EBI Dbfetch

ID   CT025706; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 99027 BP.
AC   CT025706;
DT   26-AUG-2005 (Rel. 85, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-241M24 in linkage group 5 Contains
DE   the suds3 gene for suppressor of defective silencing 3 homolog (SDS3, S.
DE   cerevisiae) and two CpG islands
KW   HTG; suds3.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-99027
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; fb3758a4855ef3f4d8400fd5fadca1ac.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000073737; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000111646; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000114446; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-241M24. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-162I20 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-241M24 is at 99027 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-241M24 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..99027
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-241M24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..99027
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    2000
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-162I20"
FT   misc_feature    14578
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   polyA_site      complement(60598)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(60598..61186,62456..62540,70489..70594,
FT                   70718..70739,72143..72204,72874..72969,73909..74065,
FT                   74153..74172,74307..74378,75051..75106,75496..75565,
FT                   77497..77726))
FT                   /gene="suds3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241M24.1-001"
FT                   /product="suppressor of defective silencing 3 homolog
FT                   (SDS3, S. cerevisiae)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC152170.1 Em:BC166109.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CT695915.2"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(60598..61186,62456..62540,70489..70594,
FT                   70694..70739,72143..72204,72874..72969,73909..74065,
FT                   74153..74172,74307..74378,75051..75106,75496..75565,
FT                   77497..77685))
FT                   /gene="suds3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241M24.1-002"
FT                   /product="suppressor of defective silencing 3 homolog
FT                   (SDS3, S. cerevisiae)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY648790.1 Em:BC078355.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(60621..60626)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(60625..60630)
FT   CDS             complement(join(61088..61186,62456..62540,70489..70594,
FT                   70718..70739,72143..72204,72874..72969,73909..74065,
FT                   74153..74172,74307..74378,75051..75106,75496..75565,
FT                   77497..77608))
FT                   /gene="suds3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241M24.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000032071"
FT                   /product="suppressor of defective silencing 3 homolog
FT                   (SDS3, S. cerevisiae)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:A7MCG5.1 Tr:B2GU29.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013907"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8JJJ1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040801-236"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX14305.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(61088..61186,62456..62540,70489..70594,
FT                   70694..70739,72143..72204,72874..72969,73909..74065,
FT                   74153..74172,74307..74378,75051..75106,75496..75565,
FT                   77497..77608))
FT                   /gene="suds3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241M24.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000032072"
FT                   /product="suppressor of defective silencing 3 homolog
FT                   (SDS3, S. cerevisiae)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6DBU7.1 Tr:Q6DRG9.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013907"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8JJJ2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040801-236"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX14306.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(72787..72969,73909..74065,74153..74172,
FT                   74307..74378,75051..75106,75496..75565,77497..77704))
FT                   /gene="suds3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241M24.1-003"
FT                   /product="suppressor of defective silencing 3 homolog
FT                   (SDS3, S. cerevisiae)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CT599136.2"
FT   misc_feature    99027
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-241M24"
SQ   Sequence 99027 BP; 32471 A; 17975 C; 17597 G; 30984 T; 0 other;
     tggcctttgc atttgatggt agccaaaaat gactaatgaa gtaacatctt acaaattaat        60
     taattaatta attacttaag tcataatctg tacacagtca aaaggagcat gttcacattt       120
     gtcaggtctg atgcgatcag tcagtgtggt tcatttgtgt taacacttcc atctaaacat       180
     tggtgtgaaa aaaacaagtg gaccacaact taccaaaaaa atgtgtagta gtctttttcc       240
     aggcaatctc tgccacagtt gagttgaaat atgacttcag gatgcactaa agacatctaa       300
     atgaaccaaa aataagattt gatatcgtaa gatttgggcg gcatggtggc tcagaggtga       360
     gcactgtcat ctcacatggg ccagctggca tttctgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg       420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agagaatgag       480
     tgtgtatggg tgtttcccag tactgggttg tgctgaaatg gtatccactg tgtaaaacat       540
     atgctggaat agttggtggg tcattcagct gtgacgacct ctgaaataga gactaagcca       600
     aagaaaaaat gaacaaatga atcataaaat ctgattataa aaaggacagt aagtatgctt       660
     ggggcctgta caatgaggct ggattagctg gctaggatgt ttcaggttag ttcatttgta       720
     ttttaggtgc caagaaatta gttcatgtta aatcattcta ttttaccagg gtatcttaca       780
     atttattaaa tttaaaaatg ttatatataa atttatatac atttttattt gcagctgcaa       840
     ttcaaagctg ttattaaagt tatattaggt aacactttat tttgatggta catttgagta       900
     ttagactgtc tgcttaatat ttgctgatac tgctccttta acagacatat aactgactat       960
     aagaactttg cagttacatg tcaacttaca ctaaccccaa cccttaaccc ttaccttaac      1020
     ctaacagtca tcttcttatc taatgagaat taattggcat gtagataaaa atgtaacttc      1080
     aattcaacaa acgaaccatc aaaataaagt gaaacattgt tattaattac ccaacctcat      1140
     gtaattttta tcccctgaac acaaatgaag atattttaga tggaatccga gagctccctt      1200
     atcctccata gacagcaacg ttcccaagac actcaaactg cgcaaaaggt accaaaaact      1260
     ccatccatgt cacttaaact gtaatcatat taagcatatt aagctccatg aacacttttg      1320
     tgtgtcaaaa aactgtaaat atgactttgt ttgcttattt actatagact gtaaaaatat      1380
     ctgttaattt acagtttccc tgttaagtgt gtaagggttc atctattagt cctatgatgg      1440
     aactgacagt atgagtgaag gttaaatgct tgtgtaagcc attttagcac atgtgaaaag      1500
     aaatattttt acttgtaaaa aattttttgt ttcaaactct gaatttaatc tgactccaat      1560
     ttataataat ttaaatttcg attcatccaa ttcaagctga tgagcttata ggttgtgatt      1620
     tggtccaatt tagatcgatt aacgtaataa ttccttattt ttcattgtta actcaaagtc      1680
     acttggagtg ctggccaaat acatctgctc atggacacat ccttgtcagt tctggttcta      1740
     gagaatataa ctgaacaaat ttactttaag taacattacg ctgccccata cttgctcata      1800
     cataaggaaa gtttgattca gccactagat tacatcatac taagtcagta attgtcagaa      1860
     atcaacaggt ctctaatgct gtgcctatgt tccatccact gagcctgaat gtatgactaa      1920
     tcctgggctt agcatgcaga ttagacagtt tattgtttta gtgccggaca attctcgtgg      1980
     tattgtctca tgtggaattc cataacagtt cccaaggttt aatattatgg agagatatag      2040
     ccatccttac cagtgttatc catttattta cagttgtcaa ttgcattatg ggaccttgat      2100
     gttgtttaaa gtttaactct acagtttaac aaagtgactt ttattgacat tttagtagtt      2160
     tgaaatgaca taatgtataa gatttaatat acagagtaat aagtgtgtaa aataacagaa      2220
     aatgttctgg cagtttatta caaagttttt gtaccgtaat atacaacacc gacccagaca      2280
     atatatcact ttaaactatt atacatgtta aataaaagtc ttttttttta catttcaagg      2340
     ttaaaagttg ttggaagaaa gatcaaactc ctataatgca attcaaaccc ataaataaat      2400
     aagaaaataa aatacaaact tggatcacaa aacatggaaa actgctaata tttatggata      2460
     ttttaacagt gtaggcagaa tggcattttc acattagagt cagtgcaaca cataaacgtt      2520
     gttttaactg taaacgcaca ccctgacctg acagggggaa aaatagtttt ttttacagtt      2580
     gttttggtgc atagtatagt ttttggagct ttgttgatat cagttattat ccactgaaat      2640
     cacatgtaat gtctgtgggt gtttttaatt cttttacttg actttgaact tcttgggatt      2700
     gaaggtcaga gagctctcag atttcgttta aaatatgttc atttgtgttc tgaagattaa      2760
     tgaaggtctc atggattaaa acaacatgaa tgagcgcaat taataaactc taaaaaacgt      2820
     tgagttattt atttaaccca atgatagagt taaaaacatt tggtgctttg ttgggttatt      2880
     ttaaccttca ttgggttatt tattttagaa attttgaatt tcaacagtca actgatttaa      2940
     ctgacacaga acagctgtga taatatgcgt gtgtaatgtt ttgttttata acattcatat      3000
     aagctccagc gcaataatat tgttgttgtt gtttttaata tcaaatgacc tctccgtgtt      3060
     ctgttttttc tatctattct atcagcactc ttaataattg atgatacaaa tgcgcgcttc      3120
     atggccgatc tatatgaaca ctttttttca caagtttctg gaacttaaaa tgtagtggaa      3180
     ataaatcttt ttcaatattt ttaaaaactg catgttattt atttacacta taattaatag      3240
     tagtactagc attagaatta ccagaatgga aaaaaattac atttaatcaa aataacccaa      3300
     tgcactgggt tgaaataacc catagttggg aaggtgctat gataacctat aattgggtta      3360
     taccgtacca agatattttt aacccaacta tattaacgag tatcagaatt ttcatttgtt      3420
     ggtcaagtaa tcctttaaaa atgctttata aacatgaata atttttaaga ttacaagaca      3480
     actgatgtct tttaagagtc acacactctg ttgagatgta aaactagtaa aataaagaaa      3540
     agttctgctg tttttagaac aactacctta acgcaggctt ctgctaagtt gtttgccatt      3600
     atgcattgca ttctacaccc cgctgaataa aatcaatctg aaagtaatat tcttcacgca      3660
     gcattgtttc ggaggtgatt caccctgaca aaagcataat tgcagaatct ttaaaacaca      3720
     agtgttctgt gaaagcagat aatgagtgga attataacaa agggaattga atcctgtgtc      3780
     tccacctgtg tgagatctgt tagaaaacat tggctaaacc aaaaaacaca gcggcacagg      3840
     cttctgcggc gctattagat gctgagtgac aaatctgcac tttccgatgg gaaagataga      3900
     tgggtttagg agacaaagac attgtgtgta atggatggag actgtggaac ctatcaggac      3960
     agaaatacag gagtccagat tgcaccttgt aaattcacag gaaattgaag caaggttgta      4020
     aacaaaatgt gctgttttgg cagacctgag tctaatgtaa aataaaacat gttttcattc      4080
     tcaatgattt ttcatatttt aaaattgtgt atgattgtca actaggtgga tgcatggaaa      4140
     aatctgtgat gttttttcca cagtcagtca aatggtaaaa tacactgacc ggctatttta      4200
     ttcggtacat attactagta ccaggtagaa cccccttttg ccttcaaaac tgctttaatc      4260
     ctttgtggca tatatccaac aagctattgg aactgttttc tttggagatt ttgatccaca      4320
     ttgacatatc gtcacacagt tgttgcatat ttgtctgcag cacatccatg atgtgaatct      4380
     ccttttccac cacaccccaa aggtgctcta ttggattgag atcttgtgtc atgttcaaga      4440
     aaccagtctg agatgattct cgctttatga catggcacgt tatcctgaag tagtcattag      4500
     aagatgggta cactatggtc ataaagagat ggacatggtt agcaaaaata ctggtaggcc      4560
     agtctgatct cacgagaaaa cgtaagtatt ttacgttttg ccagtttaat ggctaattcg      4620
     tatgaattct tacgagttca gtcgtacgaa atggtacgat tttaaaaagg aggcatggca      4680
     cctgacccca cccctaaccc caactgtcat tgggggataa gcaaatcgta ctaaattgta      4740
     cgaattagat cgtacgaatt catacgaatt agccactaaa tgaaaaagtt acgaattgcc      4800
     gtgagattgt gttgggtagg ctgtggtgtt gacatgatgc tcagttggta ctaatgggcc      4860
     caaagtgtgc caagaaaata tcccctacac cgttacacca ccaccattga tacaaggatg      4920
     gtacaagcag gataaatcat gctttcatgt tgtttttgaa ttgtagcctc agttttctgt      4980
     tcttagctaa caaaagtggc accctgtgtc ttctgctgct gtggctcagc tgctcactgg      5040
     atattttctc tttttcggac cattctctat aaacgctgta gagaaatttc tttctctctc      5100
     tctctttcta tgtatttata tatttatatt atatatatag atgtatattg tttatattat      5160
     ttattttgtc aaaataacaa aatcaaaata aatacatttt actttaatat tcagtttatt      5220
     catgttcaaa gtaatttctg ggctgtttgt gtttagaaat tcactatttt gcgcaccaca      5280
     ggtgaaggcc aaaaccgcat cacaacgtac aaagtaaaag gcgaatgcaa atgtaaatat      5340
     ttcaggaaga acacgtgagt tcatttggct gacagatttc atgtcgagga ccaatccgct      5400
     tgcccaattg taaaaagtta tttctgtgca caaagctgtt aaggtcaggc ttgattctgt      5460
     gctattgctt ccgccacttt ttctgcgatt tgacggcata ttatgactcc gtccttcacc      5520
     tttgacatcc taattatact ttgcatgtac aaaagcaaca gcatttcgca ttactcacac      5580
     gtgagcaaat atcggctgag cgtctgaagt gcagtcaggt atgagaagtt ctttcattat      5640
     acccacacaa aaagccatta ccagctgaga cgcgtgacaa tgatagctgg caaacgacag      5700
     acatgctcaa agtcatgagc acgtagcctg aaggacagcc tccgcacctg aggaaaacaa      5760
     gtagccttct ctgatgttgc ctattaagtg tgtgatgaat gaattcctgc tcttgaatct      5820
     aacaaaaagc cagtctacct tgaaaagcca gacttaaatc aataagacat tccacttatt      5880
     tgcatcacaa ctctgacccc taaaacttgt ggggcgaaaa tgtcatgtgt taccatttat      5940
     ctgagggatg agtggagcga ccctgcgttt cacggtcaca caaggctgga tctgaaatga      6000
     agtattgttg tgaaggcgtt gggaaggaat gtcaagacat ccatattggt gttatcctta      6060
     gctttaggtt tttaagggtg ttatgggtaa tttatagatt ttattgcatg agtggcatac      6120
     tttcaatgtc tggatacact gtaaaaatga ttagttcact taaattgaag tgaataaatt      6180
     taaaaattag ttgactactt taaaagtgct caaactttaa gtgattgttt gaatttactt      6240
     ttaaaagtga gtaaactttt aaagcgaaca gatgacacaa cctaaaaaag taaatctctt      6300
     gcttgtaaag cgattagtta actactttaa aaagcaacag atttactcac ttaagtagtc      6360
     aactaatcgc tttacaagca acagatttac taacttattt aagtactcaa ctacttactt      6420
     tacaagcaac agatttactc acttatttga gcagtcaacc actcactttg tgagcaacag      6480
     atttacttat ttaagcagtc aactaatcgt tttacaagca acaaatttac tcacttattt      6540
     aagtagccaa ctaatcgctt tacaagcaac agctttactc acttatttaa gcagtcaact      6600
     aatcgcttta caagcaacag acttacttat ttaggcagtc aactaatcgc tttacaagca      6660
     acagatttac tcactaattt atgtagtcaa ctaatcgctt tacaagcaac agatttactc      6720
     acttatttaa gtactcaact acttacttta aaagcaacag atttactcac ttatttaagc      6780
     agtcaactaa tcgctttaca agcaacagac ttacttattt aggcagtcaa ctaatcgctt      6840
     tacaaacaac acatttactc acttatttaa gcagtcaact actcacttta caagcaacag      6900
     acttacttat ttaggcagtc aactaatcgc tttacaagca acagatttac ttatttaggc      6960
     agtcaactaa tcactttaca agcaacatat ttactcactt atttaagcag tcaactaatc      7020
     gctttacaag caacagactt acttatttag gcagtcaact aatcacttta caagcaacag      7080
     atttactcac ttatttaagc agtcaactaa tcgctttaca agcaacagac ttacttattt      7140
     aggcagtcaa ctaatcactt tacaagcaac agatctactc acttatttaa gcagtcaact      7200
     aatcgcttta caagcaacag acttacttat ttagacagtc aaataatcgc tttacaagca      7260
     acagctttac tcacttattt aagtactcaa ctaatcgctt tacaagcaac agatttactc      7320
     acttattcaa gtagccaact aattgcttta caagcaacag ctttactcac ttatttaagc      7380
     agtcaactaa tcgctttaca agcaacagac ttacttattt aggcagtcaa ctactcgctt      7440
     tacaagcaac agatttactc actaattcat gtagtcaact aatcgcttta caagcaacag      7500
     ctttactcac ttatttaagc agtcaactaa ttgctttaca agcaacagat ttactcactt      7560
     atttaagcag tcaactaatc gctttacaag caacagactt acttatttag gcagtcaact      7620
     aatcgcttta caagcaacaa atttactcac ttatttaagc agtcaactac tcgctttaca      7680
     agcaacagac ttacttattt aagcagtcaa ctactcgctt tacaagtaac agacttactt      7740
     atttaggcag tcaactaatc gctttacaag caacagcttt actcacttat ttaagtactc      7800
     aactaatcgc tttacaagca acagatttac tcacttattt aagtactcaa ctactcgctt      7860
     tacaagcaac agacttactt atttaagcag tcaactaatc gctttacaag caacagcttt      7920
     actcacttat ttaagcagtc aactaatcgc tttacaagca acagacttac ttatttaggc      7980
     agtcaactac tcgctttaca agcaacagat ttactcactt atttaagcag tcaactaatc      8040
     gctttacaag taacagactt atttatttag gcagtcaact actcgcttta caagcaacag      8100
     atttactcac ttatttaagc agtcaactac tcgctttaca agtaacagac ttatttattt      8160
     aggcagtcaa ctaatcgctt tacaagcaac agacttactt atttagacag tcaactaatc      8220
     gctttacaag caacagatct actcacttat ttaagtactc aactaatcgc tttacaagca      8280
     acagatttac tcacttattt aagtagtcaa ctaatcgctt tacaagcaac agatttactc      8340
     acttatttaa gcagtcaact actcgcttta caagcaacag acttacttat ttaggcagtc      8400
     aactaatcgc tttacaagca acacatttac tcacttattt aagtagttaa ctaatcgctt      8460
     tacaagcaac agatttactc acagttttta agcagtcaac taatcgctta acaagcaaca      8520
     gacttactta cttatttaag cagtcaatta atcattttcc aagcaacaga tttactcact      8580
     tatttaagta gttaactaat cgcttaacaa gcaacagatt tactcactaa tttatgtagt      8640
     caactaatcg cttaacaagc aacagattta cttacttatt taagcagtca attaatcatt      8700
     ttccaagcaa cagatttact cacttattta agtagttaac taatcgctta acaagcaaca      8760
     gatttactca ctaatttatg tagtcaacta atcgctttac aagcaacaga tttactcact      8820
     agtttaagta gtcaactaat tgctttacaa gcaacagatt tacacactaa tttaagtagt      8880
     caactaatcg ctttacaaac aaaagattta caagattttg acaagttgaa aattgacaat      8940
     tttgacaatt ttacaagtga gtaaactagt aaagcagtta attgacttaa ccttaaaaaa      9000
     gtgagtaaac cagttgcttt taatgcgatt aattgacttt atttaaaaag atcctaaaat      9060
     aaaaaggtac taactctgat ttcaaacctg tttgagtttc tttttttctg ttgctcacac      9120
     aagaaggtat tatgaaaata gttggaaacg ctaagtgaga aaaaaatcta tgttctaata      9180
