg gcagtgagga ttcagtccct    162900
     ggcctgggaa ctttcatatg ctgccgttaa ggccttaaat gaaaaaagcg ttttaaaata    162960
     tggctctgag aagaattagg acataaatgt acttgtaagt caacctccct ttttcttttt    163020
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgtcttt ttgctatttc tttgggctac tctcgcggca    163080
     tatggaggtt cccaggctag gggctgaatc ggagctgtag ccgccagcct acgccagaac    163140
     cacagcaacg cgggatccga gccgcgtctg caacctacac cacagctcac aggcaacgcc    163200
     ggatcgttaa cccactgagc aaggccaggg atggaacccg caacctcatg gttcctagtc    163260
     ggattcgtta accactgcgc cactatggga actcccaacc tccctttttc ttcttcctct    163320
     tttttgtctt tttagggcca cacccgcagc ctatggaaat tcccgggcta gaggttcccg    163380
     ggctacgcca cagccacagc aactgaggat ctgagccgtg tcgtcaacct acaccacagc    163440
     tcacctgcaa cgccggatcc ttaacccact gagtgaggcc aagggtcaaa cccatgacct    163500
     catggatact agttgggttc tttacagctg agcctcgccg ggatctccac atcctctctt    163560
     tttcaaccca acttattttt ttaacattca ttgcagttaa atatacagtg tttagcactg    163620
     gttacatgtt tctaaaacta cagccattcc tgacccccta tactgtactg gcacaccagt    163680
     actcttattt gttccatata tttaaaaaat ctcctatttt aaaacttaga ttttaaagag    163740
     tatctttttc tgtcggacca tagagagtag ccataaagta acttgggtga aaactaaacg    163800
     atgccaatgg attctagatt gatttttttc cctgcagacg aagactccaa atgaggacag    163860
     acttatatct aaagcatttg gtaccgaagt gtcattctcc agaaagcagg gcaggacttt    163920
     atactcttgg cggcagtgtc tgcacctgtc catgctctca ctgaccctgg gaatcgggac    163980
     cgtgccacct tcaaaataat atctcattgt tgtacaaact attatgtgta aaataagcta    164040
     caaggatatg ttgcacagca cagggaataa aaattgccag ccactatatc atacacctgt    164100
     aacttatgca agccatcaac tatacttcaa ttaaaaaaaa aagataaaac tcggagttcg    164160
     tgatgtggct cggcaagctg tggcttggat ccagtgttgc catgggattc agtgttgctg    164220
     tggctgtggt ataggcctca gctgcagctc caatttgaca tctggcccgg aaactttcat    164280
     atgccaaagg agcaactgta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat cagagctcct    164340
     cattgtggtg cagcggaaat gaatccaact agaaaccatg aggttgcggg ttcgattcct    164400
     ggcctcgctc agtgggttaa ggatctgggc gtaagctgtg gtgtagatca cagacacggc    164460
     tcagatctga tgttgctgtg gctgtggcat aggccagtgg atatagctct gattcaactc    164520
     ctagtctgag aatctccata tgccactgga gtggccctaa aaagcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    164580
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatcttgtt attttgaatt gtcttttgtt gtaggattaa    164640
     cattattttt tatctgttta atggctgttc atgtttcctc tttcatgagt tgcctgtcca    164700
     tgattctgcc ccattgttcg attcatgtca ttgtcatttt ccagcacgtt tcttagttga    164760
     ggagacagct gtgggtatag agacctcagc agaagaaacc tagtgggaaa aagttcctgc    164820
     ttttgaactg tctgggttgc tgacgggggt gggaggtgga tttagtgttc acaagaagtg    164880
     aaaggaaaag aggacgacat caagcttctg gtggaaccct gaagagaccg agtggggaga    164940
     actaaactct ccgttgatgc cttgttcctg acctcacgct ttttgtggga aagtaggcgg    165000
     gggggcatga gactgggact tgagaaaaag aagaggaaat gaaaacagag tctgaggagt    165060
     ggtgaggtag aaggggaacc aagagtgtgg tggggcagag gctaagttta aagacaatgt    165120
     caggaaggtg tacagcccac ttctcgactt atctctgccc ttgggacctg ctcaggccca    165180
     cagagccaca aagagtattc acgcttctct aaaagcttgt tcctccttct caggggcttc    165240
     ccaatgcatg atgctgctga tggtggtacc agcatcatca tagttgcccg cggagagcca    165300
     gggacataga aagttctctc tggtatgaac tgacctcttt ccttccaaca gcccatcaga    165360
     gagaggcttt ctttatgccc cttgactttc ctttcatttt atatcctctc agaaggctaa    165420
     acccgtcaat cattcacact tcagtcacgg ggacttttga ccttacgagg atccatctct    165480
     gagctgagcc ctggtgatgt gaccaaacac acaggagatg atagcccatt gtagacgtag    165540
     aaatacacaa gagtggcccc cttggagagg ttgtttgtga actggttact cctcacctcc    165600
     ccaagttctt accattgtgg tggccatagc tcatctctgg accactcctc ttttttattt    165660
     gtccctctgt aacctcatcg attctcatgg ttcacatcag atttaaatat cacccgtgag    165720
     gactatcttt tcctggtgac tcccaaattt gtgctctaaa tggcactcca agaaagtgaa    165780
     aagacaagca atggaatggg agaaaatatt tgaaaatcat atatcagatg aaggacttgt    165840
     atccagaata tataaagaat tcttataact caataacaac catttaaaaa caggcaaaat    165900
     atttgaacag atgtttcatg aaagatacat gaatagccaa taaacacatg agaataggct    165960
     gtttgggagt cactgagctt cttgaatcct taggtttaca tctttttcaa acctgggaag    166020
     ttctcagtcg tcatttcttt gagtacattt tcctgtccct ccttctttcc tctctcctgc    166080
     tgggactctg aagacatgaa tgccggagct tttgttagag tcccataaat ctctgaacct    166140
     ctgttcactt tttagtctat ttttttctca gttgccaggc ttgagtaatt tctattcatc    166200
     tacctttaaa ttgacggaat ctttccactg tcgtctccaa tttgctgtta agcctatcca    166260
     ctgagtttta aattttgact attttgtttt taagttctaa agtttcccac cctccaccct    166320
     agattatttt agaacaaatc ctagacatta tatcatttct gtcataatac tgtagtatct    166380
     ctaaaggaga aggactcaaa aaacaaaatc acaatgtcat tacgttgtct aaaaattcat    166440
     agtaactcct taatatccca agatatgcag ccaatgttaa aatttcccaa attttctaat    166500
     aagtataaca cagtttgttt gaattagggt caaaataaga tccactcatt gcatttggtt    166560
     gatatttctc tttagtctgt cttctaagaa ctgttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    166620
     tttttttttt ttgccatgtc cacagtatgt ggaagtttgg aagtcctaag ccagggatgg    166680
     aacccatacc acagcagtga cccaagccac tgcagtggca atgctggatt cttaacctgc    166740
     tgtgccacaa gagaactcct aagaagaact gtttttaaga agaattttag ttttacagaa    166800
     aaatcgagac gatagtgtag agccatggat cctataccca gtattcccca ttattattat    166860
     tattatcatt tttgtctttt tgtcttttct agggctgcac ctgtagcata tggagattcc    166920
     caggctaggt gtctaatcgg agctgtagcc gctggcctac accacagcca cagcaacacg    166980
     ggatccgaac ctcgtcttcg acctacacca caggtcatgg caacgttgga tccttaactc    167040
     actgaacatg gccagggatc gaacctgcaa cctcatggtt cctaatcata tttgttaacc    167100
     actgagccac aacgggaact cccagtattc cctactatta acatcttatg agtatagtgc    167160
     atttgttgta attaataaat caatattgat aaaattatca ttaaagttca cattttattc    167220
     agattttctt tgtttgtact tactgctctt tatctgtgag agggtcttat ccaagatacc    167280
     acatcacatg taattattgt gtatccttgg gccctcggtt gtgagagttt ctcagaattt    167340
     tcttgttttt gatgaccttg agagttttga ggagtactgg ttaggtattt tgtagggtac    167400
     ctctctttta aaatttgttt ggtgtttttc tcatggttag actgggagct taagtctctt    167460
     ttagtctttc tttccttggc atttatttgt tggagaaatg gcttgtgtcc tatagaattt    167520
     tccattttct aaagtttgct aattacaacc ctgtgtcatt taccacattc ttctgcctcc    167580
     cttacttttt tttaacctgt aaattggtag ttagatttaa agacttgata tgattgagaa    167640
     tctatttttt tggcaagggt acatcataga tagtgttatg ctgtgttttt ccatcgtgta    167700
     ggtagaaaaa ttgcaggcga gagggtaact tgcaaagaca ggaggtgttg agcacagggt    167760
     gggatgcttt aagttgagat tatgcagcga ttataataag tccaggtaaa gacaagacca    167820
     aagtatgact gtggagcggg ggctgcagta cagagaggac atcactggcg atgagatcaa    167880
     gtgtcagggt gtgcgaccgg ggtgatgggt ggattgcctt tgttgatgat gagtgggatg    167940
     aagagaagat ggtgacccaa gggctgctct tcgatgactc ggggaggaaa gagggtgact    168000
     ggaaggctag taaatgctgg caacgggagc agctgaaggt ggtacaggat ggctgcagca    168060
     gagggtcctg agatgtgcag tgtgggcaga gggaggtcag gctgcagtat gtgacgacaa    168120
     aggtagttgg ctggaggtgg tgagaccaca cagctgccct ggtctgctca caatccaccc    168180
     tccttgggtg tttggtgtag taggtaatgt taggtttgcc aagggaggaa cacgcaaggc    168240
     caagttaata aagcaaagga gatttattaa ggcatcaggg ggacatgggc tgagctcagg    168300
     atggcaccag ctctgactct gagggggtgc taggcttaca aaagagctgt ggagggaatc    168360
     tgtggctgga gttcatggca ggaacaatga agaagaaggc aaggaaggtc aagggagaag    168420
     tagggggtgg agtcccgtga cagagggcag ctaatccttg taggaggttc atctatgcag    168480
     gcagttgttt tccgcaggcc attgcttctt gctgccaaac ttgagcctcc acattctggg    168540
     agagggtgtc cccatcaggt ctccaagatg aacatacaca tttgggggtt ggggaggtct    168600
     ggctacatcc tcctgggaac ctatcaggta aattctccag tcccagctct gtactgatgg    168660
     tggcgaggct gggactgaca ccctgggccc tagcctggca cagtcgtggg tcaagtggtg    168720
     aagtgatgcc catccatggc ccgacctcct catggggtct gacctggctc tgggtgttag    168780
     gagaactgtc tgcattaaag gatctctggt ctcctatgcg ctactgtcca gagcttccca    168840
     gtctaggtgg gagatcctga caggcgtaag tagaaccata aacctgatgg gaggtgtcgt    168900
     gaacagtccc cgtggaagcc ctgggaagaa gcctggcagt tctctattcc cacggctccg    168960
     accatcacct ggtcctgtcc ccacacaacc atgtctccag cccagacctc aagaccaaca    169020
     cgtccacctg tgtcttccac tccccaccgg cacgtctaac aggaaagtca ataaaatgtg    169080
     tctaaaccca aactcttgct cccttgctcc agccgcctct ccctctctac ccccaattcc    169140
     taacaaagct gttatccgtc gcttagtcta gatagctggc aagcattcct tttcttctca    169200
     cgcttaatac ccatttcgcc agccaatcca ggcacacctg ccttccaagc aaagtcccca    169260
     ccgacccctt ttgctcttca ctttgaacat cccatgtcag gtctaagccc tgggcccaga    169320
     gaggacggag agaggctctg tccctccctg gtctaaatgg gtgtggcccc caggctggtc    169380
     tcctgcttcc atcctctgag tttcttctcc aaatggtgac tgagtgatgg tatcaaagag    169440
     gaaggcttgt tgttcctgtg gtaagaaatg ccaggaaaca aacgcgttga tagatgaaat    169500
     gataagagat ctgagatttg tttcacaata atccagtagg gggggaagtg tgtgtggcga    169560
     gggagtaaat atggttgaag ccgggggatg ggtaagtgca tatttatttt taatttttaa    169620
     tttaaatttt tgttcttttt agggccgcac ttgtgaccta tggaggttcc caggctaggg    169680
