ID   CR956640; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 182043 BP.
AC   CR956640;
DT   03-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   17-MAY-2007 (Rel. 91, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Pig DNA sequence from clone CH242-155M9 on chromosome 17
OS   Sus scrofa (pig)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Cetartiodactyla; Suina; Suidae; Sus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-182043
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAY-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   clonerequest@sanger.ac.uk
DR   MD5; 2a89d591bf40b54b31f23c9cc1c2c652.
DR   ENA-CON; GL043840.
DR   ENA-CON; JH118027.
DR   ENA-CON; GL882245.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007492; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007493; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007494; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007496; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007497; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007498; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008201; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008203; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008207; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008208; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000033915; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000036639; sus_scrofa.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2374978; 17705864.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   CH242-155M9 is from a CHORI-242 Porcine BAC Library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..182043
FT                   /organism="Sus scrofa"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-242"
FT                   /clone="CH242-155M9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9823"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH242-155M9"
FT   mRNA            join(14838..15060,22709..22884,23842..26402)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf108"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.1-001"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 108 (C20orf108)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BP144215.1 Em:BP438309.1
FT                   Em:BQ604734.1 Em:CF362897.1 Em:CJ017178.1 Em:CJ029432.1
FT                   Em:CX948329.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ311123.1 Em:AK075565.1
FT                   Em:BC017725.1"
FT   CDS             join(14875..15060,22709..22884,23842..24058)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf108"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000916"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 108 (C20orf108)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q96KR6 Sw:Q9D8B6 Tr:Q3UFK7
FT                   Tr:Q3UFZ3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFW0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009688"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFW0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13134.1"
FT   mRNA            join(22489..22884,23842..24004)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf108"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.1-002"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 108 (C20orf108)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE234028.1"
FT   regulatory      26382..26387
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      26402
FT   polyA_site      complement(27868)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(27868..28729,28859..29033,31130..31278,
FT                   33340..33478,34333..34524,35905..35959,38271..38550,
FT                   41426..41469,45064..45111))
FT                   /gene="STK6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.2-001"
FT                   /product="serine/threonine kinase 6"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF705667.1 Em:BI181535.1
FT                   Em:BI185573.1 Em:BX914966.1 Em:CK452430.1 Em:CK453493.1
FT                   Em:CN158906.1 Em:CN160915.1 Em:CO954731.1 Em:DN118762.1
FT                   Em:DN127447.1 Em:DV228789.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB196773.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(27892..27897)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(28550..28729,28859..29033,31130..31278,
FT                   33340..33478,34333..34524,35905..35959,38271..38550,
FT                   41426..41464))
FT                   /gene="STK6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000918"
FT                   /product="serine/threonine kinase 6"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O14965 Tr:Q4R1K4 Tr:Q4R9G2
FT                   Tr:Q7TNK2 Tr:Q8C3H8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFW1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008271"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR030611"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR030616"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5GFW1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13135.1"
FT                   KQP"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(33166..33478,34333..34524,35905..35959,
FT                   38271..38550,41426..41469,46876..46886))
FT                   /gene="STK6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.2-002"
FT                   /product="serine/threonine kinase 6"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN161490.1"
FT   mRNA            join(45409..45447,45804..45886,48604..48801,50626..>50794)
FT                   /gene="CSTF1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.3-002"
FT                   /product="cleavage stimulation factor, 3' pre-RNA, subunit
FT                   1, 50kDa"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AJ665425.1"
FT   mRNA            join(45563..45614,45804..45886,48604..48801,50626..50903,
FT                   51065..51262,52446..52836,56269..57101)
FT                   /gene="CSTF1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.3-001"
FT                   /product="cleavage stimulation factor, 3' pre-RNA, subunit
FT                   1, 50kDa"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA865660.1 Em:AU296288.2
FT                   Em:BF442444.1 Em:BG235951.1 Em:BM190364.1 Em:BP152246.1
FT                   Em:BP159512.1 Em:BP167608.1 Em:BP457368.1 Em:BX101483.1
FT                   Em:BX669321.1 Em:CF367086.1 Em:CF368490.1 Em:DV227066.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY803084.1"
FT   mRNA            join(45578..45886,48604..49127)
FT                   /gene="CSTF1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.3-004"
FT                   /product="cleavage stimulation factor, 3' pre-RNA, subunit
FT                   1, 50kDa"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BP160852.1"
FT   mRNA            join(45578..45614,45804..45886,48604..49207)
FT                   /gene="CSTF1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.3-003"
FT                   /product="cleavage stimulation factor, 3' pre-RNA, subunit
FT                   1, 50kDa"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CJ019971.1"
FT   CDS             join(48633..48801,50626..>50794)
FT                   /gene="CSTF1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000915"
FT                   /product="cleavage stimulation factor, 3' pre-RNA, subunit
FT                   1, 50kDa"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR032028"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFW2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13136.1"
FT                   TSHKGPCRV"
FT   CDS             join(48633..48801,50626..50903,51065..51262,52446..52836,
FT                   56269..56528)
FT                   /gene="CSTF1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000914"
FT                   /product="cleavage stimulation factor, 3' pre-RNA, subunit
FT                   1, 50kDa"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q05048 Sw:Q5BJQ6 Sw:Q5R8K2
FT                   Tr:Q4R7X3 Tr:Q6DFC3 Tr:Q6NVS0 Tr:Q6NYN6 Tr:Q7ZYG2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001680"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019775"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR032028"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036322"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFW3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13137.1"
FT   regulatory      57081..57086
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      57101
FT   mRNA            join(64211..64433,86931..87344,94291..94392,97226..97306,
FT                   103185..104063)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf32"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.4-002"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromsome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 32 (C20orf32)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK027760.1"
FT   mRNA            join(64253..64433,86931..87344,94291..94392,97226..97306,
FT                   98347..99657,103185..103624)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf32"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.4-001"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromsome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 32 (C20orf32)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK036419.1 Em:AK080960.1"
FT   CDS             join(64398..64433,86931..87344,94291..94392,97226..97306,
FT                   103185..103595)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf32"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.4-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000913"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromsome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 32 (C20orf32)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q5QPD6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFW5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014928"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021901"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR035512"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR035744"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036028"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037362"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5GFW5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13138.1"
FT                   QFRGTLE"
FT   CDS             join(64398..64433,86931..87344,94291..94392,97226..97306,
FT                   98347..99657,103185..103595)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf32"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000912"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromsome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 32 (C20orf32)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9NQ75"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFW5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014928"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021901"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR035512"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR035744"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036028"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037362"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5GFW5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13139.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(88344..88869,89726..89760))
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.5-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI345278.1"
FT   mRNA            join(114013..114181,117884..117978,118624..118717,
FT                   121909..122048,126791..126869,152486..152599,
FT                   156029..156083,156195..156290,157126..157808)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf43"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.6-002"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 43 (C20orf43)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE032888.1 Em:BE033108.1
FT                   Em:BG384389.1 Em:BP435394.1 Em:BP435456.1 Em:BP436930.1
FT                   Em:BW979260.1 Em:DN131098.1"
FT   mRNA            join(114013..114181,117884..117978,118624..118717,
FT                   121909..122048,126791..126869,152486..152599,
FT                   156029..156083,156195..156290,157123..157808)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf43"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.6-001"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 43 (C20orf43)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BP150240.1 Em:BP160559.1
FT                   Em:BP164583.1 Em:BP169713.1 Em:BP440027.1 Em:BP460974.1
FT                   Em:BW967185.1 Em:BW968938.1 Em:BW984920.1 Em:CA779503.1
FT                   Em:CD572647.1 Em:DN121817.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF161513.1 Em:CR600257.1
FT                   Em:CR608256.1 Em:CR621742.1 Em:CR859334.1"
FT   mRNA            join(114041..114181,117884..117978,118624..118717,
FT                   121909..122048,126791..126869,152486..153184)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf43"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.6-003"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 43 (C20orf43)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BP158519.1 Em:BW973333.1
FT                   Em:BW975197.1 Em:BW984745.1"
FT   CDS             join(114113..114181,117884..117978,118624..118717,
FT                   121909..122048,126791..126869,152486..152599,
FT                   156029..156083,156195..156290,157126..157301)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf43"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.6-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000911"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 43 (C20orf43)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFW7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006735"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027799"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5GFW7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13140.1"
FT   CDS             join(114113..114181,117884..117978,118624..118717,
FT                   121909..122048,126791..126869,152486..152599,
FT                   156029..156083,156195..156290,157123..157301)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf43"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000910"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 43 (C20orf43)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFW7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006735"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027799"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5GFW7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13141.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(134860..135158,139031..139126,
FT                   140593..141621))
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf105"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.7-001"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 105 (C20orf105)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CJ005507.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK131203.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(134935..135158,139031..139126,
FT                   140593..141562))
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf105"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000917"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 105 (C20orf105)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q3V3K7 Tr:Q6ZNI0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFW8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003406"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5GFW8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13142.1"
FT   misc_feature    140992
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH242-255C19"
FT   regulatory      157787..157792
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      157808
FT   mRNA            join(160265..160834,161750..162094)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf106"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.8-001"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 106 (C20orf106)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI654803.1 Em:AW590279.1
FT                   Em:BI559921.1 Em:BM716895.1 Em:BU738481.1 Em:BX335293.2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC070179.1 Em:BC107704.1
FT                   Em:BC108149.1 Em:CR624258.1"
FT   CDS             join(160586..160834,161750..162013)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf106"
FT                   /locus_tag="CR956640.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000909"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 106 (C20orf106)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q5JX69 Tr:Q9D9T2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFW9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027943"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFW9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13143.1"
FT                   WGEEDSE"
FT   regulatory      162069..162074
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      162094
FT   misc_feature    182043
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH242-155M9"
SQ   Sequence 182043 BP; 45699 A; 44621 C; 44236 G; 47487 T; 0 other;
     gatcctcaac ccaatgagcg aggccaggga ttgaacccgc aacctcatgg ttcctagtca        60
     gattcgttaa ccactgagcc acgacaagac ctccaaagtt ccctctttct gtaacatgaa       120
     gaaatcctgc tttgctgaga ccctttgctc tgatccatac catgctcgtt tttgtgtatc       180
     caaaccaaga atcaaaagcc tttcatttca caagattcca ccctgaggaa aagcaattac       240
     gatttctgtt ttttcctttt acctacacaa ggtattgtga ccatagagac aacacacgtc       300
     ctgtcttttt ttaagaagtc agaggataga gcggagaagg aaaaaaagag tcagtacgcc       360
     aggtactgag gccgcacaga cagggctgga aaaactagga acgtttttct tctcattcac       420
     ctttcctccc tgttgacaaa tttcagagac attttggccc caagcatttg tatttactgt       480
     tccctctcct tagaatgctt tgcctgcagg aagcagcatg gctcacccca tacgccacgc       540
     agatctctga tcagaggtcc ccactttggg acattcccag ggttccctgg ctcccagcgt       600
     tggattgcgc ctcatccgtg acatccattc tgcatcctct cccattgtga cctgtcgccc       660
     tacatatgtc agtgtttact tggctggggt ctctttcccc actcacatgt cagctccctc       720
     agggcatctt cttcctattc acggcggcat ccccggcacc cagaacagtg cctggtacat       780
     agaagatgcc ccgtaaatat ctactggatg aatgaatgaa cgtgtaaatg aatgacacag       840
     aagctagttt cccacaggtg tacgagacaa ggggtaatat cttgcacaga cggtaggcat       900
     ttctacacac tgggtggtat tccagctcat ctctattatt tccccaagta ccatggagag       960
     acctctgaga agcctctgct ctgaaataaa attataggga aaaccagtca tttcattcaa      1020
     acgtactcat gcttctgcag aataattcac tgtgaaaaga catggaaaga tatgagtcct      1080
     atgagtccct attgtcagca tccttttttc ctttaagtat tttttttttt ttggccaccc      1140
     ctgtagtatg tgggcatgtg ggattgaacc cacgccacag cagcgacccc gcaggcgctg      1200
     tagtgacaac agatccttaa acctgaagga ccacaaggag aactcctaag tgtttaaacg      1260
     tcaagtctcc tctgcttgtc ttgccctttc atccatcagg ttgggagccc cccaaggaag      1320
     ctctggggga gctggggacc tggcttcagg acagggctgc gtgtctgggg gtggatgtgt      1380
     ttccctaagt cctgcgagct attctagcaa attatcagac ccaaagaggg ggagttctca      1440
     gtgtggctca gcaggctaag aacccgtcca gtatctgtga ggatgtcagt tcgatccctg      1500
     gcctcgctca gtgggttaag gatcccgtgt tgccgtgggc tgcagtgtag gtcgcagaca      1560
     aggctcagat ctggtgttgc tgtggctctg actggacccc tagcctggga acctccatat      1620
     gctgtgggtg cagccctaaa aagacgaagg aaggacggaa gggagggagg ggggagggag      1680
     aagggaggaa agaggagaga gagagagagg gaggaaggca gtcccaaaga ggggagtcac      1740
     aggaaccctg atttatagcc agtcggtcag aagtacaggt aacaacctgg gacttgcacc      1800
     tgccatccca agaggggctg gccttgtggg actgcgccct gaacttgtgg gattggacac      1860
     agaccccagg tagacagcat cagaacggaa ctgatttctc ggacagccag ttagcatcag      1920
     agaattggtt gatggggggg tgtcgaccgc tactcttctg gagacagtgt gagtagcaga      1980
     agagaaacaa aatgtttttt ctctcataac cagatggttt ttctctcaca accagtagaa      2040
     gctttttcta ctgaagcaga aactgggcat caggcccagc ggtcttgttc tcacaaaccc      2100
     aacaggtgcc tctggaacaa actcaagttc aagaccactg tctgtttccc ccaggaggtc      2160
     cctgcagggt cgaaccctct cccggctcat ctagcaccca cgactccccg caggcagaac      2220
     catccgtctt ggcccacagc acccatctcc aactaagaga ccctcatctt cacctgcaga      2280
     gctctacata ctccataggc accgttattc ctgatttaga gaatacacat tatcttccca      2340
     ccaagaggat gaagccctaa cttcccctct ccatctcagt ttccgatatt gctagctcta      2400
     tttttcagtc cctctgcgac tctttagact tttagatgtt acactctaaa tcctctcttt      2460
     cttgttccat caactttctg caggatccct agaccccctg ccttcacaaa atgctccata      2520
     gcccccacct ccttctttct agttctcccc cctccaatcc acttcacgac ttctgcccca      2580
     aacccctttc cttcacattt ctaaacagac ctcttttggg ggccacgccc ctggcagttg      2640
     gaagttctca gaccaaggat ccaaccggca ctgcaacagt gacgacaccg gatccttaac      2700
     ctgctgtccc acaggagaac ccctaaacag atgttatcta caggtctttc tgaactcgga      2760
     actcataagc taggtctaaa tattgaaaac caataaagag ccttcacgtg attatgagat      2820
     tctgtgtgcg aagcacgcag cacggtctta agcacagaga aagcccccac atcagtaatt      2880
     gtggattatt attttgatga tgaggtagag gtcattcatg tacagaacca gcttccaaag      2940
     tggccccccg tgatcctcac ctccgggtac ccccatctga atagggctga cctgttagac      3000
     aaacgggata ctgcagaggt gactgtaatt tccaaagtta ggctccaaaa agcatcataa      3060
     ccattgcctt gtcctctgga gactccatgg gctggggaaa gccagccccc acgtggtgaa      3120
     gagaggctct ctctgaagag gcccttgcag agaactgcca gcagccaatg ccagctggcc      3180
     tggcctgtga gtgacctact aaggaagtgg atcgtgtagc ctcagtcaaa tcttcagacg      3240
     atggtagccc tggcccacgt gctgacggca acctcatgaa aaaggtctga gccagaacca      3300
     ctcggttata aattcctgac tcatagaaac tgtaagccat aattaatgct tcttcttgct      3360
     ttaagtgttg gggtggtttg ttacacagca atagataact gctacacttt accgtacagt      3420
     cagccatcct actgaagggc cgtatttcat agtgcatgac tggttctaaa agacgttagt      3480
     ctaactcagg taaaaagaca ggtctctttc agccagaggt ggtcattttt gtctgtgcca      3540
     agacaaggtt ttaattatct acaggatctt ctcttgatcc tagtggcaaa aatcaaaggc      3600
     aattctctgt cgagtctaag caacaggcca gcatctcact gagagctttc agcttagact      3660
     ttttaacaaa ggagaaggct ttccagagct ccgccctgta ccaccctgcc ttctccctcc      3720
     ccacctgtga agcactacag aacatcacct aagaagcctg ctgaactgta ggtccctgga      3780
     ccccatcccc agggattccg aatcagtgcc tctagtctgg acccagaaat ctgctttata      3840
     aagaagccat cccgtggagt tcctgttgta gcttagcagt taaagaaccc aactagtatc      3900
     cacgagaaca tgggttcaat ccctggcctc gctcaatggg ttgaggatcc agcattgccg      3960
     tgagcttcag tgtaggtcac agacgtggct cagctcccac agctctaatt cgatccctag      4020
     cctgggaact tccatatgct gcaggtgtgg ccctaaaaag acaaataaat aaagaagcca      4080
     tcccccaggt gatccagatg caggtggtcc cagatgagat tcagagaaaa gatgctctca      4140
     aaactggtat ctcccaccta ccccaacccc atcattagct tgtgaggtgg gaataacatt      4200
     gaaagcatct gccagcataa acaatccagg cccttctcca agtgtgaagt catgggggtg      4260
     gcaggctgag ctccactgag taaaatatgt acaatcacaa tcctttctct gcctcagcga      4320
     agattccaca cacacccccg gcccttgagt aactgggaga aaaattcccc tggaaaaatt      4380
     agtggcctct cctacctcct gcaggtaggc tttttctttt ctttccccat tttgcaaatc      4440
     ggagggaatt aggccaggtg tgcgggacta cgattatttt taatggctct taaagtctca      4500
     tggacaatgc aggtgaaaca acttggaaac cttgcaaatc tgaagtatga aagaagagtc      4560
     tggttccttc ctactggctc gtttaccttt ctcagagatg ctgattcaaa ataataattt      4620
     ctggagtcct gtcatggctc agtagaagcg agtctgacta gcatccataa ggatgcgggt      4680
     tcaatgcctg gcctcgctca gtgggttagg gatctggtgt tgccatgagc tgtggtgtag      4740
     gtcgcagaca cagcttggat ccctgtgtgg ctgtggctgt ggctgtggcc taggccagca      4800
     gctacagctc tgattagacc ctttgcctgg gaagctccat gcgccgtgag tgtggcccta      4860
     aaaataccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaga agaaggagta tagagggagt cccccttgtg      4920
     gctcagtaaa ttaagaaccc gacatagtgt ctttgaggtt gtgagttcga tccctggcct      4980
     ggatcagtgg gttaaggatc tggcattgct gtgagctgtg gcacagatgg cagacatgtc      5040
     ttggatcctg tgttgccatg gctgtggtgt cagcctgcag ctgcagctcc catgcggccc      5100
     ttcgcctggg aacgtccata tgccccaggc gcagccataa aaataataat cataattgtc      5160
     ctcatttccc agccctctag tcaatagcca ttgattattc agccctgcag ttattaaagc      5220
     aggttgacct gcagaatcta gcgctcggct ggtgcccagg ctgagggtaa caagatgagg      5280
     actgaagcat aaagattctc tttttaagca gcaccagaga caatcttgag caaagaaacg      5340
     cagagataca aaagctgaga gtccacaccc caggaggaaa gcccacctcg ataagtgcgc      5400
     tcgagggttg tcacaagtga cgcgttctcc acactcacat tcagtcagca cctataaatt      5460
     ccccaaggtc tccgcacgtc aagattgctg caagcagcac accaagattt gtttctgttc      5520
     tgcggtcttt atcgcattgc ttgcaaactg gggattcctg aggccccatc tgaagctcag      5580
     aaatatttgg ttacacccgt accatttctt tggttttttt gtttgttttt attccctgcc      5640
     aacattttga aatcaggagt gtttatattc ttgcaatgca gatggccagc ctgggtcaaa      5700
     agtcagcatt ttctgtgtaa ggaccactta ttgtcccaag atcctggggc tccgggaatt      5760
     tgggctgggc tcagccaggc ggctctgtta gtctgggctg gctcggctga tcccagcagg      5820
     gactgatcac gtgtttgtgg ccagctgctg gatcagatgg gttctggctg gtctagcatg      5880
     gcctcagctg ggacaaccgg ctcttcccac ttggtctcct cctccagcag gctggcctgg      5940
     gcttgttcat taggcgatca caggttctga gagcaagagc tgggtatgcg gcgcctcttc      6000
     acgccagggg tcaaaactca acatatcatt actgccactg catcctattg gtcaaagcaa      6060
     gtcacaggcc cgcccagatt caagggggtg gagaaagaga ctcctcctct ggatagaagg      6120
     cgaagaacgt gcacccattt ctgccatttt acccacagat gaccccgaga aatcagtaga      6180
     tgtgactgca tggtgtgcta gagcctagaa gcagctgtcc ccttagaggg ctatgtcatc      6240
     gcccttctgc acaagcctcg cccttgtgat ccattttcac aaccgtctag ccctgagggt      6300
     ttgtcattcc tgagtccaga ataagctccc acctctgtat cccaaagact catccccagc      6360
     catgactgca tgcatggcca gcaccctgga aacacccctt cctgtttacc gccccccccc      6420
     cccaatctcc ctccccagaa aatcttccgt tttcttttgg gagattccgt ggtgatgtga      6480
     aaggtgggag gggggtgact cttcagtggt tgggagacag aaaaagagca gctttggagc      6540
     cagcggactt gggttctcct cgtgactccc tcacacaatt cccttcatct ctttaagtct      6600
     gtttctcatc tgtgaaactg tacctgccgt gtttgcatat ttctccttga agattaatta      6660
     tcttagttga tccatacatt ttgcatatat gtgggcccac tttggtggaa taaaatttag      6720
     gccaaaacaa aagcaaccac aacccagaaa agcactcaga gaaatgagtg ggttatttcc      6780
     ccgcttagct gtgagtttat gccaggcttc ctacaaaaaa caattcgtga ttcatgtgca      6840
     aaagcaatct gctcaatgat ccagacattc acaggctcag ggggctgttt taaggcattg      6900
     catttgcaag ctaacttgcc ccaaaactct gtgatgggag ccttggggag agcctgcagc      6960
     gccaccttct ggtcgaggat gcttaggaca ggattatcca gggctcagag tgaaggttac      7020
     tgaggacaca aatcctcacc agagcgacct gcaagcaatt acccagctga aagtcagggg      7080
     agcaggtgtc ccctaacacc cacacccact tccaaggccc agctctgcag cccctgcccc      7140
     cttaacctcc ctaagcctca attccctcct ttgcaaaatt gaaacaacga taatgccgac      7200
     cccctgggag tggctttaga tataaacgta ataattcaga ggaagccccc aaagcctggc      7260
     agcggagtct gcaacaagca gtagctatta atgttacgcc tgaatctccc ctgaaggata      7320
     agcaatagta ggaagttccc tggtggtcta gtcgttagga tctagccctt tcatggctac      7380
     agcccagatt caactcctag tctggaaact gagatcccaa atcatgggac ctcatatcga      7440
     aaccaaaaaa aaaaagacta tgtttaaaaa aagaataatc aatagtggtc ctccccaccg      7500
     accggagtat gatggcaggt agtttacttt ccgccaggct ctaagaccct tacgtgagca      7560
     tttttaaagc tcaaattccc ataaagtcaa taccattatt atccccattt cacagataag      7620
     gaaactcaga gggattaggt aacttggcca aggccagcta gcaagcacgt aacagggcta      7680
     aaactcaaaa gccagcaagc tgtgtctaga agtaattgtt tcgaaatttc tcccaggata      7740
     gatattggca ggtccaattc ctccccacct cccaccttcc ttcttggttg ttatctgttt      7800
     taaaagggaa acgaagcgaa ccaaatggct ttgtttttcc cccaaagacc ctccaggagc      7860
     ccactgagct tctttcgggc atggaaccca tccccttctt atagagagaa gctgtgcagg      7920
     ctaatgagtt cacaccactt gcttgtcact cccagaagcc agtcaatggt ggggctagtt      7980
     ccaggggtct gggccacccc gacctaggtc aagcttgcca aggtgttaaa actttcatag      8040
     cttcattgag gccaaccgaa ggggggtagg ggcaacgttg ccgggagatg gatgagagac      8100
     tggtgatcaa gcaagctctc tctctctctc tcacacacac acacacacac actctggcca      8160
     ttcaggaatc aatatcactt tttttttttt tttggtcttt ctaggaccac acccaaggca      8220
     tatggaggtt cccatgccag gggtccaatc agagctgtag ccaccagcct acgccacagc      8280
     cacagtaagg caggatctaa gccacatctg tgatctatac cacagctcac ggcaacgctg      8340
     gatcctccac ccactgagca aggccaggga tcgagcccat gtccccatgg atgctagtca      8400
     ggttcgccaa ccactgagcc atcacaggaa ctccaaagaa tcattatcat tttaaaatgc      8460
     ctctgcacct gtaatggagc aggactctac gaggccctcc caaaataaac ccccaccctt      8520
     gccctccacc tgccattgtc tataggaaaa tcttagtaaa acaataataa taaacttaac      8580
     cagaaaagtg agaaaatgcg gatagtaaga aaaaaggtca agcaagacaa aataataaca      8640
     tttcagccat taaacaaagt ctaggatctt gaggacagca gatgatattc tgagccatgt      8700
     ccttcgagct gttttgcaga taaactgaca gccaggtgga agaagttaac tgtatgcagg      8760
     tagagcccag aagggttgga gccaaggtta aggatgttga cttccaatta actcaccacc      8820
     aaccaatcag aagaatggcc acgtgctgat cacgtgctcc tagaacactg taagactctc      8880
     atcaccccct ccccgtctgg aggcggtttt gagagcacta gcttgctgtg gccccctctg      8940
     cctggcaaag caataaagct attcttttct acttcaccca taactctgtc cccgagattc      9000
     agttcactgc cagtgtatgg aagcagagtt tcccaaacac ctgctaaagc ctgagaatag      9060
     gcccagggcg ccgaggccaa gggagccctg agttcccacc atgtctccgg cagacgctgg      9120
     aatagaaatt tttcaaaggc ataatcttga cctacctggt acttcggtgc ccagctcagc      9180
     aggtgcccga tggtaggtcc acgcagagca gtcaaggtct gcagtcagcg cggtgggttc      9240
     acaagagcag agtttccggg tgaaatcccg aactgactcc atggacggag cgcccccggg      9300
     acccaagaac aaggtggacc ctcagatggg cgggcggtgt ttttaacaag cagggaactt      9360
     tcacgcaagg cttgtaagac acaacaagca gttccccgcc ccacgcctga gaatcttaaa      9420
     agtttccgca gaagccttgg ccggggttag tcctccagac aagctcagca acacgttact      9480
     ctctgggaac tgcgaccttg aagtggttgc cgctactgga gggcgcgcaa ggtacctttc      9540
     aagcgcaggg acggagccac ccatcgtgca ggcttagctc caggaggtta cgccctctcg      9600
     gtgacctcct gcgacaaacc cgggtcctct gattcttcct ccccgcctcc aggcttcgca      9660
     cgtgcctccc acgcggcgcc gggagttctg cacacaccgc ccgcacccac ccctccgcga      9720
     gccaaacaca ggggcctgtt tcacgtggcc atcagactgt accgctcccg cgattaagac      9780
     ccttcaaggc ttacccacgg cagctggaat aaaatcagcg gatcgggccc gtggcagctt      9840
     cccccaagcc ccctcaagct cccccgactc cccctttgcc tcccgccact cacatcgctc      9900
     tcttcctcct ctggacctgc acccagccag ccctctgatt ggcagcctct tccccctgga      9960
     agctccacgt ggatattctc ttctggtatc taatgcctcc tcctctggaa acctttctga     10020
     tcacccccca cgcccaccgt aactctcaag gggtcctccc ctggccacgt gttcactgtc     10080
     catcagcctc tcccagctct aaactctaca ggagcaggga gcttgccaaa gccatccacc     10140
     cgcataaccc agtgcctggc agagaagagg gcacatacat gttcaataaa tatttgaggg     10200
     agagagaaaa ggcgacgatg agaagacaga tgcagccctt atggaagaac cgtcagtaat     10260
     tatgaacgta atttgtcatg ataatagcca acaccaggag aggcccaatc ggagcatgcg     10320
     cagaaactga ggctggggtt cagtaattcg tcccgcgtcc acaggaggta agcggcgcac     10380
     ctggagcctg aacctgggct tccctgcaga gatcatgccc tcagcctcca ctaaggaggc     10440
     cctagaggtc cagcacccag gggaagggac acacctctgc agggaataca aggcagccac     10500
     ttaacagatg tctgtatttt ctgacacgga gagatgtcct tgatgggaca gtgggggaaa     10560
     gaagtaagtg aacccatgct ctaagcccat tttgggaaaa catcaaacaa caaccagacg     10620
     tgactgttca cacacagaaa cctggcggga aggacacaga acgcggccgc caccggctcc     10680
     ggctggaagg gctgtcccgg ttctcctgct ccaggctctg ggcacgcgga tctcctcctc     10740
     cggacccacc aggctgcctg ccctgtctaa agtcacagcg ccccacctcc ccgggccctg     10800
     actcggcttt cgcgaggcac atactgatat cacagcgcac acttacttgt tgaacactga     10860
     ctctgtgccg gtaaaagtaa actgaaaaag aaaaaataga tttcccgtgg gacccaaaaa     10920
     aaaaaagtcg cacccatccc ccaccgacca cccatccccc accccacccc cactctttct     10980
     tagagtctgt cccttaagaa acttgttcat gctctctgcc cctttgagat ggatagaaaa     11040
     atccgaaaag gtgaagtaag ccgcttacca gtcttcacaa cccagaaatg tgttgggagc     11100
     ctgaaagctg tctttttgaa gtgtaaacat taaggaagct agtagcctat ctcctagacc     11160
     aggtgagggc ttccttaggt gactagctct gtgctataat tacctgttta tagacttggg     11220
     gtaggggggg cgtaaaccgc ctccccaatt accggtggat ctgggatgaa ctatgtgtga     11280
     caaatggtgc cctctggtcc tctaacctga gaactagtta tttttgtctt tggatgtggt     11340
     atctgcttcg tgaactaaag acgggagctt tctttctgtc tctgccatct ctgtatctta     11400
     attaatgctc attcgataat aaagctcttt tctttctctt ccccttttgt ggaaaggttt     11460
