EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR956405; SV 10; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 135681 BP.
AC   CR956405;
DT   01-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   17-MAY-2007 (Rel. 91, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Pig DNA sequence from clone CH242-240K6 on chromosome 17
OS   Sus scrofa (pig)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Cetartiodactyla; Suina; Suidae; Sus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-135681
RA   Wright D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAY-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; ec73537e8eda188891d616d70687f778.
DR   ENA-CON; GL043841.
DR   ENA-CON; GL882245.
DR   ENA-CON; JH118030.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007516; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007517; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CR956405.10:1-135681; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008234; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008237; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000032755; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000033001; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000034920; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000034985; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000035280; sus_scrofa.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   CH242-240K6 is from a CHORI-242 Porcine BAC Library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..135681
FT                   /organism="Sus scrofa"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-242"
FT                   /clone="CH242-240K6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9823"
FT   misc_feature    2000
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: PigE-206G21"
FT   mRNA            join(7943..8480,22871..22978,23360..23500,24352..24517,
FT                   25743..25834,26340..26483,28392..28472,30620..32087)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-002"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE281441.1 Em:BG333648.1
FT                   Em:BQ641592.1 Em:BU429949.1 Em:BX674615.1 Em:CN163970.1
FT                   Em:CN401071.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF008935.1 Em:BC019042.2"
FT   mRNA            join(8017..8480,16293..16304,22871..22978,23360..23500,
FT                   24352..24517,25743..25834,26340..26483,28392..28472,
FT                   30620..30724)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-006"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN417672.1 Em:CN417675.1
FT                   Em:DN998843.1 Em:DR423142.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF038897.1"
FT   mRNA            join(8257..8531,16293..16304,22871..22978,23360..23500,
FT                   24352..24517,25743..25834,26340..26483,28392..28472,
FT                   30620..33470)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-005"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN417684.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF008936.1 Em:BC095989.1"
FT   mRNA            join(8336..8531,22871..22978,23360..23500,24352..24517,
FT                   25743..25834,26340..26483,28392..28472,30620..33470)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-001"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI145853.1 Em:BG112896.1
FT                   Em:BG113954.1 Em:BQ206663.1 Em:CF364564.1 Em:CF365985.1
FT                   Em:CN164262.1 Em:CN164276.1 Em:CO952717.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC073876.1 Em:CZ259401.1"
FT   CDS             join(8400..8480,22871..22978,23360..23500,24352..24517,
FT                   25743..25834,26340..26483,28392..28472,30620..30724)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000937"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O14662 Tr:Q6IR53"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFS9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000727"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006011"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006012"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010989"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFS9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13191.1"
FT   CDS             join(8400..8480,16293..16304,22871..22978,23360..23500,
FT                   24352..24517,25743..25834,26340..26483,28392..28472,
FT                   30620..30724)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-006"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000941"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFT0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000727"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006011"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006012"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010989"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFT0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13192.1"
FT   CDS             join(8400..8531,16293..16304,22871..22978,23360..23500,
FT                   24352..24517,25743..25834,26340..26483,28392..28472,
FT                   30620..30724)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-005"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000940"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O14662 Sw:O14662 Tr:Q5REA9
FT                   Tr:Q5ZK87"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFT1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000727"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006011"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006012"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010989"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFT1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13193.1"
FT   CDS             join(8400..8531,22871..22978,23360..23500,24352..24517,
FT                   25743..25834,26340..26483,28392..28472,30620..30724)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000789"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6GMS8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFT2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000727"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006011"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006012"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010989"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFT2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13194.1"
FT   CDS             join(<26396..26483,28392..28472,30620..30724)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000938"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFT3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000727"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006012"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFT3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13195.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<26396..26483,28392..28472,30620..30734,35949..36055)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-003"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AJ652115.1"
FT   CDS             join(<26402..26483,28392..28472,35949..36023)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000939"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFT4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000727"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010989"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFT4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13196.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<26402..26483,28392..28472,35949..36226)
FT                   /gene="STX16"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.1-004"
FT                   /product="syntaxin 16"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AJ963392.1 Em:AJ963493.1"
FT   polyA_site      33470
FT   polyA_signal    36203..36208
FT   polyA_site      36226
FT   misc_feature    41770
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH242-178F16"
FT   mRNA            join(43291..43543,44201..44386,44910..45080,47790..47879,
FT                   48323..48404,49939..50081,54983..55060,56263..56363,
FT                   56833..56956,57098..57274,57630..57740,58142..58858)
FT                   /gene="NPEPL1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.2-001"
FT                   /product="aminopeptidase-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL731977.1 Em:AW484369.1
FT                   Em:AW962291.1 Em:BE666503.1 Em:BE755415.1 Em:BF076943.1
FT                   Em:BF077917.1 Em:BF080051.1 Em:BF080122.1 Em:BM288418.1
FT                   Em:CB465623.1 Em:CF117506.1 Em:CO942380.1 Em:CR851146.2
FT                   Em:CR986658.1 Em:CV104816.1 Em:DN410575.1 Em:DT807253.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK150313.1 Em:BC020507.1
FT                   Em:BC104623.1"
FT   CDS             join(43394..43543,44201..44386,44910..45080,47790..47879,
FT                   48323..48404,49939..50081,54983..55060,56263..56363,
FT                   56833..56956,57098..57274,57630..57740,58142..58300)
FT                   /gene="NPEPL1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000790"
FT                   /product="aminopeptidase-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q5R7G6 Sw:Q8NDH3 Tr:Q3SWX3
FT                   Tr:Q3TCV9 Tr:Q3U199"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFT5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000819"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011356"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFT5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13197.1"
FT                   KRRRLV"
FT   mRNA            join(48365..48404,49939..50081,54983..55060,56263..56502)
FT                   /gene="NPEPL1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-240K6.2-002"
FT                   /product="aminopeptidase-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW670553.1"
FT   polyA_signal    58834..58839
FT   polyA_site      58858
FT   misc_feature    135681
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH242-240K6"
SQ   Sequence 135681 BP; 31059 A; 36754 C; 37591 G; 30277 T; 0 other;
     cttagaaaca cttagttcag gtttgcagct gaacttcgga gggagagaaa gagaagaggg        60
     taccagagac acacgtttat cagggccatc ccaccttaga gcttaaattg ctttagattg       120
     cggcaaggat ccgccggtct ttcaaaagga ggagacggga caagaggagg tctcaagcca       180
     tctgggctca tggtggttcc tgatcacggg cagctggccc taaagatatt ccctggactc       240
     cgcttggccc agcccagcct ggcgaacctc acctcccaga ccctgggctc ttggttggac       300
     actaaggatc catcttcccg ccgcgatggg ctataacagg cctccgcagc ccactctgct       360
     cctggggcac ccaccccctc cccatccccc atccgcgatg ctcaagtgtc actcatccgg       420
     tcacgagcac caagcaagtg gtacccctgg gggcacctgc cctcccctgg aggaggcaca       480
     cgtggaaaca gatcaacaca agacagggtg gtgcatccca ggccatgaac caacgtggtc       540
     cttggtgctc caaggagtga aggtcactga cgttgcctgg gggctgggga aaggctcgcc       600
     tgtgacattg gagctcttcc ttgaatggtg agtgagcgtt ttccaggaga agggggtggg       660
     agtggaggaa agacctcaag gcagaagcta tcagatgtcg aaaggcaccc aaagtgatcc       720
     acacggaggg ggcagagaag gttccgcagg gcgtaggact cccgggggtg tggctccaga       780
     gccaggagcc actgcagatg ctcagaggca aagttacaga gctcatttcc ccccatgggc       840
     agcaggatga cggagcaggt tctaatcagg agaggaatgt ggccagggtg gtctttttgg       900
     aaaggtggtg gtttagatag aagttctatc ctgcctcggg ggccagcctg caaggtgcgg       960
     acacagggca ggcaggggct gcttttgtga ttttccaggc atgagagaca agaccagagg      1020
     agtggcggtg ggtctggagg ggaggagaga ccacccacat gtgggcggca gggtctttcg      1080
     cactctggtc acagagagag gaccgaggat gtggaagaat gccaagggct ctactgaggt      1140
     gatgcggccg ttaaacagca ggagcccagg aggaggtgcg tgccccggtg ggaagggttc      1200
     cctgtgggcc gggtgggacc tccaggaggc cctgtgtggg tggaagctgg aaacccacac      1260
     ggagtgctcc ggagaggaat gagaccagaa ggtggaccct gtggccatcg ccgttgggta      1320
     gaatcacggg acaggggtgg gtagagggtg agacaagaaa agtgagggga aaacatctgg      1380
     ggactgggcc ccagagagcc tgagaaggag gagtggagtt tcaaggagag gcagatggca      1440
     gcacgaaaga gcacagagca aggattgaaa actggcccaa ggcggaaata tgctgcctct      1500
     gcgtacccgg cagccccttg ctctcggttc cagccaccga tttccaaaag ggtgaacttg      1560
     caggggggtt ggtctgcgtg gctcagaccc tgctgccctc accttcccga gtccagaagg      1620
     aagccgtggg accccaaacc cagtcaaaca aatgatccct gccttctggc ctcaatgtgg      1680
     catctagggt ccagagataa agatgcgact caagacggtc ctaagagagt cagtcctaga      1740
     cttgggtgga aattatgaag agagagaagc gagcttcctg ctggggctgc agtgccgcga      1800
     gacctggggc tgagcctcca gatatcaatt tgccaccttc tggggagagc tagcctgagc      1860
     atgaaacgca cgcagaggaa gaaggaactg agtgatagac tcgggttgct atcatgtacc      1920
     ttctggaccc agctgtgcct cgatttattt attttttttt aaatttattt atttgggcca      1980
     acacatttgc ttttaagctt aaacggattt gacttaggtt ctatctcttg cagccaaagg      2040
     agtcttgact cgtacaaggc cacgtggcta atgcgaggct cctggttccc agagtggcat      2100
     ccggagaagc ctgggtccag ctctgtgccc ccacgtcact cagaagacca gggacaggcc      2160
     agtggttaca gtccatgggg taaaaaaaac aacagctaga aacggatgag cgagctgtgt      2220
     ctcaataccc gttagcatga aaacacaatg atttccctta tatttttcaa gggttgagtc      2280
     atccaagtca gccgtggctt ggcacttcag cgagttgttc ttgccaagga agatggttag      2340
     gagggaaggt tgatttattg gaagacacag gtgtcaacat cattttgccc gagaaaaccg      2400
     agtatagaag gctttcctgc catgagctgt tacctaagag gtctcctttg gggctcaaag      2460
     accaaaggcc acgaggttag atgttgtttg agccctgaca ttgaccaagt atgggcacca      2520
     ggtgtgatgg gcccagggcc ctgggagagg accttccttt cccagtggta gggccaaggt      2580
     actttatatg gggtcttctg ggacatgagt catgagaagg agccagccaa agactggaag      2640
     gtgggagcat cgaactccaa agtgatttga gaaagagtaa gtaggccagg ctgtggctga      2700
     aacatggtag gagagacatg ggggcagagg accggaggtc ttgctttctg gaatactctg      2760
     gtccttaagc tctttcacct catctttcca tgtatccatc cgtccactcc tcaaccccat      2820
     gaacactgat gacaggtaga caggggatgc cactgagact tgagggacga ggtcatgaag      2880
     cagaaggagg aagagccaca atccaggcag aggaagccac atgggcccag cctagaaagg      2940
     gccacttggg cggagcctgt cgggaagggt ctcgaatgcc tggcctccct cccaggcgcc      3000
     cctccaccat gcagagcacc tgcgtgcaga acaccaggaa atgctgatgg gttttcacac      3060
     attttcaatg aattctggga taaatccgat atcatcttat actatattct aatacagcca      3120
     aggggtacct gggccgaaag gcctaagaca aagtgagggg aaaaaaacac ttaaaatgga      3180
     aagtatgcca tcaattagct tcattttcct ccgccaacca caaaaagacc atcactggtt      3240
     cctattagca acggcccggc ttggggaaca cctgttttcg gctgcacatc gttggtatgg      3300
     gccaaaggga ggtgttccat ggcctcaatc aggcagggac atgatgagat ttgcgctttg      3360
     gaaaggtcac cacggctgca ggggtagagg gtgaaggaag ggaaggggtt gtctgttgag      3420
     ctatgggaga aacacacacg atgagaattc gcattgggca gaattcgtgg aggctgcatt      3480
     ccttgaaggc aagagttttg ctccgcgtcg gcccttttag cagtgcctgg caagagctag      3540
     gcacagcccg ctgctggatt tttttttaag aaatgcttct ggaattgaat tgtctgctat      3600
     aaaaacctaa tggagtctgg acaaaacttg cctctctcca gccactctct gctcaaggca      3660
     gacagggcta gggagtttcc agaggttgga catactcaag gttttaagga gctatttggg      3720
     gagacagaac acaaagctcc tgtttccgaa atctggccag aatttgcctg ttatgtcaga      3780
     tctgtgcaga tgaggcattt attagcctca tcggcttctg ctgcttacct ggataaaaga      3840
     atggccagct ctcttccaag agatgctagg aaggcccaag ttaaaaggtg accatttgag      3900
     gctgtttaaa ccctttttac acctgcaagc acattgtcaa cacatctgga ttcctaagcc      3960
     acagaggaag aatctcgaaa tgtattcaga gacccctgcc ccctcggctc ccaccccgcg      4020
     ccctacgctt tagagtctgc cgtggcacct tacgtgagct ttgtgtcagc aggatggccg      4080
     ctgaaagaaa ccacagtgcc cacgcaccga tcacttgcgg tgcgctggcc ccgagcagga      4140
     tctgcacgag ccccatctca tctaaccttc tttgctgaac ggtgtgcatc ttgcactgct      4200
     gacccatttt gtctctcacc actagcctgt cagcacttga aaaccttccc ctggccctgc      4260
     cattgcctgg cttcagccgg ggaagtccat gtttatggtt caagatgaca agaagacaat      4320
     gaaacacttg tctccaaaag caacttctgg gatccacagg cagaacatta gaaagtgggt      4380
     acaaagccca agaaacagga cacccgggct ctttgagctt ggggagtatt acagaatccc      4440
     gtcccaggcc aagaatgagt cacaatgaaa gcttttaaaa tctaaaacca tcaacctaga      4500
     tttcaattcc aaggaaacac atacttggcc atgaggggaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatcaggct      4560
     taagccactt gacaggaaaa taaaacagcc aaggaacatt caaatataat gattaacatc      4620
     ctcccctgcc cccctcccct cccctctgct cccttccctt ccagcatggg tcagggtgtt      4680
     cacggactgg actcgatccc cacctgcctg catgccctgg ccagggctcc catttcactg      4740
     aacactagtt cacacacacg atcttgtgcc tggacgcggc cgggttataa ctgcaccggt      4800
     gctgcctttg ggttgctatg ccaatctcat ggattcttca tgaactccct gctctggggc      4860
     tcttgggtgg cttgaggtgg ctgttttggg aatacgagga tttttcttcc attatttatg      4920
     tgggcaagcg ccgttcactt ctctcaaaga aatggaagct tgattgattt cctaaatgta      4980
     ggaacgagat tgtcgtgcaa taaatattta agactgacca ggaaggacga ccaccatctg      5040
     ctgaaacaca aagcccagga agggctccgt taagcattag cgcgaaggga atgaatgcat      5100
     aagcacccta tataatattt gctcagcacc cgctagttta caaaggtttt tcactcatct      5160
     cattggatct gcacaatagc ccagggcacg gattacaagg cttattaaaa cctcacattt      5220
     tgcctttcct aacggctcag ggcgctaaag gcttaaaaag tcacttgcgg gaggtcagag      5280
     agtttgggga ccgaatctcg ggtctcaaag tcgtgcgtgc acctatttaa aaaacattta      5340
     tccggagcct cgtcccaaat agacgagatg gcagagggta caaagatgaa taaaacacgg      5400
     tgccggagca ggaggaagat cgcgctccag cccgggggag acacagccag aagtaaacat      5460
     gtccccgctt tcagggtgat gagcgcggga gagaaaggaa cagacgcgga tctcgtttct      5520
     aatctgatgt ctgatgttct ctccgaaaca ccggctcggt tgttgacaat aactgtcctc      5580
     cgaagagggg agaaggggct tagccgtgcg ccccaagccg ggtctcccgg cgggagaccg      5640
     ctcacggggt ggggacagga ctcgcccgct ttcggcaaat atttcccggg gtgccgagct      5700
     cagctggggg tccgcacaca ggctccccac gttttccctc catgagggtc tctgccttaa      5760
     gagcagcgtc ttcatccagc tgcagcctcc cgctcggcga ggcaggcagc tcgctgtccg      5820
     cggtgacacg cggcggcgag acggctgcga ggttttgtct cgcccgagca tcgtccaccg      5880
     cccgcggaag tccgcgaacg agcgcccctt ccccgctcat ctccttctcc caccgcccgg      5940
     gctctggaaa ccacggcccc ttcctcgaaa cgaacgcgcc agccctgctc tccggttctc      6000
     ccgtttcctt tattttatgc atttcgatat ttccctcccg aagatatgct tcacactgat      6060
     ttttagttac acgacggatg cacagaaaca ttctcctttg gggacaaaaa atgatatatg      6120
     tgtatataca ctgggtcgcc agctatccgg cggagccccg gcgggacccc gcctggcgcc      6180
     ccgcgggtac ggctgacagc cgcgcgcggc tttccgcgcc gcccgggcgg gcgccctttg      6240
     tgagcgccga caccggcttt tgtttcccgt tttgcttgct ttctttctgc aagcccggct      6300
     cttagtacgc gggaaacact cgggaaatac acacgtgtgt gtaaagtttg tttaatgcag      6360
     gaacaaatgc ggggatgggg gccgttcccg ggttgcaggg cgattttcct ttgttaagac      6420
     ccggttcgcg agcgttgccc ggcagccccg cggtggtctc ggctcgccgg ggtaggggaa      6480
     acccgtcctg ccggagcccc gagcccgggg aaggcgaggc cgttccgcga tcccgacccg      6540
     ctcaggcccg cgcgcccagc ccaggccgct tctggcttgg gcttcggctc gggggcgccc      6600
     atagggtaac ctcctgccac cggtggggtg gccttgggcg gctcgtggcg tggccccggg      6660
     gccagacacc ccgcaggact ctggcctccc ttgcggggtg accgcagggc cgctgcccgc      6720
     cgcgttcggg ctcgggtagc tggatcccaa cgcgctcaag cggagccccc tcccgaatcc      6780
     cgcctatccg gacacccaac agagtgtcgg ggtcgtgggg ggtctcccgg acccgatccg      6840
     actgcgggaa aacgagccgg gggcgccggg ggcgcggggc caggcttggc acgcgggccc      6900
     agggggtagg gaaaagttgt tgggggcggg gggctgtcga agtttcgggg aacttttcca      6960
     cttgagattc tacaaccctg cagtgccccc tacagaaagc tgcagccggg gagggcgggc      7020
     gccccccacg acccccccgg ctgccagcag cggcgcggcc caggcggcct ggagctctag      7080
     ctgtagcttt ggcatttttt ttttaccccc cctcctggtt gtttttctga tacatctttt      7140
     tttttcagaa ttggagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagcgagcg cgagccgccg cctgcagtgg      7200
     agcgtgctcg gcctccagag gcagtcgtct ccaacttttc ctctccctcc ccaactccgc      7260
     gcgcgtctcg aaacttcggc gctgctggag cccaaatttg cctgccgctc gactccactc      7320
     taataagcgc gccaaggccc ctggcacttg tctgcaacgt gggggccacg ctctcgaggc      7380
     tcaggcctgc ccgcaggccc gctcccggtg cctaggccca gttagggaag gggaaaccga      7440
     gcggtcccgg gagcaccccg ggagagggcg gagcgcgccc gtgccccggg gcagaggggt      7500
     agggatctcc cgcgcccgga acgttgcgag caaggcttgt gaacgtcgca ggggggcact      7560
     cgcgagagac ggacaggaag agggccaggg ggaacgccag aacccgggac cgtagcacgg      7620
     aaacggcccg gggctgagca gcaggcagat ccggggatgg agggagccgg agaagaggag      7680
     tgaggaggcc gtgggggcag gccctgctgc cctcctggag gccggcagcc tgctgtggca      7740
     gtggagaagc gggctgccca caaagggaag gggtcaggag gtcgggcccc ggccctagca      7800
     ggctccgaca aggccccagt ggggagcagc agcagcccag ggcccaggcc tggcctcggg      7860
     ttggccaaag ggggcctaaa ccaggcctcc ccggcctctg ctgggggaac tgagccagag      7920
     gcaggcctca gggcacggcc cagacgcgtg tgagccctgc tagagcgagg gaaccagagg      7980
     gaaccagggc cctaaagggt gtcagagact aatgtggtag ggggcttcag agcctcccag      8040
     tccagagccg gattggcgag ttagacgctt gtagatccga ggtcggattg gggagggggt      8100
     ctctgggaag ttggctagca acgcaaggat tggggggatt taagtgctta gagatcgaag      8160
     caggtcgtgg ggagggggac tcagacaatt ggaaagcctg ggcggttatt tggggagggg      8220
     tctttgcgct cagaggaagc tcgaagcagc acctgcttgg ctaaaggcct gaggctttgt      8280
     caagagaagc ttctgtggag gggggggccc gactaggcca agctgcaaga aagaaagtga      8340
     ataaacctgg acttgaagtg ggtgggggcc cctgagaggg gaatcacaaa gggtgagcca      8400
     tggccaccag gcgtttaacc gacgctttct tgttgttgcg gaataattcc atccaaaccc      8460
     ggcagctgtt agccgagcaa gtgagtagtc acaccacctc cagccctctg cattcacgta      8520
     gcattgctgc ggtgagtctc ttggcggcct ctccgacaca cgccccgtgt gcactgcggc      8580
     tctgcctgtc tgtctgtctc tgtctgtctc tctgtttaaa aaagaagata agtctagcac      8640
     ggaagtgcaa ggtctcttgg caaaggtccg agagcagcga taaccctgga tgggggaaaa      8700
     aaaaaaacaa cagtttgagg cccccgttcc acctctgcct tgccctctct cacttccgca      8760
     tcccttccaa ttcctccccc ttcccccccc ccagccgtca ctgcacgacc ggccgcctcc      8820
     aatttacata tgttttagcg ctaagatttg gaagctttgg gccttttttg tttcattttg      8880
     ttttagccgc ccccccctcc gcccccgcat cctgagcctc gctttggttc tcagggtcga      8940
     gatgcaggat ctcagaccta aatccttgca aatgaaccat accctccccc aaacgaggaa      9000
     ggagctggtg ttttattatt ttttttttcc ccccctgttt tcttttaatg gcctcgcagc      9060
     cctctgggtg gccgtgttcc ctgtgaataa ttgcttccct gtttttttcc tgggggctct      9120
     ttttgtgagg ctgtaaggtg ctagcttcct cgtttaccat tcccagacag gaaattaagc      9180
     gttcccctcc atgcgaactt taaaaacaaa aagacaaaca aaaaaaccag ggcgtgtatg      9240
     tgaaaattaa accccccgcc ccaatagcac agggttttct atttaattca cctgaacctt      9300
     tccttagccc agcagtagaa tcttttactg gggagggcct gggaagatga ctgttgtggg      9360
     ggtttgtttg ttttggctga gggttacttt cccttttctg aacctcagtt tcctgctctg      9420
     ttgaataagg gggtgagagg gggtgggctc ggggagaggg ccttggtggg ctctgtgctg      9480
     tcttgaattg gaaggtgaag gaagacctga aactatagtc tgtcgtgggc tccttgctgg      9540
     agccaggctg agtctgaaaa gaagcgcatt ggagaaagag ccagtggagt ctggctgaga      9600
     ccgtattctt gggggttata ctggacacac tcagtttggg ggacctcacc cttgtttcac      9660
     ctcttaggga ctgttttccc cttttcgttt ttttctttat gacttgatct aaatgcttca      9720
     gaagaattat gccatctgtc ctgctcagtg gcagagcgcc tgcaaaggca gtttcttccc      9780
     ttttgtaaat cacaagtgca gaatgtcttt ggccatcttg cttatagaga aaagctgttt      9840
     taaactgtgt gagcaatttt aggcataaaa tcacagtcaa tttaggtcaa aaagcataga      9900
     aaatggggtg tttaggcttt catttgctca ggaatttgaa ggttttttac atttgtacac      9960
     tgaaagaaat gggattttat tgaagtaagt gcaaaaggga aaagggctaa ttctagcgct     10020
     gattttgaaa agaatgttct gaaataagcc aagacggaga gcgtagaatt gaatgggaaa     10080
     aaaaaaaaaa aattccttaa gggaacttta gttttgttaa ataggatgta aaaattaaat     10140
     ggttccttaa atggcttgat tttatgctac ctcatggggg gaaaaaaaaa gccagaatta     10200
     aaactcttgt taagatttct aagatatcag ttttaactga ttttaaaaca taatatttgc     10260
     cttaaaatgt ttaatcattt aaggttcaaa atacactgaa ccgttggata gcaggaggct     10320