     gtcaaattgg agctacagct gctggcctac actacagcca cagcaaccgg gctccgagcc    169740
     atgcctgcga cctacaccca cagctcatag caacacaggg ggtgaacctg cgtcctcatg    169800
     gatactgatc ggattcgttt cctcagagcc acgatgggaa ctccatgtgg gtatttattg    169860
     tacagtcatt cattacacta ttctgtccac ttttttgggt aatttttccc agttttgact    169920
     gccctgtggc atatggagct cccagcccag ggatcagatt tgagcggcat ttgcgatcta    169980
     agccgcagaa aggcagcacc agatcctcaa ctggctgtgc caggctgggg ctccaacctg    170040
     catccctgcc ctcccaagag gccaccagtc cccctgtgcc acagcaggag ctccactatt    170100
     cagtctactt tttatatgct taaaacattt tataataaag gtaaaataaa gcagtccaat    170160
     gcaatgatat aaatctggtt aagaacttcg aaaggctctc catctctctg agaagagaaa    170220
     cccaaagccg tgaaatgtag aagtaatagc tgggttacct gggaaggtgt ttgtggtaga    170280
     gacgctcagg gtgggaattc tcccattaag ctctctctcc gggtcctttt gtcctttgct    170340
     gcgttactct ttgccctgtc ttcttcgtcc tttctctctt tcccctgccc tgctttgtac    170400
     cctgggagac tgacctcctg ggatggatca aggtgggggc gggagtgggg tggggagaac    170460
     ctgctggcgg cttcttatta ggtttggcca ctagggggag acctgctgta aggagagaga    170520
     ggatggggtg tttcacattc cctccccttt agagtctggg ctcctcccct tgtcccttct    170580
     gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttggt gtggagatgg gggtacaggc tccgacagtc    170640
     tcagaatccc ctgctcttcc cttcatccag ttctcaccca tataaatgcc ccttctttac    170700
     agctctgtcc ttgaacaacc tcattggaat tctgcgacct cctgggaccc tccatccctc    170760
     atccctcctt cttctctttt cctggtcttc acaggggctg gcccaggact gagcttcatc    170820
     cgggggcgta gtgggagtgc attccctcct cactcaggac tgtgctcttt ctcagcagaa    170880
     cgagagggtc gagttctcag cctgctcctc ccttcctggg atgcagcctt taactcctct    170940
     ctccaccttt gaacccctgg tccaaggact ctgagtcaat gcctccttaa ccccgaaaga    171000
     tgtctcctcg gagaggtcag gctctgacca gccatttgca gcttcgttca ggggtgcaga    171060
     atttccctgg gaagccagag ctgaaacgga gggcgcttct ctgcccaggg cctcccttgg    171120
     gtgtatctca tcttccatgt acctgagggt tctctcgttt tgtgattttc tccatttcgc    171180
     cgtttgtcct gtcaggtggc cgggttgtga ggctgcctgg ggcaagaggc tttttttgtc    171240
     ttccccagat gcttgcagcc ctctggcaat aaacacccag tgaaccagtg agagtagggg    171300
     gtgtgtccta taaccttttc ctagggagcc cgggaggggt gaagtgggag gggcaggtgg    171360
     aggaacaaag cttctgattt gggggaaatg gcagagccaa ggctgggcct tttccaaaga    171420
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtgtg    171480
     tttgggatgg gttgggaggt gagatgggtc catgaagtgg gagatcttca cattcttggg    171540
     cttcagggga gcagtgtcgt tggggagcat tgtgagatag accagtgagt ggggacttag    171600
     ctgacattgt tccaacactc tcttgtggaa actcaatttt gttcttaaac cgaatattac    171660
     ttaatttaaa taaataaata aataaataaa gtgataacta aaatgaataa gagctaattc    171720
     ttcagtaagt cagtaagtgc tgaagtcgca ccaccctggg acattcccca ggtgcccttt    171780
     cctggcccaa cagccccctc agccttccag ggtcttctca tctgactccc ctcctgcctc    171840
     cagatccctg gagcacccct ggatctggtt cacacctagc tggtggcccc tgtttagagc    171900
     ttgggtgagc tttaaggggt ggggtggggg actggtgctt gtgggtttga caggtgaagg    171960
     catccctgca gcaggtgccc tcatgttatt atcgcccagc tgtacagtga agaaagtaag    172020
     actttcctgt gagggctcta ataaagcagg tcctgttcag agtgagatgg cactgagtga    172080
     agggggttcc tgtcgtggct cagtgggtta agaacccggc atagtgtctc tgaggatgca    172140
     gggttcaatc cctggcctcc ctccctgggt taaggatccg atgttgctgt gagctgcagt    172200
     gtagtttgca gatgtggctc ggatccggtg tggtgtttct gtggatgtga tgcaggctgg    172260
     tagctgcagc tctcatttga cccccagccc aggaccttcc acatgtgtgg ccttaaaaaa    172320
     aaaaaggcat tgtgaggaag actagaatta gataggttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaaggc    172380
     actgtgtgaa ggtgggcttg agtatttggg gacagtgttt agagagcagg gctcagcctc    172440
     aaggcttcag gctggagctc tgcctgtgga cacacgtctc cctgacagga aggaacaggg    172500
     tgggcctcct gggccctgtt agaatcagcc tctcagggct ggtcagggcc tttcctgcct    172560
     tttcctgccc aggcctctgt cctctgattc tctcagggac agaggccaaa gtgccagaac    172620
     tccaggactc caggcctttc ccatgccctg gcactcaaag ccctctcgct agaaggactt    172680
     cctgcttaac cctcgagcat gggtgggcct gacctacctg ggattgggag atgaggcaat    172740
     tcttcccggg ttgctgtctg ggtcacccat gggggcagaa cgaatactta ctgcaaatct    172800
     gacacggacg tctcggtgac tgaggaaggt gcccgagaca cgcagggcag gtgtgtccat    172860
     tctggggtcc tgtcccttat atgccagggg agtgccggga aggtcccacg ccttccaccc    172920
     tccctccctt ccttccttct ctttcctttc ttccagtatc ttcttttgtt tcctttcctt    172980
     ttaatcttat tgtcttctgt ttatttatcg gtgtaataaa atttattaca ttttccgtag    173040
     gaatggcctt ctccctgctc tcactccctt atcttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgcta    173100
     tttctttcgg cagctcccac gacatatgga ggttcccagg ttaggggtcc aatcggaact    173160
     ctagccagtg gcctacacca gagccacagc aacgcgggat ccaagctgcg tctgcaacca    173220
     acaccacagc tcatggcaaa gccggatcct taacccactg agcaaggcca gggatcgaac    173280
     ccgcaacctt gtggttccta gttggatttg ttaaccactg agccacaaca ggaactcctc    173340
     actcccttat cttggtccgt ctcagggcct gggtgggagt gatgccccct cccgtcccct    173400
     ggaatctcag actttggaag cagagtgcat tggctacttg gggggtggtg gggtaggtgc    173460
     cgtgtgctct gcagctgacc tctgggtggg cctgggagca ctgactcctg ggattgagtg    173520
     agggtcctga gggagtgcca gagccacctt tggttggatg ttttagtttt gaaaatgaga    173580
     gcctattctg ggagggacat aagtgaggtt cagaggaagg gcatggcccc aaccgtgccc    173640
     ttggggtccc acccagcaca ttccagtgca gggctttacc caccagccaa ggtcactgtg    173700
     gtgagagaag gaagaaaaaa aatttttttc ttttctttct ttctttcttt ttttccaggg    173760
     ctgcacctgt ggcatatgga ggttcccagg ctaggggtca aattggagct acagctgccg    173820
     gcctacaccg tagccacagc cacacagggt ccgagctgcc tctgagacct acacctcagc    173880
     tcacagcaac gccagatcct taacccactg agtgaggccg ggaattgaac ctgcatcctc    173940
     atggatacta gtgggattca tttctgctgt gccacaacag aaaccccaag aaaaaaaatt    174000
     tttttttttt tttgcttttt tttaaggctg cacccaccac atatggaggt tcccaggctc    174060
     ggggtcaaat cagagctata gctacaggcc tacaccacag ccacagcaac gcaggatctg    174120
     agccacgtct gtgacctgca ctacagctca tgggaacacc agatccttaa cccactgagt    174180
     gaggctgagg atcaaacccg caacctcatg gttcctagtt ggattcattt ccactgtgcc    174240
     tcagtgggag ctccccaaga aaaaaatttt aagtcaaaac caaacccatc agtgtgtgtg    174300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtattta agtaagcaag aagaaaacac tttttagatt tttttttctt    174360
     tctagggtcg cacctgtagc atatggatgt tcccaggcta gaggttgaat cagagctgca    174420
     gctgctggtc tacaccacag ccacagcaat gccagatctg agctgcctct gggaccttca    174480
     ctgcagcttt cggcatagga tccttaaccc actgagtgag gccagggatt gaaccagaat    174540
     cctcatggat actagccagg ttcttaaccc gctgagccac agtagtacct cgtcttttaa    174600
     tttttcctgc agtggaagag aacccagaga acccttcacc ttaacagtgt caggataaca    174660
     gtgtcaggtt ggccctttta agaaaaaggg tttaatcctt tctatcgact gtcacgtttt    174720
     aaaaattata actcactcta ctctcacatt tgttttctga cttaagtatt tatctgaaat    174780
     tgtttcaaaa agtcctggag ttcctgttgt gatccttgtt tcaacgggat cggtggcatc    174840
     ttgggagcac tgggacacag gcttgatccc tgggccaggc acagtggatg aatgatccag    174900
     aggtgctgca ggtggggctt aggttgcaac tgcggctggg gtctgagccc tggcccaggc    174960
     actccatacg cctcagggcg gccaataata agtaaatgaa aaagtaacta ataaataaat    175020
     aaacaaacag gacttgacat aactaaaaga tgaaagatat tatatgtgtg gtaaagagca    175080
     aagtaaacta ttaaccccat tagcattagg atgacttata ctttggcgag tgaacagtct    175140
     ttgttgttaa agcagcctga acacggccct gcctccgggg gagggtggtg aagtttgccg    175200
     tttctgtcca tcttgccagt gtgctcctgt cccctggaaa gtaataaccc tgtcctttgt    175260
     cactgccagc cctctctccc tcccagtatg gactctaagg gcgggtactc ggggtgagat    175320
     aagctttctg gccagacctt ctcagggcat ttcagagtcc aaggtccctt gttgctggtc    175380
     ctggaagctc ctgcggcctg ggctggggct ctgtccctgt gccatccccc aacccccatg    175440
     ggatcatttc catagtgagc ccctggtgct gacagaccca ggcaccgggc cgagtatcag    175500
     tcttgggtgt gccacacagg ccccacttcc aaggttagaa aggagccagc ctggagttcc    175560
     cactgtggct cagctggtta agaacctgac tagtatccat gaagttgtgg gtttgatccc    175620
     tggtcccgct cagtgtgggt tgaggatctg gcattgccat gagctgtggt gttggtctgg    175680
     gatgtggctc agatctggcg ttgctgtagc tgtggtgaag gcaggcagct gcagctccag    175740
     tttgacccct agcctgggaa cctccatatg ctgcaggtgc ggtcttaaaa agaaacaacc    175800
     aaaagacaca gagaacaaaa gacagccagc ctggagagta gcacttgttc caattgtggc    175860
     tattgagtcc ctgcctctct ctgccccctc agggttgtgt cagcattccc agacctaccc    175920
     tccttttgct gctctgatca gactggttcc ttcttgataa cgggggtgag tgtccagagg    175980
     gcagggcaga gtgtgctttg tatgcctttt gcaagtttca gtttcaaaga gcagaagggg    176040
     ccagagaagg cggattcaac cgttggggat cgttttgatg ggggcgccca tggtctggcc    176100
     tctgcagacc cccctgtaac ctgtgccagg ctctgccact ctgctgggag ctgcctgctt    176160
     ctcagccacg agggactcag atctggagct ggaattagag tttggggctc agagcaatta    176220
     gcttcaagtg caaagtctga gggcagatct ggggcctgct gggctccctg aaccttttcc    176280
     tgctgctgag ttgagagacg cttcagaagt cccaggcttt caaagcaggt gagttggttt    176340
     tgaagacgcg tgtgggccaa gaagggaaag cagggagcag ctggccggga ggaggaggct    176400
     gagcgagtgg tggggctgtg ggccgggctg agtgggactg gataagctct aagaagccca    176460
