EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR974462; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 228057 BP.
AC   CR974462;
DT   10-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-222K15 on chromosome 17
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-228057
RA   Almeida-King J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL Clone requests: Geneservice ( and
RL   BACPAC Resources (
DR   MD5; 97550d3c83db6879952c5934948116a4.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000002307; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000008668; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024308; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024309; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024319; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024327; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024330; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024334; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024335; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039656; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000051390; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000061232; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000073422; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CR974462.5:1-228057; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025161; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025163; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025186; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025192; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025193; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000044858; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000053429; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000079421; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000087497; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000095347; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114242; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114252; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114255; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114303; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000116612; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131134; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143354; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000151986; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000154232; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000169397; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000170075; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000171872; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000172619; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000172912; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173028; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173075; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173196; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173354; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173363; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173554; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173626; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174048; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174146; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174299; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174426; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174463; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174541; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174609; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179418; mus_musculus.
DR   GOA; E9PV10.
DR   GOA; G3UX44.
DR   GOA; G3UX50.
DR   GOA; G3UY33.
DR   GOA; G3UZ09.
DR   GOA; G3UZ21.
DR   GOA; Q3TH01.
DR   GOA; Q3TH63.
DR   GOA; S4R1N6.
DR   GOA; S4R1Z1.
DR   InterPro; IPR000003; Retinoid-X_rcpt/HNF4.
DR   InterPro; IPR000159; Ras-assoc.
DR   InterPro; IPR000210; BTB/POZ-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR000536; Nucl_hrmn_rcpt_lig-bd_core.
DR   InterPro; IPR001003; MHC_II_a_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR001039; MHC_I_a_a1/a2.
DR   InterPro; IPR001487; Bromodomain.
DR   InterPro; IPR001628; Znf_hrmn_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001723; Str_hrmn_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001892; Ribosomal_S13.
DR   InterPro; IPR001895; RASGEF_cat_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002198; DH_sc/Rdtase_SDR.
DR   InterPro; IPR002347; Glc/ribitol_DH.
DR   InterPro; IPR002777; PFD_beta-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR003006; Ig/MHC_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR003597; Ig_C1-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR003599; Ig_sub.
DR   InterPro; IPR003689; ZIP.
DR   InterPro; IPR005012; Daxx.
DR   InterPro; IPR007110; Ig-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR007258; Vps52.
DR   InterPro; IPR008056; Tapasin.
DR   InterPro; IPR008946; Nucl_hormone_rcpt_ligand-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR009053; Prefoldin.
DR   InterPro; IPR010579; MHC_I_a_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR010979; Ribosomal_S13-like_H2TH.
DR   InterPro; IPR011161; MHC_I-like_Ag-recog.
DR   InterPro; IPR011162; MHC_I/II-like_Ag-recog.
DR   InterPro; IPR011333; BTB/POZ_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR013069; BTB_POZ.
DR   InterPro; IPR013088; Znf_NHR/GATA.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR014745; MHC_II_a/b_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR016040; NAD(P)-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR020904; Sc_DH/Rdtase_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR021780; Nuc_recep-AF1.
DR   InterPro; IPR023578; Ras_GEF_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR027353; NET_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR027648; MHC_I_a.
DR   InterPro; IPR029071; Ubiquitin-rel_dom.
DR   MGI; MGI:107483; Rgl2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1197015; Daxx.
DR   MGI; MGI:1201689; Tapbp.
DR   MGI; MGI:1330304; Vps52.
DR   MGI; MGI:1931870; Zbtb22.
DR   MGI; MGI:95904; H2-K1.
DR   MGI; MGI:95908; Pfdn6.
DR   MGI; MGI:95909; Slc39a7.
DR   MGI; MGI:95911; H2-Ke6.
DR   MGI; MGI:95924; H2-Oa.
DR   MGI; MGI:98146; Rps18.
DR   MGI; MGI:98215; Rxrb.
DR   MGI; MGI:99495; Brd2.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
DR   RFAM; RF00251; mir-219.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9PV10; E9PV10_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UX44; G3UX44_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UX50; G3UX50_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UY33; G3UY33_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UZ09; G3UZ09_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UZ21; G3UZ21_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3TH01; Q3TH01_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3TH63; Q3TH63_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; S4R1N6; S4R1N6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; S4R1Z1; S4R1Z1_MOUSE.
CC   Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP23-222K15. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap
CC   The true left end of clone RP23-222K15 is at 1 in this sequence
CC   The true right end of clone RP23-222K15 is at 228057 in this sequence
CC   RP23-222K15 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong
CC   For further details see
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..228057
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-222K15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    2001..228057
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(132609..132908,135332..135481,135573..135783,
FT                   136406..136568,137991..138182,138943..139020,
FT                   139612..139674,140270..140449,142791..142850,
FT                   142966..143007,143218..143280,143594..143668,
FT                   144129..144215,144434..144490,144652..144705,
FT                   144786..144839,144925..144978,145123..145176,
FT                   145337..145390,145484..145528,145636..>145689)
FT                   /gene="Col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.2-002"
FT                   /product="procollagen, type XI, alpha 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:D38412.1"
FT   mRNA            join(132609..132908,135332..135481,135573..135783,
FT                   136406..136568,137991..138182,139612..139674,
FT                   142791..142850,142966..143007,143218..143280,
FT                   143594..143668,144129..144215,144434..144490,
FT                   144652..144705,144786..144839,144925..144978,
FT                   145123..145176,145337..145390,145484..145528,
FT                   145636..145689,146113..146157,146366..146419,
FT                   146585..146629,146748..146801,147045..147089,
FT                   147322..147375,147477..147521,148009..148062,
FT                   148390..148497,149224..149277,149565..149618,
FT                   149717..149761,150090..150143,150277..150321,
FT                   150423..150476,150572..150625,150792..150845,
FT                   151222..151329,151450..151539,151728..151781,
FT                   151997..152104,152237..152344,152465..152518,
FT                   152642..152695,152851..152958,153103..153156,
FT                   153374..153427,153571..153624,153751..153804,
FT                   154012..154119,154391..154444,154636..154689,
FT                   154781..154834,155387..155440,155630..155737,
FT                   155841..155894,156011..156064,156282..156389,
FT                   156578..156631,156805..156840,157036..157089,
FT                   157196..157463,157903..158015,158178..158384,
FT                   158840..159857)
FT                   /gene="Col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.2-001"
FT                   /product="procollagen, type XI, alpha 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U16789.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI322277.1 Em:AI425956.1
FT                   Em:AI529478.1 Em:AV009220.2 Em:AV242706.2 Em:AW990525.1
FT                   Em:BB609602.1 Em:BB840304.1 Em:BF540106.1 Em:BQ564089.1
FT                   Em:BQ570676.1 Em:BX631509.1 Em:BY230755.1 Em:CB055612.1
FT                   Em:CB590042.1 Em:CJ326443.1"
FT   CDS             join(132827..132908,135332..135481,135573..135783,
FT                   136406..136568,137991..138182,138943..139020,
FT                   139612..139674,140270..140449,142791..142850,
FT                   142966..143007,143218..143280,143594..143668,
FT                   144129..144215,144434..144490,144652..144705,
FT                   144786..144839,144925..144978,145123..145176,
FT                   145337..145390,145484..145528,145636..>145689)
FT                   /gene="Col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000025658"
FT                   /product="procollagen, type XI, alpha 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q64739.3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:I7HPY2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001791"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008160"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:88447"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:I7HPY2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAO78019.1"
FT   CDS             join(132827..132908,135332..135481,135573..135783,
FT                   136406..136568,137991..138182,139612..139674,
FT                   142791..142850,142966..143007,143218..143280,
FT                   143594..143668,144129..144215,144434..144490,
FT                   144652..144705,144786..144839,144925..144978,
FT                   145123..145176,145337..145390,145484..145528,
FT                   145636..145689,146113..146157,146366..146419,
FT                   146585..146629,146748..146801,147045..147089,
FT                   147322..147375,147477..147521,148009..148062,
FT                   148390..148497,149224..149277,149565..149618,
FT                   149717..149761,150090..150143,150277..150321,
FT                   150423..150476,150572..150625,150792..150845,
FT                   151222..151329,151450..151539,151728..151781,
FT                   151997..152104,152237..152344,152465..152518,
FT                   152642..152695,152851..152958,153103..153156,
FT                   153374..153427,153571..153624,153751..153804,
FT                   154012..154119,154391..154444,154636..154689,
FT                   154781..154834,155387..155440,155630..155737,
FT                   155841..155894,156011..156064,156282..156389,
FT                   156578..156631,156805..156840,157036..157089,
FT                   157196..157463,157903..158015,158178..158384,
FT                   158840..158980)
FT                   /gene="Col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000025657"
FT                   /product="procollagen, type XI, alpha 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q64739.3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:I7HJS8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000885"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001791"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008160"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:88447"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:I7HJS8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAO78020.1"
FT                   GGVLLGPVCFMG"
FT   mRNA            join(141452..141797,142791..142850,142966..143007,
FT                   143218..143280,143594..143668,144129..144215,
FT                   144434..144490,144652..144705,144786..144839,
FT                   144925..144978,145123..145176,145337..145390,
FT                   145484..145528,145636..145689,146113..146157,
FT                   146366..146419,146585..146629,146748..146801,
FT                   147045..147089,147322..147375,147477..147521,
FT                   148009..148062,148390..148497,149224..149277,
FT                   149565..149618,149717..149761,150090..150143,
FT                   150277..150321,150423..150476,150572..150625,
FT                   150792..150845,151222..151329,151450..151539,
FT                   151728..151781,151997..152104,152237..152344,
FT                   152465..152518,152642..152695,152851..152958,
FT                   153103..>153124)
FT                   /gene="Col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.2-003"
FT                   /product="procollagen, type XI, alpha 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK138017.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ564043.1 Em:CJ056865.1"
FT   CDS             join(142969..143007,143218..143280,143594..143668,
FT                   144129..144215,144434..144490,144652..144705,
FT                   144786..144839,144925..144978,145123..145176,
FT                   145337..145390,145484..145528,145636..145689,
FT                   146113..146157,146366..146419,146585..146629,
FT                   146748..146801,147045..147089,147322..147375,
FT                   147477..147521,148009..148062,148390..148497,
FT                   149224..149277,149565..149618,149717..149761,
FT                   150090..150143,150277..150321,150423..150476,
FT                   150572..150625,150792..150845,151222..151329,
FT                   151450..151539,151728..151781,151997..152104,
FT                   152237..152344,152465..152518,152642..152695,
FT                   152851..152958,153103..>153124)
FT                   /gene="Col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.2-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000025659"
FT                   /product="procollagen, type XI, alpha 2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q3UUU1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008160"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:88447"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q3UUU1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAO78021.1"
FT                   FNGPPGPIGLQGLPGPSG"
FT   mRNA            join(144087..144215,144434..144490,144652..144705,
FT                   144786..144839,144925..144979)
FT                   /gene="Col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.2-004"
FT                   /product="procollagen, type XI, alpha 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY231528.1"
FT   mRNA            join(148253..148497,149224..149277,149565..149616)
FT                   /gene="Col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.2-005"
FT                   /product="procollagen, type XI, alpha 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY230821.1"
FT   mRNA            join(155593..155737,155841..155894,156011..156064,
FT                   156282..156389,156578..156631,156805..156840,
FT                   157036..157089,157196..157463,157903..157965)
FT                   /gene="Col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.2-006"
FT                   /product="procollagen, type XI, alpha 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CB590616.1"
FT   polyA_site      159857
FT   misc_feature    178370..178615
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_111714, version 2"
FT   misc_feature    178806..178903
FT                   /note="Single clone region"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(205191..205880,206028..206150,
FT                   206349..206653,206742..207004,207104..207349,
FT                   207522..207650,208062..208436,208534..208748,
FT                   208840..208978,209370..209507,209770..209861,
FT                   210080..210383,211778..213072,213367..213583))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-003"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK168423.1 Em:BC046809.1
FT                   Em:BC085251.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI107534.1 Em:BQ257284.1
FT                   Em:BQ552049.1 Em:BQ934847.1 Em:BU058919.1 Em:BU708369.1
FT                   Em:BY768935.1 Em:BY770150.1 Em:CA326195.1 Em:CB203150.1
FT                   Em:CB246848.1 Em:CB246867.1 Em:CD544673.1 Em:CF901266.1
FT                   Em:CN526966.1 Em:CO040867.1 Em:CX219803.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(205192)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(205195..205880,206028..206150,
FT                   206349..206653,206742..207004,207104..207349,
FT                   207522..207650,208062..208436,208534..208748,
FT                   208840..208978,209370..209507,210080..210383,
FT                   211778..213072,214655..214919))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-002"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK158970.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG066508.1 Em:BI646324.1
FT                   Em:BI694694.1 Em:BQ257284.1 Em:BQ770279.1 Em:BQ934847.1
FT                   Em:BU058919.1 Em:BY284737.1 Em:CA326195.1 Em:CB183791.1
FT                   Em:CB246848.1 Em:CK619965.1 Em:CN526966.1 Em:CX219803.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(205195..205880,206028..206150,
FT                   206349..206653,206742..207004,207104..207349,
FT                   207522..207650,208062..208436,208534..208748,
FT                   208840..208978,209370..209507,210080..210383,
FT                   211778..213072,215334..215489))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-001"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK168525.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG066508.1 Em:BI557935.1
FT                   Em:BI646324.1 Em:BI694694.1 Em:BQ257284.1 Em:BQ934847.1
FT                   Em:BQ946736.1 Em:BU058919.1 Em:BU708675.1 Em:BY739055.1
FT                   Em:CA326195.1 Em:CB183791.1 Em:CB246848.1 Em:CB247080.1
FT                   Em:CJ173277.1 Em:CN458654.1 Em:CN526966.1 Em:CN722567.1
FT                   Em:CX219803.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(205196)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(205217..205222)
FT   CDS             complement(join(205747..205880,206028..206150,
FT                   206349..206653,206742..207004,207104..207349,
FT                   207522..207650,208062..208436,208534..208748,
FT                   208840..208978,209370..209507,210080..210383,
FT                   211778..211803))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000018831"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O88411.1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM17898.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(205856..206653,206742..206904))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-008"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BU503895.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(206928..207004,207104..207349,
FT                   207522..207650,208062..208436,208534..208748,
FT                   208840..208978,209370..209507,210080..210383,
FT                   211628..211661))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-005"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB010247.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CB273925.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(206931..207004,207104..207650,
FT                   208062..208123))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-007"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE289813.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<207257..207349,207522..207650,
FT                   208062..208436,208534..208748,208840..208978,
FT                   209370..209507,210080..210383,211778..211803))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000018853"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:I7HPW1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001487"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018359"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:99495"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:I7HPW1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM17899.1"
FT                   PGPLPVSTALPPGLT"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<207257..207349,207522..207650,
FT                   208062..208436,208534..208748,208840..208978,
FT                   209370..209507,210080..210383,211778..213072,
FT                   213367..215160))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-004"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK147918.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI694694.1 Em:BQ257284.1
FT                   Em:BQ552049.1 Em:BQ770279.1 Em:BU058919.1 Em:CB183791.1
FT                   Em:CB246848.1 Em:CB246867.1 Em:CF901266.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(207936..208436,208534..208642))
FT                   /gene="Brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-222K15.1-006"
FT                   /product="bromodomain containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CA558490.1 Em:CF174170.1"
FT   misc_feature    226057
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: RP23-222K15"
SQ   Sequence 228057 BP; 52970 A; 59457 C; 58118 G; 57512 T; 0 other;
     gaattccccc aggaccttgt gaaacaggct cctgtctgca gaaaggatgt ttcccttgcc        60
     tctggaaaaa ggacacaagg ctcagcagtg tgcctggggt gcctctgtgc gtgttcccat       120
     actagcatcc tccttcctga gactcccagc cctgctccag gtcagggcct ccctaaccct       180
     agctccctcc atatacatct catacgcagc ggctgtctac catttctcat catggctgct       240
     cacagctcca gtccctggga tcagtccacc ctcttttgat cttcatgtcc ataaaaagta       300
     ctttgagcat ttgtgattat tgcaggaaca gaatggatca gacaatgtaa aaacctatgc       360
     ttacttttat tcattatata taaggaattc tggttaattt cacctgcgtt tctcttggat       420
     gcccctctcc tagggaagct cttactcccc caggctgatt ctactccctg gctcctcccc       480
     ccactgttaa gtttaattgg gatttgcagg aggggaccta ggggttggag ctccctgggt       540
     ttaccagtgg cagaaaaaga ctctcccaac aagaattgcc aatagctctt tagagatggg       600
     tggggattct catgagcccc cttccttatt tctgattttt ttctttcttt cttttttttt       660
     attttcaaga caggtttctc tgtttagccc tggctgtcct agaactcaga aatctgcctg       720
     cctctgcctc ccaagtactg ggattaaagg catgcgccac catgcccagc tttctgatgg       780
     gctttttttt tttgttttta aagatttatt ttattattat atctaagtac actgtagctg       840
     tcttcagaca caccagaaga gggcatcaga tctatattaa ggatggttgt gaaccaccat       900
     gtggttgcta ggacttgaac tcatgacctt tggaagagca gtcagtgctc ttacctgctg       960
     agtcatctct ccagctcctc tgatggtctc ttaatagcag gtaatcttgg cctctgtgag      1020
     ttggtcagtg ccacaagctg gccttgtcac agaactctaa tccaactttc acctcctaac      1080
     ttccatccac acccgctccc ttcttccatg gtccctcagc ttgcagtcag tttttataac      1140
     gactaacttt aacaatacat ttattttact ttacgtgtat ggatgatttg cctggatgct      1200
     cgtatgttca ccacacacaa gcctattgga tttcctggaa ctgggattac agttggttgt      1260
     gagcaacaag tgctcttaaa ggctttcaca ggcacttgca ctcatgttgt gtagagactt      1320
     acactggcac acgcgtaaaa gggaatataa ataattgtga aaagatgggg gaacctttat      1380
     ttcagggaaa cccattttga gaaacccaag gataagaaaa ttaaatcatc tcttaagagt      1440
     ccggtcagcc attggagagc taccccaccc caccccaccc cgctcctatt gaaatgctgt      1500
     aagcccagaa ggccggacac aatgagagga ggtgggttta aaattgaagt tcgggtcctc      1560
     tgagagcagc tgggcttctt tcttggtcct gcaaattggc aagatgccca ccaccgtgga      1620
     aggaaggctg cagagccgaa gtctccgcgc agagtgttga cgttcaggct tcctcatcaa      1680
     cacctgcgga ccttgcctcc ccaccctggg ccgggcgggc atcacagtgg tttccccctc      1740
     ttccttttct ccgcggctct gcgggagaag aagacacccc gcgggatttc atgagcctct      1800
     tttcctagag ctcccagcgg cagcttgcac ggcttctccc caagcccgcg ccaggttatc      1860
     ccgcgctccg cctcccgccc tgcaaaccca ggcagtgaag cactgccttc tgtaccggtc      1920
     aagacgactc cgggacaaac agggggccca cggttcgcac cagggggctc ggtcataacg      1980
     acagtggtgc agtctgagat gcgtgtcgcc gacgacaata aaaacaatag ctcactccag      2040
     catcatgctg tgctcatttg tatgcgtgtg ttcgtgtgtg tgtgcacctg gcccaggagg      2100
     cccggctgga cagcctcgag gtgcacgcct cctctcgaag gaagggaagg gccagcgtag      2160
     gcagccaggc ggtggaactc caggggccgg agggagagca gagaaggcgg tgcaaggctt      2220
     acaccaaccc agggcaggaa aagcatatct tttatttcgt tccctggagc cctgcacagc      2280
     catagagaca tcagctcctt agctacctgc aggagattcc ttaccctcct agggtggagg      2340
     gaccggtctt acccgatgcg actccacgcg atggcttggg gttgtggggc aggtctgagg      2400
     ctggagtttc tgattggccg agcggcttcg gcaagctcct ggtgcaaaga gctccacgcc      2460
     tcgccgcgga gcaggccggt gccgtacggc aacatggcgc gccccatcta cctggtcctc      2520
     cgccccgccc cgtcgagcct ccgcgtcccc ggagcggtgg cctcggtggg cgagccgagc      2580
     gtcacttccg gctctaagcg gcctgggtcc cgtacagcaa tatggccgcc ctcaggtgct      2640
     ccaggcggaa gcgctaaggc ttccggtctg ttgtggggtc tgcggtgggg gttggggaga      2700
     ggaaggcgga gggaactatg cgaggatttg tgatccgcgc tcaggggatc ctcgagagac      2760
     cgtttctgag gtgggggcca ggtcgtgcgc ggagcggggg tggcggcgca ggagtggcga      2820
     aggcgacggc tcggcagggc ctgcccgacg aggctcaggg ccgagctggt agggtacctt      2880
     gctagccctg aaggcgagtg tggcggccta gggctgaacg ccgagagagg gctccttggc      2940
     gggaagctga ggcccagaca ggaggaatgg cgagtggtgg gctcgctgtc gggtaccgtc      3000
     gctgagagtt ggctgggaaa accagggtgc ggtgagaggg aggggactgg aggtgaaaaa      3060
     tctccagcct acagccccgg ttggaggaag ggggaacacg gagatgactg taggagcgga      3120
     gaggacacca ggctctgggg agggagtcga agagttggag ttaaggagaa gtccgagagg      3180
     actgtgttgt ttgagggcga gagctgggca aacccactac gtggtgtgga cagggtgttg      3240
     gttcctgtag acagaaaaac tcggagagca gcgtgggacc ttgtcctcca ttggattggg      3300
     aggaaagaga aaacgtagca gctgacagag tgtgggaaaa cgcaaccgaa agacaggaaa      3360
     cgcactgggg tgggagtggc tggagttgag ggtgaggatt taaggtgatc cggaggcttt      3420
     cccccagagc tgctcgaaac tgagagttgc agaagacagg cgttgaagac ttgggaaggc      3480
     ttgggaagga ctaagctatt ctgaaacccc gacggggtgg gactaagcag gaggggctct      3540
     ttcgaggctc ccttgtcctg ccccttccag aattctgacc tttccaatac tttctccctc      3600
     aggggaattt gaacccccat ggccaccgat gacagcatca ttgtacttga tgatgacgat      3660
     gaagatgaag ctgctgctca accagggccc tccaacctac cccccaatcc tgcctcaaca      3720
     ggacctggtc ctggcctgtc tcaacaggcc actggtctct ccgagccccg tgtggatgga      3780
     gggagcagta actccggtag taggaagtgc tacaagttgg ataatgagaa gctctttgaa      3840
     gaggtaagct tttgagataa aagggtcgcc ctttgtggcc catgctggcc ttgaactcac      3900
     agagctttta cttgcctcag cctcctgaca gctaggatta aaaatgtgaa ccactgggca      3960
     ggagagatgg ttcagcggtt aagagcattg agcatccaga agtcctgagt tcaattacca      4020
     ccaaccacat gatggcgtgg ctcacagccg tctgtaatag gatctgatgc cctcttctgg      4080
     tgtatctgaa gacagctaca gtgtactcat atatagaata aatgttaaaa aaaaaagctg      4140
     ggcagtggtg gagcacacct ttattcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct      4200
     gagttcgagg acagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagagc tacacagaga      4260
     aaccctgtct tgaaaaacaa aagatgtgat ccactatggt gtgatagggc cgatgccagg      4320
     taaaggggtg tgtgattggc tggttgttct ggcttcctca ccgattccat ctttttttcc      4380
     ccccttttcc cttcccttga accatgtagt tccttgaact gtgtaagacg gagacatcag      4440
     accaccctga ggtggttccg ttcctccaca aactgcagca gcgtgcccag tctgtgtttc      4500
     tggcctctgc agagttctgc aacatcctct ccagggttct ggctcggtct cggaagcggc      4560
     ccgctaagat ctatgtgtac attaacgagc tctgcactgt tcttaaagct cactccatca      4620
     agaagaagtt gaacttagct cctgcagcct caacgaccag tgaggcgtcg ggccctaacc      4680
     ctcccacaga gcccccctct gaccttacaa acactgaaaa cactgcctct gaggcctcaa      4740
     ggactcgcgg ttcccggagg cagatccagc gcctggagca gctgctggca ctgtacgtag      4800
     ccgagattcg gcggctgcag gagaaggagt tggacctgtc agagctggat gacccagact      4860
     cctcgtattt gcaggaggcc cgcttgaaga ggaagttgat ccgcctcttc gggcggttgt      4920
     gtgagttgaa ggactgctct tctctgacgg ggcgggtcat agagcagcga attccgtacc      4980
     gaggcacccg gtacccagag gtcaacaggc gcattgaacg gctcattaac aagccggggc      5040
     tggacacctt ccccgattat ggagatgtgc tgagagccgt ggagaaggcg gcgacccggc      5100
     acagcctggg ccttcccaga cagcagcttc agctcctggc tcaggatgcc ttccgggacg      5160
     tgggcgtcag gttacaggag cggcgccacc tggatctcat ctacaacttt ggctgtcacc      5220
     tcacagatga ctataggcca ggtaggacgc tcccttcagg ttggatggag gcatctctag      5280
     tcccttgtag gattgggact gggtttgctg accctgtttt cccacacagg cgttgacccc      5340
     gcactgtctg atcccacatt ggctcgccgc cttcgggaaa atcgaacctt ggccatgaac      5400
     cggctggatg aggtcatctc caagtatgca atgatgcaag acaagactga ggagggcgag      5460
     agacagaaga gacgagcccg gctcttaggc accgcccccc aaccttcaga cccccccaaa      5520
     gcctcctcgg aatctggtga ggtatggaag ggttaactca gatcttgtct gcgccctgca      5580
     ctgccactag gcactccagg gtgactcctg gagcagcgta tggaagtggg gaaagaatat      5640
     tggtgatgtg cttgccttgc agtctcgcag tcatgagctc ccagagttga gtcctcctcc      5700
     taccaatcaa aaagctgtgg ggcacgggat tccttaagag agactgctct ttccctcagg      5760
     gtcctagcgg aatggcatcc caggagtgcc ctactacctc caaagctgag actgatgatg      5820
     acgatgatga cgatgatgat gacgacgacg aagataacga ggaaagtgag gaggaggagg      5880
     aggaggaaga ggaggagaaa gaggctactg aagatgaaga tgaggatcta gaacagttgc      5940
     aggaagatca ggggggtgat gaagaagagg aaggaggagg tatatgcgta aacggagctc      6000
     ctctgtgggg agcatccttg tggtgttagt tctgctctgt cggacatgag ctccttgttg      6060
     agcctttccc tcccttcctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc      6120
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctc ctcctcctct tcctcctcct      6180
     atgccctttt tttttttttt aaagatttat tgattattat atgtaagtat actgtagctg      6240
     tcttcagaca caccagaaga gggcgtcaga tctcgttacg gatggttgtg agccaccatg      6300
     tggttgctgg gacttgaaca ctggaccttt ggaagagcag tccggtgctc ttacccactg      6360
     agccatctct ccagccctct cctatgtcct ttgcacagcc cctctatccc tgttcctcat      6420
     ccacccctcc cctttctttt ccagataatg aaggaaatga gagtcccaca tcgccttcag      6480
     actttttcca tagaaggaat tcagagcctg cagaagggct caggaccccc gaggggcagc      6540
     aaaagagagg actgacagag accccagcat ccccgccagg ggcatccctg gaccctccca      6600
     gcactgacgc tgagagcagt ggagagcagc tcctcgagcc gctcctggga gacgagagtc      6660
     ctgtgtccca gctcgctgag ctagagatgg aagctttgcc tgaggaaagg gacatttcct      6720
     cctccaggaa aaagtcggaa gattccctcc ccaccatctt ggaaaatggg gcagctgtgg      6780
     ttacctctac atctgtcaat gggcgtgtct cttctcacac ttggagagat gccagtcccc      6840
     ccagcaagag atttcggaag gaaaagaagc aactgggctc tggactgtta ggaaacaggt      6900
     aatagtgggt gaggaggaag gcaggcaagg aggcaggact ctctgaaggg agcctgatgt      6960
     cctaggtctc cctgcagcct caggcccttt ctgtcatttt tcttctgtcc ttagctatat      7020
     aaaagaaccg atggcacagc aggacagtgg gcagaacaca agtgtccagc ctatgccatc      7080
     cccccccttg gcctctgtgg cttctgtcgc tgattcctcc acaagggtgg actctcccag      7140
     ccatgaactg gtgaccagct ctctgtgcag cccttctcca tccctgcttc tccagacacc      7200
     ccaggctcag tctctccggc agtgtattta taaggtgagt gggcagtgtc ccctggcact      7260
     gcattctcac cctttccctt tctgtgggta ttgcacctcc tgctcctctg ttttccccat      7320
     cttcctgccc gcccgcaagt gcgtgcacgt gcatgcatgc ttgtgtagtg acagttttgg      7380
     aattttggcg tctttataac aactcagagc tgagtggtag cgacacatgc ctttgatcct      7440
     gggaggcaga ggcaggagca tctctcttga gtctgaggcc agcctggttt acaaagtgtg      7500
     tcccaggaca gccagggcca cacagagaaa ctgtctaaaa cccaaaaacc aactaactga      7560
     caaacaaaaa accagtgaaa taggttttca ttttaatccc ggtgtggagt gtggggctgc      7620
     ttccaactga ctgtgactgt gagctctaga ggtgtggctt taccagctac agatagttgc      7680
     tttggttgtg tgaagtgatg tttggaattc tgggaacttt tcaggagagc atataaatgg      7740
     cagagcctcc ccaccttcca ggaagcatgg ttggtggtag tacaggggtt ggttgtggtt      7800
     tgttagtagt cttgctcaaa gaacaaacag gaagagagac attagaatca gagatcctgt      7860
     ctctcctgtc tatcctttct tttctatcta gtgatggggg cggataaagg ggaggaaaaa      7920
     gaacacacaa agtctcaaag actggctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      7980
     tgtgtgttta ggtttaaccc catcaaccag gaggcagagg catacaggtc tctctaactt      8040
     caaggccaca gtctagtcta cccagtgaca gtcaaggtta catagtgaga ccatgtaaaa      8100
     caaaacaaaa aagacttatt ttatgtaaat aggtgttttg ttggcatgca tacctatgtg      8160
     ctacatttgt gtctggtgct catggaggcc agaagagggc gtctgatcct atagatctgg      8220
     agtcacggag aaggcagaga gccgccatgt gagactggat acaacactcg ggtcttctgc      8280
     aaagcagctg cgtgcttagt ggctgagcca tcttccagcc ttccatcctg ctttgttttg      8340
     tttctgagac aaggtctttc tatgtagccc tgactgtccc agaactctgt atgtagtaga      8400
     tcaggctggc cccaaactcg gatatcagcc cgcctctgcc tcttgagtgt tcggactaaa      8460
     ggcgtgagcc gccatgcctg gctcaccctt ctttctcctc tgacttgtct gcagaccagt      8520
     gtggccacac agtgcgaccc ggaggagatc atcgtgcttt cagactctga ttagcaggcc      8580
     ccatgctccc cgtgctccct gcatccagaa ggttttttgt atggctgttg gaagatgatg      8640
     gagtaaaaga tggacagagc tcctcccgtt ttgatggtgt ttcttttgac aaaaaaaaaa      8700
     aatcaaaatg ttttaagttt tacacagaca cattaataaa caatgaattt ctttttattg      8760
     tattctttcc tttactttgc cttttctctt gtgacagctg tcacctggat ctgccttttc      8820
     tatcctggct ctctttttag ggcgtcctca tccttaaccc ttccttgagc cttcttcccc      8880
     taggcacttt taaagataag tgcttcggaa gccttcttaa gcagctttcc tctctcgttt      8940
     tgagcggtct gagtgaaaag gccaatcagg ggctgactca aggtgatttg gccaatccag      9000
     gcctggagga ggggggcggg gcttgggggg ttctcatatg ctgggaaaag ggctgttaga      9060
     tcccgcgagc aagctaacgt ccagagctcg gggtggagcc tgggaagcgg aagccagcac      9120
     tggtcaatga gacaaggtag gcttgtcgga ttaaagggga acgaaggttt cggccaaacc      9180
     aattcctgag tcctcagccg cagacgggac ctggtacctt taaggcggaa tgaagcgccg      9240
     gttctttaaa ggaaaagtgt cgctgtcggt cgacttttgc ccagcggcac aggaggggtg      9300
     ctggcctgcg cctttaaggt cgcaggtccg ggaggcggag tggaggcgga aggcggaggg      9360
     agtcggcaca agatggcggc gggaggggct ggggctgcgg ctctggtcgc ggagtgaggg      9420
     ggggggcccg ggggcgcgcg gccaggtaag cgggggcgcg cggggctggg ggcccccctc      9480
     aggctgggga acagtccgag ggcgcgattg gggaggactg gggggcgggg ttcgggggcg      9540
     ggggcaaaca cgaggcgggg tcggggatcc agggggcgga gccctggagg gtcctgaagg      9600
     ggcggggtcg ggatcaactg ggggctctag ggggaggagc ttgagaactg tggagaacac      9660
     cccttcaccc caagaaaatc ggtacgcaac accaaggagg gggcgttctt ttgagagtga      9720
     agccgtagac taggatagac gccccttccc tgagagcccc ctatttcctg acccaggagc      9780
     gagagtacta aacttggaat actttctttg ctagcgctgc ggtttggtgg tgtttgattg      9840
     gatgttttac ttaatagtga gcctcagttg ccccgtctgt accatggggt tgacaggggt      9900
     acctgttttt tttttttaaa tactgtgatg gcttaaaatc agtgatgctt tcaaaatgct      9960
     gttattcttt tttttttttt ttccctagag acccccccgg ccgccctctt ctttcctttg     10020
     ttcctgtggc tgggggggta tctccttcca cagcatggag ccgtctgctc tgtcacccag     10080
     tggggccaca ctcccactgc ctctgtcact ggctccaccg ccactgcctc tgccggcagc     10140
     tgcagtggta cacgtgtcct tccctgaggt gaccagtgcc ctcctggaat ccctcaacca     10200
     gcagcggctc cagggtcagc tctgtgatgt gtccatccgc gtgcagggac gggagttccg     10260
     cgctcacagg gccgtcttgg ctgcctcctc tccttacttc cacgaccagg tcctactgaa     10320
     aggcatgact tccatttccc tgccaagcgt catggaccca ggcgcttttg agactgtcct     10380
     ggcctcagct tacacgggcc gcctcagcat ggctgctgcg gacattgtca acttcctcac     10440
     agtggggtcg gtcctccaga tgtggcacat tgtggataag tgcactgaac tccttcggga     10500
     gggtcgatcc gcagccacta caaccactgt cactactgct gcagccccct ctgtctctgt     10560
     cccttgtgcc agtgtcccat cagggaatgg gggcactgtc gcccctgcca ccgtaggctc     10620
     tgtccgttcc catacctcca gcagggccag tgagaatcag tctcccagca gtagcaacta     10680
     cttcagcccc cgggagtcga ctgatttctc ctctacctcc caggatgcat ttgtggcctc     10740
     agcagcaggt agtgggaacc gtcgggatgg tggcccggtg ttcccagccc ctgtggttgg     10800
     cagtgcgggt accacctccg ggaagttgct gctggaggcc gatgagctat gcgatgacgg     10860
     tggggatggg agaggggccg tggcccccgg ggctgggctc cggaggtcta actgcatgcc     10920
     tgccagtgca gtgccacaga aacactgggt gtatgtgaag caagctagaa attgccctgc     10980
     accagcctcc ctggtccacc aagaccccga tctagaagat gaggaagagg aggaagatct     11040
     ggtgttgact tgtgaggatg atgaggatga agaaatggga ggcggctctg gggttcctgc     11100
     agggggagag cccgaggcta ccctcagtat cagtgatgtt cggaccttga ccgagcctgc     11160
     agacaagggg gaagagcagg tcaacttctg tgaatcctcc aatgactttg gcccctatga     11220
     gggtgggggc gctggggcag ggcttgatga ccccggagga cccacccctt cctcctatgc     11280
     cctcacccac cctccacgac ccctccttcc attggatgtg ccgggcaacc agatcttggt     11340
     tttcccatcc tcctcttcac aggctccagg ccagccacca gggaacacag ctgagcacgg     11400
     ggcagtgacc ctcgggggca cctctgcggt ggggctgggc ataccaagtg gctctggtgg     11460
     ggctcctgga gggacaggca acagcgacgg gaataagatc tttctgtgcc actgtgggaa     11520
     ggctttctca cataagagca tgcgggaccg gcacgtgaat atgcatctca acctgcgacc     11580
     ctttgactgc cccgtgtgca acaaaaagtt caagatgaaa caccacctga ccgagcacat     11640
     gaagacacac acgggcctca agccgtacga atgcagtgtc tgcgccaaga agttcatgtg     11700
     gcgggacagt ttcatgcgtc accggggaca ctgtgagcgt cggcaccgga tgggtgtggg     11760
     tggggtcgga tctggaccgg gtcctggacc tggacccggg acaccttctg ggccagcatt     11820
     gcaacccaag agggagtctt ccacagtggg tgggggcagt ggcgatgagg caaattcggc     11880
     cacgcccccg tcccataggc gtgtctggtc cccacccagc gtgcacaaag tggagatgga     11940
     tttcagtggg ggtggaggtg cagcacactg aagagcaggc aattggggag cttagtctaa     12000
     gagcaatggc tcccggggtt tcccccacca aacagtcttc ccttacctcg gtggacttgt     12060
     atatattcta gagaagggcg tgggttgcac cgtcgccagc ccgttccatt cctcagcccc     12120
     ttcctcgaga tctctggaac taagctgtgt ttttgctttt cccctgagca caccagagcc     12180
     ccaccttcac ggagtagtgc caacaaggtg ggggaatgga aaagggacct tttgagcatc     12240
     ctagagtcac agagccaaca gtcaggttgt gctagtttgt gcctgaagtc tgtgtttgtg     12300
     ttgtgggaca aggcctttga gtcttaacga ttgtcctttc tcctcttgaa ggatacgccc     12360
     cttatttctg tactacccca cccttgccat ggggatccca aattgggttg tcatgaaagt     12420
     gggtggacac aaggtgggag ccgcgtagta taggtcttaa tttttaacgg tgattaaaat     12480
     atttattggt cacttcactt ggcttcccaa cacccctctg tttgctggga cctggcacag     12540
     gtctgggaac gcgggagtgt ggttttaagg gaggtggcgc ggagagggca cagcaggagg     12600
     gcggagtcta ggctgataaa gggctcaaag ttggcgcagt ccggtgagcc aagggggtgg     12660
     gtgcagggcg aggagtggct ggagagctac agacagggtt tcggcaactc tgtttggccc     12720
     ctgtgggcgg cgttcctcca acgcgcagtc acgccctcac ctgaccagat cggggaattt     12780
     ccagttcctc accccagcct tagaaggaaa atgaaagtga aaggggaaga aaagacttgg     12840
     taggagagat cgtagcacca tgaagcctct gctcctgctc gtcgctgtgg cactgggtga     12900
     gcagacccca tttcttcttg tttaggaata gacacactgg gaaggagagg gaggaggtcc     12960
     catggcgggt ctgaaggggc gggccggtcg ccggtcgccg gacatcctat ggccctctgg     13020
     tcaccggagc ccctctcccc aggcctagcg accgtcgtct ccgtcgtctc ggctggacca     13080
     gaggcgatcg agtgctggtt cgtggaggat gcaggtgggg gtggcctgtc taagaaacct     13140
     gccacactgc tactgcgcca tggacccagg ggaccgccgc cccggccaga tcttgaccca     13200
     aagctatact tcaaggtgga tggtgagtct tcgggactta cctgcatctg tcgcctcctc     13260
     ttagctcacg cagggacgct gggcctcagt tttccctttt gtaaatacgt ttggatgctc     13320
     tctaagtcgt tcactacttt gctagtttgt gccttccggc ctgtgtgtag tcagcacatt     13380
     tccagtccgg gctaccgtta cacccttttc ggttctgcag acccggcggg aatgctcctg     13440
     gccgccttca ggcggtaccc cgcaggcgcc tccgccccac actgcgagat gagccgcttc     13500
     atcccgttcc ctgcctcggc gaagtgggct agaagtctga gtccggagca gaactgcccg     13560
     cgggccctgg acggggattg gctgctggtc agcgtatcca gcactctctt cagcctctcc     13620
