EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR974444; SV 18; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 190041 BP.
AC   CR974444;
DT   10-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 24)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-115O3 on chromosome 17
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-190041
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Clark S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   ( and BACPAC Resources
RL   (
DR   MD5; 0b04d8ae02f20ac147678c229e92e7d7.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000019432; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024387; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024392; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024393; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024397; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024399; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024403; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000073412; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000081650; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000092417; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CR974444.18:1-190041; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025246; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025250; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173600; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173731; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173915; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174024; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174281; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174478; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174757; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174779; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174805; mus_musculus.
DR   GOA; B0V2H2.
DR   GOA; B0V2H4.
DR   GOA; B8JJ61.
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DR   GOA; S4R224.
DR   InterPro; IPR000467; G_patch_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000626; Ubiquitin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR000704; Casein_kinase_II_reg-sub.
DR   InterPro; IPR002048; EF_hand_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002110; Ankyrin_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR002961; TNF_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR005124; V-ATPase_G.
DR   InterPro; IPR006052; TNF_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR006053; TNF.
DR   InterPro; IPR007775; Leukocyte-sp_tscrpt_1_LST1.
DR   InterPro; IPR008983; Tumour_necrosis_fac-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR009738; BAT2_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR011545; DEAD/DEAH_box_helicase_dom.
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DR   InterPro; IPR016150; Casein_kin_II_reg-sub_b-sht.
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DR   InterPro; IPR029071; Ubiquitin-rel_dom.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; S4R183; S4R183_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; S4R224; S4R224_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-115O3 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..190041
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-115O3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    45657..45869
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone."
FT   misc_feature    121128..121146
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_174574, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    173910..173959
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_63362, version 2."
SQ   Sequence 190041 BP; 45773 A; 48564 C; 48149 G; 47555 T; 0 other;
     gaattctctg agttcaaggc cagcttggtc tatggtctac ggagttccaa gacagccaag        60
     gctatacaga gaaatcccag tcttgggggg gggcgcgaag aaaaagctta acaggcagct       120
     tgatcatctt tagagagggc agcagtggag aaggaaagat gttacagaag atggaagtga       180
     cagaaaaaaa gttgaccatt ggcagaacgc aaaccaggta gtcagtcgcc tctatcagtg       240
     cctctgtcca tggtgcctgc cccttctagc tgaggttata caggggagcc ccagatagaa       300
     agggttggca gaacaagggc ttccctttat actacaaccg catagacagt ggaggcatca       360
     ccagaaacca ctgtggacat ccggcggtgc ctcccgagga cagagtggtc cagatcagcg       420
     tagtgcaggc tctggaggag gtagagagag gacggtagta tggtctcatc aatctgaccc       480
     cttagcttgg aatcaaagct ttttttcttt tccccactgt gggtaaaggc gactatgtag       540
     caaagcctgg ctttcatctt cctgcttaaa cctccagagt gctgggatta cactgctgct       600
     ccacagcaac ctagctaggc tgctttcttg gccctctttc ctccgggatt ctggcctttt       660
     tcccatcccc aggcccttac cggctcctgg tccaggtggc ctgagatctt ggactcctgt       720
     tctaaaggcc tctgtggctc agcatttatg actggagcta tgtgggaggg agggacagaa       780
     ctgaagggtg aagagaaaat gaccaacttt gtctgctcct cgcaaggact cagactcaag       840
     aactcagggt tagggattgt gcgggtagga tagggaaatt gagtgcagtt aatctcacca       900
     aatgtgggta gtggtccagg cgggggcggg ggtgggggcg gaggcgagag tctgtaagga       960
     agtccttgaa gagtcaccaa tctcgtctta ctggttcctc ggccgcaggc ggcgccaata      1020
     agaactgtgc aaactgcagt ctccgaccag caaaacaact taggctcctc tggaaccagg      1080
     tcccgcccac tctctgggct ttctgacctt tcagtttggt ttctgcagcc tcggttccct      1140
     actccagcct gtagcctagc acccaagggc tgacctctca cattctttta acaaacgcca      1200
     ggcctccaga cacttctttt tctttgtaaa ggttagggct ctgccccacc tctttcccca      1260
     cgccctgact ggtcacaccc tgtttcaagc caggctccgc ctccagtgct cacctgcgcc      1320
     gccgccagac cacgcccgcg actcccagtc ccagcacaag cccaacgccc aggagcggaa      1380
     tcaggacctt gggatactcg taccctaggg agaccgcgag gcagggagag atgccgtggt      1440
     caggggtaca gacaataggg ttctactaac tttaccgctc tgtaagattc cgccccgctt      1500
     tttgtcccgc gtgtgtgtcc aaattaagtg cccctgtgca tctgggcctc gacctaccgt      1560
     gggtagatcc tgcaggccgg caacctgcct tgtcccctaa cacttgaagc actgtgcgac      1620
     tctcattctc gtggcgtcct ttgcagaaaa aggttccaga atccccggcg ctcagcagca      1680
     gctctagccg cttgatacca ttgtccaggg aacgcaggcg gccagagaaa tgctggagca      1740
     cagttggggt ccctctcgtc gaggcccaca agatcggacg gcgcccttta gacaagccct      1800
     tgcatgctgg gaaactaggc gcccaagccc agcgggtggg gtcggagacc cctatgcagg      1860
     agagattcac ccggtcccca gggctgccct ccaaagaaac taggaaaggt gggggaggga      1920
     gatagttagg gctagtttat caggcgctct ctctgtctct ctgtctctgt ctctctccca      1980
     cccccccgcc ccgccgcgtg cgcgcgcgcg cgcgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      2040
     cacaaggtga tcctagttgt ctcagtcttt ctttgcccat cacaacttcc cagggatggc      2100
     ctaccctcgg gattcccctg gacctttgag agcaacaaag gcagcagcgg caggaccaag      2160
     gccatggttg ggatgtggtg gtcagaggcg ggagtgaatc agcagggaga ccggagggaa      2220
     gcagaggggc agggatgggg atcctgccgg actgggggct cagataagag cgagtgtgag      2280
     gccaccaatt tctggatccc tctaggaatc ctcaagccaa catgcagtct tcgaactttg      2340
     aaatgatttt aaattttgtg cttgaaacct tttgcaaagg cgctatgctt ttttgcgaac      2400
     aactaccatg gccccaaagt accacaaata ctgaagctca gcttcctgag ttcgaatcct      2460
     gagttcatcc agccacacag tagctgggtg atgtgagcaa gccacttaat ccctgcctgt      2520
     tccctcatca ggaaaatgga gctaaaagca tgtgagaacc aaatcaatac attgagagag      2580
     tctaaagcaa tagatgacat atgggagtac tcagtgtatg acatggtcat tattatctct      2640
     atcttagttc ctatctcacc tctgtgtgcc catgatgttc ctccctaccc aatgggctcc      2700
     tccctaccca atgggctcct ccctacccaa gggactcctc ccaaacccaa gtccaagtgg      2760
     ggtgagggct tccttggcat gttatacagc ctcagccccg cctctctgac atcacagaaa      2820
     ccctccatga tgccataagc ccttctttat cttgtggctg agcatcagtt ggaagactgg      2880
     ctggggaatg gatctacatt aattcacctg tttcgtcaat ttctgctgga atgtctgatc      2940
     aatgtcctcc catccctagg cacccaaagt tgctgaaaca actcagttac tgtctgtttc      3000
     ctgggaacta gcagaaacta gtgttgtggc tgtctaagtc acagaggctt ttctgatgct      3060
     ctctccaggg cagggggccc tcagctgggg gtcctgaatc caagatccaa aatggagttg      3120
     cccactagtg acactttccc cctcctatct ccctctcctg tctccccttc ctacccaggc      3180
     cctcttggac cctttccacc tctagtcttt ctctttagtc agctgggaat aaattgggag      3240
     ggaggtgccc acagagggca caggcccgga agggaggagc cattgggatt ataaattctg      3300
     aaaagaccgc tcaactctca gagctggaga cctgggaatc tgctgtcaac tgctggggct      3360
     gtggacattc tcaggaccct caccatgaaa cacctcctgt tgctcaccct gtctgcccta      3420
     ctctactgct gggtctcagg tgagtgctga ggggccccag gccccatccc aatccaatac      3480
     ttcatatttc cctctactca ggatcccaag aagtcccaac cctacatggc ttagtctcgc      3540
     caatgcctcc aggatcagat atctctgagc atgatgggct ctagttttct tactcctctc      3600
     cttcttttcc ttcctccttc catttcttgt attctttttt gggggggggt gggtcagagt      3660
     ctcctgcttt gaactcctga tcctcctgcc tctaccttct aatgctggga ttacacatgt      3720
     gtatcacacc taggctcttt ggtccattat caaggaccca ggtctccatt gtcattttct      3780
     cctagccctg tattggccta gcctactctt cttacctggc attatggcac taggtctcta      3840
     tacacctttc ctgcactcta taacacccag atgtctgtct agccagttcc aaatgcactt      3900
     ctccaagatt agcatacctg ccttcactca cctactgccc tgagctgagg gtcctcatag      3960
     aaaggattcc atgccactcc tctcagagcc tcagcgatgg cccttcctgg ctcgttccct      4020
     gctccttcct gagttacaca cctatatccc taccggggat gcaaagcctt ctgggtggac      4080
     ccagcgactg ctacagcctt cccaagaatc agaaactttc cctgagcctt ctacagagaa      4140
     gatgctgcag cacttaccct aaagtgagat gcgtttccgg gaggctctct aggctcctct      4200
     acccctgggc tgaccattcc tgcgccgcac tttgtgtgct tacatctgga gttagccaac      4260
     ccgggaatcc tggcgtgtca tccgctgcac ccaccctctc catttctgtt agatgccagt      4320
     gatacgtcta ccaggtgtta gttttccttt tttccataga gcaaacgcca gaagagtaga      4380
     gatgattcat tcagtaatct ccccaatctg ttggcagagg tccagtccac ttctaaagct      4440
     agtcaccggt gactttcttg cagccgtggt ttcatgccat ctctgaaggc tctgtggact      4500
     cctttaactt ctttctccct atttcaagtc tcaccctgga ccccaacctc tgctccatcc      4560
     ctctttccac acatctcagc catcctcagc tccgggtttt tgttagtaca attcttgact      4620
     catctcaggc aggcttgggt ggaggaaggt atttaggttt ccacatagaa caaacacctc      4680
     cgcccagtgc ccacaccact ttgcactttc gccggattgc tcacctgttc tgtctctgaa      4740
     cagagcaggt gtgaggcact gactgcgcaa tgcggcagtt ctccatccta acccctaact      4800
     caactcatcc tcgggtgact cagatgtccc attacctcaa cccaacttgt tgcctcccca      4860
     gctgatactc gatgtcactc ctgctacaaa gtccctgtgc tgggctgtgt ggatcgccag      4920
     tcctgccgcc tggagccggg ccacaaatgc ctgacaacaa acgtgtacct tggtaacacc      4980
     ccctcttctc tgggaaggga aggccgggtg ggagatgatc tctttgtctg aagcccatcc      5040
     agggatagtt cagagagtta caacagtgat gtcggatggc caaagatgat tatgtgccag      5100
     gcgctgacct gtgtctctac tgtgttagtg gatgcttgtg ttgaccccag gaattggtct      5160
     taggagaagg ggcatggctc atgctcggga aggatgatga gactttgagg agagaaggga      5220
     gaaaccaagc agtttgggga agggagagta gccaatggac acaggcaagc cagtgcccac      5280
     tgctgatcct ttctccattg gctcctgcct ctagggaaga tgtgggtttt ctctaacctg      5340
     cgctgcggca caccagaaga gccttgtcgg gaggtcttca acgaaaccaa ccataagctg      5400
     ggcctgaact acaacaccac ctgctgtgac aaggataact gtaacagccc ggctccacgg      5460
     cccacacccg cactggccct catctccctc acctccttgg ctggcctcgg cctctggtta      5520
     ttgcattgag actagctcca tggctacaat cttaccacct gctatagcct gagcctttct      5580
     ccctgtgtcc tcagagctcc agctttccag aatcttctct cctcccaccc ccttcttctg      5640
     aagatcatgt ccctagtcct ataccattta tttcatggga ctgtacctgg agtggccttt      5700
     ctagccaccg ctcctctccc tcacttgtca ccttccactc cattccaccc acacacagac      5760
     acacagacac acagacacaa agacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacccagtc      5820
     ctttcccatt tccttctaga acactctacc tcctccactg gccactgaaa ggctcccctc      5880
     cttggacgca cactgctgtg cctctgggat ctaagtctgg aagaactcct gtcttgtctc      5940
     cagggagtga ttccaaaagg cgctggcctc attgcatggg cctggcttac cagaccctct      6000
     gcttgtcccc ttctatcttg agaaataaac atcagtgtct aataagcgtt gtgtttattg      6060
     ttagaagata taagtgctaa tctgggtacg gtggctttcc tctgtaatct caacaactgg      6120
     ggggcagagg cagtaatagt tcaagaccat ccttgactcc atagcaaatt caaggtcagc      6180
     atgaaccaca ataagatcct gtctcagaaa gaaagaggct ggtatggcca ggcagcgcaa      6240
     gtctttaatc ccagcacctg gggaggcaaa ggcagacaga tctctgagtt ctaggccatc      6300
     ctggtctaca gagagagttt caggacagcc aagctatata gagaaacttt gtttcaacaa      6360
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaagaa acaagaaaag      6420
     aaaaggaaag aaagaaagag aagggaggaa gaatggaagg aaagaaggaa gaggtgggca      6480
     tggctctatg cccttttaat cctagcactt gggagacaga taggtggtag gggaggagga      6540
     tggggagggg aggagcagga ggtgggggag ggactctctc catggaaatc tcactccctg      6600
     cacctcaccc ttatgcttgc ctaagaggcc tcctgggggg ggggagtttc actgaccaaa      6660
     tggaagagca ggttttgcaa gcctttctcc cttcccacac ctgagggtgg cacactggca      6720
     ccagtgtttg gagaaacagc ccttatccta aatttagacg acacccgcca agaagcaggt      6780
     gcagcctagc tagagggtgc cccagaaagg aaatgtgtgt acagacagag ctggctcttg      6840
     tctccacctc tgaggtgcct ttctaactgg gttattcaag caactttcct ttctcagttc      6900
     gaaatactcc ttcctattga gagccaagtt atgaaataca gaagggaaac catggactct      6960
     ggataaccct ccacccagcc ttccctccag ggaccctcac tgtgaaggag tctgcctagc      7020
     agcaggtccc gggagccact gaggacagag tcaccattgt tttgaggagt gtcgttggat      7080
     caggtccact gatggactgt tgttaactga actagaagcc agataagtgc gttatccctt      7140
     cagtcttctc aacagaaggc actcagaagc taggagcaat gacacatgcc ttttggagct      7200
     ggagacagag gcaggtggat ctttgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgacttcc      7260
     aggatggcca gggctaccta gagaaaactt gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      7320
     aaaaaccaaa cgaacatttc ggtagtggtg gctcacacct ttaatcccag caccttgcct      7380
     caaagaatga aaaacaaata tttttacagt cctctctaga atagttcatc aattttaacg      7440
     gcacacaagg gagtgtttgt cttcttacct tagatgtcca gctccctcac tcccttggtc      7500
     cttcagtcct taccctgccc tcggtcccac cctccagctc tacagtcctg gcaagagcca      7560
     ggccagggtg gtaacagctg cagccaagat gcacaagggg gtcacggagc ttgccacggc      7620
     gctgttgcac agatctccaa aacagcagtt tttctgggtt gtgaaagtca cgtctcccac      7680
     tgactctatg gccacttgat tgcaatgatg cgtggccacg caggctgggt agtgatggct      7740
     caaggtcgcg gaggctggga gaaagaaggc actggggtgt taaactcctg actgcaggac      7800
     ttgccttccc tgagagagag cagttacaaa gtctaggggc tcagaaagga tactctgtcc      7860
     tctcaaaaca aacaaacaaa acccacctct ctgaaaccaa gggaccaggg ccaacaggcg      7920
     gacctaaaca gggatgctag gatgttccag gagccctgga ccattcatgt ctcagcctca      7980
     acacggggaa atcacagcta aatacaaaag ggacagtttg taagatagcc cagcactgtt      8040
     acctaaatga aaccaaagat gggcatactg gtgcatgcca gtaacagcta ttcaggaggc      8100
     tgtaacagca atcatcagga ttgccaggag ttcaaggtca gtctgaccaa cccattgagt      8160
     taaaggcgac cctgggctat aaaacgacac cctgtctcaa tgcaacagtg gatagagctg      8220
     ggagtgaaac tcacttagta aaatgcttgc ctagtgtgca caagtcctgg attcaaccca      8280
     caccaccaaa acacaccaaa ataaacagga catggggagc tagagagatg gctcagtggt      8340
     taagagcatt gactgctctt ccagaggtca tgggttcaat tcccagtcac catatggtgg      8400
     ctcacaacca tctgcaatgg ggacccgaag ccctcttctg gtgtgtttga agacagccac      8460
     agtgttcaca tacatgaaat aaataaataa aaccgggctg gagagatggc tcagtggtta      8520
     agagctccaa ctactcttca gaaggtcgtg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catgatggct      8580
     cacattatta atgagatctg acgctctatt ctggggtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac      8640
     ttacattaaa taaacaaaca aacaggacgt ggtaacacac gccatgggag aaaaggagaa      8700
     tcccaaggtt taggtcatcc ttggatttct agcaagttgg aggtcagcct gggagatgtg      8760
     agatgtgaga ccatgtctta aaaataagta aacaatatag agctgaagag aagctcagtg      8820
     gttaagagtg cttgctgctc ttccagggac ctgagttctc acagcaggtt cacccgtcta      8880
     actcaagctc cagaggatct gatacactca tgcatgtagc atacactcag acagacatac      8940
     actcagacat acactcagac atacatacgt acatactcat atgtaaaaat aaatctttca      9000
     aaaataatag taaattgggg ctggggagac agctcagtgg tacagagcac ccaatgctct      9060
     cccagaggac gtggttcagc tcccagcatc cttaatcgcc cataattcca gttctgaggg      9120
     ctttgatcct ctctcctgac ctccacaggc agcaggtagg cctgtggtac acaaatctac      9180
     acacaggaga atgttcatgc acataaaata aattttaaaa tgtaataaga ttattttaag      9240
     catggtggct catatctgcc tttaatctta gcattcagaa agtagaagtg agcagatctt      9300
     tgtgagttca agtccagcct ggtctatgta gtgagttcca ggccagccaa gaatataata      9360
     agccaggcag tagtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga      9420
     tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggactaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac      9480
     agagaaaccc tatatcagaa aaaaaaaaaa gtataacgat gtcctgtttc caaccaacca      9540
     accaaccaac caaatcaacc aaaaatacaa gccaaataaa caaaataatt actacaaata      9600
     aatacatagt cagtggggtg tctgctttga gcctaggcca gaaaaaaaag atgtgtgttc      9660
     cacagaatct aagtcgaggt taattagtat ggaactttca ttttctgatc ttggtaatga      9720
     catgggaatg ttacaacctt gaagctgggc acaaatggga actctgtaca ttccttttgt      9780
     aattttcctg tcaaaccaaa tcatttcaaa taaaaatatt acacacacac acacacacac      9840
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagagca taccctttcc agaacttagt cagtccctga      9900
     cagttgaagt ttggagtttg gcttaacatt ttattttgcc tctgatctta ggagacagct      9960
     tcttccttag tgagggtctg tgtggagagc aaagacaggg atgcgagagc ctgaggagcc     10020
     ttgggcttct caaggtacag caccaggagc cagtgccctg cttcaacagt ggtgccatct     10080
     gcctagagcc agattgaact gggaagaggg gaaacccgca ggctggttgg aagcagtggg     10140
     aaggggcagg tgggcgacca aggactcacg ttgcttggct tgctccgagc tgggttgagg     10200
     tttgcggtcc aggaagccgc agcgctcgcc ctcaccacaa gtgatcactg tctgcttgca     10260
     ggagttgctg gggcctccac cgcagtcata gcaccgcgtg cggtgtcctg gcaggaaaga     10320
     agaggtactg gatccggccc ttggaggagt cctggcagag ggaaggacag gcctgtgcca     10380
     gaggcaatct agcttcctcc ttacccaggg caacccctag cagggcgctg agcaggatcc     10440
     cgaccaactg ggagttcatc acgttcgttt atgcctgtag tgcctctccc tcccgcccac     10500
     ccccctctca ggctctactc caccagcctt atatctccct tgccttgagc tttatggggc     10560
     aataaaaagc gaggaaagag tctcccccaa caagcaccag ggccccaatg gggataggga     10620
     gggggccccc atgggtggct ctgagcatcc tctgaagccc taagccccaa actccccctt     10680
     cgcagcagta gttccagaat agtggcccaa gacccccccc ccagggggcc ctaaagccct     10740
     ccagaaatcc aaagggtctt cctttttcag ttctccatct gagggttgtt cttgttcatc     10800
     cacattccag atgcaatgca gaagtaggtt atgaaaaccc agccaccttt gattataacc     10860
     aacattaaac ggattctcag aaatgtaaaa caatgccatt ctcccgtctg ggtcattgag     10920
     ggtaattatt atttttcact aagctatgtc ttcctaacat aaatattatt tttatttgtt     10980
     aaatgaatgt aaccatactt aattatttat ttagctagct gagtgttgct ggttttgaga     11040
     tgaggctggc tttgaactcc tgatctgcct gcctcagagt ctcaagtgat gggattacat     11100
     gcatgaatca ccaccacgcc tggcttcgat accaagttta aatgtcctgt ttattttatt     11160
     ttattgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatacacata tatatataca cacacatata gtgtgtgtgt     11220
     gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtttgc ttgttgaggc atagcctagg ctagcctgct gcttagcatg     11280
     tagttcaggc tagcctcaaa tttctgacaa tcctcctgtc tcagtctcct atgtgctggg     11340
     attatagggc acatgccatc acacctggct tcttatttta atttttttct taaaatgatt     11400
     tattgtatgt gaatgaacat tttgcctata tgtaatgtgc ctcacgtgtg ttgctggtgc     11460
     cagtggaagc cagaagcagc agcacccaat gcccacccaa tgccctggga ctggagttaa     11520
     cagttggttg taaaccaaca tgtgggtgct gggaatcaaa ctaaggtcct atgcaagaac     11580
     aacaagtgct ctaaactgtt gagccatctt tccatccccc ttactctctt ttacagtaga     11640
     atttatttag ggctaaaaag atagatatct cagtagataa gaatacttgc tgcttttttg     11700
     gaagaacagc ttcccttcct aatatccatg ttgaacagta gttaccatgg ctccagagga     11760
     tccaatctct ctctctcttt ctttctctct ctctctctct ccctctctct ctcactctct     11820
     ctctctctct ctcacacaca cacacacaca cacacattag agagagagaa ctaaaaataa     11880
     aaagtctttt aaaatagccc tgtccagagg caggtggatc tttgtgaatt caaggccaac     11940
     ctggtttaca tagtgagttc ccggccagtc aagaaggccc aaaaaataag ttgataaaaa     12000
     tgtattattt gtttccttgc gagtgcaggt aaatgcatgc atgctgtcgc gcacttgtgg     12060
     ggaccagagg atggctctgt gcagctggct ctctcttcca cctttatgtg ggtcccaggg     12120
     ctcaaactcg ggccctcagc ttataccaca ggcaccttta cctactgtac tatctcagga     12180
     gctcgcttta attgctgata tggtaaatat tgatagaatt catacaaagg aaagctctgt     12240
     ggggcctcca gtcattttca gggtacaggt gctcagatgc ccactaccct cttccttgct     12300
     gtgaccctct cggtgaaatg tttcttttgt tggtactggg actggaaccc agggctaccc     12360
     aggagttcga taaaccctct aagactccct gtccccaccc agtctcttaa tccctaacct     12420
     cctttacagc cacagttcca tcctggaaac caattccttc ttagaggaag gacatacatc     12480
     cttccagccc agcccctgat taattctttc ctgcaaggta gtaaagccag gagggataat     12540
     tatggggtag cactgttgaa gcttggggtt aggggagtga atcaaaggca tgtgagccag     12600
     gcggggtagg gcccccagca gctgggcttg gtgggtgggg tggggtgtgg gaatgggtgg     12660
     gtgggctttg ttgataccac actcaaacag gactctgacc tctagggcag gggagggttc     12720
     agagtgtgac cttgagaggc tctgacggga aacagacaaa acaaaaagca aaacaaaaca     12780
     aaacaagaaa agaagaagaa gaaaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa aaccccaact agaaccggga     12840
     acagcttgag cgggagggag ggaggaggca ggagggaagg cggcagacac aactctagag     12900
     agacagacag ctgggctgag ttaacaaaca gggagaaaac agaagaccct caaggcaagc     12960
     atgggcagga gtgagagcgc ctcaggtgtg ggaacatagg gctgttgcat gaggcaggcc     13020
     aatctctcgc ttctccacac cccagattct ctccctctgt ctgtttgctg gttcctccct     13080
     gtcttgggca ggtgtgtctg actcggggta ctggtttgtg ctctcccaga ctgctgagct     13140
     gtacctgcca tgggcccgtc cagcgccttc cttggcgtcc tgttcctctc ggggacactg     13200
     ggtaagggta gactggggaa tccacaggga gtgggggtgg ggaggcggga agggctggga     13260
     cgggtggggt ggggggtggg ggcttgtgca agggctgaga atggaaagga agctgacaga     13320
     ggtgaagaga aatggggaga tttgaggaca ttgggagtct gaggcaggag gatctggact     13380
     cccaggctag tctgggctat gtagagctat gtctcagaag gccagaggga gggggagcat     13440
     ttgagaagag ctctctgttc ccaccacttg tctctcacat ccagctctgt gctcagtgcc     13500
     tcagtcaacg ccaacccctg tttcctcctg tctttggcac catctacttc acttttgggt     13560
     ctccctgtcc tgctcatgtg gctttttgct gacttgtttc tcttggcact ttctgctcct     13620
     gtctgtctgt cctggtcact gtgtccctct tgtttctgcc tgattctctg catcgtcttt     13680
     cctttcgtgg ctattttata ttcctgtctg ctccttctgt tttatggctc tctccctcct     13740
     ttgtgtgtca gccctcagtg agtcccagag gtctgggctt tgcctcttta ccttcttttc     13800
     cttcctgcct tgatctctgc tgacccaaca ggtctcacca cttccccagc cagaggacgg     13860
     ctccgctgtt acacctgcag ctttgccaag ccctgcgacc ctgttcccag ggagtgtcga     13920
     gaggacgagg tgtgtggtgt cagtgttggc acctcaggta ggactctggt gcgatggccc     13980
     ttctcgaggt ggctcctctc tttcctgccc atggctgccg ccgcaacctc agcattcctc     14040
     ttttgtccca cagagcaaaa ggaggaggaa gtcattgagc ggaaaggctg cctccccaga     14100
     gcccagtgcc ctctgctggg ccatgcgacc tactggtcac ggtcctactc tctccggcac     14160
     cagtgctgtg agcaggacct atgcaatgct gccgcctcac agccaccccc caaccttccc     14220
     ctcatgactc tgctacccct tgcagccatg atcggctggg gagtacatga cttcctctag     14280
     cccatgcgtc cacggctgtc aacccaggat tccagtgtca ccgtggacat gaaaacacct     14340
     gcacagatgc tgtggagaca cgctcaggag cgtgactttg tataaaaacc tcagtcaccg     14400
     atcccagtac ctctacagac ccggttccta cagccagagt tctgttccct gcatgcaagt     14460
     ggccgcaacc tcacctcata agagaccccc atatttaaac ctagatgtcc caggtcagct     14520
     accctgcatg agctgtgggg tcccaggcaa agggacagaa gtgtcactgg ggctggtgag     14580
     aaatagagtt ctgctagggg gcatgtagct tggtacccga gggtctcaag aacagagggc     14640
     taccttgggg aaccataaag agtgtattta ataaaagggc tattgggtag agatatagct     14700
     caatgataga gtgcttacct accatacata aggccctggg ttcaatcccc tacaccataa     14760
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataagc tgtaaaagta gttaagagag ctgtctgtga     14820
     gcctggtaac agtgcacgtg gtggtggtgg tgaaacacac aagggtgcac tttgagaatg     14880
     aactacggtg ggcgggcaga acaggtgtct ccccgagccc cagtatgtgc tgtctacgca     14940
     caagagcctt gtttcggatg taggcaccca ttttaagagc tcggtgatta agagcactgg     15000
     ttgttcctgc agagaccctg aggttcagtt ctcagcaccc acatgattca cacagatctg     15060
     taattccagt cccagaaaat cccaggccct ttctggcctc ctcaggcact gaacacagtg     15120
     tagtccacag atgtacatgg gggcaaaaca ccagtacaca taaaaatttt aaaaaataaa     15180
     attaaaaagc caggtatagc cacacaccag tgcttgtaac tctagggcca aatgaggggc     15240
     agagaccatg gatctgtggg gattgctggc caccagggta gttccatatt tagtgaccct     15300
     gtctcaaagg aataaggaca tcagatatct tctctatgtg cactggtatg tacatgtgtg     15360
     cacttgtatg tatacaacac acacacacat atgcacacat acacacatgt acacacgcac     15420
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gaatggacta     15480
     tagctgcttg gctggttgcg ctgctgccac acttgaccct catggtgctc cccaaccccg     15540
     gtttccacct gtgtggctgt catcctcttc cctgccaaca cctgggcttc aactgctgca     15600
     ggttgaaggc tgcaggcaag atccaagaag cctgctctct cctttgagag ccaagcttga     15660
     aggaagagtc aaaaggggca cctggccaag cggcttgtga cgggtgtgcg tgcgtgtgtg     15720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtgagg gggtgtggtc     15780
     tggatcccag ctgggtttct ttctggaggc tagagattgg ttttgttggg agcatcgaca     15840
     ccctctttca cttcctctgt tcggacagcc tggaggtact cactccactt gggatgtatc     15900
     tgccaaccct tgggtatgct tccgctaccc agggagatag caagagactg gttggttcga     15960
     gggtcagagc tcacagtgag tcagaaatga taagccgctc gctcgtgctg atagagaacc     16020
     acagaggatc atgtcagagg agcgtgtgtg ctggataagg acagcgcccc agtggggctg     16080
     aggacaggca ttcccatttg ggcttggttt ctgcctttcc ataagaggaa gaagactggg     16140
     gcctgactaa agaggtcttg ttccctctca gcttctcttt gtgcgaagaa cacggggagg     16200
     ggacgtcaga tttactcgga agcctgttaa gtcttctgtt ttctctgtct cccacatctg     16260
     ccatttacgg ctgctttttt ccagactctg catctgggtc tgtcgacatc tctctccctc     16320
     attccacccc acacacagat gacagatgcc ccaccacttc tcatgtctct gggctcgcct     16380
     gtccctcctg ccaacagatc cagaccccat aatcctccct cctcactcgg agtcacactg     16440
     atgtgctggc tgctttgaga caggagacca cacctttttt tgtaggtgac atcacagaac     16500
     gatgttactg cttccttatg ttgtccctgg cccctccagc ttggtggctc ttggaagccc     16560
     agtacgagtc acaccctcag ccaccccttg gccaaagttc cagggaatcc ttcaggtgcc     16620
     agtggctaga gacacaggac tgtgggtcag gcttttccac gcagatatct ccaggatcac     16680
     ctggtcttgt ggttaggtgg gctatagagt ttgcaaaagc aaaaggctgt gttaaagctc     16740
     ctggactttc tcaggaacca ggatccccat ctgcaatcca accccaggtt ccaggcaaca     16800
     atctcccatg ctcagcccct ctgggattta aggctactta cctaaggcgg gccaagtgga     16860
     tgttctcata gacctggact tcaggcttga aatgaggaac tgagggttct ggggaaaggg     16920
     agccatgtga tgtgaagtca ccagataatt caggggtcta ttccctgcct cccctcccct     16980
     agagcagaca gggtctagat gtgagcctaa ccctttactt cacacccaag ttacctctct     17040
     gggaaaagac tcacctctgt cccgagaccc ctgggccctc cgccgcctcc agagcactat     17100
     gctgagggct atgatggtga ccccttggcc tgctgtgaac aacagcacca gtatccaggg     17160
     cacgtcccag ctcgggagag tggcacaaac agtaggggag ggttccgcgg aagctgctgt     17220
     aacagcagaa gaatgacagg cagtgccccc acacatgcaa atatgcatgc acacatgcaa     17280
     atcacacaca tggaaaatga gtttgcattt ctccagttcc ttatgcattc ctcatcccct     17340
     aggccttgcg gagaacaatg gccgtttgct cctctctctg actgataaat gggttattct     17400
     ccatctggta gcgttcattc tcaatataat ggccttttat tttgtctaac aattataagc     17460
     tttctgcttc aaccttccct atcaataggc cattataccg cagtatatgt gaccccttct     17520
     ttggaagtca gcaccccaga aatccctatg tatttcctct ctgccataga aaaatccaca     17580
     tagaatagat ctgtctgtgt ctttcctcca tttgttcttg agacagggtc tcctggagtc     17640
     cagactggcc ttgaacttct gtgtcagcct tccaagttct gggactgaag gtgtgtacca     17700
     ctatgcttgg ctcgtattct ggtctatttc ttgtcttttt ttggtggagg tagggagagt     17760
     gaggggacta gacctctctc tatatccctg gttggcctaa aattggctat gtagaccagg     17820
     ctggccttga actcacacta ttgactgcct ctgtctcctg agagctagga ttataggcac     17880
     aggcctattt cttttctttt ggtgatttta cttattttta gagaagcagg gtcacatgta     17940
     atgcaggctg gctttgaacg cactatatag ccaaggctgt cctcaaactt tttatcctcc     18000
     ttctaattcc catgtgctaa cagggatgtg ccaccgtgcc cagcctattt ctttcttgtg     18060
     tgtgtgcgag catgtgcctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttcacg     18120
     tgagcgtggt ggctagcaga caactgccag tgtttttcct caggagatat ccaccttatt     18180
     tttggaggta gatactggcc tggagttcat aaagcaggcc aggctggctg gctcgagagc     18240
     cctggggccc gtccgcctcg actctctagt gttgggacta taagtctgca tcatcatgat     18300
     tggcgctttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tcgtgtctcc     18360
     tgagttcaaa ctcggattct catgtttgta ttacaagcat ttttacttgg ctgagctctc     18420
     tcttcacccc tagattaacc tctttctttt ttctttcctt cctttttttt tttttttttt     18480
     tttttttttg gttttttgaa acagggtttc tctgtatagt cctggctgtc caggaactca     18540
     ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccacct acctctgcct cccaagtgct     18600
     gggattaaag gcatgtgcca ccacaccttt ctggtttgga aaactaggaa gttggtttaa     18660
     gcgactattc tttgtgatag atgtggtcaa tgagggagat ggggaagcct tcccctctag     18720
     gaaagttacc ccctagttac tggtgtgatt atttgtcctc tttcccaact ttgagagagg     18780
     ggttggagag aattcctttc cccattccct ccctgatttt acctgccagg ctaaagctga     18840
     atcttttgtt ctgaggcaaa aggcagcgga tattccttgg cctacgggcc ctggtctcag     18900
     gaagcccctc tgtgggacac accaagagca gggcagcccc ttctccccag aagtactgag     18960
     catgtcctct cacggtattc cttccctcta gccaggtcac agagtccaga cgcctggcag     19020
     ggaccacaga gcacaggagg gcagcgcaag aggggccatc tggagacttc acagagaact     19080
     gggatcctgg caggagagag aggctcctca gtctcttgtg tgtttttcct gatctccagt     19140
     atccagagag gtcttcagac ccacctcacc tttaagcaca gagacgtcat acaccctcca     19200
     gttctggtac ttgtggttct gatccatcac agtacaccag taccgtccag cgtcttcatc     19260
     tctggacccc tccagccata aggaataatt tccgaagagt ttgtacctgg aatcgggttc     19320
     gggtttccga aggtctgaga ctggcttgtc tacttggacc tgagccacca agatggtgga     19380
     ggagcctgct acagggctgc ggaaccaggt taaaagctgg cccccaagta gggagggagg     19440
     tgagggacac ggcatctcca ctgactcccc ggaggctacg tagatggtct ggatgctgtc     19500
     tgtggggaaa gagcagtgtc agagcagagc tgtccaggcc ttcagcaagc ccctacatta     19560
     gctccaactc ctgtcttcct ttccttctgg ggtctttgtt tgtttgtttt ttgtttttga     19620
     gatagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc     19680
     ctcgaactcc cttctggggt cttcaagcac tggtgagcac acatttctca agtgactgtt     19740
     atgaagaaag ggaggtgggc tgagaatgta gttcagtcgg taaagtgctt gcccgaggct     19800
     ttgggtaggt ggcagagcgc ttgccttttg ggcgtgactt gggtccccag cgtggcttaa     19860
     acccataaac tgaatgtggg ggtgcagacc tgtgatccta gcacccagag actggaagat     19920
     cagaagtttg gcgtcatccc tcggctgctc aaggagaccc tgggatacac aactaccaga     19980
     aagagttggg gaggggaggc caagagtgga aaggctttct gtctttcctt gccagtgaga     20040
     agctctgtct tggtcaggct gcaatcgttg gtgacatccc ttatctcatc ccacatttcc     20100
     tcatctgttt ttatttccta aggggaacaa agccaggtag cacacaagtg atatgagcac     20160
     ttgggaagct gaggaggagg ggttgcatca tataataaac atatttcata tctctataat     20220
     aaaatatata acagccaagg ctgctataaa gcaataccct gtctcaaaac aaacaaataa     20280
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagggaagct ggaagctggg tgtggttgca cacctgcagt     20340
     cacagagttc aaagacagat ggaggaagga atacttgacc tgagagttca agaccagctg     20400
     ggctactgtg acttttctca ttgatttgac aaaaatgcca ggctaaagca acttaagaga     20460
     gttagatgaa tatcatctct atcaccacca ccaccatcat caccaccatc accatcacca     20520
     tcaacatcac caccatcacc accatcacca ccaccaccat catcaccacc atcaccatca     20580
     tcaccaccat caccatcatc accaccatca ccatcaccat catcgccatc accatcatcg     20640
     ccatcaccat caccatcatc tctctgtgca gcactggcca tcctggaact cactccttat     20700
     gtagaccagg ctgtccttga actaaaagat ccacctgcct ctgcctccta aatgctggga     20760
     tcaaaggtct gcatcaccac tgccctactg gaagtaagat ctcttttggc tcatggttta     20820
     aggccatcat agcaggaaat ttacggtggt tgaaacaggc ttgcatttgg atggacttcc     20880
     gagcagagaa ggggaaatgc ctatacctga ctgactttgc cttttccccg tttgtattta     20940
     acttatcacc ccagccccct gggtggtgcc acccacattc aaggttgctt ttccctcctc     21000
     agtgaaaact ctggagatgc cctcacagac atgcctaaag ctatgtgcac tagaagctat     21060
     gcggatgaca cccccatagc ctcatagcag gaccctcatc ttgtgtcctc aaattgacca     21120
     cgtagttgag gatcacctgg accgcctgcc tgatcctggg gctatctcct ccgaggtgct     21180
     ggggttacag gcatagcacg ctgtggtcac aaggatcaaa ctcttgcctg gagatgagct     21240
     gagaactcta cacgtgctgg gcaagcactc tgagctagat cccagactcg atgtttatct     21300
     cttttaaaag agataaacag gattatatac aggaaactgt atataatcta ggcccttggt     21360
     acctctgggt ctccctagga ctaaacgcag agagggttca agcaaggtca gtctgtcttc     21420