     tctgggtcag caggagattt tgttttgaat tctccccccc cccacccctc cctgcctggc     11520
     atctctccct ttagaacatg agctccgtgg gaccttgtct cccgagttca tgggcgtgtg     11580
     cctggtgctc agcaggtgct caaaacctgt ttgttgaatg aataaacaaa gttgctggtc     11640
     gtttcatttg aattttattt tttacaatga gcaagtgtta cctattacaa taattttttt     11700
     aaaaactatt aagcttttaa aaactccacg gttgggagtt ccctggtagt ctagtggtta     11760
     ggactcaatg ctttcatcac tacagcctgg ggtcagtccc tggtctggga acacagattc     11820
     ccacatcaag ccactgcatg ttgtagccaa aaaggaaaaa aaaaaaatta aaattagcat     11880
     tgacttaaac atcacatctt atccaaaaat caagtcaaag tggatcatag acctaaactg     11940
     aaaatataaa gttataaaac tttataaaaa aacataggag gagttcccgt catggctcag     12000
     tggttaagga atccgactag gaaccatgag gctgtgggtt caatccccgc ccttgctcag     12060
     tgggttaacg atctggcgtt gccgtgagct gtggtgtagg ttgcagacgc ggctcggatc     12120
     ctgcgttgct gtggccctgg tgtaggccgg tggctacagc tccgattaga cccctagcct     12180
     gggaacctcc atatgccgcg ggagcggccc aagaaatggc aaaaagacaa atatatatat     12240
     gacaccatct tgaggattta gaattagcaa agcattgtta aacttgacat gaaaagcata     12300
     atccataata ttaaaaaaaa gaaaaacctc cacagcttcc cacagaacag gtagccgctg     12360
     gcttgtttta tggatattga ttatatttcc ttttaatccc tatgcttctt aggcatgagt     12420
     cagtagcctt tacaaagtta ttagtaacta cttcagacag tctcattagc aagcatttca     12480
     gacatcagac aaacaaaaat cttcatacat catagttaca gctaatccag atccctccta     12540
     ggtactgaga agtgatctgt ttctttccta aatgcagccg agaggagatt cttggaaaac     12600
     cataccagca cttccaacct caacaagctc agccttgctc agtgatggtt taattagcag     12660
     tatgtctctc tctggagggg ggggggtcct ccctggactg gacagctcag gtcttccgcc     12720
     ctgcaccctc cactgcaaag cttttatttg tctgtagccc ataccattca cactcagagt     12780
     gaatgaatga agagagactg taagagccac tgtgctcact atgacagctt tcgagaaggc     12840
     actctatgtg ccagtccctg tgccaaggac actttttttt ccatcgcacc tgtagcatat     12900
     ggatgttccc aggccaggga tcgaatctga gcccatcagc aacccacgac gctgcactga     12960
     caatgccaga tccttaacct gctgagccac aggagaactc cccaagaaca cgcttcagag     13020
     aaatttcatt tctcaagtcc ccgctccgtg ccaagtccag ttccacaagc acagaaagat     13080
     attatctcct ttaccttcgc agcaactctt ggagagaggc attactactt ctgctccaca     13140
     caaggaaaga cacagagact gcaagagttg gagtcacttc gacagagctc agggtacagc     13200
     tgggttctga gccaggcctg tattgcacca aagccatgat gctaatcacc aaatcggaaa     13260
     acaacaatct ttttttatta atgattttta atatctggtt tacagggtta cgtcaatttt     13320
     ctactataca gcaaggtgac accattttag ggccacacca catcatatgg aggttttcag     13380
     gctaagggtc caatcagagc tacaactgcc aacctatgcc acagccacag caacatcaga     13440
     tccgagctgc atctgcgacc tacaccacag ctcagggcaa caccagatcc ataacccact     13500
     gagcgaggcc agggactgaa ccctcatcct catggatacg agtcaggttt ctgctgagcc     13560
     gcagtaggaa ctccccaagt ctgtttcttt gggcagatcc tcaaactcca gactcccttg     13620
     tagctaagag tgtcctgtga ctcacttcta gccactgagc cataaggggc ttctcaaggt     13680
     gggggcaggg tggggggagg tgtccggagg tcctgaatgt gggcacatag attcccatct     13740
     ccttccatgg caccttcttg gcagaaagtc taaaatttcc ctttgcagct aggtttctgt     13800
     gtatgaattc atgtctgctg tttggatgca ttgcagaata tttcgaagtc acaaatggga     13860
     cggaggcatc ctcctgcctt tggggttgtt tgctgctggt aaacaagttt gcagaaatgt     13920
     ggggttttct gtagcagaat tccggtgtcc agtcaccagc ccatgggtgt ggacatttgg     13980
     ttgtggcgga ggtggcaacc tggccctgct ttccagtgtc cagtgacctg ttttgtggaa     14040
     gctggaaggc agctgccgtg gtacagtttc ctgaccccag tgtctcagct ccagaagtgt     14100
     gctctggaat tcattcaccc tgctggctga cccctgacac ccaccttgct agtttctttg     14160
     ggcagatcca aagaaactgg ctgatggcaa atgcctctgg ctggccagca tcgctcgctc     14220
     tatccagaga gtcttttctg ggggtcgagc ttttccaatg gttctccaag caacaattcc     14280
     ctgtgctaca ttttttcttc ctaaaatagt aaagatctag aaacatgtcc agtttcaacc     14340
     aaaaaatgtt ccagggggtt gggcatgagc agtgtatcag ggtaagaggt ctcaggaaag     14400
     gctccacttc tttgagcagg atggagaaca aagattatca cgaggtagtt aatagccaag     14460
     tactgtggta gatcgcattt cccaaagatg gtcccagcaa tacttcccgt cccacaagcc     14520
     cttccacacg agaccttgcc gtttcccatc aagtcagagg aatctaacct tttcactctt     14580
     gaatctgggc tggcctctga caggctcgca accaacagga tgcgtcagac ccaccaggca     14640
     ggaaaagaac aaggcctcca gccccgccca cttcgctcgg gcgtcccgct ccggccccgc     14700
     cctcgccgct caggctccag ggggcggggt cgatgggcgg ggctgagtgt ggtgcgcggc     14760
     tccggccccg cccctgcccc gccgctcccg gctcgggctc ccgaggcccc gcccaccgcg     14820
     ctggctgccc cccctgcggt ccgctgcgcg ggctgccgag ccgggctgcg caccatgtcc     14880
     gggctgctgg cgctgctggg ccccgcgggc agggggtgcg cccgggttcg gcctcgcgcc     14940
     acctggttcc tgggcgccgc cgccccctgc gccccgccgc ctgtgttcct gccgctgctc     15000
     cggcccgggc cagacgctca gctgctgcgc gcagcccgca ggaactgcca cggccgccag     15060
     gtaagcctcc ccacccccac ccctatcccc gggcgcctcg atcgcgggtc catctcctcc     15120
     aaaggagagt tttgcaagcg cagctgcccg agaccgagca cctccagagt cctcaggtcc     15180
     caaatcttta cgagccaagg aagcactctc ccagttgaca gtggggaaaa ctgaggctcg     15240
     agaaggtata gcgatctgcc caaggtcaca cacagtctcc ggcggatccc gggttcccag     15300
     agcgtccgcc agtactgtgt tggtatctga gaggagtgga gatgaggttg ggcttggtat     15360
     ccaagttctc ccctggccat tagagttgtt ctcttttgaa gtcacgttgg agcctcctca     15420
     ccgggccgag gagaaaggct tggcgggtgc tgctgtcttt aacgcctccc cgcacttgct     15480
     gccacgcctt tttatccgac ctccatgtca cactgcaggc cgactcgtgc aagaaacgca     15540
     gtgttgtttg tttcattgcg tttctctaga gttgccttct aaggatggtg ggtgaaaacg     15600
     ggcttccatt cagagcagtc atgcaaacta tccttttttt aaaaatagct gttacagttt     15660
     tgttttgttt tgaagtgggc cttcttaaag gaaaaagggg gtcagcggtg aagactggag     15720
     atccgggact agcaagtggg gacacgcagc gcctggggct ttgcaccctt tggtcccttt     15780
     ctgtgtgacc tcaacacagg acctgaacct gtttttggtt ctgaacctgt tttccggcct     15840
     ttcagggaac taaaaagagc accttcccaa cagtagttgt ggggacaagt ccatgaactg     15900
     atgcaggcct gtgcttgttt gacccttttc tcccctgagg atggaggagc tccttccctg     15960
     ccttcgacag gcggtagatc ttctctgagc ccagtttggg ggtcctcaca agtctggcac     16020
     tctcctcaca cacccagtgg tctcccggtg attcttcacg gatcagccca gctgtgcctt     16080
     cctcccggaa gccctctctg actaccactg aaacctcggg tgtctgcact ggctcccact     16140
     cagcaccgtg ggtgtgggtc ttctacgtgc tcatcattta aagacttgct tgtttgtttt     16200
     atcagcctgg ccctggcagg agtgagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     16260
     tgctgctccc atccatgtat ttattaaagt agagaaggtt ctttactttg gaagggtcag     16320
     gaagatttga ggaatgagcc agaagtcttg ctcacaagtt cgattgttta gaataccacc     16380
     aattttcatt ccttcaaata aataatatta ataaacacct tttttttttt tttttgcttt     16440
     ttaaggccac acccacggca tatggaagtt cccaggctag ggggccagtc ggagctgtag     16500
     ccgccggcct acaccacagt aacagcaact caggatctga gccgcgtctg cgacctacac     16560
     cacagctcac ggcaacgctg gattccaccc actgagtgag gccagggatc gaacccacaa     16620
     cctcatggtt cctagttggg ctcatttcag ctgcgccacc gacgggaact ccggtaaaca     16680
     ctatattgtg tttactttgt accaggcacc cttctgagtg ctttgaaaat gttaattcag     16740
     ataatcttca tgatccccct gggacctgag ttacactgtc atccccactt aagcccagag     16800
     cggttgagtc acttgctgag aatcacacag ggattccttg tcagaactgg gagccaaatc     16860
     agtctggttc caaggctttt gcttttaaca gaggtgctgt gtgcctaact tatccgtgag     16920
     tgtctgctcc gtgctaggcc ctgctctagg tgcaggggac agagcaagga agaaagggac     16980
     agggtccacc ctcaggcagt ctacagtcta gtgggagggg aggaacaaca cacaggaaac     17040
     tgtcagggct gctgatgtga cccgggctgt ggggaaggcc caggaggaag gaggcgggcc     17100
     ggtggagctg cggggtgggg ctgggggtgc tgccaggaca tcagggaagg aggtgagcga     17160
     gaacggaggg agaggaggac cctggggtca gagagcaagc catctgcgag gtgatgaaag     17220
     cacttggtct cagcgcaggc gccaggggag ggacgagaaa cattgaaaca ctgcctcacg     17280
     atacctcgca ggtgcctaat agctcatgaa gaaacaggtg tctgaaaagg gtgctttgtt     17340
     gccagtcacc ccctcctacg ttcctttcct ttagcccctt tagtcgcctc cagggttagg     17400
     aaggaaaacg caggacccac aaggccaagg ccgaaagaga tttcctttca ccccagtaac     17460
     aggaagaaga ttgtccatgt aagattctga ctctagaata ttaaaaacta accaaccacg     17520
     cccccggctg acaggaaatt gtcctttgtg tctgaatatt tggtccctcc catggtcttg     17580
     caaaagatac tggctattct gtcactggaa gtctggctgc ctttttattt ttcttttttg     17640
     gccaataggc cttttgccaa aatagaagtc gtacagaaaa gggctctcaa gagagacagc     17700
     ctggcccggt cctggcaagg ggacagatgg gacatgatga agtgaagttg ggccaagtgt     17760
     ccgggtggga agcaaaggag gcttctctcc tggtgggccc caggagtggt tgggctcttg     17820
     gaaccgtggg tggtcctatc agcaccagca gttctcccat cgggctcttc ctctgcagcc     17880
     agaaggcagg cgggggcctg ttgaacagaa ggagcctgag ctcctggggc cattctggct     17940
     ggagacaggt gcccaccccc aggaaaggag accagtgaca gtatttcttc ccccctcctg     18000
     gaagttctgg aacaggccct ttaggaacgg tcaactcctg ggggacatgc aggggagtcg     18060
     gctggtgact ctgcaggcgg taccccgtct gatgctgcca gccagctcgt ggcttcaccc     18120
     cgaaccttgg tcttccacct gtgaaggtgg gagcaacaga ggtgcccacc cgcggagtgg     18180
     tgaggggttt tgtgagatga tacctttaaa atgccaagcc cagtgcctct cctgaggatg     18240
     caggtggttt tcctaaaacc tttccaaaaa tgttatgctt tcctgcccat ccaagttcag     18300
     cctctgggac ctcataaccc gcccctggat ctcagtagcc cctcccccct tttaggcatt     18360
     tgtcttctta agtctgaaaa accccaccga agtcaaaact gcaggcagca aggaaacgca     18420
     ggctgtcccc accccgaggg ccgtcgcgtt tcagtcccag agacggagca gcctttaagg     18480
     aaaccgattt catgccagga ccaaagcttc caggtgtttt ggggtttggg ttggttggtt     18540
     ggttttcagt cccagctgca gtaggggagc caaagagatg ctcttcccgt tggaaggtaa     18600
     tgaaaagact taataaatcg gagttttgca ccaacttttt ggggagagga gctgggcaaa     18660
     tgagtagccg ttgtgtatga ttaaaaatca aggatgggag ctccccggtg gcacagcagg     18720
     ttaaggatcc agcgttgtca ctgctgtggc tcggtttgct gctgtggtgt gggatctact     18780
     cctatcctga gaacttccct atgccgcagg catggcccaa agggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     18840
     aaaaaaaacc gtcagggatg gtttggggca ggttttaatc caagcctgca gtcggtcccc     18900
     tgtactgggg cgatggccct tcactgagcc gagttccgtg gctgaaggat gggggacagt     18960
     aggatggttt gcttatcttc cacatacatg tagctctgct cgtttatctt cgtcattccg     19020
     gcggctggtc cagagccagg ccctccgggt cctgcaagaa agcaggctga gctgcggccg     19080
     cagggggcac caggcccagc ggtcacccag acagcagaca ttctttggag ggcaaagtgg     19140
     gctgtggccc ccagcttgca ctgccaggga agttttagaa tctggacttg gtatttcagc     19200
     ggcatcgaat tccactttgt aaaaaggaat aaagtttgat ccggccacag tgtggatgaa     19260
     ccttgagaac atgacgttaa aggaaaaaag ctgccgttgt ctgctcggct gcgatgacaa     19320
     gcataccgaa ggctggctcg tttaaagaac tgctgttcct gtctcgtggt cctgcaggct     19380
     ggaagtgcaa ggtcaggaca ccagcagatt ccgtggctgg tgagggcctg cttcctggat     19440
     catagccagc cgtcttctcg ccgtgtcctc atggtccggg ccgggggggt gggggcaagg     19500
     gagtgctttg aaggggtttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggccatacct gcagcacgtg     19560
     gaaattcctg ggccagggat cgaacccaag ccactgcagt gacactggat cctgaaccca     19620
     ctgagccaca tgggagagcc cagaccacac tctgctgtcc gcttgttttc ccccatagtg     19680
     agtccagaag gccaccctgc agggaggttt gacgcagatc tgggggcaga gctaggggac     19740
     ctctgggcgc ggggctaggg gaatctctgg aggaaacggc agagcagagg aagcagcaag     19800
     tgccgaggcc ttgagcgagc ctggcctctt ctctggcaga gcagaggaag cagcaagtgc     19860
     cgaggccttg agcgagcctg gcctcttctc ccttaagcag caagaaggcc agtgtggccg     19920
     gactagggag gtgggaggga gaagggtggg ctcgggtgag actggagggc tgaggagccg     19980
     gtgcacagac tactttggcc tccaggagac ctctggcagg agcggtgctg taatcccacc     20040
     acgggtttta caggctgcct ctggctgctg tgttgagggg tcgagggtgg gagtggagga     20100
     ccagctggga gggaggccgt cccagtaagc ctggcgagag atgatgggct ggcagagggg     20160
     agagagcgct gagtctggat gaggcagggt tggccgatgg attggacgtg ggggcagagg     20220
     agtcacggtg actcagaggt tttggccgga gtaaccagga ggatagagtt tgccaaaata     20280
     ggtacaggct tgacctggag aggagagtgt gacctggaca tgtcacaggt gtctggccgt     20340
     ggacacccag gccagggaag atgtgccagt tcagtttggg gggtgcatat ctgtgagtca     20400
     ccagcccagg gcggatgtca ggggggccca gctgcagtca tgctggggtt tggacccctt     20460
     cttgctcacc gtgcccgccc tgggtgagcc catgggtgac tagaggggaa acccagcggc     20520
     ctcctctcag cctgctaagc tggtgcccgg gtgggacctc ccgtcttccc gcccacagcc     20580
     caggccagag tcgttgggag ctcaggtcca agtgtgtcat cacacagtca cgttcggggc     20640
     tccaggaggc aggaggtggc cctgtggagg gcaggggtgt ctgctagtgt cctgaggaca     20700
     ggagggcagg gctgggccac cagggctgct ggctcagggg acagcacaga cgagcccaag     20760
     ggacgaagga ggcagtgcag acctggtgtg cgatgtgggg acaaggttcc agcggagaat     20820
     gaaaggatcc gaggaggcag gagacaggct gcacgtaaaa ctctttgtcg aatctcgcgt     20880
     gtgatcgcac ctggcagacg ctgtccctca ccgtccgagt gctacgatcc agcaggaccc     20940
     ccagggccct gctccctgga accacgtgtt ccaggccctg gccgacagca aacaagcaga     21000
     gaatgcttac attgcttatg tatctgttat gtgtatttgt tatgttataa gcaggacaac     21060
     tgctgcagac ggaaccctcg gagagggaag tggggaggtg atagcgtggc tgctgtggag     21120
     ggcaggcagc tgtgaggggt ggtccaggag ggcctcctgg aggaggtgac gtttgcgtct     21180
     ccagcttagc aagtgctggt gggggcccct ccagtctgtt gcatggcagg tgcctctgag     21240
     gaggagacaa gccacgtggg gggtctgctg agggcaggaa gagcagggcc gggtgaggtg     21300
     ggcgcgctga gcaggggata acctggccat ggtggctgat gagaagcatc tggggaactg     21360
     gctatctaat cccactgccc aggccttccc ctccgtctat aaaagcagag gttgggtgcc     21420
     tggacgtgga caaacagact agcagcaccc aggccccctg ggagctctta gaaaggcagc     21480
     actgggaggc cttcccccag acttgtttgg tctgagctcc cgccctccca gcaggtccgg     21540
     gtggcccccc ctgccttgtt gaatttggag gctgctgctc tgggcgcctg tgtcatttca     21600
     ttttcattcc gggcattgcg cttgtatgct ccccgctcca gcctttcaag tgtggctccg     21660
     ctgcagcgtg ttccagaagt acaaggaagc agccgaccca ctgcagagtc cgtccctgga     21720
     gctgaccaac cccgatgctg cctgcgagga gagctctgag ggagtcgtcg aggctgaaga     21780
     aatcccctga tgagaaaggc actctccata ttgaggagtt tggcctttct atccaacact     21840
     gttgtgttcc tcgcacacat tccaggcctt gtgggtgctc agtaactgct cacagacacc     21900
     cccacgcagc acattctctt tcgactaagc ccagccgctg tatttatggc ccgggaacca     21960
     gccctccttt atccattcag atctcggggg aaagctcaat tccagaagta aatctatcct     22020
     agctcctgct ccgttttatt tcacacccac tggcttgtct tgtggtctag cctggttatc     22080
     acgttaccac cgacatggtg gcatcaaaca acacacgtgt gttatcttac agtcctgcag     22140
     gtcagaagtc cacactgggt ctcacagggc tcaagccagt gtgtcagcag ggctggttcc     22200
     ttctggtgac tctggggcaa aacccacttc ctgtctttgc cagtttctgg aggctgcctg     22260
     ccatccctgg ctggtggccc ttccctctgt cttcagagcc agcggcacag agccctgcaa     22320
     gatctgcccc agcttccatc ctcccccctg cttctctgcc cctcctgcct cccgctctcc     22380
     acttctaagt gatgtaccct gtgattacgc tgatgccact cgggaaaccc tggaggatct     22440
     gcccatcctt aatgtaatca cagctgcaaa gtccttttgc cgcgtagggt aacatattca     22500
     caggttcggg gcatgaggac ctagacaacc ttgggagccg tcattgctgc cggtcccacc     22560
     tggtccccag gtgcacacag tggctaagag gagctcatct caccggccag ggatgagcgg     22620
     aacaccacgt gcacctgaag gctggtggtg accaccaact gccttgctcc tgtcctccag     22680
     tctctcccct tctctggttt gtgcacagga acccagcaga atcacagcgg cagcaggcgg     22740
     cgacatcagc ggtacagagg agaaaaagca aagcaagtcg cagcagctga aaaagatctt     22800
     caaggagtat ggcgccgtgg gcgtgtccgt gcacgttggg atctcgctcg tctccttggg     22860
     catgttttac atggttgttt caaggtagaa ttgggtgggg tttttttttt tttttttttt     22920
     tggtctttat tttctttgta gggccccatt cacagcatat ggaggttccc aggctaaggg     22980
     tcaaatcgga gctatagttg tcagcctgca ccacagccac agcaacacag gatctgagcc     23040
     gcgtctgtga cctacaccac aactcacagc aatgccagat ccttaaccca ctgagcaagg     23100
     ccagggatcg aacctgcaac cttatgatta ctagtcaggt tcatttccac tgcgctacaa     23160
     ggggaactct tttttttttt cttttttttt cttttttggt cttttgtctt tttagggcca     23220
     tacctgcagc atatggaggt tcccaggcta ggggtctaat ctgagctata gctgccgccc     23280
     tacaccacag ctcacggcaa tgccagatcc ttaacccact tgagtgaggc caggaatcaa     23340
     acccacaatc tcatggttcc cagttggatt cgtttttgct gtgccacgac aggaactcca     23400
     aggtagcatt tttggcagta acaaatactt agttttttgc cataatgcta gagtctttgc     23460
     aaataagagc ttttttccta agaccttttt attcattgag ctactttaat cacatttttt     23520
     aaaataccgt gtatctcgtg gagttcccgt catggctcag cgtgttgaga acccgactgg     23580
     tatccataag aatgctgtga gctgcagtgt aggtagcaga aacagcttgg acctgttctt     23640
     gctgtggctg tggtgaaggc cggcagctgc agctccgatg tgacccctag cctgggaact     23700
     tccatgtgcc gcaggagtgg ccctaaaaag aaaaaataaa atcataaaaa tactgtatat     23760
     ctcatagccc aaattaactg tttaactaaa tccttgctgt agtaaacatt tttctttgtc     23820
     tgtttgcctc tctccctcca gtggtctgga catatcagcc atcctgctta aactcggatt     23880
     taaagagtcc ctggtacagt caaaaatggc agcgggcacc agtaccttcg tggtggctta     23940
     cgccatccac aagctgttcg cacccgtgag aatcagtata actttagttt ccgtgccctt     24000
     cattgtcagg tattttcgga aagtgggact ttttaaacct ccagctgcaa agccttgaac     24060
     tctttgactg agggcctgaa aacctatttc ttttcactga cacattttgg ctttggtttt     24120
     aggatgtagg tttttctgtg ggcagggagg ggggtgctaa ctgctgagct ctcgtggata     24180
     ggagttactt ttgccagcaa aaatccagag ttttgaatca ctgtaaattt cttttgcttt     24240
     ataaactgcg acagtgctat tcactgaagg gcttgtctgc atcatctgtc aacaaaacat     24300
     cacccgaaag ttgtcatctc agacaaaacc gtcagccagg aaatgttcct tctggaagat     24360
     cattggtgag ggtctgtctg cagaagcctc aggggttaat tttcactcaa gttcttaaag     24420
     ggcagtgatt cattaaactg gttttaaaaa tgtacaaatt ccccttcctc caatatttgt     24480
     caggctgcct gcagcttaat atgcgatatt ctgccaaaca gctgccaggg ctacaattaa     24540
     tgaagcagaa cttaagactt cacagtgtgt agtcaggatc taaattagca tcagcacttt     24600
     gacattcatt acacgtgttt gaggggaacg aaaaacacgt atttctggta tgtttcaccg     24660
     atcccaacgc cttccaatct ggacacgatg ggcctgcctc agctgatggt cccacgtgtc     24720
     atgaaagtag gtgggcatca cctgtctctg tttaggtcca atatggagcc tctgcccaac     24780
     agcaacagca tcaggtggct ccagacgccg gcaatttgga tcctgcaccc aaaaagctga     24840
     gaccgtcttc gccgccttcc ctgtagctta gacgtcagat gttccacaat tactgtcaca     24900
     gtgtttacat tgtgttgcta cttatatttt ttgagttaaa attatgtatg taccaaaaaa     24960
     aaaaaaaagg ttttatatca ctctctaaac aggacagtta gtcacacatg ctgtaaatag     25020
     aggccactgg gaattaaaaa ttcaagctgg ggagggactg agccagttta ccaggtaaaa     25080
     ggcatgtgac cagaggcccc tggttctgtt cacaccacga ggagaccacc ttcctcgacg     25140
     tagcccggag ttggcggcgg ggaagggctg tccttgggac tccacgcccg gcactactgc     25200
     cctcaaggcc aagggaacca cccacctcgg gaaacccagt gttcaggctc cacctgcagc     25260
     ttggctgagg ggctgcactt gtctttctgg ctcccagggt ttatttttat attttggttt     25320
     gattaattac acttgtgaca agcagaaaac gaactgtaaa tggatcgccc cggctctact     25380
     gagctctgac tgctgacagt tcccttactt agcccttact aatgcacatc aaccagtttt     25440
     ttcagttaac tttttaaaaa aaatttatta tggttcattt tcaatttttg tttttagggc     25500
     tacacctgca gcatatggaa gttccctgga gaggggtcga atcagagctg tagctgcgac     25560
     ctacaccaca gccacagcca cactggatcc ttaacccact gagcaaggcc agggatcaaa     25620
     tccgagtcct catggatact agttgggttc attaccgctg agccacggca gaaactcgat     25680
     taacttttat aagaatcttt gcaggacaga ttctccactt gcaagatcga tacagtggat     25740
     ccgtttcccc cctcccccca caacatcccc tttaaaacaa ttagcccatt gcccaaaggc     25800
     ttcagggatt taaagctgga actgcctttc tggggtccta ttccaagggt gtacacagca     25860
     gagcaaggtg gcgacacctg ccaagtgagg gcagggccag cactttcgtg tccactgtct     25920
     ctgttaacgg ttggcttggg actcatcacc ctctccctgc cattcagatc cctagtaacg     25980
     cctatgcaaa acaaagccca cagggattcc taccggtcca agggcttaaa tcctaaactt     26040
     tgattccgtg ttggaagtaa ggggagtgga ctcaaagggt caggcagtaa aacaaatttt     26100
     cataccaaat agccacacgg tctcttcgaa gccccatctg cactccactc ctgtggccag     26160
     tggtcaccaa caacagagca agcggagagg atgaggaaac cgaaggccca gggaactaga     26220
     gcatcttgtg cgctcaccag caggatgtcc atgtcgctag tatttgcatt gcttttatgg     26280
     aaccagggga ataaaactga tcatctattt taaaaacgta agccactgtt cacctctaat     26340
     tttctatcag acaaaacaag cagcatgaat tctgcaaaac aaataaacgt ctttgtaaag     26400
     tttttgaaga acttcctatt cctcttgggg caagccgtca ctgtcaccga tggagtggca     26460
     ctgtgtgtga cccatttacg aacactgtac cactacagcc agctatttgc tttgcttgtg     26520
     tgggacgctg cttggggaaa tgacagccta ggtgaggctg gcgtgtcatg tcaactccag     26580
     gtggggtgga tgggacatca aagctgaagc ctgggggacc caaaagctcc tttgtcccca     26640
     gggggctccc cggacactgc agttttactc aacatggaag tggattttgc cactttctcc     26700
     tactcaggca tttctggtct cctaacgcct cgtgtgcgtt aggagggctg gccgtgaagg     26760
     cacatgtctc tgctagttct cagccagttc aactcctccg cctccgtctt catcactgtc     26820
     gagtcaccac cgctgggtga tgcagatttt ggcagctaga gtatgtaatt tttccacaat     26880
     aggagcatat agaacctgag accaagagat ctgctcttca cggcacctgc ttatttctag     26940
     gcccagagag aacagatggt aagaagcatc acctgtgcac tccagagaga tgcatctgtg     27000
     gacttgagtg tcaagttgac acacatacca caactccagt gtgtggcccg tgggagccaa     27060
     ggggggaagg gtgcccctgc cagctgcact gaaggggcgg cgggcgtcca cttttataag     27120
     ccacatgagc tcaggttgat cccagacccc agtaggctag ggagaaggga ttcggctaag     27180
     caggcacccc ttcacctgag gttgaagaca aaggccatgg ttggaaaatc aatttacaaa     27240
     gaaccggctc cccccacgtg gaactctctg cctgctgcca gcatggtcag agctgaggtg     27300
     ggcggtgtgg acgtgccggt cagctctctc ctctgtccgg ccttaccacc cacacagtgc     27360
     acccctgaag ccccactcag cccccatgcc aggatgagga catgcctagg agtcaagcca     27420
     ggccgtggct gtgccctcca ctcaggtcca ctgcctagaa caggggctga agcccagtcg     27480
     cctccactcc caacctctgg tgcacctgcc accatccagc cgcggccagg gctcctgccg     27540
     gcccctccct cgggctgcag ggacctcttg ccacacctgc ctccaacctg taaatcctcc     27600
     catccttcaa gctgagctcg gaagctgctt cctccggaca ctgctcccag ctcccgttgc     27660
     catcacggtt tgcctgcgtg ctgactcatc ctcctgtcac tggccacaca acctgcttgt     27720
     gtaggacggg gggatgtgtt cgggggccag gccgaccctg acagcaccac acaggggcct     27780
     ccccacctcc ccatctagcc cagcatttcg caaggggtgg gatgtcaact cctgggaaat     27840
     gcacctaacg tcaaggttac acatgtgaga actttaaata agtgtaatca ttttatagat     27900
     gtcgtgatgc actttacaaa gattataaac aaacaccaaa atcatgagag agaaaaaaaa     27960
     acctttaaca tttagaaaca gccaagacat gctgtgtccc gagcagggga gccaggaact     28020
     tgtgctctgt ctgcctcgcc aggcaccgac tggctgagga gggccggcca gccaggctcc     28080
     cggggtgctg gacagacgct gagcatcctg caaggatggc atggaggtga gatacaggtc     28140
     cgtaccaaag tctctgacat ttaaaagaaa tggtcacgtg ttcatcctga cagctttctc     28200
     agactgggcc acccgataag ttacacgcac acagggacag ggaggttatt gcacagcttt     28260
     tccactggtc gggcccaaga ggccaccttc cccacagccg ggccccgagg cctcttccac     28320
     gaggacgctg tactcacaac aggctgtggg gtggctgccc ctgagccttg cctccggact     28380
     gactggacca ccagcgacat gagtagcacg atcctcgtgg cggcactcac tgcaggggcc     28440
     tgcacgtcct gcaggtcgag ggtgggccgg cagcagagga caggtcagcg gctggttgca     28500
     gacagagtac acagcagccc tggctcagga gttctacccg caaaggttct tagggttgct     28560
     tgctggtgga ttcttttttg tgactacttg ctggcttgga attggcggtg atccaggggt     28620
     gttcgagcac ctccttgagg gtgggcctgt ggctggggtt gtgcttcaat agtcttgaga     28680
     tgaggtccct ggctccctcg ggcacaaagt cagggaaggt gaattccacc tggataagtg     28740
     cacagtaagt gacagtcaca aaggggcttg gagagaaggg caccgccagc tcgcagcccc     28800
     agctgaggct gacgaggacg tgctaacaga accatgggtc ctcctagtga caccttaccc     28860
     gggatatcct tttgtaggtc tcttggtacg tgtttgcctc aaaggggggc ttcccaacca     28920
     ggaattcata gcaaagcacc cccaagctcc agagatccac cttctcgtca tgcatccggc     28980
     cttcgatcat ctcggggggc aagtagtcca gggtgccgca gagggtggtt ctcctaaaac     29040
     aagcagacgc aggctgacgc gcttctgcta ccaacagccg ctcgaactca ccagcagcga     29100
     ccctagcgtg gcgtgctgtc cctaggctag gacacctggg gcagtctgaa cacggaccaa     29160
     ggatcagcta ttaacacggc tgctcatttc cttagcgtgg aaatggctgt gaccatacag     29220
     gacaacgtcc taatttttag gacatgcaga ctgaagtgct gcagcctctg gaacttattt     29280
     ttgaaggttc acaaaaagga aaacacccag acaatatggc aacaactgtt aacagtaaca     29340
     caactgtctg aatgtaggca ctggaccggc aggtgagcca tcacctgcaa ttcggtgctt     29400
     ctatacggtt ttttataatg gaggtcggaa acagacagca cgcctggcgc gaagaccatg     29460
     caggttcggc tgctgcttta tttatatcag tttccattgc ctggtgccca ctgagcgcac     29520
     gaatgttcac tcaactgcat ggtgacctgg aagaaggagc tacctctcca gacatccagc     29580
     ctcgcatcac caccgagatc cagcccaaat caggaggctc gctctcaaat ggcaccataa     29640
     cccaggagct cttgtgggtg tgtgcttatc aacgtgtggg aggcggggtg aagtgaccaa     29700
     cacgtcccta aacgtccctc tcagatatct ttcctagcac gatggcacca ttgggcaggt     29760
     aaggttgagc cctgcgatgc catgaagcca ctgttgtctg cctcccaggt accaacagcc     29820
     ctcctactca tgacaaccag atttttgtat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agagcaactg     29880
     caagagcaga ttcagcacat tactgaaaag aatcaggagt ggtctgtaat aaaaacaaag     29940
     ctcctcacac tcaatggcat caatttcagg ctatacaatt tttttaactg cctttattta     30000
     attttttttg ccacacccac agcatgcgaa agttcctggg ccagggatca aacccaagac     30060
     aaagcagtga cctaagccgg tgcagtgaca atgacagatc cttaacccac tgagctgcaa     30120
     gagaactcct agctggcttt atttttaaaa gtaatctggc gggagttccc atcgtggtgc     30180
     agcggaaacg aatgcgacta ggaactatga cgttgcgggt tcaatccctg aactcgctca     30240
     ctgggttaag gatccagcgt tgccatgagc tgcggtgtag gtctcagaca cagcttggat     30300
     ccggcgttgc tgcggctccg gcataggcca gcagctacag ctccgattag accccttgcc     30360
     tgggaacctc catatgccaa gggtgcagcc ctaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     30420
     aaaatctggc tataatttta acacctaccc caaagatgac aaactcttat caggagatgt     30480
     atactttcta aatgccctac ttcgcacatg atttcaaaag ctcatttaaa cccaactgaa     30540
     atttaaaaaa aggagaaaat gttttagctc tgtttgcaaa gttcactcaa attgcttcat     30600
     taggtttctc tccctgcttt agctttagga agggacagga aaggactctt ctgtggacac     30660
     aagcagacca aagatcttta cccacctccc tgaaagcccc gtctaaccac tgtagctcct     30720
     tccagtgccc tgtgctctca gctctcgcct ctgcaggtgc tgcccccaga aacgtctgtc     30780
     tcctgggcct ggaggcagcg ggtctccacc cagccctgcc gtcttactcc ccgtctacac     30840
     atgctgcaac tcccctctgc cgcatgcttg tcataccttc tacttatgtg tccccttcat     30900
     tagccgctaa ggacatgaag catctttaac cccaggccaa atggctgcag aataaaaatg     30960
     ttcttgaaga cactagtttg ctatcaggcc tgaattactc caaaacatat gtgtcagtga     31020
     cctgtccgac tccgcacaac atctacactt gcatagttca ctggttagct cacgactagc     31080
     cccagggctt ttgccaaacc aaacgagttc cacctctaaa gttacctacc tggaggacgg     31140
     ggcatggacc gaccacccaa aatcggcaat cttaagctct ccagcggatc caaggagcag     31200
     gttctctggc ttaatgtctc tgtgaataac tctctttgag tgacagtaag atagggcatt     31260
     tgccaattct gtgatatact attaaaaaaa aaaaaaagta ttgatcaatt tagattttat     31320
     attaacacaa attttacaca cctcttctga aaggaacccc agtatagatt tttaacatgt     31380
     tttgtagatt ttaaaacaaa actagaaaca atggatgact ctacaaaaat acaaaccaat     31440
     ttagcgttca gcatcaagta caagttattc tgtgctaagt atttgcgaat acaacagatg     31500
     caatattaaa agacaggaaa acactcaggt atcactacat ccccgtgtgg caatttacgg     31560
     cccagcagca gcaaagtaag acaatattga aacatgggga caatttaggg agtcagatgt     31620
     ataatcaatt tttaacattt aaaaaaaaac ctaggacttc ctgttgtggc tcaggggtaa     31680
     cgaacccaac tattacccat gaggatctgg gttcaatccc tggcctcgct cagtgggtta     31740
     aggatctggt gttgccagga gctgcggtgt aggtcacaga cacagcttgg atctggcgtt     31800
     gctgtggctg tggcgtaggc ctgcaggtgt ggctctggtt tgaaccctag cctgggaacc     31860
     tccacatgcc atgggtgtgg ccctaaaaag ataaaagaaa gaaagaaatg agctatgaaa     31920
     agttacaaat gaatctcaaa tgttatatgg taacatatgt ggttatatgg taactggttt     31980
     tccacagggt aactggttac caattctagt agcatataca ccatatacac gtccactgga     32040
     attgaatgaa taaatggaca gcggatcgtg aatccaagtt ctttcaatgt cacagtggaa     32100
     ggttacagat aaacgagggg ggaggacaca ggatccgtgt gacaatggac tcatgtgttg     32160
     cttagcaaga taccgatgga tacagaaata gtttcagata catggattac catacgcact     32220
     tatttcctgg ctctctgtca gctgaaagct gagacgtttt aacacgcaat agcacgagca     32280
     catctagtgc ccagattttg gtttctaaca ttaccttttc cagtaaaggg aaccaaagct     32340
     ccctggagaa ataaccgatc acaagactgg gataggaaac gtataagatg gagctggaac     32400
     accttacggc accagaaaac aagaaagtgc ttttaaacac acacacactg acagggacat     32460
     gtcaaaagga cacgggaacc atgtcaaaga gctcccagtg gccaaagctg aaacaacgag     32520
     agcaaagtgt attagattac acagagtata aaatgagtcc atagcaataa atgatggagt     32580
     aaataatgga aaacagatac atctctggta caaaattccc aataattatg accatgctct     32640
     gctttatagg acatggaaca tgaccactca agggctgttc ctttgaaagg acacagcacg     32700
     acagggagga aaaaagagta acttcacagt ggagagcgtt gccactccct ccctccctcc     32760
     gccagggatg aggccaacac tcagggctag gtcaggttaa cagtgtaact cttgacagag     32820
     gagaaggcct tttccctcgg accttcctct caaaacccat gaccctgatc taaccatgag     32880
     aagaatgaag gaaatctgaa agaagtgtgg attccagtta acagctatgc accaatacag     32940
     gttcattagt tatggcaacc ggatcacgct aacgtaaaat gttaatagga gaaattaggt     33000
     gtgtgttaat aggagaaagt ctgcagtatc tctaattact ctatacatct aaaattaatc     33060
     taaaataatt tttttctttt ttttttttaa agagggcaac taattatata catttccaca     33120
     gacacagctg tggaaactaa ccaaatattc cacttggtaa ctgattttat ctgtaaataa     33180
     aggcacatct atgttgtttt tgatttttcc atttcaaata cttgatccta ttaagctacc     33240
     tttccatttg acaaaacccc ctctattata atgaaaggta cacggctacg cgggacagaa     33300
     gcgcaacaga attagtctgg acaacaaaag caaacttaca gtagcagttc tctgctcatc     33360
     aaactttgac agtttctgaa gttctctata gacagctccg agaggtgcgt attccaggat     33420
     taggtaaact ctggtagcgt catggaaata accatacagt ctgagaatat ttggatgcct     33480
     gcaagaagga cgaactctct aacaccgggt ttgggagctg atacaagaat aagtactgaa     33540
     tagcaaacaa acccctcctg tgaacccagt catgacaact gcttcttggc cacaaacacc     33600
     ctcccctccc acctggagag tctgaaacta cggatgagac gcaccgtaag aaacaggtgt     33660
     acctcgccta tcagttcaca cgcatttcac acggtatcaa tggaccttgt ttggctaaga     33720
     ctatttcctt cctttaggcc atctttgctc ttagggggaa aaaaactagg taaatattaa     33780
     gtctctgcaa atttggaaaa aaagaacaaa acaaacaaaa ggtagacatg gcatccccac     33840
     agtagtttga taccctggac acaatgagac agacaacaca gaagccatgt ctgacaaaag     33900
     caggtgtgct gctaaggact ctgggcagct gagcacagcc tatatgagac attaccaaaa     33960
     aattcactga aagcgaaaaa gaagaaaaga cccactggct taagtcaacc tgcaggctgc     34020
     cagtttgaaa cctgaactca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagg tgtcattccc     34080
     tttaattatc caccaaatca aaaaaacccc caaaaaacat gtccagtaaa ttactccaat     34140
     aacaaaacaa accttcaagc aatgttccag gaccacagca cttaagtcta aatcaacctc     34200
     tgaagagtgt caaatttaat cactctctgc agtgctagga aggcagcctt ctccaaagga     34260
     ggttattaca gtgagctcgt taaataacca agttccatcc atccctcttc tgacatcgac     34320
     ctcaagactt acctaaggtg ggactgtatt tctacttctc ttctcagctg atgctcaact     34380
     cctgccttct ccagctgagt tttaaacaat actttaagag ccaggataaa cttgctttgt     34440
     ttttctcttg ctaaataaac attaccaaac tttcctttac ccagcgggcg gccaatttca     34500
     aaatcttcca aagcccattg ccttctagaa aagaattgaa cattttaaaa tgtgaagaaa     34560
     acacttttct aacaatgtat gagtgagtag cacacattct ataaattatt tatattattt     34620
     ataaaatata tatattattc tatagataat ttcacattca aagttgcatt cggtatgcac     34680
     cctcttcaag aggccaataa ccacaatgaa tgagtccaca cagacatcaa accctgcacc     34740
     gccaccccgc ccccacgagt ctgcgacaag aatagtctgg actttgagag ttgaagctcc     34800
     ctgggagtgt ctcaaggcat cctgagttct ggagcacgga cctattactg acaccactta     34860
     agtccatgaa aaggattaga ggagtaactg gaaagggaag actgcttcag aaccacctgc     34920
     gaggagttcc cgtcatggtt cagtggttaa cgaagcctac taggaaccat gatgtttcgg     34980
     gctcaatccc tggccttgct caggttaagg atctggcgtt gccgtgagct gtggtgtagg     35040
     ctgcagactc ggctgggatt ccgagttgct gtggctctga tgtaggctgg tggctacagt     35100
     tccaattcga cccctagcct gggaacctcc atatgccaca ggagcggccc tagaaaaggc     35160
     aaaaagacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccac ctgcaagccc aatcagacta     35220
     accacagcct cctctagccc aggaggcgcc aacactgggg tagagcatca ctcccgtcaa     35280
     gccagcggga tggatcccac agggtcgggg ggcgagaacc accagatata gattcctggg     35340
     aagtctatta ggcatcgaga gcaaagaagg ctgtgggttc attcctggct cctacgacat     35400
     tccagagtct agacagttca gacattgaga gcagaggaaa atacagccaa gctctatcat     35460
     gaagaccaag tgcaataatt ctattaacac cttcaaaata ctcacacagt catgtatgtc     35520
     tctacagttc tgcaacagga cactttattg ccatttcaaa caaacctgca cttcttgact     35580
     agcaaagaag tatagaagca tacataaacc acacgctgta gttacttcta agagtggaga     35640
     gcaactttta ctacctttct gtaacagatt gatacaagct tttcccaatt ttgaaaaata     35700
     agaaaaactc aagtccctag tgaaatctgt cattaaaatt ccttctctgt tttaaagatc     35760
     agaaatctga aacatctata ttttgtaagt gagaataaaa ggaactattt cttttaaaaa     35820
     atgatcccat aactaaattt gcaattacat agtactttct agcagaagga tagtacagaa     35880