     agcctgctgc gaccacagcc ggagcctctg cgggagcctg tcgtcatcac catggcaaca     13680
     ggtagccgcc gagaggcgcg cgagatggat gggtagtttt taaggatcta gatgggccag     13740
     ttcggcgact cgccaagagg tttgaatggg tcatttcttc aactggggat cagtatatat     13800
     tcttttgtta agggaaggga gttggttaga ttttatcttc acccttcatt gtaggctgag     13860
     agtaaaattg aaacctactg tggtttgggg gcgggacttt gcagaggcgg tcatggtgtc     13920
     ggtttccaga tcccagagtt tgagaaactc ataaggttag gcgtcccgaa acccaaattt     13980
     tttctgcacc catcctaggt ttcaaaaatc acactttgag tctcttcaaa gcgcactaga     14040
     gactagggac agtcagccca gcaaggaacc tcttgccaag gctctcggcc acggtcttta     14100
     gtgcctcaac agtggcctct agtgggcaga acggtggctt gtgcacaggt gcggttctgc     14160
     cgcttgagtt cccagagatc cacccaccac tttgctgtgc tggacagggg aaggggcact     14220
     ctatggggta gatctgtctt gaatgtcctg aatgtttgct tttctctctg gacaccacct     14280
     aacaggtaga tagaatcgtc attggctttc cccatttctg gtgcttttat gcaaatattc     14340
     tcaccgaact cagtcctttg ccttcatcat ttgaagtctc caaatgggga cagtctgaaa     14400
     ctccactggc acctctactc ttagctccac cctgtgcagg ccctttgtgg ggacagtagt     14460
     tctcttgaaa ccacctgccc tcacactgct ggtcttcatg tgggatggtg ttggctacct     14520
     tttgccctat gggtcgtttt tttccaactg taagaagtag gatctatttt gccagctact     14580
     tttatttgtg gcattgaagc aaggccctgt gcagctatgt gctggtccaa taaatgttat     14640
     tagcaccaag aaaaagttag gaccctgagg tccccagatc gacctccaga taactagcaa     14700
     agaacctact gaaagcttgg gcttgggaat cacagtgtat ggggtggccc tgcgtgctca     14760
     gtgacgggtg atcagatgtc gactcaccgt gcttctcaga tctgtcaaag ataatcccat     14820
     gtggcttctg cagggcaggt gtgtgtgcct cagtgactgt attagttatt tgcagagtta     14880
     gttttgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg ggtatatgcg tgtgagtgca gctgcccagg     14940
     gaatccaaaa gagcttgttg gatcctctgg ggctgggtta cggctggttg tgagccatgt     15000
     ggcgtgggaa ccgaccttgg gtcctcagaa gtgcagtctg tggtttaaag tgctgagtag     15060
     cctctctagg cccttatctg agtcctagag tgctctggac cagagctgac tctcagaaga     15120
     ctacttcgca tagacttggg gtaaaatcaa gttactatgg cctgtcttcc ccatcagatc     15180
     actttcaggt cacttctgct tgatatgaaa atcatgaaaa tgggggtggg ggtgggggtt     15240
     gggtagatgg cacatcagtt aagaggactg gctgatcacc cagagggtct gggttcactt     15300
     cacagcacct acatgacagc tcaccgctgt aactccagtc tcaggggagc tggcactctc     15360
     acagacatac acacaggcaa aacaccagtg cacctaaaag aaaccattta aaatcttcta     15420
     aaaagagaga aaataatgaa agtggtttat ttgttgctgt caccttcccc ctcctgctcc     15480
     cagggcactg acagcgtcag ggaagctctc tgccagcaaa cctcagcccc agcttccttc     15540
     agcctttggt tgagacacag ggtcagctcc taagcaggtt cccttgccct tcctgtgcag     15600
     cccaggcagg tcagttgagg actttcctcg ctcaccttgc agaagctgct gcagcaggct     15660
     taggcagcct cacctggatg gctatgtttt cacagaacac tagggtagga aatcatcttg     15720
     gttagtctcc ctttttattt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttata     15780
     tgagtacact gttgctatct tcagacacac cagatgaggg cagcggatcc cattacagat     15840
     ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gatctctgga agagcactca     15900
     gtactcttaa ccacttagcc atctctccag ccccggttag tctccttgtt ggaatgtctg     15960
     aggtcccaga gccaggcctt gcttgtgctg gacacacaac gggccgtgga gcttcataac     16020
     cagaatcaaa tccatcttcc tcaacactta gtgcgcacag tgtgcggttt caccgactct     16080
     agaaacatgt tataggcagg ttatagtaca ggaatacata catacacaca aatataagca     16140
     cgcatgcaat aacaaaaagg aggtcaagaa tttgaaggag ggggtgtgtg ggagggcttg     16200
     agggtaggga agagagaagt gttgtaatta aaatacaatc tcaagaacaa acagcgtgtg     16260
     tcctgcaggg ttacagaggt gacagggtaa agttgatgaa agctgtgagt ttcacccagg     16320
     cccacaggga gagagctggc tcccggaagt cctcctctgc cctccacatg cacaccatgc     16380
     aggaacacac atacacaaat gaatcaataa aaatgtaaaa ggcagcttag aaaatgttaa     16440
     acacctgggg ctggggagag ctctgatcca taaactttcc tgtgattact aatttgcctc     16500
     ctagagagag gggttttttg tttgttttgt ttttttttgt tttttttttt ttttgagaca     16560
     gaatttctct gtagccctgg ctgacctgga actaactctg taggccaggc tggccttgaa     16620
     ctcagagatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcctg caccacaact     16680
     gcctggctag aatttttttt ttttaaaaaa agaatcattt gttatatttt atgtatgtgg     16740
     atacactgta gctgtcttca gacaccagag gagggcatca gatcccatta cagatggttg     16800
     tgagccacca cgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcacgacct gtgaaagagc agccagtgct     16860
     cttagccact gagccatctc tccagcccct atagcgattt tcattaggca aagccaggac     16920
     tggaacaaga tttggttagc cagaggtatt aaatggcgta accttcacca caaactcagt     16980
     agctcagtag gtaggtcttt gttaccttgt gggttcttct ctttccaccc tttatcccct     17040
     ggtttcactc cttatcatag ataggagaga aggaaggatg agagagagag agagagagag     17100
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aaagcaatct     17160
     gaatctaatt tctggttttt gttgcttctt tgagcatgac taacaaactg taaccaaccc     17220
     cctgaatggc caaaggccac ctacccctcc tcttgggggg ttctagcatt tatctacact     17280
     ttgaaaagtt cccagaattc caagcatcac ccaatcacag acactgtctg cagctggcaa     17340
     agccacgcct ctgctagagc atgaggcaaa tctgtcagct gtcacacagt ctgaagctgc     17400
     ccttatccca tacctgggct taaaatgaaa gcatgttatg ctgtgtctct ttaaaaaaaa     17460
     agaccaatct cccagcatcc ccagtaggta ggtcctgttc tcactgtgac tgcctgtgac     17520
     tcattttggt ttgtttttga gactgagact caggcaggtt tgtctggaac tcagggcagt     17580
     cttcccacca gagtttctca tgtgctaggg ttaccaatgt gagccactat gtccagcttc     17640
     catttctact gtggagattg gggcttgggg ctgaggtgta gctcagtggt aggcccattg     17700
     cctgctgtgt gtgacagtca ggcctgcagt gcttgcactg gagaggcggg gtcgggaggg     17760
     ccaacagacc gctgtgctgc agactgtttc tcagtgatgg agtgtagtgc ttgctcctgt     17820
     gcctgaggct tagggtcagc catagcacag cagtggtatc tgccccacaa aactccccat     17880
     cccacacaca cacaaaggaa agaaagaagg gaggctgggg tatgataatc tcttatctat     17940
     tgagttccag actagcttag catgcagagt gagtttccaa gttaccttgg gccaaaatga     18000
     gtcttatctc caaaaagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagggagaaa     18060
     gagaaaggaa gaaaggaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gaaagaaaga     18120
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtggtggtac agagatggcc cagcagttat     18180
     gagcattggc tgagatagtt gtggtcctag tgcctatgtg atggctcata gccacctgta     18240
     actctaattc cagggatcca gtgtcctctg ctggcctcct ttggtactgc acacatggtg     18300
     cacttacatg taggtgaaac acacacgcac acgcacacgc acacgcacga cgaaatttta     18360
     ttgtgccctt agagatccgg gccatctata ggatttgaga atcgtggttg gcagtgtgtg     18420
     tgttcaacac ctccagggct gcaaacctct catcaccttg atttacccct atgatattgt     18480
     aaatggatgt gtccctgaag cgtgggtaac ctggagcttg gtcgggccac caactctcct     18540
     tctcctttcc gtttctttcc actctcccca cgcacgccca gtggtgctga ccgtcctcac     18600
     ccataaccct gcccctcgag tccagctggg aaaggatgca gtgctggacc tgcgcttcgc     18660
     ctacgcaccc tccgccctgg aaggttctcc ctctctggac gcaggccctc ctccctttgg     18720
     gctggagtgg cgacgccagc acaggggaaa gggtcacctg ctgttggctg ccacccccgg     18780
     gctggccggg agaatgccac cagcccagga aaaggctacg gcatttgcag cttgggatga     18840
     cgatgagccc tggggcccgt ggactgggaa tgggaccttc tggcttccag ccgtgaagcc     18900
     ttctcaggag ggtgtctacc tggctacggt acacctgccc tacctgcaag gacaggtctc     18960
     cctggagctg actgtgcaca gtgagtcggg gaacaccatg gcaggggtga tactgaagac     19020
     agttgggagt cctaggcatc tgaaagcttt aacatgggat tgttgtgaag ttctaacggg     19080
     gagacagagc gccccctgca gtattaggga agccagaaga ccaactgagg gagggaggga     19140
     ggttaattcc ctcagttacc tttcctattc tttcttcaga ggcccccaga gtgtctctaa     19200
     caccagcacc cgttgtgtgg gctgccccag gagaggcacc cccagaactg ctctgtcttg     19260
     catcccactt cttccctgcg gagggtctgg aggtcaagtg ggagctcaga ggcggcccag     19320
     gaggaagttc tagaaaggtt gaggggaaga cgtggctctc caccatccgc caccattccg     19380
     atggctctgt cagccagtct gggcacctgc agctacctcc agtcactgcc aagcagcatg     19440
     gagttcacta tgtctgtcgg gtgtaccact ctagcctgcc agcatcgggg cgcagtgctg     19500
     acgtcaccct ggaggtggca ggtaatcgcc tggggaacat cagaaccagg gtgggcctca     19560
     ggaaacacca aactcacgcg caccgcttcc gtttgccagg cttctcaggg ccctccatcg     19620
     aggacggcat cggcctgttc ctgtctgctt ttctcctcct cggactcctc aaggtgctag     19680
     gctggctggg taggtgtgag gcctgccccc acaggacata ccctgcccac tctctgaagt     19740
     ctcacccacc ccttccttcg ttgggcatgc ccacatctca tccctctctc ttccccagta     19800
     gctgcctact ggaccattcc tgaagtctca aaggagaagg ccacagctgc cagcctgacc     19860
     attcccagga actcaaaggt aacagggttc catttctggg gctttgccgc ctcctgctgg     19920
     ttattcctgg gaggaatggt ggctgcagtg gcaggtgtcc gcttcacaca cacctggtct     19980
     aaattcttcc tcagtgtagc tcacctcaga cttttgacct ctatctgttt ccctaggagt     20040
     agtgattttt aaaaattatg caggtggttc tgtccattag agatgtaaat cacacataaa     20100
     ttgaaagaat tggtagctat atgaaaaaaa gaaaaaacca ggtgtgttgg cagtgcttcc     20160
     aggccaggcc aggcctaaca cttcagagcc ctgtgcagaa tcctgagttc aaggctgcta     20220
     cacagaaacc ttggctcatg ggggagagag gagttaaatg aaacaggtaa aatttaatca     20280
     cacattttat taagtttctg ttgatacagg tctcatgtag ctcaggctgc cctcaagctt     20340
     gctacatatt tgaggatgac actccccctc cctcctgcct tggctttttg agacagggtt     20400
     tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctatag accaggctgg cctcgaactc     20460
     agaaatccac ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgtgt caccactgcc     20520
     cggcttagaa gttacattta tttgtgtggg actgtgtata ccacagcaga catgtggggg     20580
     tcaaaaaaca atttgtggga cttggttttc tccttctacc ccatgggtct tggggatcac     20640
     actcagaacg gcaagtacct ttaccccctg ggctacccca ctagcccgtc tttcttcctc     20700
     ttaaagattt tcccctatgt gtgcatatga atgtgtgtgg tgtgttacca cacataaggt     20760
     tggatgtcag aggacaactc ttgggaccag ttttctccta caaccttgta cgatcctgga     20820
     tcaaactcag accagtgatt gagtctgcct gctgagtgtc tcccagcata agtttttaaa     20880
     gtgcagaaga caatcagaat ttattacagg gtaaagtggg ataccatcaa agcatgagaa     20940
     taggcagcaa agagactgta tggagggaaa ggctcctaaa gtgtgacagg gagtggcctg     21000
     ggagaccact gtgcggcagt ggccaagtcc ggctctgacc tatccaggca atgtaaacat     21060
     gtagacaaca taaggacttc caaagctcag agcacagccc aggggtgggg tttgcttgga     21120
     ttctcagctg acccactggg tcttctggaa gactcaggag cgaggacact catgaccatg     21180
     tctggccggt gggaaatgac agccccagcc tgctcccacg cctgtaactg tgagaatgtt     21240
     tctacattaa ctgggagaaa ctcacttccc tcccaacact tccaattccc cacttctttc     21300
     ttctcttgca gaagtcacag taaagaagtt ctcgtctgtg gaagccaccc tcatctctgg     21360
     cccagatgac tccagtagcc cctgccccag aacaacagcc ttcttctctt cttctccctc     21420
     cattgaatag ctcggatttt tttttttaag gtttttttgt ttgtttcaat ctttcttgtt     21480
     ttgttcttgt ttttagacaa ggtctctcta tgtagccttg gctggctgtc ctgaaccctc     21540
     accaagccaa ccaggctggc ctcgaagtcc cagagatcca cctgtccctc tgcctcggag     21600
     tgacaaacgg cactggacac catgcctaga ggtctttttt ttttttggtt tttggagaca     21660
     ggatttctct gtatagtccc ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg     21720
     aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aggtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca     21780
     ccgctggact cgaactaaac ttttaagatg agaaaaaagc gagacttagc gccacactca     21840
     tttgatgccc acagtcggga ggcagaggca gtggatctct gacatttcca tgccagcctg     21900
     atctacaaat agggagtttc aggtcagtcg gggttacttg gcggggcttt gttgagagaa     21960
     ctaaatataa gaacacacat gcgtagagtc ccagggttga gaagaaccag tgtatgcgcc     22020
     agagaggcgg gttcataacc tgtggctcac aacccccttt aagtccatcg gaaataccag     22080
     acattaggat tcacaacagt agtaaaggca gttacgaagt agcaaagaaa ataattttac     22140
     aacttgaact gcgttaatgt taagaaggtt gagaaccact ggccagggga ttaggacgaa     22200
     aggtcttcat agcatcttaa gattctagag acctcaggga cagcccacag cagtagtcta     22260
     gagacggaaa ggtccatgtg tctccctcgc ggactaaagc ctacctctcc agctctccat     22320
     tcctaccaca gcttttcttt tgcctggtcc acctttacca tctccgggcc tggtgggtct     22380
     cggcccttta cgaatgtccc cgtgtggttc gtcctctcct gttcgccggt cctcgtgagc     22440
     taataaagtc tttccgagtt tccatgcggg cctctcattc tcccgtttcc aagcacagcc     22500
     aacctcggtc acctcccggt cctcgtctcg cacccgggag acgacatagc caccgtggga     22560
     accgcgcgcg ctcgggcgca cggtgagagc cggacgcccg gagcgacgga cccgagtgga     22620
     accggaagcg ccgcactagc cggcttccgc cccctccccg cgagtgggcg ggcataaggg     22680
     cggcacagaa aacccggcgc ggattcgctc cgttgcactc gtgccggggc ggcagtgtca     22740
     ttctcgagct gcagtaacgg ggtcgcgcca ctgctagggc actttcctcg gcagttgcag     22800
     cgccgctctg gttagaaaaa gtgacttaaa attccgtgtt tgccttcctg tggaggcttg     22860
     agacaggacc ctggtctcca gcgtgtctgc tgcgagacgc gggcttcaga gccaccgagt     22920
     ggggctgcaa gggacagcgg agtagtgcac ctgcagcctg cgtcccagcc cctggcgtcc     22980
     agcactcccc tagtcgctct ccctggctcc tgtcctcact tccttccctt tttggctcct     23040
     gctgtcgggc ggacgcgggg aggggggaag cggaaagggc gggagggccc gggagcccgg     23100
     cggggtgcag gaggggggca tcgcggaaaa gccggggagg ggactcggta gagggccaga     23160
     gaccgacaag aacagaggcc cgggacccgc gcgcagccct cgcccttccc gagcaggtca     23220
     gagccggagc accgggtgac cctgcccatt ccgcactagt tagcccccaa gtcccaagca     23280
     agcaccgagg gcttgggttt ccccactccc gtatctccct cccccagcct tcctcaggga     23340
     ctcccaccta ggtcccttct tgtccgtctc ccccacgccc gtctgactcc acccaatccc     23400
     acccgtctct ccccaggcgc ccccatggcc cgaccccgct gattgcttct ctcggccatg     23460
     ctcccgcggc ccctgcggct gcttttggac acgacccccc ccgggggagt cgtgctgagc     23520
     agcttccgga gccgggaccc cgaagagggt ggggacccag gtggccgggc cgtgggcggg     23580
     gggcaggagg aagaggatga ggaagaagaa gaggtgagac gcgggtggcg ggaggcaggg     23640
     cattaaatat ttctgagact ctcctccttt cggtgtctct gggtccctcg gtctcttcct     23700
     ccccgcctca ctcgcatccc gcccgccaca ctctctctgg atatctgtcc cctggctgcg     23760
     ggtcctggtg tctatgaagt tcgccctgtc tgtctgctcg gaacctgccc gtaggaacct     23820
     gccggaacca gaatggctgg ctggcagacg ggctgactgt gcctgcgggg ctcaggccct     23880
     ctttgcccat acctgcttag acgggtgcca ctgggcagtt gtatcttggt ccctgtctcc     23940
     ctcctcgttt tttgtttggc tgggaggggt ttgtttccac agtaaccagc tcctcagact     24000
     ctaggattgg ggagggaacc ctcagatttc gccgcctctt cccccacccc ctggtgctca     24060
     atagagggca gcaagccaag aggttccggc acctggagag atgatcccgg gataggtaga     24120
     gcgtggtcat cttcgtccaa agagactgat aggatgtagt ccgcagcaag atttagggat     24180
     tcaggagggt ccagaagtta gattcggagc ccgaggatcc agactcctgg gccccgacat     24240
     tggtaaagtt agggtgacta gcaaggctgg tttttcggga tcggtcgggg gaggggctag     24300
     ggccacatga ctctgagtct accgcccccc ccccccatca tccttacttc cccttcttgt     24360
     aactgggatt ggagccgcca ccttcagggg gtccccagtg ctgagattaa gtggaagctg     24420
     tattggggac ctggggaaaa ggagtctctg cggaaggact aaatttgggc tcctctggtt     24480
     ctgtcaggga gggcgggcct tgtgaagttt cagcttctct ctgcttcagg tctctcttcc     24540
     tttggctttg tgcctcttcg ggcgcgctct gctcctgact ttgcgccctg cttttctgcg     24600
     ttgggctcag ctgtgggaca aggggggttg gaggtggcca gaagaggggt tcctgcattc     24660
     agttgaaacc ctcactgcaa cctcttccat cccaccgagc tctgaggtgg ccgggggggc     24720
     tgtctgagcc ccagggtggg gtagacctgg ggtcaccagt accctctacc cctcgcactc     24780
     gctggtattg tcccccgcca tcacaggtga ggggtgcaga gggaggaaca gggcctgggg     24840
     acaatggctg gggactggag gtgctgtgga actcacttcc tcttcttgct cctccaggct     24900
     tctgtgtcag tctgggacga ggaggaggat ggtgcgacct ttactgtcac aagccgccag     24960
     tacaggcctc ttgacccctt ggtgagatca cgactttgag gtcttgcctc tcggttttta     25020
     atttaatatt tatttattta ttttccggaa cattaggttg aagaagttct ggtagtgtga     25080
     aggtagttct gtgttgtgtg atttaagcca tttctgaacc ggggcagaaa taagctagat     25140
     ctggattatc ccagatgtct agcagtcaga ttgaggaggc ccgtcggtga gacaccctcc     25200
     atgttctcca ggctcccttg cctccacctc gctcctcccg acggctccgc gctggcactc     25260
     tggaggccct ggtcagacac ctcttggatg ccaggacagc aggggctgac atgatgttca     25320
     ctccggcctt gctggccacc caccgggcct tcacctccac tcctgccctg tttgggcttg     25380
     tggctgacag gtcaggggcc aagggttagg aggctcctgg attccctttg agcaccccca     25440
     gcaccagcgg gggctggaaa agccacaagg tagaccctct cctcatcccc aggctggaag     25500
     cccttgaatc tcatcctccc ggtgagctag agaggaccac agggtgagtg gccctgtctg     25560
     aacctcagtc ccctcagggt gctgaggcta gacctctgac ccctggctga ttccccttct     25620
     ctcagggtag ccatctctgt actttcaact tggctggcct ctcaccctga ggattttggc     25680
     tctgaggtca agggtcaact tgaccggctt gagagcttct tgcttcggac agggtatgca     25740
     gcacgggagg gtgttgtggg gggcagtgct gacctcatcc gaaacctccg ggcccgggtg     25800
     gacccccggg cccccgacct tcctaagccc ctggcccttc ctggcgattc ccctgctgac     25860
     cccacggatg tcctggtgtt cctcgctgac cacttggccg aacagctgac cctgctagat     25920
     gcggtgagac cttgaccttt gaccccacac tctctgcccc cttactaacc tctccttggc     25980
     tccggatcct tttcttgctt ccaattgtcc tggtgcagtt cctcttccgt gtctgcttct     26040
     ctgacccttc tctgcccttc gccccttggc tgttcccctt gaactctggc cccactggtc     26100
     cctggccact taagagcctc agatccctga tactggaaac ttgtctggct tgactctaaa     26160
     ttgtaacctc tgccctgcag gaactgtttc ttaatctgat cccctctcag tgtttgggag     26220
     gcctctgggg tcacagagac cggccaggac attctcacct ctgcccgtct gtccgagcta     26280
     ccgtcacaca gttcaacaag gtggcggggg cggtagttag ctctgtcttg ggggccacct     26340
     caattggaga ggggccaaga gaggtgactg tgagaccact gcggccccca cagagggccc     26400
     ggctcctaga gaagtggatc cgtgtggccg aggtaagaga gagcaggcct gctggctggg     26460
     gactcttcgt ctccggagtg gtgagggacc ctagagcctt gactgttctc cggtcctcac     26520
     aggagtgccg cctgcttcgg aacttctcct cagtgtatgc tgttgtgtcc gctctgcagt     26580
     ccagccctat ccacaggctt cgggcagcct ggggggagac aaccaggtag gaggactgaa     26640
     gtgcccgagg cctggggtgc ggaagcttcg gaacgccagg cttgtgctca gaggcctgtt     26700
     cttcctctct agggacagcc tccgagtctt ttccagcctg tgccagattt tctcagagga     26760
     ggataattat tcccagagca gagagctcct catgcaggtg agggcggtct tgctttcccc     26820
     agcctctctg cacctgcccc ctcctcccca gccccctcct ctctcacctt gctttgtcac     26880
     caggaagtga agccgcagcc ccctgtggag ccacactcca agaaggcccc aaggtctggc     26940
     ttcaggggtg gggtgagtgt tcagtggggc tgggaatggg tggcttacct ggtgaggaga     27000
     atacacagtt gtgtctgagg gaaagggaga agggctcaca tcctgatctc tgccatctct     27060
     gcctgcaggg tgtggttccc tacctgggaa ccttcctgaa ggacctcgtg atgctggatg     27120
     cggcctccaa ggatgagctg gaggtcagtg tgtgtgtggt gtgtgggtgt atgtgtgggt     27180
     gtgggtgtga tctgtgtgtg tgtgatctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcgc gcgagcgggc     27240
     gtgcgcgcgt atgtgtatgt gtgtgtgatc gtgggtatgt gtatgtgtgt gtgatctgtg     27300
     tgtggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgatctgtg tgtgtgtggt     27360
     gtgtgagtgt atgtgaggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgatgt gtgtgtgtat gtggtgtggt     27420
     gtgtgtctgt gtgtgtgatc tgccctgggt gactcaacat gtgcacctca ggtcaggcag     27480
     acagcctttc acagagaggc tacaggcagg agaaacaggg cagtctctcg agtcaggttc     27540
     tgttaccacg ggaagtagtt caacctctgt acgtcagtag tctgtcacta tctgtcccac     27600
     cgtatgtaca acagcctgtt agtgggagag atacatgctt ttgtatttgt caagtgctca     27660
     gggcatactg gaagcttcgg cacatacagt ttattaaata tacaaaggct gagtaggtgg     27720
     cggtcggtgg tgtgactgac tccctggcat ggtcaagacc ccgggttcca tccccagcgt     27780
     tgcaaagaaa atgaaacgcc gaggcttcca gaaagttcct tgtcccactg tgggctccat     27840
     tttctcatct agtggctaga tactctctga gtgtcaagtg gagctgggca tcgcctgtga     27900
     tctctcggca ctttggaggc attggggtgg gggttggggg aaggtctcta ggacagccaa     27960
     ggctacacag tgagtcccag tctcaaaata taaacaaaaa aggatcaagt caagatgggt     28020
     tcaggtctga gacgtgactg ggaaggtgag gagggatggg atgccgaggt gtgcttgggg     28080
     gaggggatgt tctcgctggc gcctgagcag ggttagcccc ttatccccct cctactgccc     28140
     ttgcagaatg gctacatcaa ttttgacaag cggaggaagg tgagaggagt gtgggggtgg     28200
     ggctgggtgg tggatttccc tctctgtgtt cccaggaagg gggagaggga ggtgaagtca     28260
     ggggccctga gttttggctc ctgcagtctg agggctcctt cccaggagtt tgctatcctt     28320
     tcggagctgt tgcgcctcca gaaagaatgt cgtggctacg acctccgacc taactctgat     28380
     atccagcaat ggctccaggg cctccagcct ttaactgaag ctcagaggtg aatggctggg     28440
     tggtcgggtt ctaggactct ggctcgggga catgtgtgta tgtgtgtatt ggtggcatgt     28500
     cctgacctct gcccatggct atcctgtcca gtcaccgtgt atcctgtgaa gtggagccac     28560
     cagggaccag tgactccccc gctgcaagga cacctcggcc aacactagtg atcacacagt     28620
     ggacggagtg aggacactgc tggctggctg gctgggagct ggtttcatgg ggacttgctg     28680
     ctgccgctgt cactgtctga tatcttgcct ctgcagagtt ctgggctctg ttggaggccc     28740
     cactccgctt gtgtcctggg atcggcccag tgtcggggga gatgaggtgc ctggaacccc     28800
     agcacctctg ctgactcgcc tcgcccaggt gagcctgctc tcgcctctga ccacatcagg     28860
     acttttccct tcggcctccg ttcgctcatg acctcacctc tttgccccta gcacatgaag     28920
     tggccatcag tctcatctct ggactctgcc ctggaaagca gcccctcctt gcacagccct     28980
     gctgaccctg gccacctctc tcctccagcc tcctccccta ggccttcccg gggtcaccgt     29040
     cgctcagcct cctgtgggtc tccgttgagt ggaaacacag gagaagggac ctctaggagt     29100
     gctggatgtg ggggcggggt atctgggcca gggtcctctg attgccgaat catccgagtc     29160
     cagatggagc tgggggagga tggcagcgtc tacaagagca tcctggtgag ggagcctggg     29220
     gcggggcgga ccttacctta ttaggcattc ggcttggttt gggtagccag gactcaattg     29280
     tagcttctgt ggaactcagg cagttgtttg atgttggtgg caactgtgca ttagtgagcc     29340
     acgatctgag ttttcggagc tgtatgacgt gatcagagcc agcagttttc ccacagggat     29400
     gcagctttgc tgcgctggga gctacgtggg ctggctgatg gggcactggc agccactata     29460
     ttgggtttct tgtttatttt attgtattct gagactcgat ttctctgtat agccctggct     29520
     gtcctagaac tcactctgta gaccagactg gccttgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg     29580
     cctcccaggt gctgggatta aagtcattgg ccactaccac ctggcttttt gttttgtttt     29640
     ttgttttgtt tttggagaca gagtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcagca     29700
     atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc accgcccggc     29760
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttaag tattaagaca caggtgacct gttttggttg     29820
     gtgttaaaag gacgggaaac aggtcatcat ggtatattta ttgttccccc tgactcccgc     29880
     caagacaggg tttctttggg tagccctgta catcctagca ctcactgtgt agaccggacc     29940
     aggctggcct agaactcaga tccccttgcc tcagcctcct gagtgcgcca ccactgcccg     30000
     acttgtttat tgttcattta atctcttctg caaggtgaca agccaggaca aagctccaag     30060
     tgttattagt cgtgtcctta agaaaaacaa tcgtgattct gctgtggctt cagagttcga     30120
     gctggtgcag ctgctacctg gggatcgagg tgagcaggat ggagggatgg cgcactgaag     30180
     ggaggcgctc ggagagaggg ccgaacgcta atccccgccc tcttctgaac ccacagagct     30240
     gaccatccca cactcagcta acgtcttcta tgccatggat ggtgcatctc atgacttcct     30300
     cctgcggcag cgcagaagac cctctgctgc caccccgggt tcccacagcg gcccctctgc     30360
     ctcaggaact cctccgagcg aggggggagg gggctccttt cccaggatca aggccacggg     30420
     gaggaagatt gcacgggcac tgttctgagg atgaagtcct attggtttac atagcaactc     30480
     ataccaggag tgagcagcca cacatggtgg ccacaatatt agagcagaaa ccctgaaagg     30540
     tggccagcca ccctgggaca gtgaagtcac ctgtttacga aaccactgcg gaagccagcc     30600
     ccagccccag ccccgtggga ctggtgacca cgtaaccatg ttggatacct gcatctagct     30660
     tccacctctg cggaatgtgg cattatcatc tgtgctggga agagtactgg tccctgccac     30720
     atgccagcct gtgacaggcc aagggaaggc ctagaggctg agcctggggc agagggcagt     30780
     gacaagaggt tcttgtccca ctctggggat tcctgtcact gtgacaacac taagaaaata     30840
     aaccaaaaca ctacctgaac cctgtcccca tccttcagtg cgcggagctg gatactgcga     30900
     gggcagtggg ttgaagttag gtggcccaga ccaaggggca gtggttctag tcccaggagg     30960
     tacctggtat agctcagtag caaagtgttt ggtgggattc gggaggtggg aggccctggg     31020
     tgccatcctt ggacccgaga acagatactg gtgaaaggta tcccagggtt cccttcagtc     31080
     ctggctcctt taaacacccg tttcttcttg tcccctaaga agcaggggct cctggatgac     31140
     agtgatccct atggacttct ctcaagccag atctcttttt ttttttaaat cattttattt     31200
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttatta tatgtaagta cactgtagct     31260
     gtcttcagac acaccagaag agggtgtcag atctcattac ggatggttgt gagccaccat     31320
     gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tctggacctt cggaagggca gtcgggtgct cttacccact     31380
     gagccatctc accagcccct caagccagat ttctaagaaa taatttggga caaagaaacc     31440
     aaagaacggc tttgtggggg tggacatacg aatctggaag gaatttcaag attagttaaa     31500
     agttacattc actgaccagt gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa acccagcact cgggaggcag     31560
     aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctcactaca gagtgagttc caggactaca     31620
     cagggaaacc ctgtctccaa aaccaaaaaa agttacattc aaaccaaccc tgagaagata     31680
     gacggggaaa tcaggtaaca gtctagggct agggctgctt ggggagacaa gtgctcaccg     31740
     tgagtgactg tcatttcctg ggctctcagg ccagagaact gagttctatg gcaacgaaca     31800
     acatgctgca ctgtagacag tgtcttctcc cgtgtctccc ggttacgcca accaacgtag     31860
     ggaagtcaaa gggttgtatg tacaggcaag aaatagcttg agacgtttca gactaaagtt     31920
     ttgaaactga agggacccaa ggaaacaccc tgggcacagt tctcagccac aggaaagcaa     31980
     aacagaatcc ggccactgag agatttcagt cacaagaccg tgaatctcaa gaggtgtaaa     32040
     agtgtacggg aatggaagta cagtgaagaa agactggctg taaagtaggc ttggttctgt     32100
     ttacatttta ttggctcagg gttagcctca tccctccctc ctgaccccct cccacggggt     32160
     caggctttcc caggagcctt tgcagcttgg gcccgctgaa actcctgctg cagttgagca     32220
     agggtttccc tctgttgctc tgactgccgc tcgaggtccc gaagctgtga ttcgtagcgc     32280
     ttgctgagga gggcaaaggg aggcaaacgg agaggagata tcagccaggg ctcaatgata     32340
     tggtggaaga ctggaggttt gtgggacaga aagcggggat ggcactaagg ggaagagagg     32400
     gctgctgtcc tccaaggctg gcacctgaat tcaagctaca gaaccccaca gtagggaggc     32460
     aaacattccc gcaggttgtc ctttgacaag tgccctcacc agatgtcaca cagcaagaaa     32520
     ggccaggagt ggtgccacat gcctttaatc ccatccttta ggaggcggca gcaggcgcat     32580
     ctgtgtcagg tcagccccgt ctacagagcg agttccaggg cagccaggac tttacagaaa     32640
     tgggtaagtg gagaactatc cagcacgggt ttaacacttg tgcactgaaa acgccatccg     32700
     caggacttac atttctgctg tgatgtagtc tagcctcttc cctactgtgg cccgagcctc     32760
     ccccagctcc tgtttgacaa gcacgggtcc cagaagctta aagaccacgt tggatccatc     32820
     cagcagggcc agctcctgag aaggggatga ggcagtgaat gagatgatcg tgcccaggag     32880
     agtccctcct cgccccccac ccccgcgtcc catcctcacc tccttcacga tattgttttc     32940
     cgttagctgt gcttcgagct tctgcctccc tgacatagat ttactcaagt ctggggtgga     33000
     gagaggaaat gcacgattaa aaacatcaaa tgggcccaga accgcgcaat tctggggaga     33060
     ctgggtgtga ggaagaaagc gacgataccg aggcgagggg taacaagatg cacccccgca     33120
     gcccccaatg gggcgcgacg cttcatcata gatgagagcg gacaggagcg agaccacacc     33180
     aactccctct cttacccttc tgcagctgtt gatatttctc tacctctccc tgcagcttct     33240
     tttggatcag ttcagccatg gtgaaggaga aagcctcctg ggcgggggtc gctgggtctc     33300
     aagctctggg aggcacctga atcccccctc cctgaccctg cagaaggaca gcactttcta     33360
     cccgcaactc tccgaggcgc cgcagcctct tttcgtccag aatagccact ccctaggcaa     33420
     aggagagcga aagaagagat ccccgaaccc tccaagccaa acgctaacct cttcacgctc     33480
     tacccgctgt aatcaataaa cccggaagta aacaaggcat gacgggagag aaaaagacgg     33540
     cgccggaagt tacattccga tacatgctgg aacatgtagt tctgacttgt gtgaggctcg     33600
     ttcgacctaa aagactcggc tcgagaggtt ttgggcaaga cagaaaagtt aatatggaaa     33660
     aatctaagct catagttaac aagattcggg gctcatacat gctttttaaa tctttatttg     33720
     gttataagct gctcctcggg cgatcctccc gggctcacag aggcatgccc tcacttaaca     33780
     tggcgccgga ggcttcagac gccggtacgg cgctgattgg atgaaggggg ggacttccgg     33840
     aagttttcct agaccgccga gctactactc aagggagttt cgcacgtgga tcgttgttcg     33900
     gtcttggaga tggagacagc ccccaagccg ggtaggggtg tcccacccaa gagagacaag     33960
     cctcaggcca agaggaaggt agctttggtg ggaggtgtcc gcgtcccggg cccaggctcg     34020
     ggcagcgtgt gcgaaggctt ttcctctgcc ccttagaaac cgcggcgcta ctgggaggag     34080
     gagaccaccc cggccgccgt cgccacctcc ccggggccgc ctcggaagaa ggcgaggact     34140
     ggggagtcgc gacccccgag gtccaagagc gcgcacatcg cccagaagtc ccggttctcc     34200
     aagaagcccc cgatctcaaa gaccgctcca gactggaaga agcctcagag gacgctgtcg     34260
     ggggtgagcc tggggttgac agggtggcgg tgcaggtcgt ccccggagat cgagaggaac     34320
     cggatccatc agaatctgcc tcctgcctcc ttgtcctcgc caggctcagg acccgttccc     34380
     aggacccgtc cccgcccccc tggaggaggc ccggaagttt tgtcgaattg acaagtccaa     34440
     aacggtgagg accggcgggc tgtcagaggg attggaggcc gagggtttgg atgaggtggt     34500
     ggcggcttcc ccagtggttt tcctgggacc cccacatatg ctcttcggtt cttgcaaccc     34560
     tgtcaacaat gccgtagctc ccacattcga agcctaaaac tcaaagcaaa ctcgagaagg     34620
     ctgaagcgca agaggaagag gcaagcgtca gagccgcccg cgctgagctg ctgcttgcag     34680
     aggaacctgg gtgagtggac cccgacctgg gctttccccg ctgtcctgtc tctctgcgtt     34740
     tttatgtttg tatgcccgct gcatggtggg gaccgtcacc gtcgtcatcc taactgcctt     34800
     ttaggtttct ggtaggagaa gatggggaag acacggcaaa aatcctgcag acagacatcg     34860
     tggaggctgt ggacatcgcc agtgctgcca aggtgagccc aggctgggag aggagcctgg     34920
     agactcggga tggggctggg ggtgggatgg ggtttgtgag ttcgttgtct cacggacact     34980
     tcaccctttc tagcactttg acctgaatct aagacagttc ggaccctaca gactgaatta     35040
     ctctcgaaca gggaggtaag gttgagttcc ggaggctctg ttctctctaa aaaaggactc     35100
     aattatttct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgccaga agagaacctg gggcttgtgt     35160
     tctattaacc tggaagccag caagccccct gccgtcgtca ccctgccttc ctttcctttt     35220
     gggcttgggt gattggtgcg tgctagggtt atagcctctc atcgcagcaa gagcccgagg     35280
     aagctgggcg ctttttggtg gttctgggtg tgaagcccat gacgttgtgg gtgagtgaac     35340
     ttgactattg agctacgcac cgcctctcag cttccagggg ctttattatg tatgtgtgtg     35400
     ctgtgtacgc aagttcgtgt gtcggtatac ctgcatgtgg gtgtgtacac acatgaaccc     35460
     cagaggtcaa catggcatct tcacgtattg ctttccgttt ttttctttct tattgttggt     35520
     gtgtatgagt atgcttgtgc atgcccatga catggtgtgt ggggccagct caaatagagc     35580
     cattttctcc atctgccttc ttgtggttca gggcaccggg tttgtacaga aaatactttc     35640
     agccacaggg tcttcttcct gaacttcttt attttccaat gcttctaagt ttttatttat     35700
     tattttatgt gtacgagtgt tctgcttgta catatgtctg agcatcacgt gtgtgcctgg     35760
     tatcatgcaa gtcagaagag ggcatcaggg ggctggcgag atggctcagc agttaagagc     35820
     actgactgct cttctgaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccccatgg tggctcacaa     35880
     ctacctgtaa tgagatctga cgcccttttc tcgtgcatct gaagtcagct acagtgtgct     35940
     tatgtataat aataaataaa tctttaaaaa aaaaaagagg gcatcaaatc tacaagtcag     36000
     aagacggcat cacacaggca atccacagga attgtcttac ggacgatttg gttgtgagtg     36060
     acgtgctgtt gggaaccaac ccagcattct catgagacca gcaagtgttc ttcgccattg     36120
     acccctctct tcggttcctc caccttattt ttgagcaggt tcctcactga accagtgtcc     36180
     agcaatatct gcctgtcttg gccttcctgg cactgggatt acatgtgtgc cagggattcg     36240
     ggctcaggct gttatacttt tgtggcaaac actttactga ctgagccatg tccctagccc     36300
     cttctgtgac tcttgagcta agatttggct gtgtctcctc aggtacatga cctgtgccac     36360
     cttcagttac tcgcagtgtg ggtctggttg ctactgtttg cagcaacaca cttcctcccg     36420
     tctgtcgagg ggctgggatg gggctggctg aattattcca gtctgggtca gggtgctccc     36480
     tgaattaaca cttctgcctt tgcttcacct cctccagaca cctggcttta ggagggcgtc     36540
     ggggtcacgt ggctgccctc gactgggtga ccaagaagct catgtgtgag atcaacgtca     36600
     tggaagcagt acgggacatc cagtcagtgt ttcctctgtt ggcggtcgat gggagtgggc     36660
     caggccgttc cctattggat ggtgccctgt ggtcctgtct cccatgaacc cctcctcctt     36720
     tctacccagc ttcctccatt ctgaggctct gctcgcagtc gctcagaacc gctggcttta     36780
     tatctacgac aaccaaggca tcgagcttca ctgcatccgc cgctgtgacc gagtgacccg     36840
     gcttgagttc ctccccttcc acttcctcct ggccaccact gtgagtggtt atggggcaga     36900
     ggatccggtg ggtgtcttgg gaggacctct ctcctttagg acccgtagct ggacatcttg     36960
     tttctctctc agtcagagac agggtttctg acctacctgg atgtgtcagt ggggaagatc     37020
     gtgacagctc tgaacgtgcg ggcgggacgg ctcagtgtca tggctcagaa cccctacaat     37080
     gctgttatcc acctgggaca cagtaatggt cagttccggg attttccttt cttttttttt     37140
     aaagatttat ttatttattt atttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagttgt gttcagacac     37200
     accagaagaa ggcgtcagat ctcattacgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg     37260
     atttgaactc aggacctttg gaagaacagt cagtgctctt accctctaag ccatctcgcc     37320
     agcccccttc ctttcttttt ttaagacagg gtctggtacc catctcagac ctgtggctcc     37380
     agcaacttcc tgcctcagct ttctgcacat caggagctgc aggtcccctg ctgaccctcc     37440
     actaactcac taatccactt cctgaggcta ggaactgaac ccagggcctt gtccatagga     37500
     gaccgtgctc cactgagctg caccccgtca gccagggcta tggaggtctt cccttgtgtc     37560
     ctgtctttcc gccattgaag aacctgaggc taaggcctca agagccccag gctgggtttg     37620
     cagtggtagc cctgagtgtc ccctgccttt caggcacagt gtctttatgg agtccagcag     37680
     tgaaggagcc actggcgaag attctgtgtc accgtggtgg ggtgcgtgct gtggcagtag     37740
     attctacagg cacgtaagtc acgtgtttgg ggatgtggtg ttgggcacag ctgggcagaa     37800
     aggtggacgg cacttgcctg taggagcaca gatggcatcc agtggagtgt ggccttacgt     37860
     tgagccaacc agctgccgtc aagtgtgggt gtgttagaga gcccgtgtgc cgggttcctg     37920
     ggtctggctc tgtgcacatt gtgtgcaggc atatggaaaa gttctaggag ctcgtcccag     37980
     gtggtgcctc catcctgtga catggtgtct tgtcccattt gctgggtctg tcagttgctg     38040
     tgtcactcct ccctgaagcg ccttctctcc tgttccctta cacagaaatt tctccaacct     38100
     gaactcaact ctagccatat gacagtacat tcaggggttc atgcgcatgt ccccagctca     38160
     gcccagagcc tagcctgcca agggtgccat gtgagtggtg gaggggagga gctaggtctt     38220
     ggggaatgtc catcctccca cagggacagc agactcccac cctaacctac ctatcactca     38280
     gctgtatccg agctgacatc ttagatggcg tgtgtcccag ttctgcacct gaaatctgca     38340
     ttaaaacgcc tgacaccagc gaacaaagac tcagcaaaca gacattccaa ccttaccctc     38400
     acgtccaccc atgcccgcag tttgagtgta cgggtagagt gttgtcttgc tccatatttc     38460
     aagccggcct ggaacatgta gcaagcctcc tgcaccagct tcctgtgtgg gataatggaa     38520
     ttctgattca gtgctgcctt ctctctctct ctctctcttt ttttttttgg ttttttcgag     38580
     acaaggtttc tctgtgtagc cttggaggtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggttggcc     38640
     ttgaactcag agatccagag atccgcctgg ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggt     38700
     gtgtgccacc acacctggct agtgctgcct tttctaaccc cagcattcag gaggctgagg     38760
     cagggggatg aaagaaagat caagaccagt ctgtactacg tactgaagtc taaaaaccaa     38820
     cattctctga gttctctctg ggtctgggcc tggttggtgc tatcactctt ctggtttttt     38880
     gttttttgag acaggatttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc cggaattcac tctgtagacc     38940
     agtctggcct tgaactcaga aatccgcctg cttctgcttt gagtgctggg atcaaaggcg     39000
     tgcaccagca gccctggtga ctccttcagt tttttttgtt ttttgtttta aagatttatt     39060
     tatctagtat atgtaagtac agtgtagctg tcttcagaca taccagaaga gggcatcaga     39120
     tctcattatg gatggttgtg agctaccatg tagttgctgg gatttgaact caggacctct     39180
     ggaagagcag tcagtgctct taactgctga gccaactctt cagcccccga ctccttcact     39240
     ctggatctgg cttgtgactc ctctgaagtc ctgccttgcc gtgcacctcg gggcgcttgt     39300
     gctgtctgtg ccctctcctc acaggcttgg tgctgccagc cctgcagggc acatctgtgc     39360
     tgttccagag gacactactc cctttgctga tgatcgggga ttttctacat taagtttgtg     39420
     catcattgta gctttttctt tttttagaac ctaaacacac cagtaaatga ggtggggtaa     39480
     ggaaaagccc aaagttatct gctcacttcc aagatgctga gatcgctttg gctgccatca     39540
     ttgtcttgtg aacaagtaat ttggttttgc ccattctccc cgtcggcatc ttggccatgg     39600
     agagtaggga agtatgtctg tgccttcagt ggccactagg cctgagctgt agttcaccct     39660
     gcttgggccc acaactctcc tgcccagggc ttcattgcct ggtccgtacc gcagtcctca     39720
     aagttttggc tcttcagcct atctctgctt attgctaggt ctgctcagac tacaggtgag     39780
     gctgatctct tccccaaggc cacctgggga aaccatcggg ataacattga gccagcatct     39840
     ggaggctgaa gtacttctca gaaaatgctt ctgtacccac tgtatcccgg gttaggtgtc     39900
     agagccacct gagtgtgtgg cactgtccag gatctctcat ttctggtttg taccagtggc     39960
     ttttttggca tggtacatgg tcaagccctg ggcttggagc tcactatgtt tgctatgtgg     40020
     acaagactgg ccttgaactc accgaggccc acttaagtgc tgggattaag gccacacaca     40080
     accatgccta acccagtggc ctttttgtcc tgctggggct ctactgaact ttgtcacccg     40140
     gtgaacctct actcagaagt tttctgtccc ttgctggctc caaagtcaag gcaagagacc     40200
     ctttggtccc ttggcaaggc tcatcaactt tagctccttt cttagcctct gaaagaaaat     40260
     agtttatact tggggatttg gttaaacata gtatactctg tgtgtgtaac tttgcttcct     40320
     tttaggattt tctttctttc tctctctctc tctctttatt tatttattta tttatttatt     40380
     tttttggttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctgtcctgg cactcacttt     40440
     gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcagaaat ccacctgcct cagcctcccg agtgctggga     40500
     ttaaaggcga gcgccaccat gcccagctta tttttggttt ttcaagacag ggttgctagg     40560
     cacctctgtg cagccctggc tgtcctgtaa ctcactctgt agagcaggcc tgcctctgcc     40620
     tccgcatggc tggtattaaa ggcatgcgct accacaccaa cccagggaga ttttcttgag     40680
     aaacacagtc ttcagttaca tcacttctgg agaagacgct gtggcactga cttcaggaaa     40740
     cccacacagc ccttttcctc ttctgtattc ccacctaccc tgaagacaga cttctgcttt     40800
     ctgtctgcca tcacagctcg gctcttttgc cagggaaggc ctctgtttaa atacttggca     40860
     ctgttattgt gtcactgtgc tgcactctga agtagaatgt cgctcaggtg caggctggca     40920
     tgtgtttggc agagctgtga cttgggagca gtgtagtgcc aggaagcagg caccaaagta     40980
     ggcttgggca ggataaagat agcagaactg tctgtctagc aggcgtgagg ccccgagttc     41040
     aaactcccct ctccccgacc acatcaaaac cccaaaagaa acaggcttga tttgatgtct     41100
     gtctcagcca ctccctaacc caggtttcct ctctggcttt gaaaacagtg gggcacacac     41160
     acttaatctc agcctttgga ggtacaggta ggctgatctc tgtgagctca gggctccgtg     41220
     gtgagacagt ctcaaaacaa ccaacaagta atggaaacgg gtccgttgta tgaggcatgt     41280
     ggtgtggagg gtgggactag tcttccttca tgttcacagt agatactttg gacttggcca     41340
     caggctctgg tcaatcccca cgagaggcta attgatccat gtcccacaca ggtacatggc     41400
     cacctctggt ctggaccacc agctgaagat ctttgacttg cgagggacat tccagcccct     41460
     gagttcccgg accttgcccc agggagcagg gcacttggcc ttttcccagc ggggactgtt     41520
     agttgcggga atgggtgatg tggtcaacat atgggcaggg cagggcaagg ccagcccacc     41580
     ctccctggag cagccctacc tcacccaccg gctctcaggc cacgtgcatg ggctccagtt     41640
     ctgccccttt gaagacgtgt tgggggtggg gcacagtgga ggcttcacca gcatgctggt     41700
     ccctggtgag tggcccagcg tcattacaag tgtgagaggc cgtgggccgg tcagtccaga     41760
     gttgcaggac gaggttcagc tccatgctct tccctctctg cctccctccc tcaggggctg     41820
     cggagcctaa ctttgatggt ttggagaata acccataccg gagccggaag cagcgccagg     41880
     aatgggaggt gaaggccctg ctggagaagg tgagctgtgc tggagcccgg ccctccctgg     41940
     ctcccatccc tttctggtgt cacctccccg tggctcctta cacatcgctg tcctgtgacc     42000
     ctcgcaggta cctgcagagc tcatttgttt gaacccccga gccctggcag aggtggatgt     42060
     ggtcactctg gagcagcaga agaaggagcg gatagagaga ctggtatgga gccacctgct     42120
     atgtgcgcag cccgagtgtc cagccctcgc ctctataccc caccccatcc tgaagtgcag     42180
     cgcaggatat aggtgctgcc agggcactgg gcctgctgtt gacctccttc atgtcccatg     42240
     ccagggctat gatccagacg ccaaggctgc ctttcagccc aaggccaagc agaagggccg     42300
     aagctctacg gcgagcctag tgaagaggaa gaagaaggtc atggaccagg agcacagggt     42360
     atgtgagctc gggcgggtgt tggcatgcac gcctgcagcc ttatcagcct atgctcagtg     42420
     ccttacgctc ctttcccacc ttgttccagg acaaagtccg gcagagcctt gagcagcagc     42480
     agcagaagaa aaagcaggat atggccatgc ctcctggagc ccgtccctct gcactggata     42540
     gatttgtacg acgagccaga gaaggcggtc tccaagttga cccttagggg ccagagtgct     42600
     cagtgggcaa aggcacttga tgccaaactt gagttcagtt cccagaaaac acgtttggca     42660
     ggagaaaaca cacaagtgtc tttttacctt tccatgccca catggggcag cgcgcacaca     42720
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatatata aagggaacac aaagatccat     42780
     agggaaattg tcccatgtgc cttacatctt aactgggtag gagcagacag ctccttgggt     42840
     gtgtgggcat taaacaaggt ttctggagac gtgtctggac catcctgtag gtctgctctt     42900
     ccctgtgtgg ctattctaga ctcagctcac tgccctgcct gtctccccac cactgcccaa     42960
     gccttcaccc tagagggggg cgttatcccc attgtggttg tcgcaaagac caacatgcag     43020
     cagtactgaa agctctgggc tctccaggtg tgctgggggc ctggtgaaga cgctgcactt     43080
     gaggtagaga gacatgttta ttggaccctt gtccctgctt gtgagtcccc ttcccgccct     43140
     tggctttatc cctccccgga gctggcaggc cagggcccaa gtttatcttg gtaaacttgg     43200
     ttggttgcag cttcagagtt tgctgtgaga aaatggagga actagatcac cacagggatc     43260
     tgcagcctct gcaccaactt tggggaaagg tctctgaggt gctgttttct gtgggttctc     43320
     agctactgaa ccaggctatg aaccggcacc tcaaggtacc cagaaatccc tggagccagg     43380
     agcaaaaggg tgcagtcctc tccccattca tgccgctcac cagcttccaa gcttcctgca     43440
     tttgccaggg atccaccttg tgggatgtca gcaggaactt cccgtaacag caccgatcca     43500
     aggggtagtg ggtagcacca gccaatttga cacagtgtgt gggggcaagg ccccctcgcc     43560
     ttgcacttac tcccacaaag acatcctcta gaggtagagg tggggcccgg ctggccacct     43620
     tcaggatgag ctgcacagca gagatggaca gtacatatcc tgtgcccgag gcatagggtg     43680
     gaaaaggacc ccagttttcc ggccacagtt cttctgacac atggtgccgg gactctggtg     43740
     tccgagtggg tctcaccctc cagtgcaccc tgcctaaata cagaaggggc actgcctggc     43800
     ctctgtgctc ttcatggata gctgttgtct cttcctgggc ctctttgccc ttctgccatt     43860
     gctccgaagg cccccctctt tgtatcagct ctgacaccag ctctgggacg ttgacataca     43920
     cgtcatcatc cgtcttgagg atgtagcggg ccataggaca gtatttgttc acccagttca     43980
     gtccactgag ggtcttgagg gtgaggttgc ggtaggaatc ctggaaggag gcctgcaaga     44040
     tatccctgtg tgctgctgac tctgaggaca ggtcagcaag ctgctgtctt ctaggttttc     44100
     ccaggaggaa gagcgtctgc actctgaaac cccgggcttc gcggatggca ccccaagatg     44160