     atacagaaag tcaatggtta caggtttcct acatttttct aaatatctta ttttgtgttc      9240
     aacagaagaa ataaactcaa acaggtttgg tgcaagtcaa taaggtcaat gatcaatcag      9300
     taccaaaaat atgaactatg tcttaattga aagaaaacta agcaagtaaa cgtttacaat      9360
     attcaatatc tgatcaatac aatttcaatt tacactgttc atcatttatg cttttgattc      9420
     actaaaaaca accaactgaa gtctttgttt ttgtgtatgt ggtcttgttg aatttgttta      9480
     atcttcaaat acaaacatat ttcattgtta aaaaaaaaac tttaacgttc atttaaacaa      9540
     gcttaggggg agatgatcct ctgtgttaaa cgacaatgtc acattaacat ctaaactctg      9600
     aaatcgaaaa tgtgctcagc cagacatgac cagtttcatt tgatatctgt tttgaatttt      9660
     ggagacagtt tcagattcag tcacctgaaa aatcccttac agagttacag actctcataa      9720
     atgtcagggc aatattatct gaataaaacg gcattgcatt tcatgtttca gagataccgc      9780
     agcatgtaaa ggagcagctc tatgaatcaa actaggggct atttcgagca ctcataaagg      9840
     ggtcaaattt gatcgagaca tagccgcctt ctattgagag gtaaagagac acacacacat      9900
     caaaatgtaa tcgtccacaa cggttgagag aaaaacagac acagcaatac acaaagcctg      9960
     aaggcttctt gagaaattaa aaacttcatt tctttccaga ttgagggcaa catggagggg     10020
     tcaaacatgt gcaatggcaa ctaaaagtac ataatgaggt tttcctccct ctcatcttag     10080
     agcaaccatt gcatattttt acacagtctc tttattcatc aaggggcgcc acagccgtat     10140
     gtccaacata tgtttcacgc atcagatgca cttccagcca caatacacaa cccatacact     10200
     ctttcactca aacccacaca tacactacag ccaatttaac atattgaatt tacctatagc     10260
     acatgtctat ggattgtggg ggaaaccgga gcacctggac caacgcaaac agaaatgcca     10320
     actgacccag ccagggcttg aacctgcaac cttcgttctg aggcgacatc gctgaccact     10380
     gagccaccgt gtcaccaata tttataaaat aaattaaaaa gtatagtaag aagcatatca     10440
     ttcaatcaaa ggaaagcaga ttgctccgat ttatttgtgc aacacattcc ttttacactc     10500
     tcctgcctgt agtcattgct cacagtgagg tcacaacatg acctagcaga gcgttttctt     10560
     tctcgctgtc ttcactgtgt ttctttctca tctctgctct ttgccttgag gcgatcagca     10620
     cacacatctc tgtattcgcc cggccggtaa gacgagaggg ctttctgctg aatgttcttg     10680
     aagctgacat gaacagatat gaatcaggga tgtgtcagtt ttacgagacg cccgtgacag     10740
     tcggatctcc cctcactctc acacttggcc tcatttaaca tgaagataac aggatgaatg     10800
     cacaagggta aataaaggtg atttcggcca gggatttgta aatagagtga gatggacggc     10860
     tttttttttt acagcatttt caacaaattc gatgttatag tacagacgag ttaaatataa     10920
     aatcacaaac ataaacctat tggggtgaca tggagcatag gacatatttt attcatactt     10980
     atagcctaca ctgtgaaaaa tatcggcaaa taagcagttt tctgtttttg taatttgtaa     11040
     ttttgtaatt gtaattttta tctttttatt tttattgaat tataggtaaa aaaaaaaaag     11100
     tggagtgttg ctttaatgcc acagtctact tgatgattgt tgctgatcat gtttaacctt     11160
     cctgactaca gcgtactcat attgctgtac tttttttgtg cagcatatca caaagttcaa     11220
     atcatctcta ttgagcatga cagtgagttc actaaactca gatggccttc tcagacggca     11280
     gatacctatc cagcagagca cctttgggat gtgccgaaac tggagctatt tgagaattgt     11340
     gttcagtgtc ttgctgagtc tgctatactg aattaaagta gttcggaagg caaaaggcta     11400
     tccaatctga tactagcaat acagcatgta tatgtatttt catatgcaca gaccacaggg     11460
     ctgaaccggt ggcaattata ctataggcag agcaatgtgt ctggccaacc aatagcagat     11520
     ttaaattatt tttttgcaat gccaattgct aatggtagtg gtttaccaat catgcacttt     11580
     taaagaaatt gaataacaag cttatttata aacctctttt atttattttc cgcattattt     11640
     tcatgacagt tatccacaat ttcccttatt actgtcggcc taatgaggtt tatgtaagtg     11700
     caattatggt aatgtaactg tgtcagtaat tacggtattg taaaacgcgc ttgtaattat     11760
     catgagtagg cctataatgt cacaaattat tcaaaaatag gcttcatgtt cttgatgcaa     11820
     aaaaaagggg ggtaaaataa tctgtgcagt ttttaaaatg caattttgtt ttattaaaat     11880
     taaattacat aatcaagccc aacaaagcaa acaaagcaaa ttattatttc gcctcacatc     11940
     agtggtcact tgtctcagta tcactgtttt gtcgcgtaat ttccacattt gaggatttca     12000
     gatatcattt actcattttc cttcagctta gtccctctta atgaatagaa taagtggaat     12060
     taacagccaa ctattccggc atatatttta gtggatgtcc ttccagccac aacccagtac     12120
     tgggaaacac ctagtattca tacatacatt atggccaatt tagttaatct aattcactca     12180
     tagcacatgt ctttggactg tgggggaaat tggagcaccc agaggaaacc cacacaaaca     12240
     cgatgagaac atgtaaagtc cacacagaag taccaactgg ccctcgaact taaaccagta     12300
     acagtgttaa ccactgagcc accatgtcgc caggattaca gatatcataa gtgtaactaa     12360
     agaatgaatg gtcactgaac ctctcttttg ggtccctgat gttagagctg ttgctaagac     12420
     taacacaaac tctttcaatc atataaaccc tggggtctgg tgtatacttt tcacatcact     12480
     aattttatta tgatgacatc tgtaagcaaa ggtatgtcct caaggttcac tttatagtca     12540
     cttctgaaag tcccaacagc tcctggctgg agaaatactg tggtacacat gagtgatctt     12600
     gtgaacatga tatgctatgt gctacagtat gtgaaaacgt accgctatat acatttctgg     12660
     agtgtgccaa atactaggta tggaggtatg taataggagg tatgtttttt tttttttgga     12720
     caaatttgtt tgtttttgtt ttcggaaatc caccagagtt cactgtgtac actttttgag     12780
     atcgtaaatt tctcttacga gtgctatttg cgcctgttgt tcacacgtaa atccaccaga     12840
     ggccactgtc tcctgactga ctgactgact cctcgactga ccggccctac tcctttccta     12900
     aacccaacca ttagtgtttt caaaagcact aattgatcct ctctgcatct taagtccacc     12960
     aacatacatg gcgagctaac tggacaactc ggtaacagta ggaaagccgt ccatacggag     13020
     gcgagcagtc agctgtaagc aagaaaatga acagcatcat accaccatca ttacagcatc     13080
     atgtaatatg ctcaaagttt aatgcaaagg gaggcattgg ctttaacata gttagtttag     13140
     caaagcctac agcgaaccaa gtttggggac cacaaaaaaa tacatccggg cttgtgagat     13200
     cacaagggct tccggttatg cgcttttccc aagctcacac ttcctgcaca gcgaaggggt     13260
     gtggccagag gcgctgtaat gttacagcag agaaagctga atgtcgtcca aacgctgtta     13320
     tttccacaga gctcgttctg tttctgtatg tcagcttcga aaggacatga cacaaatata     13380
     taagtgctta tagtttaatt tcaatcatgt tccagagaat tataaaaaac atatagctag     13440
     catttgacaa aatacagctt ccagaatcac tcccagttca gtgcggattc agttaaaaac     13500
     acaaccaact gatgaagctt gtaatgattc atcagccact tgtggatcca ttggcacact     13560
     ctttaatatc acagtgatga aatataaagg aaaactcaca cacagtgaaa taaacgggaa     13620
     ccttcccgtg gagtagtcga agagcaggcg taggtcgggg ctggcagaaa taaacgggaa     13680
     ccttcccgtg gagtagtcga agagcaggcg taggtcgggg ctggcagaaa acaatcttat     13740
     acgagagaca ggcagagatc aggggctggc ggcgtgcagt tggaaacgat ataatttagc     13800
     attggtcaag gcaggcaggt tatttcagaa acggtaaatc agtccaggtc aatacacagg     13860
     taggcaggta acaacagaaa aacgctcaga gatgacagcc ggagctaatc aaaactctgc     13920
     acagagtgag agaatgagtg tgtttatatg gagagtctgg aatgagtttc agctgtgctt     13980
     aatcagtccc agtagagcag cgggagagtt agtattttgg tgatagctcc ctctagtggt     14040
     ctaataggga aagttcacca acagaattca caacaaagct gtggattgtg agccccaacc     14100
     tgtaaatgtt tttatttgtt aaaatttatc tattgcatgt gtaacagatg ccagctagtg     14160
     tgtgctgtgc aggtaaacct cactcgtctg acctctaaag gagtgaggtc taaagtcctc     14220
     tggtctttag cctccttggt agagcacccg actctcatgg gaaggtcgcc ggttcgaaac     14280
     cagctcggag ggggttgggt ggcgtaggac tggcggggtt acacatgcat agtttctagc     14340
     gttaatggta tgttgtatca tatttcctag gtcctctaaa aggcctgccc tcaagaggct     14400
     ctgattgatc agctaacata atgtagagcc gattcgcgaa tcacagcata ttatgttaac     14460
     tgaccaatca gagcctcatg agggcaggcc ttttagagga actaggaaat atgagtcatt     14520
     tacatgttag ctgagtagct gtatacatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     14580
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat aaaagtaaga     14640
     tatatgaaaa ataacgtgat tttctacaaa tgaagtaatg aagtatgagc acatattgct     14700
     ttgcatctta taaacacaac caagccttac aaatacactg tggaccaggc ctttaaaatc     14760
     tgaaatttta cgtatttctt tcggtcagtt gctgaaacaa aattatttta gatcgttgga     14820
     atgatctaaa ctgctttgtc aagggtatca aaagtagtac aaactgctcg tgctgctcaa     14880
     tcaaaatgac tctcccggtc accgtctgtt ctcacttact tgagggggca aagctaacct     14940
     tcgacctcga tcaaacatca aaacttaatt tattctcttt attattattc attcattcat     15000
     tcattcattt tcttgtcggc ttagttcctt tattgatctg gggtcgccac agcggaatga     15060
     accgccaact tattcagcaa gttttttacg cagcggatgc ccttccagcc gcaactcatt     15120
     tctgggaaac atccacacac acattcacac ccacactcat acactatgga tgatttagcc     15180
     tacccaactc acctgcaaca tgtctttgga ctgtggggga aaccggagta cccggaggaa     15240
     acccacgtga aggcagggag aacattcaaa ctccacatat aaacgccaac tgagctgagg     15300
     ttcgaaccag cgacctagcg accttcttgc tgtgaggcga caacactacc tactgcgcca     15360
     ctgcctcgcc ctctttaata ttattattat aattataatt attattatca tcattattta     15420
     acactatata tagcactctt cttggtaata aatctaaatg ttaaagtgga aaataaacta     15480
     tcatttggtt tagtgaccta gttagtgagc tgggttacat actgtaaaat cattactccc     15540
     ccagaatctg ttccttgcac acagaggtca cctttcagtc tattaaactt gcttggtaag     15600
     cacagaagaa ataatgattt ttattcccaa ttaaacaagt aaacaaaacc ggctggctct     15660
     cgatcaacct ctgtcctgat catgccattg attttagcgt ggaggttccg tggtcatgtc     15720
     ctcctcaatt acatcaagac ttagctgagt tctttgagga acaaagagca ttggagacca     15780
     ctgacagatt ggtttaatat acaaagaaaa ggtggccatt tgtattctta aaggagtaaa     15840
     aaatgatgat caatactgta ggaaaaagag cagagaatgt actggtgatt ttctgtcaga     15900
     gcagtatttc tttagttcct ttagtcctaa aacacaatgt aatgcataat tcaaaataca     15960
     tcacactgag cccgtttttt tcttgtgtgt ttggctgtgc aaacacacct tctttttgta     16020
     cattaaacca atctgtcagt gttctccaag gtacaaaatt taacaaagtg tgcgtgttcc     16080
     ctatgattgt tgtgcttcta taacaaaaag gctaaattgg gctacatgac gggaccaata     16140
     tattatatct tacgcatgct agtgtattac tgttgtaaat acaccaatag acatgtagtt     16200
     gattcatttg ctgggagagc tctaaaataa acctattata tatatatata tatatatata     16260
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa ataatgaaag tttcgaaaaa     16320
     taacaaaaca tttatcaaat ctcacatttt ctcttgacaa tgttaactta aaatcatcat     16380
     aaaacagctt ttttccatat tgtgatgcag ttcctagaga aatggaatat taaatgaggt     16440
     aacagtgggc gtggcttgtt tttctataat aatttcattt ggtgtagtaa agtaggcatt     16500
     gcattcagaa agatttggaa aagggttttg ggagttagtg agagttatta caatttaaca     16560
     gacacctcct caccatttct gtttgttgtc aaaactgacc ttaggagagg catggttaag     16620
     tatgttagcc acgtccaata ctcagtggtg taaagtaaca aattacaaat acttaaatta     16680
     ctgtaactga gtggatttac taagtggttt taaaaatgtg tactttcact ttccctctgc     16740
     ttacattttt attgcagtat cggtactttt actccactac ttttctttaa tctgcagtca     16800
     cgactttatt tcctcttgtc tatggggatt agaaaaattc ctggccaatc aaatcacaca     16860
     tagaaggtaa atcgcatcat gatgaactac ctcaagacat gggcaattta taattgcagc     16920
     aaactgtttg gaagcattaa atatgtccaa gaagatttcc aaaatcttta aacgcaatga     16980
     tccagataca caatcgcaaa tacaatctta cggtgctttg acacatagac gtttgtttcg     17040
     aaatctgtct cgtttccctt gttagcgcgg ttttttggca tatatccagc agttgcgcat     17100
     ccgcgccaaa tcaatcagtc tgagatcgcc tgaacgagac ggtctctgcc ctactgagcg     17160
     gatcgattgt agtgagaaaa caatgcaatg aactaatgac ccaggctata tcagtgtatt     17220
     atgatcgtgt aatagccata tatacggcta taagaagaga gaatggtgag cagggcgaga     17280
     tgtcattctt accggtaaat gcgaaagtga aagcatgctg aaatattacc gagagctgtt     17340
     tatccagcct gatctcggtt tatccgtcag gaaaattgac cgaaattact atctgttaat     17400
     ttttccatat tttaatcgta taatatgttg aattaggcct gttgttttgt tcatttccgc     17460
     actgacagct cgaaagaaag atttacattg atctgatgca gtctcggttc atctgctatg     17520
     tctctctata atttaagcct ataatgcaga gttctagcca acgtttcttt aatagattga     17580
     ttaattcaat agatcgattt ttacaaaacc tgacaattga aatgaggctc tgtatatatg     17640
     agaaagtctg acctctgctt tatattcggt gacgatgtct gtgggttgtt aaaattaaag     17700
     tgcacatttt tgcttctaaa atattctata cacaactgct ctaaagtttg gggtcggtat     17760
     gattaaatat gttaaactaa gcttcttctg ctcaccaagg ctgcaattat ttcatcataa     17820
     atacaaatta tgaaatgttg cactataaaa taactgttca aaagtagttt atcatttaat     17880
     ttattcattt attccagtga ttttaaagat gaaatttcag cttcattact ccagtcacac     17940
     atgatccttc agaaatcatt aatattaatt attattatat ttattaatgg taatagtaat     18000
     aaaagcaata atgtgtggag ttataatttt atttgaaact acatacaata acaaagcagt     18060
     tatttaaaat ttcataatat ttaacaattt aacatttttt acatttatta aatgtagcct     18120
     tgatgaactg aatgttttct taaaaacatt ttaaaaatta ctgtaaatat atatatatag     18180
     tggatgtcag aattattagc ccccctttgt tgttttttta tttatgaaat atttcctaaa     18240
     tgatgtttaa cagagcaagg aaatgttgat agtatgtctg ataatatttt ttcctctgaa     18300
     caaagtctta tttgttttat tttggctaga ataaaagcag ttcttaattt tttatgaacc     18360
     attttatggt caaatttatt agccccttaa gctaatagtt tttcagactg tctccagaac     18420
     aaaccatcaa tgtacaataa cttgcctaat taccctagcc tgcctggtta acctaattaa     18480
     cctagttaag acagcttcaa tcttttactt tcacactagt acttagtcat tttagcgaaa     18540
     acctcagata ctgttggctg gttcctgttg gttgtgcacc tttttttacc gacgccataa     18600
     taacgacaga gatcactgcc tatacacaag aaaaaagtga ttgcctttat tcatttactg     18660
     tatgatttgt ttatgggtaa aacaaagacc atacaggtca ggtagtttaa atggtagact     18720
     acaaataatt aatttgttat taattaatta attattcata atcgaaaatc gaatcgaatc     18780
     gtgacttaag aatcgaatat gtaatcgaat cgagaatttg gagaatcgtg acacccctgc     18840
     gtagtatgtt attccagttt aaggaaaatg aacgaaaagt tcttgaaatg ctgcccttgt     18900
     acccgtgttc aataatacat taagtagtga tgatgagtat tcatgagatt gttattatgg     18960
     gcaattcagg agacagtgag taattattta ttattaaact ttttgaatgt aatatactga     19020
     aatatacaag gttggattca cagtggtatt catcacagca cctaatagct atttatcttc     19080
     aaaactaaac aatttcatag agagaattgt ttctgcacta catttttgtt ttcattgcac     19140
     agcatggcaa aatatgtctg tcattcccag agggtttaag tcatgcaggc ttacaaacag     19200
     atatgcccct ttaaaatccc atggcaattt tttttcacaa cacaacagct ctaattttgc     19260
     atctcagctt gtttatttga ctgtcatggc catgattatg tggcttagga ttgccatttt     19320
     acttggtaaa acactgtcac agaaaaaaag caacacagag aagaagaggc agcttattta     19380
     tgtttgacta cacaagagat gctctcagtt ttctaattta catccatatc aatgcatcga     19440
     catgcatcca tatgcactga cttatgcttc tgtcatgctg aaccatttaa attcaattct     19500
     cttctgtctt ttagaaagga ttgtaaatat ccattttttc ctctactgtt attaaagtgc     19560
     ctgcattctg ctgcaacact ggccactcag aatagaaagt gacaggtaaa acatgtaatc     19620
     gtccctataa atgacaacca tttaaactaa cagtctgcgc gttgtttccc ttggtttaat     19680
     catccagagt ggggttggtg gacagaaaac caaatgatag atcgtcaaaa ttgcgaccac     19740
     ttaccatctc tgacttctgt tttcatcttt taagagacgc tcgtgttgta aatgtaactc     19800
     agcagcagat ttaagtcaga ctcggcttct gttaaagttc agtcatggct gacaattatc     19860
     ttgatggctg catctccaat agatctccgt ccatcagctt ttcagagata taatccttca     19920
     taatcctttg gcaaagcgca aaaaaaaaaa aacatctata caaatacact ttcattctga     19980
     tggggtcacg gacagcgggg caagtattta actataacgt cattgcatag ttgagattgc     20040
     aagataaatc ggtttatcag ttcttataaa ggagaggaaa atagttcaca tagttttgct     20100
     gctgatggca aaggtcacgt gttcaatact tgctgcaaat ggtgaacatg aataaaaatg     20160
     ccgcattatg catgccagac cagtagttgg cgatgtatat ttgtaaagaa atgcatatgc     20220
     acatgcagtt ctgtggtcca ctgttgttat ttcagtagtc aaacgctgac tgaacatgta     20280
     aaactcctta ttatttgtat gtctgttctg cttgtcacag agataaaatt tgtattaaca     20340
     ctggtccata ccagtcaacc cttccgtttt tcccaggatt ctcccatatt ttacaattcc     20400
     atcctgatat catcttataa aggtattttc cagtatttct cccgtattat caatctttct     20460
     atgaaggctt gcaataaaca tcaaagagcc gatcctccct ataagcaaac cgcatactgt     20520
     ggaatcacca aggcacgccc cttgttttta aatgtgaatc tgttctgtgc tttcatagta     20580
     tttagacatg aaaacacttt gaaataaata taaaaacagc aggattccct tcctttccat     20640
     tacaggtgct gtttcacagc acctccttaa aaaaatttaa tgaggtaagc tattagctac     20700
     taaaaatgta gctatccact gggaaatgta gcaagctaag ctaaaagcta tctaagctat     20760
     taatgcaatt ttcattttta aatcggaatc atttaaaccc aagtcaatca tatcttagtg     20820
     atcattaaaa ctgtcaataa agcatttgag gcataattat tcagtttaat tatttactgt     20880
     aaataatatg ctttattaaa caaacatatc agagtattta acagcaaaaa caaacaatct     20940
     gataaactgt aatttttagt aaagggaaat atttaggaat aagcattata ttatattgta     21000
     tatttacaac ataatgtagt atcattagta actatcatga gctaatagta attgccatac     21060
     taaactttag cctttactac agtaaactat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     21120
     atatatatat accacaacaa atttatttgc gtacttcact attgtgtagc tcaaaaacat     21180
     tatattactt actataaatt actaaagtat ttttgagcac aacttcagaa ttaaaattat     21240
     tgcatctaaa cgtacttctt gaggtatggt cacgaggaat cctgcttcag aaataacttc     21300
     tctccctcag tcatctttcc atcaagcaag tttctcatgt taaggctggt ttatacttct     21360
     gcgtcgagtg attggtgtga cccaaagcgc ctgccttgcg cattgtcatg catttaaact     21420
     tctgcgtgct gtctgtgtcg ctctgcaata gcacttagaa acactagctg gcagtgaggt     21480
     ttttatgttc ctctgtatcg tgttacttcg caagtattta gtttttttct gaatgctact     21540
     ttaatgtagc agtagcttaa actcactcat tttgaggcaa taaccggcgg acgtgcaaca     21600
     actttaatta taaggtaaac acaaaacaaa actttccatc tggagctcct ccatgggact     21660
     tgacacttgt aaacacactc gtcaacgtta ccaaaccgac caatcacaga gcttgcggta     21720
     tgcatcgctc tgacgtgtag ttacgttttt gagaggtgca cgccgtcatt ggggtcggcc     21780
     atgatgaggg ctatgcatcc acgtgcaggc tgtacgagag catacgcccg tgcttgacgc     21840
     cgaagtaaaa atcagctttt agcctaattg gttggtgacg tcaccctctg aagcgaaaga     21900
     tggcagtaac ccaccaaaat gtttgttgtc aaccatggca aaaacaggga gaagaaattg     21960
     tcattctcac catcatattg atatatagat tggtcagaca ccaacctcac agctcagtga     22020
