EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR956634; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 206278 BP.
AC   CR956634;
DT   03-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   17-MAY-2007 (Rel. 91, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Pig DNA sequence from clone CH242-277I8 on chromosome 17
OS   Sus scrofa (pig)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Cetartiodactyla; Suina; Suidae; Sus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-206278
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAY-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 8fa6e40b9cee38b9e827cd69f0d06d5f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL882244.
DR   ENA-CON; JH118018.
DR   ENA-CON; GL043839.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007477; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CR956634.3:1-206278; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008184; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000034393; sus_scrofa.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2346481; 18366692.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   CH242-277I8 is from a CHORI-242 Porcine BAC Library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..206278
FT                   /organism="Sus scrofa"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-242"
FT                   /clone="CH242-277I8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9823"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH242-277I8"
FT   misc_feature    4256..4320
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone CH242-132L9
FT                   (CR956384)."
FT   mRNA            join(31909..32146,50155..50312,52284..52474,58906..58935)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-277I8.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CB097237.1"
FT   misc_feature    57000
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH242-132L9"
FT   mRNA            join(61237..61509,62391..62548)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-277I8.1-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF193202.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(88092..92556,99583..99670,132582..133271,
FT                   135883..136009,136413..136468,151791..151931,
FT                   166314..166486,167707..167909,CR956389.6:6867..7038,
FT                   CR956389.6:11770..12772,CR956389.6:30130..30490))
FT                   /gene="NFATC2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-277I8.3-001"
FT                   /product="nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic,
FT                   calcineurin-dependent 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA490916.1 Em:AA648810.1
FT                   Em:AI375927.1 Em:AI458188.1 Em:CR979034.1 Em:CR993438.1
FT                   Em:CX600173.1 Em:DN505466.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF069995.1 Em:U43341.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(88092..92556,132582..133271,135883..136009,
FT                   136413..136468,151791..151931,166314..166486,
FT                   167707..167909,CR956389.6:6867..7038,
FT                   CR956389.6:11770..12772,CR956389.6:30130..30490))
FT                   /gene="NFATC2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-277I8.3-002"
FT                   /product="nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic,
FT                   calcineurin-dependent 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U43342.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(88092)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(88105..88110)
FT   CDS             complement(join(92501..92556,132582..133271,135883..136009,
FT                   136413..136468,151791..151931,166314..166486,
FT                   167707..167909,CR956389.6:6867..7038,
FT                   CR956389.6:11770..12772,CR956389.6:30130..30259))
FT                   /gene="NFATC2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-277I8.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000883"
FT                   /product="nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic,
FT                   calcineurin-dependent 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q13469"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFS5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002909"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008366"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008967"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011539"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFS5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13220.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(99627..99670,132582..133271,135883..136009,
FT                   136413..136468,151791..151931,166314..166486,
FT                   167707..167909,CR956389.6:6867..7038,
FT                   CR956389.6:11770..12772,CR956389.6:30130..30259))
FT                   /gene="NFATC2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-277I8.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000882"
FT                   /product="nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic,
FT                   calcineurin-dependent 2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFS6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002909"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008366"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008967"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011539"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFS6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13221.1"
FT   misc_feature    130225
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH242-228K14"
FT   misc_feature    145757..146011
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone CH242-228K14
FT                   (CR956389)."
FT   misc_feature    178561..178660
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone CH242-228K14
FT                   (CR956389)."
FT   mRNA            join(204162..204379,205204..205347)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-277I8.4-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI181106.1"
FT   misc_feature    206278
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH242-277I8"
SQ   Sequence 206278 BP; 52232 A; 52520 C; 52252 G; 49274 T; 0 other;
     gatctgatat tgctatagct gtgttatagg ctggcagctg tagctcctac ttgacccctc        60
     gcctgggaat ttccatatgc tgcaggtgca gccctaaaaa gattaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa       120
     aaaaaaaaaa agaatggact gaacaggggt gggattcaga cgtggggctg agtttttgca       180
     aacccatacc ctcatagccc caggactgtg tttctccccc tctccgcctg aaaccatctc       240
     ttgagcattg gctggagctg cagccaggag gggaaaatcc agaaccaaac ccaaccaagc       300
     ccatccccca aacagccggg ttctactcca tacctcagaa ctcaggaggg aattatctgt       360
     ctcctagagt cagagatccg ggaggagcta gaggccgtca cttcctgagg gcttgacacc       420
     tgtcccactg atgaagcctc tgctggtacc tcgcaccccc agctgtgttt ctgctctgaa       480
     tcaaggctgc ggaggagaga gaggggggtt ggacaggctg cacccccata gggacatttc       540
     tctagagtcg tttctttcca tgggctcagg tgagcgcttg cctgttggag aggctggaat       600
     gggccccagc tagccccggg taccatgttg agtgtacggc gcatccagga ggtgtccctg       660
     ctacgggcct ggaaaccgat ggcaggtagg aggcctgcgt gctggaaatt ctttgcagct       720
     gaaagaaggc caaggaagta tttttcctcc aaagatagaa ctactacccc agatttcttt       780
     tttgccttgg aagatttcga ggctgcctgc ttttggggtg aggggaaaca gggcccccaa       840
     gctggctggg tacctccagc agagagcagc tcaggagcaa ggaacaggcg ggttttcctg       900
     gtgaaagccg ggattgactc ctggtctaat ctgctgggga gttttgtttg ccttctcccc       960
     tttccagcag ggatggtgcc ctctgtcccc ctggctgcct cctcccgtgt ctcgtctagc      1020
     cccccgttga ccagtgcttg ctaacgtcag aaccattttg ggggcaagcg acaaatgcaa      1080
     atcctccttc caccagggtg gtcaaggagg gcttcctgga agaggtgaag ttcggtagag      1140
     gccgaatgat gagaaagagc cgtccctgag aaaagtgggg gtaggagagg gagggacaat      1200
     gagcacggtg gccttgaggt agcaaagggc ccagggtacg gcagaagcag gtaaccgccc      1260
     acatgggtgg aaccagggga tggagaatgt gctagaggcc aaagcagggc tggcaggagc      1320
     agaaggggca ggcatggaac tctgggtaag gagtttggat cccggggacc ctgaatggga      1380
     gttgagctct gctgcctgct ggtctagatg gtggggagtg atggcgctgg aactccagag      1440
     gcccaacctg acaggaggag aaaaagaagg atcagtatcc ttcagccagc cctggaccag      1500
     ctgccatgta tctgccatgt acccttaacc ttcagaagga ccctgcgaaa ggcatgatcc      1560
     ccatttaaca gatggggaaa ctgaggctca gagggatgag tggcccaggg tctcttgcca      1620
     gctgtggtgg ggctgtcatt tgaactcagg tcttttcaac tccctaactc ttcctcctac      1680
     acggatctgc ctctttccac acggcatgca gtgaggcagc aatcccaaag tgattcatcg      1740
     ctttcctttt cctcccactg cctctcgttt cctttcttaa tttccacatt ttttgagctg      1800
     aaacgggctg gtatttgaat ttgccagtag ccaaggagca gatgggggtg ggggatggga      1860
     agctgaaccc cgcctggcca ctgaggctgg caggatcccc ccaaggccag atgctcccac      1920
     aacctaaaag acggttgggg tgacatttac cagcaaacca cccccccccc gcccccctgc      1980
     cttcccaagg tccagaaatg gttttggagt cagaaagaaa atatgcttct cctagcaagt      2040
     aaatgtcact ttacttcatg ccttcctttt ttatcagcgc aagtggaaag tagctgttat      2100
     ctccaaagga aaggtgttgg tttcatcttc caaatgcgcc tcagtcggga tggcgcgggg      2160
     cttaatagca gattattttt ttacagcttg tgctctccag agcctgtgaa ttccgatatc      2220
     atcttagcca gacagacaca ggcgagggtg ggtggaagat ggccatcata aatgacccat      2280
     gtgtcccaca tgatggcgac tttagggccc cttcacaaga atcccgaatt ctgggattct      2340
     ggggtccccg gcatgggctc gggcttgagt aattgactgt ggaggaaaga gttcctattt      2400
     tatcgagaca gttggtagta gatatcggct gatttttttt gtttctgccc agtccctgct      2460
     gaaaataggc ccttggttcc tttggttcct gcatttgggg taggggtgaa atctacctct      2520
     actcgctcag atgtgcacat tttaggagtg gccaaatgac ccaggcctgg ccaggtgtgt      2580
     attctctctc tgagctgtct tgatgattca gacatgaaca ggaaacccaa gccaggccag      2640
     caagatttgg attggggact tataacaata actaggaaaa agaagtcttg ctaggagctg      2700
     acagaatggg taagatgcaa agcaggagct gctggcagcc agagctggga gaatcttttt      2760
     gataatgagc ccaacacaga gggaaagcag tgctaaaact tgagggagag ggagggaaag      2820
     atggagttct gatgacatca cttgagaacc tggatccagc cattcctgaa gcacattagt      2880
     tttgagttca taaattcagt tcgatggcaa gattactgac taatacctat tggtgtgacc      2940
     ctggttgtat aaagcgactt tatctctgag ttcctctacc ctcacatgtt gccccaaagg      3000
     tacagcttgt agcaaggagg aggggtagga gcaaagtgta gactccactc cttcctacct      3060
     atgcaaacct catgggggcc atctcatgtc tgcaaatttc cactatgccc ttgggagccc      3120
     tgagaaggat gttcagagta acagggcagg gctacctgct gggaccaagt tggcagttgt      3180
     gggggagggg caggattctg gggaccacag agtgaggagc cctttgctgg ccccttccct      3240
     tgctttaaca caggggctca gtcctcccag gttgcacagc aaggtggtct taccgacacc      3300
     ttcattctgc ttattcatgc tcagaattgc acttgattca gcacaagttg accaaggacc      3360
     atgccaggta ctcctccatc ttagtgacta agtagtgttg actgtgtccc taacctctca      3420
     gaacaggaat aacaatatca cctgcttcaa aggattgtta gaaggaccct atgtgctgcc      3480
     ctagggctgg caaagactaa gccactgatg agcgtttggc agcgttacta ttccaaagat      3540
     gatggtatcc taggaccaga gggaaacttt gaagttcagt ccagcatatg tgtgtgtgtg      3600
     tatgtgtgtg tgttggggtt tgggggggaa gatgggggtg gctcagatta taaagctaat      3660
     tatgtaaatg gattatttct gtgaatggag agttgctggt aagatggaaa aagccacgag      3720
     tccaaacagt tccaggatcc cagaaggaga ggtgtccagc ctataggtgg gatgcgggca      3780
     agccttcctg gaggagggga acactgagct gagtcttgag aattgagtag aagttgaacg      3840
     agggaatagc aggggcagat gcttagaggc gtggcgtgag caggaaatgt gcccgatgtt      3900
     atattaccgg acagtggcat atgatggaac atgagcatca gagggtgaac ttggaaaggg      3960
     cagcggggaa agatgtaggc aagagtttgg ggtcgagcct gggagcggtg ctcagtcctg      4020
     ggagggtttt ctaagatgat ggctttaggt ctaccccatc ctctgtgtgg cgggaagatg      4080
     agagggagag ctcctctttg agggaggagg ttattgccag catctggaga aaagctaagg      4140
     aggtccagga cctggcagag gtgatggtcc agaggtaagg gacagggaga ggcagagaga      4200
     ggactcagct ggactaactt cacggtgcca agtttccttt ggttcttggt ttccttgggt      4260
     gctgttgtga aaacatatca catgttcctt atagaacgat gggttgttta ccaggatcgc      4320
     taaacactga caatcagctc tccccaaatt agcctcatct ttctcagctg atctgctgta      4380
     tctgaatatg ttttgccatg atcaacagtt gtcttatttt catttttttt tctgtcctca      4440
     aatactgatc ccaactttta gctgtaaatc agattcttcc agttctttcc tttttctttc      4500
     tttctttttt tttttctttt ttcttttttt tttttgcctc atggtcacaa gatgtctcct      4560
     gcaggtccag gcatcacatc tatgctcagg caagaaaaag gctagtctta gcatatcaat      4620
     ctcttttaat caaaaggaca aaacttttcc catacgtctc cccatcagat ttccttttgg      4680
     gtttgattag ccagaagtaa gtcatggcac cacccctagt tgcaagggaa tctgggaaat      4740
     ttggggacat aagtattata attgctttaa attagtcatg gcctaagcac attgtcttcc      4800
     tgacaatata agagttttgt taacaaggaa agaaggagaa tggttattgg gcagattatt      4860
     aactatgcta ggtgtaccag caaacatttt ctagctgttt cctaggggcc aagcattgtg      4920
     ttaggccttc taagagattc caaaaaggat aaaaaacagt ccccactctc aagtccttga      4980
     atcaaggaca tgtgtcattg gaaacaaggc gacaggtata agggacagaa agacaactca      5040
     aactgaccca agaagaaagg aatgtgtaga ttcatgtaaa tgaaaagtca aggatatact      5100
     ggcttcaggc atggttggat ccaggtgttc atataatacc caaaaccatt tgcctttggg      5160
     ctctgccatt ctctgtgttc acttagttct tgggcaagct ctctgcatag tgtgacaagg      5220
     aggctggtag tagctacaga cctatgtccc acacattcgg taactgcagg cacagctcag      5280
     gttcaggatt ggcactcttc agttagattg gccatgtctg agtcctgatc agatcaagaa      5340
     tagttggatt gcctgcctga aaggaagcag ggtgccatta cagaaaaagg gtaacctctt      5400
     ttctgggagg gatgccaggc agggaaaaac aatggcagtt tcaaccgaag acaaggtgga      5460
     aatagagaag tcccagccat tcagcagtga atggtccaga caagaggtca gttgcccttc      5520
     ctgcaggtga cagactttgc ttcgtgacat aaacacacaa gggctccacc tgtctgctga      5580
     gaaagccttt ctttttattg ctccctttgc tctggtttgg ccaagatggc ctaagctccc      5640
     atagccccat ttgcaccgga tgccagccag cagcagccat gaccagcacc actgtcttga      5700
     gccatggctg cctcaatgac taaggcaagc actgatcatg gcaatttata gtcatttcag      5760
     ccataaaaac tgatcccaag aagcacatga gaagcaaaat catgtgcctc aaaatatgag      5820
     aaggaatatt gatccggtca gctcagctct ggagtcggtc tccggtgtga tgcttgctgc      5880
     ttcctccctg accccgccaa gttcatcact tctgcccaga tctgaccatt tccctgcaga      5940
     atggccctcg tctgtacctg tttccttacg gaaagcgaag atactttaac tctagggttt      6000
     atttcctacg gctgaaatct caagggactg tagccaagcg ttaatgggat aaagcacgtt      6060
     aatcccttcg cccagggccc gaccctacgc gggctttccc gttcggtgtt gggagggaga      6120
     ggagacgcat gttcagccgg aagagcccct tacactcagg tgaccacagt taaggagtat      6180
     ttacgtccct cacctcattt cacccagcct ggcaggtacc gccacccctg tgttgcaggc      6240
     gaattaactg gggttcagaa aggccaagca gtttgctcgg ggtcacgtag atctgtacat      6300
     agcagagcca ggactagaac ccagaccctc caacggaagc accagggctg ggaagaggat      6360
     gaggcagtga ggcatgcacc ttggatgcaa aaaggaaggg cggggcaccc cagaagtcca      6420
     acgattgaga taaattttgg ttgaatgcaa tattttaaaa aatccaaatc gagttcccgt      6480
     tggggctcct aggattaaga acctagctgg tatccatgag gatgtgggtt tgatccccgg      6540
     tctcactcag tgagttacag atccagcgtt gctgcaaact gcggcatatg ttggagatgt      6600
     gaccctgatc tggtgtggct gtggctgtgg cataggctgg cagctgtggt ccaattcaac      6660
     cccttgccca ggagattgca tatgctgcag gtgcagccct aaaaagacaa aaaaaataaa      6720
     aataaataat taaaatagaa aattggagtc agtgcaaaaa ataaaaataa aataataagt      6780
     ccagagcaaa tatccacaag gcaaatatat catattttga aatgaaatta ggctcattct      6840
     gcctgattgt tgcttttact cagacttcac tccagctggg cacaggctgt gactgacccc      6900
     tactgactgc aggctcctca ctagtggccg aggtggcccc agcagcctca ggtcagcatc      6960
     ctcctccatg aaatgcaaac agaagctgtg agctggattc ttgcctcctg tgcatctcca      7020
     aaactggggg cgagaccagc cctacctgat cacaggcagt gacctttggg aagagggcac      7080
     acccggagtg ttggggtgat gtttcagttc taaaaagggg aatggatatt taacaggtga      7140
     aaaggaccga tgcaaagaac tttcgctccc gtggcggagg agcaggcttg aggcagagcc      7200
     agactttggc ctgagatcct gcctgatgcc cacaggttgg catgggtctc agaagctgct      7260
     ggcacttggg tccttttcca gccctcatcc cctgagtcac agacttctgc tcaaagctgt      7320
     ttaatctgtg gttagcattt tactctcgcc tcctcccctt cctcctacaa agcaatcttg      7380
     ctgaactttc aggccaatta gttataattc gaatctcgtt tgatcaaacc tgtctatttt      7440
     tgctctaata atgaatgggt ttgtgcctcg gtccctcccc tcagtgaaga attcccactt      7500
     cctggggaaa gagcccagcg aggcataatg aggggcctgg ggcagacatc cagcagcgca      7560
     gagaatgcct ctttgtgcaa taccgcaaga atggcagcca gttgcttctg gaatgttgct      7620
     tctgggaacc tcacctttgc cacaaggcgg gtgggaggct tgggacatgg ggccacgccg      7680
     gcaaggatgg cagagtcagc agagtggctg cactctgtca atggtcctcg ggagctgagg      7740
     agcagctgcc cccgaccccg cagttggcca cagcccccac ccctctctat tgctccacat      7800
     cctgtctgtg ttacttgctt atagcgcctg tctggctgtc gcagaattca gatcttctct      7860
     tctccccatt gaaactaagc atctggcatt ctagcatcag agcatctgaa aacatcacag      7920
     gaatgggggg ccattcgctc tcagaccccc caggtcagcc tttggggtct ttttcagcaa      7980
     atgtttactt tcttcctatt tccccagcct ctgttgaagg ggtatattcc ctaccccacc      8040
     gctcttgggc ttgaccttgt gatttggtcc agtcaacggc atgggggtga aagtgacctt      8100
     gtgccagttc tgagcccagt ctgtaagagt aatctcatat ttccatttgc ccttcgttag      8160
     cttctgattt taaccatgag cacaacaagc tcttggattg ttgttgccct ttcaccctgg      8220
     accccagaac aaacatgcgt ggagaaaagc catggcatgg agctcccctt gtggctcagc      8280
     agtaatgaac ccgactagta tccatgagga tgcaggttca atccctggcc tcactcagtg      8340
     ggttaaggat ctggtgttgc tgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtg gcaggcatgg cctggatctg      8400
     gtgttgctgt ggctgtgatg taggctggca gctacagttc tgtttcaacc cctagactgg      8460
     ggacctccat gtgctgtgtg tgcgcccccc accccccaaa aaaagccatg tcagtttttc      8520
     tgcctacctt tgagtgcgag aataaatgct tattgtaagc tgctgagttc tgggagggtt      8580
     tgttacacag cagaagctga cagatacaga gcttaggtcc tttcacgttc aagagtgggg      8640
     cagccatgag tctcaggggc attgggataa aggcactgac ttggggccag accaaccttg      8700
     gcttgatcct aatgggacct agggtcctat aaaaccttgt gaccttaggc atcttcctta      8760
     acctctgtgt ttctggggtg gcttcatttg ataaatggga gcagtcatcc ctccaggggc      8820
     tgtggtgagg tgacagagat tgtacctaag gcatctgaga tgcagtaagt tctcggcacc      8880
     ttagtttcct ttttttcttt tttttctttc caagtgttaa gccgtgagaa tgactttgtg      8940
     aacctctgtg tccccagaag ccacttgata ataagcttta ggtttaaagg ctccagagtg      9000
     aggctgtctt gctccagttc cagctgcacc acttcctagc aggatgatgt tggggaagct      9060
     ccttaaccac ccagatctcc tgaccctcag caagaaatgg ggggggaggg tgacatttcc      9120
     tagctcaggg ccccaggggt gggaggattc ctaagacagg acagtgccag gagcgcaggt      9180
     aggtgctgca tggtgacctg cagcctggcc actgttgtaa cgagggcggg actccagtgt      9240
     ttccagtccc acctcctcac cctttccttc tggccaccgc ttccccaagt tggaaccttg      9300
     caccccctgc cacaatatgt tgtaattgtt agaattcaga ctcctgggcc ccgtctctga      9360
     tctgtagcga catctcacag tctccccggg ggattgtttt gcaccctggc ccggggggcc      9420
     cactgctcct cagtcacctc actggctcag gggctcagag gccgttcagg actcaggttg      9480
     gaggcttcct tccagtcaga ccagagccct gcgctctgtc tgcactgacg ctgtgtccac      9540
     agcacgtgcc tggagtcact gcttttctcc acgtgcctca tggtgttggt cacgtccccc      9600
     agcggctacc tgggtggttg agagatgagg gcaggtttcc agggatggcc caggagggcc      9660
     tggggtgacc cacccaggtg tcagcaaagg acagcccagc gaccaagttc agccccctgc      9720
     tgggttttac acaccctgaa agctaaggat ggtttggcac ttttccggtg gttgggagcc      9780
     agtcaaatac ttgccactgg tttcagggcc gaggatttga gtgacgagga acaggaatgc      9840
     cgacttcaag ggaaatgcgc tctcctgcat cccccaccct cctcttcctc accccgcgtt      9900
     gttgtttaca ccgggttttc cagcgtgtta ttggaagtgg gcttggggtg ctgtgtggag      9960
     gccagagagc tggtttctgc aacgagaaaa gttagtattg tcatattttg ttgttataca     10020
     accctcggtt atgatagtat tttgaattga aaatacaatt ttgaattgaa aatacatgga     10080
     gattcatttt accttgtaat attcgtatat aatttcttca gttttgcctc tcagtccaca     10140
     aagcctgaaa tatcaactct gtggccctcc gtagaaaaat ctgggcaact tgcggtctcc     10200
     tcctctcctc gtggattatt cagctgagtc tgaagagtca ggaaatcagg cctcaatgct     10260
     ctgaatcaga actactttct ggcctcaaca ggattttctc tctctctctt ccccccagga     10320
     gtctgttgta taaatggatt tctttttttt tttttttttt taagtatagt tgattgacta     10380
     tgttgtgcca atttctgctg tacagaaaag tgacccagtc atatatacac acattctttt     10440
     tctcatactc tcttccatca tattctgtcc caagaggtcg gatacagtgc cctgtgggat     10500
     tctctttgtt tcggtccttt ccgtaatatc tgtagagatt tttaaaacat tcatgcacac     10560
     ctgtcaattg aaaagaggcg ttaacagggc caaatgagaa gcattgttta gaaaatgagc     10620
     tttcaagagc ttgggtgacg agagatgaga gcgatgcccc cagcccatca cgctccaggt     10680
     acctctacac ctgtaccctt ccgcacatcc gctaggctgc agggttgggc ttttcctcag     10740
     tcccacctgc ctcccttccc agagttcggg cttcccaagg cagagggaca gcaggtggtt     10800
     ttaagatgtg gctcaggccg ggaagggatg gcgagaagct tgtgggcttc acagagggac     10860
     cttgtcccca ctgctgacct ctgaggaacc cacacccagg ggcttcttcc tcagtcctga     10920
     tcatcacacg tggcctttcc ttcctttctt ttctccacct tcagaatttc aagccccccc     10980
     accccccacc ccggtgagaa ccgaaagcag aaaatcaaca acccacagtc ccagccggga     11040
     agagaggagg gggcagagga gatgcatcca aaccactgag caagaaaaga gacgtaggag     11100
     agagggttcc cggggtggcc cttcggattc ctggcaccct ggaggcctcc tgccagcaag     11160
     tggatcccca ggtcagggag ccgtttctaa gtccccttca ccctggcaat gcagtgaggc     11220
     ttggattctg ccacttgact ctgaggtaga gacgcagtgg gtgttccttc agggcttcgt     11280
     gtgcttactc actggggctc cgctccccgc acccctccca ccccttccca tcagcagcag     11340
     gtgcgggagg gaccaggaga actgtgggtg cagctggcca tgtgggcggc gggcaggctg     11400
     ccctgcctgt gaaaccacct gtgcctccca tggcacgggg tgcggagccc agagagcgtg     11460
     agtgtaagta gcaaatctat gaacatgccg cgtatggttc ccccccacaa tggaaaggaa     11520
     tcatgtcata cccttggcct aaagtttgct gttctcactt atcttgagtc ttccagtgag     11580
     tgtggcctca gccattgaac ggttctgtac gtttccagtt tcctttgggg accagaaggt     11640
     ctttaaccca caggcctgtt gatggacatt ccggggcctt ctgtgcgtgt gagcatgtgt     11700
     gtgcacagca cagaatcctt gcggtggtgt cacatgaaca ttctcaagca gaagtcttcc     11760
     tccagcctgg attcctagtg gtgaaattgt ggcattaaag gagttttgag aatttcattt     11820
     taatggattc taagtcactc tccaaagagg ccggatcact tgtacttcca gcaacagagg     11880
     atctggaagg tcgtttccca gtcccatgac agagactcag tctgatccag ggagttccca     11940
     ttgtggctca gtggttaatg aacccgacta gcatccatga ggctgcggat tccacccctg     12000
     gcctttctca gtggattaag gatctggcat tgccttgagc tgtggtgtag gtcacagatg     12060
     cagttcagat gctgcattgc tgtggctgtg gcgtaggccg gcagccacag ctccagttca     12120
     aaccctagcc tgggaacctc catatgttgc gggtgcagcc ctaaaaagat aaaaaagacc     12180
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaggggggg gaagaaaaaa agattcaatc tgattggtcc tcgaagtttt     12240
     agccaatttg ttagtttttt gcttttcggg tttttcttga aaaaaggtga tcgtgtcaga     12300
     attggccctt ttgcactttg agtctgtttt cctatatttt tgtatatgtc tggctatgtg     12360
     tagttctcct gtttctggcc tttgttcatt tttatttcga gttagttgga gtttttctgg     12420
     ctgtgtgata gcacactgta ttcggaatat acaaatgtgc tcgccatagg ttatcgcttc     12480
     tctcttaggc tctcatttgt cttttatgtt gtttacagaa ccttttggtg ggtcaatcct     12540
     tcaagttttg gttgtgaagg ggctgtaaag cgtacacgag cctctatagt ccgtttcctg     12600
     ctttgcttag gaaggcctct cctacgtaag gtgatacagt gaccctcgaa gattttcttg     12660
     tcttactctc accacttaac attgccattt aaatcactat tgggagttcc cattggggct     12720
     tagcagcaac aaacctgact agtatcaaac taggacgtgg gttcgatccc tggccttgct     12780
     cagtgggtta aagatctggt gtcgccgtga gccatgatgt aggttgcaga cagggcttgg     12840
     atcctgcaag gctgaggctg cgtgctgtgg ctctagctcc gatgagaccc ttaacctggg     12900
     aacttccata tgccatgggt gtggccctaa aaagcaaaaa gacacaaatc atgaatgtat     12960
     cggagttcac atttgtgtgt cctggagccc aggagtgtgt ttcactgaga tatgattcgg     13020
     ggatgaatac aatttcttct acatcaggga tccatggact ttttccataa agggccagat     13080
     aggaatattt taggcttcgt gggctttgtg ttctcagtta taaccactag cctttgcagt     13140
     ggtagcttga aagcaggggt gagaagcccc caggaggcga ttggcaaagc aacaggcagc     13200
     ggttgagggg gggcagcagg gctgaaggat ggtggccgcc tggtccagca cagcactatc     13260
     ccgctcctta ggatgtgact gtgtttgcag attgtacgta aagaggtgat taagtggaga     13320
     cgaagtcatt agggtgggcc ctgctccagt ctgactggtg tcctcataag aagagatgag     13380
     gactcagcca cacacagggg gagaaccatg cgacaaaggc acagggagaa gaaggccatc     13440
     gacaagccca ggagagaggc ctcaggggaa acaagcctgc agacccctgg ttcttggact     13500
     tccagcctct agaattgcaa gaaaaaaatg tctgtcctat aaaccatccc ctctggcgcc     13560
     gggtccaagc agccccagca gatgaccccc caccccccac ccactgtctg agcaggaaac     13620
     ccctgccacg cacagagtgc atttgtacaa ggaaaccaaa gttaccctca catgaacgtt     13680
     ttcacagatg gactcctgct taaccattct ccctgggttc ataccagctc ctgtccctgt     13740
     ctgttcacac ctgtcagtcc agcttgccct cggtgttgga tgttgcagat accaggcagt     13800
     actacatcaa cgcgaaattg gaggtatggc caaaaatgta ggattccatg gaactgataa     13860
     aagtgatgtt ggaaaggact cggtttctat ccaaagactt tgacaagccg gaatctggta     13920
     gagtcggtcc acttacaaat caaaggagag gaaaaatgga taaataactg gatcgcctgc     13980
     tttgaataag acctgcccga gtgtggcaaa gttcttaaga gtgtcctttg agaagatcca     14040
     tctagccttg aaatgaccct tttcataacg tggcttaaaa atcaaatctt ggcgttccca     14100
     tcgtggctct atggttaatg aagagaacta gtatccacga gggcgcaggt tcaacccccg     14160
     gcctcactca gtgggttaaa ggatcctgct ttgctgtgag ctgtggtgta ggtcggtggc     14220
     tgcagctcta attcgacccc tagcctggca acttctatat gccatgcgtg cagcccaaaa     14280
     aaataaaaaa aaacaaaaaa acaaacaacc aaaaaaaaac aaaaaaaaat caaatcttga     14340
     gtaaaggatg ttgtttgtgt tgtgctatcc aaaattttgt ctcttaggaa attactccaa     14400
     aagaaaacac tgagtccact ccttctgttg ttcacgctaa gaatttagta cataaacgtt     14460
     aattatcact tagcattttg aaaggctttt aaacagttgt cttaatttta tatcgcatat     14520
     ttcaaaataa accatagcat ttgctgttgt tactaagaaa tttagaccca agttttaagg     14580
     ggatcttctt aggaggtcat ttttcaagta tgaagaacct gccacactct ccagtacgtg     14640
     catcagaaag aggtggactt catctgctgc cgtgcattgt ccaaccctga gcagtgatga     14700
     ccactgtccc ttgtttgagg tatggatgtg aatgatgccc ctcagaccat tccaccgggt     14760
     ggatgggtga acctggcccc ctgcccagca tctgtgcctt aatagcacat ccccttaaaa     14820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagctat tggagttccc ttcgtggcgc agtggttaac aaatccgact     14880
     aggaaccatg aggtcgtggg tccaatccct ggccttgctc agtgggttaa gggtccggcg     14940
     ttgccatgag ctgtagtgta ggtcacagat acggctcaga tcccacattg ctgtggctgt     15000
     ggtgtaggcc agggtctaca gctctgattc aacccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatgttg     15060
     cgggagcagc cttagaaaag gcaaaaagac aaattaaatg aataaataaa taaataaata     15120
     aataaaacaa actattgcga tataatttaa catgcaataa aatatacatt tgtaatgtgt     15180
     attttaacaa attctgaaga ctgtcaccac tgcccccagt caagataaag aacatctccg     15240
     tcacccccaa agttccctca tgtccctttg cagccagcct cctgctccct ttccccccct     15300
     taggtaacca cgggtctgac ttctgtcact ctaggttcat tttgcccatt ttagaacttc     15360
     atttaaatag aaacataagg ggatgtaacc ctttgtgcct ggctgctgtg gctcaacttg     15420
     tttttgagat tcctccatgt tgccgtttga atcatgatct tcctgttcat caccaggtgg     15480
     gattttgtgg acatgaagag tgacattagc aagtgttggc aaggacatgg agccaccgga     15540
     actgccacac acacgcgtct agggagtgcg aaacagtaca gtgactctga aaagcctttt     15600
     ggccatttct caaaagttaa acatacgctt actccatgcc ccagctgtcc aactccttgg     15660
     catttaccca agagaaataa aaaatacaac atctgcacgg agacttgcac cactgttcat     15720
     gacaacatta ctcctaagag ccctcaagtc gaaacaccct gtaactgtca gggtccagtc     15780
     aggggacaga agccaccccg gtgtgaagta aaatatctta tggcaagaca agaaaaattt     15840
     aaacaaaaaa tattctctgc cctttggcct cctaactccc cactgggatt cattgtgtat     15900
     ttgcattagg cgtggatcaa accttcccca tgggcagaaa cacctgctcg accataaaga     15960
     gcaagagcag cattctccca gcgccaagaa gacagctcct taaaagctaa tgttcctttt     16020
     cgaccttgta aggggccact aagatgcttc ggtttgggtt gtgtaaacta ttgatgatac     16080
     gtcatttaat gtacagccct ctgtctcaaa aagcttatat gactgtcctt tgacttctcc     16140
     tgggtggaac ggcccttgga gcttccagag atgctcttcc tgggttataa tcctcacctg     16200
     gggctcaaag tgttctattt ctttcttaga ctgactgatt aattttttgt cggcaccagt     16260
     aatctgagca ttaatgagga aaaaacaatt aactaccgaa gggggaaaag agggctttga     16320
     aacatacaga gagggcaagt ccagaaagca gcaagcaggg ctgagggata gtcaacaaga     16380
     aagaagcagg aaggccacag aggctgcccc atgcacaggg caggcagaga cctctcctag     16440
     gagagggtgc agccaccaag ggccacgtgc ggccgtcaga gggtgggggt gagatggtcc     16500
     ctgggttggt ctggaaactt gctacagggt gtgtgggcca gacctgggcc tgagggttgc     16560
     tgggtgagcg cagctgtcct gtgcatggat ctgctagcat ccaggccaca aaagcatcac     16620
     atgacctgga accaggacag gaagtactct ctcactctgg accacggtgc cccctccccc     16680
     cagctccctc tcctgatgaa gcctaacatg aggccagctt gcaaagggga ggtgttgaca     16740
     gggtccagtg tcccaaagca gggcagagaa gagcagattc ggtgctgaga agcaatacat     16800
     caatagtccg tagcccccac attccatcaa cgagggaatg cattaaaaga actgtgctat     16860
     gtccacacag cgtgattccc ttttgtccct tcgtgttcct ctgtgccatg actcttgtgt     16920
     agtgagcatg gatttgagtc ttgggagatg gaagtggaga agaagtagcc agctttcccg     16980
     ggatgatggg tttagatggt ggaggcagta agtcagcagt ggtgctgaca tagcacagag     17040
     ggcatagcag ttaaccccaa ggctctggag tcacacagtg ctgggttcca atcctgcctt     17100
     catagctatc agctgtgtgg tcttgggaaa gtcactcaac ctctctgaga cattatttcc     17160
     actattactt actcttccac aagtaatagt atttgctcac cttgtgatgc tgtaaggatt     17220
     gaatgataaa aagcagggat caaaaaacca cagcctgcag ggcaactcta tgttgctgtt     17280
     tctgagacca gtgacctaag aatgttttgt tcaccctctt ttttcagatg gttacctttt     17340
     aaacagttcc gaaagtacct acatagtagc ctcagtgttt gcctctggcc tataaagctt     17400
     aaagtcctgg aatctggggt taatagatgc aaactcttgc atttggaatg ggtaagcaat     17460
     gagatcctgc tgtaaagcac tgggaactat agctagtcac ttgtgatgga gcatgatgga     17520
     ggataatgtg agaaaaagaa tatatatata tgactggatc actttgctgt acagcagaaa     17580
     attgacagaa cactgtaaac caactataat ggaaaaagta aaaatcattt taaaaaaaga     17640
     aaaagccgat caacccttga tagaaaacac gtgggcagag aaagagggct caggggatat     17700
     tatgctgctt caggtctcaa ggagcatagg tatcctcaag gccttcctgt gtagctcagg     17760
     aaagtcaagc gtactttaaa aacagccaca gataacggat aacaagtaca ccatggccca     17820
     ggtattgttc tcagtcctgt gtatatagca actcacttaa tccttaaaac agctccacca     17880
     ggtcggtaac attattatcc ccatcttaaa ggtggagaaa cagaggcaca aagagggcgg     17940
     tgtcttccta aggtcacacc gctgtgaata agggagctag tgttcggatc tcgttgctac     18000
     ccaatcctgc tacgcttgac agagctatgt tggcccctag agggcgctca gtggacatct     18060
     gttgacggcg ctcacgcgtg ggggctaaac cagcactttg ctcagcttgt atgagaggtg     18120
     ctgaagtgtc ctcggggctt gggtgcctgg cgtggctgat gggagcacag attcacacaa     18180
     ccacacaggc ttctgttctg accgtctagc ctcttccgac ccccctacat tcaagatgtg     18240
     cccacctttc acaggcgatg gttttctttt ctcttctgca tccatcacgt tgctccaact     18300
     gtgatgtcca ctttcagatg ggaaaaccca ggcacagaga agttaagtga ccagccagat     18360
     atcacacagc taacacatgg ttggttctcg acactcaggt ccgcgagacc acgtgtccaa     18420
     gcctcttgca ggcaagagag ctggtgactg accacggcgc tatctgtgaa agtgagggca     18480
     gcgtgagttt tcatgaacac cccccccccg cccgcacgca cccctacatg agcaaattct     18540
     gcatttgtac aactgcatgg tttgggccac cattcaggtt tcctctggga gccttccctt     18600
     ctaaaagcct gccctacaga gttcccgtcg tggcgcagtg gttaacgaat ccgactagga     18660
     accatgaggt tgcgggttcg gtccctggcc ttgctcagtg ggttaacaat ccggcgttgc     18720
     catgagctgt ggtgtaggtt gcagacgcgg cttggatccc gcattgctgt ggctctggcg     18780
     taggccagtg actacagctc cgattcaacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat atgccgcggg     18840
     agcggcccaa agaaatagca aaaagacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcctgccc     18900
     tccgatgcat ctcagcacag ggctctgtaa aaattcactc ttatatactt ttctagaagc     18960
     catcggctgg ggcaatcagg gttcacctgt gagcccagag ggctctgcgg gctgccagcc     19020
     cttcatctat tttgatgaac atctgggaat gagatgccga tgtttggcac ctaattcaaa     19080
     agaaggcctc tccgcggaag gggagcagca gcgccaccag tgatgtccaa ggggaagaga     19140
     gacatgcgtg tgttggaggg agaagaagtt gggaaggaca gagagcagcc ctcagcttgc     19200
     aacatgcaat ggctggtttg ggattaattt ttttgcccca ttatcttggt caagaatttt     19260
     ataatcacaa agaagagaaa cctacgtaaa ggaaatctag caaaaagaag acatatttgt     19320
     tcactcacca aatattattt gtgtacctac cctgtgccac ccactgtgcc ctctgggttc     19380
     tcattgggag gaaggtacca cgcaaataag ccaggcagtt gcagatagtg ctatgtgctc     19440
     tggagggatt ggacaaggca tgggtggagc gggaggtcag gggaagtgct ttgggggtgg     19500
     gaacctctaa gctgaaggcg actgatgaga accagccatt ggcaattcgg gtgaagacct     19560
     ttccagacag agggattagc aagtgcaaat gccctgaggc aggaatggac tctgcattat     19620
     ggagccgcac aaaagaaggg caggctggga ggaaggaggg gtcaggagac caggttgggg     19680
     tagggccttt ggggcctcag tttggatttt gtcccagggg cagtggcagc tgtgggaggt     19740
     gagaaggcca gtgggcatta gagcatccat gggaggcaca ggaagtctgg aggcaggtgc     19800
     aggctggctt tttgcctggt cacttcacag tcccaaggtg gccactacgg ctgccagcat     19860
     ccaagaccgg aaggatgcct gtaaagtgaa caggaagcag agcttttcca gaagccccag     19920
     tgagctccca tgtccatgcc cttgaccaga accaggtcag atgggcctcc gggctgtgag     19980
     caggccagga gatgaagcat ccagggagga agagggccgc ggccggtcct gatttgtcac     20040
     acagctgtga caggttagga tgcaaaggat gagaaggaag agaggaccgg ttgttgattc     20100
     tagtggagaa gaactctcag gccaagtcct cagctgtaaa ttagaggcct gccctggagg     20160
     gtcaaagtga ggaagcacgg aagcgaggcc cctccctccc gccaccccac cctgggctgt     20220
     tgttgggtca gagggttctg ggtcaggatc ccttgtctgg gagtcagggg tccggcaggt     20280
     cctcagcggg aggctggcag gcgtgaggcc tgcgtgtcgg gaaagacagg tgctccctct     20340
     agtggctgca aggaggtgag cccggcatcc tcccagcagg gcaggagcca gaggccggcc     20400
     ataggcttga tccttctgct ctcagtaccc ggaaagagaa gaggaccagt gatgctggta     20460
     cgagctacca tttctggggc acttagggta tgccctccct gcaccttaca cgcattagcc     20520
     tgtccctcct gacagctctg cgagtcaggt tccgttcgtg tttctgtttg aatgatggtg     20580
     tcatttgccc aatatcagag ggacactgga cccactccca tctcacagag acgttgtgct     20640
     tccagccggt gagtttaggg cctacagaat acaccccaca gagcaccttt gggagaaatc     20700
     gcacagatcc tgaatcacct ctctgtatta tttttaatgt gtttatttaa acaaagttgt     20760
     tatgtttaac ttgcttcttg gggacgtaag tggtccaggg ctagagtctg ggaagccttg     20820
     gggttggatg tgaagttctg tgcacatctc tgcacatctc tttggagagc ggcccagagc     20880
     agccatgaga caggccaagg ggccgggacc caaagaagtc acagaggctg tttcgtattc     20940
     ttttgatgtt gtgttgactc tttcgagact tttggagcag ggaggaatgg aacagatgag     21000
     aggatgtttg tcacaagact tgtctgcgcc tcattgactt gtgaggagct tcgatggggc     21060
     ataaaccggc ttttgtttag ctttggaaac atcttgattt tgacacctca tcagggcctc     21120
     tcagaggctg aggaaggcaa aaactatttt aaaatatttc gtttttcctt taaagctaga     21180
     agggatgtga aggttgtggt agattttaag tttttgcgtt taataaagtc atgcttttcc     21240
     cataaaggtc agcgattact catctaaatt acagataatg tcagaagtct gagttggagg     21300
     aatttaactg tcaagggtac caagtcgctg aagtgcttca accccggtgc tggattcctg     21360
     cagcgctggc acagcatcca ccatctctcc agtttctgga gcagcgaggc cacctctgct     21420
     tcagacaagc ggggtgctgt gggtggggac atcctggggc cagaggctgg ggggtgttga     21480
     gaccaaggaa acctctcact ccccaagtgg aattctccac catccggcct cagagctggg     21540