     cccgaatggc gtttctctgg ttcaggtgct ccggggccgt acacaccagg atgagcagga     44220
     agggaggggg tccggagcca ccacaggcat gagagttaga aatcaagagg cggggcaggg     44280
     cgaggggcgg tcctggcgag gctggggccg gcagcaggga tgccagggac aggctcagca     44340
     gctcctcccc caagcctgaa ggtccaaaca gggtccagat gatcaccagt agtaggaccg     44400
     ccaggaggac gcgccggaag aggctgaggg gcatggcgtg ccgcagagac ctgtgggcac     44460
     agctgttaga gcgtggggag gtgggaggac ggctttaacc agctgctgct gaggagacgc     44520
     ggtgacccat gcgcggggct ctggcgcatc acagatgctg ttctccagat gctgtcgtgc     44580
     aatgcggccc tggcccacca cagctggccc cggaaggctt cgtttcccta gctagcgtgc     44640
     acgcggaact ccgctccatc ccgcccctcc ccgcaccttc ccatcatgcc tctctaggcc     44700
     ggaagccgac aagcggcgtg catttcacat aggtccagcc cttcccggtc cgtccctact     44760
     gtaaagcacg cggaatacca ggctgctttt ctagagcagc cagcatctgc tgttaactca     44820
     cccgagcagc agcatctggc ggagctgtag ccacttcaca acagcttagc acggctacgg     44880
     caggagactc aattgaagcc tgcccaagct tcccctggag gttttcaaca ccggctgccc     44940
     cacctttaac agtggttgcc gcccagtttg ctgcacctaa ggcagtctcc ttgtgaacac     45000
     ccaacagaaa gggaggagca aacaccagca ggagcctatg agggacattt ccgttcaagt     45060
     gcaccaagag cactgtaccc agaaggcacc tgcagccaga ttaaactacc agagctcagg     45120
     atcgctgtgg cattaagtac tatcagatgg aagacaaact gagacggagg tcataggtat     45180
     ataaactatt tattaacagc aaaggcccag agactcattt cttcttggat acacccacag     45240
     ttcggcccct gcggccagtg gtcttggtgt gctgaccgcg gacacgaagg ctgcagaaga     45300
     aaaagataca ggtcacagag cagcaggagg cgagccggtg gactgtgcag cctgattggg     45360
     agtgggcagc ttaagcctca tcacccactt acccccaaaa gtggcgcagc cctctatggg     45420
     ctcgaatttt cttcagcctc tccaggtcct cacgcagctt gttgtctaga ccgttggcca     45480
     gaacctagat tttgagacag gggagacaac tttatctcct gattctgcac ccagttttaa     45540
     cggacaaccc gtgtccacca gtcccctaac acacctggct gtacttccca tccttcacat     45600
     ccttctgtct gttcaggaac cagtctggga tcttgtactg tcgtgggttc tgcatgatgg     45660
     tgatcactcg ctccacctca tcctccgtga gttctccagc cctcttggtg aggtcgatgt     45720
     ctgctttcct caacaccaca tgagcatatc tccgccccac gccctgaggt caaaagtttg     45780
     ggctattaga cttttgtttt taaagatctg agtacagagt tttcagagat accagagggt     45840
     atcagaatcc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt cactgggagc ctctggaaga     45900
     agtcatagct tttaacagct ggattctctc tctagcccag tctatttgtg tcttatgttt     45960
     gcctgcattg tatgtctgtg tgtctgtggc acactgacca gaggccagaa ggcgctgatg     46020
     ttctggaact ggagttaatg gttgttgagt gttgggtcat tgaacctgga tcctctggaa     46080
     gagcagctaa tgctctaaca gccaagccac ctctccagcc ccctcacaca caccctatta     46140
     ctcaaaagca gaggggctgt gcagatgtta tcccagctcc ctgaactcgg gactgctatg     46200
     gccagcctaa gttagagatc ctgtcatttt tcagatcact ttccagagac aaagcctgcc     46260
     tactaactga agggaacgct gttcgggcca cactggacat gtgtcacaaa ctcaacaaaa     46320
     gcagcacaga tgaacaaagt caaaccttta acaggttttt tgagccccaa gagtgggtgt     46380
     gactttgtga ctaccagaat tagcggggag ggggaagtgt cattgaatga gctagagaaa     46440
     tggctcagtg cactggctgc tcttccagga cctggactat ataccaagca ctcattcata     46500
     actcgaactc ccaatgagag aggatctaag tcactctttt ggcctccaga ggcacagtat     46560
     gcacagacat gcaggccaaa aaccttcaca accctcacct cagcctccat ataatttttt     46620
     acttttcttg agcctgtttt actgtcaagc tgtgagttct aaaggtgcat gatgccaggt     46680
     tggttatggt gacaaggcaa gggacctatg ctcagctaca aagtgtggcc ccacgcccac     46740
     cttgccttct gacttaagca ctaacttaaa ttataaagaa ccgactccta acacttaaag     46800
     cagtttggag ggactgggat tcagacagta ctagactgcc tcacagataa gggcagcaag     46860
     cacttctggt ccagcacatg cctatatgct tccaaatatt caaattctca ccttgagtga     46920
     gcagaagaca cttcttaatt aatacagaaa tctgcccggc gtggtggtgc acgcctttaa     46980
     tcccagcgct tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcaaggccag cctggtctac     47040
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctccaa aaaccaaaag     47100
     agggaaaaaa aaaattaaag aatacagaaa ccttccctgt ccttcaccct ttgttggtca     47160
     gcttgcaatc acctctggag gaactcaccc cgaaatctct ctcctcaaac tcccaatacc     47220
     caccacccac ctcccaatca gcttcaccct tttgttttcc aggcaggttt ttttttgttt     47280
     tttcttgtgt agccctggaa cttattgatc gggctggctt caagcccaga gatttgtttg     47340
     cctctgcctc agggagtgct ggcattaaag atgtgttctt caccctctca cacaggacca     47400
     acagaaccct cagtacccag gctctacaaa cactgtgcac agccccttca agagcctcca     47460
     ttcaccttgt ctgcattcga agtcagctgt aatcatctcc cagcaggtca cacggggcac     47520
     aggcattgcc ccaggccctt caacccccta gacactgctc tgcccaccac accaggcacc     47580
     tcctgctgtg ctatcattgt ttgccaaagt gcagaattaa aaaaagtcaa catggcaagg     47640
     acttaaaagt gagacttcac aaggttaaaa aaatttactc caacttttat gtccacctga     47700
     cattacctcg gctccccagg cctccttcaa acctctcagc agccacccag ttccatctat     47760
     accctagcat cccacaaggt cccaccactg acaggtctca tggctgaaca cacctgacca     47820
     gcaactcctc aaatcaccaa cttcaagtcc tgtccctgtc tacaagactt ttagctctgc     47880
     agagaaacat cccagcttcc tcctacgacc tccctttttg ccataatggg gaaaactgcc     47940
     agcttctgtg tcaccttcca ctgtggcatc tgccaatagc ttctgcagac cacccccaac     48000
     catcaccgct aagcctggac acctcttagg atgttagttt acaggaattc tactcaaggt     48060
     ttgctgacag cagagactgc tctcggaagc tgaagatctc gggaaacctc tgcaaggtgg     48120
     gacatgacta cactcacacc ccactacccc tggagcaatg ttttggttta accctgggtc     48180
     atcatcaggc ttttattgaa acgggttggg tgagtttagc tgcttctctt ttgcccctaa     48240
     cacttttacc ttaatggcag tgatggcgaa ggctattttc cgccgcccat cgatgttggt     48300
     gttgagtact cgcaaaatgt gctggaactt ctcagggatc actagagact gaaagaacac     48360
     gggcagttat caagacaggt tacccccaaa ccgggaaggt ggccgaggca gggttggatt     48420
     gtctgctaag ttcttacaca actcctcagt caccggggct cacccctaac gcgctcaggc     48480
     gcgggaaatc gcaacctctg acaagagggt ggacgtcggc cgcggccccc aattccctgg     48540
     acaggggaag cgggaggagc ccacacacag ccaagctcct ggcagctttg ctgtgtaaga     48600
     ggagcgagca ttcctcgggg ccccgatccc cgggatttca cgtcttaggt cgtcccctct     48660
     cgggtcacac tccatcgctc cacagagggc tgtgggcccg cagcatgggg cactctctga     48720
     gtcctgacgg aaatctctcc ctgccccggc tccgatgtcg caggatcccg gcgcggattc     48780
     cgctcttacc atggcggcgg cacagacggc ggcgtgtagg cctcctgtgg aagagagagc     48840
     ggaagtgacg tataagtctt atatagattc ctggcggaag aggcggggct atccccggag     48900
     gtccacttcc ggaaattgct tctctccccg tctcccccta agggaggagt tgtattgaga     48960
     cagttttgga agggaccgga gctataactt ccggttcggc cttctctgtc gtcgtaccgt     49020
     tcttgtgtgg gcgcggagcg aaggttccgg aacagagttg tgttcgagac gttcaccttc     49080
     ctgtttgcac ttgaccgaaa tgatcaaagc ctaaccggag aggctggagc cgatcgcctt     49140
     agctcaaata tctgggaccc ttttttgctc catagaagac attccaggac ttgtagcttt     49200
     gcttcgggaa acggactttc tgagactgac agctgccgga agtcggaagt gaagctgcgg     49260
     gggaatggca gccgcagcga ccatggcggc cgctgcccgg gagctggtgt tgcgggctgg     49320
     ggcctcagat gtagaggagg aggagggccc gctggtgaga gcacggggct gtaggtcctc     49380
     cggagtatcg tcaggttgtc cctctcctca ggcgtaggct ccatttagac aagaggttcg     49440
     gagccgtctt gccacgggtg atggtgacct agccttcgta gggaccaaag tggctgaaac     49500
     ccaagcccca gggacagtgt cagcttcctg ttcacgattt ttagtagaaa aaaattttag     49560
     tgtttagcgt aaaaggttaa gaacgtggcc tctggaacca atttgcccgg ggtcccacct     49620
     ccagccccac cgcttgaaag ctatgctgtg ttttcggtgc caaaacttcc cacaccttta     49680
     cagtgcaaac gctgttagga cataccttat aggtggtcgt taggattagc cgaatgagca     49740
     tgttaaatgg tgtaccagac acaggggtaa acactatgta agctggcgat tttagcctct     49800
     ggaattccct cagggatcac ctggaatagc tggaaactga ggtcctaaat tcaaaggcaa     49860
     gtttgactag tcctagtttt ttctcatttg aacaactcca gcaactccat gaattgcctg     49920
     atattctcag tagcccaaga ttgtagattt gaacgcatca gaatctttga cccacttact     49980
     ccggcacccc ccacccccca aagcaccccc cacctcactt ggaggattaa ggatacccga     50040
     ttatgttttg tttccaacat ctctttctgt atcccacatt cattaacctg tccctcttca     50100
     gggggggggt tctggactcc aagaacccct acaacttgga gagttggaca tcacctctga     50160
     tgaattcatc ttggatgaag tggatggtaa gtgctgacat ggggtgggag caaagtagac     50220
     ccctttattc tttagaaata tattacatga ccccagtaga ttaccctcta tggtttcttt     50280
     cttttgtatg tgtgtgtgtt tttattttta atttattttt atttttttgg ttttttttcg     50340
     agacagggtt tctctgtagc tttggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc     50400
     tcggactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcacca     50460
     ccaccccccg gctggctttt ttcttaatgt acagataaag tttaatccat gagttgagaa     50520
     ggcttaactt ctaatttagg aatagtaaga aatgaacagt acgagtcgaa tagtcacagc     50580
     aatacactat aataaaatcg cagcatcact ttttcccctt tgggactatt gttgagtaag     50640
     aatacagcct ggttgaacat acatacgcag acagctaaga ctgagtgact gggaggcagg     50700
     cacagcacac accatagatt aacggagcaa agatgtttca gatccaagcc caggcgagag     50760
     gttctctagc ttctcagaat gccacacatt ttagatctta caagccacac tttggaaatc     50820
     cccttttaat attttccatc tgtggtcgag tagaccatga ggagcagaaa cagcaggaag     50880
     tcccaccggg caaagcagct gtgcctataa ctggagaggg tgggggctgg gagggaaggg     50940
     gagattggtg tggtgtgcgt gtgcccagtg tgggcagagg gaggtctggc aggggacact     51000
     aaatataagc ttgtttccag ttcacatcca ggcaaacctg gaggatgagt tagtgaagga     51060
     agctctcaaa acggtgaggc tctccactgg gttgatctcc ccaccctccc ttccttttgg     51120
     ggtcccctca gcttagtggc tcccctctag ccagtcacgg agtctgtact ggttgtcctt     51180
     ccccccaggg tgtggatctt cgacactatt caaagcaggt ggagctggag ctgcagcaga     51240
     ttgagcagaa gtcaatccgg gactgtatcc tccagcctca caggcacagg gccaagatgg     51300
     ctgctattgg catgggctct tgggggcctg tgatgcaggt agccctcaag gggatgtctt     51360
     ctctctcagg cttctgtcac tttggggagg acctgggggc aggtactgca gatcggcaga     51420
     gctctgtgtt cagtgtgaag cccttgactt ttgtgggtca gatatccaag agagtgaaaa     51480
     catagcgtct ctgcacaatc agatcacggc ctgtgacgcc gtcctggagg tgggtggccc     51540
     tcacctgttg ccccaaatct gacttaattg cctcttcctc ctcttcctcc tcctcctcct     51600
     cctctccttc ttcttctatc agtatttttt gtcccccttg gacaagtgat gatctcccat     51660
     cctcctgggt tgctgggtac cagggatttg cacagagact tggttgacac acctgtcctt     51720
     gttccccgac aacccggagt catgcccaca atgtttcctg ccctccccac agcgcatgga     51780
     acagatgctg ggagcttttc agagcgatct cagctccatc agctctgaga tccgaaccct     51840
     gcaggagcag tcgggggcca tgaacatccg acttcgtaac cgacaggcag ttcgggggaa     51900
     acttggggaa cttgtggatg ggctggtggt gccctctgct ctggtcacgt gagtcactgg     51960
     tttgaaaggt agtaatgtcc aaagcaggtg gttgggctgg gttacctaaa caatttacaa     52020
     cataggtctc taggctgggg ttgtcaggta ccatctagaa accaggtgtg ccggctcatg     52080
     cccgtaatta tatgcttggg aggctgagac aggaggattg ctgcaagtag actagcctgg     52140
     gctatagagt gagatcttgt aatggatgga ttaagaactt cgaaccctgc tttaccctcc     52200
     ataggatagg acacaggtta agagtgctcc aaggctacat gaggaagtgt ggctcaggag     52260
     atgaaaactt tgtacatatt atcttgaagg catgagacca cagagaaagg cagaaatgac     52320
     atgtgaggtg tgagggggct ctctcagggc tgtggggtac cccgtctaac cacacccatt     52380
     ctcccgtgct cctcagagca attctggaag ctccagtgac cgagcccagg ttcctggagc     52440
     agctacagga gctggatgcc aaggcagccg cggtgagaga gcaggaggct atgggcaccg     52500
     ctgcctgtgc tgacgtcaga ggcgtgctgg accggctccg ggtcaaggtg gggagtggtc     52560
     tgctcagaat cagctttcca ggagcttcac actgcttccc gctgtgcaga gcgtggttgg     52620
     ccctccagat cccctgaaaa tctaaagaag gttgagatgt ggctcagttg gcagagcggt     52680
     tgcttagcat gcatgcagcc ccaggttcca tccccagtgc catatacatt ggcatgatgg     52740
     cacaagtctg ttgtcctagc acttgggagg tgaaaggaga aacgagagtt tggggccagt     52800
     acagatacat gagaccctgc ctcaaaacca agcagtgttc accttggcag catagacact     52860
     aaaattagaa caatacagag aagattagca tggtccctgt gcaagtaaga atcatattta     52920
     caaaatgaaa caacccagaa aaataaggcc gggtgtggtg gtgcaggatt ttaaccccag     52980
     cactcaggag gcagaggcag gcagacctct gtgagtccca ggccagcaag ggctgcacag     53040
     agagaccctg tttccataac cagaacacaa ccgaagtatt tgttcccttt gctttatctt     53100
     caccccattc ctgccgtaca gtgaaagccc accccgcctc atggcccgtc tgttccccac     53160
     gcctaggcag tgacgaagat ccgggagttt attctccaga agatctactc cttcagaaag     53220
     cccatgacca actaccagat cccccaggcg gccctgctga agtacaggtg ggtgcggggt     53280
     gggcgcgggg tggcctgtgc cctctcaaca ctgcagcgtg ggcatccagg gagtctgact     53340
     tgccctggtc cttccaaggt ttttctatca gttcctgctg ggtaatgagc gtgctacagc     53400
     caaggagatc agggatgagt acgtagagac gctgagcaag atctacctgt cctactaccg     53460
     atcctatgtg gggcggctca tgaaagtgca ggtgagcaag gctggagaca tggaggagga     53520
     tggggaggag gaggagggga agggggagga gggggaggga tgaagtcctc acctgctgct     53580
     ggtggagagt gatggttcag ctctgttatt ttctctagta cgaggaagtt gctgagaaag     53640
     acgacctaat gggtgttgaa gacacagcaa agaaagatat cctggagagg agagccccat     53700
     gagctgggct catggctggg accatggcgg ggacatctgg ctccagcctg caggctgtgt     53760
     ttcgtttcgt ttcgttgctt tgctttgctt ttcttccttt ctttatttct tttcttttct     53820
     ttttttaaga agatttattt gctttatgta tgtgagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac     53880
     agcagaagag gccattagat cccattacag atggttgtga gccatcatgt ggttgctggg     53940
     aattgaactc aggacctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt aatccctgag ccatctctcc     54000
     agcccggggc tgtgtttctt acccattctg tggttctcaa cctttgagga catgaaatcg     54060
     agagcttttt ctctaagaag cactcgccgc tctgacagat tttcacattt atttctgagg     54120
     gtttgtaaaa ccttgacagc cattaagggt gtcaggccaa gcaaggctca ggttctggaa     54180
     agggctatcc gggccatatt tagtttcctg ggactcgggt cttggcttgt tgggcctggt     54240
     gcagttggtc tcattggttt ccctgactcc aaagctgttc acgcttcttc tcgaagccgt     54300
     ccctccgaag caggaacacc atctttaccc ttggcactcg tggtactgtc atctcaccgg     54360
     ccgagctgga ggcccccatc ctagtgcccc atactgccca acgtggagag cagagggtat     54420
     ggtgaggcaa cccctccatg gccaggatca gttccctgag tgttagtttg gtgtgtgggg     54480
     gggggccggt gtccctggcc tgctgtgatg cgggaagtta ggagccatgg actcagaggc     54540
     gggcagaggg agactggctg gggcgtgact gttgggaggc aacagttgaa gtgaatgtgg     54600
     gggtagaagt cagtggggag ggcttttctt gtgacctgtg ccccatcttc agtgcctgtt     54660
     cagggtgctc ctccctgcct ggaggagggt gtgtgatctt gtgagctctg attactaagc     54720
     tgtgctgagt ctccacatcc acgggttagt gagagaccca tcgtgtctct ctctgtctcg     54780
     gtagtatcca ttcgaagcgc tcttccgcag ccagcactat gccctcctcg acaattcttg     54840
     ccgtgaatat cttttcatct gtgaattttt catcgtgtct ggcccggctg cacatgacct     54900
     gttccacgcc gtcatgggcc gcacgctctc catgacgctg gtgagctccc aaattctgag     54960
     cctgtccaca ggcagacagc aactcctgag gaatgagtgt tctctaagcc ttggccctgg     55020
     agcccccatc ccaagctcag ccccagcttc tgctcagccc cagcttctgc tgtggggaac     55080
     ttacataagt gtggctgtga gcaggtcagg ccgcttgtgg tacctgtgga cagggaagaa     55140
     gctggtctcc ctggtctgtg ccttgtcccc aaagaaatgt acatctgtct gcctacagcc     55200
     actcgaacaa caagctaaca ttcatttgtc tgccacagaa acacctggag tcctacctgg     55260
     ctgactgcta cgatgccatt gctgtttttc tctgtatcca cattgttctc cggttccgca     55320
     acattgcagc gaagagggac gtccctgccc tggacaggtc actgagctct ggtccttggt     55380
     gtctggatgt ggtcagcttc ttatgttacg aaaacagttc catcctgact ctgggccctc     55440
     acctgatgcc cttcaccctt attcccattc atgtgtccca ggggcagcat tggcatcagg     55500
     cacacccact cactgtcacc ctgaagcgtg ctgtactccc ctgggcagac tgcaccccca     55560
     gccagctgac ctttgattct gattaagcct gcaggtactg ggagcaggtg cttgccttgc     55620
     tgtggcctcg gtttgagctg atcctggaga tgaatgtcca gagtgtccgc agcactgacc     55680
     cccagcgcct tgggggactg gacactcggc cccactatgt aagggcgagc aaggttaata     55740
     agggggtctg tggtcacact gagtggtggg tgggtactgc cgaaggagtc aacttaggca     55800
     gacaacatct gttctgactg gtgacagaac ttgcaggggt atctgagggt tgtatctccc     55860
     agtcaggcag gtgtgagcct tcccttcttg ctcccagatc acacgccgct atgctgagtt     55920
     ctcctctgca cttgtcagca tcaaccagac gatccccaat gaacgcacgc tgcagctcct     55980
     gggacagctc caggtatagc taggcaggac atatttgcca gcagagggac gggacctgtg     56040
     tccttgcttt ctaacctgct gctttcattt ggcttgtgca ggtggaggtg gagaattttg     56100
     tcctccgagt ggctgcagag ttctcctcca ggaaggagca gcttgtgttt ctgatcaaca     56160
     actatgacat gatgctcggg gtgctgatgg taatgctgct cctcccacgg gggtccctac     56220
     agcttgtgag ctctgcctga gctcagcgct ttacccctgg atgctggcag tgtccacatc     56280
     atggaaagaa ggggaagtga tggcaacagt gaaggttccc aagctcctga ctcctcttgt     56340
     cttccttagg agcgggctgc tgatgacagc aaagaggtgg aaagtttcca gcagctgctc     56400
     aatgctcgga cacaggtagg gcctgggtgc agcaggaaga ctgcgatgct gttggactga     56460
     cctctgtgtg cagtcatgag tacaacccac tgccttgttg ctagtctatt tcatttaact     56520
     ttttcaaggt actaatagtt tagaagcaac atagaactat acctatttat gtatgcatgt     56580
     gtgtgtacta tagctacatg tatgtatgca tgtgtgtgca tgtactatag ccctgtgtgt     56640
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgcacta tagccctgtg tgtatgtgtg tgcatgcact atagccctgt     56700
     gtgtatgtgt gtgtgcacta tagccttttg tgtatgtgtg tgcatccact atagccctgt     56760
     gtgtatgtgt gcgcactata gccctgtata tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ctatagccct     56820
     gtgtatatgt gtgtgtgcac tatagccttg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgca ctatagccct     56880
     gagtgtatgt gcactatagc cctgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgcact atagccctgt     56940
     gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgcac tatacctctg tgtgtatgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtatt     57000
     atagccctgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgcat gcactatagc cctgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg     57060
     tgcactatag ctctgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gggtgcatgc actatagccc tgtgtgtatg     57120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgcact gtagccctgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgcat gcactatagc     57180
     cctgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgcact atagccctgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgc     57240
     atgcactgta gccctgtgta tatgtgtgtg tgtgcatgta ctatagccct atgtgtatgt     57300
     gtgtgtgtgt gcatgcacta tagccttgtg tgtatgtgtg tatgtgtgca ctatagcctt     57360
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgc actatagctc tgtatgtttg tgtgtttgtg catgtactat     57420
     agccctgtgt gtatgtttgt gtgtttgtgc atgtactata gccctgtgtg tatgtgtgtg     57480
     tgtgcatgca cgatagccct gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgc actatagccc tgtgtgtatg     57540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgcact gtagccctgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtta ttcgacgcgt     57600
     tctcacgacc ggccaggaag aacacaacaa ccagaatctt ctacggcaaa gctttattgc     57660
     ttacatcttt atggggccag agtgtaagaa gcaagagaga gagaaaacga aacccccttc     57720
     cctctttaaa gagaacaaca attgcctagg acgcatcact ccctgattgg ctgcagccca     57780
     tggccgagct gacgttcacg ggaaaaacag agtacaagta gtcgtaaata cccttggctc     57840
     atgcgcagat tatttgttta ccaacttaga acacaggatg tcagcgccat cttgtgacgg     57900
     cgaatgtggg ggcggcttcc cacatgtgtg tgcatgcact atagccctgt gtgtatgtgt     57960
     gtgtgtgcac tatagctctg tatgtttgtg tgtttgtgca tgtactatag ccctgtgtgt     58020
     atgtttgtgt gtttgtgcat gtactatagc cctgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgcact     58080
     atagccctgt gtgtatgtgc attctgcttt gcagggaact gtttgtgtgt gtgcacatgt     58140
     aagctcacac aggcacatct gaagctcatg gaggtcagag gtcacaactt ctaggtcaca     58200
     acttcttttc ttgcttcttc gaccttgtgt tctggggacc agtggaaagc actgttccct     58260
     gatgagccag catactggat cttggttctg gagaaaaccc ttggggacat cccctgcaac     58320
     ttgtgacatc accacctaag gtggaaggct cacagagact gctgtctggc gggtcattag     58380
     acgtccctgt gcagaatggg ggtcctttgc tcccaggagt ctgaccctgt gtgtgcttgc     58440
     acttctctct aggagttcat tgaggagctg ctgtctcccc ccttcggggg tctggtggca     58500
     ttcgtgaagg aggctgaagc cttgattgag cgtgggcagg ctgagcggct ccgaggggag     58560
     gaaggtatct gatgtcctgg tgcagtaggt agtgggaatt agggacagtg agcgggggtg     58620
     gagggggtgg gggggtggga gtggggagtc acaggggagg caacgcagca aggaagactt     58680
     ggctggaaga acaccaagaa agccaggctt gatggtgagc acagatgtgc ccagggcagg     58740
     ccttgctggg tcaccagccc tggttgctct gtgcctggtg gacggtaacc agacctggag     58800
     ctctctgaca caccttttcc tctggcggtc agcccgagtc actcagctga tccgtggctt     58860
     tggtagttcc tggaaggcat cagtggagtc cctgagtcag gatgtaatgc gaagttttac     58920
     caacttccga aatggaacca gcatcatcca ggtgaccggc cactcccacc ctttgcctgt     58980
     gtcctaaggt tgtctatttc ctcgctcttt cccctgggct ccgcatcaca caaacgcctt     59040
     gaaggccaac aagcatctgt gcctgagatt ctggtgaagc tctgacagct caggtcacca     59100
     tgagtctgac cctgactctc ctctgtgcag ggggcgctga cccagctgat ccagctctac     59160
     catcgcttcc accgggtgct gtctcagccc cagctccgcg cactcccggc cagggccgag     59220
     ctcatcaaca tccatcacct catggtggag ctgaagaaac acaagccgaa cttctgattc     59280
     agacccccct cccccgcccc taagctcctg tgtactctgt gtgtcacaca ttttcacctg     59340
     ggaccccttt cccatccctt ttatctctat ggcttccaca ctcccctctc agcctccatt     59400
     gccaggactc tgcctcaaca gagtgcgttc aaggccactc cctgggtttc tgagtgaggt     59460
     gaccttcatt tccagtccgg tcagctcctc tgctgttcac tcacagcctg tgagcttcca     59520
     ccgccccagg ctctgactga ccctcagctc ttagggcaga gcactgcagg ccaccctgta     59580
     gctgatctgt gggctctgct ggaacagtga catcacctcg tggtgggtct cactatgtgg     59640
     caataataag tactaacagt gctgggaccg tgtcctctcc tttgtccctg ggcctctaaa     59700
     ttctccagca tgtgtttatt gtagacctag tctgttcctg gtgggcatca ggaagagggt     59760
     gtgatagtac cccaaggtct gttgctgctt ctggcccagg ggtggcatag atgctcagga     59820
     ggggactgtt tgtagctctc caggagggtg gcacttgtcg caaggcctgg gaatgtggta     59880
     gctttgggtg ctgtcctgag ggataccatg ggaatagtcc acacagcctc tgagattgtg     59940
     tcagccacta agtggctgtt acagctcctt tgaggatgga gggcctataa cacctgcagc     60000
     catgcatcaa ggcaggggtg gacctggctc caaaacagat cctgtcattt tcatgtgacc     60060
     cagacccttc ccgctgccct ctgcctcacc tctgtaagga gtttgcagac tccagagcag     60120
     tggttctcaa ccttcctaat actgcaacgc tttaacacag ttccttgtgc tgaccccaac     60180
     cttaaagtta ttttcattgt tacttcataa ctgtgatttt gtactgttaa gaatactagc     60240
     caggcgtggt ggcacatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc     60300
     tgagttcgag gctagcctgg tctacaaagt gggtttcagg acagccaggg ctacacagag     60360
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaaaa acaaaaaaag aatattaata taggggctgg tgagatagct     60420
     cagtgggtaa gggcacccga ctgcttttcc aaaggtccag agttcaaatc ccagcaacca     60480
     catggtggct cacaaccatc tttaacaaga tctgactccc tcttctggag tgtctgaaga     60540
     cagcgacagt gtacttacat atgataaata aatctttttt ttttttttta aataagaata     60600
     ctaatatagc caggcatggt ggtgcatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga agcagaggca     60660
     ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgc acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtt     60720
     tcgaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaata ctaatataaa tatctgtgtt ttctgatgga     60780
     cttaagcaac ccatgtgaaa gggttgtttg acccccaaag gggtcatggc ccacaggttc     60840
     tagagtgaag gtacatgctt gaccaagttg tttggttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtga     60900
     agccctggtt gtcctggaac tcactctgta ggccaggctg gtctcgaact tagagatcca     60960
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gttgggactg aaggtgtgtt tttccataga ctggcaacct     61020
     tgaccaagtc ttgaacaaaa gctaggctgg tttgcagact gtaaccctgt ctaattaggg     61080
     accagaagca ctggatggaa tgcccgcttc agttatgagt aagttcaagg ccagcctgga     61140
     ccacgtctta aaagtaaagg ctgggacaca gctcggtggc aggaagtcgt ccctaggtcc     61200
     catctgcagt gtgggggaaa ttgcaggtga aagacgctgt caaggaaaaa aaagtaattt     61260
     gaggttattt cctttacccc attcacttcc cagggccttg gctggagagc ctaagtccac     61320
     cccgcccccg ccctgggcat ccatgctcct ttctcacttg ttacaacttt cccacctact     61380
     ccaccaccca cttccaggtg tcagacctgg ggatcccagg cttctggttt taccttatag     61440
     cccctgtgtt ctggaacttg ctatgtggtt gaagaatgca gagatctgcc ctccagaggg     61500
     ctgggactga aggcattccc agagaaaccc agggcccttt ctttgtgtgg tcacatcaag     61560
     ctcagctggt gtgtagttca atgaggacac agtcaacagg caggaagccc tggggtaaat     61620
     cctgggcaac agcaaccaca aaaggaaaaa caactaatgc tttgctgtgg cgggctgtgc     61680
     aggggatacc cggcttctta gtgtggccct tcttcagtgt gacccggaca gcttcgtggg     61740
     cttgtgaagc tgcccagcag ttcctggact ctgcagtctg cagtctggag ggacattcaa     61800
     catagagccc agtccatctc caagattctt gagagctgcg atgcggctca tggccacgag     61860
     ggggcagcag gacacaggaa taagagtggc tccagttctt gatcacctaa gtggctgtga     61920
     gctttgaatg ctggggaagg cagggagttg tggtcgccta tgccctcttc atacccaagc     61980
     agccagggat tttcctttca gcccccaatc ttctggtttg tggttttccc gggtccttat     62040
     gaacacagct tctgagtgag attacacctc ggcccctcac ctgattgtta ctcaacacca     62100
     cactccagtc acagtgaaat agacacacaa agacaaacac acacacaaca cacaacacgg     62160
     cattatgagg tgatacagga gggtcaagaa ttaaagatca agactggaga aaagactcag     62220
     aggttgagag cattaactgc tcttccatag gtcctgagtt gaattctcag caatcacgtg     62280
     gtggctcaca accatctata ataatatctg gcgccctctt ctggtggaca gggacacatg     62340
     aaggcagaac actgtacata ataaatcttt taaaaataaa gaattcaagg tccacctgag     62400
     ctacaacaag gcatacaaca aacacaaaca gcataaatga acgaacacac aggctccata     62460
     gaccagtagc atccggagtc actctatagg aggagttgtg tccatttctt tcttcccttg     62520
     ctgaatttct aagatcattg tgtacatcta gtgcagggga ccctacagtc ctgcactagg     62580
     ttttagaagt gttcctacat gctgtagtga ccccccaaat actgtgcagt gtcgctttac     62640
     agaaatctta tttcccttca tttctttttc attcttttaa aaaatatatt tatgtatatg     62700
     gtgttttgcc tccatgtatg tctatgcccc acaagcatgg agttccccag tctgccagaa     62760
     gagggcagcc tatcccctct gagactggag ttacaagtgg atgagaactg gaactgaacc     62820
     caggtcctct ggaacagcag taagcattct tcacctctga acaatctctg cagcgccata     62880
     attttactcg gaagtgacgc catctttatt tttatgtctt ggctctctgt gattcttttc     62940
     tctgcagcac agggcctcac tcaggcctga gcctcctaac taccctgcag agaaggtttg     63000
     aacaggagaa gccctggggt cctcagggtc agagagtccc agagaaggag cttcccagtc     63060
     tgtccccaga gtgcacagtc tacaaaaatg tctgatgtcc tccagcacca atgcagcatt     63120
     gctaacataa cccacacatg gaacattcca gatgccctgt gtaggcttat attttcctaa     63180
     acctacttta ataagcttac ttaagtgttt taacctctct tctacctcac cacccactag     63240
     aggaagtaga aaggaaatgt taatagggta aaggagggcg tggacctgtt tagaaacacc     63300
     tttttcggga gagtccaatc cgccttgtcg ggatatcaac aattgagttc acaccagtca     63360
     gcaatctaag tttaatccag aagaaacttt gaggttgtac caatcggcct gagtctgcag     63420
     aagcaggaag aagctgccag aacagcatca gaagttctta ggttcatttc tctctacaaa     63480
     ctcatgacaa atgatcagca aagaaggcaa ggctaaccag tgccacagca tcgtctgtga     63540
     agaccagcat cagcaaaggc caatgaagac cagcaaagag tggcaaggtg aaccaatgcc     63600
     acacaatgtc gtctgtggtc tgttgggtta tattcataac cttttcaaac atcatgtgtc     63660
     ctctcaagag ggcatctctc aagctctact aaacatcgcc tgcccctttt ccaggcagat     63720
     tccagaaaag caccacaagt ctgcttcagc aaaaacatcc tctcataaga cagtttccag     63780
     aaaaacatct cacaactgag tcccaaaaac atcaggcatt tcctcatcag gcctggttct     63840
     cctagattta ggtcctcaga tgagagggct gtgtgccaaa agtgcttcct gtccaccacc     63900
     catctctatt ttttagcaga tggtctctaa tcttatcttt atcttaaagc tttagtaagg     63960
     gcctttgcaa tgacagagag atgtctgctg agtggttttc aaacagagga tgtgactcag     64020
     tgacttgagt gcccaccttg tatattgcag gtcctgggtt caatttctca acacctccaa     64080
     aaacagggca gtggcaccaa ttcgggatgg tgaggtgact ctggtagagg tgcttgccac     64140
     tgagtctaac cacctaagtt cattccccca gaacccacat ggaaagagag aactggatac     64200
     ccaaggttgt cttctgactc ccgctgcccc caacacacac cacagctggg gagtggccac     64260
     attcacacac catacacata aagcaatagt ataaacacat aacacataaa agagttgaaa     64320
     atctctgatt atccttgcat gggatgccct tcagtcctcc tggctgcttc tcatcacaat     64380
     gtgggttatg gacacaggta agtctagagg aaaactggac acaatcttta catatgtgtc     64440
     cttgtacata gctgtcctca tacatatgtg tttccatgtc cttcaatacg aaaagatcac     64500
     ggctcctttt ttattttatt acattgattt aataattatg tgtagggatg tgcatgtcat     64560
     gatggctatg tgatgctggg agaataactt acaggagtca ggtgtctcca ctcaccatgt     64620
     ggcttccatg gatcaaactc ggggagccaa gcttggaggc aagaaccttt actctctgag     64680
     ccatctttat ggtccccttg gagaccatta ggtttgaaca tttcccttgg aaagttcttt     64740
     cattcttgga cttggcacat acaagagatg cccaccacga cattagaaaa agcatttcct     64800
     gtccagatag gtaccagcac tgccttgggc aactctggag aaccaagcct tcttgcccag     64860
     gtcatacctg tggcagtgcc agccagctgc cacctgtgag aggtcaaatc ttttaaattc     64920
     agattccatt ttagaaaatt tgaactcagg caaactaaca gcctggcacc tagaattagt     64980
     ttcccagtta cctcccaaca aaatcagagt ctagctccag tctctaggct aacccccaag     65040
     aaaagctgtg attacaggtt acactcgcca aagacctgca tctccaggtt acaagaccat     65100
     cctcagtcta acggccacca atacactggg aaacaaaaat taagtttacg atatgactcc     65160
     aaacaccaac caattatgtt acaggccaca gtagctctcc aatgagatgc ttgcacactc     65220
     actacccccc acttgctgtt tactataaag ccttgtcttg ttaaatattt gggctcctca     65280
     tcacaaaaac tgtcctgcat gacaatgtac actggcctga gctagctcat attaaaaatg     65340
     ccctactgtg attacatcag ataggctgct gtctggtttt tgggattcgc taacattttc     65400
     ctggtactac acctaggaga tcctatattt gcccttagag cttgggtgtc actgtctgtg     65460
     ttagttaata tggtcctttg aatatgataa cacccatatt cttggtcact tgaatactta     65520
     gtccccagtt ggtgctgttt ggggaagctt aggaggtgtg gccttgctgg aggaagtatg     65580
     tcactggggg catggttgga ggtgtgagct ctcagctgtt cctgctgcca tgcctggggt     65640
     ttggtgttgt tatgttgatg gcctcttaac tctttgggac cgaaatccca agataaacct     65700
     tctagaagtt tccttggaca tgatgcttta tcacagcagc aggaaagtaa ccaatgcagc     65760
     tcccttttcc atccctgtgc cttaatatct gacaagacac gtaggcgtag ggagaagggg     65820
     cttagcctgg cttattgtag cccctaaggc taaatccgtc aaagttcagg caggcctttc     65880
     cttcctgctc cagtctaggg gccacctcag taaagcatcc cacaggagct gtaaaaatgg     65940
     gggctgctat tctgcaggcc tcacaggagc tgtccatggt ggcaaccctt tctttccagt     66000
     ttcagcctgg agccttggtg aaacactgca ggagctgtcc acagtgccaa cacctctcct     66060
     gtccccagcg accccacaga aatggccctt cagcaaaagc cagctgcatg catgtgggaa     66120
     ggacttccca ctctaaccca tgggacccat gccaaagaaa atgtggtgaa aaaaagctag     66180
     caatctctga gcagaaaaat cctatgacag tgacatggct cagcctgcca agggtggatg     66240
     ggaggagcta gacttctttt ataagtaatt ggacctttga cagatctctc tctctctctg     66300
     tctgtctttc tctctgtctg tctttctctc tgtatctctg tctctgtctc tctctgtttc     66360
     tctctctctg tctctctcag cttggaagag cctgtatggg aggagctctg ggtaagtgat     66420
     gggcatttcc tctttgggtt tgcaggaaca acagagaagc atcaggcagg acacaggtaa     66480
     aaccaaaatc tcggaaggag agctaaggag acctctgggg tttggagaag ctcaagagaa     66540
     aggcagagta gcctgaaaag gttgatacag atagaaagag atctctaaag agctggcagt     66600
     ttaggtgtag aatcgggctt gtaataggtg tctcctatat agttaggaaa ataaagtttc     66660
     ctcgctgagc tggcaggttt gtgtgtcagt ttatacctcc tgtgtcctat tggtgtataa     66720
     atattacata atttaaatgg ttacaggcct atgagcagaa cacgtgatgt ttggagggag     66780
     ggagtataat aggacacaat ggacagtgat ggagggcttg catagctagc tttgcaatgc     66840
     taccttggtc tcaagtcttc atgttcatgg atcttcactt cgtggagagt cagggcagag     66900
     aacttctcct ggtcatttct gctgactcat gacgatttgg tggaggcctg gcagtttctg     66960
     ctgggtcatg ccacagctga tgatttgggt ttgctatcct gacactgcag acctggactg     67020
     ctggtatcct gacaattgga gattgaaatt gccccaagaa actacttcta aatagcaaac     67080
     agctgagcct cctggcttat tctgcatcaa gctgccattg ctgattcttg tgaactggac     67140
     tgctgatatc ctgacaatgc agactggatt tgctctgaag aaccatttct aaacagatgc     67200
     acttcccccg tcctcatatc ctcatataat ttctttttct ctacttctgg tgggtggtgg     67260
     gcaataaagg aggttaagca tttaagaacg cttattaaaa atgggtttaa aaaactaagc     67320
     caattatctc atctgtggat gtgctcctga gagttctaca aaaaatcaca tcctacacct     67380
     gagacccctg gaagagaaac tggagagaag gggaagcagg aatcaccaca gtagcatagg     67440
     acagggagag cccatggcag cttcaacatg gcatcattag tagctaaaag gaatgggtga     67500
     gaggaaatgg gtgaattgtc ttgtacaccc ggcacattaa aggatctcta gttccatctc     67560
     tgatctttag ccctgggggc tcataatcct ggggataggg caaggctcag gccttccctg     67620
     tgtccttgtg atcaaagact ctcagcatgt gcctcatagt ggtggagaga gcagaacaca     67680
     gagttgacag cctaggaatg accttatcac agatcagaac ggactgagca cacctggcac     67740
     agccctggtc acgctcagct gccacagcct cattctgtcc caacagatac acacagcata     67800
     gtgactcaga ttctggaagg ttctccatct gccatttatt tcttgaaaaa aaatcaaaac     67860
     aaaccaaaac tctaagtatt ctcaatccat gaaattaaca agaaatcaac cctcggtcag     67920
     gatgttaaga atcaaggtcc cattcagatt cttactctca gtgtggaagt gaggagctgc     67980
     agctcagggc agcatggagc tggcaggatg cagatgtcgc ccagtgtttg gctggagcag     68040
     caaggttggc tgtggaaggg aacccagggc agtgcaggga cagggttctg tgtgcagggc     68100
     aggctgggct gcacagttct tcactttgag cccataggct cacagggaac atcagatact     68160
     tgactaaaga aaactgaggg ctctggatgt cacaggagat gtgtgaagac attgtctgtc     68220
     acttagtcca ctccaggcag ctggcttcac gctagagaat gagagtcatg aaccatcact     68280
     ctgaagtcaa cattccaacc acccacagct cactcactca gaaaagctgt gagagttcaa     68340
     ggaagatctt gacactggag ttcccagaac tgacaaagga cccagttaga gacagtagca     68400
     atgtggggtg tgcctgtgtt ccccattgat gagcagagca caattctttt gtttgtttgt     68460
     ttgtttgctt ttttgttttt caagatacgg tttctctgaa gccctgactg tcctggaact     68520
     cactttgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatcctc ctgtctctgc ctcccaagtg     68580
     ctgggattaa aggtgtgtgc caccacgcct ggccagagca cacttctaaa ggagactgag     68640
     agaaaatgca caccctgccc tttcctacct gtgtttctcc tcctcttcat cacaaaagcc     68700
     accacagcaa caatgactat cacagttcca aggacaacca gaacagcaat ggtcaccatg     68760
     ttggagtcgg tggatagagg aggctctggg aaggaccggt acaggaaatg aaggtgaggg     68820
     tcatgacccc agctctcagt cctgagcagc tcagggtctt cagaaggctc cagttttccc     68880
     tgatcccggt tatgcaccca caccctcctt accccatctc agggtgaggg gctcaggcag     68940
     cccctcatgg tgcacatggc atgtgtaatt ctgctccttc ccaagaggca ccaccacagc     69000
     tgcccacttc tggaagattc catcccctgc aggcctggtc tccacaagct ccatgtcctg     69060
     ggtcagctcc tccccattca actgccaggt cagggtgatg tcagcagggt agaagcccag     69120
     ggcccaacac ctcagggtga catcatcttc agatcccggg tgatgggtca catgtgcctt     69180
     tggggatctg tgtggaagaa ttaagaaatc ccacaattaa caatacaagc tgaaatctac     69240
     acaagactca gctaaaccaa tgatcacagt gaactatgtg tctgtttgac acttcaactg     69300
     tcattgcact agcgaccaaa agcagagctg gtcccctcag cacaggactg cacattttct     69360
     tttgggattc agaagctaag agggaatcca catgagccag tgggtaaaca tggccatcct     69420
     tatgtgatgt tctatagcat gagatagtca cagaatgaaa gtgggaatgg aaaataagta     69480
     atttattatg ttttggagtt catatcaaaa tcagaaatca gggccatatg ttattgaaag     69540
     gatgccacca ctgagactgc cactgtggtc atcttgctga ccaacattaa cagtcattct     69600
     aagtgaatag ccatcacaaa gtatgtagac agagaaaatg actcccagcc cctgtctctg     69660
     gggggacaaa gtacatgtat gtcacacagg atccctggag tgagcggtgg accccagtgc     69720
     cccactcact ggaacacagt gggctcacag ggtgtgtgat cttccctctc ctcagccctg     69780
     gattgcagaa gaccctgcct ctcagagtcc aattcctgat tcactggggg gagggagcac     69840
     tgtaacttgt gggggcagag gaagagcagg aggcttctgg atgtttagtt ctgacaggaa     69900
     acagtctaag ttcacaggaa tctctccttt aatgagaacc ctgatttaac ttgcctaatt     69960
     atccaggtta gcagcctccc ctgacacctg tggagactga tacacatgat aatacaaggg     70020
     catggagaaa caggatcact ccagtgcaga ccaaacctga ctagaagcaa aataatacct     70080
     tcaaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaccc aaaaagtaaa gaaaaaagaa     70140
     aatatgaaat aagaaaatga aaagagggat ggagagatgg ctcaactgct cttctaaagg     70200
     tcctggttca aaccccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac tatccgtaat gaaatctgac     70260
     gccctcttct ggtgcatctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt agatataaaa atgaataaat     70320
     ctttaaaaaa aagaaagaaa atgaaaagag aaaaaaataa gaaattccac gatttatatt     70380
     cctgtactgt accccataaa ggctcgtgga ccattcacca ctgtaggaat agatagaatt     70440
     gggttgttga agggacgcaa accccacaga taggaaagga tctgtgagaa tgtattcttt     70500
     ggaaagttct aaaagctggg gggaaccatc cttgtgtagg ggagtccatg tctcttatca     70560
     ggtaaggaga cttccggtcc tgaggtgtaa ggactgacac attcagcagg acaggagtcc     70620
     atgtccacag acagtgggtg tgggctgaga acccggcctg ggagaggcca tggctgacag     70680
     aggctgcagg ggagctgaag ggagcagctg ttgttacctc agggaaattc tctccttccc     70740
     tcctgagaca gcctgggcac tgtccaggga gaaggctgag ccctgggaga gtcagtgcag     70800
     tcactgtgat gagggatcag gagacccagg gtcactctct cccctctgag acaggggcat     70860
     caccccagct gagggtttct tcttccccag gactgagccc cagccccagg gcagagggag     70920
     gagctgcccg cggcccctgc acctgtgcgc agcagcgtcg cgttcccgag ctccaggtat     70980
     ctgcggagcg actccatgca cgcgccctcc aggtaggccc tctctctttc tgcaacacca     71040
     acctgttcca gtttttgtcc agtaatctga gctgctatgt ctgctgtcgt ccacgttttc     71100
     aggtcttcgt tcagggcgat gtaatcctgg ccatcgtagg catactgcca gtacccacgg     71160
     aggaggcgcc cgtcggaccc cacctcacag ccagacatcc gctggtaagt gtgagagcct     71220
     gcgggacccc gcggtcagca ccccctgacc cccctcccgt gttctgccgg acccgaccac     71280
     tagcggacac ctacaaactg aaagggacca gtgctgggtt gtggttctgc tcccgaacct     71340
     cggacttggg gcccgggaac tttccatctc aggtctcctt gtccggacat ggaggggttg     71400
     tgacatccga ccctgggtca cccaccgccc tcgctctggt tgtaatagcc gcgcagggtc     71460
     ctcaggttca ctcgagaaat ctgctccgtg ttcttggcga cctgtgtctc ccgctcccaa     71520
     tactccggcc cctcctgctc catccatggc gcgcgcggtt ccatcctcgg attctccgcg     71580
     tcgctgtcga agcgcacgaa ctgcgtgtcg tccacgtagc cgacagcgat gaaccggggc     71640
     tccccgaggc cgggccggga catggcggtg tggaaatacc gcagcgagtg tgagcctggg     71700
     ggcggaaagc ggtgagaccc cgacttcctc ccaggaccac gggcgggtgc gcgggctggg     71760
     aggggagcag gacgcggggc tggagacgct ggtggagatc gggtgaaaga tcagataagc     71820
     cacacaggga cgaggctacc ccggtgttgg ccccgcccct ccccgcagag gctgtttccc     71880
     tcccgacccc gcactcaccc gcacaggtct gagtcggggc cagggcggcc tccagcagca     71940
     ggagcactgt gcgccaagcc atccaatcct atctgggatc cggggcatct gagttctgct     72000
     agctgtgtgg actttgcctc cgcgaagctg gttggttccc caggaacgcg ccacccattg     72060
     ggtgtgagac ctgtaggcgt gtcatcagtg tcctgacaga agcgcctgac ccaggttagg     72120
     agcagaagtg aaactgacca gatggggaat ccccagccct gggcttcccc agccctgacc     72180
     tcatacactg gagactagga ctttgcctga accctgtgct gtggagtctc taagtcctga     72240
     tccagaagct gtcaggacac caggagagac tctcaggcca gactctctat gtcctctcct     72300
     ccacccttcc tcttccttct tctcttcaga agtcacaccc tagtgtcttc tagaagaaaa     72360
     gccacttccg ggaatacaat ggggacacaa gcgcttgggg acgcagtgga gagaggtttc     72420
     tccttaaagc agaggcgctg gcctgcaagc ccacacggac cccacagaga ccaggctctg     72480
     ttcacctgca aggggtggtt cacactgcca agcctgagtg caggactctc atctgttaag     72540
     tgtagacttt gctctcccct taggatttgt cttctcagcc tcagggttag aggcttctga     72600
     gattgtccaa gtggattgtc gttgtctcag cacaggagac ccccttgtcc actgaagaga     72660
     gacccctgtg cagaccacag acagcagggc actgatcgct gtctccactg cacttctctg     72720
     tgtctgcacg tccaaggtac atttgtttta gtgacttaat cacagtagga gaggagctgt     72780
     caccgactat accacagaaa aaggatgata gtgtggtaga agttatgtaa tttctgaccc     72840
     tctccctccc tccctgacct tcactcacac ttaagagctg atgaggtgag agacatgaat     72900
     gtcacagctg tgtgggacac tggatctgat aactgagttg gccccagagt tcctcacgcc     72960
     tgtgcagtgt ggacactgga agaaagatga tcctcatgcc agagagcaca cactggtgtt     73020
     tcgaggtttc acccctgatc agtgatattg ggaaagatta agtttacaca ggttttggtt     73080
     gtgtggagtt tgacctgacc tctcccccgt ttccctgaga acttgatgct cttaggtttc     73140
     atcctgacta gggaagcaac tggccttaag cagctccaca gaaggatctg tctctgttac     73200
     ttttcttctg ttttatcctg tttttataag gcaaggtggg tctccacaga tgaccatgtt     73260
     catcaggctg gccttgaact cacagagttc gcctgtctgc tgggattaat ggcctgtgtc     73320
     atcacacttg gctttcgtta cttttctacg actataagac gttgggaccc catcaagttg     73380
     tgaatgtttt taatctgttc tctactttca gagaatgtga atccatgacg gcagaggaaa     73440
     gacatggtac aagaacagtg taagctcaca catctatctg cataccaaag gagagacact     73500
     gggaacagtg ggagtcgctc ctccccaccc tcccatcagt gcttcattgg cttgctctct     73560
     catgaggtca cagctcagtg ggtcagccat gtccctgcac tcacactggt ccttgctgtc     73620
     ttctgagagc actgtcagaa agcacaggtg tcgatcacac gttggcttgt tccagtggca     73680
     gtcgagagtt gtaggcgtag gacacagtgt tcaaggcgtc cttgtaacgg tccatgcata     73740
     tggtgatgca ttcctgctca gagttgtcca aggagcccca ggcttcctga tgcacttcct     73800
     gaaacgcctg tcagtcatct tgagcagctc ctgctcatgc gcaatggcgg tctgcacgtt     73860
     cacctgctct ataatggtcc ctggtccagc tttccgcaac ctacgccatt aaagtccagc     73920
     cagaccacag gcacagccaa acgcaggtgc ctggagcctg gaaatgttta aaacctcaat     73980
     gcccagccca gtgacacttc tccaaccaag ccacacctcc aatctttctc aagagttcca     74040
     tctgctggat atgaaggatt cattcctatg agcccgtgtg gctgttctca ttcaaaccag     74100
     catagcgttc actatgaaat ggaagagacc agcagggttc tgcagatgtg tccagtgcaa     74160
     tctgacagag ataccctcca acaggggact ctgcggagtt aggtctcccc ctttgcctct     74220
     gtcccctcct gctcagcccc tctctgtctc tgtcctcagg cctctcccca tcagtgccca     74280
     gctcccctcc ctcctgagct atgcactgac actgtctctt cctgggcctc tagtttctct     74340
     catgtgctca gcagcaggct gtggatcagc tgtgtggttt tgatgtgaac attccagtgg     74400
     tggctggaga gatggctcag agctgagagc acgtgttcct tgttgggagc cgccccacat     74460