     ttttttcttt tttaatcatt gggtcagatg gtataaaaat ctggtgtcta ataagacggg     10380
     cagcttttta aaagtgcatc tctaagtcaa aacctgtttt taaaatggtt tgctaagtta     10440
     ggcaatttaa aaaatatata aactaagtca atttaaaata tgtagctaaa atacacaatt     10500
     tggaaaaata gatatgtcag aaaatgcaca gatgtattta gctatctcct acatattttt     10560
     gaaaatagat ttctaactca aactgaaaaa acatgtctaa ggcagaacac tagaaaatat     10620
     tttctgtgta ttacaccatg taacatgtta acacatattg gtttgactat ttaaaatctt     10680
     tttcagatca tttttaagca attggatcat ttaaaatatc tttgtagttg gttcagacta     10740
     tttaaaaaat agatttacaa ttaaacaaaa atggtttgcc taagtcagaa ttaaaaataa     10800
     atcacacatt tatatttttt aattgtgtgc attaaaaaca cacggcatgt cataaatttc     10860
     tgaagtgttt aggggtgaac tattagattc tcagcttgct caaaattgat tctacagaaa     10920
     tcatttctca gcgcacacgc aggcacgcgc gcgcgcacac acacacacac acaatcatat     10980
     agcaagatgc taacgtgact aaatggaggg tgtgatattt tcatcttttc tggaaattag     11040
     aaaaatgtta taaatatttt gggggagaag catatcagaa atttttaaaa acttcattga     11100
     ataactgatg taatgttttt cattacatat ctaactcata taaatttaaa aaccccattt     11160
     ctgacttgta aatttcaaaa tcatgtagca aattaaacaa aattagagct atcagatttg     11220
     aatatggact gggttttagg tgatattaag aaattattag tgaattaaac taattataat     11280
     taagtacatt tgttagtttt attagagaga gctaatgaaa tgtctagtat taaaatgtca     11340
     gaatatcact tattttatac acttagcccc ccagtaaagg aaacaaagta ggcgaagtgt     11400
     tactcactgt tacgtctcct gatgaatttg tggagggaca gtgtccatac ttttcttttc     11460
     tgtatgtttg aaaaactgta aataaaagca aaaaataagt aaatacctgt catgttaaaa     11520
     acacaaataa aacaattcca agacaatttg tatatattta tctaaaatcc aggtaattaa     11580
     aagaggaagg aactaaattc tagagtgtca attaatttaa aaaatcataa actgaaatgt     11640
     ctagctccta gtttgaagaa gaagctatag aagttgattt tggagtgtgt ctttgttatc     11700
     tcacaattag aaagaagttg cctctaaagt aataggtttt ttgggttttt ttttagtttt     11760
     aaatctgaat tttcacatcc tgattttagg tgagagctgt ggaaactgtc aggtggtgtc     11820
     tgtgcgtgcg tgtgtgtatc acactctgca aaaccaagca cacgaaaagt catgtcattg     11880
     aaaacattta aagtcctttt tttttgtatc ctagttggag ggaaagcact agtggtgggt     11940
     gggtggtggt ggtggggttg ctgtgtgtac ctctacacac atacactaaa acatgtttgt     12000
     gcagcactca ggcaaacgtg tcacacagct aagcaggaat ttaaggagga tgtgcagtga     12060
     caaaacaaac acaaagtctc cagggccagg aggggaccta aaggtcattt gacccagtat     12120
     cccctctgtg ataaccctgt gcccgcctgc cttgaccaca ctctgcaatg gccgatagga     12180
     aattccagca gccctcacgc cacctcttga accaccagaa aagactttgc ctctattaac     12240
     cccatctttg tctgcatttg catcctgtgg tccttgctct gggtctgggc cccagggtct     12300
     ctgacacagg aagcctctgc cttcttctgc gtgatagata gccctgcagc ctgctcattc     12360
     cccgagcttt ctctagctta gcagccccgg ctcaggcatc gaggttaagt ttcttgccta     12420
     tgaatgatgt ctaagtttcc ctgtgtgttt ttttaaagtc cagcacgcag aactgaacag     12480
     aaacccactt aattgtgttc ttggttgtat tgccattaat aaaactaatt gttaaaagca     12540
     gaaagggggg ttgatcttta gaccgtcagc aacatgcagc tgttggcatt tctcatgcct     12600
     tctgttttgg cctcagtttt gggtgcccga tcacactgct gtctcagggc agcatgaaag     12660
     aaaaggaaga gcctggactc cccgaaatct ggggatttag ggctaagtct ccctctgtgg     12720
     ccgactcaga acataggtct ttaggctttt aatcgcttct gacatccttt acctaatttg     12780
     taaattgagg gtttgagcta ggtgatttct agtggccctg tggattcagc agtgctctct     12840
     ggagttctca tatgatacag tgtttctcca gaccaaggct ggcagcctta gctttaattt     12900
     gaaagggaga aaaacactgt caacaacctc gtgctgcctg ccagccccac gttcccgcaa     12960
     gagccctccg aagtagctcc aatgccatga ggaaactttg gccttctgtg tgccaagtgc     13020
     aggtttaagg cagcccctcc ttcaagcggc cacaggcagc ttagctttaa gaaggcaaag     13080
     cgaatttacg acgttaaata atcatcaaaa aaaacgtgga aagtcttacc cgaacgaatg     13140
     aacgtagacg ttgaggtgct gttctcatct gatgaggtgc agtgcgacgt gtgtgattgc     13200
     ctttgatctc ctgaaataga tctcatagag ggatctgagc tactttgtgg tgtttacagc     13260
     ctaatctatt ctctgctgta aaataatgca caatctataa agggaagcta gagttaattg     13320
     gtcttagatt cgtttgaaag tagcacatta tttttaataa tacccagtgt gcttttgggg     13380
     ggggcagctg aggattaact atggtcataa gaaacccaag gtccttcttc ggtcttgact     13440
     gtaacattag ctaagattta ttgagcgctt gccacatgcc tgcactgggc ttagcccttt     13500
     ccacgtgcag cctcgtttca tcctcagtga gctctagcaa atgggtgctg tcgctttttt     13560
     catgatacag atccggaaac tgaggttttg aggagtcagg aaacttaccc agggtttgcc     13620
     taccttgcag ggagctggga tgggatctca ggccaagctc gatccagagc tctgtctcct     13680
     gctgggccac ggtggggctg gctgctttgc ccggacttgg gcctctggtc ctggagaatg     13740
     gaagcactct tctttttttt tttttttttt cctccttaca ataggattgc atctttatct     13800
     tactttataa ccatacatag tcatctttaa cttgcatatt gaatgttcta cgttttcgtc     13860
     cccgttgagt ctgttggaaa attagttctc tttctgtaga atccaagtat gaaatcattg     13920
     tatatttctc tttagatcta tttgcttttc tgcctctaaa gattccattt gagcagagag     13980
     gcttacttga gaataagggt actttgttgg ataaaagtga ggcaaacttt tattttggca     14040
     gtaacggaaa taaagtaaat atcactatag catagacctg tatttccaac tcattttgct     14100
     caacttttcc agacttcctg agtaaacaca gatggctttc cacttatttt tcagttttat     14160
     gtagaaagtt ctttagacta taaattccac atgctacttg gagttttcag tatttgcttg     14220
     attgtatgcc attggcaggt cagaaaccta gatttagacg ttataaagat ttagaagctg     14280
     atgaagtgta gtaacgtgtt ttcattgggc tctgttttgg tttttcctgg tggtaactct     14340
     aaatgtttta gttcaggtct taagttggtg gcagggggag ttttgaaagc ctcctatttt     14400
     taagtagtga aatggggggg gggtgctctt caagaagatg gccttctgag ctgagttctc     14460
     agctgcccat cactagtaat ctcctggact gttaataaaa ttagagagac tggaaggtgg     14520
     aaagaggcct gaacacctga atctgtcccc atctcagccc cctgacttca gggaaatgga     14580
     tttatatatt ctgcagcttg attttcctgt ttgtgtttaa aaaaaaaggc catgagtctg     14640
     atttcacctg ttatcaacta atgattatag aagttagaag atcaggatgt gtgcttggtt     14700
     aaaaatcgga gaggacaggc ttgcgtgtgg ctgagatctt aaccctggtt tgcagggtgc     14760
     tctgtccaca gattagacgc caaggagcct ctgcagaact ggcagatgtg caggctgaga     14820
     tgctgaactg ggggtctcgc cttgtgtctt gttgtgttaa tgaaaacact tccgtgcttt     14880
     cttgctgaaa atgttaagct tttaaaaaaa aataaaaagg ttttcttttt aaagtagaag     14940
     gtaattaaat cagatttcca ttcagcacta tcttctctgt taatatcttg tagtactacc     15000
     gttatggcag ggggtgtatg taaacagctc tcttgctttc ctggcaaact gcggaaggaa     15060
     tgcagaggcc tttcagcctc ctatcatgtc agctaactga atttttacct ggaggaatgc     15120
     tgtggggttc cactgttact gcttaatcat attttggccc tgatagacca ggttcatttg     15180
     cactactaat ttttaaataa agaagctatg ttttttattt tccggcttta ctgttaagca     15240
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcagcacag ttgattattg aaattcactc ctaattattt     15300
     tagtgatcaa tactgtaaaa aaaccacaca caaccaccca gccactcaca ttatctgtca     15360
     ttagtaaata tctgctccga ggatagagtt ccacgttgat cgaaagaaga acctttagtt     15420
     ttaaattgaa acttaatctt ctgcctgccg gtgcttcttc cttcctactc ctccttaaaa     15480
     aaacaaaaca aaaaaacccc caaaaacaaa actctcctta ccttttgttt ggttttgttt     15540
     actttctttt ataatagcct tgtaaacaac catgtgcttt ctagactaat aataatacac     15600
     gccaagcaaa cgggaagagt ttttcctttc tttaccacct gtctctctct cccgggaagg     15660
     gtggtttctc ggcttgcttc ttgtgtctgc aggatttaat ttgtagagac cttacatatg     15720
     tggtcgttca aatattatct gaaaacagcc atagacaatt tttgtgggtt gttcattttc     15780
     ttattttgct gcatttagca gggccgatgt atgtgttaaa atttacattt agttggcaga     15840
     agaagattac attttagctt tgctctctta ttttatcttc ctaaaggaaa tgtagactat     15900
     tgcctgtgat atttgctatt tatgaaacag gatgccatta tattttagtg aagctaaaac     15960
     taaagcaaat gtgttttctt tgtttctatt gtattttaat ttttacaact gcttagtgtt     16020
     tactgtctta tttaccaaaa caacaatcat tgtaaataaa aactgaaaaa cacatattga     16080
     tgtagcttaa aaaaaagaaa aggaagaatc agaaggggga gattttttaa gatgccttga     16140
     ttagtggatc tttattttag tcaactttag agttgcttga aatctcagta ttttctcaac     16200
     tgaccatacc ttatctgtct gtctgtcccc gtccttctct ctgcctgccg tccctcactg     16260
     gatgggctga tgggaaaaac atgtcccttc aggagctgga tgaggtactg tgttttgaat     16320
     atttttgtat gttagtttat aaaatgatgc ctgcttttct gaagtctttg gtcatctgca     16380
     acatgcgaac agtgttgatt gacacatttt agcttttgtt tcaattacta caattgtcat     16440
     gttttctgat ttaattctta ggatttattt actatttttt cacccaagtg aactgatggt     16500
     ttcgagatgg gcttaggaac attatttact actcctggga aagtgtctca actttggaaa     16560
     cagtaaaagt cgaacatttc cttgcactta aagtgagcca ggctgttttc aggagcacac     16620
     gcgcaggtcc ctcgactgct gagccacgtg ccccgaggtt gctccggagg tgcgcaggag     16680
     gccgtgacgt ccggcaggag ccctcaggaa gtgggactgg agccgccagg tctgctgggg     16740
     tgtctgctgc cgcgtcactg ggaccttgcg aggggccctc tggtgatgcc ggctgactaa     16800
     tcatgacgtg gccccttccg agcagcacga ctttggcctt ttcattactt agtagcactt     16860
     ctcccagaag atggagaggg tccgtgttca cagcactttg aagagtcctt tttaaatcga     16920
     gaggaggagg tgtcatttgt ttctgtgtta atttagaaat gtgaacagtg aggtgggatt     16980
     ggggtcactg ccttcaacac ggtgaggttc ctaactgaac gataataaca acagacagga     17040
     aacaacctaa agaccctgcg tgggagctgg ttccgtacat gatggagcat ctctcgttcc     17100
     cgggacccat taaaaagggc gcgtgcctct ctaagggcgg cggtggcctg agctccagac     17160
     ccacggctga ggggagacgc ctgatgcaaa ataatggaca cgcacagttc ccactctttt     17220
     tttttttttt tttaatgttt tgttctatta agaaaaataa ctcacactca ggcttatgtg     17280
     cacgtaggaa atctctgaaa agagacaaga gaaacttaac tagtgggtac cttctaggga     17340
     aagcgtggga tgggggaaaa cttgctgtct attgcaagcc cttttcttaa ggtggatgta     17400
     tattttcaaa gcacatggca tttgttgccg gtgtcattaa aaaacaatta gtattaaaac     17460
     agaccctcag ctggtggctc actgagccgg ctgccctggc catgcctggc ttaggaagct     17520
     ccccgccagc accagcctgg gcaccgggcc ctgggggatg aggcgaaggg gggctcagcg     17580
     gtccagcaga catggggggg ggttgcttgg gggcacagag agccggcctc atttgagaat     17640
     agacgttacc ccttcctgaa cagtttggaa atagggccct gtggctccaa aaaggaagtg     17700
     taaacaaaca gaacagctta gtttgaagaa gcgtttgaac acggctcacc cgggggccat     17760
     gtgaatggtc gtctttcccg gagactctgc tgcccgagcc tatttccagg cctctcctac     17820
     ttcctcctca gtcagcaagt tccagaaact ggctacccac tgaactcaca gcgtcgcttc     17880
     tctgtttgcc gagaccccga gtggagagcc acttcccctg ccacgcaccc ctcacatgct     17940
     ggagggtcct cagagcccca tccagccttg ccattcgggg tccacgtggc cccttgttcg     18000
     ctccagcggc tgtcctggcc cttgtccccc gtccagctcc gctgcctctt ctatgatgtg     18060
     aagtgcaccc agtgtgtgtt attgacttca ttcattcatc ttctctgttt cttgttgact     18120
     ccttcagcaa attgtaattg tgtatctatt actgccaagt gcagctgtgg agctggaagc     18180
     cggggccata cggggaagag ggtccagagc ctttgctgtg ccgaggctgc ggtagggcct     18240
     ccagcccgtc ttcgaaggtg aaagtgaccc caggtcctgg cgtgggttag gtggacaccc     18300
     actccttggt aggggaggcc tgagcatcgc ccgcaccttc ccacagtgtg tgtgcacatt     18360
     gatttgtcct ttctcctact cagaccagct ccaaaatctg ctgcaccctg ggggaccagg     18420
     ccctcgtccc cagaggccca aggaggaagc ccagccaccc tcacgctctt gtcctctgtc     18480
     tggccccctc ctctgttgtt ctcggctctg atccgccccc tcctaggatg gcatcatctc     18540
     cccagttgcc aaagtctttg tagacagtat ggaaaagtta caagatgaaa ataaacatca     18600
     ggctcccaaa ccacagagtg aaacagtggg gacctggggc cctggctgcc ttttgccgga     18660
     aggtctctca gcccctcggc gtccgtgttt gtgaacaggg agcagtgtcc tctccaggtc     18720
     tgttgatggg actgaaatgc ccgagtctgt ggaggcgtga cctgcacggt accaatggag     18780
     cacaggtcat ggtgtcgtgg ttgcttcctt tttttttttt tttcttttga ggatttatat     18840
     aagagttgag aaaaaaggaa aatcggtgaa actggcaacg ttttatctgg gtggtatgat     18900
     tgtcaggttt ttatttctat attttttgtg catttaaaaa acaatctatt ttgaacactt     18960
     attgtttcat aatcagaaaa ggtgaacact gttttaaaac catcacagat tgaaacaaac     19020
     ccctagtgtt gacagccctg attctctttt atacaacgtg cttattcacc cctcagagaa     19080
     ctgagattgc ttaagcctaa ttgtctatta gcgaaggcac tgagccttct gggcccagtg     19140
     agctatgcct gtgctcagac ttcatcacac atgcccccac gttgtctcag gtggaaacag     19200
     agctgccagg ctgtaatttt cagcgtccct cctggacttt ttaaatgttc attgccacag     19260
     acaatccaga attgtcagga ttgattctta ttagcaatgc attgtggctg aacttagttt     19320
     gtttttttta gatgggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc     19380
     tgacttttct aacctctaca gaggcgttgc cgtttccttg atcttatgga acactaaatc     19440
     agccttctcg taaaggcagg ggtttataag agtaggaagg ctgtatattt cagacaataa     19500
     gatttataag actgttcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtcgtctgt agatgaagca     19560
     tgtgtccaca ctgtctgggc ctccttaaag ggacagttgt caatgtctag agtggatcac     19620
     aagcagaagt ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caaaactttg     19680
     acgagtccag cacgaagcct ttgggtgagc tgttgtgagc atctgttgga attttcctgc     19740
     attgatgcag tcgagctggg tgactctggg ttgggctgtg tacccctgta gctcttagag     19800
     ctacaaatcg gagagaccag aattcttaaa ttcttaattc tcaggagtac aattttattg     19860
     caacgttttt tcttacttaa aaaatatgtt gttttgtttt tacttcagaa gcacaagttc     19920
     atttaagaaa agctttaatg aacagcatat attcggagtg gggactaagt tgaaatggag     19980
     caaaggacaa gtaaagggaa ttaaaaatct ggcagctttg tgacgtctgt gttgacttgg     20040
     atagccactt gaacactgat gggttctgga tcttaaaaat gagacagcat gttgaaatgg     20100
     gaagtgacgt tcccaaggtt gaaagggtga ttgttttgcc ttaaatgtat ttttttaacg     20160
     tttgtatttg ttcccatttt agataattga catttacctt caattgtgtt tttccttccc     20220
     aaaacctaga cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc agtgcatact gtggatacat attacaaacc     20280
     cttactgata agataaatga catgtttctt ctgcgtcagc tgcatttctt tatcgtgacg     20340
     agctgttgct atagattata tcagaaaggg gacaaattat tccctgttta aagtttttcg     20400
     tcccaaagaa tcagctcttc tgtcttattg gcaaaaccct gacacagcag gtgggaaggc     20460
     tggagccagc taggtggcct ggcctctgtc cccgtcaggt ggggacctcc ctgtcagcaa     20520
     gcttccccag agcatgttga gagagagttc acagctctct ctgcgtttgg gggggagcgc     20580
     agctgctgtt taagatcaag tacggcctcc ttaaaaaagg gttgaatcca tctcaactga     20640
     attttcattt gtgatttatc atttctcact tgtttgggat aaattgatgc taattactct     20700
     gcagatagct ttatttttaa gacgtatttt ttgtagttta cagtaaacag tagaaacagt     20760
     acaaaatgag atcaagagtt taaaagcatc ggggctttgc tgaaaggggg tgtcgtcgga     20820
     gtgcagtggg tcagcaatac acgggcctgg gggcagttct ggggcccatg ggttctgcct     20880
     cgtgtgaacg gcggagactc ccgttcaggt gctgctctca gtctagcgcc tgccagatgc     20940
     tgggtgctgg gcatgggccc tgtcccctcg gtttcggtcc tcgtggcccc cgcagagtca     21000
     agtacctcct ggcacgtgtg gggcaggcct ggcgcggcgt gtgcgccttg cacgccctgc     21060
     cctgtggtcc ctgctgtggc tgctggggcg tggaccggag ggccgtgctt tgtggtggtg     21120
     ttttaatgcg agggcttggc gtcctgatcc ctgttcttag cacgttacag gtgtatttca     21180
     tgggcctgtc agggtgattg gcagctggtg gagtggacgg ggcttcgggc gtcagccgac     21240
     ccgggttttt aatctgtcac ataatagctt tgtgaccttg ggccagctac ttagcttttc     21300
     tgagtttcgg tttcctcctt gacagattgg agtaatagtc ccccgctcac ctagtcttcg     21360
     cgaggatgga aataatgaaa aggatgtcag attcccatta gtgaactctc cctagcaaac     21420
     aaggcggcgg tggctagaac acgtcacaga gtcacagacg cagagcccca gagagcgggc     21480
     tggatgacgc accatttgtt taagacctga aatgacacca ggcctgcagg gtccacgcgg     21540
     tggcggagtg cgctggccct gatcacgact cacagacgcc cggggagcag ttccggggct     21600
     gctggtccct tcagcgtggt cgttgcgtga gacacgctcc ctgaatacac agcaccctga     21660
     gcaggtgcgg gcagcaccac cccaggcctg gccgggaggg gacgcaagct ccaggatgct     21720
     cggagacgtt ttgctctccc ctctccggtc agggtttagg cctcattatt acttgaagca     21780
     attttttaat ttaggttttt ccttctatga tatttccccc ccctcatctg aggattttaa     21840
     aaattttgcc ttgttccttt attgttagaa aagcaaacaa gtatttgcgg gatgaaggca     21900
     gaaataaatt tagagacatg cagggaaggg ggaagaaaag ccgtatggat tgttcatcca     21960
     gttctgcggt gtgacttaga agacgtacag agcactgccc ggaaagggct cgtgtgtgtg     22020
     ctgtgttcca tgattttttg atcatcattt acatctgttg aaacgggtgt ttgtaaatgc     22080
     tgagccgggg agggcacctc agcatccttt gagcagtccc ctgcctccag gcagtgaaca     22140
     gcttaagcca tcacacccga caccaccccc ccccactctt aaagggtttt aaggccgtgt     22200
     gttatatagg caaaataaat aagaactgtt gctagcattt caaaataagt gagagtgttg     22260
     cctgtggaca tttaaccaga gaaaggaagc aacagtgtga gactgcaccg agattttaag     22320
     gctcgctttt gccaagtggt gggtaatgtg ctgactgttt aaggcaattc tttcacacat     22380
     tttaacacat ggttaatgat cttgtgacta agataactgc accaacccta tttacaaagt     22440
     aagctaagcg tatgtaagta aaacttgaag tgtttgtatt ccacttagag cctggaaatt     22500
     tttttgtaac gtgttgtgtc tatcggatca aattaattgc tgaggttcat gccaccctgt     22560
     cgttaccagt gctaagaggg tttttccctt tgagggtctt ttgttgacct tctccttacg     22620
     tttccatagc cagatcaagt caagttcatg ttcacacgta tttccaagga gattaagaag     22680
     tggtgcatga aaaggtaggg aaacagttct aagtgccagc agtcccaaag caagtctata     22740
     gtccaggcaa gtgcatccgc tcctccgttt ctccgccttc tgagggagcc acttttaaaa     22800
     gggaggaaga gtgtgcttgt cagaactgag tgtgaatgat ttcttttaat gtccctttat     22860
     ttccctgtag ctggccgatg accgcatggc tctggtgtcg ggcatcagcc tggacccaga     22920
     agcagcgatt ggcgtgacga agcagtcacc ccctaagtgg gtggatggcg tggacgaggt     22980
     gagtcgagtg ttcgttccac attctctcgt ttgttgaaga aagcgtgata ctcacctgtt     23040
     tgcggcctct gccccgcaga ctggtgtggc tgcacccgga agcgcccggc tttggggttg     23100
     tgcactttac acacgtgtgt gtgcacgcgc ggttttggct tcagtggtaa cgacctcagt     23160
     cacagaaaga ggtagaagaa ctctaacaag aagggtggta tttgaatgtc tggtcccttg     23220
     agttaaaagt tgctcaggca tcaccgagcc tacaagtcag ctgcagactg aacggggcac     23280
     tctgagcaga gcgcatggct ccagcggcag gcaggtaccc agccggtgcc agtgggggtc     23340
     tgtgattccc tctgtttaga tacagtgcga cgttggccga attaaacaga agatgaagga     23400
     cttagccatc ctccacgacc agcatttaaa caggcccacc ctggacgaca gcagcgagca     23460
     ggagcatgcc atcgagatcg ccactcagga ggtcactcag gtgagagtgg acgtggggcc     23520
     ccggcccgaa gctgccttcc gccttctccc tccccggtcc acgcccgcct gcagagcagc     23580
     cctggagttg ccctgcccag cctggcgttc cctgcaggcc cggcttctcc tgggcttcgt     23640
     gctttgcagg gggagagtgt ctttccgttg tttctaaata ctactgtgga ttaatttgga     23700
     agtttgactt cagaacatca ccgagttcag ccactgaatt ttaaagtgtg gaacgtctac     23760
     cgttaggcga gggcttaaaa ttgtttcatg ttaaaaaatg gtgcttgtcg ttgaaaacat     23820
     ggggagctct tgctgtagag tgaatttatt agtatcccag agacgtttcc tgcgaaatgt     23880
     taaatttgaa taattttaaa ataattacga ctggtgcata aactagcact tacatttttc     23940
     atttgtttag acctccgggg ttgctgatga gcagaagggg gtggtgggtg gggaagccct     24000
     ggggcgttgg aacgtttagg tcctggcttt tagcctggct ctcctttaat cccgccggct     24060
     ccagtgttcc gtctgtacca tgggacggat gatagtggca cccctctctc ggggtggccg     24120
     tcaggattaa atgagacgaa ggcaggacgg agtgatacct gcttctgggc gcaaggacgc     24180
     ggcagccggc cgggcgtgca gcccgcagac gcggcggccc cgggccgcgt cccgtcccgt     24240
     tgagcgtttt catcccctgg cttctcagct gggcggagcc ctgtgtctcc ctcgggccga     24300
     gagcgcaggg gcccctgccc ggcctgctgt gagcccggcc tgttctccca gctcttccac     24360
     aggtgccagc gcgcggtgca ggctctgccc agccgggccc gcagggcctg ctcggagcag     24420
     gaggagcggc tgctgcgcaa tgtggtggcc tccctggcac aggcgctgca ggagctgtcc     24480
     accggcttcc ggctcgcgca gtccggctac ctgaagcgtg agtgtcccgg gcggagggag     24540
     ggctgcaggg ccgcgggcgg gtcagccctg gagccacgga gccgcggtgg ttttcatcct     24600
     cctgttttgc tgtctgttct gccttttgtc ccgcgccttt cgcacttggc tttggagctc     24660
     atccccacct ttcgacaaaa agaagctccc tcgcagccca gggtggagcc aggccgggtg     24720
     gaggacggca ccggccaggg tgtcggagca ggtcacatcg gaaagaacaa actaaaacag     24780
     aaacttaggc tgagtcgagt ttcaagaatt tgagaaacct gtctagcatg gttaaaaaaa     24840
     gcctgtcact tggggttccc tggtggctcc atgggttaag gacccggtat ggtcactgct     24900
     gtgacacggg ttggatcttc ctatgccaca gcagtgacaa tgccaggtcc ttcaccagga     24960
     acttccacat gccaaaggtg tggccaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaaaca aacacctcat     25020
     gtcactttct agacaggagg gttgggggac ctgctgataa gtagttaaag cgtatttatt     25080
     gtaatcgcag gaaagctttg cgtctgcaca gcagctaaag catcggagag tgtgcccgcg     25140
     ctcctctccc gggcagtctg aacagacccc gctccccggc ccgcagtcgc cagcctccct     25200
     ttccttccca gacagtgcag tcagggtcca gccgcatccc cgtccaaact gccccgtaag     25260
     ccgggtttct cttgccgcca ttgtaatcag tagcacctcc cctgctccca aaacaccgct     25320
     gctccctcct tctgacacca ggcacattcg cgttttaatt tccttacgtc taggatttgc     25380
     tcagggccct ttggaattct cacaagagat gcttttagaa agagatactg attcctgttt     25440
     tactgttttg tgacagccgt tacgttcttt ctttttcacg tagggattct cacgggtcgt     25500
     gtcattttgt cacccacgtg gcatctgcca gtgtggtctt tgtcttgaat gaccccaagc     25560
     cctcgcctgc gttgcatgtt ggtggtcctt taccccccac ctctgccggt ggtgagacgg     25620
     gcttctttta aagtacctct gtcctggccg tcgagtgttg ctttagagtc ccccttttaa     25680
     tggcggaaca gtgacccggc tggttggcac attcgagtaa agtgcgttcc tctccgtgac     25740
     aggcatgaag aatcgagagg aaaggtccca gcattttttt gatacatcag tgccactgat     25800
     ggacgatggc gaggataata cgctttacga tcgggtaggt gaggggctgc aggctggact     25860
     gctctcggcg ccgtgcggcg ccagtggacc agcgcgggcg acgcgcgcct ccgtcaggtg     25920
     gcttttgcag caggcggaag aacggtcatg ggggccacac tgtttcttcc tttccagagg     25980
     ccacagggag gccttgtact ctgccttcca gaaccttccg gaaagcagtc tgcacacccc     26040
     atgcccggga agagctgcga gatgcacaag cgtctccccg gtggtttggc tccttcgccc     26100
     ctgcgtggct gcagacacag ggctctgccc cctgcttggc caatggtgcc cgtgccttag     26160
     agcccgcccg atgcgggact ttggatcttt cctgtgaggg aaaaatcagt gcttgtgtct     26220
     gtgctttacg gaagtagttt cagcgtttat ttcctttaag ttatctctca aatggtacag     26280
     catagcttct tcgggggaaa agctctaacc tacccacgtg gtactttttg ttctgctagg     26340
     gtttcacgga tgaccagttg gtgctggtgg agcagaacac gctgatggtg gaggagaggg     26400
     agcgggagat tcgccagatt gtccagtcta tttccgacct gaacgagata ttcagggacc     26460
     tgggagccat gattgtagag caggtgcgcg caggcctcct cacccgcggc ctctcctgcc     26520
     gtgacatcta gtccttctcc gcgtcctgca gcagggctcc tgcacggccg tcggcagttc     26580
     tgaacctact cccccccgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     26640
     tgtgtgtaca gactgtgtac atatactgct gtcattccct gtaaaagtgc cgatacacct     26700
     tatttacgta aagagctgcc catcggtggt cggtggccgt cctcacgccc tcgcctgtgg     26760
     cccgagaatg ctcaccgagc gccctgccgt gggcctggct gggtctgcct gccctcagcg     26820
     ggctttctgc cgcagacgag gtctcccctc tcgttcgggc aggtcattgt gtcacggcca     26880
     ctggaaccac tggctttcaa ggagaattaa tttgtttgtt tgccgttaca atctgattag     26940
     ggtgttttat tatctggcca gcaggccccc tgaaacctgc cgcagaacgg agcatggagg     27000
     ctgtggaagg tctagttacc ttacttaccc gcagcagcag tagtgctcct ggcaccacac     27060
     gtttccgtca ggagccctgt tcctccctga agcccagtgc tcccttcttt ctattcgaac     27120
     caagatatga aacaattcaa aaccaaattc tcagagttcc cgtcatggct cagcagttaa     27180
     tgatctaacc tgcacccgtg aggatgcagg tttgatccct ggcctcgctc agagggtgat     27240
     ggatctggca ttgctgtgag ccacggtgta ggttgcaaac gtggctcgga tcctgcgttg     27300
     ctgtggctgt ggtgtaggcc tgcagctaca gctccgattt gacccctaga ctgggaacct     27360
     ccatatgcct cagcccttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcaaaa accaaattct ccccaaggcg     27420
     aatgtgtagc gttacgcggt ggataggagc ctgctgtcat tgctgtgacc cacggacacc     27480
     tgccggtcag ggacaggcgt gatagtccgc ttccagacct cattatcacc aggtctggct     27540
     cccctggtgt tccctgcctc ctcgaatcca agaatttaag caaaaaaatg ggtgcagaaa     27600
     caagcctttc acccctcagg ctactcccac cgaaccatgt atttttgttg ttgttgttgt     27660
     tgttgttgtt gctatttctt gggccgctcc cgcggcatat ggaggttccc aggctagggg     27720
     tcgaatcgga gctgtagcca ccggcctaca ccagagccac agcaacgcgg gatccgagcc     27780
     gcgtctgcaa cctacaccac agctcacggc aacgccggat cgttaaccca ctgagcaagg     27840
     gcagggaccg aacctgcaac ctcatggttc ctagtcggat tcgttaacca ctgcgccacg     27900
     acgggaactc ccgaaccatg tattttttaa agccccaccg agtcagagta tggcctgtgc     27960
     tgcagcggct aaatccgaaa ggaaccgcca cttggcagtg ttcccttctc atgggctgac     28020
     acagctctct gcccgagggc ccgacaccgc ttggtggtgg gttccagagc tctcggtgtg     28080
     tgtctttaca gcacagttcg gtaaaacata atcctgtgga taatgatgtc tgcagtttgc     28140