     ggacaaccac agcgagggtc gcaccttcac tcgtttattt taatgttgta tctgcagcac    176520
     cgacaggccc tgttccaatt acaggtagtg cctctacaaa tttatattca agtgattctt    176580
     ggttaaaacc ttggggcaca ggaattccct ttgtggctct gtggttaaca aacccgacta    176640
     ggatccatga ggatggcggg ttcaatccct ggcctcactc ggtgggttaa tgatccggca    176700
     ttgctgtgag ctgtggtgta ggtcacagat acagctcaaa tctggcattg ctatggctgt    176760
     ggtatagacg ggcagctgca gcttcgattg gaaccttagc ctgggaactg ccgtatacct    176820
     caggtgcaac caaaaaatta aaaacaacaa caactaaaaa accccaaaca accttgaggt    176880
     ggaggtgcct ttcatatctt tattttgcag atgaggaaac acacagagaa ggtcaaggaa    176940
     cctgactaag gtcatcacac agagagtggg ccagccctgg ggagaagtca gcagtcagcc    177000
     cccagaatct ggccttccca ggaccctaag ctgtgtcctt ctcaaccctg aacagtaagt    177060
     gtttggggat agtttgtctc taagctccaa gctctaattc attttaggag ttcccgtcat    177120
     ggcgcagtgg ttaatgaatc cgactaggaa ccatgaggtt gcgggtttgg tccctgtcct    177180
     tgttcagtgg gttaaggatc cagcgttgcc gtgagctgtg gttcaggttg cagacgcagc    177240
     tcggatcctg cgttgctgtg gctctggcgt aggctggtag ctacagctcc aattagaccc    177300
     ctagcctggg aaactccata tgccgcggga gtggcccaag aaatggcaaa aagacaaaaa    177360
     caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaacctcta attcatttta tctccttggc tgctgtttcc    177420
     actgggcatt tctgctccag tgcaatcttc tccaaagaca gtgaggatga gggttcgcct    177480
     gttggtgggg attgaccgga cacctgggta ccgggccacg tccctggtcc ctcgcaggca    177540
     gggctgggtg ggattaaaat tcaggggaac cgaacaagca actcgggcag cacagctgtg    177600
     cctgtgatgg gacccaggtt ctccttgagg aggatgtgct tggtctcagg cttctcagtg    177660
     attcttggtc ccctgggggc cacagaacca cagcaagtag gagcggacct gcccttcatg    177720
     gtgaggggcc tgagtctggg ccggttgtcc tggggggtca ctggcagttg tgcctaatgc    177780
     agagatgggg gatggtttcc ccggggcccg gggtgctgag gaaggaagtg cctggttttc    177840
     tgggcagagc gggctgtgcg gcaggtgggc tgggctggga agggaaggag tgtgcttttc    177900
     cccagccaac ctagtggttg tctagcccca cagaggcttc cccggggtgg gaggagccca    177960
     gctcggtgct ttcttggggt cagggtggtg ggggcctcac cctgcagtgg ggaggctgtg    178020
     gtcctgctgg ggactgtcgc cagccctggg ccccgagctc tgggtggccc tgcctcctgc    178080
     cttgtctctc tctcagctcg gaggaaatgg aggatctgtc ctgctgccct gtgctctgcc    178140
     ggctcacccc gctgctgctc ctcatccagc tgctcactgg gggctcccta ggtgagtggg    178200
     tccccatccc tcttgctgtg tcctctgggg tgggtggctc cctgggggct ggagccgggc    178260
     tggttctctc catcgccagg gggtgaccat ttttctctgg aaaaatgacg atgctcccca    178320
     actattcatt ataattagac atttaggaag agtctctaag ccatgatatg agggtaagga    178380
     ccctgacagt tgtcacatga gggatttatg caagttaact gtcagaaatg tgacaatacc    178440
     tcttccccct agtttttact tctcagcttt agtggtattg aagctcttac tcctgcatta    178500
     attcatttcg ttccccatat atttacaggg tgtggactat gtgtcaggtg ctcttcttga    178560
     attcagcaga cagaatccct ggctttatag accttccagt ctcacgggag gcaccgagta    178620
     gtaaatgtga gagcaggtgt aggggacagt ttgctgtaag agatgggagg tggggcagtg    178680
     aggcagggca ggcgggcagg cagggctgtg gaggtgggac gcgggcaggc cgtggtgttc    178740
     agggaggcgg tcagtgaaga cagtgcgatg ggaaccaagt cctggagggg cgggggtggt    178800
     gaggccgtga ggctcccctt gggaggatgg tttctttttt ccttttcttt tggcttttta    178860
     gggctgcacc ggcagcatat ggaggttccc aggctagggg tcaaatcgga tctatagctg    178920
     ccggcctaca ccacggccac agccacgcag gatctgagcc atgtgtgcaa cctacaccac    178980
     cgctcctggc aacaccagat ccttaaccca ctgagcgagg ccagggatgg aacccgcaac    179040
     gtcatggttc ctagtcggat tttgtttccc ctgagccacg acaggaactc ccaggatgat    179100
     ggtttctgca ggagagagca gccagtgcga agctgcccgt gtgcccggga tggttgagga    179160
     accgtggagg cacgtgtggg ctgccgcaga gtgatcgaga gggagagaag gaggagctgg    179220
     ggtcagagag gccctggggt caccccgtcc ccagagtggg cctgtggtcc acggggcaac    179280
     cgaggggcca tggcagagta gggacaagat tgacaggtga gaagagcctg cagttgtggg    179340
     agtggggaga cccaggggag actccagggg agagaggctg gcggctcagg ccacatttga    179400
     gcagctgggg aggggagaag ttggtcttta gagtccggtg gggctgtcct gcagaagtca    179460
     tgtcgtgtgc catccaccag gcctgagaaa gtcacaggct ctgagaaggt agtgttgggg    179520
     tcaatcctct tttttttttt tttttttaaa agaagcggag atatgggcag ttgtaggcca    179580
     tcagagtgaa ggccagtttt taatggaaat agtacttggg tctagtttta acttttttct    179640
     tttttctttt ttcgggccac acctgtggca catggacgtt cccaggctag gggtcagatt    179700
     ggtacagcag ctgccggcct acctcacagc cacagcaaag tagcatctga gccatgtctg    179760
     cgacctacac cacagctcat ggcaactcca gatccttaac ccactgagtg agaccaggga    179820
     ttgaacacgc atactagtcg ggttaggaac ccgctgagcc acaaggggaa ctgtggatct    179880
     agtttttagt ccacacataa tttagccaag gagatagata tgagcacaga caataaagtt    179940
     gagggtggca gtggggagtc cctggatgtg gctgaatgat cagggagttc tgatccgggc    180000
     cccaggtgtg ctctttggtc agggttcagt cttgtccaag aaggaccagg atagagctgc    180060
     ggttctcaac gtgtggtttc cggagcatca gtatcagcct ttcagggacc tctttaaaaa    180120
     cgcacatcct ttggtccacc cagaccacga gaatcggaag ttctgaggct tgggcccagc    180180
     agcatgtgtt tcataagccc ccttgctgat tctgctgcac gctgacggtt gcagcccccc    180240
     gagttagagt cctctgtgaa aagatgtgac gaaggagcac agatagatga gggattctct    180300
     ttgtggtcat ctgtgggtga cagcattgca gtcagaagat cttgctcaga ctcaaaatca    180360
     tcacagctcc acccatcagg tcagagttca tctcgtccaa cacctgtcgc ccgcctgcct    180420
     gggccttccc accagatggc gtgtgctccc ttcgctcagt ctgtgtttct gtttctcact    180480
     cccatgtctg tgtccacaga ggagttctcg gtgcttgggc cctcggatcc cattgtggca    180540
     gtgctcggtg gggatgccgt gctgtcctgt cgtgtgttcc cagccatgaa tgccgaggac    180600
     atggagctga ggtggttccg ttccaagttt tcggaagccg tgttcatcta tcaaaaccga    180660
     caggaacaga aggaagagca gttggctggt tatgtagggc gggcctcgct ggtgagggac    180720
     ttcctctccc agggggaggc tgctgtgcgc atcggccagg tccaggtttc tgacaatggg    180780
     ctgtacacct gcttcttcag aaagggagtc ttctatgaag aggccagttt ggagctgaag    180840
     gtggcaggtt ggtgacttga tttatatttt tgattcctgg tttattgggc ttgggaggaa    180900
     cctgagggac tatgtaaatc agccccttat gttatagatg aggagcagga ggcccatcca    180960
     ttcattccat tattcgatag aaattttgta gaaatcgtac tctatgccac atcctattct    181020
     gggcacgagg gatatatcag cgatccaaac aaaatttcct gctctgtgga gtttatattc    181080
     ctttttcggt ctttttagga cctcagccac ggcatatgga ggctcccagg ctgggggtgg    181140
     aattggagct gtagctgcag gcctacgcca cagccacagc catgcgggat ccgagccatg    181200
     tctgcgacct acaccacagc ttacggcaac gctgaatcct taacccacct gcgaggccag    181260
     ggatggaacc tgcgtcctca tggatactgg tcagatttgt ttcctctgac ccgaggacag    181320
     gtactccaga gtttatattc taggggcaat acaaaaatac atagacacat aggttataga    181380
     ggatgttagg aggtcacaag tacttaggat aaaagtccaa gtaaaacagt gagaggggac    181440
     caggatggag gtggggaggg ctccactctt acatgttata tgtcagtaag gttgggcctc    181500
     actgacaatt tgagcagaag ctccaaggaa gtagggcttt agcccaatgg atgtttgtgg    181560
     gaccagagtt cccagatgat gaaacacctg gtgtgaaagc ctgaggtagg aatgtggccg    181620
     gtatgttctg agcacacgag gaggccatca agatgaatga aggggagggt ggtgacaata    181680
     gcggaataaa aagatgttcc tagtacaggg tgcgcagcgg agcggttgat taacgctgcc    181740
     cgtggcgatc aggaaaagtg cataagtaat acgcactcaa gtgggtactg gagttcctca    181800
     gacaaggttc caaagcgccc ttgaggttga tggaccagga tgtgagaagg caagggtgac    181860
     atagaacatg atgaatgtgg ttcttagcgg ttaaccaaat agtccttggg gtccgggtgt    181920
     gcaggtagtg gaagttgggg ggaggcggag agagggggac ggcagatgcc agatcctaga    181980
     cagctttgcg tgctgtgcta tggactgttg ctgcagtgct gaggacagtt taagcagggc    182040
     agtgccttga acattttccc atgccagtcc tgggaggatg gatgggaggt gagccagggt    182100
     ggaggcatgg gggcagttat gaggtggatg gaaagaggag tgagggtttg gggctatttt    182160
     catgtcaatc catcggagac ggggcagaat caagtattca gttcttgaag gttgactttg    182220
     ccgtgtatgt gaggaatcct ggtgggggtg aacctgtgga tcagaggaag ggggttccgg    182280
     ggtcgggctg tccattgatc cactgttggt ggtgatttag aaagagggcc agtgggtgtg    182340
     gaagcagatg cccttggaga gtgtgtgaag agagcagagt caaggctcaa tggatcttgg    182400
     gaccaccttc ctcctcctgt ctaccctggg tggcagcctt tccacctgca ctactgggga    182460
     gaagggcccc agcccaggaa ctcctgtagt tcccgctgct ccttccttct gttccccgag    182520
     gcagggccgc tgtcttgctc cctgcaggga ggagcctggc cccacacccg agctccctga    182580
     tgcaaggaga atgacccccc agtggtgtgt acatgcagct actgctgggg tccccaggac    182640
     tcaggcggct gccctgggct ccacatcttc cctcctgcag gtgtgggctc tgcccctgag    182700
     gtgcgcatca cagggcccga ggaggacggg atccgcgtgc tgtgcacggc ctcggggtgg    182760
     ttcccgaagc cccaggtgca gtggagggac gggagcggag agaagttcct ggcgttctcc    182820
     gaggcccaca cccaggacgc ggaggggctg ttcagcgtgg aggccgccct ggtggtgcga    182880
     gaccgctccg tgggcaacgt gacctgctct gtcctcaacc ctgtcctggg ccaggagaag    182940
     gccatggcca ttttcattcc aggtcagtgc tgctgcccgc tcccagcagg gccacaggag    183000
     gggccgggcc ttcctgagtg taccgggctg ggctgccctg ggccgtggcc ctgatggggt    183060
     ctctggctgg gctgtagagc ccttcttccc ccaggcctct ccctggaagg tggctttctt    183120
     ggtgagcctg actgtgctga tgctcctcgt ccttggggct ggatgttaca tcaggagaga    183180
     acattctatc aagttgcggg agatggaaga aaagaggcat ctgtggcagg ctaaggagga    183240
     ggcccggcag acaaaggaga aggcgctaca ggacagaggt gaggctggac agcagccaag    183300
     gctggcgagg gtggcagcct gtgctagagg gacaggaaga ccacagggcc gagtccaggg    183360