     ctttgtaaat aaaataaaac ttactttttt gattcttcat ttttctgttt tgatgccgct     35940
     tccttttcag gattgtttcc tagatagaat aagttaaaaa atctgttttt ggaataacta     36000
     tacagaataa attaaaaagc tttgaggaat tcccactgtg gcacacttgg ttagtgatct     36060
     ggcttgttta tgtggtatta ctggtttgat cctcggctca gtgcagtggg ttaaggatcc     36120
     ggcattgcca cagctgcggt ataggtcaca gctgcagctc agtcactctc tggcctggga     36180
     acttccatgt gctgtgggtg cagccaagaa agaaaggggg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg     36240
     caaaacaaaa tgtttgaaaa gagatgaatc aaagaatggt caccagggag ttccctggtg     36300
     gcctagtggt taaggactca gtgttgacac tgccatggtg caggtttgat ccctggccca     36360
     gaacttcttt tttttgtctt ttgtcttttt ggtgccacac ccatggcata tggaggttcc     36420
     caggctgggg tcaaattgga gctgtaacta ccggcctaca ctatagccca cggcaacgat     36480
     ggatccttaa cccactgagt gagggatcaa accctaatcc tcatggatac tagtcgggtt     36540
     cgtacaccac tgagccacga caggaactct ccctggccct ggaacttccg catgctgtag     36600
     gcatagccga aaagaaaaaa agtcaccaaa aaatattggt ggtgttccca gaatgataga     36660
     tccagatcat tttcagtttt cttaaaacaa aacaaaaaaa gactaccaca ccctaacctg     36720
     acttctgcca aagtctttac agaactcttg cgagtaaaga tgagcaaata catacagtta     36780
     ggccctcaga tcactcagac tccagacaac atagcttctc cctgaagcct tagtttctaa     36840
     atgaagagct tctaaagcag aattacccat ctgcatatcc ataacaggct cccaactttt     36900
     ccccagcagg ttggccagcc cactgtccat ctgctacctt caatgtgcaa caaaacataa     36960
     gccaaccacc agcctccctc cactgtacca gctgccaagg ggaaattaca tgggcccttt     37020
     ctactcatct atctccagca cttcaaactc aaacagcagc agtttgcgct gctcagatat     37080
     ctgaattcag gcctacgccg gaccttcccc tccttggttc atgatctcag ttaaggccat     37140
     cggtgtaacc accacctcgt gtccggttta ttgcccagtt ctgtcaagac tgcatcctaa     37200
     gtgagctctc aaattcacct gcacctctcc ggcccggcta cgtctttgaa taagttgatg     37260
     ctcccaagtc ttagcttcct cccctgcgaa actgagttaa aaactatggc tacctcagag     37320
     ttcctcttgt agctcaatgt tgtcgttctc ccttgcagcg tgttaagaac ccaacacagt     37380
     gtctgtgagg atgcaggttc catcgctagc ctcactcagt gggttaggga tctggcattg     37440
     ccccaagctg tagcgtagcc cagagatgtg acttggatct agtgttgctg tggctgtggt     37500
     gtaggccagc agctgcggct ccaattcaac ccggagccca ggaacttcca tatgccgcag     37560
     gagtggccct aaaacaaacg acacacacac acctatggct gcctccacag agtggttcca     37620
     aggacagact gacacagcat ggatgaagga agcctgctgt gtgtgagctg ggaacagttg     37680
     ctgctgacac ccaccctctt gcacctggtt caggccacag tcatgtctga cccaaaccac     37740
     aatggcctcc ttccctcctc ggacccccga gtccagcatc gctactttcc aaatcattcc     37800
     acacatcctg ataagctttc tacgaaaggc aagtcagccc ctcctccgct caaaaccctt     37860
     tcagcggctt cccaatgcat aggcaggaag ccccactcca cggccagcag tgctcaccac     37920
     gactttgcct ggcctgcgtc agtccatcca ctaaacccca tcccccgcca cttcccccac     37980
     actgcaaacc tttgaatttc agttccaagt gcacctgcgc cccgaccccc cgccccatac     38040
     catcagcgga ttggcaccat gccctccctg gctgtccaac tctccctcga gggtgggact     38100
     caggctggcc cccagaagac cttgctacct ccccccggac atcagatctt ctccccatcc     38160
     aaacagaaag gatggaaacg ctacggttac accatcaaca cacgcctgta cacgtgcttc     38220
     ttcagaaact cagaagaagg gctatccagg gaggctcaga cgctgctcac caggcgctgc     38280
     cggctggggc tgctcactct gctgggtgtt actcagaggc ctggagacag gacgagggcc     38340
     actggttgcc tgcgactgct tctgcttcag attctgaact ggtttatggc tggagacgag     38400
     cttctgcgtg tgcgaaggca ggcgctgtga ggaattcgaa ggacataaga cccgctgggc     38460
     ctggccgctg tttgcagacg gcagatgctg agctggaaag tgctgggtca ctggaacccg     38520
     ttttggacca tcgccaggtg gaactgtggt ctaggatggg ggggaaatga acttcagggc     38580
     cttcaccaac aaaagctatt ttgacaacaa cccaaagtct gctcctagta ataaccaatg     38640
     tcactcactg atgagggaca gaaagggaca gcggttttaa tcaccactcc caggtgacac     38700
     tgagagtctg ctgcagacac ccaagtgcac ctccacctcc tacccgccca actcccacta     38760
     aaaccacggg aatgctcact aagctttcat ctaaaaaggg aggaggggag ttcccgtcgt     38820
     ggctcaaggg taatgaacct gactagtacc tatgaggatg caggttcgat ccctgtctgg     38880
     ccacactccg tgggttaagg atccggcatt gccatgagct gtggtgtagg tcacagacgc     38940
     agctcggatc tggtgtggct gtggcgtagg ccagcagcta cagctctgat ttgaccccta     39000
     gcctgggaat ctccatatgc cacagctgtg gccctaaaaa gacaaacaca aataaataag     39060
     taaaaataaa aagggaggca tattaaacac ttcctgggaa ttctcaatga cttgggaatt     39120
     atcatttagc aagaagctgc aattcagaaa ttttatacca aaaatcccaa ttccaggagt     39180
     tcccgttgtg gctcaatggg ttaagaagcc aattagtatc catgaggagt gattcaatcc     39240
     ctggcttcac tatcgggtta aggatccagc attgccacaa cctgtggcat aggtagcagc     39300
     tgtggctcag attcaatccc tggcctagga acttccatag gccacaggtg tagccataaa     39360
     attaaaaagt aataataaaa attaattttt tttttttttg tctttgctat ttctttgggc     39420
     cgctcccgag gcatatggag attcccaggc taggggtcga atcggagctg tagccaccgg     39480
     cctacgccag agccacagca acgcgggatc cgagccgcgt ctgcaaccta caccacagct     39540
     cacggcaacg ccagatcgtt aacccactga gcaagggcag ggactgaacc cgaaacctca     39600
     tggttcctag tcggatttgt taaccactgc gccacgacgg gaactcctaa aaattaattc     39660
     taagacccca agctaatcaa actaaggtgg cgggggctgg ggacgtgggg gtggaggatg     39720
     gcctgacttt ctccagcttc agtggaagaa atttcctcat aaatgaggaa acagtgctag     39780
     aagagaggcc tcagaatcca tcaccaggag ttcccgctgt ggctcagcag attaagaatt     39840
     cgactagtag ccatgaggat gcgggtccaa tctctgcccc tgctcagggg gtcaaaggat     39900
     ccagggttgc tacaagctgt ggtgtcggtc gcagaagcag ctaggatctg ctggggctgt     39960
     ggcaaaggct ggcagctgca gctccgattc aacccctcct agcctgggaa cctccgtatg     40020
     tcttaggcac agccccaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaaattcat caccagctca ctggtatgag     40080
     cactttataa gacaggtttc caacttccaa ggaaaaaact acttttgaaa ttagcagtat     40140
     ccacacacaa cacagcagac atcatccagg cagtgacaaa cattttaaaa ttaaacacag     40200
     aacaattttt tttaaatgat ctttatcata agaattgagg atcaaataca gtgaatcaag     40260
     ttagcctttt ttctagttgg tcatttttat acttttagcc agtaaaaaag gcttagtatc     40320
     catttattgg agaaaaagcc ttctaaaaat aatcccttcc tctggggtgg aaatcaagca     40380
     gtatttatat tccaagtaca cagaaggaaa aaaacctcag gactacttaa aggatcttca     40440
     tatgaaggac tccttcactc agctgctcca caaaagttca tcaaatgcta agcggtcttc     40500
     atgggtcttt cctccgtgaa gccttcctgg attcccatct accccaagct gaactgcgca     40560
     cccctccttg aaattaccca ggttttatac atgaaacaca cacacatata catacacacc     40620
     ttcctgatgg ttttgttttt ttgttttttt ggtttttttt ggcacccatg gcatatggaa     40680
     gttcaaaggc cagggatcaa atccaagcca cagttgtggc aacgccaggc cctttaccca     40740
     ctgggccaca gcaggaactc caagctctaa gcttttttaa gtcattgatc atgtgcttgc     40800
     ttccaccatt atgatgcctg catctgacat ggaacctgac tcaaaagcac actcccagga     40860
     aatgcccact aaagcactgc ctgacattgc tctgaaatgt gacaactaac tatggcaaac     40920
     aaaattaatt tctggaggag ttctcttggc acagcaggtt aaggatctgg catcgtcact     40980
     gcagcagctc gggtcaccgg tgtggtacgt gaaaaaaatt aaagttatga tccaaagtca     41040
     aggtgaaatg aattccagat ataaaaacca atctccagga gttcccatca aggaacagcg     41100
     gaaacaaatc cgacaaggaa ccctgaggtt acaggttcaa tccctggcct cacttgaggg     41160
     ttaaggatct ggtgttgcta tgaactgtgg tgtaggtcac agacatggct tggatcctgc     41220
     attgctgtgg catgcgctgg cagctatagc tccaatctga cctctagcct gggaacctcc     41280
     atgcaccatg ggtaaggccc taaaaagcaa ataaataaat aaaaattaaa aacaatttta     41340
     aaacgttgca attctcactt aaaataaaaa aataaagata taaaaaaatc cttttgggtt     41400
     tgagattata gattattcga tttaccttaa gccccgaaat gcagttttct ttacatttgt     41460
     ccatgatacc tgaaaagaaa aaagaaccac ctataattta taaaaatcca tctgcttcaa     41520
     agtgctatgc tggatcaggg ttataaatcc tgacaaaaaa gcctcaccat cacacagaat     41580
     tttagtctgt catctaaatg aggctgataa gggagcagtg ttttcccaca tgccataaag     41640
     cacaggtggg ggccttcccc aagagactaa gctctcccct catccacccc atcccacccc     41700
     acccctgaca gctccaactt cactcctgaa ccgcctggtc cctctgctcc atcttctccc     41760
     tagtggatca ggtccatcag tgtacagacc cgcttccata cccacagcct taaaaaagga     41820
     aaaaagtcct ctttacccca cactgactcg agctaagacc acatctctct cctctttcaa     41880
     catccaaggg ccacaagctc actccctcgg ggctgttatc cccccaaccg gtcaggctcc     41940
     tgacagaccc ctgcagagcc tgaactggct acagccaaac ccaaagtcca attctctgcc     42000
     cctcttattc acattcccca cattccccag catcagacac ttttccctct cctttcttca     42060
     cttagctggc aggtgattct cccatcttac cagctgtccc actgcaacct ccttttgacc     42120
     aaccacagtg tccggatgcc ccacttctcc acctacgcct tccctaaggc ccctcaccca     42180
     gccccagggc ctaaattttt tttttttttt ttgcttttta ggggcacaca tgcggcatat     42240
     ggaggttcac aggctaggga tgaaattaga gctacggctg tcagcctatg ccacagtcat     42300
     ggcaaagtgg gatctgagct gcgtttgcaa cctacaccac agttcatggc aacaccagat     42360
     ccccagccca ctgggcaagg gcgaggactg aacctgtatc ctcaaggata ctagtaggat     42420
     tcttttcccc tgcgcaacca agggaactcc cggcctagac atctttatta aaagaactgg     42480
     aacctgggtc ttctgccttc ccgtctcccc ccacagctgg gctcagccct ctaacaaccc     42540
     gctcacaccc tcagaaagcc tgcctggtac cccaagccaa cacaccacat gaaacaagca     42600
     ctgcacgctt gtttcccctc cactcaggcc acaaacactt cttccccaac cactctcact     42660
     cccctgggga gccagcccat ccagtccccc tggctttcaa ccccatccac aggctgagca     42720
     gccccaaatc tccatctcaa gcccagacct ctcctttcaa ctcccaccac ctgatcatcg     42780
     gaggcatctg agttttatca agtcccaaac tgaagtcctg ctccctcctc acaccgtctc     42840
     ccggaaaccc catcctgcca ggtgctcaag ccttaggcct tagccgtctt cacatggttc     42900
     tccctcaaac ctatctaccc catcggcgta tctcacaggc tccctcctca aaaatcactg     42960
     ctcaaacttt actactccca cctggtcaaa ccacactcca cccccttccc cttaattacc     43020
     tgcgaaaagc tcccaatggt gactctgctt ccacccttgc ccctttgtgg tcctctccca     43080
     acacagtgcc cagtgatccc actaacaaat cgagatattc tgggagttcc tgtgatggcc     43140
     cagcagaaat gaattcaact aggaaccaca aagatgcggg ttcgatccct ggccttgctc     43200
     agtgggttaa ggatccggtg ttgccatgaa cttcagtgta ggtcacagac atggcttgga     43260
     tcccatagtg ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag gccgggagct acagcttaga ttggacccct     43320
     agcctgggaa cgccgtatgc cacagatgtg gccctaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatttaaaaa     43380
     agcaaaagca ctcattcgtc ccatgctttc acatccactt gataagcaag caaataactc     43440
     tcccttgaag gtgggaatag gctaaagaaa ctggagtcct atatcaaaca gtcacttaga     43500
     aataacagac agggagttcc catcatggct cagcagtaat aaacctgata gtatccctga     43560
     ggactcaggt ccaatccctg gccttgctca gtgggttaag gatccagtgc tgctgtgagc     43620
     tttggtgtag gtgacagaca ccgctcggat ctggcgtggc tgtggccggg agctacagct     43680
     ctgattcgac ctctagcctg ggaactttca tatgcagagg gtggcccccc ccaaaaaaag     43740
     aatagaaagg aaaaggaaat atattttcat tatgagaaca ttaatttcac aatgctctga     43800
     tgcttcactc tcccttaaca attataagca gcaaactaat gagatcacgg aggcccatgg     43860
     acatttattc cacagtcttc aatggaagct gcagatattt gctgtagtct aatacacttt     43920
     tccttctcag gaagaataaa cagcagaata aatctctgat ccagaaattc tggagagctg     43980
     caggaagact gcttctcagg tgattctggt ttacagccaa gcacaggagt caaatgcaga     44040
     ggacctgcac gagatccctg cagttcacac cagagatcct actggtctaa ataggaaagt     44100
     cgatatttaa tagcactgtg ggtttagact ttttctttct ttgtcaaacc tacaaatgcc     44160
     tggaaaaaat gaagcatgga aaggaaataa ggtgcataat tcaaagaaaa gggaacgtta     44220
     agggtgactt ttactgcctc ctgctcaagg gtggtagcca ggacgtttgt tagaaatgga     44280
     aacttttcag gtccgatccc agacctaaca aaccagttcc cgcatttcaa catccccgtt     44340
     cccgcatttc aacatcccca gataaccatc gagcgctggg ctagatcaca ggttctcaat     44400
     gaaccatcag aaccacctgc acagcttgac aaaaacacag acacctgagt cctaagccca     44460
     agcacttctg atccattagg tgggacccta ctttttccca aggatcctca agcagtcctg     44520
     ataaaggcag tccaaggtct acagtttgag aagcactggc ccgcgaaggc ctcttccgag     44580
     aagttattta ctcacccact cacccaaccg gcccggacac gagcctttgc agctagtcta     44640
     aggtcgcccc cgtgcctaac attcaccact atcgatacct ccctaagttc gtcgcctgct     44700
     ctccaccgcc ccccaagcac gtacactcca agacaataaa aaactttatt tttctcaccc     44760
     aggtgctcac tgaaagcaca ctgcccaccc caccagctca acaaccccat ccactccagg     44820
     cgtttaataa caccaagtgg cgtcttacag ggcgcctcgg gaccaggagc agaggggagg     44880
     gctctgggga agcaccaggc tggggcgcgg ggccgggggg gggggtgcag ggggaccctt     44940
     tctcgccccg accctcccat gcaagccccg cagccccacc acccgcttcc ctcccaccct     45000
     ctcgctgagg ccacccaccc agcggctgcc cgccctcctg agagctgctc cggggctacg     45060
     cacctagggg ttctcacctc caacttgaaa acagcgcttc ctccagaggg ctcagccgtt     45120
     aggacgcaaa gtcttcattt taaataggag ttaaaccctc ttagccgaaa gctgattggc     45180
     ctgagtcaga gaggcgctac cttttcattg gttcaaggcc aactcgccgg cttgagtcac     45240
     agcccaggag aggcggcgcg caggcgtact tcctccgtga ggccccggaa gtggtggagc     45300
     caacggcccg ccacatccga ggccgttcga gagcccacag ggctctcctg gtctgacatt     45360
     tatcggtgag acagcagggc tttggcgtca gggcccccgc gtaggagata aagtctgagg     45420
     aggtgaacga acctcccgaa cacgcccgtg agtaagatgg cgagaagggc aggaacgagt     45480
     gggttcgatc gatagcgcag cgctcggcgc gacgcccttt gcgcgtgcgc agtgcacgtg     45540
     cacgcggagc gatcgattgg gcaggattcg cgtctccatt tttctaggag agagcgggag     45600
     accggagaga gcgggtatgg ggggcccggg tttcgcggag agtggctggt gcggtcggct     45660
     gggccctttg ggagaccaca ggaaggggcg aggcgggaag ggtcgacggt gagcgatgcg     45720
     gcctgtgccc tgagttgcca ggctaaggct gcatttgctc ctcctcttca aaggcctcgc     45780
     tctcactctc tctccatccc cagttggcct ttaggtccgg gtgatagcgg aacgtacggt     45840
     gaggggggcg tctgtgttct cgccgcggtg ctccttccaa ctccaggtac gaccagtcct     45900
     gggtgggcct cttcctatcc tctggccgca gccccttcac ctgcaaactg gggatggtaa     45960
     ttaggcactt actcgcccag cgagcgaacg ttctttggga gttgggaagc agggcttgtc     46020
     ctgtctttct tattttaacc ttttggtacg cctcctgatg ctcctggctt aagtggagat     46080
     acaggatgga atagtgctca agctctgggc tctggtgtgg gcaatcccag tggccacttt     46140
     aaccttggac gagtttcgca gcagcattct gtttgcagtg tttcctaacc tttttgagcc     46200
     agtttgatca tcaatgttgt gtcctagtgg gtgtatgtat atatgtgtgt gtatatatat     46260
     aatttgtttt ttctccgtat actttaaata tatcttaaga gtttagcgtg gtgtttggca     46320
     attgcttagt aaatgttagc tgttggtatt aacactcatc agtgcagcac agtaagaact     46380
     caggctctgg gctcaaatag attagtttaa ggttcaggtt ctgccattta caagctcttg     46440
     ggtcctgggt taagttaatc tctctgggcc tcaggttgcc tacctctaaa atgagatttg     46500
     atgaggactg aacaaggtaa tgcatattag ttgcttacaa catgtgtatt actgtattaa     46560
     atgtctaatg gatttttact ggttcattaa gtttttaagg agcactacag gcagtggaaa     46620
     cagcacagtc tctagagtca aatcacctgc attctaattc acgttccttg ggcagtagac     46680
     cttggccaag ctattgcccc tcctcacctg taaacaggat tactgaacct cctttatagg     46740
     gtgttgagga ttaattgaga ggaaacatgg taaaaaaaaa aaaactcaat aaatgttagc     46800
     tcttcttatt atcattagcc tcagtaattc tccagggggc agtgtgtagt taaaaaacac     46860
     tgttccccac aacacctccc acttgcagtc acccctgtga ggtacaacaa taccagtaga     46920
     taccagtgtt agctgcccac tcactgccct ttttcatagt catctctcct gtgcttctgc     46980
     cttccagttt tctcctctgc cacagctacc tatctgcctt tgactttttg ttgttgttgt     47040
     tatttcccca atacaatttt tttttctccc atacagcatg gtgacccagt tacacataca     47100
     tgtatacatt cttttttctc acattatcat gctccatcgt aagtgactag acatagttcc     47160
     cagtgctaca cagcaggatc tcattgctaa tccattccaa aggcaatagt ttgcatggat     47220
     taaccccaag ctcccagtcc accccacccc ctccccctcg gcaaccacaa gtctcttctc     47280
     catgactttt attctttttt tttttttttt tttgtctttt tgctatttct ttgggccgct     47340
     cctgcggcat atgaaggttc ccaggctagg ggtccaatcg gagctgtagc cactggccta     47400
     cgccggagtc acagcaacgc gagatccgag ccacgtctgc aacctatacc acagctcacg     47460
     gcaacgccgg atcgttaacc cactgagcaa gggcagggac cgaacccgca acctcatggt     47520
     tcctagtcgg atttgttaac cactgcgcca cgatgggaac cccccccctt tttttttgac     47580
     ttttattctt tattgctgtt tgccccggca gccttccggc atctgtacag acgtacattt     47640
     atgtacagac attgattttt ataatcaagt tatctaatca tgtccaccat ttggagtttg     47700
     tttttgtttt tgcacaaacc gaaaaccagc atctagtttt tttctctaag acaagggaaa     47760
     acttgagccc ttataaatca gcctgagtgc atagcccttc acatttttcc ttttatagtt     47820
     gtttcaccat atcccatttg ccagtatttt atctgcgacc tacacctaca gctcacagca     47880
     acgcccaatc cttaacccac tgagcaaggc cagggatcga acccgcaacc ccatggttcc     47940
     tagtcggatt cattaaccac tgcaccacga cgggagctct gccagtattt tattaagcca     48000
     ttgatctttg aatctttccg aagcgttcaa cttgatttca ttttcatagc acagtagctt     48060
     tttagctctc atgttttgat ttactgccta aggaaatcat agaatttaac aagcttagtt     48120
     gccttaaaac atatgttaag aatgaacata agtaaaccta acagctcagc tggtgcaggc     48180
     agtagtgtct agacatctga cgataccagc tgtctttccc attgcaaata tgagccagtg     48240
     ttttattaac agaagaaatg gaaggttctg ggatagcagt aaagaataaa aatcacaggt     48300
     gggtagtttg gcagaaaaga aaagttgaag aagagaggtc tcactgtaaa tattggctaa     48360
     caggatttga acagtttctt cgtgccgctg cgctccatgc tctgcatgca ccatcttgtt     48420
     gaaccttcac gaacctattt aacagctgtg aacctgctcc cagagaaaca gggctgtgga     48480
     ccgaataaac gcagctgata gagctggggt ttcagccctg aaggtctgac cagattcctg     48540
     tgttgcttct gtgatagccc agtgcctctg cccttcatca tccgcttgcc ttctctcttg     48600
     cagctggcag ggaaactgtc ttcctctcta agatgtacag aaccaaagtg ggtttgaagg     48660
     accgtcagca gctctacaag ctgatcatca gccagctgct ctatgatggc tacatcagca     48720
     ttgctaatgg cctcatcaac gaaatcaagc ctcagtctgt ctgtgcaccc tcagagcagc     48780
     tcctgcatct catcaaacta ggtaactcgt gcgtgcaagt tccttgtgtc cgtgacaagg     48840
     tttcagatgt tttccaccag tgctagaggg tgaaggagta ggcagagatc cagattgtga     48900
     tggtgtccag ccggttctgg gcaaaggatc ggtatacgaa tcatctggag ctttctgcca     48960
     ttgttacgga cttggttgaa ggctcagctc aagtggtcac ctcagatgcc tcttcttctc     49020
     ttctaaaata acccaggtat cttcccggta cttcccccgt tgctctaaaa caacactccc     49080
     gtttccttcg tgactgaatc actgcctgag gttttcttca ttgtttcccg ccatctgtag     49140
     cacctcccct caaaagactg cacatttgat aaaggccttg aacttcttct tgtgtagcag     49200
     tatatcctgg tgcttgcctg ggtcatagaa agcactagat ggagtagaga atcgtccgac     49260
     atgtttacac cttttgcctt ggcaatgtaa attgtgagaa tctgcctgag gagataaaat     49320
     caattccaca gaaatgtcca gcgatgtaaa ttggtcataa atgttcttgt atcggtaaaa     49380
     ttggacccaa caacatgttg tagatcacat ttattacact ggctaggtgt ttattttgta     49440
     tgattaaatg accaagttag gtcacactgc gttacatagt atgaggtttt ttggttggtt     49500
     tgcctttttt atggccacac ctgtgacacg tggaagttcc cgggccaggg atcgaatctg     49560
     agcctcagct acacaatgcc ggatcctttt aacccatggt gccaggccgg ggatcagaca     49620
     aacctgcacc accacagagg caaggttgga tccttaacct gctgtactac aggaggaact     49680
     ccatgatttt ttgtttcaag aaatgaaaca gttgtgtaca tggaggaagg tccagaagaa     49740
     ttcctgccac catgataaaa cagtaattac ctctgataaa caaggttatt ttttattttt     49800
     tgtttgtatt tctaattttt cctatgctaa taaacactgt ttatatgccg agttattttt     49860
     aaacttaaaa tgcgtattct tgataaactt cagtgtactt aaagctcaac tttcggagtt     49920
     cccattgtgg cgcattggtt aacgaatccg actaggaacc gtgaggttgt gggttcaatc     49980
     cctggccttg ctcagtgggt taaggatctg gcattgctgt gagctgtggt gtaggctgca     50040
     gacacggctt ggatcccgcg ttgctgtggc tctggcgttg gctgtggctc tggcgtaggc     50100
     tggtggctac agctccaatt cgacccctgg cctgggaacc tccatatgcc gcaggagcag     50160
     cccaagaaat ggcaaaaaga ccaagaaaaa accctcaact ttcaaaaatg tttcactgta     50220
     ttaatgctaa caatatatct gacctaatga atttcagagc tcctactaac agttctcaac     50280
     actaaaagta ttaaaattca ggatgggaag aaatggacaa ctacagaact gcttcttttg     50340
     agtttctgta gtgtggttaa agtagaaaat tgtggatgta gctgtctaga tagatgcctt     50400
     tgctgttgga gcctaacctg ccacagccca tatgcctgac agcattgtct ctgtgtgtgc     50460
     cgtcaggtca atgtacatga gtttgtacag tattagatgt cacgccgttc caagaaatag     50520
     taagttgaca ttggcaagca cctttcccag ttcagatcca gaccttggtc ttgccctttt     50580
     aaaataacct ttttgttccc cacctttaat tgttattctt ttcaggaatg gaaaacgatg     50640
     acactgcggt tcagtatgca attggtcggt cagatacagt cgcccctggc acaggaattg     50700
     acctggagtt tgatgcagac gtccagacta tgtccccaga ggcctcagag tacgagacat     50760
     gctatgtcac atcccacaaa ggaccatgtc gtgtagctac ctatagtaga gatgggcagt     50820
     taatagctac tggatctgct gatgcttcca taaaaatact tgacacggaa agaatgttgg     50880
     ccaaaagtgc catgccaata gaggtaaaaa tcgcaggagt attcttgccg ttttcctttg     50940
     gtagttcatg cttgggagaa ggagggcaca gtttaaagca gctttcctga gcggagcggt     51000
     aggctgtgct ttgagtcgga caggttctgc cctttgagcc tctcttctct ccttgctgac     51060
     ctaggtcatg atgaacgaga ccgcacagca gaacatggaa aaccacccag tgatccgaac     51120
     tctctatgac cacgtggatg aagtcacatg tctcgctttc cacccaacag aacagatcct     51180
     tgcttctggt tcaagggatt acactcttaa attattcgat tattccaaac catctgcaaa     51240
     aagagccttc aaatacattc aggttaggag tgtttggaaa ggagctttgt gctttttttc     51300
     cccttcataa atacagtgag ctaccgtgcg gctcatctct ttaaaagtag tcttgaagtc     51360
     ctgctgcggc acagtggatt aagaacccga ctgcagcggc tcacgtcgat gcagtggcat     51420
     gcatttggtt gccagcctgg cgcggggggt taaaggaccc agagttgcct gcagctgtgg     51480
     ctcgggttcc aggaacttac atgtaccaca ggtgtggtca ttaaaaaaag tagtctcagt     51540
     tctcattctg taaaacaaga ggacggcggc agggacgcag tgcctgcctg gagtggcaca     51600
     gtgcacatgc tgtcctgtgc ccacttcccc tgcaacccga acagctgctg gtcacagatc     51660
     agagtccacg tcactcttta aagtgactct ttagagacga accaccacca ccttctctaa     51720
     agtgtacctt ccaggaatta caaaaattcc tcagttgaaa ctatcgatgt ttgctgggaa     51780
     agcaacattc ggtgccctat tttgaatata cagttcaggt atactaatgt tttggtagtg     51840
     gcttctactt tttaataatt ccttaaattt ttggagttcc tgttgtttaa ggatccggtg     51900
     ttgctgtgag ctgtggtgta ggtcgcagac tcagctggga tcccgaattg ctgtggttgt     51960
     gtgggccggc ggctacagct cccattagac tcctagccca ggaacctcca tatgccgcgg     52020
     gtgcagccct agaaaagacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc cttaaatttt ttactccgta     52080
     tttggaacca cagcacaaaa aaaagaagct attcttatac ttgtatacaa gttgtgttta     52140
     tgtttattca ttaatcatat gtgagtgttt catagattga taatactccc ctctgagttt     52200
     acccactgtt tatttgtaaa taatggagct cacttctctg gtcttcggag caatctcacc     52260
     agtaaataat tttggaagtc tttgttcaaa tgatactttg atgtattcca gaaagttcct     52320
     tgttcttctc atacccatgt actacctgat tgttttttgg ttctttgtat cagccaggta     52380
     ttttccacaa tttctctagg ttgacctgtt caccacttgg tcccttaatg tctctttcct     52440
     cacaggaagc tgaaatgtta cgttccatct ctttccatcc ctccggagac tttatacttg     52500
     ttgggactca gcatcctact cttcggcttt atgacatcaa cacctttcag tgttttgtct     52560
     cttgcaatcc tcaagatcaa cacaccgatg ctatatgttc cgttaattac aatcctagcg     52620
     ccaatatgta cgtgactggt agcaaggacg gctgcatcaa attatgggat ggcgtttcaa     52680
     atcgatgcat cacaactttc gagaaagcac atgacggtgc tgaagtttgt tctgccattt     52740
     tttctaaaaa ttctaaatac atcctgtcaa gtggaaaaga ctctgtagct aaactttggg     52800
     aaatatcaac aggacgaacg ctggtcagat acacaggtat gtgagaagct ggtgttacct     52860
     cacggttctg tagcatttta gtttctggaa cgctcttttg gatcctcaag agctcctcac     52920
     aatacgtctg tgaatcaaat aagaggcaga gttggaaata gcaccaccgt ttcttaactt     52980
     ggctcttctc aacatgccac agctaaaact agatctgatt gcgtgcacgg aatacctgag     53040
     aattcggggg tccgttggta gaccagtggc ctgcccgttt cccacaaaaa catgaaagcc     53100
     gtcccaagag aagcctcatt cctgagggag gagaggcggc ccccagggga gagcacggta     53160
     tcctgaaccc gggtgcacag tgggcccttg agacagaaag acaaaaagaa gtcagtctgc     53220
     ttctcatgag tgcacagtgg tctctaatta cagccgttgt accagcgagc tcttcaggag     53280
     atctgttacc ccatcatgag tagtcggtgt tcaagtgtag ttatttgata gtgctaaata     53340
     ttgtgtttca tacttcagtt ccttttacag cagcaaagac tgtttggtag gaaacctcag     53400
     ctagtttcct ctgttgtgag atgttcctac actcaccata accagaactt taaaactcac     53460
     aagaaaacaa cgttgttgta agggactcca ctggagtgtt aataaattcg cattttagag     53520
     aagcaaattg aagtgttagt gtcatctgag ccactagggt gcagcatgac ctgtcttagg     53580
     gttgtctctg taacacagtt tgcttcctgc cctgtctcgg cttctggtat agatggtaca     53640
     gctggcaggt ctggggaaga gtcatttttg ttttataaat gttatgggac ggtttatgat     53700
     tatgtggcgg attaggtttg ttttgctgga gaattgggaa attccttttt ttctaattca     53760
     cagtttaaga cttatgtgag catgtttaga tctgcttttc cagttttaat gtttcgttag     53820
     aattcaaagg cctcttgaaa taaggaaaag tgacaactat caagtaaaca ttagaatttt     53880
     tgatgttaaa agttaattta agatactgtt tatagtattg aaatgctgga ctagggagaa     53940
     agtattcacg ccatatatac taaacatgtc agacgctggt cagtgagccc aagaaacaat     54000
     gaccaacctc attataagct aagaaattaa agtgaaagta tcttttttgg ttaccagttt     54060
     tcaggaattt aaaagactaa tattacctcg tattgataaa cattttagga aattgcattg     54120
     ttaggagtcg attggtaaaa tatttctgaa gggcagcttg ccatcgtata tcaaaatttt     54180
     aaacatatgt atttttgact tgctacgtct gctcttagaa acccagtcta ggagttcccg     54240
     tcctggcgca gtggttaacg aatccgacta ggaaccatga ggttgcgggt tcggtccctg     54300
     cccttgctca gtgggttaac gatccagcgt tgccgtgagc tgtggtgtag gttgcagacg     54360
     cggctcggat cccgcgttgc tgtggcgtag gccagtggct acagctccga ttcaacccct     54420
     agcctgggaa cctccatatg ccacgggagc ggcccaagaa atagcaacaa caacaacaac     54480
     aaaaaagaca aaaagaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaccc agtctaagag ttcccattgt     54540
     ggcttaacag accaagaacc cacctagtat ccatgagggt gcaggttcaa cccctagcct     54600
     gggaatttcc aaatgccata gttggggccc taaaaaaaga agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact     54660
     cagcctaaaa agactcttgg gcaagcatcc acacacacac acacataaaa agacatccct     54720
     cccagagttc tctcgtggcg ggttaaggat ccggggttgt cattgctgtg actcgggtca     54780
     ccactgtggc acgggttttg atccctggtc agagaatttc cagtgctgtg tgtgcagcca     54840
     gaaaatgaaa gtaagagatc caccacctca tcatctagag tagtggaaag tgaggtgcac     54900
     gatgaacgtc cagaaggagc gctgaggaaa ttgttaggga tcctttcacc ggcatctagc     54960
     ctttaaaagt aaatactcga aaaaataata aggctaagta ctcagtgatg tttgttgaac     55020
     acttccgctg catggggggt catctcccct cattataatc cccacgacac ctcgtgggca     55080
     agtgctgtag ttatcttggt ggaatagaga aaattaaggc ctgaggatgt gaagtcgttt     55140
     gttcaaggtg acatcacagt aagcactgag cccaggtctg acacccaagt ttgtgtttct     55200
     atctgttaag ctggattccc tctccgtaga tctctgccac atactgctga ataaaacagc     55260
     atatgctgtg tgccctgatt ggtgtagttt acaaatgagt gtatggcatg cagagataca     55320
     tggaaaaggc gttcattaaa atgtaatcag agggtgtaaa attatcaggc atttcttttt     55380
     taatacttta aacatggacg atggtaggtg tggggttttg tttgtttttt gttttgcttt     55440
     ttaggcttgc accctcggca tatggacgtt cccaggctat gggttgaacc ggagctacag     55500
     ccactggcct acaccacagc acagcaacgc aggatccgag ccacgtcttt gacctgcacc     55560
     acaactcaca gcagcgcagg atccttaacc cctgatcggg gccagagatg gaacccgcat     55620
     cccctcctcg tgaatcccag tcaggtttgt taccactgag ccacaatgga aacttctaaa     55680
     atgtgttttt tttttaattc atggttgtaa aacataaagc ttcctttggg agcgtggatg     55740
     ttcatacatc tcagtgattc taattctagg aatttaatcc tgaagaaata aggtgttctg     55800
     tgcaaagagt gttcatcaca gtattactgc tgggtacaaa ctaagcacgc ttagcaggaa     55860
     aagaatcatt aggtgatggt gctttcaaag ggtggggtgc tttgcagcca gtaagacatg     55920
     gggagatgca cccaacctga agttgaacga gggtagagaa gggagaggtc atgcgacacc     55980
     acatttgtat tcttttctct tttaaggtgt ttttatgcct agaaatacat tagaatgcca     56040
     acaggtacag taggtgggtg ggtggggccc agaggtgatt ttctttctca tacttttatg     56100
     gcttccaaaa gtatacaata aatgtgtatg actttcagca attttaaaat gctgtattta     56160
     acatctccag aactaatagc aaaagtagga cagtcgaggg ggtctaaggt gtgaacttgg     56220
     gaaggtagcc ctggcgcccg gacccttaac ctctcggtct ctgcgtaggc gctggcttga     56280
     gcggacggca ggtgcaccgg acgcaggccg tgttcaacca cacggaggac tacgtgctgc     56340
     tgccggacga aaggaccatc agcctctgct gctgggactc gcggacggcc gagcgccgga     56400
     acctgctctc cctgggccac aacaacatcg tgcgctgcat cgtgcactcg cccaccaacc     56460
     ccggcttcat gacctgcagc gacgacttcc gggcgcggtt ttggtaccgg aggtcgacca     56520
     cggactaggg ccacctgagc tgcccgcgtt agcagggcct tccctgaggc ctctgcccct     56580
     ccttccccgg gcccgtcacc agctcagtag taagtcgttg taccatcttc ggcggttgtg     56640
     ccgccacctg tacgtgcgtc tggaatttgt acaaaagaat ctttttttac cttgatggag     56700
     aatcatggtg gaaaaagttg gaaacagatc tgtgcagttg ttctgcattc actgattatt     56760
     ccagtgtgat tttcatcggt tttgtaaata caggactagc cgtttctctt gactctcttg     56820
     atcatttgaa gaaggatagg gtattaaagt gtgtactaga ctcaagtgga tctgccatga     56880
     ggacttgtca ttgggataat ttgtcacctt tcctgcctgt tctacatccc ctttgtgtgc     56940
     ttcctttcaa aatacacctg ggcagataag taggcatatg cagctctgag aatcaagagt     57000
     tttgtgccac attaaaaccg ctttagaaaa atccatcaat tctatcttaa aattctgaca     57060
     gtattctgac acattctgat aataaagctc agatctgcaa cgtcagtgta agcacctttt     57120
     tccctttggt ggcattagtg gccgcctccc atcagacctc ctgcagtgct tgtcttggta     57180
     aatgtatttc tgagaagatg actaccactc gatggggaac actgagaatt tatcctgtct     57240
     aatcaaagtc aggtgatccc actgccactt gtcttcatga atgattacta tcgattgact     57300
     ttgttcttaa gtaattttaa atcttatttt tcagttcctt tcagcatgaa ccgtaactgc     57360
     tcgggccgat ctacacagga gctgtgttct caagattttt gcagttaacc aactaataac     57420
     aagttttctt gacctggaaa ctttttaggc agcgacagta tttctttaga ttcaactcta     57480
     gctaaaaagt cagagagctc taaacagaga taaactttgg ttttacttta gttcccaatg     57540
     caaatacctc atggtctggg tcggagtacc tagaaatata atctgggatc atttgatgaa     57600
     gatatcaaat agattaattg ttttatgtta taggaatttt atagtcttct gaagtttatt     57660
     ccataaaaat tctgctttag acatcatcct taaggatcat tttagctctt tggtctataa     57720
     aaccatttta agcagtcttt tttttttttt ttttcctttg ctttttaggg ctgcacctgc     57780
     ggcatatgga agttcccagg ctgggggtca aatcggaggt gcagccgctg gcctacacca     57840
     cagctcacag ctacgccgga tccttaaccc actgatcaag tccagggatc aaatcctcat     57900
     cctcatagat cctagtcagg ctcattaacc gttaaaccat aaagggagca ccccaagcat     57960
     tcttaacatg ttaagtcaca gcattttaga tctggtttcc aaagagctgt atttttggtc     58020
     cctagtgagt ttaaatttat tttgtgtcct gattcgccag tatttgagca tggccatctg     58080
     agggtgctgc ttttaagact caaagagacc tgctgaacag gaacagggat aaccagttct     58140
     atccaaaaca ttaccaacca aaactagtca cttcttccag cttttgcttc cagtctaaga     58200
     aactgtagag cagagattta atgtttttgc ctgaaatgac cacacttcac tcctggttca     58260
     aattccatgg gaccttttta attgcttatg aattgaagtc ataatgccca ctttttccag     58320
     cttttggaat agcctcaata ttggatctgt agtttcagta cttctgttta caggatcaag     58380
     gtgctgctgt gtgtttccaa aatacgcttc ttttacaatt ttttttcttt taaaaatcac     58440
     ataaatgttt caaactggtg tgaataccag ggatattact tggacttggt tccctcacat     58500
     ctttaattat accagctaca ccctgacatc acatcagatg gggagtgata atccctcagg     58560
     atgaaaactt agaactgctg ggtttttctt ttaattgtct ttttagggcc gcacccttgg     58620
     catatggagg ttccaggcta gggatctaat gagagctgta gctgccggcc tacttacacc     58680
     acagccacag caatgcggga tccaagccac attttcgacc tataccacgg ctcatggcta     58740
     caccagatcc ttaacccgct gagtgaggcc agggatcgaa cctctgtcct catggatagt     58800
     tgggtttgtc accactgagc cacgacagga actcctgcta atgttatttt tttaaatata     58860
     tgtgatttct aaaataaaca ttttgtatat aatgataatt taaagctatt ttttgtttgt     58920
     tttttggagc ttgccttgaa tgtttttgta tttgaacata agctttcaag cagcagttat     58980
     gactttgggc tgattacttt tcacactgtt gctttagtgc tttgttctag aagctaaatt     59040
     tttgtagttt aatcatcctt agctgtgtgt ctttgctctt ctctatgaat gttaaatttt     59100
     aagtataagt cctttttttt tttggtcttt ttaaatttag ggccacacct gaggcatatg     59160
     tcactttccc agcctggggg cctacaccac agccacagca atgccagatt cttaacccac     59220
     tgagtgaggc cagggattga acctgcatcc tcatggatat tagttgggta tgtttttgct     59280
     gagccacagc aggaactcct ataattccat tttttaggtc attcagagaa atataccttt     59340
     tgccttaagg taggctttgg tttcccttag gaaaggagat gttgggagag caagtctcag     59400
     ttaaggcaag tcatttctct cctgggctgt tgcttccctt tctgtgatta aagagcttaa     59460
     tcaaaatcat ccccaacatt cacgtccatc agtgaagctc ctttttaaaa aacacatcgt     59520
     aatggaaaca gaattgggag gtcccatcgt ggcgcagtgg aaacgaatcc aactaggaac     59580
     catgaggctg tgggttccat ccctggcctt gctcagtggg ttaaggatcc ggtgttgccg     59640
     tgagctgtgg tataggtcac agacgcagcg tggatcctgc gttgctgtgg ctgtgatgta     59700
     ggccggcagc tgtagctccg attagacccc tagcctggga atcaccatat gccacaggtg     59760
     cagccctaac aaaaaaaaat gtttaaaaaa aataaacaga atcagggctg ggtgacaact     59820
     tctacttctg gaaaaacagc aggctatgta gtcagaaccc tttcagcaca ctcctggtta     59880
     gaatttgttt ttcatcacta ggtagatagc tgagctagga agaaagtggg ttcctgaggc     59940
     aaaccccacc gaagagcaca aatccagagg attaacagtg atggggctgc cggttgcacc     60000
     aaggacgtgt gtcagtccct tgtaaccgaa agatgtctga gccttcgcag ggtgggcact     60060
     ttgatgaaga cacagaaccc aaaaggtgcc cactcccctc cgcaaaagga tgaacttggc     60120
     aaaaacgccg cctcagaaag agcttaccta cccctacagc cgctggctta gatgtgcagg     60180
     gaaggttccc gggtgttggc acaggggagg gttttcaaga atcccgtcta cgagccatgt     60240
     gccccgagca agcttggagc cggtcacacc acctgtgtgg tttagagaaa agcaaactga     60300