     tcgctgtcac aaggtggcgc tgacatcctg tgttctaagt ggtaaacaaa taatctgcgc     74520
     atgtgccagg gtactcctcc ccccatgtac tctgccttcc ccgtgactac aactcggcca     74580
     tgggctgcag ccaatcaggg agtgatgcat cctagcaaaa atatagttct ccttaaagag     74640
     ggagggggtt tccgccatct ctctctcgct ggcatctctc tggctctgcg cgccttgcgc     74700
     tctctcgctg cctaaagatg taacaatagg actcggcgct ctggcgcgcc ctcgctctcc     74760
     cgcgcgctct ggcgctctgg ccccataaag atgtaagcaa taaagctttg ccgcagaaga     74820
     ttctggttgt tgtgttcttc ctggccgggt gtgagagaac gcgtttgtaa cagttcctgt     74880
     tgcagaggat ccagggtgag ttccatcagc acatggtggc tgtcaaccat ctgcaacttc     74940
     agttcccagg gatcgaatgc tagtgctagt gcacatacat attcacatac aaaaatgatt     75000
     acatctcatg acaataaaat tttaaaaata tgatttgaaa aatactcctt ctctttctcc     75060
     tacacatcca gagtgtgagg acaggagtgg agggcacagg aatgtttgga catcactgtc     75120
     ccaccagcca atgaagagcg ctctgtaaca ggacaggaaa agatggttga aatagagtgt     75180
     attgaaatga caatttgtca aaaagcataa aattaaaaat acagatgata tttcatttta     75240
     tgaacctacc atgcccagtg ggtcacagcc tcatcccagg aagaagacac agtgtgtgct     75300
     catctttgca cttgagctga tgtgagtttt tgattcccta tgaacaagat aaattcgact     75360
     cagacgtttg aatgctaatt tgtaacagcc catgacatcc caacatccag agcattcctg     75420
     cagagaaagg tgtccccttt cccatcttcc ctcccactgc agaccctcca gagtctcacc     75480
     tgttgaagat gaaagagaag catcgcattc ttgggcaaca gcgccgcctg gtggaagaaa     75540
     caaagaggac agcgtctgaa cccacagagc tgagggtaaa ggggatccag gctgctgagc     75600
     tgccccaggg cctccttcct atctgcactt ctccagggct ctcaggtctc aggccgccct     75660
     gctctcatca aactacatcc agaagaactt tacgtgcttt tccagccgtg ggaagaaaac     75720
     tccctgtaag aggggaggca ggaggcagag ccatgggtgc taaaaggagc tgcaaagccc     75780
     cagagagcag ttccagaact cggacaggga ccatggtgat gattctttga tgtcagctac     75840
     atgtggggtt aactaaaacc tcaaaatgga gggcagcatc tgtgaggtgt ttttgcttaa     75900
     tttgaagtgt gaaaatcaat ttctgatcct tttctttgag gtaggaagac acaggtgtaa     75960
     accagaatat ttgagcagga gcccctccca ctttttgctc tgggccatga cttctgctgg     76020
     aagcctacat gaagacctgg aagaaggaaa ggcttgctct gtgtctgctt gctcttctgg     76080
     tttctacagt tgctgattca ggcatggtgt ttccctactg agaggactgg actgtacctg     76140
     ctggttcctg tatggggtct gctggccaag aagtctggac tgaagctgtt gattcgtatt     76200
     tggtgtttgc catgggactg aactgctgac aaagaaaatt gagcttgccc cccaaaagct     76260
     attgttaaac aggtccactt cccccatatc taaataactt ttctcttcca ctacctcttc     76320
     tggattgtga gcaaaaggag aggctaaaca ttttgttatt attatttatt attattacca     76380
     ttattattat tattaaaact atctttcttt ctccccctct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     76440
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctctctct ctctctttct ttcttttttc gagacagggt     76500
     tctctgtata gccctgactg tcctggaact cactttgtag accagctggc ctcaaactca     76560
     gacgtctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagggc ttggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc accaatgcct     76620
     ggccagatag tagagaaaga acgactgaga gaaaaagaga gagagaaacc ccagaatcta     76680
     atctccttcc ctttgtttgc tccatgacca gaacctttaa gatcttgtga ccactgctac     76740
     ttattctaca cccactcaac aaccacatac ctaccacccc actcttggga atgagggctt     76800
     agtgtgtata aaattgtttc ccgctttctg ggaatgatga tatctctcag gggcaccaag     76860
     gcaatgagga taatggtcaa gtcctaagaa agcaagctgt aacatttgct gtgcattcgc     76920
     tgtgtgctag gaaggtgcag ggcttagctg aatccttggg tggggcagtc tttgaggctg     76980
     caagattagc tattttgaag ttgttctgga tgcataattt tgaggggcca gccattaagg     77040
     cagtttgagg ttggatcatt taggctattt gtcttgtctt ctttggtgtc tggtcctttc     77100
     tctgtaaaca cacaaacttt tataggtgat atgcatttct acattaacac atgtatggaa     77160
     tgtacagtgt gcacagagct ttataactct gtttgcgcta tatactcaag ctgcaatata     77220
     aatatccact tgtgccacat gaaaggataa cctcataagt catgtggact ttgtagccaa     77280
     caagatttat tggacatgaa tagctgacat cctggctgga gacattccat tcttggcctt     77340
     cttcatagct gtttccacat agagggatga gaattcatgt tttgtttagt tttgttgatc     77400
     tgcttgttgt cttcattttt gcagccaaga ttttcaggat gtctcctctg gtcaaatctc     77460
     atctttatga attttgaagg aagttatagc tttacttttc atgttgaaac aaaggcaaac     77520
     catttccctg aactcaacac atttccttcc ttccattctg aggttctcac atatgtgcgc     77580
     caatcgaatc caacagtcct ttctcaactc cagggttgtt cagcagctgt gttacctgtc     77640
     tctagaccta taaccagact tcagacaaag tagattccag gagggaaggt ggagtgtgta     77700
     gtccatgagg agtaaccctg cacttctgtg cactcatgta aggagcttga cgagtttgct     77760
     aattcattaa gtagcatgtg gggaacatgt gtgggaatgg attctgaggg tgtgggataa     77820
     tagtggaagg aacataaaac tgggtcaggc tgagtttttt gacatgggtc cactgtgtaa     77880
     agattgtagc tttagtatgg aagatttcac attttaaaaa gttgtcaaga ctgtgtttga     77940
     atctttagct gaagtggtta tggaaagatg gtctactgaa aaggagttga agatgtctaa     78000
     tatgtcttgg cttagtgttg atggagggat ttacagctga gggaatatgc aatggtggag     78060
     tggtcatgct gtgtgaaacc taattcttta gccatgggac agcccagaag acacgccctt     78120
     cactgatcat ataaggcaca aaatgttgag agggcaccag cacatttgaa gagctttgtc     78180
     gtcgtccttt tccttgtgca gaccttaggg ttggagatcc tgctgctgct gaattgaatg     78240
     aattaaatgc agtgggttta attctcaaca gcgcccaatt gccaaaggca gggtgattgt     78300
     aattaccaca atgggaagca gagacaacat aatgtccaca gtggactgcc ctacccagaa     78360
     tggtcatctc tggcagcatg aattttatag tgtcttgact cccaaggaac tttggtcgta     78420
     gctaattaac tatggtgttt ctatgcatga aatacataag aaaatgtctt agtcattgtt     78480
     gtattgctgt gaggagacat cataaacaaa taaaaacaca tttaaaaatc atttaattgg     78540
     agcttgttta catttcagag gtcagtccat tctcatcatg aagagatgca cacaggcagc     78600
     catggggctg gggaaagggc tgagagttct acatagggat ccataggcag caggagagag     78660
     acagagacag cgacagagac agatagagac agagagacag agacagagag agacagaaag     78720
     agactaggcc tggcttttga aaaccaaatc ctaccctctg actcttttcc tcaaacaggg     78780
     ccacattcct ctaacaaggc cacacctcct acaccttgat gatcaagatt ataatatgga     78840
     tgagcctatg gggaaaccat tctaattcaa accacaacat tccatttcct gttccccaca     78900
     ggcttgcagc aatatcataa ggcaaaaatg cttcagccga cttaaaacct catagtctaa     78960
     tagtctatca caatctcaac acattatgaa cttcaaagtt ctgagtctct tctgagatcc     79020
     atgcaatccc taagctgtaa cccctgcaaa atacaaataa aaaatcagga gtcaggcgtg     79080
     gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg     79140
     aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacagag aaaacctgtc     79200
     ttgaaaaacc aaaacaaaca aacaaataaa taaaaataaa aaatcttata gatcacattc     79260
     tttccccatg ccatggcaca ggatgtgcat cacctttcca aaatgcagga gagggagcat     79320
     cgtgaggaga tgctgaacca gagcaagacc agagagcagc tgggccaacg ctgcatctcc     79380
     ctgtctgatg tcaaagcact ccagatctcc tgtctccttt gttgactgca tcacacttct     79440
     gtctcttggg ctggttcctc tccctctcag cacctttggt tgagaggtgt cccgtgactg     79500
     tggcatcccc aacatttgag gtccccagtg gaatccagaa ttcactgtca cagcttcaca     79560
     cagaggcctc tcttggcctc cgtgtcttac aaccctgcct tatgcctgac ctcagtggca     79620
     cttcttagcc ttggagggag atcccatact ttctttcttg tatttttaac tctgaagaaa     79680
     ccagaaccat gtggctgaag ctgtcaagtt ctgctgcttg ctggagctgc agctttgctc     79740
     ctcgttcaaa tatgtcttca acagcctgtt gggggttttg ttatatatat aattttatat     79800
     taataatttt attcacttac atttcaaata atagccccct tcccagttat ccctccacca     79860
     acctccctat tccatccctc tcaccccctc ctctttgcct ctatgaggct gctcttccac     79920
     ccattcaccc actcctggct cacccctcta gcatccccct gcactagggc atcaagcctc     79980
     cctcccctcc cattaatgtt aggtaaggcc atcctctgcc tcatatgaac ctggagtcct     80040
     ggctccctcc atgtatagga tttggttggt ggtttagtcc ctgggagctc tgggtggttc     80100
     agttagttga tattgttctt tttatggggt tgcaatcccc ttcggctcct tcagtccttc     80160
     ccctagctct tccactgggg tccccaagct tggtctgagg aactgaggga ggaatggttg     80220
     ggaaaaacat ttgaaggggg ctgagctaga aactgggaat agtggctagg aaagaaatta     80280
     gatttcttgt ctctctcaat ctctctctct ctcctctctc tttctcatcc ttccttttct     80340
     cctatctagt gataggggta aaacccaggg gtaaaggata agaaatagaa accagaaagt     80400
     agcaaagacc agctacaggt ctctctgtgt agctctggct gccctggaac tcactctgga     80460
     caccaggatt gtctcaaact cagagatctg cctgcctctg ggtgtgtaca cacagggccc     80520
     agcaaatatt cttaatcaaa tcaccagaga agccttctga attttctttg atcacgtaaa     80580
     tggaacaatt gtcaccaaat gagagaaagg ctacataata ctggcaaagg aacatctcgg     80640
     cccatgaatc agtttctgga cttgagccag tttgcagatg cagaacccct tgaatgaacc     80700
     aatggccagg tgacctttag gaaatacctt atgaaatacc taaaaggttt attgctagcc     80760
     tttctccagt cctttcctag tgggccctac aggctttcac cagggtaacc gtaccctggg     80820
     gaaagaaata atcagacttt ccagtgtcaa ttggatagtg attcatatta atgctgattg     80880
     tcagagatcc taagaaatat tatggtgctt cagttaaagt aggatattgt gtatgtctgt     80940
     tatttaatga attttggcag acatgtgatt tacactaggt ccagtgggtt cctgaatttg     81000
     tccagtggtt atttttccag tcccagaatg tataattggg atagatatac ttagaggttg     81060
     gcaaaattct cacattggtt ccctgacctg tggagtgagg gctattctag ttggaaaggc     81120
     taaatggaag ccttttgagt tccctctgcc aaggaaaata gtaaatcaag acagtaacgt     81180
     ctcctcagag gaatttcaga aattagtgcc accatcaata gtcaactgtc attctccacc     81240
     gtcaatctgt gttgctctgc actggctaga tagaagagtt aaagggagat gtggtcagaa     81300
     acactttgga ctctggtaac acatgtgtgc agaggatagg aaataaatcc aaccaaacat     81360
     tcaagagcct tctacttcag tgaaattaaa gaacccagtg gtctggggca tgcagagata     81420
     gtccatccaa gatgaagaaa aagctactga cccggcccct cctaccacca ggaaaggagc     81480
     acagtgctta gtttgtctct ctggattctg caggcagcac atcagtctgt tactctggcc     81540
     catgtgccta ctgaatcaga aagctgctag ctctgtgtgt gtccaggaac aggcaaaggc     81600
     tcttaaacca gtccaggctg ctgttcaggt tgttccaaat ttggaccttc taatccagca     81660
     gacctgatga tacttgaggt gtcagtgaca gagagggatg cagtttggag ccttttgcag     81720
     acacctatga gtgactcaca gaagagacct ttgggatttt ggagcaaggc tccaccatcc     81780
     tcagaagaca actattcccc ctctgagagg cagctcttag ccttgatgaa aacttaacat     81840
     tgaacaatgg accaccaagt tatcatgtga cctatgctgc atataatgag ttggatgtta     81900
     tgtaacccac gaagtcataa aataggacac acatggcagt aacctgttgt caagtagaag     81960
     tggtatataa ggaatcaggc ctggacaggt aaaagaagat aggtaaaaga agttacaaga     82020
     agattttgcc caaatgccta aggtctctac tcctgtcgca atgtcacctg ctgccacgca     82080
     tgcacctaca gcctcatgga gatgccttat tattggaaga ctaaggaaga agagaccagg     82140
     gcctgtcttg ctggtagttc tgcatgttat gcacagtggc agcattacaa cccctttctt     82200
     ggacaatact gaaagactct tgtgaaggga aatcttgcac agtggttgga agttcaggca     82260
     atacacgtgt taatacattt tattcggaag gggaaatggt cagatatatg gttgctctct     82320
     aatacacgtg ctgtagccaa tggattggct gatggacaag gacttggaat gagcaagatt     82380
     ggagtcatct gaggaggaag catgtgcata aatctctcca aatgggggaa gggtgtgaag     82440
     acacttgtgt cccttggaca tgctcatcaa aaggtgacat cagctgtgaa gaagttcaat     82500
     aatcaagttg gtagctgacc cattctgtgg acagtcaaac tctttaccca gccgtctctg     82560
     tcattaccca ttggtcccat gaacaaagag gccatggtgg cagagatggg ggttatggat     82620
     gggctcaaca atatggacgt ccactcacta tggctgacct ggctacagct gctgctgaat     82680
     gccagacctg ccaacagcag aaaccagccc tgagccccag atgtgtcact attccttaag     82740
     gtgaccagcc agctacctgg tggcaggctg actacatgaa ccaggtctgt catgggaagg     82800
     acaacacttg gtccttgctg gagtagatgc tcattctgac tgtggatttg cctttcccac     82860
     atgtgatgcg tctcccgaaa caatcataat ttcattatcc accatcctgc gattccacac     82920
     agatatccac gtggtattct gaccaagaaa ctcacttctc agcaggagaa gtgtgacagt     82980
     ggcccacagt catggagtcc tctagtctta ccatgttcca caccaacctg aggcagctgg     83040
     cttgatagaa aggtgaggtg actgtctgaa gacacagtta cagtgtgcat taggtgacag     83100
     aagcctgcag ggctgagtca tgaatagcgg gactttcttg gtcctgccag tggatgaata     83160
     aagacacaga gacttattat taataaatac ttagacactt gactgacttt cagctcttct     83220
     aatgtgacaa atactggcct atgttccact aagtgacctg tcctttacct ctttctcaga     83280
     accctggtac atcaaccttc cccatgtcat gttagcaaat cctcctgcct ctgatctttt     83340
     cccagaggcc ctctctcagc cctgaagtcc cacctttact gtctagatat tgctggccat     83400
     tctaagaaag ggataacagt gttaggagag gtgaatgatg cagaccacaa ggggaaatta     83460
     gattgtctct ccacagtggg ggtaggaagg atcatgtctg gagtgcagga gatcctttag     83520
     ggcttctctt agtactacca tgtcctgtgg ttaaagtcaa tgggaaacca caccagccta     83580
     atccaggcag gatgacaaag gccacagacc cttcaggaat ggtagtgtgg tcactcctcc     83640
     aagacaagac agggagctaa gatgtagtga ggtgcctgtg gaaagagagg aaatgccgaa     83700
     tgggtagtag aagaaggtag ttcggaaaaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaaaaga aaaaagaaaa     83760
     gctgggcgtg gtggcacagg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcgaatt     83820
     tctgattttg aagccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag     83880
     agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa gaagaagaag aagaagaagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag     83940
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggagaagg agaagaagga gaagaaggag     84000
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaaa agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga     84060
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaagg     84120
     tggtagttat aaatatcagt caggaaagca ggagatctgt ccagggacac tgaagaagac     84180
     agacacagga agcagaggag cagtaactaa ccacagggca gaaaatagtg tcaaataaat     84240
     ggagttaaat attatgagct agccagggaa ccagccaaag gtatttggcc aaggcattag     84300
     cgtatacgtc tcagagtcct tattcttgta aataaagagg ccagttggaa aacatatggt     84360
     tatagtaatg aataccagaa aaaccatgtg accatcgcag aaataaggat tataattgac     84420
     atgtgcattt ctggtgtact tggttgaaaa aagttattac attttatttt ctgtttcttt     84480
     atcatgcgat gtagcattta agagaattat cagtggctat catatttaaa tttgagatac     84540
     taaaggaatc tctctaaagg aacattgctg ctttttctaa atttatagtg catttacaat     84600
     tgtatgagtg atagttatct catgtttcaa tattattatg atctggttat tgatttcatt     84660
     gggaagtaaa tcatgacaca aggagacata atgtgtgcca aggtgtatat catgaaatta     84720
     ataagtggtc tttttttcta tcacccagct tgctcccaaa taattgacac agagagacta     84780
     tggtttattt agttggcttt aaagcagcca gggattttcc ctttagcccc gaattctctg     84840
     ctttgcggtt ttcacgggtc cttatgatct ttgggctgaa acacaacttc tgagtgagat     84900
     tacacctccg gctcctcact cgattgttac tcaacgccac aatctccagt ctcagtgaca     84960
     tagacaccca catacacaga cacacagata cacacagaga gacacacaag tctcctgtga     85020
     tcccggcact tgtcatgctg aggtgaggca ggaggataga gaattccagg tcgggattgg     85080
     agagatgatt cagagactga cagcattaag ggctcttcct aggtcctgag ttgaattctc     85140
     agtccacgtg gtggctcaca atcatctata atgagatctg gcgccctcta ctggcagaca     85200
     ggcacatacg caggcagaac aatgtaccta ataaataagt cttaaaaaaa aaaaaattca     85260
     aggtcaacct gagctacaac aaggcataca acacaaacag cctaaatgaa cgaacacaca     85320
     ggctccatag accagtagca tcagaggcca ctctgtaggg tgagttgtgt cgatttcttc     85380
     cttcccttgc tgaatcccta agatcagtgt gtacatctag tgcaggggac cctacagtcc     85440
     tgcagtactg tttggagctg ttcctatctg ctgtaatgac ccccaatatt gttcaaggat     85500
     ttctttcttt atagaaatct tatttccctc catttcattt tttatattaa aaaatatttt     85560
     tatgtatata ggtgttttgc ctccatgtat gtctgtgcac cacgtgcatg gagtgcccaa     85620
     ggcagccaga agagggcgcc ctagccactc tgagactgga gttacaagtg ggtgagagct     85680
     gggaactgaa cccaggtcct ctggaacagc agtaagcatt cttcacttct gaacaatctc     85740
     tcaagctcca taattttact cagaagtgac gccatcttta tttttatgcc ttggctctct     85800
     gtgattcttt tctctgcagc acagggcctc actcaggcct gagccaccta actaccctgc     85860
     agagaaggtt tgaacaggag aagccctggc ttcctcaggg tcacagagtc ccagagaagg     85920
     agcttcccaa tctgtcccca cagtgctcag tctaccaaaa cgtctgatgt cctccagcac     85980
     caatgcagca ttgctaacat aacccacaca tggaacattc cagatgccct gtgtaggttt     86040
     atattttccc aaacctacat taatacgctt acttaaatgt tttaacctct cttctagctc     86100
     accacccacc agaggtaata gaaaggaaag gttaacagga caaaggaggc tgtggaaata     86160
     gtgtaggaat tgttctttgt ggcaagtcca atctgtgttg tcaggatatc agcaggtgag     86220
     ttcacatgaa tcagcaatag cagtttaatc cagaagaaac tttgaggttg caccaatcag     86280
     cctgagtctg cagaagcagg aagaagcttc cagaacacca ccagaagttc tttggttcgt     86340
     ttctctctgc aaggtcatga caaaccatca gcaaagaagg caaggctaaa ccttttaaat     86400
     tcagactcca ctttagagaa cctgaactca ggtacactaa caggatggta cctagcatta     86460
     gtttccaggt tacctcccaa caaatcatga gcttagttcc agtctctagg ctaaccccca     86520
     acaggacctg catcaccaag ttacaccccc aacaaacctg catcctcatg ttacaagccc     86580
     ataacctgtc taattaagat aggcataaaa taagtttaca atatgactcc cagcactggt     86640
     caattatgtt aaaggccaca gtaacttccc catgagatgc ctgcacactc acccctcact     86700
     tgctgcttac tataaagcct tgccccaata gtcaggctcc gcatcaccaa aactgtcctt     86760
     catgatgcag tgcgctgaac tgagctagct caaataaaag ggccctactg tgggctggag     86820
     agatggctca gtggttaaga gaacggactg ctcttccgaa ggtcctgagt tcagaaatcc     86880
     tggcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc ttaatgagat ctgacgccct cttctggtgc     86940
     atctgaagac agctacagtg tacttagata taatagtaaa taaattattt tttaaaaata     87000
     aaaaaggccc tcctgtgatt acatcagatt ggctgctgtc tggttttggg agatcactaa     87060
     cacttccctg gcactacaca tggaagatcc tatatttgcc atccacaatg cagagaaata     87120
     acaggcctat gaacagggct ttaagacaga ctatgctgaa aatacatcca gcatgcccaa     87180
     gtcggggctg caagaaacag gttcacggag ctgggaatag agattacgag agttcaggga     87240
     gttaactcca gaacacagct gttaaaagag aagataatgg aggagtataa aagtttcggt     87300
     ggggcagggt gagctggaga gatggctcct tggttaagaa cactgactgc tcttctagag     87360
     gtcctgagtt caattctcag cacccacatg gtggctcaca atcatctgta ataggatctg     87420
     atgccctctt ctggtgtttc caaagacagt gatgtacaca cataaaataa taaataaata     87480
     tattttttaa aaagtttcag ggggcggtac ccaagtttca gaggagagaa acatcgctgt     87540
     tcttgaaggg gaaatttctg gtttctgtgg aaagtcagtt ctgtcaaatg atgttttgct     87600
     gaagcagaca caggtgaaag ggtgtttgct aaagtagata cgtgaaagga cacatgatgt     87660
     ttagaaggaa tataaataag tcccagggct ggtgagatgg ctcagtgggt aagagcaccc     87720
     gactgctctt ccgaaggtca ggagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca     87780
     tctgtaacaa gatctgacgc cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac     87840
     atataataaa taaataaata aatctttaaa aataaataaa taaataaata aataagtccc     87900
     aacagacagt agacgaggct gcatggtatt ggtaagcctt accattattt attggtcatt     87960
     gttgcttgtg actccataga gagaaatgca ccaaaaacct tctggtgatg ctctggtgaa     88020
     ttcttgctgc ttctgcagtg tgatgattgg cagagtcgag tgaaagtctc tggatatgtg     88080
     agctgataca gactcgggtg gtgttttgct gaggcaagtc tcatggaagg caagactcga     88140
     gtgaggacac gtgatgtttg gagggagtat aatgagacac aatggacagt gatggtgggc     88200
     tcgcatagct tgctttgcaa tgctaccgtg gtctcaagtc ttcatcttca ttgatcttca     88260
     ctttgttgag agtcatggca gagaactcct ggtcattcct gctgactcgg gccgatttgg     88320
     tggaggcctg gcagtttctg ctgggtcatg ccatagccga tgatttgggc ttgctatcct     88380
     gacactgcag acctggactg ctggtatcct gacaactgga gattgaaatt gccccaagga     88440
     actacttcta aacagcaaac agctgagcct cttggctgct tctgcatcga gctgctattg     88500
     ctgattcttg tgaactgata tcctgacaat gcagattgga tttgcttcaa agaatcattt     88560
     ctaaacagct gaactaatcc catatcctca tatccttttt attctctact tctggtgggt     88620
     ggtgagctat aaatgaggtt aagcatttaa gaacccttat taaaaatggg tttagaaaaa     88680
     tctaagccaa ttatctcacc tgaggatgtg cacctgagaa tttaacaaca acaacaacaa     88740
     aaaaaaatca catcctacac ctgagacccc tggaagagaa actggagaga aggagaagca     88800
     gaaaccacca cagtagcatg ggacagggag aacccagggg agcgttaaca tggcatcatt     88860
     agtagctaaa acgaatgggt gagaggaaat gggtaaattg tcttctgcaa ctggcacatt     88920
     aaaggatccc tagttgagtc tctgatcttt agccctgggg gctcataatc ctggggacag     88980
     ggcaaggctc aggccttccc tgtgtctttg tgaccacaaa ctctcagcat gtgcctcata     89040
     gtgatagagg gaacagagcc cagaggtgac acagtggagg tgtggcccca tcacagatca     89100
     aagcaaactg agcccacctc ggcacagccc tgttcacact cagctgctac agtctcatcc     89160
     tgtcccaaca gatacacaca gcatagtgac ccagattctg gaagtttatt catctatcat     89220
     ttatttcttc aaaaaaacaa atcaatcaaa caaacaaaca aaacctctaa gcattctcaa     89280
     tccatgaaat taacaagaaa tcagccctag gtcaagatga taacaatcaa ggttacattc     89340
     aaattattat tctcagtgtg gaagtgagga gttgcaggtc agggtagcat ggagctgaca     89400
     ggctacagat gtccctcagt gtttggctga accagcaagg ttggctgtgg aagggaagac     89460
     agagcagtgc agggacaggg tcctggtgta gaggggtgga ctgggctcca cagttcttca     89520
     cattgagtcc ataggctcac agggaacatc agacacttga ctaaagagaa ctgagggctc     89580
     tggatgtcac aggagatatg agaagacatt gtctgtcacc aagtccactc caggcagctg     89640
     tcttcacgct agagaatgag ggtcatgaac catcactgtg aagacaacat tcgaacaacc     89700
     catcactcac tcacagggga ttctgggagt tcctgaaacc caatcatgtc cacattgccc     89760
     ctccccaatc agaccctaga gtgtcacctt tacaatctgg gagagacaga tcagaggtct     89820
     gggagcctag ggtaaaacaa aacaaatgta tatgcatatg tacatgtaca tattcatttc     89880
     atggcacaac tcaggcacct agaagatttc tctggaggag ctattatgga ttcccagagc     89940
     tcccatcatc tccaacttca ctccaatgtc cccaggacaa ctctgtcccc acactaacct     90000
     ggagccagag catagtcccc tccttttcca cctgtgagaa gaaaagctgt gagagttcca     90060
     ggaagatctt gacactagga agttcccaga actgacagca gacccagtta gagacagtag     90120
     caatgtgggg tgtgcctgtg ttccccattg atgagcagag cacactctaa aggaggctga     90180
     gagaaaactc agactctgcc ctttcctacc tgtgtttctc cttctcatct tcatcacaaa     90240
     agccaccaca gctccagtga ctattgcagc tccaaggaca accagaacag caacggtcgc     90300
     catgttggag acagtggatg gaggaggctc tgggaaggac aggtacaaga aatgaaggtg     90360
     agggtcatga ccccagctct cagccctgag cagctcaggg tctgcagaaa gctccagctt     90420
     tccctgaccc cagctctgca cccacactct ccttacccca tctcagggtg aggggctcag     90480
     gcagcccctg atggtacaca tggcatgtgt aatactgctc cttcccaaga ggcaccacca     90540
     cagatgccca cttctggaag gttccatccc ctgcaggcct ggtctccaca agctccatgt     90600
     cctggatcag ctcctcccca ttcaactgcc aggtcagggt gatgtcagca gggtagaagc     90660
     ccagggccca gcacctcagg gtgactttat cttcaggtct gctgtgatgg gtcacatggg     90720
     cctttgggga atctgtgtgg aagatttaag aaatcacaca attaacaaga caaactgaaa     90780
     tctacccaag actcagttaa atcaatgatg acagtgaact atgtgtctgt ttgacacttc     90840
     aactgtcatc gcactagtga ccaaaagcag agctggtccc ctcagcacag gactgcacat     90900
     tttcttttgg gactcagaag ctaagaggga atccacatga gccattgggt aaacatggcc     90960
     atccttatgt gatgttcaat agcatgagag aggtagtcaa agaatggagg agggaatgga     91020
     aaataactaa tttaatatgt gtttgagttc atattaaaat tagggctgta tgatcctgga     91080
     aggtgacacc attgagactc aaccattgta gtcaccttgc tgaccaacat taactgtcag     91140
     tccaagtgaa cagccatcac taagtgtgta gccagagaaa atgactccca gcccctgact     91200
     ctgggggaca aggtacaggt gtgtcacaca ggatccctgg agtgtgctgt ggaccccagt     91260
     gcagcactca ctggaacaca gtgggctcac agggtgtgtg gtcttccctc tcactcagcc     91320
     ctggattgca gaagaccctg cctctcagag tccaagtcct gatttactag cgggagggag     91380
     cactgtaact tgtggggcag aggaagagca ggaggcttct gcatgtttag ttctgacagg     91440
     aaacagtcta agttcacagg aatctcttct ttaattcgaa ccctgattta acttgtctaa     91500
     ttatccaggt tagcagcctt ccctggcacc tgtggagact gaaacaaatg ataataggag     91560
     ggcatggaga gactggatca ctccaatgca gacaaaagct gactagaaac aaaataagcc     91620
     ccccccccca ccaaaaaaaa agttaagaaa aaagaaaggc caggagtggt ggcacatgcc     91680
     tttaatccca gcactcggga gccagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttcaag gccaacctgg     91740
     tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccccgtc taggaaaaaa     91800
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacggaaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     91860
     agaaaatcca cgatttatat tcctccaggg tagcccataa gggctcatgt gaccattcac     91920
     cactgtagga atagatagaa ttgggttgtt aaggggtgca aaaccccaca gacagggagg     91980
     gatctgtgag aatgtattct ttggaaaatt ctagaaacta ggtgaaccgt cctagtgtag     92040
     aggagtccat gtctcttatc aggtaaggag acttccggtc ctgaggtgta agggctgaca     92100
     cattcagcag gacaggagtc agtgtctaca gacagtgggc gtgggcagag aacccggcct     92160
     gggagaggcc atggctgaca gaggctgcag gggaactgaa gggagcagct gttgttacct     92220
     cagggaaatt ctctccttcc ctcctgagac agcctgggca ctgtccaggg agaaggctga     92280
     gccctgggag agtcagtgca gtcactgtga tgagggatca ggagaccagc gacactctct     92340
     cccctctgag acaggggcat caccccagct gagggtttct tcttccccag gactgagccc     92400
     cagcccgagg gcagagggag gagctgcccg cggcccctgc acctgtgcgc agcagcgtcg     92460
     cgttcccgtt cttcaggtat ctgcggagcc actccacgca cgtgccctcc aggtaggccc     92520
     tgagtctctc tgcttcacca gcctgctccc acttgtgttt ggtgatcagc gccgccatgt     92580
     ccgccgccgt ccacgttttc aggtcttcgt tcagggcgat gtaatcgcag ccgtcgtagg     92640
     cgtactgctg gtacccgcgg aggagtcgcc cgtcggaccc cacttcacag ccagagatca     92700
     cctgaatagt gtgagagcct gcgggacccc gcggtcagcc ccgctcaccc gccccggccc     92760
     cgcccgcccg cggactcctc caaactgaaa gagaaaccgg ttccgggtcc gttctgttcc     92820
     cgaacctcgg acttgggacc cgggacgtca gcgtccctgt gtcgggacgt ggaggggtcg     92880
     tgacctccga cccggggtca ctcaccgccc ttgctctggt tgtagtagcc gagcagggtc     92940
     ctcaggtcca ctcggaaact ctgctcattg cccttggctt tctgtgtctc ccgctcccaa     93000
     tactcgggcc cctcctgctc catccaccgc gcccgcggct catatctcgg attctccgcg     93060
     tcgctgtcga agcgcacgaa ctccgtgtcg tccacgtagc cgacttccat gtaccggggc     93120
     tccccgaggc cgggccggga cacggcggtg acgaaatacc tcagcgagtg tgggcctggg     93180
     ggcggcgcgc ggtgagaccc ggaccacctc accagacccc gggcggctgc gcgggctgag     93240
     aggggagcag ggcgcgggac tcgggtggag aaggggcgga gggtccggtg ggcgacccga     93300
     ggacgcggct tccccggtgc cgcccctccc ctcagaggcc gtttccctcc cggcccggta     93360
     ctcacccgcg cgggtctgag tcggagccag ggcggccgcc aacagcagga gcagcgtgca     93420
     cggtaccatc gcacctgtcg gcgattcgcg acttctgagt tctgcgggct gcgtggactt     93480
     tatatccagc gtccgcggcg acactgattg gttcttggtg atcgcgccac ccaatggggg     93540
     taagagctga ctgcgcgtca acagtgtccg gacagaagga cctgacccag gttaggtgca     93600
     gaagtgaaac tgtggagatg gggaatcccc agccctgggc ttccccaccc ctgacctcac     93660
     tgcctggcga ctaagacttt gcctgaaccc tgtgctgtcg tctccgagtt ctgatccaga     93720
     aactctcaaa acaccaggag agacccgcag gccagactct ctgtgtcctc tcttccactc     93780
     ttcctctttc ttcttctctt cagaagtcag accctggagt cttctagaag aaaagcctct     93840
     tccgggaata caatggcgac acaagcgctt agggatgcag tggagagaga ggcttttcct     93900
     taaagtcaag gcgctgggct gcaagcccca cagggacccc acagagacca ggctctgttc     93960
     acctgcaatg ggcggctcac actgccaagc ctgagtgcag gactctcatc tgttaagtgt     94020
     agactttgcc tctcccctca ggatctgtct tctcagccct gtgctgagac acagattcct     94080
     tgtgttaatt cctagatgaa aagtctgtgg ctgcaggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     94140
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatttgaaa caaggatctt cattctgagt     94200
     cctgagtttg tctctgtgga tctgggacat tgtctcagca caggagaccc ccttgtccac     94260
     tgaagagaga ccccgtgcag accacagaca gcagggcact gatccctgtc tccactggac     94320
     ttctctgtgt ctgcacttcc atggtgcagt tgctttagtg actcaatcac agtaggagag     94380
     gagctgtcac caactataac acagaataag gatgctagtg tggtagaagt tatgtaatct     94440
     ctgaccctct ccctccctcc ctgaccttca ctcacacttt tgagctgatg aggtgaggga     94500
     catgaatgtc acagctgtgt gggacacggg ttctgataat tgagttggcc ccagagttcc     94560
     tcaggcctgt gcagtgtgga cactgggaga aagatgattc tcatgccaga gagcacacac     94620
     tgtgatgtga ggtttcatcc ctgatcagta gtgtggggaa agattaaatt tacccatttc     94680
     atgattctgt ggatcttttc aaatcagtca cagaagtgaa gtggaaagaa gagcatagat     94740
     gggtggggac tcctgaagag agtcactcat cacacagagc aatgaatgcg tgtgaccaca     94800
     ggtgtgaact ccagtcacct ccccatgcag atccccacag cagcccccca gcctcaccag     94860
     gattcagcag accctgtctc cctgaacccc tcttattaga tgttgtgagc attttccatg     94920
     gggacttgat gctcttaggt ttcttcctga tcaacctagg gatgctgttg gggttaggca     94980
     gctacacaaa ggatctgtct ccattacttt tcttcttatt ttactatggg ttttgtttgt     95040
     ttgcttgttt agacaaggtc tatctgcaca gccctggcta ttctgtaatt cattatgtag     95100
     atcaggctgc ccttgaactc acagagatac atctgccttt gcatcctaag tgctgggtgt     95160
     gttagttttg gttttgttgc tgtgaagaaa caccatgacc aaggcattcc ttctaaaggg     95220
     agacatttaa tagggtctgg cttacagttt cagggattta gtccatcatg acaggaagca     95280
     tgccagtgtg caggtagaca tggtgctgga gaaggggaga cttctacatc ttgatccaaa     95340
     tgcagccagg aagaggcttt cattccacac tgggcagctc atgagcatag gagacctcaa     95400
     aggccaacct caaagtgaca cacttcctct aacacagtca cactcctaac attgccactc     95460
     cttgtgggcc aagctttcaa acacatgagt ctatgaggcc acctattcaa tccaccacac     95520
     tcagattgaa ggcattgtca ccacaccagc tttagctagt tttttattgc tgtgataaga     95580
     cagtgtaatc aaggcaatac aaaaaagaac atgtttaatc tgttctctaa tttcagaggg     95640
     tttgagtcca tgatggcaga ggaaaggtgt ggtagaaagc tgagaactca ggacttgatt     95700
     tgcaagcaaa agactgagac actgggaaaa gtgaaattct gttaaaacct cagtgcccaa     95760
     cccagtggca cacatcctcc aacaaggcca cacctcccag tcctttctga acagttccat     95820
     cagctggatt cgaaggattc attcctatga gcctgtgtgg ctgttctcat tcaaaccagc     95880
     acacctttca ctatgaaatg gaagaggcca gcagggttct gcagatgtgt ccagtgcaat     95940
     ctgacagaga taccctccaa caggggactc tgctgagtta ggtctccccc tttgcctctg     96000
     tctcctcctg ctcagcccct ctctgtctct gtccctcagg cctctcccca tcagtgccca     96060
     gctcccctcc ctcctgagct ctgcactgac actgtctctt cctgggcctc tagtttctct     96120
     caaggtgctc agcagcaggc tgtggatcag ctgtgtggtt tcctgatgtg aacattccaa     96180
     tggtggctgg agagatggct cagagctgag agcacgtgtt cctgttgcag aggatccagg     96240
     gtgagttcca tcagcacgtg gcggctgtca accatctgca acttcagttc caatggaccc     96300
     aatgcttgtg tacctacata ctcatgtaca aaaaaataat tctaataaaa aatttaaaca     96360
     tatgatttca aaatcctttc tcctacatat ctagagtaga ggctgatagt gggctcttta     96420
     gacaaatctg tatcaccagc cagtgaagcc agctctggaa tagaacagaa atgtatgatt     96480
     gaaatacact gtatgaagac aatttgcaaa agagtcatag aattaaaaat acaacatact     96540
     gatcacagcc tcatcccagg aaaaagacac agtgtgtgct catctctgca cttgagctga     96600
     tgttagtttt tgattcccta tgaacaagat aaactccaat cagatgttta aatgctaatt     96660
     tgtaacagac catgacaccc caatatccag agcattcctg cagagaaagg tgtccccttt     96720
     cccatctttc ctcccactgc agaccctcca gggtctcacc tgttgaagat gacagggaag     96780
     aatcacattc ttgggcaaca gcgccgcctg gtggaagaaa caaagaggac agcgtctgag     96840
     cccacagagc tgagggtaaa ggggatccag gctgctgagc tgccccaggg cctccttcct     96900
     gtgtgcactt ctccagggct ttcaggtctc aggctgccct gctctcatca aacttacatc     96960
     ccaaagaact ttacgtgctt ttccacccgt ggaaagaaaa ctcccggtaa gaggggaggc     97020
     aggaggcaga gtcatgagtg ctaaaaggag ctgcaaagcc ccaaacagag cagttccaga     97080
     agtcggacag ggaccatgat gttggttctt tgatgccagc tacatgtggg gctaactaaa     97140
     acctcaaaat ggaggacacc atctgtgagg cgtttttgct taatttgaag tgggaagatc     97200
     aatttctgac ccttttcttt gaggtaggaa gacacacctg taatccagaa tatttgagca     97260
     ggagcccctc cccctttgta atccaaaata tttgagcggg agcccctccc cctttgtaat     97320
     ccaaaataat tgagcgggag cccctcccac tttctgatct gggccacgcc ttctgctgga     97380
     agcctacatg aagacatgga agaaggaaag gcttgctctg tgtctgcttg ctcctgctcc     97440
     tgttatctgt cggagattcc tgcttgtcct cccttgctct gaataatgac ggcagactta     97500
     catttgtttt tgaatgccta tgctttatgc taggcctgtt tccagctatc tcataattca     97560
     gttatcccat tcatactatt ctaagttctg ccatgtgact ggtcacctct cctcagtttc     97620
     acacatacca ctttctatga gcccgtgtga caaatccccc atgcttctct cttcccagag     97680
     ttcctctaac tgaccagaat tctgccttct actctctttg ctacaggaca tagagttttt     97740
     attttaccac tcagggtgct ttaggtaggc aaggtaggac agagactcat cttcacacag     97800
     tgtaccacaa cattacttca acaatatacc tcttagtcct ataaacagct ctttctctga     97860
     catcatcaac tttatacaat aagaacaagt atcaaaacgt aatattaggg ctggagagat     97920
     ggctcagtgc ttaagagcac taactgctct tccaaaggtc ctgaattcaa ttccaagaaa     97980
     ccacatagtg gctcacaacc atctctaatg tgatttgttg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga     98040
     agacaaaaca aacaacagtg tactcaaata cctaaaataa ataaattaat cttttaaaaa     98100
     ataaacttaa ttttaaaaag ttaagaattt gagttattaa ttatttatta attattatta     98160
     attcttcatt taattcatta agaaaattaa ttatgaaaat taagaatttt aactaattcc     98220
     ctttcttttt ttttttttca agacaaggtt tctctgtgca gccctggcta tccaggaact     98280
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcaaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ccctgagtgc     98340
     tgggattgaa ggcgtgggcc accactgcct ggcttaatta attcttaata taaaatataa     98400
     gaattacatt cataatgtct gtttcatttg tatttgtcaa ccactaagaa attatctatg     98460
     ttataaatcc aaagtcctat ctatctcatg agtccaaagt tctttcccta attccttttc     98520
     aatcataact tgaaattatc cacctataaa tatcttccta gacctaaata gttttcttga     98580
     atcctaaaca acctaagctt gctgtgagac tgtgactatg cagtcttccc ccaatcagtg     98640
     acctgagaag gataaatatt ccctgagaaa acagcaagtg cagagcaagc agcttcctta     98700
     caaagctacg gaaatggcag agatcgctgg ctgcctggac agtcacccaa gattctcctg     98760
     cagtgctggg gcatccatct ttgcctagtg gcccagtata tgatggactt ttttgtgaag     98820
     caggaacatt gaaggagttc cccaacttgt cttggcaaag ctcaccagtc cacttcctct     98880
     gtgttctgct tgtccccggt taggactgca tgcagtctgc agttgaagta agggcatatt     98940
     tttggctggt gccacagttg aagtgaactc catatggagg ttcttctacg cccatcatct     99000
     tctttgaagc acaatggagg cactgccagg agcagttata tctcactgtt atggaaagcc     99060
     tggtgttgga aaacattttt gaatgccata tcctgtagat gtctgagatt gttgaagacc     99120
     acttatgtat ctacagtgta tcagaatagg cgagtgttgc ttgtttcgag ctacccacta     99180
     tctcttcaac tttagaaaca tctacaagag gctaaagaaa gcttatttct gtaattaaca     99240
     tcattagttc ctaacatgtc cataagtttg attaactgac tacccactta catttcttaa     99300
     ttatcttgaa ctgtttgcaa tagtttcttt caaggactgg aacttaacat tacattttaa     99360
     agtgagttgc ataggtgcaa taccttaaca ttgaaacatg tgtatggtaa gttgtagcaa     99420
     atataagctt aaatttctct caatgcacaa aaatccaaat cagtataaaa tatttgagac     99480
     cagtggttga ttctctttac tctgaaagca gattcaacaa cctcccctct tatcctgtcg     99540
     ttcctttata atcctgacat ggaatttcta gtctttggaa agtcagttat gtcaaatgat     99600
     ggtttgctgg agcacacagg tgaaagaatg ctttgctgaa gcagacttgt gaaaggacct     99660
     gtgatgaagg agtataactg tgaccccaca cagtcgggga tgagcagtga gcatgtggtt     99720
     tattttgctc tgccttacta ttcttcacta acagcaggca tgtatttgtt tgccttacat     99780
     agttgttgag atctacttgt ggtaatgcca ccattgagag aaactctcca gagaactgct     99840
     cctgaggttt ctgcagctcc ttggttggtg agccttgtgg tttctacagt attgatctac     99900
     agttgctggt tcaggcatag tgtctgcctg ctgagaggac tggactgcag ctgctggttc     99960
     ctgtctgggg tctgctggcc gagaagtctg gactgcagct gttgattggt atttggtgtt    100020
     tgccacggga ctgaactgct gacagagaag attgagcttg ccccaaagga gccattgtaa    100080
     accaggtcca cttccccaat atcttaatag tttttctttt ttactgcctc ttctgggtgg    100140
     tagacaaaag aagaggctga acatttgtta aagtaggttt gaaaatattt atgtctacat    100200
     aacccttttt tcttttcagc ccttctcctg cttcaatcct aacattgaca aacctcctac    100260
     acccttgtca agtagtgcta ttccttgatg aagatgtcaa tatatgagcc tatggcagcc    100320
     attcatatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg cagacagatt tctgagttca aggccatcct    100380
     ggtctataga gtgagttccg gggcagccag ggctacacaa gggaaaccct gtctcaaaaa    100440
     gcaaacaaac aaaaatcttt tttaacaatg ggacaggtct gctcctgaca gtacccccat    100500
     tccacttgac aggagatgat gagcactcaa taacctcctc atggagtcgc ttcaatgctt    100560
     cagttatggc aagctagcca ctgggcaaag aaaacgccct aacttcatct acagacaaaa    100620
     tgctgtccag aaaggacaaa tggatgcagg gaagttgact gccaaactct gccaagacag    100680
     ggtaagcaag tccttcataa ttcctgctta accaagggtc tgccatgtat actgggtcag    100740
     aaggctaaag atggatgctg caacattata gagacaattc tgggtgactg tctagacagc    100800
     ctgcctctgt gtcatcccta tagttttgga ggttgtgtgt ctgtacttcc tgtatactca    100860
     gataatattt attccttctc aggtcactga tgtggttaaa gactaaatag ttacagcctc    100920
     acaattacgc ctaagtttgt ttagacttta agaagatatt tttagttcta caatgttttt    100980
     aggatggtaa taaaagtgag gataaaaaat gatttagata caaacctcta actcaccaac    101040
     atagcataga tagtagaata ctttctccaa actgtcaaat acttatggac tagacattat    101100
     aatgtacacc atatctggta atattcacaa ttttttttgt ttttttttgt atgtggtgta    101160
     ctattatgag aaaaaagagc cttttaatag acaaaaaaag ataaatgtaa gcataatgat    101220
     tttgtacctt ctgtgcaaag tttacccttg tgttattcaa atgctgattt ctctggcctc    101280
     atattcatgt ttcagtctgg acagggcatt gcaatgctta taccaggaat ctcctgtgtc    101340
     aagtttgtgt aaacaatctt taccatctat tctttgcctt gtcaataaat gctgatcatg    101400
     caatggttgg gcagaagaga gaaaaaggcc aaccagaggg aggaaatggg agtgggtagg    101460
     gggtgaaatt gatgtgtgca caaggacaag agggtctgag aagaaaccac gagaagaggc    101520
     ttctgaagcc caaagagcca cacccagaac aatatgcacc gggcgtggtg gtgcacgcct    101580
     ttaatcccag cactcaggac gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagtttgagg ccagcttggt    101640
     ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct ctaaaaaaac    101700
     aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaagaaca ataagcaatt attgtgggat ggagctggga    101760
     ggcagtcaga gtggcctagg gcttattcta gatcatttaa gtgcccagtt tgtgaggtgc    101820
     agcttgaaat aaatcttggt ttctctgtgt ggttattggg ggctagctaa ggttaaataa    101880
     atacagccac cagattaatt cactaattac atttatatta acattaattc attatatagg    101940
     gaactaacat caatgacctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tatgtaaaag    102000
     tccattagct tctactaccc aaaagctaac aatgtcagca aatagcatcc gaggcccgtg    102060
     agaggtctcc accattttgc tatagccatt tctatctcaa tgtatttgaa aagtgtcttg    102120
     atttaaggct gtctttgttc tgctcctacg aaagcttcat aaaactgttt tggaagaggg    102180
     aatttggggt cacctaaatt agtggtcatt caaatttggc tctacactaa gctattgcct    102240
     attccctctt gaagtgagag ctgtgtattt tgcgtggcac aagctagcca gggtctagtc    102300
     tcccatgaga ctgtggaaag aaaacacatg ggtgaacctg gagtgacctg tccatcacct    102360
     ttgtcctcta aaaatgttga atccccttta gatctgtcac ccatcaccct ctaatggatc    102420
     atggggaaat gttgccaggc ttcaaagggt taactgtggg gcaagttgat acaaggactg    102480
     aggtcctatg tggcctgtga tgggaacaaa gtggcatctg ttgcttaagc cagtgatttc    102540
     cctaaggaaa ctgacctcct gccagggtga aagcagtggc tccctcctca gtgccaggcc    102600
     gggtggaggg gatggctggg cgagtttgct cagaaagttc ttctgggaag tgtggattcc    102660
     tggaccaaga ctgcttggtg tggtaactgt ttcgttttgg ttgatacagg gtctcactct    102720
     gtaacttggc tggaactcac taggatgacc ttagctaaca gagacctgct tgcctctgcc    102780
     tccagagggc tgaaattaaa agtgtgagcc accacctcta gcagaaactc tttcttagcc    102840
     aaactacatg ttaggtagat gtaactggag aaaaagtggg caaggcccac caactatgct    102900
     tcctcctaag gtatttgttt gtttgttatt agcatctatt tatttattta tgtatgtgaa    102960
     tacactatta ctctcttcag atacactaga agaggccatg gatcccatta cagatgattg    103020
     aggttttgtt ttttttttta atttatttat gtaatatatg taagtacact gtagctgtct    103080
     tcagacactt cgtaagaggg catcagatct cattaccagt tgttgtgagc caccatgtgg    103140
     ttgctgggat ttgaatttag gacctttgga agagcagtca gtgttcttac ccactgagcc    103200
     atcttgccag ccctgttttt gtttttaata ctgagaattt tctttctgac acagggtttc    103260
     atgtacctgg aactcagtgt gtggccaagg atgaccgtga acttctgatc ctcctgcacc    103320
     cacctgtgga gggctaggat tacaggctgg agcgccatgt cgactgtagt gagccttctt    103380
     cagccccccc cccccccccc gttctcttct cctccttcac tttctccacc acactctctt    103440
     agcttcttcc catctctgcc tcttccccac cccctttgct gggacacctt ctctgctcct    103500
     ctttccactt agaagcctct agaacagttg gagtgctgcc ctctgggctt ccatcctgat    103560
     ggagcacagc aggcttttag gaagtccagg ggcaggctgg accggaacag gcagtgggtt    103620
     tgttaggttg aggtgctaat gtgcaccccg agtctgagca aagttgttga gtgggtcagt    103680
     agagaactag tgtcaggaca tggtcagaga atggagtcct ttgaggagac ttctgagtgc    103740
     tcatgagaaa actgtaagaa aacaagttct gtttcttcaa aacgtggagt tgttcttgga    103800
     atgtgttttg aagctcatcc cgggcatagt ggataggagt gagcttactt cagattattc    103860
     attacagctg gctattgata tttgcttata cgcctctgtg ggaaaacacg tgtctgctgc    103920
     atgtggcctc tccttgtgct tggacacttt accagtgtga ctctgcttaa ccctcagagt    103980
     ataaattgtc tgatgctctg aataaagttg gctgttgcag gagactttag tccacctcat    104040
     tttaaagctc tattctccca ggtcttgttg cctctagaga ggtaaataga ttaggacttg    104100
     attgaagcgg ttgccatgga gatgtagaga caattatctc tttataatga ccttgttggg    104160
     aaaatgccag ggaatctgat ctatacacca cccaagtcta aagaagtgtt aaatttctca    104220
     gatagaggac aggggagtgg aacattgccg agggaccaat tatttgctca tttaaactaa    104280
     aaaatgaggt ttccttttct gtttcttgaa ctgttccatt ggtccaggag tctagggaag    104340
     aggatgttac ccttggaaat ataatggcca ttccaaggtg acatgaagaa ggtatagctt    104400
     gatcttgtac tagatttggt ctccatgaca ctaactcctg atctcactca ctgccacaca    104460
     cgcatttggt tccttgacta aaggaatgac tccatggctc ctataggttc cacttaggtg    104520
     acccatgatt ggcatgatga cctccaaggc ccctgagaga agcactgtgg taaagactgc    104580
     cttgccttcc cctcttttag acaaaacttc ttagtttatt tcccaaaaaa tacaatgtaa    104640
     agtgggggag ggggagctta ttctgattca cagtgcaagg tcattgtggg cctcaaagtc    104700
     aaagtggccg gtgcctgaga cagctggtca catcacatgt gcagtcagga agcaaagagc    104760
     caatgcccat aactagctca cttctgcact ttatacagtc caggaacccc tgccaaggaa    104820
     cggtcccatc acagttaaga tgggcctcca catcaattaa cataaagatg atccctctca    104880
     gacactctca aaggctaacc tttgagacag cctctctcta tacaacccta cttccctggt    104940
     gcttactgtg tagaactgcc cttgaactca cagagatcct cctgcctctg cctcctgagt    105000