     ttgagtcacg tgcattttga gaagcactca gagaagcagc attggttcct cccagcctaa     21480
     gtagctgcag aatcccccac ctcctgcccc ttacctgcaa cagcctggga gtgcccacat     21540
     aagaacagga ggaatactac aactgccatg gaagagcctg ccaagttccc ctgctccaaa     21600
     gatctggtgt ttccagagag gaggaagaac acagataaag gcccacagtt cctgggctga     21660
     accacttggc ctctggaagc atgagactgc agagagataa aactcagttg catgtcatct     21720
     ggaggaaggg gagcttccat ctttgtgttc ttggagtcag gtcccagcgc aggctgctct     21780
     cgtgtgcaag gaatcccaga tgccttcctc ttcttcacgg agaagcctct tgtagcttct     21840
     catctatccc tgagacatca gccaagagcc aaatgactct gcctgatctt tggcacctgg     21900
     cacaaaactg tacatccagg ccataagtga tctcaaacaa ctgttgctgt ggttacctga     21960
     catatcagag gctgttccag agcccccagg agcatcctta gctgtcactc aaggagaagc     22020
     acagagggga cctcgattat tcatgggtgc ctgggctcag aagcaaattt ttatacactc     22080
     cttctgattg tttataatgt gtgttattta ggtagttagt agctttttgg cttttttttt     22140
     tttttgagac aggttttctt tctttttttt ttttaatagt taaatgcctc tttttttttt     22200
     aaagatttat ttatttttat tatatataag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acactccaga     22260
     agagggagtc agatctcatt ccgaatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga     22320
     acttcggacc ttcggaagag cagtcgggtg ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagcca     22380
     gagacaggtt ttcaagttga ggtttcaaat tgtccaggtc ggcttcaaac ccaccgtgta     22440
     gttagagatg accttgaatt cttgatcatc tgcctctcaa ggtatgagat gatgggtgtg     22500
     catcattatg aacagatagc tacttatttt aaacataaag caagttattg gccgcggagg     22560
     gagttatatt cccagccatt aaactatttt cttttgggct ggtgagatgg ctccaagggt     22620
     ttttgccttt gccaacaagc ttagcaacca gagctcaatc ctcagaatcc acgtggcggg     22680
     aagaaagaac tggctcccca aactgtcctc tgacctccac atatgatgcg ctggctagtt     22740
     ttcaatgtta actttacaca gaaagacacc gagggaagag caaatcttaa tccagaaaat     22800
     gcctccgtag gatcagcctg tggcaagtct gcagggaatt ttcttggttg gtgatgcagg     22860
     agggttcggc tcactgtgga tggtggcacc cctgggcaca tcgtcctgaa tggtataaga     22920
     aagcacagag tgcttactca agcccctgag cagcactcct ccatggtctc tgcatcagct     22980
     cctgcctcca ggatcctgcc ttacctgcgc tcctgccttg actcccttca gtgacagact     23040
     gtgatgtggc ggtggaagat ggagttaagc ttttcctcga gttgcttcac gtcatggtgt     23100
     ttcatcacgg caatagaaac cctcactaag gcaggtgagg tgcatgcacc tttaatccca     23160
     gccctcgaga ggcacaggca ggcggacctc tatgagtttg aggccagcct ggtggcaccc     23220
     ctgggcacat ctatgtatag tgagttccag gacagccggg gctacaaagt gagattccat     23280
     cttggaaaac aaacaaacaa aaaccaagag tcctaataaa gtgtctaagt tcgggttaat     23340
     attgctttga tgaaacacca tgaccaaagc aacttgggga ggaaatagtt tattgggctt     23400
     acactttcat atcatggatc accagtaaac acaagatggg agctcacaca gatcaggaac     23460
     ctggaggcag aagctgctac agaggccatg gaagggtgct gcttaatggc ttgccccttt     23520
     tcattgtagg tctgcattaa gagtgaccac tgacgggctg gagagatggc tcagcggtta     23580
     agagcactga ctgctcttcc gaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct     23640
     cacaaccatc cgtaatgaga tctggcgccc tcctctggtg tgtctgaaga cagctacagt     23700
     gtacttacat gtaataaata aataaataat taattaaaaa aaaaagagtg accactgaca     23760
     agcacatgac agaatcaata cgaggctgcc ttaaaatctc ctctgccaat ggcattaatc     23820
     caaaactctc agacatgcag gctgtgtaca tatatggata cacacacaaa tgtaacttta     23880
     caaaagggga agggattcgg tgtggtagtg atgcatgcct ttactcctag cactttaaga     23940
     tttatttcta catatataag tactccatct gcttgtatat ctgcatgcca gaagagggga     24000
     tcagatcgta agccaccatg tggttgctga gaattgtatg taggacatct cgaaaagcag     24060
     ccagagccct ttaccaccaa tcctagcact ttgaacaagg tttctctata tagccctgag     24120
     tggcctggaa ctcactacat acgtagacta gggtggcctg gaactcaaga ggccaatctg     24180
     tcaacacacc catctctctc tgtctctcaa gtgctgggat taaaagcatg tggcactaca     24240
     tcgggcagat tacttctttc aaaaacttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagattct tgggttagag     24300
     agatggctca gtggttaaga gcactgactg ctcttccaga gatcctaagt tcaagtccca     24360
     gcagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatgaga tcagacgccc tcttctggtg     24420
     tgtctgaaaa cagctacagt gtattcatat acataaaata aaaaaaaatt taaatagaat     24480
     tcttcagaag aatcctgcta tttcttctaa tggatacatc cctagatctg tgtgtgtgtg     24540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taacccaggg ctttcagcat gttaagcaaa gttttctata     24600
     cttgagctac aaatccagac actagcctct tttcttgaag ttcttgtcaa atgctcctac     24660
     tctcacccag tgatcgttcc agaacatgct gacattaagg gatagggttt aaaaaaaaaa     24720
     aaaaagtgaa gccaggcgtg gtagtgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactggg gaggcagagg     24780
     caggtagatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag     24840
     ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aatgtggggg ctggagaaat     24900
     gctcagcggt taagagcatt gactgcgctt ccgaagatca tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac     24960
     cacatggtgg ttcacaacca tctgtaatga gatctgatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctcta     25020
     gacagtaaca gtgtactcac ataataaata aagaaatctt taaaaaaaaa aaagtaacca     25080
     cctggggcat tcattttctt aagtttctct attcagaaca gctctaacta actgtagacc     25140
     gtcgcccact gcgctgaaca ctcctctcgt ggcgagaacg tcaggctgga ccctgccacg     25200
     gggcgagcgg atacgtgctg acgtcacgca cgcacacagg cacgcacgca gcgcccagga     25260
     gactacgggc ggggccggcg gggacctgag gccgagggac agcggcccga gccggggcta     25320
     tggcgaagct cctgagctgc gtcctcggcc cccggctcta caagatctac cgggagaggg     25380
     acacggaccg ggccgcgtcc agcgtccccg agactcccac tgccgtcccc gccgcctcgt     25440
     ccagctcctg ggtgagtcgg gttccccccg gcggagagca tggtatggtc cagaccgcgc     25500
     tgcgctgcgc tcgcccggcg cgcccactgt gggaaacggg ggagcccgct tgtcaagtgg     25560
     cggtcgcgca cgcagtccgc ctgcgggcgc ttcccggccc cctcccagtc acgcagggcc     25620
     cagccgccgc ctctctttac ggctttggag gaactcttcc tcacacccac caccacgctt     25680
     gctttttttt ttccccctcc gcgtcccccg aatggctggt cccagttgag tttggagtcc     25740
     cctgcgcgca ctggcttttg cccacctact cccaatttct cccaggatct gttgactttc     25800
     tctttaacct gacttttcag tttcaaaaat gacttcatgt catgtattta cttgtgcgcc     25860
     ttgtgccccc aaacctagcc tgaaaaccag ggtcttgcat tcagggtggt agtttgctct     25920
     ccaaaatgtt tttgttttta ttggttgcaa attatgttta ggaggctttc cgaagtgccc     25980
     acacttagcg acatttttcc cggaatcgac ttacatcaaa tgctattcct tccctcttag     26040
     aattgtcatg gagtctctca ttttcaattt tactcctctc cccatagtga cacaatcata     26100
     tctgtatgga gtttcagggg aaaaaaagga ccggttttcc aaatgctgct ttcacttttg     26160
     cttccaagcc tagcaccccg tgattgcttt cagggtgagg ggtgaaatgt cagggggggg     26220
     gagttgaagc ttcagcagaa acaggagtat cccaggagaa atggccacag aggctagaac     26280
     caggtgacac aggttagggc ttctggaagg gaggaagggc ctgtcagctg gcaaggtcct     26340
     taacaggcca tctgttttgg caggatacgt attatcagcc tcgggccctg gagaaacatg     26400
     cagacagcat cctggcactg gtaagtcagt cccagcatct gccagtcaaa cccagccctg     26460
     gagaaggcaa caccccagga ggtgaggggt gctctgggcc ctgtacagca gagcttgcac     26520
     agaggaccag cgtatcccaa gtgcctaccg ttggcattct cccttaggaa gtcccctttg     26580
     tgtaccataa gctttttcca gagcagtttg agccctaagg ataacaaatt tacctttggg     26640
     atcggctgca ggtctctgag tcttgcagtc cctagtgacc tatcctccct ggcaactaac     26700
     ttctgtggct gcagagacag ctgttctccc tggcagagtt cctatggtga tgttctcaca     26760
     tctcttgggg acaaaacctg ggactctctt gagtggggcc aactgggaag gcttgattaa     26820
     cttgagtaga cagagaggct ggtgttttca acgccatgaa tctgtgtcag tctccgttac     26880
     tgtactctga cacactatga ggcaacaaat atttgggtcc ctactgtgtg cacggtgtca     26940
     gagccaggcc cggagagggc agaacagcgt gtgtgtgcac aggcgtattg atcgcctgtc     27000
     tgtgtctctg ctgcaggctt cagtcttctg gtccatctct tattactcct ctcccttcgc     27060
     cttcttctac ttatacagga aaggtcagtg tggttccaaa ggtggtggtg gggcgtgtgt     27120
     gggtggggac aaaccgggca ggtcattggc cagtgaatct actccccgaa gagaaagggg     27180
     gtgatcctgt gagaacggca tatttgactt ccctcttcta ccaggagtct tgccctataa     27240
     gctggtggtt ctcaaccttc ccagtgctgc gaccctttaa cacagttcca catgtcgtgg     27300
     tgacaccccc cccccccccg caaaaccata acatcatgtc gttgctactg gataactgtg     27360
     attttgctac tgttatggtt catgatataa atattttttg gagatacagg tttgccaaag     27420
     ggttcccaat gcacaggttg agaattgctg gtctgataga atggctaacc caaagacaga     27480
     gtgtgggtag aggttgtggg caagctggga gaaccactca gaggtcctgt gagagcgtct     27540
     cataactgtc cctcttccct cccaggttac ttgagtttgt ccaaagtggt gccattttct     27600
     cactatgccg ggacattgct gctgctactt gcaggggtgg cctgcctccg aggtaggtag     27660
     agaggagcct ggtttgtatc tgtgactgga taagcgttaa gcactttttg cagacgtagt     27720
     ttggggctgg gccctgtagg gagtaactga ggacagtcca aggtgtagct cttcctcaag     27780
     tgtcttacat cctacattgc atgtgttcat cagcagtgta caggaacaag aagaatacag     27840
     cacacaccgc ctgagtctca gctggagaca gcagcagact ttaacatgca cagagacctc     27900
     acacagtgta accacactgt gggccctgca ccggagtaca gatcagaggt gcactgttag     27960
     tggaagacat tcgagcaatg tgtcctctat cccagcgctt gggtaagagg gaggtagaaa     28020
     gtctcacgtt ccaggccaac ctgggccaca tagtgggact ctgtctcaat cagtgaataa     28080
     gtgtgtaagt gaaggtcaaa acagaggggt gtgtgcgtgt gcgtgtgcgt gtgcgtgtgt     28140
     gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtgcgcg tgtgtgtgtg gtgtgtgtgt gtggtgtgtg tgtggtgtgt     28200
     gtgtgtggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt gtgtggtgtg     28260
     tgtgtgtgtg cgtggtgaga cccaggacac agaggggtgt ggttcgtgac cgcactttcc     28320
     ctccctcttc tcctcccagt attttcctct cccctcccca tccccatcca ctcctcctcc     28380
     gtttcccatg gatatcaacc agccttggca tatcaagttg cagtaagact aggcgcatcc     28440
     tctccttctg aggctagaca gggcagccca gttaggggag agagatccca agggggacag     28500
     tgtagtcaga gacagcccct gctcacactt taggagtctc acatgaagac caagctgcac     28560
     aactgtaaca tatgtgcaga ggggccaggc ccaccccggg ggcggtccct gaatttgctt     28620
     atgtgtatca catgtgcaga ttgcctcaga ggccggtgga catcatagcc tggaagctga     28680
     gttgtcaggc aacaggtgta gacactagga actgaacctg tgtcctccgc aagagccatc     28740
     tgcccagctc cttgtttgtg tttctaactg tatgtcatct gtggacacca agactgtagg     28800
     tgtacccacc acaccctgct gcattacatt gtgccataga tgtgagcacc catgtgaaac     28860
     actctcgtcc cgctcgcttc cttctctcag tatgctctgg acgttccgat tgtttccctg     28920
     gcagccctta ccttcatctg gtgtttgctg gtttgtgagg ggagtgacga gaagagaggc     28980
     gtcagtcctg atgccagagt tggcaccaga gccagaggtt aggagcctgc agaaagccag     29040
     cttgggaacg cctgaggcag acaggaagga aggccactgt tagcaggcgg gtggtaaggt     29100
     tgcagactgt tttaacatgg gtgaagatga tctgcaagat aagagacttg ctagttcaca     29160
     aagaaagaaa ctgccaggcc acccagccct tgggaggctg aagccgggag aattgtcgag     29220
     acttctgggc catcctagcc tgtataataa actgcaggcc agcctggggc acagagtaaa     29280
     accccgtttc aaagactaaa caaacaccag gcagtggtgg tgcatgccta taatcccagc     29340
     actcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agtttgaagc cagcctggtc tacagagtga     29400
     gttccaggac agccagggtt acacagagaa accctgtctt ggaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa     29460
     aaaaaaacaa agactaaaca aataactgaa gcggtgttgg gtgtggtgtg gtagtgcatg     29520
     cctggaatct atgatgtggg agattaaagc aggtgactct gggaccagac ttacgactta     29580
     atgagctcca ggccagcctg agttccatag cgagaccaag tttcagacaa aagcagcagc     29640
     agcacagcaa acccaagcaa acggaaaggg ctggtgacat ggctgagcag gtgaacgcgc     29700
     ttgttgcaca aacccggtga ctgagttccg tccctccaag atcccacagg cagaatagag     29760
     agctgactct tgaagttgtc cccgatctcc gctgtggcac ttgtctgccc ccactcacac     29820
     acacacatac acaatgtaat aacaacaaca ataatggtag ttaaaacaat aaagccgggt     29880
     agtggtagcg cacgccttta atcccaccca gcacttggga ggcagagaca ggcagatttc     29940
     tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccaga acagccaggg ctacatagag     30000
     aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaac aaaaataaat aaaaataaaa acaataaacc tgagactcag     30060
     aagaagactc agcagccagt tgctctgtgc aggaaagaaa agttctgttt cccacctaag     30120
     aggccctgct gctgccgccg ccgcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcttcctcct cccagggcct     30180
     cctactctcc tcttacttcc taggcatctg gctccccagc ttacctgata gttttctctc     30240
     cccaggcatt ggccgctgga ccaaccccca gtaccgacag ttcatcacca tcttggaagc     30300
     cacacatagg aaccagtctg cagaaaacaa ggtgagaggt tctagagagg gcgggcacct     30360
     gtgcgagccc tgctgcccag agctccaggt accggcttct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     30420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgctgtgca ctgccatggc ctctcgaagt gaactgtcct     30480
     tcctacttct agtggatact tggcaggaca ttgctctcct tccccactgc catgctcaag     30540
     agttacacag gcacagaagc atctgcagcc ttgagaagtg tctgtcctcg cttctttgca     30600
     cgcctccaac accacactgg ctttgtttgg ggatggaaca aaacgggcag gtgtagcccc     30660
     ttccgtgccc ggcagcagag ggtgccagca gggcacagtg tcctttaagc tgagccaggg     30720
     ctgctgttac tggagagtgg ttatctctga aatggggccg tgaggggatc aaacagacct     30780
     ggtcaccatg gccgcactgt gctcatgctg cacagccgac catttacagc tttgttatca     30840
     catctgtgga gcaccttgta ggctgcacac cctctccagc ccctcaccac cacatgaggt     30900
     ggcacagtga ccaccaattt tacatctgtg gaaagaggaa gctaagtggc ctgcctcaga     30960
     gtgaggaagt gaccaaggac agacctggac ctaggctcga ggcgagcctg gctttcgttt     31020
     tatcatttac atttctaggg tttttgtttt ttttttctgt tgctctttct taggcaagtt     31080
     atttttgaaa atgtcaaaag catttctctg gcaaaaaata aaaaataatc ctcaaaatag     31140
     agatcttgga gctctgggtg tgggggagga cagtggatta tgaagacgca gccctactgc     31200
     ctgcagcatg tgcccagtgc ggtgtggagt cggatggttt acagggtagc cctgggcctg     31260
     ggtgtcatga tgaggggagg gaggtggcta tgcacacagg gctgtaagag aggaaaagaa     31320
     cctactgtgg gcatgaacgc ctgcctcttg gttatgggac cgtcatttgg tttgctgggg     31380
     gggggaggga tctctctcat taattttttt ccccgaagac atggtatagc cctgtctgtc     31440
     ctgaaactct ctctgtagac caggtgtgga ggataatata accagccagc agcccaccct     31500
     ctgcccccat ctttacacag aagcaccgcc cgtggggtgg gtcagcctta gatgtttctg     31560
     tgttttggga ttttggggtt tttccttttg ttttctttgt tgttttccaa gacagggtca     31620
     tgctgtgcag cccaagcttg cctggtattt ctggtgatct gcttgcctcc tgggtgaggt     31680
     cacagtattt gctaccacga cctgtcctgg aaataggatc tcactccacg tcccaggcca     31740
     gccttaaatt tcactgtgta tcccaggctg gccctcactt gtagtcctgc ctctgctgct     31800
     gagtggtggg attggtaggc gtgtgctgct aggcccaact tttttttttt tgtttttttg     31860
     agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg     31920
     cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctac ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcaggtgc     31980
     caccactccc agctaggccc aactttttaa cactttcttg gtggcattgg gaattgaagc     32040
     cggggcactg tgcgtacagg acaagcagga cggcagggtt aagagttctg gacgtgggtc     32100
     aatgagctag tggtggaggc ggctgccttg tcccaagtcg tggtcatagt agacctttcc     32160
     attcagagga gagggcgctg acctcccttt ggtctccctg tgacgagggg ccatcctgta     32220
     cagtgaaggt gttgagggtg gatggctagg acttccctca gctctctgtc ctcccttcct     32280
     ttgtttccct gtccacagag gcagctggcc aactataact tcgacttcag gagctggcca     32340
     gtcgacttcc actgggagga gcccagcagc cggtgaggcc ccagctgctt agctcttccc     32400
     cttccttgcc atcgctttac ccctccgagt ggagtcccag gcctactgct cctgactctg     32460
     tttcccttcc cctcaggaag gggtcccgag gtggcccttc ccgcaggggt gtggccctgc     32520
     ttcgtccaga gcctctgcac cggggaacag cagacacgtt tctcaacagg gtcaagaagc     32580
     tgccctgtca gatcaccagg taggaaacgg ggggtgtggg aggccagctg gggtgagggg     32640
     acacagacca gggcctctgg actgtcaact tggatgcaga gtagctgtcg cttgtagggc     32700
     ctagtgctgt ttgtgccctg tgttgcctgt ggggacggct ttgcgaggcc caggcctcag     32760
     gagtgcttgg agaggcagac cgccagtggg cctgctgctg ccaacctctc agcatcttct     32820
     gctcggcctc taacgggagc agaggtgccg cagcagggag aaggccgtgg ctgtcactgt     32880
     gcaggttcta gtcctgtgct cacggctgtg tggaattgtc ctggtccctc tgctccctga     32940
     tatccccctc ggcccccacc gtgcctcagt tcctccctct gcttagcctg cctcactggg     33000
     attgttgaga tgagctggca gcaccgggga cggctgtgtt gtagggtttc atttctggga     33060
     agagacgccg tgactgcagc agcagctcgg acccaggaca acaggctcag aggctctcag     33120
     gttcagagct tcagtccaat ggcgggaagc atggcagcag catgcaggca ggcatggggc     33180
     tggagaagga gccgagagct ctgcatctca atccacaggc agcaggaggt gaccgagagc     33240
     cacactgggc acagcttgag cataggagac ctaaagccac ccccacagtg atacacttcc     33300
     tcctacaagg ccacactttc taatagtgcc attccctgag tggctcattc ctactcaagc     33360
     aaccacagct gccgtttacc agcctgccag caaactcagt cgtgggtgct gatggtgtca     33420
     ggccggcctt agactcacag acaccaccca ccctgctgag cgctcaccca tgcgtcacag     33480
     cccatgctgt ggccgagcac cagggaaggg gtctgactta gctttggctg ctgatgtcct     33540
     gaatcggtcc aggggaaagc agaccaggtt tttgtggccg tgctggcagg cggtgcaggg     33600
     cggtgcagga acacagccta gtggccaagc tgttgtccat agcagtgcct acctcaccta     33660
     acctatctgt gtgagttaca cttagtatct gttgagctcc ttggatagct cttatgtggt     33720
     aggcattatc accgtgaaca taacagccag gtctctgccc tgacaagagt gtgacccagt     33780
     ttggtatctt tcagactaca gatctttaga gaagtatttt tgtgggtggg tttttgtttt     33840
     tgccccactc ttcctgtatt ggtcctgaat agaagacaca gaaatctagc atttttatat     33900
     cgactgggca ggttctgagc tattataacc tggctaggct attaatgacc acataaatgc     33960
     cccattcctt gccaagtgag tctcgcccgc ttgttctgtt ccgtatgtgt cctgaggacc     34020
     agcttctctt ggccatgtgc tcatagccca acctgcctgg aagcaaatgc ccttacccaa     34080
     caagtcatct tgttgaccct tgaaaacttt ttataagttg tatttttatg cattaactga     34140
     atgatattta acagctgtat ttatttattg tacctagaaa ttatctcata aaactctcag     34200
     aattatatcc aagcagtccc aaatttgcta cagctcattt tggattgttt gcctagccta     34260
     gcgagggcca gcgtgctcca tggtgccagg caggggttgt gaaccccggc ccccaccagc     34320
     aggagggctc gtcccttagg ttatggggtc aagtgcactt gcagcctgtc atttccacct     34380
     tctgatgtta ttttgggaca tgaccctttg taagtccagg aggatctgtg taattgtatt     34440
     gcacaggaga aaatggtttg agttggtttt tccagtgctg ggctcaaaac gaggggctca     34500
     cacatgccag gtaaacacgc tgccactcag ctgtgacccc atcgctaagt ggacattttc     34560
     cagtcatagt tatggaaaag cttaggagat gccaggctcg ccttgctcac tgagctctga     34620
     atgcaagggc caagatgaat ccctgggccc tgctgaggtt ggggttcacc aacccatgtt     34680
     ccccacagct atctggtggc acacaccttg gggcgccgga tgctgtaccc aggctccgtg     34740
     tacctgctcc agaaggccct catgcctgtg ctgctgcagg gccaggcccg actggtggaa     34800
     gaggtgaggc cccctacctg ctgctggccc tgtcttctga ggggtgtggc cccctgcccc     34860
     ttgtgaccag gtctttgcat ctctcttgct tagtgtaatg ggcgccgtgc aaaactgctc     34920
     gcctgtgatg gtaatgagat agacaccatg tttgtggacc gacgggggac agctgagccc     34980
     caggggcaga agctggtgag aggggccagg gagccgaagg gggtggtagg tggcagtaga     35040
     gactctgggg tccccagtgc tacagaacct ttcctgtgga accacagtta aaaatgttat     35100
     tttccagctt cacccaagga cctcttcatc agaaagctct gagagggaag taggtagggg     35160
     gatgtagctc aggtcgtgca cgaagccctg ggttcatccc ctgtcccata tacactgaga     35220
     attggattgt gtacctataa tcccagcacc caggagtgga gagaagagga tcagaaggtc     35280
     aaggccaggg ccagggagat ggttcagcgg gtgcagtatt ggccatgcaa gcgagaggac     35340
     ctgagttctg atcttgagaa cctgtataga gcctggcatg gtgaccatga gagctgtagt     35400
     cctagctctc ctgtgggagg gaggcgggag acgccttggg caccccctgc cagctggcgt     35460
     atacagcact gccacaggca acaaagaccc cgccttgaag tcggaggcaa ggggacacag     35520
     gggaggagtc cttctcaccg ccacacacgt gctgtggatc acgtttaagg tcttggctac     35580
     atggtgagtt tgcagtttaa agatgagaat atcatagccg actggggatg tcactgtagc     35640
     tagcgtatgc agcctgatgg cagttcatca ccaaagtgaa gtcaggtata gagagttgcc     35700
     tagtgttcgg gaagctcacc taaagccagg catggtgcac tctgtcatcc ctgggctgag     35760
     ttcaaggcct gaccaggata aacaggaccc tgtcctacag taacaaagag tagatgggat     35820
     ggtgatgaag gaggcccagg caagattctg agttccagtc caccctgaac tacctagtga     35880
     gaccctgcct caaggaaaca gaaatagcat tgacacatgc aggaccagcc tgtgggttat     35940
     ctcaggtgct ctcacagctg tgaggagcag cgctgcagcc tgagctgagg agcccagctc     36000
     ttaaggcagc actggcctgg gaaagcactg cacaggcggc cagggggctg ggttctgccg     36060
     cccgcctgcc tgcccgcccg cccacttgcc accatcccca tgctttggct tgaacaccat     36120
     ggagggcggt gaggagaaaa atgtttgcac acctaggaga gtcccagaca catcctatca     36180
     gagctctcct ggtggcatct caggggaagt ggcctccgtg ctggtgactt agactcagcc     36240
     tccatagtct cctgaggccc tgtgcatagc acctgcagtc cctttgtccc gcccagcact     36300
     ctcccacccc tcctctctct gctccccagg tcatctgctg tgaggggaat gcaggattct     36360
     atgaggtggg ctgtgtctcc acacccctag aaggtaggct cgtggttcac acctcttatc     36420
     tctatccttt ggaccggaat gtgtctcctc ccatgctgac ctccctcccg ttcatcaggg     36480
     tgaggtccag gtctctccct tgtgagggaa ggtccactcc cgccctgtta accttgcatt     36540
     cattcctggg ctgcttgtcc tcctgccccg ctgcacggtc gcatgattcc cccccactcc     36600
     tccctgactc cctccctcct ccatgtgtta cagctggcta ttctgtcctg ggctggaatc     36660
     atccaggctt tgcaggaagc acggtgagac cctctctgaa gacctgtcct tttccagaat     36720
     cctgtgcatc ttcctctgct cagccatggg aagaaggaac ctggtgccca tttctgcagg     36780
     gccttccaca tgcctgtgac ctgggtgctg gggagctgca gcccctcctc ccatggcagt     36840
     cagggacaca atgggtcaca tgatctctgt gtgttacagg gtggctgcaa gaagggtcca     36900
     cactaggtga gctgtcttct ggctgacccc tcctgcttct gcccgtctcc ctgcaggggg     36960
     taccattccc acagaacgag gccaatgcca tggatgtggt ggttcagttt gccatccacc     37020
     gcctgggctt ccagccccag gacattgtca tctacgcctg gtccattgga ggcttcactg     37080
     gtatctgcct cccctactcg tccctgcgca gtagagatgg gcacaggcac gggtggctcc     37140
     caaggagggg gtggatggag gcttttagag agagaggttg gaagttgata agacctacat     37200
     gaagggaccc aatcctattt cttgttctgc ttctagccac gtgggcagcc atgtcctacc     37260
     cagacatcag tgctgttatc ctggacgcct ccttcgatga cttggtgccc ctggccttga     37320
     aggtcatgcc ggacagctgg cgtgagtgca gctcccttgc cggtccttcc cgtcagggtg     37380
     gcagcacagg cctcttctga ctgggtgctg tcactgtgtg ggtggagata ggccaccccg     37440
     ttgccgagaa acagggcttc cctgcccagt ggacagtggg acctttaggt taggcaagct     37500
     cttcatctct gcgtccttca cggtgtccca ctctaggagc cctggtcacc aggacggtga     37560
     ggcagcatct caacctcaac aactcggagc agctgtgcag gtgagggtgg ccaccgtgcc     37620
     cgtcagcaag cggccactac ccgagctggc ccaacccttc ccggggctag gagaccctga     37680
     attggctcac tcatgatgtg gcagtgaagg gttaagcctg gctcccaggg ccagactgag     37740
     cccgtgccct taaatctgtt actcctgcct cagctgtggc ctggctctct gagctctccc     37800
     tccctgctgc tctgttctga aggttccagg gccccgtgct gctggtccgg agaaccaagg     37860
     acgagatcat caccaccacg tgagtacccg ggctctgcct tctctcccac ctttgtcacc     37920
     atggacacag cttcccaacc agggttaact cttgtcgccc ccagggtccc tgaggacatc     37980
     atgtccaaca gaggcaatga cctcctgctg aagctcctgc agttccggtg agctctgtgg     38040
     gaatacacac ctcagtgctc acaccagtga ggcggaagga tgaggtgggg gctgaggcgt     38100
     gaactggttc cattctgtcc caccctgtgc tcctcccaag gtaccctcga gtgatggtgg     38160
     aggaggggct cagagctgtg aggcagtggc tggaggcctc ttcccagcta gaggaaggtg     38220
     aggtatctag aggctggtgg gcaggggcct ggcaaggaga gcttgctgag gacactcctc     38280
     tgttcccatc agcctccatt tacagtcgct gggaggtgga ggaggactgg tgtgtgtctg     38340
     tgcttcgctc ctaccaggca gagcatgggc ctgatttccc ctggagtgtg ggtaaggatg     38400
     gtgtggaggg ctgggaggag aggaaggacg tcccaggcag ggatttgagg gcctcttctc     38460
     cctgtgcagg ggaggacatg agtgcagatg gacggaggca gctggcgctg ttcctggtga     38520
     gctcaggagc tgggtgaggg gcagggcagg ggcagggcct gcacagcggg gctcatacag     38580
     agctcatgca gggatcctag agtgggtgga tgcgtggctt ctgaggggaa gctgccctgt     38640
     tctgacctga cctgcctttc tcaggcccgg aagcatctac acaactttga ggccacacac     38700
     tgcactccac tcccggccca gcacttccag atgccctggc acctctagaa ccacgtgtag     38760
     actcttctgg aaggacaaga taggaggaga cacgagggga tacttttgtg actctcttca     38820
     tgttgctgtt tatagtctgg cccgtgggga catcccctct ggccaacagt cctcctgcac     38880
     gtttccctca tctatgtgga agcacttagc tcccctcata cacacctgca ttaaatgaat     38940
     gatttattcc taataattaa taaaaaggta ttttttctac aatctggctg cttatgagat     39000
     gttccagatg tccagacagc tagtggcttg ggcggggaga gcagaagccc tggagggtga     39060
     gcttgggaga ccctgctcag gccagcttaa cttccctgcc tcagctatcg tgcactttgg     39120
     gcccacagtc cagacccttc gtgtgctgtg cccagtgttc acacagccac catggctctc     39180
     actgcccacc cgggccttcc tgcgggcggc tgcctgggtg gtggtcagaa tgcccctcct     39240
     ttataactgt actttgtggt gtacggttct gcctcctcag cttctctcct gaaggtgctt     39300
     ccccatcccc acccccattt tccttgctta gctctgctta tctccacagc aaaccgaccc     39360
     catgcctgtc cttggcatga caccaagtct gtccatatac catgtttgca agtcagcaca     39420
     cagccagtgg ggaccaaggg ccaggcccca agcactcctg tcctcccagc gcagagcctg     39480
     aggaaatggg atcctcacaa ctcttactct gatctttgga cccgtgggat ggaatgacag     39540
     gctggcctcc ttcccttgga aacttgtgtc aggtgaaatc accccagctc cgcctcctgg     39600
     gccactgccc cgaccatggt gctgaacaaa gacatcagtg ctttctgctg gctacagccc     39660
     ctggtttctg tgtgccctct gacccccata tgtgaccctc taaccgtggg gctgtgtgtc     39720
     tgtcagctca gcagcttggt gacagtgtgc tgaatcttaa agaggaggag ggccgagaca     39780
     gacaggtgat atgactaagg tctggggtta gaagagggga gacagccata gtttctgaat     39840
     gttctgcctt tggcaaacag caggcagaga gctagccacc caggaggcag acaggctggg     39900
     atgtgtatag gaagaaccta ctctgggtag agcatggtag cagcatacag tcaggcagag     39960
     gcagttctga gttcaaagcc agtctgttct acatagcaag ttccaggtca gacagggcta     40020
     catagtgagt gagaccctgc ccccaaagcc aacgtgagca tgctcacgga ccttaccctt     40080
     ccatcccagg acagattcct ggaactatgt ctgttcagcc cagggaccct ctaatcttat     40140
     ctcccatacc ttggaacaca agatcgcccc cttcttggac agccatcagg gaatgtcacc     40200
     tagccacctt ctaagagaga tcagatggag accttaggta tcttaagcgg aagtgagagg     40260
     tagttgctca ccatgtgcct tgtggactcc ctcaccgggg ctgtagtcta ctacagatcg     40320
     ctctccgtat cccgtaacct cagggtgggg actggctgtc tgcccctttc tccctaaggc     40380
     tcagcaagct gaggcaaagt cagctgacgt gcccctacct cagctactag ggctctgggc     40440
     cctgctgctc tagacaccag gttgggcctc cctgataccc aggcacctgg gaagctaggc     40500
     caatggaggg gaggtctcta gaaagatagc tgtttaaaaa aaaaaatctt aataaaaggg     40560
     gtggtctcta aaccctggac aagaacacgc cttatcttac tgttgctgac cagcatctag     40620
     gcctgcactg ttcccggggt aggttgaaga tttactccaa gccccatgaa gagaaaatgt     40680
     ttcctctaaa gctgtcaaaa ctgagcaagg accctgaggg agggggccca gctatttcag     40740
     aaagccgggt ctccacttgt ctgactatcc atccatgcat gcatgcatcc atccatccat     40800
     ccaccctacc tccttattac catcgtcatt aacattcagc taaaggctct gtttctctga     40860
     gtgacttctc tcacagaagc tggctctcca aggccgtcac cacagcctgc ccctcgtgtg     40920
     tgtatctctt gttatctgtg atggcgcaca ttctgccctc agatcctgcc tacttcatcg     40980
     cttggctgtt caccttctga tatgccttgt cacaaggctg ggcactcagc atggatgtgg     41040
     tcatctgcta ctgtcctgtg atgactgttg cagcaaagct gttgtcctag aaacaatggg     41100
     tctgggccct gggtcctcac tagccgtctc caacagctga cagaaaagaa acaaggggct     41160
     ggggtggtca ggagatgact cggtgcctct agcccacctg gagttggagt ctcagcactc     41220
     tcatggtggc tcacaactgt ctgtaacccc acaccatctt ctgtcttttt ttttcttctt     41280
     cttcttccct gagacagggt ttttctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta     41340
     gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatctg cctgcccctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta     41400
     aaggcgtgct ccaccacgcc cggctccatc ttctgtcttt tacaggctct gtgtacactg     41460
     tgtacagaca catccatgtg tgtaaacttt ttaaaaacat taatagaaaa agaaacgagg     41520
     gctctaggca cactacaaag aaaggcccac tgtcccctga aacacttcag ggctgtggcc     41580
     atccctggct cgtctcatgg ccctgagctc cagagtgact ccttttctcc ctttgcaaca     41640
     gggactgaac ctttgcagct tcagagtgtg tcctgtgctg atctctggca ctaagtgctc     41700
     attcactcaa cagacatttg catcttgtat cagagggtgc cagatatctc cccagtcctc     41760
     caacatttta ggtttcattc cggccgggca gtggtggctg cacaccttta aaccctgtct     41820
     caaaaaacca aaaaagtttc attctggttc tcagaaacat aaaccccagc tcctcccctt     41880
     cccactgctc ccccactccc cacccatctt tcagggcttc ggtttgtcct ccattggttt     41940
     cccccttagt cctgagatgt gatgattcct ggaaagttct tacagtatgg gggtggggtg     42000
     ggggcactag agcaggaagt gtctcctgta atgcaatgtg gcttaaagaa aaaacaaaca     42060
     agtctcaagc ctacaaccta cctggggaga aggaaagaag caagcaagcc atctagccgg     42120
     ggcctagaga aggacatgtt tgcagcgcca ccttctgtgg acgcagcatt aatcgctgag     42180
     cacccactgg tgcactggct ccaaaaaaaa aacgggtgtc catgcctgcc aatcacctac     42240
     ggggctgcgt ttgtaggggg gccagccaga gcagatgctc tgtgagccgt ggagtgggga     42300
     ctctgagcac tgagtctgtg ggcgtggaga ctggatgtct gacctgcagc ccagcttcgc     42360
     tgcacacaaa gaaaggtcct ggtcacttct ttgtgcaagt ctgctccgcc tctttcatcc     42420
     caacttctgg ttctgcctga caccaaacct gtccatcagt tttaaccctg aatctaccgt     42480
     aaagctcagg gttatggttc ctgtcatccc agtttaggga gactatggca ggagggtcag     42540
     tccaagggga gcctgggtta ctcaggccag atctgttaca gagtcagatc ttgtctacaa     42600
     gttttaaaaa acaaaacaaa taaacaaaaa accacaatat ttacttctat ccattcataa     42660
     caactccgac atcacctcgc ttccaaaaac ctatgtcacc atcttatgac taaacttggg     42720
     aattgcactc tggtctggtt tcacacccta tactatggat ttaacctagg tctgtgatgt     42780
     atgctaggct aagcaagcaa cacaactaac caggctggcc tcagattcac agtgatgaca     42840
     gaattaaagg tgtgtcccca cacacccagc ttattttact tttattttga gacaagttta     42900
     cacgaaatta tccaggctcc ttttggactt gtagctcagt caagtccttt tttttttttt     42960
     ttttttcttt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggttgtcctg gaactcactc     43020
     tggagaccag gctggcctcg agctcaaaag tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg     43080
     attaaaggcg tgcaccacca tcagtcaagt cttaaaacct gcagtcctcc tgagcatccg     43140
     agtagctgga aagacaggcc agtgccagta ggcagactgg cttctgctct taaccccttt     43200
     attatccagg atgcaacaaa ggcagaactt tacaaaacat ctggccacat tacctctctg     43260
     tcttaacctt atgggattca tagccgctat gtctcaagat ctccatgcca ggatccaggt     43320
     cagaaacttg tctctcccag cctccagatt aggatcacac gtgatccttc caattctgga     43380
     ttgtagttca ttccagatat agtcaagttg acaaccagga atagctacta caacatgtat     43440
     gtgcatacat acagacagac acacaaacac accaactgaa gggggtcaga gagagtgaga     43500
     cccagcatga ccactcactg tccttgactc tggttgccat atggccggtt ctcaaaagtg     43560
     tctgtggctg tgacttccct aacaggatgg actgtgacct ggaataacaa gctaaaataa     43620
     aatagccccc tttgccgatc atggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagtact caggaaacag     43680
     aggcaggtgg atctctgagt ttgaggccag cctggcccat ggagtaagtt ctaggacagc     43740
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ttgtctcaaa aagtaataat aataataata aactgggcat     43800
     ggtggtgaac acctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagaa gcaggcagat ttctgagttc     43860
     gaggccagcc tggtctccag agtgagttcc aagacagcca aggctacaca gagaaaccct     43920
     gtctcgaaaa accaataaat aaataaataa atagatagat agatagatag ataaatagat     43980
     aaataaataa ataataaatg atgatgacaa tgatattaac atcaaaacat ataaataaaa     44040
     ataaacactc cccccccccc cggttgcttt tgtcagagca ttttacggag caccaggaag     44100
     ggaaacagac aggacaagtc cttctgagtt cctgcctcca gccaggatat taggcccaag     44160
     gagctgtggg ttgaggacac tctgcacgcc ctgttctggt gccgttctcc acctcagact     44220
     ggtgccccac tccctcctct tggccagcct ctctccaacc aatataagcc caggctggag     44280
     gctggagaga agccatgctt tttatggcag gccctgcagc cagctggtcc ctgaggcccc     44340
     tgggactcca tggcgtcccc caagccttgt gtgctgtcct cttaacagtg ctggtcatga     44400
     agaccttggt tctcggtaag tggctccgga gcagtggttc caccttcttt ttttcttttc     44460
     ttttgttttt tcgagacagt gttttttctg tgtagccttg gctgtcctgg aactcactct     44520
     gtagaccaat cctagaggct tcgaactcag aaatccacct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct     44580
     gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacgcctgg cggggttcta ccttcttgat gatgcaaccc     44640
     tttaatacag tttcctcatg ttgcagtgac cccccaacca taacataaca cttttttttt     44700
     ttgctacttc ataactgtaa ttttgctact gttatgaatt gtaaggtaaa tatctgatat     44760
     ggggcccttg tgaaaacgtc atctgacctc caaaggggtc gtgtcccaca ggttgagaga     44820
     cactgctcca aagagtcaga agggtcacca ggccagctag gtggaaaaac tctggtttct     44880
     ccaagggtct cgacacttct gtccatgatg tacaggtgaa accagcggta ggcatgatac     44940
     catgggcaga tgtgtgggga tgtccaggaa ctgtgatggc ctgatagtca gtcactgcaa     45000
     aggagagttc tcgggacggc cttgttgctg tagcaacaac agtgttctgg agatactaaa     45060
     gggatcgttt ccagctctaa gggcaacaca gaatagggag gactggggtt gtgtcagatt     45120
     ctcctcaacc agaattcaca aggcagaagc ctttgcacta cactaagcta tccgttagtc     45180
     ctgggctctt aacatgtgga ctggaccaag ggccagggaa gagggggctg catatgcagg     45240
     cagttcatcg ggagacagaa cagggccttt ggtagctaac ctccaacatg agcctgtcca     45300
