EBI Dbfetch

ID   CT025908; SV 13; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 176269 BP.
AC   CT025908;
DT   05-SEP-2005 (Rel. 85, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-163B1 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   the mbtps1 gene for membrane-bound transcription factor protease site 1,
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate protein serine kinase H1
DE   (PSKH1), the gene for a novel protein (zgc:112232), two novel genes and a
DE   CpG island.
KW   HTG; mbtps1.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-176269
RA   Leongamornlert D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 9de49b47cca67db9d8bd3b9eb3855344.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000014634; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000056745; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000019861; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000100853; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000114292; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-163B1. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-163B1 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-227N17 is at 89436 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-163B1 is at 176269 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-163B1 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..176269
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-163B1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..176269
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    16147..16246
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone CH211-227N17
FT                   (CT027651)"
FT   mRNA            join(24842..25218,27022..28167,41536..43359)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate protein
FT                   serine kinase H1 (PSKH1)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC095860.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM096353.1"
FT   misc_feature    27162
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   CDS             join(27217..28167,41536..41853)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024355"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate protein
FT                   serine kinase H1 (PSKH1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P11801.4 Sw:Q501V0.1
FT                   Sw:Q91YA2.3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WVQ5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002290"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008271"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020636"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WVQ5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88259.1"
FT   mRNA            join(47895..47928,48223..49441,52614..52754,53081..53273,
FT                   55700..55933,57555..57686,58228..58336,59061..59180,
FT                   59289..59453,62497..62665,65662..65765,65883..66077,
FT                   69967..70095,70199..70638)
FT                   /gene="CH211-163B1.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI958977.1 Em:AW171357.1
FT                   Em:CB364178.1 Em:CO360100.1 Em:CR929213.1 Em:CT660485.1
FT                   Em:EB794090.1 Em:EB933052.1 Em:EB936997.1 Em:EE702465.1
FT                   Em:EG582395.1"
FT   misc_feature    48101
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   CDS             join(48304..49441,52614..52754,53081..53273,55700..55933,
FT                   57555..57686,58228..58336,59061..59180,59289..59453,
FT                   62497..62665,65662..65765,65883..66077,69967..70095,
FT                   70199..70336)
FT                   /gene="CH211-163B1.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024358"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWH4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014883"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q1LWH4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-6225"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88260.1"
FT   regulatory      70613..70618
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      70617..70622
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      70638
FT   mRNA            join(74082..74241,80319..80797,85740..85997,93378..93596,
FT                   93692..93802,93944..94053,95842..95958,96161..96228,
FT                   96328..96430,98473..98624,101269..101430,102436..102580,
FT                   102687..102875,104503..104675,105136..105251,
FT                   105335..105491,107513..107637,112594..112671,
FT                   112779..112919,113016..113147,113748..113874,
FT                   113995..114125,115430..116121)
FT                   /gene="mbtps1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.3-001"
FT                   /product="membrane-bound transcription factor protease,
FT                   site 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY261515.1"
FT   mRNA            join(74097..74241,80322..>80695)
FT                   /gene="mbtps1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.3-002"
FT                   /product="membrane-bound transcription factor protease,
FT                   site 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EB773378.1 Em:EB779273.1"
FT   CDS             80605..>80695
FT                   /gene="mbtps1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024353"
FT                   /product="membrane-bound transcription factor protease,
FT                   site 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WVQ7"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WVQ7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88261.1"
FT                   /translation="MIVRLCLLVAFLGAKLPLVGTEEDSGPFLT"
FT   CDS             join(80605..80797,85740..85997,93378..93596,93692..93802,
FT                   93944..94053,95842..95958,96161..96228,96328..96430,
FT                   98473..98624,101269..101430,102436..102580,102687..102875,
FT                   104503..104675,105136..105251,105335..105491,
FT                   107513..107637,112594..112671,112779..112919,
FT                   113016..113147,113748..113874,113995..114125,
FT                   115430..115647)
FT                   /gene="mbtps1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024352"
FT                   /product="membrane-bound transcription factor protease,
FT                   site 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q1JPX1.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWH3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000209"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015500"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022398"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023828"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWH3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-4909"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88262.1"
FT   misc_feature    87436
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-227N17"
FT   misc_feature    108408..108425
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    108426
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mobile_element  complement(108991..>109933)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.4-001"
FT   misc_feature    120767
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(121371..121559,123375..123573,123656..123812,
FT                   127662..127766,131643..131700,132142..132256,
FT                   136466..136613,136823..137022,139116..139167,
FT                   139926..140028)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT   CDS             join(121371..121559,123375..123573,123656..123812,
FT                   127662..127766,131643..131700,132142..132256,
FT                   136466..136613,136823..137022,139116..139167,
FT                   139926..140028)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024354"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q28I47.1 Tr:Q4SIH8.1
FT                   Tr:Q5HZH7.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WVQ9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013057"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WVQ9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88263.1"
FT   misc_feature    153210
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            complement(173104..>173212)
FT                   /gene="CH211-163B1.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:112232)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC098611.1"
FT   CDS             complement(173117..>173212)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="CH211-163B1.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-163B1.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024357"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:112232)"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WVR0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88264.1"
FT                   /translation="TVWFDLHQRLTDTDGTTSAVSTKARLIYQRA"
FT   misc_feature    174269
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-163B1"
SQ   Sequence 176269 BP; 56375 A; 31095 C; 31571 G; 57228 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcct tctcttcaca cagattgcta gagagaagaa atgcatatga gcatttctgt        60
     ccggctctct gtctgtgata cattcatcac aagcgaatca agggtgaatc tgatgtgttg       120
     gggaagatac aatgaaatgt gggaaaacat ggatgaggcg actgatggaa acggaaatag       180
     tttaaacaag agatatagag ggatttatat ggaaagaggc tggatattag attgaaactg       240
     ttgtaaaata acaaataggg gatttaacaa aaaataggct tgcatattaa aaattctgag       300
     caacttcgaa aaaagatata cactttcata gcattccagc ttgtgaaatg tgtatttttg       360
     cagcaaatat gacctttatc agaggcaaat ggctagtaat tttttgtata aaacttgctt       420
     accgtgcaaa agtttaggtt ttcattaaat gattttgtaa acagaccaac ccacagacta       480
     cttgaatctg ttttgtcata gaaaaacttt atagaaaatg tacaaataaa aagcattact       540
     aaattcatga gccattgttt tattttatag gaatgttatg ttcataaaat gtactctttg       600
     acgtgctaca ttatacatat tggcattggt tttgagttag ttacacatgt tttatctgtt       660
     ggatagttat ttatttgttt gcttgttgca ttctgcctcc agaatctaaa gcttagatat       720
     aaatattagt gggcgacgcg gtggcgcaga aggtagtact gttgtctcag agcaagaagg       780
     tcactggttt gagcctcagc tgggtcagtt tgcgtttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctc       840
     cctacgttcg cgtgggtttc ctccgggtgt tcaggtttcc cccacagtcc taaagacatg       900
     tggtacaggt gaatttggta ggctaaattg ttcatagtgc attaatgtga atgagtggat       960
     gtgtggatgt ttcccagaga tgggttgcaa ctggaagggc atccgctgcg taaaaacatg      1020
     ctggataagt tagcggttca ttctgctgtg gtgaccccgg attaataaag ggactaagcc      1080
     aaaaagaaaa tggatgaacg aataaatatt agtatgttta tatcatcgtt gtcacatttt      1140
     ttaatgaata aaaacatcac aacaagtaaa caacaagcca taaaaatagt gttgaatcat      1200
     gttgaaatgg acattatgaa agcaatcaat taaaaaaata tatacatttt ataaaagtat      1260
     ttttaaaaaa tactgtatac atgtaacatt acatttttac cagagcaaat agccactatt      1320
     tgttatacat tcatagtatc atactatatg tagggctgct acatatacta tagtatttta      1380
     tatatataca atgctcacaa atgccatttt taaaattaat attttttttc aatattctct      1440
     tgatttaagc tcttttttat tgttatataa tatttttccc tgtattatgg ggcgacgcag      1500
     tggcgcagta ggtagtgctg tcgcctcaca ggaaaagggt cgctggtttc tgtgtggagt      1560
     ttgcatgttc tccctgcgtt cgcgtgggtt tcctccgggt gctctggttt ccccaacagt      1620
     ccaaagacat gcggtacagg tgaattgggt aagctaaatt gtccgtaatt tatgagtgtg      1680
     aaagattgag tatggatgtt tcccagggat gggttgcagc tggaagggca ttgaaagtca      1740
     ccattgatta gacaaaagca gcttcagctg tgtgtctaat caattgtgac ttggaggagg      1800
     tgaaaagcaa gacaagacaa ggcaaagcaa gacaaaggaa acgtgttgta atgtcactat      1860
     acagctaaca agactcagca acattgtatg tgtttgtgct gcttatgtag ttcagtgatt      1920
     agtccaaaag cagcttcagt tgtgagtgtc taatcaatgg tgacttggag caggtgagtg      1980
     tgtgttgcat gactgggatc tgtagtccat aaaccggcag atttgtggtt catgtgaatg      2040
     ggaatgtttt ccaacgatct atggtgttta gatcactggt gattgtgaca gcaacaagtt      2100
     gagtttactt gagtaaagtg agaaaaccta ttataatcta aaactgataa gatgacagaa      2160
     ttattagccc ccctttgatt tttttttctt tttaaaatat ttcccaaatg ataattaaca      2220
     gagcaaggaa attttcacag catgtctaat catatttttt cttctggaga aagtcttatt      2280
     tgatttattt tggctagaat aaaagcagtt tttaattgtt ttaaagccat tttagggtca      2340
     atattataag cccctttaag ctatatattt ttttcgatag tctacagaac aaaccatcgt      2400
     taaacaataa cttgcctaat taccctaacc tgcatagtta acataataaa catagttaag      2460
     cctttaaatg tcactttaag ttgtgtagaa gtgtcttgaa aaaatctagt aaaatattat      2520
     ttactataat agtggcaaag ataaaataaa ttagttatta gaaatgagtt attaaaacta      2580
     ttatgtttag aaatgtgttg aaaaaatctt ctctccatta aacagaaatt gggtaaaaaa      2640
     ataaacaggg ggtctaataa ttcaggtggg cttacaattc aaactatata tggttttgat      2700
     ttttgtcatt ataatagtat acttaaattc acttgatcaa attcatcaaa ttcatttgat      2760
     gagtgtgttc attaaatttt ttttaaaata aagtacgcaa caatttaaga tgttttatct      2820
     gttttataaa aaataaaacc ttccctactc atatttacga gcacaactat ctagctggag      2880
     tcatatgaaa caacccatat acagtagaat ttgtttaatt tctatctcct ttttagggca      2940
     attaaatttg tgtccattca aacaccacaa gttttaggtt tctgtaaaaa aaaaagaaaa      3000
     aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaga ataaataaaa aacatgtcta aagacaaaac agaggcaaag      3060
     gagctgtaaa aagtaggtta acaccagtgg gatcaaatgt gtgtgtgtgt ctctgcaaac      3120
     caggtaatta taaatcaatg ccactgataa ctactatgtg taaaatgtgt aagaatggca      3180
     ttttaatgtg tggttatcat tgccaggttc tcccccctaa ccaatatccg tttaacccag      3240
     cactcctgta gtgccaatag attattcatt actcttttcc tgagtgcaaa gcaattgcaa      3300
     gcccaccact gcctcctgtg atttccacag ggactctttc agggaccatt cttatctcag      3360
     cggggaatta aaatatggca gcggtgaaaa atgaatcaca gctttgtaag tgcaaacaca      3420
     cacacacaca cacatgcatg cacgcacaca cacgcacaca cacacataca cacacacaca      3480
     cacacacgca tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      3540
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatacaca caaacagcgg gcaaccccca tcatcctgaa      3600
     atgagagctc tgctgtataa tctgtccaag tgttgaattt tatgagatcc ataaaagcaa      3660
     atacatatac tatatgtatt tgaatattaa tatcaaagat tccattttga tattcagcct      3720
     tattaaaata ctattttttt caatatacat ttaggcaaat atacaaataa aaaaataata      3780
     ccagtctaat aaacaaacta atttaaaaga caatttatcg acagtataaa tgtaaatatg      3840
     tgtgtgggag agagagttct gagttgatta ccatagagct ttcttggcta tttcatggca      3900
     aaaatagatc aaatttaaaa acatttttat aaataacatt attgttaaat aataaatagg      3960
     taacaataaa aaggaacaat taacaacaaa taatacatac aattctttac ctcttctata      4020
     ttagaataat ctattgagtc gaaactggaa acttcacctt ttagaaaagg cttttaatac      4080
     tggagttagc tgagcttact gattttttgt ttgtttgttt ttgtttcatg ttgtatgcat      4140
     tgtatgttgc tttattcctt tgatctcatt tgataatttt taccacaatt tgtgtgcagc      4200
     acaatgatca acagctgttg ttgtattgca ctttataaat aaattaaatc tacaataaga      4260
     tgcagttcta aaaaagacat aaaaatcttt tttttttttt ttgaaggatt catagattta      4320
     tttctgtgat aagatgctga caacagcgtg ccgatccaaa tgcaggtttt acaagagagc      4380
     ggtcaggcaa gcaacaaatg tttacaggaa atccagagtt gtggtcagta aacaggcgaa      4440
     tggtcaaaag gcatgcaaca cacaggaata aacaataaaa caaagcaaga gtctaacaag      4500
     gcaaggcaag gctcctctgg ctgtatgtgt gtgtaatcaa tgtaacctgg aacaggtgcg      4560
     tgtgagcagt gcatgaatgg acatgtagtt cttttgctgt ggatgggcta gattgctggt      4620
     gactgtgaca ataacaataa aaagacatca acaacaataa ataatacatc aaattaaata      4680
     taaacctaaa aaagacacaa aaaatcatct aagaactcat ttttaatttt taacattttt      4740
     taaatttaaa aaataatttt tttagggatt cactcgggtt tataacaata aaaatacatc      4800
     aacaacaata aataatacag aaaataaaat ataaatcttt taaaaataca tacttatctt      4860
     agaactaatt aaaattttta ccctctttct aatttaaaaa aaattaagat tcatatagat      4920
     ttataccaat aaagggacat caacaacaat aaacaataca taaaataaca cacaaatatt      4980
     ttaaaaagac ataaaaaaac taatccaaaa actaattttg aattttttaa ttaattttaa      5040
     ttttaataat ctacattttt ttgaaggatt catattttaa aaataatttc tttaaagtct      5100
     gtgagatttc cataatccca tctggaaaca tttgagtcaa atgtgtcaat aaaataaaat      5160
     taaaaaagag agaaaaagca agatactcac tcttaaacgg actatatgaa tcaaagagtt      5220
     gttgactcat aaacacaata cagtccaaat cagtgctaac agggtatcta ttaaaataca      5280
     gcctgtttat gaattaaaca ccactgtctg tacaaacttt gcttgtttaa actgaagtaa      5340
     ttatggaagg tgattgggga aaaagctatt aatttatttt aataataatt ttattgtgtt      5400
     acaatgtttt ctattcagaa tgaaaatgta atggagtaaa aagtgcactg tattgtttta      5460
     gaaagtagat aattacagta aaagtttcct cgaatacact gataaagttc agatacttaa      5520
     aaataagtac ttggatacag taaaaatact atgttgctat ccaccactgg ctttaatgag      5580
     gaggaatgaa ataacgaata aaagcagcag gctctcctct ggcctggaga atgggcccat      5640
     ggggagacac tgagccatgt gtgtaagcaa gtattgattt aggatatagt ggcccaccgg      5700
     caagtcaatc attgtagaca gaaagcagtc ttcacttttg aaataaacct tttaggacga      5760
     tgcacagatg ctgaaatgag acaggaatgg aggtcattga cagatgacag atcatttaaa      5820
     aaaatttata taaagatgta acagattgcg ctgtacactt gtacacaaat gacaattgtt      5880
     taaacttcct atttaaatta agctgaaaca acacaattat tgtttttttg tgtgtgtgtg      5940
     tgtttttgtg tgtttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      6000
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gataacttca ctgttaatgt tcaatccact      6060
     tcaatttgta aaaactaaaa ggttaactta attccttgtt gtcccaacac aaatcgattg      6120
     agtggattgt gttgttagtt tacattatta ttattttagg tttttgatag ttaataatgt      6180
     tcttcgacca atgtctttat gacaccctac aagtgttaga gcaagaggct tgttgtctaa      6240
     ttgaaaacta attatataat tacaaaggtt taaaaacatt cctttaaaaa cataaaaagg      6300
     ccacatatta agtaaaaaaa cattaaatta cattatatat atttttgcac aaagtgaagt      6360
     ttattcataa actaatttcg agaggatcac gtgcttatga tttatcacgg ccagtctcgc      6420
     atttgctaat cactatcttc caatcatatg agccctaagc cactataaat agcctcagtt      6480
     ttcagttcac tttatcttcg tttggaagaa acccccctcc tcccctattc tcctccttta      6540
     cctgtgattg ggcggcacgg cggtccagtg gttagcactg cgagccacac agcaagaata      6600
     ctgccggccc tagttccata ggaccggtgg gtgtttctgt ggggagtttg tatgtcctcc      6660
     ccgtgtccgc gtgggttttc cccgggttct ccggtttcct cccaccatcc aaagacattc      6720
     aacatacata acaatcaagc ttgtctaatc ccttacgtta ccttagctac agcagcaggg      6780
     gagttctgag atccaccgag ctcgggctcc cttcttgctc tgccaacggg aggaagcccc      6840
     gggctcgagg agcccttgag ctcggggctc tctcccggga cagcatgcca aataagcttt      6900
     gtaaatcatc agctaagtgt gatctcttga aatatatttg ggggggttct gtggtgtttg      6960
     acagggtgcg cacggcgtga ggagggatgc ggtggggagg ggtgagaagg gtgcatgatg      7020
     tatttaagga ccgggaggga gatgcgcaat ttccgggaga ttatcactct taatttgggg      7080
     gagactcccg gaacttccag gagactaggg atgtctggaa tgacctgccg ccctactcat      7140
     aattctctct tcatatagct gtatgccttt tgcatatccg taaaacactg tgatatgcag      7200
     ggtttggatc gtatcgtttt tttcactaca atccgctacg atctgctcca gagttcgttt      7260
     caatcgagcc gagaccacct caatcagcca gtcttggacc aattgttttg gtgtggatcc      7320
     gagcacgatt gctggattca catatgccaa atgaaccaga ctaactgggc aaacgagaca      7380
     ggttttgaaa aaaaagtcta ggagtgaaag ctcccttagc gtcacaataa ttaacaataa      7440
     tcacaatgga tcacaataat taaccctaaa aaagcttaag cagtgccaac actaccagat      7500
     tactgttgtg tttgtgatat aaaacgctaa acacatgcag gcatttagtg tattttttct      7560
     ttctttttac taaactagtc tgcattaatg aaaacaggag actcattagt aaaaacagat      7620
     ggccaaccaa aaagtaacac agggttatac aaagatccaa cacaaaatac atgcaattcc      7680
     tgatatgtga gtcccatctc acactcaatg cactgcagct atatggtaca aatagcacca      7740
     caacatacaa aagagatacc gacttgcaat gtcacctact agtttaatga tttgatcagc      7800
     tgtagttaga aatcatgccg ttttccacct ctaagggctt attatgcggt ctctgtcgcc      7860
     atcttgtaga tcaggggttc ccaaactttt cagcccgcga cccccaaaat gacaatgcca      7920
     gtgactcgcg acccccaata ttctctgagg tggtggttat aaatatagaa atcttgtatg      7980
     caatgatgca cacacacaca cacaccaata gacctaagtc tattctttgt ttgttttttg      8040
     tatgtatgtc agtgctgtaa atgggctaga aagtttaacc tggtgtaata aaatcaatct      8100
     gctgcatctg acagtattgc tgtgtcttta gtatataatg taattactcg agaagtggaa      8160
     atccaataga acaagtaact ataagctact atagtaacta tacagtttat agtaactata      8220
     aacgactatt tttttctcat ctgtaggtta ttgataaaat acagtaagtc ttaaggttta      8280
     ataaaaatta attgattttt gaaaatcacc aggcgacccc ctttcattgt cccgcgaccc      8340
     ctcggggggt cccgaccccc actttgagaa cctctgttgt agatggtcaa catcaaccat      8400
     cttttctctg cttaatgaca ggctaatgtc tgtcgacaag ctgtctctca gcaatagtaa      8460
     atatttaaaa taggcactct acttataaat aagctgcata gttgcaatct aaacaacgac      8520
     attgtgtaaa ataagcctca aaagtacgtt aagttgtcca acagcagcaa tatttttcaa      8580
     actgtagagt gtcctctgtt tgtcgctgta tttgggcaga gtaatacaca agggtgaagg      8640
     gtaaagaggc tgtacaagtg ctgttatttg cagaatattg cacaactttc agccaatcag      8700
     attcaagaat tagacaggaa acggtgtata agtcctataa acagtattac atttatgtct      8760
     agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagag caattgttat ttccccatct      8820
     gacatctgaa cccactcccc cattaatcca cagaagaata gaatcagctg aaaataatta      8880
     tattctaaaa atagaggtgg aatgttgaaa gcttttgaat agttatagct tcctcatgtt      8940
     taatagcctg tcctttgagg aatccattca cctttaatag ggccggaaat agtgtgtggt      9000
     tggcatgata ggaacttctc agaaaagatt ctctgcactt gtgaggaaaa ttttcgaaag      9060
     tggataatga cagcagatat tacaatttat aaataaaaga cttttttaaa agttataatt      9120
     ataacattta ttattattaa agtcattaag aaaataaggg cttcatggtg gctcagtggt      9180
     tagcactggc acctcacagc aagaaggtcg ctggttcgag ttctggctgg cgtcagttgg      9240
     catttctgtg tgaagtttga gtgcaagttt ccccccatgt tcccgtgggt ttcttctgga      9300
     tgctccggtt tccaccacaa gtccaaagac atgcggtata ggtgaattaa ataaactaaa      9360
     tttgccgtag tgtgtgagtg tgcatgtgag agtgtatgag tgttttatgc attacgcatt      9420
     acgcatccac tgcgtaaaac atacgctgga atagttggcg gttcatttag ctgtgcaggt      9480
     cacccatgat gaataaagga actaagccga aggaaaatta atgattaaga aaacatttct      9540
     aagtctgaat tgatacaaag tctgcacaga ctcatgttcc tgagagtaca tcttttgagt      9600
     cttttttccc cattgaactc aaaagaagat actttgaaga atgttggaca ctggtacaca      9660
     ctgacatcca aaattagaag taaatactac tagtttccag attttaaaat atacatcttc      9720
     tttccttctc atcagaagaa agaaagtcaa atatatttag aaaaagtaca gtatgagtta      9780
     acaattacag aacattgttt ttgggtgaac tatccctgat tcaaatggtt cactggtggg      9840
     cttcagcatc catggaacct cataaaactt tacagtgact ctttgaagaa cttttcacta      9900
     aaaggtactt tgaacaacac aaaaagggtt ttctgtggca tccttcactt taaacaaatg      9960
     ttaaatactt gttgtcccaa cacaatttga ttaacttaat ggtttttaca tattttagtg     10020
     gattgaacca aagactatag aatacacaag acatgtcatt tgtatagttt tgaatgtggc     10080
     gaataaagct ctgtctacta gtacaggagc caatcattga tcgagactga cgtttctcca     10140
     ggcggaaagc tcggaccaga cgtgtgcttt tatgacagct tggtgatcta caaatgcagt     10200
     tgatctcagc gaatacttcc tttacagaca taagaaatat atccacatac agcttgaaat     10260
     ttctactttt aaatgaacca agtgaccttg aaaacaaaag attgtgttgg ttttataatc     10320
     tatatgaaac gaacatgagg tacagtccat cctgtcaaac gcacatcaca gtatgaacta     10380
     gtcaaatggc cacaaacttg tatacaaaga gtaacttcca tttctggagg agattcacta     10440
     tcaagaccaa catgtggatt actacatagg accagcgcaa tctgatcatt atccagagga     10500
     tgataatgtg tagaacaact ataaatgagg ttggtgacgt gatctcattc ctttcaagtg     10560
     tatgcgcatt agctcgggca acctgtaaat atcaagattt agtttgattt gaacgtttag     10620
     aaacaaaact tatgagtagg gccaaagaga atgtgtggac attttttgct atttctgcag     10680
     agatttatat aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtagat ttttgcggaa tgatataagg agtatcataa     10740
     ctaaaaattt aatttatgaa attaaaaaca atacaaaaaa aggcagaaag tattacttta     10800
     caaacagtat tgtaaataga tcacattaac attttcatat tactattatt atatcacaat     10860
     aatattagtg aaatgaattt aaaaaactga ataaatataa atgtacacac atttacacaa     10920
     gtaaatacat agactcaatg atgatggtga acattcccta ttggttgtaa agatagcgtt     10980
     ctttaacaat ttaaagaacc cctttcctca ataaaaaaaa cttttataga attaaaagtt     11040
     tccatacagg aataaaagtt aggttcttcg tggaaccacc gatgccagtg aagaaccttt     11100
     acctctaaga gcggatcatg tccacattaa tcagtcaaaa ccttgacata atatttaatc     11160
     tggagaaata aacctgtttc acgttgactc ttaatactga ctatacagaa tgttctctaa     11220
     actcagagtc attgaacttg acttggtttt cggtgccaga ttctgaaatt agattttact     11280
     ttgctcccat cagatactta ttgaatcact tcaacttctt cactgtatta cattagtgtc     11340
     tgaaagcaaa agcagggcag agagctttcc gtcccaaaga atcttttctt ccgaaagttt     11400
     cactgtttct cagtctgact ctcatatgat ctggggagcc actttagaag ctgaggaata     11460
     tgagtgtaaa acaaaaatag cacatctaca ggaaaatgtg tctagggttg tatctttcaa     11520
     gcaaacgatt atctaggatt cctctgctac agagcttcag acaggttgta atggaaaccc     11580
     aattccagca tttggaaaag atattcattt tcagtcctcc aaatatttgg ccatgttcaa     11640
     tctaatctcc atgcataatg accaaaggga gttaaagaat caaggttgtg atctgttata     11700
     aaagaccaaa aggaggcatg gtgttcttgg aaaaagctca aattgaagca aatttagtgg     11760
     ccatattgcc tgttccgccg gcccggacct gacagcccca cggggtaaga ctgattatca     11820
     tgagaataat tgagagagag gaagagtcag tgctgctttt aatagagctg tttctatctt     11880
     catactgata aataatgcac agcagtcagc atatttggat ttaacggatg atattgacct     11940
     ttttgggcag atagtgagag tggtgtgaga tgagaagaga gggagagaaa gagagactgg     12000
     gagaatgaga atgaattaag agtaagagag ggatcgagag agacagcctt gaaggccaaa     12060
     caatcaatca tgctgatatt gttgatttgc tttgcatatt gttatgaaaa tcacaaacaa     12120
     acatagatta tggtgtgaca aagtcaattt aacattgaag aaataagtca ttgttttctt     12180
     ggaagccttt agccattttc attgctacat tgcatgtgtt atcaagtgaa attcagattt     12240
     gatgttttag gtgaaccaag attattatgt cacttatgat gtaatttgtg aactgttaac     12300
     aaaatcccgc aaagctgatt ggtcaagtgg tggtacaaga gtgtataagc aaacagtttt     12360
     aaagcttttc attttaattg actctttagg cttcattttt atgccacagt gaagtaaagc     12420
     tgtagtcatg tatggaaggt catcaggacc aaaactcaaa actctgatca tgtaaaaagt     12480
     gtatatgtgg actgtgttta ggcatcaaca agcacaacat cccatgaaag tgcgtttttt     12540
     ttttaactgt attagcatat atgtacaaat atttataaga tattgtcatg gtaaaaaaat     12600
     gcctcattag tgtgtaaaac aaggcaattt aaatatttat tcattttctt ttccttattt     12660
     atcactggtt gctatcgagg aatgaatcgg caactattaa ggcatatctt ttacacagcg     12720
     gatgctcttc cagcaacaag cctttactgg aaaacaccca tacactcttt cagtcacaca     12780
     agcttttcag gcactggtca gtcatatttt ggtgatacgg actgttctaa taaaaatgat     12840
     aaagcatatt tagtaccata ttgtatttca tattgtattt tatatttcat ttattcattc     12900
     attcattcat tcattcattc attcattcat atattttctg ttgcttttct ggggtcgggt     12960
     agcagtccta ggagagaacc ccagacctcc ctctccccag acacatcctc cagctccttc     13020
     ggggggatcc cgaagtgttc ccaggccagc caagagacat ggtccctcct gcatgtcctg     13080
     gatcttaccc gaggcctcct tccggttaga catgcctgga acagctccct aggtaggtgt     13140
     tcaataggta tccaaaaaca gatgcccaaa ccacctcagc tgacctctct atgtggagga     13200
     gcagcagctc tactccgagc tccacccagg tcagagctcc tcaccctatc cataagagtg     13260
     cgccctgcca ccctttgaag gaaactcatt tcagctgctt gtatccgaga tcttgtcctt     13320
     tcggtcatga gagtaggaac gtagattgac cggcaaatca gaagctttcc ctttcgggtc     13380
     agctccttct ttaccacaat ggaccgttcc atctcacgtt ccattcttca ctcactcgtt     13440
     aaaaaaacac agagatactt aaactcttcc acctggtgta aggactttcc tccaacgtag     13500
     agatggcaaa cttactacct ttttccggta gagcaccatg acacttttac ttttcaaatt     13560
     aaatcatttt agctttacca tacattcagt agagttgaat ataataacaa tatattgtag     13620
     taaaacaatt acagcaaacc tcaaaataca ttttatttac accaaatgga gttaaatata     13680
     gttacatttt aactctatcc aaagttgaaa taaccctaat gtaagtgtca atgtgccaac     13740
     atttttgaaa gtgttgaatt aactctggcg ggattggacc ccatgagact ttcaaagtgt     13800
     tgatattaac tcatattgct gtgcacaatc atacactacg gctaatttag tccatccaat     13860
     tcacctataa cgcatgtctt tgaattgtca gggaaaccga agcacatgga ggaaacccat     13920
     gccaacactg aggctgcgtc cgaaactgcc tattactcag taggtaatgc attagaactt     13980
     aaacatacta cttggctttt agaaaagtat gttctataca gtatgaatgt gaaaagtatg     14040
     tatagaattc gaatgtacta catccgccat tttgtcatgg tcaccttaac ctacctgtgt     14100
     aagttgcgtc acttcacttc cattcatgaa ttcgctcact aggcatcata gaatagcgca     14160
     gcgtgcatgg gatgcgcact ccagaatctc gccggaagta gtaagtcatc caggtacttc     14220
     tcacatactg actttcgaat tctatgaatt aggacatgct acttggctca catagcgtac     14280
     tatatagtaa ggaagtactg tatgcaattt cagatgcagc acaaaagaac atgcaaacta     14340
     cacacagaaa tagcaactgg cccagttggt actcaaacct ttgactttct tgctgtgggg     14400
     cgacagtact aaccactgag ccgccccaat ttaaacatgt aaaagaagtt gctcagacat     14460
     aggaatggca taaggtataa tatgacatca cattatatat gcatcattgg cttactatat     14520
     tttgtttact ccagacctgt aaatgtaaag tttacttcag aaaagaggta acattgtgct     14580
     gttttgatta aagtacactt tatttcacaa catacaaaac ttaataaata taagtaaaaa     14640
     acttttggag tttggttttt cttaaattaa atcatttgaa tcatttcata aaattttgaa     14700
     tcatagaata atttaaccaa ttcatttgat acacttgatt cctttatgag ggaaacaagt     14760
     ggatacacgg accaagtggc cgtcctcatt caatcaacgg atttgtttaa aaaaagaaat     14820
     tgcatacttc tttttgctga ctaaccaatc agatttgagg atttgattga cttttgaata     14880
     tttgaatttg aacatttgaa tttaccaaat ggaatgtgac gataaacaat gctatgcttc     14940
     caaataaact gactgattaa atgactgatt tcttcagttt taaattgacc atgtttgtga     15000
     ttttcatact gtactcctta gttcttagta gatgaaaaac aaggcctata tccgtataaa     15060
     tattattcat tacaaagtag gccaaaagta ccactgcagg gaatatgcaa gtttgaaatc     15120
     agtcatggca gcctgcatat aaaatcacat aggccgtgtc caaaatgctc actcactcaa     15180
     tagtctttgg cttagtccct gatttatcag aggtcactac agaggaatga accggcaatt     15240
     actctggcat acttttctgt ggggaaaacc tgagcactga gcagaggaaa tccacacaca     15300
     aacatggcaa gaacatgcta acttcacaca gaaatgccac ctggcccagc tggaacttga     15360
     accagcgacc ttctaactgt gaggctacag tgctaaaaaa tactgcatcc agtattactt     15420
     tgagaatgtt taaaaactat atgttttaaa tatgtatgtg taggctggaa ataatatgcc     15480
     agtgttgaga atgatgtgac aaccgagtgg attagattag tgagaaagtt ggaaaatgga     15540
     gatggacaca tccattgtta gcaatgctat tgttagcaat accagtcaat aaaaacatat     15600
     aaaaaagagc cattttgcaa aaaaagtgct gacgtttcat gcccacaggc ttggatgaaa     15660
     ctttgtgcat cattgtgtat attgagacac acagacaaac acaagtgata taataaacaa     15720
     tatattatgc atgtttttgt tctattgcaa ccaaattgga ttataaagtt gtagttgttg     15780
     tgactgtgac ctgagggtgt gttttttaac ttacaagtgg aatgtcccat gtttgtttta     15840
     tttgcttttt agacaaaact ccattaagca gttgtatcag tttgcagcca ttcggacagc     15900
     atgtatgaat caaacacaca tagaactgaa ttaacttcta aataagctga gtctcccctc     15960