     atgtcggtgc cgttattgat ccgcgatcgg taaatgtagc ttgtgtgaac gctactgcgc     22080
     tacttgctta aaatagtacc ttcgctacag gaaagctatt tcatttagaa agtagctacg     22140
     ctactcccat gctactgaga aattttttta agccagaagc atcactactt gtagttgata     22200
     cttctccatc aacagatatt taactgacta tgagaaactt tgcaagtact gcacgtcaac     22260
     ttacactaac cctaaatcct aagcacaacc ctaaacccaa cctaacagtc caattctaat     22320
     ctaatgacaa ttagttggta tgtagatgca atgtaactta aggctgattt atacttctgc     22380
     gtcaaacgcc ggcgtatgct acggcgctga cgcatagccc ttcgccgtgg ccatcgccgt     22440
     cactgacgtg cacctctcaa aaaatgtaac tacacgtcgc aacgacgcgt agcgtaagct     22500
     ctgtgattgg tcggcttggt agcgctgacg agtctgggcg ggaccgagag ccgcgcgaat     22560
     ggcgcgagcg attgtttaca agtgtggagt cccgtgaagg agctccagat ggaaagtttt     22620
     gttttgtgtt tacctcatag ttaaagttgt tgcacgtccg ccggttcctg cctcaaaatg     22680
     agcgagtttg agccacttgt acatcccgga agtgttcagg aaaagcaaaa cagaagagaa     22740
     gaaactcgac acagaggaac attcacacct cactgccaac tagcgtttcg gaagtgttaa     22800
     tgcagaccga cagagacagc gcgcagaagt ataaatgcac agccacacgc gttgcctgcg     22860
     ccgtgggtta cgccggtcac ttgacgcaga agtataaatc aggcttaagt tcaacaaacg     22920
     gacaatcaaa ataaagtgtg accaaaaata gtgtaccgta ccatgaactg taccatatcg     22980
     taccacccag tggaaacggg ccataataga cgatgcatat gtgtcaatca tatgaattca     23040
     cataagttca gtcaaagaaa aatgtatgaa attttaaaag taggcatagc accaaaccct     23100
     cccctaaacc caactggcat tgcaaatggt actaaactgt acaaataaga tcacattaat     23160
     gtatatgaaa tagccactaa atcaaaaggt ttgccatgat atagctttgg caaagccagt     23220
     aatctacagc catgtatgac ataaccatgc cttgtaacca aatctatcca agctgaaaag     23280
     ttaattaaaa gattaatgaa atagtattta tcatcatatt aattatccca gcatatgtcg     23340
     cattgtatgt caaccgtgac ttgaatttat tgtgccatag aattaagtac aacaacatgc     23400
     tgttgctcat caggacattt tataattttt ctggggagtt tagcatacct tctgcagcca     23460
     acaaacttaa agttctagca cattttatat aaaccgttac tttttattct gtgaatataa     23520
     caggatttta agaaccataa gcagaagtgc aaaggtctgg agagccgtcg gtctgttctg     23580
     taacagcctc actggcacga tttacaaaga ttctatgcag ccagaaaatt ctaaacagtc     23640
     tttttattct gcttacagat ttttctaaca catttcaaag taatagacag catgttatgc     23700
     aacagtaaat aaggttattt ggatgcttgt gatgcacaat ggaatcagac aagggtgtaa     23760
     taaatacatt ttaatttcat aagcatttat tatgaattta cactagctga caaaagtctt     23820
     gtcgcctatc caagttttag aaacaacaaa taataacttg acttctagtt aatcatttgg     23880
     tattggaagt ggcttatata taaaaggcaa aggcctctag attacactta ttttaccaaa     23940
     ataaaatatg accatgcctt gatttttaat tctttaatta gaacggtaag atttgacttt     24000
     gcttagacaa aagtattgtc atttaacaga aataatgaac agtatagaat atacagtcat     24060
     gctgcagtgg aaaaagaact agtattgtgt ctgactccca tgggcttgga ggactgcatc     24120
     catacatctc ggcaatgact caaatccctt attactaaag tcatctggaa tggcaaagaa     24180
     agcattcttg caggacttct agagttcatc aagattcttt cccacatagc aaaatttctc     24240
     tggcccagct ctggcccaca caatcaggtt ttgcttggcc cacatgccgc agtgaattac     24300
     ggtacatgac tgaaccaaat ctggcttcca gacaagggcc aaacacggac ataactcata     24360
     actcataact gggcctgaac tgggccagat aggttggtgt gtcacgattg caatgaaatt     24420
     gataaaccca tggagtgatg agctttaggc acactatggg cacgcttttt ctcaaagtga     24480
     cctgattggt agaatttttt ttctttactc aaaaatgatt ttagtgtatt ttaaatgtgg     24540
     gtcaagactg gccaaactca catggcccac ttatcaaatt ttaaaatctg ggccaaatac     24600
     tacatttttc atctggccca aatcttgtgt gccgccttaa agacggtgcc acctctgcca     24660
     aacccgggcc atgtttggcc cacatgctgt atgccagtgc cggatgaatg cctgctgtgc     24720
     cagctttatg ccaaatctgg gccagaattc tttgctacta gggttggatt catcttcaat     24780
     gccttctcca tctcatccca gacgtgctca gtaatattca tgtctggtca ctttgctggc     24840
     caatcctgga gcacttagac cttctttgct ttcaggaagt ttgatgtgga ggctgacgta     24900
     taagaaggag cgctatcctg ctgaataatt taccctctcc tgtggtttgt aatgtaatgg     24960
     gcagcacaaa tgtcttgata tctcaggctg ttgatgttgc catccactct gcagatctct     25020
     cgcatgcccc catatactga atgtaaccct aaaccatgga tatttcttca acaaacttga     25080
     ctaatttcag tgagaatctt gggtccatgt gggttccagt aggtcttctg cagtatttgt     25140
     gatgattggg atgcagttca acagatgatc agaaaaattt aacttctgcc acttttccaa     25200
     atgatcaact ggaagtcaag ttattatttg ttgctcttac aactgggatc aacgacacga     25260
     cttttgtcag gtacagtaca tatattatat aactaccatc aaaaagttat ttttttttta     25320
     gtttagctca tacagtatcc attaatttta tccaaaatac attaaaaact aatattgtca     25380
     aatcatttta gaacttaaaa taactgtttt aatacatttc aaaactgcaa tttatctttc     25440
     tgattgcatc atactgcagt cttcaagaac atttaatttt atacataaac actatataaa     25500
     tattactact agcattagta atcatttatt attttattct taaatatatg tacaattaac     25560
     aaagttaata catttcatat caatatttca caaacaaatc aaatagaatt atatcaaaca     25620
     gaaaattacg tgagttgttt tcagtctaca caatttcaca aacaaataga tataaatttc     25680
     acaattaatt acaaaaaaag gtaaatgatt taaattaaaa agactgagtt gttctaaatt     25740
     gaaaaacatc ttcagataca gttgcaatca gatatattac cccccccccc cttttttttt     25800
     tttaatattt cccaaatgat gtttaacaga gcaagaaaat tttcacagta tttctgatta     25860
     tatttgttct tctggagaaa gttttatttg ttttattttg gctagaataa aagcagtttt     25920
     taatttttta aaaaacattt aagggcaaaa ttattagctt cttttaagct ttaatttttc     25980
     gatagtctac agaacaaact atcgttatac aaaaacttgc ctaattaccc taacctgcct     26040
     acagtagtta acataattaa cctagtttag cctttaaatg tcactttaag ctgtatagaa     26100
     gtgtcttgaa aaatatctag tcaaatatta ttcactgtca tcatggcaaa gataaaataa     26160
     atcagttatt agagatgagg tattaaaact attatgttta gaaatgtgtt gaggaaatct     26220
     tctctctgtt aaaacagcaa taaagggaga aaataaacag ggaggtgaat aattcagggg     26280
     ggttattatt tctgacttca actgtagata ttgaaacaca attaaaaatc gcgcattttc     26340
     ccagccataa aactgaaata aagaaagtaa taataacaaa gtacactttt ttgagtaaga     26400
     tgtacttcaa gattcttcgc tttatttaca actttgaaca atccatttat cgagtatgta     26460
     cgttttaaag agactttgtt ttccccagtt gaccatgaaa atacttatgg atttgtccat     26520
     gttttataca atagatgata gataatagat agattcttta tttcagtttt ttaaagatgc     26580
     ttttatccag cccactataa attcaaacaa atgaagagtg ttttagtgtt tattctggtg     26640
     cacagggacg atgcattttc tttttagaaa tacatattca ggccgatttg gcctcagggc     26700
     cgagatatca tccagtccag cctcccacat agtggaggaa agcaggggcc gaacggcagc     26760
     gtctcacaca ctgcgaagtc aattcactca gcaggactct actgtaactc gccctcagct     26820
     aaacgcatta gagaaggcaa caaatgccgc ccaaagctaa atgtgcctct gaaaaaggac     26880
     aaatgtaaca cagagaatag agagacttgg aaataaagat ttcagactga gcttttcagt     26940
     tcagtaattt cgttcagtct tacaatacat taggccatga tgtgccttgg gcattatgtg     27000
     caaatagtct tattttatta tcattgatac gacagtgatt aagtaaaaaa aaaaaagtac     27060
     cttttctaca tgtgtctaga ttgttttact tttattcatt tgatttgctt atggctttga     27120
     atctatgcat gggctgataa cccttttaac cgccaaaatg ttctgctata tcattcctat     27180
     ggtatgtgta aaaacaattt atttatgttt tgttttttgt tttgtttttt aggacaacag     27240
     tatctctagc agaaaagata tccaaagatg taattttaaa ttgtaaagaa atcagtgttt     27300
     ttgaaactaa tgaagacagc agtcttgatt tctttgaatt attaagcttg acatgtttac     27360
     cgttccaaca catgttaaac gtttctcaaa aaataaataa ataaataaat aaaattatat     27420
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     27480
     atatatattg tgtttaaaga ggaaaaaagt tgttgttttt tacccagaca tttaaaaagc     27540
     atatattttg gagcagccat cacaatactg tgaaaccatg atatttttat ccaatctgtt     27600
     taacatattt tgcataaaca aactattatg ttttaaatta gtttttatct tatagtttta     27660
     tttagtctgc aacccttttt ttttaggttt tctcttggat tcacttgcat cccggacgag     27720
     cccccacttt tgagttccat gaggccagtt tacaattttg tgcacacata tccttcgcaa     27780
     aaccctgaca cacatgtctt aaaaaaaatt taacagcatg ttgtggcgat gcgtagtgga     27840
     aaagctagtg tgggtgggga aaggccggtt ttgtgagtgc taataagtgt agagccctat     27900
     agaggagctt cagatgaaca attttgttaa gtttactttg attaaagtta ttgaaaagtt     27960
     gtttcttctc tttttcttga atgagtatga ctttttaggt acttctatag tcgcattgta     28020
     cacataaaaa tatgcattat aaacccaata cttgacacag tgtcgtatag aaactccact     28080
     gtctactagt gtattagaag tgttattgct aaagcagccg aaagaactat tcgcaaaact     28140
     gtgatatttt tatccaaggt tatcatacca tcagaatctt atatttgccc atgtctattt     28200
     gagtcctggc tgggccagtt ggcatttcag tgcggtgtct gcatgttctc cacgtgttgg     28260
     cgtgggtttt ctttgggtgc tacgattaat acatgcacta taagtaaagt gggtcaacta     28320
     aattgccctt agtgtatgag tgtgtgtgtg aatgtaagag tgtatgggtg tttcctagta     28380
     ctgggttgat gctgaaagga catcctctgc gtaaagcata tgttggaata gttggcggtt     28440
     tatgccgcag tggtgacccc tgattaataa gagactaagc cgaaggaaaa tgaatgaacg     28500
     aaagatttgc ttattgccat tgtgaaacac taggaaatta ttcttgtggg agttccaagg     28560
     tgcataaatt atatataata tagtgacaat acatatataa aattcaatag ttaatacata     28620
     cagcataaag ttaaaaatga ataattaaat ggttagcata gcaaaacaat tttaataaca     28680
     ttttaataaa ctatattacc acaaatactt taattatcat gcaaatgttt acaactctac     28740
     aaaatattgc aaaatgccaa atccagtgtt gatcagtcag ccatgatcag catagctaga     28800
     ttttagatgg tcaaataaca aagatatttt tgttagggga aaagatttta gcctatttgt     28860
     gtgtaacgta tggattgaaa atgtctttta tatttttttt tttgagtacc ttcttaatta     28920
     tcttattttc ctttctcaaa cagcacattt ttcaaaaata aaaatgagaa aaacaaactt     28980
     tgaaactacc ttcatttaga atattttagt aaatttcaca aaatgtccaa agacgtagca     29040
     agttactcaa ttaaacgaca ttcttaagca ggaaacccat tgtaatttct ccaaaaacta     29100
     cttaagtgat gtctgtttta tctcaaaaac cttcacaatc attacaaatt aaataagttg     29160
     acgccaagtt caaattttgc catactcact atactttcag aattattccg ttttctaatt     29220
     aatatttagt tgttataatg tattttgtgt gtttagactt caaatataca gtttatttat     29280
     aaaggacagt ggctatttga aaatattttt tgataatttc agccattaat cactcttgta     29340
     ccctgcaata taacaaattt aattaaactt gacgttttca agcagaaaaa acattgtatt     29400
     ttctcctaaa catgttttag tgatgtttgt atctcaaaaa ccttcacaat cattacaaaa     29460
     aaaaataagt tgatgccatg ttaaaataat gccatactca cattagtttc agaattattc     29520
     agttttctaa ttaatattta gttgttatat tgtattatgt gtgaatgtag atgtttagac     29580
     ttcaaatata cagtttattt ataaaggaca gcagggtttt gaaaatgctt ttcaacaatt     29640
     tcagccatta attactctcg taccctgcag agagcatcat tacctcacag acacttactt     29700
     tggaaactgc tgcaggtctc tatagtgatt gaacactaaa tatatcttgt tttgtataaa     29760
     tataatgtca atatttggtc tcagtcatat gttatttgtt atagaatatg caggttagac     29820
     ttacagagat ggaggtaatc acatactctt ataaatgtag acgtgtgcac acaaataaat     29880
     agaggaagtg tattctcgaa ttagcaacag aggcttttcc tcagtagtga aaattgaaga     29940
     taggaagcaa cacattcaat taaacttgac attttcaagc agaaaaatca ttgtatttta     30000
     tcctaaacat actttagtaa tgtttgtttt atctaaataa aatttcacaa tctttaaaaa     30060
     taaataaggt gatgccaagt tgaaatttag gctaatgcta tattcactat agtttcagaa     30120
     ttatttagtt ttctagttaa tatttagttg ttataatgta ttttgtgtgt ttagacttca     30180
     aatatacagt ttatttatag aggaaagtgg ctatttgaaa atattttttt gataatttca     30240
     gtcattaatc actgcagaga gcatcattat acctcagaca cttactttgg aaactgctgc     30300
     aagtctctat ggtggttgga cactaaatat atattatttt gtataaatat aatgtcaata     30360
     tttggtctca atcatctctt atttgttgta gaacaagcag gtttacagag atggaggtaa     30420
     tcatatactc ttataaatgt agacgtgtgc acacaaataa atagaggaag tgtattctcg     30480
     aattagcaac agaggctttt cctcagtagt taaaactgaa gataggaagc aacacattca     30540
     attaaacttg acattttcaa gcagaaaaaa aacattgtat tgtctcctaa acatacttta     30600
     gtgatgtttg ttttatctta aaagccttca caatccttac aaatgaaata agttgatgcc     30660
     aagttgaaat ataggcttat acttactata gtgttataat tatttagttt tctaattaac     30720
     atttagttgt tatattgtat tttaggtgtg aaggtagatg tttaggcttc aaatatacat     30780
     ttatttataa aaaaataaaa aaacagcagc tatttaagaa tttaaaaaca ctctcatacc     30840
     cagcagagac gatcgttacc acagacactt actttggaaa ctgctgcggg cctccatagt     30900
     ggttggacaa taaatacatc ttgttttgta taaaattaat gtcaatattt gatctcaatc     30960
     atctgttatt gttataaaac ataggtttga cttacagaga tatgtacaca aatagataga     31020
     agaagcacat tctcgaatta gcaacagagg cttttcctca ctagttaaaa ctgaaaatag     31080
     gtcatttaac tgtgaaagtt tagtcttggg aaaaataata agacgttttc ttaaaagaca     31140
     gtgctgcttt tctgaaccag acttaccctg ctttttgatg gcaataaata ataaaataat     31200
     cctttgactg tcttgtcatt gtcattcttt tttttttctg tctggacaaa tcaaacgctt     31260
     tcagggctaa ttttgagacc ggtttgatga tgaaatacaa aaaaggaaaa gtcttttcag     31320
     agaaagacta agttacttat ttacttatgg gtgaaatatg aatcgggaaa gtgataaaag     31380
     tataataagg caattaataa ttttttctga gcattattat taatatattt taccatgatt     31440
     taaagaaggg aacccacaat tatattttca gccatattaa aaataagaaa ctagggttaa     31500
     taagttaggg ttattatccc tacccaaaga tgaagctgtc aagtggttga agtttatttt     31560
     tgcaaaaaca cctcagcatt atagccccag ccttgtgctg tgttcctgtc atttttctga     31620
     cgagtgcttc aacactctac atgcttgcaa taagagattc gtcagccttc gttaaaggta     31680
     ggatcagata agactactga tgtatgggac tttgtcagag cttgacagaa actttacagt     31740
     acacagttca tggattagtt ccttcctcca tttcaagtgt aagtaactta attgcgaata     31800
     atatggttgc ctccttgctt tctctagctt gcaaattatg tatttaatcg tgttttgtta     31860
     cttgtaatcg cttcgagtgg cttgtactgt atctggttaa ctctttaagt tctcacatca     31920
     cgtctgaaac cacattgaaa tgcgaagcat gccgctttgt ttacagattt aaatgcattt     31980
     gtgagctcgc gatctactgc catttttgac tgcttaggcc accataagct gttcctataa     32040
     atgtgcagcg gtcaagtttc aaaatttttc agcttttgcc actgtgttga ttaatactga     32100
     atgagtgtag agtaataggc tggtgttaaa ctgcattgtt ttattgcact cctgcattgg     32160
     gttcacacat acactctgca ctctgactac ttcaacaatc ttaataagct atgatggcca     32220
     tatctctctg tctcacactg aacacagtcg accattcgca aaagactggg tcatcggacc     32280
     catcggaaag cgataaaagt ataagacagt caatatttta ttctgagcat tactattaat     32340
     atattttacc atgatttaaa gagggaaacc cacaattgtg ttgtcagcca tattaaaaat     32400
     aacacaaatt gataaaatat attaaatgaa tctattttag gatcgcagtg cggcctggaa     32460
     atctttcaaa tcactagttt acaacgaagt taaccttaat aatttaaaac atgatcaaaa     32520
     tttgaataat tacatattaa atagattcaa attacaatgc aattagacat aaatgttaca     32580
     cggaatgaca atgggacgtt atttcattaa tattttcaca atcttaagtt attagaaaca     32640
     ttaaagtaga tttaaaactt tattctgttc agcgaaaatc attaaacaaa acgaaccact     32700
     aattatgaca ctataatcta aatttaagat tacatctctg ccacagtgtc taattttgac     32760
     atttatttgc cgtgttgtag atcagattta tcagcgcagt tccaaacgcc tctaaagtaa     32820
     aaacaattag tcccacactg ctgccttaaa aggcttggtc ggagagagaa agatcagttc     32880
     atgcttattt atgaaacatc catttccctt gcagctgcag cagcgttttt atctgatgtg     32940
     tctttgaaaa atcaaatggg atattctgag cctccgggcc tttctaaagt ggggggtctt     33000
     gcgcaagtga agggcccata tcagaagtca gaacatgcca gttttcgtcg gagatatcag     33060
     aatcattgta attagaataa attatgcaaa cgcggaacag tttatggtag atttgcacgg     33120
     agggctgctt aaaactttat accctcagct gtgtgtgaaa tctctgcagg gtccggctct     33180
     ttcacacatt ttcattcagt cgcattgttt aacacacaca tataaaaata cccatcgttc     33240
     gtctttgttc tctttccctg ggtgtgatgt tgagaattaa cttggcatgc gtactgacat     33300
     ctcatgaaga atgcaccagt tatctgtaaa gattttatgt ccagggagca gctttataac     33360
     tccataatct acagtacatt tagcctaaaa acaagaatca gttaatttaa catgcactga     33420
     aagtgtgtga caacatgtcc cctaagccat tcttatgctc aatgaatgag gacgttttac     33480
     atgctttggt gtgaaatgat gtgtaaagca ttttagaagc aaaacaattc acaaaaccct     33540
     tacaaataag caacatgggg tctctcacta agcatgtaca aatttgcgaa tcagcaaatg     33600
     tgcatgcgga cattttctca aacaaatcac aatcaaaatc attttatgac aaagaaatta     33660
     aaggattagt tcaccaaaat tatgaataat cacacatcct cttgtccttc caaccctttg     33720
     agacctttgt tcatcttcga aacacgaatt aagatatttt aggtgaaatc cgagagctct     33780
     ctcgatgttc aagatgttca aagcccagta aaggaaccaa aatcaaaata ttccatagaa     33840
     cttcagtggt tcaactgtaa tcacacgaac aattctgtgt atgttaaaca tgttgctatt     33900
     atagcagtat gaagtacctg tgcctccctt tgggtccctt tgaaaattac aattttagaa     33960
     tatctattta aagggcacct atggtgaaaa atctactttt caagctgttt ggacatacat     34020
     gtgtgtaagt atagtgtata tactgtcata ttggggtgat ataaacacac ccagtccttc     34080
     tttttcaaat ttaaaaacat ataaacggtg gaccaattgg agcggttttc agttcgaccg     34140
     caactttacg taggagtgcg gtccaccgcc caccaatatt gattgacagt tgcgcgcatt     34200
     gacatgtctc catagtaatg catatactca tatcgacaag acaggacgag cacaaagcaa     34260
     ccgggaataa aaggtctgtt cagtttgcta ggatcatcaa ttatcatcag acgtgatcaa     34320
     gagtgagttt tacaagttta acatgtttta aaacgtgtat cacttcagat tcacttcatc     34380
     agcacagcct cgtgtctctc tcactgactc tctgtgtgcg tgtctgcctg cgtctctacg     34440
     ctatgtaagt gcgtttgtgt ctgcgctact tgtctgtcct atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgctt     34500
     gtgtctgcct gcgtgtctac gctatgtatg tgagtgtgtg tctctgcgct acttgtttgt     34560
     gctatgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg cgtgtgtctg cctgcgtgtc tacgctatgt atgtgagtgt     34620
     gtgtctctgc gctacttgtt tgtgctatat gtgtgtgtgt ctgcctgcgt ctctacgcta     34680
     tgtatgtgcg tgtgtgtctt gctacgtgtc tgtgctatgt gtgtgtgtct gcgtgtctgc     34740
     gctgtgtgtg cgtgaactca ttgttgcaac tccacaaaaa aaaatgcatc aaatactgat     34800
     ggtaaagttc ttactgtagt atttctcaca aacgttacgt gagatctgcg gcagccgagg     34860