     gccaggatta agggtgtgtg tcaccacaac ctgctagtac tcacagtatc tgccaagaac    105060
     caccaatgca cttggtgatt ctaaaaatat taaccatcac atagcctcac gcaggctgag    105120
     cttgaacttg ctggttaaga actcctcgtc cttctctgtc tacttcctaa gtgctgggat    105180
     aatgggcatt tgtcacctca cctattctcc tcatttacag gccaggacag cacagagaga    105240
     cccagaggct tgtgcgtgca gaccctgacc tggtccacca ttgcctcttc cttcatcctt    105300
     ccccatctct gcctcccagg gaagtcaagc tgtccttttt tatactttga ttctctcagc    105360
     ctgcggagtc ataatgctac cttgacagaa gaggaagagg atgtcgggag aaaataccct    105420
     atttggggtt gataaaatgt tcctcctctc agcactgagg aaggcctggt tggcagaggt    105480
     gggagacact tagcctgtga gacctggggc aggcccacac atgcctccaa ggtaggaagc    105540
     catgtctatg aagttcatag ttacacagag gcagggagtg agagggagaa acccaagaag    105600
     tattggagtg agagagggag ccaggcagca atccagacag aagcctgtgg gcgggagtgt    105660
     tcattccctg cttgaagggg gcttccaccc atgtctcacc aggcttcccc ccatgtctca    105720
     ccaggcttcc ttccttctct acctcaaatc tccttgggca aagcccactg ggttgctcca    105780
     cctgtgcatc ctggggtcca aattaaggga atgtcactgg gcatgggtac actcaagagg    105840
     cagagctctg acagttcaga gctaagcctg gtctatgtag cggatcctag gcagccaggg    105900
     tgacatagtg caaccctatc taaaaaacaa aaagccaggc tttggcgcac gcctttaatc    105960
     ccagcactcg gtggggggca gaggcaggag gatttctgag ttcgaagcca gcctggtcta    106020
     caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctgt acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaccaaaa    106080
     ccaaacccaa aacaaaacaa aacaaggggc tggagagatg gctcagcagt taagagcact    106140
     gactgctctt ccagaggtcg tgagtacaat tccctgcaac tgcaaaagag aaggtagctc    106200
     atggccatct gtaatgggat acaatgccct cttctagtgt gtctgaagac agttacaaag    106260
     tactcacaga aaataaatct ttttaaaaga aggtggagag gggtccagga tggatgctgc    106320
     agaatggggc ttcatggagg ggtgagagag catcttgacc tctgtgggac cttggtgaca    106380
     ctttgctagg tcatctgcca tattcatggg gactgtgggt gggctgtaac tgacagtacc    106440
     agggaatcac acaggaaaac ccaggagagg ccatccagcc tgcagcatct tgaggccctg    106500
     gcactgccaa atgtaaggag gtagggatgc tgggcaggat gggtgggcag tgggagggag    106560
     aggggttgat cgttttgctg aaggcctgtc caggcaaccc tagacttgtc tgggactcca    106620
     gactgaggtc ataactggtt ctcacagccc cattccctat catttctgac accagcagtg    106680
     gtgagaatct ttcccttcaa gcttcctggc tttgtcctct cagtggccag acagacttta    106740
     ccatggagac attaccctgc ccattccgca ggctagctgg atctgccatt gggtttgtgc    106800
     agaataagca ttggactcct cctgccctcc cagaggaccc ccccatcctc tctctttgtg    106860
     agcgcccgac tcgccagcaa ggaagatgcc acaacatgat ccttctgcac acgtttattg    106920
     ggagagcttg attgaaaggc gaaaagaccc tgagccccag aactggcgct gcttatatag    106980
     gcctaggaga ggcatgtcta cacccgattg gttatgcttt cagtacctca tttacatgtc    107040
     cacacccgat tggttatgct ttcagtacct catttacacg ccctgggcca ggcagtgact    107100
     cggcaaaaac tctactgcac atgtgcacat tggttgttta cccaaactta tgggtggtgg    107160
     ccagcggtag ccagaccacc ttgtaatggc gtatgtggct tcccaaatct cccccttttt    107220
     actttaataa aatgatgttg gactaggcct gtgcaattat gtccatctgc catggctcct    107280
     gtattaggtc gttcctttag tgtcacagct ttacccgtca tagggtaacc ctatcgccac    107340
     caggccccat gccttaggtt ggtctgtgca cgaggaaagt tgcctgtctc tggataccgc    107400
     gctgtgtgac agtaactgct aaatgaccta ggacgaactc tacaaaagag gccagccaag    107460
     ttttaaggga atgaattagc ggggaaatca tgatcaccct accgcgtgca atgaggaaac    107520
     ctcagcgatg tgcaagggct gatcaatgat cgttgagtct ctctcatccc agttcaatgg    107580
     atccataaat ccgtggggtg caagagcaga ggactcagat gccgactaat tcttgagcat    107640
     agataaccaa acttcagggg aggcgccgtt ttcaatggct aaaagtgcct gagttatagt    107700
     caccttgtca cgtttttgtt gggttctgaa tttgcaaacc aaccaaagca tgaacaccag    107760
     tccacagcat atggcagcac caaacaaaat cactcccacc cattccttaa agtaagaaaa    107820
     tgcagaggta agccaagagg taaagtctcc aacggtcact ggttccactc tggttccatt    107880
     aaggttcagg atctgtatct gcagctttgt ctgcaacctt tccaactcct gtgaccagtt    107940
     ccccttcaga taattcgata aatctgtact tttaataaaa gaattattaa tatacctaat    108000
     gggagtaatg cacacatgcg gggttgatgt cacacaactc atttgtatga catccatcat    108060
     ctgttccatg ttatgttgta aaatatccac tctttgattc actaacatta accctgaggc    108120
     gatatgagaa tccgcccttt gcagggtaag caatgcctca gacatttttt ctgctatctg    108180
     acttatggtg tcagcagtat taacttgatt ggccatagca attcctgcag taaccactga    108240
     cgccgcggac accacaatgg ctgtaacaat ggcagctgtg attccaaaac ctctcttttg    108300
     ccgaacaaga ctcattattg ggaatttttc tggatctgcc tcaacaggca cagggacaaa    108360
     ggttggtaga tgtaccacta aggctatgaa attggttcca ttccagcatt gcatcagaaa    108420
     acaagtgaca tttgtacaat ctaaccattc tgtattattt tgaaattcag ccaatataaa    108480
     gaaaaatgga ggattaacac aaacttctac tagagaagta gtcatatttc tgataactct    108540
     attagatgtc acattatcta aatgaacaga gaggtattgg aaagtgtggc agaaacattc    108600
     aatatctcat gaaaggttcc agtcagcaat gcaaaggctg acaaactggt actagcacct    108660
     gcctcattac ttaaaatcca ttggtaatat ggccaaatat tttctttccc tgtagcatct    108720
     cctttatcat tcattacgac aaaatctaat ggagatgaca aaacaaaacc ctttgctatt    108780
     tctttccgag gaaaaatgtt ttgactgaca aggtgaaaaa actataggaa atgtaaggtc    108840
     cagatgacac caaggcatgc tgcgtatagc cgtagcattg ccaacaggcc atcgtgatct    108900
     tttgggaata gtcacatttc cctttatcat aatagtggtg atgtttatag gtgaagttac    108960
     attatttcca acatcacctg agcctgattg tgctccttga acaacttgcg ttaaagcatt    109020
     aaataacact ccagagctca ctttattttg gctaatggga tctgcccaat tagagataat    109080
     ctttttcttt aaaaatatac agggtgtaaa aggtttatcc acgttatgca caaagcatag    109140
     tgtataattt aaatgaaaac tcgtactatt atacacccgt ggctcttgag gagttagtcg    109200
     tgcacaaggc gcatccaaaa aaacattcag ttgcaaaaaa caaaggcaag gtagaagaat    109260
     tggaatgtac cggtaagggt actggccatg atctcactat ggcccacaaa ggtatactta    109320
     tccctgtctc aatcatcagg agtaagaata caggatcatc ttgatctttc acggtccttg    109380
     tcagtcaagt cggaacccaa agtggattat catcaccctg cggaaaaaca caaatagctc    109440
     ccctggatct gattaatatg ggatccgggc cataccattt attatcaagg acatttttcc    109500
     acttgaccat ttcattgggc agttgaggcc attgtccgtg tctttcggct ggtgatcttc    109560
     tagcatcatc caattttaag aaattaagag taaatattgt aagggataga gccatctttg    109620
     gcgttatagc ttctattccc cctttttgtt tttgcaagta ttgtttcgaa gtacgatggg    109680
     ctctttcaat gatgccttgg ccctgtggat tatagggcaa tccactaata tgtttcactt    109740
     gcatttgttt gcaaaattga ctaaatttag aagaagtata tgcaggacca ttatctgtct    109800
     ttagcagtag gggcttgccc catgcagccc aagcctctaa gcagtgggat atgacatgga    109860
     ctgccttttc ccctgtcaag ggagaggcat ttaggacacc agaactggta tcaatggaca    109920
     catgtatata ttgtaattta ccaaaagctg ggatatgtgt gacgtccatc tgccaaacat    109980
     ctaggggtca taatcctcga ggattaacgc ccacggaagg tgcattaata aattttacac    110040
     atttaccaca ctgtaggaca atatctcgag cttctgttcg tgtgagctta aacttctgtc    110100
     acaatgtaga agcagggaca tgataaagtt gatgaaaatt cttagcaccg tctatagaac    110160
     tttgtgatag gaaaaccata tctctggtgg ctgaatcagc agttgcattt cccttaacca    110220
     taggtccagg taataaactc agaacgaaaa gccagtagct atcaacaagg cggaggtgcc    110280
     actgctaacc ctgtggccac agaaccctca ccgcagctct caagtgagat tgaaagcctc    110340
     atgagtcagg gctatttcta ccaggacatt cagaaagctt tggtcattgc ccacaacaac    110400
     attgagatgg ctaaaaacat cctccgggaa gttgtttcta tttcttctcc tgcccacgta    110460
     gccacctagc acatctctcc ctgccatggc ttcagaggac ccatgagcca ggctcttact    110520
     caaggaccac ctaggaaagc agtggcttct tttggactga aaccaagcag cttataggat    110580
     ggtctttcta atgtgtgatg gtgttggttt gtttggtaga ctaagtggga aggaaagtac    110640
     tgttctgtgg ttaattgatg ctagcaccta acactggtca ctccaaagtg ctgtttccat    110700
     aggaatgttg agtttgtttt tcttttttaa agaagtttta attctcctag ttacctaacg    110760
     actggtttga gatagaggcc ttcatataca ttccgtgtcc tccccaggac atagcctgtg    110820
     ggagtcagtt gccttgatgc caggtgtagg tcatgaatgt ttctgcctaa caggaacaga    110880
     acatttgttt ccagggtggc tttccagccc aaaaccatag agcttttagg aagcgtcagt    110940
     catatatact atttagattt acaaaataaa tatctaggac ttatctgttt agtctttctt    111000
     gccagtggct aacttcagct taggaatttc tcccttgaat aagagccagg taatgatgta    111060
     tgtgctctaa tatgttgaat ataaaagggg tgttcatgca acaaaataca atcttgtatt    111120
     ttcatcaaaa ttttagatac tggactgtta gtcagtttta atataacatg gacagtgact    111180
     aattacactt tcaattattt ttcttgaaga gagattgtaa ctagaatgct tgaaaagtta    111240
     ttatagtcac atgtgtataa tttatttatt tattaatcag aaataataga aagtctttaa    111300
     gttgtctctg agaataacta tcttctaggg aaaaacagct tgatcagtac gtctaaagcc    111360
     caaataatta taaggatcct gagtttgtat cttttcagga gctatctgta atctttttta    111420
     aacacagtaa atgggatgca tgcatgcatg catgcatgca tgaatttata gacgatatag    111480
     gagcatgaat aaaagcaatt ttaactatct atgggataat gattatcaat tttacttaat    111540
     atgatggtat gcaatagatt aaacatcaat attctacaat aaccaaatta atggctgttt    111600
     ggaacaagga aaagcaaact ctgtacacta tgaatctgct gtgcagattg agactgcttt    111660
     ttaaacaagt taaaagatgg acagccagca gatttttttt caacatgaaa cacagaacaa    111720
     caatcattca aacaacaaaa caaaaacaaa catgaattga cagatatatg gacaatttgg    111780
     tgcaccaaaa acagacaata gacagacagg gaatagaact tgatgtctca aagggaccca    111840
     gatatcctaa ccagagctaa gaatatctcc ataggagcca gagaggaagc aggacgtctc    111900
     ccgttttcct tctgtcccta gaagagctct gaaatagctt attttcattt tttctctttt    111960
     ttgctaaaag atcccaaaca ggggataact gcttttctga aacttatttt ctctctctca    112020
     tgttcagact ctaattcttt atctccttct tctgggaatt ctgccagaga agggagagga    112080
     ggcacagtgg ttgcttctga tagttactcc tctttccctg agagctatct ttaagccttt    112140
     gatgaaggct gcctctttag tcaaagtcct cgagaggagg gtaaattgac ttaatttttt    112200
     gattttcatt ctttatgtta tcttttgaat cactatattt tggtttcttt ttcttttctc    112260
     tttttatctc ttcctttact tatttttctg cgcgctcctt ccttttcatt tctgtttctg    112320
     acatgctttc ctggtgctcc tgcaaaagtc actgcccttc cttaacagct ggttcacatt    112380
     tcttgtcctg aatacaagcc ttaatcaact tccataatgg ccttgttcct gctttcactc    112440
     tcccttcctc tctcgctata tctctcccta atttttccca actaggtagc gtcagcgacc    112500
     cagtgggggg caaaccaaga ggcgagtctg tctatctctt ttaagaaccc gctcactgta    112560
     ctttcagaaa tctttaaacc tcgttctttg agcaaggctt gcatcggccc cactaacggc    112620
     gtagactggc tggtacccat actcgtcctg gactgaagca tccttgagat agtcacttat    112680
     ctacatgagg ttcttagccc caaggtcgat ccacgagttt tatctacact cgttttatga    112740
     tcttttgtat ctgcctagct attcccagca gatacactcg tgtccagggc aatgaaaatt    112800
     aaggcaatgg cataatatca aggcaagaaa gcaagcaagc aacacaaccc cagcaacaat    112860
     taccggatct attccgaaag aaagcatacg tctcagagac ttatattaat ttcttttact    112920
     taccagtacc accattcccc agcttaagag ttctgaatcc atgcagtcga atccttctca    112980
     acagtctgta ttgcgggaac acttcattaa ccgctccttc cccgtgatgc agttctgaat    113040
     cctccctgta acaggggggt ctttgctcat gcctgaagat gtttcttttc ctgggtttcg    113100
     gcaccacttg tgagtgccct actcgccagc aaggaagatg ccacaacagg atccttctgc    113160
     acatgtttat tgggagagct tgactgcaga ggcgaagacc ctgagcccca gaactggcac    113220
     tgcttatata ggcctaggag aggcgtgtct acacccgatt ggttatgctt tcagtacctc    113280
     atttacatgc cctgggccag gcaatgactc agcaaaaact ctactgcaca tgcgcacatt    113340
     ggttgtttac ccaaacttat gggtggtggc cagaggtagc cagcgccacc ttgtaatggc    113400
     gtatgtggct tcccacatct cttcactact tcccttttct tcaggtgttt gcttttggat    113460
     caggtgtaat tagtccgggc cagcttggaa ttcatcacgt agaccaggct ggtttcagtg    113520
     gcaatccttc tggctctgcc aatcagagct ggggattaca ggaatttgct acaatggctc    113580
     ctccctctca tttgtatttt tgaagaaggg gagggagtta tggagttcac ctttggtatc    113640
     accttcctat ttacaacccg gatttcctgt gagtttgaag ctttccttcc caattaaaag    113700
     tggtttttgt tgttgttttg gggggttttg tttttgtttt atcttttttt tttttaagac    113760
     ttatctatgt atgtgagtac actgtagctg tcttcagata caccagaaaa gggcatcaga    113820
     tcccactaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact caagacctct    113880
     ggaagagcag tccgtgctct taaccactga gccatctctc caacccttgg ttgtttttaa    113940
     aggcagggtt tcactactta gtcttgcaga gaacggcctg cctccacctt taatccaccc    114000
     actcaactag cttattttta attccgtgtg tttggttgtt ttgcctgcac cagtcagtgt    114060
     accacgtgtt cctggagact gtagaggtca gaaaagggca tccaacgccc tggcactgga    114120
     gttacagatg gttggaagct accttgtgga tgctaggaat caaacggatc ctctgcacaa    114180
     gaggccagtg ctcttagccg ctgggccatc tttccagccc cctccccctg agagacacac    114240
     acagagaact gcaggtttca aagaagaaat aagcaaattt gttgttggga ggagggcggg    114300
     gagggggtct tgtccaccct gcctatcacc agcagggtag gaaactaggg tctatagaaa    114360
     aggcagtagt gggtacaggg cccgtgctgt ccaatataga ctaattcaat atagatactt    114420
     tgtataaaag ccatttgtcc tcctttgtcc tcttgctgtc tggctggggg gctttgggag    114480
     atgaagctgg caggctgagc tgggacacag agacaccctg tggtccccat gttccagctg    114540
     tccccttgtg acatcatttt gggtccttcg tgggggcata gcagagctct aagggcctgg    114600
     acaccttcca gaacttctcg tttacaagct ccaaggtcag tgatccattc agcgtctagg    114660
     gatggagaga gggaggcagg gggagggaag ttaaaagagg aaacggacaa gaggaaaagg    114720
     ggggggggcg ggagaaaggg aaaaaaaccc tgaaaaccag tgagggtgtg gctcaacaga    114780
     agcccccaga gaaggacaga gcaggggctg agacgggtca ccaccctggc tctctgttac    114840
     catcagatgc tcaccgtgaa cgctccgccc ccaggagcga tgtagatggt gtactgcttt    114900
     tcgctgacac cttccaggct gggcagcgca ggctcctcag gaccttcgcc tcctccggca    114960
     acgcctctct ccccaccacc cccatcaggt ccgcctgtgt ccgaagcacc cccaccaggc    115020
     cctccgggct ctgtggtttc ctgctgctgc ctcctctcca gggcaatgcg cagggccagg    115080
     tacttggaga gatgatccac tgtggcattc ccagtagtct tcacgtacct gggggtggag    115140
     ggggcaagag tccttgagtg cacagccttc tccaaaagtt ctggctgggg gcgggggggc    115200
     actcaggtac cccaggctag cctctacctt gctatgtagc tgaagatgac cttcgacttc    115260
     tcatccccct gcctctggga atgacaggtg tacactacca cccttggctt atatgttgct    115320
     ggggagcaaa ctcagggact catgtatgca tgcttgacag acaccctact gactgaacta    115380
     caccccaggc ccgaagcccc cttctgacac agatttctga gctcgagttt ccaggtggtc    115440
     tggctttgca aaggcagggc tcctcaccga gtctggcagt actctccttt ctccacaagc    115500
     aggggatggg gccggaacac aagctcaatc tctccaccgg gctctggagg gctgggggcc    115560
     ccaggagggc ttgggggccc cagggttccc cctcccaggg tgccgccccg gtcaccagag    115620
     tcttcagaac cggcaccccc gcaagcccca ccagcagccc caccccctgt ccctacactg    115680
     ctggcccctg cacccgctcc gcggggtcgc ttgggagcag ggcctggagc agagtctggg    115740
     gcggagtcag agcttacatc ctctccatcc ccttctccct ccccaggttc tccttccccc    115800
     ccactcattg tggcggtctg atcagatcca ggcatcggcc gcctcacacg ctgggccctg    115860
     cagaaacaaa cactccaggt tataaagagc aggattcaag cccttagtgt taaacttcag    115920
     ggggagcccc ccccaggccg tggccctact agtgaggctt cctgcttcta tctgatggct    115980
     ggagacacag gcctaaagag ggctggcaga ggttagcttg tttgagaaca gacacttccc    116040
     tcaaatccca acgtcagctg cacggtcgcc acctggcagc tcgaatgcag actatcaggc    116100
     ccgtactcca gacaagaccc atgggtaaca aggtctctgg ttctccacac ctgtgcatgg    116160
     cctgcatccg gagcccttcc tcgatactgg agctcagcgc ctgctggttg tgcaggcggc    116220
     tgaggcggat gagcacccgg tcctgatggg cctcgtattc ctcccggcta gggtagattt    116280
     tggagatcag ggcgtcgaag ttggggtccg gccgtaggga ccgcttggat accagctttt    116340
     tccggcaggt agggcactcc ttgttcctgg gtgtgggagg aagggagctc tgtagggcca    116400
     actcccatca tggatgccca ggctgacccg cctggcccca tggcaaacat gtccctcctg    116460
     ttacccgctc cgcagggcgg tgacgatgca gtccgagcag aacctatgca ggcactcctt    116520
     ggtggtcatt gtgttcttca gcatgtccag gcagatggga cacatgagct cagaatgcag    116580
     tgaccgaggc gaaaccgcaa tctctgtacc atccatgatg gcttcctggg tcatcagaag    116640
     gtggcagtgg gttgggggaa ggggacttta gaggcaagct ttgagaaagg taagaacctg    116700
     gacagccatg ctgaccaaac tgatgggaat tctgggatgg aggagaccaa tgacttggag    116760
     attaccagaa cagaagggat gagggcccat ttacaaggag ttttgaaaca gaaaggccag    116820
     ggtttgttga gaggactagg gctgggaatg gcacagatct atgggttgga ggatatttat    116880
     gctacaagac ttcttcattt tttgtttgct gttttcaaga cagggtctcc atatgcatgt    116940
     attcctggca ggcctctaag caggctgacc tcaaacttaa gagatccacc tgtcctggct    117000
     tcaggagtgc tggggttaaa ggccttcgcc atcacatccg gcctcaacag gctttcttaa    117060
     aactctaaag agcaagacta cctagactag aagttcaggg tgtctgtcaa acagattccg    117120
     atgtcgtccc agcgcacgtg agtcagaaaa ctggagaggg aattatattt aagctcgcag    117180
     gatgaatata tatatgtgta cattgacatg tggctgttga gatgggacag ggccgggacg    117240
     gtaagttctg tttaccgtgc ttcaattaaa acggtgatat ctgctgtacc tcgctgccat    117300
     ggccactttg aggggttaaa tcggatcaaa tgaggtaggt gttttagtgc tttgagaaga    117360
     taaaaggtga ttcaaagaca gagtcgggcc aagagtagtg tggcagggag ggagagggct    117420
     ggtgggaggg ggtaagctgg ggctggaaga tccctgtcac ctgcggggtc cggtgcagct    117480
     catagagact cagttcccac gttttgctgg cattctgtgc attcgccggc gtcgtcatgg    117540
     tgacggggca cagaccctcc ccctccaagc ggggctccgc tgagagaggt ctgcggaagg    117600
     gggtgggggg agacgctgtc ggggccgccc ctctgcagac cccgccccct gaccctgggc    117660
     gtgcgccccg cggcccctca cccagctccg gccttcgcgc tgccctgctg cgggcctctc    117720
     cccaggaacc ccggggctcc gctgccctgg tccgctcggt ccgcagctgc cactcacgcc    117780
     gcaacccttg ctgccaccgc caccgccgcc atggcctggg cgccgaggct cgacgtcact    117840
     tccgccctcc ctgtatccca ccccgcgacg gagacgtcac cgccctcgcg cgccacgcgc    117900
     gccgtggaac cgggttcccc ctcccccgcc gggcgcgcgg tgagccggcc cggtgggtgc    117960
     tggtgcatgt ggagagcccg agggcggagg atcccctccg tggcgctgat ccccaacttc    118020
     tctcaagccg ggcctgagaa ccccggaaag ccggccgcag ctgcacctct gctgctgggt    118080
     gcgcgccctg agatcctagg gctgcggcgg ggtcccgggt gtccggggac cgtcccgcgc    118140
     tccgcccggc ctctccccct cgaggtttgg gggcggcggc tcgggacgtc cagacgcaac    118200
     tctcggccgg agccagagac tcgagaattg cgtttggaca atcaggagcc gcggcccggg    118260
     acggggagag aagcgcatcg gaggcaccgg ggatagagac gccgcgcgga agcggggaca    118320
     ccagatgggg cgggcccctg gggggagtcg gggagcacac gagtgaatgt ctggcgtggg    118380
     aaagtaggca aagccactcc gggactcgga gtgaaggaag cggacgagaa ggagagagaa    118440
     ggagaaggag cagggccata ccggttgaga gccggttcag agtcgggaat aaggggcaca    118500
     gaggaagaga ccgtgatggg tattcgtccc ccccgccagc ctgtgcagcg gctgccaggg    118560
     ggtgtcctat ctctgggaca agttagcagt gggtcccctc gccccccaac ccagttaccc    118620
     cctacttccc tgttctctcc ttcagtccgt ggccagtcct tatgtgggca ccagagtcga    118680
     ttagcaagga ccccctcccc ttcctcctcc tcccagcccc ctccttctgc tctcctccag    118740
     cccctttcat cggctagtcc attcccctaa tcctggcccc ctcccctaat cccccccatc    118800
     cgaccccagg ccggctgcag ctattgtaag gtggagagaa gggaggggaa aagagaaagg    118860
     aggggtgggg gagggccacc tgttccaaga cccccttcca aggccagact ggacaccagg    118920
     atggggccaa gaacaaatca cccttggggt ccataaggaa ctcggggaat gggggtgggt    118980
     gactggtgct gcagaaccaa tgagaggggg tgggggcaga atcccctccc tctgaaaaga    119040
     cccagagtgt cacgcataca cagtgacata cactctttcc tctcacaccc ggcggcgggg    119100
     gttgccctgg gagaccaggc agtgaaaggg aacaatccct ggaaagggga gagaggggga    119160
     ggtggggaag ggtctgaggg cttggacaca agaagaaccg gaggtggcag ggaagaggat    119220
     ttggaattta ttagggtcac aagcacccct gccttccata ttcagcatgc ctgagccaca    119280
     cactgccatc tcttttgtag cctgggaact tagcgtcctc atcagcagga gggccaggca    119340
     gtggtggggg agtgagcaga gtccggcttc catcaggcag ttacatgaaa agacctcctg    119400
     agaggggcag aggcattggg acaggtgcat gggtggggat gtaggcaccc acttctgtcc    119460
     ctggtctaaa gaagggatgt ctgctctgca ggctgcagga gcccctcact ttctcattac    119520
     aacctgggtt ctgttttcct gtcctcctcc ccatgaaggc ctcataccac tgacttccac    119580
     ggaggcccct gtgatgtatc cactgtcttc agatgccaag aatgcaacca catctgccac    119640
     atctgtgggg atggtggggg aagggcagtc ttacttcctt agatacagat tgactatccc    119700
     ctctacctta cacccccccc ccaaaatcct aaacctacac caatcattaa tccctgtgcg    119760
     accttttcag tactattaca gatttaaggc tctgttcaag cccccaccag accctttttg    119820
     caatccatgc tcaccctcag ggtcccccat gtgtcccaac ggaatcattg cagttacctg    119880
     taaggaaaca ctcacgtggg tagaagtttc ttttatggac ttcccccccc cccttacttt    119940
     ttcatccctc attatgtaca cgtctgtgcc cagcaatctc tctcagagac ctctgacaga    120000
     ctgccctcca cccacagcct accttgtcct tcactttctc tggcattttc tgggtcatgg    120060
     gcgttgcaat gaaccctggg aggaccgagt tacatcggat tccatgtctg tgagaggaag    120120
     aatggatgct gaccccggga aggacactga ctcttcttcc cttagcaagg tccccagtct    120180
     gacccaccgt ccaagctccc gggccgcagt ctgggtgagc ccaatcactc ctgctttgga    120240
     cgacgcataa ttcgtttgtc cgatattccc cacctacagt gagtcagaga cccagagtaa    120300
     gtcaggagtc gtctacaggg gagccgcttc ccagcgccca cgtggctagc tggcctggcc    120360
     caactcatcc tgacctttcc aatgatgcta ctaatgttga tgatggagcc acgaccgcca    120420
     ctggacacta aagcctgggc tgcagcctga gtgactagga aggtgccctg gcacgagagg    120480
     gtaacaaatt aggcaagatc agctgcggtg gcagccttcc tctaagtact tccccaggct    120540
     gggggcgggc acaagtcaca ggtttagaga tcaccacctt gaggttgaca gctatgactc    120600
     tgtcccagtc ttcttctgac atgtggagca gaaactcatc gcgtgtgatg cccgcacagg    120660
     acacaacgac agatggcggg cgagaaaagc aggcctatgt gagggagggg gaggctaaca    120720
     ccaaagacca caaagggccg ggctgagggg tgtgtggcgt ggcgtggcgt ggcgcggcgc    120780
     ggcgtccggt tcacctgcac ttcctccagc aggcgtctgg ctgcggggcc ctgagacaca    120840
     tccgcttgga aggcagcgtg cttgccgcgc ggcgccccgt cctcgctccc cgggcttccc    120900
     agcagccgca ccgtgtcctg tgccgcggcc ccgtccaggt cgcaggcggc cacggcggcg    120960
     ccctctgccg ctaggcgcac gctgatcgca cggccgatgc cgctacccgc acctgagatg    121020
     ggagtccgcg gaagcgggag aagaagggag gaggtcagag gtcacggggc gcaaagttac    121080
     tgaaactcag acaacagggc cagggactca aggggtggct ctcgctgaca tggcccgggc    121140
     accccaaccc accctgagag ggaacccctg aacctgtgac cagggccagc gcagagcgga    121200
     gccggagctg agacgccatg gcggctgtgg gtgggcgtgc cctgagccta ggccaatctg    121260
     agcacgccgg gggcgtggct aggcccggta cggacccaat agaaaccaca ctagtcagag    121320
     gcctttggta gccaccagcg cgacctccca ccacgggggc gtgaccatcc accaccactt    121380
     ggggacctag ggagtccagg agccaagggg cccagttccc cacataaaga caaaggctgc    121440
     atgtggggcc gaagatccaa ggtcttttat tcctggtcac cgttcctccg cacccattca    121500
     aacagtggta taaaatgagt agagacaaaa aatcaggctg agacatcttc ccaaggagcc    121560
     cccctccccc ttcaaatcag gacacacgat tgatgtctac cccagtcctt ctgccaggtc    121620
     ttccctgaag ccatcactaa ctagttcaga gggagatggg ccttggaggg acccctgcgg    121680
     cacgctggcg ctgagaaatc gtagattagg gaccatcggg taggctaccg tcttcccagt    121740
     cttcttcatg gtcccattga tttttccaaa agcaacaacg ctgctgggca gtctcccact    121800
     ccgtggtcct tctggcctct catgctccgt atgatcctca tacctctaag gcctcaaaca    121860
     gaggctctgc taatctccaa ggctgacact ccttctggca ttagcactgg ccaggactac    121920
     caactgcctt tattaggagt taggggaagg acaggtcacc tcacccctca ctcaagatgg    121980
     gcaatcagta ccatcatggc aacacccccc agcagcccca gcacctccaa cagtgactgc    122040
     agtggagatg cctctctcaa tagctcaggc agcacagaca ctgttgctac gtagataaat    122100
     ccgcctgcag tgaatggcag gacccagcca ggacctgcac cacctgccac gtcactgtcc    122160
     actgcccctc cctcggtgag aagggcacag gcagtgcctg ccaatgctcc aattgcagtc    122220
     acgagttgca gacgcatcgc ctggtgggca gaaaagagaa agatatgact gtcgacagct    122280
     aaaattaggt gggagcagtg ttaaggaaag gagggtctgg ggagaaggac ccacaggtag    122340
     tgcttgctgc acaagcacga ggacaggaat ctgggtccca gacaccagct ccaggaagca    122400
     gtcagatagc tgtcgcctgg ggctccctcg atagctaata cgtagtcaat gactctgcct    122460
     caggaccaca cctaaggccc gcagcccccc aaaacagcca ggttgaggag ggagtactag    122520
     aacagacatc tcctgagaac cttaagccat caaagaacta tacacaggtg aggactgcag    122580
     cgtaaaacag agcaagaggt aaaggcacga ctttccctga ctctaaacgg ctcactgtag    122640
     tgtagcttgt taggaaccaa ggatgggcag tcggcaccaa cctgcttctt gctgcagcca    122700
     gactggacca ggatggcaaa atccccaacc tcatgaggca cttcgtgcag caggactgtc    122760
     attgtggtca ggatccctag ccctcggccc ccacgaaagg aagcaccaat ggccagaccg    122820
     tctgtgaagt tgtgtgccaa gtcagcagcc agattcaggt acccagacac acgcaggtct    122880
     ttttgcaaag agacaagaca aaaatgattg agggtgtcca tcaagccggt tcacatacag    122940
     cccccccctc gcccccattt cctagactcc caccgtcacc cacacaccca cagccaaccc    123000
     atcagctcat cccttacctg agcctgcttt ttcttcttca gggctctgag gtttcaccgg    123060
     gccatctctg ggcccagtgt ttcctcctct ccttttccgc aacccgccca cttccttctc    123120
     ttcctctgtg ctgggctttt cctttgaaga acactctgag ggagaacagg agttgatcag    123180
     agtggggaac agagctttcg catgtgtcct gctccacagg gtgaccctga gtgtgttaca    123240
     gagcaggcaa cgcgggctca ccatgtctat ctccatgggt gtgactgtct ccatgcgcat    123300
     gcctgtctcc gtgtccgtga ctgtgtccat gtcctccttt cacgtgtctc acaaatttct    123360
     ccaccacgag gaaggcgaca atcccactga gaacccacag ccccacagag agaatggggc    123420
     cctggcctgg aacggaggca gtaaagcatg aagggagacg cagactcaag tgtaagaggc    123480
     gaagcatggg aatggagagg ttgccctttc ccagcacacc agtccctggt ttttctcacc    123540
     actgtgggag tgtccatgtc caggctgctc tggagcgtgg tgagaatgag gttctgcggg    123600
     aagtgggaga aaaggcttga tgagggaatg cctggctcag gggatgtgtg tttgaagaca    123660
     accggaaaat ctgggatcat taaagagaaa gaacaaaacc gcttaagcct ttgaggcgga    123720
     gcccacaagt tacttaccca aggcatgcgg gatgaggtgg aggaacgcat cacccaggag    123780
     ccccccggaa gcaaaactga gcaggatctg gagcagagag cggtgcctgg gagagttaga    123840
     ttctactggg atgaggaaca gcacgaagaa cggagctgcg gagatcagca ctgtggcccc    123900
     cagtgcctgg tggagaagca caatcagaag gcaaagatgg agcttcccac cgattaagaa    123960
     ccagtccctc ttccccacat cccctggcga ctcacgtagg cccagagggt gacagtgtcc    124020
     aggtggtgtt tgatgcctgg agccccagcc tccctagaag tcccatggct atgttcacga    124080
     tgggcatgtc catgtcctcc gtggtggagg ctatcgtggg agtggccatg gctatggcca    124140
     tggtgtaatt cctcacgtga gtgtccatgg tcgtggctgt gggcatgccc atgccagatg    124200
     ctttcatgag tgtggccgtg gccatggtgg aaatcttcat gcgagtgccc gtggctgtgg    124260
     ccatggtgga aatcttcatg tgagtgcccg tgactgtggc catggaagtc ctcttccaca    124320
     tctttgtgca ggtcaccatg accctcgtgt ccggccacca gcagccccaa agccgcccag    124380
     gtcagcagtc ccacagccac ccagtggggg gcccgcaggc ccatggtcat cacgctgacc    124440
     ggaggaacaa gagacgactc gacttgactc tcaatctacc tattcgggat ccgcgtccct    124500
     tgaagccctt cctctatact acttgctccg ctcttacatt gtccccaagg ccggtccacc    124560
     tcatccccaa cacccttcct ggatgcagcc ccccaccccc gacaccgctc tagcctttga    124620
     tcagcaactt tacggtctct ctgggcccgc gtctctatgg cccactggtt ggggtaaagg    124680
     cctggaaagc gccgtaaggg agcagcaggg acctctcacc ggctccggga tcctctcggt    124740
     tctcggtttg ctgggacgtg gcactcacgc ctcgagctcc cgcgagatcc ggaagctccc    124800
     tttcttgcct gcgccccgat acctttacca acatggcggc gccccgaggg cggcgcggcc    124860
     acggcgtcag gacgcatgcg cagagctggg gggttatccg aggggacggc gggctggcgg    124920
     gcaccgcctc ctccgtttcc acctcggcga aggggcggga gctcaaggcg agacttcccg    124980
     tctgtacaaa gatggcggcc gcgccggtgc tgtcatctca gtgccgagcc gagcgcggct    125040
     cttgagtcgc gctgccacag gccgcggcct gctcgcctcc gcggcttcgt cgcggccccc    125100
     gagtcccccg ctgtcccccc tgcgcgtccc tggcgcctct ccggcttccc cgccctcggc    125160
     ccgggcgtca tgtcttgggc cactcgtccg cccttcctcc cgccgcggca tgccgcgggg    125220
     cagtgtgggc cggtgggggt gagaaaagag atgcattgtg gggtcgcgtc ccggtggcgg    125280
     cggcggcggc cctggctgga tcccgcggcg gcggcggcgg cggccggaga gcagcaagcc    125340
     ctggagccgg agccggggga ggctggccgg gacgggatgg gcgacagcgg gcggggtgag    125400
     tgtcccgtgg gcccgggccg gcgcccctcg cgccccctcc ccgcgctccc gcccccttgt    125460
     ttgtaaacac gcgccctcga cgtcccgagg cccagcgccc tcccccgggg cggggcgcgg    125520
     cgggggagct tccgcccttc aggttcgggc ccgcggcggg gcctgcgtgc gcggtctcgg    125580
     gcgtgggaag gacaccgttc cccgtgggct ggaggactct gggcattcga aggctgagct    125640
     tacgctctgg gaccgggtat ttctgccata ctctttgccc cgaatgttct aagttggggt    125700
     tggacgaggg gttcgctgct acacctccac gtgctgcttc acagcccccc ctcccgaggt    125760
     cagcttggga tgacccagta gccccgcctg acctgcctcc ctttttgtca accgcctcct    125820
     ctcacgacta ttagaagtga aattgttgtt tggccacttg gtatttctga actccagggt    125880
     tgcgggctgt ggtgggtcag ggagaattaa agtgtccatt tggatgatca aaaggctcac    125940
     tttctcttct tgtctctcct gtccgtgtgt gtctgccttg tacgtaccca cttctcagat    126000
     tcccgaagcc cagacagctc ctccccaaat cccctttctc aggggatccg tccgtcttct    126060
     cctcctggcc cacctcttac cccttcagca cctccacctc caatgccacc cccgccactg    126120
     ggctccccct tcccagtcat cagttcttcc atggggtccc ctggtctgcc ccctccggct    126180
     cccccaggat tctccgggcc tgtcagcagc cctcaggtga gagagaggtt gtggcctgct    126240
     tattgccact gtgccttcag ttccttgttc tcaacttctc acccccactc cccatctttg    126300
     ggtgaacttc cccaaaaccc gttgatcttt ctagttctct aatcatagca agcctgtggt    126360
     ctcggacccc ttgctcttcc tgaagggggt ggtctgtggg ggtgcatgct tcatcagctc    126420
     tgttttgaaa acaaacccta agcctgcagg gaatattttt gatgtcctgt tcagctcacg    126480
     gtggctttgc tgcccttttc gcttcaatat gcctgccctt ctaagacctg tgcccttcag    126540
     ggccactgta gcacaattac agaagggtgg acatcactct tggtgtcacg tgcaaggaag    126600
     gccctttacg ttagacagta gtgtccccag taccttctgg aatagtacag ggcttgctca    126660
     caagcaggaa gtggtttgcc tgacatatga gagtctcctg tgacttccct gtctccccca    126720
     tcccagatca actccacagt gtcgctccct gggggtgggt ctggcccccc tgaagatgtg    126780
     aagccaccgg tcttaggggt ccggggcctg cactgtccac cccctccagg tggtcctggg    126840
     gctggcaaac ggctctgtgc aatctgcggg gaccgaagct caggtatggg gctcagcaca    126900
     gccgtagaag aaaaaagcac gtcggggctg tttaccactg cctatggggc tcccaagggt    126960
     tcttgaggct ggtcagagca aggaggccta tgggaccttt agattcatat cagatgtgga    127020
     gaggggtagg agtgggggtg ctacatggtt tctggtcacc gaagactgag tcaccttttt    127080
     ggatgaaaca caggaaggat ttagactatg ttccctctct gggcagattg gtaagagact    127140
     ccctaagaag gaggtctcca caaaactgtc ttaactgcca acctttctcg taggcaagca    127200
     ctatggggtt tacagctgcg agggctgcaa gggtttcttc aagcgcacca ttcggaagga    127260
     cctgacctac tcgtgtcgtg ataacaaaga ctgtacagtg gacaagcgcc agcggaatcg    127320
     ctgtcagtac tgtcgctatc agaagtgcct ggccactggc atgaaaaggg agggtaaggg    127380
     cctgccccgg ccaggcctca gtcacaggcc cttctccaac cctgtgggag agccctgagg    127440
     aggaacaggg gagactgctg agggccccat ggcctccata tcttgggact ttgctcactt    127500
     tctcctccag ggggcgcagt tgggtttctc tttcctgtcc tccacagctt ggtacctctc    127560
     agtgtctctg tctctgtctc tgtcttcatg gttgcatctc agggttcatc cacctcccag    127620
     cagagtttgg ccctagggcg aggtgacctc tttcctcatg ggtctttgtt tcctctcctc    127680
     cactgcacac agcccttccc tcttttgatg ccatgttctt tccctagtct cccagtcttt    127740
     ccttggacct ggttaaacta cagaatcact gaagaggtcg ggacttggtg tctctccttc    127800
     tgtctctaag caaagctgac tcctggaatt ctaagagata ttttagagct cattttggtc    127860
     caattcctgc tttaaaaaag atgaaagtca gccctcccgg ggttacccca gcagagtgat    127920
     aggaccagca tcagaacaca caccgtccag accagaccag gctctttctg ctgctgctct    127980
     ttagttagca gagcttagag tttgccatca ggagtgtctg cagtcaatgt atagccctgg    128040
     ctatcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc    128100
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccacc acccggctca tcgttttttg    128160
     ttttttggtt ttttttaaag gtttatttat tatatatgag tacaccttag ctgtttttag    128220
     acacaccaga agagggcatc agatcccatt acagatggtt gtgaaccacc atgtggttgc    128280
     tgggatttga actccagacc tcagaaagag cagtcagtgc tagagcttta ttatagaaag    128340
     gcagggggga agagagaagg taaaagagag gccggccata gccaagagga gacaaagggg    128400
     gaaaggagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagga aaggctagag    128460
     agaataagag ggggagagtg agaggagagg agagtaagag caagagaaca aaggagtgag    128520
     agcagtcagt gctcttaacc actgagcatc tctccagccc tcatccttga ttcttgtacc    128580
     cttctctttt tatctgccta ttcgtttact ttttgtgtgt ttataatttg tggcggtggg    128640
     gccagagctc agggtctggt gtgtgctgga cagatttgct tttggactct tctacccttc    128700
     tgatcctaat tacctccctg gtcgctttat ctcaagggac attggccctg agaaggcccc    128760
     aaatgagttt cagacaaccc catagttggc ttctaatttt gcacttctct ttccccaccc    128820
     cacagcggtt caggaggagc gtcaacgggg gaaggacaaa gacggggatg gagatggggc    128880
     tgggggagcc cctgaggaga tgcctgtgga caggatcctg gaggcagagc ttgctgtgga    128940
     gcagaagagt gaccaaggcg ttgagggtcc tggggccacc gggggtggtg gcagcagcgt    129000
     gagtgatggg attgattctt tctctcctgg ggtgggggtt gggagaagga gtcgggtatg    129060
     ttccatctcc cctcttccct tctttcagtc cctccttacc ttgcactgaa ctaaaaggcc    129120
     tttcaataat ctgaggtgag ccaggtgtag cgatccatgc ctataatgtc agcacttggg    129180
     aagggagaga caagtggatc tccatgagtt caaggccagc ctggtataca tagcaggttt    129240
     caggccagtc gtgactacat agtgagactc tctcttagaa agtctcgtct ctgacacggg    129300
     gtgaaagctc cctcttctct gctcccattg gacagtccca gactggtagt ggtttctatg    129360
     actgccctga gaggagcctg gaccgcagag gtggattgga tcccgacagg gaatgagggt    129420
     gtagaaagga gtataaaaca cctctcacaa ggaaggtgtc ccccccttcc catgcatctc    129480
     ccccctgtct ctgcagccaa atgacccagt gactaacatc tgccaggcag ctgacaaaca    129540
     gctgttcaca ctcgttgagt gggcaaagag gatcccgcac ttctcctccc tacctctgga    129600
     cgatcaggtc atactgctgc gggcaggtta gtgatctctt tgaaccctct ctagtctctt    129660
     gaccttcact gaccccagca gcgttctcgt gcatattcag ggagcccagc tggctacctt    129720
     gcctctgttt tctttgtact tgggttcccg tggcctggtg tccggctgct gaccctcggt    129780
     gccttctggc ccccaggctg gaacgagctc ctcattgcgt ccttctccca tcggtccatt    129840
     gatgtccgag atggcatcct cctggccacg ggtcttcatg tgcacagaaa ctcagcccat    129900
     tccgcaggcg tgggagccat ctttgatcgg tcagtggccc ttggccaggc tggcctgtgg    129960
     ctagaagggg tggagctata ggctggtccg tgtccaaggc tggctgagct gtgacctttg    130020
     agtgacctgc aggtccctct ccagggtgct gacagagcta gtgtccaaaa tgcgtgacat    130080
     gaggatggac aagacagagc ttggctgcct gcgggcaatc atactgttta atccaggtga    130140
     gaggaggcca ccccgcctca gcccagaaat ctcagctgac cctgaaaagg ccactgcact    130200
     agtgccttcc cttttcaccc caccccacaa acccagcggg cctcatttcc ctcaccctga    130260
     gggccacact gcatgtctgt gtgtcctgac ttgattcacc tgccgtcttc ccttgttcta    130320
     cctccttcac catctcagac gccaagggcc tctccaaccc tggagaggtg gagatccttc    130380
     gggagaaggt gtacgcctca ctggagacct attgcaagca gaagtaccct gagcagcagg    130440
     gccggtgagg gcctcggggc tgtggacacc tcaaggggga ggtgggggtt gtgaagctgg    130500
     ggtatgtcca gggcctgggt ggtgctggct ctcactccct tcctccccac ctcaggtttg    130560
     ccaagctgct gttacgtctt cctgccctcc gctccatcgg cctcaagtgt ctggagcacc    130620
     tgttcttctt caagctcatt ggcgacaccc ccattgacac cttcctcatg gagatgcttg    130680
     aggctcccca ccagctagcc tgagcccaga tgcacaccga gtgtcactga ggaggacttg    130740
     agcctgggca gggggcagag ccatgggaca ggtgcagagc aggaggggac ttgcccagcc    130800
     tgccagggat ctggcaacac ttagcagggt tcgtttggtc tccaagtcag aggggacccc    130860
     agatccctgt gaggactata tgtctacctt cagtggcctt gagtctctga atttgtcggg    130920
     gtctcccatg gtgcaggtga ttcttcatcc tggctcccca gcacaaagca ctgccctgct    130980
     tccttctcat ttggcctcac tcccttctga agagtggaac agagctcccc cagaaagggg    131040
     tgttgtgggg caggcccccc aagctgatga tcatgggagc agggctctga cagcctttat    131100
     cctctcagac ttgacagatg gggcagagga gggacctgcc tctgactcct gtcagcccca    131160
     tttccacagt ccctcctgca gtcagactga agaataaagg ggtagtgaag gggctgctgg    131220
     aggtggagga acccattgct cttttaattt cctgtgagga gagactggga gttagactca    131280
     aagaagtact gtacatcccc aggttgactt aaatgtcagg gctggagatg gcatgtgggc    131340
     aaggaggccc ctcaggtggg ctgtcccaaa gctccctggg ctctgcctcg ggtggcccta    131400
     cagctcttcc ctagtcctca gcacagctag gctgggagca agtggggaca ttgatggggg    131460
     tggccagcct gcagagttgg gtgctgggct gcatggtttt tgccctggac ctcttttggg    131520
     ggttccctcc catctttcac ttgcacataa agttgctttc cagttaaaat agccattttc    131580
     tggactgaga taactatatg ggcggtgggc accagggcat ctacctgtgg ggatatccgg    131640
     tgagaaaccc tgacatgttc cctggatgct gccacggcct gaggttccct gggcctacag    131700
     agccggtgca gggtggggga cacaaggcgt gctttgtcgg gagggggaga gggtgtgcca    131760
     ggttgggggc ggggctgccc agggaggagg gagagcggct gcttttcaaa ggcgccttgt    131820
     ttgccggtgc ccttccagcg ccagcgggcg gcggcgtctt ggtcacttca gctttcaccc    131880
     tggcttcgcc acaggctcct ggcagacccg gcactgtgcc cacgcttagg ggtgcgctgc    131940
     tctcagcgat accctcctag aacggccacg accctgagtg accctctttt gccagacctt    132000
     tccatcagca tcgccccccc ccaccccgta ccccttttca ttctgcttca cctagtccag    132060
     tatttttatc tttgggggca attagcacgt cacccatctc agctttctcc gttccgcagg    132120
     gcgaccctac gccccccacc tttgggtcgc tatctatagc tgggtctata aacaccccgc    132180
     ccaggactgc tctgtaatta catgtggcag gacgagggag gtaattatgg agagctgatt    132240
     acgagtgggc gtggaacggt cgcccgtagg cccgcccctt ctgtcccact gtgccctgag    132300
     tccctccccg gactcttcat aggggctctg ggcccccaag ggcagctgcc gtggtgtgaa    132360
     aggactatag gatcataaaa gtgaaggggc tgaagaagat atattctgtt cccacaaatg    132420
     ccatctgagg gggcacgcga gctacctaat ccctccagga gtaggggtgt accattccag    132480
     ggctagcgag tgaggaaggt ttccaaccct cacactctcc tgcccaggtg gagatcgggg    132540
     tggggtttcc ccttggtggc tgtgggcggg cgtcaggagg cgggagctgg acctaggggc    132600
     gggggcgagc tggggtctct gagctgccag ggtggccagg ggcacacagt agcggccacc    132660
     gaagagcaag cagcactgac aagaagaggt gcccccacaa cggcaccttg ctgcatggag    132720
     ctgggccact gaaagctgct gacatcccgg ggtcctggtt ccgaggctca gctggcttct    132780
     gtctgctgtc agcaccagga ctgcctggga tctggcattc tgagccatgg agcggtgcag    132840
     ccgctgccac cgcctccttc tgttcctacc tctggtgctg ggtctgagcg ctgccccggg    132900
     atgggcaggt aagaggagtc ctgcctgggt gtcagtcagt tggaggttgt agcatctgct    132960
     tggaagggac ctctgatgcc tggagtagga gcatctgagc cttaagaaag ggattttggg    133020
     caccaggatt tagatgaagg gcatgacact tttggttcct tggagccact ataggactgt    133080
     ctccctctct gaaatgactg gcagagggca ggtgacgccg gccaacagga gccaccgtcc    133140
     agaggctgag taggctggat tcttggtttg gatccttaga agaacttgag atggccaaag    133200
     ccagttttgt ccaggctttg ctgatgtcag ggtagtgaat accaggactg atgggtagag    133260
     gaaatggggt gaacgtctgt aggttggagc ctagaaggct agagaagaaa gctacctcca    133320
     ctgtcccgtc ttctttgggt cccccaaccc ctccctgtgc cctggatgct gccacgcggc    133380
     tggctctagg gagcctgggg gctggctgcc aacaggacgg ccgctggaca ggccaggatc    133440
     aggtgtctga ggccagagcc aactctttgc attcctgccc ctcccctcta gccagcagga    133500
     ctcccgtggg accttggtgt ccactggccc catctttccc ctttttacct cctagaaggg    133560
     aaagcctcct agaaaagagg atttgataac tggatctaag cagaaaggaa ccagttcctc    133620
     tctcctggaa tacgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    133680
     tgtgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg atttttgtat agatatccat    133740
     tattcatgtt ttctctgctc aagagagaaa attggcagga tgaccgtgta aaggatctag    133800
     gttagactaa agaaagagca gatgaatgaa gtacacagtg tttacagagt tgaggcaggg    133860
     ggatgaccaa gataactgtc tccatttggg aactgagtgg aggtgggggg agggactcca    133920
     gggagatggt tagctaagaa ctcctgaggg tataggacag ggcatttggg ggctcaaggg    133980
     gataggtgga gtggcagtgg gtctgagaca gtggggttag tatgtggctt gaggtgggtg    134040
     ggctgtgagc atggcgtgga actgtcctcc atcaggattt ggcggagggt ggggacctct    134100
     caggtctcct ttgcccgggg tctctgtgag tctctgtgtc tctgtctccc tcaccgtact    134160
     ctctcaaagc tgcccttgtg tgtcagtgtt tgcaaagctg ctacactttg gggccaggct    134220
     cctcaggggc ggggggaagg tcgcggtttc ctcagctcct ggactcaaag ggccttttct    134280
     ctcctgcctg ccccacctca tccaccccac caggctctgc tctcctgact gccctggcct    134340
     ctgccccgcc ccacacttct accaacactt ttgcaagcac tctctgtggg agttctctgc    134400
     tgtggagatg gtgtgggaag tgtgggagca aactttctcg ttccatcatc gagtttgggc    134460
     ccgggaagct gaaacctaag gagacctggc tgatggcctg agacttgaat cttgggattc    134520
     aggtggtggg ggatggcagg gcaggactga ggttccaggt gtccggagct tgcctgggct    134580
     ttgggcaaga actctgatag catttacaga tgtgtggctt ggggccctgg acctgctcct    134640
     ggtctgtgtg gcagcttcag tttccccttc cccctcttcg aacccattcg ccaagtctga    134700
     gggcacaggc ttctgggcca ccttattctt atatgccctt ccttagcaca ggcagagttg    134760
     cccctgcccc cacctcaacc cagtctctgt ggcaactgga agacctctct tctacagctg    134820
     cctctcggcc tcccctgtgc ccaggatgat cgattgccca gatgttgttt gtgctagaga    134880
     ccaagcagat gccaggaagc caaagactgg gagataagga aagagaggaa gagggagaaa    134940
     gagggagaga aaagggtgaa cagtgtgtca gagagatggg aaaactgaaa agagggtgtg    135000
     ggagggtcca gcaggtgcac aggcggggga gcagggggca gagggcagga gagatggatg    135060
     gagcagggag tcagagtgtg agcctagcag actcacagca gaaagacaga gacagcgagt    135120
     ctgagacaca gatgctgaca gagggaggca gagagagtgt ggagttgcat gccagccggc    135180
     taggtgcacc tcccctctgt atcactttgc ttcctatatg gaaatatagg tccctttagg    135240
     agaatgtcag ggagactgag atctgggtgt tccctggtta gaccccccct tgagacatgt    135300
     tctcactcct aactaaccct gcccctccca ggtgctccct ctgtggatgt gcttcgtgcc    135360
     ctgaggttcc cctcccttcc cgatggtgtt cggagatcaa aaggggtctg tccgggtgat    135420
     gtggcttacc gtgtggcacg gcctgcccag ctcagcgcac ccacgcgcca gctcttccca    135480
     ggtttggtca gggagatggg gaggtggtga gatgaggttt gggatctctc gcctctcatt    135540
     ccatctgtgt gtgtctctct ctggggtacc aggaggcttt cccaaagact tctctctgct    135600
     gacggttgtc cggacccgcc ctggcctcca ggctcccctc ttgactctat acagcgccca    135660
     gggagtccag cagctgggct tggagctcgg ccgccctgtc cgctttctct atgaggacca    135720
     gaggggacgg ccacaagcct ccgctcagcc catcttccga ggcctcagcc tagcagatgg    135780
     caagtaagtc accttgtccc tttgtctctt tgtcctgcct ggcccacacc tttggcggaa    135840
     agtgacgcac agcctccagt ttctaaactg aggacctcta ctggaccttt gggcacactt    135900
     ggccatcgcc tgaacttgtc acttcttgat cagttttagg gtctcaaaga caatgtctgg    135960