     agggcttgga gaatagttct gaaggagacc tgatagtaat caactctccc cgtcaagggt     16020
     gtgaagatga tattccagtg ggttactatt ttttattatt attagtagta gtagtcgtag     16080
     ttgtagtagt agtagtagcg atattgtaca tttcgctgtc attgtacata ttgctgccaa     16140
     ttttacaatg tctgtttttt tttttttgag gagtgtgcta ttgtattttg cactgtcgtt     16200
     gtatttgcac tgtgtatttt attgtgtatt actgtaatgt aagagtatag aaaaagtttt     16260
     taaaaagtat taaacatgtc acaatttttc tcagaaaacc tatatctaaa ggttctgttg     16320
     acttgtcagt aacaaccaaa tcaatccata aatacaaaga caaaaaacta atttgtttag     16380
     aagttaagtt atgtgtaatg aaatgaaatg acattggtaa aaagtaatga acacatgaag     16440
     aaagggggtg taaaaagaca cggaaagccc agacagcagc taaaatctct ctggagtttg     16500
     aaaaccaccc tctgcccctc aacagattaa atgaataccc ccagtgtttg gggtaatgca     16560
     ttacaagtaa catgagttac gtacagtaat aatactactt ttctaactaa cgagtaaagc     16620
     aacgttactt ttcattcaaa attaagaaat aatatttgat ttactttgta aaaaatgtaa     16680
     tgtgagttgc tttttagttt agttagtttg ctttaaaaaa aaataaattg ctaaattatt     16740
     atgatcgtag tcacattgaa tccagcacac aatgaaagaa tgcaggaaca gacagaaagg     16800
     atgatggcag agccttacat ttctgcgatg aaaatattct cattatttgg aacacatgga     16860
     agaaaaggaa aagaggatta tctgaatgga caatgatttt acattttaat aagacaaaaa     16920
     gtacaaacac attgctttaa actgtcatta atctgtatat atggcatgta tagctttggg     16980
     gtcatgaagt tctccaaaga taacatcatg ctacattcat ttttatatgc ttttctttaa     17040
     aggtaaatga agctcctcta tctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gatgaattaa aacccctgca     17100
     agttatgaaa aagatcaagc ctcagccagg tcagtactgc agtactgcaa aagtaccgta     17160
     atgtattact taccgtaaaa agtaactaag taatgcaagt agttcctttt tttgggtgtt     17220
     actcaatatt gtaatgcatt actttctaat gcaactttca ccaactctgc tggatcagtg     17280
     ccacattatc agtatgatga agataaaacc agggtgcata tgacacaaaa aaccaagaag     17340
     gaaactcgac ttgattcagt aaatgaaaat aaagctgcta gattgaccca gtcaatcacc     17400
     tgatttgaat gccatagaaa ataagaacta aagatcaaag ttaatagaag agaagacaca     17460
     accatcaaga tttgaagact gttgagttat gggaaaaatc caacacaacc tcacagcaat     17520
     tcgtaacttt ttcatttagt ggctaattcg tatgaattcg tacgatctaa ttcgtacaat     17580
     ttagtacgat ttgcttatcc cccaatgacg gttggggtta ggggtagggt caggtgccac     17640
     gcctcctttt taaaatcgta ccaattcgta cgactgaact cgtacgaatt cgtacgaatt     17700
     agccactaaa ctggcaaaac gtaaaatact tacgttttct cgtgagatca ggctggaaaa     17760
     atcacaaatg agcaattcat gcaatccatg ttttgaagcg atgcatttgt ctccattctt     17820
     cagaaaaaat gtgtctcgaa gctctcgtta gccttttaat caaagtatcg aattcagccg     17880
     ttcagtacct tcttcttgtg ccattagatt gttattacga taactacttt ttctgatatt     17940
     ttaatgatct cttttctttc tttttttttt tttgtatctt tggattgttt gtttgctttt     18000
     ttgttttatt taagtgcttt aacgcttttt tataggacag gactatgtgg gaggcagaga     18060
     aggggaaaaa tcagcctttc tattactcac tgttagacct taccgggttt tttttacagt     18120
     agaatactgg caacactgtt gccagccact cactgtaaaa gttcggttac agtaagtaac     18180
     tggcaacagt gttgccagtt aattactgta actgaaccgt tacagtgagt ggctggcaac     18240
     agtgttgcca attatttact gtaactgaac cattaccttg agtggctggc aacagtgttg     18300
     ccagttattt actgtaactg aaccattaca gtgagtggct ggcaacagtg ttgccaatta     18360
     tttactgtaa ctgaaccatt acagtgagtg gctggcaaca gtgttgccag ttatttactg     18420
     taactgaacc gatacagtga gtagctggca acagtgttgc cagttaatta ctgtaataaa     18480
     gcagcagtgg taactaactg gaaactgtgt acagttaatt actgtattgt agtgttacaa     18540
     atcacagcat tatactgcat acacattaat agtatgtcat atatagttat tgtagtgtta     18600
     ctaaaattaa tcagtattct tagctgttat taaaaaatag aaggcataac atttttcaga     18660
     aaaatttatt ttattgtttt ggcaccaaac aaataaataa cagaaaaagt ataacaaaat     18720
     taagaaatca gcagatataa atattgtctt gcatattaca tgtctgcaca gtaaggctgc     18780
     ggtcacatta acgtttgagc atgcaaaatt ctgtcaaact tcactgcgaa gtggaattaa     18840
     acaaagcgag gagtggaatt aaacaaaata attagagatt gaaaaagcaa gccagagagg     18900
     tcatgttttg atctttgatt ggtctcaagc aatcacatga tgtgatttcg catgtcagcg     18960
     ttctccaagc ttgaactttc caatgctgcg aattatgaaa tttgtcacat gagctatcat     19020
     tccaggtctg cagtactcac atgcgtatga atggaagtct atagagagaa aagtgcagtg     19080
     tgaccggtac tttaagctgt tactctaatt aaacacacct gatcaaacta attaaggctt     19140
     gttagaaatc tacaggtaat gttgaagcag ggtgggtact aaactctgct gctgcagttc     19200
     tccaggaact tggagtttga ccaccatggt atatagcagg ggtgctcaat cctgttcctg     19260
     tatatctacc ttcctccaga tttcagttgc tacccatatc aaacacacct gcctgtaatt     19320
     atcaagtggt gttcaggtcc taattaattg gtttaggtgt gtttgatatg gatagcaact     19380
     gaaatctgca ggaaggtgga tcagcaaatg aacagcaaaa aacacaacaa aattatttta     19440
     aattttaaag ttttaaataa ttaaaaactg tgttaaatct caataaaaag ttaaaaaata     19500
     attataaaaa ataaaaataa agatggcaac atcgaaaaac caaaggatcc aatcttttat     19560
     tgttataatt atctcatgac aacaaacttt tctattgttt ctaatataaa ttcataaatg     19620
     gaaacacagc tctgaaaaat acctggcaac aaactcacaa cctgggaccg gacagtggag     19680
     cttttgtgtg tggatggcta tgtgtatcat gtttttgtga ttccctgtga tgatgtgcac     19740
     atgttacctt acagagatga tggaatttaa ttttggctta cttgccagaa agatacacac     19800
     aactgttagc atctgtacat tatggcagta tgcaatatcc aataaataca taaacaaaag     19860
     taatgtaaga agttatatga ggagaggctt actagctaac aatgtagctt tcaagtacac     19920
     agttcaatat aacaacaata taacttaaaa cacagcctta ttatagaaac cctcaaaaac     19980
     atttgaacac attttactta ctcgttgtag attcttattt taagcctaat acatatcaga     20040
     cactacatct gaattgatgg acagagaata gagcacacta agcagtaaac aaatcaaaca     20100
     cctggctccc ttaaagggcc agcattttct gaaaactctt tctaacacct ttgtgtttag     20160
     aataagacag acagcctgtg ggagtgtgtg gtgatgccta aatcattatt ttctgccttt     20220
     aaaatgcacg tctctataaa tagcaacata aaccatcaga gaagatggga cagttatggt     20280
     tgaacagtaa tttgctattt attgtcagtt actatctgta atgagtacat aaagtaaatt     20340
     actgtaattt atttttgcac tacacaattt catacaaagt ctactccttt tacagtaaaa     20400
     taatatgtgt taataaataa taaatgtttc cttttattac agcaaaacac tggctatttt     20460
     acagttattt attgcacaat ctacagagta acagtgcagt tatactaatt aaacacacct     20520
     gattaaacta aatctaaagg tagtgtgttg gagcagggct ggaactaaat tctgctgggc     20580
     tgcggccctt caggagtttg acatccctgg tacatagcat attttcaaag gaattgccta     20640
     catttatcac aatcatgcac atatcattga ataaaaacaa taaaaatata aaagcttcat     20700
     ccaaagcaaa caaataaaaa aataaatgaa taatctgatc ctcatgttgt tccaaacctg     20760
     tagtagtagt agtaataata ataataataa taaaacaaat aacctgatca atacatttat     20820
     ttaggaaagt ctttatacta tactgttaat gccactttta cctacttcat ttgaagtttt     20880
     ccaaacaaat tcattgagtc tctgcaaaaa tgtatgtacg tgctgtttaa gatatttttt     20940
     aaataacaca tttttactag ttatttagca aaatactaat attcagctta aagtgcaatt     21000
     taaaagctta actatatggt taaactaggc aaattagatt aattatagaa aatgaaaaca     21060
     aagttatata aaaaagattg tgataatttg gttgctctgt gtgaatactt tttgccttta     21120
     aatgcatctc gtcgatatct ttacctttta attagctctg tgacattgac attggttgac     21180
     tcctgatact caatgttaaa aacataaaaa gaaccaaaga gaacacagag atggctgcag     21240
     agaaattcag cttatcatca atgcatggtc tcactttctc ctcaatactg accatacaca     21300
     taccaaaact gaactgaatg tatatatata tatatacata tatatatagc aacgtaaagc     21360
     atcaaagtac atggggtaat aatggttgag cagtaattta ccatttatta tcaccgtaac     21420
     tatctgtaat gggtacataa agtaaattac tgtaatttat tctttgcact acaaaatttc     21480
     atacaaatcc tgctcatttt acagtaaaat actgtttcct tttattacag caaaacactg     21540
     gctattttac agttatttac tgcataatct acagtaaggg ttaacattgc tgttaaaagg     21600
     ggaaagacct tgagccagaa atcgaacttg ggtcacttta agcacctcag tgcaacatgc     21660
     atgtgtatgc atatttattt acttgcatat gtatgcatgc atatttaata tacatatata     21720
     aaactatgat gtgtttaata cttactatcc tcctgtatgt gagtatctgc agtgcacagc     21780
     ataatttagt actacacctt attttgaaaa ttgatatttt tatccatttc tcaatgaata     21840
     tatgtaaccc caccggtcct acgccaccca acccacgcca agctggtatt gagctggtga     21900
     ggtttacctg cacagcactt cactagctgg cctccgttac actcaccctt ctaaatctca     21960
     ctcccaaacg ggtcacggca ccaatgtaag cctgccggtc ctacaccacc caacccgctc     22020
     cgagcaggta tcaaaccagc aacctactgc atgggagttg gtagctctac caaggagaga     22080
     ttttatgtct agattttaca aaaagtttag taagcaaaca tatttagaac ttgaaatata     22140
     atacaattaa atcaaaatat tgcattattt tttacttctc ttgatttttc cttgttttta     22200
     aatttgtatt taatattttt ctataacata aatttgggtg tactattttt tggatcgtta     22260
     tcataagtta ttttgttaaa taagctacaa atttggctta aatactgact aatctaatat     22320
     acacaaatac tgtactgtat aatgtatatg cacaaatata atattgtata gtttcctatt     22380
     aaaaatatga ataaaaaaaa tagatttgtg aggggtgtac ttatatatgc tgagcactgt     22440
     aagttatgtt tgtgtgtatg tatgattgaa tgtattattc tatattaaat ctataaaaat     22500
     aacatattaa aatgtttaaa acataacata taggcatttt gttgttgtcc tgtttcatgt     22560
     tttttctttt gaatgtatcg tcaggtcata gaggacaatt cttgcctctt gttttatgaa     22620
     cagtgtgaat caggctccaa tattattgtt tgttcattaa atagtacaaa aacaggtcac     22680
     actttatttt gatggtccgt ttgttgaatg taagttacat tgcaactaat tctcattaga     22740
     ttataagtag actgttaggt tgtggttggg ggttggggtt agggttagta gcaaagtttc     22800
     ttatagtgga ccatcaaaat aaagtgttac caaaaaatag tgtgattttg gatgcagttg     22860
     ttaatgaatc attaaatctg tcatttaaaa ctgtaattca ataaaaattt agttcatata     22920
     acttgttact accaaataca gcaaactttt taaatatttc agcaaaatga gtcaataact     22980
     agtaattaat ttgatttgat ttgatgattt ttttgtttta atgcaatact acagttatgt     23040
     tgtttttttt ttaaaacata aggctgctta accgtccatg ttttttaaag atacagcact     23100
     cttgatagtg caatgttgca taaagaagtg tatttatatg aattgttctc tttataattt     23160
     atggaaatgc tttagctgaa gtaatgacaa gcactgcagt ccccggaaga catattgtaa     23220
     ggcacgcaga tctgcaaact tcatacattt attaagatgc atcgcttgtt gcatttctca     23280
     tttgtaggtc agttaggata aaagcatgct aaatgattta atgtaaatgt attctttctt     23340
     tgtcattctc aataactctc tttttcttat cccagctccc atcatacagc atgtcaacag     23400
     tgtctcactg tgcttgtctg attctttcat ttggattggt ggtgcccttt tgttttaata     23460
     gttggctctc atccagcttt tttcacaact gcagggacac aaatcctctg gcatttcctc     23520
     tgagcattag aagttacacc gcattatatc atcatcttgc cctgttggag caattgtgaa     23580
     gttattgctt tttggagtgg aaatatcaca aagacaagaa gtggagttgg gtgctaccta     23640
     tagccacggg tcaaatcaca gatatgacag aaatgggatg gttagtctca gtggagagtc     23700
     tcatatcagt aattgactgt gatatttaca ataaaagatt gttcagtgag tttgaatgct     23760
     cacataacga caaatgcatg ttttgttctt aattaagtct ttaagtacat tctcctaatt     23820
     gagaactacc aacagcacat agtaaacttg cactaaaatg aaggaacatg cttagtctga     23880
     cattaactaa aaaacagcgc catctagtgg atcaatgagc aatttgttgt ttttgtgaat     23940
     tggcgcactt aaagttgtat gaaaagaaat ggataaatct tttatctgac aaaataaata     24000
     agatttataa aaaatggctt gtatattaaa cagtttgatg tttttcgtgt ttttttgcac     24060
     aactcgagtg cttttagata aaaccatgaa aaaaatatga ttaatcattt gatcaaatat     24120
     ataaactaat aataataata ataataaagc tttgtgcaag taatctgtat atttctgaaa     24180
     agtgtgataa aatcgtggga tgattttata ttcgtatctt ttaactatat gaagtaagct     24240
     gcgatacatg caaaacgatc gtctaaatat gtgcaacata aaagtccctt cccttcatca     24300
     gaacagtggt tcaagaaata aatgggctaa tttacaaaat tagatattaa aaattaattt     24360
     aaattcttat tttattattt cttaattttg gtaatattta gcttaaaata ggacctactt     24420
     aaaataatat taaataacct aaatgtacat acaaattata ttttgcattt caaaagtaca     24480
     gaaaatacta catatttaca tttattaaat tatttaacca cctttagata cgcttataag     24540
     ttttacaaat gtcgagaagt gtacccaaaa catggaaatg actttgctta ccataaaaac     24600
     agctttaatt ttaacctgta tataatgaca gtttttaaag ggcaaaattc ttattcttag     24660
     tattcaaaat tagtaggaca aaacattttt caagttttga aaattgtttt gttgttagca     24720
     tataacggat gcatgctgcc atacacacac tgatgttttt ctaaaagacg cacagattaa     24780
     aaacaaaaag tttttcttgc ttctcagcca tatttatgat tctgacttca caatatttgc     24840
     tgcaggggtc gaagcaagcg gaggtctttc ctttcccaaa aggaaaaaaa ggagaagggg     24900
     gagaaagaaa gaaaggtcta cacaggaaaa aaggtggtcc cactccgaaa acaccgtttc     24960
     caagcaggcg gtctcaattt catacttttc ttttcgtatc gcctcgtttc cgaagtgata     25020
     caaacacttt aacaaccctt attttggact gaatatcttt gttttagcaa atactaaagg     25080
     gatgctgttt ttaaccgaat taaagtttta gaaatgcggt gaagtgaagg gaagagctgt     25140
     aactggggtg aggaggctgg cgctgggaat cttgcctttt tactcccacc atcgccaata     25200
     agaaaataca ctgttaaggt aattttcacc tttgtttgga cttttaaagt ttcctgtttt     25260
     agttttaaga tgcctttgtt gtcgataaaa ccgaacggag tacggaaacc gtagtgattt     25320
     atttcgattt ttgtcccagg cctcgagaaa acaattgatt tgtgctggac acggagtttt     25380
     tttctgattt taggtggtat atccgctata tcgttcgctt taaagtgttt taacagttta     25440
     acgactctat aatatgcctg gctccgttta ggcctgcagc ggctaactta acggagttga     25500
     agaaaaatgt ttcgagttgg ttttgagcga tgaataagtg aacaagtgtc tcactttgag     25560
     tctttgtggg gggccagcaa ttttttaatg gcgaagttca taagtttgtc tatacgttta     25620
     acactactaa cgcaaaagtt tagtaagtgc tcgactgata tgttttggta acgttagcta     25680
     taataggaga attggctgca cagttgttga tttgctcgtt tttctgatgc ggttattaca     25740
     cagcgtcgta aaccgcttat cacaataact ccaaatatcg ttgcgtcaca cttttagtga     25800
     tattgtgatt aattgattgc gcaaaatgtt atcgttgtga cattgtgtaa actaatatat     25860
     ttgatatctc cgttttcacc tatgcaagat ggctatctct tatctgtctg actgtctctt     25920
     ctactgtatc tatctatcta tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg     25980
     tctgtctatc tgtctatctg tctgtctgtt ccaacataat tgaaatatag cagttatgtt     26040
     tatctatcta tcttgcctaa cataatacat aattgaaata tagcatgtat cttattctat     26100
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     26160
     ctatctatct atctatctat ttgtctgtca caacataatt aaaatataga agttatgtta     26220
     ttctatctat cttgcctaac gtaattgaaa tatagcagtt atgttattct atctctctat     26280
     ccatccgtct gtccgtctgt aggtcaagtg tagcatattt gtttgttggt cttaacatgt     26340
     gagataagct acttcaaatg caaaatttct aattcgagtt attcatgcaa tttagtaggt     26400
     aatttaaata aaaataagtc tagacgttct ggacaatatt aaattgttac aaacagatta     26460
     tttagatgtt taaatatcat gttggtcatg cttaatatca aactcaatct acttctaaca     26520
     ctttcggtaa aatgcataca ccatatgcat aacttgcatg catatataat cagggtttcc     26580
     acgcttcttg aaagtaccta aaagtgcttg atttcaaaac atgaattcaa ttcctagaga     26640
     gtacttaaaa acaaacacag gtctttgaaa gtccttgaat ttgaagttta tggtgttatt     26700
     tcaacaattt tacttctctg aacataactt taaaacggtt gtttgaaatg atcaacattt     26760
     aaaaaaatta cattcaaaac atcattatta tgacatttta atttacaaat taaatgtaag     26820
     tgaaatgata agtcaagaag gactcgtatg gcgctacata tgatgggggt gtgaattaca     26880
     aaggtgctgg atttaaaata ttagtgaatt aaaaagtcct tgaaagtctt tgaatttggt     26940
     gtctaagtaa gtgtgggaac cctaaataat gctaagcaaa tgtcttacaa tgtgtaaggt     27000
     ttccttttct ttttatttca gattattatc cataaatttc tcattgattg gagttcagtt     27060
     aattctggag tattgattgg agaggttact atagtgtttg actggacgtg tcctctcgtg     27120
     gcatttgccg gtgtggcact gcaccgtgca ccgtttggat gttgcctggg agatgaggat     27180
     gtgctgctgg caccaggaag gtcggaattt gatgtgatgg ggtgcaggac aagcaaagtc     27240
     ctcccagaac cacccagtga cgtcaaactt gacctggtca aaaaggtaga gccgcatcag     27300
     acggatgtct acaaaaactt catcaaatac gatggtggtg gggagaaaac aggctcgccg     27360
     tcccctcagg gtcaaagcca ggctgttgca aaggtgagcc aatcccctcc accggctaat     27420
     gaccagccag aacctgctga ctcacaccgg aagaaagtag ccaaatacag agccaaattt     27480
     gaccctcgag tgactgccaa gtatgacatt aaagctttga taggtcgggg cagtttcagt     27540
     cgggtagtac gagtggaaca caggagcaca cggcagccat acgccattaa gatgattgag     27600
     acgcgctacc gtgaaggcag agaagtatgt gaatctgaac tttgcgtcct acgacgtgtg     27660
     cgccacacta atattatcca gctaatggag gtgtttgaga cggctgagcg ggtctacatg     27720
     gtgatggagt tggccactgg tggagagctg ttcgaccgca tcatcacccg tgggtctttc     27780
     acagaaaggg acgccacacg ggtgcttcag atggttcttg atggggtgaa gtacctccat     27840
     acattgggca tcacgcacag ggacttaaag ccggaaaact tgctttacta ccatcctggt     27900
     gctgattcca agattatgat cacagacttt ggcttggcca gcacacgaaa gaaaggggac     27960
     gaatgtttga tgaagactac ctgtggaaca cctgagtaca tcgctcccga gatactcgtt     28020
     cgcaaaccat acactaatgc agtagatatg tgggcactgg gtgtcatttc ctacatcctg     28080
     ctcagtggaa ccatgccttt tgaggatgac aatcgaatgc gtctgtatcg acagatcctc     28140
     aaaggaaaat acagcttctc tggggaggta aggactgtga gaattactac ggttatgttt     28200
     tagtggaagc atttatccaa gtgactttgc attcaagctt ttgctgggaa ttgaacttgt     28260
     gaccttgcta gtgccatgct ttacagttag aactaaacca aaagaaaggt gcagctgttt     28320
     tttttgtgac cacagcaagt gtactaaatg tgtgtgtaaa aatatgaatg ccaaatctga     28380
     aatggaaaaa ataaaaactg gaaagcttaa aatagatata cttgggcatt caggtaaaca     28440
     acaagcatgt tggcaacctc aaaggggtaa atactctttc aactttgata tgcttgtgtc     28500
     acaggaacag atctacagat gcatttatta ttactcataa agtataagct taaccaaaaa     28560
     ggataattca tagaaagtaa gatcggcttc acgaaatata tttcagttgc tgaaaatggt     28620
     aaaactttca ccagggtggc gagctacctg gattggattt aggaactaat gcttaaaaaa     28680
     taaaatgtaa tttgcagaca ttagccaata aggcccaatc ccaactctac cccttagccc     28740
     ttacctctac acctttacgg gaacgcgcaa aatgagaggt gtctcaattc tctttagctt     28800
     gaaggtgtag gtctaaagcc gccattccac tgcacacgac atttggacac aaatgtcgga     28860
     aaatgccccc tagtggcagt cacactattc tgagaagctg ttctcgcagt gtctgaaaca     28920
     aaggactgca aaaccaagag cctttattct cggtgcgttc accatggttg aatgaatgaa     28980
     tagatactag aaactcatag aatgttaaaa atattggagg caatgtggag acaacataaa     29040
     acattttatt tttattactt taatactttc atttatgaat tgaaatgttt atatatatat     29100
     atatttatat ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     29160
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatgtag actttttctg attcaaaaat ttaccaaata     29220
     aacttctatg tctcatctcg tgcacatgga cctgcttgga caattctgaa atacgtcaca     29280
     tctgcataca aagatgatcg gaactccaaa cagctcccgg actactctcc attggaaatt     29340
     attgacttcc ggtctgtcgc ttgtcgtttg tcgtgtgtag tggaaaggtg gcttaaggag     29400
     aagggctaga taccccttcg agctaagatt tttttaggac caacacttga aaccaagggg     29460
     ttagaaaatt tcccagaatg caccagctac aacggcagga tacttgcacc caaaagaaag     29520
     gagatgaaca aatgagcaat ttccatcatt attagaaatt tttacaacaa gtaagcatat     29580
     gtttttacat attcataacc gcgttcgtgt gttaccgtca tgctttaaaa aataaaataa     29640
     aataaaaaaa taaataaaat aaaaccgcta aatttcgcta tctatattcc ataatcgtaa     29700
     ctcctgtata gcaatctcac aacattcaca acactcgatg acactcgaat accctgtcag     29760
     aaaatatgcc taataatgtg cataatatat gctttcagtg attttctgaa gatgaatact     29820
     aaagaataac gcaattggaa taactacagc agtcgagata atctgatctc atatgaagca     29880
     agagatcgtg atgacatatg atgacgtgtg caggtgctgt agtgctgtcg cattttttag     29940
     gggtaaattt tgaaggcctt ccccttcaca ctcggtttta agagccaagg ggaaggggta     30000
     ggggtacaaa aatagaattg tgattgggcc taaataaatt agttaaggta atctaacaat     30060
     gaaagtactt gtaatgaaat tgttaaatgt gattctgttt tacacgagta aaacacaaaa     30120
     taaggaataa tcggggtgat attttaattg gctggagtaa ataattctgg ttatatcatg     30180
     gttacaggca cattaataat cttagacatt tatcatattt tgtgatattt ggctagattt     30240
     gtcatccctt ttccaactca aacctccatt gcaaaataga gagctagtaa agtttgttta     30300
     caccggacgt tcctgagact tttatttcag catgttgatg taattccaac tttttgcttg     30360
     ttagaagtga cgtcacgtaa agtggcttcc gtgtccaagt ggtctatcaa actgtacact     30420
     caaaaaaaaa cattttgcaa aattgttgca aacaatttat gttaaattta aacaaacaaa     30480
     ttaaatgtta aatatctaac tttgtttgtt tgtttaaaaa cccaaattaa ttgtttgcaa     30540
     ccacttaact gtttttgtaa atccaagaat catctttgaa taattttttt cagtgtatgg     30600
     gctaactcaa caaatggtaa taataaacgt ttataaagtg atgtaatact tttgaaaatc     30660
     acgatcgcaa tatatatata tatatatata tccatgtcta atatctgatg attagaaagt     30720
     gataattttt tttctaaatt gttgaaatat tgatgtctgt gatgtagcaa gttcagagac     30780
     tgttgtatac accatgattt tataaaaaat tcactttaat tttatgacta aaaagtgttc     30840
     ataaacagat attttcttaa tttaagcgag tagcggcttg gacctggaaa cagtaactca     30900
     acaagcggat attaagtaag gggcggggct tttgtttagc tcatcattcc ctcaaagcaa     30960
     actaatggta agacgagtgt ggttaaaaac attgtgactg aagcttcaaa ctgacattaa     31020
     cagagaagaa ccaccactcc ttacatgtaa acaaataatc agaatttgat tgaaaattgc     31080
     cataaataac atttatatta cagtgaaata acttgcacgg aataattgtt cacctaaagc     31140
     agggactcac aaacttttta gcccacgacc tgcaaaataa caataccagt atctctcgac     31200
     ccccattatc ctctgatgtg gtcaaaatgt acaatcactg tgcacaaagg agcacacaca     31260
     ccaataggcc taaatacaca cttatatttt gacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tgtttttatg     31320
     ttaatttatt tgcgtaattt taacatgaac ctcacctaat tagattggag ggcaacgagt     31380
     ttttggaaca caagaagtta tttaatatat aataacaaca ttattggatt aattttgaag     31440
     accgccatca tacatggaat tcagttgtta tttgtatttt ttgcttgaat gcatgtatgt     31500
     gagtgctgaa taggtgttgg aaagtgtaac atggtggtgt aaaattgatc tgctgtgtct     31560
     ttaatttaat cacacagggc ttgcaatcaa aaagctgatt ttttttttat ttgcatgtct     31620
     tattttttgc acttttattt tttatctttt gaagtatatg gataaaataa ggtactgttc     31680
     atttcattca gttgcctatg gcttagtccc ttttttatca ggtattgcca cagcagaaat     31740
     aaccgtaaac tatttctgca cccatacaca tttatatgcg cactcataca ttgtggccaa     31800
     tctaatgtac ccaatctaat gatccccact cactgttgtg cgacccctac tttgggaacc     31860
     actgagctaa agtataacaa tgtgtgctag caaaataaac actgtaaatg tagattttat     31920
     gtaaactttt agccattgat agcttagtgt agatatgaga tactaaaact gtatgaattt     31980
     acctgcatct ctcagcagtg ttcagcagca gtgtctctac taatagcaaa tagatttttt     32040
     tattgacaaa atcatcgcag taaactgttt cgttttcgtc aagtcaagtt ccggaccctt     32100
     gctagtttcc agcaggactg tctgataaat ggacaactat agcacaggtt aatgtaagca     32160
     gtgtgacaaa acaaagtggt aatatatact ctggttcatt tgtggcactt atttttttgt     32220
     cggtatcatc taacaatatt taatatctaa agtagggctg aacactatat agtttgagca     32280
     ttgatatcac aatgatagat cacaatctaa attaataaaa tatttccaaa tagagctaat     32340
     taaatcatct ggtaaaaata tatattctta tcgcaaaata tattgcagca aaataaaata     32400
     ttgcaatgtc agatttttcc attatcgtgc agccctaatc taaagcctta tttccttcaa     32460
     agcatttctg atctgataac attacgaccc tcccccaata aagatgtaaa atgtgacaag     32520
     agtttcatat gacacatgat aattttaaaa aacagtatca caaacacagt gagcagccaa     32580
     aacaatttat actttaacta aatcactgga gaaaatgaga atatgtaact cagacctttc     32640
     aaagaaacca ggtttgtggc aacatttttc ttactacatt cagctttagc aataatcagc     32700
     atgttaagag gattcaacat aaacaatgta tgtaataatc gttaggaaaa gtaattgtag     32760
     ttgtcaaaga aagacaattt aaatttgaca tagttaacat tgtttctagg gttgctgacc     32820
     aatttggcat catatgaggt ttaatgtgta acattgtgat ggacaatggc atcgtcgctg     32880
     taggcggtgg tgacttgatt atttataaag aattaataaa attaattacg tatttgttta     32940
     aattaattac atatttgtag cctactgtat acactattca atcagcctat atgaaataat     33000
     aaaaataaca aaaactgcct gctgatgcat gggtaaatct tcaaaaggaa catcttaaca     33060
     gtgaaaacat aatataagga aatttgtttt attttgatat tatgatatac agacactaaa     33120
     cggccttgtg tagctgcata tttatatgac cgtcatcttc actctgcata tttataacaa     33180
     aacagggcct aaaacaaaac tgcttccttt cattttcatt gaaaagaacg aactttaccc     33240
     tgtctctttt gcagaatatc agttttaata atcagtaatg gccattgtta taaaagtata     33300
     atgtacaata aatgtatacg ataaaggtaa gcaatgtgta gactcagtgt acttggttac     33360
     attatttaat atattaactt atctttgcgc tcagccaaaa cacattacct gagaacaagt     33420
     gattcaaaag acagaagagt cgttagatag agacaacaag gtggattcaa tatcacattt     33480
     aacaacctat agtgagatga gatctagcag tagctctttg atgaactgtc cgacatgcac     33540
     tataccatgg gggtttatgc tcaaagcgcc agctgaacta ctggctgcag gttttggcag     33600
     agtgtgtgtg ttcacgtgat ttgcgttttt agccgtgttc tggtatgaac ggagaacttt     33660
     tcagaaccgc taaatgaaac ggcagtgtgt ttcccgcaat ttttctgcgc ctcccttccg     33720
     tttcttctcc atctttctga cttttttttt gacaaaaata cacaccgacg ttgcacgctc     33780
     gagtagagta atcagtgtca ttataatggc ctcgacaaac ttggttggta aaaaaggtgg     33840
     acaaccaaca gtatctgagg ttttcactaa aatacaaagt acaagtgtga aaaaaaattg     33900
     aagcagtgta ctgatgctga cacgttacct gatagattca aaatactgaa gagtcgttag     33960
     atagagacaa gattaattaa atgtcacatt taacaacaat agtgagacat gatccagcgg     34020
     gacatccttg attaactgtc caacgtgcac tgctctcagg ggttttgtgc tcaaagcacc     34080
     tgctgactgc ctggagctca gacatgcgca tatgttagag cgcatggctg ggtgtgtgtg     34140
     gtcacattat gtgcgttttc agcggtacag ttccatttta gaggtaccat tttcaatttg     34200
     tcctatttgt taatacatta actaaaaggg caacaatctc taatggtatt tttagtcgtt     34260
     gttagagtcc gctactaaaa atggcaaaaa tagcaactgg tttgctagtt tattttagca     34320
     taagcccatg atatcatttt acagcagtgt tgttgaaggc ttaattctat tagttataat     34380
     cagggaaatg cacagctaaa gttgaaatga ttatgaatgt ttatctcaac agtaatagta     34440
     gtttttataa aaggtaaaat aattaaaata tagtcaatat actaagaaat caaagatgag     34500
     gattcttggg cctaaaagcc aaagcaccgg tgtctaagca gggctcgcaa aatctggtag     34560
     cctgaagtct agatagccag ccagacactg tgtagataga ttttctgagc cctgttaaga     34620
     taaaaacaac aacaacaaca tgttaattac tttcaccatg agcagaaaca attagggttg     34680
     ggttgataga cgatgccatc gtccatcggc gatggccgat agaccattat tctgagccga     34740
     cacctcgatc ctccgcgccc ccagaagcaa cccgctcgcg aaaaatatac attaggcccc     34800
     attttatttt ttttttcggc atagtccctt tattaatctg gggtcgccac agcggaatga     34860
     actgccaact tatccagcat atgttttatg cagcggatgc atttctagct gcaacccatc     34920
     actgggaaaa cattagaccc ttttacacta aaacatctta gttttaaaat ggcatttcat     34980
     tctgtaattt ctgaaaagca ctccatcaac actattgtat ctgagctttt tgagtgtgct     35040
     ataggagatt tatatgagca gtgtggatcg tatgtgctaa acaagggttc tggtagattg     35100
     gaaatacatg tgtttctgat taagtataga agtgctataa agcttatgct aatgttactt     35160
     ggttttatta aacccagagg tatttgtgtg ctgtgctgtt gggcttgttt gcattgtact     35220
     aaatgaataa attgttattg gccgactgct ttcacaaaca aacaagctcc tatgaagtat     35280
     taaatgtatg tagatgttaa tgggtggtca tgtttgcctt taaatgtgct taacctgccc     35340
     tgatgtgtgc tattatgtga tggtaaactc tttaacctca cctcaggttt aaagctgatg     35400
     gttgtatttt aaaatacttt ctcctgtgtc agcttgtttg tgtgtgtttg cagacaagtg     35460
     taagtaagcc atttgtaggt tgatttttct gaaaaagtgt aagcgctgtg gtctgtggcg     35520
     ctttcagcat tgcactgttt gtttgagtgg cctgatgtag caacaaatgg tttgagttta     35580
     gggcggcact acctgattgt cgtttgagtg acggctgagg ggaggagggt ggggtgttta     35640
     ctaagaaaca tatttttgca gttttattta gtgccagcac acttaaaaca gatttttttt     35700
     ttacatgaaa gaacaaaaat gattataaag atttgagaat acttgttgac cagttttgtt     35760
     aatttataaa tctaatatat tttttgttgt gcttataaat tattgtgttt ttcttttaca     35820
     ttgcttcctg taaacttaaa ttgacttgtc tttttacttg ttgcatggaa cagggagtca     35880
     ctaatgttat gccacctaaa ccactaaatt taaaacattg tatttttaca attccagggt     35940
     gtccgtgtga tcttaaaaag tattataagc tgataaatca attaggataa aataaagacc     36000
     cttaaaggga aaactaataa tgttatgtta acctaactaa atcatttttg tgctactgac     36060
     aaataattta ggtcagtgca gctgatgttt tcaaaagttg aacaagaaaa aacaaaagga     36120
     aaataattat gtatggatta ttttatttat ttatttattt ttttggtgtt gtactgaact     36180
     aaagttatat ccagggccag acagattttt atttatttat tttttacaaa atctgtaatg     36240
     cagaatgatt ttgagagtgt agtaattaaa aacttaacaa taataataac aacaactttt     36300
     tttaaggttt actatgcaaa tctgaataga agcacttgtt tctccaaacc aaagtctctt     36360
     atgtaatata tttactaaaa gacagaaaaa atcactttac aattagcttt tttgtagcat     36420
     taagcagatg acttacaaac tgtattgtac atacaccatt aaaacgcttg tatactattc     36480
     agtaagataa acataaaaac ggaataaata tatatttatg cacatttaca tgtgtaaata     36540
     gatagaatga tgggattccg tgtgggccta atcataacct tggctttaat tgggtgtaca     36600
     tttttccaat tgttttgaag aatgttcaga ttcagataaa taaacaattt caactagtga     36660
     cagagacttt gtcctgtgtc acaatgctaa ggacgtcaca cacacccttt atttctgata     36720
     tggttttata aaaacctaaa atgtaattag cactgcttct tcctcatgtg atcacaaaca     36780
     gaaaaactgc aactgattga ctgtggcata ataaaagctt tgctgctttc aagcattgtc     36840
     atgctcaact ctcatctgca attgcttcgg gggtctcatt ttgattcgat ggctttaagc     36900
     cttacactgc ttcatgttat tacgatgata aattttttat acttagcatg aacataattt     36960
     ctgcaggagt cccacagaat gtattgtaga tgataatgta gactccatga ttcaacactc     37020
     agtcactggg acatcaaact atgccttgtt ttgctagagg gtctttatta acaacaaaca     37080
     aagttagaaa aaattagagg ccctctacag aaaattacat attattcatt caaaattgat     37140
     tgatagtcca tagagctgca cgattctggc taaaatgaga atgttttgct taaaataaat     37200
     attacaattt tctcacgatt ctgtagatgt aaaattaaag tatggtaaaa gcaaacatat     37260
     ggcaaaacat cgttaataat attatatgtt ggtctactgg tttgtataaa taatactatt     37320
     ctacttataa taattctgat gttgaattat gatgtttgag ataaatgctt gcaatctgtc     37380
     attgacaaca ttattagaca atttcattca ctgggaaaat cagacatttg tcattatcag     37440
     attatattca acaatatata ggctagagta gttatactga caatgtaaac ctttattttt     37500
     atgcacaact ctgttcgcta tgaaagaaaa aacttaccaa atgcttgtcg cagtcataac     37560
     tctaaaatgc gatatgatta tttaaatgat gtgcacactt tcgggtttca ttttgactgc     37620
     taagtgcttg ttcatacttc gcgcgcggct ctcaaacgat cactctgtgc cacaaactga     37680
     ataagcctat tatttacaac tgtattacct gtcactcaca acatatccag gttcagttca     37740
     ccaaagtaga cacgcgtgtc tgtcattaag tagagcgtcc gcgcgccctc tctgtgataa     37800
     cacctcacgg tcagcagctc tcgtcacgtt tgatttcctg gccgcgaaaa catcattata     37860
     tgaagacaaa atgacatttt taggtgaatt ataccttata aaaacagtat gtggcttatt     37920
     caacatcatt tggaggtgtc cgtgtcactg agcaatgtat gtgaaacaat gaaaagactc     37980
     gtgtggccgc cttttctttt cacctgcact tgaaaatatg actgacagaa tcgtagaatt     38040
     gctggattaa gatcgtctac acaaaacgtc taggtttttt tgattaattg tgcagctcta     38100
     gtccatgcta tattaaccta catttctatg cccgcagatt ctattattct gtaaactgtt     38160
     tccaacaatg tggaaatcat aggcccctac tgatgactca tactgcacta cacaaacttt     38220
     tgcccaatca ggtgccctct aaaacaagaa tgacagtgcc ccagcgaaaa tatctgtcca     38280
     catctctcca gcgacttgag gtcaatgagg ttttctaccc agtccattca gaagtacatt     38340
     cctaaatcca aatttccccc acaaagccac catctcaaaa cacaacaggc cataattgtt     38400
     ctgcctcttt ctgcctgtct gtctgtctgc tctgtttcta ttcatcacaa agggcttttc     38460
     aaacacttta aacctttgcc aaccgttctg tgtttgacct tggtttttcc aatgtgttta     38520
     tttgcgtgcc tctgtttatt gtgcaagtat ttgtatgcat gtttttggtg ggattgcgtg     38580
     tgcttttatt tggaggagtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     38640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcttgtg tcctgtcatc atgtgttatc ccgctgtaac cccctgcatg     38700
     agcgtgtgat gtaaggccgc agagttcctg gcagagtgtg tgcgtcaggg ccgctctgct     38760
     gctgtgagtc acagacaaga cgaatgtggg ctgtgcaggg aaaagccctg gaggagtcat     38820
     gctaaccaac aaaaaccaag ccatgttttg ttttctctct tgcttatgga gctgctagtg     38880
