EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR974422; SV 14; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 189049 BP.
AC   CR974422;
DT   10-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 23)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-123G8 on chromosome 17
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-189049
RA   Smith M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL Clone requests: Geneservice ( and
RL   BACPAC Resources (
DR   MD5; 3b8b42f0c2f56b434d48e0ddba758768.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024338; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024339; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000036594; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000037321; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000037548; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000037649; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000041538; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000060586; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000079547; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000081512; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096727; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CR974422.14:1-189049; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025197; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000041633; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000041982; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000042121; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000074557; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000095342; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000138491; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000167280; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000171231; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000171321; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173441; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173764; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173831; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174576; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174751; mus_musculus.
DR   GOA; E9Q479.
DR   GOA; F7AD18.
DR   GOA; G3UY15.
DR   GOA; O35424.
DR   GOA; O78196.
DR   GOA; Q31094.
DR   GOA; Q31099.
DR   GOA; Q31621.
DR   InterPro; IPR000243; Pept_T1A_subB.
DR   InterPro; IPR000353; MHC_II_b_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR001003; MHC_II_a_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR001353; Proteasome_sua/b.
DR   InterPro; IPR003006; Ig/MHC_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR003439; ABC_transporter-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR003593; AAA+_ATPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR003597; Ig_C1-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR007110; Ig-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011162; MHC_I/II-like_Ag-recog.
DR   InterPro; IPR011527; ABC1_TM_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013306; Tap1/ABCB2.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR014745; MHC_II_a/b_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR016050; Proteasome_bsu_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR023333; Proteasome_suB-type.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR029055; Ntn_hydrolases_N.
DR   MGI; MGI:1346526; Psmb9.
DR   MGI; MGI:1346527; Psmb8.
DR   MGI; MGI:95895; H2-Aa.
DR   MGI; MGI:95901; H2-Eb1.
DR   MGI; MGI:95921; H2-DMa.
DR   MGI; MGI:95922; H2-DMb1.
DR   MGI; MGI:95923; H2-DMb2.
DR   MGI; MGI:95925; H2-Ob.
DR   MGI; MGI:98483; Tap1.
DR   PDB; 1K8I; X-ray.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q479; E9Q479_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7AD18; F7AD18_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UY15; G3UY15_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; O35424; O35424_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; O78196; O78196_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q31094; Q31094_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q31099; Q31099_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q31621; Q31621_MOUSE.
CC   Genome Center
CC   Center: UK Medical Research Council
CC   Center code: UK-MRC
CC   Web site:
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP23-123G8. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap
CC   The true right end of clone RP23-222K15 is at 2000 in this sequence
CC   The true right end of clone RP23-123G8 is at 189049 in this sequence
CC   RP23-123G8 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong
CC   For further details see
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..189049
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-123G8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    105..218
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone"
FT   misc_feature    2001..189049
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    8679..9004
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone"
FT   mRNA            join(71195..71317,71566..71738,72402..>72483)
FT                   /gene="Tap2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.1-003"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY205001.1"
FT   mRNA            join(71329..71738,72402..72899,72985..73099,75869..75999,
FT                   76205..76410,78985..79182,79345..79473,81130..81318,
FT                   81438..81611,81761..81920,82449..82585,83029..83436)
FT                   /gene="Tap2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.1-001"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK079667.1 Em:AK145234.1
FT                   Em:AK151376.1 Em:AK151483.1 Em:AK151657.1 Em:AK153287.1
FT                   Em:AK159200.1 Em:AK161091.1 Em:BC005578.1 Em:BC051257.1
FT                   Em:BC057668.1 Em:M90459.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM507982.1"
FT   mRNA            join(71682..71738,72402..72899,72985..73099,75869..75999,
FT                   76205..76410,78985..79473,81130..81318,81438..81611,
FT                   81761..81920,82449..82585,83029..83433)
FT                   /gene="Tap2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.1-002"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK020022.1"
FT   mRNA            join(72215..72309,72402..>72682)
FT                   /gene="Tap2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.1-004"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CJ058063.1"
FT   CDS             72410..>72483
FT                   /gene="Tap2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000032582"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A6X8J5"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:98484"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A6X8J5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAO78000.1"
FT                   /translation="MALSYLRPWVSLLLADMALLGLLQG"
FT   CDS             72410..>72682
FT                   /gene="Tap2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.1-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000032583"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A6X8J6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005293"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:98484"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A6X8J6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAO78001.1"
FT   CDS             join(72410..72899,72985..73099,75869..75999,76205..76410,
FT                   78985..79182,79345..79473,81130..81318,81438..81611,
FT                   81761..81920,82449..82585,83029..83208)
FT                   /gene="Tap2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000032581"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P36371.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q792S7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003439"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003593"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005293"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011527"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013305"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017871"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:98484"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q792S7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAO78002.1"
FT                   LVQQRLEA"
FT   mRNA            join(74821..74902,75869..75999,76205..>76335)
FT                   /gene="Tap2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.1-005"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CX233437.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(78427..79149,79330..79437,81196..81574))
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK007825.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(79101..79149,79330..79437,81196..81458))
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-123G8.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000032584"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A6X8J8"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:3801940"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A6X8J8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAO78003.1"
FT   regulatory      83398..83403
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      83407..83412
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      83411..83416
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      83417..83422
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      83436
FT   misc_feature    187049
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: RP23-123G8"
SQ   Sequence 189049 BP; 47891 A; 44329 C; 45332 G; 51497 T; 0 other;
     acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa tcccacagtg tctatcacac        60
     agggaaagcc tggtcttcag gataggccta tcagtaggat ttctggtagc aagcatggac       120
     ttccaaaccc tttggatttg cagtcacaca ctggctacta agagagtcct ctcattcagc       180
     atgagggtgt ctctttaatt ttaccatgtg ggcatgggcg tgagtgtggg tgtagtgttt       240
     ttcccacatg cttgtgcacc ttgtttgtac ttggtgtcta aggaggccag aagaggacgt       300
     taaatcccct ggagctagta gtgttaagag ccactatgaa ccagtatgtg agtgctggga       360
     attgaactcc ggtcttgtag aagggcagcc agtgctatta acagctgagt ctcctctcca       420
     cctcaaagat gttgatcgtc tttgaatcct cgtttacatt tttctggtat taggccacca       480
     gggcattgga tacggactgt tggacagcat gaatctgagc cacatgacca ccaccctgga       540
     tgtcctcacc agcaaaccac tccctgtcca gaagttgacc aactccagta atgtatttca       600
     gtgtgtggtt ccatcaccac caggggcgcc tgttcatctc gataaagctg tttgcaggtt       660
     gcactgtacc atgattgcgg tcttctgaag atctgcatgc actgtagagg acgcttggac       720
     acttggacgg cctggctctg acagcagacc cgagccctca ccacactcag ttgccgttgg       780
     tagtttaagc gacttgtcag tgtgcctggg tttagaatca ccaggaagat acatgggtgc       840
     acctataaag gtgttttcag aaaagtttaa gtcgagaaga atgacctgct ctaagtatgg       900
     gctggactcc ctgattggat aaaagggaga aataccttct tggggtgttg gaggaagaaa       960
     tggggtttga gagccaggag caactttacc ccaccagtgt ttagctagca ggtggcaggc      1020
     ctgctctctg cttgctgact caatgtgacc cgcggcctca tgccttcctt gtgtacatgt      1080
     acacacatgt actgtgtttc atatatgtga taaagcgtta ataaataaga acaccaataa      1140
     cagcaacaac aacacgttat aacagttaag ataggggcca gcaaagtggc tcagcagatc      1200
     tgagtgttca aagtgcatgc tgggtaaagc ttgctaagct gtttgactcc cagaacccac      1260
     aacgaaagga gacaaccaat gtctgtctgt ctgtcctccc ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      1320
     gagagagaga gagacagaga cagagacaga cagagacaga cagacataca ttgtgagctg      1380
     ccatgtgggt gctgggaatt gaaccctggt cctctggaag agcagtcagt gttcttaacc      1440
     actccactga gccacctctc caaccccaca tctcccttac tttactaagc tacagctctc      1500
     accttttcac ttacaggaag ccctttaaag ctccaccatc ggtgtttcca agtctcctcc      1560
     tcttgccctt tggggccact cttagtaaaa caagggtcac tagaacacaa acactcagtg      1620
     cagtgacagt caagcccagg tagtagctca gtgactacac aagcgggtgg caagtatggc      1680
     atgagacacc aggcaaatag atgactcaca tctggggcag gagatgtcat gaggcaagat      1740
     gagccctagg aggctcataa cagtgcaaaa tccaaaactt gctatcctgg gtgtggtaac      1800
     ccatgcctgt agccccagct tcaggaatgt gagacaggag gatcactgaa tccgaggccc      1860
     tacttgtcca catagtgaga ccatgtctgc cctcctcaag ccttgggtta aattcccagc      1920
     accaactgaa ccaggcacga tggtgcttgt ctgtaatcca agcactatgg ttgtgaaggc      1980
     ttgaagatca cagtgaattc caacccagcc cgtgctacat agtgagactc tgtctcaacc      2040
     ctttgtaaag cctggggttc actcccctgc acagaattaa ctaggtgtaa tggtgcttgc      2100
     ctgtaatccc agcactgggg aggtggaggc agatggatta gacgttcaag gtcatcctca      2160
     gacacagagt gaatcctagg ccacgagact tctccccttc cccctgccac ccccccccca      2220
     ctcccccaaa caacacaaca aaacacccct gccctccgaa ttattttttc tggaattttc      2280
     tactcgatat ttgcagggtg aagttgattc caagtactca gctatggaag atgcaaccta      2340
     aaacgagaga cctgctgcgc tcctcttgga atttgtagcc tcacattcaa tgccaacttt      2400
     ctttggaagg agacttggga gggtctgaga gccatgagga tggtgctgaa aagactcgat      2460
     tccgttctgg aattctgccg ccaggcggcg ctgctttgaa gagccaggca gctacctgct      2520
     ggagcccgac cttccaccag ggggcggagg tctccagaga ggccctccgg gccccgctgg      2580
     cctcggagcc aagtcttaaa gaggagcctg gacccaagct tctcctcagc gactgatgat      2640
     gttaaactat acgcttctgt gattggttta gccgtggtaa gacgggctgc tattggagat      2700
     gctctgttga aacgtgatgg atctggaagg gagctgggca cccgacactc gagtggtagc      2760
     tcccatttac tgtgggtgtt aaggtatgga gcatgagcag aagtcaggag ctgtgctgct      2820
     gaggctgctg cgccttctgt ggctgctgcc ccactcctgg gcggtgctcg aaggtaagac      2880
     gctggctgcc cttttgcgtg cgtcctgagg gcggtcgaga ccaggggact caacagagca      2940
     gatagatgat ccttggactt gttgaatgct gggcggggct ctattgcatg gagagggtaa      3000
     cagaccctga gggagagggc tgctgttcac gaatggcaag caaccatgta tttctctgtc      3060
     tatgtgctag ccacttttca aacgaagaaa atgagactct gctgacttaa aggacctggg      3120
     cacgttcagc aagtggggaa atgacagagc tggggttgga gcaaaataag agttgttgcc      3180
     aagtcatgtg tggtggtgca ggacagtaat cccagccgtc aaagtggagg cagcatggtc      3240
     aagagttcaa ggccagcctc tgctacatag caagactcag cctcaaaagt ctgcgaaata      3300
     atttacattt ttccaatagg gatcctacca tagtctgttg tcagcccaca gtcttgacat      3360
     gtctcttagt ttcttctcca ggaaggatgg ggcaggatgt aagaacaacc tggaaggtcc      3420
     ctctcatagt gtttgctatt ctgggtgttt gctgaaaagt ctgctgtctg ggggattcct      3480
     gtcaggagtt tcaaagaaga ttgttatttc ctgcagccag gggttcaggc cccccagttc      3540
     tgtcagcaca aggtctggag tgtttaggtc agggaatagg ttgtcagaga gggccaggtg      3600
     ctgccgaagt ggccaagcaa gtccagagac tggtttactt ttacactgtg tctggggtag      3660
     cccggggcca catcattatg gtttaggaag gccatggccc ttccccacac ccctcaatgt      3720
     gggaatcaca tctgtggctc ctggactagg tgagggtgtc cactgtgctg tggtcctggg      3780
     cttggtgagg acttgaggct gactccatgg ctggtgcctt tgagctgtgc acagactcga      3840
     gcagcagaag ggcttggccc attgctgcct tccggacact tttgctttct tttttgtttg      3900
     cttgattttt cgagacggag actggtgcac cccagtctgg ctgtacgtag ctgagggtgg      3960
     tcttaggctt tagatcctct cccacaattc caaggactgg catcacatgt gtgagtcacc      4020
     atgcctgact ctacttccca ggtgtacaca gttgcttttg tatgtgtaag gaactttgga      4080
     aagattcctt gattttcccc ccctctccca ctgggaggag gaacttaagc agcaggtata      4140
     ggggggttgg tcatatctct gctgcacccc caatatagag acctcactgt gtgtgtgtcc      4200
     aagccctgaa ctcactgtct ctttgcagca tctacaccag tgttctggga tgacccacag      4260
     aaccacacat tccggcacac tctattctgc caggacggga ttcccaacat agggctctcg      4320
     gagacctatg acgaggacga actcttctcc ttcgacttct cccagaacac cagagtgccc      4380
     cgactgcctg actttgcaga gtgggctcag ggacaggggg atgcctctgc cattgcattt      4440
     gacaaaagct tctgcgagat gttgatgcgg gaagtgagcc cgaagcttga aggtcaaatc      4500
     ccagtgtcca gaggtcaggg acaaggagtg gcatttgggg gtggagggag ggctgccatc      4560
     ttactcccgc caacctctcc acactatctc tcacttttcc tacctcctgg ctctgtttgg      4620
     gtttttcttc tctacgtcaa cacttctctt gtcagctaca gtctgtacca tgttttgtga      4680
     tggggaggag gcagctgaag gcatcgaaat ctattgaact tcatgacccc actgcatgca      4740
     ttctcattac cgtgcccggc aagatggagg gatgagcttg tgttttaaca agaagccagt      4800
     gtcagatgcc aacctggcta cagacaggaa gtcagggcag aggggtccat ccacacagtg      4860
     tcctagctgc agtttttgcc gggaagaccc ttcttggacc cccaaatgtc ctcatctctc      4920
     tgttggttcc ttgtctgccc tcccctacac gcttctcaac tctccaaaca gcagcactgt      4980
     ctaaactttc cccttctcct gatacccgcc cccccaggtt tgcctgtggc agaggtattc      5040
     acactgaagc ccctggagtt tggcaagccc aacacgttgg tctgtttcat cagcaacctc      5100
     tttccaccga ccctgaccgt gaactggcag cttcactcgg cccctgtgga gggagccagc      5160
     cccacatcca tctcagctgt cgatgggctg accttccagg ctttctctta tttaaacttc      5220
     acaccggaac cctttgacct ttactcctgc actgtgacac acgagattga ccgctacacg      5280
     gcaattgcct attggggtga ggcccttttc catggaagtc cggtccttca aggggtgaaa      5340
     aggcccaggc ccgtgggtgg ggccctctaa ttttacttgg tctccttgag tctagtctcc      5400
     actctagcca acttcgggct tccatgatcc aattcttcct cattatcccg gatacccacg      5460
     tccctcgggt ggagtgctcc ccagttgggc ctccaggatg acttctgcct ttctgctcta      5520
     gtaccccaga acgccctgcc ttcggatctc ctagagaatg ccctgtgtgg tgtggccttt      5580
     ggcctcggtg tgctaggcac catcatgggc attgtcttct tcctctgctc ccagagaccg      5640
     tgctcaggtg gtaagtcacc ggggaaggtc agggaacctg ggacaagagt gccgtgtcag      5700
     tgtgtgccag gattctccac ttggcctgta tactctttcc tggtagctgg ggaccctgtt      5760
     acagacacag ttatttggga gcacagaaac agcttggagt aggggaagag gggatctgag      5820
     aacaaggaga gtcagcactc cgttgggagt tctgtgaggg gcagggggga gacacttgag      5880
     gaagggagag gctccttatg gtgacttccc tgcactctgc tctctcttca gactgattct      5940
     tctcaaggag atcttggaac agcacaggcc aggccagcgg ggatgtccag gcatctcgtg      6000
     actacccaag gtctctcatc ggagccgaag tcccagggat ccctcagggt gtgtgccagc      6060
     gtgcaggtgt ctcagctgag ggttccgctg tccctggact tgcatccaga agagccttca      6120
     tcaggagccc caggctccac ctaaccacta ccttatacct tccctcttcc aggaaataaa      6180
     cttcatttct taatgtcagc gtgacctctc cctccacgta ctagacaagt gtctacccct      6240
     aagcacaccc cagcccactg taccttcttt ttaactcctg gaatttgctt ctggatctga      6300
     cctgagtggc ttgtcacttc aggttcagca tgccttaacc tggacacagc tcattaggga      6360
     gggaaacggg aaaacccctc tcctcagcca agctcgggtt ccctggtctc agcggagctg      6420
     acggtgcctt ttatcccatc agcttcctca tgggaaggca gagtttccaa taatcggctc      6480
     acaaagcagt tgaggaaatt gtatgtgttt tttttggttc cccctatgct ttgttgccag      6540
     tgaccccgtt tatggcttct gccttgagga atatctagct ccctccaccc ctcgggtacc      6600
     tgggaaaact ggagctccgg gcggtatgct cccgcctcca gcctctagct gctcttttga      6660
     ttggtcagac cagttctgcg cagacaaact ctctaagtcc ctgaagtgaa gtgggaacag      6720
     ccggtgaggg tgaagaagct cgggttcctt caccaacccg tccaacggcc tcttgaactt      6780
     tctttcctaa ggcgcctgtg cggctctgtc ccgggcagat ggtgggagcc agcggcacag      6840
     gactgctgct gctaaactgt ttcacacaca gtttattcct tgctttctgt gggacacggg      6900
     agttgttgcg gaggtggtta aggctaactc acagaattag tttgctattg gtgaggccac      6960
     ctccgttttt catatcgcat catagtctaa gggacgtaca tcatccagtt cttcccgggc      7020
     tccggctctt ttctccgacc acgtcatttc taagagcaga gtgtgtactg ataaagccct      7080
     cgggaatgca tgactgtcag tttccctgtg tgctcttcag tgagtgactt actgtctctg      7140
     tgccttcgtg tcaactttcc gtaaaggatg gtaacagccg tggctccctt gtagcgttgt      7200
     tataaaccta acgattatta acttactcat gcttgtgatg tttttgcatg agtatggatg      7260
     cacagccttg tgggaggtaa acactaggaa tcttccatcc tccatccatc ttccacctca      7320
     ctcaccacga cagtctcatt caaacccaga gcccacttcc tggctagagg ctgggattac      7380
     taatgcccga catgtattcc tggcctctcc atggcttctg ggtattaaat tctggccctc      7440
     atgcttgtgt ggcaagagcg atctccccag cccctcgtgc atgctgggta agtgctccag      7500
     ccacttatca gcaccccagt ccttctgtga tcttaacctg gggactgctg agagcagttt      7560
     cacacggaga aagggcagga taacagcatt gtcaccaacg gtctgcagtg ccacagagct      7620
     tagtgacatc aggaactttc ctctgccttc atttaaacaa acaaacaaac aaactacttg      7680
     tgtgagtggg ggtgttttgc ctgcctataa tgtatgtgta cacatacatg tctggtgcct      7740
     tcagaagcaa ggaaaagata tcagatcccc tggttctggg atcacacatg gttgtaagca      7800
     gccacatgca tactgggaaa caaacttaga tcttttggaa gagcagactg tactctggac      7860
     cactgagcca tctctccagc cccctgttag acttttgact ctatctttag tattttgatt      7920
     ttctcccttg gagatacttt tgtttttatt ctcattttac ctgtgtggat ctggtccaca      7980
     tccttttcta cattttccta gtttctgttc ttcttcaaat gtacccagca atttccttcc      8040
     aatcaaaacg gaaaactgac ggaggtctca ctgtatggct ctgcccaacc tggaacttac      8100
     cacgtagacc aggctgatct caaacataca agaaatttac tgcctctgcc tcccaactgc      8160
     tgggactaaa gatgtggcac ttttccaggt gttcacctgc tgtccttagc tctagctaac      8220
     tcctctctct ggaccttaga ggatgggctt agattagatg ctcacccatt gagtgatatg      8280
     tgtgccactc gctccccagc tggcctccag tttgctgtgt agctgagatg atctccccca      8340
     cccccatcct ggtcctctgc ttccacccct cccagctgct gggattgcag gcaggcacca      8400
     ccctgttagc ctctttcctc agccattctt gcatccaagt aagagccagg ccgactctgc      8460
     ttagctttga gactggataa ggttgagtgc attagggtgg gggttctagg accccttaac      8520
     tagaggcatc aaaagctgac tttagcctag tgttctcttt cccttttctt tgagttaaag      8580
     tctcatgtag cccaggctgg ccttgaactc ccgatttagc tcaggataag tttgaattcc      8640
     tgatcctctt gctgggatgg cctggatgtg gttggtacct ttgagagcag aggtggttgc      8700
     cagcagaaag cgcattcctg ggcagccctc gttcctcatt cttccctcac agaaccatgc      8760
     ctgtctgctt tgtggcttgt tcccatgtca accaactgca gggccatccc acactcagct      8820
     ccggctgcca cccccagccc tgctctatct ttcttagaat tctcaggact tcctaaggga      8880
     cactttcttg ttttcttgtt tcctgatttt acacatttta catctctctc actccctctc      8940
     tctctctctc catatatata tgtatatata tacatatata tatacatata tatatgtgtg      9000
     tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgta accaacaatc ttgtaatctc ctcttcagag      9060
     gtcagagagc agctattaga gctgcttttg tccccactat cacccagagt cactggcgat      9120
     ggggtgggtg ccggcaggct ctcgtggcat cggctttttg tgtagtgatc gtgaagctaa      9180
     gcacctttcc acgggcttct ttcagttact gattcagaca gtcctgagac agaatctcat      9240
     gtatctgaga tgaccttgat ccctgacctc tggctcccac ctgaagcact gggactcggg      9300
     gattccagca caccattccg tcaatgtttt gaactgtatg ttcagctttt tcttatgatt      9360
     tctgggaaca tgatactccg tgcaacaact taggacagaa tagatgctga aagtaccttc      9420
     tgctgtgcat tgtgggacac gcctgcactc ccagcatctg ggaggctgag gcaggaacat      9480
     tgccaaagct aaaagccatc ctatgctgcg tagtgaggct ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa      9540
     gaaaaaaaag aggcttccag ttggtcactc tccagtgaca tatacataca gttgattctc      9600
     tgaataaaat tatttagttt tggctccgaa agccactgtg gacaagtgat tgactggtcc      9660
     agcatttttt tttcttctgt cacaaaatgt ggccttgaat taaaaccatc tgtgcagaag      9720
     aggaagcaga gggcttacat gggatgaatt taggaaatgc ctagaagaaa ctcatatggt      9780
     taaggccacc gtcccacgga aaacacaggg ccacatgtgt gacttcccgt aatgtcaact      9840
     ccagtgacag tatcaatatt ggcacacgtt tctgtttcca gtgaccccca tctccttgtg      9900
     gaactccatt aactccatcc agtactgcca ggctcggggg cgaaggggag tcagaactag      9960
     gcagtactgc cttcctctcc tgtgaattac ctataatgct tggcacaaac cctcagtgtt     10020
     agcccactgc aggcatgtgg gagccaggcc aggtggagag gcaggaaaga tgaggactgt     10080
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tcaagtagta gccttcaaag aatggtccat gggaccctga     10140
     ctggaggccc tattgctagc tgtgctggta aacagaagcc ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     10200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtagaaggaa ccgctttgct gagcacaggt ctctggggct tccgttttga     10260
     ctctaaaacc ctccgtacat gttcacatga atatggaagt gaaatcctct cctacggctt     10320
     cctgtggtgt ctcaagaggt ttcacatctc cttgactact ggagcagaga gctagactcc     10380
     cggaggggac tccactcagt cccactgccg tggccacgcc catgaggggg agggtgccca     10440
     agtgaggctc tgcaggcctt ctctctaggc tacaggtagt aggctcagag atggggtcaa     10500
     gactggattc ctgcaacaga agaaaggcat accaggaaaa gagggcttgg aggctgggag     10560
     tcacttgtat tgttttggag ctgtcttaag agaaggtaaa agagatggga ctcctggagc     10620
     agacggagct ctgcaaatga gcaggtgtgt gtgggggggt gggggggtgg agtgggttgg     10680
     ggggcggagg agggtggagt aagcctttga gggggttggg gtgactgtgg ctcctctctt     10740
     cccctttttc tcagcagaag tgtcaccaac ttcggttatc tgggttcttc ccagcccagg     10800
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaggaggac     10860
     acgtccgtga gtctgtgtgt ctgtgagtgt gtgtgactgt ggggtgtatg tatggtgtat     10920
     gtatgtttgt atatgtgtat gcctatatgt gtatgtatgt atatatgcac atgtgtgtgt     10980
     gtttgtgtgt ttatgagatc aatgtaagat ttctataggc atagaagaca ctatcagttt     11040
     tgcaattcac agtccaacaa aagatgcact tgccatttaa aatctatcct attgtgtatg     11100
     aggctctggg ttgaattctt agcacaaaaa gaaaagtgca ctaagattgg ggagatggct     11160
     aggttggtaa actgcttgct gcacaattgg gagtatctga gttcaatccc caggacccac     11220
     attaaaacaa aaacatacaa tacaaacaaa acaaaacgcc acaaaaaagc ctgacatgtc     11280
     tgtgcacagc tgtggttcca ttgctgcaga ggcagaggca gaggcaggtg tgtccccggg     11340
     cttccggcta gctagcccag cctacctggc cagctccagg tcatcaagag accctgtctc     11400
     aaaaaacaac aaccaataag gtggaaggtg ttcctgtggc ctctgcacac atttgcacat     11460
     aggtgcatgc atgctgtata cacacaagca cccacacaca ggaacacctg tgcacatgtg     11520
     caaacacact caagtgtcac cagtagataa tgtcctttcc aggagaatag taggggcacc     11580
     acatctctac tatagcatct tcctaatcca gaggtcagct caacagagcg gagcatgggg     11640
     cagggcacac tcagggaagc agagactctg gaggggaaga cgcttgagct tgggcctgag     11700
     gtcagctttt gaccaagagc ttcagtagaa ctgccccaga gatgcgcgag tgcaggaaga     11760
     tagggcgtcc tggctcccaa agcagctcct acagcctagg aggaacggag gcttggtaag     11820
     cagcccagga gggaatgggg tttccaggct ggcccctgct ctctaaggtt ggattgcttt     11880
     ctgtcgtcca gtcctgctct gacacaaggc aactgtgtac actatctgta cctccttcct     11940
     tccctacagt cttgcctctg ccacctgtgt cctcctgagt gacaggacag accaggggtg     12000
     tatgtactat ctcctaggca acgtcccttt cagagaggaa gaaagttgtc tagaagtttt     12060
     ttgttttttt gttttttctt tttctttttt cttttggaag tgtgtgagat gagaaagtca     12120
     acccaggggc aggccagggt tgtatttcct ggaaatgctt cagcgatcac ccccagggac     12180
     ctcaggaaac cacctagaag gtcctgttct taaagcacag ggcacaatga ggtttaccta     12240
     ttaaccgatg atgctaggct aagtcactta gtgattggac tgacttaact acccagctaa     12300
     tctgaccact ccctttagga ccccagattt ggttgagtga gtgggtacaa aggaggggct     12360
     gagtgactcg gggccacata ggcagcaagg agcaaggggc ctgagcaaga ggtaccatat     12420
     ttacctcagt gtgtgaagat catttgccca ggctggggca ggagagaacc tgaggccctt     12480
     gcaggaggtg cccaggggcc tggccttcct gcaccttcag agagtggaac atggctgcac     12540
     tctggctgct gctgctggtc ctcagtctgc actgtatggg ggcaggtaag ataacctcct     12600
     gaaccttctc tctcctgctc ctgtttgggt aaaacatgtt catttttgct agctaacagg     12660
     tctgagtgcc ccagagtagc cagtctccag actatggcat tcctccagcc ctgtgcactg     12720
     tattttacag caattttaat aatgagccat tctcatagac tgtgtgaagg atgtccctgt     12780
     ggggacgtag gttaggactg ggtactgctg ggtcctggtt cctaacatgg tgcctggcat     12840
     gacataagtg ttctgtggta tcaaagtcaa gaatatttcc agcacagagc aagactgact     12900
     acttcttgac tctgtttctt tctctcctgt ccccttccct cctcctgttg gtctgtttgt     12960
     ctgtctgtct atctatctgt ctgactgtag tctgtctgtt tctttctcat tggagacagt     13020
     cacgctctat agccagactt gccttaaact catggcaatc ctcctgcctc agtgctggga     13080
     tcacaagtat gccaaccaca ttactctatg tccctgtcaa tagtgaggtg ctctgcaggt     13140
     ctgttttggg gtagacagcc atgcatgcca cacaggaatc ttgggttgtc ctcccttgtc     13200
     atccagtctc acatacagaa gcgctaattg ttttcagcct tgtgcacatg agcctcaagc     13260
     tcgtcccaaa cctatgccct gccagatgtg gaagtctatc acaccatatg attttggtag     13320
     aagagtggaa ttagcttgaa aatgcctttt ctgagttttg tttggttggc tgttgttagg     13380
     aaagccgggt atactaagtt atttaaattt gttaccttaa gaccttagac cactgcaggt     13440
     ggaaagcaac agcctgattt agtgtcagag ccttggggag gtggctcagc aatgaagaga     13500
     actgggtgac tctgctgagg acccaggttc aattcccagc actcacatca agcacaagag     13560
     ggaagcccca ggattaccgc gacttctgcc cagcttggct gagttagagc cccttggctt     13620
     ggaaaatgga gaaggcacag cgtctgtgca aatagaccgt tattgttcat ttactgcaag     13680
     agtttaaaaa catttctctc tcctgcttct ctgtttctgt ctgtctgtat ttctttgcct     13740
     atctccctgt ctctgtctct tgtctctctc tttctctttc tgtctctcta tctctgtctc     13800
     tatctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg catgagcgtg tgtgcactct catccgtgct     13860
     tgtctgtgtg tgcaccacat ctatgtagtg tctgatgagg ccaaaagggt ctcagactct     13920
     ctggaactgg ggatagaggg agccattggg ggtaggtgct gtagttggaa acctcaactt     13980
     ctgcaagcaa catatacgtt taacatccag ccacatctct aacaccatga ggaatatttt     14040
     aaagaacaaa gggttcatag gaagacagcc aggcagagct caggtgcagt agcttctgcc     14100
     cccaaaaggt aggtgtgccg atccccacca tatgaatgtg ttcaccgact gggaaggtct     14160
     caggacccca caacctgaga tctttaggct tcatcaagta gacaggattt tttttttttt     14220
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc     14280
     tgtcctggta ctcactttgt agaccaggtt ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct     14340
     gcctccgggg tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc gccaccacac ctggctgaca ggatttattt     14400
     ttaatccagt ctccagtccc ctccctgctg ctccagattt gagatttaag tctcaggctc     14460
     ctaaagatgg ctccatcttt ccactgaaag gccccacccc agggttctgc caaaattgac     14520
     ctcattagaa caagggactc catggtcact cagtttcaag ggtttcagag ctctgggtga     14580
     ggaaccaagt aaaagactag atattagggc agaaaatgca tctactcccc tccccccacc     14640
     ataattagtt ataagggttt taggaacttt gtgttaggat ctatgaatgg gcagaggcca     14700
     tctttgcaat cctgccatgc agactctgac ttgccttcct tcctttctgt gacatcttcc     14760
     cccaggtggc tttgtggctc atgtggaaag cacgtgcgtg ctgaatgatg ctgggacccc     14820
     acaggacttc acatactgtg tttccttcaa caaagatctg ctggcctgct gggatccaga     14880
     tgtgggaaaa atagtcccct gtgaatttgg ggtgctgtct agattggctg aaataatttc     14940
     aaatatcctc aacgaacagg agagccttat tcatcgcttg caaaacgggc ttcaggactg     15000
     tgccacccac acccaacctt tctgggatgt gctgacccac agaacgagtg agcagagggg     15060
     cagtctggga gcacagccag gagggcagag gacaaggaga tgcgtgagca acaaaggggt     15120
     tgatacctgg gcaggaagag acagtgtgga cctggaagag gcagcaggac atggagggag     15180
     cagtgtggta atggggtcgg actggaggaa gaggatgtag tgagaaggaa ttgatgagga     15240
     ccagaagcag aagccaaaca tgtcagaagc cagaagtcca ccaatgactt tccccattcc     15300
     tgtctcttct ttttatttat tttaattaga tatttcttcc cattactggg gactgaactc     15360
     aggaccctgc acatgcccgg caagcacttt accagtgtgt atgtcctagg tccatttcta     15420
     ctatgtgttc tgaggcagga tttcccaaag ttgccaaagc tggctttgaa cttgtaactc     15480
     ttgtttgggt tgcagtcaac taggatcaca ggtttgggtc cccagcctgg cttatccttg     15540
     tattttttgc tcagattttg ctgtttcata tttagaagta atcccctttc aatgtgtggc     15600
     tgcagacagt tttgaaagga tgaaatgaga cttccttacc aaccataact gcttctccca     15660
     tgcaggagcg ccatctgtcc gagtagccca aaccacacct tttaacacaa gggagcccgt     15720
     gatgctggcc tgctacgtct ggggcttcta tccagcggat gtgaccatca catggatgaa     15780
     gaatgggcag cttgtccctt cccacagcaa caaggagaag acggctcagc ccaatggaga     15840
     ctggacatac cagacagtct cctacctagc cctaacccct tcctacgggg acgtctacac     15900
     ctgcgtggtt cagcacagcg ggacctctga gcccatccgc ggggactgga gtaagtgtgt     15960
     gggaactcgg actttggtgg ttgggaaggg acatggatat tttggctgag gtagtgagac     16020
     gtgcaccggt gcgtggtcca tgtaagagaa ggggatgctg ggaccggaag tgagtctgga     16080
     ggagcctgtt aagggttagc agtgttggtt cccgactaaa ggtcatgcct ttgcttggca     16140
     gttgtgctgg gatgtctgtg tgagcaaggg agagcaacct gattgtcacc caaaatgtgt     16200
     gcagatttga taacatttct ggaacaagtt ctctgtgtta gttctcctaa tacctagcca     16260
     tcttgtcagg ccagatctag taattgagaa aataaagtag acagaagagg aaaggggcag     16320
     gctttcctct tggtacgggg ctgcactgaa tttgggtggc tttttgagta taatgggatc     16380
     gtgcagccat gactgcaaga cacacttatg ggcctgtgaa ggggcttatc aatagggacc     16440
     tcactgaacc caggactagt taaaggtaac atatgtggta cacaccagtt tggaaatgac     16500
     tgaaaagaga ggaagaaaga agaggaaagg gcagcttgga agagcaggaa gcagggtcct     16560
     caggctgctg aggcaaggac tcctctgtgg ggagtgctgt gtctgctgtt ggttctagtg     16620
     agtctctggg aggggatggt gtcctggtta ggatttctat tgctgtgatg aaacaccatg     16680
     accaggaaca gactagggag aaagtattta tttggcttac accatcacat catgatccat     16740
     tgttgaaggc agtcaggaca ggaactcaag cagggcagga acctaaatgc aggagctgat     16800
     gcagaggcca ccaaggggtg cttcttactg gcttgcccca tgtggcttgc tcacctgggt     16860
     ttcttgtaga actcaggacc atgaacccat gggtggccct ccccacaatg ggctgggacc     16920
     tcccccatca atcactactt aagaaaatac cctatgctga aggcttgcct cagcctgacc     16980
     tcatggaagc attttctcaa ttgaggttcc catctctgaa atgattccag cctaggtcaa     17040
     actgacacaa aactaggtag cacagagggg aacaagaaga gtgtggaaca cgtctgtgcc     17100
     cttgagctgt gcagggtagg actcctttgt agggcacacg aggggggctc ctttggtgag     17160
     ggagctctct tgatgttggg gttagaatgc agatgggata tagctccaag caggaacagc     17220
     tctggcatgt gggatagtga agggctgaag tgtggaatgg aagcaaattc tgaaagaaga     17280