     gaactgggat aaaaaggtat cttcgctgat acagtgggaa agttacttaa cttttttgac    136020
     cttcagtttc tatgtctgta agacaaagat catcacacat gtctccccaa ctagaaaatt    136080
     cccaccatat attgcttgac tagtgcatgc atgtatgtcc atgcaccatg tgtgtgcctg    136140
     gtaccagtac acatgccaga aaagggtgtc agatccccag ggactagagt tacaggtggt    136200
     tgtgaaccac catatagggg ctgggatttg aactcagacc ctctggaagg tctgagtgct    136260
     cttaaccctt gagccatctc tccagccctg ccgttgtgat tcttagtccc atgatctttg    136320
     ccaagccttt tacttgctgt ggcccagctc tgccgactcc ccaatttcac aagtaagtta    136380
     catgaacttc ttaccccacg attagatggc accacgtggc tgtggctgtg aagggtcagt    136440
     ctgtcactct cattgtggac tgtaagaagc gagttacccg gccccttccc agaagtgtgc    136500
     atccggtgtt ggacacccac ggggtggtga tctttggtgc ccacatcctc gacgatgaag    136560
     tctttgaagt aagtccgaga agagtgattc cgtccccatg tctcgaggcc atgcttctgg    136620
     ctccagccct ctgtcttcct aggcttaaac cttcatttct cttcccatgg ttttttttta    136680
     tttccatttg tcttcagggt gggttttctc agtggacagc aagaggcccc cttatataga    136740
     tatagcttat agctaattat tcagtcatcc atatgttacc tgttcaccaa tagatctact    136800
     ccttcaatca atttacttgt tcatctacat gctccactat ccagtcaccc acagacaacc    136860
     cctcatgcat gcatccaagc ccccaactcc tgttcatcca cccagccagc cacctattcg    136920
     ccagacaccc gctgaccgac ctgtggatgc acgcaccacc tcgcctgttc atccatttgc    136980
     ttgcctgacc atctacccag acagctctct cctcatacac atatcgacac actcatctgt    137040
     catctgccta tagagccaaa cctccttcaa tccatgagtc tgtcatccaa ccacccatcc    137100
     attccatccc ccatcattct cttgaacctg aacatctatt gacccatcca ccctcccacc    137160
     ccatctgtcc atccgtctac ccatctagtc acccagcacc cacataacca gctactgttt    137220
     tctgaatatt ggtgaaggaa aacacagcac agttgtacaa ggtccctgac atcctggcga    137280
     ggtcttggtt ttgctttgag atgagccagt gtataaacac cgtgtgtgga cgcaagtaat    137340
     tgccactagg cttcagaagg agacagattc ttcatttcta gagatccgtc cagggacaac    137400
     cccccccccc caccatcact aatgctgtaa ggcggagcac ccaaggctgt acctgtctat    137460
     agaagccact gtggagaggc ccatgtgtga ccacaggggc agggagtgca tggcctgtgt    137520
     tcagtctgaa gttggaaggc ctgagttcta gatctgacct gtcacgctga gtgaccctgg    137580
     gttcatcagt gactgtctaa gacatgaaac ccaaggcatc ccttatggga tgggatggaa    137640
     agggatgaag gtcctcgtcc tcctgacttc tcagtgttat ggagatccct gcaggaagct    137700
     gatcctgacc ttctcccacg acacagctta gtcccagacc gttatacagc tgtccataca    137760
     ccacctgttc accactcgat ctattccttc aaccaatttc tccattcatc cacccaccca    137820
     gccgcctagt cacagacacc cactgaccga cctgtggatg cacatgctgc accgccttgc    137880
     cttgtttgct tgcctgaccg tctacccaga cctcatccca gaccatttcc aatacctctc    137940
     cgagctcccc cttttatctc tccatcattt ttccctcctc atctctgcag ggcgatgttc    138000
     aggagctcct cgttgtccca ggcgtccaag ctgcctatca gtcttgtggg cagaaggatc    138060
     tggaatgtga gagagaacag agggacggcc ctcagactca gaagcctcac agagcccaga    138120
     gatctccaaa gaaggaacca gcaagacttc ataagccaca gagccaggag ccccagaagc    138180
     aggtgagggg gttgggcaaa cagaaactgc agcctgtggg gagggcactg ggcttctcca    138240
     ggactgtccc ccatagcagt ccatcctcac tggtccattc tccaccccgt cctcttgtta    138300
     gtctgcagct gtacttcccc actcccatca tgccctcttc ccagtcctca gtcatcagcc    138360
     tttttatttt catttaaaaa taaaaaggat aataagaaga atccctggtg ggagctgcat    138420
     gctcctaccc gtgtgagaac ttcttcctat ctgcctcggg ttttccatct ctttcttgaa    138480
     ttaagagatt gggagatagt agggggacag gtgagcctga ggaggagggg acaggtgact    138540
     ggagctgagc cgtggtacca aggagggggg ggtggtaagg agggactagg ggtagaggga    138600
     atctcaggga acagagtgtc tgtggctcac caagtgcctc agggatacag tgggaagagg    138660
     gacggaagtg tgggttggag ggcctgggag ttcaggtgac agatgtgttc ttgggatagt    138720
     atgaagactg aagggtcaat ctcttaatca tgtctgcttc catccacatg gaacccattt    138780
     cctcttttct cttctccccc cccaccccct ctctcccttg ctgtcacctc tcctctgttt    138840
     acaaccctca ttctccaact ctgcaccccc tttcccaacc tctgcaccat caccttatgc    138900
     cccccaatct cccatcctgt ctgtccccct ccctgctccc agcccactga gtctctctac    138960
     tatgactacg aaccccccta ttacgatgtg atgactacgg ggacagcccc tgattatcag    139020
     gtaacctcga gggtcccctt cacctctctc cctatcagtg tcctctgtgt taaaccccca    139080
     ttgtacccca gcttctgggg tggacactag attatggagg gtcacttgct cactgcctgc    139140
     acccgtattt ctccactgca gcgtcctcag agctccaacc acagggctcc cccttcccct    139200
     agggggcgtc ggacccctcc cagaaagtct aaccctcctg ccaagaggtc agcagccagg    139260
     caggcgcccc aatcaccagc ccggaggccc tctccagctg gaggctctgg caaagccctc    139320
     ggccagcctc ccccctcccg acacccagct cgacgggcag cttcccccac tgccagggct    139380
     tcccccagga ccagaggcag cggttatcgg caggtagaac ggggcatcca gatctttgcc    139440
     cccaatttat agacactgaa gattgattct cctcaaaggg gatgcaagat ctgtgatttc    139500
     ccccaccccg atcccagatc ctgcctgtgg tgaggacagg tggcagcttt gctttcttct    139560
     ctgctactct ctcacctccc cccactcctt tccccctccc cttggggcta gtaccccacc    139620
     ccaggtgaag aggaaggagt cctggagtcc agtcccttgc cattccttga agaggtaact    139680
     tcatccccag cctcatccca gccaagggcc ccaaacccca tagcatcttg aggagccgtg    139740
     cctccttggc cggagggctc ttcattttcc tacttaagac ttttccagtc actctagacc    139800
     tctatctgct tgtctaagta tggtcaattc ttctgatgtc atggccgcct cattgtcttt    139860
     tgactctaaa gtacactctc catgttggtg ttcagtgagt tcctcctgtg ccacagtgcc    139920
     attcttgggt cccttttctg tccagcactc tcactttctt ctctctgtct ttggttttgg    139980
     attcctcatc tatcattatg tctatggact gtcctgtgtc cagccctccg gccatcctag    140040
     ttttctactg tttcctctaa ccacacccat ttccaaacat ccactttgtg gtcagtagtc    140100
     atcccgtttc cattcagtct ccccttgatc ccttggggaa gaacacccca gacccagcga    140160
     ccctcaggat cctttgggct agaagttttc aaaccctggg acccatagga catctgctct    140220
     caggtctaat gcctccatct atccttcctc cctcctggtc cttgggaagg agcagacaga    140280
     tcttcaggtc tccccaacag ctgacagttt ccaggcagag gaatatgggg agggaggcac    140340
     agactcccca gcagggttct acgattacac ctatggctat ggggatgatt atcgtgagga    140400
     gaccgagctt ggccctgccc tctctgcgga gacagctcac tcaggagccg taagtggaag    140460
     cagctcctgg tccatccttt gccatcagga gatgcgatgt ggattgcttc ctgtttgatc    140520
     cttgttggct gtgggctact tcctatttga tccttgttgg ctgtgggcta cttcctgttt    140580
     ggtccttgtt ggctgtgggc tacttcctgt ttggtccttg ttggctgtgg gctacttcct    140640
     gtttggtcct tgttggctgt gggctacttc ctgtttggtc cttgttggct gtgggctact    140700
     tcctgtttgg tccttgttgg ctatgggcta cttcctgttg gtttgtcaca ttcccgtcac    140760
     atgagatgtc tgtgttgctt gagaagatca ctttctgctt tctcttgccc gtgtcttaac    140820
     ccgtggttcc ctgtagatcc tctgtctgtg gcaagtggac ttttttcaat cccacggcta    140880
     cttccttcct tttttggcca ctctttgtct aaatcaagat ggatgttaca aacctgttca    140940
     gtcaataaga agcttgtgcc cagtgcccat ctgtctcact catctcttct tggtcaaaac    141000
     aactttgtgt ccatggtgac ggcagagttt ctagcttccc ctgtggcatc ttgcaacctt    141060
     tgcagccact tctggtctgt gtttctctgt cttctgtagc cttaatgtcc ctcttggtga    141120
     ctgtgtgagg ctgaactaaa gggattgttt gtgttctgat cttcttgatg tcttgtgtct    141180
     gttttctttg acaataagcc actcctgggt acttcagatt atcagagtta gaaggctatc    141240
     cgttgtggac ctagatattt atcatggcca tttcctgtgt gtcctcacct tgctgtcggt    141300
     gtgttttctg gaccctgcct ttcattgtct taattctctt ttcgagagtc actttctatt    141360
     tgtttttctg aatttctttt ctctcttggt catgatagcc atgctgtttt tgaagatcca    141420
     cttcctcgat tctttttttc ttggctgctt cctgtctctc tgagcatttc ctgtctgttc    141480
     actgtgtttt ctagccatct tggccatgtt taatttttct tggctctggc ataagtgggt    141540
     gtccctttat ttgcctcctc agtgattttc ccaggtcttc aaacacccct ggctgttgga    141600
     ctgctacccc ttggctccgc tctgtccttt gcctgccttg ctgccacagc tgtccccttg    141660
     ctgctgctgc tgctgctgcc taatgctgtg ccctgcccat cccttatggc cacccttgct    141720
     gcttttgcct tgtgcctctt tctgagtact tggggttgag ctggaatttg ggaactgatc    141780
     atgcctaact ggccaaggta ggggtggagg ggaggatgct aacggtcttc gttgggggtg    141840
     ggggggtgga gtggtagcaa atgaccttgt tcctctctgt cgctatcttt ggtctggcct    141900
     agagcttaga gtgagaattg gggtggaaga gtgggaggga gggactggtc gacgtaaggg    141960
     gaggtgtata tcataaggga ggagaaggga ggcacagaac tcttgctggg aagggagcta    142020
     gggaattatg ggagttactt ctgaagttta gttaactgac cccaagagct gtattcttcc    142080
     aaaatccagt cagaaggcta gaatctggga tatcagtgac aagggttttc tagatctcct    142140
     ttgtgtgtgt gttttgacta cacacacata aacataaaca cacaaacacg tatatgtcta    142200
     tatgtatgtg cataccacat gcatactcga tgcctatgga ggtcagaaga tcagggtgtt    142260
     ggatcctcta gaactggagt taaagatggt gtgaatcacc gtgtaggtgc tgggaaccaa    142320
     atctggatcc ttttcgagta caacaaagtg ctcttaactg ctgagccatc tttccagccc    142380
     ctctgggcaa ttttaccttg tctatacatt agggcacaca ctttttattt tccggagata    142440
     aacccatggc ttttaaaatc agattgtcat gtggttccct gccttacacc caagaaataa    142500
     acctacccac ttcttaacaa gcagggtaag gatggagaag gatctgagaa ttcctggggt    142560
     tagaaggagc ctttggtgac agggtggggt cccccataag aggaatgcta gggtttggaa    142620
     tccaaagggg caagactttc ggggtggcag catgaccagg gaccagggct taggttttgg    142680
     aggtggtgtg caggagttcc tgcaagtgaa ggctggagtt ggggtggatc aatcctggtg    142740
     tcctggctgt tcacaggccc cactgggggt tacatgtatg tctccctcag gttgcccacg    142800
     gaccccgggg gctaaaggga gagaagggag agcctgcagt gctggagcct gtaagtcaca    142860
     ctggtcacgg aactgggggg tggggggagg cggtggatag gaggaggaag taataggata    142920
     ggtgctggct ccgaggcctc taactttgga tgtctgactc cacagggtat gtttgtagag    142980
     ggacccccag gcccagaagg cccagcggtg agtatattat attagcagcc ctttcttttg    143040
     ttagcgacat ttcctgcagg cacttttgtg gcttgcctag gtacatccaa gtctccactc    143100
     taaagagccc ttcccatcca agccccagat tcccacacct ctgccgtgga accccagcca    143160
     catgcaccgc cttctgtctg atgtgcacat ctggctttcc ttctttctgt ccttcaggga    143220
     ttagctggac cccctggcat ccaggggaac ccaggcccgg ttggagaccc cggtgagagg    143280
     gtaagtgagt gctttggggg ctgcggtagc tgcaaagagc cacttgtacc cctggggcac    143340
     ttgctgtttt cagtaatccc ctatcaactg gctaattaaa gacttgattg tgctccccac    143400
     aacctaaagt gtgggagccc tctctgattg gagagaacat gatctagcat ctccctccat    143460
     gtttttcttc atagggcaga gcatcaaaga gatctagaga tgtctatgtt gtcctatagg    143520
     gaagaatttc aaaatgatgt cacatcccta acttgatcct ggctccctct ttttcttcct    143580
     ctttcccact cagggccccc ctggccgagc agggctcccc ggatcagatg gaccccctgg    143640
     tcctcccggc acatctctga tgcttccagt gagttatctt ctgggctttg agacaggttc    143700
     agggtagggg ggtgcagggt tgtttcacca agaactaacg gagaacgctg tggaggaaaa    143760
     gctgggcatg gcggtgcaca cctgaagtct cagtgcatgg accatgacag tgggaggacc    143820
     tggagctcat agcatcagcc gaagcagctg atctttcagg ggtgtgaaga gtgcagtctc    143880
     tttggacctg gaagcaaaca tgggtcatct aaaacagggc agaaagatct cacgttttag    143940
     gcggtgaaga accagaggag ggtctcgaag aggctgccgt ggggagaagg atgggaggaa    144000
     gtgagattct agaagcctct gagtgctgtg ccagagccag agcacaccca agacgctgca    144060
     gggcatctct ggcttggagg gcacttggat tttctggagg ggaacttgaa ttttccattg    144120
     cccctcagtt ccggtttggc agtagtgggg gtgacaaggg ccccgtggtg gcagcccagg    144180
     aggcccaggc ccaggcgatt ctgcagcagg cacgggtgag caggggcagg gcaggggtgc    144240
     ggactggtag agggaggtat gtggtggaaa gggaagaccg gtgtggaaag agagtgggtt    144300
     ttctgaggcc gaggggagat ggaggagagt aaaggttaca gggagattag agcgaggatg    144360
     ggcaaatctg gggttgttgg gattctgtca cattgcctcc ctctcacccc ttctgtccct    144420
     cctgctcctc tagctggcac tccgtgggcc ccctggcccc atgggttaca cgggccgccc    144480
     tggaccattg gtgagtgagt tggatgttaa agtggcgtct ctgttggtgt gtgcagttgt    144540
     agataatccg gtcaaagaac caggtcggaa gttgacttgc ttcttaggtg gggagatgtg    144600
     gtggggagct gttggttgtg cccttccacg agtttatctt ctctctctca gggtcagcct    144660
     gggagccctg gcttgaaggg agaatctgga gatctgggcc cacaggtgac cacccccacg    144720
     tctgatgttc agcccagtgt ttctcttctg tgcccattaa ccatccctgt ctctcccttc    144780
     accagggccc cagaggacct cagggcctca caggtcctcc tggcaaggct ggacgaaggg    144840
     tgagtcctct agggatggaa atggagctca gaggagaggg ggccatgtcc cttcccgctc    144900
     tcacacattt tttgcacccc ccagggccga gcaggtgctg atggagcccg tgggatgccg    144960
     ggagaacctg gcatgaaggt agcacgctta ccctcctgtg acgcctgcat ctgccttgcc    145020
     tgccccctgc cccccagggc tcaagagttc ctcagccagg actgagtagg aaggaatggg    145080
     acagggctgg accctccgtt tgattttccc tcttcttcct agggtgaccg aggtttcgac    145140
     ggacttccag ggctacctgg cgagaaggga caaagggtga gtgtgaaggg agctggctgg    145200
     agtgatggga actgatctct agaggggaag tcgggacctc agagtaagtc atggaggctg    145260
     ggaactcagg gaagggatca gtatctgctc ctatgaggga cctgaggtcc cctttgactg    145320
     ctctctccgt ttccagggtg atacaggtgc tcagggcctt cctgggcctc ctggtgagga    145380
     cggagagagg gtaagtgcct tggtcagggc aggggccaga ctcaggagaa gtctagaagg    145440
     ccaggttggt tcattccgta ttccgtacgc cttccttttc cagggtgatg atggagagat    145500
     tgggccacgg gggctgcctg gagagtcggt gagtgtctga gatgctctgg ggaagccaca    145560
     ggaaacaatg tgcacaaagg gggaacacat ttccctgtca cccactgatg ctgtccctgt    145620
     caattctgaa tgcagggacc tagaggactc cttggcccta aaggcccgcc tggtattcct    145680
     gggccgccgg tgagtgacac cggggcttcc agccctgacc ttacccctgc tctctccagt    145740
     tccccaccct tcctgatact ttgtttcttc ctcccagtct gtgatggttc ccactccctc    145800
     ccccgttatt tctgctctag cttcccccca agaagcactt ggtggaccgc atggtgcagt    145860
     gcacaagggc tctgactata gccaaacaca acaaaaatct tcaagaaaaa caaaacaagc    145920
     cctcaaaccc acagacccac accctgcaga tccacacgcg ctggctggtt gggccagtct    145980
     ggatttgaga tgaatgcgcg gtctgatcgg gcatctgctg tccaccctct ggggtgacca    146040
     ggcttcccgg aaaccacagt gctcctggcc tggccccagc ttccagcctg cttacccagc    146100
     cttgtgtttc agggagtccg aggcatggac ggtccccacg gccccaaagg gagcttggtg    146160
     agtgattggc agagagaacc cccctttccc ctgcaggttc ccacccagtc ttgttggctg    146220
     ccattttgaa ccccttcccg ttgtttcctg ccctgtcctc tggaccaccc tggaagcttt    146280
     ctgtcttctc tgttttgtca ccatcctccg acccctgcct gacccttgcc tgggctgtgt    146340
     ctggccccct ctggtttgtt tctagggacc tcaaggagag ccaggacctc ctggacaaca    146400
     gggtactcct ggggcccagg tgagtggtcc tgtcttccca agcttagtga caccacctag    146460
     gccttgcccg ggtcacactc tgggtgggga cagggcatcg ggccctcctg ctccagcact    146520
     tactggggat ttagagaaca tctcagccct gagactccca tgacttctct ttctctacct    146580
     gcagggcctc cccggacctc agggagccat cggtcctcat ggagagaagg tgggtgactg    146640
     agtctcaggg catggagttc tagggctggg gaggagcgct ccctctctcc tgggacttta    146700
     gctgtggaga gctaatccct ctagtgagca tgtccttcct cctgcagggt gctcgtggga    146760
     aaccaggcct ccctggcatg cctggatcag atggactccc ggtgagtggt cctggcctct    146820
     actcccccca gtatgcagcc tgcaagcttc gtctgtgcaa gtggctgtct gtccagtgta    146880
     taccttttgc tggaaggtca ctccgggtgg ctataaggtc actcatgggg gctgctgtgg    146940
     ttcttgctct gttggctgac agggcaattt gggttggaag agcgcagaga ctcttgggaa    147000
     gtcgacacgg cccagcagtt acattctctg cctccttctt gcagggtcac ccagggaagg    147060
     aaggtccccc tggaaccaaa gggaaccagg tgagaccctc cctccacact tccttttcct    147120
     gtctgaggtg tcttcagact ggggagcacg tgctcagagt ccttgggatt tcctgtctca    147180
     ttcttcactt ggctctgagc attatctgag tcctgtgacc ccaacaccca gtgtggttgc    147240
     tgggtttcca tttccccctc cccctaaggc cctcgtggcg gcatccccag gcccttccta    147300
     agtccccttt tctttttgca gggcccgtcc ggaccacagg gtcctctagg atacccaggc    147360
     cctcgaggcg tcaaggtaac tgtctaccag ggagtaagac aaagggagcc agggggccag    147420
     aactcagtac tctaacctag ctgatctctc tatttatacc ctccctctat tcctagggtg    147480
     tggatggaat tcggggcctg aagggccaca agggtgaaaa ggtaagctgt gttctcttgg    147540
     cttccacaca cctccccctg ccctcctctc catcagtgct cctctgccct cctcttcatc    147600
     agtgctcccc tgccctcctc ttcatcagta ttcctctgcc ttcttctttc ccacagtgct    147660
     cccctgacac tccttttccc tagtgctccc cctgccctcc tctccttcaa tgctcccttg    147720
     ccttcctctc tccctcagtg ttcccccatc ctccttttcc tcagtgctcc ttctgccctc    147780
     cctttcctta gtgctcccct gctctcctct ctctcagtgt tccatcaacc cttcgctccc    147840
     ttagtgttcc atctgccctt ctctctccct cagtgctcca cctccctctt cttcctcagt    147900
     gctccccctg ccctcatctc tgaaatctac cctttaccca tgtcccctga ccccacccag    147960
     ctcccccacc attcaccttc tgtgccctct cacctctgtc tttcccaggg cgaggacggc    148020
     tttcctgggt tcaaaggtga cataggagtg aaaggagaca gggtgagtag atgtctgact    148080
     gtccgtccac ccatccccat ccgattcccc atctcctatc ctaccactct ccattttgag    148140
     ccatcctggg ctcccttgaa atggaagctt tccctccatt gccccgcccc ctttagagct    148200
     gggccccagg gagatggcag ccttagccag ccacagtgct ccccccagtc actgtctctg    148260
     tgcatctctg ctgtcctgca gtgtcttctc agacacctgc caatcccagc cggccttgct    148320
     ggggcccacc tctctacaga gggcctagac ccatctctcc ctaacactca cctcccactt    148380
     tcctctcagg gcgaggttgg agtccctggt tccaggggcg aagacggccc tgaagggcca    148440
     aaagggcgca ctggacctac aggagaccct ggacccactg ggctcatggg cgagaaggtg    148500
     atgatgggaa agagtgcctt gttacttggc acactgggtg ccaactagaa gtcggtgctt    148560
     gatcaaggat agctgtgaat taactgtgcc tctctacgca cggtatctgc tgggtgccag    148620
     tggcctgagg tggcgcatag gaggtcaaga aaaatgatca gtgtggcagg cacagggagg    148680
     acacgggggc tagggatgcg agctggggtg agaatgtggg gaggggactc gaggaggaag    148740
     ggagggcgtg gccctgtcct gtcagttcta cgggtagccc catgacagtc agcttcctag    148800
     atgaggcttt ttgcagctgt gggggggggg cgggggcagg attaggatga ttttgaaccc    148860
     cagtgaaggg cagagccagg ctatgagcta cagaaccctg tttcctacga cagcgctgca    148920
     tcctcccggg caagacagtg cctggagcac taggagggaa ggatctcggg gaggagctgg    148980
     gctggtgctc cccctcaggg agagaggtct ggctgggtag tacagtggtg ggtgctgggg    149040
     gaggtgggcc tggagatgga gcaggagtgg ctgaggagac agaggaactg aggtgcagaa    149100
     ttgggcttgg gggacttgtg ggacaccgaa ggagccagga agtcggcggg gcttctgcgg    149160
     ggagtattgc tgctagatgt ctgtggcccc tgtctttcct gattgcattc tgtccttcca    149220
     cagggcaagc taggtgttcc tggtctgcct ggctatcctg gacgccaggg ccccaaggtg    149280
     ctgtgttgct cctcattgcc tcttccttga cctctgaccc caggaaccat atatgggtgg    149340
     gattccctag ggaggtttta gctgactgac tcccattgaa tagatgagaa atagaggcct    149400
     gtgggtggta gggctcttcc taaggcaacc tgtttgttgg cagggtccag caccattgct    149460
     gtcttgatgg cctcttccac ccccaacccc accccccacc cctgctttgg cctttcccag    149520
     gctcctcccc cccttacccc tctttctttc tccaatctgt ccagggatct ctgggtttcc    149580
     ctggttttcc tggagccagt ggagagaagg gagctcgggt aagcggggga gggggaagga    149640
     tgcacaggga ggaaccagag gggccactgt gggagtcttg ccttgtataa tgcttgcttg    149700
     actttattcc caccagggcc tgtctgggaa atcaggacct cggggagaac ggggccccac    149760
     ggtgagtgct atgggctaac acctgttacc tagtggctca aaatctaaga ggtgggctgg    149820
     atggtagctc agttggtagt gtcctgcaca gggtgaacaa gccctgggtt catccccagt    149880
     cctgcacagg gtgaacaagc cctgggttca tccccagtcc cacacagtgt gaacagccct    149940
     gggttcatcc ctagtactcc atcagttgag tgtgacaagg tagaatcagg tagaagcaag    150000
     acgatcagat gttcaagatc accctcagtg acatggtgag ctcctccaga ctcaaggatg    150060
     tttctgacat ctgccttctg tctacctagg gtccaagggg tcagcgggga cctcgaggtg    150120
     ccactgggaa atctggagct aaggtgagtg gactctgcaa ggttgaatct gtctcctgat    150180
     gcggagcctc cacacccctc ccctccacac tctgcctctt ccttggggat gcctgataaa    150240
     cacccgaatc actccctgac tttgtctccc tcgcagggaa catcaggtgg tgacggtccc    150300
     cacgggccac ccggagagag ggtgagtgtg gcttaaaggc tctgttcccg tgttccctgg    150360
     ggaagaaaca tgtgttcctc tttccagaac ctgtcttcca ctcatcccat ctctgtctct    150420
     agggtcttcc tggacctcaa ggccccaatg gatttcctgg ccccaaaggc cctccggtaa    150480
     ggtgaccgtt aacttgtgac ccacatcact tccttctccc tcattcgtct tctgtgtcaa    150540
     gagtctctct gaccccaaac ttcccttcca gggccctgca gggaaggatg ggctgccggg    150600
     acaccccggc cagagaggag aagtggtgag tgatccaggg gtgtgtgtgt gggggggggg    150660
     ggggcttgga tcttgctgag tcagccgcct tggtgctgtg cttcctctgg gagcctagaa    150720
     cttggggcct gccccactgt ctcccacact tgtcctatct ggctgtgacg tcactctggc    150780
     tttcccctca gggattccaa ggaaagaccg gcccaccagg cccgcccgga gtggtgggac    150840
     ctcaggtatg tttcccctag gagagaatgc accccagact ggagttcggg cctcctctcc    150900
     cagtaactca gctctgacac ctgtttgcct gggcagagac cccgaatttc agctctttcc    150960
     caggtgtctc tctctgtgtc tctgtctctc tgtgtctctg tatctgtctc tctctctctc    151020
     tttgagacat ttcctggctg tgacacaagg tggcgtggcc actccacacc agggatggga    151080
     agccccagtg gcagccagga gagcatcaac aatttcccct tggcttttgg gcaaactact    151140
     gggctctcga ttggcacttt gggggatgca gagtggggtc tcggggcaga tggagctgag    151200
     tttagactgt gattttccca gggaacagct ggagaaagtg gtcccatggg agagagaggt    151260
     cactctggcc ccccaggacc tcctggagag caaggattgc ctggaacatc tgggaaagaa    151320
     gggaccaagg tcagtgaggg ctggtggaga ggagctgggg aggggggctg caaggcatgg    151380
     gccagtgtgg ctctgagggg ccagaatctc tgctcaagtt atgacttgac acccctcctt    151440
     tcatttcagg gtgaccctgg tcctcctggg gccccaggga aggatggtcc tgctggtctg    151500
     agaggcttcc caggagagcg aggccttcca ggcactgctg tgagtgtgac ccccaaagct    151560
     aacagcctat gaatatggtc actcatcacc tggtcccctt gatattatac cccgctttgg    151620
     gggcctacat ctccccaaag cccacacttc ccaggatgtc ttttggggcc ccatgcctgt    151680
     gaaggcttgc cttctcactc accacttacc ctaaatctgg ttcatagggt ggacccggct    151740
     tgaaaggaaa tgaaggtcca gctggccctc ctggccctgc agtgagtctg gagttcccgg    151800
     gagacagtgg gcaggaacca ggaaagggtt tggggaggga ggattctggg caggttgtgg    151860
     caggaaccat gggcctacac atgagaggga attcggggta agtcaggatg cattcaactt    151920
     tctgttgtcc caagatctat ggtcaggggt cctggagtcc cccttcctgg agggtctgac    151980
     tccatctctc tctcagggct ctcctggcga gcgaggtgca gcaggatcag ggggccccat    152040
     tggtcccccg ggacgtccag gcccacaagg tccccctgga gcagcaggag agaaaggcgt    152100
     accggtgagc ctgggggcag gaggctgtga gctgtgacct gaggagtaat ggctaccaag    152160
     gtgtttttgg gggggtgggg gggacttgaa ggtgaagcta cgtccaagcc attacctctt    152220
     cccttgtttc gtgcagggcg agaaaggccc tattggtccc actggtcgtg atggggtgca    152280
     gggccccgtg gggcttcctg gtcctgcagg acccccaggc gtggctggag aggatggaga    152340
     caaggtgagg gaaccggaac ctacagatgt gtccagtctt ctccccacta gagactgctg    152400
     accttctgac ctctattaat ttgcatatct cctttctcat ccatcccgtt accttctcct    152460
     gcagggtgaa gtgggagacc ctggacagaa gggaaccaaa ggaaacaagg gtgaacatgt    152520
     aagtatccac gacgctgaca cttggcctcc tggcctttaa cctcatccct ccctcgttgc    152580
     ccttaccacc acaccctacc cctgcctgtc ctggcatctc tgatttcgcc tttcttccta    152640
     gggccctcct ggacctcctg gtcccatcgg gcctgtgggg caacctggag ctgcggtgag    152700
     tgtctctggc tttccacaca gccccaccct cacaccctgg actccagcct gcctcggttc    152760
     ccacacttcc ttgtgcctgg tgctcaagtc tgggtgggtt tatagatgga ggacagctga    152820
     cccatgacct accattgtgt cctgctccag ggagctgatg gtgagcctgg agctcgggga    152880
     ccccagggac actttggagc caaaggtgat gaaggaacaa gagggttcaa tggacccccg    152940
     ggacccatcg gcctacaggt gagcaggatt ggggacagga cctgagaggt gggctcaggg    153000
     tggacctggg agcacctgcc agtcacagag ggtccatcca ctgctgcggg gctgagggac    153060
     aaggactgat cacctgcgtc tgtgcttcct gtccctgcac agggcctgcc aggaccctct    153120
     ggggagaaag gagaaacagg agacgggggg cctatggtga gtgtgaccct ctcctgtcca    153180
     accccctcct cccctccccc tcccctgcca cccagccagt ccccagcatg aggctgcact    153240
     gctgacctca tggtgtgcat gcagccctgc catctgccct ctgcctgcat ctctgttcac    153300
     ccaccttgct catccttagc ccctcctctc cctccctgcc ccaccctgat gcattcatat    153360
     cccacccacg cagggacccc ctggccctcc aggacctcga ggccccgctg gacccaatgg    153420
     tgctgatgtg agtcaattcg tccgtcctct gactcctttt ccctacactg taaaccaaga    153480
     ggagccccac ggcgctggga ccctgcctcc ctgctgggct ctcagccagg cctctgcacc    153540
     tcctaaaaat ggctttcctt cctcttccag ggcccacaag gttcccctgg aggtgttgga    153600
     aacttgggtc cccctggaga aaaggtaact ggggaggggt gaatgtacca gtcttgacag    153660
     ggcatgaggg tcagaattct gcctgttctt gactgagacg tggggttgtc aggatttggg    153720
     agggaaactt ggatacttat ctgtttgtag ggtgaaccgg gggagtcagg gtctccaggc    153780
     gtccagggcg agccgggcgt caaggtgagt gacagctctg aggccttgct ctctaacccc    153840
     tttgccctcc aactgtaccc tcaccttctc ggtctcatgc ccatttccct gaagggagga    153900
     ggggccagga caccccctat tggcctgact ctgactgtcc cgctgtcatc aagtgactgg    153960
     ggggtggctg aggctgtctt tgacatcaag accccttccc ttgctctaca gggaccacgt    154020
     ggagagcgtg gtgagaaagg agagtctggg caggcgggag aggctggacc accggggccc    154080
     aaaggcccta caggcgacaa tggccccaag gggaaccctg tgagtttggg ggctgaatgg    154140
     ggggctctgg gaatgggaga ccctggaata ctggggggtg tgggcatcgg cactttggaa    154200
     cgtggaggcc cagggatggg ctgatgcctg ggagggaggt taagaatgtg tggtctcctg    154260
     ggggagagag cagagtaaag caagggatga ggcagggaag aggggccagg tgactgtctt    154320
     ccgagcgtga cgagggccct gactgaccgt agggagctag ggtgctgacc ttgctctcct    154380
     tctggattag ggtcctgttg gctttcctgg ggaccctggc ccccctggag aagctggccc    154440
     acgggtaagt cttatccagg gaggggtaga ggctaagatg gtggcacttc atgggttggc    154500
     ctctgtgtgg taggtgggcc tgggtcttga ggagccaggg tttggtgtgg taactcggca    154560
     ggtggcagga gcgaatcttg gctcaggtgt cagccatgtt ggggaccctc ctctgacttt    154620
     gtttcacccc ttcagggcca ggatggtgct aagggagacc gaggcgagga tggcgagcca    154680
     ggacaacctg tgagtgacca gcgacccctc tcttcccctt atctgtcccc agaggtctct    154740
     tgactgaggc ctacttactc tcttcgtctt ccctccttag ggatcccctg gtcccaccgg    154800
     ggagaatggg ccccctggac cccttggaaa gcgggtaagt cgatccagct gcccgtcctt    154860
     gggttgagtg gacagaggtg aggcaacagt gggggtgggg tgggcaggga gatgctggta    154920
     tctggttatc tttggctggg gtgtggtatg catagctggc catctttggt gtggtttttg    154980
     tccccgggct ttgatcggtg ttgcttactg acctatcaag gtgggcccag gatgaagggc    155040
     ttagcttctt agtttgctgg agcaggcggt ggaatgaggg aaaatggccc agcggctctt    155100
     caccataggc agtgaggttc tgttttaaca ttgggcgtgg ttgctcctgt cttcactgtc    155160
     tgtgaatcgt cctctctgtg tgcatgtttg tatgcccgtt tgtgtgtgtg cataagtgtg    155220
     tgtgcgcaca catatgtatg catgtttgca tgtgagcata agtatgtgtg tgtatgcatg    155280
     ttagtgtgta tgtgtgcatg cacacacatg tgcgcaatga tgggaggggc tgagttgagt    155340
     cgggctggct accaccttaa catttctttc ctgctctctt cctcagggac ctgctggcac    155400
     tcctggtcca gaaggacggc aaggagagaa gggagctaag gtgacaggcc atcctgggta    155460
     ctgggactta gcccgcgttg tcctccccag acttgtgttc agatgttccc catacccacc    155520
     tcttctgtgc tgagcccctg cccttgctcc tgagctccaa cttttccact ttacacctct    155580
     tctgtctcct cctctgcttt tgaggacaag ttctttctgt gtgtttcagg gggaccctgg    155640
     tgctgtgggg gccccgggaa agacaggccc tgtgggtcct gcaggcctag caggaaagcc    155700
     cggccccgat ggtcttcggg ggctcccggg ttcagtggtg agttgcagcg tgaaggatct    155760
     gggaggaggg tgccggccac gggcggtgta taatgtatca acaatcctcc cgaccctggg    155820
     gtgttctttc taatctatag ggtcagcaag gccgccctgg agccacaggc caggctgggc    155880
     ccccaggtcc tgtggtaagc gactcactat atgggtgggt ttgggtctcc tggactggcc    155940
     agagccaggg agggaataga aagtaacttg gatccacctc tgaggagagt gacttcctgt    156000
     ctccccacag ggacccccag ggcttcctgg cctccggggt gatgctggag ccaaggggga    156060
     aaaggtaaga gaagatacgg ggtcacatgc ctcagcccca gatcccacgg agatgcttgc    156120
     tcagtgccca ctgttttgct tccggcctcc agtgcccaga ccgcgggctc ttattctagc    156180
     tgaagctttc tccagagcct gcgtctgtct ctgccttctt gcccttcttt accggagtgc    156240
     attcttttag catctctttg tccacctttc cccttatcca gggtcaccca ggtctcatcg    156300
     gactgattgg gccgactgga gagcaaggcg agaagggcga ccgtggcctc cctggacctc    156360
     agggctcacc cggacagaag ggagagacgg tgggtacagg acatggctca gagatgtcgg    156420
     ggtggggtgg gggcaggaac tggtctgtgg ggtggaggga ttgaaggacc catcctctcc    156480
     ctatgctatg cttagagatg tcaggggtgg ggtggggaca ggaacgggtc tgtggagtgg    156540
     agggattgag agccagcctc tgcctgtgct gttctagggt atcccaggag catctggccc    156600
     catcggtcct ggagggcctc ctggcctgcc tgtaagtacc ctatctcctc cttgtaatcc    156660
     cgtaagctta gtgcagactc cctgtccagg cctctgtgtg ctgtggtctc tcctgtgtgt    156720
     gtctctgtgc cgctcctgga cttgtcactt tgtctctcca gtcctgtgcc ctttcctgag    156780
     ctgagccctt ctgttcattt acagggaccc tctggcccca aaggagccaa aggagccaca    156840
     gtgagtgatc tattagcctt gacttttgcc ctccctgatc tggccctaac cctgtctctc    156900
     cagggcagcc tcacattctc ctgtctcagt ggggaatccc tcatttctgc caagagacca    156960
     atttgaccct tttgtgaccc tgatcctata cttgatctct tgacccctcc ttgatcttat    157020
     taattccttt gttagggccc agctggaccc aagggagaga agggtgtcca gggccctcca    157080
     ggacacccgg tgagtgagga gcgagtggta cctgctgctc tggctgtaag caacccatcg    157140
     tacctaccct ttactctcac tgggacctca ctgtaccctc cctgtctcca cccagggccc    157200
     cccgggagag gtgatccagc cactgcccat ccagatgccc aagaagaccc gccgttccgt    157260
     ggacggaagc aaactgatac aggatgagga ggctgtgccc actggcggtg ctccgggcag    157320
     tcctgcgggg ctggaggaga tctttggctc actggactct ctgcgggagg agatcgagca    157380
     gatgaggagg ccggcgggga cccaggacag ccctgctcgc acctgccagg acttgaagct    157440
     gtgccacccg gagcttcctg atggtcagca ccagccttgg gcctggtggg gcacagagaa    157500
     gtggtggctg ggatcttaat gaagatgtag gagtggggtg atgtgcttca gggtcctagc    157560
     agccaacagg gctctgcctg tgaacacgag tgtccatgag agcagacaca tatacgtacg    157620
     tgtacacgtg cacctgaatc catagatggc tacatgttac atctacacat cgccgtcctt    157680
     ctgcagggca gcccagagtc agtattagag atgcaggcac caaccagaga tcggggaggg    157740
     ctgcaaggtg ctcaggatgg acagagtggg aaagcagtgg cagactgggc tgtgggtctg    157800
     gctggggcac tggggcagag caagggaagg aagtctgtag agagaggggt ctcagagcat    157860
     gagacctctg taaccctgac ctccatgttt ctccccctac aggagagtac tgggttgacc    157920
     ctaaccaggg ctgtgctcgg gatgccttcc gggtgttctg caacttcaca gcaggagggg    157980
     agacgtgtgt cacacccagg gatgacgtca cacaggtgcg agctgctggc cctcagtctg    158040
     tccgcccttg tccatcgttt tctgtgacct ttgtcacgtt tccttggatc cccagactgc    158100
     agtttgccag tccttatccc atctgtggct gctccccaga gtggtcattg tcacccctga    158160
     ctcttttctc tctccagttc tcctacgtgg actccgaggg ctccccagtg ggcgtggtcc    158220
     agctcacctt cctgcggctg ctcagcgtct ctgcccacca ggatgtctcc tacccttgct    158280
     ctggagtatc ccaggatggt cccctgaaac tccgaggggc caacgaggat gagctgagcc    158340
     ctgagaccag cccttatgtc aaggagttca gagatggctg tcaggtggga accagaaatg    158400
     ctgggtgggt ggcaggtccc agatttgggc tacaggaaga cagggagaca ctctcagcag    158460
     ggtgcctaga gacctagcag gcaggagtac agcttcccag tgccagatgc acttgagggg    158520
     gggggagctt aaagggctaa agaggagggt ggggaaaatg gaagccaagc ttgtgtgggc    158580
     tcatgggtgc acacacactt gccttacatg gagttacaca aggttgtgca actgcacgta    158640
     tccatatgcc cagcagaggc acacagaggt tacaaacata tgcccccgag agcgggcaca    158700
     cactgacaca ctaggccatg catccagact catctgcatg tgggtgagat tctcagagga    158760
     gaggcgagcc agaggctgag gtccattgag ggaggcctca ccgtgctcac agatcttcct    158820
     tccctgtccc cccgtgaaga cccagcaagg ccggacggtg ttggaggtgc gcacgcctgt    158880
     actggagcag ctgcccgtgc tggatgcctc cttcgcagac ctgggggccc ccacaagacg    158940
     gggaggggtg cttctggggc ctgtctgctt catgggctag gcctgtctct gacgctgtca    159000
     accaaaacca ggtctagctg gagtcacaca gcacggactc catgtcacct ctcgtgagga    159060
     tctctcatcg tctagagggc cttgggccag gcaggcatct caagcctcaa gtcaggcagc    159120
     acacggggct ggggtgaacc agggggtgcc gggatagccc agggggaggg tggtacctgg    159180
     gcctccagct ctcccactta tgacccatta gagagctgag acctttattt aaaacacttc    159240
     cctgtcaccc caaataagtg gaagagaaag gacactgtgt attttgtatt taaaaaaata    159300
     attatattaa ttatttaaag agtggaagaa caaagtaaca aagaagataa agagagaaat    159360
     gccaaaaatc ccagcagata ttgggggcag gtgctgcaag ggtgggcggg cagtccatcc    159420
     tccattcagg gtttccctag tgcctgtggg tgtggcttcc taaaatgaac ccctccttcc    159480
     tctccttcca cctggggcac taagaatgct ggaacatggt ctcccctgct tcaggactcc    159540
     agccctcttt ccccagagtc taagctctgt gacacatgtg tccctgggag gaatgacctg    159600
     ttacttaaga ccaggccgct ccttgaaggg agaccagacc agagggctgt gcaggacctg    159660
     cctctggcgg gttatggaga tactgaagtt ctgccagtgg ctctgagcca ctgtcctggc    159720
     cacacctcct caccttccct gattctggaa agaaagctaa ggtctagcct atggccagaa    159780
     gggactccca ggacccctct agccctatgc ccaacgtccc tgctgactga cggttaaaca    159840
     atgtgattgt ctcctcctcg gtgtgtgctg gtgcttgtgt tgttgtttta gtctccgagc    159900
     ttcacacaga gctcctgtct cctagaggct ggcttcacct gacacacagg agttccccag    159960
     cgggtcccag ggtggcaaaa gcagaccccc aaatggacac cccagggaca tcatgcacag    160020
     ggctctggtc tggtgcaggg ctgccactgg cgctgtgaac tttgcctcct ccatttctcc    160080
     tcaaatccag ctgtcctcag gtcttcaagg ttagaagact ctgagtggtt cagtctaaac    160140
     tctacctgcg tccactttcg tggcttcttt cccaagacac aatgtatcct caggcttgca    160200
     acactgtcaa aaaccagaag tgaagtcagg cctccacagg cacatgcttt tacatatgca    160260
     tatgcatgta agcatcttta ttctttgggg cttggcatgt gtatagaccc cggtttctct    160320
     gcctagggat actgacttcc ttccatccca agatgtcctt ctctggactt gctcagtagc    160380
     tcaggtctgc tctggccatc cctagaaggc ctcctgcttt ccaagggctt cccatcttca    160440
     cacagccttg cttgctctgg tctgtcaagt ggaggttgag ggttactcca gggccttatc    160500
     caactggggt gcccctcctt acaatgtgtc tagttcctgc ctatagccca tgggatggga    160560
     tggctgaatg tcgttcattt gcatcctcca ttcacctcat ccccaacacg tccctgtggt    160620
     gagtcccaga ccgcatcacc tagatagttc ctgctgaagg acaaaaccat gggacttcgg    160680
     accccactca tttttgatcc caggatgttc ccaccctgta caggtacaga ctcagtggag    160740
     gtaaagacct cactgaaggt gcagactcgg tggaggtgga gaacctagtg caggtagatg    160800
     cctcagtgca gatggagacc tcagtgccag tggagaccca gtgcagctgc agactcagag    160860
     caggtgaaga ccctagtgca ggtgcaatgt cagtgcaggt ggagatcccc ctgtacaggt    160920
     gcagagtcag tgcaggtgga gatccccctg tacaggtgca gagtcagtgc aggtgcagac    160980
     tcagtgcagg tgaagaccct agtgcaggtg caatgtcagt gcaggtggag acccccctgt    161040
     acaggtgcag agtcagtgca ggtgcagact cagtacagat gcagactcca gtgctggtgc    161100
     agtcagtgca tgtggagacc cccctgtaca ggtgcagagt cagtgcaggt ggagagctcc    161160
     ctgtacaggt gcagagtcag tgcaggtgca gactcagtgc aggtgaagac cctagtgcag    161220
     gtgcaatgtc agtgcaggtg gagatccccc tgtacaggtg cagagtcagt gcaggtgcag    161280
     actcagtaca gatgcagact ctagtgctgg tgcagagtca gtgcaggtgg agacccccct    161340
     gtacaggtac agagtcagtg caggtggaga gctccctgta caggtacaga gtcagtgcag    161400
     gtggagagct ccctgtacag gtgcaaagtc agtgcaggta gagacttaag tgcaggtgca    161460
     gagtcagtac aggtgaagac tcagtgcttg tacagactca gtgcaggtga agaccctagt    161520
     gcaggtgcag tcagtgttgg tacagcagtc tcagtgcagg tgcagcgtca gtgcaggtgc    161580
     agactccagt gcaggtacag agtctgtgca ggtgcaggct ccagtgctca tacagactca    161640
     gtgccagtgg agacagtgca agtggagacc cctcctgcat ctgagtgcca cagttctgtc    161700
     tttctgtctc tgtctctgct gtcttctact taaattgtct tctccattgc aaagtaatca    161760
     gaatgcagtt cctgggtgga catgtggtgg tgcgtgcctt taaaatctga gcactgggag    161820
     ccagagacag gtagatctct gagtcaagtt ccatgacagc ctgggctaca tagaggcccc    161880
     tgtctcaaac acaacccaga atattgcagt ccctacaata ctactaaatc ttttcttcac    161940
     ccatcaaatt cttatttcct gttcctcaaa ccttaaggga gctgaagtat gtccgtatgt    162000
     gtatgtatat gtgtgtgtgt accatctcat ctatctagta acatagtgga tacactttga    162060
     gggatcctgt ctgcctttcc atgtctatag tcaagtcttg agagagaccg ccccctccat    162120
     cttcttctcc ttggcctcag agagactcac cctccccacc cagactcatt cccagcaggg    162180
     ttgggccaga gctgaggttt ggctagggct ctctgcagct ggtactaaac cacagtggtc    162240
     accccgagag cacaaagggg agtgtcccca aaggtcactt ttgttctgag atcaggcaga    162300
     ttttctccat ggaaacaatg tcacacagtt actcaaataa catttatagt tgaaggttag    162360
     gtccccaacc cacaacaggc tattaaatga ctgtgccagc caacctgatc tgacagttcg    162420
     tgagccactc tgccaagtgg cagctaagtg gcaggttcac agcccctccc tgcagcagct    162480
     tctccttcct ctgggaacct gtggcctggc tctcatgcgg tgcgggagga gttgagggca    162540
     gaggttctga ggtggatctt ctggggtagg gctggggaat gtgggtgccc tggcatgtag    162600
     gcaagtgggt gcccctgatg gcttagggca gaagtctctc cctccccccc cctctctctc    162660
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctagtgtgt gtgcatgtgt gcacttgcat gtgtgtgtct    162720
     gtgtctctgt gtgtgtcagt gtgaaccagg aaagaaaaga gcaagttatc aaaggctttg    162780
     aggcctcaca gtgggtctga ctgagacaga gcataccagc tgctatagga ggtgacagtt    162840
     ctagaaagat ttcagtctcc aagtttagct gaaaccccaa attagaggga tgctgtgtcc    162900
     ctgtcactag aacagtcaag aataggacag aattgtgggg aagatggaga cacagctgta    162960
     caactcaccg ccctgttggt ggatcagagg aggaggagga gaaacaagga ggggagggaa    163020
     actgccaagg ggatgtcctg gggcctgtca cacccccaaa accacttctt ggctttaggt    163080
     ttctatgggt taaaaataat cttgtaagcc aagagtggta gcatatgtct gcaaatccag    163140
     atcctgggga ggctgaggca gaaggattgc ttagtttgag gttagcctga gctatgtagt    163200
     gagtctagct atagtgagag gtcccatcac aaacaaacag acataacaga gtaaagacca    163260
     tgaagaatac atttgggcca ctgtcctgag accactagac cctagaaggc tgtggccttc    163320
     actgctctcg accttggttc gttacataca caggtgcaga tacacaggac cagactaggt    163380
     gggaatggat aggagaggga agggagtgag gaacaagact tgagctgcct cagaaggaag    163440
     tttttatgtg gcagagtaaa aacccaggct gaagggtgtg gcccctgttc ctgtgaggct    163500
     ggtagagcag gcctatgatg gtcacatgcc accttcttcc tggagggctc ctgagagcct    163560
     ctagtctgtt gagagaagga aacaccaccc caccttggat gttcctgagt gtcctattgg    163620
     acactaatat tctcattttc acatcagttt catgggaagt ggcattgtgt actgactact    163680
     gtgtctcttg ccctttgttg tgtagcattc taacttgtaa ggaagctgtt aagactcagg    163740
     ctggtctaaa gggatgggaa cattccatcc tgcagggata ctccttaaaa gtcaggaagt    163800
     gaacaactca aaagttccag gaagctcctg aaactgacca gattcactaa gtccttccca    163860
     tcccaagtgc gtaagcagaa agaactgctg agggacactc tgagcttcta gaaacaatct    163920
     cactccaagt ttccagtttc atgagtttca tgcccaaggt tcatgcccaa gttggagtgc    163980
     attcttgagt gtagccgtca ctgattccta taagtaatcg ctcatccaca ctccacagta    164040
     acgccataga cttaacccat tgatgacctg agttgtgttt tggtggtgtt cttactctgc    164100
     tctgttgttg gctccctatc tgaggtgagt aggaatttat tcacatctca ttaggaatgg    164160
     catcacgcaa taccttaaat gaagtacagg gatacatacc tccctgagca gcccagatgc    164220
     acaagcaaag cagatcttgg ccttagtgaa aggcaacaaa gtagcttgct tccgttggtg    164280
     gatgcaacca tgttagcccc ctgctgatct tgcactacac gttgatctgt tcctgagcgg    164340
     tctgtggctt tccccagtac aggaggtgaa aggatgtgtc ctactcctgt tgtgacagct    164400
     ctggtgtgca gcctcgctgt ttcatctgtg aagggctcgg aaggcacaca tactccacca    164460
     agtgtggggc tcatggtgac acgctctctg gttgtgtcca catcgccccg tgcaaatcag    164520
     gtggaagcca cctgttcttg ctgaaggttt acctcagtcc agtggggatt actctttcta    164580
     ttctttttaa atggaggctg accaggccag ctcagtcggt caacagggtc tcgagggagg    164640
     gagccaggat tgaaaagaca aagacaacac tataccatga ctccagccag cgctgaggct    164700
     gaagtagctt tatttttctc cagcctgctt ttctatcatc ctaggcccac cccgcacccc    164760
     gccgattctg cactacacat tgatctgttc ctgagctgtc cgcggctttc cccagtacag    164820
     gaggtgaaag agaatgcaca ccctgttata tccagaagac atggccaggt cttagatcaa    164880
     agacaaagta agcgaaggaa gtagtaaaca aggacccctt gacttcagag gatatgttaa    164940
     aggaaacact aaagtataga gaggtatgtt cttatcaagg gtgtgtatat gtgtgtgtgt    165000
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgcgt gtgtgtgaac tcatgtgtgc ggaagcatgt gtgcacgtgt    165060
     gagtttatgt gcaccaagag catgcagctc gttgtgaagg ccaaaaggta gatcccccag    165120
     agctgcagtt acaggtgaca gggatctgct tgacccagtg ctaggattca acctgggtct    165180
     tctgcaggaa tggtaagtgc ttttaaccac caagccatct ctcagcccca ggagctgagt    165240
     cctttgctct tacgccatct ttgtcttagt gtttctattc gttctctttc tcactgctgt    165300
     gaccagagcc ctgacaagaa gcaccataag gaaggaggag gtttagtgtg gccttcagtt    165360
     ccaaatgatc tggcacttca tggcggaaga ggcatggcag tagcatgagg caactggtca    165420
     cactgcctca gcagtcacga cctagacaga caggaaatgt actgggctgt aaaaccacat    165480
     ggccagccct ccagtgatcc acttcctcta gcaagcctct atctcctaca gaagagacct    165540
     atcttctgta aggtctcaaa taacataatg gcaccagctg ggagctaagt gtacaaatac    165600
     gggagcccat gtgggacaca gccacacagt gattctgtgg tgttcggtgg cttctgtgtc    165660
     tactgagctg ggcaggcagc ttttgctatt ctgacagctt agggctccct tcttctgtaa    165720
     cttcattagc ttgctaacgg atctgttatg ctttggggat gttatatcct gagagctaag    165780
     ggacacttta cctctccagt tccccagtta agcctgagtt ctccagttat tttatttgcc    165840
     caattctcta gtgttgtctt tgcagacggc ccacaaaagc cactcagaga gccttagaca    165900
     aagattataa actcagcctg cccgccatgg cagctactga tcattcatgg cttcacttaa    165960
     atttaaataa tttaaatctg acagcatgat agtgtctgat cttccaacct ccatgctggc    166020
     agacagcaga tagacatttg acagcagaga cttctgctgg ggagggtgct ctcagcattc    166080
     tctgatggcc gtgtttaagg ttacagtttg gatctggaat gctctcccag agttttgtgg    166140
     gttgatggct tggtccctga tgcactatag ttcagaggtg agcagttagc agacctggag    166200
     cttgtcagat tcatccattg gtggatttaa aaaaaaatta tttatttatt tatttattta    166260
     tttatttatt tatttattgt ctatgagtac acacactctc tctctccccc tctccccccc    166320
     ccataaaata aaactaaaca attagtcttt taaaagacca agtgttagaa caacttaccc    166380
     cagcttcctt cctcagcccc actcttccgc cacactccct caggactgtg agggaagttc    166440
     aggctgagac tttctgatca tgcagaggag ccctcaggac aaccacaata tcttagctgc    166500
     tcatctagat cccggagatc tcagctgagc tggatgaggg ctgaaaggat acacactcag    166560
     ctattaaaat ctccttagag agtgagagac actttccatc cctcctcctt ctccttcgcc    166620
     tcacccacag aagcctggga acctggggac cttgtagtct aatggtcaga cccctggctg    166680
     gggcttcttc tcttcctata ggacagcttt gctccgacac tggttccagt ggcttctaga    166740
     actctctagc attacctttc tgccttagac ccttctgtgg acaggagagc ttatcgagga    166800
     aatgctagcc ccagccacct gccaggattc tctatttcat atctttgatg cctgggctgt    166860
     gtgtagttca ggcaggcctt gaacctgcga ccttcctgcc tgtgctggag ttggaggctg    166920
