EBI Dbfetch

ID   CT027994; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; ROD; 169471 BP.
AC   CT027994;
DT   30-SEP-2005 (Rel. 85, Created)
DT   07-FEB-2006 (Rel. 86, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   M.spretus DNA sequence from clone XX-CH35_17P24 on chromosome 7
OS   Mus spretus (western wild mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-169471
RA   Matthews L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-FEB-2006) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 44b5f88d5bf4b190edc8a10cd72ac59b.
DR   RFAM; RF00483; IRES_IGF2.
DR   RFAM; RF00897; mir-675.
DR   RFAM; RF01972; H19_1.
DR   RFAM; RF01973; H19_2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   XX-CH35_17P24 is from a CHORI-35SPRETEI BAC library
CC   This sequence was generated from bacterial clone contigs constructed by the
CC   Sequence Analysis of Vertebrate Orthologous Imprinted Regions (SAVOIR)
CC   consortium. Further information can be found at
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..169471
FT                   /organism="Mus spretus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-35SPRETEI BAC library"
FT                   /clone="XX-CH35_17P24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10096"
FT   mRNA            join(865..868,49613..49672,55652..55814,57016..>57164)
FT                   /gene="IGF2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.2-004"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY772099.1"
FT   mRNA            join(31876..31940,32043..32255,32744..32948)
FT                   /gene="INS2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.1-001"
FT                   /product="insulin II"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BP773268.1 Em:BP773454.1
FT                   Em:BP774689.1 Em:BP774981.1 Em:BP775004.1 Em:BP775095.1
FT                   Em:BP775232.1 Em:BP775469.1 Em:BP775562.1 Em:BP775594.1
FT                   Em:BP775655.1 Em:BP775767.1 Em:BP775769.1 Em:BP775988.1
FT                   Em:BP776854.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK007612.1"
FT   CDS             join(32069..32255,32744..32889)
FT                   /gene="INS2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMSPP00000000006"
FT                   /product="insulin II"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P01326 Tr:Q5EEX1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q2IDG8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004825"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022352"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022353"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q2IDG8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAJ76270.1"
FT                   LENYCN"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(41097..44312,45030..45241,45930..45987,
FT                   50454..51772))
FT                   /gene="Igf2as"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.3-001"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2, antisense"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF418564.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB030734.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(45417..45987,46325..46370))
FT                   /gene="Igf2as"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.3-002"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2, antisense"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BB662557.1"
FT   mRNA            join(50178..50551,55652..55814,57016..57164,57412..60705)
FT                   /gene="IGF2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.2-002"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA024183.1 Em:BY135547.1
FT                   Em:BY149125.1 Em:BY772997.1 Em:CN460564.1 Em:CN527329.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:X14833.1"
FT   mRNA            join(50278..50551,55652..55993)
FT                   /gene="IGF2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.2-005"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BU519675.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(50788..50935,51561..51753))
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.4-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY109877.1"
FT   mRNA            join(51975..53100,55652..55814,57016..57164,57412..60706)
FT                   /gene="IGF2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.2-001"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA671266.1 Em:AI322387.1
FT                   Em:AW547453.2 Em:AW548214.1 Em:BM210863.2 Em:BM938165.1
FT                   Em:BQ887867.1 Em:BU614516.1 Em:CB204615.1 Em:CF551259.1
FT                   Em:CF734160.1 Em:CF742200.1 Em:CF750536.1 Em:CK019575.1
FT                   Em:CN458892.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:CR607507.1 Em:M89789.1 Em:X00911.1
FT                   Em:X14834.1"
FT   CDS             join(53074..53100,55652..55814,57016..57164,57412..57648)
FT                   /gene="IGF2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMSPP00000000007"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P01346 Sw:P10764"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q2IDG7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013576"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022334"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022350"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022352"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022353"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q2IDG7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAJ76271.1"
FT   mRNA            join(53973..54081,55652..55814,57016..57164,57412..60706)
FT                   /gene="IGF2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.2-003"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL361801.1 Em:AW548065.1
FT                   Em:BM506655.1 Em:BM951902.1 Em:BY135091.1 Em:BY768426.1
FT                   Em:CB575368.1 Em:CF728973.1 Em:CF736555.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC053489.1 Em:BC058615.1
FT                   Em:X02213.1 Em:X13101.1"
FT   CDS             join(55658..55814,57016..>57164)
FT                   /gene="IGF2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.2-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMSPP00000000010"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q2IDG6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013576"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022334"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022350"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022352"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022353"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q2IDG6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAJ76272.1"
FT   CDS             join(55658..55814,57016..57164,57412..57648)
FT                   /gene="IGF2"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMSPP00000000008"
FT                   /product="insulin-like growth factor 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P01346"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q2IDG5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013576"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022334"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022350"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022352"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022353"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q2IDG5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAJ76273.1"
FT                   KDPAHGGASSEMSSNHQ"
FT   mRNA            join(134575..135522,135604..135738,135821..135942,
FT                   136021..136148,136238..136821)
FT                   /gene="H19"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.5-001"
FT                   /product="H19 fetal liver mRNA"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW553783.1 Em:BM226249.2
FT                   Em:BU510101.1 Em:CA978656.1 Em:CA984263.1 Em:CB320898.1
FT                   Em:CK020936.1 Em:CK032433.1 Em:CO424089.1 Em:CV560784.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC025150.1 Em:X58196.1"
FT   mRNA            join(135441..135522,135604..135738,135821..136055)
FT                   /gene="H19"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.5-002"
FT                   /product="H19 fetal liver mRNA"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI465955.1"
FT   mRNA            join(135813..136148,136238..136718)
FT                   /gene="H19"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.5-003"
FT                   /product="H19 fetal liver mRNA"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF724656.1"
FT   mRNA            join(153684..153874,156110..158612)
FT                   /gene="Nctc1"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.6-002"
FT                   /product="non-coding transcript 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK036720.1"
FT   mRNA            join(153684..153874,156110..157256,166877..167644)
FT                   /gene="Nctc1"
FT                   /locus_tag="XX-CH35_17P24.6-001"
FT                   /product="non-coding transcript 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA062189.1 Em:AI594936.1
FT                   Em:BB120054.2 Em:BB139868.2 Em:BB144447.1 Em:BB538553.1
FT                   Em:BB628169.1 Em:BB629698.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK035596.1"
SQ   Sequence 169471 BP; 44204 A; 40912 C; 43190 G; 41165 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctgt gacaacttga ccatgtttgg aggagggctg tggaaggact ttggaacttt        60
     gggctagaag atccattcag tgttaagagc tctgggatgt tgtgtaggag cttggaagat       120
     aatgttgaga acagggcaga agatggaggc ctggcttgtg aaatttcaga gggaagatta       180
     aagactctgt atcagggctg ttgctatttt gactgtgaag attctgtggt tctggttagc       240
     tggggcttaa gaatcagctg tgattaacaa gataccagag ctactaaagt gaaacctttg       300
     cattactggg actcttgatg ctggtggaac taagaaatta tcggtgatta agaagagatc       360
     aacatcattg aggtgacatc ttctgggaag tgttttctga gagcacagag gctgcattcc       420
     agagataggg aaggttgtat cttgtgctgt ggctggactt ggtaatgtgt aagagtcacc       480
     caggtggtac tggttttgaa ggcatgaagg ggtcctgaag agcagctgag gctcggcact       540
     gtgaaaggcc atggaagacc attggtaaag gtgcagcctc agttgcaatt gatggcccag       600
     gactgaagga tcatgcaaaa gagttgaggt ttggcaccat gaagagagcc tatgagaggc       660
     tgttggtgaa gcctagttac agctgaagtc agcagtgttt tggagatgcc agtaccatga       720
     gatgaccacc acgaacagca gcagcagttc agtacaggca tctggagcct agaagagaag       780
     gtgtgtgcta caaagggcag agctggagaa gtgacccaag ttcttggagg tatccagaag       840
     atcatgagtg gatcccagac tttggacggt tggagtttga ttttgctttt gattgtgaat       900
     gtgtcctgat atgtttctct cttgaagaag gtattacagt ggagcccaca gttaagagat       960
     ttttgaattt ttaaaagata ttggatattt taaaaggatt gaacttttaa tatgtaaaga      1020
     ctgtgggact tttaaagtta tttaggtctt ggggatgaat aagaaagtaa gggttgaggt      1080
     ttactagtga tgtgtttgtg tgtcaagttg acaaggggtc aattgtactg gctggttttg      1140
     tgtgtcaact tgacacaggc tgaagttatc acagagaaag gagtttcagt tgaggaaatg      1200
     cctccatgag atccagctgt aaggcatttt ctcaattagt gaacaagggg gggagggccc      1260
     attgtgggtg gtgccatctt gggttctata agaaaacaag ctgagcaagc caggagaagc      1320
     aagccagtaa gtaacatccc tccatgccct ctgcatcaac tcctgcttcc tgacctgctt      1380
     gagttccagt cctgacttcc tttggtgatg accagcaatg tggaaagtgt aagctgaata      1440
     aaccctttcc tccccaactt gcttcttggt catgatgttt tgtccaggaa taggaaccgt      1500
     gattaagaca ggccccatta aggacctggg ggatgcctta gcctctacca gtaagatctc      1560
     aggacatgtt ttaagaccct ctgagaacat aaatacagcc ttaaattcca ctgacaactt      1620
     gggaagacct caggccccag cgccaacctg cagaaacctt aagacaatac tgagaatcag      1680
     ggaaaatatt aggctccagg aacaaccttg gaaggccatt gatccagtga gaacctcagg      1740
     aaagcttagg ccttgaatct tttaggaatg ctttagattg tggttgaaat gtaaaaaaaa      1800
     aaaaaaaaaa agccttaaat gtttttagtc tctagtagga acttaggaaa ggcagaaggg      1860
     cctcaatgag actttagaga aggcccattg aatatatgtt gactatttag accacagtaa      1920
     aaacatgggt cttcagaccc agtataaatc tggtgaaggc cttatagagc ctgttagaac      1980
     ttgagaaaaa ttttaggtcc aattataaca ctgggtttag gctccagtga gaaccaaggc      2040
     aaaggtttaa gacctagtaa tgtggaaagg ccttaatatc ccatgagaac atgcagaaac      2100
     ttttaggcca caataagaac attggaaagg ccttcagaca aaggaaaacc tattgatttg      2160
     ggtttttttg ttgttttggg tttttttttt tttttttttc tcttctgaga cagggattct      2220
     ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcg cggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga      2280
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg catgtgccac cacgcctagc      2340
     ttgggaaaac ctattgaaag ccttatgaaa ctcatgagaa tatgggaaat ttttaggccc      2400
     cagctagacc ctgtataagg ctttagaccc cagtaataac atgggggaag gacttaagtg      2460
     actacgtggg aaggtcttag gccacagtgg gaaactgagg aaggtattag ataccagtga      2520
     gagtctggaa aggtcttaga ctccagtgat aacctgggaa ggccttagac ccaagtaata      2580
     acatggtgaa gcccttatat ttcaatcaag tacctggaga aaacttcagg tctcagtgag      2640
     tctttagaag aggcctatgt cacagttaga acctgaagta aaccttaagc tcaagggata      2700
     acctgtagaa agcagaaggc ctcagggaga gtttgtagaa ggccttagat ctcctcaata      2760
     agatctcagt aagaacagaa ggcctttagc cccagatgag aacctgttga aagttttgag      2820
     ccacagtgag aacataaggg aagtgttcaa acacagggaa aacctggcag aatttcttct      2880
     tctagagcct gtgagaactt gggaaaatta ttagacccaa ctgaagccct aggtttaggc      2940
     tccaatgaga atctgggcaa gaggctaata ccaagtaaca cattgggaag gccttaggcc      3000
     caagtaagaa tctataaaaa gtttaaggat ccagtgagaa ccagggagag gcctaaggtt      3060
     tgagttagac tttagagaag gttttcagtc acagagagaa cctgggaaag gttttaagcc      3120
     tgaatgagaa catgtagaat atttttaggt aacaatgaga ccatgaaaga agggctttca      3180
     cagtaaaaac ctattaaagg tcttatagaa cccgtgagaa ctttagaaat gtttaggacc      3240
     agtgggagcc tttaagatcc ggtgagaaca tgaggaaaac cctgtacaac aatgaggatg      3300
     acctgggaag gtctttgatg ccaataagaa tctaggaaga ccttaagtcc cagtgaaaga      3360
     aattgggaag tattaggcaa ttataactag ggaaagacct taggctccag tctaaataaa      3420
     gggaaacttt aagatccagt gagaacatga gaaagacctt aggctatatt gagactatga      3480
     gggaaggtat ttagatcaag tgaaacccta tagaatttag gctagaggaa gaacccgagg      3540
     aaggcccaag gcctcaatgt gactggagag tactttagag ccctatgaga acatggacaa      3600
     agccattagg cccagtgaga acctgaagaa aattttaggc cccagggaga atctgtagaa      3660
     gattttaggc caagtgagaa actggggaaa gttgtaggat ccagacagaa cctgatcaag      3720
     gttttaagat acactgataa tatggggaag gccttagcca catggacaac ctaggaaggg      3780
     ttagtcctca atgaaaacct gcagaaaccc ttagatacca gtgaaaatct ggaaaagcct      3840
     taggctccag tgataacatg tggaaatgta ggctctagtg agaaacttag gaagctctta      3900
     gacctaactc tttctgaaaa gaattagatt acagttagaa tcagaaaaaa cttaagtaag      3960
     accaggtgag atcaataggt tttaagttcc aatatgaaca tggggaaggc aggaggcttc      4020
     aaagatactt tcaagaaggc cttgtgttcc attgagaacc tgagaagtcc tttagccata      4080
     tgagaatctg tagagttttt cagccacaaa gagaacaggg aaattcttca cacccagtga      4140
     aaacctgata aaggctgtct atagactatg agaacttgaa aaaatattta ggccctagtg      4200
     agtgtttgct ttctgaccct gggtcaaggg actgaggtgc atatttaaca taccaaagca      4260
     gacctggcct ccaggttctc ccagcatccc tcagtcccta cctggcatac cttgcccctg      4320
     ggctgctctt ccctatacag tccagacatt ttggtctctc tcctctctct gcgtgtgcct      4380
     tttctttctc tcccttcccc caattcccat ggcaactccc ctggacttaa ttcttggtgc      4440
     agcttcccaa taaaattgtg tttaatataa cctagtctgg tggaaattgg ctcattttac      4500
     caacagtgaa gaaataacct agcaatgaga tcctgggcaa ggctttaaga cccagtgaac      4560
     aagaagctgg gaaggtctta gacctcagta agaaccaatc gaaggcctta ggcctcaata      4620
     agactttgta gatagcaatg agagcctgaa aaaggaccta agcccaagaa agaaactaca      4680
     gagaatttaa aatccagtga aaacggggga aaggccatag gcctcatgat aaccttggaa      4740
     agaccttaag ccccagtgac atcctggaga agtttttttg ttttgttttg agttttttgt      4800
     ttttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ccttgtagac      4860
     caggttggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgagt gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag      4920
     gcatgtgcca ccacgtccgg ccctggaaaa gttttaatgc ttggacagaa catgggaaaa      4980
     cccttagtac cattggaatc atgaggaatg ctttatacta taaagagaag tagagacctt      5040
     ttatactgta actgttttgt tttggttttt gttgttcatg ttttgtgggg tttttttatt      5100
     ttgttttgtt ttggtttggt ttggtttggt tttttaggtt taacactaag taggcctaag      5160
     acctctgtat gactagaaaa gaacttagat caaagttaga aaatggagaa tgcttttagc      5220
     cccagggaga agttgaaggt ttaagtccca ttgaggacct gagaaacatt ttaatatcca      5280
     gtaagtgtac cttataggtt caatgttata gtgactgtgc agtgtgaaag attatccttg      5340
     tataattcaa atgctgattt ttctgtcccc atatctggta gcaatccaga aatgacattg      5400
     taatgcttac tcaagtatct cctgcttcag tgttgtgtaa acattgctcc ccatttattc      5460
     tctgatttgt caataaaagc tgattagcca atggctgagc agaagagaaa atagggttga      5520
     actttcaatc caggccatgg agaaagagag agagggaaga gaaaggattt ggccgtgagg      5580
     agagggttca ggagatacct ggagcacaaa gaaccaaaac caatactaaa atgcaactac      5640
     ctcagggatt ttggctggga gacgaccaaa ttagtgtaga ggattaaagt agattaacac      5700
     tgctcagcta ttgtgctata aagccttatt aaacaagtct tacagtctct gtctcattta      5760
     tttgggaggt agtggggatg aagaaaaaaa atcatcactt ttaaaagtgc cctaacagta      5820
     cataagaagt ttaaagaccc aatgagaata taaataatgc ttataccccc atttaaatcc      5880
     tgggaatgaa ttaggcccca ggtcaaggtt tttggaccca gtgataaact atgaaaaact      5940
     tatgccccag tcaaaacctt ttgaaagcca tagacaacgg taatgatctg gtaaagccca      6000
     gtgagaactg ggaaaaggtc ttaaacccta aagaggcttt gggggaggcc ttagatctca      6060
     ctgtcaacca agagaaggct tcattcccca gtgagaaact agaaatttta ggctcagatc      6120
     atcacctagt aaagtcttaa gaccttaatg agattttagg ggagaacttt gatgaaagtg      6180
     ggaatctgga gaagacatta agcctcaggg agaacctgta gaaagttaag gccacagtga      6240
     aaatgcggag gtcttaagac tagtaaaaac ctattgaatg tctatagaac agtgagaata      6300
     tgggaaaatg gttagacccc tgaaacctgt agaatactgt aggcccagac agaacatggg      6360
     gaaagacatt agacccagag aaactgatct aagttcttat agaacctgtg agaacttgag      6420
     gaaactttta ggacccagtg aagctctagg taataccgta ggatccagtg ataacctgtg      6480
     ttgcaggata tttgatcacg ctgtgaaccc cgagattgtt aactgtaaaa acctgtttct      6540
     aatatggtgt ggctcagcct ttgatcctaa agctttccct ttactgtaaa caagtacttg      6600
     tggtgtggct cagccctagc atacacacct ttaatccaag agctaaataa agtcaaccct      6660
     aggtctagag gcaaagcaag caaccagaga atgaggcaca gagattcgct ggacagatgt      6720
     gaacacagat aagcagccac atggcagaat gtagggtaga ataaacggga catttcaagt      6780
     tacatctagt cagaggagag cctaggtatt tacaaggtac ttgtaaatat attttgagtc      6840
     tgagtcttat ttctgggagc acaggcctgg gaggaagaat cagggcctaa cttcaacaaa      6900
     gggtatttaa gacagtgtgg agaagaaagc tttcttcctt ctggaacatt ggtgtacctt      6960
     tttccttctg gaacgtcagt gaagaaggga ggtcagctgg gtgctttctc tgcctttctg      7020
     agctagcagg ccttcacccc aggatctgac tcctgcaacc ttcatttggt aaagttgaac      7080
     tgctggaatt tttatttttt aaaacaacaa acctgtgcaa acttttaaga cacattgaga      7140
     acatgggtaa ggctttagac accagtgaca atctggagtg tccttaagcc ccaatgagta      7200
     cttgttgaaa ttttaataag aatttggaga caccctggtc acattaacaa cctggaggag      7260
     gctttatgac ctattgagaa tttatagaag gttttaagct caagtgagag acagaaagac      7320
     ataaggcctg gagcatacct acaatttcaa tgagatcctg gagaaggcct ttaactccag      7380
     tgagaacttt tagtaagttt atggcccgag taagtacatg gagaagacct tcagatccag      7440
     tgaaaatctg ttataggttt tataaaacct gagagaactt agaaaaaaat ttaggcatca      7500
     gtgagtccct gggaaagtct taaaccccgt tgataacctg gagaagtcct cagtccccaa      7560
     agagatctgg ataatcttta atacccagtg aagatatgag aaagacctta ggctcatgag      7620
     atcctaagca atatcttaat ctccagcgag aacctagcct gggagaagat atcaatgaga      7680
     atttggagaa agccttagag cacagtgaaa attttcagat gccttaagcc tgaatgataa      7740
     cctgtgggaa gtttaaagcc accttgaata catgcaaaag gtcttcataa ggagtgaaaa      7800
     aatctaagct tatagcacct gtggtatttg gaggaaagtt atagctactt tctataagta      7860
     ctgctttagt ctacagggag aacatgggca aaactttaag acccagtaag aacatgagga      7920
     aggtcttagg catcaattcc aacttggaaa gtacttaggc tccagttaga atatgtagaa      7980
     ggtgtttggt ccaagtgaca acttttggta gaccttagca cacagtgaaa cttggagaag      8040
     taacccaaag ttttaatcca caaagagaac atggggaaga ttttagattc cagtaacaat      8100
     ctaagaacac tccagtgaga acatgcagaa ggccttttag acatcagtga gaatctgcaa      8160
     agaacttagg gaaggttttc atacccagtg atagcctgta catggctagc aacaccctga      8220
     agaagcttta aaacccagtg agagcatgag aaagacctta ggccacattg agtccttgca      8280
     taatgcttta atatacaata aaaactgtag agggtatgaa gccacagaga gaaccagaag      8340
     aaagcctcag gattcaataa tattttatgg aagaccttat ttcatagtga aaaactggag      8400
     aagccttaag taataatcta agtagtagaa tctaaagttt taggtttaag tgagatcctg      8460
     agaaagatct agctcctcaa cgagatttta gagaatacca tagattctat tgaaaattaa      8520
     gagaattcct ctcaccctaa tgagaacctg tagaagattg taggctatgg tgataacatg      8580
     gaagtcttca aatccagtga aaaatcattg aaggccttat acaacctgtg agaacttcat      8640
     aaatttttag gtcacagtga gaatttctta gcatccacag agaacatgtg aaagtcttct      8700
     atatccaggg gaaacacaga gaagaccata aacctctgtg atagcctagg aagtttttag      8760
     ggtcctatga gaacctgtag acagttttaa gccctggggg gagggggaca acaatgaaag      8820
     cctgggaaag gccgtagtcc ccagtaacac ctagcaaaac tataaggcct agaaagaaca      8880
     tgggaaaaat ccttaggctc agttgagacc ctgaggaatg tcttaagctc cagtgaacac      8940
     ttgtagaagg ttttaaggca cagtgagaac tcatggaaag cctaagacat tgatgtgtct      9000
     agagttgact ttagtttcaa atgagaacat ggagagggcc tttaggtcta gtgagaattg      9060
     atagaatgtt tgtgcccaat ggagaagctt tagactgttt gaagcctcat tgagaaactg      9120
     tgaggtttca gtctcctgta ataaactgag tatagccaat aaggtgccaa taaggatcta      9180
     gaaaagtcta tgaccaagtg agaatcttgg gaaggcctta ggccacaatg agactttggg      9240
     gatggtctta gattgcagta aatacctgta gaaggcctca ttaccactga gaagtgttac      9300
     aacgtttttt gttccagtga agacctggag agggccttat gccccattga gatccttcag      9360
     aaagtttagg tcacagagaa accatcaaga gcatcttcag aactattgaa aacctatcaa      9420
     aggccctaga ggatctgtga gaacatgaga aaatgtttag gcccaatgat actctaggta      9480
     atgctttaga tccaatgaga tccttggcag ggcattaaga ccccaagaga ggaggttaga      9540
     tatacgactc agtggttaag agcactgact gttctttcaa aggtcctgag ttcaattccc      9600
     agcaaccaca tgctgcctca caaccatctg aaatgggatc ccatgtcctc ttttggtgtg      9660
     tctaaggaga atgatggtgt gctcacatac ttaaaataag taaatacatc ttttaaaaaa      9720
     aaaaactgtg agaacatgta ggaaacctta gaccccaatg actacctggc catgccttat      9780
     acacaagtaa tgatctggta aatccttagg taccactgat aatctgggac aacctaggct      9840
     ccagctgtaa ctttggataa gaaaaagacc taagtcagaa cctggggaag ctgtcagaca      9900
     cagagaaaac atgggagaga cattaggcca cattgaaaag gcctaagtcc tgaaaaaggc      9960
     cttaagctca agtaaaaact tgtacaagat tttgggccaa aggaaaaacc tacagaaggc     10020
     ctttgacctc agtgtgactt tggaggtgga tttgggtcca agtcagaact aagagcaggc     10080
     tttgtaatgc ccaaaattag ctggtaagcc caatttgccc aaggaccctc ctgaaatgct     10140
     ggatgttgta gttcttggaa aataacaaag ccttatggga aaatatggtg atttataggt     10200
     tattctcaga aacccctgca acgtgtgtgc ctgggccatt tagctgggaa atttcaggga     10260
     ataatcctga ccaaagtcta tctcttagta tttaatagtt aataaagctt gctttaaatt     10320
     tagcccaaag tggtggaatt gatttttcac tggcgcatct caggattaac atttaaaagc     10380
     cccaattttg ctcttcacct tgggatccct gagaagtggg ttacctaggg gtaaatgtac     10440
     cttgtgaaag ttgacccaac tgactcaagg tccctgggaa gtactttgcc ctgtggattg     10500
     ccatgttgag ataatcttgt gcactttgta ttatttcaat tgttgatttc tgtaccagca     10560
     gaatgctaag tgctgtctgg attttggtat tggtattttt atgaagcatc acctgtctca     10620
     gtgttttcta aacatttttc tccatcacct tctgcttagt ttaataaaga gctgatagcc     10680
     tattgcagag caggagagga aagatggaac atcaggaaag aatcaggtgg aggtattcac     10740
     tagtcagaca cagaggaagg agcaggtgcc aggactgaag gagagataat gggatacatg     10800
     gtagaactta gataaacagg tttagttata caagccagtt ggggacaagc ctaagctaag     10860
     gcccaagctt aataaataat aagtctctgt gtcattcttg gaagacagca gttgagtctg     10920
     gtggtaccct tgagctgaag ggctacactt agaggaagtc agcaagcagg tttttttctt     10980
     ttttatggag tcctcctttt tggtaagtca tagatgccct tttatagtta gcattttgtg     11040
     actatttcct gcctggtttc tggattctgg cttcagggta ttccatccaa tgaatgggga     11100
     gaacctgatg tggtttgtac acctctgttg agtccacaga gacatcccat ggttatttct     11160
     ggttaattgg ggagtacaaa cttggagtca tgtggacccc ctggtaagac taggacaggc     11220
     ttaactcaac agaattccaa agcctaggaa ctatagtgta tttcatgaga ttgggagcaa     11280
     aagctaaaga cttggataga tcctgcatgg gatttggggg ctgtgggaga cccagagtga     11340
     cccagtcttt gatgggttcc tagcatctgg gctgtacaag aaggaatttt taagtgtcgt     11400
     tgtcccatgt tctctgctgt catttggctc tatgttttct gtcgttgctt tggccttatg     11460
     tctggtctat ctttgtgtgt tctgacttgg gatggtatgg agccctgcac ccatgactcc     11520
     cgtaagccag gcaccaatgg ttaccacccc acctcctctc ctgggtctag ctggaatgag     11580
     gttggatcat gctaactgca agctgctttt ggaaaagtca ctcccaaaat gggggagttt     11640
     gtggggagta ggaatcagaa gtagcagctc aatccagcca gaatattaga agtttttggc     11700
     aagtttctct ctatgaagtc accaattgtt atctttttaa aaacccagag tcccatgggg     11760
     gcaggggggg ggagggaggg ggaagcagcc aaacccatta cagcaccatt gtctctgggg     11820
     aaatgggatt cagcagctgc aaggagctcc tacgctgaaa ttccaaaact ggaggtggta     11880
     aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa gttttgtctg tctattattt tatgtatatg aatgcacagt     11940
     ggctactgca tgcttgtttg ctgactggct gccctgaatg tatgaatgta ctgtgttcta     12000
     tgcatcttga ttataattta gctgctactg ttagcaatcc attgcatgtc tgtttaagtg     12060
     tgtttaaaca tttgtttaaa actttgtgtt attctgcttt aattaaaaag ctggctctgg     12120
     aatggggtca tgggctcaat cctttttcag acccaggcat gcttttaaaa agtctatgtc     12180
     tacagtcaga aattaagaga attatgaagt ggaaatttct ggtttctttg ccaaaatatt     12240
     tgttttctgc tctcctaagt tttctgtttt agctacagaa gctgttctga ccttgatctg     12300
     gactattaat ggctatatta atagcactgc accagagcag tgctagttaa tggctatatc     12360
     cagagcagtg ctagttaatg actgtatcca gagcagtgct agctaattgt tctgcaggtg     12420
     agtttctcca ctgaaatgac tggcttgaat ttggtatctg agtctgcaaa agttgtccta     12480
     ggatgtttcc caacaacggg ttaccttgtt tgtctcttgt tgatctgcat tcactagtcc     12540
     aatgctaggc tttgcaacac cttcagtata ttacagaatt agcttggctc tgcctgcaat     12600
     tccttttgaa atgaccttgc ttatcacagt ccaaacattt atttggcagt ttgatttttc     12660
     ttaaaacctt tagaaattac ttttcttatt aaagttgcat cataagtatg atatccaatg     12720
     acagtcatat ttctaatcaa tttatctatt gatgctgatc ttgcctttag agaccttttt     12780
     gtatgtagat ttagcatttt caaaagccaa cgattcgatt aatatttgac aaagaggcaa     12840
     caccttaagc ctgagtgaag acctgtagaa actcttagac acacgtgaga atctaggaag     12900
     atcttagact ccagtgataa cctgtctatt ccatagaccc cagtggcaaa ctcaagagtg     12960
     ttctgggaag gccttagatc atagttagaa aatggaaaaa tcctggagtc ccagtgacaa     13020
     tctgtagaag gttttaggtt ccagtgttac ctggggaaga taaaacagag ttgggtataa     13080
     cttattctgt caagtctttc tctgatgtgt cactttctct gccactcatt tagatatcac     13140
     atccaaacat gggtatttct tacaacaaac taactttacc ttcattgttt gcgatacaag     13200
     gtgtgtatta aggctgagcc acaccacaac tagaaagagg ttcttccagt aaacaacaca     13260
     accttgaggt tcacagtgtt aacaaatatc ctgaaacagc ctcaggttca gagagaatct     13320
     ggaaaaggcc tctgtcacca atgagacttt aagagatgcc ttagattgaa gtgactgcat     13380
     gaagatggcc ttgagtcaca gttagaagtg tggcaatact tggtgcccca gggaggatgg     13440
     agaaaaagcc taaggtcttc atcagacttt tgagaagacc cttgacaaaa gtgagaacct     13500
     gaagaaggct gtaagttcca gttagaaagg ttagaatgct ttctgctcca gtgaggacct     13560
     gggacctaag gaaaatatgg aaaaggctaa gatctcagtg agaaactgaa catgcatttg     13620
     tcttaccgta gacagacttt tggctacctt ctggcttctt ctttttctac cctccttccc     13680
     tcttttcttg aaccttttca acgccctaaa caagatagga gagaaaaagg atagaggaga     13740
     aaggcgtgat gttcttaata aactaattct gattaggtac atcgcgttac ttggaggaag     13800
     gttgacattt gtagtcaaaa tatctaattt cttcttcata tttcttcttt atacatgact     13860
     acttaacaaa ccacaaccaa cagcatccaa ccactcatca gctaacaatc tcccactcct     13920
     tttatgtagc ctctgaaaac tttccacaat tcaaaacatc acacacaccc agaaactatc     13980
     tgcagctgtc gaagccatgc ccctaataga gcacaaggta aatgaatagt tacctgctgt     14040
     ggagcagtcc cataggtctc tggcagacct aaggtcttgg tgtaactggc caaggcctta     14100
     gatccaagtc aaaaggtata gaaggtcatt agtcagttag agaatacttg gggaatgctt     14160
     tggctaccat gagaatttgg gtaaagtttt aagacacaca gggaatatgg gcaatgtctt     14220
     aggttccttc aaaagttgag aaggccttag gccctaatga gaacctgagg agggccttag     14280
     aagccagtga gaatctggga atgtcatcaa tttcagttac aaacatggaa ggtcttaggc     14340
     ccaagtgata gtattgggaa gcctttgaac cccagtgagg accttaggaa tcccttacac     14400
     ttcattacaa ctttgggaga agaccttaga tctcaggtag aatgtggaaa aaaaaaaact     14460
     caagttccag tgagaatgtg tagaggattc taggctctag aatgtttctg ggaaagttgt     14520
     aaaccctgtg tatcctttgc agaaggtcat agataggagt gagaacttga attagggctt     14580
     gggcctcagt tagaatctgc ataaagattt aggtcacagt gagaacaaga agaaatcctt     14640
     cagatacagg gaaatcctgg tgagggcttt gtggaatctg tgaggacttt gggatatttt     14700
     tagggtagca gagaatcttg ggtcatatct tttatacaat aacaaaccca ttcccagtga     14760
     ggagctggaa aaaaatcatg gaatccagta ataatatggg agagtctaag gtccagagaa     14820
     aatctggaaa aggcctcagt cctcaatgag actttggaga aggccttaga tggcattcag     14880
     tacttggaga acgccttata tctcagtgaa taatgttaga atgcttggtt ctccagtgag     14940