     cacgggcagt gaggctctgg gggactcata ctgtggaact ttgagggcct ggaaagaaga     17340
     cattttaata ggaagctgtt cagagctgag gtgtgagtca gccctgccac agggagtgag     17400
     gaatccctgg tggctggggc cagtgcccct ggatggagaa ccacagagac tgccttgaga     17460
     ggccccacta ggctggggga aaacagaaac tgggtggtaa ccataggaag acagtttccc     17520
     ctgttctagt agtgaatggt gtggttgact cttcttgttg caggctccct gggaccaagc     17580
     tgtagatatt aattttaaga cctctttgat tactttgtag cacctgggct gtcccccatc     17640
     cagacagtga aggtctctgt gtctgcagcc accctgggcc tgggcttcat catcttctgt     17700
     gttggcttct tcagatggcg caagtctcat tcctccagtg agtgatcccc tgaacattct     17760
     gcagtcctcc ctggtcctcc tctttctccc agtctctctt gctttctgtc tgggttgatt     17820
     ctctcatttg aactcccaac ttctgtggtg aggaacctcc ttcatccaca ggggctggaa     17880
     taatgatgtc tcttcttctt ctaggctaca ctcctctccc cggatccacc tacccagaag     17940
     gtaacatttg tcttgggctt tgtgctcagt cgtcctcggg aggggtaggg tatatgttca     18000
     taatattgct tgcttatgat aagcagctta tagcctgttt aggtaggctg gaggtagctc     18060
     ctttgtcttg gtcattggtt gctgggcatt tgttttgcat taccagtgtt tgtggtctct     18120
     ggtgctgggt ggttatggac acaggtggtc gggtgttttg cagaccattc tcactgcctg     18180
     attctggttg cttctgcagg acggcactag aaagcagaac ccagaaccaa ggagattcag     18240
     actcctgagg attccttcat gcccccaata tcttcaggac accccatttt cttgtgtcat     18300
     actgcctcta ttcagtttcc cttcccaatg taattttttt tttgtttttt gtttttttga     18360
     gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc     18420
     ctcaaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tccagagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtacgcc     18480
     accatgcccg gcttccgatg tgtaacagct tgggaggtat tcataatgaa gtctgtctca     18540
     ggtgttttct gaagtgagct gatctaagga gggggttcaa ggtcttctga gagcccctcc     18600
     ttgtcacaag ggcaccgtgt cataggtggt cactaagaaa taaactggtg gaattcctgg     18660
     cttcccccaa gcttgtgtct ggttgtggca gagcgggatg aagttgaacc ttccctgtga     18720
     catagcctgt ggcccctaca ggtctcccag ctacatgaag catacctggg gcgggttttg     18780
     taagtataac tcgagggaag aaattgagct gtagtgagat ggagctgtcc tgtgaggcgg     18840
     agggaggggc tcagctcagc ttagaagagg catttttaga ctgcatttta ttttcatatg     18900
     tgtatgtgtg tgtctatgtg tgcatgtcca tgtgtctgtg tgtctgtgag tgtgtgtgag     18960
     tgtgcatgca tgtatggtgg atatgtgaat gtgtgtatgt gtacatatgt gtgtattatg     19020
     tgtgtgtgtt tatgtgccca atttaagatt acaatatacc tagaggacac tatcagttgt     19080
     gcagttcaca gtctgagaaa acaggcaatt gccatttaaa atcttagcac aaaaagaaaa     19140
     gtacactaag atctgggaga tggctcagtt ggtaaagtgc ttgctgcaca aatgggagtg     19200
     tctgagttta ttccccggga cccacattaa aacgaaaaca tacaacacaa acaaaacaaa     19260
     acaaccacat aaaacctcaa catgtctgtg cacagctgtg gttccattgc tgcagaggca     19320
     gaggcagagg caggtgtgtc cccgggcttc ccggctagct agtccagcct acctggccag     19380
     ctccaggtca tcaagagacc ccgtctcaaa caacaacaac caataaggtg gaaggtgtac     19440
     cagtggcctc tgcccatatt tgcacatagg tgcatgcatg ccatatacac acaagcaccc     19500
     acacacagga atacctgtgc acatgtgcaa acacgctcaa gtgtcatcag ttgattatgt     19560
     cctttccagg agaatagtag gggcaccaca tctctactat agcatcttcc taatccagag     19620
     gtcagctcaa cagagcggag catggggcag ggcacactca gggaagcaga gactctggag     19680
     gggaagacac ttgagcttgg gcctgaggtc agcttttgac caagagcttc agtggaactg     19740
     ccccagagat gcgcgagtgc aggaagatag ggcgtcctgg ctcccaaagc agctcctaca     19800
     gcctaggagg aacggaggct tggtaagcag cccaggaggg aatggggttt ccaggctggc     19860
     ccctgctctc taaggttgga ttgctttctg tcgtccagtc ctgctctgac acaggcaact     19920
     gtgtacacta tctgtacctc cttcctttct tacggtcttg cctctgccac ctgtgtcctc     19980
     ctgagtgaca ggacagacca ggggtgtatg cactatctcc taggcaacgt cccttttgga     20040
     gaggaagata gttttctcga agtggttttt ttttttttag aactatgtga gcggagaaag     20100
     tcaatccaga ggcaggagag ggttggaaac agtggaaatt cctcagtgac taccacaggg     20160
     acctcaggaa gatcctgttc ttaaggcctt gggcacaatg aggtttacct agtaactgat     20220
     gatgctaggc tgattcactc agtgattggt ctgacctgcc tacccaacta atctgaccac     20280
     tccctttagg ttccgggatt tggttgagtt actgggtaca agtttaggat ctcaggaggg     20340
     gctgagtgac ttggcgccac ataagcagca aggagcaagg ggcctgagca agaggtacca     20400
     tatttacctc agtgtgtgaa gatcatttgt ccaggctggg gcaggagaga acctgaggcc     20460
     cctgcaggag gtgcccaggg gcctggcctt cctgcacctt cagagagtga aacatggctg     20520
     cactctggct gctgctgctg gtcctcagtc tggactgtat gggggcaggt aaggtaacct     20580
     cctgaacctt ctctgtcctg ctcctgtttg ggtaaaacat gttcattttt gctagctagc     20640
     aggtctgagt gccccagagt agccagtctc cagactatgg cattcctccg cattcctcca     20700
     gccctgtgca ctgtatttta cagcaatttt aataatgagc cattctcata gactgtgtga     20760
     aggatgtccc tgtggggacg taggatagga ctgggtactg ctgggtcctg gttcctaaca     20820
     tgatgcctgg catgtcataa gtgttctgtg gcatcgaagt caaggatatt tccagcacag     20880
     agcaagactg actacttctt gactctgttt ctttctctcc tgtcccttct cttccccttc     20940
     ccttttgtct gtctgtctgt ttgcctgcct gtctgtctgt ctgtttctaa ttcgagacag     21000
     tcctgctcta tatccagaaa agccttaaac tcatggcaat cctcctgcct cagtgctggg     21060
     atcacaagtg tgccaactgc attaccctta tgtcattgtt aataaccgga tgctcgccag     21120
     gtctgttttg gggtagacaa ccatgcatgc ctcatgggaa ttttgggctg ttcctccctt     21180
     gtcatccagt ctcacataca aaaggaacag tgctaattgt tttcaacctt gtgcacatga     21240
     gcctcaagct catcccaaac ctatgccctg ccagatgtgg aagtcaatca cgtcggatga     21300
     tattggtaga agagtgggat taactttaaa atgccttttc tgtgttttgt ttggttggct     21360
     gttgttgtgt taggaaagcc tgaaaaactg agttatttaa atttgttatc ttaaaacctt     21420
     agaccactgc aagtggaaag caacagcctg atttagtgtc agagccttgg ggaggtggct     21480
     cagcaatgaa gagaactggg tgattctgaa gaggacccag gttcaattcc cagcacccac     21540
     atcaaggaca agtgggaagt cccaggatta ccatgacttc tgcccagctt ggctgagtta     21600
     gagccccttg gcttggaaaa tggagagggc acagcgtctg tgcaaataga ccattattgt     21660
     tcatttactg caagagttta aaaacatttc tctctcctgc ttctctgttt ctgtttgtct     21720
     gtatgtctct ctctttctct ttctttctgt ctctctcact ctctttctct gtttctctct     21780
     gtctctctct ctctctgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatgagc gtgtgtgcac tctcatccgt     21840
     gcttgtctga atgtgcacca catctatgta gtgtctgatg aggccagaag tgactcagac     21900
     tctctggaac tggggttatg gggagccatt gggaataggt gctctagttg gaaccctggt     21960
     cttctgcaag agcaacataa ttttaaacat ccagccacat ctctaacacc atgaggaata     22020
     ttttaaagaa caaagggttc ataggaagaa agccaggcag agttcaggtg cagtagcttc     22080
     tgctccccag gaggtgtgtg tgccgatccc caccatatga atgtgttcac cgactgggat     22140
     ggtctctggg ccccataacc tgagattttt aggcttcatc aaatagacag gatttatttt     22200
     taatccagac tccagtccct tccctgctgc tccagatttg agatttaaac tcaggctcct     22260
     aaagatggtt ccatctttcc tctgacaggg ttctgccaaa actgacctta ttagaacaag     22320
     ggactccatg gtcactcagt tacaagggtt tcagagctct gggtgaggaa ccaagttaaa     22380
     gactagatat tagggcagaa aatgcatcta ctcccctccc cccaccataa gtagtcataa     22440
     gggttttagg aactttgtgt taggatctat gaatgggcag aggccatctt tgcaatcctg     22500
     ccatgcagac tctgacctgc cttcccttct ctggcccctt cccccaggtg gctttgtggc     22560
     tcatgtggaa agcacgtgcg tgctggatga tgctgggacc ccacaggact tcacatactg     22620
     tgtttccttc aacaaagatc tgctggcctg ctgggatcca gatgtgggaa aaatagtccc     22680
     ctgtgaattt ggggtgctgt atccatgggc cgaaaatttt tcaaggatcc tcaacaaaga     22740
     agagagcctt ctccagcgtt tgcaaaacgg gcttctggac tgtgcctccc acacccagcc     22800
     cttctggaat gcgctgaccc acagaacgag tgagcagagg ggcagtctgg gagcacagcc     22860
     aggagggcag tggacaagga gatgcttgag caacaaaggg gttaatacct gggcaggaag     22920
     agacagtgtg gacttgcaag aggcagcagg acatggaggg agcagtgtgg taatggggac     22980
     agactggagg aagaggatgt agtgagaagg aattgactag gaccagaagc agaagccaag     23040
     catgtcaggg tagagatcct agccagaagt ccaccaatga ctttccccat tcctggctgt     23100
     tctttttatt tattttaatt agatatttct tcccattact ggggactgaa cccaggaccc     23160
     tgcacatgcc tggcaagcac tttaccagtg tgtatgtcct aggtccattt ctactatgtg     23220
     ttctgaggca ggatttccca aagttgccaa agctggcctt gaacttgtaa ctcttgtttc     23280
     agtgttgcag ccagctggaa ttgcaggctt gggtctccaa gcctgttgct gttttattag     23340
     ctcagatttt gttgttccat atttagaagg gatgcagggt gtggggagat ctgcagtgct     23400
     ccagggactc cagtaaagtt tctcttcctc tggacacctt tgcatagaga atcgctcatg     23460
     gaactgctta aagctggtaa cgttgtataa actttgaaga tctccatagg tcagagtgtc     23520
     aggtgtgtca taagatacag tttctcagcc acctttcagc atcacctgct caaggtgctt     23580
     actgaagatg caagttcctg ggtaccactc tagacaggga gaaaatacct ttagtgaagc     23640
     ctagagagac tgtatttttt tttaaaaaag atttatttat ttacatatgt aatgcatatg     23700
     agtacactgc cactttctcc agatacagca gaagagggca tcagatcccg ttatagatgg     23760
     ttatgagcca ctatgtggtc gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcggt     23820
     gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc caagagtctg tattttaaca taatttcttg     23880
     cattttctct taaaatctta cactgataga ggagagcagg aggatctctt gcgggggtgg     23940
     gggcggggcg gggcgggata agctagcaga aaatggagtc ttagtaatct catcttcagg     24000
     catggtggta cagacctgta atgccagcac ttgggaagag gtaggagact aggagttagg     24060
     accatcacca gcctcagagg agtgtgggct atatgagagc acatcttaga aaacacacaa     24120
     gcatggggcc atgcaggata agcacagata ctatgcagac agttcaaggc tcagatgggg     24180
     catttcccaa ttgtgataaa aaatgacttt ggagaagaaa agaaagaggt tatgagatat     24240
     taagaggaag cctgagaggc aggagtgagt tctgtttccc ttttcaatgt gtggctgcag     24300
     acagttttga aaggatgaaa tgagacttcc ttaccaacca taactgcttc tcccatgcag     24360
     gagcgccatc tgtccgagta gcccaaacca caccttttaa cacaagggag ccggtgatgc     24420
     tggcctgcta cgtctggggc ttctatccag cggatgtgac catcacatgg atgaagaatg     24480
     ggcagcttgt cccttcccac agcaacaagg agaagacggc tcagcccaat ggagactgga     24540
     cataccagac agtctcctac ctagccctaa ccccttccta cggggacgtc tacacctgcg     24600
     tggttcagca cagcgggacc tctgagccca tccgagggga ctggagtaag tgtgtgggaa     24660
     ctcggacttt ggtggttggg aagggacatg gatattttgg ctgaggtagt gagacgtgca     24720
     ccggtgcgtg gtccatgtaa gagaagggga tgctgggacc ggaagtgagt cttgaggagc     24780
     ctgttgaggg ttagcagcgt tggttcccga ctaaaggtca tgcctttgct tggcagttgt     24840
     gctgggatgt ctgtgtgagc aagggagagc aacctgattg tcacccaaaa tgtgtgcaga     24900
     tctgataaca tttctggaac aagcccctgg agttctctgt gttagttctc ctaataccca     24960
     gccatcttgt caggccagca ctgggaacta aaataaaaaa aaaaaaagaa gaggaagaag     25020
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag     25080
     gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaagaagaag     25140
     aagacagaga ggaaagggac aggcttttct cttggtacag ggctgcactg aatttgggtg     25200
     gctttttgag tataatggga tcgtgcagcc atgactgcaa gacacactta tgggcctgtg     25260
     aaggggctaa tcaataggga cctcactgaa cccaggacta gttaaaggta acatatgtgg     25320
     tacacaccag tttggagatg actgaaaaga gaggaagaaa gaagaggaaa gggcagcttg     25380
     gaagagcagg aagcagggtc ctcaggctgc tgaggcaagg actcctctgt ggggagtgct     25440
     gtgtctgctg ttggttcaag tgagtctctg ggaggggatg gtgtcctggt taggatttct     25500
     attgctgtga tgaaacacca tgaccaagaa cagattaggg agaaagtatt tatttggctt     25560
     acaccatcat atcatgatcc attgttgaag gcagtcagga caggaactca agcagggcag     25620
     gaacctaaat gcaggagctg atgcagaggc caccaagggg tgcttcttac tggcttgccc     25680
     catgtggctt gctcacctgg gtttcttata gaacccagga caatgagccc agggttgacc     25740
     ctccccacaa tgggctggga cctcccccat caatcactac ttaagaaaat accctatgct     25800
     gaaggcttgc ctcagcctga tctcatggaa gcattttctc aattgaggtt cccatctctg     25860
     aaatgattcc agcctaggtc aaactgacac aaaactaggt agcacagagg ggaacaagaa     25920
     gagtgtggaa cacgtctgtg cccttgagct gtgcagggta ggacttcttt gtagggcaca     25980
     cgaaggctcc tttggtgagg gtgctctctt gaggttgggg ttagaatgca gatgggatat     26040
     agctccaagc aggaacagct ctggcatgtg tgatagtgaa gggctgaagt gtggaatgga     26100
     acaatttctg aagggagaca tgggcagtga gcctctgggg gactcatact gtggaacttt     26160
     gaaggcctgg aaagaagaca ttttaatagg aagcttctca gagctgaggt gtgagtcagc     26220
     cctgtcacag ggagtgagga atccctggtg gctggggccg gtgcccctgg atggagaacc     26280
     acagagactg ccttgagagg ccccactagg ctgggggaaa gcagaaactg ggtggtaacc     26340
     ataggaagac agtttcccct gttctagtag tgaatggtgt ggttgactct tcttgttgca     26400
     ggctccctgg gaccaagctg tagatattaa ttttaagacc tctttgatta ctttgtagca     26460
     cctgggctgt cccccatcca gacagtgaag gtctctgtgt ctgcagccac cctgggcctg     26520
     ggcttcatca tcttctgtgt tggcttcttc agatggcgca agtctcattc ctccagtgag     26580
     tgatctccta aacattctgc agtcctccct ggtcctcctc tttctcccag tctctcttgc     26640
     tttctgtctg aagtttattc tctcatttga acttgcaact tctgtggtga ggaacctcct     26700
     tcatccacag gggctggaat aatgatgtct cttcctcttc taggctacac tcctctctct     26760
     ggatccacct acccggaagg taacatttgt cttgggcttt gtgctcagtc gtcctcggga     26820
     ggggtggggt atatgttcat aatattgctt gcttatgata agcagcttat agcctgttta     26880
     ggtaggctgg aggtagctcc tttgtcttgg tcattggttg ctgggcattt gttttgcatt     26940
     accggtgtct gtgggctctg gtgctgggtg gtcatggacc caggtggtcg ggtgtgttga     27000
     agcactatgt attctcactg cctgattctg gttgcttctg caggacagca ttagagagca     27060
     gaacccggaa ccaaggagat tcagactcct gaggattcct taatgcccca acatcttcag     27120
     gacaccccac tttcttgtgt catactgcct ctattcaggt ccccttcctg aaataaatat     27180
     tagtagtttg ggggggtatt tataatgaag tctgtcccag gtgggggagc tgaggtgagc     27240
     tgaaatgagg tgggggttca aggcctcctg agagcccctc cttgtcacga gggcaccgtg     27300
     tcttaggtga tcactaagaa ataaactggt ggacttttga tttctcccaa gtttgtcctg     27360
     ggttttgggg gagggactgt ggcaaagcgt ggctgaagtt gatctttttc tgtgacatag     27420
     cctgtgccac cccgaggttt ccatctccct gaagcagacc tgggggcagc ttttgaaagt     27480
     gtaactcgag ggaagaaatt gacctgtagg gaggtggagc tgccctgtga ggaagaggga     27540
     tgctcttagc tcagctcaga agaggacttt agagacgcca ttttatctgc atgtgtgtgc     27600
     ctgtgtgtgt ttgtgtattt gcacatgtct gtgagcacac gcacatgccc atgtgagagt     27660
     gcttgccaga gcatacatgt agagatcaga gacagtttgc aggagtggtt tctctcccac     27720
     tgtgagggtt ctaggagctg agctcagggt gtcggcttgg cagcaggtgc ctttgcttag     27780
     tgacccacct tgtcagcccc taagtgatct catgagggat gatgaattca tagctgcaaa     27840
     gagcctcgac cacacccaga atcccgtgag cccactgtag tcatctttgc tgctatttct     27900
     taatgctcag gttgtttctt tcccagtgtt agtgggcgag ggaagacagg ggtccaacat     27960
     ttgatatttg tattgcctct catctctcaa ggactccatg aagaacagac ctagagagtg     28020
     aggtctgaag gactgagtca cttgtcagag gcctaaggat aaattcgcct tggggtgtgt     28080
     ttacctgata gaagtcagaa gcttattctg aaaaccgtcc atgtgatcca ttttggaaag     28140
     ttaccctcct gttcctgtct atcccaaacc caagcaatct gacctgctgg ggagattatg     28200
     aggggacctc tggtgacaag tggagacaca gtcaggtgta gagagttggt ccacggaatt     28260
     gcttttggga ttagagttgg gaagtcaaca gccagcaaga gaaagaaacc tgtggccggg     28320
     gagctctgct ggccaagggc actggccgct ctttcagagg acctgggttc aatgcacaga     28380
     ccttgcaagc aaaatacaca aataaattaa taacaaaaat caagaagaag aaacctaagg     28440
     cacaacaaga aatagataag acagggagga gtttaacaca acaggatcgt ggagggagag     28500
     cgagcaatgg gttgtggaca cgtttgtatg tgggctcctg caggggagct cttaaggcca     28560
     cggtctgata agccaggggt tagaagagtt gtggactctt accgtggcag gtctgggtgg     28620
     atgggaggga ggtcaaggga ctggacccct ctgctgtaga tggtttctat gaatatgggt     28680
     ttggacgagg gtgggcatag acctcatcat aaaacttgac actcaaaacc actgtgtttt     28740
     cctgaacaat gatctccagg ttggccacag ttttctcaaa ggagaatcct gaggttaggg     28800
     catgactgct catcttggaa aagatggaga aatcaaggga aggggagaat gctcagtaat     28860
     tggaatggaa tctgggttaa gacagagaag tgacatatgc tgggggaggt gggaattgaa     28920
     ccctggtccc atgggagagc agccagtgct cttaactact gagcagtctc tccagcacgg     28980
     actctttgct atgagacatc cttgcattac tcaacaagtc tatcagatcg ttggcttcat     29040
     ttacttcacg ttcactcagg tgttgtatgt acttgtaaag tatctctccg ctggtgaaac     29100
     gagccagatt agattatact aaacgcaggt ttattgggaa gctgctcttg gatgagttca     29160
     ctgtcaagga cgaaggccag ggaaatcaga gagaggagag gggaagagaa agactgcaca     29220
     gggagagaaa gaaggcaaag aggggaagga ccgagagaga aagagagaga gaggggggga     29280
     gagagaggga gagagaggga aaggggtagt cccacccctg ggttgaaagt tggggcggga     29340
     tatgccaggt agggactgag ggatgctggg agaatgggcg ggcaggtctg ctttgatatg     29400
     taaaatatgc acctcagccc cttgttctgg ggtctgaaac caaacataca ctttttgtgg     29460
     tatagatatg tgatgtagat ataccttgct ttcttgtgtt tccttgtttt ctttgtgatg     29520
     cagatccgac acaggcgggg cccatggtgt gttccacagt cttttctgga gttccgcttc     29580
     tatgcgaggt ttccaaagct ggtttctgtt ttcattgatc tctttcagag ctctgattgc     29640
     tttgctattt cttttttatt cttttaagaa gtatttattt attttattta gtacactgtc     29700
     tctgagacac atctgaagag agattggatc caattacaaa tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg     29760
     gttgttggga tttgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta accgctgagc     29820
     caactcttca gcccctgctt tttattctca tcttttcatt tcctccctcc tttggcctgt     29880
     gcagccagtc cctcttcacc tgtgttccgc tcaggtggtc atggttcctg agaagtgtat     29940
     ttaaaggcgc catttccctt tgagatctgt ttccacagaa cctgctacat tgtctgtctg     30000
     tccctcccac ccgcaacaag ccccacatct aacggcaaca aagttaccct aaattctcat     30060
     agaagtgttt cagtttttat tcatttctaa gcatttcttt tactgtttgt agttgaactt     30120
     ttgacttaga aataacttta aacttgtaga aagattgtaa caattccaag aaatcttgag     30180
     ctgaggtgag gctcagtggt agggtgcttg ctggtgggca gctgctgcct caagaaaaag     30240
     aaacctgtgg cgggagagct ctgctggcta agagcactgg ctgctctttc agcacataca     30300
     caccaactca cacagaccca cacagagaca cagacacaca gacacacaga gagacagaca     30360
     cagacacaca cagacacaca gagagacaga cacacacaga cacacacaga cacacacaca     30420
     cacacagaca cacacacaca gacacacaca ccttatatac acattatcca ggttcaaatt     30480
     ctcattattt tgccttactt gtaaaaattg ttttattttg tttgtttgtt cgggtgtttt     30540
     ttgttttttt ttgtttgttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt ggcttttcga gacagggttt     30600
     ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca     30660
     gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc accaccgcct     30720
     gatgtaaaaa ttgttttagc cagtcatggg gacacatacc tttaatatca gcacttgaga     30780
     ggcagaggct ggcagatctc tgtgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctataga gtggattcca     30840
     ggccagccag agctacataa ataaatgaaa taaaaattgt ttttaaaggt ttattttcgg     30900
     gctggtgaga tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cctgactgct cttccgaagg tccagagttc     30960
     aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tgactcacaa ccatctgtaa cgagatctga ctccttcttc     31020
     tggagtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtctt acatataata aataaataaa tcttaagaaa     31080
     aaaggtttat tttctgttat gcgtatgaat gtttaggctg catgtatgtc tgtgtaccac     31140
     ccgcccatgg aaaccagaat gtgctggatc cgctgcagct ggcctttgag atggttgtga     31200
     gccgccatgt gtgtgctgag aattgaactc caatcctctg caagaggaac cagtgctctt     31260
     aaccactgag ccgcctctcc accccccatt ttcctttgct taatttcttt taaaggcagc     31320
     atttaaaaat tattttatca gtttgtgtgg gtgggtgttt tacctaaatg tttgtgcacc     31380
     acctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tgacctgaga ggcaaagagg     31440
     gcatagtgcc cctggaacag gagttgtgaa ccactgtcag tgtgggtgtc aggaacagaa     31500
     tgtgggtgtt tttaactgct gaactatctc tctaacccca caataaagac tttttgtctg     31560
     tctgtctgtc tccttgtggt gtatggaacg atgtgtacat gtgtgggcgt tgcagaggcc     31620
     agaggagggt atctggtgcc ctctcttatc ctccacttat tccttctgag gcagcgtctc     31680
     cctgaggtca cattttgcca gcttgactgg actccagcag gccccagcag tcctccccgt     31740
     caggcctgca tgggatgcct gcctggttcc atgaggcctg ggacccaaac cctgttcctc     31800
     ctgttgcaca gcaagcacgc ggcgccacct ctgggccatt gctccagtct cagtgaagga     31860
     ccttatttct tcccctctct ccctaacctc ccgcccttca gtctggcatc ccgcatttca     31920
     gcaacctttc ctgtctttgt ggaagatttc agtctgtgag ggtctctcag tttatttttt     31980
     atggaggctt tattaataag ttatgtaact tattaatata atataagtta tataataaaa     32040
     gttatataac ttcaccgggt taatacttaa tgttttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     32100
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcttc cttcctttcc gtctttcata ctagggttca     32160
     aacttagggc tctccacatg ctggataaac cgtttcacgc agtgccattt attctgttgg     32220
     ctgtgataaa acaccataac aagaggaagc ttagggaaga aagcttgctt gggcttgagg     32280
     ttccaaaggg ttagagccca ttgacaggga agccacagcc tttggctaca gcaggaagct     32340
     ggctggttac tttccatcga caaacaggaa gtagagaaca caggcaagat atgggacagg     32400
     gcgatacaac ctcaaaaccc atccctgtgg cacacttcct ccagcaaggt gccgtctcct     32460
     gaaggatcta taacccccag gaccaagcat tcaaacactg gagcctgggg aggaaggagg     32520
     gggtcatgac ttatgtggac cacactgagc tacaacccaa ggccctttat attttatttg     32580
     atatgtttac agtttttatt ttgtgtgtat gagtgtttgc ctgcctgaat gcatgtatgg     32640
     ctgtgcctgg tgccccctgg aggctagaga ggatactgga tcccctggaa ctggagttag     32700
     agatggttgt gagctgccat ctgggtgctg ggaacggaac ctgggtcctc tagaagagtt     32760
     accagtgctc ttatccatag agccatctct ccagccccct tatcattttt tgaggcaggg     32820
     gctcacatag cccaggctga ccttgaacca atgtagccaa gggtgaccta gaattcccca     32880
     tccttctgcc tctccactcc tgtgacacca tcccctgctg tctatgtttt agtgagaccc     32940
     tgtctcacta gagaagctag tgtcagaaat gagttgggca ggcgctgtct cttcaggtgg     33000
     atgttggtaa attccttctg agcctggacc tccctttggc ttagtggatg gttggtggta     33060
     ggtctactct gagctggatt tctggatgct ctcttttgtc ctcagaacca tcacccttgc     33120
     ttgttgcaac cttgtttcct ttccgcttag ggattttctc agcaccacat gaagacacca     33180
     ggtttttggt ggcattaacc cattgctggc ttaggaggaa ccttatttgg cttagctggg     33240
     agggaagata cacttaagaa gccattgccc agcatcttgg gccccttcat gtaaatgaat     33300
     agaataaatt taagaaacag ggggaggctg acctcagtgt gacaccctgg ggagctactt     33360
     ccaggagcag cacatacatc taatgtaaac acaaacccca cccgatagca tggagggctg     33420
     tgggaacaga gattcaacaa gggggaaatg cttgcgtggg caaacacttt ttggtgctct     33480
     gtagaccagg ctagccctag tgtaggaact aaaggtctat gccatcactc ctggctcata     33540
     tgtatcttgg attttttttt tcttaatgtt aaaaggcttt tacaaggtaa gcatccttgt     33600
     ggtatatttt cttatgtggt aaagattccg atcttgaggc ctggagtgtt ccgtcctgct     33660
     gttgaccaca gttctgttgc taacgcaaac ctcctacttt atccaaacca agtctttatg     33720
     cttgaaaata ctcgacctct caccatctct tcaaaggtct ctcctactgt ccaggataat     33780
     ttggcttaaa acgtctccag attttagacg gacagagacc tattttgaag ctaccccagg     33840
     gagtcctcag ggagggtgtc ttagttaggg ttttactgct gtgaacagac accatgaccc     33900
     aggcaagtct tataaaaaca acatttaatt ggggctggct tacaggttca gaggttcagt     33960
     caattatcat caaggtggga gcatggcagc atccaggctg tcatggcgag ggaaagagct     34020
     tagagtttta cgtcttcatc caaaggctgc tagtggaaga ctgacttcca ggcaactggg     34080
     gcgagagtct taagcccaca cccacagtga cacacctact ccaaccatgc cacacctcca     34140
     aatggtgcca ccccctggtc caagaatata caaatcatca cagagggtaa cttgactaaa     34200
     actcctagaa ccaaaactaa taattcccac taggaaaatc ccattattaa cgatgtctag     34260
     tctattggat cacattgttc ctattgatgt caatagtgtt aaggtaaccc actctctatc     34320
     actggagcta aaggctctgg aacttgagga caaggtcaga cattgtcttc catggagtaa     34380
     ctattgagta gcactatttg agggttgttg gtgaagccct actattctgg gtagactctt     34440
     tttacccaaa ttgtacaaaa acaatcaatg tctgtcatga cagcaacatc cctggtggac     34500
     tcaccaaaac tggccaaatc ccattattag atccaaaaga tctcagggtg tatatacaag     34560
     actaaagtgc acgttttaaa aacagttcat gggctggtga gatggctcag tgggtaagag     34620
     cacccgactg ttcttccaaa ggtccagagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac     34680
     aaccatccct aacgagatct gactccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta     34740
     cttacatata ataaataaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cagttcataa ggccaggaag     34800
     atgacgaagt gagaaccggc atttgacccc aagcctgata acctgaggtc caaccccagg     34860
     acctcagggt ggaaggagag accaactcta caaacagtcc tctggcatct agtcacctgc     34920
     catagcatgc atgtgctagc ataaatacac caataaaatg tttacaagga gccatagtaa     34980
     aaggcagagg tagctataac aaacaaaggg actggacaga gagagctata aaggactaca     35040
     ctctaaagct agggtagttg ggggcaaatg cttttaatcc tagcatgggg aggcagaagc     35100
     aggaagacct ctgtgagcct gaggtcagct agtctacata tggagttcca ggacagccag     35160
     ggctacatag tgagaccctt atgggtctac ccttgaggtc tctaggtgac aaggatagcc     35220
     ctgagcaatg aatcctccac cacatctgga gatcaaaccc agagcttcat gcacactagc     35280
     aaagcagtct accaactgac ccccactcaa gtctgtctgt gtgtctgtct ccctctccct     35340
     ccccccagcc cctctctcag ctgcttttct gcctgctcag ccccatctct gtcagactgt     35400
     aaagatagcc agcccttcct ggcactgttg ccagatgtat gtaagtagaa attctaacat     35460
     cccttccctg gctagcattt gtgcgttccc cacagtgaga cccttcacat cacagaccag     35520
     tgtgttagaa aaccagtgtg aatatttatg aacaaataaa taaaagataa acatggcata     35580
     aattatgtga agatatatgt ttgtaatgtc attagctatc agccacctgg taagtataat     35640
     tttagcacac aaaacaaaca acaacaaaac aaataaagaa atgcccccag ggctggtgag     35700
     acagctcagc aggtacttgc cgctaagtta cagacccagg gctgacccca gaaagagctc     35760
     ctgcaagttg ttctctgatt tccatactca ctgtggtatg tgtgcactgc tccctcccag     35820
     tgaataaata attgttaaaa acacaaataa aatagaaaac aacacatgcc tacatatgat     35880
     ggagcagcta attttatcaa aaataaaaac aaacttttag aaataaggac aaccctggaa     35940
     ttcttaacct ggttagtaaa gagaataaaa atccatcaag gactatccgg ggtgtatttg     36000
     gggatcatgt tatagctaca tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     36060
     cacacatgca cacacacaca cacacacaga gacagagaga gagacagaga tggagagaca     36120
     gagagataga taggcacaca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacagaaaga aagaaagaga     36180
     gggacacaga gagacataga gacagacaga cacacacaga gagaaagaca gacagacaga     36240
     gagacagaca gacagacaca cacagagaaa taggagagat agacagacag acacagaggg     36300
     aaagacagac agacagacag acacatctct ctctctctct ctcacacaca cagaaagaga     36360
     caggagagat agacagacac acacagagac aaacagagac agaggcagca gagaaagaga     36420
     gaagagagag agacacagag agacatagaa acagacacat acagaaagag agagatagag     36480
     tcagagagaa acagacagac agacagacag acacacacac actcaggaaa aagagacaca     36540
     aggcagaatc aaccctgaac acccgctttg cacccgctgg tcagccaggt ttcctgccca     36600
     ttgtcagtct ttgctgacac ctacaggcta caacttgtta atgattttta aatggaaatt     36660
     taaactctcc ttttgtggat gtttctgggc agcctcagac tcagtggaat gagagatcat     36720
     ttcttgaata ttcctagaaa agaaatcaca ccattgtcca agtctctgta aggttgacct     36780
     actgattaga actccctgat tgtggagagc tgtggagttg aagctctaaa gtcagattta     36840
     tttatcagtc actttcttta gtattcttaa agtcatttgg agtccacctc tgaagctgat     36900
     gtgacatcct gaactagaat catttctgtt gatggaaaaa taccctgatc atccccctca     36960
     aaaaatagga ggaaggtttt gacaattcca ggtgacgtct atcattgtgg ggaggtaagg     37020
     tggcaatctg aaatagctgg tcacttcaca ccttcagtca agagcagaga gaaaggaatg     37080
     tatgcgtgtt gcctgcttat ggtaagctca ccatctctgc tcttacgagc ttcaggatgc     37140
     ctgcctaggg aatggtgcca cccacagtgg gctgggtctt cccatatcaa ttaacttcag     37200
     acaacccctc acaaacatgc ccacaggcca acccagtgta aaatccttca ttgagagtcc     37260
     cttcccaagt tattgtgagt catgtaaagt tgatggttaa agctgtcaat cataaccctt     37320
     tcaactatga ggggaaaaat attttgagta tattaactta gcaaactgct ggtttccact     37380
     gatccccaaa ctcagagtgc cataagatag tacctgaaat ctacagcaga gaaagacttc     37440
     ttgttttgct gtaacccact tgccctgaca tccctactaa tgtatttggc gggtggcttg     37500
     atttatgact tcctatcaaa acgcttattt aactgtcttc ctgccacagg gcaaactgag     37560
     ccgttgtccc tggactgtgg ccatctactt atattaggtt cagaaaaaca aaatctctta     37620
     ttcctttgat ctgagaggga atgttttttg ttaataaaat agaagctgaa aaacccaagg     37680
     aattctgtgg ccacagtgaa aatttggtaa attaggactt tagtgataca gggatgtcag     37740
     cacacaggca aagctatcct ttaagtaaat gctggagact gggtgtgtca ggctgagtag     37800
     gtgactgcag gcgtttatct gggagacagc tcacacttaa tgctctgctg gcactagatt     37860
     ccatccgctt gctatagagg caaagattct aacggtggct aacttccact ctctgtggag     37920
     attagaaaac ggtggctggt tttctttgga atctccttta gctgttgctg ttttcaactt     37980
     cataccttgg attcaggata ataaaataac caagctctcc acacttccaa acctgtggat     38040
     tttctcactg ggtagccact acacatttgt ccactaggtg gcgccaaaga catgtgctct     38100
     cacgactcag cctgacacaa ttaggtactt cttagtcctt attaaaagag cgatcctaat     38160
     atcaaattta aagtgttggg ggggggggag acccggaaaa gagaagacaa gcaaaacaag     38220
     agttcaaatc ttgcttggtg tacaggttag ttttgtgtta actttgacac agggaatagg     38280
     accctcaatt gagaaaatgt atccatcaaa ttgaccggtg gacaaatttg tgggccattt     38340
     tcttgattaa tggttgatgt ggaagggcac agcccactgt gggcggtgcc acccctgaga     38400
     aggtgggcgt gggtttctga aaagacaaag cgagtgaatc gtgggtaggt aggaagcagc     38460
     gttccgctca cgccttactt cagttcctgc cttgactttt ctcaaagata aaccggaaac     38520
     aggatatgga aaccatataa gccctttcct ccccagcttg cttttgatta tggtgtttat     38580
     tacagcaaca gaaattaaat gaggatattt aacgctaagg taacgtttct ctgggtagaa     38640
     tgttaccagt attttagcga ctgcatatgc tttcattgag ggcaaagaat gtttgtagga     38700
     aatagaacaa cggaaaggaa attacacatc taagctgaca ttgcctccta tcagactgta     38760
     gcaggggact taaaaatcta ccggaggggc tggagagatg gctgcttttg cagagcaccc     38820
     aggtttggtc cccagcccct cacaactgtt tgtaactcca gttcctggaa tctgaactct     38880
     ctctggcctc catgagcaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acagagagag     38940
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag tgagagagag agagagagag aaatacccac     39000
     cccatgctgc atatacacac aggcaaaaca ctcatgcatg tcaaattaaa atgtcttaaa     39060
     aaactcatct gaatattttc tttcttagat tccccccccc cccccaagac agggtttctc     39120
     tgtgtagccc tggctgtctt gaaattcatt ttgtagacca ggcaggcttt gacctcagag     39180
     atcaatctgc ctctgcctcc agagtgctgg gattaaaggt atatgctacc atgcctgaca     39240
     cctaggctga ttttgaactt aaaatttccc tgtttactct cccaaatgct aagattgcag     39300
     gtgtgtgcca ccctgtctca tttcatctga gtcttaagac aagccagata gaagaaatgg     39360
     tgaatgcacg tcttaattac tttgcaattg ccacgacaaa gcatcatgac caaggcaaac     39420
     ttgtagcaga gtttattggg gcttacagtt tcagggacga tagcagcagg caaaatggct     39480
     tagcaccata gcagtggatg ggagctcaca cctggttcac aagcaggggg cagaggtggg     39540
     gcagggagag ctaacttgga gtggcctggg attctgaaac cttgaagtcc accccaccca     39600
     aagctaacac acctcctcca aggccacacc tcttaatcct tcccaaacac cttccccaac     39660
     tggggataag gcactcaaaa atgtgcgctt atgggagcta tagtcactca gaccaccaca     39720
     atgcatgaag ttgaattgaa acactttttg aaaacataat ttttagagac tcagttttga     39780
     tttttacttt tatgtgtgct tctgtgtatg tgcacctgag tgcagtgccc acagaggcca     39840
     gtagagggca tcagatatcc tggagctgaa gttacaggtt gctgtgtgtt tcaagaaata     39900
     ttaaaaaatg aacccgccaa ctctcagtgg ggccaggcca tgctcctgcg ctcctgttgc     39960
     caccaacaac tctctagagc tagcccctgt gccaggtgat ctcgctcgct cagtctctct     40020
     gccaccaact caccagccct gccacacggc tcgcactggg ccatctctca gatgggcccc     40080
     cgagttcctc tcactttcac acaatgcccc acacagccct ggttagccat ctcaatacct     40140
     aattacctgg tagaatcaag actcttaatg cttaattagt caatcagatt tatgtgtcat     40200
     taataacaca atttacaaaa tgccaataca ataatttcag agctaaatga taatggtaaa     40260
     gctttaaccc aattattcta accatttgat aacatcatgt cagcctccat tttggttctc     40320
     cctctcctca gacctctctc tctctgtctc ctcaactcct cgctccacct cccgtcttct     40380
     gtccaatcac aagcctccca ctgccctaat gtgattggac agggaaaatc ctgcaacagc     40440
     tgtgagcttc attcataaca agggtgttgg gagccaaact cccgtcctct gtaagagtag     40500
     gatgctctct tagttgttga gggttctctc cagccccctc ttgtctttct taatgtcaat     40560
     tcttctccct ccctccctcc ctccttctct tctctttatt tttccttccc ctctttcttc     40620
     ttcttccatc tcttctttat gcccatctct gtttatttga gacagggctc tctgtgtacc     40680
     caacctgggc tcccactgct actattcctg cctctgcctc tgagggcggg gcttgcaagt     40740
     gtgcaccatc agacctggct atatttggct tttcttctct tttctttctt tccttttttt     40800
     tctgacaagg gttctacaaa ggcattattg gatttacaca cagctaactg gatatttccg     40860
     gtgttgttgt aaatgcaggt ttaagactgt tttttcaact ttgtctttca attttctgtt     40920
     ttacagcata cgaacacaca gtagcaatca aagtaccatg tctcacggac ctttgatgtc     40980
     agcaagcctg tcacaaccaa gaccatttct ttgtacatag ttttgggttt tctatttgaa     41040
     cagtttacaa atgcaaatat ctacttcttt gtttgtcggt ttgctttttg tttttgaaga     41100
     aagtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt tgcttttcaa caggaaatgt ggagcaatgg atgggagact     41160
     cctcttgttt aggcaaagag tcctactcag aaccacacag agacccaaaa gatagcctct     41220
     acccccttcc cccaaccccc accctagttg ctgctcaccc tgtggagagg aactaggctt     41280
     ctatgcagag ttacctaagt cacctgcttg gccacttctg ccccaggaac tcctcctgtg     41340
     acttctgctt ccccaaatcc agtcgctgct tctcttcccc attgcccttt gccaggggaa     41400
     tgagtaacag tgtgaatccc ctgcccttat gctgctcttt tgagttgaag tgtcaggtgc     41460
     atgcatctgg ttgacaggac tcagttcctg catttgtgcc ctgccttcaa aaaaggtggg     41520
     gaggcaggaa gcaagttttg tttcacttca tctctaagaa agtagggctt ataaggaagg     41580
     gagactgcac tacaccctaa catctccgaa tctgaccatt catgtaatag accagtgtcc     41640