     ctccagggaa atccagggcc cttggcccag ggcaggtgtc tggggagatc cggggagccg    183420
     tggaggctcg gatgggtgga gttggaactt cacccaggtt acataccgag cggtgttttg    183480
     ttgttgctgt tgttgttttg tctttttggc catgcctgtg gcatgcagac gtttccaggc    183540
     cagggactgc acccgcacct cagcagcaac tcgagctgct gcagtgacag cactggatcc    183600
     ttaacttgct gagctaccag agaactccca gagaggttgt ttttttgtgg attcgtttct    183660
     tagggatggg aactcatttt tttttttttt ttcactttct ttcagctgaa ctccaggcac    183720
     agctcagtaa gttctgcttt tccttctgcg ctctgtgcat cccctttgaa ggagactttc    183780
     tggttcttag ctcacctgtt tcctgtgtgt tcctttcaga ctggaggaaa gacgtgtacc    183840
     tggctggtga gtgagtctcc agatggccct gggtttcctg tcctacctgt gccaaggcgt    183900
     ccccctcttt gtgtctgtct agacacccac acacgtgtgg acccctttcc ctggggtgga    183960
     agtggaggct ggggaaggca gaacccagca ccacgggctc tcctggatct gggctgctgt    184020
     ttcccaccca gtgcttggga gcctggatgt gacggtgact cccgggtccg catgcatgtt    184080
     gggtcttgtt ccaactctga cggacccacc ttcttgatag ttttctagcc ttgtgtgcat    184140
     ctggttttca gccagcacct ggaagccaga agccagcttc tctgagactt cagtcttcaa    184200
     ggggctctct acataaagag ggcgattacg tttaggagcg ccccctcctg cccgtagccc    184260
     aaaagcccat ccagggagag tctgttttct cccgttcctg agggtgagga ttgaagagtg    184320
     ctggaggggc tgaccgggct gaccatacat ggggaggcca tgggatgggc gttgattccc    184380
     cagaatagtc tcttctttct cccacgaaat cgaatgagcc acttttagcc cagagctcac    184440
     ctcacctctc tgtccttacg taattcccag ttcaagttat ttcccaaatg tatctttgcc    184500
     agaacaaggc tagataagag aattctttct taaaataatg gagtcattta tgttttctcc    184560
     ctttggatcc tttgtggcaa aagcgaatgc agatagcatc agaatttttg aggtttatga    184620
     ggcacagagc agctaagtga cttgccaagt gtcccacggg gcagtgggac agtggtggcc    184680
     ctcagtctgt aatgctggcc tcccgattgt ggtctaggga agttcccaga acacctggtg    184740
     tctgtacgtg gcaggagtcc cctcccctct ggcctcttcc ccactggcat agcctcccct    184800
     gcagagcagg ctgctgtggc tgaggtctca ccagggtgtg ttccctttca ggctggaaga    184860
     aggcccagct gtatgcaggt aagtggctgt gagttcctgg ggcctccact ccccaggctg    184920
     gactctgccc ccttctccac cagggtgggg tgggtgttcc tggtctccct gccacttttg    184980
     tagcctccat ctggagactg cagggcctcc tccttgggaa cccacctctg cctccattcg    185040
     ggcccatcct ccactgttac ggtgagcgac cgcctcccga agcacctgat ccagtggggc    185100
     ttctcgctgg tgcagtgaca gtggggaggg gcattgtgag gagggcaggc agcagggaac    185160
     gactgtgtgg atcaggactc actgacctcc ggaagttttc ggggatggtg ctcgcctgct    185220
     taggactcgg gtcttcccaa ggggaccctg ggctcttgat ccctcttgct ctcaagttcc    185280
     tccacttttt gggtctggtt ttggtgttcc catttcttct tggtcctctg ggatattggc    185340
     cctctctctg cttcctcatg tccaggctga gtttcttcct gcaagcctcc tgggttgctg    185400
     agaaagtaag tttctctaga gcaggtatcc tgagtgtgtg gtccagaacc tctgggatgt    185460
     ttatggactc ctggggtgag ggtctgtgaa agatcggaaa ttatatgtca tctcctgtgt    185520
     atatgtttgt gtgacaggag caaagacaga acaaccgtca tctctccatt tcagagaatt    185580
     ctgtgtttgc taatgggctt cttaggggca gcgtgtgaag actgggcaaa aagaaacgta    185640
     gaggagtcaa cattgttttc cctagaaagg gtgaggcgaa aaccagggaa gacagaccag    185700
     gaggaggaag agaggaggcg atgaggagga agtcaggggt ctgagatgtg tcttacagag    185760
     attcggggtg gcttgaagtg gtggaagaga aaccgcaaga aacagccatg gtggatggag    185820
     ttagggagca cccagagggt gtgcaagtta tctggatgcg ggaagtgtaa tcaactcctt    185880
     gatatctctt tgagaaattt cagtgcagac acagttattt ttaaaccatt ttgcaataac    185940
     cttttttttt ttggtctttt tataatgatt ttaatttttt ccattatagc tgatttactg    186000
     tgttctgcca aatttctact gcacagcaag gtgacccagt cacacataca tgtatacatt    186060
     ctttttcttg cattatcatg ctgcatcaca agtgaccaga tgtagttccc agggctgtac    186120
     agcaggatct catttcttac gcattccaaa ggcaatagtt tgcatctatt aacctcataa    186180
     tcccagtccc tcccagtccc tcccctctcc ctcttggcaa ccccaagtct gttgtccatg    186240
     tccatagttt tcttttctgt ggaaagattc atttgtgcca tatatgagat tccagatata    186300
     agtgaaatca tgtggtagtt gtctttctct ttctgattta cttccctgag tatgagagtc    186360
     tctatttcca tcatgttgct gcaaatggca ttattttgtt cttttttatg gctgagtagt    186420
     attccattgt gtatatatac actatatctt cttagtcccg tcatcggtgg atggtcattt    186480
     aggttgtttc cacgccttgg ctattgtgac tagtgctgca gtgaacatgc aggtgcatgt    186540
     gtctttttca aggcaagttt tgtctggata tatgcccaag agtgggattg ctgcatcatg    186600
     tggtagttct atgtatagtt ttccaaggtc cctccgtact gtttttggta gtggttgtac    186660
     caatttacat ccccaccaac agggcaggag ggttgcaata accatttaac tgattttgcc    186720
     tctgataatg agaccatccc caccttcgtg tagtggttgg ggcaggaatg tggtctggtg    186780
     tgtcccaggg cagtgtaggc ttgtccagag gaccttccgc tgtggggtga gttaaaactc    186840
     tgtacccttt gagcctgtgt cacatacctt cttcctgctt agaatgttat tgtttaataa    186900
     tatagactgt gagagacaga gagggataaa ccaaggggtg aaaagcctgg tactggattt    186960
     gagagggggt gagggtcgca ccttagggtt tcttactgat gatcttgagg atttccatat    187020
     taagcatgag gatcagatag ttttctttta ccatctcccc ttacctgtta cattacagag    187080
     catatgcttt catgtatacc ttgtctgccc ttgtattttg taaggagaaa ccccagtacg    187140
     ctagaatcaa ctctttccta ttgacaggtt catagaatga gggggacaaa tatctcatct    187200
     ctttttactc ataatattgg aaaggcagga attcccttgt ggtgcagtgg gttagggatc    187260
     cagcattgtc cctgcagcgg ctcaggtccc tgctgtggca gggatttaat ccttggccca    187320
     ggtgagggca aaaaacatgg agaaaccgtt tgtcctttag tgatttgctg tggaaattaa    187380
     gtgaagaatt gtatcccact caagatattg tggaatctca caattaaatg cccactctct    187440
     tttctcctcc ttccccttct acttctttca taatctctct catttgtgat agagaaattt    187500
     atagctgggt attaagtagc gtctttgtga agaacgagta aattaaagtt aagtttttcc    187560
     tcaaagggtc tcatggtcca tgttatgtga tcttatttcc atcaagcaaa tcagcagcaa    187620
     tggaaaggcc agcttctgca tgacctttca ttaagtggga atggtcgtaa cgaatttaca    187680
     ccctaatgtg caagacaata ccatttactt atttctataa atgttctaat tttattccca    187740
     attgtccact ctggtggagg caacagcgct ataagtgcgg gcctttcagg gtgccatgac    187800
     ttatataagc cttgctttgc ttcctttctt cttcccaaaa gcaagtatgg aggttggaag    187860
     agattctgtg gccttgggtc agtgagggaa aagggtgcta tgctctcctc ctagtcgtat    187920
     cgggtcatca ccctggggag actagcctga tctggttctt tttaaattga atttttcttt    187980
     tattttagct ttgcatgctt tagtgacgaa tccttcagaa gaaagaacca ctctttagga    188040
     gttagaatta ctactatttt tattattgta catttcctaa ggagatggga agctactttt    188100
     gtttctgact gtcagaattt tatgaattgc cagtttgaaa tattctgggg aaaataatgt    188160
     cccaaattca gcaatgtacc tcatatatat atatatatat gtatatgtat gtttatatat    188220
     atgtattttt ttgtaatttt atttgtttat ttatttatgt ttttattaaa atatagttga    188280
     tttacaattt ttcttcaatc tatgttacat ggtgaagtga tccagtccca ctcatttccc    188340
     tgtgctgtac agtaggatcc cattgcccat ccattccaaa tataacagtt tgcatccaat    188400
     cccccaccgc aaatgtccaa ccattccact ccctcccact tcccacctgt gaaccccaag    188460
     tctgctctcc ttggccatga tctgcttctg gtgttttttt gttttttttt tttttagtag    188520
     gatatcagtt ccatatttta gatcccacaa ataagtggta tcatatggta tctgtctttt    188580
     tctttcttgc tttggaacta gagattctga agtaagccag gaagaaaaag actgatgtgg    188640
     ttcttaagat ccctggtttg gggtctgctg aggagcggca ggtcctgtgt agctatttgg    188700
     gcactgttgt ttcctctcta cccttgaccc catctcagag tccttaatca cacctgtaaa    188760
     gttccctttg ccacaacata tgcacatgtt ctgtggtttg ggacacggac atctttaggg    188820
     gcctccacag cgagggtctc ctggaagctt acaatctttc tgggcaatta taaggggatg    188880
     cagatgacca gattgaatat ttggggttct cccttacatt tagggatgtt tttgctccac    188940
     tgccctgtga aaaggggaag agaattcact ggtgcctttc ctctcaccga atgtatgtct    189000
     tcccttgaaa aatctctctc ctttccttga aatctctccg ttgcttccta actgggtagg    189060
     ttttcactga tgttgcatct tgaattctct gcactaatgg ttcatagtca tcctctgagt    189120
     taaatcagtc aagttgtgtt ctctcaactg ctggcctagt ggtaacctgc acatttagct    189180
     caattagttt ttgatcattc aatggacgcc ttggaaattt tgacctcttc agttctttaa    189240
     aatcctggct ttcaggatgg atctgtggct agggacttga gaaagcatta ttttgcagtg    189300
     aaatctgggc agtaaccttt atgttcaaac tgatatcaag cctcttaatt gttcagtatt    189360
     aaagtctaaa gctaaaggct tagctttcat gagaagcagc agtatgatgg ttgtgtgtgt    189420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaga aaagaaatcc gaatcagttg    189480
     aatgtttcca aaatcttttc ccccataact ctcctgtttg tatgtttcag aagactaagc    189540
     agaagactga tatgtgtagt ctctgcaaat ccctgaggtg aaacctgtgg ttctcttgta    189600
     gattggagga cggaaaagtt ccagccccgt gagtgacttt gtgctcattc tgggtgttcc    189660
     tgctgcagcc ccccgtggcc tctcctttag ttctcagtgg tgatatggag gctggcacca    189720
     tcaacggtgg tggggtgggg tgtgggtcat agtcacacaa ttggggctgg agggtgtggc    189780
     tgatgttggc tgctaaagac attcttcagc ttttggagac tgggctggtc ctcacgggtc    189840
     ttgtgacata tttaaaccta aaattggttt tgtggttcct tttattttgg ccttttaggg    189900
     ccacatttgt ggcatctgga agttcccagg gtgggggtta aattggagcc tcagctgctg    189960
     gcctaagcca cagccaagcc atgtctggaa cctacatcac agctcatgac aatgccgtcc    190020
     ttattccact gagcaagtcc agggattgaa cctgcatcct catggatact agtcaggttt    190080
     gtaacctgct gagccacaac aggtactcat tttttttggt actttttgct tggaggccat    190140
     gggcttgaat cacatgtttc taatctcggg gggcttagcc ttccccccac acagctgaga    190200