     gacaaaagaa agcataaagc tttcatgaaa cttttgtgaa gatctttgac ttaagtgaga     15000
     atctggagaa tgccataagt tctgcttaga aagtctagaa agttttctgc tcagggggga     15060
     cctgggaaag acctcgggtc ttagggagaa tatggaaaag gcttatgatc tcaatgagga     15120
     cctaagaaca ttcaccgtat gccccagtgg caacctacag agtattgaga ttcaacgaga     15180
     aatggggaag gcattcacaa ctagcaaaga cctatagacg gccttagaga atctgtgaga     15240
     acttggggaa aatgttaggc ccactgagac cctgggcaac tctttaggat ccagtgagaa     15300
     ttaaagagcc aatgagaact tggaaaaggt cttagacatc cagtgactac ctgggaaggc     15360
     ctctggccca gagccaacca gcagaatgcc tttaatacca ataagcatct gggaagattt     15420
     catctaaatg aaaacaacag aaggccttaa aaccagataa taatccagga atggctttct     15480
     taggccttag tgacatcttg ggaggcctta acccccctga gaacatgtag ggagcctgat     15540
     gcccagtgta gttcctgaag aatgccttac atgcaaaaga gaattcttaa aaggtattag     15600
     gtcactgtga ggatctctgt cagccctaag gccttgatga aactggccag ggccttagat     15660
     ccaagtcaga acacagaggt tcttttcttt agtcacgcag ggaacttgtc gaagtttaag     15720
     ccaccattaa aaacaaggga agatattatg gtccagttag cacttgggta caattttaag     15780
     acccagagag aatataagca atgccttaga gtttctcaaa aacctgggaa agccttaggc     15840
     cctcatgaga acccaagaaa ggcctcagat cccagtgaga accttggtaa accttagtct     15900
     ttaatgagac tttggtaaga tactagatat tgccaggtgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc     15960
     ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtaaat ttctgagttc ggggccagcc tggtctacag     16020
     agtgagttcc aggacagcca gagctacaca gagaaaccct gtcttgaaaa aaaaatatat     16080
     atgtatatgt atgtatatgt atatatatat tagatatcca ttaaagtatg ggaaaatctt     16140
     caagttccag tgagaatgtg ttggtaattc taggaccagt aggtatctgg gaaagatgta     16200
     agctccaaag agcctttgtg gaaggcctta gattcctggg ggaatttcag aatgtgtttg     16260
     gctccagtga gagtctgaag aaaaattttt gtcacaataa gaaaaagaag aaattcatca     16320
     gacagtgcaa acctggtaat tgtttgtaga atctgtgagg acctaggaat attttggggt     16380
     ggcagtgact cttggctcat gacttatgct acaatgacaa acctagactt cagtaggtct     16440
     ggaagaaggc taaggatacc agtaataatc aggaaaatgt tcaggtccag agagactctg     16500
     gaaaaggctt ctgtccacag tgagactttg gagaagtcct tataatgcag tgagtacctg     16560
     gagtagtcct cgtgtcacag ttagaagtct tagaatattt tgtgtttcag tgaggacaga     16620
     ggaaaggcct aaggtcttca tgagaatttt gagaagcccc ttgacttagt gagaaactga     16680
     agaaagctgt aagttctagt tagacaagtt aagtttgctg ctctggtaag gacctgggaa     16740
     agacctcagg tccttaggag aacattgaaa aggcctatga tctcattaag gacctgaacc     16800
     ttcactactg tagacagatt tctggctact ttgtggcatc tttctccacc ccttttcttt     16860
     caccctttca actccctaac tctatatagg agagaaagaa aaaaaaaaaa gatagtgggc     16920
     atcaggttcc ttagggcaag tttgatcttt gtcatcaaga tatctaatgt tttattgtcg     16980
     tttctccttc acataggact acttaacaag ctgcaaccaa cagtatccaa ccaccaatca     17040
     gccaacctgt gctctctgta tcaagactat aacatgtata catctataaa tataattatt     17100
     attcatatga tgtaattgtc ttctcagagg cttattgcca agtttgaata actttagtaa     17160
     gactatgtgg aaggtcttca gactgtcaaa acctatcaaa acctttattg aacttttgca     17220
     aacttgtaca gtttttaggc ctagtgagaa ctggttaatg ccttggaatc tcatgataat     17280
     atggataagg atttaagaca cagtcataac atggggaaag tcttggtcct gagtttatac     17340
     tgaatggttt taggtcccag tgactacctg ggaaggcatt aggatgcact cataacttct     17400
     gaaagcctga ggatcctgta agtacattgt aaaactttaa gacccagtga aaatatgtta     17460
     aaaaacctgt taccattgag tagctaagga atcccatgag ctctactgga aacctgtaaa     17520
     aagaaattta ggccacagtg agaaccagtc caaggcctaa ggtgtcaatg aatctttgga     17580
     taagtcacta gatacaaatg agaacctgca aatgatcttt agtccaattg agaacctata     17640
     gaagttattg ggcttcagtt agaacctgga gaactcctta gactctggta agaatctgga     17700
     taaggtttta agacccagta agaacatggg ggaggtcttg gacccccttc actaactggg     17760
     aaggttttag gcctagtgag gacataaata aagacataag acacaaacaa acatctgggt     17820
     aggtcttaag attgaatgat gttagaaggc cttatgcccc agtgacaatc atgaaagacc     17880
     ttagatagct ttagtgagaa cctggggaag accttaagtc tcattttgtc agtctttgat     17940
     taaggtatta gatctccatt agacactggg ggaaggctta aaagcccaag tgaaaaccta     18000
     tagaagtttt taggctccag agggaaactt aggaaatact aaggcttcta tgagactttg     18060
     gagaaggtct gagaatagac ctttagcctg agtgagtacc agtagaatgt tttagacaac     18120
     agtgagagca cacataaggc ctgcaaaccc agggaagaac tgtcacaggc attatagacc     18180
     cagtgagaac ttgggaaatt tttcattctc cagtgagacc ttgaataatg cctcgggatt     18240
     cactgagaac ctcagcaagg atttaaggct cattgagaat atagataagt ccttagtcca     18300
     aaatttcaac atgggaggcc cttaggtcca agtgagtatg tctagaaagg tttaggctcc     18360
     agtgagactg tgggaaattc ccaaggccgc actgactatg gagtaatgct tagatctcac     18420
     tgagaaaatt gagagggcct taatccccaa tgagagtgtg gcaaaagttt taggccagag     18480
     tgagaacaca gactcggaga aaaaccctca tatatcttat agaacctata tgaacttagg     18540
     aaaatttaaa caccctgaaa ctctgggtaa tgaattaggc tccagtgaga acccgggcaa     18600
     gaatttaaca ccagggagaa catgggaaat gcattagacc ccagtgacag ctttggaatt     18660
     ccttaggtcc caatgagtga tatagaaaat tttagatccc cataagaatc tgggaaggtc     18720
     ttaatccccc atggcaacct gggggggggg ggtcttaatc cccagttatt accttggaaa     18780
     ggccttaggt cccagtaaga atgtgcagaa tgcttcaatc cacaatgaga atttggggaa     18840
     tgccttagat tgtagttaca acctgcagga gacctaaact ccagggacaa cgtgtaggag     18900
     gatttgaacc acggtgagaa catgagggct ctgtttcaca cacactgtaa acatgctcaa     18960
     ggcataacat agcctgtaaa aacttgtgga caaatgtagg tagcttgaga cactgagtaa     19020
     ttccttagac ttcagtgaga acctagtcag ggttttaaga ccccctgaga acatggggaa     19080
     tgtcttagac accagggcca acctggaaat accaggcccc agagatagct ggaacaatgc     19140
     cttgggacac attggggaag accttagatt gcagtgagtt cctttaagca agagtggtaa     19200
     cttggagaat attttaggct ttagtaagaa actggggtct caagcctcag ttagacattg     19260
     gagatgcgct taaactccag tgagaaccaa tagatttgaa gccacagtga gacctttgga     19320
     cacagtcata aactgatgaa ggccttatag aacctgtaag aacatgggaa aattgtgaag     19380
     accatagaca atctggctaa ttccttaggc tccacggaga acctggtcaa tgccttaaaa     19440
     ccaggtgaga acatggagaa tgctgtagac cacagtgaca aagtgagaaa gcctaaggct     19500
     ccaataaaaa ccggaggaag gcatagatac caggaagagt ttgggaaggc tttaggcctc     19560
     aatgaaaact tgggaagtcc ttaaacctca gtaattatat actagtaatt accacatttc     19620
     ccagcaaaaa ccttagggag gtcttaggct tctgacagaa cctgtagaag gtttcaggtt     19680
     tcagtgaaaa cctggggaag gcataagggc tcaatgagat tttcaaaatt acttagatct     19740
     gagtcagaat ctagagaagt cctttaggcc cactgagaac ctggtgaaag gttttaggat     19800
     acagtgaaaa tatgccaaag gtttcaggtt ctggggagaa cctatggaag gattaatgct     19860
     tccatgacac attttggagg ttttaaatca caataagaac ctggaaaagg ctctaaggca     19920
     cagttaaaac aaggtgaagg cctcatacat cagtgacaac tgggaaagcc ttagaccaca     19980
     gtaaaaacct acaaaaggac ttcaacaagt atgagactct agaaaggtct taggtcccag     20040
     taacaaccta taaaggcctc agtacccagt aatagcctca caaagtcctt aagtcacagc     20100
     gagaagcagg aacagattta agacccagtg aaaacatggg aattaccttt tggcttattt     20160
     agatcctaag aatgccataa acttcactga gaatctatag gttttagatc attgtgagaa     20220
     cttaatgaag gccccagatc tcaatgagaa attcagggaa ggccttattt cacagtgaag     20280
     aactggagaa cttaagcccc aatgaaaacc tgtggaagat atagaactgc agtgagatcc     20340
     taggaaagcc ctaaggcctt aatgaaactg gagaagggct tccatcccag tgagatttta     20400
     gacattgcct ttagccctgg tgagaaactg taaaaactga taggccacaa tgagtataag     20460
     gaaaaagcct tcaaacagag tgaaacctgt tgaaagcctt aagacactga gaacttcaga     20520
     aaagtttagt ccttggttag atcaaggatt atgcattagg ctccagtgag aacctgagaa     20580
     aggctttaag acccagtgaa aacatgtcaa taaaattaga cacccaggag aacatgagaa     20640
     gttcttaggc tccagtgaga acctgtagaa ggttttgacc ccaaagagaa tctgtaaaat     20700
     gctttaggcc tcaaagaatc tttagggaag atcttagatc ccctgagagc ctgaagaagg     20760
     tcctaagtcc cactgagaaa ccatctacag agaaggtttt aggccacagt gagaacatgt     20820
     gaaagacttt caaaagtagt gaaaacatat tcagagcctt agattagaga atatatgaaa     20880
     acttggggaa aatggtaggc tctggcctta gcctacagtg agaacctggg caagacttaa     20940
     agaaacagtg aggacagtac agctttagac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     21000
     acacacacaa ccccatttat aacctgagaa gccctaggcc ctactgagaa cctggagaaa     21060
     attgtaggtt caagtgagtg cctgaagaaa caattaaatg gcattgagag tttagggaag     21120
     gctttagaac acaatgagaa tataggaagg ccttaagccc cagtcagaat gtacaaaatg     21180
     tttaatgctc cagagaacca taagaaggct aaggcttcaa tgagagtttg gagaagcttt     21240
     aaatcccaag gaggacctga agaaggccct aagctccaat gagaacttgt agagtgtttt     21300
     aggcaatagt gagaacatgg agaaaagcct ttagacccag tgaaaacatg ttgaagacct     21360
     tagagaacct gtgagaactt aggaacatct tctaggccca gtaatatcct gggaatcctt     21420
     aggctgcagt tagaacttga ataaggccat aaaacccagt gagaatttgg taaggcctta     21480
     gaccccagtt acaacctggg aagtttttag gtcctattga gaacatatag aatcttttag     21540
     gcagcaggga gaacatggga gaggccatca gacacactgg aacctctaaa aggttttaaa     21600
     gaacctttga gcactttgga aaactttgag gccccagtga aaccctggat aatgccttac     21660
     attccagtga gaaccttgag aagactttaa gaccactgag aatataagaa agactttaga     21720
     tcccagtagc aacacaggac gttcataggc accagtatgt acatgtaaaa ggttttaggc     21780
     ccaagtgaga acctgaagaa ggacttcaga cccagtgaag aactgtcaaa ggccttggaa     21840
     atcttgttgg aaactggaaa aatctaggca tcagtcaagc catatggaaa gaaaagccta     21900
     agactccagg gaaatccttg tcaagtcttt actacccagt gagaatatgg ggaaggcctt     21960
     agaccacagt gacaatgtgg gcaagaatta aaaaccttgg aaggagttat gccctactgg     22020
     taatcagcag aagtttttag tccccagaaa gcatccagag aagctttaag aaccataaag     22080
     aacatgggaa agaaattagg cttcattgag tccacgaggc cttaggcctc aatacttaat     22140
     gcttaaagct ccagtgagaa catgtagaag attttaggat atggtgagaa gctgggatgc     22200
     ttaagaccta agtgatactt tggagaagcc tttggatccc aagtatatct tagagatggc     22260
     cattaggcca agtgagaaag tgcagaatgt tgtaggccac agtgagaaca tggggaaagc     22320
     cttcagaccc agtgaaagcc tttcaagggc cttttggtgc tgtgggaact tgggaaaagt     22380
     tttaggtcca agagatattc tgggtaatgt cttaggctcc agtgagaatc tgggcaaggc     22440
     tttaaacaga ctgagtacat gggaaaggct ttagagccca gtaacaatgt agaaagtcct     22500
     taggacccag ggagaacctg tagaaggttt caggaccagt gagaatgtgg aaaggcctta     22560
     gggctcaatg agactatgaa gaaagcttag atttcagtga ttatctggag aacactttaa     22620
     gccacattga gaacctaatg aaggctttat ttgctcttgt gagaacatgg taataccctg     22680
     taccccactg agaaccctgg gatgatatta ggtcatgggc agtttgggta aaggcctcag     22740
     atcacagtga gtaatgggag aaggctttaa gacccaatga gataacctag agaaactttc     22800
     aggttctagt ggataaggcc ttaaattaca ctgagaactt caaaaagccc ttacacccct     22860
     gtgagatcct atagaaagtt taaaaccaca ttgaaaatat ggagaaggcc ttcagaccta     22920
     aacttgttga agaacttcca gaacctgtga gaacatgggc ccaagcaaaa ccctggttga     22980
     ttctttaggt tctagtgaga atcttggcaa gtgagaacat gaaaaaggcc ttgaacctca     23040
     gtaagaaact gtggaaggtt tagagccaag taagaacatg gaggagacct taatacccag     23100
     gtaaaagaac tgtgtaggtc cttataggac atacaaggac ttaggaaaat ccatagagat     23160
     cctggataag gtcttagagt acaatgagga cctgggcatg ctttaaactt cagtgagaac     23220
     tgagagaaga ccctaaaacc cagataaaat ctatgaaggc cttaggcccc agtgataacc     23280
     tgggttaagg ccttgggttc cagtgatagc ctggagaagg cattaggtcc cagttataac     23340
     ctaggaagtc ttaattaagt ctccagtgaa atcctgtagt agattttctg ttccagtgag     23400
     aacatgtgaa ggcataaggc tttcttgaga cgttggataa ggcttttgat caaaaactga     23460
     agaaggcctt aagctctggt gagagcatat aggcagtttt aggccctagt gagaatctat     23520
     agaaggcctt ggcggggaaa atagacttca gggaagtgct ctaagatcac agtaaaaacc     23580
     aaacaagacc ttaagtccca atgagaatca gtggatagtg ttaggctcca gtgagaacct     23640
     gtggaaggtc caaggcctca gtgagacttg gagcagtcct tagatccaat gagaacttgg     23700
     acaaggtatt agatcccaat gaaaacgttt agaatgtctt aggtacaagt gagacctagg     23760
     cattacctta ggccccagca agaagttggg caaagctata agtcccattg agaacatgag     23820
     aaaggactta gaccccagtg acaacctggg aagcttaggc atagtgagaa ccaataggtt     23880
     ttagggctct gtgagacaga atctgtgaga gagccttaac cttcagtgag actttgagga     23940
     aggcattaga atgcaaagag aacatgagaa agggcttaag tcccagtaag aacctgtaga     24000
     aagttttggc cacagcgagg gcatagggta ggccttcaga catagtgttg aaggccttat     24060
     ggaaccagtg agcacttgag aaataattta gagcccagag agacccttgg taataactta     24120
     tgcctctgtg agagcctggg aaaggccttg agacacactg agaatatgag gagtgactta     24180
     gaccaagtga caacctggga aggccttggg ccccattgag aacctgtggc ctttgaaaca     24240
     actgagaatt tgggaaagcc ttagacccag tgataatctg ggaaaggtct taaaacctag     24300
     tgagaacctg ggaaatatct gagacctact gagaacatgc ctaaggcctt aggccccact     24360
     gggaccctga ggaatgcttt aggctctgta ctggctagtt ttgtgtcaac ttgacacaac     24420
     tggagttatc atagagaaag aagcttcagt tgaggaaatg cctacatgag atccaactgt     24480
     aaggcatttt ctcaattagt gatcaagggg gaaaggcccc ttgtgggtgg gaccatctct     24540
     gggctggtag tcttgggttc tataagagag caggctgagc aagccaggtg aggcaagcca     24600
     gtaaagaaca tccctccatg gcctctgcat cagctcctgc ttcctgacct gcttgagttc     24660
     cagtcctggc ttccttggtg atgaacagca gtatggaagt gtaagccgaa taaacacttt     24720
     cctccccaac ttgtttcttg gtcatgatgt ttgtgcagga atagaaaccc tgactaagac     24780
     aggctccctt gagaatctgg gcaaagatta aagacccagt gagaaaatgg gaaagacctt     24840
     atattacagg ctataacctt ggaaaacctt aaacccctgt agaccctgta ggaagtttta     24900
     ggcatcaata cctgagtgag aactaaggcc tcaatgatac tttagagaag accttaaatc     24960
     ctgtgagaac ctggagaaga ccttaaacac cagtagaacc tgtagaattt atgccacagt     25020
     agaaaatcat aggggagatt ttcagaccca gtgataacct ttcaaaagct ttaaagatcc     25080
     cagaagacct aatgaaaacc tttagtcccc agtgagacag ttggcaatgc cttcatctcc     25140
     agtgagaatg ttggaaaacc attagtgagg cccatgtgac aacctgtgaa ggccatgggc     25200
     ctcagtgaga acccacaaaa ggcctttaga cacgagagag accctgggta atacactaga     25260
     ctcctgtgaa aatgtgagca aagccttaag ccccagtgag aatctgtgta ggccttaggt     25320
     gccaatgata agctgtagaa agctttaaac actggcgcga atcttagaaa gaactttgtt     25380
     gaggtttggt cttttgctgt atattttaat gctaagtgta ggccccgaag acttggttgc     25440
     tcccgggtta tttttgattg ctaaataaaa atgctgagag ccaatagctg ggcaggagag     25500
     acataggcag ggtttagttt tcccaggctt gggtttggag aaccataatg gggtgaagga     25560
     ataggaggaa aaagttgcca agtgtaagga gtcaagaaca catgatcctg aggcctgcct     25620
     aattggagtt aagagcaacc cagatgaaac atagtaagtt atatcttggg gttatcaata     25680
     ggaaatagat tttaatacca tagagggtag gtgtctgccc agctcttgtg ctgatcaagg     25740
     cttgttgtaa gtataaaggt tgtgcgtgtc ttttattctg gaactaaatg gttaatggca     25800
     gggtagaaac cccgggttgt aaaattctct gcaaaagacc ttagccctct tgcattcctg     25860
     aagaatgctt taggcctcaa tgagagcctt ggcaacaaag ctttaagact cagtaagaac     25920
     acagggaagg ccttagaccc cagtgagagc ctgtggtttg tttagggtga gaacctagga     25980
     aaggccgtaa gtcacagtca gagcccacag aaggttttat gatccagtga caatgtaggg     26040
     caggttttag gcctcagtga tacttagagt aagctttaga tcaagcgaga atctagagaa     26100
     ggccgcaaac cccagtgaca atctgtagac tgttttaggc cacagggaga acttgtagaa     26160
     aggtctttag acccactaaa aacctgtcaa ggccttatag gtcttctgag aacttagaaa     26220
     atattttgga tccattgaga ccctgggtag tgccttaggc tccaattaga atctaagcaa     26280
     ggccttagga catattgaga aaatggagaa ggttttaaag cccagtgaca gccttggaag     26340
     tccttaggcc ctagtgaaaa tcttggaagt ccataggccc cagtgagaac ctgttgaaag     26400
     ttttagaccc cagtgagacc ctgtaggagg acttagaatt cagtgacact ttgggagagt     26460
     ccttgtgtcc cactgggaac ctggagaagc ttttaagtac cagtgagaac ctggttatag     26520
     agtgagagca tttaagaggc ctagggaccc agtgaaaatg gtcaaaggcc tgtgaaaatt     26580
     tgggaaaatt tttagacatc agtgagaccc tggttatatt ttaggcctat tgagagctta     26640
     tgtaatgcct taggcttcag tgagaacctg ggcaaggctt taagacccag tgagaacatg     26700
     gggaagacct tataccccag tgacaacctg ggaagacctt aggtcccagt gtgaacctat     26760
     agaaggtttt aggcctcagt aagtactaga aaaagactgt atgcctcatt tagaccctga     26820
     tgagtactta aaacccagtg agaacctggg aaaggcctta gatcctagta ataacaaaag     26880
     tccttaaacc ctggagaaag ccctagaccc cagaaagtac caggagaagg ccttcatttc     26940
     cagtgatatt atggagaaga ccttaggtcc agagagaagt cttatgactc agtgaagccc     27000
     cggtggggat gtagtatagc cattaggcca tagtgaaaac ctggggatag ccctagacca     27060
     cagtaagtac cagcagaaag tcctgggtcc cagtcaaaaa ctgacaagac cttaggaccc     27120
     actgagaata tgtgaaagac cataagtgca atgattcctg gaataagatc ttagtcttct     27180
     gtgatacctt ggataactcc tcagtatcta tgagatcctg gagaaatttg cagcctccat     27240
     tgtatacttg aagggttgga ggcccctgtt agacactaag gaaggcctgg gtcccaggga     27300
     gactctagaa agaccttaag ccacaaaaag atcctgagga aaaccttgac ctcagtgaga     27360
     ccctggtaaa gtacttgcac cttagagaga ttctggagat gtcttataaa caagacaaac     27420
     cctgtaaaag gctttatgtt ccagaaaaaa ccccagtaaa tgccttaggt tcccagagag     27480
     accatagaaa gatcttgatt ctagtgagac cctgggagat tcttattctt gactgaaaac     27540
     cctgggaagc tcctaagctc aaatcaaacc tcaagtaaga ccttaggtct gaataatata     27600
     gggaaggcat gaggcaagtt tagaccctgg agacagcttt aaaacccact gtgactccag     27660
     ggaagacctg ggatcccagt gacactttga ggaagacctc aggccctagt tagtcccaga     27720
     agaaagccac aaggcccagt gataaaatag ggaaggcctt tgcaaactca gtcataaacc     27780
     agtgaaagcc ttacaaccca gtgagaacct ggggaaagcc ttagtaagac ccagtgagaa     27840
     tctgggaagg cattaagact cagtgaggtc attactcact ctgaataggc ttcagaccag     27900
     agaacctaca aaggccctag tgaaaacttg aaaaggtctc aggccctagt acaaatatgg     27960
     aaaggcctta ggcccagtaa ggacatgggg aaggctttag acccaattag aacctggtaa     28020
     aagcactaag ccccagtgag aacctaggga aaacctgcta ccccagtaaa taaccaggat     28080
     aaggccttag gccccagtca gaacctgaga acatcttgga tagcctgaga gaatatgaga     28140
     aaagccttag atggaatgat gcctagtgta aggccctagc cctcagtgat agtttagata     28200
     agtccaaggt ctcgcagaaa ttctcagccc tcatgattcc tataggtcct gggagaactt     28260
     aggtaaggcc tgtgccccag taagacactg ggaagacctt ttgccataga gaccttaaag     28320
     aaacctttgg acttaatgag accctgctaa gaacccattt agaccttgat gataactatt     28380
     ggccacagta agaccctgag gaaagccctt ggctacagtg aggctttaag aaaagccatt     28440
     ggcttcaata agttcctggg ggaaatctta ggccccatga aaccttgcta aggcctgggt     28500
     ccagtgagtt tctgtgtaag gttttaggtt gagactgtga agatgtcctt aggctcccat     28560
     tcagtcattg gaaagaactt agggcctggt aagtccatct gtaggtttta gggctatgtg     28620
     aaatccttaa gaaagtttta ggccctaaga agtacttaca tctgggtgta acaagatgtc     28680
     tctgcttgta atggtgtaat ggtgtctgct actaagcctg atgacttaat gggcctgcct     28740
     ctaggactca ttttgtggaa agagggattc atgccctgtg gattgtcatt tgacttccac     28800
     atttggaagg aaacaaacta atcagttaat taaaatatag atataaaaga agaaaagccg     28860
     agacttcata caagtctatg agctttcctt aggccatggg gaccttcggc tataaagtct     28920
     agtgagatga tagtggaggc ttctggccca gggatactct agagaaatcc tccttcccaa     28980
     tgggacacat gtatagtgtt tgtgtattgc tgcaatcctg ggaagttctc atgcctcact     29040
     gaggccttag aacaggttgt gaagctacta aagaacctga gatgggtgga agcatcctaa     29100
     ggacagtgta gaaggacctt aggcctcaga aactcttagc aaatccttga tccccaccat     29160
     gacctggagg agagcccgaa ccattttaaa acttgagcaa ggtcttcaac cccatgtgac     29220
     cctgagggag actggccttt tctgagaccc aagggaagtc cttaacacca ctgaaatgtc     29280
     aaggcttttg gtgctttagg gctctgggga agtccatgaa tcatgagata ctagtgagag     29340
     tcatgaacct tgctgagtgc ccagagaagg tatgggcatc attaagaatc tgggaccatg     29400
     ggacagagaa taagatcctc taaaaaccca gagaacacag gggactgtgc tgagaccctt     29460
     ctcaaagcag tacaccacac tgaggtctgg ttctctgttc ttttgagact ttgggagata     29520
     gtgtggaccc cacagcaacc atgggagagg tcttagggtt aactgagacc ctggtgtgat     29580
     ggcttgagtg tgagacttcc ccaatagact tgtatgtttg aacacttggt ctccaacatg     29640
     tggtgctgtt ctgggagatt gtgaaacctt ttatacatgg ggcctagctg attgatacat     29700
     aaagggccat aagagtgaat gttagggtta taggccagcc agccctgttt ccggtctgac     29760
     tctgattcct ggccagcatc tctgcaagct tctgcttcca cagacagacc aacttcagcc     29820
     accatgactt ctgttccatg atggaccatg agctgaaata aaacttctcc ttcccaaagt     29880
     tgcttctttg gggagattcg ttcacaggga tttgaaaggc actaagtaag acagaaagag     29940
     ttaagtcctt ttaagatctt gggaaatcag tgaggcccat tgaggtccta tagagggtcc     30000
     taagatccct tgagatccac aggaatgcca tgactttgga tgagagccag ggaggcagtg     30060
     tgaaccctgc tgagttccca agcagactgg gtttcactaa catctggaga aaacctaagt     30120
     ccctttagta cgctggggaa actgtaagag tttgaaagag tggtgatatg gcaggaccat     30180
     gatgagactc tgaggaagat tgtaagctcc aaaagtgcct agagaaggtc ttaaccccac     30240
     tgagaaactg aagctgtctc tgggagccct tgccttcaag ggtaccctaa aacctcaaag     30300
     agactctggg aaaggcatct gttcagctga gactctaggg agagcccaga gccacagtga     30360
     aactctcatg ggggagagaa atggggaggt ggcgttgctg ctgagccacg tgaagcctta     30420
     agccgcaggg agaccctgaa aatagactgt aagcaacctt ggggtggggt aagcctgttg     30480
     cagcgttatt gtatccatga actcctttaa aatacaagct atgtgtcatt cctcatggag     30540
     acgccggaga gtcttgagct cacatgatgg tcctgcggag gccttaaagt cctgtgatga     30600
     tgctcagggt tgtccctgtg tgtcactgag acctctgaaa gaatttaaat atcacagaaa     30660
     aaaaaaacat aaagaagacc ttacgccttt ttaagttccc aaggagagcc agaagtggtg     30720
     gtatatagct caacttggga gactggggca aaaagactga gtttaagacc agcctagcta     30780
     caccacaaag ctcctttctc aaaagaaaaa gctcctaagg aggttggacc ccccagtgag     30840
     accctcagca aggccctctg gcctcgctat ggtcctgagg acacccctcc acactgccct     30900
     gatcttctta ccccatcctg cctgagctct tcacctgctc tcctcttgca ttcaaatatc     30960
     ttctgctaca gtaggtccac tggagtctcc caggtaccca gagtgtgaat gtctgcagca     31020
     ctttctgggg gacaaggagc agagagcaag ggacccacaa ttcgggtcta gtgtctgtaa     31080
     agccttgcgg agggtagaat tctagttcac acaaggcacc aagtgttttt gctggttgcc     31140
     tagggaacag ggcagtgcca aatcaggaac agaaagagtc aaggaacccc caaccactcc     31200
     aagcggaggc tgggaaaggt tttgtagctg gaatagagca tgcactaaca gatggagaca     31260
     gctggctttg agctctgaag caagtattac atatggagac ttgcttggcc ttcaggtact     31320
     tatcttgtta ttggatactg caggaggatg taccacaggg cttcagctca gctgaccccc     31380
     aagtgggcta tggaaagaga gatagaggag gagggaccat taagtgtctt gctgcctgaa     31440
     ttctgctttc cttctacctc tgagagagag ctggggactc agctgagtta agaacccagc     31500
     tatcaatggg aactgtgaaa cagtccaagg gacaaagata ctaggtctcc aactgcaact     31560
     tcctggggaa tgatgtggaa aaatgctcag ccaaggacaa agaaagcatc acccactctg     31620
     ggacaatgtc ccctgctgtg aactggttca tcaggctatc agggcccctt gttaagactc     31680
     taattaccct aggactaagt agaggtgttg acgtccaatg agcgctttct gcagacctag     31740
     caccagggaa gtgtttggaa actgcagctt cagcccctct ggccatctgc tgacctaccc     31800
     cacctggagc ccttaatggg tcaaacagca aagtccaggg ggcagagagg aggtgctttg     31860
     gtctataaag ctagtgggga cccagtaacc cccagcccta agtgatccac tacaatcaaa     31920
     aaccatcagc aagcaggtag gtactcttct cagtgggcct ggctccccag ctaagacctc     31980
     agggacttga ggtaggatat ggcctcctct cttacgtgga acttttgcta tcctcaaccc     32040
     agcctatctt ccaggtcatt gtttcaacat ggccctgtgg atgcgcttcc tgcccctgct     32100
     ggccctgctc ttcctctggg agtcccaccc cacccaggct tttgtcaagc agcacctttg     32160
     tggttcccac ctggtggagg ctctctacct ggtgtgtggg gagcgtggct tcttctacac     32220
     acccatgtcc cgccgtgaag tggaggaccc acaaggtgag ttctgccact gaattctgtc     32280
     cccagtgcta actaccctgg ttttcttcac acttgggaca ttgtaaattg tgtcctaggt     32340
     gtggagggtc tcgggataac cagggagtag ggacacgttt ctgggggaaa ctagacatat     32400
     gtaaacatgg cagctgccag gaatgagtaa gaatcctgcc ttaagggttc cttggtggta     32460
     gtaacttggg atatgtgact agatcccagg atgggtacct atttagggcc ctcatagagc     32520
     actgcactga ctgaggatga gtaggcttta gaggcccatg tgtccatcca tgaccagtga     32580
     cttgtcccac aggcatgcaa cccctgccac ctgcaggggt taaggggaga gaaaaactgg     32640
     ggtagtagga ggttgctcag ctactcctga ctggattttc ctatgtgtct ttgcttctgt     32700
     gctgctgatg ccctggcctg ctctgacaca acttccctgg cagtggcaca actggagctg     32760
     ggtggaggcc cgggagcagg tgaccttcag accctggcac tggaggtggc ccagcagaag     32820
     cgtggcattg tagatcagtg ctgcaccagc atctgctccc tctaccagct ggagaactac     32880
     tgcaactagg cccaccacta cccagcctac ccctctgcaa tgaataaaac ctttgaatga     32940
     gcacaagttg tgtgtgtgta tgtgcatgtg catatgtggg accaggagac atgagtgggg     33000
     ctggtagggt agccacagct taatctatct atctgcctag ccacaatagc ccctaaaaga     33060
     tctacccaag acttctttgg ttccctctgc atccccagtt ttctcctggc tccctgggca     33120
     cctcccacag gtacctgtta gaccaaacct ggaacataga cagttccttt ccccaagata     33180
     accaataccg tcaggtagcc cataaccccc accctgagtt gtccgggagg atcatgaccc     33240
     ccacccctga tgcttctagc tggatagaga agagctagag gtctttggaa ggcatgggtg     33300
     atggcagcta ggagctgata atttattgct ctatagcctt ggatcctcaa gggccccaga     33360
     gaacttttat aagaaagagg accaaaatat tccaacaaca gttcccatct agccttcctg     33420
     agttcttttt ccatagctat tttagaagga ctccctgaat gggtagaaag agaggcttgg     33480
     gaccttgagc tggaaggcca tggaaggcat tttcaaagag cttatcccag ctctgggagg     33540
     acagagaata gccccagctg ctctcagact atccaagtga ctcttagtgc tcagaagaag     33600
     acaggcatcc cacatgggta gaatgacgta ctgaagggat cccataagcc ctgggcatga     33660
     gccagaactc cacttctcaa aaatgaccag ttgtgagttc taagcaaggt ggccatgagg     33720
     aagacctagg gctggggcct cctaccactt ctcagcccct ccttccagct agataggttc     33780
     cttgaaccta actgcttggt agtcccctag aaatattctc agttctaaag aaaagccaca     33840
     aaacagctag atctttggga aatctcaaca gagtgcctct ctttcacact ctgagcccag     33900
     ttgggtgcca cctgtctggc agatgagagc ttaggggcct tgggtgatcc tggttaccac     33960
     aagggctggc caacctgcct gccacccaag ccaaacccat ctgttcctca aagctccacc     34020
     cagaaccagg gtggcaagtc tctgaactag acataggcct ccttgctggt acttggctgg     34080
     gaagcctcct ccagcagtgc taagaaccct tcctggtcac cccctctctg tgacaatacc     34140
     acagccccac ctagagaaat gtcacaaggt catagccagc catgcccctg aaaaaggaag     34200
     gccagaaatg aacataatgg atgagtggat ggatagacac tggacccaaa agaagaaaga     34260
     aggaggagcc tggggtcatt ttatggaact ccccagggtc ttgggtgggg tagcagatag     34320
     ggcaccctac tgttcaagta ccacaaactt tctggagggc atatgagtca cgggtaaagg     34380
     gaacaaaaat ctttgggtcc ttgggccttg tggggcgagt caagcttttc aggaaatgtg     34440
     gtggactagt gctatggggt tctagaaaca gaaatatggt ccagatatcc agattcctat     34500
     ctatggcttc actcctgcag cctttgactc cggcctcaag ggagaggcag gttgccccag     34560
     aaccaacctg tgcaggctga ggcacatgcc ccatgccttc ctgaggcatt ctgaaactct     34620
     agtttagaac tctacttcct actggccttg aggagaggaa gcagaatact agagatggac     34680
     atgtgctgtc tctcaatccc tccaagagtg gacaagaaga agccactcaa actgaaccag     34740
     tgcccaggga gcagaggtca aaccagattc agtctttgat cagcatcacc ctgggtgcta     34800
     accccagaca tcccagcaga ggacttcaga tgttccttta agccctaggt caccccatgt     34860
     aggtcagtcc ttgacctggc tcaggcactc ctgctgacct tgctgaggcc cttcagcaca     34920
     gccctgcagc acaggagctc cccttgtcca tggggtctgc agtgataacc atgtttaccc     34980
     agctagctgt gttgttgctt tggtatttga gatttatctg tgtcttatgg ggacctcatt     35040
     gcctctgcct accatctgga gggccagggt attactaagg atagccaata tacctcttgc     35100
     ctggattgat gaagcagttc aactccatat atatgggatg gagagactca tactaatact     35160
     acacatgagg agattgaggc ctggagccag ggaagccact cttctgctat gctcagtgct     35220
     atgctactca cagtatagat tccccaacac ctaatatggt cttccaatgt agctgcctag     35280
     aggttggctc ccctagatta cattgtctcc gggtacaaat gagctgacac ctcagcctag     35340
     ccccagggac cttatttgct tttttacatt atcaacaaat atttactgta ctcatgttct     35400
     ctcaggctga acaggccctg agtgatatga gaggtagggt cagggatgct gaggtctatt     35460
     ttttaccctt tgagatcctt atacccagca aggttctgaa ccaaggagta ggaaccaggt     35520
     agctcttaag tcaacctacc cagaaaagtt gtcactaggc agcctcaagc actagttggt     35580
     ggctttctag cctagatgtg aatgatggag acccctgagg agccttccca caaactcaga     35640
     ttgggtgtcc ctccgtgcag ataactactg ttttggagta gacatatgaa atctagatac     35700
     catagccaga aatggttagt catggaagcg accagcagag gtcaccaaaa ccttgctttt     35760
     gaagtactac aagtctgaag ggctggctta tagtagatcc ttctagaggc tgcatagtgt     35820
     ctccctttgc tcctctgcag tcacaggaac aaagaagctt cccaagacgc tgactgctct     35880
     aaattgtaga gagtatgagg tttgggaagg aaagactgga tgtgcacctt tggggtttag     35940
     gtttcctaga tccccatgga ggaggaacaa ataaatatcc aggtgtctgc accattccta     36000
     gaatgtctca ggttagcgtc atcttctacc tgtctagaat tacagctgcc tagaggagag     36060
     tgtaggaggt aatccatgca acacctcaca cgatggctaa gcaaacaggc caggggagca     36120
     gactgtctat ttccagctgg gacctttgtg gttcccagag ccctagtgga cacagagact     36180
     gggagccaga agatccggta atccctttct ttgcttggag tgttcttagg cacacaggct     36240
     ggaagacaaa actctagttt tcacatgaag taggggctac agggacccca gggtgcagga     36300
     tgcttcacgc agagtccatc tgggacaggg tcagctcttt cccatgtcta ccttccgctc     36360
     agcgctgaga agggaaggtc atttttgaaa agaatgttgg gggtggtgtg gccaggggta     36420
     gtcaagctga agaacagtct ggatgccgtg tctcttttct cttcccccct ccaactattg     36480
     tttctggctg ggccacagaa cagcaaggca gattccttcg aaagtgaagc tgtggaggtg     36540
     gccctgtgtg gtccagtcgt gctgtgctgg cgccaagtta cccagtggct ttgagccagc     36600
     ccccttggag tcactggctc actgcctggc tcccaggtat cctgtctccc accaccacct     36660
     tggtacaaac acctcaccta taacaccctt ctgctgcagg tagtcagaat cccgtgcctg     36720
     atctgcagac ccctgggtca gacccttgaa tctgggccta ggctgggcct aggattgcca     36780
     gcatgcctct ctctccaaga agggcctaag cctgggatcc tcagactgaa agttgtcgtg     36840
     gtgatgcatc acccactcag tgcttcatcc atatgctcaa agtgagtaga tccagttatc     36900
     tgacctctgg gctaaggtca ccgactctgg ttggctgtgc cagccaagtc ccaaaggcca     36960
     tgtatggctc tcacctgtag actaatgatg gattctttac caatttgcca acaacagaca     37020