     gttgaggtta atcccgagcc ccgagccctc tttcaagggg cgcacccaag tgcatccccc     21600
     aaacagaaga catggctttg aatgtccacc tgtttgggcc ataatgggag gagttgggca     21660
     atggatttgg tttctgtctc tgcccccccc cggggggggc gctgtgtgac tttgggttaa     21720
     ccttgaacta ccgagtgctc acgtttgggg tcggatggat cacagccccc tccccaggcc     21780
     gccgtaggag aacgtgggct tccttctgct gacactgagg atggggttcc acctggcact     21840
     tgggactcag gggcatggaa gtgccagccc tgacctcagg gtcgtggcgg gatgtgggaa     21900
     acacaccagc catcagggtt ttgagggaga tcagtgcaga ggtggggaac ctagagcagg     21960
     gctgctgatc gtacctcccg tggctccgag taggggtcct ggggaaatgc tgccagcgta     22020
     gtgaggacaa ggggaaccag cgcccggcga gcagttcctg cggccgttca tctctgccgc     22080
     agcctgtgat ttaggtaagg ttttcctcat gtttcgggaa agctcaggtc acaccagagg     22140
     ccaagctgac cacagagcag ctctgcgtct ccctgcccga cccctgagtc ccctggactg     22200
     tcagagcagc ggtggggggg gggggttgga gtgggaagag ctcatgccag ggcaggtgta     22260
     aattatgtga gctgagcaga aggagactct gcctgtgaat caggccagaa gcggggtgta     22320
     ggcagtggcg ggcgccccta aaggctcttt acagggagag ggggagaagt gtcgccgtca     22380
     acagggataa ggcttaatga gatgtgcagt ttggagttcc tgtcgtggct cagcggttta     22440
     agaacccaac tagcatccat gaggaatctg cttagtatcc atgaggatgc aggtttgatc     22500
     cctggcctct ctcagtgggt taaggatccg gcgtttctat gagctgtggt gacatggctc     22560
     agatcttgtg ttgctgtggc tgtggtatag gccagtggct atagctccga ttggacccct     22620
     agcctgggaa cctccatatg ccatgggtgt ggccctaaaa agaaaaaaga aaaaaagatt     22680
     tgtacactct aactcatctg aacggggtct agaaagccta tttttgaccc tgctccacag     22740
     cttgcagagg ggccccaggc tgcctccaca ggagcacctg ctgcccctgc ttacagtggt     22800
     ctcaccttcc tgctggtcct gctgctgtcc caggtcacgg tcgagggagg gagtgctgaa     22860
     ctcttgggga acttcacgca gacacgcacg ccactgtcaa gaggcatttg ggagcagggt     22920
     ggaagggcta gaacagagga gggatttaca tctcaggaac caaagacagc tcacgcttcc     22980
     gtgttggaca tcctttgcct tcgggctcct ggctgcctcc tgtccccagc tcgtcttccc     23040
     tctccctccc tccccctctc tttgcaactt ttgctttctt ctgaattcct ctttagcaca     23100
     gagcatctca gcactgtctc ccactggcct ggcttccagg gtccccacaa acagctggga     23160
     agatagaagc ccagagggcg ctgattgcat catggtccgt ctcaggggcc tgcagactag     23220
     agcccatgga tgccatccag ccccctgcct gttttggtaa ataaaggttt tttgtaacat     23280
     agccacatct attcatttat gtattgtaaa ttgtggctgc tttcgctatt ccgctgacga     23340
     attgaagagt tatggtacga tggagacagt atggcctgca cacctaaagt gtttatcttt     23400
     gcaatttgac attttcatta agtggctgga accggtgagg gggctggtga agggtcactg     23460
     ttgtgttcct tccagtaact taatgtctca ttcattaaca agatgtggtt cagatcggct     23520
     gtggctgtgg ccaggagctg cagctccaat ttgaccccta gcctgggtac gtccataggc     23580
     cgtgggtgca gccctaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagctc aaaatcaagt agaagaggca     23640
     caggaagatg aggttatggg ggtgacccct gtcagctccc gtagtggctg ggtttggcta     23700
     ataggaggcc ctgcaaaagg gagagagaag caggccctcg ttttctgcct caagaagcac     23760
     atctgtagcc ctctgcgccc agcattgtca agcttttcag cttttcacaa aaagctagca     23820
     tgtacatttt gtgtgaaatc ttcccatttg tgaatattaa ttattcagat attatgcaga     23880
     ctttttcagc tttacaggct gacactctgt aacttttgga caggaggcca gtgatactct     23940
     ccccagttca aaatctctgt gattctaata caacccctgt ggaaagtgag atggcataca     24000
     cacgtatgtc aggaaacgtc agttccaccc ccagtgtacc ctggaaaacc tcattcccat     24060
     gtacaggagc catgtgctca aggatgcgca tcgccacatt gtgtgcacac atggatcaca     24120
     gagaaatgca ggaaattatc caagtgttta ttggtaggag gatgaagaaa taccgtgtga     24180
     catatttgca gtgaaaatga accacagcta catttattaa cacagacaga tctcaaacta     24240
     tcattttaga atgaaaaatg catagtattt tatttatgta tgtaaaattt attcacatga     24300
     agttttaagc atgaaaagca tttacgtatc ttttacgtac aggaccatgt gttctataaa     24360
     gcggaaaggc aactgtggga ttgattgttg tgattcagga ggtgctgctg gcatctagtg     24420
     gctggaggtc agggttgcag ctcaacatcc cagggtgcac aggacagcct cccagcctgt     24480
     agtgctgagg ttgacgccct tgaggggctg gggctggggg gagagaatag aaacccctgg     24540
     aaaaagctgt catctcatca gatgtgctga tgggctgtca tggattggaa gcatcttcta     24600
     aagcccagct tctctgtagt tccatctgca gagagaccta gcccaacttc cctataatta     24660
     tcagggctgc catcgtggga ggcagacctc tggctcagct tgactggctg ccaccgggtc     24720
     agagctggtg gggcgggggg tcgggggagc aggctggttc ccgtacaaaa ccttattagg     24780
     acaaattcca gcattggctt tctcacgccc ccgaggcatg atttcatgtt tggctaggca     24840
     ataacgcgtt agatacccat ctcggccatg gactggggtg gatactatct tcgccatgcg     24900
     acagacaagg aacttgatgc tcagagaggt gaggctcctg ctgcagtaag aaacttgaac     24960
     tcaggcccaa gactctggac ttcagagccg tccctgcaga cacttcctct caggcccagc     25020
     gtctccaggg tcgggacact gggacaggat gctctgagcc atgagataga ggaagtgaga     25080
     gcagattaaa gattttcttc atgtgagctg atgtgtaacc gctcagtcct gtgctgagct     25140
     cacttacagg gcagttactc cggcctccca gaaacacaca tgaaaagcca tgaatgtggc     25200
     ttttctccat tttctagaag gaagtaagat ggaaccttcc cccatgaccc aaataaatac     25260
     aaaggcgcag aggccagatt tgaacgcagg cctccggttc tgtacccagg ggctgaccta     25320
     ccgcccaacg tagcccacac ctctaaactg tccctctggt ccctctctgg ccagttagga     25380
     cctcgaaatc cttgccaact ccttgggaaa cggaagtgcc caggaaagag acttgaagtc     25440
     ttccgttttg agttctgtgc cttagctttc gtgcctctgc tgaaagcatt ttagaaaggt     25500
     ttcaggggaa ctggctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttaaag     25560
     aacagagctg aaatactctt tgctcagagg ggtgtggaaa tttttccacg tttccttggt     25620
     tacacgctcg tctggtgtgc tagccatggc tccaccaagt tatgttcggt gtattttatg     25680
     catttataaa tctttaacct gaaacccctt cacgccaaag tccatagaat tggacactga     25740
     tcttggttca tggcaagtcc attaacagcc aattcctttc cacaaccacc aaatccatct     25800
     tcgctcgatg ccagaaatag aagcgcctgg ctttcggtgg gcagccggca gggaccctcc     25860
     cagagacacg ccaggtccag cctcctcggg ggttgccctc acgtcacgtc tcggacacaa     25920
     gccgcagtga tgtcacccgc ggccacggtg cagagctccc ctccgtggtg tctgtggtca     25980
     gcccagggcg cagaagtgtc tcccttcctg ggcttcggcg tcccagtgaa gtcagatttc     26040
     ctgggctgtg gattcagtta ccagtaattg ccttgtgaac tggcagatgc aaaaataaac     26100
     atttctggag cctgaagcac acggagctct gggggtggcc cgccaggcgg gctgggggga     26160
     gagctgcggg gaagccatct ggcgatggtg gcgcggtgtc cgtcaggccc cgcactctgg     26220
     gtccagaaca cacgccagga agaaacccag cccgggtgcg agcaggcggg ctggctttcc     26280
     ctgacttgga gctgtgggga gggaaagacg aggcctgggt ccatggcgga gtgtgggctt     26340
     ccgccgtcac acggaaggtg gagtggcagt ggggggaccg tgccaggacc agcagtgagt     26400
     cactttttcc accacttcct gtcccccctc caagtctgct gtctcacgct gtggttgctc     26460
     tggggaggga gagcagagtc cgccctgggg aaaaaaggca gatgctgagc cagggttaca     26520
     gggattggca tctttcccac tggccaggtg tgaggaaagg aggacccccg ccccaaacac     26580
     tctcacacaa aaaccaccat tgcataagaa tgggcctccc ttcgcacaga ggataaaatc     26640
     ctaattccca aaatgtgggc cccgcctcgc actcccctgc ctgccatctg gggcctcagc     26700
     cctaatatct gtcccctgct gttcctcaca ttccctgggc ccatcccacc atccgactgc     26760
     agggcgtttg cactggctgt gccctctgcc taggatgtgg gtctcaggtc tccgcccact     26820
     tgtcaccgcc tcaaggaaac gctccgtgat cgctctctct aaaatagcac cccctgaatt     26880
     tgattctgct cttctcaccc tgtttttctc cccagagctt ttgtcattac gtggcatgat     26940
     gccacctagc agatgactta ctgatggtct gtctccccta ataaaacgcc agctccgtga     27000
     atgcggggac ttctgcctgt cttgttcgct ggtgggtcct cgtgcctgga acagagcctg     27060
     gcgtggtaga tgctccgtaa agcgcagtgg atgtggggtg agtgttgaat gtgtaatacg     27120
     caaccagaga agaaggcacg gagctgggag ctgccctgtg gtgtcctgga cagaaaaggg     27180
     cgcagggggc agatacagct gtgctcacct tgatttgggg aaaccagggt tggggggcgg     27240
     gggatgccag gaagaacctt gcctcccagg agcggtgata tgttatgaaa ctcatctgtg     27300
     gcaagaggaa cacatgaaga gggagggctt tggtgtctga ctgctttgct taaatcccag     27360
     ccttacccct tctccgctgt gtgaccctga gcaagtcaga cagcctctct gaatcttttt     27420
     ctgcatctaa aaactaaagc ttatagtacc acctgacaag agattgaggg cggatctaat     27480
     gagatcatac agctagtgcg tttagtccca tgcctggcac atgggatggc tgcagtaatg     27540
     ttagctttaa aaagatttgg ttgtatgagg gactatctca atctattctg gttggtatta     27600
     caaaatatca tagactgagt ggcttacaaa caacagaaat tcactcctcc ccgttctgga     27660
     ggctgggaag gccaagatca aggctctggc agatgtgctc actagcgagg gcctgcgtcc     27720
     tgcttcctag ccagtggtgt tctcactgtg gcggaagggg aaagggagct ctctagggcc     27780
     tcttttataa gggcatgaat cccatcccga gggctccagc ctcatgatct aatcacctcc     27840
     cacaggcccc acctcctaat accttcacgt cacgtggggg ctaggatgtc cgcatatgca     27900
     ttaggagggg gcagaacatt caatctgtaa caccacccaa catatgggcc gaggaggaag     27960
     attaagccac ttgttactct ctttagactt tcacagtcag gcaatcccaa atgttcaact     28020
     gcttaagtca tgcttcttct ttttatggga aatcttttta cttgcatgcc actctactga     28080
     aaaatgcaga cctcttaaaa ggtagataca gttatcaaac ctaacagctt ttcatgtatt     28140
     tggtgcacct aaggtctgga gacgggtgta ctaattattg ctgcataaca aatgaccaca     28200
     aacttagtgg ctttaacaac acccagatga aacacatgct gtttgtgtgg gtcaggaatc     28260
     tgggcacagc ttggctgggt ccgctgcttc agcatcttgc ggggttacaa tcaagacgtc     28320
     agccagggct ggggtctcat ctgaagactc agctggggac agattcattc caagctcaca     28380
     cacgtggttg ttggcaggag tcagagcctc agtccctccc tggctgctgg gtggggccct     28440
     ctcagttcct tgccacattg gcctccccaa catgagctgg ctgttgaccg catcagcctc     28500
     cccaacgttg cttcatcaca gccagccagc aggagggtct gccagcacga ctgaagtcag     28560
     aaccttctgt aacctaatca cagttgtgac ctcccccgcc acccccgacc ttgagatatt     28620
     ctgttgctta gacacaagtt actcaagggg aaggggttac tcaagacaca aaaatggaaa     28680
     tcattgggct catcctagaa tctgcaggca acagagaaga gcttgggagg tgtgagcaaa     28740
     ggttcagcta agtggcctca atgttatcac ctcttttgat ttgtaataag gtccctgaac     28800
     ctgcctacac gtttccgtag gtcaccgcac aagaaacctt tgctttttgg caaaagaact     28860
     gtctctctta gttcatgtaa acaggaggca gtagataccc attgcttgag ggcggttgtg     28920
     aaggaacttc tgtgacataa caaaggcagg cttctcaccc taaagacctg gttggtggcg     28980
     gggtggcggg gagtgcgggg tcctggatta ccttgcacat ggagccaggg tctccaggga     29040
     agggagggac ttagataccc aaccgtggcc cctcaagaaa tgaaatcagg caggcacgtc     29100
     catccgagtg ggctctgaaa ctccctccta acacccactg gctgataaga aacccacctg     29160
     ccaaagttcg agagcccagg tgagctttgg ggagggctgc ttctgacaag gcaagtggag     29220
     aagctggaat cccgtcagga cccagcaatc ctagtatgat tgattgtctc tgggatccgt     29280
     ggctgaccac caactaggag aagagggatg gacatgtgcg gcccatggcc aacagtgacc     29340
     cctagtggca agaagaattg atgcatgtag cacatggttc agacttgccc agttctgttg     29400
     tttagaagca ggtctggtcc cgtctttgga ccaagtaaat cccagggatc ttggacaatg     29460
     ggagtggtga ggaagtagga ggctcagcag tgttagattt tctgctgatg aggcttcata     29520
     tatatactga aaacatgaaa gcagtaggga aatatttggg tacctcattg gtcatcaaga     29580
     ttatagaata tgccagaggt caaaaaactt ttatttaaaa atcacgtatg ggaattccct     29640
     ggtggcctag tggttaagga ttcggcattg tcactgctat gattcaggtt tgatcccagg     29700
     cctgggatct tccacatgct gtaggcatga ccaaatgtat atatatatat atatgtgtaa     29760
     aaaatatttt agctctgtcc cagccaatga acactgctct tgtaacctgg catcagccat     29820
     agacactaag tgaaagaatg agcatggttg tgtttgagta aaactttata taaaatcagc     29880
     cagccagccc tggtccatag ttcactgacc cctggaataa acagttgagg ctagtctttc     29940
     cacctttata aaatgaataa ataaataaac attaaaaaat taattaaatg aacgaataaa     30000
     tgaaagttat cataaactgt tctttccgct ttggggtaaa tgaagcccca tccatggatt     30060
     tgctaagtat ccttttctgc tttaaatgaa ataggggttc ctcgacacat tttcaaattg     30120
     ctatgtcttt ccttatatac atgagttatt tattaattat tattttctct tttaggctga     30180
     tggaagctcg gttgtggacg agaggaacga tgagctttca actttcgtga gttatcctca     30240
     attcagtcat tttcatacat atacacacac gtacgcgctt aggaatgtac tatttgcggt     30300
     tgtgaaaatg cagttgctca tcttctgcct tgagagtctg gaaaagttta tgaatctcaa     30360
     atagtacccg ctggcattgt ccggtaccac acatcacttc cctttcgtct cgccgcatgc     30420
     ttacaataca ggctcaagtt ggcatcagaa ttttccacta gacagtctgc gagttccagc     30480
     agcgactcgg aggtgttcct ccctcaaagc cacagccgag ttcagggccc cgggggagaa     30540
     accacctagt gaattgggaa aggagtctgg gtcacaggca gaggaatttc cttccacttt     30600
     ccccctttgc tcctctccag acagacctgc ctttcctctt gggtgttatt tcttaaagac     30660
     ttcaagcaaa gcatttaacc acaggtagat gttccttacg tggccataga ttctggatat     30720
     gggtatttgg aaactgtgga ggtattcttt gttaaagtat atgaaatgag aattagcttc     30780
     taaatattgt ataagggttt gatcagagaa agtaaattac ctggagccat ttccctgggg     30840
     aatcggacct tatgcaaatg tgggagctgg ctctctggcg cctgtgagcc tctttctttg     30900
     aacatgatgc tgggtgtcca agaagggaag gatggatgag aactgggagc aggtgaggat     30960
     gagccagagc cacagactag aagccccgcc caagtgacct gcaggagaag gtggcctcct     31020
     tcctcccaga accaaatagg cacctgccag gattcgagga gctggaggct gagggctcgt     31080
     tgctgcccct ggccaggctg cgtgcccccc gcacccaccc tccaagcata agagctgtag     31140
     atctgcttct ccacgtctac cttccaaatc ttgcctcaaa tgcctcctgt ggcccacgct     31200
     aaccagaaac tatgcaggga aaggaattct gcaaattcca acttcgctga gttgacacaa     31260
     tccaaacccg ccacaatgag tacatcaaaa agtaaatggc gctaagcgaa ttgatttggc     31320
     cttttagcag aaatgtcact ccccagctgt cagcttaaat gtagacattg aaaatgtaca     31380
     tatgaaaaag ttctgctatt gtaggaaagg cttaggggtc agaaaacgta gattctgact     31440
     tttagaatta ttagctgtgt gacctagaac aagttactta acctctctga aagtgcattg     31500
     cctcacttgt aaaagggggg attaaaaata cctactgtat ataggtaata tgtacaagat     31560
     ttaggacaat gatggcatac agtaaatgct gaattcatcc aggcacataa cgtgcgtcag     31620
     attgtgtggt gctgttttta gaaggtcatc accccacctg aggctctcac tgaactgaat     31680
     ccgtgacgtc aagggtgatg attaagtgac caacataaat gaaccaatga actatacccc     31740
     tgggtactag gaagaatggg tgggttgccc catttcaaaa taagctaaac tttagtagtt     31800
     tatcaattaa gtggctgagc cgggacaaga tgcttgacct tcttttgata gctcacccag     31860
     agccctttac cacccagcct cgagtctctc ctgcgtagtg gaacatgttg ggggtaccac     31920
     gaggaagcgg ctttgtattc agaagtggtt gctatttact ttctcatcat tgcaaagttg     31980
     tagcaaatgg ttggagttct tcacaggctg ccctggagaa agacttctta gagacatgga     32040
     gacacggagc tctacttccc ttcagagaag tctggatgtt ctgctttggc caagttccct     32100
     ctggtcgtgt tccttccttc cgtcagtcag ccagtcatcc aacaaagtag gttaataatc     32160
     tactatgagc caagcactgt tctagaatct gcaaacacag cagtgaacaa aacagacatg     32220
     gttggtcctg ctgtcacggt atttacatgc ttctaaggct gtggtgacca ggctccaaga     32280
     tggccccagt gatccttgcc tcctggtgtt cagacccatc tgtggtcccc tcccacactg     32340
     gatagggatg agttacgtct gcctctcttt gtcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg     32400
     tgttggaaat gccttctggg tgaggttgtg gagacatcat gccttctctc atgctctctc     32460
     ccaaatccct caccctgaga agccccagct gccgtgttgt gaggacacag aagcagcctg     32520
     acgtggcggg ctcccgcaga gtgagatccc acgccgtggg agggagccat cttggaaaca     32580
     gaccctccag ccccggtcaa gccttcaaat gaggctgcag ccccagaggc accttgattg     32640
     cagccttagg aaagagcctg agccagaact gcccccctaa gctgccgcca cattcctgac     32700
     ccacaaaagc tgtaagacaa tcagtgtttg ttgtcttaag ccattacgtt tgggagtaat     32760
     ttgttatgca ccaatagata atgaagatgt gcggagagac ggataaagcc tagaagaatc     32820
     ccagaggaag gttaagtcct atggagaaaa aataaagcag gaaggggacc aggcaggtgg     32880
     tgagaatcgc agcttttaat aagccaggca ggcaaggcct cactaaggag gtgacaggtg     32940
     attaaggtct gaaaggagat ggagggttta actgggtgga agagtgttcc cggcagaggg     33000
     atcagcaagt gcaaaggctc tggggcaggg gcttgagtgt gtccgagggt cagcaaagaa     33060
     gctgatgagg ctggaccagg taaaggggga gatgataaag atgaggtcag agagatgaca     33120
     aggggcctgg ccgtgaggca cggaaagctc cgtgatgagc tgatggtcat aatggctcgt     33180
     gacttgggtg tgcctcagtg ccggccgtgg ctcttccatc attgcttcct tcagtcctca     33240
     tcaggggcac tagccccatt tgccggagga ggaaactgag gaccacagaa gttaacttac     33300
     ttacttaagg ccacacagtc aagaggtgac agagccagga attacacctg tgtcttaatc     33360
     aaactcgggt cctccagcct gtgggctgga atttggccgg ggaggcagaa gcaggggccc     33420
     tgcctgcctc cctgaggcat cgtgacacct cagatgctct ttgtttaaac tgggatctgc     33480
     ggaatccgtg tggagggagt taagtgcaca tgtctcaagc ccgggagtga gcacaggcca     33540
     tcaatgaccc gctggggtgg aatttggggc gcgcccacag ttctgaggat cagcaaagaa     33600
     gcttggaggc gctccagccc cagggacagc aggaccagcc gaggccccct tggcagcggg     33660
     cacggcggct ccggtgccgg ctccccacag acatgcatga gtcagcgccg ggcagccccg     33720
     cgcggtctgc cggggacacg ccgttctgcg gggccgcagc tcccatgggg agccagggct     33780
     gagcgggcag ggcctctgga aaaatgctgc ggtgggtaca ccctggcact cctctgtgtt     33840
     ccgtgctgcc ccaaattcgc ccgtggcctc ctgccagcca agtgggattc agtacattgg     33900
     ttttttcaaa aagccagtag agcacttttt gagaagtccc aggcccagat gttaggcttt     33960
     gctgctttct ctccccgggt cagaacagca gcatcgtgtg gacggagtgc caggtgctgg     34020
     gtggagatgc gtgttgttct gtcacgtttg gccctcggcc cagtcttggg ggtgggggtg     34080
     ggctgtctct attattccca ttttccaagt gatgaaacgg aggtgcagag agctgagaaa     34140
     acccgaccga gggtaggagg gagttctccc gctgtgcagt gtgacccttc tagggacctt     34200
     gggttaatcc aaggtcacag ggaggggcag ggagggagct gagggcaccc cacccctccc     34260
     gcttccatgc gagtgctctg ttcttatagg tggggcttct ggttaatagc attcatctaa     34320
     ataaacaaga ctccccttga taatttgtgc gaataattca aagtgtacaa agcagactct     34380
     cagttgccgc ctaatcaaca tccactcttt ctttcttcca gagtaaagcc ccagttttca     34440
     tcagtgtggc attgtgtcca gttaaaagac cccactccca gcagagtctg actcctgacc     34500
     cctagaagcc tgagattaaa aatgtcttaa gctactaggt ttgggggcaa gtcgttatgc     34560
     agcaggagat gacctataca gacggcggga attagccaag tgtcaggagg gaagagaagg     34620
     agggtgggag gcccttctgg gcatgggccc caggttgcag gggcctagaa ggaagagaga     34680
     ttggtatgag caggacccca ggagtctggc tgggttagag agcaggctgc agatgtccat     34740
     tccacgaggt caggaacttg acctgttcac ccaccaacgt atctccagtg ccgggaatgt     34800
     gaagcctggc catgcagtag gtgctcaata aatgtacagg aagggtggtc aaggaaactg     34860
     aatgcaaagg aaaccccccc ctcctttttt tggctcgccc gcagcattcg tctaaataaa     34920
     caagactccc cttgatggaa gttcctgggc cagagatgga atctcagctg gagttgtgct     34980
     ctatgccaca gctgcagcaa tgccagaacc ttaacccatt gcaccggacc agggactgaa     35040
     ccggtgcctc cacagagaca agctggatca ttaacccatg tgccacagca ggaactccaa     35100
     agaagaatct tgagaggatt gctcagggca caaacctgag gccgtcctcc tctccgagcc     35160
     tggactggtc ctccagccca agggcacctc agctggcatt tcagcaggat gattgccacc     35220
     cagggagggt ggcctgggca gaggggctaa gggacaagaa gcgggagcag agggggtgct     35280
     gacacaggcc tgcgggccag gggtggcctg gaccaggctg gccactgggg aggggagaac     35340
     atgacgggag ggggagcatc aattaggagg agagcccaca ggacctgccc acggatgggc     35400
     tgtgtgggcc acaggaaatg ggagccccaa gggacaccta cctctgtggt actgggagga     35460
     tgctggggcc gttttggggc gatggaatac atcgggggcg tgatttgggg caggtcactt     35520
     agcctctgca tcctcagttt tagtcatcag taaagtcggg tgagcagatc ctacctggta     35580
     gggctgttgc aaaaattaaa tgcgataatg gctaaagaca gctggaaaaa aaaaaaaaac     35640
     aagaaaaaga gaccttcatc atttatatgt catgtgtgct ttatatgtta cacgtgtgac     35700
     ttttttttga agggtagttg atttacacgg taatttagtt tcaggtgtac aacatagtgg     35760
     ttcgatattt ttatagatgg tattccattt aacgttgtta taaaacattg actcgattcc     35820
     ctgcgctgta cagggcatgc tcgtgtctta tttattttgt attaaattca aaccctggag     35880
     aaggagcaag ttggggtgct gccaggcacc aagagaggtg ttcgcttttg gaatctttcc     35940
     tcccccccaa ctttatcact gggaagagac aagccactcg aaggaaacaa gaaccctctt     36000
     gctgaaaact cacttttgcc agctgtggca aaagcaaatt acattatgtt tttttctgcc     36060
     ttctgcaaat ggcaccctcc tgagacatgg cctctgctca aaccagcaga acctctgaaa     36120
     taggatgctt cttggaacca ccacgtccag gcccgctcac atcttgacat cattcagggt     36180
     ctaactgttc tgtctcgcca ctactgatgt atagatttca gggtttcgag gactaacagg     36240
     gaactgcaac atatttgtgg gctcaagtca tttcttagtt ttcagaccca atcgtgcttg     36300
     ctcacataac ggctggctca ggagcctgac gtaggtacca gctctcctga gtgtcagagc     36360
     tgcgttatgt cagtttctcc gatgctctta aggccccgac tcccaggcga gtgtgctcat     36420
     catcatgtgg ccgctctgag actctagatc aggaatttgg ctccccagga acatgtggcc     36480
     atcagagaca tttttggttg tcacaacctt gggggatgga gaggagaggg gtgccactgt     36540
     cctctagagg gtggggacca gggatgctgc tcaacacctg caggtgcaca gaaccagcac     36600
     ccaatgactg atccagcgcc caatgtcaat aggaatgaag ttgaaaaact gctccagact     36660
     tacttgtttg ttgaacaaat cttcagtgtc tgctgtgtat gccaggttca gccgttcagc     36720
     taacactgtg aatgagacca gcgagtttcc tccccttcgt gaaaccaaca ttctggtaga     36780
     gaagacggag aagaaaccag catacagtgt atgttctaag cccgcttcag gtgatgaaaa     36840
     ttgctgtggg aacaggatcc gtgtgtgttt tggttcgcag ctgtttccct tgtacctggc     36900
     ttgatgcttg gcaggggcag ggcccgggga ttttttttca ctgttttcgt agtggctaag     36960
     actctgttaa ctgtgtgccc ttggtcaagg gcatctctgt gcctcagttt cttcatctgt     37020
     aaaatgggga ttatcacagg acccaccttg tagaattgtg ggaatcaaat gaaaggatat     37080
     gtctagaggg cctggaacat tcctggcccc cagtaaatgt tcagcaatgt tgccaacatt     37140
     cattcattcg tttctccctt cgccatggct ccacagaaac cacctctgct cggacccctg     37200
     gttctatctc tgcccttcgc ctttggcagc tgtcgttggt tatgtgccca gctcagcgta     37260
     acagaccttc cagctggtat aaagaatggt gacaaaaaga cttggagaag aaatgggtat     37320
     gattgagtgt ggtccacgcc gtcactgggg agagcccaga tgcagctcca tggcgacaga     37380
     tggaccttca gatccatcat gatggacgtg agtgacgacc atctttcatg tcctggcatg     37440
     ttggcagctt ccacaggtcc cccgctggct tctgacctcc aagtgaggtt tctcttcttc     37500
     cactgccaac ttcttatctg tggccagttc ccaaggggga gctatggtct gagatctcgg     37560
     ttttctgcct agacgagtta agagcatttc ggtcacaagt aagaggaaat cagttgaaat     37620
     ggacttaagc cgaaaaagga aatgcatcag ctcctgtaac agaaaatcag gagatggcag     37680
     cattcaggat gcagtgtttc caggcatctc tctcctttga tctcgcttcc gctccctggg     37740
     ctatgttctc aggcaagttc ttcctaaacg ctggctcagc cttcctaccc catcctcacc     37800
     agcaactctg gactcacgtt aaacaagttc aggaacctca gctgaaagag agcatccctt     37860
     tcccaatagt tccagcaaaa atcctggggt caactgtgac tgccccatct tgggtcatgt     37920
     gctcattcct gaaccagttg ccatagctgt agggatgtgc tgttttgatt ggtcagacct     37980
     gggtcaggtg cctgcccttc tgaccctctg gcctggaata ggggtgaccc cacccataca     38040
     acctagattg agaacagagg agaggtgtcc ccacccaaag caaaggagag agctgttaca     38100
     gcctaaacga cagatccttc tattccatct cattgagcat aaaacccaaa ggctcaagtt     38160
     cccaattcct cccagcttaa ccagatagtg ggttgacact gtcagccagc tttctttttt     38220
     gatgatcaga tgtcagcatg gtgggccttc ccacaaaaga tggacggctt cagggagggt     38280
     agcacccagc tagacccgcc agccttccca gcaccaacgg cttcctgggt atggaccaga     38340
     gagcacaccc gaccccactg catctgccct ggaatgacct cctggccttt ccgcagagca     38400
     aacgttccat gggttccttt ctctccatgt aaaactcacc taaatttgaa gcaaactcat     38460
     gaaacttttg ctaagcaagc gatctgggta tgcctgcaat tattttgctg atctgtttta     38520
     aaaatttaaa tccacttgta tctgatgttt ttaaacttct cccagtgtca tctgctttaa     38580
     ataagaacag gagttagaaa tgacactctg ggagttcccg tcgtggcgca gcggaaacga     38640
     atccgactag gaaccatgag gttgcgggtt cgatccctgg cctcgctcag tgggttaagg     38700
     atctgccatt gccgtgagct gtggtgcagg ccggcagctg tagctcctat tcaaccccct     38760
     ggcctgggac cctccatatg ccgtgggtgt ggccataaaa agcaaaaaaa aaaaggaaat     38820
     gactctctga actttcctcg tgttcagttg ttaatggact aaataggtac aaactaaact     38880
     tcttcatgcc attaaaaaca aacacaccac acaatctttt caggactggc ttggaataga     38940
     agccatggaa taacaacaac agtaacagta gttcacgtat attgcacacc ttctatgagt     39000
     caggcattgg tctaagcatt ttatcagttt gagctgtcta ctaatattgt cccaatttta     39060
     tagctgagga cactgaggca cagagaggtg aagtgacttg gctgggggat aatggctggt     39120
     gaatgacaga acaggaacgt gaagctagct gatccaacgc cactggcctg caggcctagg     39180
     gcagtctggt tcccagccat tgactgcatc ttaagatgac ttcactcttg ctagatggtt     39240
     gagaggtcac cccgttttca ggttcattca gcaaaggccg cctttcatga ctgcttgatg     39300
     ttcttagagt taaggctgag gactcatatt ggtaaatggg cgctcaaaat ttcttcctct     39360
     gccaaagttc tgttagcctg caatcctcaa aggcacttcg catatacaaa cttcaaagcc     39420
     aattacatcc agcctgatgt gaccagaggg cgcctcccaa ggccctggca gagaagacaa     39480
     ttggcagagg agctgttttt aatgatgctt cattttgatc gaagcagaat aaatgtgtga     39540
     gtgctccaac agctatttac caattccagc tatggccact gacccgcatc taatactgct     39600
     aatcacataa acacaagttt tgtccccacc cgtggaatac atttccagct catccccacc     39660
     ttccaccccc tcccattccc accctccagc caagaaacca cttttgtttg tcactgacaa     39720
     ttgccctaat tagtattgtc tatacagcaa taccaagcct gttcccttta ttgctccttg     39780
     tcccaaaatg tgccgttaaa acagagagct ttgaattttt gtaaagtcta aacaatccta     39840
     aatgtgtagg gctgcatttg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttcaaagaat     39900
     gagcccaact tcagatttcc atctctaacc aattatatct gttaggatta ggtttcacta     39960
     aatataacag aacctccacc ccaaatatgt tatgcctgaa ataagatcaa agtttgtttt     40020
     tctctcataa aagtatcaga gatcctgagg actgtctttc tgttctgcca tcttcagcct     40080
     ctggctgcca tcctcaaggt cctcttagga ttcaaagtgg ctgcctcagc tccagccttc     40140
     acatctacct tctgggacag cattcggaag agaccgagga gcaaaaggac actcacaccc     40200
     tctcttttac agagccttcc tggcaataac cctacccaag ttcctttttt gtctcctggg     40260
     ccaactcata atcgtgtggc catatctacc tggaagggat ccccagaaat gtagtctgga     40320
     cattggctgg caatcagcag tctctgtcac catcagagat gcagtgtgac tagatcagcc     40380
     cagaagaagt tctgaccacc cagaacagtg ctggggacca gggggtcccc ctggtacttc     40440
     tccctcactc attgaccctt gagtcttcat tactccggac agactccctt ttgccagatc     40500
     tgggggtaga agcgattatt ggttctagat aaattcggct cagcgacacc agaggagcag     40560
     aatccttggg gtcaggggtg tctgtccaca ccccaccccc gaggcagccc tgatctccgt     40620
     agtggagcat ctgcccactt tcacagtctt cctgcctcta ccccatgcac cccaaaagaa     40680
     aaatgtttca aggctctgct ttgcttttct ttgtctccct caaggtggca gtgccaacat     40740
     gtcggctttt ctgccatctc ctttaccttc ctcctcttat ccttaacccc ccatcagctc     40800
     tttctagcat cctagaggct ggtttacagg agggggctcc ttcaagggga gcccggtggg     40860
     atggccacgg aggggtggac agtggagttg atcggaaatc actgagactc aaagaccaga     40920
     ggggagaact tgggttaaat cgcaggttct catccagggc gattttgcct cctggggaag     40980
     tttggcgata tccgaaggca ttttcaatgg ggtggggggt cccggcatct aaagggtaga     41040
     ggccaggaat ggcgccaaat actctgcaga ggtgagcaca ggccccacag caaagcatcc     41100
     tgtggcccag gatatccaga gcattgaggc tgagatattc tggcttaaaa ggacctgaga     41160
     taatgtagct tcagagttca gagcacgtgt cctgaggtca aaagtttcgg ctcaaatccc     41220
     agctctgcca cgtggcaact tggtgacttt ggacaggccc cctgacccct ccagctggtc     41280
     tgcacatctg gagtgtttgg ggctttccga gagtcgaagg agctcgtggc cacaaagtgt     41340
     gctgtacggt acctgccgcc cggacctccc ccaggtctgc agagtggaat taagagaaat     41400
     ctatgtactc tggggtttcc aggctgaggt ttataacgct tacatcctgt cctgaaactc     41460
     aaaagaaagc caaaggttac gtctacaggg gaagaacaag gaacacatct aacgggatta     41520
     tgcaaatatg gttctgggcc ggaaccgaga ggcgagaagg aaatgctgct gcagaccccc     41580
     cccgcccccc caaagccggg tggaggaggg tgctcagaac agctggcccc ccacgaccct     41640
     cttctcctgt aattctccac ttaggattgt tgggggtgtg gactgggcct ttccctggcc     41700
     agatttcgga tttgatttgg tctcactgag atggggttat tgcagatgag agaagtgagt     41760
     gttccagaaa gagcggtcca ggcagaggga ccagcaagga gaaaggccct gagcggaagt     41820
     ggggagcgta ttccaggtgg gaggagatgg ggggaggaag attctgaggg aatctcttga     41880
     agctgaggcc aaggggattt gctgatggat tggatgtggg ctacaagagt caccaagagt     41940
     gacccccaat tttttttttt tttttggtct ttttgccatt tcttgggctg ctcccacagc     42000
     atatggaggt tcccaggcta ggggtcaaat cggagctgta gccaccggcc tatgccagaa     42060
     ccacagcaac gtgggatccg agccacgtct acaacctaca ccacagctcg tggcaacacc     42120
     ggatccttaa cccactgagc aaggccaggg atcgaacccg caaccaaatg gttcctagtc     42180
     agatttgtta accactgagc catgatggga actccaggag tgaccccaaa tgttttgacc     42240
     tgagaaactg tagtgggttc agtagtgccc cctaaaggat atgcccaagt tctaatctct     42300
     gggaaccagt gaaaatgacc ttatttggga taagggtcct tgcagatatg attaagtttc     42360
     tcaggttgag gtgttgcctt catggctcag cggaaatgta tctgactagt atctgtgagg     42420
     atgcaggttc aatccttggc cttgctcagt gggttaagga tccagcgttg ccatgagcta     42480
     tggtgtaggt cacagacgtg gctcagatct ggtgtttctg tggctgtggc ataggttgca     42540
     gatgtggctt ggattccatg ttgctgtggc tacagctccc attgacccac agcctgggaa     42600
     cctccatata ctccaggtgc agccataaaa agacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagagagaga     42660
     gagagagaga tgaccctgga tctcgggtgg gccctaaatg caatggcaaa tgtctgtaag     42720
     aagcaagggc ccagaggtac atgggaaagg cgcgtgaaga cggggcagat attggcgtga     42780
     tgtctccatg ggtcaatggg tgcaccaaga atggccaggc agccaccaga agctgtgggt     42840
     ggcatgggat ggcttggccc cagagcttcc agaaggaacc aaccctgtgg acaccttgac     42900
     gttggacttc tagcctgcag aactgggaga ggatgaattt cggttgtttt agccacctag     42960
     gctatgcttc cttgtttcag ctgccacagg aaacacatac aaacgggaaa gatggagttg     43020
     tccctgatgg aggtggaaag tctagaagga cgtttgtgta aaaacaggtg gaggggaggc     43080
     accctactaa gtcctgtgca gggaagccgt gagtgcccac ggcttggacg gggcgggggg     43140
     gttggacgtc gagggcccag cgtacctgac ccttgctgtc ccacttggca ccttctttgc     43200
     tgccccttct cgtgcctggc ctcacggctt ggacctctgc ctagtgcccg ccaggaaggc     43260
     cttcctcgtc tgccgtctga accagccctg cctcctcctg ggccccgtcg tccacctcca     43320
     gcaggtgaca ctctctgcaa gaatcttatt ctttgttggc ttttgttgtc tctttcccta     43380
     acaccagggc gcacgcgtgc acgccttaca ctgaaattga cgcagggccc ggggctttct     43440
     ctgtctttat ttcatttatc tttcatttct tggttttgct cttcatgcgt tgtcttcttt     43500
     tatgactccc aggggtcagg gcagtgcctg gtccaccact ggcccctggg cagccttttc     43560
     tgaagccctt agctggggtt tggtgactgt acagtccctt ttgcatccta ggccaagggg     43620
     ttgacggtcc cgaagtcccc agggtggaga ttcttattca ccaggactgg cttaggactc     43680
     agaaatccac atttttagca cagttctgat gctggtggcc tggaagggct caggctttgt     43740
     caaacaccat catccagcct gctccaggga gggaactgcc accgagacgc caccctccca     43800
     ggaggctcct gcctactggg acctggtggt tttatcactg gcctatcacc ttgccatctg     43860
     gatggtccag agcttgcacc catgtccagc tctaggtcct cctgagccct gttgggtggg     43920
     gctttggaca cacatagggt gtttctgccc atctctctct gactcaaccg gacgtgcgct     43980
     ggagcaggaa ggagactccc agcaggacgc ccactctagt gccagccctg cgataccatc     44040
     accccagatg cctggtgact aacccacggc cccaagggca tccctgcgtg acaagggcca     44100
     gcatccctgg agttgaacct ctcaagactt tccactctgg ggagagtcag ataaaggcca     44160
     gggcttgagg gatggaggcg gggaatggtg ggccggaagt ggactggcaa gcttgaccag     44220
     tgaggggcat ggcttccagg gcttttggcg cagctgacct tcaaactgat gtttgaccct     44280
     ggaaagcagt gagtggcatg atgagttccc gatggcagag cttccagcct cggggagctg     44340
     tagggcattt ctgagaagac tctctgctca gctgacgtca gctgcttctg ctagaatgcc     44400
     gtgtggcatc ctgtcctgtg agctggcatt gttgggggca gttggcctcc tgggaggaca     44460
     ctgggctgat aaagacttgg gatctgaggg ttgcagctgg tcctgggttt ggggtgacta     44520
     cacatggatc catatataag ggtaacttgg gttggcctgc agggatgagg ccggggagaa     44580
     gcagaagcca gtgggatggg aggtgggtcg ctgacttatt tctatttcta cttggactga     44640
     gcaaaagtgg cagctaggat tgatggaggg gcccccggct atgccagact gaacagggaa     44700
     aattcagttc tcggtttttt ctctgcctag tgcccgccag gaaggccttc ctcatctact     44760
     tacaacactt cagatgccag atgggtgggt tttccccacc tcaggtaatt ctgtgacacc     44820
     agctgcgtgt cctgcagttc aatcctgaca ctaaccccgc aggtcaaggg ctgagtcccg     44880
     ccagacggtc cctccccctc tttcaatgct aatctcaagt ccaggttgtc gcctgtgctt     44940
     ctgactgact ggcaatgaat ggaggttccc acacttctgc ttgggtttga tgacttgcta     45000
     gagcatctca cggaactcag gaaaacagtg ttcttactat tgccaatgta ttagaaaggg     45060
     tattttaaag gatctgggag ttcccgtcgt ggctcagtgg ttaacaaatc catctaagaa     45120
     ccatgaattt gcgggttcaa tccctggcct tgctcagtgg gttaaggatc tggtgttgcc     45180
     atgaactgtg gtgtaggttg cagatgtggc tcagatcctg tgttgctctg gcagtggtgt     45240
     aggctggcag ctgtagctct gattcgaccc ctagcctggg aacctccata tgccacggga     45300
     acggccctag aaaaagggga gaaaaaaaaa aaggctctga acaagcagat gaagagatac     45360
     atagggggtc cagaagcctc ccaagggcag gcgcttctgt ccctgtggag ctgggatgcg     45420
     ccgcgctcct ggcacacgga tgtgttcacc aactctgcat cctttacctc gggggttttt     45480
     gtggcgcttt atcacatagg cgtgactgat tccgaactca ctttccagcc agcccttcgc     45540
     ctctctctga agggcggggg tggggctgga agttccaagt ttccaatcac agctccgtct     45600
     ttgtggtgac cagcctgtat ccagaggcca cccagagtca cctccttaga acaaaagacg     45660
     ctgctttcag ccaggaaatt ctgagggact taggaacttt gtgtcgggag ctggggtcag     45720
     acgccacata ttagaagaaa gagtgctcct agcacccctg tttacgaggg ctttgggagc     45780
     tctgtgtcag gaaccagggt gagcgacctc tgtatatata ttctctatta tttgacatgc     45840
     cctgcaaaca tctcacctca tctgtcttca gaggtggggg agaaggaaag gcttggggct     45900
     aagaatcgga ggacttaagc tgaagactca cttggctcaa ttgttgggga gccttgggaa     45960
     gcttacagaa acgatagcaa tggcagtgac cacagcaggg acaacagccc ccattgcttg     46020
     ggccaaggtc tgggctcagc cctttggatg taccctcaca ctgtgaaggg caaagaggct     46080
     ctagagttga acagaggtga gattctgtcc cttatgagct catgaggacc ttgaacgtgt     46140
     cacttaacct ttgcagggtt aaaagacagc catgatttat tcactaatct cattaatctg     46200
     aagtctaggc agggctcggc ggggacagct tgtccttgct ctacacggtg tcagccaggg     46260
     tggcttgcag gaaagctggc ttctagaatc cctgaaggct cgctactcac cgccggtgct     46320
     gatgcagatg ctgctgaatg atgcagaagc tgatgcagat gctactgagt gatgctgatg     46380
     cagatgctgc tgaatgatgc agaagctgat gcagacgttg ctgaatgatg cagaagctga     46440
     tgctgctctg gctgtgggct caaacagctg gggctcccca ggcagctctc taactgtagg     46500
     taatctctcc atggtctgtc taatttggtg gctttaatgt ggctggattt tcttacatgg     46560
     cagctcaggg cttcaaaagc ctatgtcccc aaagaaacct acaaactgtg tggccttaga     46620
     agtccttctg tgtcacttct gccacatcct attgttagag gcagtcaaaa atccatgtaa     46680
     ttttcacatt atgagctgtt gctcttcttt caattttttc caaccactta aaaatgtgaa     46740
     aaccactctc agctcatgtg tggtgcaaaa ataggcagtg ggcccaattt ggcacttggg     46800
     cagtagtttg cagacacctg agctagataa ccagcctcgg ggcccagacc ctggtttgtt     46860
     atggaattgg ggatgcagtg agagagacgg gtgggggcta gcggaccgtc ccagggacca     46920
     ctgcccaggt agaaattaca gagctatccc cttaccaagc ctgactactc tccccaaagg     46980
     caaaagtctt tatgttcagg acgttcagcc tgtgggttca ggaagtcgag aaatggggtc     47040
     actcctccat ggccatgtaa taagccatgg ccttgggtgt ggaggcgggg gataccagtt     47100
     ggtttcagcg gtcagctggt tggcaggtct gagaaaagat gaaagccacc cctgggcaaa     47160
     tggataagtc ttcttagagc agcatcacct ctcccctgca cacctgtctc catctgggag     47220
     gggggctgcg gggagcatat ctgctctgtt gacatgctgg gggattatga gtttaaatat     47280
     atgcaaaggg ccttattgag cccttggcat aaagagagca ctcagaaaat ggtagcagtt     47340
     gcaatttggg gttggcaaag tcatgtcctg aagagtgttg gcctcagata atcttgagtt     47400
     cagctttgct agctgcatga ccctggcaaa attacttaac ctctctgagg ctcaatttct     47460
     tcaatgaagt tataaaacca acctttcagg attaaaccag atcatgccag gggtgtgctt     47520
     atggattgga agcaactaag caatgagtaa ctctccattg tgaggttgtt gttgttgttg     47580
     ttgttattat tattattatt attaggctga gaagaaccca cttactgtgt tggatggtag     47640
     cgactcagag agcatcatgg tattatctgt tgttgcaatt tgaaacactc tttcccccaa     47700
     gccctgagcc tcgtgaaata cagacataaa aggcagttaa ggaccaaaaa cttagcctca     47760
     ttctgataaa accagctgga ggagaggcag ccccttccca cggcaagtta ccttcctgaa     47820
     gctgggagtg cccccagttc ctggaggcca gaattagtca tgtgatcaca ctacacgctg     47880
     gggtggctgg gaaatgtagt cattattctg ggcagccctg tgcgctgtga aagcagggag     47940