     atctctcttt ttgttgcttt ttagggccac acctgagaca cgtggaggtt cccaggccag     28200
     gggtctaatg ggagctacgc atgccggcct gcaccacagg tcacggcaac gccggatcct     28260
     taacccacgg agcgaggcca gggatggaac cccaacctcc ggttcctagt cggagccgtt     28320
     ccccctgcac ctcattgtgg acgttccgtc cccggggtgg ctgtgcatca cctgtgtcgt     28380
     ttgtcactca gggcaccgtc ctcgatagga tcgactacag tgttgaacag gcctgtatga     28440
     agacggagga cggcctgaag cagcttcaca aggtaatctc gcaggggctg agaacgggag     28500
     caattcttac cagaccccaa gcagtcataa gaggcgcctc ggccgtcaaa acagcctcag     28560
     cctctggcct ggcgtcagcg ggcaagatag ggcggaggag cgcccggcgg ccccgccgtc     28620
     agggccgacc ccgaccccgg ggccgcgccg ctgtcctgca gttagtgagc ccgggtgcac     28680
     ctgccactga gctttgaaat tgccgagcac gcccctccgt gacagcacat ctgaaggaac     28740
     tgggcttttc tccttttaga aatggtttta ttcctcgggt ggtctggtgt cggggaatgg     28800
     actgcgttaa catacggggg ggcattccat ctgcctgtct tgtcggggct gttctctgat     28860
     gaagtgctgc tggggaagat gagactctcc cgctgccttt tagctgcccg gtacgtgccc     28920
     gtgcgctccc ttgaggacag cgtggtccgt ggcagtgaga gcagtcgtgc tgggtctttg     28980
     ctaatccggt ggctccttca ggaatgcggc tcagggtatt ggttcaaaat aatggtgcgc     29040
     tgctgggcgg ctctcgggta cttcggtgtg tgcttccttt agaaggaacg agtgcttcac     29100
     acgtaaaata cgtcctgtcc acttcctcgt gtctttgagg cctgccggtg tttctagcca     29160
     cgtgcgatgg tcgttctcct gcttcacgag tgtgcgcctc tgtcctttct ctgcaaccgg     29220
     ccgccccccg gggcagagat ggccgtagtg acggtcgccc caggcctcac gcgggccaga     29280
     ccggaagccc caccgcctct tccacgtgct cgtcgcagca tgtgccgggc agcgcgaggc     29340
     tgcagcaggt cctgagagag cagaggcctg cctcctacga gcacagggct tttgaagcat     29400
     cgggttcgtt tggttgctaa gccttgtgtg ttacaagagt gagggctgac ttgcgtttct     29460
     cgctctgtaa tacctggatt ttcagatgct gttgcattat gcattggttt ttgaagttgc     29520
     ttaaataaaa gcgtgggaga cacattttgt ggtaggacac gggcaaggga gaagcctcct     29580
     ccacggcgga gccccagtcc tgtgggagct gacgatcgtg tttgcggccc tgctgtgtga     29640
     gccgtggtcg ttttcaggcg ccgggggctg tgggcactgc cccctcccag ggcccttgct     29700
     ctcggttcct cagcagacag ctcgtgtcgg ggtgaagcta ttgcttcaca ctggccgggc     29760
     cccccagaca ggtggaccat gcgtcctgct gtttgctccc gtggccacgt ggctgctggg     29820
     aggtgggcag gcccgcgcag gtggcgtggc aggagggcgg gagaggttgg gtgcttagag     29880
     cagggcttcc catcaggctg tctcctctgt gcctttgccc tccctgccag gcagcagcac     29940
     cgtgccaggg cgggacgcgg cctccccatc gcgggcagga cgccctcgtg gccctgctgt     30000
     ccctgctgtg tgcgtcacac gaccgcgtgt cccagaggca caggagaacg tgtctcagga     30060
     gggttctttc tgcacttgac accccggggc cgactttccc gcttctgttt caaagggtgc     30120
     attttgcctt gtttctgagc tctaaggagg tggaaaacaa gcttctctgg ggccctgggg     30180
     ccctccctgc ggctggggtg accttagccg gccatttgcg ttcttggtgg ggacgctgtg     30240
     ccttcgccct gagaactgcg tcgggaagca ggaggttcgg ttggaagagc ggatggttgc     30300
     aggcagtgcc ggcagaagcc aggagaagca gtccactcgg acccgagcag agccggcggc     30360
     gtcgcccgcc cgcccgcctc cgtgtggtag cgggtccacc gtgtaggctt tcatgacccc     30420
     cgggtcaata gggagctccg ggttggtggg actcaggctg gtggaactcg ctggagttga     30480
     tggaagggag tgtggtgctg gagcctggac cagaggcgcc aggtgtgcgg gtgccgccgg     30540
     cagcccagga ctggagacag cgagacttga tttcgaattc tggggagaat gacagccttt     30600
     ttccctcctc tttctgtagg cagagcagta tcagaagaag aatcggaaga tgcttgtgat     30660
     tttaatatta cttgtcatcg tcattgtcct catcgttgtc ctcgtcggcg tgaagtctca     30720
     ctgagcagcg tcgggtccgt gggtgcggcg tgtggatctg ggtgcgcggg gctcggcgcc     30780
     cgcggctcct gcacaggtgt ggccggcccg ggcggccgga gcggttccag actcggccca     30840
     ggccaggggt gctgcggcgg ggagggccgc tgttcctcct tcagtggcaa gactctcagg     30900
     acctgggacc tgctgcggga tagagatgag ttctctcttt ggttataatt gcttttcttt     30960
     ttttttcttt taagaaagag aaaacgagtg taacgtttac aggcgctcct caagctgttc     31020
     aatattatat gtgtacatgc tactttttta gcagtcatgt ctgagcagca tgttaagata     31080
     atttttggaa aaattttttt taaaccatct ggtttttaag aagtttggta ccaaaaatgt     31140
     atgagtagag gcaaaaatgc ctctccatct ttctctatct attttccagt tgaaaacaaa     31200
     ctgagaagtc ctttaaggat ttataatccg ttccccatta gcttaatcta gcttttccat     31260
     cactgttaat gatcagagta acaaagtgtg aagaataaga agccatcatt gatgttaatt     31320
     aacgcgttta gatgggccag ttgaaacagc ttcctaagtt tgaattaatt gtaactggag     31380
     tcgtcctcgt cctcgtctca cactcgtgcg ctccctttcc cgctgtcaac aaaaggcgtt     31440
     actaagcaaa accaccgaaa ttccagagtt ggtgatttta aataggcccc cattgaaagg     31500
     aagcttggcc gtggggcgaa agtcaccggc gtcagccggc ctgtccctgt gcccgtctgc     31560
     agccgtcgcg gcgcagtccg ttactcagac agtaaccaca taatgacctg tgcaaaccag     31620
     cctccggcta atgagctgtg aatttacaca gaggccattg gaaacgggtc agcccgttta     31680
     ggattagtgc atctcaaatt attaacccaa catcactcca tttcagagta aaatattcca     31740
     ccggtggttt gatttatcga cccctccact gccacggagc gtccccggat cgcaggcatg     31800
     tgcctgcagg ctgtgaaact gtggctcaga accgccctcg gtggtgtaag tgtggagcag     31860
     gtcgtcacag gggacgttgc tgtgtcctca cctgccctcc gtgcggcgct gccctccgtg     31920
     cggtgctcga atgtattcct gggcctgtgg agccgcccgg gaaggtgagg ccagctggga     31980
     cctgaagccc ttcaccttct ccttggtcct gagactccgg gatactgttg atgattcttt     32040
     gggtcatttt ggatggctct taaaatgttt ttaaaaagca cgacctcgtc acctgtgcta     32100
     cattttattt gggcaagtcc catacaatga ctctctggaa ttgactttgg agctacttcc     32160
     agaaatttaa gctccagtcc agagctgtcc aaacagaccg tggacttaaa gcccagatcc     32220
     ccgcccagcc ttcccttcca agtgggttac gatgccaggc agttgctggc cgtaggacac     32280
     tctaagggcg ccctggcgtc cctgacggca gctcactggg acagaaggtt ggggggaaga     32340
     ggccagcccc tcctcggtgg cccccgagat gtggggcttc tgtggtcccg agagtggccg     32400
     tgggctcccc agtcccagtg gtcttgggct ggtggagccg ggctgctcct ggggcgggct     32460
     gtcgaggtga gggcctccgc tcccagaccg tctgcggggg tgataccagg ctactgttct     32520
     caccagcccg agagaaaggg tcgctgttta tttgcattta ttttccataa atagggtgat     32580
     tagagttggg tttttttacc caactcattt gggggaaatg atgagtctga ctagaaatgg     32640
     tttaagggtc ccgtgtggga ccggggcaac tgcctgtgct gcctggaacc cgtgcagggc     32700
     cggctaatgc cccgctggcc cacttcggac gggtcccaag ggcgggtccc aagttgggac     32760
     gtggcccggg ggcgcgagca cccgactctg ggcgccaagg ctgtgtcctc ctgttgagcc     32820
     tttactcggg gaagatcagc agccggggag ggggccgggg gcggggtggg ggtgggggga     32880
     ccttggccac gcgtgtccag gcgcccgcga gggttctccc tcctcctgtg actcctggtc     32940
     tgcggggagg cccgtccagt ctctcccctc ggccaggagg tgcccccagg ggggacctgc     33000
     cacagggctc cgggcttggc cgggacgccc gccgtctcga acgcgtccag gtggctgtgc     33060
     tgcccgggtg cagaggagag atgtggggtt gactgagggg cctccgaagc tcccgatctt     33120
     cccgcgattg tacctgaaag ctgctgtctc tcgttttatt aatttggggg tggggtgctg     33180
     gctcgccatg ggcgtggagc agatttacct cgttctgtgc tgattgagcg aaagcgttat     33240
     ttatttgttt tgacgcaagt gctttcggtg ttttctccta gctgatggct tcttcaaggt     33300
     aataaaacct ttccaaccta attggtcaga tgagacgttt ccttgtgtgc ttaaataaag     33360
     caattagtga agcgcttcta tccaagatga ctttttttgt ccttttttaa aaactcattt     33420
     actgttcctg gaagtttttt gtacactaaa gcagtcgcgc agctcggaga ccctgccgtc     33480
     ctagtgtgca ctttaaccga gggcgtcaca ctttctccgc gtctgcgttg ggagcgcccg     33540
     gcccgctctg tgatggtccg ggctggtggc tgctctgtga ctcactctct gaaattccat     33600
     ccacctgtct aagggatgct tcaaagggac ccgtccattt gctctccagc atacgaaagg     33660
     gcagataatt acttttctta agaaaatgta tgctttctgt atgtaccaag gcctcggagg     33720
     ccttcaaata aaactcgagg tccgtgtgcc ttggtgagag gtaactcgta cacacaggct     33780
     cccagagatt ggactttcta gagggctttg cacgtttcct gtcctattaa cttgaaactt     33840
     tcggggacag ggttttgccg gttgatctcg aagccaggcc tccacgtccc cttgaccgcg     33900
     tgtgtccccg tctgggctgc tcaggcgctg ggatggcccc ttgttaactc ggcgctaact     33960
     gtccctctca cacgccctca ggccgtctgt tcagttaacc accgagtcca cccgcgggaa     34020
     agcggggtga cttcccaggc agcccctgtg tggccagccg ggcctttggt cctccagggc     34080
     cacgtcggcc ccggcagctc gctgtcctgg gtgcccggga accccgcaga agaagcagcc     34140
     ctccttcccg tgcgccgacc gagcgtttgg ctggacccgc agtccccgcg tgcttgccgg     34200
     ctgttggctg cgtccccgaa tcactccccc ttcagaaggt agacacggaa gaagtcctcc     34260
     acccccacgg ggctggggca ggcgaggcag ctcacgtggg cactgggtgt gcgcccgagt     34320
     ggcagcccgt cacgttcccg cccgtgtccg cagtggccct ctcttgaaat ggcaccgagc     34380
     gtgtgtagac acagggaccg gccatgcctg ccggtcggag agctgcctgg gagccggccc     34440
     tgaggtgtga ccggcccgga ggcaggcagt gtggcgtgtg gagcgctggg tgggtccgtc     34500
     cgagggtcca cgtgggccgc agggggacag gctgcatggg gtcagccctg ctagatgagt     34560
     gaccctcgcc tgagacgtct gatcctgacc ccaggtttga gcccctggaa ttcttccggt     34620
     ctgtccatcg tgacgggtca ggcacagcag aatgacttgc tggctgagcc tggtgtgttc     34680
     cccgggttgt taggtggcgt gtcccctccg tgctggccga attctggtcc ctgggactcc     34740
     ttactctggt ccagaggctg tctccacagc aacggcgatg ggtagcgggt gaggcagatg     34800
     ggcctgcact tggccgggtc gaatgcctcg aggcgttgtc cccagtttgc tcttcttcaa     34860
     ggacttagag aggtggatgt ggcccatctg gtgttggctc cgtctgggag cccagccctg     34920
     cgcacgtgga cacgcggcct aaactgtcca cccctgcgtg tgacccttta acaacaaggc     34980
     ctgatttcct ctgaccttgt ggcctgatgt ttttgtctag ttttgttttt aagttggggg     35040
     aacacagccc ccttcagatg gtgggtatcg ggacccacga gggtgctggg tgggcgtccg     35100
     gagcctccgg ttccggcctt ggcgttggac ggtggctgtc agccgtgggc tgtgtgcgcc     35160
     tcgtccccgc tgcccctcgg ccagtgggcg gctgggtctc ctcacagcac agagggacag     35220
     cccacagcat cagatggcag acacttatgc acgattatct ggtcagttga ggcagaagac     35280
     aataatcatt tgtccagttg tccaagtgag ctctctggac cgtcctgatg ctgggggaca     35340
     attgtgtggg cctccggtcc agcgctgacg tgggccattt aagcgcggct cccttccaca     35400
     cagtgcactt taaattgggc ctagtgcaaa ggaccaccgg gcttagcgat ttctgtttgt     35460
     cagctgttat tccaaaacgg ctttccgcta actgtccaaa ttccaccatt agcaatcact     35520
     gtttctctta tctgatcact gttacgacgg agccacagag ggctcgggtt tgcatcattt     35580
     ggtctccgtc tcggaggaag tgctgaggga ctcaaatgtt tttttggttg gctttttttt     35640
     tgaactcgat gttctgactc aggacgcacg acgagacgtc cgttttcacc agctgtctgg     35700
     gaaatggact ctctccctcc gagccctccc gccttcccct ttcccagatg gggacacaga     35760
     gagggctggc caggggcaca caactgggtg acttcccagt ttccagaccc ctactgttgc     35820
     ttgcattgtt catttcgttc catcaaatga aatgaccttc tttgagaaag attgaatggt     35880
     caggatgtga tttggtaaaa ccttcctcaa ggattttttt tttttttctt cctccccttc     35940
     ttacaaagac tagagctgac cgaggcgaag agagatttgc aagtggtggt atgtcatcat     36000
     tcccagctca gtttttggtg taattggtgt gaagcagttt ggcggctggt gactgagacg     36060
     gccgaggaga ggacggcgat gccacgtctg tgtcctgcct gggggcgcgc gtgcgtgtgc     36120
     gcgtgcggct gtttgtgtag aaggtgtgtg tgtacctaaa gcgctcccca cgatggagcc     36180
     cgtcgtgcta accgttgtaa ataataaaaa caagtcttga gcagaacggc ttttacagtc     36240
     gcctgagaac gtagtgcttc atttccacgc tgtgcagtgg ctagaaattg atttttgtaa     36300
     atccaattaa gcctccaggt tggttatcca tttaaaaggt cggctgagtt aaacggtgac     36360
     cgtaccttca gttcatgcta ataattaaat ttacacagaa cttcagcgcc tgcattgtgc     36420
     ctcacggagg catgcatggt ggtgtgtttt tgcacaacag tgccaggcga gaggccctgg     36480
     tgaggccgca gacacccggc agatcgtgaa ccctgacctg ctaaagccca gcgctggctg     36540
     ccgttccggg tccccctctc ccgcctcctc ggatcgccgc agcccccacg ccgggcactg     36600
     ttctcggccc acctccccac tcccgcgtca gggccccaag agaattagga gctgggaagg     36660
     agcctctcat tgaaagcaag aaaaaaggac cagggggcat tcttggtgtg tgcactctga     36720
     agcttcacgt cctgcggaat tcccagcgtc ccatgtaaac cgtgctttag aagagagacc     36780
     ctgacggtgc atgtttgctc tgcgttcccc gtgtcaggaa gaagacctcg aagtgtcttc     36840
     tcagggttct cataggcagt gttggggtat gactgagttt acgaggatgt taggagacct     36900
     gaccggaatg cttttccctc tctctgcctt agaacgtcac tcagggtctg taaatcacag     36960
     gacaggggta catgatctta tttcaaacct ggcattttca cctgcatttt gagacgactc     37020
     cattttcgcc cttcccaccc gtggcttgga acaagcccag aacgtggaac cttccagatt     37080
     cagtgaggaa aaaattctga atgtccttct cacaggcctg aaaaataccc atccgtttcc     37140
     gaagagtctt ccctccccca ccctttgcat catcctgccc agcttgccca agtcctcagc     37200
     cacagatttc agattctttt ttacttttta agagatccac atttagctac tgcccataga     37260
     taccagagtg ttcctggggc agaaaaacaa aatgtgactc aggttattga agtctgagtc     37320
     attttcaagg caccagagac gcgggctatg cggaagggtc ctgtaagccc aggttttcca     37380
     aaagaaatgg cttcttgatc agaataaaca gggaccccct cctctgcctt cctgtccatc     37440
     tgcacttcct tacgccgagt ttgcctcaag gacggtggga cctcgttggc tcggttaatg     37500
     atttccctct tcctgcagcc gagcccccac tccccagcct ctaggtcttc ggcgtgccct     37560
     ttggaaacct cagcaactcc aaacagggtc ttgctggtgc ggaggcgtga ggagacactt     37620
     ggttcctgag tcaggtggct tattactatc tgacaccagg cccttcctgg gagcataatt     37680
     taggctgctg acctggccag agagctccaa gagcagctga ttcagaccct ccggccccca     37740
     atttaaccac aagccctaag aactgatggt agaaggacct gttcgttgtt aataagtgct     37800
     gcttccacta gcacattttt atcaatacat tctctcatcc tgctgatagc ggaaggtaaa     37860
     aacccagggc tttagatcag attactcaca taaatgtgct tttaaggcaa agagcagaag     37920
     atgaggtgcc atatgctctc ctttgtggaa cacccgtgaa tatatataat cttgtttttt     37980
     attttcagag agaactagga aagataaacg aaacagcaat aaaaacggtt cctgggggag     38040
     aacgtggcaa ggggtggtag ggaccggaga tttctctgca cagtcccttt tacagctgca     38100
     tctcttgaac tgcagaaatg atttacatat tcaaaaaatg caagtggaaa gagaaagaaa     38160
     gaaaagggag ggagggaggg aggaaacagc tggaaaacca agagctgccc accatccagt     38220
     tgtacctaca gcaagtcctg aaaggaattc cgggtgccga tcaggagtga ggccctgtgc     38280
     tctgggctct gggaaaacct tagataagat attttcggga gaaaacttca cgaacccgga     38340
     cgctggcacc ttcctctcct tagccgagca gtaaaatctg agctctctgc tctcaggggc     38400
     caagagcaac cttctaccac gatgtgggct tggttgcacc tcccaccaaa ggcaagtcga     38460
     atttgaggat cccagtgggc gccgttctcg gaacaaggag ggaggaaggg agaaggaagg     38520
     gtctgaaccg gccgcgtagc tttgctgtca ggggtgaagg ctctttgccg agagccgccg     38580
     caaagaacag cggagggtcc ctctgaaaca gcccctgctt ctgtccttta agaggagcag     38640
     gagtgacgat gcccggggag cccggcgcac actcgctgtg ccgtcctggg catcttcaca     38700
     actgttcccg tgacgggggg gaatcagggc tccttgggaa catggctgat gcggcacgag     38760
     gggcgaggca ggaacccagg gagcctgggg gccagagagg gcaggaggac tcgcagggca     38820
     gcacgtgccc aagacccagg agcccgcctg acggggctcg tggaaccgcg gtccggaaag     38880
     atgcaggtac gtgcgtgagg ggaccaggcc gacccccggg cccgcagccg cggcagtcac     38940
     acacacctgc tttgggctca gggctctgct gtcagcacct tgaaattcgt tttcgttgtc     39000
     tttatctttt tttgaaaagg agacgctgca ttttcctttg tgccgtggag cccacacctg     39060
     acacgtcctg gtcgtctcgc ctccgcagta gcaggcagcg agcacagacg ggagcaggtg     39120
     acgggagact agcgggctgg cttccggcag agaggcttat tggatttgaa agccgtgggg     39180
     ggagaggtgg tcaggaaaca gaacattcta gtgggctccg cgtgtcactc cacgcatcct     39240
     acggaggaaa ccgacttcag ttctgttaag ttggaggggg gaagtgcatc ctgaccatga     39300
     ggcgagctgg ccgaccccac ttcagccaag tcaccaagcc tgggccagca ccggagacac     39360
     ccaggtcagg tgactcccgg tgcggcgcgg cgggtcagca ggggtgtcct tgccagtaac     39420
     ggttaacccg catctaatcc taaggaaacg cttgcagacg gatccagacg gtcggccctt     39480
     ctgtgagaca tgttcctgtc aggaaagaca agggcaggga ttgttctggc ttaaaggagg     39540
     ccaaagaaac ttgacagcca cagcagcacg tctgatccca tttggagtct ggatttaaaa     39600
     agaaaaggcc gtgaaggcca tgatggggac aattaaagaa atttccatgc ggaccgcaga     39660
     tgagatgata gaatggcttc gacgttaaat ttctgtggcc gttgccatca cgtgggctgg     39720
     tgctgctgtt cctgagagac gcccacaagg gcattcaggg tacgtgtatg caggaaaaaa     39780
     cccacgaatg caccgacata ggcacacata ccccacgtat gaacctaggc gaagggcaga     39840
     cgagggctct ttgccctggt ttttcaactt ttccgtaggt tcgtgcattt tgcagcgtgt     39900
     ttagggaaat gtgattttta tggcgattag ttaatttccc atcctttggg ggaatgtctc     39960
     gtgcagatct tctgagctgc tgcctaacgc attgctgacg aaaacctcac cgggtcgggg     40020
     gcgaggggtt ccccgacatc ccgtgtagtg acggaggacg agacgagctg gacccaggca     40080
     gccttcaggg agggaggtcg tgcacctgtc tcccccccac cccccggccc cgctgtcttc     40140
     ctggggcggg ggctcctttc gaggccagct gctccatgga cgggggtcat gggggccggg     40200
     ccctcttcct ccacttcctc tgggcacggg aagcgacagg tcactgtcag ccaggaagga     40260
     gccctgcctt tatctcgcgt tggccctgat gaggcctgtc cactggcgtc cagagcccct     40320
     gagcgtacgt ctcccgcacc ctgttcggga gctctggcgg ttccagaatg gcccgggccc     40380
     atccgtactc gtggcagtgg ttcactttgt caggaatcac actggctggc acacctgccc     40440
     ccgaggccct gctcaagcat ctcatccaaa ctcaggcttg cttggggtta ctgccctgtt     40500
     tgttctttac cccacgtgca aacacgcacg ccccgttgca accccgaagc tggagccggc     40560
     ctgcagctct aaagcactga tagtcctgtg ttctgatttt gcaggggtga gctctggccg     40620
     gagacgcaca caaacacgca tgtttgatac accgagagcc gtcttccacg gcgtgacttg     40680
     agaaatatgt tctatttcta gaatgagatt tgtacccaga aaaccttcct aacacgtcct     40740
     gggaacttta ttctgatttc ttccagaact ttttaagtct tgtcctcaac tcctaaacca     40800
     agtccgaaga cccagccgag tttggaatgc ctttcaagtc ctcaaaaaca tcagttactt     40860
     cttgggttgc attaaagagc tggtaagttg ttttaaattt tcactttttt aaaggaagtt     40920
     caattgaggt gactttttca tggacagtga aatatctact cagtggtgga ttaataccgt     40980
     cataaaaatg catctaaaca aagcgggacc tgtcttattt gtgtcgaggg ctgcaaagtc     41040
     tgccatgaaa aggggagcgt gcgttcctgg gatgtgagtt gtatctgtca ccagcggcct     41100
     cttgaggaaa ctggcaggca tgcgaagggg gataattcct tagcgttctg ttgagtttgg     41160
     atttcttcga ttcaggggtg gcttaaaacc agaatcggga gtatctgctt ctcctgccgt     41220
     gtgtggataa gtgttcagta aacgttggtc ggaggttgtt ccccttctct tggggccatc     41280
     agcctcacgc cgcctgtcct taaatatgga aaaatcctac aaaggataga ctctccaaaa     41340
     ctggtctctc tgctctacca acacttcctc tccctcggca atgcccggta tacaaactgc     41400
     caggtctggc ttcctaaaat gtggtcagtg tgcaaaagac cgtggccgga ggcaaagacg     41460
     ccccccgtcc atcaccaccc ctcttcccag tgcctgggaa cccgctgctc ttccacgctg     41520
     gcatcggggc tccggggata ctctgggtct gtgccttcct ctgggttctc ccacctgagc     41580
     gcctgcacct gtcctgccag cttgggaagc cctgcttgcc ccgtcaggcc ctgctgcgtg     41640
     ccctgtgcct gtctgtggca tatttgcaaa cagagaaaaa aaacatgata gatctccaga     41700
     caggcccttt gtacccttta caaatgtgtg aaaacattca gctgctgtaa aatcttttga     41760
     ggaaaataag atccaattag cgccgacttt tgtgtcgggg aaagctgagg gttttcgaag     41820
     gaattctttt cactcagtca aaaactactt tttttccccc cccccccccg gagagcgcct     41880
     gtgctgtgcc aggccctgaa aaaaaaggca gaaaaaaatg acccaccttc agaaggcaga     41940
     agccctggtc tgtgggatgc tttgggctgt ctgccccgtg ccagggacca cggctccaag     42000
     ctgaggggca ggtgcagagg gagaggacag ggaaggtgag agtgtggcaa gtcagggggt     42060
     caggggacac gctgggaggc cagtggtcgc agccccagct gccaaactaa ggagctggct     42120
     ttgctgtttt ttgtttttgt tttttttcct ttggctttgc tgtttttttc aggttgataa     42180
     tgaagaggaa attcagcata tcagaagatg ggtgcgtgga actagctgga attagcagag     42240
     aggggtgcca gccaaaggcc cttgagcaat caggatgtgg acaggatggg gtaacaggtt     42300
     tttattttta aatgactcct ggtagagctt cctcagctgg ctcaccactc cctgaacctc     42360
     tgatgtgagc tgcagtggac gccaggcaca cccaccaccc accaggcgcc ccctgccgtg     42420
     acccagggga ccctctgcta gccttacccc ctcagtgagg gccctgtaaa ccaccggtgc     42480
     cccctcaccc cctttcctct ccctaagcag ggtgggaggg tgcaggctca gcttcctgca     42540
     aagggatggc ctggacaagg ccccccgctg gctcgggcgg cctggactta taacctgccc     42600
     tcccaggagc agcaacctgg gcgcaaacca gcccccgatg atgccctttt cacacccaag     42660
     gcagcgcctg gcagatagca ggggtcccca ctgacactaa ggaacccctg actccaggac     42720
     gaaggggtgt tgacactgcc tagcgcgcta gagtggccgg tacaacttgg gagctgaccc     42780
     caatccgaga atcaccgagc cacaaacctg ctggtgtggc gagtgtggtg ggggcggccc     42840
     ggtcagggag ggtgcccctg cacccccgct ggctgctcgc agacgccggg gggcctgcct     42900
     ctcccccgct gggctggcgg ggctcatccg gactccggtc cggtggacac cgctgggccg     42960
     aacttgaggc ccgggccccc ggggtctgcc ggcggcccgc tggggccggg gccccttccg     43020
     ggaagggctt ccggagaggc gcgtttcctc cccgggaggg tgggccgggt gggccccacc     43080
     caggggctgc cccaggggtc acggccggct cggggtgggg cctgccgcgg tccggggcct     43140
     ggcggcgccg gggcctgccc ggggtcaggc ctgcaggtcc ggcgcggccc ggcccggccc     43200
     tgccctccgc cccgccgacc cggcgccccc tcgcgccccg ggcgggccct gcacgtctcg     43260
     cgagcggccc ggagcggcgg gggaggcggg gccggcggcc gggcagggcc ggggcggcgc     43320
     cgaggcccgg ccggagcggg agcccgagcg gagcgggcgc ggcggccggg gcggggggcg     43380
     cgggccggcg aagatggcga acgtggggct gcagttccag gcgagcgccg gggacgcgga     43440
     cccgcagagc cggccgctgc tgctgctggg gcagctgcac cacctgcacc gcgtgccctg     43500
     gagccacgtc cgcgggaagc tgcagccccg ggtcaccgag gaggtgagcg ggccgcgccg     43560
     gccgccatgc gccgccccgc cggccggcgg aggccgggca gggggccggg ccggcgggga     43620
     ggccgcggag gccccgcctc ggcccgcccg gcgcccccgg gcccgccgcc cggtgcgcca     43680
     ggccaggcca ggccggccgg cgaggcccgg gccgcccgcc tcccgagaac cagaagagcg     43740
     ggctcccgtc cagcggcccc gcggcgagcg ccaccgcgcc ccgcacccac ccggccgcag     43800
     gctcgtgggc agggctggca gctgtgaccc ggctcagggc cctgccctcg aggggctgtg     43860
     ccccggccct gcgaggggcc ctgacacctg ccttccagag ccctcgtggc agtggccccc     43920
     gagctggtcg tttgtagcaa agcagccccc aaagtggcct ttgaagttcc ccctgcttag     43980
     tcccacgagg gtggacgtgc gccagcacac acacacacac acacacacac acgcacgctt     44040
     atcactagcg agctgtgaca catctgaatt acagatgggg gtgcggcggg gaggctgcga     44100
     actgcccctc tagcttagca ggctccgcag gccaccaggc ggggccctgg caggcggctg     44160
     ttggaaggct tgtctgtctg tctctccccc tctggtgcag ctctggcagg ccgctctgag     44220
     cacgctcaac cccaacccca ccgacagctg tcccctgtac ctgaactgcg ccaccgtggc     44280
     cgccctgccc tcccgggtga gccgccacaa cagcccctcg gccgcgcact tcatcacccg     44340
     actagtgcgg acctgcctgc cgccggggac ccatcggtgc atcctggtga gtgcttctga     44400
     gagaggcggg cccacccagc ccctgctgct gaaggtggcc cgaggctcag ccctcaggtc     44460
     cccagtgctc cggccgacag tatctcagag gtggacgatg cagccacggc cgcacaccgt     44520
     cccccctgct ttgcagatgg ggaaactgcg gtcccagcag taacccttcc cccccagagc     44580
     agcttgggta gcagctctga gccttgggcc tggatttccc gagcccacgt ctgctgtgcg     44640
     gccttgcaca cgtgctgctc tcctgtctcg ggaggcggtc ggccacatct ggccgctgac     44700
     attgtctttc ctacatcgtg ggacagtggc cgtggggacg gcccctggga tggcggcctg     44760
     gctggggcac ctctgtccag atcgtttcca tgctggcctc tgacccagct gtggggcccc     44820
     cacgcttcct ggtcgtggct cccgtgggtt tgcccctggg gccgccccct cgtccccccc     44880
     tcatcagggc tctgctctct gtgctgcaga tggtctgcga gcggtcggac gccttcgcct     44940
     cggcctgcgc cctggcccga gcgttcccgc tcttcaccca ccgctcgggg gctgctcggc     45000
     gcccagagaa gaagaccgtc gtggtggagt tcttcctggt gggacaggac aacgggccgg     45060
     tggaggtgtc caccttgcaa gtgggtgtct gggagttcag accgtgtcct cacccccagg     45120
     cctgggcaga gcgcccctcc ccctgccggg aggaccggcc cagggccttt gcacagcccc     45180
     cagggcgggc tcgtgctcag gactcagctc tgcccagccg gtgttcatcg agcacctgcc     45240
     cagcgccagg cccttcgcgg ctcactaccc ataatgctcc tcgccgcgta catcccgtga     45300
     ccccgtgtgg tgcgcttttc catgtgttat ctcatctgag cctccaaata atccctttga     45360
     ggccaggcaa tccgacttag aagcccaggt gtgggccgaa tgccaggttc cctcccctca     45420
     gccaccttcc caggccctgc gggctcgtcc tctcacctgc agcccccact ccggctgcct     45480
     cccccccccc ccccccccgc ccagattctt cccccaggag gcagcgtgcc gacagtcatc     45540
     ccagccactc tctatatctg agtctagcct ctgtgcccgg actgggttgg gagcccccag     45600
     agggcagaga cctggccttg tgcatgataa ctgcccccgc acactccgag gacgggccga     45660
     aggccaccgg cttggtgtgt cttctcggcc cctacctccc acccatcctg ccctgcccac     45720
     tgcaccccac tgttctcctg gaccacggca gcagcctccc agctggcctt gctgcctcca     45780
     ggtgtcacct ccagtgcctg ccactgcctt acaagggcgc atctaaccag ggggccactc     45840
     caggtgtttt gcgcgtgcct gtcaggcgtc aggtcctcct ctgagcgcgc ttcgttctca     45900
     cagcagcctg atgagatggg tctgttgttc ttcccatttt agagctgagc agactgaggc     45960
     gcagagacag tgacttacgg ggccacgcca gcaggggctt ctagctgagg ccgccacctg     46020
     tcagcctgtt ttccctttgt ctcacctcgc ggtcccctct gggtggtgtg gcctcctgcc     46080
     ccctcctcct ctgcagcact caacggaagg gtgtgtggtg attctctgct ggacccgact     46140