     gtcagggatg ggcgtggttg tgtgttcttg ttatggggca ggggagggcc ttgcatgatg    190260
     cagctttctc tgcagggcct gtcactctgg atccaggatc tgccgcttca agccttgtag    190320
     tcacccatga aaagacgagc gtgaccagga agaacactgg tgtgaaccca ggagacatgg    190380
     acagtgtgtt gggctttgag gacatctcat cagggcgctg gtactgggag gtggagatca    190440
     aggatggaga tggatgcgag tgggctctgg gggtctgtag gaaagatgtg aaacgggaag    190500
     gttggtgtag agaatcccca gaaaaggggt tctggcttgt ggggaagttt agtgataaat    190560
     attttgtcta tactgcacaa tacactgagc tatcccttca ccaggttctc cacagggtgg    190620
     gggtgttcct agaccacgag gaaggggatg tctccttcta taacatgact gatggctccc    190680
     acatcttctc cttcactggg gtttccttct ctggggctct ctgtccctac ttcaaactta    190740
     gggcaggaga tgtgtctatg accatctgct ccaaggtggg agggtctgag gggctccctg    190800
     tgccccttaa tgattcttgc ctggaggagc ctgtgagcct cccaggggag gagatcagct    190860
     caggctctgg tgctgatgct cccccagggg ctgagtctcc attactcccc tgcaaccccg    190920
     aggctgtgtc cccataggtc ccatcactgt cccagacccc tcgctgtggc tcttcctgga    190980
     gctgcagact ccaggtgaca aaggcctctg aggtgagttc tggatggctg gagtcttggc    191040
     ttcttgatct ggaagcagat tcctgggtgt gtgtttatga gaatagtcag ttcgtgcttt    191100
     atgctcagct agcagattat aaaagttgac tctttgagct ggtttgggga tcggcaacat    191160
     ctgactgtgg gaagttgtat ttcttttggt aatgaaaaat atgtcatttg gacatgaaag    191220
     gtgatgaggg cttgaaccac tcagcagaag aaaatggagt tcacttgttc taatttgagt    191280
     ttttgcagaa gaacccagag gatactggtt ggtccccagc tctatgctga gggatctgaa    191340
     gtgtcacatc aggaaagccg gccatccaga attttccagg gaaatgtgtg gctgatggac    191400
     tttcaagaag tctaatattt tatgtatttc ttattctgag atggagaaaa cacccacatg    191460
     tcccaaagaa cagtaaattt ctgtaacctg tgaagaattt gtgttgtgct catttcagga    191520
     agtaaggaaa aggatctggg ttttaaatat ctgtcaacag caggtgcaaa aaagagaatt    191580
     gctatctgaa ttaagagtaa atgaagaaga gactttgcag aggcagtgtg aattgcagaa    191640
     aacttgaagc acagcacaga gccagttatc aatgtgtcgc ctctcagttc ttctaagtcc    191700
     agtggtaaag gttagtggaa aaccttagca aaccaaagga aacaggacta ctgaggactc    191760
     agacctttgg gaatgaggac gtggtcactg caccaggtgg agaactctga cctgtgggtc    191820
     tgggtgcgaa gacagggaat gggaagtgga ggaggcagtc atggacgttg actctgattt    191880
     gcgatccatt ccagaaagag gatgttgata gctttgctta ttttctctgt cttaatgtgt    191940
     gtgtgttgtt tgtatttact atccattttc tccctctttc ttcttctttt agaagaaaga    192000
     tgactttctt tcaagttgtt agacttttat tcaagttgct ggaggttatg tgtattatgc    192060
     tatagtcttc aggtcacaga atagtcaagg acattgggac tgcatttgag gagtaaatag    192120
     gagagtggca ttggatgcat tatctgggac tgtctgtctc ctcattttgg gcaaggggca    192180
     agaacttcat ttgtatgggt agctctgtct tggtgggtga gaaggcaggg ttgtggtgtg    192240
     gtgttagtgg aagtgcaaat gtgtgtaaaa tggtgtgtgt ggaagctgag tgacccaagg    192300
     tgtggactgt gcttattatc gggtgtcttg cctcttggtc ccaaagtcac cctgtatttg    192360
     ccctgctttg tgataccgga gctgaacccc aaacctcttg gttctgcctg gcatggtgtc    192420
     agtctctgga agggaccctg taccccatag cagaggatgg gcttctcttg ccggtctgga    192480
     gcttttcttt tgatcctatg atgtgatagt gtcctgcagt tcactatctg tcacttttgc    192540
     tgaatgtgcc tggcattgca gcaggctgtc ccagaggctt gctttccatg gaatcttttt    192600
     gtttcttctt tcttctttcc tttctccctt cccttccctt ctttccttct ttccttcctt    192660
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    192720
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcctttt tagggccaca    192780
     ttaggggcac atggagcttt ccaggctagg ggtccaatca gagctgtagc tgctgcccta    192840
     caccacagcc acagcaactc agagccgcat ctgcaaccca caccacagct tacgccagtg    192900
     ccagatcctt ggcccactga gcaaggccag ggatcaaacc tgcatcctca tggatgctcg    192960
     tcatatttgt taatggctga gccgtgacag gacctccctt cccagggaat ctttcagagc    193020
     tccagtggga cgtttcctgc ccatcagctt ggcctgtggc tcgttggtga ccttcttcac    193080
     ctgccaggag accacaatcc ccctttcccc ataagctctg aatgaagttt ctttcccaaa    193140
     tgtctgtctt ccttgggttt ctgcctgtgc cctagaggga gtctgctccc catagctgct    193200
     atttctggct ttcttttctg ctttgtgagt taacttttgc tagtttatag ttctttatct    193260
     cagtttatct cgttcagctg actgatgtgg tttctgtctc ctgactggac tctgactgat    193320
     gcaaacatct gaactgcagt gtggcttgga ggatgacact gcacggcccc cactgcacat    193380
     ttatgttttc ttgaaaatgt gtatcaactt ttatttttat ttttttctta ctcaatgaat    193440
     ttattacatt tgtagctgta caatgatcat cacaatccaa ttttatagga tttccatccc    193500
     acaaccccag agcatccccc tacccccaga ctgtctcctt tggagaccag aagtttttca    193560
     aagtctgtga gtcagtatct gttctgcaaa gaagttcatt ctgtcctttt ttcagattcc    193620
     acagaggcat tgacaaattt atcaaaattg ttcctcccgg aataagtcaa acgaatatac    193680
     tcttggggtc cttgtgtgga tgtaagcatt ctgtatatta atatagtttc agttatattt    193740
     atccctcctt ccatttattt tgaaccttcc tgacactata ctacttttgg acaagctatg    193800
     ggcatatttc ctttgatgca gtgtgaaaag gaagatattc atatgctgtg aattatccac    193860
     acaacaggga agtaatcttt agacacgtgg accagctgtc taagtaattc cagaaggaat    193920
     gattaaagtc ttcagtgtgg tagagctttg tcggaattga ctgacgttaa gtgttgtggc    193980
     tgtgtacgtt tcgtgctgtt tccttgaagt tttattggtc aaagttgcag atgcttttct    194040
     gtacctttta ttattgttta ggaaaacatt caattataca gaaagtacta ctcactctct    194100
     ggttgtattt gctattcaaa aaaccccaca tcttttattt atttgttctt attctcatta    194160
     ttattttttt gggctgtgcc cgcagcatgc agaagttcct gggtagggat ctaacccgtg    194220
     ctacagctat aaccagagcc acagcagtga gaatgctgga tcctcaactt ctggagccac    194280
     aagcgaactc caaaaaaatg cgtcttttag tacctcctca actattatcc aagcagttgt    194340
     ttcctgtatt gctaagaaac atcgttcaag gcccaggaat aggtgaaacg ttgggagtca    194400
     tttctttttt gtgtcatcct agggcattaa gactcataca aacctttgtt attatctagg    194460
     ggagaacatc agtgttgcct ttggctttca agtttaacca ttggctcctt tcctgtgatg    194520
     tatagttgtc tgttcagcag agaagatcac tctaaatgtt acagtgtaat tgtccattaa    194580
     ccacttgccc ctcctcaact tggaatactt atttcaaact gccttttctg gtggatgatc    194640
     aatgccacgt tttcaaaatg ctgtctgaac ctaactttac attgtaccaa tgccatgatt    194700
     gattaattca ttgaataaat tcgtagattt atacatggtc gagagacatg tttatgactt    194760
     tgtggaaatt ttacaatacc ttttacttta aaaaacatgg gttttattaa aaaaactatt    194820
     aaatttaagt atagaatttt ttatacttgg taaaagatga atacattatg aaaatcccat    194880
     gtggggcgtt ctcgtcatgg ctcagcagta atgaacacaa ctagtatcca ttaggactca    194940
     ggtttgatcc ctcgtctcgc tcaagctggt taaaaatctg gtattgcctt gggctgtgga    195000
     gtaggtcgca gacgtggcag ctacagcttc aactggatcc ctagcctgga gacttccata    195060
     tgctgcaact ttggccttaa aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cccgatgtga taagtgtaga    195120
     aaataggagg taatgaaatg aaatatgggt tataacttag taacttcccc ccgcagattg    195180
     gaagagaagc ctgcagagag gataatactt ttcctggatt acccaaaagt gttggggttt    195240
     agatctttat ctgaaataga aagctgctta tactcgtgga tccctttctc attttattag    195300
     cttgctcatc catacagctg agtaccctcc accatccatt taatcaacaa gtccttggcc    195360
     agcatttcca ctgcctcgat ctgtgaaatt tgacggttgt ccctcacctt ctacactcat    195420
     ctttcttttt ttcttttttc tttttgtggt ttgtcttttg agggccacac ccacggcata    195480
     tggagggtgc caggctaggg gtctcatcag agctgtagct gctggcctac accacagcca    195540
     caggaatgcc agatccttaa cccactgagg gaggccaggg atcgaacctg caacctcatg    195600
     gttacttgtt gggtttgtta accactgagc cacaacggga actccctaca ctcatctttc    195660
     tgactctggt ctcgggaggg tgtctgtgat ggagtgtgga atttagccag ggggacagga    195720
     gcccccagaa ggaaggtcag gggaggtttg ggagagtcag ggtgtttcct cctgaggcct    195780
     cctccccaaa tggcttttgt ttcccctcat tgggaccccc gtgtcctccc accacacaaa    195840
     attttgtgga gaagattcca tgtcgcttgg gttagtccta gacgagacat ctttccctgg    195900
     gcactggggg agttctctgg cttagctttc acttccactg gttccatctt cttgattctc    195960
     ttctttcttt cttttccttc ccctaatttc caacccctct tgtaccacat ggcctttcca    196020
     atgagggtgg agtgatgctg tactaatcct ggggtgatca agatgatcac ccatgttcca    196080
     gctaaaacca tcgtctcagg taccaccaga ggtgtgaatc ccacatttgg gaatgaccgg    196140
     gaatgctgcc actcagcact ttacaaagct cctctgagag gagcactgtg ataaagggca    196200
     cacgacccat ctgatcctct gtgcacctaa gcctgattag gccaggctag cagaaagcta    196260
     gggcccctgc cacttcctct cattctgtct gaagactgct cctgcagtgt gcatcaggca    196320
     caaaggatga cctgactgag cttgctgctg ggcttagtgt agggatttcc aaaggtacct    196380
     ttctcgatct gttaagtggt gtgtctcttt ctgaggagcc actagggtag ggtctctttg    196440
     gcctcagtgt taggaagaag tggtataata cgataggaat ttaaagaagt tcaactataa    196500
     attttctgca gaagaacaaa gaaccaagcc aaacaaggcg gcaatgtaaa tagaaaacag    196560
     tttcacttga ctgaggagct gacagtattg aatattgttc cccgtgctcc acagtaagtc    196620
     cctgtttatt ttatacacgg tactgtgtat atgttaatcc caaactccta atttaccctc    196680
     cccccatccg gtctggtaac cgtaaattgt tttctatgtc agtgagtcag tttctgtttt    196740
     gtaagttcac ttgtatcata tttttgagag tccacagata aaggacacca tatgattatt    196800
     tcacattttc attattttta attttcctga tttcctctct tcagtttaat tttatattgt    196860
     tttgaaaaca cttttttttt ttctttttag ggctgaatct gcggcatatg ggaagttcct    196920
     gggctagagg ttgaattgga gctgtatctg ctggcctaag ccacagccac agcaatgcca    196980
     gatcagagtt gcatctgtga cctatgctgt agctcacggc aacaccggat ctttaaccca    197040
     ctgagcaagg ccaggattga atccacatcc tcatggacac tatgtcaagt tcttaacctg    197100