     tgggacggat cctcagcttc aatgatagtc tgtccaacgt aggagaaaac aacaacaaca     48000
     aattcatgat gccttggatg tgtggccaca gtcggacctc tttctactgc cgccggcact     48060
     gaatttagtt ctccgccagg acgctaaatt ctctaagtgg ccactgcagc ctccccgcaa     48120
     gggagaggga gggagggggt ggggcaggga gagtccagct aaatcctcag ctgttttcct     48180
     ctctcccact gcttgggtgc cactgttccc ttaggaaggg gtgtttgtcc agcgggggca     48240
     cagcttcctc tgcctgggca ggagtgaggg gacgtagatc cacctgcttt tgtctttaga     48300
     ccacgaccta tccctcccct caaagccccc agcgaccttc ctttggatgg gtagcagtga     48360
     aagaaatttc tggaaagagg tcatagccag gcttaaaggc ccctcaattt ctgaaagact     48420
     ctggggcccg gttccctttg ccatgtggtg ctgcagaagt gctgaaagcc aaggagaggc     48480
     agcatggggc cggggcaggt gcaggaacca cacctgaggt gccggagcac atggggcagt     48540
     gagcctgttg ggaggctgct caccagggag gtctgggttt tctacctcca ggggacgggg     48600
     tggggttagg aaggaggctg acaggttgct cagctcctcc taattcattg cacgtgctgc     48660
     tgaggactgt ggcttcactt ccaggaaaaa ctcccttagg ggctgggaga aaatctctgt     48720
     aaaatccagc tacctgcttt cccatctcct ggcttgctgg tcgcggtgcg ggcgtgagtt     48780
     caagaaagaa gccgggaggc aggaggcaga gcccgggcca ctagagggcg tttgggagat     48840
     gtggcaggtt cggttccggg tccacgtatc tgcgtggcct cggatgcacc ttcgtgtgcc     48900
     aggtcctgaa tcccaaaggg tggacacgtg gctctggcgg accagggaca gtcctagggg     48960
     ttgcattaat ggatatgttt aagcgcgtgg ttgtgcgttt ttatgttcgc cctccttcta     49020
     tcacatgatt gagagtaatg attttgtttc cttttttggt catttttatt ttcatttttg     49080
     taagtaaaaa aaaaaaatga gtctacttat atgcagaaca taatagggga gctggcagtc     49140
     agccatggcc caaatcccaa gggcaggctg ggcaattgac cagcacccgt gtaggtgata     49200
     ctgtgggccc agaacagacc tgcaggtgct ctaggatggg aatgttttaa gtggatttta     49260
     taaaagaagg tgacaggcat taaagtgggt tttccaggtc catccatgaa accctctccg     49320
     ggccaagagt tgctagaaaa aggattcttt ggaggctctc agcagccgtg ccagcattgg     49380
     gaatgggccc cggctgtctc tcttccatcc ccagtcccct gcctctgctg ccccatccag     49440
     agaacccctc catcctactc tttgatgggc aatttgggcc ggcgtgttgc ttctccctgg     49500
     ggaggtggac tcatggtttt tctccccaag tgcaggacaa aacacttggg ttttggttga     49560
     aaagttcaca gtgacatcca acaggtgcaa gagggggagt tgtgtttggg attttttttt     49620
     aaccctctca aatcatccca gagcctcaca ggccagtccc gcagtgccac atggagcgcc     49680
     cttccccagc acccccctcc caggttggcc acgtaataca ggagccctca gatctgagtc     49740
     cctgctcagc catagacggg ctgtgtgacc ttgagtgagt gactgtgcat ctctgagcct     49800
     ccattgcctc agtgttaaaa ggcagcaata ggagttcccc ttgtggttca gtgggttacg     49860
     aacctggcta gtatccctga ggatgcgggt ttgacccccg acctcactca gtggattaag     49920
     gatccggccg tgagctgtgg taaaggtcac agatgtggct cagatctggt gttgctgtgg     49980
     ctgtagtgta ggttggcagc tgcagctctg attggactcc tagcctggga acctccatat     50040
     gccacaggtg cagccctaaa aagcaaaaaa caggaggagg gggcagcaat aaagtcaacc     50100
     tcccaattgt gacatgaggc taccgtgacc cacgatggat ccctccacca acagcagcct     50160
     tctgggcggc caggctccac agcatctcaa gaggcctctg cttcccttgg aagctgaggc     50220
     cagacttcag gctccccacc cagcctggaa ggtgacagag gtggctaccc taggaggaca     50280
     gctcgggccg gttactgcaa ccaccagtct aggtaagaaa atgcaggagg ggttccagag     50340
     atgtgtgtct acggatgtgc atcacagtag catttgtagt ggcaaaaatt ttgaggcact     50400
     ctagatgtca cttcttatta aggtttacta aacgaatcac agcaccacta ttaaggggaa     50460
     cacgctttgt ttatgccggt ctttgctgta tctgctggct gacggctcag ctttcacctc     50520
     cccttcctcc ttcttggcac ccccactttg tttaggtatt acctcttttt tttttttttt     50580
     ttttttttct ttttagggcc gcacctacag cacatggaag ttcccaggct agggatcaaa     50640
     tcagagcttt agccaacagc ctagacacag ccacagcaat gcaggatctg agccaagtct     50700
     gcaacctaca ccacagttca tggcaatgct ggatccttaa cccgctgggc gaggccagaa     50760
     atcaatcccg tgtcctcatg gatattactc agattcgttt ctgctgagcc acaacaggaa     50820
     ctcccaaatc gactcctttc taatgcagcc atgatgctcc agagaagctg accccatccc     50880
     cagacccagc agtaagctct agctaatcaa acccgggggt gggcaaatat actcggtgaa     50940
     ggaccagaga gtaaatgccc aaggcttcac aaccacgcgg tgttacactc atcaactctg     51000
     atgctgcagc aggagagcag cctcagagga tacagacaca aatacccccg gcttcttctg     51060
     ataaaacttg actaggaaag ccagtgggcc aggtggggcc catcggctgt agatgccacc     51120
     aggcctcagc cagtgctgaa catctaactc cgcatcggtg agtggtttag aaaccccgtc     51180
     tgagccctgt cagcaccagg cgtagcgctg gtgggagtta ctggtctaac ctgcgatcaa     51240
     gagtgactga gaggccctct gtggtcagag cagggctctc agaagacgtg acagtggatc     51300
     tgggacctga aggctgaaga gccagtgacg taggagcggt ggagggggtc cctggtgcag     51360
     gcaacggcag gtgcaaaagc agaaaggctt tgttctcaga aagaagccca gggcctgggg     51420
     cagagggagg gagggacaga gaaggggccg ggaggcgggc cagtgctggg cctgctggtc     51480
     tggcggggag agtccgcgtg gcctaggtgg gacaggaggc cattagagaa ttcatcagag     51540
     ggttcccatg agttgtcttg tgtcatagcc ctcatgaaac atccagaaag ctacatgacc     51600
     tatggtagtg gtagttatca ttaagagata attattacat tcatattttt gcttgactgt     51660
     gctgcttaat ttttctacaa taattttatc tcaagagtca gaaaaacatg gtcttagcat     51720
     ccactttgtg gctatgcaac ttgtgctctt tcactaggcc tcgtgctcag aaaagcccca     51780
     cattcggcac ttttgtcatc ttaaacctcc tagtagtgtt atccttgaat ttgcgctttg     51840
     taagtctgat gggacaagga gcatgcgcgt gagggagaca cgcacacagt gtgtgcagtg     51900
     ctcttccaca cgtgtttact gtcccctgtg tgttccctgt tccccatgac atcagaatcc     51960
     tgcggtaccc accatgcgtg gcaggtcagt gagacttaaa gcaaatccaa gggaagcgtg     52020
     tcacttttgt gaccgagccg cactggggac actgtcagct ctgggcggcc aggatttctg     52080
     ccagaaccag aactcgcttt gaatgctgaa caaaggcaaa ggcagaaaga aacacggatg     52140
     acccaggagc cccttctgat gtgcgttgct tccgtgtatc agtcaaccgt ttacacggaa     52200
     aaggatggcc tggaaggaaa ggggaagatg gggtgaaacg tccagtccct tctcctctca     52260
     gtccttcctt ccttccttgc caggaagggg aaggcggagt gttggtcgat gggccccaag     52320
     aagtgaaaga cactcgccct cagtatcaag aagaactggt tccaggacct gctgtgggtc     52380
     ccaaatccat ctgctgacag tcaatctcac catcagccca tctctccttg gttctacatc     52440
     catggattca gccaatcggg gatcatgcag aactgtaggt acttactgaa accccgcccc     52500
     catacaagtg gttcaaaccc tgttgtccaa gtgtcaccta tagaaacaga ttgaattcat     52560
     ttggtatgtg tttctactct tctggtgagg aatggagtac acgtgcatgt gcaagctgca     52620
     aaacagaaat tgtgtcatct gggtggttct tcttccaggt cagatgctct tctatttgaa     52680
     tttagaattg ggatcgtgcc atgaaaaatg gttagtagag ttcccgttgt ggctcagcga     52740
     gttaagaacc tgacctagtg tccgtgagta tgtgggtttg atccctggcc tcccttggtg     52800
     gttaaggatc tgccgttgcc atgagctgtg gtgcagtgtg cagatgtggc tcggatccag     52860
     tagtgctgtg gctatggtgt aggctggcgt ctgcggctcc gattcgaccc ctagcctggg     52920
     aacatccata tgcagtgggt gtgacccaaa aaagaaaaaa gaaaaaggga tggcaaaaat     52980
     gcatgccatc tctgaattta atatcttatg aatttaatgt aatgaaaaaa ttaaatgttt     53040
     tcctatatgt agaacattaa atagcaaata aaaaaacacc atagcaaatg aagggagatc     53100
     acagaagaaa gagaaaagct ttgtatttta gtgccttgag tacccggaat gctacttttt     53160
     gaacaagggc cctgcctttt cacttcacac tgggccctgc aggttctgtg gtgagtcctg     53220
     tgtcccgtgt cagagaaaca agagacgaaa tggggtgtgg gggtgggggg ggcaccgagt     53280
     ggtgcttggc tggcgaggag ttggctctga gcccgggctg gcctcctccc acccaccttc     53340
     ccagagagga aggagccagg aggtttgttt gcactcaatt cagttaatca agtggctggc     53400
     caggcatcag cggtaactga gactttatca caatattttc tttggctccc ggcttcacct     53460
     tgaaggtgaa gtgtggggag ggggagcggc tgctctgagc tcactctctg gggtccttct     53520
     ggagacgtgc gagcacaaag aaagctcatt cttctgctct gaaaaacaat caggcccttt     53580
     ccctctttta tttatttttt cattttcagt ccaatttaga aagagctggg ggccgtgact     53640
     cagtcctgcc tcgggcccct tggagaggcc gcagacggga gcagggggcc cggctaatct     53700
     ccgggagcgg tatttatgac cctctgggag gtggaagcag acgctgcccc gctgcccctg     53760
     tcagagcagc cgggagctgt ggccctgggg tggccctgca tccttccaca gcgacaccct     53820
     tgccacggcc agctcagctc ctccaaaagg ttcctctgct tctggggccg gcggggcagg     53880
     ggagcaagga tgacaggtgg ccttttcaag ggctgagggc ggggtgatgc ccacagtacc     53940
     ttcgaacacc ttccatgacc ccccagcccc ccactgagga ccagatggga gcaggcatac     54000
     tctggaagga cgccctgtgc ccggcggacc ctcatggtca ggaggagagg aatcgagcag     54060
     gaaacactac cccagacgct gggatgatgt caccctctgc gggcggggct gtggcattta     54120
     ctcactgggc ctttctgaag cttcctccca gctgggcatc tgtccgtctg tccggcacac     54180
     agacagggtt ggggaaggag cttggctgtg ccctcactgc gggttagttt gaatgtcagc     54240
     gcgtggtctg tggtgccctc cctcacatgg ctgatgcaag gagggcacat aggggtgccc     54300
     catgcacgtt agttctgctt ataatcaagg tgccccgaat ctaaaatgtc ccagttttta     54360
     aatgacagtc tgtcacgggt ttctctttgt cccaccaatt gattttctcc tttttctttg     54420
     ataatagcac ttctggattt tagctgggct catggccatc ctgaatcagc tgcaccttca     54480
     gcatgtattc gtggccaaat gaccagactc aggccaacgc actggctatg agttaaagtg     54540
     atacgggcag ctgccaggct ttgccctcaa aggcaggaca accctctctt cccctcttgc     54600
     tgttggctga aagcaggccc agatgacgtg atggtggccc ttctagaggg tcacgccctg     54660
     gaaaggaggc agaacgacaa gtgggaggta gcctgggttc cccggctccc tgctgcctcc     54720
     atgtccatct gcttatcctt gaactgtctt gggagagaga gataaaatga accctttgtt     54780
     gagatgctca tacttggggt ctccaggttc gcagctggac ctgtacccta agcgattcct     54840
     ttggcacctg tctcaagttt taaaacaata ctatatctgc aggctgggca ctattggtgg     54900
     gaccactcat ttacaacctc tgccttagac ttgaaaatct gaccagtgag ggggataaga     54960
     caagaaataa atcagtttgg ttagagagga tcaatgtgta agagtcataa taattaaaag     55020
     ctcaataggc tctcgtgagc tgtctatgcc aaggtggtgc taggtgcttt ccctgaggaa     55080
     tttccttgag atcatcaagc cgaatcctca aataatccta taaggtagac ccttttaaag     55140
     atgagggggg gagttcccgt cgtggcgcag tggttaacga atccgactag gaaccatgag     55200
     gttgcgggtt cggtccctgg ccttgctcag tgggttaagg atctggcatt gccgtgagct     55260
     gtggtgtagg ttgcagacgc ggctcggatc ccgcgttgct gtggctctgg tgtagaccag     55320
     tggctacagc tctgattcga cccctagcct gggaacctcc atatgccatg ggagcggccc     55380
     aagaaatagc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggtaaa gatgagggta tgagggcatg     55440
     tgacattgac tgtgaactaa gacatgcctt gcctggggtc agtgagcacc tctgggcacc     55500
     tggggccaac aggaggcaca ggggtctctg atgtggtgcg tcctaatcac cccctctcat     55560
     gtcacagacg atggggggct ggggtccaga tagagaggga aggggacccg cccctgagca     55620
     gacacccagg tcgtggcagc attaggcctt gagagaggtg tcactgcagc gggaagaaca     55680
     gacagagcaa acctgcacgg gacctggcga tcccctcact catgggctgg gtatcagaac     55740
     ccctgccagc tcgttggtaa gcagccctga cggggagcca tccaaggagt ccccagggtg     55800
     tgttgtgatg gagtggggac ctctcactta gtccccgagc cccaggctcc cattcgcacc     55860
     cctgactcag gagagcgccc ccccaaaaca gaggggagaa agaggctgca gtgctcatgg     55920
     gcggctgcaa atgaggggtc tctgagccac caaacttctg ccgagcaaag ctattttttt     55980
     taattttaat tttttattta atggccacac cccagcttgg ggaagtttcc caggccaggg     56040
     attgaatccg agccacagct gtggcaatgc cagatcctta aatccactct gccagtctga     56100
     agatcgaacc caagcctccg cagagaccca agtcactaca gttggattct taacccactg     56160
     ccccacagcg ggaacttcga gcaaaggcta tttttaacca gaagaaggag gcttagggca     56220
     ttggaaggat gttctgacaa atcctttgtt cccaagtgga ctcacaggtg gtgggtttca     56280
     ccccacactg ttccctcctg aacctcctag gttttttgca gatggaacat atgggaacat     56340
     atcccggctc tgctgcttac tggctgtgtg accttggatg atttctctaa cctctctgag     56400
     cctcaacttc ctcatctgta caatggggga gataggagta gtgccttggc agggttgtga     56460
     ggactaaatg agtaatgcac atagctcatc tgtttatgaa tttgcattag gagtattggc     56520
     tgaaacattc tagaaacagc tatttttatt ttcttatgga ccatgtcctt aactagtgtg     56580
     ttggttccca tggctggttt cctggtgtaa gccacaaact cagtggcttt aaacaaaaat     56640
     taggatctta cagttctgga gttcagaaat cctgaagtca aggtgtcaaa agttcctcct     56700
     tgagggggaa gatcccttct cttgcctatt ctgcctcctt gactcatggc tcctccctcc     56760
     atcttcaaag ccaggagcat cttgaagtct ctctgtcaca tcgccctccc tccctctgat     56820
     cctcccatct ctctctgtct tttttttttt tttttgctat ttttcgggcc acacccgagg     56880
     catatggccg ttcccaggct aggggtctaa ttggagctgt agctgctggc ctatgtcaca     56940
     gccatgccag atccaagccg tgtctgcaac ctacaccaca gctcatggca acacaagatc     57000
     cttaacccac tgagcgacgc cagggatcaa acctgtgtcc tcatggatgc cagtcaggtt     57060
     catttctgct gagccacgac gggaactccg cgtctccctc ttgtaaggag ccttgtgatt     57120
     ccatggagcc gaacctgatt atccagggta atctcaaaat ccttcactta atcgcatctg     57180
     caaagcccct tttgccgcag aagggaacat tcgggttctg gggattagca cgtggacaca     57240
     tttaggggcc attattctgc cttccacaac cagtgatggt gatttaagac tagaatcgga     57300
     cctgagaaga catctttaag gtggcttttt ggactgcaaa cattttttag agacatatgc     57360
     aacaaagtcc caaatatcag tggttcaaac aagactcatg tctcattgtc tctttccctc     57420
     gctcgctcta tcaggtcccc actctctctg ccctgaggct gtgccatccc cagggtgttc     57480
     cagatgcccc aggtgttcac tcctgcagcc tggcccatgg gaaggaagga aggggggagc     57540
     acacaccctc ttttttttat ggacgtgccc agaggtcgga tccttcactt ctgccaccat     57600
     cctgttggct agagcttggc cacacaggca cgcctagctg caaggaagat tgggaaatgt     57660
     agtcatttta ggtggccacg tgcccaggaa aaatgggggt cctcatacta aagaggaaag     57720
     gaggaaatta atatgagtgg acaaagagca attctgccac ggggctaaaa gaagagagca     57780
     aattgagagc tctgtcacag acatggggct ggaggggagg agaagcagcc cctccctggg     57840
     gggaggcata gaaatatcca tcacacacac ggttaatagc ttagtctctg tctcatctct     57900
     ttcctccttc ctaagtggaa ccctgcttag gtctagatca caaaggactt gactaaaaag     57960
     ttttatctca aggagttccc actgtggctc agtgggttaa gaacctgact gaataatcat     58020
     gaggatgtgg gttccatccc tccccttgct cagtgggtta gggatcctgc gtggctgcaa     58080
     gctgtggcat aggtcgcaca tgtggcttgg aaccggtgtt gctgtgactg cagcataggc     58140
     ctataactac aactctgatt cgacccctgg cctgggaatt tccatatgct agatgcagct     58200
     gtaaaaagaa aaaaaaagtt tgatctccca gtctccctgg agacaatgaa tgtgagcaga     58260
     aatctgctgg ggatttctag aacggctttc agttttctgg taggtatacc ctcccttctt     58320
     gcttctctag ccttcctctt cctcccagaa gctcaagggt tctgcaggtg cagcagccac     58380
     ctgacagaca tgatgtgtga gcctccagga gagcctgggt ccttgatggt aacactgagc     58440
     ccctaccatc tgcggactgc ctacctacgg acttccttct accagagaaa cgtgaacccc     58500
     ctgtttgctt aatcctcttt gctttggcaa tttggggtct ccctggcctg tgtatttgtt     58560
     gtcttccctt gtacattaca gggaggcttg gatggtaggt tctgcccctc tttacacagc     58620
     cggtggctta tcccaccagc cgagggagcc gcctatggag gagagaaaga agagacagtt     58680
     gcagtggaaa cccatgcttc ttcccaccat taaccaactt gatcctttat ttatttattt     58740
     ataaatgtga aaacgatgtt caagggatct caggacattt ggagaaaaca aacgtcagaa     58800
     aagggaagga tcagagtcga taaacagaat gcttcactct ggaataggca gagagaagtc     58860
     agggagaaga agaaaaatga ttttcattct actttttatc tttaggagcg ttcgggagac     58920
     tgttgccttg acaagagtag gttgttgtga aaatggagga gtcagagaag aaggagtcat     58980
     tctcgaaagt gacaaatatg agtacctctg aaaagttggg taagtgggct gagaaataag     59040
     acaccgccaa tgatcaagtt agtaatctgg agtacagaac tgaagaaatc tcccagaata     59100
     gagaaagaca aagctgggaa atgtaagaga aatgtcgaaa caaagaggat aactccagga     59160
     gttccaactg ctataaaatg ggaattttga aagaagagag agactgaagg ggaggaaggc     59220
     aataattaaa gaaatgagag gagacactcc cctgcacccc cagaaagact cgcgtcttca     59280
     attacatgct ccacccggtt ccatttccga cacatactta tagacatcaa gggaaatttt     59340
     tgaaacactt aagaataaag agcctaccct acaggctttt ggaagtaata attttgaaag     59400
     tggtaaacta ccagagactg aggatcagat caacaccagt tttgtcctcc gctcggatgc     59460
     cggaagtcga taggatgtgt cttctgtgtt ctcagggtga aagattctca atctagggct     59520
     ctttatacag ctaaggaaaa ttaatatatt cttagacagt caggaatttg gaaattcaca     59580
     atccatgcgt tgtatgcaaa aaaattaccc aaagatttag gtcaacctcc tgacaaagaa     59640
     tctcagaaag aggatgacat atacaatatt taaaagtggc aggtgataat tatacagaag     59700
     aagcaaagac ttcgagaaag aaactaagaa tatatgttag acctggccct cgggggattc     59760
     tcctttgagc gggaaaattt cagggactcg gggtcacatg tccttcttca tgggtctgct     59820
     cacccttaac aaatatgatt tacctggtga tgtcataagg gctgtttact agttttcaat     59880
     tttttgagtc agcctattga cagttcaaag aagatttcat tctaaattct agaacaggat     59940
     aatgagaaat gatagtaaca catggagaca ttacatatcc aggcactgtt ctaagcaggt     60000
     ggcatgaagt aacactttta atcttcatgg caactttatg aaggagcagc tatgcgtatc     60060
     tccatttttt accaataagg aaatgggaac acagagaggt taagcaactt gcccaaaggg     60120
     aacacaacaa aaaatggcag aggtgggatt tgaattcagg catactgacc tcagggtcca     60180
     tgaagtaaaa gtaatacaat gacacgcata ggaggacaag tacaggagtc agaggaacta     60240
     tgccaatttc ctcatctttc actggaagga attgtttgat atcatctaaa gttgataaat     60300
     caagaggtgg aagtggacat actgttaaat cagaaaaact agaggagttc ccactgtggt     60360
     agagtgggta aaggatctga ctgcagtggc tgaggtcaca gtggaggcac aagttcaatc     60420
     ccccaccccg tgccgtggtt aaggattggg cactgctgct gtgtggcacg ggttgcggct     60480
     gaggctcgga ttcagttcct ggcccgggaa cattccagaa gggaaccccc agactcctgg     60540
     gaaatggctg cgtgcccctc ccccagaggg caagggggtt ggatggtggc accctggggg     60600
     agtccagaga agagattgct ggcattgcac ctagaatcat acttacaggc atctgggaca     60660
     cttgtaaaac cctgcctggg tctggcagca cctccccagg tccctggaag atattgggga     60720
     ggagggatcc ctgcagtgtc agggtctctc caccctcagc ccttgtccgc tcctggctct     60780
     gcagtccctt ggcctccagg ccccttaccc ctcggtgcca ggctctcaga gccccctttg     60840
     gagccgctgc ccaggcctcg gcccctccga ggggtccaga ctctgcccag agccgcccct     60900
     tccctgcggc tccggccgtg agtcacgcgg ccggccgtgc cgcctgcact atctggggaa     60960
     cccgagatcc cctttaattc cctccagctg cgtctctgca ggactgaggt aatccgttct     61020
     ggcgcaagag gaaagcagag ggcttgttgt gtctttgttt cattcaaatg gtttggagga     61080
     tgactcactc gttttcttct ttctttcttt ttaaaccagg gcaccgtcta gaagtcgttt     61140
     ttgattagaa gttgacctca gaagtatgcg cgcatcattt tgaaaacatc tgccggcacc     61200
     acagaaaccg actccgaatg agaaaggaca gcgtggacca cgtccaggac cagcgccttc     61260
     ccacacggcg ctcgggggta tcgctggcct ggaccaaggc tgggatgttg tccccggcat     61320
     gcgcccggat ccccgtagtg acctggggcc agctgggggt gatgagagtg tccccatcga     61380
     ggtcgtcatc gcccaggaca ctggctaatg ttatcgagtc cttattatgg tccatgcgga     61440
     tcacagggag tcatccatcc tcggcgcttc ccgtcgggcg ggagtctaca ggctgagtgg     61500
     cattgtcagg taccgctcag aagctgggag gttggggtct aagatcaatg cccttgaccc     61560
     acctgggcgg gacaatctag tgggtggagt cagaggtctc cttaggaact ggaagccgcc     61620
     aggcaaagcc tgctcagccc cgaggctgtg aacctggtac ccggtgaggt gggagagggc     61680
     agccagaggt agtgggcggg gcctgagtgg ggtctgaggt cggtgacagg aaaggggggg     61740
     tgagaggtgg gtggcacagg ggtggagggc agcagagcac gaggctgacc gaggacacgg     61800
     tccctgttac ctgctgcacc tctactctgt gccaggtggc gggtagagac aggtggggca     61860
     ggccgtggtc attcccgaag ttcggtggct ggaaggactc gggccagaag aacccaaggg     61920
     ggagagagaa gcacctccaa gcagggggtt ctggaaagct cccagcggga ggggctttgg     61980
     cgaagggcag gctggaaggg gagggcctgc gcaggagggg agcgagcacc tgtgcgctta     62040
     ggtgagttgc acacctgcgg gtaagagggt tgctcccttt ggcagttcta ggccatccac     62100
     aaggtgggtt agcctagacg gggacgatgg gtcatagcag agcagtgacc gatactgcga     62160
     gggggcgggt gtctcgcatc tctgccagga aaggcgtgga gggctgagca ccccccaccc     62220
     cagagggccc tcggctggca cccctcgtgg ccaggcctgt gcgcccctct gtggggtgtt     62280
     cgcatgttga taaaccacct gtgcctgctc agggcgttct tccccggcgt tgccataaca     62340
     agttgccaca agccaggggc ctgaaacaac caaaatctgt tctcttacag acgcggaggc     62400
     tgaagtcctg agtcgaggcg tcagcggggc caggctccct ccaaaggctc tatcgacgga     62460
     ggaatctttc atcacctttt tttttctagc ttctggtggc ttcagatgtc ccttggcttg     62520
     tcacagcaga accccagtct ctgcctccat cttcgtgtgg ccttctttgt gtctgtgcct     62580
     ttccctcctc tcataaggac ccttgtcact ggatctcccc ccacccccag taatccagga     62640
     tgagctcatc ttgagattat taacttcatt acatccccat ggacgctttt tccagataag     62700
     gtgccatctc acaggttccg ggaggacatc gggatcgggg gcaggtgcca ttcaacctgc     62760
     tccacagaaa ggcccatttc cctccagggg gtgggcgctt gctgagaata ggagctgtac     62820
     gtcttcattc attcattcat tcattcattc cacacatgtt gagggacctc cccttccacg     62880
     tgccgggcac gctgctgggg atacggaagc caggcagaca gatcccgttc ctgcccacac     62940
     ggatctgcct ttgcactggg ggcggcagac ccaaccagaa cagagcccca cacacacccc     63000
     cgccccccac ccctgccgct gcaggtggag ctgcaaagga agccaaggag gggctagacc     63060
     agcagcactg ggggcaggtg gagcagagca gctccagctg gggtgggggc tcagggaagg     63120
     cttctcagaa gaggggacac tgaagctgga ccctggatgc tgagaaggac caggttgggg     63180
     cctctctctc acttcttggc catgcaacct tggccagtgg cttcatccct ctgcgcctcg     63240
     ctttcatagc ctataaaaca gggacagcag ccacacaacc gcctagaacc atcatcctga     63300
     ggtctcagtg agtgaaccta cggggagcct tcacacctgc agagttcctg ggactcgctg     63360
     aataggcagg agcgaatcct ccgaaaagaa tccttaaatg ttaacattat tggcgcatgg     63420
     gcagagccat gcacccaaac attttgttca taatttgagg gatatttatt ttaaaaaacc     63480
     aaacgaggcc cagaggtcgt caccacgcaa aactctgcgc cttccacctt cctcatttta     63540
     cagcttaatg tgaggcttgt ttgaatcagg tttggggcct ggggcaccgt gttttttggg     63600
     ggggtttagg gctttatggt cttcacccag gctgggcaga agtacctgtg gatgttggct     63660
     gccacttggg gcagagcaag ttggatcctt gggaccggcc agtggagcca ggggtcccct     63720
     acgtcatgct gactccgggg atggacagag gtcaggctaa aggttgttct ggggtgagaa     63780
     ggggaggagg ggcagagaag cagaggagct gcaggaggtc ccccccacct gggctctggg     63840
     atcccgccct ctagggggca gtagggctcc acggagagcc tggctccagc tcccaggggc     63900
     ctcctcttca ccttagaatg cgccccagga ttcagcatca gggaaatttc tgcccaaact     63960
     ttgccttggc tgggccggga ggatgtatct gttccgactc ggatgtgtgg ggggaaatgc     64020
     tcattaggaa ggaaaggatt tagtgtctcg gaaacgtgaa tgtttctaaa gagggacgcc     64080
     tgacagctgt gcccacttag ggggcaccgt gggctccccg cccggccacc tgaccgtgga     64140
     aggaagttgg attcctgagg ctcacaatag ccacaggcga aggcatgggt tcatggccag     64200
     attcaggggt gtagaccctc aaaacaaatc tccgtgatcg gttctcccca cgcatctgag     64260
     gaggcacctg cttctcctcc tctcttctgg gggaacgggg atagcctcca gtgtagcact     64320
     gtgaccccaa agatctgaga ttcaggggtc acaccccctg tggcctcgtg gtcccctctg     64380
     gggggagggg cagcctgatg cgtacatgtg cctgaggcac acagacctgg gttcagatct     64440
     taactctgcc acttcctgat gtgtgctcat cagcaggggg cctttctgag cccccagcct     64500
     cacctgaaaa acaggggagt cctacctcgc agggtggctg cccttcctgg ccgtggttcc     64560
     agtgacacga ttcgtgtggt ccaggcacat gctgaggact cgccatccca ccgcctgccg     64620
     ccctccctgc tccgtccccc gcctactcca gcgcctcccc taacctgccc cccccccact     64680
     tactccatcc cttctgcgcc ttctgtttac agtctgtctc ctgctggaac gtgagctctc     64740
     ccccgctgta gccaggacac acattcaaca ccaggaaatc ctgtccaggg ctctcttatc     64800
     cagttcagtc ccaataaatc ttggggcttg ctcacatgaa tggagggggt tcttagccag     64860
     ttatccaggc ctcagtttcc ccggctgtgt gctgaggctg ccgggatgag aagtctccag     64920
     gaggctttgg ggcaggtgag cacacaggtg tgcgagcacc tggcccaggc actcgccaag     64980
     gcaggttcac ttccaccatc tttgggtttc cagggttttc cacggcatta tggtacatca     65040
     ggagcatcgc cacccgccgg cccccgaggc cagctcaggg ctacaggcca ccggccacct     65100
     tccatacaga ctcaactagt gaggcctgag tgaggtctct gcaccagaca ctctcacact     65160
     ggctccttcc acacaccggt ggtgtgtgtg tgcggagggg caggtcaggg aggaggcccc     65220
     tgaggctcag agaagtgggt cccttgcctg tgtaagtgac acgtggaacc taggactgcc     65280
     cccactattc tgcatgcagc accagggaag gaggtggcct atgatgggtg acagagcccc     65340
     ccccccatgg tggccaaggg caagggctcc tgtggcacat gggtggaggt gggcctgagt     65400
     cccagtttgg cagttttccc accgagtggc ctctggcagg tgacttcatg cctctgatac     65460
     ccctttcctg tcagttgggg tgatgggggc cccccagctg tggtgagaac gtaactagcc     65520
     cagggacaca catcattatg tgctgagttc agagctgagc aaaggaggtg aggaaagcag     65580
     gtaactgccc cccaaagatg ggcaggccct gctccccagc ccctgtgcgt ggacattaca     65640
     aggcacgggg ggagggggga ttaaggctac caatgaaatg aagctcactg agcagctgac     65700
     cttatgatgc tgagaccaga actgggggat ccaggtgggt ccagtggaac cacagggaag     65760
     tggaagaggg agcagcaaga aaggctggac ctgccacggc tggttctgaa ggcggaggag     65820
     ggggctggga gccagtgaag gcagagtggc caccagaagc tggaagaggc aggcacaccc     65880
     tcgagcctcc agaaggaaca cagccctacc aatgccccga tggtagccca gggacctctg     65940
     acctcctgac tgtaagatgg tgactcttgt tgtcttaagg cacaagtcgg tggcagttgg     66000
     ttaatgcagt gacaggacgc tcacacagga cggctgagtg acggcagcct ctcaggagca     66060
     ggacttggca ggatgaggct cggcctcaga cctgctgaca gtgggttaaa gcttgtagaa     66120
     ctttacaaac aggaggagat ccttgagatc atccggttta gcctttcaga gcaggacgtc     66180
     cccggattgg tcccgagtgc tgtcccacgc aaaatggccc atgggtgggg acatgctgtg     66240
     tggggacggt ccacctttca aacagtcaca gcaccctttt ctctcttaga agctccgaga     66300
     agctctgcag caaaatgcaa gacaggcttt ctaatgtcaa ctcagcactt gtgccaaaaa     66360
     acctatttcc cctaatgtca ccccccctcc ccgcccctgt aacatcgacc aacaagtcac     66420
     agagcctgtg ttctctggat gggctgatct agacaagtcg attcacgaga caaatggaga     66480
     aattgaagcc cagtgaggtg aaagtacctt ggaaaagccc ggcggtttgg aggggaatat     66540
     aggcttcgga gtcaaggaca ccagggtttg cagcctgtct ttgctgcacc ggcctcgggg     66600
     tcgtggggaa gccacgtcac ctctcagagc ctgattcctg tggagaaaat gcaggtgata     66660
     agagtggctg ctttgcacgg gcccacgacg ggcagtgtcc atccatttga gctgctgtaa     66720
     ccaagtgccc tggactgggg gacttgtaat caccagaacc ttcttccttc cagtgtcaga     66780
     ggctaggagt ctgagcccag ggtctgcaga gagccctctc tccttgtttc ctcatggggt     66840
     ggaaggagag ctttcggcac cccaacactc gcaggccatc accccgggcc gtgcagctgg     66900
     catctccgaa aagcatctcc gaagccagag ttccagagag aaccgattgc acaatgtatc     66960
     cattcattca tcaaagacgg gcgtgcctgc cacacgcctg gctcttcttg gcgctgtgag     67020
     cacagctgtg gactagacag actgtgccct gccctccagg agctgatctt ctcatgggga     67080
     caaagaacag tcgtgggaaa gatcatgcca taggccctag acgaaaaacg agacactggg     67140
     gtctggagaa ggagggtggc agaagggtgc ccagtacgcc atatgggctg ggaggggagg     67200
     gcagtgcagc taaatcctgg ggttctaggt gtggcaacag ggtagatggt gatgtcatct     67260
     tgtgagacgg cttcatggga ggagaacgat gctttgcagg tctggggcca tgtgatgagc     67320
     tccgttgggt gtcagggtga gggaagacct ggctggagcc aacgcacctg ggcgttgttc     67380
     gtctcaggat gggaatcaaa ggaacaaggt cccggtggat gagaagacac agagtcctgg     67440
     ggcggatgcc tggggagcct ccacttgggc tgtggaggga ggacgagggg ctggtgggtg     67500
     gaaggaggga gacaggtgca caggtgtcca gaaaaccaag ggcaagggca caggctcaca     67560
     aggcggaggg aacccaacag agctgagaag cccaggaagg agagaatcca gaagaatcca     67620
     tttggttcag ccgggggagg gccctggtgg ctccatgggc cctggttttg gcggtaggct     67680
     gggggcagag gtagaggggt gggcaggagg agaggaagca gggacaagac tcatcaacag     67740
     ctctttgctt tgctgggagg ccgggagaga gccaggccag tagctggagg tggggggtga     67800
     tggctttttc tatttttact tctggtttat ttagacaggg gacacccagc atgtttaaat     67860
     gctgatggtg gggtgccagg aggggggagg gtgaatataa agggggaggg tgaccaaggg     67920
     cagaggggca ggagggggct cccccaaaat cctaaaacag gggtgggacg gccacccagg     67980
     aggaagagcc cagaccaggg gtagagccag cacacgggca ccggctaagg ggggtacaga     68040
     gctgggcagg gtgggcggca gccctgagag ccctggggac agctcatcac aggcctttaa     68100
     gagtgatgga gtctgacttg agccttagaa cgaacatctg gcagctgcgc tagtgggtgg     68160
     aggcggcaca gaccagttag aaacagggct cacaagcatc catctgcttt gtggagatcc     68220
     tggtgggaac gtcaagatgc agagcaatct gagaggtggt gtgatttgaa atttaaaagc     68280
     acaggatcta ggggacaggc tgggcttgga ttctgacctc ttccaacagg ccgtgtgacc     68340
     ccaagctggt gcctcgacca gtgtgtggtg tgtgtgtgca cgtgtgattg ttataaaaca     68400
     aatgacctca aaacttagta gctgaaaaca acacaggttt atcatcccat catctgtgag     68460
     ctggaatcag gagcagctta acagcgtctt ctgctcaggg tcactccggg ggctgtgatc     68520
     aaggcggcac aggggccaga gttcactcaa ggctccactg cgtagcatcc acttccaggc     68580
     aaaatcagcg gctgttggca ggattcagct cttcttcagt cccttactgt ccaaggccag     68640
     aagctgccct gagttccaaa tggagtttat caagtaggca ggggataaat gagtctggaa     68700
     ttcaggagaa ggatccaggc aggtgacatc agtctgggag tcctaggcat gcaaatggta     68760
     tttaaaagca tgcagtccag gagttcctat tgtggctcag tgggttaaga acccaactag     68820
     tatccatgag gacatgggtt tgatccctgg ccttgctcag taggttaaag gatccggcat     68880
     tgccgtgagc tgtggtgttc gttgcagatg cggctcagat cctgcgttgc tgtgactcca     68940
     gctctgattg gacccttagc ctgggaactt ccatatattg caggtgcagc cctaaaacaa     69000
     acaaacaaac aaaaacaaac aaaaaacatg tgattggaag acatcaccaa ggaaataggc     69060
     gcagatagaa aagaggccca ggggctgagc ccggggtctc ccagagttgg ggagatgagg     69120
     aacccgcacc aaatggtgtg gaaaggccag tgggagagaa gaaggcctgg gggcgtgggg     69180
     cccgtgggag atgaggatgc gcaatgggcc gctgacttaa cagccaactg gggttgctgg     69240
     tgactctgac tacgtggtgt cggtgggtgt ggaggctgat gggagtgagt tccagagagg     69300
     atgggggaga gaggcatggg agcaagggga cacggccagg acgtcgagga gtcttctcct     69360
     cgaaggagaa cagaggaata agaccacagc tgaagggggg cttgtaagct cagcagttat     69420
     taaagtggga gaagtcactg cacgttcatg ttctgatcag aattgaccta gtagagaagg     69480
     atgctgggcg gtgttttgcg aagcaggggt ggtagggtgg tctaaggtgg gacccctgga     69540
     agtatcgcga ggcaaagccg agggagcaca gaggccctga tgggatagga gctcacggtg     69600
     gctccctcca gctgcttcca ttttcttcac taaataggga gcaaggctgg ggtggtgggg     69660
     gctggggact gagggctggg gggcgaggag gtggtgaagc taggagttta aggacagagg     69720
     agaagctgtg aaagagtcac ccagaagagt caagagtaga ggtcaaggag caatgggctc     69780
     tggtgtccag gtggtgacgg aagccctgcg tcactgatgt cacaggtgca cagtgcgctt     69840
     atgtttttct gtggccaagt tcacgggtac aggcgcagag gaaacggagc attggattta     69900
     accagcttgg gtgggtggat gatgcttggc catgggatct aagcagggaa ggggaggagg     69960
     gaaaggtgag agtgaaaaga tggaaggagc caagggttgt aggtgggagg tgggattatt     70020
     ggcgtcaggt gctcgagaga gatgagtgtc aatgaggggg ttttggagac tgagacaatg     70080
     ggggctccag ttattagtca ttcattaatt tcaaggttta tagccatggt tctaagggct     70140
     gtctcagggc cgggaacaca ggcatggtct ggggccttgt cagaaatgca ggttctctgg     70200
     cccctcccta gacccactga gtcagaatct ttgggggtgg agccagcaat ctgtgttttc     70260
     acaagaccct gccccccagg ctttctgatg ggcatgaagc tttcagaacc actgctctga     70320
     ggtttgatgg ctggagaagg aggagacgtg tcccaggacc agaaggattt tagacactga     70380
     aaagttggga agagagaagg atcctttgtg gaagatgaaa ctgctgaaaa ttaagacagg     70440
     agtagcgctg aagaaagtgc cctgacccag gagctaaaat tactgagacg cgaggataat     70500
     gagtgggtgg agaatagtct agaagtggca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtaa     70560
     ggaagacctc taccctggag cccagtgata taagggctgt gggagacccc agcccctctg     70620
     agggcatagc agacaggacc atggtcccca acgatgcccg aactcctggc gctcatgtgt     70680
     gttacctgag gcagcattgg gaagttggca ggtgtgatca ctaatctcca ggtgggaagg     70740
     cagccccacc gcccaggtgg gcccagtgta atcagggtcc ttataagagg aggcgggggc     70800
     gtcagaggct cggtggtgcc tggcacgatg ggtgctgctt tgaagacggc ggcaggccca     70860
     caaggcccgg aagtggattt tctccaagag cctccagagt ggacacagcc cggggacacc     70920
     tcgagtgtag ccaggtgaga ccattgtgga tttctagcct ccatgagctg taaggtgatg     70980
     aatttgcgtt gtgttaaacc actgtgtttg ggccctgtat cctggatgcc agcgggggca     71040
     gaggggggtg gggtcttggg agggctgaag gtttcggagc aaaaacagca ggcacgactg     71100
     ggaggaaagc tctgagaatg tggggacttg tgtccagggg gtcatgagaa gagggcgaag     71160
     gtgcggcaac tgtgtttcag ggcctggggg gcaggaaggg gggggttgca gagcctccag     71220
     gggacctgca agtgggagat gcgggcagcc tgagggcctg acactaacac ggataaaggg     71280
     cgaagtcatt agccctgcgg gtgaggccgt gggtggtggg tgatgggaag gagaggcgtg     71340
     tcccccccca ccaccgctgc catgactctc agaggggcct gcacccactc tgggcagcgt     71400
     gggtccctgt cagggcagca gaggtgccac agcgtgaaca tctgcaaggc tggtgtggga     71460
     ggcggccccg cccgcaggtg ccctggctgc tccgcatccc ctgggatatg cgagtgtggg     71520
     tttgggggcg cggcagggct gcaggtgtgt ctgggaggga ttagatggag aagagttgcc     71580
     tccagagcgc attaaccata gaacgtggcg agcaggagca ccaagcccgc cgcagcatcc     71640
     cgttaccttg tcaaacagac tccctgggga gatcgtggtt cacattcggc ttgtaaacgg     71700
     cagctggctg gccgccctgc tcttacctgt ccccgaggag ctgttgggcc acagcagcca     71760
     gcattttaca ggcaggaggg ccccaggtga tggcaggatg ccagaaggca gataagagcc     71820
     tggcgggctc ctgcatccag agggcgtgat ggtctttcgg actatgggca gcaaagagag     71880
     agggctcttt ctaaaagaca gcttggaatc cacagatgtg taattagagg tgcataaact     71940
     gagccacatg ggacagaaga aacgtctctc ctgagtcaga tgttcggctt tttcaaatgt     72000
     gttaaatatt aggaaatgag gaattttcca tgcattccgg atgagtctat tgttcccact     72060
     gtcacttgca tgtatgactt ttggacatgt ttgttcattc agcgcactct tccggagggc     72120
     ctccccaggg cagggtctgg gcacatggca ctgaaccaaa acaaagactg tctttgccct     72180
     cctggaatgt acaggtgcac gcgagaggct gtaaacaagc aaacggttct gcaaacgagg     72240
     gttctgtgta ggtgacacgg gtgtctgggt ggggtgggtg tggacccctc attccctgtg     72300
     gtggccaggg ggacgtcctc agaggatgag atgtctgggg acctgtaggg tcggggagag     72360
     ccaggtccac cagcctctgg ggtcagagca ttgcaggtct cgggaaagca gagacagagg     72420
     tggcaaggcg tttggactgg gtgattccag aaagggagac tggtgtgtgg tgagaggtga     72480
     gtctgcagaa gtggtgggta gggaaggttt tcgaagagct cgacagaaat ctagatcatt     72540
     ctaaaagcaa aggattttgc cctgtgattg gtggaacctt aaggctgtac actgtttcag     72600
     acctgagtgc ccaagctgcc tgcttctaga aagaaaaaaa atagtgtctg caagatggca     72660
     gaagagcaat catctgcata tcattctccc agcgaacatt gatttttttt tttttctgct     72720
     ttactgaggt gtgacaaagt tataaagtat ttaaagtata actgacagga gtctcccatc     72780
     taacaagcac acccattact ttgttacttc gccgtgatct tttttgaatg taaaaacctt     72840
     caggctgtac tgtcagcaga gttgaatcta caagagcgtt atcaactagt caccctgctt     72900
     tacattagat cctcagaact tttattgcag ctgaaacttt gtaccctttt accaaccgct     72960
     tccgattttc cctggtttcc cctgggaacc actttttttc tgcttctttt tttttcccct     73020
     agattccaca tataagtgaa accatgcggt agttgtgtct cagtgtctga tttatttcac     73080
     ttagcataat gtcctccagt ttcatctgtg ttgttgcaaa cagcagggta tctttctcat     73140
     ggctgaatgc tattttattt gtatatatac atgtatgcgt atatacatgt gtgtgtatac     73200
     atacctaaca cattttcatt acctattaat ccattgacag atacttagat agtttccata     73260
     tcttggctat tgtgaataac gctgcaatag ggagcatggg agtgcatacc tattttgaca     73320
     ttctgttctc acgtcctttg gatacatacc ccaaagtggg attgccaagt catatggcag     73380
     tttctctctt taatttttcg agaaccctcc atactgtttt ccacagtgtc tgtaccaatt     73440
     tacattccca ccaacagcac ttttataagg gttctctttg ctccacatcc ttgccaatgc     73500
     ctaatacctt tgactttttt tttgatctga gttttattga agtaaagtta attcatgtgg     73560
     ttgtgataat ttctgctgta caattaagtg acccagtcag acatagacac atatccattc     73620
     tctctcagat tcttttccca catagattat catagaatac tgggtagaat tctctgtgct     73680
     ataaggcagg tctctgttgg ccagtcactc catatacctc ggtgtgcaca tgccaatccc     73740
     aacccccagt ccgtgcctcc caccccccca tacctgtccc ctttggtaac tagaagtttt     73800
     tcaaaatctg tgagtctgtt tctgttctgc aggtaagttc atttgtatcc tttttttttt     73860
     tttttaagat tccacatata ggtgatgtat gatatttgtc tttcactgac taacttcact     73920
     tagtatgata gtttctatgt ccatccatgt tgctacaaat ggcattattt cattcttttt     73980
     taaggctgag taatattcca tcctatatat gcaccacgtc ttctttatcc attcctctgt     74040
     tgatgcacat ttaacttgct ctcatgtctt agctattgca aatagtgttg cgatgaatgt     74100
     tggggtacat gtatcttttc aaatgatggt tttctgtgga tagatgccca ggagtgggac     74160
     tgctgggtca tgtgggagtt gtattttttg tgaggaactt ccataccatt ttccatagtg     74220
     gttgcaccag tttacattcc caccaacagt ctaagaggat tcccttttcc ccacaacttc     74280
     tctggaattt tttttttaat tttatttttt atatattttt tttagggcca cacccatggc     74340
     atatggaggt ttccaggcta ggggtcgaat cagagctgta gttgctggcc tacaccaaag     74400