     atacctcaga cacctcgagg tggtggtttg tgactgggag ccctggttta tgcttcatgg     41700
     ctctgtcagg cgattgacct cagtccactg gcagctcacc gaacaggata gagatgttac     41760
     ttttgcattt gccactgaag tttggaatgg ctcattaaca gggagagcat actgtgacac     41820
     ttttcagggc tgctttgctc agtgtcattt ctctgagatc cattcacgtg gtgtcatcca     41880
     cccgttaacc cccaccgccg ccacagtatt taagaagcaa cattttattt gcccatttac     41940
     tgtcccgttg ggaattggtt ctaatgcttt gaattttggc ccccaaaatt gagaatctgc     42000
     ctgtccaaac gctgaaggtc cttgttccca attggttttt gattgatcaa taaagagcca     42060
     atgtctaatg gctggtcagg tagactatgg cgggactttg agatttgcct ggactaggaa     42120
     ccaggaaagg ggaaggcggc agagatcacc cttatgggaa gaagaaagat cagatctaaa     42180
     ggcccgccga catgtgagaa tcagggaaaa tggccacatg ggccacttcc ccaatggtgt     42240
     ttggggcagc agagatgaaa gatagatctt aataggtgtt aactcaggag tagcagaggg     42300
     gagtgtttgc cagcagcggg aaggactaga aatgcccagc cattaagcta gtcatgccat     42360
     tcaaagttaa gctagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt     42420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttct ttcaagaatc cagatagctc ttgtgtgtgt     42480
     gtgtgcatcc gacccattgg gtcaactaac taccgataca ctgttgaaac cattgggaag     42540
     cagcctgtga ggtgagcagc ctgacacttc acccataagt attttgtcac ctgtaattta     42600
     agaacaagga tactggtcct gcatagccat cactccctgg acagttaaaa atgataccat     42660
     cttatctagc acacagtcta tgctggaatg tccccaaagc acctgatggt caatgcatgc     42720
     tgtactaaga tgctgctttg gcttcatgtt tacctagcaa cagatatcta acatcttcat     42780
     ggttacctag caacagataa ctaacatcag ggcatgttgc atttctgttg ctgtgggaaa     42840
     acttctcaga taaacagata gagggggtaa agatttggct cacagcttga gagattccag     42900
     ctgaagatca accatggctc ttggcttgag gtgagggagg gcatcatggt gtggaagaca     42960
     tggtggggca aaacagttcc tatcatggta ggaggaagag gcagtcagga agggtgccag     43020
     gacaagatga acccctccga ggcatgaccc catgacctac tctctctaat aagacccacc     43080
     ttcccctttc caataatgat gaggttatga gtccatcaat ggattagccc attgattaga     43140
     tgtaatcact tgtgagcaat tatccttcat tggatggacc caagccatca cacagggtct     43200
     atttctgtca gtgaggtcat tgaagggggt gtctgccctt ctgtttgtgt ttcatatctc     43260
     aagacccaac tccatcctag tagttgccac acttagacat cagagagcct ttgtaaggtt     43320
     gtccagtcaa tggctccata gcttcatggc ccccaatagt agactgaaga cttgctcctc     43380
     ttccatgtct gcgctgggtc ttaggagaga agttctcctt taaggtggat gcagaaacag     43440
     ctacagagaa ggctcaggag ttaagagtac atactacttc tccagaggac ccaggtttgg     43500
     ctctgagcac ccacatgggg tggctcacaa ctgcccatca ctctacctcc aggagactca     43560
     gcactctctt ctgggcatgc caggcacaca gataaaaata agcctttaaa tggaagagca     43620
     ccatagaaac ctttcattcg tgtcttgggt tcagatgaag aactttaatc ttattccttg     43680
     tcttctgtat gctttccagg gtagtcagaa gcagacagag gttgggacaa aacgttcaac     43740
     tcactcactc aacagtggcg tggtttctgt ctcacctaag cacctgttct gtctacatcc     43800
     cttggatgta ggagtctatc acctgggtgg tgatccagct ggtaatactc agttcattcc     43860
     ttcccttggt atctaagcca tgcttatcct gaagttttag tagagccctg tggtggctca     43920
     tttggggtca gtttgtctgg gtcatggcat tcacttattg ggcaatagtc tagtcctcta     43980
     tgtgaaggtg tgaggtctaa tctcagctgc caacctggtg agaactggag ttacctggga     44040
     gacagacctc taggcatact ggggtggtta tcctgagttg ttcagttaaa gtggaaatat     44100
     ctgtctacta tgggtgacac cattcgtagg agtggggttc tagactgtac aaaaactctc     44160
     ttcttgcttt tgcagccacc tggactcaca tgcatataag ttaaaataaa ataaatctta     44220
     aaatataagg agaaacaatc tgagcacagg aattcactgt tctcttcttc ctgacccttg     44280
     gacactatgt gaacagttga gtcaaaattt ctgtttcttt gactttccca ccatgacgac     44340
     acattacact gtgagccaaa gggaatatcc ccacattacc tctgtcaggg tgtcttatca     44400
     tagcatcagg aaaagcaacg gagacagaag gttttcttaa agttaaaacc aatatttaaa     44460
     gcagaaaatg tttgagtaaa tcagtcgccc tcttctggcc tccatgggta ctgcatgcat     44520
     gtggtgtaca tacatgcaga tacacacata aataaaaata tatacatctt tggtttttaa     44580
     aaaggtatgt gggaagtgcc ccgcagtgag cttctgggca gggtggtaaa aagggagatt     44640
     atagaatgaa ctagggctct gggtccatcc tgtccacact gcccccttta tgcccccacc     44700
     atctcccctt tacccctgcc ccagttcttt agagagacag aaaccaaaca ccctttgtat     44760
     cctaaactaa agattctgga atagcatatg aaggtgtttg gcatgcttcc tcttctgtca     44820
     tttctccctt gtcctaagat ggtttttctt aggaaggtca attgaaagtt tttgctattt     44880
     cgaccagttc ccactggtct gtaactcatg gacttatgca agatcatggg ggttgaggga     44940
     gtgatcatga gggtgggagg agagggaaag agtcttttca aaggtttctt taaaaaccct     45000
     ggcagcagta aagtctatta agaagcctgg gagcccagaa ggttacagtt gagggccatg     45060
     gcagaaacaa taggaatcca gttccaatcg tggagaacta aggagtcctg ggcccctcat     45120
     gtcaagggaa cagcgatctt tgtgcacaaa gccctaacgc agatgaaacc ctttagtgga     45180
     tctacgtcat gatccagtaa agggttgaag ttacaagcag ccatgtacta cctggtgtgg     45240
     gtacagggag ctgaactcca gtccttggtg acagtagtct gtggttttct tttttttttc     45300
     taaagattta ttaattttat gtggatgagt gttttgcctg tttggatata tgtgcatcat     45360
     gtgcatgcag tgccggagga agccaaagag ggtgcaggat cccctggaac tggagtcaca     45420
     gatggttgta agccatcatg cgggtgctgg gaattgaact tgggtcctct gcaaaaacaa     45480
     gatgtgcttt tagcttctga gccatctgtc cagcacttgc cccaagtgtt tgttttgctt     45540
     tttgagacaa ggtctgatta tgtagccttg gctagcctgg aactcactat gcagaccagg     45600
     ctagccttga actcagaaag ctcttcctct tgccattacc gcccaagtgc tggaattaaa     45660
     ggtctatatc accagtcccg gctctttcat ggatttttga gaatttttag gtcatttgct     45720
     tttaatttct cctgttataa caaaaaattt atttttttct taaatttatt tgcattggaa     45780
     gtagtggcgg tggtggtggt ggtggtggtg tgtgagtgtg tgttgtgcgc gcacactgta     45840
     gggctgccta gaggtcagag gacaactttc aggagtcagc cctctccttc cacagtagga     45900
     tctgggattt gcactcaaga tcagactcag tcaacaagtg cttttaccca ctgcaatatc     45960
     ttgagggccc aaataactat atttgaagga atataattct ttcaaagtgt atatttatct     46020
     acatcctaca gaagttgaca tgattttttt tgttttgcat agtatcatat cgggtctaat     46080
     gaagacatta tcatataagt actgtgctgg gtagttttgg gctaacttga cataagctaa     46140
     agtcatcttg agaggatggc ttaagaaaac gtctggaaca actttctaaa ttagtgattg     46200
     ataggggagg gccaagccca ttgtgggtgg cgccattcct gggctggcag tcctggcttc     46260
     tataagaaag caggctgagc aagtgatgac gcccctccat ggcctctgca tcagctcctg     46320
     cctccagatt cctgtcctga tttccttcgg tgactaacag ctatgtggaa gtgtaaacag     46380
     gatgaacgct ttccttccca ggtagctttg gtcctggggt ttcattgcag taatagtaac     46440
     cctagatggg acaagacttt gatcaagcgt tccctttcat tgtccccttc ctgtagacat     46500
     gacttctctt cctatagaca gtctcccctc tgctttcctg gacacggaat tttttttttt     46560
     ttttttttga gacaaggtct ttcttgtcta ttctcgactg gctttgaatt cagaatctgc     46620
     aggctctgcc tctctagtaa catgtagcat tttccatatg taacattttt accagccatt     46680
     tcccagtaaa tgagttactt catttggggt tttatcctaa atccccgtga gcaatgtttt     46740
     gttagtttcc aaagcacgag gattctaagt gtctatttgt tgccaagttg ccaggctgtt     46800
     acagagcaca gtttctggga ccctggctct ctgaaactga ctagggattg ctttagtata     46860
     aacataaacc actgggactc tggctctttg aaactgacta gggattgctt tagtacaagt     46920
     ataaaccact cagtcctggt cctacttggc ttcaaaagtt gaatatcgca tttggtattt     46980
     gagatggaga tttaaagacg gaattttatt agtcttctgc ctggttttct ttctttcttt     47040
     gctcttactg ccttgtggct cagaaccagc tgttgcctgt ttgatagttt gtgaccaata     47100
     cctgtactgt taaattggcc atttgagaac tcaaaaagtc ccaacttgta gtgttttcgg     47160
     tttccatggt cttagatatt tccactgcag acaacatcaa gttgccagtg gttaacaact     47220
     gtctttcaga actctcaagt gtttcggtgg gtctgccagc ccttgtaagc tagcgccacg     47280
     tggtatatgc ttatttgtct gtctgtctgt ctgttgtgca agatgcctgt gtgccctgag     47340
     gtcagaggac agcttcaagg gctctgcatt cttccctgac cacgtggatc cagggaatag     47400
     aactttgacc attacccacg ggccatgtta tttcttgaca gttctgttgt acatttgttt     47460
     tagtctttgg ctttatttat ttttctcacc ctcagtttcc ctttgtctca gatgcttttt     47520
     tttttttttt aatcttgcct ctgggagatg tttcaaactc ttggaacgaa tgatacagtt     47580
     gtttgattga tagaacgaag ccttccagtg tgaatgcgtt tgcatttcag cttgttgctg     47640
     gctggctgtg tggtgctggt tcagacatgt cacaggcttg aggtgttaag gctaactgag     47700
     ttcggagagt ccccacctga ccccttctcc gttcccctca ccagggagac ctccctcctg     47760
     gctgcagttg agcagggtgc accggggctg gtttcagggc atgctgggag ttctgactct     47820
     gctcactggc cactttcagt tcctgctttc tgaatcctat ccagagttct cagtggtcat     47880
     catactctgg agagacgagg ggaaggggtg ggctcttaaa ctatcattta tatttaaaaa     47940
     aaaattaaac aacagagtta gaagcagatc caggcattga gtttagatga cccaccacaa     48000
     gcacccggtt tcaaaggagc gggaccatac agagcatatt ggatctgtgt gctcagattc     48060
     atactcaagg ttcagttgac tacgcctgct catttagtta ttagcaaaat ggccctgagc     48120
     tctgaagaca caaaccacct cagggtgact gagccttcat ctgacaggat gaagggaatg     48180
     attgaccctg cctaaggaca tgaaaccatg gggtttgaga gctgtttaac atggctcctg     48240
     ggacacccat gagctgcttg tcaggggcaa tggtttgtac cctcatctgt gagccccaaa     48300
     gtgaaaccat atctttcttt ttagctttac ctttgaactg tgttcagctg tcctgtgcaa     48360
     tttttgtggt ttgaattatt ttaaagcatt atttatcctg tgtggcatgt ggaggccaca     48420
     ggtcattagc aggtgacttc ttcagtctct ctctacctta ctttttggga cagggtttct     48480
     aactgaactt ggaactcatt gattttgttg gtcaatgtgt tccacgggtc tgtgtttctg     48540
     cctccccagt actgaagttc taggtaggtg tcactgtacc tggtttttaa gtaagtgctg     48600
     gcaatctggt cccaaatttt tgtgcacagc tagcccttta ttgactgagc catctcctca     48660
     gcacaggatc tacaatatta caacccatcc aggggcagga gagatggctc agtggttaag     48720
     cacctggctg ttcttgcaga gggcccgggt tcagttccca gcacccacat ggcagcttgc     48780
     aagcagactc cagttccagt ttccagtgtc cttcttctgg cctctacagg gacctgcaca     48840
     catccatgca ggaagaaaaa aaaaaccaca tacaatgaaa gtaaacaaat ctataaaatt     48900
     aaaaagaagt caacccacag tgacctctca tatctgaggg cttttctccc agggtgctcc     48960
     gctctctttc tctggagaaa gtgtttggca tggggataaa gaacaagaag gtcttcaatt     49020
     taatgtcgaa cttcacagat tccattttaa atctcagttc ttactgtcta gaagttcact     49080
     gagtctcgca gactttgaat gtggttccct ttgtgtggat gcttttttat ttatttgcaa     49140
     ctaatgattt atttattttt ttaataataa agtttatttt tacaaaagaa tggaagggca     49200
     tgctgatctg ggccggggag gacgcttccc tccacacacc gtgtctctct gatacacata     49260
     tttcaccttt gcccatcgca ccggccttct ggttccagaa agtttattac aaacaaggaa     49320
     gggacttctg gggatcagtc actcatcgta gaattttggc agctcatctc ccaggatgac     49380
     tcgatggtcc acaccagcag ctgtgatggt gaccaggtag atgacacccc cactagagcc     49440
     atctcggttc atggccagag tgatggctgt agaggattca cgttggaaag aggagcaaaa     49500
     aaaaaaaaaa atgacttaaa tactcgtttc cttccctttc caactacatg ctacttcccc     49560
     ccagaacaca tcacaacgtc cagcaaacca gcacctgccc atatccctac tgtaaacgtt     49620
     caagttacct ataggctagc acacattgtc caaatccttg actgctgagc catcaagttc     49680
     gtgtgagcta gctgggggcg ggggttggtg ggtggagggg agagctcaat tcactgctgg     49740
     ttcccatagt gacctcatac ccttacgtga tttgcttaag acagtcctgc tccatcccta     49800
     ctgccccccc tcagccccat ctcttttacc atttgtcttg tctatcccct cccactctca     49860
     aatgtctccc agttccaaaa gatggagatg gagaggctca gtggttaaga gcacctatta     49920
     cttttacaga gtttggttcc cagcacccac atagggtgcc ttacaaacac ctgtaactcc     49980
     agctccagag gacccagcat cctcttctgg cttccacata cacaggcaca aacccacaca     50040
     gagacacact catgtacaca tgcataatta aaagtaaata tttcttttta aaagcttcga     50100
     cacggaatgg ccacccttgt atttcttttc ttattcttta caatctactt tctttccacg     50160
     tccacaaacc ctcccccatg tcacctctca gttggctagt taccatctgt ggtgaaacgc     50220
     cggcactcct caggggtcat gcctggctta taagctgcgt ccacataacc ataaatgtag     50280
     gagcttccgg aaccgccgat ggtaaagggc tgtcgaatta gcatccctcc catggttcca     50340
     tatacctaga gagagggtcc ctcaggtcag gtcaggatca tcccagggct ccttcatgtt     50400
     agatgagctt tgtgaagacc tgggaggccc acacttgagc ctacagtatg cttttatcat     50460
     ttatttttgc ttgttttgaa acagggtttc actaatgtag ccctggcttg cctggaactc     50520
     tctctagaga gcaggttctt catacccaca gagatccaca tgcccctgcc tcccgagtgc     50580
     cgagactgaa gatgtgtacc accgtaatcg gggctgtagg atgtctttag aggaactgtc     50640
     tctggaccac aaagctagaa agacatgcaa ctttcatctc tctgaagaga ggggtgggga     50700
     accctgagac ctggaatgga cacactcacc tgtcccccct cacattggtc ccagccagct     50760
     actatgagat gcgctaacaa gtcctcacgg tacttgtagg agatgttctt caccacgttt     50820
     gcagcagcca gaacgagggg cggctcctcc agctccaacc tgaagcggat gtcgggaagg     50880
     agggtcaaca gcactctgct gagtctcact cttgttagcc cattgccctc tctgccaagt     50940
     cacgcttgaa ccagcggctg cacagatacc agcttccctc ccatgtgcct aggggggcca     51000
     gagctccaca atggaggtcc tcggctcttc acctgctttt ctctgctcca ccttcccact     51060
     cccaatgata aacccctccc ttgcctctaa gggccctgcc ctcgtcggtt aaagcagatg     51120
     ataagcttgc ttccgtccca gtgaccttga tttctcctgg caactgcctg atattaggag     51180
     tgggccaaat ggctgtcttc ttcctgagtt cctacatcag ggcagtgatg tgcacttttc     51240
     aagtcagcac aggggaggtg gagtcactac cgtgatttcc tcttcacaga cgcagaacac     51300
     tggctcccag acactccagt gggagctcaa agctggcaga gccacgcagt tggggagttt     51360
     tagcgggagg ggagtcagga ccccagggct ttgtacccgt gtagctccag ctggtaggcg     51420
     gccatgtcag ctatggcttg ggcatcagca gcggaacctg agagggcaca gaagatgtgc     51480
     tggtgcagag gggagagctt gtcgaacacg cggttcacca ctgctgttct gtaaggaaga     51540
     accaaacgtt caagttggtt taaaaagata attgtagagc ttgcaatgct taggttaaag     51600
     caggaaaaaa aaaaaagaca tctcagatca gtaagtcact gtagtaatca aagttagatg     51660
     tgcttggctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtcgagggg aggtgtagcc     51720
     caggtggtag agtacctacc tggcacgcac aaagcccagc atagcatgag gtgggcatgg     51780
     cggccatact tgtactccta gcactcagaa ggtagagtca ggaggaacag gagttcaagg     51840
     ccagccttga ctacatagca agtttgaggt caacctgggc tacaggagag atcctatttt     51900
     agagactata ctcacaaaac actagacttt taaaaataga tttgtttatc tttatttcat     51960
     gtccattggt gttttgactg catgtttgcc tgtgtgaggg tgtcagctcc cctggaactg     52020
     gagttacaga cagttgtgag ctgccatgtg ggtgctggaa attgaacccc gggtggtaag     52080
     gaagagcagt gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagac ccaaaatatt agacttttaa     52140
     agacttattt ttttttttta taacaaaaca acaaaagaac acctaggcaa gaaaagtgtg     52200
     cttctatggc aggcagtggt ggctcacgct tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca     52260
     ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg     52320
     ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tctaaaaaca aaaagtgaaa caagagaaaa aaattgcctc     52380
     tttccagaat ttccttgcag ttcatcactt tgaggggcaa cggtggttct atggaacatg     52440
     gcagaaacag catggatgtc atcccagtct gacttgtgtg tgagcaaact agccaggacg     52500
     ggagaccaat caaacttact tcaaactcag gcaaatgagt gagataactg cttcagaaaa     52560
     ccaccattta tcttttatcc taactgcaga taacacagtc catctacaac ctacccgtgt     52620
     ccctccgaga tactatttct ttatgtccat caagctacaa aatattcatg aatgccatgg     52680
     attcagaggc ccagacgcct ctccatcaat gcattatgat acttttttgg aaagatcagc     52740
     ttcatttctt ggaaggttat catactcctc agaagtgggc aagaaaaatg tgcacttagg     52800
     gccaccagct tccctccaac acacgggcct ttgacactac tcaccccgct gacacccggg     52860
     aatcagagcc caccacgaca cccccgtcaa actccactgc catgatggtt gtctgcagag     52920
     agacagtacg aaaagtcaga gctaggagcg tcttgagcct ccatcttaag gaggagaaaa     52980
     tgtccatgca ggaggtgacc gactcaaggt caccctgaaa agcaaggatg gttcctggag     53040
     gcagacacaa tctgcatgag gagagcaaga actgagagga aggcccagga aaccggcccc     53100
     gctgcttgtg aattgcgtac cacatgcatc attactgtga attactgtga cacaagacca     53160
     ggtctttcct ggtcctggat cccccacctg caaccttact ttatcagaag gggagcctta     53220
     gtgttactga acaagggaca cagagaggcc gggggttaac atggccagga gtcgagacac     53280
     agaagcagca aggatccttc aggtagggca caaatttcac ttaagcgaag tctctgcagc     53340
     caggggaaag gacttctgga tagcagagtt tttccaggtc aaggaaagaa ttacggataa     53400
     gtgaaggagg gtagacacat ctacttcccc cacaccttct aggttaaaag gcaccttagg     53460
     agacccttgg gtgcactgag aaaactgact tatggagacg aatgagcttc ccaagttgac     53520
     tcaggtctca ctctgaaccc ttgattgatt tgatttctaa gtcccacagc tccgtggcag     53580
     cgagggagac tttttccaac ctttctgtcc actccatgtc gttctgatct ccggggaccc     53640
     tgcccgcgag tgtgctttct gagcacaagt aaaaggccag aaatgtccac tttgttcctc     53700
     cacaccatgt taacactgtg gttggtggct tttagagagc agaaaccagc tgccatcttc     53760
     ccagctccta ggtctgggca aagttctcag gcaagcatgg gaatgacggt gttgggacag     53820
     ggtggggtgg agtgtgctgc agggcagcac ctggaacaag gaggaccacc gatcatcccc     53880
     atctccccct caatcctggc gccagagagc ttgtcctcac tcagggtggg ggctgtctgg     53940
     ggctaggtta agcaaagatc tgtatgatgt gtaggtaggt ccttttcagt gagcctccat     54000
     attaccttct ctcaggtgct tcatccagga cacctcagca cctcttttgc aggggtcccc     54060
     aagcccctca cttgatttag ccagtaaccc caactgcgca gtctagagtg aaagcgaaag     54120
     cgctttggag caacttccct tagacgcttc cagctcaagc caaagaacgc accttctcac     54180
     cagcttcgca tgcggatccc tccacagacc cctggacacc acacttctga gcagggatac     54240
     cctacgttca ctgtggagcg caagcgctgg gcgctacaag cttcctaagt ctcttggttt     54300
     acttccagag ctttaggggt ccctgatcac tccacccgct gactctcacc ccgagaccca     54360
     ttaccccggt gtggacttct tccgtccgga acgagccggc ggtaggtgct cctgcccgca     54420
     gcatctcagc agagcggggc tcggctttcc aatcagcggc tgcgcgcggt gcaggcaact     54480
     tgcagactga ggccccgccc catcatcgcg caaggggcgt gccgttctac cagcatttgg     54540
     cgcccagagc aaacctgagc agggcaaatc tgcccagaga caggtgacga cagagggtcc     54600
     tgccctcaat ctggggtggg gcctgggatg ggaaaattca cgcaagcaag ttaagggggc     54660
     tggggaagaa gaggagaatg agattcatgg agaagaacac gacaggccag ggctgctagg     54720
     cagaactcca actacagctt cagcggcagc ttccagaaca gcctgagcaa gccagtctca     54780
     gaaggaggcg tgtctagtga ttcgaggtcg gctttcggtt tcttcttcct ctaaacgcca     54840
     gcacttctag tcagctccac cagctcgagc gggttcccgg gactttacgc gcacgccctc     54900
     ggacccgccc ttcttccttc cccacggaga ctcctgtgca gcgcggacgt cgagagtccc     54960
     aggctaggac cagactctgg acagctcacg ctcgatggct gcgcacgtct ggctggcggc     55020
     cgccctgctc cttctggtgg actggctgct gctgcggccc atgctcccgg gaatcttctc     55080
     cctgttggtt cccgaggtgc cgctgctccg ggtctgggtg gtgggcctga gtcgctgggc     55140
     catcctagga ctaggggtcc gcggggtcct cggggtcacc gcaggagccc atggctggct     55200
     ggctgctttg cagccgctgg tggccgcact gagtttggcc ctgcctggac ttgccttgtt     55260
     ccgagagctg gccgcctggg gaacactccg ggagggtgac agcgctggat tactgtactg     55320
     gaacagtcgt ccagatgcct tcgctatcag ttatgtggca gcattgcccg cagccgccct     55380
     gtggcacaag ttggggagcc tctgggcgcc cagcggcaac agggacgctg gagacatgct     55440
     gtgtcggatg ctgggcttcc tgggccctaa gaagagacgt ctctacctgg ttctggttct     55500
     cttgattctc tcttgccttg gtaagggaga ctgggtgaaa gagcaggcca caggggacag     55560
     ggcaatgggc attccaggca gaaagggaga gtaaagtagt cccgggaagc gtcagagaca     55620
     ctaaggaggc aacttaggcg gaaagagaag gacccaggcc cgagaagggg tccagacaag     55680
     ggcgttgggg acagggtctt ctgggagcag aacttcacat catagcccaa atgtgaaggt     55740
     ttctttccac accgccatct tctcctctcc tcttctctct cctctcctct cctctcctct     55800
     cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcccct     55860
     cccctgccct cccctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct     55920
     cccctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct cccccttccc ctcttttcta ttctttcctt     55980
     tttgagatag ggtctttctt tgtagctttg gctcttctgg aattcattat gtagcccagg     56040
     ttggtctcaa acccagagag atctgctcgc ttctacttgg agtgctggga ttaacagcct     56100
     gtgcccccaa ggtctgctaa ccgccctcaa gtagcccttg agaagtttga tgtagccgag     56160
     caggcttggg tctgtgaaca ggcttgggtc tgggagctca gcttcctgga tagtggtgaa     56220
     gggagagggg cagaagttgc gggtagtttg ctcataatgt ttgtgactga ggtgtctctc     56280
     ctctctcccc aggggaaatg gccattccct tcttcacggg ccgcatcact gactggattc     56340
     ttcaggataa gacagttcct agcttcaccc gcaacatatg gctcatgtcc attctcacca     56400
     tagccaggtg tggaggatgg gaatgggggt cccagagcag aggggactgg ctgttgggac     56460
     tgtcatttaa gttacacttc tgtggggatc tgggactctg tctcaggaag gagacaactg     56520
     atcctcccgt gtctctgact ctagcacagc gctggagttt gcaagtgatg gaatctacaa     56580
     catcaccatg ggacacatgc acggccgtgt gcacagagag gtgtttcggg ccgtccttcg     56640
     ccaggagaca gggtttttcc tgaagaaccc agcaggtctc tcatgaaacc ttttcacttg     56700
     tatgctataa tctctatacc gccacacacg ctctcgactg cccccccccc ccaaacatgt     56760
     ccacacacac atgcccaggc tggatcctca gaaccatatg gatggggtgt ggtaattcca     56820
     acacttgggg gatggaggca ggacctagag gtcaaagttc aaagtctttc agctacatag     56880
     tcaatctgag gctaccctag gctacatgag atcctttctc tatatccaag acttcctgta     56940
     tgttagggaa aagctctaac aactgagtga cccccaagcc ttattcatgg tatatctcaa     57000
     atgtagcaaa acattgtctt ttttacccta aggaaaactg tatttgcatt cattgttccc     57060
     catatgaagc agcagactta cagccctgga aagccagaga ccctcaactc caacggcctc     57120
     attttaaatg gaggaaactg aatcctagac actagacgct gaaacctacc taggcagatg     57180
     caccgaggtt agacccgagg gtctccattt cctaaaggac cctgggcctg cctctctggt     57240
     tgcttcctcc cttctctcca cggctactgg agggagggcc agcggcaggc aacagacagg     57300
     agttaaagta actgaagagc tgaaagcttt cagggaactg gaagttcact tcacattaca     57360
     gggcatcact gtgtagcctt ggctggccta gaattcacta ggtagcccag agtggccttt     57420
     gctgcctttg cccccagtct gttgggatta aaggtgtgtg ccaccacacc cagcgacaac     57480
     tcctttactg gcaagcacag gcctaaccag atctttcctt tcttttcccc ctgcattgaa     57540
     gttcctgcgc ctccccagtc tcctacccgt tacccgcctc aggatgctgt gctgacgggc     57600
     ccaccctggc ccccactgtc agctcctctt gtctctgtga accgcttgct cactgtctct     57660
     cttctcaatc tgggcaggtt ccatcacatc tcgggtgact gaggacacag ccaacgtgtg     57720
     cgagtccatt agtggcacgc tgagcctgct gctgtggtac ctggggcgag ccctgtgtct     57780
     cttggtgttc atgttttggg ggtcaccgta cctcactctg gtcaccctga tcaacctgcc     57840
     cctgcttttt cttttgccta agaagctggg aaaagtgcat caggtacgtc cccagatcct     57900
     cagctcctac atttagtttc tcctagactg ctttcagtgt ggctttccag tcctccatca     57960
     tcctgaacct ctgacctgtg acctctgacc ccgcactgcc ctgcacctgc atctctgtac     58020
     tctgccttct tgtctaactt ctggccacaa tctgtcctta aagaataggc tctcaggctg     58080
     gagagacggc tcggggttaa gagtgctgac tgttcctcag aggacctgag tttgattccc     58140
     agtgcacact aagcagttag ttctctgtgg tctgtagttc cagcttcagg ggatctgact     58200
     ccctcttctg gtctccatgg agatctatac acatgatgca cacacataca cgataaaata     58260
     aatcttacaa aaactggatt catttcctcc acgccccttc tacctagaag tatggctgta     58320
     gacctttctc ttccctctgt ccctctgact cttgactcta taatctccac gcagctaacc     58380
     taggtgtcca tattctctct catttgcacc ccgtgtgatg tctctggtcc ttgtcttcca     58440
     tagtcactgg cagtgaaggt gcaggagtct ctagcaaagt ccacgcaggt ggcccttgag     58500
     gccttatcgg cgatgcctac tgtgcggagc tttgccaacg aggagggtga ggcccagaag     58560
     ttcaggcaga agttggaaga aatgaagact ctaaacaaga aggaggcctt ggcttacgtg     58620
     gctgaagtct ggaccacgag tgtgagtaca ggaggtggat atcccatcct ttgtgtgaac     58680
     atgtcttgat tctgctgttt tccaaccccc ctgctcctcc tccagtggga agtgattggc     58740
     ttcggctctt gattactcaa ttaaggactc tgcccttaat tctctcagtg ttttgtagtg     58800
     ttaagaatca gccttccaca ttggcacaca aagcccactt gacctgtgtg ttaaggagat     58860
     accactctcc caactccggc acttccttgg cttctcagaa agccacacat ttcctgcacg     58920
     gtgtgcgctt catgttggca ctgtgtgggc aagctagtgg gagccacgag aagtgccaga     58980
     ggccagcggc caggggcagc tggaactaaa gctgtaaccg agattccagg atccttcctg     59040
     ccacccacca gttctgtatc cagcacatgt tacctttttc tgaggctgtt gccctgattt     59100
     gaaaaatggg agtaaaacct gatgtggtgg ttcacatctg taatcccagg actcatgctg     59160
     aggcaggagg attgctgtga gtttccagcc atcatgagct atgatgtgag acttgtctca     59220
     ttaaagggta ttggggagtg agatgactca gtaggtaaag gtgcctgctg tcgtgctgct     59280
     gagcctggtg acctgagatc catctcagga acccatatgg aggacaggag aactgactcc     59340
     tgaaagttgt cctctcacct ccacaaggtg cactgtggtg cctactcaca tacaaaaata     59400
     agtaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa tgtagtaaaa aagtaatatt aaacagcagc     59460
     aagaaaggta taacataata acataatctc ctatacagag gctcgtgatg tgagccgctg     59520
     tgtttagctt tgtaatacag ggtggacatg gttcagctgt taaggatgca gactgctctt     59580
     ccaggtgacc ggcacttatg aagggcagct cacaactgcc tgcggctgta gctctagggg     59640
     ttctgatgcc ctcttctgac ctctgtgggt gcctacactc atatgcctgt acccgcagac     59700
     agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acacacagac ataatttaga actataaaaa     59760
     taaatctttt taaaaagtgt caaatgctcc tgaaacaagg agccggcagc gatgaggagg     59820
     aggacatgga agatgtgagc tgtgtttgag tctgaccatt gaccccgcct tccccctaat     59880
     ctcacgtgtc tgggagaaaa gaccttccat gtgatcattg cagttcgttt catcccatgg     59940
     tttccctgta ggtctcggga atgctgctga aggtgggaat tctgtacctg ggcgggcagc     60000
     tggtgatcag aggggctgtc agcagcggca accttgtctc attcgttctc taccagcttc     60060
     agttcaccca ggctgttcag gtgagccccg cccccgcagt cggcggtctc agcctgtcca     60120
     ttgccttctc tgccgctttg cgcatcctcc gcctgttccc tgaatgctgt caagcaggtt     60180
     agacggctca cttgctttcg tggtccatcc caggctcaca cacaccccgc tctgcaatgc     60240
     aggtcctgct ctccctctac ccctccatgc agaaggctgt gggctcctca gagaaaatat     60300
     tcgaatactt ggaccggact ccttgctctc cactcagtgg ctcgttggca ccctcaaaca     60360
     tgaaaggcct tgtggagttc caagatgtct cttttgccta cccaaaccag cccaaagtcc     60420
     aggtgcttca ggtactgtct acccatccct tttatgcctc cttcttcttc ttcttcttct     60480
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttccttc     60540
     tcctcctctc cctccttctc ctcctcctcc tccttgccac gagcttctct ggcctccagg     60600
     ggctgacgtt caccctgcat cctggaacgg tgacagcgtt ggtgggaccc aatggatcag     60660
     ggaagagcac cgtggctgcc ctgctgcaga acctgtacca gcccaccggg ggccagctgc     60720
     tgctggatgg ccagtgcctg gtccagtatg atcaccatta cctgcacact caggtgagca     60780
     agaaggaggt gtgggggagg ggaggagatc aagccaagag acaattctcc acgaaaactc     60840
     ttgcagagag ttaggggatg caggcagcca tgggcagagt cggggctgtg gacagaagtc     60900
     acgtgactgt atggtatgca caagattgtg aatcttcagt ccctggacaa taacactggt     60960
     gtttcttgcc tgtggctctt cacatttgac ctcaggtggc cgcagtggga caagagccgc     61020
     tgctatttgg aagaagcttt cgagaaaata ttgcgtatgg cctgaaccgg actccaacca     61080
     tggaggaaat cacagctgtg gccgtggagt ctggagccca cgatttcatc tctgggttcc     61140
     ctcagggcta tgacacaggt atctgcactc tcccatccag attccaacaa tcctgccttt     61200
     attattcaat ccctcttgtc ccttggatgt caatttgtag ttgaaactct aagattcaca     61260
     tcctcagact ccatctgcct tcatagggcc tccatttcca ctgcccctgt cagctgcgcc     61320
     catgcccttg tgtgtgtgtg tgagagagag tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatgtg agtgtgtatg     61380
     agagtgtgta tgtgtgcccg tgtatgtgag tgtgtatcat accctgaggg aatgtatgtg     61440
     tgtatttatg tgagtgtgta tgtgtatgag agtgtataca tgtatgcatg tgtatgtgtg     61500
     tatgtgagtc tgtatgtcta tatgtgtttg tgtgagtgtg tatgtatgtg tgtctgtgta     61560
     tgtgtgtatg tgtgagtgtg tatgtgtctg tgtatgtgag tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatttg     61620
     agtgagtctg tgtgtctgtg tctgtgtata tgtgtgtaag tgtgtgagta ggtatgtgtg     61680
     cctatgtgaa tgtatgttta tgtgtgtgta tatgcctatg tgagtacgta tgtgtgtgcc     61740
     tgtgtatgta tgtgtgtatg tatgtgtctg tgttatgtga gtgtgtatgt atgtgtgtat     61800
     gtatgtatgt gaatatatat atgtgtgcct gtgtatgtat gtgtgtatgt atgtgagtat     61860
     atatatgtgt gtgtggctgt gtatgtatat gagtgtgtat gtgtgctgtg tatgtgtaca     61920
     caactatcta catctcagct ggactcttgt ctctgcagag gtaggtgaga ctgggaacca     61980
     gctgtcagga ggtcagcgac aggcagtggc cttggcccga gccttgatcc ggaagccact     62040
     cctgcttatc ttggatgatg ccaccagtgc cctggatgct ggcaaccagc tacgggtaag     62100
     gttctggctc tcaccctttg tctttttgag ccatcttgct atgtgatctt ggctggcctg     62160
     gacctcactt tgaagacaat gctggtctca gacccttggt agtcttcctg ctgctacctc     62220
     tggagggctg ggtcaccctg ctgtgtcatc tccctgaagt ctcattccca tgggagcttt     62280
     gcttctgcca ctcctcctgt gttagttata ccaacaacag aactgttcaa acctgtcctt     62340
     ggaactcttg gtcccattag cttttctccc ggacacggga accagtgagc agggctactg     62400
     tcctaacaat ctgtatgggc taagcttgct ttgtgtcgta gacgttctat cccacccttt     62460
     gtactaattt gtccatcaga gtcttttgct gtgcttattc tgtagatgac aaaatagagg     62520
     ctaggagagg ttgattaacc ttctaaaagt cacacagctt ttgagcagtg gagcctgggt     62580
     ccagacacaa atcatccaaa cactcgtgct ctttgttact cttactcttt ttttttttaa     62640
     attaagatta atttatttta tgtgtatgag tgtttagcct gaatgtatgt atgtgcccag     62700
     tgtctctgaa agtcagaaga aggtgtggat cccctggaac tggcgttatg gatggttgtg     62760
     aaccactatg tgggtactgg aagtcaagcc ctggtctgct ggaagagcag ccagtgctct     62820
     taactgctga gctgactctc cagcccctgc attacatttc tttagattga ctataaaaaa     62880
     ttctcatttt aggggctgag gggtggctca gcagttaata gcattagttt taagagcatt     62940
     agctgctctt ccagaggacc tgggttcaat tctcagcacc cacatggcag ctcacaacca     63000
     tctgcagctc cagctccagg gtttctgaca cctgcacaca agcaaaacgt caatgaacat     63060
     aaaataaaaa caaattacaa aatgttttct cagcttatta gtgggttatt aaaaatttgt     63120
     atgacatagg aaaggtgaca tgtggggtgg gtgggggggg gaagaggagg gaaacgggag     63180
     gtggtatggt tatatttcat tatattcata tatgaaattc tcaaagcata aattaatata     63240
     tgttttttgg aacgtaaaaa aatttccaca tattaaggct ggacgaggag accctagtct     63300
     tacttcactt agtatgccat ctcccaagac agttggtgtc cttgggaggc ctgctttttt     63360
     ctgaagggca atcgaggaga ggtagggggt tgagtaggag ggactgggag gagaggaggg     63420
     gggaacagca gtcgggatgt aatatatggg agaagaataa tttccttttc aaatttccca     63480
     gcttatgggt agagatgaga gactgttcag tcccctcccc catcatgctt ccgctctctc     63540
     tctctctgta cccccctctt gtgaggacat cttaacaagt cataggtttg gaggggtgct     63600
     gcagaccagg gatatcgaca atgtgtccca gccctggaag cacaggggtc ccctgaactg     63660
     taatgtctgt gtgtttctcc aggtccagcg gctcctgtat gagagcccca agcgggcttc     63720
     tcggacggtt cttcttatca cccagcagct cagcctggca gagcaggccc accacatcct     63780
     ctttctcaga gaaggctctg tcggcgagca gggcacccac ctgcagctca tgaagagagg     63840
     agggtgctac cgggccatgg tagaggctct tgcggctcct gcagactgac aaggcctctg     63900
     gactgcacac tgcgtgctgt ccccctcctg tcctctactc tgtgtgacag agaacctggg     63960
     agcaaagata ttaccacacc cacggagaca gttgaggagc ggaggtgctt gttacatgag     64020
     aaaatgtaaa ctctaggaga tacccggaat ttaccacgaa tgtgtttccc cgacccgctc     64080
     cctattagac ggggtttcag gtacctcaca ccaacactga gctgctaaat ctccggtctc     64140
     caccctcccg gtgctgagct tgtatcacag catgcacaca caaacctggt ttatgtggcg     64200
     ttgtgataga atgagaagaa acgcccaaag tgtacagaga gaaaggacaa gcagcttgca     64260
     attaaccaaa ggcataggct ggcatttggg tgttctatgg gtgtttgata tttgtaataa     64320
     aactggtgtt ttgtactgtg gcttctcccg tttcttagct cccgcaaagt cctagctgag     64380
     ttagtcagcc cccccccccc ccccaggaca gtgtcccgtt cttcttcaga attctgtttt     64440
     acttctgggt ccatcagctt ttatttcctg gggctctcat ttctctttac tgctcaccca     64500
     cggactccta gtgctgagct ggaccgggcg gcagcccctc cctctccgca ccccaaggca     64560
     gcagcaactg catcttggag tccttctctt cctcgctgag gctggaggaa gcgcggtagc     64620
     gccgcgggtg gggaccccag aaaatcagac tggataacct cgcccgcccg ttcagattct     64680
     ttcatcttct cctcagcggc acacgccggg ataatctcaa tgaaatggat aggattagcc     64740
     agtaaatctc ttccattcag ggagggcccg gtgtgtgacg tcagcagttc ctgggcagat     64800
     aatgtccata aaggttgcaa agaagaggtg gggttgagga ttcaaggaag gagcgcgcag     64860
     ccctgacttg cgcgacgtga gcagccccgg gcaagggcgc gtcctcgtgg gtggctcagg     64920
     gtagtgagac tgttgaacca agaggggccc taggagggac acatgaaaag gcccgactga     64980
     gtcctctcct tggttcgtct ttctccgttt tttcctggtt gtcccaggac ctaaagaccc     65040
     ctgtgcatcc atttatcgca ttttccagtt tctataaaat gatgctcatt tatttgagtg     65100
     ctgcccccat ccccaggacg cacgcctagg tggatctgct caatactcct ctcaggttcc     65160
     aacgttctag acaacctctt taggagatag gaccctattc agtcctccgc tgttcccaga     65220
     agatgccccc ccccgtcccc cgcctgtggg tcttcacgca ccccactgct aggcggcctc     65280
     cgaaggcgca cctcttcttc caccccacag cccattctct agctggtttc actgatgtgg     65340
     cagcaggaaa actcgtcccc aacacattgt tttagttcag acacccatta actgggctct     65400
     actcggaaag ggcaggggat gggggtgggg gactggttcc ctccccttgg tactgtggct     65460
     ttcgctttca cttccttgtc gcagagtcga cggatcttcg gggccaagtg gtcatggcgt     65520
     tactggatct gtgcggtgcc gctcgggggc agcggcccga gtgggctgcc ctggatgcgg     65580
     gaagcggggg tcgctcggac ccgggacact acagtttctc cgcgcaagct ccggagctcg     65640
     cacttccccg gggaatgcag gtgaggactg tagggcgttc tggagagatg caggaggtgg     65700
     gtggtggtgg gtggcacaga ggaaggagtg tctgcctggg tctgaggagg tgaggacgcc     65760
     aggaggggcc gtccaggaga gcagcatcga ggctagccct gaagaaccaa cgtggagatt     65820
     aaggcatggg aaggcgggag aaaggggtgg gggagggaca gaaggagaga gagtcacgca     65880
     cggagttgag acagcgagac tgagaagatg gttggtgcca atcccaagac acagtgcaca     65940
     gaccaccatg ccttccacag actcactgct aactactaca ggggctgtac agttgtcttg     66000
     gaagacctat gaactttggt ggccttactt ggtctcagca acccaccctg tgtgtcctac     66060
     gacacattag atggcctagg tctcaagccc ctctactgta aaatgagagc aagttattaa     66120
     aatgtgcttt cgagaaccaa aggagccacg gattaggaaa caccttgaag tcgcctacca     66180
     tgacctttgt tcccacgtgc tggaaagcag aaagctggtg ggcttaaatc ctgcttttct     66240