     ctgagcctca gcgggaactc cagccacaat gggaattcct gaaaacattt ttaatgagct    197160
     attcataatt gttatttaga ataaggtagc aataaatcaa tgtgtagaca tacaaccaac    197220
     cacatgtgag tgaaatatct catctagctg aggaatcagg ctttgctgat caggcccttc    197280
     tccttgtcat ggtctccttt ttggcttctg cagtgtcaac ccttccactc acctgtctca    197340
     atcatttctt tttccttgca gtctctcctt atactggctt ttaatatgtt tctgtttctt    197400
     aggattaagt cttagattct cttttctttt cttcctagat attatttccc atccatatcc    197460
     tagaagccag ctctcaccca catactcata acttccacct ttatacctcc tgttcacttc    197520
     ctttcttgaa ctgtagaact cgattttcgt ttaacttcta gacacccaag gcatcacgtg    197580
     gcccaaggta ttgtttttgt tttttcatta gaagaggagg taagttaact ggtaaataac    197640
     ttccaagtta cattttattt aattaattaa ttaattaatt ttttttggtc tttttttttg    197700
     ccatttcttg ggcagctctc acggcacatg gaggttcaca ggctaggggt cgaatcggag    197760
     ctgtagccac cggcctacac cagagccaca gcaaggcgga tgcttaaccc actgagcaag    197820
     gccagggatt gaacccacaa cctcatggtt cctagtcgga ttcgttaacc actgtgccat    197880
     gacgggaact cccctccaag ttacatttta aaatttaata ttgccttttc attccacaag    197940
     tagtttgcac tcgacttgtt caaaacatag catattactc tctctcctga ttccagaata    198000
     ctactccccc accccagaat ttcccctgaa ttctcttttg attcacatcc taaaccagca    198060
     cctcaggtgt gcatgtcaga aacctggaaa acatccttat cctgaatagc cacagtcttg    198120
     agaatgaaca aatttggaag tatcaccctc ttatttcaac ccatactaca atgctaccat    198180
     catcaaaact gtatgatacc agcataaaaa cagactcatg gatcaatgga gcagaatagt    198240
     gagcccagaa atgattctac actcatatgt ttggctccct ctaactctta ttttccccat    198300
     ctgtaaaatg gtgataagaa taccagcctt atagggatga gggaatgaca ctggttggca    198360
     aaggtcctgg caccatgctt cacacatgga aggcagacaa ttgcccgtag gaggttgtgc    198420
     ctggtgagct agatgaagaa gggagggata tttgaggtga agtaaatgga acatgaaacg    198480
     aaacagaggc acgagagagc aaggcctgct tagtaaacat tacatgtttt gcagggatgg    198540
     gactgttggg tgctgggatg gagttaacga aagatgaggc taatgtaatg cagtgccagg    198600
     tcataaaggg cttgtgtgct ggcccaaaga gctctgactt tatgcggaag gggagctact    198660
     tggaggcttt gagtagctta ataacactac attttaggtt ttaggttact ctaccatgtg    198720
     gaagttgaag atagaggcca ataagagact aagtcatcca gttgaaaact ctagaaatcc    198780
     tgttctcagg caagggtaga atgaatgggt tgtggatgag ggatagaaat tacagggctt    198840
     ggggcctgta gaatgctagt ggacatgtag aaggaatctg gggtacttcc cagtcacacg    198900
     gcagggggca tatggtaggg agacacagag ttcagggaaa ggagttcact ttttttgcag    198960
     cttagaccga atcagttaat gagtcaaggg ttttgcaagg ctagttgtca agttgtatta    199020
     aagggcctaa gccatgggtg gaggacatgg ctcaggcaga actttcactc tctgctgatc    199080
     ctttgttctg cctgatctag tctgttgaac ctttctaatt aatttttcag tttgattact    199140
     gtgttttctg gctcattaat tctgtttagt atctgaaaat atttccacat tttgattgaa    199200
     agtgtgagga aataaggcag ggaggggaga aggcagtgag ggaaaactgt aggagagacg    199260
     ttggtgaggg ggagagggag aggagaacag agtgagttag aaaccgagtg tctaagatac    199320
     tgagggctag tggtgagggg agtagctgga gagagggaca atgaagggag aaggaattga    199380
     ggaggaaact gagaaaagaa gatgatgagt ggaactgatg ggcgaagatg ttgaggggga    199440
     aagtgagggg agaagacagc gagggagaaa ttctgtcaaa ggcaggcagg gagtgggaaa    199500
     ctgaggagcg aagacaatga tggggaagtt gtgaggcgag aaggtggtga gaaagtggtt    199560
     gtgagaggaa aagtcgttcg gaggaaaatg aaaagagaag gtgagggaaa aatgtgaggg    199620
     ggaaactgtg agaggaaaac ccagtggcta tgagggagga attgtgagag gagaaggcag    199680
     agaggggtaa actgagggga gaaggtggtg aggggaatat gtgaggagga cactgaggga    199740
     atactgcagt aagggggaaa gagtgaggaa tgaaaggcct gagggaaaag ggtgaggagg    199800
     gaaggggcta ggggaggaat tgtgagaaga gaaggcagtg agggagaaaa tgaagaaaga    199860
     aggtcgtgag tggaaatggt gaggggagaa ggtagttgga ggaaactgag gggagaaagt    199920
     ggtctggggg gaaaatgtgg agagagaaag tagtacaagg aaaaaaagta ggtgttgtgg    199980
     gggacgacag gcagagagcc tttgaggggg aaactggaaa aaaggtggtg aagggaaact    200040
     aggaagggtg aggtggtgag ggggaaatca agtagagacg gtggtgaggg gaaactgtta    200100
     gggacctgtc gtcggatggg ggtggggggc agtaaatcca gtctgctgac tctaccctgt    200160
     tgtagtgaag ggaagtgcag cgttcactgt aaggcgcagt gcaaggattc caggacagct    200220
     agtggtcaaa gagggccagc tctggagttc ccaggcggcc tagcggttga ggatccctgc    200280
     cttgtcactg ctctagctgg ggctgcagaa ctctcagaag ggtttcttga gcaaaccgct    200340
     ttatttttgg tctctttttg ccattttctt gggccgctcc tgcggcatat ggaggttccc    200400
     aggctagggg tctaatcgga actgtagccc gcctgcctaa gccagagcca cagcaacgcg    200460
     ggatccgagc cgcgtctgcg acctacacca cagctcacgg aaacgctgga tccttaaccc    200520
     actgagcaag gccagggatc gaaccctcaa cctagtcaga ttcgttggcc actgagccag    200580
     gacaggaact cctagagcaa agcactttta aaggcaaacg gagggcgggg acgtgtgacg    200640
     ggcggctgcc cgagtctctg attggttgat ggtgaggtga gggggcgggg tcagaggagt    200700
     tgagccttat caatccttag gagccaggag ctcagggggc tgccagccct ggtccatgtg    200760
     aagtagttaa tgtcttcctt ttggtggggc cttagcctct gttggacaaa caactaaaga    200820
     atatccgaca gggacgcctg agggcagtgg gcagggatgg agagatctgt cagggagcga    200880
     gagccccaca gtgtcccatt cgttttgaaa ctgaggcaga agtctgtgag ggagaaactg    200940
     aggagagaag gtggtgaagg gaaaccttga ggcggaactg aggggagccg gccgggaggg    201000
     gcaaactgtg tgaaatgaag gggcttgagg agaaatggtg aggcgagaag gctgtgatgc    201060
     gaaactcgag cggagcctgc cctgagccgg aggctgtgag gggagaaggc gttccggcgc    201120
     gaactgcggg gatgaaattg cgaggagagg gtggtgtcgg gaagggacac tgtgcggaga    201180
     caggccgggg agagcgtgag gagacgggcg tgaacgtcgg aaaccgagag gacctagcga    201240
     ggtcggcggc gagcgggagc accggccgcg gggaacccgg cctgagcgct gccgggagct    201300
     gcctcagcct gaggtgcaag ggcggagccg ccggcccccg cgctgctcgc ggctccgcct    201360
     tgaggtgagg aggaggccgt ccgcgtctcg cagattagat ttgccacaga aaggagcctt    201420
     ggcttggcaa aggaattaat tctctgaagg atccgcttcc ggaaaaggga tttctctccc    201480
     tcttccaaag cggtaagttc gtttcccacc gctttccacc tcttgtataa agcggtatgt    201540
     cgcagttggc tgaaacctga gcgaatgcaa cgcgctttgc cctttgcttc tccagcaggt    201600
     ggaagaggat ccgtttgggg ggttttcctt cttccctccc tttcttctta aaacctgttt    201660
     attttgcatt aagacccaca agtagtggcg aaaatagtgt agccagaaca aagaggcagc    201720
     caaaagaatg gcaagcaagc aagcaagcaa gcaagcaagc aaacaagcca tcaagccccc    201780
     agccccccca cccccaaagt gttcttcacc catctttccc caatgataac attttacata    201840
     atcatacatt tttcaaaacc aggaaactca cattggtgta atattattat taaccttatt    201900
     tagatttcac cagtttttgc atagtttttt cgggaatctg tagtactatg aaatttcata    201960
     tcacgtatgc agtttccacc gatgtcagaa tacaaaatgg ttttatcacc aaaaagaatc    202020
     tcactcatgc tgtgtctttt tagttaggct tccccccagc tttaaccctc gccagccacc    202080
     gaccgttctc catcactata gttatggcat ttcaagagtg ttacaaatat gtaaccattt    202140
     gagagtcaaa gatcctaaca ccctggaggt ccatctaagt tattgtgtgg gtcaggattt    202200
     tgttcctttt tgatggctta tgatatttca tgatacggat atggatatgc cacattttgt    202260
     tacccatttg ctcgctgaag gacatttgga gtgtttcttg ctttagtctg ttacaaaaga    202320
     aatttatgaa tagtccagta cagttttttc tctgtgcatg tggacgtgtt ttatttctct    202380
     aggataaata tccaggagta tgaggatagc taggttatat ggtcagtgca tgttttactt    202440
     cataagaaat tgacagactc tttcccagag ttgctgtgtt attttagatt cccctagcca    202500
     tgtatatata aaagattcac ttgctaatgg ttgtaaccct tggtattatc agtactttta    202560
     ccttgtagtc ggcttgtaga tctctatagt gttacctaat tatatttaga attgcgtgtt    202620
     tttagtgtct gatggtgata tatgtctttt catctctttc ctctttggtg aaatgttggt    202680
     tcaggtctcc tgcccatttt ctattgggat tgttttgttt tcttgatgct gagtttaggg    202740
     agttcctgac tacattctgg agaaaagccg tttgttgaat atgtgtttca cagatgtttc    202800
     tccccgtcta ttgggtgtac gttcatcctc tacagggagt tttgaaaatc aaagtcttaa    202860
     attttgatag agtcctgttt atctaatttt ccttttgtgg attgtgcttt tcgtattaca    202920
     ttgacgtcac aatacttctc tcctattttt gtcttaaaag ttttgagttt atattttatg    202980
     tttagattta tgattaattt tgacttcatg tttaaaaata tagtgtgaga tttaggttga    203040
     ggttaaagcg ctttttgttt gttgggtgga agtccagttg tttgtcatac tctttattga    203100
     aaatgctgtt ttcaaaggat accaaaatcg ccgttgaatt ggtcttgcac ctttgtgaaa    203160
     aatcagttgg gaatacttgt gtgggtcttt ttccgtatgg tcacagtcca ttgatagatg    203220
     aatctatttc tcttcctata tatgagtctt aacacagtag ttatacaata aatcttaaca    203280
     tttcattatt attatttttc acttttgttt tagttattcc attttaggac cagcttgtct    203340
     gtatctacaa aaaaaagctt tttttttttt tctttttgct atttcttggg ccgttcccac    203400
     ggcatatgga ggttcccagg cctggggtcc aatcggagct gtagccaccg gcctacacca    203460
     gagccacagc aatgcgggat ctgagccgcc tctgcaacct acaccacagc tcagggcaac    203520
     accggatcgt taacccactg agcaagggca gggaccaaac ccgtaacctc atggttccta    203580
     gtcagattcg tcaaccactg cgccacgacg ggaactccaa aagaaagctt ttgataggaa    203640
     tatgttaaaa ctctggatca atttggggag aatcgatatc tttattgagt cttccagtta    203700
     actaagactg catgtatctc tttttttata tttagatctt tttttcttat atttcatcaa    203760
     cattttgtaa ttttcagcat gcagattctg tatgtattgt ttttttcatt tttaaaagtt    203820
     ttattgatgt atggttgatt attttgtttg ataatatgtg ttaattgtct ttgcaagtgg    203880
     ttgcaaatag tattgttctt taatttttgt ttcctattat ttattgctag catacataaa    203940
     tatgattgag ttgtattctg tgaccttgct aaactcactg taatagttcc agaaatgttt    204000