     ccacagcaat gctagatcca agccatgtct gtgacctaca ccgcagctca cggcaacacc     74460
     agagccttca cccactgaga aaggccaggg attgaacctg catcctcatg aatactaatc     74520
     agatttgttt ccactgatcc acgacgtgaa ctcctccagc ttctatataa ttgtagactt     74580
     ttggatgatg gccattctgg ctggtgtaag gtcatgcatc atagtagttt taacttgtgt     74640
     ttctctaata cttagtgata atgagcatct tttcatgcat ttttttggcc atccatatgt     74700
     cttctttgga aaaatgttga tttagatctt ctgctctttt ttttttttaa ttgggttgtt     74760
     tgtttttttt ttgatattga gctgcaggag gtgtttatgt tttggagatt aatcctttgt     74820
     cagctgcttc ttttgcaaat attttcaccc attctatggg ttgtcttttt gttttgttta     74880
     tggtttcctt tgctgtgcaa aaactttaag tttaattagg tcccatttgt ttatttttgt     74940
     ttttattgtc cttgctctaa gaggtgaatc tgagaagata gtgctgcagt ttatgtcaga     75000
     gagtgttcag cctatgtttt cctctaagag ttttatagta tctggcctta acatttaggt     75060
     ctttaatcca ttttgagttt atttttttgt atggtgttag aaagtattct aatttcatta     75120
     ttttgcacgt agctatcagt tttcccagca ccatttattg aagggaatgt cttttctcca     75180
     tttctcgagg tacgttcttg cctcctttgt cataggttaa ttaaccatag atgcttgggt     75240
     ttatttctgg aatttctatc ctgttccatt gatctatgtt tgtttttgtg ccagtaccat     75300
     actgtgttga tgactgtagc tttgtagtat aacctgaagt cagggagcct gattcctcca     75360
     gctccacttt tctttctcag ggttgctttg gctagatgtg gtcttttatg tttctctaca     75420
     aattaaaaaa attttttatc tggctctgtg aaaaaatgcc attggtaatt tgatagagat     75480
     tatgttgaat ctgtagattg ccttgggtag tatactcatt ttgactatat tgattctccc     75540
     aatccaagaa catgatatac ctttccgtct gtttgtatta tctttgattt ctttcatcag     75600
     tgtcttagtt ttcagagtac agatcttttg tctctttagg taggtttatg cctaggtatt     75660
     ttattctttt tgatgtgatg gtaaatggga ttgtttccct aatttctctt tctgaccttt     75720
     cattgttggc atctagaaat gcaatttatt tctatgtatt aattttgtat cctgcaactt     75780
     tagcaaattc attgatgagc tctaatagtt ttctggtagc gcctttagga ttttcttggt     75840
     acagtatcat gtcatctgca aacagagttt tacttcttcc ttttccaatt tggattcctt     75900
     ttatttcttc tctgattgct gtggctagga cttccaaggc tatattgaat agtagtgaga     75960
     gcagacatcc ttgccttttt cctgatttta tccaaaattc tttcagcttt tcaccattaa     76020
     gaatgatgtt atctgtggtt ttgttatata tggccttcat taaggtgagg ttccctttat     76080
     gcccactttt tggagggttt tttatcagaa atgggtgttg gattttgcca aaagcttctt     76140
     ctacatctat tgagatcatc atatactttt tattcttcaa ttcgttaatg tggttattac     76200
     actgattgat ttatggatat tgaaaaatcc ttgcgtccct gggataaatc ccacttgatc     76260
     atggaatatg atccttttaa tgtattgatg gatttggttt tctagtattt tgttgaggat     76320
     ttttgcatct atgttcatca gtgatattgg cctgtgattt tctttttgtg tggtatcttt     76380
     ggttttgttg tcagggtgat ggtggcctca tagaatgagt ttgggagtgt ttctccctct     76440
     gcagtttttt ggaatagttt cagaaagatg ggtattaact cttctctaat ttttgataga     76500
     attctcctgt gaagccatct ggacgaacag acttttgttt gttggaagtt tttaaatcac     76560
     attgtcgatt tcagtacttg tgattggtct gttcatcttt tctacttctt cctgggttag     76620
     tcttgggaga ttgtaccctt ctaagaattt gtctctttct tcagagttgt ttattttatt     76680
     ggcatatagt tgcctgtagt agtctcttat aatcctttgt atttctgtga tgtcctttct     76740
     cctttctcat tttattgatt tgagtctgct ccctcttttt cttgatgaat ctggataagg     76800
     gtttatcaat tttgttgatc ttttgaaaga accagctttt agtttcattg atcttttcta     76860
     ctgttttcct catttctccc atccaagtgc taaccaggcc cgactctgtt taacttccaa     76920
     gatcagacaa gataaggcac atttggggtg gtatggccat agaccttcat ttctacttca     76980
     tttatttctg ctctctttat gatttttttc cttctgctaa ctttgggttt tgtttgttct     77040
     tctttctcta gttgctttag gtataaagtt atattgttta tttgggattt ttctcatttc     77100
     ctgaggtagg cttgtactgc tataaacttc cctcttagaa ctgcttttgc tgcatcccat     77160
     agatttgagt tgttgtgtct tcattgtcat ttgcttctag gtatttttta gtttcctctt     77220
     tgatgtcttc aatgattaat tggctgttta gtagcatgtt gtttagtctc tatgtgtttc     77280
     gggggggttg cagttttttg ttgtcattga tttctaatct tatagtgttg tggtcagaaa     77340
     tgatggttga taccatttca attttttaaa atttactgag gcttgatctg tgacccagag     77400
     actgttccat gtgtgcttga gaagaaagtg tattctgctg ctttagggtg gaatgttcta     77460
     taaatatcca ttaaatccat cttgtctaat gaatcattta aggcctgtgt ttccttgttg     77520
     attttctgtc tggacgatct gtcccttgtt gtaagtgagg tgttaaagtc ccccaccatt     77580
     attgtgttat tgtcaatttc tccttttaag gatgttagca gttgccttat atactgaggt     77640
     gcacctatgt tgggagtata tttataattg ctatattttc ttcatagatt catcctttga     77700
     tcattgtgta atgaccttct ttgtctcttg taacattctt tattttaaga tctctttttc     77760
     tgatatgagt tttgctgctc cagctttctt ttgatttcca ttagcatgga atattttctt     77820
     ccatcctctc tcagatttat gtgtctcaga gctgaagtgg gtctcttgta gatagcatat     77880
     atatggcccc tgtttttgta tccattcagc cagtctatgt tttttggttg gaggatttag     77940
     tctatttaca tttaaggtta ttattgatag aagttctttt tttttttttt ttttttttgt     78000
     ctttttgtct ttttagggct gcacccatgg tatatggagt tcctgggcta gggctccaat     78060
     cggagctgta gcctccggcc tatgccagag ccacaataac ccaggatccg agctcagcct     78120
     gtgacctaca ccacagctca cagcaacacc agatccttaa cccactgagc aaggctaggg     78180
     attgaaccca tgtcctcatg gatgccagtt gggtaagtta actgctgagg cacaatagga     78240
     actccagata taaaaagatc ttaatgccat tttgttcatt gttttgaatt tgtttttgtt     78300
     ggtctttttt cttcccttct cttgttctcc tctcttgtag tttgatgaat atctttagag     78360
     ttgtgtatgg attgcttttt cttatttgtg tgtgtatcta ttttgcagat ttttggtttg     78420
     tggttaccat gaggttttga tataggagtc tatagatgta cacaatattc tttttaagtt     78480
     gctgatctct taattgcaaa tgcatctcca gtactgtgca tttgtaccca tttcttctca     78540
     tgattgctgg ttttgacatc agatttttgt gtggatgatt tcctaccttt actatatgtt     78600
     tgcctttaca ggtgagcttt ctcctttgtt attgttttgc ttctggttgt gaccttttct     78660
     tttccatcta gagacgttcc cttagtagtt gttgcaaagc tagtttagtg gtgctgaatt     78720
     ctcttagctt ttactgtctg taaagctttc aatttctccg tcaaatctga aaaagagcct     78780
     tgctgggtag agtattctag gttgaaggtt tttcctttca tcactttaag tatatggtgc     78840
     cactcccttc tggcctgcag ggcttctgct tagaaatcag ctgaaaacct tattggagtt     78900
     ccctcgtatg ttatttgttg cttttcccta gctgctttca atattttctc tgtctttaat     78960
     tttggccagt ttgattatta tgtgcctcag gggtgtccct ccttgggttt attttatatg     79020
     gtattcatta tgcttcctga atttgagtga gtgattcctt tccggtgtta gggaagtttt     79080
     catctattat ctagtcaaat attttctctg actcttttta tcttctcctt ctgatacccc     79140
     tttaatgtga atgttggtgt atttaaggtt gttccagagt ttgtagactc tcctcatttc     79200
     ttttcattct tttttcttta ttcttttcca catcagtgat ttataccagt ctgtcttcca     79260
     cctcacttat tctttctctg cctcctctaa tccgctatta gttcattcta gtgatttttc     79320
     ttttattttg gttattgtat tttggaactc tattttcttt tattttggtt attgtatttt     79380
     ggaactctat ttgtttaatc tttaaacttc tatttctttc taatttatca atcctggcct     79440
     ccagttcccg cccccccccc ccaagatctt ggattatctt tactatcatt attctttttt     79500
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gtctttttgc tatttcttgg gccgcttctg cagcacatgg     79560
     agattcccag gccaggggtc taatcggagc cgtagccgcc agcctatgcc agagccacag     79620
     caatgcggga tccaagccga gtctgcaacc cgcatcatag ctcacggcaa cgccagatcg     79680
     tcaacccact gagcaagggc agggactgaa cccgcaacct catggctcct agttggattt     79740
     gttaaccact gcgccatgac aggaactcct actatcatta ttctaaagtc tttttcatgg     79800
     aggctgctaa tctccagttc acttagctgt ttttttctgg ggttttgtct agttccctca     79860
     actggcttgt atttctccgc tttttcattt cacatagctt tttgtctggt ctccttttcg     79920
     caagctaggg ggttgtaccc tcttttgctt ctggtatctg cctccttgtg ggagaagtta     79980
     acacaggggc ttgttatagg cttcctgatg gaagggactg gtgccttccc actggtgggt     80040
     ggagctgagt cttgtccctc tggtgggtag ggctttgtct ctgggtgttg attagaggca     80100
     gctgagggcc taggaggact ttaggcagtc tgtttgctga tgggtggagc tgtgttccca     80160
     ccttgtgttg tttggcctgg ggcttctcag ccctgatggg tggtaccaga tttttccaaa     80220
     atggctacct ccaagggagg gcacaccaat gaatattccc agcacctctg cctccaatgt     80280
     cttgtgccca aaacaaacca cagctgcccc ttgctttccc aggatacact ccaagacctg     80340
     cagataggtc tgacccagat tcttagggag tccctgattt gctctgggac cctgtgcaca     80400
     tagaatcctg tgtacatcct ccaagagtag agtctttgtt tcctccagtc ctgtgaggct     80460
     cttgtgcaca tgccccaatg gtcttcaatg ccaaatgctc tgggggctcc tcctcccaat     80520
     gccagacccc tggggaacct gatatgtgtt ttggaactct cctgtgggag agcctctgtg     80580
     atatagttat tttctagttt gtgaggtgcc cacccagtga gtatggtatt gcttatatca     80640
     taaaagcaca cctcctacca tctcgatgtg gcttcttctt tgtctttggg tgcagggtat     80700
     cttttttggt agttttcagc ctattttact gatggtcgtt cagtggttag ttgtaatttt     80760
     ggggttttca tgagggaagg tgagcttaag tacttatact ccaccatctt gtcccaatcc     80820
     catgctacct ttgacttttt gataatggcc atcctaacag gtatgaggtg atgtcccatt     80880
     gatcttgact tgcatttcac tggtgaccac tgatgttgat catcactgta ttctattcca     80940
     ttaatccatg tgtccgtttt tatgctagta caattttgtt ttgattacta tggctttaaa     81000
     tgtaatttga aatcaggaag tatggtgact ctggctttgt tccttttgct caagattgct     81060
     ttggctatct ggggtctttt gtcattctgt acaaattgta ggattttcta ttgctgtgaa     81120
     aaatatcatt gtaatttcaa tagggtttgc attgaacctg tagattgctt tgggtgggat     81180
     ggacacagga tagctttcca tttctttgtg tcaccttcaa tttctttcat caatatctta     81240
     cagttttaag tatatagatt tttcgctccc ttgggtaaat ttatttctct tgatatgtta     81300
     taaatgagat gagttttaat ctttcagata gtttgttagt gtatagagat acaacttatt     81360
     tttgtatatt gatttttttt taatcctgca actttaccga atttgttata atagcttttt     81420
     ggtggaatct tttagggttt tccctatata atatcatgtt atgactatta tgaacagtta     81480
     tacactaaca tattggataa ctagaagaaa ttcctataaa cacccaacat accaagacaa     81540
     tcatgaagga agaaaagtct gaaaaaactg attactcact caattggtaa tcaaaatggc     81600
     ttcactggtg acttctgtaa aacatttcga gaagaatatg agttcctgtt gtggctcggt     81660
     gggttaagaa tccgatatag tgtctgtgag gatgtggttt caatccctgg cctcgctcag     81720
     tgggttaagg atccaacgtt gctgcaagtt gcggcaaaag taacatatgt ggctcagatc     81780
     tggtgtggct gtggcatagg cctgcagctg cagctccaat tcaaccccta gcctggtaat     81840
     ttccatatgc catgggtgca gccatagaaa gaaaaaatag aagagttaat gctgatcctt     81900
     ctcaagctct tccaaaaaac tgtggagcag ggaacatttc taaactcatt ttatgaggcc     81960
     aacattaccc tgataacaaa gtcagataag gacactataa ggaaatttga ggccaaaatt     82020
     cctgatgaac attgtgatat tcactttaac aaaattaagg ataaaaaatg tatcattatc     82080
     tcggtagaca cacaaaaagc atttgacaag atctgagatc ctttcatgat taaaaactct     82140
     caacaaatta cgtataaatg gagtgtacct caatatgtcc aagaccacat gagagaagcc     82200
     tacagctaac gttatattca acaattaaag attttcctct taagttagga acaagacaac     82260
     gatttcactc tcaccacttc tattcaacaa agtactagag ttcctagtca gagcaattag     82320
     acaagaaaaa taaaaggcat ctgaatcaga aaggaaatga aattgtctgt ttacagatga     82380
     catgatctta tatagagaaa gctctgcgat tctaccaata aatctgttag agtaaatgaa     82440
     ttcagcaaag ttgcaggata caaaattaac aaaaatattt tgtttctata tactaacaat     82500
     gaactatccc aaatttacaa gagcattaat aagtaaaata tacttaggga taaatttaac     82560
     caaagagtat aaaggtctag tcactgaaaa ttatgagaca ctgagaggaa ctgaaggcac     82620
     agataaatgg agagatatcc catgctcaag aatttgaaaa attaatcttg tctaaatgtt     82680
     tacactacat aagatgaatg gcatattcag tgtaaaccct atcaaaattc caatagcatt     82740
     ctttagagaa atagcctttg ttttcataat ttgtatttaa ctataaaaga ccccagatag     82800
     cttagcttga gcaagaagaa caaagctaga ggcatcacac ttcctgattt caaattatat     82860
     tataaagcta tagtaataaa gcagtgtggt attggcgtaa aaagagacac acagactaat     82920
     ggaacagaat ggtgagccca taataaacct gtgcataaat agtcaattaa tcttcaataa     82980
     gtgcactaag aatagataat ggggaaaaga agtctctaca gtaaatggtg gcattgggaa     83040
     acctggatag ccaagtgcaa aagaacaaaa aaggactctt atttcatacc aaaatcaacc     83100
     caaaatggct taaagatttg aatgtaggac ctgaaactat taagattcct agaaaaaaaa     83160
     taggggaaaa cttattgaca tttgtcttcg caatgatttt ttggatttgg taccagtgca     83220
     caagaacaaa aaagcaaaaa tcagcaagtg ggactacatc acaccacaaa gtttctacac     83280
     cgcaaaggaa accattatca aaacgaaaag gcaacctact gaatggtaga aagtatttgc     83340
     aagtccccat atcctgtaag ggtttaatac tcatagtgta taaggaactc ataccactca     83400
     aaagcaaaac aaacagaagt tcaatttaaa aataggcaaa ggatctgaat attttttaag     83460
     acatacaaat ggccagcagg tgtatgaaag aatgctcaac atcactaatc accagagaaa     83520
     tgaaagtgaa aaacacaata ggatatcctc ttacacctgt taggacagcc attatcaaaa     83580
     agtcaaagac agttaagtgt tgatgaggat atggagacaa gggaacccct tacatactgt     83640
     cggcaggaat atagagtcac acagtcacta tagcgtggaa gttcctcaaa aaaaattaaa     83700
     cgaccacatg atccagcatt cccactcttg ggtagatgtt tgaaggaaat gaaaatagga     83760
     tcttgaagag agagctgtac gcccacgatc actgcagcgt tattcacaat agccaaggta     83820
     tggaaacgac ctaagtgtct gtctgtggat gaacagacag aggaaaatgt ggcaggtgtg     83880
     tgtgtgtaca tatatacaca tacagaatgg aatattactc agccataaga aggacatcct     83940
     gctacttgca acaacatgga cgaagttacg ctatgggaaa taaatcagag agacacaaat     84000
     gctgtatgat cccacttata tgtggaatct aaagaaagtc aaactcttgg ggttagtaga     84060
     tgcaaactat taatttaaaa tgaatgaaca acaaggccct accgtgtagc acagggaact     84120
     ttattcaatc ttctgggata ggccacgatg gaaaatattt tttagaagca tatatatata     84180
     tatatatatg gatgggtcac attgctatac accagaaatt ggtacaacat cgtaaatcag     84240
     ttacacttta attaaaaaat aaagtcagat tcatgatggc agatgagtag aatagtggtt     84300
     actgtggctg ggggttgggg aaacagggag attcggtcga aggggacaaa ctttaatttc     84360
     tgagaccaat aagctggaaa cctaatgtgc atcatggtga caggagttaa caaaaatgcg     84420
     tatttgcaac ttgctaagag agtagatctc aagtgttctt accaccaaaa gaaggtgtct     84480
     gggtgaggtg atgtgtgtgt taaactgatt ttgatgatca ttttataatt tttaatatat     84540
     caagatacta tgttatgtat cttcagtata tatactttgt cgatcatact gcagtaaagt     84600
     tggggaaaaa ataaatgcca agggaacagg tggaaggctt tatgtacgag tgtgagcatg     84660
     agtgtgatat gtcgtggcct ctgtgcaagc agggagggat ggagggaacc agggcagtgc     84720
     agtggctgct ctgtcgtcca ggctgaagat aaaggtggtc cagggaacgt gaaataaaga     84780
     ggtgtgattt cagagttggt agattcacca aaacttgctg atgtgtgggg gcttgggggc     84840
     agtgaggggt ctaggaccac tcccaggttt ttgactatgc aactgcttag atgccgttgc     84900
     cataaatggc tggggaagag caggtgtgct agagggtcag ggtcgggaga ggagattggg     84960
     gagtaggaag acgggggtta tcaaagtgga gacaagagag ttacatgagt ccagagtgtg     85020
     taggtgaggg tgtaagtaaa atctggtgcc gggactgtcc tgtgaatgct tttcctcaag     85080
     agccgtcctg atggtattaa ttgcagaggg ttcgtgatca catctccata gcaaccttaa     85140
     cactttgagg tctggcggaa accagcagcc ctgtgatctg ggggtatttc ttaggaagtc     85200
     ccatcggtag ctcatagccc tgagctgctc ccacctcgct aaaagaaagg ggaaaacaaa     85260
     aaagctacaa tcagattgtc actgttcttt gtgtctggag ttcagtgcag aagttaaaat     85320
     ttctagtaaa ccaagaattc ctggaaatcc tgggatgggg cagggggttc cgtctctttg     85380
     gtggtaactc cacattggac cgtttaccaa gctttacttc tgaattgtac caggaggatg     85440
     aaggcagaga gtttagagta gaaaactctt ttgggaaaag cttggtccag gcttatctta     85500
     acatggagtg cagcttacag cacccttgtc tcacccagct catcctagca cccagggctc     85560
     ctcacacaaa agaaaagact tcgctttcat ttgtgaatgg tccttttggg ctatgcctct     85620
     ttcacggttt taactcttac tcaagctggt cctgcaagaa actagtttcc tcccccttca     85680
     tgaacctgaa aaggctgtgt aggagtcagc attgtgtttt ctctgggaag gcctgttact     85740
     tcttaaattc ccatttgcta ctaagccagt gctctattcc tactccttcg gacagaagaa     85800
     cactgcgctg ctgtgtggag caaaggatgc tcacagattt caaagtctcc ccagggagga     85860
     gagattggat acccccaagt gtgtttccct ttcatttcag gatttgaaga ttggataagc     85920
     tcaagtctgg ggctttaacg acttgactag agtctccact agagtctcga gtagctattg     85980
     agtgagcaaa actcaagact tactgtcaaa gctccgaatg tttccttcta gatattgggg     86040
     aaatgagcct tgggtgaatc aaatccatta gctaactgat gggagagtat atccatagct     86100
     aacatttatt aagcatgcac cgtctctgag gtagggacac ttaccttcat cttacatccg     86160
     gagagaccaa gccacaggtg gaatttgacg gtgtggctca tgtaaatgta gaacacagac     86220
     ttatttttta tttttggttt ttttttttgc cttttctagg gccgttcctg tggcatatgg     86280
     agattcccag gctaggggtc taatcagagc tgtagccgcc tgcctacgcc agagccacaa     86340
     caatgcggga tcagagccac gtctgcgacc tacaccacag ctcacggcaa cgccggatcc     86400
     ttaacccact gagcaaggcc aggaatcgaa cccacaacct catggttcct agtcggattc     86460
     gttaaccact gcgccatgac gggaactcca aacacagact tattttttta tatggctgta     86520
     tcattatatc tttgttttct gcttgagatg gttctggttc tattctggtt ctggtccaag     86580
     atggttctat tccgaaaaag cggcataagg ttttcagaaa gtgagctaac agccagttgt     86640
     agacaactac agcaaaaatc ataagggggc agagttgccc cctagggtgg gtggatgggg     86700
     ctggggaaat attttccgtg gggcttctgt tataagcaat ttgagtcctc ctcggatcac     86760
     catttcagca ccgttctggt ggcccagttt tgcacaatcc cacgaaaaca aaaaataccg     86820
     tgccttttat caggagaagg ctgctcacca ggaaggtctc ctggaaactg gcttgaaccc     86880
     tagaggtgtg ggtgctggag cttttggggg catctggttg accttgtgct ctgaaggaaa     86940
     gaaataggaa ctaggcggcc cccagccact ggagggggcc caggggtgtt tgaagccaga     87000
     gctcctgcat atgcttggaa caccttaccc acgtggtacc tctggttcca ggcactagaa     87060
     gggcgcttgg aaaaatcccc aagaaggtgg accccaagtg cagagttacg gtgggcggac     87120
     ttgtccccaa aggctagggc ctgaggcagg ggccccactt ccctagagtt cgagagtaac     87180
     gctgaagagg tggagtggag tttgaacaat attatgttaa gacttaaata gcaatcattt     87240
     cctaacccct taggtgctcc agccataggg gggaaaagct gttgttaaga aggaagaggg     87300
     agatcccatt ggggcgtagt ggaaacgaac ccgaccagta tccatgagga tgccagttcg     87360
     atccccaggc ccgctcagtg ggttagggat ctggggttcc caggagctgt ggtgtaggtc     87420
     gcagatgtgg gttggattct gcgtggctgt ggctgtggct ggcagctgca gctccaattc     87480
     gactcctagc ctgggaactt ccacatgctg tgtgggtgca gccctcatag gaaaaaaaaa     87540
     aaaaaaaaag aatgcagatg gaaactctag tatttacgat atctcttttt ttttttttcg     87600
     gtatctaatt ctgtatgcga gtttaatgat taaaaaagac tacttttttt ttttttttaa     87660
     actttgggat tttgtaagac gttcaagcag cagactgttt ctgccttcca agtgaccagc     87720
     ttggccctgt tctctgtaaa tgctctgtga gtcagcccaa ggtggacatg atatgtctat     87780
     ttccctggat gctacttcta aagcggtcaa gagagaggga ttacattcag tggcgctgtc     87840
     gtggaaggag cagggggaga aggggacaaa cccaggctga cctccttgct ccgtcacctt     87900
     gggcttctga tataaaatgg aaacgtcgga ggttagacgg agaatggaca ggaccgaccc     87960
     cacagggcag agacgggcac taaacccaca tacgggtgcg tgtactcccc gcaaaatgtc     88020
     ccatgctgtg acctcaaaat gtgagagagt agagcatctc tagagaagaa aaggcacacc     88080
     aaagtagcca ctgctttcaa ctgttttatt gctaaactat catgatacaa gccgtataaa     88140
     aatactttac atatagcaaa aataaactac attaaactgg agatttaaaa cgttttgcat     88200
     aggaatgtga tgtattcaaa ctctgttttt aacagtcaag attttcaaaa cctaagcctt     88260
     ccagcgccac cgcatgagag aggacttgtt tgctggagaa cgagcaagga ccctctcaac     88320
     cttttctccc ctcggggggc tgtagaggcg acaggggtaa gtgaggtttt tgacaaggcg     88380
     tgtgtcagga tgcttagctt gtccctgcga cagcccccat ctgctcaggc cagtcagagt     88440
     gctgaaaaca cctgctaata ggaacagcaa catttgtacc cagagcctga accaggcagg     88500
     cagagtttat tttagttagc caactgtgta agggcaggct gttaaacctt tcttccagca     88560
     cccaacgccc cagctcattt tcagaggagc cggcttaggg aacaccacta gctctccaat     88620
     caccaaaaaa gttggttttt aaactgagtc aagactgtga tgttggctat aactcaatgc     88680
     actcttgaaa gctgagagaa actgatgcgt gtgatcagtt tcgagtgatg tggctttttc     88740
     tcaaacgttt agttggaaaa cagggaaacc acttggactg gcttgtttgg ctccaggaga     88800
     tgtaatgcgc aagccccaag cttggacgat tcagggttac gatgctttgg gtgccggctg     88860
     aggagctggc cctccaaaag ggagttcagg gaggtttacc ccagcttgtc aatgtcacaa     88920
     cccccgcgcc tcttgtaaac gtaaagcgaa caaagtcgtt caccagaccc ctgacactct     88980
     tttgattccg aacaaagaaa gcacttggaa agggtctgac atgaaactaa acagactcag     89040
     cctccctcta gtccggagcg acaaatgaga acacgtccgc ttcccatctg tctgcacctg     89100
     acagctctgg cacgggccaa ggctggcttc ctgagagggc tggcttggcc actggatgtc     89160
     atcaagagag gccacaccag tgcctcccag ttctgagagg gaatggactt gactcctcta     89220
     ggctgggtct ttgctggaaa actctggatg tcctttgggt aatgcatatg gcggtgtacc     89280
     cgccaggact cagctccgta aatgccgagg tgcacacctg ttccgtgaac ataactgtgt     89340
     taaatccccc accacagcaa ggcgggtttg ttagctcaaa gtcaccaact aggtcactta     89400
     ttgggggcat ctaaacactt tccacttctc ctcagtgaca tgatggaggt gcgaagctga     89460
     ggtcggcagc accctcaaat cacaaacagg tgctttcttg ctccgcagag ccccaccccc     89520
     ggcctcccgc ccccatcatt tctctggaga tgcatttctt ttgggagaca ggtgggcaac     89580
     aggctctgag gtgggatttt tggttttttg ttttttttct ggaatgatta acaaatttct     89640
     aagaatacat ccttttctct taagggaaaa aaaaatcatc caccaatatg taaaaagagg     89700
     cacttgacaa agatttctga ccacttataa atatcttcta attccaacaa ggatacggta     89760
     ttttgagaca gatgaaaaag cataaaaata cagataagaa aataaaattt aataacatat     89820
     gaatgaattt gggtcgctat tatatattat caagcagcag tatttttgta caatacagga     89880
     agacttgcaa actttggaaa tatactacat tcagcaacag gctaggtgtc tgtcagaagt     89940
     gctacatatt tacatgacct tggccctagc aagtgcaaac ctccacctaa cagatccttc     90000
     taacccacgt gcaacacacc catcaatagt tcacacatcc ttattgtctt tctctctgag     90060
     gacctattgc ctcttctcat cctgaaaata tttcatgagc agtttactct tggcaaaacc     90120
     tcctcctggc atgggtaact gacaaaactt tctcgattgc tgtccaagtc ttcacacacg     90180
     ttctttggcc tccaaactaa tgcttttctc tttcctttgc tatttggtat agttgtttat     90240
     aaaagtgctt cctataatat ccagctggat gtcttagaac aagagctcgt gagtgtatta     90300
     tacacacacg cacacacaca cgtacatata tacgtacagg aatttgaact actaggaggc     90360
     cctttgcact aacacggtta gaatagtgat ggaaaatgcg ttagtccgtt ttcaccccat     90420
     gcacaatgaa gctgagcaac tttgctacaa tagcaggaag gcgcttgggt aaaacattca     90480
     gataactgag gaaaggccaa attccctcat gtgcaaaaaa tggctcctag ccaggtcaag     90540
     tgagaacaga tcgctcacca aacactttaa cccttccccc gtgaagtcag tatggctgga     90600
     gagaaagttc tttaggtaaa gctgcttgta taaaggactt ttgattaagg agcaaggatt     90660
     ctacatccca gaagctttgt gtggcggtca gcttcttact ggcattctgc tcgtttaaaa     90720
     gaattgtgct aaactcggct tggggtggac agaaaagtcc cctggtgttg ggggaaaaga     90780
     aatgaccaaa aggttacatg cacatggctg ccaaggccac agcctggaca ttcggccctc     90840
     tcccgggagc tggggtcccc agggcccaag ttcccagccc aggtctcggg aaggttgtac     90900
     ctctgggtga tgagaaagcc agggcataga aaatccacag tgggccctta gctgccgcga     90960
     ttctcttctt agcaggaaga ggaggcctaa gtacagcctt ttggagaggc tagggctatt     91020
     tacactctgt gctgattact agggaagcaa ttaaatagct aaaaaggagt ccccggctgc     91080
     tcctggggtg tccacaagaa atgtaaacac atctgtgtga taaaaactca cctgccagga     91140
     gctgagaggc ttttatctat ctgtaaaaat tgcaccaaag gaggaagacg ctcgtgggtc     91200
     acaggtgcac tccacagagt gaagcgctgg gagaaaaatc acgcgtccca gacaagcggt     91260
     ctgagcggag cgcttcccac tgagggctgg gcgtgagtgg gcctgcttct cttggggtcc     91320
     ctttttgtgt tgtttgaagc agcgaatgca gatgtgtcct tgaggccgag gaggtggggg     91380
     ggaaggcgtt acatgggttc tggtgaaaat aacccgtcac ctttggggcc agatcctgag     91440
     cttgaccgct ttgagtctag gcctgaaagg gacttccgcc ctcttcccgg tggggggcgg     91500
     gggcgaccta cccatggaaa cacttgggcc cgccaactgc cacactgctt aactatttca     91560
     cttagcaaaa gtacctgcac ttattgttct acttatttcg gtggctttag tccttctgcc     91620
     atttcttctc aaaagtcaat gcacaagctt gagatacttc actgcttctg gagaagcgtt     91680
     ctggctgtta gaaagcggga gcatcaaaaa gccagggagc ctgtcgggcg gcagcagact     91740
     ggggtttgcc cagtgacggg agcctgtaac ctccaggccc agaccaggcg ctgcaggggg     91800
     gtggggctgc tggccggggt ggggggccca tccagcggcc cccccacccc ggtcagctct     91860
     tggaagcaga taagaaaaaa aaaaagcata cacatgtcat aacttaaggc cgagaaattg     91920
     taacaggtga tcttgtcgga gtcggtcagt ttttgcgtct gaatcagacc cttttaaatc     91980
     aggctgtgga ccaggcgatc cctatggagg accggccggc ttctctgccc ggaagctggg     92040
     tcacgttcct tgggtggctc cgtcggggag aactcctttc cctcaaagca tacgaggaca     92100
     gcgtcggggc ctgaagagat gaagccgagg ggctggggtg caatcgcagc gccccctccc     92160
     cgctccccca ccccccacag gctgtctact ctcaggcacg tgccggcggc agcagtcttg     92220
     tgcagagtgc atttggggtc agcaggcact tgaggatcag atgggacacc cgtgaagtca     92280
     accaggatgc tcttggggat tcagaacaga actcagcatg cagagggctc tctggcgtct     92340
     gcagagagag gtggtgctcc tgcacgggga ggtggctcgt ggtcagtacg tgcgtggtcc     92400
     cgcgtggcct ccgggccagg aggtggacac cagggagggc ggggggatgg ggagaaggct     92460
     ccgggggcgg ctgtggacgg tgtcttgctg atggctgctt ctacgtctga gtccgggcgg     92520
     gaggtcctga aaactccttc ctgataattt cattgactac aaaaggagag agagagaggg     92580
     agaggcgagt gagaggacac caaacacaca gatcaggtta gccttctcga acctaaaacg     92640
     accaggctat ctctgaaaaa gacatttggg ttccttgcaa taatgcatgt gacactcttc     92700
     gacataagaa atgccttcct accttgtgac ttccccaccc ccaccccatg acgacttttt     92760
     gcggtacaag tgtatgagtg aaaattgccc aaatggtaac ttaaaaactg cagtggcaga     92820
     aatggggttg ggccacgggg cgtgatggca tcaggaacat tctccttctt agtattgaag     92880
     gctctcctgt tattacgttg cccggaaaac acctgctgcc gtatgactac aaggcacttc     92940
     cgcgacccac aaaaccgacg gctctcaaaa gagagacctt taaaaagagt gggtgggcaa     93000
     agactagcca cccacacaaa cctgatctct ctcccttttg gcacaaccag gaattcctcc     93060
     cctccactgg tggacggtca gccatgagcc ttctcaagta ccaagagtct gccaggggct     93120
     ctgggaagtt cagtcacccc ctaccccaga aagatgcatg gcatttagca gggaatcaag     93180
     aatgccaggc cagccactgg cgtcaaggag ccagctctcc tcttccatcc tggccgccca     93240
     cccgaccccc ggttcttagc atcaaggcag taagatctga gaacaggggc tgttgcaaaa     93300
     aggtttcctc agtgttcttg ggggaaacgt cgccaccaag agcagcccag gaaccaggca     93360
     aggctgtgcc catgccttaa gctgtgtgtg tgcaccttcg gttttgcagc tggattgtgc     93420
     tgaccggtcc caggagcaga aaaggagacg agccccagca aaggcgcatg actctcccct     93480
     gccctccttc tgacactcaa ttcttcccac gggctcttcc cactttgttt tctcatctcg     93540
     gccttatcct aacattacgg ggggaagacg agccgtgagg gttaactgcc cagatgtgtt     93600
     tggagtctct ccaaagtcaa gctgggctct cctacgtcca gggtgctctt ccctggaaaa     93660
     cccctgcctg gatgagtctg caacgcccag cagcaggaga aagcaaatac gaacagctct     93720
     ggaactggat tagccaggtt tggctctcgg ctccctcaca atcaggctgt gtagctttac     93780
     ctctctgcct cagttttctc atctgtaaag tgggaatcat cagcatgagt caggactgtt     93840
     gtgaggattt gagcattggt gtctatacct gctcctagca tgaagccagg aaaagggtgt     93900
     tgagtagctg ttggctctgg tgggtagtaa cgcccccgtg ctttatgtgg gactctgtac     93960
     ccatgggctg ttttgtggca gaggccagcc aggcgttgct cacggttctt caggtctgtg     94020
     ctgaaagcct gtgcaggttc tagagccagg gggccagggc tagaacccca cctctgctgc     94080
     ttcctcgcct ggtgaacctt gcctgggtga tgtaacagct ttgggtctca gtttccccat     94140
     ctgtaaactg tgtataaaac tctggccttc cttccgtggt tgtggaggca cttaaatgag     94200
     ataatccaag gaagcaaata ctcacagtgc ccgctggaga gcaggcgctg gttcttagag     94260
     cgctgtggac acagcctctg ttccgacaca ttatgcagat ctttgggtgt ggatgtatga     94320
     ggctgtgtga gaataacggc catttctgac gcgtggacct ggatctacta cgaggaactc     94380
     agagggctga attcctgtgc tcagctaacc atcgttaatt gtgcactgac tgtgtaccgg     94440
     cttccaggca gctcccaggg cccctgaacc aggatctgga tcaagaaggg ccccatgtgg     94500
     ggcagggcag ccagggtctt cggggaggac agtgaggcag gagtgaaagc agagtgcggg     94560
     gatggggggc gggagatggg gggggggtgt cagtgtggct tcaggcgaag cttttcaaag     94620
     cccggattct gaagggtttc ctgttttctc aacctaggaa acgagaggag tcaatcctca     94680
     atggaaactt tccacaggct cagctttcta aaaatagctg gtgggcagag atgctggcac     94740
     cagagcactt gccaaagggt cggttccctt ctaagctcgg ggccgggttc agggctggga     94800
     ggtgggagtc tggcaggctt ccccctcccc gtggagggaa accatcctgg ctttctgaaa     94860
     gctaccttca ggtagggact aacagtcgaa tctagaaacc tggccaacat gctgtatcag     94920
     gaccttcatg tggccgggcg tggggccgtg gctgtgcacc ctggccccca gtgaggctcc     94980
     ctcctgcccc cttaaacctc tctgggcaga ggaaccttcc ctttttgaaa cctcagagct     95040
     cacaccacta gctgtggaca aggagaaagt tctagagcag aagcctctgc aacctcaaga     95100
     agtcacactg gaagggagaa gaggggtctc cagctgccct ttctttgtgt caatttcatg     95160
     actgtcaccg tggaatccct ccctcgtggg gaaaggatgc tccccactca gccctgccgc     95220
     cttgcgtctg acgtcctcac tctgcgcccc tgcgtgctca agtctccttt atccaccccc     95280
     cacccccacc ccctgccctg ggccgtcttc ccctgatctg gttcctgctc tgacctcgcc     95340
     tcctgctgcc ctccccaccc ctgctgcagc agaccgcacc agcttccgtt ctatgtgctc     95400
     cccacgccta gctcctgcct cagagcctct gtgcttgttg gtctccccta ccccctccag     95460
     gtctctcccc cccacccccc cgcaatgctt ttcttcccca cttcattcaa ggctctgctc     95520
     cgtcttgggg gaggtctgcc tggggggcca tccccagcac cctcaccctt gcctgcagtg     95580
     cttggtcccc ctatctcctg cattgatcag ttaatcatgt agagctttag tttctggctc     95640
     ccccgctatg tccctagctc ctgaagaagg cctccatgca ttagcaaggg ctcagcaatt     95700
     ggtactcatg aaggagaaac ctgggatttg gccccaggtc cgactctgag gtctgagtgt     95760
     tgaaacccgc tattcttgat cacagccatc agcacttcgt ttctttgagc atctagcctg     95820
     tgccaagctc tgtacctttc ttctcacctc ttcccaaatg gggccccggg cagttctcca     95880
     aatagcatcc ctcctgcccc attccagcac caccttcccc cacattcctc tcatgggctc     95940
     ccacctccag cagcaaatac caaaatgtcc taatgctttg cttgctcctc ctacaccacg     96000
     ttactggagt cacctgtaac cccactgtac catgcatagc agcacgcaca gagcaggtgc     96060
     ctaatgcatg tatcttagcc cactgcaagg cccccacacc ataagccttg gtcacttggt     96120
     ttagggaagc ggattttcct gtgacccaac gtacacatgg gtggtctgtt tgcctgtctg     96180
     gagccttttc ctccacaaaa gaatttaagc cattcacatt ttttgagggc taatgatatg     96240
     gtaggcacta tgctcattaa gccctgagtt acttctcaga ccaaacctag gaatttagtc     96300
     accctccttt atagatggag aagtagagac aggcaggcac ttgccatggc aggtgaaggg     96360
     gaggggtcag gatttgaacc tacggctcct tttattaacc tgtatgctat atggctcaac     96420
     catctaggca aaagggctgt gctacgaaat ttgctagcca tcacctttct tctgggccct     96480
     gggagcctcg gcctcttgtg tgtgactcag gaaaagccca agggcagcct ctaagttaac     96540
     aaagcagagg aggccgtgtg ctgagtggtt aaggtggtca ctgagcatca ctttctcaga     96600
     agagaattga ggccagcagt gttcggtctg ccccaagcac cctgaccttt tgttaccctt     96660
     agtgagagac acggtgatga aaacacggct gcggaatacg gctacaacct taggggcact     96720
     gttaagcctg ctgcccaagg ccgaagccag aaagaaaagg cagacagctc gaagtacatc     96780
     aaaattatta tgcatttctc tttgaaactt caaaaaagaa atctaatagt ttcagtatat     96840
     atgacaaagg ttgttcatat ataaagaggt gtgacaaatc aatagctatt ctttaaaaaa     96900
     tggctatggg caaatacata tacacacata cacacacaca ccaggggtca acaaactatt     96960
     tctgtaaaga gtcagataag agtattttca gcttggcggg ctatgtagtc ccttagcccc     97020
     ttactcaacg cctctaccat ggctatgtgc caataaaact ttacttaaca aaacaggccg     97080
     ggggctgcct ttagcctgag acgtagttgc cagcctctag tgtatacacc agtggcacag     97140
     aagaaaggaa agcagcgtat gctcgcgtcc ctagtttggg gggttggcac tgtggggaag     97200
     ccaatgcctt taacaacatc gttcctccaa cgactctcgg ttgactcgtg ttaaacctct     97260
     taaaagtgat gtccgtgagc atcccccgga aatttcgggt tcacttgcag gcccggccgc     97320
     ccatgtgctg acttttagcc gagctcagag gttctgaaac ttcacctggc agaagaatgg     97380
     ctctcagggt tacccacaga aacccacaca gacaggcttc agggactgtt taagagactt     97440
     tccagggaat tttgactctt ctaagccttc tcgccttgaa ctgctgccgt tggaactttg     97500
     tcccctgaga aagcagcaac aggaaggaga ggccaggcct catcctgttt ctctcccaaa     97560
     cctcaagcat gttttctaaa gtctggttac accatgtggg ggccctcgag ggctgggggg     97620
     ccggccgggg agtcactcct gaccagggag gcagaggctg agctctgggg accaaatggg     97680
     agcatctgag agtgaacgcc ttgcttcata gacccttggg gcccctgcca gagcgggagg     97740
     ggggcgaacc agaaagccca cgcagtgttc tctgtatggt ccgcccctgt cctaactgct     97800
     cttacagcaa cgcgactctg aaggccaagg gcaaactctg gggcccaaac tctgccctga     97860
     gcgccaggcc tgtttccccc acaagaggct aaggaggaaa gtcacccctg tgacttgggt     97920
     atcagaatgc tttccactcg ctaagtgaag cccaaccttc cctcccctcc cggccctccc     97980
     ccatgctcca gggggatttg ggagaagatc tttccagaag ggcccagcca ggccagactt     98040
     tagaggctca gtggaaagga taaaaaaccc ttgataggcc tgtggcccaa agccgtgggt     98100
     ggggtccgca gagctacgtg atggtcaaaa ttccctctga ggcagcgcag ctcagagcca     98160
     gctcgccccg gttcccgggc cccccgaggt caggagcact gccaacttct gacagcggga     98220
     aggaagaagc gcgtgaaaaa ggccctttga ctgaggggct gacactcagc actgatactg     98280
     cggctgcctt tctatcaccc cgatgccctg ggtatgaaac cctcgggagg tactcgggca     98340
     cctggtgggt atccagccaa tgtgcgctgg gttcctgctg ccttttggct gttaatgggg     98400
     ttggagagtc accaggggag aatgtgccag ggaccctccc cccacgaagg tcggagggtg     98460
     ggggagctgg ctcacatctc cccggccccc gccctctggg aaaggcttcg gggatgtcag     98520
     ccccgccgct gccgccgccc tgtgcactaa tgtacgcggc agctgatggt tatttttcca     98580
     gggttttcac agtgggacgt cagtgtgatg ctgcggggtc tggcttggga ggccgtgaac     98640
     cccttttcac ggacaggtgg acaatttgaa agctactgcc cagcaggagg cccgtaaccc     98700
     agcaacactg atgctggctg acttccggcc ggcgagtgct caccacgtgc tgggcgcagc     98760
     gggcaccgaa gccgaggaac agcagtagca gcccaacagc caaggcagag aaaggtagtg     98820
     acaccctccc tgtcccaggt ggactctttt cccctcagag ccgcctgctc cctgtgctat     98880
     aaagtctatg gtagcgccca ggctcttctg tgagggccca gagtccggag tggatggagg     98940
     ggctcccctg cttgtagcta aggcgagggg ctcggctaag aaaaccacac tcggctctag     99000
     cccagttcct gaggccggtt tcacatccag aacctaagcg gtgaacgaac accttccaaa     99060
     gggcacaaga gagcccccgg ggaggtgggg ctgagagctg atgagcccac gactagaaat     99120
     tacctaaggc cccggggaat aggaggcttc tgggctacct gccccttctc gttcccccag     99180
     tgcagactgt cccaccacgg atggagagca ttccttaact gggaacacca agcaaagtgt     99240
     acaaaaccaa aaaggagctg gacagggcag gagcggaact tccacagact ggaacccaac     99300
     ccggcactgc tgtcggcaca gggggagggg cccctgggag agcatgcaag ttcccagagc     99360
     ctcctcgcca cccccgactc cccaccccag ccctggagaa cctcaggttt gccccccagg     99420
     gctgtcccct tacagaggag tggggtcgaa ccctctagga aatgctggaa gatgagagag     99480
     ggccttcaga tggtaaagtt ttgttttact aaaaaaaaaa aaattcaagt taaggaaaca     99540
     cacagctgga aaacacaagg aaaggcagaa gatatcaatt acctttaact ttgatttctc     99600
     ggatcaaaga tcacagtcat tctgtttcat aatatgtttt gtatccagct aaggtgtgtg     99660
     tctatcagct ctgaaaaaga tttgcaaaac catttttgag aagaaaaaaa aatcaccttc     99720
     gacctctatt atgctcccaa ctcacactaa tagtatccat ttccagagca gctcttaacc     99780
     cagggccact caaaacccag gctcgaactc aaccctctgg ctctagttta agccccgcat     99840
     ctgtcttatt ttaacaattg tgccagaatt aacccccaaa ccaggctaat tatcactgag     99900
     atgagggact ttgagttcag agatccctag ttctttgcac aaaattcagc ggcaagaaga     99960
     tggtggcttg agggtttttt tttttttttt ttaagccaga caaaaatggc tcagttgctg    100020
     gtctatcata gggtttcaaa tcatggccaa ctaaagggat agaataacac tggcatcagt    100080
     tgcaaagaaa atcagaattt cttgatggat ctactcaaat gtaatcctcc tccttcaggc    100140
     tttgatatag gctacatctg acccctgctt ccttatgagt gatacaacct cagtgcacat    100200
     gcaaattcct gagactgtat gctttcttcc tgtttttctt tggtcgacag cacccttcag    100260
     aagtgtagtt gacaggcgtt caattatatc agattctctc ttccctttta aataaccctg    100320
     ctctacagct tttaaaacac tggcttttcc cattcctttc attttttttt tttttttggt    100380
     tttgtttttt gttttgtttt tttgcttttt agggccatac ccacggcaga tggaggctcc    100440
     caggctaggg gtcccatcgg agcggtagct gccaaccaca gccacagcaa cgcccgatcc    100500
     gagccgcatc tgcaacctgc actacagctc atggcaatgc cagatcctta acccactgag    100560
     cgaggccagg gatcaaaccc acaacctcat agttcctaat tggattcatt tccacagcac    100620
     catgacggga actcccccat tccttttaaa tggccaaatt agaaggccag agtctgtttt    100680
     gaatacttgc tttagaaaga ctttctggga ttaatttctt gcagggagtg gtccagcgtt    100740
     ttacgagaca cagctttatc tgcatcatta ggacaaaata accagcttcc tgctgctcct    100800
     ccttagtggg tgggaacgca gtttggacca ggcatttcgg gccatctcct gaagcaaaaa    100860