     tatgtcttaa agctgcccaa cctagaggtc cacagactct catgtttcca tgaggcctca     37080
     tcccttgcag tcctgcgaag cctttagaat cctgctgcta gtgatgagcc acattccacc     37140
     aggacctccc tctggctttc ccagtccatc tgtgtttgtg gacaacagag cagagtccct     37200
     cagccctgcc agcttgcggc tgttcatgct gaggccctgg cactccccct ctgctcttca     37260
     aaggctaccc tggcttagaa ctgagtcctg ctccagctgg gtctcctctc tcctgtccaa     37320
     tccctaagac ccatggtgac ctcaactacg gatgacctgg aagactcctc ctaatttcta     37380
     tgggcccaga tcctgagcat gggtcagcaa cacctggtga cccagcagca gacagaatga     37440
     gctgatgacc agaggtaaaa tgaggcaccc acatctgtgc cctggcaaat gctacctgag     37500
     gatgaagaac agtatcagtt ggcaggacta gggaactagt aaaaggttaa gtgctccaac     37560
     ctggacccaa atattgaaaa ggagatggga agggctggct gagtgggaga aaagctgaca     37620
     gagaactagt aaaggaagga tccccatatc ccagctctag ctacacagtc agaccttaaa     37680
     agtgtggaag aaatgagtgg agaagcttcc tgaagcagtg tctatattct atagtttgta     37740
     gcctgaggca agttcatatg gcttcctcat atggtcaggc actgctatga gccttgattg     37800
     gactcatact gagtacttct ctaaggcctg gcatgtggac tggccatggc ataagcaagg     37860
     ggtggctata gctacaaatt gtacaaatgg tgtgtattga gggtataaga agtaccctca     37920
     gcctccttca gtcagtggac ctaaagaatg aaagctagtg gatcaagtag gtggaggcta     37980
     atgtcttgga tctgagagtc tctggctttc atcttctgga gatagccatt gctctcatgt     38040
     gggtatcatg gagaagagaa aatgggcaca cttcctgtat atactcctaa tatagccatg     38100
     ggtatatgaa agacaccata tcttaaggga caggatcccc tagagatgga ggattgagac     38160
     atccactcat cttgaagtga attggggaga aacaatttag tcaagagtaa gctcttggga     38220
     gagaccagct gcaccatgtt gcagacaagg aatcctctga tcctgaggtt cactgtgtat     38280
     gttggaccaa gaaggtcttt gcagttcttt aaagtcctag atcagtactc aaggcatacc     38340
     taaccagagt tccaccccaa atcccagagt cccctctgga gtaaagtttt gtttgaacag     38400
     gtagaagtgc ctttatggac aggttcctca caactatagg ttctggactg ttccaaattc     38460
     atttctatgt ggttccagaa ataatctgtg gagtcagaag ggaaaatgga ggtctggggt     38520
     agactgattg cccaatgtaa tgagcagaat aggtatttga acctaggcag tcattggccc     38580
     ctccctgtac acactctctt ccaatgtgat gcccagtggg tagaaatata tagaatggac     38640
     ctcttatctc aaagcaggag gtttcctggg ttttcagatg tggagttgta gcttttgaga     38700
     aggttgactc agccttgcca gtcagccaag gggaagaaat cagtgtgcaa gggttaggga     38760
     caaatgtgag gtaggataag aagatttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttttc     38820
     ctgtgctatg gattgagcac atgcttgcaa gattctctac cactgaacta cgtctccagc     38880
     cctaacacct tccttcttct tctttccatt ctcaaggctt ggtaaagcac cttatagtta     38940
     ggattgttgg gaaagaggca tgttctgaag agtcagtgca atctcttaaa tgaccaccag     39000
     atgtcaagct cgagtcggat ttgcaaattc ccttttcagg tgcagaatgg tggggaagcc     39060
     aatgaggatt aagaacagtg tttaatccac ccttgtacat cccacggacc tcacctctta     39120
     tctagaatcc tagaaagagt ccataataaa gttattttaa tataaatagg acaaagtttt     39180
     cttagaacta aatggatagt tcaaggtgtt tggggttcgg ggtcttagga caagaagata     39240
     tgcaaaggaa agaatgcctg ataggacaag ggagggggag cctcagtctc aagtacaagg     39300
     ctacagaaat cacttatacc atgatgctat agaaggcctt ctctctgtag gggagagaat     39360
     tacagctttg cctcttacca cttcccttcc ctgagtaccc ccagatccct gcagtgagaa     39420
     ctttagattg tggattgtaa ttaaagatat atctatcaga ttcagcatga ggtcacttta     39480
     gcagtccagg aagaaaaact ggatgctgtg gatttctaga ggtacttcag ctttgttttc     39540
     cataaatgag agtccaggca gatcccctga attagatgac tctccaccca agcctcaaga     39600
     gagtagtttc attttattgt ttttttctgt gctgtgtctt catagttaca cctcaatatt     39660
     tgttcttttc tttaatggtc ccttcctcct gtgtccccta gactgtgtcc atggaacatg     39720
     aaataaaatt ttgaagggct atgcccttca aactctaact cactgatact ttgtgcccca     39780
     ttcttgcctc agtggcacta tggtttagtt actcctccat gggcacttgt tacctgcatt     39840
     cttcccttcc ttaaacaatc agtgtttaaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa     39900
     ataaaataaa ataaaataaa tagctctggg cctattctga ggggaattca agggaataga     39960
     gcttggatac atttaagaaa aataaagttt ttcttctctg gctatgacct ctaggatata     40020
     gccatttttt ctttattgcc tcttatcctt ctaccagctc agaggaagcg cctctcttgg     40080
     agctttcatg gaatctcttc acaggtttgg agaaatcctt cactttcttc atgtcaacct     40140
     ctggcttagt aaatcacagc caaacattct cagagagcct tagtggtagc agtttgcaat     40200
     gtcaagcatg ttgctgtgga caatagaggg cagcacttgt cacatacttc tagtctcagg     40260
     gcctagagta ggtctagaat cttcacaaga aaaagactgc ctcactctga taagcatgaa     40320
     atgccctctg ttataaatct catatatgat ttggggtcat ccacgagcat agtgagaaat     40380
     cccacttgcc cttctcccat ggaataggat atctgtatca tacctccatc aagtatagat     40440
     taccataaag tttatcttcc cctacagaaa gtctcattct ccctaaacat gcctatctca     40500
     accactaagt aagtgacttc aggtggaact tggacaacaa atggagaggg aataattaag     40560
     tcttagcttg ggcttataag ctgagtaaaa taaaaagatt agttggaatg caaaagtgca     40620
     aagggtagag actagtgggt ttctatggag tgcttttttt ctttctttct ttcttttttt     40680
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgtctttac tctctgtttt ccctcaaagc caggaacaaa     40740
     ggtctcagag tttaaatgtg acttcaggca atacttgtta tctgagcccc atctcagcag     40800
     ctgtccttta agaaggacat ttgagtccgt tccttaaaca gcgtttgagt acgtgcctta     40860
     aacagcactg caactcggct aaaaaggggt gagaacccac ccaaataaca tccccaaaag     40920
     agtgaacaag tgtcactata catgccatct gcaccagtat gcttagtgtt tggcaccact     40980
     cataaagggc agggggccag gtcagatgac tgatgacaga gaattctaaa ttgagtgtcc     41040
     atgaaacatg aggcgacaag atggcgctgt gccacaagga tacaccacac ccggaagacc     41100
     ttagaaagta attttaatat ttattttaaa tccggaccct aatttgcata agccacgccc     41160
     ctttttacct gtgccacgcc cacagacatt ccagggtgtc aggtgactgc caggtgtcaa     41220
     tccagtgaag ccccacccac tctccacccc tgcacatagt ccctaccccc tagcttacag     41280
     gaagtgcttc tagcttaatt caaacctaca tagacgcctt cctgtctgtc aggcaggggt     41340
     caaagcccca ccctctaatg cccccatacc ctagtgtggg aaagcgccgt agccagctga     41400
     cccataagtc tttgcagtac tttactggca tatcatttcc caaatttgga gggggctgga     41460
     agtgggcgtg gaggggacga ggtgagggat aaaagcgtgg tgtcgttcga gcaggtgcct     41520
     tactcagtgg tggagagcag aagccacttc taggggctct gttatcatgc acgctctaaa     41580
     actccctctc accgtctctt cagactcaga ctcagcccct tccagccccg ccgcaacatc     41640
     gtcgccccgg ctggagggcc cgggcaccac aaccagagca ccccctgctt tggagggggc     41700
     tgctaatatt gacccagcca gcggatcatc gtccgggcaa tttcggaaga gaatcttggg     41760
     caccagtgac tccccggtcc tctttatcca ccgtccggga acttcaggaa ctacaaagcg     41820
     actagagtac aggtaactaa ttgatttccc catgttcatg ccttttgtgt atgagtgaag     41880
     gtgcagttta aatattctgg tgtgggtagg tggctgggga cttgggagag ttaggatcct     41940
     tcagttagtc tcagaagagg gggaaggttg ccgctaaacc ggacggtctt aagagtgact     42000
     tcaacttctg aggggacaaa aggacaactg ggactgggac ttaaagggct gcacaaagct     42060
     acaaggaaag tatggtttcg ttctctaatc taccatgcaa aggggagagg cagcgctctt     42120
     tctcttccca gcaggagtac acagctgttt ttgcaaatgt gaaatttttc tgtgtgaaca     42180
     ttttccccct ggtgtatgct cacacacccc cccccccgct cctccccccc ccaccccgct     42240
     cctggctaaa ctgtgcagag gggctagaga ttctagagca gtgtggggtg tgtattatta     42300
     tacatatata ttatgtagat gtttatatat atatatataa ttttaaaagc aaagtttccc     42360
     tgtttttata tcctgtacct cctaactacc accaggatac tggagggtag atagatagga     42420
     tgatgtgcct tgctattccc tagcagggtt taagtacaaa agtacaaaaa ctgcttttct     42480
     cctggctgtg tctgtcttta accccccccc cccccccgtg ttccctgtgc acaggcagga     42540
     atttggagca gcagccacag cactcccagt tgcacattca tttgtgcaca aagctttttt     42600
     tccctgcaac tgggatccca gactccttaa tccaccggta taatgtttat ggggagaagc     42660
     cctgccaccc cttccagaag ttgccttcct aaggcagatc catgtgccct ttgttttttg     42720
     ttcccatcca aggtagaagt gtgaggagag gaatgggaga cattcacatt tttagctgtg     42780
     acccctcaaa gaaagccttt tgtgtgcagc agcagtttta caccaccacc acccccgccc     42840
     ccagccaggc aggagccaga ttgtccttcc caaaggaggg tctcctgcct ctccctgaac     42900
     agttgtcaaa cttggcaaag tgacttctca ccaactgctt cctcccttct actgagaagg     42960
     gggtggggag agtaggcagc tgaagggaca gggtaggggg gagtgctcca accatgacaa     43020
     ggtgaccctt gggcttcccc agccagcagc aaggtggggg gaggggccag actcagctgg     43080
     agaagatttg tttttgagat aatctcaagg ttttttgctt ctcctcctca ggggacgagt     43140
     aattaaaaca gagctcactg tgcaagagga ggaggaggaa gaggagaacg actacgacga     43200
     ctgcaggccc ctaacccagg gttctgagtc tcctaaggct aaacttctcg cccagccaga     43260
     gctgcagaag cctaagtcca ggcctgtgcc accaaggcct gagctgaggc ctgagccacc     43320
     taagcctgag cccaggcctg agccacctaa gcctgagccc aggcctgagc cacctaagcc     43380
     tgagccgagg cctgagccac ctaagtctga gccaaggcct gagccaccaa agcctgagcc     43440
     gaggcctgag ccaccaaagc ctgagccgag gcctgagcca ccaaagcctg agccgaggcc     43500
     tgtaccacct aggcctgagc cgaggcctgt accacctagg cctgagccga ggcctctgcc     43560
     accaaggcct gagctgaggc ctctgctact gaggcctgag ccgaggcccg tgccaccgag     43620
     gcctgagctg agacctctgc tactgaggcc tgagccgagg cccgtgccac cgaggcccga     43680
     gctgaggcct ctgccaccaa ggccggagct gaggcctctg ccaccaaggc ccgagctgag     43740
     gcctctgcca ccaaggcctg agtcgaggcc tctgccacca aggcccgagc cgaggcctct     43800
     gccaccgagg cctgagctga agcctgagcc tgagcctgag cccgagctga agcctgagac     43860
     agaacctgag aagaaacagg ctagagcatc ccgagactcc agccccgtgc ccaagtgctg     43920
     tggcctgtgg cccaggagat ccccacgctc ccagaactga atgaaacctc agaaacctcc     43980
     caccagcccc agtctttcct cagaggtgag tgtccttcag gtatacagca gaacagaggt     44040
     atctctagca caggagcatc agagctcctg caaatgcaag actcagccaa ggaaccagcc     44100
     aaggctagga agtctagtca gtcacagtat ctgggattca ggtgcactcc aggtgtcact     44160
     tcttgggaac aaggggtgta agccaagcag acacgaggca gcagtctctg taatgctccc     44220
     aggagtccag gggcaaaggt agcaaatgct ggggaagggg ggaggtcaga cagctccaga     44280
     aggaaaggca gggttccaga tgaggaaaga atctaaggaa agaaaaaaga aaaacaaact     44340
     gttagctaaa aagaatctgg aggccaagga aagctgtgtg tgagggttcc tgttccccct     44400
     tcccctgact atgcatttac agctgtggtg ctcctgtacc agtggcttga cctctctgtg     44460
     tctatcccca tttatcaaag tgtgtgacag tctcaggctt cctggctgaa ctgtgaacag     44520
     caaatgacat aacaaccaaa gagacattct gagagccgtg aagggcctta ggagagtgtg     44580
     tgtcctaatt ctattgtgtt ctgaaggcca tgggtttcct gtgtgtgaat ggggtgggaa     44640
     gcagctagag agggcacggg gccagaagca ctgtggactc tgccgaggaa gctctgctgt     44700
     ttggtggccc tgcagttcac tggtcaggta ctgggtaggg accagggagg tagaggctgt     44760
     gtctggtgga atactggaga ctggggggca gcatgtaggc ctgtgtcctt gtgcctaagc     44820
     ctcaaatagc acaggcttcc cagcaggtga attccacccc tcttccagcc tatcatgctc     44880
     atgccagaaa gaagccaaga atcttctttc aaatgttggt tcagacacta aaacaattac     44940
     atagtggtat ggcttctgtc tatctagacc caggacactg gccttccctg ctgacccctc     45000
     tccagtgccc cacagcaacc cttacttact tttggtgtga gttgtgttga tcagtttggt     45060
     gcaatcctca tgttggtggt tcaggtagtg acttcttccc aggcttgcag attggcatag     45120
     agcattgctt gggtcttcct ggtgtggagt ccctatgtgg tgtccaagac cgcagcccag     45180
     ttgagtgtgt cctctgtggc aggcatccag cacagacatg aggaagagca tgctggggac     45240
     cctcagagag aagtagggtg tgtaaaagtc ttggcttgtt cctgagcagt tagctcggag     45300
     actacaacaa gctaggaaaa gtcacacggg gggggggggg gggggataag gaagccccac     45360
     tgcctggagg gagagagggg agacaagcag aggccctggc tgagggtgcc agccaggctt     45420
     aatgggtaag tctgcatctt aaagggtatt tagtttcttc agaatttgag cttttaagcc     45480
     cagaaaggag acctaggctg cctcggtggt ggggcagagc aggggagggc aaggattggg     45540
     atcagcacag ggctaaagtc tagtgggcca ggccctatct agaagaaaca atagacccca     45600
     tgcatgcaag gtaggcccct ttctaccttg taggggggag agggtaggca aaaataagga     45660
     aaaggagagg gccttagaga aagaatctgt cgctgatcct agctgggggt aggctgtgtg     45720
     cttttgagcc ctaggttgac ccggaactgt accaggctct tccctgcccc ttgagccaca     45780
     ctttgactaa ataaggtcag gtgaaggttc tgtgggcagc cacatagagg aagaagaaca     45840
     catgcatacc ctggccccca ccctaccccg cctgcatgcc ctggtggctc ttcagtgggc     45900
     accttaaggt gacctcagcg ttttcctacc tggcaaagtc caggagttca tctccggggt     45960
     gtgagtcagc ggcttctcca gagacctctg gagggcagaa agcagagatt agactctgaa     46020
     acaggccaca ggttgtgatt gctgccctct cagatgcccc ttaggaaaag gaaggcagga     46080
     ctccagaatc gggactctgt tcccagaacc ttgctcatct ccggcctgtg tcccttcttg     46140
     gggaaaggta gagaacccct ctgccggccc ttgccatttt tttttctcta aaggagaccc     46200
     ttagcagagg gcttgcagtc taacctggcc tcacaaggac tagaggtgtt ctcaaacacc     46260
     ttttaaatgc tccttactcc caacaaattt acaagtctcc ctggaatgag gaacatcacc     46320
     ataccggtct tcctagctgg aagcttcctc aaatctatag gcacaaactc ggagaggcca     46380
     gaaaagccag ggatagaggc tggtggatgg ggggaggggg gcagcatggg tgtgggtggg     46440
     gggagacagg ccagatgttc ttggaatggg acacgggggt gattgatgca gactggaatt     46500
     tgaaagggga acattcccca cgtgcttcat gctccgggtg gaaaatgggt ggggtggggg     46560
     ctctctcagt cctgccaaga taatatggag atgcctcgcc ctgtctaggt ccccacacct     46620
     gtccactgac tttaactcct gcctccccag agcgttaggc tttgagagtc ctccctgcat     46680
     accatcctct acgggtggtt atagagacaa gccatgctta cagtcatggc cccagggttt     46740
     tcctcattct cctgctctcc agctgctccc ctatctaaca ccccaccccc aacccccagg     46800
     tcctgctaga atcatggccc ttcacctcca gcattgctca actttgaggg ggtggccttg     46860
     ttcccagcaa cagtacggtg agcctgtgta tggtgtgtgg gtttaatatt tgcctttaag     46920
     gagctggact ttccccggct aggattggga ggctagtggc agaaattttc tgagaaaacg     46980
     aaatgagggt tctagcatcc ggcaacggtc accactgtat cattctgcta tgctctttcc     47040
     cccccccact ttctcctctg ctcccccatt ttttacccac tttccacagt gcccaaacaa     47100
     aactatttcc tacattgttc atcgttaggg agcggacacg gccggatagg cgtgtgttag     47160
     cacaggggag gtcaggggta gccactgggg gtgccccggg ccccaaaact gagctaggga     47220
     cgagtctgcc cccggcggct gcctggcccc gacttcgcct aggctcgcgg cgtctgagcg     47280
     cgtggggcgc aggggcggcg gggagccgag cggggtgcca gaacctaagg agcctcgggg     47340
     agcagcgcgc ctccctctcc gcccgtcccg ctcggcctct gctacccaaa ccctctcgtt     47400
     ggctagaagg cgaaagaacg aaaaatgaag ctggctcggg cgcgcgctct gtggcgtccg     47460
     tgctcccaat ctgcgtctcc tgtgcccctt tcccgcgtct gggttccccc gtgagggcgc     47520
     ccctgctccg tgtgagttcc ttggcaccgc ggatcctggc gccctgtcct tcccggcccg     47580
     ggagctcatt ttctcaaatt cagctctagt tctctgtggt ccccctacaa cccgaggaac     47640
     ttaccggctt ctctgaacct caggagttag tttgactgag atccttgaaa tttaagcatt     47700
     gctttggggg gtgggggtgg gtgctccaaa atcggtcagc atttgttctg ttcacaggga     47760
     aaaggttttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt tggtttttat tttgttttgt tttgtttttg     47820
     atacttgatt tccaaatatt ttaaagggtg ggaattctgc ctctgctgac tcctcacaat     47880
     tagaatattt tggcttgggc ccccaagttt gcttctggct cctaaccatt ttaaatgcaa     47940
     gctcctatat atagatataa aaccaccatt ctcagttccc taaaatttaa agtaagcctg     48000
     ggtccttagt ccttttgaca aaatttcctt acttgggaga gtggacattt tgacagcatt     48060
     taggcactgt ctccagggga tgaggtagcg gggtgttttc cccatgttcc tatcatttta     48120
     tatctgcaat aatgttcctg ctgactctct tcccccgcca cccgtcctct ggttttatta     48180
     acgtggaaca ctagattctg tagtctattg ccctaactcc aaattttata agttgaatcc     48240
     cacccagaca gctttaacaa ttttcctggc accttcaaag tcccaacctt tttttctatg     48300
     tcctccccta aatgtagaca cctcaaatag ccctcactct catttctcgg attccagaaa     48360
     atggagagag tacattcacc aatcacatct aaaattcact taacaagacc cccccccaaa     48420
     aaaaattcca cgaatacaca ctggtcacaa ggctttgggg ctccctagag ctcctgcaag     48480
     catcctggcc atggttaggg ttctttaaaa tataaaatat aaactctctc actaaagccc     48540
     ccaaagcagg ctgagcaatg atgtaaggca tgaacttcta tgtggcagag ggctttccat     48600
     gctctcccaa gtcttatatg actgttccat gtctttctgg gtcacagaag gcacaaaatt     48660
     aactcttggc caagtccttt ttctttatat tagaatgttg aacgtcccca atccttgaac     48720
     actgatcttt tttttctgca tcaaatctgg gtccctttaa cttaacaatt tgggaaaaaa     48780
     aattttttta actcagacac caattgcaaa atccagtacc atcctgtatc cttttcatcc     48840
     cccgtgttgg ctcatgtctg gtgtcctcaa acattaggca atattttcca ggccccccaa     48900
     aacacactta gtgttagcct tgggtcacaa aaaggttctg atttctccca ctgcaatacc     48960
     aactatacac ccactcagcc cccctacatt tcaaacaccc ccccccacac acacactatc     49020
     ttgcacaatc tctgcagatt gcaaatttgg gggattggtt ctcaggcccc ataatttagg     49080
     aacccataat ctctattcct tgtaatgtag agactggccc tgaaggacca ggaaacttta     49140
     gattcagaaa ttatcttcct gggccccccc aaattcaggt actccaaaac aaattgagat     49200
     ttttttcttc caaagagttc ggtttttatt aaactttaat gaactttgtt gaatttatga     49260
     cttctactgt agtctcccta tatttggata atgttttatg gtccccaaag cacactgaaa     49320
     aaaagtccca gatcccccaa ttcctaggtt ttaaaggtct gtgtcttaca aatttcctag     49380
     ctactaattc tattccctgc aatttagatt tcatcatcca ttgggtaatt tttattgatc     49440
     cacaaaacag ggagtatgtt tctccaagaa caaacattgt ccaagaaaac atacaaactc     49500
     ccccttgttc aacaaaaaga tcaataggaa tctgtttagg aaattaaaat attaaaagac     49560
     attgattttt tctggctttc tcaaatggac tgcttgcact tctaattcca ccacatttag     49620
     acagcatttc ctcattctct agaggacttc tctgaagcca cagaaattag aggtgatttt     49680
     tcccgggtgt tgtagggccc actggcttca gggtgaaccc tagtctccac tcccacccct     49740
     caaaagaact gacctgaatt ccctaaaatc catctgttgt ttttcatctc ccatttttaa     49800
     gcaattaaaa ttaagctccc ccaaatttca tgttgggaat tttcttaaac ccaacagcaa     49860
     caacaaacca cctaacttct acaaattagt ctaggatttt gtgggttccc caagctttct     49920
     aaccaagata ttgggttccc ctcgttaggc ctggatcaag atgcccccca tttttgcata     49980
     gaataatttt cctcattccc caacttggat tctaattttt ctggaatctc aaatttagtc     50040
     attcgccaca gttttcccat ttatggagtc gccttcgagt ccccctactt tgggccgctc     50100
     attcccagga ccgcaaatca gacaagggtc tgacttggga tccccgaaat ttgatcattg     50160
     tttccgctgg ccactttcgg cagcttcccg tcttgcgcat aacagtggta tcggcctcgt     50220
     cacttctcct acggtgtccc agcggcagca cagattttgg aaaagtgtgt gtgccccaaa     50280
     cacgcactgg acactgcgcg gcggccagga cgtgggcagt gctgctcccg tgtccaggaa     50340
     aacgactggg cattgccccc atttcccccc aaatttgggc attgtccccg ggtcttccaa     50400
     cggactgggc gttgccccgg ttcactgggg actgcccttg gggtctcgct caccttcagc     50460
     agcgtccact tcagcagctc ccacttcatc cgctctcccg cccttctcct ccgatcctcc     50520
     tgcgccagcg gacccgacct tcggccttgt ggtgagctcc ccgtggcgcg ctccctcgtg     50580
     ccccagctct tccactgcgg ggcaccggct acctcgcagt ttgtcctcag ggctgctgcg     50640
     gagtagcgcg ggagcgggct gctggcttct ccctcggcgg cagcgctcct ttgggctggg     50700
     cgctccgaaa cgcgcgccac tttgtgttca ctctgcaaac aacgcggtgg tagggaaagc     50760
     gcctgggcgg ccaggaagcg ggaagggcag agcgctcggg cggcttggag cctccaaccc     50820
     tacaggtcga gggcttgggg aagcgagtgt agagcgcggg cgcggtgatt gatggtcggg     50880
     ccgggaggtt agccccgggt gcactggttt ccgccagtag tggcccttta gaggcctaga     50940
     ggtgcggaga ggtcgggaga gggaaacaag gtgcaccggt ttagaagtga ttttgacttg     51000
     gtaaaaatca caatggcttc ttatatctga aaccacccgg ggagagtttc ttaatagccc     51060
     caaattatcg cattggcccc tggggccgaa cctgcaacta agcaaattca aagtgctgag     51120
     gacagggaac tgttatctgc acatactggg tggggtccca aaggcgcgcc gcttagaagc     51180
     aattcagtga gctctggttt acaggtctgg tttgagctac gtttcccgcc ctgcttcttt     51240
     ttctgctgaa gggcgcagac attgtgcggg ggctccacgc ggggcccaga tttggcgtgg     51300
     ccaagccagc cttcccttca tggtgcacct ggtggccccc caaaggctgc taggagattc     51360
     caggcaaagc agaggttagg ggcgcttagt aagatctatc tggctgcctc gcagcccgcc     51420
     ctgcctgctc aggcaggtgg aggctgcgcg ctccgcccga gtcaatccag gggactgtcc     51480
     cctgcttggc aagtaggtcc ctgtgaggac cctctaccca gctacctgcg ccttaactca     51540
     gtcggccggg atgcgcctac cttgtaaccc tctaactgag cacaggtcct gccactacca     51600
     ctgaggccta gggtgccacg cacgttggtt cgcaccacgc gcccatgttg cacaagcaca     51660
     gggcaccccg gaaacatgac atgggacctc gatttttagg gatagacacc caggatttag     51720
     tgggcctgtt ggggcgcaca gccccccccc atctttgcca ccaggcactc cactcccccc     51780
     cccaccggca acccccgtgc ccagggcccc cgacccgcat tccccgcgtg gctcgagttg     51840
     cgggggcggt cccggggcgg ggcgagggcc ctgcggacgc ccattggcgc gggcgtaagg     51900
     ccagcggggc ccgagcgggc gccgagccgc ggggtggcgc ggctataaga accgggcgtt     51960
     ggcgcccgga gttcgcctgc tctccggcgg agctgcgtga ggccaggccg gcccccggcc     52020
     cccccttccg gccgcccccg cctcctggcc cacgcccgcc cgcgctcggc ccgccagcgc     52080
     ctccatccgg gctggcggcc ccgcgtcgac gccgtccgcc acctcgctgc tgctaactcc     52140
     tgtgcagggc gccgtcggcg gggccgcgct ccgtcgggcc tgcggatctc cccaccgcct     52200
     cctcctctat ctacctcaac accccattcc tgcttcgcca gaggaggcgg tccccaccgc     52260
     aggcagtccg gcttgcaggt cgccggcgtt gtcatccccc gcgcttcccc tcccagccct     52320
     ccccggtgcg cagcccggct gctcccctct tttcgctgca gtcccgagca gctgaggcgc     52380
     cgccacgcct gtccccccca caagaagccc gggcttacga cggctgaggg ctccgtcgac     52440
     cctaaccgag ctgggtgccc gtggccgggg tgacgcctcc attcctcccc cctcaacacc     52500
     gtcctcggtc cttcgaagtt gcatcctctc ctctgcttag ggtgcgcccc ccctcgcgca     52560
     cccgcttacc cgccaccttt cctaagctcc cctcctgccc cctccccgtt cctcctcgcc     52620
     tcaaactccc tccccctcac gtccgccctc tgccttcgcc tacccaagtg gattaattat     52680
     acgctttctg tttctctccg tgctgtcctc tcccgctgtg agcctacccg cctctcgctg     52740
     tcctctctcc ctctctccct ctctgtggtc cccccctttc acgttcactc tgtctctctc     52800
     actatctctg ccccccaact atccttgata caacagctga cctcatttcc cgataccttt     52860
     tcccccccga aagtacaata tctggcccgc cccagcccta agatacccta aagaagcaga     52920
     agagacgccc ccctccccac caaaaaagcc atctccccgt tctgtcccgt cgcacattcg     52980
     gcctctgcga ctcgggcaga gcggcgctgg cagaggagtg cccggcagaa gggccttcgc     53040
     ccgctgttcg gtttgcatac ccgcagcagg gagatgggcg gcagcgtcgc cggcttccag     53100
     gtaagggctc tcaggggccc tgggagtggg gggtgcgcag agcccggctt gggcatggcg     53160
     ggactggtgc ggtgggtggg gggctggggg ctcgttccct aagcaaactc ttgttccccc     53220
     ttgcgccatg gagtggggga aggggcgggg gtataggggc tgttggggag ggggtgtgta     53280
     agttgaactc acaggagact tcctggtgct ctactgtgtg ttggggaagg gggggatgga     53340
     tgagctgcat aaaatgtacg attcgtgctg tgcaggccct gtacaccccc ccccaagggt     53400
     gctgagtgat gaggaggggg gcagagtctc cgaagcccac cctggtatgt tgactttgtg     53460
     ccaatgagac aggaaggaaa actgggtggg cggggccaag agccccccaa aattggtaaa     53520
     agagtcaagc cagaccccac agttagcttt cccccccaca cacacacacc ccaactctgt     53580
     ccccaacatt cccaacctgg aatgttgggg ggagagggga cggtttcagg ctcagaaggg     53640
     cagaaatgtt acagttcaaa gagaaataac tgcccctgcc ttttactggg tgtaactttc     53700
     cataggagga tgttggaagg agccccctcc ctcccccccc cattggtctg tgcagaaagg     53760
     gctgggggcg cacgatgagg cccccctccc actggtggtg ctttgctaag gaatggtcct     53820
     aggctagctc ttgggggtgc aggagaaaag ggactggctg gaaggaggga gggggcgggt     53880
     gcaaaggggg cggggggagt ggtcagcagg gagggggtgg ggggtagggt ggagccggga     53940
     ctgggaggag ccactcagac ataaaaagcg gaggcactga ccagttcgca aactggacat     54000
     tagcttctcc tgtgagaacc ttccagcctt ttcctgtctt catcctcttc cagccccagc     54060
     ggcctcctta cccaacttca ggtaaccagg gccgtggagc caggaccctg ctgccatccc     54120
     cactcgggct tgcccagtgg ggtggtcagg gcaccgggta gcctgaggcc tctgcccttg     54180
     cagccgggcc tgctacctct cccaagcctt cgttctccct cagcctctgt cctatgcccc     54240
     cactagatcc aggcttcctt acctgcccag tcctctactt ttccttcctc tctgcctccc     54300
     cactccaaca aattcgggcc ttccctgggc cctcacctgt cccttgcctc ctggtcaatc     54360
     tcctgcttgc ttctcctgga cacctgggct ggaccagcca gtgtgatctt ggctttggga     54420
     agggacttcg aggtcagctc cgtctgcctg cccccccacc cccagaacta actgctgtaa     54480
     ctatagcctg ctgatcgcaa gtggttggtg gcacagaggg tattgggagg atcggtctgg     54540
     gtcttgatga agtgggcaaa gatgactttt agttacccaa gggagctcga acaaatttgt     54600
     ttcttgatta ttccgcactg gtctctcaca tgtttctttg cagcaataaa tcccctgggc     54660
     ctatggagca gagattgagg ctgcggcctg gagggctcta cttaactgaa gggtcaaggg     54720
     tggcttgctg tgggtcatcg tggcctccca ccactaaaaa agctagctaa ccattgtccc     54780
     cgcctgtagc cacatagcct gtggaggggg tgtgtccctc caaaatgggg tgttcagcct     54840
     cccaaggacc aaactgctac cctgggtaaa tttagctctt atcagaaaga tgattctatg     54900
     ggccataaag ggaccctcta gggtccctga ccatggatgg caagctctga gtgcccagga     54960
     aagtctatac ttggaggact gggtgaccct ggagagcaag gctcacagga gtgctggcta     55020
     tcccattgcg ctaaccattg gattctgaca tgggccctgc tcaccatggc ctgggaggtg     55080
     gggtggatgg gtggggctgg ctctgctgct tagggagggg tggccagctg ggggggcgcg     55140
     taggttggga ctggtccctt tggatgcaca tgctccacgg tgggtggggt ggagctatct     55200
     gccatcttgg ccaatgcttg gaggccagag taggagtggc agtagtgatg tgcccttggg     55260
     ctggctccac ccccatgatg tcatagcatg gaaaccaggt ccagtgtcca gcactggccc     55320
     ctgctgctgt gggtgtggtt aagctgcaat tgcgcccatg gatgggtggt cctcaagggt     55380
     ttcttacagt tcaaagccac cacggggtgc cttcctaggg tccattgaat ttctccacac     55440
     tcaaagtagt ttttgacctc agcaattcaa gtccccctgt tttcacaggt taaataaata     55500
     gtgacatggc tgtctttcaa attccaattg catttttaat taagagatga taggtgtctt     55560
     tggtggggcc ggggtggagg tgagccattc tcctgggatt aggggtgtgg cttgggggcc     55620
     tctagctcaa agcctgcatt tctttctcca ggtaccaatg gggatcccag tggggaagtc     55680
     gatgttggtg cttctcatct ctttggcctt cgccttgtgc tgcatcgctg cttacggccc     55740
     cggagagact ctgtgcggag gggatcttgt tgacacgctt cagtttgtct gttcggaccg     55800
     cggcttctac ttcagtatgt aactccagag aggtgggggc gggggaagta agcctccctg     55860
     gatgggatga cagttagtac actggtctgg ccttgctctt aagctacccc tcccccctgg     55920
     gcaaggtcat aatctcatag tcacaagtct gatagtttta aaagttttta aagttaataa     55980
     aagcataacc aaatgtggat gtcaagtctc agccaggttg agagtgcacg tgtagtttgg     56040
     ggctacaagg ggagagctgg accttggcca tccaacttga ggggttccca ggactacaac     56100
     atggggtgct tgcctgcttt caatgttcat gcttctcttg atttcccagt tgggggaggg     56160
     gctgggcatg ggctcactgc tcacagaagg cagtgatggg gacacatggg tggggcatgc     56220
     ctgggagggg caggggcacc agaatggatg actatccttg ctggcatggg ccactctatc     56280
     ttcctcgcct ggtcctggac acgcagcctc ttcttcttca cttctgccta cctgcctgtg     56340
     aactgctctg gaaactacta ctactgctca tgggtactgc aggaccagtc cttggtcgag     56400
     agccactcct gcacggaggg gcttcacaaa taggagggcc ccaagcccaa cctcggaccg     56460
     tgggggagag ggggaagacg ggagaagaga agggagtggt ttttgggtgc ctcactcctc     56520
     ccctcccgtc ttgttctctc ctgccctatc ttcccttcct gtcacagttc agcgatgggg     56580
     gttgggggtg ggcccctcag gacgggcccc aagtacaggg accacacctg tgtccaccat     56640
     ggccccctcg aggggctcac cccctcctcc tccctgtttt ccaaaccact ccagtgtggc     56700
     ctctggtctc catggagtct gtgggacagt gaagctgtgc tgtgttagtt accagacagg     56760
     aggcaccaga tgccaggggc tggtcctgca gcatgcacct ttatttttcc tttctgggca     56820
     tcttggcctg tctggctcac acttctacca catccctgca gggtgaccta gtatccggcc     56880
     agggtctagt ggaagggcag gggtagttcc ttcttcagcc ttcccctcct ggggggcggg     56940
     gctggggtgg ccaccccaat gggtgctgac cccagtagac actaactgaa gttgtctgtc     57000
     ctgtggaact tccaggcagg ccttcaagcc gtgccaaccg tcgcagccgt ggcatcgtgg     57060
     aagagtgctg cttccgcagc tgcgacctgg ccctcctgga gacatactgt gccacccccg     57120
     ccaagtccga gagggacgtg tctacctctc aggccgtact tccggtaggt agcgaggtgg     57180
     ggttgaagga attatggggt gagacaaaga gaccattcac ttcttgattt ggggtaccac     57240
     gaagcccccc tcacacattt tactgtcagc ctctgctcat taacatagat atttcaggga     57300
     agctgccctg aggtggggtg actctagtgg ggctggggat atgcgacacc tagatgggag     57360
     ctcaggctaa catgataccc tgaaacctgc tgactagcac ctcctctcca ggacgacttc     57420
     cccagatacc ccgtgggcaa gttcttccaa tatgacacct ggagacagtc cgcgggacgc     57480
     ctgcgcagag gcctgcctgc cctcctgcgt gcccgccggg gtcgcatgct tgccaaagag     57540
     ctcaaagcgt tcagtgaggc caaacgtcat cgtcccctga tcgtgttacc acccaaagac     57600
     cccgcccacg ggggagcctc ttcggagatg tccagcaacc atcagtgaat caaattacgt     57660
     ggtaattctg caatgtagta ccatcaatct gtgacctcct cttgagcagg gacagttcca     57720
     ccacgtccca cactaagatc tctctgctcc actccctccc caggtttctc cttacccacc     57780
     cccatgcccc gcctccccac atcaggctgt tccccttgcc ccacaccatc gggcaagggg     57840
     atctcagcaa ttctaaaaaa ccaaatttga ttggctctaa acaacccaat tgacaccccc     57900
     caaattatat attcacatta aaaaaaactt taaaaactac agtcccttta aaaacaaatt     57960
     ggcttttaag aaactccata actgataatc taaaaattaa ataactaaag aaattaattg     58020
     gctaaaaaca tactaaaaat taattggctt aaaaacaatt ggcaaaatca aataattcgg     58080
     cgcccccccc ccatcttctt tccatttgga tctttagtca aattggctaa gacttggatc     58140
     ccagaaccca agaagaaagg aaggggaccc aaaattttgc aggtggcatg tcattgcttc     58200
     agtgccctct ccttatccca agcaccttta gtgtaaagct ggctgagaac aacaatagcc     58260
     acccaaactc tttcttcact ggtcattcca tcataaatgt cccctatgtc accaaggggg     58320
     ctgggtgaaa gagcccaagg agaagaacag aacatgaaaa ctggaaatag aacttaattg     58380
     gcacaagccc ccagtcccaa aatctcactt ttccctacct accctaaaaa gcacatgatt     58440
     atactcatac ccacaggcat taacacacac atacacataa cacatgcaca cacacacaca     58500
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaggta tgcacaccca cataattgga     58560
     tgaaaacatt gaaatggctg aacaacttcg atttgaacca cattccccaa accaaggccc     58620
     atcccaaatt tcctgagcag tttgcatggt ttgagctctc ctcccaatcc atctagtttc     58680
     tgctgctgct tattggctct gtgtgtgacc aggctgctag ttctgtcttt ctcagtgagg     58740
     gaggtgttct agcaaggctc aattccatct aagcacctgt ccacatggtg agcccggtgc     58800
     tccccaacca ccccagccat gaggaccaat gactagccag tgtagaataa gtttggccag     58860
     ataaggagat ggcactgcca agtgatacat gctgcccaag taacctgacc cctagttgtg     58920
     ctcctgggag gaaagatctg ggggacaacc cctaccctga gcacgcctat gggccatctc     58980
     tgtgagtctc ctggggagcc cccgcttttt aggggctccc caggagactc atactgatgt     59040
     ggggagtgtg ggaagtctgg cggttggagg ggtgggtggg gggcagtggg ggctgggtgg     59100