     gcgtgttgag gcatgctgct gacaggcacg tgggataggt gggcggggat gactcgcctt     34920
     aaaggcccag tgcaaaaaaa cagcaacaac cttttcccag ctataataca gacatttcaa     34980
     acagctataa taaatactgt gatgggtgtt ttgagctgaa actttacaga cacattctgg     35040
     ggatataaaa agacttatat taattatgaa aaaaggggta acctatgtgc cctttaaact     35100
     aagtgcaaat tgtgcacctt gttggaataa tacagtatac gaataataag gtaaacaatt     35160
     attattcatc cgctgcgtaa aaacttgctg gataagttgg cggttcattc cgctgtggcg     35220
     acctcggatt aataaagcga ctaagccgac aagaaaataa aatgaatgaa atgaatttgc     35280
     gcatgcatta taattttggc ttaagggaag gggtgtccta aaagtttgaa aacctctggt     35340
     ctacagcacg agagctccat actacgggtt gatctggtta cagaatcgca ctgagcattt     35400
     tgatggattt tcctaaataa ttaaaccagg aaactccttt aaggtggtgt gtgtgtgtgt     35460
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtggaacaac aaaagcattt gcatttagtg gcatgttaga     35520
     tctgaagagt tactgcctaa agggaataaa tggtcatttg aatagaagcc cccaggtatg     35580
     gggcataccc ttagcagtgg gtcaaaagat acctgaagtt gtaaatctac tattttgatt     35640
     atgtctattt ctgagggaat gagatcattg tacccgttgc actatttcaa atgatatcaa     35700
     acatgatgca aaaagtcaca tgcattgaaa cagaactact ttgacatgac cattctgtga     35760
     gttaagatgg cctttctgtg agttgtgtga gggggaagag taggggaagg gaagggagtg     35820
     caggagagag ctgttcccgc attctcgtga atgtagatgt atgttttgtc catgtggatg     35880
     tataaaaata tctgagattt ctccaatctt acagtctttt cttaccacga aacctaaaaa     35940
     actaaaaaat tgtaagagcc aaatatttca gcaacaggct tgagaaagga gaaaatgagc     36000
     tcaccgttgt cacagcaacg ctaattgctg gtaatttcga gctcaatttt aataaagaga     36060
     acgagagaca aagtggcgtg tccatagcag cgggaggaaa agtcacacac tcgactatac     36120
     ggcacgtctt tccattaagc gtggggtgtg tgtttctgtg aggagtagga agaggaaaac     36180
     tgatgacatt cacagtgtgt catgagccat aaaaaacgca ggggatactg aatgagacga     36240
     acattacagc acagacactt atggccaaat ctgcgtacag cgcggtgata ttttcatcac     36300
     tttctcctgc tctttcagat tttactcctc tgtatcttca aacttcagca ctatgaaatc     36360
     ggcaattgac agccaggcgc tgaactgttg gttgttactt ctacttcaag tctgtttgtt     36420
     gttgtaaatt gctgtcagtg tgaacaccct taaaattttg ttctgaacaa aaagtcttgg     36480
     aaggcagcgt gtggcattat ataagtgctt ttgattgctg aagctctata tggataggct     36540
     tgggctgata ctgtcaggtg aagtcagttt ttatttttat agcacttttc aaaacccata     36600
     ttgtttctaa aaacaagttt acagaaacct cagagcaaaa actcaatctg aaacaaggga     36660
     cacgtataga gggtctgtct atctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctatctatct     36720
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatatat ttcatgctgt     36780
     tcagccttat aatcttaaat tgtgagcaaa atcacctgtt ttgtcatcat tttagacatt     36840
     acgctaaaga atcattccat aactatagaa tatttcttat acattatata agatagataa     36900
     atataaacta ctacaagtcg tcaccttgga attctaaggt tctatctgca ttctgaatga     36960
     ttttgagata ttgagcttca aagtttttgt attccatagc aaacagtatg tgtgttacat     37020
     tcattcattc attttctttt tggcttggtc ccttttatta atctggggtc gccacagcgg     37080
     aatgaaccgg caacttatcc agcacgcttt tacacagcgg atgcccttct agccacatcc     37140
     catctctggg aaatgtgtgt aaatgttttt ttttttttta ttaaagtctt aaaatgtaaa     37200
     caacttataa aaaaacatcc cataatgtta ataagttgtc aattaataag aatatgtcaa     37260
     taactcaatt ttgacaaaaa tgtcagatag aaccttatca ttctaaggtg acgaagtgtc     37320
     aatatgtccc tattttaaac agtagggtta aattttcaat gcagtttgag gtcctacata     37380
     gactacattt tttcaaaaag aaattacgat tttccccaat atatctccta tttgcgataa     37440
     gtgcaaatca gaagaagccg atttagctca tagttttgta tttgttgtaa aatacaggaa     37500
     ttctggggtc tttaaagtgc tttcagatgt ccttgaccta cacgtagact ctgaccagtg     37560
     cttattcagg gtatatgcag ataatttcaa tacccttttt aagacctgga aatattttaa     37620
     gatctcatcg ccacttcaag ttaatcatta tcaaaccttt aacttaataa acagttgtta     37680
     ataaacagtt gtagttaaat aaatcaatgg agcacaatca tgcaacagaa cagctaaatc     37740
     cacttcaagc ttcagccact gtttagactc ggctttcttc aaccaggagt acgcaaactt     37800
     gcattttccc atttcgccgt ctgttttgct ctatggtttg ttgagagcgt cacatcacct     37860
     tcccgcattt gtcacaaatt atgtgacatc agccagatgg aggagcttgg ctggacatgc     37920
     cccagcctga accaatcacg tggattgaac acgctgtttt taatgttagg aggaaaataa     37980
     atgtagttaa gtttttttgg tgtcaaacac tttggacaat gcttaaataa aatttaagac     38040
     ctcgtaaaaa catgattaag acttttgaat aagagcctta attttcgcat aattgattta     38100
     tcaactttta atacttttta aagagcccat attatacatg aaatagggtc atatcttggt     38160
     tgtaagggtc tccaacaaca gtctaatatg catgcaaagt caaaaaacac tttcatggtc     38220
     ttataatctg catttatttt tacctaatta ttccagcgac tcctgtatga atcgtccatt     38280
     gattcatttg ttcctaaacc cctccttagc gcgaagctaa tctgcgctga ttggaccgat     38340
     gacagtctgt cacgattggt cgactgcctt cagtcagaga atgaaatgcc caatagctaa     38400
     tcagcaatat aaaagtaatc acagttcata cgcgctccat agtgtaggcg tggattttag     38460
     ctgccacaca cacacacaca caaacacaca cacacacacc tctggacgac aacgcttccg     38520
     cccgcacccg ccaggtttta gcctgaaccc gaccgctccc gcttatattt agaatttctt     38580
     gtcccggtgc ccgaaccgcc ccgttttcta cccgatcccg ctaaagagcg ggggagaaca     38640
     tgtctgaaaa tcacccagca aaacagtcca gagacagcca gacagagctc tctctctctc     38700
     tctcatatgc acgcactaac acatacacac aagcgacaag cagacacaca ggcaggcaaa     38760
     gctctgtctc attcgcatag taatatccac gatattgcta gacagcccgc tcccgtccca     38820
     aattaaacct gttaccgacc gctcccgcga ttgattcgga aatttattcc cgcgccgcag     38880
     aaatctggcg cggggacagc cgcgggaatg cagacctcta ccacggagct ccgtaaacaa     38940
     acagcacgcg tcgcgttttt aacgtgactt tgcacgcgat aagagaatat agccagttaa     39000
     cctgatacag tacacgcggt tacaagtaac aaatcacaac taaatacatt tgcaagctag     39060
     agtaaacgag ccaacaactt taatcgcacg tacttacatt tgagaaatgg aggaagaaac     39120
     tcatcctgac gtccattagt aagttattct ttactgatcc ttcctttaac aaacgcagat     39180
     gaagtattct ttgtagcctg tagtttccag aagtttccaa ctgcttggtt ataatgctga     39240
     ggtttcatct ctgggtagag aatcgataat gtccatctgc agtgtgactt caatcgaccg     39300
     gtgttacggt ttaactggtg accgtgttaa ctggtgtccc tttccagatg taagctattc     39360
     acgtttgcag attggcagat tcgtcacttt ttcacagcaa caaaacatgt ccataccaaa     39420
     taaagattct tattactcgg tgtcagtgtc attgtgtgca ttattgattt taatagctgt     39480
     gtagcagaac agtatataac caaagtaaat aaaaaaaata attagaattt acatgtcttt     39540
     aacaggattc gaacccgtgt agtgaaaagg tttagcacac gtatcaatca acttatctaa     39600
     ctgagctact cagaacttca aacgaagcgg tctgttttaa tatatttgtc aattaaaaca     39660
     tgccttgctg tggttgtgga cccgtgttaa catgtttcca tcgatgttaa catgtttaca     39720
     tgctgtttag ttacatgtac tcgcgttaac gtgtttctac aaactctcca gctgatagaa     39780
     tagctctatg tgactaaacg atgcttcatc agttgctcaa accatgtttt ttcttagttc     39840
     tagactcatg tctacctgtg cctttggagt cgtgttaact cgtgacccat gctcatacat     39900
     gtaacgtaaa taaagatttt atccaaaaaa tgaatacaat gacgatatta ttatgcaaca     39960
     tattatgtct aatatatgta atatatattt catatataat attatgtaca taaacaaaac     40020
     tcctatgtgg attcgaacct actaataaaa gagactcaag tcaggaacat acgttctaac     40080
     taattgagct atcaagcgta cttagcagtt tttagtcatt ttatcgtatc tagccaaatc     40140
     atgttcataa gtaccttgat acagatgtga ccaagatcat acattgaaat gttgcgattt     40200
     tcaattaaca ttctgttgca taatattata tatgaaatat atattacata tattagacat     40260
     aatatgttgc ataataatat cgtcattgta ttcatttttt ggataaaatc tttatttacg     40320
     ttacatgtat gagcatgggt cacgagttaa cacgactcca aaggcacagg tagacatgag     40380
     tctagaacta agaaaaaaca tggtttgagc aactgatgaa gcatcgttta gtcacataga     40440
     gctattctat cagcgggaga gtttgtagaa acacgttaac gcgagtacat gtaactaaac     40500
     agcatgtaaa catgttaaca tcgatggaaa catgttaaca cgggtccaca accacagcaa     40560
     ggcatgtttt aattgacaaa tatattaaaa cagaccgctt cgtttgaagt tctgagtagc     40620
     tcagttagat aagttgattg atacgtgtgc taaacctttt cactacacgg gttcgaatcc     40680
     tgttaaagac atgtaaattc taattatttt ttttatttac tttggttata tactgttctg     40740
     ctacacagct attaaaatca ataatgcaca caatgacact gacaccgagt aataagaatc     40800
     tttatttggt atggacatgt tttgttgctg tgaaaaagtg acgaatctgc caatctgcaa     40860
     acgtgaatag cttacatctg gaaagggaca ccagttaaca cggtcaccag ttaaaccgta     40920
     acaccggcat gtttgtgtgc gtgtgtttgt gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtct     40980
     gggattctgc gtcagagggc ggggcctcag gtttgaaatc tcccgggttt gcgcgtgcac     41040
     gtgaataact tggtttcgtt cgtacgtcat ggcgaaacac ctaatgagtc ggtatcaagg     41100
     cgactcgttc gaagcactat gagtcgactc ttttatagat gaatcaaccg ttttaaacac     41160
     tgtattctta cagatttaag ccttagctgg atacttcact tcacttagag ctgtgttaca     41220
     cactacatgg aggggaattt tcaaaaaccc ataatatggg ctctttaaga ccctggacac     41280
     cctgacatta tattaggaca ttgattatac atattcattg agcagtgcac aacagaaatt     41340
     cctcacatat tgtttgataa cagccaaaaa gctgttattt ttgtactgga aaaatgttta     41400
     tcctccaact gctaaattat cgcttgaaga attgatatct actctgcact tggaacaaac     41460
     cagatctctt ttaaaaggca acattggaca atttttaaaa gatttggggc cctttcttct     41520
     gtcacttcat ggggaattct ttcccccaaa gcaatgtatt gtacctaaaa tttgttttga     41580
     ttatcactgt attgtatact tacaagctgg ggtgttttta tttttccttg tttttgtaag     41640
     tttatgcaca tcagaaaata aatccaggaa tttgtgatta ttataagtct attcaatatt     41700
     caatgaccaa ataaaactta attgacaatt gttattcatg gtcaactaat aataaatcaa     41760
     aacatttggt caatctgtat atctaatttt acatatttaa aacactgact agataggcag     41820
     cccactagat tctggaacgc agccatcttt tttttttttt tttgtgccta tgagtttgaa     41880
     acctcacaca tgctacaata ccatcctcac acacacacac aaaactgaca cttgtaaact     41940
     atctctgtca tgttgtcaag tagtgaactc ctgactccgg tgagctgttt attgagaatc     42000
     atccctccat ctgttccctc acaataaaag agcagttctg cggcactcgc tgttctccgg     42060
     cagtaatcag acgcaggcaa tagagaacag ggttgatcga ttaatcacta ggttgtagaa     42120
     agtgcacaag caacaaatgc aacatgcacc gctgtgctcg agccctgctg cactctatca     42180
     catggagtac acttcactgt atcgatctat tgtgatgcca ttccctcggc accagtctct     42240
     ataggacctc ctgaccggaa caggggaaaa aaattcaatt tgtcaaaaaa acatagatta     42300
     caacaagcga agggcaattt atctatcgtc cctcaagcaa atcagtaaaa agaggaatga     42360
     catttaataa attggtttat gatatctaat acactgtaaa acagaaataa aaataaaaaa     42420
     aaaatatata tatatacagt tacttatatt tttacaaaaa atttagccta atttggatta     42480
     aaaagcactg tataataata ataataataa taataattca ttttatttat aaatggcgcc     42540
     tttctggaca cccaaggtcg ccttacagta agcatcatca gacatgctaa acaacttaaa     42600
     cattactaaa aacaatcaat gactaaacaa gttaaaacgc aatagcgaaa aagaacataa     42660
     taaaaacatg ataaaaaatt gttaagtaaa agcctgctta aaaagatggg tctttagacg     42720
     tgatttaaaa ttgtgaagac tatcactgct cctaaggtct aatggaagtg agttccatag     42780
     cctaggagcc atagagctaa aagatctgtc tcccattgtg ctcagtcgag tgcgaggtgg     42840
     tgccagagtg aagttgttag ctgacctaag ggtacgagaa ggggtgtaga tatggagaag     42900
     ttcagtgaga tattgaggag cgagattatg aagtgccttg aaagttagaa gtaatatttt     42960
     aaaatcaatt cgatatttta ctggaagcca atgaagctga tagaggagtg gtgtgacgtg     43020
     ctcatgagat ggggtcctag agatgacacg agctgcatgg ttctgaacca gttggagttt     43080
     atggagaagt ttggaaggaa gtccagaaag aagtgcatta cagtagtcaa gacgtgaagt     43140
     aactaatgcg tggatgagaa ttgctgtgtt attagttgtg agagaagggc ggagacgagt     43200
     gatattacgc aggtgaaaat atgcagtacg tgtaatatta ttaatgtgac cttcaaatga     43260
     gagtgtgctt ataatgtgtg ctgtataatt tatcatcaga caaaatggca tcagacaaaa     43320
     aacagtatcc aaaataaata aataaataaa aataaataaa aaataggcat aagctgaaaa     43380
     gtctctagat aaaatggcat cagacaaaaa gatggaatgg cattggacaa aagggcatca     43440
     gataaaaggg tttcggaaaa ataatcatta tcagacaaaa caaaactgca ccaaatgtca     43500
     ttggaaataa aggtgtcaga tgaaatggca ttgaacaaaa tcaaatcaga caaaaaaacc     43560
     cacattggac gaaatgacat cagacagaag gcattgagcg aaacagcatc agaaaaaaac     43620
     atccagacaa aatggcatca gacaaaactg cgtaaatatg gcatcagaat aaatagtatt     43680
     ggataaaata gctctataca aataaagaaa gataaaaacg agagaaggat gaaatggcat     43740
     tggccaaaac aaggataaaa tggtttcaga aaaaaatgta atcagacaaa tcaatattgg     43800
     aacaaatgac atcagatgaa tttgcatcag gcaaaagtca ttgggagtaa aggaatcaga     43860
     caaaaaggca tcaataagaa tccgaaggat gaaggtaaca tgaaaagacg agatgaaaca     43920
     gcattggagc aaactacatc agataaaaag ccatgcagac aaaatggcat ctgacaaaat     43980
     ataacagaca aaagtggcat cagatgaaat ggcattgaac aaaatgacat ccgacaaaaa     44040
     aaaaaaaaaa cattggagga aatgacatca gacataaggt attgaatgaa acagtatcag     44100
     aaaaaaaagc tgattaaaca gcattggact gcatcaaaca aaaagccatg aagacaaaaa     44160
     atcatcagac aaaagacact gaatgaacag catcaggcaa aattgcatca gataaagtca     44220
     cctggatcag tcatcagaca aaatgggatc tgacaaaatg tatcagacaa aaattgcaac     44280
     acatgaaaca gcatcagaca aaactgcaga aatatgacat cagaataaag ggtgaaatga     44340
     caaaagacaa aatatgcctt tagacaaaac agcatccaac aaaaaagcat cagatgaaac     44400
     accactggac aaaacagtat tcgacaaaaa ggataaaatg tttgtagaaa aaagtaatca     44460
     gacaaaacaa tattgaacca attgacattg atacagacaa aaaggtatca atcaaaaggg     44520
     catcagatga aacagcatca gatgaaaaga tggcattaga caaaatgtca tcacacacac     44580
     aaacaaacaa aacattggat ataattacaa tcagacaaaa gacatctgat gaaacagggc     44640
     tggacagaac tgcatcagac aaaagggtat cagataaaat ggcaccagac aaaagacact     44700
     gaatgaacag cattagacaa aaagccatgg tactggatga aatgacatca gactaaaagc     44760
     actattgcaa aaaagcaagc aaaaaaagca tcagatgaaa caccactaga caaaaaaacc     44820
     tcagacaaga ggatgaaatg gcattgttca aaaaggataa aatggtttta aaaaatgaat     44880
     cagacaaaac tattttggac caaatgacat cagatacatt cacattagac aagaaggcat     44940
     tgggagaaaa ggaatcagac aaaaaggcgt cagtaaaaat ggcatcagat gaaatagcaa     45000
     aagacaaaac tgaatcagac aaaaaagtta tgcaaattag catcagacaa atgacactga     45060
     atgaacagca tcagacaaag ccacgcagac aaaattacat ctgacaaaat gaatcagaca     45120
     aaaatggcaa catataacat cataataaat agtactgaca taaaacagaa ggcattgaat     45180
     gaaatagcat caggctacaa aacatcagat gaaacagcat tagacaaaac tgcatcagac     45240
     aaaaagccat gcagacaaca gggcatcaga gaaaagacac tgagtgaaca gcatcagaca     45300
     aaaagtcttg cagacaaaat tgcatctgac aaaatgtatc agacaaaaag tataacatga     45360
     aataacatca ggcaaaacag cataaatatg tcatcaaaat aaatggtatt ggatgaaatg     45420
     acatcagaca agaagcacca ttagacaata aagcatgaaa aaagcatcag atgaaacacc     45480
     aaaagagcat cagacaaaat catgaaatga cattggtcaa aaaggataaa atgttttttt     45540
     ttttagtttt tttttaagtg atcagacaaa actatattgg accagacaag atatcagaca     45600
     agaaggcatt gggagaaaag gaaagacatc agtgaaaata gcatcagatg aaacagcatc     45660
     agacaaaagg acatcagatg aaacagcgct ggacgaaact gcatcagaca aaaaaagcca     45720
     tgcagacaaa acgttatcag acaaaatggc attagataaa agattatgaa aaaacagcat     45780
     cagacaaaaa gccatgcaga caaaattaca tctgacaaac ctatcagaca aaaaccacaa     45840
     ccaatgaaac ggaatcaaac aaaactgcat tatatggtat cagaataaaa agcattgaca     45900
     tcagacagaa ggtattgaat gaaatagcat cagacaaaaa gacagcagat gaaattgcat     45960
     cagacgaaaa aaaccatgca gacaaaatga catcagacaa aactgcataa atatggcacc     46020
     agaataaata gtattggatg aaatgacaaa gggatgaaat agcattggcc aaaaaggata     46080
     aaatgttttc aggaaaacag taatcagaca aaacaatatt ggaccaaatg acatcagatg     46140
     aattcgcatt aggcaaaaaa aaagtctatg gaagaaaatg aatcagacat caataaaaat     46200
     ggcatcagat gaaataacat cagataaaga cttcagaaga aacagcattg gaccaaacag     46260
     ctccagacaa aaacccatgc agacaaaagg gcatcagacg aaatggaatc agacaaaaaa     46320
     gtcatgctga aaaagagcat cagatgaaat ggcatcagag aaaaagccat gctgacaaaa     46380
     tgacatctga ctaaatgtat ctcgaaaaaa aagcaatcga agaagcatta aacaaaactg     46440
     cagaaatatg gcattagaat aaatagtatt gacatcagac agaagacatc agacaaaact     46500
     gcatcagata aaaagcaatg caaacaaaag ggaatcagac aaaatggcat cggacaaaat     46560
     acatgcagac aaaatggcat ttgacaaaat tgacaacaat aaaaccgcat caaactaaac     46620
     tccataaata tggcatcaga atagatagta gtgacatcag acagaaggca atgaatgaaa     46680
     tggcatcaga caaaacgaaa acacattgga cagcacattt taaacatcta tccctctgac     46740
     ttaccttaat aattgagtgc cttgcataca atccacattg atgctttaat ttcatacaga     46800
     agctcatttg tgttcctgtc tcaaattatg catttcattt aaaacagtca gctaaaaaaa     46860
     attgatgcat tttaaaaatg cctttaatag ctttgatact gatgtttaag attctaacca     46920
     ttcttacttt ttaaagtcca cattgagtgc actttttatt attaattgta ttacgttttg     46980
     ttaaaaattg gcaccaaaca ccttagaaaa gcaacaaaac aacccaagac taacaaacaa     47040
     acattttctg tcgtgcaggt attgacccag gctcacaaca cataattaag ccattattcc     47100
     cactaaggct ctaatttccc cctaagaaac agacatgtgt gaaatattac atattcatgt     47160
     agcagctgtt aagcatcagc gtgcaagaat acaacacgta gacaagcaag agatatgtaa     47220
     atcagaaaga tgtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca ggaaggccgt gaacaacaaa tggattttca     47280
     cagtcacaac ttgtagcata tgataaatct tgacaaagat tgcatgaata gcacattgaa     47340
     tatttgaatg aaaatcaggg gggaaatgat atagataaaa gagggtgtgg gatttcagta     47400
     gttatgtgga acatatgaag tcttatataa aagaccagaa aagcagaaga aaattgcagt     47460
     cattttaaat aacaaaatca atctagttgg aaagagtaaa aaatatagtt ctgtcatcat     47520
     ttatttagct tcactcaagt gaacgggata ggggagcttc acaattttat taccttttat     47580
     tggtattttg tatgacaaca caaagtaaat gttgagaaag gtaattagta atatattgcc     47640
     tattgttaat cccatcccct aacctctcat tcattaactc aattaacaaa acatacaaaa     47700