     ggcccctggc cagtcccagg tgcttgggcg ggatggcagc tcctgcgccg tgcttgcctg    100920
     tctgtcctac atgccggcca gttcccattc tgagagcaga ggccttgtct gaccactcag    100980
     agccttaaaa taacacctct gtcccatcaa gggccaaatt aatgtttcca gcccagccct    101040
     cactcctgaa tttcaacctt ggatctctaa ctgccccctg ggcatctcaa actcaacagg    101100
     gtcagaacca cgctgctgac tgtcactctt accgccccct gcttccggtt gttcaggtca    101160
     atctcggtca cagcccacat cccctccaga tgcaaatgct tctggattta ccctcaaaat    101220
     agagccggaa accaagagcc tctaccacct cctgtctggc tccctcacct gtctccttgc    101280
     ctctgtgctg ggctctctgg ttgccaccca acagcaggcg gtacagttgg aatttaaagt    101340
     agagcacatg gctcacttga ggggagaaaa aaaaccagct ccaaggtgct aaaatggcca    101400
     agacgtttgc acttgaccca tgcggaccct tcagttagca ggtgccctgc aggtgtccta    101460
     ggtcacaccc ttggagcagc agtttcaatc aaagtggaac cctggggacc aggctgccat    101520
     ctgccggtcc ccaggaagcc caggcccgct ctgtctccac cccaccccac cccccatcaa    101580
     gtgttctgag cgtttctaaa gcatcatcct gatcagttgg tctgcagcct tttgaggtgc    101640
     agcttcatgt ttagtcatga agtttcattc ttgaattctc tgcttcctgg gggaaggctg    101700
     gcaccaagag ccgaagcaag ggtctgtttt cattcaacta aggccctgat ctccaccact    101760
     cacctccctg caaccacccc gcttgggagg gggctgatca cgtgccgtct ttaatcctcc    101820
     cagctctctc tggggaggcg gggggttggg gggaggctca cttctcaggt caagtgtctg    101880
     aggcacagaa agatggagtg acctgcccag gaatgaccct ggctctacgg gtgccaggcc    101940
     cgggtcaggg cttctacctg catttggaag gtcatcaagc ctgggggtaa atgccgtttt    102000
     gcatccgaag ggcttgacac aaaagcagtg tgtcaatcca cccctgtaag tctcacgacc    102060
     tctccctgag cctcagtttc cccgccaaat gggatcagtg aacctccctg gagagatggc    102120
     tgcaaggact tgatgagatg acggtgctgg cttattagtc ctgggcaggt gtttatggac    102180
     cggtaaagaa ggagaacaga agaatgcgag tgaaaaggca gggaaggaga caggccaggc    102240
     caggcagagc acaattctat ttccctagtc tcacggatta gagggtaagt tagggtacgg    102300
     attggaaacg gttcaccaat gaatcaacac agataaacat gaaagcacaa ggtctcaaca    102360
     gctcagatac agaaatacac aatctgtcac cttgaccaag cacacaacta gcttccagcc    102420
     acctgagagc ataggcacat gtctttaagc gggatggcgt tagagcagaa ggcctgtgta    102480
     cacctgtgtc ataggaatta gaacgggtcc aaggtccact gagtttaatg gttctataat    102540
     gaaaatacca gtgtcccgac cagtgtggaa catgcatctt ctccattctc cactttttcc    102600
     gtgatgaccc atcaacttac aaacaactca gaccttctct aggctcagct gccctgcctg    102660
     ggaagactaa gcaactgcat gaatgcagat ctgagctgag ctcatctgcc ggccctttcc    102720
     tccaattcag cagaatttct tccgatgaca tgcagcaaag aggcacctct cctctcgagc    102780
     aaccacacgg cttctaaggc agcgaccaca ggcaggaaag cattctaaac aaaccacact    102840
     ggcttccgcg tcctcctgcc gttttatcac tgccccggcc ccaaacctct gctgagaggc    102900
     agcagccacc aagccagccc tgcaaaagga gccgttgttg ccttttttaa aaacaaaaag    102960
     aataatggta aaaaacagaa gcacaagaaa agaaacagtg ctccaaaccc acagctcagc    103020
     ctgcaatcgc aaatgagatg ctaagattga tcccgaaaca tgtgggaagc cgtcgtcctc    103080
     tctgggggtt ggagggaatt cagcaagcat ttatgataag acatgtgcgt gtccttggcc    103140
     ttgctgatgc aggagagggg gcagtgaagc aggcgggtcg agcgctccag ccggatgagg    103200
     ggctggaagc ccagagcagg aggtcacctc tcttgtcaca cagtgccaga gaagttcctc    103260
     gtggcctctc agaaggggcc ccaagcccca ggcctgcctc tggagacctc tcctttgaaa    103320
     accagcacca cccctgctgc ttagaaagga cttgctggct atgtaccgac tcctccagcc    103380
     tcgtctccgc ctccccctgc cataaattca ccttccagat cattcgatgt ccttccgtac    103440
     gtgtcacaac ctgctcacag cacagggccc cccaacccca gccaagaagg ttacccctcc    103500
     agacacccac ctgttccaaa gccccacaga agcccgcatc ccgagaggag gcagtcccct    103560
     cttcgtggtc acatcagcct gaggcatttt gtcctgaaac cttcccccag atgatttgag    103620
     tcacatctgc ttccctctca ggtccctcag cccagtttgg tgtgagaatt gatggacctg    103680
     cagactgtcc ccagcaagca cctggcaagc cctcaccctc gggcccaccg actggcacca    103740
     actcccacca ccagcctgag gagggggagg agggtgccag gccaagcacc cgagggacag    103800
     cagataaacc tgggacccct gggctcccca gccgaccccg cccaggccca agaagtcact    103860
     agctgcctgg aaagaaactt caccaggttc aagcaggaac cagacctgct cctacatctc    103920
     tctcaaagag agtcagaggc ccaggcctgg cactgatggc tctcaacgca aaagctgcct    103980
     ggagtgacca gcacagactg tgtgtgtctg tgacactacg ccagctctcc cgcaggtacc    104040
     ttaaccctcc caggtcacgc agacagagcc ccaactcctg cctcaccccc gatgaaacct    104100
     ttcggcgata cagtccttgc tatggactga actgtgcgcc cagcttgccg tgctgaggcc    104160
     ctggccctcc cagtgacagt gtctggaggt gggcctctga gaggcgatga gggttggatg    104220
     agaccgtgag ggtgggccct cctggtggcg tcagtggaga caccagagag cttgtgtgct    104280
     tgggccctgg gctcagccgg aaggcatcca gtcaccagaa ccccgtcacg ccagcagcct    104340
     gatcgcagat gcccagcctc cagagctgcg agaagactca tttctgctgt tgacaccact    104400
     cagtctgtgg acgcggtcat ggtggcctga gctacgacac tcctgcaagc cccattctgc    104460
     ccgagagcat ttctaagatc cccgtggctc agagggcagg ctgccagcga agccgctgag    104520
     cttaagagct tgcccaaggt cacactcagg ggcagggttg gaactgggag caggtgcggg    104580
     tgcggcccca cccccaggcc ttctggccac ctggccctgt gccgggaatg ctgcctcttc    104640
     ccgttatgtg tctgaatcct agaatcctac tcctctgcct acatccagcc tcaagggctg    104700
     cccgggttcc cctggccacc agccccttct cctgtgcctg ccctctgctg atctcacaaa    104760
     ggcagccctt ctgagcctga taaggctgca cggctctgcg ggtggtggcc agagatgacg    104820
     cagatgaggg gctgaagcgc agccgagagg agctcacacc tgggacaggc tggggtcaaa    104880
     tccagcctgc cgtggacttg atcccctggc cccatctcca cctgcctgca gaaagtgggc    104940
     aataatggtt cttaatttta gagggaattt taacaatttt agagggaatc aatgagttga    105000
     cccatgatgc tgtgaacagc atctggcatg tgagccaatt gtttaacgtc ttgggcctca    105060
     gtttcctcat ctgtaaaatg ggaataacaa cgtgcatccc agagatgctg ggcactgcgt    105120
     acagttgaca cgatgccaag tttaaaaaaa aaagtgttaa tagctattaa tattaacatc    105180
     atcagtacac atccgtccac cccacagaga acacgtggtt gacagactgg attgcctggt    105240
     ggccagacca ccttctttca ccaaagcact ttcaccatgg aagccattgc tgaattttca    105300
     gaacgggtag gtctgaggtc agctcagctg ccagagatgc gttgtcacat cctgccgagg    105360
     gtgggggggc cctcccaggc caccctaccc cgtgcactgc ctgcctgggc cagcgacaca    105420
     cagaacagcc tctgagtcac cagtattctg caaaccagag gtccccggaa gccagccctg    105480
     gcagcaggcc tgcttggtcc ccagcagccc ccacatcttc ccagcaagac cctggggctt    105540
     acgagaaaaa tgccgcacct cgtcccaacc tgtcctcagc tctcgggatg agtaaacatg    105600
     gcagttctga ggctcctgtt tcgagtaaga agctgaggtg ctaactggga ggagggcaga    105660
     tcgggtgccg ccaggaaggt gccaagccct ggggggtgga ggaggccccc tgcctgagcc    105720
     agcctccggg gaggcacact cgtcctgctc tggtcgagtc cacgtctctc atctccattt    105780
     cccagggcct cagtcccagc aacctccccc aggcctaccc ttcacccgag tcagacttgg    105840
     atgcagcact ccaaatccac atgcagcgcc accgcatcga ggccaagagg gtggtgcctg    105900
     agctgctccc caagcctggg agcttggctg cttggaaaga caagggcagg aggttaagtc    105960
     catctcctcc acagtttcta aaggaccgca tgtgcacagt gggcgccttc tatgcttgta    106020
     cgcagggccc tctctctcac aggtatcatc tcatttacag ccgctgacag ttctgtaagc    106080
     acgtgccagt gttcacggaa gcttcgcatt agctggatca gggcgaaccc cacaggtgca    106140
     ggcattggca cagcccttct gtggcacgtg attaccatgg tgatggatcc tggttcgggg    106200
     ggagggttag catggctcag gctttaagga ccccgaatct tgaagcccaa gacaagacaa    106260
     cgtcaatgcc tcactgggac ctcatctcgc ctttgctgcc atagccccag caccagcgac    106320
     agagcccagc acatagtagg tgctcaataa aaatttcatg gcaaaatggt tgaatgaatg    106380
     aacgaaacac aaactcctaa ccgactggga tataatcaga atttgcccag ttaggtctgg    106440
     ttttcaacgg tctccaggga actggtctga aactccagga aggaagttgc tggccagctg    106500
     ttctattaac tgtacgtgaa acctcctcat acatgtagta gaataaaaat taccattatt    106560
     ttattattta tatggcactt ttctacaaag cacgtcacaa aatattactg taatccccac    106620
     agtaatccca gagagtaggt tgactgtccc tattttatag atgaagaaac tgaggcacag    106680
     agagatgaag gaatataccc agcttctaca actacgaggt agccgagcca ggattcaagc    106740
     ctacccagtc tggctcaagc tattgaagat gggaattctt ttgcaattat catctggcca    106800
     ccagaaccta cttcttctca tgcaactcag aacaaagact ggtccttggg agacctcaac    106860
     tttcatcagg gttacacagt agaagtcacc catatagtat ttcaaggaaa aatagagatg    106920
     agatagcatg catctggggg gatgaactgt aagcagcaaa gagtggcctg gcccctttcg    106980
     gaccgtgatg ccaagcctga ggcacatatc taaggggtga gatggtgcta gagtatcata    107040
     agccctaaag tagaaccaaa tcctgagatt cagagaaaaa aggcagcttc ccagatgtaa    107100
     ctggaggctc ccagcttgct tctgttggca gtattctcca gcaaaagagg aaaattgaag    107160
     ctctctcccc acaaaaccac cggcaacctg tatttctgga ctcaaggtgg tggcactctg    107220
     attctggcgt tgggctctga cagcataaaa ggcatcctct ctccaaagaa aagaataacc    107280
     atctcagcct ccagtcaggg acctatctga cggggaaacc caggttatcc cagagggtga    107340
     cagaggtgag tggccaccag actgcagcta tccacagcct tctagttaga attccccttg    107400
     gatggatttt tccatcccac ccaacccact gctgggaccc aggggatccc acttggcttg    107460
     gagcaaggac actcctttaa gatggaggat tattttcttc cttactctcc tctagtccct    107520
     ccagccttcc ttctacactc taaatgcacc aagctcgccc cagggccttt gcacttgctg    107580
     ttctctctac caaggctgct ctttccttag atatttgcaa ggctctatca gccagatctc    107640
     tgctcaaatg tcacctcctc tcggaggctc cccttatgga atagcactca tgccacccac    107700
     cactctctgt tcccctctac cctgctttgc cttttttcat agcgcttgct ctatctggtg    107760
     gtattgttta tgtttagact gaagagggca gggactcgga gccttgttgt tgcctgcagt    107820
     ccccagcagg gcacaataaa tagctggtgg gtgaacaaat gattaaggaa cgatggaaca    107880
     aatgaatgga tgagctatgg cctcggagga ttggcagccc agcatgaacg tcattgaggc    107940
     caaacacggg ggctctaacc tctgtctctg cagagcagat tccgagacaa acagcgacaa    108000
     atcatgctcc gctgtcataa gggagaagcc ggggcctcta agcgctcagc cgcgggtccc    108060
     cgcctggctc ctgactagtg aaatccccgc tcagaacctg cacacccaca aagcacctgg    108120
     cgccccgtga ggcgctcagc cggcagagcg aactgggcca tggatgggct gatgacacag    108180
     ctgtggggct gggtccccaa cctcaagctt tgttttccac tcagtccgac ttcaaggaga    108240
     aagtgtctct ccacttggga acaactctat cctgagctca tttcacacgc cagctgggat    108300
     gtggctggaa attgcccatg aaaagaccac agcgggaggc cggttttaag agcagcgcgt    108360
     cctcaggaaa ccggaaagtc tcagaatcag agggtcggcc tttgcagcca cagcccctgc    108420
     catcctggcc ctgagtgcac gcacgcctgc tgggctttcg ggggcagggg gcaggtttag    108480
     ggagcagcct ggtgacctgg gaagggtacc ccggcccgcg cagcagagtc agaggccaga    108540
     acgacagtga gaggtggctc caccttgact tctgttacga aagatgacct tgagcagatt    108600
     ttagaagaac cccacagaac gtcagcactg cacaaggtcc atttcccccc actgaggctg    108660
     aggatttgag gccattctgt gcagcttgac aggctgactc tccgtgtctg cagacaagca    108720
     caaggatgct ttctggggag taacgagctg gagaccaaac ctaccagaaa atcaagacca    108780
     tctacaaagc ggccgtaatc aagaatggtc gcaggggacc agctcatccg ggaataaagc    108840
     caagggaccg gcaacgcagg gacgaggcct gcgcttatgt ggaagctgta tttacagcat    108900
     gaatggatcg caggcctgtg gggaagggat gacttcgcag tagatggtct ggggccactg    108960
     cttatcccca aggaaaacaa tgaacttaga accgtaggct atactggcta caaaactcaa    109020
     gttcagggag ttcccatcgt ggcacagcag aaacaaatcc aactaggatc cgtgaggttg    109080
     tgagttccat ccctggcctc actcagtggg ttaaggatcc agcattaccg tgagctgtgg    109140
     tgtaggttgc agacgcggct tcgatccagt gttgctgtgg ctgtggtgta ggccggcagc    109200
     taccgctctg atttgacccc tagcctggga acctccatag gccacaggtg cagccctaaa    109260
     aagcaaaagg aaaaacaaaa cacaaaccca agtctaggtg gattacaaac ttaagtgtga    109320
     aagataagac tggaacgtat ctggaagaca atgcaggaga agctctcttt ataaggtcag    109380
     ggtgagagag gacttcctaa gccctgcccg tccagtcttg aggggcatca gattcactgc    109440
     aggcctcgca caagcgcagc ttgctgggcc caaccctggc attgcagatg cagtgggtct    109500
     gtgggtgggg cccgagaatt tgcatttcta acaagtgccc aagtgacgca gacgctgcca    109560
     gttcagtagg acttttccag tagcacggtc ccaaaagaca ctcaaaaaag cgcaaacctt    109620
     gcccaaactc aacataacta cattaagagt ctgttcgggg aaagataccc acgttacacc    109680
     cagagctttg caaacatttt tttgtttttt tgtttttttg gtctttttat ggctgtacct    109740
     gcatatgaaa gttcctaggc taggggtcaa atcagagcta cagctgctgg cctgtaccac    109800
     agccatagca aagcaggaca caagccaagt ctgtgaccta caccacagtt catggcaacg    109860
     ctggctcctt aacccactga gcaaggccag ggattgaacc tgtggcctca tggatcctag    109920
     gcgggttcgc taccgctgag ccatgatagg aactcctgca aacactttaa agatcttaca    109980
     gaatcaaaca ctgggaggat gcagagccag gaaattagct cactgtggct gatgggagta    110040
     tgaactggta caaccgcttt ggaagacaat gagcattgtc taaccagcag atgtgcagcc    110100
     cagtgaccaa gcagtctcac aggtagcaac tcctctgtgt gggtgccctg ggagacagaa    110160
     aaagaacatt ctggaaagca cggtctgtac cagcatgggg gaaaaaatct ggaaacagcc    110220
     aactgtccac catcggcaga atgggaaaat gagctctccc gtgaacgacg acgcaatgga    110280
     gacgaggaaa gaactacaaa aacgacaaca tacgaatacc aagaacatcc caggaaagca    110340
     aacagccaga agactgcaga acggctgcat ttatgtgaag ctcacaagca cgcaacatca    110400
     agtggtaaaa ccatttggaa aagggaaaat cacaaaggca caagagagcg agcagtgagt    110460
     ctaaggtggg agggaagaaa ccacattccg aacggcaggt tcaatccggt gcctccgcgg    110520
     gaggaacaca cgagggagcc tcgccccaaa cctccaactc agtctgatcc agctgctcgt    110580
     ctccctcctg ggggacagga agtgccaagg acatggcaac acccatcgac ggcacgtcag    110640
     ggctgccatc agccaaaccc agcctgtgtg caaaccactg ggctccttcg acgccaagac    110700
     ggcgagaggg gaaggacgag gggggcccgg acggataaga gaaacagaaa acccatttca    110760
     aacaaccccc gtgggcgagc ctgccctgga tccagagtct gacaaacggg gaaagaaaac    110820
     tttgggtatg tatgagaatt tgagcgccga gtttgctatt aaggggttat tttaacacac    110880
     aactgtacct aaaataggta aacaacaagg acctactcta cagcacagag aactatattc    110940
     agtatctcgt aataactgag aaaagaatct gatggagaat attcgtatga ctggatcact    111000
     ctgttgacca ccttaaacga agatatggta aatcaattat atttcaattt ctaaaaaaaa    111060
     gttttaaata caaaaaccaa ttaggcaaaa aaagaattat tttaggtatg agaatgaaaa    111120
     tcaaagaaaa gttttctaat gaatcctctt gtagagaaac acagctggaa ggtttgcaaa    111180
     taaaatgttt tcaaaagcag acaagcgcaa aagcaacgct ggtgttcttt ttctttaagc    111240
     tcggggtagg tacatggtat ttttctgtgt tgttattttt tatttctcac ttatatttaa    111300
     tgaagacaat ctgctatttc aaggaaggaa gaaggaagag aggagggagg gaggaggtgg    111360
     ggaaggaaac ggcaagaagc aagaaggaag acaagacaga tcacctcgca cctaccgtgc    111420
     aagaactggc ctggggaaca accaccgcgt gccccatggg gagtcaggga gggggcctcc    111480
     tggtacactt ggggcaggag aaggtcacct cctctgagaa gccctccctg atagaccctg    111540
     tcccaaatct ctcgtagcac ctatttctct ccttcacggc atgcctctcc atcagagata    111600
     catgtctctg ttgtattcgt gatccttccc attacactgt aagattcaca gcgcagggac    111660
     cgcccctcag tgacccagca cctgtcagtt gactcagctg gccatgcccg tcgagtgact    111720
     gggggctggc atgttccaag cacttgctct gtgctgggtc ctggcctaag aaagctacat    111780
     gcattagcca tgccggattc acaagccctg gcgagttggc cctattatcc tttattccca    111840
     ttttgcaggt cagtaaacca agactcgcag ggacacagca gcaggtgtct gggccaggat    111900
     ttaaacgcag gtggggattc cagggcgcca acttgagacc actctaccct gccttcctgc    111960
     ctcgccaaaa aatgttggct taatgcaaaa aaacagaagc cctttgttca agcctaaaat    112020
     gaccagcgtc aaccactgag aacctgattg attgcgccag tttttctctt ccgctagccc    112080
     gttctaggtc ctgggctgtt cctttgcatg cacattttca gctgcactcg cgagcctgca    112140
     taccacacac acacacacac acactcacac atgcacacgc acacaactac atgtagccat    112200
     attaacaaac cattcatgta agttaccaag tcaacactct tcgacttgct ttctgcctgg    112260
     cacttaacag gtaggtaccc agcaaaagtg gtgagtgaaa ctgactaaac tgcaggaaat    112320
     ttgggccagg gtgccaaacc ttccaacata gaaactagag gtggcagcct ccgtgggcaa    112380
     acacccccgc ccattctcgc tacgatccac accacccccc cgcccccggc atgcatgagc    112440
     cctcgtgggt ggaaactcga agctcccaca ggagggggcc ctaaccttat cagtcactcc    112500
     tatttcagca ggaattactt tcaacagatt gctctccctc ctgccctgca gccaacacca    112560
     gccatgcaga gggaactgct aaaggttagc agctccctca gagcagcagg tgccccaggg    112620
     ctgtgatcca gagtttgcat tcgggaaact cttcccaggg gggtcctgac cacggtcagt    112680
     gcccggagcc cacagtgggg tgagcgccca agacctgcac actccgacat caaagagcag    112740
     cggggatggg ctgggggggg cagcgaccaa aggggtggcg actgcaaatg gggccaaaga    112800
     cctcgccccc tccccagaag cgacaggaag ccagcctggg gctggtcccc tcggctctgg    112860
     acggcgtgag agggagaagg gagttcctgg gcggaggtgt gaatttctca gaagtctgga    112920
     aaacacaagg ctggtttctg gtttctgccc acagaaacac ctggaaccac agggggaggg    112980
     aggccccgct ggctgggaga gcccaggcca ggcccggggt gcaaacacca cactgttaac    113040
     agggggaggg aagccccggg ccagctctga tgcccagtcc agcacatccc aggccaccgc    113100
     ctcaggctcc cgccagctgg gcccacgggg atgctgcctt catgagggtt agggggctgg    113160
     aaggcggcag gcagccagag cgatggggac ccgagagcct gtggccggcc tcctggcatg    113220
     caaagcggga gagcgatatg ggtctccctg caaaaaaaaa aaagcgcttc agagtccaaa    113280
     gggagccgag gccaagcaaa caaggaaaca ggggaccggg agggcagcac gaggctgcac    113340
     cgacccagcg agagcagctg ccctgctctt cagggagcct gctcctgggt tgcacaaccg    113400
     tttccatggc acttggtttt gctgtcacaa caacctcagg atggcccggc gctgggcagc    113460
     gcagaggctg gaggtgagaa acggcttttc tagcaggccc cgcagccagc acatttttga    113520
     aggcctgccc cacctggtcc tcagactctg cctctgtcaa gtccgtcggg gggccgtctg    113580
     aggcctgggg agcgtgacag gaggggcgag ggagggggca tggacccact ggagccttcc    113640
     aggctgtgcc cacggaagcg tgctgccctc actgccaccc cacaaaggac cagcaccttc    113700
     acttttgaaa acgccaggcc ggccagatca tgccccacgc atcgtaagat gccccgattg    113760
     ttacaatgaa cagaatttaa acattgccag agaggttgaa ggtgactggc taacatgtta    113820
     cgtttaaagc ctattattaa acatttatca cttcacttct gcgattctcc ttttggatta    113880
     gtctattcct ccacccctac ccctgcattt ctcggacttt ttctcaggcc ttttgaaaac    113940
     ctcacagccc ttgcttccaa agctgtccgg atgaggcctg attttaggac caggacacaa    114000
     accatctccc caggttgtgt acgctgtccc gccctgccag caggtgcttc agagttgttt    114060
     atttgtactc ctgaaggaat acgtggcatc tttcccccca gaaaacctac acaaggcaca    114120
     tctacgtaat tacttgctgg ctgtgccacc ttgggtcaat tacttaacct ctctggacca    114180
     gtttcctcat ttataaagcg ggaatagtct ttgcctcatg gggctcttat gagtattaaa    114240
     tgagttaata caatgatgtc ttagaagagt gcctaataag tattaggtgc tatcatcatc    114300
     attaaaaaga agtattattg tggcagctgc atggtgacta gttttaaatc atggaaacct    114360
     caggcagcac gtgatctcgg tttcactctg gggtactcgt tcaattccac ggacgtgtgg    114420
     tgagcgtctc acatgtaggg aagtgggcta gactctgccc aaaggggaca tcagaaaatg    114480
     cagttgaggg tcccctagca tgtgcaaagt cagcccaggg gcaggcaggg tacagacaag    114540
     tcaggggcag cagtccttag cacgtggact tgagcggggg agggaaaaaa cacacagaaa    114600
     cacctgacag gtgtgtgtaa tcaacagcaa ctccagggac caggtgtgtc tccaggctcc    114660
     gaggaagagg agaagcccat ggccgcacgg agaagagcct cgaaatgcca gtcagatttc    114720
     aaaaggcacc agagggaggg gagggcgtcc aggcggagga tacggtgcag gcagaggctc    114780
     aggggcaaga agatcgcagc acagtcccgt gtcctccact caaagccggg aggggtgggc    114840
     gagaaggacg gatgattctg catccaaacc gtgggagatg tgcccctgag tggaattaaa    114900
     actgtctact tctaaattcc tttttaaaaa cattagcttc tagggtcatt tctagaacct    114960
     gaaatgtgtc ccttccttgt aattttcctt aaaagtaaat atgagcatgt gacaaagacg    115020
     gaaaagcatc cagaagcata agaacacaaa catcagaagg tccccccttc tgctcctgtc    115080
     cccagctgct tggtaccccc tgctgactct tatttttttt ttttttggtc ttttttttta    115140
     gggccactcc tgcagcatat ggaggttccc aggctaaggg tctaattgga gctgttgcca    115200
     ccagcctatg ccacaacaac gcgggatccg agccgtgtct gcgacctaca ccacagctca    115260
     cggcaacgcc gaatccttaa cccactgagc gaggccaggg atcaaacccg caacctcatg    115320
     gttcctagtc ggatttgtta accactgagc cacaacggga actcctgccg actcttattc    115380
     acagatactt aggttgcttc tgatcgtctg ctggtatgaa caagactgca agcaacgtcc    115440
     tgcagcccac acgcagcagg ggcccggaga gccggggcca ggatccctga catcaaggct    115500
     cactgtcgtg cctgagcaga tggcctcgac ctggaactgg agggaagata ctaaagaagg    115560
     gttggcaggt cccaaaggca gagactaggt cctttctatg accctggacg gaggatgatg    115620
     atggcgagga agacgacaag ccgacaggcc ctctacccac cgtgggcaga ccctgctaca    115680
     ggcgctttcc taggtcattt cacctaagcc tgaagcactg ctgttatccc catcttaata    115740
     cagatgggac actgaggtcg cagacactac gtcacttgcc taaggccaca ccttgggggg    115800
     agggacagaa agagcagggt tgggtgtgag ctccctttag cgctgattga acctggaatt    115860
     cttgtagggt atccacgcag gtgtgtctgg gcaggcaggc agcttggtga gtctggcggg    115920
     caagctactt ttctggagtc tcggccgata cggccagtga agggcccaag gtgaatgctc    115980
     cattctgtgt atgaattgaa tcccgatcat tctctcacac aaatgcctcc aacagctcac    116040
     actcctgggc ctcgagcttt gtgacctgag acaaacctcg gcctcgcacc tccctcgctg    116100
     gtctcacagg tgtgattcgg agatgaagat tagtctctgc cttcccgagg tgctcattaa    116160
     gtggggggga ctgttgttag cttataatta cttccggtac ttgcccgcct ggcaaacaca    116220
     ccctcaacct gcaaccttcc ccctgccagc agcttccctt ccctcccgga gtcaaaccca    116280
     aagttcccgc tgcggccgct gaggccgtct gccgtccagc cttccctcag aatcgccctt    116340
     tcacacatct cctggtcaag aatctcagct gcccagccct ttctgcaacc ctccacacaa    116400
     accaggcttc ttcctagcac tggtccattg acacgctgtt ccctctgccc ggaatgccct    116460
     tcccccgggt cctcctgcag ctcgcagctc tctcagctca ggacgcctcc tcaaggaacc    116520
     tgtcccatga ctgcctcggc cgaagctgca ccctccctcc atcacctggc ttgctttatt    116580
     cagagcactg agcacatctg cagttctcct gacctagtgg ttggcttttg attaacgtcg    116640
     tctctggagg cttgctcaga ggaggaccta ggtccgctgg actcacggct gtgtccctgc    116700
     acctggcaca aagcccagaa gcagctggtg cccagtgaag cgtctttcaa agaagggagg    116760
     cacgaagggg cacctgttga caagccgaga cggcaagtgc ccagacgaca tggctcctgg    116820
     caggttcccg aggcggccag cctaccccac cctcgcgcta aaggaggctc ttcccggtat    116880
     ctgtgggcag cctcgccgtc tctaaactgc ttttcacaca tgcctcaccc aaggccacaa    116940
     gcaaggaaga ggcaaagcgg ggctccaggg caggcttcct ttgacagcga ctattcatca    117000
     gcatcttctg accctgaaac cactgtcctg ggcaactcac tcaccaggga ttacactgag    117060
     ctcagcaaca gagacgttcc cagcggcttc ccaacccaga gagctaagaa ttctgcagtg    117120
     tgtgatacag gccttttctg gactggaccc cctccccacc tccaaaaaac ctccctagca    117180
     ttgtaaagct gctgtttcca ccagaatcag acactaaacc cttcagactg gcggctcctg    117240
     actggggggc acttccgcct gccgggcata tctggcaatc tttggaggcg tttttggtgg    117300
     tcacaactgg ggtgtgtcag ggctggggtg ctactggcac ctggtgagca gagcccaggg    117360
     atcctgctaa atatcctaca gcacacagga tggtcccaca gcaaaggacc cggcccagat    117420
     gtcaagagcg ctgagagtga aaaacgcact tgaggaaaaa agctaataaa gtatttgggg    117480
     ggctcctgga ctgagcctga ggagaagggc tccctgaata tggggagaat cagcaataac    117540
     tggaccctta tggcctcttt tgttttagat tgtcttcata cactataacc atccgacatt    117600
     ataacataca gtcagccctc cctgtccacc cttccaaacc cacagattcc acaactgcag    117660
     gctgaaaata ttcaaggaaa aaaaactcca gacattccca gatgcttggc aactgtttac    117720
     acagcattta cctggtatca ggtactcagt taatcgagat atgatttaaa gtatacgtga    117780
     ggctatgtgt ccactatatt caaatactat gccctctgga ctctggtatc tgcaggggcc    117840
     ctggaaccaa tcccttgcag atacagagag atgacgatat atttatttag ctgtttgttt    117900
     gctttcctaa caaggaggga agcttcataa aaccagggac ttgtttcatg taccgctgtg    117960
     tcattatgac ctaaaaactg cacttggcat atcaggagcc ttcaacagac atttgtgaaa    118020
     tagatgaaga aacgcctaag gatattaaac aatacaaaat atcccacctc cttttggcac    118080
     tattttccca ttacgatcat gtttcctgtg cagagactcc aaatccattc tccctgtctt    118140
     ccacagtaac aggctttatt tagcactgca catggttagg taaatataaa aactacattg    118200
     cccagcctcc tttgcagctc actggggtca catgataagg ctctggccaa tgaggtatca    118260
     ggtgcagggc tagaagaaac ttgcaggtca cgtacttaaa ggaaaggggc atacatttct    118320
     tcctcctttc ctctaccctt tcttcccatc caggagccaa cttgggtggt gcagatgagg    118380
     gtaccaccct aaggatggct gagtgagtga taagagagaa agagcctagt ctttgcacca    118440
     tggaaccagg ataccagccc tggaatgctt atacctgtgc tgttacatga gaaaaaagat    118500
     catctatttg gtttaagcta ctgtactttg ggtttcagtt atagaagcct tttacattct    118560
     catcgatatc taacttcctc ctgccatgca aactaccctt aaaccacatt ttggagtgcc    118620
     tgcggtggtg cagcaggtta agcatccagc accgtccctg cagcaggttg ggttgctgct    118680
     gtggcatggg tttgatcgct ggccagggaa cttccacatg ccatgggtgt ggccaaaaaa    118740
     acaatattaa aaaaatattt taaaaccaca cttaaagacc ccttaatgct gcaagaaatt    118800
     tctgagccag ctggcactcg agttacttta tgatttcccc tcgacacatg taaggaagag    118860
     aacccttagt gtacacaaga ctcttccctt cctgacgcct cagaatatct gagcacgttg    118920
     ctaagccaga ggggggagag gggaggaagt tacattattg agatccacca aatggtaagg    118980
     acaaagggac aagcaaaaaa gcccattaaa atcttaaaac atcaattatg cttaaattta    119040
     tgagctcatg atgataccaa aaaaacacaa cagcaacaat ccttaattga tcagcattgg    119100
     aggatgttaa tgaaccaacc cattatttta aaaactggta aatacaggga aagaatcgag    119160
     cattcatccc gcttttccta tatgaattct accattgttg atgaaggcaa gtttctcttt    119220
     acagaagttt tccagtgaac agaagaggaa gggaagacgg acttggaaca gaatagcgcc    119280
     attttgcaat tcacacacca ctgaattcat ggagtttggc atcgactatc agcagctgct    119340
     aatgtcacca ggaggagggc aacctgaggg catgtgcttc ctgaccgaaa gatgcgccag    119400
     cacctgagaa gcagctgcac cccaatgaaa cctgaatcaa tgcgatcact agaaacaact    119460
     gggcattaac cggaaatagg gatgacagag gaacaggcta aagctcacca tgaggacgta    119520
     actggtaaaa gcccgactgt gagaggtttt acagggtgaa caacctggtc tttttcaacc    119580
     aaaaaaattg caaaataata ataataataa aaccaaaaag gggctctctt atttaattga    119640
     gagggaaacc tctagatgac agcagtctta gaaaccaggc atccaaaagc attgtgcgcg    119700
     tctggtctga atcctgactc aaactataaa atgataaaaa aaataataat aataacaaag    119760
     aagaaaaaac cttgtgatct atatgagaca actggaaatt tcaacaccag atatttcatt    119820
     ggttttggtt tttgtttttt ggctttttag ggcctcactt gtagcataca gaggttccca    119880
     ggctagggaa tgaatgggag ctgcagctgc aggcctacac cacagccaca gccacagggg    119940
     ctctgagcct cctctgtgac ctacaccaca gctcacggca atgcagatcc ttaacccact    120000
     gagcgaggcc agggatcgaa cccatgtcct catggatact agctgggttc gttactgcta    120060
     aaccacaaat gggaactctg aaatttcatg actttaagga attttcatta agtttcatgc    120120
     tgttaatggc attacaagta ttttcagaat cctttccttt tagagatata tactgaatga    120180
     atatttacac acaaaattat atggttttgg tatctagggt ttgggatgtg caggatttgc    120240
     ttcagactat tattgtgaaa tggacgtggt tgaagatgaa ggcacagaag aaaccaaatt    120300
     ggctgggaat tgaccacaat tgaagctgaa tggtggctaa gggggtacct tgtgttaatt    120360
     tatgtatatt tataacattt catcaaaaaa aaagatgttt ttaaatcttg cccccagcca    120420
     caaggagtgg aagggagcta acaccttcca agtccccact gtgcaccaag ggctgggcta    120480
     ggcggccaca gatgtgagtg atgtcacttt cagaagagtg ataacaattg caggggccaa    120540
     acaggggtgg atagaaattg cctgagtgag gccagccaag tggaagagga gcagtgacac    120600
     cggcatgctg gtaaatactg acggacacgg cttccatctt caggacacaa gagggagtgc    120660
     ggggggctcc gggcaaggac atgctctgtc taaaggaggc gatctctgct cccggccagc    120720
     tttgactttg actccaggta gccgccgtgc agaatgtggg gcccagggtg gccaaatcct    120780
     cggattttcc aaggaaagcc ggaaatctgc atttttacgt gcaatctcct ggtttttaag    120840
     tgttggcatc taatccaaat atttttttaa atactgtgtg ggccaaacaa aatatctgca    120900
     ggcgaaatgc agcccacgga acaccagttg gccgccccgg ttcccagtcc cggagcagac    120960
     cacaactcaa tccatctgta agaagtggga agggtgcatt aatcaactct gggtcccttc    121020
     tttttttagg cttccaataa atctgagaat tcaaaagaca ccatcatctt ccagaaatct    121080
     ataagcgacg gctgtggaac atttcaaagg cgttccccac gtcgtcagct cctacaacag    121140
     aacctccact ctgtccagcg ttttggaaac tgacaaccag ggagtggcct ttcagcttgc    121200
     ccgggatggt ggaactaaca ggcttcagat gaaacccatt tgttggtttg ctggatgcct    121260
     gggacttggg tccaaaccac ttgcaacagg ccatcccatc ataaaatcga gctggggtgc    121320
     tcagcgctca ttataaaatg accacggagc actctgctcc acttgcccgg ccagagatct    121380
     gataccatgg caggtgaaag ggatgaggtg actgaaagtg gcaggactgg ctgccaggga    121440
     cctgaacaga ctccctcttc acactcaacc cccggtgtgc ctttgacttc accttgacct    121500
     cctggatggg caaaacaggc cctgccctgc ctttatagtc acgggctcag ctaaccgatc    121560
     ccagggtcaa taacaaatta aagaggtgtc aggaatgcag tggagacgag ccagagaaat    121620
     ggtttcatca tttcccaaga acaaagctcc cccccaacgc tttttttttt tttttttttg    121680
     aaaggatgga aagaaagaga aaatggtgct aaaataaagt taaataggtc caggaccaga    121740
     aaagagtcct gaaccatact cgagggcaac aaaagaccaa atgcacccaa atttcaactc    121800
     tgcagaatgg aataaaccca agctatttcg ttacagaaag gtggttttct aatgagaaaa    121860
     attaacttta ctattgatgt gaaatgggct tactgatgca ggagaaggta gggagtacag    121920
     agaaaaaaat ctggtattaa gatttgatga actgcccatc tccccacccc ccatctaagt    121980
     cacagcttca actaactcaa ttgcttttca agttctaact gttctagaag gaaccacatt    122040
     acagctcgag ctggcgttgg ggagttatgt attttttaac acacaaaatc acaggcccat    122100
     tacaaggaca gacctgcatg gcatgaagtt caaaatagtc actgagtcac tgcatcattc    122160
     tgaaacaggc cacctctcag gcatgtccag ctcatccgct aaggcaggaa ggacgcccgg    122220
     cacttctgca ggctgtgcca gtaagagtca aagtctagaa gggccttggg ggggaaaagg    122280
     cctggatgct ggccttcttg tacgttttgc ttccttccca aggacagtca cttgtttcca    122340
     ccagagaaga gcctcattct ggaagtggaa attagacaca accccgatga ctcagaatag    122400
     ttaaaagcac gggctctgac agtggggcca tcggatgaca ccaaaggatg tctcctttgt    122460
     cctctttctt gggccctgtc tgctctttgt gggtcagctg cggctctgga atgcaggctg    122520
     agtggacagc aagtctgaga accgactttc ttgtggtttg gtagcttctg acctcgaaat    122580
     gcaagagcac attccttcgg aaacatctgc tttgcagaat ttcgaaaaga tgcctgagcc    122640
     tctccgggtg tggagtcagc tggaaggtgg ctctttgtac tgatgtaggc cagcaatgct    122700
     gagcacacgt gattgggaat gaaaggacat caaagcggat gcccagctat aaatctgggg    122760
     ttctgagaag gtagggaacc atcaggaggg gcaaaacaaa gatgccctta gggacagaga    122820
     acttcctgag gttttctccc caggaggagg cacccagacc tgccactggc tcggtgaagt    122880
     cttcaaccag gagctctcgc aaatcttgtg ggcttgtgtc taggcaagcc gttttctggg    122940
     ctttggcatc ttcctgtgag acatctaaac agccttggct gaattaacaa gtaggagccc    123000
     agcaggggga caaggaccca gactaagggg cagcctcagg actcgtctcc gaaggccagc    123060
     tctgccccta ctacctgtag gctgtcttag tctagtcagg ctgctgtaac aaaaaaaagc    123120
     cactgggtgg cttatcaaca acaaacattc atttctcacg ggcctgggag cagagacgtc    123180
     caagatcaaa gtgccagcag ccaggggctg cttcctcaga cggctgcctt cgcatgagaa    123240
     ccccgcatgg tgaaagggag ctctgtgcgg tctcttttct aagggcgcta atccccttca    123300
     agtcgcttca ccctgaggac acaagcactc ccccaaaagg ccccacttcc taataccagc    123360
     acagtcaggg ggttaggctt caacacataa attgcaagaa acacagacac tgagactcta    123420
     gcaagggccc caaattgacg acaatgatac tgctggtggc cgatggcaga agagtatagg    123480
     agcaactact gagcactcgc cattctcgcc agggaggctc ccatttccat gcacgcaaaa    123540
     accctcacag ttggaagcca ttatcataag tgacttgcct gaggccccaa aagagtgaag    123600
     tggggaggcc ggactgaaag ccaggcagga caactccaga aacgctacac ccaaaggccc    123660
     ccgaatgcag gctggaccct cagaccagac atcgcattcc tgggaagtgg cccctgacat    123720
     gcccgtccat ccactgagtg acacgtgtgt ccgagctgcc ggtgagagga cttggccatc    123780
     cacgggggac ctgtgggtac actctgctac ctttcgtaga ataaaggggg gacgtaagac    123840
     agtatattga catatgctca cgattccata cagaaactgc tacacgcttc ccagtgggga    123900
     agacaccacg cccaagaggg tggtaaatga aaaaccttac acatgacaat ggtctgtggc    123960
     cctgcaaagc ctcccagtcc aaaaagaggt atctcgtcca gcttcgggcc tagcagttca    124020
     ggagggtggg agttaggaaa aactgcctaa aaaaggagcc tgagtggaaa aggtggcaac    124080
     agtgataaaa agatggagaa atactgctct agaaagttag ggaaaactag tatcggggag    124140
     cagggctgcg atggagtaag tccttgctgg atatgttttt aatgttgttt tgttttgttg    124200
     agcgtgtgaa tgtatcacgt acataaaata cagatctttt tagatgaact tttacaagaa    124260
     tgctgaccaa agccctcggc aggggccttg actcttgtct gtgcccacta gagacagccg    124320
     tgtgaattaa acttggcatt ggaggtttca ggtgcccggc ccagccccac atcctgacac    124380
     cggaatcagg ctttccgtgg cgccagaggc caggtgacca ttttgcttgg ttgtcatcag    124440
     agtaagagtc ccctggattt tactctccac cagcgccacc gcccccaggg agcagccggg    124500
     aggcccagcc cacacggggc caccatggca gccgggcact cggccatgct tggcagcagt    124560
     ctggctgtct gtgggctttt tgcacgcctc tccaaacagg agctgcttgt cacgggtttg    124620
     ccgtgggcac tgagcagccc cagtgaaagc tccctgagat gctgaacaaa gcctgtccca    124680
     gaaggttttc ccacccttgg ctcctctcct acctcctgca cgtggcaggg tgtgtccctc    124740
     tgtccattct ccccccgacc tggttctcgc gtgctggcac gtccagcctc tgggtaaaga    124800
     gtcttcaaaa ggacaccctg ggatcctccg ctcatggcac aactagcaaa acatgggccc    124860
     atggttcccg ctccaccagg gctgcacagc aggaaatgtg ctaactggac tttccagcag    124920
     tccctggggc caaggcatca cctccttgtg caggtagaca tcccagggtc cctgaaagaa    124980
     gcctggaaag gaagccctga gcctgtgccc tgggacccgg tcccctgctt ctgcccacac    125040
     ggaagagaag ggcctcaggg tcagcggacc ctattaccaa agaccaggat agccaatgtt    125100
     ttaattctct gacgcaaata tagtctcaaa aatttgaacc aagtcctcca agaagtctcc    125160
     tgaattcata aacaaaaaca gcagctcaca tttatcaagg agtacccctg ggccgagccc    125220
     tgttctaaag ctgggatgtg catgaagtca atacactgtc accgcagccc cgtgaggatg    125280
     gcgctgggat cgtccccatc ccctggacgg gacatcgagg cacctcgagg ctggtcagct    125340
     gcccaagacc ccaagtaagt acaatgctga tattcaaagc tcccttcaag gcgtctcagg    125400
     gagacagggt gagtgaattg gaaaactggg aacaaggctg gaggagtcct acaaacaaga    125460
     ccagaggcag gaaggcgcat gcgcagcggc tgcaccgccc acaaagacca aaagcagtaa    125520
     ggagcatgcg cggaggtggc ccctgagccc acctcgtctt aagcgctgaa gctgaacttt    125580
     cagcccaacg ctgcctgcca gccccggggc aaccgcctcc tgagagcgca caaggtgtgg    125640
     tcagctcctc ccggtggccg agcagcttcc cagggtcaag ggcaggctcc tggcggctgc    125700
     ccacacttca tgggtggggg ttcagggttc atgctaactg gccatggtct ctcaggggcg    125760
     ggaggacagc tggtggcagc aggtgaagct ggggctcggc tcggtggacc gcacatctac    125820
     actcggcttc tctgtggtct gcaaggcaga ccctgtgggc cgcaggccgg ttctctctct    125880
     ggagcctttc cctacccttt ttccatgtgg agtattctca ccaaacaaca gaggcccagg    125940
     tattcaagca gccaagagaa agaagaggct ggaaaagaca ccaccagaaa cttgagggga    126000
     aacaggatta ttgtggtttt gttttgtttt cttttctttt ccggctgccc cgcagtatat    126060
     ggcattccca ggccaaggat cagacctgag ccacagctgt gacctgtctc gcagctgtag    126120
     caaagctgga tcctttaacc cagggtgcca ggccagggat ggaacctgct tcctggtgct    126180
     gcagagatgc tgctgatctc attgcaccac agtgagaact ccaccatcac tattaatggt    126240
     gcaaatatta atcgctgaag gtgttttact tcctttgctg acaacttcaa gttcagatct    126300
     taatgcctgt ttggcaggtg gagtatctga gcaggagata cggttttcat aggtgagaaa    126360
     acagagcccc agagagttta agtagctggt tcaggcaaag gtcagagcag ccaacaccca    126420
     aacagcttga agcccctggg tctacagcct ggaaccccca taactaggca ccttcattag    126480
     aagtgagggc aggtcccaaa gctggaagat ataaagtgaa gtacttttaa aaccacttcg    126540
     taggatcccc tggcactgct gtgagcgtac acactggtac caccacttcc aaaacccatc    126600
     tggcaagggc tccagtgcca accttctgtg tgggcagcaa gagaagagtt caagagtctt    126660
     cacagaaggt ttattcatta gactggcaac agcccaaacg tccatcaaca ggaacacaga    126720
     cacagaggtc acagaatatc cccccaaggg aataatccgt gacaacagaa tgaatggacc    126780
     tcaactacac ccaacaacat tgccggatct cacatcaagc tagtggctga tggaaagaag    126840
     ccagtcgtga gagagcacag ccatgtgatt ctatttctgc aagaaggcaa agtgaacctc    126900
     gggggttaga cggcaggata acggccacct ttctgcagaa ggccaaggat gacatggggg    126960
     ctcctggggt gctaagattc agtgtcaggc atggtccagg tggtaatcac acagggggtc    127020
     ctggtgaaat gcagaaccca ccagcaatgt ctgcgtgtgc ctatacttca acatacagag    127080
     acactcagat gtagtcaatg ggtctcaatg agtggttttt cagtagttca catgaagaag    127140
     agaaaagcag actctaaaac agacagcttt gtgctcttcc tacaggtaca cacacacaca    127200
     cacacacacc catctgcagc ccttgcaggc tctggccctc actggaacct catccttccc    127260
     ctaagacctt cacggaaggg gatggaagac ctcttttgag tcccaggcct ccccccatcc    127320