     tttggccagt tgtcataaca taccaggaca tgcacgactt gtctaaagat gtgcctggaa     38940
     gaggaaaata attaagttaa aggaactaat tagttgcagt ttttgatttg ccgaaaggat     39000
     tatgtattaa tccagacagt gttggcacat gtgatatgat gtctttttct gaactgctac     39060
     agaatgttcc tcaaaatcat ttattgcagt gtagtttcca atttttttta cttgcagccc     39120
     actaaaccaa acacgcagtc aaaaccagca atgaactgaa gaacggaccc ctggagctga     39180
     ctgactgtgg tataataaaa gctttgctgc tttcaaccta aatcataatc aactggacgc     39240
     attgacagcc atgcattcag caaaaaatac attttaaaat agtgggttat ttaatcaatt     39300
     tgcaaaattg aatagtgaac acatagtaac aatttattta acaatttatt attcattaca     39360
     tgttattaaa ttatacatca aatgactaga caaatgactt tgacatatag accatttcaa     39420
     tacggtcatg tcattgtccc ataaaaagct cctgcttgtt attaagctat ttcatcactg     39480
     caacaagagg caattcaata ataacattaa aacagctatc ataacattat tcatcaatgt     39540
     gtggctcttt tcagattctc ggaagctgta gaaattaaaa atataaaaca ggaaatatgt     39600
     tgagaccatt gttttcgttt acatccctca aaatggtcca tataaaaatg ttattcctaa     39660
     taataagagc tggcccatag gttgatctat tgttatagac gactgctctg tgtttgtttg     39720
     ttttatatat ttatccacat attttcagac aaaattggtt gggatcgaaa aaactatggg     39780
     cgtttgttgt acacagaaaa tgaagtaaaa ataaaaagta aaaataaaag tttggtttat     39840
     tctgtggaaa ctttgaaaga cattccatac tgttgcacag tagagcatgc ttctcaaagt     39900
     aataataata ataaaacttt atttcagtaa caagaaagtc agatgacatt ggaagtgagg     39960
     gtccaaccac agttcattaa cagcttagtt aggcaggcag tggtcaaaca ggaacgaaca     40020
     taagggtaat catgagggta atccaatagc atggtagtag tcacaggcag aggttgatgc     40080
     aggcggcaaa caggataagc aaagaaacaa ggatctaaaa gcatggtaag actagacaaa     40140
     gaaaacgttg caatgttaca gataaacata caccaagact cagcaatgtg tgtgtgagag     40200
     gtgaaaacat atagttgaag tcagaattat tgcctggaga aagaaaaaaa tattatttgt     40260
     tttatttcgg ctagaataaa agtgtttttt aattttttta aaagcccttt aagctatata     40320
     tttttagata gtctacagaa aaaccatcat tatacaatga cttgcttaat taccgaatgg     40380
     tgcgagctcc agatgaaaag ttttgtcttt acctcatagt taaagttgtt gcacgtccgc     40440
     cggttcctgc ctcaaaatga gcgagtttga accacttgta cattcaggat gttttcagga     40500
     aaagcaaaac atcagcgaag aaactcgaca cagaggagca ttaacacctc actgccaact     40560
     agcgtttcgg aagtgttaat gcagaccaac agagacggcg tgcagaagta taatacacag     40620
     ctactcgcgt tgcgtgtgcc gtgggttaca ccggtcactt gacgcagaag tataaaccag     40680
     gctttagaaa tgagttgaaa aaagcttctc ttcgttaaac agaaatttgg gggaaaaatt     40740
     aacaaagcgg tttataattc aagggggcta ataattctga ctacaactgt atatccatgt     40800
     aattagtcta tgattcattt tttgctgtgt gtgtgcaatc agggagagaa ctgatgtaaa     40860
     gtctagatcg gataagcagc cagccgggag tgtgatatgc acatcaatat agcagcattc     40920
     atactgactg cataacagta attaatattt ttgcagtact gtgagggtta ggtttagggt     40980
     tggggtgagg gtaggcgtta ataaaatata aaaaattgga aattttataa ataatataaa     41040
     taattcttgt taaccttcag ccgcaaccat atccaatcaa gcaacaaccg agaactggaa     41100
     ctggtgtgtg ggacgtgcat gatgggattt aaagtcctgt ttcgtgacag atttgtagtt     41160
     ctttagcgat ctccaactgc taggtcgctg atgattgtga caatttttaa taatgaatga     41220
     ttacagttgt tcattcatgt tttaaatttc aaaatgatta aattaaattt ttaggggtgg     41280
     ttatttgttt gtttaaagtg ttagaatttc ataaaattgc acttgttttt atacagcaat     41340
     tttgatgttc cttattttat ataatatcag cttatgctta tatttgctgc aactattcaa     41400
     cttggatcag ttaatttgaa gcttttattt ttccttctac attgcatcaa tacacataaa     41460
     aagtcccagt atttttaaga atgtatatat aattttattc aagccatttt ctttttctct     41520
     ttttctttcc gatagccatg gccaagtgtt tccaatctgg caaaggactt catcgatcgc     41580
     gtcctcacgg tggatcctaa tgagcggctc tctgcaggcc aggcactcaa acacccctgg     41640
     attgtaagta tggcagcttc ctcctccatg aagaatctgc accggtccat ttcccagaat     41700
     ctcctgaaga gagcttcgtc acgctgccac agcacaaaat catcccagtc cactcgctcc     41760
     agccgctcca ccaagtccag caaggcacga cgccttcgtg aaaaagagct gcgagagctg     41820
     aaccgccggt accagcagca gtgcaatggt taagaggaaa taagacagct tttactttag     41880
     gaaaaacagt ggagagagcg gaacaacttc ctgctccgtc accacagagc caattagcag     41940
     aaagcctcct tctaaaactt ccctcgtttt ctatttttct gctgtctctt tcttgtttat     42000
     taccttttat gtgagtgttt tatttattta ttgctggtgt attttcatgt tcgtattgtc     42060
     cttgaaaatt atctcattca gcattttaca tgattgtatc tgttgaacag aattttacaa     42120
     acgtcgctgg aaggactaag aatatacctt cctgattttg ctgtgaatta ttttgttatg     42180
     gtacccagtc agaagatcgc tcttctgatg ggggaaatgt gctgtttatt ccttattacc     42240
     aacaaatcac tagacatatt ggtagttttt ttcttacctt aacgttactt tgaacatgag     42300
     ggacggttag gatacaacca ttggtaactg caggttacat ttagaatcag tctgctgttt     42360
     aaatataata atgagccttg atgggataga ttggcaaaaa atggaaatgt ctctatcatt     42420
     tactcatttg ccgtactttg ttccagtttt gcaaaagtgg ccttaatgaa ccatttcgac     42480
     acaaaaatct tcattttgta atcttgtttt gcctcggaaa tatgttaaga acattttttt     42540
     ttttaatatt ttgggacact ttgataacta cagagacaat agccatgctt ttggtcttct     42600
     cgcattctct ctcatataag cttgtcttgg actattagta tttctctttt tggttaaatt     42660
     tattaggtaa attattgtaa agtctgtgaa acattctttt gtcaaagagt agttaaaaac     42720
     aactaaattt gaagttactt gagggtccat atgtgagtgt taaggctgcc atacattatt     42780
     tatgttattt ctacaataat aactaaaata atcaaaaagg atgtttgaaa gacccctatg     42840
     tacatttgca gccctttttt cctttctaat aggaaagtta aatgcgttaa atgctcatta     42900
     aaccaagtta aacaggtttg gaacagtatg aagctgagta aatgattaca tgaaaaatgg     42960
     cagttaattt tctcaaccct aggctattca agatgtacta tgacttttct ttggtagaaa     43020
     tacaatacct gtggttcctg atgatgcata gagattttgt ggagcaaaac tattcacaac     43080
     attacattac attgcattat accatgtggg tgcaaactcc aatgtgagcc aatgttgtgt     43140
     gtttacaatg gaaaaggagg acatgtattg tgttgttcat caaattggtc cacgattttg     43200
     cttaacctgg atgctgcaac caccataaaa tagtaagatt ggtgtatcat tagtgagaca     43260
     ccaatcacta taatagtata taatagtgtt taacagttta ccaaggacca cgatttaagc     43320
     taaagataat atttaatgtt ctaacaaaga aaaaaaaaac ttggatgggc tgagaatgaa     43380
     tacattaact gtacattttc agttttcgat gaactatatc tttaatttgg tccaaaaata     43440
     tcaaggagct ctacattctg cacaatatgt gtgttattta tcctaaataa gacatattaa     43500
     aagaaccaaa aatggtagta ttagttgtta ataataaaac atttcaaatc atcttgagac     43560
     ttgactttaa atcaggggtg tcaaactcaa ttcctggagg gctgcaacac tgtagagttt     43620
     ggttccagcc ctgcttcaac acagctatct gtaggtatta aacaagccta aagcacttaa     43680
     ttagtttgat caagtgtgtt taattagggt tggaactaaa ctgtgctgag ctgcagcttt     43740
     ccaggaactg aatttgacac ctgtgcttta aagaattcgt ttaccaacct gcacactcaa     43800
     acttctatca tgatttactc acctcaaagt tgttccaaac cgaaaaaaca gaaattcatc     43860
     ttcgcaacac aaattaatat gtttgaacca atattgtgtc ccaccattga cactctgacc     43920
     tttaaaactg tcataaagac aaatcaatat gaagcagttt aatccaagtc ttcggaaaaa     43980
     tcatgatcac tatatataat gagcacattg tagtccttta ttaacatata aaaaaccttt     44040
     ttgacataca ataacaaacc tcattagatc ttgtgtaagc tcgaagatgt catgtgacaa     44100
     tcaaaaacga acctcgttgg ttctctcatg tcaagcaagc attccagagc ttccataacc     44160
     aaatttgaaa gtagtaaaca ctgcttgctg atcagtgttt atattcgaat aaatttaatt     44220
     aaacctgttc aatttagaaa gggattgcgt ctcttatttt taatctctat gaatgtttta     44280
     aagcatcaga gtttgagtga actgactttc agcggagtca caattagatt taattaaaaa     44340
     tagcattaac actttacaat aaggtttcag tagttaatga atttacaaac aaatgatgaa     44400
     caaaaaaata ttattttaat tcccaggttc tgctggttga gttttccaaa ttttcattgc     44460
     caatcttaag ccagttgtaa tcatttgttt tgggtcaatt tggaatttcc ccaaccattg     44520
     cagagcccgg aggaccaaag tgagtgctcc gacttggccc caccctggtc ccgatgaaca     44580
     atacatttat tacagtatgt attcatcttt gtcaatgtta cttaatgaaa ataaattcac     44640
     tctttgttag ttctcattac ctcacagttc attatgttaa caaacacaat ttgaatttta     44700
     ataatgcgtc agtaaattta aaactataat taataaattc cgtacaatta ttgttcattc     44760
     ttggttcatg tcagtaaata cattacctta aattaatgaa accttaatgt aaagtgtgac     44820
     taaaatatct atatttgtgc ttcgaacgtg aaggtaaaac aacatgaagg tcaaccgatt     44880
     caattttggg gtgaactaac cttcgaaaaa gacacaaaaa tacagtgtag ccaaatgggc     44940
     tattaattta gtctttaaat gtggtcggtg aagaaacctg cagtgattct tgactcctgc     45000
     agttggatct gcctgtacat gtattgcagt aattaataac tgatgctgat tgctttctca     45060
     gtatgggcgg ccagtattgg aaagccctga atcacaatcg gttgctttct ctgccaccag     45120
     ctgttgtttc ttaagcaaga cactgaacac catgaaggcc ttttggcaga ttctcaatat     45180
     ttcccccccc cctgtcagaa accagcagcg atgtgccaaa gaaattcctg tgtgcctgat     45240
     gtattaacaa ggaacatttg gtgagatctg acatatgatt cctcacgaaa ataattactg     45300
     ataaaactgt gatgatatga agatttctca aaatgtgttc ttagatctgt tttttatgtt     45360
     tgttttttta tataaaagtg tatatcaaaa attaaagagg aaagggaatc tgtgtatttg     45420
     agttttatga ttccatttta caacaagtgc caaatttgtt tcgcagttgt gaaaaatgtt     45480
     ttggaaaaaa ttgttggaca ttttatgata actacagaag tattctgatt tttagtgtcc     45540
     ttcactttga aaaaggctgg gttattttaa cccaattctg ggtgtaatgt ggattaaact     45600
     aactgctggg ttaatttttt gaaattaaat ttataggact aaatttcacc caatgtttgt     45660
     ccatatttga cccaatttgg gtttaaataa cgcagcattg gcaacatgat gtctctagtg     45720
     gtttgcactt tcgccccgca gcaaaaaggt agctggttca agtcacggct gggtccgttg     45780
     gcatgtcagt gtggagttag catgttcccg catgggtttc ctccaggtgc tccggtttcc     45840
     cacatgcaca gtccaaagac atgcgggata ggtgaattga ataaacttaa ttgttcatgt     45900
     gtgtgcatgt gagagtgttt ctcagtactg agttgcacct ggaagggcat ccgctgtata     45960
     aaacacacag tatgccggat aagttggcgg ttcattctgc tgttgcaatc cctgatgaag     46020
     ggactaaatc gaaggaaatg aatgaatgga caatttaatc cggtttgccc atatttgacc     46080
     cagttttaaa taactcagca tttttagtgt cctcacagca tcgtgctcag gctgggtcag     46140
     ttggcaattc tgtgtgcagt ttgcatgttt ccccatgttc acgttggttt cgtctgagtg     46200
     ctccggtttt cagttaaaag acatggacta taaatgaatt gaataaactg aattggccaa     46260
     atgtattaat taaaaaacag ctagaaatgt gaaagtacag ttcaaagagg gttcatttgt     46320
     gagtgtttta ttatgtaatt atttgttttg ttttgtttct tttatagtta ctaaaatcgt     46380
     ataatcaaaa attacttttg aaagaccact gtgtagcttt atagccattt ttctctatta     46440
     agaacaaaga tatttatatt caattcctgt ttatttatag agcactttta caatgtagat     46500
     tgtgtcgaag cagctggaca tataagttct tgtaaattga aactatcagt ccagttttca     46560
     gaattgaagt tcagtttagt tcagttcagt gtggtttaaa tttcactgct gaaagtccaa     46620
     acactgatca ccaaatccat cgatatgcag ctccaagagt ctcaaaccaa gcaagtcagt     46680
     gccaacagtg gcgcgaaaaa atacttcacc aattgacgaa agtgaaggga aaaaaaacct     46740
     taagagaaaa caggctcagt tggacatgac tatttctcct ctggccaaac ttcttgtgca     46800
     gagctgcagt cgaggcgctg gaggcggtag aacatgtagg acatccatcg tggagaagca     46860
     gcaggtgaag taaatgctca aaaaataaaa aataataata atttagtgta tcacaaacat     46920
     tcatgttagg aataagtgtt tgtagctaca gttgaaatta gttataacgg ttcttttgct     46980
     aaatccaact cagtctcttt tatgaaaact aattaaaaaa ttgttccctc ttagtgtaat     47040
     tgttgatgtt tgtaaaatgt taaaaataaa aatccaaaac caaaagcttt cacttcaaga     47100
     ccttttattc aagttttgga tatatcagag ttcaaatgaa gacaactata ttatttaatt     47160
     atgattcact tacctattac gtaaaatgtt aggaattgga agacatagaa aaggtgaatc     47220
     attggtggac acagtcatga tattcatcaa taatgtcagt ttttatagtc tgatttttta     47280
     tttatatgta aaatgaggac tgtggttaaa tggaaaatct ttataatcat tccttactca     47340
     tcactctcat accaattcac agaaaaagga gaacactagg gaggaataac attgtcttcc     47400
     cattgtgatt agcaattgtt gtctggaaaa aaaacaaaca ctgtgtggca tttcccagca     47460
     tatcttggca tatatgtaag actttaattt tgggtcagaa attcatttaa ccttacatga     47520
     aaaagtcctt taatatgaca aaaaagtcca ctgaagttca aatggaaata caatccccat     47580
     ttaagtttat tttccataaa aaaacgaaag aataatatgc aggttttagt tagaaattac     47640
     ttttttacag atctgtttct gcaaaattac ttataaaaac ttgaaagact aatgttcatt     47700
     cacagtttat actaattttg aagtcactct gtgtctatta aacgtaagat gctatttagc     47760
     tgcacttttt tttaaccgaa tgaaataagt tcacttagtt aaaagacttt tactaagtac     47820
     ataactaggc tatgtcaaat gacttttatt ttgaaaaata aagagaaaaa aatcaaggcg     47880
     ccatgaattc ttacggctgg cttcacattt cctctcagag ccagacaggt ctgtacaaat     47940
     agctgcagat taatttacta ttgtataata tttatcttga catactattt tacagttatt     48000
     aatagtattg ttttaattca taatgtttta tttaaacgtc gttacgtttt attgaaatac     48060
     attaacagtt agtggcatgc atttatatga aaaaacggac aaatcaaatc atttaatatg     48120
     tgaatgaatg ataatataat aaagcagact accattacca ttactttagt tctgccagtc     48180
     tatcttacta actgatgtct tcttgtatgt actattcctc agagttataa acaaacatgc     48240
     agcctgtttc atttatatga ctccatgtct tgttggttca tatgatatga gcacgcttct     48300
     attatggagt ctcagaccgg gagaaaaagt gccagaagac tctcaatgac caagaaaaag     48360
     agccaaagtg tctgtcctat taaagaaaga acaagtaatg gaggagctgc ttccataacc     48420
     tcatttttca ggaatacacc accaagtaaa cttgcctgtc ctctgtgtgg caaacttgta     48480
     cctcgttaca agattaatga acacatagac tcccagtgtc agaactttct tgtggaggat     48540
     gacggaaagc aaaaggaaat caccaaagca ccttctaaca gtgctttagc atcaaataat     48600
     gagagagaga aaagtcccgg agacaaagat gctgatacta gtccgttttt caaaaagaac     48660
     tgtgcagtga ggagagattc atctgaaaca gattcacaag ctaaaccggt taagactgtt     48720
     ggtctgggaa gtttatcctc taaactctct agacgagcac ttagactttc agatgagtcc     48780
     ggagtaaatc ttactcacgt ctcagataat gaaaaggatc ataatgcaga attgaacaga     48840
     tcacagaagg aaaactacat gaacagttta acttttgagt ctgaaagaaa tggcacggat     48900
     gcagataata tgttagaaac agagccagaa gcttcaaatc aaccacaact taaaaatgtt     48960
     gagaaatctg catcagattc aagcataagc agtgatgttc acacatcctc atccagtgta     49020
     ctgaagcgaa agtccatgga gatacctaaa aacgacacaa acactacaga aacatgtatt     49080
     gcacataaga aaagtagatt ttttcaaagc agtattgaaa gaggaaatga atctaaggtc     49140
     aaatctgatc aaactgaagc ttcgtctagt gcatatgatg ttccaacatc aaagagtcca     49200
     atcaaaagca aaaccacaca ggaggagatt gagaaggagc tgaataagac accggctaat     49260
     gaacacaaca tgcttgatgt tgagaaagtg ggtgagggat cagagcagca gcacaccagg     49320
     ctgccttatt atctgcgaaa ctttcggact gtccttgagg ctgtgttgga gaatgaggat     49380
     gataggaggc tcttcaatga agacgacttc tcaacaattc agtcttttca gcagctttca     49440
     ggtagaggaa ctacttaaaa gtcaatttga agtgtcagtt ttgctcttaa atacaaccgt     49500
     agttaacatg cacttcagcc gagttatgta acatgcattg tttaaaacct tgagatcagt     49560
     gagatttgta tttgtttgtt tttgtcaaat aatgttatgt ttcatattaa gcaaggagtc     49620
     cagagattga tcaggagtaa cagtaaagac atttataatg ttttcttttt ttagaaacat     49680
     atttctgttc atcctgaatg ctgataatca tagtttccac taaaacttta agcagcacaa     49740
     tagttttcat ctcttgataa taagagatga ttcttgaaaa cacagagtgt tcttgatacg     49800
     tggattactc atttagttag gtttggttat tgacgatttg acacgatcca gaattattat     49860
     tttttttaat tgatctgaga gttgttgcca tagcaacagt tctggttgct caaacatgct     49920
     caggagcagc cttatttcat ataaaaagta ttagattgtg ttatttcaag caaaggagat     49980
     acttaaaagt atgatgatat attcttacaa tagtaacagt acaatagtaa ggttatatcc     50040
     agtgtattaa tttggggaaa attttatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     50100
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatttcag agtttttgtt gttttattac     50160
     atgacacatt caagtcgttg taaaatctat tccttcaaac ccaaagatgc aggtattatt     50220
     catgcgtaaa aacatgtaga caaacacaac ataagtacta atacatttcc atgtgaatac     50280
     actccatttt atgagtgcac cctattttga aaaagaatat ttttctccat ttctcagtga     50340
     atataggcaa tgtattttgg tgcatgtaaa caaaacagat ttattaaaca gatatattta     50400
     ttcaaaacat atttattcac cgaacatatt aagaaatcaa aaaaataata caattagatt     50460
     caagcaaaat atatagcaaa aataaattac aacctacaaa attttaacta catttttcac     50520
     atttttttac ttctcttgat ttttcctcta ttttaaattt gtattaatat ttatccataa     50580
     cataaatttg ggtgtactag tttttggacc gttaagtaag ttattttgtt aaataagctc     50640
     cagatttaac ttcagttctg actaatctaa tgtatatgca caaatatatt attttatagc     50700
     ttcttattaa aaaatatttt aaaagataga tttgcgaggg gtgaacttat atatgctgag     50760
     ctgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt attaataaat aagaaaaatc     50820
     tgaagtaaag aaatgaaact gtaatgtaaa ctactcacca aaatctgggg ttctcctctc     50880
     caaggggttc aaagaaaaca tttattatat gtgactattg tagaccttta gcccgacttt     50940
     ttagatacaa acgcaaactt gtactattaa aagaagccga cccagtttta gtacaatttt     51000
     taaaagtgta tgatgataga cattaccaat atcctaaatc ttaaaggaat aataatttat     51060
     cggagtcatg caaacatttt gaaagctaaa ctaaatttat ttttatttaa agagcccata     51120
     ttatacatga aatagggtca tattttggtt gtaagggtct ccagcaacag tctaatatgc     51180
     atgcaaggtc aaaaaacact ttcatggtct tataatctgc atttcttttt acctaattat     51240
     cctatcgact cccatatgaa tcgtccagtg attcatttgt tcccaaaccc ctccttagcg     51300
     cgaagctaat ttggctgatt ggaccgatga cagtctgttg cgattcgtcg acactgattg     51360
     ccttatgtga cagacagagt gaaatgccca gcagctaatc aacaaaatag aagtagtcac     51420
     agagcataca cgctcgatag tgtaaggcgt ggagtttagc tgccagtggg tgaatgtaaa     51480
     tacagacgat ggacttgaaa atacagacga ctaactattt tattgagcaa aaactcccaa     51540
     gaacttgcga ggagatctcc tagcttgtca cattccgctc ttttcacaga aacacacaca     51600
     cacacacaca cacatattgc cctcgtcctt gcgcacacgt ccacacacac acacacacac     51660
     acacacacac acacacacac acacttaacc ctcctccaga cgacattgcg cacacacata     51720
     accttccttt ggacgacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     51780
     cacacacaca cattaccctc ctccatggga acgtaaacaa agcagcacac gtcgcgtttt     51840
     taatgtggct ttgcatgcaa tataagaata tagccagtta acctgataca gtacacgcgg     51900
     ttacaagtaa caaaacacaa ctaaatacat ttgcaagcta gagtaaacga ggcaacaact     51960
     tttatcgcac gtacttacac ttgagaaatg gatgaagaaa ctgatcatgt cctgacatgt     52020
     cgatcattac tagttactga tccttccttt aacaaacaaa gtattctttg tagcatgtag     52080
     tttccagtag tttccaactg cttaaagctg ggcttatgct gaggtttcat ctttgggtag     52140
     agactcaata atatccatct tcagtgtgac ttcaatcgac cggcatgttt gtgtgtgtgt     52200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgggtgtgt gtgggtttct gtgttagagg gcagggccgc     52260
     aggtttcaaa tctcccgggt ttgcgcgtgc acgtgaataa ctttgttgtc acgtcatggc     52320
     gaaacaccta atgactcggt atcaagacgg ctcgtttgaa gcactatgag tcgacacttt     52380
     tatagctgaa tcaacagttt taaaactgta cacttacaga tttaagcctt agctggatat     52440
     ttcactttac ttagagctgt gctacacact acatagaagt gcattttcaa aaacccataa     52500
     tatgggctct ttaatattaa taacatgagg gtgagaaatt aataacataa ttttttattt     52560
     tgagttaact aaacctttgt actaataaat acctgcctct ccctttcctc tagtacctgg     52620
     tcagatgctt tatgtccgtc tgtttcaaag gaagctgaag tggcttcagg tctgtaaggt     52680
     ggaatacaca gagatcagca cagatctcag acctgtcgtt caagagcttg tcgcatgtgg     52740
     cttcctacag acaggtgagt agtgttataa ttctcccaaa aatgtaaagt ctgtcattat     52800
     tcactcatct tctacttgtt caaaacctgt tagagtttct tattttgaag atgttctaaa     52860
     gaaagttgga ataaagcaga cattgacttc catagaactt tttgttccta ctatgcatgt     52920
     caaacgctta cattcttcag attagcttgt ttacaactaa cttgagtgtg agtaaatgat     52980
     aaagaatttt tcattttttt gggtaaaccc cctttgagta aatggttata aatctacaga     53040
     aggcaacatt ttactacctt tgagttcttc cttgtgacag aatctgagct tcatgatctc     53100
     cacgaagttt tggatctgct tccggcacca gagcttagaa acctggccaa aacatttcac     53160
     cttggccgtg gagggagtca gaaacagcag ttggtggaag atttgctcca gctagggaaa     53220
     cagcgatctc tctttgctgg tcaaaacaac acagctgcag tcattctcaa gaggttccac     53280
     agtagagtga ttttagccag agatttgtta tacaccattc atgaggtagt tgtggcctgg     53340
     ttagacagtc tttaattaaa aaaagtaata aattagtaat tacatcatta tagatttatt     53400
     tcataattac tatgtttaaa aagtcattta ttaagtcaat aagaattact tgactaaata     53460
     ctatttaaat aaaaaaaaat ttaatctaaa aaaaaaattt taatcaaaaa gcctatataa     53520
     gcacaaagac aatctaaaag gatctttttt aatacattga gtcacacatt gcataagcat     53580
     tttaataaca gacataacat ttagttaacc aacagaatta ctgaaaaaca aagaaaaatg     53640
     tatcatttta tgctcaatga aacaatcaaa acaatatcac catattcaaa tacataaagt     53700
     atattgtaat tgatgttgtt ttgcaagaag taaattcaat gtaaactgaa ataaaagata     53760
     aaaacattgt gtttatcagg tttgaaaatg aaaacttaaa taaaaaacta aaataaacat     53820
     ttaaaaaata aataataaaa ataaacaatt aataaaacat atagttaaac acaacataat     53880
     tgctaacaca ttgaaataaa ttgatataag ttggaaaccc aaaaaatata ataaacacta     53940
     aaaaagtatc tcagtggcac tgatctttat attcagcaaa atatactata tacagagtat     54000
     accccatttt gaaaatgaat atttttctcc atttttcagt gaataaaggc aatgtatatt     54060
     ggtgcatttg aacaaaacag atttattaaa cagatatatt tattaaataa tattttagtc     54120
     acaaaacttc tttagaaatg caaagatgac acaattaaat tcaagcaaaa tattgggaaa     54180
     aattttttaa ttacaacatt tcaacaaaat tgtataaaat ttttgttttt gttgattttt     54240
     gctatttttg aaaatttgat ataatatttt tctataacat aaatttgtgt actagttttt     54300
     taactgttat tgtaagttat tttgttagat aagccccaga tttggcttca gtactgacta     54360
     aaacaaagta tatgcacaaa tataatatag taatgcttcc aatagaaaaa tattaattga     54420
     aatgatagat ttgtgggggt gtactcgtat atgatgaaca ctatatatta caaaaaaagt     54480
     aaacagcaca aatgttttca atattaatat aaaaaataag tgcttattta agagataatt     54540
     agcaatgaag actgaactaa agactcttaa agtttagttt tgcatcacag taaatatagt     54600
     agtcgcgcca atgcatttat ttggttagaa tttgattaaa agctttacta ttttgataag     54660
     acttacttta tgcttaattc atacttatga atttttattg tcttttcaca agaataaaat     54720
     acattttgct gtaattctga cttaataaat gcaggctata atatacagaa gtgtatcata     54780
     tctttacaga acaaatatct tttgataaga aatgttctgt acaatacttg acaaaagtct     54840
     tgtcgcctat ccaagtttta gcaacaccaa ataataactt gacttctagt taatcatttg     54900
     gtatctgaag tggcttatat gaaaggcaaa ggcctctaga ttacgcttat tttaccaaaa     54960
     taaaatatga tcatgccttg atttttaatt atttaatttg gagagtaatg cctgactttg     55020
     ctttgtcaaa agtcttgtca cttaacagaa ataatgtaca ctatagaatc ttaagtcata     55080
     gtgcagtgga aaaggaatta atattgtgta tgactcccgt gagcttggac gactgcatcc     55140
     atacatctct gaaatgactc aaataactta taaataaagt catctggaat gacaaagaaa     55200
     gcgtttttgc aggactttca gagttcatca agattttttg gatgcacctt gatcttcttt     55260
     gctttcagga actttgatgt ggaaactgga gtatgaaaaa gagcgctatc ccgctgaaga     55320
     acttgccctc tcttgtagtt tctaatgtaa tgggcagcac aaatgtcttg atacctcaga     55380
     ttgttgatga tgccatccag atctctatca cgcacccata ctgaatgtaa tctcaaacca     55440
     tggtttttcc ttcactaaac tttactgatt tctgtgagaa tcttgcgtcc atgtgggttc     55500
     cagtggctct tctgcagtag ttgtgatgat tgagatgcag tttaatagat gattttttga     55560
     aaaaatctac tttctgccac ttttccaaat gatcaactag tcaagtttct atttgttgct     55620
     cttacaactc ggatcgacaa caagacgttt tgtcaggtag tgtaagtgaa ctgtacactt     55680
     cagcttgttt tttttccagg gctaagcagg ctgcaggctc ctgtgtgcgt ctgtgccgca     55740
     gctctcgtgt tgtgttttcc cgggtcctgc tcctcttcac cctcacagac actttagagg     55800
     aggaggattt ggcttctgga gggcaggggc agctctacac cattctgctg gtcaattctg     55860
     gtcgtctggc tttcccagag tacaccgtac atcgctcagc cagactcttt aaggacaggg     55920
     atgacctcat caggttagtt ttacatttat tttttaataa ttctttgcag tgtaggtgta     55980
     tcccacaggc cataatgagt cacatttcac tcctaattta gaagaagtaa aaattgtata     56040
     tatttttgac tgaacattat cgtacttgtc tgtgttagga gtgcttttta atgataatta     56100
     tgtgcagttt ttataatact atttatcata ataaaaaatg tcaaatgcaa aaagacatta     56160
     atattatgca aattaaacaa aatgaagaga ccacaatgaa ttgtgtattg aacttactag     56220
     gtatatatta gagcaaaatg ttattatatg ttattgttta taaaactctg ataacatttc     56280
     ttctaaattt caaatataag gattgttatt ttgcgatttt tctggttgaa attgagggct     56340
     gcacggtggc gcagtgggta gcacgatctc ctcacagcaa ggcatttctg tgtggagtta     56400
     gcatgttctc ccctgttcgc ttgggttttc tacttgtgct ctggttttcc ctaaaatcca     56460
     aagacatgca ctataggtga attgggtagg ccaaattgga aatagtgtat gcgtaaatgc     56520
     aagagtgtat gggtgtttcc cagtgttggg ttgggttggg tcggctggaa gggcattggc     56580
     tgcgtaaaac gtgctaaata agttggctgt tctttttact gtggtgacct ctggtaaata     56640
     aagggattaa gcagaaaaga aaatgaatga attaataaat gaattgttga aattggcaat     56700
     tggtcaaaac gacagatttc ttcatttgtt ggtgttgaaa atcagggtta tcctgccaaa     56760
     tattgatgtc ttaacagttg tattgttgga ccagtgtttc tcaactggtg ggttgggtcg     56820
     cgggaacatt ttcagtgggt cgcggagtgt aaggtcaaaa aaacaacaaa agttatcatt     56880
     tttacttatt ttgcttaaac cggacttttg aaatgcatgc gcgacaaccc caccgtttga     56940
     catgtgaaat ttcatttaat ttttgcaaca aatttgtcga atcgcaagta cgaccccgaa     57000
     tatgtaaagt atgggtatat atatattgac gacaaaaaag acttaaagcc tctatgtcat     57060
     gtgtactgag gtgctctcat aagagagcat gaaaccttct aaattaaaac aacatttaga     57120
     aaccagaaaa catgttttat taacagttta ttattaacag tatttgttgt ttttactttg     57180
     taatatttct ataatttgat ccattttgtt aaaagacagc aataaaatat tgtttgtttg     57240
     taagtcttgg tgaatttatt ataatgtatc tgtcactact agtttatgtt aacaaataaa     57300
     tacaaattaa gtataattcc gaaaattgta ttatagtttc taaaaatttg ggttgcggct     57360
     tgatgaccat gtaaaaatgt gggtcccatg gctaaacaag ttgagaaccc ctgctttaga     57420
     tgtatggcca tactcactaa atgcgctata tacatacaca ttacattgta ttacaataca     57480
     ttatgttcta taaccattat gattgattct gttaatgata tcattgagaa atgtttgatt     57540
     attcctctgc acagatatga aacagcgatg cgtgcgcttc aggaagtgat tgctgcaatg     57600
     cagtcgggca gctgggaaga cgcctatgac ctctatacta cagcaatggc cgcctggcag     57660
     gagattaaag attcctgtga cttaaggtaa tttgttcatt tcatttcttc acaattattg     57720
     agttataatt aggcatggga tgataaccgt tttcaaggta tactgctttt tggtaaactc     57780
     gagattttaa aactgccaaa attttctgct atacagttcc tctggtatat gaaagttttt     57840
     tttttaatgt tttctttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttaggac aacagtatct ctagcagaaa     57900
     agatatccaa agataccgtt ttaaattgtg aagaaatctg tatttttgaa tctaatgatg     57960
     acgaaatcaa tgcagaagtc gttcattcat ttgaattatt tagcctgaca tttttactgc     58020
     tccaaaatat ttgaaaatgt ttctcaaaat aagctatatt gtgttcaaat ggggaaaaat     58080
     atgatatttt tattcaaggt tatcatgcca tcagaatctt acaccggccc atgcctagtt     58140
     ataatgaatg agtgatatag aataagatat aatttgatga taagaaaaat attatatatc     58200
     atttaatgat gtatgaatat tttgcagtca tcaagaacag ctgcctgtgt ttctgcgctg     58260
     tttcactgtg ggctggacct acaatcgcat actttctcgt ggagttgaga ttttgcagag     58320
     acttaagcgc tacgaggtag gaggaaacag aaaatatgga aaaatgtata ttcaattcct     58380
     ttgtatgcta ccccgcaaaa gtttatgatc agtacaattt aaaacaaata tttaaatgaa     58440
     tgtttttctg ctcaccattt ttgcctttat ctaataaaaa aaatacatac attttttttt     58500
     tagatttttt tagtttcttt gattcgaaac tgaattttca aatacttcag aaattaatat     58560
     tatgatctgc tgctcgggaa acatttatta tgataaacta aagtgtactg aaagatatag     58620
     aggtgtataa aggttatttc tcaccccagg gggttttctt tacctgtttg tttttattca     58680
     tttaattaat ttcttatgtg ttggctttgt tctgtaataa gtaaacaatc acaaaaaaga     58740
     aacattattt gttttgtgat tatttattta ttgcagaaca aagtcagcat acatagctag     58800
     caacaactat atacaagcca gggtttgcat taaatgaaaa tgcttttttt aaattaaata     58860
     aatcaataac aataaacagg aaaagaaaaa tacataaata gtaataatat ttcacagtgg     58920
     tagtcttttt actgtgttat tgaccaaata aatacatcct tggtgagcag aataggcttt     58980
     ttttttttaa atacaatgat ccaaacacca gaagggtcgt gtatattgat ttttgttcat     59040
     tatatttaca cactttacag gatgcagtgg agcagctgag aaatctcctg tctcagtcgg     59100
     tgtattgtgt agacagtagg gggcgctggt gggacaggct tgctctcaat ctccagcaac     59160
     acctgaaaca gcatgagcag gtacctcaac tcattgtaga tgaatgtaaa cagacgaatg     59220
     ttacttttga atactataca caaatatttc ttcagttcac tgattcattt tggcatattt     59280
     gtatcaaggc catcggtgct atccgggatg gactgaatga ccctctggcc cgaacaggac     59340
     ataagttgtc actttaccaa cgagcttcac gaatgaagga gtctgctagc ttgaagaagt     59400
     atcgtctgtt gctccgggat ctgcctactg tacatgtaca ggatgtcact catgtgagta     59460
     gaatattagt attattttat tttatgtgct atttagtaaa ttaagtattt tgtattgtta     59520
     ttttttttta attaattatt tttaataatt tgtttgacat ttgttttaat aattatttta     59580
     taattgtaat tatttagttg agaatgacaa cattttagga ttttctttta ggcttttaaa     59640
     ggggtggtcc actatgatct catattttaa actttagttg atctgtaatg tagctgtgtg     59700
     aacataaaca acatctctga atgtaaaaag ttctatgttc aatgcaaagg gagaccttgg     59760
     tttttacaga attagcttag caaagcctac aatgaacgaa ttttggggac tacaaaaaaa     59820
     tacttccgcc ccctgtgaca tcacaagttc gtttactgcg catcccacac tgcgcatgca     59880
     ggtaagggcc gtggccagag gcgctgtaac gttatagcag agatgaagct aaaaatgcgt     59940
     ctaaacggct gtttccacag agcttcgtct gtttctgtat ttgggcttcc aaaggacaca     60000
     acacaaagac agaagtgcct ttagttcaat attaattatc ttccagtagg gttgtaacaa     60060
     tataccggta tgacggttta ccacgatttg aacgtgcacg attatcatac catgaacaat     60120
     tgcatatcaa cggttttaac ccttaaagac cgagacagcc gcccgcggct aaaaataagt     60180
     attgctctta aatgtttaat aacttttgat ccgctgatct gattcataca attcaaagat     60240
     tggcataaag aagcgaatct cagctttcca gtgctgtatc acataacatt cgctccggaa     60300
     tcagtgcggt tacgtcatca acatttgaca acgctgattt gacaaagaaa cgctcgtcac     60360
     tgtgtctccg gacaaatcag acatgataca ttgatgcatt gtccctcctc catggccaga     60420
     ttggttcaaa ctcactatat cacaaccaat aagcataggt ttcgcttttg tttgtggacc     60480
     aagctttttg aacaacacgg aatgagagat aggcatacat ttatgcgcgg ctaaataaaa     60540
     cgcaaaaaaa aaagtttttc atgaaataat tctcatacta agtacttttg catgcacagc     60600
     agcacagaaa catgacaaaa cagtgacaca gcaaagacga actgctgctc ttgctgtatt     60660
     caaaagacgc aaatgaaggt gcagctgttt gtctgcattg cagacaacca tatccaaatc     60720
     catatcgata gacaaccata tccatgctgg cacataaaac ctaaggatgt ttcatattga     60780
     atctagtttc gttatgtaac tatttatagt atagtaaata tttatatcta ttttttactg     60840
     aggatttgca ccatgtttat ttggacttta tttggacttt gacacattat ttattatttt     60900
     cttattttta tttgttcatt gtaagtggtg ttgtttatag taactaaaaa tatattattt     60960
     ggaaaaagtc aaatttgctt cactgtttta ttattttgta acatttgtaa cataccgtat     61020
     accgcgaaac cgtcaaaccg tggtattgtt ttagacgatt atcataccgt gaaaaattca     61080
     taccgttaca accctatctt ccagagaatt ataaaataca cagcaagcat gatttgacaa     61140
     aacagctcca gaatttctct cagttcagtg ctggattcgg ctaaaatctc ctcaaagcag     61200
     aagttgtaat ctacaagtaa gtgtttttat ttgttacaat tgatgatgac atgtacagtg     61260
     tctagcgtta actgtatgct gtagcaacga tgtaaacgat gcgaaatgct gctttgcggg     61320
     caaacgattt agctacaaac tcacatttat cagccaaact cctgtaaaca cacacactca     61380
     ctccaccagc acggtctttt atgtgtgtga ctggactgat tgttttcatg cagctttttc     61440
     atgtgttcca catctcagat aatgaagtcg caaaagatat gtggatgatt catattactt     61500
     acacctgcat aatccggata ctcatgaaag acgtcataac gcatagagtt aaaaaaaaaa     61560
     tacagattag cttacctgac tcgtggtcgc agcagaataa taatcaaggc tcaacaggta     61620
     gcatctcaca tcttgtgctt tattcttctg tcacgatatt ttacagaaaa taacttaatc     61680
     caagcatcag agaaaaagaa agtcccgcgc acttgcgctt gttatagaaa gttcacacat     61740