     aaaaaaaaac taaataatca cataaatatc aaatcaagta cattagatac acaagtacaa     47760
     aacatcagag aatagctgga gacaaataag aacatttttt taaatctaat aataataata     47820
     atctaaaaaa caaacgaaca aacagacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacccttcta ataaaattaa     47880
     aaatgttaca tgttgccagc accaggtgta atgggcttat tgtcaagtct taatatggct     47940
     gggcgataaa atcgatatta atatttattg aatgctataa gtatgaaggc tataagtata     48000
     tacacaatac acatagagac caatcaaaga tcaaaacatt acctctctgg acacaaattt     48060
     aaaacatgaa ccaattgctc ccttgtttta atgtctaatc atcttgttta atcccgcctc     48120
     tttacccagt gccgtacaac agaatttcgc atgctcaaac tctagtgtga ctgccgctga     48180
     ttataaccct ggcagccatt gatccacagg agcaaaggag tctacttaat caaaacaaaa     48240
     caggtacaaa atttgcaaaa ataaattaac aaatacatgg acatataaca tgcaaataaa     48300
     accattgatc catttaggcg gaagtgacaa actacaagct ctacatgtgt atatcggttt     48360
     tatatcttct aaacacaaat tttgtcactg ttttggctcg cactagctta tacagtgcat     48420
     tcggaaagta ttcatagcac ttcacttttt ccacattttt ttatattaca gagccttttt     48480
     ccaaaatgga taaaattcat atatttcctc aaaattctac acactgtagc ccataatgac     48540
     aatgtgaaaa aatatttgtt ttaattgttt caaatttata aaaaaaataa taataataat     48600
     taaaaaaacc tgaaaaatcc catgtacatt actattgaca gcctttgccg tgaagctcta     48660
     atttgagctt aggtacattc tgtttccact gatcactctt gagatgtttc agcagcttaa     48720
     ttggagttca cctgtggtaa attcagtgat tggacatgat ttgaaaaggc atacacctgt     48780
     ctatataagg tcccagggtt gacagtgcat gtcaaagcac aaaccaagca tgaagacaaa     48840
     ggaattgtcc gtagacatcc gagacattgt ctcgagacac aaggctggga aagattacag     48900
     aaaaatttct gctgctctga aagttccaat gagcaaagcg acctccatca tgcgtaagat     48960
     gtttggaacc accaggactc tttctagagc tggccgacct tctaagcaga gtgatcgggg     49020
     gagaagggcc ttagtcaggg aggtgatcaa ttatccgatg gttactctgc ctgagctcca     49080
     gcgttcctct gtgaagagag gagaacatta tagaaggact accatctgtg cagcaatcca     49140
     ccaatcatgc ctgcatggta gagtggccag atggaagcca ctcctcgcct tgaatttttc     49200
     aaaaggcatc taaaggactc tcagaccata agagactaaa ttctctggtt gatgagacta     49260
     aaattgaact ctttggagtg aatgccaggt gttatgtttg gagaaaacca ggcacccctc     49320
     atcaccaggc acttccatcc ctacagtgaa gcatggtggt ggcagcatta tgctgtgggg     49380
     aggtttttta gcagcaggaa ctggaagacc agtcaggata gagggaaagt tgaatgcagc     49440
     aatgtacaga gacatcctga atgaaaacct gcttcagagt gctcttgacc tcagactggg     49500
     gcgacggttc atcttccagc aggacaatga cccaaaacac actgccaaaa tatcaatgga     49560
     gtgtcttcac aataactcag tcaatgacct tgagtggccc agccagagcc cagacctaaa     49620
     tcctattgaa catctctgga gagatctgaa aatggctgta cagcaacgct tcccatcaaa     49680
     cctgatgagc ttgagaggta atgcaaagag gaatgggcaa aaattctcag acaggtgtgc     49740
     caagcgtgtg gcatcaaaaa agacttgatg ctgtaattgc tgccaaaggt gcatcaacaa     49800
     agtattgagc aaaggctgtg aatacttatg tacatgtgat ttttcagctt ttttgcaaca     49860
     atttcaaaaa ctctgttttc acattgtcat tatgggctca ggcccgtagc cagcctggtg     49920
     taaggggtgg ttcttttttc tcaaaaagtg gacctttttg cagttaaacg cctcagtttc     49980
     tatttaactg agatttaaat actgcatttt tgtgactttt ttgctggatt agctagtcag     50040
     atgtcatcat aaacagactt tttgatgtac taaaaatatt tcctaaaaat tgcagttaaa     50100
     aaaatttcaa acaagcaaat ttttaaaata caaatttact acatcatatc atatgtcatt     50160
     aggataaaaa tagcaatctg ttaaagtttt aaagtaaaaa aaactatcat ttattagaca     50220
     aaagcaaact ggccagcaca ttcaactgtc ctcagtcaca gtttggccag ttcaataaaa     50280
     aattataatt aaaacataat aataataata ataataataa attcttcaga ttttttctag     50340
     cctctttggt taaaaaacaa taatgccttt ttcgatggat tatttttatt atggtggcat     50400
     agcagtcaaa ataggatgaa aataggacaa atgagctcat ttgtgacaaa ttctggacat     50460
     ttgtcagtga ggggtgggtc ttccgaacca tccgaacccc cctggctaca ggtctgaaaa     50520
     gttagaacat gttttatgct catagtaaac atgtttaaat agaattttgg ctgtaaatgt     50580
     gcacctacat gtgtttcagg cgcaggtcag attttctcca ggtcataatt tatttagttt     50640
     acattaattt tgtcaaaaaa atgttattac ctatccagct ttatctggaa tgcatcccaa     50700
     atcaccctct gaaggagttt gagcgatcag gtttttatcc gatcagaata agtgagcaaa     50760
     cagcctcaaa aacacagacg tgacaggatt agcgcctttt gctgtaaagt gacatctgac     50820
     tgctgaggac tccgcttgcc attaaagcgg cattaaaaaa tgtcagaaat agggaaaagg     50880
     aggtcatgta ctggacaagt caataaatat acaggacgtc caggctaatg cggccagtta     50940
     gcctagaacc tcaggggcag agtttcatct gttaggaagt cctttacctg tttggcagtc     51000
     tttatgaaca tatgttcaat attttgcgat aatgatgccg ctgcctggct tttttgcctc     51060
     cgtgctcttt tcgaccaaca acgtaactca ccatggatgt tgcatcaaac attcaaatgt     51120
     gaccactcag tgggttatgt cacgtgactc gcgtcacatt attgtggcct tgaggctcta     51180
     tgggattcga attactggcc agaattattt aaaaattaca ctttattaca atatttattg     51240
     catataaata tataatatta attttataat aaatatatta tataatatta aattacattt     51300
     aataattaaa aggacaaatt ctggaccttt tggccgtggg gggtggttag ttcgaaccac     51360
     ccgaaccccc cctggctaag tgcatggggc tattgtgtgt agaattttaa gaaaataaat     51420
     aaatttattc tatttttaaa taaggctaca acaaaaaaat gtggaaaaat taaagcgcta     51480
     tgaatacttt ccggacgcag tgtagatatc ctaaaaacga acaatactga tactaacata     51540
     taaaacgttt tatttgaatt tcatgggacc tgtaaataag cagaaatgta aataaacttt     51600
     gacagctaga gtggaaatga agattttcag cctctcaata agaaaacaaa tattgcaagg     51660
     ttttataaga ctaataatta taatgatggt ataattatat aattataata gtcactaatt     51720
     gcttaggtta catgagaact actcgaatga tttcagaaaa cataagggtg atttctacgg     51780
     atggtttctt tctacggata tctgaactat acctttaaac agaatctgaa ccctcaaaaa     51840
     agctcatgaa agtaaagcag aatcttcaaa aacataccaa gagcttctac atctcaaccc     51900
     aagtctgtgg ttcaaagata aagcaaaagg aaatacaaac cgacagagcg acctggagca     51960
     caaacccata ttttttttaa caacccatgg ccattggtgc caaacacact cacagtggaa     52020
     caggcaatgg ctgtgaattg ggatgcacaa tattatctga cattatcaga aaattatatg     52080
     ccagcaagat aatgtgttga tttatgaacc cctaataact tacttgataa aaaagagtgc     52140
     taggaataat atcagatcag cagtctgttc attcttaatg taaattttac ctgtacaatg     52200
     atttaaactc accgttttgg attatgactt gaaattatga gtaggaatga ctgtgtagta     52260
     caatggtaag ttatttaaca cttagtagaa aaaagctgga tttgcatcac cctgtcaatg     52320
     catattttga accattgcat gagaaacaag tgatgaaaga accacattta aaataaaaaa     52380
     tactttaatt cgcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaagt ttcctttgag atggttttgg     52440
     acttatgtta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggttga agcaaataat gggagatgga aactcatttg     52500
     tcaactaaac taatcagctg tcttcattat gcctgccttg tttactgttg gttactaggt     52560
     taccaatatt acagtcagcc actttaacaa cttgatgaaa acgcaaataa aaagccactg     52620
     tcacactaga ttttgaacat gtaaaatttg ttccaatagt aatgttcgtc tgtcttgcgc     52680
     atgacgtaat atgtcgtatg cccgcaatat gcatgtctac atcgtgcaca cgcaatacat     52740
     atgttatgcg aacgcgatat ctatctatgt cgtgtgcaga gacacataag ttgtgcccac     52800
     acgctacatg ctatatgtcg tgcgcagact cttgtataat aacttgtatt gtatatgact     52860
     tgatttaatg gtcagaatca gactaaaagg aggcacttgg attctgtaat ggtccattta     52920
     ttcattttct ttcggctcag tcccttattt atcagggatc accacagcgg aatgaactgc     52980
     caacctagta ctgggaaaca cccatacaca cacttataca ctacggccaa ttcagtttat     53040
     ccaattcacc attgcctata actgtggggg aatccagagc acccagagga aacccatgct     53100
     aacaagggga gaccatgcaa aatccacaca gaaacgccaa ctggtccaac tggggctcga     53160
     accagtgacc ttcttgctgt gaggtgacag tgctaaccac tgagccaccg tgccacttct     53220
     gtaatgacta tcagtcataa ttcaacatct gctctgttaa aggggtagtt catcccaaaa     53280
     agtgctaaat ttccttaccg tttcctcaca ctcaagtggt tgtaaacttt tatgattttt     53340
     cttctattga acacaaaaca agacatgaag catgttggga aaatgcaacc attgacatcc     53400
     aaaaacgtac ttcacaacag acttcaaaat atcttcgttt gtgttcaata gaactaactc     53460
     aaacaggttt ggaagaggtg ggatttgagt caatgatgac tgaattttca tttaatttca     53520
     cttatacttg gctctgactg ggatgaaaat cagcaccttc aagtccgagg ccatggtgct     53580
     ccactagaaa aaggtggttt gccatctcca ggttggagaa aattccttac cctaggtgga     53640
     agagttcaat ggggttttgt tcatgaatga gggagagatg gaacgtgaga ttgacagacg     53700
     gatcggtgca gcggcagcag ttatgtggtc aatgtattgg tcagtttagg taaagaagga     53760
     gctgagccga aaggcaaagc tttcgattta ctggtcaatc tatgttcctc ctctcaccta     53820
     tggtcatgag ctttgggtca cgactgaaag gacaagatca tggatacaag cggccgaaat     53880
     gagtttcctt tgcaaggtgg cagggcgcac ccttataaat agggtgagga gctcagtcac     53940
     ccgagaagag ctcggagtac agctgctgct ccttcacatc gagagacgtc agctgaggtg     54000
     tttcagatgc tttctggaca cctacctagg gagatgtttc aggcatgtca caccgggagg     54060
     aggcctcaag gaaaacccag gaaacactgc ctctctgctt gcctgggaac gactcgtgat     54120
     ccccctggag gagctgtgat tctctcctga gattgctggc cccacaaccc tgccccaaaa     54180
     aggtgatgaa aataaatgaa tgaatgacat taatactgct ttcgtaacaa tattgctccc     54240
     ataaagcctc tgccccaagt cgcagtaagc aattctgttt attcaggggg tgtgatgcac     54300
     taatcaaaaa tgcaagtaat atataaaaca ttccgctata actttttttt ttttttttta     54360
     gaaattaagc ttagatatta cttggtgcaa atccactttc aaagcatttg gcacacaaga     54420
     aaggggttcg gaataaagcg agatgctgaa acagagctgg tgtcccttgc gaaaactgca     54480
     ggtatcagga tttatagact tgcagtgctc acactaataa ggcacattaa ccgttcagag     54540
     ctgaaaagcc ttaatgaaat ccctttctcc ctggaacaag aattaatagg ttaaagagta     54600
     ttttcaggga acaaatggcg agtatttatt gtaaacattc agttggtcac tactatgtat     54660
     tttcatctaa tgcaaccctc actgaccctt tctgatattg attccagtaa ttagggatca     54720
     ttgattgggg tggtgattta tttaatgctg attggccctg caggaactgt ctttttaaat     54780
     gcaaaaaagc ctaaatgggt tttcgttgat tcccattttc acagaagaca ttgaagaatg     54840
     agttggaagt cttcaataaa gggttcatat tttatgcata tacagtcaag cccagaatta     54900
     ttcatagccc tggcgatttc tcactttttg ttcaaatgta aagaaatgct gatattatat     54960
     atatatatta tacattctac agtgtggcgc agtaggtagt gctgtcgcct cacagcaaga     55020
     aggtcgcttg tttgaacctc agctgggtca gtttatgtgt ggagtttgca tgttctcctc     55080
     gcgtttgcat gggtttcttt cgggtggtcc ggtttccccc acaaagtcca aagacatgcg     55140
     gtaaaggtga attggatagg ctaaattgtc catagtgtat aagtgtaaat gagtgtgtat     55200
     ggatgtttcc cagagatggg ttgcagcagt aagggcatct tctgcgtaaa tcatgtgctg     55260
     gataagttgg cggttcattc cactgtgaca acccaggatt aataaaggga ctaagctgaa     55320
     aaaaaaaatg aatgaatgaa tatgtttgac atcagagtat ggtacgttta tctagtgtga     55380
     gcacgtcttc taaactcagg tgcgcaaaca aaccgttccc aagtccatct gaacgaggtg     55440
     gtctggggta ctgttcatgt aaactttggt ttggttcact tttagtatga acgcaatctt     55500
     accaaataac agaagtgaac tgccaacagt acaacatact atcgtttaca ttatgctcgt     55560
     tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atcacgtgct gtaccttgat gacaaatagg actgagccag     55620
     ggcaaacaca gtgataatgt ctgcttgtct cctccaaaac cagctactgc agacattgtg     55680
     tgatgttctg agcgtttata atattgcggc aaatagatgc aagtcgcttt ctgtatgtac     55740
     aaaacaaaaa gattaagtaa aagcagaatg accgtgattt gtgaacgtcc ttccattagg     55800
     tcgctttgct tttgtgtccg tcacctatca acatctatac acaaaacata ccagggttca     55860
     gaaagaaaaa atacagtgtg aacacaaacc aaccgagaaa gtggcaagta gggggggaca     55920
     atcgaacttg ggtacggtcc aggtaattga accaagtgtg aaagcaccct tagaggatct     55980
     ggttaaaaca aacgattcat tcacgaatca cccgtcttca ctacagatag tcagaaacag     56040
     aaacaatgga aacaattttt gcaatagatt cctgttattt aacccatcga aaaaagaagt     56100
     ggattgtcgt taagtgtaaa ttatgtgcaa gtaaaactct tgacaactgc aaaaaaacac     56160
     aacatagaaa aaacaaacaa acaaaactgg atgcaaagca ctacacccgc accccacctc     56220
     tagctaaaca acaaatgatt gacttcagtt cacgttctcc aggtaaaaca attaattcaa     56280
     ctaaactcaa aataatggtt attgctttta ttgttaagga gatgcagtca ctgtctactg     56340
     tagaagcgac tgagttttgt aatatagtaa gatttgtctc ttttggaaaa cgacttacac     56400
     atttgttaag gccacgtgaa gcgattcatt caatgtataa agctcaaaga tttattttga     56460
     tttggggatt tttttttcta ttttacagtt cattttgttt tataaacatt ttaaaggttt     56520
     aaaatcagtt tttgcctcaa aataaattat ttcttgttag tactcttaga ctttattgca     56580
     atctttatct taatggacag ttaatctact taaccaatag cacaaaacat acaaaagtag     56640
     caaacacatt acatgctttc attaatccat atacagcatg tatagctctg ggctcagaaa     56700
     gttctcaaaa tatagtttta tcctacattt tttaaaggaa aatgaaggtg taggttatat     56760
     aggtggctgt taaatgcaga gctaatttat attaaaaaaa gggaaaaaag acctgcaagt     56820
     tctgaaagag atcaaacctc agacaggtaa gaaaaagtaa cacaatttta acttgaaagt     56880
     aatttaacgc taagtaacca gttactttta agagggagta actcaatatt gtaatgcatt     56940
     ttcaaaagta actttcccca acactgtata tacgtgtgta aaatattgtt aaacatttta     57000
     aagaacataa ttttttggct acaccattct aatagatctg tattttaata attaaccaaa     57060
     gcacttgaac aaaaacattt tcaattgaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacagtc aaattttcag     57120
     tgaaaaacac agtattcaaa cagcaatgat tgtagcatga cataagatta taataatttt     57180
     ttaaggttat agctgtttta aaaaaagctc tacaagttct tgctttgcat aatattagta     57240
     tagtggagtc caaaggatag cactgtcaca atgctttttg ggttttgtga ctgcagtttt     57300
     gatctcaaga tatataaaca gagtatttac agaaatcgga gattgaagtc aatacctttt     57360
     aagacctttt ttaagactct tttcatacat tttaagacct taaaaccacg gaaacactgg     57420
     cgagatttta ccttacatta tatttactaa atattaatgt aggaaactaa tcaaaactaa     57480
     aatagcatcc atatactgaa taaaaatcta ttaaatctag ctaatgcagc agattggcgc     57540
     ctataggcct gcagaaataa tggtgatgcc tcggttactg cagtaaacaa agcagcatga     57600
     tgtcaaatgt agtaggatat cattgatttc ataaagccta ctgatttttg cagattaaat     57660
     ccagacaaac ttaaaatagc atttaacttt ttaatacttt ctaagggcct taaatttctc     57720
     ttattaaatt tctcttgatt tatcaactta taatacttta agaccccaca gacgccttga     57780
     taaagatata gatataacat agcttccagt ttcagaggtg ctaacgtgtc aaaaagacag     57840
     tacaccaata atttgaggaa ctatggaaac atttacccag tgagagagct cattttaagt     57900
     gacaatcgat ccaagtagat ccaagggtct atcggccctt acgatcatgg cctcccaatc     57960
     atcccctctc caccgaattg gctctatcac tgtccctcca ctccaccaat agctggtgtg     58020
     tggtgagcgc actggcgccg ttgtcctgtg gcagccgtcg catcatccaa gtggatgctg     58080
     cacactggtg gtggtgtgga gagacccccc tcatgattgt gaagcgcttt gggtgtattg     58140
     ccatacacaa taaatgcgct atataaatac acattacatt acaaaaatac acattacaag     58200
     ttatattttt aacagtgcag tttcaaatgc aaaggtttca catttcacat aaaaagtgct     58260
     acttctgcag tcagagtgtt aggttcggga taacggtttg gaaaatactt cttgggttgt     58320
     ctcaaaagag aaaacagact tccttaaata acaacatata tgggttaatg tacagtaaga     58380
     agcgttttat ttgggtttct gtaaattgca tacttgcacc aagtgtgttt ttaaggtcaa     58440
     tatcatttaa aaggttaaaa atcgatggaa aaaaaacaaa tgaggttgtt acttgcagaa     58500
     gccagacgtg caatctgttt gcttgttgaa ttattgcaga atcatgggct ttttttaatt     58560
     taatgttaaa tacaattatt ttaaacataa atcggtccct taacttatat gtacttacac     58620
     tgaaattaag catttgttac aatgtactta ttgtgtaaat acatgtatta cattgtactt     58680
     atgactgatt aaatgcatgc atgtaatcac tgtaaaaaat gctgggttcc acacaattcc     58740
     tttatgttgt cccaacacaa ttaagttgtg cccaaaaacc tcaagaattg tgttgtttca     58800
     gctaattttt tgagtgattg ttgaccctcc cttacaccct aacccaacct taaacctacc     58860
     cataccaaca aacctgtcct gtttcccacc tcaagagcac caggattgtt ctgcaataca     58920
     ttatgaacaa agtaattaca ttttattttt ttatatattg tttttgatgc cagtaaatag     58980
     tagttaaggc cacttaattt aaagtgggac ccataaatta accaaaatag gttaaaataa     59040
     tgcagactga tggtccaaac cattgtttaa tggccttgta gtccggcatt tcctttcaat     59100
     taccttatgg ataaaagtaa tgtgactgtt acttcaggaa cccaactttt gcactctgca     59160
     caacacaaag gctgaatatg atgttttgta aatttatatt acataccgag tttgactttc     59220
     cgcaagtctt cattgttcaa ttctaccatg agcaacaact tctctatgtc aaacaattac     59280
     gtttaaagac ttgatgggac ggtgcctctg ccagaaaagt gttttgtact gtgtagagga     59340
     aagaaatttt ctacaatttt ttgggaaaag aatattttaa aaaatctatt tgacagggaa     59400
     attacaggac atccaaaata aggagctgtc tcaaaaagac agtggatcca ggaggctgaa     59460
     agactgaaaa ttacatggac atcaaacagt gattttacca aaaatatgaa gttgttctag     59520
     ttttcattca cccaatttac ttgaaatcta catttttagt tgaacctgtt gtaatcctag     59580
     tactcatgta tatgttcttg caacttgtta cttcacccaa aaattatagt gttatcatta     59640
     attactctat ctcatgtcat ccccaaacgc tttggaatat cttcagaaca caaatgaaga     59700
     tactttagat gaaatctgag agctctctga cccttctcag acagcaagga ttgcgagata     59760
     ttcaaagtcc ataaaaggaa cgaaaaacat tgtcaaaaca ttacatgtga ttcagtggtt     59820
     cgactgtaat cagaaaaact ttgtttgcct ctgtcttcca catcaagaca ggctgcacat     59880
     tattccttac atattccaat gtttacagtt acacaagtgc cattttgcat tgatgaactt     59940
     tgtcatttta acaggatttt tgggacacaa aagtttcaac tttgaaaagt ttttcgcttt     60000
     gggattattg ctatggagga tgagagagct ctcagatttt atttaaaata tcttaatttg     60060
     tatttcaaaa tcaaataaag ggcattgaaa caacatagta aaagctatgt gctttgcaga     60120
     cccaataaaa cctgagccga gcacaacata caagacaaga caggactagg gtcaggactc     60180
     tgccatcaaa acaagagtta aaaagacaga agaagcaaaa tcctgaggca aatgttgtat     60240
     tataggggta tacaatgctg tcgattacgt aatgatcaac tactgggttt gtaaaaaagt     60300
     ttagccaatt gcaaaacaaa ctcaaacgac aattttgagt tttccaaatg atcaaaatct     60360
     tgagcttttc tatatccaag cactataagc aacaagctga aataattctc ataaacccac     60420
     aagaagcact ttgtttctgc acaaagtgtt tgtttctgcc aggaatataa ttacggatgt     60480