     gaatcgaaag caactccagg tggtagaggc cacgcgtgcc agacaggcca gcacccgttc     60360
     tccgtggaag gggcacatct gaaccccggg ctgccgtgag tcctcgtccc agagaaaagt     60420
     ctaagagtcg tgtgttcacg ttgagtgtag ggaacagcca ccgtgatgag aaccggcaga     60480
     agcgagtcac gtggtggaat cagcacttgc acaataggtg tgaagaacta aaacagtaac     60540
     tagactgggg ccaagggtca agagcttcaa aagtgaccaa gtgggtatga acagcaacct     60600
     tcagaacatt cggtgcttct gtaggtctca tgtttttgtc ctttttctgg agtttgacct     60660
     gtgccctcct actcctttag tgggtgtttt catctctgaa gcctcttgcc cagtcatttt     60720
     ctggccaatt tcctcttccc ctccaggctg cgcccccaca gggagggcca gcctggggcg     60780
     tcatttccta ccctggcctt tctcgattac tgtgtctgca cccagcctct ccaccctttc     60840
     ctttgcatcc tttgcttcaa gtcctgctct gattcctttt cccttttaac cttgggatca     60900
     aagttcaggc tgttaagctg aattatcact aattattgca gctggagaag cccagtcctc     60960
     catgaattat cccttccttc gggtgtgaag atgaatttgt tgacaatcta tgaaattctg     61020
     ctttgaccag aggagctctt ttgttacttt cgtgaggtta aagtctgcca gataatcaga     61080
     tgattttaca acagctcagt ctgaaatttc tgcgaggcct tttgtgtttt gaacattctg     61140
     ggtctggagt ttggttggac tttctataag tccggtatcg agggcccagg gaccaagtac     61200
     taccacccaa ggagcctgga tggctgaaag tccacgtgaa aacagcggaa aatacccaaa     61260
     cctgttcagt acgcaaaagc agcctgcctt gctgcatatt tcctgggagc tgtggaagta     61320
     ttcagactcc ctaggttctg aaaagacaat tcaaactact gttctcagcg acaccttggt     61380
     caagggaggg aagttacctt attagaggct ccctgacctg gttctcttga attctggcag     61440
     tttcaacttt ccgtctgtgg aatgttgcga aaaccaacca ctgagtttcc tagaatatca     61500
     actctcgcaa tatctgtgca cgtaggagac tcgtttgcct gaagatgtta acatgaatag     61560
     actgcagcaa aacacccaca gccttcattc agaaaaatca tggcgggatc agataggaaa     61620
     cgggaaactc aagcccctcg ttcacgaact ctgcactaaa tacctttgta ggacctagtg     61680
     tttaatttca gggccaaatc ctattacctt tgtcttgttt ttggttagat tgcttttcct     61740
     taataaggac atgcaaatga cagcattcta atcttcatgg ggccttcgag gtcggccctt     61800
     cggcactgcc atggacccct ggagtttgcc aaggtggtag gaaccatcca gacaagttgg     61860
     cgtgaagtct gtctgttgtc ttttttcttt tttggccacc tcgtggcata gggagttccc     61920
     aggccaggga tcagatctga gctgcagctt tgacctacac tacagctgcg gcaacgccag     61980
     atccttaacc cactgtgcca ggctggggat tgaacctgca tcccagtgct ccagagacac     62040
     cactaatcct ttgcaccaca gtgggatctg tctgttgtct tttccaagag acttggcctc     62100
     ggattctgtc tctgttcatc acggtgtgac cttgagcaag tttgtccatc ctttttcttt     62160
     tgtctcaaat gtatacaaag gtgaataata gaagagaaac aatggttgcc agaggtgggg     62220
     gggaggggac aagaagtgac tgctgatggg cacagggttt caacttgggg tgatgaaaac     62280
     gttctagaat tagtggtgat ggttgcacaa ctctgaatgt actaaaaaaa aaaatactga     62340
     atcctgctct tgaaaagggt agattttgtg gtatgtgaat tatatctgga gctgcagctg     62400
     ctgcctgcct acgccacagc cagatccaga cccgagctgc gtctgcgacc tacatcacag     62460
     ctcacggcaa cgccagatcc ttaacccact gagcaaggcc agggatcaaa cccacatcat     62520
     ggatactagt tgggttcgtc aaccgctgag ccatgatggg aactccctaa agctgttatt     62580
     tttttaaatt caatccccac agtacagtac aatgaatccc catggaccca tcactcagac     62640
     tccccaattt tcgacccatg cccaaaattg ttctacctat gtacctctat cctcttccac     62700
     cttgaattat tttaaagtga atctcagatt ttgcctgtaa atattcagta tacatctctt     62760
     agaaataagg acttttaaaa acacgatcct aacatcatta catctcaaag catgtatgga     62820
     aacatcgaac tttggtttag tagatgccaa ctatggaaac ctgaacttga gccttgcctc     62880
     gacagcgctt gcgtcttcct catctgaggt gctacgtggc ccgtggccgc cgacactgag     62940
     aagctggtag agccaggaga aagcaggagc aaagaggtgc acccaagaga aacgtccaga     63000
     ttcacagatc acctgccatt ttgccgtggc ctttgcctca taaataatca ccactggtta     63060
     taggcattgc agtagtactg ttgtaatgat ttgtctcatc tgtaaagact taacaggata     63120
     caatactcct agtctcagcc tatgttgagc tgccctgctt ctcacacctc tcctaactcg     63180
     cgaagccttc cgtaagtaac ccctcctccc gtctctctcc gcatctctgg ctgtccacct     63240
     tgcccttgtt gccaaatcag tttgtgatca ttctgtggca tccttgtggc tcccattatc     63300
     ttgcctctgc atgtcaatta catgagccca gacattgact tccaacaata atgggaattt     63360
     aaaatcagtc tgctatttcc atccctaaat ccttcctggt gcccagactt gcggggacca     63420
     agccagggac aaccagcagg caagacagta catgtcgtca ttgcaggaag ggagatatgg     63480
     gagagacagc ttgttacaga tggaggttga gccaggctca gaaagatggg taccagtttg     63540
     ttacatgaaa taaaaatgca gacgtgccta gaggaccctg taggtcgtcg ctgggtgttt     63600
     ggtgtgagtg cagagaacgt ggaaagagca ggtcctgctc atctgcagga gctagtgctg     63660
     tggtttcgag tacaggcggt gggtggcttg atgagttgga taatgtgatg atccatgttc     63720
     agcgtagcgc tggtgcggag caaagacccg gggtttgcgt gggggacagc agtgggggac     63780
     agcgcagggg cggtggcgga gggggacgga gtgtgatcct gatcctgatg gggaaaaatg     63840
     cgggacaacg tctcctgggc aacccctgac ttgttttctc tggctgtcgc ggggcaagtt     63900
     ctagggagca ggaaagaagc agcacggacc cgtcatcaga aatatggccc ggcagcctct     63960
     acccaagaaa atgagctggg tctgcctggt gggggttgtt ccacgacatt caccagagga     64020
     ggatgccctg ccttcacaca ctcagcttca aagaaggaac ttcaccctat aaagcagaag     64080
     acttgttttt tttttttttc ttttgcggtt tctggtagca aatgtgtgac cgtctctgct     64140
     tatagacgtc aggcaatgag gagtgagtgt ggcttggatc ccagctctcc cctccttcac     64200
     ccctttcctt ctcttctagt cctttccaga aagttcgcca gctgggagaa tcattctgac     64260
     agtttcctgt gctgtcagat agctccatag aactccgttt ctgagaacca gccagaggca     64320
     tgcagtgaca ttgcgcaacc gcctctaagc ggagcttatc acccgtgggg ctccaaggcg     64380
     cggctcacac cagcagcatg aaaggagcag gcggcccaga cggagcgccc aaggtgagtg     64440
     gcagggccgt tggaaccacc tgcgttggtt aagggccgtg gcccgttgcc gtgctgagat     64500
     tccgacgagg tcaggagcat accggttgca tgtgagttcg agaggggaga ggttcctgca     64560
     tgtttaagtg cagaagataa atgggcttta aagctcttac ccattttgac tcagaggtgg     64620
     atggaaatga ctttctagca aaaaccagct tagggggttg atcgcacaac caagccattc     64680
     ctctgtgtct gttcatcggc tgacaaactc aaacgggagc tggacccggg tctctgcccc     64740
     agccctgagg ccacaggggg cctcctcaag ctgtttgcac ctcaacttct gtgttcacat     64800
     gtttgcgggc tgctaaacaa actgcctgga catagggaca aggaggtcaa ggttattttg     64860
     ctacatcttt ttaaattttt aagtagaact ggaaaaagaa ctgaaaacag ttatgaaatg     64920
     gggagtctgt ttatatgaat taaatgtgtt atttattatt ccaacaatca taacaggagc     64980
     cactggtgga atgtatggct gaacaacgca cgacagtctc tcttaggtag atggtgtgta     65040
     aatagtgtaa cgacccttga attctctacc cagctatttt ctttgaaaac ttttaaacca     65100
     ttgggaaaat ggggaaaaag tgaattccat caacctgcgc atgtctttta ccgacattga     65160
     ccgatccctg gcattttgtc acattcgtgt gtatctattt gtgtatattt agacataggc     65220
     tacattcgca ttttccaaaa atccaaaaat atcctctttc gctttggggg cagtttttac     65280
     ttcgtgatgt gtttgtctgt ggtttgtttg cggttccagc ccggaattca ctccagggcc     65340
     gcacatatcg tgtgctgggt ctctgtcacc cctggtctag aacagccgct ccttctgctt     65400
     ttccttcatg acgctgacct tctctatgcc catccagttt ttaatttaac tttcgttttg     65460
     agttggagtc tagtggatgt acatgtgttt caagtgcaca gcagagggga tcagttacag     65520
     ttctttttgt gattcggatt tctttttatg tatgtgccgt ttatgctccc tcatttcggt     65580
     agcatttgac catgttcaat taacctgtat atatagatgc gtgtaacctg tatctgacat     65640
     tcgcggcagc acccctgaaa gtcaatcatc aatagtgtgc agataattcc cgccaaccct     65700
     tactgactgt ccatctgcca ggccctgtgt tgtgtgggcc atttgcattt tctcatttct     65760
     ctggatgtct ccctgagcag atgtgctact cggagcccca ctttatagat gaggaaagca     65820
     gatctcgtgg gtcattcgct agcgagtgga aggccagggg ttacacccag gcagactgcc     65880
     cagggcccca gctctaaacc actcagtcca tgctgaccct taggtcagca gtcagcatct     65940
     tttcatcaag agctagacag gattttaagc tttgtgaccc agctataatc tctggtgcat     66000
     attttttgtt ttcatagtct tttaaaatat aaaatctttc ctcactctag gaggggtcat     66060
     gcgggttggg tccgcaggcc atagtgtggc aacctcgacc taggcagtga tgtcccagct     66120
     cccactgatg ccctgcccag taagggcagc agcaggccag gaaaccaagt cttcacccca     66180
     agtccagggg cagccaggtc ccgatttctt gggcatccct gcggaactgc cagcacacat     66240
     agaagatact atgcgttttt taaaggtttt acgggaatag gggcagtagc tgaacaggct     66300
     gagcttcttg tcttgcacaa tgagcaggac ggattggagc tccatccgtt ttagcaacat     66360
     tgattgaccg ctttgtcttc aatgcttttg attaaatggt aacacaggct taaggggctc     66420
     ataccatgtg cgtggctctc agctttcatg catttgactt gaaagcaacc ccgactttca     66480
     ttcaggggca cccagacgcc tttcgtgccc cagggtcagc ctgtgtacag gcatgaacag     66540
     cagccgccct cccaggctgt gccccacggt tgctgcttga caaccaacca agggctcctt     66600
     gtctgtagaa tttcatcttt gtgcacagca gggtctgtgt cattgcctga ctttgtgtta     66660
     ggttttccct aagcgtctga taaaatgaat agaaaactct tctaaaccac gatgatttta     66720
     gagctaagaa atggcctcag acagtgcagc tcaacaaagg tagaggctgt tcgcgtggcc     66780
     gaggtagtaa atcccacttc tcccttgcct gctgagtgga ctgtagctga gcgactccat     66840
     gttctactcg attccagaaa tgccctagga ggtcccgtgg tggcccagca gaaacacatc     66900
     tgactgggaa ctgtgaggtt gtgggttcga tccctggcct cactcagtgg gttaaggatc     66960
     tggcgttgcc atgagctggt ggtggaggtc acagacgcgg ctcagatctg gtgttgctgt     67020
     ggctgtggtg tagaccaaca gctgtaggta gctctgattc aacctctagc ctgggaaccg     67080
     ccatatgctg tgggtgcagc cctaaaaagc aaacgaaata aaataaaata aggtctccga     67140
     gacaaggtga ataagtggtt ttattacatg taagcccttg ctttggattt ttggtagttt     67200
     caaaagcgcc ttctttttga aaatggggac tgcatgtcct ttagagtgat tcagtcccat     67260
     tcgtcgcaaa ttgtgtttcc ctctgagcgt gtccccgttc gcgggtgcat gtcattagag     67320
     gtgacactga aaagagcatc tttgtgccag acgtctttgc ttccctggag taaatgtcca     67380
     ggagtcaaaa gaggaatcct gggtcaaagc agcgtggtgt ttattttcca tcactttctg     67440
     agactttctg aaatttgaaa acctactttc tttgcgattt acacttcctc tctttcatga     67500
     gtagcgctgc aagttggatg ctcacttggt ttcctgaggg gcgttttcaa acggatgtct     67560
     ttatcatgtt cctaaagcat gggtggtcca gagaaaggat caaaataata tttatgtttt     67620
     aagaacatgt caacgtcctg gctcaacatc tcagactcag tatcaactaa aaagcaaaca     67680
     tccttgggtc ctcttccatc tcagctgagt ggagtggttc tcactccagg agcatctaga     67740
     caaagactta gaatttaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaaaaaaaa     67800
     tcaccaacac gcccaaggct ggtttagaca ccgacaggct gcctcctggc aagactctct     67860
     tgctccggtg tttctgggca tcaccactca gcgaggcttc gtttgtgagt gcagagcgat     67920
     ttcaggctct cctggtacct ttggaagcac cgaggtggta aacgggcatt cggaactcag     67980
     tctttgcgga agacgggcgc gtggggtcag gtgcagagaa ctcgccctgg cccgctagcc     68040
     tggcctgagc ccaggcccac cagctcccca cctccaatcc cttccctctc ccctgctgtt     68100
     cccagccttg ggacgctcct ctctcctgtg gctggaccac tggtcctcct ctcaagcatc     68160
     gcctgacccc gaggcctctc gggagcagcc cacctaaagg gccttcctct ccgcacccac     68220
     cccatcactc tcatcatctg tctcatcctc actcagcaag agtggaaatg gcgttgcatt     68280
     tgtttgttgc accctctgaa atgtcagctc cacgaggggc agacctgggc cttctgcaat     68340
     gctgcctctc tggtgcctgc agtagcacct gcacatggta ggtgctcagt aagcaccttg     68400
     cttggtgtgt gagaatggag gcgagcttac agggaatgca gaagagccct tgcatcacgg     68460
     cctcgaggac aggaacgcta cttcctgttt gccagatgtc tgggaacaga ggtcacccct     68520
     gactctcaac tcttctaacc cctgcctggc cccaacctga cccggcactc ggcctggatg     68580
     cttgagaatt gcccacctcc tcccgtggtc agatgttgcc tgaggtctga gcctttgcaa     68640
     atgaaggcaa ggacctgtgg tctccctctg aacttgtcca gcaacttcat cccttcacct     68700
     gcctccccgg gcaaaagagg cagacacagc accctgctgg aaatccttgt ctactgttta     68760
     ggttttcacc caacacagag ttattgagct ctgggggcct ggggcgtcaa cacagagctg     68820
     acagtccagt ggagtcagac agttagtaaa atgagtaaac gggtattgca ggtgctgata     68880
     actgccgtca gggaacaaaa caggatgact taatagaggt ggtggacaga aagggtccct     68940
     ctggaaacca gaatgctggg aaaagcattc caggcagagg gaacagcaaa tgcaaaggca     69000
     ggaatgaatt cagcagagca gcgtatccgc gaaaaggccg gtgttgttgg agcagagtta     69060
     acaagggggg caaggggtct gaaaggagat ctgaggggaa agcagggttg ggcctcgggg     69120
     gccctgtaag aactttgagg tgcattctaa ctgcagagga agccaccagc ccatttgaag     69180
     caggagatga cgaggtctgc gcacgttttt aagagaccac gcaggctgct gtgcagcaca     69240
     gttggaagga gagagcagaa gcagggagat gagtcaggac agagcagatg gctttgtttt     69300
     ccagtttgga tggtaccatg ctgtcctcag tgggcacggg gaattgttgg ccctgacttc     69360
     tgaaaaaaac tgtttggtgt ttcagactgt caggaggtgt gaccagaatg aagagtatgt     69420
     taaggtataa gtggctttta aggaactact tgtgctgcat atttttttaa aaaagaaact     69480
     attttccacc aactttattt ccattttctg ttgagacaac atcgctttca ttcattccat     69540
     gcatcctgag ccagacactg tgctctaagt gtcgcagaag acaagtgtcc agtacccttt     69600
     ctcaatgttt tttttttttt taataaagtt gctttttttt attctttttt tctttttctc     69660
     cttttggcca ccccatggca catggagttc ccagagtgca gctgtggtaa tgccagatcc     69720
     ttaacctcct gtgctgggct gggtattgaa tctgcatccc agggctccag agacattgcc     69780
     aatctcattg caccacagtg ggaactctcc ctttctcaat atttactaag atgtcatcag     69840
     tggcataagt ccgtcacatt ctgttattct tgcccctgtt tgataacctt tattctcata     69900
     tcattatatt tgctatagag ctcacttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagcaaa     69960
     acagcacatc accacttacc cctgaagaga ctattcaaag gaaagtggcc tcatgataat     70020
     ggaatgggga agctatagaa acatggtgtg gtcattttgg aactgtgatg actaagggag     70080
     gaaatgacaa gggcctggag gggaaataac ttcaaaggag gaaggtgggg aggctggtaa     70140
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagatg tcgctgcaag tgatattcga atactccaac atgagttgca     70200
     aaaaggggaa atgactattt taggagccat ttcccaatgc gtggctcata caccgttcgt     70260
     tgactggcgt gcccacagca aggacagaat cagtgcccag cacacagcgt gcgccccgga     70320
     ccgcatctcc cgcttctctg ctgggaggct tcggaggctc ttaaaatgcc tccaggaact     70380
     gtcattcgtg ggcgagtcgg ggctactcat ctgcccagtc actctagaga gcagttctcc     70440
     aagcggttat aagttcctgg atctcttgtt ctttttcttt aaactattgc tccttgaatc     70500
     aagagcgggt tttgtgtgtt acacgtgtta caagcagcct tcatttgggg gttggagggg     70560
     cgcaaactgg gtgcgcaagc agtaaggagg atgcctcgcc cttggaggcc ttggccgtcg     70620
     agtttgacca aaagtaaatg gtccttgtgg catgtctgct ttggttcaga atttaaactc     70680
     tcaggaggtt gagagggcaa gagagtcaat tactaatagc gagaactgtc aagttgcttt     70740
     tgtcttttta cactgatgtt tcccaaagtg aggggtccac ggccttcagg aaatcaacag     70800
     gaacaattaa caggagcttc ctggtggtgt cttgtgcaag gctgcagtga gtttatctgt     70860
     ggcccattac tgacaacaaa ataaataagc ccagtgaaca ggaaccacca acagaacaag     70920
     agaagagctt gaggaacagg tggttcgttg ctttcctaac acccctaaaa tgacccaggg     70980
     aaatggagaa tttggtaaac aagcatgaac cttcactcat tgctctggat ccatgagaca     71040
     gggtggacca gctttgaatt cttcctcatc aaatggaaac tcaccctgca gggactgtga     71100
     cctctttccc acaggatgat tttaggtacg acacacagaa tatatttttt ttatgttagc     71160
     tatgtatttt aacatatgta tggagttccc atcgtggtgc agtggttgac gaatgcgact     71220
     aggaaccatg aggttgcggg ttcaatccct ggcctcgctc agtgggttaa ggatccagtg     71280
     ttactgtgag ctgtggtgta ggttgcagat gcggctcaga tcccacgttg ctgtggctct     71340
     ggtgtaggcc agtggctaca gctccaattc tatccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatgctg     71400
     cggaagtagc cctagaaaag gcaaaaagac aaaaaaaaaa aaaattacat atatatatat     71460
     atggagttcc catctcggct tagtggtgag gagtctgact agcatccata aggatgtggg     71520
     ttcgatccct ggccttgctc agtgggttaa ggatccaaca ttgccgtgag ctgtggtgta     71580
     ggtcgcagac atggctcgga tctggcgttg ctgtggctgt ggtgtaggcc ggcagctgca     71640
     gctctgattc gacccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatacct cgggtgcagc cctaatgaaa     71700
     aataataata gtaacatatg tatatatgca ttgtaaaaaa ttaaaactaa tcaacaactt     71760
     gtaatttcgc aggtcatatt gcttcgggag agtgatttct ttttaattgg cttaattcaa     71820
     cattttactt taaattaaga aggtacagac atggatacga caggaagcgt gcagttaaga     71880
     gaaacacaga gtttaagaaa cacagtctta gacgaagctt tctcctaact ggcattggtg     71940
     taattgctta tgaccaatca caggacacga aacaccttct ttcatctcca tgcctcttgc     72000
     cccttttacc cttcaaaaca agaaaaaaag gaaggaaaag atgagaaagg gaaggatccc     72060
     atctgtcatt ttctttaatc cctgggatgg tttccatgaa gtagataaaa acaagaaaag     72120
     caaccacgca aaatgcaggg gttggagttc ctgctgtggc gcagtgggtt aagaatccaa     72180
     ctgcagcatc tcgggtccct gtagagacaa gggtttgatc cccagcctgg tgcagtgggt     72240
     taaaggattg agtgtggctg caggtgcagc tcaaattcaa tccctgaccc gggaactccc     72300
     atgtggcaca ggtgcgacca ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcaa gggttgcagc caggtgggaa     72360
     cctgcacttc cagatgcgga tcctgaggcc ctgggaagtt ctcaattact tgccctcctc     72420
     cctccgtgaa tttttcacaa gagggggctg aatcctcagc cacttacctt gccccaacct     72480
     tgctctcagc tcttttcctc aaagcaggta tcttaagaat tcaggaactt atctaggaag     72540
     ggatgaactt ggagttgggg gacaggtgaa taaatatgct gggtccgtga ggccctatac     72600
     gttccaggat acagcgtggt gtaacacagc cctgtcttgg gccacatccc aaaaaggtca     72660
     gttacttaga agaccaagat cttccttgtt gcatcgcttc aaccctgagc ttagacccag     72720
     gcagcctggt tcaccttgtt ccccccacag gacatgttgt cagacataca gtaagtgctt     72780
     aataaagaaa tgttgaatcc acgaagtatg aaaagtgcat tttagcaaga tccccgtgaa     72840
     taaggaaaga acattcaaac aactcgatcc aggtaagacc caaatgtggg agtttccatt     72900
     gaggctcagc gggttaagaa ctcgactagc attcatgagg atgcaggttc catccctggc     72960
     ttcactcagt gggttaagga tctggcattg ccgtgagctg ccgtgtaggt cacagatgca     73020
     gcttggatct ggcgttgctg tggctgtgac agtaggccag cagctgtagt tccaattcga     73080
     cctccagcct gggaacttcc atatgcttat tcaggcatcc ggggagaaaa tgtttcactt     73140
     ccattgggta gcttggaatt tttttctggt cacaacctct tcctcaaagt ctcattagaa     73200
     agtaggcagt gctttctgtg gctacagagt tcctgtaacg agaggccttt tcatctgaac     73260
     cactggcagg attcaaagct ggagggacca gagtcggcgt tgtcatggag aaatccgtga     73320
     cactttgggc ttgtgtgtag gcaatgccat tgccagatcc tttttggagg cattgggaaa     73380
     acaaggactg actcttttat ggaggttatt cttgtgccct cgcatcccgt ctcatttcca     73440
     agttcaccag gcttattcac gtccccagag cccatagcga agcccatcac tggctgtttg     73500
     cattcagatg gagggtgggg aagggcccta aactttccca cccctggcgg tgggtgtccg     73560
     cccagatctg ctggcgggac agctgcagaa agagcactgt ccagacacaa caaatgtttc     73620
     agacccaaac ctcccgacgt tccagcacca attgctagag aaggatctcc ctcccaattt     73680
     ctgccagtgt ttcccaggat atggactaat tgcctttaaa agtaatttct gtgaaggatc     73740
     caaatggagc tgaatgtgag ggtccgcctt tctcttttcc ggcctctgtt tcctgcaact     73800
     gtcccattgc ttaggactca gaggtgaccg tgtaaagggg tccatggctt gttattttgg     73860
     tttttttccc ccaaagataa ggaaggtaat gactcttcca ccaatggaaa ttactggcag     73920
     ttgtcttatg tcccaagttt tgaaacaaaa aagagaggaa tcatattttg tttagaaagt     73980
     tacagtctat ccagttaagt tttttttttt ttaaagcata catgtgcctt taagtataca     74040
     aataatcagc aaaaggaagt ttcagtatct cagttagatg acttcagatc actttctata     74100
     ccttctggag ccttcagtct aggacttttc agtttttttt tcaaaagcag aactgaagct     74160
     gaaactcagt tattttccaa gcctatctgg caaattcaat attaaccaca agaaaaacgc     74220
     agttttgcct cagcatcttt catttaacta ctttgctaag gttttttttt ttagcacagc     74280
     tccaagagaa acaactcttt ttgatgttgt ggggtggtgc aagaaattac ttagctgtca     74340
     cctcatcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatccaaat atttctaaga aggagaggca gctcgttgca     74400
     gccatctcga gttctgcagg agggcacact atttctctca ccatgttggg cctgacactt     74460
     tagaagaaat agcgtagttg caaatctcag ggcaagctct gcttgtgaaa tagaccccgt     74520
     tgctattttc agagctctca gttccctcga cttgtggatt ttgacttttc tctgtaaata     74580
     aagctaggga aagctcctga aatttcacgg gaggaaagaa aagtcaagat cacttagaga     74640
     aagagaaaga gaaaggggcg gtggcctgat ggcctgcaga cctcacgctc tgagtcccca     74700
     gggaaggaaa gcagcaaggg attctcctca ggccttcctt cagggtcctg cacctgctcg     74760
     tcctaacttc tagtcttggg gaccatcccg tctggcccag gtgtttgtgc tcacaatcca     74820
     tgtcattctg tgcccagcca aaggggggga cgtggtggtg gccaaagggc agcaagcctc     74880
     ccccatttgc ctggggactc attcgatgcc taacttgccc aaggctgggc cagaaaaacc     74940
     cttaaagctt cttcaggcct aaacttctgt gattcttaac acacctgcgg ctagaccctg     75000
     tttatttaag aggggggttt ttgttgcctt ctctgggtgt ctttatgctg cagccctgct     75060
     ctcaaggatc tggggccaga gaaccacaca cacagtcatc tgattctcag caactgtcca     75120
     ggcactttcc agcatcttcc gtgctgtaac tggtcctcgg atagatgggc agtgtgactt     75180
     gcattgacag tgtcagttat cctggaagtt caagaagggt ttctccagat gcttttgtgt     75240
     ggcaaaatgt ttggggccga gattaagact gacttggtca aggttcctgt ctatcaaatc     75300
     tgggagtaga acaggcttca atggtcatga caaacaggag ctcaagttca ccaatgcaga     75360
     agccattctc ttccccaaga agagcatcct taacctgatg agccataaga atccctttta     75420
     aagcctagat ttttagtatt tcccattgtg gctcagcggg ttaagaactg accagtatcc     75480
     ataaggactc gggttcaatc cccagcctcg ctcagtgggt taaggatccg gcattgctgt     75540
     ggctgtgatg taggcttgca gctgcagctg caatttgacc cctagcctga gaacttccat     75600
     atgctgcaag tgcgactcta aaaagaccaa aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaag actagatttt     75660
     tatattgaaa aagcagaaca tgtacacata attttggggg gggatttctg ttttgtttgt     75720
     ttttttggcc accccacaca gcatatgaaa gttcccaggc cagggatcga atccaagctg     75780
     gggctgtgac ctacactaca gctgcaacaa tgctgaatcc ttaacccact gcaccacagc     75840
     aggaactccc tgtaaacatg gttttttaaa attcaaactg tgctggggaa ttccctggtg     75900
     gcacagtggg ttaaggatct agcattatca ctgctgtggc ttgggttgct gctgtgccag     75960
     ttctgtcccc agcctgggaa cttctgcatg ccacagacat ggccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     76020
     aggaattgac ctgtaccagt gaacatggac tgaaagcata ttttccttta aaatcccaga     76080
     tctctaagtt ttcctggtct tcagttctcc tggccagaga aagaacccca acagcttata     76140
     tcatctccca gaaagttact gtactcataa aagaatacat ggaggcatgc catctacagt     76200
     ttcacatctt tctttttaaa ataaaaatac tgtatttaag agattattcc atttcatctc     76260
     gtataaactc cacctcattc tttttaacgg ctgtatagta ttccattata caaccatgtc     76320
     attaggtatc ggtaattaca ttgaagccat tttctgattc ttgatacaga atcaatcctg     76380
     atactctaac catacaactc accccactga ctgtgaatgt ttttatcagc ttaccatccc     76440
     tctctctaga ggtgtaccac ggccttctgt ctttcatcaa aacacacgtg ccgtcttgca     76500
     atggagatgg tgctaaaagg acagactcca gggccaaaac tgcctctgtc aatctgggtt     76560
     ctattccttg ctgtctgagc aaccctacac tactcaccca ccctctctgt gcctaagctt     76620
     tctcccctct tacatgggta ttagtgatag tgcctgcttc atgggctggt gactatccag     76680
     tgaggtaata agtgctaatt actaatctca gtgcctggca cagagttaaa aagccctgag     76740
     ccatccttat tggctaaata gcaaaccaca tgaacatgac ttaatatgca ctagaaagat     76800
     gagcgtggat ttcctctttg agtaattaaa ggaactggat atgagctgag acacatggcg     76860
     tgtaagaaat ctgccttgtt gtgtggggtt tgcaaagtgg ggagccttcc cagacggtct     76920
     ttgctgtgac cccttaaaag catgccgacc cccctctcgt ctctctggag gtggccttgc     76980
     agagtgttca gctttgtcac ccatcaactc tcacaacaga agtgtcacga gagcactttg     77040
     tttcttcctc gggggtgtcc tccttcctct gtctttcttc ccttttttgg agaatgtggg     77100
     tgggaaaaat ggaggtggtg tggggatttt tcctaggctc ttggaaactt ttctttctct     77160
     ttctttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcg aacatgatgt     77220
     gctttaaaat atgatagaaa catccacaag tcaacagcac cattcgcact gctttgatct     77280
     ttctaagcct atctgcatat ttacataacg caaaatattt ccaagtgcat tgaaggggaa     77340
     gccagttgtc tttaaagatg atcaaagacc tttctccatt ctgcatgtac tcggcatctg     77400
     ggctcagcag cctcgtaaag acataggacc tcaaagtaaa agttcctaca tccagggaga     77460
     ggttccatga acttcaggga ttcacatttc ccatacatca aaggatctga aatatttaaa     77520
     atgtatacat ttttggaaac ttgtgccttt tgtataactt ctctctctca tggcctcaga     77580
     caggaagtat aaaccattct atcaccttcc cccaaaacta agaattcttg gaagtcagtc     77640
     atggaatctg tgagaaggaa gttaaaatgc taaacatgga cgctttccaa aaaaggattt     77700
     tagtagaaga aaaatgccca tcttgttcat gagtttccat gacgctgtac agagcggggg     77760
     cccagcgacc accggctgct cagggctcct tctgcatctc tgatctctat ctcttcctgc     77820
     tggggagact tatttatcta ctacttcctg ctgtgagctg gtgacctcat cgtgtgatct     77880
     gccttcccaa ggaaatgata attttctagc tacgttgatg gaaaccatct cagaagctct     77940
     cttctcctat cgcctggcca ctaatacttt cattttaggg gtctgggggc ggggggagcc     78000
     cttgtgaaag ataaagtgag gaggcagcag gactgggctg tgatgctgat ctgccctttg     78060
     tgaagggaaa ggggaccagg caggagaggg tagagagagc ctcagactac aagcagttca     78120
     cacagtcctg gacataacac agtgaaaggc ttcaaaacag aatgcccttt ggaggagtcc     78180
     tgccttgggc agaaatgctc cagccccctg cctattaact tccaatttgc aaaggaaacc     78240
     agcgtggagc ctcgaagacc ccagcagtgg gctggactca gccgcagaga acttcattgg     78300
     gtccatgtag ttattttctt acgtctctct aagcacgccg caggctccac cactcccaaa     78360
     tgtctgacac ctggccagct tcacgtacat atacttcttg cccatctcct atgatcatct     78420
     gagttttctg ttcctgccta gcaatatcct taagtcagct ccttcccagg ttacgtgcac     78480
     cttgacttta gcagatcaga ggggggaaat tgacttagac ttggagaggc tgtgtggtga     78540
     attgacaacg gcaggcttca gagtcagaca agctcgagtg tgaatcccca ctctactgcc     78600
     tgctgcagtg accttaaagc agaaaggcaa gctgggcact tggagagcca gcgtggggac     78660
     agtcactgaa gagctgtgcc ctcactcccg gtctgcaggg gggatgacca acctggcgat     78720
     gggaatgatg gagaagccca agacggaagc ttccacaggt ggcattccac gggctcaact     78780
     cctctgcttc tgctcagaac tgtagctgct ggctctttat gtccctgcag aagactgagt     78840
     gtggggacca aatctctctg catcttcctt cccctgggcc acgccgcacc cctcctcctc     78900
     tccctggcag ttaccatcct gcccttctta gaagactcac ccgaaattgc gcatgatccc     78960
     tcaccaatcc tccctccagc tgccctccag ccgacctccc cctcccccca gccaccggcg     79020
     tctccgcctg gactggacaa ctggctttga tgagcctctc cagcttgaca cgggctccgc     79080
     cacatcccct ttccgcccgg cattcagata aacatcaacc aatatggaaa tcaagcccca     79140
     gatttttgcc tacgcctctc tagacagcct ggtcatcttt cagttcctct aactccccac     79200
     gcacttcaca cacacacaca cattcactcc ctccctcctg cccacactca cccactgctc     79260
     ttgctcacca ctaacctcca ctcgccccca gattgcagcc tccacagccc tttgtcgggg     79320
     aactttccct gtgccccgat ccatcaccgc ttgccaagtg cacttgtaac gcttcccaac     79380
     tttctgtatt ttcttctccc tggcagttac catcctgccc tcccagaaac gctgggaagt     79440
     cccgtcatgg cacagcggaa acgaatccga caaggaaccg tgaggttgag ggttcaatcc     79500
     ctggcctcgc tcagtgggtt aaggatctgg cattgccgtg agctctggtg taggtcgcag     79560
     atgcagctca gatctggcgt tgctgtggct gtggtgtagg ctggcagctg tagctccaat     79620
     tagacccttg gcctgggaac ctctgtatgc cacaagtggg gccctaaaaa gcaaaaaaga     79680
     aagaaagaaa tgctgtattt attctgattt ttctgatttg attggagtgt gtctcctcta     79740
     ctggaacgta cactggcaag agatcaggag ctgtcttgtt cgctgctgta tctccaaaac     79800
     agtacccgca tatcatggtg cttaagacaa tcttgatgaa tgaatgaaac tagctaatta     79860
     ctcccatggc tcattgctga ttcagttgct ttttattttt tggtttttct tgctttcttt     79920
     ttgtcatacc cacagcatgc caaagttcct gagccaggga tcaaacccac gccacagaaa     79980
     tgacccaagc cataggagtg acgatgctag accctcagcc ccctaggcca ccagggaacg     80040
     cccttgtttt atttttataa cactattatt attttttgtc accttagttt caggtatacg     80100
     acatagtgat tcagttatac atatattata catctacata ttcctttttt tcagcttctt     80160
     ttcccttata gattattaca aaatatatag ttccctgtgc tgcgggtcct tgtgggttat     80220
     ctatttcaca tgtagccgat tgagtttagg ttaggacctt gcatctggcc attgtgtgaa     80280
     ggtctccctg gaaagggaat ctcttattct ttgcctttat ttccctaaac tcctgtccct     80340
     tcttccttcg atgcttattc atcctccttt cgcaactccc agctattgta tgaaaatggg     80400
     catttgcagg aaacgctctt tttgaaaact ggtgaagaag atttctccca ctgcacctaa     80460
     aatcgaactg cctttgtgcc caaagagaat aaaaatataa gcatatatcc tccttcctct     80520
     ctttagtacc tacacaaatg ttcccccagt aacaccctgt taaaaagtca cttggagcgt     80580
     tcctgttgtg gctcagtggg ttaagaaccc gactagtatc catgaggatg cgggttccat     80640
     ccccagcctc gctcaatggg ttaaggatcc ggtgttgcca caagcttcat ataggtcgca     80700
     gacatggctc agatctggtg tggctgtggc tgtggtgtag gctggcagcc ccagctctga     80760
     ttagacccct agcctgggaa cttccatctg ctgcaggtgg aaccctaaaa aaaaataata     80820
     ataataacat gggcatggcc tcagcaacac tcatagttct tctcgggatg cttcgcaggg     80880
     ctgtcggtca cttccatctg ttgtctctaa ggcgttcagc acagggccaa ggacagaggt     80940
     gcctgatgcg tgtttgttgt ggctgctctt tctggttctc cacaccctgc cagccagcct     81000
     gtccttggaa gcctggcttg ccccactgga tcctttcttt tttgcgtgat ttttttgttt     81060
     tggttttggt tttggtcttt tgtcttttta gggctgcacc cacggcacat ggaaggggtc     81120
     gaattggagc tacagctgcc ggcttatgcc accgccgcag caactaggga tccgagccgc     81180
     atctttgacc tacaccacag ctcacggcaa cacaggctcc ttaacccact gagcaaggcc     81240
     agggatcaaa cccacgtcct catggatgct agttgggttt gttaaccact gagccatgat     81300
     gggaactcct ggatcctttc ttgaacatgc ccagagggtc accctcttgg agtcctgcct     81360
     gcacaggtca gggacagcct ccgtgggaga tctgtcagtt atgcaaagat ctggcggaag     81420
     agtgttctgg gcagaggact agccagggca aaggtcctga ggcagaagca agctcagcgc     81480
     atcaaagaaa agtcagaaag cagtgctgct ggagagaaat taacatgagg agctaggagg     81540
     ccgatcggct agggaggtta gattttattc tcagtgtggt tgcaagcgaa tgggtgtttt     81600
     aaaacaggag acccacagtc tgatttgtgt gtataaaata ttctggcaac tgtctggaga     81660
     atgaattata ataattatta ttattattaa ttatcattat tataaacaat tataataatt     81720
     attataaggg gaagggtgca gtaatggatg tgagaatgct tagagtccat gtgaccttgg     81780
     gcaagtcatt tgatctctct gtccttcagt gtccttgtaa aatgggacta agaaaaccca     81840
     cctcatggaa gttcccacgt gttgcagtgg gttaaggatc tgggattgcc acagctgtgg     81900
     tgtaggttgc aacagcagtg tgggttcaat ccctggccca ggaacgtcca catgccgtgg     81960
     gtatggccaa gaaagaaaga aaacctacct tggaggcatc tgagacttaa atgagataat     82020
     ggcttcagtg cacccaacaa ataataggtc cccattcagt aaagtctgct gttcccaagc     82080
     tttctcacat gtattgaatt cttttataac acaaatcttg aagggcattg ttattaaacc     82140
     tctgagatat gagtggattg cagaagatgg ccctggacta ttctgagggg aatcgtgtta     82200
     tcacaacata tttggagttt tcctttgctg agacttcatg tcctttagga cgtaggctgc     82260
     tgctctgaca gctccaggct ctaagtgcag agtaaactgt cttggggtaa gattgtcgct     82320
     gtccatcttg gacagctgtg ggtgccccgc agggtggagg gtaacagcat ccccgtcttt     82380
     catgataggc aaccccacca gctaagctga tgccaatctg gacacttcca agcagctgcc     82440
     atagaagcag ctgccctgtg aacacacaca ctgcgtggtt tctagacaaa ggcaagcacg     82500
     tctcagacga tgggcttttt ctttccggct gtgttagatg tgtttcatag gaattgtgat     82560
     aggttggaga gtgtgttttg ttttccgttt tcttcccagt gtggacaaag tgtcattttt     82620
     caaaaaggta acatcatgac tcagatgaat ataaaatgaa ctcatgtcaa agactttgtt     82680
     aaactgattc gtgaaggtcc aaccaacaag aggataaacc ataacttttc aggttatctt     82740
     ttctaactga agagaagttt ctgggcttcc ttagctggaa aaaaatccct agagtagcaa     82800
     gtcgctgtac tagatcaaga cctctaatca tgccctccat acgattcgaa aactctgttc     82860
     cttctgaagg cttcatctcc gctgggttct ccaagctgag tgcctacatt catgaaacct     82920
     gctcacagca cattgaagtg acagtgcttg agcgggcaga ctagtaggtc ttgagatcca     82980
     tcttctggac ctcaccagca tcattttttt tttggctgca cccatggcat gcagaggttc     83040
     ccaggccaac tgtgctacag cagcgacaat gccaggttct taacctgctg agccaccagg     83100
     gaactcctca agggtcattc ttactggagg ccatctaaaa aggtggccag agagccagag     83160
     agcttccttt taaatgcttc tcgcgacaga aataagagct ctcatcgtgg tgctgtgtgt     83220
     ctctctacct tccaaaaacg tggacaggac aaagggcatc gcgttactca tccttatcca     83280
     tccattaact caccaggtag cagtgagcac ctgctgggtg ctggactctg ggaaggcagg     83340
     gggagcagga cggcgtggtc cctgctctgc tggagcgggt gctctgcagg gagacagatg     83400
     ccaaatacgt gatctcccac ttagtgaatg aaatacaaat gtcctaagtc ctggcgtgga     83460
     cgggtgctga gcaacgtatc ggggaggact agcttagtct gggggatctg ggggtagcca     83520
     ggcctccttt tccaaggcag agatgttcag atgagtctgg aagcatgaga gggatttcac     83580
     agggtgcaag gctgatgatt gctttgaatc aagggaagag catgcgcgaa agacccgggg     83640
     acccccaaac gggtggcgcg catgcgtgat aaggaagcga tgccgggagg caggagcagg     83700
     atcccacggc gcctggacgt ttggcagaga tggagcttca tccaaaggat gttgggagct     83760
     gccgaagggt cgcagaatgg gaaataacac ggcccgaacc cgtgctcccg aaaactccag     83820
     cccaggagca gtgctggtaa acgctcggta acgcttggct gcatttgtaa aggagcacgc     83880
     gctgaccaag gggatgcttc tccggatccc cgactcctaa aacgactcag cctccgagaa     83940
     gtgagactcc gtaccgtccg ttctcgctga gggtctctgg ttcactgtgg acgagagggg     84000
     caagccctgc aggcggcagg ggcctcacca ggcctgtgcc tgtaactttt aagatcgttt     84060
     tctttcttta gaaaatgaat gaacggtggc gatgtcccaa ggaggtgaca ctcttcccga     84120
     acggcaagtt atccactcat ctgggcgtgg ccgagagcgt gttaaaaaaa cattttccat     84180
     tttcctggca aagattttgg aacgaaacgt gccatccagt agagataatg ggcaggatag     84240
     gtgagggcgc aaaggaaaag gccctttcat tcaaggctcg tggccagtgg gcgtgaaagt     84300
     gagtcagggc tggctggagg gctgtgcgga gcacggaaga agagccgtgg tggttgctac     84360
     cctgccagct cccctcccta gaaatggctc tctggaaata agtgggggcg gggggtgcgg     84420
     ctggttgtct gagaaaacca tcatttcagc actgtaatcc ctctgaactg gaattagcta     84480
     aaatgtcccc aaatcaggaa ggacaggtta tgggtcattc atacagtgca aaagcattct     84540
     gctagttaaa agggtaatga ggaaacctgt ctcaggacag aggaagatgt tcacaatctg     84600
     ttttaaaaac agattttagg agttcccgtc gtggctcagg ggttaacgca tccgactagg     84660