     cctggttcct cttgcctgtg gctgattctc gaggtgccag ggtgggccca tccccccaga    127380
     gcctgtgctc aggtggcctg atgacctgca aagtcccagc tctttagaga acctgctacc    127440
     tgcaccaccc tgcaggagtc ccctctgagt cccaggtccc cagtgcctct cctgtgggcc    127500
     ggggtcctgc ccaccccctg cacagcgcaa acactcccta cctgctcagg gaaggcgccc    127560
     tgggcaggag agggtgcagc cgcccttctg ctctgggcaa tgacggtggt cagaacgccc    127620
     tggaaactca tcacatttgg cagttccact gatattccaa ataaccgcac tagtgagagg    127680
     atgcgtaggg cagcctcttg taaaatgtgt cccctacccc acccccataa gactcctgcc    127740
     gtgggagtca tagtcttcct gtctgggttt atctaaaatg aaataaaccc cctgtgtgcc    127800
     agctcttgcc tccctactgt ccattttctt tctctgtttt ttgtttttta gggcctcacc    127860
     caaggcatct ggagaatccc gagctagggg ccgaaatgga gctgtagcct ctggcctgca    127920
     ccacagccac agcaacatgg gatcagagct gcatctgcca cctacaccac agtttacagc    127980
     aatgctggat ccttaaccca atgagcgagg ccagggattg aacccgcatc ctcatggatc    128040
     ctagtcaggt tcattaacca ctgagccatg aagggaactc ccctactgtc cattttccat    128100
     atgcagccag tgcttttttc aaaaggtaaa gcagatcaca gcgccctgct gccaaaaacc    128160
     caccaatagc agcccaggcc cctgacctca tggcctctgc cacctgctgt tccctctccc    128220
     tgaaagaccc ttccctcaca tcttccccaa agcccacctc ctcagggccg gccttgctgt    128280
     gcacttggtc tgaggggcca atgcacccca tccagcctcg ctcaggctcc taacctgcat    128340
     gctctcctca tggctttttt atcaccatct gaaatatgct tctttatcac ctgacactct    128400
     ggagtctgcc tcctttacca aaaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa agatacccca agagagcaag    128460
     gacttctgac ttgctccagt gcatctctga gtcccaggac ggtgcctggc acagagaagg    128520
     cagcctgtta atcccagtgg gtgacaggaa gggggcttga gagggagcga aggagggtca    128580
     ggcgaggtgg tggggggaag gttcggagga cggcaggcag ggggagagag ggaaaaattc    128640
     gttcccagtg gatgggatcc ggccactgtt aggggctgct ggtctttccc aggtacaacc    128700
     tgggacttta ggacaagaaa ctagttgcaa aaggggagaa gggaacaaag aaaaaaacca    128760
     cagtgagtgt atgtgcaaag catgcctttc cgaaggactg tgaaagagtg cctgcgctgg    128820
     ggcgggcaga gaaacacaag gagggagggt acggtcaccc tggaatatcg cttattttgc    128880
     tattagctca aaaaagactt ttggaaaatg tctccgagtc cttggagtgg agaaagtaga    128940
     agctgcgttt tggagttcca agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aacggggcca agacagacag    129000
     tgtctgtgtg caggaatgca gtttggaaga agagagaggg accaggtggg agcgccagac    129060
     aagacgttct ggatcatcag caaaggtcgg gggaagataa cccagcgctg ggacttcccg    129120
     cgaccacagt cgagccacgc agtcagcttc taagtgatct gcttgcatct ggacccgagt    129180
     cctctggtga cccctttctt ttccagttgg cggaaccttc ctttgaccct caaaacactc    129240
     aagcccagct ctcacaaact ttccaaggaa agtcagcttt gccaaaatct ccaggcgagt    129300
     gaatggcaca ggagaaccag cccccacctt ggaggcgtgc tttgctggag tttgtgcagc    129360
     cagatctgta tttctcagga gagacctctt ttggggacta ggtgaaaggg acagaagagg    129420
     accgaggatg cctcccaaac agactagaga aatgacccag ggggttccag tttatctgtc    129480
     gagaaagaaa tgcccaagag ctggatcccg tcttaataag gcccacagtg gaacctgaga    129540
     tggctctgtg agcgcagagg ccagaaggca tctgttagac ccgaaaccct gcaaaccagg    129600
     ggccaaagct gcacccacct cttcttggca cctccatcaa tggtgcagct tagagctcat    129660
     cactgggcac cacaggccac caggcacctc cccatcagag ggacccaggc tgggcagagc    129720
     cgtggggaca atgccagtca agcacagagc atctaaccag cagccacttt gctgcctttt    129780
     ggggaccaca cgggtagaaa tgattctcct gcccactcgg ggcttgggct ctaggaatgt    129840
     gaagcctgaa tccggcatgt gaggtggggt gctggctctg aactctgaga ctccttcagc    129900
     tcattcttcc caaacgttgg ggagagggtc ccgggcctgc cacactgtac aactccaagg    129960
     gcttcattca cacacaatgt gaacagtgca cccctggagc tgtgtgctct ctcgcctgtg    130020
     atggagtagt ggttttttgt tttgtttttt gtctttttag ggctgctcct gcggcatgcg    130080
     gaggttccca ggctagggat cgagtcgaag ctgtaagtgc aggcctacgc cacagccaca    130140
     gcaacacagg atctgagcca tgtctgtaac ctacaccaca gctcatagca actccagatc    130200
     cttaatccac taggtgaggc cagggatcaa acctgcaacc tcatggttcc tagtcaggtt    130260
     cattaaccac ggagccacga tgggaactcc acatggagta attttgctaa gtgccgcatc    130320
     cccctcactt tagagattta taatgtcccc tagctcagta aaggctctga gaagtcctgc    130380
     aggacacacg ttttttaaaa actggtttta tcaagtattt ttcccttttt cagccatgga    130440
     accctcccaa aagcccagga aactgggctt gtgcagaatg tatctaagaa aaggttccat    130500
     cagaagaagc aatttcactg taccaggttc tccgagacag ccttagagtc agctcaggtt    130560
     acggccctgc tgggacatca ccctcaccgt gaccgtgaac ctccctgtgt tcagaaagac    130620
     acttaggagg cccaagaggg tctccactct cggctgcttt ctccgtaact caagcttctg    130680
     tgaaagcagg aggtgccccg tgggtctggg gctgcagtgg acactcagag gttaccccag    130740
     accaccgcag gccacctgga tagcgacaca tcgtggataa ccagggactg acccccccga    130800
     cctcagcctg agatgctcgc cattggtctg tggcctgggg tgacgggcag ggtgggaggg    130860
     gctggcacac ctctcgctct agagactcaa ccaaccccca gcagggagtc agcaggggaa    130920
     agttccaggc tctgctcggg cctcatttat tgatgaagca cctctgcccc gacccagccc    130980
     ccaggtgcac atgtggagag aggtccgatt acagctacgt ctcatttatc cgctcgctcg    131040
     ggtaaggcat tctgcactcg ctgaattttc cacacgatat accccccctt tcggataagc    131100
     acccaaattc tatcttcacc atttcaggtg tgaattgttt cagaatggac agcactgggg    131160
     tctgtctttg aaaactgaac acagtgaccc taattcaacc tgtctttgat tattcaggat    131220
     aagacagatc aattattaac tcagcaaaac cctgaggtcg gccctgtaaa gcacgtgggg    131280
     ctgtctggcc caatactaag tggttctaag gatctttgtc ggatgtactt ggaggaagtt    131340
     tttcaaagtt aattttacta gagagacgac atggagagtg caagtcccag aagccacaga    131400
     taacttgcat catcaaaatt ctctaaagtc aaagtcaaca atatccgagt gagcacgcaa    131460
     ggagacctgc ccctgacagg tctgggatcc aatccctggt ctttgcttaa ctactgtggc    131520
     tcttcccaag ctttctgcct tatttcctac cccttggctg ggttcctgag agtaagtttt    131580
     cctgaacaat tgaggtttaa gggtacatta gatgctactg cctgcaacac gcgaggctgg    131640
     agctgcgggt ggcagccagc ggagaaggct ttccttctcc cgttaagaaa ttcaaacctc    131700
     tgttttcctg tttctgagcc ttttagggga aggctgctct gtctgccctg ccctctccgt    131760
     ccttcagcag cacctggctg accccaggtg agtcctgaca acaccacggg gccctcctct    131820
     ctgccgtcac agaccaatgt cacatgcaga gccactccaa caaggctacc ctccagctgg    131880
     gcccccgccc gcaaactcag gcacctacag acacacaaag ctgcctctgc atctgttcct    131940
     tggcccaggc acaccatcgg ccgggctcac cccaacggaa gcctgctgct cccctcccat    132000
     caatgagctg ctctgttccg ctggcacggg gcagatatgc ccgcagcctg cctgcaagcc    132060
     cccgattcat gcgcccttct gatagaaaca ctcttcaaca aagtttctcc ctccaccccg    132120
     gcctccccca gatacacaaa agagggctat agactttttt tctctctctc tccaggaata    132180
     aaaagttggc tttccttcct ttctgtttcc ctatccttgg tctaaacttg gcaaacggaa    132240
     agagagtgga agtggttaaa ctgacccagt tcgtgaccca ggggacactc ctggggccag    132300
     aactgccctc atttgctctt tgtgttgcac tggttgtggg gggagggcga ggtaactaaa    132360
     actcaccacc caccccaaac ccctgctggg aaatgattca ggcaccggag ctgggtgagg    132420
     ctttaaaggc tttctccttt aaccccttta aatgaaacag ggggacgctg aggcccaaat    132480
     aggtgaatga agacacccag gctgcagggt gaacttgcgg gggcgggggc gatgcttcag    132540
     ggcaccgaac tcatgggcaa tgagaaaaat aaacatctta ccatcatcca agtaggtctg    132600
     gtccaagttc tgctcctgtt tgatcgtcac gcccgagggt aatacttcct tttggtcact    132660
     gactgggggt ccatttttgg cggctctttg gtttgtggca ttctgctgct gaatgaccgt    132720
     ggggtaggac ccggggctca gcctctgacc ttgactgaca gggggtgggc cgggcctggt    132780
     ggtgccgggt gcgaagttct cgcagtacat gatgtgctgg aactcctggt ggctcccaca    132840
     gcgcagctgc tggttggtgg gtgagtagtg gatcacgggt gaggcctgct ggttggccgg    132900
     accggagtgg agcagggccg agctctggcc ctgggagccg gtgtgcacca gcacagagcg    132960
     gtgggcatcc gcgagggcca gtggggtggc catgagggcc ggctgctggt agcccagcag    133020
     gctggggctc aggctcttgc tccgctggta gaggacggcc gccgggttct gctgctggta    133080
     gcgggcgtcg ggggacgaga gccctgagcg gaattgctgg cagggagcca tggtggccac    133140
     gaggcaggag ggggactcgg ccaccattgg gtgctgtggg tagtaaggct ggctccccag    133200
     gcccccgtgg gcggggctgc agatcagagt ggggtcatac tcgtcggtgg gctctgtctt    133260
     gatggctggg actgtgagag gagaaaagca cacgcgtgca tcattcttag ggctgcagga    133320
     gtacacagag ggttagcaga cggtggctgg gcgcatggcc ttgggagccc aggtgggacc    133380
     aaagaattgg actctgtcat ctatcagcct tgggcaagag gctcccaggg caactgtctt    133440
     acgttagaaa ttttaccctg ggtgataatc ttgaactcca ggcctttctg acagtgggaa    133500
     gtggctggtg gggtctgagt cagccctggg aggtgggcag cctttctgcc tagggggaga    133560
     gctcagggaa gagcacttga ccaatgtgaa atgatgcctc tgcctccctc ctctgccctt    133620
     gcagctccca ttcctcttcc ctgctcgtgg tccttcctaa cgctcagcat ctgaaacacc    133680
     agtgagcacg tgcaatgtac taggatgtca gctcccccac tggaacgtca gctcctcaaa    133740
     gggagggttt ttttgttgtc ttttttgttc aatgctgggt ccccagcagg taaaatagta    133800
     tctggtactt aaccggtgct cgatgttttc gggacaaagg gatggccaaa ctgcgagggt    133860
     cagcctttct cgttagttct gcatactttg gagcagtgag gcttgtggct tgggcctcag    133920
     tttccccatc agctggcagg aaaaatcaca tctacccaat ggagctgttg gcaagattaa    133980
     atgaactata tcccatctct tggggtagaa tgtgatgaaa gggagtatgg gaaaaagaat    134040
     gtacctctct gtatgactgg tcactatgct gcacagcagc aattgacaca acactgtaaa    134100
     tcaaatactc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat gaggagttcc cgtcatggtg cagcagaaac    134160
     gaatccaact aggaaccatg aggttgcaag ttcgatccct ggcctcgctc agtgggttaa    134220
     ggatctggca ttgccgtgag ctgtggtgta ggtcacagac gagcttggat ctggcatggc    134280
     tgtggctgtg gtgtaggccg gcggctgtag ctccaattgg acccctagcc tgggaacctc    134340
     catgtgccat gggtgtagcc ctaaaaagac aaaaaagaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga    134400
     tgaaatgaga tggtgtgaac tgtatgcaca gcgactgtat acagtaagtg ctccctgctt    134460
     gctgtcattg ctcttttttc tatactacta tgcttagtgt tggtgaggtc actgctcacc    134520
     tctccctacc caggacgtcc accaggattc gtacttcgcc aacatccttt actgaagcag    134580
     cagctgcctc atgagctggg cattagtttc ctttcactgg agtaaatcag tcagtgacag    134640
     gactgtcatc aagccggggg actcccgagt gttgggggcg gaggaggcaa aggaggttca    134700
     gcctctacag ccaaaaggca gctttgacac caaccacaga aaccccttct caggaagcca    134760
     ctcaaagact gtccccaggc acctgggccc tgcatcctct ctcgagccaa gttcagacaa    134820
     ccaagtgtca gcaccgcggc tcagggcggg ggcttgtcac caccctggag aggtgagagc    134880
     acatgacacc taagtgaaaa cctctccatt acgaaggaag gctgagcggg agattcccca    134940
     gatccgggtc ccatcaggcc tctgccaccc atggtgcgtc acaccagtcc tgggaatgct    135000
     cacaggggcc ccacgcacct gtggacaaag ccagcccctg gcctctgtgc ttccggccgc    135060
     ctggaggcgc catgtgaaac tgtcgcgggg tgaaagttag accctggcga acattctcag    135120
     actctaagtt tcctgggaag ggggctgcag gcccgtctcg gctttcggac atttgcagcc    135180
     tctttctgca gctctatcca cacgccaaca caccagtgat ctcagtgtta cctgttacct    135240
     gaagcccgtc aactcgctat tatctttcat ctgaatcccc ctcggttaga ccatcagccc    135300
     caccaggacg ggactggtat ctgctccctg ctgcaccttc aagtcgagca cagcgcccgg    135360
     cgcgcagaca catgaatgaa cgagaagtgg cgctcggccc cttcttggca ccggcgagct    135420
     tgggtgggga cgaggcctct gggcctgtta tccaccagta actccatttg gccaccagct    135480
     gaccccccca ccgtggggtc cctaagattc cacagcttta gagcacaatc agcttctact    135540
     cctgtcgtga ccaaatctcg tctcaatcag ggacaagagt cgtttgcttt gccaccttct    135600
     ggtgaacaag tctataggtg cccctttccg attctgacct cgcgaaggaa gatgttaata    135660
     acaacagcag ctcacattgt tgacgtgccc tgtgccaggc actttacgtg catgagattt    135720
     ctgtaactct cataatagga aggcgccgta tgacagatga ggaaactggc gctcagagag    135780
     gttgagtcac ctgcccaagg ttgccccgca gatcacgggt cctcacccgc atgccggagc    135840
     cacctctcca cacccaaggg gccttcagag agaactcctt acctgggtgg taggtaaagt    135900
     gctgaggctg acttcgtttt cttttcccgt tgatgacgta gaagttcacc ttcaccgatg    135960
     cccgaatgtg cttgttccga tactcgggga tctccacaaa aagcatgttc tggaggagag    136020
     gcgttgtcca caaggtcact acaaccacat ctccgctcct gtcccaggcc cgaggctcgg    136080
     cgagccggcc caccccaaag gacccgcggc acgacccctg tttccaggca aaatgctagt    136140
     ggaggggagc ttgacctttc agctgcagag aagatgacgt aaccacttac cctctcaaag    136200
     cgaattaaga tgcccctggc cctgtcacag agcagagggc ctgataaaca cttaatccac    136260
     tcatcaattc agtacctact gagcacctgt taggtccaaa gccctggcac cgcgatgaag    136320
     gcaggaaaaa aagagtagca aagacagcac aggggaggcg ggggaggggt gaaacagggc    136380
     cgggcgggcg ggcggcgcgt ccggatgctt acgggctggc tcttgtcttt atccaccgtg    136440
     gcctccatct cccaaatctg ctgcccatct ggaaaaatgt aaaaatgacc gactttgaag    136500
     gaactcttag caaccaaaga tgtgagacaa aaactcacca acgcctatgg gtcttggctt    136560
     ccatattaga tcatttcggt aaaggatatc ggtgcctttg tgctacgtgt gtaaacctgt    136620
     gcatatatgt atttttgttt ctatagatga atattccttt ttgcaaaggg aatgcacgtt    136680
     ggtgacagga aaccaggcaa tgacaccaaa ataaggaaaa atagaaatta cccaccatcc    136740
     ctacaccatt atcttttttc tccatatctg aatgtctacg tatctttctt tttttattaa    136800
     aaaaaaaagt gttgttatgc acttttactt tataacatgc tttgtttgac caaagaccat    136860
     ttccaaaatg ttctacatat gccaagacta tcacaggggc cccatgacag atccctggct    136920
     gtcccagaca cggcttcttc gttgtctgag aacacaggtg gcttacatat tctgtcctaa    136980
     gaggcttaaa tgacgtcctg gctctgaggc cctggagagg gtggaaacac aggcatccaa    137040
     ccctccacct ttcagtcaac agagagcctg gatctcccag gactcatttc aacaagtgcc    137100
     gagagctttc gcgcaagagt aaacgcccct tccttggagt ggagcactcg ttccccagtt    137160
     tggggccaag aagttgggcc aaacaaaacc ctgcatttga aaataataga attcttttgc    137220
     tgaccaccta cgttggccag tgggcagttt tcagctgaaa caaatcgttt ccacaagtgt    137280
     ttccagggtg tttggtggaa cactggctct gaagaatatt agatgggttt acgagaaagg    137340
     gaagcgagtt cggcaagcta ataagcagcc ggaaagtgct gagtcaaagt ccagttgggt    137400
     tgctttactg caggacttct cagagccttt aatctgctca ggtatagcgt aaccctccaa    137460
     ggtggactag agcacgtgcc atgtatcatc cggccaaaga accccctctc tttgtaagta    137520
     caactacgag cagcttctgc agtaggttag atttgaaccc atgtggtctt agctcttaag    137580
     gttcaaagac ctgaagacat ctggttttta tcattatttg aagtttctac tacctcgtat    137640
     aaaacctatt tccccaaata ataatcaata aaacgtctcg taattgctac caaagatgat    137700
     gccatctaga tgaccggaag aaagaagcac ggagccggag gagcggcctc caacgagcca    137760
     aggctgcaca tctcagcctt aggtgcgatt cctgaagtga ctgaggaaga cacgggttgc    137820
     tgtccaagcg ggagaagaaa agggccatgc cacccacgct cgctagagag gaagagccct    137880
     gggggaggga ccacgttata atcatcaccg tctccccaac acccagccca gtgccggtgc    137940
     ctagtgaacc cctcctgccc aagcgtacgc agggtcagca gctccagagg ctgccactgg    138000
     gcccgggaaa aacccagcag ctgacatcag ccactgcgca aaagcacaga tggacagaca    138060
     tcaaggaatt gaaagttaag acatcaagac agggtgcttg ccgtgtgcaa agccctggac    138120
     agaagacgga aaatccccat gtctttatta aaggcaggtc aaaggtcatc cgagagaccc    138180
     ccccccccag atggcagtac gcggatcctc ataaaaaaca cacttattca ccacctgcag    138240
     tgtgagctct gagtcagaag atgaagaaat taaactgcag agatgaacac cgtgctggtg    138300
     cgtcgccctc ctctttagcc tctcactggc tgaacagctc tgccgtcagt ggcgccaggg    138360
     ccccagggct ccgggggctt ggttcatgac cacgtgggag cctccctcac ttggaaaaga    138420
     aaggaccatt ttcagatgct tcccgactgg gaggaaagag agagaagtac ctggaaatga    138480
     gatttcacct aaaaatgcag atcttgttct tctgaaaaga aagaagccaa ccagatgacc    138540
     gaaccacgtg gggctcccac gtgggaactt gaccacggtg gccttttctg agagcgctgt    138600
     gcaccgcgcc ttcccacagc cccaccccgg ccccgcatct tctttccagg tcccgtcttg    138660
     cgggggcggg gggggggggt ctttgagaga aagaggcagg tgccgccccc agaacagaag    138720
     gaggggacct ggctgggttt ctgcagaatg gccctcagct aggacgcgcc tgatatgttc    138780
     tcacgatggt acggcaactc accccccaat actatcgtgg gcagcatccc ccctgtgccg    138840
     ctgcacactt gtccccaaag cgaggagccc ggcccctcct gtcaggacag aacaaccctg    138900
     cccgctggac cgcaggccct tggctccaag gacttgacct tctctctgct tcagaatcag    138960
     gagcacgtgc ccaggaggcc ctcggccacc aggtatccca gccccctgag ctcccatgtc    139020
     agctccgcta agaagcctgt gagacttagg aggaaatgct ggctcacccc cgtgtcctgt    139080
     gtcacattta cagcaacccc aagccttctc agcgtgtccc agagccagaa tggacctctc    139140
     ctctgtgtgt caccagaaca cttgccattt cattcctatg taccccaaac tcgggagcag    139200
     agagacccag ctttgagttc ctgtgttgcc cccaattagc tgtgtgagcc tggatgagat    139260
     acttgacctc tctgtgcctc tcatccaaaa tacgatcatc atggattatc ataacacgtg    139320
     cacaccacag gctcatcccg ggagaaggga ccaggcagag tgtaggtgtt agacagactt    139380
     tgacaagcgc tgttatcaga gctggtgggg acagattatt taaatatcgt ctcctttatc    139440
     cttttttggc atgtgttcca taatgtgtta atactggggg aaagaaaaca caagcatttt    139500
     tcaatcagaa aataatacac attcttgaag ttcccgttac cattctcagc ggtaacgaac    139560
     ccaacaaaga tgcaggagga cgcaggttca atccctggcc tcactcagtg ggttaaggat    139620
     ctggtgttgc caggagctgt ggcctaggtc aaagattagg ctcagatcct gtgttgctgt    139680
     ggctgtggtg taggccggca gctacggctc cgattcaacc cccagtctgg gaacctccat    139740
     atgttataaa cacggccctc agaaaggaag gaaggaagga agaggaaaaa gaaaataata    139800
     cacattctct gattgtgatc ataaacacct ctgcctgtag gcgcgagcgg aggaaattaa    139860
     caaaggcatg atgtctgtgt gtctgtggat gggagacagg gagcagagtg ccttggtgtc    139920
     tttcccttca aaaatgggtc ttttcaccat tatctcaact ttttaaaagc cccatgggca    139980
     gcttcaggca tctagcctgg ctgtacccct cctctggtgc ctggactcct tgctgaacca    140040
     gtaagtctcc gacgggaagg gaaccctgcc gtggccctcc tcagtgctcc agcgcgtgct    140100
     ggggacaccc caagggggct gggctctaag ggaaccgtgt ggtgtgcaaa atacgtccag    140160
     cccattttcc tgggctcttc tccatttcca cacctcgcag agaacctcag ctcacaggtc    140220
     ctggggtttc accaagaaaa catagtaatc ccatcctctg aacggagctt ccgggaggca    140280
     gtgaatgtcg gcaggactct ccagtctagc atcactctgt ctgccttcag gtcctgtcac    140340
     tgccatttac tcgctgtgtg gcctctgagt ggtagcttaa cctctctgtg cctcgctttc    140400
     ctcataggcc aaatacaaga gttaattgat tgacttcaaa gagctatggc aaaaactcaa    140460
     atagaaacaa gtataggtca aatccttagc aaaacaccca gcccatagca aacgctgtta    140520
     ttgctattgt tctttgagaa tttgttgtct caggtgcaac ttcagggaga aagacttggc    140580
     tgacccaagt tttctggcgg gtaccacagc ctctcatttc atgtctttgc attacacttc    140640
     tcattgcaca ttaataaaat ggcatgagaa atatccactg atggagactg gttgagttaa    140700
     tcatgggcca cccatacttg gtatgtgaca ccaggtatag aaggacggtc atgttttctg    140760
     acctggaaac gtgtccctgc tatattacaa agtggactat ttcaagagtg gcaggagcgt    140820
     gtgtgcgtca cgacatcact tcatgagtct ctaagcatct ctgcttgtgc ctggggagcc    140880
     tgcgccccga gcggcccgat ggtcatcccg ctcccccacc tgggactgga ggatgcggcg    140940
     agaccttcac gacttccttc acgtgactca aaaaacacgc tagaattacg gacgatttta    141000
     attggtgtgc ctttttttgt gcattttgaa aataaagttt tctctgaaga agaaggtatg    141060
     ttacaactgc ctgttgaccg gctggctccc agggaccttc tggggccacg atcttagcgg    141120
     gaggccggga gtgaactccc agcaccgacc aatctcgtac cgcacagcag ggcctctgca    141180
     ggctgctggg gccttcacag gagtcacatc tgtctccctg ctctctgggg cccccccgac    141240
     aaggaggcag ggccctgagt cccaccaggg ttcaggagag aaatggactc aagatcccgc    141300
     tcctcgcctg ggagaggacg ctgcttcctt cgtcagcttc cctcctggct cggccctggg    141360
     acacaccgcc ttccctttcc ctccaacagc cacgcctgcc tttctccacc ttcacctgga    141420
     ccagttcctc cccatccttc aggaccagct ccgggagctc cccatcctct ggcattttcc    141480
     acgcccacct cccactctct gacatcattc gatctgccca ctggttttcc agctcgcccc    141540
     ctgcgagcct ccgggcaccc agagagtggg ccgcacagct gtcttgttct ctgttttctc    141600
     cctggcacta cctctctggc gctcaacagt tgctcagtaa aacgctggcg gagtaaacgg    141660
     acagacagac ctcaggattt gccagtgctt ggcccacagc cagggctcag gaaatgcctg    141720
     acccctggcc tctccagcca gaagaggaat cacctaccct tgatgaagag tccttttggg    141780
     gaaacgcctg agaaggcagg agcctggata caggggcaga caagcaatca gactcaactg    141840
     gacccactca gcctgagttc catatgatcc acctgccact ccccacccca tgtctggggc    141900
     tctgggagaa gctgcccaaa acacaagagg cccaagaaga ccacgtttgc ttctactgct    141960
     ctgggctgag atgaaataaa ggacttcgga ctctcggagc agatgttcgg gcaaacttcc    142020
     cccgtcctaa attgagaggg gctggcagcc agcatgcaat cggctcttcc agttctttac    142080
     tcagagggga agagaaaaga gccaacttct ttgggcagac aggttgggtc tagagaagac    142140
     ttagcaagac tctgcaagag aagaaagaaa tggggggtgg ggagcgatgc acagctcaag    142200
     cttcgttaca gccttggtgt taacttggcc gcggagccgg gagaacccgc ctcgggagcc    142260
     agcatgtgtg cagacgacag ccctcgtgct tgggttggtt gagtggtttc tctttgcggg    142320
     cagctgtggg acctgatgac ggagcaaagc atcaggaagc ggcagggctg gcgcggggtc    142380
     cgtgtcgtgt cagcggcggg ctcgagtcag cgctcggagc agaagggagg gcgctcggac    142440
     aaggagggca gcaaagccat cctcgccggg catgagcgcg ccgcggggct cggggcaagc    142500
     gggcaggaaa gccaagtgtc cgtttgggtt aggaaactgg gtgtgatgct tcccaggctt    142560
     ggctctgctt ttacaaatta gctaaatgaa gacggctgaa gtcaaggcca gctgcgcttt    142620
     acgatggtta actagccgag aaacgcatcc tccgtgaact taacgagtgg agcagatggg    142680
     ggatcgggag gggcccctta gttagaattt cagccccccc ccccccccgc cgccgccaaa    142740
     gggtacaaca ttggtcttta ctgaaagctg ggggggaaac acctccattc cccaatccct    142800
     ccccctctca cctgcccacc ccttccttgg agggctcacc caccctatcc ccacatacac    142860
     aactgcagcg gctgctcagt caccccccag cttccacttg tgcccgcctc ccctcccccg    142920
     ccaccaccat ccattctcca cccagatcgc cagagcacct tcaaaatgta aatgggatcg    142980
     tggcactccc ctgtttgaaa gcttcccacg gctacttgct tttggaatga aatccgaact    143040
     cctccccatg cctatatggc ccagccccct ccccccatga cttctccagg cttgacgggt    143100
     atcacactgt gccctggctc tcaccctgca ccagctgcct gcatccactt tcagttcccc    143160
     aaacaccccc agctcttccc cacgcaggga ccctggcacg gggcagttcc ttctgcctgg    143220
     gacagtcttc ccaccatcca cgtggctccc tacttcccac cttaagggct ctgctcaaag    143280
     ccacctcctc agggaagtcc tccctgattg ctcagtccat ggttgccaga tttaatgaac    143340
     taaaacatag accatccagt tgaatctgaa tttcagaaaa caatgaatat cttttaacct    143400
     atccgtatgt cccaaactct gctactgcat gggacacatc catactaaag aagttagttg    143460
     tctgagattt gaatttaact ccacagtttc tatttttctc ctgaccacca gatccttcgt    143520
     tcttgctcct acgtctggtt tccctgcact ctccccatct caaggtggcc tgcttacaaa    143580
     caagtttgag actgtccagc ccgagggcag ggacctcgtc tgtcacatgc ctccccctgc    143640
     cccgccagca cttggcacag cacgtgcaca cagtaggtat tcaatgaatg tctagggagc    143700
     acctatggaa gtcctggggg ctgagtgagc agagcgaggc caaaagagca tggacaggtc    143760
     atttaatgtg gaggccggac ttcagctcct cttgcatccc atcctagagg cgcctcttct    143820
     cagcgatgct ccaccccagc tcacagagcc agtccctctg ggaacgagga agtggggggt    143880
     gtgggaccca gtcttcctct gacgtgctct gtcgcctcaa gcaagtcagc caacctcatt    143940
     ctgcgagcca gcaagtggcc tccccatctg ttagttgggg gcagggggtg ggctgtcact    144000
     gaggcgtgac agcaggagtc tgatggctcc ggggtgagag gaggggagaa actcctgcca    144060
     ggaagggttc ttctcccgga caagaaacca acacaggcct gccttccctg cttccagggg    144120
     acacgtgcaa ggtcagctga cttttctggg caccttccat ggtccgaccc tttcagatct    144180
     ttgatctcct tttagtgtta aaataactac cgactccctc ttaaagatgg ggaaactgaa    144240
     tcccaaagca caaaatatga ggcctatcca ggcttcaagc ccagtctgga tgatccacaa    144300
     tccagcctgc ttacggctta gagatctaca atttttactt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    144360
     aaaaaaaaag gcgttcaacc aaacataaag gaaaaaatag cacaacaggg tgtcagaccg    144420
     ttcattaata aaaggtatta tgattttctt gaccagggtg gaaatgccca cctgctaatt    144480
     gcaaatcaca gaacatctgt tggcgccaag agcaatttct gatggggaaa cactacgacc    144540
     caagttaatt agaaacctca tttctctgtg tcctcttttg aaggcattta aacagcagga    144600
     ttctttcact ccaaagtctg ttctctcatg caagaggact gaaatttggg caacaattca    144660
     ggcctctgaa aataaggcca ttttctctgt ctccagtggg gcttcagagc agcgagctag    144720
     cctctgcctt tggagcaaag cttcacatcc cagccagctg catctaagtg gtgggctcca    144780
     gcccagggga ccgatgacac tgtggacatg agtcaccaag ggcaaaggtc tccagagcct    144840
     tagtcatggt caagcccagc ttggagtctg acctttccca gaggggagtc caaggcagag    144900
     aggctcccag acgaggtcta ttgtttcagc aaacaccaga ccgcgtggaa ccaaagccgt    144960
     ggagaaaaac aggtgggaag aggaggtgtt ttctcgaaga ccgttccagc gtttccaggg    145020
     tactaattca tggaaaacta cttaatttag caaaaaattt ttattttaag cctatgcatt    145080
     tatatttatt aaacaaagct caaaatacaa cctttgggaa cctccaagtc ataaaatgac    145140
     tcatattcgg atgatgactc agtgggaaag agggaattcc accacccacg cctcctttcg    145200
     aaaaagtcag tttgccctct caacaggtga tagaagcctc tgccatcaga ctgttccaag    145260
     aaaatcgtcc aacaaaacaa aacaagtcct cttcaaacaa tttaagtttc aaagctgagt    145320
     aatccaacac aggcacgttt ccaacctacg cccccgcggg acacagagag ccagggagct    145380
     ccttggcggg ggccgggggc cctgaattaa gaaagattta ccagctgaaa aattccaaaa    145440
     ccctgtgtca tgtggaggaa ccttccaaaa cactggatcc cacccaggcg cggcgagtcg    145500
     ctcagagcca tggcaacccc gtttccgctg ccacatcact tttatttttg tgtccttaga    145560
     ttttttcctg ttttgcaatg ttttgctggg acccccgact ccgcctgagg cctgggtggc    145620
     cgggggccag ggttcccagc tgaagtcagg aacagcctgg acttcccggc gtgaacttcg    145680
     cctggaaggt tacacatttt ttcaattgca gagactatag aacggctttt cagcaattgc    145740
     tgaaaacagt aaataggaaa ggtcctgatc tgtttggttc ctcttcgtcc tcttgaatgt    145800
     gactagagag atttctgggg gtgttggggg gtgacaataa caaatgctgc ttgggattcc    145860
     agctctgtca ctagcagtga gctgacctgg ggtccatggc ttgacctctg tgagcctccg    145920
     ttaccttatc tataaaatgg ggctaaggct gccagcctct cagggcccat gtgattatca    145980
     aaggagatga catgttcatt caacaatatg tataagcacc tatgaagtgc cagggactgt    146040
     tctagattct gcagatacca gagcaaacac caagtcttct tcctcaagga accctaaccg    146100
     gggggggcag gggggggaaa caagaaaaca aatgagtgaa caaatagaca aggcaaatcc    146160
     aatagagcta agtgctacca agaaaagagg gcaggacaat gggacggaac gggacagagt    146220
     gtgagagctg atggtcaagg aggagcctgt caagaaaatc ccctgggtgt ggagaagagg    146280
     gaaccctcct gcactgttgg tgggaatgtc agttggcacc acaactatgg caaacagtat    146340
     gaccgttcct cagaaaacta gagaactacc atgtgaccca gcaatgccac tcctgggcat    146400
     atagccggac aaaactataa ttcaaaaaga cacatgcacc cacatgttca cagcagcact    146460
     attcgcaata gccaagacat ggaagcaacc caaatgccca cggacagatg aatggattat    146520
     atatacaagg gaatattacc cagctgtaaa aaagaatgaa acaatgccat gtgcagcaac    146580
     ttggatgcaa ccagagatgc tcatgctaag tgaagcaaaa ccaaaagaga aagataaata    146640
     ccatatgata tcacttatat gtggaatcta aactatggca cagatgaacc taactacaaa    146700
     gcagaaacag actcacagac gtggagaaca gacttgtggt tgccaagggg gaggggggag    146760
     ggagggggat ggccagggag tttggggtta gtagatgcaa gcgatgacat ttagaacgga    146820
     tgagcaagga ggtcctgctg tatagcacag ggagctagaa ctccatccag tctcctgggg    146880
     tagaccacgg cggaagataa aatgagaaaa ggaaagtgta tgtatgtatg cctagatccc    146940
     ttttgctgta cagaggaagt tgccccacac tgtaagtcaa ctgtactcga aaaaaaattt    147000
     ttttaatcta aaaataaaaa agaaagaaaa agtaaagaaa gtcacctcag agctgagact    147060
     tgtaggaaca gaaggatgca acccaggagg aaacagcaaa agcaaaggtc ctgggacaga    147120
     aaggcatgtg gggtgtttga ggacaaagtg aagatggtac agctgcagcc caaggagcaa    147180
     gggggccggt gaaaagagcc gccatccgag aggtgggcaa gggccagatc ctacaggctc    147240
     ttgggagtca tgcaaataat caaaaatagt aataaaaata atataataag cattattatt    147300
     actgctgcta taaataagat gccattttcc aaaacaccaa gctttttcta acttaagaaa    147360
     caccacgcta cccctctcct actgtttttc caccgttctc caatttgtca tcccgctgga    147420
     gtggaaactg ccaattccat ttcagtccac ggctataaaa agaactttgg agctggtggt    147480
     gccgatgacc caacacgggg gctaagatta gcccaggagg ctgtcacctt ttcttaatgt    147540
     gagaaccagc tggggttccc ctgccttgga aaacctcaac tgttccactc cgccccaccc    147600
     cgcagcagcc ctgccggcca aactgtccat ggagatggga acggggatgc gttttggaaa    147660
     aaagaagttg agcaacaggg attccccctg cagaaggcgg tcctgggctg agaggcaagt    147720
     tcttggggtc aaaagagcag gaccagctct ctgcaaatac gaggcaattc ccccttatct    147780
     gtcagagcca ccgggagcca gacatcccac gagggaagcc caccgcctgt ctgggggctg    147840
     ggggcacctc ggataccctg gcttgtctgc tggcatcgat ccaggaacgg cattcaccca    147900
     ggattctttt cacagaatga tctgaaacgg gccctgctgc cctcagtgac cacggcagaa    147960
     ttcaagaggc tgtctcacca caaaagggct taagtcagtg gctccaagct gctgaaggat    148020
     attcaggcaa agtaacctgg tctggggctt tttcagagta gaacaactga tgaccaaggg    148080
     tacagacccc agagccaggc tgcctgggat ccaacccagc actgcccttt accagctgct    148140
     gtgatggcta agttctttaa cttctctgtc ctcagtttct catcagaaaa atgggagaag    148200
     aggagctagc ttgtaggaat gtcacgagtg atcaggttaa tacatacaaa gtgcctagaa    148260
     aaaagccagg cgcatggttt ataatgatta cttattactg tttttcagtg tctcttgcat    148320
     ccatgagata aactcttgcc catctttgtc tttctacggc ctaaatatga taataatcat    148380
     agcagctagc atttcatgag aatctacaac atgccgagct ctacgtgaag agcctcatct    148440
     ggttcatctc atttaatcgc ctcatctcaa aagaagtaaa tcacctgtat tttacagaag    148500
     aagaaatgct ggctcagaga ggtgccggga ctcacccagg atgacagagc tactacatgc    148560
     agatcataga ttcgaatcca ctgcttgtgg aagtcagagg aaggccagag gatgctgtcc    148620
     tggtcctgga gggccagctg tcctggtcct ggagggccac caaagctggg gaagctcacg    148680
     cttacttggt catgccaagt aagaaccact ctctcctgct caagaatcca ccatgactcc    148740
     ctattacctt agtcatgtgc agactaaacc aaggccatgt ctctacctgg cactgggaga    148800
     cctctcgggt tctgggctca tcaaaacagt tcctagtatg aaccagttct actgcagccc    148860
     cacagctttg ctctcaatct cacaagagcc tcgcaaattc ttgccacaga gtattttata    148920
     ctgtcccacc acctgaaaaa taaggctccc ccaaaatgaa tcaagatgct taaaaacacg    148980
     catgctcctg gaatccacta ccacatgcag gccttaaccc taggaaataa aaaggaatat    149040
     tagctaatat aaaacaagca tttactatat atatccacag gttccatatc cacagagaca    149100
     accaactaca gattaaaata ttcaaaagaa cacccagaaa tatccaaaaa gcaaaactgt    149160
     gaatttgcca ctcgttggca actatttaca tagcagtgac atgagcttag tccatgtcaa    149220
     ctacaccctc ctaagtcatt gtccatgtca attacaccct cctaagtact ctagggtgat    149280
     ctaaactata cgggaggatg tgcctgggtt ctcccaagta ccacaccact gtatgcaaag    149340
     gatttgagca tcctcagact gtggtaccca ctggggtcct ggaaccaagc cttgcagaca    149400
     ctgagggact gacaactgca ccaaagcttc tgaacccttg atctcatgac catcctggga    149460
     ggtaggactg tcaccatcct catgcattgt acagacgagg aaaccattgc ccagagaggt    149520
     taagtaactt gtccgaggtc ccacagctag aacgtagcag aactggtctt tgaacacaag    149580
     cagactggct ggagagcatg agtccttacc tagccgacaa aaggaaggca gaggcagtta    149640
     cacacatgcc tgagttgccg acgacagcac aaagctggaa gcggcctaat gcccaacaaa    149700
     aggggaatgg ttaaatcagg tgcccaacaa gcaggcgaga gaacgcgctg cgtccactta    149760
     cacgtcattc ctcctctccc ctcacgacac catcacggct cctcatggct gcagggactg    149820
     cccacgtgcc tcctaaacca cctgcaagcc catccatcca tctcccctct ggcacagtct    149880
     ggatgagttt tttttccctc aatggcttca ttaaacctct ttaaggcgtt cccgttgtgg    149940
     cgcagcaaaa acgagcccaa ctagtatcca taaagatgtg ggttcgatcc ctagcctcgc    150000
     tcagagagtc aaggatccag cattgccgtg agctgtggtg gaggtcacag acgtggctcg    150060
     gatctggcgg tgctgtggct gtagctcagg ccagcagctg cagctccaat tcagccccta    150120
     gctgggaacc tccatatgcc gcgggtgtgg cccgaaaaag aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaat    150180
     cctctttaag atcaccttcc atctcttgtg ctttcaaagt gtcaggaggc aattctcaca    150240
     ccctggtcac cgggccggcc catcccaaga ggaggttttg cgtgcgttgg gaagaagcag    150300
     ccctttccca agacgctctg cctcctcccg tcagaagctg tcttagcagc agggctggat    150360
     gatgtgagca gtttgaatgg cagcccctgg gttactccca tgcagggcaa accccacagg    150420
     cagacaagct gcctgttaca ctctggagca tccaagggca gtgagctaac aaacatcaac    150480
     accccctaga attaacctac tgaaatcatg tccatggggg ggaaacaggc aaggcccagc    150540
     gtccctaacg aactgtttaa cctgccagtt tcactcctcc aggtcattgt ctttttacca    150600
     cgtccgcgtt ggtaaacaca cgaacagccc ctagccagaa agaagataca tgtcccgtaa    150660
     acagaaatac taaatctctc atagcaagga gtgccacgtc aaaacagtac caattcagcc    150720
     gattttttta aactaaaaaa catggcactt ctgggatagg gtgaacccat cactgccgag    150780
     gtattaaagg aagttttcca tttgtttatt tctggaaggg taatctgaat tctggaagca    150840
     gtatgtattt aaagctctca taatacctat ccaaaattcc actctaggaa taaactctaa    150900
     ataaacaaaa aagatacaca tggagattca tgtaaacaaa gattaattaa tcctacaaat    150960
     ataccaagat taactgcatc actatttata ataaaaaata taagcagcca aatgtttatt    151020
     gatttacaat gtatctggtc ctgttataat gacctgacat gtatcatctc atttaacgtc    151080
     tatgaaaccc ctatggagta agaactcttg ttattatcat taaataccta aagcaacgga    151140
     ggcccagaaa ggtagcaaaa gcaagatctg aacccaggat atccaggccc agagcatgcg    151200
     tgatgaatca ctgcgattaa tgcccccctc ttttttgtct ttttagggcc gcacccacag    151260
     catatggagg ttcccaggct aggggttgaa tcggagctgc agctactggc ctacaccaga    151320
     accacagcaa tgcaggatct gagccaggtc tgctacctac accacagctc acggcaacag    151380
     aagatcctta acccactgag cgaggccagg gatcgaacct gcatcctcat ggatactagt    151440
     caggttcatt accactgagc cacaatggga aatctctttc ccatcgttaa taataaaaag    151500
     tgggaaaaac tgtgtctctt tatgtgaaaa aaaataatga aaaaaaaaag acttggggtg    151560
     ggaaaaacct tatcatctaa caaaccagcc caggatcagt taaaatacac tgagagacat    151620
     tcacacagca gtgacccatg gggacggcag atcactgcag tcacaggaaa cttctcacgg    151680
     taaggagagc aggacagaaa agtccacata aaaggatcta ccccccaaac caatgcccct    151740
     gggaagaaac aggtggtcac ttctgtacga cgtgcaaagg gccccctgac ctgtggtctt    151800
     ctcggtgaac acgactttgg actcggccgt gaagttctgc cccgtgagga tcatctgctg    151860
     gcccccgtag accaggcagc tgtcgatgtc ttgtctttcc accatgggca gctcgtgggc    151920
     ggaccgctgg gctgagggcg agagaagaag gagacaccgt ggtgatgggg tgcccactcc    151980
     gaagaggcgt tccaattcca cgggaacggg acacgacacg ctctgcccac cctggcccac    152040
     ttactgtcac tgcaaagtgg aaccctcatc cctgcccacc agtgaccctg ccaacgttat    152100
     gttctcatca aagtgccctg agctacttgg gcttgttttt cctaatgatg cttcacttcc    152160
     atgaaccaag ggatggatgt ctttcctctt tttaaaagga aaggagttgt ttttttgttt    152220
     gtttgttttt ttggtttttt gtttttttaa ttttcccact gtacagcaag ggggtcaggt    152280
     tatccttaca tgtatacatt acaattacat ttttccccca ccctttgttc tgttgcaaca    152340
     tgagtatcta gacatagttc tcaatgctat tcagcaggat ctccttgtaa atctaagttg    152400
     tgtctgataa gcccaagctc caaaaaaaaa taaaatgaaa taaaataaaa ggaaaggagt    152460
     gtaagaattt gatttcttta ataaatggat ggacagatca gctttttcat atgagagttc    152520
     ctttgcgaga gtgtcctttc ttctcctgca tttgacgtca gccaacacgc gaagggctca    152580
     tgcacgtaaa cttgaggacc tgattcctga aggactcctg attcctgatt ccatcttcgc    152640
     tttggaattc attcgcagtc ctgaacatga tctgccccgt cacttctctg accacacttc    152700
     ctagaacgac ccccttgctc actccgctcc agtcacacct gcagaatgct ctcaccgtct    152760
     ctcggatgta cacaacacac ccctgccttt aaatgtttgc acattcaact tgctgtctct    152820
     ggaaggttct tccccaatca cctgcctggc tgcctttctc acttcttgca gctttctagg    152880
     cagatgctac ctcctcagtg aggcttcttt acccctcaca gctaaaacag cagtacccac    152940
     tctgcgtcca tctggctggc tggctaggtc tctccttctc gttccccttt attttgctct    153000
     atcctgctta gttcatctcc aaagaacttc ctactttcag atacactgca tgtagctcta    153060
     tcggttcctc tgtctctcat ctcttcccca caggaatgga agcccaggag ggaggagcat    153120
     tccttggtgc atgctgtaag cccagggctg gggacagaag agaggactca gccagaggtg    153180
     cttgggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggga gggagggagg gagaagatat    153240
     ggatacagat gtgtctcagt gcatcttggc acacacatat ctcttgctag ctctgcaggc    153300
     ccatctctac atcctcttct gcatctacag tgagaaatgg gacaggctga gggtttaacc    153360
     acaaggatat actcgaatgc tcacagcaac cttctgagga aagaagtact agaattattc    153420
     atcctcgggt agggaaacga atgcctagaa aaaagtcagg tcaagggcat gtgctgatgt    153480
     agatctgaag cctcgagacc tggtctgacc ggctccagag cctcatctct tagcccctgc    153540
     agcgcccccc tcccccgatt cttcaggaag ggttgcagga aagaatcaag accctctccg    153600
     gatgcctttc cggggcaggg tgagaaagag gtcccagcca gcaccaggga ccatctcctc    153660