     gcctggggcc tctgtgggtt cagaggccag tgtgcagcct ggctcacagt aggtgctcag     46200
     ggaagcgcga tggaataaag gagtgaataa tcctgctttg gcgatgccgt gagggaacct     46260
     aggtgtgatg tgcaggctcc ccccacccca tgctgtccac cctgtcacct gagccgcagc     46320
     ccccaccaag tgggggaggc tgaggtcttc gaggccagcg cacctccaga cagcggcccc     46380
     aggcctgtgc gatgcgacac ccacagacgg ggaccctcgc gccccccagg gagtgcccgc     46440
     tgacaggtgg caggggacca cacgggtatg tctcctatct gagctgccgg gcgtctgctt     46500
     ctggggctcg ggtttaatga cttagggaca ggcaggggcc tgggaggagg ccggactggc     46560
     gccgtcaacc ccgcgggact ggcagaggcg gtgatgaact cgatgctggg acgggcagca     46620
     gctctgggct gcatggtggg cagtcaagtg gcagcaggcg ccatgggcgg aacaggaaag     46680
     cagagctgag ggccagggct gtcacgcgcg tagcccacgg aagctcttgc agaagctgcg     46740
     agaggagagg gggcgcctgg tttggggtga gcgtgacctc tgcttctgcg ggacctcccg     46800
     cagggacagt ggctgttccc ctctgggcac tgggtgggtg cacaaggccg gtctctctgc     46860
     gtccttcctt gagaaccgcc aggccagagc aggttcgtgt ccgaggatca ggaaaagggc     46920
     aagggggtat ctgtggcgct cacacggggc tcaccccatc gggtccaggg gctttttccc     46980
     gctgggagga gccagagaag cttctggaga gtatggcctt tgcgaagtgc ctccaatggt     47040
     ggctgggatc ctggtgagag aagggcgggt gtttggctgg tctacttggg gccaccgtga     47100
     ccataggcca gcgtggctta gacttgggcc cctgtgaccg tagcccagtg tggctcagac     47160
     tgcagaattt ctctctcgca gctctggagc tggaagtccc agctcggggg cttcagtgcg     47220
     ggctctcttc caggctttca cgtcgccgcc tccttgctgt cctcttagag ggcactaatc     47280
     ccttcccagg cccaccctcc tgagttcatt gaaacctcgt cacctcccag actcctcata     47340
     ccatcctagt gggggctggt gattcagcat atgagtctgg ggtgactcag tcattcagtg     47400
     cctgataggt atgaggctgg cagaggccag aggtaggaat gtgcccagca tgcattctgg     47460
     gctgggtaga gggccacctg ccaccaggat gaggggcata gcaggagagg cagctcagag     47520
     agcaaggcgg gccaggtgga ggtgccaggc ggaagggctg cggaatccgg agccgtgctg     47580
     gattttcgta ggttgctggt gggggtcgaa ggcatcgagg agcaagggct ggggcaggac     47640
     ccgtcttccc tcccacctgc tctggctgca gccctgcaac ctcccgagca acctgcgcct     47700
     gacacctttg ggttccccgg gggatggcga ggagggacac cccccaatct ggcctcaggg     47760
     cccctgtgac agccttctgt gtctcctagt gtttgacaag cgccacggaa ggcgtgaggc     47820
     tggcagcgcg catcgtggac acgccctgca atgagatgaa tacagatgcc ttcctcgagg     47880
     ttcgtggccc tggggtcctg ctgaggctgg ggcctggccg gggtgccatc tgtagacccc     47940
     aaggagagct gggacgcctg gggctgcagg gggaccgtcc acagcctctg tgcttcattt     48000
     gggaaagccg tgggcggagt cctgctgtcc acccagagcc aggggccagc gggcctcagc     48060
     cgagggtgga gcggggactg agcctcccgg aggtccctct gcaggactcc agccacgagg     48120
     cgcaggaaag cacggagttt ggagggcgag cctctctcct gggtttaatc acacttgggc     48180
     cgagcgtcag agccgcagct tcccagcccg cccactccca ccgtcagcat ctgctggccc     48240
     ctgacccggg ccctggcctc accccgattt gtgctgtcct cacgggcgtc cgtggtggtg     48300
     ttttttccat gaacgcatcc aggagattaa gaaagttgga caggatctgg gaatcgcccc     48360
     aaccgtcatc cgggacgagg agctgaagac cagaggattt ggaggtgggt gggggctggt     48420
     agccacgggt cctggcctca ggggtggccc ggggcacctg ggtggcagtg tgttgtccca     48480
     agcttcaccc cgagggaagc cagcctgtgc cccgccccaa ggccgtctct gggggaatga     48540
     ggaggcaggc attcagattc tgattcagct cctgggagcc acagggtcca agcccttccc     48600
     cggccctcgc cccccagcct cccctgtgct gcttcctggc tccccgggcc agctcagcag     48660
     ggccttctgt tcctcgaatg cacaagttca cgtccatgtc aggccttgca cttggctctt     48720
     tctacctgct tcccctgggt agtctcatgg tggggccagc ttaccctgtg catctcagcc     48780
     acctcctagg agaaccttcc caattgccag gcccatcttc ccctccccgc cagacaccaa     48840
     ggcacaggga ccacgaggac agcactttct gtctggctgg gggacggtca ctgtggttgt     48900
     tccctgtggc tgcagaacaa attgccccag aggcagcagc acacaggtga ttctgagctc     48960
     tgtgggtggg gcctgggtaa tgtgatcatg tgttcccagg gctgcaggca tctgaaggct     49020
     cgactggggc cggcgtgtga gatagcccag ccaggctcac tcatggcacg ccagcaggcc     49080
     ccaggtcccc actgtcacgt gggcctgtct ttgagcagct cgcagtgtgg cagctgtgtc     49140
     tctcagagtg aggactctga gccagagacg agagagcaag caagacagag gtcttgtctt     49200
     gtcacgtcat cctagaagtg gccccttgtt tctgccacac ccagaggaac tgagacctgc     49260
     cgtcctgccc acacgtgggg aggggcccca tggctgtgtg tgcacggggg cagcctctgg     49320
     gccccatgtt agaggcacag ccaaaggcag gtagagggag aggcaggcct ggcagagacg     49380
     gcttctcaga ggaggtggcg tctgcagctg gtcttgcagg atgagcagga gtgcgtccgg     49440
     cggccattgc ccgctcttgt cctggttgct gggactgttc agttcattac ggggggcttt     49500
     gcagcccggg ctctgcgccc agcaagccac cgttttcttg tgaagacagc gaggcggtgg     49560
     tgggagcgag cttggcaagg gagctgcatt ctgagtgctg gagcatcggg gagggagggt     49620
     gagcctgggc ccccgaggcc tggaggcgtt aaccccagat catttcatgc tgcaatcggg     49680
     ctcgcatctt tctgggaacg agacaatatg tttttttctc tcagcctaac aatccttggc     49740
     gtagaattca tttgcactca cgctggccgg gtgccgggag ggtgcagggg gccggggccg     49800
     ggccagcata gccctccagg agccatgtcc atgggccagg ggttgtttca ggggagagcg     49860
     ttgcacctgg ggggcttcct gggagtcctt tgctggctcc aacctgagcc taactgcctt     49920
     ctcctcgtgc ttccctagga atctatggtg tgggcaaagc tgcggtccac cccccggctc     49980
     tggccgtcct cagccacacc ccagacggag ccacccagac catcgcgtgg gtgggcaaag     50040
     gcatcgtcta cgacaccggg ggtctcagca tgaaggggaa ggtgaggggc ggcggggcgg     50100
     gcacttgggc ggggcagccg ctctcagggc cgtcggagga aggggggagg ttccggggac     50160
     ccagagccgg cacctctggg cccagggcca gaagagaggc cacagcccag ccccctctga     50220
     gaagggacct cgtgccttca ctttgcacag gaatcaggag acacgagatc caggggaaac     50280
     tgcagaagtg attaaaaacc taggacccag aacccaggga ggcaagcctc agggaatgag     50340
     gtggccaaga ggatgctgct tccgcatgct gaccccgcag caggcagcgc cctggctaaa     50400
     gtgagcgggc ttcaaaccca gaagcaagcc gcctggggcg tggcacggga gcaggaagcc     50460
     ccagagcctc tgctctgcgc ggctgccccc ggtacccagc gtatccgggg cccacggtgc     50520
     cccaggagga ggccgagcgg cctctgtgcc ccaggcctgg gctggaccct gggcaaagtg     50580
     agaaggggca gcctgcacgt ttgcaccagg gcgatggggc agaagaggag cacccgcccc     50640
     ggggagaaag ctttgcgggg agaggaccag cccggcgccc gcagagcaaa cattgaagac     50700
     tggcggacct cgcggctcct gaccggcctc gttggcccag atggtgcttt aaagtctgaa     50760
     ccagttacca acgtttaaaa acaggaagaa tcctcacagc aatggatttc tgagcttttg     50820
     caaactcaga agtcctggaa gtgcgggtcc tgtaccaccc cccccccccc cgccccaggg     50880
     tctttctgtc ggatggcggc tgccttggca tgtggcctac atcccccggt tccctgaagg     50940
     ccccaccact ccctgtcacc tccctggcgt tggaccccag tgtcagttgc tatttaaggt     51000
     agggatcatg ctgccacttt ttgcacttct ggcctgtcaa ctgtgtttgt tacctagagt     51060
     gagcgaccct tttttaaaaa aaaaatccct tctctaaaca acaaaactat tttcaggact     51120
     aatcaggaaa tgaaacaaat agtaatatac agaaagaaaa taccaatagt gaattcccca     51180
     atagtgaatc ttcttttgtt gaattccacg tatgttatca tgccagtaaa aagttaaaaa     51240
     taaatgcaat tcaaataaag gaaacaatag tagattaaca cctgtaaata gcattagtaa     51300
     ggtaggcgtt tctgtggcct gcagcggctt gttatggatc tcagttccca gaccagggat     51360
     tgaacctcgg ctgcagtggt gaaagcactg aatcctaacc accagaccac cagggagctc     51420
     ccccagtaaa tgtaattttt aatagaaata actggtgcct ccgtgttctg tcgcagtgaa     51480
     tgctagcatt acagctccgt ggtcaggcca ccgcgtctgc ggatgtgtcc gtgatgtcat     51540
     cgaattaatc tccttcacgc cttcgtgttc acttgacaga ggtgccaggc ttgtctgcct     51600
     gtggtcactt gtagttgatc cgaaaaaacc agttttcgtt gggaggcgtt tctgcgcatg     51660
     aagcaggcac aaccaaaaca ctcagggagc gcctctagca ggaggatccc tcggcagagg     51720
     ccactcagaa tcccatttcc caggaagctc ccgaaattgt tccagcatcc gcatcgtcag     51780
     ctctttgatt gtagcagcgt tcaaacgcct gtggaggaac aacgtttgaa accccaggac     51840
     tccagtggtt cccatggagt gtgggaagcg gagaggctca ccgctccctg gggtccactc     51900
     cgggcccacc atccacaggc aggaacgcgg cctcaggcac gggggacccc ggccacctcc     51960
     agacactgcg cctgcgcgcc tgggccagct gcgtcgctgg aactgtgaac ctcggtgtgg     52020
     ggtaatgtct ctgcaaggag cggggttaaa ataagccggt ttgaagctac tctttttttt     52080
     tttgatcaga acccgcttca gccaacagca ggtttctttc gggaggaagg ttttgccact     52140
     gattacagcc taacccgccc ctaacccgcc cctcctgccc ttgatgggga ctcgtccctg     52200
     ttggtggcta agttctggtg gtcgaactgc cgctcttgcg agcgtgaagc aggacttcct     52260
     gggaacgtgt cattttgctg gtagcaccgt ctcccggttt tgcagggacc atcccagctg     52320
     tttgcaaaga ttttcaaggc aaaccaggat ccgcacgggt caacaggtct aacgaatgtg     52380
     ttggactcag gactccttcc ccacttaaag agagtcgatg cccaagagat tttgtttgta     52440
     agggtgatgt ctgctgatat ttaccctact aggaatcaaa actgggagat tttaaagatg     52500
     tgtattaatt cacgagaaaa ataacaatat gaagccattg caagcgattg tgaattatac     52560
     agttttatga aaatagctat tttccaaatg caagaaaaac tcgcgagaag agtagtgctg     52620
     ttttacattt ttgcgggtcc ctttggtgtc tgccgtagga gaagacagct gtgatcacgc     52680
     gtctgcttct gcatgtcgtc tgttgtgata ggttttagtt gtaatacgaa aagaaaattt     52740
     ggcctcagtt ctcgtgcagt tagaagagag agaagcagga gttcccgtcg tggctcagtg     52800
     ggttaaggac ccaacatagc gtccgtaagg atgtgaattc gagcgatggc ctcgcccagt     52860
     gggttaagga tccggcgtcg cggctcgctg cagctcagat cccgcgtcgc cgtggctgtg     52920
     gggtaggccg gcggctgcag cttcgattcg accccctctg gtacaccctt aaaaagcaga     52980
     agaagaagaa agaggagcgg cattttagtc ccctcttcgg atgacggagg atgctctttg     53040
     ctgtgacgcc ggaactctgc tgtggtagct tctggaagtg tgcttctaac gcgaagccac     53100
     gtcagggagc tttggtgcgc tctgctgtgt ggccatctac tggcctgtct tgaacatgga     53160
     aggcaggact cgtgatgccg cgcacgggtc gtttggaaag cgtggttcag agagttctgc     53220
     agaacctcta agtgccggca gagttcatcc tgttttctta gaatatcgca gtcgttgata     53280
     tcgccgtgca gcacatgtaa aagctgagtg atcgaagcca ccacggaggc cgttacgagt     53340
     tttcccaaga tctgacttgt gcctgccagc tccgatttta ctgttggcac caggtaacgc     53400
     cagccctcct cctggagcag cgaggctcgc tttgtccact tcttaggaga tgtctgggag     53460
     tcctgtcgag tgtcctcgag gatgtgggat caatccctgg cctcgctccg tgggttaagg     53520
     agctgtggtg tcggtcgcag gtgcagctca gatctggcgt ggctgtggct ctggggtagg     53580
     ctggcagctg tagctcccat tcaaccccga gcctgggaac ctccatatgc tgagggtgtg     53640
     gccctaaaag gcaaaaagaa gaagaaaaga aagtgcctgc atatgcctcc atctggctcc     53700
     tcatcattta ccagcctttc cttcaagaac agaggctctc tgagctcaga atccaggcga     53760
     gcgctcccac tcccgctgac caccgagcat ccggaagggc agggcctttc cagcaccttc     53820
     catcctctca cacacagtct tagacacagc tgtactcaac ggttgagagt ttgaaacgct     53880
     catcagtatg gagactcgag ggacgttggt gacgcctcat tttccaaagg gctggaaatg     53940
     aacccagtga ccccgcgtcc acacagggcc ctgggccatg gctccagcca cccctgcccc     54000
     actggtgtga gtgtcagccc accagtggaa agggtttcct cgtctcttct ataaaaacag     54060
     gaacgacggg ggggtccacg aagctgacag tcatttgagc cgcgtttgcg gttggacatt     54120
     tgttctttcc gtgacagggc catgcgattt cagtgaccgt cttaggccat tttctctacg     54180
     gccgttttgc aaggagttcg atgctagatc tgaggccctg tttcaccgtt taagcaagcc     54240
     tcagtttctt acagatgagg tcaaaatagc ttactttcag tagtgcctgc tgggtcgttt     54300
     tcacgcaacc taattgtaaa agcagctcag gttatatcta aaaagacttc ccattaaacc     54360
     tcgaggctcg tgtgatccag tgagagttca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tcactcggtc     54420
     cgtttcaatc tcaaatcctt acgtctgatg acctgttgtt aaaacatgac ccatgtcaga     54480
     gttggggggt ctacgaaagg tgaaaaggtg cccctgctgg cgactagttt atagcaaatc     54540
     gcttttacct ctggtggggg ggctctgtct ctcattagac ctgtcacctg ggagtcgcga     54600
     accgggtggg atcggtgaca gtgaccagag tgccattaac caggacagat gggtcacagc     54660
     tgcagaccgg ccccaggatg gtggctgggt ccaggcggga ccccagcctc aggaacctgg     54720
     ctgcctctac cgccccctcc tgcctcgcgt ggcagccccc acagctcggc tcaaggccta     54780
     gggaccccag cgtctttgcc tgtggcttcc ccttgcttct ggaggacagt cccccacccc     54840
     ccaccatgac caagtggcgt tgcctgggtt ctgggggctc tcaggtcctg cacattaggg     54900
     gccctggcat gggggcaagg gggctggggg ccctgattcc ggggggtcag catgctcacc     54960
     tctcgccctc tgccgcccgc agaccacgat gccgggaatg aagagggact gcgggggcgc     55020
     cgcagctgtc ctgggggcct tcagagccgc cgtcaggcag gtgagtggcc tggaccctgc     55080
     tctccctccc tggggcccct ggggccccag ggcttcccta cctgagaggt cacctccacc     55140
     tgcacacctg gctgcacagt ccccctagtt ctgagcctcg cccgtcccac ccgcacttgg     55200
     ggtctggaga ggggcctggg gctgccgggc gtcccaactg cgccggggag ctttccggct     55260
     cagcacggcc tcctagggcc gctgcggcgg agccacaagc cacaggccct ccgtgagcag     55320
     cgtggtgccc tgtcctgtcc ctgcccagca cgcaggcgcg gccgcggggg cagccccggc     55380
     ccccgccacc tgcccgcctg gtggatgagc ccgtcaggga cgcgagggat gcggcccagc     55440
     tgagggcact gggtgggctc tcggaaggga gcggctgctg ctgctggtca gctcctgggg     55500
     cagcgttggg agggcgcacg tggccacgca agctgtccca ttcactgtcg gccccagtga     55560
     ctgctgcaga ggatgcacct ggcacctggg caggccagct ggaggcttcc agtgcacagg     55620
     gagccaggta gcaattaatg cggattcgcc ggctggcagc cgtgtgagtg gtctcaggcc     55680
     ctggggaccc tccactgcca ggggtgctgc ggcccccacc ccataagggc tgcagcctgg     55740
     aggctctgct ttaaatattt ttagagaaaa ggattgtgcc tcaatctgag tcataacata     55800
     cctaacgaca gcaacggaca gtgacccgca gagcgaaata aggatccgat aattcctatg     55860
     gggccgagct cttcccggcc cgggagcaca cagacgcgag tagctttttc ctggcgagga     55920
     tgcagatcag agggcctgtg tgtgacggac gtggaccgct ggccgtgctt tgtggatggg     55980
     aggcagggct gggtgaggcc cctggggagc agcagggctg ggcttgaacc cggcagcaca     56040
     gccgcccctc tgtgctccac cctgcgtccg tgggctctgg ctggggaggc ctgggctcgg     56100
     gtctgtggcc gagaacgggg gtggcgggag gctgtgctct ctgctcccca ggtccccgtc     56160
     tgtctgtctg tcactgccct gggaatcaga gagctcaggc ctgtcctgcc tcccgccgca     56220
     cccccagcct gtaactgggg cctctgctct cgtcccctcc agggtttcaa agacaacctg     56280
     cacgctgtgt tctgcttggc cgagaactcg gtggggccca aggccacgag gccagacgac     56340
     atccacctgc tgtactcagg aaagtgaggc ggcccctcag ccctccccgc ccacggggcc     56400
     ctctccctcc tgtggtccct gtggttggct ctcctggccc ttcccggggc ccgctggcca     56460
     gtcccagcca gagccagtga caggtgccct ggacaacagg cctcttgctc ccagggtgcc     56520
     cgccaggtgg gctgtgttgc tgggcgaggc cttggtgccc cccagggcct tggggacgag     56580
     ccctttccga gctttctgct ttgtgttctt tgggtatctc aagccctgca cacccacatt     56640
     ccctcctggg gggccccctg cacctcctgg agatcagccc ctggacgcct cctcagctgc     56700
     agaaggaaac tcgaaaataa cagcaggcag cccggggttc agagtcggag ggtccccgcc     56760
     ccccccttgt gcttttggcc ctggccccac gcggctctaa gcagggtcta aacagggtct     56820
     ctgcgcctcc aggaccgtgg aaatcaacaa cacggacgcc gagggcagac tggtgctggc     56880
     agatggcgtg tcctacgcct gcaaggacct gggtgccgac atcatcctgg acatagccac     56940
     actgactggg gctcaggtgg gcgcctgagg ggcgggtccc ggtccccccg tctcggtgcc     57000
     gaggtctgag cgtgtgtgag gggctccggg agggggctgg cgcggggccc gcaggtgggg     57060
     acgtccccgg tgggcctgct cacgctcctc tccccagggc atcgccacgg gcaagtacca     57120
     cgcggccgtg ctcaccaaca gcgccgagtg ggaggcggcc tgcgtgaagg ccgggcggca     57180
     gtgcggggac ctggtgcacc cgctggtctt ctgccccgag ctgcacttct gcgagttcac     57240
     ctcggccgtg gcggacatga agaactcggt ggcggtaggt gcgcccccag ggggtcacag     57300
     ggcggccccg gaaacagcag cggggggacc agggtcccca ggcccaggac ccaggtcggc     57360
     cccagcctcc ccccactctg gggctgcctt gggcaccccc atcagctctt ttcgctgccc     57420
     gcccccaccc ccgtcccctt cgtgcacacg aggccctcgg ggtcccgctc cgctgccccc     57480
     ccacgccggg ccctccaccc caggcccctc ttgcagacgc gggggaggtg gtccctgaag     57540
     atggtggggg cgtggggcgt ccgccgtggc cccagcggaa ggtgctccgg ggggggggga     57600
     gcagaagggt cacgccctcc ctcccccagg accgggacaa cagccccagc tcctgcgccg     57660
     gcctcttcat cgcctcgcac ctcggcttcg actggcccgg ggtctgggtc cacctggata     57720
     tcgccgcgcc cgtgcacgcc gtgagtccag gccccgcgtg gccctgccgc ccccgttagg     57780
     acctcccggc ccggccactc tgcgtccctc gtcccctccc cgctggcctg gcggctcccg     57840
     ccctctcccg catccagagc tgccggctga gctcatcgga aacattctgt gtggagggtc     57900
     accctgcccg tggcccagcc tccggccagc tgcggtcccc ccgacctctg ctctcctcgt     57960
     ccctgggaac agcgtggccg ctgtgtgcag cccagccagc ctttcccgcc ccaggagacg     58020
     ggtggggggg cgggaccccc agtgcacggg accgcagcgg gggctcctgg gggcagatgc     58080
     cgggggccgg tccaggagcc cctcccgcgg ccacagaggt gccccctgcc tttgcccgca     58140
     gggagaacgc gccacgggct tcggcgtcgc cctcctgctg gcgctcttcg gcggggcctc     58200
     cgaggaccct ctgctgaacc tggtgtcccc gctcggctgt gaggtggacc cccaggaggg     58260
     ggacgtggag agggactcca agaggcgcag gctggtgtga cgcccgccgc cccgcccggc     58320
     cgcacaggcc ttacctcact ttgcactgat gcctcgtgag cagtgggaag gtcatacctg     58380
     aagatgtgct ttgccttgtt ttgttttcgt tgccatggtg atggaagcgg ctccttctta     58440
     tgtcttagac gacagctcag ggtttgccgg gccccgggga ggggagcggg cagcgacggg     58500
     cttgtttctg tttggttccc cgccagcttc tgccgaccgg gctccctcct ggggctgcac     58560
     gccctcgggg tcccagggtg catgggggcc ctgacactct tggccaagtg gcctgtgggc     58620
     cccctgcccg cctggtgtcc acgttgggtg cccattctcc agccctgtgt gtggcaccca     58680
     cgtgacagag agcccaggcc cgcgctcggc cagggctgcc gctgcctcca ggcagcccac     58740
     ccctctgagt ggatgggggt gacttgcttc ggggacccga tttttggagc aagaggaatc     58800
     tcccctgggc ccttagaatt cactggagct tggattaaat atggctgaac cacacgctaa     58860
     ctttgcctcc gtctcactct ctctccagcc tgttttagat tttagaaagc aaccttgagc     58920
     ctgcccgtgg gtcagaggct ccggtctgcc accgtcttct ccctagccag catccggctt     58980
     cggggtgcag tttgcccacc tcttgctttg cagagcagag ccctggggcc cccggggccc     59040
     ccggggccaa gcctgcacag ctcaggccac cttggccgtg agagttcaga gcacagactc     59100
     gggctctgca ggctttccca cggtcctgcc gtctgcaggg aggctgtccg gaccccgtga     59160
     catcacgagg caaggacact gggtcaagcg aaggcccctg ggcatggtgc taggtgctga     59220
     agcgcaaagc ctggccaggt tccagggaga ccctccacct gggccccggg gaggcgggcc     59280
     ccacagcgcc tgggtgagaa ctcgggcaag gccttcgtct gatccgtcgc tccgggtcca     59340
     gcaaaggaga tgggggacac agaagcaccc ggcacggagg cggcagcccg cctcctctgc     59400
     cggggccggg cggggctgca gcacacgcgt cccaggcggc gtcctggctc accgacccct     59460
     tccctctgcc cagggtcccc agactccaag tccccagccc tagaaatcaa ggtgactctt     59520
     gctgggcttg atcccaagca tatatttatt aactgtctgc tgcgtgcaca gccccggctg     59580
     ggccccccaa aggcaagcag cggctccaag gccccggcct gtctgggaaa accgtggccc     59640
     aacatgttaa gttacaataa cagtggtcac aaggcggccg gtgggccccc gcgcgctgag     59700
     ctggggccgg agggccagga gccttcacag gtcattagct tgcttaatgg tcttgcaaca     59760
     ggcagctcac tccagcttcc ccctgagaag ccccggagga gccagaggcc accgagttgg     59820
     tccagctcct tctcccagca gctggcactg tccacctccc ccgccagggg ctgcaggacg     59880
     cagggtcaag gagcaggaga tgaactgagt ctcccttgtc cgggcacaaa ggcagcctca     59940
     ggcccagggg cccagctggg gagcagctgc aggctgacgg cctggcaccg ggggcccggg     60000
     ggtgagagga caccttgctt cgaggccaga ggctttagga tgaggcagct gcttcccgtg     60060
     gccctgctgg agccccggca gcatggtcgg cgggtggccg gcgggggccg ggcgggcacg     60120
     ggcgggtcca cctgaccatg gggtctggcg agcggcacag gaagatgagt gtggcgaaca     60180
     ggtcctgctc cagctgcagc tcgcccagct cgtggtgggc caggaagacg tgggtgcaga     60240
     gcccgagcac gtggtccacg tggggcagct ggtcatacct gatggagtga gcgatgccaa     60300
     gggagtactc acggacgaac ttggctacaa ccgtcaccac agacacatag agcctgacga     60360
     tgctgggggg tgggggaggt gtcagcatcc ctgtctcggg agaggacgcc ggggcccccg     60420
     ctccgcgccc tgggatcggg gagccactgc tggccactca cagcccccag gatctgctgt     60480
     gggggctttg gcgttcttgc aagggggcac ctctggggca tgcgtgttac cctgcaggtg     60540
     ggaatgaggg atgggaccgt gggcgtgtcc ctttctgcca ggggtttgtg tgacagtgac     60600
     ccaccatcta ggtgtttctc gggctgatgg aaaagaggtt tgtctcccct cccccgtccc     60660
     ccagggacag tcctggggag caggagccag aaggggccag aagggtctga agagcccagg     60720
     gcatgaggca ggctcgtagg gcaggaaaga tccttacctg tatccggctc tgggggctga     60780
     ctttgtcgtt aaagatgacc agctccaggt ttcggccaca gccccggctt tggtcacagt     60840
     ctggccgcca ctcctggacc acctaccact ctgctgccgg gccctcggcc ccagtggcat     60900
     tgcggaagaa ggccagcctg tccacatccc gcggcctgtg cgagtgggct gtgtgggaga     60960
     ggggacgtgg gcagcaggcc ccaggagagg cagtgtcagg ccctggggac atctgcaggc     61020
     ccgggaaagc ccagggtcac ccaaggcgac tatgtcaggg gatgggtagg cctgtgacgg     61080
     gtgtttaggg atgctctctt gtcacctggc tcccaggaga aggaagaggc ccctggacag     61140
     gcagccagcc ctgggtgctg agctctcggg ctcaacaccc atgaccgacc tcagggtgcc     61200
     aggctgtccc tcacccccag ctgcagggag actgaggcct tctcaccgtc caccccagtg     61260
     ggccggcctc tagcaggagg gagaacctgc aggccagccc atgcagcgag ggtccccact     61320
     ggtccccgag gcccttggct gagcctgcct cccctgggac aggtgtgggg gggcagttag     61380
     gtcaagagga cccctcccac cccacctccc agcccagccc aggtcgaggg aacctgccca     61440
     ccccctcaga tgcccacacg cgtttccagc tgtgtccctt cacctttctg tgccaccaga     61500
     aatgggggca atagatgtgt tttaaagaag cagcacaaac aggacaaaat catttgtttg     61560
     gaaaacacag acaggccggc caatcacctc ggcaaacgct ccccacctcc ctgctgcgga     61620
     tgttttttga ctccaagtgc tgcgtcagtg gggggctggc gatgccccag gaaacctcta     61680
     gtgctcccca cccccgtagg cagcagcctg gccccgcccc ccaacgcacc ccttccccca     61740
     cctctgtctg gtgtccccgc ctccccagcc agcccgcagg agctcctccc acgcatgggc     61800
     cagtgtctgg ggtccccgca gggctcagcc tctcccctgc tgcactagtg caccccctaa     61860
     aagctctggg gccccctcag gagcacatca gcagccctag cagcccctcc cccgtccctg     61920
     tcggctttga attcactgcg cgatgctctg cccagaacct ctgttcagac tgttccctgg     61980
     gcatcgacat tcagcagttt tgtttacttg tttgttcttt aacaaaaggt tgttttggtt     62040
     agagcttcag caaaaacaca cgctgccttc tgcctcctct ccactcagga ttcagtaaat     62100
     tagttgtttt ccagccggct tcaagtcctt gcctcaaatg agcctccaac aagataatgc     62160
     gtttaaaagc ccttggaaaa gtaccaggcc ccacgcactt gcgagacgtc atcgggggtg     62220
     ggggtgggag ggctgctctg ccccacaccc cacccgggag cagcgggaag ctccggcgcg     62280
     agggcagggt gcttgctcag ggcccagggc tggggggtgg gtgaggtggg ggtggggtgg     62340
     gggcgggggg ctgcccgatg ccctgtcact gccgggcagg cccccaaagc ccgggcctgc     62400
     cctcccctcc gtcctccctg cagcaccatc tggggccggg gtccaggaag cctgcgctcc     62460
     cacaaggggc agtcgtgttc ttgccaacag ccaagcggtg ggctcttttc tcctcggccc     62520
     cctctgtggt cctgagagct ttgtggccga gtccagggag caatcttgag tcaggagaaa     62580
     aagtcaaaaa ggaaaacccc aaattaaaaa gctcaggagc cttgttcaca cgcacctaca     62640
     tgcagcgcca ctggaacgcc agggggctcc gatgggaaac tggcggcccg ctggctgcgc     62700
     gagaaacgcg gggacccctt cccctccccc aaccaactga gaaagtttcc tcgactccgc     62760
     agccacaggg tcttttccgg gccggcctct ccctttcttc tgaggggttg ggggaatttc     62820
     tgcggcctct acctgcgtgc ttggtccggg gctgggacgg cctaaagcca gcttcctcat     62880
     tcaacactct tgattaagtg ccacctgtat gcaccccctg agaagctcac tcctctgcgg     62940
     ggggccgggg gcgggggcaa cctccccagc ctgcagccgg ctccacgcag cttccaggac     63000
     cagagcagcc ctgtgggaga ctggacggtg gcagggggtg gtggctgggc tgcaggaggc     63060
     acacatgccc caaggggccc ccaggtccac ctcactcact cactgtcttg tacccgccag     63120
     ggggtgtccg tgactcctag aagagctagc atttggtcag cagtggacct cgaccaggca     63180
     acctctctta ttcccaccca gggctgcaga agcgtggggc gggggggggg gggcaggcaa     63240
     aacattcaag cccaggtggc ccctgtcccc tctgaccttc agcagctctc cccagagcgc     63300
     aggtgcagca ggtgagcctc aggcctgtgg gtgccagtcc ttggagacag gaggtgagtc     63360
     aagagaagtt caaggctgca agtggccaga gagatgcagc cagggcacag aggcttgtca     63420
     atagccaaac acccccaggc tctgggtctg gggctcccca tctgtcaggt ggatgatcct     63480
     gaaccctttg gcctcctgtg acctgcaagg ccagacgctg tgctgcgcac aggctcaagg     63540
     gcgccagaac tgggttcaga ctccaactct gcctattctg ttgctgtgag acctgaagcc     63600
     agtgagccag gccccttatc tgtgtcacgg ggacacggca cacctgcgga agtgccacct     63660
     gagcaggaga aagcccacgc ccccgccctg ccaggtagac ctgggcaaac ccacagggct     63720
     tgctcctggc ctggcggagc acttgggcca gcaggtcccg cgcctcctcg tctgggcgac     63780
     accctgtgcg ttgccagctg cttccacatt cctgaccagc gacacactcc taaggacggg     63840
     aggggggcaa gagacacaga ttctgagagg cagacaagcc cggctgtagg gctccctgct     63900
     cagatgggct gaatgtcccc cattttcacc tggggttgct ctgtccctga agccagagga     63960
     aagggcgaca gaggagatcc tgccaccggg gagcctggaa ccaggctggg cctgccctct     64020
     gcctgctgtg cgcccttccc ccatccgagc ctcactgggc cctggaattg cacctgtgct     64080