     ggggagctat gggtaggaag tggtcccaga gaggttttag gtggaagaat caggaggagt     59160
     cacaggtcaa cttgcagaat tactgaagaa ttaggacccc aaattttatg ccaattgatc     59220
     tattcccctc tttttatttc tggggccggt tttttccttt ttttttttaa tccctcctta     59280
     gctttttatg cgctcataat caattgtacc cattccctac ataacgggag cagtgatcaa     59340
     gtaatgaatg catcgagcca tcaacaccag ctagagccat caacaccggc taccacaatg     59400
     tcctgctctc cacaaccttg attttttttt ttttatctct ctctatcgct tggcctgagt     59460
     tgggagtgga gtctctgtgg ggttctggcc acgcacccac agagaaataa aaggaattga     59520
     gaaggccgct acctggcctg acttctgggg acagtggctg gtccccagaa gttctgagga     59580
     gtggaggggg cgtggggcag tgtcccctca ggtgttagga aggtgctcgg aggccacaaa     59640
     agatggggct ctcagctggc cactgccagt tgggggggaa ggggatagag atgtgagagt     59700
     agacaggtta catcaggcgg gagcaagtgg ctgccttctg agcatttggg ggagaacctc     59760
     tcccgtccct cagtgtcatc ttgcccactc ctcagcaccc caccttgccc ccaggaggtc     59820
     tggagctcta cagacctcct gggggcaagg tggggtgagg cccggagttg gggaagttag     59880
     gaggcttaaa gcctacagag ccaggagaac tgtatacacg gggtcatctg ggccctgggg     59940
     cctgagggtc tggcgagcca tagcagccac tccacggtgc ctaggactgc ggcggggaac     60000
     agggcggctg gaggtttacc tcacccccac ttctgcttcc agtgcagtcc ccctgcccaa     60060
     cagtccaact agcaatctag aggcctgagg cttctgggcc caggtgacag gactggcacc     60120
     accctggggg cggtgtgtgt cagccaagca tggcacagag ggtccctcag caagtgccta     60180
     aagaatgggc catttggaac attggacaga aactcaaaga gtaaattgtt ataattggag     60240
     actatgaatt ggcctggtat ccaaaacatc tcgaggcacc ctaaattacc tgcccatttg     60300
     gctggacacc cacccagtgt taatatgcct cgtgggatgg gtgctttcag gggcatttgc     60360
     tgaccaccct ctgtgtcccc acatttgcag ttctccccat cataggtcac cctgatgcag     60420
     gcacctccct ggcctcctat gcctagtgtg gccctccatc ttgtctcttc cctactgtct     60480
     tcagtgggat cccctcttgg gtccctccct ttgtcatcat gtgaagactt cccacgcgtc     60540
     gaacgccata tgtcacctgt gccactgtcc atgtcatcca gcagtggccc caggtgtttg     60600
     cctcaactca gtccctctaa catgcatttt ctggcaaaat ccaaagcttg ggttttgttt     60660
     ttaacctgtt aacgctcgca aacctaataa agcatttaaa atactattta ttgagttctt     60720
     tgctctttta tttgggggag ggggcaaagg gagggatggg aggagtaaag ggtacctgat     60780
     gcgtggggga gggggacatg gggggcagca gatgaagagg aaaagccttt gaagtatgag     60840
     aagaagtagg gctcaataag ccactctgag gaacccagag ggtagaggac atttgcccta     60900
     agtcctcaaa gatggggtgc tgtggtgcta aaggggtccc atgatgtttt cggatgagcc     60960
     atgagtacct accccaggga acattaccct tagccttggg agttggggag caagatgggt     61020
     gaggacttgt ggttggtgat ggacatgggg actcagggtg aaaacaccta agatggtttc     61080
     cctgcacatg cagtcatccc tactgttccc tctataaagg ctatgctaga gtctgtcccc     61140
     agtagttatt agacccacct gcccagtggt agtggtcttt ggcatccctg atactgggag     61200
     taaagtgagg ccaaccccta gatgcttgaa acctggcctg ggtatcttct ttctgcacct     61260
     ttacaagtcc ttagtccccc acttttccta gtgcaagtgg gcacatgccc ttcccctgta     61320
     ggaggagccc aggctggggc agcgctgaga tcctgtgcct ggcaccttgc tcattttccc     61380
     cagttattgc tacacactag catttctttt tactgtgttt ggctagtttt ttgatgaaga     61440
     gtctcacact ctaccccagg caagcttgga actgcacatg gatggatgtc catgctggcc     61500
     tggaactcat ggcagtctca atcctgcccc agatacctgg gtgctgaaat tacaggtgca     61560
     aaccactggt tagcattagc ttttagtttt gtttgcactc tagagtctct gctgggctgc     61620
     taaaggggga cttcaggaca gcctacaaat ccaagggctg cttttaaact cagggtacac     61680
     ccatccattg ccctacccac cctatgtcct acatccaccc acctatcctt gcccatttac     61740
     ccattcgcca cccatgcacc cactcaccct ctcatctatc ccccatccac taatgcacac     61800
     attcatctac ctatcaatct atctacctac ccatccatag catctatatg tctgctatat     61860
     aaccatccat caagccactt acctatctgc caatttgtcc tcaacccacc tcccatctat     61920
     ccaccaactc ctctacctgt ccattcagcc acacatccca tatcaaccta ttcatccacc     61980
     taacctctca tctacctatc catatgttta cccacccacc catcattcta cccacccata     62040
     ctcttaattc actcaccaac ccagtcatcc acctattcac tcattcatat acctaccaat     62100
     ctaccaattc atctacaccc attcatttat tcatccaccc acccatctat ccatctaccc     62160
     accactcaac catctattca tccacccatc caccatgact tgttcattta tctactcact     62220
     gactcattaa gtcacctatt tgtccatctg cctacctgct cacccatcca cccacccacc     62280
     aaccatctgt ctatctattc attacccacc cactatccat tcacctatca cttccccatc     62340
     cacacatgtg ggtgggcatc tataatgttc aggatgcctc atcaggggct gggtgagtgt     62400
     gatggcagtg ctgaatgggc ctcaccaaga agatgacacg cagactgtag aaagtataga     62460
     gaagaacatg taagggatgg gatacacatg cctaaaccta gagcattaga gcatcatcac     62520
     ttggaatggg gtagggtttc agcagcagga gggacaaatg taagtgatga tgtcagagct     62580
     ggaacaaggt caggacacat gggccatcta aaaccattgc tatccactca gcaaacactt     62640
     atagacatct cttcactggg ttgaatgatg tcctccagaa atacatattt atctctggac     62700
     actgggactt atgaatgtga ccttatttaa ggaaaagaag ggccttcaaa attaaagaag     62760
     gactttgcaa tgacattatt ttgaatttag ggtaggccta actcaaatga aagttgtcct     62820
     caagagacct gagaaggtta catatggaat atatttatag acaaagacag aggcagggac     62880
     tagagttatg aagtcacaag ccagaggatg cctggtggtc cttggaaact ggaagagtta     62940
     ggaaggacca caatctggag tcttggaaag gagcatggcc ttggcacacc ttgatatagg     63000
     ctcccggtct ttaatgaaat gtgttacgat tgtagaagct cccagtttgt ggttgtttag     63060
     gaaagggatt gcactagagt gccctcattc tgttatagta cagcacaggt ctgggtatgg     63120
     aaggtcccac agcaagagct tctagttagt ggtctaaccc tgccaggcca catctccatt     63180
     gccctacctg ttccacttac cttcctgcag cagctcccaa gtggtggtac atgaaacacc     63240
     agacaccatc ccatttctgc ttggaacatg ctagatgctt ctagataagc caaccaactc     63300
     gtggtgacca gaagccaccc tgatataccc agccaaccac tactatccct aacaattgtc     63360
     ccagtcacaa acgcctgata tctggggacc tttgaccctc tgcaagggct gcactgtctg     63420
     gaccacttcc cgtgagagac ctgctccaag tacccttcct tcacaaaacc tatcctgagt     63480
     accctgtaca caatggcatt tcacatgtat ggattccaca aagcctctag gaataaagag     63540
     aataggcttc aaaatggcac cactcatgcc catttgttct cccaggacat cctaaaaact     63600
     tttccacccc ttatctccat gcccacaacc tataagacag actctaccac acacaccccc     63660
     agtcatattc ttcatgagag cagagtgatg agtccagatc ttgcctttct ccacttagaa     63720
     tctgtggctc acatggactg ttgggtgaaa ctcagagact ggctatgctt tgggttcttc     63780
     ggcatataac attggcccat atctcagttg tcacatacca attctttcat ctcctaggtt     63840
     ccctcactca gtgtccccac acccagtcct gaaaggtggc tgtcctctct cccagaccct     63900
     ttggtatctg gcatcaccct gattgccttg gcatgccttc tgctatcctg ggcagttctt     63960
     tactgaaccc ccaaatgtct gatcttcttt agatagcagt tggtgccctt tccctgttcc     64020
     ctagagatgc agagatatgc aagatgtctg ctttcagatt ctcccagaat ttgtctggat     64080
     ttctctgtag ctttcacttg cagagctggc cacagaaatg gtccttctgg gcaccccaag     64140
     acaacctctt gggagaccca ggcttatcca tgtccaactt cttcaggggt gggtactagt     64200
     cttccctggc ctcttactct tggactgagt ccctggagta ggatcagact catctttaaa     64260
     cacttgtttc cacctgcctt ggtgtactga cacccagggt cctcaggtct ctccagtccc     64320
     tgaggcctgg ctcccaggag ctcttgccta ggcatagaca ggttggggtt agaggcagtg     64380
     ccatgctgac agtaccctcc aagcctggtc tttctacctg ctctgctgag ccctgcccct     64440
     gcccagcccc ctctggctgc tgggccgagg cctgaggcct cattagcgaa gcctgcagcc     64500
     tctcccgctc ccagccccag ccaacccagg cctctgccgg ccagaaacca aagagaaaat     64560
     gcctgtttat gccagttatg ccgaaagcaa aacagtttgt ggtttgtgac ccaaattttt     64620
     tgcctttttt tttttttttc agaacataac aaagcccaag acaactccct ccctgccccc     64680
     accctccccc caggcagaca gaactgatct gtttacactg gctgctatgc acccccactg     64740
     gcctaggctc tggccttgcc ctcatcctga gtactgggcg cccccagaaa ggggtttgta     64800
     ggcctggtga agtggcaagg aaagtgaagg aggcagagga ggctctgtct cccctggggc     64860
     aatggaagga tacatctgga gtctagagta cagggctcag tcagactgga tccatcctgg     64920
     acagaggaag aaggtgggga aagcatggtg cggttgatcc ccaggtctgc cctgaggtgc     64980
     caagagctta cctccatttc atgagactgg tgcctaggcc aataggccct cagaccacct     65040
     gtccactagc ctccttcctg catctcctca tccctcaagg tccatggtgc cctggtgccc     65100
     acagaacagg aatgtcttct gtcaccatgt cctcggtcag ggggtcaaca gatgaacagc     65160
     caggtatttt ctggtggcta ttgtgaaagt atgaactacc cctgaggagc tggctgggat     65220
     tggttgcttg aactgtggaa gtcctgtggt cagggctctg gccatacaga aagaaggaca     65280
     gggtccccac ttgctcttgc tctcttggga gacaggaagc ctaggcaagc cttttcgttg     65340
     aaccgtatca cagccccaaa gcagacactc tctcactcct cctaggaaat tctagtctac     65400
     actcgttttc attctcctgt gtctgtacca gtctgggtca tagaaggggc tcctctgagt     65460
     caagggggcc ctaagataag ttccaccaga ggggacagaa ggatggcatc tgggcctgaa     65520
     aaagacctcc ctctaccatg agaatttttc tgcccttgca tctgaagagg gtggagcagg     65580
     aggacctgta tatggaagtc tggaagagtg tctttgtaga aaggacaatc aggaagacaa     65640
     agggccccag ggttgagtcc tggctctgaa ccttagttca acctgccaag gctctgggtg     65700
     gcaacaggta gtttttaggg agagaccaag gcacccagat gaagtttagg aaagatggtg     65760
     tacataaagg atgcattgga gctggggaag gtttgtgggg taatgatagt tggagcagaa     65820
     ggggcaggat tgggtgggga gcaggggcgg tgctccagtt gggaggagca caatatgagg     65880
     agcaccaaca ccattgcact aactagggtg gggtgttctt cccacccttc ccagcctcat     65940
     aaagagcagg cctgggctca tctgctggtg gggttgaagg gaaagcaaag agtactgtct     66000
     cctgccctgt aggccattgg gggctgccct tggcctgcct tgcaggctcc tcttgctggc     66060
     ctagaggatt gcttttggga aagtctgggc agtacctcta cttcccccct cccttgcctg     66120
     ccatccctgg cctcccctcg atcaggacca gatgtgcctt ggagcaggaa ttctagctat     66180
     tttgttagcc agccgcttgc tggactttct gataaggcaa attggttctc tacagagttg     66240
     ggcgtggaag agtaggagaa ggaggagaga gaacaatatg cccaccctct catcttcctg     66300
     tgccagtgac gccccagaga ggttcctggc ccaactccag aagcttcttt ctgacacata     66360
     ctagggtgat aaaaggtatg ctagtgccca ggagatgcaa gtgggctaaa ctcgtggagc     66420
     ctccctacaa agcctggtaa gaggcaaaga aatgcagagc agagtcccta cagtggtgct     66480
     gttggtagct gatgccatgg ttgaactagt cctttaatgg ttttgcaacc ccagagctaa     66540
     caaagcacag tcaggatcct ctgtgacatc tgggatctca ttgcttccca tttgtgagaa     66600
     ccatctacct tcctcctttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt     66660
     cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt     66720
     cctttttttc ctttcctttt tctttccctt tctcctttcc ttttttcctt tcctcttttt     66780
     cctttccttt ccctttttcc tttccttttt tcctttcctt tctcccttcc tttccttttt     66840
     cccttccttt cctttttccc tttcttttcc ccttcctttt cctttcattt tccctcccct     66900
     cccctcccct ttccttgtta gttaaaattc ctatcagaac tcagaagagc accctagaac     66960
     catgaggatg gatagaattc cattcttgtc agaatttcat tctggtcctc aagatgatca     67020
     taggaaacag aacacaatac atcttcataa acctgatgga cagccaggct gagaagatag     67080
     ccaggctcac actttacaaa gccttgtcct gtcctctccc aaggtcctct ttggaccttt     67140
     cccaggttca aagaggacct atggccctcc tgttggatct ggagggccac tcattctgga     67200
     attgggccct cagatctgca ctttgggtcc ctgcattcca caaaagcata tctttttcta     67260
     ttctgtcaat gacattatct tgctagggca gttttgaatc tcaaattgat cttccagccc     67320
     ttggcttata tcttccagaa ctgatctttc aatgtctaga ctggtacatg ctgaagagca     67380
     tgaactcaat gtgggctgca taaatggggt ggggtgggat atagggatgt atgaatgtat     67440
     ggatgaatag atacaagaat gtgtgggtgg tgagtaaata aaaggataga tgggtggaca     67500
     caggcatgat catgcagatg gattgatgga tgaaaagatg caaggataga gtgaatagag     67560
     ttgggtgaat ggatatatgt ataggtgagt agatggatta actgatggat aggcttataa     67620
     atagatgaaa ggatagataa atggatggat ggatatatgc atcaatatat gggtgactgg     67680
     cagatggata gatgcatgaa tgtgtgacta gactgatggt ttgatgggtg agtgggtgaa     67740
     tagatagaca catacatgat gtgtaagtgg ttagatggat ggatagaaga taggctgaag     67800
     atggatagat atgcgaattg tgaaaggttg gatggatggt agatacactc atgaatgtgt     67860
     gaatgttttg acaggtttag aaaggcaaat ggatagatgt gtgagtatat gagtgtatga     67920
     aaggatagct ggagagaaaa atgactggga aggttcatgg gtgtgtcagc tgtacaccca     67980
     taagcatcta cctgagttct catctgagat ggtcttggtg tagaatgaat gacaagagta     68040
     aagacactgt aatttatgga agtacctgtt tccatagtgt gtgtgcccat tctggttgta     68100
     ctatatcctc cttctatagt ctgtccaaga gtaggagttg tgatatattt attacttatg     68160
     tcttattatt ttttatttat tataatactg tatactatat attatatgat gtatgtcaca     68220
     tataacatat aatgcatgat atataataga tcatatatct tagaataata taatatacac     68280
     taatataaca tacataatca ttatataaca tattaatcat aaatacaata tataatataa     68340
     taatttatta ttgtttatac cttgttattt gtttattata tcttatatct aattattaat     68400
     taaaacataa ggttagtatc tagctttttc tggagggcct agaaaaatct aaaaatgtca     68460
     acaactaggc ttctacctga aagttataaa ctctctcaga gaaagtgtca tagttttatg     68520
     ggcaggtttc taaactctaa actcatcact atgccttata aagcacagaa gatgtttatc     68580
     ataaaaccct aacaccaaac ccaatcacgg tagcacaaaa aaggaaaacc cacagtttaa     68640
     agtcacatgt gaagaaagat acaaaagtta cccatcaagg aattagcaaa ctgagtctgg     68700
     cagtaggttg agttaaagta ataacatgat atggccaagg atcatcagct tccaggaagg     68760
     caagggtgac tcattagtga aaaatccact taatatcatc atgtaaatag gccaagggaa     68820
     gacaaaatgt ataaaataga gatgtcccag aaacatattt aataaaatcc aaaatgtatt     68880
     tccagtattc ccagttaata atacatgcat aaatggctag ggctcacctc gctctggtgg     68940
     cacacaactt cagttccagc actcaggaag cagaggcagg aagatctctg agttctaggc     69000
     cagctttgtc tacagagtga gttccaggca agccaggacc acacagagaa accctttctc     69060
     aaaaaacatc aacaacaagc aaacccaaaa gaggctaggg ctcaaaataa cttccctgaa     69120
     tctaagagaa gatctttgtt cctgagtctc ctggcagccc atcacccacc acccgtgtct     69180
     ctgtcactct tctgtcactc ttctgtcact gtgataaaac accatgatca aaagcaactg     69240
     acagaagaaa gtttattttg gcttatggct ccagagggta cgagtccatc acagagtaga     69300
     ggcatggcag caaccagcag acatgatgac cacagaggga aagctgagag ctcacatcct     69360
     cagccatgag catgaagcac agacagcaga ctggaagtag taccaggctt ttgtctcaat     69420
     ttttcatcag taagactatc ccgcctaaac ctcctcaaac agtgccaccg gctgtggact     69480
     aagtattcaa atgcctatgg ggcaaatgac tatggaggac agttctcact tgaaccatta     69540
     caacctgact ttgtcgtatt ccattcacgc catcatccat gtctccttac tttacatcac     69600
     atggtcacat gagctacctg gtctcccatc tcacccccta ccatgctcgt caaggtcact     69660
     ctcaaacgtc tttttaaaat gaattttaat aatgtatgtg tctgagtgtt ggcctgcatg     69720
     tatgtctgca taacacccgc gtgcctggtg cccagggagg ccagaatagg gcatcaaatc     69780
     ccctgtaact ggagttacag acagctatga gctgtcatgg gggttatggg aatcaaatca     69840
     gagccctcta aaaaatcagc agtgttctta agctctgagc cacctatcca cccagatccc     69900
     caaatttctc acagctaaat gtaatggttg tttctgtacc agacttagca gctcagtcgc     69960
     accatggctg ctaaagtccc atttgattct gaagttagca gggttctaca tccagcatta     70020
     actatcaaag tcctaacagc agcactcttg tagagagaaa ctattaaccc tgagctgcag     70080
     aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaagac ctgggttctc cagatgatga     70140
     gccaaaacag gtgtattctg aaagaagagt taaggtgcaa aatggttgtt aaatttggaa     70200
     gagcaagtca gccgtgtttc taattggaga acactcctac cgtgataaaa aattcattaa     70260
     agagtgagaa aagaatccta aaaagtggtc aaataaaata tactagttac ttttgatgtt     70320
     gctgtcacca aatgcttgac aagaagcaac ttggggaagg gaagtttgtt tgggcttaga     70380
     tttaagggag tgtagtcagt cacagtcaca gtggggtaac catggtagca agagcagttt     70440
     acagcggcct ccatggaagc tttctcacat ctggatgggt caagaatcag agagatcaga     70500
     agcggtgctg ggggatgcct ggttacttgc tgttggatat gcatcaccct atctagcaag     70560
     cacctctgaa ttcaggaaca ggcaggaggt actgcctggg gcttggaaga cctagcaaag     70620
     aggggagaag gctatctagg aggaaagggc ccagagacct gtgttcttct acattataag     70680
     aaaggcaagg gaccactgag gagcctgtgg cctaagcagg atggaagaaa gagtgaccct     70740
     cgggccttac acatgccgaa gctctccttt ctgcagcgtg tgacctccca ccatggaccc     70800
     ttctgtatgc accattcaaa tcagacctga gtacaggaga ggcaccagag ggagagcgac     70860
     tacagttcca tagcttccat aacatggagt caggcctttt gggtttcatt ccaggtaaga     70920
     gatgaatggg aatactggct gctctagagc aaggtgcctc tggcacagat aaagaggaag     70980
     gaaggggcag atgggttgag catggcccag gagcaagtga ccactcctac ccttccaccc     71040
     tgtggaaaac aggagccaac caggaagccc aagagggtgt aagcgactta ctcctgatac     71100
     atcttgctca tggatgttcc gcaggaactc ctcagagcca ctgtggggtt tgacatctaa     71160
     gtcatgtaat gtcccgtggc atacttgaga agaatcatga ggcaggcctg tcacaatgaa     71220
     gcgccatgtg tttgcttttg ccatactctg cttgtcatta gcagagggct aggttttgct     71280
     tattaatagg agttgaaaga agtccaagac gactagtgtc cattgctgct ggatatgacc     71340
     aataggcctc atgaccagca gctacgagtg ttctgggtaa actgaaaata atacttctag     71400
     cttggaagag gaggacatga aattctttag aggagatggg ataaagtgtc caggggaatc     71460
     tctacagcag aaacattcat ccctcaatgg gggagagctg gagaacacgg tagatagcag     71520
     aaagtgggcc aagggattgc taggaccagt gtggcgagca ggacaggccc gtggtggtgg     71580
     gtggtggtga ggctgagaca cactcccacc aaggccctcc cgcaagggca gtgtggctgg     71640
     aggtgaagca aggaagctag cctggagacc tctgagaatt ggcaatatag gtccactttg     71700
     agaagtaaac tccaggcact ggtaagctga cagctagatg aggaatgtct ttgatggaca     71760
     tgagatctca atcctagagg atgtcctttt aatattcaat aggtacagct ttatctcaac     71820
     aaaagatctt ttggggcgcc tacataattt ctaggaatgt taagttctga ggccagaatg     71880
     tttgagaaat aaggtcaaag ggcataggtc tcacaagtta ccagatctgt ctatcatttg     71940
     tttaaaggag agtgttttct acatcttgat gtgttgtcta gctgctatat gcctcagttt     72000
     ccccttatgt caaaaagaga ctccatgagg gtgagcctca tacaggatga gccatgtaaa     72060
     tagccaaata tttgtctttt cctcatgaag ggaagctggt ggcttcagaa tcaaatatag     72120
     agacaattat ttaacaagat aaggactcat taggcctagg ctagaaagat atcccagtgg     72180
     ttaagagcac tgagtgctct tacagagaac ttgagttttg tgtccagaat gtatatggca     72240
     gctcacatgc aactccagtt ccaggggatc caatgtcctc ttctgtgggc accaggcaca     72300
     catacataca ggcaaaatgc atgcataaaa acaaatatta aaaatattaa aaatatttta     72360
     aaaccctcat tggacctaaa gaattgtgca gaaggctgga gctatggttc aattgtagtg     72420
     gactcaccca gcatgctgga agccctaggt tcaatgcttt ctacagtata aacagtgtgg     72480
     cagtgtccac ctgctatctc aatactcata gtatggaggt gggaacatca gaagttcaag     72540
     ttcaatgtca aggtctgctg ggtatcaagt tcaagattaa catggaaaca agaagaatcc     72600
     aacttcccct gtcattaata gcttccactg gtatgggact ctggtttcaa ctggtcagtt     72660
     ggtttcaata cacactttta actaacgtac atgcttacat ggggttactt ttggactcat     72720
     acattttcat agatgataca aatgtgtaat gtcacatgta cacctttaca gtgtcaaatg     72780
     tacaccatct tgaacatccc ctgggttcca cccatcctca tccctgccct gggtcctgac     72840
     agccactgac ttttttttga cggtagggta ttacacattc tatagaatgt ttaatatagt     72900
     atattctata gaatgtttca gcatggttgg agtctttcca gcctggattc ttgttcccat     72960
     gtgtcttaga cccatgatta acaactaact tttttttttt tttagcagga agcagcagtc     73020
     cttggtgtgg accaactcag gttgtttact ccttaccact gaggggcatc taggaaatta     73080
     tgaacaaagc tcctattaaa gtttggacac aggttctgtg gtagtgagcc atctcaagat     73140
     gatttgaaaa gtcatttttc ttaactcgtg ggaagaaatt tttttgaggt gggggaccac     73200
     gcacatgtat gcattttgcc cacacagaca gaggccaagg gtcaatgtct agtgtcttct     73260
     tcagattaac ttttgagtca gagtctctgg gattgcatga gaaggcatgc ttatccattt     73320
     gccccagaac ccaggctcag tgcatccctc ttcagagatg ggatcacctc ctgggactgc     73380
     attcgacttc ccttcaaacc agagctggtt gagacctctc tgctagtatg ggtacccatt     73440
     tctgctcctc caagtttcct tcagagcctc tttgcctccc ttggcccatc cccagggttc     73500
     aacatcagca ctgcttcagg accaggttca cagagacaac cctctccacc agaggttaag     73560
     cggagtagat agacattttc ccctgctctc aaatcaagtc aacagtgggg ctaagtatgg     73620
     gcaaaagggg aaaatactgg agagaagcag gccccagaac ctaggctcaa taccatcccc     73680
     cactcctcta ctgtgagggc ttaaactttt atctactggt ctttctgtgt accccttcat     73740
     ggccccatta aagagctact ggtggtagtc cactcagaca gaacaactga tcccaaagtg     73800
     tgtgtgtatg cgcatacatg ctttggtcag ctactcttcc tggcctcacc tggccagtca     73860
     ggaagctctg ggatccccag ggtcctgttt ggacatgtgt ggaacatgtc cctcagccgt     73920
     ctgagtgctt ggcacagcac caccatccat acagtgggtg tcctggagac cccagccatc     73980
     ccctcacatt tagagaaaaa cagctgcttc ctgtttgtat ccagatttca gttgttttcc     74040
     tgctctgagg gtctaagcaa ctgtgagttg gttgtcccga ctctgcgcgg cctgctgctc     74100
     tgaggagaaa cttaatcact ttgttttctt ggtttaggtt ttgcttttta ataaaaaaaa     74160
     tgaccctgct ctgctccagc cctgaggcct gcaacgttcc ttgcataata agcgtcaatt     74220
     taaatgctct gccccagctg gcaaagctgg gccatgggct cccaggggag ggtggtgggc     74280
     ctccgggact ggacttgccc agactagagc atttgggagg caaggaacag accagaagga     74340
     gctcctcgtc tctgtacttg gcagcagagc cctagcatag ccctgacctc tcccagccat     74400
     gggtcagtgc tgaggaaaag gactctccag tgtcctgtca ggtctgggcc ccacagggaa     74460
     gaaggtcagg gaaagatggt agatgacctc cggggcccct gacttccaat taaccctgca     74520
     ggagtctcct cctaccatct ccttctccgt ctctcttttc ttctctctca ctctctcagg     74580
     gaagataggg tagagatagc ccatgctgtc tctaattctc ttttctcaga ggtatagtaa     74640
     gggctgggtc caatggtact ggctctctat acagggctcc aaagtatgct ccaggctcta     74700
     ttatgtaccc cacaaagcac tccagtttcc ctttccttga ggttgatgta tctgccacgt     74760
     tgtaggacca agagcaaggg acagtaatga gtacctcctg catggcagca tttggggggg     74820
     ggtcagggct cagaagctcg ctctcagggt acacacatcc tgttcttaac actgatactc     74880
     aggatcgcct caggagcaag ggctagggag atgagagaca gaaagtgaag gtaatggtgg     74940
     ggtggggaac tgggcagtag agagatgtgt agggtggtac accctaagaa ggcaggaggg     75000
     gcaggaggga cccaagccct gagcaatgat ggggttgagg aggggctggt ggatgggagg     75060
     gaaagtgaga actcttggag aggggaagga aagggcttgc aggtgagcaa gggttttggc     75120
     atgagaggag gatgacagaa gccatctcca tctgcttctc tctttctaag ctaagttgtg     75180
     ggaggggcct ctgatcatgg gagtcacatt ccaagatggc accagggagc ttgacctctg     75240
     gctttctgcc cctctctgct atcctgatgc tagaaccagg gaccctgaca ctttaaaagg     75300
     gagatggggg tctccaaaca actgtgcaaa atagatatgg tccctcctgt ctatcttgtt     75360
     tcattatgtg tctgggctca caggacctgt gctgaggtct tcgtgaaagg aacaggtctc     75420
     ccgctcatag cctgacacct tgtgagacat ggtttcattt cagcagagct tttctggctc     75480
     agggtggacc gcaaacttcc cagagtgcag atttctgaga aggaaaccta ggtcaagtat     75540
     ggtggctcaa gcccaggctc tccccatacc tctatctctg attgttcccc ataaagctca     75600
     ggcctgccta ggagggagcc tccagccagg tttctatagc accagtgact gggacactcc     75660
     aggctctgga aagttggtgg gctaatctgg gcactaatcc tagcaacgga gtggccctgt     75720
     agctgtaaga gagacagagg ggacaccaac atgagatact cctgtccatg gctggcttcc     75780
     cacggctggg ctgtttcttg catcttctca ctgggttaaa ttgaccccag aagcaagact     75840
     tgcctttgac ctttcctggg ccgcttatga gcaactgagg acctcatgat ggctctcacc     75900
     tagaggttgc cagggatcaa agaagattag aaggtgagag aggctgtgtg cagtatgact     75960
     ccctgttgtg agatggcagg agcctggtga cctttgaggc aggcgcgggg accctggcac     76020
     attcactagg ggtttccaaa ctagggcagg gcagcagaag agggtttttt ctgggctgct     76080
     ggggccatga agaaggacag aacttggact cttagaccaa ggtggtcttt atgatctgta     76140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtagaatcc aaaacagggt gagtctttaa accttcatct     76200
     ctcaggcacc ttctggtctt cctgtgtgca tacttctgtg gaattctctt catctaacaa     76260
     tagtcaaggt gctggctctg cctgacgggg ttcaggctgt ggcactggct tcagctttgt     76320
     ccacccgaca acagcaggtt gaagggatgc aaggccagtt ctgtgcagct tcccatgtgc     76380
     ttcttcagaa tcctacaggc aggcgggcaa cagtgtagaa tggccaggtt ctattactaa     76440
     gggctggagc tgctggctct ctctcagcct agggagactg agaaaagcag ttccatggaa     76500
     gagcttccgt tccctgcttg tgacatgatg gcacacagtt tcaactgtct catgctatgg     76560
     tgagatatga gaatcactac catgcctggc catggaggag gcatgaggaa ggaatgccac     76620
     tgaggtagca agccataagc cactgccttc aaatagccag aggcaagctg ggcaaaagca     76680
     ggaaggtcac agagccttct tggattcctt tacactggtt ctctcatgtt cttctccaag     76740
     gatgcccctg tcccaccttg cccacatcat tcctccccta tggtctgtat ataaaggtgt     76800
     atcgaatatc ctgggagctc ctggagccat ctctgagttc ccagaagcca ccaagagaca     76860
     gaatctctgg ttctgggagt aacacagttt ccctccaaag acctagctat cttggtatcc     76920
     tcattgttgc ccccaggggt ggcacacctg ggggcagaag ctggaaccca gccctgactt     76980
     gagtttcaac aaaaggtcaa gagctgagac actggcagcc ggaaggactg gatcaagagc     77040
     ttctgtcttc ctttccagga ccaactgggt acagtgtcat gggaggcaga ggacaggttg     77100
     aggaggggga caagggaagg gaagggaagg gaggagctga ggcaggatga ctgtaaggaa     77160
     gaggatgaga ggcctccagt taggaacttg atggaaaggc aaactaagga accagagttc     77220
     cttcttgatg agggggtggg gaaggcagaa catcaccttg cattctcctt tctacccaga     77280
     aggcaacctg aagcaggtgg ccccagcagt cccaacccca ggggaggcat cttctcacct     77340
     gaaggcctct gacacttgtc agaggccttg gcccttcctg acttcctgct cccaccccca     77400
     gctccctgca ccccattctt agggcctcag aacctcagca gatgaggagg gagcttgggt     77460
     ggagcagggt ggaggtgcgg caagaccaag ccaggccgat tgtttagaaa aggaggaact     77520
     gacttcagct ccgggagccg agcctcccac ccctcccagg cttcctgcac cctggctggc     77580
     cagagtgggc tttgtccacc ttatttgggg attaagaagc cacactacta tgtagcctgg     77640
     gagtcaaggc atgaaactac agacccaaag tatgtgtaaa gaggtatctt tataatcatt     77700
     ctctgtgctc agagcttagc taaagaaagt actattagag gagccattta acattctatc     77760
     tagatgtcca cagctctctg catgcccccc tactcaccca tccaaccttt ctcttccact     77820
     cgcttacatc ttcaattgta tctaaacacc tatacccaac accagtccat tcatccatct     77880
     cacctacatc cctcattatc taataattta cacatctact catttaccca cccatatatc     77940
     cagccagcca ccattcatct acttctatct ctccatctac ccactcattc atatatctac     78000
     ccacccacct attatctgtt catctatata tcaacccatc catccaccca cccatctatc     78060
     tatccaccat ccatccctct atccatccat ttatccctct acacatcagt ccatccatct     78120
     gtccacatcc atatgctcac tacctatcat atccattcac aagttcatgt ttgtccattc     78180
     atctgcctat aatttatcat ccatttatcc cccaatactc tatccatcca tctccatatc     78240
     agttatacgc cattgtagtg gttttaatag tggtcctcat aggctcatgt ctttgaatgc     78300
     ttgatgtcta gttgatagag aattgtctaa ctgagtgaag ggttgtgagg tatggttttt     78360
     gttggaggaa gtatgtcaac tgggaatgga ctttgagact tcaaaagccc atgccagtcc     78420
     cagtttctac ccccgcctgc caacacccca tctatgcctc tctctgtctc tatctctgtc     78480
     tctctctctc cctttgctca cttgctctct ctgacttggg tctgtggatc agatacaagt     78540
     cctcagcaac agctccaaca tcatgtctgc tgccacactc accaccatga tggactcacc     78600
     ttctgaaact gtaagcaagc ccccaattaa atgctttctt tcataagctg ccttgatcat     78660
     ggtgtctctt cacagaatag aacagtaact aagacaacct ctcaagacca cttcggtttc     78720
     tgtggcatct tgatttaaca tggtaactgg aagtccattg ctaagaacct ttcttcagta     78780
     aatgcttttt ggttggtttg gtttggtttt caccttttcg atgttgtgtt gtctcctttt     78840
     gtgcttcatg ctgatgactt gtagctttaa gcctctgcga gtgatgcctg gcaccatgtc     78900
     cgggttatga gactgtctca ttatataaat ggagatggtg tcacacagga gatgctaagc     78960
     agactacagt tcccaaggct gccagtgtgg gcaagggtca ctctgagctc tgttagactg     79020
     tctttatcct ctggtctggc cctctctgta aagggggtac acagatttca atgctgtgag     79080
     ggttggtagg aggaaagtct gctagacacc ttcaaaacgt tgcccggagg tgaaagccac     79140
     tgctctctct gagccttctc taaagtccct tggggctgag actaaacttt cagccccaaa     79200
     cagaatccct gaaatgattt agtgaatttg tcatggggaa gactcaagtg aggaaaaatg     79260
     gtgcatccag ttgccttgct gagatgtctg ggcctgaggc tacttctctg gtgccatgtg     79320
     tggaaggcct cgtgactttt cagttttaat acatagtgct ttcaagcatg gaatcttggg     79380
     tctggcttgg gctgatcttt aggaccccag cccctctgcc tttcaggtca ccctgatcct     79440
     ccctcccaac actcttgagt cttcaaggct ggctctctct atcttttcct cccttctagt     79500
     ttccgtctac ctaaatgctg aggcagtctc tttgtaggct cttaagtggc tccccatttt     79560
     ctcgacagtg accaacatgt atccagatgt aaaggaacct gtgaaatgat tcactgacct     79620
     ctgtcctaag gccatctgtc ctccaaattg aggctaaggg agattaggaa actagaaggg     79680
     acaagtaaga tgtgtgtcca ccaggtcttg aacttgaaga ggaatgcagg gttgtgagga     79740
     gtggaaaaga ggcctatgct ggcctgcgag gaccaggatg ggagcagagg gccccagtat     79800
     attggactca ggggggacct ctttctgtgc tgaacaggtt tcctgtctgg ccctgggaaa     79860
     tggacctcac acacacacct acatactccc cactacagac aatgatgtca gtgtctgaaa     79920
     taacaaggcg ctgtcctggt ataccccccc atccccaccc ttggcatagt ctcactgtaa     79980
     tctgggatgt ctgggacaaa gaggccacct cagttgggga aaagccacca ttgggatgga     80040
     cttcttgttg ggtcactgtg acagatcttc agttcccacc tggggagaac tgggtaccac     80100
     tctgcccttg ttacctttgc tgtatgttag aacatagctg tcttctgttg gaggcacatg     80160
     ggaactggag cccagctaga taagcaatgg atgttcaatt aatatatgga taaataagtg     80220
     tggtcttaag gtacttggca aaagggatga gtcagggcca tatctgggcc tgtttgggga     80280
     cattctgccc tgggtagcct tgtaggtctg cttttccatg cctgagcacc acagtggaca     80340
     caccggggct aaaacactac tgatttggat ctgtggtgct attggaaggc ctgaccatag     80400
     gccacccctc cctgtagccc acttgtgcta cccaaggaaa gcatagctcc aaccacctcc     80460
     agacagactg agtgtggcgt ggatctcctc ttctcatcga actgtggcaa atggtgttgc     80520
     cagcaaatga atgggcagaa cagtatcccg ggggcacgca ggctcagttt cttggcacta     80580
     gccagtctct ttggcatcca aaagccacac ctcactgaga tgccctgtgc cagctggcag     80640
     ggcctacctg gggatgttta attgtgtttt gcaataaaaa gccatgggca gagaagctat     80700
     tcctagaatg ctagggctta gatcggacca catgcgccag actggtgaga ccagcgattg     80760
     ctgaggaccc aagtgacccc gggtgggagg ggccagagcg agagtctcga tcagaaagtg     80820
     cttacacaga tagtgacaga agccaagtgg ggctctagca gatagactgc agaagataga     80880
     gggctggacc agtttgcagg acacagagct taccaggata ggtaaaaaca gtggggtgga     80940
     ggcagctata taccacctca gcttctcggg gtcactgggg gaggtggaaa ggaacacctg     81000
     aagttggatg cccatgcatg agagatgact gggaaaggta ttgagcaggc actgggagct     81060
     gggtggaaga ggctatggca tggctcttgg cagaaaatgg taatgctggc tgtgaggtgg     81120
     ggactggcta gaagggttgg ggagtatccg ctgcaaatca gagcttggtg taggcagaat     81180
     tagtgatgtg gctaaagaga atgctggtca aagtgagata gaggcctggc tggattagga     81240