     tcacacacac atagacgcac acacagacgc tgttaaatga gccgcacccc attttcactc     61800
     gttagttaca gacacttgtc agattttatt ttagagagcg ggcgcgaggt tgactgcatg     61860
     gttacacagc agaaaagcgc gtgcctttac aggtgtgacg tggagccgat ccgccaatag     61920
     cagcacatta tgacgatgac caatcagagt cacttaaggg cgggtctttt agaggaacta     61980
     ggaaatatga cagtcgtttt catgttagct gagtagctgt gtataatcaa agtgagatat     62040
     atgaaaaaat tacgcgattt ccttcaagtg aaacatgagc acacattgct ttgcacaacc     62100
     aaacacaacc aagccttaaa attacattct ggaccacccc tttaataata ataataataa     62160
     aaacctataa ttttttatca ttattaatag ttgtttgttt aagtattaat aattataaaa     62220
     tattttttat atttaattta atctctgggg ataaaaaatg cttctattat cctcaaagtt     62280
     aagttgcttt aaataaaggc atatgctaag taactaaatg taaatgtaat tttttttgtg     62340
     acattttaaa ataaaatttt aaatataaat ttagatcatt attagaacta ttagtattat     62400
     taacatatgt acaacacaac ttttttactt ttttagtagc tgtagttacc aatcttgatg     62460
     ttcaactggc aacattttaa gagagtgttt taacaggtga cgattcgagg ccagctcttt     62520
     cctcatgagg gtggtatggg taaatcagtg ttcctccgag cagccagtga ggatgaaggc     62580
     tctggagaag gacaggggac tgtggtgatg tgttcagttg aggatctagc tctggagcac     62640
     tacagaacac ttggatttga tcaaggtctg ccatcacatt gtttgagcac tcatagtaaa     62700
     gcaaattaaa gggacagttc actcaaagat ggatcattaa ctcagcctcg tgtcatttca     62760
     aaacttctga aaaaggagaa tttttgaaga gcttactttg ttactatgca gagatgaaag     62820
     gggctgaaga tgaacatctt gtcatctgcg ctaatagcct agctttattt cattgaacat     62880
     tattgaacat tgaacattat tgatcattga aaagattaga ctattgctac ttcagtcatg     62940
     taccgacgtt ttatgaaaac tttcacattt cacttttcat ttttcttaaa gatatttgac     63000
     ttcagaagac ttcaagtaat catttaggcc catttttttt aaatatagtt ttatggtgct     63060
     tttagaattc ctaaagcttg aaagcttctt tcagtgcaac tgagaagagg agcacagtgt     63120
     attccatgaa tttattgttt taaaatctga atttaaaggg caccttagat gaaaatcatc     63180
     ttttgtaagc tgtttgcaca gaactgtgtg tcggtatagt gtgtccactg tcatatcagg     63240
     gtgatataaa gacaataagt cttttttttg ttttctaaaa taagatccaa atccctccta     63300
     tattgaagcc aaccacaacg ttacatagga gtgtgttttc cccgcccacc gaaaggattg     63360
     acagccgcgt attaacatgt ttctgtagta atgcgtataa tcatatcaac aagacaggac     63420
     gtgagcaaag caactgggat taaaagatct gttcagcttt ctgttatcat caatcatcat     63480
     caaatgtgat caagagtgag ttttacacgt ttaaaacttt ttaaaacggt gcatgtttgt     63540
     aatgaattac agtgatttta ccatctgtac ttcatcacta cagccacgtc actataaatt     63600
     ataaaagaag atgcttcaat cctggttttg aatgctaaat caggtttgtt tatttaaatt     63660
     ggatatccat acagcagtgg gtattacttg tattctgtca catttgcctt gcaaaaacag     63720
     tgcaaagtta aacatacaca ctgtttttgt gtgtttgcgt gaactttgta acaatattga     63780
     acaaatacat caaataatca aaggtaaagt tcttactgta gtatttctca caatggttac     63840
     atgagatcag ctttcttcat gtctgtcact gtgctgttta tctcacgcag ccagagattg     63900
     aggcccactc tgacatggtg ggcgaggaga agtagcatta aagggccatg aaaccccctc     63960
     gtttcagcag ggtgttttca cacctctact ttggaaaaag tcagaaaagt gggcgtgtcc     64020
     agctctgttt aggggggagt gtcggaggaa ctaaagtggg agggtgtggg agtgtctatt     64080
     tgggcacgag cgagtttcag agtcaaaata cacagacagg agaaagtgat ggtgtttaac     64140
     ctacatggac atctgtagtc gaattatttg ccaaattatt aaatgttgga ctttaactgc     64200
     agtttggctc tttcattcag ggaattcatt catgcccctc gcgacaaacg agatatttga     64260
     ttcgaggaac tgctctaagc gtgtattttt catgcaatgt ttgataccgc acggcgaatg     64320
     agagaaaaaa aaactccgca tttcccggaa acttagatgc acacggcagg tagcgtcaga     64380
     aagccgcgtg tgttattcag gtaactaaat gcggtaaaaa ccctacacga ggttaaagtt     64440
     tggttgtgat gctaacgtgt ttacactcgg tgcaatagtt aacttagttc gatacgagca     64500
     aactgaataa acaaagagta cttgtcgctc acttaccaaa tctgtagaga caggacaatc     64560
     accagtaact agagtaactg gtgacggtaa cttctcttta tgaagagaag actacaagcg     64620
     aatccagatc tcagcgtttg gagatgagaa cagctctcag gtaaacaata aacctcctta     64680
     gacacgtaag ttattgttgt cgagcgtcgc gtacactgtt aatccacacg tgacgccagc     64740
     tgcgctctca cagagagaaa ctgaaaacaa aacttaacag cagcaaactt taaaagcaac     64800
     acttcacgct tgttttgcca acacaacgtg gcgtctctgt cgtgaaaaca ctgtgacact     64860
     aatgaatata aatgaagttg cacaatagag cgcgctgatt ggtttgaacc aagccttact     64920
     catgcattaa tgcatcacac tgtaagacgt aaaaagacac actctggcag aggcgtccag     64980
     tctgcatgct ggaatacagg ctattatgtc atgaccgtga cgcagcttca aaaattagtt     65040
     tcaaaccgga agtacgaatt tgcttgaaat aacgcaaaaa caaccaattt acacttttta     65100
     gtgaaatata ggtgtcctaa tagtgtttat agcagtgtgg gacacatata cgactgtcaa     65160
     cagctcaaaa aatgtgtttt ggtgtttcgt gacactttaa aagcacaggc aacaaataca     65220
     gctacattgt tcagagcaga aattccaata ttctaaaagg tataacaaat aatcggatgg     65280
     gtgttttaag ctgaaacttt acagacacat tctggagaca caaaagactt ctcttaaatc     65340
     ttgaaaaagg agtataatag gtgcccttta atattgctga agtgtgatca catatattta     65400
     atgtagcatc ttaaaatttg taaataaagc tgaataataa cttgaattct tttgacttaa     65460
     atattaatta ataataccac ctgagatttt tctcttttta ttactatata acaacacatt     65520
     tgcatgcttt ttgttctaca acattagttt ttttaattta atattgagtg ttttattaat     65580
     ttatttgttg ttgttgttga aaatcctgca ctagtgcatg gatttgtaca tgtatttcaa     65640
     agatcggatt gctgttttaa ggtattcatg gagaaggatc tacattttcc accctgtttg     65700
     gactcctcat gtgggacatc attttcatgg acggggttcc tgatgtcttc ctaaacccct     65760
     accaggtaca gaataattaa ggaaagaatg ctgtttgatt ctcacattaa gggtcaggac     65820
     atgcacacac acacacacac acacacaggt caataatttc ataactccct gccctttccc     65880
     agacgtgtcc tctggatttg cacacggatt gtttctatgg cagtcggcgg gaggccattg     65940
     aggctcgtgc agagatgttg cgtgaggcat ctgtagagac actgcaggat ctgatcgctg     66000
     atgtgtggag cacgcaggag ggaagagtgt gtgcgctgat aaactgggag cgattctcca     66060
     cgcctcagca ggcacaggta atcacacact ctatactgct agtctgttta cacaacaact     66120
     atcttagtaa tagccttcgc cagcttcact ctgcttgaat gaggaagcct gtttacaaat     66180
     tgattacttt tcagaagtat aattcaaatt ggcaatgaag tctgccaata atggtattgc     66240
     aaatgtaatt tctgaagctc aactgaggca agaaatagga cattctcttg aactgtagat     66300
     tgtttgttct gttttgaaaa aaaatgtttt gaatttcttt gttggtttgt tttaattttt     66360
     gtatttaggt tgtgttcaca attgtacttt gttgttcttg gttcattcta tggtggctga     66420
     gagagcttaa catgctgcaa tttaagaaaa catatgcaat tacaaaaaac taagatattc     66480
     acctgtttga cagctgactt gctacaaatc ctcacaacgc gaacatataa aaaatattct     66540
     gcattttcct acaacgtaaa caaattaata aaacgcactt cattttctca caacgcaaac     66600
     aatttacgaa cacgtgctgc attttctcac aacgcaaaca aattaataaa atgcgctgca     66660
     ttttcttaca aagcaaacaa tttacgaaca cgcgctccgt tttcccacaa cacaaaaaca     66720
     atggaacaca acaaatgttt caagggggcc catgtttgag ggacgctgct gtgccatgac     66780
     tattgtgatc tttgaaaggt gagttttttt ttctttgttt attttaaccc tttaaggtgc     66840
     actccttgaa aatatttttt gacccacatc gtatattgaa taatatgctc gcaaaattct     66900
     gataaatagt aataagaaat tttaaaaaat tgataaccta tggtcaacca gaacgttatg     66960
     atgcctgata ttctgattcc tatgtcttaa gtatttatta gcctaaatag acccaactat     67020
     ttaggttatg gttgtcacgt tttagggtct ccttgaaaca tttacattgt gttgtgagaa     67080
     aattcagcgc atttttgtaa aagtgtttgc gttgtgagaa aatgcagcgc atattttaat     67140
     aatgtgtttg ctttgtgagg atttgcagca agtgtgctgt caaactgata aagatatttt     67200
     ctcaatttgc tggttgtaac tgtttttttg taactgcact tgttttctta aattgcagcg     67260
     tgttaaactc tctcagccac tgtatcattc tgtcctgacc acagatcaaa agtccttatt     67320
     aacttacggc tcgttctact gatcggtggg gttcagttca gtacagtaca catttatttc     67380
     catttccact gtcagaaata ctaaaatcta aaccatacca cttttttgtg agcattttgt     67440
     aaaagtacct agcacaacag taccaaaagg gtgaggtaga ctcacttttt cagagaaacg     67500
     taatttgtgc gtgtaacaca aaggagcatt ttgaaaaaca cagtcaaaac taccgtgaca     67560
     gcgtgcagca atgaactatg ctcaaacaaa gcctgtttct tcttgaggca aacagccatg     67620
     acagaaagca agaacaggat ctgctgtatg tcctctattt ttgtttacag ggccatttac     67680
     atgttgcatt taaacatgtg aaaaacacat ggggcatttt tctttttatt tgctcacact     67740
     tgctgcatgt ctacatttga aataataaag gagttcagaa aggattcaat atgtaaatgg     67800
     ctcgtacagt tttctttttt taagtgagaa taatgttgat ctcaacttat cagcatacaa     67860
     cactcctggc agtggaaaca catgcctggt caacttcagg gtgacccata caagattata     67920
     ctgtactgaa ctataccgtg ttgctcactg gaaatgaggc attagccttg acattgtcat     67980
     gtttaattca aaacttaaac atgcagagaa aaaagacctt gtgacagaac ttactggaca     68040
     tccagaactg tgttatgtgt tgaaccaaac atgctttatg tgtgcataat tggaattttt     68100
     aaaacctgag aactaaagca gtcaaagcat catcagggat tcatctgtca cacataaata     68160
     aagatgcaag gatcctgaca cctgtattga attgtactgg gaacatttgt gactatgata     68220
     gttgaactgc atgggatttg tctttttagc agtctcgatc tgcttgtttg tttcacacct     68280
     aagttcagtt ggtggcattg acactcactc aaaagactgc actgacaggg caatcaagtt     68340
     gttttgatca aaccaaagct gccaagtgtg agcacacccg taccggaatg tgttaaggta     68400
     attcacatct tcttgattct cagtgtatac acacctgtgc atactccata cactgttatc     68460
     atagattggc cagtttgttc tgcagactta ttttcaggcc cactcacatg tttaaaacct     68520
     atttagattt gcttgaagtt tgccctggaa agtggagtgt ttctaataaa gtatctggtt     68580
     catatggtaa tgaaaacagt gtttcctgca ggtggtttgt caagcctact cacctgcatt     68640
     aagtacactc agaattgcac aatttttaat gtaacacact tgttataact gatgtaaagg     68700
     aactacacat caattgcatg tcttgtggat agcgtggtga cgtaatgatg ttaatcgaat     68760
     tatgtgctat gacatgtaaa acgagatcat gaaataaagt tttaaaaagc aactcatgta     68820
     aacaccttaa tcatattatt ttcttattca gattaaggca aataattcaa ttttgatgtc     68880
     cttgtaaagg tagtcaatga tactcaacaa ggactaagga agcatctgga aatgaaatgg     68940
     agtacatgca cacagacttt taatttcagt cagccagtcc ccagggtttc ctgtgaattg     69000
     tcatccaata caaaatcgcc agcgatcttc actgcttggc tgagatacaa tataaagtgg     69060
     gtatcagacc aaacaaggag cactgcatta atttctattt ttctgcgcca tgtcttcaaa     69120
     atataaaaat gaattttaac ccagtatttt catttctgtt cagtattttc atttgagttt     69180
     ctgcactagc ttgctgctaa tgacggtgcc tgcatttaaa cggtctttca tctctttgta     69240
     ggctttaaca actaatcgga tgcttaagtc tatttaactg attatatttt aattacatta     69300
     caacatcgat gctgtgaaag caaccttatg aaattgaaaa tagtcacata aacctttcac     69360
     tggaagttca tcattggctg gaaaacgcta gctgtgcata ttatttcaat cagatgtttt     69420
     gtttctgcat tgtgctgtaa gtggtagacc aatttgagac actttaggct ctattttgac     69480
     aatctaggca caaagttgca tgccgcaaaa gttagggtta ggacgtttcc gaatttgctt     69540
     tcgctattta aaggatggaa aaatatggtt tgcgctgcgc tgcatggtct aatagggttg     69600
     ggcttattct cttaatgagt tatgggtgtt tgcgtttgaa cataatgtgc attaaaccaa     69660
     ccagagtctc atcacccatt ccttttaaca gtcagttgcg tcacgccatg acacatttgc     69720
     tacttacatg gcagactttg taagtggaaa aactgaatgg taaaactgag tccataaagt     69780
     cgtgcaaatg tatttgctat ttaaacaaca tgacgcaaaa tgtgaaaatt aggcttgcac     69840
     tgacctgaaa gtagcaaaaa aatcatgcta aacccgtctt gtgccttatt gcgccgtgtc     69900
     tgatagggcc tttcatgttc ctagatgcaa gcacaatgtt aaagttttat tttctctata     69960
     ttttagagtc tagtggcatg ccttggtggc cacttcttga gtggtgtgtt cctcagaatg     70020
     gccaaagact acaggcactg cagaggagga cttccagacc tggtggtgtg gagtacttcc     70080
     agcaacaagt ataaggtgag gcttttaaac actccaaaaa gtaacttttt ttaaatgctt     70140
     tactaaggtg gtgtagagac cttaaatgtt gctcatttga gatacatttg ccttctagct     70200
     ggtggaagtg aagggcccta atgaccgtct gtcccagaag caacagatat ggctggatga     70260
     gctgcgtaaa ctcggggcag atgtagaagt gtgtcacgtc acggctactg gagcacgagg     70320
     agctcgacgg gagtgaagct gctgtcactc tcagaaggaa agttagaaat gcttgaagca     70380
     acactggatg gatttaatga tgcattaaag tttgacctca atttgccact gatctgatgt     70440
     aagaaaagaa tattaatagg cactctaagg ggatttattc cccatctgaa gactgttaaa     70500
     ttacctcatg gcgctgactg actgattttt attattgtgc tcattgtaaa gtgagaatat     70560
     atttgaatga cttttttaat gtgacattta tagaataaat cattttaaag aaattaaata     70620
     aaagcatttt aaaaggtttt tgaaatgtta ataatgctta aatagtgatg caagacataa     70680
     gcacataatg ttgcagctcg tataatagga ttccattatg ttttgttatg tctattattg     70740
     tggtcaaaga actatgcatg accacattcc ttttcactgc atattcattc aagcatatcc     70800
     ttcacgtctg acagccagaa ctaaacatac tcttttgttg cagaagtcaa acttagctct     70860
     tttttaagat ctattcaaaa caatgccata cactgttgtt ttagtaaagc atgctcttca     70920
     ttaagaagtt tgcatgtctc tttaaagcac attcattagg taaatgcttg taaaagggca     70980
     cttgaatttt cttaatgttt agttagtaaa tttcaatgta acactgaaca acagaggtga     71040
     acaaggtagc attaaaaccc actattttag gcattcaata atcataaaaa acactaaata     71100
     aatagtttat attagtaata tcctacttgc acttatgaaa taagttacag aaaacctaca     71160
     aaaccttaat gtaaatttaa tgtttttttt tgtattccaa aatgttgaat gaaatgcagt     71220
     ttaatctaga agctttctaa acaattcata atttccactg ctagtcttca aaatcaatgc     71280
     tcataaatat atatattttt aaattgtgta aattgttctc tgactggctg cacaatgcaa     71340
     tacttcagct gctttatttg aggagtttgt gaaaagatga catgagtata aatattggat     71400
     gtttattccc aaaaatatga ttgtacgtga gggtattgac agcaaacata ctactgcatg     71460
     ctgtagtctg ttgttgccct gccagcaact gtgaatgcct gactcaacat gtctgctatc     71520
     attcagtcta ccttaatgta aaattaacaa gcatttatta ggatatctgt atggcaagct     71580
     gttttgacat ttatcctcaa aagcacagtg tgtaattttt gccactagag ggcctgtatt     71640
     cccaacaaac aaagtagttt aatgagactg agagttgcag tcttcattac atcgtacagg     71700
     ctttcttgca gaaatcaggt tcataaataa gctaaagtat tcgagacatt ataatggtag     71760
     tttaaggact agtaatgctg ttgaagtaaa gcaagatcgc tgaagcaatt gctaatgaga     71820
     gactagcacg atggatttat tatgccacag tcgattagaa taatacgttt ttatttggcc     71880
     ggtcttctga ttttgggaaa gaagcagcac tgttttatta tactaaatac agtttagagt     71940
     tctgtaataa tgcttctctg tgcaatataa taaaatgcac aaagcgtttc gttttctttt     72000
     ttttttataa caccaaacca gaaatcgagg atgtaagaag tcattagcat ggcgacacga     72060
     ctctgccaat ttctcttgtt aaaattgttt atttttatta cttaaactca ctggccactt     72120
     tattaggtac acctgtccaa ctgtttgtta atgcaaattt tttaatcacc caatcacatg     72180
     gcagcaactc agtgcattta ggcatgtaga catggtcaag acgatctgct gcagttcaaa     72240
     gcgagcatca gaatgaggaa gaaaggtgat ttaagtgact ttgaacgtgg ctttgttgtt     72300
     ggtgctagat gggctggtct gaatattttg gaaactgctg atctactggg attttcaggc     72360
     acaaccattc tgtagggttt acagagaatg gtgcaaaaaa tttgtgggca caaatgcctt     72420
     gttgatgcca gaggtcagag gagaatggcc agactggttt gagctgatag aaaggcaaca     72480
     gtaactgaaa taaccactcg ttacaactga gttatgcaga agagcatctg aacgcacaac     72540
     atgtctaact ttgaggcggg tgggctacaa cagcagaaga ccacaacggg tgctactcct     72600
     gtcggctaag aacaggaaac tgaggctaca atttgcacag gctcttcaaa attggacaac     72660
     gaaagattgg aagaacgttg cctggtctga tgagtctcga tttctgctgc gacattcaga     72720
     tggttgggtc agaatttgtt atcaacaaca tgatagcatg aatagttaca tccatgataa     72780
     tatttgtaaa tgtaaatgtt tctttcttag tgtttggttt tttttttata gttgtataca     72840
     taaatataca tcatacatgt gtaattacaa aatgaattag tcattacatt gctattatat     72900
     ttattatatt atcttatata ttatgcaatg tattgcattg taattacaca tgcatgataa     72960
     tatttataaa cttaaatgtt tctttgtata tttcatgtac agcatttgtt tatacataaa     73020
     cataggcaat acataagtaa ttaatttaaa aaattggtgg aattacgttg tcattacatc     73080
     cttgttacta tgtaataata ttgttataac tactgttatt acattgtaat tgctgttata     73140
     aaatattttt ataatgatgt aataaatgtt atatcaatgt aattacaatg ttataacaat     73200
     gtaattgcta tttattcatc tataattacc atgtaataac attgtagtta cattgttata     73260
     acatttctgt cattacaata taattactat gttataaaat gttactacaa tgttattaca     73320
     tagtaattat actgtaatga cataagaatt acaatgttat aacatgtaat ggcagcgtta     73380
     ttacaatatt attactatat aataacaatg tgtttacaca ttaaaagaaa atgatctgcc     73440
     ggtatataaa aaataaaatt aacttgacat catatatata taaactgttg tagtttttgt     73500
     atattttaat gaaagaaatc atttgctgta cctttaaaac atgtattttg aatagcacta     73560
     gtatctaatg aaatagaaat aatgtatttc tattaaatgt atgttagtgt cagctagtgt     73620
     atgtcagtgt atgttagtac tagtataatc tattggaaat taataagtac tatgtgataa     73680
     aaactagtag tatctttata ataaagaata tgttgcaatt tatatgtgta attaaaatta     73740
     cagtagctat atctgcttta tgactatatt ctttagctca tatgtatatg ctttcagtga     73800
     tattttaagt accatacata tagaacgttt ttaatgcaaa acaattatta cataattgca     73860
     ttgcaaaaac aatgtttaca taaattgaca acataaaaca aatcaagccg aaccagtgca     73920
     cctttaactg tgcttctgag tcttgacatg aagccttgta ccataggaat tgttctaacc     73980
     aatcacgtgg aggcataaaa gtaaaaacgt tttctattgg ctgtacgcct atccctccct     74040
     agtcgagaca tgacgtaacg atcgataatt ggcttctgct tgttgtgttt aataccagtt     74100
     tctcacatta cagtcttaca gcttacgcca ttagcttggg aatagttcta atatgtatta     74160
     agacaaagat acatacagat ctcagacgac atattactgg aataatcatt tcctgcaccg     74220
     tcgttgtaca ttccgcagat agtaagtaga atatgggatt gggatgatgt tgggatatac     74280
     tcatgctttg ctaagctaac gttagcttgt agcaggatgt tgacgaggcc acatgtttgc     74340
     cttatttggt gataaaaata tacatattta aagcttttct gtatacgaga aggtcgttaa     74400
     taattagctt tgttgcaaac gcagcgtaaa cgtttgtttt gtgctgtcat gttagctaga     74460
     ctgctaactt actgttattc tcattagttt gtatgtggtg tattctctta aataaaacaa     74520
     caaactgttt catgtactga tgactgcaaa aacaaaacag tccattcaaa tagattcgtt     74580
     caaatagaat aagttcttcc aaatttgcat ctaacataga aatgctgtcc gtgtcaatac     74640
     aaaggctttg ttcagtgctg ggagacgtca acaagaatat ataaataaga atagaatggt     74700
     acaaatgtat acaacaagta taaaccctag taacaacaaa aatggagaaa agaacaatag     74760
     gttattactt tggatagttt ttagttatac agtactcagc aaatatatat gtacacccct     74820
     tacaaatctc ttttgaattc atatttttaa taggaagcta tataatatta tatttgtgaa     74880
     tatacattag attagattag attggcactg aagccaaatc tggagtttat ctaacaaaat     74940
     aacttttgat aacagtccaa aaacttgtac acccaaattt atatgttata gaaaagtatt     75000
     aaataaaaat aaaaaaggaa aaatcaagag aagcaaaaat aagtaaataa ttaattgaaa     75060
     aatgtagttg aaatgtattt atttttgcta tattttgctt ggatttaatt gtattatctt     75120
     ttaatttctc aatatgttcg gtgactaaaa tattattttt gaataatatc tgtttaataa     75180
     atctgttttg ttcaaatgca ccaaaataca ttgcctatat tcactgagaa atgaataaaa     75240
     ataatcattt tcaaaatggt ctttacttaa ttatcctgag cactgttggc cagtgtctta     75300
     gcttctgttt ttgttgatag ctgcctttag actgaaatgt gacgtttaag ttaccgtctt     75360
     actaaaaaat gcatacattt agatttacat ttacattaag ttattcttaa tagcattttt     75420
     actaaaagga cattatttgt tcgttcgttc attcattcat tttcctttgg cttagtccct     75480
     ttattcatca gccgtcatca aagcagaatg aacaaccaac ttatccagca tatgtttaac     75540
     acagcggtaa aatacattat tctacctaaa atcatctttt gaggtccaca gaagtaaagt     75600
     taagcaatta aacaggttga gtaaataagt acaaatttcg tacaagagtg aagtattgct     75660
     ttagtgtgtt gcactaacat cctagattgt gtttgtctac aaataacatt aaagtaaatg     75720
     ttgattcttt gatgataaca ttcacatcct cgcaactttt gtgatgaaat gaaagcagtt     75780
     acagatcttt tcttcccatt ttacatttct ggggtctcaa gcacaaagat ctctaaagcg     75840
     taaactactt ttgtgaaagt aaagtataaa atgtgtaaac tttattattt atttgttttt     75900
     acttttcatt tgctcagaca gcaaattaaa agctctataa catgcattta gaatatactt     75960
     ttattgagca gattacaaac atgccactat tttttttatg taagctacaa ttaaatgttt     76020
     tgatgaaagg gatcaaattg gcacaagtcc acagtatttc tctctttaca agtatttaac     76080
     agccttgcat tggtgactta acaggatgtt aaaaaaccat atggtataca tattgggctc     76140
     ttactccagg atgtaaaact taattacaca acaaatcagt ccatccgagt tgaacccacc     76200
     tcatgtggga caggcgttca cagcctggag tcagtgggaa attaagtctc tggaagcgtg     76260
     cctgtgggtg gggaacatgt tttcaaggaa atgaccctta agttgtcctt aggctaacac     76320
     ttggtggttg atttcaaaca tcattccaga ttgctttaat gactgcatca ttggagctgc     76380
     gtgatcccca acagattgtg ataatgctct tctgtttttt tcttatttga ttgtcatgga     76440
     taattcacat ttcaccgaca ggcagcaacc aatatcggct atcaccagat tatactacaa     76500
     aacatttcaa gagatgctta attgtagtaa actaaaccgt tttctgcaca aatacagagc     76560
     attacttgca gttacttttt tgtttgtttt atattttaaa gctgcaacct tttatctttt     76620
     tttttttttg aatgttgttc actaagggtg tcacgatctt ccaaatcctc gattcgattc     76680
     cattttcgat tctgaaggca cgattcgatt cgattttcga ttatgaataa ttaattaatt     76740
     aatgaccaat taattatttg tatcctaccg tttaaactac ctgacctgca tggtctgttt     76800
     tacccataaa caaatcatac agtaagatac acacataatt accacctgtc aatctctttt     76860
     tctgcgggac tcgtgaatag gcagtgatct gtgttgttat aatggcgtag gtaaaaaaag     76920
     aggcacaacc aacaggaacc agccaacagt atctgaggtg ttcgctaaaa tgactaagta     76980
     caagtgagtg aaagattgaa gcagttctct gactgcctga acccgctgtc tcaagctcat     77040
     atggctgtgt ccgtctgtgt ctgtgtggtc acgtgatgtg cattttcaga ggtagagagg     77100
     aaggagggct gctcagaaat gccacacgcc actgtggatg tcaaattgtt gtcgtttcta     77160
     aaatgccatt taaaaacaaa gactgtgtaa acagggcctg agtatgtact tttcgcgagc     77220
     ggatttgcaa cgggggctgg cggaggattg cgatgccggt gttgtctatc agacgaaccg     77280
     tacgtaatac gtacatagca gagcttgcaa aactgtgttt ttttgtcgac aacacgaacg     77340
     ttgtcaacat aactcactgg aaatccaaaa tgcttacaca ccggcgactt cattgaaaga     77400
     ggagagggtt taagttctct cgacgggtct cctgcttctg cagtttaaca agcacttcaa     77460
     caagcctgtt tttttcccgc ttggcaagcc aagctgacgt gacatggggg cgtggcagca     77520
     ttgacgattc tattttttga ttcaataatc aaaattgagc ataaatttcg atcgatttcc     77580
     gacaccccta ctgttcacac actgacaaaa aatgattcaa acatgattcc ttgaatttac     77640
     ttaatttttt taaagtattg taaacaattt gttaatttgt tgttaaattt aaacaaatac     77700
     attgtttgta acaattttgc aggcaacatt ttttttcagt gcacctgcaa cctttagctt     77760
     tttttttttt tttttttgaa taccattcac acctaacaca gaacatagac atttacacat     77820
     ttatctacac accattttca gttgtgtcag tttgctgtct attgtgcatg cactttagtt     77880
     ttttcaatta ttttcttacc cctaaacaaa aaacttttct ttgaatatat ctggactttt     77940
     gctaatttta cccttaagaa atatattcat gtcactataa aaacattagg tttaccattt     78000
     ttttgctgaa cagaatattc ataatttttt tttacatagt ctctttatta atgtggggtc     78060
     gccaaagcgg aatgaaccgc caacttatcc agcatatttt ttatgcagct tatgcccttc     78120
     ctgctgcaac caatcactgg gaaacatcca cactcattca cacacatgca ctacggacaa     78180
     tttagcttac ccaattaacc tatagcgcat gtctttggac ttgtggggta aaccggaaca     78240
     cccggaggaa aaccacgcaa gcactgggag aacatgcaaa cttcacacag aaatgtcaac     78300
     tgactcagct ggggctcgaa ccagcagcct tcttgctgtt aggcgatcgt gttacccact     78360
     gtgccattgt aatgccccat gaatagagta tttaatatct aattctttaa aggtccagtg     78420
     aagtgctttg aaatgtgcat ttctatttga tgtttaacta gattttaaat gaaacacgat     78480
     gagagggtgg gacattgtag cttctccctt taaaaaaaaa aaacaggcca taggattcgg     78540
     ttttatcact gctctgtcag tgagagtgat tgaggctgca tttgaagaag cctacgaggt     78600
     ttttcgaaat gagacagcct ttatcaagcc gtgatgatga cgcagcgcac ttcgaataca     78660
     ttgttcagag gatgcagctt ttgaaatgag acacagcttg agaagcatct ttaaggaggc     78720
     agggcatgtc agattctaga gagcatttga ttggttatga tttgatgaga tactgttgtg     78780
     tgaggggaga tgaagaaaac cgatgattca ttttggagga agtgacaaac tacaagcttt     78840
     tcatgtttgt atcagtttta tatcttctat cttttggagc acactagatt atagatatct     78900
     caaaagctaa ccgtaccagg gctcgaaatt gcgaccattt tggttgcata tgcacctgaa     78960
     atttaagcta tgcgacctta taatatattt gggagcattt gtgtgactgc ttataatggt     79020
     tgtagtgtga cctgttgttt tttttctaaa aacgtgctaa tcagtcttcc ctgccgctat     79080
     attggttcat atttggggtc aataactcaa gactttccgt tgtcagatga cagggatctt     79140
     ttgtaactac gtggaatgca aacgattgaa gagtagaaaa gtacacagaa tctcgatgca     79200
     gtgcattcac tgcgtattaa agcgcaagtg tacactaaat gttaaatcta acactgtaca     79260
     caccatcgcc aaagaagctc gcctttacta agtttaaacc gatgcggctt ataacaaaga     79320
     gcggtattgc gccagtggtc atcaggagaa tcctactctg cccccctcat atattgggcc     79380
     ggctaactcg cctggtttcc acaaacacag aaaaattaaa atgagcttat aacgagactt     79440
     ttagcattaa aatgacacaa accaaaacct ttaaaagtga gacttttttt tcctttcttt     79500
     agtccgttct ttcttgagat gtatattatt tttctattta attactgatg acagctttgc     79560
     agctttcagc cttaagttta atgatttatt ataatctttc ttttgttttc tagcagaaat     79620
     ggtattaact aaattgacat gcatataaaa acaatagtac aaaatatgat cacgagaaat     79680
     gtatttcatt gttagtatta ttgacaacat agccaacatt aaaattttat atttattaga     79740
     cattcatttt ggaatttttg cacaaatatt atgccatcac agcaatagtt agatagttgt     79800
     ttctggtttt tgttaatcct aattgatgtt gttttcaaat acaacaaatc ccttaatata     79860
     caatttgcag ccgtgctcat tcatttttgg tgggtgctcc caaatttttt ctggtgctcc     79920
     taaatattta aagttgggag caacggtgct accaagtaaa aaagtaaatt tcgagcccta     79980
     aatgctatta ccaacatcta aaaaacttta ttttaatttc atggaatctt taatacatgt     80040
     ctttctgttg ctcttagttg tgtaaattga ttccttgtcc tcatttgtaa gtcgctttgg     80100
     ataaaagcgt ctgctaaatg actaaatgta aatgtaaatg tcttttatca ctcacaagca     80160
     atttaatgaa tctatatgtt gtgattgtga tatgactgca aactcctcag tgggatgaat     80220
     aattattggc aaacagtgga tctttgattt tttttttttt tttccttctt ccagtgcttg     80280
     gcttaatgta accattgtgt tgtctcgtct ttgtctagaa gaatagaagg cctttagtca     80340
     ctgtgaggaa cccatcacca gatgaacgcc cctcctaatc tactgtagtt tgtttgactc     80400
     tgctgaagaa gatggtccct ctcctcatcc tcagactgcc acactgatca ccttcacagc     80460
     accacaaaca cacaatggag aggaaacgcc gaaagaaatg aaaactcaag ccatgtgtta     80520
     ttcaggcttc tctgcgtttt ggacctaaac tatttcaaaa ctaatacacg tttgttacct     80580
     ttgaggacac tgaccgcagg gatcatgatc gtaaggctgt gcttgcttgt ggccttttta     80640
     ggggctaaat tgcctctggt gggcacagag gaagacagtg gaccgttctt aacccccttt     80700
     cctcctcctc ttcctctaaa tgctgatgca catttgagcc caaactgctc acagctcacg     80760
     ctaaaactgg acttctcaac ccaagtggtc aagcatggta agtgatatta ttttgatctt     80820
     taatcattgt tttgtgtagg ataaacattt tgttgtgtct tcagcaaaat taggataata     80880
     ttaggccagt ttaaatgttt gtttgattta gggtaatgac cttgagtaga acgctgaatt     80940
     cctaataggc cgcaacatgt tcagacattg tgttatttag tggcgtaatt tagtttttag     81000
     tgttgatagt gatggtttat tgcactgaaa attagctatc agtctgttta tggattttaa     81060
     ggaataaagc agctgttgcc cttcctgttt taatgtaggg caggacaaaa cgtgagctct     81120
     tcaggttaaa cagtgttggt gtaatgttct ccactgccca ttcattggtt gaagcttgtc     81180
     ctctgtgcac tgagtgtgtg tttactggct gttggcccag agtgttggca atgtattcct     81240
     aagatttaat ctgagttcag cgttgttttc gcggggtgca cttttctcta cactgggtgt     81300
     ggtgtggatg tgggtataca agaccagaat gtaacgcatt atttatagtg gcctgattgc     81360
     gaccctatga aagcagcctt tgtgccatcc tctgtttaat tcattcccac tttcctcacc     81420
     caaaagttct gaattgtggg tttggcaagt tttcatgctt ctttggtatg tttcgtgatt     81480
     gttcaattgt taacaattgt gatcctttgc taatatgcca gttttttttt tttacattct     81540
     tcttaaattt acatagaaca ataagttatt cacgatgcgg aattgggttt gatttgtttg     81600
     caaaaatatc agtatgtttt taaaaaataa tttaatttta aacgtttttt ttttttttag     81660
     ctaatactga cttttgttac gtctctttct ctgctgtcct caatcactaa attttaaatc     81720
     ataggtctca aactggattc ctggagggcc gcagctctgc acagttgacc aacattaatc     81780
     aaacacagct gatgcaacta atcaagatgt tcaagacaag tgtgccgcaa gcctacgttt     81840
     gagtgaaggt ttcggccgtt agatcgcccc ctgggggctg gctgcagtac aagtcataaa     81900
     gcccgcctcc tccgtgttaa tgaaggagac ttgagcccaa ataaaaaaaa atattacact     81960
     tgcaataaaa tgtcccgaaa gatagttctg gtcgattaag gcactggtta ttgtgctgaa     82020
     ataggtgcag atcttcattt ttgtaaacag tttgttttta gcagtaattt aatgctgggc     82080
     gtgtcatcgt gattgacagc tgtgattgac agtttctcaa agcgcggcgt ctgagcttcg     82140
     gcaggagact gaagtagact gaaatgttat tattcgattt ctgtgttatt ttaccatgac     82200
     aaaatgagtt cagcagtaaa ctatagtttc tgacatacat gatcctggtg gaacactgtt     82260
     tattcgctaa gttcagggct ttttcgggct ttattagttt gctgatacac gcctagccac     82320
     ccagatagca aaacagttcc ggctagattc tcgcctgccg gagacttatc tcttagagct     82380
     cagactgact aatgttacct ctgctggacc tactccggat gcctggactc actacccaat     82440
     tccagcccga gtcaatctag ccagatgcgg cggccgaacg agcaggcgct gccgcatgcg     82500
     agccggaatc agcccgcgac gccgcgagta agttatgcgc tgcggcctgg agctggcgcg     82560
     attgaatata taaaaccctc atatttgtta acgttattgc atccatttgt gttgatatga     82620
     cagcaaacgc atgctgagaa gttcgggggg tgtagttgat tttacataaa gcgtttgatt     82680
     ggaagctcga ctctgctcat tttcgcggct cctcctctgg ctccatcaga cagtccttct     82740
     gcgcatgtct ggctccaatt tcagcagtct tttgcgacag tttgtgcccg tcaagcaggc     82800
     gttttgccct caaggcgttc aatgggaaaa agggctgtcg cgtcgtccat attttttaca     82860
     gtcattggtt caagactacg agacactatt gaccttattc taaaatgcgg aagtgcactt     82920
     gttttcgcga ttgttttaaa acttctgatt cagtcgccta tgggagaaat gactaggaat     82980
     aataaacggc agaaaacggt caaactattt gctgtacaaa caaatgtttg catgactata     83040
     ccaatactat actatactag accaagaata atattataag aaaataacag tttgcaacat     83100
     caaacagcaa aacgagcagt ttttaatgtc taaaaatgaa tggaagtgaa tgagaccgga     83160
     agtctcgagc caaaaacatt caaatggctg cgtccgctcg tcggctaaga aaaaaagtaa     83220
     attaatcagg tgtgaattgg aggtggtatg agctaaacta tgcagagctg cagtcctcca     83280
     ggaattgagt ttgaaaccgt tgctttaggt cagcggttcc taacagggag attgcgtcat     83340
     atttaaaaaa aaaaattgct gtgtaaaatt aggagagcaa tcatgttgcc ttagttaatt     83400
     ttatcccctg gctgaccaaa aaataaataa atgtgtaatt cgtcctccac aaaaaagaca     83460
     attacagcta gcagtaatga atgaccaaag catactggac ccaggtgagg aagagccaaa     83520
     caattcgtgt tgcatcacta gcaatactgg aaatacaaaa tatcaaaata attacctgaa     83580
     ctatggtttt attccatttt cttgaaacaa agagtccctg acccaaccac agtgtattat     83640
     ctgctccaaa gttcttgctc acaaaagcat gaggccatct aaattatgaa gacatttgct     83700
     gatgactcat cccaaatacc gtgataagct cagagcatta tttgagtgca aggcaaaaga     83760
     atttatacac acccaaaata agatgaggga cgtcacagct actgacaaga aactgaaaaa     83820
     aaattggcaa ctaattggca actaatatag ggctaattta aaggccaacg actttcgttt     83880
     ttcagttaca aatggccttc tgatgttttg attttatatt ttacattagg ctgtttgtgc     83940
     ataaacacat ctagatgtag taatacacac agtttgtttg aaaccatcat taaatgtttg     84000
     gggggcttac aatattttct ggcgaaaaag gggatctggc aaaaaagatt ggaaaccact     84060
     gctttaggtg gtttatgtaa aaaaaaaaaa aattctagtt tggttacatt acacttttcg     84120
     cctatcttta aaatgcaaga acagtgtttt gatagctcta aattagggtt ggaccatatt     84180
     ggaaaaatct gatattgcga tatgaataca gtttcattag atagtttgaa cagctctctt     84240
     tgatggtttt cttgagagtc taacagtttt caggtacaga aattaaatag tcacagtgca     84300
     aaaaaatgct gttcatactt ggctttgtct catttctagt ccaaatatga aaataatctt     84360
     agggcaagta aaaatattac tttgttttca tctttagaag aagtaagtca aaattaagag     84420
     tagcgctagg ccaataaact atattatatc gaatcgtgat aaaattttgt caataacaat     84480
     gaaaagctcc ggacttttta ctctatatct aagagccaat cacacagcag aaatgtgcaa     84540
     caatgggaat ctaacagtgt gttaatatta cagagaagta cttttcggcc actgaaaatg     84600
     tatcgagtga aaaagttatg acaaattaat ggaccttcta attattgtag cttcagtcgt     84660
     tgttgggcta ctcttttaaa tctgaaaaca ttaacaactg atatcaaaat atttatcctt     84720