     aattgcttct cattgtacat gcaagaaaaa gagccactaa aagacaaggt cagctaacag     60540
     tcctgttaat ggggaaaagg aaaaaaacaa aacaaagcaa tcctgcagaa atatatgtta     60600
     ttttgtattg tatgagctga tttatttaat atcggaccga gtacaaaatt aaaacttgca     60660
     aagtaatttg aaatcctgta catttacaaa tgtctggaga gaatagatta tggcatgaca     60720
     tatcaacaaa acacttcaaa gtaaatgctg tactgtcaat agaatacaat gcaaaagtct     60780
     attgtcgttt actcgcttca gagagcgctg aggagttacc tcagacggtg ggactgaatt     60840
     acatgtacaa tgcaaatttc attgaacaac agaaaaaggc agaaagatag atagaaaaat     60900
     gtgggacatc tcatgataaa ctttggtaat gtctatacca ggtgtgtgag tgatagaaaa     60960
     ataaaagaaa agtcaggaag agatatcatg cttcagcata ttgtagacga ctcgttaaaa     61020
     caggaagacc attaaaatgt tggtaaaaaa acaagaacaa gaaaaagagg aagtgaaaga     61080
     gtgtcatcta tgctgctgac cggcgtctta tgatgaaggc ccctcgctgc agctgtccta     61140
     aataaatcct catcttcgta ctatcgctcg tcttcctcac ccaaatctgc gagaacatca     61200
     aaatccaaga caaaagcact caattaaaca aactgtttgg caagtggttc ccatgagacg     61260
     catctattcc ctttgcatcc atatccaaat gtatcttacg acatgcgtca tactgtgtgt     61320
     gtatatgtac agtgggggga aaaaagtatt caacacgtca tgtagtttcc tgggaataat     61380
     ttttgaataa tattgtaata ttacaatata atataataat aattatcttt aatgtgtatt     61440
     ttatattgga ttcaagtcag gtgattggct gggccattct acagcttgat tttctttctc     61500
     tgaaagcatt tgagagtttc cttggctgtg ttttggatca ttgtcttgct gaaatgtcca     61560
     ccctggtttc atcttcatca tcctgctaat gtggatgttg aactgaagca gctaatatta     61620
     ttttacaata aggaagggca gagggttgct gaagaactac tgcgagattt cagctgctgt     61680
     ttgggctttc actgcctttc tacacctccc tttcttcatg tgttcaatac tttttccctg     61740
     cgtcatttca ttttattaca caaaacttta tttttaaact aattagattt gttttctttt     61800
     catatatggg tttctttggt tgttaccaac atccagtaaa aatttcaagt cgacctttag     61860
     aaatatgttt tctgagaaaa attgtaatgt gttaaatact tatttccccc actgtatatg     61920
     tgctgttgtc aaaaataacc ttaagaattg tgttgtttca gctcatttta aataactaat     61980
     tttaacaaac atagtttttt gagcgtatct ttcctactat gtcctaaatt aatcttcatc     62040
     aatcaactca cccagacctg caagaacatc aaaatccaag acaaaagcgc ttgagtattt     62100
     ctcctctacc aacctccaaa tgaatcctaa acagtgattt gtactcgaaa cccaccagct     62160
     cagcaagtaa aagtccagat ctatgtggtg cgctattgat gctggcgtta aaaggatgca     62220
     aatgagacaa aagccatcgg aaagacatcc ttgtacgatt tgatatgcat gcagattaca     62280
     ataaatgaga gcagactaaa tgagaatttt cctcttctgg ccctcgaaaa aaaagctgat     62340
     gcacttgggc cgatctcaat aacccgctgt ttattccccc ctctgagcag gtcattagtt     62400
     tgaagagcgc agtcatttgt ttagagccaa tcagaagaga gaatcagaca caaacctcat     62460
     tggtccccac agagctgatg acacagctga tcttggtgtt ctccttggac tccagataga     62520
     ttgcttgact tttatggtac ctgaaacaat aacggcatcg gtcacttaag atcaccatta     62580
     cagtaaattc ccttcagagg catgctctca gtcaggtatt gtacgtgagc ttatctcctt     62640
     cacatcgctt cggtggaaaa agcaatattt aggcttaaag gatttcaagg aaatgaaaat     62700
     tctgtcgtca ttttctcagc ctcgtcaggt tctgcactga atttagttca ctgtatgaag     62760
     atataaaagt ttgtgcaaca aaaatacaat aaaataacat ttctgccaaa gtgagtaatg     62820
     gcagcttcta aatgtagatt tggatttttt gttcttccac agacgagcag tgttgggtaa     62880
     gttactttaa aggttcagga caccctggag aacttttttt ttatattaac agatgtgtgt     62940
     gtgtgtgttg agcatcagtt aagacaatgt tagcacctgt cagctttaat tgtggggaaa     63000
     acttgataat tttgagcttt tgtcagctaa tttcagcttc cgggtttaaa atgatttttg     63060
     gggcgggatc aaaatcaggg acgtagcgca gaactgcaag tgcaatgatg acgcgtcggt     63120
     ttctcattgt tattcatagc ggagtttttt tatcctatga gaagagccgg ctgcttaatt     63180
     attcatgaga gcacgtgctt tccgaaggta aggcatacca gtttcaagca agctgagaga     63240
     cacggaccca cggcatgcag tagccgttca tgaaggctcg tatgtgtttg tttccatgat     63300
     ccacagggtt tgttgcatgt tttttgcccg tgatcttgtc tggtccgatc atacagtaaa     63360
     gctgtgtgtg tactgcaagc atttttgtcg ggagagcagt acgagaattg aagaatggcg     63420
     gacgttgact tttatcagga gttcgttcac attcagacac atcgccgtgc tgctgtgttt     63480
     gcctaaatcc tctatattac cagcagggct aatggttaaa ataggcaggt caggagacct     63540
     gctgcactga gtctgcattc agatctataa tttagaaccg ggaatcgagg gagaatcttc     63600
     atttatagtg tttacatgaa cacacttatc tttatagtga tataaattgt ggttgtctgt     63660
     atatgaaatt acgaataaca aatgtagcag ggcattcaat cactgttcat ttctttgcat     63720
     tttaactttg taaactataa actcatgtgt ctcctcacgg tttgtgtctc atttagtgag     63780
     ctaactgtca acaacagtta ttcgctcccc ttctcccctg ctggccacgc ccactcctgc     63840
     actatgctcg cgaagctcca cgcccattaa tcatgcatct tttgaaaaaa ttctgaagta     63900
     gactttaacc gaaagtgggg ggtgtcatgg ccctttaaga aagtaataga ttacaaatga     63960
     caactactgg aaaattctaa tctttattag attaatatag attactaatt acatagcttt     64020
     gaagttactt ttaaaacatt taaactatac ctataaaata caaaataaac agcagctctt     64080
     tcagtcaatt aatatttact gaaaaacatt acaaaaggtt gatcacagca gcttgacata     64140
     ttcaaaagac ttaaagagtt cgcccaaaac ttaaaattct ctcatcattt acttgttttt     64200
     tttaacacca aagaagacat ttagaagaaa accggatacc tgtaaccatt gacatccata     64260
     gtaaagcact gcagtgttta gaagtactgt gttattctaa ggaaattaat ctatctgaat     64320
     atttcataca aagtatgaaa cggatcggtc agttcttgtc acgtgtctca cggttttcaa     64380
     ctgttcacct gggaatatgt gtgcacaagc cacgcgcctc cattggaaat aacgaatgtg     64440
     cgtgcgcaaa atacacaata tgtaaacggc cctataagca gctacgcttc tcttcacatt     64500
     caaaagatac cttcactccc tatcctgcac taaatttagc ctgtttaggc tgagctggac     64560
     agctgggttt ttgagcgccg gtgtcctcct ttgtgacgag aattgtcata gagtgctttc     64620
     tattcaagtg cttgtacaag tgtcttgttg agttctttag agactggata tggactacat     64680
     ttcacagcag tatttttgtt tttgcgctca atatttccac ttgcagaagc aaacactctc     64740
     atctggagcc atttcagctc acgttctggc atgcttatta actgatgtta ttaactgagt     64800
     aactgtgtaa agaagttaca caaatttaaa tgtaattcgt tacattactg ctacccacga     64860
     cgccatcgcg ctgcccttta aaggtatagt ttaccatgaa atgttaactc tttcactatt     64920
     tatcattcct ttcttctttt aaggactaaa aaacaggggt gggcaatctt ggtcctggag     64980
     ggctggtgtc ctgcatagtt tagctctaac accagtcaaa cacacctgaa catgcaaatc     65040
     agtgtcttca agatcactag aaatctataa gcaggtgtgt ttgattagag ttggatctaa     65100
     actgtgcagg accccaggcc tccaggactg actttgccca cccctgctaa agaagatatc     65160
     ttgaagaaag ctgaaaaccc gttaccattg acttctatag tatttgtttt tcctactatg     65220
     aaagtcaatg gttacggttt tcagctttct tcaaaatatc ttctttagtg ctcagcagag     65280
     gaaagaaact catgacggtt tggaaccact tgagggagag taaataaata gtgagttcat     65340
     ttaatttttg ggtgaactat ccctttaaaa gtcggataag gcaatacttc atttctagat     65400
     ttccttattt gactctatgt taaatcacaa caaaatgaca ttaagtagtc aagtaacaca     65460
     ttcaaaatat acatatacat attctgctgt ggtaacagaa tggttgcaaa cagcactaat     65520
     tagaaagcga gagcttgtca tctcctaaaa acagcgagca cagagagcat aagcagcctg     65580
     tggcttccac cttctcgcgc aaacatcctc tggtgaagtt cagatagagg caaaactcaa     65640
     cctcgccact cgttatttaa acagctgaat aaaactgcat ttaatataca tgtaacatta     65700
     tacatttaat gcctgcggta tcaacctgga ccacatttcc tcctcctcct ccgctcgctc     65760
     gctcatctcc tcacacaaat attccggttg gattgcagtg ctgaaagcta cggcagccca     65820
     ctgtctaaag ggcacgactg gatgaatgca tgctgacaca ctcatacaaa tccagaggca     65880
     ttcatgacgt ttaatgtcac aaacacagaa gtcaaagcaa tctccagacc tcatcctaaa     65940
     ccgcaagctt tctgcgctta ttattagaca cgatgaattt aagatttata tactgtagtc     66000
     tgttcagatg attgcatgtc acaataggtt aatcgtaaag catgtggtgt ttacattatt     66060
     aaatatcact aaagagacaa gagtaaaact atgtcagcaa agtgtgacct gaatactgcc     66120
     acagatatca ccctgtttag gcaaactacc acttggaaat aaatcacaag catattccta     66180
     tataaatata cagtagtatg ctcatttcgg ttaattttgg caaccaacaa ctggtgctcg     66240
     ttaaacgaat attaatgatt aactggtcag attaatatta aattcattca ttcattcatt     66300
     ttcttgttgg cttagtccct ttattaatac agggtcgcca caacggaatg aaccgccaac     66360
     ttatccagca agtttttacg cagcggatgc ccttccagct gcaacccatc tctgggaaac     66420
     atccatacac acattcacac acacacactc atacactacg gacaatttgg cctacccgat     66480
     tcacctgtac cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaaccag agcaaacaca cgcaaacgca     66540
     gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagacacg ccaactgagc cgaagcttga tccagtgacc     66600
     cagcgaccat cttgctgtga ggcgacagca ctacctactg cgccactgct tcgcctaata     66660
     ttaaattatt atttaatttt ttttcttaaa tgacgtgtct actttgtgtc tgacacatta     66720
     aatattgcat tttaaaatac ttatttattt taacacgtga acaaaagcat agagaacaac     66780
     agcatagaaa aacagaataa actaaataaa aaaaaaaata ataatcttgc cctagatatt     66840
     tttcatctaa atgacaagtt tatatttcaa aacgacaaca ctgactgaat cctttttaag     66900
     aaccggcata tactgtttgt ccaataatta gttttttttt ttttttcatg ttaaataaaa     66960
     atagtaggct acctaaaatt gatagcttcg gagaaaatga gcatttaatc aatgaaaacc     67020
     ctacctctgc tttcatttga ttgaagaaaa aaaaaagaca cgactgacgt aaaacatttt     67080
     ttctgcccag agttgatttt ctttcaactg caagcgcaca gcgcgcaacg gcagggcgcc     67140
     gcaaaacact cgaggccgta agttaaccat tcaaaagatg cccctctcag cgcaaaaagc     67200
     gcatttgctg tgatcagccc ctgatgcatc cacactttaa aaattatata ttatgatcat     67260
     ccttaatata cagttaaagt cagaattatt agccccttgt atatttttcc caaatttctg     67320
     cttaattttt ttaacacatt tctaaacaaa acagttttca taactaattt ctaataactg     67380
     tttattttat ctttgccatg atgacagtac acaatatttt cctagataat tttcaagata     67440
     ctagtattca gcttaaggtg ctatttaaag acttaattag tttaattagg caagtattat     67500
     ttagtaatta ggcgaattgc ataatgatgg tttgtactgt agactatcaa aaaaaaaaga     67560
     aaaaagattg cttaaggggg ctaataatat tgaccttaaa atgttttttt tttaaactgc     67620
     tttcattcat tcattcattc attcattttc ttgtcataat acactacgga caatttagcc     67680
     tacccaattc gcctgcaccg catgtctttg gactgtgggg aaacccacag tccacccaga     67740
     ggaaacccac gcgaaggcag ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaacac caactgagca     67800
     gaggttcgaa ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacagc actacctact gtgccattgc     67860
     ctcgccaaac tgctttcatt ttagccgaaa taaaacaaat aagattgtct ccagaaaaaa     67920
     aaatattata ggaaatactg tgaaaaattc cttgccctgt taacaatcat ttaggaaata     67980
     tttgggaaaa aatttaaaga agagctaata attgagtaca actgtatatt agggatgctc     68040
     cgataaggat ttttgctgcc catactgaga atcaattcct tgtcattgtg atcggccaat     68100
     acagagtacc aattctaatg cttcaagctt tataatgcat gaaacacact ttcagtcaaa     68160
     gtatgttact taagtggaga tcttgcctta ctttaaagaa taaattcaag aagttgcata     68220
     tacttcctaa tagcatgccc cttataacca tttagtgtgg acatgtcatg gttacaagca     68280
     gctttagaga aaatagtaga ttaaacagat ttttttaaaa attggcaaga aaaatcatta     68340
     ataaagcaat ttgtaaacat tgcaattcac ggaagaaaaa aatcaacatg tctcaatgaa     68400
     gtttgagctg catatttgat gcataaggag gcacttataa atccattact tctttactaa     68460
     aaggaaaaag gtccataaac tactgtttat tacaatacgt gtattacaat aagctatatt     68520
     attaaatatt ccctaacatt tccagccagg atttaataaa cttgcaatat tgttgaaaac     68580
     acagaacatt cagttctgat atgtaaaaag atttcagtta ttaaatgtcc tctgctttta     68640
     aacaaacatt tgcgatcggt ttatgagact ggtcagattg gcaagtaccg attgagtcat     68700
     gaaatgtgat tatcggccga tagcgatctc tggccgatct ctactgtata tagttttaag     68760
     aatttcaaat cacagcttta aaagtacatt ctgagatatt aaagacaaca ccatccctac     68820
     agtacaaact agttaaaaac ctgaattcta ctattttttt taacagaatt aaataaatga     68880
     acatccaata gagtttatat ctacatgcaa tgctaattta atgtaagaat cacaataaaa     68940
     atctaattta gaatacaagt agggaataag aaataggcta cagtatagag ttaaaaacta     69000
     atttattagc ccttcagtca aacttctatt tcccaaatga tgtttaacgg agcaaggaaa     69060
     tgtttcaaat tattcccttt aaaaaaaaaa aaattctgga gaacatctta tttcttttag     69120
     tttttttttt tttttggaat aaaaaataaa taaataaaat tgtcttaaat cacaaaaaca     69180
     ttcaggtaaa cattattagc tatcttaaga atttgttttt gattggctac aaaaccacct     69240
     agtcaagcct ttaaatggca ctttatctga atactagtat cttatactgt catcatggca     69300
     aagacaaaat aaattagtta ttaaaaagat tacaaaaaaa gcgctgaaag aagtcactaa     69360
     tagtacttca aaaatatttg taaaaaaatt aaaatttcac agaaagggct aatagttagt     69420
     ttatttagat atatgatatg tatatgatta aatatgatat tgtgtgatat tatagaccta     69480
     aactataaac ttcaacagtc aattttatcc aatgaaatga gtgtagttaa ctcaaaattg     69540
     actgaaaatt aattctactc atatgaaaaa taaacacatc actgcttcaa ctttattgac     69600
     gtaagttcac agaagtcata taaattagtt tttttactca atggtttgta gtaatcggtt     69660
     tccttaaacg gttcaagttg ccttaactta ttgggtttta cagtactcag ttggtttgag     69720
     ttctctttat ttattgggtt ttactgagcc caaattgctg tttactcaag tataataagt     69780
     tgacagtact cattaggatt agtttttgaa cttagatggt ttattgcaat cggttacctc     69840
     aaatggtttt tacagtgtac agatagatag atggatagat agatagatag atagatagat     69900
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     69960
     agataaaggg agggagggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat     70020
     ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat     70080
     ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atagatagat     70140
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     70200
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agacaaacag agacactgtg     70260
     gttaatgtaa aatgtagtat catagtaatg aaaatcagaa gtgtcattgc tccatcttgt     70320
     ggtcagcaga agtattatta agtgactcta tgcatttcta cttgcatctc cctgctagat     70380
     tcagaagcca gtgtttcatt gtacgcatga gcaattagcc tgtgatggca gaggctataa     70440
     caacaccaat acccttcaaa acaagcccag taaaagagag aaccttacca tctcttatca     70500
     tagtagagtt tgccctcctc tatccgtgcc tcatatcgct gagatggggt gtcaactgga     70560
     gtggacggga ggtgctctgg agaagacggg gaggctaaaa aacatcccaa aacatagatt     70620
     tttagtttat ttgcaattca ttttaaaaac tttgtggtta aattaaactg gaaattacgt     70680
     gggggggaat cacctctaaa agacaaaacg tccatacctt gtcttttcgg agatttgagc     70740
     tataaagaaa acgaagcaaa aagacagatt gatttaaaac aagacagaca ttgaagagca     70800
     acctgatttc ttggtcaaac actaatgtcc agtaattcta acactgtgtc agtgttattt     70860
     tccaattttc tgcacacaca aaaaaatatt cattggattt actacatttt tttaagttaa     70920
     gtgcttgcaa acaatttata tgagctgaat ttaaaggtct accaaaattt aaataacatt     70980
     tttagcagta ttttagtctt aaaagatatg aataagctag gtatacaaaa agctgtggta     71040
     aaaaacagtg ccaaaattca cgcttagaag atataaaaca tatataaata cgtcaaactt     71100
     gtactttgta gttttacttc gcctaaatca taggtttcaa actcgattcc tggaggggcg     71160
     cagctctgca gagttttggc caaccctaat ttaacatagc tggtccaact aatcaaggtg     71220
     ttcaagacta ctagaaacta ttaagccgat gtgagttgga ggtggctgga gctaaaatct     71280
     gcagagctgt ggccctccgg gaattgagct tgagaccatc ggcctaaaca aatcaacatg     71340
     ttttttttgt ttcacgccat ctcatacttc agtttttcat caagtcttga ccaatcacat     71400
     gctctctagt atctgacatg ccctgcccca ttctcattta tcggtgatac aaacaaaacg     71460
     ctattggctg gtttttgagg ggaggagcta ctctatgtca tgccctctat ttgtttttca     71520
     gttgtgatta cgtcaaactt cgaataaaaa gtgcacattt taaggcactc taagcaactt     71580
     ttaaatacta agttgaacat gactacatat atttgttcaa atttcaccca tattaacaat     71640
     ttgcaaccac ttagcttaag aaaaattgag taaattcaat gaatctttct ttttcaaggt     71700
     gtgaattgca gcctttttta tgtacataca gccaatttct tgtttgtccc caagaaatat     71760
     atgaattttg taatgtatca tttcaagtaa taaaatgtaa tgaaatttta aggcgatcct     71820
     gctttttatt atctaatatc gagctttaag gggaaaaaac gatatccttt tatcaaagag     71880
     gagatgtgag tcatgaggac tttcattatg ttttgatgaa atggattttt tgattaaact     71940
     tttcctatca cactattttt ttccaaatga gtattacaac ttgataaatt atgatagtgc     72000
     tgcagaataa gatctggaaa atgaggccaa aacgtactat gaaactgcat ctgtagggca     72060
     ccgaaatctg tacttagcaa gacttttatg gagcttcgta aaaatgagag cacattacca     72120
     tttcgctgag tcgtaacctt accttgttta atgttctcag atcctccatg atctgttcat     72180
     cagagagtaa ataatttaac tgaggtgagg acagttaaga aaacctgagc atttgtgaaa     72240
     acaaagctcg tttacataat gaacgttctt aaagacacgg tagcaacaat agctgtttta     72300
     tacttaaagg gcagcaagtt gactttaaac aacagtcaaa agtcaaaatt attcaccctc     72360
     ctgtgaaatt gattttgttt gttcaaatat tttacaaata atgtgtaact gagcaaggat     72420
     ttttttcaca gcatttccta taatattaat taacattaat ttcctataat atcttttctt     72480
     tcttttaaag tgttacaaaa ggagatatga ctggtttgaa gggatactta aaaaaaaaga     72540
     acattctgtc cttattcact cactttttac ttgtttcaaa catttatgac tttctttttt     72600
     ctcttgaatg caaataaata tattttgaag aatggtggaa acctgtaacc attgacttct     72660
     atagtatctg tttttactac tatggaagtc aatggttaca agttttcaac attctttttg     72720
     gttcaacaga agaacgacat tcataaaggt ttataaagac ttgagggaga gtaaatagtg     72780
     agtaaatttc tttttggggt ggactatggc ttaaagtgat gtttgtggtt gaatatgatg     72840
     ggtttgagtg tttccagtga ctatgaagga tatcaggtgc aggctttctc cgcttgtctg     72900
     gaatgggcac agggtcattg ggtcgtcgcc ggagcttccg ggtcatgata ggttttacct     72960
     ccatagaatc taaaatacaa taatagacag caagttttag tgcttgaaga aatatctcat     73020
     acaaaaatga actaaacaaa agaaaaaagt atcggattcg gtctatttat agtgggcttg     73080
     tatcaatctg attgaaatat taatggttac ggataagagg ccagctaaga tcaatcatat     73140
     cacatgctcc tctcgaaatt agtttaaaaa cttcaataac tagaaaatat tataaatata     73200
     gtaataatta taaaattaaa ttaattataa aaattatgat atattataaa tgtaataata     73260
     tataatatta tgcaaattat agtaaaaatt atgattttca atcatttttt tgctcagaaa     73320