     gatgacaaac agtggtcgct ctacagagat aaggacccaa gtgttcacct gagattgtgt     81300
     gggagatggg acacaggctg ggctggaggt gcatatgttt tctaggataa tgattttctc     81360
     acttggaaac gactctccaa ggatcccaat gtttcacgga ctctctaggc ttgcctgggc     81420
     ctattctggg ctcttaagca ggctgaggca gccaacaggg tcatggcttg gggccaggaa     81480
     cttggcatat atttgatatc ctgggtgctt ttttaaatgt gctggcagag tgagacatag     81540
     gaaggaaggg tgtatccggc aggcgcttat gtgtgcctgg ctgtcgctgg cagcttggga     81600
     cctcagccta tacctgcccc aatgtgctag ctctcttggt tcagctctgc ttgctgtttg     81660
     gcaggcagct tggtagtcct tattcaaggg tgaaggcagg gactgaacac agatgatgta     81720
     gccctattaa tggcccagcc acacctgcct gttgagcaga gttagtgctg ctctgtccca     81780
     gccattaccc cagttccgta accaattacc tccagcccca gcatcaacga aaagaaaaaa     81840
     gcagccccac attcccaaag ccaacacaga attggcagta cctctgcacc ctggcctggt     81900
     tacgtgggag tatacaagag gcaggcagga cagggctcag cagacatgca gggtcggcat     81960
     taactggtcc catggaagaa gagagcctaa tttaaaacac caagctaggc tggagcttga     82020
     gatagagact gtccatgagg gacacaggag atctcttgct gggtctccca cccaaagcat     82080
     agtgacccag ctgatggcat ggggccctgc taagggactt cagagaatgt tgataatctg     82140
     tcctgttcca ggtatcctga gagtattgct ggtagctctg gttctgcact gttcctggtc     82200
     tggtgggaca tggaccccat aactgcttcc tcttagtcaa aatgtctctt acaaccagtt     82260
     caactttcca ttgcttcttg aaatgactat ggcaggcagg tggccatagg gaaagccaac     82320
     tagatggtct tttacatctc ctatagccac cagggacctc cctgctccca tattgctttg     82380
     agaacaactt aaagctatat ccctccttaa agctatatac aggttccatg ctcccactcc     82440
     tacatattgt ttgggaacca tgtagcttcc tggaccatgg aacaaagtat tcaggacagc     82500
     aatgctcaca gagcctggag aagctgggca ggctatgggt atcctaggca tccattgcct     82560
     tatggatgca tacaggtctt tgagcctaga acagagtcct gcaggtcaga tactgtgaca     82620
     gtggtatgca ccaagtagag gctcaaaaat tccatggatc ctgaaacaga gaccttgact     82680
     ttgtaagaga gttagaggtg gcttggacat cagggcggat gaggcaaaag gatggtggct     82740
     cggtctgaaa gtcctgggag gctgaagtga ttggccggag agtgagggat caggtccctt     82800
     cctctgaagt gtcctgtggt gcataactaa gcagggaaca tggttttgct agccagtgga     82860
     aagttagctt tacctaggtg gatggagcat gacatggcag gttcttggct gccagaactt     82920
     ggtgagacaa ttgtccctca ctcccctctt tcatacaggt gcccatttta gagctgttgt     82980
     gggcatgtga agtgtgagtt ccatgggcac tgggttcagc ctggttcaga attgaccagg     83040
     acatcatacc aggaggttga cctacagatg ccctggtcta atacagccca ggtttctgaa     83100
     aatcccaatg actagggatg ccaggcttcc cccatctcac cagacagcct catgtcctca     83160
     cagagccagt ataggtctct gtcctcctgg tcctggtaat gcacagtgct gtggactgag     83220
     ggtgaggttt gctgggttca gtcacctcag taggataaga cccaatcata aaagccttac     83280
     gggtgtcaat gacagtccag aacattgtgg gtggtagcct gtgccacggt ggggagggtc     83340
     aggccagaga gaaacctata tgactcatct tgacctacct tcacttgtgg tggggagcct     83400
     caggttagcc tacatttgcc ttgagtgatg gcatgtgttt attctcacta ttggaacctg     83460
     ttcatggtga gttaattttc tggtatagta accatttgca aggccaagag tttatatgcc     83520
     agcaaagtac cacagaccca aatcatcttt tgtaaatgcc tgggggaagt gaaattccac     83580
     gggctctgag ggtccacttg taccctaaag tctcccctgc atgggaacca gctcaggggg     83640
     gactcccctt gggctccatg tttgcctctt gggtgggcag agcatctctc cacgaggcca     83700
     ggctgttggc ttgtagctat gccatcagat tgatctgggt cttgggcctg tgcagcagcc     83760
     atatgctggg ctttggggca aagcatcctt ggctcttgag atagggagtt ccatcttgat     83820
     tacttaaagt ttcctggccg aggaaggcca taactctagg tgaacccctt aggcatcaaa     83880
     actggtctct gccagaatca actggccagg cagcttctgc agaaaagaga aattctggaa     83940
     gggtccagaa agcttccaga aaggtgccaa agttccttgg aggtagccta gagagtgaaa     84000
     cttggaggcc tttctcagtg ttatttctaa tctccactga ccattctagg tctttcagtc     84060
     ccaactgcct ctgggaagtt gtactcagtg ttctaagagt agaggcttga tcagggcagg     84120
     atttcaaaag ccaaatgccc attcattttc cctgtagtag ccccacagtt cccagctgca     84180
     aggatctcct ggggggtata caggattgta tctcccacca cttggctgtg ctggctgaca     84240
     cacagagctt accaatccat cccattggat tcactaaaag aatatgggag gtacagggaa     84300
     aggatgaaga atcaggcaaa gagagaccaa gtgactgttg ggatacccat ttgttaaccc     84360
     aatagcctgt cttcaaccct ctacttcttc actaggatta ggaacagctg gtatatgtat     84420
     gtgtacaccc atatgtgtgt acacatgcat atgttatacc tgtgcacaca cacacacctg     84480
     tatatagagc acatacaagt gtttgctgat atgtgtggca tgcatatatc tgcagaagtg     84540
     catgtgtgcc atggtcacag aaatgttctc tgcccctcac ccggctacat ctacatcgcc     84600
     gtgtatcttc ttacttgcgt ttgacatttt tgaagctgag ttggggggtc tgcggttgca     84660
     ggggcaggct gggtaatggg ggaggggttg tttatgccag acatctaccc aggctacaca     84720
     ttcttgtggt catctcttta acttggtaaa aatttgggaa atttctaaat aaaacaaagc     84780
     acacattttc aaagggattt caaaatcgat gctgctgcgt ctcccaggaa ttgaatcaca     84840
     tggggggggg ggcgggggga gcacggcagt acttcctgcc atctagtacc ttccagagtg     84900
     ctgagctgta aggctccttc cttcttatca ggaaagcatc tgaacttgac aaatgctggt     84960
     taatgggctc tgagactcat cgctctcccc ctctgtgaca ggcatccagg gtcaggatct     85020
     gaaggagttt caaagtcttt gggttctgaa taccaggtag gaggagctgc tccctaccct     85080
     ctcagagatt gcatgaagca gtgaagtggg aaagaggggc cagtagggaa tttggttaca     85140
     gactgggatt caggcagctg agagggaagc ctccaggtaa gagagaaagg agaaaaaaaa     85200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac agtggtgggt gggtggggcc aaggggcaga tgtctgttca     85260
     atggcacagg tccagggtaa actcaatacc tggggaagtc tgacctagac aacatgagtg     85320
     tcatggtctg gtcctttgtg gtccaggggg ccaacatggc ttcatggccc tctgtggtac     85380
     agggtgatgt ggagccatgg tcggggccag ggccagggcc agggccagag ccagagccag     85440
     agccagagcc agggcatagg agtgcaggcc ctgggaagat gtgccttccg caagccactc     85500
     tggctcagta ccctgtttgc cagcacacaa tgtcatgtat ggtggcttct agcaacgagt     85560
     gattgtttag tgaggtgctt catagggtct gaaagatgag gcaagccttc ctggtatgag     85620
     caaaccagga atatattact tctcattgct ataaccaaag acctgacaaa aacaacttaa     85680
     aggaggaagg atttttttcc ttccacgggc taggggacac agggcatctt ggtgggaagg     85740
     catggctgta ggcagctcca tgtctgggtg tgaacctgaa ctgcctgtct tcacttcagc     85800
     agactaggga gctgagtggg gaatgctagt gtttagcttg cttcctctcc tttccttttc     85860
     ttccatcagg gactgcagcc catggatggt gccatgaata cccaagcctt tctacctccc     85920
     cagttaattg ttcctgaaaa ttcttgcaca gacagctcat taacatccta ggtatctcaa     85980
     tccaatcagg ctgatagtca aaattaaaga gctaccagaa aagtggggac agctatgagt     86040
     ggaatcctag agcttttgag ttgctctcca tagaccatga cccccccccc catctccaaa     86100
     gatggcagga tacccaagtt gtggcatctc tgtggcaatc ttactgacag cagcctcagg     86160
     gaatccactc cgggagccac gagccatcaa atccactgct cttattctgt ctctagccag     86220
     atcgttagta tacctggttc acagagatgc acacaggaca ccaaatgtat ctctgtgttt     86280
     gtacttgggg cacagggcac agttgggagg gctctccact accaatggtt gtgagtcaca     86340
     gaactgaacc caggtcctct gcaaaagcaa caacactctt aatcactgag ccatctctcc     86400
     agtccctggt gaattgttta tgggagcagg ggttgaagtc atcatacctc agaggctgtc     86460
     agaaggagaa cacagggcaa agccttgggg tccctgagct gtgcttttag caactgacct     86520
     tctggtcagt cctggttgac ctactattac aaaataccag ttgccctact attataaaat     86580
     acaagtcagg agaggagccc tacttcgagt ctcaagaaaa gagcaggtgg cagaagaatg     86640
     gattcaaagt ctccacaacc tccttgaaag aagaaaagga aagctttagg acctgtggtg     86700
     tgagctcttc gagaattctc agcttgaggt atgatgtggg agaaggccag tgacttcttc     86760
     tttgagtttt caaactgttc tggttgtaat taaacacaag gcatcccact gtctctctga     86820
     agtccggtgt gtctgctttg gaataagaca agagtgggat gggaagccat ggagatgtta     86880
     cagctcgtgt aacatacaca aagttcctcg cattccagta tacatctgct ccagtttgat     86940
     atttctatgg aacctttggg gagatttgcc ccattcaaag gccttcccta ggtctgagaa     87000
     actcaagatc aggttatggg gtaatggctc agtgtcaggg catgtctccc atggtggctt     87060
     tggttgggaa ctcaggtgga aggggtttgt agagaaagtt ttggtttccc aagggcctga     87120
     gatgaccagg tgatgaaggc atagaggtgg ctgtggggtt gagaagggca gggagaggca     87180
     ttcctgcaat gccatggagt acctcctgaa cttcccagga tgccttcaaa ggaggaatgg     87240
     ttatagtaat ggacatctgt atcagtccca cagagatcac agctacccac aacatcctga     87300
     ctccctcctc acagctcaga caattattct tgcctgcatg cccgtgccca tgtgggctac     87360
     tttctggttt gtgggagcca cttatttctc tccaggtcct ccacattctc catgatgatg     87420
     cctagaatac acaggggtat ctggatctct tggctgagtc ccaagctctg tctttcccat     87480
     cacagatcat tcccaacatt cagtaatggt taaacaggat attgcaggat cgtctggctc     87540
     cagaagaaca aggggagacc aagagagatc tgtagaaagg gccacggatg ggccagctac     87600
     acagaaaaaa tcatgctggt ctcatctggt ttcctgtcag gcccatccct cacctctgcc     87660
     tcacagtacc aactctgaag atttgacaag tctagtaatt taacaaactg ggccttagag     87720
     agcacatggc taggctggga actaaggatt accctagctg ggagttggag ggtgcacaga     87780
     ggagctcact gtttagccag gctagctaat tggaatgctc caagttctaa catccctgtc     87840
     tcaaaaatta attaattaat taattaatta ggcaaagaac aatagtggaa gacatctgat     87900
     gttgacctct gacctccaca tgcgtgtaca cacatatgca tctgcatgca catatacata     87960
     catacatacc catgagcata tactacactc cccagcccat tccctgcaaa aacccaaaac     88020
     acaaaggaga agatgtgcac aaatgatctc aggtcgaagg gtcctcactt tccccagagc     88080
     ctcacattcc cacttggcca ctgcctctgt gtgcccacct ccccgcccaa gtcatcaaac     88140
     aaaattcact gaaaagtaag caggcttgca tcattgggag ttatatatgg ggatccaagt     88200
     ctatctgaag gctttctctt tggaagagaa aattaggtgt ccttgaaaga gaacaaggaa     88260
     ttctaaggcc caaagaagag cctcttggga aggagtcaac ctacaaatgc catctaaaca     88320
     tatctagtgt ttgcttgagg taactttatg gggagcaaga gtgggtaggg ttggcatccc     88380
     aaaatagcat atgggtcgac ttcatgatac cgggtgtcta acacaagtag agggtcaagg     88440
     acagtcctag ctccagttcc atcggcagtg gctgctctgg tccccaccat tccctgagtt     88500
     acttccttca tagcctgcct tgttccacct atcctttaac cttagggaac ttgctacctt     88560
     tgcttctaga acattcctga gaacactggg taggcccatg aagccactga tgatagacac     88620
     actcatgggg acaaaatgtg acttaccatc atctgtccat ctgaggggct aggggtagtg     88680
     agcccttcag ctgtgcatga attgtgaaga ccagagaact ggctccatac cacttgccta     88740
     attctgcctg ctccggggaa tgccaggtcc ccaagaccac gtctggggtt gctaggtcta     88800
     gcagctgccc ctgaggtgct gcagaggact ctaagctcta gaacaagtat ctggtgactg     88860
     acttcggtgg ccagttctaa agttggtaag agtagtttct ccagttggac ctggtccagt     88920
     aatgggactc agttcctcag ctgggtgtgg cctgcatccc agcctttagc aggagagtcc     88980
     ttcctatggg cacctgcact acctcaccag tacaaactcg tggtggatgg acagccctag     89040
     acataaagca gagacagatg ggaggtgcag gtgctgggcc cccaagaggc tgtctagcta     89100
     ccctactttc ctctgtggag gctggctggc agccattgtc aatgcaaccg ctcccaaaac     89160
     acacacacaa aaacacaaat gcacaaggca cgttccagaa ccactttagg acaatatttg     89220
     ctctgaacca gaactctgtg gccacagctg gcttcatctc ctgccaccat gcatgcgtgg     89280
     gcggtaggac attcttagag aactgtcttc ctgctctgca cacatagtcc tacttctggc     89340
     ccagtggcac agacaccaca gtggacagga ctcggtactc caaacctctg gatgtgtggc     89400
     cctgcaggac cctggttggg accctaagac ctgggatcat ttgttactta gatacagact     89460
     agcttccgat ggccctgacc tggtttcagt gttgctgtcc ctgggaggtc tcacgtgaaa     89520
     gaaggctgtt atggtacaac agtgtcccta tgtgctccta gtgtatccat gtcacgctgg     89580
     gtgtcaggag gatggagtct cacatccagt tctgagatta agccaaattc ttgagctctc     89640
     aaggagcccc caccccttca gtttccccat ctgtaaacag aaccattgta atcacctgcc     89700
     acctagtatc acaaagagaa gagacaggtg aatgtggtga gctaaggaag tgtgtgtgtg     89760
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tacttgtttt gtacctgtgt ttggctaatg     89820
     atgtgtctgt gtgtatgtca gagtgtagat atgactggat gtaagtgtct gtaactctgt     89880
     gtgcctggga ggtgtgtttg tgtactctgg tgtgactcca tcttgtactt atgtgtttca     89940
     gtgaatgttt ttgtgttcgg gtgtgctata ttagtgtgtg agcatatgag tgtgggtcag     90000
     tatgtatgaa ggattgtagg gcacaggcct gctcaacttc agggaccctc ttctaagtgg     90060
     tcctatgggc ccttctcagc cgtgtggctt gtgccctctg aatgggctcc tatcctgctt     90120
     ccagctctgt ggtgcaccat gtcccaggcc tcctctcctt agccccctga cccctttcag     90180
     cctccctctg caaggctata ttctaataga gccaccgtct acaacctcct tggtatactc     90240
     ctccctctta cccgggatat aatggggtga ctgggtgttg gcatgccctt attacaggtc     90300
     tcaatataaa aagtatgcca gtgggagctc acaggacaat cagaaaggaa aacttgaacg     90360
     acaagattgc ttctcaggtg aactgtcatt ttagaaaaga acagattcat agggaatgag     90420
     ggactccgca cctcagatgc taaaattcat tatttggagc caaagatcaa taagcgggaa     90480
     gaggcaagag aatgggctcc acagcacgga tcagcagtgg gggcggcggg gcctgaagct     90540
     ttggctccat tatcacaagt ggcatgtaac cagcctcata gccacctcca tctctcctga     90600
     gggccagacc cttggaaagt gagtgccaag ccagagattt gtaactttct attttccgtt     90660
     ctaatttgtc caagaaaact ttacatgacc tccagcatat aggaatataa gatggagtgt     90720
     aaagcaagca gggactcatc atcaatcata aagaaattta tttcaaaaca attcctcgat     90780
     gtacatatca ttttaccatt cattaacaat gaaagagatc tgtccgctaa tgacatggat     90840
     atatttattc tttttttttt tttttttttt taaagattta attatttata agtaagtaca     90900
     ctgtagttgt cttcagacac accagaagag ggcgtaagat ctcgttacag atggttgtga     90960
     gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc tggacctttg gaagagcggt cagtgctctt     91020
     aaccgctctt taacataaag aattatatgt tggctgagca tttgatacca caggctgaca     91080
     tcttcaatat ttttcacagt tgtccaatat tttgatcttc tggctgttag tgttgggaat     91140
     gctgatttga ataaagacag agtacagagt atcaggagaa agttcaaatc catttcagaa     91200
     gttgttagaa attctgtccc aatcctaaac ttgccactgc ctttcttggc atgatgtaca     91260
     gaggataaag caagtataag aaagtataag gatagatatt ggtgagaatg gaggacagag     91320
     aggggaattt gattaattgg agtggagagg catggagatt tggttatgta gaacaaagaa     91380
     tggagtgtag aatgggcaga ataaaggaga ggcgattgtg aataggacct gatgtacaga     91440
     gagtgaaatg tatacagaag tatgtgagca aaatatggag tcagagattg gagacggggc     91500
     acagagaaag tgatggctgg aaagaatagc gtgcatacga tggcctacgg cacaggagac     91560
     cagttacaga gtgaagagaa tagaccggag atgtaaaaac ttggttaata aaggctgagc     91620
     tacagagatg agattaccca gaacaaagta tgtcatttgg aaagaggagg atggagagaa     91680
     aacatggcta gtggtgtatg atgcatagac gtaagtgtgt atggtgatgt gtaagtatag     91740
     caacagagat gaaaagtagg aggagaacgt gacacatgaa gtgttaggga taaattacag     91800
     agtatgcaga agggagcttg ggaaccacat ggatgggatg cagaggtgat agcatggtgt     91860
     atgcaacagg acacatggag aatagtgtaa agagtgaact gtggtctctg ggagaagagt     91920
     acacacagtg gaaaacagaa gggagaaagg atgagtggag aataaaatac aaaggaacat     91980
     catgccaatg gggcatagag gtgggtacag aataggataa agagtacaca agggggtgag     92040
     tgacctggtg aatatagtct gtggtatgaa gaacagacta tgtaaaatga ggtactgtac     92100
     atgggaccat catgagagag gagagtggat gaatatggta cattctgtga aatgagcaac     92160
     aggtacagag aatagaatgt tgggaaagaa tcatgcaatg tatgactagt gtactactgt     92220
     gtgggaagag tagagaatgc ggtgaccaga gtgtgagtta tttagaaaag actatgcaca     92280
     gtgaggtgtg tgtgtggggg ggggatagca aatagacagg caaaaacact gactagagca     92340
     tgaggcgatc agtgtagagc acacagtatc aagtgtagag tatggaacaa actgagagat     92400
     ctaagggggg atgcggcaag cggggtgtgg ggtgtgtatg attagagtgt acaggacgaa     92460
     gtacagagct tgagaaaagc aaggggaatg ggaagccgag ggaagaacac tgggaacgga     92520
     ctatggggta aggaggatag aatatggaga catagctatg gaatatggca acagtggagt     92580
     gtaaggatgt ggtgaatggg gcgtggtgta cagaagtcag gtagaaaagc catgtgagca     92640
     aacttgagtg aggagaacgg acaagagaga agttggccag tggcatgtga gggatgtcat     92700
     gagactccac agaaagaagt gtggagggtg ggctgagaag aatagaggag gtaccacggt     92760
     gggcagccat gagctacaga gagtaaataa gtagagagaa gtttgggggc acaatatgga     92820
     gtgaggtgga tagagaatgg tggggagaac ctggtgagtg gcatgagagg tgacaagaac     92880
     aaactctgta caatggaagt acaatgaatc tatgtagaat gaagtgtgta gcatagagac     92940
     agacatagag atagacatag cgtaaagaga atgtaaaatg gagtggggag tgctcggagg     93000
     tacatgatgt atggaggaga gcaacaaagt ataacacgag gaaactaaag atgggggaga     93060
     gaacagggta aaaggagaac tgtgtacaca ctgtaggtaa gcaagggaat aaagcacggt     93120
     gtgaagagaa caaaagcctg gggccgtgac tggtatatat agaaagagag ggagggagag     93180
     agaaagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagacag agagagagag acagagagag     93240
     agagacagag acatagagat agctatgcag catgagacat ggagaacaga atgcagaata     93300
     gactttggag ggaggtgcac aggcaatgga aggacaaaca tggtgaatgg agtatgaagt     93360
     gcggagggaa cactaggtaa atgagacatc gattgtgggg agcagaatgt ggagccctca     93420
     aatggtgaag tagggagacc atggtcaatg gagcacaagg cctgtggtag agtgagtgaa     93480
     gaattaggtg tggggagaaa ggcggagcaa gaagactgga gagcggttta ataacatagt     93540
     gcgtagagga tgcagtatag agaacagact atggagaaca aagcctgaca gacatatgag     93600
     gcagagtgag aagagaggag cgtgcagagc gtagggaaga actcggggaa cggcacacag     93660
     ggtatgaaag atgctgtgta gaatgtagca tgtggaatga gagcagtgtg ctacgtgaag     93720
     aatgccaggg gcccgggaaa cacagtgtga gatgccatga agacactatg cacaatgaca     93780
     tagaatcaag tgtgacacag aatcagagag tactgacgag gatatgagaa tgtagggagg     93840
     aagatggtaa atgggatgca gggtgtgtag cctagcctag tatgcagtat gaaatctggg     93900
     atagaacaga ttatagaatg aagtggatag gaaatgaaga ggggatgtgg caaacggaga     93960
     ctgaggtgtg gagaacagcg ctggccatag cacacaaccc cagagtgagg agaacagaag     94020
     ggagaacatg aagaattggt gctgttgtgg tgtaatgtat gctacattgt ttaaatggtc     94080
     ttgctcttgg agaagccgac tctgtaagtg gggttgcccc ccatcccaga cccaagagtg     94140
     tttatgtcaa gtatcttcca aacattgtcc tgcctccagc agctcccttg ctctgtaaca     94200
     gtgagagcag aactcagcaa cagctaatgg caatacaatc attgtgcctt tgagaaaggc     94260
     taggaagtaa acgattctga cagaagttgt gattatttaa tcccatgaca ttaaaaatgc     94320
     ctgtggtgga aagagaagct ggaagctcat ctttggagag aacactttgc tccaacaaaa     94380
     ctctcgtcca gaactccagc atgcttgctt cagcctggct gcctctggaa gttcctgctg     94440
     catgttgtga gcgtgcctat ttggtgttat ttgtcctttt acttgaaagc cttgccttag     94500
     gggatactct gccgggggcc caggattctc ctctttggga accccatctg gctgcctcag     94560
     tggggtcccc ctcccaattg gtttctgctg ggtgtttgta agtccccaat ttgatgatgt     94620
     tgcttttgtt tgctctctca agctgactac tccaattgtc tctgctagac tttgcaaggg     94680
     tctgatttga cattttacta tttttctgat gcatctccct ctctctttta tttgccatct     94740
     atttccttat tatttgtttg ctatctactt aataaactcg ctcattagaa actgaaaata     94800
     cagttgcggg tggtggcata ctcctttaat cccagctctc aagaggcaga agcaggtaga     94860
     tctctgagtt caatctacag agcacccagg gctacacaga gaaactctat ctcaaaaatt     94920
     tgaaaatgtg tccattttac ctataactta tagaacatgt gacatagaca tagaaaatgt     94980
     agaatgaagt atggagtaca agggcaatat atagagtaaa caggatggag aacaagggga     95040
     agaatataat gaattgagcc tgaggttagg agactggagt acttttgtga aagactggaa     95100
     acagaatgtg aaatgaggag aatgcagaat ggagggaaga acacaatgga tgaatcatga     95160
     agtctagaga agagaatgca gtttaagaag tatgaagtat tgagtggtga gatataagga     95220
     tggatgggag aatattatgg atggaacatg aggcttagag cactgactgc tcttccagag     95280
     gtcctgagtt caatttccag catgggaaca atgtgggaac ctgacagaat gggaatgtgg     95340
     gatggaacat gccaaatgga ggatgttgca gagactaagg tccaggaaat gaagcatgaa     95400
     atttgggcat agcacatggg ttgagaaaac agaggatgta cgggaggatg ctatgactgt     95460
     acacaaggta tgaaggaggg gtggaagaag atgtagtgtg gcatatggag ttatgataca     95520
     gagaatgttg aattgtttca agcagagaat gaattaagga gaaagagact ggagagaaga     95580
     tgatagcata cagacaggag tgtgggagat gaagtgtgag ttctggagaa tgaagagtgc     95640
     agcctatgaa acatagcttc agaaataaaa agtgacacgt ggaatgtgat cgtgaaagat     95700
     ggaggatgta acaggagttc tatgcagtat gaggaatgta agaatatagt aaaatacagc     95760
     agatctggag agtggaatgc agagggtgtg gtgttcagag aacagagtgc agaatggcgc     95820
     ggtgtgctcc tgatgtggaa aacaaacatc aggcatggag aatggcaaga catacatcag     95880
     gcgtgaagaa tggcaaggtg cacatcggag tggagagggc atcgtgtaca ctgggagtga     95940
     agatgtgcat agtgagcact gggtgtggga aatggaacag tgtaagtggg gtgaggagaa     96000
     cagcgtgatg ttcagtaggt gtggaggatg gcattaggaa catggaatag agagaataat     96060
     ggtgaagcaa gcatatggag tatggtatat ggggaataga tgatgagcat attggtaatt     96120
     ggcaatgcag aacaaagtaa aaagtatata cattgagaac ggaatgtttg tgtggagagc     96180
     acaacatgta gaacaaatag attgtgacga atatattatg gtgtccaggg aatagaaaaa     96240
     ctgtgtagaa cggtgtgtgg agtatagagc tgagaacaga ctgtggaagc agagaacgga     96300
     gctttgtgtg taaagagaga ctcgagggta gaaggtagaa tatctcatat tccatatggg     96360
     gtgtaaagaa cataatatgg tccacagcaa atgaagctag agcatgcacg atggcgaatg     96420
     gagaaactag gaaacattac agaatactaa gtaagaatgc cacaaagttt ccctctggcc     96480
     ttcacacatg tgctatgata tgcatatcca ggcacatagg cacagactca caataaacaa     96540
     aaataaatac aacttaaaaa cacaaataaa tggaggtaga aaatagtgta tgggtaacga     96600
     ggaaggaaat gcagagttta taaaacatat acaaaacatg caaacatgta gtataaaata     96660
     cagtatagga aatggcatga agaggagaag ggctgggaga tagattacag aatggaaaag     96720
     tgagaggaag caatgaggta tacaatatga aggtgggaag ggaaatgtga tatgtaagaa     96780
     gaatacagta tggagtacag ggaatgtcta atgatgtgtc gaagcctgca aaagcatgga     96840
     ggatagagaa cggactgtag agcagagtgt cgagtaggag gtgttggtac cgtgatgaaa     96900
     taaagaagat gggccatgca taacgctgca tgaaactgag tgaaattcag aatgaaggat     96960
     gcagtgcgga gtgtgagaaa ggagaatgca gactcaagtt tggagcttgg gatgtaggat     97020
     gcagggtaga gtgtggataa tggactctgg tgtgaagaca ggctaagagc tatgcagagc     97080
     agagactaga gatgacaaaa agaatatgaa caccagatat gatgcatgat gaagagcaga     97140
     gaacgaaaag cagaatggag acagtggggt gtggggacta gaggaggata cggatcacag     97200
     cgagtgggca aagctgtgtg ggtggagtag aatgaatttc ggagctagtc cgtggcatgt     97260
     ggagtgtagt gcatggtgga tggaagtgaa ggaggcatgg ggaaggaaaa atgagaagta     97320
     gaggttgaag agatgaaaaa gaatatggag agctgatgtg gagagtgcag gaggaatggt     97380
     ggagaagatg gagagcaaac aatggagtat ggaggatgca gatgaataaa agatgggatt     97440
     tagagtggcg agagaggaga gtaaaagatg gaggatggag agcatggggt ggatagtgaa     97500
     tgctgcaaag tggaagatgg agtgtgaagg gttcaaatgg aaaatgttgg attccaggtg     97560
     gaggatacca tattgtggtg tggtttgaat gaaaatggcc cccctgactc atagagagtg     97620
     gcagtactag gaggcatggc cttggaggac atgtgtcatt gggggtgggc tttgaggttt     97680
     cagaagttca agccaggccc agtggcttct tcctctcttt ctctgcctgc cgatcggggg     97740
     gtggaactcc tagagccttc tctagcaatg accctaacca cattacctta atttctgtgg     97800
     gttctcatga actagactcc agctctccat tatgggacat ggtctgagga cacacagcat     97860
     ataggggtca ttagctgtga ggacaagtgc ttactgcatg gtgccctggg gaactcacca     97920
     atccttccag gaagcttgct gggtgtgtcc cttgagttca ttcatgctgt tcctgttgca     97980
     actgattgcc atggcatgcc agacatgatt cctgtggatg gtaagcaaag aaggcttcaa     98040
     tttccttgat gtttctagaa agatagccat gtcacctctc atgaatgtcg agtatctcag     98100
     gagggccccg atgagagggt tgtgaaagtc tggagacacc aaggagacag cagattttgg     98160
     gaggctggag atggagacag gaagccccca ggtgtaactg acaggctctt tgtctagcac     98220
     atcactctga agtcctagac ttaaaatgca ggggcaggaa gtttcagggt tgtgcttctg     98280
     cacggcaggg ctcctagaga ggcctgaaga caaggtgcta ccttgatggt accccttgga     98340
     taccccagtg gcctagtacc ccgtgcctca cttattccac aatggcctca gggacttgag     98400
     ttgtgggttt aagggccttt gtccctgatg cagccacctt catggttcac ctcccccacc     98460
     tggggtctcc tccttcccag gcctctccct cagccgtgcc tcctcatttc tagctccaag     98520
     tgactctggg tgtttctacg agcgaaatcc tgtcagagag gacaaagatt tgtccattta     98580
     atgaagttta agaagtgtct gaagtggttc agttagcaaa tagctaacag gacaggacca     98640
     gctcctcccc caactcacag accttcccca cacctcctaa cacagcctac caacacatgg     98700
     ccagcctcag ccccagcctc aaggagttaa acagacaaaa agacccttgg aggacttgtt     98760
     cacacccacc ctagtgcact gcctgctggg accaggcagt aggctgggcg ggggattaag     98820
     tgatggacat aggcaggtgg ctgcactcca tggtcctacc ctcacacagt tccagtgagg     98880
     ggctacaagc ccgtcccccc ccacacacac aactgccctt gctggagtta gctagtatag     98940
     aggttcctgg gaacactggc tcccaggcaa agatgaaggc cctttcatat tgggaagcaa     99000
     aggctaaaga acaaactgga taaagccaca ttttggctac tttcatcaga catgaagacc     99060
     ctcttctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc     99120
     tctgtgtagt cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag     99180
     aaatctgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacgcccgg     99240
     cgaagaccct cttcttgtcc acagagccca tagctagcag ggaatcccac caagcctact     99300
     ggccagtcta tccatgggac ctttctatcc ccagtatgct ccatatgggg cttggtcccc     99360
     tggtcttggg cctttccttc tcttccagtt cccaggggct ctgccacacc caagttccac     99420
     caaccctcct ctagacagga gagatgaaag aaagaattgg aaacaaaagg aaagatagag     99480
     acctgggtta tgctggagcc agacctgagc cactaatctc aaagaagatc caagtgtgag     99540
     cccagaggaa cccacatatt tagatgtacc cctttcctgg tctctgcctc tgccccttgt     99600
     ctcccagaga tgctgtctca gttctaagct atgctgagac tataggaccc tacctcctga     99660
     tcagcttgcc tggagctaag cactcaaggg gaaactgagg tttgagaggg gaggacagat     99720
     ttagaagagg gtatgctact tttccctgga gacctgacct gaaagcgata agagagcaga     99780
     atgtagcatg tggcccagca gtggccacta gggtccttca gcctcagttt ctccctggca     99840
     caatcaccta caaaggtata ctattacaca ggacaagcat gggctttccc agaggagctg     99900
     aacctacctg gttcctacca agttctccac cgggcctccc tgcttccatg cttgctcctg     99960
     acctgactgt gaagactttc acggctcctc aggtttggac aaatgaccaa cctcagtaac    100020
     cccatgagga gctttctgct ggccactcca cttagccttg tgggccactg aattcactgt    100080
     ccaccctgta ttcctcattc ttcaggactg tcccccacga gtgcctccac tgagattcta    100140
     agctgggaaa aaagaagaaa tcgtctggct gtcctccaat caagtgtgct tacagcatcc    100200
     tgggagtcct gggaactgtc acctcaagcc tagagtgcag ccagtgctga gaggaagagg    100260
     catccgcctg gggacacgtg gaaggacata gaaaggtgag ggacaaattc agcaagggta    100320
     gtgatctgtc ctggaaagga catgctaggg agtttgcttt agaactttcc ttggaggaac    100380
     aaggcccagg agcaacgtct aacttcccaa gtacttcctg tctccatcaa ctctcactta    100440
     aaatttttct atgactctcc agtctctgtt cctttttcta acggcccaca ccagcgagga    100500
     gctccctaac aggccctgga caatctccct cagcctctct caagaccccc ccccccccaa    100560
     caaagccagt gcccggttga cctgggagtg gcaccctccc cccccccccc cacacacaca    100620
     cactgctcct gcctaaagct gggcctccct tcccccacca tctcctgaaa cagccctccc    100680
     tggaaccctg ccagccttcc tgtccccacc ccattcgtcc ctccctctgc tatcaggtat    100740
     cttaccaccc agctctctgt ccagggcccc tatccagggc tttgtctcag cgctatctcc    100800
     tcccagcctg tctcaggcca cgccccctcc caggctgtcc ctgagctact gcttcccttt    100860
     gctgtcccac acctaaggtc attagaattc cagctaccac tcctccctca cagctcctga    100920
     tgggagccct ccagctctgt aacagcaaag aaaggctggg cctgcctgtc tgtagggtgg    100980
     gagtgggggt tggtccctgc ctagcctagg gcatacagaa aagtatcctc ttccaccgcc    101040
     tggcccctga gaagcaggaa ggggaaaggg gggggggtcg atgggggtgg agaggaggtg    101100
     ggagagagcc ctaaggaaga caagaggaag ggaaggagaa ggggagtggg cagaaagacg    101160
     ttagaggcca gagaaccggc aggggcagga tgcctatcag gaagctaccc aggagtgggg    101220
     tctccagcag agctggggga accctgttag gcagactccg ctctggaggt tctggccata    101280
     ggcaaactgc acctccaaac taaaatttta ttgtctcttg cgcccccgtg aggtcagcgg    101340
     ttagcataac aaccatttgg cgactgaggt ggggttcctg ggggggatgc aggtggaaaa    101400
     tgcccccagc ccatgcttgc tgccttcaga cttggggttc ttgcttctcc tcgggtcctc    101460
     taggggtcct gaagacgtca ggcgttccca tatcattctg cttctcaggg tctcttcaga    101520
     ggaggtgtgg attgccactc ctgtctcctt ttgttctgtc ttacatagga ccctcatctt    101580
     agctgatcac accgttcaag tcctgggccc attcgtccca tggagcccca gtctagcctc    101640
     ccggtgacct tccagctgct tcagagtccc tggattttac caattctact ctcagaagtc    101700
     acatttgtta aaaggttttg gggttacagg gtgctacacc aagcatagct aaagacacag    101760
     cccctacagt taaggcccta gtagaaggct gggctgggcc tctcaggaaa tgacatcccc    101820
     tcgggctgct gcagccccca gcacagctat aaatccacct ctgacaataa gctgctaaaa    101880
     aatataaaag gaaccccaac cttcctaaca gcctgctggt tcagagtctc ccctcttctc    101940
     ctggacttta gggtctttca cccattgagg aacacataac ctccagattc caagagcttg    102000
     ggacatggct ctatacttag gtagacactg caagatggca gctcatgtga tgagacaggg    102060
     aatcaccagt ggaggacacc tgtctggatg gacactggac actcatgcta gtggtgtgca    102120
     catcacagat cctgtgacac cacagagctc tccaaaccag gattcctggt ggatgtggaa    102180
     gggtccctgg aggtatagga agcacatatg tccaggttgg ggatgtctct gtctccgtct    102240
     ggagaggagg attccatcac tctccaagga gaaagctaac tggttccccc atcaggatca    102300
     aaacattcaa tagtgaagac tatggattca agtgagcaag cctggggtag actgagaagg    102360
     gctgggatca cactctggag ccctcactat cctagatgtc ctcaatgaag agctggagtc    102420
     acatctcctt atcaggagaa gatctctgtc cttccatgtc ccttcgtgtc ccttttctct    102480
     aggccagagt actgatggct cccatgaaag gatgtccgta ttctcagatc tgacggggcc    102540
     agagccagga cagaggaaga gggctgtgca gccagcccag ctgggacagc aaacaaacct    102600
     ctggggtctc tcctttccct tgcctgccca ccacaggggt ctggctgggg ccagagctgg    102660
     gggagacttc ctcgatttat ctctgcagcc ggtggccagc cctaagcctg gaatcccggg    102720
     tcaggctaag gtttgcctgc cctgctgtga gcagcttgga gctggtcaga aggcccaggc    102780
     tgagcagggg gctgggattg aaagaattct gggaaaaatt gcttggggcc tgtgtttggg    102840
     gacccaacaa aggcaatgaa ggcaatggtt acatcggttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt    102900
     ttttgttgtt tttttttgta gtcagggtct attgagcagg gctggtgctg ctcaatgttg    102960
     acatggccta gtctgcagta aaggtaagca ggtcaggggc gtgattactt tggctatagt    103020
     cccatgtaga aggcagagtt agcaagaagg gacacggttg tgcccacagc aaaagagaag    103080
     ccagagggct tccagaacct tctagatggg caaaaggaag ggacctagat acctaataga    103140
     ttttgttcta ccctcagttc taggcagtgg ccaaagcaag accatctcag aaacaagact    103200
     ctaatcacat acttccctag gaagagacat acgtgctaac gtggaggtca tgtagccact    103260