     atcgttcaat atggaaaata tatattgaga ttgcattttt gccatatcgc ccagccctaa     84780
     ttaagagttt ttccacaaac caagccagtg gggtaagcaa aataatcttg tttttgcatt     84840
     tagatatttt atttatatta atttaaaaat gttgcataaa taaaaccgat acagtaatta     84900
     aatacaattc tatagttcca ggtcaacttt aattcagact caacattgca catcttgcaa     84960
     tgcatcatcg ttgcaaatgc aaatgcatat cgtgcatgga tgcgtatatg caatattaat     85020
     gctgaaacaa tatattttgc agccctactc tggggatctt gttttaattt gccaatgctg     85080
     atattctgtt tcaaaataga tggactgaaa tgcaaacttt tgaaaatatc cacaattgca     85140
     ctctgactgg ttttattgca tatcgttccc tgatttgtta agcccattca tatgacattt     85200
     acacaactgg tggactgcaa gtatggatgc caggaaaata tttgaatgcc cagtgagcat     85260
     gaatagtcac ttatcatgga ttttaggttg taaaaaacac aatgaaatgg ccagtctgga     85320
     caaatagcat ttctattcta atatgctatt ttaaaacaaa aacacaccag tgttaatttg     85380
     cagcgtgcat ctgcaatctt gtttggtatt tccctgtgta ctgttggctt tgtcataaat     85440
     cacttcaagt gctctggagg atggccacaa ttcatggtgt tctgatggtg gtgtccctgt     85500
     tcaggtttgt cgagcaatga aagaacatgg gtgttcctaa atacccaccc tggcctaaag     85560
     tttcagtcag cagcagttat ttctgttgaa ggctctattg tgattgttaa tgcaatctgg     85620
     aattgaatga ggagttgaca ttttggctct gtatttgggc aaaacgccca cttttaatgc     85680
     tgaagttgca ttcctaacta aatgcaagtg caattgttct tgctctctgt ctcttctaga     85740
     gtacattgtt gcgtttaatg gatacttcac agctaaagca cgcagtgatt tcatcagcag     85800
     cgccctgcgg gatgtggatg cggtgaaatg gcgcatcgta cggagggaca atcctgccag     85860
     cgattacccc agtgattttg aggtggtgga gatcaagcag gacacccgca acagcctgct     85920
     caccctccag gaccacccct atatcaaacg tgtgacgcca cagcgcatgg tcctccgcag     85980
     ccttaaattc acagactgta agtagtcgtg ttgtcataat aatttataca catacaatat     86040
     cacttttctg cagtatggcc attgccatgc tctctctctg acagcgagtt cacatgcacc     86100
     gcagtacatg tacacacgac tctcctgccg ctcactcaat cagccacact ttcagtcagg     86160
     ccgcactaag catattgtta tagtgttatg gcccaccaaa gttcagtctg ttttgccaca     86220
     gtttaatttt gtccatttct gcagatttta cagcagtttg taggtgcaaa catttttcac     86280
     tttctttctt ctttctgtcc ccgtgtgcaa gtgctgagct ttctttaaca tgttcttgct     86340
     catcaatatt atgaagtaaa tgttatataa cttaaaatac ccatctttaa atcacaatat     86400
     ctgattttaa aattcaattg gttgcattta aagtgaacag aacagtaaag gaagaaattt     86460
     atgaaagctt ggatagtgtt taacaataat aaataataaa agacacaatc actgttggac     86520
     ttgcataaag aatgttaagc attgtatttg cattacatta gcatttgtaa gcaactttaa     86580
     ataagttaga ctggtagttt attaattaca ttggaataaa gaattgcaaa attttataga     86640
     attttttcat ttaattgttt tttttctgtc tgtctttggg ttgtgcaatg atgttgcaga     86700
     gagctgagac ctatgactat tttaaagacg atattaagct cgttacgcat taatgtagac     86760
     ctattacgtt ttcttgcatt actgtaagag tgcggtgatt tgcattggtt tgaattattt     86820
     tccaagataa aatgaaatgc aaatgaagta gattaaataa gtaaaaacaa tcagctgaaa     86880
     tacatttaga aatggttaaa caaatgagca aataagtaat cattacttcc acaccctcac     86940
     acgataggat cgtgtattgg cgatctaacc ggtggacaat atggcgattt aaaaagttcg     87000
     tatatctccc aacactagtc tgtctggtaa aaatctgaac aactagcctt actggaccac     87060
     tggtaaaaat ccttaacata gagccatgct tgtcatttta attctggcat ttgaagaaat     87120
     gaagacatgc ttaaatattg caactaataa agtaattcag tgtgttatta aatttaagga     87180
     ttggcatcac tgttaggaat tccactgata acatgaagta gtactatgca cacgtatcac     87240
     tgatattcac aatatggcca agtggtaagt ctgcacgata ttggaaaaaa actgacattg     87300
     ctatatttta atttactgcg atttaaatgc aatttgacca gatgatttaa atagctagta     87360
     aagaattcat aatttaagat cagttttggg attgattgct gtagaggagt gtatctgcat     87420
     aaaaaatagg cttattttaa aaatgaaaag caaagttaaa tacaacagag aaaatattaa     87480
     attaaacaat gatttatgat tttctgggaa gtcaaacagt attcataaac agaaattaaa     87540
     taatcactgt ataataacaa taataataac aacaacaaca atgtatcatt tttattgagt     87600
     aatttaatgt acactttaag ctacaaaagt ttcatttatt gtgcccaaat ggcttaaatt     87660
     tgcgaactat gcggaaagct cacaataaaa caaacaggaa agtgcgcaca agtggggtga     87720
     tggcatctgc cgctttagaa gcattaatag acaaattcat gtcaaagaaa aacgttattt     87780
     ttgttaaatg ggaatatctt ggtttcaagg tctcagaaac cacaaaaaca ggtcatttgt     87840
     aagagctgtc gcagaattgt tgctacagca tatgaggaac tacaacaacc agcacccaaa     87900
     aaagcaccac aggcagctat ttgtggattg tcttgctaaa aagtcaacta aaaatattgc     87960
     taataacact caatctagta gctagcaata gcaaagtaca attataacgt tgtttgcagc     88020
     tgttacacca taagaaaaaa catcagaaga caccaggaaa taactaatac cataactcac     88080
     tactgtttgc tctaaagaaa aattagtgtt taatttctaa acatttttaa acaaatttga     88140
     ataagaaaat tggagtttgt caaaaaaaaa aaaggactaa ctaacactct acaaaagaag     88200
     cgacgaatat ggagctgaag cttgactaca aaattaaatc gcaaatcaaa tcgaaatatc     88260
     tgttaaaaaa aaaaatttga cattagatat tttccataaa tgcacaaccc tagtcacagg     88320
     ctttaaaaca cacgcaaata ataaaccttt acttttgggt taaaatttga aatgaccatg     88380
     ttaactgtaa tgtctggtca actataatcc caactatatt gtagatcgct gcgatatgac     88440
     tattacggta tcgatgctga aacgatatat tgtgcagcca taccatgtgg gcataaaact     88500
     gctataatga tgtactatac taaactgata aacttttgta ttgtgctgta tttataaatc     88560
     atgtctgaac cacacacagc tctctttggg ctaactgcag ggaggaagtc atcagcaggg     88620
     ggtgagctga ataggaagtg tttatttact gcatggggtg gaggaaatgg atttcagaag     88680
     tgtttgaggt gaaagaatgt cttgtctttg cacgccaatt tccccaccac ttgaataaaa     88740
     aaagaaatca caccttcatg caaatctgct agtggtgttg agggactcca ggagagtgat     88800
     tgctgtttgc tggcatcact cctgtataat tacagacttc ttctttattt acatcttcct     88860
     ttgccagctt tctaaacaag ctgcatctgt atgatcatgt tcattcaatt tttccatgtc     88920
     aacctcccaa aatttttttt ttttttttgt aataatactg tttaaatgtt tgtcatcagt     88980
     ataattttat ttggaaagaa acaaacactt ttgttctgca gggatgtgta aaattgataa     89040
     tgatagtctt ttacattgtt acaagaaaaa aaaaactttt ctttttaact ttttactaat     89100
     ataagatttt tttaagaact gcacactaat ttatagccat aacctaaaat gcagttattt     89160
     gtagccagat aaattttcat cattaaaaaa atggtgtagc tgtgtttcat aggttgctag     89220
     gcgaccatca atcgttttct cagatgacaa gctgataaaa cattgctgtc actctgatac     89280
     tctgttttat ttataaaaga aattaaagct ttgcagtgtt tgggtgttct gtgtatgtct     89340
     gagataatta gtcttactaa aatgtgtata ttttgtacac actgaagtga atctgtcaat     89400
     tcttgacaca tgactcgcag tgcactcact gaattcattc aacagggtgc gtacgtctgg     89460
     aaggggaaag catcacgtcg cttgtgtgtg caaactgcac acctccattg gaaacaatga     89520
     acttgtgcga acttgtgtga agacgggata tgcaaacgac ccctaaaagg gcatttgcga     89580
     tctacagcag ttgatcttct tgcacagaca tggtggattc acctgatttg ttgacaagtg     89640
     gattgcggtc ctttcactgt tccttttctc cttggctaag aaactttgca aagacatctg     89700
     tttcttactc tttttgctgc ttatgggtta aatttgggac tgagatgtaa ccgagagaat     89760
     atggccattt ttttaaataa aatatttttt aggataaaag atcgttcaga ctctgataat     89820
     aaataaaacg gaaatagtta ttgacttctt gtgcaagcca gaaccaattt atacatggac     89880
     tggcatgtta caggttttta ttgttcataa atcaaccaat gtaaagtaaa gcaggctagg     89940
     tggaatagca ctatttactt ctgttttgtt attaaactaa ataataatct acattatcga     90000
     tgctgtaaaa tctacctcat gaaatttaaa atggtttcat caatctttcg tcggaagatt     90060
     ttagttgctg aaacacttct gtaaatataa cacattcgta acaacaaaat cagctttgct     90120
     tttttagttt taaaagagaa cattacctgt ctaacagaaa tacttcagtc acagtgtcat     90180
     gctttctcca gcatgcaaaa gtaactccag tattgattca ggatttttaa aaattttgat     90240
     ttaggatttg tttttaccgc tgtcactctc atgtggacat gaatgcagcg cacacgcaaa     90300
     cggcagatct tcgtgaacgg ggatgcgcag ttgtacaaat ctacatttga agaattccga     90360
     tgcgaaaacc tctaagtgcc gtctggaatt tccttgtaca attataactt tttctcagcc     90420
     cctaatgttt atgttcagtt atttcatgtc aaaagcgatc aaaataacct atttttttgc     90480
     catagaagtg aaattactga atcaagacat gggagcctga gaaaaatgct aattttagaa     90540
     gaaaatcaga tgacatttag aggtttttgc atctgaactc ttcatttgtt gacagacagt     90600
     ttgggctact tatcagtcta catttgttag tcttatgctt tacccagaat ataaaaatac     90660
     aaaaaaatgc atttagatca tttactttaa tctttactat tgaaatgtga agagactttt     90720
     aaccagcaca gcaaaaatgt tactaaagac aatcacctac tgcaccttta acagaaaaaa     90780
     aatcacactt atacagtgta tgcatctgtt tagcaaaact atgttctcta gagtcatttt     90840
     agtcttataa ctaatgtttt ctgcaggtaa ttgtaacaat atatgtagca taatttaatt     90900
     tcacagcggg atattttgag gttctttaag gacgatgcaa taaatgcaag tctcataaca     90960
     tagctaaaaa tattcaccac tctggaataa tggtctagga gcattctata ccagcacaca     91020
     gtggctcatc taactcctca agctcagttt atatatagct ctgctaaaag aatgagaccc     91080
     agctaatgat gtatttttgt tcttatcact gaaaccaaag tgcctctaag aataacccct     91140
     ggttgcagtt tgagagcata tgtgaaagta attatcattt aaatgatgtc agggtcaatg     91200
     cttcgagagc atgtgtgggg aattgaaatg taatataatt acagtatatg ctgtagtctc     91260
     atctgtatag ctcaagggca tctaatgagc agcaatcagc caaagaggaa gactgacatg     91320
     tcagggctgg tccaagtggt tgaatctgca actccgcaac gctttaaaca cctacgaatc     91380
     cttttaaagt tccgcacctg cacttaactt tttttttttc tttttactgt tcacctactg     91440
     ttctatgtaa aagtgtcctt aaaggtttga taacagttat tatctctctt ctgtgataaa     91500
     tcatgttggt gttcttgaaa gcacaggctg ttatgattca gatggccatt aaaatgctaa     91560
     tcaaggtgtg gatgttgtgc agttagcttt gtttttgaca gatgggcaaa atctgatact     91620
     gttagctttg ttgttaatta tttttttgta ttgaagttat cttactagac ttagaaataa     91680
     ttgtaatggg ctgaaattgt aagcaagtta ttctgttttt tttagatgta caattgggcc     91740
     tgaaattggg gatttcaatg aagaaaatta tttattttga gaaacaacaa aacataacat     91800
     aatgttatgt gtaaaactat actacaaagg cagcacaagg ctcaaatact acattcctta     91860
     ttgtttaact gattttattt tgagacttga agtagggttg agcccataga tgatgccatc     91920
     gtccattgcc gatggccaat aaacaacttg atgctgagcc ggcatcgccg atcctctgcc     91980
     ctgtccctgt tgcaaatccg ctcgcgaaaa atacacactt aggccccgtt tacactaata     92040
     catcttttaa aaggggggaa tgagtaaaca atagtgaaat atataagata tccatttctt     92100
     accactgact tgtaaataaa ggtacagttt aacaagatat gacaagaggt tttgcatcat     92160
     gttaggtgca atgtaacatc aaaaatatat ctagcagcaa tatttcagta ataagattga     92220
     gattgagtca gtcagtcagt cagtcactga atcatagaat catataatga atgtcattat     92280
     aaatgtttta tttagccata tattttttat tctggctact taaatttatt tcgggattaa     92340
     actaaagagt gtttgcctga agagctacca ggaagtctgg tattttgtat tcaaatctgt     92400
     acgttaaaca ttccggaaag tcagagcaac tgccctcccc tctctcttta agtgacgcca     92460
     caccttgcct ttcctacaga ccagttagga catggcagta atgaattaaa agactaaaat     92520
     ttgatcaagt atgacataaa gctcttcata tttgagaact taaacatgaa atagaaaatg     92580
     tttaattatt tgaaaaactg tttattattc aaatctcacc tgtacacttt ctgaagatgt     92640
     cgagcaactg tccttccctc tctctgtcac agcctgtttt tcatacagat cagttagtac     92700
     atagtataac gttagtagta aaagactaca tattgatata tttggcgcaa aacatcagat     92760
     ttattttaaa atgacaattg tacttcagac gaagcaacaa atagcttgtt agacaaccaa     92820
     agacaacaga acccaataat ctgttaattc taatttgtca aatgcgtttt tatgcaaggc     92880
     aaccaagcat ttgaatccgc cgcaacttga ctaggttcca acggatagaa gacccattgt     92940
     tgtcttttaa aattacagta ggttaatcgc aatatggaaa tgtgtgattt gtgttatcac     93000
     gatgttacat acatacttac attgtgtgtc tgaaaaaaag gatgtaatcg tcctctgctt     93060
     ttttctgggg tggattttta cacctgtcaa tcaaactgca aagtgaatga atgaagctcg     93120
     acactcaaga gattcatgct gtgattggct gagtgaccgt tcactcaaat caagtaacaa     93180
     atcagagaac acttgtagtc gctaggtcaa ataaaaggtg taggcgagtc gggggactga     93240
     aacacctgtt tccaaaaact gagggggaca tgaaagtctt taaagtctta aatttgactt     93300
     ggttaaactt gcagaaaccc tgcatcagtt gaggtagata taattgcaaa taatttccca     93360
     ttgccttgct ctttcagctg gcactgatgg ggcgtcccca tgcaatgaca cacgctgggt     93420
     gcagaagtgg cagtcgtggc agtcatcaag gccactcagg aggactagtc tgtctctgag     93480
     ctctggtttc tggcacgcca caggaagaca ctctagtcgg cgtctcctgc gtgccattcc     93540
     cagacatgtc gcccagatac tgcaagcaga tgtgctctgg cagatgggac acactggtat     93600
     gtatgcagac tgcctagttt acatggtgtt ttacgtctct ggaagatcag gatttgctgt     93660
     tatgtttatg cttctggttg tattgttaca ggctctggag tgaaggtagc ggtatttgac     93720
     actgggttga gtgagaagca ccctcacttt aaaaatgtta aagaaagaac caactggacc     93780
     aatgagaaaa cgctggatga tggtaagact tcttgtaatg gtgcatgtca ttacacatat     93840
     ttaatcagtc ataatttatt attgagttct gagggaagga ttcagcccag atgaattgtt     93900
     aggatgaaat gcattgcaaa tctatctcgc attctgttct cagggttggg tcatggcaca     93960
     tttgttgctg gtgtgattgc cagcatgaga gagtgtcagg gattcgctcc tgattctgag     94020
     ctacatatct tcagagtttt cactaataac caggtagcac acaacattca attctatgct     94080
     cttatacatc caccaattaa aagtaataca ataaatcaaa gacaataatg aaatgattat     94140
     ctaatgaaag aaataatatg catattgaat tgaattgttc acccaaaatt tttaattgga     94200
     tcataaatga cacaccctta agttatccta ggtgtatatg actttcttat ttcagacaaa     94260
     tgcagttaga gtaattttac attttatcct gactcctcca tgctgtataa tgatgttggg     94320
     tggtggccat ttttttaagc ttccaaaagg gcataaatct gtcataaaat aatccacatt     94380
     ctgcgcgggg atgattttgt tacaaaaata tttcaaaact ttaaatttta aaactcaact     94440
     cactgacctc gggtggctgc cgaatgtgaa ttctagacaa cttcttggct gtttctcaat     94500
     tgcaagaacg cagagaacct acttgtgttc ctgtggagac cgttcttgcc aagttacctc     94560
     agaggtacga actcgggaga ctgcgagaac acagaatgtg tcctgtgaga tatgagattc     94620
     tgcattcttc tatggttctt cctgatggtc acatgacctt tacacatttt taatagaaaa     94680
     taatttaaac attactgcat tcaagcatac agcaacaatt tgtttttccc attttcacta     94740
     tatatacttt gcataaaaaa ctaacaaaca tgttatttat agtaatacaa ataaaactaa     94800
     ttttaatttg aatttcagta aatatacccc cttaatgttt ttatgccctt attaggattt     94860
     tgatgttaat gtttactttc actgtctcat ttagggaaac tcgtgagata aatgttatat     94920
     ttccgaactt taataataaa tctacataaa atgctgtgct tcccacctct tttattcagc     94980
     ctcaatgact tctgggacat cttgagtgaa ttttgcgctc aagtctgaat cgatgcgttc     95040
     ttgatatcaa gaacacttcc aggaagaatg gatattaaga aacagccctt gtctcctccc     95100
     tgacttgacg catgatctaa gagaaaccca gccctaatca aacacagctg atccaactaa     95160
     tcaaggtgtt caagacaact agagactatt aagcaggtgt gagttggagg tggttaaagc     95220
     taaactgtgc agagctgcga ccctccagga attgagtttt aaaccattga tccttcccct     95280
     tagccctaca gcttcaagct aaagacaatt aggacatccc tacctcttca cgtgaatgtg     95340
     caaaacgagg ggtaggggta agtggaaggg ctaaggggta gaatccggat tgggcctaaa     95400
     ccgtacatgc tgatgatgtc ttgagattga gtaaatgatg gggtaattta agttggaaaa     95460
     gactgttcct tttagaaaat aatagctgta tcttggatag taaagacatt ttataaagtt     95520
     cagaaagatt taagtttcag tttatggata ttttggggtc taatgcaagt ttaaatcaac     95580
     cacaatgggt gacgtgtata aacacaataa aaaatgactt tttttgattc agaaattaag     95640
     cttttaaaca gcggtacaac catagtacta gtaaaacctg taatcctact gggaaggacc     95700
     aaaccctact gttaattgtt tattagttat tctactaagt ggaaaaagtt gacttcaaac     95760
     cattcaagat cattcatggt gtttttttaa tgccttgaca ttcaaaataa catgttgttt     95820
     taaaattgta tttcttctta ggtttcatac acctcctggt tcttggatgc ctttaactac     95880
     gctatcctga agaagataga tgttttaaat ctcagcattg ggggaccaga ttttatggac     95940
     catccgttcg ttgataaggt atggacagat tgttaaatta acatttcttt attaagctcc     96000
     cgcttttaat caaagcaagt tagaaataga ggaacagagg agcatcaagc aatttgtcat     96060
     tagaacaatg gagtgtgtat ggttctgtac attaaataca gtttatgctc tctgcagtga     96120
     agtgctctaa taaaagcttc actcctttgt atttaacaag gtttgggagc tcacagccaa     96180
     caaggtgatt atggtgtctg ctatcggcaa tgatggccca ctttatgggt aagtgtagtt     96240
     tcacaacaac atatattaga tttgacctat agttccaact tgtatattga tattttgtgt     96300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt cttcaagaac tctaaacaat ccagcagatc aaatggatgt     96360
     tataggtgtt ggagggattg attttgagga caacattgcc aggttttcat cccggggcat     96420
     gacaacatgg gtacgtttct tttttgggta cacatcacgg tagtgcattt ttcctgtgca     96480
     gctgcattaa gatgccagtg aggacatgtc tgtgtgtttt gatctgacct aaaaagggca     96540
     gacagacacc ttctactaca aaaagctgaa gattcctcaa ctcctcctct ttgagaagaa     96600
     gaataaattg aagtgattta cacttcaaag gacagtaaaa aatatctaag aaggatttac     96660
     tttttaaaat gcatacaaat gaattgtggt gtaaaaatat ttaaattgac taccccatcc     96720
     aatgtcgtag gactttattt aaagtatgct aagattaata aaaatgtaaa atattgattt     96780
     agattttcat ctgattaaca catagataaa tgactaaatc ttactttttg tatttattta     96840
     tttattttag atggcaaaac atgcattata aacattttgg tcaatgatta taagaaatgt     96900
     attcagtgtt gaaacaattc attatctaag accctgttta cactgccagt taaatgtgac     96960
     ccaattcaga ttttttgctc atatgttaaa aaaaatggga tctgttctat gactctgtta     97020
     aataaaaaaa taaattaaaa aattgcattc ggatattcag agatcggttt caggctattc     97080
     atggctagtg tggcgcagat gctagaaccc acctttatgc atgcacaatg tcgtaaattg     97140
     tatagcaagt gtaaacacat gaatcggata tgggtcacaa ttaaaagaac gtgtaaccgg     97200
     acaagcaaaa aaaatcagat ataagcaaca agtcggaatt gggcatcaag acctgacagt     97260
     gtaaacgggg cctaaataaa gtttaaatac ttataatact tattctaata cttctaatac     97320
     ttattatact aaattattaa agtcaaaatt aaaggttatt acacactgaa tctgacattt     97380
     ttgtccagaa gttttgacac atttgacgta ctgcccatag acactgtaat agaaagcatg     97440
     gtccgctttc agtctattgc ttcgacatgt caacacggcc gccatctatt ataatgtcta     97500
     taggtactgc cagtctctgt tcaggatttg tttacgtgtg tgaagtatca caagcaatat     97560
     atcaaaattc cacagatttc ctgaaataaa ctttgcattt tagcatattc cagcgcacat     97620
     ccttgataat gagctgaact ctcctacctc ttatgcagta ttggatgaat acaatatgca     97680
     gcctatacct cgactttgga aaagaaagga gaaccatgaa cttatttcaa aatgttttgc     97740
     aatttttcgt aatgaattaa ttaatacgca tcggactttg gtttgtttac gtgaaggatt     97800
     tttcagatat gaataagaaa aaaaacgcat acaaaaattt tggacttcag tgtgtaaagt     97860
     ccttaagtga aaatcttatg acgtttttag aaaagaaaac tgaataagtg aatttaaaag     97920
     caatgtgacg tgcaacaaaa acatggaaaa tttgcctatt tgactttttg ttttgtgttt     97980
     ctaaaaaacg tttcaaaaag tgtcaaataa gctaccttta gctctaaata aaaaaaatct     98040
     acgaacatta taaatatgta ttttacttgc tttaaatcca catctaatca attaaattta     98100
     tcacttaaat agtaaacagc atatatatat atatatataa aaaaatgaca atgctgtaac     98160
     acaccaaacc taaacaaatt cacttaaagt gaaacttaaa ctagcaacct gtggtaaatg     98220
     tgctgtacaa atgcttttat acatttgcac aaaatcaaat gtgtgcacac ctggtgcatg     98280
     ctctactttc ttgatgttac ctgcatttag aaatattgca gaacttttca gattaaaaaa     98340
     aagggctgcc agacatggtg gattgatata tccttgtgga tcatatcaca ttccaagttc     98400
     aattcaggac ctaaatggaa catgctcagc tcagtttaat cactgttgtt ctccctatgc     98460
     tctgctgatc aggagctacc ggggggctat ggcagggtga agcctgacat cgtgacatac     98520
     ggctctggtg tacgcggttc tggattgaag gagggctgtc gatctctctc tggcactagt     98580
     gttgcatcac ctgttgtggc aggagctgtc acactgctgg ccaggtgaga gatggatcta     98640
     caaaaacagc attacatttt cactttcatt ctttcgttta atttttactt gctttcttga     98700
     aatataaaaa agcaaaaaga aaaaggtact accaccaaca ggcaaattaa atgatttatg     98760
     tgttctttta gtttggtcaa agtaatattt aaaggggatt cgttatgacc ttgatgggat     98820
     caaatgtata tttcctttcc agcatgggtt gcttattaaa cactccctca cctgaatttg     98880
     ctgcgagtga gaaaataaaa gcacatcagc gtcaaggaaa aatcagatgc tcaaaacaaa     98940
     ataatttatg acagagattt gtgattcaac aattacagtg aaacattaat taaatactta     99000
     tattccacga aacaaatcat ccacccgcac agttgaatat tctagtggac tggcacaaaa     99060
     aatgttagtt tatttttctt ggaaaaaata tctttttgaa actaatttcg tttggtataa     99120
     tttgtatctt aatttttatc ttggtcagtt atctacttca taaactaaaa taatgaacaa     99180
     catctgaggt gaagtgcttc aaaaccagtc tgaaaaacca agacaaactc cgtttgaagg     99240
     ctgagagaac tcagaatctc attgtgagaa cggagatgtc tgcttatttg tgctagtctg     99300
     tcaacaaaat tgctttaaac actttataat tttagaaaat caatgattga tcttatccac     99360
     ccgagactca taagtaaata ttaggggtgt ccgaattaat tggttcttcg gtgcaccgtg     99420
     atgcagacgc ggacaattcg gtatctgttc agtaataatc atatccagtt attatgtact     99480
     gacgtcattt atctcatatg cactctgtcg cgagggaggt gagcgcgggt atttacagca     99540
     ctccaggcgc caactactta aaaacgcaaa aactgtgcac aatttcactg cgtgcgtgtg     99600
     tgtacagaca gctttttata gcacccccca aataatacac tgtgtatgga aagcatcgtc     99660
     aatgcaccga gttgaaccga atccatggca tgataatcgt aaccaaactg tgagaccagt     99720
     ataggttcac acctctagta aatatgcagc caattttttg attacctgac ccacagatta     99780
     acggcagcac ctgtggatat aactgagaaa ttatgtgctc ctattggcca gtgtcaccta     99840
     catgcaggaa cccattgtga agattaaaca tgcttgactt tctgcaacag tgtcgtgaag     99900
     tgtcgcagac atggtatcat ttgttgtgaa ctttgccaca ttacacaaaa agaaaggatt     99960
     gaatcttatg tcacgatgcc catttgtcgt ttacgactcc ctatgatacc ctatgtcagg    100020
     gaaatgatga caaaatcacg tgatctgacc agggcttaga tctttccaaa atttgcagaa    100080
     caaaaaccta atgcatgcga tatttttctc agtatagtgc atccctaatt tatattgtgt    100140
     atttagcaga taattttaat ctaaagtgac ttgcattaag acaaattttc tttgtctagc    100200
     atttcttttt acatcacatt ttcttattta tgtattctaa actggtccat tttaaattgt    100260
     attcggcatc tcttatgcac cctgtctcaa atttaattac tttacagtta gattattgag    100320
     tattggctca gtttttttta tcatattgta aaatatataa ggggatgatc tggtaaaaga    100380
     aagccccgca ccctactcac tatttttctc aattgaaagt gaattaacat actgaaagaa    100440
     gtctcagcaa ggttcatttg gactttacta gataaattgg ataaagttga catttttagc    100500
     tatgtatttt ccattagaaa atcattgtaa tgaatttgac ccaaatagtt taaacagtag    100560
     ggttttacat tgaacaccaa aactaggtgt ttccaatttt agcccatgac acatattcag    100620
     tgagtccgaa tgttgtttta ggtgtggact acttttatat ctatataatc agtgctgctt    100680
     tatcagggag ctgatagtga ttgatattgg gctcatctgt actttgtaca taaattatta    100740
     ttaacacact gctctttgaa atagttcatg tgaagtggaa caaataaaat ggtgctctaa    100800
     accagtagtt ttctgcaaaa gtcttttgtt cctgtcatat ggaaaaaaat aaattaagct    100860
     tcattctgca agaaaagaac aggaaaaaca agtctcaaat gaacaaacag aatcaatctt    100920
     attttccact tggaactgaa tgacatcctc tcttatacat ggtcttcgct tttgctgtat    100980
     atctgatgaa gtacatcctc tctgattgtg atagactaac ctaatttgtt agtgcttcca    101040
     ctttactgtt ttcattccac cttctttagt tcccttcctt tctttatcct ttatatatat    101100
     tactctcatt ttgtattggt acttgggctc atccgcctct ttggtttcta gcatatgagt    101160
     caccagtgtt tcttttaaga ttgttttctg gtcatctgcc tgaaatgcta ttccatcaag    101220
     ccacatcaat tcaaagtaat cgtgtttcat ttgctcttgt ctttccagca ctgtgttgaa    101280
     cagagagttg gtgaatccgg ccagcatgaa gcaggccctg atcgcctcgg ctcgcaggct    101340
     gcctggcgtc aacatgtttg agcagggcca cggcaaactc gatttactca gagcatatca    101400
     gatccttaac agctacaaac cgcaagccag gcacgtccct gatacacgca tacacaaata    101460
     tagtgtttct gcccttgcat ttacattttt aggaaatcag cgtggttact gttgttgtca    101520
     aatcacagag actgcaattt aataaaaaaa ttatatgctg taaatagcat atgaatatat    101580
     aatgccattt tatctggatc atgagctcac tgcttataaa atgccaaatt taactcatgt    101640
     tgttcgttta ccagtaacct atcagaaatt ttagtttggg ggataacaaa aattaataag    101700
     taaatattta tattgtcatt taatagtact gtatgtttat taaaaacttg gcttatttat    101760
     agaatgtaaa aatgtaatgc agttttacta tattattgaa taaccataat agattttttt    101820
     aaatatttat atattaaata aataaaaata aatgaattcc tattcaattt aaataaatta    101880
     tcttatttta cagaataaaa tgtaatgtat tacagtatgt acttttacta tattatttaa    101940
     taagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatatata atatgaaatt attatataaa    102000
     aatagaaaaa ttaagctcta aaaggatgca gcaataattc tttccaaata tagctattct    102060
     actctattct attctttccc catattgcaa cattcattgc agaaaaagta aatattgcat    102120
     gtgatattat tatcctccaa tatagtgcgt ccctgaagga tatttatgca tttagcagac    102180
     aattttatcc aaagagactt ccaaatgagg aaatgatctt tgtctagcat tctgctcgca    102240
     tcacatgctc acattttctt attcatatat gctaaactgg tcctttttaa atgcagctag    102300
     tgtctctaat gcacccttat ttgaatttaa ttacattcct ggctgattat gaagtagatt    102360
     tgacctggtt cattatcttc cactggtgcg gagttcatct taatgaattt ctgatggtgt    102420
     tttttaactc tttagcttga gtccaagcta cattgatctg accgagtgcc cgtacatgtg    102480
     gccctactgc tctcagccca tttactacgg tggcatgcca acaatcgtca acgtgaccat    102540
     tcttaatggt atgggcgtga caggacggat tgtagagaag gtaggcatta ataaagagtg    102600
     actgatgttc attgtaaact gatatgttgt ttttgactct aaattgtcat tttaaatatt    102660
     catggttcat caatttttct ttaaagccca tctggcagcc ctatctccct cagaatggag    102720
     attatgtgga tgtggcggtg tcttactcac ctgtgctctg gccctgggct gggtacctgg    102780
     ctgtttctat atctgtggcc aaaaaagcag catcttggga aggcatcgct caaggtcatg    102840
     tcatggttac agtggcctcc cctgcagaaa atgacgtgag taacattttt gtgcttatta    102900
     aggctacatg atattttgga gtaaagtcat aaggctagct taggctttgt ttttacatgt    102960
     tctgtgcagg tgatgctaat ttcataatca gaaaagtatg catgtaaatc tgcgtttgac    103020
     atgtagagaa caagtatgga ttatttaatg gacaagtatg ggttatttaa cagctttagt    103080
     ctttttatca attattattc ctgtgtaaca aataggatcc atccaggatt atatctgtct    103140
     aacaaataat taaattatga tgtctatggt attgatcaaa caattgatgc ttcaaataaa    103200
     agtcaagaaa aagttttttt ccgccaatag gattgttaaa aaactatcaa aaatgtattt    103260
     gtcactaatt tgttcaagag attcttcaga tatgccgatt taagcattaa tgaaatgtgg    103320
     agcctgttat caatgactta atgagttaat taaaactgag attaaaaata cataatattt    103380
     ataatatatt atatatacac ttatcggcca ctttattagg tacatcttac tagtaccggg    103440
     ctggaccgct ttttgccctt agaactgctt taattgtggg acagactcaa caaggtactg    103500
     gaaatatatt gacatgatag catcacatag ttgctgcaga tttgtcagct acacattcat    103560
     gatacgaatc tcccactcaa ccacatctca acggtgctct attggattga gatctgttga    103620
     ctgtggaggc cattggagta aagtgaactc attgtcatgt tgaagaaacc agcctgtaat    103680
     aattcacatg ctttatgaca tggcgcgtta tcctactgga agtagccatc agaagatggg    103740
     tacactgtgg tcataaaggg atggacatgg tcagcaacaa tactcgggta ggctgtggca    103800
     ttgacaaaat gtttaactgg tactaatgga cccaaagtgt tccaagaaca tattcccgaa    103860
     accattaaac cacccccacc agcctaaacc tttgatacaa ggcaagatgg tgccatgctt    103920
     tcatgttctt gatgccatat tctgactcta ccattcgaat gttgcaatag aaattgagac    103980
     tcatcagacc agaggttttt ccaatcttct attgtccaat tttgatgagc ctgtgcaaat    104040
     tgtagcctca gattcctgtt ctcagctgac aggagtggca ccctgtgtgg tcttctgctg    104100
     ctgtagccca tctgccttag ggttggatgt tttgtgcatt cagagatgct cttcctcttt    104160
     tctatcagct ggaaccagtc atacatagac atggatatat acattttttt tcaattgatt    104220
     taattttcgt ttttctttaa ataaattttt ataaaattat taatatttat atttatatat    104280
     atttttaata ggtagcatca aacagaactg aaaactagta actagtctat aaacgtttat    104340
     taaatgttct atttccaata gtcagaggat catgaaaaca ccaaaatata aatataattc    104400
     tctagaattt tgcagttcac ctataatagt cattagatgg tttctgaaat gtctttcatt    104460
     tggctccaga tcatgacctg ctttccatgt gtttgtatcc agtctgcaat aggtggtgaa    104520
     atgacctcca cagtaaagct gccagtgaaa gtgaagattg tccccactcc tccacgcagt    104580
     aagaggattc tatgggatca gtaccacaac ctgcgctacc cacccggata cttcccccga    104640
     gataacctgc gcatgaagaa cgatccactt gactggtgag ccgcaaacac caataacaac    104700
     ccacattcag ttagttagaa aatccattgt gggacagaat ctcttttact ataattatgt    104760
     ctcatttctc ttatatggtg tagatcagtg gttctcaaac tgtggtacgt gtaccactag    104820
     tggtacgcag gcttccttct agtggtacgc aaaggaatga aatatgtcat gtacatgcta    104880
     cacacgtttc aaaatttatc aaaaattatg tatataatat gccacatatg acatatagcc    104940
     tatatttctg aggtaatctg ccacgttttt ttaactgtgc agagttgtag ctgctttact    105000
     ggggctacta cgctactgta tttcaatact gctcattttg gtggtacttg gaaagaccat    105060
     ttttttctga ggtggtactt gataaaaaaa agtttgagag ccactggtgt agatgatatt    105120
     gttttcattt ttcaggaatg gtgaccatat tcacactaac ttcagagaca tgtatcagca    105180
     ccttcgcagc atgggctact ttgttgaagt cttgggtgca ccaatcacgt gctttgatgc    105240
     cagtcaatat ggtaagtgtt catagagtat aatggattct gatgtgttga tgaatgtgct    105300
     ttaaataaac tatcacttct gtctcgtctt ataggaacgt tgctgatggt ggacagcgaa    105360
     gaggagtatt ttccagaaga gatcaccaag ttgaggagag acattgataa tggcctgtct    105420
     ctcatcgttt tcagtgactg gtacaacaca tcagtcatga gaaaagtcaa gttctatgat    105480
     gaaaacacca ggtactgagt gtgtgtcatt gtaccttctc taaaaattaa tttagcagtt    105540
     tgtcctatca catgtatctc ttgtgggaag aaaagtgtat agaggctaag ctgaggcaat    105600
     attatgagaa catttatata tatgatatct gtaaacatat ccgtgaagtg cagtactgct    105660
     catatacttt agagctgtca agcttattca tacatacagc tgaaggcaaa attcaaccct    105720
     cctgtgaaat tagatttttt ttcccagata tatacacata tatttttgcc cattatatca    105780
     gataacatta acagtgtcac atcacataca tagtgtatag aaattaaagg acaggatgtg    105840
     aaaatgaata aaataaactt ctaagtactg ttaaggcagg gaatattttt taacaatatt    105900
     tttattaact aagtatttct aataactgat catgtttgtc tttgccatca tgacagtact    105960
     tattttctag ttattttgaa agatgctagt attcagctca aagtgcaatt taaagggtta    106020
     acttggtcaa aacttcctat aagagctaat aaaattgatc ttaagttata aaaataattt    106080
     aaataaatta aggggccgaa caaacccaac gagcctttcc gttccaaaaa catgtggcgc    106140
     acctcactgc cttttatgtc tctaggcaac gactgaatca gctgagtact gtgtgagagt    106200
     gttgctgttg atattaatat gcttttaatc tttaacgata ttgtgatatc caagatttgt    106260
     gaagtcatac agcactggtt aactcaaaag agcaaccaca agtctcttct ccctctttaa    106320
     aagtctctgt agttgtagta aaacactgca ggcacatcaa cggaaacccc gcctctgctt    106380
     tcatttgatt ggagaatgaa aaagatgcaa ctgacataaa gaacgaaatt ttttggctct    106440
     gagttggctt tttttcaact gcgagtgcac tgcacgcaac ggcaaaaaca tgaggtgcat    106500
     cagacggtta aaacgtgagg cgtgcaaggc acataagcag cgggcacacc attcgcggcc    106560
     gttggtaaat cattcaaaaa agacgcctct taacacaaaa agcgtgttcg gtgtgctcag    106620
     cccctaaaac tgcatattta ttcctgccaa actgaaagag actctattca aaagaaagaa    106680
     attatggcaa aaactgaaaa atagtaactc tgttaaatat cacttgggaa atattcattt    106740
     attcattcat tcatttcctt ttcggcttaa gtccctttat taatctgggg tcgccacagt    106800
     gtaatgaact gccaacttat ccagcatttg ttttacgcag aagatgccct tccagctgca    106860
     accatcactg ggaaactctt gtgaaatttg tattctaaat atttcccaat tggaactaat    106920
     aattttgcct tcagctaaat taaaatcaac agaagagttc tgcttaaata tacccatgga    106980
     aataaagtgt taaaaataat aataataaac taataataca ccatacacat ttctattaaa    107040
     acaatatcca tttaattgta tcaggaattg agaatcaaat atattattga atcaaaagat    107100
     gcaatcgaat ccagccctat tttacgactt gaatttaggc catttttgtg tttgacccat    107160
     ttataactct taaactccac tgtaaatggc aaaaaacagt agacaataat tagtgtcaag    107220
     cctgccttgc taattacata attaattgtg attccacttg acattgttat ttcagcaggc    107280
     tgtttatcta attttctaat taccatctgt ttttcctgtc ctaattcatt gtgtgcttcc    107340
     cattaggata tttaagtgct ctaattcata actattgtca ttttggttgg ggtttgatgt    107400
     tgtgtggttt ctattatgga atctgaaaaa tgatgggctc ttaataaagt gtccgattca    107460
     ggacaaacat gttttgactc acaaatgaag gcaaatttct tgcactttac agacagtggt    107520
     ggatgccgga cacagggggt gctaatgtgc cagccttgaa tgacctgatc tcagtttggg    107580
     gaatggcctt cagtgatggc ctatatgagg gagacttcac cttagcagat catgacagta    107640