     gggaccagac agcagaataa ggcaggtagc atggggctat tgaggtctcc tgtctacagg     45360
     acacagactc tctctgtctt ctcacggacc ttgttctcac ctctgaagac cacattgtaa     45420
     aaaaagcatg ttggaactag acaggggtgg caagtgccca ggaggtagag gcaggaggat     45480
     ctcttagttt agcgctatcc tggtgtatag agtgaattcc aggacagcca gcgctacaca     45540
     gataaactct tgaaaaacta aattaaaaag gaaaaagaag aaaagaaaga gtgcccactg     45600
     gtggcaattc tagtactcag gcaagaaggt tgaaagccag gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     45660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgatg tttaaaagag aatacagagg     45720
     gctgaggacc tgagttcaat tcccaccaac cacaaccaca tggtggctcc caaccatcta     45780
     taaagggatc tgttctctct tctggcatgt aggtatacat gcagatagag cactcagaca     45840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca cagagagaga gagagagaga     45900
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaatga actactacat ttcttcaatt     45960
     ctaacccatg acttcaatcc tagcatagca cttagatcag atgagatacc aaatgactag     46020
     gtcgtagagg aaaggctgtt ctaacagggc tggatgacag cttcagcttc ttcccctgta     46080
     aatgtaaatt aggcttatgg aatgctgggt ataggttagc ccttcaaata tatgccaaat     46140
     ggatacattt ctttgggggt ataacataga atggaggttt ggttttttgt tgttgttgtt     46200
     gttgttgttt tgatagcttt ttttgagaca gatcgacaga tctcacacta tggagccctg     46260
     gctgtggcct cctactttgt aaaccagggt ggcctccaac tcatagatct gcccaaccct     46320
     gcccttgagt atggggttta aagaggagga agcacccgcc aaacaggcaa gggtggtgac     46380
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc tctggctgcc     46440
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcaagctcag aaatcagcct gcctctgcct     46500
     cccaagtgct tggattaaag cccaggcagc gtggtgacat ctaacaagag gtctgttaag     46560
     gcagacggct ttcaagaagc agagatctta tagttgcaga gccacagttc cgttggaatg     46620
     gggcagggac atctgagcca tggaattcct cttcgttcta ggtgatacca agctcgagga     46680
     ccttcaccct cagtccctcc cactaaacaa gtacctgaat tgctaccgat gtctgctgga     46740
     gaccgaagag ctggggtgcc tcctggggtc tgacacctgc ctgacacctc tgggcagcag     46800
     ctgtgtcacc ctgcacataa agaacagtaa ggggacccct cctcccacct tgggccagct     46860
     ccccaccagg cctcctccca gtgtcctttg cgatacacca agtcttgttt ccaccgccct     46920
     tagatgttcc agcactttca gtcagatcca caccagtctt tactcctgtt tcctcctcag     46980
     ctcagagcca cggcctccca ctttcctacg gtgtccagcc ttgaagggcc ctcgctctcc     47040
     agaggcactg ggctgtcccg agtggtcagc atcccctgct gtcagagact cttctcctgg     47100
     ccttgcagac gctttggggc tcatgctcag gcggcttggt cctttgttct gacatacaca     47160
     tcacagaggc ccctggcctt aactagcagc ctcagacttc ttcctagctt agaaggcttc     47220
     ttctcgtccc ctgatcccca ttcgggtgtc cccatcattt cctgcttgga ggactgatcg     47280
     catcctcccc ccacccccgt tctcttcttc tacccacccc ctacctttac taaattaata     47340
     gctgctcagt gtggacaacg tggaggcgca cctgagctct gtaagagcat taagcactct     47400
     tgaccactga gccatttccc cagtctcttt cgcctgtgat gctagaactc agactcagga     47460
     cttgtgcctg cgttctaccg ctgagctgca cggccccgtt ctatcctctt ctgctgtaga     47520
     aaaccacacc ctgtctgcag cccacccttc agtatacctc catgtcttcc tcctcatggt     47580
     ccatgacgct tggtctcctt gcatggtcac aacttcaaat cccccaagct tcccacgcaa     47640
     agcttccgtt gcccaggctc accggccgtc ccgtccggtt ctctatggct ttctctcggt     47700
     tcagggaagg gtgtaagggt ggtagtggta tccgtgtgga ctgagggtga gtttgggggc     47760
     tctgtgcctg tgctccctcc ctaggcagcg gttttaatgt catggtgagc gactgctaca     47820
     gcaaggagca gatggtccat tgttcatata cccgtgcttc cccggtgttt ggcttttgga     47880
     tattctatca gtgttgcttc ctggatttct gcaacaatcc ggacaacaga aagaatagca     47940
     tgcactagaa cagcaggaac ccgccacgtc ctgccagcta acctccagac tggatttcca     48000
     tctgagtcca tcaggacaac tccaaagccc tcactcacta cagcctacat cgttgacccc     48060
     acgttggcct cccctctcca tccataccca caatgctctc ctacctctat tttgttcagc     48120
     cccctctttg gtccaaagtt ccccccaaat aaaatagtat gcaaagtgtt tgtcgtctcc     48180
     tctgatggag gtgaagctag cctgtcatag ggctcctcta ctgcccagcc ctagacatat     48240
     aaaattgaag agggactgga tgcccttcta tggtgaaggt tgggttggtt agattaatag     48300
     gtatcctgag aggtactgtc agaccagagc tgcgtggggg agaactgaga gggctcgggg     48360
     gctatattgg caagatacag aatatgagca ataaggatat ataagcaata taagcaatcc     48420
     cagggaggag ggatgctcga ggaggacact ggggagggga cagtaggctc aagaaaacca     48480
     aggaactctc tgacttccaa gtttagtgtc ccttcctaaa cctggctccc agtttgacca     48540
     attaaatctg accagggtcc atctggggag ggagtgtgga ttttactgta gaccccttac     48600
     tggcctccaa ctccagattg tccctcctca atttcccgag tgttaacatt acagcctgta     48660
     ccacacaagc tgctgtgagc agcgtctacc tgagttagga gtgctcagga agggcatgag     48720
     ggcacactgg gtgctggcca aggcgtctgc tgactgaata gcttcctctg gtgtgtttgt     48780
     gacaagcttg tgctctgctg ggaacgttta caaaacaggc tgctgttcct ggaggctcgt     48840
     gcacctgatc tattcagaag gctgaggcag gatggcctgg agatcaaggc cagcttgcat     48900
     cagcgtgaga ccaaatcgca aaaggccaaa acaagcccca aagctctatg tatgtatgtg     48960
     tccctaagca cacatacctg cgcatgcatg atctggacat ccgtgacctc cagcgcaggt     49020
     gaccacttca aactacaggg ctgacttact caggcattgg agcaaagggg agtggacctc     49080
     ttgctgcaga gtgactctag cactgggctg agagggggtg agcttgatca cactcacctg     49140
     gaagtgctgg tgacccctgg atgacattag tgtcctctgt tgaataatag agtaatgcaa     49200
     agcatccatg agtgctttct ccgtgcttga aaattttcaa tttattattt gagatgaatt     49260
     tgtaattgac tgtcctggaa ttcactatat agaccaggct agcctcaaac tcaagagatc     49320
     cacttgtttt gtttcccaag cacagggatc aaaggcgtac accaccatgc ctgatcagga     49380
     acttccagta tttagggtct ggtagcatac acctgtaatt ctagctcttg aggggtaggg     49440
     gcaggaggat caagagttca aggccagctg aggatacttg agaccttgtc tcaaaaaaaa     49500
     tcccctaaat actaaaacaa agattcaaca gctatcacct ctagcattcg agatataatg     49560
     caaggtgcca ggacccttga agtgatccag gttgctcact acacaaggac atggacttga     49620
     gtttcttctt aggtgaaaac ctggcacagg acgtgagttt aatattccag gctttggagg     49680
     ttatagttga agtagggcat ctatcttcaa actttggtct ttagctaagc agaggggaag     49740
     gatgtggcct ttttgggtaa tttgagagga agccataaaa tcgagtgggt ggggtttggt     49800
     aatcccgttt gaatcccaca cttaactctt tgacctggct acacctgcct acatctgaac     49860
     ctgacagaca gacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaccctgc     49920
     cgaaaaatgt gacacagatt ttgccaagtt ttgatttatt acggaggaga catgggagcc     49980
     cctacaaccc ctcacaaggc aggcagtcag gtgaaatgat gagaccaagg acagcggacc     50040
     aggatggtgg agatagtgag ataggtcgct gtgccagatg taaaggtatg caagtccacc     50100
     cttgggcctg gctgctgagg ctcggatatg gcatatgacc agactgaggg tacacggaga     50160
     cagtgacact caaaatggga ttcattgtca agtcagcctt ggtgagaacc gtccttaagt     50220
     ttcctgaaaa ggaggaggac aaaccagccc cagatccagg ggccatacag aatttggcca     50280
     tgtagagcag aaagcttaag agatcagagg gctcagagga tctgagtgtt cacagaccgc     50340
     agagcaggat gctgggcccc tcaaaggaag agtctctcag acagagcaga atctaggaag     50400
     gggaacacat cagggtctat cccagggaag gaccagaagt cctgaactgt tgaggaacaa     50460
     gtatatttgg cgaaggtcgg caatggacaa gcccagctcc gggggcagaa tgagagactc     50520
     caggccctca gacaccttat gagcatggaa gccaggctga ggcagagaga ggttcagggc     50580
     ctggtaaaac tgttttatct gagacgctga caggggcatg cccagatggc ttcctgggga     50640
     cccacgcagg gtgctctggt gctgagcact ggaccaggag ttgcagtaat cgtactggca     50700
     gcaatcagcc ttatacaagt agtctgattg gtagatcaca tgcctttctt gacatcggta     50760
     ggaatgatgc tgtccacagc cccgtacgtg gaagcgaaca gtagtatcta gaggagaggg     50820
     gacagttata accctggtta atagcttccc actgttcccg aacctctatc ttcctggcat     50880
     tcacgcagac ctgactttag tccatgaatt ctcaaagaca aattaaaaaa acaaaaacaa     50940
     aaacacaaag gggggggcag aaaaaaaata aatcaattca tttgtctgca taccccgcct     51000
     ccccttcaga gatgccactc tcttcctcgt gtggcccaaa caaccctcat gctaaagaga     51060
     ccaagctaca ctgctctacc acccatcagt ccttgcctag aacttggctc acttttatag     51120
     atggtgatca ccatacacgg cgatggaagg ctgatggtgc acttttctga gccagaaatg     51180
     cagcctagcg aagggtcttc taagaggcac aggtggcagg tacggactct ggcaactgga     51240
     gcttggcaca gaggataaag gagatggagc caggagctct ttcaagcaca cccaggacca     51300
     gctgtcccca ctcctcccag accctggtct tacttaccct tccccatcgc aaagcccacc     51360
     atggtcagca tacctacaag cacgcgggcc ctcattatgg aatttggggg agaggagcaa     51420
     ctcccacaaa gtacccccaa gccccacctt tcttgatctt cagaggcaga atgggtttga     51480
     caggcagtct gagcagaaac tgatgtgggt gcagaggtgc actcctgcct gaggcaagat     51540
     cctgaccaga ggaggaagtc atctattggc aggaagaagg cctgtcctca cccacattgt     51600
     ctggttcctg tgtaggccac agaagagcac cagctggctc tttatcaggt gtcttcatcc     51660
     tagacatgcc ttgaaaggcc tgtaccccca cttcagggac ctgtctctgc cactacctgc     51720
     tgtccaccca cacagtaggc ttggccccca ttatgctggg agaggttggc cagagacaag     51780
     ccttccaacc ttttccagac ggctctcagg tctcccagca gggggcacac agacaccact     51840
     gagcaacagt tggggctctc tgcctcctct ccagttttat ttattgtagg gttacattcc     51900
     ctttaacagc aagactgagg ggacttccca tgaagtccct acagcagcca cagccacagc     51960
     cccaagagag caggtgttct ccaacctctg aaacctttcc cttcaatcct gcacttgcgc     52020
     tcacccaacc tagagtgctg ctctgacaca ctatctgtac atggtacaga ttcatgaagc     52080
     cgcaatctgg gctgcttcca acctagggaa gatgggctag agcaagaggg tccctggagt     52140
     gcagtagccc accccttccc gaccccagca acacacagta ggagacagct catggccttt     52200
     tcttccttta tttcatattc ccaccacagt aacaattcct ttaatttaaa ctaaaaacca     52260
     tagacttcct gaaagggtgg cagcagagga atggtggtgt cacagacaga gggagaggtg     52320
     ggtgggcaat cagcgaatag tcttgactgg gctcttgaag ttgctggcgg cttggagctg     52380
     cagctggtaa gccattggat ggatcttgaa accatagagc ctgggtgaag gaggtcagag     52440
     aggcagcacg gtaagctctc tgctagctct gccagtggcg gccatcccag cctcctcaca     52500
     tcgactccac aggaccccaa tctccttgca catgaataca tgaaacatgt ctctctcttt     52560
     ctcttatttg gggaagggct agtttttcaa gacagggctt ctgtgtctaa cagggccttg     52620
     gcctcaaaat aaagagatct gcttacctct gcctcccctt gtgtaaccat ccccagctta     52680
     aaaaaatgta ccataaacat ccactaaaat taaaattcca ggccaggtaa tggcctgcct     52740
     catttatagt cttatttata gcttgagatc aacttagcca acaacgaccc tgtcaaacat     52800
     tccctgtggg ggctggtgag atggctcagc gggtaagagc acccgactgc tcttccaaag     52860
     gtcggaagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatccgta acaagatctg     52920
     actccctctt ctggagtgtc tgaggacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaataaata     52980
     aataaataaa tcttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca ttccctgtgc ctctcacaac acctgtgcca     53040
     aaccaaccaa ccaaccaaaa actcacagtg aaagtatagc tcagagagag aggatggttc     53100
     ggcaggcatg aggccagggg aaacttccaa cccacacagg aaatttcaat tttattaaga     53160
     tttagtactg ccgggcatgg tggcacatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc     53220
     aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg atctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccaga     53280
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaagatt     53340
     tagtacctgt tcaaaataga atctttctcc cctggtatac agtaaaaaaa aagataccag     53400
     gatgataagt ctcactaaat cacaaagcta agcatccaaa atgggaacag caacagtcac     53460
     tgtttaaata gtcaagtgcc atacatttaa aactgttgct aggcaggtac tgttggcatc     53520
     cctgcttcat agataagaaa atggactcac aagcaagtaa cttccccagc cactcagcag     53580
     gaaaaagccc tgactttggg ataggcaagc ctcaagaaag ggctatgctt gtcctcaatt     53640
     ctctctagac cttggctctt tgatcctttg tgactgtctt tgctccctac ctgggtacaa     53700
     actggttggc aggtcgcttg ggccggtact ctggatgcac catgaagagc atgtgaggga     53760
     aaccagtgcc gaagtatgcg ccgtccgtgt ggtggtgtct ggaggacttg ggtgtgtaca     53820
     cgtccatgca cttggggcag tagagtttca ccatggcctc gcctgggatg tctgaaaggc     53880
     ctgggagata gacagccaga ctgcagacca ggtatcccta gcgctcccca acctcccaaa     53940
     ggactcgggc actgagtaca ggaaggcagc ttctggcttt caacactcac cgataggaag     54000
     cattggctgg ttctcacagt atacacgagg acagtagcca aagtctccct gctggtactt     54060
     ttccaactaa ggtgtgtaaa acagaaggga ctggtgggtg agcatgaaga ggcaatctca     54120
     actcatttca tggtcccccc cccccatgtc tcccacttct gactagaagc cccctctctg     54180
     tcgagatagg tcctcaaact caagtgcctt tcctttgtgg ggcagtctgc agagcccagg     54240
     ggccatttgc tatttgttcc ctgcaaactc cttcgttttc cggtttcatc tcccttcctt     54300
     aaaacacctt caatgggacc ctgagtgagg attcactcct cagcccagct ctgggtctct     54360
     ccctctctcc tctgccacgc tccttgccag gtaggaacca ggcctcggac ccatgcacct     54420
     gtttcccttc ctgcagaagg agcagagcct caccatttgt gcgatgcctc ggttggtgag     54480
     gatgtagcgg gcgtggatca acccataaag catctcagct gcctgttcga tcaagtcgct     54540
     ctggttgggg ttgtcttcca gctcttcatc tgaaacgtgg gtggggtggc cgcttgttta     54600
     gttttccagg gtaaccccac cttacctgca aggtggcgcc tccagtttct ctagtacctg     54660
     tttctgagcc ttgccctacc catcatctat acatctgacc cagaaacctg ggcttttgat     54720
     tcttctacaa agcaagactg ctcggcaggg ccttctctgt gttcctcttt agtctctgcc     54780
     tgcctctctt ttcacagtaa gtaaatgtaa acacacaaac gcagaggagg ccctctagag     54840
     cagcagaggg gaagaggcag cagcacacca aacccgagag gaaactatcg ttacgaacca     54900
     gaactgagct actttcagag agcttggaga caaagcaaga gtcataagga atcaaaacag     54960
     tgaagaagcc aagcactgct gtgtgtgcca cgactcagcc atcgaaagca gggcagaaag     55020
     accaaggggt aaagtccagt ttgggttatg aatgcttggg ccttgaggtg ggggagaaaa     55080
     gacaggagca agggatctgg ggataggaga gagagctgga ttattaaaag gaaatttaga     55140
     aattcaagaa gcaagccagt ctgtgatcca gtactcagga ggcagagaca agcagatctc     55200
     tgtgagttca aggacaggct ggtctacaga atgagttcta gaacagacaa ggctacccaa     55260
     gaaaacctgt ctcgggccag agagatggct cagcggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttcct     55320
     aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaatgggat     55380
     ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaaaac agttacagtg tatttattta taataataaa     55440
     taaatctttg ggccagagtg agcagggact gagtgagcgg gtttgactcg agagcagagt     55500
     tcctaaattc aattcccagc aaccacatga aggctcacaa ccacctgtac agctttagtg     55560
     tgcttatata cataaaatat atatatatga aaaagaaaaa agaaaaccca gtttccacct     55620
     cccacaacaa ccacctcaag aggccagtga gcagagacta gaagaaaatg aaaacaaagc     55680
     acctatggag gggagtgcac actttatcac caaccccaca gtcagcaaca accctaaggg     55740
     cacattacca ggttccaggt ctaagatcat gtccagagct tgtcgatagt gaggcacctg     55800
     ctcattgagt ccagtaagat taaatttgtc ctggatgtag tcttcatcca cctacgggca     55860
     cagggaagcc aaggggttga aaataatata ggaaggccca tcttccacct gggcccaaga     55920
     gatgtcttat cctcagccaa gtcacctctc gtgtcctatt cccaattctg cagaggtact     55980
     gaagtctcat aaaaactgca ggccctttct ttaaggctaa ccatctccag caaagacata     56040
     gacattattc agcttcgaca caagcttatt ttagaaaccg cacttgccat cttcttgggg     56100
     atagcaaact ctctgagttg aagacttggg aatcatgaag gctaaacagt ttagtttctg     56160
     aaaggcattt gtaattttct actgaagcca ccgggctttg cacattaccc aactttaaca     56220
     tgaaatattt taattatcct agtggtcacc cagaggtacc tctgttagcc atgcatattg     56280
     acaaaacctt gaaatcctag cactcaggag actgaggaag taggactgcc aggagttcaa     56340
     ggccagtcta ggctgcatag tgagttccgt cgaaatctgc tctcaaacaa cataaaataa     56400
     aacatcgagg gcatgtggag ttggccgacc taaactcacc tcacagaaga attcattacc     56460
     acggagccca cagaaccagg aaatccagga cacctcctca gagctactca tctttatgtc     56520
     cgctgtgaaa gaagagcgtt aagtaagtgg agaccaagct gtttcttgtc tcttccctcc     56580
     tcccacacat tctccacaac aacggaagaa tctgagtcca gccaggcttg aaggatcccg     56640
     gcctctgaag catctccaag cttctctcct tcacctcagc ccccttgcag tgtgctggca     56700
     ataagtttcg ctactttcca gaaaatgaca ggtcctgatc tgttagtgtg accctcgtcc     56760
     ctggcgctcc tcaaagccag gcccctctcc cctccatgtc agccgcgaca gggccctcgg     56820
     ctccggctcc ccaccaccgc aggtgcctgc atgttcctgg cgcctgtccc aaggcttccg     56880
     aagttcattt tccccaacag agccggcctc tcctgcactc gcagggttgg cgaaggcacc     56940
     acacttctgt gggtctcacg agcgtcccca aaagccgcct cctctcgccc agggcccccg     57000
     acctccttcg gctaccgacc cggtcacttc cttcgtcgcc cccacatcga ggagctccaa     57060
     ccagagtgcc gcgcccaggg acgggcgact cgacgcgggg acaaccccac actcaccggc     57120
     cggacgggga ctgggactgg ggcggggaag gggagctgtg cttccaagga accgcagaga     57180
     ccactacagc gcaaaaagcc gacccggccg cagcagacga agtagggagg gggggggcca     57240
     ctggaaactg gtgaggattt gggtgagaaa agggcaacgc gcaggcgcta agaaccgccc     57300
     cctacctccg tggacgccgg gagatgtagt cccgtcggca gagagaaact gacgaaatga     57360
     ggggaagaca aactaccaat cccaagagga cccgcgcatg actctctaag ggccgcgagg     57420
     ccctagagga agccgcctgg gggcggggcg aaccgaggcg ccaccggaag cggaagcgga     57480
     gcagggggtc ttcccgacca ggaagcctgg gaaatatagt cttgttaggc tcgctaagct     57540
     gccgggtagg tcctcgggct gattgtcatc cctgcggtgc tccctcagcg ttccgctttg     57600
     cttttttttc tccctcttcc ctgtgccagg ccaacccacg ggatcctggt tctctcgcca     57660
     ggcccgcgac agagtgcgct cgggctccgg catgcgcaga gttgtggtga gggacttagg     57720
     tcgggtgtgc ttgggatgcg ctgagctgtg cacgctgcgt gagaacctgg accgccctgc     57780
     gagctaacct gaggtggggc cagccattct gccgccgctt gtccctttgt acttctccat     57840
     ctcctcagag ctggggtaga gagttgtgct gatgaccctg actgttcttc aaaccctgct     57900
     cagagcagtg gtgaggggta accgtgatgt tacttcatct cacagctcct cggcatccca     57960
     caggtctccc cactgtgtcc tcagagtctt tctgaacgcg gagggtggcg aagggcattg     58020
     tgggggcgtt atgtaaaagc aggaccccaa ccgacaggct cccccttggg tcctcgcgct     58080
     actgggcacg cgatgcttta ctacgaggat gctagaaaag gttctagcgc gggaaacttg     58140
     aaccttatgg atgttttgtt gttgttgctc ctgcgcatgc ctcgttctgc cctgtggcta     58200
     tttgattgta tccaatctta cagattacaa gagcgacatt ttgcggtaca gaagtgacaa     58260
     tgcagcttcc ccagaaacct cccggagtaa tgtcatgcct gtttttaatc tgggaaaagg     58320
     ggacccctag ataagatcga gcaagattta aaaggtcgac ctgtgcgggc cagtggtggc     58380
     gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaagctggc agatttctga gatcgaggcc     58440
     agtctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg     58500
     aaaaaaaaag gggggggggt gtcgacctta tatttcctgt atgtgttagc ggaatgtttt     58560
     cagagagagc ctggcatttt tgtttgtagg aagatgggag ttgaatacag aacccattaa     58620
     caactgtctt gtagaatatt tttttcctgt tacccttttt cttttctgtg ttattgatag     58680
     aatctagaat tctcaaattt gaaacaagca ttctacacag attcatatct actatgccct     58740
     catgaaattt tattaacatc atgacaggat ctgttgttcc tggggtctgt tttacccatc     58800
     ccatcgtgac aggatctgtt gttattcctg gggtcccttt tacccatgag gcccgggctc     58860
     cacagaatcc taactatgaa gtcagttttg ggatgggagg cccattttag ttctaggctg     58920
     ctttcccatc tcagcgggcc cccagaggtg gtgctggtca tcttcacaat agctacctga     58980
     atggttggat cgcttgcttg tcacatcctt gccttgccca gtcttcattt tcttgtttct     59040
     ctcacaggca tgtctaggcc atccttcatc gaatttaccc cagcggctga ctccagtgac     59100
     ctctggaagg atgggcagca gcaaccacag caggagaaag cagagcctgt cctggacggg     59160
     gctgctgccc gggctttcta tgaggctcta atcgcagatg acagtagttc ctctaagccc     59220
     cagagagctg aacctatgag ggagaggaag aagaagagaa gaagagtgac tagggagcct     59280
     gcagcagcag gagtccccag acaaggaaga gcacttgagg atgaagacag gatggcccag     59340
     tggatcctgc tggcagccca gaatggggat ctgacagaac tccggaggct gctagaaccc     59400
     caagaggcag ggggagctgg agggaatatc aatgctcgtg atgccttctg gtggactccc     59460
     ttgatgtgtg ctgcccgagc aggccagggc gccgctgtgc gctatctcct gggccgagga     59520
     gctgcctggg ttggagtctg tgacctggga ggcagagatg ctgcccagct ggctgaagaa     59580
     gcaggcttcc ctgaggtagc ccgtatggtc agagagagtc atggagagac aaggagccct     59640
     gagaaccaga accggtgagg agggagcctt cacttacacc catctttatt gtgttcttcc     59700
     tttcctgggc acctcatact aagggcccac agcagctaaa gggggctatt catcctctgg     59760
     catattcagt catagagtaa caatgggcgt ggtctttgtg catttgaatc ttggttccat     59820
     ttatttgcag tgccagccta aagtctgcaa atctcagtcc ttgtctgaga attggggcta     59880
     agactttttc ctcaaagggg tgttaagata cagtaggtta atgtggaaag agatggggta     59940
     ggatgggatg gtgcttgtca cacagtttgc actttataaa tgccagcact actcattatt     60000
     cctgagagct tgaggcctac ctgacagtat tccaaatatt ccctactggg aagaccctgg     60060
     ggcccctttc caagacaaga tacaaccaaa agatgctgct gacattggga gaaaggcaaa     60120
     aagtactttg ctctgctctg cctggtgcct gaacaacttg aggctctgtt catctttttt     60180
     tttcctcccc tataacatat ttctttctct gcagatctac cccctcctcg tcccagttct     60240
     gtgaggactg tggtgcccac tttgaagact ccaaccacca cacatctact gctcacctgc     60300
     tgtcactgtc caggagaccc cagccctcca accttcccct tggggtgccc acttccagtc     60360
     ctggcttcag gctactgctg agaggtggct gggaaccagg aatggggcta ggaccccggg     60420
     gtgaaggccg tgccaaccct atccccacta tcctcaagag ggaccaggaa ggattgggtt     60480
     atagatcccc accccaaccc cgagtcacac actttgcagc gcgggatacc cgggctgtgt     60540
     ctgggagaga gagagtccct cgagttgcca cactgagtca gagggagaac agaaggcaag     60600
     aagaaaaggg cagagcctgg gagcgagatc taagactgta catgaacctc gagttctgac     60660
     tgatatggac tggccctggt ctgtcactcg ctggacttgg gcctctgact tggacacttg     60720
     gacttccgaa cccttaggcc ttagctgttg ggctctgatt ttagagagaa gggcggagag     60780
     ttgggagata aataaacttc cttccttgtg gtttgtttac tttcttgaat gatatagtag     60840
     ggaattggaa caaatctgag agtcacatag aagtctcacc tgagccaaaa ggacaagctc     60900
     tccgggtgac aaaagagagt ccccagtcct gctggctgca ttctacctgc tccttgaatc     60960
     cccgccccca cacacacatt aggaattgcc ccactttgta aaacacccct ctgagtatgt     61020
     gtctaggcca gtcaagtcag tgacaagtat cacaaaccaa gtgtgctatg tgttggagag     61080
     gggcgggcat agcttggtta gagcacctgc ctaacactgg gaagaccctg ggtggggccc     61140
     ctctccaaga caagatgcat ccaaaagatg ctgctgacat tgggagaaaa gccaaagata     61200
     ctttgctctg ctctgcctga tacaaacctt gaacttgagg aagccagctg tgatgaagtg     61260
     taataccttg tggtagggaa gttaaaagtc cccagagagg aagtagagtc ctgcaggatt     61320
     ggccaataca actaatgtca tccaacctgt gtgacattct agctgtgacc agagctctga     61380
     cctcccagat aaaaagttca agatgaactt tttttctttt tgttttttga gacacagtct     61440
     ctcactatgt gtagaccagg ctggcatcaa actcagctaa aactggttct ggagtgctac     61500
     atggggctta acctagggct tcatacctgc ttactgagtt aggattccaa ggcttaaggc     61560
     agtcctaaga gatcatttca ctccctgaaa accaggcaat atgcttttct acacttctct     61620
     tacgtacttg gcacccccaa tcccttgaga tgcttataca gagtgctagg aacatgaaag     61680
     ctttcaaatc ccagtctgga aggccaaagg gcggctgctt aaatcacgtg gctcctgtta     61740
     tttacctttc tggaccagca ttacaagata tctcaggtga gaaatggagg aatggcgggg     61800
     gttgtgagaa agaaccacag agaggctgga atcgtcacac agggaagcag tggcaagagg     61860
     atcgactcaa aggcagtctg ggcaacatat gtccaagcct ttcctgagct atatatatcc     61920
     tgagctatat atatatatat atatatatat atggatctaa gctacatata taggggacct     61980
     gtccttaaaa acaaagctgg gcagtggtgc agcgtgcctt taatcaagga gacaagaggc     62040
     gggcagatct cttttgagtt caaggccagt ctggtctacc gagctaattc aagatagcta     62100
     aagttacatt gaaaaacaaa acaaaaaaat cccaaactaa gggctagaat acctaaccag     62160
     tgtcagcggc gggaaggtct gggaggtgag cagccgaacc cgggttcgtg ctcagggtct     62220
     ggtcttaggt ggtcctctct ctacgcctgc gctagtgaat cgcgggggct tcggaggagg     62280
     tcgctctgtc gagtccgcct cacgggttgc ggagctccgc ccccgctggt ccctcccgac     62340
     ccggtacagc tgcttccggg ctcgcacggc tcccggaggc cgctccccgg acgctgggcc     62400
     ccacagctac tcgctgcgcg agcacccaga cgcctgggtc cccaggtagg cctgtactgt     62460
     gtcttgcgtc tgcgatctcc aaggacatct ctgttctgac cttgcggagg ccgcgtctca     62520
     gctgcgccct cgcgggacag tagggccact ttttggaatg atagcttcct aagttaaggg     62580
     atgcacttaa ctgactggag ttcgctagac acttccatcc cgtcttcctc tcaacagaga     62640
     cttcctgttc cttgagctcc cttgggcagc gatttgaagg ttcctcagtt tcaggaccga     62700
     aggaccctgg gccaccacct tctttccttc aatggaacac cacctctccc ctttctgggg     62760
     caccttggga tgtggtcttg gtgagtgaaa cttggggtgc tgactgctgg gaaggaaatc     62820
     tgaaagcaca gaacattgtg ggggtgaccc tggccttatc gggctctaga agtcttgtta     62880
     gtgtgtgggg tggcaaatgg atttcttttc ccttagactg acacggaagc aggccattta     62940
     ccacacttgg ggctgtgtga gtcctttctg aattcagagt aggacaatat caccaagcag     63000
     acacctcttc tgaaccggaa ctgattctgg cttcggagga gatcctgaga atcttacgca     63060
     gagtcaggaa gtggtcacag atttgggaag cgcattgcac agctcagtca tgttccttcg     63120
     acggcttggt ggctggctac ctcgaccttg gggtcgaaag aaatcaacaa aggctgattt     63180
     gcctgcccca gaacccagat gggtggacag ctccccggag aattcgggga gtgactggga     63240
     cagtgctcca gagaccatgg gagatgtggg gccccttaag accaaggatt caggaacacg     63300
     gagacccccc ggggctgctc cagagtctag cagggacctc aaagtggatc aactggggag     63360
     caaaagaatg gattccctca agcgggacaa gactgcctct accattcaag agcctgcaag     63420
     actggagtct ggaggggcca ttcccaaact agactgggat cctgtggatt caggtggcgt     63480
     gaagaacctt ggagtgtccg ctcaagggag actaggcacc attgggccag aagccctgtt     63540
     ggagaaacct ggtcgccgtc agaagctgct gcgttggtta cggggggaac caggggctcc     63600
     ttcacattac ctgcaggacc cagaggagta cctgcagatc tctaccaact tgaccctgca     63660
     cctgctggag ctgcttgcca cagccctgct ggctctgtgc tccaggccac tccgagccat     63720
     cttggatgct ttgggccttc gaggacctgt gggcctctgg cttcatgggc tgctatgttt     63780
     cctggccgcc ctacatgggc tccacgctgt gctgagctta cttactgccc accccctgca     63840
     ttttgcctgc ctctttggct tgttgcaggc cctggtgctg gctgtcagcc tccgggaacc     63900
     tgttgaagat gaggagaccg ctgattggga gagtgagggg caggagaggg aggccaagga     63960
     gcagagggaa ggtcccggaa ggatgttgtg actgggagag ggtgggagca aagggtaaag     64020
     atagtggggt ggcctttagg aggaaggtgg ggaaacccag attgtaagca cagagacctc     64080
     agggatgggg aggaaactca ggcacaggag ctcctgtcac acttgacaga cagggctggc     64140
     taggatggcc agtaatggac aatgggacat caccattgaa gtcaccagct tttttttttt     64200
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ggtttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtata gccctagctg     64260
     tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc     64320
     ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcatgtgc caccatgccc agcaaagtca ccagcttttg     64380
     ttatttcttg cttttacatt tactcacttt tttttttttt taaatttcca cctccacttt     64440
     ttaaaagcaa aatagaataa aagcaaccgt ggagaacgga caccacaggg ccctttccaa     64500
     gcgcaggggt ggatggggcc agaggcagga cagagatctc tgcattaaga gttgatgggg     64560
     agacccgtag tgtcccttgg atcctaggac tagaaccgtt tagaggagag tgaggctttg     64620
     agggagaagg ggcttcaggt gccgcagtac ctgcagtgag ggtctgcagg tcggtgggag     64680
     ccagaagaaa cagagctgct gtgggctgga ttggcatgag gaccagtaca gaagagctgg     64740
     cagctctgaa gggcagtggg ggaagcaccg tgactgcctc tccactcagg cattgctcac     64800
     tcagcaataa atgtgccaca ctacatccta aatacaccag tctaatgtga gaggttccac     64860
     tcagtgtcct tcctgatgcc tgacagccgg gggtgtgagg tggtggaggt gtccgtcagg     64920
     gggtggggtg ggaggggagg gtcaaagtgg agaaatgata tctttgatgt ctgcagacaa     64980
     aacccaggag atgaggactg acaaatcatc tttattatcc acgagagggg gcaggagtcg     65040
     ctggcttctc cactcgaagc tgggctccta tcttgtctgt ctaggacacg ggtgaagtca     65100
     ctggtcactt gctggacagc gggcaggcct ctgtgggggg aggagggaga gagtaagagg     65160
     gtggtcgtcc aggggaggag tgccgttggc actggagtaa ggtaggagac tctacatctg     65220
     gccctctcct ccctttatct aaagcggtgg ttctccagct gtgggtcatg accccttggg     65280
     gggggacgac aaaccaccct ttcacagggg tttcgtacag ataccctgca tgtgagatac     65340
     ttaaatgatt cataaaagta gcaaaagagc aacaaaatag ttttacggtt ggggggtggg     65400
     gtggggtgtc accacaacat gaagaaccgt gttaaagggc gtttggaagg ttgaagacca     65460
     ctgctctaaa ttctaagaaa cctatctttc acctcttttt ttaaattttt tttaagattt     65520
     atttattata tgtaagtaca cttcagacat ttttttcttc tctctctggc cccgcctgtc     65580
     tggccccgct ctctcctgcc caaagatttc tttatttatg taagtacact agctgtcttc     65640
     agacacccca gaagagggca tcagatctca ttacagatgg ttgagccacc atgtggtggc     65700
     tgggatttga actcaggact gttggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttaactgc tgagctatct     65760
     ctccagcccc tcgtttttat ttttgaaaga cagcctcact atatatatag tcctggctgt     65820
     cctgaaactc acttgtatac cagactggct ttaaatctgt ggcaattctt ctgcctctgc     65880
     cagctgtgtg gcagaggtta cagtgtgtgt cactattcct aactgcacat gagtccttct     65940
     ggtaccattc tagcccataa gaattagagg ggtcagtgta cccattctga taatgtctgc     66000
     ctttggccac ggcccctgct gacattgcac agagctcttt acccacagga gacttggtga     66060
     cttcaacccc tcaccttgat tcctgggagt cactaagaag gctttgaagt ccaagcaaga     66120
     ggtcagagac tggaattcct ccacacactt ctctggaggg tgtggtgacc gatctggaag     66180
     gacggggaaa attcaggcca gtcagtgttc ctgcttctca gccctggctt cccagctccc     66240
     taaaggcctg ctgaagtgcc cacctgttct gaaagaatgt taaagggccc caactaggga     66300
     gcctttttgg ccccagctag gtgggctttt tagccccaac taggggggct ctttagcctt     66360
     ccagtttccc tcggacattt gctgccttgt atccccactc actgtagagg agaaagcgct     66420
     ggtagccctg gcccgtctct ttcagcatga ttcctcctgg gcacgagctg gagaacaggt     66480
     ctgttttcat gtctgggcgc cctgttggga tcaggagaga aaaggaggac agatgcagac     66540
     tcactgaacc aggcctacta gtgaggacca tgatcccagc tgcccaggaa actgagacag     66600
     gagggtttca cattcaaggc ctatccatgt tcaacaccct gtgctacagg gtgagctcaa     66660
     caaccatcag ggcaacttag tgaaaccgcc tcaaactaga aagggtctag ggctacggcc     66720
     cagtgatagc atgcctgcct cctaagaatg caggaggtcc taggtccaag cctcaatccc     66780
     gaggggaaac ggctaaggga gacgagacaa ggggagggct ggtgggaacc aaccttcagt     66840
     tctgagttcc atgtttcctt tcccttcagt caatcggtat gtccacttcc ggggcacaca     66900
     gaccccactt ttcctgcaga ggtggcagtg ttaagatagg aagatggagt gtcattccca     66960
     ccacacagta acatccttta ttccaccgtt ctcttcccca caccctagct ctttgggttt     67020
     tgagccacta agagatagtg aggccccatt ctgtctccag aaagtgactt gtaatgctgt     67080
     ggaattgagt gggcagaaag tgggagcctg atgctgggtg tggtgactgt tcacagttgg     67140
     ggcagagaac acacccagtg gtgtctctgc ctccttgctc gacactcacg tgcggatggt     67200
     agcacgaagc tggagctgcc ttggggcaga gccggcagcc atgttgaaga caatattgtc     67260
     caccggatca aaagttgcca actcttccgt ggtggaggct gctcccgcaa taaagtacca     67320
     caggcccagg tggggctctg gggtctggag aggcaatgaa gggagcaaaa ggatgagttg     67380
     ctgggtgcat cacaaaaatc catccaacat ccccatctgt cagcagagca agacttgggg     67440
     cttgcgattc tggtggcctt caatgtttgc aacaaggagc caccagtgcc tcccacacac     67500
     cctcttcctc ccttcctttt tcaacatgct ttctggccat cttgagcgac ccacctactc     67560
     aagactttca gcttctacta tataggcgtt ccctcagtac atacctctgt gtcgtccatt     67620
     cccagcgcag ttagttgact gtgctcaggg cactgattca tggagttaaa gagaaggcca     67680
     tagagagaga gcagagctgc ccaaacttgg tggaacatct cgggatgaga gttggtgctc     67740
     tgcagttgag gggacctccg ccttaactgt tctctgatgg ccgctcggtc tactctgcct     67800
     ccagccccct cgcctcgacc cttgaccctt taacctgcta ataagtaact tcaaccttgt     67860
     tttccaaccc aagcctagat tgactatggc atcggggcct tcctccccct cttccggatg     67920
     caaccactct acaatatacc cgggcatgac ccagtgactc tgaggcctta ggaggaaagc     67980
     tgagccctac agtagaaacc cagtcttcca tgctgcattt gatgggagcc ctgctgcgat     68040
     gagaagtggc tggattaggt ctttcattca ttcattcact gggcaagtct ggaatttcag     68100
     ttgtttgcca ggaactagct aatcctggag gacttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     68160
     aaagcggaaa acagctttgc tttgcaaaca atccattgca atgtaaactg ataaatgtta     68220
     aaacaggcac cagccagtcg ctagggcatg gtggattctc cccccacccc ttctttctct     68280
     ctctctctct ctctgatagg gtttcactat gtcactttgg ttgtccaggg attcactaca     68340
     taagccagct ggactcatag agatcatctg cctgcctttg tctcccaagt gattaaaggc     68400
     ttgtgccact ttgcccagct tgcatttctc ctgtgagagt atagtagggg aactggtaag     68460
     aacacatgaa ggaaaagctc actgacaaat gggctcacgt ttattcagat tttggtggta     68520
     gtgaagacat tctattagac gcaagtgtaa cactagtatt aagagtgggt ctgctgccgg     68580
     gcgaggtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga     68640
     gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccaaggcaa cacagagaaa     68700
     ccctgtctcg aaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagagtggg tctgctgggt     68760
     gtgatggcac atgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag agacaggcct gagttcgagg     68820
     ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagaga gctatacaga gaaaccctgt     68880
     ctccaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaacca aacacaagag tgggtctaac     68940
     ccctgacttg actgttagat gtggggactc atgcatacca agcagactca gaggtaacaa     69000
     cgatccagcc tcctggggca actgtactaa tttctatctc tgttttcccc atctctggaa     69060
     tgggcaaccc attagtctca ggattaaatg ggaccatgca tacatcaagt ctgaaggaaa     69120
     tacccattat catcagtaac tgcaaagcac ccactgcaat tgctggtagt gatttttaaa     69180
     gatttattaa tttattttat tcatatgagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa     69240
     gagggcatcg gatccaatta cagatggttg tgagccacta tatggctgcc aggaattgaa     69300
     ctcaggactt ctctctagcc catgaaattt ttatttattt gtttgtttgt ttgtttttga     69360
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc     69420
     ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgcacc     69480