     aacaaataaa taaaataaag agggcactgc acgagagggg gagttaaatt gtaattaata     73380
     ttacatttgt atttcctctc ttttccaact tttttcatcc ttggcacatt aaagtctcat     73440
     aaaaatcaga taataccttt gtctaacaaa cagaccaaaa ttcattccaa attctcttaa     73500
     cactgataat ggctgattag aaaacacaga tcagagttaa cactgaatga attattcggc     73560
     catcgctact tttttttcca tgagctcaac agaaagactg agcactttta ctttttgctg     73620
     caattgtatt tttgatgcta gaaaatcctc tcagtccatg ctgtatagta aaaatcttct     73680
     cctattgtca aattcaggtg tggaatgaca tgagaaagac aaaatgatga cagaattgca     73740
     ttattgggtg aactattgct tgattttttt tgacacgaga gaatagctaa acacttagct     73800
     ataggaacag cattttgttc tccacaactg caatctaaac aatggcttgc acaaaacccc     73860
     tctctagatg cactttttct atctgatctc tctttttcgc tttctcacct cctgtcagct     73920
     ccattgttaa tttctcgttc tcgaccatct tcttcttctc ctccagctcg gcaataagat     73980
     tttccttcag ctccactttc ttatcgtcga attctttcac cgctgctttt ttctctttga     74040
     tgtagttcct ctccacttgc tctgtctaca agacattaag ttaatattaa ttaacatgtc     74100
     atagatgctg tctttctgca gtaatacatt aaaggtatga acgactgctt acctcaagtt     74160
     gtagaaagag gtctgaaatt tataaaaaaa aaaaaaagag ggacagaaga aaaaaaacag     74220
     ggaataagta ataatcatgt aatatcatct cttggaatat tgaaagtgtt attgagatga     74280
     aaagctttat tattaaacat ctgtaccagc attacggagt ctctctttat actgttgatc     74340
     gagcttcttc atcctcttct ggtactcctg cagtgtgcct gtggaaatgc attgcacagg     74400
     taggaaattg atttatttga cttattttta gctgacatac atacctacat acaaacatac     74460
     atacatacat acatacatgc atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat agaagaatgt     74520
     atgaagaaat cttcttgctg ttaaacagaa attggaggaa aaaataaaca ggggggctga     74580
     taatcagggg ggctagtaat tcaaacttca actagacata cataatataa ggacacttcc     74640
     attggtataa aatcttgatc aaaggtcatc atacaacctt ttggttatct tttggtattg     74700
     actaggctac atcaccttat taaaacaata tcagtcaaac caggcccttg ttctgacata     74760
     tttctcaaaa aagttagcaa gtatgtatat atttatttgg catacatcta taattattta     74820
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     74880
     tatatatata tatatatata tatattagtg atctccagcc atttggtgca actttatcat     74940
     atctcaataa atatttcaga aaaaaaaact attgcgatgt ttttcaatat cgtgcagccc     75000
     taattgcaaa taaacatgat ttaataatga gtaagagtat ttccttttac cttcttgcag     75060
     ctgttgtaac tgtcttttca aggatgccaa tttgtcttga tacatcctaa attcaagaca     75120
     aaaacagaat aattctcata aatgttcaag ttttatttta aagcatgcat ttcatagtag     75180
     atttgtttgt aagatttatt tatttatagt ttaacacaat atcagcatca aaggcaattt     75240
     taacatatgc aattttcaat ataataattc aaatctaatt ttaattaatt gtacaaatag     75300
     cattctttac aacatactta tatagatgta aacatacaca attaaataag taaataccaa     75360
     tataataaca gttatataca atttttcaaa tgtatgtcag ccagatagac agagagatat     75420
     ataaatagct ctaatgtaca gaatcccttc acataaatca taactgaatg gtagtcagtc     75480
     agaagtaata cgtactgctc tttgatttcg acatagtcgt cctcatcatg tttggcaaga     75540
     tctgtttcac tggcatcttc tgtgtctata acaaaacaat aataaaaaat tcaataagag     75600
     caatagaata atatatggta catactgaca acacttaact gcactaaagc tagaaatgat     75660
     cccactgagt tttgaacata gattattcaa atgacttgta aacatatata gcgccatcta     75720
     gcggacagac aatgtagttt aaatatattt atatggtaag tgagtcaagt agtttacact     75780
     agttatctta tttattcatt cattcatttg ttatccttcg gcttggagat tgccacagac     75840
     gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcatatgt ttttacacag tggatgcacc tgcaatccag     75900
     tactgaaagc atccatacac tctcattcac agacatacac tatggacaat ttagcttacc     75960
     caattcacct atggcatata tctttggact gtgggggaaa ccgaagcacc cgaaggaaac     76020
     ccacgtcaac accaggagaa catgcaaact ctgacccagc tgggactcaa accagctacc     76080
     ttcttgctgt gaggcgacag tgctaaccaa tgagcccccg tgtcgccctt attgaattca     76140
     aattacgtta tattttattt gtgatcaaat aaatgcagtt ttggtgagtg attcttatac     76200
     taactaatta ttatagggta atattgtatt ttccaatgtt tattaaggtt ttattttaat     76260
     gtttaaatat tttaattata ttttaattat tagcacccct ttgactttac tatatatatt     76320
     ttttatattt ctcaaattat gtctaacaga gcaaggacat ttgcatagta tgtctgataa     76380
     tattttttct tctggagaaa gttattagcc cctttaggct atatattttt gaaagtctac     76440
     agagtaaacc atcattatac aataaattat ctaattaccc taacatgtct agttaaccta     76500
     attaacctcg ttaagccttt aaatgtcact ataagctgta tagaagtgtc ttgaaaaata     76560
     tctagtcaaa tattatttac tgtcatcatg gcaaagataa aataaatcag ttattagaaa     76620
     tgagttaata aaactattat gtttagaaat gtgttgggag aaagttctct ccgttaaaca     76680
     gaaattgggg aaaaaataaa caggagaggc taataattct gacttcaact gtatatgtgg     76740
     tgagggaaca tttgatattc atcagttctt tatttttctc aaaactggag gatgaacttc     76800
     atatgcattg aggatgctgg caatgcataa taaaaacaaa gcacgtttct acattttcca     76860
     gaggtttcta tagacccaag ttaaatacga aacatttttg aaaagaaatt gcattcaaat     76920
     acgattgtag ttcaagactg atttgatttt cataaatata cgttaatatc aaatctttac     76980
     aacaccacta gagcctacat ctgagcaagt aaccaaacca aatattagct actacaacta     77040
     atcagctttt aatattctac tttgaatgca agaacgtcct ctgatacatc ttaatacaaa     77100
     taagtgggtc tcattttaca agcattttaa cagcagagta acttcatgct tcctgacgta     77160
     acgttatgct aactctgcta gctgtttatc aacaggctgt agagcacaaa aagcacaagt     77220
     atgacaacat ttatagccat tatgtagtta aattcccaca cagtcacaat ttacgtctaa     77280
     aacgatcaca ataaacataa aataagtcaa atgaagttgc aaaaacccag cgagcataca     77340
     agtcgaaaca catgcataca ctttcattac gttaacatat atcggtgctc aaacagctat     77400
     caacttacag gttcagatct aaaatgagaa ttttaatcaa taatgtatta tagaattgta     77460
     ttaaaatgta aactggctat ttttgtgcgt attcaccttc ttccgagtct ctgcctctga     77520
     aactgcgatc ttcatcttca tcaacgctat ctagctcttc ctcgtcgtta taataatcca     77580
     ccatgggtga caataaagtc gaggccattt attagtttaa aatattgata acaccgcagg     77640
     aaataccaac gtgtaaacaa tcacacagca ccgacaacgt tttcagtctg tcgagcctct     77700
     tctttttttc aacgggaggg taggccgagg aatctgattg gtcgagatgc tcgagcagcg     77760
     catgatggga aatgtagtat gaaccgcttg tgcgcaatta tgacataagg gaaagaagaa     77820
     atgggaaggg ggagagagag aaagagagag tactctgtcc gcgtattgtt cttattatca     77880
     ttcaaggaac aagaagaatt tctgaagtta ataaggctaa acacttctca atcatgaaac     77940
     cttataacat tcaggtaagc gtacggaatg tcattttgaa atgacttatg agaaaagaca     78000
     tgctcatcta tattttagtg tcgctattta cgtctgttga atgaatgaca cagaacgagt     78060
     ttcattttca tctcacagac tgctttggct acggttttct tgcccattca caaacaccga     78120
     atatttgttt ttaatcatta ttgacattgt ttctgacgaa caactatgga atagtggaat     78180
     caactgtaag tgaattatat ttaatattat tttggaaaaa tataaatatt ttctgtagta     78240
     aaataattac tgtattcagt attctgacag cctctcaatt gtattgcgta atctactact     78300
     actgctgctg ctagtactac tactagtcta ggttccttca actattacta ctttacgaat     78360
     gtaataatat aataataata tagtctaaaa tatgatatag agaattgtat aataataata     78420
     ataataatat taataataat tcgtttaaga aatgcaacaa caatgaacaa cattttacat     78480
     tgattgtaaa taacaaagca acaacaaagc tatttaaaat aaaatataaa agctaacaac     78540
     acttatttag ggatcggtta tcgatttaca tatttaacta ataacaggtg ttattaaatg     78600
     gtttgatggt ttgatgaatt agcaagaaaa ccaatccaac ctctgcttgt tcaatctaac     78660
     tacacataaa ttgaatacta tattatattg actggacagg tgaaataatt tacggtaaac     78720
     catctatcta attatcattt gactgtgtta taatcaattt tctgatagct actgtcattt     78780
     ctattgtgtc taggggagtt tttcctcatt caaccggcag atggcggcgt tgagtttaaa     78840
     aagcggtttg actcgcgaga tcgtttatca gcgctgttac cttgtagcag gtacgatggg     78900
     tttttaaaag cgtcagatgc ttgtcagctc tttgtcagtc gcgcggggtt tattgcgaca     78960
     tccacgctgg ataccataaa atgaactgca tgggcgattt ataatcacac agacggtcga     79020
     gatagtcatg acgtctgtcg aaaataaaca agttgatgcg ttttcaggtg caggagcacc     79080
     aagacgccga ttgcaatgag tttggaagtt tatttccttc gacatcccac cttacaaggg     79140
     ctacaggaga aataaagtgg atctgtactg ttccttattg aggatagcgc tcattcgtct     79200
     aaagaagaca tttgcttata actggacttc tatggagtta gacctggatt aaagataaag     79260
     ctttgcttgt ctgggtaagg tcgttttttt ggcatacaga tttattatgg cctcgttaga     79320
     ctgtctgttt tgtctttcag ggcatgtttt atttgtgtta cgctccgtcg tctgttaaaa     79380
     gcgtctttat cgtatctggt gtcactattt gcgtctccat agattccctc tgcgctcgat     79440
     tgattttccc ttgctgaacc tttagacttc acgaagtaga atatttacca caactgctca     79500
     aatgatacgc gtgtttgtct aaacctcttg actaaacaga ggacatccaa taattttggt     79560
     tttagggctt atgtttgcat ttgttttatg atctaatgca gtttttagct tgtgagctgt     79620
     aaagacagta cattcataat tcttaagttg gtaattgacc tccttgtaat actcagtttg     79680
     aactaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacatt gaggtgaagt     79740
     tggttttata ttcacacatt ctgactctct ccttaatata atttcagaaa agtattgttt     79800
     gcaaacgcta aatagggaaa tcatattagc agccaatgac tatcagttta caacgtttac     79860
     agtcaactaa atggtgctaa tgttgttttg aagtcatatt tacatgtgat ttcagtcaaa     79920
     tattccatgt atcatggtag acaatatagg gagcgtgtga caagttgtca ctgaatgaat     79980
     gtgcaaacat aaaaccaact ttacctcaat cacacccata aatccacata tattacatgc     80040
     atacttagaa gaatagagaa atacagacta atgtaacacc tcagcatgct aaaaagtaag     80100
     tttaattgtt ttttaattag gatttaattt aatttggaag ttttgacttt ataaagggtg     80160
     acacggtggc tcagtgcact tgcttgtttg agtcctggct gggtcagatt gaagtgaagt     80220
     tgtttttata ttcacacatt cggactttct tcttaataat ataattttag aaaagtattc     80280
     tttcaactct aaatagtgaa atcatatcag gagcctgcga ctatcaaagt acaacaatgt     80340
     ttacagtcaa ttaaatagtg ctaatgttgt tttgaagtca tatttacatg tgatttccgt     80400
     caaatattaa aagtatcatg gtaaacaata ttgggagtgt gttgtcactg aacgaatgtg     80460
     cgaataaaaa acaactttac ctcagtcaca cacgcataca tccacatata cttggaagaa     80520
     tagtgaaata cagacaaatg taacatctca gcactctata aagagaattt aatgtttttt     80580
     tttttattta gattttaatt taatttgaca gttttgactt tatcaatggc accacggtgg     80640
     ctcagtggtt agcactgtcg cctcacagca agaaagttgc tggtttgagt ccaagctggg     80700
     ccagttggta tttctgtgag gagtttgcac gtccaaagac aagcaatagg tgaattgtgt     80760
     gtgtagtgta tgtgtgtgaa tgagtttgta gggatgtttc ccagtactgt cttgcagctg     80820
     gaagggcatc tgctgtgtaa aacctatgct ggataagttg gcggtacatt ccgctgtggt     80880
     gacccttgat gaataaaggt actaagccaa agaaaatgat tgaatgacta tcaattgtta     80940
     taataaaaca tgtttttgta atatgcagtg aagttagatg aggattggaa ttgccaacac     81000
     aatatgtaga cttgtataca cgacacactg aaaaagattt tcaaagatga ttccttgaat     81060
     ttacttaatt ttttatgtta agtgttgtaa acaatttatt tgggctggat ttaaacaaac     81120
     aaattaagtt gaacattatt aaacttaatt tgtttgttta aattcaacac aaataaattg     81180
     tttgcaacag ttctgcatgc aacacttttt ttcagtacgt tccaatatat gagtatgtct     81240
     gtgtaaatga atgtacaaac atttaaatgt acatttttct catggaaatg tagcaactaa     81300
     tggaaacaag tacagattac agtgaaattc tgagggcaaa cgtaaaatct cagcattgaa     81360
     aaaggagata cttgtataaa aagacaacat tttaagttaa tatctatcct gaaaatgttc     81420
     acgatacata atcttgtttt tttccttatt gtatcctcac atgctcctat ttttacccat     81480
     atatgattgt tttgctctga aataagagga tacaagttgc tttgcatact gagtcgagat     81540
     gtcatgcact ttatttccgt gtgtgtgaat tgtgtctaac tgaacttcag tatgtgcgca     81600
     cgcggctgtt cattcaggaa gtccgacaga cagacgatca tgggccatca aagcgtttaa     81660
     aataccccat ctccgactgg aataaatgtt tttaggacgg tgaattttga gctctcggtc     81720
     accctacaga aaagaggtca gtagctatct tttactacat tgccatatgg gtctcgtgga     81780
     taaaactgtc aaggttctgc gtgacataca tccatcatgc acactaatct caaagtcatg     81840
     caaacaaaag ttattaaata caacccagag gtattgaacg cggagatcat tatgtcttat     81900
     gggactttaa ttattttatc ctacacctgc tggcgtttgg aaaagctagt cattcgctaa     81960
     cctaactgtt ctcactaatc taccacccat actttcactt cctctattct tcgcgaatcc     82020
     tcagtgcgtt aatagtcgtt tcatattaat gcaggttgac ttatcagaag gacgaacgcg     82080
     tgagatgagt gattcgttta ctatggtagt agctgcgtaa agacgcgctt tgctttagta     82140
     acgtaaagcg cggttagttt gacatatttc ggagaagtga gagcttatgt cagagccgtt     82200
     tatgggtgtc cgtggctctt ttcccctggt ctcaattgag tctctatttt aagctgctcg     82260
     tctcccgcac acatgcagcg tttattcagt cagactgaaa ccatcatcaa gtttatgccc     82320
     atgatgagga gcgcaggata gagctctcgc catgagaatg aaggtaccct tttcttccgt     82380
     ttttggtgct gtcgttgttg tccatgaact agcagtgatg tcagctggtg cggtttgtac     82440
     tggaattttc aatcgttatg tcttattata aaagtagcct gataggtaaa ttgtattgtg     82500
     tcggtggatt gtttaaagct ggttccattg taaatgaaca attcagtgtc tgaacgaatc     82560
     gcttttttga atcgaatctt ttcaaagatt catctcaaat tggtcttgtc agaaactcat     82620
     tgacttcttt caactgttat tagttcaatt cctttagggg tctatatgct atttggggga     82680
     attaaccaag accatgcctc tgatacatcg tcttttgata ttaataaatc atatgttggc     82740
     aaaacctttt ttactatacc aagagtaata ataaggctaa ccgtacccct ttccatgaga     82800
     aatcaccact gtaccattat attcaatctt actggatgtc tttatttaag gatcaactga     82860
     tttgctgggg gaaaaagtgt ggctgttacc acaggaatat catgttagaa ataaaattaa     82920
     agaaatatcc tataaaccta tactataact atagtataaa ctataaacta taactattca     82980
     gcaaaacatt atatacaaaa atgtaaaagt gggattgatg taaattgtat tttgtaatga     83040
     atataaagag actgctttac acttttggca ttgcgtatac tcggtcaact tatggagtga     83100
     ggtgcaaaaa tttattagta accaattaca gtgttctaaa ccactgtcat tgttgtggga     83160
     aaatttactt tttggctttt ctatgtaccc taaccaagag gaaaattgtt ttcatttaat     83220
     aattaaataa ttttgctaac aaaattttac attcataaat ataaattttc ccataaagaa     83280
     accaaatttt aaggtgttga tgactgaatt atgcttatat attagtagta tcagagactc     83340
     tctaaataag aaagccctac gcactttaaa actttgtgaa ctctacaatg tatttatttg     83400
     attattacat gtgtacattt tgtatttgat ttttgcttac tccatggcat gtatatattt     83460
     ttgtactgtt ataataataa aaaaaaaact cactgacttc ttaaatggag aaccctttct     83520
     ttcatacgtt ttcagtttcg tattccggtt ataatggcag ctgttcatct tgtcatcagg     83580
     tcatccagga tgtaggtaac ttctattctg atgttgatga acattaaagg agatttatag     83640
     ctgacgccat gttcctttgt gatttatttt actcaaggca caatgagaga caagcataac     83700
     actaatgtaa atgaatacaa cagggctcta tagtgtgacc agttttgttg tgaatgaaag     83760
     ttactctttg tggcagtgaa ccagagctct ttaatacagt ttaataaaac cacagtgtaa     83820
     atgtgctcac acttgcatta tgatgcagca aaatgtgtat taacattaag aacaataatg     83880
     ttctgttaat gttgctgtcc gttctagtca gccaaaagat ataaaaaatg gtctttttgt     83940
     ctttttttcc ggcttgttgt gttatgaaaa aatccatcaa aagaagattg cagattgact     84000
     taatgaatat aaccttctcc caatggtttg atgaatgcgc aaacatcatg taattacttt     84060
     agaaattaaa taattttgtg cattaatttt tcctggccta tgatattttg ccaaaacatt     84120
     ccttcatatg tgtgtaatat acctaaatct aatttctctt tctctagttt gtaatttgtt     84180
     actactggcc tggggtgcgt ttctgaaaac catcgttagc taactaagtt cgcaagttcc     84240
     atcgttacaa aaataagttg ttgatttggc atttcccaaa tccattgttt caacaaacat     84300
     tcacaaactg catcgcaaac ttgtgcactt gcaactacat ttctggagct gtagttagaa     84360
     acatagttcc tggctgtttt gtcttcccag ttatccccct gtgctctatt agtttagaac     84420
     attctaacat ttaaacttgg aattattaaa aaaacgcaat aaagtaattt ctctttggtg     84480
     taatttgctt tcaaagtatt tttatagttt acaattgcca tttacaattt tcgcagtaca     84540
     ctttgaaaac attgatttca ttttgaacac agccgtgtct tcatttctta ataagtagct     84600
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atgtgattta tttatgatat tagaatacat     84660
     gttagctttt gtaagtggct ttatgtttta atatagaata tgtaatgttc tcaataatat     84720
     ttgtaaagga aacataggct ctgtgtgtgc catttatata ttttttaatt aatatggaaa     84780
     gcgagtcatg tttttaacaa aattaatatt ggattttttt tttgcaatga gtgcgtgtaa     84840
     aaaaacaata taattttgaa attatgggtt tcttctataa ataagttgtt actgcaactc     84900
     caccctgttt agagcatctt tatgggtgtt ttacgttata accagcgtgg ttaaagtgat     84960
     ggctctgcga cagagaaact atgggatttg gtaaacactc gtcactacat cattcttttc     85020
     cccaaacgat acatcatacc atgaaagttc agccgcgagt tacggtgttt gagaaacgca     85080
     ccccagattg acttactaca gataatattt tcccaatgcc ttccttaaaa tgtattcaca     85140
     atacttgcat taaaccaaaa atgttaatta tttatggtca tatctgctat tatgtggaaa     85200
     aataaggtgg aaagctctgt tcgggactca ctcaaatgtc attagctgac attagataat     85260
     tatatcaata atttaaaatg ctgtacatta cagttatgtg caactgatat taaatgtata     85320
     tttatttttg taacttttga gtaagcttca gttaaacttt aatgcatgtc catggtttaa     85380
     gcagcatgat cagatgaaaa gtgttttaga aaatacaggc ttgtgtaatt catgattgca     85440
     ggagacctgt aatcagaatt tggcaaggtt tcttcagtag aaacagattt caaagtgtga     85500
     attttagaaa atgtgagcat tatcattctt tagtaaacca caaaaagatg attttgtgat     85560
     ggcatgcaca acacatacgt ttaaatctgt aagcatgcgt gagtacttga caccagaact     85620
     gggctacagg accatgtgtg catacatgtt tctttacaaa gtatcatcgt gacctactgg     85680
     tcttgcatgc atagggattt tagtcatatt tacagatcat tttatctacc ttatcttcaa     85740
     ttttatagta aatcattgtc atgtaatccg tacgcttaca aacagctcaa tgatatccaa     85800
     gaattcacat agtctgactt agtaacattg cagttatctg aaaagttgat atatgagcta     85860
     tcagtgttct ctcttacttt gagtaaattc aggattccag aagctgcatc gatagtagga     85920
     ggcctgtaaa ctgtctctgt tcagatgctg atgtgtgtgc actgtaaaac ccaattagtt     85980
     aaggtaactc aaaccgtttg tggaaaccga ttgcaacaaa ccattaaagt ttacaaacta     86040
     atcctaaaga gcactgtcaa cttaatccat ttgagtaagc gaagcaattt gagctcagta     86100
     aaacccaata aataaagaga actcaaacca actgagttct attaaaccca ataagttaag     86160