     ttcttcggag ctactgacat ctagagtctg cagacccctc ctcactctgc caccctgcca     66300
     ggagcctcct agcactgagg tgcccctctg cctcttgcat ctcttagccc accgcattcc     66360
     tgaggtcctt tggtggtgac caggaaagga atgttcaaat tgagatggcc cacggcacaa     66420
     ccacactcgc cttcaagttc cagcatggcg tcatcgtggc tgtggactcc agggccactg     66480
     cagggagtta cattagtgag tatgtgtgct ccatgtgtgc tccaatggtc cgactcgtgg     66540
     agctgttccc tcagtagagc agaaggcctg ggccgaagtt cagacagagc tggcattata     66600
     gcacactgag ggtgggggtg ggatgggggg tgaggggtgg gtggggagct gtgggctcat     66660
     ttctttgatc tcaaaactct tccaggctcc ttaaggatga acaaagtgat cgagattaac     66720
     ccttacctgc ttggcaccat gtctggttgt gcagccgact gccagtactg ggagaggctg     66780
     ttggccaagg agtgcaggta ggccggtttt atcatctcat ttgttcagcc cctcccccgt     66840
     ccccaccatg tcccaggtca cttacacccc catcgggtga tccattttag caaccataag     66900
     ggatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atctccttca     66960
     tgtgattaaa aatctcccaa atcctagcct gggtccctgc ttataaacca gataatctgg     67020
     cagtcactta acctgcaggg tggtatcatt tactaggctt ttaaaatgcg gatcagagat     67080
     tttaaattcc caaactctcc tttactctta tgtcccgtcc cacaagtcca taccttccaa     67140
     acactcatct ctacaatccc tgctccctcg tgctatggga gaaaatgaat gcaggtgtag     67200
     ctgccgcccc tgaggcctcc ttctctctcc tcctcctcct cgatcgatcg tacaggttgt     67260
     attatcttcg gaatggggaa cgcatctccg tgtctgcagc atccaagctg ctttccaaca     67320
     tgatgctgca gtaccggggg atgggcctct ccatgggcag catgatctgt ggctgggaca     67380
     agaaggtggg tggcctatgt ctgtgagccc cccccccccc cgaggtgtct tacccattga     67440
     accctcccct cccccatgct tgatccaggt tttgatgttt accaaagtgt gctgtctttt     67500
     gtttttgttt ttaaaattca tttatttatt ttatgtgagt acactcttgt tgtcttcaga     67560
     cacaccagaa gagggcactg gatcccgtta cagatggtcg tgaactacca tgtggttcaa     67620
     ttctggcagt tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagtagtcag gggtcttaac cactgagcca     67680
     tctctccagc tccctaaagt gtgctgtctt aactcaaata tttctatggt ggcatcacta     67740
     tgttgcttgc tctccacaag tcacacttgc gtcttgatat gatcaataaa ccaagttcaa     67800
     ctcgggatgg tttcccatct tctagggacc aggactttac tacgtagatg acaatgggac     67860
     tcggctctcg ggacagatgt tttccactgg cagcgggaac acctatgcct atggggtgat     67920
     ggacagtggt taccggcagg acctcagtcc tgaagaggcc tacgaccttg gccgcagagc     67980
     tattgcttat gctacccaca gagacaacta ttctggagga gtcgtcaaca gtaagagacc     68040
     aatgcgcccc acaacacctg gggagaccac tgctccccag cacctgggag gagggggatg     68100
     tggggggagc ttagattggg agcctcgggg gagatgagtg gagatgtcag gtctgagaac     68160
     actgaagttc cagacaaagg ctttcagtgt gtgtgtgctt aatgctcatg aaagctgctt     68220
     atgccacacc attctggcag agacttgccc aagaaaggcc tgacgccatg ttcttttctc     68280
     aatcgcccac agtgtaccac atgaaggaag acggttgggt gaaagtggag agttccgatg     68340
     tcagtgacct gctgtacaag tacggagagg ccgctctgtg atggctgctg ggcaggcctc     68400
     ccccagcatt ggtggcactg gctggcagac tcagagacct gggactactt cagtcttagg     68460
     aaaaagaagg gctcaacctg ggctggagac aaagctctgt ttaccctctc ggcccccgca     68520
     ctcacagata ccttctaagt acaataaaag aaaaacggtt atacatgtct ctgggttgtg     68580
     gctgaatggg gtcaggctgt ggggcccttt ggagggagag ctagggcaca aacaggaaat     68640
     caggcgaggc ttccattgag aaggtgttcg ccaggttctt cctggacgcc cttcccctgc     68700
     atctctgggg aggaccgtca cccatcactt ttctctttgg agaagcgttt tcatttggcc     68760
     cttcctggag tgtcatggtc tcgggactcc agtgtggccc ctcatgtatg ttttggggaa     68820
     actgggaaga ctttgtgatg acaataagca tggatgctca agtaacacct gggtgacatt     68880
     ggatagcgaa tgtaaagttt gctgaggttc agtttcatgt ttcacccctg gctgcaaggt     68940
     gcaagcacaa tagagagaga tgagcaagac tctctggggt gggggaagca gaggagaaag     69000
     tgaaagaaaa aatggaaccc ttgggtcttg tgtaagtgca ggactgctca gcataggagt     69060
     gctcaggaca ggagtactca gcacaggagt gctcagaaca ggagtaatct gcacaggagt     69120
     ggtcaggaca ggagtgctca gggcaggatt actcagcaca ggagtgctca gtgcaggagt     69180
     gcttggtgca ggagtgctca gctcaggagt gttcaggaca ggagtgctca ggataggagt     69240
     gctcagggca ggaatgctca gcacaggagt actcagcaca tgcatgctca gggcaggagt     69300
     actcaggaca ggagtgctca gggcaggagt actcagtgca ggagtgctca gtgcaggagt     69360
     actcagcaca ggagtgctca gtgcaggagt gcttggtgca ggagtgctca acataggagt     69420
     acacaacaca ggcatgctca ggacaggcat gctcagggta ggagtactca ggacaggagt     69480
     gctcagggca ggagtactca gggcagaaat gctcagcaca ggagtactca gcacaggagt     69540
     gctcagggca ggagtactca ggacaggagt gctcagggca ggagtactca gtgcaggagt     69600
     gctcagtgca ggagtactca gcacaggagt gctcagtgca ggagtgcttg gtgcaggagt     69660
     gctcaacata ggagtacaca acacaggcat gctcaggaca ggcatgctca gggtaggagt     69720
     actcaggaca ggagtgctca gggcaggagt actcagggca gaaatgctca gcacaggagt     69780
     actcagcaca ggagtgctca gggcaggagt actcagtgca ggagtgctca gtgcaggagt     69840
     gcttggtgca ggagtgctca acataggagt acacaacaca ggcatgctca ggacaggcat     69900
     gctcagggca ggggtactca ggacaggagt gctcagggca ggattactca gcacaggagt     69960
     gctcagtgca ggaatacttg gtgcaggagt gctcagctca ggagtgttca ggacaggagt     70020
     gctcaggata ggagtgctca ggtcaggaat gctcagcgca ggagtactca gcacatgcat     70080
     gctcagggca ggagtactca acacaggcat gctcaagaca ggagtgctca gggcaggagt     70140
     actcaggaca agagtgctca gagcaggagt actcaggaca ggagtgctca gggcaggagt     70200
     gttcagggca cagcacagga gtactcagca cagtgctcag tgcaggcatg ctcagtgcag     70260
     gagtactcag gacaagagta ctcagtacag agtgtttggt gtaggagtgc tgagtgcagg     70320
     agtgctcagt gtagcagtgc tcagtgcagg agtgctcagg gcaggagagt tcagcgcatg     70380
     agtgctccgt gcaggagtgg tcaagagcca ggtcaggggt tagaggactc tgagatccag     70440
     acagccagat gggagccttc tccacctggg gtagccctaa agtccagaga gataggcata     70500
     gccatgtagg cctgctttaa ggccaccccc agcccccccc ccgccctcaa catttgacct     70560
     tcaagtgact catgggtagt cacaccagca tgtctaaggg gatttttttt cctttatagg     70620
     tagtttcagc ccgcagagtc atttctcctt gtagtgccct ggtggtgggg tgtggtgatg     70680
     agcagcatgg ttgattttca tgtctgagaa tggaacctgg tgcctcacca tgctctgtga     70740
     gggctcttcc ctggagccca gaagggtgat ttccgcaatg aactgggctc tggggaggag     70800
     gccgggttcc ctctttgatg gtgttagcct acagcctact ctgactacct cacaagcagc     70860
     aggccctggc actgacccag ggccctcact gcaagtgcgg tgtgctgcga agaaagtctg     70920
     aggacaaagg gccagagcct ctgggttcaa aatctgtgaa agggaacctt tggcctgctg     70980
     ataggagctg aggccttctt gtaagcccta gttttacccc agaccccaac tcttgagctt     71040
     acctggaaaa acaaacaagc cctcaagcct ctcttctctt ccaccctccg tccttctctc     71100
     tcctctcttc ctttttccaa aggtgggaca cctgtgtggt ctgctgactg ggagggacct     71160
     gaagtcactc cctcctccat tttcctccct ccccttcctt ccgtccacga ccattctctt     71220
     ccctcgcctt tctccttctc ctatgctctt ttctgccctt tactcctcct cctctttccc     71280
     cttcctcaaa cctactggca gcgaaccctg ggctcaggca agttttctca acatctgaac     71340
     tatagtccca gtttaaccgg cgcttcttaa aacatgctcg gaggtcggag aaatgcaggg     71400
     ttttttcgtt tttttttttt gtttgttttg tttttttttg tttttgtttt tgtttttttt     71460
     tccttttcaa agcatctcag accctcaaga gttttgctag tagcggcctt ggagggcgag     71520
     cctttttggg aacctggggc gctcaaccca cccgcaaatt gacaggcgcc atctgctggc     71580
     ggctgtgcgc agcaccgcga ccacggcagt gaagtgaaag cgaaagccgc gggacccagg     71640
     cgcgctcccc gcgagggcgt cgctgcgcac ccaggagatc cagtttgaga agaagcagat     71700
     tccagaagct ctcctgagct gccgctccgc agccgcaggt gagttctttt ggatagaacc     71760
     cgagagttag caggagtgcg gcccattccc aaacccttgg cgtcatcatc cggttcccca     71820
     ctcctcgtcc cctgtcttgg gtcttctgcc gcttactccc tgccccgtgt cctctgctcc     71880
     gtgcccctgc cccacccagt gtcccaggtc ccctgtccct caccccttgc ccaaggtcct     71940
     ctgccccacc cccttgccct gcgtccccgg tcttccgtcg ggcgccgccg gcccagcgcc     72000
     cctactcaga accttctgtc ccaagccatc taaggctacc gaacccaccc gcatcccgcc     72060
     cctgcaccgg gtctcctggc tcttaaagac ccgaggaatg ggggcagtgt gtcttcttgg     72120
     gctaacacca acaaacttca gggagatgga tgtggtggca gcagaccgcc ccctccccca     72180
     cccccacccc cgtgctgtgt gtctgagtgt ctgtgtgtct gtgtgactgt gtgtgagaat     72240
     aatgcagcct tcccagctcc gtcagacagt cagtcctagg agagacttat ctaggagggg     72300
     gtctttccgg tgaacaagaa gcctcagggt ggatttgggg caggaggctc gtaaccaggg     72360
     ttggaactcc acagacctca tttctccctt tctttccgca gaacccacca tggcgctgtc     72420
     ctacctgagg ccctgggtct ctctgctgct ggcggacatg gctttacttg ggttgctaca     72480
     aggatctctg ggaaatctgc ttccccaggg gctgccagga ctctggatag agggcaccct     72540
     gcgacttgga gtgctgtggg gactgctaaa agtgggagag ctgctgggac ttgtggggac     72600
     ccttctgccc ttgctctgcc ttgccactcc cctgtttttc tcgctaagag ctctggtggg     72660
     aggcaccgcg agcacctcag tagtccgagt ggcttctgcc tcttggggct ggctgctggc     72720
     tggctatggg gctgttgcgc tgagctgggc cgtgtgggct gtgctgagcc cggctggagt     72780
     ccaggagaag gaaccaggcc aggagaacag aacactgatg aagcggttgc tgaagctgtc     72840
     caggccggac ctgcctttcc tcatagctgc cttcttcttc cttgtggtgg ctgtgtgggg     72900
     tgagaggaag agaccactgt gagagggagg tgggagaagg gccttgccag ggcacagcct     72960
     ccttatcttt cttgcctctt tcaggggaga cattaatccc tcgctattcg ggtcgtgtaa     73020
     ttgacatcct gggaggtgat ttcgaccccg acgcctttgc aagcgccatc tttttcatgt     73080
     gcctgttctc tgttgggagg tgagagatga ttggcttcag gtccctgtag tagatgcgac     73140
     tggacaggaa ctgactttgc acaaggcaca aattatgtat acagagttct gcctgcatgt     73200
     acacctacag gccagaagtg ggcaccatat cccagtatag atgacggtga gccaccagga     73260
     ggtctctggg aattaaactc aggacctata ggaagagcag ccagtgctct taacttttga     73320
     gtcatctctc cagcctgcct ttgactcttt ttatccggac ccaggagcct gcaatctcaa     73380
     gtaaacaaat aaaaatgggg ctgcttggct gggctttgac taggataaga ggacccagat     73440
     acagagagtg caggatctct ctctctccct agtctttcat taggcctcca ttctagtttt     73500
     gctggttttg tttcgtcttt tctcttgtgg actccttatg gactccttgt ggactcccga     73560
     ctcaggcttt atgtctctta ggtatccctg tagctttgac tattgtggtt catactgatc     73620
     tctttctgca attagcatct atgaacctcc cttctacctt tggatctact ctgtcttctt     73680
     tggaggattt tcctgttgta gatccttagg tgtggcccgt tctcaggtat gtccttttct     73740
     aaactatgca ctgtctttct tttgtggtca agggtaggca tgtgcactag aggcccaagg     73800
     acagcttgct ggagtcagcc ctgtccttcc actgtgtggg gtgcagagat ggaactcaca     73860
     cacggtggca agtgccttta tcacctgaga tgcaccacac agtgcacttt gatttcttaa     73920
     aaatattctt ccttcggtgg agggagcaac agtgtcaatt ggccagacca gaccaccccc     73980
     ccccccagct cctgggcact ggaccaccaa tcaaagaata cccatggctc cggccgcata     74040
     tgtggcagag gatagccttg ttggacatca gtaggaggag aggcccttgg acctgagggt     74100
     gttcaatgcc ccagtgtagg ggaatgccag gaagggaaag acaggagtgg gtgggtgggg     74160
     gagcaccctc atagaggcag ggggacgggg gatgagatgg ggggttctga aggggagacc     74220
     tgggaatgta aataaaaaaa aatccactaa aaaaagaagc aaaagaaaga aagaacaaga     74280
     agaaaagaga gagagagaaa aaaggaaaga caaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa     74340
     acaaaacaaa acaaaaaagc cgggcagtgg tggtgcacac ctttaatccc agcacttggg     74400
     aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag     74460
     gacagccaga gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     74520
     aaaaaaaaaa ggaaaaacta ttcttccctc tgctggatca ggttcttatg gcagatgatt     74580
     ttcagatgca gtttcacacc tggctctgtt ttataaaccc ggttgttcca ggggcactgc     74640
     tgctggttag ggactctcac ctgccatgtt gtgtgctcag aaccccagtg cctcacactc     74700
     ccttctggtc cttcctaaag atgtcccctc ccctttcctg tccccaccca caacctcagt     74760
     acttcgcttt gggcctcagc ctgatgccca ggcagcatcc tgctgctttc agtctctcct     74820
     ggattaggga gctagctcag tgaattccat cttactgtgc aaacaagggg acctgggttt     74880
     gaatctccag cacccaggca ctgtgagtct cagggtgtgc ggtgaacaca ggtggatgtc     74940
     atggcaatgg tgcatgggca atctagcaga aatggggctc taggttcaga ccaggtcttc     75000
     aaaaaataag gtggagagtg atctaggaag gcatctgatg tcaacctttg aacacacaca     75060
     cacatgcatg tacacacaca tggacacata catgcacaca catgtacacg cacgcatgca     75120
     cccatatgca aaccacacac atgcacaggc acacacacag agcagtatac ctggatatgc     75180
     atatgcacat gcacagagca gtatacctag atgttcatgt ccaccctcat gcaaaacagg     75240
     cgcgcgcgcg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ccccacttct     75300
     tccatcggtg gctccttttc attcttactg tgcccatcca aagcccaccg attcatgtct     75360
     gcttattcaa tatggtaacc aaatctgcaa ttgaaaccca tattttggtt tttttttttt     75420
     tgtttgtttg ttttcttgtt ttccgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg     75480
     gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactctgcct ttatgcattt agaaaatacg     75540
     tctttaagtt tttattgtaa gaatttggct aacttacaag gctctcccaa ggattaaaga     75600
     tgagattggt ggctgggtat ccacggaatg ggagggaggg acttactgct gcttcctttg     75660
     gaagcacggt ggtcagtgag ccttgggcac gcggggattt gtaccggttg tgagagtgag     75720
     cccacatcta gctcctgtgt ctgcccttac taattgtttc tctgttctca ccgctgtctt     75780
     ccctccccct tctctccacc tctctttcca ccttgccctt cctttgcccc tccccctccc     75840
     ccctcccgct tccccgtcct gcccccagct ccttctctgc aggctgtaga ggaggctcct     75900
     tcctcttcac catgtccagg atcaacctgc ggatacgaga gcagcttttc tcatctttgt     75960
     tgcgccaaga ccttggattc ttccaggaga ccaagacagg tgaacctggc atctgggtct     76020
     tgggtgctcg gccctttctg gagtcctcag gtctcctgtc tgcctccctg ctggagcctg     76080
     gcagttttct cttagagcag ggtagaggtc tagcccagtc tctttgtaaa ggctgagggg     76140
     atgagtcagc agggagaccc agaggaaggt tttgggttcc catcatcctt tctgccctcc     76200
     ccaggggagc tgaactcgag gctgagctct gacacctctc tgatgagccg ctggctccct     76260
     ttcaatgcca atatcctgct gcggagcctg gtgaaggtgg tggggctcta cttcttcatg     76320
     ctccaggtat cgccccgact caccttcctc tccctgctgg acctgcccct cacgatagca     76380
     gctgagaagg tgtacaaccc ccgccatcag gtatgtgtgc atgtcacagt gccctgagag     76440
     aaggcaaaca gacaagcaga cagacaaata agtagatagg taggtaggta gatagatggg     76500
     tggatggata ggtaggtagt agacagacag acagacagac agacaaataa gtagataggt     76560
     aggtagatag ataaataggt aggtaggtag atagatagat tgatagacag ataatcggta     76620
     gacagacaga acacctctta tcagtcccta cagtccattc tatgcttgca caacattttg     76680
     ctagttcagt cattcactga tggacatttg agttgaggag gttggaggcc cactggatct     76740
     ataaacagaa gtggttcaag tgctagctgt gttggagagc gaggtgagcc cccggggtgt     76800
     ctttctgcct tccagtgagc ttctcagagt ctgtctatgc ccttcccaca aatgactgtg     76860
     aatcagagtg aaggacatct taggaggttt acactcattt atttgttttt attttatgtg     76920
     tgtggtgttt tgcttgcatg cctatcattt gtgtgcattg cctgaggagg ccagaagagg     76980
     gcgccagata ccctgggact ggagttacag atagttgtga gccaccacgt gggtgctggg     77040
     gatggaaccc aggacccctg gaagagcagc cagtgctctt acccacggag gcatctctcc     77100
     agccctggga agttttccct ttcccctcag catacacaac tggatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     77160
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtagtaa accacacaga tgtgaaactc actgcattgc     77220
     tcacttttgg gtcatagttc tgagcacagc cttctgattt gtccatgttt ccccccaaac     77280
     ttattgtcat tttattttat tttttaaatt ggaataaaag ccaccatccc ctgcaacacg     77340
     atgtggtgca gtggctcatt gtggcttcga tgtgcatttt tctaaccatt aacgatgttt     77400
     tcatgtgctt atgggacatt tgccacattc tttatatttt taaaactgta ttttaaaaaa     77460
     tgtatttcac gtatatccca gatgttactt gacatgctgg tgacacatgg gtaggctggt     77520
     gacacatggg tagacatgtg gacagggtcc tatgctggtg acacatgggt agacatgtgg     77580
     acagggtcct atgctggtga cacatgggct ctgatggaac tcaccaagac aggaaaaggc     77640
     ttcaggagag ggctgattag cgacaccgag tatggctgca gcagagatgc agagaagctg     77700
     agcacagggg ctgccgttgc agggatgttt ctgcatgcag tcaggctgtg tttagtgtca     77760
     aagtgtccca gagcacttag tcatgctgta ctcagtgtca ctgtgtccca gagtagtcag     77820
     tttgtggtta tcttggcctt gaggcactgg cagactcacc acaagtcaga aacggctcaa     77880
     cccagaacat gggtcttaag gtggcaccca gacttggcag ctgggacttg tggttaactc     77940
     tgaggagata acggtcatgc tcagaggcaa aggatctgct aagcccagcc ttcctgaggc     78000
     aaaacagtct tgtgtgaagt tggggtgact caggccagct gtcaccccag aacagcagct     78060
     gcttaccatg accttgatgg ctttctcatt gtggacaggg tcctgtgcat ctgtctttgt     78120
     tgcctgcact tttggtgtca aatccaagaa ttcattgtca aatcttagct aattggggct     78180
     gaagagctgg ctcagtggct gagagcccat actgcacttg cagagggctg ggatttgacc     78240
     cccagctcct gtatgccagc tattcagctg tcttttcggg actcacctgc actcatgtac     78300
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatac acatacacac actaaatctt tataaaaaga     78360
     gtttttacag ttttaatttt tacatttatg tctttgatgc attttgaatt acctctccat     78420
     ctttttaaaa cataaggatt tattttattt gcacatttct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtcc     78480
     gtgtccgcag aggccagacg acagcccctg attctctgga gctgcagtca caggtgtttg     78540
     tgtggcatgg tttgtgtgct ggggattata ccctggtcat ctggaagaga cacaagctct     78600
     ctgaacagct gagccacttt gacagccaca tctccacctt tctgaattac tgtctctctc     78660
     ctcatttgac atcacatgca agaattcact tcaaatgaaa gctaaacaga atagcaccac     78720
     agtgcttaac agggagagct cagcaattca catatgtttt ctacttcctg tgctctgtga     78780
     gtgtgcgtga tacactggga caagcacttt acccatggag ccatctcccc agcatctcat     78840
     ctcccctccc ctcccctccc ctccccctcc gaaaatattc cttctggaaa gaaaggcacg     78900
     gggcagtgat gaattgctgg agggaagccc ctgcctgttg tgttctgcct tattcaccgg     78960
     ttttatccgc tgccctgttt tcaggcggtg ctaaaggaga tccaggatgc agtggccaag     79020
     gcggggcagg tggtgcgcga ggcggtagga gggctgcaga ctgtgcgaag ctttggggcc     79080
     gaggagcagg aagtcagcca ctacaaggag gccctggagc gatgtagaca gctgtggtgg     79140
     cgccgagacc tggaaaaaga cgtgtatcta gtcatacgga gggtgaggtg acctgtgcag     79200
     ggtgctgggt gcagggtgca gggtgcaggg tgcagggaga gggccagtgg agggagcggg     79260
     agggatgagg agccagacct caggaggctt aggggaccag tgctgcgcag ggactgggga     79320
     ctcgctcacc tctctcctgt ccaggtgatg gccttgggca tgcaggtgct gattctgaac     79380
     tgcggcgtgc agcagattct ggctggagag gtcacccggg gtggcctgct ctccttcctg     79440
     ctgtaccagg aggaagtggg acaatatgtc cgggtgagtg aggtgcactc atgagatgct     79500
     ctgtgtttcc atctgggctt ctgggccatg agttaatttt ctcatggata attttaaaca     79560
     tgctttaaaa aagccattat tgtgataagt cttcaggtaa cttttatcag ctttgacaat     79620
     gatcataacc ctaaattaac ccaaacccca accctaactc caccataacc aactctaacc     79680
     ctagcctgac tccaccctaa attaatacta actctaacct catctaaaca acttcaattc     79740
     taaatagcca taatgatatc ttacccccac cctggctaat cttatcccta actgcaatct     79800
     aaacagaacc ctaccccaca ccttaatcta accttaattc taacctaccc caataacctg     79860
     cagtgttcga tctgccttta ttttaaaaca aattcaagat atcaaatctc atctgtaggg     79920
     atttcagtgt gcacccctag aacatagata tcttaagtat gcagtctgag tgccattgtc     79980
     atacctaaaa ataacgattc cttccgttca tcccgtacac tcagtgcgca gagctccaca     80040
     ggtatacacg ctgtgattgg ctgacgccct tccaatctct gtgtctactg gtttaaaatt     80100
     cccaccttgc tattggctga aggaatgggt ctttttgtcc tgtgctgttc cctgtggcct     80160
     gggttctgtg tcttctgatt tgcagtatta ttctgcagca gcattccagt gtgttcttct     80220
     gactgtttcc tatccactgc taggtaaatc cgtaaacttt aaaatccagt gcttccctct     80280
     ttcaaattat ggctgtgttc tttctccggg agagacaaca tatccggttc tcttggtgtt     80340
     ggttggtgtc tgcctttgat gcttaatgcc tgcatttgtt aagttaccag ggttgcaaaa     80400
     tagtgctgtc tgtacttcct tcccttataa cttggataca tcaatcgaga gacttaaccc     80460
     catccactat tggggtactt agtagtatac tttgattaga aaaggtattt aactatttct     80520
     ttctatttga tcactttaaa aaaaaagtta ctttgctttg ggcattgaac gtaattttcc     80580
     cggttacttc tttaccatct ttcacatgtg gagagctggg ccaagctctc tgatgatttt     80640
     aaaggtgagc tggccgtgat gattgcttta taaaggattc cctgtctgga gcatacaggg     80700
     tgcagagcag tgagcgaaag ctgtggctct tgacatgctg tgtggatccc acagcttttc     80760
     atcgcaaatc ggaacactga aatacttctg catcttttaa aaatccacca aacttactct     80820
     ggggacagtg gcacaagtct gtaaccctat ggcacaagtc tgtaatgctg agggaatacg     80880
     tgacattcga ggttagcctg ggctaagtag ccaaaactgt ttcagatgaa cagagacaga     80940
     gccaccctcc actcctaact aaaacaatcc ctccaaggtt ccctctctga gtttatccga     81000
     atcattcatt aaaaggtaga aggttcttgt tgggggtagg gagcaggaga ggaggaccgg     81060
     ctgaggtcag ggtgtgggta gagtgtgtgc cggtcctggc ttgctgacgt gtccgttcct     81120
     gatttccaga acctggttta catgtacggg gatatgctga gcaacgtggg cgctgctgaa     81180
     aaggtgtttt cctacctgga ccgaaagccg aatctgcccc agcctgggat cctggcccct     81240
     ccctggctgg aggggcgcgt ggaattccaa gacgtctcct tttcgtatcc caggcgcccc     81300
     gagaagcctg tgctccaggt gtctgaggga gaccccgtgg gatcggaacc tttctctctg     81360
     ctgcggaggt cgggctcccg cagcctgaac atcattttct ctaggaagct gctctgaact     81420
     cttccctgtt ttcctagggt ctgacgttca ccctgcatcc tggaacggtg acagcgttgg     81480
     tgggacccaa tggatcaggg aagagcaccg tggccgccct gctgcagaac ctgtaccagc     81540
     ccactggggg ccagctgctg ctggatggcg agcccctgac cgagtatgat caccactacc     81600
     tgcaccgcca ggtgggaggg gcaccagaga gggtggggca ggagggagga ggagcaagca     81660
     tgacggggag gtggggcagc ccctgggaag gaaggctggg gtccatcatg aggaacaaag     81720
     aaggaggtac tagttctttg ctcctttccg ctctgtacag gtggttctgg tggggcagga     81780
     gcctgtgctg ttctcgggtt ctgtcaagga caatattgcc tatggcctga gggactgtga     81840
     ggacgctcaa gtgatggcag ctgcccaggc ggcctgtgca gacgacttca taggggaaat     81900
     gactaatgga ataaacacag gtacttacag gtcccgagac caccctggca ggggcaggag     81960
     aaaatggggc tagggaggga gctcatgtaa caaagtgcat cgttgcaagc atgagggcct     82020
     gcgtttgatc gctagaatct tttttttttt tttttaaacg aaaaccaaaa agcaaaacaa     82080
     aacaaaacaa aaaccagact aggaataatc tctgccctgc acaggtgccc acacccacac     82140
     acatgcacac gcaaggctct ctctcacaca cacacacaca cacacccaca cacacacaca     82200
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaccagat aatggaattt attcttgggg tgatgcttgt     82260
     atccccgttg ctcctcctcc gttcccgatt ttcatttttc tccacctcca gctcccctcc     82320
     tgtcaggctt tcctaccttc tgattgactg acagaagcag atcgggggaa cactttgtct     82380
     ttgctgcggg gaggggtgtt ttctgatcac gggtgtctca ggaggggctt tttctctgat     82440
     ttcctcagaa atcggggaaa aagggggcca gttagctgtg ggacagaagc aacgtctggc     82500
     cattgcccgg gcccttgtgc ggaacccacg ggtcctcatc ctggatgagg ctaccagcgc     82560
     cctggacgcc cagtgtgaac aggccgtgag taccagcatg gaagggcaga ggacagtgga     82620
     atctaaggga tatgtttgca gggtcaggtg gcatacagct gagcagggct gatgtcccac     82680
     agacccggag aatgtctgca ctttggcagg gctgagagct gtaatggtta cttttgttgc     82740
     tggaccaaat cctcacagat tgtgccttgc ctgtgtcctg ggctttctca ggttgttggc     82800
     agtggagtta actctctcca ggatgaagaa tggtgatggt ggggtgtctg gtcctccata     82860
     gctgcctttc ccaatgacag ctgtacagcc atggtgaagg gcggacccct attgcctgcc     82920
     ctttgaggcc ccctgcacat cccagacttt ctttagcctg agtcacaggg acagcccagc     82980
     tgctgtgttc cattcattgc ctttgagtct gtgatctgtc ctctgcagct acagaactgg     83040
     agatcgcagg gggacaggac gatgctggtg attgcccaca ggctgcacac ggttcagaat     83100
     gctgaccaag ttctggtgct caagcaggga cgtctggtgg agcatgacca gctcagggac     83160
     ggccaggatg tctacgccca cctggtacag cagcggctgg aggcatgagg cctccagacc     83220
     ctgagcccct ctcaggactg tggccaggat cagacccaca gggaccgtgc cggaggaggc     83280
     tagggtcagg ataaagattg ggaccgtttt ggactttgtg tgtttttgtg gccttgatgg     83340
     gtgagggttg ggggagtggg tggtttgtgg ttctagaaac attatttttt tgctgaatat     83400
     aaaaataata aatatatata aaatgctttt ccttaatgta tgttatggtt actactggct     83460
     gacattttaa cagcatctag aatcacggcc aacatctggg caaacatctg ggcatgcctg     83520
     tggatgaggg agttctaggt taggttaact gcgatgggaa gacacccccc ctccccgact     83580
     gtgtatgcaa ccatcttgag gactgaggtt ccacactgca taaaagagac cagtgtgcat     83640
     ctctttctgc tccctgggta cctcttattc ctgcctacct tgctatgaca gactaccctt     83700
     aagccaggag ccaaattaaa cccgtcctga tttttgatat gcaaatcacc atcaacacgt     83760
     gaatagagct gcctttctgt atcctgtttt tgttcacatc aatatctgac gagtgtgtgt     83820
     gtgtgtatgt atgtatgtat tttttttttc tttttttgat agggtctctg gctcttctgg     83880
     aactcactgt gtagaccagg ctagcctcaa actcacagac atccacctgc ctctgcctct     83940
     caggtgatgg aattaaaggt gtgcaccacc aacacttggc ctttgttagg tacctgatat     84000
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcatgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgcgc     84060
     gcgcgcatgt gtgtcgggaa gactaaagga tggctgggca aagctcagct cctaacagtg     84120
     ttaatagtat cactgtgtgc ataagagctg gttagagagg actactttgt acggttcctg     84180
     cttgcactag tgcaaagcgg ttcctgtgtg tcgcctttat ccttattctg ggctttcagc     84240
     ggtctgatac tatcttcact ttccctatca tttctatttt atgaatggag aaacacgggc     84300
     tcaacgagat gagagttctt tctcaaggtg cttagcttca ttttggttac tgtgacgaac     84360
     accctaacca aaagaaaggg tttgcttggc tcagaattcc agatcacagt ctgtcggtga     84420
     gggaagtcat ctctaaccaa gggactcttc acaggcagag aagggcagct ggaaaacaga     84480
     gcggtcgatg ctcattggag ccagggaggc acatgctcag tcagctctca ccagttcaag     84540
     accgcctgcc cagggactgg tgctgccctc cgggctggac tttcttacat caagagtcaa     84600
     ggtgaccccc cacagatgcc cacagggcaa cctgatgtaa gttaattaca gtcaaggtga     84660
     cccccctccc ctccagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacctgc ccacaggaca     84720
     agccatgtaa gtaactccct tccctggtgt cttagcagtt gctgtgataa acaccacacc     84780
     cagaagcacc ttagaggagg ggagcattta tctggcttgt ggctctagag ggagagtctg     84840
     ccatggtggg tgaggcatgg cagcaggttg tcagagcagg aaatcacatc tctatcccta     84900
     acgggagcag agagcaaact ggaagtggag caaatctcta aacgcttagc acccaccctc     84960
     agtgacatat tccctccaga gaggccatat cacttcccaa aatagtgcca tcaaccaggg     85020
     accaaatagt cacacacttg ggcctatggg tgacatttct catttaaagc accattcctg     85080
     gtaatattag gtagtggcaa gttggcttta aaaaccattt ttaaaaaaga ttcatttatt     85140
     ttattttctg cctatgaatg ttttgtctgc atatttatat gtgcaccgca catgagcctg     85200
     cttcctgtcg aggtcagaaa agggcattgg atcccctgac ttggagttaa agtgactgtg     85260
     agctggcacg cgggtgctgg gttcaaatcc agcttaggtc ctctgcaaaa gcagcaagtg     85320
     tttttaaacc tcaagctctc tctccagact gcaagctgac atttgaaagt aaccaccaca     85380
     tggggttata cattgttgga gttggtgctt gggtataagc ttagagtctg aattctgaac     85440
     acaattatat ctcctgccca gaatctctaa ctcatatcag acagagcgaa tcattggctt     85500
     tcagaagctc caaatccagt atattctctg catacacccc ccccccccat ggcagctgcc     85560
     attcacagcc ttagggagag gtttctgtca taagtcctcc tcccagcccc ccaaccccca     85620
     cctctcgctg cagggtttct ttcaggaggg tgctacgtct atgacttgcc tttgccaagc     85680
     acacaggggt cttggtcctg ccaggccagg ctacagcgcg ctccctggcc accctcctgc     85740
     tttcccacaa gcacttcagg agttaaccga ggagtctccg agtctccagg aaaccctcag     85800
     ttgggaggca gcctctccag gaggccaagt cacgcgggct tctatctcac ctcctttctg     85860
     ctccgcccac ccacttcttg tcctctagac ccggagttcc ccagggaaag ttagggtttg     85920
     tgtctttgac ctggcgcaga gcccaggttc acagaccatg aatagggagc ctgttggaga     85980
     actgagctcc tgccacagag agttagacgc tgttcagcgc actggcgctg gcagggctgg     86040
     gcttggaaca atcccattct aggaaacaga aacctagccg ttcctggaaa cagcaggtac     86100
     tttccagcgc tagcggagcc tgccagcaca gctgtcagct cccagcctgg cagcacagcc     86160
     cacagcagca gggtgagaat tcacaacagc ctcacaccca tccacctctt agcccagaga     86220
     gaagccttac ccagagtcct tccttctccc acaaaatatc ccttcttata agaggaaaaa     86280
     attctttttt ttcttgagac ctgggagaga atcttaaaaa taatatagca ggggctggag     86340
     aagtggctca gtggttaagg ctgctcttcc aactgtaact ccagttccag gggatctggc     86400
     gcccccttct ggcctacata ggcactgcgt tcacatgcaa cacagacaca cacccaggca     86460
     aaaacaccca cagactgttg ggagccgcgc ccacattcgc cgttacaaga tggcgctgac     86520
     agctgtgttc taagtggtaa acaaataatc tgcgcatgtg ccgagggtgg ctctccactc     86580
     catgtgctct gccttccccg tgacgtcaac tcggccgatg ggctgcagcc aatcagggag     86640
     tgacacgtcc taggcgaaat ataactctcc taaaaaaggg acggggtttc gttttctctc     86700
     tctcttgctt cttacactcc tgctcctgaa gatgtaagca ataaagtttt gccgcagaag     86760
     attttggtct gtggtgttct tcctggccgg tcgtgagaac gcgtctaata acaattggtg     86820
     ccgaattccg ggacgagaaa aaactcggga ctggcgcaag gaagatccct cattccagaa     86880
     ccagaactgc gggtcgcggt aataaaggtt cccgtaaagc agactgttaa gaaggattca     86940
     actgcgtgaa ttcagaactt ttcagctggg gaacggcggt aacccgtaag tatagcttta     87000
     caagataagt ctgatcttga actttctaag gaaattcaag acagtctatc agaagtaaag     87060
     tggggaatag ctttacaagg tacgcctgat cttgaacttt ctaaggaaat tcaagacagt     87120
     ctatcagaag taaagtggaa aatggctttg caaggtatat ttggccttga attttttcta     87180
     gtgttagaag cccttttgtt ccttttcaca tgttatcaag tggttaaggc agggcggatt     87240
     ctggacaaaa ttcaggacaa tctatcagaa gtaaagcggg gagagagagt aggagcaaag     87300
     agaaaatatg gttcacaaaa taagtataca ggcctttcca agggtcttga acccgagaaa     87360
     aagttaaggt taggtaggaa tacctggaga gagattagaa gaaaaagagg aaaaagggaa     87420
     aagaagaaag atcaattagc ggaggtctct aggaaaagga gcctgtgctc atcgctggat     87480
     gggctcgggg agccagctct tagtagctct gaagcagatg aagaattctc ctctgaagaa     87540
     acagactggg aggaagaagc agctcattat gagaaaaaag ggtaccagcc aggtaaagtg     87600
     ctagctaatc agttaaggaa gccaaaagcg gctggcgaag gccagtttgc tgattggcct     87660
     cagggcagtc ggcttcaagg tccgccctat gcggagtccc cgccctgcgt agtgcgtcag     87720
     ccctgcgcag agaggcagtg cgcagagagg cagtgcgcag actcattcat tcccagagag     87780
     gaacagagga aaatacaaca ggcatttccg gtctttgaag gagccgaggg tgggcgtgtc     87840
     cacgctccgg tagaatactt acaaattact ttaagtcagt ggggtttaca gatagccaca     87900
     gaaaaggtcc aaatttctga tacaggacaa ttcttgggct ctgtggtgtc cccagataag     87960
     attgtgcccc aaaaggtaga gataagaaga gatcacctcc ataccttaaa tgattttcaa     88020
     aagctgttgg gagatattaa ttggctcaga ccttttttaa agattccttc cgctgagtta     88080
     aggcctttgt ttagtatttt agaaggagat cctcatatct cctcccctag gactcttact     88140
     ctagctgcta accaggcctt acaaaaagtg gaaaaagcct tacagaatgc acaattacaa     88200
     cgtattgagg attcgcaacc tttcagtttg tgtgtcttta agacagcaca attgccaact     88260
     gcagttttgt ggcagaatgg gccattgttg tggatccatc caaacgtatc cccagctaaa     88320
     ataatagatt ggtatcctga tgcaattgca cagcttgccc ttaaaggcct aaaagcagca     88380
     attacccact ttgggcaaag tccatatctt ttaattgtac cttataccgc tgcacaggtt     88440
     caaaccctgg cagccacatc taatgattgg gcagttttag ttacctcctt ttcaggaaaa     88500
     atagataacc attatccaaa gcatccaatc ttacagtttg cccaaaatca atctgttgtt     88560
     tttccacaaa taacagtaag aaacccactt aaaaatggga ttgtggtata tactgatgga     88620
     tcaaaaactg gcataggtgc ctatgtggct aatggtaaag tggtatccaa gcaatataat     88680
     gaaaattcac ctcaagtggt agaatgttta gtggttttag aagttttaaa aaccttttta     88740
     gaacccctta atattgtgtc agattcctgt tatgtggtta atgcagtaaa tcttttagaa     88800
     gtggctggag tgattaagcc ttccagtaga gttgccaata tttttcagca aatacaatta     88860
     gttttgttat ctagaagatt tcctgtttat attactcatg ttagagccca ttcaggccta     88920
     cctggcccca tggctctggg aaatgatttg gcagataagg ccactaaagt ggtggctgct     88980
     gccctatcat ccccggtaga ggctgcaaga aattttcata acaattttca tgtgacggct     89040
     gaaacattat gcagtcgttt ctccctgaca agaaaagaag cccgtgacat tgttactcaa     89100
     tgtcaaagct gctgtgagtt cttgccagtt cctcatgtgg gaattaaccc acgcggtatt     89160
     cgacctctac aggtctggca aatggatgtt acacatgttt cttcctttgg aaaacttcaa     89220
     tatctccatg tgtccattga cacatgttct ggcatcatgt ttgcttctcc gttaaccgga     89280
     gaaaaagcct cacatgtgat tcaacattgt cttgaggcat ggagtgcttg ggggaaaccc     89340
     agactcctta agactgataa tggaccagct tatacgtctc aaaaattcca gcagttctgc     89400
     cgtcagatgg acgtgaccca cctgactgga cttccataca accctcaagg acagggtatt     89460
     gttgagcgtg cgcatcgcac cctcaaaacc tatcttataa aacagaagag gggaattgaa     89520
     gagattttac cccgagcacc gagagtgtcg gtgtctttgg cactctttac actcaatttt     89580
     ttaaatattg atgctcatgg ccatactgcg gctgaacgtc attgttcaga gccagatagg     89640
     cccaatgaga tggttaaatg gaaaaatgtc cttgataata aatggtatgg cccggatcct     89700
     attttgataa gatccagggg agctatctgt gttttcccac agaatgaaga caacccattt     89760
     tggataccag aaagactcac ccgaaaaatc cagactgacc aagggaatac tgatgtccct     89820
     cgtcttggtg atgtccaggg cgtcaataat aaagagagag cagcgttggg ggataatgtc     89880
     gacatttcca ctcccaatga cggtgatgta taatgctcaa gtattctcct gcttttttac     89940
     cactaactag gaactgggtt tggccttaat tcagacagcc ttggctctgt ctggacaggt     90000
     ccagacgact gacaccatta acactttgtc agcctcagtg actacagtca tagatgaaca     90060
     ggcctcaact aatgtcaaga tacagagagg tctcatgctg gttaatcaac tcatagatct     90120
     tgtccagata caactagatg tattatgaca aataactcag cagggatgtg aacaaaagtt     90180
     tccgggattg tgtgttattt ccattcagta tgttaaattt actagggcag ctaatttgtc     90240
     aaaaagtctt tttcagtata tgttacagaa ttggatggct gaatttgaac agatccttcg     90300
     ggatttgaga cttcaggtca actccacgcg cttggacctg tccctgacca aaggattacc     90360
     caattagatc tcctcagcat tttccttctt taaaaaatgg gtgggattaa tattatttgg     90420
     agatacactt tgctgtggat tagtgttgct tctttgattg gtctgtaagc ttaaggccca     90480
     aactaggaga gacaaggtgg ttattgccca ggcgcttgca ggactagaac atggagcttc     90540
     ccctgatata tctatgctta ggcaataggt cgctggccac tcagctctta catctcacga     90600
     ggctagactc attgcacggg atagagtgag tgtgcttcag cagcccgaga gagttgcacg     90660
     gctaagcact gcaatagaaa ggctctgcgg catatatgag cctattctag ggagacatgt     90720
     catctttcat gaaggttcag tgtcctagtt cccttccccc aggcaaaacg acacgggagc     90780