     agataccgcc ttataacatc acccagagat tgctgttaaa ggggtctttc acacaaaaat    107700
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    107760
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcagt tttttttttt ttttcagttt tcagtttaag    107820
     ttgctttatt ggcatgacat taaatacagt attgccaaag catttcaaat atgaaacata    107880
     ttaaaaccat tgaaaataat aattaatagt aatacagata agatataatg acacaaaaaa    107940
     aaaaaacaat acatttgata aatataataa taataatagt aaaaagttta aattatttaa    108000
     ataagacaca aatttacatt aaccgtttct tatggtgtgt agggtatata catattttgc    108060
     agctagtcta aatgtcaatt cgtcctctcc gagtatatgg taaagttttt ctgagtcatt    108120
     taaattaaaa aatgaattga tcaatgtttc aaattggggg aaaaatagtt ctctagtcgt    108180
     gctgtatttg gggcaaaaca gaaggaagtg tgtctcatcc tctatttggt ttgtgtcaca    108240
     ctgtttacat gttctctttt cctcaggagt ccaggatttt ttatgtctgc ctttttctat    108300
     ttctaggtca tgatcacaga ggcgatattt agaaagaatg tgcttttctt ttaattgttt    108360
     taatgataaa taatttgcca actgtgtggt tctatttagg gccgaataac atttaagttt    108420
     agtctggagg ttgagttcag ttttcagttt ttcatcatag tcatatttta atgttttgtc    108480
     aatttgtttg tgaaggtttt gtttggggac gggttcggtt tgtgtttttt ccagtagctc    108540
     agataccagt gtgtttagag gatgagacac tgtaggtttt tcattagcca gaagggcttt    108600
     atattggaca gactgggggt ccgactgatg caggtgcagc cagaactgaa cagctcgttt    108660
     ctgaatctcc aaatttagcg ggtataaacc cagttcagcc ctgcaggcaa tgttagacgt    108720
     gtttctcagt tctcagttca aattgcttta ttggcatgac attaaataca gtattgccaa    108780
     agcatttcaa atatgaaaca tattaaaacc attgaaaata ataattaata gtaatacaga    108840
     taagatataa tgacacacaa aaaagaaaaa aaaacatttg ataaataaaa taataataat    108900
     agtaaaaagt ttaaatttct tattaagttt gtttctgtgg atatgtaata tgtttttagc    108960
     aaattctaat tgtgttcgtt caattaaact tttattccaa ttttctaatt ttaatactgg    109020
     tgcccaaatt tcactcccat atagtaatat aggtttgata atagcgtgat ataatttaat    109080
     tcatgtttta gttggtaact gtaattggcc aaagcgtgat tttatggcat agaatgctct    109140
     gcgagccctc tcgctcaggg tcttgacagc gagattgaag cccccagagg cagagatctg    109200
     gatgcccagg tatgagtaac tgctacaatg ctctagagct tctcctctgt atgtgatttg    109260
     atatttgtgt ccctgagatc tggccttctt ctggaacacc atgactttgg ttttgtccag    109320
     gttgaccgtc agtgcccatt cctcacagta ctgctccaac agagtcaggc tgtgttggag    109380
     accctctgct gtgggagaca gcagcaccag gtcatccgca tacagcaggc actttacttt    109440
     agagtcaagc agagtgaggc tggggatgca gttggagccg tctagaatgt ctgccagatc    109500
     attaatgtag atgttaaaca gggttgggct caggctgcaa ccctgccgca cccctcgact    109560
     ctgctggaca aactctgttc tcatatttcc aacttttaca gcgcatttac ttttcttata    109620
     catggcttct ataatgctat atacttttcc accaatgcca atttgcaaca atttgtataa    109680
     tagtccgtca tgccaaatag aatcgaaagc ttttttaaaa tcaacaaaac aagagaaaat    109740
     ctttctttgt ttgttcttta tgtttttatt tattaaagta tgaagggagt agatatggtc    109800
     agatgtccgt tgttttggta agaaggcaat ttgtgatttg tttaggatgt tatgttttgt    109860
     gatgaatttc actatccggt tgttaataat attgcaaaat agttttgcta agttgttgcc    109920
     aacacaaatg ccacgataat tattggggtc gaatttatct ccgtttttat gtataggtgt    109980
     aatcagtcct tcagaccatg tctcagggat gtcaccagag gataggatca ggttgaatag    110040
     tttggcaaga gccctaatta tgtcagggct gctgagtttt agcatttcat tactgatgtt    110100
     gtcctgtcca caagcctttt tcagtttcag atgtttaatg tgttctgata tttctctctc    110160
     tctttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctt    110220
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tttctctctc tctctctctc tttctctctc    110280
     tctctctctc tctctctctt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttctttc tctctctctc    110340
     tctttctctc tctttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    110400
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    110460
     tatgtatata tatatatata tatatatatg tatatatata tatatatatg tatatatata    110520
     tatatgtatg tgtcattatt tacttgccac ttttttcaaa cctgtttctg tttctttcta    110580
     ctgttgaaaa cagaagaaga tatatgcaat aatcttggaa actggcaacc attgacttca    110640
     gtagtatact gctatggtag tcaacagctg ctggtttgca agactcttta aaatgtcttc    110700
     ttctgcattg gacagaagaa acagaaactc atttcaacca cttatagtag agtaaatgtt    110760
     aagtaaattg acatttttag ataaaactgt ccttttaaat atataatatt aggtagaaag    110820
     tttcaatgta gattaatttg tcttcaagcc aggttaacaa atcacaaact tttacacttt    110880
     tcctgctgat taagttttat tttgtatttt tcatttatac attttttata cataatcagg    110940
     gtttctgcag ggtcttaaaa agtcttaatg tcttaaatct caaaatccaa attttaggcc    111000
     ttaaaaagtc ttaaatttac taaaatattg tgctgtaggt cttgaatctt gtttaagtgg    111060
     cttaattttc ctttgttcat aaattgctac ccaatctggc caaaacctat acaatcatca    111120
     acaactcatc tcaataaaac ttaaaccttt ttatgtaaaa aaggtcattt ttaaatttat    111180
     cataatggtt gaattacttt ccttaaaata acattacttt aaaagttctc tatgttgatt    111240
     tagtttatta tagttttaaa acttaatgtt ttaaaacatt tgtttagttt tttattttaa    111300
     agaaagttta tgttggagga aaaagtgtat ggatacaagt aggttttgct tgtttttaca    111360
     caatatttaa aatattttta atcgtaaata tatatatatt tttaattatt aatgtattat    111420
     tgtactatta aatgtattga attctaatta aaaaaaattt gatagggcaa ataaaaaaaa    111480
     atttctgtct ggaccatttg ataaattcct taggctttag cactttatgg gtttaaaatt    111540
     tcaatcacaa tggtttcaaa aatgactctt ttatcattcc aaaattcaga aaatactgca    111600
     aatttttatt tttgtagaat aaaatgttac acatgtacaa atcttttttt taaatagacc    111660
     tttaaaatat agagattaat caaattgttg gggaggagaa aagacggtat tttaattagg    111720
     ggtataacgg attacaccag tggcctgtgt attaatacat tttttaccgg tagattaatc    111780
     ctaaatttgt aacaatgaca gagtgatcgc ctctcacgtt attgaaaaca caagtatgaa    111840
     agcatttagg cttagataaa accactaatg tttatagtaa agattaaaat cacagtcata    111900
     tgcatttaac gacgctcaaa aatcaaagtt gttggcagca gttacattat ttaaccaata    111960
     ggcggcgaca accagccatc aaaattatgc cactgaataa ttcttttaaa atgatccatc    112020
     tagcaatgac atgtaaaatt ttatgaggga ataactgaat aatttattga aaataagact    112080
     aaaaataaat ataggttgta ccaattaaaa tatattcata cattcagcat tatcagtaag    112140
     agtagtagta acagtgattt tttttttttt acattactga atatttgact atttttattc    112200
     agctgattat ttcttcattt aatttttaat aaaacttaag gttgtaagtt atgtttgtta    112260
     aaaccaaaca tttcttgcag tactgttttt gtaataaatg gaaaacaaat tacacttgtc    112320
     tcctcccttt tctggctgat ccgaaaaatg gtctgatcta tgactaaaaa accattatgt    112380
     aatccgaatc atgagatttg tgatctgtta cattactaat tttaatgtaa atgtacagac    112440
     atggattgat aaagtgcaat ataagaaact tttttttgca taggatgaaa aaaactcagt    112500
     ataaaaacag tatttttgcc agcagcgatt aactctttta taacatctca ccttaaatca    112560
     tttctatggt atatactgtc tctttccttt cagtgtatta tgcatctggg tgcagcattg    112620
     ctcgttttcc cgaggatggg attgttatcg ctcagacact gaaggatcaa ggtacactgc    112680
     acctcctctt atcacacacc tcacatcact gctgtattca tgaagagtct ttctcttaat    112740
     cctcttgtta ttgttatgcg acatcttgaa aactttaggt ctggaggtct tgaagcaaga    112800
     gactgcagtg gtggaaaatg tgcctgtgct tggactgtac caaacaccct ctgacggggg    112860
     aggccgcatt gcactctatg gagattccaa ctgcattgat gacagtcaca ggcaaaaagg    112920
     taatagaaaa atgtgagggg tgatctgaaa gtttatttat ttgtagagtt gttaaagtaa    112980
     tttgcatgtg tttggctttg cttttctctg tgtagactgt ttttggctgc tggatgctct    113040
     gcttcagtac acttcctaca gcatgactcc gcccagcctc acccactcaa aaaacagatt    113100
     ggtccctcct acaggcacag acaggccatt accacagaga ttagaaggtt aggcttgtgt    113160
     ttatacacgc acgtattata catattttta tcatggtttt atcattattt taaatacact    113220
     tatttattta taatattagt gtgtatttat ttttcttgta gttttattgt aagtaatttc    113280
     tttagttggt tattaatttt tttaaaaata ttttgtttat tttcaaagat tttttttgtg    113340
     attttattta gtttttatta atttattttg tatatttaaa ttcattcgat tttgtttaat    113400
     ttattctaat cctattttat tttaaaatca gttttctttt ttagcagtat ttaattaact    113460
     cctttatttg cttttatctg ttttttatta ttttccatta attgattttt tttttttttt    113520
     tttaatcatt ttcattatta tttgttagtt attttttatt acatcttttc ttttaattca    113580
     attgattgat ataggtttcc ttttgcttgg gtttctcttt ttaatagggt tttaattgtt    113640
     gtgtacagtt ttttattttt gttttaatta attaagatgt atttaatcac tgaagtcata    113700
     tagttttttc tttttattgt tatttaatcg tattcctatt tttgcaggga atcacttgta    113760
     tcgttactcc aaagtgctgg aggctcatct gggtgaccct aaacctcgtc ctcttcctgc    113820
     atgccctcat ctgtcttggg ccaaacctca gcctctaaat gagactgctc ctaggtcagt    113880
     acagacccct tttccatttt cacgcactgc atcagcactc caagcaaatc taaattcaga    113940
     tgcattgtct ttcaaaatcc acatctaagt ttgttggcat ttatttcttc tcagcaatct    114000
     ttggaaacac cagaaacttc tgtcagtgga catggacaag gttgttttgc ctaatgtcag    114060
     ggcatatcgg cctcaggttc gacccctgtc tcctggggaa agtggagctt gggacattcc    114120
     tggaggtgag gaagggatcc ctgctgtttt aggagataat taatcataat taatcagcac    114180
     tttcatggtt acttaacccc agagttggtg caaactaaac tgaaaccacc atgaaattga    114240
     tgtcttttag gaaataatca actataatta tcctgtacca tgaagctggt ttagccgctt    114300
     aaccagataa gtttccgttt attttgcacc aactctgggt ttaagtgacc atgaacgtgg    114360
     tgtcttctag gaaataatcg accataatta acccgtagga tgaagctggt ttagctattt    114420
     aaccagacaa gtttcagttt agtttgtatt aactctgggt ttaagtgacc atgaaagtgc    114480
     tgtcttttag gaaataatta acctttacta tgaaggtggt ttagctactt aaccagataa    114540
     gtttcagttt agtttgtatt aacactgggc ttaagtgacc atgaaaatgc tgtcttttag    114600
     gaaataatca actatagtta acgtttacta tgaagctggt ttagctgctt aaccaaataa    114660
     gtttcagttt agtttgcacc agctcggggg tcacatatcc atgaaagtgc tatcatttag    114720
     gaaataatca accataatta acctgaacca tgaagctggt ttagctgctt aaccagataa    114780
     gtttgtttag tttgcaccaa ctctggcttt aattgaccat aaaaatggtg tcttttagaa    114840
     aatgatcaat catacttaac ctgtaccata aagctggttt agctgcttaa ccagataggt    114900
     ttcagtttag tttgctccaa ctttggggtt aagtgaccat taaagtgctg tctctcttgt    114960
     cttgtctttc attgctactt ggtaaaacat tttaaagata atgatctcat gtttagcaat    115020
     gattgattta tttacaacaa ctttttatga tttatgtaat caataaactc ttaatccaaa    115080
     aaatgactat aaatgacctt atattgaatt tgtataatta ttatcactac aaaaaagtta    115140
     ctttagactg tccaattata cttataaagc taatgtttga tagtttaaat tctaaaattg    115200
     tggtcattct cttttaagat gtcagtaatg gtgtcatggc atgcgatttg gctgttcgcc    115260
     agtgatataa aacgccttaa attactcggt actccctgaa ttaaggatta aagtctaaat    115320
     taacggagaa agtggtttgg ttttgtcaac tcagatctaa cctgagtttg ttcaacgacc    115380
     atcatggtac aagctccaga tttcaccctc acaatgtgtt tttcctcagg aataatgcct    115440
     ggacgatata atcaagaggt gggacagacc atcccgatgt ttgcctttct tggtgccatg    115500
     gttgtgcttt ccttctttgt agtgcaattg accaaagcta agagcaaacc caaacgcagg    115560
     aaaccccgag tgaaacggcc actttacctt caacaacaac aacaacaaca gcaaacccct    115620
     cactcaggca aaaaccccac tgtatgatcg gccacatctg gacaaaccta atagggaagg    115680
     gtcttccctg aggtgtgtgt gtgatgccgt aaccccgtgg aaatgagatt gttggactct    115740
     tgttgagaaa aaccagcagc cacctgaact caaacgaggg ctttgcttgg agatcggtga    115800
     ttctctcttg tctttattca acacatgcct ttcaattcag tgaccaaatg gaggaatgtt    115860
     tcctttttta atttattgat gaaatgatta attgactatt gaccttttgc tttaatactg    115920
     caaattcgga cagacaccag cctttcagtt tcctcaatca actggactgg tttcctacac    115980
     gtcctcattt ttgtattccg tcagactgtt tttataaaag cgttgtgtgc ttgcgtcttt    116040
     tgtaaatagc ccatcatgat ttcactgttg ttggtgtgga attatcaatg ttttaaatat    116100
     atcttatccg atataaagca agaaaacctg tctctctgtc tttgtgataa atcttgcgtg    116160
     atagtcctca tttaagggaa aaaacaaaca acaagaagag ttttcatctt gtttttatcc    116220
     aagggatgat tcaagtaaac tcagcagaag tgtgtgtggc tataaaatgg tccagtttac    116280
     ttttgccact ttggatgatg gatgaagcta tttgttcttt gtttgcataa aatacatgtg    116340
     cataagatgg atgaagctgt cacggtttga ctgtgtggcc tgctagtttg cctgaacaaa    116400
     aatgtacaag caaaatatca cttttggaca ttcttttgga ggagagccat atttgacttg    116460
     gtccatcttt atcttcatta aatcgagtgc tagggtatat gcactaccat aaatcttttt    116520
     aaaaagatgc attgcaaaca tctttaatag aattcaaatt aaatgcgtat tatatgtatt    116580
     aaaatgtcat ttattcctgg tataacaaag ttttctattc atgttcaagg taaatgtgat    116640
     acaatgcaat ctgaaatttg ggggtaagat tttaatttat tgttgaatgc acacttacca    116700
     accactttat attaagcacc tgaggtttat tccagaaatc aagtttaact tacctttaca    116760
     tttattcaga actctgtgtt gattaatcca aaactgctta ctcaaggtat gtctgtttca    116820
     aaatcagtcc ttgggagtaa gttctgtcaa ctctcattct taactctgaa caaaaaaagt    116880
     gcattctcaa cagatctcca aagcctgagt tgccatggaa aaacagattc caaaaagcag    116940
     catgccacct tctgtttaat ggtgagttac atttttattg cttctttcac tattggtagt    117000
     tgtgcaaaat attaaaatgt aagcagtaag aagtgtcaaa tttacttaac agtacatgta    117060
     tacattcact ggccactttt gccttcagaa ctgccttatt ccttcatggc ttagattcta    117120
     gaagatactg aaaatatacc ttagagtatt tggtccatat tgacatgata ccatcaaaca    117180
     gttgctgcag atttatcggc ttcacatcca tgatgcaaat ctctcatttc accacatccc    117240
     aaaggtgctc taatggattg gaacctggtg actgtggagg ccattggagt acagtgaact    117300
     aattgtcatg ttaaagaaac cagtctgaga tgattcacgc tttatgacat ggtgctttat    117360
     cctgctggaa gtatccttca aaagatgggt acactgtggt cataaaggga tggagatggt    117420
     cagaaactaa tactcaggta ggctgtggcg ttgacacgat gctcaattgg tactaatggg    117480
     cctgaagtgt gccaagaaaa catcccccac actgttacac caccaccacc agcctgaacc    117540
     attgatacaa ggcaggatgg atccatgctt tcatgttgtt gacactaaat tctgacccta    117600
     ccatccgaat gtcggaacaa aaatcgagac ctatcagacc aggcaacatt tttccaatct    117660
     tctattgtct aattttggtt ggcctgtgtt taatgtagcc tcagtttcct gttgttagtt    117720
     gacaggagtg gcacccagtg tgatcttctg ctgctggagc tcatctcaga gatgctcttc    117780
     tgcatacctt ggttgtaaca agttttgagt tactgttgcc tttctatcag cttgaaccag    117840
     tatggccatt ctcctctgac ctctggcatc aacaaggcat ttgtgccctc agaactgcct    117900
     ctcactagta ttttctcttt tttgcgagag tgtatgggtg tttcccagta ctgggtttcg    117960
     gttgaaaagg catccactgc ataaaaccta tgctggaata gttggtggtt cattctgctg    118020
     tggcaacccc tgattaataa gggactgagc tgaaggaaag tgaatgaaat cgagctgagg    118080
     atacctgctt acacatcatt aaacgtatct gggtatgtca caaaacctgc tttctgcaat    118140
     ctcttattca actactagta agggaaagta aatgtatcaa tcatatgaca ctatcaaaac    118200
     atttacacgt gtagatttga tacagcctat acaaaatagc atcaaaatta ggggaaaagt    118260
     tgattaaatt taccctgatc atgaagtgat tgtatatcag aaactgctag taaaggggga    118320
     tgttcatact accttctcta gagtttggaa tcggataaat gctgtagtca agaaaaatga    118380
     gtgagtggta gttctgcatg tgaaaatacc ttatgtcaga gcaattatca gactaattga    118440
     aaggcaacag taatgccaat aacagctcaa tacaactgcg gtctgcagaa cagggtcttt    118500
     gaatgccaaa tcttggagca gatgagcaca actctactac ttctgtcagt taagaacagc    118560
     ctgcaattca tacttgctca gcaaattttg acaataaaat gttgcctgga ctgatgagtc    118620
     tcaatttttg ctgccacagt cagagggaag ggtcagattt tggcattaaa tgtgtgcaat    118680
     taaatgctgg tgtagataga tgaaggaaac actcctcttc attgtaaatt ggatcaacag    118740
     tactgcctgc taagcgatct tgaagctgcc tgtgctcttg cttcaggcca gtttgaaatc    118800
     agctaattcc attaaaagtg ataggtgctg ggaagtctca ctaaatctct tcctgatcca    118860
     tttttaatgg gaggaatagc ctgtgaaaat gtcaccagtc cctttcaggt gatgaagcgt    118920
     gatgggggtt aatgacatga agaacatggg aaataaccct gaccagttat ctgtgcctaa    118980
     atggatttcc caaatcttgc cataaaggtg gtcacatgtt ccagtttttc ccacatttgt    119040
     agaaagttcc cagcattgct tgagttgcag tggagccaga ctcaaacaga aagaaccagc    119100
     tttgggctcc agaggactga cactaagtct ggcgcaccag tgccaaattc ccacctctgg    119160
     aacacatgct gttaattaat gtgggatatc ctgaaaagtg cagtgcacat cccacatgac    119220
     ctaaagacca ctgacaatat tttttacttt tcaaaatgct tgcagtccca tattgtcata    119280
     tgtactaaat tagcagtaga tttaaaatac atttttaata ataaatacat cttaatacat    119340
     ggtgataaaa gagcatgggc ctataaatat gatatgtttt aaggcacagt ctgtcgcaat    119400
     gtttctttgg gtttgatcaa taaacattta ttaaattaaa cattttgtgt atggggttta    119460
     atatttatat atttcattaa atcaaatgga aaaatctagc tgatttggtt attgatcagt    119520
     taactataca gcatctgttg tcataaaata cagaaaagaa caccctccaa ttttggggca    119580
     tgctctgcat gaccatccac tatggcagat tattttgttc actcaaggcc aactcagtat    119640
     tcaagtttta aactttaaaa ttaggtcaaa gactcaagaa tacacaagat atgtcactcg    119700
     tatagttttg aatgggaaaa agtgcaacga tcaaaatggc gaatgaagcc ccgtctactg    119760
     gtacaggagc caattatcga ttgctagaga ccaggggtgt caaactcaat tcctggaggg    119820
     ccgaagccct gcacagttta gttccaaccc tgctccaaca cacttacctg taggtttcaa    119880
     acaagcctga aggactcaat tagtttgatc aggtgtgttt aattagggtt ggaactaaac    119940
     tgtgcagagc tgcggccctt ttgtaactga gtttgacacc tgcgctatag actgaccatt    120000
     ctctggggga gaagctcaga ccagacatgt gcttttacaa aaaaataatt aaatcaaata    120060
     aaataagaag acgtgtgcat ttacaaaagt tttgtggtca acaaacacaa tggaatctca    120120
     gcaaatactt tcttcacaga cataagacat gtatccaaat aaaacctgaa atacctactt    120180
     ttaaatgaac ctactaccct tgaaaacaaa agtgttttgg ttttgtcatc tgtatgaaac    120240
     caacgtgagg tacagtccgt cctgtcaaac acacatcgta tgacagcaac tactcaaatg    120300
     cccacaaact tattttcatt tctggaagag attcgccatc aagaccaagt tgtggattac    120360
     ttcaatagag cagcacaatt tgacaaaaca ttatccagag gatgatgaca tgtagaacgg    120420
     ccataaataa ggttggtgtc gtgatctcgt tccttttgag tgtgcatgtg cattagctcg    120480
     ggcaaccaga aaatatcaaa actttgtttg atttggacgt taagaaacga aacttaagag    120540
     acaattgttg tttaatttta tttgtgattg cacatatgta atctaatcgt aagcttggaa    120600
     aacagttttg aagaatttga tgtttcccca ttcagacaga atgcccgaga ggcatttcaa    120660
     agatggccac caagtgaaat gacttgcctt aaagggactt tgattaagta gatatttagg    120720
     ctgttttatt tgattatagg ctcaactggg gtgttttttc tttgttgaag aactcttatt    120780
     aaaaatgttg ataataaact gatgttttaa gttagtttag aaaattccat tgcaatattg    120840
     gagaaaatct aagactgcaa ataaagtcta ttctggagtc gtttgcgaga attgactcca    120900
     ataaacccag aactgaacac cctcactgtt gccatgacaa caagtactcc atgagttttg    120960
     ctactagggc tacaaccatt ggatgcgctt tgaaaaacga aactatcctg gatcaagcca    121020
     attcatcaac aatcaaatcc agttaactgt aatccacatg tgacggaccg ttgcacctct    121080
     gccagatatt gtgcacccca tcattcacca gtatagggta agattgagat taggtgtggg    121140
     ggaaggttta ggattaggag gtgtggttgg gattaggcaa tcaggtagtg aattcacggg    121200
     ggtgcataat ttgggagagg cacattttat agcacaagtc tgggactgac cccataatga    121260
     ctttgtttgt attctagtct ttttattggc ctgaacggcc aaacctccac ccctcattca    121320
     cctgacctga agtttgttct tcctcagaga gcgatctaac agctaccagt atggaggagc    121380
     tggcaaagga gagcattagc ttcttatcaa aatcctccct agagacaaat gagccaaggc    121440
     tgggctcttt aggagcggtg ttcatcatgc taaagtcggc gctgggcgcc gggctgctca    121500
     tctttccctg ggcgtttgct aaagctggag gaattcactt cgctgtcact gtggaaatgg    121560
     caagtaactc tggctgacta ttgaacatta actgtgtgaa tttttttaga ctgtggcttc    121620
     taacacattg atcttgtgaa atatttgctg gttgttttaa agaagggttt ctgtaggttt    121680
     actagaagag cagggttccc acaggtcatg gaattttaaa agatatattc cagacattga    121740
     aagtcagggg atttaatata tatatattcc aaagcatgga atatcagata ttttttgttt    121800
     gtcattttaa atgttacttt tccttcatca gagtgatttt ttttttctag accgtgtttt    121860
     ttcattgtac tgtttgcagt tgttatggtt aaactatttt ttcactgcca atgtatttcc    121920
     ttctcaaata agtcaaatgc agtcaccggg cttttaaaat cctctctgtc acagtatttg    121980
     tcagtgctca acatacagct gcccatttat ctgttcatta tagttcatag aaattcagct    122040
     tatagccagt gaaagtcagg gaaaagtatt tgattttgag tgggaactct gaagggacag    122100
     ttaatccaaa actgcaaatg tcctcataat ttcctcacac tcaagtggat ctaaaccttt    122160
     ctaatgtatt gcttttgatg aacacaaagc tagatgttct gaaaaatgtt gggggggaaa    122220
     tcagccatca acatctatag tatcataaaa atactatgaa attcattcat tcattcattc    122280
     attttttttt tggcttagtc tctttattaa tctggggtcg ccacagcgga atgaaccgcc    122340
     aacctatcca gcatatgttt tatgcagcgg atgcccttcc agctgcaacc catatctggg    122400
     aaacattcat acacactcat ttacactcat actctacaga caattttagc ttacccaatt    122460
     cacctgtacc gcatgtcttt ggacttgtgg gtgaaaccgg agcacccaga ggaaacccac    122520
     acgaatgcga ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaatgt gtgtgccacc gcgtcgccaa    122580
     ctatggaatt caatggcagt tttttttctc aatcattctt cagaacatct ttttgttcag    122640
     cagaaaaaaa taagtttgga acaagtggag aatgagtaaa tgatggtaaa actattcctt    122700
     taatttgtcc ctccatattt gaagttctta aaaagtcaga gcgtaagata tattaatata    122760
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tattaaatca    122820
     acacattaca tgtggtgcaa gttcctcaat atttttgttt tttgaataca aattttcaac    122880
     ctttttaaat caaaatacat ttactggatt tgtaaaatga aaaaaaaaaa aacatctttg    122940
     tttttgtttt aaacatctta tgtcattttg ctttttccaa gtaattgcaa cttaatttaa    123000
     gaaccattag ctgtttccat atttcaatat ctgaagttat ttaaacctca gctaaaaaat    123060
     tttataaaca gattaaaaag tattagagat gagtatatgc tgtgtttctt tgctatacat    123120
     ttttattttt aaagaacata aggtcatatt catttaaaaa ttaatcttat tattttaatt    123180
     tcttggtcat aaacatcttt aaaagcagaa ggtgagtaaa taatggcaat ttaaatctcg    123240
     tttgaactta agtatttgca cttatttgaa ttctgtccat gttattgtat ataaattata    123300
     aaatatattt atatatgctt tgaaaacaat gtgcagatca gtgtacacct aaatatgaat    123360
     tctgtctcac atagatttct cttgtgttcc tgatcagtgg actggtcatc ctgggctatt    123420
     catcttcagt cagtggacga aacacatatc agggtgtggt cacagatata tgtggtcctg    123480
     ccataggcaa actctgtgag atctgctacg tcttcaacct cttcttcata tctgttgctt    123540
     ttttggtcat agtggctgac cagcttcaca aatgtaagaa acacagagtt attcgtggga    123600
     ctttgacctt atcgcttgtt gttcatctat ccttatattg attcatttct cccagtgtgt    123660
     ctttctatgt atgagctgat cacaggcctg ccagaatcag agatgccata tcactggtac    123720
     acagaccaga ggtttgccct ctttcttctg tgtctccttt tcattttccc tctctctgtc    123780
     ccgaaggaga tcagcataca aaagtatacc aggtgagcaa agtgattcag tcagtttcag    123840
     tacacaccct cacagatctc ttaagtttga cacccagtgg ttgaactagg tattgcactc    123900
     caggttcaaa acacatgcaa gcgcaggttg ccagattgat caaactaaca ggagtgtgcc    123960
     tgaccgtcgt gactaaaggc tgattcatac catgttctgc acgtgataga aggaatattg    124020
     tccataatcc gtattattac aagtatttgt tttaaccaat gcctgaactg tttctagaat    124080
     ttatagtcta gcaacagctt ctattttttt ctgcagctga acaacaggat aaactgacaa    124140
     tgatcacctc aggtgcttta ttcagtgtta aatgctaata atgtgagttt gaatgccatt    124200
     ttacgtgaca tttattgcct gaaagcagca gatagttcac ctcaggtctt caaaataaag    124260
     taaaccgctt gaaatttaac tttagagctg tgcacgtcaa cacatatcag taattcagca    124320
     tctacattta atgattgtaa aaaggtttaa tatgtattta taggattata aaccttatca    124380
     tttcggtgga gtgcagtaag tgcaatattc tgcgtctcat ttctgagact gctactatcc    124440
     actggagatc acatgtcagt cacagaggcg tacttggaaa gccttcctga acgaaataat    124500
     gaaatacacg attttccacc aaggcaaccc gggatgctga aatataattg gctaatgtgg    124560
     cagtgggtgg gttaaaagaa ccaaaacaaa gacagctgtt ccggcatgta atgcacattg    124620
     gccccattta cactgtctgg tctttatgcc caattgcgat ttgttgctta tatctgtctg    124680
     tttacacatt cttttaattg tttgtgaccc atttccaatt catgtgttta catttgccat    124740
     acaatttacg actccgcaca tgcataaaag cgggttcgag catcagcgcc acattagcca    124800
     cgatggaaga aatatgtgaa gtacacccaa ctttaaaatg attttgaggc ggaggaggag    124860
     ggaaagggcc gtcattgcag cttgcgccca tggtttatat gtggtgtcct ccaccattca    124920
     gaggaatttg tgtgtatgag agaaatctta ggtttggtgg gagcaaattg tggcgactga    124980
     ccactttctt cctctgtgtt tcctctgatg ttgtttaccg tgtcagcatc tccacacacg    125040
     ctcttcctta ttcatcaata aagaagtacc acattatcgc aagtttaatg atgtacaaaa    125100
     cagaatgcct caataaatcc gatctgtctg tttacaggat agtcgcattg tcacatttaa    125160
     tatttttatc tgatttattt ccacatttga tggaggccta aaaccgatct ctgaatatcc    125220
     gaatgcatgc gtttttgtgt gtttcagtca taaaacagat ccaatctgtg tcacatatga    125280
     gcaaaaaaaa cagaattggg tcacatttaa ctggcagtgt aaacggggcc attgtcaacg    125340
     ctgaatatag ataaacaaga atgttcactt ggcatttttc ttaaatatct gctaacatat    125400
     tatggtattt ttattattta aaatagccaa aatcttacat acagcatctt taaattaata    125460
     ttttttacag gatgctttac agtaataata atacatttgt gcatatacat tagaataatc    125520
     agcatcaaag ccaaaaatcg cagtccatca aagtcataag atcacagtcc aaaatttgta    125580
     cacacaaatt aatatcttgg tgaaaatatt aaataaaatt gtaatagacc gaaaaatcaa    125640
     gaaaaacata tcaaatttag tagaaattta gcaatgttta tttagcaata ggtaacaggt    125700
     aacattgttt tcttcaaggt ccatttgtta tatttaactt acattgcatc tacatgccaa    125760
     ctaattctca ttagattata agtagactgt taggttgggg ttggggttgg ggttagggtg    125820
     agtgtaagtt gacatgtact tgtgaagttg atgtctgttc agggaacagt atcagcagac    125880
     attaagcaga cagtctacta acagtctact aacccactca aatggaccat caacataaag    125940
     ttgtaccata actcatttga attttaatgt tatcgtttta ttcctaaaga tattaggtga    126000
     ccaaactgtg attcaaaata ttgacaatca gaaatgattg tccatgttca ctgagaaatg    126060
     gataaaaata ttcttttttt aaaatggggt gtactcattc atttattgta tattacttgg    126120
     gctttgattt aaaatctgtt cactttagcc atcttagcta ttaggggact gttcagaaat    126180
     ggggtaaaag tgcttgtgtg tgttttattt tcctgctgaa ctttgcaagc caatagctca    126240
     agaaatatta aacatacggt caaaagtttg gggtcagtat ttttgaatgt tttaaaataa    126300
     gtttatcctg ctaaccaagg ctgcatttat ttaatcaaaa atactgtaca cattgtaaaa    126360
     ctcttaaatg ttattgcact ataaaataac agtgcaaaaa tagttcagaa tttagtttaa    126420
     taatttattt cagtgatttt aaaaattaat tttcagcttc attactccag tcttcagtca    126480
     catgattctt cagaaatcac tctattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta    126540
     ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattaat aataacaata    126600
     ataataataa taataataat gctgatcaaa ataaaagcaa ttaatagtaa ttaaattagt    126660
     aataatttta tttgaaaata aataataatt aacaatttaa ccttttttta catttattaa    126720
     atgtcgcttt gatgtacaga ataattgtct ttagaaaaaa aacatgaaaa aaaactgacc    126780
     ccaaactttt gacctgttgt gtatattaat ataaatttgc ctttttttgc tatcatattc    126840
     attcaatagt catcattact acaatgtaat acccaacagt caactttatc aaatgaaatg    126900
     agtgtagtta actcaaaatt gacaaagtta attctactcc tttaaaaaga gttttgaact    126960
     cagtgttgaa gataatcagt gaattaaaaa cctcattact gcaactaaaa ctgagtaagt    127020
     tcacagtact catatagaat agtttttgaa ctcaaatggt ttgttgcaat cgatttcctc    127080
     aaatggtttg agtaacctta acttatttgg ttttacagtg tataaaacag tggattaact    127140
     taatatacat atttagcatt tattattttg tctttctttt tgtatgtatt tcttttagca    127200
     gaaatatact tttatgcacc aacaaaatat tatagatgca tttcattgct tcgattagct    127260
     cacacaaagc cataatgaag tcctgtttgt aaaggaacca atttaaagtt attttcactg    127320
     acttgtttgc acttgttaaa ttagtttgaa agtaaaaaaa tgtaaaaggc aaactgcggg    127380
     acccctctga ggtggaaaga gttgctagta agtgaataaa aagacaatga ctgcgccttc    127440
     atgaatttta tgaagcgctt ttattgcttc tgtttttcat taggacattt atggtcaatc    127500
     gctgtgacag tgcgcagcat tttggatagt tttcaaatga ctctcctctg actaataagc    127560
     attgctttcc caccccccac acgtcagcaa gatgatttgt tcacttgtgt caccagtgtt    127620
     tattttctcc tcagtcgtct ttgatattta tttttgctca gtgttctagg aacttttgct    127680
     gccgcatatc tgactgtggc catcgttgtg aaataccaca tgagacccat ccatgagatc    127740
     aatctgtcac ctctttacag cagcgggtga gtgtgcgctg atggagcttt catatttatt    127800
     gaaaaattca ataaaggagc ccagcatttt tagcaccacc tttcctcccg ctgtgcctga    127860
     acaaaacata ctgtcatgct gagctttgaa tataactgct tcatttagct gaaagcaaaa    127920
     ggtcattgaa gcttttatga tatgaaaata atatgatatt gtaatatcat tattaataaa    127980
     aaaattcttg ctttgacatt ctaatcctta caccattaaa tctgttttct taaatctact    128040
     taaaagacca gctggaactt gtcaaagcac ttagacattg atgttttgct gattttaatt    128100
     gctttatggt ctaagagtaa ttatcaagaa gcagcttgtt actttgatca gttacgtttg    128160
     atcatatttc ttgacaacag ctgaactatc actaacactc actattctat gttctaccca    128220
     gtctactaca gaaataacat tctaacatta acaccgtctt taaaccttaa ttttcttttt    128280
     ttatttaggt gaagtttatt tataaactaa tttaagagga gcacgtgctt atgattgatc    128340
     acagctggtc ccgcattagc tatcgaatga ttcaccaatc agataattcc taactcacta    128400
     taaataacca gagtttattc cttcagttat cttcgtcttg aagaatcccc cttccacccc    128460
     tactccaatt ccttctcctt ttttgcctct ttaatggggc agcatggcga ctcagtggtt    128520
     ggcactgttg cctcacagca acagcatcac tggttcaagt ccttaacagg ccagtgaaag    128580
     tttccgtgca gagtttacat gttctcctca tgctagcgtt gttttctcgc gggttctccg    128640
     gtttcttccc aaagtccaaa aacatgcgcc ataggttaat tgaccaattc aaattgacac    128700
     atagtcaagc tcttaatcag cagtatttct ctatacagca atccttaatt cactagccct    128760
     aaataaagga gggagttctc gagatctacc tgagctcaaa cttcaccctc acgctgcaat    128820
     cgggacggag ccccgggctc gaggatctta cgagctcagg gctttcttcc gggaaagcat    128880
     gccaaattca ctttataatc aatcatcaac taagtgtgaa ctcttgacat tatagctttt    128940
     atattgttac atagttgttg tttttttaaa accctttagc actaacacgt tctgtactat    129000
     ctttatttat catatattta aataaaactc attccagaat tgtggtacat tttaggcatt    129060
     ttcatttcca tttcctaaca aataaaaatg acagtaaact gaatacattg ttattgtaat    129120
     ataatttatt cattcagttg gcttagtgcc ttatttatca ggggtcgcca cattggaata    129180
     aaccaccaac tatttcggca tttgttttac acagcgcatg cccttcaaat tggctgtttt    129240
     tctatattat atgcacatga aaacagccaa ttttatatat gtcacatata ttaaaaacct    129300
     atatcaaaac ctttatcaaa acatatgttt aaataggttc tttccatgtg tgcaatcact    129360
     tatttgccat agttaaattc catagcatgc caattacatg taataaaaca attcaagtgt    129420
     tcacacatac atacatttat tgattttttt agttcttagt tattgccttg ataatagaat    129480
     atatgagctg ggcatcatgt atgacagttg ccaaagtgag atatgagcta tatgggaaac    129540
     atatcttgta tgtatggctt atatgaggat ataaagaagc aatacaggag acctacagga    129600
     catgcggaag gtattcatag tgcttcactt tttctacata gctttttatg ttacagcttt    129660
     attccaaaat ggattaaatt cattttttcc tccaaattct acacacaata cttcataatg    129720
     acaatgtaaa aataaatttt ttgaaattgt tgcaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaac tgaaactgaa    129780
     actgaaaaat tacatgtaca acaattattg cctattcctc tttgcactac ctctcaagct    129840
     ctatcaggtt ggacgggtaa ctacattata cagccatttt cagatctctc cagtgatgtt    129900
     caataggatt taggtctggg ctctggctgg accactcaag gacgttcatc gagtttatgt    129960
     gaagccactc cattgatatt ttggtggtgt gctttggcta actgtcctgc taaatgatga    130020
     actgtggccc tcagtctgag gtcagaatga agcaggtttt cattcaggat gtctctgtac    130080
     attgctgcat tcatctttcc ctctatcctg actagtcttc cagttcctgc tgctgaaaaa    130140
     catcaaaaca gcatgatgct gccaccacca tgcttcattg tagggatggt attagcctgg    130200
     tgatgagcgg tgcctggtct tctttaaatc taccacctgg cattcactcc aaagagttct    130260
     attttagcct catcagacca gagaattttg tttcttatgg tctaagatgc cttttgacaa    130320
     attccaggca ggaagcggct tctgtctagc cactctacca ttcaggcccg attggtggat    130380
     tgctacacag atggttgtac ttctgtatgg ttctcctctc tccaaagcag aaggctagag    130440
     ctcaaacaga ggtcaggtct gtggtcacct ccctgaataa ggcccttccc tccgatcact    130500
     cagcttagat ggctggccag ctctaggaag agtcctggtg gttccaaaca tcttccactt    130560