     ttgtagtttc ttgggatatt ttctctggat ataaactttt gacttggtag ttcttgtctt    204060
     ttggcacttg agaaatacta tgccattgtt ttccagccta atggtttttt ttgttgagaa    204120
     atctgctgtc atttgaatag ttgttctatt tttttctttt ttaatttcat tttttattat    204180
     ttttattttt tattgcttgt tcttttaaaa atgtttgttt ttctctgtct ggatgttttc    204240
     agtctttttt ctttatcttt agtgctcaga aatttgatta tgatatgact gggtatgagt    204300
     ttctttgggt ttattgtgtt agaggttgcc ttagtttctt gaattgtagg tttttctgtt    204360
     tttcactaca tttggaaagc cttaagtcat catttcttcc attttttttc agcactgttt    204420
     gtcctgttct ttttgagatt ctgatgacaa gaatgttagt tgttttgtta tttctcacag    204480
     gtgtccgtgg gtctgttcat ttgtttcttt gaatctgttt tctctcagtt tggattggag    204540
     aatttacaga ttcttgtgtg atctcagttc tgttggtaac cccatccagt gatttttcat    204600
     tttggttatt tttttttagt tataaaattt ccattttctt cttcagttcc caaccccaca    204660
     gatgacttaa ttttgcatct acagctcaga catctttgag gttcttacct ctttatcaat    204720
     tgcctgtttg atgttttctt ttgaatactg caaagacaca tcaaactcaa tatatataaa    204780
     atggaaagac ctcctaaatg tctccatttc tatctccatt ttgctctctc accaccagga    204840
     taccttcacc tttccatgat tgcagtacca tctgacttgg tcttctccta ccaccttggc    204900
     tcttcttcaa actctcctcc acttgcagct agagtgattt ttggttcaaa atgtaaatct    204960
     aatcatgtct catgaaaaac cttttggtgg ttttcaattg gccaaagatt aaattcaaaa    205020
     tttaacatgt cttaaaatgt tctacatagt gtgacttctg gcccgcttct ccagcttggt    205080
     tttgaactat gtttcctatt gctctttgct tttctttttt gttttgtttt tttttttttt    205140
     tttgcttttg tttttgcctg tcttttaagg gccgcacctg gggcatatgg aagtccccag    205200
     gctaggagtc aaattggagc tgctggcgta cccacagtcg cagcaactgg ggatctgagc    205260
     agcatctgcg acctacacca cagctcatga caatgccggc tccttaatcc agtgatcaag    205320
     gccatggatc gaacctgttt cctcttggat actagttggg ttcattaccg ccgagccaca    205380
     acaggaactc cctcaattca agcaatattt tctttccttt ttttctttta aataagtctc    205440
     ttaaaaattt cttttattga agtatagttg atttacaatg ttatgttagt ttctggtgta    205500
     cagcaaagtg attcagttat attatatata tatatacata cacacatacg cgcacacaca    205560
     cacacacata catatatact ttttcatatt cttttccatt acagttaatt acaagataat    205620
     ggatatatag ttctctgtgc tatacagtag gactttgttg tttattttat atatagtagt    205680
     ttgtgtccac taatcccgaa ctcctaattt atccttctcc tcccccagcc cctttccctt    205740
     ttggtaatca taaacttgtt ttctatctgt aagtctgttt ctagtatgta aataaattca    205800
     tttgtatcat attgtagatt ccacaggtaa gtgatatcat gtgctatttg tctttttctg    205860
     tcaagcagta ctttctttct ttttaagttt tattgaagca tagtttagtt gatttataag    205920
     gttgtgatta tgcctgctgt acaacaaagt gattccgtca tacatattca catatccatt    205980
     ctctttcagt ttcttttccc acatggatta tcacagaata aagtagtacg ttcttaatat    206040
     taagctgtcc ctgacttggt tgattaggta gaaatcttcc tattacaggt cattttaaga    206100
     atgaaacttg ttggagttcc tgtcgtcatg gctcatgaat ctgaccagga accatgaggt    206160
     tttgggttcg atccctggtc tcgctcagtg ggttaaggat ctggtgttgc cgtgagctgt    206220
     ggtgtaggtt gcagatgtgg ctgggatccg atgctgctgt ggctctggtg taggctggtg    206280
     gctacagctg cgattagacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat aggctgtggg tgtggcccta    206340
     gaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaga agaatgaaac ttgttatatt tgcaatttta tgtgtttatt    206400
     tttggattaa catctttcct tttgaataag ttccattagg catggactgt atttaattgt    206460
     gcctaccatt gcattttcag cacctaaggc attgcctggc atataaccct aggctcttga    206520
     taaatatttg gccaatgact cagtcaaaag gaggagtaaa gtctgcagtt ggaaatatag    206580
     gcctggatca cacagaagct aaaaaaaaaa aatgaactct atgagttgcc gtcatggctc    206640
     agcagaaacg aatctgacaa gcatccatga gcattcaggt ctgatccctg gcctcactca    206700
     ctcggttaag gatctggcgt tgatgtgagc tgtggtgtag gtctcagatg cggctcggat    206760
     cccaagttgc tgtgactgtg gcataggccg gcagctacag ctctgatttg acctctagcc    206820
     tgggaacctg catatgccgt gggtgtggtc tcaaaataca cacacacaca cacacacaca    206880
     cacacacaaa gagctctaat ttggtgctat ggttattata aaaattgtct caaatataag    206940
     tatcgtaggg atagtgtgaa gccattattg attacattcc caaagttagc gtatagcttg    207000
     tctttctccc tctggattgc tcttctatgg atgatgcctt catcttatca gctagccagt    207060
     ggcaaaactt tggggtcatc tttgagtttc tccatatcat atgcattcag ttagtggtca    207120
     aagtaggttc atttctcttt caagatgatt gtcacatctg tttctttcat tttggtctca    207180
     tcgcctccaa attaatttag gctcttgtct ttttgtggct gtatcactga tctctctgcc    207240
     tcctttctct ttctgaaaga catctcagct tatatttcta ttgcctatca aacaaattaa    207300
     ataaaagctc aagtccttcc acaaccctgt cttttttttt ttttttgacc acccctgtgg    207360
     catgcagaag ttccttggct agagactgac ctcgagccac agcaggaaca atgccaaatc    207420
     cttaaccgcc aggccactgg ggaactccca gaaccctgtt ttgaaatttc aaccttattt    207480
     tcttctaata ccctcagtgc ttgccaaatt tcaattattc agatcccact atttttcata    207540
     atttttgcca tatctaagac aaccagtatt attttttatt caatattttt ctttaaatct    207600
     tcaaactttt taacttagtc tcattctaat ctacaatttc ttcaaaatca tgggcttggt    207660
     gaggcagaat atacttcttt tataattcat ttaataacaa atattacatg ttactgttaa    207720
     aatatttacc cgagtatcac ctgatatcat cttatacatt agtggtggtt tgtggactat    207780
     actttgggga actttgctgt acccaaattt cctgctctac tccctgccta tagaatatat    207840
     ttttcatgtc tgatttttgt cccctctctt cttttcccag tcaatttagt aaacattgtt    207900
     gtaggcactg aggattaaga taatggtaag atacagattt ttccttcaag gagtttatac    207960
     tctgttagag gaatccacag cctcaaagaa tatgcaagtc ctggaggatg ggattaatat    208020
     ggcggaatag aaggactgga gctcaacttc tctcctaaaa acaacaaaat ttggagttcc    208080
     tgtcgtggcg cagtggttaa cgaatctgac taggaaccat gaggttgcgg gttcgatccc    208140
     tggccttgct cagtgggttg ggcagccagt gttgctgtga gctgtggtgt aggtctcaga    208200
     tgcggctcgg atctcaagtt gctgtggctg tggctgtggc ctatggctac agctccaatt    208260
     agacccccta gcctgggaat ctccatgtgc tgcagaagcg gctctagaaa aggcaaaaag    208320
     acaaaacaac aaaaaaattt acaactaaat gctgagcagt cttcaaccaa atggaccaga    208380
     aaccttcaaa aagatatcct actgcagaag acaaagagga ggtcacatca agaggtagga    208440
     ggggcgtttc gtgatataac caaccccata cctcccgcgt gggaagcccc acagattgga    208500
     aagtcatgtt cacagagtga gcgttctgag ccccacatgg aactcccacg tgtggggatc    208560
     tggcactggg agaaagagcc cctggagtat tggcattgaa ggtgagtggg gcttgtgtgg    208620
     aggagctcca tgggactggg agaaatggag accccattct taaaaggcac acacggactt    208680
     tcatgtgcac tgggtcccag ggcaaagcaa aatctccata ggaatctggg tcaatcctga    208740
     atgcagttct tgggggacca cctgggaaag caggggtgaa tgtggcttct tgtggggaaa    208800
     ggacattggc agcaaagcct tgggaatatt catcagtgtg cctttctctg gaggtggcca    208860
     ttttgggaaa atctgccccc cccccccagc actgagaagc cccaagccaa acaacaatcc    208920
     aggtgggatg acagccctgc ccctcagtaa acaggctgcc caaagactcc ccaggcacac    208980
     acccacttct aatctcatcc agagacaaag ccccacccac cagagggata ggaatcagct    209040
     ccacctacca gtgggcaaac attggtccct gtcacaagga agcatacagc aagccacccc    209100
     cccaatacta acttcagcta caagggtggt ggacaacaga attaagagag gctacatctc    209160
     tattatctgt aaaaaaaggt cacctcacca aaaaattaca aaaatgaaaa ggcagagaac    209220
     tataactcag atgagggaga aaggaaaaac ccccagaaaa tcagctaagt gatgaggaga    209280
     ttctcagcct ccaggaaaaa gcctttagac tgttgatgct gaagatgatg caagatattt    209340
     gaaataaact ggaggcaaag atggataact tacaggaaac actgagcaaa gagatacaag    209400
     atataaaact taaacaagag gagatgcaaa atacaatagc tgaaataaaa gattcattag    209460
     aagccaccac cagcagaaca caggaggcag aagaacgaat aagtgaggtg gaggacagat    209520
     tagtggaaat catggatgtg gaacagaaaa gagaaaaaag attgaaaaca aatgaagaga    209580
     gtctcagaga accctgggac aatgttaaat gcaccaacat ccatattaga ggggtgccag    209640
     aaggagaagg ggtcagaaaa aacattccaa gagataatag ctgaaaactt ccctaacatg    209700
     ggaaaggaac cactcattca aatccaggaa acacaacgag taccatataa aacacaccca    209760
     aggaggaata caccgagacg catattaatc aaactgacca aaattaaaga caaagagaaa    209820
     atcttgaaag cagctaggga aaagaaacac ataacataca agggaacccc gataaggtta    209880
     tctgcagatt tttcagcaga aactctgcag gccagaaggg agtggcatga tatacttcac    209940
     gtgatgaaag gaaaaagcct actgtatgca actgtatgcc aataaaacgg aaaaccctga    210000
     acaaatggac aaattcttag aaaagtgcaa tcttccaaga ctaaaccaag atgaaataga    210060
     agagatgaat ggaccaatca aaagaactga aattaaaaca gtgatttaaa aacttccaac    210120
     aaacaaaagt ccaggaccag atggcttcac aggcaaattc ggtcaagcat ttagagaaga    210180
     gctaacacct ctccttctga aactatttca aaaaattgca gaggaaggga tactcccaaa    210240
     ctcattctat gagaccacca tcaccctgat acgaaaacca gacaaagata ccacaaaaaa    210300
     agaaaactac agggaatttc actgatgagc atagatgcaa atattctcaa caaaatacta    210360
     gcaaactgcc tccaacaata cattcaaagg attatacatc atgatccagt gggatttatt    210420
     ccagggatgc aagggttctt caatatctgc aaatccatca gtgtgataca ccacattaac    210480
     aaactgaaga ataaaaacca tatgatcctc tcgatagatg cagaaaaagc ctttgacaaa    210540
     atccaacacc catttctgat aaaaaacgct gcagaaagtg ggtatggagg gaacctacct    210600
     caccataata aaggccatat gtgacaaacc acagcgaaca tcattctcaa tggtgaaaag    210660
     gtgaaagaat tcccgctgag gtcaggaaca agacaaagat gtccgctctt gccagtacta    210720
     ttcaacatag ttttggaagt cctagccaca gtgatatgag aagtaaaaga gatacaagga    210780
     atccacattg gaaaggaaga agtaaaacta tccctatttg cagatgacat gatactatac    210840