     aaccatgagg ttgtgggttc gatccctggc ctcgctcagt gggttaagga tccggcgttg     84720
     ccgtgagctg tggtgtaggt tgcagacgca gctcggatcc cgcgttgctg tggctctggc     84780
     gtaggccggt ggctacagct ccaattcgat ccctagcctg ggaacctcca tgtgccgagg     84840
     gagcggccca agaaatggca aaaggacaaa aaaacaaacg aaaaacagat tttaaaaact     84900
     taaagtgggg ggaaaagaag cagattataa aactatctat tgtgggactg cattgaattt     84960
     ttttcattac tccatgaatt ttattacatt tatagttgtg caacaatcat cacaaccaaa     85020
     ttttatacca tttccatccc aaagcctcag tgtacatttt aaaatataac tgtgactcta     85080
     ggtgtgtgtg tgagactaag aaaagttccc gaaagacacg agcctaagga gtcacagtgg     85140
     tgacctgtgc ttggtggcac tgtaggcatt tttggtggtt tctgtttcct tgtgttgtgt     85200
     cctgtccttg aggaacttgt accgcgtgcg tagccaggaa gaaggcttca tgtgcaaaag     85260
     gcatgtctcc taggaggctc tcagctgctc tggactctgg ggatggtcag tgcccggctg     85320
     cctgcgtgca ggatcgcctt ccgctgcagc gtctcagata gacaggcagt gtttccccag     85380
     atccactccg gcctgcctgt gggtttaaga cggtgtttca cagcagctgg ccatccaatc     85440
     ccagtgtggt gacagaaaaa aagattatgc aaaacaagca tcaattgaca acagatgtaa     85500
     tgggagtgct ggtcattttt gctttcttta taaactgtgt gtcctaggaa cgagttggga     85560
     taaaaaatat gatgaacaaa atttaatttt ttaaaaagca cctgcaaccg actcagagac     85620
     gtggagaaca gacttgtggt tgccaaggga gagggaagag ggagggggtg aactggaagc     85680
     tgggggtgaa aagatgcaaa cgattatgtt tagagggatg agcgatgcag ttgtgctgca     85740
     gagcacaggg agctctagcc aatcccctaa aacagaccat ggtggaaaat aatacatgta     85800
     ttataaaaga aggtatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataactaagt     85860
     cactttgctg cacagcagaa attggcacag ttgattgtaa aacaaccata attttaaaaa     85920
     aagaaagaaa aaataaaaaa gcaaccgaaa tggaatcatt acctctgaat ggtgggatga     85980
     tgggtgcttt tcactgtctt ctttttgctt ctctatttcc taattttccc tgtgactaat     86040
     atgctttgat ataataaggg agggacaaag gcgattactt tgaaaccccc agaaacaaat     86100
     agttcactta tttgcagcag aaacttccag tacgaagggg ctttagggaa ggaacacggg     86160
     tctgagaatc aggagattgc ctgtgtttgg gtcctggctg tgtagacgaa tcactccccc     86220
     cctgtgtcct tgttttgttg catgcggata gatgaacatc gaaagggctt ctgctctgtc     86280
     ctggggccga gcctgatgct ggggcgagag cagcaagctg ggggatttct ggtcccagag     86340
     tcatgggact taatcccagt taagagaaaa atagcaacaa ccagacacag agccgtcgaa     86400
     tggtgttgac ggttaacagc ccagccttac tgagcactca ccaaatgcca gttcaaagag     86460
     cttcctatac atactgaccc atttaactct caccataact ctgtgaagta gatagtactg     86520
     ttattcccat tgtacagaca agaacactaa ggcccccaaa gagagtagtt aatttactca     86580
     agggcatggc tgggaattca cagagcgggg acttcacccc gactcggtgc taggctacat     86640
     tcaattatgt aactaggagg gccgtcgttg ctataaatta gatcagagcc atgagagcat     86700
     attggggaga ttggacctgg tctccgcgtg caggtgagac ttcctggggg atgtgatcgt     86760
     tttacctgag agccccaccc ccccaccaaa gaaatcaggc caacagcggg gacaagggcc     86820
     tttggggtca aggaaatgag gtgaaagagc agccgggttc taaaccagcg acatcactgc     86880
     agggtcattg gcagcggcaa taaccgtgac ctcttcctcc cctgccccag gcgctcctgg     86940
     cccgggcgct ttatgacaac caccctgact gctccgacga gctggctttc tgcagaggag     87000
     acatcctgac cattctggaa caggacgtgc cggaaagcga gggctggtgg acgtgtctgc     87060
     tccacgggag gcaaggcctg gcccctgcca accgcctcca gatcctcgag gaggcccccg     87120
     cagacgggcc ctgtccccct ttcttcggtg gcctggaaga ggctcccggc cgctcccagg     87180
     agaactacga ggtgcccagc cccccgacgc caggccccgt gtatgagcag atgaagagct     87240
     gggtggaggg gcccccgcct cccacggtcc agatctacga gttccctgac ccacccacct     87300
     gcgccaggat cgtctgtgaa aagaccctga gctttcccaa acaggtaagc tgtttgcagg     87360
     tggaagaatc agctcaaggg cacgccacgc cctggggctt agctccccct gagtcacggg     87420
     gtccaccagg agaccaggcg caaggtggga accagatggt tggggggatg gggtgagctt     87480
     gtgtttggcc ccagtttggg ttgcatttaa cacacgtggc acctcccagc tctccaggac     87540
     gcccatattt ggcaggaaac tgagtgttca aggtgagggt tcccatggtg gcgccgtgga     87600
     aacgaatctg actagtatcc atgaggacgc aggttcggtc cctggcctca ctcagtgggt     87660
     taaggatccg gcgttgctgt gagctgtaat gtaggtcaca gacacggctc ggatctggcg     87720
     ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag gccggcaact gcagctctga ttcaacccct agcctgggaa     87780
     cctccatatg ccgcaggtgc agccctaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagttca     87840
     gggtgctctt ttttttaaaa atgatcattt ggatacttta tagatttaaa agagattttg     87900
     ttgaaatgta ttttttattt tatttttaaa aattttatta gagtatattt gcttgaccgt     87960
     gctgtgccag ttcctgctgt gcagcaaagt gaatcagtca cgcatatgca cacattcttt     88020
     tttatattct tttccatcat ggtctgtccc aggagattgg atagagtccc ctgtgctgca     88080
     ataggacctt gttgtttatt ctttctaaat gtaatcgttt gcatctacca accccagact     88140
     ccccgtccat cccattccct cccccactcc cccttggcaa ccacaagtct gtagtctatg     88200
     tcttgtgtgt ctgtttctgt tctgtaggta agttcatctg tgccatattt tagattccac     88260
     atataagtga catcatatgg tatttgtctt tctctttctg acttacctcg cttcacatga     88320
     gaagctctag ttgcatccgc gttgctgtga atggcacgat ttcattcttt catggctgag     88380
     tcgtattcca ttgtgtatgt gtaccacatc ttcttaatcc gttcctctgt cagtgaacat     88440
     ggaggttgtt cccatgtctt ggctattgtg aatggtgctg ctatcttttt gaattataat     88500
     tttgtccata tatgtgccca ggagtggggt tgctgggtca tgtagtagtt ctatatttat     88560
     gtttctgagg aatctcaata ctgttttcca tagaggctgc accagcttac attcctacca     88620
     acagtgcagg agggttccct gtgctccaca ccctctccag catttgttat ttgcagagta     88680
     gttagtgatg gccattctga ccggagtgag gtggtaccac ggtggtcttt gtttgcataa     88740
     gaaggaacac taaatggcca gtggtgaatg gggggggggt tgcatttcca tggtttcaaa     88800
     ggcaagaaat cactcatcag atttgaaata tgtgttattt tcaacccaga aactttgctt     88860
     ccacaaatgc tgcagaaata cacaagaagg caaaaataca cctggatgag gaggccatgg     88920
     cctttatagc agtaattgtt ctagggagaa atccaagata cctaaacagg tattcatgga     88980
     ggattggcta cataaatctt ggcatggccc tgccatgaac tactacgcag ttgtgaaaaa     89040
     aagatgaagc agttctatgc agtatttatc aggtgggaga gagagccatt taaataaaaa     89100
     ccaaacaaac aaaaacaaaa aaaaaaatga tctgtgtgcg tatgtgtgca tgtgtgcaca     89160
     cttaaaggat catgtaccaa cagtggttag cctgaggaag tggaataggt ttcagagaaa     89220
     gtgaaagaag ccattgagca ggggccttta tttttttcat tcctgtgtcc ccagcatcta     89280
     ggaccatgcc tggcctggga tgggtacttg ataaatatct gatgaacaaa gaggttagaa     89340
     gttgatttgt gtgttatata gaacatttac tgcagctgta attttaaaaa ataacagtta     89400
     aagcagagga aaagaagcag acagtcaatg cagaatggaa catttttttt taaagaaaga     89460
     aaggaattaa aagaagagaa aaataatgta ctgttttccc ccaagccctg gccttcacga     89520
     ggtgttaaga atgcagaaca gatttgcatt cagtctctgc gggcattttc tgccatcaca     89580
     cactttgctt tcagctcaga tgacacatcc caccgggcca cacttctgga cagaggtcct     89640
     ggcgaggtct gtgtccagga aagaccgcgt cccctgatgt atgtgctgga tacacacaga     89700
     cacacacaca caatgtccca cttacctcgc aggcctcttc cacaccagct tccagcacct     89760
     tcttcaaaca ggaaggcttt ggttccttga aagataaggc atacttcaga tttcccgcct     89820
     ccctgggctg ccagccagag aggcagttgt tacacagaac agctgccact cgttgggccc     89880
     tggcccccaa cgccagaagg aagccagccg tgagctggac cccaagaccc ttttctggaa     89940
     cagctggccc acatcggggg cctggcaccc tcagctgtca tctgagcagc tcacccagag     90000
     cagggcctcg ggtgctggct cctccagcct aaaaagaggc cttggctgaa gctaatttga     90060
     gtttcttttc gaagccacta aagaaaacaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acgaagacca     90120
     ttttcccctc ccccttaaag gacagcaggt gccatgtccg ctgttcacca gagatgctga     90180
     gcccacagca cagtgccagg ctcccaccag gggctcccta aaccacagcg ggatgaagga     90240
     atgagcaggt cctgcgctcg acttcatgat gacggcctca gagtcggctt ctaacccgac     90300
     gctgatgtaa aaggagagat gagtttactg tcctaaagcc ggggagggtc agggcatcag     90360
     ctctaagatt cgtccttgag ctgaagcatg gcaccttcac gggtgcaggc tgtggccatg     90420
     caccagaaac cacagctacc caaggggaat tcagaagcca ggggcccctc gccgctccag     90480
     aagcttcttg agatggcccc agtaaaacac ctgggggact ttcctgccct ttattcctac     90540
     ctaagttccc tccacggctg ccctgtctat atttttatcc cccctttttc attaccttct     90600
     ctgtgctcga aggtcattta gagcaggaga tggcatctgt ggcttagaaa tcaggagccc     90660
     aggttcacct ggcttctggg gcagccacgg ctctacgggg tgactcaaac atcaccacac     90720
     cgccccccgc ccccccatgc ctctttcttg ctctgtaata agagaaggct gggccccatc     90780
     actttgaagt tcaccccaag ttgtatcttt gggttattct gaataccttt gcttctccct     90840
     ctactgcaag atggaaggag ctgtggagtt cccgctgtgg cacagccgat ggctcaggtc     90900
     actgcggagg ccagggttca atctctggct ccatatgccg tgagggcagc catttaaaaa     90960
     aaaaaaagaa gaaaggagcc agaagaaatg caagatgata atcagttaag aatcttctga     91020
     tgcacagaaa aggcagatgt ctcctcccct ttccagttct tcagcttggc ccatggcctg     91080
     gggggcccat ttcaaagatt ccctttatac ccgggttgac tatctctaga tccagcttga     91140
     ccagaaactc aaaaaccaag aaggtggaaa tgtgtcactt ctctcaagtt gtccccatat     91200
     tagagagata aagagacctc ttagagtaga gcaacccttc aatttaccaa taaggaaact     91260
     ggtacccagg gaggcgcact ggcccatcca gcatcagaat accagcgacg aaggttcttt     91320
     gttgtgcccg tgtctctcta cccccctggg ctgccagacc caaggcagag cgtttgacat     91380
     gcccttgatc ttatttccct ggctctgtgg ccgagccgtc tgttaacttt ttaaaaaatc     91440
     tttttctatt attgttaaaa tatagttgat ttacagtgtt gtgccagttt ctgcttatag     91500
     caaagtgact cagtcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg catataatgt tccttttttt     91560
     ttctgctttt agttcccagg ctaggggtca aatcggagct ctagctgctg ggctacacca     91620
     cagccacagc aacacaggat ccaagccatg tcttcaagct acaccacagc ttgcagcaat     91680
     gccagatcct taaccccctg agcaaggccc gggatcgaac ctgcgtcctc atggatgcta     91740
     gtcagattca ttaaccactg agccacagcg ggaactcgtg ttctgtgttt tatattgttt     91800
     tccatcatag actgtcccag gagattggat atagttcccc gtgatgtatg gtaggacctt     91860
     attataatct atccattcta aatagtttgc atctattaac cccaaactcc taggccatcc     91920
     cattgcctcc cccctccccc ttggcaacca caagtctgtt ctctatgtct gtgaatctgt     91980
     ttctctttca tagataggtt cacttgtgcc atatatatat atatattttt ttgtcttttt     92040
     gctatttctt gggccgctcc tgcggcatat ggaggttccc aggctagggg tctaatcgga     92100
     gctgtagcca ccggcctaca ccagagcaca gcaacgcggg atccaagcca catctgtgac     92160
     ctacgccaca gctcacggca acatcggatc gttaacccac tgagcaaggg cagggaccga     92220
     acccgcaacc tcatggttcc tagtcggatt cgttaaccac tgcaccacga tgggaactcc     92280
     cacttgtgcc atattttaaa ttccacatat aagtgatatc atatggtatt tgtccttctc     92340
     tttctgactt acttcactta gtacgagaat ctctagttgc atctgtgttg ctgtgagtgg     92400
     catgattttg ttctttttta tggctgagta gtattccatt gtgtatatac atatatatac     92460
     cacatcttct taatccattc atctgttgat ggacactgag gttgttttca tgtcttggct     92520
     attgtgaaca gtgctgccat gaacataggg gtgcatgtat ctttttgaat gaaagtgttg     92580
     tccggatata agcccgagag tgggattgct ggatcatatg gtagttctat atttagtttt     92640
     ctgaggaacc tctgtaatgc tttctgtagt ggttgtaccg atttacattc ccaccagtcc     92700
     tgcaattccc aagggtttcc cttttctcca caccctctcc aggctttatt attcacagac     92760
     ttattaacaa tggccattct gacccatgag aggtggtacc tcactgtggt tttgatttgc     92820
     gtttccctaa taattagtga gttgagcatt ttttcatgta tctactggcc atccatatgg     92880
     cttccaagaa atgtccattt aggttttctg cccatttttc aattggattt tttggatttt     92940
     tgttgttgag tggtgtgagt tgtttgtata ttttatctgt taattttttt tattaaagtg     93000
     taacctatag atcctaaggg tatattgttc agtcattaga atccagatct agaagcagaa     93060
     caaaactgac actccagaag ccccctccca cctctcccag ccacttcccc ccagggtaac     93120
     cactattttg agctttgttt tactttttgt tccaacttcc ttaacataac agactggcct     93180
     ctttttggaa agaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacccacca tgcaaagaag gtgtttgatt     93240
     ttggtttaaa ttcagagagg gcagtctttt gtatcgcaag taaaaagggt cagatttccc     93300
     aatgaaattc ttttagaccc tctaatttct gaaccggggt ttccttctgt cccccgaaac     93360
     ctttcaaacc acacttctca aaacatgtcc cacaatcgat tgccaccttc agcctacgtt     93420
     ttccaagaaa cactgggcat ttttgacctg acttctttcc acctgaaaat ccacacacag     93480
     gaaagcccca ctgctgtctg tagagggcct tgtgggcgag tgtgacccac agagtcagat     93540
     gcatgaagaa actggacctc tgacagaata acagcagtgg aaccacattt ggaaaggctc     93600
     tgtgctgggc gagagctctg gtgatcgaag aagggggagg cgggtaggaa ggaaagaaga     93660
     gggactggcg ggtgacagct gcacagtccc tggggttgga caggagatgg cccgagagga     93720
     gcttggaatt aacccagagt gtgataggga gccactgccg actttgtcct tagaccagcc     93780
     agccagagac cagtggggac aagtcagttt tcctgacccc tgcagtgagg ggatcccaga     93840
     gcagaagata aggtggcccc ccaaaagcct agtctgccca ttcatggctg ggtcctcagc     93900
     atcattagac aaacacgtta ataacccagg attggaagca cagcctcgga ccctagcaaa     93960
     cctcagaatc gcctgggaag ttggcgatcc tgcagcttcc cagtttctct gtcaaaactc     94020
     agaggttctg tacaacagac acagagccca ggaatctgcg tttcctaccc gcctcccagg     94080
     cgaggctgat gcaggcagcg atgggccagc ctgcgaggaa gaccgccctc caccccaaga     94140
     cctccccacc agcctcctgc tattcccggt ctcctagcaa agggcctccc gttacaggtc     94200
     ctggaggact tgcccgctgc ctccgctgtc tcctcatccg tggactcagt ggtgatgttt     94260
     ctttccctgt gtcttctttc tgtccccaag gccatcttca cgattcccag ggctgctcgg     94320
     acctcgttgc cagctctgcc ttgccaggtg tacgatgtac ccgcccagag ccggtgcccc     94380
     ccagcctcaa aggtgagccc catctgtgac tgccctcccc ccacccaggc ctctccatcc     94440
     aaatggtggg gtctcagcat catgctgccc tgcatttcag ctttactgct gggagatcca     94500
     gagcagtaaa gtgactccca aggtcatatc atcactcaga agccggcttt gtgcccgggg     94560
     agcccagacc tgctcaggag aatgttacag ttattggcat tttgagcatt ttaaaaattt     94620
     ttttactttt tttttcccat ataccctcag catggaagtt cccaggccag aagctaaatt     94680
     ggagctgcag ctgtgaccta cacagcagct gtagcaacgc cagatccttc aacccactgc     94740
     tctgggccag ggatcaaacc cacacctctg taactgcagc tgcagctaga ttcttaaccc     94800
     acttcgccat ggcaggaact ccaaaaaatt ttactttaaa aaatttttac tggcagagct     94860
     tccatgcctg cctgcttgca tctcttacaa gtgttccatc ctaataaatc tgttttttgc     94920
     ctaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatta actttacttc acttgtaata gatacttttt tatgtattta     94980
     tttttttgct ttttagggct gcacctacag catacggaag ttcccaggct aggggttgaa     95040
     tcggagctgt agctgccagc ctacaccaca gccacagcca cagccatgcc agatccttaa     95100
     ctgaatgatc aaggccaggg attgaacccg ggtcctcatg gatattagtc aggttcatta     95160
     ccactgagcc acaaggggcg cgccctatag tagatacttt atagcttatg tatctaccta     95220
     tacgcatata tacaaatata tgtatctgca ctttttaaaa gtaataatat gaatgatata     95280
     tatcacagtc ttaacgttgt cattggttgt cttaacattg attatctctg ggggaggaaa     95340
     ttttaggggt ttttttttta acttatttga atatcactgg tactttgatt ttgtaagata     95400
     atgcttcatg taatcagaaa aaaaccctgc ctcatttctc agcccatcaa aactgccctg     95460
     tggctgcagg ctgccctgtc cagctctgcg cattggagtg gcctgggtgc tttaaccagg     95520
     cctgcttcct ggaaccaccc ccggagacac tgatgtctga gggctgggtg ggccctgggc     95580
     agcaggaatt aaaggtccca ggtggatctt gaacgcagtc agggccaaga tccatggctc     95640
     tagtctcggt gaaaattcag gctgcctctg tgacttcctg gtcacttgcg ggtcggaagt     95700
     ctcagtggag gagtttgcag gtctcatcca ggcagtgccc aaccttccta ctacctttga     95760
     gcgaaaggtc ctgcctctcg gctcgtgtgt ggcgcctggg ctcctgccac aaggatggag     95820
     gagctcacct gtcacttgtc tcagcagggt tagacctggt gcactctgac cccaagctca     95880
     ggtggcacaa cttcagtcac agaaggtcct ggtgggcact gtccactctg cccaaaggca     95940
     gtgaaaagag tttcttcctt cccacactga ggagggcaca gcaggagacg cacagcccac     96000
     ctcccaccca agaaaccccc tctttaaatt cctgcttttt ctcttccttt gtaaaatctg     96060
     ttttggtgct ctcagctcgc tttgaatgtg tagcctattt ttcacatcct aatgcatata     96120
     gttcctcatt gctgcacaca cacaaaatgc ctattatgtg gatgcgttcc catcgtagct     96180
     cagtggtaaa aaatccatga ggatgtgggt tccatccctg gcctcaatca gtgggttaag     96240
     gatccagcat tgccctgagc tgtggggtcg gttgcaaatg cagctcagat ctggcgttgc     96300
     tgtggctgtg gctctgtcat aggctggtag ctgcagctcc aaatttgacc cctagtctgg     96360
     gaacttccat atgctgtgag tgcggcccta aaaagaccaa aaaaaaaatg cctattatgt     96420
     gtactggcat cataggtgtc atgtcttttg ctcattaata ggcatgtata cgtcattcgg     96480
     ctcagtgtct agtaattcac ccgcattcaa taaatatttt caggagttcc cgtcatggcg     96540
     cagtggttaa cgaatccgac taggaaccat gaggtttcgg gtttggtccc tgcccttgct     96600
     cagtgggttt aggatccagc gttgccatga gctgtgatgt aggtcacaga cgtggctcgg     96660
     atcccgcgtt gctgtggctc tggcgtaggc tggcagctac agctccgatt cgacccctag     96720
     cctgggaacc tccatatgcc gcgggagtgg ccctagaaaa ggcaaaaatg cagaaaaaaa     96780
     aaaaaaaaag acaggagttc tcttgtggag cagtgggtta aggatccatt gttgtcactg     96840
     cagtggcttg ggtcactgct gtggtgcagg ttggaaatac acccagtgca gcacataatt     96900
     ccgccatcca aacatcatga ctgaaagcct caaagtcttc agtgatttgt gggttttttt     96960
     tgtttttggt tttttttttt ttttggctgc acctgcaaca tgtggaagtt ctccagccag     97020
     ggatcaaacc catgacagag cagcgacccc agctgccaca gtagcaacac caaaccctta     97080
     acctgctggg ccacaaggga actcttgatt tgtgttttca ttgcggtggg gggagcagaa     97140
     gcaatgctgg actggagaga gtttgtgatg tgcagccatc aggaaggaaa aatctaagtt     97200
     gtcctcctgt gtggtctttc cccaggaacc agggaagcag cagctctatg acataccccc     97260
     cagccgccaa aaggccaccc tcggtcccct gagcagccaa gcaaatgtaa gtatgacaga     97320
     tgctgagagc gggtgctctg caaacctgaa ccgcccctgg gaaatgtaat taacttggtc     97380
     agcattaaga cggcagctcc ctccgagcag aacttacttc actggaggca aaacccataa     97440
     ctgcagtggt tatgcaacag gacaagctgt gtggtttgga tatatttttt ccatcatttc     97500
     cagatgcctc agtttcttat tccaggttta ttggggatat tgacctaatt cctgcaaagg     97560
     acccagtaca gtgcttggca cagagcaaga gctcagtaga ctttagataa gtgcttctta     97620
     tgatcataac acatcttgga gacgtgttgc attaaagtgg gtttttattt gtatatcagg     97680
     gaggtgcctt aattcgaaat ctgtaagcca tgtgtattga cggattctgt cacatgtata     97740
     caataaaaac atacctgtgc ccaaggtggc atcccaacag tgtcacagga atgcatagga     97800
     gtttggtaca tggacagcaa ggggttagga ggacatttgg ggcagaggaa ccagtttggg     97860
     caaaattagg gagttccctg gtggctcggt gggttaagga tccggcattg tcactgctat     97920
     ggctcaggtc actgctgtgg tttgggtttg atccctggcc tgggaacctt cgtgtgccat     97980
     gggcgttttc cccccccacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagagtc acagattggg caaaattaaa     98040
     tgtagtgata taagaagaca ttcttgagct caaggaaagg caagcagcct gggtggctgg     98100
     acctttaagg aggttggtgg caggagtggt ggcagaagca gtggcaaaga ggctccaaag     98160
     ggggctggtg gcagacaggg aagggcttga gtgaaggagc atgagcaggg gagtgataat     98220
     cagactttta agaagcccag tgcccagtgc ttagtgggtc ctcagtataa tgcacactgg     98280
     tcacaccagt cgcccacacc ctctttgcct tgctcttaaa ctgcgtgact ctgtggttct     98340
     tcacaggggc agaatgttcc tctgacatca gccactgcct taaggagggg cggctgcaac     98400
     acgctaccaa accctcagaa atcggaatgg atctatgaca cgccggtgtc tctggaaaag     98460
     gctggtgttc aaaaggcatc gctggccaac tctggggaag aattagggca ccgcggcctc     98520
     cccaggtaca tgtccagttt ccacagccct cccaacagca tcgcaaggtc ccaccctcca     98580
     cacccgcaga aaaatggtcc catgcagaaa aaactcagcc ttccagaaat tccttgttac     98640
     agcttcccgc cgcccaagtg catgttccct ttggatgaaa gtgtcagcta taaggtccct     98700
     tcgagctttc tgatcccccg agtggaacag cagaacacca cgcccaacat ttatgacgtc     98760
     cccagagcaa tgccagatgt tccccaggcg gggaaagagc tgggaaaagc cggcgggccg     98820
     tcagagaatt ccgtggacca cagttcctcg tggttctgca gccgggcagc atcgctctct     98880
     cccgaacccg acagcatctc cgtctccagt tctgacagca gagccagtgt cctttcctcc     98940
     tgctcctcca cgtccaccga ctcctcctcc agctccttct cggaagaggc agccaaagag     99000
     ctccccttgg acctggactc ggccaaagag acggtcacgg ctctgcagca caaggtggcc     99060
     agctctgtgt ccagcctgat gcactttgtc agtaggaagt ggagattcag agactctctg     99120
     gaggccaaca tcgacgccat ccgcagggcc actgaccgca tagaggagtc cttgagagaa     99180
     tttctggatt tcgcccacgg agtccgtggg accgcgggca acctcaccga cagtaacctt     99240
     cagaccaaga ttagggatca gctacagaca atcgccaacg cctaccaaat cctgctagaa     99300
     acgaaggagc gcctggagag ctgcggctgg tccctggaag tccttgcaac tgacaaagtc     99360
     caaaacagcc cggacgacct ggagaggttt gtcctggtgg cccggacggt ccctgaagac     99420
     atcaagaggt tcgcctccat cgtcatcgcc aacggcaggc tccttttcaa gtcaaactgt     99480
     gagaaggaag agcctgtgca gtggacccca aatgcagaat ttaagcttgc gagacgcatc     99540
     cagctgcccc aaaaggaggg cgaatcatac cagaggaagg ctccttttca gaaacaaagg     99600
     gcaagtgaac agcctcctga actaatagag aaaaataaga cgaatgcctg tggacaggtg     99660
     agtgcaaagt tccgactggg atcctctaag ggggtggccc atttttatct ggaggggtca     99720
     ccagtaagtt ccctgctgag aacctgtcaa gagtggtccc atctttagag agacaggggt     99780
     gccagtttct ggaagctaag attcatgaaa gtaaaatcct agatgccatc ttattaagaa     99840
     gtaagacact tttttttttt taatattaag gtagaggatg ccttctagaa atttgagggt     99900
     ttcaggctgc cttctgatgc taggattaga aaggctttgg gaaatctttt gaaatttgtt     99960
     ctttgagcag aaattttaat ctcaccatcc agtttccttg cattttggaa agctgtaaat    100020
     ttagtcattg tcagtgtgtt tcttagaaac agaagaggga gtggaaaccc ttccagattg    100080
     tgggtcgtcc cggcagtctc cagacacgag ttactctcag aaatacttgg ctcccggtgt    100140
     ttagacatgg tggaaagaaa cccgtagttc aagaattgca agtgacagga ccttgtaaat    100200
     caactataat aaaaatataa atctttaaaa aaaggggaaa aaaagaaaga attgaaagtc    100260
     tcaagaggta cagcaggtaa cttgggggtt gtgtcaggga ggtaacttgc agctccaagt    100320
     cttagttttc tgctgatagg cctagcaggg caaaggtttt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt    100380
     tttttcccag cccctcctca tatggaagtt cgcaggccag ggatcagaga cctaagctgg    100440
     atcttcaacc cactgtacca ggctggggat cgaacccgtg tcccggtgct cccaagatgc    100500
     caccgatccc actgcggcat agcgggaaat ccacaagggc tttaacaccc tctggagaag    100560
     cgggacatct ggatgttttt catttcccgt ttaaactgtg tgtcatttta ttgggccatg    100620
     ctggtaggca aaattcagtg ctcaggctgt caaggttgcc cttgttggga aaaagcatca    100680
     ataaggcaga actattaaca aaaacacaag gaggatgcag ggcgcttaaa gtggacgtaa    100740
     ccaggagttc ccgtcgtggc gcagtggtta acgaaccatg aggttgcggg tttggtccct    100800
     gcccttgctc agtgggttaa ggatccagcg ttgccacgag ctgtggtgta ggtcgcagat    100860
     gcagctcagg tccctcgttg atgtggctct ggtgtaggcc ggcggctaca gctccgattc    100920
     gacccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatgccg cgggagcggc cctagaaaag gcaaaaagac    100980
     aatagataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa gtggacgtaa    101040
     ccagctacgc agttgtgtaa agaccattct agttggtaat tcgaagggat tttatttttc    101100
     agaagttgcc tcacctagaa gagaaagaaa aacccatctt ggaacaaagg gtggatgaaa    101160
     agaaagactt agaaacacag gtaagcaatg acttttactc tctaatactt ttagtattca    101220
     ctctctaata cttttagttt ttttcttcct tttagggcca ctctggaagc atatgaagtt    101280
     cccatgctag gggtctaatc agctgtagct gccagcctac gccacagcca cagcaatgtg    101340
     ggatctgagc cacgtctgtg acccacacca cagctcatgg caacgccgaa tccttaaccc    101400
     actgggcgag ggatcgaacc caaaacctcg tggttcctag ttggattcac ttccacttca    101460
     ccacgacggg aactccagca tgcacagttt aatagaaaga atgtttcaga cctgctggct    101520
     aggctaaaag ctccacatct tcattttgct aactgagtga cccgaggcag gcttttctct    101580
     tcaggcacct cagtgtcctt agctataacc taacgaaagg actttgggtt tttttgttgt    101640
     tgtttggggt ttttttggct gcaccagtgg catgcggaag ttcccaggct agggatcaaa    101700
     cctgtgccac agctatgacc agagctacag aagtgaaaat gccagatcct taacccactg    101760
     agccgcaagg gaactcccca aaagggcttt tgattgttac ctgggatggt tgccactaag    101820
     ttagatgctg agactctttc gctagtgcac aggctttggt tccacattcc agaaaataaa    101880
     attcatgaaa gcaaattcta aatgaaactt ttttagtgcg taagatgaat agtttaatat    101940
     taaagcagat aggtcggttt attttgattt cttctgaaaa tgtggggttt tcaggtttac    102000
     ctctaatact agaattagga aggatttttt tttttttttt tttaaggccg catccgtggc    102060
     ttttggaagt tcctgggccg gggattgaat ccaagccccg aatgtggcaa cgtgggatcc    102120
     caacccacgc aggctgagga tcgaatccct gcctccacag tgacctgagc cactgaagtc    102180
     agattcttaa ccccctgcac catggcagga actccaggaa ggattttaaa aatgctttaa    102240
     gggagttccc gtcatggtgc agtggttaac gaatccgact aggaaccatg aggttgcggg    102300
     ttcggtccct gcccttgctc agtgggttaa caatctggcg ttgccgtgag ctgtggtgta    102360
     ggttgcagat gcggctcgga tcccgcgttg ctgtggctct ggtgtaggcc agagactaca    102420
     gctccaatta gacccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatgcca cgggagcagc ctaagaaata    102480
     gcaaaaagcc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc tttaaaatcc gttctttgag    102540
     taaattttaa aatctcgcca tcaagttttc tgcatttttt tttttttttt tttgtctttt    102600
     ctagggccac ttccgcggca tatggagatt cccaggctag gggtctaatg ggagccatag    102660
     tcacgggcct aagccagagc cacagcaacg tgggatctga gccgtgtctt tgacctacac    102720
     cacagctcac ggcaacgcca gatccttaac ccactgagca aggccaggga tcaaacccgc    102780
     aacctcatgg ttcctagtca gattcgttaa ccactgcgcc acgacgggaa ctcctgcatt    102840
     ttttttaaag ttatgaattt agtcattgtc tatgagtttc ttaggatggg tttctaatgg    102900
     tttgtcgaga ggactgcgtg agattttaca tgtatataat atgtatgatt atatgtaatg    102960
     tcgtatatga ttatgtagat atgaaatgat ttatacataa cagtgtttga agacattcat    103020
     gttcctttgt taggcaaatg tggcacagcg agacttctaa acaaaacagt cctctttctc    103080
     ataaaaagtc tagctaattg agcaaaaaca ggaaaaggga ggcaaccaca gcctgtcgat    103140
     caaatctctc tcttatcgtt tttttttttt aacctcttct ctagaatcca ggctccctga    103200
     tcccccggcc tttgagccag cagaatcccg agaagagaat ccacctctcg gaacactgcc    103260
     ggctctactt tggggcgctg ctgaaagcca tcggcgtgtt gaacggcagc ctcagcaaca    103320
     ggcagccccc cgagaccttc atcacgcaga gcaagctgat catcatggtg gggcagaagc    103380
     tggtggacac gctctgcaag gagacccagg agagggactt tcgcaacgag atcctctgtg    103440
     gcagcagcca cctctgcagc ctgctcagga acctggcgct ggccaccaag cacgccgtgc    103500
     tggagtaccc aagccccgca gccctgggcc atctccaggc tgaggccagg aagctggagc    103560
     agcacacgca gcaattcaga gggaccttgg aatgagcctc ccctcccctc cttccccggg    103620
     caacccctcg gcttccaagg cacaccaaca acctgcaagg ctgtcctacg ggaaaagcca    103680
     gactggggac gcacacagca ggtggcaaca gccagaacca gtatcaccaa gcagccatgc    103740
     aaccccagga ccctggcttc atcccacaga gtcagggaaa cgagtcaggt gttaagcaaa    103800
     gaccttgcta agtttgtagc acatcctgta gggtcggcgt gtgaaatgag gctgtagaaa    103860
     ccagttttta tattgcctaa aggtgtgcct tttgtatttt attttatttt gtctttttgg    103920
     ggcggcatcc acagcacatg gaggttccca ggctaggggt ccatttagag ctacagctgc    103980
     cagcctacgc tacagccaca gcaacacagg atccgagcca tgtcttcgac ccacaccaca    104040
     gctcacggca acgccggatc cttaacccac tgatggaggc taggaatcaa acctgtgtcc    104100
     tcatggatgc tagtcagatt cgtttctgct gagcaacgac aggaactccc aggtgtgcct    104160
     gttttaaatt cattcattca gaccttattt tttgcgtacc cacaccctat gtcaagttct    104220
     aggtttcggg cagagagcac tgattcacac agcggctttg tcctcaggaa gcttacaatc    104280
     tggtggagag acagacaaat agtgaagaaa tacatagaca gtgtattagg gaaaaaagtg    104340
     ggaggaggga ggaaagcttc ttttcaaatg attactttct gcatctgcta gaaaatgtga    104400
     caagattttc gtcttggatt gaattaattc cgtgagattg gtgccattta cgtatctgca    104460
     tcttacaccc ccccccaaaa ttttttttgc aattgtattt tagctgagtt aaagaagcat    104520
     gctatatttg caacgggaca tgtcccgttg ggtttcttat ttattttgta catgataggt    104580
     tctgtgttga taaattcagc agactcagaa agatttatac ctcaatctgt tactgtttat    104640
     aatattgtgt aaatatcgtc atgacctgag acatcctttg cagcaatctt ttctctggaa    104700
     aagtctctga tctgtgtcac ttgggcgcag gtaccaaagc aaaatgttta ctcgtggcat    104760
     tcaaacgcat ctccctggag aggcaggtga agccaggttc acacacgcaa ggctgcttgg    104820
     gaaaagcaaa gccaggaagt gtggtaggag cagggtccct atcgccaggc ccagatctga    104880
     aatcggccca gagctccccc caagtcaaac cacctcctct tcctctccgt gcagctggga    104940
     ctttagctcg cgttgctatg gttacaccat ccccacttca cactacaggt aaaggtccat    105000
     gttttctatg ggcatctcag ccactaaaca ccttcagagc ctggaagcag catctccagg    105060
     ctggaaacca cctgaaatgg taccgggtcc agttcctatc tgctgctctg ttcttaataa    105120
     gtgcttttaa gtcgttgact gcaaaacgac tcagttattt tctcggagtc agtttcaggg    105180
     tccctgaaga cagaccccat ctttgcgagg cttggttctc tacaccagaa tggagacagc    105240
     caccttctcg gaacagccgt gatctgtgtc tgttaggact ccttctgtta caaggaatca    105300
     aaaaacacat ctaatctctc ttaagcaata aagaaaatgt attgatttat ttattgggtt    105360
     tgtttattta tttaattttt atgtatttat cttatggcca cacctgcggc atatggaagt    105420
     ttctgggcta ggcgtcaaac cagggctgca gctgaggccc acaccacagc cacagcaaca    105480
     tcagatctga gccgcatctg tgacctttac cacagcttgt ggcaatgctt gctccttaac    105540
     ccactgcgca aggccaggga ttgagcctgc atcctaacaa agactatgtt aggtccttaa    105600
     cccactgagc cacaatggaa actccgagaa aatttactga ttggactatc ttaaaattat    105660
     ccaggggcag gctggcttta agcgtagctg gtctggggtc ctccagcaga atcatcaagg    105720
     cccagtctct caggcccact ttctcggtat tagcactcat cattgcagag cggctgccca    105780
     gagttctgtt cttcttggtt tgtggccagt gaggaagaaa gactcttgat ttctgcttgg    105840
     actagtctag atcagatgcc tgcccctgaa agcaccatga caagaggggc atatacctaa    105900
     tacccaagtt gacctagacc tggaattcag ccctacacac acacacacac acacacacac    105960
     acacacacac acacacacac acgtatctct agagatgcag agatgcaaga actgccaagt    106020
     gtcttgagat tttcccctgc ttcaaattaa caagttggct cacaagttag ctgccacaga    106080
     ttcatggatg ctgagagaag acaggagatt ctagggtcag agacaatgtc aggggtcccc    106140
     gcgaccaccc ctgtgtttaa ggctccgata ggaggagtga caggattcaa catgcaggcg    106200
     tgctcacagc ggtgacctgt cacagagaag aaacaaagga aagggcacgg gtggtgccaa    106260
     gagtcccctc caggtgtcac acgggacacc ctccactccc ccagcaagag ttgtgacaac    106320
     acacaggagg tgtcgccggc tggggaagct catgagagcc tggcgcccag ggctttcatt    106380
     ggggtgacat gcacgtggcc tctgcgcagc acggacgaaa atcccaaact cggtcaggga    106440
     aagcaggtgt ttagcatgaa tcatgttgtt catacaagca gtttaggcgc ggtgccattc    106500
     ctaccaactc tggggagggt ggaaacccta cctaaatcca acttgcttaa aaaacaattt    106560
     ttttatggcc aaacccacag catatggaag tttcctggcc agagacccaa tccaaagcca    106620
     cagctccaac gctggaccct tttaacccac tgtgctgagc cggggatcga accctcacct    106680
     ccacagcaac ccaagatgct gcagtcagat tcttaaccca ctgcaccaca gtgggaactc    106740
     cttgcatttt tttttacaaa gttttcttga aatatagttg atttacaatg atgtgatcat    106800
     tcctgctgta caaaaaaggg attcgcttag acacagacac acacccattc tttttgagat    106860
     tcttttccca catggattat cacggagtat tggatcgagt ttcctgtgct ctacagcagc    106920
     tccctattgg ccaacattcc atagggcaca gtgtggatat gccagtccca accacctgct    106980
     ctccccgcgc ccacctctcc atgcacgacc aaagccagtc ttgcagtcag gcctttctaa    107040
     ggatgcttat caggcctgtt agctcagctc tcctgcacag agtcaaaagg ctcttcttac    107100
     agcatcgctt tatgtttatc tccccgccgc cctcaagtgc cagggacgac gagagggtgg    107160
     gcacaggtga agctgggcac gcagtgggtt tgtgtcaaag ccaaaaaaac ccaaacgagg    107220
     gaaaccccaa tcttttgtga taggctctgt gcaaacctgc ccaagttctg cctgagatgg    107280
     agatgttatc tgtcttccaa gggtggtttg ctacaaacat cctccaggga gttcccgtcg    107340
     tggctcagcg gtaatgagtt tgtctaggaa ccatgaggtt gtgggttcaa tccctggcct    107400
     tggtcagtgg gttaaggatc tggtgtttct gtggctgtga tgtaggctcg gcagctatag    107460
     ctctgattgg acccctagcc tgggaactgc catatgccgc gggtgcggcc ctgaaaagca    107520
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagatca tccagaacaa aatgttgtca atgcctcttg ctcagaagac    107580
     gtgcagagac ccccagagga ccaggtccca gcaggagccc cagcgaagtg aggagcgtcc    107640
     ttggaagaag gaggggtcga tgccggaaga gaccccagta agtgtttagt ccaacactgt    107700
     cgcacactgg tgataacacc ggcacgtgtt taggaagcga tcactgcatt tcagaccctg    107760
     ggctaatgct gaaggcgtct cgagtctctg agtcctttat gagacatggt ctggtaggta    107820
     atgagtaggt cctgcgtggt gtcccaatac cctctacacg cgtgtggaga gagatggaga    107880
     gcgagccgaa gaaagagagt aacagagttc tccacatcgc tctgtctttg tttgcgatgc    107940
     gttcaaaccg aggactttgt caaccaagta ccaacccact ggttttaaaa taataaaaac    108000
     cgctgctctt agcaaaacgt gtttccttcc ttttcctgca gcagagcagt tatggaatga    108060
     gtttccatgg actaattcaa gatcattact tctgaaaaaa gtgtatcgag taggataaaa    108120
     atcacatttt acagctttta gcagcttttt gctaagtatt tctctttaat gcccagagtt    108180
     ctgtactgtt tcctcttcaa tgtaggaagg ggaaatgggg gggcgggggg gtatagcaat    108240
     ctgacctcaa ttaagctaca tttcatcggg aggctggaag tggtgagaag ccctgcttag    108300
     agatcttcca gtgtgataag ccctgggggg ggggggttct ggtttggtgg caaaaatttt    108360
     tattaacaaa gcatctttta aaagttttgt gttcttcctg agtatgtacc ccaggtctcc    108420
     cgaagctgcc tctttgtaaa acttgccctt attttttatt gaagtttagt tgatttacaa    108480
     tgttgtgtta gttgcaagtg gacagcaaag tgactcagtt atacacacac atattctttt    108540
     tcagattctt ttccgttata gattattaca agacagtaag tataagttcc ctgcgttata    108600
     tagtactctg aatttctatc cccccccaac cccacgctat cctctttggt aaccataagt    108660
     ttgtttcttg tgcctgtgag tctatttctg ttctgcaaat aaggtcattt gcatcttttt    108720
     tttttttttt tttttttgct ttttagggca gcactggcag catatggagg ttcccaggct    108780
     aggggttgaa ttggagctac agctgctggc ccacaccaca gccacagcaa ggcgggatct    108840
     atctgagcca cgtctgcaac ctacacggaa gctcacggca atgccggatc cttaacccac    108900
     cgagcgaggc cagggatcaa acctgcaacc tcacagctcc tagttggatt cgtttccgcc    108960