     atggatgatg gaggccgctg tgctcataag tttcagagca gctgaaattt ttctgtaacc    130620
     ttccccagcc ttgtgacaat cctgtctcgg ggatctacaa acaattcttt tgtcgtcatg    130680
     cttggtttgt gctttgacat gcactgtcaa ccctgggacc ttagacaggt gtatgctttt    130740
     tcaaatcatg tccaatcaac tgaatttacc acaggtgaac tccaattagg ctgctgaaac    130800
     atctcaagaa tgatcagtgg aaacagcatg tacctgagct caatttaaag catcacgaca    130860
     aaggctgtta atacttatgt acttgtgatt tttcaggttt tttattttaa gctacatttt    130920
     ttcacattgt cattatggga tattgtgtgt agaattttga ggaaattaat gaatttagtc    130980
     cattttggaa taaggctgta acacaaaaaa tgtggaaaaa gtgaagtgct atgaatactt    131040
     tccggatgca ctgtagatgg cctgtatatg cacatttatg cacctcaatt ttgttaatat    131100
     gttgcatata ttggcaaaca gtatatgcaa cgtacatatt tttatactgt atatgtgcat    131160
     atatttactg catataggtt tcttatatgc gcatatatcc tcacataggt ttttttcatg    131220
     tgggtggaga cagtaaactt aatattttaa agacaaaatg cctctaaatc aatggtctcc    131280
     aacatgtggt cttgaacacc ttaattagtt gaatcagttg tgtttaatta aggttggaac    131340
     aaaaccctaa tccagtttga gacctatgct ctaaatacac gtaccaacat tattttttac    131400
     atatagtgat ctaatttttc ctattattca gaactgtttg attaaagttt tgctttttga    131460
     aagataataa atggtttatc ttggttgcaa aatgtaccca caattctaga atcacccatg    131520
     tacttgtttg taagtcactt tagataaaaa aagtatatat atatttaaaa tgatcacaat    131580
     tacgtgtgaa tataactgct gaaaccatct gtttaacaat cattattgtt gttttaattt    131640
     agaataagct cctgggattc agtgtttagc gtcatcccga ctatttgctt tggctttcag    131700
     gtgagtttcc tttcttttat tcaacattct gccattgtat ctttgaggga aaagaaaaat    131760
     ctctcccttc accaaatatc atcacaaatg aggggtgttc ttgctctcgc tttaatattt    131820
     aaggtcaggt cagatgcaaa gcgtgaaaaa tggcgcatct atgaggttga gttttatttg    131880
     tcagtgctgg ggattgtcaa aaatgcaata aaagtccagt ggcatcgcag aagagcacac    131940
     aattactctg tgtgccccag gctgattgat tacgaggcag gaagggagag aaaagggaaa    132000
     tggagatatg aaaaaaagct gtgcagcatg gggaatgtgc tggtgctgaa aaattcgtta    132060
     ttacagaagg agctgtattt tattttgggg tgtaggctgg agatgtgatg tttgaacaca    132120
     gctgtgcttg tgctgtttca gtgtcatgag gcctgtgttg ctgtatacag cagtatggag    132180
     aacaggagac tgtcacactg ggtcttcatc tcggtgttgt ccatgctcat ctgcctgctc    132240
     atctactcgc tcacaggtca gtaatgctca catactgaaa cacaatgatt gcttttaatc    132300
     aaataacact gcagactgtg aactatggct ttctttagat aagcaataaa atgtgatcat    132360
     tgtcaataat gtattgcgta ctttatattt ccacctgcaa aatattactc gtcttagtcc    132420
     ttctctcata actaataaca cagcaattct catccatgca ctagtcacaa ggcacttcac    132480
     aatctgactc ctcaacatct caccaaactt ctccatatct ataccccttc tcgcactctt    132540
     agatcatcca actctagttc tctcgtatca ccctgcaccc aattaggaac attgggagcc    132600
     agatctttta gcctctatgg ctccttggct atggaaattg cttcaattgg atttaaaggg    132660
     ccatgaaaac cccctctttc aaatctgtct cagaagtttt ttcaaaaatg cacaaagatg    132720
     ggtgtggagc gccgtgagaa gagggaggag cgggcatggc cagggaataa agagggaata    132780
     aagagcaggg aataaagcag ggaataaaga ggggagcgaa caactgttgt cagttggctc    132840
     acaaaacggg acacaaacct tgaggagact catgatttta tagtttacaa agttaaaatg    132900
     caaagaaata aacagtagtt taatgttctg ctacatttgt ttttcgtaat ttcatataca    132960
     cagatttgtt atattatcat ataatatgtt atcataaaaa taatcatgta aacactataa    133020
     atgaggaggt ctcttgccct gtttatttca accattagcc ctgccggtat tctggatgat    133080
     ttcaaacata ggctagtaca gcagcacgga tatatgcgat gtgtctgaat ggtaacaaac    133140
     tcaactaata aaagccgaag tctgccattc tccaattctt gtacagctct cccgtcaaaa    133200
     atgcttgctg taaatcaaca gctttgctgt attggtcaaa acagcattgc agggaaaacc    133260
     atgaaacaaa ccccgtagat catggaaaca aacacacaca tacgaccctt catgaagggt    133320
     ataaaaaaaa taatgtgctc tcatgaataa ttaagaagta aggtcttctc ataggataag    133380
     aaaactccac tatgaataat aatgagaaac ccccgcgtca tcactccgat agcagatttg    133440
     tgctacgtca ctgattttga tcccacccca aaaattactt taaacctgga agatgaaatg    133500
     agctggcaaa agcttaaaat tatcctgttt ttccccacaa ttaaagctga cgagcgctaa    133560
     cgtggtctca actgatgctc aacacacaca aatctgttaa atcttttttt ttttttttta    133620
     agtactccag tgtttcttga acctttaagg aacagtgata gtcttcacac ttttaaatcc    133680
     tgtcttaaga cccatctttt taaagctggc ttttttatga ttattttttt tatcatgtta    133740
     ttttatattt aagatgtatt tgtatttgca actcttttta tatgtttgaa atcatgcctg    133800
     gcaacgtttt attaattgtt ttggtatatt tgttgatgtt tgttgtaagg tgaccttggg    133860
     tgtccagaaa ggcaccattt ataaataaaa taaatcatta ttataatatc aaattgtaca    133920
     ggctaatact aacatccatt ttattatatt ctttcatcta aaatatttag atgagttaga    133980
     gtgaattctg acagcttttt gtataaactg ctaaatgttt taaaactctg gggtcaggaa    134040
     gatttttttt ttttttaaat attagaatat ttatttagta aaaatgtgct aaaatgatcc    134100
     aagtgaatat attttttata cagtgctcaa catacatgag taaacccctc acaaatccct    134160
     catttggatt catatttaca atattataaa atattatatt tgtgcatata cattagatta    134220
     gtcagtactg aagccaaatc tggagcttat ctaacaaaat aacttttgat aatggtccta    134280
     aatgagtagc ccaaatttat gtaaggggaa aattttaaat aaataatgga aaaaaggggc    134340
     aaaaatcaag agaaactaaa tttagaaatt ttgtagtttg ttattttttc aaaatatttc    134400
     aatggggttt aattgtttta tctttctatt tcctaagatg ttctgtgaat aaaatgttat    134460
     tattataaat tcatcagttt aataaatctg ttttgttcaa atgcacaaat atatattgcc    134520
     tatattcact gagaaattga taaaaatatt aattttcaaa atggaatgta atcatttatg    134580
     ttgaacactg tatatgaaga atatgtttac gaagaaagtt ttaaataagc acagtggcct    134640
     gaaaatgaat atatttctgg ttggcaaaac taaacaaatc cagactggtt aagatcagaa    134700
     taagtggttt cacaacttat gaacatatgt tctctgctaa ctctgggttt aattcagagt    134760
     ttgtgattaa ctcatgcaac aggcataagg tgtgcagcaa acacaaacag ccaatcagtt    134820
     tgattaattt ctcataggag agccagcgca attcacttca atttaattac atttacaatg    134880
     cagaaataaa ctgttgatgc agcaaaaggt ttagaaggca acttaaagca aatattatta    134940
     tataaaaaca aattaatcca tcaactcatt taatgataaa gtttcacaaa cagctaaaca    135000
     tacattttaa aagccttata tattatatat attgagcctt ttaaagtatc tatataaata    135060
     ttttaaagat atattctcat ttaaagatat tattaaattt aatttgcaat tcaaaactat    135120
     ttgaatatac agttgaagcc agaaatatta gccccccttt gaatattttt tcttttttat    135180
     atatttccca aattatgttt aacagagcaa ggaaatattc acagtatgtc taataatgtt    135240
     ttttcttctg gagaaagggt tgttagtttt attttggcta gaataaaagc agttttaaac    135300
     ttattaaaaa taattttaag gtcaaaatta ttagcccctt taagctacaa ttttttttgg    135360
     atagtctaca gaacaaacca ttgttaaaca ataacttgcc taattaccct aacctgcgta    135420
     gttaacctaa ttgacctagt taggccttta aatgtcactt taagctgtat agaagagtct    135480
     tgaagaatac ctagtaaatt attattaccg tcatcatggc aaagataaaa taattcagtt    135540
     attagaaatg agttattaaa actattatgt tcagaaatgt gttgaaaaaa aaatcttctc    135600
     tttgttaaaa cagaaattgg agaaaaaaat aagctaataa ttcagggggc taataatttt    135660
     gacttcaact gtataatata tactataaat aaatatacgt catatattat aaaaacatta    135720
     ttagaaacaa agacagtttt gactaaaaga attctgttag tataaaaggc tttaatgggg    135780
     actgagtggc tttgttgcat cagatacgta ttgtactata ctttatttca ggggcgctca    135840
     accccgttcc tggagatcta gcttcctgca gattttaatt gcaacccata tcaaacacac    135900
     ctgcctgtaa ttatcaagtg ctgttcaggt cctaattaat tggttcaggt atgtttgatc    135960
     agggttggag ctgaactctg tagcaaggta gatctccagg aacagggttg agcatccctg    136020
     ctttatttaa tgatttgcag aatcatttat ttacatatat taaaactttt aaccataaaa    136080
     caagttttaa aacatctgca acattacatc aaggctagta gcattgttta tcagcgtata    136140
     ataatgatat atttgaaaat aatagcagta gtatgcagaa tttatttatt cattttcttt    136200
     taggcttagt ccctttatta ctctggggtc gccacagtgg aatgaaccgt cagcttatcc    136260
     agcacatgtt tcatgcagcg gatgctctta tccataccat actccacaca gaaatggcta    136320
     ctaacccagt caagactcga accagcgacc ttcttgctgt gaggcgacag cactacctac    136380
     tgcgccatcg tgtcgcctag tgtgcagaat gttcggtata ttagtgtgga tggtaaaata    136440
     aatattaata caaactttta accaggtgtg tttgggtacc tgacattcgg gaagaacgtt    136500
     gctcctgata ttctgatgtc atacagtggt ggtgatgtca ccatgattgt cgccaggctt    136560
     ctgtttggaa tctcaattat caccatctac cccatcatcg tcctgcttgg aaggtctgaa    136620
     accaactgac ttacagttct gctatattac tgttaatatt ctactgttat tataatgatt    136680
     gaatatccag actaatttaa gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    136740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtggttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    136800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt agatctgtga tccaggatcc actgctgcgg aggcgtctca    136860
     aacacacagc ggtgactgag tcttatgaga gtcgaacccg cgtagcctta actacagcct    136920
     gggttacagt cactctcctc atcgcagtgt tcattccaga cattagcaaa gtgattagcg    136980
     tcgttggcgg agtcagcgct ttcttcatct tcatatttcc aggtaatttg acctgacttc    137040
     atttaattta atggccactt ttgctttatg tcacaaaaca cacaagtaga gtttgtcaga    137100
     tcttagcagg gccggagggg gactcctttt cagccctgga gtttcaagcc ttagaccggc    137160
     ccacctcagt tcaagactga ctatattaaa ataacgtcat ttgcaattca gtttctaatg    137220
     acagtattac gtcttttttc aagtaaacag ctgcttacga acttcaaatg tttttcataa    137280
     atatgagaac attaaaaggt agctaaatct ccaacactat tctttgaaac atcacaatgt    137340
     tctttcctgc aatgtctgaa tatatattct gtgcaatatt ctttacagat atccatatcc    137400
     tttgtaacgg tggtcacaca aaaaataaaa ataaaatatg tacacctaca taagtaactc    137460
     aaacaatatg tcttaacact aaacataaaa atataaaaaa taaatttatt tagctaaagt    137520
     tcgaactcag gtcggctgcg tcataaagca acgtgctgac aactggacca caatggcgct    137580
     gacgtattat ctgaaagact tttaaccaca gcattacttt ctattgatgg cttaatcttt    137640
     ttttctcccc tttttaattt ctgatcaagt tatggtagat ttattaatgt agtgaatcat    137700
     ctgattttca ttgagcaggt gtaatattca ttaacattaa ttattggaat tcttaaattt    137760
     actaaggtgc cgttgtttac ggttgaatga tagttacatt atcattaacc tgccggctac    137820
     attttgctca cggggcaggg agaaaataaa taaaaagagc ggagctgcgg caaaataatg    137880
     aataaaaaga gtgaggctat ggtcaaataa atagtgcgac tgctgagagt gcaagcagct    137940
     tgggtcaccg ggcctcgcag tcaaaaaatg gagcggccca ccgggaattc tcctgaatcc    138000
     cgatcctccc gattagccaa tccgggcctg gatcttagat gtatttgatg cacatcatag    138060
     aaattcctta gatcagcctt taattaaaaa aaatattttt caagtttgaa atatgcggtg    138120
     tatttagggg cattttgcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact taaactacac tacatctatt    138180
     tttgactgtc tctgcctcct gaatcataca tttaatttca gataccatta aataatgagc    138240
     acattttaaa aatatttttg ggggtttact cttatgttaa ataaacatct attttctgta    138300
     ttatttataa atccatcatt aaaaacactg gtattcctaa cccatgtttt tttgctccaa    138360
     ggtgaaaacc cactcagtgt ttgtgctgca caactattaa acgcatttaa ctggactgtc    138420
     ctgctttcaa tgattcctga agactttttt atgaaattaa ctctcttaag gacattttta    138480
     gcaaaacaac accagaaaag attttagatc tgttatcatg tattaacact ataaatctaa    138540
     tttcatttct gtattttttt gttgattttt tttattgtat atttattttt gaaatgttcc    138600
     tgccataaaa atagccttgg ttgctgacat ggcattaaat aaaaaataga ttacattaca    138660
     ttacactggt attcttcaaa caaaaaacta aaaacccatc tattcagaga acacctgaac    138720
     cccagtgaat aataccaaag ccacctatag gaacacacac acactctctc tctctccctc    138780
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcaaaaaa agcaaatgtc agttcttctg    138840
     gcaggaagtt tcattattct tctctcattt gtacaaaatg tttaggatcc cccaatacta    138900
     gatttattgt gataattacg tgaattcctc attcaccttt taaaaacaat atgatgaaag    138960
     tacatagaat tctgttttag atgtgccatg tggtatttag tttatggttg gcatcttgag    139020
     ctaaagcata aaatggtgga aaatgtcata tctgtaactt tttttaattc atgttttaaa    139080
     aagtgtttaa aatgtgcaat aatttgtatt taaaggtctt tgcctcatat ttgtggtgca    139140
     gtcagaatcg gtctctccta caatgaggtg agaaacgcag aatataaatc ttgtagtttt    139200
     acaatcctgt attgacctta ttcttcatgt ttaagtgggc gcaaccatcg gacgtcttga    139260
     gccaaacata ttccactcaa attcatttcc aaagacgtta aaaagagctt gttacactgc    139320
     gtgatgttcc aaacttttat tcattcattc attttccttc ggcttagtcc ctttatttat    139380
     cagaggtcac cacagcggaa tgaaccgtca acttatccag catatgtttt acacagcgga    139440
     tatccttcca gctggaaacc cagtactggg aaacacccat tcacactctt tcacacacat    139500
     acgttacggt cattttgggg gaaaccggag cacccggagg aaacccatgc aaactccaca    139560
     cagaactgac aaatgaccca gctgggactc gaatcagtgg ccttcttgct gtgaggtgac    139620
     agtgctaacc actgagccac catgtcgccc tgttccaaac gtttattatt atattcttct    139680
     ttttatgtat agtcatgaac acacttgttt gtagagcaag tagattgacc atttccgccg    139740
     tttattaatc caagtcattt ccctcatagg caagtattct aaatcaattc taaatcaatc    139800
     tcaagaataa gatcaaaaat agggaagagg tcaatagcag aataagatca atatgggatg    139860
     ttgcaattca tacatgttca atagattgta caatgacatt gtgtttttgt gttgtttccc    139920
     tccagatatc ttctggtcac atggggaatg atcacacttt tgtgtggcac cctcatcttt    139980
     ggacagagca catcagttgc catcatgcaa ctcataactg aagtttaaat ctccatctta    140040
     ctattcagtg caaggacttt taactacact gagaaaaaaa aaagatttct gcaaaattga    140100
     tgcaaacagc tcattagttg aatttcattc attcatttat tttcttttcg gcttagtccc    140160
     tttattaatc cggggtcgcc acaggggaat gaactgccaa cttatccggc acctttttta    140220
     cgcagcagat gcccttccag ccgcaaccca tctatgggaa acatccacac actcgttcac    140280
     acacatacac tacggaaaat ctagcctacc caattcacct gtaccacatg tctttggact    140340
     gcgggggaaa ccagagcacc caaaggaaac ccacacaaac acagggagaa catgcaaact    140400
     caacacagaa acgctaactg aaccagccga ggctcgaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgaa    140460
     gcgactgcac cacctactgc gccaccgcgt caccctgagt tgaatttaaa caaacaaatt    140520
     taatttagta attttcaact taagttgttt gtttaaattc agcccaaata aattgtttac    140580
     aactacctca aaaggggcaa agtaaatcca aggaatcatc tttgaatctt tttttcagtg    140640
     tgtgtggttg aacaaggcta gtcctttaat caaaataagg ttggtaacac tttacaatta    140700
     ggctgtatta gttcatgcat ttactaacat gaacaaataa tacttgtatt acagtatttg    140760
     ttcattttac taatggtaac aagcatgact tcgttaataa tgcattagta aatgttaaac    140820
     tatgatcaat aaatactgtg caaatattgt tcataattag ttcatgttaa taaaagcatt    140880
     aactgatgaa accttattgt gaagtgtgac cataatgttt tatatgccaa ctgtttaggg    140940
     tttctgcagg tttcctcgtc aaatttaagg ctttttaaga cccttttaag accattaaga    141000
     atgacatttt agacatactg tacagggttc aattttagtc gtgttttttt ttaatggccc    141060
     ggtatatcat gatgaattgt gtaattgttt tcttttcctg attagggaat ttaatttagg    141120
     gattttgctg taaaaatgtt aaacagcggt tgtcaattgt atctccttaa tatatattat    141180
     tatatttaaa tacagtgtgg gccatttata tgtatacatc ttaataaaat tgggaatggt    141240
     tggcgatatt aacgccctgt ttgtggcaca ttagtatata tgtgggggag tgggccattt    141300
     gtatatttaa aggtttaatt attatgtatt gttggtcatt ggatgaacgt tggtccgatt    141360
     aagtagcttt acttgtagga agcaaaataa aaacctgttt aaaatgattt aagacctgta    141420
     caacacaata tttaatatgc aatataatat acaatatttt agtgaatttt taaaatttaa    141480
     gactttaaga cccagcggac accctgagta tagattgtcc tttttttaat gttctgcggc    141540
     attgatcgaa agcaaccaat cacagttgcg ttttgttcag catcatgttt tgtaaccatg    141600
     aaatcaagac aaatacaaca gcagctcttt ttcagtactt tattgaatag cagcactcta    141660
     cataatctag aattttaaca aatcgaagac gaatataata ctttgcatcc ctgcaataaa    141720
     tctctacact cacttataag agagaaagcc agtatacgga aacatacatg ggtataagaa    141780
     gtagtatttc atcaaacaat gccattaaaa gtgactgctc atatagtaag tttgattcat    141840
     ttcatatata tagtttcttc ttgttccgtt actggagtaa tacaaaagaa aataagaaat    141900
     gcacaaaatc catttaaagt agcatagcta aagtctacgg caaatcattt actggacatt    141960
     catttgtaac atgcactcac cgtgagggga aaaacaaacc aaaacagaag gcaggattgg    142020
     tgggaaagca aacagaaaga aatgctgcag tttgggccca gtcgcttttg tatggagtca    142080
     agttgtttac actttgagcc aaaagggaaa tacaacagtc ttggctttac tgatcaacag    142140
     atgtgaagat atgagccgct ctgaaacatc ctccactatg aggatgtttt cactcgacct    142200
     gagaaatgac tttgatgcta aatgcttaat tatactgaag taagaaacgg atggaacatt    142260
     aaagggagag tttaccccga aatcaatact ctgtcatcat tttcttgttt gaaaacacaa    142320
     aagatattgt aaagaaagct ggaaaccatt gacttccatc atatttgttt tttctactat    142380
     gaaagccaat gtttaaagga tctttccata gatgtttaca tttgatgtcg cctacgttat    142440
     tgttgtctat ttaaagaatt gcgtcaatag agccgccatt ttagtacagg gtagcgctcc    142500
     tttgaaatga atgtgggacc aaggtgtaga ggaagactgg ccatccagag ccatagatat    142560
     ataaacattc acacatatat atctaagatc aggagttttc ctggtggtca gtatgcaatt    142620
     tttttcacta tgaaaattat aattattaat aaattataaa taataattgt aatcactttt    142680
     cttcactgac ggataagtga actgccggca ttgagcatgt gtttgtgtgg aaatgtatta    142740
     tctccctccc tcttatattt gatctgatct atgtcctgaa acagcccctc tcctgctttc    142800
     acttctaatt ctaatggaga gagcaattca tttgtgaatg aattagagcc ctgcacgggc    142860
     gctaaatctt aagccctagc ccggccctta aatctaagcc ctagcccggc cctggactga    142920
     gatgcacagg ctgtagcctg gcccttgttc aacagctcat taagttcatc aagtttttgg    142980
     cccgagtctg acccgaagct tgtttctttt ttttttttgt cctgctcata ctgttacagc    143040
     cattaaaata caccagattt gtatttgata gaaaattgat gttttttttt gtttcttttt    143100
     tttttatcag aataattttt gtttgttttt ttaaatgtta gatttagtta taggacacct    143160
     actgtaagat gaaaatcatc ttttgtaagc tgtttggaca gaactgtgtg taggtatagc    143220
     gtgtccacag tcatattata aagggtgata taaagacaat aagtctctct atttttaaat    143280
     ttcctgaagt taaaatagga cccaaaccct cccattttgg ctaaccgcaa cttgacgtag    143340
     aagtgcggat tccccaccca ctgaattaat tgatcgatat ccaagtagga tgttgtccac    143400
     agtgagttca ctcaatttta cttgaagttg tgctttgtgc aaaaccagct ggctcatttt    143460
     aagttgtcac tatttaaaag ttgtccagaa gtttgccttc cctctagtgt ttttcacagt    143520
     ttaaagtttt acctctttat tttctccatt gcacgtggct ggaaatctct atgtgcaagg    143580
     catcactggc gcttctggac cgcatgcatt agatctcatt aaactttaaa aaaaataaat    143640
     aaataataat tctaaagcag gcttgaagcc cgatatgcgt gctagcaatg acgtgaacat    143700
     tggcctgaaa cccagtccta taggcataaa taagtcggac tcgggggggt caaatgtagg    143760
     gctataaaat gaatctccgt tataaacgac tcatgtgaac catcaatatc cttgcatctt    143820
     aatgtgcata tccaacttta tgatctaaat gctatataac atttgtaata ttcaataatt    143880
     tagggtggac acagaggtgc aggcactgtt atggtatcag gcacccttat aagttactta    143940
     ctaaattagc cgttacttca cttagccgac aaaattacaa gtttctggca ccgcagcatc    144000
     tggttgtcat atttctttta aattgtctgc tgattttatt cattatacgc ctagaatata    144060
     gtgtaagttg gtgctacttt gcgcttatgg tctgtgcagt aagtgactgt ataatcatca    144120
     ataacgtcac ttgtttagca caaaagttcg taacatacaa aacaaaatct tatctatgaa    144180
     atgttctgcc tttatgcttt gttttctttc tttgttcgtt actaaacctg tttgcagcac    144240
     aaaagtccag catcatcaga ttggctttgg tcttaactag tgcggttgaa tgacttttgt    144300
     cctgagagca ctgtacaaat ttggcggcac tattgacgca tgcaaagggg ccatatgcaa    144360
     tttctagtgt atatatctac tggatctttc ttcaaaatat ctactactca ggacgattaa    144420
     atagtgtaaa atacattttt ggatgaacta tccctttaag tcaatgccac tcttttaatt    144480
     taagcactcg tcccacatct atatattccc tctcaagagt gatcaacata aaatgatgtt    144540
     ctcttcgtca gcgaatctca tttatacaag catttcattt ctcgttcagg aacattgtgc    144600
     tttttggagc ggatgttgat ttggatgtgt tgtaaatgta ggccccttga ctggcagtat    144660
     tggtcatgct cacggttttg acagaagcac cagtctttct acatggctca gtgcgttaca    144720
     caaacaattc atgaagatac agtccaaagt acttaataga ccaacctata cctagtatta    144780
     aacagccttt acagaaatgc tagtgtccat ggacagcttt agaaatactt tgctgcacag    144840
     tttttgtctt ctcagaagtt gtaccgcagg gaactgtctg caaagcagcg gatgcgtgct    144900
     tgaattggga tgaaatatta atcggcctct tttggttagt agagactgtt catgtaaggt    144960
     gatgttttag gtgcaaaagt gagcttcccg aatgcggtgg gagttttgat gtgggtttct    145020
     gtatgttgca gtggatgtga agagggaact gtgtctggag acactacttt tggctcaata    145080
     tcaaatggat actgtgtaaa caagtaatta caaaagagga gacggagtgg gggagcagag    145140
     agaaagagga ggtaagaaag cagagactgt gacagaaaga tagagagaag agaggggttt    145200
     caggcaataa gtgggacgtc ccacccgcag actggcacac ttctcagtcc ctgttcaggc    145260
     tgcaccaggc ggctagaaag agtaaaagag tgagagagag tgagagagag agagagtgag    145320
     tgagagagag agagagagag agagagagtg tcagtgtcat tattaaagta atgaaagaca    145380
     gtataattct ttgtatagcg gttgacaaat ttctgtaaac acattctaga caagcttatg    145440
     gttttgcggt tatgcagagc actgtaaact gtaggctgct ccgatcgctt cacattcaga    145500
     gagacataca gatagatttg gttagccctg gaacgtgtaa tgaaacattt gaaagagaat    145560
     caatgcactt actaaaagca cactcagcac aggcagccac ttgcacatag acacacagac    145620
     atagatttat acagacacac acatgttaag gtcaactatt tataataaat tcattataaa    145680
     ttactatagt gttaattata tataacagta tgtaaacaaa taattttaat aagttttaat    145740
     aatggaccct tttcacattt ccataaggca tcatggttag gtaaacgtag agcgcagtga    145800
     gagtacaaat aatatttttt atagtcctat tagctgaaat aataaaagaa aaactcaaca    145860
     atggtgttat caagactttc aaaaaaaaga aaaaattgcg tgagactgag ttttttgtaa    145920
     tttgacacaa agattatata aaatattcat aaatgcatat taatgtataa acgttttttt    145980
     aatctaaata tttaaaagga ttcaaggatt taagattatg atgatcgtta aacacatcat    146040
     aacagtcttg tgaaaagggt ctttagatca tatcaatttt agtttttaat aacagttcta    146100
     aactacacaa cttcaacatt attactttaa ataactaata taagcatatt taatgtaaat    146160
     gcatatgcac ttgtataaaa atatttattg taatctatta tattaaactt gtttttaaaa    146220
     tgctgaaatt atggcatttc tattctattt tttttttatt caaaacgtaa catcgaaaca    146280
     cctagaaaaa aaattaaatc cgtaaacgac aaaatagcct ggcactgtgt acataacttt    146340
     ctcactgtat aaaaaaaggc caattttatt gtatttttaa ttaaaaagag atatctacaa    146400
     ttagtaaaaa tcaataaaca actaaatagt ttgccattgt gtacataact gtccaaatgc    146460
     atacaaattg taacatattt tgtattttta aatgaaaaag tgacatctag aattaggaaa    146520
     aaatagtaac ttacaaattt tttatctgcc attgtctaaa tgacagaata aaatgtcaaa    146580
     tatgctacaa tttaattaca aattactgct cagcaccatt tgtgtgccta tttaagtata    146640
     tatgtccttt ttacaactac agttgaagtc agaattatta gcccccctgt ttattttctc    146700
     cccaatttct gtttaacgga gagacaattt tttttcaaca catttctaaa catgatagtt    146760
     ttaataacta atttctaata actgatttat tttatctttg ccaccatgat agtaaatact    146820
     atttggctag atatttttca agacacttct atacagcttg aagtgacatt taaaggctta    146880
     actaggttaa ttatgttaac tagtcaggtt cgggtaattt aagttattgt ataatgatag    146940
     tttgttttgt agactatcaa aaaatgtttg cttaaagggg ctaataattt tgaccttaaa    147000
     aaaaaaaact acttttattc tagccgaaat aaaacaaata agactttctc cagaagaaaa    147060
     aatattatca gacatgctgt gaacacttcc ttgctctgtt aaacatcatt tgggaaatat    147120
     ctaaaaaaga aaaagaaaaa aatcaaagtg gggctaataa ttctgacttc aaatgtatgc    147180
     aggctcttga gtgttttttg ctttctttca gtatttctat tttgtaatag agctggaatg    147240
     agcgcgagag tgtttgcatt acagaagctc ctaatgcaga gactgtcaga ggacagacat    147300
     gctgaaaatg agagtaatcc tgcagggcaa gtaggaattc ataatagctg tgaaatgtaa    147360
     ggacatccct cctctagact acacaataca tgcaaaacaa gcagcatcaa agactggttt    147420
     ggctctaatg cccacagcag cctctatagc agacagaaga acacaccggg cacagcgaca    147480
     gtggacaccg cctcaggctg acacagagta tccactttca catgctggaa cgccttgcag    147540
     gctgcagtca gaagatgcct gagagggaaa tcaagcaaca cagttccagc attataatca    147600
     gtcttcagat gcaaagccgc atcaataaaa tactgtacat gtgactttgc agctaaatag    147660
     attctgaaca gaactatacc atttataaat tctgttgact ttgtatcttc tagtcaacta    147720
     gcgccccatt tacttctggt tttaagatgc aattttcaac aataacatga cctttttttt    147780
     ttttttaaat aaaatgtctt aagcttcata cttaaaaagt agtaaactat gttaatgtgt    147840
     ttgttcattc cataacataa tatcacaaag atggtcttaa aaataatgta aagcatgata    147900
     aaatttaagg gaaagtcttg acaaaaaagt ggcctaatga gatgaaattg aatatgttaa    147960
     tcacaaatat caataattat agtaaactat aactttactt gccctggact gtacttgcaa    148020
     agttacttgt atttaatgtt ttgaaggagt atcaaaataa agtgctagca gaaagtctac    148080
     tctaatagtc tactctaata attgcaaaat tactgtagtc aatcattttg caagttaatt    148140
     cacagatttt tagtttagtt tagtttagtt tagttttgtt aatcttcatt caaaatctga    148200
     catgttgctt ccacattagg agtgacggtt ctctgttgat gtcagtttga tattttttta    148260
     atcacacccc tacaaggggt ttctacaagg ggatgatgtg caataagaaa acttcaccct    148320
     ctacttaata tccagtttca gttggaagta catcaacata cataaataaa agtcttaaca    148380
     aattctgggt cacatggact ttaagagctc cattttaatg atctaggcac aaaatctaaa    148440
     gcgcatggtg caaaagcatt aagcgcgtgt ctgaatgcac ttttaaagga tatttaatgg    148500
     atagaaaaat tcgctctgca cttggtgcat ggtctaacag tgttgtgctt attctcttaa    148560
     tgagttatcg gtgtgttttg agcataatgt gcattaaacc aatcagagtc tcatctccca    148620
     ttcccttcaa gagtcagttg cgtcacgcca tggtgcattt gctatttaca tggcgaaata    148680
     tgtaaaagga aaaactgaat gcttcattag ccaaaaaaca gttaaacaga gcgtctgtag    148740
     cacaaggata aagactgagc ctcctccatt ctgccttttt attttacatg aatctagttt    148800
     actcctttac tttcataaag taaggaaaca gtgttaaatg cactccactg agcctatacc    148860
     attagcctac atatttaatt taagagcaac attttgtttc aacactattt gtgaattcag    148920
     ttttaatttc cagcaagctt ataaatgaac aataataacg aagtgtggtc aaggtcatat    148980
     ccaaacacac ttcctattct tatgcctcaa atagtgacgc gtacgtctcc aaaacccaac    149040
     aggtggacaa atctaaactt gtttttatta aaacaaatat aaaaatgcat ataataaata    149100
     ataatgctaa tcataataac attataacaa gaatgcaaat tgtcatggat aaactgaaaa    149160
     atcctcccct ggggtgcaga aggcagtggt tttaatattt atgtaaaaaa taataatttt    149220
     tgtaacaatt aaatccttaa tgtattttat atgtaaagat atttgtgtat tgctgtacat    149280
     cctgtgtgta ttaaacaatg tgtaatcgtt tagacctgca taggcgcata attaacacgc    149340
     tctatgctgg actttagaca agcttttagt tggtcaatgg cacagtcttt ttcagttctt    149400
     caaaatagca acacactaac aatgtgcctt aacacacctg ttttatagac cagcacaccc    149460
     atgagtccac aaagtggcgc aaattgattt gctatttaaa caacatggcg caaaacgtga    149520
     aaattgctat ttagctggtc tgaaaatagc aacatatcgt gccaaacaca tcttgcgcct    149580
     tattgcaccg ggtgtatgat agggccctaa gagttaaaga gatcgctcac aaaaaattaa    149640
     ctttgactct cactcaggtt attctaaact tttatgaatc ttttttgttg aacacaaagc    149700
     aagatattct aaagaatgtt ggaaaaataa accctgacat acatactagg aataaacatt    149760
     actatggaag tcattgggtg ttttttccta atattcctca atatatcttt ctttgtgctc    149820
     aacagaaaaa agaaaaacaa acatgttagg aacacatacc aacttatttt tgtctcaaaa    149880
     taactacgat catggtaatc aagttgatga gagagagttg agagacaaaa atcccattga    149940
     acataccaaa cactgaaaga cacacagaaa aaaaatattt tacctcttcc actcctcctc    150000
     tccatcccag aactcataca ccacaaagga aaggccatca ggcagcctga cagccgtcac    150060
     actggagaaa gaagaagaac aactgtaaaa aacactttca ttctcacaca tttcacattg    150120
     atttagcagg ctgatgaaaa acactaatta atcttgtaga aacagtgtcg acaaagaaaa    150180
     cgggtataaa tgtcttcaat tagagggcaa ttactctcat tctacagaaa ctgtaaacag    150240
     aggcacaatc ctccactgta gtgtttgagc ctccacttga tggcagtgcg tcctcatatt    150300
     cctgctgcgc tacagctgca gcccttcagg cagtaaaaca gcaacgatta gcattagctc    150360
     aatacatcaa cagacatcta aacacaagct agttctaaca accccaaaga ctcctcaaac    150420
     tcctactaga agcagcaaaa ctcgcaacac agctttttag cactttctgg atatggaaat    150480
     gattcaagct gtactcaaat ttgagtcgat tgcttgctag taaacttggc atatcacacc    150540
     taaagcacat gctgatgttt catgtcagcg ttgattgttt ttagcagagc atttcacttg    150600
     tgtaatttaa aagatttaag tgagacatga ttttcaatga ggaaaaaaac aacaacagtt    150660
     atttgtgtgg taaaaaagtg ggtgttacct acatgaattg agactcaatg tgagctgttt    150720
     gactgacaac tatgttttaa aaataatccc tgtatataca gattcaggaa aatgaaatgc    150780
     cgtattctgt atgccaggcc agtagatggc gatgtcactt ttagaagaaa cactttttag    150840
     atagaaacac taagcacctg tgcacacatg atcctgctgt ccaccattac tattttgtga    150900
     ctacactaca cataacatta agttatgatt gaattgcctc ttactacagt tatgaattag    150960
     tttgataaaa agcaggaaat gtttatgggc caatgacatg tccacattaa aatgttctat    151020
     tgaactaaaa aacgcaaacc tttttcccct attttttccc ccaacgataa ataaaataaa    151080
     ataaaatata aaataaatct ggtaaattgt tttataagca ctctctaaaa aactaaaata    151140
     tatttttgaa ataaaacaca aaacattgta catgaaatat acactcactg gccaaatggt    151200
     acagctgtcc aaatacttgt taacacaaat ttttatcagc tcactcacac agcagcaact    151260
     caatgcattt aggcatgtag acatggtcat gatgctcagc tgcagttcaa actgagcatc    151320
     agaatgggga agaaaggtga tttaagtgaa tttgaatgtg gcatggttgt tggtgccaga    151380
     taggctggtc taagtatttc agaaactgtt gatctactgg gattttcatg cacaatcatc    151440
     tctagggttt acagagaatg ggcgaaaaaa agaaaatatc cagtgagcgg cagttctgtg    151500
     ggcgcaaata ccctgttgat gccagaggtc atagaagaat agccagattg gtttgagctg    151560
     atcgaaatgt aacagaaact caaaacttgt tacaatcgag gtttgcagat aagcatctct    151620
     gaacgcacaa catattgaac cttgaggcgg atgagctaca tcagcagaag accacactag    151680
     gtgccgctcc tgtcagccaa gaacaggaaa ctgaggctac aattggcaca ggctcaccaa    151740
     aattagacac tagaagattg gaaaaacatt gcctggtctg atgagtctcg atttctgctg    151800
     cgacattcag atggtagggt cagaatttgg catcaacaac ataaatgtat ggatccatcc    151860
     tgccttgcat caacagttca ggctgctggt ggtggtgtaa tggtgtgggg gatgttttct    151920
     tggcacactt taggcccatt agtactaatt gagcatcatg tcaacgtcac agcctgggta    151980
     ttcttgcatg tccatccctt tatgaccaca gtgtacccat cttctaaagg ctacttccaa    152040
     cagcataaca cctcatgtca tgaagcacaa atcatctcag actggtctct tgaacatgtc    152100
     aatgagttca ctgtactcaa atggccacac agtcaccaga actcaatcca ataaagcacc    152160
     tttgggatgt ggtggaatgg gagattcgca tcatggatgt gcagctgaca aatctgcagc    152220
     aactgtgtga tgctatcatg tcaatatgga ccaaaatctc tgaagaatat ctccaataca    152280
     ttgttgaatc taaaccacga agaattaacc gtgtaaccac tttgtactag tatggtgtaa    152340
     cttataaagt ggccggtgag tgtgttcaac tatctaaagt cttcaatgca acatttgtca    152400
     ttttagttta gttgaaattg aagtgcaaaa tgaactaaaa aataaataca aaacaaaaaa    152460
     gtaattaaaa ctttaaaatc tgaaaagtga taaaaagtaa acaaactaaa tcttaaaaca    152520
     aaccaactaa acaatttaaa tatagaataa taaaaaaaaa ctactcaaaa ttaaacaata    152580
     atcatatgta tatcgttatt actaaattaa gtccaacagg aaaagttgtt tgagagtaag    152640
     agcatttcta atttacgtta aagctgaggt taatttaggt taaagatgat aaagccaaac    152700
     aattgctttt ttcactaata aatctttcac agaatgtgca ttgagcaaga aaacaggttc    152760
     aatttagatt ttacattaca gttttttaca atggctatga cacttttttc aatacattta    152820
     acaagtttgc taaactctta acgcagcaac acacctaaaa tacacaattg gcaaaacagt    152880
     taattttatg ctcaaaatca cacattataa actaaacctc taaactactt ttcaaaatac    152940
     tataataaac gaacacacta caccaagtct aacaaaacac tgcaatcatg tttcaaaatg    153000
     aaattattgt tcaaaacaca aacacatgtt ctcttccaac ataaacattc agtcagtcag    153060
     aaaacactga caataaaaac actatcatca gctgacatta cagaaactgc attagtttat    153120
     gtgtcagctc tgcccttata tttgaagtct cgttacagtt ttgtttcgtt gggttaagta    153180
     aatgcatgca ttttctttcg tttacggcaa aaattctata caaaacgaag aaaaaaaatt    153240
     gctttataaa atttacagtt tatgtaaaaa aaatacagac actgaatttc tgcagtacag    153300
     actttttttg cagaaggaca tcactgcaaa caggaaaagc accacaatta taataaaata    153360
     acaaagtaat cttctatact gcccggtctt ttgccacatg ttctcatcca cattatactt    153420