     ggcgcacgtg gctcccaccg gcccgcgcac acctgagcat ccttgaaggg cccaaggggc     64140
     gggtaccagg cccatcatcc ctcccctcct ccgcccagag gctgctggga aaacgccgga     64200
     ggtgggcgct cagcacggga gggacagtgg acacagccag ctagtgcctc ctctgcacct     64260
     gccccccgac gagccctggt ctcctcatct gaaggctggg agcagcaggt gctccgaaat     64320
     cagggtttcc cggcactggc aacaggagtg gcttggccgc cttccgcgag gcgctggatg     64380
     gccgcggtgg agggcccacg gtggagccgc ccagagcaaa ggaccgagca cagggctcaa     64440
     ggaccccgca ctccgtctgg ccaaccgtcc agggaaccat ctggaggagg ttctgagtgc     64500
     agggcacggg cgctccacgg cccccctcgc ttctaaagga cttttgtgtg tgggagagag     64560
     tcggcagcga gcaagctaat gccctttggg tcagaagggc ctggcgagcc tcctgggccc     64620
     ccgagaagga cgctgtttcc tcttgcggat ggaagacaag gcagtcccgt ttcctcccgg     64680
     gctctggtaa ggaaagtgct ataaataaac agcccacaga tgacagttct gggggggggg     64740
     ctcgggagag ggccagtcgg ggcagtgaca gctgagccaa gattgcgagg atgagtgagc     64800
     attaaatgat gcataagatg gaggaaatca tttcaggtgt gggggggggg actgcgtgtg     64860
     caaaggccct ggggtggaag aggcgacgag acgctggaga agcagaaagg aggcctgtgc     64920
     ggctggaaag gagggagggg tgtggggaca agggtggggc gaggggggtg tgatgggcag     64980
     ggcgtttcgg ccacaggtgg cagctgaggt tttattctaa aagcagtggg aaccagggag     65040
     tttctgtcat gactcagcgc taaggaaccc gactaggaac catgaggttg cgggtttgat     65100
     ccctggcctt gctcagtggg ttaaggaccc agcgtttctg tgacctgtgg ggtaggctgc     65160
     agacacagct cggatccagc attgctgtgg ctggggcgta ggctggcagc tacagctccc     65220
     attcgacccc caacagaaag ttcagtcttt caggcgcagt gtgagaagga agttcagggc     65280
     tgcccagcac gtggcattca tggtgatggg gtgggggcgg ggaaaaagcc tgtctttcac     65340
     atccccttgg gacttggggt gacctccgtt ccagccacga caggagtgga gaaattggat     65400
     tcaccctccc tccttcaaca ggcaagacca ccaaatacac agaaaacacg ggctttctga     65460
     ccctaacaac agccagcagg atggaattat cccagagggc aaggcagcca acacagtgag     65520
     ccgtccggtt gcccccgctg acggctcagg agccctctcg gctgcagcac agcccggcgg     65580
     agcccagtca gaacccaggg gtccccagga gctgtggcga cagagctgag gatgcagacg     65640
     ctgccaggag gagacctgga gagcagagca ctgccctggg ggtgggggga gatccagagc     65700
     cagcagaggg ttccctgagc ccccggtgga gtcctgccga gcacgtgcgt gtgagtgtga     65760
     gcactcaagc ctcccacggc caggggaccc cctgtcctcg ggggcagagc gtgcagcaag     65820
     tgctcacgca gagctggatg gggccccagg ggcaggggcg gtcatcggag ccgggacctt     65880
     aaacaccacc ctccagtcca cagtgacctc tgcgtgcgtg ggaggctcgt gggcattcga     65940
     aaccagctcc cctggagctc agacgatgaa gggacgggag ctggtgccca ccaagggcgg     66000
     gagagaactt gcagcgggaa cccagctgct aaaacagaag gatggagggg aacgagggga     66060
     gtgggaaatg gaaaaaggag caggacagcc ggcattctcc agggtgtttt taataggatc     66120
     cagtcttctc acataacaca aacaaacaac atgtccaaga taaaaaattg agcattgctc     66180
     agcactcaag aaccaggaaa atctgaccaa aacccaaggg gaaaggcaat caaaagatga     66240
     caaccccaaa atgacccaga tgtgggaatt atcagacgtg aacttggagg cagctgttct     66300
     aattaccctt catgaggtaa agctggacag ccttgaaatg agtggaaaaa cagaagtttt     66360
     ggcaaagaca gacaaactgt aaccaagaat ctctaaatgc gatgtggtct cctggattga     66420
     atcttggaac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaccaca ttcatgtaaa aactggtgaa atctgaacac     66480
     agtctggagt ttagctagtg taacatacca acttcagttt tgaaaaacat accatggttc     66540
     tttgtaaaga aagatgttaa catgaaggaa aacagagggg catttggata cattttctcc     66600
     tatctttgca aaacctcctg taagtgtaaa attaaagaaa aagttgatta aaaaagaaat     66660
     aaaaattcta gaaccgagat gcaaggtaca ggagatacac tgaataggct ggtagcagaa     66720
     cgaaggtgac agaggaaaga gcccataaac tccaaaacag gtcaatgaaa gtgatctaat     66780
     tcaaggaact gaaagaaggc gtttccaaaa atgacgtcct cgtggatttg ttagtcaata     66840
     tggaaagatc tagtagtgtc gtcatggaaa ttcctgaaag agaagggaaa gagatggggc     66900
     aaaaaaaatg tttaactact ttatggaggt atgactgaca tttaaaaatc tacagctaga     66960
     tagataacgc attacattat agattcataa ttacaaatta taatttgcat tacaaagtat     67020
     aggtcatggt gttgagagct acgtttatgc cctggacatc atgtcattat caagtcgcta     67080
     tgatgcccta accttatcta tcacctctga aagtctcctc ctgcctctct ggtttttttt     67140
     cttccttttg tggcctttaa cgtaagatct accccttagt aatttttaaa agtatacaat     67200
     tgattattat tatttttgtc tttttagggc cacaccgtgg cttatggagg gtcccaggct     67260
     aggggtcaaa tgggagctac agctgccagc ctacaccaca gtcacagcaa caccagatcc     67320
     aagccacatc tgtgacctac accacagctc acggcaatgc cggatcctta acccactgag     67380
     cgaggccggg gatcgaaccc gcatccttat gacactagtc agattcgttt cctctgagcc     67440
     acgatgggcg ctccctaaag tgtacaattt aaaggatact tttaaaaagt atacaataca     67500
     gtgtcattgt gaatccaagc cctattgtgt tttacaggcc atctctagaa cttattttga     67560
     ttggcccaaa caggcatgtt ttccaccaga atccaaacaa ttttttttta aagaagaata     67620
     atggctaaac cttcccaaag atgtcaagag gcataagttt tataggttca agagtcatca     67680
     agaactccaa acaggataaa ctcaaagaaa accacaccca gagccatgag aagcaagaga     67740
     ctgaaagcca aagataaaaa cgctgaaagc agaccgagaa gaatgaggct ttccatggat     67800
     ggcagcagtg acctcggatg gttcaccaga aacaacggtg gtcaaaaagc ggggaaacaa     67860
     aacggcatcc ttaaacagag aactgtcaac gcagaattct aaatccagca aaagcttttt     67920
     tttttttttt tttaaagaat gaggcaaaat agagagacaa gaagaaaaac aattgcaagt     67980
     attcattatc agtggacctg ctgcaaaaga aacatgaaag aatgttctcc agacgcaagg     68040
     gaagggacac gagactaaaa cttggaacac caggaatgga ggaagaacaa cagaaaagat     68100
     aaatacctgg gcgcatataa tagacggctt ttcttctctc acggacttta aaatatgagt     68160
     aactttaaaa agcaaacatg ataacattgg ggagattcaa tgtatacaga tgtaacatat     68220
     gtgacaatta taacagaaag tgagggtgca gcatagagag cgtaacggta agtctatgct     68280
     tagaggcctt gagattttac atacagtagt aatacattac cactaagtag actgcaaaaa     68340
     ggggtgtata tatagatata tattatccct aaagcaacaa caaaaaataa cccagagccc     68400
     aaaatccaat agacaaaaca aataaattac tggaaaaaaa aatgcaggta attcaaaaga     68460
     aggcagaaaa gagaacagag ggaaaaaatg agaaagacat aaaaaacaat aaaacagcag     68520
     acctaaattc aactacagcc ataattgcat taaatctgaa tggtctaaat atagcaatta     68580
     aaaacagata ttactacact ggattggggg gaaaaatgac ccaattagat gctgtctcta     68640
     agaaatgcat cttaaattta actgtatagg gaccagcaaa actggcccac aggacaggtc     68700
     caaaacatga cctgttttaa agactgtttt ttaacaagtg ttaagggttg tgaacagtag     68760
     gaagaggaaa agcagatagt ggtccggtgt ggtcatgatg cctcagatat ttacttactg     68820
     gctctttaca gaaaaagttt gctggatgct agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtct     68880
     tttgagagct gcattcacca catatggagg ttcccaggct agggctccaa tcggagctgc     68940
     agctgccggc ctacgccaca gccacagcaa tgtcaggtcc cagccgcgtc tgtgacctgc     69000
     accacagctc acagcaacac cagattctca tcccactgag tgaggcaggg cttcgatatt     69060
     agtgtgtgtc cttatggata tgaattgggt cgttaccact gagccacaac gggaactccg     69120
     tattgatgga ttaaagaata aaaggatgaa gaaagaatcc acaaaggtag cacgaattga     69180
     aataaagcag aagtggctag atgaacatca gacaaagacc tcagtcccaa gtaaccagca     69240
     ggcataaaag ggccatcaca tgatggtaga agaacttacc aggaaggtat aacagtccca     69300
     aagacgggtg accccaatgc caggatgcca agccacacga gacagaactg atggaatgga     69360
     aagaagagac aaatccacaa ttatatttgg agaccgcatc cctacttgct cagtaatcca     69420
     cagagtaagt caacaaaatc aggaaggatc tggaggatct gagcgacact gtcgcttgac     69480
     cttgtgacaa ctacaggcct ctccagccaa tggttacaga gagtacttta ctctttccaa     69540
     gtacaggtgg aatactcatc aaaataaatt acattccggg aatataattc ctgcaataac     69600
     cttaaaggaa cgaaagctgt acagtgtaca ttgtgtgaag tctgacccta atggacttca     69660
     actagaaatc aataaaagat atctggaaaa tccatagata tttagaaatt aacccacctc     69720
     taaataacct ctggctcgga gttcccgtcg tggcgcagtg gttaacgaat ctgactagga     69780
     accatgaggt tgcaggttcc atccctggcc ttgctcagtg ggtcaaggat ccggcgttgc     69840
     catgggctgt ggtgtaggtt gcagatgtgg cttggatccc gcgttgctgt ggctctggtg     69900
     taggccggtg gctacagctc cgattccacc cctagcctgg aaacctccat atgccacggg     69960
     agcggcccaa gaaacggcag aaagacaaat aaataaataa ataacctctg gctcaaagaa     70020
     gtatccaata aataatctag aattccactt tagaaacaaa caaaaagagc aaagtaaact     70080
     caaggaaagc agaaggaatg aaataataaa gaacagaaat tagtataatt gaaaatagag     70140
     atgagaaacc gaaagttaat tactgaaaaa aaaatcaata tattcgagaa ctctatgcaa     70200
     actgaccaaa gtaaaaagag aaaagacacg aattttaaat acccaaaagg aaagcaaggc     70260
     tattatgaca gacgctgcag atattaaaag gatgataaag tgatctccat gccataaatg     70320
     caacaattta gatgaaatgg acaaaccagt tgaaagacgc agaacaacaa aagccgttta     70380
     agaaggaagg gatagcctga atgtgcctac gtctactgaa gaaattggat tcatttaaaa     70440
     tctcccaaca aagaaaattc agccgagatt atttcaaaga cagactctac cacgtgttca     70500
     atgaggtaat gatcccaaga acacccaaga aggcgggaga acacttgtga actcatgagg     70560
     cccgcgttac gctgacagca aagccagagg catccaaaga aaagggaaac ttaaagatca     70620
     atacccctca tgcacttata cacaaaatca acaaaatatt attaaatgca atcccgcaat     70680
     agataaaaac gtaagatatt attaccaaat ggggtttatc ctgagaacgc aaaactggtc     70740
     aaacatgaga aaataattca attcaccgta tggacagcct aaaaaagaaa aatcatatgg     70800
     tcacttaaag agatgagaaa aaaaaagcat ttaacaaagt tcagcatcca tttacaataa     70860
     aaattctcag caaacaatga acagatgggt gctacttcaa cctggtaaag ggcgtctatt     70920
     aaaaaaaaaa aaatgacact taacggagac tgagtcccct agtatcatga aggacactga     70980
     cttactcttg ctgacatcct tagtagatgc caacaaggat atctactcac cacttctact     71040
     cagtgtcata ctagaattct taaccagtgc aataaagcaa gaaagagaaa ttgaaaatac     71100
     tggcaaggag aagataaagc tatctttatt cacagatgac atgcagaaaa aatttaaatc     71160
     cactggcacc tacaaaaaag tccctagaat tggattgtga tgatcattct acaactacag     71220
     atgtgataaa ttcattaaat aaaaaaaaaa gaaaacaaaa aaaccaaaaa agtccctaga     71280
     atataaaatt aggaaggcga caaaatataa ggccaatata caaaatcagc aatatttcta     71340
     tatgtaagca atgagcattg gaaatgtaaa ttttaaaact caatgccata cgcatgttca     71400
     cagcaggatt attcacaaga gccaaaggtg gcagcaactc aagtgtcccc cgacagataa     71460
     ataacatcac ggtcagtggt gaaagagctc aaggtcaccc tccgagacag gaaggaggcc     71520
     aagaggcccg gtttcactgc ttcgaagcaa cacggtaccg tacgttccag ccagagcact     71580
     cagtggagac agagagataa aaggcctcca cattggaaag ggagaaacta tctgtgttcg     71640
     cagatgatag aatcttgtat gtggaaaatg ctaaaaattc cacaaaacaa ttgtaagaac     71700
     ggataaatga actcagcaaa gcagcagggc acagcgtcaa cgtacaaaaa tcagtggcat     71760
     ttctacacac caaccatgaa ccatctaaaa aggaaattaa gaaaacaatt tatcgtagca     71820
     ccaaaaagaa taaaacactg aggaaataag ttaaccaagg aggactgcac aatgaaaaat     71880
     gctgatgaaa ggaattaaag gcgtaagtgg aaacacaacc cacagtcaca ggttggaaga     71940
     ctgaatatcg tcaaggtgtc aatactgcct taagcaatcc atagattcga cagaatcact     72000
     gccaaacccc caacaacatt tttggcagag atagaaaaac ccattctaat attcagatgg     72060
     aatctcatgg gatcccccat agccagaaca atcttggaag aggagaaaaa tctagaagac     72120
     tcgtacttcc taacctcaac actttttaca aaactatggt aaatcaaaac aacatggtac     72180
     tggcataaag acagacatag agaccaatgg aatagaacag agagcctaga aataaactct     72240
     cgcccatatg gtccaataag ttttgacaag agtgccaaga ccattcaatg gggaaaagac     72300
     agcctttcaa caaaagatgc caggcaaaca gggtatccat gtgccaaagc atgaagctgg     72360
     acccttatct cacagactca ctcaacaggt atcaaagacc taaagtcaga tctaaaatta     72420
     tcaaattctt agaggaaaac actgggcgaa agcttcacga tattagactt ggctatgaca     72480
     acagacacat gcgacaaaag aaaaaataga ttaaatagat ttcatgacaa tttaaaaaat     72540
     ttgtacatcc gaagacacta tctacagaat cagaaagcga ctcatagaat tggagagaat     72600
     atttgcaaat tgataaggaa ttaatatcca gaatacagag agaattccta aaacttaacg     72660
     acaacaaaac cctaaataac tcattttaaa aacggccaaa ggacttgaac agacacttct     72720
     cccaagaaga tacacgcatg gccaataagc gtgtgaaagg gtgcttagca tcaataatta     72780
     ctcgggaaat gtgatccaaa ctgcaacgaa ataccaccca aggcccgtta gggtggctag     72840
     gaccagaacc cagaaagtac cccggtgggt gtgaaggtgg gatgtctgag cccttcctac     72900
     tgctggtgag gggcaggggg gccagcctct gtggaaagca gtgtaccgct gcttgaaaca     72960
     actgaacccg cgattccttc tctagaggtc ctcgcccaaa gaacagaaga cagtgtctcg     73020
     gcggtatgtg tgtgaccgtg ttcacggcag tgttctccac aaaccgtgga agcaacccaa     73080
     gggtccatcc gtggatgaac agctaagcaa ggcgaggtct ctacaggcag cggagctact     73140
     cggctttgaa aaggaaggaa ggaaattctg acacgtggga caacagtgca agactcttga     73200
     ggacgctgtg ctaaatcaaa tgagccggtc acaaaaatac ggtccgattc ctgtgtatgt     73260
     gcagctttta gagcagtcaa agccctagaa ggcgggatga cggctgctag gcactgtggg     73320
     aaggagaaga aggggagtga cggtctgagg gcgacagagt ttccgtttta caggcgggaa     73380
     agaattctgg agatggatgg tgttggtggt agcacattat gaatggattt aatacccctg     73440
     aaagcagtta aaatgattaa atggtaaatt ttatgtctgt gtgttttacc acaatgttaa     73500
     aaattagggg aaaataatgc gtattctaat cccgggaaca aacattaaaa acaaactgta     73560
     aagatgcata tttgaaaaga taacacagaa taaaaatgaa atattaaaaa tgcaaaatac     73620
     tttccattaa cccaagagaa ggcaaaacac agagaagcaa aaagggagag acattaaaaa     73680
     caaagagcag tggagttccc gttgtggctc agtgattaac gaacccaact agcatctgtg     73740
     aggatgtggg ttcgatccct ggccgtgctc agtgggtgaa ggatccagtg tcgccatgag     73800
     ctgtggtgta ggccacagac atggcttggc tctggcgggg ctgtggctgt ggtgtaggct     73860
     ggcagctgta gctccaattc aacccttggt ctgagaacat ccatatgcca caggtgcagc     73920
     cctaaaaaga caaaaggcaa aaaattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaagaga aagaaagaaa     73980
     ctgaaaacaa aaacatatag cagaatggca ggcttaaact ctacctcatc aatcactatg     74040
     ttaagataaa aagggactac acgctccaat taaaaggtaa tattgtccag tttgatttaa     74100
     aaatccaaga atcaacggca tataatctac atgaaataat tacagcttaa agacaggtta     74160
     aaagtgaaag gctgtagtgg gatggactgg gagtgtgggg ttaggagatg taaactatta     74220
     cacttagaat ggaagggcaa cgaggtccta ctttatagca cagggaactg tgtccagtct     74280
     cttgggatag aacaggatgc aagataatct cagaaaggaa atgtgtatat acgcgtgtgt     74340
     gtgtacattg tgtgtgtatg acggggtcac tttgctgtac agcagaaatg ggcccgtcat     74400
     tgtaaatcaa ctcaaataaa gtcagaaaat gtacctatca aaacaacgta agaggctgta     74460
     aacaacacgc tatgcggatg gtaaacacga gctggagtgg ctgctaggct aggagcacgc     74520
     aaaggcgacg gcaagaaaaa tgtgacccga gatgaaaagg agcatttcat aaggacaagc     74580
     cgttgcataa cgataatgaa aacatttctc aacccgtcag gaaaacacga caaccatgaa     74640
     ggtatatgcg ggccgctgcc aaagtttcag aacgcacgac gcagacacgc ggtagcatca     74700
     aaggggtagg aaatttcaca cccatggatg gatgttaatg ctttccctct tgcacttggt     74760
     ggtaaaactg gaccccgaat taataaacac ataaaagctc ccaataacgt tatcaagagc     74820
     atttcttatc gacatttaca ggccaccatc cccgcaactt cagaagatgc attccttcac     74880
     gtacacctgc actatggagc aagacggacc gtgtgctcgg ccggaacatg tctcaataaa     74940
     tttcagagga ctgaaaatgt gcagagggtg gtttttttct tccttggaat gcggtggaat     75000
     cacattagaa atcaaaaaag acatatagga aagctcctgg atatgtgtaa gtgaagcagc     75060
     acgtgtttaa ttaacacatg gctcaaagac gaaatcacaa agaaaaattc taaatacttc     75120
     aactcaaacg acaatgaaaa ttcaacaaat caaagtttgt cagatgcagc tggagcagtg     75180
     cttagaggga tatttataga ttgtcatttg ttttagagaa gagagaaatg ttttgtgttg     75240
     tttttttttt aaatcaatga tatcatttac catttaaaaa gctagaaact cattttaaga     75300
     agtcagcatt gctctgagac ccaaaccaga caaatacatt acgggaaaga aagctatagc     75360
     acgacagcct tcacgaacag agacacaaaa ttccttcacg gaatcctttc cagctgaatc     75420
     cgtgtttatg ttcattgtat acgtatttat atacatattt tatgtataaa atatacacat     75480
     gcacacacat atattaacac tattatatct gtatatatta tatatacaca tatatacatt     75540
     attttataca catttcacag aaaagaaaat cacggacttg cagaatagac ttgtggttgc     75600
     caagggggag gcagtggggt ggttggggag cttggggttc atagatacaa actattggag     75660
     ctcccgtcgt ggctcagtgg ttaatgaatc tgactaggaa ccatgaggtt gcaggttcga     75720
     cccctggcct cgctcagtgg gtgaaggatc cggtgttgcc gtgagctgtg gtgtcggttg     75780
     cagatgcggc tcagatctgg cattgctgtg gctgtggcgt aggccagcgg ctacagctcc     75840
     gattcaaccc ctagcctggg aacctcgctg tggttgctgt gggtgcggcc atggaaaaga     75900
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagatat gaactattgc ctttatggat tagcaatgag     75960
     atcctgctgt gtagcactgg gaactatgtc tagtcactta tgatggagca tgatgatacg     76020
     tgaaaataga atgtgtacat gtgtgtgtaa ctgagtcacc atgctgtacg gtagaaataa     76080
     ccattaaaaa aattaaatta ttattaaaaa taataaaaaa aaggaaggtg aggctatctt     76140
     catagatcct acagatctca aaaaataagt gaattttatg agagattcta tgccaataaa     76200
     ctcaattaca tacacggggt ggacaaattc cttgaaaaac acagcttgtc aaaaccgatc     76260
     cagctttgac atagagtctc tgaatggtcc actacctggt aacaaaatta attttgctgt     76320
     tgaatccttt ccaccaaaaa ttccaagccc ggagtattaa taaacacaca aagaagaaac     76380
     tcacacaaac tccttcccaa aacaactatt cctcaaatca tctcaggcag tcagcgtaat     76440
     cctgatagca aaacctcaca gaggcatcat gagaaaagta cagatcaata ttcctgatgc     76500
     gacagacaca aaaaatccct aacggaatat caagctgaat ccagcataaa atgataatac     76560
     atcataatta agtagagttt ttccaaggaa gacacagatg gtataacatt gaaaatcaac     76620
     caatataatt gaccatatcg acaaaataaa tgtgtaggac cacaggatgc agaaaactat     76680
     ctgacaaagc ttcaaaagat gcagaaaacc atctgacaaa acttcagtgc ccatttggga     76740
     ccccaaacac cagcaaactt gaatgagaat tttttcagtc caatcaagga cgtataggaa     76800
     aaccctagct gacattgttt atcactgaga cattgaaggc ttttctccgg agactgggaa     76860
     cgaggtaaga atgtctactc tctccattcc tctttgccac tgtgctaaga ttcctagcta     76920
     gtgaaataag gcaagaaaaa tagaagttgt acagtttgga aagaaagaac aaggcctcct     76980
     atgcttatcg acgccatggt catttacgag aaaaatttta aataacagac aaaaataact     77040
     actaggatta ataagtgcat ttaataaggt cataggatac aaagtcaaca tataaaatcc     77100
     tagtttttat cctagtagca aataattgga aatgactttt taaaacaatt ccattgctaa     77160
     tagtatcaaa aaaaaatact tatgaatacc tttaaatgca tgcaagacct atgtataaaa     77220
     aagcagaaga taatgccaaa agaaattaga gatctaaatg aacaaataag ccatgtgtat     77280
     ggcctggaga ctaacaatta agatgcaaat tctctccaga ttgaactatg gatgtttata     77340
     gttttaacac aattccaatc caaatatcaa ggagattttt tttttttttg gctgaattga     77400
     caaattgttt ctaaaattta actggaaata caaagtacct agaatagcca aaacaatctt     77460
     caaaataaat gaccaataaa tcacttcctg atttcaagtt gtgtaaaaag ctgcagtaat     77520
     caagatggtg tgtggtactg atggaaccac agagaaataa atcaatggac cataatgaag     77580
     actcagagat tcatctgtat tcagtcaatt gattcttcac aaaggtgtca aggcaatgcc     77640
     accttcgatg agacagcaat atcttttcgg ctaatggact ggaaaaacca ggaaagtgta     77700
     caggggagaa aagggcctga acctctcctt tacatccctc ataaaaaatc atttgctcta     77760
     gatcacagtc ctagacctaa aactagaact aaagcttccg gtggaataca cataagaatg     77820
     tccagagact tccagagcag acccacaaaa gcccaaccac aaaaggacat attggcagtc     77880
     cacgagctgg acttcctcaa aattgaaaac ctttgctcat caaaaggcaa cactgagact     77940
     aggaaaagtc tcaagtcacc aagtgggaga aaatgttcga aatacatata tatctgacaa     78000
     aggaatccag aatatttaga gtccctacga ttcaataaaa caaacaaacc aaaaaaccca     78060
     gaagaagact tgagtagaca ctccacaaaa gaagatatga aagggacaat aagcacgtgg     78120
     agaggcactc gggaccctca gtcatcaggg cgacacaaac tgaaagcgca gcgagagtcc     78180
     caccacgcgt actcaccgga acggccgaat gaacgcccaa agtggaccat gcctgctgcc     78240
     agtgtggatg cggagtaact ggaacccttg cacattgctg gtgggagccg agagggcaca     78300
     tccactttgg aaactgcttc taagttcctt aaaaggctaa acgtcatgaa acgattcttc     78360
     ctaggtgttt tctcaggaga aaagggaaca tgtgccttaa aaatgggtac aacgcaaatg     78420
     tccaccagaa tggaaagccg tcgaatgtag gcacgagata tcactcagca cattgaaaag     78480
     acaacgcatg catgcgacag tatggacgca tctcaaaagc gcagctgtcc aggtgagcgc     78540
     aggtccacgg tctgggcatg tgaagttcag ggacagagag cactgcccca cggtgatgga     78600
     aagcagagcc ctgcgtgcgt ggatccggac gagaaaggcc gtgaggggcc tctctgggac     78660
     gacagaggtg ctctctgttg acaggagtag cggggacatg ggtacatgcg tacatgcatc     78720
     actcaaaagc caccgagttg cactcttatc tgggaattta agttttgcct caaggaaaca     78780
     gttaccgtaa atacacacgg ttgattcttc ttcagctagc gcatcactgc agcccgttat     78840
     aataaagttc taaacgcctt ccccccaaac ctgcaacaaa acacaaaaca gaccacagag     78900
     caaaaagata aaagagtcta ctaacatgac gacaaaatat ttggggggca agtaacatat     78960
     tgtttgccct cagaaagtcc attctaaaaa caaggttttt ttctaaccat ataatttaaa     79020
     ataaaacaaa tggtttttgt tttgttctag tgttctctat cgtgaaatga aacaaagcaa     79080
     aacacagtga ctgagaaaga aaaaagacaa gacagacaga cagggaaaga gattgttaca     79140
     attcagagcg gtggttccct tgggaggcag gtagctaagg agggaatcac gaggcgggct     79200
     tccgagtggg gggtgagctt ctgctttttc atctgcgtgc tgattacacg tgtgtgttca     79260
     gggtgtgaga attcatcaaa ctttgcactc attttatatg cagatgcgtg tatacacgca     79320
     tccacttgtc ttaatgcttc tcaattacgc atctctaaaa ctaaaaacac aaacaaatta     79380
     atcctaaaaa gttaaccatg gtgaaggatt ggcaaacaag gaataagttc aaaacagaat     79440
     tttttttttt tggacagaga gaggagagaa gaggaaggca ggatggacgc acacggtacc     79500
     tgacagccac gcggtcctca ttcaaggtta gtccttacac ttttctgctg ctgtggactc     79560
     ggaaggtcct gatgtttacc tggaagtctc gcaaagagcc ggggagctca gagggctgtg     79620
     ggttcgggtg gtgccaggtt acctctgaac ggtccaggac gcggcgatgg agctggccgt     79680
     ggcattggcg agctcctgga ccattgctgc ccggttggca gggctgatgc cccaccacag     79740
     accggcgtga catttgatct tggtgagaac ggtgacctct ggtctgtggt ccgccaggaa     79800
     ctggacggtg gactgggggc caagtgagaa aggggcactg cgtcagggcc cctctttcgt     79860
     cgagatttgg gctcatctct gtgctcctgc tgcattgaat caatgctgct cctctttccc     79920
     tcgccgggtc cactcccttc taacgactgg agcatcctgg agtgttgcca gctggtcggg     79980
     atgtgggaga aggaaaggca cgggcaggaa ctgggtgtct ggagccgcct ctgggtgcgg     80040
     gtgacacgca cgggatgcag ggcctattgc tgcatcagcc ggtcatagtc tgattccagg     80100
     aaggggacca ggttctgctg ctgggctttg aggttctgag cagggtctgg gacaaaggag     80160
     gacagcgggt aggtgggctt cacaaagccg gccatgctgc tgatgcaagc aggaggccaa     80220
     gagttaccga gctgtgctca accggcttct gttctctccg gggtgatggg cgttggacta     80280
     cgatgccaag aggccaggct tgaggaggag gctcagatct cttttctttt gaaactggca     80340
     ggagaaacag atgggaagag caacaacaga ggctcagggg ctgaaaccat acctaggagc     80400
     acaggtttct gggaagcagg ggctggcacc gcccccaccc gagcgcaggc acctcccttc     80460
     ctcctgcacc ccagacacct cagagttgcc gatggtgacc ttgacagaca catccagggg     80520
     ctggttcgtc acgccatcca ccgtcttcaa cagggacatg aaagttgggg ggagccagcc     80580
     ctgtactcga cagccttctg ccgctgctgc ccaggaggct ggggggattt ctgcagaaga     80640
     aggtcagggc caggctgatg cagacccaag ggaagacagg tgggtgagtg acgctcaaaa     80700
     gttggggaga ggagttccct ttgtggctca gcaggtaaca aacccaacta ggatccatgc     80760
     ggatgcgggt ttgatccctg gcctcgctca gtgggttaag gatcggtcac cgccgtgagc     80820
     tgtggtatag gccagcagct gtagctctga tttgacccct agcctgggaa tgtccatatg     80880
     ccgcaggtgc ggcccttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtggcc aggttgaggg ctctgccttg     80940
     tgccagacct tggagggctt ggggcccagg gcgagtgggg cgcagcactg catcctgtgc     81000
     cccacaactc cctccagaag gcccagcggt ggcctggtgg tggcagtggc agcttctggg     81060
     aggaggggtc cagcttggcc tgtctctgga ggtgcccacc acctagagcc cctttgctgg     81120
     cttttctccc ctgcctcctg ctccatttct tctccttgcc atgagtctgg tcatccggtg     81180
     gctggttcca cagccccgcc ctgaaggaag aaggcaggtg ccagaagttt ccacctagcc     81240
     ccccaacttg cccataaagc cggctagctt ggccaggccc cctctcccat gaattgctgt     81300
     cacatgagag ctcgtggagg actgagccca aggtcacagc cctcttctca ggggcccacg     81360
     ctccttcatg gtggagccat gaaagaacag agccaggagc tgtaggcggt tccccagcat     81420
     ggagccgtcc tgcttctcaa gcccaatgat gtttggcaga gagaatggct tttccctgtt     81480
     gatgccagca tagtgttttg tggtccaggg aaagactcca aactgcgaaa agtatttgac     81540
     catgacagtg gcctaaagag gggaaggagg aggaggcaag gtcattgcaa ccggcctgaa     81600
     agcacacaca cagacacaca cacagccctg aaacaagtga atgcccagag aagctcctca     81660
     gctgtgcttc aggcttcaca aatgtaaaga actgctctgg tcatcagcag aggctggaga     81720
     tgaaaagcaa ataaaccccc aggaaccacc gtgaatatgt aagtcagccc ggtaacactg     81780
     ccgaaggctg gtcaaccttt tgttaatttc tttgagctgt tactcccttt ctaattcctc     81840
     ctgacatttg ttgcctgcta aatcaatttg atgcatggca ggcaaattag gacggctctc     81900
     ccagcctgcc cctcacaggc gagtggctga gcaggcgttt taagagattg tctttttatg     81960