     aggtcagggt tgctctgggt aaaagcctgt gagcctaaga gctaatcctg tacatggctc     90840
     ctttacctac acactgggga tttgacctct atctccactc tcattagttg ggtggcctat     90900
     ttgctcttat taaaaggaaa gggggagatg ttgggagccg cgcccacatt cgccgttaca     90960
     agatggcgct gacagctgtg ttctaagtgg taaacaaata atctgcgcat gtgccgaggg     91020
     tggctctcca ctccatgtgc tctgccttcc ccgtgacgtc aactcggccg atgggctgca     91080
     gccaatcagg gagtgacacg tcctaggcga aatataactc tcctaaaaaa gggacggggt     91140
     ttcgttttct ctctctcttg cttcttacac tcctgctcct gaagatgtaa gcaataaagt     91200
     tttgccgcag aagattttgg tctgtggtgt tcttcctggc cggtcgtgag aacgcgtcta     91260
     ataacaacag acataatata aaaaattggg gcaggctggg taatgatgtt ttctgcaaag     91320
     tctgatgacc tgagctcact cccctggacc cacataatgg aaggaaagga ccaactccca     91380
     caagctgtcc tctgaccttc atatacgaaa gttgagctac aagtgctgtc tctgtcttct     91440
     ccttcacata aaataaaata aaataaaata ataaaataaa ataaaataag aaaaaaacaa     91500
     tacaatggtc aagccttcac atatatagaa acttctggaa gtctaggtat acagctgggg     91560
     caaacaggag cctggggcag tgggggtggg gtggggtgta gggtgtgtgt tgaaccctgg     91620
     ttctctggaa gaacagtcag tttccctaac ccctgagcaa cctctccagc ccctgctata     91680
     ttattttaaa gatgctctcc caggtttcaa gaacaacgaa tgttggtgtt gggagacgga     91740
     ggcacagggg acacaaaaat tgctccccaa accaaaaccc tccagtgtgg cctgtcaatc     91800
     acactgtatc ggtgaccctc gttccttagc attttcgtca cccatgcctc ctgctttccc     91860
     cagcctgtaa tttccgcgcc agttacctcc agtttctttc tctcttatcc agctttattc     91920
     taaaacatta ctgtatacta aatttatcat aggtggatct tattgtaaca tttcattaaa     91980
     atttttttat tacatttatt tagggtatgc gagcatgtga ttgtgtgtgt gaacagataa     92040
     caacttgctt cagttggtca gttttctcct acctacatgt cccagggact gaccttcggt     92100
     catcacactt ggcagcaagt gcctttaccc atggcgctgt cttgccaacc ctcattagag     92160
     atccagctgt ggggcatttt ctcaattagt gatcaagtgg ggagggctct ttgtgggtgg     92220
     tgccatctct gggctggcag tcttgggttc tataagagag caggctgagc aagccagggg     92280
     aagcaaccca gtaatgaggc ctctgcatca gctcctgctt cctgacctgc ttgagttcca     92340
     gtcctgactt ccttggtggt gaacagcaat gtggaaatgt aagctgagta aaccctttcc     92400
     tcgccaactt gcttcttggt catgatgttt gtgcaggaat agaaaccctg accaagacag     92460
     gcacacaggt gaaaggatgt ttggatatag cagacacttg aaaggaccca tgatgaagga     92520
     gcataaatgt gaccccacag acagtgtgag tggaggggaa cactgagcac tggtttgttt     92580
     tgctccgcct cattattctt cactagcgac acaaatgcat tggttcaccc ttacatagca     92640
     ttgttgagct caacttatag taatgctgcc attgagagaa actcacccaa gaactgctca     92700
     ggaggttcct gtgacttcgg ctgcctcacc tcaggctggc tggtgagtct ggtggcttct     92760
     tcaggattga actacagctg ccggttcatg cctggggtct gcctggggaa aggactgggc     92820
     tgcagctgct aagttgtact tggtgtttgc tacaggactg aactgctgcc aaagtgttgg     92880
     gagccgcccc cacattcgcc gtcacaagat ggcgctgaca tcctgtgttc taagtggtaa     92940
     acaaataatc tgcgcatgtg ccaagggtat tttacgacta cttgtactct gcctttcccg     93000
     tgaacgtcag ctcggccatg ggctgcagcc aatcagggag tgatgcgtcc taggcgaaat     93060
     ataactctcc taaataggga aggggtttcg gtttcgttat tgaggggctt tcgcttttgg     93120
     ggctgggggt ttgcgctcct agctcctgaa gatgtaagca ataaagtttt gccgcagaag     93180
     attctggttt gttgcgtctt tcctggccgg gcgcgcgaac gctattaaga attggtgccg     93240
     aaacccggga cgaaaaaata caagaaaact cgggaccggc gcaaggaaga tccctcattc     93300
     cagaaccaga actgcgggtc gcggtaataa aggttcccgt aaagcagact gttaagaagg     93360
     attcaactgc atgaattcag aacttttcag ctgggggaac agagtaccag tgagtacagc     93420
     tttacaaggt acgcctggcc ttgaactttc taaggaaatt caagacagtc tatcagaagt     93480
     aaagtggaaa atggctttac aaggtatatt tggccttgaa ttttttctag tgttaggagc     93540
     ccttttgttc cttttcacat gttaccaggt gattaagata gggctgaaaa ttctggatga     93600
     aattcagggc aatctatcag aagtaaagcg gggagagaga gtaggagcaa agagaaaata     93660
     tggtacacaa aataagtata caggcctttc caagggtctt gaacccgagg aaaagtttag     93720
     gtcaggtaag aatacctggg gagagattag aaagaaggaa aagaaaaaag aaaagaaaaa     93780
     agatcgatta gcggaggtct ctaggagata ctcgtcacta gatgagctca ggaagccagc     93840
     tcttagtagc tctgaagcag atgaagaatt ctcctctgag gaaacagact gggaggaaga     93900
     agcagcccat taccagccag ctaattggtc aagaaaaaag ccaaaagcgg ctggcgaaag     93960
     ccagcgtact gttcaacctc cgggcagtcg gtttcaaggt ccgccctatg cggagccccc     94020
     gccctgcgta gtgcgtcagc aatgcgcaga gaggcaatgc gcagagaggc aatgcgcaga     94080
     gaggcagtgc gcagagaggc agtgcgcaga gaggcaatgc gcagagagac agtgcgcaga     94140
     gaggcagtgc gcagagaggc agtgcgcaga ctcattcatt cccagagagg aacaaaggaa     94200
     aatacaacag gcatttccgg tctttgaagg agccgagggt gggcgtgtcc acgctccggt     94260
     agaatactta caaattaaag aacttgccga gttggtccgt aaatacggaa ccaatgctaa     94320
     ttttaccttg gtgcagttag acaggctcgc cggcatggca ctaactcctg ctgactggca     94380
     aacaattgta aaagccgctc tccctagtat gggcaaatat atggaatgga gagcgctttg     94440
     gcacgaagct gcacaagcgc aggcccgaac aaacgcagct gctttgactc cagagcagag     94500
     agattggact tttgacttgt taacgggtca gggagcttat tctgctgatc agacaaacta     94560
     ccattgggga gcttatgccc aaatttcttc cacggctatt agggcctgga aggcgctctc     94620
     ccgaacaggg gaagccactg ggcaattaac aaagataatc cagggacctc aggaatcctt     94680
     ctcagatttt gtggccagaa tgacagaggc agcagagcgt atttttggag agtcagagca     94740
     agctgtgcct ctgatagaac agctcatcta tgagcaagcc acaaaggagt gccgagcggc     94800
     catagcccca agaaagaaca aaggcttaca agactggctc agggtctgtc gagagcttgg     94860
     gggacctctc agcaatgcag gtttagcggc tgccatcctt caatcccaaa accgctccat     94920
     gggcagaaat aatcagagga catgttttaa ctgcggaaag cccgggcatt ttaagaaaga     94980
     ttgcagagct ccagataaac agggagggac tctcactctt tgctctaagt gtggcaaggg     95040
     ttatcataga gccgaccagt gtcgctctgt gagggatata aagggcagaa ttcttccccc     95100
     acctgatagt caatcagctt atgtgccaaa aaacgggtca tcgggccctc ggtcccaggg     95160
     ccctcaaaga tatgggaacc ggtttgtcaa gacccaggaa gcagtcagag aggcgaccca     95220
     gaaagaccca caagggtgga cctgcgtgcc gcctccgact tcctattaat gcctcaaatg     95280
     agtattcagc cggtgccagt ggagcctata ccatccttgc ccccgggaac catgggcctt     95340
     attctcggcc ggggttcact caccttacag ggcttagtag tccaccctgg agttatggat     95400
     tgtcaacatt cccctaaaat acaggtcctg tgctcaagcc ctaaaggcgt tttttctatt     95460
     agtaaaggag ataggatagc tcagctgctg ctcctccctg ataataccag ggagaaattt     95520
     gcaggacctg agataaagaa aatgggctcc tcaggaaatg attctgccta tttggttgta     95580
     tctttgaatg atagacctaa gctccgcctt aagatcaacg gaaaagagtt tgaaggcatc     95640
     cttgataccg gagcagataa aagtataatt tctacacatt ggtggcccaa agcatggccc     95700
     accacagagt catctcattc attacagggc ctaggttatc aatcatgtcc cactataagc     95760
     tccattgcct tgacgtggga atcctctgaa gggcagcaag ggaaattcat accttatgtg     95820
     ctcccactcc cggttaacct ctgggaaagg gatattatgc agcatttggg ccttattttg     95880
     tccaatgaaa acgccccatc gggagggtat tcagctaacg caaaaaatat catggcaaag     95940
     atgggttata aagaaggaaa agggttagga catcaagaac agggaaggat agagcccatc     96000
     tcacctaatg gaaaccaaga cagacagggt ctgggttttc cttagtggcc attggggcag     96060
     cacgacccat accatggaaa acaggggacc cagtgtgggt tcctcaatgg cccctatcct     96120
     ctgaaaaact agaagctgtg attcaactgg tagaggaaca attaaaacta ggccatattg     96180
     aatcctctac ctcaccttgg aatactccaa tttttgtaat taagaaaaag tcaggaaagt     96240
     ggagactgct ccatgacctc agagccatta atgagcaaat gaacttattt ggcccagtac     96300
     agaggggtct ccctgtactt tccgccttac cacgtggcta gaatttaatt attatagata     96360
     ttaaagattg tttcttttct atacctttgt gtccaaggga taggcccaga tttgccttta     96420
     ccatcccctc tattaatcac atggaacctg ataagaggta tcaatggaag gtcttaccac     96480
     agggaatgtc caatagtcct actatgtgtc aactttatgt acaagaagct cttttgccag     96540
     tgagggaaca attcccctct ttaattttgc tcctttacat ggatgacatc ctcctgtgcc     96600
     ataaagacct taccatgcta caaaaggcat atccttttct acttaaaact ttaagtcagt     96660
     ggggtttaca gatagccaca gaaaaagtcc aaatttctga tacaggacaa ttcttgggct     96720
     ctgtggtgtc cccagataag attgtgcccc aaaaggtaga gataagaaga gatcacctcc     96780
     ataccttaaa tgattttcaa aagctgttgg gagatattaa ttggctcaga ccttttttaa     96840
     agattccttc cgctgagtta aggcctttgt ttggtatttt agaaggagat cctcatatct     96900
     cctcccctag ggctcttact ctagctgcta accaggcctt acaaaaggtg gaaaaagcct     96960
     tacagaatgc acaattacaa cgtattgagg attcgcagcc tttcagtttg tgtgtcttta     97020
     agacagcaca attgccaacc gcagttttgt ggcagaatgg gccattgttg tggatccatc     97080
     caaacgtatc cccagctaaa ataatagatt ggtatcctga tgtaattgca cagcttgccc     97140
     ttagaggcct aaaagcagca atcacccact ttgggcaaag tccatatctt ttaattgtac     97200
     cctataccgc tgcacaggtt caaaccttgg cagccacatc taatgattgg gcagttttag     97260
     ttacctcctt ttcaggacaa atagataacc attatccaaa acatccaatt ttacagtttg     97320
     cccaaaatca atctgttgtg tttccacaaa taacagtaag aaacccactt aaaaatggga     97380
     ttgtggtata tactgatgga tcaaaaactg gcataggtgc ctatgtggct aatggtaaag     97440
     tggtatccaa acaatataat aaaaattcac ctcaagtggt agaatgctta gtggttttag     97500
     aagttttaaa aaccttttta gaacccctta atattgtgtc agattcctgt tatgtggtta     97560
     atgcagtaaa tcttttagaa gtggctgaag tgattaagcc ttccagtaga gttgccaata     97620
     tttttcagca gatacaatta gttttgttat ctagaagatt tcctgtttat attactcatg     97680
     ttagagccca ttcaggccta cctggcccca cggctctaaa aatgatttgg cagataaggc     97740
     cactaaagtg gtggctgctg ccctatcatc cccggtagag gctgcaagaa attttcataa     97800
     caattttcat gtgacggctg aaacattacg cagtcgtttc tccttgacaa gaaaagaagc     97860
     ccgtgacatt gttactcagt gtcaaagctg ctgtgagttc ttgccagttc ctcatgtggg     97920
     aattaaccca cgcggtattc gacctctaca ggtctggcaa atggatgtta cacatgtttc     97980
     ttcctttgga aaacttcaat atctccatgt gtccattgac acatgttctg gcatcatgtt     98040
     tgcttctccg ttaaccggag aaaaagcctc acatgtaatt caacattgcc ttgaggaatg     98100
     gagtgcttgg gggaaaccca aactccttaa gactgataat ggaccagctt atacgtctca     98160
     aaaattccag cagttctgcc gtcagatgga cgtaacccac ctaactggac ttccatacaa     98220
     ccctcaagga cagggtattg ttgagcgtgc gcatcgcacc ctcaaagcct atcttataaa     98280
     gcagaagagg ggaattgagg agacttttcc ccgagcacca agagtgtctg tgtctttggc     98340
     actctttaca ctcaattttt taaatattga tgttcatggc catactgcgg ctgaacgtca     98400
     ttgttcagag ccagataggc ccaatgagat ggttaaatga aaaaatgtcc ttgataataa     98460
     atggtatggc ccagatccta ttttgataag atctagggga gctatctgtg ttttcccaca     98520
     gaatgaagac aacccatttt ggataccaga aagactcacc cgaaaaatcc agactgacca     98580
     agggaatact gatgtccctc gtcttggtga tgtccagggc gtcaataata aagagagagc     98640
     agcgttgggg gataatgtcg acatttccac tcccaatgac ggtgatgtat aatgctcaag     98700
     tattctcctg cctttttaca ctaactagga actgggttta gccttgattc agacagcctt     98760
     ggctctgtct ggacaggtcc agacgactga caccattaac actttgtcag cctcagtgac     98820
     tacagtcata gatgaacagg cctcagctaa tgtcaagata cagagaggtc tcatgctggt     98880
     taatcaactc atagatcttg tccagataca actagatgta ttatgacaaa taactcagca     98940
     gggatgtgaa caaaagtttc cgggattgtg tgttatttcc attcagtatg ttaaatttac     99000
     tagggcagct aatttgtcaa aaagtctttt tcagtatatg ttacaaaatt ggacggctga     99060
     atttgaacag atccttcggg aattgagact tcaggtcaac tccacgcgct tggacctgtc     99120
     cctgaccaaa ggattaccca attggatctc ctcagcattt tccttcttta aagaatgggt     99180
     gggattgata ttatttggag atacactttg ctgtggatta gtgttgcttc tttggttggt     99240
     ctgtaagctt aaggcctaaa ctaggagaga caaggtggtt attgcccagg cgcttgcagc     99300
     tctagaacat ggtgctcccc ctgatatatc tatgcttagg caataggtcg ctggccactc     99360
     agctcttaca tctcacgagg ctagtctcat tgcacgggat agagtgagtg tgcttcagca     99420
     gcccgagaga gttgcacggc taagcactgc aatagaaggg ctctgcggca taaaatgagc     99480
     ctattcttgg gagacatgtc atctttcaag aaggttgagt gttcaagtgt ccttccccca     99540
     ggaaaaacaa cacgggacca gaccaggacc cctctgggtg atgagcctgg gaggaggtta     99600
     tgtgtacggc tcctttacct acacactggg gatttgacct ctatctccac tctcattaat     99660
     atgggtggcc tatttgctct tattaaaaga aaagggggag atgttgggag ccgcccccac     99720
     attcgccgtc acaagatggc gctgacatcc tgtgttctaa gtggtaaaca aataatctgc     99780
     gcatgtgcca agggtatttt acgactactt gtactctgcc tttcccgtga acgtcagctc     99840
     ggccatgggc tgcagccaat cagggagtga tgcgtcctag gcgaaatata actctcctaa     99900
     atagggaagg ggtttcggtt tcgttattga ggggctttcg cttttggggc tgggggtttg     99960
     cgctcctagc tcctgaagat gtaagcaata aagttttgcc gcagaagatt ctggtttgtt    100020
     gcgtctttcc tggccgggcg cgcgaacgct attaagacca aagaagatgg agctcgcccc    100080
     caaagaacta ctgctggaca ggtccacttc tcccatatcc taacaacttt tctcttcaac    100140
     tacctctgct gggtggtggg ctagaggaga ggtttaaccc ttattaaaag taagttgcaa    100200
     aaggtttatg cctaccagcg cctgtcacct attttccttc ttcacaggtc acgactctgt    100260
     tccttatgca cagataaagc tccgttgtat attacacacc ccactctctt tcttcaccaa    100320
     ctgatggaca tgtgagttgt tccttaaaca acaacaaaaa caacaaacct gctgtgctgc    100380
     aataaaggtg gtttgcaggt gtctgctgta ccctgccttc aatcccttcc agtgtacgct    100440
     gtggtgtggt acagctgggc catattgtag ttttaatttt ggccttttaa agagcctcca    100500
     tacttacacc atactcccta catctaatgg ctggaccagc tcacattccc atcagcagtg    100560
     tacgaacacc tgctgccaca atacttcctt ttttcttctc gttttctgag acagggtctt    100620
     actatttaga tcaggctggc ctcgaactca cagagaatcc ccacccctgc ccccttctcc    100680
     caagagctgc ttttccctcc tttttctttc ttcaaaaaat aaatctgtta atttttattt    100740
     gatgtgcatg tctattgtgt gtgcctggtg cccacagagg ccagaaggga gcatcagatt    100800
     ccctgacctt agagtaatag atgaccgtga gctgccatgt gcgttctggg aactgcaccc    100860
     tggtcctcta ggagagcagt aagctctatt agtccccgca tcatctctcc agctctgtct    100920
     actttttttt cttggtagtc agattgaggc aagatgtagt cagtgtagct aaaatgttct    100980
     ctttatcata ttttatttat taattattaa ttgtgggtgt gtgcactcac gtgtgtgcgc    101040
     acacatcaca gcatgtgtgt ggagccagag gacagtagta tagaattgat tctgtctttc    101100
     tatgtgtatt tctgtgtatt tctatttcct agggcaaatg cctttactgg cttagccatc    101160
     tctactcccc tcggtgtagt tttggtcaca acttccctag agctaaaaat cttgaactta    101220
     caacaacaac aacaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaac aaaactttaa agttagcacc    101280
     cgaagtacca ggcttccttg tgtcccattc aaacatgctt agtttttgtt gactagcagc    101340
     atccaggctt atacaacccc ttccatccct ctttacgtcc cacatgctcc gttaacctcc    101400
     caccctcctt catgaacttt ccccacgtgt tcattgccaa cctgcgcttc ttcagggtct    101460
     tttctgggct tcggggcggt agcagctata gcctggccca tgggaggccc tgggactagt    101520
     tcccgttcat cacaagtttt catctactgg ttgggttatt tgtttttttt agtgtctgat    101580
     gttctgagat tgttgcgtgt tttgggtatt agtcttctga caggcagaca gctgtcaaag    101640
     ctttctctcc cattcggtcc ctcccattct gtctgtttct ttgactcttc agaaacctct    101700
     ttatttttat ttatttattt tcatttatat gagcacactg cagctatctt cggacacaca    101760
     ccagaagaag gcatcggatc ctattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga    101820
     tctgaactca gggcccctgg aagagcagtc agtgctttta accgctgagc catctctcca    101880
     accccagaaa ctctttaatc taacaaaatc ccacgtttta attcttactt ttgttcccag    101940
     ggctacagta gcctttccag ttgccgctca caaggctttc ggtatttcct gtaactactt    102000
     caaagtttct gatctatttt gagttgagct tttggtatgg gatgacaagt agggaaggct    102060
     gtctttgcaa agctctgtag atttctctgg gacatctaga cagcttccca gtctgttcta    102120
     ttctccgtga gaacagcatt gagcctcaag ccttttccgc ttcgaggtca caggtcacag    102180
     atttcaccga tccccagggc gcatgtcggg tagtcaggtt ggggcctgga gcccttcctt    102240
     tttctggtac tgagtgagct agggccgcgc agtgtgagtc tggtgccatc tggtggccat    102300
     gtaaaacact gggtcatttg agtaagcctg tggtgtatct tctgaattca tgattgatgt    102360
     gagagagccc agcccactgt aagaggtgtc acggggcagg tggtccatgg ttatgtaaaa    102420
     tataagaaac cagccagagg gctggagaga tgactcagct gttaagagca ctgactgctc    102480
     tgcggaaggt cttgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggcacacaac cacccgtaat    102540
     gagatctgac gccctctttt ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cattgtcggg gccagagtga    102600
     gcagaagtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatgatgg ctcagaacca tctgcacagc    102660
     tacagtgtac tcatatacat aaaataaata aatcttaaaa aaaataaaag aaatcaagca    102720
     gagcaaacca tggggaacaa gacagtaagc agcactcctc cacagcctct acctcagtcc    102780
     ctgcctccag gttcctgctt taagttcttg ccttggcttt cctaagagat ggaaatttaa    102840
     cggagagctg taagccaaat aatgtgttcc ttcccaactt gcttttggct ctgcagcaat    102900
     agagagctgt gatgtataag ctgtgatata taaatgtata tattcccgct ccacatttcc    102960
     ccaaataaca gttctctaaa tcaactcctc tgaaacttac tttcacagtc agtggtgcaa    103020
     tgcacgttac attggtagac tccaaggtgc tgtgtacact tgtcaaaact cccggccctg    103080
     ggtcaggctg gcctccaaat tgctacaggg agaaaagaaa acagaaaata gctaaggata    103140
     ttagtgacac agcatccttg agaacatcca gaaggtgagc tgtttgtaac catggtttct    103200
     atcgctcatc acataatgta aagatacctg tggtggggct aggaagttgg gggctcttcc    103260
     aaggagaggg cagacctttc accctgagct ctcttgaccc agactggctg cctcgatgca    103320
     cttccccaga tgacgtctct tgggaaccca ttcggtgtgt tccctttcct tgctctctct    103380
     gctgtgtgtt ctgagcccta tggatggcct tctgctatta cctgaagtgg aaacttaggg    103440
     gttctttgga aagtcagttg tgttggatgg tgttttgcaa acacgtgaag gactgtttca    103500
     ttagcgtgga cacaggggtg aaaggctaag tcagactcat gaaggaacgt ttcgagagca    103560
     tgttctgcta aagcaagtag atgtaaggac acataatgaa gaattcttga tcatgtattg    103620
     gtccactttg cattgtgtag ttgagctgca tttgtcagga ctccatagag agaaatgcac    103680
     caaaaatctc ctggtggtgt gctgcaggtt cttgttgctt ccaaggactt gggttgatag    103740
     gcagagtgat gtcagccgag acagatgcat gtactaaggc aagccctgtg gaggagacct    103800
     gatgtttgga gagagtataa aaaggactca acagacagca atggaggctg agcttggctt    103860
     gctggtagag gtagctgttc aactcttact gatttcgagt ctttgctgac ttttgcttca    103920
     ttgagagagg cacagccaag aacttttcat ggcattcctc ccggtccctc atgctgactc    103980
     aagtcgaggc tgaggcctgg ctgtcgctgc tagaacatat caccgatgtt gttaacttga    104040
     ctcaaccaga ctgctggtgt ttgcatgaag tgtttgtgag tggatcaagc tgctgctgct    104100
     gacctgtgaa ctgaactgct gatttccaga caacacagaa gggagttgct ccaaagaacc    104160
     tttctacaca ggtccatttc cctcatgtcc tttcttttcc actacctctg gagggtggtg    104220
     ggctacaagg gaggttaaag tgtttaagga ccaccactaa aaataggatt tgaggaggct    104280
     ggagagatgg ctcagaggtt aagagcagtc agtgctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt    104340
     cctagcaact acatggtggg gtggctcaca accatctgta atgggatccg atgccctctt    104400
     ctggtgtgtc tgatgacagc tacagtgtac ttataaaaat aaaaaaatag gatctgaaaa    104460
     aaattaaagt tataattacc tgctacctct gtctgctact ggctatttat ttattctatt    104520
     tattttgctt gctatacatt taatgaacac attcatcttg aatgaaaagc acagctttca    104580
     tagattatct tctgggctgt acagaaccag caggtagctg ggtgatgtta ttacaaatct    104640
     ttggccattg ctcacaatgt cttgcttaga tgctaaaatg catgtataca aacatatcaa    104700
     taggataaaa ttccatgcat aatatataca tcattacatt atcttggtaa gtatactggc    104760
     taattttact ttgtgcatgc atgcacgtgt atgtgcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    104820
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcttgtcaac ttgacctaag ctaggtcatc tgggaagagg    104880
     gaacctcaat tgagaaaatg tccccatcag attgtcttag gcaagtctag aggacatttt    104940
     cttttaattg actatttatt gatgaggaat ggcctggccc actgtgggag gtagagtctt    105000
     gggcagttta agaaagcagg ctgagcaagc catgtggagc aagccagtaa gcagctccct    105060
     tctgcttcag ttcctgcctc gaggttcctc cctgagctcc tgccctgacc tcccccagtg    105120
     atggaacata agctgctgta aggtgaaata agccctttcc ttcaatagct ttcagcctcc    105180
     ttctaagcta ctgtgaagta gctttggctg tggtggtcgt cacggcagca gaaacctgac    105240
     caaggcagca gaggtcaatt aatcgattaa tttatacttt ttcccataat attttcagca    105300
     cagtgtcatt tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta    105360
     ttgtcatttt gagccagggt ctcactctgt agctcaggct acactcgttc tgccagctaa    105420
     tgtgttctat agaatcccat cccaccatct tactgacttg gtccccaatg cttccttcta    105480
     ttctgtcttt atgagtatat ttgcacgatt ttattctttt gagaattatg ccttcctgtt    105540
     tgtctttctg tctttgtttt cctcttccct cctctccttg cttggcatac aaggcacagc    105600
     acagcctgtc ttctgctttt gctgacgagc tgccatcaac cccctttaag ctacaatcca    105660
     caaagctatt tacatagttc agtaccctct gcagtcaatg tcagtcactc tctaggaagg    105720
     gagacctgtt ggtcagacta attcagggac cctactaagt gaaggcagca gaatacacaa    105780
     taaacaacct actttgttct aggacctcat actctgtaga cttttctctc ccgatgctgg    105840
     tccattttcc cacatttcaa cagccaacac tgactctcca ggtaaccagt tcttggcttt    105900
     tatcacacag tgttagcaaa gtgttctgcc tagcaacaaa tgatgcaaag tcttcgctct    105960
     tgattggtta acagtgtgaa ggaggctgca taattaccta tctatttttt ttttcagctg    106020
     tgtggaagac agctctattc taaataggtg tatcagtctc ttcattgccc ctttgtcccc    106080
     tccagaatgg gcgctgggag ggccccctgg gtggtggctc tgttggtgaa cctcatgagg    106140
     ctggattcct tcatgattga aggcagagac tccccaggta agaagagagg ggtttgattc    106200
     tgggtgtggt tttctggaat tggcacgggg ctaactctcc ccattctctg tggaccaaag    106260
     tctcagacta gagtggctct gactttaaag agtcccccca gccaggtggt ggtagcacac    106320
     gtctttaacc ccagcactca ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttt gaggccagcc    106380
     tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gaaaaaaacc ctgtcttgac    106440
     aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagccccccc caccccccca ctgaccagga agctcatgcg    106500
     ctcctcagca cccacaaaga actgcctgga aaggtcttct cacacccaag acacagatac    106560
     caggggagtg aggaggggag tgagggaggg agggaggaag gagacatttt cccctgttgg    106620
     gctccttgtg catcaacatc agacactaga accttgaaag ccggagtctg agcagctgag    106680
     ctttctctac gagcatctac tccttttatg gctttctggt gaaattggaa atcacatctc    106740
     caactattaa gctcctggtt agcgttcagc atcgtcctga gaagttttga ggtgtgagtg    106800
     aagttgagag ctcagacaag ttgagtatgt tagttatctt tggcctcagg ttgctgtgta    106860
     cagcttgttt tttcactggg agacgggcta tgcaaacacc agcgttgcta gaccatgaaa    106920
     actcaggctt gtgagcagaa aacaggatgt gatatgctaa gaaaagactc ccctctaacg    106980
     ccagtctcat taaatacaga agaggaacaa gcctaggagg ggcatccgtt ttctcggaga    107040
     acaaaaaccg ctctgagttt atcacgtcca tttgacaaat ggggaaaaaa aaaaacagca    107100
     cggagtttta gatgatgatg aaaaccccat atactttctc tttagcttgt aaagagggaa    107160
     cagagaaggg tagacatgct gagggactgg aggctggcac ctcgtctgaa ctcagtggcc    107220
     ctcagagggg cctggatggt catggaagtc attctcaggg ggtggctgag cactgctgga    107280
     ggagactgct gagcttagga ataaacagac ccacagctca ttatccttca agtcgcagct    107340
     tagccgcttc atggaggtct gcctgcttta tcattttcaa gcgcacagaa ctgagccaca    107400
     gcacgctgtc atcacaagaa gtctttctct tcctgtcccg tctccttcct cttcttcccc    107460
     atgaatacca ttccaagttt gccttcaaca tgagtgtagt gttcagaaac atagaatggg    107520
     ccgaaagatg gctcagtggt taaagccact tgctgccaaa cctgacaact tgagttcaat    107580
     ccctaggaac cacgtgttag ataaggggtg ggggagaata acaggggagg gggaggggag    107640
     gacagggaag atggggatgg gggagaaagg aggacacagg gactgtgggg gacagggaca    107700
     ggtacgaggg gaaccaggga cagggggcac acagggggtg aggatgggga gacaaggtga    107760
     gggaggggtg ggggaataat ggggaggaaa gacaaggggg ttagggatgg ggattgggaa    107820
     aactggggtg ggggacagat gggggtggga catgacatgg ggactgggtg gggactgggc    107880
     tgtggggtag gggacaggat ggaatgggat agacttactc ctgaaaactg ttttccttgt    107940
     tcacatttta aataaatgcc aataagcatt aaatgacatt aagtgacttt gtctcttaat    108000
     gtcatttaag tgactttgtc tcttaatggt gggcttttga gaacgttgct atctgactta    108060
     gtgtgccagg tgcaggcttt cccagaggtg cagctggttc ctaatccttt tatggtttcc    108120
     agagaatttt gtgattcagg caaaggcgga ctgttacttc accaatggta cagaaaaggt    108180
     tcacttgctg gtcaggttca tcttcaacct ggaggagtat ttacacttcg acagtgacct    108240
     ggggatgttt gtggctctga cggagctggg ggaacctgat gctgaccagt ggaacaaacg    108300
     cctggatctc ctggagacga gcagagctgc tgtgaacatg gtctgcaggc agaagtacaa    108360
     gctgggggcc cccttcactg tggagagaaa tggtgggtga caataagatc taggggttct    108420
     ctgtgagaac cttgtaatag gcatttaaaa ggttttaaat tacagcaatc atctatctgt    108480
     ctgtctatta tttatttgtg tgtgttccat gcatgccata gtggaggtta gaggacaatt    108540
     tgaggcagtt gggtctctcc ttccatcatg agggtcctag agaatgaact caggtcatca    108600
     agcttggggg cctgtgatta taccctgtcc tcagctgtga attgttggct tagaattttc    108660
     aaaagctact ttaataatgg ttcttaagtg cttcaacctc ccttctagcc caccatccac    108720
     catagagagt ggaaaggaaa ggttgatagg aaataggggt tgtggacctg cttagaaata    108780
     gttctttagg ggcgattcca atcttcgttg tcagcagtcc acccctctag catagcatca    108840
     acacgaatca acagctgcag tccagtccac ttggcaatca ctgctcatga attagcaatg    108900
     gcaatttgat ccagaagaaa ccgcatggct ctgccaattg gcctgagtct acagagacag    108960
     gaagaagctg caagaatatc acaagttctt taccaagtta ctctctatgc agtcatgtca    109020
     agcgaagata agtcatgcta tgcaaggcaa accaatatta gggtgttgtc agcaaagact    109080
     agtgaggcac agcaaggcga accaatacca gagcctcctc ccactgtcat tggggtcata    109140
     tttatgcttt cttccacaaa tcatgctttc tctcacttgt ctgcttcagc aaaacatcct    109200
     ctaacctgtg tcagcttcag ccaagcatcc ttccatctgt ctgctctggc aaaacatcat    109260
     ctgacataat ggagtttcca aagaaaccag aaatttccac ttcctcctaa aacctcagag    109320
     ttctcagggt ctttgagaac tggtgtagcc ttgaatacag tgggtggctg tggggtgacc    109380
     tggcagagtc tatgtccttc ctgtggacat ccacacatgc ttctcagtct atggtgttag    109440
     gtacccacac ttccagcttc tacttggcta gtatgggaga tggatcacgg tggtcacagc    109500
     ccctctagat ggtcctgtcc ttgctgtgct ttttgtttct tctcttgcca gtgcctccag    109560
     aggtgacagt gtatccagag aggaccccgt tgctgcagca gcacaacctg ctgctctgct    109620
     ctgtgacagg cttctacccc ggggacataa gtgtcaagtg gttccggaat ggacaggagg    109680
     agaggtctgg ggtcatgtcc actggccttg ttaggaatgg agactggacc ttccagacaa    109740
     cagtaatgct ggaaatgatc ccagagcttg gtgacatcta cagctgcctc gtggagcacc    109800
     ccggcctcct gagacctgtt tctgtggcat ggagtgagct ttattagttt tctgtacttc    109860
     tggaccttga cctgtaggag ctgtcatttc tgtgttcatc ttgatgacaa gacaagttcc    109920
     cctgatctaa gaatcctagt gccaggggca ggagaaaaca ggacaggcat ccatcctctg    109980
     aatgtccaag agatagataa ggaggctgtt aacccacaac ttgcctctaa gcctgggacc    110040
     tagtatcctt tagcacttta atctttacag acactgccac tggctctaag tcagggatcg    110100
     gcctggagaa gtagcttagc tggtgaaggg cttgtcatat aactgtgagg acctgagttt    110160
     gactcctaca gtctatgtaa ataatccagg ttctctggtc catgattgta gtcccagggc    110220
     ctgggaggta gagacaggca gatccctgca gttcacaggc taaccagcct agtctactta    110280
     gtgagttcta ggtcagtgag ggacattgaa ctacagcaaa aacagcaaag gaaatggcac    110340
     ctgaggaata acaccagaca ttgacctctg gtctgtggga gtgtgtgcgt gcacacatac    110400
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agaatcagtg    110460
     acagatggga gacacatatc tagacttaac tcttccctga gcagtactgg gctttagggt    110520
     tttaagaagt tgggtccagt actgagagca ttgcattgac tttaagtctc actttcccac    110580
     agtggctcag tctgaatatt cctggaaaaa gatactgagt ggagctgcag tgttcctgct    110640
     tgggctgatt gtcttcctgg tgggggttgt tatccatctc aaggctcaga aaggtaacag    110700
     acctctgaag agaaccttcc cacctgccct gtgcctcttt atccacttcc agcttccttt    110760
     actgtaaaga tctgagggag ggagggagag agggagggag agagggaggg agggagggag    110820
     ttagggaggg agggaggaaa ggctgaacat gctcaggcat ccctgtgaca ggatttccta    110880
     aagccagggg gagtccaggg gtatgcaaag acaagtgctg acactgaggg ccataacccc    110940
     ccaccctccc caggaaaacc acatttgatc ttgactgggg atcccgtttt ctctctttcc    111000
     agcatctgtg gagactcagc ctggcaatga ggtaagcact ctggttcctt gtctttggct    111060
     ggcagatcat ggccttgttc ttcagtcaga gcatgcatca tggagtagga gaggcagagg    111120
     tgactctggc tgcgtgattg tctcctgagt gtctggaatt ggagggtgtg aggcctcctg    111180
     acaccctccc actcttcttg caggcctcaa gagagagtct ccattctcaa ccctagtaag    111240
     atcctaatgg aagcctctcc cccagagcct gaagaagtgt gacagggctg aggattcggg    111300
     ttggcaaagg atgctggctc ttcagtctgt gagatgtggt catggacctt ccctttgtcc    111360
     tgtacctcag tagtccctcg tttccaggac atggtccaga aacttcctta ggacctaact    111420
     cattccacac ccaagttgct ttggcccaat cctaaccctg tgactgtgga gccccaagat    111480
     ttctatcttc caaccacagc ttctagtctt ccatacagtc accttaaaaa tccttattgt    111540
     aaaaataaag cagtcacagg caaccgcagt gaagtataaa tcaatgactt gttcaaggca    111600
     aaacccgtgt catcacttgc tcaggtcaaa acacaaacag tggtggtctc tgtggaattc    111660
     cttatgtgcc tcagccaata aacacccaca gcacacacta tccacgtggg gtgattagat    111720
     acagccaagc atacacttat gtatacaaga atccatggtc tttcttgtct cccagacttt    111780
     cagatgtttt acgtcatctt ttctttctga taggattaaa gctgttgaga aggctcagcc    111840
     tccaaggtga agggttccca cgctgagatg ttgttgccta catacatggt gccatctgat    111900
     acacgtggtg ccatctgaca cactggctgc catctgacac actcttttac cctttgtgtt    111960
     ttctatgagt tagcatctga tgcagacttg gggtgagact ctagtctgat tgttttggag    112020
     tctggaggag gccatgacct tttctggagt tacagtgtat ctccttgttt ttcctttcat    112080
     gatgttacaa caagcatcga tgctaattgg cccatctgct aatttactgg ggatggctac    112140
     attgtgacag tctatttcta ggattcttta tttatagcat attgttggct ctgctcaatg    112200
     ttagctgcag tagaagttca aagctaatgg tggtaaaact gttggcatct taaagtgagt    112260
     ctagcctgca gggtgctacc gttgtgtcca gtgctgcagg attctgaaac aaagcactaa    112320
     tttcacttaa tagtgacctt agtggagcaa tgcattcact ggtttacaaa gtcttgacac    112380
     ctgagtaaca tctttttaat aagttgacag ttgggagtgt ttctgctgta tgtagatggg    112440
     aaggctgttg taaaaattgc ttgagttgtg agtaaaactg agcatgcttc attcaataca    112500
     gcatcatttt gtctttgtag aagatatttc ttattaacct tttattgttt gagaatttta    112560
     tacatgagta ttatgtgttt tgatcaaatc cacccccatt cactcccttc taatttttcc    112620
     tttctcctga tcacatttac ctcccaactt catatgcgtt tttgctttaa ttcactaagt    112680
     caatgtagtt ctgctaggat tacatggggg caggtccatc tgcccttagg agcacattct    112740
     tgaagaacat ggagtttccc tctgcctcag ccgtcaactc ctcctcagct aaggttgaca    112800
     cttcacaaat cccacctacc catgctggga gtgtggaatg cttgatcttg gacatttaga    112860
     agcgttctaa ctgactttta gcttgttttg caataaatta cagtttagtt ggtagtggat    112920
     tttctggtgt attttcattg tctgaaggga tactattttg tcttgaatgg tctcaacatt    112980
     tgttctacaa tgtcaataaa gaacatccac tgtttgaagt agataaagcc tgatccactc    113040
     tccgttgctt atttttaatg tgcaattgtt tttattgcct tttctgagga tagtgtgctt    113100
     atgcacctcc cgggtgctgg caggaagccc accagagaaa cccggctgct ccccaccctc    113160
     actttgacgt ttcctgtcta ctctttcctg cttcagtttt gattttgttc cctacaggtt    113220
     ttcctattta gatatttctg cagatttttc ttctgaaagt cttatgactt ttatgttttc    113280
     tgatttagtc tataacctct acgttagttt ttaaatatat aatggtatgc tgtttgcata    113340
     tagatttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    113400
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaatata tctcatatag cccaagctgg    113460
     tctcagtagc accgtgtagc tgaatctggc cttgaactcc tgattctccc atttctgact    113520
     ctcacgtgct aggtttacca gcatatgtca ccgggtctga tccttttctc tacagacggt    113580
     tagttccttc agtgtctttt gttgaaaact ctacactctc tataacgcat tgcttttact    113640
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacaggg tttctttgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa    113700
     ctcactctgt aggccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag    113760
     tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgt accaccactg cctggctact tttacatttt ttatcaaaat    113820
     gaatttaggg gctgcaggat ggcttagtag gtaaagcctg gacacttgaa tttgatccca    113880
     gggacccaaa gagtggaagg agagacctgt ctcccacaag tattctggcc tccgacacag    113940
     catacatatg cccctacagg tgttcatgtg taaacatgca caataaacac gataaaaacc    114000
     aaaatattaa acattactca ttggcctgct tctgaacttt ttgttttggc cttattactt    114060
     ggccagtgtc gctcatcttc attttgacat gtcttaaaat tggcagattg attccggtct    114120
     cttcattctt tttcaagaga gtgttagcca ttccatgttc ctgccctgtt agtggcaatg    114180
     gtgatgtttg ctgagtgcct ttctttactg tcctaacggg cctcgcttac aagcaacatg    114240
     tatctgcatt catttgtggt tttgtttaac ggttagattt actcatttta ttttgtttgt    114300
     gagggttttg cctgcatgaa tgtctgtgta ctgtgtctgt gtaatgcctg tagtggtcag    114360
     aagagggtga cagggacctg gaactagagt tatagctcat tgggagccac catatgggtt    114420
     ctggaattga acctgagttc tgtggaagag cagagagggc tcttaaccac tgatccatct    114480
     ctccagtccc tttgacttat ttactgtgct ctcatagacc catgcccaaa tatttcattt    114540
     ctggaactga ttgacaaaag tatctaaaag acatcagtat gatttcctgc attttttctt    114600
     tttcttccct gctcctggtt tgggtttctc tagccaggat ttctctttag agccttggct    114660
     gtcattcagc ctgcttgaac tgctttctag accaggatgg cttcaaatgc agagatccac    114720
     cggcctctgc ctcctgaatg tggggattga aggtgtgtgt caccatggcc tagcagtttc    114780
     ctaaactttt cctctcagtg ccgaatggaa tcaaaggacc ttatgaatgc ccatgttcca    114840
     accctgagct acatcccaag ccctcctggc cattttattt ggtttaaaat ttgaagtagg    114900
     gtctcactaa gttgactacc gaggcctcag tgtctttttg cacctcagtt ggccttgaac    114960
     ttgggatctt ccttccccag tctcccaagt agctggactc actgtcctgt gccatcactc    115020
     agaggattac cctcctgtaa tgttgcctgt gccctggata gctctctgcc cgaccctacc    115080
     ttctcttgtg ggtcgggggt gagctggcac agagtcaatg acacagactc tgggagcagg    115140
     tgagaaattc tgcagcaagc tcctctgagc aatgctgtaa gctctgttaa taccctccac    115200
     tctcgccccc attgtttcca ggaaagtatc tattctaaac agcagttcct gattggctgg    115260