     gatatcttct gtggcccgac acggtaactg tggccctttg gcctattatg tttttcctac    153480
     ggcgacatcc ccagccttgt caacattgaa aatttcatgt ggtacttgat tggcctcttc    153540
     atgactctct gaaagtaatt agacacagtg tatgcaaatg ctgtatatgt actgtatgta    153600
     ctaatgaact ccaggtttaa agagtagttt actgcaaaac acactgtgta tagtacagta    153660
     aggactgtat tgcataatct tacatggatg tattggtgac agagttcttt gatgttcctt    153720
     tcaaaaacct caagagtcct ctatgagaac atatgatcat gtgattggaa aaaccaaaac    153780
     aagacatgag tgtgctttct agatgggaat cagctgtcat atatatatat atatatatat    153840
     atatatatat ataaatatat acacacacac acatttattt atttatttat ataaccgcaa    153900
     tatgctgttt ctcattggca atttaataaa atacagggaa taaacttgtg tttcaattca    153960
     caattagatc agctgttcct tttgacttta tcctatataa tttctgttta gaacatggtg    154020
     ttatctgttc tgacatactg tgttaaagca tttgtaaatt tgactgtaaa attacattgt    154080
     tttgttcttg gttgtgcttg tgtgtaaaag aagttaaagc attttaaatt tgtgttaact    154140
     ggatgcattt tgtgtcaaaa caacaagaaa tgtgttaatt gtatagccca cgaagacaga    154200
     tgttgtgcta actgtgttaa gagtttagga aacttgttaa atgtattgat aaaagtgtca    154260
     tagcaattgt aaaaaactgt aactgtacct gattattaat gttcccacat atcaaacaaa    154320
     caatgagtta tgcatttttc tgattcaaat gagcagtaga aagagcatct caatcactgt    154380
     tcagaatcta aaagaaatat ctgacaaaca gacggtgata atggagtaat agaggatgaa    154440
     ggctgacaga aataaggcag ataaaagagt ggctagagat gacagttttg gggtctttgc    154500
     agaggcttgc agatgttttc actgataagt tattcactag tctgatgtga atcatgatgg    154560
     cagtacaaaa tgctgccata caaaggcctc tccttgaaaa cactacaaag gacctatttt    154620
     actcactgct tttacattaa tatttcatgc cgtggggaag aaaaatgctc tcagtcgtgg    154680
     cctgaccaaa attgtgaaag tgaagcaact gttcaaaagt ttgggctctg ttaggttagt    154740
     tttaaagggg ttgtccactt cgatatcata ttttaaacgt gtaatgaagc tgtgtgaaca    154800
     taaacaacat ctctgaatat aacactcaaa gttcaatgca aaggaagaca ttggcttgta    154860
     cagagcactg ggaatgaatt atggggactg aaaaaaatta catccgggct agtgagatca    154920
     caagagcttc aggttatgtg cattcaccat gtgcatacac tccgcgcagc aatgaggcgt    154980
     ggccagaggc actgtatagt tatagcagag aaagctaaaa tgccgcccaa acgctaacct    155040
     tttcaaagag cttcttcagt ttctgtattt gggcttccaa aggacaagac agaaagagag    155100
     aagtgctcac agttattttt taattatgtt tcagagaatg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    155160
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    155220
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata gcattagaca aaggacaact tccaaaatat    155280
     ttcccagttt cagtgctgga ttcagctaaa cactcctcaa agcctcaaag aaggagcagc    155340
     ttcaacaagc agaagctgtg gattgtgggc cacaacctgt aaaaaaatat gatctattac    155400
     atgcatagtg tctacgatat gttgtagcaa gaaggtaaac aaggatgtac ttaaaacaac    155460
     agaaaatgct acaaattcat aattatccat caaagcctgt taaacaccca caatcttcag    155520
     cagcgctgca gtgtctctct atgcagccgc tttccctgca ttctacatca caaataagga    155580
     agtcacaaaa gatatgtgaa tgtttcatat tacttactca tgcttattct gaataaacag    155640
     tctgaagtct gaattattag cccccctgaa ttattagacc ccgtttgttt ctcccccccc    155700
     caatttctgt gtaacagaga gaagattttg ttcaatacat ttctaaacat aatagtttta    155760
     ataactcatt tctaataact gatttatttt atctttgcca tgatgacagt aaatattatt    155820
     tgactaaata tttacattta aatttttgaa aaacaaatgt ctcttatgag ggcgaggcag    155880
     tggcgcagta gatagtgctg tcgcctcaca ccaagaaggt cgctgggttg ctggttcgaa    155940
     cctcggttca gttggcgttt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccctgcgt tcgcgtgggt    156000
     ttcctccggg tgctccggat tcccccacag tccaaagaca tgcggtacag gtaaattggg    156060
     tagactatat tgtccatagt gtatgagtgt gtgtgtggat gattcctaga gatgggttgc    156120
     ggctggaagg gcatccgctg cgtaaaaact tgctggataa gttggcggtt cattccgctg    156180
     tggtgacccc ggattagtaa aggaactaag ccgacaagaa aatgaatgaa tgtctcttat    156240
     ggtcaccatg gtcacatttg tttgataaat acagtaaata taataatttt gcaagattta    156300
     cttttataaa tcctgtgatt ttattttgaa atgtatatga acacttttaa caactttttc    156360
     ttattatttt tctttttttt attcttcttg agaaagtcct atttcttttc gcttgactga    156420
     acaaaaatac atatataaaa cctatttgta tgccaattgt gacatgccaa tgcttacaaa    156480
     acgtaggtaa cactttaaaa caatgttgat gtatttacta ccatgaacaa gctattagta    156540
     atacattgat tgcacttttt attcatcgtt gtaaatgtta gttaatgtta ttgaaaatta    156600
     aatattgtta gttcttgttg ggcaacactg tgtcgcagtg gttagcactg tcgcctcaca    156660
     gcaagaaggt cactggtttg agcctcggct gggtccaggc ccgtttcccg gatcgtttga    156720
     gaagtgtgag tgcgcttaat cgggctcaag cacggttcac ttggccggcc ctggctcggc    156780
     tggaagaggt gtgcctgagc ccggtttact tgggctttgg cgcagtacac ttgtgtgtga    156840
     gtgcaaaacg cgccaaagcc cgaaactgaa agcgagacgt gacttttaag tttcatgtgg    156900
     atttattaat aattcttact gttcagtgaa cgcaaactgc catagtttat ttaagacgca    156960
     aacccctcac tgcaccacag ctgcgcggct tcagcagacc tcctcattcc tgcagcacga    157020
     aagctttatg attgtttatg agcgccaaaa gtggcggatc tgttcggcga aatatctgac    157080
     tgtgtgtccc cgcaacccta aggactgttt ggcgaaatat ttgacggcat atcaaacgac    157140
     tgaaacgata taactagaga aatctccact gtgctgctga gtgagagagc gcttctcact    157200
     gaacagcgca gcagcgatga agtaagcgtg ccgaagcccg tttgtggtgt gagcgcgggc    157260
     cgtcggggga gacaggaggg gggacaagca tgctttggcc cggttagagg caactgtatc    157320
     tagtgtgagt atggccttag tgaagccttt agatgtcact ttaagctgaa tgctagtatc    157380
     atgcatgtaa tcataatggc aaggacaaaa gaagttagta attagacatt agtttagcaa    157440
     agacatacag ttgaagtcaa aatattagcc tgttaattta gatatttttt taaatgcaat    157500
     ccattatttt cacaatctaa atacttacag tatatgaatg aatgaatgat tgaatgaatg    157560
     aattaaagac tgacctggtg tatgagatct tcattcattt tcttgacggg ttagcccctt    157620
     aattaatccg gggtcgccac agtggaatga accaccaact tatccaacac atttttacgc    157680
     agcggatgca cttccagcca caacccatca ctgggaaaca tccacacact cattcacaca    157740
     cacttataca ctacggacaa tttagcctac tcaattcacc tgtaccgcat gtctttggac    157800
     tgtgggggaa accggagcac cctgaggaaa cccgcgcgaa cgcagggaga acatgcaaac    157860
     ttcacacaga aacgccaact gagccgaggc tcaaactagt gacccagcgt ctttcttgct    157920
     gtgaggcgac agcactacct actgcgccat tacgtcacct ggtatgagat cttcatgttt    157980
     acaattgcgc tcccttcgca gtgcgctttg aaatcattga tgtcattttg aacacagcct    158040
     catgatgaaa gctataggtg acctattatt atacctaaaa gcagaattta tgttgcatct    158100
     tcaaagcttg gaaaaaaaaa aaaaacatag catagcctac gttaatgctt ttaattttta    158160
     gtgggttatc tgtattgtat atgtcatggg cctgctggtt agaacatttc tgcagtggtt    158220
     tgcatgtgtc aaattgtaaa agtagacttt caaaaaacaa acaaaaaaaa acacaatatc    158280
     gtactaaatg ataatgatac tagtaataat aataatcatc atcattaata ttattattaa    158340
     agtatgtttt tttcatttcc taataaataa taaatattaa atttttattt cttaaaaaat    158400
     agcctcctta tttatttatt tatatgattt atatatgata ttagaatacg tgctagcttt    158460
     tctaagtgat ttaatgtttt agaagagtat gtaacgtcgt tgtttgggaa atgcacccca    158520
     gtttagtatt taaaatgtac tgaccaaatt agtattagca ttgtagtttt aaaaacagat    158580
     taataatctc aatttcttca attttctctt aatgtactag gtgcaattat ggcagtaaaa    158640
     cagtagcttt atgtgcaaac tattctatga tcttttaggg ctttgcaaac acaatgtatt    158700
     aatagtgtag aaaaaacagc aattgttcag ccagtttcat cattaattca tgaactagaa    158760
     taacaacatt cccctctgct tgtctgccat ctttatccac aggaggcaaa acgacaccgt    158820
     atcattttcc accacatcag agatgcatac gcattgttga agcacaagta tttagaagag    158880
     aaacacaggt tcattccata agaaatgcat tactctataa ttactgctac cctgcaacag    158940
     acacattcaa actaataaag aactacctga aaaaacttta attcgacagc acagaagcac    159000
     aaactttgta ttgatttata aatgcaataa gaagcaatga gagactagta taaagtaggg    159060
     aattaaaaaa cactgcactt aaaaaaaaat aaaaatagcc tcattttaca acttagtctg    159120
     attatttttc ttatactttc acctgatgtc caggtctggc cagagcatgt ttaacttagc    159180
     ttagcattga taactgaatc agattagacc attagcatca cactcaaaaa taacaaaata    159240
     gttttgataa ttttttccga tttaaagttt gactccaagg aaaattattg aaactttttt    159300
     gtcctttctg agagagatgc taatcagggt ttgtgtaagg tcgaccaatt tggcatcatt    159360
     catcatacaa ttttgcatca taggcggtgg tgaactaatt atttataaac aattaactaa    159420
     ttcataacaa attaattatt tgtagcctaa tgtttcaact acctgacccg catcgtcttt    159480
     gttttaccca taataaaatc ataaataaat gaagatatgt tacacacaga taaccacatg    159540
     tcaatcactt ttaccgctgg actctggcat gaataggcag agtgatctgt cttgttataa    159600
     tgacgtcgac aaacctggtt ggtaaaaaag gtgcgcaacc aacagtatct gaggttttca    159660
     ttaaaattac ttaaaaatac taagtacaag ctcgaaagtg aaagattgaa gtagtgtact    159720
     gacgctttga cacattatct gttagattca aaagacagaa gagtcattag atagagacaa    159780
     gattaattaa atatcacgtt taacaattat agtgagacac aatcccgcag tacatccttg    159840
     ataaactgtc caatgtgcga tggacgatgg ccaaccctaa tgctaatggt ctaatccaat    159900
     tcaatgatct atgctaagct aagctaaagt ctgatctcca gacacagaaa tcagctaaat    159960
     ggattaaata tatggtaaaa cattcctgtt taactctgga ggagtgaaat tgtaaaatta    160020
     gtctatttaa aaaagaatca aatagaaaac agtggagtct tcctataaaa aaacactcag    160080
     ttgagggtca aagtaagaga atgatgagaa gtgaactcac tggaaacagt ctctctgagc    160140
     agacacattc ttcaggtatt gtttcagggc ctcacagaaa tcacccaact gcttctggga    160200
     aactttcatc tcctggcgga tcaggtacag ggactgaaga cagagaaaaa gagagaggga    160260
     aatgggcaga ttagtttgca gcagtctgaa ttcctaatga aaaacctgaa agtctgtggc    160320
     cgatggggat atcttttgat taaaatgcag gcaaagttta caaatacttt gaactttata    160380
     aaagagattg ttctttcttc agtcgagcat taaaaaaaaa tgattttttt tttgttttgc    160440
     tgaaactgtg gtccttggtg tctcatataa tgtaagacag tagctaatag cacatataca    160500
     gaaacatttt gtatataaaa gcaaaacaaa atgaaaaccc gcagctccta gtaataagct    160560
     ggggtcttgt gaagtgaagg gatcattcag tgcaatgaaa ctaaacatta tttacaatat    160620
     agtccacagc cttgtcaaat ggtcatgagt tttttcatga atatctggtc tggagtgcac    160680
     acaacctgtt gaatagtgcc gtaatcaagg atacaaacta taatgtattt acaactgttt    160740
     tatgtttaag attcaaggat aagcacaagc aaattgaata atttataata cataaataat    160800
     tacatattat ttctgataat atgtagttac gtttccttgt gagatcgggc tgcatgaagt    160860
     actacgacga taatcacgtc agatgctgat tatgtgtttt ttttagtttc aaaagttagc    160920
     agattgactt taaataccat ttaatgctaa atttactgtc atacagaatg tagcagcagt    160980
     aagtttatct cagataatat ctcagatagt cactgagtgt gtacttttaa taatgttaat    161040
     aaagtttaat attcattatc tagattataa acttacacta gtgcactatt ctgcacttct    161100
     gaatgaactt ctgtggtatt taaatgtttc tgtagtgttg tgtctggcga ggacagacaa    161160
     attgcttgtt gctggaacct tgttgttgga atacactgca aacctgcttc aactgcttta    161220
     aaagctttgg ccctcattta ctctgagtca cgatatttaa tgtagatgaa ggcttatgta    161280
     agatatgaat atatagttgc ccctttagga gaaggaaaaa taaatatggt acatacttaa    161340
     gagaaaaatc aatacagcaa ctcttttgga taattgcctg agcaactaat taattcccag    161400
     tgtaatgtaa atgaagtaga attgtgggag tgcagttggc tacgaaatga agtacggggc    161460
     aaatcacatg gcctgctttg tgacaaacac acacacacac acacacacac acgcgcgcgc    161520
     acacacacgc acacacaaaa cagatatgct gcaaaaaaaa tataacattt tcagaaggat    161580
     caatttccaa cttaacggaa atgaaagtga actgcctctg acttggatat ttcacatata    161640
     attgcacctt tctggtgtaa catgtcactc aggcctccca ctcttttcta aattggttct    161700
     gtcatcttga accagtttta ttaagtctga gagatttgat taaataacta aaattacccc    161760
     acgacacact aagaaatgat aggtataaat gtaataattg cttggctgaa tatttccaca    161820
     ttgagaccca gaggagcctg gagtgttgat taacatctgc atttatttta tgaaaaccta    161880
     aaggtctaaa acggccatat gtttttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttgtt tttttttacc    161940
     aaatttcaac tgaaatattc tcaaaatgta cataatataa tgtcgtaaaa tgtttttttt    162000
     ttttgtttgt tttaaactaa aggaatactt ttattcagta aaaacatgac aggaagggta    162060
     tttataatgc tgttaaaatt atttaattta ataaatgctg ctctttaaag tctctgttcc    162120
     taaaatctaa aaaaattgta gtgatcataa aaataaacca gggtttatac acatttttac    162180
     tacaaaaatt ccaggacttt caagtcaatt ttcgcgacct attgtttcat ctaatgtcta    162240
     cttatatgtg gtaaatcata agaaacgttt aaatttatta cgacatatta taaaaaggca    162300
     atagtttcaa tttattttta catctatgca aaatagatga tgcttacaca gttctaatat    162360
     tgtgagagca tgttttgacc atcaaaaaaa aaagaattaa aaacaactaa cctccattcc    162420
     aatatataga catttatcaa acaaattttt aataatccta atagtttgtt aaactagtaa    162480
     tagtaggtaa aactatttct attataaagc ggcagacagg aaacgcaaac acatgtaaca    162540
     agtttcacat ttcactgcat tgcaaacttc aagcttggtg aattcttacc tgtgaaatca    162600
     cattacatga gaccaataga agataattta aaatatgaaa tttaaaattt gaagcaatcc    162660
     ctcactttta ttaatgtcta atcatattgt ttaaccccgc cccttcttgc agcgcagaaa    162720
     tttgcaagta caagctcttg tgtgaccgca gcctaagtcg ctttggacaa aaatgtctgc    162780
     taaatgtaaa tgtaatttcc atgacttttt ttttttttta gaagtttgta ggtttttcta    162840
     aaaaaaaaaa aaggtttatc caaaactttt ccaggttttc catgaactca tgaaccctga    162900
     taaatctttc ttgaacacaa aatcagcatt ttagaataat ttttaaagtc actgaagcct    162960
     ggagcaatga gggtgacaat tcagtttaac catcatacag tttaaaaaac cccagaaact    163020
     gttacatttt aacagcattc acaatattac agttttctgt ctttcccccc cacaaaataa    163080
     tgttatgcta acttgaactt ggtgaatttt gctaaattat gtaggctttt gatcagagaa    163140
     aagtctgacg gattcagtgt gggattgctt acacagatga acatagaatt tgagtatttt    163200
     tggttcttct gtgaaatttt aattatcttc aaatatttcc caagtgctgt ttaactgaga    163260
     gtattagaga atatttctca aacataatag ttttaaagcg cccctattat gcattataaa    163320
     aggtcatatt ttggttttaa ggggtctcca acaacaagct gataagcatg caaggtcaac    163380
     aaacattatt attgtcttat aatatgtatt tattttacct aattatccca acgactccca    163440
     tatgattagg tcagctattc atttgttcgc aaacccctcc tttgtatgat gctaatctgt    163500
     gctaattggt ctgatgaccc agtctgccgg gattggtcga ctgcatttag cgcgagacag    163560
     agagaaacgc ccaccacaat tatttacatt gttgaagtag tcagagtgca gagtgtatgt    163620
     gtgagcacag tgcaggagtg cattaatgca atgcaataca caccagcata ttgctctatt    163680
     cctaaccata agtaataaca acgacacaca tttagtatta atccacacag tgacaaaagc    163740
     tgaactacaa atggcatagg atcgcgagct cagaaacaca ttaaaaatca gtgatgaaag    163800
     cggcatgtgt tgcgttttca atgtggttgt agacacaata tgagaatata aagagctaac    163860
     cagatatagt acaagttaca ataacaagta acaaaacaca actaaataca tattttgcaa    163920
     gctacagaaa acaaggaggc aaacatttta gtcatactta cacttgtgaa ctggaagaag    163980
     aaactgatcc atgaactgtg taatgataaa gctcctgtga agctctgaca aagtcccata    164040
     tcaacagact tttctgatcc ttcctttaac aaatgtccaa caaataatcc atgcagggta    164100
     gattattgca ataatcacca gaacgtttac tgatcttcaa tgatgatcag tcccacacac    164160
     aatctcactc ctttattgtt tgaagggaaa ggcgtgttca cattttaccg gattcggcac    164220
     ttcgtatttg gtattgtttc aatgtctacg tcaatacgaa caggcaaaag atctggacga    164280
     atgacaaatc atttaaaaga cactcaatct taaaagcatc tcgaatcaca catgcacttt    164340
     taaatctaac cctcagctgg atgtttcatt cacttagtgc tgagttacac actgtatgaa    164400
     aggtaatttt caaaaaacca taatagaggc tttttaataa attttttttt tgtctttgcc    164460
     attatgctat tttgcaagat acaagtattc atcttaaaat gtcattaaaa ggctaatgaa    164520
     tgtcattgga caacagtggt ttgttctgta gaaaagaaaa agaaaatctt cataatactc    164580
     ggggctaata atgaaattga ttattattac ttcattcatt cattcatttt cttttcggct    164640
     tagtcccttt attaatcagg ggtcgccaca gtggaatgaa ccgtcaactt acccagcaca    164700
     aattttacgc agcggatgtc cttccagccg caacaaaaca cccatacact ctcgttcaca    164760
     cactcattta caaacataga gtacactacg gccaatttag ttttttcaat tcacctgtac    164820
     cacatgtttt tggacttgtg gggaaaaccg aagcacccca aggaaaccca tgcaaacatg    164880
     gggagaacat gcaagctcca cacagaaaca ccaactgacc taacaggggc tcaaaccagc    164940
     gactttcttg ctgtgaagcg atcgtgcacc acccactgca gcactgggac attattatta    165000
     ttaatatttc agcaaaacaa aacaaaaatt aaaataaaaa atatccttgc tcctttaaac    165060
     attactagta cttgaaaaat aatagacatt acaggagggc taatgatgtt gtaatatgct    165120
     ccattacaac cacacaagtg cacttcaaca aacgtcatag cagcatagga cataaaatag    165180
     tgagaaagag tatgcttttt atagattaca gagtatattt ggtatgtgct gcatgttata    165240
     actgagttgt caaatcttta acagagcatg tgttgtttct ctgcaggtgg gaaagataaa    165300
     actcaaacaa aactattaga ccattcgatt tcacagccat cttttcccca aaaggcaagg    165360
     gcaataaaag agcagaagcc cggtaataaa ccctgaactt aatcaagatc tccatgccac    165420
     ccagcactca gcagaatgca atcagaaaca ctacattacc cgacctacac aaaacccaag    165480
     taggatcctt cggtttatcc attctcctcc actggaggcc tgatctgatg ggcaaacagg    165540
     aataattaga ggaatgcgtg aggattcaga atccaatttt ctttgcattt ctacatgtgg    165600
     ctcatctgca cattgcggct gcctgcacta atgtttttca ttagtctcca gtgtttatta    165660
     taacagttag gggcttcatt caaactcatg aactaagctg attggtagac gatgcaaatg    165720
     tgacccactg tgtaactgtt aaaaggcttc aggctctgtg gaaaatactc tttgtattat    165780
     tagaaacttt aaatctcttg tatagaagac agcataatca atatttctag tgtgcatttt    165840
     tatatctctc atttgggtgt catttggcat tagcattccc cgatgttgtg aatgtgcttt    165900
     ggatgtatgt gtatgatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttctctt tagctcagaa gggaagctaa    165960
     actaatgaac cctaaatacc cccatgtgga gttgaactgc tccacttcta cattatgcat    166020
     cagactgtga aacacgcaca cactcacaca tatgtgcact atgagagcag agaacgtttt    166080
     atctaccatg taagctaagc gaatgtttca ggtacagtac aagtccataa aggagaagaa    166140
     acctcccagg gtttgaaaaa aattcaccgt tgccatggaa actgggggat accgtcccaa    166200
     ttctttctga ttggcatatt tctaccccca tttctccttt ctctggtaat tccgcatttt    166260
     aatttctccc tcctttgagc ttcagcacct ctctaaatgc actgctttgt taaagtctaa    166320
     aggctggatg gtacatgtga cacaattata gttttttctc gctcatgtgg cagagatcag    166380
     acatgtgtac gtggaaaaaa cccacatgga ttccaatata ctaagatcag tttcaggcca    166440
     tgtttctatg tggaaatctc tctaaattga aatagataca tgcctttgtg tctgcagtac    166500
     aaccaggtcg atcagatttt cacctgttaa tgcactgaaa aatagaggca aatgatgtca    166560
     actctgatgc tgacatcaag tcctgcatga gtcctaaact ttaaagggca cctatgatga    166620
     aattatgata tattcacagt catattggag taatataaac ccaacaagcc tctttaaaaa    166680
     aaaattgaca ttataatagg acccaaatcc tagtgatgtt gaggcccatt gcaacgtgac    166740
     atgaggtgtg gttttccccg cccaacgaat tgattggcac catgtttcta taataacgta    166800
     tatacacatg tccacagaac tttttttttt ttttacaaat aagctgggat taaaatattt    166860
     gtttcaactc tctgtgattt ttataagttt tataacttta aaaccttttt aaaatacagc    166920
     aatatttgta ataaaatcag aaaaatctgt ttatgattta tttatttttt tcagcagctg    166980
     gggagttaca gacatctacc ataaaataac cgacgtgaaa ttacagaaat ttactagaaa    167040
     ttttaaatga aggaaattgc tgtaatttaa cattatttta ctgtaaattt atgaaatgtt    167100
     gtgttcgtta ttttactgta aatttcagta atttaatgtc cgttatttta ctgtaaattt    167160
     tttgtaatgt aacggccatt atttaactgt aaatttcggt aattcactgc aattatttta    167220
     ctgtaaattt ctgtaattta atgtgttatt ttactgtaaa tttctataat ttaatgtctg    167280
     ttattttact gtatatttct gtaatttaat atctgttatt ttacaataaa tttatgtaat    167340
     ttaatttaat gtccattatt ttactgtaaa tttatataat ttaatgtccg ttttttttac    167400
     tgtaaattta tgtaatttaa tgtccgttat tttactgtaa atttctgtaa tttaacgttt    167460
     gttattttgc tgtaaaattt tgtaatttaa tgtctgttat tttactctaa aattttgtaa    167520
     tttaatgtcc gttattttac tgtaaatttt ttgtaatgta acggccatta tttaactgta    167580
     aattttggta attcactgca attattttac tgtaaatttc tgtaatttaa cgtctgttat    167640
     tttactgtaa atttctgtaa tccctggctg ccgaaaaaaa gccaaaatat ggatttttta    167700
     aaacagtata attcttaacc gctataatca cctcagccac atagtgtcaa taaacacgca    167760
     catatgtgtg tgtgtttact ggaaacggca tttgtgtgag actcatcaat tcagaaagac    167820
     ttgaataaat tccacaacaa atatatgaaa tatacttggt atttatgaca aatgagttgt    167880
     atttcagctt catccgagtc tgtctctgtc actgtgctgt ttatctgatg taacacataa    167940
     tgagacaatg acatgggatt ggtgggcgga gagaggcagc gcattttcat ttaaagccac    168000
     aagctacaaa aacagttaca gtgtgctcag acactaaaat gggaaattct ggaggctata    168060
     ataaataatc tgatgggtat ttcgagtgga aactttaaag acacattcta gagacaccaa    168120
     aggcttatct tacgttttat aaaagaagta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gtagcccaca    168180
     attaccaata ctcagtgcaa gttattcccc tgaaaaaaag aaatgtttgt cttggtaatc    168240
     ttcaatcaaa gtctgaccat tgcttttgaa ctagtggcct tctacagtat gttgatgtca    168300
     gtttaatgga ttaacacaat attcttaccc agcccttctt actgttagtt tgctatgtgg    168360
     gaatgatgca caaaaagccc ttcaccccca ctcaatattc tgtttgagtt ggaagtgaat    168420
     caacatacta aattaaatgt ctctgcaact ttagttcaag tggactttaa atcttgtata    168480
     caagacaaaa tatatttaat tttgtcatgt agcacaagct aatgcattta aaaggtatgt    168540
     taacgacaga gagagtgagc aaaagaaaaa gtgcaattta gaaagagcaa gcacacaaca    168600
     tctgccgtgt aaacaatata aaactattgc aaatatcatg tcatcaaact actgatcaaa    168660
     atgtgcttaa acacacaata tgaacatgac actaaaatgc ttactgacca aaaaaaccta    168720
     gtggaggaaa aatgtaaact ttccagtcat aaactaaaat aaatgaatga ctataatcaa    168780
     cagtgattaa ggatgctata taaatatgca gaaaaataaa cactgtgaac aaacgaacta    168840
     caggaatggg gaaaaggatg gtctagctgt aagatacagt gaggaaattg gaattgacca    168900
     tcaagatctg cagtgtaaat gcagccttag aggcacaaat gggggtgtcc cattctccct    168960
     ctctggatcc atcccataat aattccttcc aaatgagcaa agatggcata cataaatgca    169020
     gttgtataac acatacacag agctctccct ttctctttct gactgccctt gctggttttt    169080
     atcatcagac agctgattta tattcctctt ggccaatcaa gaaaagcagc gctggtggtg    169140
     caggagtgta tttttaacgg tgaacacagc ctgtaaagta ggaaactgct gagcaaacag    169200
     atgcattgaa ctgtgggtcc gatcagtcat tagtccaccc tcaataaaac tgtcttaaag    169260
     agaagataag agctcctctt tctctcagca tctgcactcc attgttttct cacaatctga    169320
     ggcgagagca cattttagat gcttgtgatt tagactgtaa aggtaataaa ttagctgttc    169380
     atttctatat gcaagtagtt cactgaaatg atttacataa atatttgcag ggtaaaaaaa    169440
     atatatagtt agcattaatc atatgcaaat atatgtattc atacatattc aaatatgaga    169500
     ggatgtgaag atatcacctc tttggaaaat cctatgatca tctacaaagc tacctgtcat    169560
     catatctgtt caaatcttta ataggattag gttcattttt aagagaaggg agtcaatact    169620
     gagaaccaat ttcctaccat catcccaatt aagatcccct ctatttatac aagtacagtg    169680
     acattacctt ccagataaag ttacaccaca gatgtttctt tgattatatt attttttaca    169740
     atgttttaca attattattt ttattgatta tattattatt attacttttc ccaggaatcc    169800
     attgcggctg gaagggcatc agctgtgtaa aacatatgcc ggaataagtg gaggttcctc    169860
     cctctgtggc gactactaat aaataaggca gtaagctgaa ggaaaataaa tttcttaaca    169920
     ttgtctgtaa gttatgaaat tgtggaaagt tcacagaatg ttcaaatagt ccagctttta    169980
     gattttttat taatgttatt ttgtggtttt gggttgataa ataagtgact aaggcgaaag    170040
     aaaattaaat aatgaatgaa ttattattac tttgataagt gtttgataag tatatatata    170100
     aaaaatgttg tatattgttg attatttgaa aaaacaaatc cataagttca acatagatac    170160
     attttacagt gaatgtttaa tagaaaatca cagaatggcg catttgactt agatgctcag    170220
     attaagctaa aagatgcctt tagatgtctg tgttctgttt catctcagag gctatgatgc    170280
     atgcacaaaa caccacaaat tctgtttcac atttttaaaa acatttattt attaaatttt    170340
     ttttttcggc ttagtcacat tattaatctg gggtcaccct ggggttgccc ttcaagctgc    170400
     aacccatcac tgggaaacat ccatacacat tcattcacac acagaggtgc gacggcttag    170460
     ggctatgcgt caacacgtag gctgcaccgt agcatatgca tgcgcttaac gcagatgtac    170520
     aaatcaccct atacactacg aacaatttag cttacccaag tcacctttac tgcatgtctt    170580
     tggacttgtg ggggaaattg gagcacgcgg aaaaaaccca cgcaaacaca gggaaaacat    170640
     gcaaactcca cacagaaatg ccaactgacc cagccgaggc tgaacgagcg atcttcttgc    170700
     tgtgaggcaa atgtgctacc cactgtgcca ccatgcagcc acttttaaaa acatagtcta    170760
     atacacttca ataaatcaag cactgtcttt ttttcttttt taaaattaat tgcacagtcc    170820
     taacaacagt tatagtagct ttgttttaag tatacagaga tattttaccc ctcatcttga    170880
     atgtggaaga aattctcata aaaatttggt gtcattttac cattgcttga ctatgttgat    170940
     gttctatata tgaatgcctt aaccaaatgt ctattaaact ctgttaatgg cgctttgagg    171000
     tttgttacag gttgtcgtag actaacttat tattgtgaac tgtatgccaa agcagtggcc    171060
     ttctctgaat gtaagaaggt aaatctactg gataactctg gtctacaagg ctctgggtct    171120
     ggcgccttta tacctatgtt cccttcttca taagtcaaaa agccactatg taaaaacgta    171180
     tgatttctct gttccctggc tttgaactga aatagggaag caagcctttg gtcatgccac    171240
     ccccctcatc ctggtatagt cttcagtctg aactaaaaat gtctgagctc atcccaattc    171300
     aatcattttg ctctattccc tatttctttg ccatgatgaa agtaaataat attttactag    171360
     atatttttca agacacttca acacagctta aagtgacatt taaaggctta gttaggttaa    171420
     ttaggctaac taggcaggtt agagtaatta ggcaagttat tgtataacga tgatttggta    171480
     acactttact ataaggttca ttagttaata tatttactaa catgaactaa ttatgaacaa    171540
     cacttgtaca gcatttatta atctaaacta aacatttact aatgcattat taacatccaa    171600
     gtctgtgctt gttaacatta gttaatgcac cgtgagttaa catgaactaa caatgaactg    171660
     tattttcatt aactaaagtt tactaacatg aacaaatact gtagtaaatg tattgttcat    171720
     tgtttgttct tgttagtaaa tgcattaatt gacattactt aatgaacctt attgtaaagt    171780
     gtgactcatg gtttgttctg tagactatcg aaaaaatata tagcttaaag gggctaataa    171840
     ttttgacctt aaaatagtta aaaaaaaaaa aaatgctttt attctagccg aaataaaaca    171900
     aacaagactt tctccagaat aaaaaatatt atcagacata ctgtgaaaat ttctttgctc    171960
     tgttaaacat catttgggaa atattttaaa aagaaaataa catgtttaat gggtatttaa    172020
     taattctgat ttcaactgta agtgttttta acatattgta atgtggtata gttgaatatc    172080
     taactgtatt tttatctata ctttttattt atttattttc ataagttgtg tgttgcggac    172140
     ctcttggtac ctttgtaaat gagatcttga tctcaatgtt ttttttttaa tctggttaaa    172200
     taaatatata tactaaacaa tactgatctg cagtcaatag atcagagcat ctataatcaa    172260
     tttaagtcat ccaactgtta aaacatactc aaattgcaac aacccaattc ataaaatcct    172320
     aaaggaaact gtattaaact ggctcatttt tgctcttacg gcaggataac ctgataatac    172380
     tgcaggtgtg atgaactatt tccagaaata ctttataggt cccgaaaaaa aaatctggtt    172440
     aaaagcaaca aacacagagg cgtatgttaa agctttcagg tggaacctgc tcaaccccca    172500
     ttttgtcctg aaattgacaa ggattaatgg ataaaaaggg ctgatttaat tactcctgat    172560
     ccctccgatg tcaataagac tgaagtcaat ttgagcaaag atctgttaca cactgaactc    172620
     ggttgcacta ttccatccat ttcttttaaa cccagcaatc cttgctttat tagatggaaa    172680
     acttttaaac ctcacagttc tacgagagat taaatctcag cacttctaca cttccactta    172740
     acaaaaaaag ctatgatttt ctgtgttccc atcatgcact actgtgtgta tcatagagcg    172800
     agactgattt gtggctaggc gaggtgtagt gtgatactgc ctcttatctt tcagacgcac    172860
     aaatgactct cggagcaggc tgttattgaa cacaccgagc aggggctttc atatatggaa    172920
     aaaaagaaat gtgagtaaat cctgaggaac aggtggcaga tctgctgcag gtgtgtggaa    172980
     cagcacgggg aaacccgtga ggagttaagc tgcacttgac tgggctttat ttatcaattt    173040
     ggtgttttta caaggaggga acaggtgaaa ttgggcatgc attgtctttt atgatttggt    173100
     gtattttttt tttttgtcat gctctttggt atataagacg tgctttagta cttactgcgc    173160
     tagttgtgcc atcagtgtct gttagtcgct gatgtaggtc aaaccaaact gtctgcaaca    173220
     aaaccagaac agaaaagcca ctagtgaatt cactgccccc ctgaactgcc ccttgatgat    173280
     caatcacaaa acatgtgtac ctgactttaa caagaaagac tgagattaca aacataatat    173340
     atgtgtttgt attaagtagt cattaaaaat catttgaaca agttcataca agcttagttt    173400
     ttatttttaa aagtatgtaa aatgaccgtc atttagcgtg gatcaataat gcatgtgtaa    173460
     caataatgtc aattatttat catatttgta tttaaatcac tcacataaac tgtgtgtatg    173520
     ggatcagaaa tagcccttat cttcttattc acgggtgctt atttactgtg tgctttcagt    173580
     ttgattagag ctacactata acaacttctg atgttaaaaa tataactctg aagttcaaca    173640
     atgtggcttt tcatcaacat tttatgttgt gaatgacagg acaaaagaaa aaaaaatcta    173700
     tgagatttcc tttttttgtt gttattgtac agattaattt ttttagagtg caggccgaca    173760
     aaaaaatcat atggtattta taggttgcaa tgttaacaaa atggccattt ttgctattca    173820
     aataagcatt acatacacta gatgttcagg tgttgtaagc tacatataag aactattttt    173880
     tttttttacg ttgccagtca gtgtcagcaa tttttatgat ttgcattaac atttcatctg    173940
     ataacattag gctgttttat tttggttatt tatttagaaa ggcaactgta ctatcaccca    174000
     ctgcttttta agagtaaaag ccatggattg tctaaaaatt atgccaaagg caagtagatg    174060
     tcagaaatta tagaaaactg caggcaatgg ggggtgaagc actggcacag taggtagtgc    174120
     tgtcgtctca tagcaagaag gctgctggtt caagcctcgg cgtttctgtg tggagtttgc    174180
     atgttctccc gtgtttgcat gggtttcctc cgggtgctcc gctttcgccc acaagtccaa    174240
     agacatgtgg tacaggtgaa ttgggtaggc ttaattgtct gtagtgtatg agtgtgaatg    174300
     attgtgtatg gatgtttccc agagatgggt tgcagctgga agggcatccg ctgcgtaaaa    174360
     catgagctgc ataagttggc ggttcattcc cctgtggcga acccggataa ataaaggaac    174420
     taagctgaga aaaaaaatta atgaatgaat gcaagcgatg gaaaagaaac aaaaaaagta    174480
     tattgtgtag tgtaatgttg tcacagaaaa taaaatatgg aatcatttat tgttgtgttt    174540
     gatttttcct aaatattgct ttgttaacag tgactgtcac tgtggattat ttttaaatac    174600
     agtaatattt atagttgaag tcgaatttat gagcactcct gtgaatatgt ttttgctttt    174660
     taaatatttc ccaaattatg cttaacagtt caaggaattt ttcacagtat ttccgataat    174720
     atgttttttt cttctggaga aagtctggtt ctgctagaag acaagcagtg ttttatttcc    174780
     acaaaacaat ttttaggtca aaattattag ccccataagc attttttttt tttttgattg    174840
     tctacagaac aaactatcat tacacactga tttgcctaat taccctaatc tacctaatta    174900
     acttagttaa gcctttaaat gtcactttaa gctgaaactt taagctacct tgaaacatac    174960
     agtatctaat aaaaaattca gcaatagtca catcacagga tcttcaatgt tgagttggga    175020
     ttatagttga ctataatcaa tgcagagtta aattactgaa taatggagta gaaatggtag    175080
     tacacccaaa attgtttact ttgctcacta ttttcaaaca tttatgagtt tcttttttat    175140
     gatgaacaca aaaagaagat attttcatta cgcataaaca tttgaaacaa gtgaagcatg    175200
     ggtaaatagt gagtgaattt tcatttttgg gtgaactatc cttttaaggc ctgtgactgt    175260
     gtgaacatct cagcatttca gagtttaaac atccggccac cagaaattat aatgtttgta    175320
     actttaataa agattacatt acatacaata aagactgcag tgttgattgt tcgacatctg    175380
     tacctgaaaa ctgttaaatt cttctgaaaa ctgtaattca cttttatctt tgttatattt    175440
     tatttatcta tgcctgtaat ttatttggca tatattaaga ttctattccc aaaaaaatca    175500
     ccccaattga tctaagatga agaattcttt caaaataaag ctgtattcgc gtcacaatat    175560
     ttatctcaga aatacaaaat atcgcaatgt cagattttcc caatattatg cagccctaca    175620
     ggggggctaa tcattttgac agtgttaata tttctagatt aactaatatt tctagattaa    175680
     ctaattgaca tgattttcat taaatacaaa aaaactttca aaaaaaattt gtacaaaaaa    175740
     ctatttaaaa ctattaattc tcaactaatt aattttaaac tatttcaaaa tgctgctatt    175800
     tcgagtcact ttattttgat ggtcggtttg ttgaatttaa gttacattgc aacaaattct    175860
     cattagatta taagtagact gttaggttgg ggttagggtc agtgtaagtt gacatgtact    175920
     tacaaagttt cggtttctgt ctgcttaatg agcagtatta acagatatta agcagacagt    175980
     ctactaatac tcaaatggac catcaaaata aactgttact ctattttttt tttttttaca    176040
     tgtaattaca ggtgcatttg tatgattaat tctcaaataa tcaagaatct gagcagtgag    176100
     agaaagtaag caggtattat attccttcct ccctgtagag gttatatatt aagttatgtt    176160
     tggtaatgac atgcaaataa taaaaaaaaa caaagaaaca cagagaccca gaacaatata    176220
     tattcaaaat attctcacta cattccaaaa atagtgactt tatgaattc                176269