     gcaactcgaa ctgtttgagg aaaccgatta ctacaaacca tttgagtaac taatctatat     86220
     aagtactgtg aacttagccc atttaagttg gagtaatgag gtgttaatga actcattacc     86280
     ttcaactttg agttcaaaac tcttttcaaa tgagtagaat taactttctg taagttttga     86340
     attaaccaca ctcatttcat ttgataaagt tgactgttgg gttggttgct gttggtttca     86400
     gatctgttct ttagtttaga tggttattat ccagctggta gctgatcaaa gtgatctgaa     86460
     atggttgtgt gagtgtgatg gtttattggt ctcatgcaca tcttttatag atgctcttat     86520
     ctgattgctg gatgtttggt aactgggaca ttcctaaatt aattgtgttg agagtcatgc     86580
     ttttattcca ggaagtgcac tgtactgtat gtcagtgtta tgcgtttcaa catgaacctg     86640
     ctttaatgct gctgtggctg ctttttccgc tgtttattgt catggcacaa tggtttttgc     86700
     ttaatttgca aaaaatattc aatttaaata tttatttgta aaatatttgt tgtagggttg     86760
     cacaatatat tgtttcagca tcaccatgtg tgcattgaca atagtcacat cgcaatatgc     86820
     aatgttgagg cagaatttta gttgaccagg agttgcattt aattactatt tacatggaat     86880
     ttacaggatt tatgcaaaaa agtttgtttc tagtctaagt atatacttta gaaagcaaaa     86940
     acaaggctat ttcacttact cgactggcag ataatgggct gtatatacac aggtttttaa     87000
     ttttcagcca ggcagttcca gtgaactgtc tttccattac aaaattgtca catttaagat     87060
     tcaattttaa agcctgcgat cttcactgcc tgttagatgt acaatatgaa gtgggtgtca     87120
     gatcggacaa gaagcactga attaaattcc atttccccca ccatgtcttt aaaatatgac     87180
     agtttatttt acaattaatg ttttacattc attttcaatg gaatttctgc tctagcctgt     87240
     tgctacttat gccgctagtt attgcaacgg tcttttatct caatttacgc ttcaacgctt     87300
     caactctatt atactgaatg tattgtaatt acatttcaaa atcgatgctg caaaatcaac     87360
     cttgtgaaat tgaaaatagt cacattcagc tttcactgga agtttatcgt tggctttaaa     87420
     actctagctg tgcatagagc ccatttagct tattttaagg tgaagctgtt aattttaact     87480
     tattttttct gatagtgaaa aaaaaggatt tttacttgat caaagagttg ttttttatat     87540
     ttggactaga aacgagacaa agcgaagtaa gaaaagcatt ttttgcattg tgatttataa     87600
     actttctgac cttgaatact gttatactac caagaaaaca tcaaatagag ctattcaaac     87660
     catctagtga aactgtattc atagcaagat ttattgcaga aaaataaaat atcgcaatat     87720
     cagagttttg caatattatg cagccctaat atgttgtatt gtgtggaaat ctcattctac     87780
     agaagtgccg tgttttgaca catttttttg catgtatttg accattacaa cgctccccta     87840
     aagatgactt tctgggactt tgctcaagca cacaccagaa tgttctcttt cgctctttta     87900
     aaaacatgaa tcaaatacct gtctataaat gaagcgtcat gcaaaagtca ctttacagta     87960
     catgctttta ctaattttcg taagaaactg agctttgcag aggaatgaat gcatactgtt     88020
     ggaaaggggg tgggatatga cacaattgtt ttttttaatc gttgaaagcg aaaatcaaaa     88080
     tcaaaaacct tttacagtgc tgaacatttt gcagtattag ctcatttggc agtaaaaaaa     88140
     taccaattca gtaatagttg ttatgtcttc aacatgagct cattctgaaa acgtaaccct     88200
     ataaactttt ctggagatca tgaattatgt agccagaagt acgtatggct gcatttcatc     88260
     tttaaaacga tcgctatggg ataccgaccc tttcgggctg atccgagttg accatgacga     88320
     cggggtttaa gtctggtgaa gaacagttcc agaaagcggg taagacaaaa acagaagcta     88380
     aaaaataaaa taaactagta aataagaggg tgatattgtg tttaaaatca cagggctttt     88440
     ctttttctgg attgcttttc aaaaccttgt cggttgggtt tagggaaggg ggttgaacgg     88500
     gtaaatcggt gcttttgaaa acactatcgt tggctttggg gaaggaggag ggtgagtcag     88560
     tcagtcagtc agccgacagc agcctcgggg accggacatg agaaaaccag gtgcgaattg     88620
     cacttgtgag agaaatttga gatctcaaaa agcgtaaacg gcgacctctg atggcttcgc     88680
     gaaaacaaaa acagcagaaa aaacgtagct cctgggacat atttgccgct ctccaaaaat     88740
     gtatatagag gtgcattttc agaatgagtc tgggttggat gtctttgtgt atttgcagtg     88800
     tacaataaac agtgtcatct gtcctagaca tggaacatgt ttaaaggctg acttacagcc     88860
     acttcagata cacacacaca cacacacact tatatttgct tttttgctat tttctctaaa     88920
     gttaggctta taaaatgttc ttttgtagat ctaaagaagg cttttcactc tctaaatctt     88980
     tccaggcaag catgagttta aaaaggccaa atagttacaa tcgttttcca ccttcattat     89040
     tctttaagct ttcagtgacc aaacctctat ttagattcca gcctattcaa atcttggcca     89100
     gtcttagatt ctctaaaaaa tgagttaatg aggtagtagc ttcaaatgag ttgaccatag     89160
     tccgtgcatg ctgtttttga actgacttgc cctccatcgc ttctttgatg gcagcacagg     89220
     gagtcagaga gtggcctgaa aacacccagt tcgttataat tagtgcttct gattaagcct     89280
     cgtggactga gctgtctgtg ctatgtgtgc ccaatcaatt cctatgctgc atttcaatct     89340
     gggctttgtg aactcccttt ttttgttcct ctctaggtta gattatgttc tttgtttccc     89400
     gcatcttatg atctttgacc acaagggagt tcagaggtca gcagtaatgt tgcatagatg     89460
     ggtgtttttt ttttaaatta aactcttctg tctagctact tttatgccaa gaaaccagct     89520
     taagctgcgt gtgtttttgc tttttttttt ttggtgatag tatgcacatt tacactaaat     89580
     ctcattaatt tacacagttt aattaataat ttaattgttt aatttaccaa taaagcaaac     89640
     caaaaacgct taaattagaa tgaaatgaca atctctaaat catccccttc tagggatcca     89700
     ctgataccac tttttttgga acagatccga tctcaaaact aaaattctga ttaatgaccg     89760
     atacagatcc gataccgata ctgtcgtttt ttttgttttg tttttttttt aattaacata     89820
     atacagtttc tatagttctg gtgataaact caaataatat atcttcttta agaaaaataa     89880
     cacacctata ggcctactgt aaatgtcaga tggcacaatc taactaaaca tgatgcttat     89940
     aaactatagg ctgcgttatt taagcattca ttatttatat gggctgttgt ggtccagctt     90000
     atgtttcctt tttaatatta agatttttct ttgaaatctg tcataggcta ccctaatcgt     90060
     tggtaaaatt accagcctta tagcaaagcc tgatattttc ctgcaggttt tacttaataa     90120
     acattccctc atctaaactc accatgagtg agatggagaa actgaaagca tgtctaaaaa     90180
     aataatgttt ttgaaacaaa tttcgtttgg taaaaattat tggttatttt atgtatcttg     90240
     tgttagtcag ttatctacaa aataaacaag actatttgag gtgaagttca aaacaaggtc     90300
     ctatactact gacaaactgg tctgttaaat aaattattaa tatatttaaa attagagtga     90360
     aatattcaca gtttcagagt agcctatatt aggctaaata attttatgtt aatgacgatt     90420
     catatgtcag ttttcacttt tagcctatta atttaatcaa ctactgtggc cacaatgagc     90480
     caggctttac aaactattcg cagcactgaa agtattcccc tcgaaagaat aatctctgtc     90540
     ggaagtatga ggacagaaac ttattgcaaa aataatctta cggaatggcg catgtcacgt     90600
     ctgcgcagcc ggtgcctgaa tgaatcgatt gcatcactga cacagcgtgc agctctccgg     90660
     tatacggaca attccaaagc agcaacacaa aggggagaaa tcagtgtgtt gaagatgtgt     90720
     tcaatgtagc cttttctcat ttaaagtttc aggcaggcct actttgtgtg tgaagagcag     90780
     gtaataaccc tctccacacc agtatttaat gcgatctgct ggtctaacag acacagcgca     90840
     acatgattta acagcaatga tctctatgtt gcaggtcaaa attaacccat ttaatgcaaa     90900
     actaaatgca tttctccacc gattacttat agtaacagga acatttagtc ttggaaaaag     90960
     tttttcgagt tgtcttgaac gcgacgcagt tttaattgtg aatgaataga gaatgattga     91020
     caggcgcagc agaggaaagc gctgaattga acatgaattt aaccacttga atattcgtct     91080
     gtgcttcaca ttaaactata aaatggcttc aaaacattta ggatatagta ggcatacatg     91140
     acaactttct agtgcctttt aataggctac ctttgtggct gctgttggct tataaattac     91200
     acagaatata gcgcaaccaa gattggattt tatcagtacc agctggcaga tacctgatcc     91260
     agcaaaaata tgcagtatca aaccgatacc cgatttaagt atcgggatag ctgcatccct     91320
     atccccatcg ttcttcctct cttctctgat gggatagtgg accaaatcaa agattagcat     91380
     gggccaattt tggcccgtgg gccctagttg gggcatctct gatctagaga gagtactttc     91440
     aatactttgt gtctggtgtg aacccaacat aaaagttcct ctagcacaaa agccccccaa     91500
     aactttaaaa ctaatgatcg cttaagcatt cccttggtgc atttttgaga attcggcgtg     91560
     ctaattttgt acttttataa aggatgttta agccactgtt catgcctgat cctgcaaggt     91620
     taatgtcttc tcattattcc cgctacacat ttgtcattaa catttgtttg tgttgcactg     91680
     catccaaatc attaagatgg attgacgttc ttattatctt ctgacatcag catgaggtta     91740
     gagatgagtc acttttcgtg gctcaatcct cctgttacgc agcaagctgc tcatctcccc     91800
     tcagttaccc acgatccttg tcttctggga ctctgaactt ttctcttttt ttttttttgt     91860
     cttctctctg agtctcttcc atgtgagctc aacgtctctg ttgaaaaatg catcaggatg     91920
     ggagtaacca tgctggcagt cagatggggc ggctcgagag tgtatggccc agtaggaaag     91980
     cgcattaaaa attaaacctc tgccatcagt cgtaatgttc agctgtgatc agcttcagcg     92040
     aggctcatac aagaacgccg ctcaagataa caccaggaac gctttccttg gcgatgacgc     92100
     tcgcatatgc tgattttaat gactgtattg aaaggtgtag gaactagtaa gagacgcttg     92160
     tcagaagtgc tttgggtaat tgcagtgcta cggtgcattc agttactgtt attgactgct     92220
     gcccctttgc aggttcacaa tagcaaccct gttacagtaa ggtggccctt tgggtcacag     92280
     tgctggggaa ataaaagcta cacggactgg cgattacata aaaatgtctt gtatagaata     92340
     tacatatttc ggtagactaa ttatctcaga caaacacata acacccaaac actgcagtgc     92400
     tttaagaacc tacaacctaa caacactcgc ttctaaactt gtgtgttagt ggagttttct     92460
     gcatggtgcg agatgaaaca aatgatcagg gatcacggaa caagtatgta caaaacggta     92520
     actgcgtacc aaaactgtaa caagaacaaa atcaaactct aaagtcaaat caacttaata     92580
     tcacaagcaa acacacaaaa aacacacaac cagagcagaa aggcaagcaa ggcaaaaaaa     92640
     aaacaagaga atgagcttcc cgcctgcgtc cttttaaact ttgggcttac ttcctgattg     92700
     gcagcgaagg tggtgacgcc acagaaagta atgatgatta acgtcttcac ggatgaatgc     92760
     aaaactggaa tatacgatcc taagaaaatt gacagatcaa gagagagcgc acacacaaac     92820
     aaagcaacac aagcacatac agttaaagtc agatttttta gcccccctct gacttttatt     92880
     tttttttata tttcccaaat gatgtttaac agagcaagga aattttcaca gtatgcctga     92940
     taatattttt tcttttagag aacctcttat tagttttatt tcggctgaaa taaaaacagt     93000
     tattattttt tttaactcca tattaaggtc aaaattatta gccccttaaa gctatatatt     93060
     ttttgatagt caacagaaca aatcatcatt atacaataac ttgcctaatt accataacct     93120
     gcctagttaa cctaattaac ctagttaagt cttttaaagt cactttaagc tgtatagaag     93180
     tgtctttaaa aatatctagt aaattattat gtgctgtcat catggcaaag ataacaataa     93240
     atccattatt taaaatgagt tattaaaact attgtgtaga aatgtgttga aaaaaatctt     93300
     ctcttcgtta aacagaaatt gagaaaaaaa taaacggggg ctaataattc agggggacaa     93360
     ataattctaa cttcaactgc acataggcca gtaataatgt taatttctaa atagtgatca     93420
     tcacaccagt cgacaaacca ttgtacagcc gctctgtaat ccataatgct gcatcttttg     93480
     tgaacaggtg caataataca gtatggccag aaaataaaag aactttattt gaattggaca     93540
     tatttgtaat attgcaattg tgaaaatgtg gaaaaaaata ctttaccaca gactgtttta     93600
     atcttatgtg atgcaacaac cattccattt agtccaagtt taaataatga tgttattttc     93660
     atggcattgt actgagcgaa atgtcattag tccaaaatcc tcctccacaa agccgctgta     93720
     taactctatt cttctccttg tttgtgattt ttgtgttgca ttgcacagca ttttcttttt     93780
     cagtgcgcac agaccagtca cttctttctg ggaacccgtc atgctgcatt tttcgttttt     93840
     gttgtcagga tgcatggtca tcacacactg ttatatattt aataaactga ttttattttt     93900
     acaagttttc tttttcaaag aaaatatgtc tttgtgtgca cattcaatgg agatatttta     93960
     tccatgttgc tctcatttct tcacatgcat caatacagtt tataaatgtt acatttacct     94020
     tgtttacact catgtttaca tctgtttcat taatttgcca agcttacgtg atcagttggc     94080
     ttatcgattt ctgaaaagaa tacagtacaa cagcagcata aatgattgat agatcaatat     94140
     ctttctaaac aatagtgtac ctaacattat tgcacctata ggctgtttac tgcgctaaag     94200
     caattgagaa tttaagtgtt gtcacagctg tgcatattgg atatttttat aagtttacaa     94260
     gattaaataa gaatttgtaa tggtagtagt acactatgat tgtaaatgtt aactgttgtt     94320
     gttaatgata ataatatcat catttttgtt aactgtaatg ttaaacaacc tcatttacac     94380
     ttcatttaac cgtgcgcttc atatcgcaag cgagctgcaa atactgtaac actggtggaa     94440
     atggcatata aaatattttg ttattcattc aacaaagcca cattcaaatg taggtgatag     94500
     acatttcgat acaagtcgct acctctgttg acatgtgcag gctaaaaata aatatgtaaa     94560
     tattaaggat gcgaggagcg agcgtgcatg tacgcaagca tgatttggaa caggccccat     94620
     gtttccccag tgtttgacag acagctctgt cgatgtgaag agagcgtgag gtaatgagta     94680
     gtgttctata aatagcctgc acgcccccgt cctaaagccc tctgtttcac ccatctgatg     94740
     tgccgccaca cagcgaacag cgctaacatg cagtttatag catcagtgaa gatttcagac     94800
     aatggagggt ttttcttgat gctcattttg ccagtgttac aggataaggg tgatctctct     94860
     ctgttgtttt ttaattggac aaaagcgata tggatccatg accagtttta ttgttaataa     94920
     tactactcaa cattagtgag cttaactgaa gtccaccttg aggttgtgct aataaacgat     94980
     ggtatcttgt attaaaatgc agagatattg cctaaagcct atggtaattt ttggctagat     95040
     tcacatttgt gtaggcctaa tagatgtttc aatttctcaa tttattcaat aaaatgacta     95100
     ttatcatcac ttttaataat acattagcaa taaataattt gcctatatag ttgttgacat     95160
     caacatctcc acctgcctga cccattttgg cggcagcatt tataggaacg cttctcattt     95220
     tttgaagaaa ggctcatatt actactcccc tagagttaaa ctgtttagtt tgacaatttt     95280
     tgagtccatt cagctgattt ccaggtctgc caggagcact tttattttag cttagcttag     95340
     catagctcat taaatccaaa acaatccaaa aaagaccaat gatttaagtt ttctcagcct     95400
     cttctggagt atcttgaaaa tgaaaagttg ttattttcta cgtcaatatg gctatgaact     95460
     gccctctctt tctagtagta atcaagcaac tttgctgctg tgggcgcagc gaatatagcc     95520
     atggctacac aagttaatct agtcaccaac ctttttgttg actccaactc tgcaattaca     95580
     actaaaggct gatttatact tctgtgttga gtgaatgtgg ctggactagc gcagccttcg     95640
     cacagtcgca tgcccttcaa tgtggccgcc accgatcctg acacgcacct ctaaaaaaat     95700
     taacttcacg tcgcgctgac acatggaacc agctccgtga ctggatgtct tggtagcatt     95760
     gagtgtgggc aggggagttg cacgagtgtt taacaagtgt tgaatccttt ggaggcgagc     95820
     tccaaagggt tacttttgtt tggagattac tttgattaaa gttgttgcat gtccactggt     95880
     tcctgcctct gaatgagtga gttcaagcta agcaaaatta ttcgccctcc cgtgaaatta     95940
     tctttttttt ttttttttac aaatattttc caaattatat tttacagatt caggaaattt     96000
     tcacagtatt tcctaaaata tttttccttc tggagaaagt ctggtttgtt ttaatttagc     96060
     ttgaataaaa gcagatttta atattttgaa acctttttta aggtcagtat ttttagccac     96120
     ccttaagcaa tgtaattttt tgattgtctg cagaagaaac tactgatata cagtgactaa     96180
     cctagttaag ctatattgga ctttaattta aatactagta tcttgaaaaa tatgtagtaa     96240
     aatattatgt gcagtcatca tggcaaagat aaaataaatc agttattaga aataagtttt     96300
     ttagtcttat gtttagaaat gggttgaaaa aaaaacttct ttccattaaa cagaaattgg     96360
     gggaaagggt cactaatatc tcagtagggc taataattct gatttcagct gtatatacag     96420
     ttactttcct ccctgtaaat aaggaaagga aaataaatac aatagaataa atatatgaaa     96480
     caaactgtgc tttaggcatc ttccttgtca gaaaatcttt ctttatagca acaaaagtcc     96540
     ttcagtcggc agcaggaata ttgcgcgctg tcactttaag attagtgtgg ctctgatacg     96600
     gtttctcttt cacatgtcat ttgattctca acttgtttgt ttactacata aatgagggtt     96660
     aatatgtaca atcactaaac acagcgttct gacagacttt tgaccaataa aactctctca     96720
     ttaagatgac tttagatgtg tgtgttctgc ttgtctctga gcctgagcgc acccacacaa     96780
     cagcatgcga tctctcgcgc gattttataa acatgaatga tttgaatgta catcaacgag     96840
     cgatgcgctt cctgtgctga aaacattaca ttacagtaca tacttttaat catgctcaca     96900
     tgaaactgag cggtgcagag caacaaatat gtacaactgg aaagggggcg ttatatgatg     96960
     caattatcgt ttatctcaat taatgtgttt tcataatcgt taaaagccaa aatcggaact     97020
     gaattttcaa ttaattgcac agccctagtt taagctgctt gtagagtaag gtagcattac     97080
     aggtatttct gttctaaaca aaataccggt gaagcaattc gaaatgtaga aaccacactg     97140
     tcagttaacg ttttgaaagt gtttattgca aagcaacacc aacagaatgc agaagtataa     97200
     atgcacgact acgcacaatg catgcaaagt ataatttagc ttttagtgcc agtcacattc     97260
     gaagttactg agctggggac tactttcaga tgaaattaca tttcacattt aaacatgtaa     97320
     ttttaaaatt gtaagatgaa ataaatacta gtgttgttaa aagtattgac ttcagtacca     97380
     aattttcaaa acgtccattt ccctctaaac taagatcggc gcggtttttc acatggcagg     97440
     attttatcct tcatacatgt tgatcgactt gtaaaggcat gacttagtaa agcgtgaagt     97500
     cgtgtatgat tttaatcgat gcattagtct gaatgtaaac cccctgaatg taaagcgcga     97560
     gtaagtgaaa cacagcacat caaaccaaag gtattaacaa aagaaaaata cacaacttaa     97620
     gacaacttaa atgcttgtat ttgttgtatt tgttccagct ctgtgatgca cgtccataaa     97680
     taagcttgtt ttttttcttt tgacaagatt attttgctta ccccattggc agattatttt     97740
     gcttgtttta atgaaaaact cacttaattt tagcatatta tttcttaaaa caagacaata     97800
     tgttttgctt gcctagaaaa tgctttttga tttaagaatt tttagatatt tggactaaaa     97860
     acgagataaa aaatgtaagt aagaaaataa ttttttgcaa tgcagcttta tgcattgggt     97920
     tacattaggc tgtccagtct ctgtgttcag tccgttacaa tcacagacag gcagtcaggc     97980
     agcttaatac agagtgaatc aaggcacatc aaatgatcag caattaaaag ggaaaaaaag     98040
     aaaaatagaa taaatatata cttttatatt cgacacacat ctgatgcttg tatttgctgc     98100
     agctccacgt ccacaacttc acgcattggg ttaaactagg ctttatagac tccgttattt     98160
     caactgtatc tgttcagctg aggaacgaaa ccaaccctgt gacatcaggc acagcgacac     98220
     tccaagatgg cggcgcccaa ggtctaaaat ctatagtaaa acatgctatt ttaaacaaat     98280
     caagtttgtt taatatattt tcattaaagt ggaatccaat gtacaaaata agttaaactt     98340
     gaccgagtgc ttcatttccc ctttaagaac atgctcaaca gcgctcaaat gatagcggga     98400
     aatgagcgtt ttaaaaattt cagtacccaa ttgtaccaaa cttgatactt ttgacaacat     98460
     aaaactaaaa tatagaccta ttcacaagtt tatttgaatc agcatgccga aaaaataagc     98520
     atctcattat ttagtgttta tttgcatagc aaactagcac acaactgttg actgttgcat     98580
     taaaaataac aaataacaaa acgaccttta atgaaacaat caagctaaat aattttataa     98640
     atatgaaacc gttgtcctga gcaggaaggc aggaaaaaca ttgagtttat gaatctataa     98700
     attcagtttg gtccttttgc cgttttcttt ctggatattg tgtcttgctg tattgcatag     98760
     gtctgctgaa gttcagctcc attaagcaga cacatgttcc catgaggatg tgatgtagtc     98820
     caggccacct cccctactgg ggctttctca ccgggtcact gacagctctc accatcttca     98880
     acgatcatat cccataatgc ctcatctgtg tgtcttccag tttcatgctt tcctccattc     98940
     acatcactgc gagccatttt gccatcagag ggaggtcttt ctcttttcat ttacattttt     99000
     ccagtcaact ttctgccggg ggaattc                                         99027