     cattgtttac accagcaatc cttgctctct cagcagtcct caattaggtc ctcctgcagg    115320
     agatgctttt gcagtggcac ggcctccagt gtttacatag aggccaccct gccgttcctg    115380
     ctacactgta agcttgctat tgtctgtggg cagacagagg atagtgtctc atctttcctc    115440
     ccctctggaa agctacaagg agatctgttg caaggggcat attcttgcag gaaggtcacc    115500
     atagccagaa aggcactgtg tgttcattgt tggtatacag aaatacaatt tattttttat    115560
     gcttatcttc tgtcatgtat aggagactaa agatggtgaa gatgatcttt ggcatagaaa    115620
     tgaccacaac catgaagtac tcaccagtca gtcaatctgc aagatgcttc tggaaaggtc    115680
     aatctacaac cacagacaag caaatatgta gcctggacca tcccgttctt ctctcaatta    115740
     atttgaaaat cacaaggaaa tgatctgaac tgagctactg tagccatatc tcaatattcc    115800
     tgcacctccc tctctctgtc tccgtctctc tggctctgtc tctgtttctg tctttctctc    115860
     tttctgaaac acgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcatag agatcctgct gtctaagaag    115920
     gaaatctcct gtgtcacaga agcatgctat tttttgtata gtctcatgtg gctttgagaa    115980
     tagtctatgg ccttatttga ccacagctgt ccagggcttc atttctgtct ccatttcctg    116040
     tttagttgtt ggcatcaaag tgttgtaacc catcttagcc acctggtgtc tgagtgactg    116100
     cgatggctga ccgccttcct ctttctcact ggtagcattt gcttccttct tatgtcatag    116160
     gggtttataa tgtttattat tctcttcaaa gaaccacctc tagtttaaac tcttattttt    116220
     ctatttgtca gttttccttt aaaatgatat ctgctctaat ttttaatact tctttttatc    116280
     ttcttgtgtc ttccttaagt ttaattcact taatttttta atgatctcat agcaaaagga    116340
     tgcattacta ttctaaatac ctctcctgta acaatatata catttatagg aactaatttc    116400
     tcattaagga ctattttaac cagattttga tgattttgac ttgttgttca cctaaccttg    116460
     ttatcagttc ctctgcactc tcagggctta tgttctgagg acagtggagg tggcagaata    116520
     tgctgatgtt taacaacata tccccaagat gagagatact caaccccagc aaagccacac    116580
     ggatctgtga tagaatctga ctggagaaga gactgggggg tcctgagacc aatgggcaaa    116640
     gaaaatcacc tttgcaaaaa taaccttcca gcctgttgtg ctctgcacag ttttaatccc    116700
     agaatctggg aggcaaaggc aggtaaatgg atctgtgagt ctgagaacag cttagtctac    116760
     gtggtgaatc ccaggacagc cagagctgtc ctcccctcat atacacatac acacacacac    116820
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat acacatatac acatacacgt acacacacac    116880
     acatatatac attctgttct gagtgaagtc attatggaag tagtctgtgg ccttccacac    116940
     aggtgcactg tattccactg ttgctgaggg gtctgatgag ggaattggag gggaaggtct    117000
     tagggaagca ttaatgtagg gagtgaagca attgcttcaa tggtggaaac tccaaatatc    117060
     atggttttaa tgagaaaaag gaagtgggga aaatttatta tttccagaaa caggagtcat    117120
     aaaatcagac atcaacttca taaccacatt gttaatgaaa cagcgctgtg ctgtgttaac    117180
     actagagggc gactttgagc ttagaaatcc agacagtctt caaggttctc atcctgatgc    117240
     gctcacctgc cctgggtagg agcagaaaat agaaacaaac taacacaaag ctgcagatgt    117300
     ggtcctcaaa actgatatta actagcaaat attgtctcca gactaaggac caggacaaga    117360
     gccagggcaa cagctgtgag gaccgagtga atcatgcatt taccacatga aggaaaatcc    117420
     aaattaagaa agacatagga acccagcaat taaatggaga ggaaacaaga agatgcacaa    117480
     tgagggctaa ctgaagtcag aggtaaagaa aatgacagaa ttgtaagtga aaactaagtt    117540
     gcaaatggtt gatgtaacaa agtgtatttc cacactaaag ggcattgcaa accgtcacca    117600
     aacagttagg acaatgactg tggaacaaaa tatccctcca ctgggtttca agaacctggg    117660
     acacaccacc ctttcaaggt cacaagcctg acaggcagag tccagccctc cctccacatg    117720
     gcacagttca gccaggtctc cttcttctac tcctgggtgg gcttggttct gctctgggga    117780
     atctcaggtc tgcttctgag ctgtctttct tcatgtgagg aagcttgcct gtctgcagat    117840
     gtcagcttca tctgttttct tcctctccct gggagatgac gagttgatag ctcctgttgt    117900
     ttcctttcct cagttacagt tagaaagttt gctttcttta gaaatactgt ttccataccc    117960
     ccatccccca gtggtgggca ttgtcttagt tagggttagt gttgctatag tgaaacacca    118020
     tgaccaagca atttggggag aaaaaggttt atttagcagg cccttctaca tcactgttca    118080
     tcaaaggaaa tcgggacagg aatccaaaca gtgcagggac ctggaagaag gagctgatgc    118140
     agaggccatg gaggagtgct gcttactggc tttctcctta aggcttgctc agattgcttt    118200
     cttatagacc ccatgaccac cagccagggt gaccccacaa tgagctgggc catctcccat    118260
     caattactaa gtaggaaaat gccttacagc cagatcttag gaaggcattt cataacttga    118320
     ggttctctcc tctcagatga ctccagcctg tgtcaagtca acacaaaatt aaccagcaca    118380
     gggatcaaac tccaggcctt gtgtgtgtgc tctgcctagg caagctctgg gtagagctga    118440
     gccacattca cagctggggc atgggtgggt gaagaagcaa agaacagcaa aacgctagca    118500
     ggccttggtg gagcttgtct ttaattcttg ccaattttag gtagaggcag gcatatttat    118560
     aagtttgaaa ttagcctgat ctacagagca aattccaaga cagccaagag aaatcaggtt    118620
     ctgagggggg gaaaataaag aaagagaaaa caaaattgtg ggtgtttagt agatgttata    118680
     ttttcatggg gagacagaag ggatgagaca gagataacac tctgaacaga agctgtggaa    118740
     ggtaggcatg gaggacagag accccagtga gatactttcc taaccttaga atcctcactg    118800
     ccacagggtc agaggcacac ggtctttgtt ttcatgtcca gctttgacaa agtgcattgc    118860
     cccaggacag tacagctttg agtgtgaggt gggacacaca ccagcaggtg gccacagaga    118920
     actttctgca gtcaggggaa gggttggagt cctgtccctg ggtcacaggt ctggactggg    118980
     aaaggccagc gatcctatcc agagggtgga ggccaagtgc ctctcatttc actcagtgct    119040
     ccctcagggt tcagtgggag atgcttccca ccagggagga ggtttgggat gccagagaag    119100
     caaagaagcg tgagatggag gagcttgagt ctgcttcagc gtgacagcac agagtaaagt    119160
     tacatcctta aaactgaggg ggggggggcg ggaagccggg cggtggtggt gcacccagca    119220
     cttgggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagtgtgag    119280
     ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa    119340
     caaaacaaaa ctgaagcctg agaaagggct gaaaagatgg cctaggactc ttgtgtttgc    119400
     tgagaacctg ggttcacttc ccagctctac gtggtggccc acaaactact gtaactccag    119460
     tcccaggaga tcttctggac tccccaagca cagacataca tggagccaaa cattcataca    119520
     tgtgagataa taagtcgagc aaacacacaa acaactttat aaaaacaaac acctccgggc    119580
     tgtcactcgg tcactccctt tccgcataag gcttttgtag ttctttgtca aatgtattct    119640
     tgatacatta gcaaacctga tattttatca tttatatttt aaaatcctga ggatgcatgg    119700
     atcaagctta aaaattaaat gatagatgca ttgtttaatg aaagcaagag cccttcctac    119760
     atttagtgtt aagaaaaagg tctacactcc cgttttattg ggtaattttt acatgaatga    119820
     agcctgaatt atgtcaaatg ttttttattt tatcttttta tttatttatt tatttggcgg    119880
     gggagtgata tctaagagtt gatgaacttg aaagaattca aatcacacag ttttctgtgc    119940
     tggtgagttt ttttgtcaac ttgacccaaa ttgaagtcac ctgggatgca aacaactcag    120000
     ttgaggaatt ctgattaatg gaagagtggg ccaattgtga gtggggccac aagggtaggt    120060
     ggtcctggga cccaacccat tgtgggtggg gtcacgaatg taggttgtcc tgggttccat    120120
     aagacagcag gctgagcaag tcaccagaag caagccagga cgcagagttc ctccatggcc    120180
     tctgcttcag ttcttgcctt caggttcctg ccttgagttc ctgccctgac ttccttcatg    120240
     atggattcca gtctgggaag tgaaataaat ccttttcttc ctgagttggt tttggccaga    120300
     gttttattac aatgaaggaa agcaacctag gattttattt ttgctcaaaa ctgaaattaa    120360
     attagaaatg aatgcaaaat atttgtaagt gaaaacccgt acttcttttg aataaggcat    120420
     aggagaaatc agtagaggaa tgtaaaagtg gtggcgcatg ccttcaatcc cagcacttgg    120480
     gagatacagg caggaggatc tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca    120540
     ggacagctag ggctacacag agaaaccctt tcctgaaaaa caaaacaaac aaaaccaaac    120600
     caaagtcaca aatgatataa aatgcagtat gttagtgttt ccatcaacag tgtacacagg    120660
     tcagacatgg acagagggtt caggctaatg ggctaaagat tttatcttta gaaattagaa    120720
     caggtaatat taattttaga ccaaatgaat ggaagaaagg gaaaacaaac agcgcataat    120780
     taagcatgga aaccagagac atcagaggaa ctgtccataa ggtttgtgac ctctggtgag    120840
     actgaaagac aaggcattag acagacaggg gaaggggcca agctagggaa taaaggtggg    120900
     gattttcatg atggccagct tcttccttgg tcttgagggt ctgagctttt gtctcagagt    120960
     aggtcccgga tgatggagcg gctaaccaag ttcaaggctg gaccgggaca tgtcacatga    121020
     gagttgtgga ccaatcaacc agcctgtctg tcttcaaact gaccacccct aaagcactga    121080
     ccagcctaga gcactgacca gcctggagca ctgaccagcc tggagcactg accagcctgg    121140
     agcactgacc agcctggagc actgaccagc ctggagcact ggccagcctg gagcactggc    121200
     cagcctggag cactgaccac ccctaaagca ctgaccagcc tagagcactg accagcctgg    121260
     agcactggcc agcctggagc actggccagc ctggagcact ggccagcctg gagcactgac    121320
     cagcctggag cactgaccag cctggagcac tgaccagcct aaagcaggaa atgctccaga    121380
     actttaaagc ccaccgtcaa gacgagcctg gattttcagc ttctgccgcg tgtcccagtc    121440
     ctccatgccc tgctttgcag agtctttttc tctgtgtgct ccctgtgtgt atgtctcctc    121500
     actcccaata aacaccttcc tttacctgcc gattctgtgt gctgtgcgtg aggtttccct    121560
     gctgccctgc tacatgtcag acttttcttg ccttttaaat aattctttaa ctggctgaga    121620
     attgaaccca atccagagcc ttagactgta tcatctcaag acctctagac tgtgtcaaaa    121680
     atcaccagga taaaagacaa acacagtaat atcaagaaca agagggggac ataattatat    121740
     agcactcaga gatgtatgta taacagtcta tgaaaaactt tatctctcta tgcattagac    121800
     cactcaaatg aaatgaaaat gctgtctgta aaatacaaaa ggctgatgcc acagccaccc    121860
     aagataacag actaagagag catggtcatg tttctaacag gttgaacttg tacttaaagc    121920
     actgctacag agtcagctct ggttcatgtg cttgcactga cagagtctgc taggtattta    121980
     aggcacacat gaagtcacta cagatggagg aggagtgtgt cctggttact gtttgaagcc    122040
     gtcattatgc ttatacaaat agataaaata aaggaagaag aaaaagaaag gaaagaaaaa    122100
     caaggaaaat ctatagacaa aagtcactta tgagcataaa tttaaaaaat attaataaaa    122160
     gtttaataaa taatatcaaa taaatacata aagctgtaat ggtgacacat ttctgtaatc    122220
     gcagtactgg ggagtctgaa tcagggatgt taaagccatt ctcagagctc atacactaca    122280
     aagtatgtgg ttggctggat ttggtcacct gcccaccacc agtctcctat gtaaagtgac    122340
     ttacagagtc cacactaaaa aaaaaaagcc aaggaaattc aacaacttta tatctatgta    122400
     ttcataataa aataccaaaa cttaaaatgt acaatttttt ttctgatagt gcatcaagaa    122460
     tttttatttg caataccact caagatacaa tccatatcct gaaatctata aaacaggggt    122520
     gaagaaaatc ataggatacc aaatgaatgg aaagatgagc catgtctgtg gaagaacaag    122580
     tgtgctgata atcaattctc ttaattcata tgtagattgg gcacaatttt attctaaatc    122640
     tgtatgactt tattgaagaa attgagacat ttacatggga aatgcgaagg atggaataga    122700
     aagaacaatt ttcaaaaaga acatagatgg tggtttagga tgcttgattt tgaggctttt    122760
     tatacagtta catcaataca atgtgatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctttctatc    122820
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    122880
     tgtggcattg ggctatgcaa agacaggctg gtctccagtc aagctgagat gctgaacccc    122940
     aggacccggt ggtcataatt tacctacatg ggatggaagg agttctctca tgctcctgga    123000
     actccgactc ctgcctaagt taccgccccc cacagtcccc acaagagaag catgactaga    123060
     agtcacatag gcaatgtccc aagcttctga ccttcaggat aaactcctcc ccagttacct    123120
     agcaacagaa aagatagtag ctcactttaa aaggggctat tcccccctcc tcactccttt    123180
     cactcctttg ttttcttgct cttactctcc tctcctctct tttctccctc ttactctctt    123240
     actctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc ttctctcttt ccccctgcct    123300
     ttctataata aagctctaaa accataaact gtctctgctc atccatcaag gctgcgctca    123360
     ctcgtgcatg tgtgggaacc tctcttccct cttccctctc tcccataacc ccggggctac    123420
     agggagtaac cccgggggct cccaggttgg gctgcccctt gtccaccccc catcgagtgg    123480
     gtcagaggct tggatgccca cccgggctga gtggaaagcg tctggcagcc ctcccacgtc    123540
     cgcctgtcca gagcataggt ggaactggcg gggcgtgggt ccttcctccc cctcctttcc    123600
     ctgccccccc ttttagttcc tacactatct caaatgaaag ccccagatgg atcacagatg    123660
     cccaggttcc aacatacaat gtctccctca ggaccacgtt tgtgcatttt tgtccccagc    123720
     tgggtgtgct gttttgagag ggtgcggaac cttatgtgca atggcctatc aagcagaagt    123780
     gggtgttgga ccttgaaggt gatatctgct tctggttctg gttccagtcc acttcctgat    123840
     cggtgtaaca agctgtgaac aagctgcaca ggaagctgaa gctgctacag aggaaacttc    123900
     cagaacagct ctgccatgtc ttatctgcca tgatggaccg agcccttcct aatggtgagc    123960
     aaaaatgagt ctttccaacc ttgtttctgt cacgtgttcc atcccaggga catgtaaagc    124020
     attacggtag ttttaaacac aatagagaaa acttaaaaag aaaaaaaaat caagaaaaca    124080
     agaggagtac accagagcgc cataggggtg gtggtgaatc aggaccggaa gtaggcaagg    124140
     gactgaggag ggcgtggtgc gcaggctctg caacttgttc ttgtgagtcc atgggaaact    124200
     gtgataccga agaggtctga ctttagattt ggaggtgaga atcaatgatg ccagagagaa    124260
     cacgggtgct ccaggggctg cacagggatt tgtagatcat ggtggggacg gtgaaatgag    124320
     tcactgatgg agtaccgtgt ataatgatga cctcaggaag agaggatgga tccaagggac    124380
     agaaaacaaa ggttgggatt ttcgttggat gagtgaaaac catctgaaat gtgttcagca    124440
     tggaaactgg gtacgagccc acagatgaac aagtaggcag tctgtatgaa ttgatcacaa    124500
     gggtgctaca gtgatgatgg tgaagagata cgggaagcag tgggaatgga agggagtcct    124560
     cttctggcct ccaagagcat tcacacacac attacattca cttatacagg cacacattca    124620
     tacacataga gaaaaatggt aaaaaaaaaa atccagtcta aaaatttttt tttaaatatt    124680
     ctggggactt tgattgtttc tttaaatgtt agaatatgac acatcatact ttactacaca    124740
     atcccacctg tctgtaattt cctgataatc tccagcatca tttcttttat gtcaatttcc    124800
     agttgcactt ctgtttttct tgcaggactt cttggtgact tagtctgccg gagactggtg    124860
     atgctgcctc acactccctc ctcattggtt ggatcagaaa ccagcctctg taaaacctct    124920
     ttgtcatccg cgtcttcatt tccactttag tggtaagtgt gaggtttaaa tgttagagtt    124980
     taggggaagg aaaacctgtg tgggaagttc cccttgtgca ggcgcttgcc tcctggggag    125040
     agtcctgctc ttgtgtctac agaactatgt gatttcaaag ggagaccatg gggtctgcga    125100
     tgggactagg ggacatagag cactctaagc cacaattagg ccatgagtgc tctagcacta    125160
     gctgttgtgg aagtaaatga gtattcagtg tcaaccacct taatgtatgt ccctgccagg    125220
     gaaatctagg agacatgtca atgggacagg tccgactctg agtcaccagc gtgcatgttc    125280
     ctggttcagc tctttcaatg gaatggaatg gctgtagacc catccgctag tagctggttc    125340
     tcacagcttc tgagtcaaca cgatttcatg gtttgctagg cataaggaaa gagccgggga    125400
     tggggaaaca gctaaagcct ccgagatccc aagagtctag tctaggaggg ctgtagaact    125460
     caagaaaaaa aatggaatct gctccagtct ttcacctcac tcaatattaa aaaacaaaac    125520
     caaaatcaaa cttgccttct ttctctcatg tgtggttgga actgggaccc tgtccccaaa    125580
     tccacagtgt cctttggggt cagacacatg agcaggtgta ctaccaagcc cctgcagcca    125640
     taataatatt gaccatgtct cctgctgctg tctctctgct atgctgtttc tcctttttta    125700
     ctgtggagag cacacctctt accaagtacc tcgctgtgta ctcagaaata ctgactcacc    125760
     cagttatcac actggtcccc taaggtggtg ttgtgacaat caccattggt cccctaaggt    125820
     ggtgttgtga caatcaccat tcctatcagg gatgaggaag ctggtgcgga atcgctaagc    125880
     aacctgtgtg gagtccagtg gagccacagt cggcattcaa gcaggctggt ttcagaggag    125940
     tgtgatgtaa gcgtctgccc tacgcctctc atggctggtg gtccggactt tcatacgacc    126000
     acgtgggaca actggacgag tctgcctgga ctttcctcca gcgttctcca catcctgcgt    126060
     ggatcctgtc ttagggatgg aagtctgctg ctgttgctga gtgtgccctt tcctctaagg    126120
     tcctaagggg tgaagtctgt gcagacagct gtgtggacag cccagggccc acagtagctg    126180
     tctgaccaat aaaatcaaac acttctgaag taacatcaga tgcatagatg ctggcatgac    126240
     tatgaatgtg cacagtagcc actgtacagg ttggggaatc tgattcagta cttcgcattt    126300
     tcttttagtt agagttttat tatattgtcc cacatcactt gtaacttgat gtgtagacca    126360
     ggttggcctt gaactcacag agctccatct gcctctgcct cccaagggct gggattaaag    126420
     gcgtgtcctg gcaggtccag ctatactcac cttctgtagg catttaaaga ttaaatagac    126480
     atgtaggatt agtaaatgtt gtgttttcac atcaagaact aattacccac agtcagttta    126540
     agcagagatg caggcagcag caggtgctcc cattactgct cccctcctgg ggggtggggg    126600
     ggtctgtcct ctctgctttt cccaaacaca gccttgtgtt tccacatcag tggggctctg    126660
     ctcacgtggg aacaggagag cttcttgtct tctccgtttt cagtgaagat gaggtggagg    126720
     catggtttta attctctgag aggagatgtc cttcgaaaga gcagagttat acgtgggaca    126780
     gtgagaaaga cggaggtcag atgtcatgga gaaggagtga ggtgtggtct gtcccctgag    126840
     cagcccaggt gacaccgagt gctgccttta ctctcggagt ctctacagct taatgaagat    126900
     gtataagggg aaggagattt gattccttgg ctccaagaag tccgtgtttt ttgggtgtcg    126960
     gctctcattt ggggcaagag gaacaagtgg gttggaggga ggtggtaggt agctttgcag    127020
     tttcttcctt cccgggtcct gggaggtgag gttttggtca gaaaggccac aggtgttacc    127080
     aggcacctcc ttctagcctt agatcaccag gccctgtcac cactctgatt tccatcaatt    127140
     ttcccttata actgatacaa ttgctggttg taacaggtcc ttgaagctat tttatgatat    127200
     tgttgcctta aaatttttta tgcatttcta aaggagttta tatagtgcct agaatctagg    127260
     gttagagtta aacttaattt aacttgtgct atctttccag ttagcataca cggtgccata    127320
     ttggacagtt agtatttttt cctcattttt aaaatttaca ccgtgttttt ctatgtagtt    127380
     gttcatggcc tgacatgtgc tgttaaatca ggataacttc aaactcatgt taatccttct    127440
     gtttcaactt tctaagttct agatcacagg ggcaatccac cacacctgga aattattatt    127500
     atttttgtaa gttgcaacct ggtcatttac ctacccttct gtgagagtcc aggtctgttt    127560
     acatcttcag cgtgatgaag ccccttccag gagcactgtg gggttatcag aaccagtcta    127620
     tacggtgcga agtttgcttt gactcccagt tctgtccata gtcccttggc tccatttcct    127680
     ttgggttgca gtgagacaga tcatcactgt gggactcaga gggaaaaact gttgatctta    127740
     tagcagcctg gaagccagga agggaccaga gcctctacac ccccaacaca cccaacggct    127800
     gatttccttc taggctctac ccactaaagc ttctgccttc tctccgtaat ggcctggaca    127860
     gcagccaagc ctttagtatg tggattcagt agccattcca gatagaggct gtaatgcaaa    127920
     agtgatgtat gttcaggtta ccacagatcg cagagatgtt tacaaattac atctgcttca    127980
     agccactgcc tgtggtgtgt gcgcatttct tttgtaagtg aagttgaatc ttctgaggtg    128040
     cagagggctt gtctgtgctc gctcactgcc tgtgtgactc tttgactttt ctaagatgtt    128100
     acttaaagag aaaaacttgc agaataaaaa cacacatttt atatttacaa tgaaagttaa    128160
     tataactcat cactcaggag ttgaatagtg gaagtgtata aataacttca aaccgactaa    128220
     ggaaaacttg gggatagttg cttgatatat tttttttaat taaaggaaaa ctcaacatca    128280
     ttcttagcgt tatattaata gtgttgggag gagctgtggg gccttgatac ctcgagtgga    128340
     cacaatagtg tcctgggtga cctttgtcgt ggcaatttga ttattagttt cacagttggc    128400
     cccactgaag cactgatttc aagggatgct ggctgaggag agagtttctt cttgagttcc    128460
     ctggaagggg tccacagttc ttttctccta cacttacgaa ctgaagatgt cccctgtaaa    128520
     ctttggccag tatgagtagt agtttgtatt ctgcagccag acgggtctac actgcccaca    128580
     gtctaagtgt cctgtctcca cacaggacca ccgtgagtca tggaaggcac cagcgactga    128640
     ggttttgggg ttccctttct ttcaagccag ggaagaagtg ggtgactgtc tcgtgtgata    128700
     cagtatggac atgaaccctg ctgaggattc agtgaaggct gggctgggca gaaggagctg    128760
     gcagaagccc aaggcactgg ttttctaatg tgatatcagc caatcagaaa aaggattcct    128820
     gatgatgctt ctgttgctag gtgaaaagcc tgtgtgaaga ggcctaggag agctggaaat    128880
     cccctgtgtt gcacaggctt cttctcttcc cagccgagga cacagcctat taggtttcat    128940
     cttagggaag gtgtagaaga ggcagaggct gcagattatt gtgtggaggt ctgacgtggg    129000
     ggctgaggac cctgagagca tccactgcca tggtccctga atggccatgt ttgtctgcta    129060
     accctttcca catctgagtt gatgtttctc ctgcatgctc cctgcctagg cttaggagat    129120
     ctgtgtctgt cctgagcaga gctgatggtg agagcccagt gcggtccctc tctggttctc    129180
     tacatcaggg tgccagtgtg gaccctggaa tgctgcagtt cacctgcgct gctggagccc    129240
     ccacgggatg gtcttgttac ccaactctac gtctttccct tttccttcat caactctgtt    129300
     ttcaggtcct gacccctgtt taactaggat ctaaaataat agagatagtg ttgtagtttc    129360
     agggaaagag acttattgtt tagtcatttg gtatttgtca ggtaccattc cagctgatgg    129420
     acaattagac ttagtagtgt atacctgagg agagatgtat ttgaagcaca agttgatgac    129480
     tctgttattc agcctggcac agtgtgacaa acctatggct gtcccttcct gaaactgcta    129540
     ttttacacca ttagcctttt gtccttgaaa ttccaggcag ctggatctgg aagccctaaa    129600
     aggttgtgga gttttcctta gctgacatca tggttatgga ggatttaaac agcagaagaa    129660
     tccacaagag caacgttggg ctgatcaact tctgtatttt cattggaata tcgtgaatgt    129720
     agaagactcc tgcatgggga aggtgcatga gccagcaggg ctgagacaca cattaacctg    129780
     acatttccaa catgtacaca ggacagctca atgctttcca ttattaacca catcacactg    129840
     ctcttccatg tgagcttatc aaaacctaga atacagttca gggaacatgg cttgcatttt    129900
     acaaagagaa ttccaggatt ggaaagaggc tcagcgactc cccaagaact ctgctttctc    129960
     acctgaggca ccccagaggg tcagatgtaa caaaacatga tttctctgtc tcttaataca    130020
     tgtcacactc atttctccca ctacaacctc aagtgtaaga acagtagatt tgaaataatt    130080
     atcccaaagt tgtctatact tcacgcactt ttctctttaa acccccaaac acaggcagtc    130140
     tgcagtttag aaaagtttac tctgtaactg agaggagcag tcacctcaaa cgttcatcca    130200
     gtggggctca tgaagaaaca gaccatgccg cgcatagaga gcctttgtaa acaaagtcta    130260
     cccagagaca gatgacagac ttcagctcca atgctgattg gttcctcact tgggaccaac    130320
     cctgacactc tgggatttca gatcactcca ggctacagaa ctttgctttc tgaagggggc    130380
     acagcaggtg tgagtcctgg tgactgccat tacctgtgcc ttagagatgg ctctgcagat    130440
     ccccagcctc ctcctctcgg ctgctgtggt ggtgctgatg gtgctgagca gcccagggac    130500
     tgagggcgga gactccgaaa gtaagtgccg ggggcagggc tctccagagc cagcactctg    130560
     ggggtcgtgt tctgagggac cctggggact ctgggatgtg ggagggggtg gcaaaatcct    130620
     gattttacta tagatttcct ttctctgaag agagagtgag actccattct cacttctgtg    130680
     ttctaatatt gagttaggat ggtgccgccg ccggtgcgag cctgacatat aaacggagga    130740
     ggaggaggag gcggcagaat ttaaatcgac caccaaagat aagggttgtg catggggaga    130800
     cagcagggct tacaatacca gtgcccccac ccactccccc gtacagggct tacaatacca    130860
     gtgcccccca cccccacccc gtacattgtc tggaggaaat gccagattct gaagtgggga    130920
     aacagatcag cgatggtctg tggtcccgat gtttgcggac aactcctcat gtggagtgga    130980
     ggtttaagag agcgaactct aggcgtctaa ctcagagaga agccagtgac caagaaacct    131040
     aatttttttg gtcaaatgga atccagaact caaacactga gttagtaaat tgaatttcca    131100
     agaaaacact aggcccagaa gggacatatg tgatacatac cctggggtga gcggaggtgt    131160
     cctagttcgt tcggagacca gagagtaaat aaagccccag tcccctaagc catagaggtg    131220
     tcttcagtct cgcagttacc cttaagatgc ctggagtgac cgtgcaagca ggcagttctc    131280
     agaggttgcc tggattccca tttgttggtt ttgtagtcgg ggctctcctg agaacgagtg    131340
     ccccctaggg ggtcagggcc ttttgcacac aggagagagt cccacagggt gggggtgggg    131400
     tagcagaaac tggcaaatat tttatttatt ttttgtatcc tagttttatt agttcgctga    131460
     gaatttcgta cagttttggt catatttact ccctcttcca actctaccca ggcccatccc    131520
     cccccctcta ccacccaact tttggtgtcc cttagtttta ttattatttt ttttttcaaa    131580
     tgtaccaagt accgtttgcg tttcctgagg cgtattcttg tgaggacgag cccggtcgcc    131640
     ccatccctcc cttcctcttc cttaccccgg gtcgaaccgt cgcccggtgc tccgccgaag    131700
     cggggtcctc acgggcgggg gcggcgaaga gactgcccgg cccgaggccc cgaggcccga    131760
     cggtccccag agagcggtcg ccccacgcgg gaagcgccgg cgcggggtgg ggccgcgggg    131820
     agccgtggtc tgcgtggtcc ccgctgtccc ccgggctgac cgcgtccgtc cgcagggcat    131880
     ttcgtgtacc agttcatggg cgagtgctac ttcaccaacg ggacgcagcg catacgatat    131940
     gtgaccagat acatctacaa ccgggaggag tacgtgcgct acgacagcga cgtgggcgag    132000
     caccgcgcgg tgaccgagct ggggcggcca gacgccgagt actggaacag ccagccggag    132060
     atcctggagc gaacgcgggc cgagctggac acggtgtgca gacacaacta cgaggggccg    132120
     gagacccaca cctccctgcg gcggcttggt gagcgcggcg ggtcccgcgg gagcgcggcg    132180
     ggccgtgagg ggacgcggag cagagttccc gcctgaggag ctgcatggcc tccttcctcc    132240
     cgtctgccct gcaccaccta gcgcctcctt ggagtctccc tcctgtctca cctctgccct    132300
     ctgccctttg cctcatgagg cccagctgcc ctctgacccc tggctctgct gtgacctcag    132360
     gcccctgtca gcgccagctc agggaggcta agcaggggag agggcgcccg ggtgagcggc    132420
     cagggtcctg tcagaagcgg tttagcgcgg tagctctggc gtcctgtggt ttctccccgc    132480
     cattctgttt tcctgatttc cgtgtgttcc ttgagggcca cggttgtctt gtgagggctg    132540
     tttgctgcct ggcgctgacc cgaaggcatc actgtcattt ccctcgttct ctgagggaga    132600
     ctgtgttgac ttggggccac actaaaagat tctgatacaa aatctgagga actcatttcc    132660
     gtttccagca cactccctga tacccccaga gcctctcacc cgtgatgcca attaaagtgg    132720
     tcggttaggc atcatattca gatctaatct cctacattag gactaatgct taactccaaa    132780
     ggttgcttaa gttttccctt tttactttct gggtggcctt gttattcaac ggtcgcaact    132840
     gattcctcac agcaagggaa cagtgaccgg ccaccaggaa ttaatgatct tgactgtgga    132900
     ggaaaaaacc ccccaaacca aaaaaccaac caaaacagtt gtagagagta gaaaacgaac    132960
     attaaacaag ttaagtatgt atgctgtttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct    133020
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttcctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctctct    133080
     ctttctctct ctctctcttt ctttctttct ttccttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    133140
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt cttttctttg ttttttgttt gttttttttt tgtttgtttt    133200
     gttttttgtt ttttggagtc agggtttctc tatatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact    133260
     cggtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccacctac ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg    133320
     gattaaaggt gtgcaccacc actgcccggc gaaacatttt attagatatt ttcttcattt    133380
     acatttcaaa tgctatccca aaagtcccct ataccctcct cccccgcacc gccctgctcc    133440
     cctacccacc cactcccact ttttggccct agcgttcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt    133500
     ttacaagacc aaggggcctc tctccccaat gatggctgac taggccatct tctgctacat    133560
     atgcagctag agacacgagc tctgggggta ctcgttagtt catattgttg ttccacctat    133620
     atggttgtag accccttcag ctccttgggt actttctcta actcctccat tgggggccct    133680
     gtgttctatc ctatagatga ctgtgagcat ccatttctgt atttgccagg cactggcata    133740
     gcctcacagg gtcctttcag cataattttg ctggcatatg caatagtgtc tgcgtttggt    133800
     ggctgattat gggatggatc cccgggtggg gcatgtatgc tgttttcaat ttgaagggat    133860
     aacagcactt ggcaagaagg cttctgaggt agtgggcaca atatatcaaa gtcagtcgag    133920
     aaacacttgt gtctgtgcac aacagtctga gggatgaagg aagaatgtcg cattgcagtc    133980
     atttttgcaa ttcccccccc ccaaattatt aacttgaaat cggaatcaat ttttcttttg    134040
     tcttgtttgt ttgctttata aagacaattt atttttgtat ttagtttaaa taaaaatatt    134100
     ttatttacac ataaattaaa tacacagtgg gtttacaaag aaggtttgtg tcaagtcctg    134160
     gctgtcctag accttgctct ataggccagg ctggccttga actcataaga gatcctcctg    134220
     gctctaattc ctgagtgtac caccacctcc cggcttcttt tgtcttacta catttcacat    134280
     tgtatgggaa cagggccaca atgttatttt cccagtgagt taagtttgta tttgtggagt    134340
     tattcttcat tcactgttag aacctaggca ttcattccca ccctgcctct tccccagggg    134400
     agtctccaca ttgcctcaca tttcactcac tgtcttttct gtcaccctag aacagcccaa    134460
     tgtcgtcatc tccctgtcca ggacagaggc cctcaaccac cacaacactc tggtctgctc    134520
     agtgacagat ttctacccag ccaagatcaa agtgcgctgg ttccggaatg gccaggagga    134580
     gacggtgggg gtctcatcca cacagcttat taggaatggg gactggacct tccaggtcct    134640
     ggtcatgctg gagatgaccc ctcggcgggg agaggtctac acctgtcacg tggagcatcc    134700
     cagcctgaag agccccatca ctgtggagtg gagtaaggga atttcttttt atttcactgt    134760
     gggccccaca tgacatggga ttttaggtgt tattatccca tccctccaat gtcacccacc    134820
     ccatcacttg tcctatatga tctgcttcca ctactgagct gagacctaca ggaaatcata    134880
     tctctcacct catagtcagg gcatcaggag agccctgacc tatcttctca gacagcagtt    134940
     ctggagatca ctatatacac tggggccctg gaacttgtcc cttatatcca gaggaattgg    135000
     ctgaagtaga ctgtagacac tcagctctat tccccagggg cacagtctga gtctgcctgg    135060
     agcaagatgt tgagcggcat cgggggctgc gtgcttgggg tgatcttcct cgggcttggc    135120
     cttttcatcc gtcacaggag tcagaaaggt gaggagctct ggagaactgg gtggtgggct    135180
     gtgccacagg aaggagccgg actgggggta gtgggctgtg ctgcaggaag gagcctggct    135240
     gcaggtggga ggaaatgaag gtcccaggag agacactggg atctgatttt gctggttatg    135300
     tgaccaccac agagccatgg tggagctcat tctgtgactt ctgtccttgt ccaccactgt    135360
     cactgtctcc tttccagaag cttccggcaa tgaaaatgca taggccttcc tgtgtcagtt    135420
     tcatccactt ggggggcact acttagggtc ttagtgaata cagttggtga gagaacaatt    135480
     ccagctaagc tgcaggactt gttgcccctt gggctgtgtg agagggccct tattttttat    135540
     aacaacacct ttctctatct gacttctctt tgcaggacct cgaggccctc ctccagcagg    135600
     taatatttca gctcttatct gcagggtggt gcaggggtga gggtgtgagg gaagggtgtg    135660
     aggtagctat gcctggcata gtcctggttc ccagtctgtc tgtgctgtga ggttgacagt    135720
     gtcatagctg ctatgtcaca gccagtgtcc ataggaagct ccaggggttg tccccagcag    135780
     gaggttgcca ccatcacttg agtggcgtct tgagtggagc ctgagccatg ggtttagaca    135840
     ccaagaagtt gcctgcttct tgccccacac tggagactgt gaccgtggac tttgacagtg    135900
     gcaggaagag gctgaaggtt cagcagagga gatggatccc tccaacttac caaaagattg    135960
     gattctccat attccctggg aggatggtgg cttcttttcc acatcccaca tgtttgtgtc    136020
     ctgtgaagtt ctgtggttta ggggtttagc tactttcacc tttgcacagg caatggcgag    136080
     gaggtggcat ggccataaca ccagctgtct gtgtctaact ctatgagatt caagagtcag    136140
     gtatggtcag ggcatttcag tgactgctcc ccctctccct ccttacactg cttcctttct    136200
     ctcccacagg gctcctgcag tgactcagag tgttttgact cagttgactg tctcagactg    136260
     taagacctga atgtctctgc tccgaattcc tgactgccag tccacctgcc actccgactc    136320
     agagtctagc atggtactat tgtatccacc acctcagctc ttgtgatctg gagtccccca    136380
     gtctctgtct gtagctctgc tccttggtga ttccagagac tccatctgtg tacagccgca    136440
     ccccaggctt tctgtcttcg atctgtagta aaccaatgta tgcttatccc cacctagatt    136500
     acaaataaac gagactcaga ctctggttat ttgatttggc tttgataatt gctggggcca    136560
     tgggtggtaa ccctaattta ctcttttaac tgctggcctg gcaacctccc cacagtgtac    136620
     cccaaatact tgctgtatct cttggccttg tgcccatagt acagcagctc ttcacatgga    136680
     ggcttcctcc cctcctctcc tttccttctc cacccccaac caggtaactc aaaacccacc    136740
     tacctctaat tcctccagta attggctata gccaatttta tttaatccat agttttaaat    136800
     taaggaacaa aatttgcaca acaaatgctt gtacccctga taattcactc gtaggcctag    136860
     actgtcagat acagaattta gcattataat acatagcaac agaccaaacc ttaacaccac    136920
     tgtttacagc acacaggctg ctgatgtgtt gtaaacattt atctcttttt cataattaac    136980
     ttactctgaa ctattatatc ccgaacctcc acaactgagc agggtgggtg ggattatgtt    137040
     ggacaaggtg atctagccaa gctgtgggga agtagcagtt tctactacaa aggtgaccag    137100
     aggcaccctg aactccatgt aagggcgggc agaggaggca ggagccagct gtcacatccc    137160
     catggccagg acttctgctg ttcagtgtgc tgttctcacc ccagcctcct tcaggcagaa    137220
     ctgttggaga tggatgccgt aacctctctc acatgtgtcc tgtgaggtca ctctgactga    137280
     ccgaggctca ccttcatttt tgaaagatta cagtcattca aataaaagca ctttttgtgg    137340
     ttgcaaatga taatctttta ttgctgttgc ccaacttagt cttcttttgt tgctgttgta    137400
     agaacgcaga gctttgtttc aaatatgatt agacacataa ctgatgagac agtcacctct    137460
     cctcagctgt tcctccatct gccctgtctc ctttcactgc atctttggtg tgtgcacatc    137520
     ttgtgtctgt ttcactgccc tcctgtgtgt gcacatgccc tgtgctgtgc tcaccctgtc    137580
     tgtgactctc gtgtctggtt cactgccctg agctttttct ctgtgttttc ctctgtctac    137640
     ttctctgtca ctctctgcca cttgttcttt cctctgtgtt tcttttgcat ttctgttttc    137700
     tgtatctctc ctactacctc aaatctcatc tttctatgtg tatttctgac tctgttgtat    137760
     gtctaccaat gttcatctct ctctgcttcc tgatgatgga cttctgtgac ctcccatcct    137820
     gctatagacc ttccctgtca taacaagctg taccttcttc tttttttcaa gatttattta    137880
     ttttatgtat ttgggcacac tgttgttgtc ttcacacaca ccagaagagg gcatcggatc    137940
     ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctctgg    138000
     aagaacagtc agtactctta actgctgagc catctctcca gcaccaagct gtacctcctg    138060
     aagtcagaat agccctcagc ttctgtagct cctgtctttt gttttggcag aacaatgagt    138120
     aaaataatgt gagacctaac agaagtggtg cagctgactg tggctcttgg tcccctcact    138180
     ggacgttcca gctcataggt gcaccattgt cacacaggca catagtgtta cccctgagct    138240
     gacattctta gtggatggag tccctgtcat ctgtgaacat ggagacttct ggatcttagt    138300
     gccattctct acctgtccct agggaagtca ccacaatcct gagggctgga gcacatccac    138360
     tggtattttt gttttttgtt tttgttaaca taggtgagcc tcaacacttg gtctagagag    138420
     atgacgttag caggattttc catttgtgga cagggtcaga gtgaggaagt ttctcttttt    138480
     atcttatgtg gtccaggctg caatgcaggt tgccaacctg ggatactata gagtgtatag    138540
     actgcatatg ctccccaagg tttttccaga acaagatata tgtacacaca cacacacacg    138600
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    138660
     cacacacaca cacagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    138720
     gagagctcag aggctagaag aggataccag attctccgga actgtagttg cagatggtta    138780
     tgtgtaggca ttaatttttt agaacctact tttaatgaat tttcaacctt tactctatcc    138840
     caccacccag cagaggtagt ggaagaaaaa tgttattagg atattgggaa aataaaccgg    138900
     ttttgcaatg gttcttttgg ggtgagctca attttctttg gcagcagttc aggcccatag    138960
     caaacaacaa atatggctca gtagctgcag accagtcctc ttagcaggca gacaccacac    139020
     atgaaccagc agctgtagtt caatcctaaa gaaaatgcaa ggctcaccaa cctgcctgag    139080
     gtcactgaag tggcaggaag ccacaggaac ttcttgagca gttctttggc aagtttctct    139140
     caatggattc atcaccacaa gcagagctca acaacgccat acaaggcaaa ccaatacatg    139200
     tgttgtcttt actgaggaat agtgaggcgg agcaaaccaa accaatgctc tctgcccact    139260
     gtctgtgggg tcatatttat actccatcac acattctttt acatatctgc tttagtaaga    139320
     tatcctttca cctgtgtgcc ccagcaacac atcatttgac acaactgact ttccaaagaa    139380
     actagaagtt tccatttcaa ttatgagcca caggtgggtg ctagagacct aagtcattct    139440
     ccctgaaaga gcagccatgg ctcttagact gtgagcatct gtctaactcc ccaactcatc    139500
     catgtagtga tagggtatag taaagccttt gtgtctgtct ttgagtgaaa tgtttcagca    139560
     aagctttttt ttttttttaa tgtttgggtc aatcagtaga ggctgagaaa tagtttttga    139620
     gactatttaa accttgaaga aatgtttctc tagagaatct gcacttggtg ctacatgaag    139680
     atttgtagct atagccacct tggtcctaag acacttctgg aaaacctgta gttcatactt    139740
     ttgattatgg gtagccatgg tcacaaggga gtgtgatttg tgtgggttgt ctgctctcac    139800