     ccgccacgat gggaactcca tctttttttt tttttttttt ggctgcaccc tccacatggg    109020
     gaaattcctg ggccaggatt caaacccaca ccgcagcagg gactcgtggg tgctgcaggg    109080
     acaatgcggt atccctaagc cgctgcaccg cgaaagaact gtagattttt aatgacgacc    109140
     attctgactg gcgtaaggtg aacctcattg tggttttgct ttgcattctc taacaattag    109200
     caatattgag cctctcttca tgtgcctgtt ggtcatccaa aaactgccca ctcctatagg    109260
     ttatttgcta ataccgtttt cctttcattc attcacttag caaatattta ccaagcatct    109320
     cctatcagct cggcctctgc tgatcactac aggtggtgca ggggacagaa ccggggctct    109380
     gtctggcgca gctttcatcc cacctctttg ctaagagggt gaggtgacca agacactgtc    109440
     ctcagatgga aaatgccagg gggctcctca aaagcttagt aatcaagata aattttatac    109500
     attttttctt tttacagctg cacccatggc atgtggaagt tcccaggata ggggttgaat    109560
     cagagctacc ctgctggcct actccacagc cacagcaaca caggatctga gccacatctg    109620
     tgacctacac catggctcat agcaatgcca gatccctaac ccaatgagca aggaccggta    109680
     tcagacccgc atcctcatgg acccttgtca ggttcttaac ctgctgagcc acaatgggaa    109740
     ctcccaagat aaattatatt ttgattcagt attttaaaaa tcaaaatcaa tacaaaaaga    109800
     tgcacagtga acaagacata aaaatttagg gagttcccat catggtgcag tggaaatgaa    109860
     cccaactagg acccacgagg ttgcaggttc gatccctggc cttgctcagt gggtgaagga    109920
     tctggcattg ccgtgagctg tgatgtaggt cacagacgca gctcagatct ggcattgctg    109980
     tggctgtgat gtaggccggc agctgtagct ctgattcgac ccccagcctg ggaacctcca    110040
     tatgcctcgg gtgctgccct aaaaagcaaa aaataaaaat aaaaaataaa tgtatgacat    110100
     attatcacgg gtggtaagtg tgatggagaa gttaaggcag gcagtagcat gatggatgct    110160
     cttttaggtg aaggggtcag ggacgatggc tctgaggagg ggaccaggag cagagtgatg    110220
     aatcacttgt ggagtcagcc tgctacacct atgggaaggg tattctggag ggggaacagc    110280
     aagccaagtg cccagagtaa aggtacacct ggagaggtcg atgaagcaga ggacagctgg    110340
     agccgaggga ggggaagaaa aatggatgat aggagattgg aagagtagcc agaggccagt    110400
     tcatgtcatt ccctgtatat tcctggaata ttttattttt ttatggcctc acccaccaca    110460
     tatggaagtt cctgggccag ggactgaacc ctcgactccc agggacccaa gctgctgcag    110520
     tcagattctt aacccactgt gccacagcag gaatacctcc tggaatattt ttaaatactt    110580
     ccctaaaagt gcaaatgaaa agcaattttt gtcttgaatt atctcagcga tcacttctgt    110640
     tttctacttt attttggtgt ccttttctta ggaagttctt catccttagg tgaagaggtc    110700
     agggacgatg gctctgagga ggggaccagg agcagagtga tgaatcatct gcggagtctg    110760
     cctgctacac ctacgggaag ggcgttctgg agggggaaca gcaagccaag tgccttaggc    110820
     ataaccttaa attggctgtg atattcctaa agaatcccaa tacatagatt tgttttggtt    110880
     tttttatgct gttaaaatga gttccccagc acatcagctt tttgcccagc gctggatgag    110940
     cacatgggca aaaagctgac aggaaatcaa acccaccaga gttgagaagt ctgtaatatc    111000
     tgggaactag tgtaacagag agtagaaaca tttaaagtcc tgggccttac gaaaccatga    111060
     atgaaataca tacatgtcta aattatagaa aatgttccca tgtattaaag gatatttttc    111120
     tgaagactaa gcctaaaatt ttcatcaaat tttccaacag gtccaacggc cccagaaagg    111180
     ctttgcaaga agataatggt tttctctttc atgatttcat tccttccccg ccctttaagt    111240
     tcacagcttg atccagggtt caaagttgta tttttgtaag agaatatcct ttactggttc    111300
     attcaacaaa ggcggcggga ggaagcagca gagaatgcac ctgcttccca gtgtggttga    111360
     aattgaaatg gctcaaatca agaaaagcac agaacacaac gcttgacagc tctcaacaaa    111420
     aatgagttgc tattgatgat aacaacaaac agtagaaaca ttttagctgt gtaccctctg    111480
     caacacagag tagcttagtg accaatatgc taaaagagga agccaaggag gaagagaaaa    111540
     aaacatccag ctactgaact ttaacgccca cgaggtcatc accacagggt gtcatcagca    111600
     gcttttggag gagaggttaa agagggtggc atctgtaggt agatgggcct catttgagaa    111660
     agcccctccc ttatcttcta ctcctgttac ttcctggata tgtgcccctg aatctcatta    111720
     catctgaacc tcaggcttgc ggtttggaaa aaagaaggca ggctagcccc cgaattgtgt    111780
     tgtgaggaca ggaggaaaga aatgcttcca aagtttccag tgtagaatca tggtttgaga    111840
     cacagtcgct attttttttc cctccccaga tgaatttggt gaggggtaga tttcctggcc    111900
     agcaaaaaat cactggcttg agagttgtct agagatcttt gggtttttgc aagtctctga    111960
     ttttctgccc attgctgtaa aagaaaacta atcttaaaac tcctttctcg attactagct    112020
     gtctgacctt agatgactgc tttgatcttt ccagccttct gtttccttcc cagtaaatga    112080
     gattctaatt gcatttattt gcatttattt atttacctag cagccgtggc gtgtgtaaat    112140
     tcttgggcca gagattaaac ccacaccaca gcagcaacct gagccacagc agtgataatc    112200
     agatccttaa cccactgacc tacgcaggaa ctcctccaaa tgtatatttt tttcctttgg    112260
     tctttttggg gccgaaccct catacggagg ttcccaggct aggggtcgaa ttgcagctgt    112320
     agccaccagc ttacaccaca gccatagcaa catgggatct gagccacatc tgcaacctat    112380
     gccatagctc atgacaacgc cagaacatta acccaccgag tgaggccagg gattgaaact    112440
     gcatcctcat gggtactagt cagagtcact tctgctgccc catgatggga actcctccag    112500
     ttgtatttag aatgagactg tacttttggt ttatcgagga ataaaacaaa gtccctgcag    112560
     agtttccagt tttgtgatgg gcttaaaaaa caaatcataa gccaatcaga gaccaactga    112620
     ttagagggct tgttttcttt taagtcccat taattgcagt aacagataac ccactcttat    112680
     aacccttaaa gttttcatat ccacatatac tgtgttttct gttcccaagt ggcgaatagt    112740
     ttcagctttt ttacatttca ctttggtcat catggtaaca tccaatcata aagggctgct    112800
     ttactgacag aggataggct ttccgctaat atttcctttt ctttttgtct ttttagggcc    112860
     gcacccatgg catatggaag ttcccaggtt aggggtctaa tcccaggcta ggggtctaat    112920
     cacagccaca gcaacaccag atcagagcct cgtctatgac ctacacccct acaccacagc    112980
     tcacagcaac accggatcct taacctactg agctgcaggg attgaacctg caacctcatg    113040
     gttcctaatg ggattcgttt ccactgagcc aagacggaaa ctcctatttc taataattaa    113100
     atgaacaaat ggagagatag tcaagggcag gggagcaggc aatcatgaat tttaacaggg    113160
     agtttgcaag ggatttatgt tctctttata gatgtaatac agccctagga aaggtgtggt    113220
     gccatcagtg tatgatttat aaatctgcgt ctgttagact tgctgtttct tttttaaatt    113280
     tactttttac ttttaattta taatacgccc cttttttaat aaataaaaac atcttttagc    113340
     cagggcttca ggatgcggtg aatgaaatac atacacgcac aaactgcgtg tacctataca    113400
     atatacacgg cagtgtcaga agtttcagac cgtaagagaa tcttactcct ccacagcctc    113460
     atccaacacc actttaaagg atttacctgc ttaggtcata cctaaggctc aataaaaaga    113520
     tgcattctct tttgaacaca ccaacggtaa ctgaaggaac gatccattca tattcatcag    113580
     taattgcagt aataaaatgc agcccttcct tgctcttact cccagtctgg ggatatctgc    113640
     ccacagtcag agaggctagg gtgcaacggg gcccaggagc ggcgggtgac cctgagccac    113700
     ctcgactagt gcgggcccct cacccccgga gcgtgggcga gcgatttgcg ggcccctcgc    113760
     ccccggagcg tgggcgagcg atttggcggg tgcagcagaa atccagcgcc catcggaaaa    113820
     aggaagggaa gggcggcagc ggcggcgcgg gagtgggaga actcttgaca ccagacacac    113880
     tcacaaagcc ctgccggcgc tttgcaacag ccccagcggc tgggccacgc ccaatgccta    113940
     aagacgctct ccatggcaac cggggcttgg caaaagcccc gccccgtccc ccgccccgtc    114000
     gcgactagcg gtttgcgtca cgcggcgcgc cggaagtgac gattgcgctc gctagggacc    114060
     ccggaagtgg ctgctagggg gaattactgc ggactctgac tcttggcttg ctatgggttg    114120
     cgacggaggc acaatcccca agaggcacga gctggtgaag gggccgaaga aggttgagaa    114180
     ggtcagtgac aggggcccag tggggtccgg gggcttctga ggcatgcaga gctccccggg    114240
     gagagaaggg aggtgggagg gggagctaga ggggttctac cgtcaacgaa gctcaattat    114300
     acctttcaaa actcaaaatt aaccgcagta tcaataacgg acctttactg agcgtgtggc    114360
     attcacccgg cagtacgcat aatgtggcat tgctcttgta actcttacaa gagccctagg    114420
     ggtacatact gtcattagtc tctcttttca gacctggaaa ttgcgatcta agaggaaaag    114480
     gttgcagagc tagtcagtag gagagccagg atttgaagtc tgtctgctgt ctgctgctgt    114540
     tttgtacacc ctaacttcgt ttcctcagta aagtcttctc aaaccgctcc ctgtgagatc    114600
     agggcctcct ctaaaaactg tcttaccccc gtgtacacag cgttccggtc aatgaatgtt    114660
     gatctcagac gattgcagag gctgcatctc tttccccttt acaagtagca gggttcctgg    114720
     tacagtaaat atagtgaata aatgaatgag tggataatcc ctaattctga aaagtgattg    114780
     agccaattat aatttatagg gaaattgagt cagtaacacg accaagatca cacaattggt    114840
     aggtaataac aggattccca tccagttatt caggatttca gagttagcac tagtaattgc    114900
     tttttaataa tagtaggtgt gtaaagcacc taatacaagt gaccaagtga ctgacacact    114960
     gtgactccat tcagcagcca aagaggattt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgctttttag    115020
     ggccgcatgt gcggcccatg gaagttccca ggctaggggt tgaatcggag ctacagctgc    115080
     cagtctatac cacagccata gcaacaaagg atccccgacc cactgaacaa ggccagggat    115140
     ctgaagccac atcctcatgg atactggcca gattagtttc cgctgtgccg aattgggaac    115200
     tccctagaga agtctttttt aaaaataaat tacgtgtatc actattgtgt ttaaatcact    115260
     caagtggctt ctcattgtat tcacggtaaa attctcacag accttgtgtg atcagaccct    115320
     ctgcctctct ttatatctta tctaatgccc ctttcccacc ctttctcttc cagctatata    115380
     ggccttgttc ctcaacccgg agtataattt cctcaacctg tgttcttcac tgagatactc    115440
     atatcacttg ggtttttgtt ttttgggttt ttttgtttgt ttgtttttaa atgcttcaag    115500
     tctttacaca aatgtcatct catcccggtc cactgtagcc aaaatacatc tcatttctaa    115560
     tcactctgcc tttttctgct gcttttcttt ttaaattttt tttggccgca cttgtgtcat    115620
     ccagaagttc ctacgccagg gatcaaaccc acaccacacc acagcagcca ctggagccac    115680
     agcagtgaca atgctggatc ctttagccaa agtgtggctc ttgatgtggg gaatgaatag    115740
     gacaatagct acgacagtgt ggtgggggtt tgtttgtttt tattttaaat aatagagggg    115800
     agggacaaat taggagataa ttagggacaa attgacagat acgaggtact atacataaga    115860
     taggtgggca gcaaggactt agtgtatagc aaggcaatta gacccagtat cttttagtaa    115920
     cctgtaatga attataagca gcaaaaaccc tgaataacta tactgtatgc ctgcaactaa    115980
     cacaacctcg taaattaacc acacttcaat gaaacaaata agtaaaattt taaagttata    116040
     gaataattac aacaaaataa tagaaataga gagtagtgat gaaaagcatg gtctttagcg    116100
     ccagcccacc tgggtttgtt tttttgtttt ttgtcttttt gccatttctt gggctgcttc    116160
     tgcggcatat ggaggttccc aggctagggg tcgaatcgga gctgcagccg ccagcctaca    116220
     ccacagccac agcaactcgg gatccagccg catctgcaac ctacaccaca gctcacggca    116280
     atgctggatc cttaacccac tgagcaaagc cagggatcga atccgcaacc tcagggttcc    116340
     tagtcggatg cgtttaccac tgcgccacga cgggaactcc ccccacctgg gtttttatcc    116400
     tagctcccat gtctgcttgt gtgtgtgacc tgacttagtg gtacctccat ttcctcaacg    116460
     accaaggtaa aaatattcat tcataggtgt tttatgagga ctaagagatt cagtcacaga    116520
     aactgtttag cacggtgcct ggcacagagt aaacacttaa gtagtcattc ctgcaaaatt    116580
     taagttaaag ggaatttaat ttttttttct tttatttcct tattttctcc caaacgtgcc    116640
     atcctgttac attattcatc ttggacattt taggaagggg aaagagtggg acatggaata    116700
     ttaaataggt aaaaatatca tttgagggct gtggaaactc ttatatcggg attttttttt    116760
     ttttttgata ttccatgcag tgaacagttt gcaaaagaca cttctattaa attagtaatt    116820
     ttataaaaac tatacatctt tgtgcttaac ttttagaaag tgcctgtctt ctcaattctt    116880
     tgtccttaaa ttctgctcca attttggagc ctttcccatt gttggaaatt aacccgtact    116940
     gcttgttttt tgtgtgtggc cttctaactg actgtcaaga tgcagacatt agtatttata    117000
     agcaactagc ataaacaatt taatgacttg atgatgtaaa ctctttcttt gtacgtgtcg    117060
     tgtatggcga ggcctttatt tgacgtagta ttacatccag ctttgtgtgt cactcctttt    117120
     cttttttaat tttatgactg tacctgaagc atatggaagt tcccaggcca gggattgaat    117180
     ctgagccgca gcggcaacct acactacagc tgtggcaacg ctgagtcctt aacccactgc    117240
     accaggccag ggatcaaacc tgcacctgcc ttgtaacccg agccactgta gtcaggttct    117300
     taacccacag tgccacggtg gggactccat gtgttactgt ctttgattta aaaaacaaaa    117360
     atcagggagt tcccgttgtg gctggcaagt atgaacctga caggtatccc tgaggatttg    117420
     ggttcaatcc ctggcctcac tcagtgggtt gaggatccag cattgccatg agctgtggtg    117480
     taggtggcag atgaggcttg gatcctgcgt tgctgtgtct gtggtgtagg ctggcagcta    117540
     cagttagttc tgattcgacc cctagcctgg gagcctctat atgcagcagg tgtggcccta    117600
     aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa ataaataata aaaaaattta aaaaatcagg agttccttgg    117660
     tggctcagca gggataagga tctggtgttg tcactgctga ggtacaggtt cagtcctggc    117720
     ctgggaactt ccgcatgcct caggcattaa ccaaaacaaa caaacaaaac tccaaatcat    117780
     tgcagtgggg tattactgga taagtcttat gtgtggaact gtggaccata tgtctttcag    117840
     agggaaaaat taattgaaag gactttttct tttcttttct caggttgaca aagatgctga    117900
     attagtggcc cagtggaact actgtacttt aagtcaagaa atattaagga ggccaatagt    117960
     tgcttgtgaa cttggcaggt atggttcctt tacttaatgg agatgagttt ttctgaagtg    118020
     atcttaaaaa gaattttaat gtctttaaat gcagttctta attcatcaaa ggtgcattat    118080
     ctcaagcaaa gttagaaagc ctaggttatc agtccctgtc tctgaacaaa cttctgcact    118140
     ttccaattga gtttggttta tttactctat gggttgaaaa ctcagggacc aataggagct    118200
     ccgttttaaa tgcatgaaag acccgagtgg ggagagtagg aaacgggcag ggagcggggg    118260
     gtggatgaag ttcatgttct gtctgaaggt ggctgtggct cggttccagc ccatggttac    118320
     agttcaagaa tggactgatt ccagaacttc tgattttttt tttaaaggaa agttgaaaat    118380
     gtgtactttt atattaaatt tcccaatttt taaaatcctt gttctggagt tcccattgcc    118440
     tgttgtggct cagtggtaac acacctgact agcttccatg aggatgcggg ttcaatccct    118500
     ggcctcactc agtgggttaa ggatccggat ttccctgagc tgtggtgtag gtcgcagagt    118560
     tggctcatat ctgacattgc tgcggtatag actagaatgt ttgacagatc tttattgttg    118620
     cagactttac aacaaagatg ccgtcattga gtttttattg gacaaatctt ctgaaaaggc    118680
     tctcgggaag gcagcatctc atattaaaag cattaaggta agacaggggt ttctgcagta    118740
     ctccacgagt ctcagtggtt aaggtttatt ttatagaatt cacgtacatt tcagcctgaa    118800
     ctcagaaatt tggaaatcca gccccactca gccacctaat aaaagtggga tttagggcag    118860
     gtcagttgaa gctcgagcca gaagttcccc acaccgatac ttcctggatt ataagtccat    118920
     tgtgacttaa tgtgtttgaa tgagcttcaa aaattctcag tgtgctgagt tcccgttgtg    118980
     gctcagtggc aacaaactcc tctagtatcc atgaggatgc gggtttgatc cctggcctcg    119040
     ctcagtgggt taaggatccg gctttgccgt gagctgtggt gtaggtggaa aactcggttt    119100
     ggatcctgag ttgctgtggt tctggcataa gccaacagtt gtagctccca tctgacccca    119160
     gcctgggagt ttccatatgc cgcacgtgtg gccctaaaaa gcaaaataaa acaaacaaaa    119220
     aacacctcaa tgtgttatat agcgaggcat tatttttgta gttaaaactc agctacttga    119280
     atttttgatt tggaagacac tttctataga attagaagtt tttataggta gatcactatt    119340
     aaattttggt tatcagagtt cccttcgttg ctcagctata aacaaaggat ccatggttga    119400
     ctaggatcaa tgaggatgca ggttcgatcc ctggccttgc tcactgggtt aaggatccaa    119460
     cattgccgtg aactgtggtg taggttgtag acgtggctcg gatcccacgt tgctgtggct    119520
     gtggcatagg ccagcagctt tagctccaat tcgaccccta gcctgggaag ctccatatgc    119580
     tgcaggtacg gctctaaaaa gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattgtggt tatcgcctgc    119640
     tgattacaag ttcttattgt taaatttctt tcataaaagt ggaaaaatga gttttttagt    119700
     aaaaagtttg ttgagagaac aaaatctttc aaatgtgatc agtagaaaaa tcagaaaagt    119760
     agtgaagaat ttgagaccca ccaagcttgt caagtgcctc atctaaggga gagctaccac    119820
     attgctgcag gagatgcttc gaggctgctg gcttgttagt gaggtgctca aaccagatcc    119880
     agagcccttg actcccagtc gaagactttg ggcttgtttc ctttgctaac ccccttctca    119940
     ttccttttta tttatttatt tatttttata tttggctttt tgtttgaatt cttgggggta    120000
     attacaggat acaaaatatt tttacttcag aaaaattagt aattctgaga agtacctaat    120060
     ggtagtgcta tagagataac caggctgatt tttgtcatct ttaccttgcg aagttaaatt    120120
     tgtttctaac aaacccacag tagcataatt atcttatctc acaaatgtgg tgatctggag    120180
     ttcacagctg tggcacaaca ggatcaccgg tgtgtttgca gcactggggc acaggtttga    120240
     tcctcccggt ccagtacagt ggcataagga tctggcgtgg ccgcggttgt ggtgttggtc    120300
     acagctgcgg ctcggatcta atcccaggcc tgagaacttc catatgctgt gtggtagcca    120360
     gaaaagaaaa aatgtgatta tcactgaatt gaattttttt tttttttttt tttttttgtc    120420
     tttttagggc cgcacctgtg gaagttccca ggctaggggt caaactggag ctacggctgc    120480
     cagcctacac cacagcaagg ccagatccaa gctgagtctg cctgcgacct gctgcacagc    120540
     tcacggcaat gctggatctt taacccactg aatgaggcca gggatcaaac ctgcagcctc    120600
     atggattcta gtcaggttca tttccgctga gccacgacgg aactcctgaa ttgaatttgt    120660
     ggcagactgt acttaaacac caatatgtag tgtgtgaggt tgaactttta atgcaaaaaa    120720
     aaattttccc aagaaatcat gactgtaaag acaaaaggat tcaataaaag attattatta    120780
     ctgtgattaa tcagccacaa atactctttt tttttttccc ccaacctttt agggcctcac    120840
     ctgcgtcatg tgaggtgctc aggctagggg tctagtagga gctacagctg ccagccacag    120900
     ccgcagccac agccacgcag gatccaagcc acatctgcaa cctacaccac agctcaccgg    120960
     atctgtaacc cactgagcaa ggccagggat cgaacctgca agctcatggt tcctggtggg    121020
     attcgcttcc actgtaccac aatgggaact ccacaaatac tcttaagaac ttgatgggac    121080
     agtcaggcca gctgtcagcc aggccagcct ttcatatcaa aagttacttt tccttggagt    121140
     tcgtgttgtg gtacagcaga aacaaatccg actagtaacc atgaggttgc cggtttgatt    121200
     tctgggcttg ttaggtgggt taaggatctg tcattgccat gagctgtcac gtaggttgca    121260
     gacgcagctc agatcccaag ttgctctgac tagccagcag ctgtagctcc gatttgaccc    121320
     ccagcctggg aacctccata tgctgtgggt gcggccctaa aaagcacaca aaaagtatat    121380
     atatataaat ataaatttta agaagttact tttcctggag ttcccatcgt ggcgcagcag    121440
     aaacaaatcc aagtaggaac caggaggttg tgggtttgat ccccggcctc gctcagtggg    121500
     ttaaggatct ggcattgcca tgagctgtgg tgtaggtccc agacatggct gggatccggc    121560
     attgctgtgg ctgtagcgta ggctggcggc aagagctccc attagacccc tagcctgtga    121620
     tcctccatat gccacgggtg caaccctaca aggacaaaag accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt    121680
     tgcttttcct tatgtagcaa aatatttgta aaatagaaat taactatcac agtgcatttt    121740
     aaaaatgcta tttgccaccg caatttatgg attaatttta cgtccatgtt aattgatgca    121800
     aaagtaaaag cagaagaaat ttcgatggca agagactaga ataatagtta gggctaaaaa    121860
     tgatccattt atcaaaggaa ctctttaaat tattgatttt ttgcacagaa tgtgacagaa    121920
     ctaaggcttt ccgataatcc tgcctgggaa ggagacaaag gaagcaccaa aggtgacaaa    121980
     catgatgacc tccagcgggc acgtttcatc tgccctgtcg tgggcttgga gatgaatggc    122040
     cgacacaggt cagtaatgga cacgggcagg tgatggacac gagcctgggc ctggaggatg    122100
     caggctgtgg cttagccgtc acacaacgtc tctacgttcc ctttgctttg ggtggcgcct    122160
     tagaggcagt ggtgctcagc acaaggccac gttcactccc catcgccacg tgttacgtgg    122220
     cctctttttt atccacggcc ttctgttcct caggtgaaga acccaaagaa ggattttagg    122280
     catctctcct gtgacacatc agagacttgg gatgtttgat cttttctcct gggaaagaaa    122340
     gtaggggacc catgtttccc atcaaacaaa tcccatttgt ttacagtggc tgaagaactc    122400
     tgcagtggac agcaagctgt ggttgatcct tctgtagaag gcccagctga tgaggataat    122460
     ttgccctgaa tttgaggcta acaggtggag caccaggaat cttaagcttg agattatgta    122520
     gtaaattgcg ttaagtattt tcccccttaa aaaatgtgca tgttgagtgg gttggtaggt    122580
     gccttattat aggctctctc actttgccaa agctttgtac ccctttccca ccatttagaa    122640
     acatctggta gtcatctgga atcttccttg tatcacatta catattgaga ggttggttgt    122700
     ttgttttttt aaaccatttt cagttaggaa agaggggtag ggaaagcatc tcaaataaat    122760
     aaagctttta agtgttccca ttgtggcgca gtggaaacga atctgactag gaagcgtgag    122820
     attgcaggtt ccatccctgg cctctctcag tgggttgagg atctggcatt gccacgagct    122880
     gtggcttagg tcacagatgc agctcagatc tggtgttgct gtggctgtgg tgtaggccag    122940
     cagctgtagc tccgatgaga ctcctagcct gggcacctcc atgtgccgca ggtgcggccc    123000
     taaaaagaca aaaaaaaaaa ggcaaaaaga tcaaataagt aaagctttta aaaaagtgaa    123060
     atgttttgga gaatgagact cgtataccta aatttgcctc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac    123120
     atacacatta ctttgaggtg aaagacatga cagtaatcat ttttgggagt tcccactatg    123180
     gtgcactggg ttaacaacct taaaagtaag taaacaacca catttcatct ggagcactct    123240
     ggcccattcc tttaaaggac gcacgggcgc tctctgtggc agcctacgcc agggagacta    123300
     accctgtgct ctgagacgga gtcacctggg gcgtcgtggg tctgcacaga gggaagtctg    123360
     aggcccaagg agctcgtgct tctaaaggag gcggagtggc cactgctgag gcctctcgca    123420
     gtgcgccctt cagtggtggc ccgtgagtga tgagtgtgat cgggaacgtg attgtgacgc    123480
     tcgttttgca ggtgacacac acagcaagtc atccagttcc ccatcctaaa cataggcgat    123540
     tcctatttgt caggcacacc taaataaagc tggggaaaaa agaagaagaa atcaataaaa    123600
     tgaaaagcta aagtccacca tttgggtcat gtaagaaatg ttttggagag agttcccatt    123660
     gtggctccat gggttaagaa cccgactagt atccatgagg atgtgggttt gatccctggt    123720
     ctcgttcagt gggttaagga tccagcattg ccgtgagctg tggtgtagat ctcagacgcg    123780
     gcttggatcc tgtgttgctg tggctgtggt gtcggctgga ggctccagct ctgattcaac    123840
     ccctagcctg ggaacctcca tgtgccttag gtgcggccct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtga    123900
     aatgttttgg agaatgagac tcgtatacct aaatttgcct cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta    123960
     catacacatt actttgaggt gaaagacatg acagtaatca tttttgggag ttcccactat    124020
     ggtgcactgg gttaaggatt cagtgttgtc tttgtagcag cacaactttg acccccaggc    124080
     cagcacagtg ggttaaggat cccacgtcac aactgcagct gggaatcgtt ccctggcccg    124140
     ggaactttca tgtgccacaa atgcagctga aaaaaagaaa aattaattat tttaaggtat    124200
     atatttcagt ggcatttagt acgttggtgt tgtgtgattg tcacctccct ctagttctaa    124260
     acctcttcat cccccgcaaa gcacgcactc ggtagtcact gcccgtcacc ccttctccag    124320
     ctgctggaag ccaccagtct gcttgctgtc tctctggatg tttcgtataa atagaatcac    124380
     gcatcatggg acctttcgta tctggcttcc cacttctttt taagaaaact gtggttcacc    124440
     ccaaaagagg aactcaccag aaacagactc taccctgggg tcttgagcag ggttacctgg    124500
     agcctgttgc tctgattgtg gcttcctctc gtgtttttct ctttcatttg ctagttaacc    124560
     tcttctcttt tttctcttcc cagttaattg agctttgcca gtttgggctt cattctcctg    124620
     ctacccatag ggcctccaca ctagaaagtt gatttgggat ttagtttata tatttaataa    124680
     agtgtataat aaagatttaa atgtatagaa aaatagaaaa taagttagtg taataaaaac    124740
     atttggcttt tgtttgaaga aaaacagttt cctcaatttt taataattag atgcattcct    124800
     aaagtaggat tttttttcgt cctaaatcac agttaatgga tgttagcacg tggtattgat    124860
     ttggtttcat tagggcagtc tcccatctgc tgtaatccct gggacgggga ttagaattgg    124920
     ggaaagctat tactgtggca tatttagaag aacatacaat atcagggagt tcccttcgcg    124980
     gctcagtggt taacaaacct aaccagcatc cgtgacaatg cggttcactc cctggcctca    125040
     ctcagtgaag gatcctgtgt tgctgtgagc tgtggcttgg atctggcatt gctgtggctg    125100
     tgttaatgcc ctttgcccat ttttctatac tgtttattac tgcttttttt aatttttttt    125160
     tatttttgtt tttagtcttt tggtctttta gggccacacc tatagcatgt ggaggttccc    125220
     aggccagggg tcccctggaa actgtagcca ctggcctaca ccacagccac agcaacgtag    125280
     gatctgagct gtacctgcga cctacaccac agctcatagc aatgccagat ccttaaccca    125340
     ctgagcgagg ccagggattg aacctgcatc ctcttggggg ctagtcaggt tcgctgagca    125400
     ctgagccaca acgggaactc ctattactgc ttttaaagac ctctttgaat tgtcataaac    125460
     tttgaatctc atatatattt aaagtatttt ctctttaagt tcctattccg tcttttgact    125520
     tcttgtgttt gtgctgtttt ttaaattgta tctgttttta tttataggag ctttctttcc    125580
     aaagagttat tgcaagaggg ggggaatggg gtggtggctt gtgtttgtgg ttttagtttc    125640
     aatatgcagt ttctcctcta cctgaaaagg agagctttta ctgcgttctt aagaaaactt    125700
     tcccagtctg aaggggagta aattgaagaa gcagttaccg tgtgactcat cttgctgaca    125760
     gatggacaga atacatgaag ataaagcaca ggcgtttaca ggcgcagttc agagctgtgc    125820
     tagcttcgag ttcccgctgt ggggcaacga gttaatgatc cgacttgact ctgggggacg    125880
     ccggtttgat ccctggccgg gtgcagtggg tttagggtct ggtgttgctg cagctgtggc    125940
     gtgggtcgtt gttgtggctc agattcgatc cctgacccag gaacttcaat atgccatagg    126000
     ttagactgta aaattaaaaa cgaaaacaaa agcctggcag cttgatactg agatgctgag    126060
     tatagttccc tggaaggagc ttggcggggc cgcccttgct gctcgggatg ccagctgcct    126120
     gtgcacccac tcgctgccac acagatgcta gtgtgatttt tcactcttta cctttcttcg    126180
     taaaagcgaa agtcctcttt ggatttcctt cagttagtga aaatgggaat gagtgtaggt    126240
     ttttgtgaaa gtaaagtagt gtaaagtgaa ctttcagaaa gtagaagtgt gtgtgtgtgt    126300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtggctca cacagttttc ttcagtggaa tcagatgtac    126360
     ccatttttct ctttgtggtt cttggctttt gtgtaaactg aacaagtgtt aactgataac    126420
     atggtaataa ttcttatttt tatttctttt tttctttttc tttttctttt tttttttttt    126480
     tttttttttt ttttgtcttt ttggggctgc acccatggca catggaggtt cccaggctgg    126540
     gggtcgaatc ggaactgcag ctactggcct atgccacagc cacagcagct caggatccga    126600
     gccatgtctg tgacccatac cacagctcac agcagcaccg gatccttaac ccactgattg    126660
     aggccaggga ttgaacctgt gtcctcatgg atactggtca gattcgtttc tgctgagcca    126720
     cgatgggaac tgcagtaata atttttatgt tattatttaa gtcactccct gtattgaatt    126780
     ctttctccag gttttgctac ctgcggtgct gtggttgcgt gttttcggaa cgagccctga    126840
     aggagataaa agcagaagtt tgtcacacag tgagttgttg acacacatcg tttgttcctt    126900
     ctgagtagct gaagaaatca ggctgtctgg ggtccctccc tccgtgtgtc atttcagcat    126960
     cttgtagctc tttctgaaac atagacctaa ccagctgctt ctctgcttac aacccttcca    127020
     cacctgtcct tgctggaagg acagcctcac actgcctctt gtgacatgtc cctggctgcc    127080
     cgtcctggtc agaccaagcc cggccgctgc ccggacaagc cttcgttgct tcctccctga    127140
     cctgccagct gggcgtgggg gcccgggtgg gtgctgctcc ccgggagcct tggttccaga    127200
     gccactgccc tctccgtggg ccttgccgct aagccgttgt cctgtcccct gggcacgtgt    127260
     tagccccctg gtctcaccag attgtgattg tgagtgctgt ggtgctttcc cactggaccg    127320
     tgagggtttt ttctccttct tttaaaaaca agatttcttt tttttggagc agttttaggt    127380
     gcacaggaaa atttggagga aagtaagggg tttcccgtac accctctacc cccacgtgca    127440
     cagcctcccc cactatctcc cccacgccct ccgtactaaa cccacgtgac gcatcatcgt    127500
     cacccaaatc ccctcgcttg cattaggttc attcgaggtg tcatccatcc cgtgagttcg    127560
     gacaagtgag aacgacccgt gcccatcatt gtcgcatcgc acagggtatc ttggccgccc    127620
     ccactgtgct ctgcgctccg cccgggggtg tttggaaacg agagcagggc tcttcctcag    127680
     taaacactca tacgcatgag caaggacctg atggaagagc gctgcttggc tcacacgagg    127740
     gagacgcggg gctttgcagc tgcagcccag atgtttttgt cttgggtgct ctgctgtccg    127800
     tgcagagcct ggcgtttagg gtcccagggc ctcctggctg cgttttcacc tgtatcaact    127860
     ctccctgcat ttccttaggt ctcccagtac cgctcctccc cgtggattca gcagctttgg    127920
     tggaacagct gctgtgggca ggccctgtgg gcggccacgt ggcggagaag ctggatgcag    127980
     tccctccttt ggggacctgc tttcccctta gacagacaga tgctcaagga gcccggcaag    128040
     gcagcaccga ctgtggcaga tgcgagtagg gaaactggag ggcagggaac tggagggagg    128100
     ggccgcccag agtggtcggc cgaggcacct ctgcaggatg gagctaagac ctgcagggcg    128160
     agacggggcc agcccagcga ggtttgagct ggagctcaga agtgacggag gactctgcta    128220
     gtggagggaa cagagtgtcg tggagggtgg ggacggggag aagtggatga gatggagggt    128280
     tgggcagggg tcacccccca gggcctgggt ggccatactg gggcttgtgg acgtcatgct    128340
     aaaagcagtg ggaagctggg ggaggctctc agccccgcta agtgtagttt agttttcgaa    128400
     tgatttctct gtaaagaagt cagaggtggg gaaggatgta cttggtgatt ctctttgtaa    128460
     ctcaaaggca gaccagtggt gacgaagtca gggagggcgt ggagttgtgt ccacttgagg    128520
     gcgattatgg atcaagccat catggaagtc gggatgtctc aaaaagcttt taccaagaaa    128580
     aaagaaattc agagaatgca ttcgggaatt gattcacgtt gtctagtcac cagcgtttat    128640
     tgtctccggt gttaaagatg atgttgcagg ggttcctgga gcaggagagg aacctcgcgt    128700
     gtgatctgtg ctccagtaca tgcctgtgtg ttaacaaata gtgtgtgaga tgttgtgtac    128760
     aagtgttaga cccatttgca ggtatgctca gcaagttcac gtgaaagaat acaaattcga    128820
     gatggttgga aatgaggctg aaatgtatta agcagccaaa tgtcctaaat cggtggttcc    128880
     agcccaggct gcactgtaga atcaccacgg tgggtagtaa gttgccactc cccacgtcag    128940
     accccacatc agaatcttca gtgttggtgg aaagctcaca gatggctact tttttttttt    129000
     ttttttttgt ctcttttgcc atttcttggg ccgctcctgc agcatatgga gattcccagg    129060
     ctaggggtca aattggagct atagccacca ccctacgcca gagccacaac aactcgggat    129120
     ctgagccgcg tctggaacct acaccacagc tcacggcaat gccgaatcct taacccactg    129180
     agcaaggtca gggatcaaac ccgcaacctc atggttccta gtcagattct ttaaccactg    129240
     agccctgacg ggaactccca gattgctgct tttattaagt tcccagaata attctaaagg    129300
     gcagaaaggt tggtgggggg gcctcagtga tctaaggcaa tccgactttg ccctcacccc    129360
     cagcggtgac catctcttag actggggtgc aactgggcgc catcgtcctt cccgtcagcc    129420
     ggcccaacat ccatatttgt aactgtgttg acagagtcaa gcagcgtgga tgtgggtgac    129480
     acagctttac agggaagttg atgttacttc gtggaaatgc agcattgcaa gggcgtccca    129540
     agaagggaag gaagcaggag gaaaagggac aggtttcgga gcagccgaga cgggtgcccc    129600
     gggcgttggc tcctcccacc tcctaacagg ggcagcctgg gatccaggaa gccctcagag    129660
     acaaaatgct cttcaaaata gatctgtttc catggagttc ctgttgtggt gccgtggaag    129720
     tgaattcgac tagtatccgc aaggatgtgg attctgtccc tggcctcact cagtgggttg    129780
     gggatccagt gttgctgtgg ccgtggtgta ggccagcagc tgtagctcca atttgacccc    129840
     tagcctggga tcctgccatg ggtgcggccc taaaaagcga agaaacaaac aaacaaaaac    129900
     gaaaaaaagc aagataatga gcactttcca agtacataag ctacatgaaa attgcctttg    129960
     ccagattgaa tagctatgtg ttagtttgcc agggcagccg tggggcagcc gtaaggagac    130020
     accacaccct gggagaccca gcggaaaggt gttgtctgga cagaaaggtg ttgtctcgtg    130080
     gttggggagg tggggagtct gcggtgctgg cggggttggt tccccctgag ggcggtgagg    130140
     ggcctctgtc ccagacgcct ctctctctgc cttgaaggtg gtgtttctcc ctgtgtctgt    130200
     tcgtatggtc ttccctctgt ggactttgcg tccgaatccc cccccttttt tataaggata    130260
     ccagtcattg gatgagggct cgtgctagtg gctgcatctt aactcattac atctgcagac    130320
     ggtcacattc taacgaacgg ggttaggatt ggaggttagg acctccacat ctcagggggg    130380
     acacagttca gctgataacc ctgtacagtt tagaaaatca tggtgtgtgg ggtggtctgt    130440
     ggtacatttg ggtgggagtc attcattccg tcactcacgc agccagtgtt gagagcctag    130500
     tatatatcag ctttggttca cacccagacc agcgtggttg gcccagaaat atccatcact    130560
     taccctgtgg gcttcagatt ccatatgtaa aatgaaggaa gttcttggat gctttccttt    130620
     taaacccaaa ttccaaacaa taactttttt tttttttttt ttctttcctt ttctagggcc    130680
     gctcccaaac catatggagg ttcccaggct aggggtttaa tcagagctgt agctgccagc    130740
     cacagccaca gccacagcaa ctcgggatcc aagccgcgtc tgcgacccac accacagccc    130800
     atggcaacac cagatcctta aacccactga gtgaggccag ggatcaaacc cgcaacctca    130860
     tggttcctag tcagattcgt ctccgctgcg ccacgacggg aactccccca aacagtaaca    130920
     tttttaaatg aagaaataaa tgaccaattc atacaccgtc gtcaggaata atttcaagtc    130980
     tccagagctg agtgatgctc agagtcgagt attggctacc tcccgtaaca cacagccccc    131040
     cagttccagc agctaataca gcgagacttc ctggttgggc agctttcttt taagggaaac    131100
     tcaaggagtc gggcttcttc tgtcttgcag tcctgattgc ctctggtttg gggagtattc    131160
     tccgttcagc tggctgatgg ggacagagag gagagtggct agcttaggtt tgtatgacct    131220
     gggccagggt gtggtacgca agtctcctgc tctcgttcca ttggtcagaa ctcagtcatg    131280
     tgaccacacc cgcctgcagg agcctgggga ttgtagtcaa gctggaagcc caggaaaaag    131340
     aggaggacat gggacatttc tgccaaacta ccaaaaggaa gaatgttagc acggtttcag    131400
     gagctgtagt gcattgtgag aatgtggatg cggtgagatc aagccacagc gtcacagtct    131460
     aaaacacatt attttttttt ttaagtggat attctttttg tattcattga gacgtagttg    131520
     acataaacta cattactttc caggtgtgtg acataatgat tcaatctttg tatatattga    131580
     gaaatgatca ctacagtaag tctaaataac atgtgccacc atataaactt acaatttttt    131640
     tttcttgtga caagaacttt taagatctac tctcttagca acttctaaat atacaaaatg    131700
     gtaataggaa ccatggccac catgctgttc attacatcct aagtggatgt tctttttttt    131760
     taattactca aatggattta tcgcacctgt agttgtgtaa tgatcataac aatctgattt    131820
     cacaggattt ccatcccaca gcccaggcac atccccccac ccgcaaactg tcctccagag    131880
     accataagtt tttcagtgtc tgtgagtcag catctgttct gcagagaagt tcagtctgtc    131940
     cttttttcag attccacgtg tcagtgaaag catgtgatgt tggtgtctca ttgtatgtct    132000
     gacttcactt agcaggataa tttctctgtc taaaacacat tattttcatg ttttaggtag    132060
     tatctgaatt tagaggagcc agtgttataa gaacaatgtc aggaacctca gtgataactt    132120
     aggatgtgca cgttctctgt tcttccctct gtgggtccat caacatttgc cttctcagtt    132180
     cattggaaga gactccgggg tttgaagtag ctctggttct gtgctctcaa gcacgtagtg    132240
     tgctcacttg atttcagtaa acagggtcca aagagatgta gttgctaggt tttttttttg    132300
     ttttcaccgt aaacaaagcc ccagccaaaa aattaattgt attccccact gcattcgtct    132360
     ctcctcgtgc taagaaacac ggtggggtga ttacaggttg caaagtaaac gatgtgcttg    132420
     ttactcaaag cgtgactgtg gtcctgcaat tattgacatc acctgggcag gtttttgttt    132480
     ttgtttttta agaactgcag gctcccaggc cccttcccag gcctgcaaaa tcagaaactg    132540
     cattttaaca agcgccccgg gggacgtgtg tgcacagtaa acacagatgc cgggggaggt    132600
     gagcgcgacg tcttcctcca ccgccgcctt gatccttctc ccctgtgtgc gtgtaaagct    132660
     ggggaagctg ctcaggaggt gagaggtgtg agcaggagtg tttgacctgc tggatttctg    132720
     gcttcatttc tgtagggttt gtgtcaggtg ggtggggtgt ggggatgttt tcaagtcaga    132780
     agtggaacaa aaatgtatac tcatactagg tttagggggc ttttttaggg ccgcacccac    132840
     ggcatatggg ggttcccagg ctggggtcga atcagctaca gtagtcggcc tgcaccacag    132900
     ccacagccac agccacgcca gatccgagcc acatctgcga ccttcgccac agcctgcggc    132960
     aaatgctgga tccttaacca ctgagcgagg ccagggatcg aacccatgtc ctcatggatg    133020
     ctagtcaggt tcgttaccac tgagccacag cgagaactcc tgttttttgt tttttgagtt    133080
     cttgtcatga agagggtggg gcagaaaggg gagaaaatca tttcaggagg ggtctcttca    133140
     gaagtggttg gtggactctg cttttcaggc ccggcatcct tcctgtttta ctctctgcca    133200
     cttttatggt ctttgggaag attaagcctc agggaactgc ataatataca gcacaggcag    133260
     ccttaaacct ttacatgtaa aaacaagaga aaaattgagc agtggactgc ctgttagcag    133320