     accacgcccg gctttatttt tgtttttttg agacagagtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg     69540
     tcctagcact cactctgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc     69600
     ctcccacatg ctgggattaa aggcatgcgc caccaccgcc cggcagaaat ttttataata     69660
     aaatactaaa tgtgggactg gggaagtggc tcagcagtga gggtacttgg cagatggcaa     69720
     cccaagctga agatcccctg gtccccacac agtgagagga caccacattt ccctcggatc     69780
     tccacatttg cactgtgctg ttgcagacgc aggccataca cccctcctcc atccccgaaa     69840
     agtattttta aaaatattta acttctatta tcccagcatc tgggatgcag aggcaggtgg     69900
     gtttctgtga gttacaggac atccagactt acatagtgaa atcctatctt ggaaaaaaaa     69960
     aattcaaaac gtaaatatag tctattagag tgacacacaa ccctgcactg ggtggtggtg     70020
     gggggaacat tgtccttatg agttccaggc aattcagggt aacagtgaga cagcatgtaa     70080
     aagtctcatc atacaatgct tactggaagt ctcatcagta ctggcatcta agaataagtg     70140
     gggaagaatg cagagagaga aaaacttaac cgttcaactc ccttggcggt gggcctttca     70200
     atcccctttc tttttcttcc ttcttttctt ttctatttta ttttatttta ttttatttat     70260
     tttattttat ttgtttgttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtccttga     70320
     actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa     70380
     gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg caccaccacg cccggctttt cttttccttt tttaaagatt     70440
     tatttatttt atgtatgtga gtacactgtc gctgtcttca gacacaccag aagagggtgt     70500
     cagatctcat tacggatggt tgtgagccac catgtagttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac     70560
     ctctggaaga gcagacagtg ctcttcatct cttgagccat ctctccattc ccttggtccc     70620
     ttcttaaagt cttgtccttt aatctgatcc gcaaggcacc cgttctcttt tctttctttt     70680
     tttctacaaa gctcttaaaa agcagcagaa atgtctcaaa accaaaaaat gcaatagaat     70740
     ttttttttat ccttaaacat ggcactccct cggagatctc aataaacagg atgctcaaag     70800
     tctgcaaaga gcccaaccgg cctaatcccg ccaggaacta gagtcgggca caagcaaaca     70860
     cagcccgcgg aacgccacca gccgtccacg aaaaagagtg gcttccggaa gaacagaaat     70920
     gatgggagga ccagaggtct tgcagagttt taggtagtta gaattgtgcc tgtaaacgtc     70980
     tctgaccatc aagatgggac gttgattaac gaggtgcact ccacacaagt ctcacaattt     71040
     ttctcgagga aattacagca tctcactcag tcatttttct ttaggcgttt ccagtagcca     71100
     ccccggtccg gttgcactct ggcgcgcgca gggaagaaac gcacatagcc ggaggggggc     71160
     ggggaagtac ttagagtgtg cgcacgcgtg gcgccgctca cgcaggcgca gtgcggtccc     71220
     ccgggcgacg acggcggcgg cggcggctcc tccgggtggt cggctccctc ccatctcggc     71280
     cggcccgggc ccgtctcgcc ccccagaaac tcactgttcg gggctgtgga ctttctcatc     71340
     gtgccccacg aaagtaaatc gggggagact gggggagccg gaagtaccgc ctcgagatcc     71400
     ccccaaatac gatcggggaa acggaagtgg cccttggtgc caggttgggg gagaccggaa     71460
     gtgacggtac cgtggggacg tcgggggcgg agccacaggg tggtgggctg tgtatgtgtg     71520
     tttgtatgtg tttggtcgcg tgttggttaa gtcgtgttgc tggaataccg aggagaggcg     71580
     gaggcggaag gcgggggcgg tcagcgagcc cgtccagcct cccgtgagtg tccgcggtct     71640
     tgggtcggtg gtgatttagg cgggttcgat tgtggtgctg cgcgtgcgcg aagccacttt     71700
     tctctgccga gtctagcgcg accctccccc cacccctcgc gttgtcctag gatttcccga     71760
     tctctcgggc gcttgctcgg tcgcgaccgg tgatgacact ggcctctggt cggtctcgtg     71820
     cttgcttccc tgattcctag cccaactggc tctccctatt gtgattggca tggtggagcc     71880
     cctcccacct ctcgtccttc atctccctat gccgtcgatc tcctaccctt tgtgtttctg     71940
     ttcctgtgcc cccgaatcaa aaagggggga tgagaaggag gatgaatata tctgcttgtg     72000
     tatgagaaac tttgaaggga ttggggcgga gattgggtcc agagaggctt ccgggtgtat     72060
     aaaatacagt gcgaccgaca gcgaaccccc ccccctcgtt cttctttaga gagctgtcgg     72120
     ccatggagcc gagtgatagt gccagtaccg ctatggagga gcctgacagc ctggaggtac     72180
     tggtgaagac cctggactct cagactcgga cttttattgt gggggcccag gtgagacacc     72240
     agtactttgt agaaggatgc gcctgatttt cttgtcattg actcttttgt cccttactgg     72300
     ataggacatc tgatgtacct attgagtgag gggatgtggt tactgttgag tgaggccgat     72360
     ttggagtctg tcttcacttt gacagaactc agtgaagagg aaagtagaga ggagggatct     72420
     atacctgttc tgtgcagacc ccagcccaaa gagacagaca tgactctggc ctttgggacc     72480
     agacacaaca cagggggcac cttggacaag aatggtgtgt cacagggacc tcagacaagt     72540
     ttggtgtggg tttttttttt ttttttttaa acagagtgtt cacagcttgg tactattttt     72600
     ataagattaa ggaaacctgc tttcatccac tgtgaagtag acttgtcaat agctgaggca     72660
     tggtttgagc ctcctgacct tagtgcactg tggccactgc ataattcttt gagacaacca     72720
     ccatgaggag gtcatttttg tggtttttaa agcagatatt taaaaagcca catagacttt     72780
     tgtctgtagg tacatgtgat agttaatttg gccctaccaa gaattactta atgtctttcc     72840
     gggaggtggg cacaggatct cctatagccc aggctaactt tggcctctga ccactgtgcc     72900
     ttcgtcgtct atgtggtcgt ctatgtgcta ggattatatg cactataaca gaggaccaca     72960
     tctgacttgg cttggtcctt tttttcttac atagtgaaat gtcttagaac tgatggtctt     73020
     gtactcatga tcctcctgtc tctgctttcc aagcttggaa tttcagttgt atgctattgc     73080
     tatttttggt ttgtttgttc tttttttcca ccttccctta tttttattta tttatttatt     73140
     gcatgtatgt ggttctgatg ggtactgaac cttggaccta gcacagagca cttactactg     73200
     aaccgtatat tgtgtgttcc tttctgacct ttgttagtta tctttccaga ccctgcctcc     73260
     caaccccatg gtggtaatgg ttgttttggg ttgtgtgtat ttttggtttc ttttagaaga     73320
     ttgtatttgt ttttatttta tatgtgagtg ctttctctgg aaatacacat gtgcaccttg     73380
     tgtgcacttg gtgcctgaga aggtcagact ctgcaacctg tggccttttc ttcatgtgga     73440
     agttaggaaa ctatagcccc aaactatagc ccctactttg ttacagatgg ttgtaacaac     73500
     ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tccggagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc     73560
     accacgccct gcttgcttca ttttgtgttt taagtcaggg tttcactttg cagtcatggc     73620
     tgtcctggta gtcagatcca cctagctctg tatccttgag attagtggct gtgccagtgc     73680
     ctgtctatct gcattcagct ttgagattat ggccttgaac acctgctatt gttttagttt     73740
     agaaaaggat cactggtatc tctagatact ggatagcaga gagggagaaa gggagagcta     73800
     ttcggcttct ttcgtatagg ttttagttat ttactgttgt tgtgatttgg attttttttt     73860
     aaattaattt aatctctgta cattggtctg actattttag aactcactac gtaaagcagg     73920
     caggcctcaa actcacaaga gatccacctg cttctgcctc tcaaatgctg gaggcataca     73980
     caccacgtcc cacttatttt taattatgta ttggtatgtg tctctgcctc tgggtacaaa     74040
     cgctcataga agccagagac actgagtctc ctaaagctgt gtttaccagt agttgtgagc     74100
     tgctgcccaa cgtggatgtt ggaaattgaa ctggagtcct ctgcaagacc agtatgagct     74160
     cttaatcacc gagccatttc tctagccaca ctcttttatt tatttattta tttatttatt     74220
     tatttatgga cataataaat atcggcctgt tgatatagtt ggctagtgag actgtctgat     74280
     tttgatgttg gcatctgaag tcaggtgttc ctccctcttc attctttctc tcactttctg     74340
     atatcagtgc atggctctcc tttcagatga atgtaaagga gtttaaggaa cacatagctg     74400
     cctctgtcag catcccttcc gagaaacagc ggctcatcta ccagggccgg gtcctacaag     74460
     acgacaagaa gctccaggag tacagtaagg ggctggggct gctgagctta aggctgctgt     74520
     ctggagggag gcatccattt atgtacttaa gaggtttgct gtgtatcttt ttttctgcag     74580
     acgttggggg aaaggttatt cacctggtgg aacgggctcc tcctcagact cagcttcctt     74640
     ctggagcatc ttctgggaca ggctctgcct cagcaactca tggtggggca cccctgcctg     74700
     gcactcgggg ccctggggct tctgttcatg accggaatgc caacagctat gtcatggttg     74760
     gaaccttcaa tcttcctgtg agcctttgtt tcttacgtgg gagggttttg ttgggaagag     74820
     tagctttggt tatggcagct gcagggagct tggaagataa gtgtcttgaa agattgcatt     74880
     tggtttggaa agcactctga ttggtactgg cctcagtttt tgaagaaagg agggtagggg     74940
     ctctaggaag gaattggtag cgtgaaggtt ttagtatgtg gcttctccca gagcaacttc     75000
     ccttgccctt tccccagagt gacggctctg ctgtggatgt tcacatcaac atggaacagg     75060
     ccccaattca ggtattgagg ggcctgggag ggtcagggaa ggggatctgg gagaaggagg     75120
     ccatgagatg ggggaggacc tggctgagga gatgcctggg aactggttta gtatgttgtg     75180
     gagctcatga atttctctca gacctgccgt gaacatcctt gtcttataga gtgagccccg     75240
     ggtccggctg gtgatggctc agcacatgat tagggatata cagaccttac tgtcccggat     75300
     ggaggtgagt gggcaagtct ggtaggctgg agttgatttt gtgttcctct cgtggtcttg     75360
     caataagaac attcctggca aggtctacat gggctgcggg aggctggctc cctagtctgg     75420
     ggtttcctct gtagttctct taggcagaga tagatagtgt ccttgtgagg ctgtgtcact     75480
     gctgccagac tgcatgcctc agcttctcag gtgagactca caggcctgtg ccactgctgt     75540
     gtgtggctgc caagccttct gacccctgct gtgtgaagac ttcatgtcag acttgccaga     75600
     tgataccata gacatccttc ccttaaagaa gtagccatta ccaccccact tcttttactc     75660
     acactgtctt gggctgccct tgaactcaga gtaccttcta gctcctcttc tcaaagtgct     75720
     ctgagtatag gtttgagaga ccatgcatgg ctgcatgctg aagtttttaa atttccttcc     75780
     ttttttcgct ttttgtttgt ttggttgttg gctgtccggg aactcactct gtagatgagg     75840
     ctgcccttga ccacacaaag atctgcttgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gaataaagtt     75900
     gtgtgccacc gccaccaggc actttttaac tatcttaact gtcttgttca gtttaagggt     75960
     accctaactg tcttgttcag tttaggggta tcctaccttt gtcagtgtgt tatagttgca     76020
     gcctgggatc atttcctctc tttgtggaaa tgaggagagc atttcctctc tgtaaacact     76080
     gtagatactg tgatccagtt tctgccggtc acaggaatgc atagccctgc ttttggggag     76140
     ccatttccac tcttgtttga tctgcataaa gctcaacagc agtaatattt tgtgcctttg     76200
     gtgtcctgtc tcttcttcca ccctcagtgt cgagggggaa cccaagctca ggccagtcag     76260
     ccacccccgc agacaccgca gactgtggcc tcagagacgg tagccttgaa ctcacaaaca     76320
     tcagaaccag tcgaaagtga agctcctcct cgagagccca tggagtcaga agaaatggag     76380
     gaacgtcccc caacccagac tccagagctt gcgccctcag gcccagctcc cgcaggccca     76440
     gctcccgcag gcccagctcc cgcgccagag acaaatgcac ccaagtgagt gatgcaggaa     76500
     gcctttgggg acttggactg ggaaggctgt gaggagagga aagtggttgc caggggtgga     76560
     tctttcagtc gtagtatagc ggggtcagag gtcagctcat gtagataaag gtgggtaggc     76620
     ctggcagcct tgcagaaggc agggtgatct cggatgcccc tggagccgtg gagcagaggc     76680
     cttgtctagg tttgtgctcc tttgcacagc actgctgggg gatgggagca ctttgccttc     76740
     tcctcttggc tgagagagtc cctggggatg gtaggactct gaggacagcg tcactcactg     76800
     gcctctgtgt ccgcagccac ccttcccccg cagagcacgt ggaggtgctc caggagcttc     76860
     agcgcttgca gcgccgtctt cagcctttcc tacagcgcta ctgcgaggtc ctgggcgctg     76920
     ctgccaccac agactacaac aacaacgtga gcccttcagt gcctcccttc ctagtacctc     76980
     agagccgcag actgaggcac acatagtcct tcactgtcct caggattagc acagaatcct     77040
     cagtaggaga gcatcctgtg atgggggtgg tgacagtcag catgtccttc attgttcagg     77100
     gaacgtacag aataaaaaga atttcaggtg gttgcttaat atatgccatg ttttgtagaa     77160
     aattccatat gtgtattgaa tagaatttat ttgagatttt ttttttgttg ttgggggggg     77220
     gggaacgctt tggtttatgc agaagcttcc agagacagag ggcatggcat agtttcagag     77280
     gcagtcatcc ctgttcttgc tctttttttc tttgctttct tttatttatt tttaattcat     77340
     ttttaacact ccatattcca ttcccctctc cccatccctg ttcttaatat catgcttttc     77400
     tgggtttgac ctgggtacag catgagggcc gtgaggagga ccagaggttg atcaacttgg     77460
     ttggggagag cctgcggcta ctgggcaaca ctttcgtggc attgtctgat ctgcgctgca     77520
     atctagcctg tgcaccccca cggcacctgc acgtggttcg gcctatgtct cactacacga     77580
     ctcccatggt gctccagcag gcagccattc ccattcaggt gagtgcgagg agcctggctg     77640
     gcaggagagc agggagcatg gtccaggagg acgactcctg gcttctggga ggctggaaag     77700
     caagaagcct ggggaggctg tgctggtgaa gctatggagt ctttagaggt gactctcctg     77760
     gcactctgga ttaggctctt gtgtttctca tacctatctg tctgcatgtc catctctctt     77820
     ccagatcaat gtggggacta ctgtgaccat gacaggcaat ggggctcggc ctccaccagc     77880
     tcctggtgcg gaggcagcaa ccccaggttc tgcccaggcc acatccctgc ctccctcttc     77940
     caccactgtt gattcatcaa ctgaaggagc tcccccacca gggccagcac cgccaccagc     78000
     ctccagccac ccacgggtca tccggatttc ccaccagagt gtggagcccg tggtcatgat     78060
     gcacatgaac attcaaggtg agttaggaca gttactggca gaagagagcc gtgggagcag     78120
     ggagggaagg ccagtgctat gtgggaaggg ctcaagggag gtgctttggc cttggatttg     78180
     tgtgaaggga acccagcctt cctgttgcca tggggacagg gcagggtttt ggaggcatga     78240
     cgggtggatg gccttggccc cacattctga cagttttctg tctgtctgtc tgcttgctca     78300
     gattctggag cacagcctgg tggtgtgcca agtgctccca ctggtccact gggacctcct     78360
     ggtcatggac agaccctggg taagaacaag atgatgagtg taggctgaga gctctgggta     78420
     gaaaaagggg tagggctgag tgggtgggct gaaggggtcc aggttcaagg ttacatcaga     78480
     cccacccccc aggctccacc ctcatccagc tgccctccct gccccctgag ttcatgcacg     78540
     ccgtcgccca ccagatcact catcaggcca tggtggcagc tgttgcctcc gcggccgcag     78600
     gtaatgacct ggaaggggag gactgggcgg tggggcgtag ttcatggtgg tgggcattgt     78660
     ttgctggcag gcaaggactg aaccctcagc tttctttgat gtctcttttt gctacacaca     78720
     ggacagcagg tgcccggctt cccaacagca ccaactcggg tggtgattgc ccggccaact     78780
     cctccacagg ctcggccttc ccatcctggg ggacctccag tctctggagc tctggtgagc     78840
     aagggttggg ggaagtacca gtggggaaat cctggtggat tgttggaagg acaagactga     78900
     atcctcctgt tccccagcag ggcgctgggc tgggtacaaa cacttcattg gcccagatgg     78960
     tgagcggcct tgtggggcaa cttcttatgc agcctgttct tgtgggtgag tcctgttctt     79020
     tcctagctca aactttagac atttccagct gccactgggt atgacagtgc ctgggaggct     79080
     gggactggag gataacagtt caaggacatc gtggactcta gacttgtaag ttagcctgag     79140
     ctaataaggc caatgagcat ccatgcagca gtgcctgatg accctccctg tcctgctcac     79200
     tggtcacacc tagtccctgt ggagtggaca cacttagttt ttgttttcct gctggaaaga     79260
     tgagatggga atgaggcagc tagaatatgg ctcttgttca cattgtactc tccttggttc     79320
     ctgacagctc aggggactcc aggaatggct caggctcagg cccaggccca ggctcaggcc     79380
     caggcccagg cccaggctcc agctccggct ccggctccag ctccagctcc tgccactgct     79440
     tcagctagtg ctggtactac caacacagct accacagctg gccctgctcc tgggggtcct     79500
     gcccagcctc cacctcctca gccctctgca gctgatcttc agttctctca gctcctggga     79560
     aatctgctgg ggcctgcagg gccaggggct ggggggccag gcatggcttc tcccaccatc     79620
     actgtggcaa tgcctggtgt ccctgctttt ctccagggca tgactgattt tttgcaggtg     79680
     agtggccggc tgtactgccc tttttacccc caggctcata gagcaatggt attctgttgt     79740
     ggttctctag ctgctgagtg acagctctgg agtggcttat ccattcagtg tcctaagacg     79800
     ctgagatcag agctggttct tgttgttctt gcagaggacc tgggattgat tcttagcacc     79860
     cacaaggtgg ttcacagcca tctggaactc cagttccagg gaattcagca ccctcttctg     79920
     gtctctatgg gaaatagata cacacatttc tcagacatat aggaaagcag aatgcccata     79980
     cacaataaat acagtgataa aataggtttg tttgttttgt tttttaaagt caagatcaga     80040
     atctagctct ctcacctctt acaggcctgt tgtttgtgtc cgcagtgcaa ttttatattc     80100
     ttgatcttgt ggtctttatc ttctattctt aattccttct tctaggcatc acagactgcc     80160
     cctccacccc ctccacctcc tccaccccca ccccctgccc cagagcagca gagcacaccc     80220
     ccaccagggt ctccttctgg tggaacagca agccctggag gcttaggtcc tgagagcctg     80280
     ccaccagagt ttttcacctc agtggtgcag ggcgtgttga gctccctcct gggctccttg     80340
     ggggctcgag ctggcagcag tgagagtatc gctgccttca tccaacgcct cagtggatcc     80400
     agcaacatct ttgagcctgg ggctgatggc gcccttggta agcaagatgt gggtgttaca     80460
     gtttggggaa atagcagcca ggggaggtag tggccctcct ttactagtaa gatgggatta     80520
     gctgatggtc tatggggcta ggcaagcaag tgaaggtagt cgctcacttc tgtccctccc     80580
     tccctttccc taggattctt cggagctctg ctctctctcc tgtgccagaa tttctccatg     80640
     gtggatgtgg tgatgcttct ccatggccat ttccagccac tgcagcggct ccagccacag     80700
     ctgcgatctt tcttccacca gcactacctg ggtggccagg agcccacgcc tagcaacatc     80760
     cgggtaagtg agagcccaga tcgcagaggt tttcttcttc ccggccctct tttttaatcc     80820
     tgcctgcctg cctgttagac agtgaaagtt gtgcttcagc ccaagccctg gggttgtagg     80880
     gggtaggaga aaggcttttg aaggctgtgg gcaaaacctg acctgtggtg tttcctacag     80940
     atggcgaccc acacactgat cactgggctg gaagagtatg taagggagag ttttgtaagt     81000
     gtcctttgtc tgtttccttc cagtcagggt ttgggttggg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtc     81060
     tgtctgtctg cctgcttcct cttctagatc ttaaagtact gaaacggagt tcttggtgtg     81120
     tcttgtctca gtctttggta caggttcagc caggtgtgga tatcatccgg acaaatttag     81180
     aatttctcca agagcagttt aacagcattg ctgctcatgt gctgcactgt acaggtcagg     81240
     ctgggggcca gccaatcaca ggtagtgtgt cctgtccacg cacgactgcc agaatcatgt     81300
     gctctctcac atcctccccg cagacagtgg atttggagcc cggttgctgg agctgtgtaa     81360
     ccagggcctg tttgaatgct tggccctgaa cctccactgc ttggggggac agcaaatgga     81420
     gcttgctgct gtcatcaatg gtcgaattgt aagtaccacc caattctagg tctctggctt     81480
     ttttgttatg tcctgtgagt tttaattttc ttctccaaat actctacctg ttgccctgga     81540
     tgtaatagat tgcaaaagta gcttgagagt tatatggtca atctgttttc tggccctcag     81600
     cgccgcatgt ctcgcggggt gaatccatcc ttggtgagct ggctgacaac catgatggga     81660
     ctgaggcttc aggtggtctt ggagcacatg cctgtgggtc ccgacgccat cctcagatat     81720
     gttcgtaggg ttggtgatcc tcctcaggta agggatccaa tagggggtgg tgtcaggatg     81780
     taaagaaact gaagagatgg cctggagcag cccctcccac cacatcccct ttatatttct     81840
     ttgaccaatt tcacagacac ttcctgaaga gccgatggaa gttcagggag cagaaagaac     81900
     ttcccctgaa cctcaggtac tgtttgagaa gccgaataat atggagtaga tggctgtgag     81960
     aaaaggggct tgggagcaaa gaattctgaa gtctggacct tcctgttaaa tgctttctag     82020
     agagagaatg cttccccagc ccctggaaca acagcagaag aagccatgtc ccgaggcccg     82080
     ccccctgctc ctgaaggagg ttcccgagat gaacaggatg gagcttcagc tgatgcagaa     82140
     ccctgggcag ctgcagtccc ccctgtaagt ggcaggaggt gacccagtgg gttaaagagc     82200
     tgtaagttgt gggaattatg gcaaatcctt tcctccccag gaatgggtcc ctattatcca     82260
     gcaggacatt cagagccagc ggaaggtgaa acctcagccg cccctgagtg atgcctacct     82320
     cagtggcatg cctgccaaga gacgaaaggt tggtctcttt gctgcggctg tgtctctgtc     82380
     cagtaccctt gttgagctag aggcttttgc ttgctagttc agtctcttca tctagttagg     82440
     aagcctgttt gtgagtcaga cttgttcatg attggtacat tggtatacgg gccttcaacc     82500
     ttactgtttt ctggcagttc tggttcctca gctgtgtcac ctcccaagtg attaggtgtg     82560
     taatgaagaa tagctagctc cgaatcctag gtgatttgac ctgctggtgc cttctttgct     82620
     gtcagaacca tgtgcagggt gttccctgcc ctatactagt atagacactg gttatctaat     82680
     ggaaagggtg aactgggtgg tggcactggg tctgatattg atcccctttt ccctctcaac     82740
     ctgtccccca gacaatgcag ggtgagggcc cccagctgct actctcagag gcagtgagcc     82800
     gggcagctaa ggcagccgga gctcggcccc tgacaagccc cgagagcctg agccgggacc     82860
     tggaggcacc agaggttcag gagagctaca ggcagcaggt gcccccactt tgcagcagaa     82920
     tagggatggt ctgttgggag gggttgggcc aggatcctgc ttcccttgat ggtcagggtt     82980
     ttccttgtgg catttgggaa ggcttagcaa tctcatattg ggcttgccag catggctggt     83040
     ggggaacgta tttcctaagg gttggtcttt gtgctttctg ggatcatagg tctgaaacca     83100
     gggctgctcc tgacctgctt gtgttttctt tctagctccg gtctgatatc caaaaacgac     83160
     tgcaggaaga tcccaactac agcccccagc gcttccctaa tgcccatcgg gcatttgctg     83220
     atgaccccta gctttctcac caggggacca cttcccccct tccttcacag tatttaagaa     83280
     ataaaagtcg gattttcctg gctcctttgc ctagtagttt cgagtacctt ttctttacag     83340
     gtttcttcaa atgttccata gaaacctagc tacacacaca cacatcacat catattctcc     83400
     ttatggggtg tcatcagttg aggcttaaat agcgttctgt gaaacccatg ctcctctacc     83460
     agccctaaga gccctcgctt taacctctgg aacatgaaag gccgggtgga aacctggaac     83520
     ctgggaggca gaatggttct gcaggtggca gtaataggtg tggcctttaa agttttactg     83580
     gggctttgag gttgcagaag ctcaagtctt tgttgcctgc tgatccacat gtacaaagct     83640
     tggagtacca tgctgataaa gggctaagcc tctcaacttg taagctaacc ctaattaaat     83700
     gtttttatga gtagctgccc tcttcacagc aatagaaacc ctaactaggt cagaagtaca     83760
     gaccagtttc cccaagatag acctgattgg ttttggaaaa gcaactgaat gcattgtggt     83820
     ttaatgggcc atgctaggag catgttagac agtggttctg agggtcattt aaactatgtg     83880
     tggggggtct ggttttatgt gataatgtgg ctttctgccc ttgttcaaaa gccaaaaaaa     83940
     aaaaaaaaaa attcttgaga ctaaactgaa gactcacctt acctttgaaa ggcaattttc     84000
     agacagccta gtattgactg ttgcttggtt attagtgccc acacttaacg cagatatgag     84060
     aataagcaag ctgagaaagg aaaatacaaa ctactattta ggacctgaaa gtgttgagaa     84120
     tgatagtttg atgccaagtg gaaataaagg gagtggtggc ctttgagcaa gacccctccc     84180
     agctaagctc cccaaaaggc aggcagtttt caaggacagc caagcttagg cagcaaggga     84240
     aaccaaaacc acagaacgtt ggttctgtga tttagaaagg tgtcctagcc ccaacaaaca     84300
     gcagagcttg gcagctttgg ttctggttta ttatctcctc ctggggattg ggagggagtg     84360
     tgtgcatgga ggcctagaga agccttgtga agctgtggaa atagattgcc ttggggaatg     84420
     ccaagatctt ggtgatgcca gagtggaggg atgaagaaag ctactaagag ggagtagaac     84480
     cagccagagg agtgtgttgc tgccagtaag ttaaatggag ttgggacgat ctgaaaggct     84540
     ttgacatcag acatgggaga cagattttgg agtttgacta gctgattttt gttctaacgt     84600
     tggcccaata ttccctcgct atgcactctt tcagaatggt aattatattc tatgccactg     84660
     tatgttgaaa acatgatctg cctttttaca ggggttacag caaggagatt gcaaggaatg     84720
     tcagaattga ctttggactt gtaaacacag ttcagactga tgactacagg cctctcaaag     84780
     ttggaccgag tgtgtttttc atatggttac aagctagtgg tggccaggga gtggaatgtg     84840
     atggtttgaa tgaaaatggt gcccatacgc tcatatgttg gaggaagtgt cactggagtg     84900
     tgatttgtta gagttgattg gtcatagcaa aagaaaccct aagacaggca cccactgacc     84960
     tcacccaaac tcttaactct ggaaccctga agtaattaac aggtaactta ttgaacccac     85020
     tacttagtgt aaaacattac agttaatccc ccacccatga ctttcccccc tttttttttt     85080
     ttaaaattct tttattattc ttttttaaca aacggcccca gggatagggg actaggggag     85140
     gagaagaggg gaagtgagac tccagaccca caacccctcc ccacccaccc ctttccccct     85200
     tatatattta taatctatat acaagccccg gggatggggg tcaaggggaa ctccctcagc     85260
     ggggtggggg caatccaggc tccttctccc cccgggaccc aggctcctct gctcttcggg     85320
     gaggcccttc tcgagaaggt ggccctgccc gttcccaagg cttcggcatc cagcgcaggg     85380
     catctggtgg ggaagcctga ggataggtat atatggaaga gtaagtcagc gatccttcag     85440
     gagctcagaa ggggatccga acttaggctg gggggagagg ggtgttactg gtcctctcct     85500
     tcacctgctg gtagaggtca atgcgctgag ttcggaatac tccactgtag gtggaaggtg     85560
     gggccttgag acgggaattg agaccagaga agggcctaag ggaggaaagg tgacggtcag     85620
     ggtaaaccca aggcctgccc atgtttcaaa aaaagtccct ggggatgcag agccgatatc     85680
     ccactcctgt ttaccttcca gatgggggag tccgtgacga cccaggaccc ccaaggttgc     85740
     tgctcagctt tcggtaatcc tggaaaggct ttagttctac tgggtgcagc tggaaagaga     85800
     aacaatttac cctatgaact tgctgtctga accatttacc ctttttccct ttggatacct     85860
     tgccatcctt caaaaacttg aaatactgat ctttacacct tacctctgct cgccccaagc     85920
     taggggcgaa gggtctagcg ggtgaaggta agacccgagc agcaggagca ggtgggggcc     85980
     gcacagctag gttggggggc tggagagcag gacccacagg taacagagaa agggggggtg     86040
     gagcaggggg tggcgctggt ggcagggagc caaagttcac cactggcagc tgtgagtcta     86100
     ccacaggtag aagcatctgc aagaaatccc cagtgagccc attagaacag gaaggccatg     86160
     taggaaaaat ccaaactaag ccaggggcag aaaacgaagg gaagtaggaa gatcaaagat     86220
     acctgctgag caggggctcc cgaaggaagg aagccactct ggccaccagg ctgcagagga     86280
     gtagagtaaa aatctgaagg ggatggcaga tcctggcgta cctgttggga aatgaggaaa     86340
     aggccaattc tcaggtgggt gtgatggctc aagatttata atctgaacta cataatgttt     86400
     tccaggctct cctgggaaac aagagaaacc agaacaggtc gagtccccca aaaacatcct     86460
     ctctgctgcc ctagcagctg cccacctcat acctgaagca agggtgggtc aggcaaaggg     86520
     ctggggcaga aagctgcaga gtagaggaag gatggcggag ggtagagaac tcccccagca     86580
     ggcaacttcc ccagctctgt ggcttgcagt gctgagaaat ccagaaactg gcccttgaga     86640
     gctaccccag aaagcagtgc cgagggaggg gctggacctg ggggcagata cagaggctgt     86700
     gacctgaaaa gaattggggg aggagaggtg ttactcttaa tccactgttc tttggtattc     86760
     tctcccctgc aatctatctc cattccaagt ctgtagataa tctagtttta cctgtactgg     86820
     tgcaatgagg gtgtcccagg acggaagcct ccactgttgg gatgtaactg agagtcgatg     86880
     ggtgcacccc cagagacctg ctggagaaaa gcgagataag agcagttcca gtgtctttgt     86940
     taagaaaaga taacttgggg ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagc acccgactgc     87000
     tcttccgaag gtccggagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta     87060
     acaagatctg acgccctctt ctggagtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa     87120
     taaataaata aatctttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agataacttg     87180
     ggctggatat atacagcaca gtggtagagg gcttcactga catgtgagtc ccaagtctgg     87240
     tctctaatgc agtgtgatgg gtaatcaact ggattgagaa atacataggt gacaatagag     87300
     cacccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accatgcctc aaaaaaccaa aacaaataag     87360
     aaaaagagag agagagagag agagagagag agttaaccaa aggaagaaca cccaccccaa     87420
     agtgggcagc accatcccac tggccaaagg cctagacaca agtgaaaaag gaacctggtg     87480
     gaacctcagt tcctaggaag acagatgtca aaggcggcaa ccatcaagtt caaggccaat     87540
     ctatactaca gagtaagctc aatgccaatt tgattaactt ggcaaaacca tgtctcaaaa     87600
     taaaatataa gaacagggca tgaatgggct ggagggacag ctccagctaa ggacaggcat     87660
     actctctcta ggcctacagc catctataac tctagctcca gggagactag acacctctgg     87720
     cctccataag catctgcaat cactgaatat gcataattaa aaataaatct acaagggctg     87780
     gtgagatggc tcagcaggta agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtcct gagttcaaat     87840
     cccagcaacc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa cgagatccaa ctccctcttc     87900
     tggtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa atctttttaa     87960
     aaaaatctac aaaaatataa atagagaaat ctcccggtgg ttaattaggt atactggttg     88020
     ttctcccaga agaccccatc tatctttacc atccacacgg tggctaatgg cctataacca     88080
     cctctaactc tagttccaag ggcactgtac acatatggtg cagacaacac acccatgcac     88140
     atgaaataaa aacttggggg tggggggaag gaataaacca cccatcctac tcattggagg     88200
     aaaagaaaaa atggaacaca atggaatgtt ttataagtta accaacttcg gggcaggtga     88260
     gagatcacgg ggcaaaggca ctgctactgc cacctggtaa cctgtaaccc atccatgtag     88320
     gggtggagtg gactgcagag ttgtcctctg aactctgctc tcagtgtaac acatgcaccg     88380
     gggcacgcaa caaaaacatt taaaaaatta ataaaacaac aacaacaaaa agaaaccact     88440
     atccagctga gcaagttggt ggggtacatc tttaatccca gcacctggaa ggaagaggca     88500
     ggtgaatctg agtttgaagc cagcttgttc tacatactaa gttccaggcc ctgtctcaaa     88560
     aacaaacaaa aggcagaaaa ggaggggact tatgattaat aatggagctt acctgggaat     88620
     taggaggtcc agggctgcca tagaagacct cagggtacgg acgctgacct gaagggctgg     88680
     gctctggaac acactgccca gaacccaggc tcttgggctg tggctcagct gaagtagaag     88740
     cactagggag cagctcccag tctctggata tgggaacggc ctgagcgaaa aaaaaaagcc     88800
     ttgtcaaagt ggaaggccta cagtctgccc tagcggttct ccatgcatga gccaaccctt     88860
     tcacaggggt cccaatcaga tatctaaact atatttcata agagcagcag aatgagttat     88920
     cacgcaatta gataacttca gtgctgggtt agccagcacg aggagctgta ctaatatggc     88980
     agctgcgaag gtgaggaggc cctgcctcat tactcttact ggcatcaaag ctcccttccc     89040
     acctacctct gtggctgatg ccaccaactc cttttctcct tttaaagtgt ctccgaccac     89100
     taggcacaag tctgagtcct gtaatgtgtg ggaagattgt agttgaattc agactcccat     89160
     cccacttgtc atcacctcat acccaaacga ggacatgtcc aagtgaagcc cattcagacc     89220
     ttgttggtag tgccaaactc aacttgagag cccggtcggt gggctggtcg gagagggcct     89280
     ggctctgggc ctcgatctgt gcgctgtgat cgttctgtgc ctatgggacc agggggcaga     89340
     ggctgctccc ggggcagctc ctagattggg aaacaaagtg tatttgggtg acagagaaac     89400
     aaaccaagaa aaagcaaagc acattggcta aaaaaaggac agtcaaactc aggagggagg     89460
     aagggccctg ctgacattct tcatccatcc atcgacttta cctttctttc cccttcatgg     89520
     gaagcaggtg gccgtctcct aggaggttca gagggttcag agccagatgc actctcacca     89580
     ggaacagcat tcaggggtga gggtcctcca ggccgcttgg ggggtccctc tgctgacccc     89640
     ttaagtcctc catcagggga acttcgctga ctgcagggac ctgatgacac ctgagaatct     89700
     ccactcaggt ccactccact gtcagactga ctcatctgcg aggtggagaa ggagctaggt     89760
     aaaacaccgg acacctgaga agtgtcacat accaacagag gaaaggagac aattccaaga     89820
     gaacggcctc aagggctatg tctattcaga acaggtgaag aaacatgacc aacactcagt     89880
     aacctccctg ccactccggt cccagcgtct ccttacctct gtgcctgcca catcctcaaa     89940
     gggactcagg ggctccatcc agggctcgat ggagccaggc tggtaactct ttcggcttgt     90000
     ggctagagaa caccaaccat gaggcaggca gtgagaaact aagacccacc tcacatcacc     90060
     acgccccact ccaatcttta cccccccacc agcttcactc accagtatgt aaacgattcc     90120
     agatgtgggg agttagggcc tctgtgcctg aatctctgga ttcttcctga gggcctggga     90180
     cctcaggctt agagcccaag aatccagagc tatgagaagc tggcacagtt tcctaaagaa     90240
     aaccaagaag ggcaaaatac aaataagctg gggcagaatg agaagcagca gcagcagcaa     90300
     cagcagggag acagagacat gggagacaag tggtgatcgc taatgaagag tctggggtga     90360
     gagtgagcag aacagaatgt aaaaagcata cagaaagcat aaccaagaac cttcaaaggt     90420
     gggagtgcaa tgaggcccag tctccagccc catccctcac ctcctgcagc agctccggtt     90480
     ttcggggagg ccgctcccgc cgtttcgggg ggaagggatt aaccccggca gagtcccggg     90540
     gagtcccgcc cacccccctc accatcggcc ctggctcctc gaagtggggg tctggggaaa     90600
     aggggaaaac tgtcagcatc tacctcattc taccactgac cctagcctgc tctcccgact     90660
     ccacctccca gtccttccag ctctgcagat cccaatagca ggggccccat gacaaactcc     90720
     tgctccccac tccagcactt gacctttggg gatggagtca ttcccacccg cttgcctcca     90780
     gcttaccaga actgatagcg ctgctggccc ttggggggtc ataacgggtt gggggccgag     90840
     gggaggagcc ctgaggggct tggggaggcc caggcttagg ccttgggtgc ccccctggtg     90900
     cagttacatt tccttggcgg ctgctaagtt gggccagagc ctgttggatt ccagcagggt     90960
     tgctatggat aacttggtcc aggcggaaga cagcagaact gctggggggt ggcggaggca     91020
     gaggaagtcc cggaggtcgc tcctcaggag gacggctgga gaaagcagag catcagttcc     91080
     agggctcact aaattctgta agtcaagcat ctactgtcgc ttcactacta gcatcctatc     91140
     ttctcctgat aaaacccttt ccaagcttcc tgttcacaac agtgtgttga gaaaaccaga     91200
     acaaaacacg catggggact gctaactctt tagctgactg ccaagatgga agatatatag     91260
     tgcctttctg atgcctgact tactaaaaaa actctaactc cctggcaccc accctcaacc     91320
     cagcaaccac actactactt agccatctac tcttacccac cttcggttct tgggagaggg     91380
     ccagctcctc ttatcccctc gtcctgggcc ggtccgtccc ccagggcctg caccaccacc     91440
     tccgctactg ccaccaccac tgccagtctt gcccccagtg cctgggcgcc ggttttgacg     91500
     atccatgcct ggccgctgac ttgagaagct ccgcttgctc aaatccttgg ctcgttggct     91560
     caggtctcca cgagacatgg ctgaaatgcc tggtccagcc ccacctgcat tggccccagg     91620
     agtccccaca gctttagagg tcataagtgc tgctggggga gtctccttgt caccccggcg     91680
     ctcactggca aagtcgctgc tctctgatgc agtctcccat tcctcattgg cttggtctga     91740
     gttctggttt gacagatcag gagacttagc agctgtgcgg cgagggggtg ggggaactgt     91800
     ggctgctgtt agtgtctcct caggtccagg ggtagaggct gcaagggtta gggaaggggg     91860
     cttgccatca gctcctctgg cagcgttttc acgttcttgt ttcagccttc ggaaacgagg     91920
     tggtttgtcc tgctgttgag ccctgccatg tcgcctccgt cggggtcgct ccccatcttc     91980
     catgcctaca cccatgttgc cagctcgaga catgggggac agaggccctg agatcagctt     92040
     ctctttcaaa ggttctttac ttggaggcaa aggacctgtt ggaggtttct ttggaaccag     92100
     agacttggca ggagggctcc agcctgagca aacaggaggg ggccgccccc cacctcggcc     92160
     acggcgtgat ggtactcctc ttggagtgaa gacacgacca cctcgggcag tggagaatcg     92220
     ggctggggct ggtgatggag gagctcctgg ttgtgggggg gcaagaggga cctgaccaag     92280
     cactccctct ttgggcggag gggcttcctt gtcagagggg gccaggtcac tctcatgagt     92340
     ctcactgcct gtttcagagc cacgctggcg gcgtctcttg gggatttctt catattctga     92400
     accctcactt cgtgtctcac tggcagtgcg gcctcgggga gcagaaggat ggtttgttcc     92460
     gcctgaacca cccccacgcc catcgtctcc tcggaactct cggtaacttc ggaattcacg     92520
     gctccgggct ccccgacccc ggcccccata ggtcccccga aaaccccttc ctctggcaaa     92580
     atactcgcct ctgccccgac cacggcaaga tgtaggacct actctttcat aggaatagtc     92640
     ccgccgaagc ctaggtgcag gagacaggtt tccacctggt ggggtttctt tggggcccac     92700
     cttgccctta gctgtcttga gtgcatctgg ctttgggacc ttgggggtct catccccctg     92760
     ttctagggac ttaggaggca gctcctctac tttcacaggt ggtggtggct tctttatagg     92820
     cccagctctt cgaggaggga cacctggctc ctctggaggg attccacggc gacaactgcc     92880
     tggtcggggg ccccagcgag tctcagtacg attctctctc cgtggtggtg gtgggccttg     92940
     gcctccacgg gcaggctttc tgcctgcttc tggcccggac agctgtggcg gttcctcctt     93000
     cgagggttcc ttcttgggcg gtggagcctg catcttggca gcttcatcat tgcctggagg     93060
     ccagggtagt gggcggggtc ccgggggagc agattcctcc agagggaatc tcgagattgg     93120
     gggcccagga gttccattct ctggaaaacc tggataatta gccagataag gtgggggcgg     93180
     gggtaccgga ggagtctcgc tcctgaagag aaacagaaga gaagtttgtt atgagaagga     93240
     tgaggacacg cagagaagaa ctaggatcta gacactcctt ccacgggcac cctatcactt     93300
     cagacagccc acactactca caggccctcc ctagcaactc acctcatact cttctcctcc     93360
     tcatctgctg cctggcgcag tggtgaggta agaggacgag gatcagtggg tgtggtggta     93420
     aagacatctc caacccaggc caacttgggg tccactggtg gggtgcccct ttcccgcaac     93480
     agagggggtg catggcgttc aaatggctct gagcttgagc ccccactgtc tgagcgttcc     93540
     cggggaacca ggcctaagaa aacaaagaaa gcaccttgca taggccttag atgctaaaag     93600
     cacctctgtg tgagaacctg tgtgcagcac ctgcagctcc tgttctgtga gggtttgcct     93660
     ttctcatgaa aacaagtcaa tcactcagct gtgaagtaat caagccccac aaataaactg     93720