     tggcagcaaa agcatgatac ctttggtagc tagaaccttt ctcatcccca attaacctta    139860
     tttaatgttt gaactctgcc ccaagacctt aaagacacta aacactttaa tgtctttaac    139920
     aagaagggct ctgcttggtt taattcttat gtaaacatct gtatttttaa tttttatatt    139980
     ttgattttca tattatttcc ttgtctttgg aaaataacct ttttctctta agagcttttc    140040
     tatttgtttc attagtattt gaggttgtac agtaaattca atatcttcct cttctaggcc    140100
     tatctcatct gaagagggga ggagttaaag taactggagt gagctagctg tatgtcagtc    140160
     tttcttaaaa aggctggacc cctctgattt tttgagaaat gaaggcttag catcttggtg    140220
     agtttctctc tctactttgg catctatgac aaacatcaat caataaatga cacccaacat    140280
     tgtggaccaa ggagtctgga ctcactggga ctggaggtga aagaagttgt gcttataagg    140340
     aggtaagtgt gtctccagga tttggacaga ggtcatatga aatttaccag cttgtctgag    140400
     taatttctca agagcagagg catgtgcagt taattcaatg tttatcacta ttcagtaaag    140460
     acacacatgt attggtttgc cttgtatggt gttgttgagc tctgcttgtg gtaatgaatc    140520
     cattgagaga aacttgccaa gttagcagag tgagagtgaa ataaagatta ttgagctctt    140580
     tacattagtt aaacagcatt gtctatgatt tcaatctact ccaaatgttc aattaaaatc    140640
     atcagtatgg aaacaagtgc taaggtcttt aagatgggcc caccagagtg gagaggaaat    140700
     acctagaatg atttggtttc tatgtacttt tatttcaaat gccttagaac cattgcagag    140760
     tgaacagtca gaaatataca gatctaatgt ataccagtgt aggattatca agataatttg    140820
     tcaataagtg aagaagctcc tcagaagaaa ctggaagtga gacaggtgag gaagaaggag    140880
     aggttgaaga accgggaaaa aggactaaat cttttgctaa aattactcaa agtcctgagg    140940
     aggcttacac tgaattttat aaagatgaac ttcagcagtg ctaagatcaa tagcagataa    141000
     gtaagaaata tgctacttga atctttggct tttgaaaatg caaataaaga atgccaagaa    141060
     gtgtaagacc attaaaatct caaggtgcct cactagatgt ttggataaaa gctactgctg    141120
     atattggatc tgctgtatac aatgcagttt taactggaca agctttagct aaagatttta    141180
     tttaactctc agagaacacg atgctttaac tgtggggaaa cttagagatt taaaaaagaa    141240
     tgcaaaccag gcagtggcga cacacacctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg    141300
     tgaatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gtttcaggac agccagggct    141360
     acacagagaa acactgtctc aaaaaaccaa aacagaggga aaaaaaaaga caggcatatt    141420
     tgaaagtact gggaagaaag tattttggca aactgttatt aattatgaaa ggccaaaatt    141480
     aaggttaatg gttatcttag tttgtgtttc cattgttgtg aacagacacc atgaccaagg    141540
     caactcttat aaggacattt aattggggct ggcttacagg ttcagcggtt cagtctatta    141600
     tatcaaggca tggcagcatc caggcaggca tggtgctgga gaatgagctg agagttctgc    141660
     atctccttca gaaaacatac agaagactgg catccaggca gctaggagga gggtctcaaa    141720
     gcccaccccc tacagtgaca cacctcctcc aataaggcca caccttcttt ttaaattatt    141780
     actagatatt ttctttattt acatttcaaa tgttatcccc tttcctagtt tcccctctga    141840
     aaatccccta gctcccaccc ccatcaacct acccagtcct ggccctggca ttcacctata    141900
     ctggggcata gaactttcac aggaccaagg gcctctcctc ccattgatga ccgactaggc    141960
     cgtcttctgc tatatatgca gctagagcca tgagtcccac catgtgtttt ctttgattgg    142020
     tggtttagtc ccaggaagct ctggaggtac tggttagttc atattgttgt tcttcctatg    142080
     aggctacaaa ccccttcagc tccttggcta ctttctttag ctccttcatt ggggaccctg    142140
     tgctcagtcc agtggatggc tgtgagcatc cacttttgta tttgtcaggc acaaggccac    142200
     accttctaat agtgccactc cctgggccat gcatattcaa accattacaa tggtgatact    142260
     gaaattgaag gcttagtgga cactggggtt gagatgaggt atttataatc ttggaatcaa    142320
     aattggcctt tgcaagaagt ctctattcag tttataggta tcggaatgcc atttcatgtg    142380
     aaacagagtg ttttgtttat tagattaaat acatagggcc ataaggccaa gtagggaagt    142440
     taaaaccata tgtggctggc atagccataa acctatgggt aaggggtttc ttagaacaat    142500
     ggggagctca aattaatgct cctcaaattt tagaaacagc tcataaaatg atgtttaaaa    142560
     tgggttatat tactggaaaa gatattggga aaaattatca aggaggatca caggttgtct    142620
     ataagcagga caaagcaaac tgactttcca aatttagact aggaactacg gctaataaca    142680
     taccagcagc cctgccttta aattggctaa tcaataagcc tgcatagata gaccagtgaa    142740
     tcttagcaaa agaaaattta caggtacttg agcaagaaca attggatgct aaacatatta    142800
     tggagtctac tagtccttga aattctgtat ttgcaatata aaggaaattt ggaaaattga    142860
     gaatgttaac agatttaaga gttgtaaata aagtaactca gcctatatgg tctttgcagc    142920
     cttgaattcc tttactttcc aaaacaccca gagattggcc cataatagtt attgattcaa    142980
     aatattaaaa tttattatta ttatcatcat catcatcatc atcatcatca tcatctattc    143040
     tcttgcaagt acaagacagg gaaaattttg ctttaattgt gcccatgtat agtaatacta    143100
     aacctgtgaa aaggtatcag tggaatgttt tccctcagag aatgttaaat tgtccaatgt    143160
     atgtcaatat tttatgcaac gactgctaga agtaatttgt agactatttc ctcagttcat    143220
     tatttaccat caaatgtata gtgagttgtt ctgctgctgc tgctatatat tcaaatgcaa    143280
     aattctgtac cccaagatct ggttgcctct gaccaggaga tcctcatgta taacacctta    143340
     tgttgtgtaa atcttgcccc ctaagttatc cctgattggt caataaagat gcctatagcc    143400
     tggactgagt agaagagaga gggtagaaca aaaggttctc aagctcgggg tctgaagcag    143460
     ggacctcaag gagagaagaa agagatgaga aaagaagaag gcaccatgag gtaggtggat    143520
     catgagtgct tggtcatttg ggccagtcag ttggagtagg agtggtctag ttggaacatg    143580
     gtcagtaata tctcggattt tgacagggaa atagacaaaa cagcacagag ggttgatatc    143640
     tgacaagctc tactgctcta aggcttatta taactataaa ggttttgtgt ctttttttta    143700
     ggagctaaat gatctaaggt gaggtagaaa cccccaaata atatttacca caatatacat    143760
     tgatatttta ttgactggtt ctgatacaga taccttagga taaaatattt aatgaaacat    143820
     gaaagatttt actttactgg gcactacaga ttacacctaa aaaatacagg aaggaaattc    143880
     tataaattat tttggattta aactcaatca acaaaaaata caactataaa aggttcagat    143940
     tagagaagat aaattaaaaa ctcttaaaga tttaaaaaat tatcaggaga tattaactgg    144000
     ttatgcccta ctattggatt aactactcca gtgttaagta atttgtttca aaccttgcaa    144060
     ggtgattcaa atataaacag ttcatgtaaa ttaatagctg aagcagaaaa gtaattggcc    144120
     cacatagaaa ggagaataca aggtgcctaa gtggacagat tagatcctaa acttgactgt    144180
     gttttagtta ttttgccctc cactcgttct cctactagaa taatgttaca agatatttga    144240
     atccgtttct atttaccatg tagctcagcc cttagcacac acttttaatc actctggctg    144300
     gaatacagac atgcctttag tacttacttt taatccccaa caatgaaggt gtcttagttt    144360
     gggtttccat tgttgtgaag agacaccatg accaaggcaa catgtataaa ggacagcatt    144420
     tgactgggac taatttacag tttcagaggt tcagtacatt atcatcatgg caggaagcat    144480
     ggcagggtct atgcagacat ggtcctggag aaggaggtct tgatccaaag gcaaccagga    144540
     gagattgact cccaggcagc taggattaat ttaatttaat tcctcaacaa ggccacatct    144600
     cctaatagtg ccactccctg ggccaagtat attcaaacca ccacagaaag caaagtaaac    144660
     tgtggaagga ggcaaccatg tttgaaagtg ataactaatt taatggtaga aaaataatga    144720
     caaaccagag aaagatttgt tagaatagga tatgcccaac tctcatgaga agaaagaaag    144780
     ggaagctatt tagtggagaa acagacagtg caggaagaga gtacagtaca ggaatacagt    144840
     agcgtttgtg aaaaacaatt tgaatggaga ccggaagaaa agccagattg aataaataac    144900
     ctagagacga gtttgagcca gaacagctga gttgaacaag ccagctagag atcagaaaga    144960
     acagggtgag ctattcaact gtaagtctca gaggctgaaa acattctagg cctagattag    145020
     attgtacaga ggctagaatc ttccaggact aggcctaggt aggttggcag actgttgtag    145080
     aacatctgcc agttcagctg cttgcttttt gcaatttcta ccttctttaa ctcttcgata    145140
     ttctgtggcc aaaagccact ggttcctggc agtttaactt ctgctggtag aagcagagga    145200
     ttaagaaaaa ggcttagatg tctgagtcct tttctttctg gctcaagggc ctctggatgg    145260
     ccaggagagt gtctctgagt ttctcagtta tcacttcctg agccagagag aaaagaaaag    145320
     gaagtgtaac tttaattttt tcatacacct atttttaatg atggttctta aacactttaa    145380
     cctcccttgt agccaactac cctccagagg tagtgggaaa gaaaggatat ggaagatggg    145440
     gtgggggcag gggaatgaac ctgtttagaa aggttttctg gagaaactcc catctttatt    145500
     gtctggaaat cggcagttca gttcacaggt tagcaagcag tggcagctcg atccactcac    145560
     aaacacttca tggatacacc agcagtccag ttcggtagag tctggttagc agcatgaatc    145620
     agcagaggtg acacaaccta gcaaggacag ccaggcctct gcctcatcct ggagggatgc    145680
     taggagaagt tcttggctgt gtctctctca gcaaagcaaa gatcagtaaa ggcacaagac    145740
     acacaagctt tgcacagata gctagcaagc ctagcttagt cgctgtccct ttccatcaag    145800
     ttctatttat accctccaaa catcatgccc tccacaggtc ttgcctcagc acatgagtct    145860
     gtctcagctg acatcactct gccaatcagc ccaagtctgc agaagtggca agaaactgca    145920
     gcacactatc agaaggtttt tggtgcattt ctcattatgg aatccagaca aatgccactc    145980
     aactatgcaa tgtaaggcag accaatactc atgtgttgtt agcaaagaat ccttcatcat    146040
     gtgtcctttc acgtacttgc tttagcagaa catcctctct cctgtgtctg tttcagcaaa    146100
     atgttccttc tctagtctgc ctttgtcttt cacctgtgac cacttgagga aaacattcct    146160
     ttatgtgttt gcctcagcaa aacaccatct aaacaatttt ccaaagaacc ctgaagtttc    146220
     cacttcagga agaaaggaag aaggtcaagt acacatgttg tgggttgttc tggtactgtt    146280
     tgtattctga tgttgattct gtttcctcaa gaggggctgc cctcttgagg agtagatcac    146340
     ttactcagga gatttcatgt gagccttctc cccattttaa ctggtcaaat aaaggctaga    146400
     gcctgtgatt gggcagtgga agggagaagt ggggctggag atttgagaga gtagaagagt    146460
     agaggaaggg tagggaacag ggaggaaggg gaagaagagg tggaaggaag atggagcaga    146520
     accacatggc ctggtagtaa gagatctcat agctggggaa tagagtaatg tagtggtaga    146580
     tctgcccaat ctaggcagac agcttacaaa tattgtaact gagttgtgtg ttttttgcat    146640
     gggcttattg ggttggagat ttactgcaac acacacacac actttggctg ggtctgacta    146700
     cctgtttcat caattctaca ggtgttcatg cacacttgta tacacgcaca tatacctata    146760
     tttatgtatg aacatacata tagacagaca gacataaata tatatacact tggcacagcc    146820
     cccaaagcca cactttattt cttctctatg tcaatttata ccttcttaga caaaaattct    146880
     ttatgaaatt acctcataga taaaagggga gttacagatg atgtcaatat aagtacaaaa    146940
     cggtgtttca ctctataagc tcactataag ttcaaagcga cagtttcaca tggccttgct    147000
     ttaccataga gcacatctgt ggcttcatcc ttggatctga cctagaacga atgtttttcc    147060
     ttgatcacaa atttgtttca agcctgtttg tcttagtgca atttatgaaa gctcattgta    147120
     ttccttatta tgcaaccttt acctactctt ctatgaggag ggggcacaac taaaaccatt    147180
     tctttaaact ttcttcctaa acttatttga accaaatcag gaatgctgta aagtaattaa    147240
     ttcatctgaa cagcattaat tcaagaaagt tcatcttcat gttgatctgc aggaaatttg    147300
     ctcagtaggg tgggctgata cccaggaatc attaggctat gtaataatag caggaaaggt    147360
     atatcagcgg caagaagtaa tcctaggatg aattctctgg ggctgtgcct cttcagagtg    147420
     cacccattga aggcagatga aatggagggt catgttttgt gctttctgca ttgtatccta    147480
     agctcactga tgcagctggc atggatggaa attcctaggg ttttataaga agcctcaatg    147540
     tcttcctaat gctaaccatg cagacagcag ttggtgagtg gaaggactgg agtaacatgc    147600
     ttaaaagaat ttcagcagca cagtctcaca taaggtggca ggcataaccc ccaagagtga    147660
     atctggacag aggagagtct gtgatactga tctttagccc ggataccact agtagtgttt    147720
     tccctggggg gcagtgggga cagtatggac agtgtggaca atgtagacag tgtggacagt    147780
     gtggagactg tggacagtgt ggagacagtg gggacagtgt agacagtggg gacaatgagg    147840
     acagtgagga cagtgtagac agtgtggaca gtgtggacag tgtggtgaca gtgggggaca    147900
     gtgtggagac agtgtagaca gtgaggacag tggggacagt ggggatagtg tggacagtgg    147960
     ggagacagtg gggacagtgt agacagtgtg gacagtgagg acagtataga cagtggggac    148020
     agtgtagaca gtggggacag tgtggagata gtgtggacag tgaggacagt gtagatagtg    148080
     tggacagtgg ggacaatgag gacagtgtgg acagtgagga cagtatggac agtgtggaca    148140
     gtgtggacag tgtggacagt gaggacagtg tggagacagt gtagacagtg aggacagtgt    148200
     ggacagtgag gatggtgtgg acagtgtgga caatgtgaat agtgaggaca gtggggacaa    148260
     tcggatggtg aagatagtgt ggacagtgtg gatagtgagg acagtgtgga tggtctggat    148320
     ggtggggaca gtgtagacaa tggggacagt gtagatgatg gggatggtgg ggacggtggg    148380
     gacaatggag atggtgggga cagaggattc tatgccctca ggtgctgcca tagactctaa    148440
     accatgttgt ctgtctggga gtttgatccc acaggcccat gcctccatca gtagtaggaa    148500
     tgaggtcaga agcttggggt tctgttgctc ccaggactca ggttatttac tggggattcc    148560
     ttgagcccca gttgccctaa tctgtctaga cacattcttt agccacattc accacacaac    148620
     ttccagcatc cttttgtggt gcaggggaat ctatgtagct tccatcccag cttcatttag    148680
     gaggtgtggc atctacacct ctacctgacc cctgaaagcc tgtggtttct gctccctccc    148740
     ttgtacccat gtattttctc cagttgttca cactgttgtc cttttctgat gctctcataa    148800
     ctgtcttcca tttctttttc tgctttgaga atcttttctt ctttttgtga gaacagagga    148860
     aatgtaccct gtcactgtca caaactcaaa gctttctgta ccaaatattt tttaaaaaaa    148920
     tagttatctg tatattttat gaacatctaa aatatagtca tagccatgca ccacatgatg    148980
     aagttttggt taacaaaggg ccacataccc agctgtggga ctaaaggatc ctgtcatctc    149040
     agcttggaga gtgaactctg tcactgtagg agttacttct cttggtgctg tgacatatga    149100
     gtgacagaag catcttacga ggggagggag ggaaggagga gggtttgctt tggctcacag    149160
     ttttggggga cacagtctat catgatgggg tagacaaggg gaacatgagg tgtttgatca    149220
     cactgcatcc acagtcagga tgcagagaga ggtaaagtct ggctcacttt cttttctggc    149280
     caacacacag gacactgcta cctatattca ggttggctct tgctacttca cataaatatt    149340
     tctggaaatg tgacagaggt gcacaagagg tatatcacct tgatgagaat aaaaagtttt    149400
     gagaacaatt ttgacatttg ataacatttt aaaaaccttt atcccttttg agatttaaag    149460
     ttcatttcat agtagctcct tctttttttt ttcttctctc taattgttta gacagaggct    149520
     tcctataaag ctccagcttg cattgtgtag accaggttag tcttaaactt gtgatgactt    149580
     tcctgccttg tccctggagt gctgggatta ctggtgtgca ccttgtgcct tggtacagca    149640
     tgtaaactga ggcagatttc acaccccacc tccctgtacc tgattggaga cagatgagag    149700
     tggtcagggc tggaaacaaa aggaagaaag ttcaactttg actcagatac acaagcattc    149760
     tgggctgcat ttggttgttc ctgtgacact ggacatggga ttacatgagt ctggctccag    149820
     taagctccaa aatggaagac aagaaaaacc aaaccaaacc cagtagacaa catataagaa    149880
     gagattttat tggttttgtg gatcagggtc tctgagagag tctgcagtag atgtaacttg    149940
     gaagatgaca gaaaacaaaa ttcagatcag ggaagaattc caagggtgtg tgagctgtga    150000
     gagggacagc ctcagggtca agagaaaagc aagttggggg tcacttgaag aagagaaaga    150060
     acaccatgaa ttggtccaga aaacacactg tgccaggtca cccagcacac cacttcttcc    150120
     ctgaagaggg acacacgcct gcaacaaaac agacaggaga cagatggctt ccagagacta    150180
     cagcaagctt ccaaccacat tttcatgtct ccccttcctt tatgtccccc tgtgtggtag    150240
     ctttggtgcc cacatataca aactcttacc ttcctttcca gggtgtgact cataaaggcc    150300
     ctgggtgtct ggaggtgcca cctgatcgca ggccttgaat gatgaagatg gtgcccacca    150360
     cgatgcccac aaggcccaca gacaacccca gggcacagac cacagtctct gtcagctctg    150420
     acatgggggc tggaatctca ggttctgaga aagagaagtt ttagagtcag aagggagtat    150480
     gttcatgtat gtgtaagata tggccagggt gagggggcaa gttaatctac atagcctttg    150540
     tgggttgggc ttatggaatg acatgaaatc tagctttagg agctttttaa gagtagaaag    150600
     tgagtttggt cactagaatc ccgaagacat gctgttctag agatgacaat gagttagaaa    150660
     gtgcagaaga tgacagagct catacacacc ccagtgtttc agaaccggct cctccaggcc    150720
     ccagtgttcc accttgcagt cataaatgtc atcgtcagaa gggatgaagg tgagataaga    150780
     cagcttgtgg aaggaatagt cacggttgac gaagaagctg gtctcataaa caccgtctgc    150840
     gactgacttg ctatttctga gccatgtgat gttgatcaca ggagggaaga tgttgtccac    150900
     aaagcagatg agggtgttgg gctgacccag cagcacaggg gacttgggga acacagtcgc    150960
     ttgaggagcc tctgtaaagg aaatggtctg gacatgagtg ggtgatggag tttctctccc    151020
     tgaagctctg cactgcctgg agagggagcc ctcttgccaa gacttgcaca catgatggtc    151080
     acagagccca attgtccctt ctgtttggag ctaatgtgca ctgcatccac tttctccctg    151140
     cgcccttctc tctagggtct taggtaggat gtctgtgggg cctcttcaaa gattccaggc    151200
     atgcactgtg ggaacagcga gttgtatatt acatgaaatg tatgatttgt aaggagaggg    151260
     aaggtgagta ttcagtgatg aggagatctg ggtgctcctt ggaaaggaga ggattttata    151320
     gaaccattta tactcaagtc atatccaccc accaccaccc accccaaggg aaggaaggga    151380
     ggagcggggt gtgagcacgt accattggta gctggggtgg aatttgacct cttagtcaag    151440
     actcccaagt tgtgttttac tacagctatg ttttgcagtc caccttgggg gtcaaagctt    151500
     gccaattggc caaactcagg aagcatccag acagtctcct tcttatccaa gtccacatag    151560
     aacaactcat caccatcaaa ttcaaatgtg tactggccaa tgtctccagg agactgatat    151620
     acacttatac cataggtgcc tacgtggtcg gctgatggat ttaggtggat agtggaaaaa    151680
     tgaaaaacag gaagaaaaaa taatgttatt aaacaaactg atagaaaatg cttttacaaa    151740
     taccacgaat ttcatttttt ggggtttgtt tctaccactc attcctccct cccacttggt    151800
     atggattaca atccagtctt tccctctgtg acacgtgcta cataactgtg gaatgctgtg    151860
     ttgatttcta ccatcctgac tgccttgttc catgcctggt acacagacag ctcaagccaa    151920
     gtagcttaca gctaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga    151980
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagctttctt ttcaaagatt cagtcagcat atttccttct    152040
     cttattaggt tttgtatctc attgatcttc tactaattaa ttacaaatta cattttattt    152100
     tccttcctaa aagggtgcat tttccataca aggagacttt ctcatttatt ttaacaaatg    152160
     gaaaagaata tagaccctta tataagagaa cagtgacatc atgtcaaagt gtgaggaaac    152220
     tgttctgtct aaaagttcct gcataagctg gggacccaca gggcggcctt ctggtttctt    152280
     ctggaataaa agaaatagag gctttattgg acttcatgct tctgtcaacc tcacctctta    152340
     ctttttttct aaatcaacac tggtgttcac ttgcagattc atggtgcatt aaagcacttt    152400
     cctccgacag tgagcatgtg caagctgcca cggggaatgg ctgctagtgc agacaaccga    152460
     acccaaagga agccaagtaa acaactatcg tcaggtaagc atcagcaagg cacagattct    152520
     agtatttaag ttttgtatct tttttccttc atttgttgag ttccagcgaa tgtcagaggt    152580
     agtgctgctc aaggagccag gcctgcctct gcagtcacca ccctagtgaa tgtgaggaga    152640
     gcagggtcag tcaacagaca gagtgcatgt aaggagctgt gagtggcggt gggcaagtta    152700
     cagcctggcg ttctgcacag tgactgtcaa acaaaactaa ctaccctatt ctctcatggc    152760
     cctgtggatg gcaggagtct ccttttctca cagaaatgaa ggctgttgtt gttggggctg    152820
     ttgtttttca gtttgctgaa acctcctcta ctctgaaggt ttctgctcag ttttaattaa    152880
     taggcttcca actgcactat gacccccagc ctctctgtct atctatccct gtctgtctgt    152940
     ctattcacat ttgactgctc ctctggcctg tcctttccca gtgtggccac cttggttggt    153000
     attatcagtc aataacatgc cacacctctc catcaaagct cccttactca ttatcaatag    153060
     accttctcga cttcttttcc cactgtggat gtacacatcg ttcacttctg caggtgcttg    153120
     tcctgggcct caggtgttgc tgaggactgc acgctgcccc ctgctggtac agttttgccc    153180
     tcagctgtgt ccactctcca cacaatggct tttctccttc ctgaccttga tctgtttccc    153240
     tcactagtct acccactccc tgggggcagg cagcaggctt tatatacttc agcactgact    153300
     tgttagctga gcaaatgctt tacagagcga gtattgagtg gtgattgcta attttgaggc    153360
     ccgtggagac tttggggatg atgggaaggc tgcagaacct tgtgaaagtc actgtcaggg    153420
     atgacctggg ctgcattggg accggtatgt cccatgcact tagcttttgg gctcttccta    153480
     gatgaaaata ttgaaggtca tattctatat ataagaaaat gtaacacagg ctaaattaaa    153540
     gtcaaagcat tttcttagat cttgaaactt tcactttttt ctaaattaaa aagaagtagg    153600
     gatattttca tgtagccctt cagttatatg ttcctcagaa ctgtgcccac tgtgcccgct    153660
     cacaccagat taaggtgccc tagtgtgaca ctgaagaaat tggggacaaa gaagccacca    153720
     cccccaccca ccctccatga gggataggtg agacttccat ctcctgccaa agctggaaag    153780
     agagcagcca ctctttgcaa ggacgctcaa cccctttcac ttcctgtttc agacatttga    153840
     cttttcaact gctattttac acaagctcct attcacgcct gtaaaacagc gtggagttaa    153900
     ggagagatat gacagaggac atggaatgtc ggcagagtgt ggagggaggt gggcagctca    153960
     ggaggaaggc cacaggctcc tgtagcttgt gcttgcctgg gttgttacag aacttcatgg    154020
     ggtataaatg gcctatagaa caggcagctc acattcctta ctttgttaca aaaatgttca    154080
     atggtatcta taatggaaag aaagaggaag atggcattta aagcatttac taatgaatgg    154140
     atacattctt gagacatgat ctcactaggg gatcaggcta tccttgaact cacaatcctc    154200
     ctgcttgggc accttagcac cgtagttact gccaagcact gccaggccca cccagcgttg    154260
     ccttcactat ttttaaagca catctacata tttatttgac ttgtcacttg tgagttgaca    154320
     cgtgaggaaa tccaaaacca ctaagatcgt cgggtaaaat agtgacctcc ttctctcact    154380
     tcccaccagg gccagctcct agcttgaaaa aggtgtgtgg aaaccaccac acaagggaag    154440
     catttgctgt atatttgtga acatgattca cggaaaggtt ttcctcagag tacactacag    154500
     gtacaaaggc ttcagaaact cacagaaatt ttagagtcat agtaattatg gaaattagat    154560
     tttcagtaat gaaaatcatt tattcgtggg aaacactccc aattcccaat ttcttccttc    154620
     cctcactggg cccactagta gaatcatggt ttggtggatt gtgagctgac caaccagagc    154680
     ctcctgaaga atggatcaca cagttgttag acctcttcat attgagaatt tgtatctccc    154740
     tcttctgtgg gtttcccatt gcccggctcc aggcatccct cagctgcaca actcaccctc    154800
     aatgtcgtct tcacctccac agaggctgag catggtggtc agggcgagga cccccagaat    154860
     cagagctctg ctgcgcggca tcctggtctc tgggaggtct ctgaagctgc tctcctgagt    154920
     cttcaagaga ttgtgaggat ccagccaagg agatcacaca cccaaaccaa actcgccaga    154980
     accaatcaga aaattctctt gtgatgacgt caaagttgcc agctgcagac tttgtattag    155040
     gaggcctgga agaggctagg ggaactccct gaacctgctg caggctctac tcagagtaga    155100
     cccgagagag tgcctgggaa gaagtgggtt ctaagtcaga ctctttctct tgtgcttatg    155160
     tgcacagatg gcaagagagg aggggatttc tgaacatgga caggcgaact cacccacaat    155220
     aatattgttc ttcataactg tctgggctgc actgttcaga aagcctcccc cccccgaatt    155280
     tatttctttc ctggtgcccc tccaacttcg acacccagtt actttctctt gcttgcatgc    155340
     atcatgagtt agctggtttt tctttatttc ttcccatagt gtgtgcagag tactccaaat    155400
     tgtgagatga tccacctacc caaggtgtcc ccacagactg tggtcagtca atggctttgc    155460
     tctttctgct tgtgtaaacc cggttggtga ggttctttgc tctgggcagt agccctggtg    155520
     ttaccagatg gaacacagag ctgtgaggac ctatctggca cctagaggag tgcacagtgc    155580
     tttatccaga tttcacctct ccttttgagc aatctttgta ttctaaagga aatttaggga    155640
     cactgaacac acacaagaaa gttatgggta gctcagttat tcttaaaata ttttttaatt    155700
     tttatattta gtgtcaggta gaaaggattt ttttctaact tagaaaagta tctttctttc    155760
     acaaactact ggattttcca aatttgctgc ccccttatgt gacatttcag aaaagtgtgg    155820
     gagtctgagg cttaagtctc agcaaccatt gtgggttctc ttgcttatag aagactgagt    155880
     tttctgcatt ctgtggagaa cacaagctcc tggacatttg agaccagctc ttctgtcctc    155940
     ctgagatgag tgtgcaagcc cttgcacttc aaaggggacc acagaggggt gggacaggac    156000
     accccagcat ctgcctggac acaatgaagt agatgctggg tgcagctttt gcctccttct    156060
     aggcaaacat attaaggtaa tcacggagtt tctctacgtg cacccatttg ttagtggaat    156120
     aagggaaaat tccctttaga tagtagtagt gaccagtttt gagtgtttag gttatagtgc    156180
     cctgctattc agccaaatac ccaggtatct gtggaggtat tttgtggatg tgattaaatc    156240
     tgtaaccaga tgatgttaag taagagagat gatcctggac aatcaggctg agttgtccac    156300
     agctgggaag ccttaatagc aagaggaggc ttgtctgagg aaggggagtc actgtgtcct    156360
     ctgcctgcac tgagtttaca tctgcccctg gggccttggc catgccagtt caccccacag    156420
     ctatataagc gaaagcaaca gttttcttcg tatgtctccc caccagcttt acatccttgg    156480
     ctccaacagg cctttactgg gaggcccagt gatctggctg gcaaggtttc tctttccctt    156540
     tctctggtga acaggatcat gggagaagag taacttacag gtacccggtg acccagaggc    156600
     agctacacac acacacacac acacatacac acacacacac acacacacac acagcccacc    156660
     cctatataga cagtgactca caaaagctgc atccgtgaag tcccctgcac aacttgcagg    156720
     cagctccata ggagagtgcc ctgtggagaa tatgtggtca gttctaacag cagacctcta    156780
     ctcggtaata gaaaggaaaa actacagaca gaaatcaaag cagagatgag gggcagagag    156840
     ccgtctcagc agagaagagc actggctgct cttgctgagg acacaagatc agatctcagc    156900
     acccacatgg cagctcacaa ccagctgtaa cttcagctgc agggaatctg atgccctctt    156960
     ctgacctctg agggcacagc acacacatgg taaaaaaagc acacatgcac acgcacacac    157020
     aaacttaaaa ataaattaaa aaataaaagc aaagatgagc atccacaaaa ccaaagaaat    157080
     cagaaacaag aagacatact gaggctggag ggatggctct gactgctgca aaggtcaggg    157140
     ctcccacatg gggcccacag tggtctggaa ctccaactcc tgggcaccca ctggcctccc    157200
     ttgggacttt tatgtgtgcg gtgcacataa actcatgcag gcatacacat atacagataa    157260
     ataagagcag taaataaata ttttaaagag attatgtgct atataattcc ttttcttaga    157320
     aatcttagag cagagatgtt tgttctataa cttaaaatca gggtagtggt catatgggct    157380
     aagtccatag tgtaccgtgt gtagttcgtt gagcatattt ctctatctga aacatgctat    157440
     tttaaattat gtgtatttgt gtgtctctga gtgtgggtgt tcacatgtgg atccccatgg    157500
     aatctagaag agacagtcga tcctggatct ggcattccag ggcaattcca gacacccaac    157560
     taggatgctg ggaactaaac tcaggtcctc tccaagagca gcaaatactc ttaactcttg    157620
     agccatctct cagcccccac agctttttaa aaataaattg ttattggagc atatttcttg    157680
     tacgaagtat tgtgttttgt aaatacactt cgatgcaagt ttgttgtgca ccttgactgt    157740
     gttcacccac aatccctgct gtcctacgtt atcctagtca tcccctagac agtatcactt    157800
     cccatgcccc cgacatatga tttttatgta gatatagaaa actacatctt gataggggtg    157860
     cgagttataa gaatgtatat atttgtcaat gtttactgaa aagacctgtg taagcgttat    157920
     caatacaata aaaatggtac aaagttgcat aaactgtgta gtttacaaac tgtgtaatga    157980
     gaaaactgta acaatgtaaa gtctttcctg cattgccttt ctttgatctc tgaatgtcgg    158040
     aaacacttga ggttcattca ttggattttg ctgcccaaag ggagaaggat ctataagggc    158100
     cgtcagccaa gtgggggagg ataggattcc tatgtttgat ttatttttgg gtctgatgac    158160
     acagcaaaac caaagcaaaa gcatcaacct ccacaggctg gcctcaatct taaaatcctc    158220
     ctgctttagc cttggaagtg tggaattaca gcccccttag agtagtggtt ctcgaccttc    158280
     catagttccg aatgctgtgg ccctttaata ttgcttatgt tgtgctgtcc ccgaaccata    158340
     aaattatttt gttgctactt cataactgtt gtttggctac tgttacgaat cataatgtaa    158400
     atacctgaga tgcagaatat ctgatatgcg atttctgtga acgggttggg ttgagaaccg    158460
     ctgacctaga gctaccatgt ctggctctga agagaaggtt acagtggatg gggccagtgt    158520
     tagcccctga ctgctttgtg gaagggagtc aggactgtgg agattaatat aattagttgt    158580
     tttgtttttg tttttgtgtt ttttacatta tttaaggcct gattagcatt cctatttgtt    158640
     ttcgtattta cgccgctaat tttggaattt catttatttg atttatgtca tattctaccc    158700
     aggaccctgg gccagcgctt cagctttcca tgtttcactg aatatgttag gttttgttat    158760
     acaagcctct tttactccag ttttgttggc tttgtgatgt gaaatgcctg tgtctgtacc    158820
     cttctgttct tgtgcgttcc cacagcatgt tcttccggag acaagtgacg ccgcccacac    158880
     ttgctcctca ttggttgaag agaatgcatt caatgcgtgc ggcttaggct gaggctcaga    158940
     gcagtgagct ctggttagct tctgaggtca gcttctgttt ccttggttca gggacaccag    159000
     ctagggagtg aggggtagag agcagaggac ccagctacac tgcgaggaca ctctattgtc    159060
     cagaacctat ctttagaatt aactctttat tacagggtta taattgttat cgtagttgtt    159120
     atagatatta ttaaataagt gaaaacactg tctccatata aaagcaataa ataaaaatag    159180
     ataaaaataa gcagaactct ggaaaaatta agcaagtgtt aatgggaaag ctaatatttt    159240
     ataaaaccac tctggtctta gacttgtgcg cttgtgtgtg tgtttcatat tgatttccag    159300
     aaaaacagcc tcagctttaa aaaggtttgt gtcgatgttg aatgaacctg ttttaaatgt    159360
     atgcattata tttatctttg agaatataga aatctttttc agcctcaaat ttttaataat    159420
     attttaataa ttcattttat ttcttattat acacataaat tcagattctc tatgggttta    159480
     atagatatcc cctataacta agatattctt tctatagttc cctattctga ctaaagtgtt    159540
     gttttgatcc agtttctgca ccattttctt gtcgtggaag catggcttgc caggagtggg    159600
     gtggctgagt ttgggggttg ggtaggaaga tatggatgga actcagtcgt gggtgtgtcc    159660
     ttctgaggtc tctgcctgga aaaggttcta cctgaggtga ggtcagcagg agggtgtggg    159720
     gatggatgct acctttgagc tctgggtcac aggcaagctt tgggaccggc ctggcacaca    159780
     ccctcagatc tgaatcaaaa gtgaggctat aaacaagagt gacttaaaga cttcaagtga    159840
     gccctctgcc atcatgggaa tgcagagggc accagttatg tgtctgttca gtcctagtga    159900
     gtttcaggat cccccgggtt agctctgctc tgcttactaa actgccagtg aggggctgga    159960
     aagatggtta gagcaccggc tactcttgca gaggacccta gttcagttcc aagcacccac    160020
     aaggtgactc acaaccatct gtaactccag ttccaggaca tccgaccccc tcttctggca    160080
     tcctcaggca ctacacacat atagtacaca acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    160140
     acacacacac acacacacag gcaagacacc tatgctcata aaaataaaca aatagataat    160200
     tttaaattac caatatattc cccaaatcaa ctgcattggc tgagtcagat cctcatggtt    160260
     tgagtaaaca gaaagtctag gctgggttaa tggtgggggt gagggaatgt acccagatgt    160320
     gtactggagc ttattctgac cgtggtcata gccgtgcaga atcaaagcac agacagagag    160380
     tccctattcc cactcagtac agagaattcc agtcttccag tggctcgtga tctcccaaga    160440
     ctttctttcc agagacagca ggtttccatc tgctaagata gtgaaaaaac aaagacattg    160500
     tgaagttacc caccagccat aatgatcaca gtgacaaatg acaccatagt taatgataat    160560
     ttccatgatg atgacgataa tgatgacgac gacaatgacg acgataacta tgatgttgtc    160620
     aagggcaact ctcttctctg aaggcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgaggtggaa ccttcctgtt    160680
     gcttcccttt tccatcttac tcaggtagct taagttctga gtgaagctcc agactggcag    160740
     ctgtgaggta ccatggtcct gaggggaatt tgcaccccac ttcctcttgt ggaccccaca    160800
     catgtcaaag catccagttg attcctctag agaagtgact cacaggaacc tgccacctac    160860
     acccttggct gacttcccct ttctcttctc acgtgcagga aagggctgtt ctctcccacc    160920
     tctgacacag tgtcaggtgc acggttgggg gtgcctggtg ggtccagcat catcactgag    160980
     ctgtaagcag tatcatagag ttccctctca caaataggca atgaatcaga atagaaattc    161040
     aggcagattt gcttggagct attaggaaca ttgaagctag aaacatcctt tagtttcatc    161100
     aaaacccaaa caaacgttct tgagtacaga cccacagaca gcactcaacc tggggtccaa    161160
     cagaagttct gtacttggcc tgagcctgga actttcctcc tgaaagtctc cttatttgga    161220
     gaggaaagaa taaaaccaca tcagggttca ctgtgtctct gtgtggacta tgagttagtg    161280
     cttctcacat gggggatgtc cttgtctgcc tctgtgagga attacagcaa tgtgaaatct    161340
     gtgtggtatc atggggatgt tactttagtt ccaagaacag ttagataaat ataacatgag    161400
     aatgggaaat gagacgtaaa gatggccaaa gaattgtaaa ggaactggac aatggattct    161460
     ggtattaact cagggaactc agcagtcctg cagcagagaa aggcagagag ttggcactgg    161520
     cagctgaggt ggttccagca ggtggtggca ggaattctgc tccagacaca actaccctga    161580
     agtgagtttt ctcaagaccg taaaccttag gtccttgggg cccaattgga actcagaata    161640
     cagccagtgc aatgcttcag taaatgaagt tgtctgacct caagcctgag ttgtgtctct    161700
     gcgacctata cagtggaggg agaatggctt ctgtaagtcg tcctctgacc tccacacaaa    161760
     gcagacaaag cagacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatgat    161820
     aaataagtgt aaaagctatt attttgactt tatggattat ctcttcaacc aggcctttga    161880
     tctcttccca cttatttata gtttgttgtt ttctttttgg taactgatca tttcttattt    161940
     aaccttgatt atatatattt cccatgaaaa ttattctttg ctcccaggtg ttaacggcac    162000
     ctctcccttc cctacagctt tggctgtgtc ttctctgctg gggagtctgc cagggacagc    162060
     tgatgtggcc tctctgcctt gcctatgagc tggaaagaaa aataataaag aatctgtcat    162120
     gttttcacat agatgtggtt tacacaaagg atacgacagt atccctcctt atcaaccaca    162180
     gccttagcca aattgccact tcccacagct gggaagcccc cattttgcaa gcatcaaaca    162240
     tattatttat tttctgaggt tctcaatgta aagtttagac agctatatgt cttttgttca    162300
     gcccaacaat cttcacacaa gacatgaaag acagagaaca aaactattcc taaataatag    162360
     cgtttagaga gtgcagacaa agctgtgatt gctccaaagg caacaacagt acgatggttt    162420
     gttttgtttt gtttgtttgt ttttaacagg gtgcttgctg gtcaaaatga aggttcatag    162480
     gactgtatcc aaatactctg acaagttaat taaaaaaatt cattttatat atatgattgt    162540
     tttgcctgca tgcatatttg tatatcacat gcatatagag cccatggagg ccagagagag    162600
     ggttgaatct cctggcactg gaattacaga tggctgtgaa ctgccatgtg ggttcctgga    162660
     aacaaaccag gtcctctgga agagcagtca gtcctgttaa ccactgaacc atcactccag    162720
     cacccaaatt attattattt ttaattccta gaatttgggt ttaggaagaa ttggtttgaa    162780
     ctataaaaaa atttccttgg atcactaaag atgattaatt cttagtatct catccagtta    162840
     attaatttaa agtatttgtt cagtactagg aaatgtatta gatgctaaag atccaacaga    162900
     tgaaaaaaac aacaacaacc atacaataaa gatttcttgt gattagccga gatgggagtg    162960
     ccccgccttg ctagggcatg tgctgactgg acttctcacc ctgtcccatg acaggggtga    163020
     ccatagatgt ttccagaccc cacctcatcc acccaggtac aacgtacaat cattagcagg    163080
     gggcttttgg catcacagcc acttccttcg cctaacactt agcagggact tcccacagat    163140
     gcgcgaagaa tgtctgatgt ccatcccacc ccagcgaata tcacatacaa aatactccct    163200
     ctctactcgg ctttgtgatc aagctgtggt ctcttggcac cgcggatctt cctttttgcc    163260
     actaaaccag cttgtcagca attctgccac cgcctatcag tatcctccct cctatacact    163320
     ttctcctgaa ggctcagctc aaaacagccc gtcttagcag ttacatctgc tggaaacaag    163380
     tgacgcttcc ttgctctcta ttcctattgg ttggagtaaa tttaaaaaaa aaaggctgat    163440
     gtccgacggg gatttccaaa gatgtccttc tattttaaaa atgcgtcagt gcagacaatg    163500
     ctggactatt ttcccaaata ggaactagct agccagaact gatacccacg aggtggattt    163560
     tggatttgag ggtgagacac gtgtgtgcca cctggggatt gggggagtga gggaggagag    163620
     gaagcaccga agaaaggaca gaaggaagga acaaagaaca gaaaggctca ttctttccgt    163680
     ttcttcaagt tgaattttct tgtacaattt atgagactat tggccagtca gcaaatccaa    163740
     accctttatt ccacccgtca cttcctggcc ttacagctag cccgcgatct gggatgattc    163800
     ctgttgatcc cagtgacagg attctttgcc tttgctggct ggttctgctc tgcgtattgc    163860
     cttccatttc ttaatgacga caggactctc cctgtggtga catgcccctg ggatacccct    163920
     gtgaaataat ttgtgttgcc ttctcttctt tgccccatct ggtctcttac tcaacttgaa    163980
     atatactcat ttctctcttt ttgctttgct gtgtcccagt ctcacctcaa agtcactatg    164040
     tgggcaaggt caaccttgaa cctctgattc tcctgccctc tcctccccag agctggcctt    164100
     acaggcacgt gctaccaccc caggctcaca cgacgctggg gaattgaacc ctgggcttca    164160
     tgtattctag gcaagcactc tacacacaga ctatctctcc agcacacaga tctacaatgt    164220
     gaaaatcttt attgttccca cggacttact catagtaaaa caactttgct tttacaaact    164280
     tatagcccca atctgtactc ttacttcgct tcctagacaa acctattgca gctctctgtg    164340
     catgtcggca cacagcactt acactggccc tgaattccca ggaaatgaaa tgtcgcacct    164400
     gcgatgccat tggcctgaag aatgtttgca caattggagt accagtgcat taaaaataag    164460