     ctcctctaca ctcttctcac cctgcttgct cttcctgtgc ctggtgatgc ccactgtcag    166980
     gaagatgagt cccagcacca ggccaaccac tccaatcagc atcttgtttc gggcagagtc    167040
     agactggata cctgggaaga agagaattct gggttaatgt cccctcccga ggcacaacac    167100
     tccttagtgg ctgacaggga tgcggattat caacatgaag atcactgaga gggacacact    167160
     gtaggggaga ctatgtggaa ggactcagag atgtagacct aggctagtgt cttcaaataa    167220
     tcaccatgag gatttggaca gctgccttcc aaacaaggac agacaaaaag gcagatggag    167280
     gaggtcagac cctgctgtga gggcatggca ggggatatct gcctccctag acttccttac    167340
     aggaccagat cccatatctt caacaacccc agaccaggaa caggctctcc tctcgtgcct    167400
     ccagctcaga accagcctca ggtgcctaca gaagttcctg gggtgttcag gccccagtgt    167460
     ataaacagcg agggcaggat agtgggtctt gagtcaggta ctgccttatc taaaggatgt    167520
     ggatctagaa gggtcccttg gggtgactca ctccactcta ctgtgatggg gctctccagg    167580
     ctggggtgct ccacgtggca ggcatacaca tctccctgct gtggagttat ctccagcatg    167640
     aacagaatct ggaaggtcca gtccccattt cagatcaggc tggtggacag gagtttcctc    167700
     ctggctattc cagaaccatt ggacttgaat gacgcctggg tagaaatttg tcacatggca    167760
     gaccagcagg tcatggtgct tcagggtgac cttcttggag ggtgatacat gtaccttaca    167820
     ctggactaga agtggaaaag aagtgtcata tgagagtgtg attctgtggt aaacaccttc    167880
     aatcccagca ctcagaaggc agaggcgggt ggatctctgt gagtgtgaag ccagtctggg    167940
     ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccaggaa cacatagtga gacatgtttt ccaactgtga    168000
     gtctcccact ttgtcatggt gagaaggaca caagattcat tcaaatactt ttttaaatta    168060
     attttaaaga tttatttggc cgggcgtggt ggggcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcggga    168120
     gggggaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag    168180
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaatcctgt ctcgaaaaaa acaaaaacaa    168240
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aagatttatt tgtattattt tatgtgtatg    168300
     aatgttttgc ctgcatgcat gtctgtgcac catgtgtcct cagagctcac aagagggtgt    168360
     tggttctctc agaccagaag gctataagcc accacgtggg tgctgggaat tgaacctggg    168420
     acctctgtaa gagcagccag tgcttttaac tgccgagcca tctctccagc ccccacttgg    168480
     ccacttttat gaactgatag ttcctcagta aactccttcc tgaattgtga tttatgaatt    168540
     aagatgggtc tccctccgtt tgaacacccg gacttcaggt tagtcagttt tgccttagaa    168600
     catactgcga gatatacaac acgcctgcag tatacaactg acctctaggg ggctctggag    168660
     ctaaatctac aggcccgaag gactcatata tttcacaatg acaaaagatt ttgggatagc    168720
     atttgaaatg taaaataaga aaataccgaa agaaagaaaa gaaagaaaag aaagaaaaga    168780
     agaaaggaag aaagaaagaa agaagactga gaaagaaaaa ataaaagaaa aaaaaagatt    168840
     tccaatgtcc taaggctgca cgcggaatgg ccattaatta tccgtatgat tatttctaga    168900
     gtcttgtcag ttactcaccc tagagattta gtccagatgg gtacagtgat acaccctgta    168960
     cacccaaggc taaataccca aggatacaag gaagaaaacc cataactcaa gggcagccag    169020
     agttatagag atggtttctc aatccgggag ggatggagat gtggctcggc cgctaagagg    169080
     atccagagga ttcaggttca attcccagct tgcacatggc aactcataac tgtctgtctt    169140
     gagattcctt agtccgacct ctgcgccctt gtcctcgccc ccaagtctcc gcctgccacc    169200
     ccccaccccc atcccaccct gtccgtccca ttggggtcag cgcgcggaac tcgctcaccg    169260
     cgctgtcgaa gcgcatgaac tcctcgcggt tgaagatgca tctcatgatc tcatgcaacg    169320
     ttgcgtcccg tcccgttgtt ctccgcgttg cactcctgca gcgtgctcag caggtagcca    169380
     agtcctgggg cgctgggacg ccaccaaccc cagtcccacc ccactgagcc cgcccccccc    169440
     cccccccccc cgccaccagc tcacagcctg gctgcctttt gccagcttcc ctctcagtct    169500
     ggatctttga atactatttt tattgattga tgtttcttta tttttgagac ttagacatga    169560
     tcatatctaa accccctcca ctttcccctc caattccctg caaatatctc aacatagccc    169620
     ctccctactt caggttctct ctcctctctc tttctcacct cctccctttt cttccccttc    169680
     tttccccctc cctctttttt tcctccctcc tcctctctct gtaccctgtc ttttcctctt    169740
     cctcctcttt tcctctaagt tcaattactg ctgtcccatc ctctggcgca ttggacacgt    169800
     actaatgaca tcactttcaa aaaggagcga ttatggagtt ggacagaaga ctgggtgatt    169860
     aagagcactg gcagctttga attccagaat tcacatggca actcacactc cagtttaaga    169920
     tcaaagcctg cgtctggcag tccttacaga agtggcgctg cagggtgggg gcggggccgt    169980
     gggagatgta ctgaatccct gtatctatgg agtctgagcc agtccacttg gagacctcaa    170040
     acgtcacctc ctcacaccaa ggtgctttcc tttctgaacc aacatcttta atactcctgc    170100
     atgctgtact acacactgta tgtcctgtcc catgtgccgg gaatgtgaaa taaacccata    170160
     aaccctaatg taaaagttaa ttcgctattt catcttcaag tatccatgtg gaaagactta    170220
     gtcttaaaag gtgtggacta catatgtaga aactcatgat gaaactcacc acttggcatg    170280
     atagtttaaa aagttaacta gcgtctggag aggaggacca gcagttaaga gcacttgctg    170340
     atcttacaga ggacttgggt tcagttccta gcacccatag ggttgctcac aaccacctgt    170400
     aagtccagtt ccaaggattc aataccctct tctgaccttt gtgggtccca ggagtaccta    170460
     tggtccacat acgaacatgc aggcaaaaca ttccttcaca caaaataata cagaacataa    170520
     taaattccct tagaaataat gtagaatgcc agctctcatc tgaaatccca gggctaagga    170580
     tgcagaggca ggaggattac tgcaaatctt gggacaacct ggtctaatgg ggttcgggaa    170640
     ggcactgctc tgaaccttaa tcactgaaaa tcacctcagt gaagccctag tgggctccct    170700
     cgttcctaga agcactggct gggtagttgt tacaaaagag aggtgggagc ctctgtgggt    170760
     ctgtctcttc ttaccagtga tgacggtttt cttgtttcac tccctgaaaa ttagcatttt    170820
     aaagcatatc ctgccccttt tccagtccaa caaccagttt caacatagcc cgtcctgatc    170880
     aggcaagcga atccgaagat aaaacggcag gtgttgtttg taccacaaga gggcgctcta    170940
     ggccggttta ttaatgcgtt ttaaaactag aagcctgggg ctgggagcag cttggcgagg    171000
     gaggcttgaa gccttggttg ggttccattc ccagcattgc aggtaataaa cacattaaac    171060
     tatataatct attgtttcac ataaaaggat attaagcttt gctgtggaga gcaattgaga    171120
     ggctgaggca ggggcattgt ggagagctgg aggccagcct ggactcatct taagacaaag    171180
     aggatattaa aagttaaagg ggcagggcgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg    171240
     ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc    171300
     aggacagcca gagctacgca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa aaccaaaacc aaaacaaaac    171360
     aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa agttaaaggg ccaagtcttc ttcgtcgcat agcttctgag    171420
     gcctcagtat taacacactg ctggggctcc cagtgcattt gacgtaagat taattaactt    171480
     ttctaccatg tcagggggtg gggtgggggt ggagctaaag ctgggaggag ctaaagccag    171540
     agacaggagc ccagctccag acaaatctgc cctggttact gtagctacag atgttgggaa    171600
     gccctcctga gatggaggag cacacaacct ggggtgcagg tgcaggaaga gatgactatg    171660
     gggtgttctg atggttccct ctgtcaccat agtaacccca gaacaactgg cccatcctgg    171720
     tgtgctcagg aggccctgcc tggctggggc ggaggacaag ggttgtgtgg gaaggccttg    171780
     gggttctgta gcagtcaacc cacactgtgt ctcactcagc cctgtgccca ggtcccgacc    171840
     ccctcccgtg aacattctct ctctccctct tccccacctg cctctccttg cctccacata    171900
     tgaatcttgt cattttaatt attagttctt atttctcctc ccttgtcaat agttcgtgtt    171960
     tgtacaagca aggaaaacaa ttttgagacc ttcctttggc aacacttaat ttttgtaagc    172020
     ggaagttatc catgaaggag gcaaaactga actgtggggg tctccctcac ctgttgcggt    172080
     cactcagtgt cccagataca ccgctaagcc tgtccctggc gccatctgtt tctgatcccc    172140
     tggaccttga aggtacagtt cccacagctg agctgtccct tagttgggtc tcgcagcctt    172200
     ctgtgatcat caaggacaag ttctttctcc ctccttggca agtgcaccca atgtgcaaaa    172260
     ggtacgggct cctggctcac cgtgcatccg atgtcaccga aaaaggcaca aggcttctac    172320
     cccaccctgg gtgagcagaa gccattctct taaagctgag tctgtcacgt gacctgagtc    172380
     ccctcaaggc tgtgatggag aggtagagaa acccaggagg ctgagccttc tgaccgctct    172440
     gtaaactttg ccctgcaaac ttattctaga actccaggcc cgttgtccac agaatgtggc    172500
     acgcagaccc cttagcattt ctgctgggtt cacggtttct atatttccgg gactgggaaa    172560
     aactggctga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag caatgcgggt atgagcctgc ttttctagct    172620
     gtgggagaag cccgactgtt tctagaagtg tggtcctata agaggaaagt cctgagccag    172680
     gctcttcaga gtacccgctc ttacctggag tggccccacc ttgggtctct ctggctcagc    172740
     aacaccatca aagctgctgt ccaggggacc atagggaccc atgggaccat catggagctg    172800
     gaagggtagc tgaagtgaga aaagcaaagg tcaggggatg gtggactcct taagttgaac    172860
     tcctgaatga acagcagcgc ctatgactga agttgtctgc tatgatccca ttggacagag    172920
     gctgaggaaa aaaccaatga ggcttgagct tcctatgagt catcagttac tgggctgatg    172980
     atggtaagag gactgacaac ctagtgatac agatgagatg actggataga aaggaggagg    173040
     ggttcgtggg agacaggacc acagggcacc atccaatagg gaacggcctg gcccactccc    173100
     attgactgcc aacagaggaa acactgactg gatgtcccgc actgcttcca tgatccccag    173160
     caaccacatg gccgctcaca atctgtaact ccagctccag ggaatctgat tttctcttct    173220
     ggcctctgta ggcactgcac acatgcactt atacttatgc aggcaaacac tcaatataaa    173280
     ataaaaaata aaggaatcta aaaggacagc agccacaacc atcattttac acatcacagg    173340
     aaccatctgt gaaaatagtt ttgccttttt ctgagagaca aaaacattga agctaaaaag    173400
     attgttctaa agtagttcac ctagtcagga ctcaaggttc gaattcatcc acaactctga    173460
     gcacagactg actctgtaca tgtagacctt acagctgaac cccgcccgcc aggaccccat    173520
     cccgctctat gtggctgcct ctatggagct gtgtttggga cctagcagag caccagagcc    173580
     tgcctcccag gatcttatga ccttcctagg atcaccatgc cttcttcatg ccttcttccc    173640
     tcaaaacaga gtgtctcgat ttgttgttgt gagtcagatt ccccagtgag ccaagcagct    173700
     cttactacag ggagtgctgt ggactttgga tggccacaaa gaccacactt gagattataa    173760
     gctgtgatgg tgctctgtct cctcctgctg atatcaggaa gcaccaagca ccaagcaccc    173820
     atccaaagat gcagagatgg gaaggattag aattcacagc acaggctggt gtgatggtgc    173880
     acacctataa tcctggttga ggcttgaggt ttgggagttc aaggcaagcc tccgacacaa    173940
     acgcacaatt aaaccaacca acaaaactag gctttgtaac aaatacacct ggctctagtt    174000
     tctctgctgt tgtgaaaata cccgaatgaa aagcaattta gggaggaaac agggtatttg    174060
     gtgcacaggt gcaagctata ggtccatcat ttcaaagaag tcaggcagga actcaatggg    174120
     tcagctacac caatcacatc ctcaggcaag aacaaagagt aagcagtcag gaggcagaac    174180
     ccggaagacc ttctgtgagt tcaaggccag cctggtctac atagtgagtg agtctgggga    174240
     agccaggggt atacggtaag aacttgcctc aaaatgaaac agaacacaca gacaaacaaa    174300
     aaccaaagaa taaacacatc cttagttgtt tcctctcaga ttgttttctt ctcttttttc    174360
     ggggtggtgg tgattgtgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt tggacaggat    174420
     cttattgcat agtccctgtt gacctagagc tctctatgta gaccaggctg gccttagatt    174480
     gatagatgat ctgcctgcct ccactttctg agtgctggga ttagaggtat atgctgtctt    174540
     gcctgggcac tttctccatg cctaaggaat ggtgccgccc acagtggact gggtctccct    174600
     acatcagtta acaagtcaat ccccatagac attcacagag gctaactagc ctagacaatc    174660
     ctcattaagg ctcttgtcct gagtgatcta gattgtgtca acttgatggg tgagattaac    174720
     cagtataacc catgccttgt caacttgaca tataaacaca ttccatgagt gcatatgcat    174780
     agccttccac ccttgtccta aaagtctatg ttaatataaa atttagtcca aagtctttaa    174840
     aaaccccaat acttcaaaag ttcaaactct cttaactggt aggtgctata aaatataaaa    174900
     tatataaaaa ataaagttac atactaagca tatttattcc caaaaggaaa aactggagca    174960
     taaaaacaac cactccaaag caaaaccaaa gtccagcagt acaaacccaa gtcccgtagc    175020
     attgtatctg gagttttaga ctaactcata atcttctggg ccccaaaggg cttgaatagt    175080
     tccagcttcc agctctgcca tccacagcac acacaagttt cctcttaggt cagctccact    175140
     ctacatctgg ggctctcctt ggcaggagtc acatggtcct ggtattgaca atatcctagg    175200
     gttcagtgca gctgaggctt catcttcact aacggcctct taggaccctg cgctgccacg    175260
     caacacttgc tacttccata actatttctc tgtttctctt tttctgaaag agggtctccc    175320
     tgtgtagccc tgtgcagcct gaaactctcg atgcagacca ggctggcctc aagtcataga    175380
     gatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg gcatctagat aattcctcat taaggttctc    175440
     ttcccaggtt gtgctaggtt ataccaagtt gatgattaac actaaccagc acatagcggg    175500
     gcgatgatgg cgcacgcctt tcatcccagc atttgggagg cagaggaaga tggatctctg    175560
     taagtctgag ggtctgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttgcaggac agcctgagct    175620
     attacagatc aaccctgtct caaaataaat aaataaataa atcaacaaac aaacaaataa    175680
     acaaaaaaca agccctgacc agcacagccc acaaagagtt taaggcagga gtccaggagt    175740
     agacagaagg gtcaaggaga cagacaaaac tggcgagaag cagaggtacc taaaaccgtg    175800
     ttgatggctg cttgcattgt tttaaatctt gccttgtagt gaatacctta ataaacacat    175860
     attcgtgtaa atatgaaagt taactaccac ttagagagag agagagagtg tgtgtgtgtg    175920
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag cactgggagt gaacataggt ctccatggat    175980
     gctggataaa cccccgccca ctgagctata gccccaaccc ccttgcacaa tctcccttct    176040
     cccagcttct cctctcaacg cgtaaatata ttctttgccg taaaaacaca aacatgaact    176100
     acccaataaa aattgtcctt gcctgcgcaa catcccagcc tagggctgct tttgtgcagc    176160
     tggctctcct actgctcaca ctggacacct gtaacttcgt aagagaccac acccgtgggt    176220
     gccttttggt ttggagcaaa tgaggtgggg tctctctatg cggctcaggc tggccttgaa    176280
     tctcaatcct cctgcctcag gttcctgact gtgctggaat ttcatgccta taccaccaag    176340
     tccagactac ttgaactcaa ctcacttttc ctattatcgg acctcagaaa ggatcccctg    176400
     aaccggttca tccccacccc atttcccagc atccttttca ctttcttttg aaaggcgtgc    176460
     ttagctgtcg ctcccttctg ctgtggcctc ccgccttttc agttctcact ttacacaggc    176520
     tccctggggt gccgcctgct tctgttgctg tgataaacac agaggccaga aacaacttgg    176580
     gaaagaaagg gttatttgac ggtctagctt acagtcgcca ctaaggagaa tcaggacagg    176640
     aatcagggag gaactgaagc agagaccaca gagagttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    176700
     ttgttatcgt gttttatgaa gaattttctg tgctcacaag gaacctgaaa tccttcttcg    176760
     agaacattct ccatgctgtt tggtccaaga gtagacaccc ctacctgctg aggcccagaa    176820
     tccacaggga agaggagggg cgtggtccaa atcctcccat ggttctcctc gcccttccaa    176880
     gtccagaatg ctcacactgt ttataacgtt ttgactaacg atagtttgtt tatgtttgct    176940
     atttcttacc aactaataaa gactaagaaa caacaacaac aaaatcaaac cacacaggga    177000
     tttcaaactc aacaacttct atatttccac ttaaaacaaa agcaaatatt ttaaagagat    177060
     ttttaaaagg tctttaaatc aacttaaatt taaaaaaaaa taaaatttga aaccattgtc    177120
     aaaatccatt ctgttagatt taatatgctt aagattaaaa aaaaaataca gagtcacaga    177180
     attagcacat gctgcaggtg caaatgtatg aactaacaca gaaactcaac aactgtatca    177240
     ctacaatgca gcgagcttcc caccttttct gtaataagga cactagcatg cctgccctgc    177300
     cacctccaca agtttaaaca tctaatttca cacctgcagt cctagaaccc ggagctgtgg    177360
     ggaggtgaaa gtctctctcc tagctgtgca ttgctgtgtg acctgaggca agtcaccgac    177420
     cttctctgta tttccttggt tgcatctagg gttgttgtag cattaatatg cgtcaaacat    177480
     gtagcctatt aacaggcttg gcactcagca agtgctcaac agaggcttct gtaaccccgc    177540
     cccagatccc tgcagatcca tggggttcca cctgggagtg ggcaggggca gatggactga    177600
     agattctatc ttcttccctc tccccaacac cccacactgc ctcctgtctg ctgtttctcc    177660
     tcccctattc cccctttttt tgggcctctt ctgactttat taataaatcc agccattcct    177720
     ctgccttacc acttacacaa tagttcttat attggtctca tttttcttta tcttgcttct    177780
     acagcagaac acatagcaat gtatgacata tttgtacaga cacaacatcc atccggtgaa    177840
     tgcatgtacg cgtctgatgg cgatgagcag ttcgacgtgg atcttcacgg ggaggaaacg    177900
     gtctgggacc tgccgggagt tcagcaaggt ttatgcattt gacgcccagg aagctctgcc    177960
     ctacatcgtc agcctgaaga acaacctgag agccttgatc cagagataca acgatgggag    178020
     gacccctggt ccacactcag aatgggcgac agatgccctc tgctgaggga ccctccttgg    178080
     agcggccctg gactccctgc tgtatagtcg ggggctggtg tctcctcttc ttacccaaga    178140
     gaggttgagc tctactgagg ctgctcagta ggagtcttcc ggctctctct ggactcagag    178200
     gtgtcaagaa ttctgagcct gagacagaaa acacccagtg tgggatctct gtgacttact    178260
     cagaactgat cgggttctgt ctcttcccag agtctcccaa ggtgaccgtg ttccccaaga    178320
     acccggtaga gctgggccag cccaacgtcc tcatctgcca catcgacagg ctctttcccc    178380
     cagtgctgaa tgtttttgtt tgttttttga gactgggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt    178440
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ttacaggcta gaattcagaa atccgcttgc    178500
     ctctgcctcc caagtgccgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc acgccctgct accagtgctg    178560
     aatgttacat ggctatgtaa ccggcagctg gtccctgagg gaacttctga gaccgtcttc    178620
     tgcccagcac agaactcaga tttcacaagt tccactacct taccatcata cccacggcgc    178680
     aggatgtgta taactgcaga gtggagcact ggggccaggg ccagccgagt cttggtcact    178740
     ggggtaagca gcaccccctt tccatgcacc cttgcaccag gacctggtac cccagcatcc    178800
     cgctatactt actgcatctg ttcatttccc tcagaaacgc aggagccagt ccaggtatct    178860
     gagacaatgg agacttcggt ctgtgccctg ggcctggtgg tgggcttgat gggcatgggc    178920
     atcgtggttg gcagtgcgct catcctaaga gctccacacg gcagccataa ccccggcacc    178980
     caggaacccc tatgagtaac tgtggagata gggtgcagtc agatgaaaga gggggcgtct    179040
     acacctactg tgcagaaagg gggtaagcag ggcagagctt tgtagaaaca acactgagaa    179100
     tctaagactc acgccctgcc ctgagcatct gcgcccttgt taccctcacc taaaatctgc    179160
     gtgacagtac taaagtcact gtggttttga cacatgagag acgcttatag catctatgtg    179220
     cacaagagca ttaagcactt tcaccaaagc cacacagcta gactgtctgg atcgaaacag    179280
     ctccctatgg aagagactaa gttcagccgt gcttggaccc agtctgtcct gcgcatgcgt    179340
     cccggattat gggccgggaa tgacatgcag cctccgtctc tgctcggaca cactgctggc    179400
     aaagctcgca taaaaattct cttctgagct tctatttatt gaaacattta tatttcaaat    179460
     actaatactt ttggattctc ctcccactga acagtgatct ctccatgatg atctgcgtct    179520
     ctctcatact gactgacgtc attattcact ctggaccagg gtgaggaggt gggagagagt    179580
     tacgtcacca ctccacagag gccctacaga ctgtcaggac atctctgttc tgaccctgga    179640
     ttcatttgtt cctctgttcc cttactctaa cctccccccc ccccaccata tgtaattgga    179700
     ttgagtgagg tttttttttt acatatagtt actatttgca ccgtgaggaa gtattcacca    179760
     catctgcagt tttagggagc tccgatggca ttgcatcata cacctggttt tgaacctcta    179820
     gtctgttgct ttcggttgtt caatatggtt ctgctctaac catccacctg tctctacagg    179880
     tacctctgga gtacctgggg tgtgtctgat tatctttaac tctctcatgt ggactggcat    179940
     ctctggaatg catggatccc gggacgcagt tgcagggagc tgggcacgtg gctccttccc    180000
     ttgaccatgt gctgcccatc atcacggctg tgtggatctc agttcccaga cctgaagtct    180060
     cctgccgtag ccgcgacccc atcttgtctg ctttcatgtg tgaaaaggaa cacgctgctg    180120
     ctgttcacgt ttctttagtc aactctagtt gtgaccatct tcacccgtac tctctttgaa    180180
     gcgccattgg tcttgctctg atagtttctg gcttgcatcc tttgcccatt tttcgccatt    180240
     agtgcttctg tgggaagcag aaggctgggg tttcccctgt catcttgccg acgtcatcac    180300
     ccagcagggc tttgtctctc tctggatgtt ttcctgccaa accaggatgt tttatgtgct    180360
     gctaactctg tccccgaggt tccagggaag atagatgtct tagttagggt ttcgttgctg    180420
     tgaagagaca ccgtgactac aggacaacat ttcattgggg ctggctttca ggttcagagg    180480
     ttcagtccat tattatcatg gagggaacat ggcagtgtgc agacagatga ggggctggtg    180540
     gagccgagag ttctacatct aaatctgaag gcagccagca agagactgcc ttctgtggac    180600
     agccaggagg ggacaggaat tgcacactgg acagagctag aacataggag acctcaaagc    180660
     ccacccctac agtgatgcat ttcctccaac aaggccacac ctaatctaac aaggccacac    180720
     ctaatccaac aaagccacac ctactccaac aaggccacac atactaattg tgccactccc    180780
     ggggtcagac tttcaaatat gtaagtcagt gggggccatt cctattcaaa ccacagtagg    180840
     tttctcatag ggcaaagggg gagggagaca aaagcaaaag cccagggctg cctgctgtca    180900
     cctctctcgc cattcctgct ccctgtcacc agccagactc acccccaccc ccatcccaac    180960
     cccccctccc cctcccacct caccacctct cactccccta ccaaaacttg ctgtctcctg    181020
     tgtgcagaag tctgggactt ctcctagctt gtagccttac aatgagaagc ctgtcctgtc    181080
     ctgtcctgtc tgtctgtcta tccttccttt tttttttttt ttcttggaca gactttcact    181140
     atgtagccca gtaggctggt ttggaattct tttttttttt tttccatttt tttattaggt    181200
     atttagctca tttacatttc caatgctata ccaaaagtcc cccataccca cccaccccca    181260
     ctcccctacc cacccactcc cctggtttgg aattctttaa gttacctggc aggccttgga    181320
     ttcacagaga tccatctgcc tctgcttctg tttcgcaaac actggaatca acaccaggcg    181380
     cctccaagcc cgttaggagc ccctccttag tggtttttat ctgtagaggt tagcgcgtat    181440
     cttgatattt agtaattcct ccataagtgt ctgtcgactt gctggagaga ttatttatta    181500
     ctccgacatg ggcttgttta gttcctcaat acagttagcg tactgaaggc tgagtgccag    181560
     ctatagacta tagagctccg tggcactgtc cctagaacat agcatgcctg tgttatataa    181620
     ctgtcaccat ggtagagaga gtgtatcata gacagctcga gcaaggctac agtgaagctt    181680
     cacgggctga gaaactgcgg gtgggagcca tatataaagg gaaggggaag gcaggatgga    181740
     tcttagactc catcctgaac ccactgttga cggtgactgt gtgcgtcttg ctgcaggtga    181800
     tggtatttct gaaaggaaca cagccttggg aagatgtcct aaacgtgtac cattgttaca    181860
     tagcccaggc tgtcctggag ctctgtaacc tggctggcct tgaactcaca gagggctcta    181920
     ctccttgatg gacttaaggg ctcagctctt agcatcatta ccaataaatt aatgatatca    181980
     catgggtgtt gctgtgcttg gcaccagcct ggatgcctgc gcttggctcc tgtcctcggc    182040
     tccccagctc tgagctccac catggacact gctgcctgct tccagggagt gcccaagaac    182100
     tatttttcct gtctctgagc taggagactg ctcttactgg atgtctgggg ccaggtcgat    182160
     tatgactaac attgcatggc agtgtgactt cgagaggcac catggaagta attctgaggg    182220
     ctctgacctc acttgggggc ggggttgaga atttagattt ggccctggag agggaacaat    182280
     ggtaaaattg acttggatga agattcgttt ggatgagtct gagggccaca gaggttggag    182340
     ttcctaagga agagcttcag acccctcctc tagttgattg taataaagca tcttttcatg    182400
     aaccttcgct tcttcttaat atgttaggtg aaactgaggt ggaatctcac ggataatttt    182460
     ctattttatt taaaataaac tttaagacag ggtttctctg tgtagtcctg gctgttctgg    182520
     aacttgctct gtagaccagg ctggtctcaa actcacagag attcactgcc tctgtctcct    182580
     gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcaccacca ccgtgcctag cttgaccgtt tttttattta    182640
     caactggaaa tggaaacaag aaaaatcctc gctccttgtg gatgctaata ttcttattca    182700
     tgacgcctga ggtcaaagtg ttgtggacag agttatgaaa tctaagaaag tcggctcagt    182760
     ctctgggtgg cagaaagact cggcagcctg tgcttccttc agtttggaaa tatgatttca    182820
     gtttacattt ttaaaaagct gtgattttta ccctgcagat gaaccccacg ctgtgaatct    182880
     gtatgccctg tgatgatcct gagctcatgg gagagcggga aaagcttggt tcacccaaag    182940
     tcagaggtca ggggtcaaag gtgactgaca gtaaaacata ccatggtgtt aggaggagga    183000
     ctcaggggct gaagaggagc cctggctgcc agaacccaca gaacctggtt cagctcccag    183060
     cacccacata gcagctcact actgtctgca actccagttt aaggggatct gacgccctca    183120
     cacagacatg tatgcaggca aaacaccagt gcacagaaaa tatgttttta gaaagaggat    183180
     ggtggcacac gcctttgatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag tcaggcggat ttttgagttc    183240
     gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct    183300
     gtctcaaacc cccccccaaa aaaaaagaag aggaaggagg aagaggagga agaggaagaa    183360
     gaaaaggagg gcagtggtgg cacacagctt ttgtcccagc gatcaggagg tagaggcagg    183420
     caggtatctg tgaattcaag gctagcatgg tctacagagt gagttccagg cagccagagc    183480
     tacacaaaga aatcctgtct caaaatagat aaatgtaaaa aattaaaaac aaacaaataa    183540
     caacaacaaa aaacctcaaa gcagaacaaa atttccattt ttcaggcaga aaacagattt    183600
     attaagtctg caattcactt tgaggggcag tggccagggg gctcacattt tttactgtta    183660
     tttcatcctg ttgtcttatt tttaaaaaga tgtatttctt tgttgtacat ggtgtgttgc    183720
     ctgcatgcat gtctgtggac cactgaattt ctgataactg gggttacaga tagttgtagg    183780
     acaccatgtg ggtatgaaga gccaagcctg ggacctctgg aagagcagcc agtgctttta    183840
     acctctgggc catctctcca gtccatcttg atatgttttt tgagacagaa cctagtctta    183900
     tatttgtgcg atcttcctcc gcctgttccg tgctgagatt atgggtgtgg actgggactc    183960
     ctggctcaaa agccttcacg tatttagaaa taaaaacgca cttgggcagc ctcccttgat    184020
     gagttgctgg gtgaccccat ctcaaaatca ctcctctcta ttcagccatt actaaacaga    184080
     gaagccaccg aggtagccat ggtttctcta agacataccc acctcttgcc ccgctgacct    184140
     gggactccag ctgcactgtc actggaagag agacttggtt cagggctgga ccaaggctgt    184200
     gagtaggtcc cctcattcat gcagacatct gcagagagta cactgtgtcc cctggagttg    184260
     cagttacaga atgtcgtgag cagcctcttg agggcgctgt ttcccaaact ctggtcctct    184320
     ggcagagcag cgtgggattt taaggctgag tatttcccag cctgcccacc cactgcatct    184380
     tttgagatgg ctctgctgct gaccctaaag ccctagagct cacctgtttg gctagactgg    184440
     ctggctagcc agttacacgg atctccctgt ctctgccccg ccacggctga gggtttacag    184500
     acatgtgcca ccatgcctgg ctttttcggt gtgttgggaa tccaaactca cgtccttgtg    184560
     cttgtgtggc aagcacttta cccacagagc cacctccgca gcacccggaa cgagtatttg    184620
     ttacaaactt cactgagcca aagcaactcg ctggagccaa agtcgcagac ttctcagaca    184680
     gcgtcaagct tgaaaaccct tgatttcagc ctctttggaa gatggctgcc acaagtttga    184740
     tggaagttct ctttacccat ttctatttcc tttctctttt ttgagacaaa gtttctctat    184800
     gtagcctggc tggcctggaa cttactgtgt aaaccaggct gccattgaac tcatagagat    184860
     tcacctgcct cagcctccag agtgctggca ttaaaggcgt ggcctgaatc tctctattta    184920
     ctgtattgac tgagtccttc cagtgccagc cattggctga gttcaccaat aggcaaacgc    184980
     taggtgcatg cggaccctgg tcaacctctg gccagcgtgc aagagggtgt ctggggacta    185040
     gaagggacaa atggagacca ccaatgtcct ctgcccaccc catgtcactt gtaggaactg    185100
     cctgtagtgt tccttcaggg ggagcatctt cagccgttac acagtcttcc ttacagataa    185160
     aataaaataa tgtttttgaa aatgatttac aaatataaga gtttctatgc tgtgatttat    185220
     tatatccaat gatctccctt taaaagttct tagtgtgttt tgttttatat tttacccccc    185280
     aaaatttcca gagggaccca caggaaaaat caggttctat catggaccag atggaggctt    185340
     tgcccagcat agccatttgg tgctctgtga cttctctgct ccttcctgaa gccccttctt    185400
     gaaaggtgaa gtgacagatg acccatggcc tccactctcc accttctcac ccagactctt    185460
     tacttccttg cccagcaaca aacccattat ctcagagaac tgctctgatt ggctgcttac    185520
     cgcaagggtc ttcccctaac ctggactctg tttcttttta cctcgatctt gctcccttgc    185580
     ttcccaaaca gacgttgtta gagccactca ccccagcaat ggtccttttt gtggagctgg    185640
     tcccggtact cctaaccgca atgagcttcc tgagtccccg aggagtaagg gccatcaagg    185700
     gtaagtgctg gggacacctg ggagtgggag agtacagcac aggggaaagt gtctctctct    185760
     gtgtcgggta tatggcaact ccctccacct gcagacaaat ccctgccacc tccattgtgg    185820
     gcctaaccac tgggctgagg ctgggtctct tctgggcttc ttttacattc agagcccccc    185880
     tcagctcttc ctcttttctg agatccgtgc cctcacccgc ctcactgcag agcaccctgg    185940
     ctcctgaacc acttcctggc tgcaacaagc agttctcatc cagctttgtt gcagtgtttt    186000
     ggttttcccc gtttgttttc tgtcacgctg ggctcatgac agtcccttac attcctcaga    186060
     agtgtagagc tctgaaagag tcagtggaaa tgtagccctg acaccaggaa acagcacttt    186120
     gtcgagggtg agacctatta atcaacactc ccagatggaa ggtggaatgt aaagtttgaa    186180
     tcttggggtg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttc tttattaaat tggctttttg agacagggtt    186240
     tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact tactctgtag accaggctgg cctcaaactc    186300
     agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctctcaagtg cgccgttgct gctgccagga ttgaactcct    186360
     gactttatgt cctgtgttat cttacaatac tttgggaact tctctctccc tccatgtgtt    186420
     aatgaggcag agtttcattg aactaggcag cccacgctgg tcttgaactt ctgatctttc    186480
     tgtctctacc ctctctgtgc tggggttgta gggatgtgct gtcatgcctg gcttgtggaa    186540
     agcggccctt ttcctcaccc tggtctctgg atcatggata ttattacatc atgctcctgt    186600
     ctgtcactgt ccctcaccca ctcctatgct agctttcttt cccaaaagct cccttcagtg    186660
     cttcccctta accatttcct cctcgcccca aatttaccat cttacacaca aggtctgaca    186720
     gggtggctgc ctctacagct acagcagatg atggaggcct ggaaacctga caccatctcc    186780
     tgtgggctgt ctctcctttt cccagcctgc tttgtcagct ccacccatgc atgcagtggc    186840
     cacgccccct ctgccctccc cctttcgtgt ctctggaact tttcaagggg ctgctatggc    186900
     tttgcagggc tgtcctcacc ccacagccca ggatgagacc aggctgagac tcagaagctg    186960
     agacatgctt ctctcagctc ccatccttcc ctcacccaat acagccgacc acatgggctc    187020
     ctatggaccg gccttctacc aatcttacga cgcttctgga cagttcacac acgaatttga    187080
     cggggaacaa attttctccg tggatctgaa gaacgaggag gtcgtgtggc gtctgcctga    187140
     gtttggagac ttcgcccact cggactttca gagtgggctg atgagcattt ccatgatcaa    187200
     agctcatctg gacatcttgg tggaacgctc caaccgaacc agagctgtca gcggtacctg    187260
     gccctccctc caccccacct aactaggcag ggaaggtgat ggacagaatc cccaacccct    187320
     cttcagaatc ctgccctccc ctcccctcct gccccaggaa gatcccagaa cgtttctgca    187380
     ggtggccaca cgggaggaag tatcccttaa tctcggctct agtaagacca agagctgtga    187440
     gggacgggac tttgggattt aggttctcat tcctcctagt gcctcccaga gtgaccgttc    187500
     tccccaagac tcgtgtggag ctcggaaagc ccaacgtcct catctgcatc gtggatgata    187560
     tcttcccgcc tgtgatcaat gtcacctggc tgcgcaacag ccagcccatc actaagggag    187620
     tggcccagac cagcttctac tctcagccta accacaggtt ccggaagttc cactacctga    187680
     ccttcgtgcc ctctgcggag gatgtgtacg actgcaaggt ggaacactgg ggcctggata    187740
     caccgctcct ccagcactgg ggtagggagc accctgcccc agcctgttca cgtctgtgtc    187800
     tccactactc cagatccctt cctgtgtcct ctgacccttg ctttctttcc ttagagcccc    187860
     aagtgcttac cccaccaccg gacaccatag agaccctgat ctgtggcctg ggcctggttc    187920
     tcggccttat gggctgcctc ctgggcaccg tgctcatgat cacaggcaca cgcaggccca    187980
     gtatccgcag gtgcagaagc cccgggagtc tgtgggcaaa gggaggaagg cgtggagagt    188040
     agatggggga cgccgggggt gggggttggg ggtggaggag acagaggaag ggggaggagc    188100
     tagaaaagcg ggaatttgga gaagtgggtg tgcgaatgtg aatggcttcg gtcacctggg    188160
     tttcgcgact ttaggtaact tctcttctga gaaacccttg agagatgatt cctggcggac    188220
     ttctggaagc ttctgcgtgc tcagcggcag cctgtgacag tgttgacctc gagtggcatc    188280
     aacctctgtt caccaaatcc caggagaaca ttgtgggcgc agtctcctgc cctggtaccc    188340
     catttcactc acagctccag tgccatccac agctctggca gccgcactaa attctcttaa    188400
     gagtccttgc gtgtgtcctt ttcacggggt cagtacttac aggtcaggga cgcctgagca    188460
     tcaagaggag ttctgggtgg tgaccaccca gcggggccac attagtaaat gtttttatgc    188520
     catctcacct gtgccttgtt gacccatagt gtggtacgat tcaggcttca aggaaatggg    188580
     cacagagtat ccaattattg caactccccc aatcaagggc ttttgtaggg cagcagggag    188640
     gaagtctcac agggactctg ctcctacttg aacaccacct ctcttttgga catttcctgg    188700
     catcctgtga ctgacagaca gctgcctaag acgcagcatg gccacttcct tcagtggtgt    188760
     ggatcacatt aggcactggc aggagaaccc tgaggtctga gttggaccaa aactgctttc    188820
     tgaagaaact gggtttgttg tttttcaatg catcaaagtt aattaagata agtagagcca    188880
     aaacggtggt gtgacctgta agtttggtcc tgggaaagaa ctggctggca aagacttctc    188940
     ggacttcctg ggagagagta aaactggtag aagccaacca caaaatgttg ggtctgggaa    189000
     aaggtgtcaa aggctttgtt tgccagcaac ggcaacgtct tcctggtaca ccaaggacac    189060
     actactacca taaaggctcg gggtggtaca tacaacctgg ggggggggtg ggggttggtc    189120
     ttgtctcctg ggaacacatt cggagcaagg cagaagaacc cagctcatct tcttgctggg    189180
     ccgcagggcc tgcatattag ctgcagtcct ccgcgcactg acttccctgg ctgatctctc    189240
     ccagctcttg agctcctatt gcatctgttg atgcacacca cgcccccggg gactgtctcc    189300
     cagtcacact ttcaaatcct tggaaaaacc gaacagaaca gctagctaaa gctgggtggg    189360
     catccatgcc ggtccgatgt attcagagca ggggataaga tcgcacaacc actgagctgc    189420
     tacctgaggc gaggggttag gttcagtaag gacagcccag ctcttggtag atatcacagt    189480
     ttgccactac ccttgcccaa cttgtcatgc attcacactt agctacccag ccatcagaga    189540
     ctgcttctcc ttagggttcc aaccctcccc atcctacttt cctacagata acaatctgtg    189600
     ctttcctaca gataacaatc aggtcacctc tctcgcgtaa tgacagcaaa cctccccctc    189660
     taccctccag ccaaccctcc agtatccaat cagtttccct gagatttcca tgctggcctc    189720
     ctcagatccc tccatgaata gcctaagagt caaaagagct ctacaggacc catgaccaag    189780
     cccttccctt accttggcct caccctcaag gacaattgct ttcaactgtc ctaacagacc    189840
     ctgaagtgtg attcatcgtg gattgctccc tcccacattt atggtgttgg cagcttgatc    189900
     atcagtgctg gtgatgttgg ggttcaggga cctttaagat atgaggtcaa ggggaggttc    189960
     tgaggtcact ggggacattg ccctggggag ggattaaggc agctctggtt agctagttgt    190020
     aagagacagc ctgatcccca actgccctgt ggcttcctgt ctggcaatgc cctctcctcc    190080
     tgccacatcc tccttccatg ggggtatccc catacttcag gtcctcccca gagcctggca    190140
     tcgtgctctt gactctccag aaccacgtac taaataaatc ttttaaaggt taaaaaaaaa    190200
     aaaaaacatt ttgttagtgg aaagaggact acagcagtta acaataacct ctcatccaca    190260
     ccacacggga tggattgcta catcttgata gatttgtttt tgttttcaaa ctgggcccta    190320
     gtatgaagcc tggttgttct ggaacttgct atttaggcta ggctggcctc gaactcccag    190380
     ggacccgtca gtctccactg ggatcagagg catatctcaa tgttggtctt taagttttcc    190440
     tttttctcct gccactgtgg cagaggagga gctgggtttc tgaagaggag ctggggttct    190500
     gctttgcttt ttccatggtg aggatcacac acgccccctt ccaacaccac actcactttc    190560
     aacaattttg ttcaagactg attggccaag ggttgaccac acagggtgaa ccatggaacc    190620
     agctggcagc tctccgtccc tagatgacgt cctgttctcc ctgggggctt agttcacttt    190680
     ctttttgctt gactttggtt gtatttgttc ctagccaatc aaaattctga cacacatcgt    190740
     gtgtcctccc agaactttct ctgttcttac taattagtcc ttggtgactc ggctgtcacc    190800
     tccctctgca tcttgttagg atgcacctgt ctgctctgcc agatctctcg tttcttgttc    190860
     cctgtcacct ctcttctatg gtttggtgcc ttgttttttt ttttgttttt ttgttttttt    190920
     tttaaacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc    190980
     tgacctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgcg    191040
     ggccaccaac gcctggcctt ggtgtcttgt tttatccagg cacatactcc ttcggcttca    191100
     gagagttcgt gcaaaggagc caactttatt cgatgtgggt ggaggaacat ggtctcgttc    191160
     cactcttacc ctaggacggc gtattagcca gggttctctt gagtcacaga actcatgggt    191220
     agtctctata gtaagggaat tcattatgat gacttatagt caatacagtt caatacccaa    191280
     caattggcat ctgtgaatgg gaagttcaag gatctagtag ttgctcggtc ccaccaggat    191340
     agtagattcc tacagatgtg ctggcaagta agtgcaagca ggcaaagaaa agtgagtctt    191400
     ccttcttcta aggtccttaa gtaggtctcc agcagaagat gtggctccca gattaaaggt    191460
     gtgtaccacc atgcctggat ctgggacttg ctttgtccca ggctgacctt gaactcagag    191520
     atctgcttgc ctcagtctcc tgggactaaa ggcatgtttg accttgcctg ggtctaacct    191580
     tttcatggcc actatgcctc aagatctcca tgccaagatc caggtcagaa acttgtgtct    191640
     tccagcctca agatctggaa catataggtg agtcttctaa ttcttgggtt ttgttttgtt    191700
     ttgcttgttt gtttgttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa    191760
     ctcactctgt aaaccaggct ggccttgaac tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctccaaag    191820
     tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc atcaccactg cccggctgag ccttccaatt ctggattgta    191880
     gttcattcca gacatagtca agttgacaac caggaatagc cattacagac ggtacaaagg    191940
     tcaaggttgg aaataatttc cccgaggaca tctaacaaat gcctcgagtc actcagcttc    192000
     cagctgaaaa gccaaaagtt gtcagagttc tgaaactctg tgtgagtctg ggtagaactt    192060
     tcccttcctc ctatctcacg ttcacacctg cactcccttc cccacagggt gaggagcctc    192120
     ctcaaactct gacaacttta accttagctc tagaaactcc acgaaaatag tcgctgtgta    192180
     agtcacagcc ttcacttgta tgtttgactt tgcataagtt atgctgtgtg cccagatcct    192240
     gcctgccagt ccctcaagcc cagattaaac gtcagtactg tgacaccttc tgccccgccc    192300
     catccattct gactctcact gtggaacgca acacgccctg gtgtctgtct tttacactac    192360
     ttgcaccttt gtaacaatga aagtctgtgc ttggtatccc aacacttgac acagtgtgct    192420
     taattctgct taacttgttc ccacctcagc ctgctccctc tggtctgcac tggtttctcc    192480
     aagctgacat gtgatcaagg ggtcactttt tcacaggtca ctttctcact ggaacaaagc    192540
     cacactaggt gacactcttc ttccaccaag ctgtctttgc ttctgttttg agacaaagtc    192600
     tccctaagtt gcccaggctg gctttctact ccttgtaacc caggctggtc ctaaacttga    192660
     aatcctgctt cagcctccag taattggggt ttcaggccca ggttggtgag tgcctttcat    192720
     acgtaatgat tttgcatctt attcataaag tcaagagttt ggaaacatct ttaaatctta    192780
     aagctggctc aaaccacccc aagctactgt tagcccctca cagttggaac ctttctttct    192840
     catggttatt taaaggctcc gtgtgtgcct caaagtacac aaagttaatg aggccccaga    192900
     gtaccccccc ttttctggcc tttggccaaa gtgcttattc cagcaagctg aagtttattc    192960
     caagcaggag tgctgtatcc aatcccgcac ggttcttagt tgctgctgtg tagagccgct    193020
     cttacaagca acacctgtca ataaaaaaag cctctggcca atgatggcca aggtgggaaa    193080
     taggaggtgg aatattggca ggaagagaga cagatttctg ggagatagag gcacgagaga    193140
     ttcaaggata gacgctgagg aagaagtgtc ccggactgac ggaaaggagg ccagaataca    193200
     ggagacattc gcccaggaac gctgaggaga tggacagaca gaaaccagca ttggataaag    193260
     aggagatttg ccctgggact cggaggcgtg aagctgagga gaggtaacta accatgtggg    193320
     aaacagaata gaagaaaaga gataataagt taggagcaag tcagagagca agccgaagtt    193380
     tatggcgtag gcatttatta acaaataatt agcctcagag tcctcattct gggagcgggg    193440
     gctgggagga aacacttgga tttatttttc acattgccgt ttccgggata tgaggcagga    193500
     ggagcctttg gtaagaggtg gtcctgcaaa ggtgtagccg gccttgtccc ctgtctcccc    193560
     tggggctcct tgggtgcagg gggtggggca gcgggttctt aagacctaca gactgtagtg    193620
     cactctaggc taggagaatc cccctagctg ccttgtgttc cagtaccctt acccatattt    193680
     gggacagctg atgtagttag tagttagcag gggaaatttg ggagattcaa agccagaaga    193740
     ggaagggtct ctgagatgac atcactgttg ccttgtgcca gaagcctaaa tccaaggaaa    193800
     gatcaaggag aagtgttatt ctgccttaca ggcccccagt ctctttcctc acaaccacca    193860
     tcactttata taggaggaaa ggcccattca catgacttag ctttcagaca gacagcatgg    193920
     ctgtcaagct ctgtgtgagg gctaggtgca cctatcccct gcacccctgc tacccatagc    193980
     aaatggagtc accatgacgg taggacacat agcagcagtg ctggcaaagg cccaggatgt    194040
     ttgtcccttc ctgaacgtga ctcctgttgg caggctcagc aggaatggat gggaagaaat    194100
     gggtgacatt ggaaactgtc aggtcctgga gtcaccaggg agatctgaat gcacttcctt    194160
     catccgtctc atctgtgatg tccccttgtc agacttctta gaatagccac taaggctggc    194220
     tctgcccctc acatcccttc accacatttg ggactctgac tcgggcagtt tgggatttgg    194280
     cttcatcttg tggttcaaga tcactgtagg tactgactgc cttcagtaga ggtaatcctg    194340
     gtctcagaga cacctcttgg tatacctgtt gcctgaaaac tacctgccta caccagtcag    194400
     acctagtttc catcctccaa cccccctctt tttcagactt ttagcatagt ctgttccagg    194460
     tcccctctta cactctgcct ggaaacagtc atcacagcct tcgtgtgttc aggatgtcat    194520
     acccacgagg tggtgtctca tagcccctcc tcaaccccag cctcaggctc ttaccttagt    194580
     ctttctgtcc ccgttccacc atgtccctta ggcttggagg gggggtaata tcaatgtctc    194640
     tcttagggct gagccattag ctgtcattcg ttccagaact ttgtccagtt aagagtatgt    194700
     cctggccatt gcctaccatg aaaagcatct tctctggcca cagacggggc agaaccaatc    194760
     tggcaaccta aatgcagttt gaaagcagct ttgctctaag accatttagc tgatgttagc    194820
     aataaatccc caccaggggg cgctcgcgtg tgtagctcta actgtgaact tgacacagca    194880
     tagaatcaac ccaccaagcc cggggacaca gggccatccc aaggcaggtg gccgcgcctg    194940
     tatatgagag ctgtgaggca gtaggcagcg tgcctctgtg gtttcagttg ggagctccag    195000
     tttgaattcc cgttcttaca tccctccatg acggacagtg gccttcaggt acaagctgaa    195060
     acaaagtctc tcctccccag gaggcttttg atcacaacag caggaagaaa agcagaacag    195120
     gaactgagag tgacgacagt atccgccctg tcttgagcgc ttctcagggc ttcttggcca    195180
     gcaacacaca gggagaaaac ccacacttgg caatgggatt tcggcttaga gatctatggt    195240
     ttctgacggg tggcattatt catctctgca tggtatagcc aagccttcaa aaattaattg    195300
     tatcttttag ttagttcatt aagtggttgt attattatta ttattattat tagttttgtt    195360
     tttcaggaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct gtttgtcctg gaactcaatt tgtagaccag    195420
     gctggccttg aactcacaga gatctccctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg gactcacacc    195480
     ccacccataa agtcttctca tttccctcat cctcactgcc attctcatct caaccttttt    195540
     agacctatca ctcccccctt ttcatatcac atgcagtcct cctgcccctc tccccaggaa    195600
     cacagccggt gcccacagag gacagagaac aggtcagatc ccctgggact ccaatgacag    195660
     gtagttagga gttgccatat gggtactgga aactgagtcc taagtttatg gaaaagcaga    195720
     cagtactctt aactgcggaa ccatctctcc ggtctcataa atgtttattt taattgtatg    195780
     tgcatataaa tacaagtata aacaaatatt agaaaaggcc agaggcatca gacccctatg    195840
     gagctagagt tatgagctgc tctgtgtagg tgctgggaat tacactggca gccattgcaa    195900
     gagcaacgga tattcgagta ctataccatg tcctatttat gagtccaaga tgaagactgg    195960
     tttgttttac tgagacgggg tctcactatg tatctctggt tggcctgtaa ctctccatct    196020
     agaccattct aagctctaat tctgagaaat tcccctgctt ccacctccca tgttctggtg    196080
     ttaaaggcgt gcaggaccat ttccagatca aatacagttc tttaaagtgt agcacatctt    196140
     tacatcttta ttgttggcat ccgttgtaat gtttcacttt cacctatgag cctactaaac    196200
     agggactttc cttccttctg tttaatttgg ctaacggttt gtcaactttg tttatctttt    196260
     taaagaacca actcttggtt gctttttgtt tcgttttcat tctcttcatt tctctcctgc    196320
     gaatttccct tctactgcct ttggattaag ttcactcttg ttttcctaat gttttaaggt    196380
     tcatggtatc gcttgggaca gctctgcttg ggacggttct gcttttgtag cgggggcaga    196440
     gtggaaacct tccaatcagg acagccttcg tttttctttt ttctattcta gtactttaat    196500
     tttttttctt gatttttttc aatgacctac tcatccaatc tccaagttat tttttctgta    196560
     gtttttcttg tggttgattc ctagcttcgt tccagaaaag aatacaaatg gaaaacggag    196620
     caatttacct ttctgtatgt gtgtagactt tcttctttag agtaagtcct gtggccagct    196680
     gaaaagactg agttctgtgc tgtttgggtg gagtgttctg tagatgtcct tcaacgcctt    196740
     tgcctggatg acctgcccct tgttgccagt ggggtattta tgtcacccac tgtttcactt    196800
     tttatttggt agtatttgtt ctaggaaacc gagggtactg ctggtttttc acacttagag    196860
     ttggaatgcc agcttgaggg atggtttcta gcatcagcat ggcgtgatcc tcctcattcc    196920
     ttctgatggg tttagtctgg agcctgtttg gtcagatatt ggaacaggaa ctccgttgct    196980
     tgttgcttgg gattcctatg cccacctttc ctgcttgatg ctccagtgtg atccttgtat    197040
     gcagcaaaag ggaagctcct gtgctctgag ccgctctgct ggtctgtgtc ttttggatgg    197100
     tggacagaga ccactaagat ccagttattt aaaggtgtgt gctaattgtc aatttgctgg    197160
     gttttgtagt gtgtggtgtt ttcccaatcc ccaattattg ctgttaaggt gtctcatttt    197220
     ttaaaaaaaa atttatttta ttctttacat acattacatc ctgtactggc tggttttgtg    197280
     tgtcaacttg acacggctgg agttatcaca gagaaaggag cttcagttga ggaaatgcct    197340
     ccatgagatc caactgtaag gcattttctc aattagtgat caagggggaa aggccccttg    197400
     tgggtgggac catctctggg ctggtagtct tggttctata agtgagcagg ctgagcaagc    197460
     caggggaagc aaggcagtaa agaacatccc tccatggcct ctgcatcagc tcctgctttc    197520