     ctgaaaaggc tcaaaaaatg gctgtgtttt ctttggcaag atggaaaggt cacccaaagc     82020
     tcccatcctt ttaatgccgc ttcattagcc agcatttggc atgtcctttc tttaaggctt     82080
     cttgtttcac caacttctaa aagtcaggcc cttcagccag gtaaacagtc tcgtcgtgcc     82140
     ctgaggggcc ccctgcgatc agagcgtgag gctcctgcct ggaagtgggg gtgggcagga     82200
     ggtggtcaca gcgcgtctgt ccctggaatg ctggcggccg ttcctagcag aaaaggtaga     82260
     ccccatctga agctctgcct cagacccgat gcggtgcctt cttggtctcc ttgcctgtaa     82320
     aacgaaaggg ctggtctagg aggtcttttg ggtgcgtccc aggcagaccc tccgtaattc     82380
     tttgggcaga gaatcctgtt tatgttggtc catgtggcct gggaagcgca atcagccccc     82440
     tgggagaaag tgcccacgtg gccgccgcag tcgattccag gctggtgagg ccctcgcccc     82500
     agtaattggt cttggggcca agttcagaca cgggtgtctg tgattctccg tgcacacagt     82560
     gccctggatg ggaaggccgt ggcaagtggg gccctgtgga taccggctgg aacctcaggg     82620
     ccctggggcc ggaacgggtg ggccgtgcgg tgggagccac cttggccatg gaggtgactc     82680
     cggggcagtc atggggcttc atggggaaga gtcgccaggg gatcaggcaa aggccacatg     82740
     ccttcaaaga gtgtggtcct ctcctgccag gaagcaaagg cccacaaagg tggaggcagg     82800
     aggtgtgccc agccagtgac ctcgggcata tcactctaga cgcagtgccc cgtctacagt     82860
     ctgagactag gcccggctgg ccttctgaat atccgtctgg agccccgggt gggaccaggg     82920
     tgattgtcca gcctcagccc ttcaagtgca ggacagtagt aactcaaagt ctgaatcgta     82980
     ggaagacgtt tagggaaatt aaagtttatt ggactcagtt acaaggacca gatcaaaaca     83040
     gatctgttcc atttgtaatt aggaggatct acgtctccac aaaacaacgt agcacagact     83100
     tttaaaagca gactccttcc aggggatcgg agtatttata atggtgttgg tttttgtttt     83160
     cgttttttta aaccgcatct ttcatcctag ctcaggaatg ctaggatggc agagcttaaa     83220
     atgcctgacc cggcagagct gagactggct gctgcttccc ctggggcggg gggcggggtt     83280
     cagggacccc gaaggaggga acccctcccg gcccctccgg gaccctggtg ggcaggggag     83340
     cattagttca tcctggcagg ctgataaaaa cgacgtggtc ggagaaacca cctaatgact     83400
     gatacttaac tttcgcacta attaattgca cagacaggca gtcttcaagt tcacacattg     83460
     tcgcatctga gtagcacagg cagcagagac cgaggctggt ggcagatgat gtcccagagg     83520
     ccaaaaaatt gaaaaaatcc agacgtgcat tgccagagcc tgctgggaca cggccacacg     83580
     tgtctgctga gcgcctactg tgtgccggct gccgtgggag caccacgctc cccttcgtct     83640
     gactcagaaa gctgctgtgc tctcgggaga gcgagcgcgc cagaggggga aaggccaggg     83700
     gttccgttct ctgcacccag cccctcccca ggccgcggcc gccacttgat gccagcaccc     83760
     tcccagctgg gttgcatcaa aggtgcgtga ggtggttggg ctgaggcagg tggggcgccc     83820
     agtctgtggg caggagctgg acctgggaga gagcctccct tggcacctac ctccgtgtag     83880
     tagacggctg ccatcccgaa tcgtctggaa ggcctgggag cagagagcat ggcccacagg     83940
     aaagacggga tgggagcatc gcggagagga cggaggtggg gacgagtgca cgcggtgggg     84000
     acgctcacca ggcggcacag cgcctcggac tcagcttcag cgggcggggc aggctccaga     84060
     aaaacctgtg tgactgctcc cgctcctggt ccaggggcag cctggacggg ggaggaaacc     84120
     tttgctttca gtccaagaaa gacaggctcc tggccctgga tggggcgggg gaggccctgc     84180
     cttgagaaaa cccaagatgc agataaaaat aacttcgttt tcccaaactc tgcacaggga     84240
     gcaactttcc actttccggg agcagtcagc ctcggagttc cccacttaac acactcccca     84300
     gatgcactta aaaaaatatg tgatgtgcaa aagagctcaa cggcacacaa cttctctacg     84360
     gagtgttttc aaacaagtca tccagttcag agaagcactt gctttgcctc ctagagtctg     84420
     cagcaaaaca tctgctaacc catgttcacc cacttcgggc tgcaacgtgg aaacgggctg     84480
     gtccctggtc tgggttacag ataactcttg cctgtgaagt ggcagatctc tagctggcag     84540
     catccgaaaa ggagttttct gcgggagctg ccggtctgag gctctgaatg ggtggaacag     84600
     aacaggaagt ctggcggctg gcgggggcct cttggagctg ccagcccact ggctccgagg     84660
     ggcctcctgg cccaggtggg ctcctcctct tcttccttca cccttcctcc ctcccagctg     84720
     gcccccagca acccctcatt accatctctg caagctccct aggccccaaa ggcatccttt     84780
     tcagaacctt tgttgaccaa tcgattgcat ttgcattaaa gggcacattc taaaatttta     84840
     aaaaaggctc aggaatttgg attcgagcct cctctcccct ggaatttgct atctctcagc     84900
     acaatctgag cccgtccccg cgtcaccatg aggcttgcac tgtttgttta acaaccgctg     84960
     acaggctgct ctcttccaga ccttgagctg ggccgcagag gcacagaggt ggcctggcag     85020
     gccccgtcct cacagggctc ccatcgtggg gctggggggg gggggagtcc caggggtagg     85080
     catgggtctg gggccccggg gctgggccca gaagaggata ggaggcttcc cagaggggag     85140
     gctggggagt ggcaacccct cctggcagag gcttctggag gatggacctt ctgggcacac     85200
     actcctgatc ctgtgcaatt cgaagacctg gagcccaggg gacagagagc ccagcaggtc     85260
     tccaggggcc cggccttcca ctccctcctc cccttccctg tgcaggtggt tcagcctcca     85320
     aggcgacttt ttaagagacc cgttgacaca gtcacttaac gggcgcagaa taaaggcgcc     85380
     ccgccgacac ctaccggggc cacctccaac ttccctaaaa gccagatttc gcattcgagg     85440
     aaaatcattt ctctgcctgc cgtggggcca ctgagattcg gattcagggc gtaattccga     85500
     ggcatcagcg caaaacgatc ccttttactg ctgtaaatgg ccttggccac agagcagtct     85560
     cgatgctcag agagtctggg gtttctcccg caggtgtctc cttggggctg ggggcagcct     85620
     gctcccccgt cacggggtcc cctgcctccc cccgggggag ggggcttcct gcctgacgct     85680
     gcaggtgttt ccgggttgat ctgcggccat cgcatccgcc tgttgggtgt cttcctggag     85740
     cggctgttga gacccaggga accctctgct gcccgggtgg ttcactctca tcccggctgg     85800
     ggctgctcgc agggactctc acgcggagaa tggcgggatc tcagaaagtc ctctctggtg     85860
     gcctttttcc cctaccgaga aattccagaa ctctgtgaca ctaagaagaa agagagagga     85920
     gcagacacgg atgatgacgg caaggaaggg gagagccggt gggtccgctt cccgagatgg     85980
     aaaacaggtg gaacacagct cttcgcactc tgtgtctcag gactcaagcc aggatcccca     86040
     ggggagggcc cgctggtgtc ccaaagaccc ccccaggagt tctggacaca ggcggcagag     86100
     catagagact ccctgcaggg agggtgtgtg gccggtgggg gtgggcagcg aagcctccgg     86160
     ccgtcctcac caggagctaa ctcagggcat aaattatgcg tcggccaacg gagtgacttt     86220
     cagagatgtc acaaggggat actgaaaaga aactggtaca gggagaggtg ccgggcttgc     86280
     ctgagtgcca gctcgccccc agccgtggcg ttgcacccgc agggcctcgg actcgggaac     86340
     agtgtccccg ccgagtgcat gcagggccgc ggcgacatca tccagcagcc cctgccccaa     86400
     gacgcagggc agccgggccg tagcgacgag cctctgggcc gtgccctctg cagggagaga     86460
     caagaactga ccagacaatg ggacacctag ggccatcact gtgtcaactt gtctcctaga     86520
     gacaaacacc agacttcacc cagtccacca actggtctca aggggctgct ggggaagaag     86580
     ttccctagag ataacgggtg ggcccggggc cgaggcgggg agacccttgt ctccgagtgc     86640
     ccgcaacccg cctcccctcc tccggccctt gcacctcctg gatcaccaaa gacaaacaag     86700
     acagacggcg ctggatcttg ctctgctttc gattgacgtg ttctacgaat gttttataaa     86760
     catccccacg gggtctgtgc gtctaaggcg ggtgtgatga gcaactgtgg aagttacgct     86820
     ccaccttcaa gatacgtgac gtgggccctt cccggagtgg ctggcacacg gcgggcagtg     86880
     atgtcacgtc gcctgatctt cagtgcagac gttgggaaaa gccgctccac ccaaagagga     86940
     aagcccttca aattcgcatt ggctccccac tgcttcttgt tgggcttcct aagtgaagcc     87000
     tcacttggga aagactggag cccagacaga gcacgtggtt ctctctctgg gtctggccgg     87060
     tgcaccccaa ggctccagcc attacggaaa acggccttgg aaaaatgcat actcccccca     87120
     acatctcgga ataacaagcg ggcccttccg caaacatccc attgcctaag cggtgtggac     87180
     acccccacca ccagcgtgta taaacgatcc cctctgcttc ctacccgcat ccatgacctc     87240
     ctctctcctg cacgacccac ttgccgtcaa tggacccagt caccagccag cactgtctga     87300
     ggccagcgtt tcctcgccga ccacctgctg gtccaggtca gcacacaaac cctgcttcgc     87360
     cgttgacagt acctcctcgg cagcaccgcc gggccccctc tccctcccga acggtgttcc     87420
     ccctcctgcc ttcatcctgc cgccttgtgc tgagcgcaga cacggagctg ctggtgcagg     87480
     cgtcacgcgc cctggccctc tcctccgcga ggttcaggca tcgccaggcc cagctcctcc     87540
     tcttcttcct taaaggtcac aagatctaat gagaaccacg gctaactgta tattcttgtt     87600
     gtcggtaacc cttaaatgac aaccatcaga ctgaatgagg ctaatccagg cagatggaga     87660
     atcaacgtca tgtttgttgc aagcagtttc ctctcagaag cgaaaaggtt ctcgggagtg     87720
     gtttgtgagt ttgagaggtg ttcgaagttg cctctggaca tcggaacacc agcgtcaacc     87780
     ccaagcggaa ttttgctggg tgatcgctca gctcgtccct ggaaaagtca gtgccatttg     87840
     gtacaaaggc tggaacaggt gacagctttt ctcgtgtctc ctttaagctg ttctggcttt     87900
     gccggcaaag caaaaccatt gaaagctgga tctcttaaga caggagcaaa gagaaaggaa     87960
     tacaggggat tcgttcccct tccttccata gttttctgag tcaccacttt tgaccaaaat     88020
     gtacacgtaa gaaaaaaagc tggaaattat cagaatgcaa cagagacaca cagacagagg     88080
     cttggtaaag aagatgaagc ttcttcaaat agcttatcct cacacctgaa atacctctgc     88140
     tgtcccccct ggcctcgctg tgcccaggac catggcaaga atgtatacca ggcagactag     88200
     ttgtggtaca aaaagagcca tccactgtgg ccttctccag agtccacccc tttcccccag     88260
     gagccagcgg ggagctcccc cagcggcaaa gatggtccca ctgtgatgcc cccaggctgg     88320
     cgggcctccg gcccccatca cttggttata attagaaatc ccccaggggc atccaaataa     88380
     aataaactca ggccaaaatt aagttctaga cctcaaagcc tgacccactg ggtgtccacc     88440
     atgctccacc acctctaagg caagagcgtc ccctgtgagg gccactcggc ccacagcagg     88500
     cggccactgc gtcccagtca aagaaaagct acctgcagag ctgttctggc cctggggtga     88560
     tcgctggtat ttcggcctca tgtccttctc ccggctcttt ctcctcgctg tcactgtcgc     88620
     tctccaaggg gcagtagctg ccaccctgga gcgcttggaa acgcatccgc aaagagagcc     88680
     tggaacgcgg tcctcgcccc ctcatcacaa gcccaccccc acccccaccc ccacccccga     88740
     cgcgctgggc gactcgatgg gcacattgtt ttatgggcgg ggtttcctgc cttccagcac     88800
     attctacagc agacaggaac gctgtcaaaa caggtccacc ttgttcccta actggactga     88860
     aattatgcat tagtagtgac agttcccatt agacgcctgt ggatttccgt ctccccttcc     88920
     tatcaatcag tctccctcat tagccgcaga gtttcccagc cccagccccg cgcgctgccc     88980
     ggggccgatg caggggccct gctccgccgc tgtcccaaag ggcgcaagct cggctccttg     89040
     cgtctagcag ccctgatgcg gcagcaggtg ccagccatcc gcccgcctcc gggccacacg     89100
     cgtggtgccc caaacgacag gcatttccta gagaatggcc ctctttgcgg gaaccctgga     89160
     gctgaggagg gcccctgggc ccccaccccc ttcccaggtc ttccgaaggg cttcgctccc     89220
     gcccttaatg gtcccagctt actgggaggc tgctttgtcc aaggctgcca ccattcttct     89280
     ccctcttcct tttctgtcct acccagatca cctaaacaca gaggacatgc gcatcggcac     89340
     tccccccggg acccccttgt ggtcactccc gaaagggacc gggctgagat gtctagagga     89400
     aattggagtc agctcactga atatttactc accccccacc agcaccgccg ccttacaaaa     89460
     ttattcattt gcacaagtca tttagtgcaa ataacatacg aaaaggaact atatgaacac     89520
     ctgaagatga tacgtgtttt caagcctgcc cggcatgtaa gctgacaggc ccccaccctt     89580
     ctctctgcct ccatgagctt cccagggcaa gacgggggga gaccagtgct aacagtttca     89640
     ggagcttgaa ggttggaaaa tggaacatct ttccttccaa gccccgagct tcggtcttgt     89700
     ctaattcaga cagcgagtcc cccaattagg aggttaaacc ggagatcgga ctctgcctat     89760
     aaattgccag atgaaaccgc atcagtctag tggcgggtac ctgagggatg acattatttt     89820
     cttccacttg ttcagccgaa agaaagagga aatccaggcc aatttaaaag taacaacttt     89880
     ctgaaagaca ttttatttat ttcgtgacca gtcaaaaatg aaatgcgttt tgtttttagc     89940
     cacctggccc tttgggggaa gtcgtgtttt ctgaacaaaa tctcaaatct gaaaggagga     90000
     aaatgctgtt tgaggagccc acatgtttcc agagagccgg ggccctgccg gaaatttccg     90060
     tgccaggtgt gttttgattt tgcagatggg aaggggtcct ggctgggacc tgagccgggg     90120
     ttcagaattt cacctcaaag cgcaattcca aagctgaatt tgtcggatac ccattttctc     90180
     gttggctgct gggggagggg gagggtgctg gtggcagagg gatccgttca atgcccccgt     90240
     cccaaggccc aaggctcacc tggagcacag ggctgggtgg ccgcttctgc tccaggcagg     90300
     gggctggcac caactgccgg gcgggtggga ctcccgcggg ctcctcgctg cgtggcagcg     90360
     attttcttct gcttcacttg ggttgtctcc ctcctggcga tggagacgga gaaggccatt     90420
     cctcccccac ccatcaaaac gcccccttcg ccactttgtg cgtttccggg cctgcctccc     90480
     cccgcccccc ggacctgagg cagaagagct gcctgggtgc cccccaccac attcccctta     90540
     gttaagaggg ccacacccac cttcagcccc acccggcggc gtctggggca cccgtgtagg     90600
     tagggtcaag ttctagaggc cacacggggt ccgtggggga ggagaagcag ggctggcgcg     90660
     ctctcctcca gaaggcaggg cagcaccaca gtgggctttg ctgaactctg gtgacagtcg     90720
     ggcagctgag ggtctggggt tgggggtctg gggggcctca gagtgtttgg gagtttggac     90780
     ttgcgcaaac gcagcaagac ggagcgcatg cacccgttgt gatcccccca gtgttatttc     90840
     attttcaaag tcgatcaaag tgagttccct cttagaactt ggcctcattc tagggatgat     90900
     atccttgaag ttatccactc ggtggtccac ctacccccac agtgatagcg tggaggccgc     90960
     ccactcgacg gtctagctgc cccgccccaa gcatgcagat aaataaagta acctttaagt     91020
     ggaaaatact taacttgaga ccacctagaa ctgtcctggg taccattcag gatgcccacg     91080
     tagtgcactg ccagacggag catggtcctg gcgtggcaaa gtggtgggcg gcccctcttg     91140
     gcgggggaca gcttgcacca aggcccagac caaagaaagc caatggcctt ttgggggaac     91200
     aatgagttta gccaaagcag gaagtctgag ccatcaagag ctcaacgcat ccctgcctcg     91260
     tctgagaatc acatgaggtg acggatcatt tcaggggaaa atcatgttcc catcgcgttc     91320
     aagagccctg cctttgtctt ccaagtgcgg agaatcagcc tgcaatctgc cacctccatc     91380
     cactgactga cccacactga ggctcattag agcaccatac cctgaacaat ggcacagagc     91440
     tagttgaagg ctcttattct tggtgagatt caaaaataag agaaagaaag aaaaggagga     91500
     agtcttcatc aaagagagaa atgagcggca cgatggcaga tcctttggaa gggccatgct     91560
     tgccagtgaa gaataaaagc cgacgtaact gctttgtgac gacccgtcgg gactttttct     91620
     cttcctcctc atggcaccaa ggcctccctc gaggaccgcg ccaacagctc agcaccccta     91680
     ggtggtcaaa aaaactgcgc ttaagaaatc ccccccgaag agaacacctg gggagcggat     91740
     ggaggggtct gtgggtaaca cgtcgtgtag agttttgcac caagattcaa gatgaattgt     91800
     cccaatcgta tgcaattcac atagcaagac aggccaaacc agtggctcca aaggaattct     91860
     tttctctttc tccccaaaga gcctaagcct ccggaacatg aaaactgagt tgaagctcaa     91920
     cagctcgatg acagaacacc caaccaacca cggaaacttt gtatggggct ggatacttgc     91980
     aacgtgcctg gagactggcc atgcccgggt gggtggggtc ttgggtgaga agctgtgatg     92040
     gtggggggac actgggctcc gtggcgcatc tgaattctgg aatgccagct ggactctgag     92100
     ctgaatttgg tccctcacag ccctggggta ttgccaccga cgtgacgtct ggccaagaga     92160
     aaagctggtc ccttgggcct gcccttcctc tgtgtataca ggtccctact tctgaagatc     92220
     tcactgcccg acacagtccg cggccccaag aaaatgacca ggaccggatc caagacttgg     92280
     gaggaagcag cctcggttgg aggggctgca tggtcctggc cagctggaca gccccgggca     92340
     ggtggcccac tctgagcttc tgctcatcct ctgccgaggg gaagggtgaa atgagagggt     92400
     ctgaggtttc catgatcttt ttcaacagtc atgatccctc gactaaggtt ccttcgtgtc     92460
     taatgcagcc cctgaagcct gccatcttta tcccgagctt cctggtacct ggatgctgaa     92520
     gctttaacgg cctccagatc agctaccacg taaaggtggt gagagcccag gaagagccag     92580
     tgctgggtga gcagagaggt gaggcacgca gcgtcccata gcaccccact tccttttctg     92640
     ggggttcaca gggtccgtcc ttgtggatgg ctgcacagga cacaggggaa accaggagtc     92700
     ctgtggccag tgcctggggt gtggcccccg ctcgggatgg gaagagcggg tctcgtttgg     92760
     gcaaaccctg ctctgcttcc tgctgtgccc cttcctgccg gagcactgat tttcagggtg     92820
     acctgggagg tgaggaccct ccctgcagcc tcagcccccc gcttcccgct cccctgcagt     92880
     gactcagaaa gccgcccgga ggaagtggca gaaacagccg acgggggacc acagggcttg     92940
     agaccctcgc acgccggcct cactgagaaa cctatgagcc caggggcccg ggccttgctt     93000
     gtgaaatacg agcgctgtgg cctcaggtat ttttctggac ggagagagga ggagaagcca     93060
     aacccaggat gtcactcgga ggcaagagtt aaaatgaaca cgtttctgcc ttcccttcct     93120
     tcttaaaagg aagccgctga cagctccagt cgggcagaac ccagggctcc tccctcttta     93180
     aacaggcctg gagcccggag tcagccgtgt ggctggagtt tcccaaagtc cgcggaagtg     93240
     ctgttggcac cggctgggaa tcgccccaaa gccaggggcc gagaacgggg agggtgctgc     93300
     tgccctggac ttgacattgg gcctcaggtc aatgtctctg cttttcatct ggtccctgca     93360
     ttttctcgga gagaagggcg gtctcctaat ttcctccggg cctttcctca gtgttccttg     93420
     cagtgacctg gcaaaagcat cccgggcagc tcaagacctt ggactggatg ctgaggctaa     93480
     ataatagcca tcacagtagt aacgataata cgagagctgt catgcgccat ttaagagcag     93540
     ctggggacag cggaactcga cggggcctcc gaggatgggg gaactgggct gggtcctctc     93600
     agggtgagct gcgaagcgcg tggcttggcg gaatgtcttg gcgtctgccc ccctgcttcc     93660
     gctgggctca cacaaacaca cacacgcgcc cgagtacaga gagcttgacg gccgagcgaa     93720
     ctgttacctg agtgggggtg gggtgaccat tgtgcccatc ttacagcccc cccgtgcgtt     93780
     ccgtcttatt ttcctaacaa aaccagccga gcaggatgtg ccctggctgc actgagctga     93840
     ggacatgcca ggggacttac taattggtac cctggtaccg tgcagaacac gccaagactg     93900
     tgggccagcc agcagtggga gacaagcggg ggctccaggt acacgcacgt gccgacctgc     93960
     aagacaggag gaggtggaaa gcccggccag gatttgtgtg caccgtccca gggtggcctc     94020
     gccatttagt ggcatcatct ttggcctcca cagtcgtaac cttgggggtg ctgcctgccc     94080
     cccagaagag cagcattggc tgaacctaag agactgagcg gcgatgagtg atggggtgac     94140
     cctggacagg tcactgcctt tccctttcct ccttctgagg gttcccgttg caaagtcacc     94200
     acggcgtctc ccaacactcc ttctcgccct tgtgatctgt gatttttaga ggggagaccc     94260
     cttggccgtt acaaggatgg agtcctgaga tgtattacac tgacggacac agagccccac     94320
     ccactcagag gcagaaagat aaactggtga tgcggatgtc accattacag caaaagctag     94380
     tttattcgac aggcaattgc tcagaagttt tcaggttgac aaggaccaat attctgagtc     94440
     atgacctgag gctgagaccc cgacccccag aaccaaaaat gctccatgat gctgagtgca     94500
     gttctaacgc agagctgagc tggcagctgt gcccgggacc tggccaggcg gacaaagaag     94560
     ccgcgctggg gtctggagac aggggtccaa aagtctccta gactggcgag tggtaccaga     94620
     ctggcctctt ccggtgcttc tctgtctgcc tctctcaggc ggaaatctga agtcctgcca     94680
     acccaaggag gggcaggaca tgcacccagt catcgctgga ggccccctcc agtttcagac     94740
     ccatgacttt tctcgccctc aaactgctgc ttgcttctgc ttggttccgt ggtgctcccg     94800
     tgcacctgga cctgcaagag cacacggcca ccacgtcccg gcacaatgac cgccagcatc     94860
     atcttgcgtt cagccagcta gatcatacgc tggggcccca agcgcaaagc tctctgttgc     94920
     gtggcctccc ctctcccttc cgcttgcctt cggttcagag atcttcaaca tcaaaagcga     94980
     caccatcgaa agtgacccat gcggcacctt gacgtctctc caccttgagt aaacacgtct     95040
     tcgaaaaagg ccttggaaga cgactgttgg ttttggcagt gccttttcga gggtattaag     95100
     acgggccagg aaaacagaga gcagcctgga aaggaggact ctccatgccg acaggaaagg     95160
     tttcactgca accaccagcg ccgagtaggc gaccaggcgg tcccgcggcc gaaggatgat     95220
     cttggtgggc ggcaggcgga gggggcttcc ccgaagcatg aagtagccaa aggctccgag     95280
     gcacccggca cccaggatgc gaatccgtgt caccccgcgg gaaacaccag gcagggcaca     95340
     aaccagaagg ggtaccgaaa actcgcgact ttcaccatgt ccagagagga gcggaagacg     95400
     aaaggggcga cggcaaagca acaatggtgt catttgacag acacaaagcg acctcccaca     95460
     ggtcgtctta aaataggagg atgcacagaa ggcagaggag ggagagggaa atgccacgag     95520
     cgggagaccc tcggagacct acgaccgtgc ccgagagacg ggaggtcttt ctcgagtcgg     95580
     gcttatcaag gttcaacttg cattcagcaa aagccctcgt tttaagggcg tagttctttg     95640
     aggttggaca aaggcctgcg gacctgtagc caccacccca gccaaatacg gcatctttgc     95700
     caccattctg ttccccttgg agccagtccc ctcccccagc tccaggcgat cagggatctg     95760
     ctttctgtcg ttctgtccct gtagctttgt ctttcccaaa acatcatgta agcagtacca     95820
     ggcagcgtgt cacctgtcgc gtggtgcata atgctatcga gagtcaccca cgtgatcaca     95880
     cgtgtcagga actcaagcct cttcaatccc gagtgacagt tcatggcaca gatgcaccac     95940
     agtggatccg ctaccagtta acggccatct gggttgtgtc caggttttcg caattataag     96000
     tgaagctgcc ataaaccctc gtgagcaggg gtttgtgtgg aactgagttt caatggcaca     96060
     cagtaaacgc gtgttcaaca ttgtaagaaa ccaccggagc tccccctgtg atgcaacaga     96120
     atcagcggcg tcttgggagc cctgggaggc agggctgatc cctggcccag caccgcgggt     96180
     taaggatctg gtgatgctgc agctgcgcaa ctgtgtctcg gatctgatcc ctgtccccgg     96240
     aactccatag gctgtgggcg gacaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaggaaaga aactaccacc     96300
     aacaaagtgc tgctgtatag cacagggacc tatgctcagc accttctgaa aaagaatata     96360
     tacactgtat aaaagaatat gtgtgcatat atgcatcagc tgggtgacca cctgaaacta     96420
     acacgtcctt gtaaatcaac cacacttcaa ttaaaaacat agagatacat attctctaaa     96480
     tagtcaaaac aatggaagta agtacatgtc tagctagttg ctgattaagc aaattagaac     96540
     atattcaaat gacggaccat aaagtagtca tttaaaaatc atgattacaa agcacttcaa     96600
     agccatgaga aatgcttacg aacaagtaaa tagtgagcgt ttaatacatg gtgtccatta     96660
     tgagccaaaa aatgaccaga atacaaaatt gcttatcgga tatggccgct actacataaa     96720
     aactatttca agtaaaagac tggaaggaaa tatgctaaaa cagatgatgc tgtaattgtt     96780
     tatgtgatga ggtatgaagt ctaaattgct acagactttc ctctgtttct ttataatggt     96840
     tttatctctt aatgtattta actttttaaa aataagtacg gttgctttac attgttgcgc     96900
     ctgtttctgc cgtacagcag agtgacccgg tcacacatag tcacacattc cctttcttac     96960
     atggtcttcc atcacggtct atggtctacc ccgggagact ggatagagtt ccctaggctg     97020
     cacagcagga cctcatggct tctccattct aaacgcaatc ctttgcatct actgacccca     97080
     gactccccgt ccatcccact ccctccccct ccccctcggc aaccacatga ctgtttattt     97140
     ttacaaatta cagcaagtgt catttatatg atcagaataa aagttaagtg ttgtcactgg     97200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagga aactccccgc ctgcctttcc accaacagct tgtgagagct     97260
     cttgggattg tcaaacttat ggtgtttggg attttttttt aaatcttagc tgttctaatt     97320
     agtgtgtcag tgacttctca ctttagtttt caatttgaat ttccctagtg acaaatgacg     97380
     ctgggcatca tttcaagata tgcttgttct attatgtttt tggattgtgt ctgttcagat     97440
     cttttaccta ttttaaaaaa ttgcattggt ttcctcatat tgagctgcaa acgttcttta     97500
     tatattctgg aaacaggtct tcgtcagaca tatgctgtgc aaatctttcc tctcagtcca     97560
     cggctaatct tttcacaatc ttaacagtgt ctttggaaga gcagcagact ttatattttg     97620
     acgaagtgca atttgtcact cttacctatt atggctcacg ttttgtgtat ccaatataag     97680
     aaatctttct ccaaggtcac aaagagtctc tcctactttt ttttaataga agttttacag     97740
     ttggggttct acttttaggt ctgtaattcg tttcaagtta atttttgtat atgcgatgac     97800
     atacggataa agggtttctc ctttgcactg tgcatgggca ggatggggca gggttggata     97860
     tggacatgcc caaaaaggtt ccagcatcat ttgatgaaaa ggtgatcctt cctgagctgt     97920
     ctgttccatc tgtcgaggtg tttggccttt ctctagtagc gtatctaatc ttggcgactg     97980
     tgctttatat tccctcttga aatgagatag tattagttct ccgactcttc ttttggatat     98040
     tctaggtcct ttgcctgtcc atatacattt gtcaatttct ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg     98100
     cggggggtgg gggaaagagc ctacgaagat aagaggaagg atcatttttg tccggttgaa     98160
     ttcctagtgc cttgaaccat acctggcacc tgaaaggtgc tcaataattt cgaaggtaag     98220
     aatgaccggg tcacacgcgg cagggatcca gtcaacatgg ttcatttcca gaggaggtgc     98280
     gttcagaaag tcatagagga tgacaactac ttgggaaaac tccttggcaa cttctcagaa     98340
     tactaagtgt gccttcaccg catgacccag ccatcccacc cccaacaatt tccccagaga     98400
     cgtggaaacc tacccccaca aaacccggtg caaaaacatt catggcggtt tcttcccatt     98460
     gtctccatgc tggaaacaag ccggaggtcc accagctccc ccagggataa tcaggggctg     98520
     ccgctcaaca ctaaagagga gcgacctacc gacacgtgct aaaaaagtgg atgggtctga     98580
     aaaatactac gatgaagagg ctcctggtgg cctaggagtt ggggacgtgg tgtcgtcact     98640
     gctgtggctc cagttctgtc cctggcccgg ggacttccac gccacagggc gacgaaggaa     98700
     gtaataataa taatgataat aatactccag tgagtaaagg aagccagata caagaatgtc     98760
     catcccatac agtttcattt agatgaaatt ctagaacagg tgaaactaac ctgtgatgca     98820
     gaaatcgggt tggtggttgc cgggggtcac ttaactggga agaggcatga ggggcatttc     98880
     tggggtgtgg aagggtctgg cgccttgata cacacccacc aacactgact ggttaatctg     98940
     gacattccac tgtatgcaga ttatgtccgt ctctttaatt aaaaaaaatc atagtaattt     99000
     catctccaaa ggaaggaatt ctcgggccca catgatggga gggagtgaag ctgcccaccc     99060
     accaggtgcc cgggaccgag agctcgggtg tcaccagcag aagatgaagc tgggacctgg     99120
     cctgagctgg gggggcatcc ggcctgagct cttggacaac ctctacactg tcccgggccg     99180
     gaccctcccg gacgctgtgc tctcgtccgc aaacacttgc cactgcgggg agccgcaggc     99240
     agaagcagga ggccaactgc aaagacagga ggaagcggcc gtgaccccca gcggtggctg     99300
     ccccccgccc cccacagtcc gcggggagcc acctgaggac ggcttctcct ccagcatcac     99360
     gtgggagcct cccgccaccg tctccctggt gcacggagca caagaacgct gtgagtctca     99420
     ggggtcacaa ggaaccctgg aaaatcgcaa aacgagctgt gcctccagga accccctctt     99480
     tccactcagc gtgcacatcc agccaacggc ggagaaagtg ccactgtccc aggtggaacc     99540
     cggctggacc tccggattcc aaggagcggg aagggcacac agatagggtc catcagcagt     99600
     gggtgggtgg acgggcgaga gaataaatgg cttttccaag ggacggaatt cagggcaaag     99660
     taagaagtga gtggagggaa cgactctttc cgtagctgca ggcgtgtctt ctcccgtaag     99720
     actcggcctg tttacaagaa cgaacatttt ctaggctaac tggggagggc ggacccctac     99780
     aagagcccag agtgctcgcc ttggggtggg tgactgctac ctgacaaaac ccagatttcg     99840