     tgcccaatga aggatcacta cctcttcccc aagcctattc tcacaagccc cctagaagtg     93780
     ctaggcagat agaacaccat gctccctggc tgtcccacag acagtattcc ctcctgggac     93840
     taaggagatc accggcactc tcatgacccg taccagaggg atgcacacca ggagggtaga     93900
     agtccagagg gggccggccc tggagaagcc gagggtccac gtaaggagga atcatcatcc     93960
     agcgggggtc aaagttcatt ggaggcattg gtgggggccg gcccagagca cctgggtaca     94020
     gggctttggg aggtgggggc ggtgcttgtg gggcaggtac agctcccagg gtcacaggtt     94080
     gtggtggtga tgggggcact ggggcaggag gggcagtgcc ttgttgctgc tgctgccact     94140
     gctgttgctg ctgctgctgc ttcaggagct gctcctgcaa gtaatgagac aagatgaaaa     94200
     ggttaccata gcctacatac actcaagacc atcagtacag agaaagttaa ggcagtggca     94260
     tgacaaagat agggcgcaag ggaactgtgc tacaacagaa agacgaaccc aggcctgaag     94320
     gcaacacatg gaaggatgct gaagagacaa aaacagcccc aaagtgaaag aaaaaacttg     94380
     gcatcacctg ttgctgccgc tggaagcgag gaggcaatga cttctggtat ttggggtagc     94440
     ccaagccctg actggggggc tggcgagtag aaccaacccc atcacctttg ggttccatct     94500
     ttggggctgg gggtgtggta ggtggaggaa cctcttctgg tggttcagga ccctcttttg     94560
     aaggcagttg gggttccact gcattgaaga acagggtgac ttggtccatt acaacagtca     94620
     aacatcccag aaattccacc cccagttaag tatttaacaa aatacgaact gaataagtgg     94680
     ccatcctgtt taagaaccat agaaatactt taaagtgtca agtattcctg tgacaccacc     94740
     agaaaacaca aaacaggaac cagaagttct gttctacaag atgcttagat tctcctccca     94800
     cataccccgc cactcacagt tcaatagcgt aacctagcac tctctcccac tgacacccat     94860
     ctttactacc cactatcccc ttaagcctag cagacttgac acccagtaag ccccatccct     94920
     ttcttcatac ctgggctggc ttcgaagctg ccactgctgt tgctgttggc agtgcaacca     94980
     cccccactca ccagagtggg aactggagcc acccctggac tgggggcggc ctgcacagga     95040
     ggggcttgtg ccggctcttc aggttctttc tctggtgttg gggtaggtgt tggtggcaga     95100
     gctggagctg caggaatttc tttggggact acaggtggta gagctggggc agcaggggta     95160
     acaggtgggg ctgcaggctc tgccttgagc cgcttgtcag gtgccccaaa cttttcatca     95220
     agacgcttaa gtttctcagc acaggctgcc cggcgctcct cctgcatgcg tcgctcttcc     95280
     tcttctctgc gccttcgagc tcgttccact gccagggaga tctctgaaga agattgcttc     95340
     cgacgctgcc gccatgcctc atcctcatcc tcaggtgctg ggggtttgca gggaggaccc     95400
     cctcgatcct ggcaatgggc agacccagca ggccaggcat gtcagtcact ctaccttcta     95460
     ccacctcttt caaagatcaa acaactgtct acagctacag gataaaagaa ccaggcctgg     95520
     gaattaatgg tctctgtctg ggtggagaca aattcctcac ccttacctct gttccttttt     95580
     tactttggag gaccaatcac gcaggccttc ccttcccagc atcccagctc atttcaactc     95640
     cccgagaacc aaaggctccc caaacttttc tcagatacaa ccctagtcct gccctagctt     95700
     cttgtcatta ctgtcaatta ttcagctgat acccccacaa ctgaccctct cggcccgaaa     95760
     ttgtagatac tcactgggta gtccccaggg ggcccccagt tcccgactgg cccccggtga     95820
     ggtggaggtg ggggaggctt tggggtagga ggagctggct ctgtctctga aggccgagca     95880
     ttctctgtcc aggctgtctt gggagggggc aattcgctgc caggggaggt gccctttttg     95940
     ccatctgtct caggttcctc agcagcagct gactgggaat ccttgctgtg ggcagatcac     96000
     agtgtaacta agctctgcta taagcaaccc ttctatgagg ctagcgcacc acaagaaaaa     96060
     cagtgcctcc ctcccctggg ccctaactca ctggccctca gctccctcct cgtcggagtc     96120
     tcgtccatct tcctcatcgc tgaatttgag cttttcagta tagtcaacct cttcatgggc     96180
     ccctgaggta aaaaaatgaa catttaagta aactaagtaa tgtgctctct cagatagctt     96240
     cacagaacgc agcaaatagt ctggaactac aacagcagat agagtcaatg ctaaccgtcc     96300
     ccaccacatg tcctgacgtc ctcactcctc agtacttggc agtactaagc tttctatcat     96360
     tccctcttac cctttcacat ctgccttcct ctcacacgac ccaccatttc ttcttcacat     96420
     ttgagaaccc aaatagtcat agtcacctgc ccaaccatca tcattttcct ggtccagttg     96480
     gtcaaactct ttaagattat cctctttaag aatagaaggc cgacccacag gctctacaag     96540
     gcgcattggt ggccctgagc cccgggggcc cgccacacgg ggaaaacggc tgcatattgg     96600
     aaaaaaaaat ttggaggggg ggatgttaaa tatagcatgt agcagaatca catataaaac     96660
     tgaaccccta gttagaaaaa ccatctctcc aagtagcctt accctgttcc cctcccccaa     96720
     caacaaaccc agaatctgat tacttacctg ggcccatcag gagtcgggta tctataaggc     96780
     ccctggggtc catagggcgg agggaatggg agatatgggg gatacatctg caaaacggcc     96840
     caacaatagc tgcttagagg ggggacatat agtctaccag ccctttaaac gtatccttct     96900
     accccctcat cctcccaccc ccatctcatt ggggtctact ttctgtgtct tccaaagact     96960
     aagtcctaac ccttaacacc tggctctcag tgcaccactt caagcaacac aggcacactc     97020
     acaaagggcg gcatcatccc gcggtaggga gggaactggg gtgggcctga aggctgcagc     97080
     ccaccccggg gatcatggcc atgatgaagt ttggagtccg ggccctccag gtcatcaggg     97140
     ccacgcccac ctccgtccct ccaagttgta gaatctgtag tttagaaacg caaagaggga     97200
     ggaaaagata agttaccact ggtctaggcc aaggggatgc atcagaaaga cggggaagga     97260
     agtgagtaac ccagcacgca gcctttccac agagcaggcg cgaccctggt ctgagggcag     97320
     ctactcactt tgggggcgga ggcttggtcc gggcccagac gactgttcgg cagactccct     97380
     ttccttggca gccttgtcct ggtctccagc cgcctgcagg gtcggaaatt cctctcgaga     97440
     gaatcgcgac agtaggtttg atgcccttcc acctgttgaa atgagggtat acaccagatg     97500
     gggtcacttc ctgagcatgt acataaaagc gggaggctct agatcctggg tgatttggac     97560
     acaagacgaa ggatctctcc tcaaaaatgc atggcccctg cctccctccc atatgctcca     97620
     accctcttac actcaccatc tccatgggct ccatgggtga cactggcttg tgcccaggac     97680
     tttaccccgc ttggaaccga aggagtgttc tgggggagca aagggacaaa tggtcacagg     97740
     gagggcagag taagtatcgt aagggtcatt cttcctcatc caacccctcg agttctccag     97800
     gtacctcggg ggctgttggg ggtcgtttcg gctggttgga ggcaggcgtc tgtgaagccg     97860
     gcagtggctg cgattccggc ggctgagcgg ttgaggcatc ggaactggga gagcaggatg     97920
     gaaaggtcgt gcagagtgag atgccacttc cttagttctc taagtggtac aaagctgggg     97980
     ctgacccaag cctagctact atctacaaac actaggacaa agcaactggt acacaggcct     98040
     cgcctgtttc ttcctgtttt ctctccatca aagtttaagg tttcaattct tagtcatcta     98100
     acaaactagg tgcagaaggt gcttctctca gtctcatgcc ttaacacact ccccagctca     98160
     aagctacgag cctcaggaag tcccacagct atctacctct tggggtcgga ctgctcctgt     98220
     ttgcttgccc atcctgttcc gtctttcggc actagtgaga cattggggtc attgcctttg     98280
     ttctcggctt tcaggcttgg aaggttggct gggggtggca tgcgccgggc aatggcaact     98340
     tttccgagac tctgcaggcc atgtcgaggg gcaactgaag aaacggtgga gagaaaaagg     98400
     atcaaaaaga cctcacacgg gagacctaac agcgtcccgt caacaaatcc cgtttagaca     98460
     accctaccat cttttcacta taggcttctc tcagaaacca ttccattact caataatctc     98520
     ttaagctctc ctgggaaagg tgagatacag cataatcatc tgtgggatgg ttgatcctga     98580
     gcctgcgggg ggcaagctgg tccaagacct tttcaaatcc accacattac tttgcctccg     98640
     attcttacgt gtccaaggac agggaaccaa aaacacgcct ttgtaggagg ataagctgtg     98700
     tttcacccaa agcccagcac ccccttcagc actgaagatg aaactgagag gtctccagta     98760
     ttcatctggt ctgttagttg cctttgttgg agagctctaa agcctatatc ccacacatgc     98820
     tcagcctgca aatatcagga acgtctttac aggacaggac cctcaccagc gggtttctgg     98880
     atctctaagg acttgccctt atacgtatca aacaggttga gcgaggaata cttctttcca     98940
     tccttcccct tggcagtcgg ccccgagcga tcggacattg cgctggaagc tcattgagta     99000
     cgttgggtcc tgcaggcacc tcccccaaaa cgagccggtg cctgtgggcc agacagtagg     99060
     cagttcaggt tctgcccctt tcagacaaaa gcttagaagc tctctgcatt ctctttaggg     99120
     cccaaatact tggttctctg gcttgtgtaa aacactacag tctcttaagc aaccaccatc     99180
     cacttggctt ccacagcccc cttccccctg acatatccca acaaagaaaa ccaagtagca     99240
     acctagtatc ttacccatct atcctttgtg ccatttagaa atggcaacta atcttacact     99300
     cctccaaaat aatttcagag acatacgatt aaattgaaca accaagtcaa agccccagag     99360
     aaaaccagaa tgaggtacac aactctatcg agcaagtaca agaacttcag attgtcaacc     99420
     tattagacac cagctcccta atcacgcccc agggccctgt gtcccaggtt tcattcccag     99480
     cagccttaag tcccatctgg gaggtttgaa ggaaggtatg ctgggagctt aaggattttt     99540
     atgagcttgc tctcagacca ggagctggtg ccagactaag ccttactaaa caacaggggc     99600
     tccacagaac ccctggatgc aaaatattcc atctattcct tacatagccc ccacacaggc     99660
     tcttggaaac aattctgctg gcagaaaaaa acaaaaaaac aaaaaactag tggaccccat     99720
     gtaaaactga ggaaaaccac agcatgacgg agctacctcg acaacaccct gtaaccatgg     99780
     gccaggcagc agaggccaaa cccagaacca actaccattt ttatcctcat ccagtctctt     99840
     cataagcagt catttgttcc cctaacagcc cttactcctc aggcaggaaa aactctacat     99900
     ctgaatccat cctcgagtga ccgggcattc atttgtgggt gggaacagtg tgaaaaagag     99960
     atggaagata gcaagaaagc atgcaggcct aggatgaaag ccaaaatcgg ggagagaact    100020
     aactttacca caagccagag aaaagaagac aggggttgct ctctaggcac ttaaggaagg    100080
     caatctgaaa tctaccatga aagggggaga aagcagaaaa accgtagagc agacagattt    100140
     caactgctaa agagagaatc aagcagaaag cagggaggga agcaggaacg gctgaggaag    100200
     gctgacaagg ggcagtgtca ggggagctca gaagaaaaga gggaagagga ggagataggg    100260
     ccatgggggg aaaagggaac gcagaggctt gggggacgca gaaaggcgaa gatgctggcc    100320
     gaaagcgggg ctccagaacc agagtgactc gacgcaaaga ccaagaaaga ccgggagcca    100380
     tagcgccggg tggcagcaag ggctccagaa acaccaagag cccctcaaag ggtaggtcta    100440
     caggcggcgg aggggccccg ggccggccga ggggccgagg gcgcgacgcg agcaggaacc    100500
     gcggcctgga gcgcggtcgt gccctgagga gcaggctgct gggccgcggc cgcccccagc    100560
     cctccacagc ggcctgggag cggccggcgc aggccgaggg ggaggggcag gccggcggca    100620
     ggaggacaag atggcggcgg ctgatggcag cttctccccc ggcccgccgc cgccgctgcc    100680
     gccgccccgc gccggaaagg gcgtcagcgc ccagctcgcc cagactcacc tagccgggtg    100740
     cgtgggggtc cgggacccgg gctcaaaggc ttcccggggc ggatggcggc ggggcggggg    100800
     cggatggcgg cggatggcgc cgcgctcggc tcctcccgtc tccctcgctc actccgcggc    100860
     tgggctccga ctaacggccc atccgggcaa ccgccgcccc cgggaacacc ccccacctcc    100920
     cgcctccctc cgcggctggg cacgccccct tatttgcata gggggcggag cccttactct    100980
     ccgacccctc cgctcttcag ggctgtccct actttaaaaa aataaaggca gtgtgtggag    101040
     gatatttgca taaaggggag ggacttacag acgctaggac gccggttggc tagggagacg    101100
     tcttggcgtc ggcagttgag acgcgtagac cgggcggaat gcgaggccgt tggggcgcag    101160
     aatttacacg acggatggtg ggagaaaaag gatgcgcatg cgtagttggt ccgcggacgg    101220
     ctgggagccg agagacacgc agggaaggga tgctaggccc cggtcactct cagcggagaa    101280
     gacggaaaga actgcgacga atggaaggga ttagttagtc gagggcggag ttacatagac    101340
     cctggaagaa tttcaggtct ggtgtccatt cgtgagaggt aaacgcgtca gggaggcggg    101400
     gctttccagt tatcaaatca cgtcatgcaa atgaagtgga taggcaagcc aatcaaaggg    101460
     tccagaggag tgtatcattg actttcttcg agtaggcgtt cttcgaatgg ttctgggtat    101520
     ttgcataata tatgcaaaca atttgaacaa aggcaaggaa tgacctactc ttccaaattt    101580
     tagcagcgac taactacggc ggatatttga catttaattt ttatgctcaa tagttttaaa    101640
     aactgttttt ataattaatg ttccttcaac aatgagtttc agctttaaag gtcgtactac    101700
     ttcccctctt tgtttcttag tacttgactg tagaaatctt tgcctctcac cacacttaca    101760
     cttactcaac attttcctgt gaatttttat gtatattggt gggtgctcac tggcctttac    101820
     aaaccagagg ttgacgtcca gagggctcgc gcaaacactt tattttttga gacattcttt    101880
     tcatctttca gtgaatcttg atacttggat ggctgagctc agattccata tggactggcc    101940
     aaagagcttg agatctttct atctctgcat cccggtgctg aagttacaga caggagtgat    102000
     ctgcccagcc tggacatgag tacaggaggt ccaaacttag gtcctcatgc ttgttagcaa    102060
     gcatttcatc cgctgagcca ttttcctaac tctagaaaca tttatttgtt tttattttat    102120
     ttgtatgcat atctacatat atgcatatgt accaagtggg ttcctggtgc cacctgggtt    102180
     cttggttcct gtaccaagag gagttcagat ctctttgaac tggaattact ggtgattgtg    102240
     agttcccaga tgtaggtgtt ggggatcgaa tccaggtcct ctgaaagaac agcaagtgct    102300
     gagccatctc tccagtggtc atcagtaaca gtttgaagta ccagagacat gcatgggata    102360
     ttgtagaggc agaggaataa cctgactgtc ctggtgggag caggttaaaa gatatatggg    102420
     gagagagagt agggggggag ggagaaagaa gcacttggcg tccgccgtag ttccagtgct    102480
     gtagaggcga gagacggatg gatcccctag gactcactgg cctgccgcca cactctcata    102540
     ggtaggtcaa ggccatgaga gaagagagaa ctcatctcaa aaccacacac acaaaaccaa    102600
     ggtgggcatg atctgggaaa tggcagccaa ggttgctctc tggcctccat atgtaccacc    102660
     cccccacaca cacacacaga gcaatattag tccattttga gacacattga aactgaaatg    102720
     ctgatgggtg tcaaggtctg aaggatgcta ggcacacctg gaagctgcaa ttccagttgc    102780
     tgccaagggt tgaagtatcc ctatcctatc cctacctaca caagagttac atgagagttt    102840
     tacaccagag ggcgccattg ctgcaagata tagctcaggt actggagagt agaggcaaac    102900
     gtttgcaggt ctgtgcctag ctgatgtagg taaatcaaag aatcacttat ccaatagggg    102960
     caatgaagat gaaaagtgaa caggacacag ttaagagtta gcatgtgggg gctcagaggt    103020
     taagagcact gtctgctctc ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccaacaac cacatggtgg    103080
     ctcacaccta cctgtaatgg gatccaatac cctcttctgg cctgtagaca tacatgcagg    103140
     cagaacactg tatacataat tgaataaatc ttttaaaaat tattaaaaga atttgcatgt    103200
     gcttataaat attgaaacac cccacttggg gcactgggta ctcagcactg ttaaaatctc    103260
     tccaaattgt tattaagtaa taagttcttt aaggtaagta ctcttctgat cactttcctg    103320
     tgagccgaag acactggaac atgcgacagt ttgactcagt cattagtgcc ttgttgttgg    103380
     actctcccta cctacctaca ctggcttaag aggaagggca gtcagtcaaa agctagccag    103440
     actatactct ttaccaatat aaccctcgcc ccttttttta gtgttttggt tttgagacag    103500
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggccttga    103560
     actcagagat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga tctaggatta aaggtgtgca    103620
     tcactgccga ccagctcaat atacactctt tagaacactc tacaatattg gagaaacaat    103680
     tttagctcat tgtcctcagc cagggctact cagtttgtac tcatcctttt tgctatcaca    103740
     gacatccatg tgtgactttc accactctgt gtgaccttct gccattccca catggtgggc    103800
     tagtagcgat gctgctgtca ctggtgctga agggacaatt gtatgagttt tacaattcag    103860
     agcatttgca ggagagattt gctgtgactg gcgctacccc ttgtggggta tataagcaaa    103920
     gatgtctggc tcacttggaa gttgcccgga cagcactcct atgctggctc ccttggaccc    103980
     aattaaacac tcctttttga tgatcctctc ttgcctgctt ttagtagtgt gggctgagct    104040
     ggcagtggag aaagtggcag agcatggcgg aggcagactg cctgacagct gaagaggcgg    104100
     cagcccatcg gtttgagagc atgcagacag gaacaaggtg aaaaacaggg gtagaaaagg    104160
     tggagaaccg aggctgaaga gtaggaaact ttaataaacc agagaggact ggtagtgcac    104220
     ccatgagtcc caacagtcag gaagcagagg caggcagatc tttgtgagtt cctgtcaagc    104280
     ctggtctaca tagtgagaca atgcctgggg gggtgggggg ataactggtg ggataggtca    104340
     gaagttaaga cactcgccac acacatagct gaccagggtt caatttccag cactcacatg    104400
     atggctcata acagtgtgta attctagtcc cagggatctg atggcctctt ttggcctaca    104460
     caggcaccag acacacatca catgcggtcc atagacttac aggaagacaa aacattcata    104520
     tctgtaaagt aataattaaa aataaagatc cagagagaag aaactgcagc ctcagtcatt    104580
     gttaggagat atagagagct gtcaagtttt ctggacaggt tctggatacc cctggccaac    104640
     atctgtaatg ctaccaggtg tcaagggctg aaggatgcta ggctcacctg ccaggaagct    104700
     gccattccag ttgctgccaa ggactgaagc atcctgattc ctctccctac ctacacaaga    104760
     gctacatgag gggctagaga gatggctcgg cagttaaaag cactgactgc tcttccagag    104820
     gtcctgagtt caattcccag caatcacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta atgggatccg    104880
     atgccctttt ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc tacggtgtac ttatatacat gaaattaaaa    104940
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagctaca tgagagtttt acactagagg gcgctagtgc tgcagcacca    105000
     accaagacct ttacttaaag agcttggttg ctggttagaa cacaaaagac taaagcagga    105060
     ttgtgagttt gaggccagtt tatgctatgt aacaagtgaa ccttggagag ggagagagaa    105120
     gagagagatg aaaaggagag aggaggggga agaaaggaaa gagaagagag gagggaggga    105180
     tggaacattg aaggcaacct cttgattaat agtgggtatg actgattttg cagaggacca    105240
     gagtttagtt gccaacgttc atatcaggtg gctcctgtaa ctccagctcc aggggaattc    105300
     tgtgcctctg gggtcctagg gcacctgtgc tcatgtgcaa catgctcaca tacgtacaca    105360
     caatcaaaaa taggttttaa aaatctgcag ccaaggggct ggtgagatgg ctcagtgggt    105420
     aagagcaccc gactgctctt ccgaaggtct ggagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    105480
     ctcacaacca tctgtaacaa gatctgacgc cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca    105540
     gtgtacttac atataataaa taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat aaaaaaaaaa    105600
     atctgcagcc aaactgggtg gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact caagaggcag    105660
     aggcaggccg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccagaacagc    105720
     cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaca    105780
     aaaaaaagga aaaaagaaag ctggatgggg ggggctgtat tttccgtgag tgcctgctca    105840
     gtacatggga agccatgggt tcggctgagc agtggaggaa ggaaaggaca gtgagtggat    105900
     ctgaattctg tggccagaga caactcacct ggatccctcg gagagagaaa ggcctggcct    105960
     tgggtcctta ggtcccttgc ttttcctggt ttgtgggctg ttccacagtt tctatcattt    106020
     agagatgctg aattcaccat ctttgcctct ggtagcttcc tgatataccc cctcttccct    106080
     tcattagtag ccggggcggg acagggggcg tggggggctt ttggcagtcc tgggaatcga    106140
     acctagggct aggcaagcat tctaccactg agcgttagct ctggctccag actggacttg    106200
     atggtttctc tgcatgagaa gcccaacgtc ttgtttaact ttatagtatc atgaggcctt    106260
     caccccatct gttcactcag gtttcaaaca ttgctgagaa cttctgatag gccaagtaca    106320
     aaagcttcgc tcctagctgg gcagtggtgg cgcacacctt tagtctcagt actcgggaca    106380
     caggtggatg gctgaatttg aggccaacat ggtctacagt atgagttcca gggcagccgg    106440
     ggttacacag agaaacgtct caaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacagct tagctgtcat    106500
     tcctatttcc aaagtaaagc tagagagact gtgcgctggt cagagttaca ggcagggaga    106560
     tgaagactct gtcaaggtca cccttcaccg ctatgaagct cctgtgagcc tggacagata    106620
     aaagatatca cacctatatt ctctcttggt ttggtttggt ttttcaagac aagagtttct    106680
     ctttatagcc ctggttgtcc tcactttgta gaccaggctg gccatgaact cagacttgca    106740
     gagttctatc cctccctcca agtgctggga ttaaggggtg caccactacc accaggcaca    106800
     cacctataat ctttgaggtc aatgctgtct tgaaactctg gaatctcccc tcagaacaaa    106860
     gagctatcag ccatagcaac cccatccaat agtaaggctg gaaaatcctg actacccttc    106920
     cctcaaagat gcttccttct cccccaggtc caggacacgt gtccccagta actgcagagc    106980
     tgatgtgacc cactaggagc gtcatttatt tagtctgact ctggctcacg actgtttctt    107040
     ttttccatgc tgctgtcatc agaagctcct cactcagccc caccgtgtga catccacctc    107100
     caatcagggc agctcggaga tagctttctt ggctggggga ccagttggcc tcttgtgttc    107160
     tttgtttttc tcctcataca tcagaatcct ggaagagaca caggcatcag ggacaagtct    107220
     ctcaagggag tagtaaatct caggttgctc taagagtgca gaagtgggga cgaggaaggg    107280
     ccagagctgt ggatgggtgt gtgaagggtc tcggaagagc tcctctgagg agaaagggtg    107340
     gctgatggga caaggctggg gctatggaga agatgggcca gtcctgggag gttggaacta    107400
     gatctcacat tctcaagatg gcagatctct tgcccagcat cattctgaga aagtcagagt    107460
     agctgaacgt ctcctcggag ccactggaca cctctctaat taatctcttc agctctaggt    107520
     gggtcttggg aaccccaagt ttctccagca ttcgcttcaa ggacataata tctgaaggtg    107580
     gaaaaggagg gtcctctctc tctgccatct tgaacctcca cgtactcccc cccacccccg    107640
     ccgcccatgt attattggtt gtggctagac cttttgctgt ctacagggga cataattagg    107700
     ggacaaggcc tctatttccc taggtctgca cactaaccca aatcaccctt ttctcaccga    107760
     tatctccatt tccattcaga tcaaactcca tgtacttcac tggacgagaa agagagcaga    107820
     gagagtaatt gctgttgtgg gggtttgagg agttggtggc tgagcaatgc cagggtagaa    107880
     ggtatggaag gagggtgtag ggataggggc tcctgaggga gcctgtgggg ggcgctacga    107940
     tggggagaac agggaaaagg agcccaaatg ggaaggagga gcttgaaggc agcctccctc    108000
     ctccacaaca gtcagctggc cttgatctct cagccccaac tgccctcctc acccccagcc    108060
     cctagcccca tccctagccc ctagccccac ccccaggcct ccccaccccc agcccctctc    108120
     acccttgaag gcttcaagtt tggacggcag atcctcatca ttgctgtatt tgggatcatc    108180
     gaggaattgc tgttgagggg cagatggaag ctggggtgtc atcctggtca gcccgaggag    108240
     ctccagaccc cccacgctcc ccttggctcc agcttttacc ttgttgatcc cctccagcct    108300
     ctcttcctgc tgggccttca gcagtccaaa agcttttcct cctgaggggt acagaggtta    108360
     accacccctc ctttcctctc ctcttccccg tgcccagccc aggtgttacc caagtgctgc    108420
     cctctgagat cctccagctg cccccctggc tccccaagcc aggcctgact cacgctggct    108480
     catgacacta tggggtccac cttccctacc ctgcaaatcc ctgctttggc tcatggctcc    108540
     tcagacgctg gttgtcttag gctggcagtc tgtccgctgg gtcctctctc caccagctcc    108600
     ccagtctctt ctgggaccgt tctcacactt cccctttcca ctcattccct tgctaactcc    108660
     caggcatcac ttccacatca gcttctgctg acaccagcac cccaggagaa ggcagaacgg    108720
     gttgagagag gagatgaaga agtaatgtgc tgaaaaatta ctttgggggt ggggtggggg    108780
     cagggtctcc tatccaggct cttgagaatt gaagtagcca tcctgcctca gcctcccaga    108840
     tggctggagc tacagccctg taacacacct agctccacac agctcctcca aagaagcaga    108900
     ctgtacgtgg gagaaagact tagatcagct cccggaggtg tggaaaggca ccaggatctg    108960
     agggaccgag cgtgataccc taggcctgca atctagcacc taagagaggc tgaggctaga    109020
     ggatcctggg agttggaacc cagccaggcc aacacagtaa gaacctgtct caaaccaagg    109080
     atgcggtaga cagtggcttt ccccagatcc tgaggtgggg cttgggaggg tttacttgaa    109140
     atctcctcag gcttcatgat gcaggttaag acaggcagct gaggaggact ggctgacttt    109200
     ccccgggatg gaagagagag gatgaagtct gcaggctgct ccaggaatgg ggtgagctga    109260
     gcctagcgcc ctggaaagga aagaaacctc tctcaggggc tacagaggag cactggggac    109320
     acatggagac atgtcccaga aggacttggg tttgtgttcg tcaggctctt gagtgccagc    109380
     ctcctgcctc acctgctttg agatcttagg ctgaatctac aaagtcattt gagagtttga    109440
     agagacactt tggaggaaca gaaagtgaga ctgaaagaga cagtagacag agctacttcc    109500
     tgtccccacc atgggctgtc aggggtctaa ctcatgcaaa tgccctcccc tcataccagg    109560
     gatagccttg gtcccctcag tcactgggtc accaggggag ggagggctgt gactccaatg    109620
     cactcaggcc ccttcccttg tgccccccgc cccaggctat gtccccttgt atggcaggca    109680
     gtatctgtcc actctgcaga agactgcagc ctctcgcctg cctttgaggc agccaccctc    109740
     tggccctgtg agaggctctc agtgtctggt ggggacagtt ctctagccac attcatgtga    109800
     taaatgatga gcgaaggttt cctgtttgca gggtacactg ctaggcccag ggagccaaca    109860
     gatgaaaagt ctgctcccgt ggtctccatt cagagctctg tacttagagg gcaggtttga    109920
     atagcatgat tatggaagat ggccaagaaa ttgctctcag ggatgcagga gatatgtggg    109980
     tagaaaggag aaagtatgct gtttttgttt taattttcat ttcatttcta ctgttttatt    110040
     tgtactgtgt gtgcaggtgt tcacagcttg gcatgtgtat ggaaattaaa ggagagcttg    110100
     taggagctgg atccaaccag ttccccagtt aacagctctt catgggagat ttcctccagc    110160
     agcaacctca gttcctggtg gaaacgaggt tttcacgatg catcctatag tagaattcag    110220
     ctctgacact gaagatggcc aatcctttgt gtggaggggc tctgtcctta caagatggct    110280
     ctaggttaag atctggtctc aagtccagac ctcttgtact tctggacagc cagccctata    110340
     agtcaagaat gctacaagcc cctcttcaga gctggtaatt tgccaggctg gttcacagga    110400
     ctcaagccaa gcaccttgcc cacatctgtg cttcattata acgcatccaa cacagtggca    110460
     gccagatgca acagtgagac gaggtaccaa ggagaggggg tctggagcct ccgtgccctc    110520
     ctgtactaac agtccctggc agccctctga cacgcatctt ctcagatgtt taaggaagta    110580
     ccaccaggct gggatctggg atagtccgtt aaatcattag ctatttaaat aatcagctat    110640
     tggctactga ccagttgagt tgaaagttat agctctcttc ctcattcctg cccttggcaa    110700
     caagattcct atctttaggg actttccaaa agtcacccta ttaacataaa cccggttaaa    110760
     agagtcttgc tcagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaagag ttttgctata    110820
     atagaagatt ctgtattaaa cctttatcag ttagcaaact gcaagagtgt gacgagcttt    110880
     gctcaggaag tgagtgaggt tgtatatctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtt    110940
     ttttgagaca gggtttcttc tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtatgtagac    111000
     caggctggct ttgaactcag aaatctacct gcctctgcct cctaagtgct gggattaaag    111060
     gcgtgcgcca ccactgccgg gctagagatt gtatatctta gtgtgaaggt gtgtgtgtgt    111120
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aagagcaaca gtcgcccaaa agccaaaagc    111180
     ccgggggggg gggggcacct ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct    111240
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagac agccagggct atacagagaa    111300
     accctgtctc gaaaaaaaca aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa atggaatttt aaaaagtcag    111360
     ccagggagat gcaagactgt ttcccagcac tgtggaggct gagtcaggac tgccaaaggt    111420
     ttgaggcaag cagtcttgtg gagttctagg tgagcctgag acaggtctga aaagaaaagc    111480
     cagggctggg gttagggtgg ggctctgtga gtgaggtgct gccaccatga agacctgagt    111540
     gggaaccgag aacccccgtg gtagacaggc aggaaagaac agatttccac aagccgacct    111600
     ctaaccagtc cagtcatgcc cttgcacaca gacagacaga gaataaaaat aaatttaaga    111660
     gaaaaaccaa aacccccaaa caaaatgtag cagaagaggc ctggggatgg agtcagggaa    111720
     ggtgctgtca gaacactgag attagaggcg gcctgcttcg agcctctgcc gtggttcagt    111780
     gctcttcacg ggggtgacta gaggactaag gcctgtgaac tgactgtgct gcctggaaaa    111840
     ggatgcactg tccagaaagt gagggagaga gagcgagagt gtgtgtgtgt acacacgtgt    111900
     gtgtgccctg agagccttct atttaccctc cattcttcca gccctgctct ttgcccagga    111960
     gactgacctg tgcagaccac atcagagggt tcgtctggct ccagttagtt tgggccttgg    112020
     aggagcctga cagggaaaca ataggatgga ggaactgggt gcctatcacc acggctacct    112080
     ttctgtgagg tcacagtggc ccagcctttc ctgaggccag cagtcctctt gaggtacctg    112140
     tactgccaag atttctttca agtgtcagta gcccacaggc tacttgtttt ctcttttctt    112200
     tttctttttt aaaaagattt atttattatt atatataagt acactgtagc tgtcctcagg    112260
     cacacaccag aagagggtgt cagatctcat tatagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttt    112320
     ctgggatttg aactcaggac ctttagaaga acagtcagtg ctcttaacca ctgagccatc    112380
     tctccagccc atgatctctt gttttcatct tgttgaaaca gaatctcata tagcccaggc    112440
     tgccctggga ctcagtacat agctgaagat gaacaactga cttcagcctt ccaactgctg    112500
     tgatttgaag tcagtgacac ttttaataaa gacatacagg acaaaatacc attgcttggt    112560
     ttgaataata actttaaaaa aaatgtgtgt tgtgggcacg ggggtctttt gcctacatgt    112620
     ttgtctgtgt accagttcta ttccagaggc caattgaggg tgttggatac tctgaagcag    112680
     gagttatgag agaatgcgag ctgccacaga ctcccaggtc cattggaaga gcagccagaa    112740
     cactatttgg ctgagctatt tatttaaccc taagaactaa tttttttaaa aagatttatt    112800
     tattattgta cactgtagct gtctttagat gcaccagaag agggcatcaa atctcattat    112860
     gggtagttga gccatcatgt ggttgctggg aattgaactc aagacctttg gaagagcagt    112920
     cagtgctctt accctctgag ccatctcgcc agcccaagaa ctaatttttt aattcaagga    112980
     gttactgaat atttaaggct aacctgatct acatactcaa cgttcaagta tcctgggtta    113040
     cagagtagga tgtgtcttaa gttaattaaa atataatttg atagccgggc agtggtggtg    113100
     cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaggcaagcg gatttctgaa tttgaggcca    113160
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcga    113220
     aaagccaaaa ataaattttt aaaaagtata tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    113280
     tgcgcacaca cacacacaca catatatatt tttgaaggct gggtgtgttg gtgcacacct    113340
     ttaatcctag tacacaagcg gcagaagcag gtgaatctct tgagttcagg gccagcctgg    113400
     tctacacata gttccaaggc cagccaagaa ctacataatt gagatcctgt caaaaacaac    113460
     aacaacaaca aaaaaaaaac gaaacaaaac aaaacaaaat aacaaaacta ttaacttccc    113520
     tagaaagtct gagataatga aaattgttct tgaatacaca tacgccatga cttactctag    113580
     atggactgcc ctggagagtt ttgtcaactt gctacaagca gaatcatctg aaagagggat    113640
     catcaactga gaaaatgccc gcaatcagta tgattggagg agggcccagc ccaccgtggg    113700
     tggggccatc ctgggctggt gatcctgggt tctgtagaaa gcaggctgag cagccatgag    113760
     gagcaagcca gtatgaagca tacctccatg gcctctttat cagctcctgc ctccaggttc    113820
     ctgcctgttt gaggtcctgc tttggcttcc ctcagtggac agtgtaactc aggacctgta    113880
     agcccaaaaa gtccttccga agtttctttt ggtcatgata tttcatcaca gtaatagtaa    113940
     cctgactaag acatggactg atctcaaaag cattcatgca gtgtcttaga atccatagct    114000
     atggtaagat ggttggaagt ctttcttacc tgggagaaag gtaagaggag cagagtcctc    114060
     ttaagtttag gcccggtgat ctcctggatc accccaaccc aagggtagga ggagagcctt    114120
     atatacacta agtagctagg gcgggaagtc tggacagtca tggttgcagt tctcgattta    114180
     cagatgtgca cacaggtagt gaacacggag tctagttcag aacgatgcca tgcaaaccat    114240
     taagtcctgg gctacagaat actgccctgt gtcagagtgt gcatcgtgaa aacataggtt    114300
     gggggcttga gagacagctc agcataccta agaatgcctg ctgctcttcc agaggaccca    114360
     ggtttgattc ccagcacccc tatggcaact cacaactgcc tctaattcca gtcccaagac    114420
     agcctatgca ctattgtctc tgtagacacc aggcacacag gtgacctgac atacatttag    114480
     acaaaacacc catacacata aaacaaaaga aaagacaaga aaatacaata ttcgtctcaa    114540
     accagaaggc cattgtacct cccttcccaa accatgggct tatagtgaag aaacgtgttt    114600
     tcctcaccta ctctgcatgg gaactaagat cttgggaagg ggaattgagg ccctatggag    114660
     aagccaaaat gcttcaggtc cccagcaggg ggcagcacgt acctgcccat ggcacccggg    114720
     acccacaccc tccacttagc taccttaagg agaaggcctc accacagctc actggtggcc    114780
     agatgaccca atgaggcctt cccaagtggt gtggttatcc tggtggctga gagagtagct    114840
     tgggagggag caagcgctgg aagtgctcca agccagcctt cttaacaatg agacattgct    114900
     tctccaacag tcatgtgtca cttcacagtg agaagcaact agacagtaca tcaacctgtt    114960
     acagaacaga gcccctcaca gacacaagga gggaaaaaat gcattagttt caaagatggg    115020
     gtcaagggct agaaaagatg gcccagcggt taagagcagg tgttgctctc acagaggacg    115080
     gcttccattt ccagcaccta cagtgtggtt cacagccgtc tggaactcaa gttccggaga    115140
     aggatctgat gcccttttgt gacttccatg ggcaccaggc atacacaggg tgcacatgta    115200
     aacaggcagg caaaacattt cttatttaaa aaataaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaacaaaacc    115260
     aaccctaaac ctaagaaaga ttgtggtagc gagattgctc agtggataaa ggcctttgcc    115320
     accaaaaccg attgatgacc tggcttctgt tcttgggacc catatggtgg aaagagggcc    115380
     cactcccaca ggttctcttc tgacctccac atatatgctc tggcatgcat gcctgggtag    115440
     acatttgtac aaataagcat acaaaaattg ggagagaata aaaggaccgg gaggatggat    115500
     ggtgaggctg agcccacgtc acgcgtggca tgctacaatt taggcctctc ttccaggtgc    115560
     tttttcatct cctgtgggtc tgtaaagtac aaactctggc ataaaggcac ccatgtgacc    115620
     cgctgttaca ggtaacacca cttgtgcccg tgaacaacat ctcctgtgac tcacactttg    115680
     tagattctca ataaatgtgt taagtaggct gattgtggtg gcacacacct ttgatcccag    115740
     cattcaggag gcagagacag atggatctct ttgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag    115800
     tgagttccgg gacaactgga gctacaaaga gagacccagt ctcgaaaaac aaaacaaaca    115860
     aacaaacaaa caaaaaggca gctaaacagc agctaaaatt acaaacgaat ggattgctca    115920
     tgaataagac tgtgaagaag gcacggtaaa gcaggttcct gctgggaatg ctcttttcca    115980
     ggagatagga aaatgaaaac tcagacatat ctattgatag ctctaactcc tctgtcaaca    116040
     ctgctggggg aagaggtcca acccctacag atgaagcgac cagacactgt ccttggtaac    116100
     atcattacca ccagcagcag cttgctgccc agagggaaag gcagactggg gaggcatgga    116160
     ggcaatggag ccccgcatag ttggacaaag gagaggtgag gagcctagtc tctcagctgg    116220
     agggtgtcag aaggtctggt cttaaacctc agaagtgaga gaaccacatc ctggtctcac    116280
     ctacccaatc ttataaaatc aaacatgagg acatcctgtc cttctatgcc acctgtccac    116340
     tagctgcctc cagagagccc caggcatgtc catcggtgcc atcttttctc cttagcagga    116400
     catgcctatg atgcccaaag tcccacacag cagaggttct tggcaagtca cgtgtgagtc    116460
     ctacttgccg gtagtcgttc ctctacttag acctcactgc tgaggtctgt ccgcctcacc    116520
     aacaggagac atggccaagg tgctcctggt catcttcatc atggtttatc caggtgactg    116580
     ggggtttgct cgggaaccag ggcgtgggga caggagaagg aggaaaggaa gatgtggaat    116640
     ttagatgctc cagtgggtgt ctggtgggag ccctgagggg tgcagaaaag cacttcacaa    116700
     cactgtctcc tgtggtctct tccagaagcc agtgctacta ggttgcctgc agcccagaag    116760
     ggcatttttt aaaagattta tttatttatt ttaagtatat gagtacactg tagccgtgca    116820
     gatggttgtg agccttcatg tagttgttgg gagttgaatt tcggacctct gcttgctctg    116880
     gtcgacccag atcactccaa cccaaagatt tatttattat tagacacacc agaagagggc    116940
     attagatctc attatgggtg gttgtgagcc accatgtagt tgctgggatt tgaactcagg    117000
     accttcggaa gagcagtcgg tgctcttacc cgctgagcca tctcaccagc cctattggtg    117060
     ttatttttgc ttgcttggtt ttgttttttt gttttttgtt ttttgtttgg tttttcaaga    117120
     caggagttct ctgtgtagcc ctggatgtct tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggttggcct    117180
     cgaacttgga aatccccctg actctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaaag catgtgctac    117240
     cactgcctgg ctgcttgttt gtttttgaga cagggtctca gtatcttagg ctgatcttaa    117300
     actcatatat aggcaaggat gaccttgaac tggttctccc aagctcacct ttcaagagct    117360
     aggatacagg gctggtgaga tggctcagcg gttaagagag ctgactgctc ttccaaaggt    117420
     cctgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat gagatctgac    117480
     gccctcagtt tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat actaataaat agatagataa    117540
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaaatt taaaaaacca gctaggatac    117600
     agtggcgcac cactttgcat ggtgctgggg atcaaagcca gggcttcctg aaagttacca    117660
     ggtgagttat atcccctagc cctggctgtg tagcccagct tggcccagaa cgttcaatcc    117720
     tcttccccta gcctccagag tgctgagaga tcaggcttgg actaatacac tcagctgatt    117780