     ggggctcaga agtcatcctt tccctaccac cctaactaag agactaagag tccctcaaca    103320
     ttccccatca ctactgatct ttggtgaccc tgggtccttg cacaggctgc catggctgag    103380
     caactgattg gtcagctgag ctcaccaaag tcctgtcaca aagagtgaga ggaaacaagg    103440
     actcaccagt gagggctata catgagtccc tgaccctaga ctcaactttt tcaaggaggt    103500
     catatctgtg gatttcagag ggttcagcag ttcaaaggtt cagggagata gcaagcccta    103560
     gagcatccca gagagatgaa ccctgggcca ctatctggat cagcatctag accaccatct    103620
     ctcgatgtgt ttgtgatgcc aagttcttcc tgccctatta gccactgccc cctaaagacc    103680
     cactccatac cacttccgtg gccccatgca tatccctaac cacatatcac ttttcttcca    103740
     tggcccctag gcttctgcag aatcagagga ccagcctcag caaggaaagg ggtgacggac    103800
     ccacctgaga aaacatctct agaactagat tcaggatgcc tatctccaag aaggcagcct    103860
     tccatgtggc cccagatgcc aaaactcttc atgagctatg atggctcatg tcacatccaa    103920
     cgtcatataa tccagctgca gtgcctcctg aggccagtgg attccatctg cctgggcccc    103980
     tccttgccct ggactccaat acaactgcaa acacacaagg tcttgagaac tagtcttcct    104040
     tggaggacat gtctcacttg ggtatgacat gtccaaacgt atactcatct cagggagtga    104100
     agtgcatctc cctaggtggc acctgcctac cacacccgaa gctctggctc atcccccagc    104160
     actccccgaa acaggcaaag aaaaacatga ccttgatgga gcctgctcct gcctgagcat    104220
     cagatgctct ctaagggtca actctgagtc attgggcaga cattcatcac agggaaaccc    104280
     aataggaatc atcagcaccc aggggttaag aagtaaccag ggccaggcgg tggtggtgca    104340
     tgcctttact cccagcactt ggggggcaga ggcagacgga ttactgagtt tgaggccagc    104400
     ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa    104460
     gacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtaa ccaggataca ggatatgtct ttccaccagt    104520
     ctgtcaagtt ctgcagatac ctggcctgag tacctctcca cacagccaca gtcttacctg    104580
     gatccggtgt cctcagggcc acttctaacc ttacctctag atccagccac tcaggatttg    104640
     ttttccttcc aaggatgcca gtaatatagg tccaagctgt atagcactga cccctccctc    104700
     accgtgtagt tgtcctctgc cttctggact ttgggagagg gaatcctgga ggccaaaagc    104760
     cagtgctgcc tttccagttc taagcttgta tctggtcaga aagggccctg gcctgccctg    104820
     ggtatcccaa agtccctcca tcatctgcag aatgatttcc ttggggatcc tagagtgctg    104880
     agtagcttag tcactctctg accactccca caatcaagga gccttcacct ctccctatca    104940
     aagactttct ctgtcataag aaacctggcg gtggatttta ggtgttatct ttagaaatgg    105000
     agagtccggg tggtggtagc aggtctctct catctaccct gtggaagacc ctaacccagg    105060
     tcctgggtaa aagtcatgag tgcctagact gctatcccct ctggtgacct tgaaggcatg    105120
     tggcatccct caggctgaga gactaagtgg tctcaggccc cagagtctca ggtacgactt    105180
     aggttagagt cccaggtagg aagccagaag tccttaggcc acactaccca cccctctggt    105240
     cacccctagg gtttctgtgg ccagaacaac atttcccaca ttcctgagga gcagaggcta    105300
     tcaggctggc cagtgttggg actcaaagca gcatgacctc gcctctccac ccaccttggc    105360
     ccattcctca ctcctgcagg acttctgggc ctctcttcct tcacctgcac tctcaggagg    105420
     ctctctccac tcattggtca tgatagacat ttgtgtcacc tctctaagta ttcacaatgc    105480
     caggttcctt gtgctattat cagcttcctc ctcccagaga ccctggtgac ccctgggatg    105540
     tgggtctgct ccacagtact cctacagggc cctaatcagg aactaccctt cctccaaggc    105600
     ccctggagaa gctcctatag tatataggac caaagagaaa aaggatattg ggctctgaga    105660
     ccatactgca ctggcaaaac agaagtgacc cgatgcaagg tagggacacc cagaagcaac    105720
     acttactgtg gttgcaggtg gtgttgggac ttgaccctgg gtatcctgct acggagacgc    105780
     aaggtcaaga ccaaagcggg gctttggaga gcatgggtaa tgattgcagg gcagagggac    105840
     aggatgggca ctgtctctcc caacaatatg cacagcagat tcaagaacca agttctgtgg    105900
     agtgagctga tcctgggacc cttcctatgc ggaactggtg aggccatggg gaggaagctc    105960
     atgaggtctc aaggcaggaa gtgctatccc agtgtagggg cacagctgcc ttttgccctg    106020
     ttcctatgca cagcttatag aactgcaagc ttcctgctgc catcactggc ctcacgctcg    106080
     atgccttgtt cctaaggaaa tgttgctgtt ctcccttctt tatcattgtg aataggtgac    106140
     tatctcccag cctacagcag ctgactcctt tcttattcta ggggccagca tagccccagc    106200
     aggccttggc ctaggcctca gtatttctgc atcctatctc cagtcactca ctgtcagaag    106260
     agctgggtct ccatactgca aaagcccttg gatggagagg ccagaactcc tatgagtggc    106320
     ccttaaagat gggtgtactt ggtagcctgg aggggaagtc acacacatac acacacacac    106380
     aaagtcttaa gtggccctag gccaggggta caggatatat aaactacaaa ggaggtgtga    106440
     gcaagattgc ctcttggtct cctggggctc cttgaaagcc caagcctggc ccctccagcc    106500
     tactcaggcc tcagagcact gtcctgccct ccctgaggtc acacaaagac tgccagacaa    106560
     gctccagggc tccatgccta caccaggctg ctactggggc agctctgctt tgcccaactc    106620
     aggctttcca ctggccctac aggccagcga ggctctggtg ggtaaacacg tgtgtggggg    106680
     catcatggac atgtggcggt tctgtctcct gcccgcccac ccgtcacttt ttcctcttcc    106740
     cttaatacca gccaggctgc ccaagccctg tggcccaccc agactgggcg ggtcctgcaa    106800
     gtgagggaga aaaagaagcc actgcagagg aggagtttgg ggtatcaggg gccaagagat    106860
     ggaatttggg gtccagaaaa acacatttct ggaggagatg gcttctgaac cccgtgccaa    106920
     gctcaaggca actctgcatt ccccaaaccc aacctgttca cacaccagtg gcctggaaga    106980
     ggcccctggc ccactcttcc taggtcttgc cttcctgtga aaagactttg agggatttct    107040
     tagaaagagt aattagagag ccgcaggccc tgtgaggtcc aagaggctcc atggcaggcc    107100
     caacccgctt cctccctggc ccaggagtgc aaagggtccc acggagccaa agacacaggc    107160
     ggccagccta cccaaaccac tgtggccgcc caataccaga cctccttcct ctccattttc    107220
     caagggttct gtgtggagtg caaaccaaag cccatgggag aaccacaggc agggagagcc    107280
     ttgatgaaaa gggggcatca caactcaccc cgccagccac caggagtcca ccttccaagt    107340
     gtccaggttt ccttgtgccc atgacgccca gggctttgac acgtagtgct ggtgggaaga    107400
     gaaaggctat atggaccctc tactgcagca ctgaaaagga ggccacagga cccctagaac    107460
     tctttgtatt tctgagccat gatgagttgt ttcctctagt ggcagagacc cacatgatgt    107520
     atcccagagc cagaaggact gagaggaatc ctggaagaga gatggtggga atacctcacc    107580
     ttcaacatgc ttaggaaaaa gcataatctg tcccctggct tcccctgggc atggagtgaa    107640
     aagccacata gagcactgag ccacgaggac cagggatttg gtgagggcta agggttaaag    107700
     ttaggagtgg ggttaggcac ctttggtggt taggatccct aacagcctac taaagatacc    107760
     tcctaggttc cttggcttta aggattcaag agataggacc agaaagagat ctctgtacaa    107820
     cactgccaac caagaagaag gaatccactg ttcctcattc tgcaggcagg acccttgtcc    107880
     ccacatggtt ggaggaagca atatccctag cagatctctg cttattggtt aactagcctc    107940
     aatacaggat aatactgtgt gcttggagct tagatcccca agtctatagg accccaggct    108000
     cccagtctga agctccccca cccccacccc aagtgctgga cttcctacct tgggctggca    108060
     ggaccccctg gaagcctctt gtgcccccat gccagttctg cacatacaaa cccactacta    108120
     gcaacactcc ccaaataatc accctatcat acaaagctgc cctgttgcaa gggcccccat    108180
     tgggcctcag ggtcaataag actgaattcc aagacctaag accctggcag agctgctcga    108240
     ctcagggaag ccatttatca ctattagctc tggctcaccc atctgctctg ccaccctggc    108300
     caggatccta cagccccact atcaacccac ccagactccc cttggccaga gctccttcac    108360
     catcatctgc catgatttgt tgtctgtctg gacttccaag accctctatc ccaacccaaa    108420
     ctccaccgtg ctcttctctc agctgctcac aaaactccat ggcaaggcaa agggaatggc    108480
     ttctccatgc acagcagtca gagcatgggc cattttgtag ggtttgcaag gctccaatga    108540
     ggtcttacta actcggtttt gaggacacaa atctggggca gacaccagtc cagtgtgcct    108600
     tgttctggac acatggctga cacactgggc tgtttcagca gccgccagga caggcactta    108660
     gcctgggctt ctttggcaga gaactcactt cctggcatgg gccagtgggc agcaggcatc    108720
     tctgggtccc tggagcccac aggagctcag gcaaccatgt ggctttgcct aagactacag    108780
     ccccagctag ggtgctaggc cctggtccct cttttacctg tttccacctg tctggaactc    108840
     acctgcacca ggcaggcctt cagctgggag aaaggatctt caacttctag tatttgccca    108900
     tgattttgca ttgtgagctt aatgcaatgg tttgggacac ctttacacac tactgagtct    108960
     gacataaaat ggaaagggca ggaagggatc attagggact gatggaatcc ctggatggct    109020
     ttggaaggtg ggggaagtgg aaacttgaat aaggtccctc tcccctagga gatggtaggg    109080
     ggtaggagct cccaaaagcc ccaagatgcc ccagccactg ggcacatact ccatggggaa    109140
     atggtcaact ctgactattt gtggacagac cctgtccctg cacagggcct ggactaatgt    109200
     cagtggtacc aaggattgag tctggagttc agacatggtg gtcaagggtc tggagcctga    109260
     atacccaaga cctcatacca cttttctggc tttgtagaga gaaatgtaag acttattatc    109320
     caaagctccc tcctagactg agcactggat cccaagtttg agcccctcct gaaaaatagt    109380
     ccattttata gccccagtaa tcttgttctt tccagagcct ggtgtctgtg acatatcgtc    109440
     caggcccaga tattccccct aagaatttct ctctgttttc tgtcctcagc atcctccatc    109500
     caacttccca ggccccttaa ctgcagctta ggattgacga aggactatac tatccccaag    109560
     tctaagaatg aggtagcaca gaaactgcag aaccccaaga cctagcgatc tttagcttaa    109620
     ttagaccagc tggcccccac agccacaacc acttcagggg gaacattaat tcagggagac    109680
     aatgggtata gccagttgtg ggctcctgga ttcccgtgct ggaacagcct tgactgagtc    109740
     agcctgttgt gaaggtgttt gtggtagggc ccagataact agtcttgaga gttcccagga    109800
     ttccttctgc ctggtatctc agtgccctag gttctaatga tcttgccatc tctgagtgtc    109860
     agttttacct gttccccaga aaaagcacac tccacctgaa catctctagt catgggaaat    109920
     actagtgagg gtgtctcctt ggggggacat agccttcccg tgagaccagg catttctaga    109980
     agcttgggag cagatatagt ggtactagtt ggtttcacat gcttccactt gctcaccttc    110040
     atactcattc ttgcccacct ctcttgggtg aagtggggag agcctggttt attacctgcc    110100
     cttctcatcc tgctactgtg gaaaagaacc catgaagtag ggctggcttc tctggctgtg    110160
     caggcttagt gaaagcagag acatccagtt gcaaaggaaa cagtttattg taccccccac    110220
     cccaggagta ccacaaagca cttgatggca cagtctctta gtgcttgtga ttgtagatgc    110280
     ccagcctcac agtcctggag cagcttatcc ctaaaaacat tctaaacctg tgtcagatct    110340
     gccattcact agttgacaag tcataagaaa cttcatttgt catttgagac ctgctgagcc    110400
     tggtcccacc atgatgaaag ccccaaagcc aggtggacca gagaataaca atagctgcca    110460
     gaagaacctg aatactaagg gttatccata gctggggccc tttgcttccc aggggcagag    110520
     aggtataaga tggtatgaaa atcaagggca atcaagccca ccctagcaac ttggaggaga    110580
     ggtgggcttc ttgaaggctg taaccaaacc tggggtgagg ggctctgaaa ctgctggagt    110640
     agctcaggag cagaaaagaa taccagataa gcccgagatg atctctgctc ccttctttgt    110700
     cctttttggg ggtcttggag tgcctggctg gaacctattg ggtagtgtct atattctctc    110760
     cctctttaga atcaaacagg aacattcaca ccagggctgg caatagctac tcttccatgg    110820
     ccagcatgac tgtgctgatt ggtctgctcc cagtggcaca tgtgaccctg aaacaaacag    110880
     gcccaaacaa ggacaacagc ctccccaagt ggaagggtgg gggcctgaga gttgagaaca    110940
     aggttggcag tggtacctgc caacgggtcc aggccaagca gccatagcag ctgaggctgc    111000
     cattttccac ctgtcaggac caatggagat ggaagaagac agctgagcag gaaaggacaa    111060
     tgggagcatc cttctgtcca tggaggcagg acttagggcg gggaagaggg cacagagagt    111120
     gagaaaggag aggttgccaa gcccacgttg accagaaccc atcttgcctg ccacctccct    111180
     ccatcctgga gcccccacac aggttcagtg gtctccttag tggttaacta ttatgtctcc    111240
     agagagggtc cccaaattct ggctctaggt gtaaccatgg aacccagtgc cagagctgac    111300
     agctccttcc cttcacagtc ccataaacgg gtctggggac aagggcagct gaggggggca    111360
     ccagcaaagt aagaagagag ctgatctgag aaacctgaga aggccagctg ctctgccatt    111420
     tttatttcct gtcagctcag cagctcatgc cctttttggg gtctctcaga gcctggccat    111480
     cccagctgtc tctcatgccc acattcccta cctcttgagg aagagtgctg atctctcaag    111540
     ctggaaatag ctgtgccttg tgtcctgagg aggcccctaa ggacataggg gcgcaatcac    111600
     tccctagagg ggcagctggg aggggtacct cagaaagagc ctaagtagtc actcacactg    111660
     ccccaactag ctctggcctg cctgcatctg gccttctccc tttgtcaggg ggtccttggt    111720
     cctggacttg tggggagcaa agcgggtggg ctaaaggaga gggcccaagg caggagcctg    111780
     gagcagctgt tgggacagaa agaacgtgca ctgcgggcgg cccagcaggg gcagcggccc    111840
     tgtgccatgt tttgcgcgtg atgtttcttt cctggaggcc ctggcctcaa gcaccctcac    111900
     ttgctgaagt ttctttcttt caactgcatc ccgctgcccg tgtttgcttt ccttggtctg    111960
     ggatgggcag ccggggagcc ggctctgtgc gacttggctt cttctgaaga ccgcttcctg    112020
     gaacacttgg cagggctcgt cctgggaacc aaactgtcct ctccctcctc ccagcctcat    112080
     tctccactcc caggcaagac acccaggacc cagctgaggg ttctgaactg tgcaagtaaa    112140
     gtcggggtgg gaccgaggtc cagacttagc atgtcccagt gcccggagcc ccgacgtggg    112200
     gagtccaggt agaaataaaa ttgtactctg gcaaaatgtc ctcagagtca aaactgtgct    112260
     cctcaactcc atgcactgtg ctctcagctt ctccgtgtgt taaagaagaa ggcagagcag    112320
     ccccacccag ccatagccag tcctggggct cctatgaagc agatcctcac tctcctctaa    112380
     gaaccctact ctctgccctt tctctcaggg cctcagctta gctaagggcc tacctagctc    112440
     tgtatccgtc cctactgtcc tgtcctaatt tggttttctt agtccaaacc catgtgtcag    112500
     accagagctc aatctccctt tctgtccctg tcagcccctt tctggacttt cctctggcag    112560
     catgtggtgg atggacatgg atcaaggacc tgtgtgagag tcagggttaa cctggctttt    112620
     ggctagtcct ttaaacaaag agatagtgac atccatgggt gggtacagtt tttttctact    112680
     aggagccttc ctgaggccac atgccagcta ggctctggac cagcatgaag ggcccttaca    112740
     acaccttccc aacatcctgt gggagaggcc aaagccctat ataacacatc cttcctcttt    112800
     agcatccact tgggttggtg gaagagaacc agaaccttct aggaacatga aaactatgtg    112860
     ctggagtcag aagtgaagag gggccatggg gggggtctcc ttggggtttc tcataggctc    112920
     ccccatagtg atatggcctc tcacatccat ttactggcaa aaagtgggca aggtatgtag    112980
     acagacaccc acaatgacct attcctagtt cttggcagtt gtctatgtgg aaactttctg    113040
     ttcccatggt ctttctgagt ctccactcgg tggaggagcc tccttaaagt gacagggttt    113100
     cctatctata gctcagagca agaggctctc tggggtatgc aaggctggtg cgtagtatct    113160
     gcaagccagg caggcccatg tcctcatcgc atgaaaattg acagggtagt ccaaggcctg    113220
     gaccctaacc atttataggt cagtctcaac aggcacccct gccacctcaa gacagggagg    113280
     ctgaagactt gaacaaaggg agctgctggc acctctgggt gctcatggtg gtagtgggtc    113340
     tggccatagc taagacttcc aacgcctgct tcagggctgt tgattgcaac ttgctcagtt    113400
     atatatatgg ggaagttata tatatgtctg tgtgaaacag acatgtagac tctaggatct    113460
     caattccgag taaagtatct tgtagcacac tacactccta ctaggtatgc cagggcatgc    113520
     ctcttctata gcgtctcagt ccctctccag aagattgcca gcactctccc ctgcccctgc    113580
     ctcgtttgtc acctctgtag gagccttggc acagaaggtg aagtccacat agtcttatga    113640
     acaccccttt ccatgagagt agttctggta tgcctctgta acacccagcc ccaaggaacc    113700
     ctgtaagaca aggggcaaca cccacatatg tgccaggaac cgcctgttcc atggctctgg    113760
     tggtccacac tggctctggg agggggtccc tgtctggaat gcacatgtgg aaagatggtg    113820
     cctggaattt tttcctttgg aaagaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa gaaaaaaatg ttttaaaagg    113880
     ggaaagattg atgttcgctt tgctttccca cacttggttt ggagccaacg aggtggtttg    113940
     agaagaaatt ctcctgtccg ctattaaatg taaccgaaca cgctctccat gtacaaaatc    114000
     acagagggcc tcagacacga agttcaggaa tcttcttctc ccctccccca ccccctaccc    114060
     ccacccccac ccccaccccc acccctgctg caggcaagac atgatggcta ttcaggggct    114120
     gggggcagca gggctgaaag atggccagaa ataaaggtgg aatggccagc ctgtagccag    114180
     gagctgctca tagctgacca gtcaggtcaa ggccccaaag ccgcccaggc tggtggggtc    114240
     agctagcctt ggctgagaga tcctcggggc tcaaactgct tgatgaattc ctcaggacaa    114300
     agatgggggt gcttgaggct gtcacagagt ccccttatgt cccaggccaa gtgccccacg    114360
     ttgtcttggc tgcaggtgag tttcccagcc actgatacct gagggtagcc tgctactgca    114420
     ctctgtctcc aacagaggag aggactggga ccagccttgc cccccaaatg gagcacaggt    114480
     ctgtgttgag cccagatcaa actctgtgga tctgttttcc cctagctggg aagaggagca    114540
     ggtgggaaga gatagcacag ggtggtgtct gctgagtgct agccttgcct ccagggctgt    114600
     ctggccctgt ccctctttct cttctgaaaa cacacctgtg cacacaagtg cataaaggcc    114660
     acagtcttcc aagcctagtc ttcagagata ctcagccttg ttgccaatag aaatgaacaa    114720
     atgtttgggg ttcaccacct tcttgaaacc ctttctcctc atagttctac acactctcta    114780
     gagctgctca gacagacagg gtaggagggg tctcttcctt ggtgttccca gctggaatga    114840
     gggttgagtg tcatgaacac aggcttttga ggacccagag aatcagtgag gggcatagga    114900
     caagaccaga aactggttcc tctttaaata cctgctggag ttgataccta agggtcctat    114960
     aacctgtcag cccagctgag caagggcaat aataatcaca aaacatcaag ggtcttggtt    115020
     tcctaaaaaa ggccttccat gtggcatgga tgctccgtca ggttctcccc aacattgatg    115080
     gctgttaaaa gaaggcaggg ctgagatggg attctcctgt tgcaacctca ctactcaagc    115140
     ttgctcagag taggcacaca gcttctgaat gtctgcaata tcatgctggc tccaggacag    115200
     ccagaggacg caagtctgct gctacccacg ggctcagcca agacttcatt tgcctttaaa    115260
     acaccagagg gtccacctgg tgggtaggtt tccaccaact gtacagactc cccactatac    115320
     agctggattt aacagtggct atcctatagg gtagtggatc aaatgcaccc agcatggcaa    115380
     aaaataaaaa tactgtgccg cattggttga aatagaactg ctttgggcta cagatagtac    115440
     aaatgtgtgc ccagtacaga ctcagccatt gtgagatata gctcatactg aaaccttctg    115500
     gttgatctgt gatccaagtc tagctagcat gttgcacttt atccagtgac cctagaccac    115560
     agggtagaat gagtgctcac tggagcaaga caggtcctct agccattcct acaatgacac    115620
     ctctgctctg tcatccaaga ccataattgc ccacaaccaa attagagtta aattagccat    115680
     acatcagggg ctctgtagct gggctcctgg ctggctaatg atggtctgga atgttcctgt    115740
     cactggaggc ttctatcttg gttgctttaa tagaagcatc cagatgtcac cgtaggtagc    115800
     cctgggtggc caggaatttc aattatcata aatcgggctt ttggccagga tttcctcatg    115860
     tatgctctgc tcttaaccat gtaccatatc tggtccctta ccaatgaact gactctctca    115920
     gttctgttat gcctggactc tagaggagca gagtgaggag cagaagttca aagtcattct    115980
     tggctatgta gtgaagttcg aggccagcct aggctacata gaaccctgtc ttaaaaaaca    116040
     aacaaacaaa aacagggagt tcaaattgaa gatgcctgat acagtggctg aagttagcag    116100
     agacccctag gtctgccagt cactgtctaa aagtgtctcc tgtgatttcc cgaaggttgg    116160
     ggagataggc catcttcctg agcagtagct tggaactttc actaggtcat tgtaaacaga    116220
     caacagcaga gtgtgcagcc ctgggatccc aactattcca actcaaggac tggggctctc    116280
     agtgtgcaga aggggcctac tgagaactag gcccagcatg agccagggcc aggcaggcag    116340
     ggctaccaca atagcccagg tgtaagataa tgaaaaccgg gtgtgggggc agcagggagg    116400
     ggaggagggg gcttcaacca agctgggaag gctgccagca tgggtgtcag gcctgcccct    116460
     ttttcccagc atcccagctc agagatttcc cttgcagaga gggccctgca tcccttctct    116520
     ctggatacct ctgtcctacc aggacatgca aacattcatt agcatgtatc tttgtgctag    116580
     gcactgggca gattaacaaa ggcctgtagt actcccaaag cagtccggac cccacccatc    116640
     tagaagtcca ttcagtgtct gtgcctgctt gaaggtttga aaccactggt gggatgaatg    116700
     gtggacctca gccccagctc cctcactacc cctttgtcat ctgtcgaggg acatagattt    116760
     gacaacagtc agatcgggaa agagcaccac atggtacttt cttggtcttg ggaaaaggag    116820
     ggtatgggct acctggaagg agcttactca agacaggggc caaggtggaa gggccaaagt    116880
     ggtcctggga gacaagggag aaggaagatg gacttgccct caaggtggtc ccacggtgaa    116940
     cgttctgcac ctggctcact ccatgggttc tgtggtagca caagcttcca tgacagttct    117000
     tgcctatcct gagtttacct aggctgcagc aacataaaag gtggccgtga tggaatcttt    117060
     acaccatggt aactagtgga caaattttct ttttcccaag agctctttgt tttagcatct    117120
     ccattcttta ggatggctgg ggccaggtcc ttctacaaaa gacgatcatt agcaatgttt    117180
     cccaagaact tgctaagagg aaactattct atctaaacaa gggcatatct gacacactag    117240
     aggcctttca ccctgccatg gatgcttggg gacacagaat actccctaaa agttcctcat    117300
     gaggcttact gcctcaggca ggtcccttct acctgtctct ctcaccgtga agggccggcg    117360
     cctgctggct tgactgggtg ggattagctc acatacattc cattcagcat tctccaaaca    117420
     gaagaatctt aataggaact taaccttaaa aggtgagggg gtcctccctg ggccaccttc    117480
     tgcaagaagt agcttgttgg ggaggaggga aaacaggagt taatccccag agccttcctg    117540
     ggagcttggc tgatgagact gtcacagttc atgatccagc ctgggtctcc cacctcccat    117600
     gctgtccgtg gcctgggggc ttgactccca ttggcatggc agtggggggt ggggagcaca    117660
     ggacctgtgt cacctgtgcc tgaggggctc cctgagaaag gcgtatgagc tagaactcca    117720
     ggcttccttg aggataagag agtcagctgg gaaaccgagt ctctgggttc aagggctcaa    117780
     cagaaaaggg cacagacctc agtgcatctc gctttccctc aggtggtcaa ccccatttca    117840
     aagccagctc tccagggaag aagcatgtcc tttgtggtga agacctgaag ggtgacttta    117900
     catatggggt tctttcttgt ccagccccca ttagtcttac aaagagaggg gtgtcgtggg    117960
     ggtgcacctg agcccagcac tctgcccctg ggtgggccag atgctataga gtccaaagca    118020
     ggttcccctc ctccttgagc atgcctggcc aaggagcgct gctgcagatg tcattattac    118080
     caggacccat ttacagggtg cactttgtac acgcacgggt tttacaatcc cttttattag    118140
     tcataaaaag ggacaggagg agaaacggca gcatgttggg gctggagccc agctgctgcc    118200
     ctggctggag aaaaaggccc aaggctgtgt agataagtct tcaaaaacag tcccagtcag    118260
     aacttctcct ggaatctagg gccaggggat ggatggactt caagtcaggg aagggtctct    118320
     tggaccctca tgaatcatgg ctagagggca accaggagtt ccagagagcc caacacttgg    118380
     ggcttcgtag aacagagaga agggtaatat ggagggtggg gattcatggg tctacactgc    118440
     tatcctgagg gcgtccctat gtctgagctt tctttgaagc acataggatg gttgggctgc    118500
     acagaccttc catctcttgg atgtcagcct catatgtcac tatgtcacct ctcctttgcc    118560
     tctccatgaa ctttagggtg ttccatgacc tctagctata ccccaaataa taagaagcct    118620
     tcaagcttat ctctccaatg ctacctctag attgccagag ccccaggtat ctgactcaag    118680
     gaatcagagc tgtagagggt acttgcccaa gtcctgggtt aagacataag cattccagtg    118740
     acagactgaa agcaagacaa aatactagga aggacatcta ggacagctac cacctcaggg    118800
     cctgtaacag gggacctgtg tgtatagcct taacctctgc ctaccctgta ctcagttact    118860
     ccatccctca actttctaga tagacttcaa ctttcttgct gcctagaacc ctagatctga    118920
     tgtgctcaag atgcctggga atacctccta gaatgcaaga aggcatctat ctaggtaaag    118980
     ccttgggcca ggggccccac tcagcccatt tctgagctcc atgatcaagg tcatccctgg    119040
     gaattagtat ggttggcaag caggtggtgc tgccacccct aatcccactg cccttccact    119100
     ggggaagaac tgttccgcat gcctggtaag gtccccctct aactggctcc ctttctttct    119160
     cagcacagaa ctttggccct atctaggagg ggagatggga gaattcgaat cccacaaggg    119220
     ttgtgggtag agctggtggc cacattcaag ggatgatgct gtaatcaagg tctttcagaa    119280
     tagccaatac cagaggcaag aggacttctc tgcctcagta ttatctgggg aggccggctg    119340
     gtgctactgg gctcattgaa gacgtggtgt gaagttctca aagtgctgct gttctgggcc    119400
     aagtatctcc tatccctggt aacaagcctg gagctaaccc agggttctgg gtagactctc    119460
     agggttttta cagcgccctt tcccaatttg tctcttgaag gctgtaagac atgatcagaa    119520
     agtgggttct ggacccaccc aggtccaaag cctaaccatt atgttgctag catacacaag    119580
     gccagtatta aaggcttggt ggctactcaa atctctgttc aactttctag aatggggttg    119640
     ccccctccca caatggacgt tttccccaga gtaggggctg cttcttccca tggccactga    119700
     gcagaaggga cctccctcag ggcagaagaa gaaagacctg agtctttggg gtctgcctag    119760
     aggcgccctg caggcggctg ctcccctccc aggccagagt ttcctggagg cccaggcata    119820
     gcctccccca ccaccatgga aagttgaccc taatcaatag gaccacacac taaataaatc    119880
     actcagaggc ttcgtgcttg ttcctgcagc ggctgtaaga atagtattaa caacaatgtt    119940
     cctcagaaac ctggcagagg ctccacttgc gggtagagat gaggtggggg cagggagcta    120000
     actggcctcc agggttgggg ccctgcctct agcctctgcc cacccactgg accctcagca    120060
     gcccagagcc acggttcaac cctgatactc tctttctctg ttcagtctgc aaagctcaga    120120
     ctcaggccca cccacacagg actgaaaccc agtgtgatct ggccccagcc caggacatac    120180
     cttaggacac atacaatcat gttcagggtg gtttctggcc gttcctgaat aggactacag    120240
     aaaaatgatg gagaaagaga ctgagagacc tcaggaagga ctgaaaagga aatggtgaaa    120300
     gcagtaaaga gaacacattg agttgggtac aggtttaccc ccttattact caaagccctg    120360
     atcttcctta gtttcatctc taaactacct ccaaagagtc agaagggatc tgggactact    120420
     tagcttggca gagaagtagt ctggcctcca ggcctagcac ccctcaacac gtacacacac    120480
     ttttatctcc ctacaaggga ctggttagtt ggacatgggg agcaagctgt agaaggtatg    120540
     gggcctctgt ttctctgtcc ctttgtaggg tgcctagtga gtgaatgata tcccataatg    120600
     tcagtgttgc aagaagtgac tgctaaatga gcagagaggt ttatctgttc cactgagtgc    120660
     ctggtctgta aagaagcgtg ccccagcaat caagagcaga cccaactcag ggtccaggag    120720
     gttcccaagc agcagcagag tcagcagggg acccaaggcc aggcctacag aggcatcagg    120780
     tgatgatctg cttcatccca aacacctacc acccagaggt ggctggagtc ctggctggag    120840
     catggagaga ggtaaatggg agcctctcta ggtgtctgac agaagtggag ggtgttcagt    120900
     gagaggtgca aaccgccgtg ggtccagaga gcctatcagc tctctctcag tgggggaacc    120960
     ttgtagcctc tggtatgcaa ggcccacaga tgacccagga tcagggagga agccctggct    121020
     ctggagaagg acctgaaggg cacaagggag cctggcaccc catctgcact ttgcccagct    121080
     ctctaatgag gactggtagg aacacttggg gagggtcctt aacttcatgt gggttcccga    121140
     gggattattt aggagggccc actctcccaa gccttatcct accccatggt ttgggggaaa    121200
     acctctgtga atgttgagac attaaagagc attgagttca aagataccag agggcaaagg    121260
     tgacgggttc cagttactcc tggtttcact tcagcccctc aaaagaaggc tagtaagagg    121320
     aaggaacata agggctcttc actaggcttt ttcttccatg ccttaaacag ggttgggagc    121380
     agaagtgagt cctagagcaa cttgcacaca gccagagcca gctgcttttt tttttcaaaa    121440
     gcaatagaaa acaaatactc tacttcttac aagtccccac atccccccta aaataaaccc    121500
     aaggactcag cagcatccag tatagcagaa aagccagtat gttctttgta gcaccaagag    121560
     gatgaggaat tggtggggcg gattttcttt tgttttctcc cctaaggccc ttgagcctga    121620
     gcagtatttt tcctgctcca gtcttgcccc cgtgccacct tgggcctaga gtagcaacaa    121680
     gatggaagag tccaggaaga ggaagaagga ggggagggga gggaggccac aggaggtgaa    121740
     attcaaactg tttgttggcc caactaccaa cttaaaacaa tgaagtcaga ggaagtccca    121800
     taggaaagag aaacaggcaa ggggccaggt ggtcagggga gcagctccaa ggggccaggg    121860
     tcagcctcag agacccaact ctctgcacag agctaagtga ggacctggag gcttctggat    121920
     aggccaagtc agttcaacac tggctctgaa gtggggcacc aagtagacca gtgaaatagc    121980
     ccctggttgt tactccaaag aatccaggca ttggctgcgt ttgtcaaggg cctcgtgcct    122040
     gaggatttag taaaactgta acggaagctt gataggtaat gtggcagtaa tccctaaaga    122100
     ggcaatggct cctcatggcc ttcgcattgt ttgatggcac ttgcttgcca ggaattctcc    122160
     aaagggacag ggaaatggag gccccacacc tagcacagct cactcaccac tcgaagatgg    122220
     tgtctaagga ggtgctaggc caggaggtca gaccattctc ctgcctagag accccaagtt    122280
     tactgtacca ggagaccctg gtaacttagt tcacagcaat ccatgctaag ccagcatcca    122340
     tttcccaggt atccccatgg catttctaaa tctgaagccc cttttgctct atgtcaagtg    122400
     tgtgcccctg gatattcatg tgggaactga gaccacatga aggtacttct tccagggtag    122460
     gctccaattg gactagtacc cagttctcag tcagccaaag ggagctgggc acctgagctg    122520
     ctttgcctag ggtctcagcc agagttaggc tttgggctct tcgcccaatt tgtcccatct    122580
     tttcttctct aatatatccg agaatagaga agtccttcct gaccaggtgt tccacagagg    122640
     cctgaggcct tcccagaaac aagctctaac ctggcctgct ttcctcaggt tctaggaggt    122700
     ctggaggaga actgagaggt gtgtgtgtat ggcctacctg tgtggagacc ccactgtgtt    122760
     ttcactgaca ctaaattgtg accttgggtc tctttactct ggccatggag ttacaatgtg    122820
     cagacccagc tggcttctca caggactcca tatcctcgca atggcaccaa tcttgttcaa    122880
     ctatagccaa ggcagaaaca ttaggagaag gctggggcag gataccaaca gacaccttgg    122940
     aagcaaggag cagagaaggg cagcagatct gtgtcacggg ggtcacttgc cacagaggaa    123000
     gaaaccagac tggagccgag ttaagctagg ccatgagagg tgcaggcaat ggaagtgtcc    123060
     tcctctccag ggccccaagg gtgaggccca gggcaggggg gggcctggtg ggaagacagg    123120
     cagtcagtca tctcagccag gggaaggagg gagctgaatg tgggctgagt acttggacgc    123180
     cacagtgtgg gaaacagcct cgccagagca ggatgtgaga gggacccagg agaggggtgg    123240
     gaggccatcg aactggttgc acgtgcagag acatggcccc tctgcccgga tcctgctggt    123300
     ctcctgaggg ggaaccagac ccctgactca cagtcacacc accagccagg tggagacccg    123360
     cccaggaagg gactggagcc accagctgcc tccaaggtct gaaggggctc ccaggcatca    123420
     tgggctccct tcctcccctc ccagtcccca catgaggctg agggaagtga ctgaacgcat    123480
     aagttccttc caactagctc atcagcagag cccagatgga aaaatccgcc tccatggagc    123540
     ctttgaaatt ggaaatgatt tctttggaaa tatgtagcat aaggggtgag ataaaggaca    123600
     tgcctgtgtg ttccctaaga cagacactgt cagccccacg catcacaaaa ccccttccca    123660
     gggcccctac caccattttc cttcattctc ttcttgtccc caactcctgg tgacacagga    123720
     gggtccaggt cagttgggat caagatgcaa ggttcaaagt aggaatggag attgtgagct    123780
     tgctttcctc cggatcatca aggccatgaa gatggtggcc ttccaactga gtcccctgcc    123840
     ccacctccaa cctcgcccaa gccttgcctg ttcacaccaa caaggattcc ccagttatta    123900
     tttaaagaca cctcagtgct cacatgccat agatgaccct tgcttatggt ttacacttcc    123960
     ctgtttgtag agcagcccac cacccctctg tcctcttggg ctccctattc cccaatgaga    124020
     cagtgggatt tagcaccatg aaaacatgtc tctgtaggcc atcactaaag agtattaagt    124080
     gtgtaaagaa atcccgggct cctgccatct tgtggctctg cacctctagg acccttggac    124140
     aatatgccct tccttctagg ggcagaggag agaaaggggg agatccttct ggaaaccttt    124200
     atgagccaga ttagaagtga ctgtgttgcc acttgtgagg ccagggaaca taaccacaga    124260
     gtgggtgctt cctagccgtc tctccccacc atggcctggc cttccacttc taagtctttt    124320
     ctctcttcta tcctaagatc tcttctgtta tgctcacaat gatggcctcg taggctttgc    124380
     agatggagct gacctgctca ggatagtatg tacccttgcc ctatagcaac aggactctgt    124440
     agctgggcca tactgtgctt ctgttgagag gagacaatct gggctttcaa ctagatgact    124500
     caagtatagc ccagacccat gtaaaggaat gggaaagaag ggctctacct acaaaggagc    124560
     gtgtgggcat gggtgcagct agcccaagta gacgccagtg taaagcggat gttcacagaa    124620
     aataaggacc aaatgggccc ctaaacatgg actttgggaa aagaaacaag agaaatgtcc    124680
     cacttcctgg tgagtcccca agccctgagg agagtgtggg aaagtggaag aaccagggaa    124740
     cagcaagggc cccagggtga cagtggatct tcctctagct tttctaacag cagcccccag    124800
     tgcacagcct cagccttcag gaatgtcctg tcgatggcca gagctgccaa agagaatgga    124860
     caggacccag gagtgaggcc caggcaggtg gccggcagct ctgacacttt cctggccgca    124920
     gtctgtgtcc cctatggaca ctgctgaggt ttggggggct tacgcatctg ggtgtagggg    124980
     agaatttcca gaccttttgg cccatctgct cagctctcac ttggagggct tgtgttgttg    125040
     agatgtctga aatatttgtt ttccaaagga ttaacttcca gatgattcca gaagggccag    125100
     gaacaatcca caaggctgga ggaaggaggc ccttgttccc ttttgaatac aaaccaggac    125160
     agtatcctcc acctagacag accagggtga cctatttttc ttcctctaag caccatttga    125220
     ttactctact gggtccatca ctggtccctt cagtaaatgc atcctaaagc tgtggctggg    125280
     gcatccatgg tggggagagg cagccagcaa gcacctgctc tgtgagtggt aaccttggtc    125340
     agcaccactt tttgctaagt agttagtgag gtggtagcct tcaagaggtc actgtcacaa    125400