     gaaggccttc tttgcgacaa cacgtggaga tcccactggc caatcagcca ccactatgta     99900
     ttcagaatct aagtgattct ctggctttta aatcatccac tggacaccct tccccccacc     99960
     ctagacccat cagaataatg ctcatgaatt aaaattctct tcgacgccag cattttgtaa    100020
     ttagatggag acctcggaac ctggtcacga tacttccttg ccgagaacgg tatggatgac    100080
     tctaagaaga tgaagcggtc gcctgttgga gagaaaacag gccgagaaag gggacggaaa    100140
     aggcacttgg tgggtgccca gtccctggtc gcctgtccca ctggaagccg cgaagggggg    100200
     aggccctcag acaccctggg tactcacaga gcaacaaaca ggcgtctggc ttcttggcaa    100260
     agtctgggag gtgcaaccac ttagagagat tcgaatgtct ctccgtattc atggttctcc    100320
     atgggtaggt ctgtagagaa agggacaggt ttctgtttgt cctcattttt ttctaaagac    100380
     cggtgagcct gtgtcccagc gaggctcctt tcgaattgca gggaatgatg aagatgccag    100440
     gtgtgatttc agggtcaagg gaaggactgg ttttaggctg tgaggatgct gggaacccct    100500
     gcagacgacc cggctggggg ccctgaatgg gtctgccttg cggtgctggg gtccttcacg    100560
     gggacagctg cccacttgca ctccctctga gggggacaga cccagggggt gggggcttcc    100620
     cctttgggga ggtgggggcg ggggccaggc aaggcaatgg ggctaaaatg ctcagccttg    100680
     acctgggaga aaaagagggg gtgcgaaggc agaagggggt gatgtgacag cagagacggc    100740
     ggtaaggaag gacaggctcg gggacaggag aggagttagg cctgggttag cttgtgggtc    100800
     atgcccagaa cccgagcccc gtcctgggcc gtgtgatcct tcagtgcggc gacttccctg    100860
     caggaaggaa ctgaggcgtg gactcctccg tcctggtcct ccgcccagga cctggtgtgt    100920
     ccagggcaaa gcgggcgtgg ccccggagag tcctgcctgc ccggcaggtt ggctcccctt    100980
     tgcaaaaggc aggaggcagc tccaggcaca gaaagtgctg gaggatcatc agaccgacga    101040
     ggaagccaca gtgtctgggc cagacctcag caaccgctct ccgccggaga ctcagcagag    101100
     agacgagccg gacggcatgg agcagggcgt agacgtccac gcgctgcccc gtggtgtgga    101160
     gggcggccag gaagctcagc tgaaatgcag ggtgggggtg cagacaggct gggaaccagg    101220
     gggcattggg ggcggggtgc agaatttgga tttgcaaatt ggggttggat ttggggacag    101280
     tggggaggag tcgggcgcat taagttggtt ttgctttgtg gccaaagtgc ccccaatagc    101340
     ccagaaattc attacaacca tttgatgtgc ctgcacattg gacaaacagg acccaatctg    101400
     ttgaagactg tccagaggga caggggctag gaggcagggg gaggccctct gcagtgagcc    101460
     cccccgcccc ccacgccaca gggctcttac tgggcgggag atttaaaacg aagggaaggc    101520
     agagggcagg gtccacgaca aaagaaaacc aaaggagatc tttatgccag cacaaggtta    101580
     gttactgcaa cttcctttcc ctcaacggcc atcggtgggt gacggctaaa gacaatgtat    101640
     tatatacata ccatgggata tcactcagcc ttaagcagaa agaaatcctg ccgtgtgcag    101700
     ccacgggaat gaagcttgag gacgctctgt taagtgaaat aagccattca cggaaggaca    101760
     gatgcggcag gattcctttg ataggaggca ttgaaaataa tcaaagtcac agaagcaaag    101820
     agtagaaggg tggttgccaa aggctggggc aagttgctat ttaactggcg caaagcctgt    101880
     gttatgcaag acgaataatc tctagagacc tgctgtgccg cgttgtgtct gtacttaaca    101940
     ctgctgcgcc acaatccgag gaaaattgtt aagagggtgg atctcaggtt aagtgttctt    102000
     actacaataa aaacaaagta acttgaagaa gatgaaggga gttcccatcg tggctcagtg    102060
     gttaacgaat ctgactagga accatgaggt tgcaggttca atccctggcc tcgctcagtg    102120
     ggtgaagggt ccagcattgc tgtggctgtg gtgtaggcca gtggctacag ctccgattag    102180
     acccctagcc tgggaacctc catatgccgc gggcgtggcc ctcagaagac aaaagaagaa    102240
     gatccctggc cttgaaggga tgggtggtcc cagcgctgat gggataacag ctgagtcagg    102300
     tggaaaggct gaaaattcac ggggcagctt ggaagggttc tgccaaacca actccctgtt    102360
     tggaaaaatc aagcattttt cttgattttt ttctttaaaa acgcaaaacc aaaagcaaga    102420
     actgtgtctc agggaaataa aatagttgat gaggaagggt ttctcttcct aaacgtcctt    102480
     tagttagtaa acaaagaggt ggtgacagaa ccagaccgtc cccacttcaa gggacatgtg    102540
     ggggtgcaat cggccagatc tcgacactga aaacttgtgc cgccttcgat ccgcttcctt    102600
     caacccgtaa accacagggg cccgagggag aacctgcaga ttaggagcct cagagaggga    102660
     tcagccaggt acccgtcaca acgtggagaa cttccttgga ccccgaatga agcacagttt    102720
     cacgagagga gtcccttggg gacatccgga caaggactgg ggttcgagtt tgaggagtcg    102780
     ttcgtttgtg aagggctcgg gtgtgtattg aagagcgtgt gtctctggga gagaaacaca    102840
     gacgtattct tcaagtgtgg cgtgtccttc aaaataatcc ctgcgctggg agagggatgg    102900
     cgcagaaact ggctgggctg cccactggta actgccgatg atggtgacgg atgcctggcg    102960
     gcttagggta ctgttctctc tgccttttta tggcttcgat acttggatat gtcctttgct    103020
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaatttg aaaggcagga gactataagt ggagcaaatg tgggggcctc    103080
     acctcaagcc caaacttgta aaatccgaag tcagtgaaat actgccgagc actgagcagc    103140
     ccagatgtgc ctgggtgatg ctgtcgcgcg ggtgctggtg agaggctgcg gctgccgatc    103200
     tggaagctgg tgggatctct gatgccgtct ccccgtcccc tccaaagtca tgagggccaa    103260
     gctggccagc tggccctgcc aagcacagca ctgctgagtc agcactgcct ggggctgaag    103320
     ccccgcttcc ctgggcgccc actaagcaaa ccgctgaact caacaccagg ctctctaccc    103380
     tccatccccg agtccaactg cggcttggaa ggtcatttac caccccagcc aggccgcccc    103440
     ctccccagag acagcgctgg tgtagcgcca gctcctgcca agcgtagggc ctgctcgaag    103500
     acccaggctg caggcggccc ggtgacatcc atctcctccc caaacacttc ctcccacttc    103560
     ccccgagcag cgacgctctg cacaaatacc agggtattga ttttccgatt gatcagggtg    103620
     gagaaagctt catacactta tgactcctga caagctggga ataaaaagcc gatcataatg    103680
     agttcattta ctgtgtttga ttgtattact ttatgacgcc atacggaccc caacagcccc    103740
     ttccaaggcc ggctcctccc aaccacaccg cccgttaatg ctgaaatcca tcttgcggtg    103800
     cgatgtgtgg attaaaatat cacccttagt gggccgcggc cgctgctgct gctgcttttt    103860
     tctcatgtga tagccgtggg agggaatttt ccctgcgccc aggaaggaga aacacttgga    103920
     ttcggggagg ggtttataag agggtgtttg ttgatgagca atgggggagg gatgcagtga    103980
     aagcctaatt gttggttata aatatgctgt atcttcccta ttgattatgt gacactgaag    104040
     tgaaaggatt ttaccttgcg aggtcacagt cggccctaag cgtgccctgc gtgcctgaac    104100
     ggggcacctc gcaacagact cgccaattat gtgagatgaa gggagcggtc tgttcggtgc    104160
     cccagacggt cggggcgcca tccccgtgcc atgcagatgt ggccggagtc ttcgtccccc    104220
     cctttcatga acttcataga gattctctgt tctgatcagc ctcccggggc cgtggcagag    104280
     acccctgggc atcctctctg caaattaggg cctggagact aaatagaact tctgtttgag    104340
     gggtttggat ggctggctcg tccttttcca gaggctttgc gggggagcga ggtctggagc    104400
     cgaggggtaa ccaactccga aggccccgct ccccgcgctc cccggaagtg aatgggggag    104460
     gggctgcccc gtgactccaa agagagtgga gcccgtggct gatcttgttg ggccacttgt    104520
     tgcacagaaa gggctcctgc tttcccctgc cccgccagcc gcagggatcg ggtagggctt    104580
     gctcttcctt gatgagcgcg gccagcctcc tgtgcctccc agggacgtgg atcatgggtc    104640
     cagggctccc accccccgtc tccttctgcg agtcagctct ggagctgggc cgacacagtc    104700
     tccgctttct gtgtggctga agggggctct cgagccctct ggctcccagt ccccctctga    104760
     gaagcgggat ggccgcgtga ggatagggca ggagaagcac ccgccctgtc atgagcaccc    104820
     cagcttcttg cattagggat gtttggccca tacctgtgct ctcatctgct tagacagcac    104880
     ctggggcctc ctttcacctg ctgtttaggt cttctttgct ctaggctgag gcctgggagc    104940
     gctcggcgag ctggaatgag ggtggcgtgt gtgcccactc tcccacggca cctgctcgta    105000
     tggccttgtc tcctatcagc tggggcgggg ccgcctctac ttctcaggga ccacccggcc    105060
     aggggggctg ttccagccac cggctgagcc tggggtggga tctcattcca gccccgccgt    105120
     tccttccctg tgtgacttcg gacaagtgat tctgcctctc tgggccttgg cttcctcctc    105180
     tgggataaag gccaccaccc ttagggccca aggctgagct gaaagagttg ggatcacaag    105240
     agaattcctt gcaaactccc agcacttcgg aagaggctcc agaaggggag taattaatct    105300
     ccccactcac acaggcaaga cgctaccaga cttcgatttt ggcggagttg tttaattttc    105360
     gccacagcta gcagcctgcc tttgatgtca cctctgtccg cattcattcc tggctttctg    105420
     agctgccaca gaaacctctc caggcaaaac agtgacagag aatgagaagt cggagccagg    105480
     ttcatctcag taatacacaa cttggccacc aaagcaatga cttcatgtaa tgttccctgg    105540
     gaaggaaggg ggacaccgag cttgcacggt gggtgcccac tgggcgccag gacggccggg    105600
     ccctccatct cccccatcct tcctggcgcg tggatcccgg aggtgtgcgc tgctgacaac    105660
     cccctcgtct gcgcccgctg atcccgggcc attatttcat cgccacctcc agacaaggca    105720
     ccaccccacc gtcacactcc gtcacggctc caagccactc tgccaggtcc atgggctgca    105780
     ggaagacgat gggtcctctg gccagcctgg agcatgggcg cgttctgttc cctcgccgca    105840
     cctcggggga ggcagaaaca acaccagggt gcttggtgat gtggccccag aagggacgtg    105900
     gctgcagggt ggcctaggaa gggcctccag ctgaaagacc ccgggcccct gtgcctcagt    105960
     ttccccatct gtaaaaccag gaaggaccag ccagcccttc cagcaccttc atttgtgggt    106020
     ccttgagtcc tactgccagg ctttctcccc cccgctgaaa tgggagagtt gggaggggca    106080
     gctccccaat aaggacaggc agctccccag gccgtctttt catccctgtg ggtctcacct    106140
     gacctcagac cagggggcaa cctggagcaa agaggggtag ccgggcactg gctctcttgt    106200
     gcccagaggt cctggccccc caagcgtctg tgcctctcct cttgtccaca gtgtgggggc    106260
     ctcagaagga aggctggcct ggggcccgag gcccgggagt ctcctacctg ccctgagcct    106320
     tccgttccca ggtggggcat cgtctcccag ctcctcccac cagcccagtc ccagggtctc    106380
     tactcacttg catgcgtctg tctgtccctt gggcatctca tctctcccgc acactcagcc    106440
     cccgatatgg tgcccggcac agagcaggct ctccatcaat gtttgttgaa tgaaaaagtg    106500
     gacatagggt ggaccttagg taagcccttc acacccctcc cgcctgggcc tcgactttcc    106560
     catctttgaa acggcaaagt tcactctaga aggctcttcc tcaaccactg tgttccaatg    106620
     gtccatttga gaactctcct tagagacctg gggggcagat gcaggggaca ggggccctcg    106680
     tccccgcctt cgccccaggc cctcccggct ggcagaggag aaacttcagc ttagagcaga    106740
     gctcacctct gtacattctg aagagtaggc ggagggcacg acccacttca gtgggtacgt    106800
     cagcttgcag gccaccatca cgcaggccca gactgtggac acgcaggacg caaggggccg    106860
     tagtttggaa cggggcagag acagcagcca gaggacataa aacacggcgt tcatccaaga    106920
     aacctcccgg gaaagcctgg agccgcgggt gccggggctc agcctcacgc cccgcccgcc    106980
     atcagagcgc ttccggttac gggaaaacgg gagtgaaaaa gacacccgct ggaccttcga    107040
     agagaggtca acactgtgca gaagaaagaa aagggtctcg gaacccgaca gccgtggtcg    107100
     ccctgaaagc cgctgacctg ccgggtgagc cagatgaccg tgggggccac gagcttgacg    107160
     atgtgtgagt tccattaacc atttctagaa gcttcagaaa gccagcggtc agcctgtcaa    107220
     cagccggatc ccaatcactc acttcctcct ctgggggcaa gagaaaggct ttgaccgggc    107280
     gcccctggcg attccgaggg gtctgctttt gtggcatggc tgttttttct aaggcatcct    107340
     gtttcccgac cgtgcccagc acccgctctg tccccgtgga gcccctcctc ttgctcctgg    107400
     cactgcccgg aggccctgtg gtggcactct ccctccaaat gcccgctctc cttcctgtcc    107460
     cctccagcag ggttggcaga aggttcctag gaggggccac atggtaaatc tgtcagactg    107520
     ggcgggtggc agcatctgtg tcacccctct gctctcaggg aacaaacaca cccacaggcg    107580
     gggcccaggg gtgtggcctt atctgagact tcagttagat ttggccctgg ggccaagctt    107640
     tgccgacctg gcctcagacc cagagttcct cggaggagga gcggtgccag cccttccctc    107700
     tctcccttca acgtccacac ctcgcctagc acacagaagg cacccacaaa acgctcaagc    107760
     cgggcacgcc tgaagggcac gcacaggagc tgcacgagag gagcccaagt tcaagagcca    107820
     ccacccggga gaagactctc tactttctca ggattcgaga aagagtctcg tttggcaaaa    107880
     tgagacaaac agcacgcgtt gagccctgag aatctgtcgg gttcttattt ctgtccaaac    107940
     cacaagctga atcaaagaca cgccactggc tccccgcgta agcaaaacag actccaggag    108000
     cctccatcag ttgtgatttg cactgtctgt tttacttgaa agtaaaacag cagctgtcca    108060
     cccagctgct atcagaattt gcaggtccag gagttcccgt tggggcgcag tggttaacaa    108120
     atccaactag gaaccatgag gttgcgggtt tgatccctgg ccttgctcag tgggttaagg    108180
     atccggcatt gccgtgagca gctcggatcc cgcgttgctg tggctctggc gtaggccagc    108240
     agctacagct ctgattggac ccctagcctg ggaacctcca tatgccgcag gagaggccct    108300
     agaaaaggca aaaagacaaa ataataatat tgataataat agcaataaca ataataaaga    108360
     atttgcaggt ccaactaacg tgaactggct ccccagcagg cacggcacta tgaatgtggc    108420
     tgctcaggca aaagcaagcc agctcgcagg gggcaggagt gtaatatccc ggccacccca    108480
     catctgggat acttgatctg cccccaagac aaaatgtgag aacagcacat gctgaggcgg    108540
     tgctgagtca gggaaccagg tcaacaagcg tggtagctga ttcttatttt aatgaatcaa    108600
     gggtttgcct ggatgcccag gactgctggc aaccccaaag agcagccccc cagcagcatc    108660
     atgcagggct tcctggggaa agcaacatct ccaacctgca gggaccatcc actccgcctt    108720
     ctcggctctt ctgttctcca ctcataactg ctggcttggt cagcacagtg ctgagctgcc    108780
     tcctgtcccc cactgggttg tagactgaaa accaaaggcc tttccacaca gggacctgaa    108840
     aaccaacttg ttggcctgtt ttatcaaagc ccacaagaaa aatggctcca ggccaccagg    108900
     aaacatgggt caggacagaa tcaagaactc agccacgcgg agaagtttga tcttttgggc    108960
     atcacgttta tgctcttctt ggggcgtaat tgacgccaga agccactttc tggagaagaa    109020
     tacgcacttc cctcactctt cagtcctcac ctcctctgaa gttcccgaag tgtatcctca    109080
     agcccgagag agacagagag agaggggcct tctgtctgta caaatattcc tttcctgctg    109140
     gatttattga aaccgcacac tctctgataa atgtttaata ctttactcat ttattatatt    109200
     gactggacaa agcatatgca cattgttaag aaataattca agggggagtt ccctggtggc    109260
     tcagtaggtt gggggtccgt tattgtcact gcggtggctc gggtcactgc tacggcgtgg    109320
     gtttgatccc tggcccggga acttctgcag gctgcaggca cggctaaaat aataataata    109380
     ataataataa ttcaaagggc aagagggtac gtggcgaaga gtagccctcc tttccgcctg    109440
     cacccccgcc ccgaggccgg cgccgtgaca ggctgcttcg gaggcctccc aaaggtaggc    109500
     cttgtatgta caagcacagg cccagacgtc tgctcctgag gcgaatggca gcatgtctcc    109560
     taggcagggc tgcccctcgc cttctcctct tggcaatctc tcctgaagct tgttccagat    109620
     cagcgtccct ggagctgcct cccctgcccc cgcttgagcg gctgcagagt ctcagagcat    109680
     ccagcggccg agacacaccg tcatttgatg agtcagtgcc cctagggatg ggcattcact    109740
     ctctgctgga attttttaag gaatgagatc aacacctgaa caccaggaac agggcggcgg    109800
     ggctagcaca ctcgactcgg ccgctctccc gggggaggca tgccttgcgg gaggaatttt    109860
     aaagagaaga actcacacgt ctggcaagag atgcacgtcg gtttccttcc cgttgctggg    109920
     ggagacagat cacagggcgc ttgtgttggg agtacagcgg gggctgatgg tccccttacg    109980
     taaccatggc aacccagtcc ccagacacca tcagccgcct ctgaaaccct tcgcctcttc    110040
     acacctcttc ctggttgacc cagcaaggcc caggcggcct cagaagagaa ggtttctccc    110100
     cacgtttccc ctccccctgc ggcaggcatc cattctgtgt gtcacatgat ttgggggagc    110160
     ggggacaacc cacaggctcc cccgcacccc tcctgctcct tcggagcttt gaaatcccac    110220
     ctcaggtaca aacaaatcca gaaacaaacc acacacgatg ctgacaaaaa ggactatctt    110280
     acaagccctg gggaaaaaga caatcaagcc atggtatttt gtgttctgtt ccacgaaatg    110340
     tgtggggagc acggcagcgt ctgatccgaa aaacagatcc tggccttaag caggccccag    110400
     cccccaccgc ctcttcctca gtgaaaaagt gagtggcttt ggcggtgcac caccttcgaa    110460
     aataagaatt ctgcgaaaca gtctaacatg ttagagactc ggtctgaaat taggaagcct    110520
     ttaaaagcca agtttcacag ccaaaggctt catctagtca ccgaccggca aaaaggaaaa    110580
     tgcggcagag cctcgggcgg cccatcaccg tcccgggagc tcgacgcgct ggcaggacgg    110640
     gctgctcgtg caggactagt ttttccaaca gaaatctttg ctggccggag cccgagctca    110700
     ttcttacccg tgggcctaag caggttttca tgagacccca gtgaagtcag gggcccaggc    110760
     ctttggttga gcttcctgca caagagcaaa gcacagctgt gggcgggccc ccacccccac    110820
     cctggccgga gcaggaggcc ctcggatgcg gcgttccgtc cgtccgtccg tccgtccgtc    110880
     tgtcgagcca tctgggtgat cctggacgta gagctctccc tccctccgtg ctcccgtaca    110940
     cgcacggtct ctttctacct gcgtgttgga accgctcgct tatctggagc caagtgctga    111000
     cgtgtctggt tgtggatcag gccgtgtggc ctcactgata aatgggcaca ggcaccggcc    111060
     tcagagctta gcagcgcaca gtcacacggg gcgtgacaca gccccgggcc agctgtcaga    111120
     aagccggtgg cagggccagc ctggggcggg gtctgggacc agggctgggg gggcggggtc    111180
     tccccgaggt tcagctggta ccaggccacc caggacagga agaggaaggc caggaggtgg    111240
     gcatagccaa ccaagaagga tgaacgtcac agggccaggc ggccgtggtc cccagccacg    111300
     cagatgccac aggcccacag cagcagcacg aagctgagcc agctggcata ggtgacatcc    111360
     atacctgcag gaaagcggcc aagggccagc tcctctcaga gcccactgtg gggaccaggg    111420
     ctttggggcc tccttaaaac ttcattccca aatccagcct cccccactct ccacagccgc    111480
     cagcagcccc attatatggg catcccagca gggtgtcccc aacgtggcat atgctgattt    111540
     gtccttctct caggtccact ttggatataa aaacttgcgt aagtgcattt gtcaatagac    111600
     aaagttctgc tccgagcagg gcggctgagg cctagaggtt atctcggatt tgaggatccc    111660
     agcccctctt cagaggcacc acgggagcca cgtccaggca ggagaggatg ggccgcaccc    111720
     tcctcagaga cccgccacca cctgcagact cgttccctcc agaggtccgt ccttccttcg    111780
     taaaggtgag gaacgctggc catctcagcc acaaggacag gcagaagagt catttcacta    111840
     ccaaagggac acttggggct ccagcccagt ccctcccgcc ctcaggccct ggtcaggaca    111900
     cccaggccac cgtggggtct tttgtggcag aggccgaagg gcgtccccct ctccgactgc    111960
     atcctggggc aggatgcaga acacgcagcg caggaaagac agtctctttg gcaagcggcg    112020
     cggggagagc cagacacagc ggcatgcgaa caaagtcaga acactccctc caaccaggca    112080
     caaacctcag agtagctcaa agccctaaat ctaagatagg acaccataaa acgccccaaa    112140
     gaaacacagg cgaaacattt tcgagcatca gtcgtagcga taccatctta gatcagtctc    112200
     ccaaggcaaa agacataaaa gcaaaaataa acaaatggga ccaaatcaaa cttaacagct    112260
     tcagcagagc aaaggaaacc atcgacgaaa tgaaaagaca acccacggaa cgggaggaaa    112320
     gagttgcgga cgaggtggcg acagggggta acttccaaag cacacaaaca gcgtcttcaa    112380
     cgcgacaacc aagacgaacc agcccaatcg aaaaatggac gaaagacctc actatacctt    112440
     tctccaaaga agacactcag atggccagcg agcccacgga gcagtgctcc acaccacgaa    112500
     ttgttagaga aacgcaggtc acagcaccag tcagaacggc catcatcaaa aagcctacag    112560
     gtaacgaaca tgctggggcg ggggtggagc agagggagcc ttctatgctg ctggtgggac    112620
     tgtaagttgg tgcagccaca gtggagaact ggacgggggt ccatcaaaag ctaaaaacag    112680
     aaccacccta tgatccagcg atcccagtcc tgggcataga tccagaaaag gggaaagctc    112740
     taattgcagc gcagtttaca acagccaaga catggaaaca cccaaatggc cgtcaacgga    112800
     tgattgattt aaggagaggc ggtgtatata tgtgccacgg gacattactc agccataaaa    112860
     agaatgaaat catgccattt gcagcaacat ggatggacct agagattatc gtactaaatg    112920
     aagtcaaaca gaaagacaaa tattgtatcc ctcataggca gcatctaaaa aatagcacaa    112980
     atgaaaccaa cacagagaga aaacaagctt gtggtcagta aaggttaaag ggaacggggg    113040
     agcaataaag taacagcagg ggactaaacc acgcgaacta ctgtagatga aacagatcaa    113100
     cgacaggagt tcccgaagca cagggaatta cggtcaatgt cttgaaataa tctctaattg    113160
     aaaataagct ttaggagttc ccatcgtggt gcagcggaaa cgaatccacg taggaaccgt    113220
     gaggttgcag gttcaatccc tgggctcgct cagtgggtca aggatccggc attgctatga    113280
     gctgtggtgg aggtcgcaga cgtggcttgg atctggcgtg gctgtggctg tggtggaggt    113340
     cggcagctgt agctccgatt cgacccctag cctgggaacc tccatatgcc ctgggtgcga    113400
     ccctcaaaag acaataataa taataataat aaatatatac atataactga atgtacatat    113460
     gtaatatata cataactgaa catacttgaa actcagacaa tattgtaaat caactatact    113520
     tcaaaagaat tgccacatgc caggaccaaa aatgcacttt ctccttcaac ccaaagctgg    113580
     gccatcccca agggaaaccc aagtgggctc tgtctccaag cccgcccacc acagacagag    113640
     ccttggggcc acctccacga gacgctgggg gccggtggga cgcaggatgg ttgtgtcctc    113700
     agcctcagta ggtagagtct gagcaaggct tcacccccaa accttcttcc tccgaaaaga    113760
     tgaaccccaa cttcatgccc acacgccaga aagagcctac gccttgccct gcagtgggcc    113820
     ccacagctgt gcagcccccc agccccaact gaggcgtgac acgcatctcg ggtggccatg    113880
     ggaggtcccc ccaggggacc tcggggttcc gaggtgctct gccacccccg tcgccttcag    113940
     gacccgcctg agcttcccgc tccccctggg ttggctaacg cctccaccag ggctcccgct    114000
     acctggctcc tcggcctctc cccagggagt gtcccctccc aggactcacc atcacggtga    114060
     ccagagccaa gtgtagtggt gcctcatggc tcaagaccga ggtgccaccg ggccccgact    114120
     ccatgggggt ggcggcgaca gagtgtccta caagcaaaga gcaccgccag acggcaggcg    114180
     acaggcaggc cctgcagcag gtggtctgag cgcctattat gggggcctct tggagggcct    114240
     gacagtgggt tggcagatat ttccagaata aaaatgaaca agcccgatgt ccccagtaca    114300
     gcacccagag caggtttagg aattccctct aagaagtcgc tggtgtccca tctttcagga    114360
     agctattatt agcgtcttct gtaagcccgg cctgtgcagg gcacagcagg gaccaccaag    114420
     catcattagc tctgtcctcc agggggtgaa aagacctagt tggacagaga gggtcccaag    114480
     agcttgctgg aggccagaga atgcggcaca tggtggcgtg tgagtgtgtg tgctgctcgg    114540
     ccctcggcct ctttcccaga aggcagcaag ggtggaagat gggaacacgc ctgtctagac    114600
     tgccggccag gccatcgcag gctggcaaag agcagccgag cacgtcgacg ctcaaccacg    114660
     gccccggcgg gggcggggtg aggtcctggg atgcgcggag catccggcat cacacaggac    114720
     ggccactccc aggagcatcc cgcccccgag gtcgacaggg ctgaggtggc gaaaccctgc    114780
     cggaggaggg attaagtcag gattaagtta agagcaaggg ttttaagtca gccgacatgg    114840
     tttcatgtgg gccagggact taagcgccgt gatccccgct ttcctccgaa gtaacaggag    114900
     ctccacgaga acacccactg acgacgaggc ccctctcctc ctgcggggac gcgtttgcaa    114960
     aatctggatg gaaggagatt ccgtccccga ggcaggacgt tcaggaaaga gccaccctga    115020
     ggcttgtttg gggcaggtga ggactggggg cttttcggac gtccagcccc cacgtagcct    115080
     gtgcttctct cgagcagaga actgcgccag gaacggactt tgcccccacc ccgtgcgtag    115140
     agacccaaac cagcctcaag ccaagctctc cccgcccctc gctcagcgtc cagattgagg    115200
     cagcatgggg agctccagag acaaccgtct ctggcctcca aggccaaagc cggcaggaag    115260
     cgcctgccgc accaaagagg gttccaaccc ggctctccag caattaacac gcaggtcctg    115320
     gcccccggcc tgggcggtaa gttctggaga agagaccccc ggcctcctgg tcttgtagcc    115380
     gcctccatcc cacgcctggg gtcttacacg gagccgcctc tctgccccag tgtgaacaac    115440
     aaccgcccct cggagcccgg gcgggagagc ccccatccac ctctcggtgc ctgttcccca    115500
     caggccgtgg gaggtgctgg ccacaagacc gtcccatctt gcgcccagag tcgaggccgc    115560
     gcgcgcggct ctgtgcagaa aacgctcttt aaaacgcatc ccaggcgtga ctttcgaagc    115620
     gctggctgct cagggaattc caaaaaggag cacgtggggg tggacgccct cgggttgtga    115680
     gcgggcggag gagccagggg ctctgtgggt ctgcggtaaa caaagcgtgg accccgatcc    115740
     cctgcggccc cgccgggggg agggtcctcg atcagctgcg caggtgcctg ccattcccag    115800
     ttccttagca aggttcttac tgggacaaac tgtgaaagtg gtcacagcat gggggagggg    115860
     acttcgtcct gggcagggca gggtctcagg ttcatggctt ccacgcagag aggaactcaa    115920
     agctgtacaa acaggggtga tggcttcttg gttttactgt tttggttttt tttttttttt    115980
     ttaacgcgtc cagaagcttc tgtctttgaa cttttcctgc ctgggcagct ctaaggcagt    116040
     ttgaacctag cctggccggg ggtggagggg ttaaggccac ctgtagtcta tcagttgcat    116100
     tcccctactt ctccgccctt tggagctggc tgccagatta accccgacaa gctatgtatg    116160
     agagcaaact gggtccagag tcctgggcga ggctctgtgg ggagaggaga aggcgctccg    116220
     agtctgccga ggatgtgatg tgctgccgtc gccgagtcca aggtcacagg cctgccccca    116280
     ggtccgggag tgacgggact tggggggagg gttccgggtg agccgcgttg cagctttgct    116340
     ctcactgcgg ggagcatagc aggctgcttg tggatttcct tcttcatgta ttacaaatct    116400
     gtccccggtc ccttgggcct gggcactgag ttgtcaccgg ggctacgcac agacacagat    116460
     acaagataaa ggataggtcc gtcccgccaa ggtgagtggg agcgcgctca ccctggagca    116520
     gtggcatggg caattactca ttcagacgcc accttccgat ggacggcgtc tcatggggtg    116580
     gagggggggc tgggctggtg accttgggcg cattatttgc ttctgggagc atctccccag    116640
     cccgccgtgg atgagaggcg cctgccaaac agcccctggt gcctcgcgcc tgccacttca    116700
     atttcccaca agtgctcctc caagcaaaga aaggtgtgca ggtgtcaggc tctggccccc    116760
     acagggaggc ggcccctggc tcagccccct gtgccagccg ttgcccatca caggcttttg    116820
     caggccaagc ctggatctct ggctctgctg cccactggca ccatctggtt tgctgagctt    116880
     ggtagtttcc tggttagttg ttttaactca actttggcac cttttttttt tttttttttc    116940
     tttttggtct ttttgtcttt tagggccaca cccacagcat atggaggttc ccaggatagg    117000
     ggttgaatca gagctacagc taccggtcta caccacagcc acagcaacgc gggatccgcg    117060
     ccgcgtctgc gacctacacc acagctcacg gcaatgctgg atccttaacc cagtgagcga    117120
     ggccagggat cgaacctgca tcctcatgga tgctagtcgg gttgactagc aggaactcca    117180
     agctttggca tcttttaagc tcctaagaca gaagccctgg tgcctcgctg tctggattca    117240
     atttctagcg ttgccacctg ctacaggtat atcctgagca ggtgatgccc tccccccgcc    117300
     ccgcctcagt tcctcgacgg cagagtgagc ctgatgacaa cataaagcac ttgaaatggc    117360
     ccctggccat tcaagcacac cctggacagg tccgcttcct agcacagctg tccccgtcat    117420
     cacgatgcca cttcgaatgg aagcagctgc tgcagcgggt gctcctgggc gcgtcttgcc    117480
     tgcgcgtcct cgctacccaa ggtccatggc acagagtgtg caccaggtct tcacctctgc    117540
     tcggtggcct cacggggagc gtctccctct cttcccgctt ctggaggaaa gcatggcttt    117600
     caaatcccca tgtgcagaat cccagctctg agaccgtggg tacctaggat accctccctg    117660
     caggggacta tcccacaggg gggtgttcaa aactgaggct tcgctgcccc ccagaagtcc    117720
     cgcccctgag gtcgccagat cctcaggtgg gtcttccttc cccgaaatct tcctctgctc    117780
     caccctgtgg gggcggggcc gggagcaccc agacgtgatt ccagcaggct gtgacagctt    117840