     ttctttcttt aacattttta attttggccg ggcagtggtg gcacatgcct ttagtcccgg    117840
     cacttgggag gcagaggcaa gcagatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg    117900
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct cataaaaaca aaaacagggc    117960
     tggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc gactgctctt ccgaaggtcc tgagttcaaa    118020
     tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cccataatgg gatctgatgc tttcttctgg    118080
     tgcgtctgaa gacaactaca gtgtacttat gtataatact aaataaatct ttaagaaaaa    118140
     agagggttta agtcactgtg taagaggtct gttagattat tgagtttatt atgagttatt    118200
     attatgagga tacagatata taattatgag ttgagagaaa agtctaaggt taacattcct    118260
     ttttactgaa actgatacta cttaatcaat ataacgttaa aagctatgct tgttgaatat    118320
     atacagtgct tttcaaactg tagattgcag acccaagatc atcagaacac tgggcaaatc    118380
     cttgtgtttt tctgaagatc tctagtgagc cagcccgtgg taatgttcta ctgatcgacg    118440
     attgattggt tgggcttttc ttttttgaac tagggtctta ctatgctgcc ctgcatgccc    118500
     tacaactctc tgtagttgag gctgaccttt ggacttttgg agatgctcct gacgtgggct    118560
     ccagagtgcc ggaattacat gcctatcatc atagtcagct tccaactgtt tttttttttt    118620
     tttaattaaa tgtttatttg attataatga gtcccaggcc tacatggtga gaccctgtct    118680
     cacacaaacg gcttttcaga tcatttcaat acactttcaa gtttgagaac cactgccttt    118740
     gaatgaccag taaatgtacc tacttttttt tttttaatga attgcagact ctaacaattg    118800
     gtttacttca tcagcatgga cgtattagag ctctcagaca actacagccg tgtcttccct    118860
     cggaaattta tgctgttaag gctctaatga gaaccagtat tgatacaaga agtttctggc    118920
     cagcctgtgc tacatagtga aggtcagggt taaaaaaaga ctgggctgat gggtgtggca    118980
     cagtggtagg gtgtttgccc atcatgtaga aagccctggg ctggacccca ggcattgcat    119040
     cagccggcca tggtaacaca tcctgtagca gggtacacag aagactcaga aattcaaggt    119100
     aatcctcagc tgtgtgatga tttcaaggcc aaccttgggc atacaaaact ctatttaaaa    119160
     aaaaaaaaaa ggagggggag tgcagagatg gctcagaagt tagggacgca tgctgctctc    119220
     ctagagtgcc caggttcaat ccccaacacc cacatggtgg ctcacagcca tctgaaccca    119280
     ttccagttcc aggggaccca gtaccctctg taaatacaaa catgcatgca gccaaagcac    119340
     ccatacacat gtaataaaat actttaaaaa aattatctat ttatttcatg tatgtgagta    119400
     cactgtgctg tcttaagaca cacactagaa gagggcattg gatgcccatc atagatggtt    119460
     gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtaggtgc    119520
     tattaactgc tgagccatct ctccaggcca taaaatactt tcttaactgt gggaaaggca    119580
     accaaagtgt ctttagtaat ttatagaatg tagccaagat ttgagcttca gggatgtggt    119640
     tcattggtag agttagttgc tagcattcat caggtctgga ttaaagccct aatacagcca    119700
     aggccaaaat caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caacgcccac catagtaata atacccagag    119760
     ctgcgcgacc gggaagttaa ctcatggagg cagctatact cattcatgag cactaagtgt    119820
     attacaggga tcgagttggc caaaatgggt ctgtagaaaa ggtggctgtg tatgcgaggg    119880
     agtcagtgtg taatttaaaa actaaacaat tagattggtg aaaagcaaag gttgtttaaa    119940
     ctcctggttg ttggtcctga cagcgcttcc cccataccat ggggaaggag agctatggag    120000
     accacttttc tttttggaat aaccgagtaa gtgttctctg gatatttgct ttcttcccag    120060
     gatcctgtgc tctctgagtg tctcagcccc ctgagattcg tgtgcaggag gggactactg    120120
     cctccctgcc ctgctccttc aatgccatcc gaggaaaacc ggccactggc tctgtcacat    120180
     gataccaaga caaagtgacc ctggggatgg agttgagcaa agtgactcca gggttcagag    120240
     gccgcttggt ctccttttct gtttctcagt tcattaggga ccacaaggca gggctgctca    120300
     tacaggacac ccaaagctat gatgctggaa tctatgtgtg cagggtggag gtgctaggcc    120360
     tgggcgtcag aatgggagac aggactcggc tgctggtgga gaaaggtgag gtggtgggag    120420
     atcccccaag atgcagtgtt actgggagtt agggatggtc ccctgctctg agctcccaaa    120480
     ttccttcctc tccaccgtct ccacgtcctg ctgtagggcc tcctcagcaa gcctccaaca    120540
     cagagcaaga ggctcacaca agtctcctcc tccgggctgg attctacgcc ctcagctttc    120600
     tctctgtggc cacgggcagt accatctatt accagggcaa atgtgagttg ctgagcaggg    120660
     gcaagggagc agaaatggga ggggacagat tgcaagagga gaggaaagct tcaggcctgt    120720
     aactctgagc agcccctgct atttctccta ggtccctgtc acatggaaat catggacact    120780
     cctcccgcag cctctgagaa gtgattctaa gtctcaatga tctagcactc tcaggaggcc    120840
     aacaataagt ccttacccgc tcctctctcc tacttaggac tctcatattt tcttcattct    120900
     ccagtctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcac acacacacac    120960
     acacacacac acacacacac atccctccac ccttagctct cccttcctac ccggggacca    121020
     caagctgttt actggctttc tgcaggtggg agggtgagcc atgggctgga cacatataga    121080
     gaagcctgat gcagaagtgg ggaaccagac tttactagat gaccatagtg tgactgagca    121140
     cgcacccagg gcgaggagag cttttggggg cactcaagtg ggtgtgctcc tggcgatgca    121200
     ggcatagtca gtgctgaggt cttctttcat gtctgtgata tcactactgg acactggcag    121260
     ctgctggaga gatgcatagt ggggctcctg ccctgagacc tgggcctggc agtgcagagg    121320
     atgatgtgag gaccaggggt actgtcacac atccttcccc agcctggccg cagctcccac    121380
     ctgtctttct ccctgtgtct ccactctttt ttttctcagt ctctcctctt tatatctctt    121440
     gaacctgttt tcgcttactt tccctctttc tttgtttcta tataagtgtg tctgcctgtg    121500
     ttgtataggc ccttaagtgg atgtttggac atcaactttc caactgtttc tacacattat    121560
     ttctatctat ccatctatct attttgagac aaggtctctc actaaaactg gagtttgcca    121620
     tttccactag gctggttggc cagggagccc ctagggcttg cctgtctgta ccccacagta    121680
     ctggggttcc aggcacaagc taccatgcct gactacagca aatactttct cagaacctcc    121740
     tctctccccc acctccttta cttactttat ttatatgagt acactgtagt tgtggtcaga    121800
     cacaccagaa gagggtatca gattccgtta cagatggctg tgagccacca tgtggttact    121860
     gggaattgaa ctcagggcct ctgcaagcac agccagtgct cttaactgct gagccatctc    121920
     tccaagctcc aaacttcctc ttctattgag acagggtctc atgtagctca ggctgacctt    121980
     caacttaata tgtagtgaag gacagactcc ctgcctctat gtgggatttc agtcacatgc    122040
     cagcgctctg gttttatgct gcgctgggaa tcaaacacag ttctacaccc gctggataag    122100
     gactgttaac taaaccacac tgctagccac gcccacgccc cacccacttt gcttttgttg    122160
     ttcttttgag acagggcggc tcctgtagtc ctgatggaac tcttctctct cgttttgttt    122220
     gtttgtttgt tttttaattt cctctctcac tcacttcctc ctctctacgt ccttctggag    122280
     tgttttatat tcttataaac acacaattcc ctccctctct tctggttgcc tctttttctg    122340
     cctctttcat tttctcgttc ctgctacttc ctcttccctt ttctctcggc tccacccctt    122400
     catcccagcc ccactcccta cgtgggtttc cctcgtcccc tcaccccctg cccgcacacc    122460
     ctcccacctc cagcccccct ccctcgcccc cttgccccca gccgccactt ccttccccgc    122520
     cccttcatct gctccacccc tcacccttcc cccttgtctc ctcgtccccc cagactcaca    122580
     ttcctttcca gtctcttcac tagaagaaaa aaaaaatggt tcagtaagac cccttccctg    122640
     accccccccc ccgccagaat ggcaccccac attggctcat ccatcctagg acagcacctc    122700
     tcattgaatc tgctacctca gaatagcacc ccaccccagg cccccaacgc cagagcagca    122760
     ggtctccacc ccagaactgc cttccacaac acacctactg gagccccacc cctccaacct    122820
     cgctggttgc cataggaacc acagccaaaa cctgggtctt ttggacaact ctggcctttt    122880
     ctagcagtag gaagggtgtg gagggcaagc tgtgggtgac cgagatgctc tagggcttac    122940
     ctctctgact gaaccggcac aagcagatga acaggatgat gacaagcagg aggaggagcc    123000
     ctcccagtcc caggctccca tttagcagga aatcatctgg aaggagtatc tctgagaggg    123060
     tttttttttt ccccaccaat ttcccaacct cctggttaaa tgtaagtttc ctagcttcct    123120
     atatttttcc tgggtccccc ttccccaatt ttttatttta tcctatcttc ctctccccga    123180
     tcaatcctgt tttctatttt ttgacaattt catacatata taaaaagtct cagccgggcg    123240
     tggtggcgca cacctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt    123300
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc    123360
     tgtctcgaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa caaaaaaaaa gtctcttggt catttccaaa    123420
     gccctttctc cctctccccc ctcccaaccc atgtctctcc cacctttctg tcactttatg    123480
     ttgagagtct catgtatcct gggaggcctt agattctcct agtagccgag tatgcttgac    123540
     tttctgatcc tcacacccct gtgtcgtgtc ttaagtgcta gcttggcaag agtgtactac    123600
     catggctgtt ttatgtggct ctggggtcaa agccaggacc ctgctatcct ctcacagttt    123660
     aaaatacagg aaaatatact ctaggagatt ttgagggggg ggcggtgttg tatttttgta    123720
     ttagtttttg tttgcttgtt ttgttttgtt tttaaagaca gggtttctct gtggagctct    123780
     ggctgtcctg gaactctaga ccaggctggt cttgatctca cacacagaga tcctcctgcc    123840
     tctgtccgcc atcccaaccc ctccggccct cttgccccct cactcccacc tccccccact    123900
     ctgggattaa aggtgtgcac caccactgcc tggctttttt tttttttctt tctttctgca    123960
     gtatcttcta tagtttaggc tgcttccaaa tttcctgaag cctcatgcag agacaagtca    124020
     tgtccttgat ttctagtcct tcggaccacc ccacctctct ggtgctggga ttacaggaga    124080
     cactataacc cagggcttcg tgcctacaca ttcattaccc agacatattt gttacccaga    124140
     cttcaacttc tcacttcctc tagagattca cctaccgggt tacctctcct gactatgctc    124200
     actccctact gtttccgggt ctcaggaggc ccctcttcca cctgtactgc ctcattctga    124260
     ccacttctcc taatcctgaa ccctgctttt cttccctcac tctccagccc tcacatccct    124320
     cccctttccg aacggagggg tccctactta ctggttgtgc aattgttacc agatcccatt    124380
     gtcatcagac atagtccagg gactgagaac aggcctgaag gtcaagacta aactaatccc    124440
     tcttctgctg ggcttaatag cttgggttag tcacgtgccc ccaagttccc catctctgag    124500
     gcaaggggcc cctttacagt cctcatcctc actgggctgg ggattttatg tttgtctttt    124560
     tctctttttt gtttttttgg ctttttttgg agacagagtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg    124620
     tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg tctcaaactc agaaatccac ctgcctctgc    124680
     ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgtgc taccactgcc tggcttatgt ttgtcttaac    124740
     atattgtggt acccattttc caggccagga gcccgagatt ttaacaagga aagcccaacg    124800
     cagccctatt ggtagagatg gatctctgtg agttcaagca cagccagagc tacacagtga    124860
     gaccctgtct caagaagcga acaaaagccg gggcgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag    124920
     cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacatagtg    124980
     agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa    125040
     caaacaaaaa aaaacccaaa aaaataaaga agcaaaagcc aagggagact cagaagtagc    125100
     agagaaagtg tttagctgta ttgccccctc ccatttactc tgccccaggc tgatgggggt    125160
     gggaaaggca gcgggggggg ggggcacttg gaggaagctg gaaacactgc tcaatcctga    125220
     atgctggtga gagggctggt gaaggcaagg gagccagggt ctggagtagt tgtgggaacc    125280
     actgggaaac cagagagaag ggtgcccttt cccaggaggg aggaccttat ttggctggtg    125340
     tggagtagtg gctaccaaga atgctttaac ttccccttgg gtacttcctg ccctttaact    125400
     gctggttcct gtttgagggt agatagaggc ccctcacttg agggacaaca gcgtgaaact    125460
     cagaacctcc cagttataag gggcatgctg taggtttgag ggacccctga ggagctgtga    125520
     tgaatcaggg acagaacaga ttattattag tagttattat tattagcaga attttgctat    125580
     gtagcccagg ctgacctgag gctcaccatc ttcctgcctc agcctgcaga gtatacggcg    125640
     ggccaccact ttcagctgca gcttcttttc tttggaaaat gaaggcacaa gagctcagag    125700
     ggtagggtgt gaatgcagat tccttcgggt tcagggaact ccaaatccat agtctggcct    125760
     ccatttatcc cagcaggttt cccgtctcat cccggatctc cacccactcc ccgctgaccc    125820
     agactcttgg tttacagtgg ggacacattc aactgttcag agtggaaaga agctccccac    125880
     cgcaggcatt ctgcccctcc cgcagtttta gcctctttcc actgcctctg tgcctccttg    125940
     catctaggag aggaagaata gccattggga gatggtgtta catctttcct ttgagattcc    126000
     tagatatcat tagggtggtt actccctcag ccccagcctc ccggttcacc ctgtactggt    126060
     aaaggaatgt ccacctcctc caggggcccc ctctgcggtg ccgccttaag gttcatcatc    126120
     ttgtggtttg tgcataggca tgggctccca gcacctcgag tgccagataa ctctggggtg    126180
     tctcagggca cctctcttgg tgtctggcag ctatatgcag caggatatcg atgtgctacc    126240
     aaaggagtag ggaagtcaga ggtagtcaga ctaaatctgc taacagatgc tgacaggaag    126300
     tgggtgagag aagctgatgt tagcaaagcc ttggggcatc aaggagaact tcccacagaa    126360
     ggcagcattc tggcattggc aggagggcag gagggactga ggtgaaggtc tctcagtgcc    126420
     actgtgacca agagagaaag gggtgtagaa gactacaccc caatctttga acagagagga    126480
     agctggtagc taggatggag acagaggtgg gtgagtctgg tgcctgggtc cctatgcatg    126540
     ttttgttaac caaattcagg gactttgtgg tactcccccc ccagtgtttc ccccagaaca    126600
     aatggggatc acaatctaag tgggtttctt cttttttata gtttataatt acattttttt    126660
     taaaattttt aaacattggg tgaggagaga gctctgttgg taaaagcact ggccgcacaa    126720
     gcatgaagaa ctgagttcga gtccccaggg cccacataaa gatgggtgtg gcaaccactt    126780
     gtgaaagtcc atgttcctag tatgagatgg gagatgtgga aaactgagaa ttcaaggaag    126840
     atcgcagggg atggggtgtc cggcctagaa tgttcagaga agatcgaaat tagaccctgt    126900
     ctcagataag gtggtgggct ggccggggtt agcatttgac gtgactgtga actcatactg    126960
     aaaaacacac atgcgtgcac actcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat    127020
     acacacacac acacacacac atacacacgc gcgcacaaag gtcaaacatc tagaaaaact    127080
     gaaccttaca acaaattcat atacatatat atcatatata tatttgacca agccagctca    127140
     gtcaatcaac agggtctcaa gggagggagt gaagattgaa aagaaaaagg caaagccagg    127200
     catggtggca cacaccttta atcccagcac tcaggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag    127260
     tttgagacca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccagaacag ccagggctac acagagaaac    127320
     cctgtcttga aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaacaa caacaacaac aacaaccccc ccccaaaagg    127380
     taattagaca aaactataac aagactccag cctgcactga ggctgaagcg ggtttatttc    127440
     tctccagcct gctttgatat cattttaggt acataaaaac aaaaaaccaa aaaacaaaca    127500
     aaaaaacccc ccaaaaaacc atgggcagtt cttagagcaa agacaaagta atcaaatgaa    127560
     gtagtaaaca aggagatcac acaaggtaat aattaagtaa aaaactaaaa acaaagcccc    127620
     atgacccctg tttctaatat tcttatctga gcctacttcc ttgtccaagc ccagtgacaa    127680
     gccaaattcc tagaatcggc accaaaagct ctcagagctc tcaatatgtg tgtgtgtggt    127740
     gtgtattata taatttgttt ttattttaaa ttatatttgt gtccatgtat gcatacaaac    127800
     ttgaatgcaa ataccatcag aaaccagaag agggcgttgg atcccctcaa gctggagcta    127860
     taggttacct gactagggtg ctggaacctg aactcaggcc ctctgcacga gctgcaagtg    127920
     ctcttaactg ctgcaccatt tcttcaggtc ccataagcat agtcttagca cctagatcat    127980
     tggttctcaa cccatgggtc ccaaccccac cacacctcag acatcctgca tttgagacat    128040
     tgacactatg atttgtaaca gttgcaaaac cacagttatg aagtagcaac aaggtaactt    128100
     tatggctggg ggggtcagca caacatgagg gactctattt tttttttttt ttttttaaag    128160
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttattata tggaagtaca ttgtagctgt cttcagacac    128220
     tccagaagag ggagtcagat ctcgttacgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggtttgctgg    128280
     gatttgaact ctggaccttc ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca    128340
     ccagccccga gggactctat taaagcgttg cagcatcagg aagtttgaga accactgacc    128400
     tagatctata agcaacactt tgctgagtca catgcctccc tctcctttgt ttgttcagtt    128460
     ttgtttaaga tttatttatt attatatcta agtacactga agctgtcttc agacacacta    128520
     gaagagggtg tcagatctca ttacaaatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt    128580
     gaactcagga ccttcagaag agcagtcagt gctcttaaca gctgagccat ctctccagcc    128640
     cctttgtttg tttgtttggg tttttgtttt tgtttttttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt    128700
     atagccctag ctgtcctgga actcactcta gaccaggctg gccttgaact cagaaatcca    128760
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg ccaccactgc cctttgtttg    128820
     ttttcaagac caggtttttt ctccctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaat gtgctctgta    128880
     gaccaagctg gccttgaact ctgatcagtc tgcctttgcc tcctaagtga atgcatgttg    128940
     gttccttctt tccttcttga gacaggttct tatgcatccc aacctggcct cacgcttgcc    129000
     aactagtgaa ggatgaccat gggtttctga cggttctgct gggattacag gcccgcagca    129060
     ccaagcctgc ttgatttcgt gctggggaca aagccagggc cctgggcatg caaggccagt    129120
     gctctcccat gaaccacagc cctgagctac ttctcatatc tttccaggtt gtgactatta    129180
     cctcatgtta ccgctgaatt gttcaagtta gtctttgttt cctctttttt tttccttgcc    129240
     tcaggaagac aaaatttaca tctagtaaaa tgtatgaagc tggaattagt tctgttttgc    129300
     ctgttacaga atcaaaccta ctagccaagt gccctgtcag gaaactctac tgctatccca    129360
     acactgcctt ttcgtctctc tgggcctcag catcttctta gggctttccc atggagacga    129420
     agtggctagt gtaataaaga ctgtagttca gtggctagca cattcttggt gcctttggtc    129480
     agtcagctgt attctactaa tattggtgtt ggtaatattt tccaaacgag ttgtctggtc    129540
     tgggacatag agactgcaag gtcaccagga aggggacatg gcctgaaacc tctgtccacc    129600
     ttcctccgac ctgctcttcc ctaaactcca atcagctgcc cctcgggtgc cattaattcg    129660
     gttcctgatg ttcattgaag tcaacaaatt tctcattcat tcattcattc attcatacat    129720
     tcatttgccc tgtccctcat ttataagtag ttgatgcttc ccaatggagg aggctcattc    129780
     tagacagact cccttaaggt ggagtgtgcc tctgtattgc tttatcagga cagagagaga    129840
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gaggctgagc ccccttcata aagccataac cactgcggac    129900
     ccacttaatt ctgcctttcc catctggttt tagagactga aacaggaaga agtcagccag    129960
     tgtggggaga gggtcgtatc agggacgcag acacacagcc gacccttgtt ggcctcccac    130020
     tccatctcct caccccccct cccgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg    130080
     cgcgcgcgtg cgtgcgtgca tgcatgtgtg caggtgcgtg tgtctttgca gccctccctt    130140
     cagcactgta aggtccagaa gcatgaagaa cacacgagat acttggagtc ctacctggcc    130200
     atgacaacct tgtttgttgc ctggccttct gcaagctccc ttccttccct gggcttcatc    130260
     ttccctccct gccaagcccc tcttcatctt taccttgaaa acctctctct accccatctc    130320
     cttccccagt tcagagaacc caggcatcca gccacccaac cccggcccca gcgctgggta    130380
     aacaggaagc tgggtgaggg gaggaagggt gttcggaaag tccccgggca gggggcaggt    130440
     gtgtgggtct gcgggggtgg gggggtctac ccctgaggta tgaaagcccc tgccccggtc    130500
     ctagttctga gtctggatgg ggacacgggg actgcagggc ctgggtggga gaccccaggg    130560
     gaggggctgc ctcttgctgg ctgtggcagg agctacttcc ctggtgaccc tgttgttggc    130620
     agtgcctatc actgtcctgg ctgtgctggc cttggtgccg caggatcagg gacgtcgggt    130680
     gagtggctgc aacgggctcc agagggctgc ctcttgtgac tgtttattta cttatggctg    130740
     tgcttctgcc caccgcgctc agctggccgc tctccccaga gggaatgtct ggtctgtctt    130800
     tgcctctcca ggcaatccta gcctgaattt tcaagcccct tcctggttgg cttcttttcc    130860
     agataacact gcacttgcgt ctctctgcct gcatacatcg tctttgtttg ttcttctagc    130920
     aagatgcagt ctagggagga cacagcaggc ccaggccttg gggctgggct ctacggtggg    130980
     aggggtggag ttgccattag ccaaatctga cctctgggca ctctaaccct acctacccat    131040
     ccaggttgag aagatcattg gctcaggagc acaggctcag aaaagactgg atgacagcaa    131100
     accgtcgtgc atcttgccct caccctctag cctctcagag actcctgacc cccgtctgca    131160
     tcctcagaga tccaatgctt ccaggaatct agcctccaca tcccagggcc ctgttgcgca    131220
     gtcctctcgg gaggcatctg catggatgac catcctgtct ccagctgcgg attctacacc    131280
     agatccaggg gttcaacagc tgccaaaggg ggaaccagaa actgacctca accctgagct    131340
     ccctgctgcc cacctcatag gtaagcatct ggtagaccga agagtgctgg ctatgtaccc    131400
     ccacagtaag cgagagtcct ttggctctgc tatgacacta ctggtacttt cccaactcct    131460
     ccaccaccaa cttctccctc ggtatgactg actgctcagg aaacaggtaa aaaccggcag    131520
     ggatctcgcc actttagtcc cttcgggtga tagatagcac cgttattcct gcccctcccc    131580
     gctaagtacc acagaaggag gaagaccccg ctcctccgct ccaggtccct gctcatcctg    131640
     cccgggtctc cgacctagag atcacggccc gagcgctcac gcgtgtccct ttctgcaggc    131700
     gcttggatga gtgggcaagg gctcagctgg gaggcgagcc aagaagaagc gtttctgagg    131760
     agcggcgcgc agttctcccc cacccacggg ctggcgctgc cacaggacgg cgtctattac    131820
     ctctactgcc acgtcgggta caggggcagg acgccccctg ccggccgaag ccgtgctcgc    131880
     tcgctcacgc tgcgcagcgc cctgtaccgc gcggggggcg cctacgggcg aggttccccc    131940
     gagttgctgc tggagggcgc ggagacagtc acacctgttg tggaccccat cgggtacggg    132000
     tcgttatggt acacgagcgt ggggttcggc ggcctggcgc agctccggag cggcgagagg    132060
     gtctacgtta acatcagtca ccccgacatg gtggactaca ggagagggaa gaccttcttc    132120
     ggggcggtga tggtggggtg acagccatct gtattcattc ctggaggatc gactgacggt    132180
     gcgaatgtgt gaatcgtgat gtccgggacc ccgacagtcc cgagcggccg ggggcgtggc    132240
     gggggggggg gagaacggaa tgtaggacac gaattttgaa aataaagaat gtaaactatg    132300
     ccggcccttg ccagtgtctt cacggaaatg cagacgtggt ttttgattct gggacacgtg    132360
     caggtgtggc tgacccagct ttgaactgtg gacacctgtt gcacccacgt cctggctcta    132420
     aggccagggc tccaagaggg cggaagaagg gacaattaaa ccctgagact tctgccagca    132480
     ccctgattgc caggatgctg aaaggttagg gaggttggtt gaggtttgtt agcagctgcg    132540
     ggtcggtcaa agaagaaacg aaaggaaaga tattagactc acggattttc ctaatcctta    132600
     tttctatcct atctagtgtt agggggtgaa accagggcga gaaagggtgg gagaaagaat    132660
     ccacaaagta gcaaagacct ggtccccaca agaccccctc acatacaccc ttgctcctgg    132720
     cttctgcctc tgtgaggagg agccaacagg agaaggtagg caggattcgt tcccagagag    132780
     aaaaactaca aagactgtgg aacaaagctc cgtgggttgg gcccatcagt tcagttgggc    132840
     ctgataggtt atatgtatgt agtatgtatg taatgtatgt atggatggat gtatgctcta    132900
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    132960
     tctatctata gtccgggtct catatatagt cctgggtcac ctggaactct ccagggctgg    133020
     ggctaaaggc atggaccacc acgggttctg acagcccttc tttaaggggc agcaggtcag    133080
     tcgcaggcac gttaaggggc agactaatga agaaagcaaa ggagctgaaa atggcagggg    133140
     tggggtgggg gaggggattg tgtccgagga ggaggagttc caggaggaag ccgatgccct    133200
     ggggtccttt ctagaaatgg aatgtcttca cctttggttc acacaaagtt gggcaagtgg    133260
     gaggccccta cgatgagtaa cagcagcccc ccccccccca cgccatggct ggaggaggca    133320
     gagggggacc caggcactat ctaggtcacc ccagtgggtc acccctaccc cccaccccac    133380
     cccagcatac cacgtggttg gtttttccct ctctacacgg gtgcaggaag gcccaaccaa    133440
     caaagagccc actggggttt cattttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct    133500
     tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tttttaaaag atttatttat    133560
     ttattatatg caagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacactc cagaagaggg agtcagaaga    133620
     cttgttacgg atagttgtga gccacaatgt ggttcctggg atttgaactc aggacctttg    133680
     gaagagcagt tggtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctctcc agcctcttct cttctcttct    133740
     cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctcttct    133800
     cttctcttct cttctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctttccc    133860
     ttcccttccc ttcctttcct cttcttttct ctgttctttc ttccttcttt ccctttttct    133920
     cctcctcctc cccctcctcc ccctcctctt cctcctcttc ttccttctct tcctctctct    133980
     cctcttcctt ctcccactga ccttgaagcc ctcaacaatt tacctgcccc tacctccgaa    134040
     gtgttgggat taaaagcatg gctacacacc cactccttat gtgctttgga ccttctgcac    134100
     agagccttcc agtggggtga gagggtgacc aattttggct aaagtctagt caggcttcag    134160
     aatcttctat acctagtcat tgccttcctt gtaaaaccta gttttcgtga aaagccccat    134220
     tcagtcggtt tagcaagctc cctctcctag actggatcac cctcagtcat cccgtgcagc    134280
     ccctgaggtg atgtctgctc acctggcctg tctcaacagg cgtcttgtct gatctgttta    134340
     gacaaagtcc ccctaccccg gatttttctt tcctcttagt catttgccat ccccctaacg    134400
     cccaccctgc tggggctctt aagacccact tgctctcatt gaacactcta caacaagtct    134460
     ctgcaccaat aactaattct gaataaagtc ggccttgcct gcttcagcaa gtactattga    134520
     ataacaacaa caataaatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttggtgttgg    134580
     gatcaaatcc aagcctgcat atgtgattaa gtaatttaaa aaccaacaac aacaacaaag    134640
     catttaaaca aggtgttttt ctctttccaa tccacccacc tcaatacatt catcatttgt    134700
     ctgaaacact ggaaaaccaa agccagcaat ggctccttct ttgttgtgtt gctttgggtt    134760
     ttgaattcag ggtatcccat acactgagca tccaccctca ccccaacatg ctccacagag    134820
     tcacattttc agccctgtgt ctttttaaaa actatttcac tcatcttcag aggtttggaa    134880
     aaataaaggg gctggtgacc gaaaggcaga gctggctgag cccagcccag catggagcag    134940
     ggatagagct taggtctcct ctccgtggac catgcccgct ctgtctgttc agaggcaggt    135000
     tgaatggtgc agggtgcgca gttagacacc tgaagctctg cggctcttcc ttggctgtga    135060
     ttcaggtgcc tgagaatgtg gctcctcccc agctccatgg gagccacaac agccggaaag    135120
     aactgcagta ctttcccagc aggtattgga attcccagag tgggaaattc ccatgcccca    135180
     gggcaaaggt aattagggtt aggctcctgt ttccggggga gaggtaggga tgttggctgc    135240
     cttttgttcc acgggggtct tgggggtctt aatggcccag gggtataaag actgagatct    135300
     ggacccagag actttaggcc tccgcaaaga gatggatgca gacttcatcc caagacagaa    135360
     atcacatttc ttttccaagc gatctttatt tctctcaatg acccgtaggg cgattacagt    135420
     cacggctccc gtggggagca gaggttcagt gatgtagcga cagcctggtc accaaatcag    135480
     cgttattaag acaattgggt tagataaata ttttgtttta aacataagca aaagaggagg    135540
     caacaaggta gagaggccag gtggggacag ctcagctccg ttttcacaga aaacatgtct    135600
     gtctgaagac agcttcccac actgggtcct ccaggacacc ccggccttcc aaataaatac    135660
     attcataagc aaataaataa ataataaata aataataaat aataagtgca aatataaata    135720
     gaggggggct ggctctgtga ggaaggctgt gcattgcacc tcagggaaga atctggaaag    135780
     gtctgaaggt aggaaggcct gagatcttat ccagcctcat tctgagacag aggcaacctg    135840
     accactctcc ctttgcagaa ctcaggaatg gacattcgag gctccagtga attcggaaag    135900
     cccatttgag tccttgatgg tggtgcatga gaggcccaca gtccaggtca ctgtcccagc    135960
     atcttgtgtt tctgagtagt tgttgaaagc tctgagcaca gagttggacc ctgagccata    136020
     atcccctttc taagttagaa ggatacagac tgggggctct gaggagtaga caataaaggg    136080
     gtcagagtaa aggggtcaga gtgggggctg ggtagagaat ggatgaacac ccattccctt    136140
     cacagagcaa tgactccaaa gtagacctgc ccggactccg caaagtctaa gtacttgggc    136200
     agattgacct cagcgctgag ttggtccccc ttctccagct ggaagactcc tcccaggtat    136260
     atgggctcat accagggttt gagctcagcc ccctcagggg tgtccttggg gcaggggctc    136320
     ttgacggcag agaggaggtt gactttctcc tggtatgaga tagcaaatcg gctgacggtg    136380
     tgggtgagga gcacgtagtc ggggcagcct tgtcccttga agagaacctg ggagtagaca    136440
     aggtacaacc catcggctgg caccactagt tggttgtctt tgagatccat gccgttggcc    136500
     aggagggcgt tggcgcgctg gctcagccac tccagctgct cctccacttg gtggtttgct    136560
     gagggggggg gggaggattg agtcagtgtc accctcttag ttcacactcc acatcctgag    136620
     cctcagcagc tacccacact tcacttccgg ttcctgcacc ctctgtcttt ccacatccca    136680
     ttggctatga ggtcccgggt ggccccctga tgccttgctt ttgagtcact gctctgactc    136740
     tcacgtgctg tctctaagag ctctgtcttt tctcagcctg gctcgacacc cctcaacccg    136800
     ccccccaaaa tcatgcccct tcattctcaa ggcacatgta aagaaatctt acctacgacg    136860
     tgggctacag gcttgtcact cgaattttga gaagatgatc ctggagggga agagacaaag    136920
     gcaaggatga gccttttagg cttcccagca agcatctatg cacttagacc cctttcctcc    136980
     caaaccaaag ctttaagttc tccccccacc ccatctcatc ccatgcctaa ctgcccttcc    137040
     tccatcttaa attaagagag aggtgtggga acacttactg agtgtgaggg tctgggccat    137100
     agaactgatg agagggaggc catttgggaa cttctgtgta ggaaaaggag gttagttaag    137160
     acagactcac cccaaaggag aagcctcccg gctgattgcc ccgcttacag ttcctctttg    137220
     ccccacccca ccccccagct ttgtgttttt cttcttcatt cattcatctg tccaacccac    137280
     ggcttctttc tgcggtgccc tctgtgcttg atctcccgtt atctcccctt catcttcctc    137340
     cttatctctc atgcctctct catttctgtc tctgagtttt atctcttgct tatcccctct    137400
     tcccctggcc acatctttcc agatctctcc acgtgtgaac acacttgttc gttcattcat    137460
     ctctctgtgc atccgacgaa ggatgtttag tcagctggac gcatgggtcc gaggtcctga    137520
     ctctgtcccc tccacactct cctccacctt gccctgccca ttagcccact tctttccctc    137580
     acactgtcct tcttgccctc ctaacccgtt ttgcttgtga gcgagaataa gggttgccca    137640
     gacactcacc tcatcccttt ggggaccgat caccccgaag ttcagtagac agaagagcgt    137700
     ggtggcccct gccacaagca ggaatgagaa gaggctgaga cataggcacc gcctggagtt    137760
     ctggaagccc cccatctttt gggggagtgc ctcttctgcc agttccacgt cgcggatcat    137820
     gctttctgtg ctcatggtgt cttttctgga gggagatgtg gcgccttggg ccagtgagtg    137880
     aaagggacag aacctgcctg gttggctgct tgcttttctg ggagctattt ccaagatgtt    137940
     ctggagtttc tgttctccct cctggctagt cccttgctgt cctcgctgag ggagcttctg    138000
     ctggctggct gtgcagacgg ccgcctttat agcccttggg gaagagggcg gggaaaagct    138060
     ctcattcaac cctcggaaaa cttccttggt ggagaaaacc atgatctcat gtggaggaag    138120
     cggtagtggc cctacacctc tgtctcggtt tcttctccat cgcgggggca gagggtttgg    138180
     aaagttgggg acacccaggc atcaaggaat ctcctccccg tcgtccccac caggattctg    138240
     tggcaatctg gggccaatca ggagggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    138300
     tgtgtgttgt ataggaccct gagaactgaa acccatttct tctctgtcct ccagagctaa    138360
     tcattgtctg tttctttgta gaaagaccat gcctgtgtct atttcctttt gatttctaaa    138420
     tgggacatcc atgggggaga acttagcatg ggggggtgct tctgaaagct gggtgcataa    138480
     ggggggagac atgatattga ggagggaaag ccccctgttt gagttcttgg aggaagtggc    138540
     tgaaggcaga gcagcttgag agttgggaag tgtgcatggg ctttgggagg gctggtgggg    138600
     ggggtaatgg gatgagtatg gggcagcccc agagggaatg aactcagccc tgggaattca    138660
     cggacctcac aagccttctc ctttcactct gatcatgagc tcaggctgct gctttgggtc    138720
     cctgctccca agtgagtttt ccacggagcc tctgccatat cttgactgcg gtacatcaac    138780
     tcagacattt aggtcccaca gccctgcttc caggatttct cccaatccgt atgactcccc    138840
     ggtcttccaa ggattcccct cccccaccct cccactccta aacactctcc caccctccag    138900
     tggagtcact tctccccaga accctcatct ctctccaccc ttggatggat ctccctagct    138960
     catcctttgg gtctcctccg gcagttaagc tgcctcactc ccgtgaatcc accatgtctc    139020
     tgggagctgc ctgctcctca tgtctctttg ctctgcccgg atcccatgga ccaactgagg    139080
     cctctgtccc ctgctccact ccttaaagag accaggaagt ttctccccca acgcaagaca    139140
     gacacaagca gacagaatct cagagaaaag aggtttattg ggtttcacag atggtgcagg    139200
     gggtccctgt ggatgtctag ccaagcagtg gctggctttt agagcttcgt gctttcttct    139260
     agaacccctt ggtcacccac atctaattct ctcgccatct ctctcttaga tgggtcctgt    139320
     ctgaggtgag acacctttgt gtctgggacc tagttgtcat ctgacggctt tctatttttc    139380
     ccctctttct attctctata aataaataac ttaacttttc tctccataaa tagtcaacct    139440
     tcccctgttc ccagccacct ctcccatgtc tgtccctcct tcatgtccag gtctctgtcc    139500
     gacctagacc cacaaaaacc ctgctctgtg caggaacttc taggtaggct tgagtcgtcc    139560
     cctgagcatc tggagtggcc ctggggaaga tgtagtcccc tgaagtgtct cagactcccg    139620
     tgagagctcc aggttatttt agtggggaag gctggagact gtggggatgt gacccttgaa    139680
     acaacggtca ggatggaggc ctggaatcca attcttgggt ttctttagaa tctacagtgc    139740
     aaaggctcca aagaatacac tgctggggct gaagtgtaga tgggagatgc cgtcggtgtg    139800
     ggtggacagc tggtctccct tactgagcag gaacacagcc ccctggtaca ttgagcgcac    139860
     ccacggtcct tgaagtcccg gatacacaga cttctgcgca ctgaggagag gcacatggaa    139920
     ggggtattgg gaggaaaaga gctggacctc gtgtgccagg tagatgggag tgggaatggc    139980
     cctgggggag cagctttctc cagagaaaac cacctgggag tagacaaagt agaggccact    140040
     ggtggggatc aggagggagt tgttgctcaa agagaagcca tgtcggagaa aggcacgatc    140100
     cgtgcttgct ctccagagca gtgagttctg cttgctgggg taccctggga agaggcacaa    140160
     gacattgggg ggctatcaag atcagaggtc cccatccctg agggagcagg cactggacaa    140220
     gtgggatggt tggtagggag atgggagtgg ggtgcctgcc cttaggggta agaaaagttg    140280
     gtgtggggag atgggaagat cgcctgagcc cctgggcaag taggacaaaa ggcagggact    140340
     ggacctctcc tctggaggca gaagtttacc aacaaggtga gcagcaggtt tcaggatgcc    140400
     atgggtcaag tgcttctgag ggagtggatg ggctgtcctg gcagcggaga agcggacacc    140460
     agagagtccc tgggacagaa gagagtggag aggactctag gactctgagt tagctaggcc    140520
     accccagcac ccccaatctc ttgctgcctc acctgggccc ctagaggcag ggccagcagc    140580
     agccccagga ggaagacagg aggggtgcca agcaccctca agaggtggag acggccgagc    140640
     agtgtcatgt ggagaacctg ctgagagaga gagagagagt gtgtgtgtgt agcggaggcg    140700
     gggcacacag cggaagacag accttacctc ccagctgaga cagccaccct gagagacagg    140760
     gcgacagaca gaaaagggga caggcagggg aaccctgaag tgagcaggga taaggagaga    140820
     cagaggggaa gaggaaagct ccaccataga atcagacaat ggctaacaga ggcagagaga    140880
     gagaaagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    140940
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gactgataag gccgccacag gaacagacca    141000
     aaaatcaaag ccacgacagg aggaccagac ccattaaggc tggggatcca ggcaggttgt    141060
     atagaaaagg ctgtggctca agaaaggagg taggatcctg agggatgcct gataccaggg    141120
     taagcccaag gagacagggt aggagaggct cacctgctgt gcggggtcct gggcgctggc    141180
     gctcgggtcc ctttatagag gaagcggcag tgtggcaggc agcgggcggg ttctaggtcg    141240
     gggctggggc ttggggaagc ccccagggct tagaagatgc tgctgtttca gtcgaaggca    141300
     ggaaaggctg gggcctagga gagaaccgca ggctaagggc ttagactact gcgttctggg    141360
     aaagggagtc gggtccgggg aactgtgggc cgcagggact agcagggagc tgggtcaggc    141420
     ccaggagttc cagtgaacgg ccgagcaatt cgtggagagg gtgcagctgg gctgtgactg    141480
     gaagcctggt tccctgaaga gtgatggttt atatcacttc tgcacccttg actgctcaca    141540
     ggcttctctg cacatttccc tctctgtcga tcatggtcat gtctggaggg ctccgaagcc    141600
     acatgtggtt agcggcacct ttgttttttc aggttcgaac ccagggctct ggatgcttga    141660
     catgcctgcc gccccttcag gcctatttcc tctcttgtct ttgggggttc aagtcacagt    141720
     tattccaata tatctgtatt ttctggtcat ctgccagttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    141780
     ttttgctttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctga aactcactct    141840
     gtagaccagg ctggcctaga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga    141900
     ttaaaggtgt gtgccaccac tgcccagctt tttttttttt ttctgccagt ttcatctgcc    141960
     agtttcatgt caagaagttc cattacagtg ccctctcccc aaatctgggg catcctggtg    142020
     tgtaacaatc ttaactgtgt ccccttactc tctggagcgg cagttctcaa cctgtgggca    142080
     aggtcccttt ggcaaacctc tatttaaaac aaatatttac attatgattc ataatagcag    142140
     cgaaattaca gttatgaaat agcaacgaaa ataattgtat ggttggggtc accacaacat    142200
     gaggaactgt attaaagggt catggagtta ggaaggttga gaaccctgtc ctagaatgtt    142260
     ccaggtctgg aagatgattt gggggtattc tcttagaacc ccaagatcat gtaaccccaa    142320
     atgtacaccc caggcttcca atgctctgta cagagggagc ttcagaattc tacacaggtg    142380
     aaggcagttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc    142440
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggccc caaactcaga aatccgtctg    142500
     cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgtgctac cactgcccaa caaaggacat    142560
     ctgagcagtg cttctctatt ggaaggcctg ggacacagct caggtagctg cttgcaggca    142620
     tgtgtgagcc cctgagtcca tccccacatt cccagcagtc acattgatga tttctgtctt    142680
     aagacaaaat tttaaaatat tgttttgagg attggagaaa tggcttaggg ttctgagcac    142740
     tagatgttct tccagaggac cagtgttaat tcccagcatc tgcatgttgg cttattacat    142800
     ctgtccttgc agtttgtggg gatgtgacat cctcttctgg cctttgcagg cactatactc    142860
     aaatggtgct gagacataca tgcaggcaaa aatcctatac acacagcaga acatttaaaa    142920
     acatatctat ttatgtgagt acatacaagt gccacaggcc acatgtggag gtcagagtac    142980
     agctcttttt tttcttaata tataattcat ttttatttca tgtaaattgg tgttttgcct    143040
     gcttgtatgc ctgtatgagg atgtcagctc tcctggaaca ggagttatag acagttgtaa    143100
     gctgctgtat gggttctggg aactgaactc aggccattag gtaaagccag taagcacctt    143160
     tgcccactga gccatcttgc tggcccaact tccttctctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    143220
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct    143280
     tccttccttc ccccccccct ctctttcttt ttgtttttca agacagggtt tctctgtgta    143340
     gccctggttg tcctggaact cactttttag accaggctgg ccttgaaact cagaaatccg    143400
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcataca ccaccattgc ctggctcttt    143460
     ttcttcttat tattattatt atcaaagtgt ttgatttttt ttcaaaattt actctttaaa    143520
     gttattttat tattatattt tatatattac ttatacacac atatatacat atacatgtat    143580
     acatacatat acatagagac aggctctcac tatgtagccc tagctgccct ggaactcaat    143640
     atgtgcatca ggatggcctt gaactcacag aaatcaccta cttcaacctt ccaagtgctg    143700
     ggattaatgg tgtgtgcacc gaatgtcatc catctatcaa gctttcttat acaacccagg    143760
     atcccctgtg cagaggacgg tgccactcat ggtggtcttg ggcctcctac atcaattaac    143820
     accccccctc cccgcctccc aaacacatac agcctgggca atccctcagc tgagactcct    143880
     tttcaggtga ctctagactg tcttaagtgg atagccaaag tcacaaggat actcctgatg    143940
     gctgttaggt tggtctagtt tctgtctgag aaacactgag taggaaactc ctgttcggaa    144000
     ccagttttct ctcagcttgt aagttacagc tctcaaaaag caaagttttt gaagatgatt    144060
     tattatttat tttttgctcg tttttttttt taagatggag atagatgaca acagctggcc    144120
     acctcagatg tcaccgctgt tgccacatgg catcagtcag actattgtag caggctgcag    144180
     ctggtgatgg tggcagtcag gctggccact gggcacactg ctgttctcag gcccaaacaa    144240
     ttgagaggga agagaagcag gtcctgtctg ctcagctctc atgacgctct gattggcagt    144300
     ccttcctcct ccttgggatg gggcaggacc ctacaggatg aggcctctga cttaggacta    144360
     gaaatttttg ttaggagaag ttcttacacc aaaggtgggg gaagggcaat actattaggt    144420
     catggaaaaa aaggaggatt ctagtctcca ggaccctggt tggaaaagag gaattccagt    144480
     ttcgatggct tgccttgggg gaagatgtgg gtaggaccga aggctggaaa ggcacagaag    144540
     tgcttcttct cacgtcttag gctgtcactc attctgaagt gtccagctac tcaggcccca    144600
     tccttcaggg atgtgagctg tgaactcggt agttctcatc cagtctcttc ctctgcatcc    144660
     cacaaacact tgtgcacctg gaacaaggaa tcagggagac agctccaaga gataaatcct    144720
     tgactttggg gatctcaagt ttagtggagt gtgatcgagt ttcatgacct tggcaaggca    144780
     gtcctcagga aatccgtgga acctgggggc atttatagtg gagataagaa atgtagagag    144840
     ctggacattg gtggcgcatg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt    144900
     tctgagttcg aggccagctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccaga gctatacaga    144960
     gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaac caaaaccaaa aacaacaaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaagagaga    145020
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaggaaggaa ggaagaaagg aagagaggta gggaagaaca    145080
     atatgtactg tctgcctgag agagagccct cctggtctga ggtgtgcatc tgggtacata    145140
     tagaataagc agaagaaaga ctgtggtaag cagagaacac accccgcagg gttttgttgt    145200
     tgttgtttgc tttcttttta agacaggatt tctttgtgta acagctctgt ctgtcctaga    145260
     actctctttg tggactaggc tggcctcgaa ctcacctgca ggatttaaat ctcatactaa    145320
     taaagataga gagccaccaa caaagtttac ataaaagaaa gacccactta cacgttaatg    145380
     ttataaaatg gagtctttaa gcaagatgaa gaatcagagg aaggttctga ggtcaccatg    145440
     gagaccagtg aagagcattt tacaatgacc cagaaagagc ccatgacaag agcctgcatc    145500
     ctggggagaa tgggaaggag aaagtgcttc aaggcagaac ctacagcatt ggtggctgcc    145560
     cagatgtaat ggaggaagga aacgcataaa cacctctttc agggctagag gatgcagttc    145620
     aattggcaca tgcctgccta gcatgcagaa agtcttgagt tctatccctg gcaccaggta    145680
     aactaggtgt ggatgcatgc tataacccta acattgggga aataaagtca gaaagatcag    145740
     gaggtgttca aggtcctatt tagctacagg gattacacgg aacactttgt caaaacaaac    145800
     aaacaacgaa gtcctgtaat ttctcgtcta tatcatgcca tagttctttt ggcctttggc    145860
     agaactggcc atgggaccca cagcctgagc aggctaagca ggctctcttc actgagttct    145920
     ctcagacaga atttaattct gtcattgtgt catctttggc tccttttctt tgttcctctt    145980
     tctctgggag tctttatgct tcctgttgct tttgtctctt aactgatggt agccgagacg    146040
     ctggctaagc tgtattaaaa tgaaaattgg cagagagaga ggcagagaga gacagagaga    146100
     cggagacaga gaaagacaga gacagagaca gagagagaca gaaagagaga cagagagagg    146160
     attagatttg agtcagagca gaaggctggg acctggaggg gcagaggaaa ggagagggtg    146220
     cataagggga tgatggagac agacgaagga agggtaagcc ttggctaagc tgtgtcacgg    146280
     gagctggcag cacgctggcg gatatgcctt gccatgggcc aattttggtt tcaatctcag    146340
     ttttagaggt tgtgtgaaat tcagtttctc tcttggggag gccaacagct gtctgggact    146400
     ttccccgggg gggagggctg atgactagga gtcttgtgca tcgtctataa ccactctcag    146460
     gaagggccac agaaagctcc ggagcctgca aaccaggctg aactgacagt agtcaaagac    146520
     tactgtgagt ctctgttttt ttagcctcag attttaccca agtttaacct tcacccaaat    146580
     cacaattcaa acgtaacctc aaatctaagc acatacccct caaaggactc tcaaataaac    146640
     tccttcctgt gaaacagctt accctgtctc tggtgttatc cagctactga ccccaaacaa    146700
     agcatgatac tagatggaac ttctacctga gccagaaatt agagctggac attgtcctac    146760
     ctcaccgcac cctccaacag cttttaatac atgtttactg agtaccaacc aggaagtttg    146820
     ttcaaggcag gaagtatact gtggcacaaa gttgagccaa agaatcctaa gagtaaatcc    146880
     tttactctta gggatcatgt tccagccagg ccagatggaa aagacacatc aaagagcagg    146940
     gatgtgtctt agagatagag cacttgccta gcgtgagtga gacccaggga ccatccccag    147000
     catcgccata aaataaaatg aatctgtaaa acagtcctac agggataaca aggcagggtg    147060
     gcgtggggag tggaagagaa tactcttgga tacagcactc agtaatgtga ctctcagcaa    147120
     gggtagcact gaagaaaagg cccaggtgac agataggtag ggaggaggga ggaagccagg    147180
     gatgctgatg gacagcaaga aactgaactt gaccacatca gagacacttg aagaggtcag    147240
     atgcagtggg agaggaaggc agggccagac catgtgagaa gacacaaagt atctccattt    147300
     tattcaactg tgatcttttg gaagacacaa agtatcgaca ttttattcaa ctgtgatctt    147360
     tccggttcaa gtgggacctt ttggaaggtg tgagtgtgtg tgatagaaca gggtggagga    147420
     gggatggtgg tgattgggag gcaggtggat ctttgtgagt ctgaagccag cctggtctac    147480
     aaggtggctc cctggtctat gctgccttgc agaagaacaa gaggagaaac aggggtctgg    147540
     gtgatggagc tggatgggag ctaaggtagg gtccttaggt aggtgggcag gaaaagccaa    147600
     atgtgctgct ttgggtacat gagatctaaa tccactctca agagttgtta agtctggggc    147660
     tggagagatg gctcagcagg aaagagcact gactgctctt ccgaaggtcc agagttcaaa    147720
     tcccagcacc cacatggtgg ctcacaacca ttcgtaatga gatctgacgc cctcttctgg    147780
     tgtgtctaaa gacagctaca ctgtacttac atataatatt aaataaatct tggggccaga    147840
     gcaagcgggc ctgagtgagt ggggccaaag tgagcagaag tcctgagttc aattcccagc    147900
     aaccacatga tggctcacaa ccatctgtac agctacagtg tactcatata cataaaataa    147960
     ataaataaat cttattaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    148020
     gagagagagt tgttaagtct gaagccattc aggttcacag gcaagatggg gttagaggga    148080
     aacaaggagc tgccagcata atggtggcct gggatgtaaa agccctggac cacggggcct    148140
     gttagtgtcc cacgcctccc cacaataaat gccaggtgtt gatagaatgc atagtttgtc    148200
     atggattcca aaagcgagcc tgtttgttat ggattccaaa agcgagcctg tcaggatgtc    148260
     cttctccttg gtcccctctg tggttcacta cccagcaagg actcttctgt gaatctggtt    148320
     cacagtgtcc tcttgctgtg gaatatctac gcacatcccc tgtttcatct ttgaagatgt    148380
     tttctttaga caccagacaa cgcctgtgcc ctctctggag aaggtagctc ttcctttgac    148440
     accagcatta gggagaagtg acggaggagt gtggccatgc taccaacagg attctcttct    148500
     ttagaggctc ctgactctgc acgaaccgta ctcgtcctgt cttcacagtt gtatctccat    148560
     caacatctgt actgtatgcc taacaatttg gacatctggt tcagtttctc ttcatctttc    148620
     atcacctggc accatcttca aacccacaca gagtgcacat gtctgtcctc ggctctgggc    148680
     tcagctctcc agccttaagg tggccagctt cagcttctct ctgggaaagg ccacacttcc    148740
     cacctcagct tcccctggaa gcaaggctgc ctttcaagag cttcaaccct gggagctgga    148800
     gagactgctc actggttagg agcatgtact gcctctgcag aggacaggag gaattcagtt    148860
     tccaatactc atgtcaggtg ccgcacaact ccagccccaa gggctctgat cctttttttt    148920
     tggtctctgt ggggacaacc acacaacaca caactcacac acacacacac agattaatga    148980
     taaaatgatt cttttttttt tttaagactt tgatctctga attttcccta ggaataataa    149040
     cctgtttctt ctatcctctc ttctccactg agttaatcct tcactttgac tcagatctct    149100
     agcctctctt tcattaaaaa aaattacatt ttaaaaatta ttttgtgtat gcaggggtga    149160
     atacgtgccc cggttcatgt gtgcaggtta gagaacaact tacgggaatc agttcagttt    149220
     ctctttctac cttgtggggt tcaaaggtca gtttcacatc actggtgcca ggtgtggtgg    149280
     tgtacgccat taatcccaga cctggggagg cagagacagg tggatctcta tgagtttgag    149340
     agaaacctgg cctacatagg aagctcagac tagacataga caaggctaca gagtaagacc    149400
     tatctcaatg tttttttcta ttcaagatag ggtgtctccg tgttgccctg gctgttctaa    149460
     gattcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga acttagagat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca    149520
     tgtgctggga ttaagcacat gttccactgc attctggctg aaaaaaaatt ttttttccta    149580
     aattcaggca agcactttta ccttaatttt tctttccttt ttgtctttct tttttccttc    149640
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttcctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc    149700
     ctccctccct cccttccttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ggttttattt tactttttat    149760
     gtatatgagt gttctacctg taggtatgcc tacatgccag aagagagcat cagatcccat    149820
     tacagatagt tgtcaaccac catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga    149880
     gcatcagtgc tcttaacctc tgagccagct ctccagctcc ctccctcttc cttccttcct    149940
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tcctttaaat atttatttat tttacatata tgactacact    150000
     gtcactgtct tcagacacac cagaagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt    150060
     gaacttagaa tccttggaag aagagtcagc actcttaatg actgagccat ctttccaacc    150120
     ccctgaattc tttcttggtg tttatttttg gggatgtggg acttgagact gtccaatagc    150180
     ataggttggt cttggttttg atatatagct gaagttgact ttgaaccccc ggtgcttttg    150240
     ccttcacgtc taaaggctgg actgcaggca taatccacca caccgggcta cttctgattt    150300
     taaaaattct tgtgtgcgct ttcacacgtg tgtctggagg tcagtgggca gcctcgggag    150360
     gcttgtgtta ccttctccct tgtttgaggc aggttcaggt tttgtggctg cacagcccag    150420
     gctagcccac aagtgcctgg ggattctcct tccctcctca tgttctatct caaggtagga    150480
     ttgctgggct tgctgcccaa gtgcccatgc ttatgtggaa aatgcaccat ccccatccca    150540
     gccatctcag cccctcccca gctccctcat cccagcctca gccccagtcc catcccccag    150600
     cccagccatt tctcagccca gccagccccc agcaattctt gctggttttt gtttaccaca    150660
     aacaaacagg ctcaacaatt tcagttacac tctcagtttt gaaaaatgtt cccacccgat    150720
     gtttaaccaa gaagaccttg aagatctcgg tttgaggaaa tgaaaggcat ttcctgggtt    150780
     ttcctcctga gctgcagaat cggtcacgag gggctgctgg tgggccccca ggctgctcgc    150840
     ccgggtttca gtctccgagg gattctccaa tgttctccac aaccctcgac ctcccccacc    150900
     ctccactgag cttaaggccc ctgaagatgg cttccctccc tgcctccgtc tttgcccttc    150960
     tgttaactaa agcttcccct ttacagcttt cttggaaaaa ccttttcttt tcaaaattga    151020
     tccttcaatc tataatcctt ccccctccgc cccatccccg tccttagtgt cttttccatc    151080
     gtatgttgtt taacgcacgg acgtatttgg tgtcatttct tgaagataag ttttaaattc    151140
     cctccctgga atctgtctcc ctctcgcctt ccctctgtgc ggtgtttcac agtacaaggc    151200
     cccttgacta acaggaactg gtaagatttt ccccatcatc aagactcgtg ggtagagatg    151260
     atgcctgtct tgtctccacc atcctttgta cccaccgccc ctcactcagc tcaccgccca    151320
     ctcactcctc agtgtgaaaa gcaactctcc cttctaataa aacgaaattg tctctcttaa    151380
     aattcgtaat cgtctagttt gtgaacctac gaggtccttt caattctcgc ccagcagatc    151440
     tctttgaggc ctaagtcgta gctgccccat cacgatttga cttgaggctc cttctctggc    151500
     tgacctcacc cccaccccag gcctctgcat tctcctactt ctctggctgc tttacctctg    151560
     aggagaagga gatgcccaag cacttaggtt ccacacccga ttgcaggacg tttcccctga    151620
     ggatcatggc tgctctgagc cgagcactgt agtaccttgg gcaggctgct tccgagttct    151680
     ctgtagattc agcttggatt tttttttttt ttttgcctct ttcttagggt tctgacagtg    151740
     acctcatgtt tactcactgt gcagcagtgt cttttctgaa ttcatgaaac tctctgaaat    151800
     ggaacccctg tctttctcct cagccatgaa ccttcctgct ctaggccaca tccaaccctt    151860
     taggcagctg aaacgggtgc tgatccaaga acttccccag ttctaccaat aaccatgtgg    151920
     cacatcttca tgtccctttg tacgaagttt ataggatatt gtagttgtca tcttggtagg    151980
     tgtgtatatg cgggtgtgta tatgcaggtg tgtaaatgta tgtatgttca tctgtgcagg    152040
     cgtacacctg tccgtgtgca tgtgtgtgta gaagctagaa tccaatcttg gttctttctc    152100
     aggaaccatc cactattcct ccaactcccc acccatgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc    152160
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcga tctgtagacc aggctggcct caaactcaga gatccgcctg    152220
     cctttgcttc agagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgtgccacc actttctggc taaaaaagtt    152280
     taattacact tttatttgtg gtgtgcatga gtgccacagg gcactatgga ggtcagagga    152340
     cagtttgtag gaatcagttc ccttccccca ctatgtgggt agaactcagg ttttcaggct    152400
     tggtggccaa caacacagct tctccccgcc cagtccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    152460
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc    152520
     ttccttcctt ttatggggga atagggtctc tcactgggca ctgggacctg gggcttcttg    152580
     actatgttaa gttggctggc ctgtgaactc ccgtctcccc cacttcccca gtgccaggac    152640
     tacaaacatg cacccccggg ctgacttttt atgtgggtgt tgaggatcca actccaggct    152700
     tcgtgtttgc aaggccagta ttttatggac tgagctatgt ccccataccc gttcccctcc    152760
     ctgaatgaac aacacagttg ccaccgcagt tgtgggactt aagtaggaag tcctggaatg    152820
     ttagagtaca aggagcttaa tgttcctttc tctacctttg agttgcgtgg ctactcaggc    152880
     tacagtttta taaagcgggg tgggtggtgg tccacaccca cgttctggag agatgttgac    152940
     agtgtagggg ctgaaggaca ggacttctct tacccctcat aagatgtgta gctcagtcgg    153000
     gcagtggtgg catacacctt taatcccagc acttgggagg caaaggcagg tggatttctc    153060
     tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag    153120
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaaaa acaaaaaaac aaacaaaaaa acaccccccc caaaaaaaga    153180
     tgtgtagctc atactgttac gaagacaagt tagtgggctg gaaagatggc ttagtggtta    153240
     agagcactat gctctgtcag aggtcctgag ttcaaatctc agcaaccaca tgatggctca    153300
     caaccatctg taatgggatc tgatgtactc ttctgttgtg tctgaagaca acaacagtgt    153360
     gctcatataa ataaaaaata aatcttaaaa aagaaaaaaa gacaagttaa caaaacaaaa    153420
     gcatacggaa accatttttt tttttttttt tttgcaacag gagtctttgt gtcaaacccg    153480
     gctgggcgtc aggttttagg tttagatttg acgcccccgg aacagctgtg aagaaaagtg    153540
     actggacaga ggttgtcccc taatagatac agagtcaggg aactcagcta ggcccatcca    153600
     ttggcaagac ctttctcccg aggcctctgt ggagtttatg acctagcgcc agacaacagg    153660
     attgaaggaa ttcatctaag gactaagggc agtttttaca tggagagacg ggatggagac    153720
     ggtttattaa gttttctggt tggttttgcg aagagggctc ccagcttcta tgacccagat    153780
     aggcaagcat tgtagcctgt gagcggctct ggggcaggga gaagagccga ggtaaagcct    153840
     gggagaatgg caggagcagc tcctgggtct cttaagttag ttgcaagccc ttggccggcc    153900
     actgtgtcct gtctcggaac ccccagcaag atcacagtga ctgaaaaggc tgagctcatg    153960
     ttgtagagcc aggctgggcc ccacaggaca ctcccattct tgatcctcac aggtgcccca    154020
     ggtcgccatt acagtaaaac tcccaattct ccgatcccag ccttgcttgc acaggctctc    154080
     acacacctgt gcttctctgc ctggagatgc tcagttgtgt actagcacat tccagctcac    154140
     gctatgtttt gtgacttctc agcctcggcc caagctcttt ggtcagcctt agggattttc    154200
     actgtccctg gcctcctggg agcctcctgc ctggttccca tgggccctac tgtgaaggca    154260
     gcaattcatg ccttcagtca ctgggctata ggtatgttcc ccaaagcaga gtttgaatcc    154320
     cttggttccg tgatgctcag ctgacctgtg ccaaacagaa gcccagatcc ctttcctgat    154380
     ttaacctgaa tccaccccca cttcagtccc caggcagacg tctaatctct agtttatttc    154440
     ctaactcggt ttctcaaatt gagccccaaa tcaccccacc ctagagatcc aactcttggg    154500
     cccagcttga gggaagggac acatttccac agcaactgtt ccacagtcgg gtcgccattg    154560
     agtcaactct tggggatccc ggattttcct ccctaccccc accatggtgg acaggatgcc    154620
     tgctgcctgg caccaggggg tcagaggaag ccggggcctc tgggactcag tatttttatc    154680
     ggcctaggaa atgagagatg cagaagcgga aaccatgtgg tcagagaaag tgaacagcct    154740
     ttatctcagg ggaaccccca ccaggcctgg gggacacaca ccagagaagg ctagggaggg    154800
     aggctagggt ggggtaggca gggtatccta gcgtatctta cctcggtttc atgtaattca    154860
     tgtagaagag gaaactaagt gctccagaat gaaagatctg ggagcacggc cacccccttg    154920
     acccccgctc acgggtcccc cacctcaccc ctgctcacgg gtccctgact ccagtacggg    154980
     ctctttgcat gccgcttccg agatccccag cctgtgagag gaaccggatg cctgggttgc    155040
     ttacagttcc aggtctcttc tccgaatctg aatctcggca gcttcctctc acagagctgc    155100
     ccccttcccc tgctcagcat ctgcctagtc ttggggtcag ggggcttggg cctcttccta    155160
     gcctccagat gatccctgag ggtctctggt accacacctc atcctgtgca attcggggac    155220
     ctctagggta ggcctgagct gtagcctgac cattaccttt tggaccacac acagcgcaca    155280
     cccgcgcaat tctttcctgt cttgcctcaa ttattgaaaa aacaaactga ggaccgggtt    155340
     gtgtctcagg tgttggcagg gggatttgcg tagtttctcc atttctagag agcacctgaa    155400
     tttgaaaagt ggtgtggatg ctcttctcca tcttccacgc ctcagagctt ctctctccca    155460
     tccctaagac ctcgactaca ggttcttggg aaaatagatg tttatgtatt aggccaagcc    155520
     tggattgccc agagctgaag tccagatttt gggtgtggta ggcaaacagc aggtatcagg    155580
     actggagacc cagagaagat gagacaaggc ttagaagccc gcataggctc gggtgtggat    155640
     ctctagttgc ccaagaacag acaacccagg ttacataatc tggccctttc cagcctcctt    155700
     cctgcttcta attttagaaa ttgaaattcc ctcccccaca gggctcttcc tccatcccct    155760
     ctggttctat cctctatcct cccaggtcct cgtggtcccc tagccctgct gcccccaacc    155820
     cagctcattc agtgactcag cagagggaaa gccctgagct gagcaggggt gaggatgtgg    155880
     ttggagatgg agggaggggt tgttcctttt tctgtctctt gttcacattt ttcttcaact    155940
     gcaaccttgt caggaccccg gcgggggtgg ggtggggagc tgagagggtc tggaggatga    156000
     accaggcctt ctgaaggagg gcgggcaggg gcttctggtc tccattgaga gcgcactgtg    156060
     actgtaccgc aggtgtgtgg gagctgtggg tttcaacaat tgggcgggaa aggagatgtc    156120
     gtgggtgatg aaaaccatag caatggaaaa aacagaggag actctggagt gaggtgtgga    156180
     accaagtctt attaggaaat ggcagtccag agcagtggtt agagcctccc ccaccccacc    156240
     cccacaacca ttacgttagc cgtcccatat cctctcctct ctgtgccgca gctgcccctt    156300
     cttgtccatc cccatccacg accttgcttc cttccgtcta ttcttgaggc tacatcccca    156360
     caggttcttg cttattccct agggtcactt gagggcttct gcgtggcggt tcagggcctg    156420
     agaaagggct gtcacagctc ccatcactcg gcccagctcc caggtctcaa tctggcttcg    156480
     gaatcgctgc aggaagcggt caggatgcca ccggacctgt tggactctca agtacctctt    156540
     cagagccccc tgttcctcca gaggggggcc cctggccacc aaggctgcag ccatggcctc    156600
     tgggtcccct ccaccagggc agggccaggg cacatcgcca aagcgccaga ggctgcccct    156660
     ctctgcccct cgtgggtgtt ctgccctggg cccagccctg ggaggctctg gccctttgtc    156720
     ccgttgagcc tcttgagccc tcctggctcg gctctcacac agttccttct ccttggcccg    156780
     ggctcgctct cggaaaagcc gctgttcctc ctcgtgctgt cgccagctgt gactggagcc    156840
     ctcagccctt ggaggtcggc aggatccctc tgcctccagc tgctgccgct gcttctgggc    156900
     atgctcccga gccaggcgct ctgaccaggc tgagaaggac tcgggctcct gcgtgtcccg    156960
     ggaggcatca tctgttcagg aggtaggatg aggttgtcgg agagaggcta tgattagcgg    157020
     acttacaaga caaagagtaa aatcaagagg ccacatgcat tgggcctgga gtagaggaca    157080
     cagggcaggg gcaggaggga gggcggctgg gggtggcaat gggctcctca ccttcaaacc    157140
     tcccgatgac ctcctgccac tcatcctcca gctcgccttg tagcttctgc cgccattccc    157200
     gctccttgga aacttcctca tcttcttcct cttcggcaga atcccagggg ggtccccagc    157260
     ccagaatctg cccaggagtc tccccatcct tattttttat ccccatggca gatgggcaac    157320
     gactcagcag cggcaggaag aagtccgtgt aagctagggg cagagacagt gagcagtcag    157380
     ctggggctcc gcgaggctgc catcttggat tttcttaact cgacagccac taacaatcac    157440
     ataaggcacg agtgtggagt tttgaacgct ctgacttgct ccccacagac aatctcagtt    157500
     tgctctaagt gttacaaccg cgttttcttg cccttggcac ctaggacgac ttcaaattcc    157560
     tttgactatt ttaaaaaaag attttattta ttttatgtat gtgagtacac tgtcgctgtc    157620
     ttcatgcaca ccagaagagg gcatcagatc ctgttactga tggttgtgag caaccatgtg    157680
     gttggtgaga attgaactca gaacctcagg aagggcaatc tgtgctctta accactgagc    157740
     catctcttca gccctctttt gattattttt attttgaagc tattatcact atatacatat    157800
     tacaaactat tgttctcatc taaaattaca tattaagatt atcacattag gcatggtggc    157860
     actttaattc cagtgctcag gaggtagaga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag    157920
     ttgcaggtca gccagggcta caggattaat cctgtctcaa aaagtccaaa tacggtaaat    157980
     taataataat aaagaatatc aaaacactgt gttctgcacc actacacaca aacatagtag    158040
     tacatttact gtttctaccc aataaatctg agtaaaataa aagttttcag gagaatgttc    158100
     cagccttccc caggggaggg aagggtggca gtgacgtaca ggtgctgcca gcgcagagtg    158160
     agtccctcct aaatgatggt ggccaagggc agggaaggac cgagcacctt gggtgcctgc    158220
     tcctgagcct gagcaccagg taaactgagg ggagccagat gccatcgctt caccctaccg    158280
     agggaagccc agcagctggg accaccacct gcctccatca ggagccagaa ggaggcgagc    158340
     agctggggca gcattcgggc cggggcccta cttcctctcc tagagtagaa ggaaatggga    158400
     cacaggcctt gctggttcca ggaagttagc tcacttacca ggaggctggc acagaggcag    158460
     ggctgacctg taactgccag caggatggaa gggcctacac agcaggccaa ggtgccaatc    158520
     cactctgaaa ccacatcagg gagcagggca aggcaggctt cctgctgtga tctgccacaa    158580
     accctcccga gctgtcccac ttagcagacc tgcttctggc ttccgtcctt caacttcttc    158640
     ccactagggc tcactgcagg gtgtgactgt gtatggagcg tgtgagagca cagtgtgtgt    158700
     ttatgtgagt gtgagcatgc acagtgttta tgtgtgtatg tgagtgtgca gtgtttatgt    158760
     gtgtataagc atgcagtatg tttatgttaa caagtgtatg tgtttatgtg agtgcagagt    158820
     gtttgtgtgt gcagtgtgtg acagtgcata gtgtgtttat acgagtgcag tgtttatgtg    158880
     tgtgcacagt gtatgtttat gtgagtgtga tagtgcagag tttgtgtgtg agagtgcata    158940
     atgtatgttt atgcaagtgc aatagtgcag tgtgtgttta tgagtgtgtc aatacatagt    159000
     gtgtatttat gggagtgtga ggcagtgagt ttatgtgtga gaatgcagtg tatttatgtg    159060
     agagtacaga gtgtgtttga gtgtgtgagt gcatagtgtg tgcttatgtg tgtgtttata    159120
     tgttctgagt aggcccaggc tcatatggaa gatttaactc tgtcttttta ttttgtgtgt    159180
     gtatgtgtgt ataccaacat atccagctta acatcataac tgcgaacagt ctgctgcaac    159240
     ctcgagtcct accttgctcc atacaattgt gcacacggca agttattgga gctgtggcca    159300
     cactatgccc atttactcag aggtatttgc ctatcttggc aactggcttc attttgtttt    159360
     tgttttcttt tgaaataccc gatttatttt attggctatg gtatgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt    159420
     gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgttgtgag agggtctcac agcccagggt gtcctagagc    159480
     tcattttgta actgcagact aggtctcaac ctcgtgactc tcctaccttg ttatgggtca    159540
     ccacatccaa ctgaaactaa cagaatcctt ggggcataca catcccacac aggctgacag    159600
     cagcagctag ctgttcatct tggtgttttt atgagacagg tttcactgtg gagtcaggct    159660
     ggggtgaact aacagctctc cctcctcatg gctttttatc ttttattttc ccccaggaac    159720
     ctgccgtttg tttcactctt tgatgactgt aatgagtgtt ccactgtgag ctgagacaca    159780
     gacctctctt caccttgtct gtcagactgt gtctccaaag cctttagcct taaacttgca    159840
     cgagtgtgga catggacaca tatctgccga gggtgggtgt tctaagtcag aacatgtgca    159900
     agcctgctgg gctttactgt gcatgcatgc atgacaaccc ttcatggaga gatggctcag    159960
     tggttaagag cactgactgc tcttccagag atcttgagtt caaatcccag caaccacctg    160020
     gtggctcaca accatctgta atgagatctg acgccctctt ctggggtgtc tgaaaacagc    160080
     tatagtgtac ttgaatataa caataaataa atctttgggc cagagtgaac agaggtcctg    160140
     agttcaattc ccagcaatca catgatggct tacaaccatc tgtacagcta ctgtgtactc    160200
     atatacataa aataaatgat acataaataa atatatcttt aaaaaatggt tttattaggg    160260
     cggacatagt ggcacaggcc tttaattcca gtaattggta ggaagaggca gagaggcaga    160320
     ggcaggcgga tctctctaag tttcaggaca gtctgatcta cagagagttc cagtcccatc    160380
     tccctgtccc agccagactt ttctgaacag agagatgtgt gggtaataga gccgctttgg    160440
     gagtttcatt tcctcgcctg gcctctgcca gcacctacct tcctaaagct ggaatgaagt    160500
     tatgaaataa attttaaagt accccccccc caaagatgta tttatttact ttatgtatga    160560
     gggcacactg tcactctctt cagacacacc agaagagggc atcagatctc attacagatg    160620
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctggaaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcaa    160680
     gtgctcataa ctgttgagcc ctctctcctg ccctaaggat taaatacttt ttaaaaagta    160740
     ttttcatata tgtacaaata tgaaaaaatt tccaaaggaa ataaatgaag acatgaacag    160800
     gttactcaca aaataataca accatctgta atgagatctg acgccctctt ctggggtgtc    160860
     tgaaaacagc tatagtgtac ttgaatataa caagtaccag aaaaatataa ctagtagcca    160920
     gaaaaataca agggtctcta catacccgtc tgtcctggta ctctctcacg gggagcaggt    160980
     acaggctgtt gcgaactgcc caacctgggt gctgggaact gaacctgggt cctctgcagg    161040
     agcattgtgg tctcttgacc cctgagctgc ctctccagcc cctaaatcaa tgcgtttaat    161100
     gttcactaac atcttctctt cctgcccacc ttcctgcgag gtttgtgcca tcatgtttgc    161160
     cggagcaccc tttcacacag ggaagcgaat atgcaaagtt ctgtggaaga aatactcttt    161220
     ccttgatgac aaaagtgtaa gtctctcctc acctttaaca gcacagcact tccactcaga    161280
     gggaggaggg accacacgga aaaagggaca ggtttggggg ctggaacctc agcaccatag    161340
     acaaccatat aagaaactct gctcatctcc ctcctcccag ccagactttc tgaataaaga    161400
     gacccgtggg tagcccaaat ttcactctct caggggcagt gaaccccctt ttctggccag    161460
     ctatttgtgt gtctctcttt gaggtcagtc tggcctgacc aactggattt caccccacgg    161520
     accaggaggt ctctgttctc agaggatgcc ctggttctgg gcacctcagt caagtcagta    161580
     ctggaaagta ctggaaagag gcctgctgcc ctccgaggcc ttctggatga gcgcgcatct    161640
     ctggtatgat gggtttcatg acctctgact cacattcttt aaactctatg ttcaacctct    161700
     caaaagacac agccaacaaa accttatttt cctttgtaat gaaatctggc cagactaggc    161760
     tggccacagc acaacacacc atttcactcc tgtcctacac ttggatctct ttggcgttat    161820
     tttaaggaaa aaaaaaatcc ctcctttatg gcctcagcac gggacaagaa caggtgcctc    161880
     tcataccggc ctcccttgaa ctcagcctta ggcgacagac ttgatggcca cgccaggtcc    161940
     cactcaacca ccagcttctc caagaccagc acctatccct ccacctggcg actgcacccc    162000
     accttcccct ctgactcttc cctccaactg cactccctct catccacaca cattcaaaga    162060
     cttcaggtag gacatccaga gaacaactat cacaccccga catctgtgcc ctggacaagg    162120
     cagctgacac aggcggaaac actatctggg tctatgtctc ctcccgctga tggacctgcc    162180
     ccaaacacaa ctgctctaga tggaatctgc catcactgga cccaacagaa tctccagccc    162240
     ccactgaaca gccttcaccc caccccttct gctccatccc gctctctttt tctcctctcc    162300
     ccctggtcct ccaaggaaac ccaacaactt cctatttctt tcgggggggg gggggggagg    162360
     tgaggggatg aggggcagga acaacttgca tctagaatct aaaacttgca actacaaggt    162420
     taacacacaa cattgttgca acaccgtggg ccatgtctcc agtctggggc ttaaactgag    162480
     acaattaccg cccaaggtca attgttatcc ttgtcagctt ctacaggaat ggaatactct    162540
     gtaattctct atctcaacat ttttttaagc ataaaaagaa ctttttaaaa aaatccaagc    162600
     agttataaag actctggaca gacaagcgcc ccctagtcag ctatcatgtc tgcagtgatg    162660
     ccaggagacc ttttgtcccg gatgcagctg aacagacaag gctctggtca ggaagtaaag    162720
     agtaaaaaga gacagtgtat aggagacgca gaggcatgga gtgtggagag gcgctcttgg    162780
     tgaggaaggt ggaaaggaaa agggtatttt tagttaagaa gaaggtctgc atgtgtaaat    162840
     taagattctc ctaaggtgaa atgactggac ttttccaaaa cggaaaagct aagacgagag    162900
     taaaactgac acgtgtgagc gtcagccaca aggtctgcag cttggaggtg agggtgagct    162960
     ggttggggca ccgaaacccg gtgaaacccg gtgcagtgca gcacgcgcac ccacgctgaa    163020
     ggccaacctc tgcctcacac tagcgtctgg gagatgctgc ctgaagcgtt gaccaaaagc    163080
     tccttcaagt gacagagatt ttgtcttggc catgaagatt gttttctgcc aagtttgtca    163140
     ggcttttggt tactttgaaa ctgagtttta acaaaactag gattttgctc atttgttttc    163200
     aagtcatgtg tgggagcaca aatctttaat cccagcattg gagaggcaga ggtgagagga    163260
     tctgtttatt ccaggatagt ctggactgca taatgagttc cagaacagcc gagactatgt    163320
     agagaccttg tctcagaaga cagcaacaaa aataagagat gatgatgatg aaggagaaga    163380
     agatgatgat gataaacatt agcataaaac aaaatcagcc acctcctccc gggaagtccc    163440
     atcttcctct tctcagggaa gccagtgctc ccagagcccc cagggccacc attcagatgt    163500
     ctggctgcag ccatatcacg tattaagtac caacaactgt tgccttcaag aaatgactaa    163560
     atgggtttgt ttacctctcc aagacaaact ttttcggagc atgcttaagg agagatgcaa    163620
     ggcagctgcc ttcgaacacc agttaatgtc tgaccttttt cttcagaaga gatcccagat    163680
     gctggcatga ggcagtgaaa tcctgggccc aggacgctcc tggttttgga gaggtccaag    163740
     aggagtggtc tctataaggc tcaccctcac cctcaccctg gcccaggaca aaccttccca    163800
     aagctgccat aaaaatgtcc ccaagacgct gtctcagcat agctgggctg ccatactcat    163860
     ccttgggctc agcccgctca gcctgcaccg cctgctctgt gccctgcctt tgatacacat    163920
     cccttgattc cttcctcctg ggtctcaggg cccctccctt ctagagtctg cagcgtagaa    163980
     ccacgacagg gagaactaag aagcagatgt taacgcacac gcaccctgct caccaagtct    164040
     aggagatcct gggtggtaaa aacaaacaac atcccagggt tccactgtct cgggatacga    164100
     gccctggatc tgactccctg ctcccttcag tctgtcaggg acccggtcct cattcccagt    164160
     gtcactcaga acaagcaagg ccttcaggat ccagtgccac ctccttgctg ctgtgccctc    164220
     catcttctag aaagggggtg gggacaaatc taacaaggaa gggacctcac caggctgcac    164280
     tccaaactcg gcccttccaa gcccttcatg gttgtgctgt ccctgtgcgc tatgccactg    164340
     ggtgccaggg tgagtacggc tccgagtctg actgggagca cttcacattc acacaacctg    164400
     ggaactggat ttaccataaa aatccttcct cctgccttta atcccagcac tcaggaggca    164460
     gaggcaggca gatctttgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag    164520
     ctatggctac acagagagac cctgtctcaa aaaccaaccg aacagccaaa taaacaaaca    164580
     acctgaaacc aaccctctct caggacaaaa gccttcagag ttaagtggac gggcaggcct    164640
     gtcagctcct ttcttctcag actgcagcca tgctgtaagg cttctgttct gtgtctggag    164700
     gtagggttgt tctagtcaaa gcctaggcag cctactcctg cacactgctt ggagagccct    164760
     ctcttctttt ggggagcacc aggtgaaagc catccttaaa cacatccaga tcctagtgag    164820
     cagctgaggt aatttctctt cctttctgag ctctaatgat aggatttttg aaactcattt    164880
     tttaaaaaaa atgtgttttt agattttatg tgtctgagca ttttcctaac gtttatgtat    164940
     acacactacg tgggtacctg atgcttacag aggtcaggag aggggccaga tcccttgggt    165000
     gctgggaact gaacctgggt cttctgccag agcgacggtg ctgcactggg aagcccgctg    165060
     tccaattcaa gctctgtctt cctaccccct ccaggcaccg aggggctcat ttcaagggat    165120
     tctttctggc tttccctaag gagacctctt aaactatctg ggtagtccca cctttacccc    165180
     aacatttcag gctccctaga cagagagagg gttcttttcc atcccaatgg ctggtgcggc    165240
     acgcacacga acacacacac acacacacac acacacagac acaccctaat gccctccatt    165300
     tccccacagg cccagtgtga tgctggcctt ggacgagggg acactcacca ttattttgct    165360
     tgtattctat tgtcttaagg ttgggtctga gactctcaga gcctcccgag aaggccacat    165420
     ggctatgaca cacaaggtga cacacggtcc tgtccaggga cagctcttcc atgttcacag    165480
     ctttcctgtt ctaacttaca aatatttgca agtctcagaa ctgcatgatc gtagtctgtg    165540
     ctgcctccct ggtgttcaga tgtttctcat ctctttattc cagcgagaaa caaagcagct    165600
     gttgctttgt ctaactcggg ggtttcacca gcctccgtgg ggcagctcct agcagctctt    165660
     ttaggcgtct ggactccctc agctctcagg aacctctgtt ttaagtctgc tgtgtgtctt    165720
     tggcccttgc ttactcaacc ttatggtaaa tcaatgtctc cctgatttca ggtctctcag    165780
     ttccagatgg tgctgcctca ggaacagcag ccactacgta aacactgatg ctgcctccca    165840