     gactggattt ggcctggcct cccttcacag cctgatctgc cagcttctcc ccttatgcac    125460
     cggggccact tctcttgtta ttgtccgtac atagatttag gtcagcaccc actctgcccc    125520
     tagaaatcaa gttgttgagt tactacctgc cctaagaacc ttcttcacct tcctgggtct    125580
     cacccacctc acatgatagc tcaagggata gtggtggtcc tatgatgcaa gggaacatgg    125640
     atggtggcct ggcccacctg gtaagaccag cctgcaggag tgagggagga ctcctgaaaa    125700
     cacagtttgt cttcaagtca cctgcatcaa cccaatgttc aggtgaggac aggcctgaac    125760
     tggggggggg ggggggacat tttgatgcaa tccaaagtgg caagggacag acataagttt    125820
     gactgtccac ttgggttccc acatgcccat gtaatgtcca catggcctgg gacttgtcct    125880
     gcatcttgca catctttttt ctgacttggt ctcagaacct gagcagcagt ctgcaatgga    125940
     acaccgtggc ttgcttattt ctggtttgac ccatgagcac tgtgctttgg tctgtgtatg    126000
     tttgctcagt ccccgaataa gaactcagat cgaagatgat gctcatatgt cttttgcagc    126060
     cagagcagaa acagtgatga ggctgttagg gtgcactgta atagatgcag aaggatgagg    126120
     aagaaaacag atggggttgc caaggcaagc tggcaccttt catgaggaag ctgtaaagca    126180
     tccatctcag tactcatacc agctgcaggt caagcctgag atggtgggct agctagagca    126240
     gcagagggct aacacacacc tgggctgctg cagcaagcag agctcttggg aaggctgcag    126300
     ggcagaggca gaaagcagcc aggattgctg aaacagtgga gacaccatgt atagatggcc    126360
     tcaaagtggt gactgaaaaa ccagactcag cactggacag tccctcagac acgctcagct    126420
     ccctcttttc tctctatgcc catctccaga atcctctttt gggactaagc tgtcatgctt    126480
     tgtgtctacc tagtatattg taggagaccc agtatgcctg ccagggctca tcaatggata    126540
     cccatgatgc ctgcagacca aagcacagtg ctcatgggtc aaaccagaaa taagcaagcc    126600
     acggtgttcc attgcagact gctgctcagg ttctgaaacc aagtcagaaa aaagatgtgc    126660
     aagatgcagg acaagtccca ggccatgtgg acattacatg ggcatgtggg aacccaagtg    126720
     gacagtcaaa cttatgtctg tcccttgcca ctttggattg catcaaaatg tccccccccc    126780
     cccagttcag gcctgtcctc acctgaacat tgggttgatg caggtgactc aatgatcctt    126840
     cctcatctac tcagggtaag ggtgccctgg atttgatggc ggtgtctgca tccattagaa    126900
     gagaacattt agactcagac ataaacacac aggggaagct tctgtaaacg agaagcccgg    126960
     gtttggggaa tgtagtcaca agttaaggac ccctaggatc tcctgagctt ggaagaagca    127020
     ggtaggaccc ctcctggagc cttctgagaa acacttgatc ttggatttat ggtcttcaga    127080
     gctgtgctag aataaattcc tgcttttgga agcaaccccc aaatacccac acatactccc    127140
     aaacaacagt gaggggttgc caaggcaagc tggcaccttt caagaggaag ctgcaaagca    127200
     ttcagctcag tacttatacc agctgagggt caagcctgag atggtgggct agctagagca    127260
     gcaaagggct aacatcacaa acctgggctg cagcagcaag catttggaac ccaccttctg    127320
     acacacagtt tctgttgctt tctgttttag tcagtgttct attgctgtgg agagacatca    127380
     tgattgtggc aactcttatt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcat ttattttggg tttgcttacc    127440
     gctttagagg tttagcctgc tacatccaga tccataggca gcaggaagag aaagccattg    127500
     ggcctggttt gggcccttga aacctccaaa gcccagtggc acacttcctc tgaacaaggc    127560
     catgcctcct tattgtttca aatagtgcca ctcctggtga ccaagtagtc aaatctatga    127620
     acctatgggt gccatcaaac tactacactc ttcttccctc caggttaatc ttatttaggc    127680
     tagttgacca agggctgtaa gaaacattaa gaagtgagtg ttcagaaaag cagaatcata    127740
     aattagacat ggtggtgcac ttatcatcca acactcaggg gatgaaggca ggaagatcag    127800
     agattaaagg tcatctttat tacatagcta gtctgaggtc agcatgggct acaagaaacc    127860
     atcttcctac acaaaaatca gttttcttgt accccacaat ttcaaggcca aagtcaaggt    127920
     gcccatgtct gtagagctga tttctcctta ggttgtatat ggtttataga tggcatctcc    127980
     aatcttcttt gaatgacaca ttatgtcctg tccctatcca agtcataccc tggtattcat    128040
     gtccccatcc ttggatagga atgtgtctat atctacatgc tgatgatacc attgtgccca    128100
     tgtttcacat aggtgacacc tctgtgccca tgtcttaccc aggtgattat ctctatgccc    128160
     atgtcccatc aaggtgatac ctatgtgccc atgtccaacc aggagttacc tctttacccc    128220
     tgtcccatca aggtgacacc tctgtgccca tgtcctatcc aggtgacacc tttgtggcat    128280
     tatctcctcc atatgacacc tacgcccatg tcccatctag gaggcagcta tgtttgtgtc    128340
     ctatcttggt aacaccttta tgcttaggtc ctatccaggt gttatctcta ttcttgcatt    128400
     ctatccagga gacacccctg tgcccttatc cattcaagat gacaactctg ttttgttgtc    128460
     ctgtggaatc catgtgccta tgtttcattc aggaaacacc tctgtgtacg tcctatggga    128520
     ctcctatgcc catgccccat acaaatgaca cctttgtacc catgtcccgt ccaaaagatt    128580
     cctctgtgtc tgtgttccat ctatgtgtct atatatccca tctatgtgtc ctatctatgt    128640
     gtcccatcta cgtgtctaga aggtctagaa ggtatctctt ctgtatatag aaagatctct    128700
     atacccatgt ccttcctggg taatacctct gagcctgcat cttattgaag tgatattctg    128760
     tgtccatgtc ctatataagt aacactctta tacctatgtt ctctccagat tacagatacc    128820
     actgggccca tgttctattc aggtggcaca tcaatgccca tgtcctgttc aggtaatact    128880
     cctgtgtcca tatcccatct gtgtgacact cctgtatcca tgccccacct gtgtgacact    128940
     cctgtgtcca tatcccctat gtgtgacact cctgtgtcca tgtcccatct atgtgacact    129000
     tctgggtgca tatcccatct atgtgacact cccatgtcca tgtcccagct atgtcactct    129060
     tttgtgttgt tgttgttttg ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ttggctgtcc    129120
     tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc    129180
     ccaagtgctg ggaccagcta tgtcactctt atgtaccaac ttatctaagt caatatcatt    129240
     ttgtcatgtt agcatcatct acaagctttt gtccagatac taggtggcac caccatgctc    129300
     acagtggtat aagagacaca ttgtgtggtt agttctatat ggggatggtg tccagaaggg    129360
     gacaacggga gctggttccc aactgagagg gccatagtgt gagtttagga cataagtctt    129420
     ggccatgaac tcagaagaga ctgaggctcc cctggatgtc tcacatccac tctctctatg    129480
     ctcattcttt aggaacgtta ctaagaagga atctgagaaa gcagagttct ttctccacca    129540
     cttgtctaag ttccacagcc aacaacaggg ctcagactag gctctcactg gatactagcc    129600
     cccattagag taccatgctt cagttaggtt ctgtttgccc accagctgct agccatcacc    129660
     tagtcctcaa tgtcacgtac tattacaatg gccaaaacag actagacttg accccaagag    129720
     cccccctccc ccgccaaagc ttactgccct cattgtactt tctgccctgg cagtccccag    129780
     attgacaaag gcatgcctaa cttgtttctg gaagaagaga tctagctcta tcccatcgaa    129840
     atgcaaatga accactagga gtttagcctg accaaggaag ctttcctgct cactgtccat    129900
     gcaatgcagt caaaagtgct gtgactatac aggaggaaca tagcagtgct gtgactatac    129960
     aggaggaaca tagccgaggc taaagggcca tggtgccatg taagtgtgtt ctgtgcagca    130020
     actgatgacc agacagtact gagtctgcct ggagcctgag ttaaaaccga gaaaatagcc    130080
     attgcctaca gttcccgaat caccacaagg aaagaaaaag gttggtgaga aaatagagat    130140
     tctattttca tgtcctgggg atgagtgtgc agggcactta cacccaggac tcaaaggaac    130200
     atgctacatt cacacgagca tccaggaggc ataagaattc tgcaaggaga ccatgcccta    130260
     ttcttggacg tctgctgaat cagttgtggg gtttatacgc gggagttgcc gcgtggtggc    130320
     agcaaaatcg attgcgccaa acctaaagag ccccccgacc cccggaattg gaattcacaa    130380
     atggcaatgc tgtgggtcac ccaagttcag tacctcaggg ggtcacaaat gccactaggg    130440
     gggcaggaca catgcatttt ctaggctggt acctcgtgga ctcggactcc caaatcaaca    130500
     agatcggctt actctctgca aagaatcctt tgtgtgtaaa gaccagggtt gccgcacggc    130560
     ggcagtgaag tctcgtacat cgcagtcctg aaacggattg caactgattg agttttctcc    130620
     cctatcacca tctatgatcc catagtcata ggcttcatga ggccagggat tcatgctagt    130680
     ccttgataaa acgttctcaa gagctatctc aggtatctga cttatagggt tctgggtcca    130740
     tcagcgctat tgtgtgaaaa ttgaagtata gctactatgt gtggtgatca tggaatgtat    130800
     tgcagtacca taatgcagac cccactaagc atggtcctca aattctgcac ttctatgagg    130860
     acacctgacc tccctaccca aagaatcact taaggaaccg acaacgagaa agtctggtga    130920
     tttgcgcttt cgtattctaa ttggggcgtt cagatgctaa tgatctccgg cccagggctg    130980
     caaacaattc tgaaactgca ttctctctca atggagctca gctgccaact tggcagctga    131040
     ggaatcctac atcaagcctt gggtgtcagc ccaaaatcag ttgtagaggt ggtaggaccc    131100
     ctggctggtt tgtggcagat aatcatactt atggcaaagt tggggttcac ctgttgcact    131160
     gtcctggaga gccttgttaa aagcagaagg caggacacct atgcccttcc ggaatggtct    131220
     cctttagtct cagaccccat taccagtgca tgtggttcga tgccagaaag cacaaaagcc    131280
     attgtgagtg gaaagaccaa attgctgcgc tggtgactgt catcttaaac attatgttcc    131340
     agaggcagcc aaagttaagg tttgcccgtg acaatgtcca agggccaaag ttcgggttcg    131400
     cccacagcaa tgtccgaagc cgctatgcct cagtggtcga taaggtttat aagaggttgg    131460
     gacacttgtg tttctggagg gggtcccttt ggtctctgaa ccccaaaact agccagtgtg    131520
     gctcactata ggaaggcata gaagctgtta tgtgcaacag gggaacggat gctaccgcgc    131580
     ggtggcagca tactcctata tatcgtggcc caaatgctgc caacttgggg ggagcgattc    131640
     attcccagca atatcccagg gtcacccaaa tagggattca taggggtggt aagatgtgtg    131700
     cacctctgga atggttccct tacacactga accagagaac ttgactcatt ccctacacag    131760
     cccgagatcg tcagtggctg gtaagaccga agttgccgag cagcgaccag tgcagtccca    131820
     catactttat catagaggtg accaaaattg cggttcacct atggcaaact catgggtcac    131880
     ttaggcatag cattcaatga ttcataaggg tcatggggtg gtacaacaca catttcttgg    131940
     gtagctcctt caatcttgcg cccttcacga tcgatcggtt cactctccac gctgtgcaga    132000
     tttggctata gctaaatgga cagacgatgc cgcgtggtgg cagtacaata ctacatattg    132060
     ctcggcagac gcggcatagg ttggggtccg ctgtgacaaa gctttgagta ccccaggttc    132120
     aacaaaggga tcaggcattt gtgcacttat ggaatggtcc ccttctgcct tgggactcct    132180
     caagctagcc agatctgttc aatccaaact caatacagaa tcggttatag gcgggagaca    132240
     tagaaactgc cgcgtgcatg cgtccaccga aaccccatag ccataaaagc agagactggg    132300
     gttcaaccat tgcaatgtcc caggtaacct aggaactgta gcaagaagtt gcaaagctga    132360
     gattagagac taggagaagt cagggatccg cttagtttga agtgaagcag gagggtgggt    132420
     agtaagaggg agcatagcgg gtgtggcatg gtgggggtgt atagcgtggg ttatagcgag    132480
     ggggtataat ggggaggtat agtggaagta tagtgggagg tatagtaggg gtatagcggg    132540
     ggatatagag ggagttatag tgggggtata gcgggggcat agcgggggca taatggggga    132600
     catagtgggg ggcatggcag gaggggcata gagggggtat aatgggggtg tagtggggcg    132660
     gtatagtgtg ggtatagtgg gggacgtagc ggggatatag tgggggtata gcagggaggg    132720
     tatagtgggg gtatagcaga gagtatgggg gttatagggg aagtatggtg gggggtatgg    132780
     caagaggtat ggtggggagg atgacggggg gatatagcag gggtgtagtg gggaggatat    132840
     agtgggaagt ataggggagt atagcaaggg tgacatgggg ggtgatggga gacagagacc    132900
     aactgccacc acaccagtga atagcttaca tgtgatggcc aaccctcggc ctttagtctg    132960
     ctgatgctgc cagggttctt gaggctcaat agaagatggg gtcattcttt tccatcttat    133020
     ataccgatct ctgaaaagga tcatttgttt aagagcgcag agattgccac aaccaccaca    133080
     aggtgacagc acagacacac attacagcgc caagataata gaggctgggg tctatttatg    133140
     accaaattgg aggtgtccgt cagtatcata acttagggtc cacccacagc aatgaccagg    133200
     gcttttcaca gagtaaaaat gaaggatcac taggagccag aaatgagtac tcagctgaca    133260
     tgcagccact aggctgagga tctgccaagg tgctattgca cctcacatag gtgagaacca    133320
     ctgctgagtg gtcatgactg gtcagccctt gagtcctcct cgcatctgga gctccagtca    133380
     cttccatcta gagctgctct actctctggt gccctgattt gtggatggag actctgtgga    133440
     tttcagccgc ataactttca acaaaagcta agagcaatgg tatacgcacg cacgtggctg    133500
     gagggacagg gcatctctcc tgtccccatt ctatcactga tggtagtact tcagtaggat    133560
     agggagacca tactgtgcct ccggttgact ggggtgacca agaccagact gtaagataac    133620
     taataaaact catcgcaaga gagtcctgac aaacgtgatg actcacccag aaaagggatg    133680
     gtgaggagtg cccaaattag ctactacctt gttgaaacca ctgcggccag ataaggtcag    133740
     tcaagcagac taggacaaag gctgggggtt agccactcgt aggctgttca tactccgtgg    133800
     gatagtatga gacccatgcc atcaaattcc cgttgtggtc attatacaaa ctgagtaaag    133860
     ggcagcttca gtgtggcagg gtgcctgggg caccaccgtt ctatgaaggg cttcagcagg    133920
     ctacggggct atatgttctc gacatcaagg gagatatctg gggacaatgc caggccctgt    133980
     ctaagggatt ccaaagtggg agttgtggtg aggctgtctt tggagaattt caggacgggt    134040
     gcgggtgtgg ggtgaggcga acgtgcgctg gaacgataca gggtggaggt gggccctgcg    134100
     ggggccccgg cggggccatg tactgattgg ttgacagagt aggggcggga attctgggcg    134160
     gagccactcc agttagaaaa agcccgggct agagggcccg aagcaccggg tgtgggaggg    134220
     gggtgggggt tgggggtggg gggtgtcggg gaaactgggg aagatgggag agctggagga    134280
     gagtcgtggg gtccgaggag cacctcggca tctggagtct ggcaggaatg ttgaaggact    134340
     gaggggctag ctcaggcaga gcaaaggcat cgcagaggct ggaaaacatc ggagtgaagc    134400
     tgaagggcct gagctagggt tggagaggaa tggggagcca gacattcatc ccggttactt    134460
     ttggttacag gacgtggcgg ctggtcggat aaaggggagc tgctgggaag ggttcgaccc    134520
     cagacctggg cagtgaaggt atagctggca gcagtgggca ggtgaggacc gccgtctgct    134580
     gggcaggtga gtctccttct tctctcttgg cctcactcca ctgaccttct aaacgaaggt    134640
     ttagagaggg ggcctggtga gaagaagcgg ttggcctcgc agcagaatgg cacatagaaa    134700
     ggcaggacag ttagcaaagg agacatcgtc tcggggggag ccgagacaga agaaggctgg    134760
     gggaccattg gcgaccccag gtggaaagag ctcttagaga gaagaaagaa gaggtgcagg    134820
     gttgccagta aagactgagg ctgctgcctc cagggaggtg ataggagtcc ttggagacag    134880
     tggcagagac catgggatcc agcaagaaca gaagcattct aggctggggt caaacagggc    134940
     aagatggggt cacaagacac agatgggtcc ccagccgcca caacatccca cccaccgtaa    135000
     ttcacttaga agaaggttca agagtggctc tggcaaagtc ccaagtttgc cagagcctca    135060
     ataactggag aatggaaaag aagggcagtg cagggtgtca ccagaagggg agtgggggct    135120
     gcaggtatcg gactccagag ggattttaca gcaaggaggc tgcagtgggt ccagtctgca    135180
     gacacaccat tcccatgagg cactgcggcc cagggactgg tgcggaaagg gcccacagtg    135240
     gacttggtac actgtatgcc ctaaccgctc agtccctggg tctggcatga cagacagaac    135300
     atttccaggg gagtcaaggg cacaggatga agccagacga ggcgaggcag gcggggcaga    135360
     atgaatgagt ttctagggag ggaggttggg tgcaggtaga gcgagtagct ggggtggtga    135420
     gccagggagg cactggcctc cagagtccgt ggccaaggag ggccttgcgg gcggcgacgg    135480
     agcagtgatc ggtgtctcga agagctcgga ctggagacta gggtaagtgt ctgtcctgct    135540
     catggtcacc cagtctcctc ccacgcaagt tcaattaact catgtcttca tttctcccta    135600
     tagccaggtc tccagcagag gtggatgtgc ctgccagtca ctgaaggcga ggatgacagg    135660
     tgtggtcaat gtgacagaaa gacatgacat ggtccggtgt gatggagagg acagaagggc    135720
     agtcatccag ccttcttggt gagcatactc cctaccagag ggctagtccg ctcaaccacc    135780
     taattgtcca cccactcact caggattctg tcctttgcag aacaccatgg gctggcgcct    135840
     tgtcgtagaa gccgtctgtt ctttcacttt tcccaaagag ctaacacttc tctgctgctc    135900
     tctggatcct cctcccccta ccttgaaccc tcaagatgaa aggtgagttc tcttctgccc    135960
     catgtgggtg gaagagggtg ggatgccaag gacaggggtc tcattctctc ccacccatag    136020
     aaatggtgct acccagctca tgtctgggcc tttgaatccg gggacttctt taagtccgtc    136080
     tcgttctgaa tcaagaagat gctgcaatca gaaccactac actacctgcc tcaggaatct    136140
     gctccaaggt gagctggggc accctttgga agcttgccaa gcccactccc caccccaccc    136200
     cctcgcccca cctcatttgt ctttattctc tttgcaggtg aagctgaaag aacagatggt    136260
     gtcaacattt tgaaacagca gactcatagc acccacccac ccctgagaat ccatcttcat    136320
     ggccaactct gcctgacccg ggagaccacc acccacatca tcctggagcc aagcctctac    136380
     cccgggatga cttcatcatc tccctcctgt ctttttcttc ttcctccttt cctgtaattc    136440
     tgtttctttc cttttgttcc ttccttgctt gagagactca aagcacccgt gactctgttt    136500
     ccccatttac ccccttttga atttgcacta agtcgattgc actggtttgg agtcccggag    136560
     atagccttga gtctctccgt atgaatgtat acagcaagtg tgtaagcctc tttggcaatg    136620
     ctgccccagt acccacctgt catccatctc cgtctgaggg caactgggtg tggccgtgtg    136680
     cttgaggcct cgccttcccc tcgcctagtc tggaagcagt tccatcataa agtgttcaac    136740
     atgccctact tcatcctttg cccctcctca ccagggcctc accagaggtc ctggatccat    136800
     caataaatac agttacagtc attggtctcg tggacttcaa tataatgcga ctcatggagg    136860
     ggggagttgg gggggcaggg gaaagaaatg agggaaggag aataaaaggg atagggtaca    136920
     ccatccatga tgaaggggat aatgaaatgg ggagggcctc taggatggaa tggggaatag    136980
     gagatggctt atgaaaaggt gggtggcact gggataggag gctcatggga tggcacacag    137040
     cgaaaggcct catgggatgc caagaagcta tggtatggaa ggggcctatg aatatgaaat    137100
     ggtgcctgaa gaacgggcaa agcagtcgac atcacaatta aaaaatggca gagtgccata    137160
     cggagacaga ggcagggctg tgagcagggt ccctcaagac agagaggctg gggaggtgaa    137220
     ggacatcctt agcaatgaga gatggtgggc ccagccagaa acctggattc tacactgctc    137280
     ccaaggtcct gcctggatga ctccgagtcc tcagactaat cccaactccc gaggcataat    137340
     gtagactgca aagtaaatct gactcctcgc agtaaggctc gtaatgggta ggcagctaca    137400
     cacgaggctg cgtagaccac agccacataa agaggcccat ggtggcctct gggattccct    137460
     ctcctgctcc aagcatgcta agctctggac tggagcccac gtcgatgcct gcagtggtac    137520
     cctccccttg ctgtctgctg tggataggag ctgaagggcc acagcagaga gatagggaca    137580
     tgcacaagtc tgaatataac tcagaacaca ggacacagtg aatatccagg gaggacaggg    137640
     aggtcagcat gaatgacagg tacatgaagg actgtcactg aggtcttgct tcctagggtg    137700
     gaagcgtagt accccatagg tttgctatta gtgtcctcat agagacagca actggttgag    137760
     ctgaccccca cgtctctgag catcctacca gcctcctagc tcctagactc ttagctgtac    137820
     agatactggg aagggacttg aagagcagat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagga ggctggggtc    137880
     cttggctctc atccccagcc ccaagcccca gtgcttacag cagtcaagaa aatctcctcc    137940
     agctgacaaa gaccagacag gactgactgt caggaacacc caccctctcc accccatacc    138000
     ctctctgggc agtgggccag ctcctcccca cccccaccac atgcctggtc tctcttctgg    138060
     accctccaca accctttctc tcgccatcat tttgccctct aattttctgg gagggggacc    138120
     tctgtggtct tcctggacag ggtggttagg cacccactgg gcatgtgggt gtttctctga    138180
     tcacctccat agaggttttc aaaagcttcc agtcagaaca tgcccatctt cctgacccta    138240
     ctagaggtta cttgccccag taacaaagca gcttgtcgtg gggtgggggt ggggtgtcta    138300
     caaacagcct ttattccaaa catctgacca cccaaccctg caaaagccag gctcagaaga    138360
     caaaagctgc tgccttacaa gacacgttgg cagggacagc tagtaggcac tggaggtagt    138420
     cacaagggat ggatgttaga gattggggta agggtaccca aaaaggccct tctatctaag    138480
     agacacagaa atagagtcac agagtggaaa gggggttcag gggtgacatg agctacctcc    138540
     tctgggccct gctttcctgg ccctagcatg ctaaatgtga gttttacaca ggctttgagg    138600
     tgtagggggc tggagtcaca cattcttacc ctggggttct acccagaaga cgctaagaca    138660
     aatctgggga gatgagggtg ccagtgtgga aagggagaaa ttgctccttc ccgtcctctc    138720
     ccaccggctc atggtggatg cctcctcaag ccactcctgt gaatgtcaca gatagtgagg    138780
     gtgtcacagg acaaggccta ccttgagttt atccacacct cctttattta aggcagacag    138840
     ttctgagctc tcccagaaaa actggatgga tgtgtggggc aggacctcaa ggtgcaggct    138900
     ggtgggggct agatgccccc aaatcaccaa agctctgcaa acaggtgtgc ctgtgggtct    138960
     tgggcctcaa gagcctcgcc cacgggtagg ggctgggaaa acagaggtgg cccagccccc    139020
     caccctccag ccagcacagc ccctccatca gcccagtttg gaatgtgttt acctttagcc    139080
     caacccgatt tcctgctttt tagaaaaggg gcttagagag ggctgctaga caggctccaa    139140
     gcctgccacc caaaggcact ttcaacctcc cccctccttg tgcggagaag ctaacagggg    139200
     cttgaatttc atccccaaac cccagccagg gtgggttgtg gggagggtgg ggaggggctg    139260
     gctgctccat gctgcacagc ctgggaggag atgtttcaaa tcttcatggg gcccagggtc    139320
     cccagcacaa cccccaccct gcaggcacag aactacgggg gtcctcacac acccaaaccc    139380
     ctccccagct atgtttcagt gacaagttac agttggacaa agactggagt agcccattag    139440
     agagccctta tcacacgtgg tggtgcggcc acagtaataa ctcagggctt gtccctgagg    139500
     acgcatatgc tgtgggcgag tatgtctgtg tgtgtgaggg ccacatggca tcacctatat    139560
     accctggtct atctgtggta ggagctgtgt gctgaccagt tggccagtgg ctggtgctga    139620
     ggtctgtcct ttttcaggat ttttctgcgg ggggtgtatg tggtcatggc ctccaggaaa    139680
     gtgtaccctt gagctgactg tgttgggcgt ctgtggtttc atgtctcagg ttgaactgag    139740
     taacccaaga gcacgtttta ggcaggaatc gtggacatgg gggagggaca gcagtcaaga    139800
     tatttgctat cccactgagt agagaacatt ccaatactgc gcagggaagg aggcctctga    139860
     ggccccgggg gctgcaggct tgactgtagt acaccctgca gaatctcaaa caacgtggca    139920
     tgagactgca gaggttggcc tccccctatc tacactgcaa gaggagggtc tcctttccaa    139980
     aggaactaga aagctgggag tgttgtcctc ttctgtgcac accagcatct gaccagaacc    140040
     agagactggg ctcaaagact gtctgtcccc ttccagcatg atcccagcct ctccacagaa    140100
     tacttattgt ttgcatgggt gcacaagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcccatgtgt atgcatgcac    140160
     atgcatgtgt gtgcatgttt gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gcgcgcacgc    140220
     acacacacat gagtgcatga gtatgtgtcc catgaggaac tagggccttc tctaagaatg    140280
     tgtgaatctc cagaaagggg aagagaaggt tctggaagga gctgtggtca gctctggcct    140340
     tccctcatgc tgttgtagcc atgctggctc agcagagcta cccaccctct ttcctttcct    140400
     ttccatccct cacctctcct ctcctttctc ctcctccccc ctctcctggt gacattgttg    140460
     gcccctttcc agggctgagg ggagccggcg ggggcccttc ctggaagccc acctgcaaag    140520
     gcttgctggg aaggggcctg ctctccctca ggctcccacc cgcccgcagc cgtttcctgg    140580
     aagcagtcac tgggtattct gttccttgtc aacgcgagcc tgcaaataaa gcagacactg    140640
     tgctccttgt cctcagggag cccagctcca tcaccccaca cctggcaaga cagcaggcgg    140700
     gtagccgggc catggggagc agtgcgaggc gaggcgaggc aggggctgga cccataaaca    140760
     agcccaggcg ccaagtacag gaggctctat ccccaccctc cgtgtgacac ctctgagatg    140820
     aacccatgcc aaaccccaaa aacagctata ggtgcaaaag ggaagtcccc aaggaaaaga    140880
     caccctgcag accccaggga aaggctggga acaggtccat ggagaggtca cccctgggac    140940
     cctggctctg cagaaaaatt tttacctgaa tgggaaggcc cagggatctc acatgagaga    141000
     ggcatcacgg taagggagag aaagggattg gtaaaaccct tcactttgag ttagggaaag    141060
     aggcagagct ttcatagagt cagggtcttg tgggcacccc atctaggaga agggattaaa    141120
     tgatgaaacc tggactccag tctttctgag gggagaaatg aaacaaagga tggtgagagg    141180
     cctaagagca gggcaacctc cctgggcatt ctcagagcac ttgacggagt gtggagctag    141240
     ctctgagggc agaccaggac cgggtgacag atgaaagaag attcctggag ggaccatggc    141300
     atacagtgcc acagaggact agagagtgac tagtaggctt acagtgcctg gtgttagact    141360
     ctagagtcca tgcatctgag gaaaaacaga cttaaaacat caatctgagc ctgacctctc    141420
     agggttgtgc tgtgagggac ggggcctggg ggaacagtgg ggccccatga aaggctggga    141480
     aagactggtt tattcaggtg gcattcaggt tgtgcgcatg cgtgccagag cccatgggac    141540
     taagggaggt gtacacaaag ccctcaataa gttccccatt ggctactggt gacttcactc    141600
     ctgtgtcaac accaccatgt ctgcagcttc ctggctggcc agggtttatg gagcgggacc    141660
     gcgaccccgc ctgggccccc acctcactcg ttccacacac tagcccactg ttagggtctt    141720
     ggggggggtg gctgtatcat tacatcctgg tgcctcctgc tctttcaccc acctcagagg    141780
     tcctgggaca gttctttccc tccaggcatc cctggccaga gggtatgcag gccctacctc    141840
     cctctccctc tggaaaggag cttgaggccc tgggtcacag aggcctgcag tctgtgcatg    141900
     tggttatgga gtccaaagta cagcacagaa cagaggctgg gtgagaaccc taaagggact    141960
     ctggggtctc tctcacaggg gccagccatg tagacttgcc ttctctgacc ctaagttctt    142020
     gtagaggggc cacttgtcag aaaatcatcc caagagccat tgtgacaacc atccctgccc    142080
     acctggcctt gtcattcccc tcagagtagg gcatgctctt tgggaaaggg ttatggtgcc    142140
     tggtgtcaga ctctggagtc catgtatgac cagaaccctg cttatccctc ctacagatta    142200
     ataggcccac cgaaccccag ctacaaagag gagttgaagt tttcgattcc cagtgtccac    142260
     ttggataatg gtgacggggg aggggggctc tcctcctcca gagagctaca gttcccaaag    142320
     tggtggctaa caccaggagt aggtacgttt tctgcagagc cagcagccca ggacagctga    142380
     tcagactagc ttcgcctttg ttagctatgc cactcccact gccaccacca ttgtgggagc    142440
     tccccgttgg ggttctgctt tgctgctcct ttcccaggaa tcttctggga ccagaatggg    142500
     atgagtccac ttgggccaag aatcctggct tacctgaagc taggatactt tcataaggag    142560
     gtaaatatag actgggcttc cctgaagcag tgggatcttt aggccagaac agccccactg    142620
     gctaaggagt aagagagatg ggaaggagaa gatccaggta tcctctgtcc tgcctcctcc    142680
     atagtcccat gtccagtggg cttcatcacc agtgagccaa tacccaggag cccttaaagg    142740
     gtcacagcac atctgagtga gagcagaaag gcaaaatgga ggggagcaat gaggcccaaa    142800
     ggcacagagg gagactgagc tgacaaactg ggagggagag tcctctgggg ctagtaggaa    142860
     ggaacctacc agtggtcact aaatcccaac tcccattggc tgcctttctg ttccaacagc    142920
     ccttccccag gagcaggcct tggatacaac tgtcctttca ctccccctcc ctttccccgc    142980
     cctgtggagt ggtctctgtt tgtgagagct gttaacctgg ctctgccctg catgaacccc    143040
     tcccctcacc agagtcagca gtgtcccctg ctagagggtg aatggcctcc ctctccctcg    143100
     ggtcgtgggg cagagtacat gtgtgccaag agggggcccc atgggccacg tggctgtttg    143160
     cagttcatga gaagcagctg agataaaaag ctgttttccc agtgggcaag gggccagagg    143220
     gggctgaggg gggcgtggga gtcaaggcca ggctgtaggg ctttgtgcaa ccctggcctc    143280
     cccctcctac gtgtttgtac ctgcaggagc ggggggttgt gcagctacag agcagtcccc    143340
     acacgaggct gtcagctctc ctagctttct atattttccc ttgatgcctg aaatgcctga    143400
     aagtcccaag tattgtcctt caccattatg aggtgccatc atccaactgc ctaactatga    143460
     cagaatgtgg tctgagattt gggtaggcaa agccctagcc aagggactgc caacctatac    143520
     aagatcaggg caggggggca gtgccagaga tatgtgggcc aaaacttgac aggtatagaa    143580
     agagccaaga taattagatt aagcgtttac atgatgctca agtcaagggt acatgctcat    143640
     gaaggggtcc ggggaactgg tgaactctcc tggaaaaggg acttcagacc ttatgccccc    143700
     cacctaccta gatatggcct cagggtacct ttgtcgtgta accaaaaggg tgtgggcctg    143760
     gaagaagacc ccccccatct ctatccacct gacctcacta ggcatggaag ggtagtcctc    143820
     caagagagaa gtcctccggg atctcttacc cagctggtag tgctcccaac tcatctcagt    143880
     gaggcttctt gtggaagcct aggtgggccc tagaaagaga ctagcaagca gggatttagg    143940
     tacccctatg aaacagggag tctgtgtgcc cctttcatac aggcctgtga gtcccataac    144000
     acatgactta tctatatctg atgcctcaac tctatggcca atgactttct ggtgtcttaa    144060
     gaagggtgca tgtgtgcatg ttcacatgtg cctgatggga tctgtgacag cttccaaacc    144120
     ctaatctggg tataccaatg aatagctcag aaatgggctg ccttgaatat gcagcatgct    144180
     ggtggctcgt gttgttaaca agtaggtgtt ccttatgatg aaacttgagg tccccacttc    144240
     cagagagaaa aaaacatcct ccttttacta gggtggcact ttcaaaatgg cagcagagtc    144300
     tacagaaccc agactcccat agcactcagt gggtgcaggc aaggctctta ttcatggagg    144360
     tgggaatggg tgtgaggact cttagcctcc cctggagcca gggaaggagg ctaaacagtg    144420
     gcaggaggtc accattgttc tttaagggca gtgtccccat tccatgcagg aaagttgcag    144480
     aaaataggaa aggggtaaac agggtgcctc tgggaaaagt tccagaaaaa gagactgtgt    144540
     cagaaaggtc gcatgcttcc caccagccct aaccttcagt tgatgagccc tgacagtcac    144600
     cagtccatgg aacatgagcc atgtttcctg gttttatttt tctttagctc cagaagccct    144660
     caccttccta ctccactagc acagatgtgt tcttatttgc ttattttgat tttgtgagac    144720
     aatctcatgt agccttcaaa actcactagg tagctgaaga taaccttgaa ctcctattcg    144780
     tcctgcttct acctcccaag tgctaggcat gtcctccata tcttgtttat gtagaaccaa    144840
     ggattgaatt caagacttgg tacctgctag gcaagcattc tatcaactga gtcatatcct    144900
     gattctattt ttaaacttta aaacttagtg tccaggcaag atcaggcagc tcccatagta    144960
     caacatgacc tagttaacaa ctgttgttac gtatgtagcc catgcaggca aagccacttg    145020
     gtgtggcctg gctgctctgt acctcttggc tttgagactt ccattccaga tggggcatct    145080
     ccattcacaa agatttccat aagtttacct ggggtgccat ggaagagtgc actagctagg    145140
     gacaccacag gaactctgta gatgagaact tagggtatgg cagccttctg tgccagtaag    145200
     agggtgttct ggatgttgga ttcccaccac cagaacatag aggcaaggca aattggaata    145260
     ctggacacag tggataggcc tctaataaaa gggacttaag agataagtct ggcataccag    145320
     ctccaccatg tacctcactg agttttccct ctcctctaca gaagaggaaa ctgtctatag    145380
     gtccaaccat cctctgacat ctgacactgg tacaggtaac cagtggtccc taagcttcat    145440
     agggcaacca aaagatagtt cctaggatca gctatggagc attagagaaa aagaggagga    145500
     actttctaga aggtaaaatg gtcccactgc tcggatcagc agaaacccag cccacagtcc    145560
     ctccctagtc aggaaatgta aacaggaatg taaagggtaa agttctaggg cactgaccgc    145620
     agaactcaaa caggacaaag acccgacccc tagacaaaca gtgggtcacg gtgcaaactt    145680
     aggcagggca ggagtgcccc tcagcatcat gagtgtagcc ctacattgct gtccttgact    145740
     ccgtggcctc tgtgggagag gcggccggga gcttctgaga ccagggagaa catgccaagc    145800
     ctacaaactt tactgtggag aggactcccg ctttccctag tacatgaaac cttcctgggg    145860
     aaccatggtt tcaaggtgct ctcttccagc cagcttctca cgttctaacg ccaagccccc    145920
     aattccagac ctctctttcc agcttcagga aacacgcatg gtcctacttc tacttctggg    145980
     gccctatgat aatgagggga cagtggaaaa gagagtttcc tccattcctg tcctgttgaa    146040
     cccagggcag gaacaggcaa aggaactgtt ccattactac actctgctgt cagtcaagga    146100
     agtccccaga aaggagatac agatttgcct cagagacact gaaactggag aagacaaggg    146160
     aatatagagc ggcgggtgta atgctagtcc ggcttccaga tctttctaac aactaccttc    146220
     aaagctccca ggactcaggc ctcaagggca ctctcctcga atatacttcc aaactcttgt    146280
     tcacacactt tcacaagtac ctctggcaca ttctgggtgc tctatactgg gaagagaaaa    146340
     aacccaacca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa accagccgtg ttgtaagatg gctgtgacca    146400
     tcatggtcca gacccacaat gggatgagaa ggatgggcta gcttctgctt aagagaagac    146460
     aatcacagtg ccctggaaga aaactcagat ggctggaagg acccatagtc taggtattgc    146520
     catacctaga aagcctcagg gttcaggcag gccttaaatg ggggttgtaa agctctacac    146580
     actcaagttc agaagaaagg ggatatttgc aggtctcaga gcctcagcga tgcaggaagg    146640
     gactgccgta tccaggagtg agtagggagg gggtttgggc tcctttgtca ccccgagaaa    146700
     ctctacacag tgcttctttt ggaatcaaga ccctctggac cttgagctgt ctctatgaat    146760
     gacttaggag caaaagtcca cctccaggaa ccctggccag gcaaaagcag gcctttcttc    146820
     tggtgacaaa tggggcagga gggggatgcc gagctgccag agccatctgg ttgaggaaga    146880
     cactagccta gagggtgtgg tatggcctgc tcaggaaggt cagaggtcac gatggcccgg    146940
     aagagcctcc agccacctgg gcaattgcag ttcggctggt ccccacccgc ccctctccac    147000
     aggatcagag gaaatcacag cagtgcaggc aaagtgttta ttttcaaatg acatttctaa    147060
     gaaaaatggc ctcccccaaa cgcttgaccc tatgcctgga atgtggggag acaaacagct    147120
     gtctcgactc ccaggccccg tgaagaccct ggttgggggc aggggctatg ggatacctcc    147180
     tggggataca ccagccccat ggtcagggca taggatcctg gctctgggct ccattcccag    147240
     ccttgctgtg tccccagcag gaagcccaca cccccatggc cctggggtca catgcatgca    147300
     gggacagctt gtcttgacca gcagggccca gcacccctag tgtggacttc acaacattgg    147360
     cctcctagca cacgcgccat accacaggct gccttggcgc cgctgctcct gctgggctcc    147420