     ccattctctg ccatagcaag ttttcaaact ccaggggcta ttttgcgctc gcagtgtatt    117900
     gcagttaaat ccgggggggg gggggggttg ctcccagcgt attgcaattt ggatgctgca    117960
     ttttcctcgg aagtaccttg gcctgtgtgt ggatttcatg aaatttaaag tggaaaacat    118020
     agatccacgc acccaagttg ttgcaaactt tcaagtttcc cgataagtga ggcaagtgtt    118080
     ggtttttatg ttttcattca aattaagtaa aaggaaacat ctgttcctgt cgcagagcca    118140
     aattccaagg attcgaaagc cccctggctg gtgccccaga gaaggcttcg gccacagtca    118200
     ctgtcgtaga aggttctgct cgctgggcag cactgttcta gaacagcgcc ctggggggca    118260
     gtgagggcgc agagggtacc tcggggctga gcaggtaggg gcatctagat tgtgctgtga    118320
     ccacagaggc tcctgacagc tgtgaaccca gctgaccgca gacgcattcc tgacaagctc    118380
     ccggctccca cactgcaggg gtccagacca ggcagagacg cgccaaagag caatggactt    118440
     cagaagaggg gctctggaga caggccctgc ctcctgctaa agcagttccc tcctctccct    118500
     cagggcgctg gcccctgtca atcagggccc tcaaaacctc ctggaatcgc tgggagcaag    118560
     ttataagaca acaggtgcac aggggatgct cggtgacctc catcaaaaaa cagcgagagt    118620
     ttgtggccgt ccctttgctc ctgaagctga aacacgcctc tttctaagtt ataccctccc    118680
     accttcagat cagggcaggc gcccaagagg cctggaagcc ggtctcagcc ctccaccgga    118740
     ctcgcgctgg gccctcgctc gggataatcc tgaccagagg gtgaagttct gagaggattg    118800
     gcagcaaatt cctgaaactg agatggtccc cccacggggt gcagggacct cacacaggta    118860
     cacccccaca ggcctctgct tccacctcga atgggggaag accggccccc acgtctcccc    118920
     ggtcctgcca ggaacacctg cccttaactc gcccgtgtgc gcactcgtgt ttcagctgga    118980
     aagacaagtc cctctgggtg aacgtcgggc ctggtggccg gggtgtctgg ggagcctcgc    119040
     cagcatctgc tctaagggcc gtgcccctca gaggcttgtg ctggggcaca aaggtgagcg    119100
     ctcagggctg ctttggggtc aggctctccc gggaaggccc gacgccctct gccttgagaa    119160
     gtgctgacga ggcctgcggg gctgatcctt tttaactttg aggaactcag catttctcat    119220
     tttctggtaa gaagtgctga taaggcctgc agggctgact ctttttaact ttgaggaact    119280
     tgcgtttctg gtttcttcct gaatgccacc cagcatcttg tggaacaggg ggcccagcgc    119340
     gtctcctggt gtcgcttttc ctacctccat gctgtcccct ctctggcggc ctcctcctcc    119400
     gcgtggccca cggtgtcgaa aggggaagat gctgccggcc cggaagcctc gtcagcttgc    119460
     ggctgagcct ggaggggaca cggcccagcg gggccatccc gatgtctgga gccaggaggc    119520
     gcgctccgtc tgtcatatcg acccagctga agctgagcgt ccagcccgct gtcctgcccc    119580
     ctgcccccgg cgccccagcc cccacacggc cactctcccc ctcctccaag aaaggcagct    119640
     gccgtcccac ctgccctcgg aggcttcccg ccacctgcgg acacccctgg gcctccgttt    119700
     cctcctctgt aaagcagggc tgtgagggag cctgtggtcc gcgggggggt gagacgtacg    119760
     cgatccatga gcgtcacagc aacaccattg ggggcgactg gctgtgatgc tcttttgtac    119820
     caagccgagc gagtgagccg ggatgcccgg ccctgccgct tacaactgtg cggctggcga    119880
     gttaccagcc ccccgccctc gcttttcctc acctccaggg ctgctgtgag atcagacggt    119940
     gcgtttctgg ggtttatggc aggtgtgtgg agtgggggtg gggcgggcag atcccgggcg    120000
     ctcactcgcc gaccccaggc cttccccagt ctcctctagc ccttcgtgcc agcttatgct    120060
     tccgggggtg gggcccgcgt ccacccaggt gtctggggaa ggaccagcct tgctctgctg    120120
     tcccctcaga atgcccaccc caggactgtc atccagaagc tcctccgtaa gcaggagctg    120180
     ccgggtctgc gtttgccctg gtggccgccc accctggtcc ctgaggccac ctcacctgac    120240
     gactccaaga tgctggaagg ccacccccac acggcgcctg caggaggcgc ggtggctcag    120300
     tccagcctcc gaggtgctct caggatgccg ggatgtgggg tgaccgagga ccggacccgg    120360
     gaacctcggc tctctgcagg atggcgccgc cagccctgtc ctcatctcct cctggtacca    120420
     ccagcgggca ggggaccact gtgtcctcac tcctgcccac gactcggtgg tactcgctga    120480
     aggccgtggc agagtcaggg gtcactcagg gcagaaaggg ccccagcggg gagggggcct    120540
     gaagtggggg gcagacaggc gcaccccgag gctgagtcct gaggacacgg agggtgggga    120600
     ctcgggaggg gctccgtggg tgacgacccg gacagggaag gccaggaatt gcccagaagc    120660
     atgttcttta gaaacaggtg aagagtgacc aaaagagcgg gtaaggaccc caggacgtga    120720
     cagtgggctg tctcttccgt gagcacgtgg ggaatccctt ggcttttaaa tcacgaattc    120780
     gcatcacctc aatgcaaaga agaccttaga gcagactcgg tcgccttaac ttctacaatc    120840
     agagccagag gttctgagac gctgggattc ggggacgagt tacgagaggt ccatctgggc    120900
     tgctacgtac aggctggcag ggccatccgt caagccgctg cagcagtgag agactgaggt    120960
     cagtgcactg tgctgacggg aaagacggcc gctgcccatc attccacagc gacgataaca    121020
     gccaagctac ctggagcgac ccctcgcctc agcccgggcg cctgggaagc tcggaggagg    121080
     ctcggggggc aggtggtgcc cagtggcccc ctcacggttg cgttccgttc acggacgcgc    121140
     cgtttcatcc agggcttact ttttaacgac acgtatggat ttctacggta atcagagcag    121200
     agctcacgcc atgaaacgtt atagaaatca attcggagga aagcaatgtt acctttgggt    121260
     tttaaacaca ggccatcaca tgagccaagc gacactcagg accgtgggag ggaccaggag    121320
     aaggggggca tcagcttggg gggcggggcc ccccgacctc ccggttaagt gctgataaac    121380
     acacagccac ccggttacgc tggaacttca gatgaacctt ggacccctgt tgggtaggcg    121440
     tctgccccag gaaatatctg ggagaagctc ccgtgagcca ctctttctag tttatccgga    121500
     attccagtgc agctgggtct ccggtcttta ctaactctgg cagtctgagt gtgggggacc    121560
     tgggcccctt gagaacggtg ggctttctcc tgacaaaaat gcccaggccc cctttgcaaa    121620
     cagttccagg gaatttagga aacgctctga acatccatcc acggatttag aaccaggctc    121680
     agaaaacttc tacgaagccc ggggggcaaa cgccctcaac cagagcagcc ttggacgaaa    121740
     tgtgtgcgcg aacaggagtg gccgggcgcc aataaaactt tacgggaaat tcaaatttca    121800
     gctcccatca ataatttctg tgaatcaaga aaaatattct aaaaagaaaa agaaaaatat    121860
     tcttcttttg attttctttt tctttttctt ttttgacccc aaccatttaa aactgtcaag    121920
     actgagttcc catggtggca cactggaaac gaatccgact agggatcgtg aggttgtggg    121980
     tttgatccct ggcctcgctc agtgggttgg ggatctggcg ttgccgtgag ctgtggtgtg    122040
     ggttgcagat gtggctcgga tcctgcattg ccgtggctgt ggcgtaggcc ggcagctgta    122100
     actccgatta gacccctagc cttggtacct ccatatgcca caggtgtggc cctaaaagga    122160
     caaaaagaca aaaataacaa catcaagacc cttctctgct ggcaggccgg actgggccct    122220
     cggtgggtca gcccccgtcc agagcccccc tcccttcctc atcctcccgc ctgccaccca    122280
     tcctgctggg gagggagggg gagtcccccc cttgcagcgt ggagcctttg ggaggagccg    122340
     gtgaggggct gctatgggaa gaggaagggc cggtgccagc gtggtccttc tctaggatgc    122400
     gggcccccac gagccctcag ccgcccccat ccaagcgtaa ggaggtcttt accgtcgggg    122460
     gcccccccta cagcaggaag aggacgctgg tgcccacgcg gtgtgcagtg tgtgtcctgg    122520
     aagagggcgg ggggagcaga tggtcagggg tccatgcagc ttggtggggg ggcaggcaca    122580
     ggcaatgccc tttctgatgc caggccttgc cctccgctcc agctgggcca ccagggatgc    122640
     atccccaact gggtggtggc ctaagtgggg tgcctcttcc gttctctcac cccctcttcc    122700
     gagtgttggc acttttgccg ctggtctgct tctagaagaa ctcacagccc ctctgagccc    122760
     agcctgacca cctgggaccc cagagaggga cctcgtgggc tttggggcac tggcatggcc    122820
     ccatctagag agccgtgact tccctgggca aagggcgggg ggaacagact ggttggccaa    122880
     gtgctggcga acacagccag gcctctccca aagctggtcc cgctccctgg ggatgtgagc    122940
     ccaacgggga cagagagcca gcttttctgg cagccagacg cccttggttc aaagggtggt    123000
     cttcgcaggc ctggtttgcc ttgtgtcctg agcgcctggg aggcccttgg ccccgcaggt    123060
     cgcgtgatac actctttgat caggcctgag atctggcctc ttgcggcatc gccttaggga    123120
     gtctagctgc tcttgcttgt acgagatgtg gccttaggag gtggctgctt tttgatggcc    123180
     tttctcgagg aaccacaaag tagccacctc cctctcggtt ctcctttttt ctttttctac    123240
     gggccctgcc atcccaaatc tggggaccgg ttccttcagt gaatactagg tacaatctcc    123300
     caatgagtta atctactggg aaggaatctc ccagaaacac ctggaaacac cccacgtttc    123360
     tccctccctc ctgtggcccc ggaggacgct ggacacgggt gattctgctc ttccaccagc    123420
     tctgaaaacc aggcatggaa aagtgtttgc catctgagtt cccactgcgg tgccgcgggt    123480
     tatggatcta gtgtcgccgc agtggtggtg taggctggca gctgcagccg ggtttgatcc    123540
     ctggcccagg aatttccctg ggccatgcgt gtggccaggt gaaaaagaaa atgtctgaca    123600
     ctggtcccta ggaagacgct gagcaaactc ttgggctgga gccaacatac acagacaagc    123660
     tagttttcta aaaggctgga caatggaatc tgcacgtttg gcgtctgatt tcattcagtt    123720
     tccccaaccc acctgccctc ctggggggct ggcccagctc tcagggagcc ggctgagggc    123780
     agggggtggg agtggggttg cagcagaaac gccagataga ccaccgagca gccaccgtgc    123840
     ctgaataaaa cagccgaggg agaaggaaac ggggcggggg ggggggggca aggtgcccca    123900
     ggagccctgc cgtggaaatg aaggcaggcg ggggggggtg agtgcggaac agatgtgctg    123960
     aaatttcatt aagagggtct tgaaaatcaa cctgtcagga ttagatgctt gttctttcca    124020
     agtggttttt gaattctccg gttttttttt ttttttaaag gaaataaata attgtatgga    124080
     tccttctccc caatcagttg ccggcctttg aaattaaccg ttcctctggc tctcctctga    124140
     ttgggatcat gtccccctcc gtctttctga agggctattg tgctggccag gatgcgctca    124200
     gccacacaca atgcaacttc gaaatgtgat ggaagaaaaa ttagcatttc cagtgaactg    124260
     gaaagaatgc atctgatttc aaaatgtgta cttaaaaaag aaaaagagca tccaaattga    124320
     ttctgccaac catggggctc attctgccaa gctaaatccg aaatgcattc ttgcgaaggg    124380
     acaactttat tgatgatttt tttagaggaa ggaaatatga cgacccaggc acagggaggg    124440
     gaaaggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggcatcttga ggatttaatg tggcttggat taatcacagc    124500
     gcccgctttt aagatgcgtg cccccacgga ggagtgaatt aatgagcaat ttatgccgtg    124560
     aatatatttt tttctttaat tatctaggta tttcaaatga acgtgctgct tttgacttga    124620
     attctccagc tacttctatg aaatgttagc ctcactttgc atgtataatt acagcctcaa    124680
     gttgttcgga gagcaggtct cctggtagag gaaaacttat ctgcccccca cccccatgca    124740
     aatcaagccg gttgctcccc actccacccc agctctctcc tgaatccttt gactgaagaa    124800
     tccattttgg aattatcctg aggccagtgt ttccaaggct gacttggggg agcgggggta    124860
     ggagttaatc agagcacagg cctgggacca ctgctggaga ctcgggagtg gccggtctgc    124920
     ggtggggcct gggaacctgg atttgtaaag gcccgagcgg cagagtggcc aagccctcca    124980
     ctcccccgac tcacacacgc catgagaaga aaaagcaaaa ctgggcaagt tggcccatgt    125040
     gctgccttaa gaccaaagct ggaggttcaa aagatggctt ttcccctcgc acagcacgaa    125100
     ctcagttgca ctttggctcc cctagaaatg cgggggtggg ggcggccgtg gaaacaacct    125160
     gagtttgcag cttgtgcgtc tctgagggtc cctaacctcc agtccgctct ggctccgccg    125220
     ttgtcctggc ttccaggaag tggggagggc tgggggccgg gtggtgcagt tcccaggctc    125280
     ggccctagag cgggtcaagg tcacgcttat ctccccctgc agctttccca atggacggcc    125340
     agggtgcgcg agaaaccact ggtggggcca aggctggggt ggcagatgtc agctgggggc    125400
     tgtcccttcc tcacctgaga gcagggagcc ggggagcagg actcggaaga ggagcctgga    125460
     cgccagctct gaggccatgg ccccaggtgg ccctcggggg tctgcagggc ctcctgcctg    125520
     tgtccccctg cccccccacc cccggcatcc ttcccaaccc ttcttaagcc agaagagggg    125580
     aatctgggac gggtgctgat caacaggtgc ttggtccgtg gaaagagtcg atctttcgcc    125640
     ttctccccct gcccccaacg agtcaaagtc tccaccgtcc atctccagtc tcacttctgt    125700
     ccactttgcc ccacttcaga gtccaggaaa gacctggttc tgagacctgg aggctgagat    125760
     ggaggctctc tcccccctcc cccaccccag gactttggga accagaagct tcacgttcag    125820
     gaaagtacga gaggggccac gattccatca gcatcgaagt cacagcctct agagccttgg    125880
     cggcttcccg gcttcccggc tcggacaatt cttttctcat tagttccatt cacactcacc    125940
     cgccacctgc accagacact gggatataaa acggtcatca ctcaacacgt gcggccaccg    126000
     gagtccacgg ccctgctccc acgcccactc cctccacctt gcagggcgag cccggcctgg    126060
     gcttctctgc acgtcgtgtc attggggttt cccacgggag agccgtaggc tccgtgaggc    126120
     cacgtctacg ctccacgttc tgtgcccagt agcctcggca ccatttgcac gattgtcttg    126180
     aaacctccaa acgaccttcc agaaacttct ccgtggacca cccagaggct ctagctcccc    126240
     aggaccttgc ctcaatcaaa gttgggcaga aggattaagc agactttctg aaagaaagta    126300
     acacaccaac ggggagacga cggagttcac accagggaga taggtggcaa ccagcacttg    126360
     ggggtttgaa ggcggctggg agacccgggg cctgtgagac gctgcctctg tgcagcaggg    126420
     gctccacctg gcaccctccg cctgctctgc tggagccccc tctgcctgtc aggacaaatg    126480
     cttacccctc ctccatcaga accccccatg agcttccgca acgggattga gtgctcacaa    126540
     gcatttaagt atctgtaaag cactattgcc agcgcatttc tttgccagtt tttagatctt    126600
     ccaaagggag ctttatccca agacccacct ctggccctat ctgtccaaag tagctctgag    126660
     aatgggctgc aggcaagtgt tgatccagcc caaagactgg agctcgggag gcttccctta    126720
     tcagcttagg acttgtggca ctgaaggcat gattgacacc agagaatgga cagcaatcct    126780
     aagacggaac agagggggac agacccagca gaagaccccg gtgtgctttg gggagctgcc    126840
     ccacccacct agtttcagga cacctgcagg tgcttcctgg cacaggaatt gagacctcac    126900
     tgcagaagcc tatgcgtttt cctcttgtct tgattatagc gagtgaggga gtccaagagg    126960
     ccaggtcagg ggaagtgaag taggtttgcc ggggagaagg gggtgttttg cagagctgta    127020
     tgtccccaat ttcagccccc agggttccag ctctgtggtc tgtgcgctta gctgtgggct    127080
     tagctggcct attatttact taatattgtt ttgctcctgc attacttaag taaatcattt    127140
     gaaagggagt tttacacgac catagcgatt ggaaaagtct atatgacgtg ccacacgcag    127200
     ggaataccca tcaaaacaag tccatgcttc ccagcatacc aagcaacgcg tgttcgccag    127260
     agcgcacacc gcctcgccta gagcacagag gcgcagagag gagaattctg gactcagtcg    127320
     tggcccacaa ctgaaggctg tggtcagcac gttgtaattt ggagaagcca aaatatcaca    127380
     gaagatgagc aaagcaaaga gtcttaggaa acaactgcaa actgaaaaat tctgggatcc    127440
     agaaaggggc gtgggtttgc ccaaggctgc acctgcggtt tgtttcctag caattcttca    127500
     agcgcctgcc tgtgatgcgc ttttcgggac aagatagcat ggtggggggc ggggcgggga    127560
     ggttcttttt caaggaactt taaatgtatt catttctgag cccatatttc cggctcaaaa    127620
     acaaaaacat agaaacgaag tgcaggggcc atgcctggtg gcctaggggt tacgaattcg    127680
     acattgtcac tgctgtggct ggggaacttc cgcacgcccc gagcagggcc aaaggtattt    127740
     ttttttcttt tttaattgaa agaaaggaag aggtgtccag ggaggtgtcc tgcggcttcc    127800
     ctctctccct ggccacctcc cccgccccca cccttcctgg gaaccgggcg gccgggggac    127860
     aggcaggcac acacaagcca gtgcacgcgc atgtgttttt ttcccttttg ataaacacag    127920
     acgggaacgt accatacaca ctgttcccta ccgcacttca accgagcccc ggtgacgctg    127980
     cccgcacatc tctggtctgc ttttagcgct gtccagcaaa tccggcgcaa ggcaggagtg    128040
     gggttatttc acgggtcctc tatggccgct acctacgttc gctgcagcct gttgctatta    128100
     ccaaccgctc cgcggtgaat aaagctgggt gttcatcacc gccagccgca gcgcggacgg    128160
     cggcaggaca gtttcctggc agtgcaatta gcacgcggct cctaatgccg tttcacgagt    128220
     gtctgcaatg ttcccgtccc tgtgggatgg aggtctgggc ccaggaggcc aagatgaggg    128280
     gacaggagcg ccagagagtt gcttttcctt ttctccatgt caaggaaacg cctctcccag    128340
     ccttagtctt taggaaaaaa ggctaattca attggagctg catacccctg actgggttct    128400
     ctatgaatta tggattttta caaagacagg aagggagatg ggagattgga tttccaaact    128460
     ggctttatct tcctcaatct cgagtgcacc cccggcttct ggtttaaggg ctgcgctgcc    128520
     cagtggcacc gttcaggccc gctcccaatt agccaggcct ggggggtggt gaccgggccc    128580
     caaacggctt tgctctctgg gggctttgct ggagctcggc ctgcctgcct gtcgctattt    128640
     gtaggaaaac cggagccccg agcctcactg cctccctgtg ggacttgccc aagggggctc    128700
     cggggccacc tcaggtcctg cctgggtgaa gggctgtgtc tccaggggcg aagccacgaa    128760
     ggcaggatgg aggtgggaga ggcagacggg ggctcagaaa tgcagcacgt cctcctcccg    128820
     accgaggagc tgcaccactg cttcgagggc ctctggttaa aactctgggc atgcccggcc    128880
     cgggcatctg gccttgactg gtgacggctg tcatgacttg ggggaggagg agaatgagga    128940
     gcaccttggc cgtggctggg gaggcttcta aacccccgac agcatctctg tccgcatccc    129000
     tcccccagct gccgctagta ccctggggag gacatcgcgt gatctggggg ctgcgtgctc    129060
     tgtccccgaa aggtgggagc cccccgtgcc gcccaccccg gaggacggca ggctgctgga    129120
     cccggctctc tctcccaggc tccggcacac agagaccctc acggggtcag cacagtcccc    129180
     tgcgcgccta tcccgcaaag gcggccgcat cacctccgcg gggaagggtg cgggaaaagc    129240
     gctctctcca acatctcaag catttttctc ctcggagcgg ggacagcgta acgctatatt    129300
     cctgtaagat cctgcgagaa gggctgttct cccgttccag acagagacgt gttttcccga    129360
     gagctgttcc cgacagctgg tagtgaggga acaggatcag aatcgctaag tcctgggtcc    129420
     catttttatt tttgcaaaat gaaaacagct cttctcttct gatgatgaaa atgctacatg    129480
     cacagtgttc ctgaaaaaat tcaaatggta caaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa ccacaaaaca    129540
     cgaggaagaa aaataaaaaa ttgcccaaat ccattcacta agagataaac aaatgtcgac    129600
     atttcagtgt ttatctttcc agctctttct ctgtgaggga gcgtctgcat atattgcact    129660
     tagcctgtct ttcccttatc ggggtcggaa aaccagggtt ttcgcagccc gggctgggtc    129720
     atgcttgctg gtggcgggtc cttgtcctgt gccttgcagg atgtttggaa gggtccctgg    129780
     cgtccatgca ccgaacgctc gtgtcacttc cctgccccca gctctgacaa ccaaaaatgt    129840
     ccctagaccg gggggggggg gcacacaact gcccctcgtt gcgaaccgct gaaatcagca    129900
     gacccctgtc cccactgttc tgtgaacacc cgtgtttgca gggagagaag gacgagggtt    129960
     tctgacgcgg gtgtccttcc gtttaagtgc caggcttgga catgcaagcc cagctctggt    130020
     atttacgagg aaagccctct aggaagttag ttgaattctc tgagccaccg tttccggtcc    130080
     acagacgggg acagtgatgg gatgcctgtg ccaggaggga tccccccggg acccgtccag    130140
     agtccaggct gggtcgggcc cgagtacgcc tcgcgctgct tcctgtgacg gggacccccg    130200
     gactggcgga ggctgggccc ttcccaggca ggaggggtgg gctccagggt gatttgttcc    130260
     aggcactgag gccaggggag cagcgagggg ggtggcgcag acggcatcgt gaggttctgt    130320
     ttgtgggctt tgttttttaa ttcaattctt tcggaaaaca gataagcata cgtctgcttc    130380
     aatctacgag gccaggtttt ttcttttcgt gtaaactttg gtttcttttc agcttcagat    130440
     attaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aagacaaatg tactagatca gtggaggttt aagcaaattg    130500
     gtttattcca ttgccggggg aattggggtg gatgagtcat aatccttgat ttttaccaag    130560
     aagcgtctgg tttcaatgct gatgagaaag cggcctgcag cctcctgctg gaggggactc    130620
     ggggcctggg cccagccccc atttgggacc ctctcttcac ggtccccagt ggtcttggct    130680
     gcctctccgc cgcgctggcc ctcccacgtt tcctcgtcca taaaatgacc ctgggagaca    130740
     gttctggcca tgtcccaccg gctcatcaga gcagaacagc acccgccccc ccaggacaaa    130800
     gcaccgtggg gtgggcccag tgccctgagc tctgagcccg ccccccggct ctccccacgg    130860
     agcctttgac cctgcagttc cacccctcct ggccccccct cccctcccag ggaggaccag    130920
     ccagcctgtt gcacatgctt atcggcagca gtctggcagg tgcttctctc atcctgcagt    130980
     ggccctctgc ctggtttggt tcactttgcc cccaccagtg tgtcacacag caccggccgg    131040
     tcagcacaga aagaaagagt caacaaagtt aggagggagg gaggccaggg gaccctccca    131100
     ccgttgaaag agtgatctgc tttttcaccc ccttccatgc tgcagcagca caggaacata    131160
     agatctctcg ggtccccccc gccacccccc ctccggggcc caggtgagca tctcccatta    131220
     gcggactgag cagccgcatc cattaagcca cctgcgatgg cccggcagcc gccagccagc    131280
     gtgtgggcga ggcagtgact cagcgcctcc ccgcacgggt gaccgagagg cctgctcctg    131340
     ccttcccggg ggccgtcctc gccagctctg gagagattat gtgcggcgta atttatagta    131400
     aaaatccagt gaacattaat tctggtgagt cacccatgca gaaagggcac ccggcggctg    131460
     tggacgtggg ctgtgctggg gaacggctaa gtgtttaatc aaagtgaggg gtggctgccg    131520
     tctcagttcc tgggctttgg gggggtgggt gggtgccagg gtctgggccc cctcggccac    131580
     catgtcacac atccggatgt ctcagggccc acagcccctc cagctcccta atgtccagat    131640
     ggggacctga agaccagagg gtcacgccag actcatcaaa tgtctggccc ccagagcacc    131700
     cctcccctgt caggcccacc cccgcccatg cccacggtgg ccccccggca gccagggcga    131760
     cctgcacctg cactcccctc ccccacacct tctccctggc ccagtgcggc cacctctcaa    131820
     ggggcccctc caacagcctc ccccccgccg tgtccccact tccactctgg cctcagatag    131880
     cattctagaa ggaactttcc aaaatgcaaa tgcatcatcc ctcgtctgaa acacttcagt    131940
     ggctctttct cccctgctct cctcagtcca atccaagctg gggtgggggt tgagggagcc    132000
     ctggaaggtc aaggccttcg cacttcctca ccctcccccg tggctgcact tccttctgcc    132060
     tagcctcctg gcaacctcct tctcattcca cgtgcatgcc acctcctcca agaagccctc    132120
     ctggcttctc ccggtcaaga ccctgctaaa ccacacggcc aggctctgtc tcaggcatgg    132180
     gctctacact catgagcagg cccatgtcca tcctgctccc tatgtccctg gggcccacag    132240
     gaggtgggca caggtacaga tctctcttca gactgtttgc aggaagggcg ggggaggggc    132300
     tgggccctgc tctttgtcct cttcccctgg cccttccagg actctgccca ggaaaggccc    132360
     tgcagatctc cgatcgcccc agcctgcccc tccagccctg ggcagccgcc ctgggcctgg    132420
     accgcaggcc agtcgtcaca gctgcatgcg aagaaacggg ccccagttgg ctccgattcg    132480
     caggcgggtg caagtgccca ggacacgggc atcttctctt cctgggagga aggcaccgtc    132540
     ccagcccctc gcagagagag catcctgcct tgtgggaaag tggggtgctg ggggcagtca    132600
     ggcccacccg ggcctcttcc ttcaacttgt ggggaccact gccagcagcg gggaaggctg    132660
     gtggacggag cctctggcag tgggtccagg agactctggg ccggcccagg gggctgctgc    132720
     ccttgcccta gcgtgtcact gatgcccacg ggagctcctg tcctgcgcct tcaactcaga    132780
     cccatggcgt ccgcccactg cccacgctca ccgcccatct ctggtcccga agcccccccc    132840
     cccgccatgc gcctccgctg cactgacttc ctcgctcctg cacacagacc accccccata    132900
     aaggactctc gccctcacct ttcctacccg gctggcagct actcacctgg cgggtgccag    132960
     cccccggcac tgggagaccc gccaggtggc tggcatcttg accagagagg aagcccatgc    133020
     cctgtaaaca tgcacatgaa acagtgtgac tcggacacgg acgtgggcaa ccacgtgggg    133080
     tcgggcacag cacagctctc catccaggaa ggcctggtgc ctttcttttt ctcacaggct    133140
     gggacaaatc tgttttcaca tatgcacacc tatattttaa gtaaactttg tattttattt    133200
     tatttgttgt tttttggctg tgctcacggc atacaaaaat tcctagacca tggatgtgat    133260
     gccagatcct taactcactg agccaccagg gaactcctaa acattttttt tcatgatttg    133320
     tattttttcc atcatagctg atttacagtg ttctgtcact tttctactgt acagcaaggt    133380
     gacccagtca cacacacatg tatagattct ttttcttaca ttatcatcct ctgtcataag    133440
     tgactagata cagttcccag tgctatacag caggacctca ttgcttatcc attcccaagg    133500
     caagcgtttg catctattac cccccaaatc ccatccatcc cacttcctcc cccttggcaa    133560
     ctacaagtcc gttctccaag tcagtgatta cactttgtat tttcgttaca gactgacaga    133620
     gatgttgcca cccagcagct tctgtgtgcc cagcccccgc cctgccccgt cacactgcca    133680
     tggtaattca tcactgccaa taagccaata tcgatacatt attgttaact gagctccagg    133740
     ggttaatctg gtctcactag ttgttttttt atttcttttt ttctttttag ggctgcaccc    133800
     gtggcacatg gaggttccca ggctaggggt ctgatcagag ctgtcacagc aacatgggat    133860
     ctgagccatg tctgcgacct ataccccagc tcatggcaac gcccggctcc ttaacccact    133920
     gagcgaggcc agggatcgaa ccctccctca tcctcgtgga tactcgtcgg gtttgtttcc    133980
     gctgccccac gaggggaact ccatctcact tgtgttcgag gacctttctg gggagtgcta    134040
     gcaggtgttc tgcagggtgc ccctggcgtc tgggtcacgg gcacggagga agcccagcac    134100
     atgcgggccc cctcactgcg tccgttcagg tccaagctct cagcacgacc gggcagtcgt    134160
     ggttcggggc catgacctct attctccgcc tttccaccct tgaccctggg agcaggtccc    134220
     cacgtgctgc cgacgtcagg gtgtggaagt tacagtcctg ccttgaggga gcatctgtgg    134280
     gaggctttgt agctcctgac ttcagtggct catggatgtt tattctaaat gtggggttat    134340
     gatcccctat ttcctgggta gtcatattgt ggggctccag gctcatccca cagacctcgt    134400
     cccagcccag gaataagctc tttttgcaag gaacctggtt ccttttatcg ggaaatggtg    134460
     ttaggaacca aaatctgagt gtggggtgtg cttatcacga cggggtgtca ttgcttctca    134520
     gagctgtggc gagagccagg aaacacatac actagccact gtacataaac tgctccagga    134580
     ccccccgtca ggtgtgacgt taagctaaac accctcaatt ccaggaccct ggaagggcag    134640
     tctctttaca gctcagctgc cctggggcat tagagtccgg gtcaggttca aacggggtaa    134700
     caggagatgt gctgaatttt tcttttcttc ctgccaagca ggtgaaggta aaatttatgt    134760
     aagctaatag tgcctcagga gttctcagcc ggggtgaact gcccttggga agacactggg    134820
     cagcacctgg agacaatttt gggggtgaca actggtggca tctcatggtg ggggggcaga    134880
     gatgctgctc aacaccctgc agtgcccaag acggccccac ggcagagaat ggtccagccc    134940
     caaatgtcag cattgctaaa gatggagaag cctcaggcac aagatacaaa ggggagggaa    135000
     cacttgaggg ggcccccact taaaatcctg acacttttaa aaattctcat aaaggtgctt    135060
     aatagaaggg atgcattaca ttctcatcat attctaatcc tttatttaaa aaaatccaaa    135120
     ctatagctga tttatagtat tgtgttggtc tcacacgttc agcttcagat tcttttccat    135180
     tacaggctat tacaaagtgt tgagtacagt tccctgtgct atgcagcagc tccttgttgt    135240
     gtatctattt tgtgcgtagc ggcaggtagc tgtcaatccc atgctcccca ttcctccccc    135300
     gcccccccca ggtaacccta cattttctcc tatgcctagg agtccatttg ttttgtaaat    135360
     aaattcattt gcattttttt ttttttaaga ttccacatag aggtgacagt atatatttat    135420
     cttcatctgg cttacttggt ataatctcta gatccatcca tcttgctgca aatggcatta    135480
     tgtatttttt tttttttttg gctgagttat atggtgctgt gtgtatgtac cacatcttta    135540
     tccattcacc tgttgatgga catttagctt gattctatgt cttggctgtt gtgaatagtg    135600
     ctgcagtgaa cattatgtgc ctgtatcttt ttaaattgtg gttttgtcca gatatacgcc    135660
     tagggccgga attgctggat c                                              135681