     gaaggttcta ttcccagcaa gttggaggaa ttctctcaag atccctgtta acctcaagat    133380
     cgcctttagg atacagtctg ggtgttcctg tcggggcgca gcagaaaaga atccgaccag    133440
     gaaccgtgag gttgagggtt cgatccctgg cctcgcccag cgggccaagg atccggcatt    133500
     gccatgagct gtggtgtaag tcacagactt ggctcatatc tgacattgct gtggtataga    133560
     ctggtggcta ccactccgat tagaccccta gcctgggact ctccatatgc cgtgggtggg    133620
     ccctaaaaag acaaaaagac cgaaaaaaaa ggatacagtc cgaagcaaag tatttcaaac    133680
     agctttacct gggatttagt tttgttctcc tgctttacaa acaagcacag taagagtctg    133740
     accccggaga gtgagcagta gtttcttgtt gcttctgaga cccatggatg ctgctacttt    133800
     atctcggcct ccctggcctg tcccagcctg gtggctaatg gcctcagcct cctccagtgt    133860
     gccactaaat ccccgctggt gcttccctgg atctcatgct gcttcattcc actgtgctgt    133920
     tatttatttt tattttatct cgccgttaca gaaatgattt gttgaggtgg attcttctgt    133980
     tacgatgttt gagcccatcg agggcaggta tgtctttgaa tttgtgttct gtgaattgac    134040
     attgaaatga aatataggat ggcttgtgtt ccaagtaact caaagaagac tgaagcttct    134100
     tggagttccc actatggcac agaggcttaa ggatccagtg ttggcactac tgtggtgtag    134160
     atttgatccc tggccaggga acttccacat tctgcaggtg tggcaaaaaa aaattttttt    134220
     ttcaattaac tagaatttta aaaattaagg ttcgcttggt tgagtcactc cagccccatt    134280
     tccagcaccc aaagccccct gtggttgtgg ctggcactgg gcagctcaca cacagaaggg    134340
     ttccaccgtc gcgggaagag ctcttagcgc cgcaaggctg caaaaactga ggacagcctt    134400
     tgtaagaagt tgtgtttcaa ctccaggatt tcacttcacc aaaggaaata ccctcttcct    134460
     tgtttgtctc agatttgcgg gacagagcta cattgttccc agctaaaaag gactgttaga    134520
     gataagcata ttttaatttt cagtgggagt ttgttcttta ttagactctt atacgcaata    134580
     gtatctttaa gaaaaaatgt gttattgttc taacttgagt ctggatctaa gtggtggggg    134640
     attttaattt tcagcagctg tttagtgtgg ttgttgggct ccaggtggct tatccagaca    134700
     ttggcaggac tttgagttat ttttttcttt tgtgattttt ttttctcaaa gctgtaaagg    134760
     tagcctgtgg tcaatagcag agtcttgtca gtagcgtgtt tctagattca tttgcggact    134820
     gactcgtgtc cagggattat tttgccattc ttctttggtg tgcatgttct cgagtctcca    134880
     gctgaggaag cagtgacacc agtaagcacg cagacacgcc ctgtgacctc cagctcaggg    134940
     gttcagtctc ctattaagat ggctctcccg ctggaagtgc cagtgcggtt cctcggggac    135000
     ctctgcctgc ccgagcactc taagtctgtg ccacctctcc aagcacgtga ccaccagagg    135060
     ctctgcggag tcaaactggc tggcaaacaa agacggcgat tgaatgatcc agggcaagtc    135120
     tcccgggcca tacacacagc tgtcctgcac gtagcggcct gcgaagagaa cacaaaactt    135180
     agctgccttt gtttcccgtc tctttacatc cacgcaaaaa agggatgccc gtcttccaag    135240
     gtcatctgtg tgaggcctct ttgtttcctg agagatcagg ctacacatgg tttccctaat    135300
     ggcatttccc tgaggagctt tgatgctgaa ttttgaattt gcaaaggaag ggaagtttca    135360
     ttcgcttcgt gatctctgaa atgtttactg gccacttcaa ataaatactg tagtattttt    135420
     gctagtcgtg agcacaaggg agatgtagca gcactcattt tcctgataaa atctacattt    135480
     tgatatctcg tttttttttt ttttttaacg gtcacacccg tgggccatgg ctgtgacctc    135540
     caccacagct gtggcgacac cagatccttt aacctactgc accaggccag aaatcaaacc    135600
     cgagcttctg cagcaacctg agcctctgca gtcagattct ttttttttta agggccccgc    135660
     ctatggcgta tggcggttcc caggctagga gttgaatcgg agctgtagct gacagcttag    135720
     gccacagcca cagcaatgcc agatccaagc tgcatctgtg acctacacca cagcccacgg    135780
     caatgccaga tccttaaccc actgatggag gccagggact gaacctgctt cctcatggat    135840
     gctagtcaga ttcctttccg ctgagccatg aaggaactcc tgcagtcaga ttcttaacct    135900
     actgctccac agcaggagct ccctgatagc ttctgtttca agttctcaag tatctccctt    135960
     ggttgtgggt agtgcatgag aatgacgtgg gtttaagtca agtcattgct ttcaacattt    136020
     tattggtttt gctgagtgac ttttgatgta atagaagtag ttcaaaatgg aattacagtt    136080
     cggatccagc acagattgga tggctttgag aggaactcag tggcacacct tgatgtgcct    136140
     gataccgtgc ttggctcttc ctacgcttgt aatcttgtga tgaggtctct gtcatcacct    136200
     tccgtttgca gaggagggag cgctctgctt aagtctgagg gaaggttctg atcattttgg    136260
     agacctcgct ctttttgttc gtgtttgttt gttagggctg cacctgcagc gtatggaggt    136320
     tcccagggca ggggttgaat cggagctgca gctgccaacc tacaccacag ccacagcaat    136380
     gccagatccg agccacagct gtgacatccg tacaccgcag ctagcggcag cgctggatcc    136440
     ttaacgcagc tagcgacagc gctggatcct taacccgctg agcgaggcca gggatcgaac    136500
     ccatgtcctc atggatgcta atccggttcg ttaccactgc gccatgacgg gaacgctggc    136560
     cttgctcttt tctctgcaca gtcctcccct gctctctccc caccccagcc cgtaatccta    136620
     cctccccaaa cctgtcttca gggaatatcg ttaacaaagt gtggaacggc acacacagaa    136680
     ttgtccagtg ttgtttgtaa gattgaaaca aatccaaagg gctttctgct ggctgagcag    136740
     gcctcgtgtg gtgaagggta gaactggtcc atggtgagcc ttgtatctgt gcaagctggt    136800
     gtcgtggtgg gaatcttttg aactgagagg ctcttggtac gatatcatag aatctcaata    136860
     gaactggact tacccaactg gaagtgtaaa catgaagaca gaagtatgaa aaacttagga    136920
     cgcagggaaa aaagaatcaa tgccccgcgg ttgtggctgc gtgctctcta actcaggtgc    136980
     ttctgaactg ggagggaaca cagataggtg ggacttgttc agggttgtct cagtgctgtg    137040
     ttggtgatta aacatgaccc ctttccacct gataacacag ggtggctgtt actctgtgca    137100
     gagccaggcc gtccgcgccc acggtggcgg ggcacctggt ttgtgactgt ggaagtgacc    137160
     tcccttctcc gaggctgggc ttcctcgtct gcaaagtgta aataatggtg gtttctacct    137220
     gcaggtccct gtgagtgttg acggcaggcc cagagctggt ctctggaagg atctgccgca    137280
     gaccctctcg gggctgactg agtgctggcc gcggctggcc tcgtgccgct ttcctggtag    137340
     aagcatgtgc acagcgaagc tagtgatggt gagaactgtc tgaactggtc acttacaggg    137400
     agtgatgggt tttgtgaaga tgtgcagcaa ccaggctctt ttgcaaacat tattggaata    137460
     ctcagattgc tcctgtaaga gttctgagtc ttaactttct cggtgaattg acagcacttt    137520
     tcctgacttc ttacaccgtt tgtgaatcac tttttcagga agcatctgaa cgcctccttt    137580
     tctgagcctc tatttgcctg tcctgtccca tcatccccag tgtgtcgtga caacaagcca    137640
     cctactggct gaagaaaggc cagggttgtt tgttagcctg tcgtttaact gtcagtgtct    137700
     ttctgtgtgg ctctccccca agtgagtcat agctacttaa aaaaaaatac gagaaaatta    137760
     ttccagccct tctgacctgg tacccgtcag gcgggtggcc tgtgctcctg gcagcagcag    137820
     gaattgttcg tctttgaacc attcaggtat tagattttac gttttttttt tttttttttt    137880
     tttttttttt tgtctacaac ctgtatcttt gaggttgggg gggcgcggtt tgccacagca    137940
     tgcaaaagtt cctgggccag ggatcaaacc cccatcacag cagtgacaac actcaatctt    138000
     taacactagg ccaccaggga actccgaggt cagtctttaa aacagcttga aagctgggtg    138060
     agcctagttt actgtttatg tgtcatctgc tgtagacaga atcgcgtaca gatctgtctc    138120
     ctgcgttctc agtccaccac ggcccagcgg aggtcaggcc cctccgttcc ccttcccgtg    138180
     gctgtgcccg gagcagctgc cgtctctgct gggctcaggc atgtcgtgct gtgaattccc    138240
     ctgagactgc ctgctcctct cgagcatctt taagcaaggg gttcaggggc gggggtgggg    138300
     tggggggcag agccagccca ggagagtagg cacgaatagc tctccaggag ccaggtgcta    138360
     ggtcttggac ccagggggca ttctccccaa aactgatgtg cctcagagag gactcctctg    138420
     caggcagcta tttctcttcc attcttcccg gaatagacgc tgctcccctc caccccaaac    138480
     cttgctttgt gtattgccgc ggaggtgaga cctctggcac ggcaggcaga ggggcagcag    138540
     aactcccagt tcctcgggga cagtcgcttg agggcaaagc caagagccct gtttttagta    138600
     agaactgcac agaaagtcgg ggaccagccg agccgcgtgc acctgtcgta ctcggtgctc    138660
     tgttcgaaca gagagacccc gggagaccgg agctcatttt aatacgtaat tggatttgca    138720
     ttctaggaga aggtggaaaa ggccagatag ctcgtgtatt tctgtcttaa aactttaaaa    138780
     gttgcaaccc cgtcatatgt ccactttttg aaaatcatca tctcacatct tacaatctgt    138840
     gtagctttct gtctgaacat tataatcaaa ggaaaagttt ttttaaaatt gccactgtgc    138900
     tagttggatc atcacgaatt ccagattatt gtgcacacga ttgtcagtct tctcccgctg    138960
     ttagcgaggc agcagctgta tgttttttgt aaacgcggaa gacattctgg ggcttgggtt    139020
     ttgtttttac ctttacagcc gtcacgaacc gttccctcct cgcttctcca tttaacggcg    139080
     cgaacgtttc cttcccagcc agcgttcggg gtggaacccg gagcatctaa gggaaaagac    139140
     agaggcatcc ggtgagaaga ctgaggaacg tccagcctcg ggcagatgca cattgtcatc    139200
     tgggggaagg ccggcgccgg ggcgggcgag ggtaccgccc tggaggcagc actcgggtgg    139260
     aaccaggtct tccgttccct ctttgcttca tcccttcctc catccctagc aactcactta    139320
     gtgttgatga catgctcttt gtggttatgt tgggtttctt tggattatgt tttctccgca    139380
     acagctctct gggttgattt gaaaggattt tcaatggata tgagagttta cagtaaggtc    139440
     ttaacccatt tctgctagat tcattgtctg tactgtcgcc tagaccagtg aacttagctg    139500
     ctgaagcgtg aagccgcatt ccctatagga gccagtcagc tttgtaccaa gagcaaatga    139560
     gcccatttta aagagggcat cagggcagag ttcccatcat ggtgcagcgg aaacaaatcc    139620
     aactagtaac catggggtgg caggtttgat ccctggcctt gctcagtggg ctgagagccg    139680
     gcattgccgt gagctgtggt gtaggtcgca gacgtggctc agatctggcg ttgctgaggt    139740
     tgtggtgtag gctggcagct gcagctccga ttcaacccct agcctgggaa cctccatatg    139800
     ccgcgggagc agccccaaaa agccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    139860
     agaaaggttg ttgggggagt tcctgtcatg gcgcagcgga aacgaatcca actagtatcc    139920
     atgaggaggc aggttcaatt cctggccttg ttcagtgggt aggcaatctg gtgttgctgt    139980
     gagctattgt gtaggtcaca cttacggctc gttttccccg ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag    140040
     gctggcagct acagctccaa ttctgcccct agcctgggaa cttccacatt ccacaagtgc    140100
     agtcctaaaa agcaagaaaa agttaaaatt aaagaaaaaa aacgagggca tcagatttcc    140160
     ctccgcctct cagaaaacct atctgtaata tcgtctttgc cacaaacaaa attagcccgc    140220
     tacctggccc tagtaggtat ccagcagtat ctcataagta aacaaagaaa aggaagaact    140280
     ttccaaagat cggtgctcac aattttcaaa agacgctata tgacgagaag caaaatgctg    140340
     gtccttcttt ctggagagga aacagaagca gccagcctgg cttggggaca tggcgcacgc    140400
     tctcagcgac cgtcagatcc ctaaaagcag agagctcccc gcagcacccc aggggcagat    140460
     ggtcttagaa cacgtggagc cgtctaccag gcccaagggg aatcgctgaa ggggagagaa    140520
     tcttcggtgg aggggacgcc tctgtccctg gctctggcct gagcagaccc tgttttgctg    140580
     gctcgttctt acctttcagt cggttcagag tcacccagta gtgtcgctct gggccgtgga    140640
     tgtcctggga ccaccgaagc atgtctttgg cgcgggtgtc tgtcagcacg aactccacaa    140700
     acttcctcgt gagtacatag gaagcgcttc caaagtaaat tgttaagtta tggggcgggt    140760
     cgtctctgaa tctttcattt ggagatgcat agatgtttcc ttcgggagtg aattcgcgat    140820
     gagtttggct tgtcttggat ttattgcttg gtggctggat tactccagga gtgatgtttt    140880
     tatcattcca tttgcttctg atgtagcgta tgatgtcttt gttagttttg atcggaaaat    140940
     cctgtccaca aagattaatg acatggctcc attgaaattt ggaatggact agatctttca    141000
     tgcaattgat ttctgcctgt agtctcctaa agccagtgta agccactttc tctctctttg    141060
     atgaaataaa aatattttca aaacagttaa ccagggattg cacagcagtc ttatacttct    141120
     ttggggcctt tgcatcaaca tggatacagt aaacattttg gggcagataa atagctctga    141180
     ggagctgcac aaacagagcc agctccttat gaatagttac aatatatgcc aaagggaagg    141240
     taccctcttc tgcagacagc ggtctggtta tgaaatgcag ctcccgggaa atcctggagc    141300
     aatttcctgg tctgtgtaaa cgagcaacta tttcagatcc gtgaggatct ttacaaaatt    141360
     ttgcgatttg gagggccgcc tctttccctt caaacaaagc tgagcataat tcatctggat    141420
     aaaagccaca ttccactact gctgggtggg tgggtccctc ctctgggtcc tcagaagttg    141480
     gattccttaa ataaagaaaa acaaagatgc caatggctgc gcacacgaga attccaggct    141540
     ttgtggctcg cagctggctc atggtttgcg ctccagtcac tttcttatta ccgtggtttg    141600
     aagtgttttc ctctaagttt cctaaaagaa caacagacag tatttagagt cttgtaacta    141660
     tatcccccca ccaattttat tggcatgcac gtaggtaaag tgtatataat ttgatcagtt    141720
     tttatatctg ttacacctgt gaaatcctca ccacaatcac gctaacaagc agtcctctta    141780
     ccccctagaa ttttcttgag ccccttttac tccttccctc tccccacctt gtcgtcacgc    141840
     acatgttctc gtcactgtag attagttggc aagcctgtag ttttttataa atggagccat    141900
     tcgtatgtac cttttttggc ccggattttt ttcacgtagg ataatgattt taagatttca    141960
     tccgtatcat tgcatttatc accatttccc ccttttattg ctgagcggta ttccgtgaaa    142020
     tggacacgcc acaagccatt tatgtgctca gctgctgaag gccatcgaag ttgcttccgg    142080
     ttgtaggatg tcattgcaag atgccgtagc gtttgtgcac acgtctttgt ctagacctag    142140
     gtttttgtgt ctctggggtg catacctaag catgaaatgg ctggcttacg tacaggtgcg    142200
     tgtttaatgt cttaagaaac cggagttccc atcgtggcac agtggttaac gaatccgact    142260
     aggaaccatg aggttgcggg ttcggtccct gcccttgctc agtggcttaa caatccggca    142320
     ttgccgtgag ctgtggtgaa ggttgcagac gcggctggga tcctgagttg ctgtggctct    142380
     ggcataggct ggtggctgca gctccgattc gacccctagc ctgagaacct ccatatgctg    142440
     caggagcagc ccaagaaata gcaaaaagac caaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    142500
     cctccaggtt gttttccaaa gtggttgtgt cattttggat tcccaccagc aacataggag    142560
     agctctgttt cctctacaac ttcaccaacc ccgggcgtgg tcactgaaaa tttttaacca    142620
     ttctaatagg tgtgtagggg taattcattg tagtttcact tcgaattttc ctaatgacta    142680
     acgatgttga gcatagtttc gtgtgttatt gaccttatct tggcagataa aaatctaagg    142740
     tatttatttt ggacatagat actgtcctat tcagaattta tcttatgcca ttgttctgta    142800
     tcattggtat gagaataaat ccttgtaata aaggaaacca gaaattctgt gatcacataa    142860
     ttcaacttgt agaaatgagt ttatgagttg ttttcagaaa aggcttcagt gattaataac    142920
     aagatatctt taataaaatt atttaataat aatttagttg atgctcttga actctatgga    142980
     gacatatgaa tgggtatagc agccaaaagt gactggaggt gttttaatta tttaattatc    143040
     aggggcatgc aaagatcatc ctttggcatt taagcaagaa aattggtcag ataaaaggtc    143100
     tatattggaa ttcccttcat ggctcagcgg ttaacaaacc tgactatcat ccctgaggat    143160
     gcgggttcga tccctggcct cagtcagtgg gttaaggatc cagcgttgcc ttgagctgtg    143220
     gtgtaggttg cagatgaagc tcggatcccg cattgctgtg gctgtggcat aggcgggggg    143280
     ctacagttca gattggacac ctagcctggg aaccttcata tgccatgggt gtggtcctaa    143340
     aaagaacaaa aaataccttt tataagcaca agatcatcat aatcaaccca tctcatatct    143400
     ggtctctaaa ataggcacaa cctatatcat agaaagagaa attcaattgg aaataccttt    143460
     ttgaaatgca atgaaaaagc ttttaactgc ttctctgtca gggattttgg ttgaaggtaa    143520
     accatgtccc ctagtttgtt acatttttct ttggcgtttg actttagtgt ggaaagaggg    143580
     tttgggagat tttttggatt gttgtctttt tttttttttt ttttttttgt cttttgtctt    143640
     ttgtcttttt agggctgcac ctgaggcaca tggaggttcc caggctaggg gtcgaatcag    143700
     agctacagct gtcggcccca gccacagcca cagcaactcg ggatctgaac tgcatctgcg    143760
     acctacacca cagctcatgg caacactgga tccttaaccc actgagcgag gccaggggtt    143820
     gaacccgaaa cctcaccgtt cctagtcaga ttcatttcca ctgcaccacg acgggaactc    143880
     cgtggattgt tgtcttgatt gttattttta agcttatggt caaagtaaaa ccttctggtc    143940
     tcatcacaga aatgttagcc ccgcttcact gacaaactgc accccatgca gagcccaggg    144000
     gattggatgt tttccgtagt tttaacaatt aaacgaaaat acatcctgtg catagtccat    144060
     tgcccttcag ggcaacacgt gggctaagtg cttttccttt cctcgcgtgt gtagacaggt    144120
     gcaggagctt agtcgagtgt tactagcttg ctgcctttct gcctttggtt ctgttaatct    144180
     ggtgttcacc gttgcccagt cgcatctgcc ttttggctca agttcacttt gaaatttaga    144240
     aataggtgcg tgctagaatg ccccttggtc accggcttta ttgccattgt tttaacacaa    144300
     ggcttttcaa tgggggtcag gacagccttg taaagaaggc tttggagacg ccactgctgt    144360
     tgaattgaaa cagtccttgc tgttgcttta agctacatct agtggagaat aggaagattc    144420
     ccacaggaat caactcttta gggcctggca gtttttcttg tttaaattgt gccgaatacc    144480
     atgtttcagc tttgcagaca ttttgtagcc tcggttctta gtgagttgtt gttttgtttc    144540
     tataatgtga aatcaacttt tgtagtcatt atgaaagtgt agttattaaa catgtgactt    144600
     tgtatcacta agttaatttc caagaaatgt aagtggtatt ttccaagtga gggcaacacg    144660
     cagcccatta aaaaaaagta tagtctggag ttcccttgtg gtgcagtggg ttaaggaccc    144720
     agcgttgtca actacaccag cttgactggc tgctgaggca caggttcagt ccctgacctt    144780
     ggaacttcca tatgactcgg tgtgttcaca aaaagaaagt gattttgaaa tcgaactgat    144840
     tttgaactat ttttttttcc tccacagaaa gttgtattta aactatttat tttaaaggct    144900
     ttagaaagag tggcagtcac ccttgtgtat catggagcag atacagaagc tcttttgttc    144960
     agatcagacc tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttacattc cagtattgtt tctttgtgta    145020
     ctactgaaat tacaaatgat ttctaaaatc tctaaaattg tatgtgtgta agaatttttt    145080
     aagggttttt ttcatgtaca gtcattcctt aaattatctt tcctgggcct taagtgtttt    145140
     gatattcctt tagtttatta tatctgcagc ctttaacgaa tagcatcatt aaaatatata    145200
     tagtgtccag tagaattaaa tagctttcaa atgaggaatg atgttttgaa gatcacacat    145260
     tcagctgact gaggatgtgg catccaagag actttgtaga ctatttttca gtagaagtaa    145320
     ttaccaaagc tgtggctgag gatggtgtta aatttttttt cctttttatg atgctagaaa    145380
     tcacaaaggt ttccaattac agttctcaga agattatttt accttttatg tttttttcca    145440
     agcgtaaaat attcccaagg agttgttgca aaatacattg ctctcctagt tattagtgag    145500
     tatattttct tctttcgcct tctgcaggtt cccctctccc catcctccca acaagccctc    145560
     acagccagaa cccaaagtca gcaacctagc tttggtatca ggtattacca gcagaacatg    145620
     taaggcagtc accacttctc atgacgggat tttttttttt ttttgtcttt ttttttcttt    145680
     gtctttttgt tgttgttgtt gttgctattt cttgggccgc tcccacggca tatggaggtt    145740
     cccaggctag gggttgaatc ggagctgtag ccaccggcct acgccagagc cacagcaatg    145800
     cgggatccga gccgcgtctg caacctacac cacagctcac ggcaacgccg gattgttaac    145860
     ccactgagca agggcaggga ccgaacccgc aacctcatgg ttcctagtcg gactcgttaa    145920
     ccactgcgcc acaacgggaa ctcctctcat gatgggattt aatttgctat aaagactttt    145980
     cagggggatt ggcagcatcc caaataaatt aattcttttt gctgcatatt ttatatgtat    146040
     attttaaggt aattccttcc actaactagg taacaggcat ctttgaagat aaacttataa    146100
     cattttgttg catattctag aatattcctg ttttagagca ttaacagcag cttaactgga    146160
     ttaaacagta tcgtcttcat tttctggact gcagatgggg tgtgtaatag cacctgcctc    146220
     acagggaccc cgggacagga gtgtgggacc agattcacga gagttccgtg ccgcgattgg    146280
     ctgggggagg gaggtgctcg gtgcttgcgt ggggtggggg cttgtgtcca ccacccccag    146340
     agtagggaga ccctcaggtc ttagatgtcg gttctctctc catttcctgt gtgttggtcc    146400
     aaaaaaattc accatagctg cggcaatgaa tattttgtgt tatttttgtc atctctgggc    146460
     atagagtggt gtccaaagca ccatatgagt taagtttttc ttgaattatt tgagctttat    146520
     cgtattagac tagttttgaa ttcagagtgt ccacctgtct agtgaagtac atgtcttatt    146580
     cctaaaatgt gtgtgtgtgt ctttagccac ttggatgcaa aggggaaaac tacattttag    146640
     gatagctgct caaaacaatc acaacaaagt aacgttttta ttattggcac aaaatgagaa    146700
     ttgagagctt gtccatgtcc tcgaggctca gtcattattt cccatgtgag gaacgaataa    146760
     atggccgtct ttaaaattta aaatttaaaa atcaagttgg tcccaccctt gaaaatattc    146820
     cacttgcgtt ttctttggct taaataaaaa atgaggactc tttttgagag gacactatgc    146880
     ctgctccttc tgcattttag aatattactg atatgacagc cgtggaggag gccaagaaaa    146940
     acagatgaca acagtaatga tacctgctca gcctggaccg tgcaggaccc ctgcgtagtc    147000
     agtgcggctc ttccccgaag acggtcctcc tggtccgggg acggaaaccc tggcgggacc    147060
     tcgcccggcc tgcccggtcc ggtctcgtct ctccctggct tctcttgcgg cggctgcagc    147120
     ttaaatcaca tgagcagagt tgcctggcag gttttgttac cctttcctcc ctggaggatt    147180
     tcactgactc tgacctggag gttgaaacct agacaccctg gcctcgctga gcagttcttt    147240
     aggactggat cactgccttg cagaataaaa cgaggcaaca gcagaacaca gccgcccacg    147300
     tgaagggcgg tgcagggcag tcctcgagtg gggaaagcgg gacgagatcc ccactgccac    147360
     gggtcagatt ctttacgtgc ttttgaacat gaggccacgt ttggttctcg gacccctttt    147420
     cattaaaggg gtaaagaagc gtcatttaaa aattcatttg tttcctaaat ggcatttgga    147480
     gccgtcaggt gctggcggca tggctctcca gagggccagc tgttacctgc ccccgtccct    147540
     ccctctgcag gtgggaggtg gcatctccgt gctccgccgg gcctcccccc tctcgtcact    147600
     ctccacagcc tccctcactg gtcgaacatg cccccttgct tgctgctcct cgcgttaggt    147660
     ttaccccaga ggcatctggt gagaatcctg aggccgaggg cctctcaccc ccttgtacga    147720
     cctgagccgg gcttctagtc agaagggtcc agcttttctt cacctgctgt gggcccctcc    147780
     agatgcctgt tgctcttttg cagaacaggt gtcactgttg ccttaggagg atttcttaac    147840
     tgggcagcta gagcctcggc tcctgaagct tactggggct actgcgggct gcacatgtga    147900
     cctataggct ttttatataa aaacagattg tgcagccttt cagtggggga ccctgtatgg    147960
     tttgtatgga gatgttaaga ttctgggagt tgagggattg attttatcca gcaagagtca    148020
     agacaggcag gaaaggtcct tatatgtgtg gaaaggccac tctgccagct tgtgaagtgt    148080
     tgctgcaact ctgcccccct ggtccctgag tgcttggttt tttgtttttt gctttttagg    148140
     gccacacctg cggcctatgg aagttcccag gctaggggtc gaaccagagc tgcagcagcc    148200
     ggcctgcacc acatccacat gggagccgag ccgtgtccat gacctacaac acagctcatg    148260
     acaagcctag atcctttaac ccactgagtg agctaaggat cgaagctgca tcctcatgga    148320
     tactagtcgg gcttgttacc actgagccac aacaggaatt tccctgagtg cttgttttaa    148380
     atcatcctgt gggtgccacc caactgggcc tggcaggtcc gttcacagtg gcctgtcccc    148440
     ttggggggac gatcggtgct ggatttcacc tgtccctcac ctccttaacc tggaagaaag    148500
     cagtggaaga aatcactgag aaaaggatgg gagagctgcc cacaggcacc tttctgctcc    148560
     caccgctcta cgaaaatgcc gaatgaaaac cagccatgct ggagaagccg ttgtaataaa    148620
     tgggcaaagg ttaataggct tacattcatt tcttataagt cataaacaca ggaaacagtt    148680
     cctccggtta tgatagagaa taaccagagt tcccatcatg gcgcagcgga aatgaatccg    148740
     actaggaacc atgaggttgc ctgttcgatc cctggcctcg ctcagtgggt taaggatctg    148800
     gcattgtgag ctgtggtgta ggttgcagtc acagcttgga tcctgcgttg ctgtggctgt    148860
     ggcgtaggcc ggcagctgta gctctgatta gacccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatgtca    148920
     agggagcgac cctaaacaaa aaagggggga ggggcgagaa agaacaacca agtctgagaa    148980
     gtggcgtttt tgggtcagag acgcatggaa ttggttgttc atcacagtta ttatttgtaa    149040
     aaacaaagat tgagaagccc tatttcattt gtttgtgata gaaatatgca gatatgtagc    149100
     atatgaccct caattctgtt cccttcagca ctttcccgct tttttttttc atttttttat    149160
     attaacatcc agaggtcata tacaacttct agtctgcctt ttttttaaac gtatgataag    149220
     catttttttt tgttgtcaaa aactctaaaa taattatgta ctctttcatt taaggaatgt    149280
     attatgattt ttttaagcca tttcccccat tttttagaca tataaggtac aagtgataaa    149340
     aggaagcaaa actgaaaata aatatatgct ttcaaccata gagtgacagt acacagagaa    149400
     ccctgcattg gcaggaaact acaagcaaag ggacaggtcc gtccctttgg accagctgtg    149460
     cctttgcagc agccctgccc acccccccac ccccctacca gccagagtga cccactctgc    149520
     cctttaaccc acggagaaga gccccagtca ggcaactggc atcgtgcaga aatctgcttc    149580
     ctgtcctggt ttcacttgca ttcatgagtg agccacccaa cccaaggtcc gagggccagc    149640
     agaagcctgc catggtcggg cgtgaaccaa ggacaggtga cggggcctgt aggcagcagc    149700
     agggccatgt gctcggtctc caggggctgc ctgctcaggt ccaggcaatt gaggccctga    149760
     gggggtggct ttgatatcag tggatctttt gaattttgga gacagcaata tttaatgtgt    149820
     gaggttcctg acttttgtgt tcttggcaac taattcaact ttagaaatac aagtctgggt    149880
     gttatcttgt ggtgcagcgg gttgggagtc cattgttgtc actgcagcgc ctcaggtcac    149940
     tgctgtggcg tgggttccat ccctggccca gaatcttcca tataccacag gtgcagccaa    150000
     aaaagaaaaa ggaagtacac ctcttcaagt agcacaccac ggctgtgcca ggacggggcc    150060
     agagccgtca gtagacggtg aacgagctgt gtggggggga aactgatgcc tgcggacacc    150120
     tcgggctttg gggggcacgg cggggaggaa tggcaaaaag agcccagaaa gcccttggcg    150180
     atgagagcaa acgtgtgact ccttcagcct ctgggtgttg cgctcaggag ggacctagac    150240
     tccagagccc cggccccaag ccccaccagg ctttatctac cgcctgattc ggtgcctgca    150300
     gcatcttttt ctttctctct ccgaggagga cacccccagg gaaggctctg cgcagatctc    150360
     tgcagccggg gcttggggcg ggcggtccct gcagaggggc tgtccctgtt cccctcagcc    150420
     tccctgcggt gatgcccccg aacaagcacc tgttcttcag aggcagccct ggccagaccg    150480
     gacacccctt tcctttttcc ggtaactcct ccctgtggca gcgacctcag gatctctggt    150540
     cagaggaggg gcttttcaat cgtgaaaatg taccagaccc actggaaaac gagccgactt    150600
     tgacctgaag ctgcgggttt cggccctggc accgcagtgc tggacacggg acgtaacccc    150660
     gctaaggcag cggccgggga gagtcatcgg atggaggccg tgtttcagga ggggctggga    150720
     aagcttcgca gcttttagga gaaagagcgc ttccatgtct tgtgtggaga agattttctt    150780
     tcaaggagat cctgggcgca gggggtctct tactgttact gttctgggca gagtaggact    150840
     cactgggctc ggcctgtagc cgtgctcacg gcccaggttc gtgccggcga tgcttgggga    150900
     tgtgctgccc tccgacggtg agggacggag acctggcaga gcctggagaa gtctgtgaga    150960
     ggcttcctgt gctttctccc agcaaggaag acgctctggt gtttcccgcc acccctttgt    151020
     agcagggagt gggcccggtc caggatacca gatccccagc tgctcgagtc ccttgtatag    151080
     aatggtgagg cgttggctta taacctgcgt cttcccgtgt actttcatca tctttaaata    151140
     cctagtgtga tacaagtgct acgtacatag ttaaatacaa tgtaaacgtt acgtaaatag    151200
     ttgccacaca cgagtactca aggcaactgt ttacatgata gtcatgtttg atttttggaa    151260
     ctttctagaa attttttccc atatattttc tatgtgaagt tggttgaatc caaggatgag    151320
     gaactcaggt atgcagggta ggtgatattt ctgcccaagg aagctagtta gagacatggt    151380
     gctgagagat accttggccc tccgtctatg ttgacacccg tcgctctgct ccaggaaagt    151440
     gcggactgca gcagtagctg ctgctggctg aggggtcagg gcccagccct gtgctaattc    151500
     cctacagtct agccttaatt ctctcctcca tcccatcatg ttgggagttc agtttattcc    151560
     ccactcaaca gatgcggcag ctgaggccga ggtctgggca gtgggactct ggagaaccca    151620
     cagcaagaac acacaccggc tccccaggct gcccctgaaa atgcagatcc cttgtgggag    151680
     tgacagttgt agctgcagcc aggagagggc tgcagtgcag gctgtgcctc cagatgggtc    151740
     cttccgctcc tgctgggagg agccccttca ccctgatgga ccaactgcct gaactctaga    151800
     acagtggttc tcaaagcctg gttcccccac aggcagcatc agccagacct gggaaaacat    151860
     tagaattgca aattatcggg tcccacccta gaagtcctga atccgaaacg gggagggggt    151920
     gggtcccagc gactccccag gaggttctga tggaaggtca agttcgccca gctctctgtc    151980
     tggaatgggc gatgccctgg gctgcttccc ttttcaccgt ggctctgctg tgtgtgagtc    152040
     tcgcaggctc ctattaaatc cgtcatcttg agatgaacca gcagtaggtg ctcggtgaga    152100
     attgctcatc cctccttaaa cgaatgtttc ctaaacgtcc accaggtgct tgggtctctg    152160
     catggggccc ctgcttctga gcacctagag gtcgggtcca ctggggagac ctgtgagcga    152220
     agaagcccaa cacaattagg aaacgggagg aatgctccag aaattcaagg tcccaggccc    152280
     agctgggacc agtcttgcag gcagacctgc cgtgctaacc gtatccagaa acggccccca    152340
     gcaggacgcg ggcgccaagg cgcaggcggg aaagcaggca tttcccgagg gcttgcgcag    152400
     cagggctcgg gccaggagtg agggtctgag ggccgtcttg ctccacgtgg tgacagttcc    152460
     gtcttcccgc ttttgctctc cccagtgcgg ggccgccttc caggaggacg atgtcatcgt    152520
     gctcaacggc accaaggagg atgtggcgat gctgcagacg aggatggagg agcggcggct    152580
     gcgagccaag ctggggaagg taccggagcc ctggggtctg tccctcacct gctcgagctt    152640
     gggtgagagt aaagtcttca ggtgctgccc agccgcggcc cctgctcaga ggccaaccac    152700
     ccacctgccg cctcggggtc tgcagcgact ggggccgttt ttatgaccca gaagtgcctg    152760
     ggctttgaag cgtttcctgg gctcgggcgc accctggccg cgctgtggtt ccgctctgct    152820
     gcgctcagct tccccatcca tgagggagag ggtagcacca cctgccggga ctgtccgggg    152880
     agggtaggca agaccctgct cagggtgcag ccgagggcga gggggccttc tttgaggtgg    152940
     ccgcgggcgc tggttttagg agagtcgcgc ttggtgctcc tagctgtaac gcaagcaagg    153000
     ggaaagtcac ccccagaccc cacccccagc acatctgaag agctcacgct gcccgggttc    153060
     gaatgtcccc gagtcaccgg aagagctggc tggggccggg ggcctgcagt tcctgtctgc    153120
     tcctgggcat gcaggtgtgg ccccccccac acacacaccc ccagcacttc ttgtggcgag    153180
     gagctcagcc cccactgtgg gagccacttc cttgccttcc tgagcctccc atgggcgccg    153240
     gcctccagcg gtgcctgggc tccaggaagg gagggcagcg atgtgcactg acgcagcagc    153300
     ccacgctctg ggtgtgcggg gcgaaggctt tgttttgtgc cctgggttta gagtcagatt    153360
     ccatgagccg tggcgtcata ctgaatgatc tcatggaaca agcaggctca aaacaagtga    153420
     tcggctagaa agtcatttaa tgtgccgttg attctggatc cagcagtcag ttttgttatt    153480
     cttgagtatt tacaggtgat ggtgctagta ttttttcatt ctttaaaaaa gaaaatttag    153540
     gagttcccgt cgtgatgcag cagaaatgaa tctgaatagg aaccacgagg ttgtggattc    153600
     gatccttggc ctcactcagt gggttcagga tccggcattg ccgtgagctg tggtgtaggt    153660
     cacagatgca gctcggatct ggtgttgctg tggctctggt ataggccagc ggctatagct    153720
     tccattcaac ccctgacctg ggaatctcca tatgccgcag gtgcagccct aaaaagcaaa    153780
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatta ggttcagggt atgtgtggga gaaatgtcat gtcatcacaa    153840
     ggaaggcaaa agaatgctta aaatagtaga aaattaactt cagtatcctg aggacataaa    153900
     attggggggg ggggatagcc tgcctatttt tatgttccag gtgtgcattt accagtgatg    153960
     tcataattga agatttttca ggtttttttg gaaaattgca atagaggaaa gggcaggacc    154020
     atggtatctt ggaataatac acacttgatg gtacgaggct tgaaaaagct gctgctcaag    154080
     aatgtgttct aactctgttg acagtattct ttctacgtac ggatccagaa tcctcagagc    154140
     caaaccattt gcacttcctc cttttatcat tttgctcagg tcgaaaataa ataatgtgtg    154200
     cgcacggttc tgtatgtact acaggactgg ggcccaaacc ttgggatcaa aggccagtag    154260
     acgcgttctg ctgaagcagt tttatacgcg gtcgttacgg cgtccctgag aaatagttca    154320
     agggccgtct gtcatgtaaa gggtgagttg aggtttagaa gcgaatggac agaagtgcct    154380
     tcatcctaag ttggttttct ccgttactgc catctcttta ctataagagc aaaaaaaaaa    154440
     aaaaaaaaag tttgagatat tcttgacaaa ggacaattgc caaaaaggat ctgcttgttc    154500
     ttcgttgcta ccattgatca aattccgttt ttagaaagca ccagagggaa aggctgtatt    154560
     gtagaggaag ctcctggaca cgctggcgtg gtcggtaccg ttcccactct acggagttgt    154620
     cccctctgtc ccgggcctcc tgccaggttg ttcaaagccc agtggaacta tcatgtccct    154680
     ctcggcagaa tcctcaccaa gcttctgggc gcggctcttg gctactgctt ccaggaaaca    154740
     aaaatatttc ccaaatatac ccgcagctgg aaacgggaca cagcatttcc cctctagctc    154800
     cttattgctc gtgcttttca ttcagatggc ctcgctgtga tggggggctg aggaaggggc    154860
     cgtgtgccgt attttcttgc aggacgaggt attacgttca gaggtttgag tgcctgtctt    154920
     gcgtgtgtga gatgaatggg acgctgtggt gttttgtact gcgttacaaa gcatattgca    154980
     cgtgtgtgtt acacatccca ggcctctgcc tgggaaaggt cttggtattt tctagtgaca    155040
     ggagccttcg gaaacgatga ggttgcgtat ccttagcgcc accttttgca cacataggaa    155100
     aatggcagta aactcaactc tgcgtgaaca tggtctgtcg tccttgccgt gttcgaatcc    155160
     gtctaacaca gctgtgtggc tttagaatgg ttaccttcat ttcttaaatt ttggctgact    155220
     gctataacta ttatgagcaa cagaattcta agagaagtag cccagagttg aggagaattg    155280
     gctaagagtt cttagtacag gcatcaggtc cttatagtca agtaaacaaa ggtcgaagca    155340
     gacaactttg aagaagtctc cctggaatgg gtaagattta gtacatgttt attctggctg    155400
     gactttatgt ttctgttttg tttttctggt ggtggggttt tttttttgtt tgtttgtttt    155460
     ggtttttttg ccacaccctg gggcatgtgg aagtttctag gccaggaatt gaatccgagc    155520
     cacagccgca gcctacacca cacctagggc aatgacggat ccttaactaa ctgtaccagg    155580
     ccggggatca aacccacgcc tcatcagtga tccgagctgc tgcagagaca acactgggtc    155640
     cttaacctgc tgcaccacag tgggaactcc ccggctggtc tttatgttat ttgtcattga    155700
     actgctcttt tgtacgcagt agacaccatt cccactggct gttatcattg aaatctgttg    155760
     tctttgtttg gatttttgag aatatggatt ctggagtgta actgcacagc tgagcaggtc    155820
     tctccagata cacattgtgt gaggcaggag ggaagcatgt gggaaggacc agggtttagg    155880
     actggcgcct atcagagtct tcttcagagt gagccccgcc ccgagtgaac catgagcctc    155940
     tcgttgtgcc cccaggacga cgggagccac agcaacacca aaatcagtga atccaagcac    156000
     gtatcctccc tcctctttct tttcacagaa aacaaagaaa cccaaggcag cagagtctgt    156060
     ctcaaaatca gacatcagtg aaggtaagac actgaaagaa gtccttagtt tagccaaata    156120
     aaggccacag gtctgtttgc caaataaggt cctgaatttg ttttgttttg cttattactt    156180
     tgttgctttt gcagaagccc caggaccatc aaaaatgaag gcagggaagc ctgaagaaac    156240
     cagccttgat tctcgagaga agaaaaccag ctcggctccc agaagtgcag gtgcgtcctc    156300
     ctgagacagc agtgggccgc ctagaagggg ggacacgtgg gtggttgtgt cagtttcgtt    156360
     ggagggagtt cgaaaactca agctcatctc agctgcgtct ctaaatcgtt cactgggttc    156420
     tcttatcacc tctctaagaa gcagttgaca caccttagag caggagccct gtcctggctg    156480
     aaggggtgtg ggcgcaaaca ccagctgtca tgtggcatct acacctggtg ccaggctaac    156540
     aaggggcgca gagaccggct cagatgtgcc actgacgctg gtcgtggact cagggcagtg    156600
     ggcgcagcag ccctgtccct ctctgctggg gctttatgtc accacatgta tcctcagggc    156660
     ccacctgccc tgcacctgcc ccttgaccag gagccgttgc cagatagtcc agagttgagt    156720
     gcacttctcc caaacacact ctctttacaa ggagaatagt gtttatttca caaagaagaa    156780
     aaacgcgatt catcaggtga aggaacatgt agtcttgtgt tgcaaacgca gggttcatgg    156840
     gttccggtcc tgcacgcgtg agccgcccgg tcccctggcc tcgggatctg ggccgagaac    156900
     acagcaagta gtgatgagtg tgattttaaa cggcaggctc agatatagcg gcttcgtgtg    156960
     tttttaggcc ttggtgacgg aggcggtgca tctcagcatt cgtccctagg gagcaggagg    157020
     gcagttcccg cctgggactc gagaatgctc gtcccttgtt ttgagcgcgt ggtgtttgga    157080
     atgctctgtg gtcccgacct taagggcttt gcgtttttcc agcagcacat gggagctctt    157140
     ctggaaaagc cgggaagcct gtgtgtggag ccccaaagag gtccatcgcg gacagcggag    157200
     agtcggaagc ttacaagtcc cttttcacga cccacagctc cgccaagcgc tccaaggagg    157260
     agtcggccca ctgggtcacc cacacgtcct actgcttctg aagcccgccc gccgccccca    157320
     agccctgtgc tggcggctct gtctcctcgg ttgcagagtc acgcccccta aagattggag    157380
     ccggtgggga cgcaggggga cctgtaggcc cctgccctcg cctccctggg gcccacgctt    157440
     gcctccgcct gccgggcgct tggaccttcc cacggccccg agagcgtgtt ggctgcactg    157500
     tttgtgctta aagtaattaa agattccaga ttcctcaggg gtgtgtggtc agctcatttt    157560
     gatgaaaacg ctcatggttt tgctgccagc ggttaattac tgaaataagc cgggtgaaac    157620
     tgaacttgag aaaggacggt ttcgagtgcc tcccgcctgc agggctgtgg gcggcacggc    157680
     tgcgccagag cagagccact gggtcggttg agtgcttggg ggtttcttgc tttatggctt    157740
     tgatggcaga ggagatttag ttgggcatct gaggatttgg tacaaaaata aagtcggtct    157800