     ggcctcgcct tggcagcgtg ggctgaagag gccggccctc ctcctgggtg agtcagcctg    153720
     agctcctggc gttcctccca gagcccgaga actgggcagg gggccaaccc tctccgtgcc    153780
     agggccgcgg acctccccat ccgggagcca gggctgcagc cacaagaggc ccaaggctca    153840
     aacctaaccc tgccctcctg gccggcccgg gcctccaggt ccagcaccct gtcccatctg    153900
     ccctggagtc acgatgaaac ctgtcccttg aagagcagcc atgaacttgc caacatttac    153960
     ggagcccgcc gtggaccagt cacaccgaga cactttatgt caaccatgca gccccacaac    154020
     ttgcaatgac ccagccccag gatggtctct ccccagccca ggctcagtcc aggccctctg    154080
     tctccagggc cccaccagcc agtgtggttc taaagcgctg ccagttaaga gcacatatta    154140
     aaaggacctc tctgcagaag ctgctaattt ctcccacatg ggctgggcta ttaatccttt    154200
     ctttcaatag gggagttttg tgtgacttcc taattgagct gccacaaatg gagatttatt    154260
     agcagtgaaa acagcagcca caccacccag aagagcaggt ccaggctttt aagatctgcc    154320
     tttgatgagt ttggggggca cgtgggggct ttcggtcccg gggatgggtg gggaggcagc    154380
     aagagccatc cctcccattt tgcaggtgga aagcctgagt catcgcgcct gggcaaactg    154440
     gccaatggct cccagccagc caggccgggg actggacgtg gccgtgagct ctcagcgctg    154500
     ggcgggaggc tggcctgaag ctgctctgtg aatcactgtg catggctgtg aacacgactc    154560
     ggctatttcc tgaagcaacc tcgttgcttc tccctccaaa gcctcacaga ctcaagcacc    154620
     ccacggactc tccctttgcc aaatcggcat ttcccacccc ttctctttcc ctgaaagaaa    154680
     accatctttt ctaatgaata tttaaagaga gaggacgaaa gagtccagtc cggcttccag    154740
     tcagctttta cctggactcc agtcttgtcc agtccagtgt ggggacttca gcatcactgg    154800
     atcactgggc ggagggggcc aaggattaat tgcagaccca agagccccac cccagaccca    154860
     ctgaactcaa atctgcagct taagcaggaa tccaggtgat ccgcatgcac catccagccc    154920
     aagatgcact gcttagtgct ggtttacagt cgaatcctct ggccctgatc ctagcacagt    154980
     gtttcttagg ccaggcactc ttgacatctg ggcagggtaa ctccttgcgg gggggggggg    155040
     ggtcctgtgc tcagaggatg ttgaacagta tccctggcct ccacccacca cgtgccagtg    155100
     gcacctccct cacgtgacaa cccaaactgc ctctacacag agctggatgt cccctgggga    155160
     aaaaatggcc acaaccgtcc aaggctgaga atcaccattc tagagattct gacttcggtg    155220
     gtctgcaggg tgggccccag catagttttt ttcccaacaa tccttgctga ttccagtggc    155280
     caaaccacgt ttgacccgag gcaccatcat gctaggataa tgcaggacca ggggaccaca    155340
     gtgtcccctc tttactgccg ctcgagccct ggggtcagaa cgtcatggtt tcaagtcctg    155400
     cctctgccaa ttccttgctg tgtgaccctg ggcaaggccc ttcacctctc tgagtcaccc    155460
     gtgccgcctc tgtaaaatcc taagacgacc tgccctggca ggtaagcagc acaagagatg    155520
     ctgcgtgtaa acatgtgcac gtgggaggaa aacacgtggt gaaatatgtt atcaagcacc    155580
     caaaggtcca tcgacggatg gacgaacaaa acgtggtcta tctatacaga aatattagtc    155640
     acattgccac acactccaca tggatgaagc tcaaaaacat gatgctaagt gaaagaagcc    155700
     agacagaaaa gggcacatat tgtctgatcc cattggtacg tgtccaggac tggctaatac    155760
     agaggcagaa agcaggctgg gggttgctgg gggctgggga gggacccggc tcacgggttt    155820
     cttttggagg gggtgaaaaa gttctgaaac tagacagtgg tgctgagtgc acaacattgt    155880
     aagtgcactt gatgccactg agttgtgtgc tttaaaatgg tcgatcgtgt gcctcgtacc    155940
     acaattttta aaaatctatc tcatataaga caaaaaaaca gctagcaggt gcctggcaca    156000
     gggtaaccat gccagcaact cgtctttccc attgttaact tgcaaaatgc tgctcttgcc    156060
     ttctcgctgg gtcattttca aagtgtcctt ttcatctgtt atctggctga caccagagcc    156120
     ctcccaggta atcaaggaag acgctgctgg tgccgttttg cagacagaac gacaggtgtt    156180
     tggaaccttg cttcgtggag gggcagctct ggcctgtggg aggccgccgt gctggacagt    156240
     cctcggcccc agctcaagtc cccccaaggt gacccttgcc cagggctccc cagctctaaa    156300
     cctcactttt cccatcagaa aaacggggct gttcacagac ccaccgcaca ggctgctgtg    156360
     aggactacgt gggagacagc gcgttgggct tgataaatat tggccagtat ggtgacagca    156420
     agagctggcg ttcctggagc agctgccccg tgcttggtac cactgctgtc ccgccttcga    156480
     tatttcacca agtccgtgtg gcccacgtcc acgtgtttac acacattact gatcttgtcc    156540
     ctgctgttct tgatggatcc caaaccgtaa cccaggtttc ctgatcccga ctcccagtat    156600
     ttttcaaagg gaggtttcca ggtcacctgt ggccaagtca cctagtgggg caggggggag    156660
     cttaatgaaa atgcagctgc ccaggccaca ccccaaccca cagccccaga agctcctaga    156720
     ggaggaggct ggatatttgc attttgacaa tctttccagg tgatttgtta cacgcagtct    156780
     gtttgtgagc caagtcccac actcagaggc cacctgaggc caaggggacc tcctccaggg    156840
     gggtgcccag cctcctcaga gagcccagag gcaaagcaaa tggatccaat tagcctctga    156900
     aagaggaact gaagagaggc aaacagcaac caaaattacc ctcctggggt ccacttccct    156960
     ctcgctctct gatgcaacct ccaacaccca tggccaccaa ttggggtgac ccggccagca    157020
     cctaggggag gatgccccac caacccactg ggcctcccag gcctgcagcc ggcagtcccc    157080
     actgcatccc actcagctct ttaaccctcc gagggtccag gccctccaaa ccccacgccc    157140
     tgcagcactc taaccaaagc cgggccacca tccccaggcc atcctcggcc tgctctcacc    157200
     tggggtggga tccagtcccc ctgcccccac gtaagcatgg aggtggccct caaagccagg    157260
     cgactcctcc aggcttccct cctgcccccg gaatccggca cttcataaag tggctcgggg    157320
     ctcctaggtt ttatgagctc tgaatcaccg gggcgctgtt ggtttagcct gcgccggtgt    157380
     ttattttcac tagcgacggt ggctgatggc gagcagagcc cggtggcaaa gggaaattca    157440
     cacctcgagg gggtcctcca ggtcagcctg gagaggggac attaccgccc acctgtctgc    157500
     cacatgcctg tcatggggcg cctggccgag aaccacgatc tccccaagaa cctcaggacg    157560
     gaggcgggag gggccggttg ggcgaactgg gctgtgcaga gtgggtgggt ttcgctaata    157620
     atagcggatc gttagagcgg ccacagagag cgccttggac tccagcactg ccagtgcaca    157680
     ctagtgctga catgacagaa ctcacatgtg agaggcaatt gatggtcacg ggtcaaagga    157740
     tgctgccaca tgactggctg catttgaagc ccagctcagt gagacctagc tctggggcct    157800
     tgggcaagtc acttgctctc tttgcgcctg tgttttctca cctagagaat gggacttagt    157860
     cgtgctcaaa ctcggaaggc tggctgcaga gttactgagc taatgcacca ggaagcgtgc    157920
     ggcacctcag cagggctccg ggcaggtggg ttgtgtttat ttttattgct aaacctcatg    157980
     agaccacaag gcaggagtta tttccatttt gaaatggagg gcgctgagtt tcccagagga    158040
     gaagtcacgt gctcacagcc acctaaggcg gacaggctga acttgaaccc agactgtggg    158100
     attcccctac ccagaggggc cccttttgag taacacaggg aaggacccag ggaaagcctc    158160
     cagccagcct ggggaaggag gggccctccc gtccgtctcg ctctggccca tgcaccgacc    158220
     acccctggcc gccgcgcccc ggctgctgta acccttcttg tctgcacacc gggcccctgt    158280
     ccttggctgt gagcctggcc gggctgagcc tggcttggcc cagagtgtgg tgctgactca    158340
     ggccttgccc ccgggggggg ggcggggggg tgtgtgtgag cagggccagc agactggccc    158400
     ctgaggcccc ctcagccccc taccctggcc acagctgggt cttcctgggg aagagggagg    158460
     gtgggacaga agaacccaat tctccctgag aatgggcttc ccgtctgtaa gggacctgtc    158520
     cgcattcgca gcacaggcgc ggggtggggt gtgtgcggaa ccagggccca cagtgcttga    158580
     ggccaccttc tctctctgga ccccacggaa aatggagcag tgacagcagc cctgcaagac    158640
     tgcaagcccc tcccgtccaa tccgcgcagt ctggagccgc aggaagataa ttacggtacc    158700
     tctccgatgg actagcccct caaaagcctc cagcaaacaa ggcccctcca gggatctcct    158760
     ctaactaatg agctcccagg tcactggggg gccaggcagc ctggacagag aagaggacgt    158820
     gggtttaatg cccagctctg gcccttccct tgtcagcaac gtgactagca aagcattcag    158880
     tccttctgaa gttcaacctg ctagacagaa gcccagagtc tttaggatac gtcttgaggt    158940
     tttgaggagg ataaaagcga gtgacatgac agcgggcggc acccagtagc tcttcgataa    159000
     agggcatttg gccgtcacca ctgccgcaga accagctcag tcacaggcca tgatcacatg    159060
     gctgggacca gatccatcag aagagaagcc accccaatcc tgggctcccc caaatccagc    159120
     tttcctataa ctgccaaccc acagcactgg tcagataatc atctaagctc tttcttagca    159180
     gcagggcacg ctgcttgctg ccagctgacc tgaaacaatc agtgtttgta aaactcccac    159240
     acagacctcc tgctgcctgg gctgggagct ctcggctgtg acagagtggc agccagaggt    159300
     atgtgacatg tgctttgcag ggctacaagg aggcccatgg gtgggaaagg atgagacaca    159360
     ccacaagaga ggtactgagg tgattctact gcaccgacgt gggtaccaag accttcccca    159420
     ttttacagag gagaaaactg aggcccagca cgctcagtca cgtccctggg actaaagagc    159480
     tcgtaagtgg cagaggcagg aaggtgaacc caggccccca gtcctaaccg tcactcgaac    159540
     ctgctgcttt ccatcatgtc agtttctgag atttctcaag tgcagtccct tgcttcctgc    159600
     ctaaaagcca ccttggagag caagggctga caaaggctgg cttacttgcc ctctgccagg    159660
     tgcccaaatt tcacccaaga tttagcccta cagcatctcg agaaaaacaa tccacagctg    159720
     agcggtgcga gggcgcctca gcctctaagg gtccctgagc tggtctctct gcagtttata    159780
     ggagatgatg tcacccgctg gggttctggt tcaaatgaac ctgtcactgg tgagggggct    159840
     caaccttggt gtccggcagg ctggggatgt cacagctggc atgacccttt cctcgctgtg    159900
     tgaccacagg caattagttg aatgtctcta tgcttcagtt tgcccatcta taaaatggga    159960
     acagatgctg agtccatggt gttcttacga tgactcagca gccacagaga aagtgacaga    160020
     taattgctcc ttttccttca cctcgtccca gcctgtcccc tcatctcctt tcttccttcc    160080
     tttggtcttc aagtatttat tagcatcact ctgtgccaga cactgtgcca aatgaatttc    160140
     aaaatataaa tcacaacatg ccaggccctt acctagaact gaaagcttcc tatttccctt    160200
     agaataaaag ccaaagtctc cagcttcctc tcagacctca tccccgacac ctctccccgc    160260
     cccgtcactc tgcgcagcct ccttggctgc ctttccgctg cctgaagaca gcaagcttat    160320
     ccctgcctca gggcctttgc acgtgcccta ccctccggct gggccaccct cccctgtcac    160380
     tcaggtccag gttaacatgc catctcttca gggagctctt ccctgagcag caggaccaag    160440
     gctgctgctc ccccagcccc cagtcaccaa cacacggtcc ttgtgacttt catcacgaca    160500
     cctggctctg tttgaaacga ggtctttgcc tgcttggtga ctgtgggttt tcctcactgg    160560
     aacgtgacct ccatgatggc caggactttg gttcaccgct gaatccccag ttcctcacct    160620
     ccaaaatgca cgccaaatag atttgcaatt gaaagaatga acgcgaagga gcctgggaac    160680
     ctccatatgc cgtgggtgcg gcccaaaaaa gaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtttct    160740
     gaaagagaag atctctgcta ccttcagata ggtggcaaat tcttgtggga atgtaaagag    160800
     aaatagcccc aaaagaaaag aaaagaataa actccatcca aataaaatac tgatgctcat    160860
     aataaaaaat tgggaacata accaggcaag acacagactg gcagaaaata gtcatgatac    160920
     ataaatctga caatggattc gtatccacag gcataaagaa ccactgcata gaaatacgag    160980
     taactcaata gaaaacaggc aaaatctttg aacacttcac ctgagaagac atatgtcagc    161040
     caataagcat agaggttagg gctcagcatc attagtctgc agggaaatgc aaattatggg    161100
     ttacacacaa tgagatacaa ttttacaccc actagaatgg ctacaattaa aaagactgac    161160
     aaacgagttc ccttgtgatg cagtgggtta aggatctggt gtcatcacta cagcttgggt    161220
     cactgctgtg gtggcccagg aacttgtaca agccatggct gcaaccaaat aaattaatta    161280
     actaaagaaa taataaaagg actgacaaag ccaaatactg gtgagtatgt ggcgtgagta    161340
     ggattctcat tcactttttt ttttcttttt agggcttccc tgcctcgtat ggaggttccc    161400
     aggctcgggg tcgaataaga gctgtagcca ctggtctaca ccacagccag agcaatgcca    161460
     gatctgagct gcatctgtga cctacaccac agctcatggc aacgcgggct ccttaaccca    161520
     ccaagcaagg ccagggatag aacccggatc ttcatggata ctagttgggt ttttaacccc    161580
     ctgagtaata acaggaactc cttatctgct cttcacagag tgtaaaatga ttcagaaaat    161640
     acacaaatca gaacatgtat tttccccagc gaacgcatcc gtgctgtatt attccccacc    161700
     atgaagttct agaacaggga aagaaagctc atctctggtg acagaaagca gcccagggct    161760
     tgcctgtggg gggggggggg ctggggcggg ggcaccactc gagggccaca cggactctca    161820
     ggactcaagg aaaacacccc gaaacgtctt ctgctgctca caagggcgca ggcaactgtc    161880
     caagcagcgg aacggaagac ttgccgtcta atttactctg cctgcatcac acttcagtaa    161940
     aatacattta tgtcacgaag ggggtgagac tgacaagagc acgtgagaaa ttccatggtt    162000
     gagtccacac ctcatacccg cgcccccact tcctgcaaaa cgagcaaagt gaatttacac    162060
     tccatgcccc gagcaggcct ggctcggtgg caaattgctc gaggtggttc ctgaaatgtg    162120
     atgagcagag gggcccctcg cagggcaggg agaaaaccca caggagggtc tcgctggaca    162180
     cgtccgttcc agctcatcgc tgccctcctc tcccgctgca cagcctgcgg aggctggttt    162240
     tcacgctgtc atttttttca gcagaagttc tagagacagt tgctatgtgc caggccctaa    162300
     ctaacacccg ctggtcccta accttccctg agacaggctg acaagcaagg tgggtggtca    162360
     gggcacaggg agaggcacat gcagctaaga ccgggaaccg gtgctctggg tggaggtgac    162420
     agcagaggca aagcctagga atcagaggca gatcggaccg gggaactgag ggccagagag    162480
     gggagtgcag tcgagaaatg cagccatggg gagcagggca gtgggtagaa gagcaccccc    162540
     accaagactt ctcgtccacc cagaacctca ggtgacctca ctcacaatcg gggtcttcgg    162600
     cgacataaat aaggatgcgg atagtcaccc tggatgagaa tgcgccctac aggcaggggg    162660
     agtgtcctga gaagagaccc caaggacaca cagaggaggc cccggggtga tggggacaga    162720
     gattgcagcg ttgcatctcc aagccaagga acgctgggga tcaacggcca cccccagagg    162780
     ccaggagaga ggctgcaaca gagcctccag agcgaactaa gccgacacct gcctccagat    162840
     cagagagaac ccgttgccgt tgctgtaagg ttcccaggtg ggggctggtt atgccagccc    162900
     tggaaaactc gtgcaaggac gccagggctc caccaccaca gggaacttgg tgttgaactt    162960
     ggagtggacg ctgagcactc tggggaaagg agaactgtcc cgtttcaagg gggctgcctg    163020
     aaactgccac tgtgtggacg tttcttgttg ggcaagatga gggcgctgcc ttccagcctc    163080
     tcccatgtgc tcggacaagt gggaggcagt gatctgcctg gagcagggca ggtgtggcgg    163140
     cctctagagc tgggctactg cagaagattc gaaataatct ctgccgagat taagggaggg    163200
     aactcagagt agctccgtgg caacactgaa gaaatagtgg aaacagaagc ccaggagtct    163260
     tgacccctgg cacaccggct tgtaaataaa cataaggaat ctgcatttcc agcaagtaac    163320
     tccctttcca agagggagct ccagcagctt gtgcaagatt tttctactag attctaagaa    163380
     ttctcccttg atctctgagg catcgcatga aagatgcttc caaggtaaat aagttagcct    163440
     tggaaataag taccagccca acgagtgttt ttctcaccca ctcaccttcc cccatgggta    163500
     taccctaagt cacttagtcc aacaactatt tgtcatacgc acaccgtgtc aatgcatatt    163560
     agagactaat ttgtttctgg actatttccc taaggaccac acaaacagta agtccatcag    163620
     tccataaata tttacagaac agccaggcac tgatccagga aaagagaaca aagaaggaga    163680
     ttaaaatgac agaagcatct gtcttccctc tgtgagaggg aaagtggccc tttggcagct    163740
     cggcttggta ctgcaagaag ggctggtggc atagaaacca aaagaaggtg tttcacagaa    163800
     ctggaaggct gcagaccctg tccgtgctac ctaccaagta aaaatgagtg aatcacttta    163860
     ccgagaacgt ctcggtttcc ttatctgtca gagcacagca gttgaatcag ccaaacactt    163920
     ttttaaaaga atccaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaagaaaaaa cccactctgt tcaatgtgcc    163980
     aacaacttta taacgcccgg aggatcttgc tggtgaggca cgcagttcag tgatgatccc    164040
     tagtctcaga ccaacgtgag ctaaggtgac ttgagggacc caaagatggg gaggaagtgc    164100
     ggatggtccc cccccgaggc ctcctgcacc ccacctgact ccaaaccgca gccccatcct    164160
     ggagactgag tcatttgcca gaaagaagag accgtatctt ctcaaaatcc cccaaatcac    164220
     ggaggaagag cctgaggctc cttccccaaa catcttgaga tgctcaaaac caaggccagg    164280
     gcggggcagc caccacgact agcacttggg ggccagggtg gggtctgctg ggtagaggag    164340
     gggaattcca gtgtttctga gctgatgttt tctcaaaccc tcgggtgccc tcgctgtctg    164400
     ccactgggtc ctctgcctcc accaccagag cacaacctca ccaccacacc ggcctgatcc    164460
     gcatcctgac tcaccagctg gaagacatca caggcttcct tcatcctttt ccaaagacca    164520
     accaagaccc aagatctgac ttctctcccc acaagggtcc gccctctgcc cctgctggct    164580
     gagcgccagc cttcctgaac cctctctgcc taaaatactc accctttccc tctcctcatt    164640
     agtgtctgat gaaggtacct ctgatgaatc cgagccacat acagttccca gctgatccac    164700
     agagtatttt tgaatttgtt cccacttttt aaaaatcagg agatgattgg ttcatcttga    164760
     aaaatcagta gatttggaat tcccttcatg gcacagcgga aacaaatctg actagaatcc    164820
     atgaggatgc gggtttgatc cctggcctcg ctcagtggat taaggatctg gggttgctgg    164880
     gagctgtggt gtaggttgca gacatggctc ggatcctgcg ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag    164940
     gccggcagct gcagctctga ttagactcct agcctgggaa cttccatatg ccgtgagtgc    165000
     agccctaaaa agagaaagaa ggaaggaagg aaggagaggg aagaaggaag gaaagaaaga    165060
     gagagagaga gagagagaga agaggaaagg aaaggaaagg aaagaaggtt tggccacact    165120
     gggtctacac tgccacacag aaacactggc tgcatttgag taactgcctc ccagtctcgt    165180
     ctccaccacc tcctgctgct gcctgcctac ccatttcact catatccacg acctccctaa    165240
     gtgtccagta taaaaggggg ggggacctga aacgaaactg catatgatat atgatcttaa    165300
     caacatgaaa aaaatcctta gaggaaagag actcaatatt aacagctttt gtttctgaag    165360
     caatgcttac ttctttcctt ctttatgcct ttaaaactga cttctgaact ctcaaaagct    165420
     gaacagacca tcagctttgt catgtcgcac tgcaagatcc cacaacaaac ttgcccaaac    165480
     tccctaagag tgagcaaagc agcttctttt gaagcctggg agagccgagc aaggtctctg    165540
     ctcagagccc ttccaaatgc ctctccgtac gactctgaaa atcttcggca tctttgtttg    165600
     ggtatcttta tctccaccag ctcatcatct tggtgaggac aaaggaaaca tcctgctcac    165660
     ctgcagcccc gcagccccgc acccgacact gagcggattc tcaataaaca ccctggggtg    165720
     ggctgggggt gatggggacg cgtgggtcct gcatgccaaa gctcctgttc aaatcccagc    165780
     cctgctggga caaattaccc aacccttcac ctctctcctg cctcttctgt aaaaggggca    165840
     tcatgacatg agcgattgcc aagggctgct gaatggttaa tgagcactta gcccagtgac    165900
     tggtggagtc acagttctgt aaacaagggc caccacgaca gtatgattat tctattgaaa    165960
     gaagagagga gaaaataaaa gaaggacctg aaataccgtg agctcaacgc aactccatct    166020
     accctgtttg agaccaacac agcatttaca catgtcaaac ctcctcagct aagctgtagg    166080
     ctacttatta gccacattat tttttacatt aaaccctcca caggtaaaat gaagcagagt    166140
     gaaaccctta aatgtgctct ggccctggcc tctctggtca gcttgggctc gctattgatc    166200
     tctgggggtc ctgcccattc ttgctgggtg ctttgcccag gctacctcgc ccaggctaga    166260
     aggtcacgtt gggtgcacct gccaagacgg acggcgccca gaagccaact tacagcactc    166320
     aatggggtta gaggccgtct gcagagagat gatccttccg ctggcctctg gaatgtgcac    166380
     ccggaaaacc agcctcacgc gcgtgttctt tctcccgatg tcggtctcgc ctttccgcag    166440
     ctcgatgtcc gcgttcctca gcttcaggat ccccgcgcag tcgatgctgc cagaaagcgg    166500
     gggacccatt tacaccccac catctcgggg aaccggaaag gtcagccaca ggaccggccc    166560
     agtcagagga ccgacataat tccaccgcca gccctgcgcc ggagaggggg tggggggact    166620
     gcaattccct gagacaaata tttcagccag gaatttagac taagatcggg ggaaacactt    166680
     accaagtaat tagcaaaagt ccccagtgtc aagtacttcc ctagggagat tctgcctgcc    166740
     aactgttcta ctctcaaaaa tatctgaggc attcctgctg tgactgcagc ggctcgggtc    166800
     actacagagg cgcaagttca attcctggcc cagtgcagct gggttaagga tctagtgtta    166860
     ccacagctgc agcacaggtc acagcagcag ctgagattca gtccctggcc tgggaacttc    166920
     catatgctcc gggtctggcc attaaaaaaa gggggcgggg ggtatctgaa aacctcaaat    166980
     acacaactgg tgaaaatttg attatggact attcaatagt aagagtggtg tatggacaca    167040
     aagtaccttc cactggatca gtgtgccatg gtcacgtgag agcatgctta ttcgcaggaa    167100
     gtgcacgctt aagagtgtga cagtaaaaag gtatgatgtt tgccattaac tctcaaacag    167160
     ttcagggaca aatggagaga gagggacgca gagtaacaca gcaaatgtga aatttggtag    167220
     caattggtca atctgagcag acagtacaac gggagccctt ggcatgtttc tcgcagttct    167280
     cacgttcgag atcattctct aatcatgttt tttaaacgcc aatacgtggg tgcaaggttt    167340
     cccacacttt agccacagcc atattagctc tgggaggtta gatctatcta acctaatcat    167400
     cattacctaa taattttcgt tgagtcaaaa ttttaaatgt aaataaatct ggcctcatcc    167460
     caagcaaagt aatccgaagc ttcctaagaa ttctttctct caatgcactt gaaaaaaaag    167520
     ctaggtctag gactttcaaa atagaagctt taaaagccag aactctctat gggtccatca    167580
     cagattggga actatcatcc acagctgctt ccatccgtgt cacagagtcc cctctcccaa    167640
     agccctgcca cgtggccccc ctcacttccc cacgaagacc cacggccctc ggcccccagc    167700
     ccttacgtgg ccctcatgtt gttttttggc tccagcggaa tctccaggac tttggtgttg    167760
     cccacgatct tctcatagct ggtggtggtg acagttttcc ccgtgatccg gtgcacttga    167820
     tagaaggcgt ggggcttaag gatccgctcg tcggccgtcc cgatgaagat ctgaagcccc    167880
     aggggcttgt tttccatgta gccatggagc tgggggggga gaagagaaaa cagaattatt    167940
     gaagggtatg gtggctattg tccaacacac acaaaatatc agagatgctc atggggtagc    168000
     agaaaaaaca caggtctgac tgctgcattg tctagaggca tggacagctg ggagcaactg    168060
     tgatgcccag ccagagggga ctgctcggat aaatacaggg atcctctcta aaatgggata    168120
     ttaagcagcc atgagccatg agctctacag tagacagaac tgcacttctg gagaaacacc    168180
     cagaaactat ggttgttggg ggtggcgtgg cagggatgag agtgaggata agagattgga    168240
     acaggcaatt aacagaaaaa cgaatgatga ttagcacaga agagatgttc aatctgactt    168300
     gtgaacagaa aaatacaaat taaataacca tgggatacca tttttctccc attaggtgga    168360
     cacccatgta gatatttaaa aatatcaagt gtttgggaag ctataaggac acttacagcc    168420
     actctcccac agtcaaaaga aacataaatt ggtataatta ttttaaagca tattgaagta    168480
     gcagctatta aaagtacata ttcccgagtt cccgtcgtgg ctcaatggaa aacgaatctg    168540
     actagcattc acgaggacac aggttggatc cctggcctcg ctcagagggt taaggatccg    168600
     gcgttgccat gagctgtggt gtacgtcaca gatgttgttc agatctggct gtggctgtgg    168660
     cgtaggtcag tggctccagc tccaattgga cccctagcct gggaacctcc atatgccatg    168720
     ggtgtggcct tggaaaaaaa aaagtacaca ttccctatga actaatacat ccacttgttg    168780
     gtatgtaccc tggatgaaat gtagtgtatg caggaaatat gcaccaaaat gtttgctgaa    168840
     acaaacggaa taatgaaaga agagttttcc ctgattgtgc ttatgagtga tgatatgaca    168900
     cgtccagatc aggaaagact acaacaggaa aagaaggaat tcatgggaag acccatgaat    168960
     tcacccggga agatctaaac acagtgttga gagagcaaag caatttgtag gacaatatgg    169020
     atggcagaat acagcctctt tttttttttt aaatgctaaa tgtttgtaat ccattcattt    169080
     acactcacag gaatgcaaga caaaaaggtg tggaaggatg cactccagac agaccacact    169140
     gccctcattt ctagggatgg aggaggagat caagttgaga aggtggtcaa ccaggacttg    169200
     aactcacaaa gttagaagaa gaagctatgt ggggaaagaa tttgcaagag aatggatgtg    169260
     tgtatatgca taactgaatc actctgttga cagcagaact taacacaacc ttgtaaaaac    169320
     cctaagtttt tcaaagtctg tgagtcagta tctgttctgc aaagaaggag acagtttgcg    169380
     gggtgggggg aatgtgctgg gggtgtggga tggaaatcct ataacattgg attgtgatga    169440
     tcattgtaca actagaaatg taataaattc actgagcaat taaaaaatta agttttgttg    169500
     aagtattaaa aaaacacaat cttgtaaatc aacggtatct caataaaaca ttaaaaatga    169560
     aaaaacttaa agaacggtct aaccaagatg tcagatcatt aagagtattt ttgatgtaaa    169620
     aaaaaaccta gaagcagaag agctgcgtgg caacttgtga aatttaacac tggttttgaa    169680
     aactatacat aagaaaagaa aaaaaaaagg gtgttgagct gaaagatggg tttctgcctt    169740
     gccactccca gctgagaaat gcttgacaaa gcatgtaatc cctctgcgtg tccctgctcc    169800
     ttggtggtgg tagtggtggc gggcgggcat gacaagtgac aactcggtga gatcgcatcc    169860
     gtccacagaa ttctacaaaa tttcagcagg atctagtcaa ctgccaaaac cccaagaccc    169920
     caggatgata gacaacttca cagggtctag aattgcaccg tccaacacgg taaataccac    169980
     aactaaactg acagtttagt ttctccgtca cgcgcgccac acatttcaaa tgctcggtag    170040
     ccaccactgg ctggtggcta ctggaacgga tggatggcac agttctggac atggccatcc    170100
     tcgagaagag ttctccagga cagcgccggt ccagagcgat ggcatcctcg cgagccctcc    170160
     caagtgctac gccgagaggc aggcaagcta agggtggggc agagccagat ggcagccttc    170220
     ttcatcaccc gccgggctgc cacccacaaa atttacatac gtgtctgata cacacccgag    170280
     aggcaccctc gggcagaggt ggcaatgaag tcggtctctt accctccccc catgcaaatt    170340
     gaagagtagg gcgctgttcg tgaccaaaaa tcaaagaaga agggcagcac tgaaaagaga    170400
     ttttgtcttt gttgttctgg ctctgcattt ggacccaagg tcactacctt tcctcgagtc    170460
     ctctcctgga tccatcagga gccggtaaac acagttatca cacagcagca aggaggagag    170520
     tagagaagag acagtgagct gaagggcgcg cagttcctcc cgcctccctg ggaccggaga    170580
     gcagaaattg cgggctgtgt ggactcagag gaaacagcca gagaacacct ggagataaaa    170640
     tctgtcacgt cccccaggct ccacctgcgt ccggccacct ctgtcccctc gcctgatggc    170700
     acgctagccc aagccaccac tgcctctccc tggaatgacc ggccctgctc cctcactgac    170760
     ctcttgctgg tctttaacgg aacagtccac tcatctttaa caaatgcaaa tcagacccag    170820
     atgttcccct gctaacaacc ctccaaagac ttcctggggc cagagaataa agtccagtct    170880
     tggtgcacgg tctatgaggc ttccacagcc cagcctgtgc ctccccggcc tgccacggca    170940
     ctaggctcct cgtaacacca gctatccttc cattccctga gcacaccacg tgctctccaa    171000
     cctcagggcc tttgcacagc catcctgctg cctggcacac tcttccattg gcacactgag    171060
     ctctcggatc ttcaggtctt tcccaaagca cattatttac aaacacccag tgccagagca    171120
     gctctttcag ccttgcaaga gccagtgggt tacaatttca ggaattttaa gagctatgag    171180
     atgtcacttt gggagcctga aatcagccac ggtgagaatt tctgcaccac aaaaactggc    171240
     caatgctaca cattggggct cttgatttcc agaggactgg ctcttacaca ttcgctggca    171300
     cacccctaga agagttactt cattaccatc tgaaattgtc ttgttggttg tttattcgct    171360
     aggcagctct ctttctcacc tgagcaggaa gtccatggca gcaggaagtg tgtgtgtttt    171420
     tggttcaacg tgatcagtga gcacatggga tccacggtca ccaacgacag gagggcgaaa    171480
     gagctaagcg tacactgccc accggccaag cacacgcacc ccacatttta caagcatccc    171540
     cacgattctc gggagggagg atgggcctgt tttatagacg aggaaacgga ggctggcaga    171600
     ggcctggcaa cttgccctaa cagaccctgt gagcacaggg cagagccaga tgtgaactct    171660
     gagccttcca cctctaagtc cactcccagc acactgtctg tgcccttggc atctggtcca    171720
     cagcagctct ctgatccaca gccacaggtc acagaatgca gatcaggtcc ccaaaggaaa    171780
     cacaagcaag tgctaaatta taagatcaag agcattcttc ctgctgaaca agagagaaag    171840
     ggaaggagga ggaggaggag agaggggagg gggagagaga ggagggaggg gggcggggga    171900
     ggggggaaga gaaacaggca acagcatcca aaacaaataa tgctgcccct tgggagagga    171960
     acctgcatct ttcggcagaa cctctctgag tcccagagca gcccctgcct gagctgaact    172020
     agctgacacc atctgagcag atggaacccc ctcacctcgt gcgggccccc gtcccgggga    172080
     cagcagaaag gagaaaggat ttcactctgg gtcacacaca tccggctgtc ggtccaggct    172140
     gtgcttctta ctagcagctg tgtgacccca gagcagtgac cccacctctc tgagtttcca    172200
     tttactcaca taaaacaagg acatcagcat ccacccccag ggctctttca aaggctagaa    172260
     aagacgacct ggtagggccc caaagcaagc gcacgggagg tgcccacgaa atgagaagtg    172320
     tccctgtcat tggaggatga cacaagccac accatggagg tgacgtgaca gaattggaga    172380
     agcaaagaac gagtgggaaa gactcaggat gggaaaaaca acccgaaacg acctcgtgca    172440
     cagtggaagc caggcactca ctccgactcc tccgtgggca gttaaacagc ccctgacatg    172500
     ggggcccggg ggtggggggg gcagggagaa gcctctttgc atggaaagca cacttccccc    172560
     acccccagct ccaccctccc cttccccaga aggtgggaga aggtgcccag agcatgttca    172620
     ttctggagga gccttgccag ccctctggag gtttgctaag agcacagggc tatttacctg    172680
     tgtctaaaaa ctgagtgatt tgggtcctgc aaacagaact taatgtcgtg ggatggcgtg    172740
     ccctgctccc gaggtcccaa acgccctgct gtcctcattt tagggagacc tgggtctcga    172800
     ggcctctctc caggcttcgc caaaggtagg gccacctcag gaacgtggca agcagggtca    172860
     cctccgaggc tcagaagacg ccagcccact gcaatctaga agctcaaggt cagccagcct    172920
     ccaaaggaga agtggttcca cttcctgcag ccgaggtgag agcgaaagtt ttctgcttct    172980
     tgccatttcc cagacagtct acaaggttcc aggaagaagg ggggcttctg aggcacatcg    173040
     caggggcctg atgcccaggg tgggggtgtc agagctgctt tcatctgcct agcaacgcac    173100
     agagggggac gcagggtggt ccctttcttg gatgagagag ctgaggctca gcagggttaa    173160
     gcaacttgct caggacccta tagttcacaa gcaccaggta gaatcctggg gacgtggcca    173220
     cacggtcttc ctctgtgtcc cagctgactc ctgactcccc cagatcctgg actgggtata    173280
     ttaagacagg caggtccatc ccgccagctc tgccagagga acccagaggt aaacatggtc    173340
     tccgcatctc agagactgcc cccccccccc ggttcccaga gaaactccgc aggcacaccc    173400
     ctagccccca gttcaagctc tgcccattct cagcagcaag gtaactgtcc tgatgcacag    173460
     atcaaagggt actggtgggg ctgatactta ctttccctta gtcttattat aaaagtaata    173520
     aacgttcacc agtcactgta caaacaatag atgatataaa aatatataaa gaaaatactg    173580
     cctcagcttt ttagcttcct tagtctctcc ttcttgactc ttcttctagg cacagagaga    173640
     aacatacctg gggttctatt ttagatattg ttgccactaa atataacatg accatttttc    173700
     tttgccacta aatgccgttt gatgagacca tgagaccatc tcaaatgact gcatactctc    173760
     cccctgggct gagatggaca gaaggcaagg gagaagcctg ggcacacgat ttgaggaagc    173820
     cctggctctc agggctgagc agatgcacac tgggtccctg agagcaagtc ctgccttaaa    173880
     ttctgccccc tccccccatt tccatcctct tttggaccca cagttttaac ccctacagct    173940
     gggcgtttag gttgttcaaa cagtccccat tatataatga ggcaatgaga actcatggat    174000
     gacactttct tgaaaatgat ttttctatca acgctgctct gagctttcta aatactctca    174060
     gatggacgag gctgccatct catctgaaat gtgggattga ttttcaaaat ggcaactggc    174120
     caaggacact gttttgaatt tgagtaaaat caaactttaa caatgttaag tagcattttt    174180
     tttcttgctg ttgaattggg aatatgagga aattggtatc atcctcaaag attacattct    174240
     gaaagaaggg aaagcccatg gggacgtttt attgtaattc ccaattgcca cacagcgcat    174300
     ggggagaagg atttcacaaa tacacacgga tctcaaattc tgcctttatt tttgggtgca    174360
     aaaactgcag aacatagctg ctaccacaac cccatgtcca tctcacacac acacacacac    174420
     acacacacac acacacagta gcccatgatt ttactctcac cccagggatc ccaacaagca    174480
     ttctgtatcc atctaatgaa cacatattaa taaaatcatt aaaaatccaa attcatgata    174540
     gcttcctctg cctcacctcc atatgggatc catctgaaag tcccatccat ttgcgttcct    174600
     aaagtgcact cacacctacc gtcctttccg catccatcac ttccaccctg gtccaaacca    174660
     cccctgtttc cttcctaacg agttccccag cattccctct agtccccccc accgttttcc    174720
     acctggtgac cagaaggacc ttttgtaaat ttcagttggc cattagtcac ttgcactggc    174780
     tccaaggcca cgctgatctg gccccgcccc acatcatgct ccaccccttt ccatgggctc    174840
     cctgtgtctc atctttcagg aacaatccac ctccaacacc ctgccaccct caccccacct    174900
     ccaccctagt taattcctag tcatactgca gagtgtggct caaatattac ttcctaaaaa    174960
     agtctttcct tgttccctgg acaaggtggg gcctcccagt aatagtcttc tctgttgtat    175020
     ttctcataat tggcaagaaa taattagttg cccaaattat ttgttgcgtt tctgtcccct    175080
     tttcatcctc ctaaagctcc atgaactatt caactgccat tttatagatg aggaaactgg    175140
     gactcagaga catgaggtcc ccaaccaagc aagcggcagt gtaggagttt gaacccaggt    175200
     ctgatggcag gagggatatt tccttcctct gcctgatgtg tgactgatac aaaaggcaga    175260
     acaagggtgt cttccaggca aaaccttctg gttgaaatac ataaacctgg gagcagagtc    175320
     tgcagaaata gggtgtgccc agatctgtgg tagacaattt tgcagttatc tttcaaaatt    175380
     acaatgtacc ctcccttgga tgtagtaatt ttgatactag tgagtgggtt atcctatgga    175440
     tgtcctggca ggtatgcagg aaaaaacagc tgacaaagtt attcaatgca gcacctattt    175500
     taaatagcaa cagattggaa acaacctaaa ggtccatcaa aaaagtagtg gttaaatcag    175560
     gagtggtaca ttatggacta taacactgtt attttcaaaa gaatgagtat gtggggacca    175620
     gcatgacagt taacatgaat ggcaacccct ggagttgtgc agtgcgcaat ctgggcaacc    175680
     atatggggca ctccaaggaa gctggtcata tactgatata gaataatctc caaaatatac    175740
     cataactata gaaggaacat atctcaacat aataaagcca tttatgacaa acccatcatt    175800
     atataatact caacagagaa aagcataaag ccttcccact aaaatctgaa acaagacaag    175860
     gatgcctact ctcgtcactt ttattcaaca cagtactgta agtcctagcc acagcaagaa    175920
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggga gggagggagg aagagagaaa gagagagaga aagaaagaga    175980
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    176040
     gaaagaaaga aagagagaaa gaaagaaaaa gaaagacaga cagacagact atccaaatcg    176100
     gtagagggaa aattgtcact acatgcagat gacatgatac tatatataga aaaccctaag    176160
     gaggccacac aaaaactact tgaggtgata aatgaattca tcaaagtagg aggatacaag    176220
     attaacattc agaaattagt tgcatttctg tatactaaca ataaaataat agaaaaggaa    176280
     tatattaaaa aatcacaccc tttaaaatcc accaaaaata ataataataa tacttgggaa    176340
     taaacctgac caaggaggtg acttatgtgc tgagaaccat aaaacattac caaggaaatt    176400
     aaggaggatt tgaagaaatg gaaagatatc acatgttcct ggattggaag aattaatatt    176460
     gtgaaaatgg ccagactacc caaagcaatc cacagatata atgtaatcaa attacctgtg    176520
     acatttttta cagaatcaga acaaataatc caaaaatgta tatggtgcca ttaaagaccc    176580
     agaattgcaa aagctattct gaggaaaaaa agtaaaacag gaggcatacc tcttcagact    176640
     tcagacacta ttacaaagct acagtaatca agacagtgtg gtactgatac aaaaacagac    176700
     atacagacca gtggaacaga gagaacccag atacctatgg tcaattaatc ttcagcaaag    176760
     gaggcaagaa tataaaatga gaaagacaca gtcccttcag caagtggtac tggggaaatt    176820
     ggacagctgc atgtaaatta atgaaactaa ctaaacacac cctcacacca tgcacaaaaa    176880
     taaactgaaa atggcttaaa gacttaaaca taagacatga caccataaaa ctcctagaag    176940
     agcacacagg caaaacattc tctgacataa actgtacaaa tgctgtctta ggtcagtctc    177000
     ccaaggcaat aaaaataaaa acaaaaacaa ataaatggga cctaatcaaa tttacaagct    177060
     tttgcacagc aaaggaaacc attaacaaaa tgaaaagaca acgtacaaac tgggagaaaa    177120
     gagttgcaag tgctgcaatg ggcaagggct taatcttcaa aatatacaaa caactcacac    177180
     aactcaacca aaaaaccaaa caatccaatc aaaaacatgg gcctaagtag acatttctcc    177240
     aaagaagaca cacggatggc cagtaggccc atggaaagat gcctaacatc actaattatt    177300
     ggagaaatgc aaatcaaaac cacaataggg taccacctca caccagtcag agtggcatca    177360
     ttaataagtc tacaaataac caatgctaga gaagctgtgg acaaaagaga accctcctac    177420
     gctgttggtg ggaatgtaaa ttggtctaat gactgagaaa acagtccaaa gattccccag    177480
     aaaactaaat atgtaccata cggtccaata atcccactcc tgggcatata tccggacaaa    177540
     actacaattc aaaaagatgc atatttacag cagcgctatt cacaatagcc gagacatgga    177600
     aacaacctag atgaccatgg acagatgagt ggattaggaa gatgtgatac atatctacaa    177660
     tggaatacta gtcagccata aaaaagaacg aaataatgcc attcacagca acatggatac    177720
     aactagagat tctcacacta agtgtaggaa gtcagaaagg gaaagacaaa taccatacga    177780
     tatcacttat acatggaatc taaagtatgg caccaacgaa ccaacctata aaacagaaac    177840
     agactcacag acatagagaa cagacttgtg gttgccaaga ggagggggga tggagtggga    177900
     tggatgggga gtttggggtt aatagacgca aactactgca tttataaggg atagacagta    177960
     aggtcctgct gtagagcaca gggaacaata cccaattcct gggacagacc atgatgaaaa    178020
     actatatata tatatatata tatttttttt tttgtctttt tcagggccgc acccgtggca    178080
     tatggaggtt cccaggctag gggtctaatc agagctgtag ccaccggtct acaccacagc    178140
     cacagcaacg ccggatcctt aacccactga gcgaggctag gggtcgaacc cacaacctca    178200
     tggttcctag tcagatttgt tcctgctgtg ccacgagagg aaaacaatat tttttaaatg    178260
     aatgtatatg tgtgtgtgtg actgagtcac tttgccgtat agcagaaatt ggtataacat    178320
     tgtaaatcaa ctatactcta ataaaaaaaa tactataacc atgaaaccat gaaaacaatc    178380
     tcatccattt gtgtttttaa agtgggggaa gggagtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt gcgcgcatca    178440
     aaaacaaaag cagaaatcag gccttaatca aaatagccac tgaattttga tcattcccaa    178500
     aaaggagttc tgtggtccca ggacccatgg ttgcagctct cctgaaccca aagtcttggt    178560
     tacaatttaa cacaaatgaa tgtaacatga aaaataaagc caaaacattc attcaaagaa    178620
     agtgacccct ctgctttcct ctgtgtgagc cttgacattg ctcttaaagg ccacaaggaa    178680
     gaaaaactaa agcgacccag gcacagatgc atgtgcaatg tcccatccca tcctgtagga    178740
     aaagacccag gacccaccca cggaaacctc aagagcaaga gtccaagatg gagggcttca    178800
     gcgaaggaag aagcaggcag aggtgccagg aggctccctt ccaatcaggg ctgggggccc    178860
     acaccaagag agaagcaaac cacactccac atccagtgga gcagggtgta ggtggctcaa    178920
     tgttccaatc cagggagaat taaactgctt ctcagaagcc ctatcaccac cgctagggtc    178980
     tgagctgcca tcatctcttc cctgagctcc tccctggccc atctcctgcc tggaccactg    179040
     cggtggactc ctccctggcc cgtctcctac ccagactgtt gcagtaacct ccttcctggt    179100
     ctccctgctt ccatctttgc ccaccttttc ccctcccctg tcacatagtc ttcacacaat    179160
     cgctagaatg atctttaaaa ctgtacccta gacctagccg ctcctctgct caaatccccc    179220
     aaaagcaaac atcttatttg gatcaaaaag ccaatgcctt taacaggact ccgaagaccc    179280
     tatgtgatct gacgcctctt ctccgtctcc tgcccggcct cccctctccc gccactgcag    179340
     ccacactggc cttgtcttca cacaagccag gcacccaccc cgcagacccc agtctcatgg    179400
     tctcaacaca cggggtctcc tctgcttaga gggctcttct gccatctccc cggggcccag    179460
     tcccccgctt cactcaaacc tctccccaca tgacccctta gcagagaggc cttcccccta    179520
     ccactcgccc caatgggtca cccactccca tctcactcat ccacccagcc cgctttatgt    179580
     tgcaacagcc atgtatcatc gtctgatctt ctgtgacatg tttatttgat tgttttctgc    179640
     ctccccgacc ggagcatcag gcacttatcc gtctggttcg ccaaggcatc cgcggtgcct    179700
     aggacgccac acaggagtgc tcgacacgtg agcaatcctg ggagggcagt gagtgacccg    179760
     ggaggggtcc gagtggctac cagcccgccc caccctcccc ttccccatga caaagggcgg    179820
     ctctgctgcc cacgctggct tctctccagc cccagcagtt acctccctgg cccacagcca    179880
     ccattgcgtc ctgctcagcc cgggcaggac tcggccggtt ggaccactcg tacctggact    179940
     cccctgtgcc caaaagaggt ggcagcatct ccggggtgtg gtggaaaagg agccccatgt    180000