     ctagagaatc ctaaagacgc taccagaaaa ctgttagagc tcatccatga atgtggcaaa    210900
     gtcccaggac acaaaattaa cgcacagaaa ttgactgcgt ttctatacac taacaatgaa    210960
     agatcagaaa gagaaattag ggaagcaatc tcatttacca tcgcatccat aggaataaaa    211020
     tacctaggag aaaacctacc taaagagaca aaagacctgt tctctgaaaa gtgtaagaca    211080
     ctgatgaaag aaatcaaaga cgacacaaat agatggaaag atataccgtg catgtggatt    211140
     ggaagagtta atattatcaa aatgactcta cgacccaagg caatctacag attcaatgca    211200
     atccctatgc aatgaccaag gacatttttc acagaactcg aaccaaatgt tttaaatttt    211260
     gtttggaagc acaaaagacc cagaatagcc aaagacatgc tgaaaaaaga caaatgaagc    211320
     tggaggcctc aggctccctg acttcagact atactacaaa gcaacagttc tcaaaaccgt    211380
     atggtattgg cacaaagaca gaactataga tcagtggaac aggatagaaa gcccagagtt    211440
     aaacccatgc acctatgcaa ctacagccaa ctcatctatg actaaggagg caagaatatt    211500
     caatggggaa aagacagccc attcaataag tggtgcttgg aaaactggac agccacatgg    211560
     aaaagaatgg aatcagaaca ctccctaaca ccatatacaa aaatcaactc caaatggatt    211620
     aaagacctag ataatctaag accagacact ataaaactca cagaggaaaa cagggcaaac    211680
     actctctgac ataaatgaca gcaccatctt ctcagatcca cctcataaag tgatgacagt    211740
     aaaaataaaa ataaacaaat gggacctaat taaacttcaa agtttctgca cagcaaagga    211800
     aaccctaaac aaaacgaaaa gacagcccac agaatgggag aaaatctttg caaatgaagc    211860
     gactgacaag ggattcatct ccaaaattta taaacacctt ctgcagctcc ataccaaaaa    211920
     aacaaacacc cccatcaaaa aatgggcaga agatctaaac agacaatcct ccaaagaaga    211980
     catacagatg gccaaaaaac acatgaaaag atgttcagca tcactcttta ttagagaaat    212040
     acaaaccaac accaccatga ggtaccatct tacaccagcc agaatggcca ccatcaaaaa    212100
     gtctacaaac aataagtgct ggagagggtg tggagaaaaa ggaaccctat tccactgttg    212160
     atgggattgt aacttggcgg gaccactgtg gaaagcagta tggagattcc tcagaaaacc    212220
     aaaaatagaa ctaccctttg atccagcaat cccactcctg ggcatctatc cagagaaaac    212280
     catgactctc caagacacat gtactccgat gttcattgca gcactctttt caatagccaa    212340
     gacatggaaa caacgtaaat gtccatcgac tgaggagtgg atcaagaagg catggtacat    212400
     atacacaatg gactattact catccatcaa caggaacgaa ataccagcat ttttagcaac    212460
     atgggtggac ctagaaatga ccatgctaag tgaaatcagt catatagtga gacaccaaca    212520
     tcaaatgctt tcactgacac gtggaatctg aaaaaaggac agaatgaact tctttgctga    212580
     acagatactg actcacagac tttgaaaaac ttatggtttc tgaaaggaga tggtttgggg    212640
     ggtgggggta tgcactaggg ttgtgggatg gaaatgctat aaaattgggt tgtgatgatc    212700
     attgtacaag tataaatgta gtaaattcat tgagtaataa aaataataat aaaaaagaat    212760
     atacaagtcc tttttttttt tgatgcccag gtcaaattct actgcctgtg aacgtccttc    212820
     atgtattatc cgtatccaaa gagatttttc tgttgaattt atcctattgc atttactgct    212880
     ctgaatcatt ttttaatatt tatattttta acattgtttt agtgttctca tttacattta    212940
     tcttcttgat gcagatattc ttgcattcct ctatggatac tgcacttagt agggactaaa    213000
     taaataattg gtgggtagga agatatcaca cttccttgag aaaaaaacgt gcatttcttt    213060
     agtcagagtt ttatttcaga aaaattatgt cttcctggcc atgattcatc atggacatac    213120
     attttgaaaa atttaaattt ggaaggtgaa ggttgagact gagagatcta aaaagttgaa    213180
     ctttctgaag gatcttttgc caggttgcaa gcacaggagc agaagctttg tggctaaagg    213240
     aaaagtaagg agtccattat tttaatcgaa actggagaag gctgggagat agttttgaaa    213300
     ttgatgtgtt ggagtgaaac ttgtttcttt ttgtcagttt ataaaatctg gtgctgtttt    213360
     ccttcaaagt gatctttttt tgctgtcctt cctgacatct tctttttggt ttataccctt    213420
     gttctcttta ctccttttta ttttattccc ttttgcaata gaatcttctt tgatatcctt    213480
     gctctctttt ttgtcctcat ctcccttcat gtctttgtcc tctgtcttgt cctcatctcc    213540
     ttttatgtgt ttgtcctctg tcttatcctc atcatccttc ttgtcctggt cctcttttat    213600
     gtcctcatct tcctttaggt ctttgtcttc tgtcttgtcc tcatctcctt tcatgtcctt    213660
     gtcctctgtc ttctcctcat cttccttcat gtccttgttc ttgtttttgt ctttattgcc    213720
     cttcttgtcc tggtcctgct ccttatcttc atctcccttc ttttctttat tctccctgtc    213780
     ttcatctccc tcctttttcc tgttccccct ttgctcctca ttttcacctt cctttttgtc    213840
     accgtcttct ttctttgatt ggccttttct gttttctttt ccttgtccat gtcctcccta    213900
     ataccttgcc tttaaccatg tttttctctc ttctcttttt tactctgagt tttctcaggg    213960
     agctcttcaa ttttcactcc agttttctgt ttttgtccca tttcatagac cgcctcagga    214020
     ccacttactt ttctgttata ctggtactct agactgtatt ggctattttg tggtgggtct    214080
     gcctgaattc tcagttgaag atcctgtttt tgggtggttt ttcttgtttc tctagtgcca    214140
     tgttttatct ctgtttttga accttctctc aaattacctg aaaataaaca tagcatataa    214200
     taatagtgca taattcatat cctcagtaat ttttatctat tttcattttt tttgttgcag    214260
     acacttttac tttgcattaa gcttgaatca ataagtgtgt gtcttcccaa taatgtaaaa    214320
     tttgtgaagc tgtacgagca caaagaatta gataaggggt cctttgaaac acagactctt    214380
     caggaattga attgagaaaa aggaaaaata taacacaaag aaattgttaa ttgatgggta    214440
     gagtatggcc agagagtacg attaaagtga atagagaaaa gttcccgttg tggctcaggg    214500
     gtaacgaacc cgaccagtgt ccatgaggat gcaggtttga accctgggtt tgcccaatca    214560
     gcattgccat gagttggagt gtaaggtgca gatgtggctc agattctgag ttactgtggt    214620
     tgtggcatag gccagcagct acagctctga tttgacccct agcctgggaa cttccatatg    214680
     ctgtgggtac agccctacaa agacaacaac aacaaaaaat taaaattaac tgaaaagaag    214740
     aagtttttct gagaaaatta tattattata taatgtttat gattccataa ggaagctcca    214800
     tctccctttg agtgataaaa attgctaaac taggagttcc tgttgtggtg cagtcgaaag    214860
     gaatctgatt agaaaccatg aggtcgtggg tttgatcccc ggcttcactc agtgggttaa    214920
     ggatcctgtg ttgccatgaa ctgcggtgta ggtcacagat gtggcttgga tcctgtgttg    214980
     ctgtgactgt ggtgtaggcc agcagtttca gctccaattt gacccctggc ctgggaaccc    215040
     tcatatactg tgggtgcagc cctaaaaaga aaaaaaaaat tgctaaacta gatatttgag    215100
     agacaataag gctggaactt ttccttagct ctctcacagc ttttcagaga ttctatatta    215160
     aaagtgattt agagatggta gcattaccta aagtagaaaa acagctgggt cttgtaccta    215220
     cgctgagaaa aggaatgttt attgctgtgt gatgcataac aagctaaaat taatattttt    215280
     ataaatacaa aaagcatgac tggagttccc atcgtggctc agtggttaat gaatctgact    215340
     aggaaccatg aggttgcaag ttcaatccct ggccttgctc aatgggttaa tgatctggtg    215400
     ttgccgtgag ctgtggtgta ggttacagat gcagctcaga tctggcattg ctgtggctct    215460
     ggtgtaggcc ggcgtctaca gctctgatta gacccctggc ctgtgaacct ccgtacctgt    215520
     gggagcggcc ctagaaaagg caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggac aaaaaaaccc    215580
     cccaaaagag catgattact tatttcattg aaatccaaat tctcattttt tttctttttg    215640
     tctgtgcctg tggcacgtgg agtttcccag gccagggatc gaacctgcac cacagcaatg    215700
     acctgagcca ctacaataac aatgctggat ccttaaccca ccgagacacc agggaactcc    215760
     ccaagttctt acagttatat tttattgttc atcttttaat tgatcttgag tgtttgcttc    215820
     tatcatgttt caatgcccct tttcttattt aatacagaag aaatgggacc gttagttact    215880
     gaaattggat agaaaatata atttaagtta gtaatgagag ttaagggttt ccccaaattg    215940
     agaatgggcc aaaagtttaa tgaggtttcc acatgtaagt gataccaaat gatgttggtg    216000
     tctcactgtt tgactgactt tgcttagcat gctaatatct agggaactcc cctatgtcgg    216060
     attcttgaca tgctgagctc cctgttctga cagaaactcg aagaagagta tcttttccaa    216120
     gtgaaaacaa gcattttagt gggctttggt cagaagccac tgaatatggt tgctaatgtt    216180
     atgcttcttg ggaggaaggc acctttatat ttgtatcagt ggtattacag gcgtctatag    216240
     atgagagatt tttgagggag gtaaacctat ttcatttatt cttttctctc agcctctaaa    216300
     ggatttgtaa tctttaaaaa tctgttaagg ggttcccact gtggctcatc agtaatgaac    216360
     ccgactagta ttcatgagga cttgggttcg atccccggcc ttgctcagtg ggttacggac    216420
     ccagtgttgc cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtc acagatgtag cttggatctg gcattgctgt    216480
     atatgtggcg taggctgaca gctgtagctc cgattgcacc cctagcctgg gaacttccat    216540
     atgccacagg ggtggcccta aaataaaaag taaatctgtt aaaatctatt tttaaagttt    216600
     gccttcttaa ctttaatata tcctctctgt tctaaatgcc ttctactttc tcttattctt    216660
     tttctgttct gtccttggga gctgctcagg cccacacagc cacaaagagt attcacactt    216720
     ctctaaaagc ttgttcctcc ttctcagggg cttcccaatg catgatgctg ctgatggtgg    216780
     taccagcatc atcatagttg cccgcggaga gccagggaca tagaaagttc tctctggtat    216840
     gaactgacct ctttgcttcc aacagcacat cagagagagg ctttctttat gccccttgac    216900
     tttcctttca atttatatcc tctcagaagg ataaacccgt cattcacact tcagtcatgg    216960
     ggacttttga ccttacgagg atccatctct gagctgagcc ctggtgatgt gaccaaacac    217020
     acaggagatg atagcccatt gtagacgtag aaatacacaa gagtggcccc cttggagagg    217080
     ttgtttgtga actggttact cctcacctcc ccaagttctt accattgtgg tggccatagc    217140
     tcatctctgg accactcctc ttttttattt gtccctctgt aacctcatcg attctcatgg    217200
     ttcacatcag atttaaatat cacccgtgag gactatcttt tcctggtgac tcccaaattt    217260
     gtgctctaaa tggcactcca agaaagtgaa aacacaagca acggaatggg agaaaatatt    217320
     tgaaaatcat atatcagatg aaggacttgt atccagaata tataaagaat tcttataact    217380
     caataacaac catttaaaaa caggcaaaat atttgaacag atgttttaca aaagatacac    217440
     gaatagctgg gactgactgc ctgggcttca acctggcaca gtcgtcggtc aagtgatgcc    217500
     catccatggc ccgccttcct catggggtct gacctggctc tgggtgttag gagaattgtc    217560
     tgcattaaag gatctctggt ctcctatgcg ctactgtcca gagcttccca gtctaggtgg    217620
     gagatc                                                               217626