     aaagtctcct ttttctctca tctctgtatt tgtctttctt ccactaacac ttgagtaaga    157860
     aaattgctgc cgttgtattt ctggcataac gattccatgg cagcatgttt gctccactct    157920
     ctcagcagaa gattctaaaa ggggagctgc tcatgaaatt ggtgtgtttt atcatcaagt    157980
     gcgtcgaagt tagctatgaa cgaaactttg agactgtatt aagaatcagg actatcagag    158040
     ttcccgtcgt ggcccagcgg ttaatagacc tgactagcat ccacgaggac acggattcga    158100
     tccctggcct cccttggtgg gttgaggatc cggtgttgcc atgagctgtg gtgaagattg    158160
     caaacacggc tcagatcctg cgttgctgtg gctgtggtgt aggccggcag ctgtagctcc    158220
     gattcgaccc cctagcctgg gaatctccat gtgccgtggg tgtggcccta aagagacaaa    158280
     aagacaaaaa aaaaagaatc aggaatatct aggtctcaac actgcctgct ggagacagtt    158340
     gtgttattga gatgcttctt tataccatat ccagggcact ggtttccata aaaacaggag    158400
     aaggagctgg agaaggaagg tctgaggagg gggcggaaag ccgagccccc ccaccccacc    158460
     ccccaccatg tccctggcat caacagggtg tgaaggtggg cccaaggacg tgtccacact    158520
     gtgaatatag aggcatttta atctgttgtg gacttttcca gaaaaaacct gaaaatgacc    158580
     tcttttcttt cccggagggc catttatata cagataagaa cagttataag agcagtgcct    158640
     gtttcctagg gagttcctgt cgtggctcag cggttagcga atctgactag gaaccatgag    158700
     gttgcgggtt cgatccctgg ccttgctcag tgggttaagg atccggcgtg gccgtgagct    158760
     gtggtgtagg ttgcagatgc ggctcagatc ccgagttgct gtggctgtgg cgtaggccag    158820
     tggctacagc tccgattcga cccctagcct gcgaacctcc atatgccggg ggagtagccc    158880
     aagaaaagac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc agtgcctatt tcctaaccaa tgcattggtc    158940
     ttgccccctg aaagccgggc ttgggtggtc tccggcaggg agccccccaa gcggcaggag    159000
     catgtgcacg cacagtctgc ggcccagccc aactccccgc cctgccctcc tggctcccgt    159060
     cctctcacag ggcttcgttg tcgctcagca gggtcagagg cccagggaag gcgcccgcgg    159120
     acctgtggtg acgcccagca gaacattttc tccctgggga gcaagcgtgt ctcggatgac    159180
     ccaggacaag gacaagcctt gtgttccatt agttgggact tttttgggtt tcatgtcatt    159240
     tttaggaact gatggtttca gatgcgccgg ccagcccgcc ctgtcttgtt cccggccctg    159300
     gcctcgggtg tcacacaggc tgtgtccttc acacctgcct acctgtaagc ccttctccgt    159360
     ctgtgtcgcc ctccccgctc ctccccacgt gtctttttca ggaaagccct tcctgcctaa    159420
     accagcctgg agctgccccc tgggtctaat gaaataaata aactctaatg aaataaatgc    159480
     tctcaaagaa cgcaggcgag cacactcagt aaggtcagtg agtgcaagcg tggggccatg    159540
     gggagtgacg ggggccgagg acagatcctg gccacctgca gggccccggt gtgatcagac    159600
     ctgccctact gggaaaggaa gccagaaatc cggcctttta aaaacaaagc ccacttacga    159660
     tggagcatga tattgtgaca aaaaagaatg tgtatatgta tgtgtaattg ggtcaccatg    159720
     ctgtacagta gaaaaaaaca aaattgtcgg agttcccatc gtggcgcatt ggttaacgaa    159780
     tccgactagg aaccatgagg ttgcgagttc aatccctggc cttgctcagt gggttaagga    159840
     tccagcgttg ctgtgagctg tggtgtgggt tgcagatgcg gctcggatcc cgtgttgctg    159900
     tggctctggc gtaggccggc agctacagct ccgattggac tcctagcctg ggaacctcca    159960
     tatgccatgt gatcagacct gccctactgg gaaaggaagc cagaaatccg gcttcctaga    160020
     aaaggcaaaa agaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagtactgg ggaaataaca    160080
     attaaaaaaa aaatcaaagc cccaccccac atttcagtat tagcaaataa ttattcttag    160140
     aacattgacg agcaaacgac acacatcagt ggctctgagt tggtagcccc ccatttaaca    160200
     tcttgcgcgc ttggtgctca gctccacggg ggcacgcgcc ttgcctgccc cgctcaccac    160260
     caacaaacaa aaacaaatag ctgatgggct ctcagtagag tcgcagggtc agaaagaatg    160320
     tgctggcaag gagatggcgg cccacccgtc ccccacctct tggttaccgc ctgccaccag    160380
     tgtcaccatg tccctttaag ccctactccc aggcgaccct gtgggcctcc ttatcctgca    160440
     ccctgaggtc gtcacaatgg gctgagctgc tgctggctca gggcctctgt gacatcacca    160500
     acggcccagc cctaggtccc cagtctccca ggtgcagggc agacaaaccc accatgagcc    160560
     acttcctccc ccatctctgc tcatcatgcg gtcgctgaaa tggttcttgt tcttgcctct    160620
     gtgcctctcc tgtggctatg cctttatgtt ttcttctctg agagataaag ccaaagaacc    160680
     ccagggaaag gtgccttgcg gagggcactt ccggattcgg cagaatctgc cagagcgtgc    160740
     ccaaggctgg cttgggagca agtggctctg gcttgttttt gttattgtgc tgtacgtgat    160800
     gctgaagttt cgaggagata gtgagaagag taaggtaaga gcagccctgc ttttcatacc    160860
     accctgatcc catctcagaa atctcaggct cagagaagcc ggtgttctag tcgttacagg    160920
     caggaccgtt aaatagaagg aattgggatt cagagaagcc acgtcctggt cccgagaagc    160980
     gtgggctcat tcatttcccc gtgtgtcctg agcagagacc acagacctta acccccagag    161040
     ggtgggactg atggttgagg gccacctctg tttattgggt gaataaaacc ttggatcgat    161100
     actgaatcta ttaaatcagt ttctcgcgtt gagtacagat tcaagaacct ggcgtgtttc    161160
     aagacacaat tatgtagagt caggttcgct gcccctgact ggtgaatggc ctgccttatt    161220
     tacaagttgc ccaactgaag ggaacagcag cgttatcccc agtaaaggaa gacacctgtc    161280
     gtaaagggac agaggtgtaa agaggtaaca gctggtccgt aaagtggcaa aacaaccttg    161340
     agaaggggaa gggtagagaa gtatggcagc ccggtctctc ccagacagac ccagcccttc    161400
     cggacactgt gtccaaacca acagagcagg gcttggctca cccttcccgt aaaaggcgag    161460
     aaagtcgctg ttttcagctt tgcggcccat gcaggtgttg gatgcaagga tccagctctg    161520
     ccattggagc ctgagtgcag ccatggagcg tgtacagatg cgtgcaccta gctgtgtccc    161580
     aataaaactt tatttgcaaa cacagccaga tcgggccacc gttggccagt cccggggctc    161640
     gatcagtgct ggagcccgct tctccggggt gagcccacct cccccagaat cctgccagga    161700
     ccagcgagca tcaacggtat ggttcacccc acatctcttc tctcgacagg agcaaagtcc    161760
     tggtggcctt cgaagctgtt cgtttcgctc tcccgtcagg aaaaaccaaa atactgcccc    161820
     cagcaaagac tatgcattca gtaccttaac ccagctcgag atggacctgg tgaagttcgt    161880
     gtccaaggtg cggaatctga aggtcgccat ggcaaccggc ggtcacctca agcttcagca    161940
     cttagaggcg cctgcagacc cgcacaacaa tatcaccatc tacgagatat ggggcgaaga    162000
     agactccgag tgagtggatt cgtgtgtccg taggagagag ttgagtgttg ccaaaccgta    162060
     tgcaaaccaa taaaactatt ctgaagaaaa agaattctcg aatttgggac ctgtttcctt    162120
     tctctatttt taaacttgag aaaaaatgtg agagccgtgg ccgtaacacg tgtccttttg    162180
     ttttttggct gtctcgtgtc ctctagagcg gagggtggtg agacgtgcat gggtggaact    162240
     aggagcatag gggcacaccc ttggccaccg tgccgtggtc cttgcggagt aaggcttggg    162300
     aaatttgggg taggatgctg atacgatttt catactggct atctttagag tagctatggg    162360
     tgcagaaggt ggaacttttt tatctctgtg atatatcaca ttacaaagaa cttgaaatat    162420
     agattgaaaa tgatggaatg attgaattag gtgtgtgtgt caagggaagg cggattctag    162480
     actcactcca ttttcttggc agcagaagag gcttgttcac tctgtctcat gggctctgtg    162540
     tattgacact ttcttctagg agactcaccc atgtctaagt gggttaagga aaatggagaa    162600
     ttccactgtg cttttaatga attggattat aggcgagcta acccggggtc aatatacatg    162660
     agtcgatttg aatgttcttt gtaatactta ttaaaatctg gggagttccc tggtggctta    162720
     gcaggttaag ggtctgcatt ggtccctgct gtgttgttga tggtttgatc cctggtcctg    162780
     gaacttatgc atgctgcctg ggcagccaaa aaaaaatatc tggatatttt ggcatgtttg    162840
     tgtggctagt ggaaactata gatacggcag gctgttagat tagtttctga cccctgtcta    162900
     ggcctgcctg gtggtttcgg agaggctcag cttcaggcct ggacagagat gtttgctggg    162960
     tgagacttgg aaatgccctt attgtcacaa attaaagtgt gcttcgagtt cctgttgtag    163020
     ctcagagggt taagaaccca actagtatcc atgaggatta aggatccggc attgccacca    163080
     gctgcggtgt aggtcacaga tgcggctcgg atcctgtgtt gttgctgtgg tgtaggccag    163140
     cagctgcagc tccaattcga cccctagcct gggaacctcc atgtgccgca ggtgcggccc    163200
     caaaaagacc aaaaaaataa aataaaataa aataaaaaca aaaattaaag tatgcttgaa    163260
     tctccatcac cttcctttct ggccacgggc agctaattct cttcatctgg gcgaggtccc    163320
     gtctgggtca gtccccatat acatgggagt gaaaccttgg ctcagagctg cccgtctcat    163380
     cccctcccgt cactgttgtg ctacctttga aaagcagccc ctgaattttt tttttttttt    163440
     ttggaaccct ttccttttgt cttaacttca acttgcagga cgtagaaaaa tggagggagg    163500
     gggatgactg ttttcctcct ctgtactccc cgggtgtttt caaggcaagg ggccatgtga    163560
     gttattttca cagcacactc tgaagaaatg cagataagga gaaagagttg tttttgtttt    163620
     tatactttta gggccacatc catggcatat ggaggttccc aggctagggg tccaatcgga    163680
     gctacagctg ccagcctaca tcacagccac agcaacgcgg ggatccgagc cgcggctgtg    163740
     acctacacca cagctcacga tggcaacacc ggatccttaa cccactgagt ggggccaggg    163800
     atcgaacctg tgtcctcatg gatactagtc gggtttgtta agcactgaac catgacagga    163860
     actccaagga gaaagctttt tggtgctaac ctgtgacgtc aaaatgggac acgtttgcga    163920
     ttagaatgga gatgagctaa aggtttgcaa accagggctc atgcaccagt cagccgctgc    163980
     ctattttggt aacagcccat gagctaataa tggcttttat attttcaaag tattgaagaa    164040
     ggaaaaaaaa aaggagttcc cgtcgtggca cagcgggaac gaatccaacc aggaaccatg    164100
     aggtcgtggg ttcgatccct ggtcttgctc agtgggttaa ggatccgacg ttgccatgag    164160
     ctgtggtgta ggtcacagac gcggctcaga tcccgagttg ctatggccct ggtgcgggcc    164220
     ggcggctaca gctccaattt gacccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatgctg tggaagaggc    164280
     ccaagaaata gcaaaaagac aaaaaaaaaa aaaatttttt tttctgtttt gtgggtcata    164340
     atggtttctg tgtaataatt caactctgcc attgggcaca aaagcaacca tatatggtac    164400
     atacgtgatg ggagcggctc tgttccaata aaatgtattt atggtcactg atcatatttt    164460
     tgtctctagt tttgtccagg gaaccactaa ctgaagatga gaatcctaag agcaaaacgt    164520
     caacattcct tgggagttcc cactgtggca cagtggttaa ggatctggca tagccacagt    164580
     tgtggcatag gttgcagctg tagtgaagtt tgtagctgcc agtccgattt gatccctggc    164640
     ctgggaactt ttgtaggtgc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacgtt cattatagca    164700
     agttgaccaa agagataagg tagaaaaagc tgctgtccct ggtccctgcc cagcctaaca    164760
     cggagcttta cagaccacag cctggcctag aaaatactgt ttcctcaacc cagtccattg    164820
     cctgcagtat tttcatgcaa aactacattc agcgtagatt gaggagccag agcgccacaa    164880
     agccctcgct tccgctgttc cagcctcagc gcaaatcccc gtgttcccac gctctgcagc    164940
     aactcagcca gtcgtagctg ccggatctcc ggagttgtct acacctgccg tctccgtcag    165000
     aagaggttcc cttgggtggt tggcaggttc attttctcgt ggctgtagga cccacggctt    165060
     cttcaaagcc agcaaggaga ggaaggctct agagtgagtc tgctcacgga gtctccggaa    165120
     gatgagggga tccagcagtg acctctatcc ctacatccta cccctatccc tacacccggt    165180
     gtgaacacaa gtgttgaaac ccagccgcca agaggcaggt gacgggggca tctcagtgat    165240
     gctaatgagg atgccagaga taccagctga catggcatgt ggcctgatca cctgcagagc    165300
     cttctctgta cacctgggtg caggtagtag gcaagattct gaggtgagcc cactggcaca    165360
     cagcctggta taatctcccc tgagtgaggg cagggattat gaataggctc acacacacag    165420
     gctctggccc tgaagaggct ggctgccaca tgtgaggtcc tgagtcgcca ggtagggatg    165480
     tgaggacagc ttctaggctg tgaaaacgtt ccccagtcag cagctgaaaa agcacctagg    165540
     aagagttccc ttgtggttca gcgggttaag gacctggcat ggtcactgcg atggcctggg    165600
     ccgctgctgg ggtgtgggtt cagtccctgg cctgggaaat gctacctgtc atagatgcgg    165660
     caaaaggaag agagggaggg agagagagaa ggaaggaaaa gaaaagaaac gaaagaaaaa    165720
     caggaatctc aactacaagg aagtgggttc caccaaccag gggccgagtc acagggtccc    165780
     cggcctggtg aggtcccgag cacaggaggc tgcccactcg aacccagaaa ctctgagatg    165840
     gtccatgtga tacagttcca agccaccaag catgtggtgg ttgtcgcacg gcagtggaca    165900
     agccgaggag cacaggctcc cagaatcttc ccctctgctg cttctggtgc ctcggattac    165960
     acgtcccctt ctttgtgacc aggtccctct gaccccggga agtgggacca gaggatcaag    166020
     gatggctatg tcctgatcct tgaaaccaga ggttacagct gtgggctcgg ggcccacacc    166080
     tccccctgcc ccatcatgtc tgttggagcc acagtcggat tttctttaat gttttatttt    166140
     gaaataattg tgggctcaca ggaagtcgca aggcagcaca gagcatcccg tcaccttcac    166200
     ctcggttctg ctgctggttc cactttgggg acttgagcag catccccaaa ccaggaggcc    166260
     ggcgccggag ccacgcctgg ggagttctgt gcatttgatt ccccgcggct ccagggacac    166320
     accacgctgt ccagatgcag gactgcagct gagccgagac ccccggcgcc cacgcccggg    166380
     cctccccaac gccctggcca cgacgagtcc atttccgcct ctgtggtttt accgtctctg    166440
     tcttcttcac tcagcgcggg gccctcagat ccacccaggt cgttcaccgg ccagcacgtt    166500
     gcacctgtct gcgcccaaga actggaaccc ctgcctttgg tagctttggt tctcgttaca    166560
     gggttctgat ggactccgca gtttcacgtc tccgggtcaa ggtcaggatt cccatcgctg    166620
     ggtcacatgg aaagtgtctg tcttggcttc ccgtcttttt ttacccttcg gattagtgat    166680
     gagtatttta cagtgagatt tcctagtaca tcgtggagag ggggccacag gaaccccaga    166740
     agttcctgca gtagacacac gaccaccatt cgcgacgcag ggctcccggc ctctggtcct    166800
     tccccactcg ccctccagcg gcatccagtc ctcgcccgcc tgcaggccac cccctccccg    166860
     ctcacagacc aagcccccgt cggcctcagg gccttggcac gtggcctctc tccctgtgca    166920
     aagggagtca gtttttcctc cagctgtcac accgccagct gtggtgcctc tcctcctggt    166980
     ctttgctcag aggtcagctc cctgacctcc cagcggctgg aggacgcccc ccaccccccc    167040
     ttcaccgaat cccccacttt attttacttc cttcccgaca ccggcactgg gtgacatcag    167100
     gctttgtgtg gacctatgtc tcgttcggcc cttctccccc tcaaacgtaa gctccagaag    167160
     gatggaggtg tctcctgtgg ttgctgcagt gtcctcagca tctggaacag accctgacac    167220
     gtaatgtgtg ctccatgtag atttttgaaa accttctttt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg    167280
     ttgttgtttt agggccacac cctcggcata tggaggttcc caagctaggg gtcgaattgg    167340
     agctgtagct gctggccaca gccacagcag cacgagatcc gagcctcatc tgggatgtac    167400
     accacagctc atggcaacgc cggatccttg acccactgaa caaggccagg gatcaaaccc    167460
     gcaacctcat ggttcctagt cggattcgtt tccactgagc catgacggga actcccagat    167520
     tctttaaaac cttctaattg ggagttcctg ttgtggctta gcggtaacca accagactag    167580
     tagtatccat gaggttgcga gttccatccc tgacctcgct tagtaggtta aggatccggc    167640
     cttgctatga gctgtggtgt aggtcgcaga ggccgcttgg atcccgagtt gctgtgactg    167700
     tggtgtaggc cggtagctgc agctctgatt cagcccttag cctgggaacc tctatatacc    167760
     gcaggtgtgg ccctaaaaag acaaagacaa aaacaaaaaa cagaaaccta agaggctgct    167820
     cacatcactc caggctccca ggaaggagga gggcgtgggg tcctggcggc agggacaagg    167880
     aatgagcagc tgtcccctgc gtgtatcttc taaatctttg tatcggaacc atcgtgagat    167940
     ttcacatacc ttcacgtgcg cagacagcaa actgacagtt aaaaccaatt tgcagcaacc    168000
     tggatggagc tagagactct catcctgtgt gaagcaagtc agaaagagaa agacaatgtc    168060
     aaatataaga tacgatatca cttatatctg gagtctaata tacgacacaa agaaaccttt    168120
     ccacagaaaa gaaaatcatg gacttggaga atagacctgt ggttgccaag ggggaagggg    168180
     agggagtggg atggactggg agtctgggtt aatcgatgca aactgttgcc tttggagtgg    168240
     attagcaatg ggatcctgct gaatagcgca gggaactctg tctagtcact tttgatggag    168300
     catgataatg ggagaaaaaa gaatttttac atgtatgtgt gactgggtca ccttgctgta    168360
     cagtaaaaaa aataaataaa aggtaaaaat aaataacaaa gccaaccagg atgtggggga    168420
     accggaaatg ggatcagaca ctcagagatg gacctaaccc acggcaagga gatccctggc    168480
     caccctgagg gggtgggaaa gaaaggccat gacctaagga agccgaactt caagtctaga    168540
     ctggaggctg cagaagctga agacagagga ctgtcaggaa ggctgtatgt aacctgttcc    168600
     cttgtgctcc cgctgcggtc tgggtgggaa acttctgaac caactacttc aactagttct    168660
     gaaccgaaca cagccgtaaa catagatcat gagaggtggg ttcctcgctg ttagaggaag    168720
     acgttctaag aggaaggagg atggctagaa tgaacctgag gtcttgggct ggcagaggga    168780
     tcaggattca gttgtagaat ctgagcatac atagatgtgt gacacataag tgcacatgga    168840
     caagagggct aatatataca tacacatttt gtggctcttt ctgttctttc tttttttagg    168900
     gccgcacctg cagcaggtga agttcccagg ctaggggtca aatcggagct gcagctgccg    168960
     gtctacacca cagccacagc aacgcgggat ctgagccgag tctttgaact acaccacagc    169020
     ttacagcaac actggatcct taacccactg accggggcta gggatcaaac ctgcgttctc    169080
     atggattcta gtcagattcg tttctgctga tccatgaggg gagctcctct ttggtttctg    169140
     ttttatcctc cgtgggtttc tcttgcacaa aggaacagat acgtgtgtct tttcttatac    169200
     cctctctttc tgacgtgaag gacagcaagc tatccctttg gggctttgct ttctccactt    169260
     aatggaaggt ccttggaagt cccttcatct gggctcttag aggtctctcg ttcttgttcc    169320
     tgctgcagat gctccattgt gtggaagccc cacagtctgt tcagcctctg ccttacatgc    169380
     agacattcag gtagtttcca gtagttggaa atgacaagca atactgcagc gcataatctt    169440
     gtgcataacg tgtttttgtg ttgtggtgtg gttttgttag gtattgccaa atttccctcc    169500
     agaagggatt gtgccaactc acattctaat caggagcgcc aataaaaatt ttttttcaca    169560
     tctgtagttg tataatgatc ataacaatct gatttcacag gatttccatc ccatacccca    169620
     agcacatccc ccacccccca aactgtctcc tccagagacc ataagttttt caatgtctgt    169680
     gagtcagcat ctgttctgca aagaaattca gtctgtcctt ttttcagatt ccatatgtca    169740
     gtgaaagcat ttgatgttgg tgtctcattg tatggctgac ttcacttagc atgataattt    169800
     ctaggtccat ccatgttgct aaaaatgccg gtatttcgtt ccttttaatg gctgagtaat    169860
     attccattgt gtatatgtac cacatcttct tgatccactc ctctgtcaat ggacattagg    169920
     ttgtttccac gtcttggcac tattgtaaat agtgctgcag tgaacatcag agtacatgta    169980
     tctttctttg cgagtcatgg ttttgtctgg atagatgccc aggagtggga ttgctggatc    170040
     aaatggtagt tgtattttta gtcttctgag gaatctccat actgttttcc agagtggttg    170100
     caccaattga caatcctccc accaacagtg tactagggtt cctttttctc cacagccaat    170160
     aaaaattttt aaaagaacat gtgtgcaggt ggcgggaggg tccgcttgga acatcctaga    170220
     acgctttgtg tggcttgcag ttatggaggg gggccactag gtggcgggca aagcccatca    170280
     ccaggaagag cgctcgcgtt tcccaaagat tttgaggggc ctttgaaaac aacaatgtgt    170340
     aagttgaagt aacagcaatc ataacacttt tattactgat gatgacgagc agtcataaca    170400
     acacttttta ttaacaatga agatgtgtcg tttgattgct tactcagtca ttcaagtgtt    170460
     catcggttcc tggttctggg aaaaaaacag acgtcttgcc acatagaact tgcattttcc    170520
     tgggagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacacataa gcccaaggta gagtccgaca ggtgggctca    170580
     ggtcccacgg aggaaagtcc agtgaggaaa gggacgaggt tcctgaacgc aggttcctct    170640
     gcccaacacg cagtgaagcc aaacagaaac gtcagtttgg agcagagaag agttgatttc    170700
     agggccaagc aaggagagca ggtggccggc gccccaagct ccctgaaggg tttcagcaaa    170760
     gcgtttttca aggccaggcg agggagggta tggctggttg gggccaactt ccgggtgtcg    170820
     gaatcctttg ttcttgcatc tgtccacgtg gtcgggtctc agctgctcct ggaaagctcc    170880
     agcaggcgaa gggttactgt ctgtgctgca ggggtttatc tccgggtgga tgcaaaggct    170940
     catagcctta aagatgagag ccctgagatg gactcgcctg tatatttcag gttatgggcg    171000
     acattcttaa ctcaaagcaa aagaaaacaa agtacaagaa gtaagagaaa aagaaaagca    171060
     agttggagtt cccatcttgg cacagtggtt aacgaatccg actaggaacc attacgttgc    171120
     gggttccatc cctggcctcg ctcagtaggt tgaggatcct gctttgccat gagctgtggt    171180
     gtaggtcaca tgcagcttgg atctggtggt gtaggctggg agctgcagct ccgattggac    171240
     cactggcctg ggaacctcca tatgccacgg gtgctgccct agaaaagaca aaaaaaaaaa    171300
     agaaaagaaa gttgaaagaa acggagttcc catcatggca gagccgaaat gaatccaact    171360
     aggaaccatg aggttgcggg ttccatccct ggcctcactc agtgggttaa ggatctggca    171420
     ttgccctgag ctgtggtgta ggttgcagat gcggctcgga tcccacgttg ctgtggctgt    171480
     ggtataagcc ggcagctgta gctccgatta gactcctagc ctgggaacct ccatgtgctg    171540
     cagtgcggcc ctaaaaaaag caaaaggaaa aaaaaaaaga aaagcaacag atccaatacg    171600
     gagtcagatt tgttgttccc tcttacctgg ggagttgggg gtgggctggt tgtctgcagt    171660
     cttacacagt gtggtcggga agggctccct gagaagcagt cactggaggg agtcagcctg    171720
     agaccagcgg ggagcagagt gaggacacag gaggggactt gccgaggccc tgaggcagga    171780
     gggcctggcc tggggggcgt gcgccagaga ccaagtgtgg gaggggatag gtgggtggca    171840
     cacagggagc aggaagtgac ggccctggtg agactgtggc acccaacctc cccagccctc    171900
     agtgcaccca ttctccaggg ctggggccag ccccacacgg aggccgagtg tgaggagagt    171960
     ttggtccctg ttctcagggg ctctcaaggg acagcaggtg ggggaaggtc aggtttcctg    172020
     tgggaaatga ggcgtcttgt agggacctgt ggactgacct gcttcccatc gtctttgagc    172080
     cacttaacac ttctgaaaac tgtaggaaac attcaaagca tttgtgttta tgaaaatgca    172140
     ggtgtgagtt ccctggtggc ctcacaggtt aaagatctgg cattatcact gctgtggctc    172200
     gggttcagtc cctggcctgg gagcatctac ctgctgtggg tgaggctgaa aaaaagggaa    172260
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaatgcagt cattgctcac tggtcgcatg actctgcatc tgtctgtctg    172320
     tcctcccctc ccagccgtac ccgcctcccg gcccctgctc agctgatgag ttgagaaacg    172380
     tctttgtcac attgtcacct tatattgcat gactgtcgtg attccgcgtc ctaaaccgtt    172440
     ccctttcacg gtgccctgag cctttctcag cgacagtgct gacatgaaga cacctccagc    172500
     acgcgactcg gggagatgga gaaattagat tcctctccat tttgaaaacc cacagaaagg    172560
     agacatgatg gagaggaggg gggctgcggc cacgggggga cctgggcccc tccgtctcat    172620
     attctctagg tgacacgggc acccggggag ccccagcggg gacctgccga gggtggcagc    172680
     accctggagg cagaaggagg ctctgcgccc ctgagggcag agcccgtctc accaggagca    172740
     tctctgcacc ccgaacccct gcagggatgg aggtccccca gcctggcatc cgtaggagag    172800
     cccctgccgt cgcaggaaaa cctctggatt gcttgactgt gcggagactg tgagcctgcc    172860
     caggcctccc cgtcccccat gtgtgcagac ggacttcagg cagatgcttc agcagctttt    172920
     gcctctcact tggatcagag gcgcctgcag ccaactccca agatgttttt ccagactctc    172980
     cacctcccct cactcatctg ttcttctttc cgtcctttac cgggtcatct ctcagccagt    173040
     actcaggagc cgcttgctgt gtggacgtgg tggtgggtgt ggaggatgca gggatgaacc    173100
     aacatggacc acagggagcc ccgcctcccg cctgtgaggg gagttccctg ctggcgcagc    173160
     gggttaagga tcccgtgttg tcactgctgt ggctcaggtt gctgctgtgg cagggggttc    173220
     agtccctggc ccaggaactt gcacgtgcca cagacgtgtc caaaaaaaag aaaactcttg    173280
     taaagaaggg gcctctcgtg ccagacggtc aagaatgacc tttcagagga cactttgaac    173340
     aaactgtgtg aggtgaggag ccagcaatgc gaagagcagg tgcaaaggcc ctgaggttct    173400
     cccagaagcg ccccccttcg gagggctgac ctccatcctt cgttatgctt ccatttctgt    173460
     agtgacggaa gccctacaaa gaggatcagg atacgctgtc cccagatatg ccactttggc    173520
     atcaggatta ttttgagctg aaggcagttg aggcaggaag agttctcagc cctccccttt    173580
     cctgcctaaa agcgagacat aaatttccca ttgagaaggt gccccaactc ccaccgcagg    173640
     gggagaagag ggactcttat taccagattg ggagttgaaa ccaagataag tttgcaaaaa    173700
     cagactttac tagaattaga cctgccttcc agtagtttcc cccatgtatt tcctagtcac    173760
     ttccccacag tttgtccctt gactcctgaa ccctcttcct tcgttaaaat ggtgtataag    173820
     cccctgagtc cacctgctgc ttttttcttt cctttttttt tttttttttt ttttgtcttt    173880
     ttgccatttc ttgggctgtt cccacagcat atggaggttc ccaggctaca ggtctaatca    173940
     gagctgtagc caccggccta caccagagcc acagcaacgc gagatctgag ctgcatctgc    174000
     aacctacacc acagttcacg gcaacgccag atccttaacc cactgagcaa ggccaaggac    174060
     cgaacccgca accttgtggt tcctagtcag attcgttaac cactgtgcca cgatgggaac    174120
     tccccacctg cttctttaag tgtcacttct tttctgtgaa ttcctgtgca cccaaatagt    174180
     agtaaaaatt gtgtcttttc agagctccct ggtggccttg aagttaaagg atctggtgtt    174240
     gtcactgcta tggcttaggt tcagtccctg gtctgagaac atttgcatgt tacagatgca    174300
     gccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagactg cttttctcca gttgagcttt tattagttaa    174360
     tttacagtcc tccatttgag cctaagaggg gaaaggaaat ctttcctccc ccacatcttc    174420
     agtcctctct cttcttatat tttggctctt cttaggccag agtttggacg taccacgatt    174480
     cagccagggt taaacaggta gcttggctct ccccagcgtt tcgtgaacat gaacacacat    174540
     gggacgtctt tctcgggtct gggcaggatg tgacgcctcc tgcttcaggc agcgcagcca    174600
     ccatctgcca gtgtttgggt ttataccaca gtcagcaaac actgaaagca cagccagtca    174660
     agacactgaa aataaaaacc ctgccatggc tcacacgtga cttattttag aatttctaag    174720
     tacagctaaa tgatgactca ccctacttaa attccaagct gtttcctggg ccatctggtt    174780
     catcagaata tgaaagactt tgcccagcaa cctggaaaag tacccgaggg ggagacggaa    174840
     tttgtaatca ctgagcgcta gacctgagga agacagctga gcctgagttc cttgaggaca    174900
     ggaatgtggt cagatacatg cgtaggaggg agtttccttt ggggggctgc agaatccatc    174960
     taactagcat ccatgagggt tcgatccctg gcctcactca gtgggttaag gatccagcgt    175020
     tgccgtgagc tgtggtgtag gttgcaggca gatgcagctc ggatctggag ttgctgtggc    175080
     tgtggtgtag gctggtggct acagctccaa ttcaaccccc tagcctggga acatccatat    175140
     gccatgaatg cggcccttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggaaaaa taaagaaact    175200
     gcataatgtc tgggcctatt tttctttctt cttttattct tttatttatt acattcatag    175260
     ttgtacaatg atcatcacca tccaattctg taggatttcc atcccccagc cccagcgctt    175320
     ccctccaccc cacgaactgt cgcctttgga aaccataagt ttctcaaagt cagtatctgt    175380
     tctgcaaaga agttcgtcgt gtgcattttt cagattccac atgtcaggga aagcatttga    175440
     tgttggtgtc tcattgtatg gctgacttca cttagcatga taatttctaa gtccatccat    175500
     gttgctaaaa atgccagtat ttcattcctt tcagtggctg agtaatattc cattgtgcat    175560
     atgtacccca tcttcttgat ccactcctct gtcgatggac atttaggttg tttccacgtc    175620
     ttagctattg aaaatagtgc tgcaatgaac atcggagtac atgtgtcttt ctttgcgagt    175680
     catggttttc tctggataga tgcccaggag tgggattgct ggatcaaatg gtagttgtat    175740
     ttttagtctt ctgaggaatc tccatgcagt tttccatagt ggttgcacca gtttacattc    175800
     ccaccaacag tgtactaggg ttcctttttc tccaccccct ctccagcact tatcatttgt    175860
     agacttttgg atgatggcta ttctggctgg tgtaaggtga tacctcacag tggttttgat    175920
     tcgcatgtct ctaataacga gtgatgctga acatcttttt gtgtgtttct cggccatctg    175980
     tatgtcttct ttggagaatt gtctgtttag atcttctgcc cattttttga tagggttgtt    176040
     ttgggactat ttaaaaaaaa atcctttttg tctgattaca gaagcaatgc aacccaaagc    176100
     ataaataccc aaagaaaaat agataaatta gacttcatct aatctaaaag cttttacgcc    176160
     ccaaaggaag ctgtgagaaa ttgaaaagac aactcagaga gtgggagaaa atatttatac    176220
     attatacacc tgacaagaat ctagtattaa ccacgtgtga agaagtcaca aggcagcagt    176280
     ggaaagaaaa ataatccaac tgaaaatggc cagagaactt aagtggacat ttttcttcaa    176340
     agaagatgta caagtggcca aggagcacct aaaaaagatt caacatcaga gttcccactg    176400
     tggctcagca ggttagggcc tgatgttgtc tcgatgagga ttcgggtttg aacccctggc    176460
     ctgggaagtt ccacatgcca tgggcgtggc cccccaaaaa aatggtgtag agcaatggtc    176520
     cctctgaatc cacagacgca aaacctttgc acgtaaaggg ttttgtaaca acagattatc    176580
     tcagagccag aaatctgcct gtatctagaa atcaaacatc agtcttggga gctcccgttg    176640
     tggctcagtg gtaacaaatc tgactagtat ccatgaggat gcgagttcaa tccctggcct    176700
     ctctcagtgg gttaggcatc cagcattgcc gggagctgtg gtgcaggtct cagatgcagc    176760
     tcagatcctg cgttgctgag gctgtggtgt aggcctgtgg ctacagctcc gttccacccc    176820
     tagcctggaa tatgccgtgt ccagccctaa aaaggaaaaa aaatatcaaa tcagttttca    176880
     tttagcaacc aaagtcacat gtttggccca acacgctctc ccagatggct ggtttcctaa    176940
     gatgctatgt gagaggccat gcgaataatg cttaaaaact gtaattcaaa aggagacata    177000
     cacccctatg ttcattgcag tgctacacaa tagccaagac atggaaacaa ccatcgatag    177060
     atgaatagat taagaagatg tggtacatat attcaatgga atactactca gccattaaaa    177120
     agaacaaaat catgccattt acagcaacat ggatgcaact agagattctc atactaaggg    177180
     aagtaagtca gaaagagaaa gacaaatacc atatgatatc atttatatgt ggaatctaaa    177240
     atatggcaca tggacagact tgtgggacca acagaacaga ctcatggaca tagagaacag    177300
     acttgttgcc aagcgggagg ggagagggag tgggttggac ggggagtttg gggttggtag    177360
     atacaaactg ttacatttag aacgaataag caatgaggtc ctactgtaca gcacagggaa    177420
     ccgtgtccaa tctcttggga tagaacatga tggaagatgt ataacaaaag aaatgtatgt    177480
     acacgtgtga cggggtccct ttgctctata gcagaaattg gcacaacata ctttaataaa    177540
     aaattaaaat taaagattta aaaaaggctc tgtcaggagc tccccccccc agaaacaagg    177600
     aggatgggga ggaagtggcc ccccgacagc aagtcactct ttcccatctg ctgtggggta    177660
     agaatccagg tgccccagga gtgtgatcta ctcacagagt tacaaagatt ggggcccaag    177720
     gtgaaatcaa gagtggccat taggagtttc ccgtcgtggc gcagcggaga tgaatctgac    177780
     taggaaccat gaggctgtgg gtttgatctc tggcctcgct cggtgggtta aggatctggc    177840
     atttctgtga gctgtgatgt aggctggcag cttcggctcg gattagaccc ctagcctggg    177900
     aaccttcata tgccatggct gcggccctaa aaagataaaa agaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    177960
     aaaaaaaagg gtggatatta gttctcttag gtcatatacc tggggcgtgt ttggaggctg    178020
     tgaatcaaag ctgattctgg actctagtag ctccccaccg tgggatacag gcttagcaaa    178080
     taaaaataca ggatgcccac ttaaaagtga attttgggga gctcccctcg tggtgcagtg    178140
     gttaacaaac ccgactagga accatgaggt tgcgggttcc gtccctggcc ttgctctgtg    178200
     ggttaaggat ctggcgttgc cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtt gcagacgcgg ctcggatcca    178260
     gcgttgctgt ggctctggcg taggccagtg ggtggctaca gctctgattc aacccctagc    178320
     ctccatatgc tgcgagagcg gcccaagaaa atggcaaaga gaccaaaaaa aaaaaaagtg    178380
     aattttgggg gagttcccat tgtggcacag cagaaacgaa tctgactagt atccatgagg    178440
     atgtgggttt gatctctggc ctcactcagt ggcttaagaa tctggcgttg ctgtgagctg    178500
     tggtgtaggt cacagatggg gctcggatct ggcgttgctg tggctgtggt gtaggctggc    178560
     aactgcagct ccaattcaac ccctagtctg ttgaattgcc tccatatgcc gcaggtgtgg    178620
     ccctaaaagg aagaaaaagt gaatttcaga cacacaatga cagtgaataa tttttagtat    178680
     aagtatatcc cttgtaatac ttgagacaca cttctaccaa aattttattc tttgttgatt    178740
     ggaaattcac atttatctgg gcagcttgta tgtttccgtg gtgcctctgt gcaagtgttt    178800
     gatggacaca agagacaaaa tcttggcaaa aagttaaatc aactacactt caaaaaattt    178860
     ttttgaaatc ttgtcaaaag agaataggag tttcctggtg gcctaggggt taaggatttg    178920
     gtgttgtcac tgctatagca caggttcagt ccctagcccg gaaacttctg catgccacgg    178980
     gagtgtccaa aaacaggaaa aagagagaga atagaagatg ctggaagttg tgcttgcctg    179040
     ggaatgcagt ttgaacgtca agttctcctc tgccgagggg ggaggtctct ccgctcccat    179100
     tcacggcttt taacagttta ttgagataca gttcacgccc cacacagtcc agccactcac    179160
     cgtggacaca tggccggtac attttggatg gtccccgctg tgggcgacca tgaccacagt    179220
     ccactctaaa cattctcatg gccccccacc cactggctgt ccctctctgt ccctgcccca    179280
     gcccctggcc accaccaatc caccttcagt ctgcagggaa gtgcctcttc tggacatttc    179340
     ttatgaatca aatcatacac gtgcagcctt ttgtgtctga gcatctgtca gtactgtgtt    179400
     ccttcccacg gctcaacatt attcatattc tgatgtctgg ttagaccaca tgttttttaa    179460
     tccgtttgtc cactgatgga cctgtggctg gtttctgcct ttgggctgtc gtgtccccga    179520
     ttcttacccc ttcacagtca ttatggcaca gcgtctccct atggatctac acacacctgc    179580
     ctgtgtcccc tcgctcgctg cactgtaggc tccaagcagg cccagaattc tgtctgagcc    179640
     agtgtgtgtg cccggcccac ggatgggaag tgaacctgcc cccacggatt caggcctctg    179700
     cgaaatgcaa gcatcacgag ctgagagagg aaaagttcgc gtgatttgca ggcaggtaaa    179760
     gccctctggt gtggccttaa aatgctgctc ggttcctctg ggctccggcc gtcgctgctg    179820
     tctagtctac accatcagct ctctctgcct ctgatccggc acatcaaggg caggtgtgag    179880
     gacacgtgtg gcagtgggtg tgttgggggt tagtgggcgt ggggagctgg cgtgggagga    179940
     gccacggtct tctgagaacc agttcccaaa atgtgctggt tccaccaaga cgcggatagt    180000
     ttgatgattt caacagttac cctgcggagg gggtggggtt ccggtgtgcg atcaactctc    180060
     ttagcacaaa ccaagatgct ggtaatcccc tctgctccgc tttttgtttt attttatttt    180120
     atatttcgca atttggggga aatttgccaa gtgtaccctt gttcctggca aatcaaagtt    180180
     ttatctgccc atctgagtca ggactcttaa ttttattcat tctttcaaga cttatttaat    180240
     tctaccttgt cttagcctcc tggggctgcc gtcactatgt accaggtggc ccaacaccac    180300
     agacgtttat tcactcacgg ttctggggct cgaagtccaa aatcagcatc agcagggccg    180360
     cgttctctct gaaggctctg gggagggtct gtcccaggtc cttctcgtag cttcaggtgc    180420
     ttgctggaaa ctcctggtgg cctttggctt gtagatgcat ccttccggtg tgtgccactg    180480
     ttgtcactcg gcttctcctc tgtcgctgtc atcacctggc catctcctcc ctgggtttct    180540
     ctccctctcc tttacttagg aggataccag ttggatgcag ggcccaccct tctccagtga    180600
     gaaacccaga gagaaaccca gggaggagat ggccaggtga tgggacccca gcttagctga    180660
     cgtcatcacg gcatcattac atcactgcat ctgccaagaa cctactccca ggtaaggtca    180720
     gagttacaag tactgggagt caggatgtca ccttgtcacc tcgggagaca caattcaact    180780
     cacgatgtat tctctccaag aaaaaaaatc ttaggagttc cccttgtggc tcatcaggtt    180840
     aataatctga ctagtatccc tgaggatgtg ggttcaatcc ctggccttgc tcggtgggtt    180900
     aaggccccgg cgttgcggca caggggaagc gggggcactg gtttccagtg gaagaacaat    180960
     gggaagtggg gaaggaacac acaacaccgt ctttatggga ccgtgaagtg atagcctaga    181020
     gcggtggggt ccaggcgcgt gggtaagtgg ggcatctacg ggaggtcaca tccaggggct    181080
     gcctggccca ggcactggtg gcggccagtc gtttccatct ttgagtcagt tctctcactt    181140
     gacagcgacg aaagagaagg aatgctgcct cttctgcgtt ccttcgttca ccggcttgta    181200
     atccacccag cagactccga ggtcctcaca cgtcttctgc aactggctgg aattagtaca    181260
     ctatggggct cgcaaggccg tctggcctct gtcatgtcag ctcgacttca cttggtgcag    181320
     tgacagcagt cttattactc atctcttgcc cggggttgct tttgagacca cagggaccac    181380
     agagcccgag tcgcctctct ggccacttac agaaactctc ttctaagcct gtcgcaaacg    181440
     gcgaacgtct cccaggtcag tgatccccct tcctcgccac gggtctcagt gacgtcattt    181500
     tgcttcccct ccccagacgt ttccaaggct gctctgctga ggatgcttgt gtcccagcag    181560
     acgttgtcac cgacgaggtt gccagggaaa gaccccttct gaacgtgtga caaatatcca    181620
     caaccccctg gctgatgttt gtcccagccc aggtctggtg gcgaagctct caagggctaa    181680
     acaatggaca ttttctaagc tgtgtctcct gacccaagat cttgcaactt ggcaaaccca    181740
     cacattaagc caccggctca ggaatcccac ggggagcgca ggacagcccc gattgttccc    181800
     tggaacctgg ccccaatccc atcaggctcc ttgaaattct cccccctgcg ttggagtgga    181860
     agccttgctt actgggcctg gggtcctcct gcgctgactt gaggaggaag atttaagaca    181920
     gaagcttgaa caagcttttc ctgtccccag gcacgcccca gatgcttctc tgggtttcct    181980
     tttcttgggt agaaacccta cctggatttg caaaggaccc ggggctcttt gtcacccaag    182040
     atc                                                                  182043