     tgattttctc acccaggtgg ggataccgct ggccaggtat gtccggtcca gcctggctgg    180060
     agacctccgc gaccagatgc ctctgtgaca gggccacatg ctattttagt tttcatttga    180120
     attggtgtct agttgaggta cagtattata taactttcaa gagcacaaaa tagtgactca    180180
     caatttgtaa aggttacatt ccattgggac gtcgtataaa atattggctc catcccccgt    180240
     gcggtacaat atttgagcgc agctgtttgt ccctcttaat cctctcccca tcctgccccg    180300
     ccccgtgttg ataaggccac attttaaaat cacatggtga gcccttaaaa gagaatgaga    180360
     cactttgcac aggctcaaaa gcaaaagcag tctgtctctc ccggttattc taaattaaga    180420
     atcaagtcat tctatatttc tcacatcact ggaaattaaa aacagacaca tctaccacac    180480
     agtgagcccg ctgactgcag agggaggctt gatggcctga aacatgctaa atttgtttcc    180540
     aattaccatg tccacatttg aaaccccgag gaagccatag aaaacagtgt ggggagatca    180600
     gaggcaaggc acattagcct aatgggattc tgagtccaag gctgcacccc accccctctc    180660
     cccacagctc cccccactgc cccccgcccc aggggtctct gaacaaagaa acaggatcac    180720
     tttgcccccc tccctcccag acacaccctt ctttccccgt ctctggtccc gcccatccct    180780
     ctcccctctc agccccccgg cttctggtcc actcgacaga aacatccgct cagcgtggct    180840
     ccccaccagc acccccagcc tgaccaacaa gctctccacg ccaaggagcg actgagtcat    180900
     agaggagatg agtctggaag tcctggactg aaatacgcaa gccttctcag agtcgacctt    180960
     tggaaggagt tttgtttttt tgttgttgtc agacgctaaa caagtccttt tcacatcttc    181020
     tctctgtact cctccgtggg cagaaccagc gccatcacca gtgtgaacgc cggagaagcc    181080
     agaccatcag gggtcacagc cccgcacagg cactgactct gtcacggtgg ggaagctggt    181140
     ttacctctcg ggcctcagtt tctccatctg taaatgggac tgaggaccac acacatctca    181200
     ctgggttgct gggaggctca agtgagttac acacaaagcg catcacaagc atgcaggaga    181260
     tgtcaacttt ttaaaaatag tttttcaccc acggctgggt gactttgagc aattaaagtc    181320
     ctcctcctag tctaagttct tggaagacgt catcctgaag gttattgttc agccctaaaa    181380
     cacaatgacc cgaggataca cttaggataa catgcaaatg cctcatcaca gtgcaccaaa    181440
     ccctgcacag tgtggccgtt gcccgtgtcc ccgacgtcac cctccccact ctggtccagc    181500
     cacatgggcc tcctgctgct ccttcaatgg gctgaggctg ctcctacctc gggcctttgc    181560
     acttgtgctc cctcagccca gaacattctt tctccaggtc ttcccacggc tggtaccctc    181620
     tagactcctt ggctctcagc ctaaattcag cgcctgcttt gagcagccca gctgaagtca    181680
     agcctcccca ctgtcactcc cccattcctg ttgatttcct ttgataagca ttatcttgtg    181740
     catttgctca ttggctattg tccgtcccct gacttgaatg aaggcttatt catccccgtg    181800
     tcccagcacc tcgaacagga cctggcatat agcagatgtt caataaatat ttgctgagta    181860
     aataaatgaa cagattaatt ctcgggttcc tatgtggccc aacatactgc caagtgattc    181920
     atcctccagt gaccctgaga aaggaggctt attcatgtct cgaagagaat ccccatgttt    181980
     ggagtctgcc taaactcact accgcttgag ccagtctgca ggaatgtgtc tcaccatgaa    182040
     agagacatgg tacagcaggc caattccact gaagtcaaag aggagacaag ctcgggctgg    182100
     aaaaatgaag tgtaccatcc cttctccagg cagcactgag gggtcgaccc agggggagac    182160
     tgaggtgaaa gtgcagtgac gtggcagcct cttggagatg atgaggaaaa gtggggggca    182220
     caggcaaggc cctctgctgc ctgtgtgttc ccccaaagac cagacaaggg agaacatgct    182280
     tcagaaacat ttccccagga atctctgact cagagcatcg agtgatattg aggattgaag    182340
     tgtctgatgt ctgcagggga cctgggctct gggagcagag aagggggaac aattgagcca    182400
     ccctggggcg ggggcaactg aggactgaag gcagctcaag aaaaccttgt gcctgtatct    182460
     gaccctgacc agtggtaccc agatgctggg atgagaactc tgtagccagc tccgacagca    182520
     gcccctctga acactttgat aaaacatccc aaagaaactg cagctgagcc tcacagaaac    182580
     actccaccaa agacagggcc atctgggcga ggcataaact tcggctcctc ctctttcgct    182640
     tgggccaaaa gctgaaaaag aaccccgggg ttggtggggt gggaaaagcc agaccttgtg    182700
     aaatgcaaga gagtcagctg agccagtcca ggcattaaaa aggtgagttc ttcccaatca    182760
     aatgagcacc ctcctgcccc cactgcaaag gccacgcagg tctctctgga tccagaccaa    182820
     gaattctgag tcacttttgc cacaaagggg aaaaaaggag aaggcagacg tgatgtgtac    182880
     ctttccgcac tctattttgg gattttaaga tccaatttct ttcgtttcaa agggtgggtt    182940
     tttggagggc tctgcataac tcctgtaccg tgcacacggc gagacggcga ggagacgggc    183000
     ctctgtcggt gacctgggga gaggcggggc ccctttggca gatcaacaaa tcgcatcatc    183060
     caggaacaag gagcccgttc ttgtgtgcag ccgcacgggg ccggctttca taacatgatg    183120
     gaagcatgtg ggccgatccg agctgactca cctctttctg gaggcagctc tgcgttcagt    183180
     ccctcgttcg tctattcatt cattcagcag aggcctcccg ggaagggctc ctcagctgaa    183240
     agctgctccc ggaacactca ctatacatcc ctttggtgaa gaatcgggca cctctctgga    183300
     tggatggcac cctctgtgat tatcctcatc ccacaattta tttaagatgc gggttaaaaa    183360
     caaaccaaaa aaagctagtg aatcaggatt tttcagcctc agtactagtg accaaggctg    183420
     acttgggggc cagatctttc tctgtggtgg ggaccgctgt gcatgctggg atgtttagtg    183480
     gcatcgctgg cttccgccca ctaggtgcca gtaaccggct cccccagccc aacccagctg    183540
     tgagggccaa aaatgtctct ggatgtttgt caaatgtcct ctaagggata aactcacccc    183600
     actgagaacc aggcttcaat tgcattgaca tctgcgggga agggtgtttt tctgcagaaa    183660
     gtctatactg gaatgggatc ccctgtccat cagaaggtac gctgggcagg atcttcaatg    183720
     gacccctctg atccttcagt ttctcacctt ttcttccacc ttccctgggt cccaccagca    183780
     tcacctcttg ccctgcccac tgcacccacc tccccagttt cctcttgccc tgcctctgcc    183840
     tcaccatccg aagtacattc tctacaagca gccagaggga tctttttaaa gccaatcatc    183900
     tcacatcact cctctactta aaacgcaccc gtgggcttcc tggtgtgtga agaatcaagt    183960
     tcaacttcca cagcctgcaa ggtcctgcac catccaattc ctcttctccc tccagcttta    184020
     atccccactg ctgcttccct catccattgc aggcagccat acaggcctcc ttgtcgctct    184080
     tctgcctcag ggcctttgca cgtgctgtgc cttctattga gaaggctcct tccctggttc    184140
     tcacctgcct ggttccatac tgtcactcaa atagccgtta agtgtcattc aaacttcaat    184200
     gaacccgcac ctgaggagga agcccctgac agccccacca gaaagtaaac cctctcccca    184260
     ggcatgctct cccatcaccg actttttccc ctgaaaacac gtcaccacaa tctgacatgg    184320
     ccctatttac ggtttaatct cttcaatgtc catttcctca ttggaatgaa cacctcattt    184380
     ttctccttta ctgggacgta gagtcgggca cacgaaaggt gccttataaa taatcaatga    184440
     gtgagtaatc cgtatatgcc gaacatcgta caatgagcgc aagttacctc tgttacaaga    184500
     aaaacaactt gtagaaagta acactagcct cacttgtgag cactggcttt caaggcccct    184560
     ggcccttgcc acctccgtgg ctcctagaac atgcaccatc tctgaagtcc agaaggacca    184620
     gaaggctcac ctgggtttta cagataaaga aaccaaggtc cagactcatt tatccttcta    184680
     ctaaccatag ataaagtgcc tagaatgtgc cccgccgagt cctaagtgct ggaaaactca    184740
     gcactgaaag agacgggatt agcggcaagg aggctggggg tttgggacaa cctcggtaaa    184800
     catcccccaa agccctggta catctgcagg tttaacatcc accgctctag accacaggct    184860
     atggcaaatc agatgataca tggaggacca catctctcaa aacttcaaca ctgttttcta    184920
     aaaccagtgt taccctatct ttttccaggc catctgctgt ggcagaaacc acctgctccc    184980
     tatcggttct ccatcttccc ttccttcata acaggatccc agttgggtgg caagggttcc    185040
     agctgagagt ccacacctcc cagcacccct tgcagatgaa cgtggccaca tcactaggct    185100
     gaagtcagtg agatgtaagc gaaagcatgg aggggacttg cagaaaggtt tctgggaggg    185160
     agctaacacc gctgcggagc aggccccttt gccctgtctt ctttcctcct tggaattata    185220
     ctgcttggaa tatggatgtg atacagaggc tccagcaatc attttggacc atgaggtgac    185280
     ctcgagtaga acaggacaga ggaggagcct ggattcctga tgacttcata gcactttgga    185340
     caactcagct ctagacttcc accataagaa aataaggttt ggagtgttta aagcaactgt    185400
     ctcaggggga gtttctgatg gaagcaacta aaccgaagcc taattgaaag atccatcatc    185460
     ccaccaccgt aacatcattt cctgcgtgtc cctctgctgc atctcagtgg aaataagatg    185520
     atcatgctta agtgagcctc agttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggaaaagga aagaaactca    185580
     agattcaaag agtaggtgga gattccactg tggctcagtg gtaatgaacc cgactagtat    185640
     ccacgaggat gcgggttcga tccctggccc tgttcagtgg gttaagaatc tggcattgtt    185700
     gagagctgcg gtgtaggttg tagatgcagc tcggatctgg cgtggctgtg gctgtggcgt    185760
     aggccggcag ctgtagctct gattcgaccc ctaccctggg aacttccata tgccaaggag    185820
     atgtggccct aaaaaaaaag taggtagtat tgctgcacaa atctacttta gaaaaggctt    185880
     caaaaaaatg atttctctaa aaagccagga ctgaaagcga atctgaaaga aactgccata    185940
     tacaaagggt cgaatgatcc aactgctcag aaacattttg ggtaaagaaa ccccagtcag    186000
     tctgcgaggc cgtgagccct cttttgcaca actggaatgg gtgtctggaa aggttgtctg    186060
     acacacacgg ggtgacgaag gtgctcacta gaaataaaag tgctgcttac tttctgtctg    186120
     gtttccgaat tgctttttcc tggttgaaag gtgccaggcc tggcagcttt ctaaaaattt    186180
     aaaattcaag tcaacaaata tttgttgagc actgtctatt cacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    186240
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcca tgcaggggca aactcgtata aagggaagat    186300
     gctataattt gtcatcataa taacaaaaag gacaacaaaa gccactaatc acttagtgag    186360
     gacttgctaa atatcgggca tagttctaaa tgccaatatc ttttgactca ttcaaggata    186420
     actctgtgag acagatacta ttactttaga taagagggaa ctgagacaca gagaggttag    186480
     gtaatttctt caaagtcaca cagccaggaa aggagaagcc aggtttccaa gcagggaggt    186540
     ctggccccaa ggcccattct cctaaccccg atatgatatt ctgctcctat tgcctcagta    186600
     tgggggagac gccacacccg caagtggccc cagagtgtcc ccacatctca atcgttctct    186660
     ggccacattc ccgagctttt cctggaccat tagttactga atctttctct tttggctatg    186720
     acttgtgttt ttacttatag aaacttattt ttaaataaat gttctatttc ttacataata    186780
     tatagctaac aaatatttat acaatgtata ttatatgcat accataaaca gttatacgac    186840
     cactctacat aacaaataag ccataaggat atattgtaca acacagggaa catagccaat    186900
     atttcataat aactaaaaat aggatataac cttaaaaagt gactccctat gttgtatact    186960
     tgtaacatat aatactgtac ctcaactaaa tatccaactt caaaagaatt ggtgaactct    187020
     gaaccctcct gcactgttgg tgggaatgta aattggtaca accacaatgg aaaatagaat    187080
     ggaggttcct tggaaaacta aatatagaac taccatatga tccagcaatc ccactcctgg    187140
     gcatataacc agacaaaact ttcactgaaa atgatacatg cccccgtatg ttcactgcag    187200
     cactattcac aatagccgag acatggaaac aacccaaatg tccatcgaca gatgaatgga    187260
     ttaagaagat gtggtatagg ggagttcccg ttgtggctca gtggttaacg aatccaacta    187320
     ggaaccatga ggtttcgggt ttggtccctg gccttgctca gtgggttaag gatctggtat    187380
     tgccatgagc tgtggtgtag gttgcagacg tggctaggat cccacgttgc tgtggctccg    187440
     gtgtaggccg gcggctacag ctctgatttg acccctagcc tgggaacctc catatgccat    187500
     gggagcagcc caagaaaatg gcaaaaaaag acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga    187560
     tgtggtatat atacacaatg gaatactact ctgccattaa aaagaatgaa ataatgctgt    187620
     ttgcagtaac atggatggaa ctagagactc ttgtactaag cgaggttaag tcagaaagag    187680
     aaagacaaat accatatgat atcacttata tctggaatct aatatggcac aaatgaacct    187740
     atccacagaa aagaaacaaa cccatggaca tggagaacag acttgtggct gccaaagggg    187800
     agggggaggg agtgggatgg actgggagtc tggggttagt agatgcaaac tactgcattt    187860
     ggaatagata agcaatgaga tccttctgta cagcacaggg aaatgtatct agtcacttgt    187920
     gatggaacat gatggaggat aatgtgagaa aaagaaggta tatatcgtat aactggatca    187980
     ctttgctgta cagcagaaat tgacacaatg ctgtaaatca acaataataa aaaaagaatc    188040
     aacaaaccct tgagttaaag ctactaaaaa tatttggatc cataataacc ctcttcaaaa    188100
     gccatcaata gacaatgctg gcaaaatgca gaaagttgtt gagtgatggg catagggggt    188160
     tcattgtgcc attctaagtt tacgtatgtt tgaaattttc cataactgaa tttttaattt    188220
     ttttattatt ttttttattt ttagggccac acccacagca tatgaagttg ccaagttagg    188280
     ggctgaattc gagctacagc tgctggccta cacacagcta tagcaacacc agatcctagc    188340
     cgcgtctgca acctacatca cagcttacgg caacgccaga tccttgatcc actgagcgag    188400
     gccagggatc gaacctgcgt cctcatggat acgagtcggg ttcattacca ctgagccaaa    188460
     acagaactcc taaatttttt aaagaatagc aataaataaa taaataaata agataaactt    188520
     tatgtcacta ctacaaatag gaagccagga gcaattggca attgaaggtg cacatacata    188580
     cacaacaaaa ttaaggtgcc aaggaagtaa ttatactttt tttttttaca tacttattaa    188640
     gtactacaga attcatcaac cagtaaaccc cagggaaccc cagtctgcag aacatggact    188700
     gacacataaa gtgtatcaca ggtggtccca gcgaacagca caaccagggg tgggaaacca    188760
     ggcaatcatc aggggactgg ttaagaaact acccaggttg gcacccagat gcaggagagg    188820
     ctcagcaaac cttttgctca aggtgccgag aaaaaaaaca taccctggcc ctgcccggtg    188880
     ctaggagaca ggtcctatgt gcagagaagc cgtggaagaa gacaaccgac ccatgtatac    188940
     aaaaatgatg tacttttcct gaaatcgaaa gcggcaatcc ttcaggcagc cacctgctgc    189000
     ctgcctgcct tcctcgtgcc gtgtgtgcac ctgcagggtc tccaggggtg gactgagtgt    189060
     ttaacaaccg gttctccaca acttgtcaca tttgcccatt tctgtggtgt aaacactcct    189120
     agcttggctg atttcaactg acccatacga tgtcacccga gctgggaaga ggtgtccaaa    189180
     ggcagaccat tactgaccat tgccactgct cggagccaat gcatgtaaat gactccaggg    189240
     gtgcagattg tgggaaaaca tagtagaatt cctgaaaaat taacagtcag ctcccgtgaa    189300
     ccaggacaca ctggcagggg cccgtccctg agctcgcatg ggtctccacg cacatctgtt    189360
     gatgtgccca tctgctcacg tagccaactg tccacttctc cctcttctcc caccgacgga    189420
     gggcgtgcac acacacacac gtgcccctgg ccccactctc tgtgaaaggt ctacggagct    189480
     cgccgtggtc tggccccctc tctgctctgc ccaccctcat ctccctgccg ctcctgcctc    189540
     ctgcgccccc agcagcgcca caaacgccct gccttcacca gcctgcgctc ccgtggccct    189600
     gatgctccag gctccctctc actccagcaa gagctaagcc tggtctttca atccaatcac    189660
     acacatcttc ctgtctagac gaggccactg gctgccaggg cccctgagtg aatgaattca    189720
     cagccctcca cgccctggca ccgccgtgct ctcggctgag ctccacgcgg caaacctggg    189780
     ggcctgaggt ccctgctcag acctggcacg gccccgggat tgtcccagag acacagagga    189840
     gacgctgcac cgccgctggg agcgagcatg cgtgagtgtg gcctggcgtg tggcgtgcca    189900
     ccccccgaga accgggcgcc ggcaacacca cggttcatcc atcatcctcg cgctgaaaag    189960
     tgggaaaaca aacaacaaaa acctggccca gcctcattta ctgtgtacca aatacaaaag    190020
     ccacaggaga aaggccttcc tctttgtgct tcccttttcc ggcccagaaa caccaacggg    190080
     ccaagataag ggcagcgtgc gtcccccgcc ccccgccccc cggatggttt caaagggttg    190140
     gcaaccaccc acccccaggc ccagtccccc tgcgaatggc ctcccccctc cagagcccgc    190200
     gctgggagcg ggaggcggcc gaggccccac gccagggact tggaagaggt ttaaggctca    190260
     cgcagcagaa gggaggaagc acagcctgtc acgaagcgtg ataaagcatc tccttatctg    190320
     gagctttcct tttaactgcc tccagtgagc gccagggctg ggcccctgtc aaggccgagc    190380
     gtgttccttt catgtcgccc tgtgtcaccc ggtcaccgcc gtgtctgcgt gcacacagaa    190440
     ctggagcatc agcactggtg tcctcagctc ggggccagca tctccgaggg gactggagac    190500
     tgagcctgcg agcctggacc tctggttaac cgtgcggcct ttgcaaagtc acccagacct    190560
     tctgggccct ggttttgtca tcaggccacc agaagaagag gtttcgaagc agtggaaccc    190620
     agccgtgtag acgggggctt gggagctggc cgaccgagat caagtcccgg tagctgaact    190680
     cactggctgg tgaccttggg caagtcgagc caggcccttg gaaaatgctt ccatgtgtgt    190740
     caagtggaaa cagcacctat ttcatagaac cgggaggagg gaaggagttg ttccacgtgc    190800
     agctcttaaa acagggccag cacatcgtca gtgtccacta aacaggatcc atcctctcta    190860
     ctgtccattc aaggggttgt ggacagggaa caaggtttgc aggcatcgca ttgcatctgc    190920
     atgatatgaa atcaatgaga tactaagaaa tcatttttct cttacaggcc gttctgctga    190980
     ccctgccgct cacggggcaa aggcctcaga tggacgagtg actctaccat gccctcgggg    191040
     aaggggccct ctgggtacag gattctcagt tgcctggtcc tggacacagg cccactcctc    191100
     cacctgaggc tgctcttcag gaacaggccc ctggcccagc gcccgaggaa ggcagcggcc    191160
     atccccgcga ggccagggtg cacgcaggca ggacagagtc cagcccagtc cgcgcacagc    191220
     tacctcctct gcgcctaagt cagcaccagg tccccaggca ggacgctttc ccgctgggac    191280
     aggcagaaac acagagccaa gagcctggcc tgggacacgg tggctctgac cagcagcttt    191340
     ctcaggcccc ctgtgtctcg gatctaagac ttgtcagggc cacagaacac gggtccccat    191400
     ctggtcaagg gagaaaatag ccgataccca cggggtgtcc tctgtgccat gaggactgag    191460
     taacatcata cgcataaggg gctgagaacg gcccctggca cacagtaagt gctcaataaa    191520
     tggcagcctt accgtcgcca ccagcgccac tgctggcaat ttcaaaccct tctctacggc    191580
     agctcggcgt catcattcat ttctttggtt cactggtcct cctcagaaca gagaggaagg    191640
     gtggggcccc cgctgccaac catgccaagc cctgaaccag gcactgtgcc tctcgatgtt    191700
     agctcagaga gggctgagta agctgcctaa ggggcccagc tcccaagggc tacaactggg    191760
     aaccgcaagc acatccagag gcttccctgg ccccttgctt ttctgctaca cctgctcctc    191820
     tggtttcctc tctgtttaaa aatctccttt tactttcaag tggaaacgcg ggcagcacac    191880
     atcagtgact ctcacacgtc actcttcaga ggtttgttac ttcaggcccc cagagctctt    191940
     tcctctgcta ctattttccg atctgtattc gttccatcag cgacctaccc cgccaagagc    192000
     tgagcagggc tccatccgcg tccggagatg cggggcctgc gaggggcgag gggctggaac    192060
     ttggctgctg gcagtggggc cccagcaggc ctctcacagc gagggagagc ttgtcacctc    192120
     ccgcggcagg gaggtgagag gctgagaagc cacagcttgc caagaaggac tttgggagaa    192180
     agggaaatgg ttcgttgtag gaaggcacag tcactccgta aagattagcg aggcctgggt    192240
     ggccgcccga cccccgaggt cctctgttca ccgagagatg gtggcggaga ggacagccac    192300
     ttactgtacc aaacgtgacg gcacacgggt gtgccagccg ccggccagtc gggcacactt    192360
     ggcagtgagg ccctaatgga cacccaggcc ctgggtcgta gaggtgacct ccagacgggc    192420
     caagaaagac cccacttgac cctgcagggc cggaatccca gcgagccccc agcctccttt    192480
     cttacagggg ttcgagcatg accctgataa ttcagctcaa atagaatgtg gctctccgtc    192540
     ctttcagatg cagagagaga ggggagacgc aaatgccatc ttgaatgccc gaagtgaagc    192600
     tgggcgctgt gtcagggctg tacggtggac gtcgcccggg cggggtccgg cctcgtccag    192660
     ctctgagctg gggtctcctt tggtggctgg cagaatgcaa atccattctg cagcccccgg    192720
     ttttagcaag agtggcatct ggagggacca agggaggcaa gctggctccc tgctgtaaag    192780
     ctgtgcagtt caactccatt gctttctgac ctcgaggccg acaataaacg cacctgtccc    192840
     cactcccagg tgtaggagct cacgccaact gtgccggcca gttagacacc ccagggggtc    192900
     atctggagag gaagctaagt caggcctcga ttatccctcc tttttcctgt gaaaaatctg    192960
     tgggtcagga tagacccccc cccccaaaca gaggacagtg ctgggagggg gaaaggccag    193020
     ctttataatt caaagtctca cttctacatt caaaacaaac aaaaaaagat tgcgctaaat    193080
     gcttaggcgt taaagtcagt gggatctggg tttatttttt caagcctttc ggggaagagg    193140
     gaacaaatcc ccatccaggg tcacccacgg ggtgcccagg ggaatgacgt aagggatgtg    193200
     aacaagcaaa tcgggcctgg ttagaacttg ggggggccct aggagcccag ggcagcccct    193260
     aatttctgac cactacggca tgcaggaaat gggcccagtt ggccagatct tctgattatt    193320
     aacagtagcc agaaatccgg ctccttatga gaaatctcct aattcataag tgagggtaac    193380
     tagtgtcact agtttgaaac cctgaccatc tgtggacaga ctctggcctc aggctctcag    193440
     catgctgtca cctctgcacg ctgaccgggc tggtcctgaa gctggaacat tcttccttta    193500
     catctctcaa cacaccccct caaatgtcac ctcctcccag aagctggccc agattcccag    193560
     aggcagaggg agccacgcca cccctacccc atcacatccc tgatgtactc agccttcacc    193620
     tcgggaagca ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa ccagtattta    193680
     tgggactcac cctcccaggc cctccgcacg atgccttaca gtcgcatctt ttttgagcac    193740
     catcatcatc ccactcagta gccacagaga ggttaagaaa cttgcccagc atcacacagc    193800
     cagtaagtgg cagagtcagg attcaaaccc aggccccctg gctccatccc ccgctgctat    193860
     taacctcttt gttaaaccgc ctccctcata cccagttctc ccagcagacc gagcactccc    193920
     ggagggcgga cactgagcac atttctcgct ccatcctgga cgcacggctg acgctcagta    193980
     aatagctgct gactgaatga aggctgctgc ccagcccagc ctccgagata tgctggaagg    194040
     ttccgggggc gggtgttagg gtgccattcc agggtccttc attctcagct gctcggctgg    194100
     ggggttggca gatgggcacg agaaatgacg aaaaacacca ctcccatccc agccctgaga    194160
     ggggacacag atctgaccac aaggcagggc ttgcacccag gtccccagca agtcacagcc    194220
     tcccgaagtc cagctgccac ctggcgatgc actttccaag gctgtgcctc tgccctaggc    194280
     gggggcagca acatgcctcc ctaccctcct cgcccaccaa ggggtcaaca tcaaggagcc    194340
     cgttctgctg ctcccctggc aagaaaaaga ccaaatctac ccccaaaaaa tagacacaaa    194400
     aagaaaaaat gcgggggagc aggggccacg ggtgtgaaag aaagtacaag agcacagctc    194460
     tctagacaca cactcggggc tgcgttgggg acacggtgtg aacttgacgt gatcccactt    194520
     cggtacaacc agccctccgt agagactaat ccgcctttaa cactcgcacc cgagcccaca    194580
     ttcggacggc cccccaacag gcagccaccc cacgcgggtc ctgccacctc ttccacccgc    194640
     tccacccccc caacccctgc ccaggcagga cgggccgtgg agggttagtg ggagcaggaa    194700
     gaagatgagg taggaggcaa gaggtggcct gtgcggaggg ggcacttggg acacaataaa    194760
     caagcctgtc gccttgttca gggatggacc ccgagacccc aatcccagca ccgccctaaa    194820
     agcacgcgtt caaagtccag cacacgcaaa gctgcagccc ccgggggaac tcgggctcaa    194880
     caacaatcct ctctttgact caaaaccaca aggaaacacc cacggcatac ttcttgatta    194940
     aaaaaggaaa gtgaaaaata agggtttttt ttctcttctt cttaatcatt ataaaactaa    195000
     cttgtgccca ttccatcaag gcacgacttc tgtttgcctt gggcgagccc aagccacggg    195060
     gccgcggaag cctgagcacg tcccagggct ctgaattggt ccttcttaat tgttgtcact    195120
     tccttcctcc atttccttta gcacaggaaa gccacggagg ggccgcccgt gtcagcacat    195180
     ccatcaccca ggctccccag gcgccgggca ctgttggtcc cagaggctga ggcatcagag    195240
     acgcttgctc agctgtcgtt catgcacaga tgaagtgtgc tctggactga gatggtgcag    195300
     tgatggacgg tgatgggtgg ataattggga aagggggatg gagcggggag gggagggaag    195360
     aatctatcag gctatagaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaccccaag gagagtggca gtggatggca    195420
     gaggaggggg tagcttgggg ggtgggggga ggggcatgcc cacggcacac aggagttccc    195480
     aggccacgga tcaaaccaga gccacaagag tgacaacact ggctccttaa cccactgagc    195540
     caccagggaa ctccaggggt agttattttg atagaggaat cagagaaacc ttctttgagg    195600
     caacaactca agcaagattt gaggggagca gagaagaggg ctgtgcggat attggggaag    195660
     tgaatggcaa gtgcaaaggc cctgagacag gagcagactt ggagtgttgg atgaacagcg    195720
     agaggccggt gggtgaaagc ggaggcaagc gaggaagagc agaggcccag acgacaaggg    195780
     gcctcgcagt ccatagtgtg gagtctctgc gtcctgagtg agagggagat aggaggattc    195840
     agtacaaggg gcactgtgga ctcagttgca tttcaaacag ctcctctggc cgctgtgtgc    195900
     ggagcagact ggacgagggc ataaacgagg tgggaaacca gatgggaggc tgtagctgtc    195960
     acccagacaa gggaagatga tggctcagcc gcagagagca gagcgaaggg ggtaagacac    196020
     ggggagccgg ggccaccaaa gtatcagcct taccctccct ggcacagacc cacagacctg    196080
     tgacagaggc caacaggtaa acaggatgca cgtaaaagtt cacaaagcaa aaagaagtgc    196140
     atgagaggga caacaagagc tgaaatctga aatgcttccg cttgctacct gcgtaagcct    196200
     tgccctgggt tagtcaccta tgtcctggga gctccgtttt ctcattacaa aacagcagga    196260
     accaattcac agggtagcta tggggaatgc aagctgatac ttaatgcctg gcacgttgca    196320
     cgtgcttgat aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tacattcctg gagttcctgt cgtggctcag    196380
     cagaaacgaa tctgactagt aaccatgaag atgcagattc agtcctttgc ctcgctcagt    196440
     gggttaagga tccagcattg ccgtgggctg tggtgtaggt tgcacatgca gctcagatct    196500
     ggtggtgttg tggctgtggc ataggctagt ggctacagct ccaatttgac ccctagcctg    196560
     ataacctcca tatgccttga gtgcagccct aaaaagcaaa caacaaaaaa aaattcctag    196620
     cctctgcttt taacagccgg tgtggtgcca atttagtcac tgtgtaatct acaattcaca    196680
     tcacctctct gagcctccat ctaataaata caagctaatg acgatggtta gctacctcaa    196740
     gtactcagtg ggagactgaa tgagacatta acttagcaaa aagcctggcc ctcagtcaaa    196800
     tggtaactga agccctcaat aaaatggtag ctgaaaccct cagtaagatg gtgcccaaaa    196860
     ccttcagtaa aatggcacat gaatctgata cgccagtcat tcagctagat gattctaagt    196920
     ctccttctag cttaaccatc tccaaactct aaaaaagcca gcttcgagtc catgaatgag    196980
     tcaactctgt agataggaag cgatgcaagt taaggcagac caaggtgaag agaagctgga    197040
     gctcccacca caaagagaac agaactaaag gcaggcacct ctgctcaggt gatacctact    197100
     gatctaagtc acagaatcat gtaagtttag aagtgagagg gagcttatgg cccctcattt    197160
     tggagccaca gctcagagag gagaagtgtg tgggctgaag ctgcacagac agacaggggc    197220
     ggggtgggag ctgacgaggc tccccccacc gtctgagcca gtctggtcgg ttggagggta    197280
     agaaagagaa agcaataaaa atcccatctg caagaaagaa agtaatgaag tagggctatc    197340
     tttagactcg cagaattgcc tttcttgctg tcaagagtta attcaaatgc tttaaagggc    197400
     caggtaaggt aaatgagctg agaaatcagg gcaaagactg atgaatacta acctaaggat    197460
     atttacagtc agattttttt ttctctcttt aagaattata ctggagttcc catcgtggcg    197520
     cagtggttaa tgaatccaac taggaaccat gaggtttcgg ttcgatccct gcccttgctc    197580
     agtgggttaa tgatccggca ttgccgtgag ctgcggtgtg ggtcgcagac gcggctcgga    197640
     ccccgcgttg ctgtggctct ggcgtaggct ggccagatta gacccctagc tccgattaga    197700
     cccctagcct gggaacctcc atatgccaca ggagcggccc aagaaatggc aaaaaggcca    197760
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaattata ccaacagagg tcccgttgtg gcacagcaga aatgaatcca    197820
     accagcatcc atgaggatgc aaggtctatc cctggcctcg ctcaatgagt cagggatcca    197880
     gcgctgccat gagctgtggt gtaggttgca gacatggctc agattccaca ttgctgtggc    197940
     tgtggcagag gctggcagct gtagctctga ttataccacc atggtcactg ctaagttgcc    198000
     tggcattttt gtacaaatta gaacaagaca cccattcctc tgcacccttt gaagacatgt    198060
     gtcagaaccc tgtcttgata aatatgcaaa tatgaaaggt gtcctcatga tatgcagtgc    198120
     cttgtgcagt gcacagtctg tgcaaccata cccaatgaca cagaagactt ccctgggcta    198180
     caagttgagg acctctgcct ccattccacg gtcatataaa aggcactgaa atgccacagc    198240
     aaaggtcatg agaaaaccaa caaaccaaca aaaacgtgat cactgtcaat acttaactcc    198300
     taatcagacc ccacctcaga accagtatcc aaagtcacat caagaaggct tctgcctcag    198360
     ggcctttgca ctagctctct ctcctacaat gctttccccc agagcagtga cacagcttac    198420
     tttttcagtg cactcaaaat tctggttaaa tgtcatgtct tcagaaagtt cttccctaaa    198480
     gagcatactc accacctcac agtcctcttc caccaccccc tatgcagcct tgtctttctt    198540
     tgtattcctt ttgtaccacc tgacagcctg tcaacttact ggtttgctgt atgtttcctt    198600
     ccatggctcc gtgagaacac cggcttttgt ctgttctgct caccagtcta accccacctt    198660
     cactcagcaa acttttccca taaaggacaa gacagtagcc attttaggct ttgcaggcca    198720
     tacagcctct gtcgcaaaga ctcaactctg ccgccatagc acaacagcag ccactgatag    198780
     tatataaacc aatgagcaca actatgttcc aataaaactt tatttaaaga ggcaggtggc    198840
     aggccagact tggatagcac agtttgatga tctgagttct ggaagaatgt gcctcaggct    198900
     ccaacatgca caccaacccc caggcgttct tgtaagaggc agactccgac tctgtgggct    198960
     gcagtgcagc ctgggattct gtgttttgaa caagccccca agggaggtct gggccgctgg    199020
     tctgtggacc aaactgagtg gggagcaccc agcatgcggc ctggcatgtg gtggaagctc    199080
     attcaatatt tgtctgataa ataagagcta agtggaaaac cactgtccag ctcaacgctt    199140
     ttcttgcaac tttttctacc actgtgtcct gcccctgctg atgcctcaat tgcttttatc    199200
     ttcaatgtat cattttctca tggaagagaa aggatacagg cagagatacg ggacacagcc    199260
     agggtatgtg atggattgtg ttacatcacc aagcctgggg tcaggcaagg ccaaggctta    199320
     acaaatgttt gcttgaggca ggttccaaaa actttcttca ttagaacagt atttatagtt    199380
     ttataataaa tgtcaaatta ggaagatggg attcacataa cagaaacctg gtttcatggg    199440
     gagaggtcga gtggcttcaa gaaacgatgc caagaagatc aactcggcct cactttctat    199500
     acggaaaatc caaatacaag gcttttttta agctcaacag taatatccgc cttgatcatt    199560
     tattgggaat ttaaaacggg cagggcacgc tgtcgagtcc ttcataagtc gcaatgttga    199620
     tgacgctgct gagaagagca atgcgtccaa ccacgagggc agacgcgaac ctcttcttgg    199680
     aggaaattta agaagctggt gaccccggga aggggagaga ggcaggtctg gccctgcgca    199740
     gctcttgaac ctctcaaatt cttcatcatg agaatgcatc ccccccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    199800
     attaagctat aaagaaccag agcagcctgc acttggcgct gtctcacaca cattctcatc    199860
     tcctgcagaa accctagaaa agcagtacca ttctgtccca tgtgccacca gggacactga    199920
     ggccccaaga ggtcagacgg tccatgttcg cagtcacacc accagtgtga tgagaccaag    199980
     gcaggctgaa gggctaggat ggtcaggtag gtcccgggac cagctggacg caggtccgat    200040
     cagcatggat cacatgcggg agccgtgccg acatctcaga ggccaagtgc aggctattct    200100
     ggcctctctg ggttctcggg ctctggcgct cacaccagga catgctcaga accatccaca    200160
     ggggccctcc atccacgaca aaccccctcc tccgccacaa gccggctctt gttcggcacc    200220
     tgggaggggc ctgcactgct gtggccagac ccccagagag aaggaagcca ggtggtgggg    200280
     gcgacagcga tggccggcat gagcccgaac cccctgacat ggggaaatct gtcttgctgc    200340
     tcaaccagac tagattcatg tcctggcttt tttcaaaata cctaagcaac aacaaaaagc    200400
     ccctgggaac cagctggaaa actagctcag gatgatcaaa gatgttggtc ttttcttggt    200460
     ggctttacca gttaagtgtg caggctttga cctagaccct ctaggttcag ttcaaggctc    200520
     atatactttc tgtgtgacct taggcaagtt acacaacctc tctgtgcctc caagcactgc    200580
     ctggaaataa gctaacttta tatccgttta tacatagaag atacttaaaa caattcccaa    200640
     cctgactcag atcttggtaa atgctgtttt tcccctaatg tcatgataaa acctgatata    200700
     gacccaactc agtcgggcag gagcaggcac tccgagctta agggtgcaag catgttgaaa    200760
     agactgaagg gaaatacgag gacgccatgg gatcagcttc tctccaggtg acaaaggctg    200820
     ttgtttggtt tcttttttat acttttcaaa cagtgaatac acactaagaa aaatgacgga    200880
     ataaaaacta cgtatatatg tgggtatttg atgcacagat gcacatacat acatattgtg    200940
     tctgtatata cacgtgggta tatttatagg taatatattt acatatttat ataaaatatg    201000
     tataatctat gcaggtctag ggtatatata tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    201060
     tataaacaca ggcacccaca catgcttttc caacatgtgt cagagggttc agaatcagcc    201120
     acgctaagca gtgagcctga ggaccataca cagcaatgga gatagtctgg ccaagaagcc    201180
     caagagatgt gccttgaaat tcagctccac tgcctccagg ctgcatgacc tctgacctca    201240
     cacagggcac atgttccgta aatgatgggc actcatgtcg tctctctatc atgagtatct    201300
     agctcacggc cactccggct ccggggtcac agcatgaaat caaaacttcc atgagagaac    201360
     aaaggccccc ttttctatcc taacaggaca gtttggagga aaataaacaa cgacaggaaa    201420
     gagcggccac gcacgcacac tgggcactcg ggacatgcca ggccccgttc tgggcacttt    201480
     acccctgaag ccgttcatct ccgcagagac cctagggcgc aggcattcat atcgtcccct    201540
     ctgctgagtg gtgtgaccct gagcctcagc ttcctcatct gtaaatgggg ttcatcagag    201600
     cactccgacc tcctgcaggt ggcacacagg tgagcctggt cagggttact cgtgaccatg    201660
     tgctccctgg ggaagtcact cagtgtgtcc gagcctcctt cacagagacg agccagcggg    201720
     cctgccccag ccactcccca tgacatgctt gtcgcatagg aagtgctcaa taaacagata    201780
     aattgtgagt agagtcagcc cacagtcttt caggaggtgc agaataagca gctctgactt    201840
     ccacgctgcc tcccagggtc ccgagaatga ctctgctgct cgcatggagg gaacagggcc    201900
     cctgtgagaa gccgccacct cccctttctc tctgggcacg tgggagccaa caggtgctgg    201960
     caaagattat gctgagtgct cttgtttaga atcctaacaa ctcttccccg ccactttatc    202020
     agccaccccg tggcatatgg acgttcctga gccagggatc aaatccgagc tgcagatacg    202080
     acctgcgcca cagctgtggc aacgccacat ccttgacccg ctgcaccaca gtgggaactc    202140
     ctagaatcct agcaactcaa caaaacaaaa cagatcatct gaaagatgtg ggtcctcgtt    202200
     actttctcac tgaagaaact gcagctcggc cagtgacccc gagggccaaa gctaatgaaa    202260
     cgctaggacc gccttgctcc aaacagcctg ctctgcctcc gaaagggcag ccctgagtga    202320
     cagttcagtg tgggctctgg ctttaagcct cctaggtcca aatcaaagcc actgtccacc    202380
     agctgcgtga catcagtgaa gctgcttaac ctctctgtgc cccaatttcc ctgtctgtaa    202440
     aatgagagga gtaagtctac cacctacagc ccctggcacc gctgcaaaga ttaagtaggt    202500
     cacttgaagg aaagtacaca gtaggcgctc agtaagtgta gctatcactg tcaccccacc    202560
     gtgcctagcc cgtaagagag actcaaaatt gtgtttgtag aacaaatgaa ctttcttctc    202620
     catgttccca ctggttgcca gacacactgc aagcctcggg gttaaggtct ccttttccaa    202680
     caattatgtc actaagattc tggaagcttt cttttttctg cttatacagt gggggtaacg    202740
     tctgatgctc atccatgacc acttatatcc tcacaggagc tgagagcacc tcctgtttac    202800
     ctccgtgtgt ttctggcttg cagacgtgtt agcacaggtg ccagccaacc ctgtgccact    202860
     gcaacccgag cctgtgcagg ccccgccccc ggacaccctc cctccccacc cggctccccc    202920
     tcggaggcca gcacccatcc ccatgcttct acaagcacaa ccactccagc ctcagccagg    202980
     gttacaggca ggggccacag ctggcccacg gctgcactcg gtttggaccc tactctctta    203040
     aaagatgttt taattaatgg ccagtattgt aaccaagaca ctggtagaga ccaacagcag    203100
     ggggtaagga cggttcctcc cgatttggcc tcagcacccc catcctggcc ccacttctcg    203160
     cccttcaata aaaaggctgg atcaagccac ccctggggga tgtcttcccg ctgcaaacag    203220
     gagaatctca gtggggtggg cagagctgtt caaccctgag gactcctgcc ttctgcaagc    203280
     tgacaaccac acgcacccat ctctcaaaaa atccaattat aaaaaaaaaa taaaaaaaaa    203340
     taaaaaaaaa aaaacctgac ccccttgctg tacagtggga aaattaaaaa attaaaaaaa    203400
     ttaaaaaaaa tttaaaaatc caattagcct gattttcaaa atatacccag aatccaaccg    203460
     cgtctcatgc cctccattcc caatcctggt ccagtcactt cctctctcgc ccagaccact    203520
     gcaggaggcc ctggctagct cccggcctct tcctgcagcc cctccacagc ctgcccgcct    203580
     cagccgcgcc tccggcagga tcctgcttac acctaagtca cgcccagcct ccctggctcc    203640
     caccctcctg cgagtcacag tattcactgt ccgaggcccg agtgggccca tcttccttcc    203700
     ccggagctgc cagcccccac tcgtctgcct gactcagcct gcccttccca cgcaggcccc    203760
     ggccggccct ccacggggag cacccgtctc cagaaacccc cgcctccgag tcccttatct    203820
     ccttctcggc tccagtgcca ccttcccagg aaggcctctc tgaccacacc cggttcccct    203880
     caccctggtc gtttttccaa tcgtacttat caccccccaa catcctatcg cattttcctc    203940
     tttaccagat ttattgttta tctcgctgca gccagaacat cagcaccgca ggggcaggaa    204000
     tttttgtctg tgttgttcac ggccgtgttc ccagcgcctg gagaagtgcc aggccctagc    204060
     aggcacgtgg taaacaatta caacaaactg gatgaatgag cagaataaaa ccccggtgat    204120
     ctcagagcac accacctcct cgaggctgga ggagcaccgt tgctcgcctc ttgccctgtc    204180
     ctcctgcagg tctggctgaa cctcccgcag aagcaaacgc agcagccctg atcaagacga    204240
     ataagcatcc gcaagacccg cttcctctct caccgaggcg gcctcgctga gcacaaaatt    204300
     ttactcatcg gtggaagcca gcacgctctg ccaagtgcca gagaagcgca gcgccctgcc    204360
     acagcttcag gttcgcctgg taaggagaaa accccacctg gcttctttct cccctgtctg    204420
     agatatcatt taaagtgagt cgcagatagt ataaatgctg agatccaaca ggctgagcag    204480
     cactgcccca caatctgttt tacgagatga aagctggagg actttactgg cctcctccgg    204540
     gccgggcagg cggcacccca gacaggtgcg ccgccacccc cacccgcctt gtccccatga    204600
     agctcacgac tggtacccag gatgaaattg agctcaggtt tccgcatctg caaggaattt    204660
     ctcctcaagg aactgcccat gttttttcca tatgtctgaa catctgtgtg aaagaatcag    204720
     gaatattgtc tttggaggtg tgtactgcgg ttaaacaagc catgttttga ttactttata    204780
     actaaaagga tggctttcca atctttcttt gagttgaaaa catgtcccag agagtggtaa    204840
     aaataacatt tattgaaagc ctcagcacaa agatggatga agaaaataac caagtgtcct    204900
     ccctggggaa tttctaccca ggattctggt tgaagggtct ggaagcaggc aggggaagga    204960
     ttaaatgaca atggcatgat acaggcaact ctcaaccgga gtataattag atcccataag    205020
     ctgaagagct atggaaacgc ttaaagccca actttgcaaa gccgccttta aatggaagtt    205080
     tttgtccaaa ggaccactgc ttgctgccct gaaatagaac caggaaatga tggcggggtt    205140
     ccaccaaagg catgtggctt tttcgaggtg aatcgcgtag ttccctttct ctgatcccca    205200
     caggtcaaac tcacgtcaaa gaattaaggt tcccaggctc ctcggaaaga atcatgaatg    205260
     tgctccagtc ccagggactt ggagctttat gggacaccgc ccggcctggc tgctaacagt    205320
     gctccttctc taactggacg agtcttagaa ttcgtataaa tatagcctct ctcttatctc    205380
     cctttctttt gataaacctt gaagcagtac agtccttatt aacccccaga agatatgaac    205440
     gtaagggtat ttgccctaag ccaaatctaa cccaaacttt gctttagtag ccaaaacata    205500
     aacaattcta tttcacataa gaactcagat tcccagctcc ccttaaaaaa ataaataaat    205560
     aaactgtaaa acctggcaac tttggaccca cattcccaca cggcataacc aagggggggc    205620
     tgagcagttg ctgtctcctt aggacaaggt acatactgtg ctgtgcccta ctccccacca    205680
     ttccctatcg caccctgtct ggccagtgca gttgtttcct ttcactgtcc ggcccccatg    205740
     agctgtcagt gtgtaatcct gtttctccaa actctgcttt ggttctctcc ttggtccact    205800
     gcttctggag agatgcagct tgctgttgag ggtgtgggaa gtaaattctt acacgtggat    205860
     acgtgctaag ccctgtagtg atggtgtgtg tggtcctggg ctgttccaca ggcctgtgag    205920
     ttagacagtc tagggctttg cttctgagct ccaggctcat atacccagct gcctacttgc    205980
     catccttgcc tggatgcctc acaggccctt cctaactcct gcacccaaac tgaactcgtt    206040
     atcctctgca agtctcacca cgtggcatat gaccccatcc tctgcccagg ggttcctcgg    206100
     cctcccgcat ctaggccaga ccatgtgctg gagatcacac catggaatcc gtcctcactg    206160
     ccacttcctt ggcctcgcca cctggatctt ctacctggcg ttgccacagc ctatcaaatt    206220
     catctccttg cttcctccct cttaggtacc catgccttag aaggaagccc aagtgatc      206278