     tggccaccca ggcttgcccc agccctcttc tgagctcccc accccaggaa gcacacaagg    147480
     tagctaggct cagtctacag aacgatccca agtcctctgg ccttagttcc cacaggcaga    147540
     gactgggctc taggaggtga agcccctgtt tcatgattcc ctccttagat gatttttcta    147600
     gtgcctggcc atcagtgacc cattgcctga tccccaccca ctgcctaggg ctggggagag    147660
     attctgttgg gtgtttgggg agtcacaaag gcaccctaga actgtccctg ctgactgagc    147720
     tctgacccaa ttccagtagc catttttttc tctttcctgc ctccatgtta cccatctcta    147780
     gtcttagggt accatggggg ttcctggaag ccacctttgt gtacccattg tgagtaccct    147840
     gctccccggc agctctcagc actgctgagg tacagaggga gcgcccccgt ttctttctca    147900
     gggaacctgg gcctctctaa ctcactggtg agagcttatg aaaccccttc tccaggagta    147960
     gggggtgtgt cccagagctc tgatagcctg tacttagaca ggagtgggca acagaagaat    148020
     ggagaggctg cttctctgcc cccaagcccc ccagcttcct gcctcacagc ccacaaagca    148080
     ctaaaggcca caggtcctgg cgacatcaaa ggcccaggaa gctccttgta ctgaattaag    148140
     tgtaaatggg tccaaggcat gtggcttgta tctcccacaa ttactcctgc ttgctgcagg    148200
     atgagatgag gaaggggtgg gagggagacc ctctgaaagg ccaagtttgg ggcaaagaag    148260
     catgcaagga cacccctttg tgctccacaa ataagaattg gcagaatcat actgggcagt    148320
     agacctgaca cagcttttct tcgttgacta ctactgtggg gcccaactat cggcttgccc    148380
     atgctgaagc tctttatggg agtatctagc acaatccatt gatagaatgg gaccattggg    148440
     ggccttcact cacatctgag gatccttacc ctatgcctag acacaaagga aacagatagg    148500
     tgtggtctcc tgtagaaccc accagtggaa aagtctcctg gggctagagg acccaagctc    148560
     aagaaagagg tggtggtgga aagaggcgct gtgggtgtcc cagtgaaccc caaagaccat    148620
     gaaaaagacc ctgattctcc tctggcctca gggaaaagtc cacacctaca tggtaggcaa    148680
     tcacgagcat ttctcagagt tctgagaatg ttccagaaaa gtgagacaac tgttggtggg    148740
     ggcagggggt tgaggggtgg gcagagacct gagtccagtg agggtcacag aacagacgtc    148800
     aatgaccctg aatccttatc acctgagcct ctctttacat acagtgtccc ctctgcaaac    148860
     ttaaactgag cagaggccag gccaagggtc aggggtcagc catgcctcct ctgccggtct    148920
     ctatcaagct ctgctgccct cctggccaaa agccagctca gcatctgcca tttggtccca    148980
     actgaaacag gcccgtctcc ccagggacac ttgcagagtc cttcatcctg gggcacttgg    149040
     agcctctgtg cacgatcagc ctgtctggcc ccggcagcgt gatttgtgat tttccgcctc    149100
     cacactgctg ctaattgccc tggacctggg aaggatggat gggggagggg gctctgtaat    149160
     cccatcatcc ccaagcagaa gaatcaggct gccaggagat gactccattt acccaactaa    149220
     cgtcagcaga gccccaggcc tagcctatgt ttgagggggg aggaggtgtg ggaagaagta    149280
     ccaagggggg caaagatgca ggcaatgggg gatgaagggt agcttatgga atggggaagg    149340
     tgtcccagtc cctgtggccc ctcagcccct tagagcagct gctaggctcc ttggagccct    149400
     gctccttggt gtggataacc actgtaatct accatggagg gcttagccca gtgggggcca    149460
     gagtagacct gtcagccgat tccaagaggc aaagacagct gctgttcccc aagattccca    149520
     aggttcagac ccaatatcac ctactcttgt tcccaaacca ttcccttgta aaagtcaagt    149580
     taaactcaga gacacgcaag ccctgcaaaa agtaggtgtc agagaagatg gagctggtac    149640
     caaaggtgac agagggaatc cttggggagc tattggtctc tgagagcttg ccttgcaaat    149700
     aggaatgaga aaacctagca aggaaccttg tctcaggtca cctgcaaggt gcagcagact    149760
     atgggactgg aatctggctc agcgggggag ttgacgatct ttgattagtt gctggaagtc    149820
     tgaaggatga ggacagctgc tggccttcaa agaggccccc ttctctttct ggacattcag    149880
     acccccaccg gccatagcct accctgggca atgctacccc ctactcctaa tcctcctgtc    149940
     tgcttcttcc caagagccca ggcaattgga cacattttcc aaattcccag gctgctgcta    150000
     tttcctcctc aaattcctcc ttgccccagc taccccaaat cccaggcatg ggaaaaaaga    150060
     caccatggca tccacacaga caccatctcc aggcggggct tcatcaaaca cagggtggat    150120
     gaaacagcag ctggctgtgc ccgggcaact gtgaggtgtg ggggtgccag ggagaagagc    150180
     cccgattacc aggccatcgt gggaaagctg taaaggaaag ctacccagag gccctttttg    150240
     ctggtggccc cattccactc tgcctggatt tctagcctcc aagtgcccta gggagaggca    150300
     gatggaggac ccagctgggg acacttgtgt cctgctggtt acaggctctg ccaaaaatgt    150360
     ccatctgcct atgcaggagt tacctggctc taagtgtggg taccagtgca tcagctcagg    150420
     ctttgttcaa tacatcatta ggacagggcc agtccactcc caggagtctc tggacagccc    150480
     agtcaccaca caagtacccc gtatgttctc tagaaagagc ttagcacaag aaaaatgcct    150540
     tcttgggcct gtgcactagc tggctgccag gccatagccc tgaagcaaaa gaggctggtg    150600
     ggcagcccta gccaggtgag catgaagatt tgtggagttg tatgtttccc aacccccatg    150660
     cccacttgtc caggaccttg gggaggacac attctgggtt ctgtgagaag tggccaaggg    150720
     gccacgtggc gactgcctgg agagacaaga aaggtttact gaagataacg ggaggagggc    150780
     gtggtaggca taactagacc ctggacccca acctctcctg gactctcttg ggcgggctgg    150840
     catctctggg gtcgctccca gtcagcctgt aactgtgtaa ccagtgcctt atcactagat    150900
     gtagaaatgc ttacagcctg gtgggctgtg ggggccgggc tgccctcctg cctgcctgcc    150960
     cgccccacat gtcattatcg gcaagcattc tagcggtctc agcctttgtt cttcccacca    151020
     ccggcccagc cttgatccct agctgccccc cacgcctgct gcctgccctt tgcccccacc    151080
     accccctctg tcactgcagc cagatcgaac ccccacccgg cccttcctgc ccgaggctct    151140
     gacattccgc caaaggcgcc catctttgct ttcctctttc tccactccat ttcatgatag    151200
     aaagcagaaa gtttcctctg catgccacag tgagaccccc aagcaatgtg aacaaaaggt    151260
     cttcttgagt tgggaccact gggccaccag attacttact gacccaccct ctccccttgg    151320
     gtcctctccc tgtggttctg cattgcccct gccctgcctg gactttccca taggaagaac    151380
     tagcactcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acagaggcaa    151440
     aactagcaca cacaaacaca cacacacaca tacacacatg cacatacaca ccacacaccc    151500
     acacacacat acacacacac acatacacat acacacacac ccacatacaa cacacacaca    151560
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aagaaaggat ctttaaacaa    151620
     acagggccaa acatactgga gacattgggt ctgtgtgctc aagaggcagg tagcctttat    151680
     acatcacaca cttccatatc ttgccaagat gtccactgct ggcctactta ggactggata    151740
     gcttccttta cacaggaaac tagaggctag tgcctagagg gaccaaaggg gagaggggag    151800
     agatcatgtc tcctggaggg aggtaaaggg atcacaggaa gacctagagg ccatgattct    151860
     ccccagagat gaccagagag acaccactct acatagaaga gcagaaagca ggactctgat    151920
     cctctgtgaa ttcactcctt catattgtta cgtaggcctt ttactttatt gtgttgtgat    151980
     atgtaacaaa ctaaaccaca caagcacata gcttagtggt aataggtgtg agcccagtgc    152040
     tgggcagtgt ctaagagttt tatcttcctc tctggctgca gctccaaggc ctcccaactt    152100
     gcttgctctt ctctctcagg gcagagtgga tgcagaggtg gtcctgtgtg gtgaagggac    152160
     tggagtctgt catctcactt cttaggcaga tggattgaga gccaggagag gcaggcaaag    152220
     aaccaggccc tgcagaacct agggctgtgt cctggagatt gcacagcaga gtaggccctg    152280
     caacctgacc catcccttcc ctgggtccca cctgccggcc agggtccctg caaaaccctg    152340
     acagctgagg agtcacacct tcccaactct ggttgtcatt agctgctcct ggcgggaggt    152400
     ggaggggtgg aggattggcc cccgcagcca gcaaggatcg aggctcacgt gaggccacct    152460
     ggacctcatt attcttaagt ggtccagtct gagtttgggg aaaaaggaga gaaagctgcc    152520
     ccacccccac acttcagcca gcacactggg gccttctacc atgatggagc actgaaccca    152580
     aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaatct atggaggact tgcccccaga aaaaaaatgg actaaagtac    152640
     cttttctgga cagaggctaa gcaagtcaaa aggagttagg gctgagatgg gactggaagt    152700
     caggctctgt tccttcctcg tcactttcca aaggtgatct ggtgaacaag gtcaccgtca    152760
     tcaccctgtt actgacaaga agggtttaga gcattttccc ccacaaaaga acctacgaaa    152820
     gacccccttc cctgatgaac ccccatccac aagtggaagg atgactccca ggggggctct    152880
     aaccaatgat agagcccaga gagtgctaag ggtaccagta aaatggtggt acgacatgga    152940
     acccaagatc ctagctcttc cagctgttct ctggctcaaa ggacttcccc agatacccca    153000
     tcagcatcca tggacaacct tggtctacaa gagagggact tggtttggct ttcaagacca    153060
     gttttcagag cttccatttt gatcaagcag tgtgtttcct gagagtcagg aaggggacat    153120
     ttttcagtgt tcagaatctg gggtagatgg tgaagcagaa tccttgggtc ttgactcaat    153180
     cctgctattc ttttgagact ttcttaggca tcaatattga gagtccctgt atacctctag    153240
     atgtgcacag gagcgaggac caggctctcc gtccccttct gtgcagccac aggaatctgc    153300
     aaggtggctg cttgagggaa ggcaggcaat gggtagggca gggtggggca gggcggagct    153360
     gggcatctgt gggaagctga cctgagcaag gagacattag cagaccgctg gcatcatcac    153420
     cttcatgctt tcacccactg ggtgaatata cactaaatga agcacaaatt agcacagcca    153480
     agggagagtc aattgtgtcc cttcttctta atccctttgg ctttgggttt ccccagcctg    153540
     gacagactgt ccgaggggaa ggctgcccaa gggcacccgg gcatccgtcc ggggacattc    153600
     aggcagtgac caatcccagg ctgccccgtt gtgtgccctg aactgtggac cttttcccag    153660
     ccagcccctg tgggggagca gccactgtgg gtccccaggt cttagagaga tgttcaagga    153720
     tgggacaggg atggagatga gcatgaaagc cagcagaagg acatctctca gaactagccc    153780
     tcttctctca actcctacca ccaaagcaga agaccactac agtccagaac ccagcacggc    153840
     caccatcata gcttggctga ccagctcagg acaggtcagt atcaagatat tcaggtcgga    153900
     gctctgggag ctgaagacag taagccctca atgaatcttg gggtttagcc ccagttctgt    153960
     agggcctgat ggggtctctg aggacttgag gactctccta cgggccaatc aaggctgagc    154020
     atccagaggg aggcaatgcc tttatatgat ggtcacacgg gagggagtta ccaatatcta    154080
     gctcggtggg cttcaggtac cagtaacctc tgctgcaggg ggaagtacct ccccaccagc    154140
     ccccagcata tctgggcctg gggggtcttg ttatggcccc aggggttcct cccacatcag    154200
     gaggtattcc ccagccccat caaatttcat ctcttcccct cctcctgcct tgccaggaga    154260
     tatggaacag aggggccgct cttggccccc agtctcagaa gggtgcccct ctgagcagat    154320
     aagcctgcct gtacccggaa caagttagcc gcccccactg ttctgctctg gaggccattt    154380
     ggccttggga taaacagatc tcatccggga aagagccttg tgcccctcac cctaatcccc    154440
     cggcccctgg cccctggccc ctctgggagc tttgacctaa gcaaataatt agtccagaga    154500
     ctggaaggct caaggggatc gaagtcagga atctgatctt tgttcccttc ctttatcctc    154560
     cccttccccc tttaggtctt gagataacca ataagccttt gtgtttttag gttgtgtgtg    154620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgcaagca cacgcgtact    154680
     ttcttcagac attccccagc tcaatacagc agatatgggt aggctgacac cccaatctgt    154740
     accagaaccg atgtcaagag agcagaaaga gcttgggact aaccactggg gccaaaatgg    154800
     ggcctcatca cctgagggag tgctgagact accttctgtg agaggaatct tccagaacat    154860
     ggcagggaag agggaccagc ctaggttcct agaccctctt catgcctctt cttgaccagg    154920
     tccattgaga taaagcctcc ttcatctaag caggcctcct accaggtctc attcatccat    154980
     ttacagaccc agtccctaga gccctgcctt ttcaaccata atttcaaaac aaccctcaca    155040
     aagtctactg cctcagggtt agagttagtt tttctcctct catttcccta agcctcttga    155100
     gtgagactac caggaggaga aagtatgtcc caggggcccc cagatcagtt ccatccatcc    155160
     tactttaacc cagaccaaca catggaatac cttctaccat ccccaagaca cagaaatacc    155220
     ttttcttcct aaacttgtta gccctgtgtc ttgtgtctgg tacagggcac tccggctacc    155280
     aactgctcag gattccaggt cccaggatgg ctgaaggttt tcccttacct ccagtcctaa    155340
     agaacatgta gttataaaaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaaaggt gcccatcttg    155400
     atggctggct ctgccagggg caaaaagcac tctctcctct ggacaaatgt aggttttctt    155460
     ctctccatct tgattatctt ttctgtcctt ccttctatca gaatgtcacc ctcccctaaa    155520
     gctaccgctg gggtccaggg gtggcaccac actcttcagt ctacttcttt ccccttagtg    155580
     tgtttctatc ttctttactc tctccaaaat gtgttcactt gtttcctgta aaggccatcc    155640
     accttcccca agccgtctca cctgctgggc cagccctggc cccatcaagc taacagtccc    155700
     tcttcccctt cttcctggaa ttttccactt tctcttggtc cctcctcaca tggtatcagg    155760
     agattcagaa aggagatggt ggctcaggag actctgggcc aggatataat ggtttgagga    155820
     cttccctgag gggttagaca cagaggaagg gaaacaggct gctttgccac atgagcagtt    155880
     gaagaaggag cttcatctgg ggctacaaga gcttgggagg agctgggaga ggtcttgcct    155940
     cagaactggg cagtgctagt atgtgggttt cctggtgccg ggcttactgt gagcagagag    156000
     agagccaagc atcacctttt tgctgatcac tgggaacgca tgggtattgc ttcatcttga    156060
     aggccacctt gttgcagtca ggcaactaac actgctgctc ttgttacagt acagccacag    156120
     agccccattg tacctcaaga cccacaatag gactggactc tagacttgtc tctggcaatg    156180
     gacattcttt gatacagcaa gggagatgga ttccaggtct agaattaacc caaccaccac    156240
     accaggacta tcaaggtctt acttgaacaa gagactcccg gcccaagagg tgccacggcc    156300
     aggctccaga tccccaaccc tcttaggact ggggctacca ccggggtgtt ggccatgtct    156360
     agggagccct tctccttggg cttgcctgcc cctgctggaa gatagaggaa acaacctgct    156420
     cctggataga cggggtgctc cagccatctt gcccttcact ggccttcagg agggttgtat    156480
     gggtgaaaag gtcaaagaga ggcagaggag aaggtgaagg aatctcagag catggagggg    156540
     aggctggatg ctgcaaatgg tgagaaggaa gcagtgacaa gtatggctgg gtctagcaca    156600
     cagcgccctg gatagcccaa ctctgcctcg gccaactctg cctctgaagg agtgctgtgc    156660
     ctcactggct aacctctgac ggctacttgt gaggtttgtg gatagtgctg accagctaag    156720
     tcccatgggc caaaccagac caggttccaa gggacaggaa ggaactcatt gctcagtgcc    156780
     tggcctcagg cactgctgag ccatctccca tttccagggc acccggggac gggcaaggcc    156840
     tggatgctca gccgggctat tggctgttat tgggggagga ggttaaacct ctatgctcct    156900
     ctccaatgcc tctaccctga tcatttaagt actttcctac gtcagcctcc caggtcctga    156960
     agaatacacc tctttgaaac tgaagggaag gaccctctac gctacactcc catccctgca    157020
     ccacccccag aatgctcttc agttctcagt cacagaagaa agctagattt cagggccaac    157080
     tagctccttc caggacaaga agggtgggtc taggtagtcc cactcaccca agtcctggca    157140
     ggaagggggc tatggaattg cggaagcact gagaactagt gggtagcaag cagacaaaag    157200
     tcatgcttgt acccttggct gctctctctg gccacgtaca tcatcctcag tggctcgtaa    157260
     gtatgggtgg gcattgactg ggagtcatga gttaggggac agccaggttg ggcatgaatg    157320
     tcttttggag actttgagag aaggggagtc actgggagag gagagaggcc agaggcaatc    157380
     ccggttctgc tagtttacat ttgtctcttc cctaagactg cacatctctc ttggggggag    157440
     gggaggtgct gttagtgggg ggagcttggc actgagccca gtaatcaccc aaggaaatta    157500
     taatgtggag cagaaaggga tccttcagct gctcatcaaa atgatggaaa caccagaaaa    157560
     gctgattgaa gtgttgttca cttagatggg caggcaaatt cctgcagtcc catgtagggg    157620
     ctgcaaaggg ggtccacaag ggctttgagg gtctgggaag gtgacaaggt gcttgtggga    157680
     gggctaggga ccagtggact aggatgaagg cagctattta tccaacagca gtggagaagg    157740
     aggtaaagac acttgtgaaa gactggacaa gggacaaggt ccattcaagg aagtcagaac    157800
     aaggagcaga cgcctgatgc ccaagggcaa agctggcaag gcacacacag cctggacttg    157860
     tggtaccaag gctgatattc ctgaaatgat gaagactggg aaggcagctt tgcttagaat    157920
     tgggatgagc tgggcctagt gccctactcc cacacctcag tcatctgcct gcctgcctgc    157980
     ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gcctgccctc    158040
     ccactggtgt gggccttctg gattccatca ggtaccacag caatctggct gtgacataat    158100
     gaggcaggct ggggtcagcg gggtgacctt tcatggcccc aatgtttgga aatccccaaa    158160
     tcaaaatgac ccgacagaca agcttgagag tagatttccc aagtggcccc ttcaattacc    158220
     aagagaggaa aacagcaggc cccagccatt accagtctcc acagacggga caactcaggc    158280
     ccagagaggt cctaagcagg cctgcttagc tttaagcaaa ggtaagccag gcagcctgga    158340
     gagaacacac acggagaagt ccatgattga ggggttcagg ccccacgatt ctgtaagcta    158400
     tggtaccaat ctgaaagcca tagcagatct gggcttgggg cagaagggag gccatgagag    158460
     ggttaactta taatagctca accggggctg gagaacagca tgcactaagg gctgaatgtg    158520
     gcagaggcag ggttgcagga cagccacccc cagcccagag ttttgtaagc caacattctt    158580
     cttttgtgtc cttcctctcc aggtgttatt tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaaa    158640
     aagagaaaaa aaaaaccact tcaaacttca tacaaaaaag cttcacgctg aaaatttaat    158700
     gtagaaaccc tgtaatcgct tttccagaga taagacacgg ccaggagggg aacacgatcc    158760
     ctatagcata gaaagcagcc ggggagggag ggcctgaggc tgtgaggcac aggctgtggg    158820
     gctgggggtg ggggtgggag ttggaggaag aggcaagagc aagaaggcca ccttgggggc    158880
     acaaccatca tggggacact tgagccttct aaaaggctat tggccttctg tgtacatagg    158940
     cgctccttct ttgggcagga cccttcggcc ccaggaagct cgagtttcac agtgacgcca    159000
     tggcctcttg accagcagcc tcagagacta atttggggtc ctggaaggct caggttggga    159060
     acagctaagc ttcaaagggc agttaggcca gcagggtatc tgacctctcc tggagggaga    159120
     tgtcctgttg cctcctggtc agcagcgcca ccattgccca atacttgggg acaccatgct    159180
     cccactgccc cctaccacca cacggccctg ggtgcacaca gccctcaaac ccactaaggc    159240
     ttggttgtag atggtggaga ccaagaactc ccctcgtccc taggcataag cttcccaaga    159300
     caaagaactg aaaacgcctg gctcttgcct cagcccccta tctcctgtga gcagacccaa    159360
     ctcgtttagg ctgttcccca cccagaaaaa tatcagaaaa caggctagga gagcacagag    159420
     cctgggacct ccctgacagg aaggtatggg gtgggggtgg gctgctctgg cgggggccct    159480
     gggtgtgttt gcgccagacc tgcagttctg cagcaacatt ccatgggtgg gggtggagga    159540
     aggcgccatg tggaaccaac tggcctggct tgggggcagg aggcccccca agcagtgagc    159600
     ccagctgggc atgcttgctc ctctactgcc ccctttaggt agcccaaggc tcagaaccag    159660
     ctcccccaga gaccatgctg agcacttagc cacccaaaaa gtgggatcct gtgtccaaca    159720
     gaagaagcta agacacagag acctctaaag gggaaggggg aatgctgtcc tctgaattaa    159780
     tagtcccaga ccctcctgaa gtcagtgggg agggactggg gatatagcct agtgggtaga    159840
     gcctggtatg tatgaaaccc taggtttgat ctgcactaca taagctggac atggtggcac    159900
     atgcctgtag tctcagaact ggaggcggca gcaggagatt gggaccttca aggccaacct    159960
     cggctatata acaaattcaa ggcctgtctc aaaaatgaaa caacaaaaat aaaaaacttg    160020
     cggagggaag agataccaca tagctctctg catgatccca agatcttggg agctctgatc    160080
     tctaccttgg aaccagccca cactcaccca agccccacat tgactccccc atagctctct    160140
     atggcatact aacttggcag gaataagcag ggcacacatg gtcaggcaga accctcacaa    160200
     agtcagtact tgcttctctc aaacatggct atggttttct ttgttgtcca ccccaccaag    160260
     aagacatcat agactaagga tgctgtttgc ctgtccttcc tagtgttgcc aggacaatga    160320
     cacagaggcc caagaaggag tcatagctca gaggtgactg aatagtgcta ggagccccgt    160380
     gccaatgtca ggtgccctgt accctctcag gactctcata ccctggcccc agctcttcca    160440
     gactcatcaa gaatattcca tgagctccat aggcaagcac gtggctcagt ttgccagact    160500
     atgtccgtca gactggcgcc agctcttaag ccccatgtcc ccacttggtc actctgtccc    160560
     tctttagagc ctctggccac ttaagtctta ggtccagtct cccaaatggg agcaccctgc    160620
     ccttttccac tacatccccc acaactttac aaagatgagt gtttctggca cccctatctg    160680
     caatgttttc ctgcatcctg gggtcctccc agtctttggt ccccacagtt gttcattgca    160740
     ggcagtgggt ggagacccta gggtgggagg aagagcttgt gagagagcag aaacatgtaa    160800
     gaaacattgc ccttctctct atctaggtca tgagtgagac accagtcttg gagatttaga    160860
     tgtctcttct cagtcccttt ctggggcacc tgcatttttt ttttttgtag catgggggac    160920
     ccaagaaata gtccctgaaa ccttgcaaag tctagcaaca atacgcacca ttctgaccgg    160980
     ggccatattg acagacagga gcaactgtga atactcttaa gaggcatttc tatttcggca    161040
     gaggggcggg cttcccgcca tctcgagggc catccgatat tttcggataa agaacattcc    161100
     tgccatcctt catcaccctc cttgggcagc tgttggctcc ttttatccca gcacaagtgg    161160
     ccatgtcctc ctcaaacccc aaaggaggct cggaacacat acttttcccg ttatgtaccg    161220
     gccaaggggc caaggaggat ttagctcggg agaggcccag ggcccagcag gcaggggatg    161280
     ttctgggagg tgaagacagg ccaagatgag gagaacagct gctcctaacc ccagagggcc    161340
     tgctgaacct cgagcctggg acttattttt aggaggcccc ttccagaatt tagactgcct    161400
     catcgcaggg acacagggaa aactaaaaat gttcacacac taaggtaccc cagtctctgg    161460
     agggcccctc aaatccaaca gttcccagtg ggttgtgtgt ttctgatatc tggggcaact    161520
     ggccccgtcc tttgggcata gcttcctatg gcatattcat tcataactgc atgttagcat    161580
     gagcaccaac gtcccctgga tccccagctc caatgtgacc cggaccccag gccaactgtt    161640
     ccttcccctg attttgggaa taagctactt atgtaaaagc cactcagctg agttggaacc    161700
     caggaaaagt cagttgtgca gccagggtta ggacctctgg aggctgagga aggggagacc    161760
     taagagtaag tcaaatgaca ccagtgtgga aaacatcagg ataatgcctt aaagccagac    161820
     aagagaccta gcaggacccc aagaccttca cagcatctct gccagctgca aacagtgata    161880
     ctgcaagaac acaaggcctg tctggttgcc cccagcccag tgagggattg catttggggc    161940
     tgggaatagc attgcagaat gccttaggac gtgggatgct tcttcaggga atgggatgtc    162000
     ccagtgggct gagtaggcct aaaggattgg actttatagc tcttccaaag ccctgaccat    162060
     cctggaaata gaatcactcc aactggcatg tcagttggcc ttggtgactg ggcaggctgg    162120
     ccacgccacc tcgtggttgg ggtctgggcc ggcacaaagg gaggctccct tcgcatgcca    162180
     gcagggagca gtgccagctt tgaaaagcga tttgtccatg aggtacccat gcctggccac    162240
     attctgccac accgtggccg ctgggaggaa gggacaggga ccaggccagg cagggaggca    162300
     ttaaggcttt gcctaactcc tggattcact gggactgagg acaggagcta ggtggatgag    162360
     agtcctggga atagatcagt ctactattgt tcttctgcca gccaggatct catgtggctg    162420
     gtattatacc accacatgtt ttgtttttgg tttggtttca tcaacactgg ggattgaacc    162480
     tagggcctgt tatataccag gcaagtgctc tactaacttg acctacttgc ctagcctata    162540
     acatgctttt tttttgtagt tattgtttgt tgttctgttt tgagacaagg tcatctaaac    162600
     tgtctttgaa atcactatga aggtgaggct ggcctcgaac tcttgatcct tgcatgcatc    162660
     ttccagatgc tgatattaca ggtctacctc accatgtctg gccctcatga cacattatat    162720
     ataaagaagg ctgtagccaa ggacctcaca aggccagcat ggccttagag taggaattgg    162780
     attccagacc ctcttgactt aagccatatt tcccttcaag aagctccctt gtctactctt    162840
     ggtatccaaa tttccctgaa gcaatgagag ctccctgcct agattttggc tgttttctgt    162900
     tttgttttct ttagtttttt gagacggtag tctcactatg tagcccaggc tggccttgat    162960
     gtttctaaat atagggctta taagttgtgt caaatgctct gtggctgctg tcatacactt    163020
     gcactaaatg caaggatagg agtgggggag aggaggagtg gtcattccta cacttgtgga    163080
     cacatggggt gttccatgag ccttcatagg ggtctttagg ccagggccca atgctctatc    163140
     aggcatcttc agaaactgag ggatgccagc ggagcggtgg caagatagga gcacaaaggg    163200
     ccaccctgaa ctgctcaagg ccccaggagg taatctgtgg ccctaaggaa tggtccagta    163260
     ggaaggtggg ggaggggttg gactttctca tccagcaaag gccaagcaca gaaacagcag    163320
     accctgtctg cctgccgcct ggccggcttt cctaatgagc tgtttccaag ccctttgatc    163380
     tggggtttta acgacacccc ctacccagga gcctcgcatc ctgcctgcag cctgcacaag    163440
     gcttattatc cagacctgat gacctgaccg cccgggacca gcctggctac cacctggggt    163500
     ggacgctaag ggctcttgtt cccttgttgg ggagaatgtt cccttggggt cctgaggtct    163560
     gtgaagctgg gttgttccca gagtcacctg ggcatctcta ggcttgaggc tggattctct    163620
     aaccaatgtc ccctttacct tgcatcattt ggggcctgct gggaactttc acagatacca    163680
     gtgatgtagc ccagatctaa gggatcttca ctcacttgag cagggcactc ctttggagtt    163740
     tgggaaccag aggcccaatt gccagtattc tgcaagtcag ccccttgttc cctcttgggg    163800
     tttattcaga gtaactgctg ggtcagcagc atctcgtcca cttcccaaga ttgtccatcc    163860
     atctggcaga agctgccccc ttcatcatgc ctcttcctag gcagactgtt tctctggcta    163920
     gcccccttga tctttgcagc catcttgacc tctggccaca gctgttcctc atgaagcagt    163980
     gagccacccc aggttggttg aagtaagcct tggggactca tggggcctga gtaggaccag    164040
     ctgtccctga tgggggtggt aaacatggag acctgagctg aagggtctcc ctgcttggag    164100
     tgactcccct tttcctccag gcatccctca gtcacttgtg aacacactta cacacacact    164160
     ggtgggaaat gaggcctcta tgtgctggtc tcagccctcc cccactctgg cagcaggctt    164220
     ggagttttat gagtgctaca aatcaggtat cacacagttt ggggctgaca tggtctttat    164280
     aagaattatt taaggcccta gactcttctg aggtcccagg gagaactggg gtagggagcg    164340
     tccagctgtt tggcccatgg aatcccaaac acttcataaa gtgaaggtag gaaaggaaag    164400
     gggggtgggg acaccatgtt ttgctgagct tcctcctgcc ccaatccaga ggttgttggg    164460
     aactcctagg ctgaagtgaa aggggtgggg gtgggggtgg agtgttctac aacggcaagg    164520
     gccaagttct cactctcact cctaggagcc agcctgggaa gccctggttc tgggctatag    164580
     caggaaagaa agagacacag agtttgagaa tttgccccac taacccccaa caatacccca    164640
     aagtgcccca cccccaggac attcttttga attctgtgga caggagtcag accctcctag    164700
     tgattttttg aattttcact gtccaacctc ctaggttcaa tgggcaaact cctataggtc    164760
     tgatccgtgc tggagaccca atggtgcacc ctaatttttt cgggcttgac ccactaaatc    164820
     agcagttttc aacctgtggg tagcaatcat caaaatgctc attgtttcca atgggtctta    164880
     ggaactgaga cacacttata gttatgatgt agcaataaaa atattatggt ggggggtctc    164940
     aaaaacataa ggaactttat taaaatgtca tagcataagg aatgttgaga actactgcac    165000
     taagtattat acaatgtttg actgataact gaaactagtc aagagcagcc ctgaaagact    165060
     agctaaaggt ccagtggcta gcagagggat gggaaggtaa ctcactccag gtattcacac    165120
     acaccctgag agagttattg tatttgcaca tggaagcatg agcagaggca aatggatgca    165180
     cagaaccccg tgcacccatc acacagcagt ctctggtcta gtatccaaac tgcacccccc    165240
     ccccccgcac actccccatc ccccaccata tacacagagc aaggtgtccc agtggttggg    165300
     cacactgcat tgctccatgc acagctgctg ccggtaccca caaagactaa gagaaaacac    165360
     tgttcctcgg ggccctgggg acactccccc atggcaggga agaagatggt ggtctcaaag    165420
     atagtagaat accagggctg gaggctctcc catgagaagg tagactgtcc tctgccttaa    165480
     atacagctaa agaaagaagg aacctagtcc tgcctagcag aggccctgaa tctggccagg    165540
     cctcaggaga gctagtgggt tcctggcacc tctgtggtcc agctggcggc ccagagaaag    165600
     cattacagct aactatagca ggttcaccac cctcccagcc tctgccccag aaccttcatc    165660
     cttgtagaag tatctgctgt ggccagcagt gagcacacac acacaacccc acacacacaa    165720
     ccccagtaca ggcaggcagt ggccccacct cagctcacac catgacatgc gtgtagaagc    165780
     tatagacatt tccaacatct tattcttgtc tgaaagggaa ggtggtgtgg tggcaataga    165840
     tctaaggata gggacacttc tgaaggcatg acagggtggg gaagagtaca gtgtagatca    165900
     aggtgaacct tcagggcccc aaccatacaa aggcagaatc ctacttcagc atgtggccca    165960
     ccatgccaag ccatctgatg aaatacggag ttgcagatgt atggtaaaaa ctcggggcag    166020
     ggactgactg gtctggagcg gggaggagtg aggcaccagg gcagcttcct tcatcggcca    166080
     taacggcaga accctcagag gctggagcca atcaaagcca gatgtggcag caacagaaaa    166140
     accttattta ccaagaaata atgaagccat ttgggagatt ggtgctgctg ggtgagctca    166200
     gatgaggtga tcgaggcaga cactaagcag gttcctcgtg ggaagggttg gaggtggtgt    166260
     tcctccgagg ctgggtaaaa tgagggtcta taggtccctt agcagcctta cttgtgcaga    166320
     gctgagctag tgggaaacga gtaaggtccc tgtggaggcc tttctccctt tgtctctgga    166380
     aactatataa ctgaaggagg aacgggggca aaagtgtcga aggggaaatg gtactcccca    166440
     cccaccatca aagaaaggct atgtcaagag tcctgaacac tgggatgtgt aggggcagta    166500
     gagtttttct ttgtgtgaat ccctgtctgt acatgtgtgt ggagggcaga ggtcaacccc    166560
     aagcgtcatt cctcaggaga gagacgtcca gcattttttt gtgtgtgttt cactgggacc    166620
     ttggggctct cttactaatt taactggcca ggccagcagg gccccaggga tcctacttcc    166680
     tcggcaccac gaatacgagc atgttctacc atgcctgcct ttctacagga attctaggga    166740
     gctaattcaa ggcctcgtgt ttgcatagca agtacctcat acccactgag ccatttctct    166800
     aggcccagag tcattcttca cagctggctg cagatacgga cccatgtacc cacctgctgc    166860
     ctctgcaatc ttacaggaat cctgccgcct cctgaggctt gagctgagag tgaagctgga    166920
     ggaggccacg attggagcaa catctgggaa aatgggcaca aacctggaga caaagagggt    166980
     tcaaggacgg ccagcgtcct tgaccatggc acattggtcc ataggggcca agaatgcaca    167040
     atcccctcag gagaaacaaa aacatatatc cacataacca atctgaaaaa cagcatcagt    167100
     cccgagagcc agatggtagc tataattccc aagccccctg acatatgaat aaaacagccc    167160
     acccatgcca cagaatatta ctcagtcctg aaaaggaaga aaattctgcc ctctgccttg    167220
     gatggatctt gagggtactg tttgaagata ggaaagacag atcttctgta atatcactca    167280
     tgtaatgtcc ctagagttac cacatccata aggacagaag atgtgggtgc ctgtgactga    167340
     gaagggtaag gagtggggga ggtgcacagt caagagtgag agagtttgta aaaatgcaca    167400
     caactctggc aataccctgg aagccactga ttcacacact gaagaatagt ctgcacaggg    167460
     tagaacccgt acctctgaaa agctgtttaa aggtcagaca tgatggggtt gggggagaac    167520
     gttcagcagg taaagccacc atatctgatg atgagctcag tttgatgccc tggaagtaga    167580
     aaatggagcc ctgaaacttg tcctctgatt tccacacccc ttcacatgta ataaatatgt    167640
     caatacaatt ttactttatt ttaaagactt ttaattagat gtctgtgtgc atctggggtg    167700
     gggtgggggt ggggacgggg gtaggtacac acaagtgaat ccttacattg ccttggatca    167760
     ccctggagct gtatgctatt gtgagccgtc cgatgtgggt actgggaacc aaacccagtg    167820
     tgtgctctta accactgagc catttctcta gcccaatcac aatgtaattt aaaataaaag    167880
     gcagacacta atgtcccaag accagctctc tcctacccag ggtaacaaaa tgaagggatg    167940
     gtcctctcac caacctttag agccccagtc tcctatgctc atcctgtgct aacctgctgg    168000
     tagacagtcc acattctaag gttcttagtc gtctctgtgg taccctgccc tcacattcag    168060
     ctgacgtaac ttagaatcac agggtggggg tgtgtgtgcc cttcttttga gggttattta    168120
     aaagaaaggg acactgagtc acagagaagc cagaccttat gcttcagatg gggaaggtct    168180
     gtgaggtgga ggggataccc agcctgctcc cccgagaaaa cagtatgtgt ctggggctat    168240
     aggcaacctc agacaggccc catgtcctga cttctagcgc accctatccc acgccataac    168300
     ctacggactt ctcagtccac agctgtggtg tgatgagcaa gactgggctt ttctgccagt    168360
     tttgaccatc caagcaagaa gcacttcttg aagataagtc tcaccagccc agaggggcca    168420
     acaaggcaca taaaaacctg agaaagatat ggaaatctca ggaccccttg agtcacaggg    168480
     gcaggcaatc tcaagttcta ccagccagac tgggatcaaa agtggattat ggttcatgag    168540
     ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta cttgcacatg agactattat    168600
     agtagcctac ccctgccctc tattgcccta ttgtgaacac actctttggg gctgagtaca    168660
     gaaggtcccc cccttgaggc tttgccctaa tgcatgcagc tcctctggag ttggtgggct    168720
     tatatacaca aaggggtctg gtaacaagga ggcaactgac cctgtttcca tgtctatggt    168780
     catctgcccg cctaggctgc cttattgtag gtgacttggt tctaaactga agtgactact    168840
     gcacccggga tcctcctagc ttccctatcc aggtagcctc ctgggtatca ggaagcagtc    168900
     accagcagct cgaggcccct tcctcctccc ctggctaaaa gagcgggatg tagcctgggc    168960
     ctgtgagggc cctggtgggg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    169020
     tgtgtctgta tgtgtgacaa ggccaaaact ggtgggggac tgtggaagcc agcaggacat    169080
     gatgaagggt gaccttggcc cccaagtctg cctgtgcccc tgtggaggtt gcaaagagtt    169140
     ccttgtgcag gcagcgtgaa agatgggatt cctcctcccc caacagtgag ggtcgtccat    169200
     gcccgggggg gccccatgaa ttatttctct aaggaaaata cagttctcct gcccacttcc    169260
     tgacctgacc atcctctaaa tcaacacttg aagggtgctt ttgctggcct tcagcctcag    169320
     ccagcatacc ccccttctcc cgcccgcccg cccgcccgcc cgtgcactcc agtgggggtg    169380
     gggctgagag cactgactcc atctcagggg gccccaggcc ctgctcagaa cccacagccc    169440
     acagcagagc tatgtcgcag agcaagaatt c                                   169471