     ccgcccagga gcccctgctc tggtgtcaca gcctgacctc tggtcccctt caacagtaac    165900
     tccacctcct ctttccaaca aagttgatgt cctgtggtct catgactctg acatatcagc    165960
     actgtgggca agggccgcac tcagccctga tgcaactcca gatgatggcc tccatcttct    166020
     gtgagcctca tgcgtagggg tgtgcgggtg atgttctgtg atggctggtt gcccagggct    166080
     gggatcaagc aagactgcta ctgtctttga gcaagaccag aaagagttaa ttttgggtct    166140
     ggaagaacac aatattggta aagcgcttgc cacggaaatt tgaggactca ggttcgcatc    166200
     cccagcaatc acacctgaaa tcccacatac cagcccacat ctgcaatccc agccacagca    166260
     gcccacatct gcaatcccag ccacagcagc acacatctgt aatcccagcc acagcagccc    166320
     acatctgcaa tcccaatact cccactgcaa gataagcggt ggagttggga gtccatagag    166380
     actcatgggc cagctagcct ggaggacatg gttggaaaac aaacaagatg ggctggagag    166440
     atggctcagc gggtaagagc actgactgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc    166500
     aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgagatctga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct    166560
     aaagacagca acagtgtact tacataaata aaataaataa atcttaaaaa acattctgtc    166620
     tcaagcacaa tgagagttga ggaccaacaa ctgtatcctc tgacctctac acacagatag    166680
     aaaaacaaaa ctaaatttta agattagaag aacaaagctc aatgagccag gctgcagtcg    166740
     atctcacaac agcactacag agaattctct ctaacaagca ggctcagccc atcagggtct    166800
     gacccctggt aactcatgac aactttggac tctaagaaat aacttacact gtgacaagta    166860
     tcccacagta gaggaatatc cagctgagca tctgacatga gcccacacaa gtgtccctcc    166920
     ctcgagacct aaacgaccag ggtaccatgg tgtgaaaaca cttcctgatg ccaagtgcag    166980
     acagctcctc tctactgtct gccttctatt tatttctggc accccaaacc ccggcagggt    167040
     ttcttgtagc tcaggatggc cttgtagcca aggctggcct tgaacttgta atcctcgtca    167100
     ctgcctcctg ggtgctggga ttgcaggcct atgccaccat gtctggctct ggtaaactct    167160
     ttcacaaccc acttcctgac ggggtaaggc ttgtgaaacc tgtgctaggg tcactgaaga    167220
     caactgcggc cgaggtgaca ggtctgtggg tgtgcagaat gcgaggctgg aaggataggt    167280
     ggaacatcaa ctgtgcccag tcattctgaa acaaggccgt ctctggctcc actgcgcaga    167340
     tcagggaggc agtggatgct gtctatgccg tgctgacgga tcagcacaca gtgagtgtca    167400
     cataaccaca aaacaagcct ggaggtgcag gcctgcgtct tggtcaggaa tatcagtcaa    167460
     gagctgccag ggctacatgg tggtgtctcc actaaagaga gaaaaacgaa ggctggggat    167520
     gaggcttggt gcgggctcac acctgcaacc ctggacttag gctcagggac cggatcagtc    167580
     tctgagtttg tggataacct gatctacata ctgagttcca gaagagacaa gcctacagaa    167640
     agaatctatg taaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaca aaacaaacaa cctgcccccc    167700
     cccaaaaaac aaaaaaccaa gcaaaccagc aagccaaacc ctaaagaaga ccaaagcaaa    167760
     ccttaaaccc cagaccctaa catcagaatg atagcttgtt tttccctccc cccaaaaacg    167820
     gagagaacta tattgcctgc cagtgtccac tcatgcttgc tctttgcaga gtggccactg    167880
     tttgacgcat gctttactga tgggtccctc tgacagctga aactgatctt ccatgacatt    167940
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaaa gcctaaaatg tgagcctctt    168000
     ctggccccct actgtgtgtg gtaccccccg ctccccagtc atttcagtgt cctagggcag    168060
     ccctctgacc taacaggaga gtggagggga gactcctgca ggttcaatcg ctcaatctgc    168120
     tcaatggatc aatctcattc aactatcttc aaagcagcgg gcagccgctg aatgagatga    168180
     agttgggatt agagcgccac ctcgtggcag aactggcagg tgccgggaaa acggtctgaa    168240
     agaccagggg ttgggagaag tgtggaggga tggtttcctc tttggaccat tgcaacctct    168300
     caactgtgac atgcagacaa gttcccgaaa ctccccaggg aggcctcact ttcgccacgg    168360
     tgtgttaaat gtttcacatg tttctcagaa ttctatacga cagtggcggt gcctattcca    168420
     ccattaggag atcctcagcc aagttaactg aaccgcggaa cttatcatta cgtagcaaag    168480
     ctgcagccag tccgtggctc atgtgttatt acaacctccg tttcggaggc gaacaagctc    168540
     ccgaggtaag ggtgcaggcc tcaggatccg taagcggcaa ccctaggcac cacactgcta    168600
     ccacccagga gctgcctctt aaactgtagc cggctgctga actctatcta ggtacacatc    168660
     tcctgaaagc atacctaaga atactttaag tgctataaca accttgggtg aactgaacgg    168720
     ctataagctc ttagagtaaa ctggtctctg gtccagccat aaattcctgt acagtgtgac    168780
     tctgagctga aggttaactg cctgaccatc taaccgctac ctctctgctt ctgtaagcaa    168840
     agcttgcttg ctgcagctgt ccagagctgc ctttctgtat acgccacaat tgcatttttt    168900
     ttgctcttaa aacctcaaac tggaagtgag gctgcttccg gcttgctact ctgcttggaa    168960
     cagccctact ggtggtatat aaagattcca caggacgtat tcaggagtct ggggacttct    169020
     tctcttcagg tatcccataa taaactcagc caggcagctg cagccttcct ctctttaagc    169080
     ttaaagaaaa tcaactacgc aggcccatct tatttgtgtt agaggatttt gggtttggtt    169140
     ttggttttga tcaaggagag gccaagctgg agatgagtga gtgagcaggg ttgttgatct    169200
     gtgggcagaa ggccgtccgt ctcttaacag acgggcctct cctccagttc tagtctggaa    169260
     gctgctctcc agggaattgc ttctgctgtc actgcaaagg caacacctac gctgtttcca    169320
     gaactgtggg atttggcaaa actgatctag aagtatgcca tctggggcta ggtcaagagg    169380
     ctgggggagc aggggcagga gagtgcaggg ttctggtagg aaacccctga gtgttaacct    169440
     cagcgggata aaactagtca caccatagcc gccatgtagg ttaggtgaga tctgcttgat    169500
     ggcttttttt tccttcactt tttgagactc ttaggccctg cccagactgg ccttgaggtg    169560
     ttcccgaggg ctgggattac aggagtgtgt tgtgaacttc ctgtctttct aggcggggag    169620
     gctgtttctg ggctggctat ctgccagtaa gtaacacaaa tgaactagaa agaggctgtc    169680
     tgcactgtgg agccactacc gatgctgact ggagatgttt tgttgacgtc tctctaccgt    169740
     ggctccggct agcttggatg tagagcagac tggccttgag tttgcagagc ccggactgcc    169800
     tccgcctcca gaccgcacca ccagcttaag taggattttt gttacagaat tttggtgaga    169860
     atgaagaaaa ctggtctggc gcctggtatg tgtcaaggga catgagtcca tccctaacac    169920
     acagcagcag atctccggca taacaccaag taaaagtttc aagtcctctg gccggcccag    169980
     ctgatcatgt gacaaagcat ggatactttg taaggtgttt gtggcattat tacaaggttg    170040
     ccattgtttt gattatgcaa ggagagaagc aaaattaagg gggtgggggt ggggtgagtg    170100
     gagctgggat ctgacctgag cagtcaactg caaggtaaaa aaccatcaaa gaaacaaagt    170160
     agtcactgag ctgaaagcta ggaaatgtaa agaaagagtt gcgagctatg cggctgggtg    170220
     tgggagacac atgcctacaa cctcagcact tgggatgcag aggccagcct gagagactcg    170280
     gtaagaccct gactcaaaaa caaaaacaat cgggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga    170340
     gcactgactg cccttctgaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac    170400
     aaccatctgt cgtgagatct gacgcccact tctggcacgt ctgaagtcag ctacagtgta    170460
     cttatttata ataataaata tgggcaggag agagtgcggt tgccctaaaa ttcaattccg    170520
     aacaaccaga tgaagactca caactatccg tactgctaca gtgtgtactc atatacataa    170580
     aataaataaa tcttcaaaca aacaaacaat cacaccatgc tagcacacac cccttagttg    170640
     attgggcgat gttaggataa gcttttctgt tactagagag atatggccac atcccaacca    170700
     gggatcttca acagttccca aggaccaaag aactaactta tttcccaact attttgttgt    170760
     atgatacagg gtctctctgt agtcttggag ctcactgtgt aggctacata cttagagaga    170820
     ttctcctgcc tctgcttgcc cagagtcaaa agacctgcgc caccacacca ggcctttatt    170880
     tcccacgcat tctttcagtt cagatctggc cagcttctca agaccagttc ccacggaccc    170940
     actcaccatc agggccctgg cgggcagcag cgtgcagcgc cgtgtcgcca tggcggtcct    171000
     ggtgggcagg gtcagcgccg agacgcagca gcaggcacag ggcaggggca tcgtggcggg    171060
     cgcaggccct gtggagaggc gggggctgcc cagcgtccac atcaagcccg ggatgtcgct    171120
     ggaggagagc ctgggctcgc accagccgtc ctgcagacaa gtaccgccgg aagcgtcgct    171180
     ctcggcggtg ccggcgggaa gcggaggcca tggaacaact ctggggctga ggaagaagtg    171240
     ggaaatggca gcggtgaggt cccagctccg ctcttccccg tttctccctt tacctcctat    171300
     ttcctccccc ttgcatctcc agcaagagat aaggcctatt ctaaactctc atcccttagc    171360
     agatggcaag tttggggcgg agggtgggga tggggttgga gttgggggct ggtggggagg    171420
     ggggaatcac agagttaatt tttgatgtaa tttttgagaa aatgatacat agttgtttta    171480
     aggttccaga gcccaagaaa aaagttaatt ctgaactttg gagggaaaca acaacaacaa    171540
     caacaaaaat caagtaaggc cagatggggg caattttcat tagccacaaa tctggagaaa    171600
     agtcacaaat tcaaagagcg atctagaaat ggaatataat gtacccgaca gacagacgta    171660
     gaggcttctt cctctggggc ctggggggag gggttactca tcagacctgc tccccgcccc    171720
     cccaaggacc ctcagagacg gaggccggag gcctgggctt aagacgctcg gagaagggag    171780
     gtggggaggg aggaggcgcg ccaggatgca ggaaatggcg caagcacacg cgcaagtttc    171840
     gggcggaaat gaactgtgtg ttccatcccg gaaatcgtac cgaacgctcg gactgggtga    171900
     cttgtgatta ggtctccgga ggggaaataa gacaatttgc gacatagggt cctcctgcaa    171960
     gcggaagatg agaggcgagc tttcgaaggg aggcagaggc agaggcaggc ctggtctata    172020
     gggcgagctg cagcgacagc caggactaca gagagaatcc ctgtctcgaa acacacacac    172080
     acaatctcac acacacacac ataatcacac acacaccaca caaccacaat gaggccaagt    172140
     atatgggtag atcaaaaaag aaaaacacat ggttagacac taacaaggca aacgtaggac    172200
     agagcaggga gatgtgtgca gacgttcaga tttgggggga aagtctgaag agaagatgga    172260
     ggctgaaaag agggggtaag ggcggaggga ggcgtggaga cacagttggg agtgtaagtg    172320
     aaacccagcg tactgtgtcc aagcgcatcc ttaccttccc acaccattct catcgccttt    172380
     gtgtctcctt cgagaccacc aaccaagatc tcctcacacc caaacactct gccctccgct    172440
     tcccccagac ccatctctgt ggaccctggt gacacggaga ggccctgcac ctgctgcagt    172500
     agtcagcaca gggctggtct ctgctgccct cgggcggccg tttcgggtac tacctcagtg    172560
     aggttcgaga ggaggaccag tcatcagtgt gaggatgaca gacacccacc cggtgcagga    172620
     gactgagtga aaacgggagc gctaagaccc agtgggagtg gaggaccgca tcaagggccc    172680
     ggaggagtag gcgctggagg gtgggagccg tctggtacct cggtcgcctt cggaacagca    172740
     tcctctctag tgataaaaat ggccagtcag acccagggta tccagcagct cctccaggct    172800
     gagaagcggg cagcggagaa ggtggccgat gccaggaaga gtgagccccc ctttcctctc    172860
     ttaggaatat ggaaggagaa tttaggaata ggggatagcg ggcatttgag tccttaggaa    172920
     aaaaaagccc aaggacaatg aggacagatg ggggactgag gctattaggg tagaagaaac    172980
     gggtgggttt tacagtctag catttggttg gttgacagga aactggataa ctttctagag    173040
     ggcactgatc ccactaacgc acctggttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtacac tcactgtcct    173100
     tctgcctcta gggaaggccc ggcgactgaa gcaggcgaag gaggaggctc aaatggaggt    173160
     ggagcaatac cgcagggagc gggaacagga gtttcagagc aagcagcagg cggtgagttg    173220
     agggggacag ggatggcccc acccaggtgc aaatcggtgg gtgcctcttg ccaggtgtat    173280
     acaggtgact aagaaattag ggtgtctgag agctgaagag gccctgacaa ggaccacaca    173340
     ttggtaaagc tttgacggga tctgtaaggt ctgagggttt taaagggtac atgagacttg    173400
     tggggcagcc ttcacagtct gtatggtggg gacagtttta tggtcagtct cagaagtaag    173460
     gattgtgccc acctgcttgg tatctacatg tttttgtggg gtgggaatag tttcgaaaag    173520
     gcttcccagg ccttcctctg aacctttcct cctacatgct gggaccctcc tttctctgtg    173580
     tctgcttttt tctttctctc ctccgccccc atcccccagg ccatgggctc tcaggggaac    173640
     ctgtctgctg aagtggagca ggccacaaga cggcaggttc agggcatgca gagttcccag    173700
     cagaggaatc gggagcgcgt cctggctcag cttctcggca tggtctgtga agtcaggccc    173760
     caggtccacc ccaactatcg ggttactgtc tagaaccatc gctcagggac acatccctag    173820
     agtgactcct tctgtcagct ccgtccacag agaaatatcc caactcaaaa ccacttgtgt    173880
     cgcatgcgca gagccttggg ttcaatccat aatatcatcc cccccaccca ccaaatcgct    173940
     tcacataata acctgttgct ggaggggagg cttctatgtg acaggatcca atattccccc    174000
     ctgagactta caagtagcct gttcaaaccc gacaaacccg aatctctctg ttccatgaca    174060
     cccactggaa gtttactaat gaatgcccac gtcatcccca ccggacccct ctgtgaaata    174120
     tatgtcctgg tgacagttat gaaagcaccc tgacttcaga gcaggggaac ctctgttcct    174180
     ctcccacccc tggtccttgc tggttacaca actgggacaa ctatttaacc tggaagcctc    174240
     agtgtcctca tctttgtgac tggaatgaca gcaacaacgc tcactttgta aggtggctgc    174300
     tgtgaattat ctgtgagaat tcagcatagt tccagatgac ggagtgcctg tatcatgacc    174360
     gcactctgcg tgcctgccag aattctaacc ccctctcctg acttttttat tccttgtgtt    174420
     ccagctttgt tcagccactg tgacactagt aaccctctaa agaatttgtt tctctggctc    174480
     tcccttggca catcatgccc ccgaacagtt aaatgataat gttatttagc ccctctgtcc    174540
     gagtcccaaa tatatatcaa atctcttagc acctctctgt ttctcctgag ctggtctttc    174600
     tcatggttgg cccccctctt tctctgtttt cccaaatctt gctgcttccg ggagctgaag    174660
     atatctatga cattcacatg catgcattcc tttgtgtgcc ctcagcacct tgcctccttg    174720
     tgtaacagcg gagtgtcaat aaaatactgg tggatgagtc aattgttggt gaaagcagcc    174780
     tcctttttgc cttgccgttg ctcactttgg ttcgctgtcc tcagagttat gcatttatat    174840
     agtttccaaa acactgcaaa gggctgtcct ggaagcttta tggagaaaca aaaggacaca    174900
     gtactgtgtc ccctcttgaa cagagagttg catagatagt tgtaagggaa atgttggcag    174960
     agcagcactc tgtctctttc ctggttttac actgctcatc agcaccagag acagagacag    175020
     acagacaggc aggcaggcag acagacagac agacagacag acagacacac acacacacac    175080
     acacacacac acacacacac acacgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    175140
     cagagagaca gagacttact atcttactaa gtatctctga ctaccctgga atttgctagg    175200
     ccaggctagc tttgaactca caagagatcc acatgcctct gcctcttgag tactggaatt    175260
     aaagacgtgc accaccacgc ctggcttgac attatgtttg ggtattggct ctcattatgt    175320
     atctgatgat aaaggtcgtt gtatccccag agcctagata gcacttggca cacacttggc    175380
     agttgaggaa tactttggaa taaaaagatg ctggggtggg gaaggaggaa gttggggtgg    175440
     tggtggtagg gggtgagggg gtgggacact gctggtctct gacccccatt cctttatcag    175500
     ttctcttcac tgctcatttc accctgaact tgaatcaatg aggtaattca tagtcttata    175560
     tgacttttct gtagagagac attaaaaaaa aaactataag ccaggtgtgg tggcgcatgc    175620
     ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg    175680
     gtctacagag tgaattccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaagccctgt ctcaggaaaa    175740
     aaaaaaaaaa atctatgcca aataaggcag tcatgaaaca ccaaagatat ctcaccaccc    175800
     aagtctcact tggcagacca aagagctcgc tggagttatt ggcagtatgg tgggtgatag    175860
     gttacttata ggagtgagac tggagtagct tcccatcaga aagtcgccca ccagcgtgac    175920
     ttgtatgcag accaaagagt cctgccacca ggagctgttt attggtgaca caatctggga    175980
     gaagtgttcc gtgtcttgca actttttttc tgaatttcct gagccttctc cactctcatc    176040
     aggaggaaat gtttcggggg aaatagctat acaaaagcaa ggagattttt gaagaggagg    176100
     gacacatgtg ataggaaatt ggggtgctta caccctggtg tttccctgct agctgtattg    176160
     ccttggccac cttgttttat ttctctattt tcatatgttt acaggaagag tggagcgggg    176220
     catgggtctg cattcaaatc ctccagcagg agaattgaga gcttgaggcc agtctatata    176280
     actgctcaaa ctcagtaaca gagaaaggaa gaaaaaaatg gcaagacaga tgaggggcac    176340
     tcaccttgct gtggccccag tggcccaggt tttaagcatt gttaaaatca cagccagctg    176400
     ttaagacaat cccttcctgc cctggctacc ttaacgagga ctgtcagcat ggccattttg    176460
     aatcttctat aaagtctttg aggaaaccac acagctaatg gctcagccag gattgtttct    176520
     gtcctctctc tcctccccca gtggagggtg gaacttccca tagtccagta gcaggaagat    176580
     gtgttatcac tgatgccaaa gggacaatat tatgattggt gcaaacacaa gtcttcattt    176640
     gcacgagttt gctgtttgct gtgtttggtg caaacaccct ttgctggctg taaagcagaa    176700
     agtttggctc acttgggtca gctgggacaa accttactat gctaccctcc acaatgtcac    176760
     attaggtcca gtaacaggaa gacagtggct aagagcccgc caactaggtc actaggagag    176820
     ttcctggaaa cgcttcaaag ctaaaggccc aggtaccgca ctttctggag ctacagttcg    176880
     taataagtta ccagggccga ggaattccca ctcctctctg atttatacaa aacccgccgg    176940
     cctgctgctt agggctgcca aatgcggagg gatcaaaagc taccaagccc cagcccagag    177000
     agcttatgcg ttgagcagga cacagccagc tggttggcaa cactgatact tagtgttact    177060
     ttgtattaat attaagtgtc cttaataggg aaagcccgag cttgtgttta tgtagcaagg    177120
     caacaggaca acacttctgc tatatgtaac atctcaaagg gaataccaca tggggggagg    177180
     gggatgtcca ggctgaataa tggaactgag attattctgc tgctctagtt agcaagaatt    177240
     atggaaaggt gcataacctc aaaccccacc atttatttag cacctagaca gaatgtaagc    177300
     ctccatcttt cgatataatt ttgggtaaat cctgcctatt ctctgcacga ctgtaatggg    177360
     cgtggtcacg tgtccccctc ccctccagca gaggcccgag ttagccgctc tcgggtcacc    177420
     ttgactacga ggctaaggac cccgtgagaa acgcttctca ttcgatcgcg gagtcctcca    177480
     tgcccacaga gaggtgccca gggagaagcc tggcgtggca aacaaaacta aagtagagcc    177540
     gaccgtcgga gggtgttgca taagcgtaga agaacaaaat ggagagctct gcgggggaag    177600
     acgtgagttt cctgtcgcgc tcttgctact ggcgaccgga ggaggcgtcg tctgaagctt    177660
     catttcaagt gggcgttctg caaagccagc cgcggagcgc gcgcggcgaa agcctgcttc    177720
     cggctccttg cgcgtgcgcc ctggcggccg ggaaggcggg aggccggggc gagcctggaa    177780
     ccggaagtga aggcagcttc ccgcctccgt ccccgttgct gccgccatac acgctcgcag    177840
     tgcttaggta agctttggcc ctgtgcacca tccaccgcca tctgcttctc ccgcggctcg    177900
     ccccgccgcg cgggtccctg atacccggtg ccgggccggc gccgtggccg ccggcgcgca    177960
     ggcgggcgtc cagttctgtt gtcttcaccc ctttctgaga gcagatcttg gcggggagct    178020
     gggagacaag gggggaacga tccaaaatgg tggcctcggc cgccattgtg tctccgcgct    178080
     tcctgggtgt tccagtgggt cctctgccca cccggggccg cggcggccgg aggcggcgcc    178140
     aggaggaggg cggggcccct cgcatctccc ctccgggcct tttcttgctc gcccagggat    178200
     gggaagatct cgctccgggg cccgtccagc cctttgaccc cgctttcgct gccttatttg    178260
     gagctctctg tgaatggctg cctctgtgcg tggccgatgg tgtcgcgcac ttctggggaa    178320
     gcttttccga gagcactgca aggcgttcct ttctaaggcc acccggctca cactcttaat    178380
     cctgcatcgt tctcagctgt gaccttaatt ccttagtgcg acttttaaaa ttaactttgg    178440
     cagcgctgag ccgaaccttg cggcctctcg cgttactaag caagcactgc cattgaactg    178500
     cacacaccca tctttttcaa aacaaaaaaa tttttttttt cttgaaatgg agccattcat    178560
     acacttccca ccctccgccc cgcaccaccc tccttcctgc ttctgttccc cggtccaggt    178620
     gtgcgccgct gggacggcca ctcgggggtt tctgagcaag agaatagcgg cagccacatg    178680
     atgtttgcat ttgggaagtg agcgctctgc gcagtgctga cccttatcta tcacccttga    178740
     ctgatggctg acgttgggga tcaccaccgt gaggtggcag gagaaagcgc agtctctgtc    178800
     ttcccttgtc ctttgtgtct caaccctcgt gtgagtcgtt agtcacgctc attttactgc    178860
     ggtctcccag ttggctcctg cctgtcgaag tgtgtgttac aaagtctggt tagcggtgga    178920
     gcccactctg tctctcccgt ctggtgttcc cgtttcttat gtcatgagtc tctttgttaa    178980
     ctcttctttc gggacaaagg tttcacagtt tagggaagaa taggacgggt gtagggatcg    179040
     acgagaagtg acgagtccat tcgtgactga tgagtttttc cggttttttt gttgtcccct    179100
     ctcccagctc ttctgtcgga aactggtgtc tttccccttg ctgttcttca acccctctct    179160
     ttggcccttg cttcctcacc tgctctggga cacctaactc aagagacctc ccttctcccc    179220
     ctgccggccc aattatggca gagaacgatg tggacaatga gctcttggac tacgaagacg    179280
     acgaggtgga gacagccgct ggggcagatg ggaccgaggc tcccgccaag aaagacgtca    179340
     agggctccta cgtctccatc cacagctccg gcttccgaga ttttctactc aagccagagc    179400
     tgctccgggc catcgttgac tgtggctttg agcatccatc agagggtaca ttttattgtt    179460
     gggtgtagag accttattta gcacctctgg tgcaagaaaa gggaggttca agtctagggt    179520
     cataggattt gaatttattt gggataggcc aagctctgag aatgtaccca agacggcagc    179580
     tgtagaagag gcttttgttc tccgttaaac agagggctgc catttgttct gtgcctggct    179640
     tttttgcttg gtttttgtct ttctgactgt tcggactccc agagagggcc tggttggacc    179700
     tttagttccc ttcttttggg ccaggccaag tgtcgtttcc ggaaacctta acgatcagga    179760
     tgctggcttc tgtggcttct gggtcaggta ccaagtcctt cattttgttc aaggttgcag    179820
     ggttacatga cccaaaagca cagcaaccta tgtaggagaa atggcctgtg gcagtcgaat    179880
     tcatagattg ttgcggtgta agaaaagtaa gtttagccag gaacgtggaa ggtgagctgt    179940
     tggtagcttc acgagggttc tttcttagcg gaactgggga gctggggtag gagggtttga    180000
     cttgagtgta agagtgatga gggtcaggga aaggatgggg tctgaaaggt gacaaggtga    180060
     catatgatga gtcggctggg gagaaagggg tttggcacgg tgcaaaaatg tctctccttt    180120
     ctcctcctag tccagcatga gtgcatcccg caggccattc tggggatgga tgtcctgtgc    180180
     caggccaagt caggcatggg aaaaacagca gtgtttgtcc tggccacact gcagcagctg    180240
     gagcccgtta ctgggcaggt atgttggggg cagtgctgga gagggtgtgg agattgaatc    180300
     accaggaggc cgtttctggc tccatgtgtt ctcagctggt gtcctctgca gttcaagggg    180360
     aatgttcgcc aacatcactg acaagttgct ggatgctctt gtgacgaggg gctgacttta    180420
     ctgtgtctgt ctccatttgc tccctcaaag gtgtctgtgc tggtgatgtg tcacactagg    180480
     gagctggctt ttcagatcag caaggaatat gagcgcttct ctaagtacat gccgaatgtc    180540
     aaggtaaggg gggaaagaaa cctgggacag gaggctgtgg ggagacaggc actgggaggg    180600
     aggttggctg tcctcgggca tccctgtgct gtcagtggtg tggtcacatg agagacttca    180660
     gttagtgcca cacccttctg tggctgccct tccaggttcc atactgtgaa tacacctgtg    180720
     tgttcctgag agttcgtagc tttaggtgat accaccgcaa cactttgtgg ttagttggtt    180780
     ttggtattgc agattccatt ccagagcctt gagctactat gtgtgggact gagccacccc    180840
     tgggtccttt gtttttatgt tcacgactgt ctcttaacca ccacgttgtc ctggtaggcc    180900
     ttgaactcac cttagtctag agataggagg ccttgaacct gaggctcctg ccacaggttc    180960
     ctgagtagtt ggggcaggcc tttgccacct ggcttggcca gagcctctgt tctgttctcc    181020
     tgaattgctt ggtagattgt ttgagagttg ggttgtatgt ggcaagagga agctagatgc    181080
     tcttaaaaca gccctggtgt ggactttaac tctagagtgg ttaaagcttt ccgggggtca    181140
     taacaagtgg cctgtgtcct ctgtgaagga acgtggtgtg gcctcacagt tggcatcctt    181200
     tggaactttt gagattatat atttccatgc ttgggtgagt ggcctgctgg gtttgaaagg    181260
     ccttgtaagc tggccctgtg agtagagaga tgtgtgcaga cttcctattc tggttagggt    181320
     ggggaaagag cagcttggat cagtctgggc tgacctttga gtcaaatcca ccttcctctg    181380
     cctctactgg gattaaaggc gagcatctcc acaaccgccc agcatgacag atttaaaagg    181440
     gggaattcta gaagaagaaa aggaaaggca gtatgtgcaa aatgctaaag gaggccagag    181500
     atcttgtgat ctctgaggtt tccattgctc ggcataacca agcattagac attgttttcc    181560
     taacctgtct gtgtgcaagc ttactggcct ctgaaacatt ttagcgtatt tatatatctt    181620
     tttcctagga ttttgaaaat agtttgtaat ctggaggcat tgtctatgtc tgtgtgcctg    181680
     tgcctctggc tgtatgtcat tataccttgc caaaaaacta atagactttc agttccttgg    181740
     ctgaccggtc ccttgtggtg gatttaatag ttgggaactg aagctggatc agtggctcat    181800
     tcctgtattc ccatggcctg ggaggttgag gtgggcgttt gctggagttg aaggctgccc    181860
     ggggctaagg tctcaaaaca aagagggagg gtggcaaagc tgcagtcctt ctctgcagga    181920
     cccacagcac ccttgtgcta ctcaaaatgc tctgagagtt gggatcaagt ctgaggttgg    181980
     gtttggtgta ggagcctgca gattagctgg ttaggtcccc ccccccatca taaaatcaga    182040
     atcatctgta cttctccttg gctgtgcagc acagtgtcct ctagggggct gtctagtccc    182100
     tcccttagtt ttagctcgct tttccctcag tatttgtaac tatgtctgaa agcttaactg    182160
     ataccagtaa accatcgtga acaggagtgg agtgctcctg tgtgcatgtg ttagccattg    182220
     tggttcagga ttgagaagag gaagaggttt actgtagagt aagcgtcctg gttatttctt    182280
     tccccttgaa attggacaag tccacgtgtc acagctcaca catccagcac tcacctggtg    182340
     tcacagctca cacactcacc tagtgggttg cacatggtgt gacttttatc tcaggcaccg    182400
     aggaagcaaa ggctccaggc cagggagact gtctgacagt tcagttagga aagcttgctt    182460
     gtggtttgat cgttgggtgg cgcctcacac ttgctggtgg cttcttgctt tcttcatctg    182520
     tgtaaggaag ctgtgacttt ggagtcacac gtgcctcgtt gtgtagatca gctagggctg    182580
     tgcagagcga tcctgtcgtg gagtttgagt ggaggcggag aagctgagtg ttcatccctt    182640
     cctccatccc ccttggcccc ctggtgctga gggggtcgct ttgtttctta tgggaggcac    182700
     aggagccact gcaggcctga aagctaagag ttggtttaca gtcaaccaca gaatggacac    182760
     actggtattg gcaagatggc ccactgcctt taatctgtac ttggtgccag acaggctgat    182820
     ctacaaagtg agttctaggc caaccagggc tatacagtga ggcctctcaa accaaaggga    182880
     tgggggagaa ttctgggaga ctggaacatt gtcctttctc gtggttgaca ggtggcagtg    182940
     ttttttggcg gtctgtctat caagaaggac gaagaggtgc tgaagaagaa ctgcccacac    183000
     atcgtcgtgg ggactcctgg ccgaattcta gccctggctc gaaataagag cctgaacctc    183060
     aaacacatta aacactttat tttggacgag tgtgacaaga tgcttgaaca gctcggtgag    183120
     tggcggtgcc caggccgcag ctcaggtggt ttggggagca gccctttgag ccaaatgatg    183180
     tatgtttgac ataggagcac ttgtgtgcaa ggacgaccct tatctatcac ccatgactga    183240
     tggctctggg cctccttctc ttcccctggt gctgtacagt gatgcggtgt gctcagccct    183300
     gcgctccttc ctgtagcagg gaactgaatg tgctgacgct acaagtcctc accaccaccc    183360
     tctccttagg gatggaccat gtactgggtg ttacacaaga gcagcaggtg cctgcccttg    183420
     tatcccagta tagcatgcgt gataaggatg aaatttcatt aagagtttct ttggggagtg    183480
     ctagagaaat ggctcgttag ttaagagcac ttggctgctc ttgcagaaga cctcgtttca    183540
     ttcccagcat ccatatgaaa gcatataacc actatacata gctccggttt ccaggggtgc    183600
     ctgaaaccct cctttggctt ttttgagcac taggtgcatt cgtgttgctt agatgtacat    183660
     ggaatgaata taaataataa cataacggag ctccgggtgc tagttttggc acatgccttt    183720
     aatccaagca cttcaagagt ctaaggcagg cgagtctctg agttggaggc ccatctggtc    183780
     tagagtcagt tcaaggatat ccaggactac acagagaaat tcttgaaaaa aaggcttaac    183840
     ctgcctttaa tcccaagggc tacatatcga gctcttatct ttaaaagagg tgggggagag    183900
     aattgattct gttgagttgg gagagtagaa aagagtgtag ctctagagaa aagtctttac    183960
     aaatggcctt tgactgtctc aagatggcac tctggtggca ttagatcggc tgtatatgtc    184020
     tcatggaaca gggtatgtga ggcgagaggt gaaggtggaa ggcacagtgg actggtgtag    184080
     agattaagtt ctgagatggg cgtagggaga gcagcaggaa agggccttca gcggtatttt    184140
     cttggagact gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat aggtcttctt gtgtagaact agttggactg    184200
     gaaattatgt tagaaaccag gctggcctca aactcagatt tgcttacctc tacctcctga    184260
     gttctgggat tacaaatgta agttgttttt tttttttttt tttgagtcag ggtttctctg    184320
     tatagccctg actgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat    184380
     ccgcctgccc ctgcctcccg agtgctggga tcaaaggcgt gcaccaccat gcccggcaag    184440
     tttattattt ttaagtgtgt atgtgtgcat gcatgcttgt gcccatagag gacagaggag    184500
     tgaaccgccc tggagctaag ttacaggcaa tcgtgggaac tgggaagcta atgtggatct    184560
     ctgtaagagc agcaagtgcc cgtggctgct ggaccgttgt ccagcctcat actccatatt    184620
     taagggcttc tgtcccctga gcctctcgtg aactttttcc ccactttgta gattcggtca    184680
     tatttcttgt caaaacaaga gtggaacttg accccaagtc tttttctaag cacattcttt    184740
     attccatgct gttactagta tacacagctc ctgggcctcc taagtgctgg gattacaggc    184800
     atgtgccacg aagcctgact cgttcctgag atcatggaac cgccacatct ctgcagtggc    184860
     tcccctcaga gtttcattgg cctcaccaga cttatgtcac agactcactt cttctgtgtg    184920
     tgtgtggttt ttttctcccc tgcagacatg cgtcgggatg tccaggaaat ttttcgcatg    184980
     accccccatg agaagcaggt catgatgttc agtgctacct tgagcaaaga gatccgccca    185040
     gtctgccgca agttcatgca agatgtaaat acccttctac cttctctccc tccactcccc    185100
     gcccgctgcc ttctccccct cctcgccctc ttcctccaga ctcccttgtc cttcaagcac    185160
     caagaaggga gcttgtgccc gtctgggagc aacaactcct tgaagaaaaa cacagaggca    185220
     gagacagtta gcgatagggt ctgcgcgtgc cagggaaact ccggaagact tggtcgggtt    185280
     aacgtgagag cgggtagtgt ttgacatttt ttaatcacga cattttgaac ctcttctccc    185340
     tttgggggta gggcaaaatt ttgtgcccta ccaccctccc atcgtctcct acacaccccc    185400
     ttcagccacg cagcctccgg gtggcacgga gctttcagct ggagcctctg ctcaccgaaa    185460
     ctctacatgt cagtggcagg agagcgagag agggacagtc aggtgcaggg cctgtccaga    185520
     agaagaacaa acaaacagca ccatgaatcg gcccttccca acctccagga gcgggggcct    185580
     ttggcacctc agcccccagt cccctcctcc tccccaccca tacctccttg cgcccatcgg    185640
     agccttggtt gatgtgagct ggcagcagag aagcactgag gcacgacggc agaaggcaga    185700
     cctgcgagca gcggatggca gccgcggagg ccacgggagc ctgaccagat gctgaggacc    185760
     aatccagcct ctttttctgt tcccggtttt ttcctgaaac taatgtgctg taccccattt    185820
     tccccatact tgttggggga ggaagtgtcc tgagtggggt ggtggatttt tttttctctc    185880
     atttttttta agttgagggt tatgggaact gtcgaatggg aagctgtact gacaagcgac    185940
     cacgtgggtg tcagagctga gactgagcag tgggtccttc cacccctcct gggcccttcc    186000
     cttgagaaga tgatggcttt ctcttgggct gggcttgggg cagaattagg cagctgtggg    186060
     acttatttga ggagcctgtc ttccggaaga ggtttctgtg accctgcctt ggtccctggc    186120
     tctgtgtgga gagtgggaag tccagcctgg ggttaactgt cgcagtgttt gctccttcct    186180
     tcccttcaag ggttaggggt ggggacgctt attttttatg aaatgtaagg tgatttcctt    186240
     tccattgcct ttccactttt gatgctaaaa gattgattta ttagaactga agagaaaaac    186300
     agtgcagcca agcaataaat ctcacggctg ctgccaggaa ggagatggag aaaggaagag    186360
     aagccatgcc ctttagttag gagttagtta gaaagcaggc aggctcagtg atggaggtgt    186420
     gagggcatct gaggggttgg ggactcaggg tcaggtcagg aggagctgct tagggtattg    186480
     cctgatacca ggagagctga gaagagggca ggctgtgctg agttagggct cagagaggtg    186540
     acctggcctg acctggcctg gcctgcctgg ccatggcagc tgtgggtgag ggaggctgca    186600
     ttcttgttgt ctgggaccat tgtccccgac cccacaaatg tagatggttt tgactgaatt    186660
     cagaggccat tctcttctaa agctgatctg gtggctcaga gcagggtgtc tctcaccttg    186720
     agccgtgttt gctcctcttt gatggcattt tagagaatgt actacctcag ccacctggga    186780
     gctggggtca gtgagctgct gatgactgtc tgttatagtg tccattgcaa ccttctggtc    186840
     ttgaggacat ttgctaaagg acagctaagt agggcggttg tccctgtcct gttctggtga    186900
     cattactgcc tctcctgggt gttctggcat gctctcccct tgagcaccat gccctgttat    186960
     ctttcctcca tttccacctg gcaactggca ccttgctctg tacagagctc ccatctctaa    187020
     tcattgtcaa ttgggcttaa aagtcaattg atgtggatgc taaccagatc tagctggaaa    187080
     gagacctcag cagagtcttc tttgtggtgg ggaggggttt tcagtcttct ctctcctccc    187140
     catccttcca tggggtgtat tggagatcag cgtcctccac ccccccaggt ttaacccccc    187200
     cactctgccc tcctcctgcc cccacccctc ctccccctca gcctatggag atcttcgtgg    187260
     atgacgagac caagttgacg ctgcacgggt tgcagcagta ctacgtgaaa ctgaaggaca    187320
     acgagaagaa ccggaagctc tttgatcttc tcgatgtcct cgagttcaac caggtcagta    187380
     tcgagggtct gtgtaggcga gagcactgca gctgtggcag aagcctgtgt agaagtagcc    187440
     tgtgattgac aggccgtgta ggtgaggagg tgaatcggtg gatggagcaa gtcccaagtg    187500
     gaagttgggt aagagctgag gtagagtact tgatgacgtc agtaagtgga gcagagctct    187560
     gcaggcacct ggcacttgcc taagagctgt ggggctcttg gtattggaag aggatccttt    187620
     ggttctctag actgtagttc tcattctttt tttttttttt ttttttttaa agatttattt    187680
     atttattata tgtcagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcaggcac tccagaagag ggcatcagat    187740
     cttgttacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt gattgctggg atttgaactc tggacctttg    187800
     gaagagcagt cgggtgctct tacccactga gccatctcac cagccctgta gttctcattc    187860
     ttaacatgtt gagaggtggc ctcacccttg tgtgctggtc ttgtgggttt gaggtcttgt    187920
     gtccatgcag ctcagaggcc aggatgttca gaaattaagg cctagatgta catgcagtca    187980
     ggttgaaggg cagaaaaaaa aacattgtga aaggatattt gggttggagt aagggacgga    188040
     ggaattcctt tagaaatttt gccaggtctg ggaggtggta gcacatgcct ttaaacccag    188100
     cattcaggag gcagaggctg gcagctctta agtctacaaa gtgcaatgca ggacgccagg    188160
     actacacaga gaggggctgc cttgaaaagc aaaaagccaa agttctgcca ggtgtgttag    188220
     cagacatctt taatcccaag cagtgggcag agactggtcg atctctgtga gtacaagtgg    188280
     ggccagcctg gtctcgtgtt tcaggacgac tagggcaaat agagaaaccc tgtgtcaagc    188340
     tttctgctct ccagagaatg cacatttgag ttcatagccc tgtccatgta actggcccca    188400
     gggcatcaac aaacactcct gaaagtgcac ttgccagaca cccacaaaac cacacacaca    188460
     gaaatcttca aaactccaaa aatcagattt ctggggctgg ggaagtggct cagaggttaa    188520
     gagcactttt gttcttccag gagttcccaa gttcatttct ctatgtcagc tcccagtcat    188580
     gtagttacag tggcggaaga agatggtcca atgtcctctg ctggccctcc aggcaccagg    188640
     cacacatgca caagtgtgtg caggcaaacc ccacacactt gaacttaaaa aaacaagact    188700
     gataagctgg tgcatacatc atcatgcccg tgctccctca ggtggtgatc tttgtgaagt    188760
     ccgtgcagcg ctgcatcgcc ctggcccagc ttctagtgga acagaacttc ccagccattg    188820
     ctatccatcg tggaatgccc caggaggaga ggtgggttgg aggcgcgtgt gtgcctgccc    188880
     gtccatctgg gtcctgtcct gtggaggagg cagtgtggag agaagagagt ctcaaccctc    188940
     tcatttactc tcacaaaggc tctctcggta tcagcagttc aaggattttc agcggaggat    189000
     tcttgtggct accaacctgt ttggccgagg catggatatt gagcgtgtga acattgcttt    189060
     caactatgac atgccagagg actcggacac ctacctgcac agggtaagct gcccgcccac    189120
     cccacttccc gtgtgtgctg agcacccccc ctctcctttg tcttccctgg gaggcttgca    189180
     gtctaaccct tctccttcca ggtggccaga gcgggccggt ttggcaccaa gggcttggcc    189240
     atcacatttg tgtcagatga gaatgatgcc aagatcctga atgacgttca ggaccgtttc    189300
     gaggtcaaca tcagcgagct gcccgatgag attgacattt cctcctacag tgagtaccac    189360
     ctatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcctgcct    189420
     gtgtgcgcgt ttcccatttt gtatcttact gtgacttttt tctccagttg agcagacacg    189480
     gtagaggact cgcgtggtca gtctgctgta gaagaggaca cgggtcagga ggagacactg    189540
     ccgccccacc cgacaccgac gcctctgccc accctatcta tgcttctctc tgcgtcacca    189600
     ccactcctaa acctagtcct gatttatcag agttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttgtttttta    189660
     acaaaactaa gaatgaaaca accgtgtctg tggtgtctgt aagtgctctg ttcatggctt    189720
     gaaccagggt cattctgagg gccgtgagcc gggttgtggg gcagcgtcat tgtcttcttt    189780
     ctaaggtggc tgtggacagg gaggctggga cactgctggg gcccggaggt aaagagagca    189840
     agccccacgt cctggtacct cagctccttc agctgagttt cttgtatctc ccaggtatct    189900
     aagcggggcc tggtaggcca tgcctgagcg tgtgtgcaca ggcatgtgtg cacaggcgtg    189960
     tgcgtgcatg cgcattcacg cgcgcgcgca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    190020
     cacacacaca cacgcatact g                                              190041