     tgacctgctt gagttccagt cctgacgtcc ttggtgatga acagcagtat ggaagtgtaa    197580
     gccgaataaa ccctttcctc cccaacttgc ttcttggtca tgatgtttgt gcaggaatag    197640
     aaaccctgac taagacacat cccaaccaaa gtttcccctg cctccactct cccaccaacc    197700
     ccaaatctat taatccctga taccaaacat ggcgtaacaa gttacaataa gactaggcac    197760
     aagccctcct atcagggctg agcaaggcaa ctcggtatga ggaaaaggat ccctaaaaag    197820
     tcagagatgc cctcactcct gatgttatgg gttgcagaag agcgccaagc acaccacaag    197880
     aataccacct aaccaaaaca tgtatgcaga ggacccagct cggaccctca tagagttcat    197940
     gagtgtcgct ccagtctctg caagccccta tgagccctgc tgagttgatt ctgtgggccg    198000
     tgttctcata gggcatcttc ctaatttgcc ccgtagcctc gaagatgccc ttctttcctg    198060
     cctacagtac tctatcatcc tctgtagagc tgtctgtgtg gtcatatgtc ctttagtctg    198120
     cttctgacag ggaagtttca ttcctccccc agttaagatt ttgtttggtg tagttgtcta    198180
     ggctagcagc tgcggtctct cggaacttga aacatcctcc cgagacgctc tggctttcag    198240
     tttccattgg aaaagaaatc agctgctagc tgacagcgtg tgtatggtcc ttctctcttc    198300
     cagctttcag tatttgttct ttgatctatt tagtgggtcg accatcactt gatttttccc    198360
     ttctccttta tttggttggt tctgtcattc ccttatgtct ggatggggtg ggtgggtggg    198420
     gccttttccc tctagagttg ggaatgtttt tttagatttt attgaagatg ccaggcgtgg    198480
     tggcgcacac cttttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggaggatt tctgagttcg    198540
     aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg    198600
     tctcaaaaaa acaaaaaaac aaaacaaaaa aaaatttttt ttttctattg aagatatttt    198660
     ctatgctttt ggtatggaat tctcttcctc tatgtccaca gttcttggcc tggtcctttt    198720
     gtggtgtcac aaagatctca attgtcctac ttaagaggtt cttaaagatt accatttcct    198780
     tagtggaaaa tccctgtcaa gtcttcaaga ggtggtgtcc tggcctgcat gcgacccctc    198840
     ccactgagct tctgccctgc tgaagtgtct atttcacatc actttggcct ttttctgttg    198900
     aattgatctt atttcctgat cgatgattca gttgtttatg atcccttggg atccactcct    198960
     cagttcattt ctgagctgta aattccctga atagatttat aaccatttta aattctttct    199020
     aaaattttat ctaagtagat ctcattaggg accattactg tgaataggtc atttagggag    199080
     gggcatactg tgttgacttt tagctatttt tttattctct tgcctttaat ttcctccatt    199140
     attaaatatg cacatcaaat cttttttctg caactagctt ctatttttcc tcctcctctt    199200
     cctcctcttc tttttcctcc tcctcctcct cttcctcaac tcttcctcct tttttgtttt    199260
     tgtttttgtt tttttttttt aaagacagga tttgtgtagc tttggctgtc ctggaattag    199320
     ctggccttaa atctacagag atctatctgc caggttcggc ctctctagtg ctgggaccaa    199380
     aggtgtgtgc caccactgcc caggctaact tcttttctat gtttgagatt tatatggtca    199440
     attccaatta acaaaatcat caggactaac aaaagacaat agcaaaggca aaatgttccc    199500
     aaaatgttac taggacctca taactcagtc taaaagaatt ccccctccgt ccagcttgtc    199560
     ctacagctga gctgaaacca acagtagggg tctcccctta cccgtgcttg tagaacaacc    199620
     acattccgtt tgtgcctccc cacttcttaa cagttcttta gctaaattcc tttgattggg    199680
     ctttgtgaaa cattccagca ctacacaata atagttggca gattctatat ttaaaagggt    199740
     tgggggccag caggatggcg cacacaggta aagactccga cccagctgcc aagtctggta    199800
     tccttatatc tctgacccac atgtggagaa actgattcct gcaagttgtc ttcaacctcc    199860
     acaatcacca cgacacacat atgtatgtaa tcttaaattt aaaaaatgta gacagaccgt    199920
     atctctagct gctctagccc ccaaaagccc cgcccctacc ctgaatctgg gtggtggtgt    199980
     tggggggcag ctcatctgaa gtatttgcct gtatcgccag ggcatcccca gaaagttccg    200040
     atacagagta taactttgaa atcagactca tcctggctca tccactgagg ttaactgtag    200100
     aaagcccctg ccctccattt acctagctgc tctcagaagc aatatctgtc ttcattcttt    200160
     ccggccctga gttttctctc agacactcag ctgaagacgc tggggaaacc acagttgggt    200220
     tctggggtgc tgagagagca cgtgctgagt tagcccaaga ggcaggctat cagcagattt    200280
     gtgactaagg tcacttggtg aaaacaggtc cagggcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtacag    200340
     agaacacaga agcttagaaa gttctcaggt cgtgatcaga caccagggac ttgcgggata    200400
     ggcagggagt tagtcacagg tgcaaccaga aactggaacc acagacgctg ggcagcatta    200460
     ctctttctca catcaggaat gaatgtggga ctgagcagca cacgcgtggt tttcacttgc    200520
     acttggcacg tgtgattcta ctacacttac acttggcaca tgtgtgatcc tccccttgta    200580
     tttggcacac tcatgtgatc ctccacttgc tcttggcaca cacatatgat cctacactta    200640
     tacttggcac acatgtatga tcctacactg tgcttggcac actcatgtac tcctacactt    200700
     ggcacacact tgtgatcctc cacttgcact tggcacacat gtatgatact acacttacat    200760
     ttggcacaca tgtgtgatcc tatactgtgc ttgacacaca tgtgtgatcc tatactgtgc    200820
     ttggcacaca catgtactcc tacacttggc acacatgtgt gatcctccac ttgcacttgg    200880
     cacacgtgtg atcctccact tgcacttggc acacatgtgt gatcctatac ttgcacttgg    200940
     gaaataagag caggatgacc cagggatctg aggccatcct aagctacagg actccctgag    201000
     aacccagcct gccacaggag gacttgtact gtgggtacca tagattacca tcatttgcct    201060
     actgcaatgg taaggatgta gtgtgtgctg tttcagctct tattcctgta tggctatatc    201120
     ttaagtgaaa gcaaataagc aaattctaaa accttgaaaa tatatgaaat attttttttt    201180
     caaacaagag gaacgaggct gtcttcagtt tagttagtat caatggcgga tgagaaacta    201240
     gaactacact ggccaaggaa atgacgatgc ttgcaggaat cctcaccaca attcacctct    201300
     tcaggaaaag ccacgggctg gagagatggc tcagaggtta agaacaccga ctgctcttcc    201360
     agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaactatc tgtagtgaga    201420
     tctgatgcca tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga cagccacagc tatagtgtac tcatataaat    201480
     aaaataaata aatcttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggaaaggcc agtcagttct aggactgaca    201540
     ttgcaggaaa gaaagtattt cataaatgag cagtgcttcc tcatagccat tgattctgag    201600
     gtgggggagc tgcagctaat aacagcattt cattccggct cataagacag gaagatcagg    201660
     acaaacttgg ggccagcttt gtgtacacag agaccctgtt ataaagaaca gggcttggca    201720
     actcccctcc cccccaaata ctacccaaaa gttcatgctg ttcgaggcta aatagatcct    201780
     tttcttttcc aacctcaact caaatgctag ttcatctgac agtattcgac attctcactt    201840
     ggcaaatagg aatacttctg tatttgcatg acagagaaac aaaagcactt aagagtctgt    201900
     agtctggtgt ctaacaagaa aaggttgggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac    201960
     ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt caggagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac    202020
     catctgtaac gagatctgac tccctcttct ggagtgtctg aggacagcta cagtgtactt    202080
     acatataata aataaataaa taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    202140
     aaggttggga gttatcttga ccatgttaaa gttacaggct tagtacccca gaaagggaag    202200
     actttaaaaa ggcaagcaga aatgagacga ggaggatggg ccctgaaacg tggtggctag    202260
     ctggacaact taggccggca aggcctaact gaccggggaa caagagagga aacaagccag    202320
     ggtcactagg ctgaagcttg catgataaat cccgacctct aggattaaca gctgactgta    202380
     gaggtgcaca tgtgtgtaag cacagggaaa tgcttattac acggatgact cgccaggtta    202440
     gggatgtacc tcagtgatac ctggcaccaa ggggcatgtt tggaaagcag gtctttgtgg    202500
     acatgttgag tgttagcagc cctatgaaca ctaccatcag gcagttggac tgtaaggtct    202560
     atagacagac tggatagttg ctcagagagt tatcaaggtg taacaaggga tatcttcctc    202620
     gaagcggagg ctctctccag caagggctca ggtaacaaga gacaaggcct aagaccttat    202680
     ctatgatcct ccacagtaca agagtgaagg ctcctgttaa aacatggaag agaccccaca    202740
     gacgaaatga atgaagattt aagtggaagt cacaggcatg accaacagat ggcaccaaaa    202800
     atcccagtct caggtaagtt cctcagtgtg tgccagcgca gcgagcggcc cctcagtcag    202860
     accagctttc tactgctggg aaagctgttt tatctacaaa atccctgttc taatgcagtg    202920
     aaatcaacct ccacctgctg cttcaacctc agtagctgca gctatacaca gacagcggtc    202980
     tcctcgccca ctttccgagc atagcagtaa gtaagccctt gtaagcccag tatagagggt    203040
     atagattctg gagccaggct gccttgtcaa atcctatacc tccgttgact atgctgactt    203100
     ggggcaaact gcttagctag ctcttgagcc tccctccccc tctagcaccc ctccctccag    203160
     tctactgaga ggttattaca atacacacct tgtctaaggt taccatgaca accaaattgt    203220
     ttctggcact gtgcttggca cacactaatt gttccttgtg aactatcagg agatgcctgc    203280
     tttatagagc tgccactggc catgtgggtg agcactcatc ttccattttt ttcctgcttt    203340
     agcttgactt tactcaagcc atttcttcta ccatttctag ccccctcttt tctgatcaca    203400
     gaaagctgtc ttactccagc cacatcttgt gtctaactaa cgtgctgtct tgtgtacaca    203460
     gagaataggc tggcagtgct agagacccac accatggcct cctaggcact tatccttcaa    203520
     gccaacctgc tctttggtcc cgctaaacca gtagttctaa ccagctctgg cacttgtcct    203580
     gggagttttt ccatctaaac catgagggct ggactgggat gtaagagaca gcaggcacca    203640
     gctccttccc agtgccaggc tgatcccaga aaggcagcgg ctgtggaagg cagaactcca    203700
     aaccagcaca gaaggaaata cccggcattc caccatcaac cctggcctcc ttaccaaaga    203760
     gcattagaaa cccagacgag ccgggcggtg gcagtgaacg cctttcatcc cagcacttgg    203820
     gaggcagagg ccagcctggt ctacggagtg agttccagga tagtcacaga tagagaaacc    203880
     ctgtctcgaa aaaacaacaa aaaacccaaa aacacccaga tgaagtccag acacttagag    203940
     aatgcctaag aagagaaggt aggacctttg accagatggg gaaggaggac gctgtttggg    204000
     agataaactg accagaaatt cctgggagtg cagcacatgt ttggggacct ttttcagttc    204060
     cagagaggtt gacccaggcc ttccttctct taaactgctt taaggttgtt cttaaggtgt    204120
     cctaagttat gctggaagcc aacctagcta ttagtctgag cagagcaggt attaagctac    204180
     ttctagtctc cccaaattac tttttctaaa aaattacttt atgtataagt acactgtgct    204240
     gtcttcaaac acacaagagg gcatcagatc tcactagata gttgtgagcc accatgtggt    204300
     tactgggaat tgaactcagg acctctgtta aggtcagtgc tattaactgc agagccatct    204360
     ctccagtctc tcaccctccc acctcctttt tttttccccc aagacagggt ttctctgcat    204420
     agccctggca ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctccaac tcaaatctgt gctgggatta    204480
     aaggcctgca ccaccactcc cagccttttt ttccccccca attactttta aaccttataa    204540
     aaatttcctc aaatttcaat tgaaatccct actccattcc atttgccttt aagttaaatt    204600
     cctgtcacaa tcccagggaa attcctccca cttttaaaga cctctgaatt caccttctta    204660
     ggtctaggct tagctggctt tccttcctgt agaggttaac tgctgttttt caccaccttc    204720
     accagtccta tcactcttac tctccacttg caggtatata ttgactcact tgtggcagaa    204780
     tgaactgtca ctattttgga cactcctcag cctctgctcc catttccttt ggtacactaa    204840
     actaaagcct cactttgaag agctgtgcat cacacagctc ctgaatgaag acttggaact    204900
     taagacagag tggagtgcct tataacctgg ttgaactcaa actaagctat ccccttacct    204960
     gtttggtcac tgataggtac ttagtaccag tccttgtcta gcactctagg cttcaattct    205020
     tagcactctt aaaagacaga cctaggggcc aactggggga tatagctaat gatgatgtga    205080
     tacccagcac cgaatcaagc agaacaatcg ccacccaccc cagcaccaat aatactcaac    205140
     catttcttct gagccacttt gaacacagaa acaaatctca ctaagaaaac taactcaaaa    205200
     cttcaataat attttcttta tttacatgtt agactcaaga aagaaaagac agtcttgggg    205260
     ccaactggag aggtgactaa aatccccagg ccccaaatgg agtggaagta aaagggaaaa    205320
     gtagaaaaaa aaagtcaatg taaaaaacaa aaagagctcc ctcttcttcc ctccccatgg    205380
     aagctggagg gaggaccacg gctacacacc cccagcctta ccacatagct taaataaatt    205440
     aaaacctcaa aacagggccc ttagaagtga acaggacagc tacagctcag ggggctttat    205500
     gccaggccta tccccactcc cacccatacc cttgccccac ccccatcatc ctcaacaggg    205560
     acaccacacc caagagggct aggaattcaa tcgtattttg tccatgtccc tgccttcctc    205620
     cccactgcag agccagctct cctatggagg ggtgagatga agaagcgtca cagcaaggga    205680
     aagtggggaa gggtggttca ggggtccggt cctgcggagc cttcctgccc catctggcct    205740
     ggccccttag cccgagtctg aatcgctggt gtctgaagaa gaggaagatg acgacgagga    205800
     gctggaatct gagctggaac tagaagcact gagacgggac actgccactt gctgtgcaga    205860
     tgactctgtc ttctcactcg ctgtaaagtt aaaggtagaa gatgtgacat tttcatttgt    205920
     caggtagtca caagggctag ttgctagcta gccaatcctc tgttcaagtc ccagcattca    205980
     acttaaggag agaaagagtg aatataacgt ttagcagtct gaaatacctt tcttgggagg    206040
     ctttttggtg gagttgagct gtccactgac atcctgcaac cgcttctcta gctcccgctt    206100
     cttctccaaa gccagttcct cctttgtttt tcccacaggt ttcctaatag ctggaggggg    206160
     aaagtcagga ctcactctat tgccaagtct tcccccagag tcgccaactt ccattcctga    206220
     agcagcccag tcatcctgga tgctgcttgc cacaaacaca cacacaccag acccccacat    206280
     cttgctgtcc tcacaagtac tactgtggag cagtgttgac tgatggacat caatcatctg    206340
     atactcactg tagggcttcc ggggtttctt tcgaaggcag gataaaacat atcgctcaag    206400
     ctctctaagt gtggacggct tgagtgtttc aaaatcaatc tcaatttctt ctggatttga    206460
     atcacgtaga gagggttccc tggcttggat gatatgtact actcgaccca gcttttcccc    206520
     aggtaactta ttgatatcca ggcttaactg tctcttctca tcataactca tgggcctgct    206580
     ttcttcctcc tcctcagaat catagccagt gggaaggaca ggtggagctg tcttttgaga    206640
     ctttttaggt agcctacggg taataagaaa ttgtcagtaa tgagtttaca ccatgcaagc    206700
     tggcttgtac aatactgtaa gacacagtct taaatcctta cttgttgcta cttcctccgg    206760
     aagtcccaaa gccaggatgg ctgagtgtag tagcattgct acccccacca cctgctttct    206820
     tagatttctt gggctgaggt gggcgaggtg ccctaggccc cttatcatct tcatcgatcc    206880
     caattcggcc acgatgtttc tctgccttcc gtttcttctt tttttccttt ttctctctct    206940
     tccgcttggg cttagatatt gggccctggg acagggcagc cagttgttca tgaactgccc    207000
     gaagctatac aggaaaaagg tgaaattgtt gatcccaatt gtttcttggt cttaacttag    207060
     tccaagttct tacccaatta cagagcacaa cacaatgatc tacctgctcc tgcagctctg    207120
     ctaggcgatg agccctttcc tcctcagagt ctgagctttc actctcctcc tcgtcctcat    207180
     cttcttcctc ctcctcctct tcctcagagg aactctcact gctactttcc tcactggagg    207240
     actctgaaga ggatttggtc aacccaggag gcaaggcagt agagactggt agaggtcctg    207300
     gttccagtgg ctcatctggc atcttggcat agcgaaactc aaacacatcc taaaaaagac    207360
     agggagactc aaaactgtgt ttaatgccca gccacccagc ataccagctc caacttgata    207420
     aaagattggc aaagtcttac aagtttaaag cacagcaaaa attaaactct ccccataggc    207480
     agttactgtg gagtaaattc aactgcagct cttaagctca cctgcaactt tcgtgccata    207540
     gccacaacat cgtggtctgg aggattgtac ttatagcagt tggagaacat aagccgtaca    207600
     tcagcagcaa actcctgtgc atcccggtag tcacggttct ccatcttccg ctgcagaagg    207660
     aggcagcatg agaagctgca caggcagagt ctcatctttc cctgccaacc cgactcaagc    207720
     agccctctct tgaaacaagt ggggatgacc ttagggatct gtgccctggg gttcaagttt    207780
     gaagtccaaa gatttggggt aggtttgaag aaatatctat gtctagaaga aaacatttct    207840
     aagtgaccaa ggccatctct ctcccattac atttccctaa ccccacactt atccttaact    207900
     gtaaaaaaca aggacttcaa agtatgtgac tttgtacaac tttgtaagat acacagaatg    207960
     aaaaactgcc atgttcccat gaggagacat gggtattgct ttattggtcc ccaggctcca    208020
     gcccctgcct gagcagccca tctgccccat gcagtgggta ccttgacagt gctgaggtcc    208080
     atggggtgtt taatgatgtc atggtaatca tgaaggccaa gagcagaagc gtccactggc    208140
     ttatagaagg gccaggcgta ggcagcgtgc ttctttgaga gcagttcctt caggatgccg    208200
     ttgcagtgct ttaactgctc tgacagcttc cctttcttag agctctggtg ttgctgttgc    208260
     gagtcaggca agtcttttcg tgggggtttg attgggcggc cactctctct gcgcatagga    208320
     gggagccttg ctgcctttgg ctcaagactc ccaggaggac tagctgggga accaggagcc    208380
     aggatggctg tgggtgtagg ggtggtagta tccgctttcc gtttaacgcc ttttttctgt    208440
     agtagaaaga tggagggaat cagtcattct ggtccatttc ttttaacccc tttcttccta    208500
     gtcatcctga acaatcaacc tactgatgta taccttggca aggggctgag ctggaggcgc    208560
     tgctgataca gcaaggagtg ggggtccagc agaatgcagg gacttaagaa gaggagaaga    208620
     gatgactgat gggtggggaa tgttgaggac agtggtaggt atttcaggtg gtggtgtata    208680
     cagggctgta tgcgacacag aagagacagc aggcacctga tgggcactgg taatactgcc    208740
     ctggagtgct acaaaacagt aacaaaagac aggtaagtgt tgctcatttg tatcttcagg    208800
     tcacctgaat agctttgtct ttaggtcacc acttcctacc tgctaacttg gcccccttct    208860
     tatggctgtt tttagggatg gtcaccacaa gctcttgctc ctcttgtggc atggatgcta    208920
     ctttctgtag gaagatcttt tccagtgtct gtgccattag gacaatatca tcggtgggct    208980
     gcaggaacaa gcacagaaat cttcaattgt tagcacaagc accacatccc cacaagaatt    209040
     cccagctcca ggacaccata ccctcactag tacttaaggt catcacacca cactaacccc    209100
     tacaacctga aaatacgaga gcagagcttc tgagttacag atcccgcttt tctcaggtct    209160
     ctggagcttt ctgagaaaca gggccaccat ccccaaatat gaaaatgtgt tctacttaaa    209220
     taacttaatt ataggaacac tgaagccaca gctaacaaca caatttggag gtcaggcctc    209280
     cttagacctt aactagttgg atagcacttt ccagccctgt tgggactaat gaccagtact    209340
     gcctttcagc agctactata taagcttacc ttgttataaa tgtaacagtt ggtaaacata    209400
     gtattaaaat cctgcataca ttctgaggca gcccagtagt aattgttttc aagtctcctc    209460
     ttgatagtac ccatgtccat aggctgtttt ataattttgt gataatccta aaaaaaaaaa    209520
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atccagttga gagccacagg aaaatgtcta tggtagggca    209580
     actaccaaca gacaaaacac acacacccac acgcacaccc tagctattaa ggaatattgc    209640
     ccacactgcg gccccaatta aactagtcta gaaaaaggta atttaattcc cactaggagg    209700
     ttcctgatac cttttctcta gccacccacc tcccacccac gctgcaaact tcccatcctg    209760
     tgacattacc tctggggatg gctatccatg ggctgcatga gggaaaggaa gaagctaaga    209820
     attttggcca ccgtggtcct ctcccaacca ggggtgggaa tctgtaaaat ggagccaggg    209880
     cacaaaagtt aagggacaca tggaggcaag atgagaaatg ccaagataga gataacaagc    209940
     acaaaggacc aagaatctac aactctggtg gctatttgct ctaagagaat gggaactccc    210000
     taggggccgc agcacctatg ctaggtcacc cacccccact cacgcattcc agctcatgcc    210060
     catccagcct cttactcacc ggcaaaccca gcttcacagc gtccacaggc tgccggaatg    210120
     gccatgcaaa ctgatgcttc cacagagcct tcatcactac cttgtgcagg tactgcagtt    210180
     ggtttgttac ccgtcctggc tttttgggat tggacacctc agggggtggt ggattggcag    210240
     gggccagttg taaagctggt acagaagcca ttgtggggct ctcaaatccc tcatacagca    210300
     gagaaggctt tcgaatcctt ttccctggtg ctgctgcctc tgggcccagc cccagtaacc    210360
     ctgcattccc ttccccaggg agcctgcaaa aaggggaagc agaattagat gtggtaataa    210420
     catgaaagat caagaaaatg ttgctaactt gcactatgca accctgcaaa gccagactgg    210480
     ctgggcagtg gtagcataca cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gagccagagg cagacagatt    210540
     tctgcctggt ctattcagag aaaccctgtc tccataacaa gtaaataaat aaaaagcagt    210600
     gaagtgaatt gcaaccagca aagagttaac aatagttttt gtccatcttt agcttacact    210660
     gggtagtttg acgagctgct tggttaaaat aaatacaaaa ccaatgtcac atgacaactc    210720
     tagccttatg gagaagatct gaaacaaaaa tgggtggagc taagaaagtg aagcttcatc    210780
     ctcactaggg acttaatggt tgccatggtg gttgagacag agaggacagt gaagaaaagg    210840
     aagaataaat cttaatatca acacacctaa aagaactcat catactatct ttttcaatct    210900
     ctgggggggc ttcaagacca taataggaac cagacaaaac caacctaacc tcaactaaac    210960
     gaaaggaagc atgtcaaata tcccttctat agtaactgcc agacctccat caagtatcaa    211020
     ccaaacaagt ctccttcaaa aggcacaaca aaaagcaccc tacagtcaag gtcagcgtca    211080
     gcaagtccta atttagatag cacgcccccc ccccttacaa aaacagtgtc cctagcgact    211140
     cccactgtcc ctcagactaa aggctaacag aggttcccat caccacacag gctccctgtg    211200
     gttagtctag accaggtgtt tcctaatggc taagacacta gactcagatc tcattgttta    211260
     catctgcagt gaactgagcc ctgagtctcc gaaccaccct cctccccact gaatgaagct    211320
     caacgttatc caaacacacc caccgctgaa ggaaataaga ccttcaacgg cagcctgtac    211380
     ctatgtacca gaaacctagt cttgggcgtg atgacccctc caccctgtgg gaatccccct    211440
     ggcaaaccct caagctgtca ccatggcaac tccacgggca ctgaagcagc caagaagacc    211500
     ccccacaagc acgatgacaa atcaaggctg gatctgcgca cacaccccca ccaccctgca    211560
     gtccaactcg tcctggccga atgggtctcc gcgtcgcgga aaccgacagg ctgctcagac    211620
     gcagtacctg ggccgccgcc accgcttcaa aaccgtcgca gccccctccg cgagctcgcg    211680
     tcaacagctg cggcgcggaa gcgcgcctcg cccgcccgcc gctccccgga acgccgcccc    211740
     ccaacccccc tcccacacac ggttggcgga gacgtacttg tggggagtca cgttttgcag    211800
     catcttgacc tcagggaacc gccgccgctc agctgcgtga agtccgggta gcctcggctc    211860
     ccctcaccgc cgggcccagc ataacccggg aagtgggggg aaggccgctg cccttggccc    211920
     tccaggcgtc agcctcgttg cgggaccggc gggaacgctg tctcctgcgc cgtcctcccc    211980
     gcaactccgg cagctttgca cgctccgcag gcggcgacag caggaaaatg gcggcggcct    212040
     ctgccggccg gcgagccaca ggagaacgca gtctgcaaac ccggcagtcc ccgaaactgg    212100
     acaccgtcgt caattcggcc tgccgccggt ggacaggggt cccctcttcc cgccgcggtc    212160
     gccggggggt cacgagagcc gcgtcagacc tccgatggag gcggatgagc accaaaaagg    212220
     ggtttcagag agccgccgcc tccatctttg aaatcctctt gagggcggag tagaggggtg    212280
     gacagacacc gaggactggg cggggcccga gaaaggggag cctcgggggc ttctatgggg    212340
     tctgcactgt ccgccgggag cggtcgcggg ccgggacgaa gtccatttcc aagcggatgg    212400
     acgtggattg tactggcggc ccgcagaggc tccgagacgc tgggtcagta ggcgcaatcc    212460
     tccagctcgt cctagaggct gctccactcc agcgcgaaat ggcgccgccg agccccgcgc    212520
     cagcgcttta tatatagccg gaggggcgga gcttcgctgc tcatgcgcgc caccctgctc    212580
     gcgagctccc ccgccccctc cgcgcgtgct cgcccgctca cgcgcctgga gaagcaaagg    212640
     cgagggggca ggcccgcctc ttcgcgggag cctttcctat tggtccgctc gaaggatgac    212700
     gtcacaaact ccagttccaa ggcgtcgatt atcggcagca gagtgccgca gagagccaag    212760
     gcgaaaaggc accccgccat gtctccgagc caattggctg cgccgtggct tggcgaaccc    212820
     tgggagagat ggaggccgaa cggcgtgtag gcgccatctc cccggggcct gcaacacgct    212880
     gtccccacct ccaggtctga cggagccttc ccgggcttgc acacaccgaa tttctgccgg    212940
     tcgcccgcgg caggctggtc gcgccatttg cagcttttcc attggcggcg cgggcggggc    213000
     gcagagtggg acgggtcgcg cgggcggggc gggcgaaagg ttcttggctg cgaggccgcc    213060
     gcagtggaga atctgaaaca aggaagacag acgccatctt agaagtcgcg gcctgcttct    213120
     cggctgagcg ctccacagta accccgcgac gcgatctaac gtcccctgat ccaacacatg    213180
     accggagcgt tccaagacta acctcgtctt ccccgaacca aagtaatcag atagcaaagg    213240
     ccacgctctg ccctaaaatc ctcagctcta aagatgcgag gccaccccga gtgtttactg    213300
     tctagccagc cccgggggct cataccctgc ccgcccgccc gcatttgcag attctcgcgc    213360
     acttacccgc cttaggaacg cacaaggcgt ccacatgccc taaaagccga tctcggcaaa    213420
     ctttcccggc gtcagggtga ggagagcggg cgcagcgcac ggctccttgg ccccatctcg    213480
     ccccagcgtg ggcgagctga cgccccccgc ccccatcggg ctgggagtcc tccccacgga    213540
     gcgcctcttc catcggtcag cgccagggag gagggcgagc cgaggaggcg gcggcggcgc    213600
     tgctctgcag ccctcctccc tcccctcccc cccgcagccg gacgcctccg aggaggggca    213660
     ggagccattt tgggagctgt ctcgccccct ccccctcccc tacgctgtct tgggactcga    213720
     aacaagactt aagtaggaac caccagccag ttctcaaggt cagatggcaa aagcaactct    213780
     ggggtagccc ctcgcgcgaa agtaaaagcg tctatccccc cagaacacac ctctcgctcc    213840
     caaactcccc tttccctggc tgggaagaca ggtgtgcacg tctgggcaag taaattaacg    213900
     ttggtgaggg gctgtaaggc gggctcacca ttccccaatt atagccccaa ctggcctagg    213960
     tcctagaact gcaaccaggc gaccctccct ccacatgagc cctcgacctc gaacctcggt    214020
     cactgcactt aacatggcgg ccaagctccc gtcttctgga ccgcaagata agcgcagacc    214080
     ccgcaagggg taagtgcgcc ttggaagcag agaccctgca ctccccgccg ggaaccaggc    214140
     ccgggtcgcc cgagtgcgcg cggccccgcc cgggtggctg cggcgagcag ggcaatgaca    214200
     cagcaacttt agaggcctct cccctccccc tggcggcccg gcctccaaac tggattttcc    214260
     gcacctgggc ctggcgggtc cgggccgaag cccgacgggg gtggggtggg ggtggggaga    214320
     gaactcgggg agcggggaaa ctgctgggcc ttagagagaa agggtagcca gacgacgctc    214380
     ccgtttccct gcattccgga aaatcactgc gccccagtca ttcccagccc tccctgcccc    214440
     cacatgagtc acaggggagg ctgctgctac ttagtaattt ggaaaagtaa ctctttcctc    214500
     ctttccgttc cctcccccgc agcacacaag gaggcaactg ttccaggcag ggggagggga    214560
     ggagggcggc agtagagcat gccacccgga gaaaccctag acctcggaga ctgggaggct    214620
     cggaccacgc tggctctccc ctcccagcac ccacctcagg ccaggactgc gctcgcaggc    214680
     ggcccccagg ctctgggccg gtgagccctc cccaccctgg ggcagagaca aacagctaag    214740
     agcccggagg ggatgcgcag ctgggaacag caggccccac aggccgcgtc ctcgtgaaaa    214800
     gcacacaaac tcgaccgagc ctccatcacg ccatgtgacg atggcgagcc tgctaccctt    214860
     gacacaaagg gagcttaggg agtccctggg gaggcaggga gtcggcgcca gggaaccaca    214920
     ccagttcacc tccagagctg ccaactccta agctctcgca tcccacgacc aacactcaca    214980
     ctcagcctac ggggtcgccc tcccctcgcc cgcccaaaac atcccatctc acctggctcc    215040
     cgattcctgt cccccccccc ccccccggtg acgggtgcat ggggcacaag ccaccctcgc    215100
     ccctttgccc tccgatgggt atgtaggcac gaggttggcc attcccctcc cccacacagt    215160
     ggccctcttg cgctggcccc agtccacact cccattggct gtcaggtgtt tgaaagacaa    215220
     gtctttcccc cttgggattt ttctcctgaa ccccaagaat tcttcccact ccccaccttt    215280
     acttatgcat ttaaatgacc gatggcgtcc ccgccccagg ggcccctgct cacctggatc    215340
     caggagccac gggggggccc tcgaaagtcg ccctcagccc ggctgggggg ggagcaagga    215400
     atccggggtg tcaacccccc cggaagccga gaaggcgttg ggggaggggg cgtagccccc    215460
     agcccctccc ttccctagcc gctgggggtg gggggaaaag catcggggcc gcgcggccac    215520
     gtcagcagcg ctccgactgg ctggggcggg tcacgtgtcc gcccccccta cggccacgag    215580
     ggcgaggttt ccgaacactg cggagggtcg tgaacggggt cacagggact gcaaggccca    215640
     gacctgtgtc ccgagacccc agacctcgct aaggctgttg cctcgccagg tccccggcct    215700
     cccttgcgcc tgtggtcgcc cccgtccccc ccactcgcct ctcggtacga gttcagcatg    215760
     gctgccgcag ccccacgaaa cacatagcgc atgcgcaagg gtgtgcctgg tctgggggga    215820
     ggggaggcac gggtcgcggg gagagccgcg gtgcgcaggc tcagtgcgcc ccgagcctcg    215880
     gggccacctc gttgagcgat gggtgtggcg ggagcgcgcg ggcctgcgcc ccggtggcct    215940
     cccccccctc cccaccgcgg cggggggaat aggttcttcc ggctccggtc tgaggcgttg    216000
     cctggcactt tctggccaga atccgcgggg ccccatgctg tggtcccagg aggcacgcgg    216060
     gtcctggctg cagcagcggg actgcagggc gagcctccct ggaacggtgg gggtccgctt    216120
     ggatgttgca cgctcgattt gacgttttaa tcgggaggag ttgtggggtt cctcgaattt    216180
     cttaaactgt ttcttttttt tttcctctat gagacttgaa aatacccgaa tcctgccttc    216240
     gaagtatacc acccgtgttt ctttctctga tcgtgtacag gtagaccatt tattaacata    216300
     gagttctact tcgtcatttc tgctcgtttt gatcatgatt ctttcctgac attgtctata    216360
     ctctgtttct gtttctgtga cctgccttac tagtttgttt ctcagtcttg aattcatcct    216420
     actaaagttt agggtgacaa cttaaaaaca atgcagttga cttaaagtgc gaagctcgcg    216480
     cttatctctg ttgtcttttg tctttgaagg tatggtctgg atttacactc tgcaccagca    216540
     gcccacctgt attttccgtg tgtagaacag ggcatgtctc ttattttatc ggggcttctc    216600
     agttgaagga aattgctttt gacttggtca cctttctctg ttaacctaag taacttcctg    216660
     tccattttgc tctcttagcc aaaaagaaaa ccctattcag tacctaccct gtctctaagt    216720
     agccaaaaag aaaaccctat tcagtaccta ccctgtctct aagtactccg tggctttctc    216780
     aacttccttg cacagcagga cttggactta caagactctc cctgcttgtc tcctcccagt    216840
     tctcttattt cccacttcat gcagccccag agtgtgacct caccacccta cttagcagga    216900
     cctcccagct gcccacccca gagtccactt ctgatttctc cctgacattg cccatgcatg    216960
     tcatgttccc aacccccagt ctcccttttg tacatttggg tagctggttc ctgctgtttg    217020
     tctggaatgc ttctacatct tcaatgactc aagcctttca actccaccgt aagattagac    217080
     agttctcttg agtggaactt cctatgaaaa attcctgcct ggataacccc agacactgga    217140
     gcatgctcag aattgatgtg ggctgtccgg cgcatctgat ctgctgctgt gttattctgt    217200
     ccatgcacga tgtcctcacc tctccttaca actttatatt cacctgaact taccattccc    217260
     ttcttcatct atcaatgcac actgctgtgt cctcaagaac caggcaatcg tgcctgtgtc    217320
     tgctgcatca cctggacttg ttatttgtac tgtgcagtag caacttgaat ttaaatcagt    217380
     attacatgct gtttagattt gtttcatagt ggcaccagcc atattttcaa gttctcagtg    217440
     gccaggcatg gctagtggct aggacatgaa gccataattc cacgtgctct gggttttgtc    217500
     cacggccctg aaattgcgta ttaaattgtg gctccctggg ctttccctct tttttttttt    217560
     tttttttttt ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg    217620
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc    217680
     gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca cgcccggcat gggctttccc tcttgaccta    217740
     tgctagaact cagctcctgt gttttgtttg tttttgtttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg    217800
     tgtagccctg gctgtcccga aactcacttg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc    217860
     ctcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcatg caccaccact gccctgctct    217920
     gtgttatctg ttaatcccag gcttgtcgga aaggtctgct tcctgttgcc agtctccagt    217980
     tagccagttc ctctccagcc ccctagccga ctcacagagc agtttcccaa acgggtcacg    218040
     tgtcagtgtc atcttggatt ttttctcagt gctttacaca tagttccttc tacaaggagc    218100
     tgcctttcct tcattttaaa ccaacagctg cgaacagttt actctcaaca cttaaagtaa    218160
     gctgacttat ttgaatccac ttatgatcgt accttttata gtgaactgtg attgcctgtt    218220
     tctccttatt atgagacttc atcctgaggg tgtgactatt ttgtgttgtg tgtggtttgt    218280
     gtgtgagaga gagggagagg agcagggtct cactatgttg atatggttga tctgggactc    218340
     tgactctagt tttcacagga aactgaaaga tgttgaatca cttgtccaag atcagactgt    218400
     tgctaagtag cagagctagg atttgaaccc ataatctact tctgactggt gtgttatcag    218460
     agtacacagc tctacagagt tctaggtctg gattgggacc aaagaattga aggctagggg    218520
     agggacactt aagagttatc cttaaggtga tggccatagt aaggtagata agctttttaa    218580
     gaaggaaaaa ttgtgttgag ctttgagtca aggattaagc ttaggtgtgg tggcacctgc    218640
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttctt tttttggttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctg    218700
     tatagccctg gctatcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccatg ctggcttcga actcagaaat    218760
     ccatccgcct gcctctgctt cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccaccgccgg    218820
     gctgtggaac ctgcttttaa atacagcact tgggaggtgg aagtaggaga ttaggagttc    218880
     aaggccaacc tagagggaag ctgtagatct ctggccacag ggatccattt tcacttgcac    218940
     acataaccta cataatttaa aataatctta acaaaaaagg gggtatatgg agcactctca    219000
     cttagagtgg ggagcaaact caggagatta caggtcagtt gctaggactg tttaatctgt    219060
     tgggataact cccacactga cgacttaggt gactgagtcg ccaacggtgt cattcctgag    219120
     ccccagatta ttgtcattgg aaggaactgg aaggtttctg agctgatctg cctgtgaaat    219180
     gcttaattag tgttggtgag tagacctctg tagaccccta atgttgtggt gctgttggga    219240
     taacccccgg ctaacacaca gatttatcct atcctgcgtg cctagagtga cctcatgcag    219300
     ttggctatgt tgaagatggc cgtgttgagg ggttagtgat gattctgttt gtttcttttg    219360
     gttttttcga gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga    219420
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatcctcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgaattaaag    219480
     gcgtgtgcca ccaccacccg gcgattctct gttctttggc aatactaaga ggtgatactg    219540
     tgcttggcca cagtcgggcc taatgggcgc atacctaatt caagaagaac cagtcgaatc    219600
     ttctctctga aagagtgaga aatttaacac aggctggagg cctttgtggc ctaggagtga    219660
     cagctcaagg cccatgtggt cactctcgag tcccacaagc tgagcctgta acaccttata    219720
     tattacatta accagggtta gctcctctct cccttctctc tttcccattc tctccatcct    219780
     attctgatct attttgaggt agtgtctatt agcccagact ggccttgaac tcatgacctt    219840
     cctgtctcca cttctccagt gctgagattt ctggcatgta ccaccagatt ggcctccaga    219900
     attggttggt ttccatgcca gaaacgtctc tcgttttact gtattctgct gaagtcgact    219960
     taacaggtag catttttact cctcggggaa caggatttcc ttcagacaaa acattctgag    220020
     agctggagct gcccaacttt cgagtggaag ccaccacacg cagtggaatg tcagggtgga    220080
     ttccagatca gaacctgtgt ggttctgagt ttggaagatg ccagcaaatg tgctgaacgg    220140
     agagggaggg ggtgaggcca taaataccgt tcagggcaat tgcgtcctgc aagaaggaca    220200
     aaggttgaag acaaagcccc aggggagtcc ttaaagccag gtgtggtggt tcacgcctat    220260
     aatcccagca cttgagaggc tgaggcagga gaactgattt gagtacaaag catgttctac    220320
     agtttcctgc agcctaggct ataacaggac tccacctcag aaaaaccaag cagcagctgg    220380
     aagaatagct gtgaaaaggg aacaccagag atgggagccg gagggagaac tagagagtgc    220440
     ttccaggcca gtcggggtcc agaccaagta ggagagagga cagggccaac tgtgtcagat    220500
     gtgcagactg ctcaagtcga cctggtgaga ggcacagaaa tactgaggaa cagtgtcatg    220560
     tggagagcag gggatttcag caagtgtaaa agtgggggac acagttgcac attggcttgt    220620
     gccagttggg gggggcggtt aggaaacact tgggagcggg ctctcagata cctttggtgg    220680
     agattgttgg tagagtggat acaaatggct gggcttgttg ctatttgtat cccactgtag    220740
     ctagtggaga aaagttggct agcctgcagc ctccaggtaa ggctggcttc cctttgctgg    220800
     ttcctcctgc cccacagttg gccacacccg ctcctaagcc cgcccacact gcccgcccac    220860
     tcactgctgc tatttgccca gaagatctca ggactcgctg ttgtctgcag aatacaccat    220920
     gcttagtgcc aggccacagt tcctaagcgc aaggcagaaa aggtgactat ttggggcttc    220980
     catcctgatt ctgaccacac acagactagc attcagcaaa atatggatgg ccctttggcc    221040
     aaagctagcc cactgttttc ctatggcctg ggtgctaaga atggcttcac atttttttaa    221100
     atgatttttt ttttaaaagc aagaatgttt catgaaacat ggaaatgtga aattcacatt    221160
     ttagtatcca taaataagag agttaaggac agaactccag ggaagatcag tagagagcag    221220
     aggggtctat gagggaggta gagcagcctg ggaagcctga ggaaggaagg acaagggcag    221280
     agtcttggtc actctttggt ctaattgcct tcagaaggct tgcagactct ggtttggagt    221340
     tccaggtggg tggctgggct tgtgttccca cagagaatgc ttgtccagga tgtgagcgcc    221400
     tgggttccac ctccagaact taagtggaag aaagttgtgt agtgtgtctc ccctgcggag    221460
     tgttaaaaac aatctcctga aatctcccca cctagacacg taccgacaga aggagcttgc    221520
     tgttctacaa catcaggagc tcttcatgtt gttttatttt tgtgtttggc tacagttgct    221580
     actgtgattc gtcagatggg ccacaggatg gggctggaga gatggctcac tgttttaaga    221640
     gcactggctg ccgctcttgc agaggaccaa ccagtgttca attcccagca cagacatgga    221700
     agctcacaac ggtctgcaac tccagttcca gggaatctga caccctcaca cagacataca    221760
     tgcaggcaaa acactaatat acataaataa aaataaatta aaaggggggt tgggcacagg    221820
     tttcacaagc ctcagaagca ccattttcac aaagatgaac tgcttagctt agttcattgc    221880
     attagatctt ttctctgcct cttcccccac cctccgtctc ctcctctgtc gcacacacag    221940
     cgacagtttc ttcctcccct ccccctccac agcccaccac aatctggagt tgactcctac    222000
     agttcggaga gtgttctcag taaatgcgcc ttccaactat aactgcagat ctgatactcc    222060
     tcagcccttc ctgcatccag agtgggccgt ttagcgcctt acctgctgtg tgcctccatc    222120
     acctggggca gcctccatcc ttcccctgct aggcgttccc ggcacctcca gattcttagc    222180
     atatacagtg ttcgttactc tctgaagaac caccctcccg gctggcttcc ttgtggattc    222240
     tgccagcagt cggctctgaa aaaaaagatc gacggaaaac cccagaaact tactgcttca    222300
     gcctccagtc gggtgactga cagttgtggc ccttggtgga ggaggtagcc attgcagaag    222360
     tctggacagc ttcctgggga aagctccccc gagatcctga gcttggtggc agcttctcag    222420
     cagatgaatc tccgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct gctgcccctg ccggtgtcta    222480
     cagggctgca gcagatacag acagggatcc tggctcaggg gctgggcagt gtctgatcct    222540
     gcacatccat ctctcgcggc tgcagctgca ggcagcctcc tcccttgggc tcttcctgcc    222600
     tctttaacat ctttgaaact gactttatat atccggttct ctcagtctag tgtgcttgca    222660
     agcccaacac tgtgggctaa ggccactctg ctatgagttt gaggccagct tcaactacat    222720
     agggacatct gtctttctta acaaaaccag cctggattcc aggtgtggct cgatctcctg    222780
     cctgggcact gggtggtagc taatgaggtt atcctgttta ccttcagcgt agtcgacttg    222840
     gtggtttgac cctctgttgc atcctgtgtg ttcatggctc tccaaatcag actcatcagc    222900
     cgcacctggg gtccctctcc ttccacctca ccacagcact ccaaatttaa aacatttaag    222960
     atcatattct ctttgcccgc ctccgcccca tctcctcttc ttccccttcc ctcctcccct    223020
     ttgttccctc ccgcaaccca gggcctcata cattctaggc aaggctttgc tactggactt    223080
     ttctaaccta cctttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttgaggcaa gttctgagac    223140
     tcaagctggc ttttgggtag ccctgtagac atagattttt tttttttgca acccactttt    223200
     aataagggtt cagcctttcc tgtaatgcac cacccagcag aagtagggga agagaaaagt    223260
     tactaggaca tgggggaagt ggccccgttc agcaatagtt ctttgagggt gagcttgatc    223320
     gtcttgggca gcagttcagt cccagagcaa acgccagata tgacttagca gccacagacc    223380
     agtcctctag gcagacagac agcacacgcg aacaggcagc tacagtccag ttccttcatc    223440
     aagcacacac caggcagcct gaagaaatca ccaggcttca ccacccagcc tgaggtgagg    223500
     ctgccagagg cagcaagctg cgtcaggaac ctcctgagca gttcttgggt gagtttctct    223560
     caatggcagt gttaccacaa gttgagctca acaacgctat gtaaggtgaa ccaatgcatg    223620
     tgtgttgcta gtgaagagta atgaggtgga gcaaacgaaa ccagtgctca gtgttcctcc    223680
     cccactgtgg ggtcatattt atactcgttc atcacagctc ctttcacgtg tttgctataa    223740
     taaaacatcc tttcacctgt gtgccccagc aaaacataat ttgacgtaac taaccttcca    223800
     aagaaactag acgtttgctc ttcctggccc caccttgagt ttgcgatctt gtactccagg    223860
     ccctgagtag ccaggagtac aggtctgcac caccaggctc agcctcatct ttcagtaagt    223920
     ccccggtagc caagcccttc cgagccaact tcctcatcgt ctcagcatcc gtgatcggaa    223980
     ggaaggccca ttaacagctt cactcctgac aaatggagct atagacagtt agccagcggt    224040
     tttaggtttt ctcaagttgc agtggtttga gatatcagaa ccacacagaa atgctcaagt    224100
     tagctccttt aatcccagca ctctgggagt atgaggcagg cacatctcta tgggttcaaa    224160
     gccagcctgg tctacatggt gaattccagg ccagccagtg aggcctttct taaaatagat    224220
     gatggtggtg atgatggtat tattttgcat catgctctgg ctttttattt gttctgtcct    224280
     cctcctcttc ctcctcctcc tctcctcctc ccccgccctc tctctctgcc acacagtaca    224340
     ttgggctcag taccagcaca tgctaagtat ctaccactga gctgcatcca tccgtggagt    224400
     gtttcctggt gtcttctgtg ttgccagttg ggtcagtcag accctcttca tgctgtgtca    224460
     gggcctacgt ggccacctct actctggatt tctaggagca tgggcagccc ttacggccct    224520
     tacggccctt acagcctttc acatgaacgt cacggaggct gaaaaggagg agaggccgcc    224580
     tttgaccggg gatgcttgtc tcctttctca cattctggtc aaatcgctgt tctttccagt    224640
     ctctcatgtc ggatcctttc cttactgaca tgataaaata ccttacaaaa acaaggaagg    224700
     cagaacgtcc tgaggctcag tctgaggggg caggccacca tagtgggaaa gttggggcct    224760
     caggagtgag gggcagctgg ctatggcgta cgtggagtca agggaagacc gatatgctgg    224820
     tatttagcgc tttcctctct gaccccagca ctgtgtacga tgccagccac actcagggtg    224880
     ccttcccgtt tcaattaatc caacctagaa attctcccac agatacatct aaaagtctgt    224940
     ttccatggtg attctaaatc catcaaactg gcaatcaaga agaaccctca cagctcctaa    225000
     aagttgtcca atgccctctt tgttccccag cttcctaaaa cctaaactct cgacccatcc    225060
     ctgctgtgtg gttcagggaa tcaaagccag ggcctcaggc atgccaggca ggagtcctcc    225120
     tgagcatcac ccccagtccc ggcgcattct caggtagaca atgtatctat agctagttgg    225180
     tccttgctag actttaagct cctgagaata tgccttgcag gactctcacg tgtcagggtt    225240
     ccagcattgt gacaaaatga catcacttaa caggaaggct tgttcttgct cctcgtttca    225300
     agccacggtc atttggtccc atcatttggg cctatggcaa ggtggtacac ggtagggtgt    225360
     gagctgggca gcagagtagt tgagagggag agggagaggg agagggaaag gttgtaatgt    225420
     ctttcagttc atgcccccaa tgactcttgc ttccacctag gtcttccaat ctaatgttcc    225480
     cgctacctcc caatagcctc atcaatttgg gggccaagcc ttccacacag gagccttcag    225540
     ggacatttct tttctctctc tttttttttt atttcttttt taaaaaattt ttcatctatt    225600
     taatgtatgt gtgttctgct gcgtttacaa ctgcctgcct gaagagggca tcagttcccc    225660
     ctagagatgg ttgtgaggca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag    225720
     agcagccagt gctcttagcc atctcgccac ctgccaggga acattttaaa gatggtggtg    225780
     gcagacccct tattcataag agatctattt caagacttca gcaaatgctt aaagcaacag    225840
     acattttgta gcaacagaca tttcacgcgc acacacactc acacacacac acttattatg    225900
     gtggtgaatt cccctgggaa ctttaaaatc ccacagtgtc agccaggtgt ggtggagcac    225960
     gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggtgaat ttctgagttc aaggccagcc    226020
     tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa    226080
     acaaacaaac aaacaaatcc cacagtgtct atcacacagg gaaagcctgg tcttcaggat    226140
     aggcctatca gtaggatttc tggtagcaag catggacttc caaacccttt ggatttgcag    226200
     tcacacactg gctactaaga gagtcctctc attcagcatg agggtgtctc tttaatttta    226260
     ccatgtgggc atgggcgtga gtgtgggtgt agtgtttttc ccacatgctt gtgcaccttg    226320
     tttgtacttg gtgtctaagg aggccagaag aggacgttaa atcccctgga gctagtagtg    226380
     ttaagagcca ctatgaacca gtatgtgagt gctgggaatt gaactccggt cttgtagaag    226440
     ggcagccagt gctattaaca gctgagtctc ctctccacct caaagatgtt gatcgtcttt    226500
     gaatcctcgt ttacattttt ctggtattag gccaccaggg cattggatac ggactgttgg    226560
     acagcatgaa tctgagccac atgaccacca ccctggatgt cctcaccagc aaaccactcc    226620
     ctgtccagaa gttgaccaac tccagtaatg tatttcagtg tgtggttcca tcaccaccag    226680
     gggcgcctgt tcatctcgat aaagctgttt gcaggttgca ctgtaccatg attgcggtct    226740
     tctgaagatc tgcatgcact gtagaggacg cttggacact tggacggcct ggctctgaca    226800
     gcagacccga gccctcacca cactcagttg ccgttggtag tttaagcgac ttgtcagtgt    226860
     gcctgggttt agaatcacca ggaagataca tgggtgcacc tataaaggtg ttttcagaaa    226920
     agtttaagtc gagaagaatg acctgctcta agtatgggct ggactccctg attggataaa    226980
     agggagaaat accttcttgg ggtgttggag gaagaaatgg ggtttgagag ccaggagcaa    227040
     ctttacccca ccagtgttta gctagcaggt ggcaggcctg ctctctgctt gctgactcaa    227100
     tgtgacccgc ggcctcatgc cttccttgtg tacatgtaca cacatgtact gtgtttcata    227160
     tatgtgataa agcgttaata aataagaaca ccaataacag caacaacaac acgttataac    227220
     agttaagata ggggccagca aagtggctca gcagatctga gtgttcaaag tgcatgctgg    227280
     gtaaagcttg ctaagctgtt tgactcccag aacccacaac gaaaggagac aaccaatgtc    227340
     tgtctgtctg tcctcccctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agagagagag acagagacag    227400
     agacagacag agacagacag acatacattg tgagctgcca tgtgggtgct gggaattgaa    227460
     ccctggtcct ctggaagagc agtcagtgtt cttaaccact ccactgagcc acctctccaa    227520
     ccccacatct cccttacttt actaagctac agctctcacc ttttcactta caggaagccc    227580
     tttaaagctc caccatcggt gtttccaagt ctcctcctct tgccctttgg ggccactctt    227640
     agtaaaacaa gggtcactag aacacaaaca ctcagtgcag tgacagtcaa gcccaggtag    227700
     tagctcagtg actacacaag cgggtggcaa gtatggcatg agacaccagg caaatagatg    227760
     actcacatct ggggcaggag atgtcatgag gcaagatgag ccctaggagg ctcataacag    227820
     tgcaaaatcc aaaacttgct atcctgggtg tggtaaccca tgcctgtagc cccagcttca    227880
     ggaatgtgag acaggaggat cactgaatcc gaggccctac ttgtccacat agtgagacca    227940
     tgtctgccct cctcaagcct tgggttaaat tcccagcacc aactgaacca ggcacgatgg    228000
     tgcttgtctg taatccaagc actatggttg tgaaggcttg aagatcacag tgaattc       228057