     ttcatacttg aaaagggaaa agggctataa atatcttctc tttcctttgt ttttaaattt    164520
     tttttctgag atatggttta actctctact taggttggct tggaactcac acttagctaa    164580
     agctggcctt gaactggtgg caatcctcct gcctgctggg attacctgtg tgagccacca    164640
     tactacattt gtatatattt ttcttagatg tcaggatgca gttctcctgt tcctacaaac    164700
     ttttcagtgt gaagtgtcat ttgcagggtt gttacacgag tgaatgaggt gatcaccctg    164760
     agggacctgc aggttacagt atctctcaac accgttcctg atcctacact ttctgcagat    164820
     agaaggcagg agatgagcct cgctcaacct ctgtctcttt cccttcagtc tcccccagag    164880
     gttttaacct cctagcagta atgagatact cgcatcacca ccatctcctc ccactcagtg    164940
     ttggacgggg gttttccatc acagctcaca accaagctcc ctaattctat tctatacttg    165000
     acatccagtc aagctaggct tgatgcgaaa agtggggtgt ttttggcaat ctgcagccac    165060
     accctgtttt tttcccacta accccaggta ttaaatctgc ttcccacatc agctatccct    165120
     actctacctc cctctggggt cttggaagcc ggccaacccc aggcctattg taacagtgtc    165180
     atttgctgca gacaaaccag ctgcttctgc cactggctgc acagggaaga aactgacagc    165240
     aacagaggtt tccacaaagt gcttcgtttt gtacctatga acttccaaca atgtggctgc    165300
     ctaaacaaca cccagtgata gtacaagttg acatgctaag agggacgggg gaaatctctc    165360
     ctggccccac tgctaggtga agggctccag gcaactgctg acctctgaga gaaaaatcct    165420
     tatcctccag ggatgagtcc cttaactgcc aaagtgcttg cccctaaacg ccacgtgtaa    165480
     gcaacactgc aggggctcag caggttgtgt ttagatattt gttagtttct acacggatat    165540
     gtaacaggga tgggaaggaa gtcatggact caaggctgag aaggggcggg tgacataggt    165600
     ggggttagaa gtagagaatg aaatgagtta acacagtaaa ctatatgaaa gttaaaaaaa    165660
     ttatcagaag aagaggtgca gcttgaggct taaggttgag tttttggatg ctacctccac    165720
     aggtggtcta gtgcctcagt ttctctctct gctccccaag agtgttttgc acgtgtttgt    165780
     agggagagtc agtgctgatg ctctttgtgt ccctcgagaa tactcagctt tccatcgctg    165840
     taaggaaaca catgatgcag gctactaatg tagaaaagag ggttgctcat ctcatagatg    165900
     ttgagacact ctcattcagg gcagctgcat tagctcatta tggttaggga cccacagcag    165960
     atatgggtgg caatgttgta gatgtgtggt agggaagtgg aaagaggggg gacagagtca    166020
     gagagggaca gagtcataca cagattttat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    166080
     acacacatag agagagagag agagaaagag agacagacag acagacagac agacagagac    166140
     agacagacag agacagagac caagacaggc aggatgagag agcccaccga gccatactcc    166200
     ctttgcaact gtctctcaga actcaagagg tctccaaagg gacaacctcc tcacacgccc    166260
     atcataggcc tcccagcagc tctcacagcc ttcatgactt tgctttcttg tttatttcat    166320
     tctgtagccc aggctggcct ggaactcatg acaagcctcc tgtctcaacc tcccgagtaa    166380
     tgggttctgg tgtggctctg cttatcaaag gttccacagt cgaagccttc cctttcgggg    166440
     attcccaaac accacacacc tgtagcacta gctgtggggt ttacgattta caactgctct    166500
     gctcatctaa gatcaacttc ttccaaagca agtggttact ccctgagcat tctccttatc    166560
     ccacgccatc tgcagtctgg gcttcacccc agctccacct gcatcttccc aggattcccc    166620
     tggcctgctc ttgctcacat tgctgggcct gagctaaaac cacaccccct cctcctcttc    166680
     aggcctcact atgcaaatga gctccttcaa gtggtccagc ttgcaacagt ctctgaatat    166740
     atcccctccc ctccccttcc gttctccttc ccttcattca gatgtgtgtg tttggctgca    166800
     tctgcatgtg tagcacatgt atacctacta cctacagaac tcagtagagg gcatcagatc    166860
     cctggaactg ggtggtttca gatggctgtg agccaacaca tgcgtgctca gaactgaacc    166920
     tgggtcctct gcaccagcag ccagagctct taactactgc tcacctctcc agccctctct    166980
     actattttaa aatgttaatt ataatattaa tattattagt attaattaat tgtaatttgt    167040
     actttcactg taatttataa atatctacac ttttaaagtt tattttattt gtgtacgtgt    167100
     gtgtgtgtgt tgtgtgtatg tgtatgtgta tgtgtatgtg tatgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg    167160
     tatgtgtgtg tgtgtcccct ggagctggat ttataggcag ttttaagagt catgagcccc    167220
     tggaaatagg tgctggcacc tgaactctgg ctgtctgtaa gagcagcaag tgctcttaac    167280
     ctctgagcca cctctccaac cccataaatg cttatattta ttaatgtatg atttgtgaat    167340
     tgtaaacaat tgagcttttc tggtttgagc caggcgtctt tccaggaact gagagaacag    167400
     tgcgcaggag cacagggcct caggctgctg ctcaaacccg ggcagcaggc aggagccgga    167460
     gtgcctggca gaggtgggcc tggccatacc ctcacattaa cacccttgtg tccttctcgc    167520
     accaactaga cacacaatct cttgaaacac cttccggagg tcaagttttc aagtacgtga    167580
     gcgggggtgg gggtgggggt gggggtgagg gtggggtggg gtggggggag acattccaca    167640
     tcaacgcaaa gatgggttgt cttgatggaa aaggagggta gtgtggactg gaagaggctc    167700
     attggctttc tctgtaactg gtgctggctt ttggtctggg cgcatttaca gatattggaa    167760
     ttataataag tacgctgaac attaatttct tctgtcccca cattctatct cattgtatag    167820
     tgttaaaatt gtaaagtatt tcattttctg gtcacttctc agtaattcgg cgtttagtaa    167880
     acttcccctg ggcttgcagt ggcctgtagg aaacagcgcg atagctccac ctctactggg    167940
     ttgcactgag attggaaggt atcgggcttc ctagttcaga cttcagtaga ggtaaatgat    168000
     tcgttatgtg agctgcccgc gtttgtgcat gagcctgtgg ggtcaggagc tgaggtacca    168060
     ggtctgtcgt ggaccctgct gtgctgctca ggaacagcag agaaacatcg acatggtcct    168120
     ccagcctcac cccgcttcgc attgctcagc gaacacttcc tcacacgcca cacagtcagg    168180
     tcccaagtct tccatggaag gaaattctca gctttaaaaa atagataagc atatggcccg    168240
     ggagcagggc tcagtcagag tacttagaac gagtgaggtt caaagttcaa cctgtaacac    168300
     ggaacaatac acaaaatgaa cattacctgt catatgccag cttctctcaa cattcacaaa    168360
     ggacctctgg tcactcgcgt ctgctggaga cagctgacgc tgcctcacct cccaccctca    168420
     ttggtgatgg ggagttgttt gagacaggag ggggtttcca gtgagtttct cttcagtgtc    168480
     tcaccaaacc caggaacctc atttgactaa aggaagggtt ggcccctttg ggtgccacct    168540
     ctgaagggaa gaagtgttta tactcgtccc gagttttgca gcccagtttt tacaacaccc    168600
     ttgagaaaca aagagaagca cagaaattct ccctccccgt gtgttcctat tgtcctgcca    168660
     ctgaaccact gcatccagcc cttcccagca gccagtcgtt cccgccgaga ggtttactag    168720
     ttaatatttt ttctactagt cccacctttc tgaaggatgt aacttttaat tctatttatt    168780
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta ttattttttg ccaaaagttc accacctttc    168840
     atagtggagt tctatggtag gtgcaactga gcacccagtg caatttaagg gcttcttatt    168900
     ctcgctcatc aggattcctc cctatccagg cccctcctca ccctgcacct cacatgcgcc    168960
     ttttctgtgt tgttctcgtt ctccagctta actcttgtcc ctagccaacc tgagaaatga    169020
     cccttttacc actcccaaat ctcacttcct ctggtctcac tctgtacccc aggatggcct    169080
     gaaactctct atgtagccca ggctggcctc agactcacag cagtccccct gtctcagtct    169140
     cctgagtgct gagattcaga caaccaacat gtccagctaa cgccttcttt cttaatgtaa    169200
     atattgggta tgctttaatt ttaaccattc tgttttgtct gaaaaagtca tgcagctgtg    169260
     gggctgggga gatggctcag tggttaagag catgcactgc tgtttcagag gaccagagtt    169320
     cagttcccag cacccacatt aaggtgctct aactccggct ccaggaaatc tgatgccttc    169380
     ttcttctccc attggcattt cgtgcacaca agacacacat ctctctctct ctctctctct    169440
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    169500
     tacatacaaa cacacacacc caccaaataa ataagtaaat acataagatc attttaaagt    169560
     aacagctgag gatacaggtc agggttgtag aacctacctg cttagagggg tacagactca    169620
     gtcccaagaa cagaaaaaaa gtttgggtcc gccccccccc gtgttcttat cagttctttt    169680
     agacatgtct aatacacatc ttgtcacatt gcttttatat attttattag actgtcttta    169740
     ctgcgggtcc cagagtcctg tgaagtcaga tctggatcag accttttcca tcccagcatt    169800
     agaagatgct gtgaaatcac agggaacact gacaattgtg acctgagtgt gtgcatcaga    169860
     ctgcgtgtgt aacacacgta tcagcccctc acttaaaccc cgatgtctgg tgaatgagaa    169920
     cagcagacac acagtacatg tcaatactta agaaagctac tttctgatgt cagtactttc    169980
     tagtgttcaa tattcagaca ttggggtatg tggaagaggg acaaacaata tttgtctttt    170040
     ataaaatggt tttcacccaa ttactgctta caatttcctc tatttaggtt tcctggagac    170100
     tggtccttac tctcctgcac aaaccctgct ttcctctcct tccctcagtc cccacccatg    170160
     aggcaagcct ggcccagctc ctgtcaagag ccttccttga tcagcctatg agaaccatca    170220
     aatgccccaa tacctccatc ccatcaacaa acttaaacat atttaagttg attttgttta    170280
     tgtaaaatgt catcaatgtg aataactatg aatttcatgt tgttgtttag aagcttatcc    170340
     atcatccggg gtgggctatc agagaagtaa atactttatc atttattttt aataaaacaa    170400
     acaacagagg atgttcatct tacagaatga attgagaaga tgggataggc aagcttacca    170460
     aatctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    170520
     tgcgcgcgtg tgcaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcaga ttacaaacct gtgtgtgcag    170580
     atgtattaac aagtgtgcct gtatgcacgt ggagggcaga ggtcagtatc tggtgtcttt    170640
     ctcagttgct attagcctcc ttattttgag acagggtcta tcacagagac ctagagattt    170700
     tgagctggca ggccactgag ccctggggac ctgtccgtct cagccactcc agagttagga    170760
     ctagaagaga acactacatt ttttaaaatg tgggtacagt gtgccccaac ttaggtcctc    170820
     atccttgcat gacatacacc ttaccaattg agccatttcc cagctccagg tggtcaggtt    170880
     ctacagtgtc cacatcacat gcaattactg gtcatggagt tggtcaaata aggaaatcag    170940
     attctgaaaa ctaatcttcc aaatgtctgc tgacatggct cagcaggtaa agctggtttt    171000
     tgccaaacct gaggagttca aaccctaggt cccaacaagg agaaagtgag tcatgaaaat    171060
     tgagctttga ccaccacatg tgacaggcat gctgtgacat gtgacacata tacacacata    171120
     ctcaagcaca cacacatgcg cactagataa atccatgtaa taaaaacttt aaacgtaata    171180
     atcttcccac ctgggtcttt tagcacagtc tgtgatctga gcaagtccag atgttaaggc    171240
     aggaggatca catgttcaag gctagcctgg gcaattaatg agtccttcct caaaggagag    171300
     agaaagggag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    171360
     agagagagag agagatctgg gcctgtagct cagtgccttt gcccagcatg ctgtggtctt    171420
     aggttcaacc cctagtactt tattctgccc agtgttagtt taaactttaa ggaggtcaat    171480
     gctttgccat ggggcagctg acaggagatc tagatgggga aagaacttaa actcttccca    171540
     tatacgatac taatctttag ggttgtgaga agtctagttc cctccctgag aatccacagt    171600
     aattttagat ctgacctcag cctgttgtgc taaaagatag atgaacacat ctctcaaggt    171660
     ggcccaccaa gtcagagtac tgcttcagtc ctgatccagc tctgccatgc tctccacact    171720
     ccccagtctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcctct    171780
     ctctcccctc tctctcccct ctctcaacac ttcaactgaa ccagaccctc atctccccag    171840
     gatgcccagc ctctgctctg aatgtctccc ttgaggactg ggttttagat aacaacaggg    171900
     accctcctct gtgccactaa aatcagtaac agttcagggg tcaagctggg aacatccctt    171960
     atgtcaggac tataccatga ctaaccttaa ttttccatta gcttgttaga atttccctat    172020
     ctgaagaagt gcagactcca ctgtccaatc aagaggctaa attctgcttc gtcattagtt    172080
     accagggaag gttgctcctc caggcgtcca cagaagcaca gccttcagtt ctagagatgg    172140
     tggcaacttt ccctgaaaca aacacacttc agtcactttt aacaccgaca ctactgagct    172200
     gaagtgcagt aagcgccagg ctaaaggtgc ctggctgaca gtctcttcct tcacctttga    172260
     tctcacacaa cttcaaacac acaacagcct tgtttaggaa acactccccc agtgctcaaa    172320
     ctgagtaaaa gactgaccat cccagagctg gcccagctct gtggcctgat taaagtgttt    172380
     cagttgcaac tggatccagc attttaaaaa agaaaataaa ttgatccttt aaaaaataat    172440
     atataattta tacccagaag aagttatatg tgtatacaat gtattttgag cctatccacc    172500
     acccactacc tccttccagc ttcttttgga accttccaat aatgtctccc tcccaaattc    172560
     atttcctctt taaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca acaaaaaacc aaaaaaacac    172620
     acacacacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaccca aagcaaaacc ctactctcct tttgtttgtt    172680
     tggtttttgt tgttgtttat ttgtttgtta attagagaca gaatcttact atgtagagca    172740
     ggctgacctt tctatctcac agagatccag ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg ctgggatatg    172800
     aggcatgggc cagcagccca gactgagtat ccatgtaatg aagagaactg caagtttcag    172860
     aaggggacct gcaaactgaa tctctaacta gcaactgatg atgctggact cctttgatgc    172920
     tgattggctc ccagcactgg ccttacccaa tccagtggca aagcagtgaa tgccctgtct    172980
     cttattatct tagcaatgag taaagagaat aaagttacag tctgaagctt gccttcccct    173040
     ctgactcctg tgtctcctct cctgcagcat ggtgtggctc cccagagttc cctgtgtggc    173100
     agctgtgatc ctgttgctga cagtgctgag ccctccagtg gctttggtca gagactccag    173160
     acgtaagtgc acacctcagg tgctgggatg ctcggggtcg gggaaggaag gagctaacat    173220
     tctcactgtc caggccaagt ccctcggaac tattgatatc ttctgtgagc atgcacagtc    173280
     ctcacatgaa ctctaaacta tgtccccaaa cagaagcctg gatgtttgtg ctctcagatc    173340
     tgtgtgagag gccgctgggt atcagccatt gcttttcaag tttctcccag taacatctac    173400
     acctgcgtca tattccttta gggccctgag aagatcgatg aatcatgatg ttaaattaac    173460
     ttctgggaca ggccctgtct tcactgtgtt gagataaagc cagacaaagt ggtttctctt    173520
     taaaaataga acttcctatg tgtgtttcta ttctactttt tatgtatgtt ttctgttgtt    173580
     ttgggccaaa cagtaaaata ttgatatcta atcagaagat ttctgtggag gtgtcataga    173640
     gtcaaggggc agtgaggtca tcacagggag attcctgtgc accctctgca ggctgtgagg    173700
     ccactgccac acattgctac ctgtgaggcg taacccaggg cttccttttt ctctctcact    173760
     gactccagtg cttgtgtagc ctgttcccat gcagaacctc tgctgggtgg tggttagtgt    173820
     ttccccttgt cctgggcgca cacagcagct aatgctgagg gtcttagatc tggaaatggg    173880
     catctgtggg ttattctaaa gaactggaag tcccttctga gaccccgggg caggttagac    173940
     tggttcagtg ttcatgttct gaacatgtct gcatattgtt tttctttaac attctctgcc    174000
     ctgagcccat gaaaaggacc tgacttctct ttgcattgta tgatcccttc ctagcttcat    174060
     gacccacata tacatcacac acagaaaaat caaagtctgt gctatgcaca tgggagataa    174120
     aagatggggt tatcaacact gctgaaactg tgaccctggg ctggagagat ggctcagtgg    174180
     ttaaggtcac tggctgtgct ttcagagagc ctgggctcaa ttcccagcac tcacagggca    174240
     gctcaccact gtctgaactc caggagttcc aacatcttca cacagacaca catgcacaca    174300
     aaatgccaat gcacataaaa tgaaaataaa taatttaaaa aataatctga gaccccagaa    174360
     tgctgggact gtgggcaagc cctctgaccc cttttggctt tggctgcaat gtaaaatgtg    174420
     gaagagatga tctttttcat agagctctct gaggattggg agaaatggcc atgtaaagca    174480
     ttagggtcct gctgccacac tgtgtgcttc ctctctgtaa gctgttctca aagggcacat    174540
     ggaagcttcc agattgcctc tcatctcatt gccacctccc acagaccaga atcctgccct    174600
     tgcatcattt gtcacaggga ccattcttat gacttccaga actgtccttt tttatttttt    174660
     tttccatttt gtcttttctc ctcactattg tctgtgttgt ctcaaacaca gggacaagtg    174720
     attccatcac tgaaatctct gttaaattca tgagccacag tgatgactgc tgcaaatact    174780
     tctcaggaaa cacaccaaac ttcatcctac tgagcgtgag gttgataatg gctggtgctc    174840
     gcctttattt cagttgcttt tcacaaatct cttgtacatt tctgagttag attaagtgtg    174900
     aagatgaaaa gacgtccatc taatgtgtcg tcctctattg agactagagg aactcacatg    174960
     actgactgac ccaccagatc ctggagacac gcccttacct tacctggggt cacatttggc    175020
     atctgatttt aaaacggtct ggtttttgaa ttctctgcat ctgtaattca gataacagat    175080
     tgtagctcag tattgggatc acggtctcaa tttccagaaa cttctccagt tgttttctct    175140
     cagtgaaaaa cagacagctt ccatcaactc caaggctttt gagctggggc tgcttttgat    175200
     cccccaagtc tcatctctca ttgttgcccc aatgtcctgt gctctgttat tcatgaactc    175260
     agtgctggca tgaggtgttt gttacctcac ctaagagttg ctcctctact ccctgtatcc    175320
     cctcttctga catttgcagc caccaccctc ttctggctca catctgtgac agaacttcac    175380
     tttctgtccc caggatgctt cccttcccct cctgtcactc aagacttcct gttaatggaa    175440
     ctccatcccc tccccgcttc ttccccacct tcacagttta aagctctggc atggagggag    175500
     gcctccgttt ctcctcttag ggtttccatg ggcagcgcag gcctgcacag ggcgggcact    175560
     gaggaagatt tactgtgttc tgtgtggtgt gttaaggagc ttgagcctga agggtgggag    175620
     ggaggtgtct tctgagctgg tgagtcctgg tctccagctt agctccaggt ggggcaggat    175680
     caggaagggg tatacccaat ggctccctgt gttgctggaa tacatatata tgtttgtgtg    175740
     tgtgtgtgta tatatatata catatacata tatatatata tatatataca cacacacata    175800
     tgtgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtaacaa caattaagga    175860
     caaaagaggc catgaatttg aaagagaaca tggagttgta cataggaagg ttcaggggga    175920
     ggaaaaggaa caggggaaat ggttgaatta tatgacaatc tcaaaaataa gagtcttact    175980
     gggtttgaac cacacttata ggcaggcccc tagcccagca gtagatgttc caatagaaag    176040
     aaaatccagt ggttttcttg cagaatttaa aaaaaattat ttatttattt gccttacaga    176100
     gtttttgctt atatattagg gtttcagatt ttgtctgttt tattattcct ttttgtttgt    176160
     atgtgtgtgt ctgtgtttct tatagttttt taaatcactt tttgtttatt tcgtcctgtt    176220
     tgtttgtttg atttgaggtg gtcctaattg agtattttct aatgtgtaag agaaccaagt    176280
     gtggctttag gtggttggag aggaggctat gaagagaatc tattgtatga gaaattttta    176340
     tttaaaaacc aaagcagaag aatccactgg gagataaaat ggccactcga cctctctgtc    176400
     gcttgggacc ttgaggtcat gatgaaggtt aaagaaatga gggggagagg actgagggag    176460
     gaggactgtc cagtcccact gggaataggg ggcgggttcc ccgagttcct ccatcacttc    176520
     actgggtagc acagctgtaa ctgtccagcc tggggtggag ctggggcgtg cgtccttctg    176580
     ccctgttagt tgtggagacc tcagaagtga gcagggtaga acttgggtct ggtcggtcat    176640
     tcgggcagct gagagggact cgggcatctt gtcggcagag aagaagataa ttcttgtctc    176700
     cacagcatgg tttttggaat actgtaaatc tgagtgtcat ttctacaacg ggacgcagcg    176760
     cgtgcggctt ctggaaagat acttctacaa cctggaggag aacctgcgct tcgacagcga    176820
     cgtgggcgag ttccgcgcgg tgaccgagct ggggcggcca gacgccgaga actggaacag    176880
     ccagccggag ttcctggagc aaaagcgggc cgaggtggac acggtgtgca gacacaacta    176940
     tgagatctcg gataaattcc ttgtgcggcg gagaggtgag acaggacagg gtggctgggg    177000
     cggaaccacg gtgagggtgg ggctgtgggg agcagcagaa ggcggtgcgc atgtgcgcag    177060
     gagccgcagg gaatgctggg ttccctgcag ctggagccac aggcgctttt aagcagcctc    177120
     ttggcagggg aacggaattc atccttggta ccattaactg ctgatctcct cactggcccg    177180
     agcaaaaagt caggactgcc caggacagcg acccatgagt gaaaactgca ttaaacatac    177240
     tttcacctta agcaggaggg ctaggagagg ggtgggcaga ggaaagtaaa gctggacccc    177300
     ggagtggggt cgtccccaaa gggagagtag cactgatgga gacctaccta cacggtgtgc    177360
     ggaaggcctc agccaagtac agttttgaat ctcaggttgt gaacgaccca caacgtgagg    177420
     actcccccac gttctgactc aggagaggcg acaccccaaa tcacacaaga aacggtcttg    177480
     ctgcaaagtg caagaggact tttatttaag agcgctcttg ggcccatggt catacaccac    177540
     gcaggggtag aggactgtgg caccccgagt agctgggtaa gggggtattt aaaggaagaa    177600
     accacaactc aaggaagtgg ggagggcttt gttggaaaat acaaaagata ccagttaaga    177660
     gtcccaagga agtgcaaagt cacaagagtc acaaggaata cctggtaatt gttcaggtta    177720
     tctctcaaga cagtttctaa gagcccctaa caatagcaca tttgcatagc gggttctggc    177780
     aatggtcagg gtgactttct ttgaatgaac actctttgaa ctcaggaagt gggtgggtgg    177840
     agaaatgtcg ctatctgttt tatgattagc attccttgga gcattaagtc acagaggtca    177900
     cattctcaag cctgggccta aaggcccaga attttgtttt tgcgttttac tttttcattc    177960
     cccacttcta cttgttagta gttctaatct tagaactaga cactatcttt ttcctgacat    178020
     acttgatcct ttagggcatg gtactgttgt cttaaagcta aaagccgcac tgcactaatt    178080
     tttgttttaa taaaggtgag ttgtctattt aatatacatg gacctataat taaaagcaga    178140
     agtaaaatca aaaggggtct tataaaggta gaaagtaggg tggtcaagag tacaagataa    178200
     gggtctttct acccaagtct caaggttttc tgcgtggaga cgtctaatgt agaacgaatc    178260
     tctaacttgg aagagatgtg gtgcttctag gtcttctgga gcaggccttc tggagctgct    178320
     tctttgcttg ctgtctcacc cactcaagcg ccttgagcct agagaacaaa ggctgggaaa    178380
     gcagcatgtc agcactatgt gcagaggcta tttttaacca gtggaggggg ccccctgtag    178440
     agtaatttat aggggggtta gtctaaactg tccaggggtg tttctaaccc tgaagagcac    178500
     aaagggtagg tgagctatct aattattagc gccagtctcc actgtcaatt tggtaagggt    178560
     ctcttaatgg ttctattcat tttctctacc tgtcctgagc tttggggcct gcatgcacaa    178620
     tgtaacttct aatcaatccc caatatcttg gccagtccct gatttacctg ggcaacaaag    178680
     acaggtccgt tattggaccc aattaccttg ggaagatttc ttttagaaat tttacctcgt    178740
     catagcacag gccttgcagc ttttgactat tttttctgcc aagtcagaga gtcctataac    178800
     atagtagtag gaggacctaa ccacaccttt taatttcttg gcccccaggt gggtcaaata    178860
     atgtccataa cttgatagtg ctcaggggtg tatctaaagc tggtctccct gatgtcataa    178920
     taatctttag gcttcttgac tgccaggatc attgctcctt gggctgactg tttggcggtt    178980
     agatctgcca tctgattttc tttagccaca gcatcttagg tctttctctg cagatggcaa    179040
     tgaagccatg actttccctt aacacagatg acacagtcag tcatgtgact gccctttacc    179100
     aagatggcta caaagccttg atttttcccc cacaacaatg atggcgagca ctcttgtctt    179160
     tgtgctttcc ttgtgttttt tttactgtcc tcctaggaca taaaaggctt ggtagcaggt    179220
     ggcatagtca tgtttggctt gcacctcaag gtcacatcct gtctctactg tgtctaggtt    179280
     tgctccggta tatggtgctg ttgttggcag atagctatgg gcaggggaag tggatatgcc    179340
     cagcaattta ttcttttaca ctgtagtgct ctgcagctgt cctcccggga tgtagacatg    179400
     ctgccacaca ggggctagga caggcacact gaagccaatg gcagtttcca cactgtgcct    179460
     gccactcagt gctgccaaca ctgcataagg acagggaggt ctcatgaggg tgtcaggggc    179520
     tgggtggtgc ctagatccac atgtgtgcag tcactgaagc tgggacagag gtgttgctgt    179580
     agatgaagcc agagctcagt tccccaaaac ctggatttag ggaagttcag actgaagcct    179640
     gtatgtctgc agtttttaaa aaatctggca ttttgaatgg aggcaatgtc caagaccaac    179700
     ctaatttaga taaatgttgc tgccacatcc tttgggtgtc tggctattga ggatttagac    179760
     attgtatgta ttatttgagc ctttctggga cccgggggtg ggctgccttc tgcctgctag    179820
     cctgggtagt actgtggttc atggtggggt aggctcaagt caacggtgtt tgaactcttt    179880
     cctgatgaga agaaaagacc aggcctttgt ttgggtcctt gagtggccaa ggctcttggc    179940
     agagtgcctg agaagtgtgt cgggccctgg aggaggtaga ggctgggacc gaagtggatt    180000
     tcctaagtct gaaagtcagg gttgagatgt tgtaggtcca cagccgaatt gcagttaatc    180060
     ttgggcttgc ttagcttaca cttctttatg cttctcataa gtaaaggaag tcaggacaga    180120
     aactccagca gggcaggaac ttggaaacag gagctgatgc agaggccatg gagagtgggt    180180
     tgctcctcag agcctgctca gcctgctctc ttatagagcc caggacaacc atcaagggac    180240
     agcacctccc acagtgggtg agtccctccc ccccccatca atcactaatt aagaatatgc    180300
     cctaaaggct tacctacagc ccaatcttgt ggggcatttt ctaaattgag gttccctcct    180360
     ctcaagtgac tttagctgtg tcagatcaac ataaaactac ccaggacagt ttgtgatgtt    180420
     gaaaccccca accctgattg catgactcaa ggtgtgggac cacaacccca tctgcacagc    180480
     tcaagatggt acgacagctt cttcactcag cttcagaaga ttgtaaagag atcaaccgga    180540
     aataaccaaa gaaaatgaag gcttctataa actaatttta atgggattcc ccatccctta    180600
     tttacaataa tgggtcatgt gaatggctgt tatgacttgt tgcctagaaa aaaagcacac    180660
     acaaaatgaa aatggcctgg cttcttcagc tgggagagga tcctcgctca gcactgccat    180720
     ctgctgtttg tccactgctc tgcatggtca gggtgcagac tgcagctcag cccacaatcc    180780
     ctgcagctca cagtctggcc cctgctgatg tgactgtgaa tccctgttta gccgacatga    180840
     agaagtaatg atgtcagata tggcaaagtt gatttagagt tttgccaaaa cagatgagaa    180900
     aggagtaaca ctcagtaagt cttcctgcct cacccaaaga actttcacca tctacagaca    180960
     agaagaaaca gaacccatgt gctatacaca cagggtatgt gggtgtcgct tagctgttgg    181020
     ttaaagtatc acagctgaga ggagagcctg tttctctccg cctggagctt cacctccagc    181080
     tggtgattcc tcctgagagt ggagctgaca gtaaattgtg aaaacagaac ctgagtcctg    181140
     ggcgactgta gaaccttagc ctgcctggat ccagtctgga tggatagatg gaggtaggca    181200
     ggcaggcagg caggcaggca tgcaggcagc ctacaaggag gacagctcca ccctcatggc    181260
     tccttctcac ctatctttct ctagttgagc ctacggtgac tgtgtacccc acaaagacac    181320
     agcccctgga acaccacaac ctcctggtct gctctgtgag tgacttctac cctggcaaca    181380
     ttgaagtcag atggttccgg aatggcaagg aggagaaaac aggaattgtg tccacgggcc    181440
     tggtccgaaa tggagactgg accttccaga cactggtgat gctggagacg gttcctcaga    181500
     gtggagaggt ttacacctgc caggtggagc atcccagcct gaccgaccct gtcacggtcg    181560
     agtggagtga gtggtaactt ccagactctg tgaatgcccg cccgggtggg tgtggtttat    181620
     ccctgcctgt cagctttctc cacccacaca ctctttccac tggctttgtg ctgtcctgcc    181680
     tttcaccatg gcttacaggg taggtgcgtg aagcttctac aagcacagtt gccccctggg    181740
     aagcagttat gcccccatag actcatctga gcctgccagt gacataacag gtcctggaat    181800
     cttcttgcag cctctgccgc tagctgggtt gtgttcctcc tgctgctgct gctgatggac    181860
     aaggagcagt gcagggtcat ggctgacctc agggacatat agtcatagct ctgcctttgc    181920
     tacccctcag agctcagcag cttcctgtca gctcggctca gggtggtcat gtttaaggct    181980
     cttcatggtg tgagcctttt cctgttttgt tggtttctca acatgaccag gaatgttgac    182040
     tgccagatct tctagaacac gcttcttcct tgggctcaaa gctccaagtc tcagggggtc    182100
     cggagtggaa atgggatttg ggctaaaacc ctccaaacct ttggcttcct ttctcagaag    182160
     cacaatccac atctgcacag aacaagatgt tgagtggagt tgggggcttc gtgctgggcc    182220
     tgctcttcct gggagcgggg ctgttcatct acttcaggaa ccagaaaggt aaggagcctg    182280
     gtgggagccc caactccata gcatttcagg gaaaagccat ggctttgttc tcaggatgcc    182340
     attggccctg tgacctcagg tttcattgga ttctgaatgc aatagtctgt gtttacttga    182400
     tttgaccctg agaagggata acacatggga gagttaagtt gattctggct tgagacctga    182460
     ggacagagga agactggggg gagccatggt cactgccggt gactgaagct ccctaagccc    182520
     ctccctctgt ccatgctcct cttggttctg tgtgctctgg gcagtattac cagaggaatc    182580
     tcaggtggca gctcagagtc tggggacatg tgtctgggga cagatctgcc ttcatgcatg    182640
     taagcatcta ttttattctc tcttttctag gacagtctgg acttcagcca acaggtaaca    182700
     cccattgtct tctctcagag acagatctgc tttccctaca gtatgggggc tggggtgatg    182760
     gactcagggc acaaaatggg gaagactgag atcccagggt tggccaggca gttagcactg    182820
     agccttgctc cctgcactta ctgaagcctg tgctctgaag cagcaatgat tcggggcatg    182880
     agaagttcct ctctgctcac tgccatgctg taaggagagg cctgaagcag tcagagaagc    182940
     cactgcagag tgaggtctgg aaacagccct gtcccctgtg ctctacagga ctcctgagct    183000
     gagatgaagt aacaaggctg aaggaaggaa ttccccccgt gtctccatgc catgaaaaca    183060
     tgtcctgctt ggcccacatc cctccagaga cactgctctt ccaggacctg gctcctcctg    183120
     attctccacc ctggagatct gtgctcctga tggctgttta tccctgaccc aggccttgca    183180
     gctcccagga cagaggcccc actcttcaca tctcctgtcc ccttttgtcc cttgcctttt    183240
     gtctggcact tctgagccag tctgctgtca tatgcttttt tacatttttc tcaaataaac    183300
     aaataatgaa agtcatctgc ttcatagagt ttcaagcaga agaaacagta aaaagaaaga    183360
     caggacccac tataagacac tgttcatgca taattgtaga tgccagcagc tacatgaact    183420
     gggctcctga aaggaaagct ggggctgtat gggtgggggg ggggtggcga gagaagaatg    183480
     agaccaagac aaagtttctg atgaaggtcc aatgtttaca ttttgaatct gaacctaaag    183540
     cggcggggga cccatcccct actatgccag gttctcctgg cttgtcagaa tctcctcagg    183600
     aaaacaaact cagcctctca gcagatgtgg caggacaata gatgttccct acgtcagaag    183660
     actccaccct atgtgggcta gcaggctgtg gcatgaacaa ggtctaaatc agcctgctca    183720
     aggctgggag aaggcacaca taataagcat gggagttatt gtataagaaa taaattcagt    183780
     tttaattcat taattgtcaa ttagagtatt tttacaagtt ggattaaatt tgagaatacc    183840
     acctataatc attacagaca gagtcattga agcacacaag aatcccttct cccttcactt    183900
     acaccatctg tgagaatctg ttagatgaga aagatgttgc tgtgggcctt gtcgatatct    183960
     atatgagaac acagtcaggg ccatgctcca aatcccacag gctctgtcct ttgctctgtg    184020
     gagcagcagg atgggaagag aaaggtacct gctcaagaat ctggacaatt ctgccatgga    184080
     gttccacgtg atgagccagt ctgcagacac ctgaggcttt gctctggcct gcacacacaa    184140
     ggacatacat taaacaaaga aaaacaaaag aaaaaaaaag gcatgaactg taacaattca    184200
     ggaacaatga aacaaactag ctaagcaaaa tgatgagtca aaggtggata tgctagtagg    184260
     caatttcctg aggggaatac atgtcctata gaaattatat gggacgtaac ccttgagtag    184320
     cagggagatg gctcaggcca tggaagctga tgcaggtagt tttcctactc cactttaagc    184380
     tctttaaggg tggaacacac tactagtcct cacccagatt accttgggtc catggataaa    184440
     aatcaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cgactttatc    184500
     ttaaaatgtc tttgctaact cactgactgg gcattcctaa acctcccctg ccactccagg    184560
     ccagttgcca gtccaaccaa aacctcacgt gggtcattgg ctttatctcc tgttactact    184620
     gcttcctctt tttccccagt tctccccatt ctccctgaat cctcccacac aactctaagt    184680
     gtcctgcccc tcactcaaac attggtcact ggtatcttta ttgattgatc aagaaccaat    184740
     tggggaacag gaccttagca tcagccccac cttctatatc tcacctttcc tgtctaataa    184800
     taataatagt aataataatc tctctcccag acataaattg aacaaaacta taacaattat    184860
     gtaaattaca atatatgata tataatttta atttccagtc cataatattt gtcaattaga    184920
     aaaaagtact ctactatcat ttgtaactta aagaattatg gttctatccc tggattgttt    184980
     agattttagt ctgtaaagcc atctgaaaac catatcttcc actctataac ctctctctca    185040
     gtgttaaaaa acttgagtga ttatgagagt ataactaatc ttcaatcctg ttagcagtcc    185100
     aagaaaaacg tatacattac ctgggtatgc aggaagcact aaacacaact tttttttttt    185160
     tttttgcctt ttggtttttg gtttttcaag tcagggtttc tctgtgcagt cctccaactc    185220
     agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctctcaagtg ctgggattac aggcattcac caccactgcc    185280
     cagccaaaca caacttctca aacttaaaaa aattatagaa acagctgact acctggacag    185340
     cccactgatt tcttataact ttggagcatc tgtcattggc tttctggtcc aggatcaatc    185400
     atctgacaga cctttgtaaa gcaggattat gaaggattgt ttaccccgta ttggcagagc    185460
     aatcagtcaa ctactttgca tagtgtatcc ttttctggac agtattttgt ctgtagatga    185520
     aataggcaat ttgggtcctg tggctacctt gtcatgataa gcaacctcac ctggaggtaa    185580
     agatattcaa tttttaaaaa aggagaatgg gaaaagtgtc cagagcagac acatctcact    185640
     gtgaaatgat tcttaataat gaaataacat taaatgccac gttctatgga tttttgatgt    185700
     ttttgaagac taagtgaaat atcttgaact gttaaacctt agctactctt aaccagttct    185760
     atttgagtaa attgaaggta ctttattata attaaatcag aatctaacat aaccacaagt    185820
     ttgctatctg gcccttaact tctgttgctt actcgtctta gtttgtaata gcagctatta    185880
     gaagaaatgg gtctaaccct tgtattgtta gatgagttgt ataggcactt tgcctatcta    185940
     agagtaacac tattattctc aaattttgta tcaatataag aaattcccac caatgaaaac    186000
     ctaaaatctg tatcaaaata tattctgtat cattggtaca gaaattatgt attgatatag    186060
     gattaaggtt ttcattgata taaatctgta tattgataca aaatttgaaa ttactattgt    186120
     tacacttaga taggcattgt gtctatacaa ctcactaaag tatatgaggc ttagatccaa    186180
     tccttctgac agctgcttta caaacagtta aaggtgatta agtaacacaa gttaatggcc    186240
     aaagagcaaa ctcatggttt gttagactct gatttaatta taataaactg ttttcagttt    186300
     actcaaatag gagtggctag gagcagctaa ggtttaacag ttgagagata ctttacttaa    186360
     atagttttca aaagcaccaa acacccacag actgtgacat ttaatgttat ttcattatta    186420
     aggatctttt gaccatgaga tctgtgtact cctgacagct tccccattcc cctttaaaaa    186480
     aagagttgaa catttttgcc tccatgaaag gttgcttatt gtggcaaggt agccatggaa    186540
     caaaacttat catcatcaga taagttatat catcaacaga gaatatactg tccaaaagga    186600
     caaacagagg tgggatagtt gactacgaag ctctgccagg acagggtaag cttgtccttc    186660
     atattgcccc catcaccaaa gacctgccag atggttctgt gacagaaggg tgaagacagt    186720
     tgctccaatg ttatgggaaa ttaggggctc tccaggtagt cagctgtctc tataattgtt    186780
     taagttttga aagctatgtt tggtgttttc tatatattaa ggaaatgttt aagttgttct    186840
     tggatttctg atttggttga agactagtta taccctcata atcaaacgca tgttgtttag    186900
     cattgacaga gaggctatat tgtagacaca tggttgtcag attctgttac aggttaaaat    186960
     ctaaacaaaa ttcagggata gaattgtaac tcttcaagat aggaatgata gtagaatact    187020
     ttatctaatt gacaaatatg atggactgga tgttaactgt atatcatatg ttgtaatttc    187080
     catgattgta tagttttgtt caatttatgt gtctgagaga aggttttttt tttttttttt    187140
     ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcattctgta    187200
     gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta    187260
     aaggcgtgct ccaccacgcc cggcctgaga ggttttttgt tttaattggt cagaaaaggt    187320
     gagatgtaag gggtggctct gatgttttga ttgggaatct gcatgtgaac actgaaggtc    187380
     ctgttcctca cttggttctt gattgatcaa taaagatgct agtgaccaat gagctggatg    187440
     gaaaaggcag gactttcagg ttttccacag gcaggcctgt agatagaaag gaggagagag    187500
     agagtatttg ccatgtttca gaggaagaaa gaaccatcaa ccctgtgaga tctaggctgg    187560
     agtggccctt ggccgcttcc ctaactgggt ctggggcatc aggtcagata ttagaaatat    187620
     aattaagctg agggaatatt taaggggcta agcttggagt gaaaagaaaa atgcaatatt    187680
     gggaaagact tagagggcct ggtcactgag atgatgcata tcaaaaataa ggtgatgtgt    187740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtctct gatccacaaa tctgagggaa cctagggagg tctggtagca    187800
     tggtctacct ggagctcaca gtagggtagc aaaaactaca caacacagtg agccatttat    187860
     ctactccgac aatggcattt gaatcctgca ttgacaactg agaaccaaca tgtcattaaa    187920
     tataacagca tcatttgggg acagtagtat tgtaccctct ttgttctcca aaagttttgg    187980
     gttgataggt tcaagttttg atgtctcccc aagttatcag cttgctcttc atcttgggac    188040
     ttcttctctt gatgtgtcat ctatctttag atacttccct tgcctagttg tatctgactg    188100
     gtgagatctg gagccaagaa actcttgaat ccagactata ttgtttcctg ctttgtgttc    188160
     ttctgtgagg ttagtcagca tctcttgatc tttccaccag aaggggcgat gatggaattt    188220
     gacctactgt gacaatggca ttaaattaag aaaatgcatt aaaatcactg gggacccagc    188280
     tcagcctttc ccattgaccc tctcagtctc tcctcctggc tgatgcccat tctttctctc    188340
     actcccaacc tgaagaacgg tcttaaattt gggaaatttt cttctatgat tttggtgaaa    188400
     atggtttctg tgaccttgac ctggttctca tctctttcct ttatccctac tatccataga    188460
     tttgatgtgt tcctaatgtc tgacatttcc ttgatgtttt atgcctaatt tttttttaag    188520
     atctgacatt ttgtagactg aagtacctat ttcttctacc ttgtcctcaa tgctgagtct    188580
     gaggaagtgg aagaagcata ccaccaggag atttttggtg catttctctg tatggagtct    188640
     ctacaaatgg agctcaattg aggtagacca atacatgcat gcccttcgtg aagaatcctt    188700
     tatctcatgt cctttcatgc atccttttac ctgtgtctga tttggctaaa cattctttta    188760
     tgtgttggct ttagcaaaac atactttcac gtgtgtctgc ttcaggaaaa tgctccttca    188820
     cataattgcc ccagcaaaac accatccaac acagctgatt ttacaaggaa ccaaagtttc    188880
     ctcttcaaat gctgcacatc ttacttgatt accatagttt aaaccaggat atcaaaaatt    188940
     acaggaagaa tggaaactca tggagactgg accattcact actgagtgaa aaatggaaca    189000
     agacagaaaa ttattattat tattattacc attgtacaga aatgaattc                189049